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9«K Hi 1ALON , 1978 TALON Valley High School 1801 South Greenville Santa Ana, California 92704 ■ig Qg:; - ?-? ; All That Is Left Is Memorws MEMORIES We often try to preserve . those things that mean so much to us. It seems as though the good things in life last for such a short while. We can remember and rejive those times through memaf ,: and we will carry these r iories for the rest of Education Made The Difference wmmm STUDIES-We worked hard to excel in the academic areas. Trying to squeeze in the required subjects in order to receive credits towards graduation was difficult but necessary. Many displayed their creative abilities in music, art, ceramics and athletics. Some of us had interest in other areas. We did what was asked of us, and we enriched our lives through our studies. riflfeiiiaaMMHiiiWiii The Mighty Class Of 1978 mmmimm Fun And Excitement 1. The 1977 Kangaroo Court in full session with the accused Ed HoUins and Cheryl Jamison pleading their case. 2. Mr. Lucas alias " Dr. DUD " , tells of the fish with two knees. Try again Mr. Lucas! 3. Tony Pitts hula dances with members of the jiuy in order to lighten his sentence. 4. Gerald Thompson smiles at the accused. 5. Felix Haddix searches for a kiss. 6. It ' s just one of those days. Mr. Satrappe searches for the perfect fit. Avis Phillips, black belt Lori Wing, and officer Judy Beranek give him a hand. Dexter-Perez Presided Over The 1977 Homecoming Court Involvement Stimulated Activity INVOLVEMENT-Being active and participating in classes and school events were probably the most fun times of the year. Toilet papering the school, dressing up for Spirit Week, and being creative were ways that the students showed their involve- ment. Pep rallies, athletic events, and rec-nites also helped to stimulate student interest. iiiiiiiiii We Formed Everlasting Friendships I FRIENDSHIP -We longed to love and to be loved and to share a special.relationphip with someone. Many of us found friendships that will last for the remainder of our lives. People we laughed, cried, played and shared things with will always be true friends. " gsm- Dedication On special occasions, the Talon staff considers a faculty member worthy of a dedication. That person not only must be a good teacher, one who is greatly involved in his work, but also must be a person of tremendous personal worth. He must be a friend and counselor to his students as well as an educator. Mr. Edwin Hunt possesses these qualifications. No one, student or faculty member, will be likely to forget a man like Ed Hunt after he retires. He is a teacher who always mixed work with pleasure. His classes, therefore, were both in- formative and amusing. People will always remember his winning smile and his constant desire to help those in trouble. He always had time, while on campus, to talk, laugh, and share problems. Mr. Hunt is retiring from the teaching profession. We want him to know that our thoughts and good wishes go with him and that he will always be remembered at Valley as one of the " greats " . Best of luck, Mr. Hunt. Enjoy your retirement. Don ' t forget us too soon. Finally, thanks for being such a good friend and such a tremendous teacher. To Mr. Edwin Hunt, this book is dedicated. 4 Mr. Edwin Hunt Educator And Friend We Couldn ' t Wait ' Til Seventy-Eight President- Avis Phillips When the class of ' 78 came to Valley in 1974, they were led by President, Kimberly Stansell, Vice- president, Gina Campbell, Secretary-treasurer Nina Perez, Girls ' Student Relations Carla Mack and Boys ' Student Relations Joseph Edwards. As sophomores, they elected President Judy Strong, Vice-president Kim Law, Secretary-treasurer Nina Perez, Girls ' Student Relations Carla Mack and Boys ' Student Relations Mike Aguilar. As sophomores they won the spirit stick at most of the pep assembli ' s. Then came. the junior year, a time to start plan- ning for college. The class was under the leadership of President Avis Phillips, Vice-president Pat Begay, Secretary-treasurer Vicki Houghton, Girls ' Student Relations Jamis Jones, and Boys ' Student Relations Alex Chairez. The year was highlighted by a number of activities such as Rec-nites, dances, football games, basketball, etc. The biggest highlight of the year was the Junior-Senior Prom which was held at the Buena Park Convention Center Hotel in Buena Park. In tlieir senior ; ' ar, the class again elected Avis Phillips as president, other officers were: Vice-presi- dent Dorothy Franklin, Secretary-treasurer Pam Peralta, Girls ' Stud,, it Relations Alice Albarez and Boys ' Student Relations Mark Ferguson. As they leave Valley, die seniors will have many memories. Some of their friendships may fade away, ilut others will continue into lasting relationships, they all be successful in their endeavors. The e is theirs. Dorothy Franklin Vice-president Pam Peralta Secretary -treasurer Laurie Wing Historian Gary Satrappe, Lisa Meyer Senior Class Advisors Boy and Girl Student Relations Mark Ferguson and Alice Albarez VICTOR ARELLANO CATHERINE A. A RMI JO BYRON ARMSTRONG CARA J. ARMSTRONG " Quick, I need the answer! " GARY W. ARMSTRONG THERESA M. BAIN Scniois 21 HORTENCIA A. BARRON JACKA. BAXLEY " How ' s the weather up there? " PATRICIA BE GAY PATRICIA A. BERGEN JUDITH A. BERANEK CINDY A. BLAKE We Thought It Would Be Swell But Now We ' ve Reached The Parting Date MARK S, BRIDENBAKER Dr % ■Hl ' 4 «i M B ft ' ' m. KAREN L. BRYANT THERESA A. BUTE ' 1 LIONEL BURCH LETICIA F. BUSTAMANTE F " m , S 1 r TERRY A. CALDERON RAUL CAMPOS YVETTE L. CALHOUN " Where ' s Robert? " MAWA R. CAMARENA DANNIE C. CARMONA GINA L. CAMPBELL FRANK CARMONA Senior? 23 Bk fg 1 KF_ ' V I:- ? ' ! — , W I And Face A Sad Farewell. SANDR; L. C RTF.R " Yuck, I hate it! ' " Will tlie real Falcon please stand up! " RICK C, CLARKE DANIEL L. COFFMAN DEBBIE A. CHAVARRIA PERRY ]. COIL RALPH L. CHRISTOPHERSON MELANIE COLE ■ " ' JOHN R. CONTRER- S m ' Sm , JAMES P. DROWN ELAINE EASLEY i- |H ' « 1 3 B » MH, ' ■ H H r iH i ' 1 »: O: U iti 1 CINDY L. EBERT IRMA E. ESPARZA JOSEPH L. EDWARDS CLARA F. ESPINOZA From the halls of Valley to a new life. MARK S. FERGUSON RAYMOND FIVEASH ■ K J fk HHk - r i R - — 1 in .seniors c:. TI-IERESE G. GAUEN BARBARA A. GARCIA " Dud! ' " What time is lunch? " MEUSSA A. GLOVER TINA M. GARCIA NONIE E. GON ' DEZ CARMEN M. GARZA SALVADOR M. GONZALEZ JOE GARZA ANGELIA GRACE iV 26 Seniors ROBIN GRACE Jl- m i K JbI L " 1 E- ' ' ' — — — — _i " -— - IRIS K. GROOM SHEILA D. HARRIS ALICIA M. HERNANDEZ LYDLA GRIFFIN RICK GUEDEA JAY HATCHETT LUCILA HERRERA We Remember The Names, The Dances And Games, We Thought Would Always Last. r ,¥ STEVE M. GUILLORY SUSAN GUZMAN r j HH BL ' T je DARNETTE M. HARMON KERETIA M. HARPER " Did the bell ring yet? " TIMMY HINES WANDA M. HINTON L ■Ti 1 ▼ 1 F — mr A vf F ■ " 1 Seniors 77 TAMMY S. HUNDEN EVELYN F. JACKSON DENA L. JACKSON " Hello baby, I ' m home. " PATRICIA A. JACKSON CHERYL D. JAMISON JOSEPH JENNINGS And The Proms We Went To With Our Old Flames As They Fade Into The Past LISHA Y. JOHNSON ICE JINQNE? i4S 4 i IP V « V j :? ' ■ p -sB- MARSHALL L. JOHNSON PAMELA C. JOHNSON EXDNNIE L. JONES EDWARD H. KANG - 4 1 i 1 JAMIS E. JONES GWEN A. KEARNEY KIM E. JONES MONICA C. KEINHI ICATHY L. JOHNSON DONNA M. JONES f ' , " j k • TYRy J. JONES ALBERTbiA A. ixl 1 l i-cuior Zi We Cannot Hide, But Must Decide RIAD H. KHADER DONALD L. MBEL ijp i 1 V li CYNTHIA M. KING RICHARD A. KING BRIAN L. KOLESAR ERICH KUKIER TAMMIE T. LAMBERT .., ' m v bl H B A, - 3 F " i w " 1 t ? " Stop, you ' re making me blush. " DONNA G. LEMON PyEBECCA G. I h WILUE LAMBERT FRANKIE LEWIS KIMBERLY T, LAW VALERIE LEWIS ill DORA MADRID ESTELLA F. MARTINEZ LORRAINE MALCOM LARRY MANSFIELD Friendship in living color. CYNTHIA MARTINEZ YOLANDA NWRTINEZ Seniors 3 ' 1 BT " ' B jL iiw. A. - ' T " ' LAURETTA R. MAUGA ' ■ ( k ' t )i % DONNA M. MEDINA ANITA L. MILLS GELACIO MCXDRAGON DAWNE. M ' -: L ' .UGHLIN GARYNEIV ' Typical Falcone tte. BARRY S. NERHUS BRENDA K. NEWHOUSE LEILANI L. NEAL KIM NGO EDWARD ORTIZ JR. RAYMOND P. ORTIZ " Everybody party hearty! " MICHAEL L. OTIS DEBBIE PA RGA ANDREW S. PAIGE LARRY W. PARTIN Seniors 33 F or The Journey Is Long, And The Road Is Wide. There Is No Time For Mistakes r IC HH ■1 I H K ii«v- " l l W Uk - l l , ' CX CRYSTAL M. PARTRIDGE MARY G. PAVAO m. PAM Y. PERALTA EDDIE R. PEREZ 1 Ir W f J n w8 , « L if 4 " Girl, my date last night was a clown! " ELENA PEREZ NINA M. PEREZ " Did yun :;c. uue one about those Falcons? " ROBERT POWELI AMANDA M. PRICE ANTHONY PITTS LET[TIA K. PRICE DONNY POWE RAY PRUITT 34 Seniors GONZALD M, RIVAS CHRISTINA E. ROCHA Chemistry is fun! DAVID RODRIGUEZ MARIO M, RIVAS NURIA E. RODRIGUEZ DWAYNE T. ROBERTS PHILLIP A. RODRIGUEZ NORMAN A. ROGERS ,J% ¥ ; ' • ■■ K ' fJ h DOLORES ROMO RAMONA t.-A ' DOVAL GEORGETTE ' ' •■ " " AAD EUNICE SANTANA KEVIN D. SATTERFIELD RONALD SAUNDERS " They call me Mr. Fix It. " YVETTE Y. SEGURA 36 Seniors Thoughts Of The Goals, That We Now Hold, Are Echoed Through The Sky. PATRICIA A. SHAW PHYLLIS A. SHIVERS TIJUANA SLAUGHTER COLLEEN M. SMITH NEDRA SMITH SHARON L. SMITH l ' - ; K " ' Bl w Bl P K r H YVETTE L. SMITH JAMES D. STANDISH hk ' jd E e He v « FH r M 1 VA r 1 ESMERALDA M. SOTO KIMBERLY STANSELL YER SOUNG CYNTHIA A. STACHE WILUAM A. STEEN lOHN H. STEINSULTZ Seniors 37 " Hello there, sweetheart! VICPCY Y. STREETER JUDY A. STRONG M ikfl O • WL C ' j »f ■L • ■ ' i» i bi- A m 9 . iM i A y JOHND. SUTHERLAND R5K JAMES SWIFT MARSHIA P. SWINDELL ROBERT TAYLOR DEENA G. TRACKER DENISE THOMPSON CINDY A. THOE GERALD W. THOMPSON DAVID A. THOMAS WANDA D. THOMAS Study fever. 58 Seniors TAMMY L. TOMPKINS SHARON TUCKER DANG VANG EUZABETHA. VELASQUEZ And Our Memories That Will Soon Unfold DAVID TRENT F , 4 m ' TB «f EVA F. TURNBAUGH NENG VANG DOMINGA VERGARA Ferguson at work??? RUBEN VIDAURRETA HANH VU OANH VU GARI L WALKER hn |Bh( BH H ? i B ' " B tejJ M m% m Will Be Of Valley High. Dwayne T. Roberts " Tennis anyone? " PATRICIA A. WEANT BART T. WEATHERMAN Slljjl : S ; . « m 1 I , ,, ♦i yI ' ' 1 .■ w JEFF L. WILSON MARK K. WINCHESTER DARRYL D. WINTERS " I can ' t make anymore mistakes. " DONELLE S. WOLFE KEVIN A, WOOD ROSEMARY ZAMORA RAMON R. ZINTZUN The Best Of 1978 1. MOST ACADEMIC- Tadashi Yokoyama and Kim Jones 2. MOST POPULAR- Mark Ferguson and Donna Medina 3. MOST GULLIBLE- Dwayne Roberts and Carla Mack Senioj ' s 41 i2 Seniors BEST LOOKING- Jeanette Liebig and (not shown) Ed Salera BEST LEGS- Melissa Glover and Andrew Paige MOST HUMOROUS- Greg Dexter and (not shown) J amis Jones MOST SPIRITED- Gina Campbell and Mark Slaughter MOST UKELY TO SUCCEED- Steve Frieson and Melanie Cole BEST DRESSED- Darnette Harmon and (not shown) Clarence Davenpc: ' t CONTRiBl ' TED MOST- Avis Phillips and Joseph Edwards MOST CONCEITED- Richard King and Kim Stansell MOST TALKATIVE- Sharon Tucker and Gerald Thompson CLASS FLIRTS- Denise Thompson and Tony Pitts CLASS CLOWNS- Pam Peralta and (not shown) Ed HoUins MOST ATHLETIC- Robert Powell and Judy Beranek FAVORITE TEACHERS- Edwin Hunt and Christine Mangum Scniois 43 The Senior Index consists of the following information in this order: 1. Activities, 2. Hobbies, 3. Favorite Song, 4. Honors, and 5. Goal in Life. ACOSTA, ADOLPHO 2. Football. 3. " Daddy ' s Home " , 5. Armed Forces. ACOSTA, DOLORES 2. Baseball, Jogging, Talking, Partying, and Cruis- ing . 3 . " Confessing a Feeling ' ' . ADAMS, BARBARA M. I. C.A.A., C.I.F. Volleyball, Drill Team. 2. Sports and Dancing. 3. ' ' Stain ' ay to Heaven ' ' . 4. Drill Team Captain ' 77 ' 78. 5. To get a job working with kids. ALBAREZ, ALICE G. 1. Soph-Frosh and J.V. Cheer, Var. song, Yearbook, Girls ' Student Relations, Girls ' Football, Press Club, Student Council. 2. Skiing, Talking on phone. 3. " Flowers " 5. Geologist. ALLEN, GEORGIA 1. Yearbook, Student Council, Jr. Girls ' Student Relations, Girls ' Football, Press, Pep, Girls ' League, J.V. Softball, Basketball Scorekeeper. Marching, Symphonic Band. 2. Dancing, Bike Riding, Music, Talking. 3. " Zoom " . 4. Cal. Distinguished Stu- dent, Most Improved in Softball. 5. Registered Nuree. ALMANZA, LETICIA 2. Swimming. 3. " Pass it On " . ALMANZA, RUTH 2. Soccer, Listening to Music . 3. " Float On " . S. Registered Nurse. AMARO, GLORIA M. 1. M.E.C.H.A. 2. rViving around. 3. " Best of My Love ' ' . ANDREWS, TANISHI 1. G.A.A. Volleyball, C.I.F. Softball. 2. Party- ing. 3. " It ' s Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next to ARAIZA, ARTURO 2. Scuba diving and Sports Cars. 5. Mechanical Engineer. ARELLANO, VICTOR C. 1. Basketball, Key Club. 2. Partying, Being with my girl. 3. ' ' Just to be Close to You " . S. Com- puter Operator. ARMIJO, CATHERINE 3 . " I Want to Make You my Wife . " 5 . Salesgirl . AR STRONG , BMION 1. Valley Basketball. 2. Aircraft, Modeling, Sports. 3. " Don ' t Ask my Neighbor " . S. Aircraft Main- tenance Tech. ARMSTRONG, CARA J. 1. Speech, Drama, Girls ' League, Student Council , C.A.S.C. Rep., C.S.F., Band, Letterette, Essence. 2. Writing, Poctr ' , Photography, Swimming, Trav- eling. 3. " Singring-Top Rengrien " . 4. Varsity Speech Team. S. Accomplished Poet. ARMSTRONG, GARY 1. Varsity Basketball and Baseball 2. Listening to Music, Sports. 3. " Easy " . 4. Homecoming Senior Prince. 5. Executive. BAIN, THERESA M. 1. Speech, Water Polo, Girls ' League, Aquatics, Essence. 2. Reading, Writing, Cooking. 4. Ex- cellence and Superior in Speech. 5. Child Develop- ment Director. BAKER, CAROL 1. Pep Squad . 2. Swimming, Dancing, 3. ' ' Boogie Nights ' ' . 5. ' ' Live ' ' . BARBER, CATHERINE M. 1. G.A.A. , Drill Team, Girls ' Football Club. 2. Sports and Dancing. 3. " Float On " . 5. Lawyer. BARKER, MONA J. 1. Girls ' Football, French and Surf Clubs, Girls ' League, Choir, Drama, Honorar ' member of A.S.B. , Band, Letterette Cap., Yearbook, Editor-in-Chief of Essense, Band, Newspaper. 2. Swimming, Acting. 3. " People " . 4. A.S.B. S. An Actress. BARNES, LEEC. 1. Basketball, Football, B.S.U. 2. Girls, Horseback Riding. 3. All Kinds. 5. Electrician. BARNES, LORETTAJ. 1 . Baseball. 3. " I want To Dance To a Love Song ' ' . 5. Model. BAR JES, RONNIE J. 1. Football. 2. Ladies, singing. 3. ' ' Boogie Nights " . 5. A Pro-Football Player. BARRON, HORTENCIAA. 1. Girls ' League, Soccer Club. 2. Listening to Music , Dancing. 3. " Boogie Nights " . 4. C.S.F. 5. Psy- chologist . BAXLEY, JACK A. I . Basketball and Baseball. 2. Fishing and Hunting. S. To Work with Nature . BERANEK, JUDITH A. I. Varsity- and Football Clubs, G.A.A. 2. Partying, Dancing, Volleyball. 3. " Zoom " . 4. M.V.P. Hockey, Hold Shot Put Record, All League Hockey. S . To play hockey in ' 84 Olympics . BERGEN, PATRICIA 1. Swimming Team, G)Tnnastics, Water Polo, Div- ing. 3. " Stairway to Heaven " . BEGAY, PATRICIA 1. C.S.F. , Girls ' League, Football, Jr. V. Pres., I.C.C. Pres. 2. Meeting People, Beading, Music. 3. " Boogie Nights " . 4. O.C. Indian Center Princess. 5. Teacher. BLAKE, CINDY 1. G.A.A., Art Club. 2. Softball, Raquetball. 3. ' ' You Light up My Life ' ' . S. To be successful in life. BOKOSKEY, DALLAS 1. Band. 2. Reading, Deaf Interpretation. 3. " You Make My Brown Eyes Blue " . 5. Life, Liberty, and Happiness . BOS, ANN 1. Choir, Band, Rifle Line Capt. 2. Dog racing, Jim Brokaw, Rats. 4. C.S.F. Seal Bearer. 5. To be Happy. BRANNON, MIKE I. Sports. 3. " Give A Little Bit " . 5. Business Mana - BRIDENBAKER, MARK 1. " Westside Story " . 2. Karate, Drama. 3. " Slow Dancing ' ' . 