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H' i 4 X v- .fax X ,fx 5 F " WWW M! fm! ,f7iZ Rs WWWM E5 'M Z V l , X pf SSA W' YV' -ff Q ix W f 4 X J! M6 , N-iwii E X 55335 3 3 Ng QXCEL 5523i-iii. cg 2:7363 K ff ' X X1 5 G it-limb E 'N 87-SQ +?9,5,,i'iqlmW JA 1 ALI-IALLA 1974 PEOPLE starring the students of Valley High School 2839 Burnham Las Vegas, Nevada Co-editors Dorothy Gallagher Nancy White Advisor Mrs. Susan Marshall T ' , aw '-s gf' if QV M W if is 3. ff M .N V vas' M, 41? 'zu , 3,5 ,. 1. 1. .-:S '. ' , , JW ,, " i:'f1ci"1L,.5 J HN 7 . - ik .--an ,.w,m,, 1 FW -fa Sf- Q, ' Wg. 4 J SX .1 I I W ff . in " r P- all of us are people in school life -46 the dedication of the people in faculty L I' Q E . -V 1' Q . 'uri v 1, , 7 N f K W jab -f 3 V Zkwf Li' , ' AY 3 M f V f I , 1 " " fm f,2f.lf+1W'. , Wm Q. .1 .1 gpg nz" H-1 up df: M Q A' If ,z A' 4' Q, 13 v 2 MJ K k V , H 4 'fy A J ' .: N' x' M "bf ' 5 Q? :A M M I lv ' aw ff 73 1 . 5 V iw, w WF" ' www?-fnszf-Qmnfirx E , r 44522 iq 7. 431 H ,9?g",1'. , gf , .,:.J,,C,yf ,a if 1 ,jg 1,365.5 - aa? ,,z..g:: sz - ' 2-AN, 1' Ts ?'f5:'5 A, .,h,. , "-m.,Nm I azz sgx ,, 3-, ' ,, 4 3 iw 6 01192, the accomphshments of the people m honors W vwfhwigwemwwwmlf R ' SI. sharing and learning from people in Classes T Qi' fr X '73 'hw numnq If Mt 9 in 399' awk fx ' 5 1 I l nllg TEX f - 1, . LQ? 2,j,sw- the unity people ifl clubs ill-il-I W1 A wif' vw.. ,.,? ,mf A 1, , good times remembered by people in activities "UW 465 11 vm M e.,.1 w:fg?",,::, ,, A "" , W' ' " fi-, ,w L ,,,...p-P .M 15-55'- .c 1 J z "f-1-5-1:12-"' ,L-W" - ' . Q., : L 1 9 ' L ' K . ,,, ? ' .E - ff' A "" M . ,. "d x'-- f Wh'? --' . I It H A J'f?f"M T15 .11 , , ' 'S Y' "' R -'UM' 'v " 4, 1, 'mg Q, " fm - at u an X 4 . H v.. 5' ' We W I..-I i ,,-w-www A- Z' 6 N, 2 f A Q 1 K 1 competltlon as seen thru the people m Dedication A R '-1 Mrs. Poole g,Ng:vg31w1,F,.-WTA ,Q 5 I,Wffrim-:ggi-,.k,,Wf,,i,fxfx,3v,fL,33w,Wv.,-Q-fV-5, fm. aw: gf 51.31Q,-epggx-gy:-:y,1fr:y5.Fygvfy-.wygywa-f4: , .,k, . ',! , 1 , R+ ' .,,-:Q1.fl1,.,-,,1r-L... 44.1-.-u, .,-,QnZa4:2mf.:A-':.:,p,.'.-vg,gf.1f Withvfburx Ehanks for your dedication A to the peopleof Valley. q 15 J .af:wi'1xQa,ifb..,..1.nEkm,ua3gg3e.u,5A'mmm' HI 23 3 BJ E EJ 3 LL 2529 Q 3 'i gill A I ' Gu s '13 'ff , ang? 4 4- 4 if Q- 24-vi,-'!'-'1 1 , f' . '- ' N " J' Ma .. If si, jf, W, 1 1 - J l ,,, T 1:1 5' 3: f 1 ,, ..-iw L is fx X """' E 'fi ' ,ef H ,- ff-,',,f,3,fgv qv U 'L x ,gt F L ....,..::::::g,:gg:::::::5:.g::,,I, 554 - 1+ 1 W T' h X 'fc 5 'f i ' A-v wp 1 WW x ii W A . ,I -A A I' W. , f A , Q - W H1 Wai am ig , ff--no-Q ' ,pn .. D Q 'ffm f-- 4 N-M.-.v , f' .Q ffw ' ' " ' Q 2' vii' A -1 M , f .0 s ,f -.-,, . . bw Wig W. ywxww f .1 A . -- mdk vi. ,.:f. '5 V, . , A -V955 Z fig H uf- is J . A-i , V wifi-L?f..1,'g', Y ng '- 5 V, Q! by lszyih' Y 1 JK! 2 W v , , , 5, wr. ,vw Q 9' ' " 1113 . iz as 1' M .gf wr , vi 24 v '1' ' ' ' -,W . J- ,512 I ' 1'-' ,, Q 1 Q 4 .v Q 1 sf , 'X V '11, I - " 5 U, if 4 f I ' L K -' 1, ,ww if 'J : " W 4 MM U ' 1' 1 I. . . A, it fda-,, ., , , fp .2 I .M ,Wm I V lt. as . l V." 'Elf' . ,x f i- ' 14, ' - u ' ' Lf ffwii ' 'J M " .. - , H rn K ' , ' fpmf, , k .5 'QV 1 'J ' '32 vwffx "1 V '. Q 18 2' ' H1 ' 1 S . 2 4 .-'I' ., 5. I , ,ff '4 5' V ' ' 5 f' 3 G-1 - F i ., V ,, A ' 4 uc, 'lf - ' . A , , f L fwfr A X . . A V . , . F X A 1 P ,, 3 - - 'n ,' .A-fjfaf .. Y- V Ng . .,,,2-Ain.. .Mwxwu.w:.,M...p.. wmv- Maxfli..-W..x.f11As.f-JZ' 1"f1Ff+i2ll- ' " Ml. 4 feaWs w A:. - f4 W I ,-'Xfvf-f'v?.1f 4 an i'.lJ1.'.'Q1' :-:wir-f " -.,.Z.ifQQ! if-4, 3,1 ,4 ii- teaffgk. . ...Z "'p'.f31'1i':il fl f,4-"'f"1"tQ ',Q, 35- ' , MQ' 1.4 ' Fig-'fi 15 ,fI-3,1,?,fl,T.,x-,,- 1 .-w,,"q,1A'Tf5 114,-' ,K 1, lf- - A. - Lf .'i?Z1"2:.tZ-7L?13 ,QU .441 T' - fm--fy.-.-.inf mrfg:-'-f 1' If 3-Q+i'fev -'1"+1-1-fy-.df -az 1-'f-ins-V' JJ'-Hi 5 -f,.4g.'.+ Vi MQ, in?-AM Lu. 436,941 -5 I L ,-.W 1' MT" ' ' 2' ffw'!lWf". ,'J?!f".,, ' ' ' 1211 " ."4"'2". :W . 4 ".::1:,Q.' ,. Q,fg?Mzati1',lfa2'42i5Ev1,w3f'51jf,,23,.g4'..: -:,,u:f,5gy,.:a13' tgkq-W., -,M,5JL,wTf1.,,, .V M L W . rw 4,-4-gvvfy 1, . v. , , W , jg Ea... ' lfiiifiigw 15.2 472 'A Ti M im. Nj ,Y 1 .. .f4.,,f:..' 1 , f 4., if., 'YTU im Mg' ' K., V-, 'Wuxi Q , x 1 ' W R it ff. ,,,f A A 'J 3 Y L3 ev .6 4? 1-h-..--I vm., ,ff .f , if mug, mzuzluk ,js ni' QR j ...Q-'.' .f'Vl'x A. ' s , J? W ,as , ,L E, M LLQ . ' .1 G. +1 f : UZ fn Y .if 1 '2 sw,-L M ,us gc -3' 'PE k7If.,i-' fQ3j,g:igif,. . Q ,1j'i:'afgQ2q' 11: '-.,,,Qq.1ea 4421 .. ....WA 5, 'f Yfiffgw af ,H . ' 2'?"'fJ ' ffxff ' 12 , X 4,5 1? 962,53 .,, sf , W rn, W 1 . . . Qw.Z32s,awi?efie.h1m, ,, 7 5 Q 53: , 24 P , Fa ,N-wr ,-'iff , .M up-f iff gf A K ,xxx 25 My . 1s4t,,,, 32SSbu1aw""'- -ww Wh v www' ? 4 'F Fi' M g A A , wi ,F N -1-2 ' ,5'1.q Q.. 4'-1 A , , 1 28 - s ' y ' up 355' Q Q: ml, 1, 4' "" 'A M M 9. V Kuff f f-'fm -w"f1"W 'W ,, paw , f X' H A gy V' -,Li fn .. " e ' . ,L Qu 4 ,,,,. ,X ' ' 1 'Yu 'K Eff, 1 ki i4 P'---...Q Q I 4 M-1 PM , 1 ,fgd .Q V- 1 w H E! , .57 A zwfi' 1 ,A so 1' ,wa W1-f.'mJ.rf Yin... 1'A4 ii' 3, mv ,Ax- N1 L , W - 'L, , W.. m . ,. ,J ' ,Q gn., f, nv ipmj K .QQ Q . av f ' f 'r wav' , 2fi' I?x1 x W J ,ay,.mm,.4 'sq ,W , Q-AL, swf: di: Y' 1, .L X ' mmm-ww monmuowmvmm-.n mwaawvnmsuunn 5 34 Faculty T 0 0 0 0 3 ,ooo N I.. s . 0 I 0 U z g '. Q O O 0 3 0 00 I O 3 mme 5 . i ,,. , 0 5 Q1 00 : 9 ' 0 2 2 ' ' 0' ' on 000' 000' 00 no 000 '0000 9' gg: .5 -. fs: .- - 35. ,, A an 0000000000 hw- Mr. Marshall Darnell Q ary., Q ,,a.o., ,... '..,, ,I A U U Q u u " u A D ' ' a ' 0 ' U9 I - . - 4' '. ' ' ' . ul' n.-' 'a' u- l, TX f 'sf SEATED, FROM LEFT, David Canter, Mrs. Helen Cannon and Glen Taylor. STANDING, FROM LEFT, Earl Evans, Ir., Mrs. Bernice Moten, Dr. Clare Woodbury and james Andrus. Q3T7rf:av' of rs 5 -495 ' 'iii Mr. Willard Beitz, Dr, Kenny Guirm, Associate Superintendent Superintendent U Faculty 35 . . . .... ...., . . I -' I 4 pooolnnns. u Q 4 36 Faculty Q 0 Q u n on -,, n'uuqu ss. as -c0vso,' pan' n,., ' Q 1 ' Q - 1 ' '. ' M ' ' ' ' - ' o Q n : ' ' ' : . 0 , Q ' 0 ' ', c ' . 0 u I Q o ' . . , 0 Q , Q 1 . , a n . - . a p 0 Mr. C. Brown Vice-Principal Student Activities and Athletics Mr. R. Strnod Vice-Principal Student Attendance and Discipline Mr. M. Edwards Vice-Principal Accounting and Student Services Mr. Cordell Brown Mr. Cordell Brown is the director of Student Activities at Valley. He has attended college at Utah State, North- ern Arizona State, and is now taking courses at UNLV. While in college he was an athlete in Basketball and Track. He still enjoys these sports today. Here at Valley he heads the Science, P.E., Health, Business and Driv- ers Ed. Departments. Mr. Mike Edwards Mr. Mike Edwards attended the Universities of Mon- tana, Arizona, and UNLV. His duties at Valley are to handle our school budget and bank. He is the head of the departments in English, Arts, Music, and Special Ed. He sets up our school registration and closes school procedures and graduations. His hobbies are four years of college football, he also enjoys music. Mr. Robert Strnod Mr. Robert Strnod heads the departments of Deans, So- cial Studies and Mathematics. He attended UCLA where he received his Bachelor Degree and majored in Psy- chology, he also attended the Universities of Miami, Texas, and Montana where he received his Masters De- gree. His hobbies are sports and music. He enjoys his job at Valley and commented, "Valley is much better off because ofthe school's SPIRIT." Q 4- . Mr. R. Calvert A-K 12 XX If x I Mrs. S. Ellison A-K 11 Mr. W. Freeman Dean v,. l . . 1 , U 0 n l o I gn cor ' I s o a U ,' rguqouos' aqgoonnpgu',., My' . 'J' W lk L-.M I j, I 0 oo 4 - Q Q al v I w f ,, , Wm . , . M lf. . 'i Mrs. C. Leavitt Mr. 1. Schlude ' . Dean L-Z 11 ' O I O Q U if Mrs. K. Neely Mrs. A. Thomson l..-Z 12 A-Z 9 Q 'Wy n' 4 ' nun-a.,....5y Mrs. E. Sellers Mr. T. Ullenbruch l.-Z 10 A-K IO Faculty 37 .fb n :fic Q . M . ooo. o Secretaries - TOP ROW L TO R: Mrs. Katz, Mrs. Carl, Mrs. Sheahan, Mrs. Whitmore, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Carver and Mrs. Sa- ger. BOTTOM ROW L TO R: Mrs. Ernest, Mrs. Leemans, Mrs. Morelli, Mrs. McGuire, and Mrs. Norton. ... .... X AA fi H Cafeteria Workers L TO R: Mrs. Hurst, Mrs. Jacobson, Mrs. Hall Monitors L TO R: Mr. Dupee and Mr. Colaianni. Bieber, Mrs. Fuller, Mrs. Webb, Mrs. Aleen, and Mrs. Stewart. , s ' I M lx , , 2 9 1 4 f ' gm Mrs, Hold - Banker Mr. Fiorentino - Ianitor ,oft Q" ,u I.. Mr. Cemlich - Security Guard Mr. Ward - Librarian Mrs. Rodosh - Deans' Secretary Mr. Clapp - Special Education 38 Faculty -.,,.w1,-.,,.. H . l 1 -f 'Y Qfffiififji . fi ' g s q s 0 ' ' 0 : '. v , 0 0 0 0 .un Q 5 1 U l u 4 ' 0 ' , ' l 0 0 5 O O ' ' 3 0' 2 Q I. s un 0' lgggqqo' . v E ago. S ik Miss Davis Mr. Orgill Mr. Pergola Music Department The music department at Valley is mainly for the students' enjoyment. The largest singing group at Valley is "Sound Unlimitedng another group at Valley is the Valley High Chamber Ensemble which meets once or twice a week after school. The Festival in March is the highlight of the yearg both band and choir brought back honors. Art The art department adds depth to the curriculum as well as building new classes in order to keep up with the current and new trades in art. Our serious art students, with a good background, are able to continue studies in art either in college or in special art schools. We specifically stress the fact that there are many fields or branches of art in which one could have a very lucrative career. Our image as the "play pen area or easiest classes in school" is changing because we are seriously teaching art to students with a meaningful objective. In other words, students are learning something, not just passing the time away. fx!! X, f lX4.i""""M Iiln J Mr. McLaughlin Mr. Parker Mrs. Reynolds 'N . Q u 'u . 1 o o 0 ipsvao Q 6 Q Q v A vpn' I Faculty ng 5 I1 5 l n 'S 0 D 2 1 5 KZ? A Mrs. Cunningham Mr. Grewal 40 Faculty Mrs. Iacquot 9 Mr. Peel Miss Tessler Mr. Schlekewy Mr. Morgan BUSINESS DEPT Business courses are basically designed to fulfill personal and vocational needs of the students, as a follow-through on the vocational aspects. Students may take advantage of the preplacement services which find jobs for them. This service began two years ago, and it has turned out successfully so far. The business department sets up a follow up service which will be con- ducted by a survey of all the former business students. Through this survey the business department will be able to determine how students are using the vocational skills they learn in our department at Valley. Through the use of this information the department plans to revise and up date the program as necessary. An additional class has opened in Valley this year, which will require four weeks of class and four weeks on the job. This is clerical work ex- perience. . .ses "" .h.t it Mrs. Allaire Mr. Boka 44' Mr. Anderson Mfg, Chapel Faculty 41 5 . I .4 .-4 . A Lf X5--if 4 1 a . . 1 1 -. E 42 Faculty . ' . 0 ' con: Z : t 'a" a 1 n , u u ", 7 E , I E I . 5 ' . I I ' . I 3 - ' ' .' - I , . ............' .. . '-... ........' .............I .... ..........' N. ...- qs? z Mrs. Connell Mrs. Fulton Mrs. Harney 4 Qv.,...,..-uv' 5 In 1-i A, Mrs. Dingman Mrs. Hansen Mrs. Lane X 4: 1 -..- -- Mrs. Fitzpatrick Mrs. Harker Mr. Lukas Mrs. Marshall Mrs. White Mr. Reykdal Mr. Wright English Each student at Valley High takes English for three or four years. Because of the required years, the English Department gives a variety of courses to keep the students interest high. Some of the classes offered were Literature, Language and Composition, Debate, Stagecraft, and Publications. Mrs. White, coordina- tor of the English Department, and the 17 other teachers make it the largest department in Valley. Faculty 43 2.3 o s 0 .Z 2 I o o 0 0 n u .ua 1 i 1 oo if 0 .. 0 5 ' : 2 .,o'o as S . 0 qs' 0 :eil 0. c l 44 Faculty -s x., c I Miss Banks Mr. Earl 'sa gk swf S' Mr. Phoenix 4: 'U' Miss Clausing Mrs. Mongeot Mrs. Smith FOREIGN LANGUAGE Foreign language courses are designed to provide the students with a foundation in the basics of the language they intend to learn. With the world becoming smaller because of the popu- lation explosion, knowing different languages will become one of the most important assets in the world. Also if some students plan to apply for jobs in the future dealing with people, such as doctors, lawyers, airline stewerdesses, or any kind of job that involves public relations, it would be of great importance to know a foreign language. ww if Mr. Byrd Mrs. Poole Miss Syslack MTS- lackson Mrs. Serraile Mr. Watts HEALTH 8: DRIVING The majority of the students taking Drivers Safety and Health are sophomores, They attend the course for a nine weeks period, and are required to attend thirty hours of this course. To be able to pass the class the students are also required to have six hours behind the wheel driving. The students are taught the basic automotive prin- ciples sufficient for intelligent driving. HOM E ECONOMICS The home economics departments are for students who are interested in learning about different areas of home- making. This year two new classes opened in home economics, creative foods, and homemaking for the fun of it. Creative foods is for students who like cooking and making different cakes and pies. I-Iomemaking for the fun of it covers three different areas: international foods, upholstering furniture, and self analysis and poise. The stu- dents taking the course rotate with three different teachers for a six week period each. Another interesting course is bachelor arts, which senior and junior boys are taught how to be self sufficient in the kitchen and in later life. 63 . o s .o...f -aq.0'. 0 Oh o . . . .,,,.' Faculty 45 -5 . 1 '.. : '-,. I 1 you 0 on n 1 U "' 2 1 0 n a ,Q 1 3 ' " E ,o'. S '. z I U l I acoooouooouo v ' : 1 o H' ' 3 : ' 3 3 '. : ' oi' : : E S 1 a : 1... 44 5 ons' oiltoooo ous: noon Q09 O . ' ' 0 . I ...I I . I O O I I I I I li. - Q 2 .' - -" 2 ,.-"' 1 n 2 I . -. . . . . . 2 . . . I . I O. . O . . t . I. 'o . U D 0 0 l l : I f K .OC C O O O I . . 2 ,A HQ , X . 5 XX I f ............. X 1 2 X t , , Q Q g K ,f , . , 33 l 'V . , . . . D fr' w f -' f tg A .4 tl if ' ',. Mr. Balderson ' ' 'A 'N I. . 1 Mr. Levms U O I O I . 0 f'i'7i5J' 'i'N"1' WWA 'W2'Ii:iKiE27if'k7l-ifT-gll'5,ftlif'j.Q'i9fifsiifsf 5 41,4 - ' get E111 X 1 , s s ' ' ' "' ' "' A A g we-,Q gl? - f k'f' 13 .,1..sf5ns?1ss? . ,..-- few-frkaf ' iff exif-je-itsssmvy in fwfr 2 4 ' se fn: gps.-raft gqaggeli, u W 1 of ' r - f js:- L ' Qi -- W '- -' if ' L t i X 25' 46 Faculty Mr. Peterson Mr. Raetz Industrial Arts is designed to prepare the student for the vocational opportunities in the various industrial art areas. They are taught to develop skills in the selection of materials and a number of types of machinery and equipment. The student has the opportunity to have self-expression in the successful completion of individual work pro- jects. ,er is K ss. 5 ..e. , M r . S imms it 5223? L 'WR N :+ 'wi is F Miss Close Mr. Curtis Miss Engen Mr. Mannion Mr, Traasdahl Miss Stenger P.E. is mandatory for educational aspects of the students. The 11th grade classes cover sports that have a value to the students later on in life, such as, tennis, archery, badmitton, golf, baseball, basketball, and football. The 9th graders and 10th graders are taught team sports, to teach them to get along with other students in such activities as basket- ball, volleyball, flag football, and soccer. The coed P.E. classes, which are for the seniors only, enjoy bowling, archery, badmitton, and tennis. Miss Engkraf Mr. Johnson Miss Keffeler Faculty 47 3 . wwe-21--, V . '. I '. 1 . Mr. Arredondo Mr. Baker 48 Faculity Mr. Carroll Mrs. Darrah Mr- FCTSUSOT' M lin ws 45 Mr. Jackson Mr. Rice Mrs. Slagle , IZZ, .1.. ,.L, V . if it S 'm Q, Mrs. Poole Mr. Scheele The math department at Valley is designed to accomodate a wide range of careers such as doctors, lawyers, etc. In a constantly changing world it is important that students prepare themselves for a wide career range and therefore students should take as much math as possible. This insures the student of some possibilities of career changes in their lives. The math teachers at Valley are always available to counsel students as to the math requirements for their chosen careers. Faculty 49 50 Faculty - o o 0 , . I can D I . ' ' ' : .Ago . : - - ' Q n , o . u u , I ag,,, gguqoo so s yer' 'Q77 Miss Anclolina Mr. Bellamy Mrs. Black C O 0 Q 0 ' A Mr. Bobier Mr. Caudill Mr. Fitzpatrick ffm 4 -fmlknlg. ,.......,...9. Mr. Juarez Mr. Mason Mr. Moses ,X 1 A i v oo., o co, gun, 9 ,. una. .1 ,... , .,,,. o I o Q . Q n o 0 a . o , 4 0 ' 3 oo ,. : : : . zoossnu. 'o.n ..' 4 o : ' ' ' Q . . 1 Q u . I.. . o 0 ' ' o 0 ' I 4 Hsu.. 'u .. 0 : 0 I Q ' ' . , 1 I Mr. Nordine Mr. Poppen Mr. Suiter Mr. Piggott Mr. Smith Mr. Van Wert Social Studies The social studies department stresses enrichment of their department by adding more courses that are interesting to the students. Social studies is geared to appreciation of the past and its application to the future, and in emphasizing courses dealing with human behavior. Some social studies classes deal with the rounding out of the students' personality developements so they can better relate to their school, family life, and the role as a good citizen. Two new classes were offered this year to the students, 1'Social History of the United States" and "Great American Statement". These classes deal with the culture of our past and present. Faculty 51 52 Faculty i Mrs. Alderson Mr. Black Mr. Fletcher Nlr. Holmbefg NIL Loegch '4 QM. mf M l R Mr. Schiller I 011190 Mr. Savage Science Several of the science courses at Valley are basically designed for college prep. They serve to fulfill college entrances such as chemistry, physics, etc. In science you learn and gain better understanding within the topics taught. Students also gain insight into the process of science such as ex- perimentations, analyzing, measuring, etc. Science leads to technical and logical advances which may lead to an improvement in the standard way of living. Students also have the opportunity to learn how conflicts arise be- tween science, technology, and society. Mr. Simms 54H 5 2 VALEDICTGRIAN 53 0 ALEXIS DICKERSON SALUTATCDRIAN I Jn JEFF GQTTPREDSQN TOP TE 'rx ffx. 3. Carol Vireday 4. Anna Matvay 4. Craig Roles 6. Elizabeth Friedhof 7. Peggy ann Wallace 56 Honors 4' 1 'x 8. Cheryl Ann Iones 9. james Chan 12. Mildred Sweesey TDP TEN PERCENT Carolyn Wallace Marie Flatebo Ralph Freund David Bozarth Rebecca Hardy Bradley Owens Eric Schlacks Thom Christensen Donald Kaye Rosemary Raymond Sheryl Cameron Anne Katz Kathie Basler Alle arks Richard Kaminski Mark Thomas Kim Wallin Dorothy Gallagher Marian Zorn Elizabeth Ross Richard Defries Stephanie Schreindorfer Gary Vallen Cynthia Deacon Mary Harbaugh John Allen Catherine Chir aini Norman Williams Chris Plummer Mary Ferris Marshal Joy Dianne Urbano Marta Higgins Marlene Schwartzer Carl Bolgrien Joyce Theison David Steinberg Susan Hager Rande Finkley Michele Christensen David Szmagalski Jolene Bommarito Terri Beckett Paul Potenza Mindy Sileo Patrice Moore Debra Fields Susan Crawford Robert Campbell Kim Roylance Robert Gallagher Ben Peterson Teresa Bergman Gretchen Bradley Laurie Black Kathy Kulas Cheryl Goff Michele Brochmann John Harden Terry Drakulich Robin Schone Bradley Roberts Gregg Corlyn Mark Snyder Melanie Hopkinson Darcy Gogert are as of seventh semester s BUYS' GIRLS' STATE Dorothy Gallagher Jo Dickerson Ralph Freund Mark Thomas Iohn Wilcox Frank Gocchi Ric Gagliardi jim Sorenson Craig Roles Fredrico Garibaldi Bill LeBaron Jeff Gottfredson Donald Kaye David Bozarth Robert Gallagher Marc Charisse Jeff Schreck james Jolly Lam 0'3-sig The 1973 representatives to Nevada Girls State enjoyed a week of learn- ing and fun at Spring Creek Camp in Carson. The week included lec- tures and mock city, county, and state elections. The delegates rnade many friends and they all agreed that the whole trip was enjoyable and will be long remembered. Boys' State was equally successful, delegates being selected on the basis of scholarship and school activities. STUDE T GCVER E SQS IH 'la Y WA 1 if The Student Body Officers had planned this year very carefully with promoting school spirit and putting on many school ac- tivities includlng the Hello and Christmas dances, Christmas Tree Lane and most of all, the Homecoming festivities. These officers elected by the students of Valley High, had special rou- tine duties written up in the constitution. Co-ordinator Tracey Kelley said about this year's government, "We all worked well together and hope to get together more next year,". Connie Verchick, Vice President Aaron Nino, President Torsha Bousley, Coordinator Mark Thomas, Coordinator Tracey Kelley, Coordinator Kathy Thorpe, Coordinator Anne Levinson, Coordinator Terri Baratz, Secretary Honors 59 ix 'x 1. Dave Kline 2. Gary Vallen 3. Lynne Melchionne 4. Sam Melchionne 5. Andy Eskin 6. jerry Burkin 7. Eric Schlacks 8. Alan Caddy 9. Randy Sparks 10. Mike Ienkins 11. Carl Bolgrien 12. Terri Beckett Q it 13. Prank Rossachi 14. Diane Peterson 15. Sharon Wood 16. Cathy Green 17. Chris Plummer 18.10 Dickerson 19. Craig Roles 20. Mike Malzone 21. John Bokelmann 22. 1effCottfredson 23. Tuli Haromy 24. Ralph Freund L TO R: Mike Krein, Anna Matvay, Norman Williams. MU ALPHA THET Mu Alpha Theta got quite a response for membership this year as an honors club. The members had fun with several parties, helping with the mathmetics convention, and doing math problems and games. The officers are Norman Williams, president, Mike Krein, vice-president, and Anna Matvay, secretary-treasurer. 5 1 8 Q Q 12 5 7 l 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 4 A ll 1. Marcia Wolff 3. Pat SCl'lrit-Ebel' 9 13 2. Kathy Kalinke 9. Mike Krein 3. Karen Strobeck 10. Paul Geiger 3 A 4. Cheryl Gertler 11. Randy David 7 5. Norman Williams 12. Scott Leslie 6. Anna Matvay 13. David Moore l ' 7. Steve Strobeck 14. Stan Meek I 1. Don McCue 8. Barbara Eisenberg 2. Steve Berman 9. John Villaire 3. Scott Staub 10. Mark Sturdivant 4. Debra McGrath 11. Laura Sturdivant 5. Danna Strango 12. Chris Armstrong 6. Renalee Shnairson 13. Ed Hanigan 7. Amy Weinstein 60 Honors 4 AWZW' 1. Cheryl jones 9. Carolyn Wallace 2. Steve Fleitz 10. Susan Mueller 3. Shauna Parkinson 11. Chris Plummer 4. Dorothy Gallagher 12. Kathy Thorpe 5. Mark Thomas 13. Jeff Sproul 6. Darcy Gogert 14. Connie Verchick 7. Karen Strobeck 15. Cathy Green 8. Becky Hardy 16. Tracey Kelley SUN YOUTH FCJRUM At 8:30 on the morning of Nov. 29, about 70 happy Valley students arrived at the Convention Center to par- ticipate in the 20th Annual Sun Youth Forum. The For- um, sponsored by the Sun newspaper, was held so that students from all high schools in the district could dis- cuss topics relevant to today. Participants were chosen on the basis of knowledge and ability to verbalize their thoughts. Topics ranged from world problems to problems con- cerning the education system. At noon, students were dismissed for lunch courtesy of the Sun. After lunch, students returned to their groups and selected finalists to summarize the thoughts of their group. Finalists from Valley included Jeff Gottfredson, Marian Zorn, and Scott Tuchman. Many students attended the Forum who are not pictured. Honors 61 H 'M f 2 . y """ ,f M42 xx Q 62 Ho Qi jf NATICDNAL I-ICDNQR SOCIETY 1.Ch' Pl 3.0 h cu h IIS u l y d g 2. Pat Daugh ty 4 I f t f Offlcers .4 ,ef E 4 5 5 M e. at .WW vp ?l 34 35 536 39 40 42143 ima 49 4 4 4 47 eo 4 5 3 O 4 1 57 0 63 w 46 ' 6 ' 16 24 25 I za 3 , X t 1 2 1 5 3 5 4 1 as 2 34 3 35 National Honor Society held many great activities this year. In addition to their annual inductions, they also sponsored a nineteen-fifties sock hop in which the band played old songs and everyone jived to the sounds of rock and roll. Other ac- tivities included a trip to Mount Charles- ton in the snowy season, decorating the school Christmas tree, the annual Easter egg hunt for handicapped children, and various other fund raising events. The club functioned well under the leadership of Chris Plummer, presidentg Jeff Gott- fredson, vice-presidentg Pat Daugherty, secretaryp and Dorothy Gallagher, treas- urer. ttgtmtii 4 ji Ahh MA . Michelle Christensen . Becky Hardy . Ric Gagliardi 4. Marta Higgins 5. James Chan 6. Patti Moore 7. Greg Corlyn 8. Michelle Harris 9. Kathy Kulas 10. Bob Campbell 11. Cheryl Goff 12. Tara Zale 13. Laurie Davies 14. Anna Matvay 15. Donnie Nabit 16. Don Kaye 17. Brenda Sanford 18. Sue Hager 19. Ralph Freund 20. Terri Drakulich 21. Marian Zorn 22. Elizabeth Ross 23. Kim Wallin 24. Phyllis johnson 25. Rhonda Bledsoe 26. Carolyn Wallace 27. Frank Cocchi 2.8. Toni Antonacci 29. Cheryl Jones 30. David Bozarth 31. Sheryl Cameron 32. John Wilcox . Io Dickerson . Chris Plummer . Pat Daugherty 36. Jeff Gottfredson 37. Dorothy Gallagher 38. Michelle Brochman 39. Craig Roles 40. Irene Maslow 41. Millie Sweezy 42. Mike Van Tuyl 43. Norman Williams 44. Cathy Chiraini 45. Susan Mitchell 46. Tanya Gregory 47. Lori Black 48. Mark Thomas 49. Don Newman 50. Stephanie Schreind 51. Ioleen Bommarito 52. Debi Fields 53. Ann Katz 54. Sue Crawford 55. Loring Iacobs 56. Terri Beckett 57. Gretchen Bradley 58. Mike Costa 59. Debbie Damewood 60. Arnold Weinstock 61. Gary Vallen 62. Kim Roylance 63. Robert Gallagher orfer Honors 63 VARSITY QUIZ A 'ff-se '-Q. X xx 9 Y E In its third year, Varsity Quiz is still success- ful. The members who helped Valley High School this year in it's triumph were Michelle Brochman, Bob Campbell, Marc Charisse, Carlyn Custard, Andy Eskin, Carla Ford, Cheryl Goff, Dave Kline, Don McQue, Dav- id Moore, Susan Mueller, Brad Owens, Chris Plummer, and Randy Sparks. The team mem- bers and club members were under the direc- tion of Mrs. Lane. 1974 SR. BALL QUEEN PAM RUBY ATTE DA TS Valerie Agee Terry Drakulich Joni Leamaster Tar Trina Ricci Tina Teodoro Seniors 67 MCDST PREFERRED SENIQR MAN 16 i IGI-IN IRQZ TTE ANTS 'QN- ,Q . xr ,. N ,'Q 5 7 in T Kevin English Butch Brown IP? ' , gl W i , ' , it W x Brady Ex ber V1 - Bill LeBaron Seniors 69 SENIOR x 5 i. 1 5 I 70 Seniors Most athletic-Sue Dobbins 6: Ronnie Curtis ,nv ' . f",' ISHN' if, f 'r'f1f3' ffl, ff, 1- V 1- .Vg 1 .7 , W, .. fm, Best sense of humor-Mary Salerno 6: Butch Brown ,712 f'!.3,i' N . a ? 7? '3,?P't.7. 7 " " 'lit ". 27 'I ,i QQ, Most likely to succeed-Iessie Lehman 6: Craig Roles Q - E zlf wz' x 1' f ff: -,fi Most talented-Laura Carlile 6: Scott Ramer 1 egg ,A .e SE wx fi' 0? , X, 1 X Most shy-Bill I.eBaron J 3' X , MN WW ,fs S1 H gui! :Emi d A 3583 " N831 Best personality-Paulette Stanga 6: Danny Shearm Most mtelhgent Anna Matvay G: john Embry it , SENIQR BRAGS john Allen Tennis 9,125 Softball 95 Soccer 10,11,125 Ski Club 9,105 Baseball 105 Golf 12. Debbie Anderson Softball 9,10,11,125 Volleyball 11,125 Basketball 11,125 Powder Puff 11,125 Home Room Represent- ative 11. Bob Ashlock Bowling 95 I.V. Football 105 Ski Club 105 Soccer 11,125 Key Club 125 Sun Youth Forum 12. Almetra Banks DECA 11. Sharon Bart Newspaper 95 Drama 9,11. Andy Bauer Ski Club 11,12. Terri Beckett NHS 11,125 Home Room Representative 115 French Club 12. Teresa Bergman Student Government' 9,105 Float Committee 105 Powder Puff Football 125 Selected Senior 12. Pam Bernier Tennis Team 115 Human Relations 12. Rhonda Bledsoe Cheerleader 9,10,11,12 tHeadJ5 NHS 11,125 Key Club Sweetheart 11,125 Ir. Prom Queen. Cella Blood French Club 9,10,125 Horseback Riding Club 9. Jolene Bommarito NHS 9,10,11,125 French Club 11,125 International Club 11,125 VlP's 12. Leslie Borne Drama 9,115 Sound Unlimited 115 FTA 11. David Bozarth NHS 9,11,125 Mu Alpha Theta 11,125 VlP's 11, 72 Sen ors 125 Ecology Action 11,125 Boys' State 115 Ski Club 12.. Gretchen Bradley Drama 95 French Club 10,11,12 tSecretaryj5 Sun Youth Forum 11,125 Float Committee 105 NHS 11, 125 Career Club 12 fSecetaryj. Vicky Britton Glee Club 9,105 Pep Club 10. Donna Brown Drama 9,10,115 Journalism 95 Pep Club 9,105 French Club 11,125 Sound Unlimited 11,12. Joe Buttle Band 9,10,11,12. Emily Calvert Ecology Club 105 Brandans 125 Ski Club 12. Sheryl Cameron Brandans 11,125 NHS 9,115 Student Council 95 Cheerleader 9 tHeadl, 105 Band 9 QPresidentJ, 10, 11,12 fSecretaryJ5 VIP's 105 Class Vice-President 115 Key Club 11,125 Homecoming Queen Attend- ant 12. Bob Campbell Ski Club 95 Soccer 10,115 NHS 11,12. Joanne C atello Soccer Bunny 125 Homecoming Queen Attendant 12. Richard Chapman Track and Field 10,11,125 Symphonic Band 11,12 QVice-PresidentJ5 Stage Band 11,12. Marc Charisse Debate 10,125 Speech Contest 105 Archery 10,115 French Club 105 Sun Youth Forum 115 Boys' State 115 Russian Club 115 Varsity Quiz 11. Cathy Chiraini NHS 11,12. Frank Cocchi Basketball 9,105 Human Relations Club 95 Foot- ball 10,11,125 Baseball 105 Key Club 10,11,125 Soc- Cer 11,12., Track 11,12., Ski Club 11,12, NHS 11, 12, VIP's 11, Boys' State 11. Greg Corlyn Debate 9, Speech 9, Tennis 9,10,11,12, Golf 9,12, NHS 11,12, Bowling 11,12. Mike Cowan Key Club 11,12, Executive Cabinet 12. Chris Creighton Computer Club 10. Ronnie Curtis Basketball 9, Track 9,10,11, Football 10,11,12, Soccer 11,12, Nancy D'Amora Spirit Club 11, GAA 11, Brandans 12, VIP's 12, Powder Puff Football 12, Homecoming Committee 12. Pat Daugherty Pep Club 9, GAA 10, Mat Maids 11,12 fPresidentJ, NHS 11,12 CSecretaryD, Graduation Usher 11. Robert Davis Bowling 9, Track 9,11,12, Football 10. Teresa DeSantis Thespians 9,1O,12 lVice-Presidentj. Vern Deveraux Track 9,12, Bowling 9, Baseball 10. Io Dickerson Volleyball 9,1O, Softball 9, Basketball 10, Spanish Club 10, Key Club Convention Zone Sweetheart, Ski Club 11,12, NHS 11,12, Songleader 12. Harry Dobson Golf 9,10,12, Student Council 9, Spanish Club 9, Ski Club 12. Pam Doney GAA 9, Art Club 10, DECA 11, Yearbook Staff12. Bob Dorsey Basketball 9,10,11,12, Football 10. Craig Doty Chess Club 9, Soccer 10,11. Jay Elliott Chess Club 9,12, Friendship Club 11,12, AV 11,12. Baseball 10,11,12, Soccer 12. Pat Ferguson Baseball 11,12, Football 12. Mary Ferris House ot Representatives 11,12, Safety Club 11,12, VlP's 12, Career Club 12. Debi Fields Pep Club 9, Volleyball 9, Thespians 10, NHS 11, 12, Brandans 11,12, Powder Puff Football 11,12, Home Room Representative 11, Homecoming Com- mittee 11. Marie Flatebo NHS 11,12, Mu Alpha Theta 11,12. Jeff Fleitz Football 9, Freshman Class Treasurer 9, Track 9, 10,12, Baseball 9, Spanish Club 10, Cross Country 11, Key Club 11,12. Ralph Freund' Computer Club 10,11 fVice-Presidentj, Ski Club 11,12, NHS 11,12, VlP's 12, Mu Alpha Theta 11 12, Boys' State 11, Key Club 12, German Club 12. Felicia Friedman Spanish Club 10, VIP's 11. Theresa Fountain Yearbook 9, Biology Club 10. Ric Gagllardi Russian Club 10,11 lSecretary, Treasurerj, In- ternational Club 10,11, VIP's 10,11,12 fPresidentJ, Yearbook Photographer 10,12 fHead Photographerj, NHS 11,12, Boys' State 11, Sun Youth Forum 12, Career Club 12 lVice-Presidentl. Bob Gallagher NHS 11,12. Dorothy Gallagher Pep Club 9, Horseback Riding Club 9, Prom Com- mittee 9, Girls' Glee Club 10 fSecretary-Treasurerj, Float Committee 10, Girls' State 11, Senior Ball Senio s r Hostess 115 Election Committee 115 junior Prom Committee 115 Graduation Usher 115 Sun Youth Forum 11,125 Mayors' Youth Advisory Council 11,125 NHS 11,12 fTreasurerj5 Yearbook Staff 11, 12 tEditorJ5 Brandans 125 Senior Class Executive Cabinet 12 fChairmanj5 Assembly Committee 125 Homecoming Committee 125 Graduation Com- mittee 125 Key Club 12. Cindy Garrett Ski Club 9,105 Spanish Club 105 NHS 11,12. Lesley Gaunt Orchestra 95 Drama Club 95 GAA 12. Renee Gelman Ski Club 95 Spanish Club 10,115 German Club 125 GAA 125 SAE 12. Randy Goldfarb French Club 125 Football Half-Time Announcer 12. Tom Gordon Tennis 95 Wrestling 95 Speech 95 Ecology Club 105 Gavel Club 115 Bowling 115 Sun Youth Forum 11. jeff Gottfredson German Club 10,115 Computer Club 10,11 tPres- idenilg Mu Alpha Theta 10,11,125 V1P'S 11,125 NHS 11,12 fVice-Presidentj5 Boys' State 115 Sr. Class Executive Cabinet 125 Careers Club 12 tPres- identj. George Glasper DECA 11,12 tVice-Presidentj. Cheryl Gresham Human Relations Club 12. Sue Hager Mat Maids 11,125 NHS 11,125 Powder Puff Foot- ball11. Shirley Haley Volleyball 95 Soul Club 95 GAA 10,11. Mary Harbaugh NHS 11,125 Thor's Hammer 11 CAssoc. Editorj, 12 QEditorj.- Suzy Harkins Pep Club 95 Horseback Riding Club 95 Bowling 9. 