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TALON A r ' iMi cp k jh of V ex, ?U r4- 1 % , , xf ,. A ' - k ; ' y; ui., ' : lESTINY % t y5 s % not a matlcr of chance it is a matter of chdoe it is net a thiiRlo be rated for ilis a thin tD be achieved -t 4-- ?- 4D -i-Kc v_r o ' c ' " oocA Zx c- ycJcJ 1:7 u TAL Volume 17 Published by the Talon Staff Valley High School Santa Ana, California 968 GVI f m ' " ' ' .- ' -■ x- • ' - v . . .Jl V . -. ... . . o ' (3 1 L iCi- CJ} a ■.,t: 7 . r )C y _ c ,-Aci ' ( h ty ■ Ope liiiMMi iM-iii vr tftti ' i ' iVi • 1 iPiVi ■ ' " , " . " r , i. .•, .:■ ■■ ' iVif ' -s Yi ' ig:: ■ m - ' ' ■s ' ' " r ' -J ' ' .1 Table of Contents Activities Sports Organizations Faculty Classes Seniors weiS K -4JJ tj C r inM -yyin r i O-fLC Syf Q C JX. CciCODifndhCL Icmo OUJbLA cuOAhjL (41 SA. O (Lri6-cJJ. T oux (X Cj j af -rf " ' ACTIVITIES U.... JIJJ.J„ " I .1„H. ' ..H„ l| i.U.l!li|| i | l |»ii | J.l,Ml ! .U ' iPlWMUU»» ' ' tlUll,M.WWMW ' i, ' J!Sa ! MW i mVm! ■-% r Championship Band Captured Many Awards and Trophies ! ' ». m H 11™ ' : Sp: science teachers, chosen to represent V the basis of their answ the questions put to th. their academic ability because they about their t ... Bank of America Award Winners Each year the Bank of iiiierica honors the four .DP students of the Senior class. The awards are ;d on academic achieve- „,c..t, school activities, and teacher recommenda- tions. The Talon conqratu- 3. Bob H( Liber m.,. ' ' 4 mm ■ ' ■ u iai m - fi ' , ' :m ' fflmisU ' wj«Miffi Choir the Greatest Yet. Hvy Rec Nights Provid 4% 1 I L.. - ' ' I nil -i.. J. „ . »,J,..M-.- J 1- Munchies ,ii .w,5 wff««.miM«MmitM JjvX. ' A 1( ' J %C l?« -p ru) t lA - -•■ " - ' ■•■ " ■■ -■ ' ■ J LX rj Assemblies Assemblies 31 f s Student Council Went Wild STUDENT COUNCIL. . .1975-76 ASSOCIATED STUDENT BODY President: Brian Tong Vice-president John Robertson Secretary: Virginia Chairez COMMISSIONERS Assemblies: Issa Lopez Athletics: Michael Watson Finance: Bertha Valenzuela Pep: Nancy Downey Publicity: June Liebig Student Relations: Kim Stansell C.A.S.C. Sherri Howerton Jeff Jones I.C.C. , ' Angel Chitwood " ) Senior: Rachael Ramirez Junior: Marya Adame Sophomore: Judy Strong Freshman: Anna Robles f w sw »»«i«wnwmiSMi««ii(H repsiers rrornuit u rnut; I ARSITY SOIMGLEADERS VARSITY CHEERLEADERS ngel Chitwood Robin Concan arlene Ingram Denise Denson nnie Kopitch Peggy Finn .sa Lopez Cheryl Kapp enni Saugstad June Liebig eannette Tope Ava Schriefer aren Tucker Cindy Silbas UNIOR VARSITY FROSH-SOPH ina Campbell Alice Albarez aria Mack Carrie Brandenburger am Peralta Cindy Ebert enise Thompson Kim Stansell ndy Trujillo Sharon Tucker Laurie Wing wmsmxaaias } Activities 35 There were 53 official members and 27 associate members of Valley ' s CSF, California Scholar- ship Federation, this year. CSF is an honor organization for students who maintain 10 CSF points. These points are given for high grades. Mostly " A " students, many of these members attended a special CSF night at Disneyland honoring CSF groups all over California. Mrs. Beverly Hill was the advisor for CSF. First semester officers were President-Bob Houghton, Vice Pres. -Wanda Durand, Secretary-Bertha Valenzuela, and Treasurer-Mary Hermann. Second semester officers were Pres. -Wanda Durand, Vice- Pres. Gilbert Segovia, Sec. -Mary Herman, and Treas.-Greg Hummel. The members were: Seniors-Larry Bernard, Debbie Brannon, Debbie Chambers, Kathleen Crooks, Carrie Davis, Wanda Durand, Ramon Estrada, Gene Fernando, Mark Ferrel, Pam Gnesda, Jody Gunter, Elaine Hardcastle, Cindy Holston, Bob Houghton, Ralph Lorenz, Eric Ringer, John Robertson, Brenda Ward, Wade Wooldridge. Juniors-lgnacio, Acosta, Lana Bussie, Lynne Bussie, Cathy Camp, Alan Corey, Sue De Groot, James Dibase, Mark Fidduccia, Charles Gnesda, Mary Hermann, Stan Higa, Gordon Hummel, Greg Hummel, Ruth Johnson, Pat Mickles, Terry Wright. Sophomores-Ann Bos Cheryl Crawford, Joseph Edward, Jean Fatzinger, Steve Frieson, Steve Guillory, Gwen Kearney, Erich Kukier, Jim Park, Magda Prumeda, Carol Redding, Cristina Sanchez, Cindy Stache, Steven Wells. SEALBEARERS The highest aca- demic honor the school can give is to name a student as Sealbearer. To be a sealbearer, stu- dent must have been in CSF four semesters, one of which must have been in the senior year. The sealbearei-s were: Larry Bernard, Debbie Brannon, Carrie Davis, Wanda Durand, Jody Gunter, Cindy Holston, Bob Houghton, Ralph Lorenz, John Robertson and Wade Wooldridge. a i...wTOa-j«» imiSBMimi!,i5i ffiM»WHJim llJMTiW.ffl uurand was u.A.K. i noice Wanda Diirand was chosen as Valley ' s Daughters of the Ameri- can Revolution Award Winner. She was selected on the basis of good citizenship, her accomplish- ments in and out of school, and her personality . An active member of CSF, Wanda was also a Sealbearer and President of Art Club. She was an excellent example of a good citizen and a model stu- dent. O.C.A.D. Contestants Represented Valley Chosen on teachers ' recom- mendation, six students were selected to represent Valley at the Orange County Academic Decathalon held at Costa Mesa High School in the fall . They competed against stu- dents from Orange County High Schools in academic areas like mathematics, science, and English. Two speeches were given by each student; one was prepared before the Decathalon, and the other was an extemporaneous speech . Besides competing in given subjects, they were also required to demonstrate their general knowledge . Bob Houghton won first place in his class for his excellent es- say . Other contestants were: Carrie Davis, Ray Dimas, Robin Concan, James Dibase, Aneatra Jones. Academics 37 SPORTS ' , ' 11 1 ., ' MVIJU, -J. " •1,0(11 . fi; , -1 «■; ,- j " . l-v ' Si»V.-i .«i;f tj ' fr,y,K» ' - ' 0 Say. Tor biQ f(A Is yt-a " t r l ' ' Y o C o n I A- Valley ' s 1975-76 Football tear had a rather difficult act to follow How can you improve on a C.I.F. Champion? The Coaches Led Them to Victory What can you do to make the spectators gape in even greater awe? A lot of people were asking them- selves that question, probably dream- ing of a repeat performance. The dreams were not to be lived out, for Walley ' s team didn ' t win another title; but then you sure can ' t say that they disappointed anybody. Dick Hill It was a unique season that show- ed us a few close games, but a few not so close. There was less depend- ence on individual efforts and more on teamwork. Many young sophomores and juniors were moved up to replace graduated veterans. If anybody questioned their ability, these young- sters didn ' t take long to prove it. The " kids " , with a few veteran seniors playing here and there, rolled up another impressive season record winning eleven contests and recording one lone defeat at the hands of revenge-minded Colton. The team was always full of spirit. This was partly because the Falcon team was always followed by a tremendous crowd wherever they went. There were times at away games when the Falcon fans outnumbered the home team fans, showing both their pride and spirit for their team and school. Jen Haley Through the guidance of an experienced coaching staff led by Head Coach, Dick Hill, the team ' s weakness transformed into strengths. They brought the team closer in spirit so that they worked as a team instead of as individuals. This made a championship team. Tiny Lynch, Fred Morales, and Mike Tesmalie, three returning veterans, were chosen by their team- mates to represent them as Tri- Captains. This year marked the fourth year in a league championship. The win- loss record during those last four years is an impressive 39-5-2. Sports 40 .... .. ,, .,, ,r . ::f ,i,;milS!K ' ' W- ' € Mt en £ U CD DJO a; a; Sports 41 •nmmwM.mmmwmmmm J» c « : -. -. w ' M i f ' 4 SCORE BOX Los Alamitos 14 Valley 21 Ganesha 20 Valley 39 La Habra 13 Valley 17 Savanna 20 Valley 41 Sunny Hills 20 Valley 23 Buena Park 27 Valley 47 Troy 15 Valley 36 Fullerton 8 Valley 42 Lowell 28 Valley 42 San Marino 9 Valley 28 Burroughs 6 Valley 28 Colton 19 Valley 14 •■ " • " - ' " " " " " " " " " " s Los Alamitos-Robert Powell Ganesha-Mike Teslmale La Habra-Fred Morales, Gil Jimenez Savanna-Reggie West, Mark Ferguson Sunny Hills- Bob Wilkinson, Michael Easley Buena Park-Shawn Coles, Robert Castro Troy-Gil Jimenez, Bill Witting Fullerton- Tiny Lynch, Terry Franklin Lowell-Dan Ferguson, Andrew Paige San Marino-Steve Brown, Mike Watson Burroughs- Bob Wilkinson, Mark Ferguson Colton-A.J. Holman mmmM,m .ymi,..,m mmi.,w MwmvmmmKmi " That ' s the Way We Liked It! " Tiny Lynch-Tri Captain Building the Teams SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL TEAM Victor Adame, Hector Aguilar, Mike Aguilar, Ron Barnes, Jim Brokaw, Tony Brown, Jim Carrol Alex Chairez, Ricco Dillihant, George Franks, Dale Fryslie, Rod Furnace, Rick Guedea, Jesse Guthrie, Felix Haddix, Ted Herrera, Bernard Hinson, Ed Hoi I ins, Greg Hulse, Charles Johnson, Terry Johnson, Willie Lambert, Frank Lewis, Larry Mansfield, Barry Werhus, Mike Otis, Derrick Peront, Brett Pickett, Eddie Rhue, David Romero, Ken Rosser, Ron Saunders, Mark Slaughter, James Swift, Robert Taylor, Pat Tyson, Bart Weatherman, Je Wilson, Darryl Winters, Steve Wells, Coaches Ken Tucker and Martin Meading. Valley 8 Los Alamitos 23 Valley 28 Ganesha Valley 14 LaHabra 8 Valley 6 Savanna 18 Valley 6 Sunny Hills 20 Valley 8 Buena Park 20 Valley 14 Troy Valley 44 Fullerton 22 Valley 14 Lowell 32 Df Tomorrow FRESHMEN FOOTBALL TEAM Shelton Young 13, Raul Villa 14, Ken Houk 10, Allen Liufau 12, Charles Bennett 21, Deno Price 22, Mike Steen 25, Anthony Humphrey 26, Van IMeal 27, Curtis Jones 28, David Swift 30, Kelvin Simmons 31, Wade Williams 33, Edward Wapper 36, Mike Young 37, Allen Leuleui 39. Doug Moore 4 0, Rick Fernandez 41. (Paul Williaa M(32) Donel Mason 43, Tony Russel 44 Ronel Johnson 45, Steve Curry 46, Mike Cal lahan 47, Terry Henson 49, Tom Lamere 50, Reggie Mayronne 51, Mike Zozaya 52, Greg Eaves 53, Vincent Palmer 54, Ken Smith 55, Lee Harris 56, Ruben Acosta 60, Jeff Mowrer 61, Tom Casey 62, David Sii 64, Jose Pivaral 65, David Scanlan 66, Tim Rivers 67, Frank Ridriguez 69, Arthur IMelson 72, Mike Gnesda 76, Don Berry 77, Mike Schmidt 79, Dwayne Love 80, Irenio Suana 81, Claude Mims 82, Joe Diaz 83, Mark Horward 84, Tom Gruber 85, Eviud Sintora 86, Paul Franklin 88, Tavita Tavita 89, Head Coach Lewis Bratcher, Back Coach Don Greene, Line Coach Greg Johnston. Valley 6 Westminister Valley 28 Ganesha 28 Valley LaHabi-a 7 Valley 1 Savanna Valley 6 Sunny Hills 2U Valley 12 Buena Park 13 Valley Troy 25 Valley 32 Ftillerton Valley 6 Lowell 30 v» . ■-•! f«% i ' If OS " o Leona Autor-Capt. udy_Baranel - Mancy Downey Becky Ebert Tofa Polamalua-Capt. Cora Jacobs Annette Radillo Ava Schrifer Sue Tremaine JUNIOR VARSITY ] ' ' ' °° -CapL Selina Gelhi; Kathy Camp Caria Mack Gina Campbell Karen Price P 99y inn p j shaw Donelle Wolfe ROM Ihi - BLUE • - WEGO ; VAl.Ev ■•„....■,: .;•, POR NOW AND ALl J.J.V. Anna Bracamonte Julie Castro Cindy Griffin Tammy Hosey Laurie Wing Coaches- Mrs. Sandy Cottle Manager-Denise Denson Avis Phillips Rebecca Santana Maria Serrano Ester Tabile Mrs. Janis Rhiele I for Volleyball ' Mr ott, C C 54 Sports i i ift W HHl m anamm Adame, Marya-Capt. Branden burger. Sue Brokaw, Susan Christopherson, Cathy Cisneros, Pat Corona, Sally Easley, Do Escudero, Mora Esparza, Sandra Flores, Marivel Gnesda, Pam Gottsch, Debra Hardeman, Veronlca-Capt. Holston, Cindy Holston, Sandy Linares, Sally Lopez, Virginia McCarty, Janet McLaughlin, Dawn jyielendez, N ancy Mulcahy, Janet Oliver, Cynthia Peralta, Pam Rodriguez, Nora Russell, Brenda Russell, Susan Smelser, Janice-CoCapt. Tate, Susan Urias, Gloria Wilson, Brenda Zozaya, Gloria Another point for the Tennis Kid! Cindy ' s Swirl Super Sue! Concentration! And 1 and 2 and 1 and 2 Tennis Team Oh no I did it again! Ace! Wait ' til after the game! My girdle is killing me! There goes that stupid fly! Here, you serve! Here comes unacon, Pam! Sports 55 Underclassmen Ra J ith Gusto! ' 9 f i ! i JUNIOR ARSIT Michelle Bonds Bruce DeKini. Bill Fernandez Jody Ibacli J(.rry Kerr Charles Kinntl Lorraine Lupardo Da id Markhani Dons Moore Pat Pirolo Tom Reece Mario Ruiz Monica Silbas FROSH SOPH Donald Corona Mike Fitzpatrick Sam Gaither William Ibach Steve Kousoudis Francis Juarez Max Salena Dave White David Barthol Mabel Durand Kim Law JUNIOR VARSITY RECORD Valley 24 Lowell 31 Valley 43 La Habra 18 Valley 15 Savanna 50 Valley 27 Sunny Hills 29 Valley 50 Buena Park 15 Valley 30 1 2 Troy 26 1 2 Valley 26 Fullerton 29 58 Sports FRESHMEN RECORD Valley 45 Valley 21 Valley 15 Valley 23 Valley 33 Valley 24 Valley 30 Lowell La Habra Savana Sunny Hills Buena Park Troy FuUerton 16 35 50 34 26 32 29 }« Sports 59 . ' J (f V u:) 1- CD _ U O Q) The Varsity Field Hockey Team did well this year finishing the season in third place out of ten teams. The competition was tough, but Valley almost did it this year. They came close to a chance for the GIF Field Hockey playoffs. Sandy Ruller coached the varsity and Miss Ann Perales coached the junior varsity. The teams chose their captains, Varsity captain was Yogi Cabrera, co-captain was Cindy Eoert, Junior varsity captain was Anna Bracamontes and Esther Tabile was co-captain. The junior varsity was comprised mostly of girls new to the game of hockey. With just a few veterans, the junior varsity placed second in the league. The girls practiced very hard to complete their two game a week schedule. They are to be commended for a good season. Leading the hocklers through the season was Most Valuable Player, Cindy Ebert. w 4% Var ty team m embers were Kim Barnes, 4y?y " Beraj jejClKaren Bryant, Gina Campbell, Robin Concan, Nancy Downey, Jackie Ferguson, Sandy Garrett, Glenda Glenn, Marti Reyes, Yvette Shipp, Anita Taylor, Kaynette Templeton, Mary Wojtanowski, Lydia