5 . Instructing Karate School . BROKAW, JAMES 1 . Var. Football and Wrestling, Y ' earbook Photog- rapher. 2. Dog Racing, Photography. 3. " Stairway to Heaven " . 4. C.S.F. 5. To be Rich. BROWN, TON ' 1. Soph, and Var. Football, J.V. Basketball. 2. Partying, Camp. 3. ' ' Brick House ' • . 5. To become Rich. BRYANT, KAREN L. 1. Rated Volleyball, Field Hockey, J.V. Softball, C.I.F. Var. Field Hockey, Yearbook, Girls ' Foot- ball. 2. Motorcycles, Horses, Bill Martin. 3. " Y ' ou and Me ' ' . 4 . Jr . Princess , Most Improved in Field Hockey ' 76. 5. Marry Bill Martin, July 1, 1978. BUIE, THERESA A. 2. Water-skiing, Horses. 5. Dental Assistant. BURCH, LIONEL 2. Like to Party. 3. " Slave " 5. Dry Wall. BUSTAMANTE, LETICIA 1. M.E.C.H.A. 2. Like to Dance, Meet People. 3 . ' ' United " . 5 . To be a policewoman . CALDERON, TERRY 1. Orchestra, Marching, Symphonic Bands, C.S.F., Nov., Var. Speech, Drama, " S " Clubs, Girls ' League. 2. Many. 5. To be a Successful Record Producer. CALHOUN, ' I ' VETTE 1. Track, Basketball Cheerleader, Volleyball, Debating Club. 2. Sports, Reading, Making Friends. 3. " At the Concert " . 4. Capt., Most Valuable of Track, Basketball, Student of the Month. 5. To Live forever in paradise. CAMARENA, MARIA R. 1. Playing Soccer, Soccer Club. 2. Dancing, Sing- ing, Sports. 3. " Put Your Head on My Shoulder " 5. To get married. CAMPBELL, GINAL. 1. Leadership, Comm. of Pep, Frosh V. Pres., Football Club, J.V. Cheer, Var. Cheer. 2. Tennis, Boys, Volleyball. 3. " I ' m Wishing on a Star " . 5. Cosmetologist. CAMPOS, RAUL I. Soccer. 2. Dancing and Working. 3. ' ' Boogie Nights " . 5. Welder. CARMONA , DANNIE C . 1. Basketball, Y ' earbook. 2. Photography. 3. " You Can ' t Turn Me Off " . 4. Var. Letterman. 5. Photog- rapher or Architect. CARMONA, FRANK JR. 1. Var. Basketball. 3. " Reasons ' ' . 5. Successful financially. 44 Seniors CARTER, SANDRA L. 1. Choir, G.A.A., C.I.F. Track. 2. Piano. 3. ' ' Boogie Nights ' ' . 5. Medical Technologist. CASTANEDA, CLARISA C. 2. Partying, Music, Bike Riding, Sewing. 3. " Boogie Nights " . S. Getting Through College . CASTRO, JULIE 1, C.A.A., C.I.F. VoUeybaU, Softball, Press, Pep, Girls ' Football, Girls ' League, Yearbook, M.E.C.H.A. 2. Making new friends, Raquetball, Music, Joe Jimenez. 3. ' ' Me and You " . 4. Out- standing Volleyball , Frosh., C.I.F. Softball letter. 5 . Lawyer and Marry Joe Jij CHAMBERS, KEVIN 2. Surfing. 3. " Stairway To Heaven " . CHAMBERS, PAUL 1. B.S.U. Vice Pres. 2. Driving, working with hands 3 . ' ' Happiest Day ' ' . S . Brick mason . CHATMAN, KINBREL ' N 2. Everything. 3. ' ' Wishing on a Star ' ' . 5. Psy- chologist. CHAVARRIA, DEBBIE 2. Dancing, Cruising, Parties. 3. " Oh Boy " . 5. Business Person. CHRISTOPHERSON, RALPH 1 . Var . Water Polo , Swimming . 2 . Scuba Diving , Shooting. 3. ' ' Stairway to Heaven ' ' . 5. Police Off i- CLARKE, RICK 1 . Drama Club . 2 . Program computers . COFFMAN, DANL. 1. Essence. 2. Photography. 3. " Stairway to Heaven ' ' . 5. Get rich before 30. COIL, PERRY 2. Sports, Music. 3. ' ' Stairway to Heaven ' ' . 5. Get out of school . COLE, MELANIE 1. A.S.B. Pres., Var. Speech, Girls ' League, Drama 2. Speaking, Acting, Singing. 3. " Star Wars ' ' . 4. C.S.F. 5. Lawyer . CONTRERAS, JOHN R. 1 . Swimming , Water Polo . 2 . Biking , Swimming . 3. " Boogie Nights " . 5. Machinist. CRAV ' kTORD, CHERYL L. 1. Band, " S " Club, Girls ' League. 2. Parties, Cruising. 3. " Spy Who loved Me " . 4. Seal Bearer, C.S.F, S. CPA. CUNG, KHIEMT. 1. Karate, Basketball, Billards. 2. " Feelings " . DAVENPORT, CLARENCE 1. B.S.U. , Track. 2. Tennis, Photography, Dating, 4. Jr. Prince ' 76. 5. Engineer. DE LA CRUZ, RICHARD Ki. 1. Choir, Drama Club. 2. Racquetball, Parties, Singing, Writing music . 3. " Happy Man " . 5. Orthodontist . DEXTER, GREGORY B. I. Baseball, basketball, football, B.S.U. Vice Pres. 2. Horseback Riding , Dancing. 3. " Bootsy Baby " . 4. Homecoming King ' 77- ' 78. 5. Psychol- ogist. DIAZ, MARIO 1. Soccer. 2. Handball. 3. Spanish Club. 5. Land- scape architect. DIAZ, REYMUNDOM. 1. Advan. Choir, Vice Pres. 2. Riuining, Football, Coaching. 5. Chemical engineer. DION, LAURIE 1. Volleyball, Field Hockey. 2. Volleyball. 3. ' ' Your Song ' ' . 5. Dental AJssistant. DROWN, JAMES 2 . Collecting comics . 3 . " Love Gun ' ' . 5 . Get a good job. EASLEY, ELAINE 1. Working, taking care of my family. 2. Cro- cheting, Swimming. 3. ' ' Always and Forever ' ' . 5. Registered nurse . EBERT, CINDY 1. Var. Field Hockey, volleyball, softball, pep squad. 2. Field Hockey, Racquetball, Waterskiing, Dancing. 3. " You Can ' t Turn Me Off " . 4. MVP Hockey, Distinguished High School Student, 5. 1984 Olympics in Field Hockey. EDWARDS, JOSEPH L. 1. Talon editor chief, 2 yr. letterman Var. Basket- ball, Team Capt. , CSF, Speech. 2. Basketball, Drawing, Parties. 3. " You Can ' t Turn Me Off " , 4. Calif. Boys ' State Delegate, Oct. Boy of Month. S, Engineer. ESPINOZA, CLARA 1. Bike riding. 2. Tennis, volleyball. 3. " Yester- day ' ' . 5. Legal Secretary. FERGUSON, MARK 1. Football, Baseball, Student Council. 2. Swim- ming, Partying, Sports. 3. ' ' Kiiracles ' ' . 4. All County Baseball, Football. 5. Be happy; make lots of money. FIVEASH, RAYMOND 1. Baseball, football. 3. " Theme from SWAT " . S. Police Officer. FLORES, FRANCISCO 1. Football. 2. Working on ( 5. Doctor. FRANKLIN, DOROTH - 1. Drill Team, Football Club, Girls ' League, B.S.U., Drama. 2. Sew, Listen to music . 3. " You Can ' t Turn Me Off " . 5. Registered Nurse. FRANKS, VIKKI 1. Singing. 2. Tennis, Handball. Nights " . 5 . Nurse . FRIESON, STEVE 1. C.S.F., Var. Baseball, Student Council, Academic Decathlon. 2. Listen to music. Baseball. 3. " Wishing on a Star " . 4. CSF Seal Bearer. 5. Civil Engineer. FRYSLIE, DALE 1. Basketball. 2. Skiing, Basketball. 3. " Boogie Nights " . 5. Forester. FUENTES, EDMANUEL 2. Football, bike riding. Armed Forces. ' Boogie Nights ' ' . 5. GALIEN, THERESEG. 1. Drama Club. 2. Writing, Reading, Piano. 3. ' ' You ' ve Got a Friend " . 5. Help those who need help. GARCIA, BARBARA 1. Working with kids. 2. Baseball, volleyball, hand- ball. 3. " Confessing a Feeling " . 5. Child Care Teacher . GARCIA, TINA 2. Tennis, Swimming, Traveling. 3. " Boogie Nights " . GARZA, CARMEN 1. Soccer, Spanish Club. 2. Dance, Sing, Sports. 3. ' ' I Just Want To Be Your Everything " . 5 . Get Married. GLOVER, LISA A. 1. B.S.U. Pres., Girls ' League. 3. " Zooom " . 5. Free to be Me. GOMEZ, NONIEE. 1. Baseball, football. 2. To Party Hearty, 3. " Don ' t Let No One Get You Down " , 5. Go to College. GONZALEZ, SALVADOR 1. Cross Country, Track. 2. Run. 4. Most Im- proved Cross Country. 5. Teacher. GRACE, ANGELIAM. I. Dancing, 2. Field Hockey. 3, " Don ' t ask my neighbors ' ' . 5 . Become a writer . GRACE, ROBIN J. 1. Field Hockey, 2. Cooking, Math. 3. " High High ' ' . 5. Teacher. GRIFFIN, LYDIA 1. B.S.U. 2. Designing, se ' ing. 3. Commodore ' s newest. 5. Counselor at UCI . GROOM, IRIS 1. C.I.F. Sports. 2. All sports. Hiking. 3. " You Light Up My Life " . 5. P.E. Teacher. GUEDEA, RICK 1. Var. Baseball, Var. Club. 2. Sports, Music, Girls. 3. " Boogie Nights " . 5. Businessman. GUILLORY, STEVT 1. C.S.F., Football, Wrestling, 2. Partying, Girls. 3. ' ' Reasons ' ' . 4. CSF Sealbearer. 5. Busi- ness executive. GUZMAN, SUSAN 2. Horseback riding. Swimming. 3. " Misty Blue " . 5. Officer- Crime Prevention. HADDIX, FELIX L. 1. B.S.U. 2. Art, Sports. 3. " Love On a Two Way Street " . HAMPTON, LISA 2. Listen to music , art. 3. " Stainvay to Heaven " . 5. Artist. HARMON, DARNETTE 1. B.S.U. 2. Cooking, traveling, dancing. 3. " Don ' t ask my neighbor " . 5. Dermotologist. HARPER, KERETIA 2. Sewing, reading. 3. " At the Concert " . 5. Fashion buyer. Seniors 45 HARRIS. SHEILA 1. Field Hockey, Softball. 2. Baseball, Football, Reading, Dancing. 3. All songs. 5. Medical doctor. HACHETT, JAY 1. Football, track. 2. Drawing, Make New friends , Parties. 3. " I Feel Love ' ' . 5. Get a good job. HERNANDEZ, ALICIA 2. Dancing, Going places, Being with friends. 3. ' ' You Light Up My Life " . 5. Social Worker. HERRERA, LUCILA 1. Soccer, Spanish Club. 2. Sewing, Reading, Music, Dancing, Fast driving. 3. ' ' You Light Up My Life " . HINES, TlMNfi ' I. B.S.U. , Track. 3. " Zoom " . HINTON, WANDA M. 1. Girls ' League, Sewing. 2. Bicycling, Cro- cheting, Music. 3. ' ' Zoom ' . S. Ke ' punch Op- erator, HOBEL, DENISE I. Football Club, G.A.A. 2. Water skiing. 3. " Your In My Heart ' ' . 5. To get Married. HOLSTON , SANDRA L . 1. Marching and Sy-mphonic Band, Orchestra, Pep Band, Drama, G.A.A. , C.l.F. Tennis. 2. Water skiing. Swimming, and Acting. 3. ' ' The Spy Who Loved Me " . 4. C.S.F., M.V.P. Tennis. 5. To be successful in my career. HOLDEMAN, BETTY 1, Volleyball, Softball. 2. Going to the beach and hav-lots of fun. 3. " Stairway to Heaven " . 5. Model . HOPPER, MIZELL 1. Football, Basketball, Track. 3. " Peace of Mind. ' ' S. Ps ' chologist. HOUGHTON, VICKIL. 1. Talon, Student Council. Girls ' Football, Press, Pep, Ski, Bike, Girls ' League, Jr. CI. Sec -Treas. 2. Camping, Kicking back. 4. Distinguished High School Student, Jr. Monitor. 5. Teacher of excep- tional children. HULLS, EDWARD 1. Football. 2. Run and have fun. 3. All of them. 5. To be a Pro at things I do. HULSE, GREG 1. Football and WVestling. 2. Drive fast. Motor- cycles, Part)-, Listen to music . 3. " Stairway to Heaven " . 4. Letterman. HUNDEN, TAM .n ' 1. SkiCluh. 2. Riding bikes. Skating, Partying. 3. ' ' Dazed and confused ' ' . 5. To work and live for- JACKSON, EVELYN 2 . Dancing and music , 3 . " Do Your Dance . " 5 . To get off into business. Dancing, Modeling. 3, 5. Famous dancer. , ' t Turn Me Off. JACKSON, DENA 2. Bowling, Tennis. 3. Surgical Technician. JACKSON. PATRICIA 1. Girls ' League, Girls ' Footb, 1 Light Up My Life " . S. 2 . Bike riding , JAMISON, CHER TD. 1. Girls ' league. 2. Sewing, Softball. 3. " Best of My Love ' ' . 5. Mortician. JENNINGS , JOSEPH 1. Football, Wrestling. 2. Going places. 3. " Rea- sons ' ' . 5 . Trade school . JlKtENEZ, JOE 2. Working on Race Cars. 5. Auto Mechanic. JOHNSON, KATm ' 2. Camping, Going out, Raquetball, Travel. JOHNSON, LISHAY. 1. Speech, French and Drama . 2. Reading. 3. " You Light Up My Life ' ' . 4. Represented Valley in Lions ' and Optimist Clubs. 5. Speech Pathologist. JOHNSON, MARSHALL 1 . Track . 2 . Partying . 3 . " Go Away Little Boy ' ' . 5 . 1984 Olympics. JOHNSON, PAMELA 1. Basketball, Baseball. 2. Dancing, Singing, Check out what ' s happening. 3. " You Can ' t Turn Me Off " . 4. Member of the Drill Team. 5. Legal Secretary ' . JOHNSON, PAMULAM. 1. Sec. Comm. Choir. 2. Singing. 3. " Gospel " . 5. Missionary. 5. Construction. JONES, DONNA M. 1. Girls ' League. 2. Music, Photography, Modeling. 3. " Tonight ' s the Night " . 5. Model, Free lance Photo . JONES, DONNIE 1. B.S.U. 2. Meeting people. 3. ' ' Boogie Nights. ' ' 5 . Major in Music . JONES, J AMIS 1. A.S.B. Comm. of Assem. G.A.A. 2. Talking, Dancing, All sports. Finding myself. 3. Many. 4. E.S.S.A. 5. Social Worker, Service. JONES, KIME. 1. Speech, C.S.F., Pep, Girls ' League, Drama, Student Council. 2. Writing, Ping -Pong, Stamp Col- lecting. 3. " Voyage to Atlantis " . 4. A.S.B. Vice Pres. , Distinguished Am. Student. 5. Music Di- rector. JONES, T TIA J. 1 . Girls ' Track, G.A.A. 2. Bike riding, meeting people. 3. " Me and Mrs. Jones " . 5. Accountant. KEARNY ' , GWEN A. 1. Letterette, Color Guard, Gymnastics, Drama. 2. Dancing, Acting, Partying, Meeting new people. 3. " Don ' t Expect Me To Be Your Friend . " 4 . C.S.F. S. Pro Dancer. KANC, EDWARD H. 1. Marching, Symphonic Band. 2. Swimming, Skiing Ice Skating, Driving. 3. ' ' Just Be Sure It ' s Love " . 5. Airline Control System. KEINDL, MONICA I. Track, German, MGM. 2. Entertaining, Camp- ing. 5. D octor. KELLY, ALBERTHA 2. Raquetball, Bike Riding. 3. " If Your Not Back In Love By Monday ' ' . 5. Model. KHADER, RIADH. 2. Basketball. 3. " Businessman. 1 Light Up My Life KIBEL, DONALD L. 2. Playing pool, Motorcycles. 3. " Bye Bye Miss American Pie ' ' . KING, CINDY 1. Madrigals, Choral, Football Club, Girls ' League, Band, Color Guard, G.A.A. 2. Guitar, Sewing, Working, Church, Chuck Mohn. 3, ' ' You Light Up My Life " . 4. C.S.F. , Choir Pres. 77. 5. Success- ful person. KING, RICHARD A. 1. Band, Yearbook, Newspaper, Photo, Press, Drama, Surf Club. 2. Partying, Women. 3. " Song Remains The Same ' ' . 4. Drum Major, Photo Pres., Surf Pres. 5. Independently Wealthy. KOLESAR, BRIAN L. 2. Basketball. 3. " Taxi " . 5. Be Rich. KUKIER, ERICH 1. Water Polo, Surfing, Skiing. 2. Wood Shop, Electronics, Sports, Cindy, Saturday Nights. 3. " I Want to Make It With You " . 4. Water Polo, Swim- ming Capt. , Swim Pres. 5. Engineer. LAMBAREN, JUAN 2. Work on cars. 4. Arizona Automotive Institute. LIEBIG, JEANETTEM. 1. G.A.A., Girls ' League, Girls ' Football Club. 2. Tennis, Raquetball, Speedway Races, Outdoors. 3 " We ' re All Alone . " 4. Senior Princess, Student Achievers. 5. FuUerton J.C. , Travel. LEON, REBECCA G. 1. Girls ' League, Football Club. 2. Horseback riding, Talldng. 3. ' ' Flowers ' ' . 5. Airline Stew- ardess . LEWIS, FRANKIE 1. Baseball, Basketball, B.S.U. 2. Football. 3. ' ' Wish Upon A Star ' ' . 5. Singer. LEWIS, VALERIE 1. Dancing, Partying. 2- Meeting ] ' ' Back In Love ' ' . 5. Graduate. ' people LAMBERT, TAMMIE 1. Girls ' League, B.S.U. 2. Dancing, Singing, Modeling. 3. " Greatest Love of All Is Within Yourself " . 4. Senior Princess. 5. Social Worker. LAMBERT, WILLIE 1 . Sports . 3 . ' ' A Song For Someone I Love ' ' . 5 . Pro Football Player. LAW, KINffiERLYT. 1. Var. Girls ' Track; Cross Country, Girls ' League V. Pres., Var. Club, Girls ' Football, C.S.F., V. Pres., Comm. Girls ' Ath. , Pep, B.S.U. , Student Council, G.A.A., C.S.F. Pres., Soph V. Pres. 2. Sewing, Football games. Church. 3. ' ' Best of My Love ' ' . 4. All -American Track, C.l.F. State, M.V.P. Track; Cross Country, 2nd in Nation Mile Relay, Track Capt. , Most Outstanding Track. 5. Lawyer, Olym- pics. LEMON, DONNA 1. Gymnastics, Swimming, Dancing. 2. Collecting Pennies. 3. " The Greatest Love Of All " . S. Reg- istered Nunc . LINXWILER, GENE 1. Swimming, Water-Polo. 3. " Dreams " . 4. Aquatics Club Pres. 5. Recording Engineer. LOFTON, JOHNH. 1. B.S.U., Var. Speech. 2. Reading, Basketball, Bible, Socializing. 3. " Rocky " . 5. Nlinister, Doc- LONG, CHUCK 1 . Baseball , Hunting . 2 . Girls , Motorcycles . 3 . ' ' Led Zeplin 11 . " 5. Truck Driver. LUJAN, DIANE 1. Drill Team, Football Club. 2. AU Sports. 3. ' ' You Get the Best of My Love ' ' . 5. Animal Technician. LUCIEN, TRAGI L. 1. Track, J.V. and Var. Volleyball, Var. Basket- ball, Speech, Cagers G. A. A. , Girls ' League, News- paper. 2. Listening to Music and Dancing. 3. " Zoom " . 4. National Forsenic, League, Scholastic Press Federation, Most Improved V ' .B. , M.V.P, , Basketball. 5. Anchorwoman for T.V. MACIAS, MIGUEL 1. Soccer team. 2. Baseball, Pool. 3. " Smoking in The Boys Room ' ' . 5. Army. MACK, CARLA 1. Marching Band, J.V. and Var. Cheer, Var. Song, Girls ' Student Relations, Football Club, Girls ' League, G.A.A., C.l.F. Volleyball and Track, Press, Yearbook, Pep, Student Council. 2. Dancing, Partying , Cruising , Socializing . 5 . To go to U.C.S.D. MACK, CURTIS 1. Basketball. 2. Sports, Music. 3. " Reasons " . 5. Play Basketball . MADRID, DORA 1. Baseball. 2. Camping, Dancing. 3. " Brick Home . " 5 . Bookkeeping . MALCOLM, LORRAINE R. 2. Parties, Taking it easy. 3. " OohBoy " . 5. Work with children. MANSFIELD, LARRY 1. Football. 3. " Zoom " . 5. Have lots of money. MARTINEZ, CYNTHIA 1. M.E.C.H.A. 2. Meeting new people and going new places. 