74 Sen ors Debbie Harrison VIP's 11,125 NHS 11,125 GAA 11. Debi Hess Ski Club 95 Computer Club 105 Rodeo Club 12. Scott Hoover Wrestling 10,11,12. Melanie Hopkinson Chorus 9 tPresidentJ, 10 tSecretary-TreasurerJ5 NHS 95 Mat Maids 12. Victor lniguez Ski Club 12. Loring Iacobs Tennis 9,10,11,125 Golf 9,11,125 NHS 9,11,125 Speech 95 Kiwani's Bowl 10,11,125 Key Club 125 NH511,12. Ginger Jaeger Softball 11. Laluana johns on Kadettes 105 Soul Club 10,11,125 Pep Club 10, DECA 115 VIP's 11,125 Friendship Club 125 Thes- pians 11. Luther Joiner Basketball 9,11,125 Football 12. Cheryl Ann Jones Russian Club 10,11,125 German Club 10,11,125 In- ternational Club 10,11,125 Ecology Club 10,11,125 NHS 11,125 Thespians 11,12 fSecretaryl5 SAE 125 Chess 125 French Club 125 Spanish Club 125 Ca- reer Club 125 Gavel Club 12. Kyna Iorgensen Rodeo Club 11 tPresidentJ, 12 fPresidentJ. David Iuliano NHS 11,12. Susan Kalinke Ski Club 12. Nikki Karres Madrigals 95 Girls' Choir 105 Girls' Ensemble 10, 115, Thespians 10,115 French Club 105 Mixed Choir 115 Acapella Choir 12. Don Kaye Chess 9,2 Tennis 10,11, Ski Club 11, NHS 11,12, Mu Alpha Theta 12. Bruce Kirsch Human Relations 9 QPresidentJ, Spanish Club 10,' Thespians 11,12. Debbie Kirsch A French Club 10, jim Kukurin Football 10,11, Track 1O,11,12., Key Club 11,12. fLt.Gov.J. Becky Larson Cheerleader 9,10 lHeadJ, Ski Club 9,10,11. David Larson Football 10, Gavel Club 10, NHS 11, Journalism 12. Andrew Laub Soccer 10,11,12, Track 10, Ski Club 10. Arthur I. Lavery Stage Band 9,12, Band 9,10,11,12, Bowling 10,11, 12, Chess 9,11, Ecology Club 11. Iaynellen Lee Spanish Club 10, NHS 11. Joni Leamaster Pep Club 9, Friendship Club 11, Mat Maids 11,12 tSecretaryJ. B1ll LeBaron Football 9,10,11,12, Wrestling 10,11,12, Ski Club 11,12, Powder Puff Cheerleader 11, Boys' State 11, Executive Cabinet 12. Jessie Lehman NHS 9 fPresidentJ, 11,12, Spanish Club 10,11, VIP's 10,11,12, Sophomore Senator 10, Chorus 10 iPresidentJ, Assembly Committee 11,12, Graduation Committee 11,12, CCASC member 11,12, Sun Youth Forum 11,12, Mayor's Youth Advisory Board 12, Senior Class President 12. Muriel Lehman Band 10,11, GAA 11,12. Wendy Levine Speech 10, Gavel Club 11 CVice-Presidentj, 12, NFL Degree of Honor 11,12, Mayor's Advisory Council 11, Sun Youth Forum 11,12, Assembly Committee 12, Homecoming Committee 12, NHS 11,12, DAYCC 12. Clair Lewis Golf 9,10,11,12, Band 9, Spanish Club 10. JoAnn Lewis GAA 9,1O,11,12, Basketball 9,10,11,12, Track 9, 1O,11,12, DECA 11, Soul Club 12.. Dianne Lochner Brandans 12. Kim Maguire NHS 11,12, Ski Club 11,12, Powder Puff Football 11,12, Brandans 12, Class Treasurer 12. Mary M arcus DECA 12. Steve M arina Chess Club 9,10, Computer 10, Football 9. John M ark Bowling 9, Horseback Riding Club 9. Maria Martin Brandans 12. Irene Maslow Bowling 9, Ski Club 9,12, Student Council 9, NHS 11,12.. Major Mastin Swimming 9, Track 9, Football 10,12, Wrestling 10. Nancy Mateik Ecology Club 10,11, Spanish Club 10,11, GAA 10,11,12, VIP's 11,12, Mayor's Youth Advisory Council 11,12. Anna Matvay NHS 9,11,12, French Club 10,11,12, Human Relations 9, Mu Alpha Theta 10,11 tSecretary- Treasurerj, 12 fSecretary-Treasurerl, VIP's 11, Bowling Club 10. Shaun McClure Soccer 10,11,12. N Se os 75 Diana McNerney Cheerleader 95 Friendship Club 11,125 Human Re- lations 12 CPresidentj5 Ski Club 115 Songleader 12. Alan McWilliams Soccer 125 Baseball 12, Key Club 12. Patti Moore Cheerleader 95 Ski Club 9,10,11,125 French Club 10,115 Brandans 11,125 Valhalla 115 Class Secretary 115 NHS 11,125 Class Vice-President 125 Powder Puff Football 11,125 House of Representives 12. Don Newman Student Council 95 Softball 95 Key Club 11,12 tPresidentJ5 Boys' State 115 Election Committee 125 Assembly Committee 125 House of Representatives 125 Spanish Club 12. Iana Lynn Newman Friendship Club 11. Kim Norton DECA 12. Gary Olsen Football 10,11,125 Baseball 10,11,12. Bruce Ostrander Football 10,11,125 Track 9,10,11,12. Mike Perez Bowling 95 Track 9,11,125 Baseball 10. Debbie Peterson Cheerleader 9,115 Horseback Riding Club 95 Ski Club 10,11,125 Powder Puff Football 125 Sr. Class Executive Cabinet 12. Richard Phillips Homeroom Representative 11. Chris Plummer Spanish Club 10,115 NHS 11,12 tPresidentJ. Janice Porter GAA 95 House of Representatives 95 Pep Club 95 Soccer 95 Softball 95 Human Relations Club 11. Thomas Pranske German Club 105I0urr1aliSm 10,11,125 VIP's 12. 76 Sen ors Steve Ralston DECA 12 tChaplianj. Rosemary Raymond Pep Club 95 GAA 105 Brandans 11,125 House of Representatives 125 Powder Puff Football 125 Key Club 12. Jeri Richardson Volleyball 9,11,125 Softball 10,11,125 Powder Puff Football 125 Yearbook Staff 12. Rhonda Roban Ski Club 115 NHS 11. Joe Rodak Stage Band 12. Craig Roles Student Council 95 Newspaper Editor 95 Yearbook 95 Band 9,10,11,125 Stage Band 10,11,125 Drum Major 9,11,125 Tennis Team 95 Bowling Team 10, 11,125 Ski Club 9,10,11,125 NHS 9,11,125 Ameri- can Legion Medal of Honor 95 Float Committee 105 Class President 115 Key Club 10,11 tSecretaryj, 12 tVice-Presidentj5 Boys' State 115 Friendship Club 115 Reno Iazz Festival 10,11,125 Powder Puff Cheerleader 125 Mu Alpha Theta 125 Safety Coun- cil 12. Cindy Rose Human Relations 12. lim Rosenberger Band 9,10,11,125 Golf 9,10,11,125 German Club 10,115 Pep Band 10,11,125 VlP's 12. David Roseman Wrestling 10,11. Elizabeth Ross Drama 95 Russian Club 10,11 CVice-Presidentj, 12 fPresidentj5 International Club 11 tSecretaryJ, 12 lSecretaryJ5 Ecology Action 10,11 tSecretary- Treasurerj, 12 tPresidentJ5 German Club 11,125 Valkyries 11,125 NHS 11,125 Assembly Committee, 12. Ira Ross Baseball 9,10,11,125 Soccer 12. Ian Rundall Human Relations 125 Friendship Club 12. Brenda Sanford NHS 9,11,125 Madrigals 95 VIP's 105 Mat Maids 11,12.. Mark Scheppman Band 10,11,125 Stage Band 10,11,125 Key Club 12. Eric Schlacks journalism 95 Band 9,10,11,125 Stage Band 10,11, 12 tPresidentj5 Key Club 10,11,125 NHS 11,125 Track 9,125 Cross Country 11,125 Swim Team 9. Stephanie Schrelndorfer Girls' Chorus 95 Pep Club 95 VIP's 11,125 NHS 11, 125 French Club 11,12 fPresidentj5 International Club 11 tVice-Presidentj, 12 fTreasurerJ. Marlene Schwartzer Latin Club 9 tPresidentj, 10 tPresidentj5 NHS 9, 11,125 Volleyball 9,105 Basketball 9,105 Spanish Club 11,12. Rusty Schultz FBLA 95 Student Council 95 International Club 105 Softball 105 NHS 11,125 Pep Club 115 Ski Club 11. Mike Sealey Basketball 95 Baseball 9,10,11,125 Horseback Riding Club 9. Sandra Seamans Horseback Riding Club 95 SAE 9,10. john Sellerstrom SAE 9,10 fVice-Presidentj. Claudia Senatere German 9,10,11. joy Settlemoir GAA 105 House of Representatives 11. Danny Shearin Football 10,11,125 Wrestling 105 Home Room Representatives 12. Sharon Smith Powder Puff Football 11. William Smyth Softball Team 95 Football 10. Patricia Snyder Band 9,105 GAA 9,1O. Leslie Soroch NHS 11,125 French Club 11. David Steinberg Student Council 95 Chess Club 9 lPresidentJ5 Var- sity Quiz 10,125 Sun Youth Forum 12. Iodi Stevenson Class Secretary-Treasurer 95 Valkyries 115 VlP's 12. George Stillings Baseball 105 Wrestling 105 VIP's 11,125 Sr. Class Executive Cabinet 125 Assembly Committee 12. George E. Stoughton Ir. Baseball 10,11,12. jim Sullivan Football 9,10,11,125 Track 10,12. Dave Szmagalski Band 9,10,11,125 Stage Band 9,10,11,125 Reno jazz Festival 10,11,125 Cross Country 9. Mark Thomas Swimming Team 95 Basketball 95 Track 105 Spanish Club 10,11,125 NHS 11,125 Student Body Co- ordinator 125 Assembly Committee 12 tPresidentJ5 Sun Youth Forum 125 Key Club 125 Boys' State 115 Election Committee 125 Ski Club 12. Ken Thompson Senator 105 VIP's 105 Key Club 10,115 Football 105 Baseball 1O,11,12.j Club 10,11 fVlCQ-Pr6Si- dentj, 12 tPresidentJ. Sherry Tibbs Pep Club 95 Horseback Riding Club 95 Ski Club 115 House of Representatives 12. Jeanne Trobiani Ecology Club 115 SAE 125 GAA 125 German Club 12.. Scott Tuchman Thespians 10,115 Sun Youth Forum 11,125 Concert Committee 11,125 VlP's 12. Sen ors 77 78 Se Gary Vallen Band 9,10,11,12, NHS 9,11,12, French Club 10, 11,12, VIP's 10,11,12, Mu Alpha Theta 10,11,12, Homeroom Representative 11, Senior Cabinet 12. Suzanne Vand erLinden Newspaper 9 fEditorJ. Michael Van Tuyl Band 9,10,11,12, Tennis 9, Golf 9,1O,11,12, Span- ish Club 9, Math Club 9, Basketball 10,11, NHS 11,12, VlP'S 12.. Kim Wallin Band 9,10,11,12, Ski Club 10,11, NHS 11,12., Sun Youth Forum 11, Spanish Club 11. Diane Watson Pep Club 9, Horseback Riding Club 9, Cheerleader 10, Powder Puff Football11, Graduation Usher 11, Songleader 12, Class Secretary 12, Graduation Committee 12. 'Q Gordon Weakland Track 9,10,12, Bowling 9, Cross Country 10,11,12. Arnold Weinstock Softball 9, NHS 11,12. Scott Weistreich Art Club 12. eff Team 9, 9, Football 10, 11, Float Com- NHS 11,12, Boys' Committee 12, Election Com- of Representatives 12, Sun Youth Williams Club 10 Cfreasurerj, Ski Club 12. Shelia Williams Russian Dance Troup 12, Class Executive Cabinet 12. , Karen Willis Powder Puff Football 11,12, Track 9. niors 1 , M Andi Wilson Ski Club 10,11, Spanish Club Mary Woods Soul Club 9,10,12, DECA 11, Barbara Wrobel SAE 12. Charles Vick Ecology Club 9, Human, 10, Election 0 - Committee 11 QCO-gghairmanj, om Rep resentative 11,12, International , CarolYg'Yallace,. French Cub i10,f8,,-12, H Brandans 11, 12: Houisgi t s kpresegtaftitges Valhalla'HS- ff 12, NHS 11 , H 4 , Q 9 6 V ,let r a K ,, I rl ! tiiy fClass Exec 1' . inet! A gg QM 5, lf, ,. V SR CLASS EXECUTIVE CABI ET J J 'E' ,, f r' 1. Dorothy Gallagher 7. George Stillings 2. Diane Watson 8. jeff Gottfredson 3. Patti Moore 9. Sheila Williams 4. Sue Crawford 10. Diane Schmid 5. Nico Simponis 11. Debbie Peterson 6. Gary Vallen 12. Bill Le Baron As a new practice started by the Class of 74, the cabinets for each class proved to be a big help to the officers. The Executive Cabinet of the Senior Class started the year with such activities as painting the parking stalls, helping at registration, and selling candy. They were also an active force in planning and carrying out the skating party and dance, the Sr. Christ- mas tree, all the homecoming activities, the Senior Ball, and the Senior Trip to San Diego and Disneyland. Seniors 79 ' ,, M JREF Ii 4"i-'WNWwifi?Yff.2I5,,,:,:!'l:::g,W'f"'v5iff:f4v , 'f..'5f-:hiv 71,1 lf, ' "Hy ' ' ' 1 fa-wi, , ,. 47" if - M ,, , , F 4 r ,i K X .N .1 A ri' it. V' rad' VN if xi ' A Aj-3 ' Officers of the Graduating Class of 1974 QCOUNTERCLOCKWISEJQ Virgil Viking, mascotg Jessie Lehman, presidentg Diane Watson, secretary Kim Maguire, treasurerp Patti Moore, vice-president. 1974 WAS THE YEAR THAT I . . 5 john Adams Teresa Adams Brian Adrian Valerie Agee Ross Aikin Iohn Allen Linda Allen Kevin Amis Debra Anderson Fred Anderson Margo Anderson Toni Antonacci ,A Chris Armstrong Robert Ashloclc Richard Astern Nanette Aye Seniors 81 82 Seniors THE VIKI GS WERE BIG Almetra Banks Terri Baratz Bruce Barber Kay Barnson te , E ,gi E T EEE1 X E si ' E ' 3 ,. egg in N ,. I " A E kim kafriiii ' R M 1 xi Q Xe w X A 1323 X at 1 s Qt 5 t, rg SSI. A lk ,ff-'O 'Qw- Wg!" i 3 1. x . M af 'Q 1 Q Sharon Bart Kathie Basler Andy Bauer Terri Beckett Carla Beebe Barbara Bell Sherrie Bennett Nlaureen Benson Teresa Bergman Debbie Bernier Pamela Bernier Ana Bianco BAD, BDLD, A D BALD li has I K . . , E -1' in In l r J f-an +R l D' .D , af E Debra Bird Donald Bivins Rhonda Bledsoe Cella Blood Pat Boardman Carl Boldgrien Jolene Bommarito Leslie Borne Kim Borsellino Luann Bova Gregory Boyer David Bozarth William Bozoian Gretchen Bradley Mark Brand Kenneth Bravin Seniors 83 84 Seniors PAT BQARDMA AS TCO SI-IY SENIOR meg. :Ee . -.ei K - is Q. f -. .-Ser x Q. X. V217 Ramona Brewer Viclci Britton Sheri Broadhead Michele Brochman Donna Brown Kimberly Brown Steven Brown Tina Buck Peter Buompane Iames Burgess Mark Burkhart Nevada Burks 4 ii , f s Mike Burson Bryan Bushong Renee Butler joseph Buttle TO SHOW PICTURE . IH W1 UP EGR HER "SI-IYEST i k,f: er ? Q- 5115 Kim Butto Hallice Butz Emily Calvert Sheryl Cameron Dale Campbell john Campbell Mary Campbell Robert Campbell an ,rW, , Krynn Carpenter Lee Carrico Joanne Catello Brenda Cefalo Libby Cellini Debra Chalelcr James Chan MarcCl1aris5e Seniors 85 WE STARTED THE TRADITIO GP 86 Seniors .rweeszz eg Q.. iii:-:i:'li::'1f e :lvl Q he Qt' ' Q'l N X T1 . ., ,1,- i Kenclell Chase Wayne Chmelsky Dean Child Hebert Chorn Jerry Chiles Michelle Christensen Catherine Chiraini Jolene Christos N-of wail' Rx 5 s Ronald Chugg Carolyn Cincotta Pamela Clark Robert Close Prank Cocchi Kim Cochrane Donna Cody Sandra Cody PAI TI G THE SENICR STEPS 44 Q " Nw for lx , N Christina Coffman jennifer Coleman Daniel Coll May Collins if . Ji... Cary Connolly Debra Coomes Deena Cooper Michelle Copeland q r X in L " X x A , xx .2 4,-.--.5 Gregg Corlyn Audrey Cortney lack Coskey Michael Costa as A 2 1 N. 5 , ' 'F -1 Christina Costanza james Cotter Michael Cowan Tanisa Crafts . te., I Seniors 87 88 Seniors THE 50 GLEADERS FOUGHT - -,iso L X Y x E I sk fn Laurie Crain Susan Crawford Paula Crandall George Curtis Linda Cram' Juliv Ddileb' Lawrence Crawford Debra Damewood iffif' X- -1 Nancy D'Amora Michelle Daniels William Daniels Connie Dauglicrty y fel. if ass? Q li w Patricia Daugherty Laurie Daves Diann Davis julie Davis .ms 71,1 - :si 'X E XX 5 wg.- T0 BE RECCDGNIZED . . . 4-guy, fgy: as --Wi. .-2-.111 X Qaijgjcf' V '-'m . .,, . i 'RSD' Paula Davis Gilberto Delatorri Samuel Davis Nina Demitrieff Rock Davidson Arlene Dennis Richard DeFries Carolyn Dennis john Dennis Amoncla Depasqualc Teresa DeSanti5 Vern Deveraux x,,, D X W 1 fzigqf r- jenny DeWester Ilene Diamond I0 Dickerson Patricia Dinsmore Seniors 89 90 Seniors LAURIE DA IES WAS . , 2:45 ,fm Susan Dobbins Harry Dobson Elizabeth Domino Pam Doncy 'lv' x 'QF-, Katie Downey Victoria Dunaway Daniel Eastburn Terry Drakulich Deborah Durrncn Mark Edgel Craig Dubuc AC Dusbane jeffrey Eikington Vicki Duke Kari Eagan ldy Eliiwif HOMECCDMING OUEE E f fa. 'xii V 'g rae ' ' 3. HT 154 we , X i Diana England Robert Evans Kevin English Theola Evans Randolph Eno Dianne Evenson Wilson Eval Brady Exber Iulie Eandel Michele Eaust Timothy Eaust Nancy Eayle 'ifs E fi an if e, Jerry Fenton Patrick Ferguson Maria Eernandez Roxanna Fernandez 1 Seniors 91 92 Seniors V VALLEYS GRIDDERS ,WRX .. Q, Nxt Mary Ferris Debra Fields Richard Fields Roy Fields xg:-vi' Mark Fierro jonny Finley Roberta Fink Kevin Fitzgerald Rande Finkley Cindy Flanagan Earnstine Finley Kathleen Flanagan David Fleck Jeffrey Fleitz Melvin Fleming Patricia Fleming TRIUMPHED I HAWAII .. if' is at if -f 5 Roz' g w 5 5 1 .1' nog QQ Qi! if Robert Floyd Aaron Fly Barry Forbus janet Ford Hope Foster Elizabeth Freidhof Dorothy Gallagher Theresa Fountain Ralph Freund Mary Gallagher Cary Foy Felicia Friedman Robert Gallagher Wayne Fraser Gloria Friedman Tina Callerani Seniors TCM GQRDON W THE 536' 94 Seniors Roberta Garcia April Garland Laura Garlick Joann Garrnon Maria Galvez Cindy Garrett Lesley Gaunt Renee Gelman is-'M Mary Giambelluca Gary Gibson Cynthia Ginsberg George Glasper l. - wuz .ffm . .QA -uv' Thomas Glasper Cheryl Goff Darcy Gogert lvlarcly Goldberg , iiz- li, gp Nasa MCDST LI 9 GUISTIC AWARD f' "'m:rX A 1 "KT, X , ff 37 A 63 'N Q: by A , . no , 1, , K, .- I-yy-if I bxvaewfg 4 . A A, hi, Randy Goldfarlb Vernon Gray Cheryl Grasham Susan Hager Thomas Gordon Dana Green Ieff Grossan Shirley Haley Kathleen Gordy Sharon Greene Andrea Grover Gary Hall jeff Gottfredson Tanya Gregory Michel Gutknefht Margaret Hall Seniors 95 96 Seniors THE IUKE BGX MADE THE .gi .ss tix Z EE yy ' Q ' f S EEEE if 5 f 'K 'S -as-"' ,n ti gl Ni A 5' MWXQ' x :bis :Nz 'K o 1 s kgs, gs' ' KNNM s u sh 'x ' Q i s Hsu ,. A .mls a, ,A Timothy Hall loan Hammett Leland Hammond john Harden I Q S 'Os 4Y""'o -44 si 5 v ,gr Q - fl: 5 S ls t. 2 X N .tt ,rg , 3 ' R X 'Q 15, S: S tagyvk S. s ri jk Q fr X. E r egffizarw Rebecca Hardy Claudia Harker Suzy Harkins Michelle Harringtin xv 4 yn. 'M 'Pb 5 f 5 f f ,f . xo ifl 9 ,lf Anne Harris William Harris Debra Harrison Pamela Harris-on '14, F t Q A e 3 K. if t x - 'Hi . W, Laurence Hartman Susan Hartwell Harvey Habbard Kim Hatfield SCENE I THE CAPETERIA U 9 ff Q l Linda Hayes Ellen Hays Lorna Heaton Daniel Henderson Michelle Herbertli Debra Hess Marta Higgins Cheryl Hillard Russell Hills Patricia Holly Melanie Hopkinson Colleen Hoskinson Ross Huebner Kari Huggins Jeanne Hunter William Hunter Seniors 97 98 Seniors WE WERE BACK K .. X sa XJ 5 Y 1 is .. X f , ., ...111': - Tf,:2:5?fi'?w .. ill! K J w Douglas Huntsman Diane Hutchins Sherrie Hutchinson Laurie Hyatt ' ff" fm 1 21 F uni' it is u Maria Iniguez Victor Iniguez Bonny Inman Daniel lsaclcett Loring Jacobs Jerome Jackson Tanza Jackson Matthew Jacobson it Virginia Jaeger Lauretta Jarrett Cheryl Jasper Richard Jennings x T0 SINGLE SESSIGNS 0' ., 4, ,, .ir , - Anita johnson La Juana johns Phillis Johnson Steve Johnson on James Iolley Cheryl jones Sheila jones Pamela Jordon ri v 1 , Q , ,v Q. lf, l xv :Mg , A Kyna Iorgeson Toni Iory Iavier Ioya David Iuliano 52 f 5 .5 NA Q. x Debra Kanaley Karen Karnes Nikki Karres james Kasen Seniors 99 i X PATTI MCDORE BEAT Q i saw-wi 100 Seniors 'Er s Ann Katz Andre Kennedy Donald Kaye Arnal Kennedy Edward Keleman Michael Kent Karen Kelly Manda Kerr Sally Kessler Marget Kielhorn Nyu nola Kim Ian Kimball ,QQ Darlene Kingsbury Mary Kirby Bruce Kirsch Lori Kizzia 1' P r ' f , If , ff '52 f 7 i ?2 ' ri' ' Z1 , 1 if i i few fav ,.-"" HTQYEE. BILL LEBARO BQ! Vince Knight Mark Knorzer james Kukurin Kathy Kulas 'L , , f ,114 1 Linda Kushnir Dorothy Langley Cheryl Lappin Toma Larkin Andrew Laub Kristen Laue Arthur Lavery Patricia Lawrence ff Terry Lawson joni Leamaster William LeBaron Iaynellen Lee Seniors 101 102. Seniors ""S x if N Q'-'rr' 3 s 'Ffh' XR IESSIE LEI-IMA WAS L 7 ' 1 2' K- , '!!""1" gt..-PV .ra wh- Sally Lefebure jessica Lehman Muriel Lehman joseph Leporc Wendy Levine Danny Lewis Karolce Lisuc Dianne Lochner Kevin Loper Debra Lowrence Mark Lucas Norman Lundwall Thomas Lynch Cynthia Lynn Honey MacA1ledier Stephen M acCabe OUR CLASS PRESIDE T x Kim MacQuarrie Kevin Magowan Laura Maguire Deborah Malvin iff, Frankie Marchese Mary Marcus Steven Marina john Mark 'WASP' 0 0 I li if 50? gi in no if s i lx if X N M if 4, S ii -J' A S A a S in U' ..-' . Y f I f ' - ff . .: ,- It K kk.i 'L S f Todd Marshall Nancy Mateik Deborah Martin Maria Martin Irene Maslow Anna Matvay Stewart McClure Mark McDonald I Seniors 103 104 Seniors J CH EMBRY KEPT I-HS TITLE lb We Sharon McDonald Erin McGinity Loretta Mcflinity Debra McGrath 'v 3 Yxk Dana McKinstry Robert McKnight Georgia McLemore Adrienne McNeal Diana McNerney Alan McWilliams Kim Mendorff Lourdes Menses 5:34-4 ' L .4 Sq- 422:-,-:sg I s n I up - Z5-5:7:-15: 2 '5-'S'-1'-12-213, 3. 5. Lisa Meredith Brenda Mesker Catherine Miller Glenn Miller AS CHAMPICD PIE EATER '33 , .. E,F,,5:ss.,,i K x 'fb--wr Ken Miller Patty Mills Patricia Minter Susan Mitchell V, V ,,, Rolando Montecerin Marilyn Montella Dana Mooney Patrice Moore 23? Kai' Mikel Morrison Cindy Mortenson Robin Moyer Debra Murray C" X M to Stephanie Muscarella Sharon Musso Joseph Mutzhaus Edward Myers Seniors 105 106 Seniors AARON NINO GAVE UP O THE FIRST f .,:, .Ly , f, 52 E W I KE? iflff 1. 'I z ff H L , 5 4? 3 E lx in . , 5 gg of 3 19 I 9 if 1 X W' ll f-1i' Iiflf 'P 'X 9 . ' ' 4. ,. ,, iM wx , i M3 i E If 4 1 my 4 D V M ,,.., , I , I W QQ, '7 ' Vlli x if .V f A,,. if ,. A Z I V - Q , i'-rg H f , J -' ., f if Chris Myriclc Michele Nichols Anna Norris Kenneth Osborne Donnie Nabit Susan Nichols Penny Norton Brad Osgood Donald Newman Sheri Nickell Katherine OBrien Russell Ostermeyer Jana Newman Aaron Nino Joanne Orlando Deborah Pacatte NN UNCEMENTS AETER THE DAY . .,,. - ..,. in -:.,.' iii it Q S A333 K 3' X ' it l A tL,L f'-. f Melody Pack Anne Page Kim Palmer Patricia Papes Sandra Pare Michael Patchet Edward Perusse Lynne Parker Scott Payton Michele Peters Robert Pards Edith Perez Deborah Petersen Paul Parr Michael Perez Robert Peterson Seniors 107 IRGII. VIKING APPEARED I MORE 108 Seniors Suzanne Perry Deborah Petito Stephen Petito janet Pettey ,pw I Iera Pettit Richard Phillips Susan Phillips Pamela Phinney 6. M K' Kevin Picardo Diane Polson Steven Pingpank Janice Portor Vicki Pinnerelli Dwana Posey Chris Plummer Steven Pranger PICTURES THA DON NEWMA .R .Li - it Nga. .,r.eeS szgfme . ..1. 1 .'e3et-- Q fy 'gps .1 I i me . X? .agen -. 95 V' If safe? f i ' are JE! tn! iw' ea 2, e eggs Thomas Pronske Robin Prather johnny Prentiss Michael Propster Nanci Pulver Bertha Quesada Heather Ramey Maria Ramirez vt: 5 I X r Scot Rammer Jack Rappaport Shannon Rasler Kenneth Ratigan Rosemary Raymond Kaye Reber Paul Reese Alan Reizner Seniors 109 110 Seniors 1 xr 'S 55. if 1 k X is A we Q SENIGR COVER ME T Q 'HZY7 gr dw: gan..--y Daniel Resnick Walfredo Reyes Cynthia Ricci Trina Ricci Jeri Richardson Donold Riethrnayer Michael Riley Rhonda Roban S' Bradley Roberts Nancy Roberts Carolyn Robison Ioseph Rodale ,ii .-.1feNz,.. sph, .. . ,wi N Darlene Rogers Craig Roles Cindy Rose jim Rosenberger GCT THEIR QW OFFICE. .. fig Michelle Rosenberry Elizabeth Ross Ira Ross Kim Roylance Janet Ru nclall Pamela Ruby Daniel Sacket Mary Salerno ,,,.f-- x"s 3 will ,gi-. aa fun -if Eileen Samuelsen Brenda Sanford Mark Scheppman Eric Schlacks Diane Schmid Robin Schone Jeffery Schreck Stephanie Schreindorler 111 Seniors 112 Seniors DANNY SHEARIN STUCK A x1 A R' .0 I , 1 9 . , X xl ,.,.' S S r f- S -L . m y ea - Q! 'S Q xx 3 ." it . .I 1 K f 4 4, fa as 1 'N i William Schulman Ruskin Schultz jason Schwartz Marlene Schwartzer Richard Scott Michael Sealey Sandra Seamans Michael Segota are . ff X QL--r Susan Seible Michael Severance Claudia Senatore Charles Sexton john Setterstrum Shell Sherman Ioy Settlemoir Brian Shest fi? PEA UT I HIS EAR .. ff?-6 Q 'sk paws. at . KA, f. .fix Q-, .. 4 i V: lt I ll' ' Mary Sidoti Sheryl Selqrest Elliott Sijacic C-ary Wilbur .36 Q . WSJ M Y 125' Mary Silvestri Kenny Small jack Smith Barbara Simmons Blake Smith Jeanne Smith Dennee Slife Dan Smith Rex Smith Marsha Sloan David Smith Robert Smith Seniors 113 1 14 Seniors JEFF GGTTFREDSO 82 GEGRGE STALLS , .Vi e I ' i f 1. W L,,L: if is -mek 342' e mfr' ' ft 65 Sharon Smith Ted Smith Mark Snyder lames Sorensen mzifixsi. -QD 5 3 if a J r Leslie Soroch Paulette Stanga Teri Stewart Allen Sparks Beth Stegemon George Stillinge- Cathy Spalding David Steinberg Deborah Stone Gay Spear lody Stevenson Terry Stowers STILLINGS PAI TED THE COUSTIN5 t .Qi-w. 3 4? E Y D .V :L 1 .. ,iris Q - K :Ng ifgi Danna Strango David Strobclt Donald Stuclwy james Sullivan Leon Swager Judy Swartz jillSwe.1ringen Mildred Sweesy 'RSP' DX David Szmagalski Carolyn Szyman Grant Taylor Randy Taylor 'iggiis . 1 gi :Ds . ' 2 Q My . ..,. .. if an 5 5 Tonda Tetter Valery Temple , Quintina Tcodoro Joyce Tlieisen Seniors 115 1 lo Svniors SENIQR HEADS WERE . QE s ml Ag K l - yn ' E' .5 lt E "-7? , J In S T '33 '," S :raw 1 E a . 'Q " 1 Mark Thomas Adrienne Thompson Arthur Thompson Robert Thompson Q F F1 Gregory Thulin Sherry Tihhs Anthony Tischler lay Tolson William Trapp Jeanne Trobiani Scott Tuchman Dorothy Turner T A N .,:k, . zi' rlir Maxine Turner Cynthia Ulrey Dianne Urbano Barbara Utterback 'N AC-AI USE ,ff ,k,, 2 '. xjq Sf? c -.:ca- Ellen elif. it Q ,P 1' JW. I Rhonda Uzelack Cary Vallen Michael Van Tuyl Suzanne Vanderlinden 3 Lawrence Vanvlack Charles Vick Carol Vireday jerry Vohs 'X ,wg 4 51 i ii :VV I 71 L 1 ,I ' TQ . Ii' Si Sandra Walker Deborah Wallin Carolyn Wallace Virginia Waroe Peggy Wallace Michelle lNarringtun Beth Waller Diane Watson Senior5 117 118 Seniors TERRY YB RRA RAN WX E W.. 32253 it' -sa Eg 1 'QPQWIU' Vivian Wattree Judy Weiland Jefferey Welch John White Gordon Weakland Arnold Weinstock Suzanne Welling Michael White Tina Webb Scott Weistreich Edwin Wheeler Elizabeth Whitefield Wayne Webb jana Welch Sharon Wheeler janet Whittenburg HIS WAY TI-IRCDUGH VALLEY - """'3? 5 1 A fffe li Sgt? - fsi3:2f.2?Q .epifsi-i - 5, , ses -5--'ir Michael Whittington Mary Wicker Diana Wickman Brett Wilcox john Wilcox Clarence Williams Shelia Williams Stanley Williams 3- . . . . K P f . ., f, , f FS. Jia I L' yi Ig: K, .,g . qw 4' Karen Willis Andi Wilson Vanessa Wilson Karen Wolf 1 l A Deborah Woloson Russell Wood june Woodard Mary Woods All Seniors 119 120 Seniors .DANCING WAS BACK Barbara Wrobel Pam Yates YN 1 1 Qszy:f,,Lg Terry Ybarra Debra Zischke Tara Zale Marion Zorn Valley's own Raggedy Anne and Andy. Aren't you glad you use Dial? ll ll SENICJRS IN ACTIGN 1 S 1 1 1974 JR. PROM QUEEN i .,,. CQNNIE VERCHICK ATTE DA TS Marilyn Fields Kathy Green Shelley Gould ..-x K' Cindy Ordonez juniors 123 l 124 juniors JR. CLASS CABI ET The junior Class got off to a good start this year. They won the award for the best decorated bug in the bug races. They also did a very good job on decorating the stadium for our Home- coming game. The Junior Class had a very successful candy sale and made quite a bit of money for the junior Prom and their upcoming senior trip. They also sold Viking patches and football shirts. Tracy Kelly Kathy Green Kim DiVicino Scott Staub Robert OfDonnell Jeannie Albaugh Ellen Merkin Renalee Shnairson Cathy Martin Chris Peterson Amy Weinstein Kathryn Butler Sharon Wood JU ICR CLASS GFPICERS Il 'V' - fi . wi uw' L A. --Ill' ' ,xQf f1"5f5'Igf up . ws' if-Q sg 'TIM A515 .g b 'fx ,, ,. , N . ,fs 3 f 5 x x L. 1'1- Q. x?, 9 4-'ff' X 'TSX' x as ,V 'j:3.Qsi!1'Sjf,,g iff M ffifT '5if 'S 'Q' Q f r , 1 - , Zi, A 5, Q. si gf 'f'2'ffM " .. Q :Q r -0-'D r' "r "5 1' 5:Qf3:r?gi4f4",.'f"'l..: A Q ' L. Q- ,w ff K - k - ' JM Q r Q , A " r f 1 5' 1 5 ,M 5 Q 1 K in sm wav i K K if 7' "3v - - is '-Lvifk Z2h..Q.QN-'H ,Q 4- Wfffif' wr. ff SEATED is Cathy Martin, treasurer. STANDING L TO R are Ellen Merkin, secretaryg Robert O'Donnell, presidentp and Cindi Satter- field, vice-president. Juniors 125 wg-wr Susan Albright Lorraine Alderman Julie Allen Kathy Agee Larry Alson Ieanne Albauh Bridget Alston A Y la-ff X N ' 'it A ry , , x N-"om w, ft. 1 X195 .52 ,My Q "'-tw Q ' EE t X , Em Mitchell Altman Marjean Anderson Teresa Alvarez Chris Andreoli Debbie Ambler Susan Anclrich Smile ff!! 1 Kathy Anthis Toni Antuna Albert Archie if af Janice Arcotta John Arfuso Nanda Armstrong 41159 5 1 ' LL wx K,.. ,, .. . K D, Q r, l: m Y7' e -r -r . Q' . K Q ti 1 gmac- Valli Attaya Beverli Baker Cindy Baldasware K4 we-f ' jon Ashford Mary Aron John Barger Leslie Barker Liz Barrasso VN'- .ps Renee Baldwin jae Bang Dian.: Barth Jodi Bi-.rn ' -fp, 1 "' 40 K I in Q -6' "' 452, Y V L ? Y f , .1 F S N Q. Tom Beauregard janet Boll Maureen Bell 2 X 15 Sandy Bennett CherriBeren1 Steve Berman W Bruddahf juniors 127 Keith Berry Herve Bezard .. ' ieii f, 5 k ik eee X X P rf in iuue B x I Sharon Bogdanoff john Bokelmann Torsha Bousley Steve Bowman Freddie Blackwell Rick Blankenship Heather Bledsoe 128 juniors "nw A, x i iv' gfr- '-I-s William Bokelmann T6-mmie Bradley Mara Bglin Susan Brandise Peter Bolduc Brass af' ,,,. The Manhandler , . . x we "RTV Eric Breitenbach Greg Bryan Cathy Buchanan Maryann Burger Gerard Burkin Karen Busacca . wil? ""' ,,' ,, K" , i w f l David Butler Kathryn Butler my john Cabanas Ronette Cajlca David Calkins X '67 nv Scott Campbell Cindy Campbell Hem worship- L ' i k cw... 3 5 V 4' 4450. Michelle Campbell john Carson Terri Carter Lanette Chaviers Oscar Canon Frank Carsone Tom Carter Jackie Chiles h IettCaple Cancace Carteen Tina Chandler KiC 0 ., arg, Q juniors 129 130 juniors - ri A ,as x ,X Q sap 1 N R y Q - Rig Ya x ag ,C ---, E 1 , s , . V 1 fa, Yung Cho Bobby Cleveland Matt Coombs Stephen Christos Leslie Cochrane Ruby Cooper Ben Claramunt Greg Conrad Cindy Corbin ,f Whatever it is, it ain't soul. S55 ,, .e'-- . I 4. a 4 1 X. ae 19-f" Margaret Cordani Ken Cornell Diana Cortez iii eaairfgay jay Cotlen Rod Cradit WW? f x W? ,.,. Tony Crotty Sandra Csia Vicki Curry Melvyn Culverson Carolyn Custer y P K X Q f-:ffm nv-4" is pa, f-v YY' 5 'SQQ iw Sharon Distler Kim Divincino jesse Dixon Marie Damore Debe Darco Mary Detavis Debbie Devine Patty Dark Mary Devito ,i X R K. D WM N 4 V4 'F ui 5 'sv 4 Q fs' iI:iili locelyn DenDooven Debi Dieleman lane Douthett 4K'1V 1 Wu' tw? Vicky Elkington Debbie Elliott Eric Elizonclo MM Pam Emery Mary Endres Dana Engel jaclc Deremer Mary Diggins Barbara Eisenberg Bali! Humbug! juniors 131 132 juniors I' v S r'KTT'F'7 li Y , 114 , F, james Epling Arnie Estopian Connie Ferguson Andrew Eskin Chris Evans Leah Esposito Kirsten Fechter Scott Ferguson Susan Fernandez K X. Q t as ,E li, Q, 7 i w F' '- E it iy frmm, lair .nf- t Carla Ford Frances Ford Eve Foster Marilyn Fields Tom Fisher Linda Fitzgerald P V .. 7 'NN' --.. ., .aw 2-, S.,-K 4 .1 ,,- A , . , f ' '- - -, S. . .L ,A 5 ii FX Q .F I s ii ' "What do you mean, Florida isnt in the United States?" Steve Flcitz Cindy Fowler Mark Fletcher Patricia Freeman - A Q .k.. K iw x qv---o ,bi -.1 Bill Furst Alan Gaddy Gl1erylGalamos Linda Frees Howard Freiberg Ben Fulcutama We interrupt this program to bring you a special news bulletin. ai, if - Aimee Galarneau Paul Geiger Mike Gibson Olema Galceran Lisa Gelinas Charleen Gilbride Marilyn Gallon Robert German jim Gillen ,A i N iggggvxgs 'CT57 Teresa Garner Carol Gliio Clyde Givens David Gaylord Maudine Gibson Gregory Gluck juniors 133 X ...T , iff' hut., Mother never told me about Ultra Brite. ' - - ,.. , U 'z ' ,Lf l i ,V,, A y G we - 'fr fl' , V' lf, 4.5 X Q,- ,2 xx 4 nl K , Nina' ii ix Toni Godfrey Rosemary Gomez Scott Gonzalez 134 juniors at 'Q' ,,,,,, x 4 , Shelley Gould Ken Gowans Rochelle Greene af Kathy Green Bill Greiner Sandra Guerguy Albert Guida Beatriz Gurierrez Cheri Hanna Cathy Hall P V : ,,,.1, , .,,V , sy a ,L , X 5 jf, VW " 1' , , yla A ,V ,, Heidi Hallenbeck Kathy Hamilton Ed Hanigan Gary Hanson Douglas Hardy fi ,V .f. W , 'Aff ,1- , 1139, .ii a I, 5, Tuli Haromy Ceceila Harper Donna Harris :av--0 Terry Harris Steven Hartman ' w i, 1 Theresa Hartmann Susan Hartwell Charla Hatch liitfif Sl tl rs .Qjt as :ts Q Tammy Holt Dawn Holterman Fabio Hernandez Duane Hes ner Deni Hatfield Katie Hausner gs t 'Q s N' -- X Carole Hunt Per Hunt i Y .L K I .... V B iiis L1 . X 74 iii- Nav gf- Q Evfef U ' ':, Janet Henke Tina Hicks Robert Honeycutt Brenda Henson Phyllis Hilsabeck Robin Hornreich Robert Herbert Dave Hohl Kathy Hughes .ml Robyn Hurst Scott lngerman Steve Irwin Juniors 135 136 Juniors .5 x... 4, fkSi.ilffsr 'SKINFQTP : :Z-ales. , N AQ: J .Q it .sf V ji . it Y Peggy Jack WandaJackson Jackie Jacquemoud Gloria Jackson Mike Jacobs Mitch Jaeger Joe jackson Terri Jacobs Don Jarrett "We are your cheerleaders." e s K N3 '42 Vx il 5 Michael Jackson Jodie Jacobson Prank Jenkins Nancy Johnson Colonial Joiner Patricia Jackson Kirk Jacobson Daidra Johnson Tammy Johnson Deborah Jolley J xi '48 X F P. we Q Q , W.- H5 UW' fr 5 s 41 . x N ' ' - f an 'caan' A .::'- .n-,QE -.., 40. 5 0' eu Q", - Uno, 'Q G". '! H. . .3 n N, l Q 1,9 i ai " 9 1 ' N 0 'K ' . wgfg. . . 5. J, Qi., Ii er-Q' "' 1 i,o:n.aa.o..' K . . I . K V Beverly Iones Steve jones Tracey Kelley Charlean Iones Iulius Kazen Erny Khal H A , , , Karen Iones Susie Keelger Steve Killian All my life live had this terrible cloud of Clandruff over my head. e K ...LJ ' . - I V fbi' . ij I I -new Kerry jones M ilce Iones ilk-vi W. .- Kevin Kelley Pam Kelley Tony Kimmons Lindy King , 3. W 5 X .-1: 1 r, ii 9 L , ' cg i 1, 3 Mark Klein Dave Kline Chuck Knight Robin Koenig 138 juniors f 1 A 50' ' 1 fair. K N' x Kim Krause Terri Lamp Diana Lanham Vinitta Lawhorn Ann Levinson Michael Krein jeff Lams Geraldine Larva Monica Lehman Lee Levy N x 4 'ke '-c"k ' "f, K ,ki ,ii , e e Dana Kunkel Brad Lackey Scott Lacey Robin Land Cheryl Lattimore Doni Landes Bernita Lattin Mary Langford Alice Lavely 5 eeaaaaeiea L Wk Q1 'iirsif' 3 , i Howard Leidner Stacey Leonard Scott Leslie Debra Lewis Andrea Liebi janet Lindeman Karen Lindsey Willie Linnien 1 I Livio Lipetti Lance Littlechief Xavier Lividini Sandy Lofstrom John Logan Morag Logan Maria Lozano Rick Lucchesi Grant Luetkehans Rick Lu jan fiza .1:f'.f x i . s Ig L sa s .eiiwgiis mica "'l2T'7' 1 8 X aj X f -ir as Ike Lu nde jean Luno Charles Lynch 'x ar. .,x David Malvin Michael Malzone Kim MacDonald Jesse Macia ik " f f 53.5 K 1. fi LuAnn Magdos Antonia Maria Marie Magliarditi Darlene Marshall Kelly Magowan Mike Martinez is Iuniors 139 Catherine Martin Melanie Martin Zeric Martinez 15? Felicia Massoni Nestor Mattiello I 40 juniors David Maturino Scott McCandless Cathy McCowan J '23 l if Ki Don McCue Dave McKinley l X ft ,Jr . : ' L., , A S Janice McNeal Stan Meek Yolanda Medina Q w HM: f - . 3 , i.f X . H ,. A ' . ' .- 1 , ,Z te. Sam Melchionne Sam Melltxn aw was W vm Wx ku EYE? N 5 Pucker Power. 3? S.. Kathy Mendez Bob Meyers Ellen Merkin Debi Michaud iii? at ' t, I ...P N-nf Karen Miller Dana Millikan I V 3 Debra Mitchell Karen Mobbs 'q,,.N' .ff X, . fi I I Q-H' X i 1 v ' Rodney Molyneax Kerry Monroe L 'Y' Dana Millikan Alan Molasky CarolMoon , . Mgt E pgahfa, Qlgfi-+2 O1 e1Q1Igfh-l32ff.'f V ' 5 ie , fl 4 A M in LY ' 6 , f.., A. . yy., , E? :las L r Elm' M' .4-If if .1 h ,Lv ' 'Kr, ,Son yhb f' M K R 3' Y A A Diane Moore john Morrison David Moore Theodore Morris Michael Moore Susan Mueller Sharon Moore Follow the yellow brick road. Robert Mmgan QW 114' fl V if IN .. ,Sul Kathy Mullain Patrick Murphy juniors 141 GLW ark? X fi J: k i Gus Nunez Charlynn Nyland Bridget O'Brien Sue Naylor Susan Newbry Ed Newman n-V., 7. n-' t aa - , V ' "' Wii' I , .A eg, KH.. A Qffgffw' I f "'I'i' V 1 1, . Q is .h R . N , M 1,1 I1 W A QQ-Qfzlf-ifl., ' X I Q' ! I Carey Noorda jeff Odessky Lori North Robert O'DonneII 142 Iuniors tv. Roger Okin Kathy O'Quinn Cynthia Ordonez 'kr Roxane Ortega Sharon Osteen Q? Q 1. X -.D 1 i 7f?"1Q: q iqv 3 it N "I think I can, I think I can ,. -upper' 'TAP' Ray Paglia Sandy Palrnieri jeff Palmer Shauna Parkinson ix A i ,, f -- m,,.:,i.,.,,kg15 f, ..k, K i. 4 .MQ 5 f' if eaeei D qs.-f' fr ,. S Nfh Rod Pearcy Kathy Peckham Mark Pedigo "I cant believe it's .1 girdlellw Q4 ,ee B. I ' 5 2 'IIB' Monte Parks Benny Partridge Cathy Pello Robin Parsons Amber Pash Michael Pennington nnkn Q f 5233 . ' 5 if , Wi A A X. Susan Petersen Mike Perkins Chris Peterson Kip Picard Diane Peterson jainy Pickard Tammy Petito Douglas Pike Riva Petruzxi Debbie Pino juniore I-13 144 juniors Sz ' K F l 'K 6 x .U 4 1 . we 6 1 .. i if 5 . . ., "I iw S Wiz i it f Randi Pollak Paul Potenza Carol Potter Craig Primas QM, K..1 , ., 5114-f Ls. W Hi1a?s22H2'M" gf. Clark Prohasky Robert Raley Lisa Reinhart Wayne Prunty Ginger Rambo Lonnie Richardson I1 ,W SS K'-7 -fn y , X ' i E A 4. 4 Mike Quiniin Harold Rapp Diana Ragan Harry Ray "Stand up, yeah, and get it right .. . Craig Raines Patty Reggrone 1 Maria Rivera Ralph Rizzolo Alfredo Rodriquez Daniel Rogers Melanie Rockwell Paula Rockwell Frank Rosasfhl Well, it looks like vour team has the boogie-woogie blues. eeee on Q- f W INRoberts Kevin Robertson Crystal Rockwell NY 3 N Vg A I 1 3 3 of P' il as ,X l xl J Iggy Rgfh Ron Sailgn Pl-Om Sal'nO Cindy Scallion Diane Ruxx Barbara Saligbufy Cindi Satterfield RlCZifdO SCAYYOIIQ Chuqlq Rugh Teena Sarlqiggian Linda SAUCCJA Kathy 5ClTdfl:l1QI' juniors 145 ffl K 2 X r 11. , I VX. S john Schible Guy Schiessl 146 juniors Stacy Schiller Lee Schmaydebeck Renalee Schnairso 11:7 fl is . V Gerald Shotik Pat Schreiber Q X W""1' Jeanne Schulman Laurie Scollin Brett Sears gr ,lrl . 