Valley High School - Tiger Tales Yearbook (West Des Moines, IA)

 - Class of 1956

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Valley High School - Tiger Tales Yearbook (West Des Moines, IA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 120 of the 1956 volume:

. M!,iyfP ff!! qLf'5 ,fy iffy W W 10' . Q3 jg? 'Q Loaf Lpfw ,ff jf fa? Qui' M A W 1 .,!!UVLM yan C A , '1Vf. GX 5 A 7 W wwf' Q U VW 1 -M 'Q 'N X ' fir 1 2 A ' S5 V wgf J My i I yi IW " I 1 1 1 1 fy PM Sp "fy f-U f 5 1 NL, fdyyyfzfy W 6 i Q 6 R f . f' N 33,51 , vk Xl? 'A IS L if ' nm 5 L ' W ' J lb' L if 1 9 J 1 , ,A ' .S YJ EN sg R, ff M W U 9 A X J ' lF xx X . V, ,L . Egxfwfil ml W W Q Y.. , A I Q X as Q Q 33 iz -bd' B5v?" L1NX . 1 S R Q Tx by rijlv yi ,QQ N K Q V Q55-.QLFX ,noir V Q 5 Sw is xx ' I 7 X V S: wa N S N, 5,1-J Q 'Xl Qxfhiv THE CLASS 1956 PRESENTS THE V H S TIGER TALE S" CO EDITORS IUDY TUTTLE CHARLENE MAIN SPONSOR BILL common OF If ' W 4-on wal' 0' 47 Q r-""', X 'x,k fy Q 'X I., - . N,?' v fi -.5 .1 k"""i, hx.. X -.. 'S H R. x -,Ax K 'r .. .Lx J . it . "x xl, -xc Q nf X N? -, 9-0-Q'-V. A'r - Qld' 4 -IP- -OI FOREWORD Tl '-4 1 wx 1 HU N , 1'11' L,1.1Sf 11' .F.+, '-1111112 11141 11' jr 51-'17 111 "1 11 17 .,+11f1i111u1:. 11 1 l lm, lx- 5111111 111 511 .1 1.1f11111 111111111., 1? 111111.11 l1'1 111' 11.1 1111.1 1 llf 111.11 .1111. 1.1 111.1 11.1rs111f111 11, N111 lmuli -'1111l.1111h 1111 111.1111 1111 11111111-4 111 11111 X1 1111111 11.11X 111111 11 1111 w1J I'N1 111 111111 11111, '1w111111111 11111 111111111 111511110 f1I11I1fS11l11 W1 11111 11x1,1xX1111l' '11 1l1 111 llllf 111. 111'-111s .1121 .11l1111111s11111111,-- 1111111 .'11I1I 111,11 N1111111l1i.'1-. I9111 111xt 1111134 111111, wc 2111511 1.1111 11111 .Z1Nx.1f,i IU 1111111 I 1111 11511125 XY1111 . 151-'I M11--NIL11111111111111121,111-1 1-11 11151, 1w1t1. 1111 sw 111111111111 111 11.11111 9111 11111, 141 'ws1"1sl11 S 7111 .1 S1101-1 Ss'11l !11111r1. DEDICATION 5 X1111111 ll II 11 Lot 111111111 1 IN L U ULU' fx st 1 5 UIISTUS lg 111 1 1 11 'DLHSL IL Illilllu I' QIIOQIIIIIIL I L ' 7 VO L 1 1 1 111 1 1111 111s 111 11111 1111 flllx 1 1115 Jud' IL 1' 111' L31 1 1-5 JI tl11 fT111ss11fl1!F1f5, Mg I' W'k1'CI - lfs, ,. 'JV- IIIIIILJS, up' 111 1fw1y1l11111g1-xc' -pt 111111 111111 pr f11 111-1 l'l11' IJ1-1141111111111 111 I11d1'111'11d1'111'u S1155 that 111111 111 11111 11141111'1111b11-1111111515 Illu' ll 51.1411 'I'l1u 1' ix 1111. '. '1111l111- 114111111111-ss 111 11111135 kx1'k'ZlUV1j, 111111 't1v1', In-1111, 11-5111111311 ly 111 lvvl ll th' 111- 4 d 11v 11111 urw - 5 ' 11-s, U L 'I' Y SUPERINTENDENT ,wilt Mr Lee IS not only the supermtendent of our school system but IS a very acuve e1t1zen of West Des Mo1nes We of Valley Hlgh Sehool l1ke to refer to h1m as Valley s Ambass rdor of Good W1ll Th1s sprmb Mr Lee was chosen as the Ol1ISt3IlC.llIlLjL1I1ZLll of West Des MOIDLS an honor of whrch we were all duly proud Upon rece1v1ngL the honor Mr Lee st rted that he felt that the award was not for h1m alone u for the many people connected w1th the school sys tem As Supenntendent of the West Des Mo1nes School System the proper hlflllb of teachers and the mamtenance of school property are just 1 few of hrs jobs AMOS C LEE SCHOOL BOARD SECRETARY The very eff1c1ent secretary to the board of edu cauon IS Mrs Mar1or1e Cosper She a1ds theSchool Board Ln many ways It 1S often sa1d that she helps very mueh to keep the school system runmng 1n a smooth manner Mrs Cospcr supports the school w1th every effort lIlLl f1nds 11tt1e t1me for relaxauon She has many Jobs from ordeung mater1al to wr1t1ng eheeks Mrs Cosper lS a good member of a f1ne ad l'1'llIllSU'i:lI1VC group 1-49x MARJORIE COSPER PRINCIPAL The leadership of the Senior High School is in the hands of Mr. William Bowen. Sometimes he is called the busiest man in the school system. We of the Annual Staff agree with this wholeheartedly To prepare our students to meet and cope with problems of the future 1S his biggest desire This is done with every thought directed to help the student The stu dents of Valley High School are uppermost in his mind Mr Bowen feels that ahnost anyone can get by but this is not the best procedure He stresses the rmportance of a good high school education and what it can do for those going into the business world or into institutions of higher learning He emphasizes that people who tend to slide by will be lost in the shuffle in the modern world outside therefore we must make the best of our high school education WILLIAM BOWEN HIGH SCHOOL SECRETARY Mrs Simmons is our very capable high school secretary Attending to school routines is just one part of her job she also helps students settle many of their problems Much of her time is devoted to help ing classroom teachersprepare mrmeographed articles for use in the classroom Mrs Simmons is always ready to lend a helping hand to anyone that feels the need of one We wish to thank her for doing such a fine Job This page sponsored by BROWN S JEWELRY IOLA SIMMONS SCHOOL BOARD The School Board IS a vcryeffrcrent hard workrngj group of crtrzens of our commtuuty The bt ttermtnt of the school system IS therr highest goal Wrth thcrr thoughts dlrtcted toward the school system they make our students for a successful future as good cruzcns of the communxty Thrsmustbe dont IH a manner whrch IS sumulatrng and motlvatlng Our board dtvotcs 1ISL1f to formmg h1ppy and devoted students We ofthe AnnualStaff wrsh to Conbratulatt you the West Des Mornes School Board SEATED Left to Rrght Elbert Strlwell Presr dent Marjorre Qosper Secretary Amos Lee Superrntendcnt ROW ONE Howard Barnett RalphLynn Bonme McFaddan Vtrnon Barly CUSTODIANS Valley Hrbh has .1 very capable group of Janrtors, under the drrectron of Earl Hrbbs They have many Jobs 1n the school system whrch keeps them occupred So many trmes they are scurryrng around wrth broom rn hand or some type of materral to re pau or rnstall Thanks, for a job well done The Annual Staff ROW ONE, Left to Rrght C Rhone, E Htbbs, V Rhone, P Thomas ROW TWO E Thompson, M MCCO1g1H, H. Reed, J. Crcgor, A MCMHIHS iff T . E i ,....r.,..E.. T H . p . , - . Y Y D many decisions along that line. They help prepare s ' " 1 ' 1" I I , p , , . 1 A 1 ' ' - '- S ' ' ' - 1- s 2 - H ' . Z 1. ' , I 1 X D o . Y l FACULTY STORY lhe semors ofV11lex lhgh would hke to swlute Mrs Nnorf Mrs wpr Mille and Mr lurpan our sen1or sponsors who h.1ve 1ontr1butedthe1rt1111e and c,11er111es to help 11s C lrrx Olll our hngh school att1v1t1es o 1r1n n sp e o lllS 1111nx othtr 11t1v1t1es 1lcept1,dthc.t1111e LOll9lllll1l'lL, task of sponsor1n11 th1s lflm 1nnu1l lle has been 111reat help and we would hlxe to VOIQC our 1ppreC11t1on dr11111t1c prc.sent1t1ons lhe Villex VSFICIICN whlch IS presented e1chf11l 'md the Npr111uPl1x Mrs Bell, who lS 1 newcomer to Valley lhgh his served IhlS yewr is in ex1ellt,nt sponsor of the Rope Jumpers ind the Pep C lub Other newcomers to Vallex thts vear were Mrs low Mr ll11ghes,Mr lxnxel ind Mr l31v1s We smcerelx l1ope thev found tl11s year 1t Vwllex verv pleasant We were honored th1s tear to have Mrs Jerry Mclxeley md Mr Don lors student teznhers from low1 Qtate College 1n Ames and Mr Warren C lwnn from Dmke UHIVCFSIIY Mrs McNe1ey worked Wllh Mr stznnbrook and Mr Iors Wlfll Mr Anderhk Mr Glann ass1sted Mr Werth 1ntl1elnstr11ment1lM11s11 Department ' " ' 1 1 ' ' ' 1 1. f , . -N 1. '. L , 'L , ' , "" ' ' 1 Mr,ci111'1,1111 f ' 11 1 1 1 ' 1 ' ' ' .T ig 2 , L z 1 Mrs. Green is the person responsible for Vz1llev's extra t'11rric'11lz1r 1 S I K 1f, , ' I 1 ' I , 1 I 1 1 1 sg x L I . 3 v y ' W 1 , , . . - 1 - V I , 1 ' , 1 4 , I N 1' , 1 1 1 X' , ' 1 1 T ' 1 I L ' I 1 . 1 ' ' 6, 1 , I . 1- I I v u V Q . Mx I V . T FACULTY I ROBERT ANDERLIK GEORGE DAVIS WOIN H1Si0ry Chemistry and Phwsics ADM-I ATOR BILL COLDIRON Bookkii pin Phys1ca1Educ1tion Shorth ind PHYLLIS BELL PAULINE CARMODY THERON CARTY Physicgil Edni-girion Typing Industrial Arts Drivcr Education This page sponsored by DRS. STERNAGEL, DUEWALL 81 VAN NATTA FACULTY RUIJIRT ILIC lx WILLIXM KNIFL Ilismri Mo irn Primbliiiis L Lmr il Bnsim ss '-3 MARY QRANSON liomi Lionomiis MARH KAR I LHNLR ni MARION GREEN DICK HUGHES TOM KARPAN English Vocal Music Sviuncu and Biology Journalism This page sponsored by YOST GROCERY STORE FACULTY 2 GARREFT LENHART KENNETH WERTH MOGL F11 Pf0b1LmS Insuumi nml Musii Spuch ind Enblish HENRY RICHARDS JEANNE TOW Sgignu Advanc d Mwth Gcngral Math LOUISE SNORF ADAH SPRAGUE GORDON STAINBROOK Amqriqgn Lin-mgul-Q Spanish and English Algebra General Math This page sponsored by DES MOINES ICE 84 FUEL CO. s I 0 SENIOR OFFICERS HZANK IDUNK XN Kl N HUTZFLL 1 Ilutztll w as tltttttl rs Vrtt Prtsrdtnt L t Ll 1 lvtry lttlwt bglll 1 turrn Ill rntlud Journrhsrn Mo trn x ms S 1 rntl 13 nkktt u Rox rnnt Wrns uw xv rstltttttl rs Sur trry Trt tru! xrnnt prrttrpit 1 ust trx t t rc rv Htr t nrr1t u um nnt lnth s Stn1orins,11sh Moth rnl mhlt ms L htmrstrx rnt Sp rnrsh Frank Dnnrnrr was vlcctt-d as Prt-sidcnt of thc Clzrss of 195113. Frank is active in almost all school ra ivitits orts I tt s for trrtk Hrs Ll11'l'1LU1l1Il1 this xt rr rntlutits btn1orEnr, lrsh Modtrn Prohltrns Chr mrstrx md Iyprn- ROX XINNE WINS! OW Thus Putt bponsortd hx LITTLI JOE 5 MARIXLI 900 Sth btrttt F 1 :t - . In sp , Trunk t-xr X1 in mtball and K L . D ' , ' . ' 1,1 ' . , : K , ' K,- t X F Kr-r " 4 'rf' 4 "-- -A' oi th- Class oi l.75i5, K'1 'sa ' 1' ' '- '- 'or. H's ' "ll1L1 this yt-.rr ' ' US: J ' 5 tl- l'1-oily .5 Qh rpg 5 0 "I ing. S' .': ' '1 'z ' " ' 1 cz '- 'ns- nr' 'tl1t'1T1.1ssuf' LONE, Roy: - 1 i " . t's 'n 411- Y nn uv- 1' uxtr:1'urr1'n1zrr 4 't' 'ity ' ' " 1 M ' . , , ' , T , ' . . I , . ' . ' 1. 1 I C 1 1 . K ' . Ly , ' , V . " ' T' ', X , s CARMEN ARGUMEIJO Annual Staff -lg Office Assistant 1254, 4. BEVERLY ANN BANE Basketball -lg Annual Staffalg Transfer Student front llebloto lliilh School. lUlJI'l'll ANN BEALL Pep Club 1,2,.'igBand l,2,S4,-lg Chorus 152.-4.4: Greg Club 1, 2, 14: Sextet :ig Valley Varieties 1, 2, 55. noN,u.n iueufuzn BECK iwtmii 4- ixasttemaii i,2,:t,4g Track 3.4: Base- iwallii, -1, V-cum 2,1a,-1, Chorus :ig ui-Y 1,2g Spotlight Staff -lg Class Officer l, 2. RICIL-XRD NEIL BECKER Golf 1,2,L5,-lg Football Manager 2,f4,-lg Basket- ball Manager 1,2,3i,-15 V-Club A,-lg Valley Varieties '2,:i, 4g Draniatics 255, -15 Hi-Y 2. JERRY LEE BEER Spotlight Staff l. ,. .,, lXl.Xlxk,l i iNTsl. llOl.l ON Pep Club lg Chorus 1, 2,3S, -lg Contest Soloist ii, -lg Glee Club Jig Sextet 2, -lg Mixed Octet 2, fig Ixlixetl Quartet :ig Valley Varieties 2,1S,-45 Annual Sta ff -l. M.