3. ' ' Gonna Love You More ' ' . 5. Recreational Attendant. MARTINEZ, ESTELLA 1. M.E.C.H.A. 2. Knitting, Sewdng. 3. " Zoom " . S. Registered Nuise. MARTINEZ, YOIANDA 1. Girls ' League, Soccer and Spanish Club. 2. Bike riding, Shopping and Reading. 3. " Best of My Love ' ' . MAUGA, LAURETTA R. 2. Softball, Volleyball, 3. " Cream City " . 5. Nurs- ery Teacher. Mc LAUGHIIN, DAWN 1. Football Club, Girls ' League, Aquatics. 2. Swim- ming, Bike riding, Money, New Peop le. 3. " Don ' t Give Up On Us Baby " . 4. Var. Letter in Girls ' Swimming, Capt. 5. Registered Nurse . NEDINA, DONNA M. 1. Football Club, Girls ' League. 2. The Beach, Karate, Partying. 3. " I Wanna Go to The Sun ' ' . 4. Soph. Princess. 5. Black Belt in Karate. MILLS, ANITA 1. B.S.U. 2. Bike riding. Dancing, Shopping, As- sociating. 3. " The Happiest Ways " . MONDRAGON, GELACIO 1. Soccer. 2. Study, Talk to friends . 5. Account- ant. MORRIS, LESLIE 1 . Band , German Club . 2 . Swimming , Drive , Work . 3. ' ' So Fine ' ' . 5. To Be Happy And Rich. MOUG, BLONG 1. Soccer. 5. Mechanic. MOUA, TRUE 2. Tennis. S. Doctor. MURRIETA, JENNY 2. Music, Baseball, Cruise, Party. 3. " Best of My Love " . 5 . Medical Assistant . NEAL LEILANI 1. B.S.U., Drama Club. 2. Tennis, Smmming. 3. ' ' Wishing On a Star. " 5. Psychologist. NEEDHAM, GARY 1. Var. Tennis. 2. Camping, Surf, Sports. 3. " My Girl Bill. " 5. Carpenter. NERHUS, BARRY I, Baseball. 2. Parties, Water skiing. 3. " Let It Be " . S. Pro Baseball. NEWHOUSE, BRENDA KAY 1. Girls ' League, Newspaper. 2. Sewing, Dancing, Raquetball, Swimming, Camp at the beach. 3. " Boogie Nights " . 4. N.S.P.A. 5. Airline Stew- ardess. NGO, KIM NGUYEN, CATHY 2. Swimming, Music. 3. " The Windmill of Your Mind " . 5. Doctor. NGLTiTN, HUNG 1. Swimming Team. NGLTiTN, NGHIEPT. 2. Soccer, 3. ' ' Rhinestone Cowboy ' ' . 5. College. NGLTiTN, PHACH NGUYEN, Tm-EN 5. Go to School. NUNGARAY, BERNARDO 2. Football, Baseball. 5. Carpenter. NOWAK, PATRICIA A. 2. Semng, horses, riding around. 3. ' ' Easy ' ' . 5. Nurse. OLIVARES, JOSIEM. I. Volleyball, Baseball, Swimming. 2. Cooking, Dancing, My baby. 3. " Boogie Nights " . 5. Good Mother. OLIVER, VICKIE L. 1. B.S.U., Drama. 2. Having Fun. 3. " I Believe in You " . 5. Secretary. ORTIZ, EDWARD M. JR. 2. Baseball, Models. 3. " Brick House " . ORTIZ, RAY 1 . Art . 2 . Shooting . 5 . Cartoonist . OTIS, MIKE 1. Football, music. 3. " All In All " . 4. Var. Let- terman. 5. Play Pro Football and Teach Music. PAIGE, ANDREWS. 1. Football, Track, Baseball, Swimming. 2. Jog- ging, Sports. 3. " At The Concert " . 4. Var. Let- terman . 5 . Pro in Football , Baseball , Track . PARGA, DEBBIE L. 1. Raquetball. 2. Cooking, Sewing, Fishing. 5. Bilingual. PARTIN, LARRY W. 1. Football, Weight lifting. 2. Motorcycle, Girl watching. 3. " Cold Ice " . 5. To Be Rich. PARTRIDGE, CRYSTAL 1. Girls ' League, Football Club, Band, Color Guard, Capt. Drama, Choir Treas. 2. Singing, Acting, ' ' Praising The Lord " . 3 . ' ' You Light Up My Life " . 4 C.S.F. Best Cpt. Award, Spelling Bee. 5. To Be A Good Wife and Social Worker. PAVAO, MARY I. M.E.C.H.A. 2. Swimming, Dancing. 3. ' ' Happy Feelings ' ' . 5. Telephone Operator. PERALTA, PAM 1. Girls ' Football, J.V. and Var. Cheer, Var. Song, Girls ' League, C.l.F. Tennis, Track, Pep Club, Sr. CI. See Treas. G.A.A., Student Council . 2. Raquetball, Partying, Going Places, Talking to Friends, Having a Good Time . 3. ' ' Zoom ' ' . 5. Dental Assistant. PEREZ, EDDIE 2. Working With Cars . 5. Mechanic. PEREZ, ELENA 2 . Tennis , Music . 3 . " 1 Just Want To Be Your Everything. ' ' 5. Secretary ' . PEREZ, NINAM. 1. Frosh. Sec, Soph CI. Sec, Drill Team, Var. Songleader, Girls ' Football, Girls ' League, M.E.C.H.A., G.A.A. 2. The Beach, Making Friends, motorc ' cling. 3. ' ' Zoom ' ' . 4. Home- coming Queen ' 77, Most Gullible in Drill Team, Most Improved Var. Song, Girl Of The Month Jan. 5. Receptionist. PHILBRICK, AKEMI 1. Aquatics, Drill Team Co-Capt. , Girls ' Football, Key Club, G.A.A. 2. Drill Team, Sewing, Listening toNlusic. 3. " 1 Believe In You " . 5. College. PHILLIPS, AVIS M. 1. Jr. andSr. CI. Pres. G.A.A., Girls ' Football, B.S.U., C.l.F. Badminton, Volleyball, Field hockey. Pep Club. 2. Bike riding. Partying, Meeting people, Music. 3. " Wishing On A Star " . 5. C.S.U.F. andU.C.L.B. Senici-s 47 POWT, DONhJY 2. Hunting, Fishing, Sports. 3. " Brick Hotise " . 5 . Capt . in the Air Force . PITTS, ANTHONY 1. Track, B.S.U. 2. Fish. 3. " Zoom " . 5. Olympics 1980! POWTLL, ROffiRT 1. Comm. Athletics, Track, FootbaU. 2. Athletics, Activities, Maldng friends. 4. Outstanding Sprinter, All League Football, Handsomest man on Campus. 5. To do best in whatever I do. PRICE, AMANDA M. 1. Girls ' Football. 2. Singing, Horseback riding. Water skiing . 3. " My Fair Share " . 5. To Travel Around The World . PRICE, LETICIA K. 2 . Se %ing , Cooking , Dancing , Swimming , Working . 3. ' ' Boogie Nights ' ' . 5. Medical Assistant. PRUITT, RAY 2. Driving, Tennis, Bowling. 3. " Last Child ' ' . 5. ' eterinarian . PRUNEDA, MAGDA 1. Girls ' League, Football Club. 2. Travel, Talking , Reading, Music . 3. ' ' How Deep Is Your Love " . 4. C.S.F. 5. Criminologist. RADIUO, ANNTTTE P. 1. M.E.C.H.A., Var. Club, S.A.A. Wrestlette, Girls ' League. Football Club. 2. Karate, Volley- baU, Part -. 3. " Zoom " . 4. Var. Soft. All-League, Highest Batting Avg. , Slugging Champ, Volleyball, Field hockey. S. Seamstress. RAMIREZ, HECTOR 1. Footb all. 2. Soccer, Swimming. 3. " Brick House " . 5. Engineer. RAMIREZ, TONT 2 . Guitar , Girls . 5 . Accountant . REDDING, CAROL 1. C.S.F. , Girls ' League, Treas. French Club. 2. Plants. Sports. Scuba. 3. " Colour My World " . 4. C.S.F. Sealbearer. 5. Career v.hich will benefit others. REDMON, DARIS 3. " Don ' t Stop " . 5. Computer Operator. RE TS, KENB. 1 . Var. Basketball. 2. Photography, Martial Arts, All Sports. 3. " Swa ' ing To The Music " . 5. Pol. Sci. GovTi. Cal. RHOOXiS. NA .CYC. 1. Drill Tean-.. Girls ' League. B.S.U., Football, Dram Club, C.I. F. , Field hockey. 2. Art, Dancing, Partying. 3, ' ' Wishing On A Star. " 5. Law Enforce- ment Off. RHUE. EDDIE I. Football. 2. ParTjing. 3. " Zoom " . RI AS, GONZALO 2. Soccer, Reading. 3. Key Club. 5. Engineer. Brick House " . 4. Pres. of RIVAS, MARIO 2. Welding, Work. 3. " Brick House " . S. Welder. RCfflERTS, DWAYNE T. 1. B.S.U., Press Club, Y ' earbook. 2. Singing, Dancing, Reading, Drawing. 3. " At The Concert " . 4. Dist. High School Students. 5. PHD in Compu- ter Science ROCHA, CHRISTINA 2. Dancing, Music. 3. ' ' Wishing On A Star ' ' . 5. College . RODRIGUEZ, DAVID 2. Draw, Model, Sports, Drums. 3. " You Light Up N!y Life " . 5. Banker. RODRIGUEZ, MARIA E. 1. Soccer and Spanish Club. 2. Play and Dance. RODRIGUEZ, PHILUP 2. Playing Sports. 5. Get a Good Job. ROGERS, NORMAN 1. Speech, Drama. 2, Hiking, Camping, Writing. 3. " 1812 Overture " . 5. Become a lillionaire. RO.MRO, DLWE 1. Mecha, Choir. 2. Sewing, Cooking, Part ' , Dancing, Meeting, People. 3. " Pledging My Love " . 5 . Manager of a Store . RO.MO, DOLORES 2. Dances, Trips, Being v.-ith friends. 3. " 1 Feel Love " . 5. College. RONTi ' , TAN " YA L. 3. ' ' Love Jones ' ' . RUHL, JAMES W. 1. Baseball, Football. 2. Sports. 3. " Stairway to Heaven. " S. Dectrician. SALERA, EDGARDO 1. Cross Country-, Track, Cross Coimtry Oub. 2. Camping. Driving. Beach. 3. " Blue By You. " 4. Cross Countr - Capt. 5. X-Ray Technician. SALSKRRY, AUDRE ' 1. Track, 2. Dancing, Painting- 3. " Always and Forever ' ' . 5. Registered Nurse. SANCHEZ, CHRISTINA I. Girls ' League, Speech, Football, " S " , Photog- graphy Clubs, 2. Tennis, Sewing, Dancing, Teaching little Kids. 3. " Wishing On A Star " . 4. C.S.F. 5. Enjoy Life Helping Others . SANDOVAL, RANfONA JR. 1. M.E.C.H.A. 2. Fixing cars, Gu -s, Karate, Drawing, Cruising. 3. " Brick House " . 5. Police Officer. SANTANA, EUNICE 1. Band, Choir, Girls ' League, Church, Band Coimcil , V. Pres. Orchestra. 2. Reading, Listening To Music , Volleyball, Cooking. 3. " Perfect Peace , " 4. C.S.F. 5 - Further My Education . S.ATTERFIELD, KEVIN 1. BasketbaU, Cagers ' Club. 2. Eating, Basketball. 3. " Wishing On A Star " . 5. Pro BasketbaU Player. SAUNDERS, RONALD 1. Baseball, Football. 2. Girls, Staging out late. 5. Pro Baseball Player. SCHAAD, GEORGETTA 2. Dirt bike riding. 3. " Free Bird. " SEGURA, YVETTE. 1. Sec. M.E.C.H.A., Girls ' League, FootbaU Club. 3. " Boogie Nights " . S. Medical Assistant. SHAW, PATRICL A. 1. Football Club, Var. Club, Girls ' League, Band, Pep Band, Orchestra, G.A.A. 2. Field Hockey, Music. 3. " Easy " . 4. Var. Letter VoUeyball , Soft- ball. 5. X-Ray Technician. SHUTRS, PHIlllS 1. B.S.U., Girls ' League. 2. Horseback riding. Bowling, Phone. 3. " Sunshine " . 5. Lawyer. SII, DANIEL 1. Var. Basketball. 2. Body Surf, Bike Riding, Shoot Pool, Basketball. S. Fireman, Policeman. SINH, THI N. 5. College. SLAUGH TER, .MARK 1. Var. Football, Wrestling, Baseball, Var. Club. 2. Golf, Swimming, Reading, Bowl. 4. Var. Letter- man. 5. X!ake Enough Money To Live On. SLAUGHTER, TIJUANA 2. Dance, Cook, Read. 3. " I Wish " . S. Dental Assistant. SKDTH, COLLEEN 1. Drama, V. Pres., Choir, Girls ' C.C. 2. Swim- ming, Running, Socializing. 3. " You Light Up My Life " . 5. live My Life To Its Fullest. SNHTH, NEDRA I. Volleyball, Sec. M.l.A. 2. Reading, Music, Tennis, Church Choir, Ethnic Studies, Singing. 3. ' ' Don ' t It X!ake .My Brovs-n Eyes Blue ' ' . 4. Certificate Bus. SWUs, 1st PI. VoUeyball, BasketbaU. S. Con- tinue Education. SXQTH, SHARON 1. Color guard. Art, Chamber Singers, Hosp. ' olun. 5. Medical. SNOTH, ' ' ETTE 1. Badminton. 3- " Wishing On A Star " . 5. Legal Secretary. SOTO, ESMERALDA 2. Read, Music. 5. Army. SOUNG, YER 1. Soccer. 2. VoUeybaU, Track. 5. Missionary. STACHE, CYNTHLA A. Girls ' League, FootbaU Club S Club, Sec. , Band, Comp Guard, C.S.F., Falcon Staff . 2. RaquetbaU, Music, Tennis. 3. ' ' Best Of My Love ' ' . 4. National Scholastic Press Federation, Medical Occupational Award. 5. Happ - In S ' hatever I Do. STANTIISH, JA. 5ES 1 . Tennis, FootbaU, Swimming. 3. ' ' FromNowOn ' ' . STANSEU, KLSiBERLY 1 . Nevsspaper, Yearbook, Student Council, Var. Song, Soph-Cheer, Girls ' League, Press, C.S.F. 2. Writing , Cycling , Music , Camping , Sewing , Dancing. 3. " You . e My Friend " . 4. Girls ' State Rep, N.S.P.A.-C.S.P., DistH.S. Student, " Most Conceited " , Frosh. Pres., A.S.B. Conma. of Stxident Relations, C.S.F. V.Pres. S. Communications. STEEN, WILLIAN! 1. Track, BasebaU, FootbaU, BasketbaU. 2. Reading, 48 Seniors Running, Painting. 3. ' ' Running For Your LoN-in ' ' , S. Ohinpics. STEIKSULTZ, JOHN 1. Basketball 2. Sports, chandise Manager ' Cold as Ice " 5. Mer- STREETER, MCK ' 1. Girls ' League, B.S.U. , 2. Reading, Bike riding, Collecting stuffed animals 3. ' ' Greatest Love of .Ml ' ' 5. Lawyer STRONG, JUDY 1. Student Council, Girls ' League, Gills ' Football, Pep Club, E.S.A.A. 2. Traveling, Tennis, Spending money. 3. " We ' re all .Mone " . 4. Student Council Trophies, Rockwell Int. Cerdf. E.S.. ..■ . Rep. 5. Ps -chologist SUTHERLAND, JOHN D. JR. 1 . Drama Club , CSF , .AFS , Basketball , Tennis , Band , Chamber Singers . 2. . !usic. Writing, Ping-Pong. 3. ' ' EK ' Oraks Ninth S -mphony ' ' 4. Drama Club Pres. , Outstanding Achievement in J ' Tennis 5. Win the Pulitzer and Nobel prizes . SWIFT. JA.MS 1. Football, Baseball 2. Dra-is-ing cartoons. 3. " Zoom " . S. Star Pro Football . S MNT)ELL, MARSMA 1 . Girls ' League Sec . , Basketball , Badminton Teams 2. Sports, Music, Reading. 3. " Sunshine " 5. Edu- cation Specialist TAMOR. ROBERT 1. Wrestling, Football 2. Wrestling. 5. Stockbroker. TA TOR, S ' lTNTAF. 1. Girls ' League, B.S.U. 2. Singing, Dancing, Cooking. 3. " Don ' Ask M ' Neighbor " 5. Executive Secretar ' THACKER, DEENA 1. Track, Band, Newspaper, CSF. 3. " Heaven Knows ' ' 4. Quill and Scroll Society. 5. Registered Nuise. TILLEY, SHEILA C. 1. G.A.A. Volleyball, Field Hockey, Softball, Song leader, Pep Club. 2. Music, Dancing, Being vAxh Friends. 3. ' ' W ' ishing on a Star ' ' S. Registered Nurse THOE, CINDY 1. CIF Softball, Swimming, CSF, Girls ' League. 3. " Me and You " 4. CSF THONUS, DA 1D 1. Wrestling. S. Wrestling Coach THOMAS, WANDA 1. Girls ' League, Pres. Football Club, Student Coian- cil, CIF Sports, Band. 2. Sewing, Softball 3. " Best of My Love " 4 . Girl of the Month . 5 . Nuise . THOMPSON, DENISE 1. C Tnnastics, Volleyball, Cheerleader, Songleader 2 . Horseback riding , Softball . 3 . ' ' How Deep is Your Love " 5 . Continue Education THOMPSON, GERALD 1 . Band, Drum Major. 2. Tennis. 3. " Back in Love " 5. CoUege TITUS, JO MARIE 5. Court Reporter TOMPKINS, TA 5MY 1 . Girls ' Football Club, Color Guard -Band. 5. Recep- tionist TRENT, DA TD 2. Football, Basketball. S. Car Repair. TRENT, TOM 1. Choir. 2. Motorcycle Riding, Football. S. Work for Phone Co . TUCKER, ALDRENE 1. BSU. 2. Football, Dance. 3. " Flower ' s " . S. Dance TUCKER, SHARON 1. Cheerleader, Volleyball, Basketball, GN-mnastics. 2. Reading, Music. 3. " How Deep is Your Love " TURNBAUGH, E ' A 1. Mecha. 2. Parties, Driving. 3. " Boogie Nights " TURN ' ER, EZRA 1. Wrestling. 3. " Come to Me " ' AN, TUAN 1 . CSF Club 2. Baseball, Soccer. 5. Electrical Engi- " ANG, DANG VANG, NENG 1. Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball. 2. Study 3. ' ' Love make us Together ' ' 5. College XTLASQUEZ, ELIZABETH 1. M.E.C.H. A., Football Club. 2. Dancing, Parties. 3. " Boogie Nights " 5. Manager of Stores -ERGARA, DO aNGA 1. ' oUeyball, softbaU S. Go to Mexico VIDAURRETA, RUBEN, JR. 1 . Football , basketball , baseball . 2 . Music , Cooking . 3. " Zoom " . 5. Dentist TJ, HANTI 2. Tennis 3. " Love Song " . 5. Nurse. TJ, OANIT 1. Swinnming. 3. ' ' Beautiful Sunday " , 5. Secretary. WALKER, GARI I. CSF. 2. Dancing, Reading. 3. " Wishing on a Star " 4. CSF. S. Lawyer WTANT, PATRICIA 1. Choir, Band, G.A.A. Softball, Volleyball, Bas- ketball. 2. Softball, Football games. 3. " You light Up My Life " . 5. Dental Technician. WEATHERMAN, B.ART 1. Baseball, Football. 2. Bike riding. Horseback riding. 3. " Jungle Love " . WELLS, STE -EN 1. Band, Wrestling, Football, CSF 2. Astronomy science 3. E vorak ' s S TTiphony. 4. Sealbearer. 5. Sxirgeon WHITE, MATTHEW 1. Auto Shop. 2. Racing, Woodworking. 3. " How Deep is Your Love ' ' . 5. Make good money ' HITE, SCOTT 1. Football, Moto- Cross Racing, 2. Surfing. 3. " Stranglehold " . WHITTLE. VICKIE 1. BSU. 2. Tennis, Swimming, 3. All Songs. 5. Teacher. WILSON, JEFF 1. FootbaU, Wrestling. 2. Body surfing. 3. " Don ' t Stop " . 5. Sound Technician . WINCHESTER, M.ARK 2. Partying, 3. " Strangle Hold " . S. Truck Driver. WTNG, LAURIE 1. G.A.A. VoUevball, Field Hockev, Softball, CIF Vollevball, Field Hockev. 2. Cheerleader, Head Songleader. 2. Sewing, Dancing, Parties. 3. ' ' Zoom. ' ' 4. The Society- of Distinguished . m-er. High School Students. 5. College. MNTERS, DARR ' iX 1. School, Sports. 2. Horseback riding , Swimming. 3. " Sun Sining " . 5. Psychologist. WOLFE. DONN FI TF 1. CIF. Softball. 2. Music, Plaj-ing Sports. 3. " You Ught Up My Life " . S. P.E. Coach. WOOD, KEVIN 1. Water Polo, Swimming. 2. Scuba Di ' ing, Swim- W ' OODS, DIANN 2. Dancing, Drama, Modeling. 3. " Float On " . WOOLERY, DENNIS W. 1. ar. Tennis, Tennis Club, Photo Club. 2 Jeeping, Partying, Photography. 3. " Kashmir " . S. Photographer YOKOYAMA, TADASW 1. Soccer, Track, CSF, Spanish, Soccer, Key Oub. 2. Music, Sports, Writing Song. 3. " My Way " 4. Junior Monitor, Bo ' State (alternate). 5. Linguist. ZA fflRANO, BERTHA 2. Parties, Music, Horseback riding . 