5 Elizabeth Senfft Patricia Seybold ! 2 5. Robert Shandle Roger Sharpe Mike Shaugnessy L 9' "Look out, Aaron, here I c ome." Vance Shelton Rudy Sideri Randy Shue Mindy Sileo Susie Siddall Sherri Sills Anthony Simpson CHEN Smith Ron Singer ...Q Mary Skorupa Stephen Smith Ellie Slider Steven Smith Dwayne Smith Gerald Snowclen Paula Soper R3ndY 5Pafl45 "Yes, we sell cleodorantf' w. . .sk X Terri Spilotro Jett Sproul Cary Stagliano Carlene Star Cary Staines ScottSt.1ub Wendy Stein Michael Stevens Charlotte Stone juniors 147 'N-"" 35' 148 Juniors .E 3 3 i 4q-.vw Iannette Sumner Cathie Tatton William Szyman Timothy Tavani "Hi! I'm your Talking Suzie Doll!" Ken Tal-'Of Barbara Taylor Christina Stormson Steve Thacke Eva Thomas Kathy Thomas Vincent Struthers Dennis Tanner Rosemarie Taylor Bill Thompson Karen Strobeck Mark Sturdivant Regan Tassone Rennie Tegano Dan Thompson :Iss fi You may not believe this, but my name is Granny Goose. Nancy Thompson Mary Thrower Randall Thornton Dana Toole Cathy Thorpe Cheryl Trobiani ,QQQKF Q09 ' ae, 5 .Q s if li ff ' ' T fr X ' fer ,I I .A Y Joyce Turano Susanne Vettiger Jeffrey Turner Cheri Vick Denise Hatfield James Vos Laura Vandendries Susan Vanhooser Q53 james Walker Leslie Walker , .5 Mark Wallaker Patrick Ward Edward Warren Michele Warren Mark Warrington Juniors 149 sf.x,,s: -ef 5 ...All Jacqueline Webb Herman Weinert Olivia Washington Cynthia Watson 1 - ,,. X.., K My " -' Alstfs., K 2 150 Iuniors Robin Wearley Amy Weinstein Cindie Webb Michele Weissman Debra Webb Nancy Wells t get iy ee .. sl? Ni X it 'Xt Nancy White Terryl Wilburn Doug Whitney Alex Williams Connie Wenzel Anita Wesson in Ierry West Kathy Wheeler Floyd White Insert end A into slot B. . , Charles Williams julie Woodhall Marcia Wolff Darnell You ng is E gb , Vin . Tig' 5 , V 1 . f-', :Jig ufsluga, , ,, Joel Wood Dione Zale Sharon Wood Joseph Zaccone Leslie Wood Laura Zavalney Pepsi's got a lot to live, but I've got a lot to give!! Don't look now, but that girl is walking by again. . . juniors 151 Sophomore Officers is Eff. 1. 5 N mes A Q" 4 .Mk A . f .. .. .f.. L TO R: Randy David, president, Leslie Jacobs, vice-president, Kathy Ross, secretary, Patty Ras- IDUSSEH, UBBSU l'Cl'. 152 Sophomores Our goal as sophomores was to make the graduating class of 1976 the best and most active in all of Valley's history. We would like our class to have the true ,spirit of 76. To reach this goal, we tried to raise as much money as possible in our soph- omore year to make our senior year well worth remembering. SOPH. CABINET. . . 1. James Patrick 2. Lori Behling 3. Andrea Smith 4. Devon Simpson 5. Silvia Abbate 6. Tina Bogue 7. Beverly Forrester 8. Cheryl Gertler 9. Shannon Connor 10. Robyn McQueen 11. Braxton Pacatte 12. Jerry Maccioli 13. Cherie Vespignani 14. Claudia Calewart 15. Becky Boren 16. Stephanie Brown 17. Debbie Shepard 18. Amanda Smith 19. Beth Georges M Sl ,1 nl and Cabinet i l S Let me make one thing perfectly clear. . . it .eff W I " W l by .- if ' ' A ' AJ Silvia Abbate Laura Alikpala Mike Allen Robin Aikin Denise Allen Sherrie Allen Sherri Ainsworth Gran! Allen Ioyce Alston fe"'i Pedro Alvarez Chris Anderson john Anderson 1. il 'V' va A 45 , Tom Artale Diane Baldassaro Adrienne Ashton Tracy Balm Debbie Austin Lisa Bargiel jamey Bailey Joseph Barker or Heymi Baker lrma Barlow Heyson Baker Larry Barnum Sam Bakke Veronica Barnum is Mark Barris Marty Basch Lory Behling Kathy Bell L 5:1 Keith Bell Lionel Bell Steve Bennett X 2 Sherree Berdette Shelley Berdine Lavista Berry Marty Berry " tp , , -P- ' Q "'.,' I , 0 ' ,vu .' ' ' jmvem 4 1 H p ,4- ., X 2- N arf, J :r a l V David Bezard Sherie Blackwell Nadley Blair Sophomores 153 4 I , -,gg-,g,ya,,ww.w,, H A Writ Z ,-Z.. awry J, v . F.. n N W1 'a .s 33' ' W ,l j Carolyn Blalark Tina Bogus Iam' Boldut Sharon Bolvv 154 Sophomores Has anyone seen my enthusiasm? o wx b A A Iyil , ,.. A W i , X1 ' , i X K A+' 1 , k A f fm - 1 Y 2' 5 ' i lb 1" - ll , ' 'A' 4 Q. sf V 1 Mx' Q2 ., ff-: gig 4 ., Mark Bolivar Betkv Buren Tony Boswell Ncllo Bottari -fr ,ri J r ' Ceorgc Bowling Korry Brridlcx' Anita Bradslraw Lvc Bram li r Diana Brandise Te-rusa Bramlrse ,lav Brin in Lev Breitenlvar h Annettvt hen Bridge Anthonv Breadnnx Rink Brodcen jus-,ie Brooks ,RHF 3' K ,-,rg . 7, X .f 3 nt. hir . ,ai'f.r,fib,Q, as v Iessie Brooks Huey Brown ,...' Karen Bunn Eddie Burton Kay Brown Dalorie Bush f X - rff V ' 'nsf . , Sr Q, 1 2 ' K . 13 "' I 1 'A I Q K l - xv r ax 1 + SQFQY-1. - -5 - , b . A 9 8 v T , L 1 l uh' A .SA I f I h r R L 'R XX H... Q , s..,- '- if .i K 4 ,K K rr Q .rr , A I , .M A A ff X, I ,hqh 1 I . ' Ex of sm f X , :gg fi' r 'S 1 xii-,, , K X Q, -I f,, . r L r - -A 51' 3 Mona Brown Diane Butner Stephanie Brown Nori Butte-rows lim Budd Don Buttle Karen Bunn Carlos Cabrera X55 -ri. init gr , ,rg Pete Catcamo Claudia Callefwmsry Mike Ctipovilla rrn r .qf 'T lt. 9 'ii r , f.. Q af. A 'Nw David Carberry Robert Carhone Dawn Carr Andrva Cartwright ...xi l Josephine Castro Mike Cellini Connie Chaney , ii ,. 1 wt, 'ff sew S Rx R R 'Li' W 1 5 1 X VX! Calvin Chituras Sylvia Christopher Mory Clark Richard Clark s. - --.lx i Y 4 ff 5 . UQ A . , , ei uf? 9 2' .Ile- - Alisa Cobb Don Cole john Coleman w A 'X Q' R gf 1 i ! Dennis Connolly Shannon Connor Richard Coomes Q .,z , 5 .- 2 1 C Q tv wr. - . .- 1 f. .g - Q ' ' I . Q X x 1-. ., if . X . 'X . K fi .,. 1 , RM Joyce Coleman Monique Coles Iohn Collopy Terri Congdon Ronnie Coomes Don Coots Bob Couse Casey Cox 9" ,'1' "And you thin ,f , V-. Toni Cox Kathy Craig joel Cramer Tom Crandel k Dr. Pepper's misunderstood?" C 2 -' , ee- ra x v. ,f X af iliaxh s x'e, 'Ei Q. .W ix, 5 ' ii3'1i11i.?5fsff' S J: 9: C .,e1 i , l We ' Q i 4 fix aaie ' R ll' he 1 K5 We L ' ffl 4 Q L gyfciyl' A E lv Greg Crawford Dave Crockett Sarah Crockrorn Iim Crusen Mann Cummings Melody Daffner Sandy Darco Brady Davies gf- Ig 4:33- v... XM .. is ,ee,. Mm L'-uf if tif ww: is gi o I K V W F 'laz ,, sg . Randy David Sandra Davis Doris Davis .leff Dean Laura Davis Carson Decker Melody Dawg Leslie Dendooven Sophomores 155 ini, V: 'l ., l - 1: R v 3: :gi 'wr :L1227c,5f' x 'S Connie Denefn David DiMartino Chris DePasquale Vikki DiVicino . -. is k.,. , i 2, I t V .As X E' , f ,, Y sk U .. f iw? Juv S Q 5 . 4.,-., J . Rick DePaulis Al Dessauer Maggie DeFiore Shawn Donovan james Dowling janet Drake ,..1,, r D. i Q A4 E vi U S fftw S 1 2 Vince DiFilippo Don Demartini 156 Sophomores Nancy Drone! Diane Duckworth A Z . -'ii f h x 4' if X X Terri Duffy Randy Duke X eg: . 3 1' 1 1. ,. 1,973 . 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Q fl , 1 l Yolanda Gentile Beth Georges Cheryl Gertler Bill Gillen 1i I n I an ' x Grace Gilpin Levonia Glasco Tammy Glass s Q .. 'T .Q .14 -,B Tajai GleaSon Philip Goldstein if' I 'A Q. vig gui- 1 i Q -vw n N Qwyi .J-fd wx 1, Keith Gordon Mike Gresham -nu- , .. - . .- ,,.. N :,.i. ..1:-- RQ Samuel Griffin Tom Grill Richard Grimm .k X 5 . 4 ' 4 - " felfiff Donald Grossi Debby Guarino i '- Q 'X ,- . x Gia Guarino Tony Guarino ,V 1 kg, ,, I, 1 , x ' , ey 8 ,, I fy f 1 .V IV - , A U 'vt - f if-1-jr, V 'xg G f r ' I - 331 'Z - an.. f A I . , - 'W ' X K cv it ' Suse Han Marc Handleman Travis Harper Clay Harrison Bill Hgnel Suse Hall Brad Hanson Andre Harris Slqammn Hagfield Cathy Hicks . . , K ,V Q if L 1 I , he x wr 5 ve I - f my ,A H A ' 5 ,t wi 'A ' 2:4 3:5 '- x M K sag ,L 'Q 3 xi L: X 1' I A ' l .1 it , .,,,y,QWw VA ,- H 'W V, , '-I ' Q ' 4.a,2"i.. Ai. ls V . ' r Kathi Hayes "Please tell me the garbage truck didn't back into my volkswagon? Yolanda Henderson Q.. ' :ga+55, it W hz.. !A ,K ,H t 1 4' X if xf fl ,463 K .xl K Doug Hager Rodney Hall Wencla Hensen iffefee ffee W' iie.d, D J?-raw . Terri Hall paul Harman Diana Harris Gerald Helm Page Haldeman Qlyde Ha,-per Sue Harris. Maria Herrera Q 4 jamie Hilligardt Ava Hirsh Steve Hodge fi.. ' K Brian Holley Eva Honsa Sophomores 157 1 2 I 2 The closer he gets, the better he looks. lbb f 3 5 L A 'Q W. . s ,R X L i J - Kd - -Q . if , wr - K .. lf , n ,g .F , -, 3 rl , Y. K, 1 V: - x ' Q -2 5 A i' . k Q X 4 s if f ,js ? If ntvnhv if 5' K J K P iw . .t,v3,:q P A 4,31 96,1 Q' l il . il ll , K- .Q . . M., v 'Q Q ' fry -,.f' K. Q 1 50 ' - . 91 95 , 3 N l X xx .X hz Q lx X A ' Ln-sd l'lurlarlwr l.xmew l'-luwarll Uvbx Hmxur lvhn l-lull 158 Sophomore?- lNilliam Hulsman Tvrx llumbertmn 51:-vv Hunt KL-vm llyer lrmlvrn lx lm l-won Lau: xr lm lxmn Kan-rx Hutlhin-on bam lm lwnn Wlwxw lallvun Lulu' lamb llwlw lkuulvs lm ku- llwgcr , . ' - T W ,, I S . 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KathiMartine7 Tony Martinez Yikki Mart1ne7 Rebecca Marzan Ridgeway Mastin Dennis Mathewsrwn Blair McAllister Heather McAllister Sam McCall Vivian MKC allah Sophomores 159 . X f ..,. 1 'ug m ef .M7T' X 'J i' i vf ffif if 'fi' 5 M A-5 +:. L- -1 ' Q., I Mike McGrath Sally McGuire Kelly MrNam.ira joyre MrNcal K, A .. fi w- ' .lik . +- K .. V Mike MuQuady Robyn Ml'Ouuun jamie Mauaiclli 100 Sophomores . -'l- X i, a -5 ' ' U' . ?i ' - 5 ' Sharon Medberry Iuhn McDermott Sam Meilaender Lynne Melrhionne .. Y .' O , i 1 xi I 'N if f" ' . Win ' V' " SIR: ,ws Lore Meldrum Charles Mellon Rubin Mellor if 'F g, . fx! 'if el i , ' - 'a ' M- .JG ' ' I A ', - H 'ax y -"' , v 'Q ,KR fu ' , ., -b - r .uf ' .-1 .. I ,. vw-.-eff ' We 'Q ggi . l A , , 'il my lr Qs- ? . 1 fs, i A "1'l ffl -If 2 Q -3? "9'- at ' l X ' Q g ,L .1 'L 1' . Ml Quan. ' " . ia l J u ,nf E, - .QL g- , . .L 1 1, k , 'ix - 44."f' JA, x' l . K ." fl ,A 2, ,Q ,-,.. o. J" .4 - '-A' I ,,-. A ...kv xr -' l 1 Colby Miller Iacl4ieMillilQan SU7-anne Mmagil Carole Mindlin Ice Mendez Rosa Mesa Flnrinn Mir liulvllv Bobby Miller ' f A - if ,,':, lv,,':7z,,y.,,,.,,, 2 K f - V' 'satin' san E.. .fs - ass S 4 x , S.. A Q is ff 1 .'i1.WgH:i 2 wwf lliy- .....A Alma Minter Milan Molloy Miles Mulnny Denise Muna gli 4-,iii .f Michael Moore Pat Munro Leslie Mnrriwn julig Mu'-or ii ziW3i5T'f ,.,,,., 9 ,, ,. ,MM Effiigf E 5 nf- , 1 ' - ff .ak ' hi SZ 5 if 1 M Leland Mosley Bill Mulcahey Sharon Mulde-e Carolyn Munsun sl-v 1... K M M '17 .F lf Debbie Musa Vera Mvles 'Juhbu Nagappan Clvnrgc Nash -...f '-. A lx Xi ' fs. A QQ A .... , ....E: E fi .M 'ei x . l i ll , "-...a '56, lb . ' M s ia For Pete's sake, lunch was over 10 minutes ago. Eiin MUUSOU Kim Murphy Tina Murray Lisa Nelms Ed Nelson Linda Nanci sir,g3gv,-sg .ef?ggKwf ,i e me 'W' af' f fw 4 Wx -vp In E ' --lc ' :mtv 61 X43 xx P' all , t . H, I.. if A . 1 ,A Ei VZ I My I :Pix S f e i , i- 'S ,Ji-'+."'a7: A A 5- wn.. f" frt'S1-4:4321 Y ,E-' lb.: ., 1 : ici!! 1:3 gf: j . ,ity Q 1 Xxx J . N J - lit ' ' - tif 1 'iii' ' - ' 3 X ' Doug Ness Donna Newman Bev Nichols Kristi Nielsen M ,. .ge Tw L n K 1 .- i 0, 1 Robert Nielsen Lynn Nietom Richard Nilsen Doreen Nino Lance O'Brien David O'Donnell Kelly O'Quinn Bryan Pacheco Mike Page Mike Paglia Tim Paillips Q.t4"x 1 john Parenti Steve Parker Mike Parslow James Patrick ' ft X N ' Ji .mi , Q . 6 if - K ,,-' . Q X- N , . 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A .,, , I .af , ", .. ':, W R 5 ,I ,f ' . -Q,-1QQe.f4f.,fg A . i..ia. - M. 1 ik V V M i eff fitiwi :QE I Q-f , , ' fr ., .R.... , K . if .nf fe - Q A L V AQ,f ,?j William Reed Mona Rodriguez Kristine Rou Carrie Salerno Donna Scliaible Sandi 5Cl1r0eder David Serada Rick Rizzolo Magaly Roiz Lori Ruby Vernon Salyer Brad Scheppmann julie Seudier Maria Seri We we iz, ff ,er 1-ips? .. ' -. K , y My KS ' W e N 2 is .Ye Qii iriri . Y Q M R C ,. v rrr N ...Q rl i Mike Richardson Ion Richert JoAnne Ridolfino ,i,. It I 4 Wi N , W sf , Mike Rlpplinger Nick Rissman 162 Sophomores if Paslora Roldan Gina Ruff Kim Samualsen "Keep Oh UUCkil'1, baby". jimmy Roles Fredrilca Runge Gina Sandusky Brian Rollins Tom Russell Tammie Sarbecker 'Y , J f 'Ke , f ' I ' ef" Q 1iK9'Q5ff!z WWW '1 is L ure X 'rg-A , 2 L r,'Jx'1lL rig! Mike Rosenberry james Russo Kathleen Ross Rick Saba Roy Saunders Terry Scarcelli ti .'- ,fi eg " ee Marlin Schiegsl jaimie Scuartz Bruce Setterskrum Randy SL'l'1nii,l! 'Karen See Kevin Slielbourne jennifer Shofner Michael Shornick .fl v Xxfx Ng a Q t g Q2 a ei? ef J-S , . nv gt u it R2 is WX vs r Susan Shultz Tammy Silvius time i : tx . ! Mark Simons Devon Simpson Marty Siska .ar . K , k . iii? C' -uf N. I Qls. I' ! lp s'-- 11' Ls1'sfs' T -G. an nw ss, -ff ,f .kgL,, Q Angela Slack ,lody Slider L is ,,,,e ' an X Amanda Smith Du ayne Smith ' -Q. A f' f G-i f, . x Andrea Smith Iohn Smith Kevin Smith yt x fl v4 Sandy Smith Michelle Snider Q f .fied L r., SNS ' S Ai ,... . if ,.. G 1 s wf p ' 6' +. Si ,, le: g ' U 9-,1 j V. . Q: 1, ,N ' X' 'f ' .-Z Syndee Snider Warren Stief Patsy Sorensen Alan Steinberg i 2, X .TN ., ,, 1, ,,:+?i. . .. i 1 I tr S . ,ws as -ff - Laura Sturdivant Larry Swartz W- thx ii X ' 1 , is Hex l 2 if S we Danny Syphus Claude Taylor Marianne Tabor Iulie Taylor Q 1 S f. . digg X s .L Q , lk.- 4. Kathy Sotelo Marda Steiner .Lisa Spear Doug Stewart Terry Spencer George Stewart x if C .fgy ' . 5 .J L K yi . Q - , 4 ,f f' L , ' 'F ,A 5 IX' K, ZS L if tttll as rl ,.f ,if .. L , .. S R- , 5, X , xi. 3 f Scott Spigelmyer Cherie Stoye ID Suiter Susan Sf-HY Steve Strobeck Max Switzer , . "Leader of the Pack" Q ,gee i --2:11-are 1452513-5 Qgfif-1,3 ig, ,Q-sf it f 3 K, --'ff as .. L L Philip Terry Ronnie Thomas iw , 2 I . I A S: . ' X Pat Tanner Bill Teeters Laura Tautges Laura Temple fx- ax "'e 5 t If ay, 'Ss x . X 'fl xi Terry Thomas Kirk Thompson Sophomores 163 gif, yr ,rr I f' f M Spa' XX? jiggk , J Nm WMS' r. f r 7: Gail Thortun Regena Thrower IX yr 1 W X 1 2 it ' AM' ' A , 'Q ' ,Sir K W1 ,fs ' lit Monte Tibbs Robin Timm Terri Tobin X-if Nit k Vaccaro William Van Bus-kirk i it Debbie Van Compernull Debra Van Compernoll Lori Van Vlark 'E 1 bfi' 712- A , ,, f -bm AX I f- i a Q i f K ,4 . 14 hu, V Carmen Vasquez Ron Wallatc Bill Ward Roxanne Wearley Cl1erreYeNpignani 5helliWalrath Carolyn Ward IillWeeks manga. -1 Y I You're in Friendly Valley!! bs ,Alai www if My' 45 r 'f..1rwijif:,ffff'f2, 1-ffiiffa 'fit 'fri mw. . f 'Q M f t 9-.-,,, ,. -f ,1 , L 4 v Gres Wesson Mike Wheatle amiga! r 3 P Mark Whittington Cindy Wicker ,br , 2 'S a if ba M ar' A 'll 3' -f . -A ' Carol Wheeler Janelle Vtlhite Terri White kt - .1 , ri.. . r " V 5 'f Q V x Pam Wlightman Sam VViley Bob Wilkerson . f,,t , . r +3-A M It . 2 i , V.. g if ill al 75 t X xt 'A ,,,, , I . . 1 AA awe Avrru Trymblt, Leunor Valdcnegro Bill Villtiirc Paul.: Walquist Chr-rvl Vvlirnvr Debra VVarren Mike Whitney Charles lNilliams Kim Urgtyla l.xt'qL1eValnAivr jtrlm Villtnrv Bc-thanv Ward john VVaror l.orr.i1nvWl.1rrvn Tanya Whlttenhurg Gene Williams 164 Sophomores 7 Q if 5 ., A X if K M L' K, ,V Kathy Zorn . , -N. a K QV ,Q i P Tami Wilson Susan Wirey john Wbodburn Sharon lNrigl1t Ron Young, Mary Zavalney Neil Winam Ron Woodard Ricki lNo7mak Christy Young Linda Zappulla Irvin Zimmerman ni, A , 'N-' 1 V .L .N i "I didn't use my deodorant today and I may not use it tomorrow." l Let's all go to ASLW!! Sophomores 165 FRESI-IME The advisors for the Freshman class officers are Miss Thomp- son, Miss Stenger, Mrs. Fulton, and Mr. Wright. After Christmas vacation, the Freshmen officers started money raising projects for their activities. They also tied in second place with the seniors in decorating the stadium at the Home- coming game. .AND CABI ET CDFFICERS wer air. E gg , 5 , H .3 . -1' . . if i Nf"'x1 TOP TO BOTTOM: Tammy Christensen, president, Sue Freeman, vice-president, Nancy Green, secretary, and Alana Nabit, treasurer. l LEFT TO RIGHT: Diane Steinberg, Kris Strobeck, Lisa job, Laura Silvestri, Donna Gordon 166 Freshmen gf be 6 f S , 'T' ,. f',',- of, 3,.'.,' Q it 0, 4 tr ,s -an i1'.e,' K, w. Miva' s a 1 I 'V .tl 5 1 fi janet Abel Vicky Abel Mike Abraham jeff Adametz ,Lm.L1L1.. i ZZI . . ,ek 4 7 K F, V E. i , V1 QQ, - ,I . M -. . Q , wi, Rod Ahlstrom jane Albright Cathy Allen by Q- ,. A 5 55" . M, ' if 'X '1."f,a5 , ,Q .a A i lhA , I 0 Us L , , I X f 5 at i - i ' Q - ' s- . A L ' Wkkl , i or fig an .- A J , 'J' N' . - 4 .Q ,, . L M - . L 1 . .rw 'ikkk L Xl i 5 if Hwy. . K V Q ., K to a l E - ' . Sharon Allen Linda Artrnan Cheryl Ballard Daryl Allerwitz Pam Avansino Elaine Banks Ricky Altman Breca Bain Tracy Baom Scotty Anderson Melanie Bailey jerry Barnes Q I H X gs Q . . ' g"',H ' 1 'it f ., 'i . , . - - .W . R s X it . X Qsk , ' X X t x X 'A i F4 ' A- .. a li .Q it . ' ' av 'U' b y 7 " 3 " ,. NF in h J t KT 1 ' A - Q R - K Q .e I . 'fi . , , - t ' Martin Ansor e Scott Baker Dinah Barnum 8 Tina Arthurhollt Terry Artinian Charles Bakke Viyola Baldwin Robert Beckett Micheal Bell .K , R A SN est! 6 . L . . ami N ,J Li,a..w2 , 'f -'E is ., i gc . A I ' 'rii ze . - . . ,em iii Q ii .NYY ., I. .V ---- .waz Sandy Berenz Robert Benner X-dui Betsy Boesch Susan Bogdanoff Mike Bernier Cindi Bond Stephan Bernie Connie Borehert I l recoil, Biff S 5 - ff ae 1' ,. if a eaeec ,4 E . 1 iv. Vera Bianco Milne Biddle Dareic Bledsoe an Q - , Bill Botos Steve Bova Lisa Bowers I iCandy Bramlet Tina Brandise David Brannan Kathleen Broadus Donna Buckalew Frank Bu nn Don Butner Cammy Cafaro V:.k i 6 ' . Osh., ,Rf K' .5 N . , . .-7? ' F' . ""' 5 c A as 1 is Rl ' 5 ,LK 'N r at .. i 'X ' p 'A t El". i lla: s , jim Brown Jane Campbell Kevin Brown Catherine Carter Ken Bryan Christine Carroll Freshmen 167 w N --xx l 5 -Egiimliiiiirllzw s 1 4 Cindy Castorina Jan Chandler Lisa Chandler v ,Alf , Xu N it mil Teri Charniga Mary Chellino Mundee Childers Kun Cho 168 Freshmen li ,, lll il 1 , 'il' X ' il r .- . Q r 4 P R as i is . , A Z f 5, , ii , ,, K if WL! N in is ,mf AV V W .. ,, l , ,Yi W V, B' 'fi ' l ll xi 7 L , , ill. " i 4 ' P l' 1 U 1 tl i ii l ll l ,N l lil " i David Chong Tammy Christensen Diana Cleveland Ef i i awlllll it ' l u,l!1"3l V l' i 5 W l is V, Y E C i-'D E ' ,, w .L , Yi it V-5 I A ,gf an Y M y r 1 Q rlrr i i,, Colleen Connolly Carol Conuay Daleine Cook it if 'fir will it E, 'r-r il 1 , All f Y? - 7 V i twill 1, g " a K get if 4- ' ' 52- ils ' ,Q ll l m il yt 4 4 es - lv o 5 is 7 ,,,, , 2 , xv.. ,.',",'. 41 2 Fran Cohen Carolyn Coleman john Coleman Ronnie Coleman , :stuns ng,- .,.. Fw , ,u 462521-wifi-,a' Michelle Coslet Cindy Costello Gwen Craden Brena Cummins Mary Cummins Donna D'Amora Virginia Dantos ' ' w '7" 'i'i',I ,51,q'g,i11' r 7,1- -wi' I t Susan Demartino Angela Demasso Carrie Demalties Tobi Denson li asf' S , vw Q -ey? C E lillili' ir, 1-,W-'fj.r -iw Maria Deriso Laurie Doig Randy Dorn 3 i My girdle's killing me! be W. if ' 4 N . 5 ' l i, ' i i iff A Y 4 5 r A- Q ifiwuii .C 'fr C' " 1.5-,.w X ' ll i C ' X A 4 sis, -Ak' ' N ,M I I V U f + ii, I MLW L "'i N ,Fiiii,'f'lllililll ' r' J il , ii it , y gy r M 'Hey i -we i 2 . , jane Dornini jim Edwards Kori Elliott Linda Ellis Ceasor Evans Cindy Evans Anya Farr Chris Eskue El3Yn9 PNY Glenn Emery Mike Englert Donna Escoto gilt iill5ll'l''TElllllllllllllilllillllllll ,t. C 1 M' Y " ,iff Vicki Ferrare Jerold Fisler Gina Fitch Mercedes Foster Y , f, 4' 1 Geri Fox Susan Freeman Michelle Fuller 'M ,Vi ai ' x ll Candi Galambos Steve Gamboa Carol Gaddy Brenda Garrett Iulie Gale Darian Garrison lllf llllllll3'-' rrrll f Qi a ,,,,N,, it s 'll' fs Mark Gibbs Steve Gibbs ,lody Gibson Skill!" ' gli'l'i:I'- 1 I , .. i is in yy.: WW' ' '15 i ' ii Y How do you spell Darnell-one "l" or two?? Donna Gordon Darlene Graczyln -as W- si ii E 0 r l - . I 3 ifllilllll W 'Q x Fisk , y ' as xiii 'E Janice Gray Linda Hamby Tyrone Harris lennifer Gray Sylia Hamilton Donald Hayes Nancy Green Susie Ham Iames Hayes ' 2 --. E Bruce Hett Brent Holden Traci Holt L f 'l ,E M 5, Li I Y YV , M " H ' 'Q' , ' ' flrll , l 5 efk i V,Qil1!:,! ' N lllll"' A f- ' S 9 - x E ' u f 5 S r wi- 4 . G .S i , S lr r LE H S 'Q S Darrel Griffen jeff Hanley Holly Heath Barb Hudson Scotty Griffin Debra Harper Anita Hellom Lori Hunter Lisa Grilliette Adrienne Harris Lisa Herbert Lance Hurley Holiday Gubler Lyrone Harris Sylvia Herrman Ellen Isaacson Freshmen 169 ,tg r Q 'XS fs 4- -r"' Sr 1, 'ii if T X 5 I Sally jack Leatha Jacobs Karen jarrett ! y if V ih j jx 5 ' .e i . ' ig., .7 .9 Sq., , 'V Zijlfilf' - F 'klrga' 4 M3 A .ci , . V H ng W as 170 Freshmen Eva jenkins Larry job Lisa job Althea johnson ew -4 V x -. L we ' rrraa l f 5. if K ' Df wgf ' Y -e Qs" 5-l i M-me t N feta' if janeane jones Robert Kelp janeane jones Ann Kim Karen jones Karen Krueger Ps fi 'A iff? F' "1 Qi Melanie jones Tina judiclcis Theana Katris Kirk Kelly x M: l ME 'li Ja 5 1 we . 1 f 'X I pf x .. ,S . X Denise Kuehne Thomas Kupiec Ron Kutz Lonnie Laudise . ra . K, F SEN' if QQ r rs l lx ki Brett Lawrence Kim Leavitt Milne Lee L 1 ,, ..,- - ir. ,j 5 Q, 1:-rv' s..- .W . . . ' 's Q u ,' r 4 'Q' 'H l ,U I 1- ff: xg ,A . , W. , X X 4 arg if qs W N X 3 X Q, :pr - . .if f s fr- f . ii :.. ,,.: -as . is'r Q Q 1- 1 1 . 'W H v . Ze L.. Q -- jr - -f i -W '-2 sl, u-eQ!.,Pw esx, r T julie Lock Mike Maggio Ana Martinez john Logan Brian Mallory Valerie Martinez Suzanne Lucas Kelly Maloney Walter Mason -.. weee e ife 1 5 rr K r X 16 F V ., L' 1 v 5- if w- '. M J ff, .. . ,.. , by .e f sf.. f b I .iee , H ' 5 1 Q S, L S ,i g e '- Q .xv Coni Leeclham Bob Lefebvre Kathy Leos David Levins , . if , i 'lex i iii' ' X jig" Karen Lueders Marilyn Lu na Helayne Lunn Tim Lyden :luv-5 1 Diana McCalla Kathy McDonough Cindy McGuire ,f . R , .,mL,. . is is 1 B X at rl 1 5 3+ a s , .1 up . if 4 . . f- F : fr: p 4 iz' W me ..'. -k 'if ' -P-F" Q 'f :".. . r r V zQ A 1 W Q Oz- ,,.. K - 'N' .JH inf? 11 ' . I ig 1'-3-' s i ?" at , - ,,.. e. ' essi f f Q ,3 ie, y l Don Marcus Darrell Martin Sheila Martin Will Martin Barry Mastrantonio Andy Matteucci MaryAnn Mazola Paul McBerty Happy Mclaughlin Sheri Mears Alan Meek Leann Meldrom rv 1- ...' Aly: K ,sg tr T' , .N K , K ' Q in , , A A sg, S u 5' ' R I A . i ' - "-- g r- X W. I gr W ' Q, R' x ., .tr .4 ' f i A-X ' 1 Yifkj if YT f 1. ,V W P 1 ai . zxq a . M' x ., . ' if , , eg . c e T , i ' X Q 'V s in Q.- K X- N -S sax XL- - ' - L ' 4 . 1 ' x . 5. A Susan Menster Michell Monroe Colette Merk Marty Moran Joe Meudek Karin Morton David Nail laymi Names Tracy Nee li' 5 . - + '-1:1 at-35'-, New '?'Ellffc.2 X 1 Q 'Q - -" . i 6 -gn-we ff .swf . r. 5 Km.:-tial-96 V33 Debbie Fritz Moser Michelberger Susan Mullen Scott Miller Eddie Munoz Brad Millisor Alaina Nabit Clinton Mitchell QQ E iga 5 I ft is .- L 4 I lx s Christa Newman ,lohn Nilsen Stephane Noorda Greg Olson QV.: john Orwick Daryl Ostrander Sue Page 2 . 5 X er A A .X 5 . .Q IE it 4 , -' ' 3 Sergio Palacios Naida Parson Robin Pearce Linda Peasy X ,fe ,,s1: . ,L Nm c yr, R . w .. . sili- ,M E ,P Iasammzz -1: - ws::11gs:z.: 1 i -1 Q .-, . 2 T ga Z' .1 xx as Qirfvxii ' . . 2'-'L P 3 H ' we . s . .y Q to .. r X Mi 4-- Kelly Perkins Pam Perry Todd Pescon my M N1 M.: 1-ka-ff ,,......,.fv-' 5 . ,-'f' Terry Prescott Mike Provenza Patrick Propster 1. - 1 be i 5 , L is . at Q... - 'N-"Y, - are 2 , P ,T ., i ii . ' R 9 i F xv A 5 n y . E 5 - N1 'Q - y W . T. c. 'x I Q ' 1 f :Qs . iii . WDW R - fav V "k'?, 1 3 ef e KS Nancy Reid Debbie Rice Jeanne Roberts .fl 16? wr . Q 1 ca Cathleen Peterson Joe Psenicnik Mary Robinson Jennifer Peterson Mike Rayburn Susan Robison Shonnette Picardo Terry Read Peter Ronza Lydell Plumer Tim Rehl Brian Ropert Miriam Rosens tein Bill Rowan Gus Ryan Q ,: I ,E ,I i ax- X E '-I S Cary Saba Leesa Salmon Greg Sanders Mark Sarabia Freshman 171 , ea- WIKSX .. S. N Y Q 'Q ec lr- 3, v - t .f .. S 1' T in xx if , it Q Q x A K F L? - , 4.1 3 l 1 PS 1 i 52' ' V M Ki S ' pg, S , SS "', -. 9 E K 1 1, - 5 - ' ' w X .'.115,tS S I s ' " .S were '+'C"'.1Z3v2. in . ' ':,,el,Q,f,Q Q nv --ta 9' ,-in 9 . K pw:-...',ra,.lx f r A K-1:2ff5t3i1"Qv' sa gift 5 T 4 'mv N , S .0 f X 5 his Y yi, I 5 R , I x ' ' Chris Sauteda Gia Saunto Dennis Stallion Terri Schaefer ':-k S 'Q C X t 5 41 A i Ex. .33 S . A 172 Freshmen Sally Schiller Lori Schmid Suzane Schulz Lillian Sciales Maureen Sendziak Denise Serap Kevin Shaughnessy r. ,,.-. . his A Sf-4 S 35 A a x kg lohn Sigety Laura Silvestri Rhonda Simrrion Art Simmonds ifliile 1 W . 0 ' S Smgf zgs .qi S h 2 S if ' I ies' :B S . ,Wa 1 K ? Mike Sherwood Lori Shields Mike Sierra Cindy Smith Darrell Smith Denise Smith K zu. LS I ' t 'xx , A X A S 9 1 V S R -ms. L S ,, r' Q , . -e ...SSS I 4 S 9 S Y Y K 1 g 1 X Ernest Smith Esther Smith Kathi Smith Phillip Smith Sally Spilman Patrick Spilotro Scott Sproul William Standiter -Q e.. 'Ji' .,i 15, S . tesi . Eff Sf I 1 3. A in - S I if S Ronna Somers Roland Stapley Vincent Somma Rod Staunton james Spencer Diane Steinberg A candid shot? rs- " ' " S 1 , f S5 "' t L ..- .- N ., ' S.. ' S A A S S its I ' S S N 1-. me ig Sf S1i,S Sf' . 1? ' ' 1-sfif w S LVV: V ?S ' S is S w. A ' 5 Stacy Sterrett Laura Sussman Leslie Taylor Kris Stmhet k George Swift Ronald Taylor Lynda Sugila Tyler Talhot Tim Teeter S is 1 tw ., MQ -1. W xg 2... ill 3 5 Ta 1 qi. ef., ,air 'auls-.-'SFA' 1 . . ,ei . ye, X S mi TCE. Craig Tharp Carl Thomas Pam Thomas Durrie Thurman was . x 'i C .a uv ra., 1- - E f .. Q ' ' - I Y Q. -it ski. F, .P t. -23,-Spa nu:Qig,Qi.,,x ts ee Laiwils m ilf A by ii 'Q h X -if ' Y' f 12" gi RP' 1 'X T K ' L lx aaaaa ?' , Q , A A W X jucly Tozier julie Travis Mark Tribett Carmen Tricolo Leon Turner Sandee Ulrich Dave Urquilo Karen Utterback jeff Van Buskirk Cheryl Van Pell Bill Vargus Leslie Vettiger ii.. Q, MaryLoo Villar Helmut Von Buode Rick Vuceta Felicia VVadswurth That wasn't so funny!!! L y 'Y .fi . wgygf W 3" 'QL V' , ,LN , I' ii I .N r X 5 ' 1 Q x .Q X Christine Ward Lindy Wicker Lisa Wordelmiin Don VVarren Patna ia VVillard Lise Wyman Sherisha Watkins Dirk Wood Kathy Zalla Ann Welt h Carmen Woolley Mara i Zeltzer .,,k K QFTTTMNM Q 3 F Patty Cake, Patty Cake!! Freshmen 173 Nei. ' 1 V '- ' 1-74 Jn... , fl-,.', V I V'.2'f ' ,,, .. 1 A Year of Excellence?? Timm E6 L43 EJ an 3 Cut With the Qld, and in With the New! Registration at Valley was held on August 30, 31, and September 4. i 'j.f5.f55f15s ie1 "if,l W if i H li'i J gf ,,,, Students entered through the gym for general orientation. They . i iiif proceeded through nine tables and check points, choosing their M iftfe , . classes, teachers, and times. e yqtil 5 t .sry if, .-" 1155 '-,, It was estimated that about 2,550 students, new and old, registered, W but many more students registered late. 'UE if 18 f 5 fa W me Ns-... .A,: 3 Initiation - What a Week! liienvn-2-rv-vV"f Initiation, that fun filled week for all of our new students, was held from September 17-20, at Valley High this year. The week went by quickly for those glorious, initiating Seniors, but a bit slower for the poor Freshmen and new Sophomores being initiated. Activities of the week included singing in the cafeteria, pushing pennies up the ramp with noses, and was high- 176 lighted by an assembly where the Freshmen and new Sophomores were formally "sworn-in" to dear old Valley High. Let's Go to the Hop! For the first time in Valley's history, this winter the National Honor Society sponsored a 1950's Soc Hop. Dressed in 50's type clothes, all the students twisted, and boogied to the old-time sounds of Down To Earth. Although everyone wasn't great at traditional jitter-bug dancing, everyone had a good time in their rolled-up jeans, high pony-tails, greased hair, shades, penny loafers, white socks, and the old cigarette behind the ear. NHS will use the money for scholarships. Activities 177 Simply R-A-H, Rah!! Powder ff Pu Football "No way, It's like this. . On November 17, 1973, for the second year in a row, the Seniors ." Time out for orange juice. A' - 1.35 v. 1 A 'i" fiizi' - ff ' he . -a""K at va .. gi 5 .s ir. went against the Juniors at the J , r .mme A g H W "r' P ., ,, Powder Puff F00tball Game- reeor eerreer Q irreer 'ff- . . 'i' "'ii 'r' ' ' , ,,,V Cheerleaders for the Senior side , -- W' 'Wi M f' - " ' ' 1 were James Chan, Kevin English, LAV A 3 5 , , . , px A z ,f 1, 3 , Ralph Freund, and Craig Roles- 'A 1 1 The Junior cheerleaders were , ,a S Steve Fleitz, Kym Krause, Rudy .' V 2 ' S ' 2 ff' ,, '1' . ,., I. ' V. lf" '7" ,, V After two and one-half hours of g A, - W :l'H 5 'AH fflff ,,l' ff' 1f'faf5U cheering on the teams, the Sen- . . , a,re Q1 mrs beat the Juniors. Youll get ' h - ll f em next Year Juf110fS - - : - f 2:wM ffQ::fa- ':" ' -V :mr ' 178 Activities 328, 329, 330, . , if Y' Q if wx sta Are those Seniors cheating again? S i X Cheeta? .. , v E:. f-- 51 51 1155uU15i3'35i'555 if-f H K 'L I' V , ai A ' ---f' it E X' i is ik xi . 8 if Sk Seniors vs. Juniors Wait tor me. . . if ? ga . Q S? , f I i 'gif 555 We won!! Activities 179 180 1973 I-IOMECQMING CQURT h. 5, ,H 1 ,G 9 QM... f P A ge Davies vities -:WAN Ioanne Catello Sheryl Cameron Terry Drakulich Paulette Stanga Activities 181 Plays The VHS Theatre Department, under the direction of Mr. Anderson, is quite active. Students find themselves involved in dra- ma productions: directing, blocking, build- ing sets, advertizing, and, of course, act- ing. This year the first play was The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man in the Moon Mar- igolds, starring Mary jane Kirby, Debbie Gonzales, Duana Posey, and Terri De- Santis. Other productions included The Importance of Being Earnest, Lovers, and several more. The troupe won outstanding awards at a thirty-one school meet in California. Deb- bie Gonzales won first place in women's dramatic interpretation and Debbie and Mary Iane Kirby also won top honors for their ensemble presentation. 182 Activities .W--""""i 2 W-ff f The Effect of Gamma Rays on af Man in the Moon 5 "' '- Marigolds xwmgwowgwqq- W' ' ' K 'Q 4.5 -4 83 At 13335 ' i : , l ,,- t , iz ' Assemblies at Valley s F Black History Week: Feb. 11-15 Featured an Assembly Full of Stars, Skits, Music, and Fashions. Registration Initiation Week Initiation Assembly "Effect of Gamma Rays" Play Bug Race and Get Together Homecoming Week Kiddie Day 50's Day Day of Mourning Red 8: White Day Car Caravan Homecoming Dance Pep Assembly Donkey Basketball "The Importance of Being Ernest" Play 50's Soc Hop Powder Puff Football Football Banquet Sun Youth Forum Sadie Hawkins Dance History ot Rock Assembly 186 Activities ACTIVITIES August 29,3O,3 1 September 17-21 September 21 October 17,1819 October 19 October 22-26 October 23 October 24 October 25 October 26 October 27 October 27 November 9 November 13 November 14 November 10 November 17 November Z5 November 29 November 30 December 10 15,16 Izgggicfzlz . 5222 5S525S5i"'f g5gs255'2'255522b - .-.-.-.-.'.-.-.'.'.-.'.m - - .I.:.:.:.:.:.:.:. 2'1'1'I'2'2 ' ' ' 5:3:1:5:f:3:5:3:- :5:f:2:2:1:-' .. ' .,:2- 222252 " " 52?2223E5E52z2E5E5E2252j1-25523322522 '2E2E2E2E2?.'iCE'2'i'31""""i 2.-"-2:f:2:-:-: 2221g2:q1:1:1:1:I ''E15132:-':2:I+1:5:5:5:5:5:2:5:5:5:5:1:1:5:5:5:5:5:22:1:2:5:5:5:2:5:5:5:5:5:g15:35:5 53:5 ...'r..5:5:5:5:5 525-5-5 2 :525252525'2i2525S525: 2525252522 225 522' 2222222222225122' ' ' ' 2252523i3E?E5E??????2i23i3?E2E5252525E22522?252?2i5Ff5222E52QE2ZQ' 555222222355 5:5:si5:..5 '2'2525E5E52'25 I I .:. -:1:2:1:1:1:1:Y:2:1:- .-:2:2:1:5" f 551:25 ":2:f:1:'"'I31- :.'-'-f5:3f3E5:" ' '- :3:Q:2:2:3:5:3:f:3'3 5 75' I 3:2:I.I I.g:g2g:g:g: Igrglgiglgizkf :iz 1:i:3:2:Q":2:" .31 "I.I.g:g:g:5 25552-2-5 25552522232225i5Q5255525i555i E - 52225- - '2'2:1:5:3:1:3:3:f:7:f:-'-'fr322" :-:-:-:-:-:-:-'-:-. -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:C ' ., -.g.g- ,- -1-1 .-:-:- '-:-:-:-:-:- ':-:I.-:- u ':'x':" ""''-'-:3'Y:3:5:k5E5:1:f:2:1:5:'t71T:R:-. I+- -.-'5' '.-15. '-21' ""3:5. """4 ' ' ' 1I::I:::f:I-."-' I.I2:l:.:2 :: ':I'I'I-I-If-QI'Iff'I-1-1-1-1-'A'-. '.f::.:::::. 'I I' . :.'. '.:.:.:.I.I .:.I .5 I - ' ----I-2-2:1:2:5:-5f53:5:i:f:l:3:T .... -'-:-:-:-:-. :-:-I. 3.5.5.-. "-'-'g1g2g.g.,1,' , I .'Im'Z'2'2-I-I I'.'Z'1'3:'.'.'2'I':':"'5:, '-IIIIIIII.I.-.'.j-I-2-Q-1-''j-Q-, I-I-PZ-.. -Z-ZIIgZ-ZI. - '.:.g.g.:.j.' ECI.: I. -.. '-'-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-we-:g.II I. I.5.I.2.I+?l' I :-:2:E:::QEEYSIZISIEIEIEIEI 5'i'i2EI515!5253EIE1:1:1.-:Sz-.-:-:-.QI 1:7:3:5:3:5:3'3'3:1:Q::.g:Qf:-.3 "iIfI2I2?P" 53453:-. 3:-:-212511:-. "5:Pf'3'L'1tI.I,.I.I ', :Q.:::::.'.'.'. .'.:.:::: I'.'.:::I1:::2 'IIIIIZIIIIIIIIIZj.IEXIII:I:I:I I5II.j.I.I.WII .IIIIIIbII'-IIIIZIIIII 1-IIZIII. IZIZIIISIIIII. .j.If:5.bII-:,:gI I.j-3-Q-1-1-,-, '-, -..'-'-I-I-9I-I-.-Z'Z-Z-'-'+C-I-I-Z-.+I-.' '-I-I -2532131311-I -'-1-I -2-Z-Z'Z-Z-" -Z-Z'Z-Z-Z- -Z-I-I-. 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I W xr ff- x Christmas Dance Christmas Concert Rock Concert 50's Slider Assembly Girls' Reverse Dance Negro History Week Career Day Negro History Assembly Zone Cheerleader Assembly at Rancho "Lovers" Play Sound Unlimited at Valley St. Patricks Day Dance Wrestlers Banquet Mardi Gras Friendship Club Dance Junior Prom Red SL White Day Pride Week "Secret Affairs of Mildred Wildef' Senior Ball Yearbook Signing Party Senior Trip December 15 December 19 January 19 February 1 February 2 February 11-15 February 14 February 15 February 27 March 5,6,7 March 15 March 15 March 16 March 30 April 5 April 20 April 27 May 6-10 May 8,9,1O May 11 May 24 May 31 ..I..I. II JI. I.II:I IIIIIII I I ,, II I ':5:1i353:5E3'22"-::-'iz -:gz-:E5g9S5E2g!:2:!E!:!2-:2:1'1'-' ' ' .-: -.- I. ...... . . . .......'. ... . .. v . ----.- -- -' .- -.-.'.'..-........ . . so .... !'Z'Z'.'!'I'2'2' -13" 2-': '-I-2" """""""' 'I . I-I-ZH .1-' -2 2-2-I-' . ...!'I""' ' ...' . I lil ill Ol! llll ll I l I I I. - - . - .'.'.'.-!'.'Z'1'2'.-I Z-..I' .. I "IZ" .. . I.I. . . II .I I.I.I.g.g.g.ggg D- I .: .Q94-OI: I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I I3 :. II:I:II II I I I.I. I I: NIM . I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I. : I: 1- 'S " I'Z'!'I'!-I-I-Z'!'I'!'I'.'.'..'-' .' ' ' '-1' -- - -'-I-I+!-I-!'Z-2'Z-...... . .-.-.-. . :.:.:.I.:.I.I.:.:.I.:. I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I. I.I.I--I- ,-,-.g:.::I,r .:.:.'.: 'Q. I 3.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I.I. -I-I-I-I-I . . . . . - - - -.'.'.'.'.'.'.' - '.'.-.'.-.- . .'.- . .'. . . .a-.r I. . . . . . . . . . . . .I.I.,-,-.-. . . . .-.'. g.I-I-I-I-,-,-,-1-I-,-.-.-.-.- .- . ' .'. .-. ' .'...'....'. .'.'.'.'.-.'.g.g.g.g.g.g.I.,-,-.-.-.-.-.-.