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Farewell to you and the youth I have spent with you. It was but yesterday we met in a dream, You have sung to me in my aioneness, and I of your longings have built a tower in the sky. But now our sleep has fled, and our dream is over; and it is no longer dawn. The noontide is upon us and our half waking has tlirned to fuller day, and we must part. If in the twilight of memory we should meet once more, we shall speak again together and you shall sing to me a deeper song. And if our hands should meet in another dream we shall build another tower in the sky. A- ' " J . . ' THE CREST Of SRRTfl nm miU HIGH SCHQQ12 • " GIFT FROm THE CLRSS OF 1966 TALON 74 Volume 15 ■%v Published by the 1974 Talon staff of Valley High School, Santa Ana, California M ' : Time it was 1 ' [ And what a time it was F a time of confidences A time of innocence 11 Preserve your memories ■ 1 ■■ K - J l m. ' ' S B - f 9 m 13 There all that ' s left to you To manage affairs In the 15 years Valley High School has been in existence, it has been noted for its fine adminis- tration and faculty. In their capable hands the individuals of Valley have been inspired to reach greater heights of intellectual and constructive achievement and guidance to become useful members of society. During the 1972-73 school year the administra- tion tried something new. A Needs Assessment Survey was conducted to determine just what were the most pressing needs at Valley. A total of 202 people, including students, parents, teachers, and classified workers were polled. The most serious items then became the basis for the 1973-74 Valley High School Goal that is primarily " to strive toward the development, expression, and sharing of positive and caring attitudes toward each other " . The administration that helped to carry out this goal consisted of Principal John Daywalt, Vice -principal Ivan McKinney, his assistant in charge of control Fred Malais, Assistant Princi- pal in charge of instruction, Ruth Ramsey, Busi- ness Manager, GeneKaus, Student Activities Director and Attendance Director, Morris Hawkins and Guidance Coordinator, Paul Houston. 16 Administration 1. Mr. Daywalt signing sus- pension slips. 2. Mr. McKinney -isn ' t he cute? 3. Mrs. Ramsey and Mr. Kaus looking over financial records. 4. Mr. Malais. 5. Mr. Houston talking to an irate parent. 6. Mr. Hawkins. 7. Counselors: Judy Duesterberg, Craig Busching, Dee Lund, Johnny Williams, Irene Hernandez. Administration 17 ' ' .iC To inspire an CamiUa Hester, B.S. Madrigals, A Capella mixed chorus ART FOREIGN LANGUAGE Russell Boggle, B.A,, M.A., Spanish 1-4 M anny Espinsoa, A. A., B.A., M.A., Spanish 1-4 Dorothy Jerauld, B . A . , M.F.A., Spanish 1-12 18 Faculty instruct ENGLISH Brooks Bernard, B.A., B.S., M.Ed. Eng. 3-4, mtro. lang. How ird Booker, B.S. black lit., Eng. 3-4 Maiie Kinsey, B.S. Eng. 1-4, drama Sylvia Lee, B.A. Am. Lit., Eng. 1-4 Vivian Randall, B.A., M.A. Eng. 1-2 Jackiiae Sagotispe, A.B. Eng. 3-4, speech Elaine Stuckey, B.A., M.Ed. Eng. 3-4, joum., FALCON, TALON Katheryn Taylor, B.A. Eng. 3-4, lang., reading Vivian Ward, B.A., M.A. reading Arnold Winer, B.A., M.S. librarian Facultv 19 .,, M.A. , Typing 1 -2 ,-byiis, B. S. i , int. typing ;t Kelley, B,S., M.S. iting, bus. math HOME ECONOMICS Judy Conner, B.A., M.A. clothing, foods Susie Dunaway, B.A. human rel. , fam. liv Catheryn Kuhlman, B.F.A. homemaking, clothing tailoring Pat Murtland, B.A., B.S. homemaking, foods, bach. living Mha CAREER DEVELOPMENT Barbara Caldwell, B.S.C. career development Woody Hall, B.S., M.A. regional occupational program Beverly Hill, B.S. shorthand 1-2, car. dev. Edwin Hunt, A. B. , M. S. gov. U. S. hist. , car. dev. Cal Sawyer, B.A. PT reading, psych., car. dev. BobZimmer, A.B., M.S. M.Ed. , car. dev. Faculty 20 To train and to teach MATH Adam Bay ati, B.A. , M.A. PT math Ben Chamness, B.A. , M.A. Algebra 1-4 Jim Conlay, B.A. , M.A. Alg. 1-2, Geom. 1-2 Paul Herron, B.A. gen. math Bob Martin, A.B. , M.A. Algebra 1-2, Trig. 1-2 Sandy Rhore, B.A. gen. math, Geom 1-2 John Vincent, gen. math, Alg. 1-2 Ernie Raugewitz, B. S., M. Ed. St. req. John Kubas, B.A. St. req. U.S. hist. Faculty 21 To enlighten and to inform SCIENCE Maxine Alexander, B.A. bio., phy. sci. Homer Christian, B.A. ph otography Bill Fisher, M.S. biology BobO ' Nel, B.S., M.S. Chuck Staudenbaur, B.S. M.S., chem., bio., physics Charles Vicker, B .A . biology, ecology 22 Faculty Richard Andiade, A. A., B.A. wld. cult., Am. issues Allan Baber, B.A. wld. cult., Am. issues, gov. A SOCIAL SCIENCE Katheryne McGuiie, B.A. econ. A, Am. hist. Bill Mills, B.A., M.Ed. gov. A-B, econ. A Wanda Paulsen, B.A., M-A- U.S. hist., wld. hist. Am. hist. Mike Rush, B .A . Am. issues Judy Sampson, B.A. PT Am. issues Gary Satrappe, B.A. Am. issues, soc. Facult BOY ' S P.E. To discipline and Roger Jensen, B.S., M.S., p.e., athletics Fred Malais, M .A . p.e., athletics Herechel Musick, B .A . p.e., athletics Hal Reese, B.A. athletics GIRL ' S P.E. Edward Adams, Anita Chacon, B .S . p.e. Sandy Cottle, B.A. p.e., G.A.A. Sandy Pridham, B.S., M.S., drill team, p. Sandy Ruller, B.A. p. e. , GAA Janice Riehle, B.A. p.e., GAA 24 Faculty develop INDUSTRIAL ARTS Bill Anderson, Voc. Cred. Auto 1-4 Charles Bavin, B.S. blue print, arch. dwg. Ham Moenning, B.A. Wood 1-6 Bob Render, B.S. pow. mech. Ralph Tomblin, B.A. intro. elect. Ken Tucker, B.A. Mach. 1-6, P.E. Richard Ward, B.A. weld. 1-6 Ilga Jansons, B.A. Eng. , reading, math, William Reed, A. A., A., M.A. Eng., reading, math, soc. sci. Nick Roussos, Eng., math, reading Faci:; To organize and control 1. Mr. Daywalt ' s secretary, Gin Corsello. 2. Carrell Thatcher, Valley ' s nurse. 3: Valley ' s secretaries: Back Row: R. Rivas, M. Berger, R. Crackel, C. Goodman, M. Nielsen, D. Murry, L. Phillips Front Row: R. Rivera, C. Lenz, C. Sparrow, L. Miner, M. Trembly, R. Hudson. 4. Mr. Hyslop, " let there be light. " 5. Valley ' s secretaries are busy in the office. 6. Security Guards: Larry Banks, Gary Tucker, Larry Chapman, and Jake Sabori. Classified 26 M -- ' ' Classified 27 : I Sli Z S4:i -eyj- xi To maintain 1. Cafeteria Supervisor, Marge Minter. 2. Front Row: A. Wager, I. Meyer, L. Smith, G. Routh, P. Reels, N. Wylie. Back Row: M. Minter, B. Czihalla, M. Grimm, N. Allen, A. Bennett, I. Rose, P. Ambrose. 3. Head Custodian, Jack Block. 4. R. De Loge, J. Block, T. Moody. 5. J. King, C. Page, C. Bartlett, A. Cupelli, R. Bram, H. Mathews, W. Flores. 28 Maintenance the campus Maintenance 29 w . •: T . ' Mi •-- l V ' m iV-v, ' . r ' o - V-i SSI WVv n iS i t v ux ' ' d ' ' . r;- -. ' ;«.. 