3. " Best of My Love " . 5. Probation Officer. ZA. !ORA, ROSE.MARY 1. Baseball. 2. Traveling, Parties. 3. " Together " 5. Cosmetologist. ZINTZUN, RAMON JR. 1. Fishing, Camping, Hunting. 2. Dancing. 5. Ranger. This year ' s junior Class was led by Presi- dent Alma Hernandez and her cabinet: Vice- president Rick Crandall, Secretary Yvette Winters, FU v- " :-l Student l elations Lee " arris .;;; iien, and fiistorian Rutli liornabc, hi addiiiou lo Liieir academic endeavors, the miglity class of ' 79 participated in many activities and sports; and they were all around spirited. They showed their style by sponsor- ing tlie Junior-Senior prom which was held in Long Beach at the fabulous Queen Mary on May 28. Juniors looked forward to a thrilling senior year. Today ' s Juniors Tomorrow ' s Seniors. C) 1979. 1. I ' reslJeiit: Alma llerriande);, 2. Vice-president: Kick Crandall. 3. Si ' crelary-Tivasiirer: Yvelte Winters, •1. • ■)•] ..U ' f lk)y Mu ti-iil ! ■!. iliom: (,.0;. I VI ll.irris. lUstoii u: Kulii lieniabvi . y yi , JuniorsJuniorsJuniorsJuniorsJuniorsJuni Candidate, Linda Cardenas, Miguel JuniorsJuniorsJuniorsJunk Carmona, Diany Can-nona, Loraine Carson, Kathy Castillo, Kenny Cedeno, Israel Cedeno, Relly Chiachue, Yang Chong, Kuem Dan Cibrian, Fernando Cisneros, Patricia Contreras, Lucia Cordell Thomas coulter, ■ ' , ! - Crandall, T Cruz, Jesse Cuevas, Sara ' ± ■ A % r. upiorsJuniorsJuniorsJuniors " Carpenter, Barry Carrillo, Judy Castro, Juan Cay ode, Rey HIS Cliavarria, Gloria Chenail, Debbie Christopherson, Cathy Church, Walter iors Juniors Juniors niors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Ju Co o ' rs Juniors Jul Flores, Francis Flores, Jose Flores, Juan Francis, Ron Franco, Michelle Fudge, Pam Gaines, Frank Gant, Kevin Garcia, Jorge Garcia, Olga Garcia, Sandra Garcia, Victoria Garza, Carmen Garza, Maria Gather, Sammy Gelzhiser, Michi Gelzhiser, Von Gnesda, Michael Goin, Michael Gomez, Albert Gomez, Patricia Gomez, Sandy- Gonzales, Ascencion Gonzales, Mike JuniorsJuniorsJuniorsJuniorsJuniorsJw Gonzalez, Jose Gonzalez, Martin Gonzalez, Pedro Gore, Connie Griff en, Cindy Grissette, Wallace Guerra, Linda Hammon, William Handy, Ivy H.-inna, Nora Hansard Mike Hansen, Jerry Hansen, Terry Hardison, Cheryl uniors Juniors Ju orsJuniorsJuniorsJ Harper, Virgie Harris, Lee Hatchett, Deborah Hejny, Peter Hernandez, Alma Hernandez, Marlene Herrera, Kim Hervey, Jewel Higa, Patrick Hill, John Hines, Cynthia Hoag, Kerri Holguin, Darlene Hollls, Jennifer Howard, O ' Neal Htmiphrey, Anthony Hurston, Gerald Ibach, William Jackson, Geraldine Jacobs, Cora ■ sJuniorsJuniorsJuniorsJuniors Jun Jasso, Refugio Johnson, James Johnson, Julia Johnson, Mark Johnson, Olivia Johnson, Pamela Johnson, Roselyn Jones, Curtis Jones, Linda Juarez, Frances Kahalehili, Scottie Keainey, Zoe Kim, Jim Kim, Linda Koutsoudis, Steve Kue, Yeu Larue, Dean Lambaren, Angelina Lamere, Tom Landry, Cathy hiiii- . _ orsJuniorsJuniorsJuniorsJuniorsJun Lemon, Valeri Lee, Joann Leon, Victoria Liufau, Allen llamas, Salvador Long, Brian Lopez, Eva Lopez, Joe Lorenz, Yvonne Lujan, Paul Madison, Dorothy Mahoney, Ann Mares, Sandra Martinez, Caroll Martinez, Eliseo Martinez, Frank Martinez, Mark McCarthy, Patrick McGurle, Mike McQueen, Steve Mendez, Carmen Mendez, Jaime Meza, Carlos Meza, Jose Meza, Robert Miller, David Mims, Claude Mitchell, Sheila Moli nar, Sonia Mondragon, Armando Montanez, Rosa Moon, Kyung Moore, Guylene Moore, LaDonna Mora, Jorge Morales, Elvia Morales, Luisa Morales, Lupe Moreno, Maria Morena, Nancy iniorsJuniorsJuniors WI iniorsJuniorsJuniorsJuniorsJuni W n ' A Moss, Kaye Mottar, Duane Mowrer, Jeff Mulcahy, Terri Mimgia, Rosie Myers, Robin Neal, Rhett Nelson, Arthur Nelson, Curt Nevils, Richard Newhouse, Jackie Newton, Sherry Nguyen, Christine Nguyen, Kim Nguyen, Pho Nicholson, Myron Nunez, Javier Olaiz, Keeking Olson, Tona Ontiveros, Diana Ornelaz, Vincent Ortega, Michelle Padilla, Charlene Pagan, Carlos Palelei, Fetuao Paniptchuck, Elke Patton, David Paulo, Debbie Perez, Joey Perez, Minervi ' • orsJuniorsJiiniorsJunic I K S A ' fz th JsQ S kf ' Perez, Rosemary Perez, Terri Perry, Rickey Petherbridge, Ann Pham, Nga Pivaral, Joe Pope, Frences Poston, Patricia Powell, Dolois Price, Elaine Promer, Slierry Rambo, Robert Ramirez, Anna Ramirez, Hector Ramirez, Martha Randall, Arleen Raubolt, Mark Pdce, Sandy Rios, Avelino Rivas, Gilbert Rivas, Jose Roberto, Arthur Rock, Melanie Rodriguez, Mandua Rodriguez, Frank Rodriguez, John Rodriguez, Nora Roehm, Til e ana " , Galen R Antv Romero, Consejo Rosas, Liz Rowe, Cheryl Ruiz, Renatie Russell, Anthony Russell, Brenda iniorsJuniorsJuniorsJuni uniorsJuniorsJuniorsJ Salcido, Lupe Saldana, Guadalupe Salera, Maximo s W " ' ' . Salisbury, Sandra Sanchez, Jose Santana, Rebeca Savoy, Laurie Schmidt, Michael Schwermer, Debra Scott, Karen SpOTirp, YolanHa Serrano, Gabriel Serrano, Maria Serrano, Ruben Shipp, Yvette Shores, JoAnn Shtun, John Sierra, Tommy Simmons, Kelvin Silva, Hilario Sii, David Simpson, Arm Sintora, Eviud Smith, Denise Smith, Keighlee Smith, Mary Sparacio, Robert Stacey, Susan Stanley, Dor-Shal Steen, Debra Steen, Janet Steen, Janice Steen, Mike Stewlow, Dari Stone, Annette Story, Arthur Story, Everett Strader, Don Streeter, Samuel Tatreau, Leslie Tellez, Randy Thomas, Arm Thomas, Donna TTiompkins, Melody Torres, John Toumanian, Curt Trace, Mark Trader, Jessica Tran, Diep Valenzuela, George Van, Tuan Vavra, Mike Vega, Elva Vidaiirret, Luisa . orsJuniorsJuniorsJuniorsJuniorsJuniorsJuniorsJi I hope the security guard i isn ' t watching. I Villasenor, Donato Villasenor, Raul Vu, Lan Vu, Kim Tu Wager, Donna Walker, Gari Wallace, Norniece Ward, Thomas Wells, Larry Werdel, Steve White, Dana Wilder, Shiela Williams, Paul Williams, Wade Wilmore, Dinah Wilson, Brenda Wilson, Randy yrsJuniorsJuniorsJuniorsJuniorsJunio ' uniorsJuniorsJu The Sophomore Theme Was Vitality Top- left-right Kim Koutsoudis, David Severi, Ronald Reeves, Bottom- left-right Vitaliano Salara, Patricia Smelser, Sandra Durand This year, the Class of ' 80 was led by President Patricia Smelser, Vice-president Sandra Durand, and Secretary-treasurer Vitaliano Salera. Kim Koutsoudis and Ronald Reeves worked with the students as Girl and Boy Student Relations Representatives. David Severi recorded the events of the year as Historian. The sophomores sponsored suc h exciting activities as Rec- nights and the Christmas dance. To help sponsor these activities, they sold buttons and other items. They also worked hard to plan their class rings and get them ordered. The Sophomore Class was full of life and had a very success- ful year. When the class of ' 80 returns as juniors, they will surely be spirited and full-of-life upperclassmen. ophomoresSophomoresSophomoresSophomoresSophomo Abdallah, Nina Abrego, James Acosta, Magdale Acosta, Maria Adams, David Aflleje, Alfred Aguilera, Joel Akins, April Alcala, Teresa Alcaraz. Eileen Alcarez, Joe Allen, Kevin Alonso, Antonio Alvarado, Nick Amaro, Elena Amaro, Valentin Anderson, Jackie Aragon, Ruby Arellano, Gabriel Armstrong , Elaine Armstrong, Karen Arquette, Etouglas Arreola, Teresa Arriola, Carmen Arvizu, Connie Asoau, Semi Avila, Karen Baker, Darla Baldeon, Leonor Banuelos, Juan Barba, Dolores Barker, Karen Barker, Michele Barnes, James Barnes, Jeanne Barnes, L Tiette Barnes, Vema Baxley, Jim Becerra, Fernando Bell, Brenda Belmontes, Linda Belmontes, Rosemary- Bennett, Hazel Benton, Robert Billups, Susan Blake, Mamita ella Bone, Daphne Borboa, Arthur Boyd, George Brook, Ed rick Brooks, Ricky BrovNTi, EHerdre Bryant, David Bryant, Paul Bui, Tuan Burke, Debbie Caballero, Rosa Calhoun, Lexter Calliham, Lezli Calliham, Scott Campos, Beatrice Campos, Bertha Campos, Ricardo Canales, Vanessa Carmeli, Maurice Carmona, Alex Carmona , Gilbert Carreno, Gilbert Sophomores 63 Crav. ' ford, Gary Crawford, Janette Cuenca, Harvey Dandridge, Terry Dang, Chuong Davis, Debbie Davis, Robert Davison, Tamera De La Riva, Juanita De Los Santos , David De Santiago, Frank Delgado, Ted Del Toro, Fructuoso Demyers, Jacqueline De t), Spi Diaz, Leticia Dickerson, Eunice Dickerson, Maurice Dizon, Daniel Doan, Son Dominguez, John o mores SophomoresSophomores Sophomore 64 Sophomores Dore, Robert Dorsey, George Douglas, George Drake, Darren Duffey, David rXiran, Mario Durand, Sandra Ellis, Carmen Elson, Debra Espen, Kenny Esquivel, Francisco Fabrizio, Christopher Fairres, Clay Fernandez, Antoinette Fernandez, Felix Fernando, Analiza Fierro, Flores, Flore s , Forkum Franco , Franco , Franco , Franco , Richawi Armando Ernesto Christina Enuna Gregory Leopold© Maria Franklin, Nathan Franks, Mary Frieson, Susan Fronsman, Carl Frost, Jeffry Fuerte, Zeferino Gage, Tony Gaines, Jennifer oph om ores Soph om ores Soph om ores Soph om ores Sopl Gallegos, Jess Garcia, Conception Garcia , Margo Garcia, Michael Garcia, Roger Garrett, Cynthia Garza, Anna Gather, Robert Gleason, CliffowJ Glenn, Gwendol Ti Glenn, Rita Glover, Melinda hphomore Henning, Paul Henry, Joe Hernandez, Chris Hernandez, Jose Hernandez, Raul Hernandez, Sonya Herrera , Jose de ] Herrington, Donna Heyer, Corlna Higgs, Jeffry Higgs, Sandra Hightower, Donald Hllbum, Pamela Hileman, Dolores Hill, George Hinojosa, Ramiro Hlrech, Judith Hoang, Thuy Hoar, Teresa Hobel, Kevin Hofflinger, Terry Hogue, Danny Holdeman, Charles HoUins, Brenda Horn, Lionel Home, Sherry Hosey, Terr Hoskins, Ji Houk, James Hughes, Maria Hunter, Mary lacovino, Clairann Jackson, Bonnie Jackson, Carlton Jasso, Eliazar Jimenez, Imelda Johnson, Dennis Johnson, Fred ;ohnson, Jacob lohnson, Latricia Johnson, Rene Johnson, Ronald Johnston, Teresa ;, Albert ;, Carmen ones, Carol ' ' n ones, Clifford ones, Frank ones, Michelle ones, Sylvester Jordon, Laurie Kauffman, Hilda Kelly, Eleanor Kelly, Willie III Kerr, Kenie Kim, Baek Lan Kixn, Don Knutson, Steve Koutsoudis, Kim Krieger, Lynda Lamere, Linda Landiy, Paul Lang, Heather Lapsley, Danita Leon, Gabriela Lev ds, Anthony Le ' is, Ray Lindsey, Lee Liufau, Patricia Llamas, Rafael Long, Pamela Lopes, Donel Lopez, Carmelita Lopez, Lilibeth Lopez, Renere Love, Rachelle Lucien, Geoffrey Lupardo, Virginia Lutali, Arthur Lynch , Lamonte L Tich, Stephanie Macias, Gabriel Madrid, Conrad Madrigal, Maria Maier, Barbara Manning, Bonnie Manriquez, Tammy Mansfield, Tommy Marquez, Jaime Marijiall, Kathy Marshall, Mark Martinez, Antonio Martinez, Rosa Mayronne , Cheryl Mayronne, Karen McCarthy, Scott McCarty, Douglas McNeil, Conchita pA om ores Soph om oresSopMtn Soplioi Mehaffey, SUcey Mendivil Carmen Mercer, Bonnie Meza, Roberta ?vlills, Lamon Mills, Roland Monroy, Oscar Montanez, Ana Montes, Sonia Moore , Harold Moore, Tonya Morales, Monica Morales , Sylvia Moreno, Maria Morris, Richard Moua , Fu Moua, Seng Mouanoutoua , Mouatoua Mimgia, Rosie Mimoz, Gus Munoz, Jouge Nam , Goong K Suk Navarro, Litza NeUon, Cherol Nelson, Michael Nemons, David Newstrand, Todd Newton, Debbie Nguyen, Chi Nguyen, Kim Nguyen, Oanh Nguyen, Paul Nguyen, Quynh Nguyen, Thu Nicholson, Jill Niedermayer, Susan Nolasco, Mark Novella, Sally Nimez, Felipe O ' en, Linda O ' Conner, Teny Olaiz, Enrique Ortiz, Darlene Ortiz, Gordon Overton, Clifford Palelei, Margarita Pantoja, Sanjuana Pavao, George III Peront, Scott Pfeffer, Kirk Pham, My Phillips. Juanita Pierson, Zachary Pilawski, William Pirolo, Jill Piatt, Craig RadiUo, Richard Rafael, Maria Ramirez, Leticia Ramos, Salvador Sf i , n r ' f mh om ores om oresSoph om ores Soph om ores Soph om ore Ramos, Sherry Raya , Francisca Rea, Cesar Reed, Loreen Reeves, Ronald Requena , Luis Rios , Mary Ann Rios, Pauline Rivas, Gloria Rivas, Manuel Rivera, Martha Rivera, Samuel Roberts, Deloris Robledo, Anita Robles, ?vlaria Rocha, Lisa Rock, Emmanuel Rodarte, Anna Rodriguez, Antonio Charlotte Lourdes Maria , Monica , Robert Rodrigue: Rodrigue; Rodrigue; Rodrigue Rodrigue 4 Rodriguez, Sandra Roland, Rennetta Roldan, Veronica Romo, Cecilia Rooks, Martin Rooks, Thomas Rosnick, Merie Rosser, Brenda Rosser, Debi Rotondo, Marcy Ruelas, Chariotte Ruhl, Debra Ruiz, Ramon Ruvalcava, Anthony Salazar, Francis Salazar Sandra Saldivar, Patricia Salera, Vitaliano Samuels, Michael Sanchez, Alfedo Sanchez, Rafael Sandoval, Veronica Santaella, Luis Segura, Denise sSophom oresSoph om oresSoph om ores Soph om oresSop. Severi » David Shockley, Kent Shum, Joe Sierra, N guel Sigler, - Simental , Jose Suinampow, Laura Sumner, David Sutcliffe, Lee Sutherland, Rebecc Suzuki, Jerry Swindell, Caleph Taliaferro, Misty Temple, William Thacker, Ruth Thoe, Mario Thomas, Clayton Thomas, Pamela Thomas, Willis Thompkins, Rick) Thime, Cynthia Toi erson, Lance To%vnes, JoAnne Tripp, Lonnie Trujillo, Anise Uhlry, Daniel VaJadp.z, Miguel ' 1-ncia, Patsy - i ' or zuela, Jesus aleiiruela, R,ose VJ ,0 SophoriiotcE Van Der Marliere , Skip Van Kampen, Audreya Vang, Chay Vang, Khoua Vang, Yi Vargas, Jose Vega, Doreen Vega, Josephine Vega , Leticia Vidaurreta, Israel Vielma, Evangelina Vu, Xinh Wadsworth, Jeffrey Sophomor?: la af $1 The Freshmen officers are from left to right: D. Begay, M, Ramirez, R, Furnace, T. Dooley, M. Barnes, J. Madison. The class of ' 81 was a class of typical, uninitiated, young men and women when they first entered the portals of Valley High. They found the school, faculty, and upper- classmen intimidating. They found it hard to stand and cheer in competition. They generally learned what it was like to be the lowest class on campus. They got together and elected class officers: President Maria Ramirez, Vice Presi- dent Jackie Madison, Secretary -treasurer Michelle Barnes, Historian Rosalind Furnace, ' " irl Student Relations Tammy Dooley, and Boy Student Relations David Begay. Now, the class of ' 81, is ready for the years ahead as upperclassmen. t AA O WMwmmWQ w Alexander, Gary Allen, Angela Alonzo, Tony ado, Amelia Alvarez, Miguel Alvarez, Rebecca Amaro, Yolanda Angell, Samatha Anguiano, Sergio Arceo, Oscar Armendariz , Madeline Armstrong, Caroline Arrendondo, Jose Arredondo, Renee Asay, Rene Asay, Rhonda Autor, Allen Avalos, Jaime Ayala, Darlene Badders, Todd Bailey, Cassandra Bain, John Barnes, Michel Barnes, Robert Barragan, Ignaci Begay, David Benton, Dinnel Bergen, John Bemabe, Regina Bertrand, Heidi Besteman, Jack Bialy, Roberta Blake, Robin Blixt, Jeffrey Blixt, Tammy Bokarae, Michal Bolden, Godfrey Bolin, Anna Bone , Alesia Bonner, David Bonner, Jon Borboa, Margia Borrayo, Richard Boyd, Dwa T3e Boyd, James Bradford, Anthony Brooks, Mark Bui , Tun Dang Buie, Katie Banning, Perry 3, Charles Burks, iJavid Bush, Maria Bush, Sheldon Bustillos, Christine Cable, Russell Caldwell, Chris Calhoun, Twana Camacho, Vincent Campos, Richard Canidate, Ceron Cano, Ruben Carbajal, Ernesto Carey, Tan a Carpenter, Darrel Carrillo, Manuela Case , Elaine Cartaneda , Jeff Castancda , Martha Castro, Jesus Ca ' ode, Carmen Cedeno, Helen reshmenFreshmenFreshmenFreshmenFreshmenFreshmei FreshiTir .