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■MiiMl ♦ I f V) z : i " ; ' Vc %i • ' ' ■ ' - J l. -t : c -t 7 a -7 nt5»i s. V j ' f V . .- 9%- i ' !V - HiiB Bi -« -3l-X ? ' ' C Sr —-, •- r - ' - •y- ' T:-. ..1. Af n ' t We tucky to Be Southern Californians , » ' .. •?A«- :.- .-Sw v -•.•••» i -.. . " ' ' . - -k . -! y X -_ " s " - ' :; -J Ti, f V. - c- i -£.- 7977 TALON Volume 18 Published by The Talon Staff Valley High 1801 S. Greenville Santa Ana California 92704 Varied and Yet Alike .«J;s W V Although we may be different, and do dif- ferent tilings, we all share a common interest. That interest acts as a magnet that pulls us all together. It ' s called school spirit and pride. i ' ' « o We were ;■ ill vprv special people. We all pos- it v that makes us something - r. A V ■II Vl ' lS IVi rh .-s ' li t- i? ' I V i rhe C ass c We Were Very Fortunate to Be Falcons What a great feeling it is to know that you belong, to remeni- ber the great feeling of having people around you that really care. This is why we are fortu- nate to be Falcons. And no mat- ter how old we become or how far we may travel, that same feeling will always linger in our hearts. We know that we belong. I piriiea taicons were tverywnere Participation Was Fantastic! i)i( 1 1 liiw If) ■ f OOA oming rwi tcoa c u — CM V_ S , U- Jk3 0Ot ' =«-5 ?%? ' Gt s ' X Cojuum L O xUxSl. x JiX ' l Q6-WJL Cr - -t ( o Coyrdt - - » .■ a MCtrv - f " A S- ' ' - ' .ADEMI, . Acwy, Y G ' x ' V SPORTS , ' r_-= " 5% • — y ' A •■ v ' D(t- O -OA . . X. rw . ... Jucgt cU to co cU o 1 . V2 . A W vA ( . kJvdL ( -uL - - pI-t cti £ a u Jov . - MM u}i J U jU:|u oUu L f oL: oLo :Ao VYV.CX,L. Co I f i c -JZAAM i dj A Icvvcruo U0A.LI . » c( (U-f xt v iL uilv (uL LcLit 0 AM jlL U - £ c oU :: kjbo (iixM. Hv i Ci ' m y ' . -;t , - XyM ciuLt : Qxi n J4fl.|-E .U1+ clJ K-t JL « _ jiafji. tf«. -fcufu.. C C JD ux Ccf c vx ' J c- - -mid k I til f i ' 0- JL XJLAJi We Wer Fantastic!! The Class of 77 w... .. generatio ' eiieration wliich began tliree years agn We entered Valley with a lot of c " he uppcrciassmen looked at us as i. nw. j.v. ome kind of joke, but we showed them. We were ig enough to make it on our own. Freshman year was led by President Bertha ilenznela, Vice-president I-llsa Quinlanilla, . reasurer Monica Silbas, Studem " lv_ lULiL M. lioy and Girl Charles Gnesda and Aaria Atencio. We soon found out that we had to do more .an just sit back and relax. We did this by find- ng some way of raising money, with the help of he Sophomore Class officers led by President aula Kirk, Vice-president Carrie Davis, Sec- elary-treasurer Mary Hermann, and Boy and lirl Student Relations James Dibase and Marya .dame. During our second yc- --- " ' -H ' " ' lings brightened up a bit. Then came a year of worries and prepara- ions for our goals after high school. Our main orries concerned grades and classes. We lidn ' t know whether we Iiad all our credits, and graduation was just another year away. We had to start settling down and earn good grades. A ot of time was spent on studies, but we also attended football games, rec-nites, dances, and basketliall games. The year was highlighted by the Junior Senior Prom at the Costa Mesa Coun- Ty Club. Under capable leadership, the Class of ' 77 mjoyed a successful junior year. Officers in- :luded President Marya Adame, Vice-president i lark Fiduccia, Secretary -treasurer Mary Her - ior year was mostly spent in prepar- lyg for plans after graduation. Worries were fetill on finals, grades, and other " LITTLE " things. As seniors we also demanded the traditions we had teen waiting four years to obtain. It seemed for awhile as though traditions had dis- " gippeared. Senior officers were. President Bertha Valen- zuela. Vice-president Sandy Esparzn ; Secretary - ica Sillxis- ive a special s. Barbara Cald- „o did a great job as class advisors. We also thank all those who made our stay at Valley enjoyable and worthwhile. Teachers, adminis- trators, and parents, thank you! Bertha Valenzuela President Bruce L. Abbott Richard Abraham Marya A. Adame Audette Abdel-Messih Ignacio M. Acosta Jeffrey K. Adams Dominic L. Aguilar John C. Aguilar ' ' Educated Men Are As Much Gloria Bsirne Superior to Uneducated Men Gary W. Bradshaw Susan I. Brandenburger David S. Broka Mary M. Brooks As Living Are to the Dead, Aristotle Joyce M. Burcli Ltn.i j. Bussie Lynnc j. Bussie Creg L. Callahan Raymond Cumpot Sabrina L. Carey Kathy Carpenter Education Is a Treasure, Robert C Castro MariA Ccrynintes Charles D. Chatm:in Didi I. Chisum Nolan B. Cliolodenko Daniel H. Chons; Haeok Chonc Most Conceited: Karen Tucker and Culture Never Dies. Pcuonfus mkkA «;iin ' . n Coles Rencc F. CooJ s Alan T. Corey Ronald M. Cornelius Phyllis A. Corprew Wanda L. Corscy Teresa Corvera Rick A. Coulter Ciirlof J. Crawford P m P.lcli.ird Uurtlcj M. Crm Roberta A. Culvar ' As a Field, However Fertile, Cannot Be Fruitful Witho n B. Escudero Idi l Cultivation, Neither Can a Carol A. FiCTp.itricV. Marivel A. Flores Mark Flores Rosemary Flores Charles A. Cnesda Gloria V. Comez let Ignorance Talk As It Will, Mai T. Ho Kenneth G. Hoffman Tammy R. Hosey Terry Howerton Carlene 0. IiKr.ini Marshall I ' ..crscn Midi- :! 1 r ' son f i ' -. Cild.udo Jimenez Altlic I lolinson Bobble J. Jone A Learned Man Has Always Adriana M. Udd Barbara Lambert BlU Lastiter David C. Le Blanc Young Hoon Lee Patricia Leon Silvia C. Leon Oytteln Und Irma Llamas Virginia E. Lopet Victor J. Lovero We Learn Our Lessons Not for Rhetta A. Luckey Lorraine Li ardo Donna J. Mac Kenzie Deborah D, Madison Patrick M. Malloy Clay Manning David R. Marshall Jan G. Martinez Janet G. McCarty Catherine D. Meza Patricia L. M ikies Doris R. Moore Estela Mora Charles K. Morris FrankHnE. Mo- Michael E. Noluco Van Nguyen CynthU I. Oliver Gary E. Olson I uon; l Nt;iiyen Carolina Orduna I [ Clurlpi T. f ertdm Vickie E. Peny Patrick L. Pirolo i 5 ' : Tofa F. Polamalu Donna Powers Rachel M, Preciado Lee Price Sandra E. Price Michael P, Rafferty Seniors 37 Beth Raubolt Karen E. Redding Roger Rodriguex Craig B. Rotser tora Rucker Debbie L. RiBsell Susan M. Russell Jimmy J. Sahag n Co Not So Lightly by. Have Pity — and Remember, Emanuel Taylor Seniors 41 How Soon the Roses Die: Croethe Sandra K, Taylor CrteW. TMter Judy A. Thomas Verdie Thomas Rodney n. Triyl r Sue IVcmal Yvonne D. Trtpp Andrea M. lYujUlo Time Is Itself an Elem Manuel B. Villasenor The Greatest Sacrifice Is Antiphon RICHARD ABRAHAM Aquatics, Swimming, Splaih, Water Pplo, Band, Band Council, Baseball, ■ Uing Bee- 3rd place ' 74 C ' 75, 1st CSF, AFS, Stu missioner Of Pi Track C Cross i. Boy of the Mont Art Editor. M DAMt A ' , ASB Pre:.i.!ciit. Sonli. student I ' OOtlvlll. of the Mont JFFF K. Fishing DOMINIC L. ACUILAR , Backpaddag, Basketball, JOI A ACUILAR FooiR.111, track, Cross Country ;o«s Country, Varsity r Band, Bike enior Index GARY BALDWIN Freshman C Soph Basketball, Soph. ■, Track. RANDALL S. BALDWIN Drama, BSU, Speech, Key C Press Clubs, Yearb ook SUff, Track, Speech, MCM RENEE BANKS CHANTAL BANON CAROL BARBER Keywanettes, Ski Club MC»]ICA MARIE BARNES Drama, Fashion Careers, Pep Squad, Football, BSU, and Scuba Diving Clubs, Basketball, Volleyball, Gym- nastics (Most Inspirational in Volley- ball Gymnastics) ANTHONY BARRAZA Fishing Club, Fire Science, Football, Track, Wrestling, Boy of the Month ALLEN JAMES BARRETT TIM BERGEN MINNIE BETHEA TAMl BL KE French, CAA, CSF, Volleyball, Bas- ketball, Softball, Tennis MICHELLE BONDS Girls ' Cross Coi:nrr ' , Girls ' League, Volleyball, utstanding Athlete in 1 1 toss Country, Band, Excellent in Solo C Ensemble Contest DANIEL aiARLFS BOTT Court, Talon t Falcon Photographer DAVID S, BR OKA W Football, Most Valuable TrackJ place GIF pole vault MARY M. BROOKS Football C Bike Clubs, JV letter in FieU Hockey SARAH BROWN MIKE BUBLITZ Baseball JOYCE MARIE BURCH BSU, ' 73- ' 7S Member, Band Letter- ette ' 74- ' 75, GirU ' CIF Track. LANA J. BUSSIE Falcon Fashioners LYNN J. BUSSIE Falcon Fashioners (Secreiary; GREG CALIAHAN WrestUng C Band CATHERINE TERESA CAMP CSF, Varsity Cheerleader, ASB Vice- president, Football, SW, Girls ' League C Backpacking Clubs, JV Vol- leyball, Gymnastics, Softball, Bad- minton, rated Basketball RAYMOND CAMPOS Art Club SABRINA CAREY BSU, Girls ' Football Club, Pep Squad, Drill Team, Senior Princess, Girl of the Month KATHY CARPENTER Ski C Keywanettes Clubs 9th grade Honor Roll TERRY L. CARVER CSF, ' ntional, Footb " - Le.i -s Country, Fi Clll . nr.uii.i. ., Boy of a. sus civ . Yearbo. Tennis, Swimming ommi! 11 (V ■- ' (Varsity Ca; n of the k (3 times Fc . ....._ :k. Most Insp f the Month RV ANTES enior inoex CHARLES CHATMAN BSU, FootbaU, Baseball, Basketball, Track DIDI J. CHISUM Girls ' League, Drama Club, CSF NOLAN BRUCE CHOLODENKO Chorus, Football, Wrestling DANIEL HO CHONG I EOK CHON( LVIN CLARK lRLES S. ( iNY COFFEY ley Club, Color Guard Band WN COLES U , Football Awards Century League .lamp. , Homecoming King JEE COOKS ;U Club ;LAN EDWARD COREY CSF, Cross Country Letter Track Let- ter, Most outstanding JV Cross Country toNALD M. CORNELIUS Cagers Club, Basketball, Varsity Let- ter Basketball HYLLIS ANN CORPREW JSU ' 73 - ' 74 ITANDA L. CORSEY ,A CORVERA COULTER tling. Baseball, Football, All gue Baseball !jOS CRAWFORD RD CROCKER ng Tennis Clubs, Tennis, J.S.) OES CRUZ RTA CULVER .ey Choir RICHARD DALBEY Baseball (Varsity Letter) MVP in Soph. G Freshman SERGIO DANSILIO AFS Club, Foreign Exchange Student (From Uruguay, by AFS) PATRICL DAVENPORT BSU TERRY DAVID Stage Crew SHARON JEAN DAVIS Keywanettes Club SUSIE DE GROOT Press, Girb ' League, Ski Drama Clubs, Newspaper Yearbook, Foot- ball Club, CSF Sealbearer, 2nd in Spelling Bee, Academic Decathlon participant BRUCE AARON DeKINE BSU, Cross Country, Track, Most out- standing distance track ruimer 1975 ROSANE DEITOS DENISE Y. DENSON Girls ' Football, Girls ' League, Ski, Bike, Back Packing, Cagers Clubs Pep Squad, Newspaper, Girls ' Track, Volleyball Most Spirited Pep Squad WILUAM f. PF.XTER U varsi REGINA D BSU ' 73- ' 77l- Drill Team, Wrestlelette RAYMOND J. DIMAS Marching Symphonic Band, Football, Basketball, Tennis, 2 years O. C, Academic Decathalon DAWN MARIE KILGORE (DRAKE) MARK DUFFIELD DONNA KAYE EASLEY Football G Backpacking Clubs, Varsity Tennis, Varsity Badminton, Freshman Princess, Co-MVP Tennis, All league Badminton, Co-Capt. Tennis Team ULLIA.. Mecha NORA B. ESCUDERO Girls ' League, Tennis Varsity Bad- minton (Most contributed) JOSE ESPINOZA French Club, Honor Soc, DAVID EVERETT Varsity Baseball SUSANNA FAIRCHILD Choir MARLO FAJARDO KATHLEEN MARIE FARMER BSU Club MARTHA FELIX JACQUEUNE FERGUSON BSU, GIF Sports, Drama CIF: Field Hockey (V, Letter), Badminton, Bas- ketball (JV, Letter), Volleyball (VL, Letter) BILL FERNANDEZ Cross Country, Wrestling, G Tennis MARK HDUCCIA AFS, CSF, Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball, Varsity Basketball, CSF Seal Bearer, National Merit Commended Student, Jr. Class V. Pres. JANELLE PATRICIA FINLEY BSU ' 74- ' 77, Football Club, Wrestl- ettes, Drill Team Co -Captain CAROL ANN FITZPATRICK Girls ' League ' 73- ' 74 MARCUS FLORES Mecha, Spanish ROTC MARIVEL FLORES Girls ' League, AFS, Tennis Badminton ROSEMARY FLORES Mecha SUSAN FORGACS Choir BRIDGETT FRANKUN Key, Girls ' Football, BSU Clubs Seniors 47 mUBBl ear BAHBAIUDI ague, Footb. gue (Sec. ), JODY L s ' N IBACH Football, Drama, C Ski Clubs Bovs Cro» Country, Girls ' Trac! ORTENCIA C RITA GARCIA CAS T BSt , - - Jlub, r.AA: Fieldhockey Badminton R .Vri-stletts, PepSciuad, Cu.. _.„--, .- - :ub. AFS CHAR ITS AKTIICfKV Al Ba.- -, -,. CHARLIE COINS GLORIA GOMEZ Cirlt ' Football, Drama, Drill Team ' 1 RdieJ apt. ), M, Band -Drum RUSSELL D. ; AFS, Photo, - .,., . . Clubs, Wrestling, Frc Marching Band, Sym School Play HOFFMAN Pre Wr YearoooK ii.ii: TAMMY HOSn- TiLRRVHOWtRTON Hike tball. Baseball MAY Fishing Waterjx MiaiAEL JAi. BSU, Football, Batkelball, 6 Track GILDARDOJI Football, Wrestling ALTHEA JOHNSON BSU ' 75 RUTH E. JOINSON CAA Field Hockey, Volleyball Bas ketball, CSF STEVE JOHNSON BOBBIE JEAN JONES TARRir lONES b. Badminton, Handball Football C Track CARMEN CURROLA Mccli.. ONICA HARI Ctul. CSF, y of the Tcimis, CSF, CIF Tennis Champion VIORA LYNN JONES ■• " Uib JCHA iiettes. Foreign Exchange ; pp Pep Squad, Football Club, r c v •.