-X RY LOUISE BORRA LL Pep Club lg il'ransl'er Student froui lntlianola lliuh School. ROGER DARRYL BOWERS Spotlight Staff 4. IA MES WILBUR BOWLES Valley Varieties 4, Annual Staff 4, Spotlight Staff 4, Class Officer ,ig Transfer Student from Lincoln High School. DANIEL DAVID BROW N Baseball 3,43 Spotlight Staff -lg Annual Staff 4, Class President 4, Chorus 4g Valley Varieties 4, Transfer Student from W. Waterloo, Waterloo, Iowa. JOHN ROBERT COLE MAN Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track l, 2, 3, 43 Baseball Jig Golf lg V-Club 3, 4, Valley Varieties 4, Dramat- ics 4, Hi-Y 23, 4, Spotlight Staff 4. JANET CLARE COOPER Basketball 2,3,4g Pep Club 4, Pep Club Officer 33 Attendant to Queen 3, 4, Drum Majorette 3, 4, Valley Varieties 3,45 Drarnatics Qsetsj 3,4, Tri- Hi-Y 3, 4, Annual Staff 4, Spotlight Staff 4. BETTY LOU CREGER HAL JAMES CRITZ Track lg Valley Varieties lg Annual Staff 4, Spotlight Staff 4. IANICE KAY DALE Basketball l,2,3,4g Drill Team 2,3,4g Pep Club 3, 4, Band 1, Chorus l, 2, 3, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, Annual Staff 43 Office Assistant 35 Student Council 2, Class Officer 3. Nl A RY SOCORRO DIAZ Basketball l, 2, ri, ,lg Pep Club -lg Chorus lg Annu- al Staff -1. JAMES MICHAEL DUGGAN Basketball lg Band l,2,Il,,lg Swing Band 2,:5,-1, Chorus l,2,Ilg Glcc Club :ig Boys' Quartet 2, Mixed Octcl 2, Valley Varieties 2, Class Officer lgl3aiiitlOlf1t'cr'1. FRQXNK El,LSWOR'l'H DUNCAN lffootoall l,2,Jl,Alg Football Co-Captain 4, Bas- lrt-tball 2,Sig Track 1,2,IS,-4g Baseball 1,2,3,4g V-Club l,2,Il,'lg Chorus 1,2g Valley Varieties :ig Dramatics 2,535 Hi-Y 2, 3, Annual Staff 4, Class Officer 23,-lg Student Council 3. DONNA KATHERINE FELDER Drill Team ll, ,lg Pep Club 2, 3, -lg Chorus l, 2, IS, -1, Glee Club ii, Valley Varieties 4, Tri-I-Ii-Y 23 Annual Staff -1. MARY ANN FISHER Pep Club l,2g Valley Varieties 43 Annual Staff -l ROBERT PAUL GARDNER Track l,-lg Varsity Football Manager 4, Track Manager 4, Baseball Manager 3, V-Club 3,4g Band 1, 2, Il, Chorus 1, 2, 23, 4, Glee Club 2, 3. GEORGE GAIL GOODNER ljl'illllZlIlCS il, lg Valley Varieties 2,3l,-1. GA RY Cl IARLE S GROW Truck -lg V-Cliib Al, Transfer Student froni Iowa ks""""" Fgills, Iowa. NO PICTURE AVAILABLE DELORES CORDELIA HAMMOND DONALD LEROY HALL fNot picturedj Football 1,2,3,4g Basketball 2g Track 1,2,ll,4g V-Club 1, 2, 3, 4. MYRA JUNE HA MP TON Pep Club l,2g Valley Varieties fMake-Upj 253, Tri-Hi-Y 2, Spotlight 4. DONALD LEE HANCOCK Football 2, Track lg Spotlight 1. ALICE JANET HARMON Pep Club 4, Chorus lp Valley Varieties flxlakc- Upl f5,4g Annual 4, Office Assistant 2,4g Class Officer 1,4. MICHAEL BATES HATHAWAY Football l,2g Track lg Band 1,2,:2,4g Trumpet Soloist 1,2g Trumpet Quartet 1,25 Swinu Band l,'2,3,4g Chorus l,2,3g Boys' Glee Club :sg Annual Staff 4, Spotlight 4. DAVID REED HENSON Football 2,:3,4g Track l,2,:5,'lg V-Club 2,Si,Llg Spotlight Staff al. DONALD EUGENE HERMON Band 1,2,3i,f1g Sax Quartet 2,1343 Swing Band 2, fi, 43 Chorus l, 2, 52, lg Boys' Glee Club ii: Boys' Quartet 53. S.-X NHRA CA ROLYN HILL Basketball l,2,Il,-lg Chorus lg Pep Club l,4 Annual Staff ll. Rlllllilll LERUY HUDSON Football .l, lg liztsltetlfall l,2,Jl,-lg 'lraclt l,f3,-1 Baseball l,?, , Eg Goll lg lli-Y l,'2,IlgV-Club 1 2, W, lg Valley Vartctlos 2,'l,-lg Chorus 23,4 lbratugttius Q, H, lg Aututal Staff lg Spotlight -1 K N.., '.,.-x- C.l.1ss Ulluot -,V,. JAMES I'Rli5'ltJN HULLIA X'-Club lg Fall 'lrack il, Alg Spring 'lraclt K, -l. 'll lklklflw ll.'X'l'RICK llOl'l'ING Golt ,lg V Club JS,Alg Chorus Sig Hi-Y 2,33 Spot lrght Staff lg Student Council tl. NEAL EUGENE HUFFMAN Chorus l KEN RAYMOND HUTZELL Annual Staff lg Spotlight Staff-1. ION LEE INGRAHAM Basketball l,2,J3,-lg Track Ilflg Baseball fi,4g V-Club 53,43 Chorus l,'l,?l. Jrtuu' uoufxro Jouusou I -.Q Football lg Basketball 25 Baseball TS,-lg Spotlight .1910 f"' CHARLES EDGAR JULICH JACKQUELINE LOUISE KA TES Cheerleader 2,3, 4, Cheerleading Captain 4, Golf 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Sextet 3, 4, Octet 3,4, Mixed Octet 3, 4, Mixed Quartet 4, Chorus Officer 4, Valley Varieties 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Tri- l-li-Y 1,2,3,-1, Annual Staff 4, Spotlight Staff 4, Class Officer 2, Student Council 3. NORMA JEAN KELLY Basketball l,2,C3,-4, Drill Team f'i,4, Pep Club 2,3,4, Chorus 1,2,3,4, Glee Club 2, 3, Valley Varieties 2,3,4, Draniatics 1,2,3,4, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, Annual Staff 4, Spotlight Staff 4. Class Officer 1, 2,3. GARY LEON LATHROP GERALDINE LEE LATHROP Drill Team 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Pep Club 1, 2,:2,-1, Band 1, 2,3, Valley Varieties 4, Draniatics 3, Annual Staff 4, Spotlight Staff 4, Office Assis- tant 1. RONALD LE PERA Football 4, Basketball 1, 2,3, Track 4, Baseball 1, 2,3, 4, V-Club 1, 2,3, 4, Chorus 3, Glee Club 3, Hi-Y 1,2, Valley Varieties 3,-4, Draniatics 3, 4, Annual Staff 4. Spotlight Staff 4. WILLIAM- DEAN LE VERE Football 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Swing, Band3, 4, Chorus 1,2,3,4, Glee Club 3, Class Officer 3, Chorus Officer 4. LOIS LORRAINE LIGHTLY Basketball ii, Pep Club 4, Chorus 3,4, Glee Club I3,"Tri-Hi-Y 4, Annual Staff 4, Transfer Student from Roosevelt High School. EVA LIMPRECHT Pep Club ,lg Annual Staff 4, Spotlight Staff A15 5 Transfer Student from Waukee High School. ' S i ELDEN lou i,rNN W CHARLENE DEE MAIN Cheerleader Il,-lg Golf fig Pep Club l,2,IS,-lg Chorus l, 2, Sl, 4, Chorus Officer li, Glee Club l,Jlg Valley Varieties 4, Varieties fSetsJ -1, Dra- ntatics 2, Si, -lg Sets 2, Si, -lg Tri-Hi-Y l, 2, Ji, -lg Tri- lli-Y Officer 32,45 Office Assistant 2,-1, Annual Staff -l. ROSE ELLEN INIARNIN Transfer student from Oak Park Academy. LARRY RAY MARVIN Football lg Basketball 1, Track 1,23 Valley Varieties Z, 31,45 Annual Staff 'lg Class Officer Il,-lg Band l. If DONNA JEAN MC CLOSKEY Chorus 1, 2,1345 Glec Club 2. JUIDITII ANN MILLER Pep Club 13, -lg Tri-Hi-Y -1. KAREN LA VONNE MILLIS Basketball l, 2, 'ig Cheerleading alternate ,lg Drill Team l,2g Pep Club l,JS,-lg Chorus 1,fi,Alg Glee q V . ff' Club l,'2, Valley Varieties 2,4g Tri-Hi-Y l,2g Student Council 2. aa 'U' Wifi LILLIAN ANN MORENO DONALD Golf l,2, Freshnian- Freshman- Cluh 53, 45 l,2,I5, lg CARLTON MURRAY 52,-ig Varsity Football Manauer Ii, .5 Sophomore Football Manager 25 Sophomore Basketball Manager 2g V- Band l, 2, Si, lg Clarinet T rio 2g Chorus Glee Club Jig Octet Jig Varieties SICIIL' Manager 4, Hi-Y :lg Student Count-il President 4. MILIDRED A DE LE MYERS Pep Club -lg Band l, 2, 53, 4g Chorus l, 2, 54, lg Glee Club 135 Valley Varieties 2,S3,41g llrainatics 2, 25, 'lg Tri-Hi-Y lg Annual Staff lg Office Assistant l, 2,I3,1. GA RY FORRE ST NICOLS JERRY EUGENE OMSTEA D FRED EUGENE OWEN Track lg Band l,2,3g Swing Band l, 2,325 Chorus l, 2,3,4g Chorus Officer 23 Glee Club 135 Soloist 13,45 Boys' Quartet :sg Octet 3,45 Mixed Octet 3,44 Mixed Quartet 3, Valley Varieties 2,1343 Drarnaties 3: Hi-Y 2, 3: Annual Staff 4g Spotlight Staff fEditorj 4g Student Council 3, Class Officer i, 2,:s, 4, BEVERLY ANN OWENS Pep Club -lg Annual Staff Jig Spotlight Staff -lg Transfer Student from North High School. ROBERT EUGENE PEERS Football il,-lg Basketball 2,fi,4: Track l,2,:i5 V-Clubf3,4g Glee Club 2g Ilrainatics Jig l-li-Y 253, Annual Staff -lg SpotliuhtStaff 45 Class Officer 253. ANNA MAE PERRYMAN Basketball 1,2g Drill Team 2,:lg Pep Club 1, 2g Chorus l,2,3,4g Annual Staff 4g Spotlight Staff 4. TERRY MICHAEL PLUMMER Football 'lg Golf 2g Chorus l,2, 4g Glee Club 3, Octet il, 4, Class Officer 1. EDWARD JOHN RAMIREZ Basketball lg Football l,2,3,4g Track 1, 2,3,4g Golf lg Chorus 2,3, 4g Mixed Octet 3g Double Quartet 3g Valley Varieties l. GENE JOHN RAMIREZ Football l,2,Ilg Basketball l,2,2lg T-rack l,2,:3g Golf2,Llg V-Club l,2,I3,-lg President of V-Club -lg Valley Varieties Zi GARY ALAN RIDGWAY Basketball l, 2, 3, -lg Track 1, 2, Qlg Golf l, 2, 3, 4g V-Club '2,:i, ig Hi-Y 2, :lg Annual Staff4g Student Council -lg Class Officer l,il. WESLEY DALE RITCHIE Football l,2,fl,A1g Basketball l,2,4g Track Sl,-lg V-Club 4, Chorus :lg Valley Varieties 33, -lg Ul'8lll2lIlCS .l,t1g Hi-Y il, 4g Spotlight Staff gl. GAY PLEASANT SCROGG5 Clieerleadinu Alternate Il, lg Basketball lg Pep Club l,2,?l,-lg Chorus l,2,flg Glee Club 2,'ig 'l'ri-Hi-Y 2g Annual Staff 1. LAWRENCE EUGENE SELBY Football 2,:l,,1g Football Manager lg Basketball 2,3lg Baseball l,Q,I2,-lg Golf 1,2,f4g V-Club 2, .i,-lgVal1ey Varieties 33,4g Track 2, Jig Chorus l,2,'ig Ili-Y 2,Cl. ..f' SANDRA LOU SELINIJH Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Club 1, 2, 23, Annual Staff -1, Drill Team 1, Chorus 1, 2, Sl, -1, Small Grotips 1, Office Girl lg Valley Varieties 2,I3,-1. MONA LEE SMILEY Transfer Student 45 Pep Club 4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Annual Staff -lg Chorus -4. SARA KATHRYN SOTH Cheerleader 4, Golf3g Drill Team 53, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Pep Club il, 4, Annual Staff 4, Draniatics 3, 4, Valley Varieties ri, 4. BEVERLY ANN STAKER Pep Club fig Chorus 1, 2, Office Girl 2. JERRY LEE TOEPHER Track Manager 55, 4, Cross-Country 4g Band l, 2, Clarinet Quartet 1. Granted a four-year scholar- ship by the Ford Foundation, he was one of '72 in the nation. ROBERT PAUL TROST Horneroom President 4. JUDY MAY TUTTLE Golf 3, 4, Drill Team 2, 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2,23, lg Pep Club 1, 2,3, 45 Spotlight Staff 4g Annual Staff 4, Class Officer lg Office Girl 1, 2, Student Council 2, Chortis 1,2,3,4g Acconipanist 2, Il, -lg Swing Band 2,1l,4g Majorette 253,45 llrainatics fSet Productionj 1, 2, 53, 4, Valley Varieties fSet Productionj 2, 3, 4. CAROLINE MARIE UNDERWOOD Spotlight Staff -lg Chorus 1, 2. lx'ILl.I.-XM VES'l.-KL Mid-Year Graduate l1t5u'7g Golf-lg Baseball -lg Chorus -1. MARTHA JANE WARD 'lransfer Student from Creston, Iuwa -lg Girls' Athletie Association 25 Spotlight Staff -4. LARRY LEE WILEY Footlvall 1,2,:t, -lg Golf 23,41g Fresh-Soplt Basket- lwall Manager 2g V-Club Ii,4g Valley Varieties i,J1, tg Baud l,2,:i,-lg Sax Quartet ?.,3,-1. MIRIAM IEAN WILSON Cheerleading 2,Il,4g Tri-Hi-Y 2,13, 4g Pep Cluh Q,:t, lg Spotlit1htStafff1g Annual Staff 45 Class Officer Sig Chorus l,'2,3l,-15 Aeeornpanist l,2,I3, -tg Band lg Contest SoloistfZ,fi,-15 Valley Vari- eties Il,'l. ROXANNE LOUISE WINSLOW Golf -lg Basketball Manager Si,4g 'l'ri-Hi-Y 1,23 Pep tllulw I,2,.l, lg Spotlight Staff 43 Annual Staff -lg Class Officer 3t,lg Chorus l,2,Sl,J,g .Xc- cottrpauist-lz l3audl,2,'t, lg Valley Varieties -1. MARGARET ANN CLARK Mid-Year Graduate lil-ill. SALLY WILSON Mid-Year Graduate lil di. SUSAN WILSON JOHNSON Mid-Year Graduate lt+5t1,, 0 12111 0 AUTOGRAPHS OR SEN! VVVVVVVV . AAAAAAAA. . D , , YVVVVVVV .AAAAAAAA U O H :unions-nA' F1 55 i OFFICERS S Hetchel Secretary Treasurer A Mumma Prestdent E Lovett Vxce Presxdent ROV. TWO B Matn J Hurdelbrtnk J Hunt C Ladd K Mar1LalJ Lehman J Ltddy I7 Mlddour J Opdyke S Johnson IJ Clenn ROW THREE R Felder L Mendenhall K Ph1ppen S Marnxn M Kane C, Klobnak Y lee ll Harmon R Pxkus J Hewltt D Moreno L Ju11ch ROW FOUR J Murtllo L Hughes IJ Kmg. L1 Hahn B Foster G Henderson IJ Kelley F Howell L McCoy R Munoz Mr Xnderllk Home Room Teacher IUNIORS-IIA C3 7lf'ItIERS: J. Webber Vice-President B. Shively President- R. Schafroth Serretary-Tre1surm.r. ROM TWU: J. Short, l.. Clearhart, L. Salmon, P. Harker,K. Waslonar, K. Youmans, K. Ward, J. Seidel, J. White- hurst, J. Vermeulen, B, Sheilds, ROW THREE: J, Thomas, R. Vasquez, R. Valdez, G. Sammons, M, lflHlIllf.'l'Illilll, J, Stilwell, U, Snethen, J. Wolfe, R. Simmons, G, Stanford, Mr, Stainbrook, Home Room Teacher, IUNIORS-IIA OFFICERb D Caylor Secretary Treasurer P C1rter President R Ilelatorn Vine President ROW TWO C Brause P Donahue C, Daly l Frederick B Bywaterl Xudrnw C, Bayes R Cow ROW THREE: J Bowers L Anderson b Fexh IJCrandel1 C' Barnett S hllis K Culp K Bxers J Camicho J Carr ROW FOUR K Xchesou W Barber B lane L Earp G Fox JBened1ct W C'l1rk B Cas :dy R blliot Mr Coldiron Home Room TeaCher SOPHOMORES-IOA UH-!nTI5l S1 C. Cramer Secretary-Treasurer' B, Cozad President' IU. Buchanan Vice-I resident. ROW TVO: R. Carr C, Brown 2, Davies C, .