• Cedeno, Maria Cedeno, Samuel Cells, Linda Cervantes, Ricardo Chaparro, Ed m en Freshm enFre. f .i. wrj n . if ■B w f 1 Chavez, Norma Clark, Cail Clark, Suzanne Clincy, Anthony Colazo, Artxiro Coles, Marion Collins, Jeffrey Collins, Ra ' mond Contreras , Irene Contreras, Tina Cook, Gary Cooks, Irlene Cordova, John Cornish, Harold Coirea, Ruben Cortez, Bertha Crandall, Robert Crisp, Daniel Cruz, Alma Cruz, Joanne Cruz, Martin Curry, Kenneth Daniels, Donna Davenport, David Davenport, Lon Davis, Cynthia Del Pozo, Laura Diaz, Arcelia Diaz, Elias Dickerson, Vance Dickson, James Doan, Giao Dooley, Tammy Dorsey, Lucy Drake, Darcy Dunning, Olic nFreshmenFreshmen mFreshni Duran, Antonia Ellis, Joanna Elshalie , Marthea Errington, Steve Espinosa, Jose Espinoza , Jesus Espinoza , Loiuse Estell, Steve Etheridge, Cathy Facio, Martin Fatu, Malia Fierro, Ramona FierriJA-XDlaJi Finn, Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Pat Fit2pa trick, Linda Flanary, Eileen Flanary, Myrtle Floumey, Paul 74 Freshmen Floyd, Rein Tord, Valerie Foumel, Jeanette Fournel, Susan Franks, Monica Frazier, Karen Fronsman, Steven Furnace, Rosalind Cage, Deanne Calindo, Armida Gallardo, Raul Gallegos, Lydia Gallegos, Pearl ' Galvan, Maria enFreshmenFreshmenFres " w f V Garcia, Alfred Garcia, Fernando Garcia, Manuel Garcia , Paul Garcia, Ramon Gamica, Lucia Garo, Denton Garza, Hemelinda Garza, Victor Gather, Marie Gavaldon, Nora Gazouski , Tammy George, Brett Gleason, Antoinette Glenn, Malveme Glenn, ledell Gomes, Gerardo Gomez, Sonia Gonzales, Alice Gonzales, Maria Gore , Keith nFreshmenFreshmenFre Govj Demse Ciadi-Ua LorettZ) Green i Gerald Green, Lucretta Green, Patricia Greer, Donna Greer, Roberta Crishaber, Taniiny Grossi, Vincent Grover, Ira Guereca, Oscar Tracey Freshr. leu 75 Gutierrez, Monica Guy, Valerie Hale , Brenda Hale, Linda Hanna, Alfred Hanna, Chad Hardist ' , Hobart Hardy, Alesia Harmon, TTielma Harrekon, Doima Harris, Ca Harris, Ruesell Harrison, Roy Hatfield, Mark Henderson, Andrew Henderson, James Hernandez, Martha Hirsch, Joshua Hoag, Paul Hoang, Choung , Brian Holgioin, Steve Hollenbeck, Charlie Hollins, Gary HoUins, Sharon Hollis, Brenda Holston, Bill Horn, Bruce FreshmenFre 76 Freshmen |f7 a Jeffers, Jody Jimenez, Lucy Johnson, Jesse Johnson, Keith Johnson, Renee Jones, Brian Jones, Jennifer Jones, Marvin Jones, Theresa Kang, Miran Karp, Michael Keune, Timothy Kline, Carrie Kobus, Richard La Celle, Audrey La Pointe, Daniel Lam, Tliuan Lambert, Ingrid Langford, Tammy Lara, Francisco Lastfogel. Maurice Lavvson, Robin Lee, Kyong-H iin Leon, Ruben Qi shmenFreshmenFreshmenFr f Leonard, Howard Lesser, Randy Lew, Donna Le % ' is, Jacqueline Le is, Paula Long, Kevin Long , Steve Lopez, Dalila Lopez, David Lopez, Fernando Lopez, Gary- Lopez, Judith Lopez, Richard Loza, Maria Loza, Pascual Ma at, Eric Madison, Jacqueline Maldondon, Ilda Maldonado, Juanita Malloy, Edward Malone, Mike Maltie, Tammie Marquez, Arturo Martinez, Adrian Martinez, Arturo reshmenFreshmenFreshm oa Martinez, Gloria Martinez, Ramon Martinez, Rogelio Martinez, Salvado Marval, Carolyn Mayo, Elissa Freshmen 77 McCarty, Debra McConchy, Robin McLaughlin, Lori McKTillian, Jerr)- Medina , Roberto Medina , Mendieta, Eddie Trinada Michel, Norma Miles, Troye Millard, The Millhouse , Edv Millhouse, Edvidno Mishler. Vicki Mitchell, Darin Mitchell, Lisa Mosica, George Mondragon, Hermila Montalvo, Mirtha Montanez, Euge Moore, Jeny Moran, Geraro Moreno, Maria Moreno, Ronnie Merlet, Ed Moross, Tamie Morris, Ronald Mosby, Carol Moss , Gregor ' Moyer, Sandra Mulkey, Michelle Papie, Elizabeth Paira, Barbara Partridge, Maria Pavich, Donna Pendleton, Rick Peralta, Tim Perchez, Nora Purley, Gilda Perez, Carlos Perez, Judy Pere?., Leonard Perez, Maria Perez, Randy Perez, Raul Peront, Denise Phi, Phuong wf ' ' o u S enFreshmenFre " T - a Rodriguez, Anthony Rodriguez, Ernesto Rodriguez, Jose Rodriguez. Patricia Rodriguez, Pedro Rodriguez. Raul Rodriguez. Siivia Roehm, Patricia Roehm, Sharon Romero, Elvira Romero, Enrique Romero » Waldo Freshmen 79 Rubio, Martin Ruiz, Carol Ruiz, Rachel Rxiiz, Ramon Rust, Jerry Rubalcava, Daimy Ruvalcava, Irene Ruvalcaba, Sylvia Ruvalava, Vincent Ryan, Pam Salera, Raul Salinas, Sallie Salok ' , Diane Sanchez, Leticia Santo, Linda Schoenberg , Kim Sema, Luz Serrano, Louie Shields, Tina Shiner, KUke Shipp, Daniel Shockley, Scott Showalter, James Sides, Tod Silb as, Arthur Silbas, Eddie Simmonds, Robert Simpson, Cathy Sims, Troy Singleton, Adella Smith, Carl Smith, Chris Smith, Dennis Smith, Harvie Smith, Linda Smith, Scott Smith, Steven Smycr Tiski, Stev Spillers, Sara Stark, Lori Stewart, Bodghl Stopher, Jeanne Straun, Pat Strotjost, Dianne Strotjost, Joanne Sutton, Zoevonda Tabile, Manuel Tafi, Soo Tafur, Grima Tagalicod, Bill Tapia, Lisa Tate, Buddy Tatreau, Marc Tavita, Fuai Theobald, Tom Thoe. Carmella Thomas, Robert TTiompson, Derek Thornton, Jack Thune , John Torgerson, Linette Torres, Linda Torres, Zaida Townes, Sharon Tran, Thinh Tran, Tring Tran, Tuan Trinh, Hieh Tripp, Latonya Tripp, Warren Tucker, Chris hmenFreshmenR Ulilr ' , Suzette Urban, Brett Urias, Ramona Urzua, Martin Urzua , Silvia Valenzuela, Harold Vasquez, Yolanda Vega, Hector Vega, Ruben Vielma, Virginia VievTa, Maria Vu, Tmng Wagner, Dana Ward, Sandy Ware, Sajuana Warfel, June Warren, Derrick Wells, Anthony Wesson, Marshall Whitley, Maureen Wilder, Phyllis Williams, Anita Williams, Kathy Williams, Sherina Williams, Sylvia Wilson, Debra Wilson, Donna Wooleiys Patt ' Wuestney, Renee Wuestney, Troy Xiomg, Thaoxu Yanez, Ray Yetter, Kevin Young, Karen Buenrostro, Luis Davich, Donna Davis, Chuck Diaz, Tony Galvez, Silvia Garcia, Linda hmenFreshmenFreshmenFreshmenFreshmenFreshn Garza, Linda Comes, Dalene Gomez, Isabel Gonzales, Joe Hyatt, Zina Harris, Tim Hurst, Anthony l ClassesClassesClassesClassesClassesCla assesClassesClasse ' 85 Band And Drill Team .,„ fXissfwtsiii. ns jimmr «K !i®S!SS ♦ » H K 9£f u lu K jjt mmB lii iiM yi ' I R 5 ..i Letterettes- Mona Barker (captain), Cheri Elson (assistant captain), Debi Elson, Gwen Kearney, Sharon Townes, Sherry Ramos, and Debi RtdiJ. Drum Major- Gerald Thompson. Rifles- Susan Stacey captain, Charlotte Anderson, Tammy Blixt, and Ruben Serrano. Flags- Carrie Harris, Gail Clark, Lucretia Green, Carlos Pagan, Denise Coy, Marshall Wesson, Cathy Etheridge, and Karen Frazier. Band Members- Psalms McWhorter, Ivan Walker, Greg Franco, Joey Perez, Jaime Marquez, Eunice Santana, Patricia Roehm, Sandra Holson, Jerry Rust, Lori McLaughlin, Michelle Franco, Terry Cress. Patty S me Iser, Fred Johnson, Marc Tatreau, Daphne Wright, Connie Bonds, Steven Smith, Valerie Ford, Ronda Asay, Sharon Roehm, Maria Ramirez, Gary HoUins, Eddie Kang, Suzanne Clark, Motoko Yokoyama, Elissa Mayo, Lee Lindsey, Ivy Handy, Terry Calderon, Duane Mottar, Tim Keune, Tadashi Yokoyama, Sandra Moyer, Cindy Bain, Clayton Thomas, Bill Holson, and Fernando Becerra. • ' - -« l ■ ll i BS Showed Championship Form, Drill Team- Cathy Barber (co-captain), Michelle Jones, Diana Carmona, Judy Hirsch, Clairann lacovino, Patty Gomez, Stacey Mehaffey, Barbara Adams (captain), Akemi Philbrek (co-captain), Denise Smith, Jackie Najera, Carmen Cayode, Martha Aguilar, Cherol Nellon, and Patricia Green. The Falcon Band Was Dn The Move! r • " L- ■ [ ' ..V -... 5s «- " " SAinUIA SANUANA SAJTTA AN ' k SMTAMA J ' amfik _ SilTUAIIA i This year ' s band and drill team marched on to many victories , as they performed in various parades throughout the year. Included in this year ' s events, Valley ' s band visited Magic Mountair and Disneyland, where they performed their award winning music and routines . Among their outstanding achievements was thei: first place performanc in the Artesia band review. The band , drill team color guards , and letterettes worked together to make it a superior year. Their pride and dedication went hand in f . 7 hand with thei " . ' « ' .. spirit and j talent. ccii Actdvit ' When You ' ve Got Friends, Gina Campbell Cindy Ebert Donna Wager ' ,%flgB k « « Varsity raised spirit at pep assemblies. Memories of a fun filled year will be cherished by members of a small but spirited varsity squad. Some of the highlights of the year included Cindy Ebert singing " Your Mama Don ' t Dance " and Gina Campbell ' s goofy laugh that woke everyone up during morning practices. Mandy Coulter, Debbie Camp, and Michi Gelzhiser, or as they were more commonly known, " The Three, " were just inseparable. " Little Donna " was always in a cheerful mood and shared her happiness with everyone. They learned a lot about each other throughout the year, and together experienced the value of friendship. Little things will be remembered in fu- ture years: USA camp, superior ribbons, there " Excellence " trophy, Spirit Sticks, wastepaper baskets that were never sold, new pep squad jackets, the need for money ( " Mom I need fifty dollars by tomorrow ), the megaphones that never got finished, Ms. R ie hie ' s talks, and, most of all, the feeling of friendship. . . WHAT MEMORIES! 1977-78 Varsity Cheerleaders e C amp Michi Gelzhiser Mandy Coulter Love Never Ends Alice Albarez 1977-78 Varsity Songleaders -e= -jP t This year ' s songleading squad had a lot of good memories. According to the songleaders, they ' ll always remember stimmer camp where they worked hard and brought home many superior ribbons. With determina- tion and confidence they returned to Valley to start the new year. The squad members were: Pam Peralta, Carla Mack, Anne Petherbridge, Laurie Wing, Sheila Tilley, Karen Scott, Denise Thompson, Alice Albarez, and Nina Perez. Each member had her own special quality which added to the success of the squad. They ' ll never be able to relive their 77-78 songleading year, but the mem- ories and special events that they shared together will never fade away- Laurie ' s yellow rollers, " Meal Ticket, " Nina ' s ear to ear smile, " Tvirn the Beat Around " performance during football half-time. Style Leaders white skirts, rowdy times on the bus, munching on cinnamon rolls at morning practices, " Heaven on the Seventh Floor, " medals given to them by die foot- ball team, being video-taped . . . Moments to remember . . . Pam Peralta Carla Mack Anne Petherbridge Laurie Wing Sheila Tilley Karen Scott Denise Thompson Activities 91 Nina ' Perez No Good-byes. . . " USA Cheer Song Camp Theme JUNIOR VARSIT ' CHEERLEADERS: (bottom) Dolores Hileman, Melanie Rock, (top) Charlotte Ruelas, and Pam Long. The Junior Varsity squads contributed their talent at many of this year ' s pep assemblies and rallies. JL : :0R VARSITY SONGLEADERS: (left to right) Darlene Ortiz, Susie Diaz, Anette Barnes, Judy . d: :-i?.. and Carrie Dimas. Our SPIRIT Came With Pride m ' - ' ' ¥ ' J Spirit week activities will Iways be a memory . . . Our traditional dress -up days ncluded: 20 ' s day (gangster ay), 50 ' s day, Hawaiian Day, joodest Friends Day, and, of ourse, Blue and Gold Day. True pirit was shown by Falcons of 11 classes! Many. activities were held such s: the Marshmallow Stuff, Spirit Veek Marriages , " Handsomest [an on Campus " elections and a ar smash sponsored by Pep Squad. The Senior Class tradition still goes on . . . How about a cruise down Spirit avenue ? Activiti ' Moments Of Homecoming Homecoming ' 77-78 was one of the most spirited Homecoming ' s ever! Aided by the traditional return of alumni, the Student Body rose to the occasion and participated in the Spirit Week activities. The week ended with the assembly, during which the Homecoming Court for ' 77-78 was intro- duced and Kangaroo Court provided humor. The climax of the activities came that night as the Mighty Falcon Machine squeezed by the tough Estancia Eagles, 14-13, to remain undefeated. The half-time ceremonies were highlighted with the an- nouncement of this year ' s King and Queen, Greg Dexter and Nina Perez. The Homecoming Dance, which featured live music by " The Six Million Dollar Band " , topped of the exciting, spirit-filled evening. Homecoming Queen Nina Perez Homecoming Royalty 1977-78 Homecoming King Greg Dexter Were Moments To Cherish Senior Princess Jeanette Liebig Senior Prince Gary Armstrong Falcon Unity Was Expressed Alurrmi band members joined this year ' s band for a special haK-time show. You tell her , Darryl ! Through Homecoming Activities in ' Last year ' s homecoming queen was escorted by Lew Saunders from T . V . series ' ' Chips . ' ' Get back here , tight pants ! The coiirt models Kangaroo styles of the ' 70 ' s. Surfin ' VHS ! ! ! ! Pep Squad and alumni fired it up ! ! 1 Assemblies Added Excitement To The Year This year ' s assemblies highlighted the school year. They ranged from orientation and pep assemblies to the exciting 50 ' s as- sembly, featuring Al Wilson. Assemblies were a time for classes to unite and to show their spirit. It was also a time to express new ideas, introduce athletes, and comment on school activities. Choir Sang With Style Choir members: (Back row left to right) Nga Rham, David Jones, Mike Fitzpatrick, Richard Slaymaker, John Sutherland, Kevin Yetter, David Ama, Paul Landry, John Rush, (Middle row), Cathy Landry, Heidi Bertrand, Susan Foumel, Crystal Partridge, Line tte Tor gerson, Maria Jo Partridge, Liz Borreson, Deborah Powers, Ruth Thacker, Becky Sutherland. (Front row), Antoinette Fernandez, Soo Tai ' i, Cheryl Rowe, Pam Ryan, Debra Ruhl, Eunice Santana, Tricia Weant, Julia Johnson, Mamita Blake, Tami Moross, and Cindy King, (not pictured, Reymundo Diaz). Mr. Manuel Palacio, director. Chamber Singers Choir Council Officers Activities 99 Student Council Exhibited ■j- :- -: A. S.B. PRESIDENT ML.- NIE COLE Activities Dirt :- Mr. Howard Booker Student Activiti -ecretary-Mrs. Lois Miner A. S.B. Vice-President Kim Jones A. S.B. Secretary Anna Ramirez A. S.B. Commissioner of Finance Marlene Hernandez A. S.B. Commissioner of Boys ' Athletics Robert Powell A. S. B. Commissioner of Girls ' Athletics Kim Law A. S. B. Commissioner of Assemblies Jamis Jones A. S.B. Commissioner of Publicity Greg Dexter A. S.B. Commissioner of Pep Gina Campbell A. S.B. Commissioner of Student Relations Judy Strong Inter Club Council President Pat Begay C. A. S. C. Representative Steve Frieson C.A. S. C. Representative Cara Armstrong Girls ' League President Wanda Thomas Senior Class President Avis Phillips Senior Class Vice-President Dorothy Franklin Senior Class Secretary Treasurer Pam Peralta Senior Class Girls ' Student Relations Alice Albarez Senior Class Boys ' Student Relations Mark Ferguson Senior Class Historian Laurie Wing Junior Class President Alma Hernandez Junior Class Vice-President Rick Crandall Junior Class Secretary Treasiarer Yvette Winters Junior Glass Girls ' Student Relations Georgia Allen Sunior Class Boys ' Student Relations Lee Harris Junior Class Historian Ruth Bernabe Sophomore Class President Patricia Smelser Sophomore Class Vice-President Sandy Diu ' and Sophomore Class Secretary Treasurer Vitaliano Salera Sophomore Class Historian David Severi Freshman Class President Maria Ramirez Freshman Class Vice-President Jackie Madison Freshman Class Secretary Treasurer Michel Barnes Freshman Class Girls ' Student Relations Tammy Dooley Freshman Class Boys ' Student Relations David Begay Freshman Class Historian Rosalind Furnace Honorary Members Carla Mack and Mona Barker Strong Leadership !■ i r ' i ' - ■ Tj 1 It- ' v- " -V t 1 f«? ' Student Council members were announced at the Orientation Assembly Pam Peralta during the 50 ' s assembly. Freshmen officers held candy sales during Spirit Week. Student Council brought friends together. Activitio,- ' (jl Activity Reigned At Rec-Nites Rec-nites wt e great fund-raising projects for each of the classes, and man other campus organizations. For 50( , stu- dents could go to the gym and spend a recreational evening playing volleyball, basketball, ping pong, or just sit back and .isten to records. The Student Council provided the music and refreshments for each of the Rec-nites. 102 Activities Yesterday ' s Smiles Are Today ' s Happy Memories . 