3eai :■■ i ■ ' | p iii l .. , The class of ' 74 came to Valley in 1971. We had to accept as the lowest of the underclassmen the " putting down " of the upperclassmen. We showed spirit that hadn ' t been seen around Valley for some time. As freshmen, our class officers were: Lynda Aiello- president, Robert Dumont - vice president, Phillis Brown - secretary, Linda Humphries and Geno Bokosky, girl and boy student relations. Eliana Hill represented us as freshman princess. We also proved that we had the same academic and athletic ability as the upperclassmen. It was a year of new experiences and learning. Returning as sophomores, we rivaled the rest of the school for the spirit stick in pep assemblies. We held rec-nites and joined in Spirit Week activities. As sophomores, our class officers were: Kathy Spencer - president, Mike Delano - vice president, Theresa Torrealba - secretary, Heidi Hill and Gary Bartole, girl and boy student relations. It was an exciting year for the class of ' 74. As juniors we had to take matters more seriously. We had to think of graduation in the upcoming year. We raised money for the prom, " On the Threshold of a Dream " , which was held on the PRINCESS LOUISE. Although not seniors, we participated in senior ditch-day. As juniors our offi- cers were: Maria Castro - president, Gustavo Rivas - vice president, Diane Ramirez - secretary, Vicki Chairez and Kevin Treft, girl and boy student relations. It was a year of fun and growing up for the junior Falcons. As seniors we had to finalize our graduation requirements. We were busy buying senior pictures, senior announcements, going to the prom, and to grad -night. As seniors our class officers were: Kevin Treft - president, Sheldon Bryant - vice president, Maria Castro - secretary. Sheila Moore and John Tevebaugh, girl and boy student relations. On that final day in June we left Valley for the last time as adults to face the world ahead of us. After graduation many students joined the military service, a few married, and others went on for more schooling. Whatever we chose, we left Valley knowing that the past four years consisted of experiences never to be known again. P y i ' ■ 32 Seniors Number one after yet another year. . . SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS 1. President: Kevin Treft 2. Vice President: Sheldon Bryant 3. Secretary: Maria Castro 4. Boys ' Student Relations: John Tevebaugh 5. Girls ' Student Relations: Sheila Moore s 6. Class Advisor: Mr. Alan Baber with class president Seniors 32 Susan M. Adams George J. Aguilai Donald L, Alaman Rose M. Alamilla SaundraF. Alexander John Almaguer DebraA. Ambrose Laura L. Antolin Annette L. Arevalos Mary F. Arnold Seniors 34 After conquering our fears Joan H. Arvizu Karen A. Ashton Randall W. Austin Donna L. Autor James C. Beranek Michael J. Bergen Eleanor E. Bierbauer Seniors Damning the establishmen Tom A. Seniors for getting in our hair, Tona C . Brown Sheldon L. Bryant Barry B. Buck Rhonda A. Buononato Tom N. Burns Peggy L. Butcher J . . Tommy R. r f ' Canales V RudyC. Carmona Eliesa O. Carney Minerva A, Carrillo Maria L. Castro Victoria L Chairez ' ' ' Judith I. Chambers Ron W. Chastain Greg JoelR. Chavez Moses J . Chavez DonM. Cholodenko John J . Christiansen Peggy L. Christner Natividad Cisneros Now as men and women Seniors Vesee they really care . . . Seniors cs School; Where our friends were loved and needed . . . Jay J. Craig Marcia C. Crawford Leticia M. Cruz Rhoda J. Culver Barbara L. Dalbey Joseph C. Dangler Doris E. Daniel RebekahJ. David Towanda G. David Linda S. Dawes Charles E. Decker Joseph J. De Fort Armando DeLaCruz Baltazar DeLaRiva Mary DeLeon Brenda J. Demyers 40 Seniors Minerva Diaz James K. Dickinson Patricia K. Dickinson Pamela A. Donkersley Laureen K. Dyer Ira J. Eason oann M. Ebert Mary E. Eden Seniors ii ,_ As you knelt and pleaded . Barbara J. Finn Maria E. Flores Seniors Our first step out will be great!! Daisy Sergio Gonzales James C. Goodson Shevawn L, Greene Tyrone L. Greene Grey Cheryl L. Grove 44 Seniors The world we must face No place for us to run Kenton R. Gruber Robert R. Gustaferro JoeQ. Gurrola Priscilla M. Guzman Eugene Harris Yvette D. Harris Seniors 45 We ' ve come through Debra J. Haynes Susan Hendeishot Tim S. Hill Karen D. Hobel Roy A. Hoffman Robert W. Holland 46 Seniors The Beatles, up to Elton John m Seniors 47 We were all together Cathy- John R. Johnson Joyce J. Johnson Linda B. Johnson Susan E. Johnson Richard L. Johnston Ingrid M Jones Darva K. Joy Mary M, Judson Rae Elizabeth Pam A. Kelly 48 Seniors Turn around; Everybody ' s gone Patricia M. Kelso Darryl R. Ignacio H. Lamon B. Lambert Kevin A. Larson Janet E. Lawyer Seniors 49 Every action, every game, Susan M. Leavy Salvador Leon Denise S. Levesque Richard A. Levesque Linda A. Lewis Frankie B. Lilly Jeffrey S. Linders Dalia D, Lopez Karen A. Lujan Jim J. Lupardo Mike S. MacKenzie Sharon L. Mack Seniors Every dance, or class, or date Sylvia A. Maddox David J. Madrid Gerald W. Maline Brad D. Manning Miguel P. Mares Don A. Marez Larry K, Marquis Leon Mason Vatau M. Mauga Beverly G. Maxwell Seniors 51 Under Valley ' s roof is ended now forever, Suzanne B. Mayes Robert A. Mayhugh Edward P. Medina JoAnn Medina Kay I. Megard Craig S. Mellen Josephine Mendez Ronald C. Mendieta Sandy L. Messick Rita A. 52 Seniors Did it come too late? Josefina C. Mora Frank Moralez Romalie C. Munoz Sharon P. Murray John H. Mc Bumey Jaimee L. Mc Coy Seniors 53 another senior year 54 Seniors Orteg had come strolling by Abigail L. Price Carolyn J. Price Seniors 55 And were to look Arthur C. Rambo Diana Ramirez Arthur Raya Russell D. Raymond Harvey R. Rea PhilD. Recchia Linda Redricks Nadine Reynoso 56 Seniors you, Senior, in the eye . . . Most Gullible; Pam Donkersly Jay Craig Sylvia R. Robledo Marilyn D. Rodriguez Debbie E. Rogers Vivian A. Rogers Seniors 57 Could you . . . Would you, turn away . . . James A. Rohrig f ■ ;. Is Chris B ■ " Romero r ' ' V Diane P. L ' pF Romero 9H r Erlinda R. A ff lss»- JP Romero 4 Nelson P. Rowe Belinda L. Rucker Margaret D. Ruiz Rigoberto Ruiz Esther V. Salazar Edmond J. Salgado 58 Seniors ' w.ffew; : Or would another year, be yours for play . . . T»13s Lik£}V Xo ' 8-ucceed: Vicki Chaired ' k. " Gayle Savage William A. Sawyer Patricia A. Sedberry Danny F. Segura Robin S. Sides Joseph A. Si Barbara J. Singer Monica A. Sloan Judy L. Seniors 59 Frieda G. Smith Reda A. Smith We say let it go, r " MX 4 7 ? lliif l ■m Speed John V. Bonita S. Swift Normalita Tabile Laurie J. Tandle Mona P. Tandle 60 Seniors I et away, be gone . . . Most Popular: Michelle Wright Eddie Medina Dennis D. Stewlow Marcy L. T ay lor Pamela G. Taylor r We re number one Frank J. Tmjillo Michael F. Turpyn m " " aj; Most Spirited: Geno Bokosky Eleanor Bierbauer Theresa O. Urias Maria A. Valdepena Adela G. Valenzuela Debra K. Vallandigham Enrique A. VanderRoest Miguel B. Viddasencr 62 Seniors for life, . . . Seniors 63 For Valley Seniors, that ' s but a dawn! Deborah J 64 Seniors Morales reigned as princess 1. Junior Class Officers: Adrian Kirk, President, Marsha 2. Whitehead, vice-president, 3. Marcella Chisum-Girls ' Student Relations, James Adame Karen Mack, secretary-treasurer, 5. Boys ' Student Relations 2nd Kirk the reins did hold The junior year was one full of memories. It was this year that the class accomplished their goal, a fantastic junior- senior prom. It all went by too fast, and the class reached that turning point which ended that terrific year. It was filled with excitement and enthusiasm at assemblies, and joyful tears at games. The juniors were united and well led because they knew that they would walk this way only once. They knew how important it was, and they walked with a purpose that they could call their own. Debbie Abrego Debbie Armstrong Jude Arnold Najeh Badawi W ' A ' s Jerry Beltran Pat Bleskey Debby Boelter Rudy Borboa C andis Bowes Cheryl Bracy Dolores Bruce Tamara Brumbaugh Charles Calloway Karen Calvin • Mike Castanon David Castro Juniors 67 We stood united William Chambers 1 H P K ■H n B Bill Chancellor George Chavarria | ■■ H Dolores Chavez P , lis ■ _ f jyhi JHPP H B VIL Marcella Chisum Tim Clincy Matt Chisum Diaime Clark " jj HJ H l f BH ' " . - ' ' k fi a. Donald Cole Sandra Clark x . f 1 F:S ' , ntM KW ¥ K . . ■R IQfe Dorothy Collins Shaira Collins •Iv HIH ■ ' - ' k T ' " . • ' c « orneii Sharon Conerly jlgA m „ ' I B f ' W • Steve Coreey Mark Constantino ffaHl JU, .