-Xlborn L. Bricker IN. Becker J. Bennett, ROW Tilllili: .X uve C. Cordes I. Bolte, J, 'o1lins, J. Iollins L. tens L.1Davis,M,CL 14, v f i 5 , ay er, R, .X en, B. Brock, L, f ndersen, D. Brown, L. -R en, L, Anderson, W, Cherry, K, 'cheson, r, Flick, Home Room Teacher, SOPHOMORES-IOAZ ,rr OFFICERS C Grant Secretary Treasurer G Germg Presrdent C Gabel Vxce Presrdent ROW TWO C Knecht S Metter D Kettle S Owens C Harker N Dougherty W Johnston C Jewell ROW THREE R Gavnas J Eland B Frxth M Harr1son G Lyon M Howe J Gross G Graeber J Kramme Mrs Green Home Room Teacher ROW FOUR J Kufner C Johnson J Donnelly D Edmgton L Grrmes T George B Elder D Kung R Grashege J Jones sornomonzs- OA3 OFFICERS D Ramerlz Secretary Treasurer K Prxchard Pres1dent G Lxlley Vtce Presldent ROW TWO B Nolan B Ntelsen P We1r B LeVere R Roe S Nord B ROd1Sh F Rodrtguez ROW THREE T Porter L Hallock A Mlller M Mullen B Ross J Rosenquxst L Masters H Owen ROW FOUR D Plummer D Jones J Perez C Prxtchard D Parker F Parker R Nxchols R Marshall J Rxdgway K Lrbbey Mr Davrs Home Room Teacher , . Q ir 1 .,,,' 9 5 i '4 5 42 J t J XX. . . I t GM V-'l . F SQ I . , ' I . I , ' Q . , I ' I . - , 1 l , . 5 . , . g . y . g 1 . 0 I 1 I ' I I 0 . I ' I 4 I ' 9 ' I 1 I J , . : . . . , . , . ' , . ' , Q u Q A ' I 0 l I 1 ,S 5 Q . QA ,J rf V 4 T X J . Q F N 1 - nr :af I , Q ' Y ri . . . D I . . l - Q - . , . I - ' p D ' , . I . 9 . I , . I I - 9 - a - 1 - , I f I ' : . , . , . ' , . . - , - I - . - - 1 . , . , . , - . , . , . , . , p - v - n u I j o . g 1 SOPHOMORES-IOA OFFICERS S Wmslow Secretary Treasurer D Skemth Presldent S Shaw Vlce Presldent ROW TWO M Salazar B Steelman C Vermeulen K Swan J Werth J Toman M Weddle C Wolfe G Ryner ROW THREE E Ram1rez B Thomas S Stevens K VanderMe1de M Scob1e J Rutherford B Wetz barger D Vxers S Standley ROW FOUR B Shxelds R Schultz K Ward G Smlth D Shlvely T Weld FRESHMEN-9A 99 OFFICERS TWO R Aguxmga C Cooper K Bohstedt M Dalrymple I Campbell V Dtaz C Beebe D Cralg M Butler N Carson S Blanchard Mrs Ator Home Room Teacher ROW THREE C Archer M Cole B Balrd P Careson R Cayler G DeSomber T Baty C Crystal C Bolton M Carhsle, D Chapman '. D ner. J. Szerencse, R. Walker, R. Roupe, Mr. Richards, Home Room Teacher. x 7 R3 4 V K ': S. Duncan, Secretary-Treasurerg M. Amick, President, P. Brown, Vice-President, ROW FRESHMEN-QA2 OFFICERS L Hughes Secretary Treasurer M Hodson Presldent T Hughes Vue Presxdent ROW TWO Y House J Fuller M Howe J Heard B Hunt J Jones S Hayes M1ssC11rmody Home Room Teacher ROW THREE D Frederlck J Hatfleld G Grow R Huffman S Holmes T Frrth J Flsher ROW FOUR S Gustafson J G1bson J Fredreg111 A Hook L Edge A Hook D Frrm FRESHMEN-9A O TWO M Juhch J Mer1wether L Moore L Orebaugh H Marun R Moreno Mrs Tow Home Room Teacher ROW THREE P L1mprecht S Mrnear J Mus1c B Owens J Meyer C Lee D Neuman ROW FOUR B Neuman J Olson R McC1eary E Mendenhall B Lynn T Kllhon D Lawnsdall M Joynt R Mur111o I T Il . X . xx J G .J ,A . H 3 1 J 9 f.. OFFICERS: J. Morrison, Secretary-Treasurer: J. LePera, Presidentg B. Linn, Vice-President. ROW FRESHMEN-9A QNQ OFFICERS A Rush Secretary Treasurer T Schafroth Presldent G Sanchez Vlce Presldent ROW TWO- P Short R Patrxce L Perona E Sehgman S Phxlhps S Reddrck S Soppeland A Perez D Parker ROW THREE F Reed F Ross L P1eart J Payne R Sandler D Re1mers R Rufer M1ss Kartchner Home Room Teacher J Shlelds Fnzsumzn-9 A5 OFFICERS J W1ld Secretary Treasurer J Thomas Presxdent L Thurtle Vrce Presxdent ROW TWO- J Walker L Turner N Waddell J Van Voorhxs D Vrers J Wood V Welr J West S Wolfe M Water man, Mr, Kmel, Home Room Teacher. ROW THREE M Stxvers, R Sorensen, L Thompson, D. Whltmore, D Wolfe, C. Webber, M W11son Q- ' A 4 X . ' -9 f, ' ' if . - X 1, JR! :I 7, ' 5 X , , Ka . s Q. , ' ua.. f ., av C x I , 5 . 3 - 1 ' 3 - f ' I - n l ' . - . . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . . I . , . , . , . , . , . , . , Q 1 n . n af- 5 g -v C ' Q -. L , lc - -L .- 1 1 K . , ...W I f H sa : . , - 5 . , Q . , ' ' ' . . 1 g 1 . Q Q n . n ' 1 , 1 I I 1 g u Q n - . . . . UNDERCLASSMEN AUTOGRAPHS U S I C VALLEY HIGH g X 1' ,X iixli The Valley High band and the weather may be similar in some respects as much as they are broken down into seasons, The band compares itself to the weather in the following seasons. Fall -- Our band with ten majorettes becomes a parade band for football games and jamborees. It provides our crowd with much color and adds greatly to the cheer- ing section with the many spirited numbers. Winter -- lt becomes aConcertSymphonic band and plays at assemblies and public concerts. The band adds much to our basketball pep assemblies. It helps keep spirit and enthusiasm at its uppermost peak. Spring -- Again our band goes outside to play at Festivals and Parades in other cities. Thus it necessitates many changes in the woodwind section who double in bells and percussion. Our band uses for its music, the best of standard selections and lots of good musical comedy show tunes. Mr. Werth states that the interest in band was very high and some sixty people are waiting for the eleven suits to be turned in by our departing seniors. We would like to extend our deepest appreciation to our band with its limited facilities and no central storage place for its instruments. It does a wonderful job in getting to and from playing engagements. THE ANNUAL STAFF CIORNETS Thomas Killion Frank Parker Ronnie Sandler Gary Lathrop Larry Anderson John Donnelly Patricia Weir Mike Hathaway Bob Marshall Rodger Rufer Charlene Klobnak Douglas Buchanan David Chapman SCHOOL BAND CLARINETS Don Murray Judy Bgall Lcvugtt MLCoy Joan Ruthgrford Suu Nord Larry Ed1,L Crary, babgl S1ndr'1 Suvans G1ry Smrth Frank Ross Mury D11rymp1L b lIlL1I'1 H'1yLs Ray bonnson K1rLn bwan Bgtty Nrc 15111 Frgd B IIHLII Mlkk btodysrl Lmda H111o1k Floruu P1y5nLr1 b111dra Campbell L111d1 Boduu ALT O CLARINET C,:1ro1ynGr111t BASS CLARINET GLra1d1nL Germg FLUTES Suzanm W1ns1ow Jllllk, Wnrth C arol jawn 11 Barbara Stulman Karon Vander Mcldc Carolxng Ladd Carol Brown Joan M1.r1wethLr JL angtta Campbgll BASSOON Dolous Ilammo11d OBOE M11dr1d Murs BARITONES buL Dwus BARITONES fcon my Georgr Stamsh Gary Zupan Jnanne Krammf. FRENCH HONRS Aamanda Mumma Roxannr Wrnslow DIXIE Skuth J1m G1hson IROM BONES Judy Gross Bob Md 1Ldl'V Lowoll Thompson Krlth Arhrson Wayru Clark Joe Cormrho 11m Rhou I1 Nclva Wrsslcr BASSEB Larry X 11g I1 BASSFS Coon tj Kult Achnson CUIIIS Prrtchard B111 Lynn hm Shulds Jury Johnson SA XOPHONE15 Larry Wlhy RiflL1'l11S1HH110I1S Rounu C 1 lu Don HLrmo11 Donna Vurs Ro111111 C oy B111 Bowlg s bondr 1 Johnson Barh1r'1 1r1pp PPRC USblON ch1r1o1t1 W111t1 11111 IJ111,1s111 D11 IJra111 I1 111 Rosg IIQLIISI C111 L rn 1111 Davld Bruu . , . v 3 ' ' , 1 1 1 '1 1 'V ' 1 ' 1 1 ' ' K L 1 x 11 1 , I I 1 J K fr I I in K - E 1 1 I f 1 ', , 'R L K 1 ,1 1 ' 1 " , Ray' Carr Marilyn Alt B111 LuVcrc Grant Fox I V B Y' 1 -' 1' 1 1 . " . A K L B ' i 1 1 ' y 1 ' . y ' ' " ' 2 .1 ' 1 111 1 ' i K . ' , ' rv. 1g 1 V MAIORETTES if r 4 1' f' , lf cf' 'E Row ONE Left to mgm J Cooper ndw Two L Masters J Thomas Row THREE J Co1hns,I Colhns J Webber J Serdel ROW FOUR C Barnett I Tut tle M Clark SOLOISTS At the left are Jean and Joan Collrns the Val ley s Tw1n srster twrrhng team At the rrghtrs Janet Thomas Valley sbatonso 'X 10151 A11 three glrls study under Joan Cowan of Cowan Twrrhng Studros They add alot of sparkle to Valley Hlgh N' N. Hifi ls ffmmw lf Nm? at Q A V' sg- Y gk X h . QM a A, f U . 3 . , v - . 1 ' . ,L .1535 A ' . fjiqaqyfg ,V - :mi W -4 "' l l ' F '-12 - a t M Lg' 4 kmiiigk , ' E w SWING BAND SITTING: J. Duggan, I. Tut- tle, C. Pritchard. ROW ONE: W, Clark, B, LcVcrc, D,1lcr- rnon, G. Fox, R. Coy, ROW TWO: K, Achcson, L. Wiley, R, Simmons, R. Caylcr. ROW THREE: D. Buchanan, ROW FOUR: L. Anderson, Miko Hathaway. HD INSTRUMENTAL SOLOISTS ROW ONE, Left to Right: P. Weir S, Stevens, C, Ladd, C, Brown. ROW TWO: C. Klobnak, J. Meri- wether, J, Werth, M, Wilson, S Davies. ROW THREE: G,Lathrop, R. Simmons, G. Fox, R, Cayler K, Achcson. X ENTAI. GROUPS sAxoPHoN: QUARTU TRUMPET TRIO N0 R. Rufer, R. Sandler, T, K1111or1 TRUMPET TRIO N0 2 INSTRUMENTAL GROUPS cuxnmzr Tmo No.1 cummfr Tmo No.2 FLUTE DUET FLUTE QUARTET .F 3 5 ' Xl J f X U 1 7 F, Barnett, L. Hallock, F. Ross, S, Campbell, F, Pigncri, L. Bodeeu. ui' 2 ff' Q , ' ' lx of - . , , V! x M- 4 - 1, ' ' A X . J A , Y .Sy - T j,t"f eriwethcr, S, Winslow, B, Steelman, C VALLEY HIGH 03-pggeiibe ... E ...1 V ONF Ldt o 115111 L Lr M D11r 11111 wkll ll 1 Ho L 111 Musu M H1 1 D Boltg ROW T ILI 1111 M1 1 C, Cramu Lku 5 Nord M Hodsm ROW TP if ogwhtly V 111 o1s 1 D1 2 nut L L S 1 L M16 loskgy M M1115 C VLrr11Lu1Ln S D1v1Ls K Prltph 1rd L fJl'Lh'lUL,h ROW FOUR K X1 ln son R b1111111o11s G 511111110115 C G IDLI C MLCo1 1- O11 L Il D Murr1y R Rou L llLr111o11 D BuLh111111 SOLOISTS 'Q' 1 1 ROW ONL I' OWLI1 ROW TWO B Bxw.1t1r, J Kaus, M Bolton ACCOMPANISTS G -'KG 'A Nb' 7 Q 1 1 " .. H: "" 'H ff' 1 'A We K Q v " ROW ONE, LLft toR1gI1t M WLISLDII, C B111 s, L Ihurtlp. ROW TWO J Iutt1L,R Wll1S1k1XV ROW THREL I NLM -V 1 1 1 -111 , N 'f QR A ' if .' -' ' 3 ' v 1 J x W .gg . 'E' -a 4, 1 4 1 , , 1 , , ' 1- 1 . 1 1 gf f a ' 1 1 if " Ml wi 1 ' ' fl f 1 A me ., . ' . ' 1 ' 'V RON ' 1, V t RQ 5 D, Iffld- , , 1 y 11-, C. Ju - , B, Stu-11 ill , Y, us-, R, R ', J. ", , hwy . 1. WO: S. D111 ':11, M. A1 'rk,I.Tut11c,C. 1111, J, Fulluc, L. Thurtlu, C. Allom, C. ' , L. Bri' - , , . 1 . il QE: L. L ' ', , W" , K, B1 t-dt, V, 'il , C. Bar ' , F'yh, C, Ladd, I, Q1-'LI-1, IJ, ,A .. QA :M A Nb, . 0 9, . 