4- Edwards And Stansell Were State Represen ta tives For 77-78. Joseph Edwards " Attending Boys ' State last summer was one of the most worthwhile experiences that 1 have ever had. " " The program gave me the opportunity ot meet people from all over California and to learn how our government functions. " " The delegates participated in actual government duties in a self prepared gov ernmen ' . It really was a challenge, and learning work with people was stressi.-d. " " It was . n honor representing qlley High School at ' :- ramento. 1 hope l. it the person who will represent Valley next year will enjoy it as much as 1 did. " did. " Kimberly Stansell " Going to Girls ' State was the best experi- ence of my high school career. If 1 were given the chance, 1 would go again. " " Girls ' State is a program of education to encourage, develop interest in, and study government function. " " The whole program was interesting, fun, and very emotional. There aren ' t words to express the feeling and meaning 1 had when the final day came. 1 really enjoyed it. " " I personally thank Valley High School for giving me the op- portunity to experience something very special. 1 hope that I have repre- sented Valley well. " ' €f3 104 Acadeinics r 1 1 Jju t Jl. i . 2 . - Lucia Diaz Exchange Student A.F.S. Senior Lucia Diaz, Valley ' s exchange student for the year 1977, was from El Savador in Central America. Her host family was Mr. and Mrs. Bush. Her main hobby is reading. She plans to study law. O.C.A.D. The Orange County Academic Decathlon members started preparing for the November competition in 10 academic areas. On November 19, Valley ' s O.C. A. D. met with approxi- mately 50 other Orange County schools at University High School. The students rated average in overall events, but ex- celled in areas of English, speech, and science. The O. C. A. D. representatives for the school year of 1977-78 were: Ann Bos, Melanie Cole, Steve Frieson, Lisha Johnson, Kim Jones, Norman Rogers, and their advisor Miss Christine Mangum. Academics 105 Oct. -Joseph Edwards Wanda Thomas. Nov. -Mark Ferguson Judy Strong . Dec. -Robert Powell Kimberly Stansell Jan. -Steve Frieson Nina Perez, Traci Lucien. These deserving SENIORS were honored as the Boys and Girls of the Month. The boys were selected by the Rotary Club, and the girls were selected by Valley ' s Girls ' League. They were chosen for their academic ability, popularity, and service to VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL. Feb. -Edgardo Salera Kimberly Jones . March -Eddie Hollins Avis Phillips. April -Andy Paige Melanie Cole . May- Ken Reyes Kimberly Law. June -Dorothy Franklin Academics 107 a s. F. l« MIUilLi.U4ilHiie. Mli C.S.F. Showed High Academic Ability The 1977-78 C.S.F. first semester contained a total of 60 members. C.S.F. members have represented Valley for many years, in the area of high academic standards. To be a member of C.S.F., a student had to have earned 10 points in the first semester. The California Scholastic Federation members for first semester were led by President Kimberly Stansell, Vice-president Kimberly Law, Secretary Jayni Allsep and Treasurer Kim Jones. First semester members were: H. Barron, A. Bos, M. Cole, C. Crawford, J. Edwards, S. Frieson, S. Holston, K. Jones, K, Law, G. Mondragon, B. Newhouse, C. Nguyen, M. Primeda, C. Redding, C. Stache, K. Stansell, D. Thacker, J. Sutherland, V. Tvonqui, S. Wells, T. Yokoyama, J. Allsep, log Academics Kim Jones Plaque Winner Liberal Arts Bank of America Bestowed Honors Four Valley women captured top honors from the Bank of America when they were named plaque winners in general fields of education. The awards included: Sandra Lynn Holston, Fine Arts, Kim Elaine Jones, Liberal Arts, Ann Lorraine Bos, Science and Mathematics, and Brenda Kay Newhouse, Voca- tional Arts. In addition to the plaque winners, Bank of America also awarded certificates to top students in various departments. These students were recommended by teachers for the awards. Certificate winners were: Art, Dale Edwin Fryslie, Music, Eunice Santana, English, Steven Birge Frieson, Foreign Lan- guages, Hortencia Anaya Barron, Scoial Studies, Lisha Yvette Johnson, Laboratory Science, Ly T. Doan, Mathematics, Catherine Dung Nguyen, Business, Tina Miranda Garcia, Home Economics, Melissa Ann Glover, Trades and Industrial, Dannie Chacon Cainnona. Ann Bos Plaque Winner Science-Mathematics Sandra Holston Plaque Winner Fine Arts Barenda Newhouse Plaque Winner Vocational Arts C. Baum, D. Bilal, J. Briseno, S. Brokaw, D. Camp, D. Chenail, M. Coulter, M. Durand, M. Gelzhiser, C. Core, P. Hejny, W. Ibach, S. Llamas, R. Monianez, R. Myers, K. Nguyen, C. Pagan, S. Salisbury, K. Smith, T. Van, G. Walker, Z. Kearney, A. Aflleje, K. Armstrong, D. Barba, H. Bennet, D. Brown, T. Cress, F. De Santiago, S. Durand, D. Elson, P. Henning, J. Marquez, P. Nguyen, T. Nguyen, S. Ramos, R. Sutherland, I. Walker, SEALBEARERS: A. Bos, C. Crawford, J. Edwards, S. Frieson, K. Jones, B. Newhouse, C. Redding, C. Stache, S. Wells, and advisor, Mrs. Beverly Hill. These deserving seniors earned the title of Sealbearer by being in C. S. F, for four semesters, including their senior year. Academics 109 li iHlliiiHii J! ' l Staff Preserved Memories eTalon Talon Talon Talon Talon Talon Talon Talon Talon Talon Talon Talon TalonTalon Talo. The Talon staff of 1977-1978 was probably the hardest working group ever formed at Valley. Many inexperienced members filled vacancies usually filled by seniors and experienced staff members. Arguments, disagreements, frustrations and headaches all characterized the year. But in the end, creativity and hard work prevailed to produce an informative and memorable Talon. Joseph I , Edwards Jr. Editor- -Chief Mrs. Elaine Stuckey Advisor Organizations 112 1. Senior Editors -Karen Bryant, Dwa me Roberts, Julie Castro 2. Junior Editors -Alice Albarez, Carla Mack 3 Soph - Frosh Editore - Cheryl Crairvf ord , Iris Groom » Cathy Barber 4. Academics Editor- Mona Barker 5. Sports Co-Editors- Cindy Griffin, Keigh Lee Smith, Monica Aguilar 6. Sports Editor-Michi Gelzhiser 7. Faculty Editors- Georgia Allen, Sue Stacey 8. Organization Editors -Jayni Allsep, Ruth Bemabe 9. Photographers - Jim Brokaw, Richard l ing , Richard Morris, Ricky Thompkins, Dannie Carmona, Renere Lopez 10. Artist-Terry Cress 11. Staff-Brenda Russell, Donna Wager 12. Activities Editors-Mandy Coulter, Debbie Camp 13. Advertisements- (not shown) Vicki Houghton TalonTalonTalon Talon Organizations 113 Service Was Their Motto Under the able leadership of Wanda Thomas, president, Girls ' League worked its way to over one -hundred members . Service to Valley and community was given major emphasis by the members and officers. Girls ' League provided baskets for the needy at Thanksgiving and sold candy canes at Christmas and flowers on Valentine ' s Day. Advisors are lrs. Vivian Ward and Mrs . Katheryne Taylor . Officers-J. Strong-Act. Coor, P. Begay-Act. Coor, M. Swindell -Sec. D. Franklin -Hist. C. Redding-Tres, W. Thomas-Pres, K. Law V. Pres. Wanda Thomas, Girls ' League President Girls ' LeagueGirls ' LeagueGirls ' LeagueGirls ' LeagueGirl ■ i j i mj ii i i wiM iii iwi iii Mmy iiii i mmmmmmmmmmmm mmmi ' u h i " H _0 ' ftO 0 .3 l f Bottom Row: 1 to r C. Elson, D. McLaughlin, T, Bain, D. Smith, S. Ramos, M. Cole, G. Bernabe, R. Furnace, L. Green, Second Row- C. Redding, K. Jones, H. Barron, Y. Martinez, C. Bain, P. Johnson, C. Bonds, K. Law, J. Hemyers, M. Coles, M. Ramirez, P. Green, C. Jamison, Third Row- Mrs. Taylor, C. BuUups, E. Santana, A. R-imirez, M. Hernandez, J. Castro, N. Perz, M. Barker, G. Jackson, M. Young, S. Durand, I. Handy, T. Calderon, M. Swindell, D. Franklin, Mrs. Ward, Fourth Row- P. Begay, J. Strong, C. Sanchez, C. Thoe , P. Smelser, N. Rhooms, A. Phillips, T. Dooley, S. Horn, G. Allen, Y. Lorenz, T. Lambert, D. Powell, W. Thomas Org.inizations 114 M.E.C.H.A. Took Pride In Their Heritage M. E. C. H. A. members worked together to teach an appreciation of Mexican heritage. They held fund raising activities, participated in both Spirit Weeks , and generally upheld Valley ' s traditions. Mecha Members- R. Aragon, D. Chevarria, G. Chevarria, L. Diaz, P. Gonzales, S. Guzman, A. Hernandez, C. Hernandez, R. Leon, V. Leon, T. Manriquez, A. Martinez, C. Martinez, F. Martinez, T. Martinez, M. Morales, A. Moreno, N. Moreno, P. Mungia, J. Perez, A. Rodarte, N. Rodriguez, S. Rodriguez, Y,_ Segura,. D. Segura, M. Sierra, H. Zambrano, R. Zamora Advisors- Mr. A. Diaz and Mr. S. Genovese ECHAFalconFashionersMECHAFalconFashionersMECl The " You-Got-It " Boutique , run by the Falcon Fashioners, was again a hit on Valley ' s campus. Its Christmas extravaganza of gifts and projects created by members sold out almost immediately . When the Fashioneers participated in the C range County ' Fall Fair, they brought back numerous ribbons for their outstanding fashion designs . Fashioners Set The Styles Members- V. Abdallak, A. Cooks, L. Gomez, C. Hatchett, J. Hollis, D. Lapsley, A. Mills, D. Roberts and Advisor Mrs . C . Kuhlman Organizations 11£ B,S. a Had A Productive Year B. S. U. , one of the most active clubs on campus , had an extremely busy and productive year. Under the direction of President Melissa Glover, the members held many funfilled and fund raising activities. Among these activities were: bake sales, candy sales, dances, and the balloon toss at Homecoming. S. U.B.S. U.B.S. U.B.S. U.B.S. Wtkr Front Row 1 to r-M. Glover, P. Chambers, Y. Winters, Back Row C. Bailey, K. Law, B. Jackson, A. Phillips, C. Leiss, F. Hatchett, L. Neal, J. Lofton, Mrs. Andrews, Mr. Williams, G. Dexter, L. Moore, O. Bumette, B. Williams, B. Mercer, L. Dorsey, R. Young, L. Hardy Organizations 116 [cquaticsAcquaticsAcquatics 1 Acquatics Club The Aquatics Club consisted of students who participated in water sports. Members are from 1-r top: L. Tatreau, P. Bergen, C. Thune, J. Townes, L. Jordan, B. Sutherland, C. Wood. 4th row: K. Wood, J. Bergen, M. Hastfogel, L. O ' Brien, G. Linxweiler. 3rd: Asst. coach Cholodenko, D. Hejny, S. Vandermariere , G. Franco, M . Malone , D . Thompson . 2nd : T . Ward , R . Villarosa , T . Rooks , L. Akini, H. Nguyen, A. Silbas, Coach P. Herron. 1st: B. Dohr, R. Cornelius, P. Hejny, E. Kukier, R. Sparacio, C. Landry, M. Smith. $ cquatics Acquatics Acquatic . fe - - Organizations 117 Speech Team Actively involved in numerous tournaments throughout the year, the ' alley Speech Team performed well in all their ventures . Hosting a county-wide tournament and traveling to numerous locations throughout the state to compete in contests highlighted the year for the forensic squad. Each member of the Speech Team is to be commended for his individual efforts in public speaking. Members are : Front row- T. Bain, J. Bain, P. Cisneros, K. Jones, M. Cole, E. Chaparro, F. Jones, T. Lambert, M. Slaughter Top Row- J. Lofton , C . Armstrong , N. Rogers, L. Johnson T. Lucien, J. Sutherland, D. Sii, Advisor- Debbie Beck Not pictured : G. Dexter D. Collins SpeechArtSpeechArtSpeechArtSpeechArtSpeechArtSpeea You ' ve ' Gotta Have Art r Art Club Members -front row l-r: M. Kang, C. Baum, D. Winters, T. Hunden, K. Lee, 2nd row: Advisor, B. Hawn, J. Allsep, G. Hulse, R. Cayode, D. Lemon, M. Durand, T. Carver, K. L. Smith, Advisors Mrs. C. Fipp, Mi. C. Deckard 3rd row: P. Harrington, D. Thacker, J. Baxley, D. Fryslie, C. Griffin, Mr. Philbeck, top row: i Tesimale, J. Beranek, L. Harris, J. Ruhl, T. Lamere Organizations 118 DramaDramaDramaDramaDramaBm Drama Club ' )ramaDramaDrama 1. Atypical ' ' Masheration. " 2. Partying is fun even in war. 3. Hotlips in the raw. 4. Mashers welcome visiting general. 5. Give me an M ... Give me an A ... 6. Pre -game pep talk. 7. Hey Norman, how about a kiss for luck? Under the direction of Ms . Sylvia Lee and her assistant, Ms. Cathy Drager, the Drama Department again provided top notch entertainment during the school year. Talent abounded on stage with the fall production of M A S H . Among the leading characters were: John Sutherland, Kevin Yetter, Mona Barker, Norman Rogers, Richard De la Cruz, Barry Carpenter, Rhett Neal, Cara Armstrong, Sandy Holston, Pat Cisneros , and Diane Carmona. The stage crew was outstanding under the direction of Michelle Franco and Mr. Stu Hyslop. The spring production of " Annie Get Your Gun " was also indicative of the superior ability in the field of drama which Falcons possess. Topl-r; O. Burnetts, R. Clarke, T. Cordell, D. Ruhl, R. King, G. Kearney, L. Neal, J. Johnson, J. Sutherland, M. Barker, B. Carpenter, D. Scanlan, Mr. H. , M. Taliaferro, C. Partridge, D. Bryant, J. Espinoza, Mrs. Draeger, H. Romero, Advisor- Mrs. Lee Middle 1-r: S. Barker, B. Sutherland, S. Price, T. Moross, R. DeLaCruz, T. Smith, D. Burke, K. Jones, R. Neal, N. Norby, K. Koutsoudis, Front 1-r: J. Johnson, T. Bain, T. Ward, P. Ward, K. Bouie , R. Sparacio, S. Holston, P. Cisneros, C. Bain, C. Smith, K. Yetter, J. Najera, K. Frazier, L. Akini, N. Rogers, C. Fabrizio, L. Johnson FaUmnStaffFalconStaffFalconStaffFalco Falcon Newspaper Staff fFalconStaffFak A CB ffFalconStaffFalconStaffFa THE FALCON SANTA ANA VALLEY HIOH SCHOOL 1801 So Greenville Santa Ana, Calif 92704 A i ' ,1 Ihr national scholastic press association {INTEflNATIOWAlJ 1 . Ronald Reeves- Sports Editor 2. Randy Perez -Photographer 3. Jack Baxley- Circulation Editor 4. Loreen Rees-News Enter. Editor 5. Darlene Ortiz-News Enter. Editor 6. Susan Frieson- Enter. Editor 7. Traci Lucien- Sports Editor 8. Michael Gallups- Advisor 9. Dorma Herrington-News Editor 10. John Castillo -News Sports Editor 11 . Cindy Stache- Editorial Editor 12. Vicki Mischler-News Editor 13. Cherol Nellon-Entertainment Editor 14. Brenda Newhouse- Editorial Editor 15. Deena Thacker-News Editor 16. John Sutherland -Editorial Editor StaffFalconStaffFalconStaf ' ■ ' ' SB B iHl i _ ; iM J Sf ' 1 ( b.. 8 , 1 r 1 H m K r 1 1 H 1 BS 1 B H H i H In f ■ 1 1 i %- Girls ' Football Club Top 1-r S. Lynch, T. Davison, P. Poston, P. Jackson, A. Phillips, S. Moyer, S. Brokaw, M. Rock, P. Smelser, L. Lamere, C. Mack, D. Medina, L. Wing, A. Albarez, D. Franklin, I. Calhoun, R. Bemabe Middle: S. Townes, S. Roehni, R. Asay, P. Roehm, J. Pirolo, J. Cay-wood, S. Tilley, A. Barnes, A. Ramirez, G. Allen, A. Price, J. Liebig, N. Rhooms, S. Price Front: C. Mosby, R. Bemabe, D. Rhone, D. McLaughlin, J. Simon, K. Marshall, P. Johnson, S. Frieson, J. Demyers, P. Ward, M. Ortega, P. Peralta. Not pictured: K. Law. Girls TootballGirls ' Football V Coach Ron Roper Advisor SO O - so O The Girls ' Football Club provided tremendous support throughout the entire football season for Valley ' s football team by selling spirit ribbons for each of the games. These spirited girls also contributed a great deal by helping lift Falcon spirit " sky high " . At the conclusion of the football season, the Girls ' Football Club celebrated by having a pizza party at Shakey ' s ballGirls ' FootballGirls ' Organizations 122 Spanish Club 77-78 C-Tganizations 123 With new faces and a freshly- painted school, the faculty and ad- ministrative staff worked to in- sure that the 1977-78 school year would be a prosperous one. Principal Ivan McKinney worked to improve Valley ' s campus and facilities and to instill a sense of school pride in the Student Body. Mr. Remijo Alvarez, assistant principal of student services, con- tinued his record of keeping stu- dents in the classrooms. He also aided many students with personal problems. Mr. Ron Stoker, assistant principal of curriculum, was re- sponsible for promoting better courses of study. He worked with the faculty to make sure that courses were adequate and inter- esting. TTie iaculty worked to make 1977-78 an exceptional year by giving maximum instruction to all students. New teachers, together with veteran teachers, helped make the year one of the most successful ever. ..