Valley High School - Vallerata Yearbook (Valley, AL)

 - Class of 1949

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.af ,ll'l',H'Illl'l! IAF Student Body of VALLEY VOCATIONAL SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Fairfax, Alabama :i:": .91 H , w l vt 4 'xl , 4 , 'tl 251 l .J im., . X tu ' if 5 v li ,, , t 2 ' ..-. 35" I' -A W , aw n 5 t " . Fonzwoap - IN 'ran 1948 VALLERATA the students of Valley Hlgh are seekmg to lllustrate how through admxnxstrauon, classes, orgamzatxons, athlet1cs, ICCOgIllt101'l of speclal ab1l1t1es and talents, and school actlvmes, students of Valley Hlgh are learmng to be Buxlders We the annual staff challenge you, our classmates, to buxld for the future . . . . . K , t ,ei I 5- , 1 5 - - ts - an , -.gv ' . , .f .5 'J 1 1 gl I . I , f V1 E' l , - 1. I Mrs ,. ' . fi '4 v l , , lx 'Il E l .gl Q ' 4 15 l - l - , i 'l t , 1, gp 3 .L , "el w T y. I 'li Vt! S Q' 1 I -,I Ll Q. rl Sa tl, J t. . E rt-, ,- . . 152. aff fi -ls' ' f if -., li, " D 5' rl L an 4- wa 1 M.,-Q -f, my Miss MARGARET HALL DEDICATICDN To our friend and teacher who spends so much of her time in school activities we show appreciation. In glee club, in English and in her religious life We see her untiring efforts to help us, the students ofkyalley High. In all of these fields she shows sincere interest and has made many friends, all who love her. To you, Miss Hall, we proudly dedicate our annual. VALLEY VGCATIGNAL 'tag-1 SENIOR HIGH SCI-IDOL AQCHITECTJ' DIQAWING B111 Bowles MP1, W. W. WHORTON Superintendent B. S.-Birmingham Southern M. S.-A. P. I., Auburn 'A' i' MR. J. O. TURNIPSEED B. S.AA. P. I., Auburn M. S.-A. P. I., Auburn Principal, glee club director, teacher of English, speech and dramutics. 'A' 'lr TRUSTEES MP.. JOHN BEN JONES MR. LEE TILLERY mm. ROBERT REARDEN HCOHSUIICIHISH T h e F ct cu 1 t y AIR. W'II.bIO'I' BROVVN A. B, degree, Southwestern in La., Coach, teacher of biology and physical education. MISS MARCARET IIALI, A. B. degree, LaGrange College, M.S., Auburn. Teacher ol' English, music, glee club accompanist. mem- ber of Delta Kappa Gamma. MR. JOE D. IIALI, A. B. degree, Union University. M. S., Auburn. Co-ordinator of di- versified occupations, sponsor of D. U. Club. Kappa Theta Rho. AIRS. A. I.. IIEAD A. R. degree, Iloward College. Biology, elementary and advanced French instructor. Mrs. Ilead sponsors the Beta Club. AIRS. LOLIIE VERLE ISBELL Received her R. A. degree from A. P. I., Auburn. She is home economies teacher. MRS. REBECCA II. ,IORDAN A. R. degree from ludson Col- lege. Librarian, teacher of history, Vallerata sponsor. AIRS. MILDRED D. LANIER R. S. degree, Alabama College. Typing, boolclceeping, shorthand teacher. member ol' Delta Kappa Camma. MISS ,IANE LEATII A. R. degree, ,l. A. T. C., M. A., Auburn, member of Delta Kappa Camma, teacher ol' mathematics. and physical education. KIISS EVELYN AICAIILLAN Received her A. Il. from Birmf ingham Southern. She teaches English and is a sponsor of the Valley High Voice. AIR. EAIERY NASH Received his R. S. degree from Ceorgia Tech: he teaches textiles. AIR. PATTERSON A. B. Piedmont College, Crad- uate Vllorlc-Emory University, Uni- versity ol' Georgia and Peabody College. Ile teaches democracy and algebra. MR. P. C. RAMSEY Received degrees from jacksonville State T. C., A. P. I., Auburn: Uni' versity of Alabama. Ile is Coor- dinator ol' Trade and Industrial Fda ucation. MR. CHARLES SNELI. Received his A. B. degree from A. P. I., Auburn. He is Asst. Coach and teacher ol' history and physical education. AIRS. IIAY THROVVER Received her B. S. degree from Alabama College, Monteballo, Ala- bama. She teaches Chemistry, bio- logy. physics, she is also a sponsor ol the Valley Iligh Voice. HSUPERINTENDENTSH Louise Lane .... Owen Hodges .. Billie jean Fuller Bill Bowles .... Gene Clark .... OFFICERS Lefttoright Vice President . , . . Secretary Treasurer . . . . Reporter . . . . President . THE SENIORS BICI IABD ABNEY 'liextile Club '47. "But let me silent he: For silence is the speech of love, The rnusie of the spheres nhoref' OPAL ABNEVIWI' llome Ee. Club '47, Beta Club '49, Dramaties Club '49, Football sponsor '49. "ln quietness and confidence shull he your strength." .IfXlXlliS BAlLllY Clee Club '49, lliextiles Club '48. "l profess not' talking: only this, Let eueh :nan do his best." BOBBY BALLARD l7reneh Club '48-'49, Clee Club '49, Student ol the VVL-els Club '49, Basketball '49, "There is no treasure the which may he compared unto ti faithful friend." SUPERINTENDENTS MARGIE BASSETT llome Ee. Club '47-'48, Clee Club 48349, Speech Club '49. "You were made for enjoyment, und the world wus filled with things which you enjoy." BICI IABD BEAIRD Football '48-'49, Basketball '47-48349, V Club '47, French Club '47348-'49, Textile Club '48. "Happy the man who knotvs his follies in his youth." JUYCE. BECK l lome Ee. Club '47. "Silence is true wisdonfs best reply." PBCCY BECK llome Ee. Club '46-'47. "lustiee shines lu' its own light." DON BELL g Kappa Theta Rho '47-'48-'49, l'ft.'I1C1 Club '47-'48-'49, Football '47.'48,'-49, V Club '47-'48-'49, Basketball '47-'48-'49, "Seeing then that we have such hope, we use great plainess of speech." MARLIN BLANKENSIIIP Clee Club '48-'49, Textile Club '49. "All which he understood by rote, and, as occasion SL'T'l'lll, would quote." JOHN BLEDSOE Kappa Theta Rho '48-'49, Beta Club '49. "l am an acme of the things ac- eornplished and I mn the enclose of things to be." BILL BOVVLES Annual stall' '47-'48-'49, Clee Club '48-'49, French