1 KW' MIXED CHORUS ii irate V ONE L ft to Rrght B loss L rL Lrs I Wrnslow LLVLIL C BTYL nLLht I hort UW TWO L r r lll Lrs X J Op L Wh1ILhLl1'SI J VL!'HlLll1Ll1 G Gr1LbLr G RynLr L RowL S Standlq ROW THREE D Hwmmond S bL11ndh M Bolton M Wllson A PLrryman K Mrlhs M KL115 J WLhhLr j.w1tLr L rmon 1 kS R UR wr Lr Plu1nmLr B BroL H Ow L Co1Lm1n R S rnd1Lr B LL VLrL I Bow1Ls B Cwsad L AIILILFSOII D Brown B GardnL r Va11Ly H1g,h School rs vLry proud of1ts m1xLd ch0rusundLrthL d1rect1onofMr R1chard HuL,hLs ThL chorusxsvLry 1ct1ve1n competxuon wrth other schools rn gwmg SpCC181 assembhes and smpmg at specral cvcnts Itrs composed LnurL1y of SL mor hxgh studLnts md has an Lnrollment of 1pproxrmatL1y onL hundred ThL chorus usLs a varrcty OfYl'1llS1C1DL1l.ld1I'lg sLm1 CIQSSICH1 pops and rchbrous r1umhL rs Among thL1r othLr yLar1yact1v1t1Ls thL Chorus PILSLHIS an 'Annual C hr1st mas and Sprmg concLrt I MR. HUGHES 9 ' LLLLL L L L B, fr V L 6 3 4 ' N has ' Q 0 W f ' rg , . ,r 3 at ' RON , L- 'j : ,I , . Moo -, K, By- , I, ' ,B. ' L ', . . 's, C. K -- , '. s , Rl 1 J. M-yo, n. Mar , L. mm- , J. vnu, . ydyk-, J. B.B' . ' , ,Sal , I.K.t'. OW FO : F. P. k', 'I'. ', . 'k, . Il', J. y,. ' ,. ,. '. I VOCAL GROUPS GIRLS SEXTETTE LLFT TO RIGHT M Bolton C Ladd Salmon LLFT TO RIGHT T Plummor F Owen G Sammons R Sandler C Gabel B Cassrdy Brown J Bowles VALLEY SINGERS Bncker Bywatcr Kates BOYS OCTET ROW ONL Left to Rrght I Kates T Plumrnor F Owon M Bolton ROW TWO Ladd G Bammons C Gabel B Bywater ROW THRLL L Bncker R Sandler R b 1 moms L Salmon ROW FOUR D Brown B Cassrdy ' F La . E Q . -3. ' L F S5 L L. ' ' B. , . J. . , . ' D, , , . G RSL 9 1 X if R ' p u 3 9 Q X - . . : C S .' , ,u , , Bin - S P J COACHING STAFF LEFT TO RIGHT Bob Anderl1k B111 Kn1el Torn Karpan Gordon Stambrook B111Cold1ron The coachlng staff at Valley Hlgh School lS a very young and devoted group The athletrc and off1e1'11s for the coachrng staff He IS also varsrty track coach jumor hrgh grrls basketball coach and drrector of the Valley Relays Gordon Starnbrook contrrbutes much to the success of athletrcs at Valley Hrgh He 15 head football coach freshman sophomore basketball coach and golf coach Bob Anderlrk rs a very actrve man on the coachrng staff He coaches grrls varsrty and freshman sophomore basketball baseball and freshman sophomore football coach B111 Knrel a new facc on the coachrng staft rs vars1ty basketball eoach In addrtron to th1s he lS rsslstant eoach 1n football and track B111 Coldrron has the job of moldrng the Valley Junror Hrgh School Boys rnto athletes at an early age He coaches the junror hrgh boys rn football basketball and track MA AGERS The managers of team sports play 1 very rmpor tant part ID the teams success Valley Hrgh has su very capable managers It rs often sard by eoaehes that wrthout dependable managers the team would be severely handrcapped We of the Annual Staff would 1 e to congraulate our managers for 1 job well done Jerry Toepher Don Murray Bob Gardner Drck Becker Larry Anderson ROW ONE Le ft to Rrght L Ander son R Schultz ROW TWO D Murray D Becker I Toepher ROW THREE B Gardner Rufkcy Schultz Varsrty Traek Varsrty Football Varsrty Football Varsrty Basketball Freshman Sophomore Football Freshman Sophomore Basketball : . ' . .i ' Y . , . . U directorship isin the hands of Tom Karpan. Mr. Karpan spends much of his time arranging games I - l ' - I 1 - 3 1 ' . .x ' f i . ' , . I x 0 z ' - . ' , 1 L yu m L x l , , A ' J . ' 1 4 1 N x I 5 6 I x 5 w x .1 1 :I 1 ' . s s l'k - . . ' -, ' N . : n I - . 1 ...... I B , . . : . X - I ' I ' I VARSITY FOOTBALL H 59" ROW OMS left to Right IJ Henson IM Dunnin H Pollard D Wolfe J Payne IJ Hall J Lolenmn J whort J Johnson D De L1Jorre ROW TWO B kniel Assistant Loaeh C, L ibel D Munoz IJ Budianan X Hook R Le Pera B Pikns L Hughes A Hook L Nanihez ROW JHRLL I Ceoriie J Hewitt J Donnelly R Smdler P Carter lx Anheson B Peers ID BeLk W Ritchie., L Selby C Ntunbrook Heid Cmch ROW FOUR R Vasquez B Lane M Limmerman R fecil IJ Clenn L Loveu R Elliot! L Crimes I mley B Hodson B Shivelx C H1hn L R'iI'llCl'll FROSH - SOPH FOOTBALL RUW UNE Left I0 Right! C. 91nCh9Z fl. Hook H, Pollard IJ. Wolfe D. Buchanan B. Linn 1...Hllg.,Ilt.S J. Piynf. B, Baird J. Fisher B. -Xnderlik Coach. ROW TWO: K, Xcheson J, li0rm911y R, Sqndlgr R Nivhols T. Ceorge L. Crimes C',C1bel L, Thompson A, Hooi' IJ.L1wnsdai1 T. Hughes, FOOTBALL 1 1 i 1 T FOOTBALL LEITERWINNERS 1:15 numburedj Ph11 C 1rtLr171j Dwg Hgnson 1235 Bob Hodson 1C,o Captamj 1335 Ronmu LLPLH 1463 Don Hall 1315 Frank Duncm 1Co Captamj 1225 FOOTBALL COACHES Gordon Stambrook Head Coach B111Kr11e1 Assxstant Bob Anderhk ASSISIHHI B111Co1d1ron Ass1st1nt i Q 6 X 1, V 2. .x 5 . 3. fa -.1 - .4 A 4. A 1. ' 1 ' 2, . 1 ' 3. , - . 4. " ' '. ' 5. 5. 6. . - ' wif 6. LETTERWINNERS MANAGERS Don Murray Bob Gardner Drck Becker Jerry Toepher TTR 9 1 ,M Q V. 1 39 1 3 'FFP i - i 11 FOOTBALL LETTERWINNERS 1as numbered1 Bob Shrvely 1741 Drck Glenn 1691 John Hewm 1531 George Hahn 1341 Wes Rrtchre 1211 Bob Peers 1241 John Coleman 1581 Larry Selby 1251 Jerry Johnson 1501 Don Beck 1591 , 1. 2. I T. . X- A T 3. 4. L .. 5. 5. 1 6. Q 1 , 7. 3- Liyd' xmzgj. 1. Larry Wiley 1321 N -if 2. ' 3. ' 1 9. , 4. ' A 10- 5. 6. ' ' . 7. 8. 9. ' i A 1 10. -'21 f 11. FOOTBALL STORIES W L T The football team thts year was not too 1mpresstve 2 6 1 It was ma1nly a bu1ld1ng year for the new head coach Gordon Statnbrook Although we lost most of our games we st1ll had a very f1ne team We lost two games by only one DOIHI and most of the others were close The squad w1ll lose th1rteen semors thts year but w1l1 have seven returnmg lettermen next year Valley 6 Albla 7 the game was close all the way Frank Duncan ran 11 yards for the touch down Don Hall mtsses the all tmportant extra po1nt Wes Rttchte was the hne standout Valley G Centervtlle 7 Valley was ahead most of the game after Bob Hodson had scored 1n the second quarter Don Hall mtssed the converston Centervxlle came back 1n the last quarter to w1n Larry Selby was outstand1ng for h1s l1ne play Valley 13 Lmcoln 23 tt was Llncoln all the way They were ahead 16 0 at the half Valley came back the second half wtth Frank Duncan runnmg 82 yards around end and 95 yards on a k1ck off Don Hall was outstandmg at defenstve end Valley 7 Charlton 7 xt was HOMECOMING and Valley was out for a v1ctory Charxton was ranked 5th tn the State but Valley ned them on Don Hall s touchdown and conversxon Everyone was a standout 1n the game Valley 13 Indtanola 6 II was our f1rst v1ctory of the season Ind1anola was ned for f1rst place but our v1ctory knocked them down to second Don Hall and Bob Shtvely scored the touchdowns George Hahn was the l1ne standout Valley 7 Wmterset 15 Valley drew f1rst blood but was not able to hold off Wmterset 1n the sec ond half Don Hall scored from the 4 tn the f1rst quarter and ktcked the converston Valley 6 KHOXV1116 12 ll was a bad mght for Valley We were ptcked to beat Knoxvllle but that wasn t the way lt went Don Hall scored 1n the f1rst half but agam we couldn t hold them off and lost Valley 12 Pella 6 Ron Sandler a freshman was the spark ln Valley s second v1ctory He scored the f1rst touchdown Bob Hodson later ran 25 yards for the last touchdown Wes Rxtchle was a standout tn the lme Valley 6 Perry 18 Valley fmtshed the season wtth a loss to Perry Perry was 1n command most of the game Jerry Johnson scored h1s f1rst and only touchdown of h1s htgh school career It wasn t the best season but the boys and coaches tr1ed and you can t ask for anyth1ng more Buy your golf clubs where you play golf Thxs Page Sponsored by CLOVER HILLS GOLF COURSE Frank Donovan Pro . 9 . 0 . ---- , .. - . . ' - - ' ---- , - I ' --- l . . , . , . , ---- . . ' .... - I -' - , . . . . , - . , . u I I ' , .... . . . 1 - 1 ' , . 4, n . -- ' . FALL TRACK ROW ONE Left to Rrght J Hollrs G Ramerxz J Ingraham ROW TWO C McCoy D Kng B Brock G Grow ROW THREE J Toepher Manager T Werdner J Rrdgway T Karpan Coach STATE CHAMPS The Valley Cross Country team won two state champron shrps thrs fall Daryl Krng a sophomore and Gary Grow a semor led the harrrers Gary won the state lHd1Vldl.l31fI1l1S run at Iowa C1ty The team also took frrst place Daryl Kxng won the 1nd1v1dua1 cross country race at Ames The team agam won the team champronshlp The team dxd a lot of runnxng on our track and on Waveland Golf Course Coach Karpan saxd good condrtronrng and the wrll to w1n led us to wrnnmg the State Champronslup He also stated that the team had other duel meets but wmmng the two State Cham pronshrps was defrrutely the hrghhght of the season Gary Grow Daryl Kmg VARSITY BASKETBALL vm Un A X"?" ROW ONE, Left to Right: P. Carter, D. Beck, B. Hodson, B. Peers, J. Ingra- ham. ROW TWO: W. Ritchie, I. Stilwell, G, Fox, G. Ridgway, B. Shively. ROW THREE: B, Kniel, Coach, D. Glenn, G. Henderson, B. Gardner, Mana- gerg D. Beeker, Manager. FROSH - SOPH BASKETBALL 6. C3 nn ROW ONE, Left to Right I, Donnelly D. Buchanan G. Stainbrook, Coach T. George L. Hughes ROW TWO: Sandler . Brown D, Shively J, Perez ROW THREE: Porter, Manager C. Gabel R. Nichols J. Payne R. Schultz , Manager W-1 BOB HODSON N BECK BASKETBALL LETTERMEN The Valley High Tigers had a fine season under their new ocach B111 Kniel Their record was a 13 wins and 8 losses Coach Kniel built a fine team one the students and returning lettermen he had a big Job to do At the time of prediction Valley was rated at the bottom of the South Central Conference but they were ln the upper division all season long The Tigers wound up in third place a positron which was not decided upon until the last game The team was led by A11-City Bob Hodson He was the city s leading scorer and also a great rebounder Don Beck Senior Phil Carter Junior Jerry Stilwell Junior and Bob Shively Jur11or rounded out the starting lineup Jon lngraham Senior the team s number one replacement helped many times in the clutches Bob Peers Gary Rrdgway and Wes Ritchie also were letter winners who adds much to the team s success We are proud of you' The Annual Staff x""mm il , WES RITCHIE GARY RIDGWAY This Page Sponsored by BOESEN THE I-LORIST on Ingersoll JERRY STILWELL gift? PHIL CARTER -mg BOB SHIVELY ,f"""n ON INGRAHAM WMM- BOB PEERS V sz. g g f 5' K 7 fp" , 3 M nv- . -'D-1 we X r. K 7' ' E rmzfdhv A C N QV wlx vp Vi 'l .- 79 DO 7-ffl, sl 'usp V , M I T, 1 A r yr ,W xy M, as f""""' A , . , - I -K -7 W Q x l I D - l - B U f in ,. ' . ' . . 'X Y 1 'Qs , I a ' 1 citizens of this community can be proud of. Without many HA, ' Q s ' ' ' ' x I i Q . ' . - . , . - . I , - . . . i - . , 2 , , ' ' . xi. . ' . ' ' ' ' ' ,, 'Si , . Q W vm-ff C ' xx , I -satan! ,Q W . W- Q . Q B R' , ' , T? A' 'vs - I C X We , ann i W' more Y,., .-MXN, A G L' VARSITY BASKETBALL - - .. 