■.U. 1. Mr. Ivan McKinney 2. Mr. Remijo Alvarez 3. Mr. Ron Stoker 4. Mr. Pavd Hustxjn 5. Mr. Johnny Williams 6. Mr. Howard Booker Principal Mr. Ivan McKinney Secretaries: Back Row L-R D. Murry C. Cleary P. Granados C. Sparrow K, Richardson Front Row L-R L. Phillips P. Doolittle C. Lenz B. Mc Rae R. Cudahy G. Corsello ■ ' PWS ' 1 r r It ' - « A Vl m, ni .4V.flE ..« i 1 L. Miner Student Activities Counseling Center Sec: K. Korsbeck, O. Rivas, M. Bustamonte, J. Kuhns. A. Soria D. Training Sec 125 Faculty M. Alexander MGM Science L. Allison Business S. Andrews History C, Bavin Industrial Arts A. Bayati Math B. Beasley Industrial Arts D. Beck English P. Beck SWIS B. Bernard English R. Boggie Foreign Language E. c::nd -eU Ciri ' tr Education i.y 126 R, Campbell Music What did you sa A. Chacon Athletics • - B. Chamness Math INDIGESTION !J !!!!!! S. Cottle Athletics A. Cudahy English C. Deckard Art D. Delano Industrial Arts A. Diaz Counselor L. Dobyns Typing M. Espinosa Foreign Language , B. Fisher Social Sciences :mi .l;-iCks Sciences 127 Faculty p. Lentz Counselors P. Lima Social Science S. Lockman SVVIS R. Lovett Power Mach. O. Lucas P.E., Health Math 129 Fac-ilty S. Mullin Special ED. P. Murdand Homemaking H. Musick Career Dev. Duoc Linh Nguyen ESL-A E. Ode SWIS M. Palacio Music L. Mendez ESL-A 131 W W ' J. Riehle P.E. Pep Squad S . Rhone Alg, , Gen. Math S. Rienderhoff Language Arts R. Rogers Photography R. Roper Health, Hum. Eco. " %« S, Ruller Athletics G. Satrappe Social Science C. Staudenbaur Chem. , Phys. lulty K. Tucker Ath.: Wood Faculty 133 B. Zimmer Car Dev. J. McDade Larry Lopez Gloria Montez Faculty J r 6i y FootballFootballFoo ' ' . ' t ' fS . Andy Paige: QB 12 Most Valuable Player 27 Robert Powell Most Valuable Offensive Back %-r-i .rV.-f i yg ,% ' :t ' 4 IFootballFootballFootballFootballF 1977-78 Valley Falcons NUM BER NAMES GRADE 10 Jones, Curtis 11 61 Slaughter, Mark 12 12 Paige, Andy 12 63 Higa, Pat 11 14 Jones, Cliff 10 64 Shipp, Curtis 11 15 Martinez, Mark 11 68 Hulse, Greg 12 16 Carroll, Willie 11 70 Wright, Barry 12 22 Hollins, Ed 12 71 Gruber, Tom 12 23 Hatchett, Jay 12 72 Fairres, Clay 11 24 Saunders, Ron 12 73 Chit vood, Ken 10 25 Humphrey, Tony 11 74 Sii, David 10 27 Powell, Robert 12 75 Nelson, Art 11 30 Jones, Mike 11 76 Mims, Claude 11 31 Partin, Larry 12 77 Wilson, Jeff 11 32 Hopper, Mizell 12 78 Schmidt, Mike 12 35 Simmons, Kelvin 11 79 Oatis, Mike 12 36 Barnes , Ron 80 Bailey, Reggie 12 41 Liufau, Allen 11 81 Swift, James 11 43 Hammon, Steve 11 82 Lambert, Willie 12 44 Lamere, Tom 11 83 Dover, Clayton 11 45 White, Scott 12 85 Thomas, Willie 12 52 Castro, Tom 12 86 Ferguson, Mark 12 53 Aguilar, Mike 12 87 Franklin, Paul 11 54 Brokaw, Jim 12 88 Gnesda, Mike 11 56 Hejny, Mike 12 Six-rts 138 )allFootballFootballFootballFootballFootballFootballFoo VHS Coaching Staff Dick Hill, Head Coach Big Ben Haley, Sr. T. D. Meiss Ben Haley, Jr. Ron Roper Oliver Lucas Falcons . . Best Of The Century The Falcons . . . The 1977-78 Santa Ana Valley Falcons! We began in the year 1959 and have grown to be known as nothing less than the dominating " CHAMPS " . Under tremendous coaching, the Falcon Machine proved to all their opponents that VICTORY was their destiny. They were able to outsmart, outscore, outrun and outcoach all who dared stand in their way. Their first victims, the highly respected Servite Friars, fell easily to the feet of the Falcon Machine. The student body, parents, teachers, cheerleaders, band. Drill Team and all others who attended the first game of the 1977-78 football season, could easily see that the " CENTURY LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP " was soon to belong to the VALLEY FALCONS. Lj v : 7D cA. w s3 i ' ea .. . 4 ks ; ' A »» Js tm% JiiOk} tK ' ■ it v. « The 1977-78 Offensive Line: 86 Mark Ferguson, 81 James Swift, 32 N-Iizell Hopper, 12 Andy Paige, 27 Robert Powell, 41 Allen Luifau, 22 Ed Hollins, 74 David Sii, 68 Greg Hulse, 53 Keene Aguilar, 64 Curtis Shipp, 70 Barry Wright . The Tri- captains Robert Powell, Mark Ferguson, and Andy Paige were leaders on and off the field . The second game was to be played away from our home field. We traveled to Chino to celebrate another victory against the Chino Cowboys for the second consecutive year. jckers were able to open it up for the scaring Falcons. When it was time to hold the line against the Estancia Eagles , the defense held strong. ' ' Hey , you guys were supposed to go this way ! ' ' The Falcons defensive force overpowered their opponents and held them to zero yards . The Eagles pleaded, but the Falcons didn ' t answer their prayers . tballFootballFootballFootballFootballFootballFootballFc q 9 x . ,t y ' i Tile, 1 77-79 DefensiVfi liSB : 23-Jfty■■f atchett, 22 Ed HolliiM-?. 32 " Mi oll Hopper, 86 Mark Fcrgiibn, 46 Willie ' anibert, SI James Swift, 87-1»au! Fjanl lin, 70 Barry Wjight; 31 _.Iam, jEartia; ' 9 iiqJ aeliOatis ' and 41 AllonXuif.iuv Football 141 otballFootballFootball 1 . The Falcons call ' ' dog pile ' ' when a Santa Ana cross city rival is brought down under a pain suffering crunch . 2. The Falcons were full of displayed ' .ction every time they played a game. ■ ■ The extra point conversion was up and ,;;odbye 61 -Mark Slaughter c ' o matter how early it was in the game» th Icons were able to outscore their OPP ' ' - ■, as the score board showed. 5. IL .am work brought Valley ever ' one of :ard earned victories. % yons 142 The season was now upon us . Our first league game was to be played against the Tustin Tillers . With outstanding Falcon performance, the Falcons downed the Tillers to mark another victory. El Modena was the next team to suffer under the Falcons ' dominating crunch. El Modena, who was able to stop the Falcons in the 1976-77 season, was unable to match up with a championship ' 77-78 football team. Villa Park, the team that earned themselves the Southern Conference title, suffered an unwilling defeat to the one and only Valley Falcons . On their home field , the Spartans found no way of outscoring Valley ' s lightning rr! do ' " ' worked together to gain every yard needed for a first ballFoothallFootballFootballFootballFootballFootba The Saints got the surprise when ' ' Fergie ' outreached two Saint team-mates. out -jumped and ' ' Now don ' t undress the poor guy ! 143 ootba f as- V M , ' - ' ' J KFf 7 ballFootballFootballFootballFootballFootballFoo As the 77-78 football season continued to move on, the Falcons looked more and more promising V - everyone. The Falcons went up against another strong team, the Estancia Eagles. The Falcons I ' to work to their fullest ability but were still able to outclass the Eagles and were able to put one m point on the scoreboard to bring home another well-earned victory of 14-13. The Foothill Knij_ s looked good but not good enough to earn enough needed points to end the Falcons ' winning strea. The Falcons dominated the game and easily put the Knights to the ground. The Falcons kept right o. ' lying high, and were able to peel the Orange Panthers. Spores ootballFootballFootballFootballFootballFootballFootbaL The Panthers suffered an unwilling defeat to the Falcons, and this marked the Falcons ' eighth straight win. The last game of the season in the Century League was played against cross -city rivals the Santa Ana Saints. The Falcons were more than fired up for this game. They had prepared themselves both physically and mentally. The Saints, who had suffered a bad season, watched the Falcons put easily earned points on the scoreboard. Valley finished the season as the CEN- TURY LEAGUE CHAMPS and was on its way to C.l.F. The Falcons then had to work harder and with more devotion at every practice. Their first C.l.F. game was to be played at the home field, now known as the Eddie West Field. At this game. Valley was fortunate enough to be part of the dedication in honor of Eddie West. It was a time to remember for all who were present. The La Quinta team and crowd watched the Falcons end their hopes of a second round C.l.F. game, as the Aztecs fell to the feet of Valley ' s mighty team. This victory was the first in C.l.F. In the second round Sunny Hills was the opponent. Sunny Hills were able to outscore the Falcons. It was the only defeat of the season. This defeat meant it was time for the Falcons to end their ' 77 football season. It was a long and victorious season. We were unable to continue in C . I. F . , and we were unable to capture the Southern Conference title; but we were able to gain respect and knowledge from all the teams we played and from all who were fortunate enough to be part of the best team of the CENTURY. We are and always will be the CHAMPS! FootballFootballFootballFootballFootballFootballFoot WomoreFootballSophomoreFootballSophomoreFootba ■ ■ T i H ■lMfll H| vK H Bjd K r H Bp " ' II III ' I i [ H H l l «r - ' -- Z j t A H Rl W SJH BPl f BPBn E H K i H The young but promising Sophomores displayed outstanding talent on the Falcons ' home field. 1977-78 Sophomore Lettermen Abrego, James Alcarez, Joe Clark, Miie Corona, Cear Coulter, Chuck Cross, Terry Franklin, Nat Gather, Robert Gonzales, Jose Henry, Joe Hill, George Jackson, Carlton Johnson, Jacob Jone-, David Landry, Paul Le ' svis, Tony Ludian, Jeff Lutali, Art L Tich, Lamont Reeves, Ron Rock, Emmanuel Shum, Joe Sumner, David Uhlry, Dan White, David White, Paul Williams, Mike The Class of ' 80 was always proud of their football team . rts 148 The defense of the sophomore football team worked hard to stop their opponents from scoring . otballFreshmanFootballFreshmanFreshmanFootbai AWARDS Most Inspirational RUSS CABLE Outstanding Player ERIC PRICE COACHES Chuck Deckard Joe Bratchor Joe McDade FRESHMEN LETTERMEN Captains: Blixt, Jeff Cable, Russ Collins, Jeff Jones, Tony Price , Eric Shipp, Daniel Team Members: Be gay, David Bonner, David Boyd, James Brooks, Mark Clincy, Anthony Cook, Gary Crandall, Robert Estell, Steve George , Brett Hatfield, Mark Holguin, Steve Horn, Bruce Hurst, Tony Jackson, Kevin Johnson, Jesse Jones, Marvin Leon, Ruben Long, Steve Lopez, Richard Lopez, Robert Martinez, Adrian Moss, Greg Perez, Randy Reyes, Richard Robinson, Lincoln Romero, Henry Tabile, Manuel Tagalicod, Gill Thomas, Wayne Vega, Hector Yetter, Kevin Young, Anthony Williams, Mike Jones, Sylvester, manager 150 Sports . At ( m C eshmanFreshmanFc FreshmanFootballFreshmanFootba ss|s " « " ' »» V . « t 9 O 0 i Sports ITil arsityWaterPolo VarsityWaterPolo .9 ' 4 I £. o Varsity WaterPoloVa Robby Sparacio Gene Linxwiler Kevin Wood Bob Dore Randy Cornelius Pete Hejny ' Who wants it? " Patty Bergan " All right you guys! " Tom Ward Erich Kukier ' Bryant Groom Jim Johnson Coach Fred Lammers Coach Paul Herron q3 Polo Varsity Wa terPolo Varsity Wa terPolo Va I got it! I ' m gonna get ya! That ' s not fair! Sports 153 ' aterPolo WaterPolo WaterPolo WaterPolo WaterPolo Wa Where ' d he go? Aw, give me a break you guys! Good job ! Don ' t blow in my ear. Front row: Todd Badders. Scott Shockley, Kent Shockley, Raymond Villarosa, Back Row: Thorn Rooks, Greg Franco, Maurice Lastfogel, Lawrence A kini, Rick Kobus, Mike Malone. Not shown: Tim Keune, Huong Nguyen, Craig Wood, Vince Grossi, Renere Lopez. , ' ports " SSSBJE IS- " ' (f f . ' ' - ■ f - V ' ,„ - a terPolo Wa terPolo Wa terPolo Polo WaterPolo WaterP 1. Here we go again. 2. What ' s going on down there? 3. It ' s mine ! 4. Brrrr, It ' s cold! 5. Here it comes! 6. Take it easy; it ' s com ' in. J» ik, m 9 0r:J •■« i«». Sports ISS o un tryCrossCoun tryCrossCou rossCoun tryCrossCoun tryC ' at i i«u " f r, «i « teo : 7 : JM i tryCrossCoun try CrossCoun tryCrossCoun tryCrossCo ount Q V 9 f Coaches: Jim Conlay Bill Fisher U%-S f SOPH -FRO SH TEAM Back row L to R G, Arrellano M. Carmelli H. Smith A. Wells V. Salera S. Smith L. Suteliffe MDDLE M. Ibach K. Pfeffer B. O ' Campo W. Romero A. Abdallah B. Jones R. Salera FRONT L. Serrano D. Severi P. Hoag S. Ibach S. Errington M. Leron %- yA = ; ,.«..„ - V, rossCoun tryCrossCoun tryCrossCoun tryCrossCoun tryCrc 1, Steve Koutsoudis, JV league finals. 2. Anthony Wells- Frosh-Soph league finals ■■—J- ■ ■sff T ' - mf ■■ ■• ; y :-,■ Kiii2=T 158 Sports .14 , Af !■ :■,- b CrossCoun try CrossCc 4. League finals. 5. Frosh-Soph league finals. 6. Kirk Pfeffer-Anthony Wells-Gabe Arellano lead Valley in Frosh-Soph League Finals. 7. Anthony Wells up front in the Frosh League Finals. 1 tryCrossCoun tj;y CrossCoun tryCr 3W 1 7 i J? c Sports 159 Spikers Accepted Challenges ' olleyball Volleyball Volleyball Volleyball Volleyball Volley b IISTUCKEK nrp-SH U I PTCJAcoBg- SOJTC gBeiT gnTDcIBT ' iSlARSoiLOT ■yuifiv i 3 IB HftN js " - yffi lL« 4H,j .iH 160 Sports Varsity Team Sharon Tucker Varsity " Snake " Annette Radillo Karen Scott Traci Lucien 7. Cora Jacobs 8 . Judy Beranek 9. Pat Shaw 10. Betty Holdeman 1 1 . Barb Adams 12. Soomalo Tafi 13. J.V. ' s takin ' a break. 14. Kim Jacobs 15. Junior Varsity Team Coaches : S. Cottle J. Riehle Sporti Right to Left: Row 1: Kim Koutsoudis, Kim Law, Row: 2: Nancy Norley, Yvonne Lorenz, Michell Inkleborger (manager) Tina Carver, Robin Myers. Row 3: Janet Steen, Melody Tompkins, Eddie Steward (coach), Bonnie Manning, Linda Lamere. Row 4: Nadine Aguilar, Sandra Durand, Carol-yn Hatchett, Mabel Ehirand . " So close, yet so far away would be the perfect title for the girls ' cross country season. We were in the running for the title right down to tiie league meet; but because of some injuries and off performances, the team finished 6th in the league meet. " We are looking forward to next season because this year ' sbox team fin- ished 3rd in league in dual meets. Everyone is returning except Kim law. " Mabel Durand, Tina Carver and freshman Nadine Aguilar should be running among the league ' s best runners. TTiey had a fine season. Janet Steen and Linda Lamere should also give added strength next season, " con- tributed by Coach Eddie Steward. p-iS® :; Won Valley vs . Tustin Valley vs . Villa Park Won Valley vs . El Modena Won Valley vs. Estancia Won Valley vs . Foothill Loss Valley vs . Orange Won Valley vs . Santa Ana Loss Record 5 wins 2 losses Nancy Norby Linda Lamere Girls ' CrossCoun tryGirls VrossCoun tryGirls ' CrossCo Melody Tompkins, Nadine Aguilar Sandra EHirand, Bonnie Manning Sports 163 IffMiyBasketball VarsityBasketball Varsity VarsityBasketbt Cagers Put Forth A Winning Effort In 1977-78 Albert Jones Curtis Mack Srvcrr.; 165 Basketball VarsityBasketball VarsityVarsi 1 66 S-oorts sketball VarsityBasketball VarsityBasketball VarsityBaske Sports 16 " irsityBasketball VarsityBasketballVarsity VarsityBasketba Underclassmen Showed Potential Junior Varsity Front row: D. Worcester A. Carmona G. Rogers S. Streeter L. Horn Back row: R. Cayode S . Williams R. Brooks C. Stewart S. Lee S. Gant Coach Gallups ketballBasketballBasketballBasketballBasketballBasket Sophomores Front row: G. Carmona C, Reyes Coach Tom Barnett M. Jenkins L. Torgerson Back row: J. Henry D. Hightower N. Franklin T, Dandridge M. Nelson C. Steen 170 Sports 1 BasketballBasketball llBasketballBasketballBasketb Freshmen From left to right: Alan Autor Scott Smith Edward Morris Mike Jones Tony Neal Troy Sims Stacy Remington David Davenport Ken Nelson Kneeling: Coach Victor Sports 