-.T ' Utc.s , and Precious As Time. KEITH KENNED V Aachor Leg, -140 Relay 1,2, Recond Holder for 440 Relay ■ KERR Country .R D KING ' ' LES KINNEL ■lub. Cross Country, Track, CSF. M Program UCY KUNE Girls ' Football Club, Drama NA MARIE KOCHER iris ' League, Girls ' Football, Press _-lub, Ski Club, Yearbook Staff STEVEN E. .KRIEGER " ootbaU, Wrestling ' ' M. LADD : Team, 2nd Place Spelling i. LASSITER VID LeBLANC JNG HOON LEE TRICIA LEON lA LEON -Is ' Uague, Mecha, Girls ' Football lib TElls LIND •ejgn Exchange Student L Tennis, CSF, Spanish Club FSA LONG , Football Club, CSF, CIF Soft- ; LOPEZ ' Club, Cross Country, Soccer m. Baseball, Soccer Letter G Soc- A vards ;iNU LOPEZ s ' Football Club, CIF: Varsity ills, Varsity Softball Team, GAA luiung, CSF, Cirls ' Football Club, Cross Country, Girls Track (JV Letter) DONNA JEANNE MAC KENZIE Girls ' Football Club, Falcon Fashion- ers, CIF, JV Field Hockey, GAA DEBORAH MADISON Girls ' Football Club, BSU, GAA. Varsity Track PATRICK M. MAUOY German Club, Wrestling (Varsity), Falcon of the Year for Wrestling CLAY MANNING Cross Country Varsity Letter DAVID R. MARSHALL Football, JAN GERILYN MARTINEZ Madrigals, Chorus, Band, Art, Scuba, Drama, Field Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Badminton, Sang Solo at ' 74 - ' 75 Homecoming Football game. Drum Section Leader JANET GAY McCARTY Drill team G Letterette, Tennis, Bad- minton, Sophomore Princess, G Senior Queen CATHERINE D. ME2A BSU, Letterettes DORIS MOORE SW, Football, G French Clubs, GAA, FHA, Swimming, Volleyball, Soft- ball, Capt. JV SoftbaU Team , (Letter) ESTELA MORA CHARLES MORRIS FRANKLIN E. MOSS BSU, FootbaU, Track, 5 Letters, One V Letter ■h, Footh:ill Mia-i.AhL Varsity ' CWTHIA I. C BSU, Girls ' Fc ball. Field He Tennis, Marching liaiid GARY OLSON CAROLINA ORDUNA ADAM PA CHE CO MARLA CAROLINA PALACIOS AFS, Tennis, Foreign Exchange Stu- dent CHARLES PERKINS VICKIE ELAINE PERRY BSU Club LISA ADELE PFEFFER Press, Girls ' League, Girls ' Football Club, Drama Club, Publicity for F Play, ( " Cuckoo ' 5Ne t " ), Co ;lrn,.-. : • " GodspeIl, " Nc I ' " book - Acaden.i j, Editor, GAA Gymn; , ' is Teams, Drill Teani; Academic Decathlon, Drill ' Team Most Imufoved ■ . ' 3. TracC TOFA pola:. , a? Capt. Volleyball Varsity Field Hockey DONNA POWERS RACHEL PRECIADO Mecha LEE PRICE BSU, Falcon Fashioners, Football Senior Prince Varsity Lettt Ignorant I QUINTEBO •, Baml (Col -ball, Basket! Yearbook S: IIMMY SAHAGUN Swimming, Vatsity Cirli ' Trac . lity Cross Country , Student Council " " c. Treas. during Freshman Senior rs), Head Rifle in Band, Track G .oa Country Record Holder Girls ' League Co-Ti«a$. , Girl of The Moi«h KIMBERLEY Bike Club, ball CI Year Lc lub, Cirb ' Foot- imming (2iid i RAUI. 1 oUeybal) , f A.-mi . ' Mtii.if «V «Mcri tf.£Y«£:s e i A 1, Footl ■ C!Pf NNA Rl ittercttCk RINCLER earn, Baseball [KT PORFRTO ■at, Baseball iRA RUCKFR 1 on Vice-President, Wrestling 1 Soph. Year Girls ' CONCEPaON SANCHEZ DAVID SANCHEZ French, AFS, Wrestling MAGDALENA SANCHEZ GAMALIEL SANTANA Football Club, Friendship Club, Foot- ball, Wrestling, Baseball BLAKE SCHWERMER Wrestling, Track F, Ger- I , CAA Yearbook Staff, Vol KEN SHARPE Varsity Baseball MGR LORELEI SI Girls ' Foe ROBIN SHREVE ROSE SHUM MARY SHUM JANICE SMELSER Press, Girls ' Football, Keyvvanctte, Drama, Girls ' Le.zuc. And Ski CluU, CSF, AFS, Bano oall, P-l..- .l mintoi con Edu . .. Performer MICHAEL S onnis, Soft- mis and Bad- ' ptain, Fal- l£ilcA AFS, Speech, I Klub, Sj ' ' " rmaii l olo, S-, , Vanity Letterman Swim- ming vvaierpolo. Varsity Speech, Performer in " Mice G Men, " " God- speU, " and ■ " " ' -- ' " ' ■ ' ■■ ■ ' ■• ' - ' ' " Cuckoo ' s N DONNA Si Yearbook DENNIS STKur, JR. r, BasketbaU, CSI rst Runner up in Si 1976 only Soloist al Music Fe- MStball and Press clui ' S, MONICA LEE SILBAS I ' .iUs. nra -( ' . 32: inra. ' ho Despise Education SANDRA KAYE TAYLOR Girls ' League, Tennis, Weight Train- ing CRISS TESTER lUDY THOMAS Keywanettes, BSU, GirU ' League ERDIE THOMAS BSU , French Club RANDY THOMPSON Tennis, Basketball, Boy of The Month, Homecoming Prince WENDY MARIE TILLEY BSU, Football Club, Falcon Fashioners, j Drill Team, Letterette, Wrestlette PENNIEJ. TOMPKINS Girk ' Football Club, GAA t GREG TORRES Basketball, Track SUE ANNE TREMAINE G.A.A. , C.I.F. , Volleyball and ; Softball, Most Valuable Player for Volleyball, Most Inspirational -Soft- ball, Freshman high point award. YVONNE TRIPP ANDREA MICHELLE TRUJILLO G.A.A. Girls ' Football Club, Letter- ettes, Student Council, Comm. of Pep, J.V. Cheerleader, Varsity Cheer- ier, Baseball Scorekeeper EN TUCKER ,1 of the Month FTI S. TUIOTl r Is ' League, S-Club, A.F. I.F. Teimis, Badminton, Id Hockey, Girk ' League, Pre I Secretary, Juni Relations. , r, lattnos, - seer Three all star and one all C.I.F. on Soccer ELVA VALADEZ BERTHA VALENZUELA Girls ' League, C.S.F. , Student Coun- ■;il. Girls ' Football Club, Volleyball, Track, Girls ' State Representative, The society of Distinguished American Students. RAUL VALENZUELA Spanish, Wrestling SYLVIA VEGA DAVID A. VELASQUEZ Football SERGIO VIELMiA Baseball SYLVIA VILLAGOMEZ MANUEL B. VILLASENOR Key Club DINA VINCENT NORMA VIRAMONTES PAMELA D. WALKER BSU RODERICK DONALD WARD BSU, Baseball Football MARY WATROUS WAYNE WEATHERMAN Football, Tennis, Wrestling WILLIAM WESLEY Track REGGIE WEST Football, Boy of the Month LEON T. WILLL MS BSU, Track (Varsity) IVA WILLIAMS ketball DAVE WILSON BILL WITTING Football, Wrestling, Falcon of Week Publilius Syrus CARLA WRIGHT Keywanettes President, GAA: Ti G Letter BOB YOST Track JANICE YOUNG BSU, Field Hockey, Softball. LYDIA F. YOUNG BSU President, Varsity Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Team Capt, in Hockey GLORIA ANN ZOZAYA Ski club, choir, Girls ' League, GAA, CIF: Softball, Tennis, GAA, Field Hockey Tennis V. Tetter. Softball JV Letter RONALD LEONARD ZOZAYA Choir, Scuba, Baseball, Ba5l etball, Football C JUNIORS JUNIORS, JUNIORS, WHAT " S YOUR CRY? V-I-C -T-O-R-Y! ! ! s: The miehtv junior class of 1978 was led by ■ y — - — — - — . an outstanding president, . j i jJiiiiP Assist- ing Avis in duties were class officers Vice- president Pat Begay. Sec retail, Vicki Houghton Boy-Girl student relations Alex Chairez and Jamis Jones. With pride blooming over their class they excelled in activities, sports, academics, and spirit. To top the year with class they spon- sored the Junior-Senior prom held at the fabu- lous Buena Park Convention Center Hotel. After 3 years of hard work, the Juniors are finally Seniors, ' f? 4 .A ' - J A. t? CLASS OF 1 . Junior Class President -Avis Phillips 2. Varsity Cheerleader -Pam Peralta 3. Assistant Drum Major -Elvis Webster, Co-Captain- Cathy Barber 4. " DON ' T FOOL WITH THE COOL SHEE-SHEE, KIMMIE-KAY, MONIE, NISI, CHOW-CHOW WING. ALL S SONGLEADERS. " 5. " HEY CROWD! ! YEA. INTRODUCE YOURSELF! ! " 6. Elvis shows his wheels. 7. " IT ' S HALFTIME! " Juniors 53 Glad That I Live Am i Adolfo Acosta Dolores Acosta Barbara Adams Mike Aguilar Rosario Aguilar Martin Akins Alice Albarcz Lctlcia Altnanza Ruth Almanza Carlos Alvarado Ricky Andrews Tanishi Andrews Victor Arellano Byron ArmstronR Gary Arnistroiig « ■ Linda Bagby m. ' Theresa Bain Cathy Barber Mona Barker Leedean Barnes Lee Barnes Lorctta Barnes Mike Barraza 54 jimiors That the Sky Is Blue Robert Barthol Jack Baxley Craig Bcale Lynn Beasock Pat Begay Judy Beranek Mike Brannon Delbert Brown Tony Brown Patti Bergen Andre Blake Ann Bos Denise Boyd Jim Brandt John Brarman Karen Bryant Theresa Buie Lionel Burch Leticia Bustamante Hugh Cady Terry Calderon Gina Campbell Raul Campos Frank Carmona Junior Class Secretary-Vicki Houghton Juniors 55 Giad for the Country Lanes Saniira Carter Clarua Canancda John Castro Julie Castro Luis Cauillo Alex Chaircz Paul Chambers Kim Chatman BUI Chit vooc Rick Clarke Sandra Clincy Michael Coffey It li r BT t Sh V P 4h | B 2 H 2 MSi ' JS . £ k 1 IflK s n LK. 11 Daniel Coffman Perry Coil Ntelanic Cole Jinnifcr Conner John Contreras Pattl Corscy Cathy Cranilall Clicryl Crawford Khieni Cun;; RusscI Daniels Clarence Davcnp .Mi Cathy Davis Richard DclaCrxB Chris Dc Lano Ro«a Dclgado Greg Dexter Mario Diaz VcniB Dim lap Paul Duran Cindy Et crt Jotopli K ' ' irl " " Hot dog and chocolate cake eaters of the year! " Kevin Satterfield and Greg Torres. S6 Juniors and the Fall of the Dew Lossie Ermis Gilda Escamilla Irma Esparza Clara Espinoza Guera Esquivel Mark Ferguson Sandra Farmer Alex Flores Francisco Flores Frank Flores Hector Flores Jose Flores Jesus Flores Jose Fragoso Dorothy Franklin Steve Frieson Dale Frysilie Edmanuel Fuertes Therese G alien Carmen Garza Sergio Garza Barbara Garcia Olga Garcia Tina Garcia Salvador Gonzalez Robin Grace Harvey Gradilla Lydia Griffin " Wonder why Danny Sii is looking so strange? Maybe the Hooper Juice is getting to him. " Juniors 57 After the Sun the Rain Iris Groom Mike Grove Rick Cueda Steve Guillory Jesse Guthrie Felix Haddlx Dulce Hansan Damette Harmon Kcretia Harper Sheila Harris Dewayne He in Alicia Hernandez Lucila Horrcra Paul Hightowor Sharon Hightower Wanda Hinton Denise Hobel Betty Holderman Gary Artnftrong alias " NIUNCHKIN " 58 hmiors Sandra Holston Curtis Hogg Vicki Home Vicki Houghton Carla Hove Lcoxcl Huerta Greg Hulse Tammy Hunden Rose Hunt Evlalia Ibarra Dcna Jackson 4 After the Rain the Sun Cheryl Jamison Jamie Jeffers Joseph Jennings ■ W Joe Jimenez Gail Johnson Kathy Johnson Leslie Johnson Lisha Johnson Marty Johnson Pamala Johnson Vickie Johnston Donna Jones Ivan Jones Ken Jones Kim Jones Lormie Jones Gwen Kearney Monica Keindl Albertha Kelly Riad Khader Frank Kim Cindy King Richard King Gene Kopitch Erich Kakier Juan Lambaren Kimberly Law Morgan Layton Terry Lehmkuhi Juniors 5$ This Is the Way of Life Donna Lemon Joe Lemus Rebecca Leon Frankic Lewis Valeric Lewis John Lofton Jeancttc Llcbig Gene LinwUcr Esther Liu au Chuck Long Kathy Lucas Tract Lucien Diane LuJan Helen MacKenzle George Macias Miguel Macias Dora Madrid Sharon Ma honey Barbara Maier Lorraine Malcom Darryl Manning Larry M.insfleUl Arthur Martinez Cynthia Martinez Estclla Martlnfcz Maria Martinez Yolanda Martinez Brenda Mayfleld Alfred Mayronnc Yvonne McDanlcl Dawn McLaughlin )ohn MoNcll WlllleMac Mcklnncy . l " Say what? " quips Frank Carmona 60 Juniors Till My Work Be Done I Donna Medina Ken Mehaffey Connie Mendibles Anita Mills Mike Millwood Angle Miranda Janice Moon Gelacio Mondragon Antonio Montanez Charles Morris Leslie Morris Genny Murrieta Sally Munoz Nancy Mungia Juan Navarro Gary Needham Victor Nevarez Brenda Newhouse Catherine Nguyen Nghiep Nguyen Bemie Nungaray Patricia Nowak Vickie Oliver Edward Ortiz Debbie Parga " Well, well, well look what the wind blew in! juljfcand Victor " Juniors 61 All That We Need to Do Danny Parish Crystal Partrldg- Larry Partln RuJy Paz Mary Pavao Pam Pcralta Eddie Perez Elena Perez Ignaclo Perez Nina Perez Derrick Peronl Akemi Philbrick Tlmo Picrson Ricardo Plnedo Donny Powc Robert Powell Am.inil.i Price EUino Price Ray Pniitt NUgda Pnincdj David Pitnlcy Annette Radlllo Sandra Randon Carol Redding Marti Reyes Nancy Rhoonis Eddie Rhtie Conzalo Rivjs Mario RlvJS . l. ' -A k Ik 62 Juniors Be We Low Or High I t-M ' t, Theresa Ruiz Richard Salazar Edgardo Salera Cristina Sanchez Linda Sanchez Richard Sanchez Romona Sandoval Eunice Santana Kevin Satterfield Ano Sedano Linda Sedig Yvette Segura Martha Sevilla Pat Shaw Karen Shepherd Phyllis Shivers Mark Slaughter displays his photographic talent. Dwayne Roberts Christina Rocha Robert Rock Carlos Rodriguez Maria Rodriguez Martha Rodriguez Phillip Rodriguez Sergio Rodriguez Vivian Rodriguez Diana Romero Dolores Romo Issac Resales Ken Rosser Rosa Ruiz Juniors 63 ; 5 to See We Reach Betty Shores Danny Sil Janice Simmons Amctha Sims Mark Slaughter Nedra Smith Colleen Smith Pamela Smith Sh iron Smith Yvette Smith Cindy Stache William Steen Klmbcrly Stanscll John Sti ' insultz Vicky Streeter Judy Strong John Sutherland Marshia Swindell Sylvia Taylor Decna T hacker Cindy T hoc Calvin Thomas Denise Thompson Cera Id Thompson David Thomas Wanda Thomas Sheila TilUy Tammy Tompkins f% ♦ ' 1 v the field. Do you? " I- ' I up to the Sky M f 4 Elva Valadez Tuong Van Sergio Venegas Marina Venice Dominga Vergara Marina Villagomez Patricia Weant Bart Weatherman Monica Wesley Howard Westbrook Scott White Donna Williams Micheal Williams Mark Winchester " Just think, in a couple of more days we ' ll be all-mighty ' 78 Seniors. " Brian Wilson Jeff Wilson Laurie Wing ' Donelle Wolfe ( Dennis Woolery ' Bertha Zambrano Joe Zapata Juniors 65 Ramirez Led the Class With Vigor During their first year as upperclassmen, the sopho- mores worked hard to promote spirit and enthusiasm at Valley. Working with President Anna Ramirez were her officers Yvette Winters, vice-president, Ann Fuller, sec- retary-treasurer and Ann Thomas and Rick Crandall, girl and boy relations. The sophomores participated in many activities such as sports, band, drill team, and pep squad. They spon- sored rec-nights, a Christmas Dance with a King and Queen, and candy sales. ' ITiey took part in Spirit Week by dressing in Levis. They also sold and designed this year ' s Homecoming Buttons and started to make plans for next year ' s Junior- Senior Prom. The class advisors were Mrs. Sue Briggs and Mr. Ron Victor. CLASS OmCERS: 1 . Anna Ramirez, President 2. Yvotte Winters, Vice -president 3. Ann Fuller, Secretary -treasurer 4. Ann Thomas, Girl St. Relations 5. Rick Crandall, Boy St. Relations HO Sophomores I Abbe, Scott Abdallah, Valerie Acevedo, Alex Acevedo, Mike Acosta, Ruben Adams, Judy Aguilar, Monica Alaman, Sharon Allen, Georgia Albed, Pearl Allsep, Jayni Ama, David Amick, Troy Anderson, Charlotte Appleby, Ramona