4 A IK C lv Wm SEATED C Anderhk Mascot ROW ONE Left to R1ght J Se1delJ Webber M Dxaz J Cooper S Hlll, S Wmslow D Caylor R Schafroth ROW TWO R WIDSIOW Manager C Ladd Manager A Mlller B Bywater J Vermeulen J Whltehurst N Kelly B Bane J Dale C Anderhk Chaperone B Anderhk Coach FROSH - SOPH BASKETBALL G we ' ' , .. , . " Q - Z 4. - . . its .. A A ,J . . . . - 4 M: . ' E 1 ' .. ' 4 .f 4' 1 f 0 -- H ' ' ' N P5 - . ' . ' X fewra- if ' -' - to A-.L 4 f . ' ' ' ' 'A Off: ' . I V' x . I . .' . 'Q ' ' . C-' "Bch J . . . , ,HN . .. 1 rx . U . N I 'I . ' . N n . ,,- x . - fic 1 . - ' . n Q- u I q. 1 1 V 7- Z4 V vv f ROW ONE Left to Rlglt A M11ler J Gross S Duncan J Rosenquxst V Dxaz L Moore M Mc Kowen M Hodson G Gerlng ROW TWO C Jewell J Mornson B Frlth L Morrlson L Orebaugh J Wood M Harrlson R Huffman M Jones B Anderhk Coach ROW THREE R Moreno Manager S Wolfe Manager J Jones J Hatfleld M Dalrymple C Lee H Martm P we1r B Rodlsh N Becker ALBERTA MILLER JUDY WHITEHURST gil C9 NORMA KELLY ,TANICE DALE W I 'WY' JANELLE SEIDEL JUDY WEBBER MARY DIAZ BASKETBALL LETTERWINNERS The Valley T1gerettes had a very successful season w1th 24 wms and 5 losses They not only took the Polk County Champton sh1p by defeatmg defendmg champton Farrar 68 51 but advanced takmg the Sect1onal and Dtstrtct Tttles In the Sect1ona1 they beat Urbandale 55 47 In theD1str1ctTournament at Adel they defeated Menlo 62 60 By takmg the D1str1ctT1t1e they went on to the State Tournament bemg the 5th contender from Valley stnce 1939 As a result of the1r game wtth Menlo the Valley Tlgerettes landed xn the upper bracket of the State Tournament The gtrls ach1eved one of the ma1n ambmons of State Tourney contestants to wm at least one ln the1r fxrst round of competmon the Tlgerettes downed Connellson 62 54 The second rotmd of Tourney play brought sadness to the Valley Rootlng sectlon as well as the Txgerettes The g1r1s were defeated by Eldora 88 '76 but they had won the1r one game At the begtnmng of the year Coach Anderhk sald the team could be the best one Valley ever had 1f they developed properly because potennally they were good And they d1d develop They ended their season bemg one of the top etght out of the Sweet Slxteen The team will lose stx semors three of whlch were starters The senlors are Sandy H111 Bev Bane Jaruce Dale Mary Dtaz Janet Cooper and Norma Kelly Four of the QIFIS on the team made the Honor Roll 1n Jack North s column on the All State Teams These glrls were Judy Webber Mary Dtaz Sandy H111 and Suzanne Wmslow Janet Cooper playmg guard for her ftrst year after swuchmg from forward made the Thtrd Team All State We Congratulate the Tlgerettes BEV BANE RHEA SCHAI-'RUTH DONNA CAYLER JANET COOPER SANDY HILL SUZANNE WINSLOW . . . . , . - . , 1 ' 0 . , I ' - . . . . . . , . YT . . D . M U . ,, . . . . . . ' 1 H' X ,X ' - ' Q . . ' ' 1 ' I ' Q F ' ' ll ' I' ll ' 4. I M 1 1' W J, jf, 2 ' . . . . T 4 W . . A "w t-fyf, v - - , t W 1 n - r A ' fm' ,.. . , GOLF TEAMS anus sour Bovs sou: MI' I I ilql yi! Nucl' ROW ONE Left to Rrbht N Beck ROW ONE Left to Rrght D Murray P cr L Masters ROW TWO S Carter ROW TWO J Ingraham D Beck Soth I Katcs J Tu tle R W er B Vestal ROW THREE L Wrley D FOUR G Stunbrook Coach Glenn B Hodson L Earp ROW FOUR P Hopprng G Rrdgway D Kelly CoachG Sta1nbrook The Valley Hrgh School Golf Teams thrs sprrng had a host of talent wrth many returnrng veterans The gtrls team was boosted by letterwrnners Jackre Kates Sara Soth and Judy Tuttle Helprng out as newcomers thrs year were Nan y Becker and Lrnda Masters The grrls had a frne record and the Annual Staff wrshes to congratulate them The boys team was sparked by three trme letterwrnner Gary Rrdgway Gary was wrnner of the outstandrng golfmedal last year and drd alot of below par shootrng to pace the team to vrctory Pat Hopprng Drck Glenn Larry Earp and Don Murray also helped wrth frne play Coach Gordon Starnbrook also commented on the frne team sprrrt and the wrllrngness to wrn He stated that rt was a frnc team and he enJoyed coachrng rt very much SPRING TRACK 'S ROW ONE Left to Rlght L Lovett B Hodson J Sul well D Klng C McCoy I Hollrs G Ramerlz B Brock G Grow T Werdncr J Rrdgway B Gardner Manager ROW TWO J Donnelly R LcPera I Coleman W Rrtchrc D Beck,R McCoy I Short D Parker L Ramerlz I Tocphcr Manager ROW THREE D Henson B Lynn A Hook M ZIITIFITCI man K Ward L Hughes J Szercnscl L Il.l11Cll D Ramcrrz D Bu chanan, B Peers T Karpan Coach F Duncan C Brause R Sandler C Gabel R Roupe A Hook T Frlth W Cherry R Ell1ott,D Munoz J Payne B Knrcl Assrstant Coach The 1956 Valley Hrgh School Track Squad was developed around a nucleus of eleven returmng lettermen Frank Duncan four year letterman was outstandlng rn the 100 yard dash 220 yard dash sprmt relays broadgump and low hurdles Other outstandrng lettermen were Jrm Holhs 880 yard run and 440 yard dash Bob Peers 880 yard run and 440 yard dash LeRoy ,Tullch 880 yard run Bob Hodson Jerry Strlwell Ed Lovett 220 yard and 440 yard dashes Dave Henson Outstandmg sprrnter Deryl Kmg Sophomore drstance star Gary Grow Versatrle transfer from Iowa Falls Don Hall All around performer rn the hrgh hurdles d1scus throw high Jump and broad Jump Other candrdates who made an rmportant contrrbutron to the success of the 1956 season 1n clude, Bob Brock dlstance runner Kerth Ward hurdler Ed Ramerrz freld events, Don Parker shot put and drscus throw Ron Sandler hurdler Lee Hughes Harrrson Pollard hrgh jump and broad Jump John Donnelly sprrnter Carroll Brause 440 yarddash Terry Werdner 440 yard dash B111 Lynn hurdler Jack Short 440 yard dash J on Bemdrct J ack Szerencse freld events Arden Hook Arnold Hook sprrnters Doug Buchanan Crarg Gabel also ln the sprmt events The Ttgers are defendlng Class A State Champlons South Central Conference Champrons Perry Invrtauonal and Valley Relays Champrons Interest tn track at Valley l-hgh has always been hrgh and numerous are the records of the thln clads They are holders of frve Class A state records and share one other The Txgers have been coached by Tom Karpan Valley s Athletrc Drrector for the past thrrteen years Hrs assistant durrng the 1956 season was B111 Kmel, the boys varsrty basketball coach 4? O .1 2 ' A Q A , It A A: L I , Y- 'E ,nv-.. ROW ONE Left to Rrght I Shrvtly G Fox B Hodson T R LePera ROW TWO G Sanchez J Stllwell B Brock C McCoy D BASEBALL id The 1956 Valley Hrgh School Baseball Team had ten returnrng lettermen under the rergn of new hewd coach Bob Anderlrk Among the returnrng lettermen were Ron LePera Bob Hodson Bob Shrvely Tom George John Hewrtt Ion Ingjraham Grant Fox Don Beck Crarg Gabel The sprrng baseball Aprrl Aprrl Apr11 Aprrl Aprrl Aprrl Aprrl May May 22 Catcher Second Base Short Stop Third Base Prtcher Prtcher Out Freld Prtcher Out Freld Second Base Out Freld Out Freld Prtcher Short Stop schedule rncluded the followrng games Ankeny Knoxvrlle Roosevelt Indranola Charrton Jamarca. Pella Here Here There Here There Here Secrxonals Here Coach Anderlrk lauded the flne play of the entrre squad and the constant hustle of the team He stated that hard work and the morale led the team to a very successful season 3 cs O: 3 M Of 1 V S"O V .4 Q "M: f if .A S aj Q1 : ' 3 fm A L I 'i coach R Coy, D. Brown, L. Earp, D. Brown, D. Shiveley, B. Lane, P. Carter L Hughes ' ....... . . . . . ' - -O ' 4 ..... ' 10 ' . . . . ' 12 . . . ' 17 ' . . . ' 20 ' . . . ' 25 ' . . . . ' 30 -- 4 ........ ' D Parker R Srmmons E Lovett Buchanan ROW THREE B Anderlrk G U S B S GROUPS AND CLUBS Groups and Clubs play a very rmportant part ln the school l1fe at Valley Hlgh School All these clubs and Groups serve to enrrch the school sprrrt and tradron of Valley Almost everyone at the school trtes to be acttve rn one of the clubs or groups The Trl H1 Y a branch oi the Y M C A for glrls IS a very actlve club Its mam goal lS one of rendertng servlce The Pep Club was orgamzed to glve our school the needed support at our sports events They are one of the most actrve 1n our school The Dr1ll Team and the Rope Jumpers are two very lmportant organxzatxons at Valley Try outs for these two groups are held each fall The groups by performtng at dlfferent places serve to spread the good name of Valley I-hgh The Cheerleaders are the backbone of the Valley Hrgh School sp1r1t The glrls do a f1ne Job 1n accompanymg the teams to all the sports events For the boys the V Club IS an rmportant club The V Club was formed for all the boys w1nn1ng letters tn some sports event Each year the V Club sponsors the Homecomlng Dance The Student Councrl IS one of the most rmportant groups 1n our school They are the mam t1e between the student body and the Adm1n1strat1on and Faculty The Spothght Staff rs the group responslble for publlshmg our school paper the Spothght Th1s year they were dlvxded 1nto two groups each responsrble for one semester Extra Currtcular acuvrttes such as these groups and clubs play a very brg part 1n everyone s da1ly hfe at Valley Htgh It lS the Annual Staffs most stncere wrsh that everyone would take part 1n some extra currtcular acttvrty and enjoy 1ts beneflts y,S Ay, 1 'f A f 452. .r 'WNGS 'bm 42" 'fb .X . 5 9 fly 'S jlb , I fe at fp ' 5 Q TRI-HI-Y SEATED Left to Rxght P Andrew Secretary C Mam Treasurer J Kates Prestdent J Tuttle Vxce Presxdent L Masters Chaplam ROW ONE J M1l1er D Hammond M Myers L Llghtly J Cooper S Soth M Clark G Lathrop J Dale ROW TWO E Feyh K Merlcal J Lehman B Bywater J Webber J Seldel L Salmon S Stanley ROW THREE M Mullen S Davles S Shaw D Skelth J Colhns M Harrlson J Rosenqtust B LeVere G Ryner L Rowe P Short ROW FOUR M Dalrymple L Thurtle K Bohstedt J Fuller J Wood J Co111ns G Graeber V-CLUB SEATED Left to Rtght F Duncan G Ramerlz D Becker ROW ONE C McCoy D Kmg, J Johnson B Roach D Henson R LePera ROW TWO J Ingraham B Brock G Grow P Hoppmg W R1tch1e L Selby G Rldgway P Carter J Wolfe ROW THREE D Murray C Gabel J Hewttt L Earp D Glenn B Hodson D Beck J St11lwe1l B Peers T Karpan Advtsor ROW FOUR L W11ey T George B Le Vere G Fox J Toepher L Ju11ch J Coleman E Lovett G Hahn B Gardner B Shtvley J Hol11s PEP CLUBS :union-simon t G Scroggs ROW TWO K Merxcal P ROW ONE Left to Rlght Offtcers R Wmslow B Bywa er k J Webber L Salmon J Se1de1 J Vermeulen L Gearhart ROW Andrew J Lehman L Fredenc d M M ers L Moreno M Dxaz N Kelly J Dale M THREE M Borrall E Llmprecht D Hammon y Clark S Soth J Tuttle C Daly C Bayes ROW FOUR K Wagoner E Feyh J M111er D Felder J G Lathrop C Ma1n J Opydyke C Ladd ROW FIVE Harmon K Byers D Cayler J Kates J Cooper S Hetchel S Elhs S Sehndh J K Youmans D C Whltehurst R Schafroth S H111 randell L Ltghtly B Owens M Bolton C Barnett FROSH-SOPH Swan B ROW ONE Left to Rlght Offlcers R Wmslow B Bywater G Scroggs ROW TWO K Steelman C Jewell S Shaw D Ske1th N Becker P Short R Moreno J Meyer J Thomas J W11d S Monear P Brown E Sehgman ROW THREE S Stevens G Germg R Patrlce S Davxes C Alborn S Nord