171 § ketballGMs ' Basket Girls ' Basketbal Junior Varsity Standing: Robin Blake Liz Papu Angle Cooks Nancy Stone Ms. Searcy (Coach) Chris Tucker Marshia Swindell Darlene Demyers Scotty Kahalehili Kneeling: Tamera Davison Leila Siofele Donna Harrelson Suzette Uhlry Debbie Chenail Pam Johnson Lisa Allen UGirls ' BasketballGirls ' BasketballGirls ' Basketball Q Wrestlers Pinned Opponents restlingW estlingWrestlin Alex Duarte Robert Taylor lingWrestlingWrestlingWi tlingWrestling WrestlingWres Rick Duarte Russell Cable David Thomas Tony Russell Sport? i;s restlingWrestlingWrestlingWrestlingWrestlingWrestling stlingWrestlingWrestlingWrestlingWrestlingWrestlingW Above right: Varsity team Bottom right: Junior Varsity team, Front row: Maria Ramirez, Conchitg McNeil, Rita Glenn, Gina Bernabe, Middle row: Alma Hernandez, Alisia Ceravolo, Robin Grace, Pham Phom, Darlene Gobes, Top row: Carrie Harris, Teresa Johnston, Ann Petherbridge, Tina Medina, Maria Serrano, Thelma Harmon New uniforms, plenty of spirit, practice whenever possible, and lots of en- couragement from specta- tors combined to make this year ' s Girls ' Field Hockey team the best in the liistory of Valley. Score Box Valley 7 Orange Valley Tustin Valley 3 El Modena Valley 1 Estancia Valley 2 Foothill Valley 3 Santa Ana C.I.F. Valley 1 Gar Jen Grove (penetra; on time ) - ' alley 1 Edisoj Valley Sonora tn ockey Girls ' FieldHockeyGirls TieldGir iii ' Field Hockey Femmes ; Invaded CJ.F. . . An Historical First oJ ' 3[ Sports ISO i Girls ' FieldHock Girls TieldHock r T I dHockGirls ' Fieldh is O .a » i9» ' They Played Vigorously RETURNING PLAYERS Kim Barnes Jean Bott Vanessa Canales Sue Dalbey Gwen Glenn Rita Glenn Robin Grace Alma Hernandez Marlene Hernandez Teresa Johnston Lynda Krieger Tina Medina Anna Ramirez Debra Schwermer Rose Valenzuela Yvette Winters Laurie Wolfe Coach: Sandra Ruller » adniintonBa iS V ta o 1 NEW PLAYERS 13 ' Teresa Arreola r H Michel Barnes Regina Bemabe 2 Ruth Bemabe to Carmen Cayode Alesia Cervolo LM| Angela Cooks ik H Darlene Gomes Kim Harris J Sue Jaurequl a Rene Johnson n Paula Lewis Kri Connie McNeil K Tonya Moore S Kaye Moss ri- Maria Ramirez o Maria Serrano k: Sheila Tilley S Consuelo Zuniga •n ;: Q. b The second year team looked forward to another great year. n ton Badmin tonBadmin tonBadmin tonBa 4 4r Badmin tonBadm ' - fe € ' § Badminton Badmin Ci J _•„ J. 7- • Gary Needham Tennis Tennis Tennis Tennis Tennis Rick Hernaude?- . ? T ' p n n 7 Q TV n ri SOPH-FROSH: (top row) -Coach Render- Stephan Palmer, Roy Harrison, Gary HoUins, Mike Shiner, Rick Pendleton, Tim VanderMarliere, Coach Schultz, Front row: Gary Alexander. Charlie HoUenbek, Junior Salera, Jody Jeffers, Scott Smith, Rick Reyes. J. V. -COACHES: Kevin Hobel, Jerry Rust, Larry Partin, Paul Barber, Dennis Goodine, Bill Holston, Coach Schultz Bottom Row: Arturo Gonzales, Jose Simental, Bill Tagalicod Paul Nguyen, John Thune, Art Marquez Coaches: Ted Schultz, Bob Render, Stephan Palmer. •a TennisTennl nis Tennis Tennis Tennis Tennis Tennis Ten Sports Netters Aced Path To Victory inrwfi Mi 186 mis Tennis Tennis Tennis Tennis Ten Sports 187 The Girls Threatened ' ennis Tennis Tennis Te Varsity -Back Row Left to Right-Coach Render, C. Christopherson, K. L. Smith, B. Wilson, C. Collins, K, Needham, Y. Coleman, Coach Marilyn, Front Row-S. Brokaw, R. Heyer, S, Holston VARSITY SCORE BOX Buena Park 7 Valley 11 El Dorado 11 Valley 7 Magnolia 8 Valley 10 Saddleback 12 Valley 6 LEAGUE Tustin 15 Valley 3 El Modena 10 Valley 8 Villa Park 11 Valley 7 Estancia 12 Valley 6 Foothill 18 Valley Orange 10 Valley 8 Santa Ana 4 Valley 14 nisTennisTennisTennisTennisTenr To Beat C.I.F. Contenders Junior Varsity Back Row -Left to Right Coach Render D. Powers G. Lupardo J. Najera J. Johnson S. Tate M. Taliaferro Coach Marilyn Front Row L. Tatreau S. Frieson T. Moross isTennisTennisTennisTennisTennisTennisTennisTe Soph-Frosh Back Row-Left to Right-Coach Render, R. Alvarez, J. Randall, K, Frasier, L. Phillips, Front Row-M. Barnes, E. Flannery, M. Flan nery, P. Louis, C, Klein V 1. " Hey up there ! " 2. Varsity Team. 3. " 1 hope it goes over the net! " 4. Rasmi being her old self, Clutsy! 5. " Brenda better make this shot! " 6. " Yours! " 7. Junior Varsity Team, 8. Soph-Frosh Team. 9. Yoko Coleman showing her winning form. 10. Ginger putting away her opponent. Sports IS They Conquered All Events VARSITY ' Back row, 1. 1 E. Stansbury R. Barnes B. Lambert P. Franklin S. Gaither B. Wright Middle row, D. White T. Rivers T. Romero W. Steen M. Raubolt Front row, M. Steen A. Paige T. Pitts R. Powell W. Ibach E. Salera M. Johnson YackTrackTrackTrackTrackTrackTrackTrack Track JUNIOR VARSITY Back row, J, Shujn S. White K. Simmons R. Vidanrreta B. Hammon Middle row, S . Koutsoudis D. White F. Cibiran P. Higa Front row, M. Salera C . Miza M. Nicholson Trac 190 Sports FROSH-SOPH Back row, 1. to r. , C. Jackson, R. Salera, K. Pfeffer, A. Abdulla, M. Ibache, G. Arellano, Fourth row, E. Price, J. Shum, H. Smith, T. Dandridge, I. Walker, L. Lindsay, M, Jenkins, P, Hoag, Third row, D. Severi, R. Killenger, A. Wells, J. Johnson, R. Gaither, J. Johnson, M. Grover, C. Fairres, R. Radillo, Second row, S, Ibach, D. Robertson, C. Nguyen, J. Henderson, F, Jones, D. Sumner, D. White, T. Tress, Front row, B. O ' Campo, S. Errington, M. Leon, J. Borden. -ackTrackTrackTrackTrackTrackTrackTrackTrackTracl Sports 191 ' portt ckTrackTrackTrac TracMTr. Sport ? 193 Cinder gals Outran Opponents In ' 77 - ' 78. Team Members Back row; S. Durand, B, Manning, N. Aguilar, Y. Lorenz, M. Durand, L, Greene, T. Harman, R. Myers. Front row: J. Steen, T. Dooley, Coach J. Riehle, K. Law, T. Carver. Valley has been blessed with many superb ath- letes. Many of them don ' t receive the recognition they deserve. One such athlete is girls ' track star, Kim Law. Kim holds individual school records in the girl ' s 100 yard dash and the 440 yard dash. She also holds school records in the 440 relay, mile relay, 880 medley relay, 880 relay, and the mile relay. Kim participated in the GIF finals at state meets in 1976 and 1977. In 1978 she took 6th place in the 440 yard dash and 5th place in 1977. This accom- plishment is equivalent to the football team compet- ing in the GIF Ghampionship game. Team Captains: Janet Steen, Mabel Durand, and Kim Law Ms ' TrackQirls ' TrackGirls ' 9.rls ' TrackGirls kGirl ' sTrack YackGirls ' TrackGirls ' TrackGirls ' TrackGirls ' erSoccerSoccerSoccerSoccerSoccerSoccerSoccerSo Champs Again Junior Varsity VARSITY: Back row, 1. to r. Raul Villasenor, Daniel Rios, Robert Lopez, Richard Lopez, Richard Sanchez, Hector Ramirez, Gonzalo Rivas, Gilberto Rivas, Coach Adnan Bayati, Front Row, 1, to r. Gelacio Mondragon, Raul Rodriguez, Donate Villasenor, Yu Chae Choi, Sergio Anguiano. JUNIOR VARSITY: Back Row, 1. to r. Coach Bayati, Salvador Magallon, Miguel Macias, Armando Mondragon, Francisco Ojeda, Gus Munoz, Gabriel Macias, Benjamin Esparza, Angel Villanveva, Moua Fu, Sergio Rizo, Tadashi Yokoyama, Coach Lou Bratcher. Front Row; 1. to r. Seng Lee, Jose Garcia, Juan Flores, Raul Quezada, Tine Aguilar, Jack Bestman, Rick Pendleton, Jorge Garcia, Manuel Duran, Rirhardo Acuna, Mouancutova i ' . ' .oujtoua, Moua Seng T SoccerSoccerSoccerSoccerS oc Their Determination Was The Key VARSITi ' Back Row: S. Brokaw, K. Scott, P. Shaw, K.L. Smitli, D, Drake. Second Row: C. Hines, T. Stone, C. Christopherson, C. Griffin, D. Wolfe, F. Liera. Front Row: C. Neec ' .ham, P. Murphy, W. Nicholson, G. Clark, S. Home, Coach Chacon. Coaches L to R: J.V. Assist- ant Virginia Lopez, Varsity Coach Anita Chacon, and J.V. Coach Teri Duggan. oftballSoft Junior Varsity Back Row: S. Roehm, S. Moyer, P. Green, C. Marvel, R. Alvarez. Center Row: A. Alvarado, P. Roehm, L. Pirolo, L.D. Moore, J. Caywood, L. Wallace. Front Row: M. Franks, L. McLaughlin, L. Sumampow, R. Wuestney, R. Furnace, D. Guestner. S ' W- oftballSoftballSoftballSoftballSoftballSoftballSofth Pam Murphy Sherry Home . J :■ ' H. ' If Batmen .BnlJU T ie MMe Race U ' ' Gebtge Hill ' arsityBaseball VarsityBaseball VarsityBaseball Varsity ba Sports ' U seballBaseballBaseballBaseball • x 4 ' V ' y P M i .r ' i ,-;., ' ;; m J r w asebal m E .. ' ■ iw- BS " ase «« . s p I ' i " " % " T T [ Sporf; r.03 Junior Varsity Coach Beck, C. Jones, L. ' L:.oim, P. White, L. Horn, T. Strayer, C. Stewart, R. Reaves, R. Garcia, S. McCarty, P. Garcia, L. Mills, F. Gonzales, K. Napps, C. Coulter. . i " iiiff-rri ' iiiliy- ■• ' ■s S SSS; j - %M aseballBaseballBaseballBaseballBaseballBaseballBasebal llBaseballBaseballBaseballBaseballBaseb Soph-Frosh Back row: N. Franklin, M. Briely, J. Collins, R. Morris, M. Rosnick, J. Henry, D. Christner, A. Lutali. Front row: M. Williams, A. Riero, C. Gleason, T. Rodriguez, R. Perez, M. Brooks, M. Gonzales. Kneeling; Coach Deckard, aseballBaseb Sports VJS Success Was Theirs SWIMMING TEAMS: Lawrence Akini John Bergen Randy Cornelius Bob Dore Greg Franco Pete Henjny Erich Kukier Maurice Lastfogel Renere Lopez Mike Malone Tom Rooks Kent Shockley Scott Shockley Art Silbas Robby Sparacio Skip Vandermarlieres Raymond Villarosa Tom Ward Craig Wood Swimming-Swimniing ' Swimming-S vimming-Swimming ' k 4 1 M 1 1 ; ; V; " lV nUiUV .V l v % lypTljy - ■ ij iU ' ming-Swimming-Swimming-Swimming-Swimming ' Swim i m Women Swimmers Showed Style VARSITY TEAM: Patty Bergen Theresa Brassil Debbie Burke Jeanette Foumel Miran Kang Cathy Landry Kyong Lee Stacey McHaffey Lynn O ' Brien Mary Smith Terry Smith Becky Sutherland Leslie Tatreau Cindy Thune Pat Ward Sandy Ward iwimmingSwimmingSwi SwimmingSwimmingSwimmingS . CM- .■ » i . 1 i JHH ■j HE s J tiriwfifcAi. L l» |f if S@P " lUfWlfVS ' DD ' f _ T {jjuM l ffl i fflilVll ■iW»i -Xja- ' ;? ' -;i r: te;„.-- ■. ' ■ ■i T kl-Vv-.:!;:., -. 41. J -.... ' ' - :.V ' ' ' ' ' ' ■- ' ' iC ' V, l„.Cr if t Varsity Back Row: C. Dimas, C. Etheridge, M. Taliaferro, Coach L. Senneto, V. Mischler D. Wilson, S. Townes. Front Row: L. Fatu, V. Pruitt, M, Beebe, J. Johnson, M. Aguilar. Not Pictured: T. Mulcahy, A . Petherbidge. Vur Coach Was Great! Terri Mulcahy Beam Competitor TRADER JOE ' S MKT. 1303 N. MArN SANTA ANA. CALIF. 92701 Phone 1714) S58-9843 CAPTAIN TOM HETZEL %J urtR Qalifornia HAIR FASHIONS locaud m the hcaiitifiil HONER PLAZA 1439 West 17th Stree. Santa Ana, California Dial a -Style 543-8311 Hair Designing for the Woman and Man who want 1 and deserve the very best. W£ ARE DIPLOMA TS OF COSMEIOI.OCY t ' rciiings Bv AppniiitnH-iit CHRYSLER CORPORATION Dan Oldewage CENTRAL OFFICE EQUIPMENT SS15 WEST 17th ST. (714) S47-6731 SANTA ANA. CALIF. 92706 LYLE D. ROY PRESIDENT LY1.E D. ROY Co. 1071 W 17TH STREET SANTA ANA. CALIF. S4.7-750 ' CHRVSLbR PE jtlouJA OFFICE SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT irPEWRITERS - ADDINO MACHINES - FURNITURE 214 Advertiseinents Each RED CARPET office is independently owned and operated. MLS REALTOR " Success Is A Journey Not A Destination, " Anon DAVID MOAK Realtor -Associate Moak Properties, Inc. 2223 S. Bristol Street Santa Ana, California 92704 Business 540-3044 Residence 832-7527 And Most Enjoyed by Home Owners WE CARE GOWNS by VALDEZ Custom made Wedding and Formal wear . , Also a large selection of ready made gowns . . . PROMS WEDDINGS FORMAL DANCES 1145 West 17th Street Santa Ana, California 92706 (714) 542-6486 NINA K. MACKEY PATTY M. RIPPER Owners DRUGS Bob ' s Rexall Drugs 1 128 SOUTH BRISTOL STREET - SANTA ANA. CALIF. PHONE 545-71 49 BRING US YOUR PRESCRIPTIONS OR HAVE YOUR DOCTOR CALL US We ' re Here To Help ED, MOLLY, RON, JIM STELLA, BERTHA, FRED LOU TflftBClli 3707 SOUTH BRISTOL STRF , I SANTA ANA, CALIFOF l, -.2704 .- " FICE 979-. 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Main (at L5th) Santa Ana, Calif. 542-2451 ON 542-5957 NITE I FL. 962-7659 VK (J Tluwiricinit Jnc. 51 O rj BHOAD WAV SArjlA ArjA, CALIFOh fJIA 92701 sS GUY De.ARCOS CROWN OF un BIBLE BOOK STORE GOSPEL MUSIC CENTER 1212 SO. BRISTOL., NO. 13 SANTA ANA. CA. 92V04 STL □ Y TO Shew thyself approved Unt II TIMOTHY 2:15 HOURS T-TH-F-S lO-S - W 10-5 God " REV E. L. BAUGH (714) 549 190 Ljnetto fKecords Stereo L enie SERVING ALL YOUR MUSIC NEEDS " Hourj Mon.-Thru». 10-9 Fri.-Sal. 10-10 Sun. 12-6 2541 W. McFadden St. Santo Ana, CA 92704 Phona 547-7664 BAK STUDIO 3333 Bristol St.. Cos 5 49-2103 PAJA FLOWERS Corsages Bouquets Weddings Plants SOUTH COAST VILLAGE 556-6722 BARBAR ' S STYLISTS Congratulates Valley ' s 1978 Graduating Class Valley ' s Talon staff thanks all the people who have so generously given of their time, talent, and money to make this book sucr -. - ful: Mr. John Thomas, Mr. Charlie " ' v :..•:, Mr. Ron Stoker, Mr. Ivan McKi ' .. and our loyal advertisers. Advertisenicnii 219 This year, 1977-78, was a most unusual year for the yearbook staff. It seemed as though everything got lost at the wrong time. Everyone always said to the next guy " ... but I thought I told you to do it! " Pictures were taken over and over again; mistakes were corrected, and then the corrections were corrected. It was just that kind of a year. But, as usual, these obsta- cles didn ' t stop the Talon staff and the main reason was our hard working advisor, Mrs. Elaine Stuckey. Mrs. Stuckey was the key to the completion of the book. Had it not been for her con- cern and help, the Talon would have been a total " FLOP " . Thank you, Mrs. Stuckey, for keeping our heads above the water. The staff this year was basically made up of beginning yearbook students. Many times they got discouraged, but their dedication and perseverance prevailed. The Senior Section was done by Karen Bryant, Dwayne Roberts, and Julie Castro. These three seniors really did a great job on " THE BEST CLASS " in Valley ' s history. The jLuiior Section was done by Alice Albarez and Caria Mack. The Sophomores and Freshmen were done by Chery l Crawford, Iris Groom, and Cathy Barber. It was a task doing these sections, especially the Freshmen Section, but the " clan " came through. Mona " Hot-Lips " Barker did the Academics Section with a creative touch, and Georgia " Squiddy " Allen, and Sue Stacy did the Faculty- Section with stymie. The two lively cliipmunks Mandy Coulter and Debbie Camp did the spirited Activities Section. Their Homecoming pages were the best ever, and I ' m really going to miss the chipmunks. The Organizations Section was done by Ruth " Fish- Lips " Bernabe and Jayni Allsep. Both will be returning next year, (Jayni as Editor-in-chief. Good Luck!!!!) The Sports Section required everyone ' s attention. Michi Gelhizer was the head per- son in charge, and her assistants were Cindy " Oh Yeah! " Griffin, Monica Aguilar, and Keigh Lee Smith. Brenda Russell was a life-saver. She did the Advertisements Section with the help from Jayni, Sue, andTheana. Donna Wager was my " GO-fer " , and without her help we couldn ' t have completed the book. She did everyT:hing. Thanks, Donna. Our Artist was Terry- Cress, and the photography work was done by Jim Brokaw, Richard King, Renere Lopez and the " Dependables " Danny Carmona, Ricky Tompkins, and Richard Morris. Special thanks go to Mr. John Thomas for his patience and under- standing and to you the Student Body for making this a memorable and enjoyable year. Joseph L. Edwards, Jr. Editor-in-chief { !I:rfe| - 0 - ® HTM— TjpOL ' i (veo; - J J., r 1 IXFpUB popptt o - ' 3 c Ai:«v R Jln cx.rr o- out JuLo t: GdcV KkcJe Jn(0 If d ,m r H i% ' y. i " -e- .f,.- . 4 ' A , c C lALON ■ 7{ ' ■Jll Lc4 ' , Cr- ' D ke. i-f C . 1 CUl-J G ' :-; Je s

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