Club '47-'48- '49, Beta Club '48-'49, Kappa Theta Rho '48-'49, Paper staff, '48- '49, Dramaties Club '49, Reporter Senior Class. "Even as we speak, envious time hos fled." l t lilLLY BRAND lzootbull '48f'49, V Club '48f '49, Clee Club '48-'49, Speech Club '49. "The rule of my life is to make husiness iz pleasure, ami pleasure my lfiusinessf' Cl lt-XllLOil"l'E BRAZEAL Chapel Choir '49, Drannuties Club '49. "Plain ileuling is ir jewel." l3S'l'ELLE BROOKS l lome Ee. Club '47-'48, "Silence is the perfeetest herald of joy: l were but little happy, if I eoulil sary hon' much." AGN ES BROVVN llome Ee. Club '47-'48, French Club '49, "Mercy mul truth ure inet together: Highteousness mul peuee have kisseii each other." MELBA BROVVN llome Ee. Club '47-'48, Beta Club '48-'49, Clee Club '48, Drannuties Club '49. "The readiness of doing doth ex- press no other by the tloers 'will' ingnessf' Rolllflyl' BROWN Buslxetbull '49. "Keep eompnny with gooil men und good men you will learn to In " 1 PECCY l3llYtXN'l' l lome Ee. Club '47f'48. "Smooth runs the water where the hrook is deep." YVUNNE ClliXPPlilul, llolne lie. Club '47f'48, Clee Club '48f'49, Dralnmties Club '49, Cheerleader '48-'49, Stu- dent ol' the Vveeli Club '49. "The prineipirl business of life is to enjoy it. ' THE SENIORS ,Z .2 dam -.:: ...,. :II .:.,-::::vv ' s, CENE Clerlllli V Club '48-'49, Speech Club '48-'49, President of Senior Class '49, Clee Club '48-'49, Annual Stall '49, Paper Stull' '47-'49. "The word impossible is not in rny zlietiomrryf' KtX'l'llLllEN Chilllli llume lie. Club '47, Clee Club '49 "For nge mul urunt sure while you muy: .Yo morning sun lusts u whole day." IUXY COLLEY llurne lie. Club 4ff48, Clee Club '48-'49, lJfilIll2lYlCS Club '49, Chapel Choir '49, ll. O. Club '49. "Happy urt rhou, us if every iluy thou luuist pielcetl up fl horseshoe." Cl2lYlilul-l1 COLLEY French Club '47-'48, llmne lfe. Club '47. " your life lightly ilunee on the edges of time like ileu' on the tip of rr leaf " l'l1fXNC'liS COMES Ulu' flulm '4H'49. C'lmpcl C flmii' '47, llumc lin. fluln '47 '48, l'i'cnL'li flulm '49, "l'i1rrli lu im' wvnicil ull siilfi 4-ivnl find my xnjnnru riwrv fruw lrliuig uppurliiililfxf' .IOYC'lf CTOUPIQN llniiiuitics Clulm '49, U. U. Cflulx '48, flizipvl flinii' '48, Ulu' Clulm '47 '43, c'llL'L'I'lL'klllCl' '49, MissClilmwi1CQii'l '43, "lily ix not lim." will sliv, "fur ll'lli1'1l ix lmuglit wnllvss i'wmu'm'.' llUlllfl4'l' C'ULll,'l'l'1ll ,'Xnnuul stall' '47, 'lk-miles Cilulm '47 '48-'4lJ. Ulflmruutvr is uiuuli vmim' kvpf lliun rvcm'vrvil." KIQNNIZTII CROCKITR "'l'n fin easily wlmt is iiiffiuiill fur ntlwrx iv lliu miirl: of mlvnff' C'll.Xl4l.lQS C'l4UXX'l7lfl4 lrmtlmll '47 '49, Y flulm '45 '46 '4L7. 4-ll Clulx 45. "lor u'lmv1'0V lclzoiu lmu' In rm' Imu ii kimiiicss llc lim i'cu'ii'uil mm! lu' ii frivmi ulww fill pi'icv." l','XYlQ D,-XVl9 llumc lic. Clulm '4T. Ulu' Clulm '48-'49, l,I'2lIllilIlL'S flulm '49, Xlxli urcttc '49, llusiucss Nlziiiangci' nl' .Xnnugil '49, glNHlSUI' '49. ""l'is mm' 1110 ximimvr of your mullnl time lmx :mf crwppmi lin' :mm frmn ,miir L'l1w.'lcs." l'IiC1ClYlDcl.O,XC'lI llumc lic. Club '4T'48, Ulu' flulm '48'49, lJl'illll2lIiCh Clulm '-W. Spcccll Clulm '49, "1"or Jw mis ivx' tliv quiuf kiml uiimc nuturuv i1c1'0r Vary lilac, tim .xlrcmm rlmt kcpp iz SHHIHIUI' mimi sunu' liizl in JCIIO!lHTj'." SARA DUKIQS llumu lic. Club '47-'48, Honor Null '47, Hffliuiicv make mir parents, but vlmivv nnikvx rmr fric'm1S." THE SENIORS XX'llil.IiXM lJLII5l4lfI' 'Nimli In lu' qiriurf' WlIi.l,lIi llili Dlllflflill "Il'L'V1'UHL' is u'i1t1 fur' his own piirpffw. ' .IO liI.l4lXQllON I lmnc li-.l'li1lm'-17'-W. "I um ii frivmi to public amuse' mvnls for 111111 1:1171 pvnplc from l1L'L', UUN liI.I.IS "Is 1l1vrv no play 10 msc the izugiiixli of 11 lormring hour?" l3lLl-lll 'IIQXN lfLII.I,liR llome lie. Club '47-'48, Clee Club '48-'49, c'llLll7Cl cillllll' '49, Beta Club '48-'49, Pamper stall' '49, 7l-l'L'2lSLll'Cl' ol' Senior elzlss '49, lJl'2lIH1lIlCS '49, Student ol' the XVeeli Club '49. fllvvlc uml lovely, pure mul lmlx. Chief unzoug the 'blcssefl tl1ree'." l3li'l"l'Y CXNN llome lie. Club '47-'48, Clee Club '48f'49, lJl'L!II11lflCS '49, "Tlmr0's lrcuutlm' ull urouml our putlzs, if lm! our ll'l1fL'lIf1lI eyes euu truck it mirlsl fmuiliur things." PQXLIL Cr-XllN'l'7l l:I'CI1L'l1 Club '47f'-48. lletu Club '49. "llc is safe wlm glues lzis best." Ln l A-XYNIQ l l,-XID.-XXV,-XY llome lie. Club '47, Clee Club '47-'48'-19. Chapel Cboir '49, Drmnaties '49, Speeeb Club '49. HSOHQ is wall saial to lm Ilze spccelz of angels." MAR l'l l.X S. l l1XLl, llolne lie. Club '479'-18, Clee Club '48-'49, Cbzlpel Clloir '49, llraunuties '49. ..v -. . . . .Nu fl'lL'IILl.lN u fl'lL'7lll rzll he slnlll prove u friUml." llrXl-l'l l l l,'Xl-l, l exriles Club '49, "'ll'l1e11 one remains mmlc'sf', no! utter' praise lrut ufivr lilume, tlwlz i llc ralllm on S "L"S. IfR,sXNCTIiS ll1XRfXLSUN l Iomc Ee. C l u b '47-'48, l'reneb Club '49, Speeeb Club '49, Bern Club '49, Hflcmlizzg is to the miml wlmt exereisv is to the lw4ly." RfXl-Pl l l lzXblllu D. U. Club '48, Speeeb Club '49, Clee Club '49. "Hill me to Iiw, and I will live tlzy Kvroresfmrt In llc: . h Or Ind mc low, and I wzll Hill' u loving lzcnrt to Ihre." SUPERINTENDENTS llll,l,llQ IIILXN llfXYli llome lie. Club '47f'-48, Clee Club '48-'49, Clmpel Cboir '49, Freneb Club '49, Beta Club '49. "Silence is rlze UIUHICIIY- in wlriclx gram fllillgj fasbiolz fllcmsclws to- gerlzvrf' FAYE IIENIDERSON l lome Ee. Club '47348. "ll1m' sweet, lzrm' pleasing