-■ ' ' % ?a« A . ' iB Orlando Coves ' ' 4% W r J ' W EvieCuriel S , " V ' " vi A .J l iP Z M T Cindy Daniels Geogre Cuthbert V , ' ?l 1 " Doris Daniel Charles Dangler - - ' • ■ iW . Joanha David Rebekah David «V J Bf A " " A A ' Jft- L .v Sharon DelB ridge Joyce Demyers a!PTA JM Wl Bl Hl V M 7 flr BH k Belinda Deleon Cathy Delottinville AT r ! JH W - H wKF m B Bl I I IH HHk Ansel Dempsey Larry Demeese {HtHI : " flPlr V Hb L. Pat Dickinson Deborah Divita Eloise Donaldson John Darling Joann Ebert " ifanjom Juniors proud and strong " awn " 2.% ' a ' a E ogelio Espinoza 11 Evans Diane Everett Karen Ferguson Greg Fernandez Regina Fierro Rosa Flores Carroll Flowers Dan Forster Raymond Furnace Carmen Gadea ' 0 ' A ' i? 1 W Patricia Glaspie Victor Glover Charlie Gomez Alexandria Grajeda Anthony Graves Jessica Greenwood Michele Guemes Patrick Gums Jose Guiterrez Juniors 69 In dreams Juanita Gutierrez Kathy Hall Karen Hamel LuAnne Hatfield Ed Hathaway Jerry Hawkins Monica Hernandez Henritta Herrera Carrie Hill Mark Hinck Matt Hinck David Hinkie Brian Hoffner Bill Holland Lexie Holtsclaw DonRita Jacobs Cleveland Jackson Louis Jackson Burton Johnson Cindy Johnson Linda Johnson Wanda Johnson Gayle Jones Joyce Jones Cardelia Judge Sharon Kearney John Kelso Tina Hancock Ray Hanson Wilbert Haslip Shirley Hayes Luretta Heinlein Irma Hernandez Wl ' m mtm - W M ' Ci i i AWi K 7 IP ' Joann Huaracha Terri Hughes Kristine Iwersen Wayne Jennings Cathy Jerry Bev Johnson Sheila Johnson Reginnea Johnson Vicki Johnson Jimmy Jones Michael Jones Don Juarez John Kennedy Lynn Keyes Dorothy Kidd 70 Juniors of blue and gold 1 -1 f B «fr n ,., Mary Knecht Connie Koehn Chris Kottelani D inny Kruger Carol Kuykendall Ken Lawson Javier Leon like Lesnick Denise Levesque Daniel Lopez Debbie Lopez Joe Lorton Kenn Lynch Alice Lyon Connie Lyons Juniors 71 Conntessa McCallough Sharon McConahy Connie McDaniel Mike Mercer Brian Miller Richard Miller Ginger Newcomb Debbie Newhouse Laura Nvinez Nathan Oliva Lydia Olivas Doreen Olson Pat Ortiz Marcus Page Abbey Perez Tom Petersen Jeff Pierron Angela Pierson Juniors turned to Seniors J " r " f " ' 0 Pat McGurk Dawn McKeun Ray Meadows Thomas Millhouse Tammy Millspaugh George Mohn Elaine Moore Sylvia Montanez Liz Morales Mark Morales Paul Morales Ana Moreno P . ' T ' t Sharon Murray Charles Naples Franciso Navarre tte Mike OC onnor Armando Olaiz Carol Olha Alejandro Orduna Beverly Otis Claudette Ortiz Gloria Per ez Anne Perry Gloria Perry Leslie Pirolo Mike Price Peter Proff 72 Juniors Doug Promer ynthia Pursley eff Quick Jancy Raubolt Tank Reymel hirley Ritch and thought of many things udy Ri )on Roberts teve Roberts rank Rocha .es Rodriguez Vivian Rogers :mie Rolls Lima Rosas )iane Rosas Carlos Ruiz iricelda Russell lichard Russell iloria Sahagun atricia Salisbury 4ichael Salsberry luben Santana ' ictor Santana )onald Sanford )avid Sapien cott Satterfield Cathy Savoy Irma Quintanilla Michael Rainey Alicia Ramirez Donna Raymond Evelyn Ri Enrique Rivas Connie Roach Juniors 73 Of friends and school and summer Vickie Schlund Maureen Schmitt Jay Schwermer Pat Sherwood David Short Richard Show alter Monica Sloan Carl Smelser Robert Smillie Wayne Smith Robert Stansbury Brenda Steinsultz Susie Stiner David Swanberg Bonita Swift Leon Sykes Jim Tesimale John Thacker Aaron Thomas Linda Todd Billy Tombaga Tim Torbeville Danny Segura " i ' V Louie Serrano • ' - ■ Lourdes Serrano Helen Silbas Pat Simpson Kevin Skelly Frieda Smith Kevin Smith Terry Smith Frank S pi Hers Ray Steen Jerry Stilwell ' Dinna Strader Virginia Tabile Dora Taffolla Laurie Tandle Deanna Thompson Richai Thompson Joseph Tiron 1 : ■ O A Alex Torrealba Anna Torres Mary Trotter 74 Juniors Tina Trujillo Bobby Turley Arlene Urias Doug Valverde Mike Vandermost Jose Vasq Annette Villa Alan Wager Linda Walker Tamela Wallace Judson Walraven Jeanne Watson Woody Wieler Ken Wells Myron White and graduation rings Marsha Whitehead John Whiteman Bruce Whritewoan Charles Wilbum Charlotte Williams Jeffrey Williams Everett Winters Karen Withey Stephanie Wolfe Gary Wing Danny Wood Craig Wooldridge Mark Zoller Robert Cavinder Juniors 75 Class of ' 76 officers 1. Rachel Ramirez, president 2. Jarrn Barbour, vice-president 3. June Liebig and Willie Jerry, girl and boy student relations 4. Robin Concan, secretary -treasurer 76 Sophomores THE CLASS OF ' 76 began the year very slowly; but as they became reaccustomed to school, all of their pride and spirit returned. Under the able advisorship of Judy Duesterberg and Beverly Hill, the soph, class officers, Rachel Ramirez, pres- ident, Jann Barbour, vice-president, Robin Concan, sec. -treasurer, June Liebig and Willie Jerry, girl and boy student relations, the class planned the Christmas Dance, traditionally hosted by the sophomores, Rec-Nites were also on their schedule. The class fund was built by selling See ' s suckers, selling refreshments at the homecoming dance, and conducting a car wash. ff IR W W ' -mmi iii|iiii|i|iii||||B SI? Angelina Abston Larry Adair Nancy Adams Pamela Akins Anita Alaman Danny A leal a Stephanie Allen Valerie Almaguer Leticia Alvarez Kathy Ambrose Benji Amicay John Amos Keri Jo Anderson Martin Angeleas Leonard Antolin Richard Aragon Rudy Arellano Steve Ardoin Shyla Armstrong Luz Arrizon Gilbert Atencio Joanne Atencic Leona Autor Henry Avalos Michelle Baca Juanita Bagby Jann Barbour Martha Barragan Kathy Barela Teressa Beames Marian Becerra Martha Belk John Bell Salvador Belmontes Barbara Bennet Christine Benson James Benton Larry Berger Larry Bernard John Bierbaur Robert Binder Cheryl Bobrowski Prentis Bonds Gloria Borboa Byron Bordeaux Sophomores 77 Wyman Borreson Michael Boykins Taffette Boykins, Anna Bracamontes Deborah Bramion Julie Bratsch Lisa Brewer James Brindley Janice Brown Kathryn Brown James Brumbaugh Abel Buendia Ricky Buhs Don Buss Rene Bustamente Jerry Bryant Maria Calderon Victor Camberos John Camp Anthony Campbell Matthew Carpenter Michael Carmona Frank Carre no Eliezer Carrillo Ruben Cairrillo Denise Carroll Susan Carvounas Ricky Caywood Liz Ceniceros Michael Chaires Virginia Chairez Bebora Chambers Phyllis Chambers Guy Chancellor Richard Charette Lawrence Chatma Angela Chitwood Jim Christiansen Patty Christner Lucy Cisneros Margaret Clark Melinda Clark Sarita Cobb Debbie Cole Michael Coles Robin Concan Donna Conerly Bob Connell Holdfast to dreams, S EI ' ? ' p ■H wg. " i ■E ' ' 78 Sophomores asTur for if dreams die, Dan Contreras Lillian Cook Jose Cortez De Wayne Cotton Linda Couch Sherrie Courtney Rosa Corvera Dwight Craig Debora Crandall Janet Crawford James Crocker Kathy Crooks Gloria Cumpian Curry Edward Deary Hector De La Riva David Dennick Rhonda Denny Steve De Petris Concepcion De Santiago Darlene Dickerson Debera DiUihant Kathy Dorsey Nancy Downey Cassandra Douglas George Duff Mike Duffey Wanda Durand Debra Easley ,i Michael Fasley Becky .