C Cramer L Garcla A Perez J MOFFISOH B Rodmsh M Weddle R Agumlga J Colhns .T Rutherford ROW FOUR J Mus1c L Thurtle M Dalrymple K Bohstedt C Cooper G Graeber J Fuller, S Holmes J Hatfleld M Harrlson V Dlaz S Wolfe C Wolfe M Cronk L Rowe G Grow M Hodson J Colhns ROW FIVE M Mullen R Huffman H Mart1n L Orebaugh S Duncan S Wxnslow J Kramme K Vandermelde J Rosenqmst J Wood J Van Voorhxs V Wxer B Owens S Owens M Scobee B LeVere B Hunt L Moore M Arrnck STUDENT COUNCIL 'X LEFT TO RIGHT P Carlson P Hopprng G Fox D Prrktr R Srndler J bt1llwc1lV1u.Prts1dtnt D Murray Pres1dtntC Ladd Secretary treasurer J Rutherford J Krammt L Brr ktr D Wolft G Rrd way Thr btudtnt Counerl rs 1 very rmportant orbanrzatron of stltcttd mtmbt rs of tht studt nt body Each homtroomtlects art prt stntatrvt for the councrl Important rnattt rs havrng to do wrth tht studtnt body are dtlt wrth by tht student LOUDC11 It IS a frne toune11undLr tht drrtctron of Don Murray Presrdent Jerry St1lwel1V1cc Presrdent and Carolyn Ladd Secretary Trtasurer ROPE IUMPERS ROW ONE, Ltft to Rrght J Vermeulen ROW TWO C Alborn, C Cramer. ROW THREE D Hammond, B Owens, J Kramme,J Whrtehurst ROW FOUR S Herchel, G Grat ber, P Bell Drrector, K Prrtchard, C Barnett The Valley Hrgh Rope Jumpers had 1 very sutcessful year Undtr tht drrectron of Mrs Phyllrs Bell thty ptrformtd at varrous places Mrs Bell stattd The prrls worktd veryhard and strrved to rmprovt therr jump rng w1th every prac tree Tht Annual Staff rs very proud to have tht Rop-. Jumpt rs rt presentrng, Vallty Hrph Sc hool " 1 vt A s 'Q' .fn i , K f 6 ' r ' 1 1 f T I r I 'VJ ' . I . , . , , . , . Z ' , . Z A , . 4' ' b"' 'I ' Q . ' V' F 3 . ' ' ' - ' 'Q . ' , . ', . 'L' '. . '. - .g V. . ' s -' ' K s ' yi ' ' . . s , 1 . . K 3 B I L X X ' h 4 ' x 1 . 1 4 i u K i 1 I V 3 W I . ' I 3 W 'D 1 1 I uv I K - x Y 3 1 Y - ,, ' - 1 . G - 'i ' - x i . . 11, ., , 5 1 s s , " . y' . . . , , s ' 1 K s '1 S- . DRILL TEAM ROW ONE Left to Rxght L Salmon G Scroggs S Shaw N Kelly K Prttchard J Dale ROW TWO B Bywater .T Lehman J Webber L Masters G Lathrop M Clark ROW THREE K Merxcal C Vermeulen D Felder J Rosenqu1st H Mart1n J Rutherford ROW FOUR K Byers J Collms, C Grant Captam J Tuttle M Harrlson M Scobee J Colhns The Valley l-hgh School Dnll Team was orgaruzed three years ago by Roberta Dtckens Since then the Dull Team has come a long way Many of the SIFIS have had three years experxence w1th the team Thts year the Drnll Team has performed at four home basketball games once at Slmpson College lndianola at the Veterans HOSDIIGI rn Des Momes and for the Valley Htgh P T A The Captam of the Dr1ll Team thts year IS Judy Tuttle Judy also arranges the routtnes Gay Scroggs IS Busmess Manager and Treasurer of the team We congratulate the Drtll Team on the f1ne work they have done and hope tt w11l connnue for Valley Hlgh ALTERNATES ROW ONE Left to Right- R. Huffman, J Thomas L. Orebaugh. ROW TWO: D. Skeith, B. LeVere. ROW THREE: S. Duncan, M. Amick. NOT PICTURED: Linda Rowe CHEERLEADERS -eff' J Kates C Ma1n B Steelman P Andrews S both M W1lson The Valley Htgh Cheerleaders play an xmportant part ln the school sp1 nt of the Valley Htgh Student Body lt IS thetr Job to lead the yells at the schools dtfferent sports events Much work and ttme IS put 1nto preparmg and presenung these yells Th1s year the cheerleaders had three returmng veterans They were ,Tackle Kates semor Charlene Ma1n semor and Mxrlam W1lson semor Jackxe was chosen as Captam Sara Soth semor Pat Andrew Jumor and Barb Steelman sophomore were chosen to complete the trad1t1onal s1x The cheerleaders suffered a loss when Barb Steelman had to leave the group because of a knee 1n1ury Smce then one of the capable alternates has been substttutxngz, The alternates are Karen Swan lst alternate ,lame Meyer Karen Mxlhs and Gay Scroggs We of the Annual Staff thmk that the cheerleaders should be gtven a vote of thanks from the student body and cltxzens of West Des Momes Congratulatxons on a fme Job well done ALTERNATES ROW ONE Left to Rtght lame Meyer Karen Swan ROW TWO Karen Mrlhs ,. NOT PICTURED Gay Scroggs a. - Q 9 rt 5 V415 X 9 ! ' A 2 4 -va . M .,. gf N. ' , E5 , ul Z . . ' W. ' ,.. ' L' lx A ANNUAL COMMITTEES ROW ONE Left to R1ght M F1sher D Hammond D Felder J M111er S Selmdh S H111 B Owens B Bane M Myers J Dale E L1mprecht ROW TWO M D1az J Johnson G Grow H Cr1tz W R1ICh16 J Coleman L Marv1n R LePera ROW THREE G Lathrop D Beck P Hopp1ng B Hodson M Hathaway K Hutzell D Becker ROW FOUR B Vestal L Selby G Rrdgway J Bowles C Ju11ch J Duggan Co Ed1tors Judy Tuttle Charlene Marn Busmcss Manager Roxanne W1ns1ow Ass1stant Busrncss Manager Anna Mae Perryrnan Secretary Treasurer MBICI3 Bolton Comm1ttee Sandra Se11ndh Donna Felder Mary D132 Sandra H111 Art Edttors Charlene Mam Judy Tuttle Sports Edltor fG1r1sJ Janet Cooper Sports Ed1tor fB0ysj Frank Duncan Comm1ttee Ken Hutzell Hal CIIIZ Don Murray Drck Becker Mona Sm11ey Donna Felder Beverly Staker J1m Bowles Don Beck Gary R1dgway Senror Edrtor M1r1am W11son Comm1ttee Larry Marv1n Carmen Argumedo Faculty Cha1rman Janet Harmon Comm1ttee Eva L1mprecht Beverly Bane Judy M111er Underclassmen Cha1rman LOIS Lrghtly Comm1ttee M11dred Muers Jerry Johnson Charles Ju11ck Act1v1ty Cha1rman Sara Soth Comm1ttee Mary Ann Frsher J1m Duggan B111 LeVere Feat11re Ed1tor Norma Kelly Memory Lane J3Ck16 Kates Geraldlne Lathrop Student L1fe Cha1rman Bob Peers Comm1ttee Gary Grow Bob Hodson Janlce Dale Dolores Hammond Crrculation Cha1rman Fred Owen Comm1ttee Gary Lathrop Beverly Owen M1ke Hathaway John Coleman Myra Hampton Jun1or H1gh Charrmen Danny Brown Pat Hopp1ng 'J .uv . self J J 1 3 , K My h W g . I , - I . ' , . . A. , . I , . . , . ', . , . , . , . , . . : . , . , . , . I , . D . , . , . I , . . : . . . , . ' , . , . , . , . . : . , . , . ' , . , . ' , . . ' D - . . . Q Q . . . - . . . . . . , n I : , I I . I Y ' Advertising Chairman . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Gay Scroggs . : ! I I l 4 i ' I I I ' I I . ' ': ', . : ' . '. ' . : ' , , I . Z , ' . , . . ' 1 . A . ' . - ' r . . ' . , ANNUAL STAFF SEATED, Left to Right: C, Main, J. Tuttle. ROW ONE: J. Harmon, S. Soth, G. Scroggs, M. Wilson, A Perryman. ROW TWO: L. Lightly, N. Kelly. J. Kates, J. Cooper, G. Lathrop. ROW THREE: M. Bolton D. Brown, B. Peers, F. Duncan, F. Owen, R. Winslow. The 1956 Annual Staff would like to thank the Administrative Staff, the Student Body, and all the people who purchased ads for making our book possible. We Hope you like it and will keep the cherished memories that we have tried to present to you, We have worked long and hard to publish the second edition of "Tiger Tales." It has been work that we have enjoyed with you, the student body, in mind at all times. We have tried to present to you a book of lasting quality and of good materiaL We believe that its contents are fine be- cause, you, the students of Valley High make up that material. We have done our best to recognize everyone and with that thought we hope you enjoy it. Mr. Coldiron stated his sincere thanks to a group of seniors who worked very hard to make the book a success and one everyone would be proud of. CO EDITORS THE 1956 -...M TIGER TALES Judy Tuttle r1ght Charlene Main left Prlnter SPOTLIGHT STAFF IST SEMESTER hdrtor Assxstant bdrtors Sports Class 8a Faculty Juruor Hrgh A rt l:d1tors Organrzauon Feature Edrtorlal Bustness M anager Bookkeeper Crrculatron Fred Owen Jackre Kates Janet Cooper Bev Owens Dave Henson Don Hall Bob Peers Hal CIIIZ Marcra Bolton Lva Lrmprecht Judy Tuttle Marcra Bolton Mrrram Wllson Gerry Lathrop Dan Brown Pat Hopprng Judy Tuttle Lva Lrmprecht Myra Hampton Bev Owens Ken Hutzell BLATLD F Owen ROW ONE Left to Rlght M Wrlson G Lath rop J Kates J Cooper B Owens l: Lrmprecht ROW TWO J Tuttle A Perryruan R Wrns1ow,M Bolton N Kelly ROW THREE D Henson D Brown H CIILZ B Peers K Hutzell P Hopprng Lthtor Asslstant Ldrtor M1111 News Class AL l aculty Juruor Hrgh A rt Lthtor Ol'g3Il1Z3l.10ll Feature Ldltorral Busrness M ana ger Book kt e per C rrcul mon l rrnter Bob Hodson Wes R1tCh1e Jerry Johnson Bob Hodson Wes Rrtchre Roger Bowers George Hahn Kathy Ward Martha Ward Judy Tuttle Jerry Beer Ld Ramerrz John Coleman Jrm Bowles Ron Le Pera Charles Julrch Judy Tuttle Lva Llmprecht Beverly Owens Kathy Ward Martha Ward Ken Hutzell Typrst I oxanne Wrnslow Typrst Roxanne Wrnslow ZND SEMESTER SLATED B Hodson ROW ONl: Left to Rlght M Ward K Ward 5 Johnson M Clark ROW TWO J Johnson W R1tch1e J Cole man, R LePera ROW THRl:l: D Hancock D Hermon M llath away C Juhck D Beck ROW FOUR E Ramenz, G Grow J Bowles G Hahn J Beer R Bowers lllltl O0 1 X e . .. . 09' O II 1 .K s ' 3 f f a , . , W . .. , OO OO I K Ol Cl XL Oli! Il ..... .. ' D xii!!! 3 I s I ' s , ..... . .. .. .., . . .. ... , , . - . . - g - 0 y o ' , ' , -. . .. ,, s , . .. .. ,. ,. . . . ', .' .. . ,. . : o v u I o 1- I ' 9 o o A llllso ll bports,,,,,, ,,,DonBeck , ' s L at D0 I ' lf , 2 ,n- Q 5 , T f. v 1' , f,!' A .. .. 3- L -1 x Q ' .. . ., 1' '. .,.,1s'..-. Q on f, M 4 . r.ualu1' 'ig-.ill 'H , 1 .Aa OC Ol .. sm Q ' s ' lot 5 . 1' , 1 s I . ' ' . , . . . , . . , . . , ,,x . p u v -. , . 9. I Y 'An .- . . . . , . , . 1 o 9 u . 1. 1 nn . . ,. ,. . 1 1' HOMECOMING QUEEN AND ATTENDANTS ,qu-L Barbara Bywater was chosen as the l9o5 Home comrng Queen Barbara IS a very SIUHCIIVC rumor from the llB3 Homeroom She was elected by tht student body from a group consrstrng of frfteen grrls one from each homeroom BARBARA BYWATER JANET COOPER Barbara sAttc ndants were Janet Cooper a st mor from the 12B1 Homeroom and Marty Clark 1 senror from the l2B3 Homeroom The Attendants wtrt also elected by the Student Body of Valley Hrbh Sehool MAR I Y CLARK Thls P150 Sponsored by SEVEN UP BOTTLING COMPANY 1507 E Grand ai fe "x he HOMECOMING V 8 Ha11 our Queen! Here they come" A 0425 11A Fxrst Place W1nner 12A2 We re Jonah Wale em Wake The Town And Tell The Ppople 'ix 12Al 12A3 Second Place Wlnnu V1ctory s No Fantasy Drum UP A Vlulory VALLEY VARIETIES THE CAST Stella Starr Lors Salmon Alrce Ames Charlene Marn M1l11e Murgarroyd Lrnda Masters Jeff Jones Bob Hodson '7 Bradley Balsam Wesley Rrtchre J Bert Balsam Ronnre Sandler Rose Romarne Geraldrne Lathrop The Sherlff Jrm Bowles Ph lbert Bob Shrvely QW" Okay I ll brte The CRS! WOW' 'an The June Taylor Dancers fand Ron!