sweet is solitude." UVVEN l lOlXQliS Kappa Tbetu Rbo '47-'48"49. Seeretury junior Class. Scered tary ol' Senior Class, "V" Club '48f'49, Football manager '47, llusketball '47-'48-'49, Paper stall' '-18349. "Sink not in spiritg who nimctlz ut the sky slmofs ,IlglIL'T than lzv tlmt mcmzs Il tree." l3E'l"l'Y IOYCE IIORNSBY llome lie. Club '47, Clee Club '-48. "Ser1'auf of Coil, well done, well lmst ilzou fought the laftter Hglztf' IJOLICIJXS IILIIJMON lioolbxlll '47, llilslictbxtll '47. MV" Club '47, ,,. .. . llu' umm' uf ii lricnul ix crm: mort, liut fuitli in trivmlxliip ts rurv." llUllY A. lILIl.l, Clue Club '48, llomc lic onoinics Club '48-'49, "'l'lu' gt'L'ulL'St trutlis are tim xim- plimt: aml so arc tlu' grvatcsf wmntvtl. ' l3lLl,lli IIIQXN 'IOI INSON ID, O. Club '48, "il'lu' lroulvlm' ix siimllg tlw fun is grvutf' I Ill,lJ,X 'lOl INSON l lomc liuonoinlcs C lub 41 48, lltilil Club '49. "fl littlv rulv, a lirrlc nun. xl suulwaut in tl u'intcr's mlm." SUPERINTENDENTS l3iXlll3ARtX JONIQS .Xnnuul stall '47-'48, llclitor- inrcbicl' ol' Vullcrutu '49, llomc liconomics Club '48, Cleo Club '48-'49, Sponsor '49, bliss Valley lligh '49, llcuuty '47, "They look into tlze lficauty of tliy miml, mul tlmt, in guess, tlivy measure by fliy decals." O'l'l lEl-l. RILLLEY llltlllk' Economics Club '47- '48, Clcc Club '-48. "l ow is tl1C Untlwlcni nf Utvrnityz it wiifoitmls all nation of tinivf' CLENN KlNNEY lircnclt Club '47-'48 '49. "Hu is tlu' freeman 'uilzmri tlu' trutlz intakes free, and all art xlarvx In-side." SLljli'l"l'li KINNEY llolnc Economics Club '47, Clcv Club '48 "'I'l1e liuart lu'xtc1'olvitt mul lciiul, tliv most rvsvnilvlvs Coil." LOUISE LANE l lomc Economics Club '4'i. lrcnsurcr junior Class '48, Glcc Club '48f'49, Kappa Tbcta Rbo Club '48-'49, Dranmtics '49, lircncb Club '48-'49, Annual Staff '49, llctu Club '-48349, Miss Home Coming '49, Vin' ljrcsinlvnt SCI'li0l' Class '49. "l vt us rlmn lm up and doing uiitlt a heart for any fafcg Still achieving, still pursuing, learn to lalmr and to wait." CAIJIDVVEIL I.EA'llllEllVVOOD Clcc Club '47-'48-'49, Chapel Cboir '49, Frcncb Club '47f'43-'49, Carden Club '48, Unnnntics '49. "ll"itl1 littlv art, clear wit aml sense suggest tlivir own dC'Sll'L'Tj'.'l blxXlllUN l-EDl3E'l"l'ER llonu' Economics Club '-48349, Cluc Club '-48. "Fault is a liiglmr faculty tlum reason. l'llfXNClLS l.c MASTER l"l'L'l1Cl1 Club '48-'49, ll O. Club '49, llonu' ECUl'lUl1llCS Club '47, Xlaljoruttc '49. Ullvlmlalwi flic bright couutv- nance of trutli in tlie quiet mul still air of tlvliglitfiil st1ulies." XVll-l.lfXlXl LljVVlS Glcc Club '-18. "lfVe are lvut fellou' travelers. along life's weary way, if any man can play the pipes, in Cod's name. let him play." ILA KATE lXl1X'lllllS Home Economies '47-'48, Clee Club '48-'49, French Club '49, Chapel Choir '49. "The cause that laelcs assistance, the wrong the needs resistance, for the future in the distance, and the good that l can do." JOYCE MAYE Home Economics Club '47, Clee Club '47, French Club '47-'48, " A good disposition l far pre- fer to goldg for gold is the gift of fortuneg goodness of disposition is the gift of nature. l prefer much rather to he called good than for- tunatef' DORIS MLXDOVVELL Home Economics Club '47, Clee Club '48-'49, Chapel Choir '49, Speech Club '49, Drzuuaties Club '-49. "So modest plainess sets off sprightly wif." T H E S E N I O R S JAMES MCDOVVELL Textiles '47-'48-'49. "Silence is the Mother of truth." EVELYN lXlEZlCK llome Economies Club '47, Clee Club '49. "Yes, we must ever be friends, and of all who offer y0'll friendship let me lve even the Hnest, the tru- est, the nearest and the dearest." CHURCH h"lOODY French Club '47, Textiles '47-'48-'49, "V" Club '48-'49. "The greatest truths are the simplest: and so are the greatest HIGH. ANNETTE M. IIOLLEY llome Economies Club '47- '48, Glu- Club '48, Dramuties Club '49, Beta Club '48-'49, Annual stall '48, Paper stall, '49, Beauty '47, 49. "A sweet attractive kind of grace, it full assurance given hy looks, continual eoinfort in a face the lineainents of gospel hooks." lEfXNE'l'Tli NORCAN llome Economies Club '47- '48, Clee Club '48-'49, Dra- IU2lIlCS Club '49, Speech Club '49, Chapel Choir '49. "That which is not worth. speak- ing, they sing." GEORGE NORTON Clee Club '48-'49, Cnrclen Club '48, French Club '49. "lfVit, like money, hears an ex- tra value when rung down imme- diately it is wanted." VIDA OWEN llome Economies Club '47, French Club '47-'48, "The two nohlest of things: sweetness and light." SYBHJ P0101-S llome Economies Club '47, Clee Club '48-'49, Drumuties '49, Chapel Choir '4-9. "No one possesses uualloyeil pleasure, there is some anxiety mingled with the joy." THE SENIORS lllfllXl,'XN IRIVIQ ,XCQNHS Slxlllllll llliLliN Sl,lf,'Xl4 D. O. flul, '47 43' Ulu, llmm- lfg, Club '47, BL-14 Ilumct lic: lzluln '48-'49, Cheer! I .49 A .4 .49 cfluh'-19 .czulcr 41- 48- 49. llL'LlLl cllccr- U7 ' l-'IK lm' ' I' lvznlcr '49, sllllllllf' class prcsillvllt 'lrnllllll l,l'llllu'x will lu' lllllll' H'ff'ff'X Iwmnll 'IH amuml Um' 448- Cl'-'V Club '4H"49' Cllillwl 'llrmw " lmflls- fl IW? UNT N'1'fl'l1l'1'l l'J'f'5 WH' clllllll' '49, lJl'2llllLlllCS flulu '-49. K ' ll'AH.'ll il llllllxt flllllilillr !'lllllgs." glwwl, Qflul, '49, Annual SMH' 239. 4 - . 1 . - llll wr Stull' ,49 Sllllll'HI uf tllv SlXl'XllllXNLl'Sl1lCILXIIIJSOX V 4 V ,Q ,li , , , - 'f . . . -. lllxclxlll smlllll "ffl UU" 49' l ltlmk' C lllll 41 447. ' , , H, , C llc'e'rl'14l C01lIpAI7lj' xllortvlls tllr' NH I I I I f ! I, I l'l'L'llL'll l ll ll 4f'48- 49. llIllL'5.H lv lullr 7l'lIl'l'UL'H tllll um, I 3. - - - 1 U H . , ,, . , . . ,l.., M.