■: Carltc . . (wards Diane i nglish Roy Erlenbach Carlos Esparza Tina Espinosa Raymond Estrada Mike Everett Susan Fadgen Rae Famuliner Duane Farmer Harvey Faiisto Linda Favors Dan Ferguson Mark Ferrel Ramona Fields Margaret Finn Andy Flores Franik Flores Irene Flores Roberta Fox Terry Franklin Tim Frederickson Cindy Fudge Fermio Fuerte Steve Browne Gloria Gaines Maria Garcia Salvador Garcia Susie Garcia Larry Gilbert Patricia Glaspie Carol Glass Floyd Glenn Pamela Gnesda Stanley Golden Susan Golden Mike Golgart Armando Gomez Mary Gomez Yolanda Gomez Jose Gonzales Art Gorden Paul Gordon Keith Goshay Sonny Grace Hector Gradilla Alan Graham Alex Grajeda Mike Grajeda Tim Grant Angela Greenwood Gilda Griffin Angelina Guerrero Jody Gunter Carla Guthrie Martha Gutierrez W ' f ' ' p ' f FI H f -z - 1, - " O mm ' i{ Sophomores life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly m Francisco Guzman Teresa Haddix Ramona Hale Robert Hall Dianne Hamilton Kathy Hampton Cindy Hansand Elaine Hardcastle Mar ' Hatfield Valerie Hauptman Bridget Heinlein Henr ' Bobbie Benjamin Hernandez Jerry Hernandez Joe Hess Jeff Hicks Arlander Hightower Russell Hill Carolyn Hinson Anne Hinton Gary Hoffman Tim Hole John Holland Teresa Hollins Cynthia Holston Debra Hopper Sharon Hopper Jocelyn Horn Robert Houghton Joyce Howard Sherri Howerton Maria Huizar Mersedez Huizar David Huntsinger Sharon Hurden Debbie Hurst Martin Hurtzell Lori Irvin Diana Jackett Kenneth Jackson Sharlotte Jackson Tyrone Jackson Rene Jacobs Richard Jahahn Ceclia James Chelitta James Willie Jerry- Billy Johnson Sophomores 81 Hold fast to dreams Dvvane Johnson Dwight Johnson Jim Johnson Lome Jolinson Mona Jolinson Tony Johnson Dewamia Johnston Aneatra Jones Richard Jordan Rory Joy Dennis Kelso Carl Kendrick Karen Keyes Pamela Kline Ann Kopitch Penny Kranz Phyllis Kuener Robert Ladd Tim Lear Dennis Learned Kathy Leav - Katherine Lee William Lee Cheryl Lemon Linda Lewis June Liebig Ronald Lievanos Julian Linares Issa Lopez Keith Long Luis Lopez Mike Lopez Sabina Lopez Ralph Lorenz Shelly Lowe Nora Lucio ' W ' " ' IP 82 Sophomores George Lynch Jeanetta Lynch Frances MacDonald Carol MacGregor David M Victoria Manzo David Markham Bill Martin Roy Marshall WWT Sharon Martin Janie Martinez Melodie Mathews Thomas Mays Cynthia McCullough X ' alencia McDaniel .ancy Melendez Penny Mellen Mike Mendez Dawn Mews Debra Millhouse Paul Mintzer Cormie Molina Phillip Monte jano Ricky Mooran Eric Moore Narsisa Mora Fred Morales Jose Morales Steve Morales Kevin Morris Lewis Morris Valarie Moten Melinda Mowrer Gregg Moya Jay Moya Janet Mulcahy Sophomores 83 Kathy Mulcahy Silvano Munoz Debbie Murray Cindy Nelsen Rainer Neubert Jackie Newcomb Diana Nicholson Aurora Nieto Cindy Nixon Daniel Noack Sandy Nordstrom Diana Norman Diana Nungary Jeanette O ' Campo Vicki O ' Quin Yolanda Olaiz Nathaniel Oliva Sammy Olivas Martha Orduna Ramin Ortiz Murline Owens Louis Padilla Rick-y Padilla Sue Patton Mike Pendleton Debbie Perez Mary Perez George Perez Don Peterson Terri Peterson Lillian Petross Dawn Pickett Jemiifer Pierron Lee Anne Pina Brian Pollack Tony Poston . l i ; m M ' f ' U 84 Sophomores I % ' t for when dreams go, Julie Quevedo Jim Radillo Mike Rambo Rachel Ramirez Joel Rea Ken Read Thomas Reece Linard Reeves Richard Reeves Everett Reid Lorina Reyes Mylo Reyes Paul Romero Darlene Rosas Mario Ruiz Richard Ruiz Karen Salgado Salvador Sanchez . w WH p - ' Ji e r Teresa Reyes Becky Renolds Michael Rhue Marilyn Rice Eric Ringer Bevis Roberts John Robertson Ron Robertson Rueben Rocha Augustine Rodriquez Mike Rodriquez Jo-Ann Roels Sophomores 85 life is a barren field David Sanchez Eva Sanders Jim Santella Richard Santellan Danielle Santos Pernii Saugstad Delilah Saucedo Dean Scott Tony Scott Diana Segura Debra Scering Carolyn Sherratt Denise Sherratt l t Joe Shepherd r oTm Debbie Sherwood ■ ' ■■ g ' . " 1 Felton Sliipp i JL Abbey Shores m Cathy Shores Kelly Sides Dorothy Sierra Cindy Silbas Benny Silva Saralyn Singer Becky Sjaarda Steve Slaughter Douglas Smeall Bill Smith David Smith Debbie Smith Harold Smith Lynn Smith Terri Smith Kenneth Solano Denice Soldan Guadalupe Soto Michael Saunders T Wi FO il fi Cheryl Steen Sherri Stilwell Jerry Stokes Cheryl Steen Kimberly Stephens P Dan Stewlow Bruce Summers Jody Sutherland Rosalyn Sykes Esther Tabile Foimai Tesimale Larry Thomas Sandra Thomas Tacy Thompkins Bret Thompson Deamia Thompson Dee Dee Thompson Doug Thompson Si £ 86 Sophomores frozen with snow. Langston Hughes KT 3 ■ ' ' fn f 4- ' . Sfe Wendy Thompson Terri Thornsberry Jeff Todd Bill Tomlin Brian Tong Jeanette Tope Geneva Torres Glenn Torres La Rannah Treft Steve Trout Byron Turner Saili Ueligitone John Valenzuela Gerardo Valeiizuela Jim Van Court Tom Van Court F?,ustino Vargas Oscar Villarino Luis Vindiola Don Vittetovv Jr. Roy Wager Jon Walke Colleen Wall Darrell Wallace Regina Wallace Bob Walsh Mike Watson Lisa Weber Denice Westphal Angela Wheaton Debbie White Annette Whitehead Robert Wilkinson Debra Willets Cameron Williams Gregory Williams Cherie Wilson Perry Wilson Denis Wing Mary Wojtanowski Greg Wolfe Wade Wooldridge Joel Yonker Robertha Young Robin Young Terrance Young Yolanda Zamarrpida Domingo Zavala Sophomores 87 Tears and fears and feeling proud . were the emotions of the freshmen class entered Valley High. IS they They didn ' t give in to the teasing of the older students. Under the leadership of Bertha Valenzuela as president, Elsa Quintinella as vice-president, Monica Silbas as secretary- treasurer, and Charles Gnesda and Maria Atencio as student relations boy and girl, the class of ' 77 earned its place at Valley by joining in and becoming active members of the academic community. Some of the activities they sponsored were Rec-Nights and Car Washes. Steve Aguilar Vivian Alvarado Armando Amaro Bruce Abbott f Rick Abraham V« Ignacio Acosta - Tom Adair -■s ' . v. Marya Adame -«3- .fx. i Jeff Adams Freshmen Monica Barnes Tony Barraza ' . " f W M. Dwayne Benson WlPW Wilson Barrett Russ Bauersfeld Gil Belmontes im Bergen Cathy Bracamonte John Bracamontes Gary Bradshaw Sue Brandenburger Dave Brokaw Patti Brokofsky Debra Brooks Jim Bruce John Brumbaugh Gary Bryant .). Lynne Bussie f V Yolanda Cabrera [ Greg Callahan I 1 IT- ' ' ' " 5! ' ' W Kathy Carpenter Mr Alferdo Carrillo JU ? Terry Carver JB LA nft- t Kent Chavez JBk Kay Chitwood M Nolan Cholodenko 5 ' t ll ' f I ' fe Mary Brooks Kyle Broughar Tamela Brown Joyce Burch Earl Busi Lana Bussie Cathy Camp Ernestine Campbell Randy Campbell Mary Castro Bob Castro Charles Chatman Calvin Clark Charles Clark Darlene Clark 90 Freshmen Sliawn Coles Gilbert Collins Bob Collins Phyllis Corprew Wanda Corsey Patty Cortes Carlos Crawford