Araiza, Dinia Aranda, Josie Bain, Cynthia Baker, Debbie Barbour, Paul Barker, Susan Barnes, Annette Barnes, Kim Barthol, David Baum, Cari Bayard, Charles Beck, Patty Beebe, Mary Sophomores 67 Brann, joe Braisll, Thcre»c BrUcno, Juan Brokaw, Sue Brown, Barbara Burks, Donald Bumettc, O ' Bryan Callahan, Mike Camacho, Benny Camp, Debbie Cardenas, Miguel Carmona, Diana Carmona, Lorraine Carrlllo, Rina Carroll, Willie Caspcrltc, Brian Castillo, Ken Cayode, Rcy Chavarria, Gloria Chenall, Deborah Chltwooil, jolene Chong, Carol Chong, Kum Dan Clirlstophcnon, Cathy Church, Walter Cibrlan, Fernando CUncros, Patricia Clark, Willie Clarke, Jeff Cobb, Molanle Cobo, Aurello Sophomores Showed What ♦ 68 Sophomores They Were Made of Coffey, Charlotte Coil, Lisa Cole, Scott Coles, Eva Cooks, Troy Corey, Tom Cornelius, Randy Corona, Don Corona, Sally Corprew, Terri Correa, Carmen Correa, Kavid Cortez, Martha Coulter, Mandy Crandall, Rick Cribby, Cori Jo Cruz, Jesse Cung, Quynh Dalbey, Susan Dao, Tuan Darris, Carletta Davis, Bobby Delgado, Jesus Demuers, Darlene Deyo, Cherie Diaz, Joe Diaz, Lupe Diaz, Paula Diaz, Susie Dimas, Carrie Dore, Ken Dover, Clayton Dowdell, Billy Drown, Phillip DuBose, Jeff Duran, Baldermo Duran, Manuel Sophomores 69 by Creating Durand, Mabel Eaton, Susan Ebon, Cheric Esparza, Benjamin Esquivel, Margaret Estell, Frank Fairchild, Robert Feemster, Jeff Fernandez, Cl.ira Fernandez, Jesus Fernandez, Rick Ficrro, Ralph Fitzgerald, Marvin Fltzpatrick, Mike Fltzpatrick, Sandy Flores, Annie Florcs, Candelar Flores, Jose Florcs, Juan Flores, Frances Forgacs, Victor Foruncl, Robert Francis, Ronnie Franco, Michelle Franklin, Paul Franks, Vlkki Frisbcc, Ihclma Frost, Pat Fudge, Pamela Fuertc, Elvla Fuller, Ann Oalncs, Frank Cant, Kevin Garcia, Carlos Garcia, Gilbert Garcia, Jorge Sophomores Homecoming Buttons Gonzalez, Martin Garcia, Olga Garcia, Sandra Garcia, Vicki Garza, Maria Gasu, Puaaeloa Gather, Sammy Gelzhiser, Michi Gnesda, Michael Goin, Mike Gomez, Patricia Gomez, Sandy Gonzales, Ascenion Gonzalez, Tammie Gore, Connie Gottsch, Debbie Griffin, Cynthia Grissette, Wallace Gruber, Tom Guerra, Linda Gossman, Bernardo Guthery, Tom Hamilton, Mike Hammon, Steve Hanoy, Ivy Hanna, Nora Hansard, Mike Harper, Virginia Hernandez, Marlene Hervey, Jewel Sophomores 71 HICA, PATRICK HILL, JOHN MINES, CY JTH1A HOAC, KERI HOANC, HIEP HOLCUIN, DARLENE MOLLIS, JEN-NirTR HOUK, KEN HOWARD, O ' NEAL fRJDSON, KAREN m MPHREY, ANTHONY HURSTON, GERALD IBACH, VVILUAM JACKSON, CERALDINE JACKSON, KAY JACOBS, CORA JAMISON, LvXRRY JASSO, REFUGIO IINtMERSON. DARREN JOHNSON, JIIUA JOHNSON, MARK JOHNSON, MARY JOHNSON, P VMKLA JOHNSON, ROSEL ' i ' N JOHNSON, SHARON JONES, CLvNRY JONES, CURTIS JONES, LINDA JIIARK . FRANCES KEARNEY, ZOE KIM, JIM KOPOS, THERESA KOUISOUDIS. STEVE LuCFLLE, KEIIH LaRUF, DE N LOMERE, VHOMAS Participating in Spirit Week ifwn 72 Sophomores With a Levis Day LANDRY, CATfiY LEON, VICTORIA LEWIS, LISLA LIUFAU, ALLEN LLAMAS, SALVADOR LONG, DANIEL LOPEZ, EVA LOPEZ, JOE LOPEZ, PEDRO LOVE, DWAYNE LUJAN, PAUL MADISON, DOTTIE MAHONTY, ANN MALCOM, MIKE MARES, CARLOS MARES, SANDRA MARTIN, MICHELE MARTINEZ, CAROL MARTINEZ, ELSIEO MARTINEZ, EUNICE MARTINEZ, MARK MATTHEWS, TERESA mayronne, recinale McCarthy, pat McCURK, MIKE McQueen, steve | mendez, carmen mendez, jaime mercer, be ' erly MEZA, CARLOS MEZA, JOSE MEZ; , ROBERT MILLER, DAVID MIMS, CLAUDE MITCHELL, SHEILA MOLINAR, SONL Sophomores 73 And Reviving a Successful MONDRACON, ARMANDO MONTANEZ, ROSA MONIES, JESUS • OORE, CUYLENE ORALES, EDDIE ORENO, EDDIE ' ORFJ JO, NANCY MOSS, KAYE l EH MUNCIA, RAYMONT) MYERS, ROBIN NAVARRO, ROCELIO NEAL, RHETT NELSON, ARTHUR NELSON, CURT fA ' ILS, RICH RD KWJIOUSE, JACKIE .tVVroN. SHERRY NOUYEN, CHRISTINE NUNEX, JAVIER OCHOA, PATRICIA OLSON, I EN A OROSCO, LOUISE PADILLA, CARMEN PACAN, CARLOS PANCA, VINCENT PANIP1CIRICK, ELKE PARKS, JOE ' ' • Sophomores Christmas Dance PATTON, DAVID PEREZ, JOEY PEREZ, LINDA PEREZ, MINERVA PEREZ, ROSEMARY PEREZ, TERRI PERRY, RICKEY PIL-XM, NGA PICKENS, CATHY PIERCE, DON PIVARAL, JOSE PIVARAL, SIGFRIDO POPE, FRANCES POSTON, PATRINA POWELL, DELOIS PRICE, ELAINE PRICE, LETITIA PROMER, SHERRY RAMBO, ROBERT RAMIREZ, ELVIA RAMIREZ, HECTOR RAMIREZ, LOUIE RAMIREZ, MARTHA RANDALL, ARLEEN RAUBOLT, MARK RAWLS, JUDY RAY, TERRY RAZO, MIGUEL RENDON, MAR GOT REYES, AURELIA REYNA, ANETTE REYNOLDS, LORl Sophomores 75 The Sophomores Finished an Exciting Rice, Sandra Rios, Avclino Rivas, Gilbert Rivas, Jose Rivera, Ntario Rivers, Tim Roberto, Arthur Robertson, Theresa Robinson, Alfrcda Roblcdo, Andrew Robles, Ana Rocha, Daniel Rock, Melanie Roden, Paul Rodriguez, Carlos Rodriguez, John Rotlriguez, Manuela Roitriguez, Nora Rochm, Thcana Rogers, Calen Romero, Consejo Romero, Jcsut Rotas, Liz Rowe, Cheryl Ruiz, Gabriel Ruiz, Rcnato Russell, Tony Russell, Brcnda Riissoll, Dennis RiLMcll, John Russell, Julie 76 Sophomores and Profitable Year. Saina, Fiasili Saldana, Nadine Salera, Mazimo Salisbury, Sandra SanNicholas, Richard Sanchez, Jose Sanders, Diana Sandoval, Lydia Santana, Rebeca Santos, Ed Sanudo, Hector Savoy, Laurie Schmidt, Mike Schwermer, Dobra Scott, Karenlee Scott, Kimberlee Serrano, Gabriel Serrano, Maria Serrano, Ruben Segura, Yolanda Sevilla, Gloria Shipp, Yvette Shores, JoAnn Shum, John Sierra, Tommy Sii, David Silva, Hilario Simmons, Kelvin Simmons, Kimberly Simpson, Ann Sintora, Evil Smith, Denise Smith, Frank Smith, Keigh Smith, Mary Sophomores 77 With High Expectations They Looked Sparacio, Robert Stacey, Susan Steen, Debra Steen, Janet Steen, Janice Steen, Mike Stewlow, Dart Stilwcll, Jean Stone, Annette Story, Arthur Stradcr, Don Stratton, Vickie Streetcr, Samuel Strom, Eric Suana, Trcnto Tafi, Alittasi Tapia, Ruth Tiitreau, Leslie Tcllcz, Ranily Tcncila, Jose Thomas, Donna Tillman, Christine Tompkins, Melody Torres, John Trace, Mark Trader, Jessica Tran, Diep Trimm, Dwania Tripp, Cllstus Tristan, Bcatri Tuloto, Penney Urran, Steve Valailci, Jesus Van, Tuan Vanilcrlicldcii, Kris Vavra, Mike Vena, Elva Vcrgara, Maria Villascnor, Donato Villascnor, Raul Vu, Kim Wager, Donna Walker, C.ari Walker, Laura ' TfWZJ 78 Sophomores Forward to a Thrilling junior Year. Ward, Thomas Wharton, Dawn Wharton, Nina Wheeler, Mary White, Carl a White, Dana Williams, Paul Wilmore, Dinah Wilson, Brenda Wilson, Keith Wilson, Nathaniel Winters, Yvette Woodard, Freddie Woods, Diann Worchester, David Yonkey, Victor Young, Maria Young, Marvin Young, Sheldon Zaborowski, Karen Zamarrida, Rosa Zapata, Lisa Brown, Anita Byrd, Lawana Cenceros, Junior Cueuas, Sara DeAnda, Rosa Garcia, Olga Gonzalas, Mike Hansen, Jemx Hansen, Terry Johnson, James Lambaren, Anydimo Mitchell, Sheila Ortega, Michelle Palmer, Vincent Ramirez, Anna Reyes, Mike Rodriguez, Frank Romero, Antonio Serrano, Maria Shaw, Esther Simpson, Ann Sunaberg, Curtis Tafoya, Angle Thomas, Ann Walker, Robert Wells, Garry White, Carla Williams, Dorma Zintzun, Martha Zozaya, Mike Sophomores 79 The Freshmen Stood United The Freshman Class of 1980 finally got started with the election of class officers. They were President, Rosie Valenp ucla, Vice-presi- dent, Jan Caywood, Secretary-treasurer, Rosemary Barraza, Girls ' Student Relations, Eunice IDickerson, and Boys ' Student Relations, Ronnie Reeves. Class advisor was Mrs. Vivian Rantlall. ircslimen showed their spirit hy participating in Rec-nltcs, and cheering at pep assemblies. In Spirit Week, the class sponsored a Rairlng 20 ' s Day. The highlight of Homecoming was the crowning of their Princess, Rachelle Love, and their Prince, Zactiary Plerson. The freshman class was eager to prove that Its memlx?rs were equal to the uppcrclassmen. The class lias great potential and shows great promise as future leaders. (Left to Right) Rosie Barraa -Secretary -treas- urer, Ronnie Reeves- Boys ' Student Relations, Eunice Dickerson-Cirls ' Student Relations, Jan Caywood-V ice -president, Rosie Valcnzuela -Presi- dent. 80 Fresluiien Brave and Strong and Bold, ABDALLAH, NINA A BR ECO, JAMES ACOSTA, MAGGIE ADAMS, DAVID AFLLEJE, ALFRED AGUILERA, JOEL AKINS, APRIL ALCAREZ, JOE I ALEXANDER, CHERYL I ALMERAZ, NORMA AMARO, F.LENA TS ' WWflWlH ARELLANO, GABRIEL ARMSTRONG, ELAINE I ARMSTRONG, KAREN ' ARQUETTE, DOUG ARRFOL ' X, TERESA ARRIOLA, CARMEN ARUIZU, CONNIE ARZATE, CHARLIE ASIFOA, OLITA AVFLINO, GREG AVILA, JOSE AVILA, KAREN BALDEON, LENNOX BALDERRAMA, NICK BALIN, CARMELLA BARBA, DOLORES BARKER, KAREN BARKER, MICHELLE BARNES, JAMES BARNES, JEANNE BARNES, LENATTE BARNES, RAY BARNES, VERNA BARRAZA, ROSEMARY BARUCH, LISA BAXLEY, JIM BAYARD, CRYSTAL BECERRA, FERNANDO BELL, BRENDA BELMONTES, LINDA BELMONT ES, ROSEMARY BENNETT, HAZEL BILLUPS, SUE BLAKE, MARNITA BORBOA, ARTHUR Freshmen 81 Looking to the Future BOYD, GEORGE BRANNON, JO!C BRIERLY, MIKE BROOKS, EDRICK BROVVN, DIERDRE BROVVN, ED BRYANT, DAVID BRYANT, PAUL BUI TUAN, DANG BUNTON, MARCUS BURESH, DONALD BURKE, DEBBIE BUR RETT, PAUL CALLlti M, LEZLI C ALU HAM, SCOTT CAMANENA, JORGE CAMPBELL, DARNELI CAMPOS, BEATRICE CAMPOS, BERIHy CAMPOS, RICARDO CANALF , VANESSA CARCANO, SARAH CARMONA, ALEX CARMONA, CILBERl CARPENTER, ANDY CARRISUZ , DAVID CARVER, TINA CASPERITE, STEVE CASTANEDA, JOHN CASTRO, TOM CAYWOOD, JAN CELIS, ENRIQUE CERAVOLO, ALF51A CHACON, MARIA CHADVVICK, LINDA CMAIREZ, ARNOLD CIMVEZ, STEVENCm CHirWOOD, KEN CflRISINER, DONALD CL RK, ALOERINE CUNRK. MARIANNE CLARK, MICHvXEL CL RK, RUSS CLINCY. JANET 82 Freshmen Jl With Dreams of Blue and Gold CO BO, ANGEL COHN, KI 4BERLY COLE, EDWARD COLE, TERRI COLEMAN, YOKO COLES, MELANIE COLLINS, ANNETTE COLUNS, CATHY COLLINS, DARRELL COLLINS, DEBBIE COOK, MIKE COOKS, ANGEL COON, LARRY COOPER, LORI CORONA, CESAR CORPREW, JEFF CORRLA, ROSA CORTEZ, RACHELLE CORTEZ, ROGER COULTER, CHUCK CRANDALL, DANIEL , CRANDALL, DAVID I CRAWFORD, ANETTEl CRAWFORD, ' JANETTE CRESS, TERRY DAVIS, DARRYL , DA aS, DEBBIE I DE LA RIVA, JUANITA DE LOS SANTOS, DAVE DE SANTIAGO, FRANK DECKER, RODNEY DELGADO, TED DELKER, KATHY DELTORO, FRUCTUOSO DEMYERS, JACQUELINE DEYO, SPENCER DIAZ, HELEN DIAZ, LETICIA DICKERSON, EUNICE DICKERSON, MAURICE DIXON, CYNTHIA Freshmen 83 DIZON, DANIEL DORE, BOB DORSEY, CEORCE DUNHAM, CLIF7 DUNLAP, nCKlE DUPREE, LOUIE DURAN, RICHARD DURAND, SANDRA IP) WARDS, SI tLSON, DEBRA ESCARCECA, EbMNE ESQUIVEL, FRANCISCO FABRI IO, CHRIS FAIRRES, CU Y FERDINANDO, ROGER FERNANDEZ, AN ' IOINETTE FERNANDEZ, FELIX FERNANDO, ANALIZ FIFRRO, RICK FLORES, BERTH FLO RES, ERNESTO FLORFS, ROBERTA FLOYD, DONNA FORD, DERYOL FOR O ACS, EVA FORKUM, CHARLOTTE FORKUM, CHRIS FRANCO, CREC FRANKUN, NATHAN FRANKS, MARY FRIFSON, SUS N FRONSMAN, CARL FROST, JEFF FUFRTE. ZEF FUNES, FRANCISCO niRNACE, CAROLYN CAINES, JENNIFFR CALLEOOS, JESS CANT. STANLEY CARCIA. ANNA GARCIA, CONCEPCION CARCIA. ISIDORA CARCIA, MARGO CARCIA, MICHAEL GARCIA, ROGER c ' " A cARZA MARK GATHER. ROBERI GIBbON, DKNISE GIJ.ASON, i. ' I.lITORD GIJ-.NN, GVVENDOL ' i ' N GLF IN, RIIA GOMEZ, RICARDO GONU- 7. ROBER lO They Showed the Upperclassmen I WTT r«s I 84 Freshmen They Couldn ' t Be Put Down CONMLES, EVELYN GONA2XES, MARY GONZALEZ, ARTURO COODINE, DENNIS GRACE, KEVIN GROOM, BRYANT GUTHERY, JAMES CUNTER, HARRY HALL, GWEN HANNA , MARK HARDEMAN, BRIDGETT HARDY, DARRYL HARRIS, TIMOTHY HEJNY, MIKE HENDERSON, TERESSA HENNING, PAUL HERNANDEZ, CHRIS HERNANDEZ HERNANDEZ CARLOS HERNANDEZ, HERNANDEZ ERMA JOSE OSCAR HERNANDEZ, RAUL HERRINGTON, DONNA HEYER, CORINA HIGGS, JEFF HIGGS, SANDY HIGHTOWER, DONALD HILBERN, PAM HILEMAN, DOLORES HILL, GEORGE HIRSCH, JUDY HOBEL, KEVIN HOFFLINGER, TERRY HOLD EM AN, CHARLES HOLLINS, BRENDA HOLLIS, CHy RLES HOLMES, FELICIA HORN, LIONEL HORNE, SHERRY HOSEY, TERRY HOUK, JAMES HOWERTON, TRACY HUDDLESTON, RICHARD HUGHES, MARLA HUIZAR, GILBERT HUMPHREY, MARTIN lACOVINO, CLAIRANN IBACH, MIKE Freshmen 85 JUNES, FRANK pNES, MICIELLE KAfULKinU, SCOTIIE KAIj FUT. ROBERT KAUFFMAN, FflLDA KFXLY, FLE NOR KELLY, VVILLIE KIM, BAEKLAN KIM, DON KOPITCH, ALEX KOUTSOUDIS, KIM KRIECER, LYNDA KUE, YER LAKIBERT, BARBARA b )lRE, LINDA LANDRY, PAUL LANC, KE THKR LARA. YOLANDA LARSON, ERIC LEON, OABRIELA LFPSLEY, DENn A LEWIS, AN I liONY LEWIS, RAY LILLY, ROBERT UNDSEY, IJ-E UUFAl), PATRICIA LOBATO. JOIIN LONG, PAMELA LOPEZ, CARMEUTA LOPEZ, LILIBETll LOPE , REMfU LOPEZ, SARAS LOVE, R AC HELIX LUCE, ROBERT LUCIEN, GEOFFREY 86 Freshmen And With a Lot of Spirit JACKSON, BONNIE JACKSON, CARLTON JANCO, LEOPALDO JIM INEZ, I JELDA JOHL, MARCARETE ____ m JOHNSON, DENNIS JOHNSON, FRED JOHNSON, JACOB JOHNSON, L TR1CIA JOHNSON, RONALD JOHNSTON, TERESA JONES, ALBERT JONES, CAROLYN PNES, CLIFF JONES, DONOVAN l W EE M K A Their Prince and Princess Crowned. W V LUPARDO, VIRGINIA LUTALI, ARTHUR LYNCH, LAMONTE LYNCH, STEPHANIE LYNCH, WILLIAM MACIAS, GABRIEL MALTOS, MARIA MANNING, BONNIE MANSFIELD, TOMMY MARQUE2, JAIME MARQUEZ, LARRY MARTINEZ, ROSA MARTINEZ, TERRY MARTINEZ, TONY MARTINEZ, YVONNE MAXWELL, CHARLES MCCARTY, DOUG MCNEIL, CONCHITA MCQUEEN, MONICA MCWHORTER, PSALMS MEDINA, TINA MEHAFFEY, STAGEY MENDIVIL, CARMEN MERCER, BONNIE MEZA, ROBERTA MILLER, JOHN MILLS, LAMON MILLS, ROLAND MISIUK, DEBBIE MOLINA, JESSE MONTANEZ, ANNA MONTES, MARY MOON, KEN MORALES, ELVIA MORALES, MARTA MORALES, MONICA MORALEZ, ANTHONY MOREHv RT, CAROLYN MORENO, APRIL MORENO, MARLA MORRIS, RICHARD MOYER, FRANK MUNGIA, ROSIE MUNOZ, GUS NAE. , NUUMAU NAVARRO, LITZA NEAL, MONTIE . Freshmen 87 They Laughed; They Cried; NELLON, CHEROL NELSON, MIKE NEMONS, DAVID NTRHUS, TOM NEWTON, DKBBIE NGUYEN, PAUL NOBLES, JACQUELINE NOLASCO, MARK NORBY, NANCY NUNEZ, ALEX NUNEZ, ANA NUNKZ, SILVIA 0 ' BR1FJ J, UNDA O ' CONNER, TERRY OLAIZ, RICKEY ORTIZ, DARLENE ORTIZ, GORDON OVERTON, CLIFFORD PALELEI, MAKERITA PAVAO, GEORGF PFARSAII. noRFRT PEREZ, ARMANDO PI R KINS, HOMER PERONT, SCOTT PETERSON, MILLICENT PFfTFER, KIRK PHILLIPS, JUANITA PICKFORD, DEWAYNE PIERSON, ZjXCHARY PII-AVVSKI, BILL P1ROIX5, JILL PUTS, FELLA PLMT, CRAIG PORRAS, STEPHEN PRICE, ANDRE PRICE, CYRIL QUINN, STEVE QUIRI VN. JUAN RADILLO, RICHARD RAFAEL. MARIE RAMIREZ, LEIICIA RAMIFRIZ, LORENZO RAMIREZ, MYRA RAMOS, ROSE RAMOS, SHERRY RE A, CESAR RflEP, LOREF REIVES, RONALD REQUFJ A, LUIS RICHARDSON, VVAND RIOS, NIARY RIVAS, GLORIA RIVAS, MANUEL RIVERA, SAMUEL ROliERTSON, DENNIS ROBLEDO. ANITA 88 Frcshntcii i lva r iiJTT ' f nS i Sllfl ] «A k They Shouted Out Loud ROBLES, MARIA ROCMA, LISA ROCK, EMMANUEL RODARTE, ANNA RODRIGUEZ, JESSE RODRIGUEZ, LOURDES RODRIGUEZ. MONICA RODRIGUEZ, ROBERT RODRIGUEZ, SANDRA ROD ND, RENNETTA ROLDAN, VERONICA ROMO, CECILIA ROOKS, TOM ROSNICK, MERLE ROSSER, BRENDA ROSSER, DEBI ROTONDO, MARCY RUELAS, CHARLOTTE RUHL, DEBI RUIZ, RAMON SALAZy R, FRANCIS SALAZ R, SANDRA SALDIVAR, PATTY SALERA, VITALIANO SAMUELS, MICHAEL SANCHEZ, ALFREDO SANCHEZ, ELIZABETH SANCHEZ, MANUEL SANDOVAT., VERONICA SANTOS, DONNA SEDIG, BRENDA SEGURA, DENISE SERRANO, EDDIE SERRANO, LURDEZ SEVERI, DAVID SMELSER, PATRICIA SMITH, ANNITA SMITH, PAUL SMITH, TERESA STACHE, TOM STANSBURY, EDWIN STEEN, CHRIS STEWART, JEANETTE STEVVLOW, DAVID STOKES, RICKY STONE, NANCY STORY, VIVIAN STRIBUNC, JACK STUBBS, JOANNE SIJMAMPOW, LAURA SUMNER, DAVID SUTCLIFFE, LEE SUTHERL ND, BtCKY SUZUKI, JERRY SWINDKLL, CALEPH TALIAFERRO, MIS lY TAYLOR, BRENDA THACKER, RUTH THOi:, MARIO THOMAS, CbX TON IHOMAS, PM1EL( THOMAS, WILLIS THOMPKINS, RICKY THONIPSON, TOMMY THUNE, CINDY TORCESON, b NCE TOWNES, JO NNE TRIPP, ORECORY TRUJILLO, ANISE VANO, KHOUA VALADE , MIOUEL VALENCIA, PATSY VALENAIEU, JKSUS V LfaM UFL , ROSIK -i DA N ARLINE, •■IP .1 Vbv.A. LtllClA (. ' FRONICK, TONI IMA, !.FI A. ; KI.U, I ION. EVANOEUNA roUARDO IRIS IVAN SANDY DAVID The Mighty Class of ' 80 ' " ■ff 90 FrcsJuncn Proved That They Were Proud. WARD, PATRICIA WATROOS, SAM WAY, SUSAN WEBER, MELISSA WEEKLEY, CHERYL WEIR, GARY WHITE, DAVID WHITE, MIKE WHITE, PAUL I WHITEHEAD, LENNISI WIETRICK, SHERRI WILLIAMS, ANDWIN WILLIAMS, BEVERLY! WILLIAMS, BOBBY WILLIAMS, PARIS WILLIAMS, SANDY i WILLIAMS, SHELTON ' WOLFE, LAURIE WOODARD, ANNETTl WOODS, K THY WOOLERY, JANICE WRIGHT, DAPHNE WRIGHT, TOM YOKOYAMA, MOTOKO YOUNG, CARMELD YOUNG, JANISE YOUNG, RENEE YOUNG, RENITA Freshmen 91 $ V I T I E s • ,1 M Vb X i Band and Drill Team Showed Knf cling: (From Left lo Kight) C. Bayard, C. Elson, J. Bott, M. Barker, J. Newhouse, J. Towns, D. Ontiveros, First Row: E. Webster, T. Ru«cll, I). NemotB, D. Mottar, C. Franco, A. Afllejc, C. Thompson, C. Bonds, M. Yokoyama, C. Allen, F. Johnson, S. Salisbury, C. Forkum, O. LaRue, R. Walker, R. King, Second Row: S. Holston, J. Marque?, K. Castillo, D. White, M. Perez, S. Russell, B. Russell, T. Weant, C. King, T. Tompkins, K. Hoag, S. Stacey, C. Stache, T. Caldcron, Third Row: C. Hummel, V. Hardeman, L. Horn, B. Kelly, I. Handy, M. Bonds, P. McVVhorter, T. Cress, P. Smelscr, C. Anderson, S. Smith, F. Juarez, T. Roehm, Fourth Row: R. Abraham, P. Hilbum, C. Hummel, S. Wells, E. Kang, R. Serrano, C. Garrett, F. Santana, P. Shaw, B. Sutherland, D. Thacker, J. Pere:, M. Hermann, Y. Smith, P. Gomez, C. Kearney, S. Abbe, Last Row: R. Payne, T. Corey, J. Smelser, F. Rodriguez, A. Kopitch, R. Ifilburn, D. Boko«k ' , 1.. Undsey, W ' . Thomas, S. Andrews, A. Bos, C. Partridge, R. Lopez, M. Franco, C. Moore, L. Mocriss, Advisor, Mr. Campbell. 1 . II.iikI porf onu - inccs were an important part of tlio h.ilftimc V crcmonics. :. At the West- minister parade, allcy ' s outstand- II ' - l nnd placed lid (good Pride and Achievement Drill Team members: (Left To Right), Front Row, Akemi Philbrick, Amia Ramirez, Carrie Dimas, Janelle Finley, Debbie Rucker, Cathy Barber, Barbara Adams, Diane Lujan, Back Row, Judy Adams, Pat Jackson, Susie Diaz, Annette Barnes, Dot Franklin, Linda Seding, Yvonne Lorenz, Angle Grace, Pam Johnson, and Lisa Pfeffer. I 1 . Drill team member Linda Sedig, performs during pep assembly. 2. Debra: " Hi Mom!!! " Richard: " Hi Mom??? " (strange. . .) 3 . Hard working color guards take a break while participat- ing in parade. This year ' s band, drill team, and color guards were the best yet! Besides winning numerous awards for their performances, they were a special addition to Valley ' s sports events and as- semblies. Their hard work and dedication proved to be worth- while. They received top honors in many parades and were con- sistent in placing first through- out the year. Activities 95 IK V » Lettcrettcs: (From Left to Right) Joanne Towncs, Cheri Elson, Crystal Bayard, Brencia Sedig, Mona Barker, Jean Bott, Jackie Newhouse, and Diana Ontiveros. I Drum Major: Richard King 1. Color guards perform in West- minister parade. 2. We ' ve got that beat. . . that soul beat! 3. Russell Hilburn calls time- out???? I[ t M I k ft The Air Was Filled With Music! choir members: (First Row) Sandy Fitzpatrick, Eva Forgacs, Antionette Fernandez, Susan Tate, Tien Trinh, Galen Rogers, Margarete ]ohl, Daphine Wright, Jennifer Conner, Mary Arm Rios, Cheryl Rowe, (Second Row) Susan Forgacs, Cathy Landry, Julia Johnson, Linda O ' Brien, Ruben Serrano, Paul Landry, Jacqueline Nobles, Denice Gibson, Marnita Blake, Cindy Bain, Ruth Thacker, (Third Row) Vicki Garcia, Liz Borreson, Debi Ruhl, Susan Fairchild, Mike Fitzpatrick, Darrel Autor, Robin Myers, Cheri Elson, Karen Avila, Beverly Williams, (Fourth Row) Mary Johnson, Sharon Smith, Sharon Alaman, Kathy Woods, Rafael Llamas, Richard Martinez, Cindy King, Patricia Weant, (Back Row) Roberta Culver, Carla Wright, Tom Trent, Paul Tapia, Bridgett Franklin, Crystal Partridge, and Mr. Manuel Palacio. Activities 97 Head Songleader: Karen Tucker Songleaders: (Top) Sabrina Carey, Karen Tucker, Nina Perez, (Middle) Sheila Tiley, Denise Thompson, Laurie Wing, Selina CelzhUer, Kim Stansell, (Bottom) Monica Barnes. Junior Varsity Chccrlcaden: (Top) Debbie Camp, Monica_AguiiWi Donna Wager, (Bottom) Mlchl Celzhtser, Karen Scott, Mandy Coult« rTVncc A " rtarei. S 98 Activities f m I Pep Squad: A Playground of Happiness. . Varsity Cheerleaders: (Top) Carla Mack, Carlene Ingram, Pam Peralta, (Middle) Andy Trujillo, Gina Campbell, Beth Raubolt, Denise Denson, (Bottom) Cathy Camp, Sue Tremaine, Monica Silbas. Activities 99 mmmmmm m sjmn Mjoniijuicrru ri TTia x i ' Cyrvruu -pKX-hJU 7(J-77 ro Shau Tij, doiiu KaxJxelL Homecoming was a time to remember. During the week of Homecoming, many activities were j held. Students showed their spirit by participating in ; the dress -up days, such as: Kiddies Day, 50 ' s day, " Goodest Friends " Day, Levi ' s Day, and Blue and j Gold Day. During the lunches, the popular activity was " getting hitched " . For only 25(;i, you could marry your " high school sweetheart " . Other activities at | lunch included: tricycle races, the ice cream eating contest, cake walk, and the auctioning off of teach- ers. I At the Homecoming assembly, candidates for | King and Queen were introduced. This was the first j time in Valley ' s history that there were King and ' Prince elections. Many guys participated, and it was ] an overall success! The Homecoming game was filled with excitement, tension, and lots of spirit!!! The Falcons pulled out a tough victory over Villa Park, with the final score : of 21-14. ' I During the halftime ceremonies, fireworks lit ! up the sky, revealing the names of the 1976-77 ' Homecoming King and Queen. The Royal Court added ; to the glamour and class of the spectacular half- ; time crowning. Homecoming will always be a bright memory to the mighty class of ' 77. . yi Activities 101 Kic Homecoming Left Memories 1 ho Falcon faixs wcri- lirccl-up for the game! Excitement and tension made the victory over Villa Park a memorable one. . . Last year ' s queen presents Queen Janet McCarty with roses during the half-time ceremony. Tricycle races highlight the Spirit Week Activities. The Kangaroo Court finds Janis Smelser guilty of being a " surfer girl. " V Spirit Week marriaRos were a great success! (After all, getting Wtchcd for .aSt isn ' t all that Ud! ! ???) 102 Activities in Our Hearts King Shawn Coles makes his entrance in the Homecoming assembly. , The Kangaroo Co ujir ' l ' - " ag isted of : ludge-Rick Ward, Bailiff-VJ Loverof nd Pros- ecuting Attorney-Keith Kennedy. Pep Squad knd alumni help to raise the spirit " SKY-HIGH " at the Homecoming game! ! Activities 103 ' ' Student Council Provided Leadership Mr Howard Booker ASB omCERS Prcfidcnt: .Vlarya Atlamc (1st semester) Cathy Camp (2nd semester) Secretary: Judy Strong COMMISSIONERS Att..mhli-t; n. metrius Harris Athletics: Girls -Tofa Pola Boys- Robert Castro Finance: Rosalinda Reyes Pop: Andy Trujlllio Piibliiit ' : Ignacio Acosta STUDENT RELATIONS C.A.S.C.! Girl -Mary Hermann Boy -Greg Hummel I.C.C.: Jeff Jones Charles Gn csda tilj ' LUJgUc Frjiiiacnt-O l orla Urlaj J CLASS omCERS S enior Prarid t.-ii(L£»Jtim VaicauicLi— Vice trcsident: Sandy Espan-i S.i - trca$urcr: Monica Sllbas luni ■: rr.- ulcnt: Avis PliilUfis lit: Patricia Begay ' ••■ ■isiu ' cr: Vlckl Houghton ; ii i lent: Anna Ramirez ir.-.hiMin I ' r.- .1 i,-nt: Rose V ' alenzucla Student Activities Director: Howard Booker 1 ' VI Sports This year ' s Student Council worked hard to promote school unity, pride, and involvement among students. They sponsored many success- ful dances, in which even ' student was invited to " Ixjogie to the disco " or " rock around the clock " (depending on the type of dance). The Coun- cil planned each daiice, chose the bands, and even decided the type of dress: " decked out " or casual. They also brought the sciiool alive l y organizing the aiuiual Spirit Week, which Included lunch time activities and special dress -up days. The Student Council kept busy throughout the year. Their EFFORTS and DF.DICATION, along witli the guidance of Mr. Howard Booker, were an important part in making the 1976-77 scliool year one of the best yet!!! t Cl cJt Three heads are better than one (sometimes). Gloria Urias worked hard with Girls ' League activities. ; I bbssf ' 77 ' Mary Hermann, Mary Hermann, j Anna: " Oh Iggy, you say the cutest things. " Ignacio: " Aw, shucks! " Activities 105 Assemblies Highlighted (, Assemblies of all types made this year one of the greatesti Pep assemblies brought out the spirit in everyone, as the pep squad performed skits and cheers, and each class competed for the spirit stick. Sllcked-back hair, high ponytails, bobby socks, and saddle shoes were all a part of a memorable oldies assembly. Students twisted and bunny-hopped to shaboom sounds, getting in shape for the oldies dance that night. ' ITie homecoming assembly featuretl the glamor of the royalty, along with the annual Kangaroo Court, Many students, and faculty members, were accused of all kinds of outrageous actions, and were brought to trial in front of the whole school. During Black History Week, there was a special assembly. The BSD King and Queen were introduced, and speeclies given by various distinguisheti guests. Students showed much pride and reverence as Trini Maxwell, accompanied by Mrs. Beverly Hill, sang the Black National Anthem, " Lift Every Voice and Sing " . Assemblies were an Important part in raising spirit and making the year an over all successi School Activities 107 Spirit Week Was Great! During lunch, elections were held for the " Most Handsomest Men " on campus. The sunchvich eating contest was a luitcli-timc activity (cat your heart out). iJ K 1 1 jt ■ »:. r: ' -w. Kathy Davis and Patty Bergen participate in the " Coodest Friends " drcss-up day. Student Council sponsored an ice cream eating contest (yum! ). Cheerleaders modeled the styles of the 50 ' s. 108 Activities Rec-Nites Jumped! Hang in there. . .Friday ' s comin ' ! ! ! Rec-nite was a time for students to get together and have a good time. » r.. f I p wt?.---?- - ----- v : ' r.rf;:,, ' Al our oavs. Volleyball was a popular rec-nite sport. " I ' m not really lonely; I ' m just kickin ' back! Basketball hoopers filled the courts at rec-nites. 109 The California Sun Lightened ZSttdLS tXi. The Spirits of the Falcons State Was Great! Bertha Valenzuela Seniors Bertha Valenzuela and Gilbert Segovia represented Valley at State this year. The vlinic was held in Sacramento in order to show the young people how the government functions on various levels. The students were chosen to represent Valley because of their interest in Valley ' s welfare and their aca- demic achievements. Girls ' State Representative, Bertha Valenzuela commented on her experiences. " It was such a great ex- perience that if someone wouki A come up to me anil p jj jbn ask me about ttie -T ' ' Jf -s-4- -. experi ences Sacramento . Sacrainciito, 1 think 1 would have a ilifficult time explaining. " I got so emotionally involved with everythingwediil up there, that on my last day 1 couldn ' t help crying when our last meeting with all 524 girls came to in end, " Saying goodbye to some of the girls was hard. " 1 iiope that the next girl to represent Valley will not be too frigiitened. " I went to a place that I had never seen before and met people from all over Califor nia. For that 1 am grateful, " If someone were to ask me what I learned, mv answer would be, ' There are no iilbert SegovTa Boys ' State Representative Bertha Valemucla " Iris State ivr T Strangers in this world, only friends that have never met before. ' " " Thank you and I hope that I have represented Valley well. " Bertha Valenzuela Valley Seniors Participated in 1976 O.C.A.D. On November 20, representatives from over 30 schools met at Troy High School to compete in the 1976 Orange County Academic Decathlon. Representatives from Valley included Gordon Hummel and Susie De Groot, who competed in the Honors Division, Greg Hummel and Lisa Pfeffer who competed in the Scholastic Division, and Ray Dimas and Monica Silbas who competed in the Varsity Division. The participants worked diligently ahead of time to prepare for this event. Their advisor was Mrs. K. Taylor. They received certificates at the Awards Banquet. OCAD participants (L-R) L. Pfeffer, ' . Hummel, M. Silbas, G. Hummel, S. De Groot. A.F.S. Broadened Horizons i tf 1 PI- -V t Sergio Dansilio Uruguay Maria Palacios Venezuela Oystein Lind Sweden isilio, the ' 76- studeriWrom Uru- life and ican cer palacios, 18 years by way Oysteii lffid came. Valley fro|n Sweden viVthe SISE prosKSLm. An IS Iar old, Oy ein enjoip ading, skiingVtennis, JBd handball. FroMrOrnskolc ik, Sweden, he Ited with KeV nd Susan Bohqfm. 9 I Academics 113 1 14 AcM iciiiici r r December Deserving Seniors Received Monthly Honors 1976 - 1977 Bovs and Girls of the Month OCTOBER: Tony Barraza: Varsity football Marya Adame: ASB President (first semester) NOVEMBER: Ignacio Acosta: Commissioner of Publicity Sabrina Carey: 1976 Homecoming Princess Darrell Autor: Represented Orange County at 1976 State Speech Tournament dgnifitcius Harris: Commissioner of Assemblies JANUA rYI ■ ■ Robert Castro: Commissioner of Boys ' Athletics Mnni C-g Silh as: Senior Class Secretary -treasurer ndy HarrebonT V arsit y football jn j ha etba Bjertka-ValenzuelaT " i enior Olass President MARCH: Greg Hummel: CASC representative Janet McCarty: 1976 Homecoming Queen APRIL: Reggie West: Varsity football Karen Tucker: Head Songleader MAY : Randy Thompson: 1976 Homecoming Prince Rosalinda Reyes: Commissioner of Finance JUNE: Gordon Hummel: Band Council President Cathy Camp: ASB President (2nd Semester) Debbie Russell: 1975-76 BSU Queen Academics 115 CSF Exemplified Academic Scjlbcarcrs Powers, Crc Included: Ntary g Hummel and Hermann, Cordon Hummel, Dldi Chisum, Paul Tapia, Donna Susie dc Croot. First semester CSF con- sisted of 45 members. The members represented high academic standards on Valley ' s campus. Students became eligible to join CSF when they earned 10 CSF points in the first semester. California Scholastic Federation members were led by first semester Presi- dent Mary Hermann, Vice- president Gordon Hummel, Secretary Didi Chisum and Treasurer Steve Wells. Se Second semester members were led by President Greg Hummel, Vice-president Randy Baldwin, Secretary Terry Mulcahy and Treasurer Steve Frieson. First semester members included:!. Acosta, M. Adame, V. Carrillo, D. Chisum, S. de Groot, M. Fiduccia, M. Hermann, G. 1 16 Academics IH ' m ; Top Seniors Recognized by Bank of America Standards Hummel, G. Hummel, R. Johnson, C. Kinnel, I. Llamas, L. Pfeffer, D. Powers and P, Tapia. Juniors: M, Cole, C. Crawford, S. Frieson, S. Guillory, K. Jones, E. Kukier, R. Newhouse, C. Redding, C. Stache, D. Thacker, C. Thoe and S. Wells. Sophomores: J. Allsep, C. Baum, S. Brokaw, D. Camp, M. Coulter, M. Gelzhiser, S. Llamas, Y. Lorenz, G. Moore, T. Mulcahy, A. Petherbridge, E, Ramirez, S. Salisbury, R. Santana, K. Smith, D. Trimm, D. Wager, and G. Walker. Sealbearers included: D. Chisum, S. de Groot, M. Fiduccia, M. Hermann, G. Hummel, G. Hummel, D. Powers and P. Tapia. These Students earned the title of Sealbearer by being in CSF four semesters, one of which was in their senior year. Science and Math W. Gordon Hummel Vocational Arts Jose Espinoza Fine Arts Richard Abraham Liberal Arts Susie de Groot Academics 117 New Administrators The advent of the 1976-77 school year brought a new admin- istrative staff to the campus. Ivan McKinney, former vice- principal, accepted the position of principal and doubled his duties and responsibilities. Remijo Alvarez came to Val- ley from L.A. as Assistant- principal of Student Services. His new ideas brought a change of pace to the Valley campus. Es- pecially successful were the campus sweeps. Ron Stoker became Assistant- principal of t ' urriculum and worked diligently to promote bet- ter courses of study. The faculty worked hard to have a great year. The experi- ence of the veteran teachers and the novel ideas of the new teach- ers ijiade the year a total success. Ci .- J Principal ' r. Iv.Mi McKinnov 1. Mr. Rcmljo Alvarez 2. Mr. Ron Slokrr 3. Mr. v. ' .cnc Kjuj 4. Mr. Ilowjnl Booker 5. Mr. Paul Huston 118 Kaculty Faced Many Challenges •III k » I.I- mf ' m ' Mr ' 1 4ct5 iJ» ' I t ■ Seniors Remember the Guidance They i B. Beriuni English Secretaries; Back Row L-R, R. Rivas, K. Korsbeck, P, Granados, C. Sparrow, B. McRac, C. Lenz, L. Miner, D. Murray. Front Row L-R, A. Soria, M. Ntycrs, R. Crackel, K. Richardson. B. Beasley 1-- ' ••. ' -■ i! Arts M. xl.-.x.UKlcr MCM Science L. Allison Business Win. AiiJcrson ROP CC A. lUbcr Social Science C lUviii Industrial Arts !i y M ;» .- 4.,, v Received From Their Counselors, y L. Bratcher ESL S. Briggs Swiss R. Brown Psychology - - ' ■ ' Mr. John Williams-Head Counselor Mrs. Toni Stednitz-L-Ri Mrs. Beverly Hill-Rj-Z R. Campell Music Mrs. Jordin-E-K Mr. Diaz-A-D A. Chacon Athletics J. Conner Home Economics Faculty Taught Diligently. B. FUher Social Science S. Cenovese Foreign Language S. Gillespie Social Sciences B. Classman English S, Graham English D. Gmmblatt Social Science o V H. Hall English Educational L ri Govt. -Car. Dev. M. Hoyer Math T. Hotiiball ESL Say Cheese! R. Hill thl.tic;. Math b. ll.inini|UiSt Athletics Arts P. Herron Math n. Hill Counselor SJt- R. Jensen Athjetics D. Jerauld Spanish M . Kinsey Am. Lit., Am. Govt. Values Were Stressed. ■•■» " Waterloo is nigh. " I P. Kelley Special Education " Soccer Toe " Bratcher Rides Again C. Kuhlman Hmking. F. Lammers Health Science R. Lovert Power Mach. - iiit-j i Where ' s your nest, cuckoo? feS S What dM you say ? V. ' . I IIC.IS P.E., Health NUth ,0 Ktift. , Am. Lit. 11. N .irliii Math, Trig. , Alg. Eng. , Coach Vft " • ; ' " ' t C A H. Musick P.E., Athletics IS M p. Murtland Hmking. , Pcich. Liv, S. Mullins Special Education B. Mills r.LTvt. , Fcon., U.S. Hist. L. Meyer Ccrman, Math, Eng. Duoc Linh Nguyen ESL-A iH C. Olsen P.E. , Psychology B. O ' Neil St. Reg., Health )- •v k ' Jc ■ W mt p ' N w;J I Security Was Enforced. M. Palacio Guitar, Piano, Ath. Ron Lievanos Al Garcia B. Render Ath., Power Mech. S. Rhone Alge. , Gen. Math J. Riehle P.E. Pep Squad Teachers Will Be Remembered t,. SJtrappc Amer. Iss. Soc. , Anth. E. Stuckoy Eng. , Jour. , Yrbk. K. Taylor Language L. Terhorst Reading % ' S« 3..1 ' i 1H U : C| ■ Ifl iiV ' ' Cafeteria Routh, A Kinard, 1 Manville Workers: E. Winters, R. Mitchell, G. . Wager, A. Bennett, O. Jones, L. . Myer, S. Colvez, L. Smith, C. 1. Rose, J. Stephens, L. Combs. % ?, ' J I Ben I laley Jr. Athletics pM| y B. Zimmer Car Dev. D. Young Eng. , St. Req. C. Thatcher hOJRSE W. Jordan and J. Block Stage Manager S. Hyslop A . Winer Librarian K. lacker Ath. , Wood J. Vincent Alg. , Gen. Math c- ' A " 4 " rf ' ' li V tu-Zca tyu ui A - 6; C ' M ' : - - . t - {Aj Ui AiJ ' ic. O Cjc— ,.y L7 -V ' ' ..A f cX Chtj - ( L- 7 JlJlC J .-J- J - I L i Cyf -- . ci-i yy U ' ' ' V s r - g5i- L " 77- Talent Made the Talon This years TALON STAFF proved to be one of the best ever in the history of the school. Under the supervision of Mrs. Elaine Stuckey, the staff combined talent and creativity to produce an informative and memorable TALON. Editors spent time and effort to make deadlines. Photographers did their best to make quality pictures and included the Valley Student Body. As a whole, each staff member contributed to make this TALON a super yearbook. In order to coincide with the theme, this year ' s staff took their pictures at the Ruben E. Lee in Newport Beach. Joseph Edwards Editor-in-Chief i Siii; UrauJciiburger Senior Editor V.J. Lovero Head Photographer Kim Stansell Junior Editor Sue Russell Sophomore Editor Randy Baldwin and AUce Albuc Faculty Editors " " Richard King and Dan Bon Photographers Elaine Stuckey Adviser 132 Clubs Carla Mack-Vicki Houghton Club Editors MicM Gelzhiser Sports Editor Ken Hoffman-Dwayne Roberts Assistant Sports Editors andy Coulter -Debbie Camp Activities and Business Managers I Igna cio Acosta Artist Lisa Pfeffer Academics Editor Sandy Sedig-Tina Kocher Staff Susie DeGroot Advertisements Editor Clubs 133 tifififiii77i7 Speech Team Took Many Honors After working hard to perfect their speeches and attain good delivery, mem- bers of the Forensics Club went into many competitions and took many honors and trophies. The group gave much of their extra- curricular time on weekends and after school to make these honors possible. Advised h y Mr. Robert C lassman, the club includecK c. Armstrong I)D. Autor, T. Bain, S. Barker, I . (Jalderon, M. Cole, D. Collins, C. Crawford, C. lacovino, L. Johnson, F. Jones, K. Jones, R. Sparacio, and D. Wright. International Club Saw the Sights The International Club (A.F.S.) experienced a busy year. Sergio Dansilio, Oystein Lind, and Maria Palacio, the foreign exchange students at Valley, were hosted to a variety of events. The Club ' s field trips included t+ie Huntington Library, Disneyland, the San Bernadino mountains, a boat trip cruise around Newport Harbor, an Angels ' game, a picnic in Laguna Beach, and the Inter- national Club dinner. All in all, it was an exciting year. Members included: D. Autor, T. Carver, S. Dansilio, Z. Kearney, O. Lind, C. Pagen, A. Randall, J. Sutherland. Advisors were R. Brown, A. Cudahy, and R. Crackel. 134 Club 1 ! ITie Falcon Fashioners created the " You Got it Boutique " , and sponsored the marriage booth during homecom- ing week. They also participated in a fashion show and designed original • outfits. The Fashioners visited various fabric industries. They were led by President Rosalinda Reyes, Vice- I President Debora Rucker, Sec. Donna i MacKenzie, Tres. Lynn Bussie and Lana Bussie. j njjlg T.pagiip was led by president loxisAJxiecs . She was assisted by Rosalinda Reyes vice-president, Mary Hermann secretary, and Monica Silbas and Sylvia Leon treasurer. They started the year off with a car wash and a rec-nite. They provided baskets for the needy at Thanksgiving, sold candy canes at Christmas, buttons t and flowers on Valentine ' s Day, spon- sored the handsomest man on campus contest, sold rainbow suckers, candy bars, and See ' s suckers, and finished up the year with a banquet. L. Bussie, L. Bussie, S. Clincy, J. Finley, B. Garcia, T. Gonzalez, R. Grace, W. Hinton, M. Jackson, I. Jones, L. Lewis, D. MacKenzie, H. MacKenzie, B. Mercer, K. Moss, I. Paniptchuck, O. Price, R. Reyes, L. Renolds, V. Rodriquez, D. Rucker, S. Sagapoly, K. Scott, D. Schwermer, Y. Shipp, W. Tilly, D. Whitehead, S. Wildu. M. Adame, M. Aguilar, J. Adams, S. Alaman, G. Allen, D. Boyd, C. Camp, D, Chenall, D. Camp, 0. " Chisum, P. Cisneros, M. Coulter, S. Degroot, S. Diaz, D. Dension, C. Demas, N. Escudero, M. Flores, M. Garcia, M. Gelhizer, V. Hardeman, D. Harris, M. Hermann, J. Gutzan, V. Houghton, M Johnson, T. Kocher, K. Law, S. Leon, R, Leon, V. Leoa, T7 torSm, D. Mclaughlin, G. Moore, L. Pfeffer, Tjffllipsy M. Pruneda, A. Rameriz, A. Randall, C. Redding, A. Robles, R. Reyes, M. Rock, N, Rodriquez, V, Rodriquez, S. Russell, L. Sedig, J. Smelser, C. Steche, R. Shreve, M. Silbas, M. Stacey, C. Roberto, J. Strong, V - . Taylor,CG. ' Urias, B. ValenzueT?r; C. Hoag, N. Mungia, L. Rosas. 135 They Emphasized Community Service S. Alaman, M. Cole, V. Franks, H. Hall, E. Jara, T. Lambert, J. Nobles, C. Palacios, A. Robles, J. Thomas, D. Trimm, M. Welnlcki, P. Wclnicki, C. Wright, D. Wright, L Zapata This year ' s Keywanettes Club consisted of 16 members. Presi- dent Carla Wrigiit, Vice-president Judy Thomas, and Secretary- Treasurer Vicici Franks worked hard to make the club successful. Service to the community was given major emphasis by the mem- bers. On holidays the girls visited convalescent hospitals to bring cheer to the patients. Tlie entertained hospitalized children iiy presenting a play and l7y donating candy. Baskets of food for needy families were coUectetl and de- livered by these willing young women. TIjey also sponsored a car wash and bake sale to raise money and, at the end of the year, took a snow trip toCamp Vngclus. Advis- ors were Ms. Sue Rienderhoff and Ms. Holly Hall. 1 ii 136 Clubs Jt:- « — « Falcon Staff Checked the News v. c ru6- Vr i -i. ) ( • ' Z-: Under the able leadership of Jan Smelser, editor-in-chief, the Falcon staff worked diligently to publish the school paper bi-week- ly. The editors and reporters went to great lengths to uncover interesting and relevant stories. Editors included Susie deGroot, Ronnie Reeves, Deena Thacher, and Kim Stansell. Advisor was Mrs. Elaine Stuckev. ii y)ULiU C ' u ' ' J-C Clubs 137 They Followed the Snow ' ■1m! - Ski Club: M. Adame, O. Bryant, C. Camp, R. Crocker, S. Oansllio, S. DeCroot, J. Certzcn, C. Cnesda, H. Gunter, V. Hardeman, A ■Harrelion. I. Heinleln, P. Hchn ' , M. Hermann, E. Hcyer, S. Hulse, V. Houghton, T. Kocher, T. NUkles, A. Price, B. Price, A. Randall, M. Silbas, M. Slaughter, I . SB»H5c r.- L. Tatrcau,C£Ij2iiiv- B. Valenzuela, Advis- ors; .Vtr. CarySatrappc and Ntrt. Lisa Meyer. The 1970-77 Ski Club sold candy to raise money for their trip to the snow. Tliis one day event was held at Snow Valley. Even the beginning skiers en- joyed themselves. Although they had many bruises, they planned to return to the slopes at the next sight of snow. 138 Clubl Russel Led B.S.U. Wisely 1 . Regina Dickerson and Tony Pitts. 2. Janelle Finlay and Paul Chambers. 3. Renee Cooks and Shawn Coles. 4. Linda Bagby and Escort 5. Shuntele Andrews, John Lofton and Kim Law. 6. Jean Stewart and Mark Howard. 7. BSU King and Queen Regina Dickerson and Charles Chatman BSU members included, 1st Row: D. Russel, C. Ingram, S. Carey, A. Brown, M. Blake, R. Young Y. Winters, A. Barnes, L. Bagby, ' , 7 " ?HiITips M. Cole, N. Chambers. 2nd RowT Gains, J. Stewart, R. Cooks, G. Barnes, E. Coles, E. Madison, C. Dixton, G. Hall, T. Corprew. 3rd Row: M. Phillips, P. Shivers, J. Lofton, P. Davenport, E. Stansberry, C. Garrett, 4th Row: K. Harris, R. Dickerson, Bj__3ii£nette, J. Finley, P. Chambers, ( JTaylgr] J. Fergerson, C. Davenport, J. Hollins. B.S.U. was led by Debbie Russel. Ad- visers were: Judy Sampson, Oliver Lucas, Jimmy Howard, Shuntele Gardner, Clubs 139 Hollywood, Here They Come The Drama Club, under the direction of Ms. Sylvia Lee, presented two outstanding and con- temporary plays for entertainment. " One Flew Over the Cuckoo ' s Nest " and " West Side Story " demonstrated the fantastic ability of some of the many talented Falcons. Both productions took a great deal of time and effort on the part of the casts, txjt the final results exemplified w hat dili- gency can do. Members were: M. McKinncy, J. Southerlaml, R. Sparacio, D. Autor, L. Pfcffer, Greg Hummel, Gordon Hummel, T. Kline, C. Fabczio, R. Balclwin, G. Gomez, R. Hilbum, E. Bell, M. B. rkcr, T. Cordell, D. Rhul, S. Martin, T. Smith, and C. lacovino. Mr. Stu Hyslop wai invaluable to the club. I r Sports Clubs United Fans GIRLS ' FCXDTBALL CLUB: Back Row: S. Russell, L. Pfeffer, fM. Stac j P. Wong, K. Hoag, G. Moore, T. Roehm, S. Stacey, S. Alaman. Third Row: Coach R, Roper, S. Frieson, S. Hightower, C. Dimas, M. Brooks, H. Kauffman, C. Deyo, Fourth Row: Mary Hermann, K, Skelly, S. Brokaw, M, Rock, T, Corprew, M. Johnson, G. Allen, J. Bott, J. Newhouse, Front Row: J, Smejser, S. De Groot, G. Gomez, N. Perez, S. Carey, D. McLaughlin, K. Law, B. Franklin, P. Johnson. P ' o{X « i- Both Girls ' Football Club and the Cross Country Club spent their time trying to raise iiiterest in and money for their respective sports. They sold many items and attended almost all of the games to lend support to the players. Because of these spiritied young people, the participants in the games really felt as though people cared. CROSS COUNTRY CLUB: I. Acosta, G. Arellano, M. Bonds, C. Canal, T. Carver, A. Corey, D. Corona, B, Dekine, M. Duran, S. Diu ' an, W. Ibach, K. Law, B. Manning, K. Pfeffer, N. Rehtt, N. Romero, E. Salera, F. Salera, M. Salera, M. Silbas. Clubs 141 The Soccer Club ibers dedicated iiselves to pro- loting interest in le soccer team. To raise money for their extra-cur- ricular activities, :;ie members had car washes and sold envelopes for a company. Overnight camp- ing trips and a day at Knott ' s Berry Farm were a few of their activities. Members included: C. Rodriguez, A. Robledo, C. Rivaj, O Garcia, O. lojlca, R. Campos, R. Kamos, C. Garcia, I. Llamas, C. Gatia, R. Montanez, M. Gana, L. Ramirez, L. Herrera, H. Barron, R. Gomel, T. Valde Pena, S. Garza, B. Tristan, J. Mcza, G. londragon, A. Mondragon, C. Macias, L. Huerta, J. Rodriguez, V. Carillo. M. Rivas, M. Rodriguez, R. Richard, R. Campos, G. Rivas, C. Garcia, j. Fernandez, Donato Villasenor, J. Rivas, B. Espana, S. Lopez, M. Cardenas, P. Lopez, L. Caldeon, Y. Martinez, C. Garcia, Dinia Asusa, S. Llamas, C. Munoj, A. Scdano. Advisor Mrs. Dorothy Jerauld. They Cheered the Champions They Took Pride in Their l-leritage The Language Club originated this year from the nucleus of last year ' s Spanish Club. The group met once a month and discussed various cultures. Among their projects, the new club made and sold baleros and Mexican toys. llie officers were: Pres. Irma Llamas, V. pres. Gelacio Mondragon, Tres. Rebecca Leon, Sec. Rosa Montanez. Members include: M. Avitia, P. Cardenas, V. Carrillo, C. Corona, R. DeLaRiva, R. Delgado, M. Dlas, B. Duran, I. Esparsa, J. Fernandez, O. Garcia, C. Garza, M. Garza, L. Gonzales. L. Ilucrta, R. Llamas, S. Llamas, JL. Meza, A. Miranda A. Mondragon, A. Montanez, M. Ramirez, M. Rodriquez, M. Rodriquez, S. Rodriquez, R. Ruiz, A. De- dana, R. Tapia, O. Torres, T. Yokoyama, A. Perez. The adviser was Dorothy Jerauld 142 Clubs Fourth Estate Were Enthusiastic Press Club members are: Back Row: K. Pfeffer, D. Roberts, K. Stansell, D. Thacker, S. Russell, L. Pfeffer, T. Kocher, Mrs. Stuckey, C. Mack, Bottom Row: D. Bott, R. Reeves, R. Baldwin, S. DeGroot, V. J. Lovero. Members Not Pictured: J. Edwards, V. Houghton, K. Hoffman, R. King, M. Gelhizer, D. Camp. )ted nas, This year ' s Press Club consisted mostly of the Talon and Falcon Staffs. They started off the year well by selling license plate frames to raise money. The Press Club donates a scholar- ship to a senior who is interested in pursuing his education in the field of journalistic endeav- or. 1. Another Boring Day! ' . 1 2. I dare you tol 3. Let me see, let me see. msmr Clubs 143 LO K ■4- .. jj _; - - w. I ; " l- ' -cSr CiV 2 i u ii- ' i ' -iyZ We Left Our Message -- . -UJfc. a . . . ■ ■n- . -lr 16 -Ward, Rick " VVc had the winning iplrtt which canic from our hearts. " 32-Colc$, Shawn ' They were FANTASTIC! It wai a great year. " 35- Atuatasi, Fred f 146 Sporti Loud and Clear. c a 9t P t a • n s ! 66 -Castro, Robert " It took a two way effort from the NO NAME GRADE 10 Santana, Gamaliel 12 13 Tagaloa, John 12 16 Ward, Rick 12 20 Paige, Andrew 11 21 West, Reggie 12 23 Williams, Darrell 12 24 Saunders, Ronald 11 25 Chatman, Charles 12 27 Grace, Gene 12 28 Johnson, Terry 12 31 Hopper, Mizell 11 32 Coles, Shawn 12 33 Brokaw, David 12 34 Powell, Robert 11 35 Atuatasi, Fred 12 40 Liufau, Allen 10 41 Rhue, Eddie 11 45 Coulter, Richard 12 46 Lambert, WilUe 11 50 Hairston, Carey 12 53 Aguilar, Mike 11 54 Brokaw, Jim 11 56 Hoffman, Kenny 12 60 Krieger, Steve 12 61 Slaughter, Mark 11 -- Witting, BilL 12 J166 ' " ' ea tror-RoberP -— -J. 68 Hulse, Greg 12 70 Wright, Barry 11 71 Velasquez, David 12 Cl Traylor, ymr SOD I2D 12, Stokes, Jerry 12 75 Nolasco, Mike 12 79 Otis, Mike 11 80 Jackson, Mike 12 82 Swift, James 11 3 Harrelson Dale ,12 85 Rosser, Craig 12 86 Ferguson, Mark 11 88 Brown, Tony 11 89 Hollins, Eddie 11 CAPTAINS Coaches Hill, Dick---Head Coach Haley, Ben, Sr. Haley, Ben, Jr. Lucas, Oliver Meiss, Tom Roper, Ron C t n ' ' ' h U i)o ' -e 7 Sports 147 - We Were the Falcons 148 Sports That Ail Schools Feared. Here, you take it! We ' ve got it! We ' re the Falcon Machine. Fearless Falcons fight for yardage. . Powell leads the way. Sports 149 •Our Offense Was Light « f4 1 . Valley vs. Lew Alamltos 16-10 2. Valley vs. Chlno 42-14 3. Valley vs. Santa Ana 15- 4. Valley vs. Tujtin 21-15 FALCON ' S SCOREBOARD 5. Valley vs. El Modena 8-14 9. Valley vs. Orange 35- 7 6. VaUey vs. Villa Park 21-14 c. 1. F. 7. Valley vs. Estancia 28- 9 10. Valley vs. Bolsa Grande 35- 7 8. Valley vs. FoothiU 28- 7 U. Valley vs. Anaheim 21-23 ISO Sports Sports 151 We Left Our Mark 1. Calnes gains yardage against the Foothill Knii;ht . 4. Captain Rick U ' tlI jnd Shawn " ol- 152 Sports Upon Each Team of tie 5. Spirited Falcons huddled before the game. 6. No one tangles with the big Jerry Stokes. 7. Paige rounds the comer for more yardage. Sports 153 We Left Them in Pain; Wep 154 Sports A ere the Falcon Machine 1. We ' re number one, ' cu? num- ber two won ' t do. 2. Anaheim opponent G. Liufau comforts brother Al Liufau in C.I.F. loss. 3. J. Tagaloa calls the plays. 4. Falcons stopped the Orange attack. 5. The offense of lightning lived up to their name. 6. Coles displays the wimiing moves. 7. Talce it easy!!!! 8. Falcons move the ball. 9. Captains ' conference. Sports 155 Sophomores Showed Opponents U : 9 9 9 9 S ' . i J , TEAM NIEMBERS D. Ama, W. Carroll, W. Clark, J, Dial, C. Dover, P. Franklin, F. Gaines, M. Cncsda, B. Cussman, S. Henderson, P. Higa, A. Humphcry, C. Jones, M. Jones, T, Laniere, M. Martinez, C. Mcia , C. Mims, A. Nelson, A. Russell, .M. Schmidt, D. Sil, M. Steen, I. Suana, M. Zozaya. SCORE BOX Valley-20 Chlno -31 Valley-14 Santa Ana -28 Valley- Tustin -31 ValIev-14 El Modena- 6 Vallcy-12 Villa Park -35 Valley-i4 Estancla -20 Valley- 6 Foothill -30 Valley- 6 Orange - 12 Coach Chuck Deckard Coach Chuck Oben 1:jii 5(vrts n Their Potential 1. Falcons warming up 2. Falcon is tackled by opponent 3. Let ' s go get eml 4. Defense is ready to attack. 5. Sophomores ready to go all the way. 6. Falcon kick off. 7. Player is ready for action. 7. Sports 157 I Freshmen Preparedlo ..V5T .•-• ' SiHl 1 . Frcsliman pounce on fumble. 2. Falcon punter lets it 9,0. 3. Defense swarms on hall carrier. 4. Falcon bravely stop opponent. 5. Falcon takes time-out. 6. Teammate takes a break. 7. Defense ready for action. 8. Defense ready to pole. 9. Ball carrier struggles for yardage. (; 158 Spom mfor Future Years • ■JVft c f p p t. -- ! »i.»v ' ' ' -v-i. . i iri ' J ' TEAM MEMBERS J. Abrego, N. Alvarado, M. Bunton, T. Castro, E. Cells, K. Chitwood, M. Clark, S. Deyo, M. Dickerson, G, Douglas, C. Fairres, N. Franklin, C. Fronsman, M. Garza, R. Gather, C. Gleason, D. Hardy, M. Hejny, J. Henry, G. Hill, J. Houk, C. Carlton, J. Johnson, C. Jones, P. Landry, R. Llamas, L. Lindsey, R. Luce, A. Lutali, L. Lynch, R. Mabry, M. Marshal, R. Mills, A. Morales, M. Ortiz, J. Owens, S. Quinn, R. Radillo, R. Reeves, D. Robertson, C. Shipp, J. Shum, J. Stribling, W. Thomas, J. Waites, K.Wilson, M. Williams, S. Williams CAPTAINS: L. Lynch R. Reeves W. Thomas J. Waites COACHES: Lewis Bratcher Steve Gillespie 9 I y», SCORE BOX Los Alamitos- 14 Valley-16 Don Lugo- 28 V aIley-12 Santa Ana- Valley- 18 Tustin- 8 Valley- 6 Foothill- 21 Valley- 6 Estancia- 4 Valley-22 Foothill- 18 Valley- 12 Santa Ana- 12 Valley -33 Sports 159 Poloists Were Strong Competitors .- V ' t - ' Varsity poloists played constant- ly through their season with a confi- dent attitude of being numlier one. Even though the joy of winning wasn ' t a major part of their season, the team took the victory of learning to accept their defeats with pr ide. Un- der the supervision of great coaches, the team reflected Falcon spirit. f 1 ■% i u In Century League Action Varsity -• Left to Right: Back Row: Gene Linxwiler, Kevin Wood, Terry Wright, Steve Casperite Center: Pete Hejny, Erich Kukier, Robert Sparacio Front Row: Terri Baines (manager), Randy Cornelius, Brian Casperite, Terri Woods (manager) 1 . Kevin Wood makes the play 2. Erich Kukier escapes his opponent 3. Falcon poloist guards the goal 4. " Cut out the splashing, will ya! " 5. " I told you not to hold your breath! " 6. Fred Lammers (asst. coach), Paul Herron (coach), Don Cholodenko (asst. coach) 7. " You ' re not going anywhere big boy! " J,V. poloisB From Left to Right: (Opposite Page) Back: Bryant Groom, Bob Dore , Tom Wright, Tom Ward. Center: Mark Nelasco, Mario Thoe, lames Johnson. Front: Dawn McLaughlin, Randy Cornelius, Cathy Landry 1. Where ' s the ball?! " 2. Falcon goalie prepares to block a shot. 3. The games were filled with plenty of action. 4. Falcon poloist skillfully handles the ball. 5. Poloists showed determination and effort through defense. 6. It was always a fight to the end. 7. " Is this your ball? " 152 i j.V s Pooled Their Efforts Toward Success i Junior Varsity Varsity Cross Country Ran 164 Sportt 1. Ignaclo Aco«ta best time 2 nillc run- 10:06 2. Clayton Manning ♦♦ best time 2 mile run- 9:45 3. Bill Fisher (coach) Jim Conlay (hrad coach) 4. Steve Agullar ♦ best time 2 mile run- 9:55 5. Kdgardo Salera ♦♦ best time 2 mile run- 9:51 6. William Ibach best time 2 mile run- 10:01 7. Don Corona best time 2 mile run- 10:13 8. Bruce DeKlne «♦ best time 2 mile run- 10:42 9. Alan Corey ♦♦ bMtUm 2 mile mn- 11:00 2 year Ictterman Away With Victories 9iL The harriers had an ex- ceptionally good season this year. They had many returning varsity lettermen to help theni place third in the tough Century League right behind C.I.F. rated Villa Park and Foothill. The harriers took first at the Costa Mesa Cross Country In- vitational- First Division and also took many individual tro- phies at the Corona del Mar and Dana Hills Invitationals. ' Sports 165 Harriers Exhibited Style J, V. Team - Ben time In the two mlU- run. Left to Right: Charles KiniieMl:36, Bruce DcKlnc- 10:42, Marshall Johnion- 10:26, Daryll Mannln ((-10:26, Salvador Conzalcs- 10:51, Not Pictured: Jerry KerT-12:37, JohnMcNell-12:43 Soph -Froth Team - Bett timet In the two mile nin. StjndInK ' ■ ' f t 3 Right: Rhett Neal- lli36, Mike lbacf 11:21, jack Ratchford- 11:52, Kirk Pf.-ffer- 11:52. David Miller- 12:20, Steve Koutsoiidlt-12i20, Ruben Acoita (manager), I ' iiiollnR: Max ' iU-rj-12:06, Tony Homiro- 11:00, Djvid Scvcri- n::n, Mark «,uhoU- 10:57, Oabc Arcllano- 11:37 l( ' f) Siv ,ts junior Varsity Frosh-Soph Team 1. Darryl Manning moves with the crowd. 2. " And they ' re off! " 3. PUiett Neal takes the lead. 4. " Hey, wait upl " 5. W. Ibach, C. Manning, E. Salera, S. Aguilar, and I. Acosta stay in shape. 6. Bringing up the rear. Sports 167 It Took Team Effort lob i [ . rtj JUNIOR VARSITY Barnes, Monica Dlmas, Carrie Ebcrt, Cindy Cetzhlscr, Michi Groom, Iris Lucicn, Tracoy Raubolt, Beth Reulas, Charlotte Serrano, Siaria Tesimaic, Sara Tucker, Shiiron COACHES Ms. Sandy Celtic Ms. Janice Richie I Girls ' Cross Country 17(1 Made Their Debut ' Tina Carver Varsity Power Proved Dominant S|X)rts IW VARSITY 77 1. Joe Edwards 21 2. Greg Torres 32 3. Michael Smith 31 4. Danny Carmona 22 5 Andy Harrels on 42-- 6. Mark Fiduccia ' 41 7. Scott Calliham manager 8. Roger Jenson coach 9. Ron Cornelius 45 10, Kevin Satterfield 35 11, Rick Gonzales 33 12, Charles Chatman 34 Not Pictured Bill Dexter 10, Sports 173 Hoopers Fought Hard to Be Victorious J, V. BASKETBAU Standing Frank Estett Dale Fryslle Victor Arellano • XDa " Py Sit " 1 Ken Rcye» Jaci( Baxley Michael Callupi (coach) Kneeling AU-x Chairei Gary Artn»trong Frank Carmona John Conterras Not t ' lcturcd Tony Brown k Fra k I ' ) ' v rt4 Soplioniorei: Back Row: D. Worceitcr, L. Jaini»on, T. Cook , C. Abdel Nieslh, S. Young, F. Gaines, 5. Mrectcr, G. Rogers, From Rowi R. Cayode, Coach B. Render, C. Bayard L -fc- Freshmen Were Century League Champions! Front Left to Right: Darryl Betts, Darryl Davis, Coach Oliver Lucas, Alex Carmona, Lionel Home. Top Right to Left: Fernando Becerra, Jim Baxley, Ricky Brooks, Stanley Gant, Albert Jones, Kevin Grace, Shelton Williams, Cesar Rea, Gilbert Carmona, Frank Jones. Not Pictured: Ricky Stokes, Willis Thomas. The Freshmen Cagers took themselves to league championship through dedication and hard work. Coach Oliver Lucas described the " best team on campus " as one with " , . .poise, self-confidence and a dedication to winning. " This group of young athletes, the best frosh team in the history of Valley, won 21 of the 22 games played. They were unique in ball hand- ling, shooting, and rebounding. Before every game the team ' s theme song, " Moving On " was played as the hoopsters ap- peared on the floor. They were formidable to all their opponents. With a freshmen team such as this. Valley should look forward to nothing but future league control. Sports 177 Varsity L78 Sport Girl ' s Basketball Showed Spirit and Potential junior Varsity From Top to Bottom: D. Chenail, S. Frieson, D. Demeyers, L. Zapata, R. Santana, T. Hosey, I. Groom, M, Williams, Y. Shipp, L. Tufono, Mrs. Cottle, D. Thomas, C. Fernandez, N. Stone, and S. Tucker Varsity coach-Tom Meiss Sports 179 Matmen Consistently Pinned a. 5. 7. Led by co-captains Bob Cast and Pat Malloy, the Falcon wrestlers pinned many opponents, showing their tremendous strength and ability. Some top contenders whose names were entered in C.l.F. annals were David Thames, David Thomas, Mark Slaughter, Bob Castro, and Darryl Winters. Added to the staff were Coach Pliil Gonzalez and Coach Chuck Olson. Coach Ron Roper returned to help lead his team to vic- tory. When the season was over, the teams in the Century League were well aware of the Falcon machine. 1. OUCHI!!! 2. Go gct ' ctn Bobby. 3. Bobby got ' cm. 4. Is This trip necessary 5. Hug ' cm .tj ain, hug ' em again. H.inlcr. . .Harder. . . (5, Slaughter prepares for the kill, 7. Fancy meeting you here. 8. Falcon decapitates Eagle. 9. Don ' t you dare get out of the circle. 10. If you let me go, I ' ll give you a nickel. ItiU iporu -£_ ' - Opponents in Matches rj:-., - el i K: Varsity: Back Row, Robert Castro, David Mims, Ramon Zitzun, Ezra Turner, Tom La Mere, Steve Kreiger. Front Row, Howard O ' Neil, Pat Malloy, Steve Chavez, David Thomas, Seigfried Pivaral, Robert Taylor, and Jim Brokaw. J.V. ' s: Back Row, Raul Valenzuela, Francisco Zuniga, Barry Wright, JeffWilson, Tom Castro, Joe Jennings. Front Row, Jack Stribbing, MarkNolasco, KenCarillo, Irenio Swana, DeanLaRue, Tony Russel, and Mark Martinez. Davie Thomas Howard O ' Nell Wrestlers Grabbed Victories l Sivn „ IZ- Tom La Mere Steve Kreiger I V f Coaches: Phill Gonzalez, Head Coach, Chuck Olson, Ron Roper. Sports 183 Soccer Men Showed Opponents ORANGE COUNTY SOCCER LEAGUE CliAMPIONS: Top: Left to Right: Mr. Adnan Bayati, Gelacio Mondragon, Tadajhi Yokayama, Conzalo Rivas, Tony Valdepcna, Sergio Garza, Octavio Torres, Miguel Rivas, Felipe Ramos, Mr. Louij B rate her. Front Lt. to Rt.: Richard Sanchez, Avelino Rios, Hector Ramires, Armando Perez, Raul Vlllasonor, Juan Briseno, Ignacio Perez. l O " ixiru L » How the Game Was Played (D POO Ao . , JS J.V. SOCCER TE M: Top-Left to Right: Mr. Bayati, Gabriel Macias, Benjamin Esparza, Gilberto Garcia, Miguel Macias, Pedro Lopez, Carlos Rodriguez, Gilberto Rivas, Uvaldo Mojica, Richard Pinedo, Jesus Fernandez, Mr. Bratcher. Front-Lt. to Rt. Miguel Cardenos, Sabas Lopez, Armando Mondragon, Leonel Huerta, Jose Rivas, (varsity goalkeeper- Vic tor Carillo), Felix Fernandez, Donate Villasenor, Jorge Garcia, Mr. Palacio. f v i u«». ,i..t i l 4 ?» i. ,- 185 m NT A ' i V ' « T • -. ' ' : ' , t, -•»! ' -% I 1 i i -T — r T — r— I . « r S I f Tennis Teams Looked Forward r Varsity -Back Row: C. Necdham, T. Brandt, H. Barbour, D. Woolery, R. Crocker Front Row: M. Rosnlck, P. Lamlry-, F. Johnson, O. Jones Junior Varsity -Back Row: R. Fernandez, K. Dorc, P. McWhortcr, D. Adams, J. Ntarqucz Front Ronv: D. Coodine, A. Aflleje, C. Pagan, M. Ncal Soph. -Frosh. -Back Row: J. Simcntal, W. Church, S. Cole, K. Hobcl, M. Fajarvlo Front Row: R, Johnson, C. Fonsman, J. Gonzales, P. Nguyen 138 Sports to a Successful Season Sports 189 Netmen Love — All I l!»0 Sports Lg " T.f r ; «r5 T t- Z- " " ;:: " ' vi- " - ' ' ri saff .3= 1: r tgr m ' ■aBrasrC V, . ». . ' - Ugh! What a beautiful shot. Donovan serves again. I missed that shot again. Wait a minute! We have a match to play. Now for the under the arm shot. Ready, willing, and able. Up and over. Time for the slam shot. This is a difficult one. Watch out Bobby Riggs! We tiptoe on our termies! Siu ' e is dull around the court these days. Where did the ball go? 1.. : ' X 14. 13. i-r-r-tT- Sports 191 Girls ' Tennis Team Made an Effort Back Row: K. Smith, D. Easley, V, Lopez, C. Collins Front Row: S, Brokaw, C. Christopherson, B. Wilson, R. Hcyer Coach L. Brooks, Coach A. Chacon SCORE BOX VARSITY: Doubles Santa Ana 5 Valley 4 Singles Santa Ana Doubles Tustin 9 7 Valley Valley 2 Singles Tustin 9 Valley ifc Doublet Villa Park 6 Valley 3 f?k - Singles Villa Park 7 Valley 2 d£ f Doubles El Modena 3 Valley 6 ipr 19 Singles El Modena 8 Valley 1 At Doubles Eitancia 9 Valley i Singles Estancia 9 Valley Doubles Foothill 9 Valley ■Ij n Singles Foothill 9 Valley 1 Doubles Orange 9 Valley r 7 Singlet Orange 6 Valley 3 • " ■T ' Ji JUNIOR VARSITY: rr Doubles Santa Ana 8 Valley 1 Jl Slnglat Santa Ana 8 Valley 1 1 Doubles 1 ustin 9 Valley « 1 Singles Tustin 9 Valley - — • r-f Doubles Villa Park 8 Valley I Singles Villa Park 9 Valley L - .kmi Doublet El Modena 8 Valley I Singles El Modena 9 Valley Doubles Estancia 9 Valley Singles Eitancia 9 Valley Doubles Foothill 9 Valley Singles Foothill 9 Valley Doubles Orange 9 Valley Singles Orange 9 Valley Back Row. P. Ward, Z. Kearney, Y. Coleman, P. Beck, A. Petherbrldge, S. Brandenburger, T. Cole, S. Fricton, D. Carmona, T. Mulcahy, M. Taliaferro, Front Row: P. CIsneros. N. Rodrlquci, S. Rodrlquei, C. Lupardo, T. Manriquei. I {■ 2 ports t T They Watched the Birdie! Back Row: Coach Sandy RuUer, T. Keiger, S. Dalbey, D, Swermer, N. Excudero, T Ashlnz. - Smith, R. Grace, ArTJernandez D. Easley, J. McCarty. Kiiddle Kovi: li_Ji££pai?4 " ' R. Barraza, R. Glenn J TT Baker ,rA FHiTTTps;) Front Row: r| Valenzuela, 77 Bott, Y. Winters, ]. Martinez, L. Wolfe, K. Harper h- P Sports 193 Varsity They Were in the Running Top Row: Joe Adams, John McNeil, Bill Cambert, Leon Williams, Clayton Manning, Bruce Dekine, Marshal Johnson, Bob Yost, Willhim Steen. Second Row: Mike Rafferty, Ron Barnes, Tony Pitts, Steve Aguilar, Robert Powell, V.J. Lovero, David Thames, Alan Corey. Third Row: Edgardo Salera, Calvin Clark, Charlie Kinnel, Ignacio Acosta, Salvador Gonzales, William Wesley, Daryl Manning. Captains: Ca lvin Clark, Steve Aguilar, and David 1 names. Coaches Left to Right: Bill Fisher, Eddie Steward, Jim Conlay. 194 Sports t — for Another League Title Soph: Top Row:Tony Rivers, Wallace Grisette, Paul Franklin, Mark Howard, William Ibach, Allen Liufau, Sammy Gather. Second Row: Dawn White, David Miller, Dalvin Simmons, Don Corona, Max Salera, William Hammon. Third Row: RhettNeal, Mark Raubolt, Ruben Acosta, Anthony Humphrey, Michael Steen, Frosh: Top Row: Jacob Johnson, Carlton Jackson, Ed Stansbury, Denis Robertson, Frank Jones. Second Row: Kirk Pfeffer, Gab Arellano, Jr. Salera, Robert Gather, Roland Mills, David Saveri. ' m " ' i« Sports 195 S pikers Showed -JJni ue Form ' k -j?--y fr ' ?)[ " i M i). L »«»■ I N 4g . ' ' .f. 1 _•-. Sports 197 - Mile Relay Team Sxrrv I ! b ' b L)aX-» UcA CL i-» n ia . I Kopfe UJOLr -t HcMJtXi ' ' cud ' W Uoavy I Ko(X to 0 OA bo CO -UC C " J rirW AOLkOA rront: Monica Sllbas-overall captain, Michelle Bonds-distance captain, Kim Lawsprint captain, Middle: Ms. C -» VL - jj„i5 Riehlc, Left to Right: Sandy Durand, Tina Carver, Kim Koutsoudis, Susie Dia2, Yvonne Lorem, Ln fo,VjsJ) V- rCi-y) Colleen Smith, Nancy Norby, Mabel Durand, Patty Becloc r JP« W= Bonnie Manning, Sandy Salisbury, Linda ' ' i A " CAOJ ' ©?f ' Teresa Arreola, Janet Steen, Carolyn Hatchett.CTyra Jonej Bertha Valemuela cr CkC caa bo (XndL ixofifi- to c cb • ' Left: Sandy Durand hurU It Into the air at track meet. Above: Michelle does it again. n 5porti v - :ic pVcox to .oiio L 3111 Ran for State Victory 1. Monica Silbas shows championship form in the shot put tryouts. 2. Come on, Mabel, catch that gall 3. I ' m sure glad that race is over with. 4. Kim Law, Olympic-bound sprinter ' . : 5. Michele Bonds shows perfection in passing the baton to Kim who runs for another win. I • b. c v ' Wo ' y s Sports 199 Coach Sandy Ruller They Were Persistent in Their Goal-Making Efforts m Cct ready, 1 ricia; here come$ the ball. % 4 x VARSITY: Left to Right-C. Garrett, P. Shaw, J. Beranek, K. Bryant, T. Mikles, Y. Winters, D. Swermer, S. Dalbey, A. Radillo, C. Ebert Not Shown-J. Martinez - i Fsnt Alto, •Ci .11 i V ,! Back Row: T. Johnson, I ' . Llufau, I. Hoscy, A. Thomaj, Scrano, T. Ntcdtna Ntlddlc Row: K. Zaboroskl, R. Grace, ojit Row: A. Iloniandei, M. Hcmandez, R. Clcnn, J. Bott jean Bott waltt for the game to start. Pat Liufau perpares to whack the ball. aK. ' Sports f Girls ' Softball Made a Hit Front Row: L. Sumampow, M. Coles, D. Wolfe, V. Lupardo, C. Christopherson, M. Blake, K. Smith, G. Allen, P. Liafau, J. Demeyers, E. Ceravolo, Middle Row: S. Tesmale, C. Ebert, D. Rosser, C. Young, J. Castro, J. Nicholson, R. Johnson, P. Long, V. Lopez, K. Avila, Back Row: 1. Llamas, M. Rock, A. RadlUo, B. Rosser, M. Serrano, P. Shaw, C. Griffin, P. Weant, T. Long, V. Hardeman. iiA Cindy Ebert exhibits her strong throwing arm. Coaches: Ms. Brooks and Ms. Chacon Sports 201 Falcons Did It r ' Reggie West Left Field Charles Cnesda First Base Rick Coulter Second Base Richard Dalbey Pitcher Carla Hove, Ron Rushing Andy Tri Jlllio Sergio Viclma Outfield Mike Bublitz Third Base Rick Ward Outfield Ken Tucker, Gary Buzbee 202 Sport ., iL With Class I Tim Griffin Shortstop, Pitcher Ronald Saunders Pitcher Rick Guedea Catcher David Everett Pitcher, Third Base J Ed Rollins Outfield Mark Ferguson Shortstop , Third Base Charles Chapman Outfield Sports 203 Batmen Stole Victories 1. " Hey, NUrk, jrc you watching the ball or the blonde? " 2. Rick Coulter make a tag at second b. so. 3. Rick Ward showi batting power. 4. Reggie Wert trici out for the " Bold One " coninicrcUl. 5. Reggie snejk another base. 204 SporU : " diu 1. Ron Saunders fires his " Cannon Ball " pitch. 2. Reggie steals another base ! (Don ' t worry, he ' ll put it back. ) 3. Rick Ward " monkeying " around. 4. Tim Griffin shows the fans how it is done. 5. Now THAT ' S a HIT, Sports 205 Victories Came With 1. Ronny Rcevci throwi imokt for the Froih-Soph team. 2. Mike Ortiz makci it back Mfcly. 3. Mike Ortlx ihows the catcher ' " rtyle " . f f » t ' m j r.-40ti !t1 Ken R e ' ' ' pa " l ' ' ? ? " " ' lf " » ' " " u ' " ' ' ' ' " " " ' ' ° S ' ' " • °« ' ' Cla«m«n Front Row hen RoMcr, Paul Lujan, Bart Weatherman, Pat McCarthy, John Rodriguez :06 Sporti til Pride and Determination. 1. Mike Clark tags the ball for a base hit. 2. Mike Gnesda stretches out to tag oncoming opponent. 3. Paul White takes time out to do the bump. Back Row: Troy Cooks, Mike Vavra, Paul White, Dave Sumner, Coach Deckard, Shelton Young, Cliff Jones, Daryl Betts, Ted Delgado Middle Row: Chuck Coulter, Cliff Gleason, Frank Gaines, Ron Reeves, Lionel Home, Richard Morris, Mike Ortiz, Front Row: Roger Garcia, Craig Piatt, Mike Briely, Scott McCarthy, Lemont Lynch, Mike Clark T:»v:Si ? ' ? :i- r - ? ?iS Sports 207 Aquamen Plunged 2.., . 208 " iports Into the Drink % ' CrrcflB fi» «j3S» T r,. Rnh Dore Terri Bain. Back Row: Tom Wright, Kevin Wood, ? n;Unwie; Center: Eich Kukier, Ralph Christopherson, Pete g:;ny.F ?? ' " i°Thoe, Randy Cornelius, and Robert Sparacio. ttmti imi MIH rl Mfffrxftx " 6. in niu 4MlHIHt 1. Gene Linxwiler in action. 2. Valley ' s Aquaman, Robert Sparacio. 3. " I can ' t see the edge of the pool, " 4 . " Fly Like an Eagle! " 5, R. Christopherson leaves the pack. 6 . " Help, I ' m drowning! " 7. " I ' m FREEZING " 8. Falcon shows perfect form. . P .Sports 209 Valley Mermaids Came on 9 Under the coaching of Don Cholodenko and Sue Stratford, the girls ' swimming team made their first year a successful one. They swam great and gave their opponents a swim for their money. They practiced faithfully everyday and compelled other young ladies to join their spectac- t.iciilnr team. 1. A live mermaid out of water 2. Cjthy Ljiidry prepares to take a dive 3. Whore ' s till- land? 4. Mary- Smith and Dawn McLaughlin show off their 3(i-24-36 ' s 5. Do you see her? She ' s been out there for five minutes. I fcH.! Sports fV With a Big Splash Back Row: Debbie Burke, Stacey McCaffee, Becky Sutherland, Terri Baine, Third Row: Cathy Landry, Cindy Thoe, Dawn McLaughlin, Mary Smith, Second Row: Cindy Mune, Terri Smith, Daphnie Wright, Pat Ward, Front Row: Sue, Patty Berger, Linda O ' Brien, Coach Don Cholodenko. Not Pictured are: Sandy Walker, Michele Martin, and Jackie H. Sports 211 They ' ' Tumbled ' ' Their t Gymnastics Team: (On Beam) Denise Thompson, Misti Taliaferro, Monica Barnes, Patti Anne Petherbridge, Julia Johnson, (Middle )Gwen Kearney, Terry Mule ahy, Carrie Dimas Tatreau, Charlotte Ruelas, Darlene Ortiz, (Front) Beth Raubolt. " Twinkle toci " Tucker flies again. !12 S|K.rts leir Way to Success e,jiiliJ !, front) Bergen, Karen Tucker, MaryBeebe, Leslie Oh boy, does that hurt! ff I .«i The Varsity ladies welcome Coach David Wong. (Opposite Page:) " Pooh Bear " Raubolt readies for a forward wolkover. Monica Barnes flips over gymnastics. Sports 21; cs m • 1 1 us LLLL»J " Congratulations, " they said. " This isn ' t the end. . . it ' s Just the beginning " They ' ve said it a thousand times at a thousand graduations. While many young people just like you sat there thinking, " Where do I go from here? " Where DO you go for challenge? And opportunity? Co Navy. If you qualify, you ' ll get some of the best training available in highly skilled Job fields. From aviation mechanics to linguistics. And you ' ll live a little, too. Travel. Work hard. Even swab some decks. Get all the facu. Call us toll-free, anytime at 800- 841-8000. Or talk to your local Navy recruiter. A good Job. And a good life. The Navy: It ' s a good fir L YATES CLEANERS rJ " We clean everything but =- - " — ■ • people. " One Day Service Monday thru Saturday 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. . orner of Fairvicw and Hdinger in Stater Ri ' os Shoppiiit ' Ciriti ' f CARLS JKWKLKHS Y MILDRED SHINOCC Bd2 7287 MB WK«t FOUHTM 8t SANTA ANA CAi ir COMMCRCIAU ■ RESIOCNTIAL - INOUSTRIAI. - CUSTOM " Bk on tmk Bmiomt Siok witm Ohanqk Couktv ' s L nocaT in Pi.uork«c8Nt I-iomtino " DON ' S SURPLUS MART INDOOR. Outdoor, mercury a OuAjrrz L.UM1NOU UOMTINO - QUANTITY DISCOUNTS MISC. E«.ecT«iCAi. at Electronic Parts DON HARRELSON 1531 WCBT 5th street SANTA ANA. CAt.lF. Office SAI-azSe HOME 946-3283 [homas f Adams Proprietor BRISTOL TOWN AND COUNTRY 3688 S. Bristol Santa ,, CA 92704 (714) 549-8663 Eitabliihed 1975 " Our Business is Cliildren Cliildren are Our Business " C,B. !•:. lieadstart and Daycare 1915 W. Mcl-adden Ave. Santa Ana, CA 92704 ( " in ' s-i loo CU Ads MOTORb. Liw. COMMONWEALTH MOTORS ® Volkswagen 1442 S. Bristol, Santa Ana 546-0220 HILL ' S CAPEZIO DANCE SHOP 134 Town Country, Orange, CA 92668 Across from Bullock ' s Fashion Square FOOTWEAR • LEGWEAR • BODYWEAR FOR DANCE SKATING • THEATRE • RECREATION • GYMNASTICS MON - SAT 10 TO 5 30 FRIDAY Till 8 00 TED LINDA HILL 17141 835 7275 ' -i r;. 0J1 mAjL4i IU ' 5 IDim • 5f imjlCiH • «uat8»jt5 220 West Fourth Santa Ana, California Telphone 542-6059 BESSIE MIODEK Owner stlancis Ml Mil U i I Ml MLMHLR OH. aqk 11117 N MAIN STREET SANTA ANA, CA 92702 (714) 835-2511 W stlaDclsIB MLMBLKHJlt Ik) CO 2 ?r ar|k 11117 MAIN STRFFT SANTA ANA CA 42702 l714t S3.S 251 ' i GMiroRHiyi Pahts 3091 S. Bristol . Santa Ana " ' ScT ' - 7 - Phone: 557-9751 } ; .s-. Frr flic Fit! obvious yrl:! f it ! HANG _ TEN Diitbs lo-rise jeans r :ii.-= ' ; " k » J£ . ' = -. C = 3 Emm ' y s mA ■ - ■1 A 1 T5 4 r jr « «i • I4x : Mi Marty Martint The City Shopping Center 10 Amsterdam I ' last Orange, Calif. 6.14-9893 jLoLuziLand 510 No. Broadway Santa Ana, Cohf. S42-2451 542-5957 Guy DeArcos Nile Tel. 962-7659 LDNNIE T. McCRAY CEMENT CMIPPINCJ 331 RADCLirrC AVt ANAHEIM. CALirORNIA I7I4I 996 Sl-t 2 ( Advertlicmenti I CENTRAL OFFICE EQUIPMENT CENTRAL ESSBni 515 West 17th St. Santa . na, CA (714) 547-6731 CHRYSLER IMPERIAL Lyle D. Roy Chrysler-Plymouth 1071 W. 17th Street Santa Ana, Calif. 547-7504 PENCE PHARMACY PRESCRIPTIONS 2537 W. McFadden Santa Ana, CA. Iir Mi ' f Phone: ? ' ••?° ifiO W 547-0791 §alj l- vj " Located HL rL in the Alpha- ' y V Beta Center X S- — - ' - ' I BARNEY ' S South Coast Plaza 3333 S. Bristol Santa Ana, CA 217 CaJdg i ASHLY-JEUlELEFiS Ashly Jewelers 212 VV. 4th Street Santa Ana, Calif. S42-S2R= J L Auto Wrecking Dismantling 8551 Edison Ave. Huntington Beach Phone (714) 536-2184 - - — [im FvIIis (owner) -» 1 .- . vul , V- uy is I ' anii . " Jlloj) Vinyl Tops Rcjuvcnatcil n.iiTi ' ll I ' rec Estimates A Donald m V IDwayne Dcloris 1654 W. Cubbon, Santa Ana ( Hvncr: 1 ,. ri 1 _ Phone: 1, c:, Roberts 547-2864 COMPLETE LINE • BICYCLE PARTS ACCESSORIES TOP QUALITY REPAIRS SERVICE LARGE SELECTION OF RACING TOURING EQUIPMENT 1419 So. Bristol Santa .Ana, CA. (714) 540-7960 fl »Lf GH PfL GfOr NISHIKI i PnOFSSSlONAL nOAD i TRACK BIKE EQUIPMENT HENRY CARSTENSEN (owner) Flowers For All Occasions 10% Student Discount f POSY SHOP 602 S. Main Santa Ana 543-3158 Don Cole . ' .IS Advertisements I BAILEY ' S SURPLUS 24 06 J 1. ■ j BfllLEVS SURPLUS f i i ' £ OFFICE FURMITURE.. PLUS. j »•; GENERAL SURPLU MERCHANDISE 50.000 MISC. SURPLUS ITEMS WE BUY • QELL TRADE fl f 5«? master charge THE INTERBANK C»HO ' We Deal in New Used Office Furniture ' 2406 South Main St. Santa Ana, CA. 92707 (714) 540-9482 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 77 VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL PTA Don Harrelson: " Congratulations! You ' ve made it. Have a pros- perous future. " Shirley Harrelson: " Good luck and good fortune to each of you. " Robert Newcomb of Newcomb ' s Footwear - " Good Luck. " Dr. Harry J. Charm Dr. William B. Stanford Optometrists Susanna H. Vreenegoor: " God bless the graduates of ' 77 " Advertisements 219 m Usually this Is known as the Thank You Page where I tell everyone how creative they were an how fortunate 1 was to have such gifted individuals on the staff. Well, this time I feel that it would not only be appropriate for me to give my special thanks to the staff, but also to the Valley Student Body. For without them, there would be no TALON. I must admit that at times we didn ' t meet eye to eye; but in the end, things fell into place. ' This year 1 had a super staff. Mama Stuckey, The Angels, Big Mac, The Surfers and the rest of the Gang were always trying to contribute to make this year ' s TALX)N a success. 1 must admit that I ' m gonna miss ' em. First on the list is the Sports Editor, Michi Gelhizer. Michi assumed the responsibility of doing the largest section of the book. She did a super job. Too bad I ' ll be seeing her little mug next year. Those are the breaks !1! Next are Mandy Coulter and Debbie Camp " The Chipmunks " . Whenever they weren t sucking acorns, they were working on their Activity Section; and 1 must admit, it came out just great, llianks a bunch. A great deal of thanks should aslo go to Susan Brandenburger who composed the Senior Section. " The Burger " did one heck of a job and even came up with those new shapes. She needed the new shape so that her head would fit. The Junior Section was done by Kim Stansell. Kim did a great job, and that ' s another mug that I ' ll have to face next year. Good griefllll The Sophomore Section was under the direction of Sue Russell. Sue helped everyone whenever she could. Too bad she didn ' t help me. But, of course, I din ' t need it, being as great as I am (dud )I The Freshman Section was handled by everyone you can name. Finally, Lisa Pfeffer, who was also Academics Editor, and Tina Kocher, did a good job considering the mug shots we had. After all, we can ' t work miracles. Thank you, guys. The Senior Index was compiled and put together by Sandy Sedig and Tina Kocher. These girls really brightened my day. Too bad they ' re seniors. But they couldn ' t help it. Vlcki Houghton and Carla Mack did the troublesome Club Section. We had a difficult time keeping " The Mack " away from the Golden Arches but we did our best. Dwayne Roberts did the copy and helped on the Sports Section. " The man with the Magic Pen " , Ignaclo Acosta, did the art work and Division Pages. Ken Hoffman also helped out on the Sports Section and did a superior job. Susie DeGroot worked on the Advertisement Section and on Business. " Grooty " did a great job too. Last but not least were the photographers led by Head Photographer V.J. Lovero. V.J. took the vocer picture and took the picture for the Table of Contents. Richard King and Dan Bott did a great job whenever they tried. Too bad they didn ' t try more often. A very special thanks should go to Mrs. Elaine Stuckey. Her guidance and experience were valuable to the success of the book. She put in a lot of her own time and effort to see to it that things got done. She ' s a wonderful lady and person. Special thanks should also go to Albert James Studios who did our photography work, Mr. John Thomas, our yearbook representative who was patient and understanding, Mr. Charles Galvanl who caught our errors at the plant, and to everyone else who contributed. Well this is it. I hope that you enjoy it. Seniors, remember that this little book contains all you have left of Valley, so treasure iti Editor-in-Chief, Joseph L. Edwards Jr. ?ril ffli ' .e ' Jjvi IcLii i: 4 i i A Q nAjUt. G- c-- " . , . s v -b ' :; !? ' :.- ; cv . ' : .y V J ao.0 c -S:n ' [] ' t Meei) it ' . ♦ I I ifiLX (J n U ' l Oic. Ly,rU C r CU I J tjU . r — ' I ' a jf 0 7 Jkj Aj j " V) ' .W AAv lAo ♦s- aj- C_ VAN c-r 7.vN r) VMCAN , ' f- _»-»- cVxr, X tf 1 -. N. y 1 ' w k ' y f ■A, ' O- QvS- " O J Is p i ■ ; ■ :? . --i .- :6 ' --V V X aS 0 rV A ;1 1 Vi o e VolA dvA A V,J j " 5 O ' V ' i ' ' J 1 ' .J Co. ' v lO , CO nr»t W1 ■ V -oe . (i-ot ' cr ' OC3 vc va 1 :r-r- ; 5ryvA:?sl t ' ' y J " ■M.- • » ' ' Tr.% . Tr -- -wrV ' C v jr : . r J - .-; • . MHMHHHHte . " ' «. ' ♦ ■ The ' beach ' the surf the mountains . . . the snow skiing . . dune buggies the mountains hiking camp- ing - .the desert .. the many amuse- . rhent parks . the rides . Hollywood Valley ■ ' the games the dances .. the fun the disappointments Sprrwt Week Falcons All of these we will cherish in our menpories when we relive our high school days. We were ' lycky io be southern Californians. ■f- ■ » •- •- S. v " i mr '

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