-A U- UNI? ff- UH C ""' ,IO AM sll-m'1LLD 4 H E N l 45 49' Drmlmucs 49' llumc Fc. Clull '47, Ulm: Clulw llfllll'll5fllX "Chnl LflI'1'lll 5I7L'L'L'll tn all, srlllg '47 '48. I .I . - . L lf' l,1'll'-H "So, if l live or llic to scrvv my IVV' U5 Mlwhl I' l'l'ivllll,- 'Tis for llly lure'-V-'fix for --sl-ll ls my L l.liWlS SMl'I'Il Qyvyfl .f"f'yj-.ffqff fy' , . ,,, W nl 1' lll rlvlll s lll 7L'l11'S Ill lc'm'vll "f ql.-L-,lm Qlula 44 4:5 ll. cm, ' Q. UNH YN Slum My C Illllm 491-a1l'clL'l1 C lulu -lb. . .IOYCIQ gllmmllmdlly ,, A . 4 1 I ,lllll l sllllll LyII7f,lll'L' your lllllllls Hmm. lic. Club .470 Studi-nt Ui. kilmm I hom Ixln, '48 ll'llll NIl'L'l'l IIUVL' 11. dwlrlvck Club l-49. rr I , ' ' - ., A " lllllllll lllllurc is mn ll xml'- -Ul. - l lmlllla l.L.. S lull 41, llm. LYXHX DOD SNYDILR VIH... IHLIIICS C lull 41, l1lPL'l' stall , H, Y, U v XXHJS STH I 48"-lqju I,l.CnL,h Club '48 '-WQ lwltllxlll 4!f 46 49, X C lull I -- - 5 - Q-lu, C-'uh -HN '44, Xmuml NNN' '47 '48 '49, Ulu' Clllll '49, 4 Illlslwrlmllll '-cllltlL'flL'1l1lL'I' 1'-49, ' ' ' ' ' ' ' . , ,. ' ' K-.lrnlcn C lull 4, lfcncll Clull 49' Imrlmll L.ll7liIlI1 49. ,W .48 .49 ' "l rlulltx' is llIL' lmlics! Wlml ill " 4 ll ' ,'-'f 11 . 11 HH ,H V I I U I Il 4 ,-- , , , I H 5 I , x fll nl sg Ill as IL 111011 1 ' U " H "'l'l" ""' H N llll' lllllllllll llmlll t. ,,' UMA 5 l 1 RAY TUCKER ROGER WEBB DOUGLAS WIIITE Textiles Club '47, Chapel Choir '49. "What sweet delight a quiet life affords." DARWIN WARD D. O. Club '49, Speech Club '49. "lt is better to know something about everything than all about one thing." GARVIS WARD 4-H Club '46, Textiles '49. "Better to wear out than to rest out." MARY ANN WATSON Clee Club '48-'49, Carden Club '48, Beta Club '48-'49, Dramatics Club '49, Speech Club '48-'49, French Club '48- '49, Paper staff '49. "Wl1at one has, one ought' to use! and whatever he does he should do it with all his might." Football '48, Basketball '49. "Wit consists in knowing the resemblance of things which differ, and the difference of things which are alike." DOROTHY WHATLEY Home Ec. Club '47, D. O. Club '47-'48, Glee Club '49. "Servant of God, well done, well hast thou fought the better Hghtf' BEULAH WILLIAMS Home Ee. Club '47-'48, Glee Club '48-'49, Chapel Choir '49. "Everything ends in songs." CLYDE WHITE Clee Club '48-'49, Dramatics '49, Speech Club '49. "Punctuality is the soul of busi- .t ness. SUPERINTENDENTS French Club '47-'48-'49. 'IN0t by appointment do we meet delight or joy, they heed not our expectancy, But round some corner of the street of life, They of a sudden greet as with a smile." GLORIA WOOD Home EC. Club '47, Clec Club '48. "A woman that hath friends must show herself friendlyg and there is a friend sticketh closer than a brother." ELBET BAKER Post Graduate. l'ron1 llln' c1UI11IllL'l'Ci2ll dcpurt1m'nt ul' Valley Iliglu SQ-Iwul. unnc students who go into offices to survc' flcmisrs. doctors, lawyers. mill olllciuls :mal nmny ntlwrs who arc uctivc Imildcrs in t0duy's VVOTICI. HSKILLED LABORERSH RM' IIONES ... S,u:.m Mmm . Rozuua Smnu O FF I C E R S lcft In right: .. . . . .. . ljresidwzt . . . . SL'L'l't'fl11',1' . . . . . I4rcnszm'r .. ViL'L'fPVc'Sicl'L'l11 Nlfxn1Lx'N I ERRN PATSY JENKINS CQXVEN Rum .. P nrlifz IIICIINYVIIYII Reporter Q -at piano THE JUNICRS USKILLED LABORERSH ,-Xnron, Llliillyllill' Hailey, .login llnrluer, flaireme I' i 3 I' ll, Jiri son 1. Ji y liriciges, Betty 'Io iirown, .Iolmny Malek igfinvn, lgfly Butts. Billy cg.,-mil, Billy CI 1a1c iXYiL'ix.l,LlCii21 cwwii-y, iam, Cremlluw. Cawlyn Crowder, Lena Mae Dahbs. james Daniel, Faye De Lcuieli. Shirley Dykes. Douglas Dykes. Dorothy licige. VViirner llsco. Betty THE JUNIORS Fulk, llilary Fetner, Betty ,lean Fetner, Betty 'lo Foster, john Freeman, Virginia Fuller. llarry Cnitlier, Frank Gamston. Rutli Colden, Billy Io Goodwin, W. L. Cray, Evelyn l lzicluway, Fred I Iurper, Bobby llartma iii, Ferrell l lerren, Carlton I licks, Muriellu llill, Nadine llill, Roy lludrnon, john Willi mi I lumphrey, Eugene 'aw HSKILLED LABORERS Ingram. l.c Xlcrlc -Ivnlxins, PQIISQ' blvnnings. Peggy Alulmson. -lLlX'iL'l1L' Y Yluluison, Phillip Yluncs, Ray Ki-Ili-y, i-Xgncs lin-nt, .loam Kimlnrcl, Nancy Knight, Betty 10511 linowlcs, Marvin lizinc, Mgn'x'in Iimslmlcv. loc llclclic lczilx. lloss A ln n Icy. Ulzmicc Mupp, .lam-llc Mus cvli. Lulu M immwi 1. Sami Mi m1'i' is. :Xlton MQ-Curley. Clziricc THE JUNIORS XIcC'lcllnnd, Marion .NIL-Clill. cililllllll XlcCQix1ty.'lm1L' .XlcCil1ty. Alklflllllll Klrlizly. Um'utI15 NICQUCUI1. Alklflllil Non illc, Plug lli5 PLlI'I'i5I1, Hex Partridge, ,IQINIINLIS Palsclull, Cnlx in Pzlsclull, XV11llucc Pilw, Roy Reid, flwcxm llcylwlds, Phillip Rims, unc NuLlgl1lu11. Nllllf Nall SLIIDLICI. Mary l.L'c Snndcrs, Uolalmy Snnclcrs, Charles Sglmlcrs, Nlilliu fi 4 HSKILLED LABORERSH Sancllen, Evelyn Sherrer, Bohhy Sides, Carielena Smith, Bonnie Lou CI Smith, Donald Smith, Doretha Smith, Ruzellc Snider, Margaret Teague, Dan Terry, Marilyn Tyson, Joyce Vinson, Barham Alice Watkins, 1. C. Watkins, Peggy john NVullcr, Martha VVurc, Sue Carol layel THE JUNIORS Weldon, Frances Wright, Nick White, Ardeth Wright, Sammie Ruth Wilkerson, Donnie Yarbrough, Flossie Williams, Beverly Yarbrough, Larry Williams, Faye Yates, james Q E2 !'1?Mi1f. Q. QW 1 'i I ia 1 :Vi if Q ,N Q 5 1 1+ A S 1 X 4. P v--wffv----v-Y-W ,-.-mg"-gr V--Y ff ef-:--M - fx Y 7.