-.'.-.-.'. Il l-H - .... --n as n s an na--uaeuupanooan ,I,,I,,,, , -- - - - .. .'..'...I.................I.I.I..I.I.I.I.III IIIII II - I :-I ' I W 'I-2'1:-:-:-:-:-:Ig-'-'-:-1323:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-2-.-1-:-2-:-:-2-:-2-tg!-Ig!g!-1-2:21-:-:-:!'-:-:-'-:-:-'-:-:-:-:-:-:Ii-: :- : 2-2-2- " -2- ,,:?e5y-.-:-:-:-:-:-'-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:- -"::- . :.:-:-:-:-:-:--'-:-: I I I I I I I I I: Z'2:5:M5:.:::r- ':2:1:2:Q:Q5ff2:2:2:2:2:2:2:E:32:2:2:Q:2:Q:2:2:5:Q:2:::: 2:2:2525g:gi2f2f2f:fgIffifiiffixfzfzfzizizizfziififzf: ' '-: 2g1g2:I:2:1:1:!:2:!: 5' -:-'i:-:-:-.-:-:-:-Z-:-:-:-:-Z-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-2-2-2-I-I-I'I-13212-215:21-:-:-:-Z-' -Z-:ft-1-,-. : .' IEI.. :2:2:2:::fE:'::f:2:::. :.I.:2: '::::::':':'::::::: . I::f?:2:2:2:2:2:2:I:2:Z:H::::::':':::::j:::'E:' ""':::::::: '- ':2:fEI'2:f:.I" : j2:::2:fvi-2: 2'I'2'2'I'2'2'.'I'.'-'.'-' -'-2-1-3 '-'O -'-Z' -I -"2'I'2-2'2'2'2'2'2'Z'2'.' ' . .IZlI'.'.'I'.'2':'1'.'.'.' .'." I-I-I -I-I-' .- 2' ' 2- - '::- . . I.,-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-'-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:- -' - .I.I ' .- - .-:-:-:-'-: . :-'-'-:-:-'-'-'-1-I-2-!:---:-:-:-:-:-:-' 1-:-:-:-:-:-:4-.-'-:-:-:-'-'-' :-:-:-: -. '- . if - .1'3'1:3:1:5 - -:-:-:-:5:-:-:- 32551-25P1-1-I'2'2:3g:5:3:1:i:3:3:1:1' """':3f3:?:3:5 -:1:3'5:f:T: 3:3 Tfizfzifi:-:fi .f.- - - - .- .- -I ---3-3-:-:,, ,-,--"' -. -..g.g.g.g.g.g I-2-Q:-I -' 2' ---:2:2'2:-si' .:-:-:-" - ..:-:-:-:-:-:-:3 2-' -:f:f:1'1:3:-:gc -' ""Z:2gZEIg1' "'2j2jf:5"' ,-, ':5:3'3:5Z5Z7Z5Z5Z5!7'3Z31C' -. . 2'2'2-2-I-2252-Ig. . .I.I I-jZg3'-'-.:2f2:Z:f- . v.-.-2: " ' ':': If . :-:-:-: . ':-:-:-:-:-:-Wiz!-.-:-:-.-. --:Az-1 :-:+:-:-: ':-:-:4- : -. : J -1-:-1-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-.-:-c-:-:-:-:-:-:-: .:!:::3:5:I: -: -:-:-:-!-:-:- -:-:-:- .- -'-:-:-:-:-:-:-'-'-:-:-:-:" .-:-:-:-:- -' 'g' g.I.g.g.g.:-g-3-3' '-:-: '-:-:- :-:- :-:-:-: " 2'2-If-2-I-152-2-2:2:I I ':2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2: 2:2:2:.I I.::::I.:.:.'.:.:.:.'.'.:' -Q-I ' '-' ." '-2:2: :SI '::'2?.'tlI '.: ' '2' ' I52:P:2:2:13FI1?E::-:.g.:I .:.:.:.:.:.:,:.:. :.:.:.- .- .'. .I.:.::I:I:III.: Ig: I: ' ' ,:::, ,:.I .: -.:,. . . . . DI -.:, .exe -'-'-'-2-2-2-.-. I-2-2-2+ .I.:2:2:2"" .I. . .:.I' I.:2":2:.'.I.I.: -:I " .j.j -I .I 2I . :IQ 'W I, In '." '.-252:.:.:.:.:."2 .I.I.E2:2:2:2:.:.:2:2:2:I:EEIIIIII:cF5.:::.I. I:j::::::f:::gE::::: If::. ' . :::::::::::::::: :ZI .I SI . FEI I .SIE - ':3 - .5- gtglgigigigigl-Z-PM .-13:-.-. -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-: :-:I' 'g.--'gt 5 - 2-2-2-2-2-2'2-2-2" "2'2'2'2 "'2'2'.'.'. . . . . .F ' :.:.:.:.:.:.:.j.'I."I."?I I.:I.j-Q-2-1-5 . 2-2'2'2'2'2'2'2' If S+. . - . .' 3- , -,-, .-.'.-.'.-.'.'.y.I .:.:.:. .:.:.:.:.:.:.:q,:.' I.I.I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-.- '. '.-.'.'.'.:.:.:.:.I .:.:.:.I I 1 - -' :-af:-. -'-:-:f:-:-:-:-.+.-.I. g .5.3.:.I.g.:.:.:.g.:.I.: 3.5 .g-g-:-:-:-'-:-:-:-:-:-:-: :-:-:-: .I.5. - f -. ':2:2:III I.I.:.:.:.:.:.'.:.:.:.:.:.:. 2IQ:jzjzjgifzjj-I-2:1:I:.:.: :2:. 2:.:.'3 J.: . -s C '.: .I I I '-Z:2:::Z:.' ,-" '2:2:2:2:' ' '2:2:2:2:2E:32:.2:2:::2:2' " :.:.:.j.:.:.:.:.f1I :.::::::: ' ':II :.:2: 222: 2:2:.I2-2I':'I2I.I. .r I 'mfg ::'I-I .'.g.:.:.' g-g-g-j- ,-2-1-, -Z-'-Q-'.I.:I:C:2:2:2:I :.:.I.I.I.:I:2:2:2:Zg2:Z:Z:Z:I:2:. I.I.I.I.I.I.I.:.:.g -j-1-,-,-,4-I-2:fZ-Z:2-2:C:2I.I.: '. .'1' ':"" "I'2'. .I I .'2:2:2:2:2I. f:I:2:1:1I , -C-Z-I-I-2-2-2 '-2-2'2'2'2'2-'-I'2'2'I:2:2:2:K: ':2:2:2:2:2" :2:. I2:2:2:2j3jfj:j1j4-I-j I-I-:P ' N 3:5 IIp"'f " '-:g:g:I:5:g:g.g.:-g-' 1:2:2 .-.5:1:?:5:1:5 -:2:1:1:5'1 3. 3:2155:iz1.g:Q:Q:2:f:g:I:5:g.I.I.I.I.g.g.g:-: ,-:I-1:iI:1:2:'-':1:2:f:i"5:1:f:I:t-cf:-.1 '5" ' ' '- - ":2E2E?35fE1SIE2E-' 1:1:!:2:!:5:-c5" 5'1 ' . :C'.2:2- ':i:i:1:1:2:1:2:f:2:2:2:22EIE2E'5"" ' ' ' -:-:1:1:1:1:2g1:f:1: f .I. .:.:.5:::.:.:.:.I g.:.:.g 4: qu I I3 "" ' ' - - - . - - .-.-5: ' f ' ' - .:.:. I.:. I I.I- .:.g-:.:-:-:-:-:-:-:-: - 9- - . - .I :.:.:.:.:.:.:.: :.:.:.:.:. . .5 I...g.g.g I, II ,I '- - - , .-Z-. ' 2-2:I:2:.:.:.-.:.:.:2:2:2 :Car .r .: -C .-5, .:.g. '.I .g.I I.I.I .gt 4. I .I I. .. . II .I.I Y -- - '-:-:-:-:I:I:,I.3.3'-'-:5:g:g:::::::g.g .-'C: I . I.-' - ., ' -' - 1' - . . :-:-:-': . . . - ' :-:-. .. .... ziffr- - - """' ' . . ...... I:I:I:I ::::II.:EII -:QZQIII Graduation june 6 2.135 fi- .!?'C'ff5EfEf2 ' nlffil' A C i l I V I I I E S - 9!f:5:1:f:1'5:5:-:-' qzgzgfll Activities 187 CHRISTMAS CUNCERT Before. . . and After. . . we e-S3 UB E. Cs' E an 3 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS ,A .T if .1 , , f L 5 , I ,rm , F, ..- . V V r if , 0 ,, 5 g,,,,,.fi,,',, M i ' -Q5 K ' L TO R are Debi Michaud, Rhonda Bledsoe llfootball Headj, Shelley Could, Heather Bledsoe, Susan Newbry, Laura Zavalney, Terri Drakulich, Carlene Star, Laurie Davies fBasketball Headj The 1973-74 Varsity Cheerleaders kept up their usual tradition. They were once again contestants for the Coke-a- Cola Award at Cheerleader camp during the summer. Practicing from 7:00 to 9:00 every morning in the summer, and selling raffle tickets for their trip to Hawaii took up most of their time, but they still managed to have time to bring GatorAde to the football team. While speaking to a few of the group members, Debi Michaud, Shelley Gould, and Heather Bledsoe, we found that it was all worth it in the end. "We had our ups and downs but in the end the good times out-weighed the bad." 190 Clubs .V. CHEERLEADERS NM Yolanda Henderson Ava Hirsch Susan Starr Kelly O Quinn Sue Polls Sue Harris Lisa Horlacker Lynne Melchionne The 1973 74 I V Cheerleaders started the year out with a few problems, but with a mixture of four veteran Orlan cheerleaders, one veteran Viking cheerleader and a new comer, they soon got their problems ironed out. Lynne Melchionne said "I think our most captivating game was with our rivals Western, when we ended the season tied for first." All the I.V. Cheerleaders agree that the Class of '76 is going to be most inspirational to the school. Clubs 191 192 Clubs CI-IEERLE DER5 i is TOP TO BOTTOM: Cindy Evansg Robin Pearceg Shonette Picardo, Alt,g Linda Sugittag Kathy Carterg Teri jory, Head Cheerleader. Freshman cheerleaders bring to Valley High much school spirit by cheering for the 9th grade basketball team and also by per- forming at assemblies. Their enthusiasm added to Valley's school spirit during the year and helped to push the freshman team on to victory. This is the first year for their advisor, Miss Brown, and she has done an excellent job in helping the cheerleaders become a better squad. f- lil 'Nm T MAID5 e Mat Maids serve as hostesses for the wrestlin tea Th g m. ey keep score and time at the home wrestling matches and help out whenever they are needed. The fund raising activities are selling M8cM's Kaz ' ' , oo s, patron ads for the wrestling program, and having car washes. The Mat Maids' advisor is the one and only "Sugar Bear" C h ' ' Q oac Loeschj. The president of Mat Maids is Pat Daughtery and vice-president-secret Th ary is Joni Leamaster. Shauna Parkinson Ann Katz Karen Strobeck Joni Leamaster Karen Wolfe Nancy Fayle . Pat Daugherty . Tracy Kelley . Susan Hager 12. Melanie Hopkinson 13. Brenda Sanford Tina Buck 8. Kelly Leamaster 9 10 11 Clubs 193 LEADERS 194 Clubs The Songleaders washed cars this summer to earn enough money to go to camp. For their first year at camp they did very well by winning individual awards and outstanding competition awards. After they came back from Hawaii, they promoted school spirit by per- forming at the basketball, football, soccer, baseball, and wrestling games. The Songleaders had many successful candy and bake sales. 1. Connie Verchick 4. Diane Watson 2. Io Dickerson 5, Diane McNerny 3. Patti Heil 6. Maudine Gibson The Soccer Bunmes are m there thlrd year and stxll come mg on strong The Soccer Bunnres have more sprlt than ever before they earned money by sellmg charms have keep the fans warm Thelr newly elected offlcers are as follows Mrchelle Harrls presldent Kathy Kulas vlce pres Marla Lozano treasurer Evamay Thomas secre tary and the advrsors of the club are Mrss Banks Mrs Roberts and Mrs Martmez . Doreen Nino . Ieanne Endries Irene Lozano . Terrie Baratz . Joann Cattelo . Michelle Harris . Maria Lozano . Evamay Thomas Susan Andrich aim Mi' L., Clubs 195 SCCCER BUNNIES SUPPCJRT TEAM Seniors 1. Rosemary Raymond 2. Nancy D'Amora 3. Diane Lochner 4, Dorothy Gallagher 5. Sheryl Cameron 6. Tina Teodoro 7. Heather Ramey 8. Maria Martin 9. Kim Maguire 10, Debi Fields 11. Paulette Stanga 12. Carolyn Wallace 13. Patti Moore 14. Emily Calvert Ju niors 1. Teena Sarkissian 2. Becky Adams 3. Robin Koenig 4. Cindi Satterfield 5. Kim Divicino 6. Nancy White 7. Kathy O'Quinn 8. Lanette Chaviers 9. Ann Levinson ' 'V .'..t..L r. yt T' -r iggibirk as 1 K x ,, ,M QM? 9 K K V Q ,X 14 q 10 11 12 13 196 Clubs BRAN ANS fs swf 'Qs x l 8 i The 1973-74 Brandans had a busy year which con- sisted of car washes, candy sales, the Girls'Reverse and leading the car caravan. Their performances were enjoyed at assemblies, football and basketball games, and UNLV games. The Second Annual Powder Puff Football Game, sponsored by the Brancians, was both successful and exciting, with the seniors winning again. Elected officers were Tina Teodoro and Sheryl Camer- on, co-chairmeng Paulette Stanga, secretary, and Hea- ther Ramey, treasurer, with Diane Clausing as advisor. BRAN ANS 25? SP i Sw g, ., -Mw- 'M MQ TOP PICTURE 1. Sheryl Cameron 2. Tina Teadoro 3. Heather Ramey 4. Paulette Stanga BOTTOM PICTURE 1. Kim Divicino 2. Cincli Satterfield 3. Robin Koenig 4. Debi Fields 5. Carolyn Wallace 6. Nancy White 7. Paulette Stanga 8. Kathy O'Quinn 9. Becky Adams 10. Nancy D'Amora 11. Patti Moore 12. Heather Ramey 13. Lanette Chaviers 14. Kim Maguire 15. Emily Calvert 16. Tina Teodoro 17. Diane Lochner 18. Rosemary Raymond 19. Dorothy Gallagher 20. Maria Martin 21. Sheryl Cameron 22. Teena Sarkissian 23. Ann Levinson Clubs 197 W ,XM fu 4 ,M X N U ii. - P Spirit Girls Baton Twirler Vinitta Lawhorn and Donna Harris RHHIODB BFGWCI' I- Half-Time Announcer A Randi Coldfarb SPIRIT GIRLS, TWIRLERS, AN 'iiiiimil HALF-TIME ANN UNCER Band Officers - BACK- Mike Van Tuyl, Diana Barth, jim Rosenberger, Richard Chapman, Sandy Lofstrom, Paula Soper. FRONT- Sheryl Cameron, Debbie Damewood, Cary Vallen, Tanya Gregory, Eric Schlacks, Carolyn Smith, Sam Pergola. 'K Drum Major Assistant Drum Major Craig Roles Clyde Harper r l Clubs 199 200 Clubs i UNITED VIKI G Clarinets TOP: Richard Nilsen Albert Gemoets Michael Krein Mildred Travis Gary Vallen Shannon Conner BOTTOM: Clyde Harper Tanya Gregory Debra Damewood Patsy Sorenson Katherine Wheeler Flutes-Oboes TOP: Paula Soper Karen jones Carolyn Smith Kelly O'Quinn Cindy Post Linda Long MIDDLE: Stella Alber Cathy McGown Laura Carlick Devon Simpson Susan Gagliarcli BOTTOM: Jocelyn DenDooven Kim Wallin Robin Timm Connie Verchick Carlene Star Woodwinds TOP: Christy Young Mike Englert Robert Close Arthur Lavery Roxanne Ortega Steve Smith Bill Teeters MIDDLE: Holly Heath Greg Mortenson Mike Stevens Eric Breitenbach Andrea Leibl Irvin Zimmerman BOTTOM: Kathy O'Quinn jim Brown Carl Paradiso Floyd White jim Rosenberger Sheryl Cameron MARCHING MACHI Trumpets TOP: Joe Zaccone Rick DePaulis Iavier joya Rich Chapman Edwin Wheeler Jeff Welch Ralph Krohne Travis Harper Randy Barrow Eric Schlacks Todd Delaney Paul Geiger Richard Hartman Donny Grossi Gerald Helm Ion Arfuso Charles Bakke Sandy Lofstrom Rodney Hall Nlike Trapp Br ass TOP:Randy Thornton Arthur Simmonds Lee Butz Bob Wilkerson Mike VanTuyl Joseph Buttle Andrew Young joel Cramer Hubbard Harvey Brad Scheppman Aaron Boyer David Szmagalski Percussion TOP: Brian Holley Braxton Pacette Scott Rammer Diana Barth Kevin English Walfredo Reyes Andrea Smith Mike Costa Bob Kushnir Iohn Parenti Gus Ryan Stephan Bernier Harry Kiick Clubs 201 48 49 4796, Q 1 Q66 4 Mr. Pergola Patsy Sorenson Fran Cohen Sue Gagliardi Devon Simpson Greg Mortinson jim Brown Carl Paradiso Ervin Zimmermann Rick Neilsen Tim McCrea Holly Heath Ronnie Thomas Clyde Harper Steve Berneir Ben Bingno Christy Young Linda Long Cary Starnes Mark Lacker Andrea Smith Gwen Leonard Harry Kiick Brian Holly Tim Durkee 202 Clubs 26. Tracy Holt 27, Beverly Humbertson 28. Sherree Burdetta 29. Jeanne jones 30. Keith Gordon 31. Carol Mindlin 32. Todd Delaney Rich Hartmann Steve Waddel 35. Donny Grossi Ralph Krann Randy Barrow Charles Bakke Gerald Helm Rodney Hall Bill Teeters Joel Kramer 43. Athur Simmons 44. Brad Scheppman 45. Buddy Harvey 46. john Bledsoe 47 Bob Wilkerson Lance Hurley 49. Travis Harper Andy Young is 3 CQNCERT B N STAGE BA 3 1 -M 1. jim Rosenberger 2. Danny Ripps 3. Laure Garlick 4. Craig Roles 5. A rthur Lavery 6. Steve Smith 7. Kelvin English 5. Anthony Crotty 9. Ed Arnold . Hubbard Harvey . Aaron Bayer Randy Thormton Lee Butz Dave Szmagalski Sam Pergola Wolfredo Reyes 17. Mark Scheppman 18. Mike Trapp . Richard Chapman iloseph Zaccone 0 fi A A . john Arfuso . Scot Rammer mm g sou my is . Sheri Hanna . Linda Sauceda . Rod Molyneaux . Liz Barrasso . Adrienne McNeal . Phillip Goldstein . Linda Kushnir . Phyllis Hilsabeck .Jeff Sproul . Mr. Orgill ,vt T '40 i if X 1.Richard Coombs 6. Larry Alsurn .l. V d D' , ' . . . . . . i.VZLfEaAtf3,aen nes gfflffjfjlfgfjg Sound Unlimited is a group auditioned class which 4. Garry Foy 9. Terri Congdon perform at special events such as the Oregon and 5'B'uCeNelm5 10-Mikemfhafdson Reno Jazz festivals. The group really works hard devoting a lot of personal time for practice so they will be able to perform for the strip hotels, schools, and special organizations. Not pictured are the Sound Musicians, who are Ed Arnold, Lee Butz, Danny Coll, Rick DePaulis, Hubbard Harvey, jeff Lams, Rick Luc- chesi, John Panenti, Robin Timm Mike Trapp. Clubs 203 GIRLS' NSEMBLE Kathy Agee Tina Artharholte Hey-Som Baker Sheri Blackwell Patti Boardman Becky Borden Sheri Broadhead Iessie Brooks Loretta Brown Darlene Carter Andrea Cartwright Sandra Cody Cindy Coe Fran Cohen Doris Davis Carrie Demahies Ianet Drake Delsey Dykes Catheryn Earl jackie Fair Anya Farr Colleen Fisher Rosemary Gomez Lisa Gelinas Tajai Gleason Nikki Goulet Rosemary Greene Shirley Haley Susie May Hall Tammy Holt Robin Irete Eva Jenkins Ella jones Erin Landine Gwen Leonard Diana Lewis Iulie Lock Sue Lucas Kelly Malonev Kathy Merdez Patricia Mutch Robin Pearce Dawn Petak Gabriella Psznicnik Nancy Reid Tammy Rodgerson Barbara Senimons Angela Slack Trudy Trowbridge Debbie VanCompernolli Ann Welsh Carol Wheeler Lavele Whitmore Mary Woods Valley High has three outstanding singing groups Girls Ensemble, ACC Choir, and Chamber En- semble. 'They have done a fantastic job this year entertaining at assemblies, the Christmas Concert, and at numerous social functions. They are under the conduction of Mr. Robert Orgill. CHAMBER ENSEMBLE it A CAPPELLA CH Sylvie Abbate Patty Boardman Andrea Cartwright Kern Cho Ki Cho Yung Min Cho Sandy Darro Jeff Lamo Terry Lamp Rod Pearcy Ginger Rambo Ron Singer Dwayne Smith 4 SKI CLUB 2324 25 26 27 lo 17 Q5 J A f 18 15 'af 6 7 a 9 , 11 1 2 3 4 5 FI H 1 unidentified 2 Eva Honsa 3 Judy Schwartz 4 Valerie Agee 5 Stacey Schiller 6 Leslie Jacobs 7 Mike Cellini 8 unidentified 9 Adele Josephs 10. Lisa Cobb 11 Kathy Zorn 12 Amanda Smith 13 Stacey Leonard 14 Cindy Evans 15 Gwen Leonard 16 David Bozarth 17 Ralph Freund 18 Sharon Moore 23 Jaymie Names 24 Nancy Dronet 25 Robin Pearce 26 Clarence Williams 27 Andrea Liebel 28 Roxanne Ortega 29 Cindy Scallion 19 Kathy O'Quinn 30 Robin Wearley 20 Sue Andfich 31 Janet Llndeman 21 Jimmy Roles 32 Keith Gordon 22 Carol Mindlin 33 Braxton Packet 1 Ned Evans 2 Marie D'Amora 3 Matt Jacobson 4 Heather Bledsoe 5 Susan Patterson 6 Pam Emery 7 Debi Michaud 8 Regan Tassone 9 Bob O'Donnell 10 Kim Divicino 11 Laura Sturdivant 17 Bill LeBaron 18 Terri Drakulich 19 Lori Ruby 20 Cindi Satterfield 21 Laura Zavalney 22 Mark Thomas 23 Mitch Jaeger 24 Mark Scheppman 25 Susan Polis 26 Steve Fleitz 27 Julie Allen 12 Janet Henke 28 Terri Jory 13 Susan Newbry 29 Chris Peterson 14 Mike Costa 30 Debbie Rush 15 John WilCQX 31 Jay Cotten 16 Jo Dickerson 34 Ken Bryan 35 Kevin McGowan 36 Chris Stormson 37 Keyson Baker 38 Kathy Allen 39 Shonnette Picardo 40 Kelly O'Quinn 41 Kim Krause 42 Ken Thompson 43 Walt Mason if ina lakh ' Q 4 to A u n 3 D 1 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 Debbie Elliot 2 Bill Bokelman 3 Tammy Johnson 4 Tom Fisher 5 Sue Brandise 6 Theresa Brandise 7 Karen Morton 8 unidentified 9 Kris Strobeck 10 Chip Smith 11 Larry Swartz 12 Jaymie Names 13 T1m Lyden 14 Mark Gibbs 15 Pat Spilotro 16 Will Martin 17 Bruce Head 18 David Mason Clubs 205 . Adrianne Harris . Debbie Haper GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATIO . Sharon McDonald . Vicki Dunlap . Renee Gelman . Mary Ann Burger 7.Nancy Mateik . Sharon Osteen . Melody Davis . Torsha Bousley . Wenda Henson . Joyce Ann McNeil . Renee Printess . Joyce Ann Alston li 1 020 3 L 1' l V ' 1. Tina Bogue 2. Sandy Bennett 3. Debbie Devine 4. unidentified 5. Morag Logan 6. Barbara Salisbury 7. Rebecca Marzan 8. Lee Levy 9. Wendy Stein 206 Clubs . unidentified . Carolyn Custer . Lorraine Alderman Cindy Scallion Roxanne Ortega Andrea Leibl .Joyce Turano , Beverly Rambicure .g,.si,W ,f Qi sl 5 Y'-asia? 1 4 5 9 12 121 13 3 6 7 8 10 11 l 1. jainy Pickard 2. Katie Hausner 3. Diana Ragen 4. Arlene Dennis 5. Shauna Parkinsoi 6. Lesley Gaunt 7. Muriel Lehman 8. unidentified 9. Monica Lehman 10. unidentified 11. Linda Fitzgerald 12. Terry Charniga 13. Kris Rowe 3 1. Sandy Bennett-Sgt-at-Arms Andrea Liebl Historiar Shauna Parkinson Pres Beverly Rambicure Vice Pres Barbara Salisbury Sec 2. - -. Q 3. ' - . l 4. 1 - ,- ' p 5. ' - . G.A.A. has been in existence for nine years. Under the direction of Miss Linda Close, girls' P.E. teacher and coach of Volleyball. Throughout the year, G.A.A.S main activities were projects such as bake sales, spirit pin sales, candy sales, and Pom-Pom sales. The money raised was used for awards to be presented to the members, club outings, and the annual' S100 scholarship. Annual activities that took place this year were horseback riding, a Lee Canyon trip in january, a Warm Springs trip in May, and an Awards Banquet. Miss Linda Close said, "the primary purpose of the Girls'Athletic Association is to provide support for our girls' athletic teams. We believe in the promotion of sportsmanship, friendship and service." Clubs 207 J I During the past year was a club that comput- ed to many students. The name of it was the computer club, which offered students the op- portunity to learn a- bout, and work with computers. During the year the computer club spon- sered seminars in com- puter language to all students. The computer club also showed their imagination and Christ- mas spirit by building a computer-tape Christ- mas tree. CUMPUTER CLUB .,.1:. C . y,tay W- 1 K Y A , nd ,H , - ,q,.-4194 11,6 , ., V "K Y .' ff' 5' "4f5:nf?if:f? . ' V :' : 208 Clubs 1. Mike Molony 3. jeff Hanley 5. Loyal Weins 7. Robert Herbert 9. Cory Barker 2. Lori Meldrum 4. Lee Breitenbach 6. Ronald Young B. Rich Brodeen This year the chess club was off to a good start by hosting the second annual Valley High Invitational Chess Tour- rnament. The chess club meets every week dur- ing activity period. The purpose of the club is to stimulate interest in chess a- mong the students of Valley High and to provide an opportunity for an ex- change of ideas concerning chess. The president and representative of the chess club is Tuli Haromy. CHESS CLUB swf' l "iw L L T0 R: Tuli Haromy, Cheryl Iones, Norman Williams, Ierald Schotik, james Fitz patrick. RIDE O RDDED CLUB! The Valley High School Rodeo Club has made amazing progress since their beginning in the 1972-73 school year, with a stampede of new members and the fight has begun. They are now able to earn their athletic letters and have made some outstanding moves in rodeo action. They participated in the first annual play day gymkana and they have made the move to justify the humane treatment of the stock at rodeos. ' s . . 12 ,it, . 'Zt' ff 7 1 3, V ,I 8 , 0, V , V f, , . ,, . X 4 2:-7D 8. Kelly Perkins 9. Coby Quinn 10. Sue Mullen 11. Claud Taylor 12. Mr. Reese 13. Candy Bramlet 1. Kyna Iorgenson 2. Jerry Vohs 3. John Dennis 4. Craig Thorpe 5. Elliot Sijacic 6. Debi Hess 7. Kathy Bell STUDENTS ACTIO PDR EDUCATID The purpose of the Students in Action for Education, which is a national organization, is for students to explore the education world in all its facets. Recently the club has adopted the concept of students helping to make changes in the educational system. 11 e 7 5 Sand Lofstrom y Jeanne Troblanl Renee Gelman Mary Ann Burger Ieri Fox Ann Katz Karen Wolfe Cheryl jones 1. 7. ' " ' 2. 8, 3. Silvia Abbate 9. Barbara Wrobel 4. ' 10. 5. 11. 6. Sharon Foger Clubs 209 ECGLCGY ACTIO 1. Ianell White 6. Non member Z. Non member 7. Non member 3. Kathleen Ross 8. Dave Moore 4. Elizabeth Ross 9. Cheryl Iones 5. Non member 10. Non member Though the Ecology Club started as a small group this year, they participated in some very worth- while projects. They began the year with a parking lot clean up, and by the end of the year, had set 1 up an environmental resource drawer in the li- ? brary. Their advisor for the year was Mrs. Slagle. AUDIO - VISUAL The purpose of this club is to provide students with "hand on experiences with audio visual equipment including elementary television productions." Club members are trained to assist teachers and students with audio - visual equipment. Officers are as follows: President, Donna Schaibel, Sec.-Treas., John Schaible. On October 11, four members of the Audio-Visual Club visited the TV facilities at Channel 10. Mr. Reese and Mr. Forsythe accompanied the group. The meetings are usually scheduled for activity period every other Wednesday. Any student may join. GA fa Q 17 10 11 0 Q 1 5 Q I 1 l is ' ' ,I 1. Kathy Sotelo 10. Brad Phiniok 2. Kathy Bell 11. Russel Wood 3. Howard Leidner 12. Monte Parks 4. Ron Woodard 13. Mark Bolinar 5. Bill Villaire 14. john Schaible 6. Bill Bokelmann 15. jay Elliot 1 27 ' 7. Bob Couse 16. Jamey Bailey 8. Donna Schaible 17, jghn Bgkglmann 2.10 Clu 9. Maureen Bell bs FRIE DSHIP CLUB BOTTOM L TO R: Torsha Bousley, Sharon Osteen, Ronette Cajka, Gary Bellen, Debbie Bird, TOP L TO R Sharon McDonald, Iody Baker, Nita Lattin, Maudine Gibson, Cindy Rose, Stan Williams, Mr. Srnitlf Valley High's Frieridship Club was formed five years ago when the needs was seen to help the migrant farm workers and Indian families of Moapa Valley. Mr. Don Smith, their advisor, helped to keep the group active with fund raising activities to provide the needy with food and clothing for the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays. Recognition should be given to this group for the great success in helping the people in need. 1. Raymond Harris 2. Marilyn Ward 3. Cathy Miller 4. Mary Langford 5. Ernestine Finley 6. Sharon Greene 7. Terri Wilburn 8. Tommy Childress 9. Laluana Johnson 10. Bobbie Bell 11. Roy Fields 12. Georgia McLemore 13. Terry Lawson 14. Stanley jackson 15. Donald Smith ,N ,5 87 5 15 1 eq Melvin Fleming. Soul Club met to plan Black History Week this year. The purpose of the week is to promote understanding between ethnic groups and to spread knowledge of black heritage. The highlight of the week was the Black History Assembly with featured music, speeches, and a fashion show. At other times, the club met to discuss problems related to ethnic groups. 1. Mel Fleming 2. Terri Stowers 3. Mr. Smith 4. Brenda Henson 5. Melvin Fields 6. Darlene Marshal 7. Leslie Walker 8. Almetra Banks 9. Alberto Marquez 10. Sam Lee 11. Linda Foster 12. Vinitta Lawhorn 13. Janice McNeal 14. Io Lewis 15. Freddie Blackwell l l111Z1314 15 o 4 5 7 8 l 2 3 3 Clubs 2.11 iph ggi? V I, , 3' JF'-hs as --fi' ,,.yei X, fl r,g A A + tri Officers: Mr. Smith, Ian Rundall, Mark Parenti D.E.C.A. The Valley High School branch of the Distributive Education Club of America, or DECA, is a club in which the students learn how to run businesses. The club is restricted to juniors and seniors who work together in fund raising drives to pay for club trips and special events. Mr. Peele, advisor of the group, works together with the students who run the student store. He would like to take the club and compete against other DECA clubs throughout the state. 6 . g 4 ' ,Q 2 ' 7 9 10 11 i . .' ' 14 15 16 2 12 I 13 5 l 1. Yolanda Carraga 2. Roberta Garcia 3. Cecelia Harper 4. Marilyn Ward 5. Freddie Blackwell 6. Mary Langford 7. johnny Lee V 8. Johnny Prentis i 9. James Walker 10. Ted Smith 11. David Gaylord 12. Donna Harris 13. Ken Hines 14. Stanley jackson 15. Clyde Givens gf 16. Claudia Harker me 1. George Glasper 2. Steve Ralston 3. Pat Fleming 4. Maria Iniguez 5. Thomas Glasper 6. Toni Antonacci 7. Mike McGlone 8. Mike Flores 9. Marilyn Ward 10. Gerry Chiles S5251 972 21 2 C lu bs nm 4 ' :,, aw . WA A ,.,, V ,eff G R U t ? X1 , .fa .f Q AAA? . Freddie Blackwell .Anita Wesson .Bridgett Alston . Marilyn Fields . Sammie Lee . Darlene Marshall 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 HUMAN RELATICDNS The Human Relations club remained relatively inactive during the first part of the school year but made some progress during the spring. Their goal is to promote a better understanding between students and between the students and the administration. They meet and discuss what the students' likes and dis- likes are and then present the results to the administration and faculty orally and through petitions. Sylvia Abbate Sheryl Cretcham Mark Parenti Nita Lattin Maudine Gibson Debbie Bird Stanley Williams Torsha Bousley Kathy Carter Heymi Baker Mr. Smith Sharon Osteen Sharon McDonald Cindy Rose Janet Rundal Clubs 213 vt 3 5 3 'o . SPANISH CLUB RIGHT TO LEFT: Mary Diggins, Chuck Knight, Brad Dunaway, Laura Sussman, Maudine Gibson. The Spanish Club is very active this year in school activities, ranging from candy and Christmas decora- tion sales to parties. Going out to Mexican restuarants is frequent. The club sponsors the annual jail booth at Mardi Gras, using the profits to put towards their Magic Mountain trip in the spring. The Spanish Club meets weekly during activity period and their advisor is Miss Banks. 214 Clubs 'iff L, '11 aibt itlbl 'ltitmea 1. Cheryl Jones 2. Steve Fleitz . Rosemary Raymond . Mark Thomas .joe Dickerson 6. john Wilcox 7. Don Newman 8. Cheryl Van Pelt . Diane Steinberg Mary Diggins Miss Banks Nita Lattin Maudine Gibson Jennie Endries Charles Knight Felicia Wadsworth Sally Spillman Lori Warren 19, Laura Sussman 20. Frank Rosaschi 21. Yolanda Gentile 22. Geri Fox 23. Mike Lundwall 24. Jody Slider 25. Maryland Fishman 26. Robin McQueen 27. Roy Saunders 28. David O'Donnell 29. john Orwick 30. Alberto Figueredo 31. Vincent Dilfillippo 32. Unidentified 33. Brad Dunaway 34. William Vargas 35. Unidentified FRENCH CLUB Activities which provided scholarships for outstand- ing students were candy cane sales, car washes, and organizing Mardi Gras. For nine years now, since the opening year of Valley, it's purpose is to promote interest in the French Language. The officers were as follows: President Stephanie Schreindorfer, Vice-President Amy Weinstein, Sec- retary Gretchen Bradley, Treasurer Sandy Lofstrom, Sgt-at-arms Barbara Eisenberg and Gary Vallen, historian, Carolyn Wallace. The advisor of the French Club is Madame Mongeot. 34 3 26 27 li nen 1. Karen Strobeck 2. Sandy Lofstrom 3. John Bokelmann 4. David Kline 5. Danny Riplinger 6. jerry Maccioli 7. Ronnette Cajka 8. Gary Vallen 9. Amy Weinstein 10. Cheryl Iones 11. Gretchen Bradley 12. Donna Brown 13. Kathy Green 14. Susan Mueller 15. Claudia Callewaert 16. Maglii Ruiz 17. Danny Lewis 18. Barbara Eisenberg Carolyn Wallace Cella Blood Stephanie Schreindorfer Unidentified Beth Georges Kris Strobeck unidentified Steve Strobeck . Cynthia Ordonez Lorraine Alderman Cheri Hanna . Connie Verchick Ana Bianco . Terry Beckett . Jolene Bommarito . Randy Shue . Bill Bokelmann 2 VL' . E 2 A-'L Clubs 215 GERMAN CLUB 216 Clubs if The purpose of the German Club is to "Provide an answer to the deep, growing need for a place where students who share a common interest in the German culture can get together and indulge in the fre- quent insanities often shown in and by our membership." The active members enjoyed themselves socializing at parties and going to the Alpine Village. There were 14 members in the club this year, and the mascot was themselves. 3 7.1! . Wendy Black . Mike Iones . Cheryl Gertler . Mike Martinez . Cheryl Jones . Becky Handy Elizabeth Ross .Carolyn Custer . Kathleen Ross . Gretchen Bradley . Ralph Freund . Robert Gallagher . David Bozarth . Ellen Merkin 9 10 RUSSIAN CLUB 'rx f if , at 9' A5- 3 1 wz, , 1 9 A fun loving club, the Russian Club had lots of activities this year. They sponsored their annual Russian show, which featured dancers and was high- lighted by a solo by Norman Williams. They also had their annual booth at the Mardi Gras specializing in authentic Russian cusisne and entertainment. Mr. Phoenix is the advisor of Russian club. 13 5 MATS 1. Mike Martinez 2. Kathleen Ross 3. Shelia Williams 4. Tina Bogue 5. Wendy Black 6. Cheryl jones 7. Norman Williams 8, Elizabeth Ross 9. Cheryl Gertler 10. Ellen Merkin 11. Ric Gagliardi 12. David Moore I TER ATIO AL The International Club had fun scaring people at Mardi Gras with their haunted house. They spon- sored from tions their a foster child in Brazil and time to time had presenta- about foreign countries at meetings. Many members have pen pals in West Germany. Mr. Pheonix is the advisor of In- ternational Club. Ronette Cajka Mike Stevens Cheryl Jones Sandy Lofstrom David Moore Patti Rasmussen Norman Williams Elizabeth Ross . Kathy Thorpe Lorraine Alderman Kathy Carter . Carolyn Custer 13, Stephanie Schreindorfer Kathleen Ross 13. Mike Krein 14. Carla Ford 15. Mr. Phoenix 16. Mike jenkins 217 ART CLUB The artistic Art Club showed their creative talent by displaying their work in the show case of the biol- ogy section. Under the advisement of Mr. McLaughlin, the members got very involved and participated in art shows. 1. Sandy Palmieri 2. Dennis Mathewson 3. Michelle Long 4. Cindy Watson 5. Mike Page 6. Leslie Wood 7. Vicki Elkington B. Jeff Cotter 9. Marley Peterson 10. Michelle Weissman 11. Debbie Darcn 218 Clubs CREATIVE WRITERS A new club, Creative Writers, was formed this year under the advisement of Mr. Lukus. The members spent their time enjoyably by writing creative stor 2 fyziy 6 1 1 l ll 5 ies and poems. tl l 1. jim Iolly 2. Leslie Wood 3. Carl Church 4. Charles Vicks 5. Candice Careen 6. Cheryl Jones 7. Melanie Rockwell L TO R Mike Krein, The annual Government Youth Safety Confrence is comprised of students from each of the hi h schools in the state who meet and compete in vari- ous driving tests, both written and ractical. Af- ter returning from the con- ference, the students at- tend the drivers education classes and talk about what they learned during their driving lessons in Carson City. L TO R C-ay Spear, Tod Mar- shall, Nancy White, Dan Ripps, Patti Moore, Darcy Gogert, Scott Staub, Kathy Green. Tracey Kelley, Tim Hall, David Balor, Harry Kiick, Karen Strobeck. DISTRICT ATTORNEYS YOUTH CITIZENS COUNCIL SAFETY COUNCIL ?f""W2 Safety Council Drives on! ITL? The District Attorney's Young Citizens Council was formed in 1971 for the purpose of increas- ing communication and understanding between youth and the authority structure. The District Attorney meets with the DAYCC members from each high school to get their var- ious oprnions on current issues. The subject matter for the club ranges from fund raising acts, institutional field trips, to public and community service projects. L TO R Craig Roles, Kathy Kulas, Mr. Watts, Irene Maslow. Clubs 219 THESPIANS as X x r jim Dowling, Historian Debbie Gonzales, President Terri DeSantis, Vice-President Duana Posey, Treasurer Cheryl jones, Secretary Mary lane Kirby, Director of Activities ,..QfQ"" This year the Thespians are a very active group participating in both local and out-of-state com- petition. The group planned a trip to California and has sold lunches at contests, candy bars, pa- tron ads, and have held aluminum can drives to raise money for their trips. The group has also put on play productions: "The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man in the Moon Mari- golds" and "The Importance of Being Earnest." Planned for the year were "Idiots Delight", "The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild", plus many more. Terri Ponticello Howard Frieberg . Jim Dowling Vali Attaya . Linda Fitzgerald Lori Shields . Mary jane Kirby . Mark Parenti Lu Ann Magdos .Iainy Pickard Terri Hall Frank Weber Matt Jacobson Debbie Gonzales Dave Sands Clark Prohoslcy Duana Posey Dorothy Kirby Dennise Serap . Jamie Schwartz . Patti Seybold . Bruce Kirsch . Terri DeSantis Kelly Maloney . Cheryl Jones . Donna Veale . Dorothy Kopeeky 'Wg .5 ff iiiyfmi 220 Clubs 1. Mary Jane Kirby 2. Terri DeSantis 3. Charlotte Stone 4. Patti Seybold 5. Ron Singer 6. Debbie Gonzales 7. Junior Bell 8. Wendy Levine 9. Duana Posey 10. Howard Freiberg' 11. jamie Schwartz 12. Teri Iory 13. Jim Dowling 14. Cheryl Jones 15. Laura Alikpala 16. Connie Leedhan 17. Denise Serap 18. Mary Raftery 19. Lori Schields 20. Brett Sears . Bruce Kirsch ZSAVEL CLUB The Gavel Club's purpose is to promote participation in forensic competition. The members competed in five qualifying tourna- ments, Clark County Invitational Festival, and out of county meets. Students also strive to gain honors in the National Foren- sic League. Officers are Darcy Gogert, president, Barry Forbuss, vice-presi- dent, Cheryl jones, secretary p and Wendi Levine, treasurer. 