Rick Crocker Lourdes Cruz Judy Dangler Patty Davenport Terry David Ezequiel DeLaRi Lupe DeLaRosa Kathi Decker Dave Delbridge Lequita Demyers Lisa Dennick Lavina Deweese 1 1 4 f Ray Dimas Kathy Dorren Dywane English Freshmen 91 Lee Erlenbach Alicia Esparza Evangeiina Espa Sandra Esparza Mario Fajardo Kathy Farmer Rosario Fausto Mike Ferguson Bill Fernandez Martha Fernandez Carol Fitzpatrick Anna F lores Gloria Flores Jeff Floyd Bridget Franklin Dawn Fredrickson Lawrence Freeman Sandra Frisbee Gonzalo Fuerte Tommie Furnace Gary Gaines Marie Galien Freshmen 92 Phillip Esquibel Dave Everett Martha Felix Jim Ferdinando Jackie Ferguson Mark Fiduccia Tony Fields Jan Finley Mark Flores Ma rive 1 Flores Rosemary Flores R A " ft tT " tm ' f f Cheryl Cant John Garcia Marie Garcia ft A Ortencia Garcia Patty Garcia Ray Garcia Rita Garcia Selina Gelzhiser Jan Gertzen Leeanna Gilbert Glenda Glenn Charles Gnesda Chuck Coins Jon Golob Gloria Gomez Janet Gonzales Alex Gonzalez Dave Gonzalez Fernando Gonzalez Janet Gonzalez Jeannette Gonzalez Maria Gonzalez Meralda Gonzalez Chris Cordon Vlary Hermann ose Hernandez ' M ' ' W Leonardo Hernandez Theresa Hauptman Sandra Haynes Mike Henderson Yolanda Hernandez Ernest Heyer Russell Hilbum Freshmen 93 Derit:-a Hinkle Gary Hinkle Ken Hoffman Patricia Holland Chuck Hollins Cheryl Hopper Jeff Houk Jimmy Houk Terry Howerton Randy Hughes Sheryl Hullaby Suzanne Hulse Gordon Hummel Greg Hummel Diane Hunter Kishen Jackson Mike Jackson Lillian James -a ' a w ¥ W f f Ruth Johnson Steve Johnson Carrie Jones Jeanetta Jones Jeff Jones Tracy Jones Viora Jones Wilms Jones Cheryl Kapp Vicki Kelly Carol Kendrick Jim Kennedy Jerry Kerr Richard King Charles Kinnel Paula Kirk 94 Freshmen ► Tracy Kline i ; i . ' f Tina Kocher Steve Krieger iT; p Mike Lapham Billy Lassiter Fred Lastar Tim Leath Kenneth Lee Patricia Leon P M xa w Virginia Lopez Retha Luckey Donna MacKenzie Pat Malloy David Marshall Steve Martin Frank Martinez Nancy Martinez Fofoa Matua Janet McCarty B8» ' J 1 4 01 Dale Krouse Adriana Ladd Barbara Lambert Joann Latimer Charles Lawyer David LeBlanc Silvia Leon Twyla Lethgo Karen Long Geraldine Longmeyer James Lopez Linda Lopez Steven Lopez Victor Lovero Lorraine Lupardo Deborah Madison Clayton Manning Judi Marez Frankie Martinez George Martinez Jan Martinez Silvia McCarty Steven McKeun N Skipper McKillop Freshmen 95 Laura Meiendre Mark Mercer Tim Messenger Doris Moore Robin Morgan Donald Moss % Julie Murillo Craig Myers Sheila Napper Cindy Oliver Gary Olson Carol Orduna George Orduna Perry Ortiz Adam Pacheco Gloria Padilla Theresa Paniagua Mary Passi Teresa Peed Janet Peery Elizabeth Peralta Rodney Perez Charles Perkins Rachel Preciado Orville Price Sandra Price Tim Quinton Mike Rafferty Alfredo Ramirez Freshmen 96 o ja a n f A Wm, WmL 0s ' r r Catherine Meza Patty Mickles Henry Montanez Franklin Moss Lee Moyer Ed Mungia Kormen Nash Major Neese Maria Olaiz Lisa Pfeffer Pat Pirolo Rosa Plaza Debra Promer Pam Pursley Elsa Quintanilla Miguel Ramirez Beth Raubolt Rosemary Reyes ■ ' IT IS ornia Reynolds JKQI " J Fm. radley Rice jH ' " W obert Richardson i| r » , ' A P Steve Ringler " • ' Paul Rios Corbette Ritch ose Rivas - ' fl M k liguel Rivas W M " • arbara Robertson J - " J Mfi r »» J Cathy Robertson . , " ' Cathy Rocha 1 - Tom Rodriguez andra Romero raig Rosser erry Roundpoint ?) 0 ]Q ' 0 " sabel Serrano Cen Sharpe lonica Silbas anice Smelser 5obbie Smith jraylin Smith ' tary Stacey " larence Steen Licky Stein a ' •• a ' SL m « " ' ? ' A fi ' A ' %1 ' . Colin Rowe Debora Rucker Martha Ruiz Debbie Russell Randy Russell Susan Russell Jimmy Sahagun Celia Sanchez David Sanchez Gamaliel Santana Jack Savage Cindy Schlund Blake Schwermer Gilbert Segovia Tommie Simmons Sterling Simpson Kim Skelly Rick Sparacio ' l Patty Spillers Matt Springmeyer Randy Stewart Rosemarie Stewart Donna Stewlow Freshmen 97 Dennis Strong Dawn Sykes Vincente Tabile Sandra Taylor Dina Tellez Kay Templeton Criss Tester Darci Tharp Mike Thompson Cindy Vander Heiden Jim Vander Most Juanita Vasquez Paul Torrealba Greg Torres Martha Torres Charlene Trippe Andrea Tnijillo Karen Tucker Tony Valdenpina Bertha Valenruela Raul Valenzuela John Vavra Ruben Velasco Sergio Vielma Sylvia Villagomez Garardo Villasenor Manuel Villasenor Jaime Villela Norma Viramontes Daniel Vitullo Pam Walker Dan Walton Ricky Ward Lynda Watson Wayne Weatherman Bill Wesley Reggie West Ernie White Joy Willets Cynthia Williams Joe Williams Ken Williams Linda Williams Marva Williams Gene Wilson Mark Wilson Laura Wiseman 1 ' § IfT fV life that way Bill Witting Harry Wooley Carla Wright Terry Wright Bob Yost Lydia Young Rosemary Young Gloria Zozaya Ronald Zozaya Freshmen 99 ' : rTu Xr VV- ' t ; ■ :. : Sports What a battle :. -y, ' .. _fj « 102 Football ' ' These men are champions ' ' COACH ED ADAMS 1973 VARSITY ROSTER 10 E as ley, Marland E 11 Fletcher, Bernard TB 13 Shaw, David FB 14 Morales, Fred QB 15 Malcom, Richard SB 16 Turner, Sylvester QB 20 Craig, Jay SB 21 Fausto, Abel QB 22 Kapp, Gary G 23 Franks, Wayne HB 25 Templeton, Garry E 27 Brown, Robert SB 30 Kennedy, John FB 31 Haslip, Wilbert FB 32 White, Myron TB 33 Medina, Eddie FB 34 Barnes, Don SB 35 Dangler, Joe TB 40 Bendy, Kevin FB 42 Rhue, Barry TB 43 Christiansen, Jim E 44 Clark, Vernon E 45 Negrete, Rindy SB 46 Holland, Bill SB 50 Ferguson, Andre E 51 Hoffman, Roy C 51 Kirk, Adrian c 52 Beranek, Jim G 55 Glover, Vic T 56 Lynch, Kenny E 60 Holtsclaw, Lexie , G 61 Gruber, Kent c 62 Lynch, Dennis G 63 Slaughter, David G 64 Henke, Larry G 66 Tesimale, Jim G 67 DeFort, Joe G 70 Moralez, Frank T 71 Linders, Jeff C 72 Maline, Gerald G 74 Alaman, Don T 75 Boy kins, Ernie T 76 Watson, Mike T 79 Easley, Mike T 80 Wright, Guy E 81 Romero, Chris E 83 Franklin, Noble E 84 Johnson, John E 87 Phillips, Joe E 89 Smith, Wayne E Football 103 ' It took dedication ' ' -COACH DICK HILL " This season of foot±iall has been a great suc- cess, and I enjoyed the pleasure of working witii each individual. " The coaches and players saw t±ie potential of tliis team and went to work to develop and meld outstanding young men into a championship team. It took dedication by all to make the success of our team become a reality. " Our offensive football team became one of the greatest in Valley ' s history, and in my opinion, would have been undefeated with the right con- ditions. " The defensive football team started slow and gained momentum to place three players on the All County First Team and com- plement our total accomplishment. " We often miss the great feat of being un- defeated during regular season play, but let me remind you that in all of Orange County thi year there were only two schools to accom plish it. " Let me also call attention to the fact that there are many schools that have never won a football championship in their history; yet we take for granted the many we have won here at Valley. " It is great to be a Champion L04 Football - VARSITY SCOREBOARD VALLEY 33 Los Amigos 27 VALLEY 34 Escondido 7 VALLEY 56 Fountain Valley 27 VALLEY 40 Costa Mesa 14 VALLEY 34 Magnolia 20 VALLEY 23 Corona del Mar VALLEY 21 Los Alamitos 14 VALLEY 42 Edison 10 VALLEY 42 Estancia GIF PLAYOFFS VALLEY 15 Los Altos 22 1. Don Alaman blocking for Myron WMte. 2. Head Coach Dick Hill. . Garry Templeton starting the game. 4. Marland Easley making an important tackle against Edison Football 105 ?