Young, napt. Ynr,ip Pah aKa Pn-Papt Cindy Ebert. J.V. team members were Mary Brooks, Rosalinda, Buendia, Susan Dalbey, Janice Edwards, Joanne Espinoza, Cheryl Gant, Keretia Harper, Sheila Harris, Jeanette Liebig, Donna MacKenzie, Jan Martinez, JJancy Mele ndez, Avis Phillips, Partina Poston, Anna Riitnirez, Rachel Ramirez, Penni Saugstad, Debra Schwermer, Pat Shaw, Colleen Wall, Laurie Wing, Yvette Winters, Capt. Anna Bracamontes, Co-Capt. Ester labile. VARSITY ROSTER Fresh Soph Roster Neil Groom John Brennan Robert Houghton Ralph Christopherson Gordon Hummel John Contreras Greg Hummel Randy Cornelius Siegfried Kukier Erich Kukier r Gilbert Segovia Gene Linxwiler 1! Steve Slaughter Bobby Potter Richard Sparacio Robert Segovia ! Perry Wilson Robert Sparacio Terry Wright Cynthia and Theresa Ba I 62 Waterpolo fVlary Stacey, manager managers Coach, Paul Herron Competing in the tough Freeway League, Coach Paul Herron led the Fal- cons to a surprising 4th place finish. For the first time, the poloists ended without a losing season, compiling a 7-7 win-loss record , Behind the excellent shooting of Steve Slaughter, Greg Hummel, and Gil Segovia, the Falcons scored many game winning goals. Bob Houghton, Perry Wilson, Terry Wright, and Rich Sparacio held down opponents on de- fense . The starters were backed up by Siegi Kukier, Gordon Hummel, and Neil Groom. The team was led by Most Valuable Steve Slaughter, who also won Falcon of the Year. Greg Hummel was awarded Captain and Terry Wright was Most Im- proved. Gilbert Segovia was named Most Inspirational . Graduating seniors were Steve Slaughter, Bob Houghton, Perry Wil- son, and Siegi Kukier. In major upsets against Fullerton and Lowell, Steve Slaughter was out- standing. He received Honorable Men- tion on the All League team. V. I J Slaughter Took Most Valuable Award 64 Waterpolo 3» 0t . jp . -; ■ s ; -: • . SEASON RECORD VARSITY Valley 1 Savanna Valley 27 Magnolia 3 Valley 13 Pacifica 7 Valley 6 Saddleback 7 Valley 9 Pacifica 7 Valley 10 Santa Ana 12 Valley 1 Sunny Hills 27 Valley 9 Santa Ana 6 Valley 9 Burbank 14 Valley 10 Buena Park 12 Valley 7 Troy 12 Valley 11 Fullerton 7 Valley 2 La Habra 19 Valley 8 Lowell 6 FROSH-SOPH RECORD Valley 1 Savanna Valley 3 Pacifica 2 Valley 2 Villa Park 20 Valley 5 Saddleback 8 Valley 4 Sunny Hills 14 Valley 7 Santa Ana 10 Valley 9 Burbank 4 Valley 4 Buena Park 8 Valley 1 Troy 5 Valley 6 Fullerton 5 Valley 6 La Habra 11 Valley 3 Lowell 4 U C . The gymnastic team enjoyed an improvement of 100% over last year With the help from Mrs. Sandra Rhone and her assistant Mrs. Jean Davis, the team experienced a trium phant season. These athletes competed in both compulsory, a re- quired routine, and optional routines In competition they proved to the spectators and themselves that nothing was impossible. Although gymnastics is a fairly nsw sport at Valley, the team mem- bers worked diligently to promote its popularity. With the world wide interest in gymnastics, this sport should grow each year. GYMIMASTICS D. Baker M. Barnes P. Bergen S. Gelzhiser J. Johnson G. Kearney A. Ladd T. Mulcahy A. Petherbridge B. Ranbolt A. Schriefer L. Tatreau K. Tucker D. Wager We had a goo team with great potential ' Sports 67 The 1975-76 basketball team was known as a fighting team. They worked hard to win games. When they did lose, it was by a scoring gap of 5 points or less. They finished the sea- son with a 4-10 rec- ord. Varsity coach Roger Jensen was assisted by coach Falconer. Steve Morales acted as cap- tain of this closely knit team. Sports 68 Score Box Valley 57 La Habra Valley 84 Savanna 85 Valley 62 Buena Park 56 Valley 74 Troy 77 Valley 74 Sunny Hills 67 Valley 58 Fullerton 59 Valley 63 Lowell 72 Valley 56 La Habra 49 Valley 81 Savanna 89 Valley 48 Buena Park 68 Valley 83 Troy 82 Valley 65 Sunny Hills 64 Valley 45 Fullerton 72 Valley 60 Lowell 65 1 t: m Morales and Cornelius Led the Scoring. Sports 71 JUNIOR VARSITY SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN 21 Kevin Satterfield Victor ' Penquin ' Arellano Willie Clark 22 Gary Gaines Ron ' the Kov ' Kobus Frank Gaines 23 Greg Torres Larry ' Hairy Larry ' Partin David Worcester 24 Joe Edwards Gary ' Munchkin ' Armstrong Andy Flores 25 Ray Dimas Frank ' Pancho ' Carmona Ray Layode 31 Mike Smith Ronald ' Ronald McDonald ' Saunders Ascension Gonzales 33 Michael Jackson John ' Long John ' Steinsultz Galin Rogers 35 Randy Thompson Marvin ' Marvelous Marv ' Taylor Eric Sinom 41 Andy Harelson Ed ' Easy Ed ' Hatfield Bill Hammon Dale ' Dirty Dale ' Fryslie Larry Jamison Danny ' Lippy ' Sii Jimmy Lyday Jack ' Jumpin ' Jack Flash ' Baxley Anthony Humphrey Alex Acevedo Mike Vaira Charles Bayard 117% fl, ' ! Mi HI f ' Tomorrow ' s Varsity c The 1975-76 Falcon wrestling team over came many obstacles this season. Injuries and other problems were ever present. The Valley matmen, however, led by Coach Ron Roper, gained much experience through the tough season. Varsity wrestlers, Mark Mercer, Pat Malloy, Gerado Valenzuela, Mark Slaughter, and Robert Castro, through hard work and long practices, made their way to com- pete in first round C.I .F. Junior varsity and frosh-soph teams were mostly young and inexperienced, but they became much stronger as the season progressed. Starting with the city tournament in December, the team showed not only its first signs of talent but also its many problems. Quickly overcoming its main handicaps the grapplers started to win instead of lose. The Falcons ended its season against Lowell and, from there, went on to League placements and C.I.F. Taking League championships in their divisions were 98 lb. junior Mark Mercer and 106 lb. junior, Pat Malloy. Taking second in the 122 lb. class was senior Gerado Valenzuela. Also in the finals were sophomore Mark Slaughter and junior Robert Castro in 136 lb. and 178 lb. classes. 74 Sports f S " o m y Tony Soto Student Coach Ron Roper Head Coach Dai-ryl Winters 98 lb. class ' «g Ry „ - 9 J Mark Mercer 106 lb. class Gordon Hummel 157 lb. class Robert Castro 178 lb. class Mike Wolasco 195 lb. class Greg Williams Heavyweights Matmen Showed Spirit Junior Varsity i r ( « Rubin Acosta, IVlilce Hill, IVIike Bush, Claude IVlims, Brett Picl ett, Don Berry, David Scanlon, Gamaliel Santana, Jim Brokaw, V.J. Lt vero, David Barthol, Robert Houk, David Swanah, Tom Le IVlere Frosh-Soph: Mike Zozaya, Tom Casey, Mike Smidt, Greg Hulse, Joe Diaz, Steve Wells, Bill E - Jerry Epily, William Ibach, Robert Taylor, David Tliomas, Dean LaRue, Tony Howard Sports 77 CL E u D DO ro The mighty Falcon ' 75- ' 76 soccer team may have been under a lot of pressure, being one of the youngest teams around, but Coach Adnan Bayati ' s fielders proved that youth didn ' t matter as they stomped every team in the Empire Soccer League and worked their way to CIF play-offs. Although the team was knocked out of playoffs in the third round, the feeling of victory still lingered because of the out- standing wins over such soccer schools as Damien, Newport, Harbor, and Palos Verdes High School. The team was led by outstanding halfbacks: Tony Valdepena, Isidro Perez, and Salvador Sanchez. On the defensive line the players knew their parts and, along with goalkeeper, Silvano Munoz, they kept back the goals. Defensive players included Luis Rivas, Miguel Macias, and Luis Lopez. Another important and successful I section of the team were the forwards: Juan Arturo Martinez, Ignacio Perez, and Raul Villasenor. Although the team ended with an outstanding record of 16-1-1, they should be looking forward to a bigger season next year for the team is graduating only two seniors, Salvador Sanchez and Silvano Munoz. The junior varsity also shared in the glory of winning the league championship as they took the title in the JV division. The team, under Coach Lewis Bratcher, ended their season with an outstanding score of 9-1. The JV ' s consisted mainly of freshmen but, according to Coach Bratcher, " They ' re very strong and could play against any varsity team of any other school. " I k. M -. ' ■ ' ,1iv ' - iiiiiii 1976 Varsity Soccer Valley 2 San Clemente 1 Valley 7 Garden Grove Valley 11 Rancho Alamitos Valley 13 Santiago Valley 7 Kennedy Valley 3 Anaheim Valley 2 Saddleback 1 Valley 7 Cypress 1 Valley 5 Huntington Beach 2 Valley 4 Kennedy 1 Valley 3 Anaheim 1 Valley 2 Saddleback Valley 1 Cypress 1 Valley 5 Huntington Beach 2 GIF Playoffs Valley 2 Damien 3 Valley 4 Newport Harbor 1 Valley Palos Verdes 1 TOP ROW L-R: Mr. Bayati, Raul VHIasenoi-, Tony Valdepena, Isidro Perez, Miguel Macias, Sergio Garza, Juan Arturo, Martinez, Miguel Rivas, Gerardo Villasenor, Jose-Luis Rivas, Mr. Louis Bratcher. BOTTOM ROW L-R: Juan Francisco Briscno, Silvano Munoz, Ignacio Perez, Luis Lopez, Octavio Torres, Salvador Sanchez. Sports 79 f? SCORE BOX Valley 7 Kennedy Valley 9 Anaheim Valley 7 Saddleback 1 Valley 3 Cypress Valley 3 Huntington Beach 1 Valley 4 Kennedy 2 Valley 7 Anaehim 1 Valley 4 Saddleback 1 Valley Cypress 1 Valley 6 Huntington Beach 3 Sporti " The year? Perfecto Jose Rivas Captain Junioi ' Vai-sity Coach Louis Bratchei- Luis Cari John Casares Ben Esparza Pedro Lopez Al-mando Mondragon Gelacio Mondragon Hector Ramirez Felipe Ramos Avelino Rios Gonzalo Rivas Jose Rivas Faustino Vargas Tadashi Yokoyamo VARSITY JUNIOR VARSITY Tony Brandt Troy Amicl Richard Crocker Darrell Autor Bill Harris Everett Bell Jeff Jones Scott Cole James Standish Ed Hatfield John Sutherland Randy Higgenbotham Brian Tong Gary Needham Elvis Webster Carlos Pagan Greg Wolfe Sigfrido Pivaral Dennis Woolery Gabriel Serrano Curtis Sundberg Randy Thompson Wayne Weatherman David Worcester Chris Zicarrelli " It was a promising team. " Coach R. Render ;-V Sports ■J-tr-;. 1 iiifTr — I f " f 7 Sports 85 The girls ' badminton team, under the direction of Coach Sandy Riiller, prac- ticed every day to improve their skills . They were an enthusias- tic team that looked forward to every game and fostered hopes of achievnig C.I.F. play. GIRLS BADMINTOM Maria Adame Lori Davis Susie Diaz Donna Easley Nora Escudaro Sandy Esparza Jacl ie Ferguson Sandra Garett Avis PhiUips Anna Ramirez Kim Smeall Annette Taylor Kay Tempelton Coacli: Mrs. Sandy Ruller l : - ' h t 86 Sports Football seems to get most of the ink from the local papers, but the most successful sports engaged in at Valley Is track, even though few poeple seem to know it. Coming into season. Valley hasn ' t lost a league meet since 1971, producing an incredible string of 33 straight victories. The impressive array of statistics doesn ' t end there though. Valley ' s overall win-loss record since the opening season in 1959 is an almost un- believable 90-10. Few, if any schools can boast such an outstanding achievment. Sprinter Mike Rhue returned to defend his league title in the 100 yard dash. Shotputters Mike Watson and Mike Tesimale provided trouble for opposing weightmen; and Ramon Estrada, Steve Aguilar, and Edgardo Salera led the distance runners. Jim Conlay, now in his third year, has yet to lose a league meet. The efforts of him and his assistants make such records possible. SACK ROW L-R: M. Rafferty, C. M K. Hoffman, M. Watson, M. Tesimale, J. Darling, G. Torres, B. Dexter, T. Franl lin DeKine, T. Berraza, M. Easley, M. Johinson. IVIIDDLE ROW L-R: IVI. Carmona, D. Brokaw C. Kinnel, R. Estrada, E. Heyer, D. Vasques, B. Yost, R. Powell, E. Ring er, D. Thames, E. Grace. FRONT ROW L-R: J. Kerr, W. Wesley, A.Corey, S. Aguilar, I. Acosta, C. Clark, E. Salara, T. Pitts, J. Ortega, L. Chatman, M. Rhue b Clockwise from the skinny guy: Head and Distance Coach, Jim Conlay Sprint and Hurdle Coach, E. Stewart Field Event Coach, Bill Fischer Weight Coach, Ben Haley Small, but Potent Sophomore team: BACK ROW Ray Steene, D. Barnes, J. Garza, W1. Hopper, P. Raymond, H. Gradilla, D. Manning, R. Taylor, M. Otis, B. Lambert, J. Zapata Sports 90 ■■i.H» fes».: t 1 Sports 91 We will be League Champs again ' Mike Watson, Tri-Captain BACK ROW L-R: R. Johnson, J. Jenkins, D. White, A. Nelson, S. Hammon, IVI. Howard, C. Meza, L. Harris, M. Fitzpatrick. FRONT ROW L-R: R. Neal, T. Rivers, S. Gaither, I. Suana, D. Corona, T. Russell, T. Humphrey, A. LIufau Sports 93 Girls ' track looked forward to another suc- cessful season as the league champs after finishing undefeated last year. The team consisted of basically the same members as last year. This year there were only four seniors members. Due to this fact the team was considered young and inexperienced. The team looked forward to breaking many of their old school records and setting many new league records. The team was stronger this year with the girls running faster, jumping higher and longer, and putting farther. The team was coached by Mrs. Janis Riehle and Miss Sally Speer. The Girls ' Track Tearr 1 consisted of: J. Beranek T. Jones C. Bonds M. Keindl M. Bonds K. Law S. Carter L. Lupardo D. Denson C. Mack M. Durand N. IVlelendez L. Favors P. Peralla V. Hardeman S. Salisbury V. Hauptman M. Silbas M. Hermann J. Steen J. Ibach P. Finn C. Jacobs . Md TO THE LEFT are the four girls who represented Valley High School, Santa Ana, and Orange County in the L.A. Times Indoor Invitational Track and Field Meet. These four girls are Kim Law, Michelle Bonds, Linda Favors and Denise Denson. Sports 95 03 O o Sports 96 " What a season in 76! " Miss Chacon, Coach z- f X The young and inexperienced soft- ball teams looked forward to a suc- cessful season this year. The teams consisted mostly of underclassmen with only one senior. Pitching for both theVarsity and J .V . looked strong this year , The hitting started to come through and Valley ' s team looked good all around. Varsity team was coached by Miss Anita Chacon with Miss Linda Brooks coaching J .V . , Manager for the team was Brenda Russell and assisting her, Carrie Dimas, Their job was to take care of the equipment hand out and collect uniforms, and keep score of the games. Georgia Allen TanishI Andrews Anna Bracamontes Susan Brokaw Karen Bryant Gina Campbell Cathy Christopherson Carrie Dimas Pamela Fudge Cindy Griffin Iris Groom Cindy Mines Virginia Lopez Doris Moore Annette Radillo Melanie Rock Brenda Russell Susan Russell Maria Serrano Pat Shaw Keigh Smith Annette Stone Cindy Thoe Wanda Thomas Sue Tremaine Kristi VanderHeiden Brenda Wilson Laurie Wing Donelle Wolfe Lydia Young Gloria Zazoya 1 m s m % }i , K The 1976 Varsity Baseball team looked forward to a successful season this year. The team was young and probably considered inexperienced due to the fact that there were only three returning lettermen. On the other hand, the rest of the team consisted mostly of players from last year ' s Soph-Frosh team that was the Freeway League Champion losing only one league game. The head coach of varsity was Herschel Musick. His assistant coach was Ken Tucker. Mike Everett was chosen by his team-mates to be their captain this year. The pitching looked good. The bats started connecting with the ball for hits . The team hoped for a healthly season with no injuries and for a chance as Freeway League Champs of 1976. ?S ' !rjms : Sports 100 IT was a loiai team enori. Mike Everett, Captain :3_ i!R ' « 1 SporU 101 They Ha f ;cibi 41 m M. Bublitz P. Lujan S. Velmea B. Castro S. Urban S. S R. Rodriguez E, Hollins R. Guedea J. Quintana C, Rosser R, Fiveash S. Frieson B. Nerhus G. Garcia G. Santana Sports 102 %M.