1. Darcy Cogert 2. Wendy Levine 3. Will Martin 4. Cheryl jones 5. Terri Ponticello 6. Marc Mieczkowski 7. Leslie DenDooven 8. Barry Forbuss 9. Marc Charisse 10. Pat Spilotro Clubs 221 tsswi :.:. VALLEY IS PRCDUD . fy if 55251 it it l sz 9 45 A 43 dj 50 51 54 se 5 36' . Q 41 42 4 44 35 24' 'J Z7 F729 30- 31 32' 334 23 257 , is 19 21 14 16 17 20 1 9 W 1 1 2 8 9 222 Clubs The letters V.I.P. stand for Valley Is Proud. These letters represent the feeling that the members have for their club and their school. This club was established as a service to the school as well as the Las Vegas community. V.I.P.'s make their useful services available to all facets of the school, including student body members and its facf ulty. This is why club members and the student body can say, Valley Is Proud! Officers are President Ric Gagliardi, Vice-President Gary Vallen and Secretary-Treasurer Wendy Levine. Also helpful to the club and its work are the advisors Mrs. Neely and Mrs. Ellison 1. Millie Sweesy 2. Jessie Lehman Cathy Thorpe 4. Lori Shields Lisa Job Valli Attaya Doreen Nino Aaron Nino Lynne Melchionne Naida Parson Jeanne Albaugh Cheri Hanna Sandy Palmieri Karen Strobeck Robin Hornreich Wendy Levine Cindy Scallion Jodi Stevenson Randy Goldfarb Jo Ann Lewis Mrs. Neely Torsha Bousley Terri Baratz Dave Bozarth Marty Higgins Karen Wolff Mary Ferris Teri Jory Sherree Burdett get-X Shannon Connor Becky Brown Cherie Vispignani Ralph Freund .Jim Sorensen George Stillings Jeff Gottfredson Stephanie Schreindorfer . Joleen Bommarito 39. Grace Gilpin Ric Gagliardi Cheryl Gertler Kim Roylance Gary Vallen 44. Tim Hall 45. Mrs. Ellison 46. Georgia McLemore Kevin Amis Sharon Greene LuJuana Johnson 50. Sharon Osteen 51. Sharon McDonald Kathy Sotelo 53. Rudy Lahoud 54. Terry Thomas 55. Carl Paradiso 56. Diane Lochner 57. Jim Rosenberger ,gyibgghi NP... ii 19 4 6 32 33 Q. 25 Q 5' 31 35 40 f 27 35 M 1 Q Q9 13 cl eeee it g NET . S 3 Officers: L TO R Crayfrimas, Don Newman, Brad Roberts, jim Kukurin, and Craig Roles, ITREEJ. 1 2 34 . . . p, a.: l 36 37 . , zs eq 8 W 0 'B 1,14 15 Z 4 6k Valley I-ligh's Key Club, under the supervision of advisor Mr. Arredondo, is a service club af- filiated with Kiwanis Interna- tional. This year they held the annual Sadie Hawkins Dance and they also participated in a marathon basketball game. The club is open to all students in the school. They planned sever- al fun activities throughout the year. Initiation was held in Oc- tober and elections were in May. KEY CLUB IST ROW, L TO R 1. Frank Cocchi 2.10 Dickerson 3. Mark Thomas 4. Sheryl Cameron 5. Don Newman 6. Phyllis Johnson 7. Brad Osgood 2ND ROW, L TO R 8. Dorothy Gallagher 9. Steve Fleitz 10. Kim Cochrane 11. john Wilcox 12. Tina Buck 13. Glori Friedman 14. Michelle Harris 15. Zerek Martinez 3RD ROW L TO R 16. Chris Peterson 17. Susan Newbry 18. Andy Eskin 19. Rosemary Raymond 20. Craig Roles 21. Craig Primas 4TH ROW L TO R 22. Debi Michaud 23. Pam Ruby 24. Valerie Forsythe 25. Robert O'Donnell 26. Eric Schlacks 27. David Kline 28. Mike Moore 29. Mike Malzone 5TH ROW L TO R 30. Kerry Monroe 31. Heather Bledsoe 32. Julie Allan 33. Shelley Gould 34, Byron Crawford 35. Ieannie Endries 36. Pam Emery 37. lim Kukurin STANDING L TO R 38. Ray Paglia 39. Brad Roberts 40. Ralph Freund 41. Ieff Fleitz 42. Mark Scheppman 43. Bob Ashlock Clubs 22.3 I-ICDUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Patti Moore Mike Dorsey Rosemary Raymond john Wilcox Tina Teadoro Sher1T1bbs Cathy Thorpi Brad Osgood 5. Lynne Melchionne 17. Don Clark 21 6. Mary Sylvestri 18. unidentified 7. Robin Hornreich 19. Matt Coombs 8. Steve Fleitz 20. Carolyn Wallace 9. Linda Sauceda 21. Diane Barth , l 9 10. Ellen Merkin 22. Tom Cordon 3 11. Kathy Green 2.3. Mary Ferris , ll 12. Don Newman 24. Mike VanTuyl 8 Representatives were elected from each homeroom class to promote better communication. They're responsible for attending the meetings of the house and reporting the happenings to their homeroom. This organization was con- structed to improve the ratio between student government representatives and the student body. 224 Clubs ELECTIO Y CQMMITTEE Tracey Kelly, junior coordinater, supervised all stu- dents elections at Valley. S S B L Y Duties of the election committees include arranging for printing and counting ballots and supervising the voting CQMMI l l E E 12 13 14 X 13 14 , 10 9 X I 9 2 6 11 6 8 4 f l D - . Y X 5 4 2 v 3 1. Tracey Kelley B, Ann Levinson 2' Karen Stmbeck 9' Dorothy Gallagher 1. Karen Strobeck 9. Dorothy Gallagher 3. Kathy Green 10. Steve Fleitz 2' Tracey Kelley. 10' Mark Thomas 4. Cindy Ordonez 11. Wendy Levine 3' C9nmg Verdllck H' Cindy Ordonez 5. Connie Verchick 12, Don Newman 4. Nico Sll'IlPO.l'1lS 12. Steve Pleitz 6- lohn Wilcox 13. Terri Baratz llSl':rr:,yGI'eVHze grim Ifglwman ' D G . . oger . ery ameron 7 any ogert 14 Mark Thomas 7. TerriBaratz 15. Iohn Wilcox 8. Kathy Green lm. :rw vp- G The assembly committee, steered by coordinaters Ann Levinson and Mark Thomas, arranges and conducts student body assemblies throughout the school year. All proposed assemblies are screened and scheduled by the student committee and they planned the tradi- tional Christmas assembly. Wx ' it -61" Clubs 225 THOR'S HAMMER ' if N M , . . ...- 4. xg ,A 1. Regan Tasonne 8. Tom Pransky 15. jim Iolley 2. Jeanette Amiano 9. Kerin Shelbourne 16. George Stillings 3. Christina Stormson 10. Diane 17.C1ary Bellen 4. Mark Parenti 11. Charlotte Stone 18. Roy Sounders 5. Kim O'Brien 12. Randy David 19. jeff Alamatz 6. David Larseo 13. Laura Sturdrant 20. Bruce Barker 7. Margo Anderson 14. Peggy Able Thor's Hammer, the VHS newspaper, is produced by journalism students. Each issue covers the top stories in school activities and sports, community events, and social issues. "TH" also offers to publish selected poems, articles, and cartoons submitted by students and teachers. Through the production of the newspaper, staff mem- bers learn journalistic skills, including reporting, editing, photography, lay-up, and advertising. The responsibility to serve students and faculty members, as well as to maintain a high standard of journalism is recognized. Managing the paper are Editor Mary Har- baugh, Advertising Manager Tom Pranske, and Ad- visor Carolyne Harker. 226 Clubs 2 QQPW aft 228 Sports The 1973-74 Viking Football team was extremely tough this year and the coaching staff felt that the gridders might easily have been a contendor with a couple of key players in key positions. Coach Traasdahl said, "The team was helped by some very strong defensive lineman and Iinebackers, but lacked the good, experienced run- ningbackf' At the Varsity Football banquet, several awards were given to outstanding players. Player of the Week was given to Ronnie Curtis. Eric Bowman received the Star Award. Most Improved was given to james Chan, and Bruce Ostrander was voted Most Inspirational and,al- so received the Most Valuable Player of the Year Award. Frank Cocchi-TB Byro Danny Shearin stated, "The team pride was very high and the coaches tried hard for a winning season. The team feels Coach Traasdahl was a very dedicated coach who spent much time and personal effort with the team, and I feel that I can speak for them." Coaches: Johnson, Traasdahl, Rowland Q-"" '- A Mark McDonald-TE Danny Shearin-C Robby Maloney-FB 'Q Q2 , l rf? rawford-QB Pedro Alverez-TE Dave Maturino-C Eric Ingersol-T George Glasper-SE 'strander-T john Embry-G X , I SI iw--, , NWN am ' ' Li, 'a ,y e, , h 1 J Valley vs. Waialua Valley vs. Clark Z7-0 14-31 Valley vs. Yuma Valley vs. Vegas 36-6 2.0 Valley vs. Bishop Montgomery Valley vs. Basic 34-6 7 Valley vs. Rancho Valley vs. Wes tern 0-17 3-13 Valley vs. Gorman 14-34 W ,ae 'A-..,M N Sports 2.29 Ronnie Curtis-S Wayne Webb-LB james Chan-G if' fr Marty Berry-C Eric Bowman ij 5 'Hmm 230 Sports "Left handed Mitch Jaeger throws a pass to Luther Joiner" if I 5 , ? Q 'UW -P' 4' D' e J if H if 'ff MH ,P 7146- 7135 ,jx Y ,, gf 1' 4 f 1 .M Robie Maloney-LB , RQ 'Ref -nam... r . . . '- .. 1-2 w "2- 'Lf-1 ,W W K ,I J? F If X f Qf ,J fi ,l H Lfi h f W. 3 , ,A .1 3 .2 my hn Embl-y-E Danny Shea,-in-G Bruce Ogtrandef-LB Mike Jerkins-E Scott Gonzales-CB Sports 231 f'f 41" 4 , ix , . - , ,, .K -.S TWV' ' l. 1 1 f' ' " l, ' - . - . - -, X ' K V , Y, t' .f,. FRONT ROW L TO R Richard Patrick, Marc Handelman, Bob Kessel, joe loerger, Rick Sabo, Tim Dunnigan, Steve Garnboa, Brian Martin ZND ROW L TO R Mike Dunn, Bill Reid, Paul Budda, Dave Reid, Gregg Orduna, Brian Rollins, Marc Simons, Steve Lockner. 3RD ROW L TO R Mike Whitney, Raul Fernandez, Sam Backie, Ridgeway Maston, Alberto Figurieto, Eric Johnson, Danny Iones. 4TH ROW L TO R Carton Lamb, Sam Griffin, Grant Allen, Charles Asburry, Don Warren, Tony Martinez, Travis Harper, Mike Paglia. J.V. Football Schedule This year the I.V. Football team fought to an 8-1 year suffering their only loss to Las Vegas High. Coach Schlekeway was extremely proud and said that outstanding efforts were given by many players. Exceptional team members included Travis Harper, Joe Ioerger, Charles Asburry, Rick Sabo, and Mike Whitney, who suffered a broken leg which kept him out most of the season. The team did a fine job and will be looking forward to next year's season. 232 Sports Valley vs Valley vs Valley vs Valley vs Valley vs Valley vs Valley vs Valley vs Valley vs Rancho Basic Rancho Gorman Clark Chaparral Las Vegas Basic Western . A Www-g.,,, by j fy ' I Ly . K .,'-r, Vk'rr W " 1 n ' A "'f ' ' ' " ' 1 , ew-f-aw.:-.1wef.fw.m-Umf.+azL1-:Liv W ' "Red stains on your jersey, what'll I do!" 4... ,.., .... M. . ":- , "There's a ham in every crowd!" V. K ,,,, , I.V. offensive line, in action. Y Q53 o ox y , oe.y,4. . W oyyooeyoyeo yo o 1 onfe ol 5: Sports 233 234 Sports 1-1-as-it ,N ., "Eight ball in the center pocket" The 1973 Boys' Varisty Tennis Team, headed by Coach Michael Boka, finished the season in 3rd place for the 2nd straight year. Out of eleven players, 6 qualified for the Zone Tournament: Peter Bolduc, Gregg Corlyn, Bill Schul- man, and John Allen, and Loring Jacobs with partner Murray Petersen in doubles. Finishing 4th place in Zone qualified the Viking twosome of Loring Jacobs and Murray Petersen for the tough State Tournament. Nudging their way to the Semi-Finals in State, they both finished in 3rd place. Loring Jacobs and Murray Petersen both received All Conference, All State Honors. Awards were given to Murray Petersen- Most Valuable Player, Loring Jacobs-Most Improved, and Gregg Corlyn-Most Inspirational. . A 2,1 xl, fa . M555 a ' w 4 1 p is , ,WMMWWM wt L if 9 P 1 .1 +L M fa . ff-, iiiii if J , , "Pelican practices" fxifcgh if 5 1 1 I 4 at an ., i 5 ' 1 x .i ' , N, 2 f- ' , , ,, A , - L 'm"k - H of rms- , S I W ' " N. ,-QQ W as W- A ' if 5, , f ' ,W W' , Q K VVV, . N w a s V, 2 "N ., ,, , I 4 ' "" i f "Tip toe through the asphalt" "Cnr ..." 46' FRONT: jeff Adametz, Stephen Smith, Larry Swartz, Fredericko Garibaldi, Peter Bolduc. SECOND ROW: Bill Shulman, Aaron Nino, Murray Peterson, Sam Mejleander, Coach Bolca. NOT PICTURED: Loring Jacobs, Gregg Corlyn. I "' z if 2 3 ,ggykw sf' "Ahhh . Schedule Valley vs Gorman 19 to 8 Valley vs Clark 7 V2 to 20 V2 Valley vs Western 28 to O Valley vs Basic 24 to 4 Valley vs Eldorado 26 to 2 Valley vs Vegas 22 to 6 Valley vs Chaparral 23 to 5 Valley vs VoTech 27 to 1 H Sports 235 ,ga FIRST ROW: Roxanne Wearley, Stephanie Brown, Tina Teodoro, Debbie Kanaley. SECOND ROW: Lanette Chaviers, Renee Baldwin, Carla Ford, Julie jones, Sue Polis, Leslie Jacobs, Robin Wearley, Miss Enkraf. . , . ,,,,,,,,,c,.t,,,,,,,,,,- i Girls Tennis ,e,,,, eeeee M-W""w'd s o s The 1973-74 Girls Varsity Tennis Team T " ., U sfjjfxl, i . -s at or , Q N 1 g Q,, ,tm 5 M T, , , had an undefeated season with a final .2 record of nine wins and no losses. . A . The coach, Miss Englcraf, said, "They are the greatest team in the history of H, Valley High School." v N'Msc,,.,.....w My WM Five of our girls entered the zone tourna- 0 i"Lt ' ment. They had a successful time placing first in zone and second in the state tour- nament. Congratulations to Leslie Jacobs as V' ,Muf- ,,.., ,-f2A' i E and her partner Tina Teodoro for placing ' first in the state. Service one, service two, and a boom boom boom. 2.36 Sports v E Q 5 Q2 '-naww! Q Q Y gt 1- . fe, ,,4, . K N, p ai V l ? M 7 Y f f ut' 1' Q i ,laws , V , V ge-My 5- N,,, 'fur -1-fuwvlf 'J' 1 Q-f Weisz? ,?my..:,. y,fv:.f,:'Lzi:Q-fra,-fiom: 1 s- S ,. .1 if l W ,.,f.,.- I -4 f A 52 if .' .f jf js 'fs .l..,,.,. ' . .L , J ' V 1 - e A ,M a . 4, f' A f 4- A , i ,... I - K 553, ii a Z .- a . ,---- ff -e., . ,,,, J, As f " Y N 1 Y ar F353 U' V, : f " 2-..1. 'Wa ' ' Q- W A 1: -Wa"-'E'-pf-Q.,,, " r S e S ,r,f,s,s"1 , ' e 1 5 as ' " MJ Jug Us a "Boy have I gotta go." I .. ' 'S , a :awmvw L' W 'Wes 1"::"fE'jf' m L ' W 4 A rl H, wc, ff- f..1,4,, 1 ' ' 3 .21 it ,V Q S L .',,. Q43n-...,, , ini' , Leslie Jacobs, State Champion-Doubles .r wg?-ff. , Gorman Valley Western Basic Valley Eldorado Valley Vo-Tech Rancho Lanette Chaviers and Renee Baldwin, doubles partners. 5 tt S r at gs r , rr 5 i r f iz V K . One clown, one to go "Come on, I'm waiting for you" Schedule 41,4 Valley 18 Clark 516 Valley 0 Valley 26 Las Vegas 0 Valley 25 Chaparral 0 Valley 2 Valley Zone Tournament-1st place State Tournament-2nd place 2336 10 2236 2.8 2 28 3 28 26 Sports 237 Boys' Schedule Valley Vo Tech Valley Gorman Boulder City . Valley Chaparral Valley Valley Clark Western Valley Valley Basic Las Vegas Valley Eldorado Valley Rancho Valley Vo Tech Valley Gorman Valley Valley Boulziler City Valley Chaparral Clark Valley Valley's '74 Boys' Golf Team had a very successful season. The team was helped consider- ably by Eric Dutt, a freshman, and a neucleus of returning senior lettermen, primarily Jim Rosenberger, Clair Lewis and Loring Jacobs. The league was divided this year into two divisions, and the prospects for next year seem to be even better for Coach Bellamy's team. Valley's Cwirls' Golf Team did not have a very successful year. We had all new members this year. Next year should be better because all of the girls will be returning with more experi- EIICQ. Girls' Schedule . Gorman Valley ' Valley Clark Wes tern Valley Valley Basic Valley Las Vegas Eldorado Valley Valley Chaparral Valley Rancho 238 Sports 53:31. . Norman Williams, Michael Krein. NOT PICTURED: Jim Rosenberger, Clair Lewis, Eric Dutt, Mike VanTuyl, Kirk Thompson, Grant Luetkehns, Harry Dobson, Loring Jacobs. L TO R QSEATEDJ: Lisa job and Roselle Green, QSTANDINCJ Lisa Celinas, jane Campbell, Miss Keffeler, and Roxanne Ortega. Sports 239 Gorman vs. Valley Valley vs. Chaparral Valley vs. Gahr Valley vs. Sierra Western vs. Valley Basic vs. Valley Las Vegas vs. Valley Eldorado vs. Valley Valley vs. Clark Vo-Tech vs. Valley Rancho vs. Valley Schedule Valley vs. Gorman Chaparral vs. Valley Valley vs. Western Valley vs. Basic Valley vs. Las Vegas Valley vs. Eldorado Clark vs. Valley Valley vs. Vo-Tech Valley vs. Rancho Southern Zone Tournament State Tournament 240 Sports J The 1973-74 Varsity Basketball Team started the season with an impressive series of eight consecutive wins against some of the top ranked teams in Southern Nevada. After a short losing streak, the team got back on their feet by defeating Basic and Eldorado. Some depressing moments came after the team fell to Clark and Las Vegas. All in all, however, it was one of the most successful seasons at Val- ley. The team worked well together and, under the expert coaching abilities of Mr. Mannion, promoted pride for themselves and for the school. ., ' h, 5 ix If xv.. 3 A D, Q' :- . Q' if .a tb is . . 2 s is n :Ft "lil it "" ii R . awww A l X i f I vain W it mn . in ' if 3 M -K F Vygf , :!?' ,i it it si ts p 2 ' 1 A 5. S: ' Q K " 5 T EZ, iii i 3- at s i X an ea' o K 1? ,Y , sie - ' 5.2 s al 1 is t T it , 4' 3 s il1aK,s S 2 Sports 241 hd ? f l L 4 3 sfwafssw R 4 iv , la in ' 43:5 ,. s ..,,., L 51' Quo um.. ...W xi" - .iq 1 BOTTOM ROW L TO R: James Harper, Luther Joiner, Derik Crumbo, Lesley Walker, Tony Tischler, Terry Stowers. TOP ROW L TO R: Coach Jack Mannion, Roy Fields, Benny Partridge, George Glasper, Stanley Jackson, Greg Aiello, joe Feely, Bob Dorsey, Manager Mike Lundwall, Coach James Rice. Sports 243 ga. TOP ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Don Colen Alan Lockrey Lionel Bell Charles Mellon Iames Patrick Grant Allen Michael Sbornlck Mike Dunne Stan Johnson. BOTTOM ROW L TO R Keith Bell David DeMartmo Rod Frazier Sam Gflffln Mike Wheatle David Crockett J.V. BASKETBALL Valleys junior Varsity Basketball Team coached by Coach Bobier, had a successfull season this year The members of the team played well during the season achieving their wins through teamwork and hustle The student body is looking forward to seeing the talent of these boys on the Varsity team next year Gorman vs. Valley Valley vs. Chaparral Valley vs. Gahr Valley vs. Sierra Western vs. Valley Basic vs. Valley Las Vegas vs. Valley Eldorado vs. Valley Valley vs. Clark Vo- Tech vs. Valley Rancho vs. Valley Valley vs. Gorman Chaparral vs. Valley Valley vs. Western Valley vs. Basic Valley vs. Las Vegas Valley vs. Eldorado Clark vs. Valley Valley vs. Vo-Tech Valley vs. Rancho Southern Zone Tournament State Tournament Psa ,K Q : aYe,,,,,.ji5av H . ig i 1.45 X. Av TOP ROW L TO R: Coach Schlekewy, Robert Williams, Don Marcus, Randy Levine, Anthony Swift, Lance Hurley, Adrian King, Lydell Plu- mer. BOTTOM ROW L TO R: Dave Reed, Will Martin, Darrell Martin, Darrel Griffin, Tracy Nee. PRESHMA Schedule BASKETBALL Eldorado vs. Valley Gorman vs. Valley Valley vs. Gorman Chaparral vs. Valley Valley vs. Rancho Valley vs. Eldorado Valley vs. Basic Valley vs. Gorman Valley vs. Chaparral Valley vs. Rancho Valley vs. Eldorado Basic vs. Valley Valley vs. Gorman Chaparral vs. Valley Rancho vs. Valley The Freshman Basketball team had an extremely suc- cessful season this year, considering the fact that they were a young and inexperienced team with a minimal number of team members. What they lacked in experi- ence, however, they made up for with team unity, pride and hussle. Their ability and hussle was only surpassed by their team effort. The team improved progressively through the season and they show a great promise for the Varsity and IV teams at Valley in the future. Sports 245 IST ROW: h Diana Ragan, Vinitta Lawhom, Regina Ratigan, Adrienne Harris, Tajai Gleason, Alma Minter. ZND Bev Rambifufe 3u9mPf ROW: Coach Ullenbruch, Debbie Anderson, Sue Dobbins, Melody Davis, Andrea Liebl, Morag Logan, Sharon Ragan. NOT SHOWN: IoAnn Lewis. ii!! 'w Regina offers her assistance. 246 Sports "The party's at my house" iv 1 is 'R 1 basket- "Another Wilt?" Girls' Basketball The 1973-74 Girls' Basketball Team ended the sea- son in first place for the Sunset Division. Coach Ullenbruch said, "They're a great bunch of girlsf' The girls had a wonderful banquet in which Regina Ratigan was awarded Most Valuable Player, Beverly Rambicure, Most Inspirational, and Vinita Lawhorn, Good Sportsmanship. Coach Ullenbruch added that Regina Ratigan was the highest scorer, averaging 11.4 points per game, with a total of 194 points. Regina, the only Sopho- more, made All-Conference Honorable Mention. Beverly Rambicure scored the highest in free throw shots. Schedule Valley 40 Boulder City 32 Valley 43 Chaparral 18 Valley 34 Clark 30 Valley 30 Western 32 Valley 60 Las Vegas 39 Valley 47 Eldorado 31 Valley 41 Basic 60 Valley 57 Rancho 53 Valley 67 Vo-Tech 22 Valley 58 Gorman 19 Valley 61 Boulder City 36 Valley 60 Chaparral 29 Valley 58 Clark 38 Valley 63 Vo-Tech 22 Valley 61 Gorman 32 COUNTY TOURNAMENT Valley 78 Eldorado 39 Valley 48 Basic 63 -..,M'-. A .k Regina Ratigan Melody Davis 1.-:DN lt's a bird,it's a plane, it's Superchick. -4---an--..u....., Sports 247 1 r r BOTTOM ROW, L TO R: Patti Rasmussen, Irene Maslow, Ava Hirsch, Sue Polis, Doreen Nino. TOP ROW: non-member, jackie Jacquemond, Maggie Ruiz, Sharon Moore, Sue Harris. BOTTOM ROW L TO R: Gregg Corlyn, Dave Kline, Scott lngerman, TOP ROW: Steve Thacke, Howard Basch, Arthur Lavery, Shawn Donovan, Bill Brazoni. 248 Sports -1 Schedule Gorman vs Valley Valley vs Chaparral Valley vs Boulder City Clark vs Valley Valley vs Vo-tech Valley vs Western Rancho vs Valley Valley vs Las Vegas Eldorado vs Valley Valley vs Basic Valley vs Gorman Chaparral vs Valley Boulder City vs Valley Valley vs Clark Vo-Tech vs Valley WX xx Valley's bowlers "had a ball" this year, showing a suc- cessful year as the outcome. Practices were held at the Showboat Hotel with their games also being played there. Valley played every school in the Sunset division twice during the season, and the teams in the Sunrise Division once. The season lasted from the beginning of Novem- ber through the end of February. Sports 249 250 Sports ff ,Q LL., ....l"" Valley Vo-Tech Clark Valley Gorman Valley Eldorado Valley I.-R: Alma Minter, Regina Ratigan, Tajai Gleason, Mary Zavalney, Kelly O'Quinn, Carolyn Munson, Debbie Anderson, Jeri Richardson, Sue Dobbins, Beverly Rambicure, Melody Davis, Paula Walquist, Cherie Vick, Tina Reasbeck, Barbara Salisbury, Miss Close. Chapparal Western vs Valley Valley Rancho vs Valley Valley Chapperal vs Valley Boulder City Valley vs Vo-Tech Valley Valley vs Clark Las Vegas Boulder City vs Valley Valley Valley vs Gorman Basic "'F"'ln snug, l mu :gun ine H5127 new 2 1- em i.1Q,,,'s ", 39,3 The '74 Girls Volleyball Team went through the season with a record of fifteen straight wins, no losses. These girls, all of equal talent, would show their opponents the proper way of seeding, setting, bumping, and power spiking. The team went to the Zone Tournament with the first place seeding. Valley's volleyball players are praised by Miss Linda Close, mostly for their teamwork and spirit. The remarkable thing about Valley's team is that three of the top six girls are non-seniors. Tina Reasbeck is a sophomore, while Bev Rambecure and Cherrie Vick are juniors. The senior starters are Sue Dobbins, Debbie Anderson and Jeri Richardson. Sports 251 ' ls 9 f"""3'!!Zg?f3w 0 W -1 Vicious Valley speeds by Vegas Qand wavesj. f A' sm! X i l ' -JE ' A .mln "Don't hurt hi 4 A Q1 m, sonny," said the on-lockers. How do you handle a hungry man? -Q9 -'Lino i S as 1 eeh. , 2 i ,gawk X . "I 252 Sports ,, ,Mn , ms Heel and toe, slide-slide-slide. Crawford attempts a goal. i ROW 1: Shawn McClure, Alberto Delpac, Sam Melchionne, Ion McDermitt, Oscer Cannon, Aaron Nino, Tom Sarno, Lee Butz, ROW 2: Rancy Sparks, Terry Harris, Ira Ross, Bob VanCampronoll, Allen Caddy, Jay Bang, Scott Gonzoles, Zeric Martinez, Steve Irwin, Dave Caruso, Donald New- man, ROW 3: Pete Malve, Frank Cocchi, Ion Ashford, Byron Crawford, Brad Roberts, Iohn Allen, Scott Laub, Arnal Kennedy, Bob Ashlock, Ron Curtis, Fredico Gerabaldi, Coach johnson. The Valley High School Soccer team, coached by Coach Johnson, showed their talent as a team this year Not only did they work well as a team, but each boy showed his own talent exceptionally well. Through determination and hard hours at practice, the team ex- hibited devotion and spirit to Valley High School. The team had a successful season with an overall record of 9 wins and 2 losses. Outstanding players on the team are Zeric Martinez, John McDer- mitt and Shawn McClure. Schedule Chaparral vs. Valley Valley vs. Rancho Valley vs. Clark Valley Bye Valley vs. Gorman Western vs. Valley Basic vs. Valley Valley vs. Eldorado Gorman vs. Valley Valley vs. Chaparral Valley vs. Las Vegas Clark vs. Valley Valley Bye Sports 253 QQW r ef We K n I nw ,M Q V W ' Hold him, he's biting my hand! 1 wonder where it went? W fi? J u 4 '11, L w. r wwwwrwwwdggwww N4 an N' ,fur fxmsmwmnnnm 8, fwfr,-stef! , r l .,s I sw M N W 1 L A sim fr Q02r QP 254 Sports johnny "The Rocket" McDermott, breaks Valley's record. , as Hifi' K , . , - ., T .... . . . ,. V - I -ill . ' 'f..1:- ,:- ' Qj L. " - N- 1. ,,..,, ,f . ,ug .. . . , ,g5.Q..6.: kr... L .. Wt . I , BOTTOM L TO R5 Greg Crawford, Sam Melchionne, Oscar Cannon, Glen Newbry, Gabe Martinez, Greg Priest. TOP l. TO R7 Terry Harris, Gary Sabo, Ron Geiger, Scott Ferguson, Steve Irwin, Mike Saliny, Bart Roberts, Braxton Packett, Coach johnson This years Junior Varsity Soccer Team, under the ex- pert coaching staff of Valley's Coach Johnson and Coach Hart from KO, had a disappointing season but hope to make a comeback on the Varsity team next year. Several outstanding players added to the betterment of the team. They are Tom Sarno, Oscar Cannon, and Bart Roberts from KO. These players, along with the rest of the team, were honored at the annual spring soccer awards banquet by the Soccer Bunnies. Schedule Valley Valley Gorman Valley Valley Eldorado Valley Chaparriel Las Vegas Clark Chaparral Rancho Valley Western Basic Valley Gorman Valley Valley Valley Sports 255 Schedule Eldorado vs Valley Valley vs Kennedy Valley vs Boulder City VHIW Tournament Clark vs Valley Valley vs Western Las Vegas vs Valley Valley vs Basic Vo-Tech vs Valley Gorman vs Valley Valley vs Chaparral Rancho vs Valley Divisional Tournament Zone Tournament State Tournament 256 Sports Er- : K 1 x ,Y .,,, 'I' ' ff , , , , 43, . 42-,5,V,m,..i.5,fg.,,,ff-mtg ,,fw,, fr, .' 5,11 - wi.if'fff"fiff'T5,w. Q.. -if 1Eff1:"7f?Ll' 'i'J"1V5"d, if is., .. ' -1' .,r',,T-L..f ..-fa-M -1. i . gsm i . .,.1s,,,.,,x f. , k v, sts. . n Maw-. 1. - . ., is ,1-- K ' ' K ..., ,.,-,. .. mf- .1 f 1 1 .W Nwmmmm l 3 2 c ' ,. Valley's Varsity Wrestlers finished another un- defeated season this year with an impressive overall record of 51 wins and zero losses. This was achieved by a lot of long hard hours of work at practices, tournaments, and matches. Through determination and much guidance by Head Coach Duane Loesch and his assistant Mike Juarez, our boys went to the State Tour- nament in February and won for the fifth con- secutive year. Sports 257 IST ROW L TO R: Robby Close, john lroz, Danny Wyman, Brian Martin, john Riley, Steve Bakke. ZND ROW L TO R: Coach Loe- sch, Mike Monsour, Cesar Garcia, Leonard Beadle, Steve jones Scott Hoover, Hal Thompson, Paul Geiger. THIRD ROW L TO R Richard Astern, Kerry Okelberry, Eric Bowman, Dave Smith Robby Land, Steve Johnson, Steve Killian And Eskin, Tim Dun- f Y agan, Mike Paglia. 'W' 258 Sports QR FW i 1 f 'Q Q V, ' Amkq u ,,ilig:g.,L2 - K -iff'1if1zfff5? Hg ,E -5 5 ls Mg., 1' ,f mi f " gr Wldtlll ,,,,,, ...ull . 'Un A I,-mi - fig Us V AMAHKZW iii . l IST ROW L TO R: Richard Clark, Charles Bakke, Mark Wager, Ron Singer, Steve Crawford, Brad Millisor,Roy.Saunders, Bill Botos. ZND ROW L TO R: Mike Whitney, Sam Bakke, Calvin Chituras, Mike 260 Sports McGrath, Robert Miller, Steve Strobeck, Brady Davies, Don Warren. THIRD ROW L TO R: Eric Carter, Jerry Maccioli, Clay Harrison, Richard Patrick, Danny Monsour, Brian Rollins, joe Palmieri . . WRESTLI Coached by Head Coach Duane Loesch, the Junior Var- sity Wrestling Team put forth many hours of work and practice to give themselves an impressive record for the 73-74 season. Because of their success during the past year, we have a bright outlook for the upcoming varsity team. The students at VHS extend their congratulations to these wrestlers for ajob well done. Schedule Eldorado vs Valley Valley vs Basic Valley vs Boulder City Vo-Tech vs Valley VHIW Tournament Valley vs Moapa Valley Moapa Valley vs Valley Gorman vs Valley Clark vs Valley Valley vs Chaparral Valley vs Western Clark IV-Tournament Las Vegas vs Valley Rancho vs Valley Mu ........av-.ix-... uw mat! Skogifl, in ga.. if U Q ,X W XX 'A ,,,,. :KJ ,,, 1... 54' -If-f75'M 7 Sports 261 u f ,e QQQQM , . av-MW 'iszvsifiha FRONT ROW: Eric Schlacks, Andy Eskin, Robert Gallagher SECOND ROW: Richard Martinez, Terry Ybarra, C-ordy Weakland, Steve Bowman, Coach Punk. ,433 1? .Lu "" 'N Wait up guys. . f- - - L ?i ,T sw, gsn ixi - H-1 .wifi K K A, i '5'Y?iH35ii2f?i55f11i1'1 X Bewildered, Steve Bowman "Valley's in the lead!" Where's everyone going? u .g,ilt -p it-, onli.. -- -- D cali. c-xml 1 .2 .1 . . N T S H il-an i. i Valley strides for the gain. Schedule September, 1973 Friday, 14 Las Vegas at Valley tLost Friday, 21 Valley at Chaparral tWonJ Saturday, 29 Clark Invitational tLostJ October, 1973 Friday, 12 Western at Valley Kl.ostJ Friday, 12 Rancho at Valley fLostJ Friday, 19 Valley at Eldorado 11.050 Friday, 26 Southern Zone Cross Meet November Saturday, 3 State Cross Country Meet, Reno tTerry Ybarra State Individual Championj Valley's Cross Country team kept their reputation as being one of the best teams in the district this fall, with Terry Ybarra taking not only the Zone but also the individual State Championship in Cross Country. Under the excellent coaching abilities of Dr. Funk, this year's team won many meets and awards. Their skill, as well as their fine sportsmanship and comradship, enabled them to do as well as they did. They proved that Cross Country is here to stay. Sports 263 g h ut t. . ' ' - . ,L,. , Q W . , 1ST ROW: Gordon Weakland, Eric Schlaclcs, Andy Eskin, Bob Parks, Richard Chapman, Terry Ybarra ZND ROW: Eric Ingersol, Ron Wallace Grant Taylor, Mike Iacobs, unidentified, jim Sullivan, Helmut Van Brode. JRD ROW: Warren Stief, Terry Thomas, David Reed, Lionel Bell non-member, Dan jones, Don Cole, George Fukuyama, Marvin Patterson, Bob Kesel, Shawn Donovan. 264 Sports BOTTOM L TO R: Vikki Martinez, Debbie Kanaley, Charlotte Stone, Morag Logan. TOP: Briget O'Brian, Stacy Schiller, Esther Smith, Cathy Thorpe, Sue Freeman, Kim Mc- Gee, Trina Ricci, Jodi Bean, Pam Thomas. The 1973-74 Girls' and Boys' Track Team had a new experience this year. Both teams had new coaches. Coach Curtis directed the boys' team while Coach Stenger was in charge of the girls'. The girls and boys were both very enthusiastic about this year's teams. The girls, twenty-five members in all, have a very young team. The majority of the girls going out are freshmen, with a few upperclassmen. The boys have nine returning lettermen and the prospects for the season appear to be excellent. Clark vs Valley Valley vs Clark Valley vs Rancho Valley at Spike-o-Rama in Riverside Chaparral vs Valley Valley vs Basic wf Rancho Western Relays Divisional Meets Valley vs Gorman Southern Zone Track Meets Las Vegas Relay UNLV State AAA Track Meet - Las Vegas i l Sports 265 FRONT: Harry Kick, Brady Exber, Iohn Bokelman, Sam Melchionne, ZND ROW: Tim Hall, unidentified, Bill Oreding, Kenny Thompson, Mike Moore, JRD ROW: Mitch Jaeger, Ed Newman, jerry Burkin, Craig Primas, Pedro Alverez, Jeff Fleitzp 4TH ROW: Iohn Wolfenberger, Ira Ross, Zeric Martinez, Arnal Kennedy, Kevin Kelly, John Difiore, Steve Bowman. Basic vs Valley Valley vs Las Vegas Eldorado vs Valley Valley vs Chaparral Western vs Valley Rancho vs Valley Valley vs Gorman Clark vs Valley Valley vs Basic Las Vegas vs Valley Valley vs Eldorado Chaparral vs Valley Valley vs Western Valley vs Rancho Gorman vs Valley Valley vs Clark AAA Baseball Tournament, Reno 266 Sports The 1974 Baseball team had a very successful year under the coaching skills of Coach Bobier. They were aided by the newly formed Bat C-irls: Robin Hornriech, Lynne Melchionne, Ann Levin- son, Pam Ruby, Lori Ruby, Devon Simpson, Doreen Nino, Debbie Guiterrez, Eve Honsa, Lynn Neitto, Tammie Bradley, and Amanda Smith. The Team was a solid contender with 12 lettermen back from last year. When the players were asked about the team, they said, "We had a good season because we all worked together". M Q - M GIRLS' SOFTBALL FRONT ROW: Jeri Richardson, Kelly O'Quinn, Cherie Vick, Tajai Gleason, Tina Reasbeck, Alma Minter, Debbie Anderson, Sue Dobbins, Beverly Rambicure. BACK ROW: unidentified, Paula.Walquist, Diane Ragan, Sue Polis, Ava Hirsh, Sue Harris, Terri Hall, Mary Zaval- ney, Debbie Massey, Andrea Liebl, Barbara Salisbury. The Girls' Softball season officially begins March 1. The first game is scheduled for March 19 against Gorman. Miss Engen said, "We have several returning players from last season who were most valuable in our successful year -With these girls and the promising new material, our season will hopefully be most, successful once again," Gorman Valley Valley Clark Valley Rancho Valley Eldorado Valley Valley vs Basic Chaparral Valley vs Western Boulder City Valley vs Gorman Valley Chaparral vs Valley Vo-Tech Boulder City VS Valley Valley Valley VS Clark Las Vegas Vo-Tech VS Valley Valley M ay 2.0-24 Tournament Sports 267 t f v 'T4,,,,5 , .. in A" -'Qiow rx? Wil " " H' 'f FRONT ROW: Carolton Lamb, Mike Parslow, Mark Simmons, unidentified, john Sigett, Steve Morris, Sam Bakke, BACK ROW: Allan Lock ery, joe Palmeri, unidentified, Lance Hurley, Korry Bradley, unidentified, Philip Terry, Mike McQuady, Bill Reed. 268 Sports The 1973-1974 Junior Varsity Baseball Team had a very exciting year under the direction of Coach Ferguson. They will send many fine players up to the Varsity Team next year. Coach Ferguson was pleased with the progress that the team made and attributed their success to the spirit, sportsman- ship, and dedication of the team as a whole. J.V. Baseball Team Schedule Valley Valley Gorman Basic Valley Valley Rancho Clark Eldorado Western Valley Valley Las Vegas Chaparral Valley Valley ww-.,,, Sports 269 270 Sports 1973-74 1" 1 a X M Y Coach Boka-Tennis Coach Enkraf-Tennis Coach johnson-Soccer and Football Coach Mannion-Basketball Coach Rice-Basketball Coach Traasdahl-Football COACHES any . ,, A? ar. . , it 1 Coach Bellamy-Golf Coach Bobier-Baseball Coach Curtis-Track Coach Juarez-Wrestling Coach Loesch-Wrestling Coach Ullenbruch-Basketball Coach Close-Volleyball Coach Keffeler-Golf Sports 271 ,W Tl, 5. 'T' AO. AS" NJA ,,.. I c K 1 HSV. x JIQXK' 5 Q ,J ,',,, vb ff' xx-fx ai , Lf .,,.h 272 Sports .M ,,x. , wwf SENIDR PARENT Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Antonacci Rev. and Mrs. C. Alexander Mr. Sal Bart Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Basler Mr. and Mrs. John Blood Mr. and Mrs. Pete Brady Carl and Elsie Butler Dr. and Mrs. Don L. Christensen Dr. and Mrs. Don Clark Mr. and Mrs. Prank Cocchi, Sr. Dr. and Mrs. Chelsey R. Davies William and Ann Demitrieff Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Drakulich Mr. and Mrs Dunaway Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Leo Diamond S al Dimino Michael Gerald W. Eddards L.B. Fenton Dr. Sam and Assemblywoman Jean Eord Mr. and Mrs. Milton Friedman Mr. Micky M. Fudii Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Gallagher Mr. and Mrs. Gail E. Gibson Mr. and Mrs. R.C. Goff Mr. and Mrs. James H. Gottfredson Mrs. Nevot O. Gregory Mr. Buddy Grover Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Hall Mr. and Mrs. R.E. Harkins Dr. and Mrs. Wm E. Harrison Mr. and Mrs. C. Higgins Mr. and Mrs. B. Hilliard Mr. Warner Holfeld Dr. and Mrs. Theodore Jacobs Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Ralph D. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Jory Mr. and Mrs. Lee Karres Mr. and Mrs. R.B. Kimball Qorothy A. Ru PATRCDN PQW Wayne King Mr. an 2, S h ort Kirsch C d R Mr. and Mrs. L O arl bert DDN T MQVE IMPROVE' 1lllIll mans EI Ea ER ' 3' nh Q Z 5 XX fg IIQZQIQIVI -Q52 M Ianni!-A ROOM ADDITIONS GARAGES CARPORTS FAMILY ROOMS TACK ROOMS PATIOS LANDSCAPINC CABINS We Do It All' LET OUR 3 GENERATIONS OF KNOW HOW GO TO WORK FOR YOU RE CALL NOW FOR MEMBER OUR MEANS AS REPUTATION FREE ESTIMATE MUCH TO US AS YOUR HOME MEANS 734 8130 T0 YOU FINANCING EASILY ARRANGED LICENSED BONDED INSURED PERUSSE CONSTRUCTION CO OOO 5 Q Ill 4 " Q jr' I' 7 .1 r lx' " - R f 3'-A-Y Q ' ' " ' I I' - I-A , '- - 2 I., I ls'.?A'.- - --0-4.-- 0 O 0 I O 0 0 I WW 0 ICCIIICI ll NEW!! I. HOTELEND COUNTRY CLUB LAS VEGAS With wishes for your continued success W W . I r' Nffzm f g-'O 46' Ii:-0 c WVQW X500 - ' UORYA Cjxxfxvk Congratulations 1974 Grad- Aj, uates. We're proud of you Ov' Qofxdf and your academic accom- V plishments. 0 u xv i MS ,, ff 21,5582h:u'1.:?.21zngxu:"7gi5 a In XXX XX X , X XX ,Newdfn Nargexvuewspupev X digg ,- L Q 1fz'V1:WJo11mv4z J , fi wx , x ' Yu . 9 W MTW Q . Q l r alntrll nlaphnna company lGIDWiIIQmfll0l'I0lCIllVllTlllPhDvH5UflllUl!COIp0Illl00 Ads 277 HOTEL AND COUNTRY CLUB GOOD LUCK SENIORS I , . App X V ii rib? ' 4 C, 'W A fl- 'wf ig. -MSL L1-J--2 q 5 v rss. .J . - e. tw gg. , . V K page 5 tt? Iii V A l1a1."s 4 1 f. ii i it ., v ' Uwnmil vv"' HCUL'AY?,g mil . -,, ,H V W . " QL. .-. ' ,QW-,., PATRGNS Mr. and Mrs. Keith Campbell Miss Lula Davis Francis P. Grenn, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. McDonnell Eve Michelas Dr. and Mrs. Mindlin Susies Beauty Nook Pat Clark Pontiac Wendels Hobby Shop Wendels Hobby Shop From the top of our mast To the bottom of our moat Good luck to your class And register to vote' IVZN was "m'A'-rms-m X u,,,..----'G' HGLIBAY BASIN R. Goldwaters Men's and Women's Apparell Good Luck Seniors Mr. and Mrs. George and Martha Williams Congratulatlons to the Class of Nathalle Reallty Ruppert Wishes to the Class of Michelas Afnartments Good Luck and Best 74 280 Ads ., Y ,,:...,, ,,, ,- - ., - CQl1gI'atulatl0nSl f X li'UH X TAKE Il' WHFRFVER YOU 60' LAS VEGAS TONOPAH RENO STAGE LINE INC 255 AR HoNe3a 3fLAsvEGs E I . f f, J z ia I ' ' A , .S '- -.,..,,, -.o W 1. 0522. X X 29' Ek . - - I . 92 T W T AVENUE f P 4-12 O A , N VADA Bes is es Graduates 0 1 er reet North Las Vegas, Nev. Elder au eH Parson, Pastor Vegas View Church of God IH Christ 19 6Gl'd St 642-6211 C1 d . Earl's Detail Shop 1so1E F N d 89 to the Class of 1974 from the Soccer P1 W Bunnies . remontSt. Las Vegas, eva a 101 384-9652 Good Luck and Best Wishes o ish, ax Interior, Engine tw. h 1974 p Ads 283 Love and Best Wishes to the Seniors From the 73-74 Cheerleaders Laurie, Rhonda, Terry, Shelley Debi, Carlene, Laura, Heather and Susie CLASS OF '74 fix From Your School Yearbook Photographer !' s Wm -ffpk WV ada Zch ooi Porfraifz X a division of POFITRAITS by HOIVIER MARGARET HOLZWOFZTH 734-9603 3661 Maryland Parkway Suite 106 Las Vegas, Nevada Sales, Service, and Complete off road Accesories I .5 3475 Boulder Hwy 457 0343 Suzukl Husquvarna Penton Bultaco K Q in 'ii II cvcu.'E sALEs 0 XX Ads 285 286 Ads 4 World 5 Finest Resort A RECRION Resort fi wvgwgwu gs H... l VV QL S I Avi. Qrt VJ lk Eastgate Pharmacy Record Plant and , Old World Gift Shop Albertso ns Ads 287 288 Ads Wi' 313333 4 'Q'-fi 'GW H+-51-e M, M2 ,555 Nm Q5 Kgyfgff aww wk Q2 Wfxvx M ZW, C1rcus-C1rcus Casmo The Local Famlly-Type Casmo Jay Sarno-Pres1dent Carl Thomas-Casmo Mgr x. '53 if P, Eau KJ 3 T ffl QXQA fr ,,. Q u ,L Y' CONGRATULATIGNS TO THE CLASS CDF 74 Wyawydfdw-57x TCDAYS ARMY AN ALTERNATIVE I M YOUR UNITED STATES ARMY REPRESEN VE Sgt R1chardA Godfrey I v' if Q v 'CAs xl 4 MCC C Re ltyl an e a 40 . Spencer JUST LIKE VALLEY... NUMBER ONE LAS VEGAS IN SOUTHERN NEVADA CSLH Factory Air Cond1t1on1ng, Inc. UQ wigs avzlyc sanyo Q97 air conditioning and sheet metal work 'O Q L . -1 om gf sales and service C 2967 Westwood Drive ' an f Las Vegas, Nevada 89102 -1 L, N 'U 735-7777 'A ff- N X 145' SWQW u 1, 0,45- , . . . 5 Carmella S Styles of D15 t1nct1on L 6 0,124-1,9 6 894309 'N' 96" Specializes in made-to-order fashions for Women. Evening gowns, prom dresses, etc. 5200-2 Boulder Hyway Las Vegas, Nevada 89122 290 Ads Cl- Af 'TS ll FROM IIIIEIIIIIY W aft in MNg,,Y5 Qcfnd 2 3 A Lx avg! B66 N IIHIMIIR q Q-II Q'- H T525 "' My-ni .-unL..A..L,Nfx,g Ads 291 Th gf ldd t r p bt lyr h ld f tl g ght bl h' t p trh th hthgh as-lawasp CZDGSCI1' HOTEL H TEL WN 5711136 SILVER lAhLl?3ln,4tRK HOTEL SLIPPER HUGHES HQTELS and CASINOS Th H ly he C use Sl' If h XXX I ff my if raw- Thanlc you, Valley, for all of your enthusiastic help during our years at VHS. We love you. Long Live The Class of '74!! if i if D 4 R w L Au Compliments of Beth LAS VEGAS NEVADA 1801 E. Fremont 89101 384-9652 or 649-2.72.0 Construction Maintenance Waller and her friends 4660 S DECATUR BLVD LAS VEGAS NEVADA 89103 NUMBER ESLP Maintenance Co. 294 Ads JERRY ROY General Manager KENO RADIO 1460 ejb came is A F' do Maur We 'choke hammer. ' -I f ""f..,J I1 ' ff .H-ffyk .1 ' " -, ' 'Pr X I I ' A gm A i ' 1 , 1 l 4 A I " ' A V. 7. 1 - 6 " if " "Z,lf.lf'i"' " . ' 1 ' ,4-fs:',ffiT . -ff , l f -- 'A A f.:-Qs. we if-.,-'efK'I'. ,. jj, ll . l H.-. ' I ,' I lt I . - ,T - 0 w I Ji.:-J lv l ln L 'L VHS Speech and Theatre Departments Thank You For Your Contributions Adams Maytag Clegg Shop Nancy's Playhouse AdVSffiSil'1g A365961 g Figure Control Salon N-Y- Basel BOYS' Iflc- Al Phillips Green Shack Nevada School Portraits Art 8: Frame- Hard Hat Anita M. Papagfa Barrel , oll.fp g Heads lii Threads Pl-!PSi-C018 Ray D. A iiii E lii of the City of Las Vegas T-P- Real E5fHf9 Call it Ji: g Jones RiChafCl'S Shoes Inn Mrs. Enulio Seri Crystals Oils Pharmacy Stale Farm IHS- C0- Cue Clubs ' - fst iii't it Fertilizer Co., Inc. Sl0fl9Yl5 D.P. O'Bannon ff La Vogue Beauty Salon Three in the Attic Danny's Joseph Magnin eg .yge iii lflf- Duffy's it Mel Aire it Chips Dunes M-G-M Grand Hotel C Valley Mobil Bill M.C.M. Fur Salon it VlCf0f'5 IUC- faa . The TCPGE Drugs I: ashion Midnight Sun ..l, Nu trition Fools . 1 .ftrl Iviontgomerl' Wards it Wholesale Grocers S.P. 1 Mr. Phillips Hearth 8a Home Fun Sr. Shiips, Uftlimited Music City A CTBFUGTS Ads 295 296 Ads S and Kuhn' gp-lr NEW' EHS? Congratulations Seniors Mid KEITH EDWARD FARRIS ARCHITECT A Member of the American Institute of Architects 17021732-4440 4055 Spencer St. No. 126 Las Vegas, Nevada 89109 A A ceaai A EVA THOMAS AND KERRY MONROE MODEL CUSTOMIZED Cu5,o,,, pmed T-shim JEANS AND TOP A SPECIALTY OP WOMEN S LIB NO TWO THE Drop by ,and see our air brush artist SAME SIZES 1 13 ALL THE BEST JUNIOR LINES IN ONE PLACE Pamt logs of diferent deS'g"5'.P1uS posters, incense and unusual things. Women s L1b Boutique 3025 Las Vegas Blvd So fAcross From the Stardustj 1 I Ads 297 298 n..,' 1 SENIOR WILLS I, Adrienne McNeal, being of sound mind and body, and glad to leave, will: To Debbie, you and Lornie all the happiness in the world. To Beth, Mark, and all the foxie PI's you see. To Mr. O., my great dancing. To Robin T., a mouthful of ice. To Leslie, Good Luck Like I had To VaI,'i.3a new car.2fTo all juniors and gqph- mores, good luck. You jerks are going to need it. I I I I, Nancy Mateik, of unsound mind and unbinding body, do be- queath the following: To Becky Adams,,jBrandans at 6:30. Tolvlr. Piggotslonion. and bacon bits, quicker fheal-to-the-wall reactions, and my friendship. To Per Hunt, Mr. Poppen's surveys. To Mr Shiller, a few more people like Danna and me to brighten up your class. To Mr. Poppen, more people like me to do your survey and an extratrset of keys to open your room 'ill' for smart kids who want their grades. To Dear Mr. Piggot, more 2nd sememster lectures, more people like Em, Deb, Nico, and me, and a new bullentin board. To Mrs. Neely, more kids who don't like the words "Class Closed",,and the VIPs. To Mrs. Ellisomrsomeone else to comment on new hair styles. 'And to Valley High, Bill and floating schedules. And more nuts like me. We, Kim and Michelle of sound mind.. .? and able body! will to the following: To Donald"Newman and Mark Thomas, more nights in the park and good luck. To Jeff Fleitz, "a little atmos- phere", hang over remedies, a beautiful companion, and a bigger car. To Terry and Cordi, their own parking stalls. To Brad Osgood, a gallonof vodka collins, more nights with PJ., and a stocking and a golf ball. To Scott Tuchman, a fire hydrant to use instead of trucks. To john and Vicki, happy days and "loving nights". To Patti and Nancy, more Cary Lewis records, an empty house and a case of beer. To Dean Child, an escort girl to take to the Sr. Ball. To Susan Andrich, a fantastic Sr year! To Rosemary, 25 guys per year, and a lot of luck! To Terry Baratz, a guy who likes to listen a lot. To Phyllis johnson, good luck, happiness and Brad. Kathy Kulas, good luck in the years to come. And we leave Valley High . . .with pleasure!! I Kim Maquire, being of gentle mind and curvasious body leave: To lim, my passionate flame, I surrender all my memories of treas- ured moments wehave spent in tipid yearning dr devout love. To Michelle, many more happy and fun times together, all the luck and happiness in the world and a life of flying together. To Mark, your other half Michelle, good luck and many more years of friend- ship. To Kerry O., a free taco. To Wayne, more parent parties and long talks. To Debbie F., good luck, more years of friendship, and a night with Mickey Mouse.And to the Brandans, I Ieavef, , . Ashoe for you, Kim. I, Thornasybeing of strong mind and unique body, do herebyhleave to: Mary, our marraige and the memories of our wonderful nights together. Tina, a bananna and a heart attack from the time we almost got caught. Jo, my thanks for taking me on a wonderful date. Mike, party trips to the lake and a pound. Ann, nightfin Kenny's backseat. Kenny, a trip to Utah and much thanks for the use of his backseat. Kim, Taco Bell and a night in the park. Brad, my unlucky charm, 7 attempted arrests, 10 cases of beer and nights of Preemont. Rose, her virginity and a kiss at Straw Hat. Sheryl, my promise never to tell, a poster and a sweet 16' kiss. jeannie, a game of tackle in the park and a candle. Bob, a girlfriend, and '7 paks of gum. To Ieff, Dorothy, boozing nights, and many women. To Pam, our much talked of shower and our three almostdates. To Andi I., a wonderful summer. To Bill H., a carton of cigarettes, hours of problem solving and an apart- ment. To John, seven years of friendship and the angel he's not. Dear Dot, Gilbert and jeff, a speeding time, my gargage disposal, monthstof silence, my visor, and lots of love. To Don, Norma, Joanne, Mickey's big mouth, Fremont, a duck and tetracycline. I, Ken Thomoson, being of sound mind and body, do bequeth the following wishes and or possessions to the aft mentioned per- sons. To Io Dickerson, I leave my fond memories of Huntingon Beach. To Phil Sobel, I leave my dog Ralph, my five gallon boda bag with a lifetime supply of strawberry soda and much thanks for the rules to a game called "Troll". To Patti Moore, I leave the nickname "Crisco". To Mr. Bobier, I leave my butt, which I worked off the him in football and baseball. P.S. I still think I should be captain of the baseball team. To Nancy White, I leave the initials D.T. To Tina Teodora, I leave a rice patty over looking a tennis court. To Mark Thomas, I leave the back seat of my car and a free pass to the Saturday night drive in. To Lesley Borne, I wish she'd find her own boyfriend instead of using "Sharons". To Kym Krause, I leave my fur lined underwear for those cold ski trips, I leave the Ski Club and the know how to keep it going. To Anna Matvay, I leave my sense of humor and the ability to breath through her ears because if it rained her nose would fill up and she'd drown. To Craig Roles, I leave an understanding women, two cases of Strawberry Hill and a lot of snow. To Kevin English, I leave a cure for Senioridis, as diagnosed by S.A. and S.A.M. To Brady Exber I leave my baseball fleets and socks for letter speed in the outfield, one free haircut at the Union Plaza, and more hair on his chest. To Sharon Moore, "Sunshine almost all the time and all my love all the time." I, Ieri Richardson, with not so sound mind and not so sound body pass on the following: To Miss Close, I will one hundred roles of white adhesive tape and plastic lifesize blowups of Burt Reynolds and Mark Spitz. To Miss Engen, I will all all my casts and a pair of stilts. To the girls PE office, I leave a year's supply of sunflower seeds. To Mr. Traasdal, I will a leg shaver, a white mouse. Mr. Bellamy, I leave my cheat sheet. My sound mind will be left with Mr. Piggott. To Tina Reasbeck, I leave absent notes, and all my horses, along with a shovel. To Carolyn Munson, I leave springs for spiking. To Mary Zavalney, I leave Dave D. Mar- tino. To Mr. Raetz, I leave a life time membership at "Porters Bar and Grill. To Cindi Ricci, I leave my seat at Bob's. To Paula Wal- quist, I leave someone to keep her occupied while she's drinking. To Shari Vick, I leave a cushioned volleyball court. To Sue Dob- bins, I leave a liquor store. To Debbie Anderson, I leave one hun- dred boxes of kleenex. To Byron Crawford, I leave a box of "Curl free". And last, but not least, to Rick Porter, I leave Pleasent thoughts of our past memories. To you, I also leave a future with happiness without faults. I also leave you with your two favorites, Pokey and a Saint Bernard pup.. I also leave you with myself and all my love which shall stay with you throughout your life. Love Always, leri. . I, Tina Ricci, of sound mind do hereby bequeath to: Rosemary and Jeannie, ten free easy lessons on how to follow cars with out getting caught. Mr Wright, A stack of paper airplanes and a tat- tered Hamlet book. Kevin English, a free lesson at Edna Cray's. Chickie, two used short hand books and my fast hands. Mark Fierro, a less possive girlfriend. Laurie Crain, a more successful roomate and a new "ninney holder." Frankie, a package of Lorna Dune cookie crumbs and a 1000 bills. Darcy Gogert, my poka dotted stick horse. James Chan, my opera window. Sue Dobbins, a silver mine in Good Springs, and a Continental with white walls. Jack Rappaport. A pound of anything you desire, and a bronze hockey stick. Joanne, Cindy Ricci, all the blonde foxes. Byron C., a private tour of Boulder Dam, a big green sock and some hot pink scants. I, Joy Settlemoir, being of questionable mind and body, do here- by bequeath the following items in this, my final will and testa- ment: To Mrs. Neely, I leave my problems and my name tags. To Mr. Moses, a clothing color coordinator. To Mr. Poppen, tran- quilizers wfor his neurotic dog. To Mr. Orgill, the key to my filing system, To Mrs. Jacquot, all of Debbie G. lst year transcriptions. To Mrs. Lane, a coffee cup that recites Emily Dickinson. To Mrs. Harker, a "diagram of a tree" and a bouquet of roses. To Miss Davis, a self-cleaning ceramics class. To Mr. Bellamy, a stereo headset and Brut. To Jeanne, a Datsun 26OZ. To Kim, many hap- py "bounces". To my mom and dad, I leave my love and a life- time of happiness. To CB. I leave a lifetime of sunshine, love, and me. I, Paulette Stanga, being of sound mind and body leave the fol- lowing to my classmen: To Frank Cocchi, a button saying "I'm a supper soc, are you?" To Mark McDonald, Hurricane Smith, 14 songs from Funny Girl and the biggest "Buzz" possible. To Terri Drakulich, an award for hanging a BA at the Governor's dinner. To Rhonda Bledsoe, recognition for having guts to stay in cheer- leading with Laurie Davies as head. To Laurie, lessons to be a good head cheerleader. To Luther, a golden key to the Senior head. 'Fo Georgie Cflasper, the C AND H Sugar Company. To Billie LeBaron, his own turbin shop featuring Tamu! To Robbie Maloney, Thanksgiving Night, his own bakery, and a bottle of instant fling. To Wayne Webb, Homecoming. To Dorothy Gallagher, a job with rent a hostess. To Bruce, guts to tell Patti what really happened on New Years. To Danny Shearin, the title Dr. Dan and stock in the Planter's Peanuts Company. To Nancy White, a book on ways to use your friends to get a boyfriend. To John Embry, hopes he will use his fantastic brain. To my great friend Sue Crawford, I leave March 17, 1973, room 733, and of course, Harry and Randy. Donna Strango, will and bequeath all my travels during my high school years to all lower classman who have not had the ex- perience of touring the United States from East to West while try- ing to complete graduation requirements in your different states at five different high schools. I, Howard Basch, do will to my brother Marty all my parapheni- lia and good times at Valley High. I, Libby Cellini, being of Italian descent, leave the permanent indentation of my pinching fingers on Ricky Lujan's butt. I give my Geometry book back to "Fergie Baby" hoping he'll use it for further references. To Mr. Bellamy, a nice-a Italian Kiss-a. To Michele, "Everything you do, you do it exceptionally well." To Felice, a copy of Playgirl, Cosmopolitan, and Viva Magazines titid be better than taking a peek in Thriftimartj. To Carolyn, a new door for your car. tI'm tired of crawling across.J To Nikki, lhope you have an eternally clear complexion tSteveJ. To Anne, Winchell Donuts, Kosher pickles and a seat belt for horseback riding. So with this will, I leave Valley. . .with a little tear and a big smile. I, Carolyn Cincotta, being of sound t??j mind and body, do here- by leave to the following people the things they have coming. To Valerie, our better memories, the right side of my car and her own personal cop. To Gay and Todd, a new ----- , the old one must be worn out. To Sue, Debbie Sr Heather, an uncontrollable "Wild- Cat" for each of you. To Phyllis Sr Brad, a referee. To Butch, all my love 8: an apt. with no headaches. To Richard Kaminski, if you only knew!!! To Bruce, Danny, Mark, Robbie, Bill, Wayne, Frank, John, Eric, etc., all the luck in your Big Football game called "Life". To Mrs. Harney, I'm speechless in describing my "enlightened" attitude. To Ricky Lujan, my pinching fingers helping Libby's. To Sherrie, a straight 8: narrow course to follow, happiness always. And of course, to my loving comrades. . .Nikki, Felice, Libby 8: Anne, memories of great adventures 8: great food tlttop, Bob's, Irv. 8: Lou's, Jackies, 8: Vitorio's etc.J, Lots of luck in anything you do! Lastly 8: leastly, to Valley I Leave, . ,Finally!! I, Felicia Friedman, being of sound mind and small body do here- by leave these people the following things: To Mr. Bellamy, all of my love, and hatred of economics. To Tina, a telephone call that I've always promised. To Anne, all of our great memories. To Caroline, a new car, and be strong. To Debbie a lot of luck and my love. To Niki, a clear complexion. To Cheryl, all my problems. To Nancy, many more years of friendship and stories, And to Valley High, I leave all the gossip and many fond experiences. I, Mary G., being of sound mind and of course body, hereby will the following things: To Mark Thomas, I leave all our fond mem- ories for him to remember plus our marriage licence. To John Wil- cox, I leave him my friendship forever. To Curt Carter lalies John Savagej, I leave all the sand in my cuffs. To the person who writes on Big Boy bathroom walls, may he or she never runout of space tif the shoe fits wear itj. To Dear PD., CD, SD, I leave them the book on 100 ways to get along with my sisters, The last thing I will is hope to all Dayton 8: Jerry employees that we'll soon start getting better wages to equal with all the fun we have. I, Darcy Cogert, being of sound mind and body do hereby leave to: Wendy Levine, an invitation-only party. Butch Brown, a life time membership in the Jimmy Dyer fan club. Joanne Orlando, Sam Jose. Karen Wolfe, a night of sampling drinks. Ross Huebner, a new job or weekends off. Debbie Peterson, Southern Comfort and a brown Camaro. Ralph Freund, a bottle of champagne and a wife who won't wash his ID. Heather Ramey, a Vegas soccer play- er and un-breakable letters JK. Lue Harpens, a BA on Fremont and Wildcat party. Cathy Kulas, a skirt that's not all yuckie. Trina Ricci, a pair of rip-off proof sun glasses and a life time of friend- ship. KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: That I, Jeff Gott- fredson, being of poor memory and singed mind, do publish and declare this to be my LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT, superceed- ing and replacing all promises I have twhether drunk or soberj heretofore made: To Carol, I bequeath one Red Triumph complete with mag wheels and stick shift. To Becky, I give all my financial assets, if any. To Elizabeth, I leave my McCuffy Reader. To Ric, I leave membership in the mafia. To Nixon, l give my useless elec- tric blanket. To Adel, I leave my trophy from "The most falls in 299 300 one day" skiing contest. To Ralph, I leave a life-time subscription to Playboy. To,Mrs. Neeley, I give my AH S ----- Watch. To Pat, I give back all the M8rM's I have bought from her. Toilvlr VanWert, I give my worn Bun's Book. To Mr. Scheele, I give nothing but red tape. To Gary, I leave the "Red Badge". To David, I give' splints. To Anna,.I leave the almighty 'A'. TogDebbie, I say "hang in there". But most important, to Valley's administration, counselors, and faculty, I give the relief that this is my last year, and the words "Thank You." I, Mrs. Harney, being of departing mind and definitely not "Sen- ior Body", do bequeath to the following: To D.G. and J.I.., much appreciation for diplomatically reminding me of what I wanted to do. I leave to 'I'.G. and C.P., more time now that theyiare no longer aides. To students from Honors II and English Lit., I leave a re- minder to laugh like Chaucer, to think like Hamlet, and to hope for much more than Gatsby did. I, Dotti Gallagher, being of ? mind and I body, do bequeath the following: To Bill, a space between his teeth, Washington cross- ing the Delaware, a party, wine, .a girlfriend, and some nerve. To Frank, a terrarium to replace the one he broke, the Sophomore GR, and the fast driving award. To Diane Divot, a month of free maid service, a shuttle service to Western, PE Qsay no morel, a shoulder to cry on, all my love and a world of thanks just for being there. To Diane S., Fuzzy, tennis, a backpack, water-skiing, and a car that runs. To jeff, my ex-brother-in-law, a book on etiquette, a dance, your brothers, my Pinto, and my phone number. To Mark S. a razor, my island of beauty, Ripple, Havasupi, Boy Scouts, and some terriffic parties. To Kim, a car, jim, a free bellburger, and Brandan lessons. To Steve, popcorn, a birthday cake, a failure to spike tcoming?J, a hairy chest, Potasi, December 8, just You'N Me, overalls, the bookroom, driving lessons, 2 broken promises, Deidre, my tears, and a Merry Christmas. To Rhonda, a diet, Grants, anything you want in life cuz you deserve it, cruising, a party, patience, Barry Bincett, a wish that things were like they were last year, and lots of love. To Iohn, a pirate ship. sorry for how I hated you, lunch, more thanks than I can give you, Robin. alife- guard, Twin engines, and an elf movie. To Sheryl, Gumby, a cake cutter, some more material, Bob, a poster, memories, and some friends. To Jeannie Sr Mary, a carton of eggs. To Robin, a red dress, Bently, a million guys, Bill, a car, my thanks, and a party. To Paul- ette, a cake, Mrs. Harney, a sunburn, and Chris. To Mark, a blue bike, a one-nighter, Alice, a facial, all my secrets, a watermelon rind, a paper route, a running guitar, some good advice, love and kisses, and a hope that we'll always be such good friends. To Di, the mover award, Stan, and a million dollars. To Tom S., a "dream" night, a kiss and a grab. To Patti, a wild weekend, a perpetual party, a whisper, and some suntan lotion. To Mrs. Marshall, lots of love and luck, a zipper, a short skirt, and a cropper from Touch- y. To Gish, New Years Eve, how's the wife, a hat, and a lotta laughs. To Millie, some guts, Stan, a cookbook, and Cuba. To Dear Don, you nut, a picture with love. To Mrs. Harney, a peach- do I dare? To Nico and Glen, my new book on "How' to destroy a girl's ego", tsee Chapter 7 on what to do if it's the same girl.l Finally Iessie, no I didn't forget you, I leave everything else in my BF-what to say? I'll say it all someday. just keep punningand smiling. Love, Dot. I, Ioni Leamaster, being of silly mind and body, here by be- queath: To lane, the twitters of R.E. and the nite of G.R. To'Steve K., Paul G., and Steve I., a varsity wrestling spot. To Coach Iuarez, an unfilled debt for unlockingithe door tremember?l. To Mat Maids, hope for a more together group, more fun and all the wres- tlers you want. To the Wrestlers, "GOOD" spaghetti, unused mistletoe, good times at Straw Hat, and State Forever. To Coach Loesch, my ghost, an empty 6th period teachers aid, good,Mat Maids, and my sister Kelly Igoodiiluck, you'll need itl. Also my love and thanks for being my good friend. To my beautiful sister Kelly, I bequeath V.H.S., good judgement to pick friends, that someone special iwe know wholl, 'Mat Maids lPres. maybe?J, good memories and not so good ones, Zuni Allstars ILS. and D.R.j, wrestlers, and all my love and faith that you'll survive. Hang in there baby. To V.H.S., I leave behind Kelly and ,lane Iwatchoutl, my thanks, a lot of good memories, and the Best Wrestling Team in the STATE!! I Nikki Karres, being of sound mind, do hereby leave Valley High School GLADLY. I, Cheryl Jones, being the only sane one at Valley, do hereby leave. But, before doing so, I would like to bequeath a part of my personality to the following people: To Mrs. Lane-platforms with six inch heels, my thanks for a wonderful year lexcluding lQafka's "Trial"j, and the best of luck with next year's Varsity Quiz. To Mrs. Harney, my gratitude for recognizing me as myself and not as an extension of my brother, and to Mr. Harney, thanks for help- ing me feel at home during my first year at Valley. To Mr? Van Wert, ten car washes for your Volkswagon. I enjoyed my semester of Western Civ., and I'm sorry I had to drop it. To Mr. Moses, I leave my secret Pizza recipe. Mr. Fitz, what can I say? Mr. Suiter, here's three passes to lectures on "The Right to Life". Miss Ando- lina, to you I leave 32 copies each of "Daybreak, 2250 AD" and "1984." Thank you, Graphic Arts people, for letting me use the copier. Mr. Calvert, best of luck with the incoming freshmen- you'll need it!! Elizabeth, what can I leave to a girl who has every- thing? Happiness always for you and Alan. To Chris Plummer, Brad Owens and Craig Roles, I leave the hope that Jonathan Liv- ingston Seagulls will haunt your every dream. To Mr. Holmberg, I hope you find seventy-seven new chemical compounds. Debbie Gonzales, I leave you a new star for your jeans, a rubberband for your wrist, and a new notebook ICCSDJ. To Mary lane, I leave the same notebook, and to both you and Kathy F., l donate a private beach of your own. Dwana, I leave you a name that's a lot easier to spell and a renewed contract for working at Pier-1. To Terri DeSantis, I send some antibiotics and MediCare. To Mira Costa, I leave 1975. To Bonnie Inman, I leave a first place trophy, and to Suzanne and jeff, I present identical Donald Duck sweatshirts to complete your collection. To TP, I "loan" DS. To Mark Parenti, I leave only happiness and the wish that you may find peace. Let my know. To all youelother speech and drama fiends, the best of luck in years to come. And, finally, to "A" I present ten pounds of chewing gum, IBazookal, and a St. Christopher medal, and to Mrs. M. I leave a 5 year supply of World's Finest Chocolat. And to both of you, thank you for everything. I really appreciate all that you've done for me, Start worrying, . .I will be back. PS: To whomever stole my wallet, I hope you enjoy the pictures I can never replace- Long life and prosperity to everyone, CAI. I, Heather Ramey, being of skinny mind and fat body, hearby leave the following: To Suzy- transmission fluid for 'Pig', a quarter for gas, Bert and Ernie, a nice hot bath, a bowling alley and pool hall, and naturally, "The Lights". To Deb- shotgun, Vegas High, a 1974 brown Camero, an ever-lasting cruiz, a maid, Wendy, Vi- annel, my ankle-turn shoes, and last, Ben and Evelyn. To Butch- a mountain with year-round snow. To Sue Crawford- 3Vz years of friendship, a ski lodge to sit in, a giant-sized phoni, and Bill Le- Barron. To Mary- all my ceramics! To Toni- a good time. To Rob- by Maloney- a fight twe haven't had one in a whilej. To John lrole a summer night in the park. To Pam Ruby- a new bed. To Danny Shearin- a hundred pounds of clay. To Debbie Stone- afinished project. To Darci Gogert- Albert! To Tom Gordon- an annual supply of my "Hellos." To Tina Teadoro- a big, stuffed toy Bran- can. To Miss Clausing- my wicker chair tnow you ,Toro won't have to sharelj To Kathy O'Qu3nn- Mary Beth Higgins. To Val- erie- a giant sized leg to pull, Hubble Gardner, my macrarne wall- hanging, English muffins, two retired Wildcats, and a washed-up Reberta, the picture I stole of Mark, and of course, a hearing aid! And to Kevin, jimmy, John, Tim, Fencetermaker, Albert, and Mark- I Valley Girls. I, Mary lane Kirby III, being of no mind and blossoming body, do hereby bequeath: To Debbie Gonzales, one withered marigold to remind us of times when trophys ruled. To Kathy Flanagan, Lime, salt, and a bottle of Tequila. To jim Dowling, a pair of wings, and to 'A' a jar of MIB coffee to rernernber me by.. To Mrs. Mc- Guire, 25,000 green activity sheets filted out all for the same day, clashing with an atheletic event, all Signed by the Drama Dept. To Madame Mongeot, tu me casse pieds. To Bill, the rent-a-cop, may you always have night-mares about students in your parking lot. To Cheryl, I leave a boo in the stairwell, and also a sexy humor. To Tom Grill, a belt to hold his pantsgup. I leave Bary Forbuss, a bag of oranges. To Leslie DenDooven, aflet Smart Series. To Marc Mieczkowski, a lifetime of Howard Frieburg and Bruce Kirsh. To Duana Posey, a night free of 'A's interrupting in room 322. To Mrs. Marshall, a recording of my Interp. To Valley High School, I leave. I, Jessie Lehman, being of psychological mind and freckled body, do hereby bequeath the following: To Terrie, a FOX of her own. Chris, a can of laughing gas, and a Norweigan girl without rela- tives in Sweden. Kim, a bellshaped taco. Diane, Dennis, Dave,. . . and jeff. Gish, tyou shanishlj a laugh,,a hat, Walter Brennan, un- breakable skiis, and all my love. l.au15ieQ1-Za- Cheer ibig beater of frosting. Michele, joe, 8 kids, friendship, and all the happiness in the world. Rick, Spanish 4 and a Cuban Finger. Rosemary, a guy without a girlfriend. Bobbie, motherly advice and the hopes that I won't be a grandmother before 20, Mr. Calvert, a 5 foot steward- ess. Mr. Edwards, sunshine, a bottomless coffee cup, and a Jewish tank rolling into his office. Mr. Brown, a self-rotating Marquis. Mr. Bellamy, revolution, an ear itch, a mustache, Adam Smith in all his glory, a smile and much thanks. Mr. Piggot, Freud, a girl named Steve, humbleness, and love. Mrs. Neely, a goat named Fred, flowers, Mrs. Ellison, and more thanks than I could ever ask for. Mr Moses, Des Moines Iowa. Steve the ho esthat someda ' . , 1 i ,'.V he'll find real love. Nico, memories, a date withoutiiltatlom, a on "How to Grow Up in Five Easy Steps," a Marshmellow, and himself. twhich is all he really needs.j Glen, a hamster that fights back, a shoulder-to cry on, John Denver, my friendship. . .and the last dance. Millie, globules of fat, Mitchologolvich, midnight talks, coffee at Caesars, baking, memories ofgour friendship, and hopes that we will always be as close. To my iiiii little sister Dorothy, dear Dot, Dottie, or whatever you name is. I leave you sad memories, happy memories, Muriel, tears, puns, poetry, all the laughs we've shared and hope of so much more to come. And to the Senior Pres- ident of 1975, I leave 2 gallons of paint, 158 parking stalls, and lots of luck. . .you'll need it! I, Chris Plummer, being of querolous mind and decadent body do hereby bequeath the following: To the administration I leave Valley High School in its state of eternally evanescent moribundity. To Mr. VanWert, I leave a brownie from Gertrude Stein, a doll from jane Auril, and a manageable ego from R.K. To Mr. Moses, I leave Cashman Ir. High. To an ex-Spanish teacher, a return to teaching or a real administrative position, and many thanks for friendship and advice. To Mr. "A", I leave a bagiof cookies in your desk. To Mr. Juarez, "la Razu", and "remember grasshopper, be like the river.. ." To Mrs. "Lane", I leave Boulder City and to Boulder City I leave our Varsity Quiz Team. john Howe, doyou remember why the Scarecrow went to see the Wizard of Oz? To Mrs. Harney, I leave a pair of ragged claws scuttling across the floors of silent seas, and a film rolling across the floor of room 207. To Craig tBand on the Runj, I leave The Renaissance, eternal friendship, and that sound, "Bong!" To Brad tAmerical Owens, the true profession of D.B., Banjos playin' through the broken glass, and the one real poem-life. To "the count", I leave the Medi- tations of Marcus Aurelius, an 8" by 10" glossy of VanWert, and the piper who'll lead us to reason. To Charisse, I leave one very large oven. To David Steinberg, a Yaqui Way of Knowledge, and a view of the woods through the jaded eyes of UNLV freshmen. To Scot, I leave a "new morning" and its creator. To Toni, the Tro- jans, for what their worth. Mrs. White and Mr. Schlude, NHS officers with more time and fewer obligations. To Pat and her hus- band, eternal happiness. To Dorothy, the future and UNR tnot necessarily in that orderl. To Tanya, I leave my body. To Andie, my love and a vision of the tragic stars. The king started laughing and talking in rhyme. . .To Mark and Paul and tno errorj Paul, I leave the memory of beautiful deserts, and Peep, a quail in the family. To Ric, the party that never was. Whispered softly to the missing Mary Ann, "I love you." Finally, to Jessie, I leave opti- mism in face of the somewhat depressing prospect of reality. Good- bfye Yellow Brick Road. I, Debbie Petersen, being of ? mind and mammoth body hereby bequeath the following: To Heather, "shotgun", an orange spin after our big cruise, and her bery own slanty-eyed sweetheart. To Val, Louie, a trip to AWC, the way things were, and another beautiful snowy night. To Butch, a never ending "search" and a BIG place in my heart. To Mary, a tube of clearasil and a stampede of fury black cows. To Sue Crawford, a white picket fence, two kids, and a marriage to John Allen. To Frank, a book called "So- cializing is My Life." To Robbie, "a little more class," and all the smart remarks I could ever think of. To Bill LeBaron, the dreadful creeping hand.. .ahhhhhh, and a degree in cheating. To Wayne, a promise to do my shopping somewhere else. To Darcy, the hot line to Wendfs houseand another night with "Al". To john Iroz, a friendly glance across Mrs. Harney's room. To Mrs. Harney and Mrs. Harker, two hard but rewarding years. To Kathy Kulas, friendship and the hope she'll have future classes like Mrs. Black's. To Mark McDonald, a couple of jokes to keep us laughing at lunch. And to my bosom buddy Sue, who has put up with me for almogtsix year, I leave memories of happy times. tCruise Onj. I, Patti Moore, being of disturbed mind and unstable body, do hereby will the following: To Mike Iacobs, 40 pounds and more 30 302. curly blond hair, Robin Hornreich, a Bird and our To Danny, Raymond, a case of Strawberryllflill, the Maquire, redlcrepe paper flowers, 200 tacos, Kar- Danny Shearin, a size 7" football helmet. To Tom eye, ing lesson. To Jeff Fleitz, many more fun times the rest house and GR '73, To lanet White, Mike and also o my best O Mr. Qne- to Algeria and Influence to pass along and thouroughly. 