«tfi ' ' ■ ' Ni ' ' They gave of themselves ' ' -COACH LARRY BANKS COACH ADAMS: " This year ' s team is, in the true sense of the word, winners. They have developed pride and character, wMch they will carry throughout life to be a success. These men are champions. " COACH ANDRADE: " It took several years of sweat, dedication, weight lifting, and plan old guts to become the offensive line that they were this year. Our line didn ' t have to look at the scoreboard to see who won. When they did their job, they won. " COACH BANKS: " A year of laughter, a year of sadness, a year of gut tearing failure and of split second mistakes, a time when you could burst with the joy of seeing your family perform as one unit, and the deep depression of seeing members fight each other, the coaches and most of all themselves. " COACH MALAIS: " This was perhaps the most exciting football team I ' ve ever had the pleasure of coaching. I ' ve watched them grow and mature into manhood. " COACH RUSH: " The 1973 Falcon football team was one of great pride and great courage. They have learned that there is no room for mistakes and that it takes a total team effort to be a winner. " 106 Football f f P 5 w N ; " - X f ' i pji Football 107 SPECIAL AWARDS Most Valuable - Myron White Most Dedicated - Gerald Maline Most Improved - Jeff Linders Back of the Year - Myron White Falcon of the Year - Garry Templeton Defensive Player - Wilbert Haslip Best Attitude - Jim Tesimale 108 Football ' ' We struck like lightning ' ' COACH FRED MALAIS 1. The Spirit. 2. Gerald Maline and Joe De Fort block for a fake punt. 3. Lexie Holtsclaw showing pxjisuit. 4. Bill Holland gaining yardage against Estancia. 5. Heaven knows she didn ' t need it. 6. Our captain, Abel Fausto. Football 109 ' ' We ' ve established a tradition of winning ' ' -COACH MIKE RUSH PLAYERS OF THE WEEK Los Amigos Wilber Haslip Escondido Jim Tesimale Fountain Valley Myron White Costa Mesa Wayne Frank Jeff Linders Magnolia Abel Fausto Emie Boy kins Corona del Mar Sylvester Turner Garry Templeton Los Alamitos Noble Franklin Donald Alaman Edison Larry Henke Jim Beranek Estancia Jay Craig Gerald Maline Los Altos Marland Easley Vernon Clark 1. Hill ' s Explosion. 2. Myron White faking the pants off an unseen defender. 3. The Fearless Falcon. 110 Football " ff SOPH FOOTBALL TEAM Left To Right First Row- Richard Aragon, Mike Tesimale, Russ Hill, Gary Hoffman, Sonny Grace, Richard Reeves. Second Row- Ken Jackson, Terry Franklin, Rueben Rocha, Rainer Neubert, Don Peterson, Dan Ferguson. Third Row- Bill Martin, Kevin Morris, Laurance Chatman, George Lynch, Mike Rhue, John Holland. Forth Row- Steve Trout, Steve Brown, Erick Moore, Mike Saunders, Richard Santellian, Mike Everett. Fifth Row- Coach Ken Tucker, Clinton Harris, Bob Wilkinson, Bennie Silva, Felton Shipp, Coach Deckard. SOPH FOOTBALL •74 Edison 28 VALLEY Los Alamitos 34 VALLEY Magnolia VALLEY 22 Fountain Valley 6 VALLEY 14 Corona Del Mar 37 VALLEY 16 Costa Mesa 14 VALLEY 34 112 Fnnfhall We played to win ' ' FROSH FOOTBALL •74 Estancia VALLEY 32 Huntington Beach VALLEY 21 Corona del Mar 6 VALLEY 13 Fountain Valley 13 VALLEY Edison 14 VALLEY COACH TUCKER FROSH FOOTBALL Left To Right First Row- Steve Martin, Ricky Coulter, Mike Ramirez, Richard Dalbey, Coach Steward, Coach Reese, Coach Waylander, Dan Bott, Nolan Cholodenko, Fred Tanielu. Second Row- Jack Savage, John Garcia, Ray Dimas, Dave Delbridge, William Wesley, Russell Hilbum, Bill Witting, Jim Bruce, Steve Krieger, Bruce Abbot. Third Row- Mary Passi, Andy Harrelson, Kenny Hoffman, Gill Jimenez, David Moss, Rick Ward, Calvin Clark. Fourth Row- Tyrone Candidate, Mike Ferguson, Gamaliel Santana, Gary Bryant, Greg Hummel, Dan Walton, Wayne Weatherman, Elijah Shipp, Frank Moss, Mike Nolasco. Fifth Row- Tom Simmons, Reggie West, Zeke De La Riva, Eugene Grace, Bob Castro, Fred Tuitosi, Shawn Coles, Dairell Williams, Dwayne Benson, Ed Chatman. Football 113 Hard work and determination prevailed This year the mighty Falcons proved that through hard work and determination you can have a winning team. With the help of the great coaching staff our cross-country runners had a tremendous season and placed high in the tough Irvine League. The Falcons had five returning lettermen who helped them retain their usual victorious season. George Aguilar, John Tevebaugh, Rick Kerr, Eddie Buiendia, Steve Smith, and Ernie Rolls were just a few of the men who made this season what it was, and we are looking forward to seeing them next year. 114 Cross-Country Cross - pntryil 15 Rolls led JV ' s Cross Country 116 1. Gee!, I hope this doesn ' t ruin my feminine image. 2. J.V. and Soph-Frosh Team; Front- V. Hauptman, J. Aguilar, E. Ringer, J. Kerr, S. Aguilar, A. Mitchell, J. Hicks, M. Ruiz, J. Tope. Back- L. Lopez, E. Heyer, A. Thomas, E. Rolls, T. Bums, C. Ruiz, B. Fernandez, M. Lopez. 3. Just a minute, Ref, I have a little problem, 4. Falcons get go-ahead sign from Coach Bill Fisher. 5. Falcons run down prey. " i I Cross Country 117 WATER POLO Poloists end best season. This year ' s varsity water polo team had their best season surprising many tough teams. The Falcons had fine shooters consisting of Kevin Fadgen, Sheldon Bryant, and Rich Johnston. The backfield, consisting of Don Cholodenko, Rod Wright, and Kevin Skelly, did an excellent job keeping opponents from scoring. Poloists to look for next year are Kevm Skelly, Jim Morris, Bob Houghton, Steve Slaughter Bob Binder, and Marilyn Rice. The first girls to participate in this sport were Marilyn Rice, Karen Withey, Nancy Downey, Kim Skelly, and Mgr. Rhonda Denny. Marilyn Rice and Rhonda Denny also captured honors at the Awards Banquet by being chosen most improved J. V. player and varsity manager. LI 8 Waterpolo f ' ?iA -?- .-r . ' H| N b ' " - in TO 1 ■ iHlMl £ k: ir Score Box Valley 7 Valley 6 Valley 2 Valley 13 Valley 8 Valley 9 Valley 6 Valley 5 Valley 8 Valley 5 Valley 8 Valley 13 Valley 5 Valley 6 . Pacifica 10 . Foun. Valley 17 . Costa Mesa 11 . Bolsa Grande 8 . La Brea S . Nogales 4 . Saddleback 10 . CDM 18 . Santa Ana 10 . Los Al. 13 . Saddleback 18 . Edison 22 . Santiago 16 . Estancia 16 (1) Varsity team: First Row-Bob Houghton, Don Cholodenko, Richard Johnston, Kevin Fadgen, Kevin Skelly. Second Row-Sheldon Bryant, Karen Withey, Rod Wright, Craig Goodson: Third Row -Coach Paul Herron, Rick Cornelius, Wyman Borreson. Top-Jim Morirs. (2) Don ' t Shoot ! (3) Corny pops. 1. First Row Junior Varsity- BobHoughton, Sheldon Bryant, Rich Johnston, Craig Goodson, Second Row- Willie Jerry, Marilyn Rice, Karen Withey, Brian Denny, Coach Herron. Third Row- Marshall Iwerson, Richard Sporacio, Gilbert Segovia, James Debase. Top- Wyman Borreson, Perry Wilson, Rick Cornelius, Mgr. Rhonda Denny. 2. Falcons block goal attempt. 