-W .f qu--" A it if" Sitting-left to right: Mary Ann Watson, Standing-left to right: Billy Butts, Peggy Joyce Henderson, Doris McDowell, Jeanette Delgoach' Margie Bassett' Marilyn Terry' Frances Haralson, Billy Brand, june Rice, Clyde Morgan, Le Merle Ingram, Louise Lane, La White. Tayne Hadaway, Helen Spear. Speaker: Gene Clark. THE SPEECH CLUB 'Z-1. "I, . ':lihi:'I9M'n.ile4n. . f. THE SOPHOMOBES - HAPPRENTICESH First row, left to right: Sara Ann hlohley, Doris Colley, Sara VVaters, Neifa XVingo, Viola W'illianis Mary Faye hleCollough, Shirley Duncan, Alice Mcllay, Bobby Potts, joyce McClendon, jeannenc llaralson, Ida Faye VVolley. Seeoml row: Miss llall, Marianne Gillenwaters, Linda VVatson, Betty Ann Bailey, Patsy Ray, Bertha VVatts, Raye llamil, Faye llamil, joyee Henderson, jolinnie Anderson. Arlys Smallwood: Athel Mangrum. Third row: Peggy joyce Daniel, Betty Ann Daniel, Beatrice Daniel, joan Crowder, Patsy lngram, Dorothy Ann Rapp. VVilma Hall. Fourth row: VV. L. Crutchfield, Melvin Bailey, Leonard Ray, Richard Kemp, llarold Prather, VV. ll. XVallace, j. VV. Criliin. left To right: First rmr: Geraldine VVliite, joyee Yancy, Betty Carol Smith, Shirley Bell, Carol Daniel, james Edge, Doris McDowell, johnnie Bailey, Bennie Stone, Larry jones. Second row: jane Dulley, VVillodean Powell, Faye VVilliams, Lola McGee, VVade Shores, llenry VVord. Charles Cauley, Ilarold Calhoun. Third row: Ben Bruce. Florence VVhite, Helen Britt, Arthur Moody, Gerry Adeoclt, Ira Culpepper, james Limbaugh, Bill Lowe, Billy Baggett. Fourth row: VVayne Bonner, Maureen Baker, Homer Smith, Lamar Bonner, james Mason, johnny Vllhaley, Eugene Bishop, Teddy Meacham, Charles Mitchell. UAPPRENTICESH First ruxr, left tn riglil: lluuglzis llutlnett. Pearl llrislty, llicltaircl Manley, lliclmrtl Xzisli, Billy Murgain. lletty Slwelaley. lurleen XVillaerwn. iliecltly Mezulnwx. Seenml mtv: flzlytmi liullertun. fierulcline lleeyes. jfmn llzimil. lfrzinees Duclley, Ilmmie Clrillin. lane Bell. VVilliann Munerieli, jolm lryin, luirinzni ilulinsun, .IZIIHCS llrimlges. lliinl row: llzinue VVilliaiiiis. lletty .leun Daniel. Margaret cil1Llllll7lL'y. Billy juan Steurlliuin. Doris VVaildrup, Naitlieleen llunliural, llettye iliitlwell, U'Nezil lirzicllicltl. lfnurlli row: Mr. Pzittersnni, llcrlmert Story, .lultn ilziylam, Dick Camper, George Maison. llziyllnrnl fliuin lwliss, .Inc lim-is. Muses llrunnnuncl. liiirsl row: l'zitriciii Cirnelter. llarlxmi 'liulln-rt, Slllklllllt' liuster, Kathryn Arnett, Margie Fclwartls, .luyee funilis, Merrill Iliglttmver, Mavis Clulilen, Pye- lyn Yzirlmruugli, Dianne Clem. Sveoml row: Miss l.eutli, Burlmrzi Ciariiuiela. .lune Molmley. Milalrecl llzinvey, 'l'snnmie llzill. XVaindai Kelly, Jewell Pinluircl. llonailcl VVillianns, Faye McCoy, Curtis Mellun. 'liliiral rout Surat llule. Mary Pritchett, Clam jenn Clark, Dunulcl Moore, Roy Terry, ,lenelle Yzirlirmigli. Ilcuiuld VVilliznns, Ivan Phillips. lfourtli row: jaunes Mathis, VVuyne Morgan, Jerry Andrews, ,luck Vllilliiigliziiii, Carrey Frzllier, llolvlmy Pruitt, .Irie Ciziitlier, jannes llzine. First row, left to right: Dot Trigg, Eloise Cooksey. Third row: Ruth Lester, jerry jolwnsun, Mary Alice .lfim Elliligmn- Rubs' FHYC NCVVWUU- Kalebefh Vvflsh' Paschall. Joann Thrower, Phil Hayes. Rnbcrt Causcy burn, Sandra klourc, Sybil Bcaird, Bessie jones, June Lamar Brook, Harold Hartman. Snell. Sue Vaughn. Y , , F 'rl ' Y: Df ll P NIJ. La ' ,Chi l-5 Second row: Lleu Meacham, Peggy Lou Scott, Faye Om I 'ml me wel es' L rs mler df U wright, mga Mac mcclellim. A111-nc mfbcf. ixnckey Hamil' J- B- Gavlftf- Frank VYUHS- 190118111 Jvfmfnas- llalc, james Fields, Roy Pikc. Teddy lJcLoach. THE SOPHOMORES VWWWQWK E9 QAW5 E5 cAu'rloN! STUDENTS TAT, worm THE VALLERATA STAFF BILL BOWLES . . . LOUISE LANE . . . CQENE CLARK .. . HELEN SPEAR ..... BXIARTHA JVICQUEEN ..... JANE BELL ....... MARILYN TERRY . . CAROLYN SHNIPLER RAY JONES ..... CAREY FRAZIER . . . ROZELLE SMITH . . . MRS. JESSE JORDAN . . . Typist Feature . . . . Sports Editor . . . . . Booster Manager .Asst. Business Manager . . . . . Asst. Booster Manager . . . . . . . . Social Editor . . . . . Advertising Manager . . . . . . Photographer .. . Asst. Sports Editor . . . Subscription Editor Sponsor THE VALLEY HIGH VGICE Va4m llll.l, llowuls ilor-in f.lIlL'f1ll'flIL'l,tIHt'i1 lligll Voice Smmling, left to right: Gene Clark, Mary Ann l'Vutson, Mrs. Rolmert rlwlnower. Owen lloclges, Miss Evelyn Melxlillan, Hill Bowles, -lane Bell. Carey Frazier llelen Spear. Seated. left io right: Carolyn Simpler. llillie .learn l5uller, llarolcl l7rntl1er, Annette M. llolley. D. O. CLUB Frances LeMaster, johnny Whaley, Frances Weldon, Darwin VVard, Mr. Hall, Co-ordinator, Nancy Kimbrell, Carlton Herren, Miss Leath, Sponsor, Fay Colley, Iuviene johnson, Lewis Smith, Faye Williams, Mary Duffee. DRAMATICS CLUB lluck mum left to riglzi, smmliizg: llilliu joan llullcr, Mary Annc XX'z1tson. ,Xnncttc llollcy. Don llllis, lliliomzis l,LlI'll'lilgL'. llill llowlcs. Swztvtl: Peggy lJCl-0LlL'l1, jcancttc Morgan, liuyc Xxlllgllf. Ktitcluctli VVa1sl1bui'n, LcMcrlc lngrmn, llzirolcl Prutlicr, Opal fXrnctt, llctty Chinn, ,Ioycc Cooper, lXlLll'lCll1l lliclis, Ctilclwcll l.czitlici'wooLl. Mt-lim llrown, .lilL'liiC Smith, clll2ll'l0llC Ikmfcll, Clinton lxlfflill, lillfl' Davis. 'Ioycc Coinlms, Clyclc xkllllltf. burial mi flour: Louise Lame, Ln l aync llncl- tiwuy, Carolyn Siinplcr, llclcn Spciir, .lunc Rice. gel . .. GARDEN CLUB Mm. jesse hlommw, Spmzsm .wl - V' JM lyfi 111 right: VV. L. cL0fldXYiI1. Don Smith Hurry Vullcr. .Iulm Foslcr. 