0 Robin Koenig, 60 to all the a life size portrait of Bridget Bardot. gf all hail- gn my I leave personal, ro- Freund, solarcaine to ease the bur t a coke To Nico Simponis all Craig Roles black book of gan and Bellamy many mor Andolina, appreciation for thanks for everything. To M Tina Teodora and Lanette he LeBaron, Wayne Webb and all r T clothes to last a life time. To of Aspen. To Eric Ingersol, with members of the opposite store. To Kathy.O'quina, a recepients of my will, I I beer store of his very own times together. To my ley High School, Summer '73 49, Booboo, Johnny lock, T more to come and friendship ic e e osen rry my closest friend, Kim, I I, M' h ll R be , will the following to y d I breakfast every Sunday at m and many happy flying days full of my best love bet er half, Mark, no and many I, Elizabeth Ross, my last will and I To Dave Moore, Rolls biting your shoulder. To and ice-skating. To Mike Kevin, a new polka national Club. To Tina working order. To Scott S.M. To Carla Ford, Kathleen and Steve, too. To Wendy Black, Hobbitts and performing, drive-ins, the "family". I, Mary Salerno, Sue, Cookies, Bill R and Mrs. H., I leave To Heather, a big stick to the bank. To Biafra Deb, To Ms. Leavitt Robert Red- le ave her games personal I and my and WO all of times with parking stall C next year I leave a octor out. T an future boings V.W. T dark a pair of a skirt and Black Jerseys wicked To Mike with Inter- a jaguar in good kiss from Cheryl, ' 'V To s. Clubbers E Russian two, and five And to Mr being of artificial the following: I leav d 21 Hat. Brad . o t and all my musical talent and I leave to To Meg Heart lt to find supply of Roll Over Beethoven 1 e t an original 0 Kenny, I Thomas, a levy of girl," dka col- l leave a carpet so she can that won't fall I illustrious and the I forget, find his not ike to leave and me too! and body hereby will yping eraser and ability to type White, 3,000 bibliography cards. butter sanwiches. To To Vickie El- one folded-up Mrs. Poole, a .f ive minutes "How to take and not so great body here- , salty dogs. Kevkl English, of partially sound mind and body, at time of ,Sheryl Cameron, to have someone to take her on a far away trip. Bill, a cute smile, a fantastic wedding 8: my autograph. Trena Sr Frankie, sold bird and a wrecked Porsche. Michell Harris, Femi- nine mystique lesson. Sherrie Nickell, a Septmember wedding. Mr. Bellaney, a sleeping bag. The the class of 75, my condolences. I, Sue Crawford, bequeath the following: To Paulette tChar- lette?J Stanga, our crazy world of Betsey and Bitty, Big Mac and Twinkle Toes, i'Nellish" "nights and "hubba hubba," potent per- fumes, and buzzin' boys, L4 and 733. To Danny Shearin, a band- up good time. To Mark McDonald, Bill LeBaron and a lot of luck. To Tono, money, matzoh balls, and the memory of Maloney. To Marion Zorn, David Dumb and a lot of "tacky" laughs. To Terri D., peanut butter and what's really in it. To Dani A., Elmira. To Frank Cocchie, cinnamon and anything else that "spiced" up your life. To Robbie Maloney, the song "somethings Burning" and I think it's the girls at Valley. To Heather, John, Jonathan 8: Jeanette, and endless summer and the impossible dream. To Brady Exber, the class you can't buy with money. To Gary and Loring, the famous Physics tromp. To Bruce O., What you want to believe happened on New Year's Eve and to Patti Moore, What did! To Butch Brown, only good things and to certain cheerleaders, only bad. To Kevin English, kisses and to Sue Dobbins, embarrassment. To Wayne Webb, burnt Poptarts and a great night's sleep. To Bill LeBaron, Betty, everything she ever stood for and a wife just like her. graduation do will: Key Club, my pair of boxer shorts for the new innocent on-coming members. Brad Roberts 8: Bill Schulman, .each a Doreen Nino doll to keep them both happy. Mark Schepp- a body razor to slip through every morning before school. Ken Thompson, a pair of elevator shoes so he can look into Shar- on's eyes. Sharon Moore, a can of peas for the "Jolly Green Gi- ant". Joanne Catello, a pair of hand-cuffs for Donald. Donald ?Newman, the key. Jeannie Enders, a larger soccer bunny uniform a life subscription to "Playgirl Magazine". Kathy O'Quinn, a life-size poster of David Maturino. Byron Crawford, freedom and 'a fake I.D. Frank Cocchi, better luck next time. Craig Roles, beauti- ful girls and lots of fun in Salt Lake. Susan Andrich, lots of soccer 'parties and lots of luck. Chris Plummer, a optimistic look at life. I, Kathy Flanagan, sober mindedly do hereby leave: Lisa Meta- deth, a marrage in 2001. To Mary Jane, my book "The Happy Hooker." And to Mary Raftery, the remembrance of the "tongue" in Mira Costa. To Debbie, a rotten bannana. To Dwana, her first love, Howard F. To Jim, a apt. full of love, happiness, and a little help from our friend Tequila. To Valley High, GOOD Riddance. V I, Valerie Forsythe, being of sound mind and questionable body do hearby leave to my friends and enemies the following: To Caro- lyn, many more memories of our everlasting friendship, an apart- ment to share, more classes to ditch, a new door that will open, a bottle of Strawberry Hill, and another Sadie Hawkins Dance. tPitJ Darnell, alias George Jetson, the happy thought that the last For- sythe is gone. To the girls of the world, look our Robbie Romance and to him, a little class. To Butch, my love, a scholarship for foot- ball. To Danny, dancing is the moon light, another class with Nor- dine, and a night of uncontrolable madness. To Toni, another Sunday night at "'BB's", no power, and Dale, Jody and Debbie, a never ending fabric design class. To Mrs, Lane, a sour cream lemon pie and teacher-of-the-year award. Mr. Calvert, the thanks for H sm..f.e..ff.mrs,-1' . . . . iftuiiipgg it -wx,,,f. V: my 1 f your help thru school. To Mr. Bellamy, a book on how to explain international trade. To the selected members of the football team, I leave intrusion of your straw hat by Curt Garham and Company. And to all my teachers, old and new, a year of perfect attendance. Last, but not least, I leave Sue something she likes-a year's supply of gum, a krout dog, and keys so she can keep it cool. Deb, I leave Jifnmy, the love I lost, a repeat night at mycols and a six pack of Colt 45. To you, my Heather, I leave a wickered chair, PAID IN FULL, a picture of Mark so I can have mine back, a DREAM come TRUE of the one you love, a mountain of snow in your backyard all year around, a book of my stories, and the thanks and memories of the best Christmas ever. To all three, I leave many more nights of cruizing, summer baseball games, bundles of shoe polish, tub of water ballons, a quarter for gas, a car made for four in the front, and all the Vegas guys you can handle. To Terry, Kevin and Jimmy G. poster, to swing with a girl from Valley, and the girl to go with it. To Mark and Albert, love and long hours on the phone! I, Mike Trapp, in hopes of returning the favor that J.R., M.V., and G.V. did to me, bequeath to all them the R.B.C. given only be Valley's favorite sport. l, Diane Watson, bequeath the following to the following: Terrie Baratz, Dennis-W.H.S. To Jo Dickerson, sophomore year, perfect 6-some, "Friends" Elton, and Glen. To Frank Cocche, the roller skating championships. To Tom.Gordon, Hungarian Tuna. To Sheryl Cameron, eyewatering talks and "pinkies" To Dorothy Di- vot Gallagher, a rock-out concert starring us, and Chemistry, Bobby Reidell, Annette Funachele, Mageinsky Tullemellow Golf Classic of Lima Bean, and a six pack of frog hair. To Rhonda Bled- soe Bleis, Lake Sahara jet set, Dominic, Sunrise Medical Building, Vodka Collins, show, Satch and Sonny, Clark, Curt, and Ed, Plata Del Ray, Tommy, "George" is the big bear still in the woods? Colonel Klink, Dodge City, all the advice we traded but never took and a sincere wish that you can find true happiness with someone who can give and love as much as you. To Valley Hi, a fond fair- well, you gave me the best years ever. Long Live Valley High. I, Suzie Welling, being of sound body but questionable mind, will: To Tina, a bowl of gold fish and a lifetime supply of T.P.! P.J. a secret kept, a parking stall with top billing, and an appoint- ment at that funny hairdresser. To Karen, a lifetime supply of Kleenex tissues, and a pro-baseball player with a over-developed muscle. To Brad, a bathrobe and a private line. To Tom and John, all my Eskimo Pies. To Tom and all the other Redheads of Valley High, the secret we all share! tshhhj. To the student body of Valley High, the best luck in the future and I hope its as good for for you as it was for me! I, John Wilcox, being of worped mind and strange body leave: To Mark Scheppmann, a box a panty hose, enough golf balls to bill each one, a book of party games, a cold spoon with enough string on it and a bottle of Nair. To Jeff Fleitz, 10 girls dying to go out with him, a "how-to" book on conducting yourself with a girl at a drive-in movie and a bottle of Pepto-Bismal for every girl he takes to the drive-in. To Brad Osgood, a good sport trophy for his fine performance at Key Club initiation. To Kevin English, les- sons on how to control yourself in the presence of young ladies, boxer shorts or not. To Ralph Freund, a year's subscription to 303 304 Popular Hair Styles '74. To Vicki Dernaway, two vodka collins and the rest of the night alone with Robert Redford, the flares in my car, free periods, a home movie kit and "Time in a Bottle." To Phyllis Iohnson, two weeks on the French Riviera with the one and only exciting R.F. To Loring Jacobs, a pack of cigarettes to make him feel like a big man. And when I die, I leave to Valley High my body to contribute to the betterment of mankind. GOD SAVE THE WORLD! I, Barbara Wrobel, leave to Valley an everlasting memory of the class of '74. To Mardy, Mr. Holmberg, old letters, Bob, Puppy, P., Ruby Thomas and fun times. To Barbie, candystriping, a boy- friend, and a fun senior year. To Randy, stenoscript and E.P. To Debbie, Alan and the '57 Thunderbird, To Marleen, Mrs. White. To Elizabeth, her own chauffeur. To Mr. Holmberg, the patience for dummies like me. To Mrs. Neely, my thanks and apprecia- tion. To Tim, I leave Rhonda. To Rhonda, I leave Tim, love, funny notes, friendship, and all the happiness in the world. We, Michael C. Van Tuyl, Gary Vallen, and james R. Rosen- berger, being of insidiously satanic minds and svmmetrically pro- found bodies, do hereby bequeath to Kathy Harney, a six fingered Eqyptian Dung Beetle, to Rudy Schiller, the tsourcel the beetle came from, and to Mike VanWert .... Egypt. To Randy Thorn- ton we leave three slightly used bottles of white shoe polish and a stretched out pair of Scants. To Momma Gregory, we leave lasting memories of her little brats, and to Bill Teeters, some new clientele. With numerous protruding ramifications, we render to William G. Bobier next year's head football coaching duties and 1096 of total sales on his missing textbooks. To Overton Curtis goes a gallon of "bug Juice" and a practically new cake cutter. To Dianne Lochner, we bequeath a bubble gum machine that doesn't give change and to P.T., the guts to fill the machine. To "Bobby" johnson, we leave a box of Wheaties with a Charles At- las weightlifting kit free inside. To Mike Trapp, a slightly "Sandy" French Horn and to Nico Simponis, one free pass to the poor house and a free dinner at Caesar's Palace bussed by Glen Brown. To Nancy Green, we leave the one and only Adolph Schwartz. With fond memories we leave to Aldeane Edwards, a vintigae Feb 2.8, 1974 bottle of Pinot Raspberry Kool-wine and four plastic glasses. We regretfully submit to Brian tB.S.J Shest, a brand-new full- length Letterman's tent. To Karma Neely, we proudly present a free, all expense paid date with Fred the goat. To Karen jones lalias the Blue Ladyj, we endow to her a pair of personally autographed Buba's Chops. To Connie tsmilesj Verchick, we leave a standing invitation .... anytime .... anywhere! .. To Kimmie Roylance, we leave something she can hide under those turtlenecks she al- ways wears and a coupon for the John of her choice. Iohn Arfuso, gets the biggest gift of all, Paul Geiger, tand visa versaj. An air valve goes to our old friend and pal, Craig Roles. We thought about giving Arthur Lavery a hard time, but instead we'll leave him . .. alone. To Kathy Green, we leave Iim R . . To Sam? We leave three of the best band years of his life. To jim, we leave a Prudential life insurance policy, "Got a piece of the rock." To Mike, we leave a bucket of ice water and a gallon of coffee! To Gary, we leave fond memories of his "R.B. OF C.." To Diana "Boom-Boom" Barth, we leave an official set of autographed rol- ler berby elbow pads and one free jam. To Darrell Bellamy, we leave fond memories of the golf team and Steve. And to all the rest of you, we leave! I, Arthur Ioseph Lavery will to Mr. Perogola, you have just lost the services of Arthur I. Lavery. Good luck Valley Bands!! To the Valley Bowling team, quote, Arthur I. Lavery leaves Barry Asher, Dick Weber, Carmen Salvino, Don Iohnon, and Iim Stefinitch. At least that's who I would like to leave to the best H.S. Bowling Teams in Southern Nevada. To Craig Roles, I, Arther 1. Lavery, will get EVEN with you in one way or another. I, Muriel Lehman, in unsounded mind and body, will the fol- lowing to school and my sister and her friends. 113 all cheat sheets!!! Q23 any empty M8z.M wrapers 135 any and all sticky pieces of gum under the desk tops. With all my love, Muriel Leh- man. I, Ric Gagliardi, being of blown mind and body, do hereby pro- claim the following as my senior will and testament: To Craig Roles and Anna Matvay, I leave the valedictorianship of their respective colleges. Better luck next time. To Mr. Schiller, I leave my slide rule and all those physics books I ripped off. To the mem- ories of Thom and Marsh, I leave sanity. To Mr. Calvert, I leave a really bothersome frosh class. To Uncle Monty, I leave a far- out son-in-law and an instant cure for hayfever. To Mrs. Marshall I leave a publications class full of Howards. Ralph, I leave you the greatest party ever not recorded in the history of the world. Let's hope it's a success. To Elizabeth, I leave "alyoshia". What else can I say? Van Wert, I leave my idealism, I think you need it more than I do. Ms. Lane, I leave, finally. To Gary, I leave Aspen, Alta, Snowbird, Mammoth, Etc, a far-out style and "Let's Boogey". Chris, to you I leave the books, the music and the path, away from the Yellow Brick Road. Ieff, to you I leave my sense of priorities, unless, of course, you'd rather be salutatorian. jo Alexis, I leave you influential friends, rides up the chairlift and truth you never knew. SENIDRS Adams, John 81 Adams, Teresa 81 Adrian, Brian 81 Agee, Valerie 67,81,205,318,319 Aikin, Ross 81 Allen, John 57,72,81,253 Allen, Linda 81 Amiano, Jeanette 226 Amis, Kevin 81,222 Anderson, Debra 72,81,246,251, 267 Anderson, Fred 81 Anderson, Margo 81,226 Antonacci, Toni 63,81,212 Armstrong, Chris 60,81 Ashlock, Robert 72,81,223,253 Astern, Richard 81,258 Aye, Nanette 81 Baker, Jody 24 Balor, David 219 Banks, Almetra 72,82,211 Baratz, Terri 59,82,196,222,225 Barber, Bruce 82,226 Barnson, Kay 82 Bart, Sharon 72,82 Basch, Howard 248 Basler, Kathie 57,82 Bauer, Andy 72,82 BECRQH, Terri 57,60,63,72,82,215 Beebe, Carla 82 Bell, Bobbie 82,211 Bellen, Gary 211,226 Bennett, Sherrie 82 Benson, Maureen 82 Bergman, Teresa 57,72,82 Bernier, Debbie 82 Bernier, Pamela 72,82 Bianco, Ana 82,215 Bird, Debra 83,21 1,213 Bivins, Donald 83 Black, Laurie 57,63 Bledsoe, Rhonda 63,71,72,83,190 Blood, Cella 72,83,215 Boardman, Patricia 83,204 Bolgrien, Carl 57,60,83 Bommarito, Geraldine 63 Bommarito, Jolene 57,72,83,215,222 Borne, Leslie 72,83 Borsellino, Kim 83 Bova, LuAnn 83 Bowman, Eric 230,258,269 Boyer, Gregory 83 Bozarth, David 57,5e,e3,72,s3,2o5,21s,2zz Bozoian, William 83 Bradley, Gretchen 57,63,72,83,215,216 Brand, Mark 83 Bravin, Kenneth 83 Brazoni, William 248 Brewer, Ramona 84,198 Britton, Vickie 72,84 306 Index Broadhead, Sheri 89,204 Brochmann, Michele 57,63,84 Brown,Bradley 69,70 Brown, Donna 72,84,215 Brown, Kimberely 84 Brown, Steven 84 Buck, Tina 84,193,223 Buompane, Peter 84 Burgess, James 84 Burkhart, Mark 84 Burson, Mike 84 Bushong, Bryan 84 Butler, Renee 84 Buttle, Joseph 72,84,201 Butto, Kim 85 Butz, Hollice 85,201,202,253 Calvert, Emily 85,196,197 Cameron, Sheryl 57,63,72,85,181,196,197, 199,2.00,223,2.2.5 Campbell, Dale 85 Campbell, John 85 Campbell, MaryKay 85 Campbell, Robert 57,63,72,85 Carpenter, Krynn 85 Carrico, Lee 85 Caruso, John 253 Catello, Joanne 72,85,181,195 Cefalo, Brenda 85 Cellini, Liberta 85 Chakler, Debra 85 Cl'1aI't,JaI'n8S 56,63,85,230,269 Chapman, Richard 72,199,201,202,264 Charisse, Marc 58,72,85,221 Chase, Kendall 86 Child, Dean 86 Childress, Tommy 211 Chiles, Gerry 86, 212 Chiraini, Catherine 57,63,72,86 Chmelsky, Wayne 86 Chorn, Herbert 86 Christensen, Michele 57,63,86 Christensen, Thom 57 Christos, Jolene 86 Chugg, Ronald 86 Cincotta, Carolyn 86 Clark, Pamela 86 Close, Robert 86,200,258 COCCl'll, Frank 58,63,73,B6,223,2.28,253 Cochrane, Kim 86,223 Cody, Donna 86 Cody, Sandra 86,204 Coffman, Christina 87 Coleman, Jennifer 87 Coll, Daniel 87 Collins, Mae 87 Connolly, Gary 87 Coomes, Debra 87 Cooper, Dena 87 Copeland, Michelle 87 Corlyn, Gregg 57,63,73,87,248,269 Cortney, Audrey 87 Coskey, Jack 87 Costa, Michael 63,87,201,205 Costanza, Christina 87 Cotter, James 87,218 Cowan, Michael 73,87 Crafts, Tanya 87 Crain, Laurie 88 Crandall, Paula 88 Crane, Linda 88 Crawford, Lawrence 88,223,229,253 Crawford, Susan 63,79,88 Creighton, Chris 73 Crumbo, Derik 243 Curtis, George 88 Curtis, Ronnie 70,73,230,253,269 Dailey,Julie 88 Damewood, Debra 57,63,88,199,200 D'Amora, Nancy 73,89,196,197 Daniels, Michelle 88 Daniels, William 88 Daugherty, Connie 88 Daugherty, Patricia 62,63,73,88,193 Davies, Laurie 57,63,8B,180,190 Davies, Samuel 89 Davis, Dianne 88 Davis, Julie 88 Davis, Paula 89 Davis, Robert 73 Davison, Rock 89 Deacon, Cynthia 57 Defries, Richard 57,89 Delatorre, Gilberto 89 Demitrieff, Nina 89 Dennis, Arlene 89,207 Dennis, Carolyn 89 Dennis, John 89,209 Depasquale, Amanda 89 Desantis, Teresa 73,89,220,221 Deveraux, Vern 73,89 Dewester, Jenny 89 Diamond, Ilene 89 Dickerson, Jo S4,58,60,63,73,89,205,214 223 Difiore, John 266 Dinsmore, Patricia 89 Dobbins, Susan 70,90,246,251,267 Dobson, Harry 73,90,239 Domino, Elizabeth 90 Doney, Pamela 73,90 Dorsey, Bobby 73,243 Dorsey, Michael 224 Doty, Craig 73 Downey, Kathleen 90 Drakulich, Terry 57,63,67,90,181,190 205 Dubuc, Craig 90 Duke, Vicki 90 Dunaway, Victoria 90 Durnen, Deborah 90 Dushane, Ac 90 Eagan, Karl 90 Eastburn, Daniel 90 Edgel, Mark 90 Elkington, Jeffrey 90 Elliott, Jay 73,90,210 Embry, John 71,229,231 England, Diana 91 English, Kevin 69,91,201,202 Eno, Randolph 91 Eval, Wilson 91 Evans, Robert 91,205 Evans, Theola 91 Evenson, Dianne 91 Exber, Brady 69,73,91,266 Fandel, Julie 91 Faust, Michele 91,203 Faust, Timothy 91 Fayle, Nancy 91,193 Fenton, Jerry 91 Ferguson, Patrick 73,91 Fernandez, Maria 91 Fernandez, Roxanna 91 Ferris, Mary 57,73,92,222,224 Fields, Debra 57,63,73,9 Fields, Richard 92 Fields, Roy 92,211,243 Fierro, Mark 92 Fink, Roberta 92 Finkley, Rande 57,92 Finley, Earnestine 92,211 Finley, Johnny 92 Fitzgerald, Kevin 92 Flanagan, Kathleen 92 Flatebo, Marie 57,73 Fleek, David 92 Fleitz, Jeffrey 73,92,223,266 Fleming,Melvin 92,211 Fleming, Patricia 92,212 Flores, Michaell 212 Floyd, Robert 93 Fly, Aaron 93 Forbuss, Barry 93,221 Ford, Janet 93 Forsythe, Valerie 223 Foster, Hope 93 Fountain, Theresa 73,93 Foy, Garry 93,203 Fraser, Wayne 93 Freidhof, Elizabeth 56,93 Freund, Ralph 57,58,60,63,73,93,205, 216, 222,223 Freidman, Felicia 73,93 Freidman, Glori 93,223 Fukuyama, George 264 Gagliardi, Ric 57,58,63,73,217,222,318 Gallagher, Dorothy 57,58,61,62,63,74,79, 93,197,223,225,31B Gallagher, Mary 93 Gallagher, Robert 57,58,63,74,93,216 Gallerani, Tina 93 Galvez, Maria 94 Garcia, Robert 94,212 Garibaldi, Federico 58,235,253 Garland, April 94 Gai-lick, Laura 94,200,202 Garmon, Joann 94 Garrett, Cindy 74,94 Gaunt, Lesley 74,94,207 Gelman, Renee 74,94,206,209 Giambelluca, Mary 94 Gibson, Gary 94 Ginsberg, Cynthia 94 Glasper, George 74,94,212,229,243 Glasper, Thomas 94,212 Goff, Cheryl 57,6394 Gogert, Darcy 57,61,94,219,221,225 Goldberg, Mardy 94 Goldfarb, Randy 57,74,95,198,222 Gonzales, Debra 220,221 Gordon, Thomas 74,95,224 Gordy, Kathleen 95 Gottfredson, Jeffrey 55,58,60,62,63,74,79,95, 222 Goulett, Nicolette 204 Gray, Vernon 95 Green,,Dana 95 Greene, Sharon 95,211,222 Gregory, Tanya 57,63,95,199,200 Gresham, Cheryl 74,95 Grossan, Jeffrey 95 Grover, Andrea 95 Gutknecht, Michael 95 Hager, Susan 57,63,74,95,193 Haley, Shirley 74,95,204 Hall, Gary 95 Hall, Margaret 95 Hall, Timothy 96,219,222 Hammond, Leland 96 Hannett, Joan 96 Harbaugh, Mary 57,74 Harden, Hohn 96 Hardy, Rebecca 57,61,63,96,216 Harker, Claudia 96,212 Harkins, Susan 74,96 Harrington, Michelle 63,96,223 Harris, Anne 96 Harris, Raymond 211 Harris, William 96 Harrison, Debra 74,96 Harrison, Pamela 96 Hartman, Lawrence 96 Hartwell, Susan 96 Harvey, Hubbard 96,201,202 Hatfield, Kim 96 Hayes, Linda 97 Hays, Ellen 97 Heaton, Lorna 97 Henderson, Daniel 97 Herberth, Michelle 97 Hess, Debra 74,97,209 Higgins, Marta 57,63,97,222 Hilliard, Cheryl 97 Hills, Russell 97 HiheS. Kenneth 7,1 2 Holly, Patricia 97 Hoover, Scott 74,258 Hopkinson, Melanie 57,74,97, 193 Hoskinson, Colleen 97 Huebner, Ross 97 Huggins, Kari 97 Hunter, Jeanne 97 Hunter, William 97 Huntsman, Douglas 98 Hutchens, Diane 98 Hutchinson, Sherrie 98 Hyatt, Laurie 98 Iniguez, Maria 98,212 Iniguez, Victor 74,98 Inman, Bonny 98 Iroz, John 68,258 Jackson, Jerome 98 Jackson, Stanley 211,212,243 Jackson, Tanza 98 Jacobs, Loring 57,63,74,98,239,269 Jacobson, Matthew 98,205,220 Jaeger, Virginia 74,98 Jarrett, Lauretta 98 Jarrett, Lauretta 98 Jasper, Cheryl 98 Jennings, Richard 98 Johnson, Anita 99 Johnson, Lajuana 74,99,211,222 Johnson, Phyllis 63,99,223 Johnson, Steve 99,258 Joiner, Lucius 243 Joiner, Luther 74 Jolley, James 58,99,218,226 Jones, Cheryl 56,61,63,74,99,208,209,210, 214,215,216,217,218,220,Z21 Jones, Sheila 99 Jordon, Pamela 99 Jorgenson, Kyna 74,99,209 Jory, Toni 99 Joy, Marshal 57 Joya, Javier 99,201 Juliano, David 74,99 Kalinke, Susan 75 Kaminski, Richard 57 Kanaley, Debra 99,236,265,269 Karnes, Karen 99 Karres, Nikki 75,99 Kassen, James 99 Katz, Anne 57,63,100,193,209 Kaye, Donald 57,sa,o3,75,1oo Kelemen, Edward 100 Kell, Karen 100 Kennedy, Andre 100 Kennedy, Arnal 100,253,266 Kent, Michael 100 Kerr, Manda 100 Kessler, Sally 100 Kielhorn, Margit100 Kim, Nyunok 100 Kimball, Janice 100 Kingsbury, Dalene 100 Kirby, Mary 100,220,221 Kirsch, Bruce 75,100,220,221 Kirsch, Debra 75 Kizzia, Lori 100 Knight, Vincent 101 Index. .307 Knorzer, Mark 101 Kukurin, James 75,101,223 Kulas, Kathy 57,63,101,219 Kushnir, Linda 101,203 Langley, Dorothy 101 Lappin, Cheryl 101 Larkin, Tomajean 101 Larson, David 75,226 Larson, Rebecca 75 Laub, Andrew 75,101 Laub, Scott 253 Laue, Kristin 101 Lavery, Arthur 75,101,200,202,248 Lawrence, Patricia 101 Lawson, Terry 101,211 Leamaster, Joni 67,75,101,193 Lebaron, William 58,69,71,75,79,101,205 Lee, Jaynellen 75,101 Lee, Johnny 212 Lefebure, Sally 102 Lehman, Jessica 57,70,75,80,102,222 Lehman, Muriel 75,102,207 Lepore, Joseph 102 Levine, Wendy 75,102,221,222,225 Lewis, Danny 102,215 Lewis, Diana 204 Lewis, Clair 75,239 Lewis, Jo 75,211,222 Lisac, Karoleen 102 Lochner, Dianne 75,102,196,197,222 Loper, Kevin 102 Lowrance, Debra 102,319 Lucas, Mark 102 Lundwall, Norman 102 Lynch Jr., Thomas 102 Lynn, Cynthia 102 MacAllister, Honey 102 MacCabe, Stephan 102 MacQuarrie, Kim 103 MaGowan, Kevin 103,205 Maguire, Laura 75,80,103,196,197 Maloney, Robert 228,231 Malvin, Deborah 103 Marchese, Frances 103 Marcus, Mary 75,103 Marina, Steven 75,103 Mark, John 75,103 Marshall, Todd 103,219 Martin, Deborah 103 Martin, Maria 75,103,196,197 Maslow, Irene 63,76,103,219,248 Martin, Major 76 Mateik, Nancy 76,103,206 Matvay, Anna 56,60,63,71,76,103 McClure, Stewart 76,103,253 McDonald, Mark 103,228 McDonald, Sharon 104,206,211,213,222 McGlone McGown 308 , . Index Erin 104 Loretta 204 McGinty, McGinty, , Michael 212 , Cathy 57 McGrath, Debra 60,104 McKinstry Dana 104 McKnight, Robert 104 McLemore, Georgia 104,211,222 McNeal, Adrienne 104,203 McNerney, Diana 76,104,194 McWilliams, Alan 76,104 Mendorff, Kim 104 Meneses, Lourdes 104 Meredith, Lisa 104 Meslier, Brenda 104 Mieczkowski, Marc 221 Miller, Catherine 104,211 Miller, Glenn 104 Miller, Kenneth 105 Mills, Patti 105 Minter, Patricia 105 Mitchell, Susan 57,63,105 Moglier, Brenda 104 Montecerin, Rolando 105 Montella, Marilyn 105 Mooney, Dana 105 Moore, Patrice 57,63,76,79,80,105,196,197, 219,224 Morrison, Mike 105 Mortenson, Cindy 105 Moyer, Robin 105 Murray, Debra 105 Muscarella, Stephani 105 Musso, Sharon 105 Mutzhaus, Joseph 105 Myers, Edward 105 Myrick, Christopher 106 Nabit, Donnie 63,76,106 Newman, Donald 63,76,106,214,223,224,225, 253 Newman, Jana 76,106 Nichols, Michele 106 Nichols, Susan 106 Nickell, Sheri 106 Nino, Aaron 59,71,106,222,235,253 Norris, Anna 106 Norton, Kim 76 Norton, Penny 106 O'Brien, Kim 226 O'Brien, Katherine 106 Okelberry, Kerry 258 Olsen, Gary 76 Orlando, JoAnne 106 Osborne, Kenneth 106 Osburn, John 107 Osgood, Brad 106,223,224 Ostermeyer, Russell 106 Ostrander, Bruce 76,228,231,269 Owens, Bradley 57 Pacatte, Deborah 106 Pack, Melody 107 Page, Ann 107 Palmer, Kim 107 Papes, Patricia 107 Pare, Sandra 107 Pafenti, Mark 211,213,220,226 Parker, Lynne 107 Parks, Robert 107,264 Parr, Paul 107 Parris, Timothy 107 Pasco, Susan 107 Patchett, Michael 107 Payton, Scotty 107 Pearce, Michael 107 Pearl, Jacqueline 107 Pecoraro, George 107 Percell, David 107 Perez, Edith 107 Perez, Michael 76,107 Perry, Suzanne 108 Perusse, Edward 107 Peters, Michele 107 Peters, Ben 57 Peterson, Deborah 76,79,107 Peterson, Robert 107 Petito, Deborah 108 Petito, Stephen 108 Pettey, Janet 108 Pettit, Jera 108 Phillips, Richard 76,108 Phillips, Susan 108 Phinney, Pamela 108 Picardo, Keven 108 Pingpank, Steve 108 Pinnerelli, Vicki 108 Plummer, Chris 57,60,61,62,63 76 108 Polson, Dinae 108 Porter, Janice 76,108 Posey, Dwana 108,220,221 Potenza, Paul 57 Pranger, Steven 108 Pranske, Thomas 76,109,226 Prather, Robin 109 Prentiss, John 109,212 Propster, Michael 109,318 Pulver, Nanci 109 Quesada, Bertha 109 Ralsot, Steven 212 Ramey, Heather 109,196,197 Ramirez, Maria 109 Rammer, Scot 109,201 Rappaport, Jack 109 Rasler, Shannon 109 Ratigan, Kenneth 109 Raymond, Rosemary 57,109,196 197 214 223 224 Reber, Kaye 109 Resse, Paul 109 Reise, Ronald 110 Reizner, Alan 109 Resnick, Daniel 110 Reyes, Walfredo 110,201,202 Ricci, Cynthia 110 Ricci, Trina 67,110,265 Richardson, Jeri 110,251,319,267 Riethmayer, Donald 110 Riley, Michael 110 Ripps, Daniel 202,219 Roban, Rhonda 110 Roberts, Bradley 57,107,223,253 Roberts, Nancy 110 Robison, Carolyn 110 Rodak, Joseph 110 Rogers, Darleen 110 Roles, Craig 56,58,60,63,70,110,199,202,219, 223 Rose, Cynthia 110,211,213 Roseman, David 77 Rosenberger, James 77,110,199,202,222,239 Rosenberry, Michelle 111 Ross, Elizabeth 57,63,77,111,210,216,217 Ross, Ira 77,111,253,266 Roylance, Kim 57,63,111,222 Ruby, Pamela 66,111,223 Rundall, Janet 77,111,211,213 Sackett, Daniel 111 Salerno, Mary 70,111 Samuelson, Eileen 111 Sanford, Brenda 63,77,111,193 Scheppmann, Mark 77,111,202,205,223 Schlacks, Eric 57,60,77,111,199,201,202,223, 262,264 Schmid, Diane 79,111 Schone, Robin 57,111 Schreck, Jeffery 58,111 Schreindorfer, Stephanie 57,63,77,111,215, 217,222 Schulman, William 111,235 Schultz, Rusty 77,111 Schwartz, Jason 112 Schwartzer, Marlene 57,77,112 Scott, Richard 112 Sealey, Michael 77,112 Seamans, Sandra 112 Segota, Michael 112 Seible, Susan 112 Senatore, Claudia 112 Setterstrom, John 112 Settlemoir, Joy 112 Severance, Michael 112 Sexton, Charles 112 Shearin, Daniel 71,228,231 Sherman, Shell 112 Shest, Brian 112 Sidoti, Mary 113 Siegrist, Cheryl 113 Sijacic, Elliott 113,209 Sileo, Mindy 57 Silbur, Gary 113 Silvestri, Mary 113 Simmons, Barbara 113,204 Simponis, Nico 79,225 Slife, Dennee 113 Sloan, Marsha 113 Small, Kenny 113 Smith, Blake 113 Smith, Daniel 113 Smith, David 113,258 Smith, Jack 113 Smith, Jeanne 113 Smith, Rex 113 Smith, Robert 113 Smith, Sharon 114 Smith, Ted 114,212 Snyder, Mark 57,114 Sorenson, James 58,114,222 Soroch, Leslie 114 Sparks, Allen 114 Spaulding, Cathy 114 Spear, Gay 114,219 Stanga, Paulette 71,114,181,196,197 Stegemon, Beth 114 Steinberg, David 57,114 Stevenson, Jodi 114,222 Stewart, Teri 114 Stillings, George 79,114,222,226 Stone, Deborah 114 Stowers, Terry 174,211,243 Strango, Danna 60,115 Strolbert, David 115 Stuckey, Donald 115 Sullivan, James 78,115,264 Swager, Leon 115 Swartz, Judy 115,205 Swearinger, Jill 115 Sweesy, Mildred 56,63,115,222 Szmagalski, David 57,78,115,201,202 Szyman, Carolyn 115 Taylor, Grant 115,264 Taylor, Randy 115 Teeter, Tonda 115 Temple, Valerie 115 Teodoro, Quintina 67,115,196,197,224,236, 269 Theisen, Joyce 57,115 Thomas, Mark 57,58,59,61,63,78,116,205, 214,223,225 Thompson, Adrienne 116 Thompson, Hal 258 Thompson, Robert 78,116,205,266 Thulin, Gregory 116 Tibbs, Sherry 78,116,224 Tischler, Anthony 116,243 Tolson, Jay 116 Trapp, William 116,201,202 Trobiani, Jeanne 78,116,209 Tuchman, Scott 78,116 Turner, Dorothy 116 Turner, Maxine 116 Ulrey, Cynthia 116 Urbano, Dianne 57,116 Utterback, Barbara 116 Uzelac, Rhonda 117 Vallen, Gary 57,60,63,78,79,117,199,200, 215,222 VanTuyl, Michael 63,78,117,199,201,224, 239 Vanderlinden, Suzanne 78,117 Vanvlack, Lawrence 117 Veale, Donna 220 Vick, Charles 117,218 Vireday, Carol 56,117 Vohs, Jerry 117,209 Walker, Sandra 117 Wallace, Carolyn 57,61,63,117,196,197, 215,224 Wallace, Peggy 56,117 Waller, Beth 117 Wallin, Kim 57,63,117,2O0 Ward, Marilyn 211,212 Waroe, Virginia 117 Warrington, Michelle 117 Watson, Diane 79,80,117,194 Wattree, Vivian 118 Weakland, Gordon 118,262,264 Webb, Tina 118,319 Webb, Wayne 118,230 Weiland, Judy 118 Weinstock, Arnold 63,118 Weistreich, Scott 118 Welch, Jana 118 Welch, Jeffery 118,201 Welling, Suzanne 118 Wheeler, Edwin 118,201 Wheeler, Sharon 118 White, John 118 White, Michael 118 Whitefield, Elizabeht 118 Whittenburg, Janet 118 Whittington, Michael 119 Wickman, Diana 119 Wilcox, Brett 119 Wilcox, John 58,61119,205,214,223,224,225 Williams Williams Williams, Williams , Clarence 119,205 Norman 57,60,63,208,217,239 Shelia 79,119,217 Stanley 119,211,213 Willis, Karen 119 Wilson, Andi 119 Wilson, Vanessa 119 Wolfe, Karen 119,193,209,222 Woloson, Deborah 119 Wood, Russell 119,210 Woodard, June 119 Woods, Mary 119,204 Wrobel, Barbara 120,209 Yates, pamela 120 Ybarra, Terance 120,262,264,269 Zale, Tara 63,120 Zischke, Debra 120 Zorn, Marion 57,63,120 JU IDRS Abel, Peggy 126,226 Adams, Becky 126,196,197 Adomono, Cindy 126 Agee, Kathy 126,204 Aiello, Greg 243 Albaugh, Jeanne 124,126,222 Albright, Susan 126 Index, .309 Alderman, Lorraine 126,206,215,217 Allen, Julie 126,205,223 Alson, Larry 126,203 Alston, Bridget 126,213 Altman, Mitchell 126 Alvarez, Teresa 126 Ambler, Debbie 126 Anderson, Marjean 126 Andreoli, Chris 126 Andrich, Susan 126,195,205 Anthis, Kathy 126 Antuna, Toni 126 Archie, Albert 126 Arcotta, Janice 127 Arfuso, John 127,201 Armstrong, Nanda 127 Ashford, Jon 127,253 Aton, Mary 127 Atfaya, Valli 127,203,220,222 Baker, Beverly 127 Bakke, Steve 258 Baldassare, Cindy 127 Baldwin, Renee 127,236,237,269 Bang, Jae 127,253 Barger, John 127 Barker, Leslie 127 Barrasso, Liz 127,203 Barth, Diana 127,199,201,224 Bean, Jodi 127,265 Beauregard, Tom 127 Bell, Janet 127 Bell, Maureen 127,210 Bennett, Sandy 127,206,207 Berenz, Cherri 127 Berman, Steve 60,127 Berry, Keith 128 Bezard, Harve 128 Black, Wendy 216,217 Blackwell, Freddie 128,211,212,213 Blankenship, Rick 128 Bledsoe, Heather 128,190,205,223 Bledsoe, John 202 Bogdanoff, Sharon 128 Bokelmann, John 60,128,210,215,266 Bokelmann, William 128,205,210,215 Bolduc, Peter 128,235 Bolin, Mara 128 Bousley, Torsha 59,128,206,211,213,222 Bowman, Steve 128,262,266 Bradley, Tammie 128 Brandise, Susan 128,205 Brass, Billie 128 Breitenbach, Eric 128,200 Bryan, Greg 128 Buchanan, Cathy 128 Burger, Maryann 128,206,209 Burkin, Gerard 60,128,266 Busacca, Karen 128 Butler, David 129 Butler, Kathryn 124,129 Cabanas, John 129 Cajka, Ronette 129,211,215,217 Calkins, David 129 310. .Index Campbell, Cindy 129 Campbell, Michelle 129 Campbell, Scott 129 Canon, Oscar 129,253,255 Caple, Jett 129 Career, Tom 129 Carson, John 129 Carsone, Frank 129 Carteen, Candace 129,218 Carter, Terri 129 Chandler, Tina 129 Chaviers, Lanette 129,196,197,236,237 Chiles, Jackie 129 Cho, Ki 129,204 Cho, Yung 130,204 Christos, Stephen 130 Church, Carl 218 Claramunt, Ben 130 Cleveland, Bobby 130 Cochrane, Leslie 130 Coe, Cindy 204 Conrad, Greg 130 Coombs, Matt 130,224 Cooper, Ruby 130 Corbin, Cindy 130 Cordani, Margaret 130 Cornell, Ken 130 Cortez, Diana 130 Cotten, Jay 130,205 Cradit, Rod 130 Crotty, Tony 130,202 Csia, Sandra 130 Curry, Vicki 130,319 Culverson, Melvyn 130 Custer, Carolyn 130,206,216,217 Damore, Marie 131 Darco, Debe 131,218 Dark, Patty 131 DenDooven, Jocelyn 131,200 Deremer, Jack 131 Detavis, M ary 131 Devine, Debbie 131,206 Devito, Mary 131 Dielemann, Debi 131 Diggins, Mary 131,214 Distler, Sharon 131 DiVinCirl0, Kim 124,131,196,197,205 Dixon, Jesse 131 Douthett, Jane 131 Eisenberg, Barbara 60,131,215,319 Elizondo, Eric 131 Elkington, Vicky 131,218 Elliott, Debbie 131,205 Emery, Pam 131,205,223,319 Endres, Mary 131,195,214,223 Engel, Dana 131 Epling, James 132 Eskin, Andy eo,132,2z3,25s,2e2,z64 Esposito, Leah 132 Estopian, Arnie 132 Evens, Chris 132 Peely, Joe 243 Fetcher, Kirten 132 Ferguson, Connie 132 Ferguson, Scott 132,255 Fernandez, Susan 132 Fields, Marilyn 123,132,211,213 Fisher, Tom 132,205 Fitzgerald, Linda 132,2o7,2z0,319 Fleitz, Steve 61,132.,205,214,223,224 225 318 Fletcher, Mark 132 Ford, Carla 132,217,236 Ford, Frances 132 Foster, Eve 132 Fowler, Cindy 132 Freeman, Patricia 132 Frees, Linda 133 Freiberg, Howard 133,220,221 Fukutama, Ben 133 Furst, Bill 133 Gaddy, Alan 60,133,254 Galamos, Cheryl 133 Galarneau, Ammee 133 Galceran, Olema 133 Gallon, Marilyn 133 Garner, Teresa 133 Gayland, David 133,212 Geiger, Paul 60,133,201,258 Gelinas, Lisa 133,204,239 German, Robert 133 Ghio, Carol 133 Gibson, Maudine 133,194,211,213,214 Gibson, Mike 133 Gilbride, Charleen 133 Gillen, Jim 133 Givens, Clyde 133,212 Gluck, Gregory 133 Gofrey, Toni 134 Gomez, Rosemary 134,204 Gould, Shelly 123,134,190,223,319 Gowans, Ken 134 Greene, Kathy 60,61,123,124,134,215 219 224,225 Greene, Rochelle 134,239 Greene, Rosemary 204 Greiner, Bill 134 Guerguy, Sandra 134 Guida, Albert 134 Gurierrez, Beatriz 134 Hanna, Cheri 134,203,215,222 Hall, Cathy 134 Hallenback, Heidi 134 Hamilton, Kathy 134 Hanigan, Ed 60,134 Hanson, Gary 134 Hardy, Douglas 134 Haromy Tuli 60,134,208 Harper, Cecila 134,212 Harper, James 243 Harris, Donna 134,198,212 Harris, Terry 135,253,255 Hartman, Steven 135 Hartman, Theresa 135 Hartwell, Susan 135 Hatch, Charla 135 Hatfield, Denise 135,149 Hausner, Katie 135,208 Henke, Janet 135,205 Henson, Brenda 135,211 Herbert, Robert 135,208 Hernandez, Fabio 135 Hesner, Duane 135 Hicks, Tina 135 Hilsabeck, Phyllis 135,203 Hohl, Dave 135 Holt, Tammy 135,204 Holterman, Dawn 135 Honeycutt, Robert 135 Hornreich, Robin 135,222,224,318 Huges, Kathy 135 Hunt, Carole 135 Hunt, Per 135 Hurst, Robyn 135 Ingerman, Scott 135,248 Irwin, Steve 135,253,256 Jack, Peggy 136 Jackson, Gloria 136 Jackson, Jo 136 Jackson, Michael 136 Jackson, Patricia 136 Jackson, Wanda,136 Jacobs, Mike 136,264 Jacobs, Terri 136 Jacobson, Jodie 136 Jacobson, Kirk 136 Jacquemoud, Jackie 136,248 Jaeger, Mitch 136,205,266 Jarrett, Don 136 Jenkins, Frank 136 Jenkins, Mike 60,217,231 Johnson, Daidra 136 Johnson, Nancy 136 Johnson, Tammy 136,205 Joiner, Colonial 136 Jolley, Deborah 136 Jones, Beverly 137 Jones, Charlean 137 Jones, Ella 204 Jones, Karen 137,200 Jones, Kerry 137 Jones, Mike 137,216 Jones, Steve 137,258 Kalienke, Kathy 60 Kazen, Julius 137 Keefer, Susie 137 Kelley, Kevin 137,266 Kelly, Pam 137 Kelly, Tracey 59,61,124,137,193,219,225 Khal, Erney 137 Killian, Steve 137,258 Kimmons, Tony 137 King, Linda 137 Kline, Mark 137 Kline, DAVE 60,137,215,22.3,248 Knight, Chuck 137,214 Koenig, Robin 137,196 Krause, Kim 138,205 Krein, Michael 60,138,200,217,219,239 Kunkel, Dana 138 Lacey, Scott 138 Lackey, Brad 138 LaHoud, Rudy 222 Lamp, Terri 138,204 LamS, Jeff 138,204 Lanaham, Diana 138 Land, Robin 138,258 Landes, Doni138 Langford, Mary 138,211,212 Larva, Geraldine 138 Lattimore, Cheryl 138 Lattin, Bernita 138,211,213,214 Lavely, Alica 138 Lawhorn, Vinitta 138,198,211,246,269 Lee, Sam 211,213 Lehman, Monica 138,207 Leidner, Howard 138,210 Leonard, Stacy 138,205 Leslie, Scott 60,138 Levinson, Ann 59,138,196,197,225 Levy, Lee 138,206 Lewis, Debra 138 Liebl, Andra 138,200,205,206,207,246,267 Lindeman, Janet 138,205 Lindsey, Karen 139 Linnion, Willie 139 Lipetti, Livio 139 Littlecheif, Lance 139 Lividini, Xavier 139 Loftstrom, Sandy 139,199,201,209,215,217 Logan, Morag 139,206,246,265 Lozano, Maria 139,195,319 Lucchesi, Rick 139 Luetkehans, Grant 139,239 Lujan, Rick 139 Lunde, Ike 139 Luno, Jean 139 Lynch, Charles 139 Macdonald, Kim 139 Macia, Jesse 139 Magdos, Luann 139,220 Magliarditi, Maria 139,248 Magowan, Kelly 139 Malvin, David 139 Malzone, Mike 60,139,223 Maria, Antonia 139 Marshall, Darlene 139,211,213 Martin, Catherine 124,125,140 Martin, Melanie 140 Martinez, Mike 139,216,217 Martinez, Zeric 140,223,253,266 Massoni, Felicia 140,319 Mattiello, Nester 140 Matturino, David 140,229 McCandless, Scott 140 McCue, Don 60,140 McCrea, Tim 202 McGown, Cathy 140 McKinley, Dave 140 McNeal, Janice 140,206,211 McQuese, Alberto 211 Meek, Stan 60,140, Medina, Yolanda 140 Melchionne, Sam 60,140,253,255,266 Mellon, Sam 140 Mendez, Kathy 140,204 Merkins, Ellen 1z4,1zs,14o,21e,z17,zz4 Michaud, Debi 140,190,205,223,319 Miller, Karen 141 Millikin, Dana 141 Mitchell, Debra 141 Mobbs, Karen 141 Molasky, Alan 141 Molyneax, Rodney 141,203 Monroe, Kerry 141,223,297,319 Moon, Carol 141 Moore, David 60,141,210,217 Moore, Diane 141 Moore, Michael 141,223,266 Moore, Sharon 141,205,248 Morgan, Robert 141 Morris, Theodore 141 Morrison, John 141 Mueller, Susan 141,215 Mullain, Kathy 141 Murphy, Patrick 141 Myers, Bob 140 Naylor, Sue 142 Nelms, Bruce 203 Newbry, Susan 142,190,205,223 Newman, Ed 142,266 Noorda, Carey 142 North, Lori 142 Nunez, Gus 142 Nyland, Charlynn 142 O'Brian, Bridget 142,265 Odessky,Jeff142 O'Donnell, Robert 124,125,142,205,223 Okin, Rodger 142 O'Quinn, Kathy 142,196,197,200,205 Ordonez, Cynthia 123,142,215,225 Oreding, Bill 266 Ortega, Roxane 142,200,205,206,239 Osteen, Sharon 142,206,211,213,222 Paglia, Ray 142,223 Palmer, Jeff 142 Palmieri, Sandy 142,218,222 Parkinson, Shauna 61,142,193,207,319 Parks, Monte 143,210 Parson, Robin 143 Partridge, Benny 143,243 Pash, Amber 143 Pearcy, Kathy 143 Pearcy, Rod 143,204 Peckham, Kathy 143 Pedigo, M ark 143 Pello, Cathy 143 Pennington, Micheal 143 Peterson, Chris 124,143,205,224 Peterson, Diane 60,143 Peterson, Maryley 218 Peterson, Susan 143 Petito, Tammy 143,319 Petruzzi, Riva 143 Perkins, Mike 143 Picard, Kip 143 Index. .311 Pickard, Jainy 143,208,220 Pike, Douglas 143 Pino, Debbie 143 Pollak, Randy 144 Potenza, Paul 144 Potter, Carol 144 Primas, Craig 144,223,266 Prohasky, Clark 144,221 Prunty, Wayne 144 Quinlin, Mike 144 Ragan, Diana 144,208,246,319,267 Raines, Craig 144 Raley, Robert 144 Rambicu re, Beverly 206,207,246,251,267, 2.69 Rambo, Ginger 144,204 Rapp, Harold 144 Ray, Harry 144,318 Reggrone, Patty 144 Reinhart, Lisa 144,319 Richardson, Lonnie 144 Riley, Lenard 204 Rivera, Maria 144 Rizzolo, Ralph 144 Roberts, J.N. 145 Robertson, Kevin 145 Rockwell, Crystal 145 Rockwell, Melanie 218 Rodgers, Daniel 145 Rodriquez, Alfredo 144 Rossaschi, Frank 60,145,214 Roth, Jay 145 Rox, Diane 145 Ruch, Chuck 145 Sailon, Ron 145 Salisbury, Barbara 145,206,207,251,267 Sands, David 220 Sarkissian, Teena 145,196,197 Sarno, Tom 145,223 Satterfield, Cindi125,145,196,197,205 Sauceda, Linda 145,203,224 Scallion, Cindy 145,205,206,222 Scarrone, Ricardo 145 Schaffner, Kathy 145 Schible, John 146,210 Schiess, Guy 146 Schiller, Stacy 146,205,265 Schmaybeck, Lee 146 Schnairson, Renalee 60,124,146 Schrieber, Pat 60,146 Schulman, Jeanne 146 Scollin, Laurie 146 Sears, Brett 146,221 Senfft, Elizabeth 146 Seybold, Patricia 146,220,221 Shandle, Robert 146 Sharpe, Roger 146 Shaughnessy, Mike 146 Shelton, Vance 146 Shotik, Gerald 146,208 Shue, Randy 146,215 Sibeo, Mindy 146 Siddall, Sussie 146 312. .Index Siseri, Rudy 146 Sills, Sherri 146 Simpson, Anthony 147 Singer, Ron 147,204,221,26O Skorupa, Mary 147 Slider, Ellie 147 Smith, Carlyon 199,200 Smith, Dwayne 147,204 Smith, Glen 147 Smith, Lally 147 Smith, Steven 147,202,235 Snowden, Gerald 147 Soper, Paula 147,199,200 Sparks, Randy 60,147,253 Spilotro, Terri 147 Sproul, Jeff 61,147,203 Stagliano, Gary 147 Star, Carlene 147,190,202 Starness, Gary 147,202 Stallb, Scott 60,124,147,219 Stein, Wendy 147,206 Stevens, Michael 147,200,217 Stone, Charlotte 147,221,226,265 Stormson, Christina 148,205,226 Strobeck, Karen 60,61,148,193,215,219, 222,225 Struthers, Vincent 148 Sturdivant, Mark 60,148 Sumner, Jannette 148 Sylvestri, Mary 224 Szyman, William 148 Tabor,Ken 148 Tanner, Dennis 148 Tassone, Regan 148,205,226 Tatton, Cathie 148 Tavani, Timothy 148 Taylor, Barbra 148 Taylor, Rosemarie 148 Tegano, Rennie 148 Thacke, Steve 248 Thomas, Eva May 195,297,319 Thompson, Bill 148 Thompson, Dan 148 Thompson, Nancy 149 Thorton, Randall 149,201,202 Thorpe, Cathy 59,61,149,222,z24,ze5 Throver, Mary 149 Toole, Dana 149 Trobiani, Cheryl 149 Turano, Joyce 149,206 Turner, Jeffery 149 VanCampernolle, Robert 254 Vandendries, Laurie 149,203 Vanhooser, Susan 149 Vettiger, Susanne 149 Verchick, Connie 59,61,122,194,200,215, 225 Vick, Cheri 149,251,267 Walker, James 149,212 Walker, Leslie 149,211,243 Wallaker, Mark 149 Ward, Patrick149 Warren, Michele 149 Warrington, Mark 149 Washington, Olivia 150 Watson, Synithia 150,218 Wearly, Robin 150,205,256 Webb, Cindie 150,319 Webb, Debra 150 Webb, Jacqueline 150 Weinert, Herman 150 Weinstien, Amy 60,124,150,215 Weissman, Michele 150,218 Wells, Nancy 150 Wenzle, Connie 150 Wesson, Anita 150,213 West, Jerry 150 Wheeler, Kathy 150,200 White, Floyd 150,200 White, Nancy 150,196,197,219,318 Whitney, Doug 150 Wilburn, Terryl150,211 Williams, Alex 150 Williams, Charles 151 Wolff, Marcia 60,151 Wood, Joel 151 Wood, Leslie 151,218 Wood, Sharon 60,124,151 Woodhall, Julie 151 Young, Darnell 151 Zaccone, Joseph 151,201,202 Zale, Dione 151 Zavalney, Laura 150,190,205 SDPH - DMORES Abbate, Silvia 152,153,204,209,213 Ailiin, Robin 153 Ainsworth, Sherri 153 Alikpala, Laura 153,221 Allen, Denise 153 Allen, Grant 153,232,244 Allen, Mike 153 Allen, Sherrie 153 Alston, Joyce 153,206 Alvarez, Pedro 153,229,266 Anderson, Chris 153 Anderson, John 153 Artale, Tom 153 Ashton, Adrienne 153 Atber, Stella 200 Ashbury, Charles 232,269 Austin, Debbie 153 Bailey, Jammey 153,210 Baldessaro, Diane 153 Balm, Tracy 153 Bargiel, Lisa 153 Baker, Heymi 153,213 Baker, Heyson 153,204,205 Baklie, Sam 232,260,268 Balrow, Irma 153 Barker, Joseph 153,208 Barnum, Larry 153 Barnum, Veronica 153 Barris, Mark 153 Barrow, Randy 201,202 Basch, Marty 153 Behling, Lory 152,153 Bell, Kathy 153,209,210 Bell, Keith 153,244 Bell, Lionel 153,244,264 Bennett, Steve 153 Berdette, Sherree 153,202,222 Berdine, Shelley 153 Berry, Lavista 153 Berry, Marty 153,230 Bezard, David 153 Blackwell, Sherie 153,204 Blair, Nadley 153 Blarlark, Carolyn 154 Bogue, Tina 152,154,206,217 Bolduc, Jane 154,319 Boley, Sharon 154 Bolivar, Mark 154,210 Boren, Becky 152,154,204 Boswell, Tony 154 Bottari, Nello 154 Bowling, George 154 Boyer, Aaron 201 Bradley, Korry 154,268 Bradshaw, Anita 154 Branch, Lee 154 Brandise, Diana 154 Brandise, Teresa 154,205 Bravin, Jay 154 Breitenbach, Lee 154,208 Breslin, Mark 154 Bridge, Annettechen 154 Brodeen, Rick 154,208 Brooks, Jessie 154,204 Brown, Huey 154 Brown, Kay 154 Brown, Loretta 204 Brown, Mona 154 Brown, Stephanie 152,154,236 Budd, Jim 154 Bunn, Karen 154 Burton, Eddie 154 Burton, Valorie 154 Bush, Valorie 154 Butner, Diane 154 Butterowe, Nori 154 Buttle, Don 154 Cabrera, Carlos 154 Caccamo, Pete 154 Callewaert, Claudia 152,154,215 Capovilla, Mike 154 Carberry, David 154 Carbone, Robert 154 Carter, Darlene 204 Car, Dawn 154 Cartwright, Andrea 154,204 Castro, Josephine 155 Celline, Mike 155,205,255 Chaney, Connie 155 Chituras, Calvin 155,260 Christopher, Sylvia 155 Clark, Mory 155 Clark, Richard 155,260 Cobb, Lisa 155,205 Cole, Don 155,264 Colen, Don 244 Colman, John 155 Coleman, Joyce 155 Coles, Monique 155 Collopy, John 155 Congdon, Terri 155,203 Connolly, Dennis 155 Connor, Sharon 152,155,200,222 Coomes, Richard 155,203 Coomes, Ronnie 155 Coots, Don 155 COLISC, Bob 155,210 Cox, Cassey 155 Cox, Toni 155 Craig, Kathy 155 Cramer, Joe 155 Crandel, Tom 155 Crawford, Greg 155,255 Crockett, Dave 155,244 Crockrorn, Sarahl 155 Cruson, Jim 155 Cummings, Mann 155 Daffner, Melody 155 Darco, Sandy 155,204 David, Randy 152,155,226 Davies, Brady 155,226 Davis Davis Davis, Davis Drios 155,204 Laura 155 Melody 155,206,246,2.47,251 Sandra 155 Dean, Jeff 155 Decker, Carson 155 DeFilippo, Vince 156 DeFiore, Maggie 156 Delaney, Todd 201,202 DeMartini, Don 156 DeMartino, David 156,244 DeMond, Valerie 156 Dendooven, Leslie 155,221 Denein, Connie 156 DePasquale, Chris 156 DePaulis, Rick 156,201 Dessauer, Al 156 DeVicino, Vikki 156 Donavan, Shawn 156,248,264 Dowling, James 156,220,221 Drake, Janet 156,204 Donet, Nancy 156,205 Duckworth, Diane 156 Duffy, Terri 156 Duke, Randy 156 Dunagan, Tim 156,232,258 Dunaway, Brad 156,214 Duncan, Karen 156 Dunlap, Vikki 156,206 Dunne, Mike 156,232,244 Dykes, Delsey 156,204 Elliott, Dennis 156 Ellisor, Debbie 156 Epling, David 156 Escoto, Pete 156 Evenson, Brad 156 Fair, Jackie 204 Falwell, Earl 156 Feaver, Ken 156 Fegueredo, Alberto 156,232 Fehkete, Jozsef 156 Fernandez, Paul 156,232 Fields, Melvin 156 Fini, Mark 156 Finley, Tony 156 Fisher, Colleen 156,204 Fishman, Marilyn 156,214 Fitzgerald, Bill 156 Flatebo, Mark 156 Foger, Sharon 156,209 Forest, Lori 156 Forrester, Beverly 152,156 Foster, Linda 156,211 Frazier, Rod 156,244 Freeman, Rick 156 Fuller, Kelly 156 Fuller, Sharon 156 Gagliardi, Susan 156,200 Galarneau, Gerald 156 Garant, Teri 156 Garcia, Cesor 156,258 Gassman, Shawn 156 Gaurino, Debby 157 Gaurino, Gia 157 Gaurino, Tony 157 Gemoets, Albert 156,200 Gentile, Yolanda 156 Ge0!'geS, Beth 152,156,215 Cettler, Cherly 157,152,60,222,216 Gillin, Bill 157 Gilpin, Grace 157 Glasco, Levonia 157 Glass, Tammy 157 Gleason, Tajai157,204,246,251,267 Goldstein, Philip 157,203 Gordon, Keith 157,205,202 Gressham, Mike 157 Griffin, Samuel 157,232,244 Grill, Tom 157 Grimm, Richard 157 Grossi, Donald 157,202,201 Hagur, Doug 157 Hall, Rodney 157,202,201 Hall, Susie 157,204 Hall, Suse 157 Hall, Teri 157,220,267 Halderman, Page 157 Handleman, Marc 157,232 Hanson, Brad 157 Harmon, Paul 157 Harper, Clyde 199,200,202 Harper, Travis 201,202,232,269 Index. .313 Harris, Andre 246 Harris, S116 111,248,267 Harrison, Clay 260 Hayes, Kathy 157 Heil, Patti 194 Helm, Gerald 157,201,202 Henderson, Yolanda 157,191 Henson, Wende 157,206 Herrera, Maria 157 Hertel, Bill 157 Hicks, Cathy 157 Hilligardt, Jamie 157 l'IlrSl1, Ava 157,191,248,267 Hodges, Steve 157 Holley, Brian 157,202 Honsa, Eva 157,205 Horlacher, Lisa 158,191 Howard, James 158 Hower, DebiJ. 158 Hull, John 158 Humbertson, Teri 158,202 Hunt, Steve 158 Huntsman, William 158 Hutchinson, Karen 158 Hyer, Kevin 158 Ingersol, Eric 158,229,264 Inglis, Nancy 158 Ingrahm, James 158 lrete, Robin 204 lroz, Venita 158 Isaacson, Beverly 158 Jackson, Ferderick 158 Jackson, Laurie 158 Jackson, Sam 158 Jackson, Wayne 158 Jacobs, Leslie 158,236,237 Jacobs, Leslie 152,158,205,318 Jaeger, Jackie 158 Jamerson, Deborah 158 James, Charles 158 Jasper, Mike 158 Jerkins, Gregory 158 Joerger, Joe 158,232,269 Johnson, Cheryl 158 King, Craig 159 King, Ray 159 Kipilman, Jeff 159 Kirby, Dorothy 159,220 Knouse, Robert 159 Kopecky, Dorothy 159,220 Kowalczyk, Nadine 159 Kramer, Joe 201,202 Kravetz, Nick 159 Krohne, Ralph 159 Kuhn, Susan 159 Kushnir, Robert 159,201 LaI3lamme, Susan 159 Lamb, Carlton 159,232,268 Lance, Sonny 159 Landes, Patti 159 Landine, Erin 159,204 Langeliers, Robert 159 Larson, Lisa 159 Lattimore, Kathy 159 Laub, Leslie 159 Leadbetter, Victor 159 Leamaster, Kelly 159,193,319 Leavitt, Perry 159 Lee, Susan 159 Leonard, Gwen 159,202,204,205 Levieu, Mike 159 Lindsey, Sylvia 159 Lock, Mike 159 Lockery, Alan 159,244,268 Lockhart, Denise 159 Lockner, Steve 232 Lohwasser, Cathy 159 L0ng, Linda 159,200,202 Long, Michelle 159,218 Lozano, Irene 159,195 Lucas, Paula 159 Lundwall, Mike 159,217,243 Lypsky, Neal 159 Macciooi, Gerald 152,159,260 Mack, Charles 159 Madrid, Lisa 159 Magliarditi, Joe 159 Martin, Brian 159,258 Vicki 159,265 Johnson, Jim 158 Johnson, Stan 158,244 Jones Jones Jones , Brenda 158 , Cathy 158 , Danny 158,232,264 Jones, Julie 158,236 Jones, Kevin 158 Jones, Mike 158 Jones, Tom 158 Josephs, Adele 158,205 Jwachniuk, Darlene 158 Katz, Ross 158 Martin, Chris 159 Martin, Julie 159 Martinez, Carla 159 Martinez, Kathi 159 Martinez, Tony 159,232 Martinez, Kearney, Bobby 158 Kefalas, Susan 158 Keli, Terry 158 Kennedy, Steve 158 KESCI, Bob 158,232,264 Key, Roy 159 KliCl4, Harry 201,202,219,266 314 Index Marzan, Rebecca 159,206 Mastin, Ridgeway 159,232 Mathewson, Dennis 159,218 McAllister, Blair 159 McAllister, Heather 159 McCall, Sam 159 McCullah, Vivian 159 McDermott, John 253 McGrath, Mike 160,260 McGuier, Sally 160 McNamara, Kelly 160 McNeal, Joyce 160 McQuady, Mike 160,268 McQueen, Robyn 152,160,214 Medberry, Sharon 159 Mejlander, Sam 160,235 Melchionne, Lynne 160,191,222 224 318 Meldrum, Lore 160,208 Mellon, Charles 160,244 Mellor, Robin 160 Mendez, Joe 160 Mesa, Rosa 160 Mezzarelli, Jamie 160 Micheletty, Plorino 160 Miller, Bobby 160,260 Miller, Colby, 160 Millikan, Jackie 160 Minagil, Suzanne 160 Mindlin, Carole 160,202,205 Minter, Alma 16O,246,251,267 Molloy, Mike 160 Molony, Mike 160,208 Mona, Denise 160 Monsour, Mike 258 Moore, Michael 160 Moore, Pat 160 Morrison, Leslie 160 Moser, Julie 160 Mosley, Leland 160 Mulcahey, Bill 160 Mulden, Sharon 160 Munson, Carolyn 160,251 Munson, Erin 160 Murphy, Kim 160 Murray, Tina 160 Mutch, Patricia 204 Nelms, Lisa 160 Nelson, Ed 160 Nesci, Linda 160 Ness, Doug 161 Newman, Donna 161 Nichols, Bev 161 Nielsen, Kristi 161 Nielson, Lynn 161 Nielson, Robert 161 Nilsen, Richard 161,200,202 Nino, Doreen 161.195,222,248 O'Brien, Lance 161 O'Donnell, David 161,214 O'Quinn, Kelly 161,191,2.00,205 251 267 Ordonez, Robert 161 Orduna, Greg 232 Orduna, Marla 161 Pacatte, Braxton 161,201,205,255 Pacheco, Bryan 161 Page, Mike 161,218 Paglia, Mike 161,232,258 Paislow, Mike 161 Palmeri, Joe 161,260,268 Papas, Pam 161 Paradiso, Carl 161,200,202,222 Parenti, John 161,201 Parker, Steve 161 Patrick, James 161,244 Patrick, Richard 161,232,260 Patterson, Linda 161 Patterson, Marvin 264 Peckhan, Robert 161 Peiro, Gigi 161 Perez, Jose 161 Petak, Dawn 161,204 Peterson, Ardith 161 Peterson, Murray 161,235,269 Petruzzi, Frank 161 Phillips, Joe 161 Phillips, Tim 161 Phinick, Brad 161,210 Pickney, Ronnie 161 Pinckey, Donald 161 Pitrello, Ronnie 161 Platt, Robin 161 P0liS, Sue 161,191,Z05,236,248,267 Ponticello, Teresa 161,220,221 Posock, Steve 161 Post, Cindy 161,200 Pratti, Terry 161 Priest, Greg 161,255 Printiss, Reney 161,206 Prior, Vicki 161 Proctor, Brett 161 Prodromides, John 161 Psenicnik, Garbiella 161,204 Raffail, Steve 161 Raftery, Mary 161,221 Ragen, Sharon 246 Rarnbicure, Terry 161 Rasmussen, Patti 161,217,248 Ratigan, Regena 246,247,251,269 Ravetti, Pam 161 Reasbeck, Tina 161,251,267 Reed, Williams 162,232,268 Richardson, Mike 162,203 Richert, Jon 162 Ridolfino, Joanne 162 Riley, John 258 Ripplinger, Mike 162 Rissman, Nick 162 Rizzolo, Rick 162 Rodrigueaz, Mona 162 Roiz, Magaly 162,215 Roldan, Pastora 162 Roles, Jimmy 162,205 Rollins, Brian 162,232,260 Rosenberry, Mike 162 Ross, Kathleen 152,162,210,216,217 Row, Kristine 162,207 Ruby, Lori 162,205,319 Ruff, Gina 162 Runge, Fredrika 162 Russell, Tom 162 Russo, James 162 Sabo, Rick 162,232 Salerno, Carrie 162 Salyer, Vernon 162 Sarnualsen, Kim 162 Sarbucker, Tammie 162 Sardusky, Gina 162 Saunders, Roy 162,226,260 Sbornick, Mike 224 Scarcerli, Terry 162 Schaible, Donna 162,210 Scheppman, Brad 162,201,202 Schissel, Martin 162 Schnidt, Randy 162 Schroeder, Sandi 162 Schudier, Julie 162 Scuartz, Jamie 162,220,221 See, Karen 162 Seada, David 162 Seri, Maria 162 Setterstrom, Bruce 162 Shelbourne, Kevin 162,226 Shelton, Vance 162 Shepard, Debra 152,162 Shofner, Jennifer 162 Shornich, Michael 162 Shultz, Susan 163 Silvius, Tammy 163 Simons, Mark 163,232,268 Simpson, Deven 152,163,200,202 Siska, Marty 163 Slack, Angela 163,204 Slider, Jody 163,214 Smith, Amanda 152,163,205 Smith, Andrea 152,163,201,202 Smith, Duayne 163,204 Smith, John 163 Smith, Kevin 163 Smith, Sandy 163 Snider, Michelle 163 Snider, Syndee 163 Sorensen, Patsy 163,200,202 Sotelo, Kathy 163,210,222 Spear, Lisa 163 Spencer, Terry 163 Spigelmyer, Scott 163 Starr, Susan 163,191 Steinberg, Alan 163 Steiner, Marda 163 Stewart, Doug 163 Stewart, George 163 Stief, Warren 163,264 Stoye, Cheri 163 Strobeck, Steve 60,163,215,260 Sturdivant, Laura 163,215,260 Suiter, JD 163 Swartz, Larry 163,205,221,235 Switzer, Max 163 Syphus, Danny 163 Tabot, Marianne 163 Tanner, Pat 163 Tautges, Laura 163 Taylor, Claude 163,209 Taylor, Julie 163 Teeters, Bill 163,200,202 Temple, Laura 163 Terry, Philip 163,268 Thomas, Ronnie 163,202 Thomas, Terry 163,222,264 Thompson, Kirk 163,239 Thorton, Gail 164 Thrower, Regena 164 Tibbs, Monte 164 Timm, Robin 164,198,200 Tobin, Terri 164 Trymblo, Avriu 164 Urgola, Kim 164 Vaccaro, Nick 164 Valdenegro, Leoner 164 Vamater, Jacque 164 Van Compernoll, Debbie 164,204 Van Valck, Lori 164 Vazqnez, Carmen 164 Vespignani, Cherie 152,164,222 Villaire, Bill 164,210 Villaire, John 60,164 Wallace, Ron 264 Walquist, Paula 164,251,267 Ward, Bethany 164 Ward, Bill 164 Ward, Carolyn 164 Warner, Cheryl 164 Waroe, John 164 Warren, Debra 164 Warren, Lorraine 164,214 Wearley, Roaxanne 164,236 Weeks, Jill 164 Weins, Loyal 208 Wesson, Cres 164 Wheatle, Mike 164,244 Wheeler, Carol 204 White, Hanelle 164 White, Janell 164,210 White, Terri 164 Whitney, Mike 164,232,260 Whittenburg, Tanya 164 Whittington, Mark 164 Wicker, Cindy 164 Wightman, Pam 164 Wiley, Sam 164 Wilkerson, Bob 164,201,202 Williams, Charles 164 Williams, Gene 164 Wilson, Tami 164 Winaro, Neil 164 Wirey, Susan 164 Woodard, Ron 164,210 Woodburn, John 164 Woznik, Ricki164 Wright, Sharon 164 Young, Andy 201,202 Young, Christy 164,200,202 Young, Ron 164,208 Zappulla, Linda 164 Zavalney, Mary 164,251,267 Zimmerman, Irvin 164,200,202 Zorn, Kathy 164,205 FRESI-IME Abel, Janet 167 Abel, Vicky 167 Araham, Mike 167 Index. .315 Adametz, Jeff 167,226,235 Ahlstrom, Rod 167 Albright, Jane 167 Allen, Cathy 167,205 Allen, Sharon 167 Alterwitz, Daryl 167 Altman, Ricky 167 Anderson, Scotty 167 Ansorge, Martin 167 Arthurholt, Tina 167,204 Artinian, Terry 167 Artman, Linda 167 Avansino, Pam 167 Bain, Breca 167 Bailey, Melanie 167 Baker, Scott 167 Baker, Charles 167 Bakke, Charles 201,260 Baldwin, Viyola 167 Ballard, Cheryl 167 Banks, Elaine 167 Baum, Tracy 167 Barnes, Jerry 167 Barnum, Dinah 167 Beckett, Robert 167 Bell, Micheal 167,221 Benner, Robert 167 Berenz, Sandy 167 Bernier, Mike 167 Bernier, Stephan 167,201,202 Bianco, Vera 167 Biddle, Mike 167 Bledsoe, Dareic 167 Boesch, Besty 167 Bogdanoff, Susan 167 Bond, Cindi167 Borehert, Connie 167 Botos, Bill 167,260,318 Bova, Steve 167 Bowers, Lisa 167 Bramlet, Candy 167,209 Brandise, Tina 167 Brannan, David 167 Broadus, Kathleen 167 Brown, Jim 167,200,202 Brown, Kevin 167 BrownBunn, Frank 167 Bryan, Ken 167,205 Buckalew, Donna 167 Butner, Don 167 Cafaro, Cammy 167 Campbell, Jane 167,239 Carroll, Christine 167 Carter, Catherine 167,192,214,217 Castorine, Cindy 168 Chandler, Jan 168 Chandler, Lisa 168 Charniga, Teri 168,207 Chellino, Mary 168 Childers, Mundee 168 Cho, Kun 168,204 Chong, David 168 Christenson, Tammy 166,168 316 Index Cleveland, Diana 168 Cohen, Fran 168,202,204 Coleman, Carolyn 168 Coleman, John 168 Coleman, Ronnie 168 Connolly, Colleen 168 Conuay, Carol 168 Cook, Daloine 168 Coslet, Michelle 168 Costello, Cindy 168 Craden, Owen 168 Cummins, Brena Cummins, Mary 168 D'Amora, Donna 168 Dantos, Virginia 168 Demartino, Susan 168 Demasso, Angela 168 Demson, Tobi 168 Deriso, Maria 168 Doig, Laurio 168 Domatties, Carrie 168,204 Dorn, Randy 168 Dornini, Jane 168 Durkee, Tim 202 Earl, Catherine 204 Edwards, Jim 168 Elliott, Kori168 Ellis, Linda 168 Emery, Glenn 168 Englert, Mike 168,200 Escoto, Donna 168 Eskue, Chris 168 Evans, Cindy 168 Farr, Anya 168,192,205 Farr, Elayne 168 Ferrare, Vicki 168 Fisler, Jerold 168 Fitch, Gina 168 Foster, Mercedes 168 Fox, Geri169,209,214 Freeman, Susan 169,265 Fuller, Michelle 169 Job, Lisa 166 Galambos, Candi 167,169 Gaddy, Carol 169 Gale, Julie 169 Gamboa, Steve 169,232 Garrett, Brenda 169 Garrison, Darian 169 Gibbs, Mark 169,205 Gibbs, Steve 169 Gibson, Jody 169 Gillen, Suzanne 169 Gonzales, Gayle 169 Gordon, Donna 166,169 Graczyk, Darlene 169 Gray, Janice 169 Gray, Jennifer 169 Green, Nancy 166,169 Griffen, Darrel 169,245 Griffen, Scotty 169 Grilliette, Lisa 169 Gubler, Holiday 169 Hamby, Linda 169 Ham, Susie 169 Harnby, Linda 169 Hamilton, Sylvia 169 Hanley, Jeff 169,208 Harper, Debra 169,206 Harris, Adrienne 169,206 Harris, Lyrone 169 Hartman, Rich 202,201 Hayes, Donald 169 Hayes, James 169 Heath, Holly 169,200,202 Hellom, Anita 169 Herbert, Lisa 169 Herman, Sylvia 169 Hett, Bruce 169 Holden, Brent 169 Holt, Traci 169,202 Hudson, Barb 169 Hunter, Lori 169 Hurley, Lance 169,202,245,268 Isaacson, Ellen 169 Jack, Sally 170 Jacobs, Leatha 170 Jarrett, Karen 170 Jenkins, Eva 170,204 Job, Larry 170 Job, Lisa 166,170,222,239 Johnson, Althea 170 Jones, Janeane 170,202 Jones, Karen 170 Jones, Melanie 170 Jory, Teri 170,192,205,221,222 Judickis, Tina 170 Katris, Theana 170 Kelly, Kirk 170 Kelp, Robert 170 Kim, Ann 170 King, Adrian 245 Krueger, Karen 170 Kuehne, Dennise 170 Kupiec, Thomas 170 Kutz, Ron 170 Laudise, Lonnie 170 Lawrence, Brett 170 Leavitt, Kim 170 Lee, Mike 170 Leedham, Connie 170,221 Lefebure, Bob 170 Leos, Kathy 170 Levins, David 170 Lock, julie 170,204 Logan, John 170 Lucas, Suzanne 170,204 Luedera, Karen 170 Luna, Marilyn 170 Lunn, Helayne 170 Lyden, Tim 170 Maggio, Mike 170 Malloney, Kelly 170,204 Mallory, Brian 170 Marcus, Don 170,245 Martin, Darrell 170,245 Martin, Sheila 170 Martin, Will 170,205,221,245 Martinez, Ann 170 Martinez, Valerie 170 Marson, Walter 170 Mastranonio, Barry 170 Matteucai, Andy 170 Mazola, Mary Ann 170 McBerty, Paul 170 McCalla, Dianna 170 McDonough, Kathy 170 McGuire, Cindy 170 McLaughlin, Happy 170 Mears, Sherri 170 Meek, Alan 170 Meldro, Leann 170 Menster, Susan 171 Merk, Colette 171 Meudek, Joe 171 Michelberger, Debbie 171 Miller, Scott 171 Millisor, Brad 171,260 Mitchell, Clinton 171 Monroe, Michell 171 Mor an, Marty 171 Mortinson, Greg 200,202 Morton, Karin 171,205 Moser, Fritz 171 Mullen, Susan 171,209 Munoz, Eddie 171 Nabit, Alaina 166,171 Nait, David 171 Names, Iaymi 171,205 Nee, Tracy 171,245 Newman, Christa 171 Nilsen, john Noorda, Stephane 171 Olsen, Greg 171 Orwick, john 171,214 Ostrander, Daryl 171 Page, Sue 171 Palacios, Sergio 171 Parson, Naida 171,222 Pearce, Robin 171,192,204,205 Peasy, Linda 171 Perkins, Kelly 171,209 Perry, Pam 171 Pescon, Todd 171 Peterson, Cathleen 171 Peterson, Jennifer 171 Picardo, Shonnette 171,192,205 Plumer, Lydell 171,245 Prescott, Terry 171 Provenza, Mike 171 Propster, Patrick 171 Psenicnik, joe 171 Rayburn, Mike 171 Read, Terry 171 Reed, David 245,264 Rehl, Tim 171 Reid, Dave 232 Reid, Nancy 171,204 Rice, Debbie 171 Roberts, Jeanne 171 Robinson, Mary 171 Robison, Susan 171 Rogerson, Tammy 204 Ronza, Peter 171 Ropert, Brian 171 Rosenstein, Miriam 171 Rowan, Bill 171 Rush, Debbie 205 Ryan, Gus 171,201 Sabo, Gary 171,255 Salmon, Leesa 171 Sanders, Greg 171 Sarabia, Mark 171 Sauceda, Chris 172 Saunto, Gia 172 Scallion, Dennis 172 Schaefer, Terri 172 Schiller, Sally 172 Schmid, Lori 172 Shulz, Suzane 172 Sciales, Lillian 172 Sendziak, Maureen 172 Serap, Denise 172,220,221 Shaughnessy, Kevin 172 Sheilds, LOI'i172,220,221,2.22 Sherwood, Mike 172 Sierra, Mike 172 Sigety, john 172 Silvestri, Laura 166,172 Simon, Rhonda 172 Simmounds, Art 172,201,202 Smith, Cindy 172 Smith, Darrell 172 Smith, Denise 172 Smith, Ernest 172,205 Smith, Esther 172,265 Smith, Kathy 172 Smith, Phillip 172 Somma, Vincent 172 Sommers, Ronna 172 Spencer, james 172 Spilman, Sally 172,214 Spilotro, Patrick 172,205,221 Standifer, William 172 Stapley, Roland 172 Stauton, Rod 172 Steinberg, Diane 166,172,214 Sterrett, Stacey 172 Strobeck, Kris 166,172,205,215 Sugita, Linda 172,193 Sussman, Laura 172,214 Swift, George 172,245 Talbot, Tyler 172 Taylor, Leslie 172 Taylor, Roland 172 Teeter, Tim 172 Tharp, Craig 173,209 Thomas, Carl 173 Thomas, Pam 173,265 Thurman, Dorrie 173 Tozier, Judy 173 Travis, Julie 173 Travis, Mildred 200 Tribett, Mark 173 Tricolo, Carman 173 Turner, Leon 173 Ulrich, Sandee 173 Urquilo, Dave 173 Utterback, Karen 173 VanBoode, Helmut 173,264 VanBuskirk,Ieff173 VanPelt, Cheryl 173,214 Varguss, Bill 173 Vettiger, Leslie 173 Villar, Maryloo 173 Vuceta, Nick 173 Wadsworth, Felica 173,214 Ward, Christine 173 Warren, Don 173,232,260 Watkins, Sherisha 173 Weber, Frank 220 Welch, Ann 173,204 Whitmore, Laurie 204 Wicker, Lindy 174 Willard, Patricia 173 Wook Dirk 173 Woolley, Carmen 173 Wordelman, Lisa 173 Wyman, Lise 173 Zalla, Kathy 173 Zeltzer, Marci 173 Index. .317 ? STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER L-R: Bill Botos, Steve Ray, and Head Photographer Ric Gag- liardi. 5.-H 1- A WORD PRDM THE EDITORS: We would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to the staff for all their hard work and effort. Without them, the book would have been impossible to complete. We wish to thank Mr Darnell and Mr. Edwards for their advice, Mrs. Hold for her assistance, and our head photographer Ric Gagliardi. Our added appreciation goes to Mr. Lowe of American Yearbook Company and to Nevada School Portraits. Later, Dotti Sz Nancy 318 Index sPoRTs lSTANDlNGJ: Steve Fleitz, 1SEATEDlRobin Hornreich, Leslie Jacobs, and Lynne Melchionne. ADS: Mike Propster and Valerie Agee. CLUBS L-R: Tina Webb, Valerie Agee, Debra Lowrance, Dawn Marsh, Eva Thomas, Felicia Massoni, and Kerry Monroe. CLASSES L-R: QSTANDINCJ Vicki Curry, Lisa Reinhart, and Bar- bara Eisenberg. QSEATEDJ Maria Lozano, Sherri Sills, Cindy Webb, and Jeri Richardson. f, .XL xx saaee fs- if 3. ffies 1' 3 . ,, , A If I ' if .bie ...Q I 1 . t 1 11 ft ef" f. I 'ff X' l,',,,g1 li PUBLIC RELATIONS: jane Bolduc and Kelly Leamaster. 6313 X, W ,... FACULTY L-R: Michaud. Shelley Gould, Pam Emery, Lori Ruby, and Debi HONORS 8: ACTIVITIES L-R: Diana Ragan, Shauna Parkin- son, Tammy Petito, and Linda Fitzgerald. The students on the Valhalla staff have devoted much time and effort in order to produce a yearbook which they, and all other Valley High students, can be proud of. These people have designed a book which captures all the fond memories and exciting moments of the school year. The hard working section editors were Shelly Could, faculty, Diana Regan, honors, Shauna Parkinson, ac- tivities, Diana Regan, clubs, Steve Fleitz, sports, Bar- bara Eisenberg, advertisements, and Vicki Curry, classes. The yearbook was edited by Dorothy Gallagher and Nancy White. Head photographer was Ric Gag- liardi. Barbara Eisenberg was the business manager. We would like to congratulate Diana Regan for her outstanding efforts in producing this year's book. The editors have chosen Diana as the Most Valuable Staf- fer. Valhalla In dex u-4 u-4 CU -A-J UU 319 va' G qi v "I ' - N t M Qyx ggi: Lemon, FWZGERALD 5? 00+-fi N741 G' Y H I Dem' 00+ K B 02, 77 R x 4335 aQ F WX- 54 -E , . 'H ' N'-V" +',f cfewe"'5,, IT Om 43' eb 44' 429' Hman 2. 4 Gill Q Bc wgpfwb Gcjfcha KMRLVQHE 'lYm.EE?Q1ffZ?3gJwMNcf E627 Q60 Lfewl' A '5HB -Of 'Y F 'A Y' + Z?J' Qfi 0 wo' C ef vw W 4, Q ' 'I o V 3' ar lag P317 fqgikafflfabxj? nz K-If 775 F Q-ff' jgwwfl, 'G N. 5-fx. Nah My ,g-3 mpc ffpv . E Ps- Njb Q I - SLTPM, A6520 BY' ,, . , A Wvigf' EQQL4-qos? NH! V ty '6 K R0 xx V9 gmwliq f Y- xg. 7 908+-f lux ff? l 5:2 8- 0 qv . 'Y .QQ K 6-P A 5' E A' E 5 M -N' RL x Ffa" SP misfit bww WM,- ilmlu ' Q nun: nirvana Qmhmwina ' 44. . f f 1 I- In' 6 Mmuim O ", 3 'U v fi , . Q' , . 1 1 pi 6 , . I b l 'Q W :Q 1 ,, 5, WL I l A 5 , .'1'r3 ' 1 ,S 5 -S r ,I ' wr fi Q ...P 1 f A k, 'NXT

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