3. Frosh-Soph, First Row- Fred Lastar, Steve Slaughter, Bob Houghton, Willie Jerry, Bob Bender, Brian Denny Second Row- Terry Wright, Marilyn Rice, Lou Morris, Gilbert Sagovia, Nancy Downey, James Debase, Third Row- V.J. Lovero, Marshall Iwerson, Rick Sporacio, Richard Abraham, Kim Skelly Top Row- Neil Groom, Wyman Borreson, Perry Wilson, Charles Gnesda, Major Neese 4. Falcons show zone defense. Water Polo 120 Water Polo 121 Cagers This year ' s Falcon cagers had their best season in ten years. Coach Roger Jensen led his team to a 15 win, 10 loss sea- son and also went to the C.I.F. play-offs with such standouts as R. B. Jamison, Mike O ' Rourke, Ron Herman, Phil Bolden, Bob Turley, Larry Page, and Leon Mason. In the first play-off game against San Gorgonio, the Falcons were victorious. This gave them the chance to go on to the second round against C.I.F. ' s toughest team, Verbum Dei. After a hard fought battle the Falcons came out on the short end of the stick. With more hard work and determination the Falcons will be back on top next year! S J ' S 122 Basketball Go to C. IF.! 1. Falcons show togetherness during a time-out. 2. Coach Roger Jensen gives his team last minute instructions. Varsity- Top Row; Ron Herman, Robert Turley, Phil Bolden, Larry Page, Rudy Carmona, R.B, Jamison. Bottom Row; Jim Lupardo, Charles Wilb urn, Kevin Larson, Russ Raymond, Leon Mason, Mike O ' Rourke, Mgr. Dan Acala. ' Sir— Basketball 123 124 Basketball 4 - 1 .i4 . " T-ir2 SI !l . 1 i 1. Boy!, have I got a headache. 2. A Falcon NEVER misses. 3. Here you go! 4, Falcons fly down court. 5. Valley player is ' attacked by flying fairy. 6. What ' s everybody looking at? 126 Basketball ' Basketball 127 128 Basketball Basketball 129 First Row-Don Alaman, Frank Morales, Charles Calloway, Dave Slaughter, Ken Gruber. Second Row-Pat Malloy, Ebby Winters, Moses Chavez, Joel Chavez, Joe Dangler, Larry Perez, Chris Wright. 130 Wrestling An injury prone year — yet successful! COACH MIKE RUSH The 1973-74 wrestling season was one that saw more injuries de- vastate a squad than any year sinced 1970. They lost six starters for prolonged periods of time; and yet with all these set backs, the wrestling team accomplished an awful lot. They had a dual record of 9 wins and 5 losses. They won the Los Amigos Tournament and the Santa Ana City Tournament. This is the third year in a row that the wrestling team has been city champs. The most outstanding wrestlers of this year ' s squad were: Everett Winters (106 lbs.), Aaron Thomas (115 lbs.), Moses Chavez (123 lbs.), Joel Chavez (130 lbs.), Larry Perez (136-141 lbs.), Ken Gruber (156 lbs. ), Don Alaman (238 lbs. ), and David Slaughter (167 lbs.). Next year Valley will be in the Freeway League. It will be a strong league and will present a great challenge to our coaches and athletes. To be successful, we must all be willing to pay the price. Coach Mike Rush Head Coach Wrestling 131 Matmen captured City Tournament 132 Wrestling ISJ: J .; ' ' •■- Wrestling 133 When we ' ' got down ' ' we surprised ourselves JOE DeFORT istling We did our part as a team and as individuals BRIAN TONG J. V. -Bottom Row-Charles Dangler, John Thacker, Jose Zambrano, Dennis Stewlow, Marvin Mclaughlin, Harry Wooley, Mark Mercer, Mary Passi, Second Row-Mike Watson, Dave Madrid, Joe DeFort, Adrian Kirk, Jim Tesimale, Don Peterson. Soph- Frosh-Bottom Row-Mario Ruiz, George Lopez, Tim Hole, Bob Hall, Bill Fernandez, Louie Padia, Second Row-Gil Jimeniz, Brian Tong, Russ Hill, Blake Scharmer, Nolan Cholodenko, Dave Hummel. Top Row-Greg Williams, Mike Ramirez, Sterling Simpson, Ricky Coulter, Castro. Wrestling 135 WIMMING ' ' M. :iV inming r r ' tii Swimming Varsity: Front Row: Frieda Smith, L, Bokosky, P. Bokosky, J. Tope, K, Whithey, R, Sparracio, S Second Row: B. Denny, R. Cornelius, J. Morris, Third Row: Coach Herron, S. Slaughter, J. Dibase, J. Adame, Fourth Row: P. Wilson, W. Jerry, B. Binder, Coach Reeg, Top Row: L. Morris, D. Cholodenko, S. Bryant, and B. Houghten 2. Coach Paul Herron 3. J. V. : Front Row: F. Smith, L. Morris, B. Denny, P. Bokosky, J. Tope, R. Spraccio, Second Row: Coach Herron, L. Bokosky, M. Rice, G. Hummel, N. Groom, J. Hess, Third Row: J. Adame, K. Whithey, M. Stacy, M. Iwerson, J, Debase, G, Segovia, Top Row: S. Slaughter, P, Willson, W. Jerry, B, Houghten, B. Binder, R. Crum. 4. Varsity record breakers: L To R: Jim Adame, Sheldon Bryant, Jim Morris, Don Cholodenko, Kneeling, Rick Cornelius. Swimming 137 ' ' We had a great coaching staff ' VARSITY Lamont Lambert Bernard Fletcher Rick Kerr Eddie Buendia Jim Tesimale Don Alaman Steve Smith Nobel Franklin Jim Beranek Alan Williams Jim Rhorig Vernon Clark KEVIN SKELLY This year ' s Falcon track team proved again that we are number 1 . With the help of our returning varsity lettermen, the trackmen placed high in the tough Irvine League. Jim Rohrig, Karl Denson, George Aguilar, John Kennedy, Jim Beranek, Jim Tesimale and Darryl Alaman were just a few of the men who made our team gel. The coaching staff, consisting of Jim Conlay, Ed Adams, Bill Fisher, and Ed Steward, shaved off some of the rough edges and made the Falcons a close knit competitive team. We will be looking forward to another great season in the Freeway League next year. On the J.V. and Soph-Frosh levels the Falcons showed determination and potential for the coming seasons. Many team records were broke n by the Frosh and Sophs. We will be look- ing for these young men next year. 138 Track George Aguilar Charles Carter Julian Lineres John Aguilar Kevin Treft Mike Lineres Fenton Shipp Paul Clark John Kennedy Bill Albers Terry Franklin Ray Estrada Kevin Milhouse Andre Ferguson Mike Rhue Erwie Heyer Jeff Linders Richard Johnston Charles Chaplin Tony Barraza Jay Craig Alvin Liebig Tom Simmons Mike Tesimale Richard Malcom Chris Romero Bobby Yost Willom Westly Karl Denson Mike Lesinick James Kerr Barry Rhue Dennis Lynch Mario Ramirez JR. VARSITY Guy Wright Eric Ringer Jim Watson Keith Kennedy Dave Brokaw Kevin Skelly SOPH-FROSH Mike Carmong Vic Glover Sonny Grace Jeff Hicks Track 139 J If ' Track 141 142 Track Track 143 N.% Ij J PMrm 144 Tennis Netmen worked hard Varsity: Left To Right, Jeff Jones, Paul Prince, Brian Polak, David Markham, Coach Bob Render, Kneeling, Tom Peterson, Harvey Rea, David Smith, Dale Prince. 