-HL, Sll6 S Olll' Gal' 'C I lt's not all work! Whewl Fm hushed! CHRISTMAS FORMAL 2 X, VALENTINE DANCE Qx This Pago: Sponsored by PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY-95 University STATE TOURNAMENT Sl 49 lor su uvkys kryom s nt flow rs SwutS1xtLLn Honoud gm sts 'lt tht Bwnquxt Our Star? Gug ss who'7 gi MWIISELI md M usnot WE MADE I'I' Ch Ill Up uma' ST. PATTY'S HOP x x 533 SPRING PLAY "THE CURIOUS SAVAGE' Mrs. Savage Miss Willie Florence . Fairy May Hannibal . Jeffry. . . Mrs, Paddy Dr. Emmett Lily Belle . Titus . . Samuel . W .TSX 2 'S ROW ONE: S. I-leichel, G. Scroggs. ROW TWO: C. Main, N. Kelly, S. Soth, I. Webber. ROW THREE: R. Sandler, B. Hodson, J. Duggan. ROW FOUR: F. Owen, G. Fox. THE CAST Charlene Main . Judy Webber . Norma Kelly . Gay Scroggs . . Grant Fox . . Bob Hodson . . . Sara Soth . . Fred Owen Sharon Heichel , ,Jim Duggan Ronnie Sandler "The Curious Savage" was written by John Patrick. It was first produced in New York by The Theatre Guild and Lewis Sc Young, on October 24, 1950. Valley High School presented "The Curious Savage" on May 4, 1956, at the Phenix Elementary Gym. The play was directed by Mrs. Marion Green. Student Directors were Mildred Myers and Karen Pritchard. fl' MM f XX X S IR-SR PROM AND BANQUET T Q junror Srnror Bnrq11Ltw1shr1do11Aprrl18 N356 r L DLS Moll Q Ilurr thrrrn for tln Brnqugt w rs Somr whrrg Ov r Thr Rrrnbow 'flu Prom w rs Irgld on May l8 19 6 It w1s put on by thu bgnrors w ro huhd thg Junrors rs lln sts Fur om Lnjoud thg two Iunror bgnror Lunts nm Sgt tus prb o yu J sr r your own Prorn 1ndBr1rLun pu turrs Q1 J 1r7.' W if' rj .r VNX ' 1 X X J x . T Jr xr! XX , NX X in f x - V lr- '-T-' 4 1 Q ' ' ,,F',arlr- ' 'vs Golf and Country Club, At thc Banqucr thc Seniors were guests of' thu Juniors. ' ' 4 - 1 , 5 , r 1' - " ' I Z., ' . :gh I why ll my ,-mi. N. xVL'lI" rasirlul' zwfrw Ul1'f0 ' ' 4 51-t 'T -r-4 'r J.. pm a. 56 1""?:5. I 35 ,s thx' w .' 1 1 'utlaah his-V4 Billy 'fn at 4 5 s -I CELEBRITIES OF YESTER- YEAR F Lf. fwfr. 'T' - S-""5g.f, .ff-1 N X! S 1' ,gav-5 I aw M ',,,..- 1 ig' -- fi fy 8 1 Q rg D if i 5 .., gin nl f -f I -r 9 M . .y . ..'-.A ' ' "" 9. E - J . mm .Q G .H .W Yi 3 . Kia A i' Lg E iv.: A Sylvia. 'Mid 'isilfi WM Y gf' ' A 1. George Goodner. 2. Sara Soth. 3. Judy Beall. 4. Beverly Staker. 5. Karen Millis, 6. Mildred Myers. 7. Geraldine and Gary Lathrop. 8. Deloros Hammond. 9. Charlene Main. 10. Larry Selby. ll, Jim Duggan. 12, Gay Scroggs. 13. Roxanne Winslow. 14. Judy Tuttle. 15. Don Murray. 16. Mary Diaz. 17. Bob Peers. 18. Bill LeVere. 19. Janice Dale. 20. Janet Harmon. 21. Judy Miller. 22. Sandy Hill. 23. Rose Marnin. 24. Lois Lightly. 25. Sandi Selindh. 26. Jackie Kates. 27. Dave Henson. 28. Lilian Moreno. 29. Beverly Owens. 30. Miriam Wilson. This Page Sponsored by BUILDERS SUPPLY COMPANY, 1414 Grand 4 ,,,........--- u CAN YOU RECOGNIZE THESE FAMOUS STARS? Q, X ...ZS e X v X X Q r Gig 'G as Lg, .. thy,-,,,,, ' M W7 1 A 9 4 f 1 X 1 I i? is - ,-97" J? 5 f Sv' gin' "4-T. A Vx gi, JL ... .......' g ggi: -E'.'2:'Z Z G. - e - L. fr, 7' V af. :SKY ' I ' r NJ x . 'UNM " f 5 dk.. f1,,,,.,.g-3:1 TXTTQSKJ lwfgi fs .Q.f:.,., , ,W J, . p, 'iv H r is E , ..,, X 3 K aww 7 QS' .X S. ...S T5 'F iff! I , V ,s L. ffyff -ak . - .. w nf it ii T Ag L .I X x .B ..f,,-kv . S Q -nf E . , Z , Q 5 K Y ix ,iv x x .R . 'Sig F ,,..,,.,.... W '1 . 5 Munn-6... SIGN YOU SHOULDA' BEEN THERE' There are many tnteresttng televtston shows anymore such as Wtde Wxde World You Are There Person to Person etc But I thmk wtthout a doubt that You Shoulda Beer' There featurtng the Valley H1211 Sentors outshmes them alll There lS a cast of many talented students tn thls T V show and tt has pOSS1bl1lIl6S of recetvtng many awards such as the Val edlctortan Dramattc award Sports award Mustc award and so on As you can see tt ts a hxghly pratsed program A brtef run down of a typtcal datly program lS as follows 500 am 530 600 602 615 630 700 730 800 805 820 830 920 22 9 30 9 45 10 15 ll 05 a Fred Owen Bob Peers and the b1rds are now awakenmg Idon t know what the b1rds are dotng up at that hour but Fred and Bob are on thetr way to dehver mtlk As they are qutetly THROWING bottles on porches we leave them and swttch our cameras to Roxanne Wtnslow s house where we see her chasmg out the Semor Enghsh class from her basement so she can get a LITTLE sleep before school SI3l'IS Our cameras p1ck up the stght of Pat Hopptng trudgmg to the branch to dehver hts papers We fmd Gay Scroggs the most energetlc of all the semors Jumpmg out of bed Opps there goes Gay back 1nto bedl Oh well II WAS kmda early Janet Harmon IS very energettcally studytng All of her spare ttme lS used tn th1s way Gay seems to have gotten up agatn for good thts ttme A5 we go frgm house to house we see many semors struggling to get up wlththc excepnon of Wes R1tch1e But then why should he get up? He puts the stop stgn outll All the semor dr1ll team members are just now gettmg up! They re supposed to be at drtll team at '7 45 plenty of ttmel she HAS to be there! Janet Cooper gets up She s always late! A loud blartng horn IS heard and Norma Kelly rushes out to a cold Ponttac and off she goes The semors equtpped wtth dog sleds start on thetr Journey to ftrst hour Modern Problems The cameras see a cloud of dust 1n the hortzon and at 8 31 Danny Brown IS seen 1n that cloud racmg to get to school on ttme Ttme has passed quxckly and before you know ll the bell rtngs and there lS a clamor as the semors tn all the1r classes Jump to thetr feet and head for the door to meet that certam g1rl or boy as the case may be A couple of mmutes have passed and then ll s ttme to go to second hour class Some are gomg to Chemlstry some to Home Economtcs and some to Modern Problems You mtght see a few semors scattered tn study hall or Just about anywhere for that matter You can usually see Dtck Becker and Jerry Toepfer runrung the Chemtstry class and mformmg some ofthe moretgnorant puptls how to work equattons and problems Some strange odors seep through the Jumor Htgh as Jamce Dale Mary Ann Ftsher Sandy H111 Sandy Selmdh Karen Mtlhs and other semor gals are cookmg some thtng up flt s not always food lj You can usually see e1ther Hal Crttz Dave Hensen Pat Hoppmg Don Hall Bev Owens or ,Tackle Kates tn the halls looktng for somethtng or someone or gettmg a drxnk or ust about anythtngl All the commotton you now hear xs only the 4th hour study hall hoods After awhtle the notse tones down and all the semors are bustly readmg thetr comtc books . . . , It ll I! ' ' Cl I I I ' I D I ' D , I . . ' . ' . . , . ,. . . . ' ' ' . . . , . . , . . 5 . . . I : a.m. ' ' ' ' ' ' : a.m. ' , ' ' . ' ' . : a-rn' 0 I l 1 1 . D - : lm' . . . . . , . . : a.m. ' : ' ' . : a.m. . ' a . ' . , . I a.m. . . . . , 7:45 a.m. The time comes, but the drill team doesn't, with the exception of,Tudy Tuttle, and : a.m. . ' I a'rn. I ' ' ll ll ' . Z a.m. . ' . . ' . . . 1 a.m. ' ' , : , ' . , . . n : a.m. . . , . I . ' . . D . . I . , .. - .. - 9: a.m. ' , ' ' ' , , . , . , 0 I : a.m. ' ' ' : a.m. ' ' ' , ' , , I . . . . ' . VK . - ' U : a.m. ' ' ' , , ' , , I 4 I I . I I U . Q' ---j . : .m. ' ' . ' , . I . .... . YOU SHOULDA' BEEN THERE 12 00 noon 1 1 1 3 3 b 8 1 1 5 14 15 20 10 CONT'D L ang way! I It s t1me for lunch! Soon the school rs deserted Charlene Mam lS maktng her way up 8th street h1l1 to make tt to chorus by 1 15 She made 1tl You should be able to hear J1m Bowles the barker saymg Hurry! Hurry! Don t be latel Lar ry Selby ts tn the Span1sh room even though he doesn t take Spamsh Gang way agatnl School IS dtsmtssed The school IS once agam deserted Martha Ward IS now seen drtvmg a red car toward Des Momes Betty Creger has been stghted out by our cameras as she lS slavmg away at the Cleaner s As our cameras go from bus1ness to busmess we spot B111 LeVere stockmg shelves Larry Marvtn washmg wmdshtelds Ed Ramerxz tn the stock room mary Lathrop sweeptng floors and Jerry Johnson sackmg grocertes Frank Duncan and Jtm Duggan are work1ng'7 '7 at Carmody s What a hfel SOUP S ON! so they can be dressed tn ttme for Uncle Stan s race Don Hancock Ronnte LePera Jerry Omstead and Terry Plummer are all at thetr homes now 1nnocently watchmg televxstonl Sara Soth seems to be tallung on the telephone and she seems to have a lot to say! But then that s typtcal Many of the more sane SIarS of Ih1S T V show seem to be turmng tn now Mary Dlaa and Ltlltan Moreno are two of these people Gerry Lathrop Mtrlam Wtlson and Anna Mae Perryman each tn thetr tndxvldual homes are watchtng the late show Charles Jultch John Coleman and Bob Hodson are watchtng the verv very late show Judy Tuttle seems to be watchtng the late late very late early mortung show Ah yes the Sentor Enghsh class ts agam burmng the m1dn1g,ht oxl There go Bob and Fred agam so I guess tt s t1me to leave our happy l1ttle famlly and tune 1n another day Same place and same ttme Statton V H S stgntng off!! : p.m. ' ' ' ' I' N J : . , : Q p.m. C ' I PJU- U . f ' . U 2:05 p,m, 1 ' ' ' , ' ' , 3:00 p,m, - ' ' ' ' , 3:01 p.ITl. ' ' . :l5 ,D.m. ' ' ' . A . 3:30 p.m. ' ' ' V :45 p.m. ' ' , ' ' , 5100 p,m, . ' ' . . ' . ' ':0O D.l'I1. ' 8:00 p.m. Bev Staker and Myra Hampton are laying out their clothes for the next morning, :3O p,m, ' ' , ' , , ' 5:00 p,m, ' , ' 10:00 D.m. " " ' . . ' ' . 11:00 p,m, , ' ' ' , , X ' ' ' ' A . 12:00 ---- , 1 ' . , , ' ,, :K a.m. ' . . . ' . 2:00 a.m. ' L . U I U H U . 1 ' ." 300 a,m, ' , " ' ' ' , .1 IR HIGH PRINCIPAL i ffghy "'l!"""'sH Ls 'vffkp 'Au t J' I ri, 5 ' 4? jx 1, ui X X r, 2 lg ik af? I' H 4 ,ASX 1 I?-fig 3 x, tifl. Qi-fx NKSIQ MRS HARRIET KNAPP Mrs Knapp IS the pr1nc1pa1 ofour jumor hlgh Her btggest Job among others ts to brmg our Jumor hlgh boys and glrls to the htgh school level Thts ts done 1n many ways not only by mere classroom teachmg but by many parent teacher and parent teacher pupll meetmgs Mrs Knapp has avery capable staff of teachers to asstst her 1n these matters She IS a flne organtzer and due to thts the Jtmtor htgh runs as smoothly as a ftne motor car The Jumor htgh IS a well d1sc1pl1ned and happy group of students whtch we of the Annual Staff thtnk IS the best 1n the world SCHOOL NURSE Mrs Glenn a very wonderful ktnd and constderate person IS nurse ofthe West Des Momes School System Thts ts a very btg Job whtch keeps her on the go from one school to another constantly Checktng the eyes ears nose and throat for dtsease IS gust one of the many thmgs she does She tr1es to cheer up those who may be suffermg and ease the pa1n of a scratch by saymg softly That doesn't hurt much does tt It seems to work psychologtcally because the pams seem to leave for at least an mstant anyway Wlth these thoughts 1n nund we say Thank You for seelng us through our many years at Valley I J MRS RUTH GLENN . . I - 3 .X . - .. , , - - u l ' I . - at I X5 '.r::ii:iiy'fj'J:., , .f A "f 55 YEQQHEYW-f W XY' 55 --:1.1:51::: fiff it get t 2"'11"11' . 2 --1::::::1f-:::i5f,f:! gg 15:13 - Wg, fy 2 . l -'-1'"z:::':fi5S1:.'f"' :'1'i2'iZ- '1 gi R ' 'S 2 -1vIIf:::f'Q1:Sffs:.'s fy . a :-9221.3 Kiln - . . S 52"-nffilfifiykfilr in I-f:'f-13253333 Elia as 13 ' ' "- ff4?'ff::'55w:' 1 . .4 '.':-.tfssmm at ol nr Q , I 51-niianfi222z2?a1if."fl' 1 ' 'fr 'ffieikh t 4' ' i'i-:-'?:5Q:?15iW'11 ..1 '-111 .J I X: -.,.:5j.t3 3,-.ft-.,'.,-..u ,..-.,.gf-.-L',.Xk ,Q " - 0 .4 I .:,gQ.k 5-.',-..,y.g-.',y.,-3:,-.',-.7-Qmg: 3, ' ' " . '- "I-9? . -'.1-'.':?:,-.p?:-If ZZ-Z., ' f- tiff 2 X lf, , , , X. A V bt - l v n y ' . , . . I -fe R5 n - Wf. wt, . o n Va 2 9 S . . . . - . ' ,S - at - n , . K . , , . . IR. HIGH FACULTY Row ONE, Left to Rtght Mr Hughes Mrs Knapp Prmcxpal Mr Coldtron ROW TWO Mrs Whtte Mxss Granson Mrs Honnold Mrs Bell Mrs Wheaton Mrs Serdel ROW THREL Mrs Fox Mrs Greene Mrs Cederstrom Mrs Mtles IR HIGH CHORUS ROW ONE Left to Rtght B Hellstern D Clark S Owen C Exschen F LeVere B Schtff D Reams S Campbell C Mertcal D Jewell R Schlff ROW TWO J Bennett P Coll B Pogue S Webber D Ranes F Barnett M Gtbson J Renard J Carter B Garrett H Lee R Thomas ROW THREE J Mtller M Wood M Jacoby W Brown I Wagstaff D Sander J Merrlman K Munson L Anderson J Hull Mr Hughes D1rector ROW FOUR B Cooper C Adams K Fredertck C Armmgton S Baldwtn C, Atkmson M Moffttt L Bodeen C Larson C Haynes C Whtte 15-"' xf ff 1 'Swg G9"" .....,..sf 3 J"""'-4a I -1 fl b , , N ,B 9 51 ', , ' - Aj R . 0 M. k I I 'N Q t - 73' f A I O " by 1 , A I I 'EEL 'aff , if H I 4' . 4,., 4" - I X5 14 If v . -Q 'O 'stair' L i ll? ' 5:1 IR. HIGH ST. COUNCIL 4 ' F "1-nf nu ' MA3. ' I I x I ROW ONE, Left to Right: T. Everroad, E. Potzinoglou, C, Armington. I. Barron, B. Fu11er.J. Neasham, B, Brock, T. Ohmart, M, Moffitt, K. Boswell, S. Webber, S, Masters. N-"5"hwu..,. ROW ONE Left to Rxght C Mencal S Kester M Alt S Webber ROW TWO R Welr K Fred CIICRS F E X G5 I n I ru rn Z I- rn P U rn I V5 ae i 324 Fl' FW XX X. xxx Qx ALTERNATES fbi ROW ONL Left toR1ght D Sm11ey B Magnuson L Powell C Larsen K Krng M Games IR HIGH FOOTBALL Ggg 5 ROW ONE Left to R1g,ht L G1est J Rodlsh J Merrxman R Whxtejurst J Renard IJ Toney D Sanders ROW TWO D larson ROW THREE D Cec11J' Neasham E Ames ROW FOUR D Rmes L Johnson J Wagsmff M Wood W Bowersox J Garc1a I Bahn M Cnbson k Boswell IJ Io M1nag,er ROW FIVE D Cowey G Fogelson R Hughes D Schafroth K M111er ll O Rourke B lhlde brand ID felson J Nutung B coldnon LOALH IR HIGH BASKETBALL ROW ONE, Left to Right: J. Neasham, C. Hagen, J. Rodish, D. Sander, E. Ames, ROW TWO: J. Nutting R, Whitehurst, D, Larson, J. Renard, K. Boswell, B. Hildebrand, D. Covey, IJ. O'Rourke. ROW THREE: D. Ranes, Manager: J. Barron, J. Merriman, J. Wagstaff, D, Cecil, IJ. Bruce, D. Schafrorh. ROW FOUR K. Miller, R. Bolten, L. Giest, M, Wood, D, Toney, C. Gregory, D. Powell, Manager, B. Coldiron, Coach, IR. HIGH BASKKETBALI. 4 in-A---F -Lg ROW ONE Left to Rlghl V Wllson D McKowen F Plgnerl M Rodxsh C Arrrungton M Moffm L Wolfe S Baldwln J Grxffm D Jewell C Atkmson M Roach ROW TWO G Orr Manager C Cook M Pamevrch P McN1ff L Bodeen C Whxte S Owen S Johnson S Stodgel, ROW THREE M Long J Johnson B Fuller D Ferree S Reed B Brock J Hull IR HIGH TRACK 5 A x,,,J ROW ONE Left to R1ght D Gam D Reams D Larson D Covey J Neasharn E Ames J Renard F Constant J Nutung B H11debrand ROW TWO D Ranes Manager R Powell Manager J Wagstaff J Merrlman L GCISZ K M111er M G1bS0n J Tuttle K Boswell M Stambrook ROW THREE L Haltom J Marmn R Bolden D Jones J Rod1sh C Hagen D Sander M Wood J Howell B Coldlron Coach EIGHTH GRADE SEATED Left to Rtght D Larson D Sander T Jones H Lee ROW ONE D Shank J Bohstedt M Stogel R Wh1tehurst M Gtbson T Ohmart D Reams ROW TWO D Jewell J Wexdner D Covey Barnett M Powell C Cook D Mer1wether D Harrmgton ROW THREE G Stamch R Day V Wilson L Aller C Atkmson S Baldwln C Armxngton M Alt W Brown Mrs P Bell Teacher ROW FOUR J Rxckman D Cecrl K Herr J Lmeweh R Robertson W Bowersox B Bowles J Wagstaff P Vander Metde EIGHTH GRADE APN Han ,gl i ma-nz: SEATED Left to Rtght G Fogelson C Hagen M Long P Wolfe ROW ONE D Ranes R Staker F Constant J Nuttmg K Boswell M Roach J Johnson S Kester J Grxffln D Stoddard S Stodge1G Orr R Hughes F Brown ROW THREE K Warywoda P Denms R Radke L Florer N McFadden K Morrxs C Larsen M Moffatt M Carter M Behne Mrs Cederstrom Teacher ROW FOUR K Chrlstensen H Wagoner L Gross M Wood B Nlchols J Rodxsh B Overton J Garcla L Gexst L Balm E Ames ,F , , A ,, . if I x M ht, ,V ,fr v - ,Q F ' l T I S .' I f W- 1, , ' : . , . , . , . . : . , . . . , . ' , . ' , . , . . z . . . . - .F- , , , . , . ' , . ' . : . . . . . , . , . ' , . ', . ' , . , . . . . . : n ' Q o .' q 5 o 4 I ' i ' I ' I U I ' Pj - r ., .4 ,X , Q ' . Q V7 T , ' J Q H " ' ' Q ' X gr 5 . 'rw ff. - if 4 N4 A ff 1 IQ Q, .. f X t. ID X, , I . P - use A uw, . ' : . , . , . , . . : . , . , . I ' . I ' f ' I ' I ' I ' I .I ' D I I I o ' l - ' : - 9 - .I - I - 9 1 n . ', . , . ', . , . ' , . . : . ' 9 - , - , . , . . 9 . ' g . 9 1 'g - I g Q . . . 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E Y xg ' I -5. , ' : . . . , . , . ' ' , . , . . : . , . ' . :E . , . ' , . , . , . , . ' ','. I 5 . , . ' . 1 . , . ' y . p 1 I I f si '., A A 5 U ' . ' I A -If x E " 5 A uk - ,, A Q , 13- A .. JK f I Q - j 4 . -3 , S 1-'Mx . flax . ' : . ' , . ' ', . ' , . . , ' : . , . , . , . ' , . . : . ' , . , . . . ' , . . . . . ' , . , . ' . : . , . , . , . . . , . . . , . , . , . , . ' . , : ' I ' I 0 ' I ' 1 ' I ' I ' Y ' l I ' ' I Make Silvers Headquarters For Your School Wear YN ,..... Models are ,Q Phll Carter Donna Caylor Jumors at Valley Hlgh School lLlER BEET TUEE I ,Tm HH WnU e C +ore or Val ley Sfudenls Modern Portralts by RULEE moms Plan To Please Wlth A Portralt Can Glve Nl. l n Q2 ll Yi ' I l ' Th " I r TTD Vlf'f51R'ww I 'A 'F ,YN Ver ,- l X K ' --all: un E IH L , U 2 I S ' w - tf of ' . A - Th e . or . sw: w . e . S ' F C 0 ' . , Q . . IN THE HEART OF TN! DES MOINES l.O0P"...G11-616:-?CUS'I' I -l I 1 ' 'v Q 4 , k A . G A .sn , . . 4 , f a x K.. 1' ,f. u...- .,- 'Q 3. ' . 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TI-I - 9 Best Wlshes Io Ihe Class Of 1956 From FARRELL EAL Newlazs Used Cars CH 74441 CR 70217 XCHEVROLET f Quahty SGTVICG At The Rlght Pr1ce CLUVER HILL Nllllonvll Large Parkmg Lot 12th 81 Grand Home of Self berv1ce Meats and Vegetables 12th 81 Grand West Des Momes Iowa Conffratulatlons The Class Of 1956 BANNER VARIFTY 206 Flfth btreet West Des Momes SUPER vm, E Sheb 6 1 4 TORE Best Of Luck To One Of Valley's Finest Graduating Classes TRE TREE DRIVE TN RESTAURANT T P177 1 Slndwlchns Malts Root Beer' B111 Wlnslow und CRIFIS C hrlstopher 1. Chicken, Steaks, Ribs, IALITY YOU CA TAS ANDERSON ERICKSON DAIRY CO 1, p ul ll PHONE 6 3172 II:-I u:"" ll 17' ndevson mckson Dawg C0 2229 AVENUE FREDERICK M HUBBELL DES MOINES 17 IOWA Heart1est Congratulatmns To The Class Of 1956 Whose achlevements have brought credlt to the Entlre Commuruty West Des Momes, Iowa 203 F lfth Street "Q I N T E ' ' V, -1' Qi?-'-'-'-.. ... W I - - ' L7 74 'QT' Q 4- Y -11-nanatlf v ' ' -,. - ll: Q -- -- .---1------1--.:.::' , ig-1 -f f ll..l gin u-:runnin V IIE- pfjcas In Ill lllll Ulll-I I --nl.. --- ,, -- - .I-. ' 1,.- llllllll f , ll -1,1 - 1 ::.... ' -:r -------- - 1. .. . n I ,- lyllunuunlvl S-' 1. , . , ,--A ij' P-, A .v . Ah- nunfgf I , 'L' -I r- ul F. - , . . .- ,. .. 1' ' - ,J. 3.1-',' '.:A ' O ' O - . . I 1 1 .S GOOD LUCK SENIORS COMPLIMENTS OF WEST DES MOINES TUUI. DIE ANU .l0E wmwom Pnovnlmon V LLEY B00 TER Dale 'I V Radlo SL Electrlc D llbey Brothers Lumber Company Klbury Drug btore 'lhe Home Of 5 Years Free QCFVICC Campbell s Department Store H1 F1del1ty Plaxers Easter s Royal Blue Food Store R ld1OS Televlslon Valley Flor1sts Record Play: rs Appllances Olsen s Palnt 81 Wallpaper 207 Flffh Sweet Johnson Shell Servlce Phone BL 5 1187 H gms 3 2 C larenoe C ornwtll C ongratul ztlons Semor s F1 om ID BEATTIE FORD 6th and Maple Phone 51131 Get The Best B1dS From S1d 9 a 9, z , L , N .- . . In . J , 1 Z . . . , . 4' ' West Des Moines, Iowa Jack Suuivan R ' L.T. ig' ,I.D.-51. BRUCE MOTOR FREIGHT C0 INC ZOH EASTON BLVD PHONE 62 5631 DAILY SERVICE BETWEEN nes MOINES ST LOUIS ST PAUL KANSAS CITY I CQ 0 O E f . f A Qi" ' U - 4-, ' xxx , .E V,,, . A A 1 ' r 1 Jgflllf A 4 .-wr m ,vw ,' A X Egg . iiiligi 2 iiiix O O - N - Bullde rs Developers 8,0 .4200 vgvs sm Ear WEST 3515 momfss ,fl 4 l -M Ill E: 'T '-'Xi'-'E Developers and Bullders Falr Meadows Homes Bus Phone 5 1122 Real Estate Insurance VANDENBURG DRUG COMPA Y Prescrlptlons Quallty Accuracy Servlce Establlshed 1n 1902 Phone 9 0011 234 5th Street West Des Molnes Iowa STAN DARD RAY HALL TA DARD ERVICE "Complete Serv1ce" 4th and Grand Phone 5 9968 West Des Momes, Iowa CH LTZ BRO ,g,, JG: 'V kflee f- O O gsffggl' 223 6th Street West Des Momes, Iowa Best W1shes To The Graduatlng Class C - , Q, MQ0j-A-T 1 ,2-ZFQX --L 7' "'4:i- xtr QQ, L11-11- xr f fill' Ill' 'Q "' - J- A -, . VI. Q W' f . .... 3 1r---v- -2:-14 1 -f I - -- 4 ' 1 ',A . 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I PENN-DIXIE EEIVIENT CORP WISHES THE CLASS of 56 A SUCCESSFUL FUTURE I3 :ONE 5 5195 WEST DES MOINES DRAKE IS YOUR UNIVERSITY o F - A Friendly, Middle-sized University A Distinguished Faculty Air Force ROTC N' C 11 New Modern Equipment FOI' Every Type Of Congratulations Dry Cleaning Job L1-mso 'S THE CLEANERS wus This Mol E EXPRESS servmg west Des Momes Seniors! and You 11 Llke Qur Nelghborlng COITIITIUHIIICS Quahty Work s1nce 1893 216 Flfth btfeet 400 Maple street Phone CR 9 9769 Phone 9 0740 West Des Mo1nes Iowa West Des MOIHSS Iowa NEW HLIFE LONGER LIFE tclf ut :DRVQLERNER 5 FINISHING PROQESS .DRYQLEHNING SEE THE DIFFERENCE FEEL THE DIFFERENCE ENJOY THE DIFFERENCE Ih1s new nfuracle process means that your ent1re wardrobe takes on a NEW LOOK Clothes cleaner and fresher than ever before And THERE S ABSOLUTELY NO EXIRA CHARGE for STAPFNU' as advertlsed 1D L1fe ww DE M0lE CL and at L ' M 1 Yes, the arnazi-ngdifference in your clothes is STFAXNU, BUD' WE T EA ER Std-I Nut CR Q-0235! RIIY' MOBIL EIIVICE Mobllgas For Complete Serv1ce Phone 9728 210 Grand West Des Molnes BE T FIT H0 IERY MILL I, f Fourth and X Grand West Des Momes V1Slt Our M111 and See How Fme Nylons are Manufactured You Can Purchase Your Nylon Hoslery At A Substantlal Savlng e 1 1 n West Des Molnes Homes For Prompt Efflclent Courteous Real Estate SGFVICC Call 819 Grand West Des Molnes Mlgnon E Muslc Your West Des Molnes Realtor Phones 5 4291 5 6428 Member of Dcs Molnes Real Estate Board and Multlple L1st1ng Exchange VI E STREET FIIIIII HIIP 2 axe N P QVQIM -if 'gf Q't'I?"7"573 'TX 4 .3 0 :G Where Quahty Comes Flrst Alr Condltloned Store Hours Week Days 7 6 30 Saturdays 7 7 00 809 Vlne Phone 9 0883 ax ' f 1' Q A 5- . S I' g Mu IC REALTY co. ..'L'S-W - ' -'-..v K IAQ, I - R C0 G ATE P Kunsusflty U Nu x ,i slr y . - LLE I 'YA L..a Mg .'g.'Av- BUAB FAIYUKY HOME WHIP M .. 5 wfnww "Y1'1!V WV! 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Suggestions in the Valley High School - Tiger Tales Yearbook (West Des Moines, IA) collection:

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