« UM.V- ' , ' ' ' apfm§mfy K. Gant M. Gnesda E. Hatfield P. Higa R. Kobus P. McCarthy D. Rodriguez J. Rodriguez J. Rhue D. Russell M. Slaughetr J. Smith B. Weatherman R. Young Coach: C. Falcoi Sports 103 T r I DO C • E £ M e e t C h a m P s After having com- pleted a successful water polo season, most of the aquatic athletes returned for swimming. The 1976 Falcons dominated their early competition and easily won the city champion- ship in a tri-meet. As they progressed into league competition, the swimmers found it difficult to swim away from their opponents, and lost some close con- tests. The team suffered from a lack of experi- enced swimmers, with only one senior, Steve Slaughter, returning. Despite this lack, the upstart Falcons team, which consisted of juniors and sophomores, surprised many overpowering teams. Most surprising were the varsity relays which almost went undefeated through the sea- son. In the 200 yard medley relay. Gene Linxwieler, Greg Hummel, Neil Groom, and Terry Wright sliced through the water to many victories. The 400 yard freestyle relay, con- sisting of Steve Slaughter, John Contreras, Gilbert Segovia, and Gene Linxwieler, closed many meets with a victory . One of the best efforts of the year was made by Steve Slaughter as he broke the 100 yard butterfly record set by James Adame in 1973 and lowered the mark to 1:01 ,9, in his first attempt at the record . Another outstanding swimmer, Greg Hummel, teeter-tottered with the 50 yard freestyle record all year. It was a great year for aquatics. MUJLslU, iimi-4iUUiUiii iiiAimiNJiuiii w nniu !1 4liitA»All SWIMMING TEAMS Ri chard Abraham John Brennan Cynthia Bain Theresa Bain Brian Casperite Ralph Christopherson John Contreras Tom Corey Randy Cornelius J ames Dibase Meil Croom Gordon Hummel Greg Hummel Marshall Iwerson Eric Kukier Cathy Landry Gene Linxwiler Dawn McLaughlin Curtis Nelson Jim Park Bobby Potter Gilbert Segovia Robert Segovia Steve Slaughter Richard Sparacio Robert Sparacio Mary Stacey Kevin Wood Terry Wright miiu» amiiiUU. ' iu mimiAmmuiimmmMLiLmu . ' - n ♦lU Vv tt- I j » u v 40SHIL v m l ? Rated Teams Played Hard Rated Volleyball: S. Alaman, T. Andrews, C. Blake, J. Castro, D. Chenail, L. Coil, K. Dimas, L. Dion, C. Fernandez, P. Frost, K. Hoag, D, Hobel, B. Holdeman, M. Keindl, A. Moore, A. Ramirez, L. Reynolds, M. Rock, T. Toehm, R. Santana, K. Smith, W. Thomas, C. Urias, K. Vanderheiden, K. Zaborowski. 3 l ' ' oHhi i) f J ' ; r ' » ORGANIZATIONS -y .rZ ' ' ' " ■■ ' ' ' ' - ■ - t V3 ? J. Backpacking Club Advisor Roger Jenson, and the Back-packing Club explored different areas of Southern California through their trips to the mountains. Their adventures included a trip to Fish Creek in the San Gorgornio Mountains. The club ' s main goal was to show students how to enjoy and respect the splendor of nature , Photo Club Led by President Dale Prince, this year ' s Photo Club took its first trip to the San Gabriel Mountains . The sole purpose of the club this year was to cap- ture the beauty of both still life and imagina- tion with the camera. l-alcon Matt N The Falcon staff worked diligently to find all the news on campus and pub- lish it for the students and staff. Putting out sixteen bi-weekly issues often caused traumatic problems, but it was always satisfying to see the finished product. Shown dressed for any occasion are, L, TO R., Tom Reece, Janet Mulcahy, Jan Smelser, fourth page editor, Aneatra Jones, editor-in-chief first semester, Carrie Jones, business manager and editor-in-chief second semester, Robin Concan: SECOND ROW, Bob Houghton, V, J. Lavero, photographer, Joseph Edwards, third page editor. Dale Prince: ABSENT, Gary Bradshaw. The staff was advised by Mrs . Elaine Stuckey . Under the able leadership o f. Nancy MelendezM Jresident, Girls ' League continued its goal to build rapport among all girls on campiis , Money raising " pFojects included candy cane sales, mum sales, and carnation sales on Valentine ' s Day. The profits were used for scholarships and forthe annual children ' s Easter Egg hunt for the Diamond Elementary School children. They also honored ten young women by choosing them as girls of the month. Mrs. Vivian Randall and Mrs. Caria Rush acted as advisors. L e a g u e Forensics The Forensics Team be- gan the year with a new coach, Mr. Bob Classman. After they got organized, they entered novice, varsity, and invitational tournaments. James DiBase took honors in the Bicentennial contests. Drama Club John Steinbeck ' s " Of Mice and Men " was Valley ' s Drama Club fall production. Under the direction of Ms. Sylvia Lee, the thespians presented the musical " Godspell " in the spring . Drama Club ' s main objective was to get students interested in the theater, and to enjoy it at the same time . Officers were President Daryl Autor, Vice-president, Debbie Hurst, and Secretary, Mary Wojtanowski . uiris hootoall The Girls ' Football Club, one of the largest clubs on Valley ' s campus, sold ribbons and pro- grams at games during the 1975 football season Coach Ron Roper acted as advisor. To conclude football season, the club helped decorate the cafeteria for the annual Football Banquet. " S " Club The Soroptimist Club, or " S " Club, carried on its tradition of service to the school and community. In addition to serving as hostesses for all on campus banquets, the mem- bers donated time and money to cancer research, the Heart Association, Fairview Hospital, and the Girls Club, They had candy sales to raise money in order to give a one hundred dollar scholarship to a deserving girl. They also used profits to help send girls to camp. Their annual convention was held at Warner Hot Springs in March, Advisors were Mrs, Katheryne Taylor and Mrs , Vivian Ward . Mecha Mecha worked diligent- ly all year to promote better relations between the Mexican Americans and other races on campus. During Cinco de Mayo week they sponsored an assem- bly to educate the Falcons (about their heritage ,) The increased their treasury by sponsoring car washes and dances , Issa Lopez led the club as president. She was assisted by Mike Nolasco, Mr, Manny Espinoza was advisor. Black Student Union Under the competent leadership of Linda Young, president, the Black Student Union completed a very successful year. They sponsored a Black Cultu re Week which in- cluded a dance and assembly. Both events were well received by the student body. Debbie Russell and Clinton Harris, both active members, reigned as king and queen of the club. Shawnette Jones brought honor to Valley when she took second place in the city wide Miss Black Culture pageant. In addition to holding two dances, the B.S.U. members held a picnic and donated Christmas baskets to needy families. With the proceeds, the club was able to make three scholarships available to de- serving students. The club advisors were Ms. Judy Sampson and Mr. Oliver Lucas. Headaches, Heartbreaks, and Ulcers Talon Staff 1976 Talon staff: 1. Tom Reece, editor-in-chief, 2. Sherri Howerton, senior editor 3. Aneatra Jones, club editor, 4. Sue Fadgen, club editor, 5. V.J. Lavero, Richard King, Brett Pickett, photographers 6. Dale Prince, photographer, 7. Nancy Melendez, artist, 8. Richard King, photographer, 9. Jann Barbour, activities, 10. Cindy Holston, sophomore editor, Janet Mulcahy, junior editor, Kathy Mulcahy, faculty editor, Louis Padilla, freshmen editor, Pam Gnesda, sports editor, 12. Carrie Davis, business manager and advertising editor, ' 3. Brian Pollak, sports, 14. Robin Concan, academic editor, 5. Mrs. Elaine Stuckey, advisor. T « :t Xc h . Art Club President Wanda Durand led the Art Club through many successful ventures this year. Probably the most important event of the year was the first annual Christmas Art Sale. Individual stu- dents and class art projects were offered to Valley ' s students and facult ' at this extremely successful sale. From the money made from this sale and the sale of buttons, art scholarships were given to the Art Center College of Design. Wanda Durand and Elaine Hardcastle were the recipients of the awards this year. The members attended various art shows and went on field trips. Ad- visors were Mrs. Sheryl Fipp and Mr. Bernie Hawn, ART CLUB: T. Carver, C. Dimas, W. Durand, E. Hardcastle, J. Hess, C. Kennel I, A. Petherbridge, K. Smith, S. Smith, J. Waike, Advisors: Mrs. S. Fipp, Mr. B. Hawn BLACK STUDENT UNION: J. Bagby, A. Abston, R. Baldwin, C. Briggs, D. Chambers, M. Clark, J. Finley, C. Gant, G. Glenn, D. Hamilton, L. Harris, C. Ingram, C. Kendrick, V. Kelley, A. Michelle, V. Perry, D. Roberts, D. Russell, W. Tilley, F. Williams, L. Young. Advisors: Mrs. J. Sampson, Mr. J. Williams DRAMA: D. Autor, R. Baldwin, E. Bell, T. Cordell, D. Conerly, T. Cdene, C. Davis, J. Dibase, R. Houghton, M. Mower, M. Silbas, B. Tong, M. Wojtanowski. Advisor: Mrs. S. Lee FALCON STAFF: Editor-in-Chief, A. Jones, C. Davis, R. Concan, J. Edwards, B. Houghton, V. Lovero, J. Mulcahy, D. Prince, T. Reece, J. Smelser, G. Bradshaw, S. Slaughter. Advisor: Mrs. Stuckey GIRLS ' FOOTBALL: B. Adams, J. Adams, M. Adame, J. Aguilar, A. Albarez, C. Anderson, C. Baber, J. Barbour, K. Barela, K. Barnard, P. Begay, C. Brandenburger, S. Brokaw, C. Camp, G. Campbell, T. Carver, J. Castro, A. Chitwood, P. Cisneros, M. Clark, R. Concan, D. Conerly, D. Demjers, D. Denson, R. Dickerson, V. Dunlap, D. Easley, C. Ebert, J. Edwards, S. Fadgen, C. Fernandez, J. Finley, M. Flores, B. Franklin, C. Gant, G. Glenn, P. Gnesda, G. Gomez, P. Gomez, D. Harris, J. Horn, V. Houghton, S. Howerton, S. Hulse, C. Kapp, A. Kopitch, T. Kline, B. Long, R. Leon, J. Liebig, Y. Lorenz, D. Lujan, D. McLaughlin, C. Mack, D. Madison, D. Medina, N. Melendez, M. Mowrer, C. Partridge, P. Peralta, N. Perez, L. Pfeffer, A. Philbrick, A. Phillips, IM. Rhooms, C. Rocha, M. Rock, S, Romero, D. Rosas, D. Russell, S. Russell, C. Sanchez, E. Santana, P. Suagstad, D. Shaw, C. Silbas, M. Silbas, K. Smeall, D. Soldan, C. Stache, A. Stone, J. Strong, S. Taylor, D. Thompson, S. Tilley, Advisor: R. Roper. GIRLS ' LEAGUE: N. Melendez, president, B. Valenzuela, v. president, G. Urias, sec, M. Flores, treas., M. Adame, D. Carrer, V. Chairez, A. Chitwood, N. Downey, S. Fadgem, D. Franklin, P. Gnesda, M. Hermann, B. Holdeman, S. Howerton, D. Landry, J. Liebig, I. Lopez, D. McLaughlin, R. Ramorez, S. Romero, E. Santana, M. Silbas, D. Soldan, J. Strong, W. Thomas, L. Treft, C. Urias. Advisor: V. Randall PHOTO: v. Lovero, pres., R. King, v. pres., B. Binder, D. Bott, C. Kelso, S. Hagan, B. Pcikett, C. Silbas, M. Silbas, E. Strom, J. Tope, Advisor: H. Christian. S. CLUB: M. Calderon, T. Calderon, C. Davis, P. Gnesda, J. Gunter, D. Hurst, C. Sanchez, E. Santana, L. Sedog, C. Stache. Advisors: K. Taylor, V. Ward. SPEECH TEAM: C. Armstrong, M. Calderon, P. Bonds, T. Calderon, M. Cole, C. Crawford, C. Davis, J. Dibase, D. Hurst, K, Jones, T. Lucien, S. Sedig, M. Simon. Advisor: R. Glasman MECHA: B. Aguirre, R. Aguirre, D. Arollo, K. Barela, E. Belk, R. Buendia, D. Burreto, J. Carillo, L. Ceniceros, M. Cairez, G. Cumpian, M. Gallardo, J. Gonzalez, M. Hernandez, R. Leon, S. Leon, V. Leon, E. Lopez, I. Lopez, N. Melendez, N. Moreno, C. Navarro, M. Nolasco, L. Orosco, L. Perez, N. Perez, D. Rosas, N. Rodriguez, R. Rodriguez, V. Rodriguez, D. Ruvalcava, Y. Segura, M. Silbas, R. Tellez, J. Vasquez Between the time that our parents took us to our first kindergarten class, to the day we changed our tassels from the I eft to the right side, teachers have always been considered the antagonists. Looking back, lowever, we are now aware that those men and women in front of the classrooms were con- cerned for our well being. Through the most most adverse conditions, from squadrons of paper airplanes to ordinary classes of freshmen, they kept their cool. Usually! When they didn ' t, it was our fault. Usually! In addition to the teachers, a staff of administrators also worked for us. They ran the " madhous " for us with a system that worked fine. Usually! Now, as graduating seniors, we offer our thanks to the staff for twelve great years. V . . 1 i W m ■ iMl !■ 1. Mr. John " smiley " Daywalt, principal and his sec- retary, Gin Corsello. 2. Mr. Ivan " sugar bear " McKinney, Assistant Principal Student Services Curriculum, and his secretary, Lou Phillips. Mr. Fredrick " nose " Malais, Assistant Principal, Student Services Curriculum, and his secretary, Catherine Lenz. 4. Mr. Gene " let ' s make a deal " Kaus, Supervisor School Business Affairs, and his secretary. Carmen Sparrow. 5. Mr. Howard " country boy " Booker, Director of Student Activities, and his secretary, Lois Miner. , Mr. Paul " dial-a-prayer " Huston, Assistant Principal, Pupil Personnel Curriculum, and his secretaries, Mary Trembly and Dorothy Murry. Faculty. 123 We didn ' t know it then; Sheryl Fipp, A. A., B.A. Design, Painting Bemie Hawn, B.A. Crafts, Ceramics, Jewelry. [ Laurence Dobyns B.S., R.O.P., Typing :- ' t Lula Allison B.A., M.A. Shorthand, Typing Career Vcvejopment Margaret Kelley, B.S., M.S., Am. Issues Bob Zimmer, B.A., M.S., M.Ed. Career Development 124 Faculty Dut as we look back, we see Q ngtid i Sylvia Lee, M.A. Drama, Am. Lit., Lang. l... w ?: . i — — m Tom iVleiss Am. Lit., Ath., Eng. 1-2 L k Vivian Randall, B.A.,M.A. English 1-2 Elaine Stuckey B.A., M. Ed. Am. Lit., Eng. 1-2, Jour., Yearbook Vivian Ward, B.A., M.A. Reading Katheryne Taylor, B.A. Language Faculty 125 they taught us more 1! 126 Faculty nan our ABC ' s ' -m - ' ' ' Russ Campbell, B.A. Band, Beg, Inst., Int. Inst., Jazz, Guitar ife ' ' t 11 Mr. Catanzaro, B.M. Choir, Piano Faculty 127 There was something ahead; Vbystal Cauceiloii i Eddie Steward Janis Riehle, B.A. P.E., Athletics Sandy Ruller, B.A. IVI.A., Atfiletics Lets play footsie. 128 Faculty we didn ' t know what, H 1 u l£W sckEUtt 7 Maxine Alexander, B.A. Biology, Phy. Sci. Homer Christian, B.A. Photography ill Fisher, M.S, Ath., Ecology Bob O ' Neil, B.S., M.S. St. Reg., Health Hum. Ecol. jj . Sociat Science Charles Vicker, B.A. Bio., Health, Hum. Eco. Chuck Staudenbaur, B.S. IVI.S., Chem., Physics fk Allan Baber, B.A. Am. Iss., WId, Cult. Ron Brown Am. Iss., Econ., P.E. Craig Falconer, B.A. Am. Iss., Ath., Bi. Soc. Scl, Bob Fredricks, B.A. U.S. Hist., WId. Hist. Dick Grumblatt, B.A., M. Ed. Am. Hist., WId. Hist. Faculty 129 But with what we ve learned from them. Social Science " ?r== Bill Mills, B.A., M. Ed. Gov., Econ., U.S. Hist. Herschel Musick, B.A. P.E., Athletics and a little thought, we can now see Jake Sabori, Secufity Guard % Larry Chatman, Security Guard Ron Roper, B.A. Health, Hum. Eco. Ath. Nick Roussos, B.A. Pat Kelley Y - - i Stu Hyslop, Stage Manager Ron Reed Security Officer Faculty 131 Secretaries TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT, Karen Richardson Bonnie McRae Carmen Sparrow Raquel Rivas TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT, IVlary Trembly Ruth Chavez Lou Phillips Anita Soria Rosa Hudson Lois Miner Chatherine Lenz Dorothy Murry Ruth Crackel Karen Kors Judy Seidmeyer ' if . J f Cafeteria Crew FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT, Ella Winters-man ager Irene Myer Alice Wager Goldie Routh Opel Jones Rita Soto BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT, Louise Smith Ruth Mitchell Nancy Allen Norma Miller Sherylyn Wilson Alice Bennett Ima Re Faculty 132 % yj i , 4— ■ sc m LU LU V- Faculty 133 5 5 , . • " vo 1 d , - -ICLASSES - class Officers CLASS OFFICERS 1. President-Ana Robles 2. Vice president-Tracy Alien 3. Girls Student Relations-Sfiaron Johnson 4. Boys ' Student Relations-Rick Crandall 5. Secretary Treasurer-Annette Barnes ■( 2 YY jdx P uxAv. JJ J ' A Am ) After a few months of adjustment, the Freshman Class found its niche at Valley and settled in to the routine of classes and extra curricular activities . They elected spirited class officers who led them in raising money for the class. They sponsored Rec nights and took part in Spirit Week events. They developed pride in their class and cheered loudly at all Pep assem- blies. With this kind of enthusiasm, the Class of 1979 should prove to be one of the best classes ever to attend Valley High School. 5 f Ti f f s. A T Alex Acevedo Michael Acevedo Ruben Acosta Judith Adams Francisco Aguilar Monica Aguilar Marcus Alaman Sharon Alaman Georgia Allen Tracey Allen Jayni Allsep Evelyn Alonzo Troy Amick Charlotte Anderson Ramona Appleby Dinia Araiza Josephine Aranda Dolores Barboa Cynth Deborah Baker Doris Ballard Freshmen 137 Julie Bracamontes Charles Brandt Susan Brokaw Anitra Brown Barbara Brown ' Bryan Burnette Lori Byrum Alfonza Calhoun Michael Callahan Benny Camacho Deborah Camp Linda Canldate Diana Carmona Lorraine Carmona Judith Carrillo Rina Carrillo Janice Carroll Kenneth Castillo Rey Cayode Gloria Chavarria Deborah Chenail Jolene Chitwood Carol Chong Cathy Christopherson Walter Church Fernando Cibrian Patricia CIsneros Jeff Clarke Melanie Cobb Aurelio Cobo Charlotte Coffey Lisa Coil Scott Cole Johnny Collins Chris Kay Comae ho Troy Cooks Thomas Cordell Thomas Corey Randy Cornelius Sally Corona Terri Corprew Mandy Coulter Richard Cox Ricky Crandall David Crisp Jesse Cruz Steven Curry Susan Dal bey Katrina Davis Lori Davis Robert Davis Sandra Delker 138 Freshmen Aa?v ™-pp " A ' ' y Ann Marie Fuller Frank Gaines Monica Gallardo Kevin Cant Gilberto Garcia Sandra Garcia a ) Jose Diaz Lupe Diaz Susie Diaz Deanna Dickinson Carrie Dimas Dora Dominguez Kenneth Dore Phillip Drown Jeff Dubose Mabel Durand Susan Eaton Gregory Eaves Cheri Elson Benjamin Esparza Margarita Esquivel Frank Estell Ruta Eieuati Robert Fairchild Jaime Fausto Clara Fernandez Jesus Fernandez Larry Fernandez Rick Fernandez Ralph Fierro Brenda Fitton Marvin Fitzgerald Sandy Fitzpatrick De Juana Five ash Annie Flores Juan Flores Andy Flores Victor Forgacs Jackie Forster t Fournel Ronnie Francis Michelle Franco Paul Franklin Vikki Franks Freshmen 139 Victoria Garcia Maria Garza Sammy Gather Michi Gelzhiser Michael Gnesda Patricia Gomez Rosario Gomez Sandy Gomez Martin Gonzales Eva Gonzales Louie Gonzales Mike Gonzales Pedro Gonzalez Tammie Gonzalez Connie Gore Cynthia Griffin Linda Guerra Amalia Guerrero Thomas Guthery Linda Gutierrez Mike Hamilton Steven Hammon Vanessa Hansard Jerry Hansen Terry Hansen Brenda Hardemar Virginia Harper Lee Harris Ricky Harris Mona Headrick Jacqueline Heinlein Tony Henson Marlene Hernandez Mary Herzer Randy Higginbotham Joy Higgins Cynthia Hines Keri Hoag Darlene Holguin Jennifer Hollis William Ibach Geraldine Jackson Cora Jacobs Marvin James Larry Jamison Julia Johnson Mark Johnson Mary Johnson Rone I Johnson Roselyn Johnson Sharon Johnson Clary Jones Linda Jones Michael Jones Trini Jordan ' i5nir? " 140 Freshmen Trini Juarez Theresa Kauffman Zoe Ann Kearney Andrea Kemp Jim Kim Theresa Kobus Steve Koutsoudis M. Mark Kowallis T Michael La Combe Dean La Rue Angelina Lambaren Thomas Lamere ff E Cathy Landry Valeri Lemon Victoria Leon Ariese Leuluai Tracy Lyerly Dorothy Madison Ann Mahoney Mike Malcom Carlos Mares Alex Martinez Eunice Martinez Mark Martinez Isaac Mason Reginald Mayronne Patrick Mc Carthy Gary Mc C lurg Michale Mc Gurk Carmen Mendez Beverly Mercer Carlos Meza Jose Meza Robert Meza David Miller Rosemarie Ml Her Freshmen 141 Claude Mims Carrie Mitchell Lynise Mitchell Sonia Molinar Armando Mondragon Rosa Montanez Jesus Montes Kyung Moon La Donna Moore Regina Moreno Janet Morey Kaye Moss Jeff Mowrer Billy Moyer Terri Mulcahy Raymond Mungia Robin Myers Edward Mapper Levander Neal Rhett Neal Curtis Nelson Richard Nevils Jacqueline Newhouse Sherry Newton Ed Ochia Tena Olson Diana Ontiveros Alex Orosco Louise Orosco Michelle Ortega Debra Overton Charlene Padilla Carol Page Vincent Palmer Ss A fi Tim Parker Joseph Parks David Patton Debra Paulo Joey Perez Minerva Perez Rosemary Perez Terri Perez Rosa Perkins Rickey Perry Ann Petherbridge Cathy Pickens Mark Pierron Jose Pivaral Sigerido Pivaral Patrina Poston Bobby Potter Delois Powell . n ii b f ¥ f 1 ® Melody Powell Letitia Price Sherry Promer James Rafferty Mike Razo Anna Ramirez Elvia Ramirez a 5 s. i ' fi A T ' -f If ' 11 ' ' Timothy Rivefs Danny Rocha Melanie Rock Paul Roden Florencio Rodriguez Frank Rodriguez Nora Rodriguez Roehm Antonio Eomero Consejo Romero Mark Romero la Rosas Cheryl Rowe Gabriel Ruiz Renato Ruiz Brenda Russell Dennis Russell Julie Russell Maximo Salera Sandra Salisbury Lydia Sandoval Rebeca Santana Ed Santos Laurie Savoy David Scanlan Michael Schmidt Debra Schwermer Robert Segovia Yolanda Segura Gabriel Serrano Maria Serrano Ruben Serrano Freshmen 143 Gloria Sevi Ma Esther Shaw Yvette Shipp Joann Shores John Shum Tommy Sierra David Sii Kelvin Simmon Kimb erly Simmons Evivo Sintora David Smith Denise Smith Frank Smith Joseph Smith Keigh Smith Mary Smith Robert Sparacio Susan Stacey Dor-Shal Stanley Debra Steen Janet Steen Janice Steen Michael Steen Denise Stewart Darl Stewlow Jean Stilwell Christina Stoecker Annette Stone Arthur Story Everett Story Donald Strader Vickie Stratton Eric Strom Irenio Suana Curtis Sundberg David Swift Michael Faffolla Aliitasi Fafi Ruth Tapla Susan Tate Leslie Tatreau TavitaTavita Jose Tejeda Randy Tellez Anne Thomas Donna Thomas Melody Tomkins 2 9 WuTm TT V. 144 Freshmen %W 1 1 a A u Makeups Willie Carrbll Thomas Casey Rafael Casillo John Torres Mark Trace Clistus Tripp Peneueta Tuioti Smith Ueligitone Steven Urban Heiden Vander Mike Vavra James Velasquez Donate Villasenor Ralph Vitullo Donna Wager Julia Wagner Robert Walker Thomas Ward Dawn Watklns Larry Wells Steve Werdel Maurice Wesley Mary Wheeler Terri Whitcomb Caria White Dana White Donna Williams Paul Williams Bailey Willoughby Brenda Wilson Nathaniel Wilson Randal Wilson Terri Wood Freddie Woodard Diamn Woods David Worcester Victor Yon key Marion Young Michael Young Rosa Zamarripa Elizabeth Zapata Martha Zintzun Armando Cervantes Mark Chamberlain Quentin Conner Don Corona W% Clayton Dover Donell English Jean Fatzinger Jeff Feemster Mike Fitzpatrick Baldomero Garcia Jeff Gibbons Debbie Gottsch Ivy Handy Nora Hanna Michael Hansard Cheryl Hardison Pamela Head Susie Henry Teresa Hernandez Mary Hinson Frances Juave; Steve Kalafat Hallen Kyung Carol Martinez Frank Martinez Irma Martinez Jesus Montez Charles Maxwell 146 Freshmen they survived. L ien Mguyen Sammy Padilla ■■■th ■ ==-. A I Loretta Moody Gaylene Moore Tim Rotondo Carolyn Rouse Manny Ruiz Diana Sandery Jose Silva Ronnie Simon Lorena Terraz Dwania Trimm Gari Walker Yvette Winters Robert Wooley Freshmen 147 During their first year as upperclassmen, the sophomores worked hard to promote en- thusiasm at Valley . President Judy Strong and her officers Kimberly Law, vice-president, Nina Perez, secretary-treasurer, and Caria Mack and Mike Aguilar, girl and boy student relations, worked hard to make the sophomores one of the best classes on campus . The sophomores participated in many ac- tivities such as sports, band, and pep squa d. Sponsoring rec-nights, taking part in Spirit Week by dressing as hillbillies, and generally being good Falcons, kept the sophomores going. BlilP ' Victor Adame Barbara Adams Keene Aguilar Rosa Aguirre Alice Albarez Carmen Allen Ruth Almanza Gloria Amaro Tanishi Andrews Arturo Araiza Luis Archuleta Victor Arellano Byron Armstrong Cara Armstrong if 9 ' ■ Jennifer Borreson Ann Bos Carrie Brandenburgei Ray Brannan IVIike Brannon Jim Brokaw Tony Brown Terry Brum ley Karen Bryant Theresa Buie Leticia Bustamante Terry Calderon Maria Camarena Gina Campbel Raul Campos Ron Cano Danny Carmona Frank Carmona Joe Carmona Luis Carrillo Jimmy Carrol Sandra Carter John Casares Clarisa Castaneda John Castro Julie Castro Alex Chairez Kevin Chambe Paul Chambers Ki m Chatman Debra Chavarria Bill Chitwood Ralph Christopherson Perry C Melanie Cole Colling- ppfiiPI 150 Sophomores " What would we do in this world of ours Jordy Corbin Patty Corse y Rudy Cortez Cheryl Crawford Connie Curry Pat Czaja Mary Dangler Denise Daniel Clarence Davenport Melvin Davis Richard De La Cruz Robert De La Riva Kevin Derryberry Greg Dexter Mario Diaz Steve Dickinson Ricco Dillihant Laurie Dion James Drown Marilyn Duncan Venus Dun lap Cindy Ebert Joseph Edwards Larry Edwards Lossie Ennis Giida Escamilla Nellie Escobedo Irma Esparza James Fairres Russell Famuliner Sandra Farmer Jean Fatzinger Rita Fierro Raymond Fiveash Francisco Flores Sophomores 151 Were it not for the dreams ahead? -- " PIH I IH " ' .jai ' Hector Flores Jesus Flores Johnnie Flores Maria Flores Rodolfo Flores Darrick Floyd Lori Forster George Franks Dale Fryslie Edmanuel Fuentes Roderick Furnace Barbara Garcia Araseli Garnica Carmen Garza Joe Garza Von Gelzhiser Prevella Gilbert Gary Gillespie Melissa Glover Sara Gonzalez Salvador Gonzalez Angle Grace Robin Grace Harvey Gradilla Elaine Graves Lydia Griffin Iris Groom 152 Sophomores Ed Hatfield Kelly Heflir Dewayne Hein Alicia Hernandez Dora Herrera Lucila Adriana Hester Ricky WW Patricia Jackson Cheryl Jamison Jamie Jeffers For thorns are mixed with the blooming flowers For thorns are mixed with blooming flowers. Joe Jimenez Charles Johnson Kathy Johnson Keri Johnson Leslie Johnson Pamula Johnson Terry Johnson Donna Jones Donnie Jones Ivan Jones w VWlt Hyun Min Kang Brian Kolesar Gene Kopitch Tammie Lambert Willie Lambert Kimberly Law 154 Sophomores iNo matter wnicn patn we treaa TF © 9 £l (J Donna Lemon Rebecca Leon Betty Leonard Frankie Lewis Valerie Lewis Jeanette Liebig Mary Linares Gene Linxwiler Cindy Ljungquist John Lofton Chuck Long Amos Lopex Kathy Lucas Traci Lucien Diane Lujan Ken Lyerly Helen MacKenz George Macias Miguel Macias Caria Mack Dora Madrid Lorraine Malcom Darryl Manning Larry Mansfield Lougene Mansfield John Markin Esteila Martinez Maria Martinez Yolanda Martinez Brenda Mayfield Alfred Mayronne Dawn McLaughlin Donna Medina Ken Mehaffey Connie Mendibles Brenda Miller Anita Mills Angle Miranda Uvaldo Mojica Angela Molina Gelacio Mondragon Antonio Montanez Laverne Montano Janice Moon Asuncion Mora And each of us has his golden goal Adam Moreno Rina Moreno Bonnie Morris Leslie Morriss Nancy Mungia Sally Munoz Genny Murrieta Juan Navarro Leilani Neal Gary Needham Barry Nerhus Victor Nevarez Edward Ortiz Raymond Ortiz Michael Otis Andrew Paige Frankie Parga Jin-Ku Park Ignacio Perez Nina Perez Linda Perkins Derrick Peront Akemi Philbrick Avis Phillips Brett Pickett Timothy Pierson Richard Pinedo Ray Pontious Donny Powe Amanda Price Jeff Proff Ray Pruitt Magda Pruneda David Pursley John Quintana Annette Radillo Tony Ramirez Carol Redding Marti Reyes Toni Reynolds Nancy Rhooms Eddie Rhue %WM - Larry Partin ' s. Crystal Partridge i- - -m Pam Peralta 4 " T Eddie Perez 1 ' Elena Perez d J[ Elizabeth Perez W H! 9 ' f Gonzalo Rivas Mario Rivas Tony Rivera Chon Rivera IVIario Rivera Dwayne Roberts Robert Rock Carlos Rodriguez David Rodriguez Maria Rodriguez Martha Rodriguez Phillip Rodriguez Raul Rodriguez Sergio Rodriguez Vivian Rodriguez David Romero Diane Romero Kenny Rosser Berlene Rucker Jim Ruhl Rosa Ruiz Terry Ruiz Lisa Russell Darlene Ruvalcava Edgardo Salera Gilbert Salinas Cristina Sanchez Delia Sanchez Glenda Sanchez Guilla Sanchez Richard Sanchez Ramona Sandoval Eunice Santana Kevin Satterfield Ronald Saunders Clayton Scudder Ana Berta Sedano Linda Sedig Yvette Segura Stretching far into the years; Sophomores 157 Martha Sevilla Pat Shaw Todd Shaw Karen Shepherd Betty Shores Mary Shum Rose Shum Daniel Sii Cindy Siiva Janice Simmi Marie Simon Arnetta Sims Marl Slaughter Tijuana Slaughter Kim Smeall Colleen Smith Edward Smith Eugene Smith Nedra Smith Sharon Smith Yvette Smith Esmeralda Soto Cindy Stache Cindy Stanard James Standish Kimberly Stansell William Steen John Steinsultz Lisa Stilwell Sharon Stodes Wanda Stokes Judy Strong Fred Suitor John Sutherland Debra Tate Marvin Taylor Robert Taylor Sylvia Taylor Dina Tellez Sarah Tesimale Deena Thacker Deidra Thames Cinay Thoe Charles Thomas David Thomas Wanda Thomas Denise Thompson Gerald Thompson Karen Thompson Sheila Tilley Tammy Tompkins Nohemi Tovar David Trent Tom Trent 158 Sophomores With alternate smiles and tears. Edwin Carlile Litsey Aldrene Tucker Sharon Tucker Patrick Tyson Elva Valadez Ralph Van Buskirk Danny Vasquez Jerome Verdugo Marina Villagomez Ronald Wallace Terry Wallace Royal Ward Patricia Weant Bart Weatherman Elvis Webster Steve Weir Steve Wells Patricia Welnicki Rose Wess Howard Westbrook Matthew White Scott White Donna Williams Janell Williams Mark Williams Michael Williams Brian Wilson Jeff Wilson Keith Wilson Mark Winchester Laurie Wing Darryl Winters Donelle Wolfe Kevin Wood Dennis Woolery Tadashi Yokoyama Richard Young Bertha Zambrano Esther Zambrano Joe Zapata Lisa Zeller Ramon Zintzun Francisco Zuniga Sophomores 159 The Junior Class was led by spifited officers. Marya Adame, president, was assisted by Mark Fiduccia, vice president, Mary Hermann, sec- retary-treasurer, Gloria Urias, girl student rela- tions, and V.J. Lovero, boy student relations. In order to follow tradition, the juniors spon- sored Rec nights and sold ' 77 buttons to raise money for the Junior-Senior prom. The prom was held at the Costa Mesa Golf and Country Club on May 28. Couples danced In a romantic setting to the music of a popular band. The juniors, after three years of impatient waiting, have fulfilled their destiny. They are Seniors at last. Gary Baldwin Renee Banks Chantal Banon Carol Barber -A j Karen Barnardv Gloria Barnes Monica Barnes Anthony Barraz Allen Barrett G ilbert Belmontes Dwayne Benson Timothy Bergen Tami Blake M ichelle Bonds Daniel Bott Michael Boyd John Bracamontes Gary Bradshaw Susan Brandenburger David Brokaw Clorene Brokofsky Mary Brooks Sarah Brown James Bruce Mike Bublitz Joyce Burch Ronald Burkett Debra Burkhart Eve Burnette Gtrl sad n elaMpns Greg Callahan ij ' Catherine Camp Raymond Campos Michael Canidate Tyrone Canidate Pedro Cardenas Sabrina Carey Kathy Carpentei W t f Alfred Carrillo Victor Carrillo Terry Carver Robert Castro Charles Chatman Nolan Cholodinko Daniel Chong Lucy Cisneros Calvin Clark Charles Clark Tony Coffey Shawn Coles Gilbert Collins Larry Connelly Louie Contreras Renee Cooks Alan Corey Ron Cornel ius ■ ' S4 nt» I Hk ' HMRMH I P Sj BH BI H " " ' ' .AiMi ' ' Phyl I is Corprew Wanda Corsey Patricia Cortes Teresa Corvera f ' rhere in the Sunshine Carlos Crawford Richard Crocker Lourdes Cruz Roberta Culve Richard Dalby James Darl Ing ipj .M i iM Patricia Davenport Terry David Carrie Davis Sharon Davis Susie De Groot Rosane Deitos Denise Denson William Dexter Manual Diaz James Dibase Ray Dimas Kristine Dixon Dawn Dreke Mark Duffield Donna Easley Lee Erienbach Nora Escudero Sandra Esparza Phillip Esquibel David Everett Susan Fairchild Mario Fajardo Martha Felix Jim Ferdinando Jackie Ferguson Mike Ferguson » J. i Bill Fernandez Mark Fiduccia Janelle Finley Terry Finnegan Are My Highest Aspirations I May Not Carol Fitzpatrick Anna Flores Marivel Flores Rosie Flores Susan Forgacs Bridgett Franklin Gonzalo Fuerte Gary Gaines Cheryl Gant John Garcia Marie Garcia Ortencia Garcia Cassandra Garrett Selina Gelzhiser Janice Gertzen Glenda Glenn Charles Gnesda Charles Goins i|Pll Veronica Hardeman Andy Harrelson J.D. Harrelson II Harris Demetrius Harris Mary Hermann Leonard Hernandez Yolanda Hernandez Ernest Heyer Russell Hilburn Kenny Hoffman Tammy Hosey each Them, but I Can Look up Kenneth Lee Silvia Leon Karen Long Teresa Long Geraldine Longn James Lopez Steve Lopez Virginia Lopez Victor Lovero Kristin Lucas Retha Locl ey Lorraine Lupardo Patricia Leon Donna IVlac Kenzi Debora iVIadison Pat IVlatloy Clay IVIanning Helen iVlares Judi IVlarez David iVIarshall Steve IVIartin Carmen IVlartinez George IVlartinez Jan Martinez Leticia IVlartinez Henry Masaniai Janet McCarty Rita McCue Steven McKeun Skipper McKillop Jesse Mendibles Saul Mercado Cathy Meza Fernando Meza 166 Juniors and See Their Beauty Patricia Mikles Anita Mitchell Henry Montanez Doris Moore Estela Mora Donald Moss Franklin Moss Lee Moyer Chris Mullhollanc Daniel Munoz Teresa Peed Charles Perkins Delfino Perez Vickie Perry Lisa Pfeffer Margaretta Phi Pat Pirolo Eric Price Orville Price Sandra Price tr+ looL hJL w Believe in Them Sandra Romero Craig Rosser Colin Rowe Debora Rucker Debbie Russ ell Susand Russe Michael Rafferty Tony Salsberry Celia Sanchez Concepclon Sanchez David Sanchez Magdalena Sanchez Gamaliel Santana Jack Savage Blake Schwermer Sandra Sedig Gilbert Segovia Juan Sepulveda ana iry to hollow Lorelei Showalter Monica Silbas Tommie Simmons Sterl ing Simpson Kim Skeily Janice Smelser Bobbie Smith Eva Smith Michael Smith Darlene Snyder R ichard Sparaci Mary Stacy Clarence Steen Donna Stewlow Perry Stilwell Dennis Strong Dawn Sykes Fred Tanielu Paul Tapia Anita Taylor Emanuel Taylor Kaynette jempleton Criss Tester David Thames ludy Thomas ?andy Thompson Vendy T illey ennie Tompkins 3indy Tope 3reg Torress Octavio Torres Sue Tremaine Yvonne Tripp Andy Trujil lo Karen Tucker Kereti Tuioti Gloria Urias Bertha Valenzuela Tony Valdepena Raul Valenzuela Carmen VanBuskirk Cindy VanderHeiden where They Lead. " Anonymous Debra Promer George Vasquez Juanita Vasquez Annette Velasquez David Velasquez Serigo VIelma Jesse Vigil Sylvia Villagomez Gerado Villsaenor Manuel Villasenor Jaime Villela Norma Viramontes Danny Vltullo Audre Walker Pam Walker Rick Ward Mary Watrous Michele Welnicki William Wesley Reginald West Regina Wickerson Joy Willets Cynthia Williams Darrell Williams Kenneth Williams Leon Williams Maroa Williams David Wilson Gene Wilson Willie Wilson Sylvester Woods Hardy Wooley Terry Wright Bob Yost Lydia Young Rose Young Gloria Zozaya Ronald Zozaya Ronald Aguilar Armondo Amaro Minnie Bethea Rosalinda Buendia Earl Busi Lana Bussie Lynne Bussie Isabel Serrano Ken Sharpe Elijah Shipp S SiP VR Seniors Our own d.j., Coconut Watson When the seniors arrived on campus as freshmen, they were typically shy and felt out of place. However, they main- tained their " cool " in typical Falcon style. They elected officers and began their four year journey on the road to higher education. They soon found out that their first duty was to raise money to support their class. Through their officers. Student Council, and determination, that goal was completed. By their junior year enough money had been raised to sponsor a fantastic Junior-Senior Prom, which was held at the Disney- land Hotel. Such projects as Rec nights, candy sales and button sales helped make the year enjoyable. As seniors, they bent their efforts toward preparing for goals after high school. They investigated colleges, study programs, various job opportunities, and worried about finals and grades. Plans came closer to reality when the time came to order senior pictures, graduation announcements, and caps and gowns. The senior year was a time for keeping traditions. The senior class fought tokeepsuch traditions as the senior patio, senior ditch day, and leaving assemblies before underclass- men. The senior year, above all, was a period of awareness. It was a time to face reality. Walking down the aisle to receive their diplomas, the seniors knew that 12 years of required education were behind them, and finally recognized that the future was strictly their own choice. Robin: " Hey, look at that foxy guy! " Angel: " Yeah, he ' s all right! " Jann: " He doesn ' t look that hot to me June: " Yuck. " Our class advisor, a bearded Gary Satrappe. The Class of 1976 Our favorite time of the day-lunch time! " Okay, everybody smilo for thr camera. MBft r HH||H 1 1 r ' i JM y; J paviv iij;v i jA ( ' Br ? — ' 1 Mfe : fikd A nl ' OHr fKBfmff BE %SraMK .. - S ' - g v ' - ■ ..-,.. ► The Senior Class officers were; Rachel Ramirez, president; Lee Ann Pina, vice-president; Wanda Durand, secretary-treasurer; Tiny Lynch, boys ' student relations; and Aneatra Jones, girls ' student relations. Angelene Abston Mancy L. Adams Gilbert L. Aio Anita M. Alaman Leonard Antolin Shyla A. Armstrong Laura M. Bace Juanita K. Bagby Jann L. Barbour Katherine A. Barela Janet A. Barker Martha H. Barragan Teressa L. Beames We Are, All of Us, Larry D. Bernard Dewayne L. Blake Prentis Bonds Gloria Borboa Wyman C. Borreson Anna M. Bracamontes Deborah K. Brannon Lisa N. Brewer Eliezer A. Carrillo Elizabeth P. Ceniceros Phillis F. Chambers f nm Molded and Remolded Ruben S. Carrillo Virginia S. Chairez Lawrence H. Chatman Angel N. Chitwood Debora M. Chambers IVlargaret S. Clark Debbie L. Cole Hey, you got a dime? Janet M. Crawford Kathy A. Crooks Roxanne L. Cunico By Those Who Have Loved Us Carrie L. Davis Kristine M. Dixon Kathy A. Dorsey Nancy E. Downey Wanda J. Durand Debra A. Easley Rate them on a scale from 1 to 10. Michael Easley Carlton L. Edwards Janice G. Edwards Tina Espinosa Ramon E. Estrada Michael W. Everett Susan M. Fadgen Rae F. Famulinei- Linda M. Fav Mastaneh Fazaelt Dan D. Ferguson Mark A. Ferrel Andy Flores Roberta K. Fox Terry T. Frankli Tim A. Frederickse IVlargarita Fuentes Cheryl A. Gant Floyd P. Glenn Glenda IVl. Glenn Pamela A. Gnesda Stanley E. Golden No Love, No hriendship, Susan A. Rumfield Mary A. Gomez Angela K. Gi-eenwood Gilda D. Griffin Johanna L. Gunter Rena Gustavies Caria J. Guthrie Best of 76: Most adademic, Ralph Lorenz and Carrie Davis. Robert W. Hall Diann L. Hamilton Kathy J. Hampton Albert K. Hanna Elaine L. Hardcastle Clinton Harris Teresa A. Hollins Albert J. Holman Best of 76: IVlost Likely to Succeed, Jody Sutherland and Wade Wooldridge. Can Ever Cross Jocelyn Y. Horn Robert C. Houghton Best of 76: Biggest Con Artists, Peggy Finn, Dale Prince and Ava Sherri A. Howerton Mersedez IVl. Huizar iVlaria A. Halzay Debbie J. Hurst Barbara Hylla Kenneth W. Jackson Rene F. Jacobs Quick! Get the Desene Cecelia R. Jat Chel itta A. James Dwight Johnson Dewanna K. Johnston Aneatra C. Jones Michael T. Jones Wilma V. Jones Sabina L. Juarez Ronell L. Kahalehili Dennis M. Kc Seniors Carl E. Kendrick Kevin R. King Pamela E. Kline Annie Kopltch I lit: rdiii ui ui L t biiiiy Siegfried Kukier Robert W. Ladd Katherine L. Le Dennis D. Learned :.wMi Sl - - • ' :;- 4, liUiMl ' fjpl -mm ' mm-- r r% ■T ' l , f l Yolanda E. Lewis Best of 76: Most Conceited, Angel Chltwood and Fred Morales. June M. Llebig Julian L. Linares Keith L. Long George R. Lopez Issa A. Lopez Seniors 185 Mike A. Lopez Shelly R. Lowe George T. Lynch Carol F. Mac Gregor David H. Mains M i 1 1 PF ' J: J -- " - 1 Best of 76: Best Looking, Steve Morales and Juanita Bagby. Melodie L. Matthews Elizabeth l l. Melendez Penny J. Meller Ana M. Mendez vviinoul Leaving :)ome Dawn P. Mews Debra A. Millhouse Charles B. Mohn Fred J. Morales Steve A . Morales Lewis G. Morris Melinda S. Mc Janet L. Mulcahy Kathleen A. Mulcahy Chris Mulholland Silvano Munoz Marvin M. McLaughli Harumi D. McWhorter Cathy J. Navarro Rainer D. Neubert Jackie R. Newcomb Sandra L. Nordstrom Diana L. Norman Best of 76: Most Spirited, June Liebig and Nathaniel Oliva Larry E. Oliver Tiny Lyncrn. Murline Owens Louis A. Padilla Wanda J. Pava IVlichael D. Pendletor Jo-Ann IVl. Phillips Dawn R. Pickett Lee Anne Pi Jrian B. Pollak Mark Upon It horever Ronnie E. Porter Karen L. Price lelinda M . Price Mel issa M. Price yn J. rrice Mark E. Proff James P. Radillo Petra G. Ramirez Rachel Ramirez Kenneth A. Read Thomas M. Reec Linard J. Reeves Richard L. Reeves Mylo Reyes Teresa P. Reyes Michael K. Rhue Eric M. Ringer Steve M. Roberts John A . Robertson Karen M. Salgado Maryann M. Sandoval Danielle T. Santos Penni D. Saugstad Michael L. Saunders We Now Realize Sylvia M. Schiaveto Ava IVI. Schriefer Best of 76: Most Gullible, Jeanette Tope and Dan Ferguson. Sandy L. Sedig Joe H. Sliepherd Abbey M. Shores Cathryn A. Shores Kelly A. Sides Dorothy M. Sierra Cyndi A. Silbas Steven R. Slaughter Seniors 191 Kenneth D, Stroup Jodi D. Suiherland Foimai R. Tesimale I nat uur i ime ai vaiiey Jeanette M. Tope Geneva Torres Glenn P. Torres La Rannah R. Treft Gloria J. Valdez Gerardo Valenzuela Faustino Vargas Susan Vega Donald C. Vittetow Mike A. Waahila Roy A, Wager John M. Waike Best of 76: Most Athletic, Mike Rhue and Becky Ebert. Colleen E. Wall Brenda R. Ward Mike K. Watson Romona H. Watson Linear D. Webb Lisa A. Weber Angela L. Wheaton Debra K. White Robert G. Wilkinson Debbie L. Willets was bucn a rs iinuie Denis Q. Wing I IVlary E. Wojtanowski Gregory K. Wolfe •s rr - - - " . " " ' ! ' ■■■ ' msi ■ ■HT Af- Best of ' 76: Most Contributed to ' 76, Brian Tong and Rachel Ramirez. Wade R. Wooldridge Robertha Young Chris R. Zicarell Best of 76: Most Humorous, Richard Reeves and Ester Tabile, r« Q ' ° ' - Fa Ofite Teachers, Sylvia Lee -. lr VV " (ABOVE) an Howard Booker (RIGHT). prn .a . v. vV Seniors 196, }- oC VJ ' C M) ,,X2 5 e Partof OurLives S ' K ?-? Senior Index Yet We ' ll Treasure It, Nancy Adams G.A.A. Gilbert Aio Varsity and J.V. Football, J.V. Base- ball Anita Alaman B.S.U., G.A.A., Drama Club Leona Autor Girls ' Football Club, G.A.A., C.I.F. Track, Volleyball Eliezer Avalos Art Club, M.E.Ch.A. Michelle Baca M.E.Ch.A. Juanita Bagby Student Advisory Board, B.S.U., Drill Team Jann Barbour Wrestlette, Sophomore Vice President, G.A.A., Football Club, C.I.F. Sports, Yearbook Staff, Cagers ' Club, Ski Club Katherine Barela M.E.Ch.A., G.A.A., Girls ' Football Club Christine Benson B.S.U., Drill Team Larry Bernard Key Club, C.S.F., Fishing Club Bob Binder Varsity Water Polo, Varsity Swimming, Ski Club, Backpacking Club, Bike Club DeWayne Blake Fishing Club, J.V. Basketball, J.V. Baseball Prentis Bonds Band, Speech Team Wyman Borreson Freshman Waterpolo, Varsity Swim- ming, J.V. Waterpolo, Band Anna Bracamontes G.A.A., C.I.F. Field Hockey, Softball Debbie Br G.A.A., C.S.F., C.I.F. Softball, Girls ' Football Club, Girls ' League L isa Brewer Honor Roll, Art Club Cory Briggs Key Club, B.S.U. Steve Brown Band, Freshman, Sophomore and Var- sity Football, B.S.U., Key Club Richard Buhs Chess Club Cynthia Burgess G.A.A., Keyettes Michael Bush Varsity Football, Varsity Wrestling Maria Calderon Speech Team, S. Club, C.S.F., Drama Club, National Forensics League John Camp Baseball, Baseball Club, Cross Country Tony Campbell Baseball, Basketball Mike Carmona Track, Cross Country Kathy Carpenter Football Club, G.A.A. Ruben Carrillo M.E.Ch.A. L iz Ceniceros M.E.Ch.A. Mike Chairez M.E.Ch.A., Essence Staff, Gymnastics, Key Club Virginia Chairez G.A.A., Girls ' Football Club, Cagers ' Club, Student Council, Student Con- gress, Girls ' League, Academic Decathlon, Girl of the Month Debora Chambers B.S.U., C.S.F., G.A.A., Drill Team Phillis Chambers G.A.A., B.S.U. Lawrence Chatman Varsity Football, Track, Basketball Angel Chitwood Girls ' Football Club, Drama Club, C.I.F. Field Hockey, Student Council Songleader, Girls ' League Margaret Clark G.A.A., B.S.U., Drill Team Debbie Cole G.A.A., S Club, Photography Club, Girls ' Football Club Robin Concan Wrestlettes, C.S.F., Girls ' Football Club, G.A.A., Varsity Cheerleader, Girls ' League, C.I.F. Field Hockey, Ski Club, Press Club, Sophomore Class Secretary T reasurer jDonna Conerly Drill Team, B.S.U., Sophomore P in- 5S, Girl of the Month c ' y f ' L illian Cook Career Developemnt Awards Debra Cooper Gymnastics Sherrie Courtney G.A.A. Kathy Crooks Choir, Pep Club, C.S.F., Girls ' League Carrie Davis C.S.P.A., C.S.F., S Club, A.F.S., Drama Club, Yearbook and Newspaper Staff, Girls ' League, Academic Deca- thlon, Sophomore Vice President, Gymnastics, Speech Team, Girl of the Month, Seal bearer Kris Dixon Choir Nancy Downey Football Club, Pep Club, Girls ' League, G.A.A., Student Council, Cagers ' Club, C.I.F. Field Hockey, Volleyball Senior Index Wanda Durand Senior Class Secretary-Treasurer, Art Club, C.S.F., S. Club, G.A.A. Mike Easley Varsity Football, Track, Wrestling Floyd Glenn Soph-Frosh Baseball, J.V. Baseball, Varsity Baseball, Jazz Band Glenda Glenn G.A.A., B.S.U., Girls ' Football Club Mary Hatfield G.A.A., Career Foods Joe Hess Swimming, Waterpolo, Yearbook Staff, Art Club, Speech Team Carlton Edwards Basketball, Cagers ' Club, German Club Janice Edwards G.A.A. Tina Espinosa Girls ' Football Club, Choir, Band, Backpacking Club Ramon Estrada Cross Country, Track M ike Everett Varsity Baseball, Sophomore Football Susan Fadgen Girls ' Football Club, Yearbook Staff, Aquatics Club, G.A.A., Backpacking Club, Ski Club Rae Famul iner F.H.A., Keywanettes L inda Favors Wrestlettes, G.A.A., B.S.U., C.I.F. Track Dan Ferguson Varsity Football, Baseball Mark Ferrel Drama Club, Speech Team Peggy Finn G.A.A., C.I.F. Sports, Gymnastics, Varsity Cheerleader, Football Club Andy Flores Football Manager Roberta Fox Keywanettes Terry Franklin Varsity Football, Varsity Track Cheryl Gant G.A.A., B.S.U., Girls ' Football Pam Gnesda A.F.S., C.S.F., Pep Club, G.A.A., C.I.F. Tennis, Softball, Varsity Cheer- leader, Cagers ' Club, Drama Club, Yearbook Staff, S Club, Girls ' League, Stanl ey Golden Rockwell International Act Program Susan Golden C.S.F,, Fishing Club Mary Gomez Ski Club, French Club, Honor Roll, Merit for French 1975 Sonny Grace Varsity Football Angela Greenwood S Club, Student Bulletin Advisor, Gir of the Month. Jody Gunter C.S.F., S Club Sec. -Treasurer, Cager Club Rena Gustavies G.A.A., B.S.U. Teresa Haddix G.A.A., Drama Class Robert Hall Wrestling, Essence Art Staff Diann Hamilton B.S.U. , Girls ' Football Club Elaine Hardcastle Art Club President, C.S.F. CI inton Harris B.S.U., Sophomore Football Team Demetrius Harris Band, Girls ' Football Club, C.I.F. Field Hockey, Badminton Freshman, Sophomore and Varsity Football Teams, Wrestling, Tennis Tim Hole Wrestling Teresa Hoi I ins G.A.A., C.I.F. Field Hockey, B.S.U. A. J. Hoi man III Freshman and Varsity Football Teams, Freshman Basketball, Track Team, Key Club Cynthia Holston Band, Band Council, G.A.A., C.I.F. Tennis, Badminton, Yearbook Staff, C.S.F., Honor Roll, Press Club Debra Hopper B.S.U., Honor Roll Jocelyn Horn Art Club, Girls ' Football Club Bob Houghton Swim Club President, Bike Club Treaisurer, C.S.F. President, School Play, Orchestra, Swim Team, Water Polo, Key Club, Academic Decathlon, Newspaper Staff Sherri Howerton C.S.F., Honor Roll, Girls ' Football Club, Yearbook Staff, Student Council, Press Club, Girls ' League, Girl of the Month Mersedez Huizar Key Club Debbie Hurst C.S.F., Drama Club, Speech Team, National Forensics League, S Club, A.F.S. Lori Irvin Keywanette Club, Drill Team, G.A.A., Backpacking Club, Ski Club Senior Index Knowing It Helped Rene Jacobs Competetive Sports, Ski Club Cecel ia James Keyette Club Chel itta James Keyette Club, Letterettes, B.S.U. Dwight Johnson Track Team Dewanna Johnston G.A.A. Aneatra Jones Editor-in-Chief of Newspaper Staff, Yearbook Staff, Press Club, Academic Decathlon, Girls ' Football Club, B.S.U. , Senior Girls ' Student Relations, C.S.P.A. M ichael Jones Photo Club, Drama Club Wilma Jones Press Club, B.S.U., G.A.A., M.G.M. Dennis Kelso Stage Crew Carl Kendrick B.S.U. Kevin King KSAV, Newspaper Staff, Yearbook Photographer, Press Club, Photo Club, Pamela Kline Girls ' Football Club Annie Kopitch Songleader, Girls ' Football Club, G.A.A., Keyette Club, Band Siegfried Kukier Varsity Water Polo and Swimming Robert Ladd School Play Dennis Learned Fishing Club Katherine Lee Key Club, Art Club Yolanda Lewis G.A.A., C.I.F. Sports June Liebig Wrestlettes, Girls ' Football Club, G.A.A., Varsity Cheerleader, Student Council, Bike Club, Girls ' League, Most Spirit of ' 76, Sophomore Student Relations Girl, C.I.F. Field Hockey Julian L inares Freshman, Sophomore and Varsity Cross Country and Track Teams Teresa Lira Girls ' League, Girl ' s Football Club, S Club George Lopez Freshman Football Team, Freshman Track Team, Sophomore and Junior Wrestling, Band, Jazz Rock Wind Ensemble Issa Lopez Essence Staff, Songleader, Student Council, Drill Team, Girls ' League, Girls ' Football Club, M.E.Ch.A. Presi- dent, Homecoming Queen, Girl of the Month Mike Lopez Track, Cross Country, Football Ralph Lorenz C.S.F. Tennis Team, Bike Club, German Club President, Water Polo, Swimming, Aquatics Club, Fishing Club, ESS A Student Advisory Comm it- George Tiny Lynch III Freshman, Sophomore and Varsity Football Teams, B.S.U., Wrestling, Senior Boys ' Student Relations, Backpacking Club, Boy of the Month, Best of ' 76, " Most Spirited " Carol MacGregor G.A.A., Gymnastics, Cross Country, Backpacking Club, Keyette Club David Markham Band, C.S.F., Cross Country, Tennis Team, Jazz Rock, Wind Ensemble Melodie Matthews Keywanettes, Drill Team, Ski Club, Backpacking Club President - e ii M W estl Nancy Melendez Girls ' League President, Girls ' Football Club, S Club, Art Club, M.E.Ch.A. G.A.A., C.I.F. Field Hockey, Softball, Tennis, Student Council, Track, Girl the Ms Penny Mellen F.H.A. Ana Mendez M.E.Ch.A. Dawn Mews J.V. Cheerleader, G.A.A. Chuck Mohn Freshmen Basketball, Choir, Sopho- more Basketball, Police Science Fred Morales Varsity Football Team, Basketball, Most Conceited of ' 76 Steve Morales Freshmen Basketball, J.V. Basketball- All League, Varsity Basketball Lewis Morris Water Polo, Swimming, Wrestling, Swim Club Mindy Mowrer Girls ' Football Club, Drill Team Co- captain, Honor Roll Janet Mulcahy G.A.A., Band, Yearbook Staff, Band Council, Press Club, C.I.F. Tennis, Softball, Badminton, C.S.F. Kathy Mulcahy G.A.A., C.I.F. Tennis, Badminton, Band, Band Council, Press Club, Year- book Staff, M.G.M. , C.S.F. Cathy Navarro G.A.A., M.E.Ch.A. Senior Index Rainer Neubert Freshman Football, Sophomore Foot- ball Sandra Nordstrom G.A.A. Diana Norman G.A.A., B.S.U., Drama Club Nathaniel Oliva Key Club, IVI.E.Ch.A., Band Larry Oliver E.S.S.A. Representative, B.S.U. Pres dent. Student Advisory Committee, Basketball Jo-Ann Phillips Dawn Pickett Girls ' Football Club, G.A.A., Key- wanette Club Lee Anne Pina G.A.A., A.F.S., Speech Team, S Club, Drama Club Vice President Brian Pollak Tennis Team, Yearbook Staff, Track, Tennis Club Karen Price Bike Club, Girls ' Football Club, J.V. Cheerleader, Gymnastics Melinda Price Backpacking Club, Ski Club Melissa Price Backpacking Club Dale Prince Tennis Team, Water Polo, C.S.F., Press Club, Newspaper Staff, Yearbook Staff, Photo Club President, Honor Roll Tennis Club, Ski Club, Biggest Con Artist of ' 76, Chess Club Mark Proff Key Club, Bike Club Jim Radillo Freshman, Football, Sophomore Foot- ball, Baseball, Track Team Rachel Ramirez Girls ' Football Club, Pep Club, Girls ' League, G.A.A., Sophomore Class President, Student Council, Contri- buted Most to ' 76, Cagers ' Club, A.F.S., Senior Class President, Girl of the Month, Field Hockey Joe Rea Basketball, Sophomore Track Ken Read Key Club, Bike Club Tom Reece Press Club, Photo Club, KSAV, News- paper Staff, Yearbook Staff, Yearbook Editor-in-Chief, Backpacking Club, Cross Country, Track, M.G.M., N.S.Y.E., S.C.S.P.A. Workshop Representative Linard Reeves Baseball R ichard Reeves Freshman, Sophomore and Varsity Football Teams, Baseball, Band, Best of 76 " Most Humorous " Teresa Reyes G.A.A. Mike Rhue Varsity Football Team, Basketball, Track Eric Ringer Cross Country Co-captain, Track Jose- Luis Rivas Soccer Team Captain, President Junior Achievement, Student Advisory Committee, President Key Club Steve Roberts Swi m Team John Robertson M.G.M., C.S.F. Sealbearer, A.S.B. Vice President, Drama Club, Most Friendly of ' 76, Boy of the Month, N.B.B.A., Honor Roll Rueben Rocha Baseball, Wrestling, Varsity Football Team Mike Rodriguez Band, Bike Club, Backpacking Club Darlene Rosas M.E.Ch.A., Cagers ' Club, G.A.A. Abbey Shores Drill Team Karen Salgado G.A.A. Danielle Santos Backpacking Club, Ski Club Penni Saugstad J.V. Cheerleader, Songleader, Pep Club Michael Saunders Football Team, Basketball Team, B.S.U., Student Activity Committee Ava Schriefer C.I.F. Gymnastics Team, Varsity Cheerleader, G.A.A., C.I.F. Varsity Volleyball Team, Girls ' Football Club, Biggest Con Artist of 76 Sandy Sedig G.A.A., C.S.F., Speech Team, Drama Club, S Club Cathy Shores B.S.U. , Cagers ' Club, Girls ' Football Club, Color Guard, Keywanette Club Cyndi Silbas Ski Club, Backpacking Club, Girls ' Football Club, Cagers ' Club, Drill Team, Varsity Cheerleader, Wrest- lettes Steve Slaughter Aquatics Club, Varsity Swimming, Varsity Waterpolo David Smith Band, Drum Major, Tennis Team, Bike Club Denice Soldan Girls ' Football Club, Girls ' League, S Club, Honor Roll Guadalupe Soto Spanish Club Make Us What We Are Senior Index Danny Stewlow Wrestling, Fishing Club Sherri Stilwell Girls ' Football Club, G.A.A., S Club, Girls ' League Jodi Sutherland C.S.F., Honor Roll, Most Likely to Succeed of ' 76 Ester labile Girls ' Football Club, G.A.A. Treasurer, CJ.F. Volleyball, Letterette, Most Humorous of ' 76 M ike Tesimale Football Co-Captain, Basketball, Track, Wrestling, Weight Lifting, Pride Club, 1200 Club Sandra Thomas B.S.U. Tacy Thompkins Wrestlette, B.S.U., Band Letterette, Girls ' League, Art Club Brian Tong Varsity Tennis, Wrestling, Bike Club, Fishing Club, C.S.F., A.F.S., Boy of the Month, A.S.B. President Jeanette Tope Swimming, Cross Country, Ski Club, Backpacking Club, Drill Team, Wrestlettes, Girls ' Football Club, Songleader Geneva Torres G.A.A., Honor Roll, Junior Class Vice President, Girls ' Football Club Glenn Torres Freshman and Sophomore Football Teams LaRannah Treft G.A.A,, Girls ' Football Club, Girls ' League, Junior Class Secretary, Most Friendly of ' 76 Gerardo Valenzuela Wrestling Faust i no Vargas Key Club, Soccer Club Susan Vega M.E.Ch.A. Don Vittetow Key Club, Choir Jon Waike President Art Club, Boys ' State Repre- sentative, C.S.F. Colleen Wall G.A.A., C.I.F. Field Hockey, Softball Brenda Ward C.S.F., Girls ' Football Club, Back- packing Club, Ski Club, S. Club M ike Watson 1200 Club, Pride Club, Varsity Letter- men ' s Club, Varsity Football Team, Track Team Co-Captain, Fishing Club, Student Council, B.S.U., Most Talkative of ' 76, Wrestling, Bike Club, Boy of the Month, Backpacking Club Angela Wheaton Keywanette Club Debbie White Drill Team, Wrestlettes, G.A.A. Bob Wilkinson Football, Track, Wrestling Debbie Willets Girls ' Football Club, G.A.A. Greg Williams Varsity Football, Wrestling, Bike Club Cherie Wilson G.A.A., Keyettes, Girls ' League, Girls ' Football Club Perry Wilson Band, Varsity Waterpolo, Swimming Dennis Wing Band, Basketball, Baseball Mary Wojtanowski C.I.F. Field Hockey, C.I.F. Softball Drama Club, Girls ' Football Club, Backpacking Club Greg Wolfe Key Club, Chess Club Secretary, Chess Club Treasurer, Chess Club Vice president. Tennis Wade Wooldridge Chess Club, German Club, C.S.F., Basketball Manager, M.G.M. Program Now We ' ve Seen Everything r H 204 Closing I have often wondered just how many hours I ' ve spent busting my school-worn brains working on yearbook material. Long ago I lost count of all the late night staff meetings we held just prior to deadlines. I always thought of those nights as punishment; however, I soon realized that every other staff member was in the same boat. Now that the book Is completed and I will have no more deadlines to meet, I find myself look- ing back at the year with appreciation to the staff. SHERRI HOWERTON, senior editor, was the only other three year veteran on the staff. She knew all the headaches and heartaches it takes to put a book together. Sherri worked hard and helped me a lot as associate editor. Long may her hunger pangs strike. Sports editor, PAM GNESDA, had the largest and toughest section. More than once she sighed in frustration because something wasn ' t right. Thanks, Pam, for holding it together. Much of the artistic flair in the book was done by Faculty Editor, KATHY MULCAHY. Thanks go to her for burning the midnight oil when we needed it most. This year ' s division pages were designed by IGNACIO ACOSTA who did a magnificent job and was a real lifesaver. LOUIS PADILLA, freshman editor, re ally had to work against the impossible. He had the largest class section and his work was Interrupted because someone broke into his locker, stole the pictures, and flushed them down a toilet. But it takes more than that to keep a good editor down. CINDY HOLSTON seemingly had little trouble with her sophomore section, even though we disagreed in just about everything. She did her job in grand fashion. JANET MULCAHY wasted little time in completing her junior section which left her free to help other staff members with their chores. She always encouraged me to keep going on those days when nothing seemed to go right. JANN BARBOUR, activities editor, came into the class knowing almost nothing about producing a yearbook. She was eager to learn, though, and listened to everything I had to say. Thank you, Jann, for patiently putting up with me all year. ANEATRA JONES AND SUE FADGEN had a tough job with the club section. In doing this section they had to arrange for club pictures and get the names of every member. They really deserve a round of applause. DONNA STEWLOW, BRIAN POLLACK, AND NANCY MELENDEZ didn ' t have long titles, but the jobs they did were instrumental in pro- ducing this book. They made my job a little easier by helping out here and there with the busy work, DALE PRINCE, head photographer first semester, was in semi control of the staff photographers who were semi uncontrollable. RICHARD KING, BRETT PICKETT, GARY BRADSHAW, DAN BOTT all contributed the many photographs that make up this book. V.J. LOVERO deserves a special pat on the back for the many extra hours he spent In the dark room. Our business manager, CARRIE DAVIS, had one of the most responsible assignments on the staff. In addition to selling books, collecting and counting money, keeping accurate records, Carrie also had the job of putting the ad section together. ROBIN CONCAN began her job as academic editor with little enthusiasm. All it took, though, was a little sweet talking to convince her that she was just right for the job. MRS. ELAINE STUCKEY isn ' t really a staff member, but she is the one who refereed the whole mess. She was our beloved advisor; you know, the one who told us what we were doing wrong. In addition there was MR. JOHN THOMAS, the yearbook representative. His help was Invaluable in putting the book together. MR. RON STOKER did more than his share for us. Since he wasn ' t obligated to do anything at all for the book, I really want him to know how sincerely his help was appreciated. After narrowing the cover design down to three choices, we took a look at MR. BERNIE HAWIM ' s sketch; and it was love at first sight. So, it ' s all over. Thanks, staff. And thank you all Valley Falcons for being interested in the annual and for purchasing the finished product. Eight months of long, hard but rewarding work is now in your hands depicted as a year of memories. We hope you like it. Closing 206 Have a nice future, Tom Reece Editor-in-chief Closing 207 COMMONWEALTH MOTORS LTD. 1442 S. Bristol 546-0220 2114 E. First St. 835-6531 Santa Ana, California Stilley ' s Photo 224 N. Broadway Santa Ana Ashly Jewelry inc. 212 W. 4th St. Santa Ana DAVE M ELEXDEZ Gen. Contractor Additions, Custom Homes Commercial Concrete Asphalt Sawing Free Estimates Licensed and Bonded 546-49VE ANi. C4,_ IPrt ' $ BICYCLE SHOP r COMPLETE LINE • BICYCLE PARTS ACCESSORIES TOP QUALITY REPAIRS i SERVICE 1419 SO BRISTOL SANTA ANA. 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Bristol Santa Ana 557-8446 At California PanB we discount all items and with student ID card you get 107o more discount above our super discpiint Come over and see us-Bring the whole family with you and save! ! iv T- ay Away Plan-Master Charge-Bank of America Card ' Saddle Pants. Feci the Fit: ri 1 obviousay, they fit! p. BAHG . „ TEN Dirfos . " 1: V stlai](is " aqk 1107 N MAIN STREET, SANTA ANA. CA 92702 (714) 835-2511 c : !7 W. Edinger „ . _ Santa Ana, Cal ' - - m WStlarjcls :0 apk 1107 N MAIN SIRtt 1, SANTA ANA. CA 92702 (714) 835-251 ' Closing 212 ■ i. jujx ' -- (_; " Q ' Vu v-r-) c-tt S . THE FIRST 200 YEARS A knowledge of American history is an invitation to experience the ac- comphshment, drama, tragedy and hope of an infant nation struggling to grow up. Sturdy, determined pioneers hacked away at the edges of a raw continent and, with blunders and achievements alike, modeled a country with a spirited nature and a united commitment to individual liberty for every one of its citizens. Americans, great and not so great, have given us a heritage to carry on and improve upon. Farmers and soldiers, industri- alists and merchants, dreamers and leaders, are all there in two centuries of progress. But the maturing isn ' t finished. You ' ll find the boundaries of growth as endless today as when our forefathers first envisioned them. You can seek out your own destiny with the wisdom and judgement which comes with re-creation of the past. Your knowledge, dreams and industry will carry on through many more centuries of living history . In congress, JrLY4, 776. fie imam moui erfarof ton .i£, .. .. tatc$ of rmnca. 5»af e , My M. (licit .r, ii ' o..c i n ,. . m ' A,n 1-M, i -,! , . u E ., M, .. . - iUJ. , ,lfy, „ J U M m U M. , J„.., J:rJ. f ,n .„ li . u. fti rJ. ' nam Mi , , j ' MJ J„ r - Ju.A " T y . ' -• •—7 " X cfmj tverything that is right or reasonable pleads for sepa- acion. The blood of the slain, the weeping voice of- na- CHAPTERS OF AMERICAN HISTORY b The Stamp Act of 1765 was an attempt by Eng- land to tax items that were wholly American. The colonists reacted in seething resentment which erupted into angry protestations. The first blood of the American Revolution was spilled during one such incident at Boston in 1770. Several Americans lost their lives over a snowball thrown at a British sentry. In the fight to achieve commerce equality, the United States found itself in a naval war over shipping lanes. Fort McHenry was heriocally held during a British naval bombardment, and the stars and stripes still flew after a night of hard fighting. The next morning Francis Scott Key penned the immortal words of what would become the national anthem . Settlers had to have permanent access to the new lands, so canals and bridges were built to carry stages and wagon trains loaded with machinery destined for settlements in the West The pioneers foresaw great wealth in the cheap acreage that was available. Frontiersmen cleared the wilderness, built set- tlements and drove back the Indians. The Pony Express and the telegraph became primary means of communication. Agriculture was the wealth of the country. American inventions of the time were often re- lated to working the soil. The McCormick Reaper, mowing machines, textile looms and the cotton gin were instrumental in the settling of new frontiers. In 1848, James Marshall found gold in the race of a sawmill he was building for John Sutter at Coloma, California. The lust to " get rich quick " was the force behind this biggest and gaudiest gold rush ever. While " gold rush fever " gripped the country, states were increasingly more divided on the slavery issue. Civil war broke out in the East. This " Brothers War " was bitterly fought and, though the scars remain even today, slavery was abolished. Cities grew at an alarmmg pace often without regard to the limits of safety The great Chicago fire of 1871 burned the bustling cattle market empire beyond recognition. But the pioneer spirit was not broken. Chicagoans began re- building and preparations were underway to celebrate the 100th birthdav of the country . The " Iron Horse, " carrying homesteaders, greatly helped settlement of the new country. The first transcontinental railroad connected the country at Promontory Summit, Utah, on May 10, 1869. Transportation was setting the pattern for the American way of life. The country became a mobile society with electric trolleys, automo- biles, farm machinery, and bicycles, all the rage. Along with the accessibility of travel came a new era of nationalism. A World War called upon the nation ' s young men to unite and fight. After the war in Europe, the nation pulled itself together and industry flourished once again. A carefree America bur- ied war memories in the new moving pictures, telephones, light bulbs, electric generators, stock market ticker tape machines, phono- graphs and a wealth of inventions from the fer- tile minds of its young inventors. Baseball be- came the national sport and prohibition was Black Thursday, October 24, 1929. saw the American stock market crash to the lowest level in history. Panic set in as the unemployment level skyrocketed. The country was in its worst economic crisis. Slowly, but surely, the wounds of the " crash, " the " dust bowl, " and poverty healed. •SJK-RATION «s JS| STAMP m. J L ' pSS VJCL.RATION St STAMP NO. mm 43 38PW 38 «! « jer RATION i C- STAMP Na •KJCTRATION 1 STAMP na m 46 % m The steel industry geared up for the revival while rumors were whispered in the Roosevelt administration of another impending war. The nation ' s leaders scoffed; until December 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor! Industrial production reached a peak during the war years. Upon their return from four years of battle, the veterans forged ahead with an eye on a " better life for everyone. ' Several mod- erate recessions in the SO ' s and 60s reminded cautious citizens of past decades. Nearly 100 vears of struggling for civil liberties were realized when President Lyndon Baines Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 law. The Act outlawed segregation in any The ies e.hed light on a new trouble for the nation as it approached its 200th birthday. The world s energy sources and natural re- sources were being used up faster than they could be replenished. Americans once agai n waded into a new frontier. The " energy crisis ' and " ecology " were prominent words in the language Ways to save nature from the neglect of mankind and ways of preserving precious fuel without damaging that balance of nature were the objectives of Americans across the Huge strides were being taken in the scientific field. Television became a part of every family s life. National events were household topics — while they happened — thanks to the new medi um. Individuals and groups were seen ' on the tube ' as they advocated new social reform or justice, or special causes of their own. T gave individuals and political systems power greater than ever before. Audio-visual journalism had made its impact. Earth s crises spurred Americans into further pioneering This time outer space. Ameri- can asiioiiduis wcic ihe fuM on the surface of the moon and the U.S. was first to build a " sky- lab " for more scientific study. American is still learning and growing after a mere 200-year infancy. The original determina- tion of our forefathers was told again in the words of Neil Armstrong as he made the first step on the moon a small step for man, but a giant step for mankind THE CHANGING NATION HAWAII (50th state) X — ALASKA (49th state) Admitted to the Union in 1959 Admitted to the Union in 1959 Ownership of land had been just a dream to most of the colonists from feudal England. With the great expanse of cheap land opening up in the West, the dream became reality. The Louisiana Purchase of 1803 opened the first sizable frontier in the Midwest, but the nation was not ready for it yet. It took a growing market in the East, where land was getting high-priced and scarce, and develop- ment of good transportation, to really start the frontier movement. The Gold Rush caused hordes of settlers to take various routes to the Pacific Coast and its yellow riches. The railroads brought farmers and ranchers, along with the miners, who decided to stop all along the routes and build their homes. Railroads were instrumental in the quick civilization of the West, bringing people in num- bers so large that the resentful Indians were finally pushed back into unwanted and infertile areas . America became a haven for immigrants from every na- tion as freedom beckoned them to the teeming cities of the East, the plains, and the rich west coast farmlands. Sick of the Civil War and with their own lands divided up and lost, many Southerners set out to " begin again " in the virgin territories. " Westering " soon became the national tradition as North and South moved together toward a new life. Americanism was advanced socially, by the hard-working, bare-fisted types who settled the frontiers. LI BERT Y 3 OR DEATH DONT TREAD ON ME SENiAMIN FRANKLIN FLAG ALSO CALLED SERAPIS FLAG GENERALLY ACCEPTED AS ORIGINAIED f BENJAMIN FRANKLIN AT COURT OF LOUIS XVI FIRST STARS AND STRIPES UNITED EMBLEM OF INDEPENDENCE SAID TO HAVE BEEN ORIGINAIED BY GEORGE WASHINGTON FOLLOWING ACT OF CONGRESS OF lUNE 14, 1777 " OLD GLORY " ; GIVEN BY CAPTAIN WILLIAM DRIVER, COMMANDING THE BRIG CHARLES DAGGEn ■ IN 1831 FLAG OF THE CIVIL WAR 1861H65 THE " STARS AND STRIPES " WITH THIRTY SIX STARS IN THE UNIQI CARRIED BY THE NORTHERN ARMIES DURING UTER YEARS O F THE I American Banners LIBERTY TREE ■AL T AN APPEAL TO GOD CONIINENTDL FLAG CARRIED IN 1775 1777 SHWOING PINE TREE, SYMBOL OF ISSACHUSEHS BAY COLONY, IN PLACE OF THE CROSSES Of ST GEORGE AND ST ANDREW LIBERTY TREE FLAG - 1776 THE PINETREE COMES FROM COINS OF THE COLONY OF MASSACHUSETTS. 1652 FIRST NAVY STARS AND STRIPES IN ABSENCE Of SPECIFIC ARRANGEMENT OF STARS BY CONGRESS, lUNE U, 1777 IT WAS CUSTOMARY FOR NAVY TO PLACE THE STARS IN FORM OF CROSSES OF ST GEORGE AND ST ANDREW FLAG OF THE THIRD MARYLAND - 1778 CARRIED AT THE BATTLE OF COWPENS JANUARY, 1778 AND USED AS COLORS OF AMERICAN UND FORCES UNTIL MEXICAN WAR lOHN PAUL lONES " STARRY FLAG " RESCUED FROM THE SEA BY JAMES BAYARD STAfFORD DURING BAnLE BETWEEN BON HOMME RICHARD AND SERAPIS FLAG OF THE WAR OF 1812 (1812-1814) SHOWING FIFTEEN STARS AND FIFTEEN BARS AS CHANGED UPON ADMISSION OF VERMONT FREMONT, THE PATHFINDERS FLAG - 40s EMBLEM THAT BLAZED THE TRAIL FOR THE COVERED WAGO IN THE ROARING 40S THE EARLY ENSIGN OF THE PLAINS FLAG OF THE I NOT ACTUALLY USED AS REGIMENTAL COLORS BY TROOPS BUT AS FLAG OF CONQUEST AND OCCUPATION CONFEDERATE BAHLE AND NAVY FLAG FLAG OF THE SPANISH AMERICAN WAR - 1898 ED FROM MAY 1, 1863 TO END OF WAR. 1865 THE BATTLE FLAG WAS THE EMBLEM Of LIBERTY THAT BROUGHT FREEDOM TO CUBA SQUARE of Freedom ■?« -fc - ■? NECESSITY IS THE MOTHER OF Without realizing it, England instilled in the colonists the individual purpose and ingenuity that necessity breeds. With trade goods cut to a minimum, determined young leaders of the time set out to find ways of surviv- ing without support from the Mother Country. Agricultural methods and machines and labor saving devices were designed by our forefathers. As frontiers opened, Yankee genius had to conquer natural barriers in the wild new country, so suspension bridges were invented and methods of transportation were perfected for the purpose of opening the untamed areas. Later, they sought to section off the land with the revolution- ary and controversial invention — barbed wire. Cooper ' s 1-horsepower Tom Thumb train in 1830 and later, automobiles like the first Model T, and the 4-horsepower airplane ; became American modes of travel from city to city and coast to coast. Americans knew that the fertile lands of this nation would produce unequalled harvests if machines were designed to take over for man. They knew also that trade routes were difficult to travel and manufacturing would have to be done close to home. The cotton gin, textile looms, drill presses and a reaper which could cut six times as much grain as a hand scythe were some of the tools invented. Protection for themselves and for their young country prodded inventors like Eli Whitney to perfect firearms and others to work on plans for the first submarine. Young inventors like Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison (called the nation ' s most valuable citi- zen) visualized machines that would light the country and open up communication with those in the far cor- ners of the nation. The telephone, telegraph, phono- graph and the first light bulb were discovered in the late 1800 ' s and early twentieth century. This American way of doing for oneself inspired many to become inventors in their own right. Some sought to save labor and mass- produce for profit while others envisioned not only riches, but excitement and adventure as they discovered ways to defy nature. Throughout the past 200 years the American mind has been unleashed to take whatever paths necessary to ful- fill the needs. In the last half-century, the pace of dis- covery has been overwhelming and inventions for the taming of the universe lie in the grasp of America while the habit of " finding a way " is ingrained in its people. The seeds of industrial America were sown by these inventors resulting in today ' s mechanized society. THEY MADE THEIR MARK Men and women who helped shape America ' s history hant pamphlet ot the Amencan Revolution, His words in twice Secretar of State with an e Common Sense reflected longings and aspirations that dency which eluded him have remained pari of American culture to this day DOfiOIHU OIX worked her entire adull life lor relorm of The creator of the Cherokee alphabet. SEQUOY«H, i the existing penal and mental institutions in the mid an artist, writer and silversmith. He used asimplf " 1800 ' s The first state hospital in the nation at Trenton, English primer to compose the characters The f( iples ot American constitutional law ]recedental declaration of a Congressional act as ititutional He served through five administra 1 18011835 ive in Maryland, FREDERICK OOUGUtSS taught read and write secretly and, at 21, escaped to He was an ardent abolitionist campaigning iccessfully for Negro suffrage and civil rights ■The New Colossus. " a sonnel composed by EMfHA UU- ARUS in 1883 is inscribed on a bronze tablet at the base of the Statue of Liberty. She organized relief for lews and helped fugitives from the Czar ' s ghettos to establish AMELIA lENKS BIOOMEK IDREW CARNEGIE was a giant m the railroad and steel dislribute his wealth during his lilelime To thai end, ! established 2S00 I push them through Congress machinery led HENRY FORD The Ford Motor Company manutactured the ti One ol the most elementary ymbiil it the Ament way ol life was established when J EDGAR HOOVER a his Federal Bureau ot Investigalion G men set out clean up the country His career spanned over 40 yea i DR. JONAS MARTIN SALKin 1953 after more than 25 ye; was reduced by 96% m less than h search continues in California at the LUTHER KING v. of segregation His leac Peace Prize in 1964 He Ray in 1968 " Father ot the tilm art " and " king ot c part m this revolution His camera lect pioneering steps of the industry ; Pulitzer Prize and has t 1 to the IHURGOOD MARSHALL is the lirst Negro t masses, who was always m the " thick ol things " de- lustice of the Supreme Court His ' law caree scribes ELEANOR ROOSEVELT and her lifetime of poh- primarily at civil rights cases ticking beside her husband during his four terms n Lieutenant Colonel JOHN GLENN started Ametic rji C. WORKING FOR THE YANKEE DOLLAR A CAKD. 1.1.. u.iy nu»Uu4iiiliu ipplJ-iBK lO H»lr I ' loib In »♦» ' ? » ' OLI L:» TABLl!! HnE!%T, OPPOSITE UJRARiyS BANK. K GOOD «».orimenl of HATS, »»; io. 6t bouth 3U itrcrl, which will b 3(d al f«ir priccf. j Uy rbu« Rlio wljh t lut nf«»y »»«; J iir fA htoa wbatrrer, Aoiahttd, CA P be iccoiamndalnl, aod hoalJ (k« MticI ' I wbcB AuullnJ, ihtre will Ut bo oblifmtiOB II A T S, WHOLESALE ANRRtTAII, iVd. 41 South Tliirrt Street, ' NEAR CONGRESS HALL. JOHN C. DYER ofloi for % 9 . HATS of t.rry d.«:np«ioB. ftf w. p«ri r q ' ultrir , ftMt chctp. J C. D liirucoltrlj )i.ii(r ib« U Dlini Ol thi pubkc In bi foor Oollir Hut. whick, fol ixxutf. durabiliij asU ct)c iiet«a, a Mf iVimMd by aOT i« lU» «i f . 1 JOU C. DYEK miMCifullj lofomt bi friftxJt a | br aVit l t ht Kuo «or i a lo(r id bii liw of bwf - fi fcubv ab rre named plac« wbcreba ufcsJi toktaK onVaaily no hand a gtoc J awnrioifm of HATik; ib«y caa bf pnrch »«fi la tW oiirclv SwCao ■hich hi will xll aa l«a WMmi mi atjJEf (si- :s SiSWESEO )»i EjH Br " k WOSIIIEB is Nai re PERRY D 7ISS VEGETABLE PAIN KLL2 MUisfaLtcrrd by PEMRT »AVt« « SOlf, 75:: : 4:iiTTOjr, spotted for $1.25! Or, even at the highti price of $10. Tfiose are the prices offered to our founding fathers to encourage set- tlement of the wilderness areas of thi nation. A stage wasn t the most comfortable was to go, but you could get from city to cit ' for as little as $3 — at the amazing pace ol six miles per hour. Compare today s wages with a 12-hour day in the early 1800 ' s. A man earned 50c a day. Of course his dollar bought a littli more than todays. Butter in 1826 was about 5C lb. in the Midwest; eggs, 3C doz . corn 6C bu., wheat, 25c bu.; and a cou could be bought for $5 . With travel becoming the American t tion, you could choose train, wa horseback or the water. A canal ride, bed and board included, averaged 3 or 4c per mile. And when you reached your des- tination, you could sit down to a 5, or eve 10 course meal for 25c. (Ladies 20(t, consideration of appetite.) Farmers in the early 1800 ' s could own iht famous McCormick Reaper for a merr $100. But the Civil War increased prices a the machine became the first item farmer- could buy on time payments for the sum of $1,500. A good suit of clothes then might cost $1.95 and ladies waists (blouses) were marketed for 49c to $3.50 with a whole dress pattern priced at 15(t. Cookstoves, " quality-satisfaction guaran- teed, " could cost you $29.25 at $4 per month and a dandy heating stove could set you back as much as $5.73 and up. The first electric refrigerator cost $900 — which might be enough to make you faint on your 1907 fainting couch that had cost a mere $7.85. Your new baby travelled in the height ot fashion in a wicker sleeping coach (stroll- er) for the sum of $12.04. If you had $1,500 in 1903 you could show off in one of the first automobiles. Ah, those were the days. Some of the cu rent prices are reminiscent of those day but at frontier prices, which were a who different story. Hardy pioneers had to p, $2 a pound for sugar, too. And the san for a pound of coffee or pepper. Tho- items were only ISC per pound back in cl ilized St. Louis. Flour was marked up 1 times for sale to the frontiersmen and d ing the famous Gold Rush, that precit commodity went for $400 a barrel rOR MVW VOBJC ADAMS ' PATENT 8WF.1 IKt llcnia 1Vftifll:iM« Bnlstcnilif. n| Ht abo«» Bodaiaada are put Insaiher Willi 1 .ml ..frwa. a d by mc... of ib« WuaJIwa u 5»»«11.J !l,»m, ibi Saei. j»» it kapl cwwolm avi !•■ lie at 111 lin.t. cilh ilir Ica.t po..ibla Iroubl., «hwllil i.opi..iLI. in obl n . B Ihnaf nci-, any f lhfr war. Purv turtfd W. ' tt Ialra•■«• conttanrty on hand. ' HDSniN SPHIN(J 8EVT ROCKINU LHAIIl«, ' V»n.i.»», •rrjMptrca aod India Hlmd.. Abo, a|frt| lion. ontt, »liy nn baud anrf Uphol»lrry VVota of nary [ Jeaf ripii.i, ti.ciiiuJ wiib ataLitH. piiBcioalily aa l d paub, by ' J HANCOCK It Co 9. W. eoro»r of Ibi tard Walnut aim P. S J II. Ik Co f " r | hnp . by coB l«nl atKnI ' on to btl»inci pl«a a. by hripint ih itchrat a ' t clt r ' -W laniifactiirer 93 South Second street, [ po»iie tlif Merchants ' ColTci- Hoiijt, PliiUd.) k»AM.FAtTi:Rb8 AIX KIND OK QUILLS, utch, English, German, and Opaque, FROM S2 so TO 30S FSa lOOa swAv aNdckow qiiLLS, rSK POWDEB, r tar.,,.-:,rrt„:cp- ,!,u;,oi,i f Je( Bl«ck Ink. •iLPKRlOR SEALING WAX, INCORRUPTIBLE Forcelain Teeth. L»HE Subicriber r«t- ptclfglly Hifomn iJlt (lub. ICj Ihlt ho ■ :« PurccliUn. ur .fi-tivf J fofc.l.uii T«ih, »hi " h he miciu jlmlc 10 cofrvtpoiid " ilh Uie nnur«l ooti, ur f«f onr Icncih oMimc, luid I TboM lerb l mi »,ll tx u •e ic4jAblfl 44 aifjr Lliiii{ uf tiw c»n [ « mt(i«. Mniiuii ce ih Teeih pcrfvirawl og rcuonible WIC. CO ' JPLAITD ' S LIVERY STABLES, Harmony Street. IUNn:N( FhjM THIiU) lit FniRill. (Xshhere Bouquet „ . hsFOME fortheHANDKERGHIE!: ;■ j- Com posed of the most VYJi fragrant and coslty;, S3 extracts from flowers rtfk Siiver IVatfltcit, Mr rj.iiw lotvu I ' oiviii ■.•II. J.lliO kilip from A " UOUi 5 M ' ' J " -- Tluiiljlt , tc fce ViHWiiolote lll rT3l louo. M.xl i.r ibK • ■ot«il«bf BtlUINS ' lN.«lM» rrvt. b«!»r«rfi H nJ nij 1 ' UJid Cr ASS CUTTI.Vi; facturv. 4r| ' iHB wibwnlwr «till eontimiM lh« _ QtiHCuiluif buHOtm, Ik ll lu dri 01 fcruetiH, aod fcw u ku (Urt. Ma. €S Nortk Third xiret, rhil dcl| hi , t f-T; cltoftric •u ' ilwciit of all kiiidt . f Glut , RrCHKHns ?11SLKV. Stage Lr ' Canal Packet hov, THE SPIRIT OF A NATION " I was born American; I live an American; I shall die an American. " danielwebster Don ' t give up the ship. CAPT. JAMES LA WHENCE ■ So you are We We woman w io war. " LINCOLN to Harriet Beecher Stowe ote trie booK t iat made this " Give me your tired, y our poor, your huddled masses yeaming to breathe free, ... " emma lazarus " The people are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty ' thomasjefferson ' A truly American sentiment recognises the dignity of labor and the fact that honor lies in honest toil. " grover Cleveland " Be sure you are right, then go ahead " dj DAVID CROCKETT " A knowledge of the past prepares us for the crisis of the present and the challenge of the future. " johnf Kennedy " ... That this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom, " Lincoln " Historic continuity with the past is not a duty; it is only a necessity. " JUSTICE OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES " " America is a tune. It must be sung together gerald Stanley lee Go West young man, and grow up with the OUntXy . " HORACE GREELEY " I come to p resent the strong claims of suffering humanity. " DOROTHEA Dix z yv C-r ) cc L Z A - ' - ' A , rru { CiAU ' J irxi T) -T o

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