2. J.V, : Left To Right, Chris Zacarelli, Russ Hill, Ralph Lorenz, Charlie Gomez, Bill Harris, Brian Tong, Kneeling, Richard Crocker, Jeff Adams, ' g Wolfe, Steve Johnson, Bruce Abbott. HHI I bi 1 HMI MH H §- .P 4 W-- --J f- - -fif Y m ji ' H Tennis 145 Varsity: Standing, Coach Herschel Musick, Abel Fausto, Art Zambrano, Marlin Easley, Leon Mason, Myron White, Garry Templeton, Phil Bolden, Mike O ' Rouke, Charles Naples, Kneeling, Bobby Radillo, Dave Everett, M. Gonzales, Jose Martinez, Al Trotter, Butch Mahugh, Wilber Haslip. J.V. Standing, Richard Thomas, Dan Ferguson, Robert Cavinder, Jim Voltz, Pat Simpson, John Buononato, Kenny Solano, Kneeling, Raymond Steen, John Camp, Bill Martin, Mark Dias, Bill Tomblin, Rick Ward, Andy Trujillo, Coach Ken Tucker. Soph-Frosh, Coach Bill Johnson, Tony Campbell, Buddy Revees, Reggie West, Tim Griffin, Mark Fuducia, David Everett, Ron Zogoya, Richard Dalbey, Ty Gnesda, Ron Cornelius, John Bell. Kneeling, Dan Cardova, John Garcia, Jim Radillo, Bruce Bornacofe, Steve Martin, Rick Coulter, Sterling Simpson IMM ■ . ' . i- ' A 146 Baseball Zambrano and Radillo hurled toward C.LF. This year ' s Falcon batmen continued their winning season from last year, beating many tough teams in Irvine League competition. With returning varsity lettermen, Myron White, Marland Easley, Mike O ' Rourke, Wilbur Haslip, and Garry Templeton, the team placed high this year. There were a few close games but the Falcons proved to be number one when the ninth inning rolled around. The J.V. under the guidance of Coach Ken Tucker, the J.V. rolled their way over countless opponents. Coach Bill Stewart took the Soph-Frosh for his first year. Baseball 147 148 Baseball Batmen remained strong in league Baseball 149 White and Haslip led the team Baseball 151 G.A.A The traditional get acquainted party to introduce the freshmen girls to G.A.A. was a splash this year. After a great pool party, the girls retired to the cafeteria for a pot- luck. Other social events during the year included: a Halloween slumber party complete with a haunted house and werewolf films, ice skating and candy sales to raise funds for the banquet at the end of the year. G.A.A. wasn ' t all social, how- ever. The girls spent the year preparing for the 1974-75 season when they will all compete in C.I.F. This year was also spiced with the inclusion of gymnastics to the G.A.A. program. The girls com- peted in volleyball, tennis, hockey, basketball, track, swimming, badminton, and softball. This year ' s officers were: Karen (Elma Fiddlewinker) Hobel, pres., Lynn Keyes, vice-pres., Karen (Hames) Hamel, sec, Helen Silbas, treasurer, and Virginia (Little Sister) Chairez, historian. 152 G.A.A. " aught the girls rf-MS X -■ AiiaiL :y -- t Staff: Top-Ms. Sandy Ruller; assist, athletic director. Standing-Ms. Janis Riehle and Ms. Sandy Cottle. Seated- Ms. Sandy Pridham, Ms. Vicky Lee and Ms. Debbie Saugstad. Sports Managers and Class Represent- atives. Top-D. Denson, M. Castro, S. Nunez, L. Ontiveros, L. Corsey, E. Banks, B. Dalbey, K. Garcia, L. Pina, J. Liebig, C. Trujillo, D. McLaughlin, Ann Fritz, practicing a new sport, gymnastics. G.A.A. Officers-K. Hobel-president; L. Keyes-Vice -president; K. Hamel- secretary; H. Silbas-treasurer; V. Chairez -historian. The battle of ball rvui. The Senior Class pointing at Daniel Boone ' s bear. wrr i Z=Si ' . BADMINTON 156 G. A. A. Responsibility and sportsmanship m M mj fiffi INVOLVEMENT I Student Council Much diligent work and dedication molded the Student Council together during 73-74. The major goal in this unique year was to pro- mote better involvement and understanding between students, faculty, and administra- tion. Our A.S.B, President was Larry Marquis, A.S.B, Vice-President Linda Ontiveros, A.S.B. Secretary Vicki Chairez, and A.S.B Treasurer Gale David. The Commissioner of Assemblies was Geno Bokosky, Commis- sioner of Publicity Kay Megard, Commis- sioner of Boys Athletics Mark Diaz. The Student Relations Representative was Korinne Booth and C.A.S.C. Representatives were Diane Ramirez and Jeff Linders. Kevin Treft, senior class president, Adrian Kirk, junior class president, Rachel Ramirez, sophomore class president, and Bertha ' Valenzuela, were also council members. Upper Right: " Next. . . " Lower Right: " Kamikazi Larry " 160 Involvement Our family portrait A tum-of-the-century look at the members of Student Council. . . From Left To Right: Choo-Choo Swede Roach Killer Diaz Bracy Linda Barefoot Dirty Larry Kountry Kousin Kay Blood Brother Kirk Sneaky Bean Chairez Hay Bale Gale Poppa Bokosky Smilie Miss Diane Box-Car Bertha Billy Ma Booth Graham Cowboy Pimp Treft No-No Nona Kay Tortilla Sanchez Jughead Linders and, last, b ut not least Itty-Bitty Rachel. ' Wait a minute, wait a munite. I can ' t see the cue cards. ' ' Korinne, get your hand off my knee! " Involvement 161 Her Majesty the Queen Michelle Wright siuTounded by her princesses; Maria Castro and Robin Sides, senior princesses, Liz Morales, junior princess. Dona Conerly sophomore prin- cess, and Donna Easly, freshman princess. 162 Involvement HOMECOMING COURT 1973 f m mk. jBin , J ::,::::!! Ill ' ' !dsii " III! milllWC r» ; 1 M m f M.„4 73-74 PEP SQUAD This years Pep Squad consists of the Varsity Cheerleaders: Michelle Wright, Bev Otis, Josie Mendez, Barbara Finn, Helen Silbas, Liz Morales, Eleanor Bierbauer, and Viv Barnes; the Song Leaders: Karen Hamel, Laura Nunez, Connie Koehn, Cindy Fehrenbach, Marcie Chisum and Jackie Young; and the J.V. Cheerleaders: Linda Gustafson, Steph Allan, Karen Price, Elaine Moore, Dawn Mews, and Penny Saugstad. Involvement 165 Assemblies ' iS. REC NITES Involvement 169 Spirit week ? ? WWT ii9»-i- s ";j5ai , make your tune for none may sing it just as you do, and make your song be heard. . . From Left To Right -Front Row: Linda Favors, Susan Brandenbxirg, Rebecca Reynolds, Tamara Martel, Krlstine Dixon, Kathleen Crooks, Gloria Zozaya, and Janet Martinez. Second Row: Sonny Grace, Vivian Rogers, Suzanna Garcia, Linda Lucas, Marcell Fairres, Roberta Culver, Cindy Nelsen, and Nolan Cholodenko. Third Row: Alan Alexander, Cheryl Alexander, Anthony Fields, Kevin Morris, James Tesimale, George Mohn, Ronald Zozaya, and Nelson Rowe. Not Shown: Taffette Boykins, Cheryl Deakins, Mary Passi, Stephanie Wolfe, Bynthi Vander Heiden, and Donald Roberts. Involvement 171 MARCHING BAND The 1973-1974 Valley Marching Band members are: R. Abraham, M. Bolton, M. Bonds, P, Bonds, B, Buck, T. Campbell, L. Chatham, K. Denson, R. Dimas, D. Evans, K, Ferguson, L. Flores, C. Garcia, T. Graves, V. Hardeman, R. Hilburn, R. Holston, G. Hummel, G. Hummel, G. Jones K, Kennedy, A. Kopitch, L. Lambert, F. Lastar, D. Markham, D. Markham, ]. Martinez, M. Mercer, T. Mikles M. Moss, J. Mulcahy, R. Reeves, J. Rodriguez, M, Rodriguez, F. Shipp, C. Smelser, D. Smith, J. Thacker, S, Trout, B. Valenzuela, P. Wilson, D. Wing, G. Wing, Witting, C. Wooldridge, R. Wright, and R. Yeager. Drill Team ' 74 The Drill Team Members were From Left To Right: Claudette Ortiz, Donna Conerly, Melodie Matthews, Lori Irvin, Charlotte Williams, Delaine Moore, Elaine Lujan, Becky Sjaarda, and Virginia Tabile. Kneeling in Front are Captain--Sharon Conerly and Co-Captain — Bonita Swift. Their advisor was Mrs, Sandra Pridham. «.« " « ' •; 1 .ii - i..., »i«fe.aKi!«sc«wsr; ' ,W),-«:-.« V; .- Involvement 17 3 CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION Bonds, Debra Carney, Eliesa Chairez, Victoria Cohn, Sam Dalbey, Barbara Dangler, Joseph Fryslie, Sheila Herman, Ronald Adame, James Calvin, Karen Cornelius, Rick Dangler, Charles Gonzales, Delia Hamel, Karen Kring, Julia Mack, Karen Markham, Darlene JUNIORS Labahn, Thomas Larson, Kevin Lupardo, James Marquis, Lawrence Megard, Kay Norman, Sharell Prince, Paul Rohrig, James Wright, Michelle Mayhugh, Julie Murray, Sharon Newcomb, Virginia Pirolo, Leslie Todd, Linda Wooldridge, Craig Wright, Tammy Yaugo, Cynthia Withey, Karen Allan, Stephanie Brannon, Deborah Calderon, Maria Carvounas, Susan Chambers, Deborah Crooks, Kathleen Durand, Wanda Espinosa, Tina Gnesda, Pamela SOPHOMORES Golden, Susan Gunter, Jody Hardcastle, Elaine Holston, Cynthia Houghton, Robert Lorenz, