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Text from Pages 1 - 224 of the 1975 volume:

.• ' « ' ' P , ' ' d ' m ' x Chi y4V - V. ' J ' ' -: ' r ' M V u ■ 0- y (P Ci L T A ■ Al .. . A ' ) r f ' " li ,r= ; b9 d . - .n ' - J u t. -f . V s ' ' 6 .4 ' ' yp " i IL ,o ' msm. ,4( Produced by 1975 Talon Staff , - T -L of , Santa Ana Valley High School , Santa Ana, California V " The 1975 Talon We " " ' " ' W SStmM y . knew what Opening . .had to be Opening 5 6 Opening ' ' f!Tf i " r 4i • r ? ' ,f f « e ■ " " ; ■ ' ' .,._-- ' ■ ■ :% Bit JuF J K Ali S ' " ' w i i H. IBiL H% ; l T rj X 10 Opening -MMM ' I -. . i h ljiJK " i W: we . . . fv h 1 v ' l - ' ' ' i ' v. A.. ' -.4 ■, , IkL Mf 1 , iP i bM J - - Wki W wi A 5 1i ' K ' 0?! ' ' k . U - ' H LOi vn, " ' 4 .:. .. Vv H H r !r a tI Sl ' - M flH BHtfm »ri, A j l| . IbA, H BHC£i ' ti 1 r " i - ' F Jl mia 9 si ? jL H H H E ' ffmS ■ ' )M ( - • -.J H . !5 j f J C l — Jl M M ai j k»i -flK H k 1 ftPH L jp HTy !3 ' £ ' m.j u l i0-: ' y 5 i if. jiiig lHHHiiB9HlliHHLlr ' ' i JMrniiyL.- !. did it!!! 1 n iKi ' .£A?w Sr nf ivK| i PI ' 4f Linda Bagby Freshman Princess Janet McCarty Sophomore Princess Margaret Clark Junior Princess Karen Hamel Senior Princess Ellen Mc Arthur Honorary Princess Liz Morales Senior Princess ' v U M - Sififfi J«. ? r-j- : ■--. When the Class of 75 first came to Valley, the upperclassmen referred to us as a " do-nothing class. " However, over the past four years we have proved them wrong. Our freshman football team was undefeated, moving on each year with the ' 74- ' 75 C.I.F. Championship as the climax. As freshmen we were led by Cindy Fehrenbach. The upperclassmen looked down on us --we were afraid to show our spirit at assemblies; but, as do most freshmen, we came out of our shells second semester and became involved in Spirit Week, rec nights, and other activities. Our sophomore year, powered by James Adame, was the beginning of a new era in blue and gold pride. We were no longer " do-nothing, " We became involved --we were proud to be sopho- mores. We put on a highly successful Christmas dance at Santa Ana College. Adrian Kirk presided over our class during our junior year. With pride booming over the school we excelled in academics and sports. To top the year off, we sponsored the Junior-Senior Prom, held on the luxurious Queen Mary. Finally, we have come to the climax of our high school days- -our Senior year. Our president, John Kennedy, planned many activities such as rec nights. Spiri t Week activities, and those very important activities during our last few weeks. The whole year seemed to pass so quickly as we finished our graduation requirements, bought senior pictures and announcements, and enjoyed the Junior- Senior Prom. Many of our plans in- cluded college, jobs, and marriage. As we leave Valley we have many memories. Some of our friendships may fade away but others will continue into lasting relationships. May we all be successful in our endeavors, for the future is ours. UK r ii: ! u.iJB " i ' v mwi ' Life — so they say DIANE ALCALA LARRY ALVARADO BEATRIZ ALVAREZ V:.. RODNEY L. AREVALOS JUDITH M. ARNOLD SARA R. AVELINO ■ ' 1 KELLY A. ANTRIM 4 ERNESTA H. BANKS Seniors 20 CYNTHIA L. BARBER DONALD E. BARNES NAJEH BADAWI ais.. mim}i,w w a a JOHN W. BARRETT KEVEN B. BENDY is but a game MACHELLE M. BIGHAM PATRICK M. BLESKEY WESLEY D. BONIFACE ' ' CHARLES BETTS RUDY BORBOA TRISTI A. BROWN TAMARA L, BRUMBAUGH ILENE A. BRUNSON EDDY S, BUENDIA Seniors 21 and they let it slip away BLAKE L. BULLOCK CHARLES A. CALLOWAY JR. KAREN L. CALVIN CONNIE R. CAMPOS DENISE A. CARROLL CHARLES CARTER JOSEPH E. CASARES MICHAEL A. CASTANON ROBERT A. CAVINDER ROBERT CHAVEZ MARCELLA N. CHISUM MATT A. CHISUM SANDRA F. CLARK DEBORAH A. CLARKE DONALD R. COLE DOROTHY J. COLLINS mm. mm DENNIS D. CONNELLY RICK F. CORNELIUS LINDA D. CORSEY € RICHARD P. CRUM EVANGELINE CURIEL GEORGE R. CUTHBERT CINDY E. DANIELS Love — like the autumn sun JOANHA DAVID nior.-; 2 should be dying MARK DIAZ ELOISE DONALDSON MICHAEL L. DUFFEY GUADALUPE DURAN JOYCE C. EKMAN eniors 24 DIANE ENGLISH ROGELIO F. ESPINOZA DARRELL EVANS DIANE L. EVERETT N4ARCELL E. FAIRRES TOM FAIWONGJUN CINDY K. FEHRENBACH ANDRE FERGUSON KAREN L. FERGUSON GREGORY E. FERNANDEZ PENNY L. FIASKY but it ' s only just begun KAREN R. FLEISHMAN BERNARD FLETCHER LINDA G. FLORES ROSA A, FLORES A JODENE K. FRAKES NOBLE L. FRANKLIN ANNE K. FRITZ BRYAN C. GAESTEL Seniors 25 Like the twilight i lfiK CHRIS GARCIA CYNTHIA GIBSON VICTOR E. GLOVER ANGIE M. GOLDEN CHARLIE V. GOMEZ DELLA M. GONZALES KATHY L. GUEDEA PATRICK W. GUMS LINDA L. GUSTAFSON JUANITA M. GUTIERREZ 26 in the road up ahead P LU ANNE HATFIELD . Sp CYNTHIA C. HANSARD WILBERT J. HASLIP ANTUAN HATUNI JERRYS. HAWKINS SHIRLEY A. HAYNES MONICA E. HERNANDEZ CARRIE L. HILL i- MARK A. HINCK MATT B. HINCK NORA H. HOAR BRLAN J. HOFFNER Seniors 27 They don ' t see JOANNA Y. HUARACHA TERRI L. HUGHES «- LEXIE P. HOLTSCLAW SHARON HOPPER BRENDA HUMPHREY KRISTINE IWERSEN CLEVELAND B. JACKSON WAYNE T. JENNINGS BEVERLY J. JOHNSON LINDA L. JOHNSON SHEILA R. JOHNSON GAYLE A. JONES JOYCE K. JONES DONALD JUAREZ just where we ' re going MAGDALENA S. JUAREZ ELAINE M. KAPP LYNN A. KEYES ROBERT A. KEAR DOROTHY E. KIDD SHARON L. KEARNEY DWANE T. KIMMEL JOHN KENNEDY ADRIAN V, KIRK ANNE M. KLINE CONNIE S. KOEHN TOM M, K02A JULIA M. KRING CAROL D. KUYKENDALL EVALIA LEON FRANCISCO J. LEON MICHAEL E. LESNICK and all the secrets ALVIN L. LIEBIG JEANNE M. LLOYD DANIEL A, LOPEZ DEBRA E. LOPEZ KENNY LYNCH DENNIS LYNCH CONSTANCE J. LYONS SALVADOR C. MACIAS KAREN S. MACK DANIEL R. MAC KENZIE RICHAR MALCOM RICK A. MALHER DENNIS J. MANDEL DARLENE A. MARKHAM ROBERT H. N4ARSE in the universe TERRY L, MARTIN JOSE A. MARTINEZ JULIE J. MAYHUGH BRIAN F. MILLER TONY S. MILLER THOMAS L. MILLHOUSE GEORGE M. MOHN SYLVIA MONTANEZ Seniors - 31 whisper in our ears LIZ C. MORALES MARK G. MORALES ANA G. MORENO JAMES D. MORRIS DELAINE C. MOORE MICHAEL D. MOSS DEBBIE S. MURRAY ELLEN A. MC ARTHUR CONTESSA L. MC CULLOUGH CONNIE L. MCDANIEL r2 : ' imjii» i9 w m m And all the years CHARLES S. NAPLES GINGER J. NEWCOMB ELIZABETH NIETO LAURA B. NUNEZ CAROL R. OLHA NATHAN OLIVA ABBY L, PEREZ will come and go GLORIA M. PERRY THOMAS A. PETERSEN LESLIE L. PIROLO KIMBERLY J. POWELL CYNTHIA L. PURgLEY CINDY L. PONTIOUS IRMA S. QUINTANILLA ALICIA L. RAMIREZ NANCY S. RAUBOLJ- DONNA A. RAYMONE MARILYN R. RICE ENRIQUE M. RIVAS DONALD E. ROBERTS ALMA E. ROSAS DIANE M. ROSAS CARLOS D. RUIZ and take us up PATRICIA A. SALISBURY MICHAEL E. SALSBERRY RUBEN M. SANTANA SCOTT R. SATTERFIELD KATHY M. SAVOY VICKIE J. SCHLUND JAY P. SCHWERMER DIANA M. SEGURA Seniors 35 LOURDES M. SERRANO DAVID C. SHAW Always PATRICIA A. SHERWOOD I :AREN E. SHIRLEY ABBEY M. SHORES RICK W. SHOWALTER TERRY R. SMITH niofi - 36 WAYNE P, SMITH RAYMOND E. STEEN BRENDA L. STEINSULTZ up DEANNA L, THOMPSON RICHARD E. THOMPSON UNDA S. TODD ROBERT D. TODD Qa l c _ -i-, We must gather BILLY G. TOMBAGA ALEX A . TORREALBA mr-y Jg f 1 ■ ' PARIS D. TORRY CHERYL A. TROTTER TAMELA L. WALLACE niors - 38 WOODY C. WEILER HILA A. WHITE MYRON A. WHITE ' •(t . . .. T»-i CAROLYN A. WHITEHEAD MARSHAL. WHITEHEAD all our courage JOHN A. WHITEMAN BRUCE R. WHITENOUR i MAROLYN L. WILLIAMS GREGORY J. WILSON JOY A. WIBLIN CHARLOTTE F. WILLIAMS EVERETT WINTERS II GARY Q. WING KAREN L. WITHEY STEPHANIE A. WOLFE DANNY D. WOOD JANIS K. WOOD Seniors - 39 For we may never pass this way again. ' Seals And Crofts i CRAIG G. WOOLDRIDGE GUYL. WRIGHT CINDY A. YAUGO DEBRA G. YOUNG JACQUELINE A. YOUNG RUBY G. YOUNG VICTOR O. ZAMARRIPA JOSE G. ZAMBRANO Lr -ii } Most Gilllible- LyRi Keyes Mike Castani Senior Index DON ADAMS Basketball 1,2,3 Fishing Club 4 BILL ALBERS Cross Country 3, 4 Track 2, 3, 4 KELLY ANTRIM Football 1,2,3,4 Swimming 2 Wrestling 1,2,3,4 NAJEH BADAWI Key Club 3,4 Soccer 3, 4 ERNESTA BANKS G.A.A. 3,4 CINDY BARBER Drill Team 4 Girls ' Football Club 4 Girls ' League 4 Letterettes 3 S ' Club 4 JERRY BELTRAN Track 1, 2 KEVIN BENDY B.S.U. 4 Football 3,4 PAT BLESKEY Marching Band 1, 2 PHIL B OLDEN Baseball 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Cagers ' Club 3,4 WES BONIFACE Football 1 Track 2 High School Motocross 3 RUDY BORBOA Football 3, 4 CHERYL B RACY A.F.S. 1,2 Girls ' Football Club 2 Girls ' League 3 Ski Club 4 SHARON BROKOFSKY Band 2,3,4 German Club 1 TAMMY BRUMBAUGH Marching Band 4 EDDY BUENDIA Cross Country 2, 3, 4 Track 1,2,3,4 BLAKE BULLOCK Marching Band 1 JOHN BUONONATO Football 2 Baseball 2,3,4 CHUCK CALLOWAY Football 1 Wrestling 1,2,3,4 CONNIE CAMPOS M.E.Ch.A. 1,2,3,4 DENISE CARROLL Girls ' Football Club 3,4 CHARLES CARTER Football 2,4 Track 2,3,4 ROBERT CAVINDER Baseball 1,2,3,4 MARCELLA CHISUM Girls ' Football Club 1,2 G.A.A. 2 Songleader 3 Student Relations 1, 2, 3 DON COLE Photo Club 2,3,4 KSAV 4 DENNIS CONNELLY Bike Club 3 Fishing Club 4 RICK CORNELIUS Aquatics Club 2, 3,4 C.S.F. 2,3 Spanish Club 3,4 Swim Team 2, 3, 4 Water Polo 3, 4 LINDA CORSEY G.A.A. 3,4 GEORGE CUTHBERT Baseball 1 French Club 4 JOANFLA DAVID B.S.U. 4 Speech Team 3,4 Varsity Cheerleader 4 BRENDA DAVIS Drill Team 1,2,3 F.H.A. 2 Tennis Club 3 SHARON DELBRIDGE Art Club 1,2,3,4 CATHY deLOTTINVILLE Cagers ' Club 3,4 French Club 4 Pep Club 1 Wrestlettes 1 Yearbook Secretary 4 MARK DIAZ Baseball 1,2,3,4 Baseball Club 1,2,3,4 C.A.S.C. Representative Comm. of Athletics 3 Ski Club 1,2 ROGELIO ESPINOZA Photography 2, 3, 4 Track Mgr. 2 DARRELL EVANS Band 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Cagers ' Club 3,4 MARCELL FAIRRES A.F.S. 2 G.A.A. 1,2 Ski Club 4 CINDY FEHRENBACH Band 1, 2 G.A.A. 2,3 Pep Club 1 Songleader 3 ANDRE FERGUSON B.S.U. 1,2,3,4 Football 1,3,4 Track 3 KAREN FERGUSON Marching Band 1,2, 3,4 S ' Club 4 PENNY FIASKY Falcon Staff 4 Yearbook Staff Editor 4 14 Senior Index Senior Index KAREN FLEISHMAN A.F.S. 2, 3 Essence Staff 2 Girls ' Football Club 2 German Club 1, 2 Wrestlettes 1, 2 Track 2 Wrestling 3, 4 RAY GREEN B.S.U. 3 Essence 3 LEXIEHOLTSCLAW Football 1,2,3 TERRI HUGHES G.A.A. 3 Press Club 3 BERNARD FLETCHER B.S.U. 3,4 Football 3,4 Track 3,4 NOBLE FRANKLIN Football 1,2,3,4 Track 1,2,3,4 ANNE FRITZ C.S.F. 4 Drama 1, 2, 3 Essence 4 F.H.A. 1 F.N. A. 1 Gymnastics 1, 3, 4 Ski Club 4 Swim Team 2 Yearbook Business Mgr CHRIS GARCIA Band 1,2,3 Football 2, 3 BRYAN GAESTEL Football 1 Wrestling 2 VICTOR GLOVER Football 1,2,3,4 Track 2, 3, 4 CHARLIE GOMEZ Chess Club 3 Tennis Team 2, 3,4 DELLA GONZALES A.F.S. 2,3 C.S.F. 2,3 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Girls ' League 2, 3, 4 I.C.C. 4 M.E. Ch.A. 4 Spanish Club 2, 3 Student Council 4 Wrestlettes 1 TONY GRAVES B.S.U. 4 Concert Band 3 Football 2,4 Jazz Band 2, 3,4 LINDA GUSTAFSON Gymnastics 2, 3 J.V. Cheerleader 2 Tennis Team 1 JUANITA GUTIERREZ Spanish Club 2, 3,4 KATHY HALL G.A.A. 2 Wrestlettes 1 KAREN HAMEL Cager ' s Club 3,4 C.l.F. Tennis 4 C.S.F. 2,3,4 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Girls ' Football Club 2, 3,4 Girls ' League 3 Pep Club 1 Press Club 3 S ' Club 4 SENIOR PFUNCESS 4 Ski Club 1 Head Songleader 3,4 Yearbook Senior Editor 4 Yearbook Staff 3 LUANNE HATFIELD Academic Decathlon 4 G.A.A. 1,2,3 MONICA HERNANDEZ Essence Staff 3, 4 G.A.A. 1,4 Girls ' League 2, 3,4 Keyettes 4 M.E. Ch.A. 4 Falcon Staff 4 Yearbook Staff 3 Yearbook Clubs Editor 4 MARK HINCK Basketball 1,2,3,4 Cagers ' Club 3,4 MATT HINCK Academic Decathlon 4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Cagers ' Club 3,4 BRENDA HUMPHREY G.A.A. 2 KRIS IWERSEN Aquatics Club 1 Comm. of Pep 4 Drama Club 1,2,3,4 G.A.A. 3 Speech Team 1, 2, 3, 4 Winter Play 4 WAYNE JENNINGS Essence Staff 3 BEV JOHNSON C.S.F. 2,3,4 G.A.A. 2 Marching Band 1,2 Swim Team 2 LINDA JOHNSON Letterettes 4 Pep Club 1 SHEILA JOHNSON C.l.F. Volleyball 4 G.A.A. 3 GAYLE JONES Art Club 1 Bike Club 2, 3 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 German Club 1 Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4 MICHAEL JONES B.S.U. 3 Football 2 SHARON KEARNEY Bike Club 1,2,3,4 Cross Country 4 Drama Club 1,2,3,4 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Speech Team 2, 3,4 JOHN KENNEDY B.S.U. 3,4 Football 1,2, 3,4 Senior Class President 4 Student Council 3 Track 1,2,3,4 Senior Index 45 Senior Index LYNN KEYES Cagers ' Club 3,4 G.A.A. 3,4 Girls ' Football Club 3,4 Senior Class Secretary 4 DORRE KIDD A.F.S. 2 C.S.F. 2 Yearbook Staff 4 DWANE KIMMEL Key Club 1 KEVIN KING Falcon Staff 3 KSAV 1,2,4 Marching Band 1, 2 Photo Club 3,4 Yearbook Photog. 3,4 ANNE KLINE Girls ' Football Club 4 JULIE KRING C.S.F. 2,3 Drill Team 4 G.A.A. 3 Girls ' Football Club 3,4 S ' Club 4 MICHAEL LESNICK Cross Country 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 1,2,3,4 Track Club 2 Varsity Club 2,3,4 ALVIN LIEBIG Football 1, 2 Track 1,2,3,4 DEBBIE LOPEZ Girls ' League 2, 4 M. E. Ch.A. 2,3,4 Pep Club 1 CATHY LOZANO C.I.F. Volleyball 4 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 ELAINE LUJAN Drill Team 2,3,4 Girls ' League 3,4 SALVADOR MAC IAS Key Club 3, 4 Soccer Team 3, 4 DARLENE MARKHAM Academic Decathlon 4 C.I.F. Badminton 4 C.I.F. Tennis 4 C.S.F. 2,3,4 G.A.A. i,2,3,4 German Club 1, 2, 3 Jabberwocky Teen Board 4 Marching Band 3,4 Orchestra 1, 2 S ' Club 1,2,3 ROBERT MARSE Track 2 TERRY MARTIN G.A.A. 1,4 Girls ' Football Club 1 Swim Team 3 Wrestlettes 1,4 JULIE MAYHUGH Bike Club 2, 3, 4 G.A.A. 1,2 Girls ' Football Club 1, 2 Pep Club 1 MIKE MERCER Band 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,2,3 Wrestling 4 TONY MILLER Art Club 2,3,4 Drama Club 4 Yearbook Sophomore Editor ■ THOMAS MILLHOUSE Football 3 SLYVIA MONTANEZ French Club 4 MARK MORALES A.S.B. Vice-President 4 ESSA Representative 4 M.E.Ch.A. 1,2,3,4 LE MORALES Cagers ' Club 3 C.I.F. Volleyball 4 G.A.A. 1, 2, 3,4 Girls ' Football Club 3,4 J.V. Cheerleader 2 JUNIOR PRINCESS 3 Pep Club 2, 3 SENIOR PRINCESS 4 Songleader 4 Varsity Cheerleader 3 ANA MOFIENO French Club 4 Girls ' Football Club 1 JIM MORRIS Aquatics Club 1, 2 Aquatics Club President 3,4 Chess Club 3 Essence Staff 3 Key Club 1,2 Swim Team 2,3,4 Waterpolo 2, 3, 4 Yearbook Sports Editor 4 MIKE MOSS A.F.S. 1 Drama Club 1, 2, 3,4 Drum Major 4 Gymnastics 3 Speech Team 3, 4 Marching Band 1, 2, 3,4 Swim Team 1,2 CHARLES NAPLES Baseball 3 Football 2,3,4 Swimming 2 GINGER NEWCOMB C.S.F. 2,3 S ' Club 2,3,4 LAURA NUNEZ G.A.A. 2 S ' Club 4 Songleader 3 CAROL OLHA Drama Club 1 Girls ' Football Club 1 Pep Club 1 Ski Club 1 Sophomore Vice-President 2 NATHAN OLIVA M.E. Ch.A. 3 Photo Club 4 LYDIA OLIVAS M.E.Ch.A. 1,2,3,4 CLAUDETTE ORTIZ Drill Team 2, 3, 4 M.E.Ch.A. 1,2,3,4 OSCAR PENA M.E.Ch.A. 4 Falcon Staff 4 i6 Senior Index Senior Index GLORIA PEREZ M.E.Ch.A. 1,2,3,4 Student Congress 1, 3 THOMAS PETERSEN Academic Decathlon 4 Tennis Team 1, 2, 3,4 KIMBERLY POWELL B.S.U. 4 CINDY PURSLEY G.A.A. 1,2 Girls ' Football Club 1 DONNA RAYMOND G.A.A. 3 MARILYN RICE Aquatics Club 1, 2, 3,4 G.A.A. 1 Pep Club 1 Swim Team 2 Water Polo 2, 3,4 Yearbook Fresh Editor 4 ENRIQUE RIVAS Key Club 2 Soccer 3,4 Wrestling 1, 2 DONALD ROBERTS B.S.U. 1, 2, 3 ALMA ROSAS M.E.Ch.A. 1,2,3,4 GLORIA SAHAGUN G.A.A. 2 M.E.Ch.A. 1,2 PATRICIA SALISBURY G.A.A. 1,2 Falcon Staff 3, 4 Press Club 3 JAY SCHWERMER German Club 2 ROTC 1,2,3,4 Stats Taker 2, 3, 4 DAVID SHAW Baseball 1,2,4 Football 1,2,3,4 PATTY SHERWOOD C.I.F. Badminton 4 C.I.F. Field Hockey 4 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Girls ' League 4 RICK SHOWALTER Wrestling 1, 2 HELEN SILBAS Cagers ' Club 3,4 C.S.F. 3,4 G.A.A. 2,3,4 Girls ' Football Club 2, 3,4 Press Club 3 S ' Club 4 Senior Class Vice -Pres. 4 Ski Club 4 Varsity Cheerleader 3 Head Cheerleader 4 Wrestlettes 1 Yearbook Staff 3 Yearbook Activities Editor 4 KEVIN SKELLY Aquatics Club 1, 2, 3 Football 1 Press Club 3, 4 Swimming 1, 2 Track 3 Varsity Club 3,4 Waterpolo 2, 3 Wrestling 3 Yearbook EDITOR-IN-CHIEF 4 Yearbook Sports Editor 3 CARL SMELSER Cross Country 2, 4 Key Club 2 Tennis Team 4 Marching Band 1, 2, 3,4 KEVIN SMITH Drama Club 4 Fishing Club 4 Key Club 3,4 Ski Club 4 Winter Play 4 RAYMOND STEEN Baseball 2,3,4 B.S.U. 1 BRENDA STEINSULTZ A.F.S. 3,4 Girls ' League 4 Pep Club 1 S ' Club 1,2,3,4 SUZIE STINER Drama Club 1 Drill Team 4 Girls ' League 3, 4 Letterettes 3 DAVID SWANBERG Football 1, 2 Track 1, 2 BOB TODD Basketball 1, 2 LINDA TODD C.S.F. 2,3 JOHN THACKER Marching Band 1, 2, 3 Wrestling 2, 3,4 CHRIS TRUJILLO Bike Club 2, 3 G.A.A. 1,2,3 Spanish Club 1 Swim Team 1 BOBBY TURLEY Basketball 1,2,3,4 Cagers ' Club 3,4 Football 1 ARLENE URIAS G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Girls ' League 2, 3,4 S ' Club 4 ALAN WAGER Wrestling 1, 2 CAROLYN WHITEHEAD Gills ' Football Club 1,2,3,4 Fishing Club 4 MARSHA WHITEHEAD B.S.U. 1 Junior Vice-President 3 JOHN WHITEMAN Football 1 Key Club 2,3,4 BRUCE WHITENOUR Key Club 1,2,3 CHARLES WILBURN Basketball 1,2,3,4 B.S.U. 3,4 Football 1,2,4 MICKI WILLIAMS Co-captain drill team 4 Drill Team 2,3,4 Senior Index 47 Senior Index G.A.A. 3 Girls ' Football Club 4 HOMECOMING QUEEN 4 GREG WILSON Waterpolo 3 STEPHANIE WOLFE A Cappella Choir 2,4 C.I.F. Tennis 4 G.A.A. 1,2,3 Girls ' Ensemble Choir 1 Madrigal Choir 3 CRAIG WOOLD FUDGE C.S.F. 1,2,3,4 German Club 1, 2, 3,4 Marching Band 1, 2, 3,4 Speech Team 4 GUY WRIGHT B.S.U. 1,2 Football 1,2,3, ' CINDY YAUGO A.F.S. 3,4 C.S.F. 3,4 Essence Staff 3 G.A.A. 1,2 Pep Club 1 JOSE ZAMBRANO M. E. Ch.A. 4 WrestUng 2, 3 ADRIAN KIRK Drama 2, 3,4 Football 2,3,4 Student Council 3,4 Wrestling 1,2,3,4 Student Body Pres. 4 KAREN CALVIN A.F.S. 4 C.S.F. 1,2,3,4 Girls ' Football Club 1, 2, 3,4 Girls ' League 4 Pep Club 1 S ' Club 1,2,3,4 MICHAEL CASTANON Drama 1 Football 1,2,4 M.E. Ch.A. 4 Student Council 4 Track 1,2,3 Wrestling 1, 2, 3 DIANE ALCAL ' Cagers ' Club 3, 4 Drama Club 2, 3,4 Girls ' Football Club 3 S ' Club 3 Speech Club 3, 4 Yearbook Faculty Editor 4 i i 48 Senior Index ?: ' 4 - ■ : ' ' So, as you go to find yourself, Juniors 50 don t loon too hard, The Junior class, under the able supervision of President Angel Chitwood, had a very busy and suc- cessful year. Angel was assisted by Vice-president, Geneva Torres; Secretary-Treasurer, LaRannah Treft; Girl-Student Relations, Mindy Mowrer; and Boy-Student Relations, Frank Carreno. A very well attended Junior -Senior prom was also spon sored by the Mighty Class of 76. Their fund was increased when items such as Home- coming and Spirit of ' 7b buttons were sold and a Rec- night was held. PITS Ao cW ' Angelene Abston Gilbert Aio p Danny Alcala T Stephanie Allan ' ' (, ' ][) Beatriz Almaguer uJ O ' Beatriz Alvarez aJ Jht ' f Kathy Ambrose Cheryl Anderson Keri Anderson -VyV - Steve Ardoin Rudy Arrellano Shyla Armstrong Gilbert Atencio q f ■ Joanne Atencio r OJ- I Carol Atta ii CAir ' P.ic Leona Autor Henry Avalos Juanita Bagby Jann Barbour Kat hy Barela Martha Barragan Teressa Beames Martha Belk John Bell Salvador Belmontes Barbara Bennett Christine Brunson John Bierbauer Bob Binder De Wayne Blake Cheryl Bobrowski Prent is Bonds Gloria Borboa Anna Bracamontes Larry Bracamontes Deborah Brannon Kevin Branstetter Lisa Brewer James Briggs Andy Brown Janice Brown Kathryn Brown Richard Brown Steve Brown James Brumbaugh you may pass yourself by, Richard Buhs Cynthia Burgess Donnie Buss Rene Bustamente Maria Calderon Gilbert Camacho John Camp Anthony Campbell Michael Carmona Frank Carreno Eliezer Carrillo Ruben Carrillo Liz Ceniceros Mike Chaires Virginia Chairez Debra Chambers Lawrence Chatman Angel Chitwdod Margaret Clark Melinda Clark Sarita Cobb Debbie Cole Robin Concan Donna Conerly Dan Contreras Lillian Cook Diane Cooke Debbie Cooper Jose Cortez Orlando Covos Dwight Craig Debora Crandall Janet Crawford ft ' ' " " :v i p c reaching too high, i : i Urte lEffi Kathy Crooks Roxanne Cvmico Rana Curry Rosane Deitos Rhonda Denny Steve De Petris Jose Diaz Deberal Dillihant Arnold Dominicak Mike Dorren Kathy Dorsey Nancy Downey George Duff Roman Duran Wanda Durand Debra Easley Mike Easley Becky Ebert Carlton Edwards Janice Edwards Carlos Esparza Tina Espinosa Lene Eieuati Mike Everett Susan Fadgen Rae Famuliner Duane Farmer linda Favors Dan Ferguson Mark Ferrel Peggy Finn Alfred Flores Andy Flores Tillie Flores Roberta Fox Terry Franklin _ Tim Frederickson Margarita Fuentes Maria Garcia Sylvia Garcia Floyd Glenn Pam Gnesda Stanley Golden Susan Golden Mike Golgart Armando Gomez Joe Gonzalez Art Gordon ' II o A a i ' W Wanting the other side of life. Keith Goshay Alan Graham Angela Greenwood Jody Gunter Carla Guthrie Martha Gutierrez Teresa Haddix Robert Hall Diann Hamilton Kathy Hampton Elaine Hardcastle Carolyn Harris Clinton Harris Mary Hatfield Valerie Hauptman Rickie Hayes Bridget Heinlein Dimas Herrera Jeff Hicks Russell Hill Anne Hinton Tim Hole John Holland Teresa Hollins Cynthia Holston Debra Hopper Jocelyn Horn Bob Houghton Sherri Howerton ww w . « n 4 n m hi Juniors 54 Maria Huizar Rena Hunter Joe Huntsinger Debbie Hurst Lori Irvin Kenneth Jackson Rene Jacobs Rick Jahahn Karla James Cliff Johnson I) vayne Johnson D vight Johnson And as you go to take your place, H H Loirie Johnson Mona Johnson Dewanna Johnston Aneatra Jones Richard Jordan Rone 11 Kahalehili Dennis Kelso Karl Kendrick Pamela Kline Anne Kopitch Chris Kottleanne Penny Kranz Siegi Kukier Tim Lear Dennis Learned Kathy Leavy Katherine Lee Samuel Lee Cheryl Le Mon Yolanda Lewis Julian Linares Teresa Lira Denise Lister George Lopez George Lynch Jeanetta Lynch Carol MacGregor Louie Madrigal David Mains Victoria Manzo Juniors 55 David Markham Bill Martin Janie Martinez Melodie Matthews Nancy Melendez Ana Mendez Mark Mercer Dawn Mews Debra Millhouse Phillip Montejano Narsisa Mora Fred Morales Lewis Morris Gregg Moya Jay Moya Janet Mulcahy Kathy Mulcahy Silvano Munoz Cathy Navarro Cindy Nelsen Rainer Neubert Jackie Newcomb Sandra Nordstrom Diana Norman Jeanette O ' Campo Yolanda Olaiz Nathaniel Oliva Sammy Olivas Larry Oliver Maria Ortega Murline Owens don ' t go too fast; Susie Patton Wanda Pavao Just pretend there ' s no end, Mike Pendleton Mary Perez Terri Petersen D iwn Pickett lennifer Pierron Lee Anne Pina Tofa Polamalu Brian Pollak Ronnie Porter Tony Poston Karen Price Melinda Price Melissa Price Dale Prince Mark Proff Jim Radillo Mike Rambo Rachel Ramirez Joel Rea Kenneth Read Tom Reece Linard Reeves _ Richard Reeves ■ ' B Everett Reid Lorina Reyes Mylo Reyes Teri Reyes Michael Rhue Eric Ringer Shirley Ritch John Robertson Matt Robinson Rueben Rocha Juniors 5 ' Michael Rodriquez Jo-ann Roe Is Tina Rogers Esther Romero Paul Romero Darlene Rosas Richard Ruiz Karen Salgado Felipe Sanchez Salvador Sanchez Mary Sandoval Danielle Santos make yourself last Delilah Saucedo Penni Saugstad Michael Saunders Debra Scaring Michael Schember Ava Schriefer Tony Scott w Raymond Scudder i -=- - m i Aurora Serrano Joe Shepherd : - j l Carolyn Sherratt ' Denise Sherratt - , 1 ' ■ i J Felton Shipp Cathy Shores Kelly Sides Dorothy Sierra Cindy Si lb as Benny Silva Becky Sjaarda Steve Slaughter Douglas Smeall Bill Smith David Smith Karen Smith Lynn Smith Kenny Solano Denise Soldan Guadalupe Soto Sherri Stilwell Jerry Stokes Roslyn Sykes Estlier Tabile. Foimai Tesimale Larry Thomas Sandra Thomas Terri Thomas iniin IffPB Tacy Thompkins Doug Thompson Jeff Todd Bill Tomlin Brian Tong Jeanette Tope Geneva Torres Glenn Torres LaRannah Treft Steve Trout Gerardo Valenzuela Faustino Vargas Don Vittetow Jim Volz Mike Waahila Roy Wager Jon Walke Colleen Wall till the other side of life. ' ' Attributed by David Gates If P IH w PP Wm ipp ' « ' Darrell Wallace Bob Walsh lisa Weber Angela Wheaton Debbie White Annette WTiitehead Bob Wilkinson Cameron Williams Gregory Williams Cherie Wilson Perry Wilson Denis Wing Mary Wojtanowski Greg Wolfe Wade Wooldridge Carlin Wooten Joel Yonkey Robertha Yoxmg ophomores 60, After a very successful freshman year, the Class of 77 returned to Valley to elect spirited and involved people as officers. The sophomore officers were: President: Paula Kirk Vice President: Carrie Davis Secretary: Mary Hermann Student Relations: Marya Adame Student Relations : James Dibase The class co-sponsored a dance, sold pom- poms, held some rec-nites, planned the Christmas formal, and ordered class pins. ' ' My life has been Bruce Abbott Richard Abraham Ignacio Acosta Tom Adair Marya Adame ]eff Adams Dominic Aguilar Donald Aguilar lolin Aguilar Steve Aguilar Aurora Aguirre Armando Amaro Winsler Badon Jay Balderrama Gary Baldwin Renee Banks r..rn1 R.-irher :5| Karen Barnard Gloria Barnes Kenneth Barnes Monica Barnes Tony Barraza Allen Barrett Wilson Barrett Filiberto Barron Debi Beattie Barbara Bell Gilbert Belmontes D Wayne Benson Julie Billups Sophomores 61 A tapestry of Tami Blake Michelle Bonds Debra Binder Bruce Bominkhof Daniel Bott Mike Boyd Cathy Bracamonte John Bracamontes Gary Bradshaw Sue Brandenburger David Brokaw Clorene Brokofsky Patti Brokofsky Debra Brooks Mary Brooks Sarah Brown Jim Bruce John Brumbaugh Steve Brunson Rosalinda Buendia Joyce Burch Matilda Burnette Earl Busi Yolanda Cabrera Catherine Camp Ernestine Campbell Michael Candiate Tyrone Canidate Alvaro Cano Pedro Cardenas Kathy Carpenter Alferdo Carrillo Terry Carver Robert Castro Charles Chatman Kay Chitwood Nolan Cholodenko Daniel Chong Calvin Clark Charles Clark Wendie Clifford Gilbert Collins E| w ' P rn ,. Ctt mid rich and royal hue HfH Larry Connell y Renee Cooks Alan Corey Ron Cornelius Phyllis Corprew Wanda Corsey Pat Cortes Richard Coulter Carlos Crawford Greg Cress Lourdes Cruz Roberta Culver Steve Curran Richard Dalbey Judy Dangler James Daring Pat Davenport Carrie Davis Sharon Davis Susie De Groot Ezequiel De La Riva Kathi Decker Dave Delbridge Brian Denny Denise Denson William Dexter Manuel Diaz James Debase Regina Dickerson Ray Dimas Kristin Dixon Kathleen Dorren Dawn Drake Mark Duffield Floyd Duvall Donna Easley Dwayne English yi ' ' -1 ta ' An everlasting vision of -t Sophor Jerry Epley Alicia Espraza Evangel ina Esparza Sandra Esparza Jose Espinoza David Everett Mario Fajardo Kathleen Farmer Martha Felix _jv James Ferdinando T Tacqueline Fergiison Mike Ferguson Bill Fernandez Mark Fiduccia Anthony Fields Janelle Finley Carol Fitzpatrick Anna Flores Marcus Flores Marivel Flores Jeffrey Floyd Bridgett Franklin Gonzalo Fuerte Gary Gaines Marie Gailien John Garcia Marie G Raymond Garcia Rita Ga Cassandra Garrett Christopher Gordon Eugene Grace David Green Tim Gr: Leslie Grogan Neil Groom Brian Gunter Veronica Hardeman Alvin Hardy Andy Harelson J. D. Harrelson Billy Harris the ever changing view Demetrius Harris Theresa Hauptman Sandra Haynes Marilyn Henry Mary Hermann Bea Hernandez Leonard Hernandez Yolanda Hernandez Ernest Heyer Kenneth Hoffman Rosalind Hogg Jeff Houk Terry Howerton Randy Hughes Suzanne Hulse William Hummel Greg Hummel Barbara Hunter Jody Lynn Ibach Carlene Ingram Marisela Iniguez Marshall Iwersen Kishen Jackson Michael Jackson Joyce Jarrett Gildardo Jimenez Althea Johnson Ruthie Joh nson Steven Johnson Carrie Jones Jeanetta Jones Jeffery Jones Michael Jones Tracy Jones Viora Jones Cheryl Kapp Genevieve Kauffman Carol Kendrick Keith Kennedy Jerry Kerr Paul Kidd Richard King Paula Kirk Tracy Kline Tina Kocher Shari Korpela Steven Krieger Dale Krouse Adriana Ladd Barbara Lambert Bill Lass iter Timothy Leath Patricia Leon Silvia Leon Sophomores 65 A wondrous woven magic Karen Long Teresa Long James Lopez Virginia Lopez Victor Lovero Kristin Lucas Rhetta Luckey Lorraine Lupardo Donna MacKenzie Deborah Madison Patrick Malloy Clayton Manning Helen Mares Judi Marez George Martinez Janet Martinez Nancy Martinez Henry Masaniai Barbara Mason Mark Massaro Fofoa Matua Trinny Maxwell Janet McCarty Silvia McC arty- Steven McKeun Skip McKillop Cathy Meza Trisha Mikles Debbie Miller Allen Mitchell Ricky Molinar Joseph Molson Henry Montanez Doris Moore Dolores Morales Ana Moreno ET AF Sft in bits of blue and gold »iSH ff7y rr r aapfif Robin Morgan Donald Moss Franklin Moss Lee Moyer Chris Mulholland Craig Myers Charmane Nakisa Major Neese Michael Nolasco Mary Olaiz Cynthia Oliver Gaiy Loson Jaime Ortega Adam Pacheco Golria Padilla Cheryl Pavao Teresa Peed Elizabetli Peralta Charles Perkins Lisa Pfeffer Patrick Pirolo Rosa Plaza Orville Price III Sandra Price Debra Promer Pam Piirsley Elsa Quintanilla Alex Quintero Tim Quinton Michael Rafferty Alfredo Ramirez Beth Raubolt Gerald Raymondo Albert Razo Rosemary Reyes Donna Reynolds Bradley Rice Robert Richardson Steve Ringler Paul Rios Corbette Ritch Jose Rivas Barbara Robertson Cathy Rocha Miguel Rivas Roger Rodriguez Thomas Rodriguez Sandra Romero Craig Rosser Terry Roundpoint Colin Rowe Deborah Rucker Debbie Russell Randy Russell Sophomores 67 A tapestry to feel and see Susan Russell Jimmy Sahagun David Sanchez Gamaliel Santana Jack Savage Cindy Schlund Michael Schriefer Blake Schwermer Sandra Sedig Gilbert Segovia Isabel Serrano Kenneth Sharpe Jackie Shaw Elijah Shipp Monica Silbas Tommie Simmons Sterling Simpson Kim Skelly Janice Smelser Bobbie Smith Linda Smith Michael Smith Richard Sparacio Patricia Spillers Matt Springmeyer Mary Stacey Clarence Steen Donna Stewlow Gary Stilwell Perry Stolwell Dennis Strong Dawn Sykes Vincent Tabile . Siolotoi Talolo EUU Fred Tanielu A 0 ' Paul Tapia . Anita Taylor Emanuel Taylor %. fS Kaynette Templeton X Criss Tester T.-.F-M -v David Thames %d kV ml Darci Tharp iu fl i ! Judy Thomas Wendy Tilley Pennie Tompkins Cindi Tope Paul Torrealba Greg Torres Sue Trer Martha Trippe Andy Trujillo Karen Tucker Kerf to Tuioti Gloria Urias mpossible to hold, ' ' Carole King Tony Valdenpina Luis Valdez Betha Valenzuela Raul Valenzuela Carmen Van Buskirk Cindy Vander Heider George Vasquez Juanita Vasquez Annette Velasquez David Velasquez Sergio Vielma Jesse Vigil Slyvia Villagomez Gerardo Villasenor Manuel Villasenor aime Villela Norma Viramontes m mP M JK Danny Vitullo Pamela Walker Daniel Walton Wayne Weatherman Debbie Webster Michele Welnicki William Wesley Ernie White Joy Willets Cynthia Williams Darrell Williams Kenneth WilUams Marva Williams Gene Wilson Willie Wilson Laura Wiseman Watiam Witting Harry Wooley Carla Wright Treey Wright Robert Yost Lydia Young Rosemary Young Gloria Zozaya ?l il Sophomores 70 FROM THE AZURE SKY COMES VALL£Y " S BLUE: FROM THE SUNSET GOLD OUR AMBER HUE. BLUE FOR VALOR. GOLD FOP W RTtl- WE GO FORTH THROUGHOUT IHl , Ej«Vh VALLEY HIGH. WE SING JW WTAISE. FOR NOW ANDo l l W R DAYS. C.I ' • ' ' V .SS . • ■pj . i Sophomores 71 ' As my life goes Freshmen 72 on, I believe The mighty freshmen class of 1978 was outstand- ingly led by Kim Stansell, president, Gina Campbell, vice-president, Nina Perez, secre- tary, and CarlaMack and Joseph Edwards, student relations officers. As the year went on, the freshmen got more involved with activities, clubs, and pep assemblies. They also did such tilings as sponsoring a Rec-Nite, selling class buttons, and selling Christmas items. Dolores Acosta Barbara Adams Keene Aguilar Rosa Aguirre Ricky Alvarado Emilio Amaro Gloria Amaro Tanishi Andrews Arturo Araiza Victor Arellano Cara Armstrong Gary Armstrong Joe Avalos Greg Avelino Jeffery Ayala Linda Bagby Theresa Bain Randall Baldwin Lee Barnes Lee Barnes Loretta Barnes Fran Barrett Hortencia Barron Robert Barthol Jack Baxley Cheryl Beames Patricia Begay Linda Bell David Belmontes Judy Beranek Patty Bergen Kevin Black Andre Blake Dallas Bokosky Daniel Boone Carrie Brandenburg e James Brandt ' ' Ray Brannan John Brennan Robert Brindley James Brokaw Antonio Brown Terry Brumley Nathan Brunson Karen Bryant Theresa Buie Kemp Buononato Letty Bustamante Yoon-mi Bulter Hugh C ady Terry Calderon Gina Campbell Raul Campos Rita Campos Ronald Cano Danny Carmona Frank C armona Joe Carmona Irineo Carrillo Luis Carrillo Jimmy Carroll Sandra Carter John Casares Clarisa Castaneda John C astro Julie Castro Alex Chairez Paul Chambers Kim Chatman Debbie Chavarria Bill Chitwood Ralph Christopherson Rick Clarke Francisco Cobo Michael Coffey Daniel Coffman Perry Coil Mike Collingwood Robin Conner John Contreras Rosa Contreras Patty Corsey Ernie Cox Cheryl Crawford Somehow some IfRI 1 3 - i i things changed, ffwm d Connie Curry Patrick Czaja Mary Dangler Denise Daniel Russel Daniels Clarence Davenport C athy Davis Chris De Lano Ron Delbridge Greg Dexter Steven Dickinson Ricco Dillihant Jy Laurie Dion ' Yolanda Dominguez James Drown Marilyn Duncan Venus Dunlap C indy Ebert Joseph Edwards Larry Ed vards Alison Engel Lossie Ennis Gilda Escamilla Clara Espinoza Uvaldo Espinoza James Fairres Carol Famuliner Sandra Farmer Mark Ferguson Raymond Fiveash Brenda Fletcher Jesus Flores Rodolfo Flores Darrick Floyd Darrel Foley George Franks Steven Frieson ■ i Dale Fryslie Edmanuel Fuentes Rod Furnace Therese G alien Barbara Garcia I ' - ' M Tina Garcia I Victor Garcia Nathaniel Gamer [ Araseli G Carmen Garza Joe Garza Curtis Geiske Von Gekhiser Roland Geter Chuck Golden Angelia Grace Robin Grace Troy Graham Elaine Graves Lydia Griffin Itis Groom Mike Grove Mary Ann Guerra Nora Guerrero Steve Guillory Mindy Gunter Jesse Guthrie Adelina Gutierrez Lorena Gutierrez Felix Haddix Martha Hage Gabriel Hampton Lisa Hampton Duke Hansen Darnette Harmon Keretia Harper Bessie Harris Sheila Harris Kimberly Haw Dawn Hayes Something deep inside, I ffnPR Jeri Hensley Alicia Hernandez Aurora Herrera Ted Herrera Adriana Hester Ricky Higginbotham Sharon Hightower Timothy Hines Patricia Hinojosa Denise Hobel Curtis Hogg Betty Holdeman A part of me Jim Hole Edward Hollins Sandra Holston Mizell Hopper Vicki Houghton IT Carla Hove Carmen Hudson John Huizar Rosa Huizar Tammy Hunden Nela Immings ena Jackson Patricia Jackson V-ro U- or, 77 There ' s a strange new Marcelo Juarez Stehpen Kalafut Gwen Kearney Monica Keindl Albertha Kelly Eddie Kelly Cecilia Kelso Richard King Ronald Kobus Brian Kolesar Gene Kopitch Dennis Korpela Erich Kukier Joe Kuykendall Tammie Lambert Willie Lambert Annette Leath Deborah Leath Rudy Lenzkes Rebecca Leon Frankie Lewis Jeanette Lieb ig Mary Linares Gene Linxwiler John Lofton Amos Lopez Kathy Lucas Traci Lucien Diane Lujan Eric Lyerly Helen Mac Kenzie George Macias Miguel Macias Carla Mack Andrea Maggiola Lorraine Malcom Pamela Malone Darryl M: Larry Mansfield Lougene Mansfield John Markin Cynthia Martinez fiaww Jim Mc Cune Glenn Mc Ginnis Dawn Mc Laughlin R light in my eyes, Sj H f § rp 1 y. r- Donna Medina Ken Mehaffey Brenda Miller Anita Mills Angela Molina Ruben Molinar Antonio Montanez Asuncion Mora Adam Moreno nthony Moreno ronnie Morris I she Morriss ■. j mm V M 1 w 1 P " " " ! H IT 2 QCTnOT? Ricardo Moye Nancy Mungia Sally Munoz Jeri Murray Genny Murrieta Gary Needham Victor Nevarez Brenda Newhouse Patti Nowak Bernie Nungaray Vickie Oliver Edward Ortiz Raymond Ortiz Crystal Partridge Mary Pavao Diana Peralta Pam Peralta Eddie Perez Elizabeth Perez Nina Perez Rosa Perkins Derrick Peront Akemi Philbrick Avis Phillips Brett Pickett Timothy Pierson Richard Pinedo Lorene Pomeroy Raymond Pontious Russell Potts Amanda Price Jeff Proff Magda Pruned; David Pursley Karl Quinton Annette Radill Tony Ramirez Diana Rayburn Chuck Reider Mark Remmel Marta Reyes Nancy Rhooms Robert Riley Phillip Rios Chon Rivera Tony Rivera Dwayne Roberts Zena Roberts Christina Rocha Robert Rock Bernie Rodriguez Carlos Rodriguez David Rodriguez Martha Rodriguez Phillip Rodriguez Raul Rodriguez Sergio Rodriguez Vivian Rodriguez Zeke Rodriguez Ce cilia Romero Dinan Romero apu i I T 531! fTB Freshmen 80 Richard Sanchez Ramona Sandovi Eunice Santana Kevin Satterfield Ronald Saunders Suzi Schriefer Clayton Scudder Martha Sevilla Pat Shaw H Cindy Stache James Standish Kimberly Stansell Myron Starcher John Steinsultz Lisa Stilwell Judy Strong Fred Suitor John Sutherland Lewis Sweet James Swift Debra Tate Robert Taylor Sylvia Taylor Sarah Tesimale Deena Thacker Charles Thomas Wanda Thomas Denise Thompson Sheila Tilley Tammy Tompkins Martha Torres Nohemi Tovar David Trent Tom Trent Carol Trippe Roger Tristan Robert Tubbs Sharon Tucker Ezra Turner Annette Ursua Elva Valadez Rita Vasquez Jerome Verdugo Marina Villagomez Norma Villasenor Cindy Vivlamore Ronnie Wallace Terry Wallace Patricia Weant Bart Weatherman Elvis Webster Steve Weir Steve Wells Patricia Welnicki Monica Wesley Malt White Scott White Janel Williams Mark Williams Changing my life, NSS " Deborah Willoughby Jeff Wilson Mark Winchester Laurie Wing Donelle Wolfe Kevin Wood Dennis Woolery Barry Wright Tadashi Yokoyar Changing Me ' ' by Chicago Bertha Zambrano Steven Zimmer ' ' There is a season . Valley High School is fortunate to have some fine administra- tors and teachers who have helped to mold the school into a workable learning situation. The administration of Valley High School has always tried to express the students ' desire and needs through academic and vocational programs. These programs are among some of the best in the county. It is only through the efforts of the administrators and the devoted faculty that these programs exist. Through these different programs, Valley Falcons have been educated both socially and academically. The school has prepared the students to go into the world with confidence. Principal, John Daywalt and his secretary, Gin Corsello Vice-principal of Instructional Services, Ruth Ramsey, and her secretary Dorothy Murry Vice-principal of Student Services, Ivan McKinney and his secretary Lou Phillips. Director of Studtnt Acitvities, Morris Hawkins and his secretary Lois Miner. Supervisor, of School Business, Gene Kaus, and his secretary Carmen Sparrow. Director of Attendance and AtlJetic Director, Fred Malais and Catherine Lenz, secretary of Attendance, and Diane Russell, secretary of Athletics. Director of Guidance, Paul Huston, and his secretary Mary Trembly. Assistant principal of Control Beverly Hill. f ' A tim e to be born ... A time to plant ' ' ' ' Time to every purpose under the Heaven Counselors Faculty ' ' A time to break down and a time to build up Art I »- L. B V|C£j) — 1 m ! m P »» Z Jm. Bernie Hawn A. Art Craft Jewerly, Ceramics Laurence Dobyns B. S. , Typing 1 Int. Typing Career Development Barbara Caldwell B.S.C. Career Development Sheryl Fipp A. A. , B.A. Art l-2f Disign Business Lula Allison B.A., M.A. Shorthand 1-4 Typing 1-2 Margaret Kelly " S. , M.S. Accounting, Business Math Beverly Hill B.S. Shorthand 1-2, Carreer Dev. Woody Hall B.A. , M.A, Regional Occupational Program Ralph Tomblin B.A. Career Developement Faculty 87 ' A time to weep and a time to laugh English Vicki Halatsis B.A. , English 12 1-2 Essence Adv, Marie Kinsey, B. S. English 1-4 Slyvia Lee M.A. English 1-2 Drama Jackirae Sagouspe A.B. English 3-4, Speech !8 Faculty ' A time to mourn, and a time to dance . . ' Eleanor Seitz B.A., M.S. G Reading r, _v:X Ko-a V; ' Katheryne Taylor " A ) J HlmS , Vivian Ward B.A. , Lang. , Comp. . B.A. ,M.A. , IcXajUn Reading Arnold Weiner, Librarian A., M.S. Margaret Doolittle, Secretary Vernice Kirk, Nursery Director Mary Yontz Casey Kulhman B.A. , Clothing, Apparel, Design 1-2, Tailoring Marcia Salway B. A., Bachelor Living Homemaking 1-2 ' A time to lose, . . ' Foreign Language ' ' A time to keep ..2 . ' -- Music Sandy Rhone B.A. Gen. Math, Geometry 1-2 John Vincent B.S. Gen. Math, Algebra 1-2 Russell Campbell B.A. Music Bob Zimhier A.B., M.S. , M. Ed. Experimental Science Maxine Alexander B.A. Biology, Physical Science Bill Fisher M.S., Biology Homer Chirstia B.A. Photography Faculty 91 ' A time to rend, and a time to sew; . . Industrial Arts m 1,1 Ron Brown American Issues Craig Falconer B.A. American Issues 92 Faculty ' A time to keep silent, and a time to speak; . . ' Bob Fredricks B.A. econ. , U.S. hist. Edwin Hunt A.B. , M.S. gov. , U. S. hist. BiU Mills B.A. , M. Ed. gov., econ., U.S. hist. Carl a Rush B.A. , Am. Issues (P. T.) Cal Sawyer B.A. psychology) career Development Wanda PaulseU B.A. , M.A. U.S. Hist. , wld. hist. .ajVI. hist. Gary Satrappe B.A. soc. , anthor. , ethnic studies, Amer. Issues Faculty 93 ' ' A time to love Physical Education Roger Jensen B.S., M.S., R.E. , athletics Herschel Musick B.A. P.E. , athletics Ron Roper B.A. P.E. , atliletics, St. Reef Janis Riehle B.A. , P.E. , G.A.A. Sandy Rvdler B.A., M.A. P.E. , G.A.A. Michael Conover B.S., M.A. Nick Roussos B.A. English, Math, Reading Steve Mullin A., M.A. William Reed A. A. , B. A. , M.A. English, math, reading social science 94 Faculty ' A time of war, and a time of peace. ' ' i wi Stu Hyslop Jack Block Gary Tucker UMMJC ' Back Row (L-R), Ruth Chavez, Raquel Rivas, Judy Asher, Ruth Crackel, Cheri Goodman, Rosa Hudson, Aurora Aguilar, Carmen Sparrow. Fron t Row (L-R), Anita Soria, Evelyn Orozco, Catherine Lenz. 0 ' r Ay d° Ua vJ m t ' ' " ' " U.IO T? ' ' - «= :3 ' 1% w m ? jyy j ' j Freeway League Wn ' ' l C.I.F.—S.S. Champs mB Atuatosi Barraza Bott Browkaw Candidate Castro Chatman Clark Tagaloa Cholodenko Thames Curron Tuioti Ferguson Weatherman Garcia Wooley Gnesda West Grace Williams Hoffman Westley Hummel Velesquez Jimmenez Krieger COACHES Lawyer Marshal Ken Tucker Martin Martin Meading Moss Nalasco Price Santana Shipp Smith Tabile ■ H FRESHMAN FOOTBALL ROSTER First Row Second Row Third Row (L-R) (L-R) (L-R) R. King R. Powell Coach Johnson J. Carroll D. Winters R. Guedea F. Lewis A, Paige S. Guillory R. Furnace M. Hopper B. Wilson B. Weatherman J. Ruhl J. Jennings G. Franks ]. Brokaw M. Otis A. Chairez V. Adame J. Wilson T. Herrera S. Wells L. Partin E. Hollins V. Garcia K. Chambers J. Swift M. Aguilar R. Tubbs M. Williams M. Slaughter D. Sii M. Barraza D. Peront Z. Rodriguez, B. Chitwood T. Shaw T. Johnson R. Barnes F. Haddix M. Fergurson E. Rhue B. Pickett C. Johnson W. Lambert E. Smith FRESHMAN FOOTBALL- 1974 Coach Green Coach Brown J . " vv- ■ ■ We came We saw We conquered VARSITY SCOREBOARD Los Amigos Ganesha Savanna Sunny Hills Buena Park Troy Fullerton Lowell La Habra C LP. 39- 7 7- 7 35- 2-10 48- 8 15- 7 7- 7 29- 9 47-11 Claremont Villa Park Burroughs Monrovia Colton 22- 6 35- 6 22-14 18- 7 47-14 WE ' RE NUMBER ONE !!! !!!!! !!! V -c ' X ' SOPH SEASON I RECORD Los Amigos Win Ganesha Win Savanna Win Sunny Hills Lost Buena Park Win Troy Win Fullerton Win Lowell Lost La Habra Win Win -Lost-Tie 7 2 League Record Win -Lost -Tie " We did it! We are the CHAMPS! " " iS ' - A V m K ' ijf m] . 1 1 V ! ' J ' = wKBm 1 - ' p tA L . L Manager-Karen Hamel Singles 1. Marya Adame 2. LeeAnn Pina 3. Lynn Keyes 4. Veronica Hardeman 5. Karen Price 6. Cindy Oliver 7. Teresa Hauptman Doubles 1. Janet Mulcahy- Darlene Markham 2. Cindy Holston- Kathy Mulcahy 3. Stephanie Wolfe - Sandra Esparza 4. Janice Smelser- Gayle Jones 5. Virgina Lopez- Donna Easley 6. Sandy Holston- Janet McCarty 7. Pam Gnesda- Susan Russell 8. Susan Brandenburger- Gloria Zozaya 1. Team picture 2. Miss Chacon and Miss Brooks 3. Your bubblegum is in my ear! 4. Up we go 5. Now, in reverse... 6. Charge 7. Bouncey, bouncey bailey 8. What are we gonna do now? M Women netters improved as season progressed sm. In spite of heat, wind, cold blisters, sore muscles, and long hours on the courts, improvement from match to match was achieved. Warning to other schools: next year the general has de- termined that the Falcon Girls Tennis Team may be hazardous to your health and game! This was the first year for the girls tennis team to compete in GIF . The team con- sisted of 8 doubles and 8 singles and was coached by Miss Anita Ghacon and Miss Linda Brooks. With their help and a lot of hard work by the girls, the team im- proved as the season progressed. This year Karen Hamel was manager and proved a great asset to the team, per- forming various errands, keeping re- cords, and taking care of equipment, as well as giving inspiration and helpful tips. Due to the girls ' changing attitudes and their desires to improve, this turned out to be Valley ' s best year in tennis. Sfc ' ■■MiB ' ' - ' ' ' ' ' ' ' WF W , -.ut -.i. " .!!?■ •— Cross Country B H VARSIT ' ROSTER NAME YEARS Aguilar, John + Albers, Bill ++ Buendia, Eddy +++ Estrada, Raymon ++ MGR. Juarez, Don ++ Steve Lesnick, Mike +++ Aguilar Linarez, Larry ++ Ringer, Eric + Season Rec. Thomas, Aaron + 3-4 ' «:, M ?5 " L J " W: 1 ' MM 4 ■ %: 4 ' Cross Country Valley ' s 1974 Cross Country team had a fine season. Under the excellent coaching of Jim Conlay, this year ' s varsity turned out to be one of the fastest ever at Valley. With three runners, Eric Ringer, Eddy Buendia, and Raymond Estrada dipping un- der ten minutes during the course of the season we finished 5th with a 3-4 record in the tough Freeway League. This year ' s team was, however, marked by some inconsistency later in the season which cost us some meets and a possible C.I.F. berth. Buena Park Invitational was the high point of our season with the varsity capturing a second place trophy. On a perfect day everyone on the team ran his lifetime best. All seven of the varsity runners were under 10. 30. j j This year ' s team had something new - girls. The girls ran the same workouts and races as the boys. Led by Monica Silbas who had the fastest time and followed closely by Darci Tharp, Kim Law, Valerie Hauptman, Sharon Kearney, Shari Korpela, Debby Binder, and Mary Herman, the girls really worked hard and did a great job. The season wound up at the annual awards banquet with films of the runners and guest speaker Bob Price from Athletes In Action. Raymond Estrada received the Most Outstanding trophy with a best time of 9.51. He also received the most inspira- tional trophy. Eric Ringer was awarded the most improved trophy coming from a 10. 56 last year to a 9. 45 this year. Team Captains Eddy Buendia and Mike Lesnick received medals for their services this season. The coaches Jim Conley and Bill Fisher were given mugs and key chains by the team members in appreciation for their time and effort. Asked what he thought of this year ' s season Coach Conlay said, " It was great " . There was alot of hard work and pain but it was worth it. Mike Lesnick Harriers kept on Trucking JUNIOR VARSITY ROSTER Carmona, Mike Hicks, Jeff Markham, David Reece, Tom Ruiz, Mario SEASON RECORD J. V. - 1-6 Manager - Steve Aguilar SOPH-FROSH ROSTER Acosta, Ignacio Corey, Alan Fernandez, Bill Heyer, Ernie Kerr, Jerry Kinnell, Charles Korpela, Dennis Korpela, Shari Law, Kimberly Pirolo, Pat Salera, Edgardo Silbas, Monica Tharp, Darci Thomas, David SEASON RECORD SOPH - 2 - 5 FROSH - 3 - 4 MGR. Steve Aguilar .. .t ■toll Ir m VARSITY Ernesta Banks-captain Tofa Pola-co-c aptain Tfe-WoraleT " Kathy Lozano Helen Silbas Linda Corsey Leona Autor Delia Gonzales Marilyn Tauvela JUNIOR VARSITY Sheila Johnson-captain Sue Mack Denise Denson Sue Tremaine Sue Schriefer Annette Radillo Arlene Urias Barb Adams-co-captain Regina Wallace Doris Moore Evelyn Rios ;i 4 ip -vt u 1. Varsity team 2. Getting up ! ! ! 3. Oh no ! 4. Go over! 5. Now what? Oa mmm . • . n 7. Up, down 8. 1, 2, 3 up 9. J.V. team . . smile girls good there Mrs. Cottle? What ' s up 118 Girls ' Volleyball Volleyball season was successful. GIF Girls volleyball was introduced at Valley in 1974. The girls were very excited about being in GIF. The team practiced very hard and took things seriously because they knew that they were going to be watched carefully. The team finished a successful season in fourth place. Varsity captain was Emesta Banks who was helped by co-captain Tofa Pola. Sheila Johnson and Barb Adams were junior varsity co-captains. The coaches were Mrs. Sandy Gottle and Mrs. Janis Rhiele. C 4t } W - M " - ' ' ( AX CLO ■J} . . Competition was tough mi We did our best Soph-Frosh were winners I m . y iM H I- A- i ' VARSITY J arm Barbour Nancy Downey Becky Ebert .Jacq utoi ' JFerguso n Cassandra Garreft Glenda Glenn Demetnis Harris Theresa Hollins June Liebig Cathy Lozano Jofa Polamalu Rachel Ramirez Pat Shenvood Esther Tabile , " A nit a " T ay 1 or Lydia Young JUNIOR VARSITY Judy Beranek Anna Bracamontes Gtna Campbell Angela Chitwood Robin Concan Diane Cooke Cindy Ebert Diane Everett Angie Grace Jan Martinez Nancy Melendez Nancy Rhooms Fermi Saugstad Cindy Stanard Sarah Tesimale Siolotoi Talolo Crdlieen WaTP Manager-Fat Spill ei ! 24 Girls CIF Field Hockey The sticks were fast and furious fl . ? This year a group of girls got together and formed the first girls ' GIF field hockey teams. They worked hard, with improvement showing after the long hours of practice. These girls learned the great feeling of working as a team in both good and bad times. The manager, Pat Spillers, took care of the equipment, took score at games, and performed other duties. The varsity co -captains were Lydia Young and Becky Ebert. The JV captain was Angel CMtwood. Judy Beranek took over co-captain when Theresa Hollins moved up to play varsity. The coaches were Mrs. Sandy Ruller and Miss Debi Vallandigham Kome of ine I iamps z: A tiS - ' wmm 1975 Falcon Booters Soccer « d Sports 134 i........f. iJb me of IK A - l % Sports 135 ' •m . 1 Leona Autor-captain Michelle Bonds Carrie Brandenburger Joyce Burch Sandie Carter Denise Denson Wanda Durand Linda Favors Cheryl Cant Glenda Glenn Iris Groom Nora Guerrero Valerie Hauptman Mary Hermann-captain Tyra Jones Sharon Korpela Kimberly Law Tracy Lucrin Carla Mack Helen MacKenzie Debbie Madison Pam Peralta Moncia Silbas Deena Thacker Darci Tharp Gloria Urias Bertha Valenzuela Done lie Wolfe Girls keep on trackin ' With several girls competing in Cross Country tliis fall, the girls Track Team started their first CIF season. Tlie competition was tough but the many hard worked hours during sixth period and after school proved to reward each girl with improve- ment and success. The girls, working and competing together, learned that track IS a team sport, but when the gun rang out, it was that competitor proving to herself and her team t hat she could beat her own times. The workouts do bring success! Track, for the girls, includes sprint and distance races, relays, hurdles, the shot put, the long jump and the Mgh jump. It takes many girls to cover all these events. With the team being young and small in number, they were only able to field a Varsity team. Hopefully, next year, enough girls will try out so a Junior Varsity team can compete also. Coached by Janis Riehle and a former teammate, Eleanor Bierbauer, the girls learned the " in and outs " of track. Lots of hard work equals personal success: A lazy workout brings on rigor mortis. Equipment, recording of times, errands and any of the miscellaneous was taken care of by their manager, Sharon Kearney. Leading the team as their captains, Leona Autor and Mary Herman had many extra responsibilities besides their own work- out including promoting spirit, sportsmanship, companionship and team togetherness. Putting all these ingredients together, the Girls Track Team emerged as winners! Varsity " ndra Louis Padilla Tony Graves Adrian Kirk Mike Tesimale Pat Malloy Aaron Thomas Greg Williams George Lopez Louis Morris Jim Tesimale Nolan Cholodenko Everett Winters John Thacker Mario Ruiz Gerardo Valenzuel Wrestling 1975 Thomas makes Ail-American . . Marya Adame Yolanda Cabrera Doima Easley Sandra Esparza Tarqiiplinp Fprgiision Cassandra Garrett Demetrius Harris Monica Hernandez Cynthia Holston Sandra Holston Darlene Markham Janet Martienz Janet McCarty Cynthia McCullough Janet Mulcahy Kathleen Mulcahy Diana Norman LeeAnne Pina Marta Reyes Teresa Reyes Kathryn Savoy Isabel Serrano Pat Sherwood Janice Smelser Patricia Spillers Anita Taylor Arlene Urias Coach- Sandra RuUer Manager- Karen Ha This year was the first year of GIF competition for the Badminton team as well as the other girls ' sports. The team this year is a relatively young one, having lost many good juniors and seniors from the past two years. The new players this year have really tried hard to Improve their basic skills and develop different strategies to use against their very competitive opponents . The team was positioned on the basis of a ladder system which allowed girls to advance to posi- tions by challenging the girls ahead of her. The first 6 singles and first 6 doubles will compete against the other schools. Badminton was under the coaching of Mrs. Sandra Ruller and the team cap dm was Karen V,{lamel. Jf J lt -J. r and ' Snfthnll and Badminton end the girls 1st CJ.F . season Softiall, due to their season starting late, was just looking over the girls to fill in the positions on both the Varsity and Jr. Varsity teams. The girls up for these positions are: Tanisha Andrews, Jann Barbour, .Anna jracamontes. Debbie Brannon, Karen Bryant, Julie Castro, Angela Chitwood, Robin Concan, Becky Ebert, Cindy Ebert, Delia Gonzales, Teresa Hauptman, Veronica Hardeman, Gayle Jones, June Liebig, Lynn Keyes, Virginia Lopez, Cathy Lozano, Nancy Melendez, Doris Moore, Tofa Polam a, Annette Radillo, Susan Russell, Penny Saugsted Lourdes Serrano, Pat Shaw, Sheila Tilley, Laurie Wing, Stephanie Wolfe. Ester Tabille. Helen Silbas, Regina Wallace, Lydia Young, Gloria Zozaya. Co n cJSU The Softball team is looking forward to a suc- cessful season under the coaches of Anita Chacon and Debbie Saugsted. - " , f -K -« . - A J :_ _5ss k:: f H 4 ' » - H i , .A - ' y iX rJ v " kejf A ■f. OJ Ml K ' •J cd az I y o6 [jji (J... J. « i c n ; JjLJ( Jjj- - - njcJ ) - ' - ' .dJL " X K Monica Barnes Patty Bergen Debbie Cooper Cathy Camp Dawn Drake Peggy Finn Anne Fritz Selena Gelzhiser Linda Gustafson Adriarma Ladd Silvia McCarty Karen Price Beth Raubolt Ava Schriefer Karen Tucker coaches Bill Gardner Sandy Rhone |5 ! ' ' a r I .u mmL Gymnastics is still a new sport at Valley. This is its second year in competition and the first year in GIF. The girls in gymnastics competed in one or more events which are the vault, the uneven parallel bars, the balance beam and the floor exercise. The team was good and young with only one senior on the team. The girls have improved this year through the long hours of practice and exercises. The competition was tough but the team were looking forward to a successful sea- son. Under the coaching of Bill Gardner the girls improved their techniques and style. iMsiainidi Cinderman kicked I f .. " 0- ii t --,SS 5 : ' . " S ' O g SggjQ I ' 5 WB SJS!V aS ' Dedication prevailed ' ' ! Tom Reece jic p.-lpPfS Mfljil ir- 1 ' ' ■i s ' Varsity ' 9 a ,-7 ' Varsity Top Row-Cris Iwersen manager, Brian Tong, Charles Gomez, David Markham, Bill Harris, Bottom Row- Jeff Jones, Jim Standish, Dale Prince, Bruce Abbott. (Missing, Brian Pollak) Junior Varsity- Top Row-John Doe, Elvis Webster, Carl Smelser, David Smith, Randy Smith, Wayne Weatherman, Bottom Row- Kevin Derrybeny, Craig Meyers, Ed Hatfield, Greg Wolfe, Jeff Adams, C. Needham. I! Racketeers got into the swing J.V. f • J. f J- Hr ' -ri 4 0rJ . h as l jJP . " " ' ' ■ ' ' 2 - )k A i 1 m ■ 1 fi i 1 I ' It was all team effort ' ' Dale Prince BASEBALL 1975 POSITION NUMBER GRADE Bolden, Phil P-lst B 35 Sr. Buononato, John O.F. 41 Sr. Camp, John C-erd B 13 Jr. Cavinder, Robert P-C- O.F. 16 Sr. Coulter, Rick 2nd B 31 Soph. Diaz, Mark P 21 Sr. Everett, Mike P- 1st B 22 Jr. Gnesda, Charles 1st B 11 Soph. Griffen, Tim 2nd B-SS 14 Soph. Haslip, Wilbert 2nd B 8 Sr. Holland, Bill 3rd B-C 7 Sr. Martin, Bill 3rd B- 2nd B 15 Jr. Martin, Steve C 10 Soph. Martinez, Jose SS 5 Sr. Shaw, David O.F. 12 Sr. Steen, Raymond O.F.- 1st B 9 Sr. Ward, Rick O.F.- 1st B 2 Soph. West, Reggie 3rd B- SS 1 Soph. White, Myron O.F. 32 Sr. Scorekeeper- Pam Gnesda Equipment Man- Ken Sharp Statisician- Danny Alcala COACHES: Hershal Musick Ron Brown Batmen were victorious! Hj L- ' l 1 B .S, -.1 . IH Everett fanned his opponents . 3 ■iJJ J ifi ' Tk i d i - J- yU L _ -K 1 li (jA - , -ftl ijy ' .J - :VX- €.y; zW- atef yja %A ,CMv6u y ' t o ( Uis ufh c our ' be ' mus 2: Fun, games, and hard work!! ( " i i2? V ' - GAA had a great year with girls competing in four GAA sports and the addition of seven GIF sports. The four GAA sports played this year were Volley- ball, Field Hockey, Basketball, and Softball. The seven GIF sports were Volleyball, Tennis, Field Hockey, Gymnastics, Badminton, Track and Soft- ball, GAA is not just competing against other schools but also fun events. This year was started off with a " Get Acquainted " Barbecue Pool Party. This was followed by a Halloween Slumber Party com- plete with a haunted annex and monster movies. Then came the Potluck Ghristmas Party filled with our own Kangaroo Court and exchanging of gifts. Gandy was sold in March to earn money for the banquet yet to come. Next came the GAA -Faculty basketball game. Another Slumber Party in March and Pool Party followed. Then came the event everyone was looking forward to-the GAA Banquet held on June 9th. Awards were handed out with tlie closing of a new year. The officers for this year were President Lynn Keyes, Vice President Jann Barbour, Secretary Karen Hamel, Xreasurer Ester Tabile, Historian Janet Mulcahy, Publicity Leona Autor. ' The coaches this year were Talley, Brooks, Vallandigham, Riehle, Gottle, Saugstad, Ruller, Chacon, Hobel and Bierbauer. 1 0- ' W: 5 ' .,4 ' 1 ' " ' i ' j s, ' W:r f % liV --. k ' " ' -yl Volleyball r,,-r---:- " " " ■. ' : - ' ■...-••. Field Hockey j Imagination produced a great Talon W The Yearbook Staff, one of the hardest working classes on campus, strove to make the ' 75 Talon the best yearbook Valley has put out. Much thought and work went into layout design and choice of pic- tures as the staff worked to make the yearbook interesting for everyone. Yearbook class proved to be a great learning experience and was also a lot of fun. Kevin Skelly - Editor-in-Chief Robin Concan - Junior Class Editor Tony Miller - Sophomore Class Editor Marilyn Rice - Freshman Class Editor Karen Hamel - Assistant Editor-in-Chief Diana Alcala - Faculty Editor James Morris - Sports Editor Pam Gnesda - Girls ' Sports Editor Sherri Howerton - Clubs Editor Isabel Serrano - Assistant Faculty Editor Helen Silbas - Involvement Editor Monica Hernandez - Assistant Clubs Editor Penny Fiasky - Staff Ann Fritz - Business Manager and Advertsing Tom Reece - Head Photographer Jonn Barbour - Sales Manger Dale Prince - Photographer Irma Quintanilla - Photographer Louie Padilla - Photographer Cathy de Lottinville - Staff secretary Liz Nieto - Staff Dorrie Kidd - Staff Joe Hess - Artist Mrs. Elaine Stuckey - Advisor ■fz I Falcon staff kept valley informed The Falcon Staff worked dilligently to publish a paper that would please all mem- iDers of the Valley community. Aneatra Jones, Editor-in-Chief, was kept busy by making sure deadlines were met and the stories were of good content, filled with current events that involved various Valley students. Many a night was spent in the print shop to produce a well-rounded news- paper. Their advisor was Elaine Stuckey, Aneatra Jones Editor-in-Chief Pat Salisbury First Page Editor Aneatra Jones Second Page Editor Carrie Davis Third Page Editor Tom Reece, Janice Smelser Fourth Page Editors Dale Prince, Gary Bradshaw Photo graphers Carrie Davis Business Manager Oscar Pena Cartoonist Reporters: Gary Bradshaw, Monica Hernandez, Cindy Vander Heiden, Jamis Jones, Dale Prince, Danny Alcala, Penny Fiasky, Oscar Pena, Isabel Serrano. 1 Vm . , MECHA ' and BSU promoted the various ' TXla MXy C lctp U M-4 f - Mecha had a successful year with numerous car washes and activities outside the cam- pus. Officers for the 74-75 year were President-Mark Morales, Vice-president- Roger Rodriquez, Secretary-Monica Hernandez, and Treasurer-Oscar Pena. Members included Marya Adame, Gloria Amaro, Andy Arrojo, Gilbert Belmote, Rosalinda Buendia, Anna Bracamontes, Rita Campos, Raymond Campos, Alfred Carrillo, Ruben Carrillo, Kent Chavez, Julie Castro, Mike Chairez, Mark Flores, Delia Gonzales, Monica Hernandez, Rebecca Leon, Sylvia Leon, Debie Lopez, Issa Lopez, Sabina Lopez, Cynthia Martinez, Nancy Mungia, Sally Munriz, Mark Morales, Cathy Navarro, Mike Nolasco, Nathaniel Oliva, Gloria Perez, Elizabeth Perez, Nina Perez, Oscar Pena, Fred Ramirez, Rat Razo, Darlene Robalcabca, Rick Rodriguez, Roger Rodriguez, Alex Quintero, Evet Segura, Diane Segura, Dorothy Sierra, Debbie Rarga, Maria Sardina, Rick Vargas, Jose Zambrano, Ray Zintyan. ultural aspects of Valley B. S. U. strove for community involvement tliis year. They sponsored several community projects includ- ing such things as Tlianlcsgiving and Christmas Baskets for the needy, and they took an active part in Black History Week. Fund raising projects went for scholarships to B.S.U. members. The officers were Larry Oliver, president; Diane Hamilton, vice president; Anita Alaman, treasurer; and Kathy Dorsey, secretary. Johnny WilUams was their ad- visor. Angeline Abston, Anita Alaman, Monica Barnes, Kevin Bendy, Barbara Bennett, Chris Benson, Eve Bemette, Charles Betts, Joyce Birch, Corey Briggs, Debra Brooks, Andy Brown, Janice Brown, Robert Brown, Debra Chambers, Charles Chatman, Laurence Chatman, Margaret Clark, Sarita Cobb, Phylis Corprew, Wanda Corsey, Connie Curry, Joanha Davin, Brenda Davis, Regina Dickerson, Kathy Dorsey, Diane English, Lonnie Ennus, Tammie Falbert, Sandra Farmer, Janelle Finley, Bernard Fletcher, Bridgette Franklin, Dorothy Franklin, Andre Ferguson, Angelica Grace, Bennita Green, Diane Hamilton, Sheila Harris, Shirley Haynes, Carolyn Hinson, Theresa Hollins, Anita Hopper, Vickie Home, Renetia Horper, Rena Hunter, Patricia Jackson, Chelita James, Cheryl Jamison, Althea Johnson, Jamis Jones, Carol Kendrick, Carl Kendricks, Keith Kennedy, Adrian Kirk, Paula Kirk, Kimberly Law, Yolanda Lewis, Denise Lister, Jeanetta Lynch, Lorraine Malcom, Richard Malcom, Cathy Meyo, Debra Milhouse, Thomas Milhouse, Shiela Napper, Cynthia Oliver, Larry Oliver, Avis Phillips, Nancy Rhoons, Duane Roberts, Debra Rucker, Debbie Russell, Michael Saunders, Phylis Shivers, Janet Simmons, Robert Stansbury, Sylvia Taylor, Kayette Templeton, Wendy Tilly, Deedra Thomas, Lilly Thomas, Wanda Thomas, Pam Walker, Mike Watson, Monica Wesley, Myron White, Charles Wilburn, Charlotte Williams, Kenny Williams, Janelle Williams, Jeffrey Williams, Mickey Williams, Darryl Winters, Roberta Young. .Tr»i-»V ' Service to themselves and service to others was the motto of Key-Kiwanettes and ' S ' Club The Key-Kiwannettes had a shower of events for the 1974-75 school year. With daily visits to the local convalescent homes, along with skate parties, snow trips, picnics, and their weekend getaways to Rancho California, they also found time to go to Disneyland. They did have time for fun activities along with many community projects. President, Rudy Arellano Vice President, Faustino Vargas; Historian, John Whiteman, and Treasurer, Kevin Smith led the Key Club as officers. The officers of Kiwannettes included President, Dawn Pickett; Vice President, Diane Everett; and Historian, Laurie Irvin. Mr. Adnan Bayati was their advisor. Rudy Arellano, Larry Bernard, John Casares, Joe Carmona, Danny Carmona, Frank Carmona, Suddler Clayton, James Drown, Jim Fernando, Robert Flack, Gonzalo Fuerte, Frank Guzman, Morgan Layton, Jeff Proff, Kevin Smith, Faustino Vargas, Don Vittelow, Jon Walke, John WMteman. Keri Jo Anderson, Linda Bell, Kathy Dorren, Diane Everett, Rae Famuliner, Tammy Flack, Roberta Foxx, Lori Irvin, Melodic Matthews, Dawn Pickett, Donna Reynolds, Carolyn Sherratt, Lisa Weber, Michele Welniki, Pat Welniki, Angela Wheaton, Carla Wright. An offshoot of the Soroptimist Club, a national or- ganization of professional women, Valley ' s " S " club spent a prosperous year in philanthropic work. During the year their projects included ushering at Open House, Thanksgiving Skit for CHOC, March of Dimes Tag Day, Christmas Skit for OC Medical Center, March of Dimes Mothers ' March, March of Dimes Walkathon, Easter baskets for Fairview State Hospital, Charity Concert for Cystic Fibrosis, Valen- tine Day Party for OC Medical Center, and ushering for all school sponsored events. Officers were: President-Maria Calderon, Vice-president-Karen Calvin, Treasurer-Brenda Steinsultz, Recording Secretary-Debbie Hurst, Corresponding Secretary- Jody Gunter. Cindy Barber, Maria Calderon, Terry Calderon, Karen Calvin, Carrie Davis, Wanda Duran, Jody Gunter, Karen Hamel, Debbie Hurst, Julie Kring, Ginger Newcomb, Laura Nunez, Lee Ann Pina, Nancy Raubolt, Helen Silbas, Cindy Stache, Brenda Steinsultz, Arlene Urias, Gloria Urias Drama members enticed audiences Drama Club supported the winter play, " Count Dracula " , and the spring play, " Arsenic and Old Lace " , both on and off stage. Besides acting, the members contributed make up and costuming techniques. Technical operations included lighting, curtains and special effects. With the Drama Club ' s help both plays were a great success. Ignacio .Acosta, Marya Adame, Carrie Davis, Sandra Esparza, Mark Fiduccia, Charles Gnesda, Pam Gnesda, Mary Herman, Ellen McArthur, Lee Ann Pina, Kathy Savory, Jan Smelser, Brian Tong, Gloria Urias, Cindy Yaugo. Ellen McArthur was foreign exchange student It seems difficult to conceive that a year can pass so quickly but now that my stay in the U.S. has come to an end, I look forward to the future with much anticipation and a fresh new hope, I feel my stay here has greatly influenced me and when I look back on everything, I feel very sad to be leaving it all -the friends that I ' ve made here, the happy and sad times, the laughter and tears. Even though 1 may leave, I know the things I ' ve learned here will always be with me. I ' ll always feel I have a home here in America and have a warm spot in my heart for Valley High School. I just want to say thank you for all your kindness. Valley. Good luck in the future and good bye. Ellen McArthur Ellen, our foreign exchange student from Australia, and her " family " , the Petherbridges, are shown at home. Ignacio Acosta, Marya Adame, Carrie Davis, Sandra Esparza, Mark Fiduccia, Charles Gnesda, Pam Gnesda, Mary Herman, Ellen McArthur, Lee Ann Pina, Kathy Savoy, Jan Smelser, Brian Tong, Gloria Urias, Cindy Yaugo. ■■ i: 1 1 « fi- A ' m HHIMH ■ i il|| ■ ■Pi M ir 3K« y 3 1 ■i %J ' |p4.jb ' Wi B (i 3BhV f 8 j | j| p H m Im- ' K. wTpWk 1 fimr H [ mJuBi jBt ' JM fi iwrnm fm Creativity was evident in Art Club Uniqueness and creativity of the Art Club brought forth many interesting items by the members. Sales and exhibits helped make Valley ' s campus brighter. Wanda Durand, Marty Hage, Elaine Hardcastle, Kathy Lee, Nancy Melendez, Tony Miller, John Walke, Advisors- Mrs. Sherle Fipp, Mr. Bemie Hawn, Mrs. Casey Kuhlman. Valley ' s artists promoted the school in the com- munity and country by winning many awards. i f Girls ' League activities made the year memorable Delia Gonzales, Moniw Hern nde r 1? ' " ' J ' " ert an, Leon, Silvia Leon, Teresa lT hh V- t " " Huaracha, Rebecca Lujan, Connie Lyons C aria Mack nI ' m ' " I °P ' E McArthur, Gloria Padilla Pam pL l. T ez, Ellen Rachel Ran irez, Nancy RauboltTe! a Quintanilla, Rachel Russel, Celia Sanchez, at y Scvoy ia ° " ' P° ' " ' ' ' ' " " ' Sherwood, Brenda Steinsute ArW ' Ti • . ura, Patricia Karen Whitaey, Patty Srs lacki- v ' ' ' " Valenzuela, Gutierrez P " ® ' ' Jackie Young, Martha ' ' Aquatics Developed Champions ' ' Aquatic ' s big event of the year was the ' 74 Swim- mathon. Profits enabled the member to donate a $2, 000. 00 team room to the school. A summer swimming program furnished training and recrea tion to children in the community. Bob Binder, Ralph Christopherson, Rick Cornelias, Jim Dibase, Neil Groom, Joe Hess, Bob Houghton, Greg Hummel, Marshall Iverson, Leslie Johnson, V. J. Lavaro, Ralph Lorenz Morris, Lewis Morris, Jim Morris, Marilyn Rice, Gilbert Sigovia, Kim Skelly, Steve Slaughter, Kim Smeall, Mary Stacey, Richard Sparacio, Dan Walton, Perry Wilson, Terry Wright, Coach Paul Herron. Speech Team The Speech Team, the most un- derrated team on campus, began the year well by winning third place sweepstakes in their first novice tournament in which seven members competed. The team ' s two divisions, novice and varsity competed at three levels : county, state, and national. Senior members who deserve recognition are Ann Perry, Michael Moss and Kris Iwersen, but the members emphasize that they are a team. Their coach was Ms. Jackie Sagouspe. Speech Team Diane Alcala, Cara Armstrong, Darrell Autor, Joanha David, Carrie Davis, James Dibase, Kris hverson, Sharon Kearney, Michael Moss, Rick Sparacio, Ann Perry. sustained Falcon spirit If there is one group at Valley that supports the football team with spirit and enthusiasm, it is the Girls ' Football Club. These girls sold spirit ribbons, Homecoming Buttons and promoted a general feeling of pride toward the team. This year ' s officers were: President-Lynn Keyes, Vice -President- Helen Sibas, Secretary-Karen Hamel, Treasurer-Angel Chitwood. Marya Adame, Stephanie Allen, Kathy Ambrose, Cindy Barber, Karen Barnard, Jann Barbour, Judy Beranek, Cheryl Bobrowski, Yolanda Cabrera, Karen Calvin, Cathy Camp, Denise Carroll, Virginia Chairez, Angel Chitwood, Robin Concan, Diane Cooke, Denise Denson, Nancy Downey, Donna Easley, Becky Ebert, Sandy Esparza. Tackle Ferguson. Peg;y Finn. Maria Garcia, Cassandra Garret, Pam Gnesda, Maria JiaQ2al£S,- artha Gutierrez, Karen Grove, Veronal Hardamen, De metris Harris, Kris Iwerson, Cathy Johnson, Jeanetta Jones, Cheryle Kapp, Lynn Keyes, Ann Kline, Pam Kline, Julie Kring, Becky Leon, Silvia Leon, June Liebig, Virginia Lopez, Lorraine Lupardo, Carla Mack, Karen Mack, Silvia McCarty, Ellen McArthur, Donna McKenzie, Nancy Melendez, Trisha Mikles, Liz Morales, Mindy Mower, Mary O ' laiz, Gloria Padilla, Crystal Patridge, Pam Peralta, Karen Price, Rachel Ramirez, Beth Raubolt, Elinis Santana, Penny Saugstad, Kathy Savoy, Helen Silbas, Monica Silbas, Janis Smelser, Denise Soldaxi, Pat Spillers, Lisa Stillwell, Sherri Stillwell, E ex T3bile, irginia abitej Rutini Tafi, Silitoi Talalo, Penny " Tompkins, LaRarmaH Treff; aren Tucker, Sharon Tucker, Bertha Valenzula, Annette Whitehead, Debbie Willets, Cheryl Wilson, Jackie Young. sgasawsga aiaia jg agaggsiaagfl -j .UfCO y 1950 ' . % Activities for 74-75 September: 6 -Freshman Orientation 24-Senior Rec-Night October: 11 -Savanna Student Council Dance-A.S.B. 15 -Back to School Open House 18 -Pep Assembly, Mandatory B.S.U. Dance 22 -Junior Rec-Night 25-Homecoming Court-Introduction 29 -Homecoming Assembly, Elections November: 6-John Gauder Assembly 8-Homecoming Assembly, Football Queen, Kangaroo Court 19 -Soph Rec-Night 22-Assembly starting C. I. F December: 10-Frosh Rec-Night 17 -George Sharp Assembly January: 10-A.S.B. Dance February: 7 -Pep Assembly, Basketball, Soccer, Wrestling 14-Black Culture Week Assembly 18-21 -Spirit Week 21 -Dating Game Assembly March: 19 -Winter Sports Banquet April: 11 -Fifties Day, Dance May: Junior Senior Prom June: 11 -Senior Lunch, Senior Picture 12-Sr. Grad-Night, Graduation Last Day Of School 13 -Faculty Breakfast OFFICERS-1974-1975 STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT: Adrian Kirk STUDENT BODY V. PRESIDENT: Mark Morales STUDENT BODY SECRETARY: Diane Segura Commissioner Of Assemblies: Ann Perry Commissioner Of Athletics: Mike Castanon Commissioner Of Publicity: Rachel Ramirez Commissioner Of Student Relations: Issa Lopez Commissioner Of Finance: Virginia Chairez Commissioner Of Pep: Kris Iwerson C.A.S.C. REPRESENTATIVE: Mark Diaz C.A.S.C. REPRESENTATIVE: Bertha Valenzue la Freshman President; Kim Stansell Junior President: Angela Chitwood Sophomore President: Paula Kirk Senior President: John Kennedy Girl ' s League President; Delia Gonzales MyilAi[l[yS[fiiyHiiiiSCi!]l VAUEY WE RE The Jury Deliberated!! 190 Activities Get ready . . .to rock steady im M I Books and brains . . . Pay off!!! CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION Ist-semester 1974-1975 Marya Adame Teresa Long Larry Bernard Ralph Lorenz Karen Calvin Lorraine Lupardo Terry Carver Darlene Markham Debra Chambers David Markham Carrie Davis Julie Mayhugh Susie Degroot Ellen McArthur James Dibase Patricia Mikles Wanda Durand Craig Myers Floyd Duvall Lisa Pfeffer Michael Fergiison Dale Prince Mark Fiduccia John Robertson Anne Fritz Susan Russell Jody Gunter Gilbert Segovia Karen Hamel Helen Silbas Mary Hermann Rebecca Sjaarda Robert Houghton Janice Smelser Sherri Howerton Mary Stacy William Hummel Brian Tong Debra Hurst Bertha Valenzuela Jeff Jones Karen Withey Charles Kinnel Craig Wooldrige Shari Korpela Wade Wooldrige Silvia Leon Cynthia Yaugo irs. Lund-Advisor iADRIG-ALS USIO S fRofA THG HEART... 2 • sparkled f M 1 spirit " - - TTU A V This is for all the lonely people thinking that life has past them by Through dedicati on, the %%u awards piled up!!! pm m 9 26 74-L.A. COUNTY FAIR (SPECIAL AWARD) 10 26 74 ARTESIA BAND REVIEW Band-3rd Place Drill Team-lst Place 11 2 74 BELLF LOWER LIBERTY Band- 1st Place, Parade Drill Team-2nd Place Assistant Drum Major GAIL J ONES -2nd Place 12 14 74 VISTA X-MA5 PARADE Band- 1st Place Drill Team-lst Place Majorettes- 1st Place 12 15 74 SOUTH GATE CHILDREN ' S CHRISTMAS PARADE Drum Major MICHAEL MOSS-lst Place Band Director RAY CAMPBELL Drill Team Advisor BEVERLY HILL Activities 199 Keep on trikingH It- — rrTr: " Tr- - -- NS Rec-nites were wet and wild!! K ft Boys Girls of The Month 1974-1975 1 i January: Monica Hernandez Delia-Girl ' s League President Wilbert-Tri-Capt. Football Team Arlene-V. Pres. Girl ' s-League Adrian-Sutdent body President Karen (Sue) Songleader Mike-Comm. Of Atheletics Monica-Mecha Secretary Mark-Mecha President Diane-Student Body Secretary Myron-Tri-Capt. Football Team Cindy-Drill Team Noble-Football Team Karen-S Club V. President Karl-Football Team Darlene-Valley ' s Band John-Senior Class President 1 NTERESTS SE H lORS e v erlasting hOpes FAI URES FORE V ER Excitement ]7l OMENTS dr6ams a ixieties tlMELY May: John Kennedy Michael Moss Fine Arts C.S.F. Sealbearers Left to Right: Darlene Markham Karen Withey Cindy Yaugo Julie Mayhugh Karen Calvin Karen Hamel Not Pictured: Craig Wooldrige In order to qualify for the honor of Sealbearer, a student must have been a member of the Cali- fornia Scholarship Federation for a mimimum of four semesters, one of which must have been during his senior year. CONGRATULATIONS!! An honor well earned! ! W Craig Wooldrige Science Math Darlene Markham Liberal Arts J Karen Calvin " " " Vocational Arts Girl and Boy State Representative CLINIC -7 Days Girl ' s -Squaw Valley, Calif. Boy ' s -Sacramento State (up)-6 A.M. (lights out)-10 P.M. This program is created to fulfill the individual in the understanding of city gov, county gov. and state govern- ment. There are many re- strictions put upon you, such as Adrian and Connie being divided into girls with girls and boys with boys. They en- joyed this program because they had the opportunity of meeting new people, having a good time, and having an in- sight of how a state govern- ment really functions. Daughter of American Revolution D,A.R, Delia Gonzales: " A good citizen is " one with qualities such as leadership, re- sponsibility, involvement, and academic- ally well off just a little bit, because being smart does not always mean being a good citizen. 1 was honored when chosen DAR because 1 never thought about things as these, but the students must have, since they voted for me! I was surprised! DAR makes you feel im- portant as leader. It inspired me to try and make other people aware of this pro- gram, in order that important character- istics may be " recognized and beneficiary to one later in life. " WESTERN TROPHY ENGRAVING 1942 E. Edinger OPEN 9 to 11 ICE EVERYDAY BLOCK-CUBE -CRUSHED ROD ' S LIQUOR 2701 H Edinger Santa Ana, California 540-2010 L UK ENS DRIVE-IN DAIRIES 1814 W. EDINGER ST. 1927 W. 17TH ST. 1116 S. STANDARD ST. WE DELIVER NEW USED BUY SELL LEASE IRE FLOWERS FOR ALU OCCASIONS COTTAGE FLORIST WeAAlnq 8z unvial c xxangcmcnli HARLEIGH LANGFORD (714) 541-5375 1516 S. GRAND AVE., SANTA ANA, CALIFORNIA 92705 PoitEJ. : Jianging PLnU 208 STILLEY ' S PHOTO SUPPLY 224 N. Broadway 547-4408 hlUfi " 11 m- HL JEWELRY m mm 212 W. 4th 542-5285 At graduation... give yourself a head start on family security. Carl A. Bryant The EQUITABLE Life Assurance Society of the United States THE I EQUITABLE LINCOLN SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 17TH AT BRISTOL SANTA ANA 547-0771 ■ Main Office 6TH AND HOPE LOS ANGELES MADISON 6-6401 209 ARROW TUX SHOPS CALIFORNIA ' S FINEST Formal Wear For All Occasi SANTA ANA 547-2266 309 West 4lh HUNTINGTON BEACH 968-6071 18520 Beach Blvd. ' WAS IT HIM OR HIS ARROW TUX? " BROWN 204 WEST 17th STREET • SANTA ANA, CALIFORNIA 92706 FAYE COMBS CHRISTINE HOLCOMB PENCE PHARMACY C SlJi ?akia 1412-D W. Edinger, Santa Ana 979-5323 2537 W. McFadden 545-0791 545-7179 FREE DELIVERY TOWN AUTO SALES 615 E, First St. Santa Ana, California 92701 Groceries • Delicatessen Beer • Wines VALLEY LIQUORS 2499 W. Edinger Avenue SANTA ANA, CALIF. 92704 Phone (714) 549-0166 Tom Buvinich Frank Jordan SANTA AlV l 321 E. FIRST ST. 547-8666 210 MESA CO NT SATSUN , CANDICE ERGEN SE ' CHINAT WK " 0 SOLDIER BLUE RIDER ON THE P» ' " 5A THEATER JACKMAN ' S TUXEDO ' " RENTALS .7 n 7 W. 4TH CO«Nf» 4TH t $YC tMO«f Dtwitiwi Sitti In For 30 Years Complet Salertion of LATEST STYLES COLORS SIZES TO FIT MEN BOYS ALL ACCESSORIES FORMAL BAGGIES jtom Fitted to Your Indiyidual Needi TftAIN[D CONSULJAHT TO ASSIST rou H HAtlA IVANOl 3|836-7333iaB Volkswagen Authorized Dealer 1442 S. Bristol 546-0220 2114 E. First St. 835-6531 Santa Ana, California 211 PATRONS GIBRALTER SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION SMITH D. K. DONUTS THE FIRST AMERICANS HOUSE OF PIES PAPA LUIGI ' S TUTHHL HARRY MORRIS OKINAWA GOJU KARATE MORTUARY GIBSON NAILL STUDIOS FLOWER LAND MONTGOMERY WARD, SANTA ANA 518 N. Broadway- Santa Ana, CA, ' nter SIR SPEEDY Ph. 714-547-4131 Instant Printing Center GREENVILLE T. V. FRED ' S LEATHER Phone 546-7395 1534 S. Greenville Santa Ana, CA. FROM THE TALON: CONGRA TULA TIONS, SENIORS 212 . 9 1 Ir S SHE ' ' I ends it ' s reign! r j A X- .- l: i o V; v ;- i ' 6 V w) f ■ ■Id before me, mth before me . ' jerl choose, lorth i ask not good-fortune, . . .yself am good fortun e, ienceforth J whimper no more, ■u- fn ' mp no more, need nothing, fidoor complaints, ..,...■ ..-, . o, querulous criticisms Urong and content I travel thr Xm ' Mie Open Roa : i X t€? j ' t •»

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