11311105 Still. Im' Shuclxlcy. Melvin Bnilcy. XV. I.. c1I'llIL'l1lil'ld, UIZIINCS Fields, Roy UIUXYII. john Wfillimn lludmou. XVurncr Ildgc, 11111105 Yates. il- 3 -190 3 -gi .y 3 -wh 2 -GG? 3 -Quin 3 -gi 52- 3 -gag? 3 -qw? Q -Q9 i F R E N C H C L U B o M Lumix., jmnmf., Ullicvrx in fron! muy lull to right: Sylmil llcaircl. Prvsi ilvntg liulalmy llallarcl. l'lL'L'lJY'L'5lLlL'lllJ l7ranccs llaralsim. Svcrvharyg l,4llllNl' lam: 'I-1'l'll.NIH't'VQ Mary Ann XNYZIISUI1. llcprrrfvrg'aycttc Aarmx, :Kiln-iw llarlrcr, .lane lh-ll, Dun Iii-ll. Bill lluwlcs. Agiicx llruwii. -lulinny Mack llrmvn, Billy Carroll. lfrziiwcs Uunlus, .Iirycc Cnrnlms, Suzanne llrstur. Frank Claitlwr. llminic Grillin. Nliclwy llalu. llilliu .Ivan llayc, hlcanncm- llaralsun, Nlariclla lliclxs. .Iulm Vl'illiam lluclmrm. Patsy Ilvnliins, Agnes Kelley. lilvnn Kiimcy. Cialclwcll l.catllL'rwuml, l7rancus lvillastci. lla Katt Matliis, -luycc Nlayc, Sandra Nluurc, Ccorgc Martini, Vicla Owcm, Clwcn lh-ici, Klillic Samlcrs. Carolyn Simplcr. ,lacliic Smitli. lvwix Smitli. 'lung' Sncll, ,lanws Still. Marilyn Terry, Bcity Till-well. Suv Vaughan. lluuglas XVl1itc. llunnic xvlllxl'l'5KII1. Vinla VVillia B- 3 QQ- 3 glib- 2 -gym 3 -My 3 -Q9 Q -QVN 3 .Vip I -Quay Q QQ- Q INS. URS. l.l5.l: IIIQYXIJ, Spomm' i 0 QWDQ- 3 M590 1? -wk Qui? 4 ' 'HWS-09' lgt1L'lCVUll', left to riglzt: Hielmul Kemp. Hettye Till- Frrm! row, right to lefr: Sue Vaughn, june Snell. well. Henri-Ie Nlnrtun, Yiulu VVilli11l11s, Nlillie Saunders, l'i"'m'm' Humlwn' Juyw Climbs' Sandra Hmmm' Slllkllllll' Foster, jane Bell, Gwen Reid, liramees llurul- .Iulmny Hank lmmn, Allem lmrlxl. Nllelxq Ihll. WHY Marilyn -lcrryv Patsy Aim ilcnkimv muh' .lam Sylwil lleuircl, llnnnie Clrillin. .lulm XYill lluclmun. llaye, llu Kate Xlaltluis, AlAlFlCllAI llieks. I s sg as a va n f.s - Jra n fa is n f f fa lion fl lie neu memluers ul' Les Suxxllmts lll'LlllCLllS posed :ls l:l'L'DL'l1 models gmcl artists :luring rlle initiation. as slmmvn ulmve. QQ- 3 wir 3 yr-fr z yy 3 QW-1 qv 1 wx ., 3 QW. 3 my 3 -My 1 way- 1 vcr 3 1919 1 ywy- 3 -Wy 3 vm- 1 -QW 3 159- ivy iwfy- -00- vw iw 6 19-V 2 wir 2 wb- iv wr 2 vb Qw Q ww wb 2 wiv- 19-mf Q49 Q00 19:-r Swv Gb vw iw Q-ww? Q-00' 1 Il "' 1 11 5 , f ' 1 Y'x...f'- X! 11111 111113 w1111'11: X111 1x111'11. 5.11.1 1l.lllk'L'N 11lL'11Ql1'l1 1 , . , , - ,.. -0111-l-111- -411-1in-1111-l-11111-iwlf-l11 ini-1 11. X11111.l1llll' 13.111111111. 1.1u' c.lIl11 xxI11l.1Il1N. Q.II'4l1 ' 1 1 P M 11.IIl1l'1. Xk'11.l XX1111411, H E 514'L'1lll11 111113 111111111113 X1.lI'L11t' 11111.11'11x, 11111'1'1w XY111lc, -1.11111 1,ll111'L', -I11 1111111111111 1XL'1XIl SL1l1l11k'l1. E 4 0 N 0 M I 4 S 1111111 11111, 111111111113 1lII'1t'k'l1 1Y111wrw11, 1191911 C I-I U B 111111. x1llllIk'L'I1 11.l1xl'I. Yi111.1 XX111i.1111N. 111115 xXY.11C1TlII3. 1111111 11111 311111111111 xXI111 1,1111 1' lg t Q .A 1,111.11 .,,1,..,1.,1,.-w,.-,.,,-1,.,1-W.-W-W- 'MQ-x MNQM Sum Anne Klulmley. Doris Gill:-y. Sum Winters, Xlerrill lliglitmyer, Palirieial fruelyer, xxlilllklll Kelley liuye lliimil. Betty An lmg- lliiiley. Nlrs. lslmell. .leamne lJi.mne Cflemm, Sziruli Ilrile, Clin 1'g1 ,lean fliirlx. llmir llgirulwn. Joyce Melflemlmi. Aralitli XX'Iiixe, Bulmluy Nlne AlCcilL'llilI1..lLll1C Mulmley, Kutliryn Arnett, l31irlm.ira1 Potts, Beatrice Daniel, Patsy lllgfil 111, Betty A r111 e Cllr 111qa ek. ,lzmelle Nliipp, Mary Priekett. -lewell Pinkgml, lluniel, Shirley Dinner uii. l.imlu Ulits miii, Patsy Huy. Xlilnlrecl llamyey, liairlm r'ii lrmllmert, .ln iii- Ile Yurlmrnugli, Xliee Nine llzly. Nlzrriiuniie cilllL'l1XX'1lIt'I'S. Xlziry l-uye Aloyee llrislq, Maury Nell liilllglllllll. Xlrs. lslmell, lfzly Nlelulluilgli, Peggy .luyee l,1lHIt'l. lclai luiye Hunley. Xlefuy, lwelyn Y.lI4l7I'ULlgl1. Alllflllll Nlel'ell.iml. GLEE CLUB lfirsl row, left to right: Billie jean Fuller, Ruth Camston, joyee Coinhs, Doris McDonald, jane Duffey, Arlys Smallwood, joyee Yancey, llelen Spear, jackie Smith, Doris McDowell, Mary Anne Vllatson, Mavis Colden, jane hleflinty, Margie lfdyvards, liaye McCoy, Peggy joyee jennings. li-Merle Ingram, lialayne l ladaway. Seeoml row: llelen Britt, Carolina Sides, Patsy jenkins, Carolyn Simpler, Yvonne Chappell, Sybil Potts, johnnie Anderson, joan Carrett, Mariella Hicks. Betty Cann, Tommie llall, Carol Daniel, Betty jo Bridges, julie Bice. 'l'l1ird row: Cwen Beid, Barhara jones, Kathleen Clark, lla Kate Mathis, Billie jean llaye, Margie Bassett, Shirley Bell, l.ola Magee, Peggy Delsoaeh, hlillie Sanders, Sara Moon, Nadine llill, Louise Lane, Bofelle Smith, Dorothy McKay, Evelyn Meliek. lllillflll row: Suzanne l5oster, Betty Eseo, Mary Lee Samuel, Dorothy Vklhatley, Martha McQueen, Evelyn Sandlen, Buhy llull, Faye Davis, janelle Mapp, l'ranees Combs, Beulah VVilliains, Sannnie Ruth VN'right, Sara llale, l,ouella Chadwick. lfiffli row: Billy Butts, Caldwell l.eatherwood, Donald VVilliams, Marvin I.ane, Clinton McGill, Douglas Dykes, Bill Bowles, Clyde Vklhite, 'l'homas Partridge. Carey l:f1lllL'l'. Mn. jfuvlus O. VTURNIPSEED, Director Miss MAnc:Alu2'l' llA1.1., Aeeompauist' Sixth row: llarold Prather, james Bailey, Balph llamil, Bobby Harper, Herman Biee, john Foster, Marlin Blankenship, George Moody, Charles Bell, Carl Smallwood. Seventh row: james Edge, Bobby Ballard, Billy Brand, Cene Clark, Billy lewis, Billy joe Colden, Doss Leak. liiglztll row: Boy Terry, hlaynard hlellinty, Lyn- wood Snider, Phillip Beynolds. CHAPEL CHCDIR Twp r'r111 '. Ivfl rn right: Billx 'loc Clwldcn, Rm 'Ibrry Svunml r r111': UL-try 'learn In-tl 1n'1 '. II'1lIlL'L'S QQUINIIS. ,IM 11c's lilgc. Sybil Prms. HULIILIII XYilli. uxlx N, llwris Xln'lJ11xx'vll. 'l'l1inl r'r11u 'r C'z1rl9 l11.1 llmmd. Clurcy VfLlliCf. liilly I r'r1: zt 1'f1 1l': . lflyu' QUINIJS. Xl.u'Il111 ll.1ll. llulcn Bum. Clint malm Nlcllill. Plmillip Rcyxmlnls. Ciuldwg-ll Spear. Billie' juan lluyo, H11 Kam- Nlmlmis, DIULIIIUKIK' 1n'1 wwlwd, llcr 111411m lliuc, llmnglgu Ilykcs, lla nrfm Id Xl-rrga axm, Cl manr lwm- I3 IAQ1 1 m-41 I, .lurlxic Smith, Inlnym Przxtlmcr. llnclp nxx'. nx txL'L'UHlI7LUIi5fZ Hll.I.1li .l1'.xN Ijlll,l 14 ll lJiVc'ctm': Q. V-l4URNll'Sl,IiD Rude muy lvft to Vitllllll Hun lk-Il, llcurgv Xlwucly. fufliml V'flIl'Z Hwlmlvy SIlL'l'I'1'T, Uwun Ilmlucs. vumul Snulcr, Bud llullxx, lluug llllilllhrll, C Imrlcs I-Umm ww: CNW Clark' Dimmu uvilkcrs lh Il Ray' lluncs. . V , . Vi 111 1' Jw: Clan ' 'nc' PLlI'l1'l'. l'illx' l'r.mLl. 'Nvunul nur: llurry Iullcr. llnzllrml, l:l'lIL'l' f 1 H Q i l D ' D im, Clmrlm XK'l1itlm'k, flmrlcs Chnulur. fmzclzvs: xvilllllll Iimulm. Cflmrlvs Sm-ll. Q..-...MV V ..,. , J S . VALLEY HIGH TRADESMEN OF '48 Back row: Richard Beaircl, Gene Clark, Clarence Barber. Front row: Bill Joe Weathers, Larry Yarbrough, Lynwood Snider, Bruce Jenkins, Don Bell, Dennis Crowder, Junior Crowder, Carl Smallwood. Xlrx. lu' l BETA CLUB ,V it 'l J f -,P IA xx N"'s Opal Arnctt juan Balilv UIHIIII lllutlwt- llill Hmvlvs Mt-llm Brown Shirlcy lk-I tmrlx -lnhn lrwstcr liillit' .Ivan Vullct Pxuul Uuuntt I'-YQIIICUN llatmlstu Billie jL'Llll ilklyi' l,t'Mcrlc lng.gr1nn Hilda julntstul Huy 'IUIICS I,uuiw I.atnt' -Iatnc Mcflinty Anncttc Hullcy Uwclm Ruicl c1ilI'iL'll'llLl Sith-S Agtws Smith Hnlcllc glllilll Marilyn 'lvcrry linrlmru Yinwn Maury Anna- XV1ttwn Nl ull lun! Spunwr LN is? .... Q S ..... X 11 KAPPA THETA RHO MR. HAL1.-Sponsor Don Boll jam- Bull mm Blcdm Bill Bowles carry Fmir-f Owcn Ilmlgcs Ray ,luncs Louise Lani: ,lane Mcilinty Martha McQueen Dorothy Ann Rapp Gwen Reid Carolyn simpler Bobby Slmcrrcr Marilyn Terry C9 X Q X 5 r X NS mu.afw,yg.N. N. QN. M X CHEERLEADERS OF VALLEY HIGH! BETTY JO BRIDGES YVONNE CHAPPELL JOHN FOSTER IHIELEN SPEAR-Head Cheerleader JAMES STILL BOBBY POTTS JOYCE COOPER "Y QTARL S1xm1.1,woon DUN BELL, Co-Captain LvNwo0D SNIDER, Co-Captain QLENE QTLARK Blu. 1015 WEATHERS FOCTBALL LARRY YARBROUGH DENNIS CROWDER BRUCE JENKINS CHARLES CROWDER CLARENCE BARBER lfirsf row, left to right: llilllllllllh l'artridge, BltlIlHiQL'l'Q George Moody, Mlinager. Second row: Moses Drummond, Earl Coulter, Marvin Lane, Arlen Earles, Ike Mathis, Melvin Bailey, Donnie Wilkersrwn, joe Bay Woolcy, james Edge, Arthur Moody, Wayne Bonner, Ilarell llartman, Doss Leak. Third row: Glenn Kinny, Garl Smallwood, Charles Crowder, Bruce jenkins, Dennie Crowder, Bichard Beaird. Gene Clark, Billy Brand, Garey lfrazier. laminar Bonner, Bill joe VVeathe1's, Glarenee Barber, Bay Jones Fourilr rc ilir: Wilr lmrm t BrovvnfCom-lr, O'Neal Brad- iield, Henry VVord, W. ll. VVallaee, George Mason, Bobby Sherrer, Don Bell, hurry Yarbrough, Boger VVebb, Dan Teague, Bobby Roberts, Bobby Glyde Smith, Buddy K ricm ' wles, Ly rixx immcv c l Snider, Charles Snell4Asst. Coach. Fifth row: llarry Fuller. SUBVEYING SPORTS Valley started the I9-i8 football season with a bang. as one of the youngest teams in Valley Iligli history played one of' the hardest sched- ules in the state. The promise of future stars was noted by their performance in this grueling season. The season was noted for upsets and heart breaking close games. As it always will, youth and experience told in the final analysis and this was not Valleys year. but the fast- growing tradesman served notice to all comers that he had a future and meant to live up to his promise . . . As this is written. Valleys i949 basketball team is in the midst of one of the most exciting seasons that can be remembered by Valley old timers. A team composed of young boys, seasoned with a sprinkling of court veterans, has consistently made older and heavier teams bow to their superior skill and team work. While no completely accurate fore- cast of the outcome of the season can be given at this time, we are fully confident that the once- beaten, Valley basketball team is going places this year. We predict that Valley's athletic stock is very definitely on the upswing, and the concensus of opinion is "Valleys going to give everybody a lot of trouble next year." Shown below are action shots from the Valley-Lanett basketball game and the Valley-Tallassee foot- ball game. ,y-4, . 9- Jw, W, , , mf , A 1 f U ?"'?"f wzmfmifvlwxr 5 1 lin! 11111: H1111 llvll, l.lIAl'X X.11lm1'1111L1l1, ll111111iL' xYiHxl'l'Nllll, llulmlry qIll'l'It'I. 0111-11 ll11nIg.L1'N. C1111 9111.111 xvilllll. Sn 1111111 mu? c..lI'L'X 11.1111-1'. ll111.gc1' Uvclmlr. xl.lI'XiIl B A S E T B A I-I I-I 1.11110 IJUIIIHN c4f1lXXLlL'l', II. XY. Qlriilin. -111111115 Xl.11l1ix. Vlvllifll mu: Xlmxw l31'1111111111111l. 'lm' Unix. Ilnlnlvy Sllcrrcr Dun lk-ll 1948 - 1949 ,w,,,9 , Amy .u mmugm S E A S 0 N IJUl1l1iCXViHxL'l'S0ll Owen I Iudgcs 1 ll""l" nlwlls: Iliff ll'L'Ml1? lm. Hu' gtllllllll I l'L'I1L'l1IllAlI1. I IUNIIIIIIHI lmmw nf -W 7 f1Ul'l'L'L'flY flrvwd m111glm1'x 1 lllLlL'SlHIL1I7I'IHIl'llL'X. H. Nor1m1'uy ul Hzlluy lligll A lmfy not 4111ilvJr'v5xm1. 17. Sll'l'L'fIlL'tlV'lS fUI'c'1'L'I'f S1 ninrx l1L'l'l'l'.Ql'Ull' nhl. l- LOUISE LANE Escort-CHARLES BELL MISS HOMECCMING SPONSORS ---- " f " . 23 , , 4.-" gm, Q ,... 5 .i,.,, Q?,1 as SMH .55 ,., , , Q. . sv fi lx - v.:5:,4,,:.Qw . ,,-:: , Rf J v ff -' ,Y "Q: " - 1+ QX4, X S-1 ' -A . ,. ' Li ' S w fz f '- :- ..,, ---- 1 .J ,, W Q ,V X-sf .vfik u 3? , S wg? .1 .... :::::::, 3- f- as ,.,:..x,,- . N. A., ,ef M Y, 1- 1 V - V' A ,. - -- , 4 was . 5 www -fs V 1 f ' . xy ,- 'N W f , W f 'f f N S: Q- " .- :'E55':"'5+ S S' ' vi K3 ,A J x ,Sap C7 2 M , 2, . V' Y fffv. gm wiwww H 'f an 7 w,',feJ1, , X 4' - A, .4 A S . M 2, ,4 - . wg ,, gk S M' 'ffffw W' ' sf , . . by i, V, gif is wiht. , , A K 4 , fry, . lvteav A A J 1, V Maw N x Q 2:37 g ,Qt rv -ff. f f ' Ewan' 17, 'f f'V'.,, , 'ii' 1' 53544 " 'PM 1'w fl QQ Q Q 1 ff SNS Q X. X. ' S S x xv 1 'NS 'Y X S vis 9 kv: mf ' xg, MN S .S ,ggfgw X? F ee, N . X N by Aww SQ H SE, N. Q Q ,NX Sffllllflllgf lvfr in 11131115 Ilnll llmxlcs. lluuglzls Smlml: Owl ,XrncIt, Law Duns. Hall ldmrnn, Ucnlxfvy Uzlll.1l'tl. -Ifmrws. .S J ,, a ie .JL!aufLin J K ag af Uamfy Us Daisy Mac. Lil .'Xl3l1L'l'. AIHININQ and Puppy-f-Cllcc Club lm'x11hcrs. mul lvuclllty-ff cclcln'z1ling thc f'klIl1ULlS clay in tmditirmzll lIl2ll1I'lCI'. QUEEN VALLEY HIGH n,xm1,xn, x lloxlis KING VALLEY HIGH CHARLES BELL BEAUTIES lLl-YN MEZICR I3lL'l',I'Y JEAN DANILI XYNIQITTL MOON CIIOLLILYD M,XR'lllA ML-QUEEN ATTENDANTS BRUCE JENKINS PHILLIP REYNOLDS RAY JONES BEN BRUCE ina bv . F 5 1' fwl ' I 91,1 ,Iv .Q , QV4 'Env T HTERRIBLY TERBIFICH CU'l'l2S'l' BARBARA JONES cilIARLES BELL SW EETEST :JON BELL Loulsu LANE WITTIEST M,xn1.lN BLANKENQIIIP l IELEN SPEAR DEPARTMENT SMfXl.l,F.S'l l71mNc'15s Il.u:,x1,ww 'IOIIN l3l,liIhSUl MOS l' ,YH ILll'l'lC DON H1311 YVONNIE QTIIAPI ll 1 MOST LIRIZLY 'IU SUCCEED AIARY ANN XVATSUN IDARXVIN XVAND MORE HTERRIBLY TERB11-'Ics" MOST 'l4ALKA'l'lVl2 IXIARLIN l31.,xNuHNs1111 ll121.EN Smzfxn BEST ALL-ROUND cilIAllLES HELL 111111512 LANE cu11I41:1't lu' ffm! lmdf You uwznld lIL'1'L'l' 41411055 llzuy um' our imzcllvrs. U kirlding, we fm' rwzlly ll'Ul'kilIlLf. He really likux lzvr, Inf just Lz'f1vm'! ,xl1rm'i!,' 'Ereprnznlufymzu:1,x1lu1,x. f'n'upw'. 1 1 1 1 3' M. , . - 5 3 11 M "mit , W 1 gf-gg 1 XY A. ff .gm ' ' 'Sw Wm, I W .3 x ,nF9RM:ggp,m,1,f 1 1: ,efvnwuvfa '5 x yi , 'xi QSM! 5251 1 MSW " Wd 'nl' XVI: can sau, slu' xzumls help. I1vyfcllm11.g1w IIS ll l1111111, fl1L"1' 111'c1'-xt1111'iu11. H10 l1111L'l1 1111111 rush. 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VALLEY CAB C0 DeSOTO 86 PLYMOUTH Sales and Service Night and Day PHONE 241 Ca" 304 West Point, Georgia West Point, Georgia Compliments of K E S S L E R ' S West Point, Georgia AAAA vmNv TRAPN ELL MOTOR COMPANY DODGE PASSENGER CARS PLYMOUTH PASSENGER CARS DODGE JOB-RATED TRUCKS Telephone 424'H 2nd Ave. and 7th St. West Point, Georgia Diamonds Watches Compliments of HENGSTLEIPS ROBERT JONES Your Jeweler Since 1914 CUMPANY Silverware Repairs West Point, Georgia AwmA, , xAfvvvvXfvvvvvv-uxn Best Wishfzs F rom, BATSON-COOK COMPANY Wfest Point, Georgia w CANVVVVV .fxfvvvvvvvvv C-VV VV-V-vxfvxfv Compliments o f Howell and Company PHONE 265 Riverview, Alabama Riverview Drug Co. H. H. Simpler, Prop. Drugs, Drug Sundries Fountain Drinks PHONE 250 Riverview, Alabama VvvVwAAAWV Compliments of FEINBERG'S West Point, Georgia Compliments of RUTLAND'S 'PHONE 294-R West Point, Georgia AA QUALITY SHOE STORE SHOES FOR THE FAMILY Fit Comes First West Point, Georgia Economy Auto Associate Store Auto Parts and Accessories Radios, Bicycles and Tires, Tubes and Batteries West Point, Georgia CITY DRUG COMPANY PHONE 70 . West Point, Georgia wANv ,V-V-VV-Vvxn,-VN Compliments of R H O D E S , IN C COMPLETE HOME EURNISHERS 603 Fourth Avenue West Point, Georgia AA A P, O, Myhand 35 Sons Automatic Gas Co. Feed, Flour and Hardware Butane and Propane Gas Spar-ton Radios and Appliances Bendix and l . Norge Home Appliances Gas m Cylinders PHONE 155 PHONE 561-J WGN P0iI1L Georgia West Point, Georgia Compliments of HOME BUILDERS, INC. West Point, Georgia . HERREN'S 24 HOUR SERVICE YOUR PONTIAC DEALER Phone 175 West Point, Georgia Compliments of JOHNSON ai CO. 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GROCERY AND V -JLEY MEATS FREEZING PLANT Sims Street PHONE 309,J Plant City, Alabama Shawmut, Alabama 1 For Frimdnm. md Service Sfop .at BROCK'S ' 4-Sli. I-'wtf Mmm . , Q ' AUTOGRAPHS N ' - J Q1 ' 1 1 Tiigsmq ",, Q,:'Gf'KML A 5 j 5g4.!1.!1',: + V Li 'W 'If' N1 - :, 1 46, L ..,:: if eu: ' , ,, , 5 ff 5 'A f, ' wi - , . , U TEQQQIXQ- gg yggg ' ,, .. 4453 N- ix ff, V' 4-if 15' 1215: , ---ffwf 1:1-2-'ba , 3,1 339 Ui, H fl' f 3 315 wa ,W , . V Q . pg 331. ,4 1 Qffxil. L4 .!.vL' 'Q i il AUTOGRAPHS ,A ,I xfral1""'-'7l1TPv"- ,wiv eg Sign Payroll Here, Please- ' gf,M,5Ql,C',u,,,l4,,,,, Af2,A.,.L4-ffrli ,,,f...,a,z...4..,Af... MQQNW Wvfww Qffgfeomwt e yyzmdfizzaeqkw 9.c-www t"'Q'-vf.,.,,1m . We ywiz Q-JIM S QA M ved Qing as WWDMWWMM ff? TQ 2 vfwat 19? 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Suggestions in the Valley High School - Vallerata Yearbook (Valley, AL) collection:

Valley High School - Vallerata Yearbook (Valley, AL) online yearbook collection, 1923 Edition, Page 1


Valley High School - Vallerata Yearbook (Valley, AL) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Valley High School - Vallerata Yearbook (Valley, AL) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Valley High School - Vallerata Yearbook (Valley, AL) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Valley High School - Vallerata Yearbook (Valley, AL) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 62

1949, pg 62

Valley High School - Vallerata Yearbook (Valley, AL) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 36

1949, pg 36

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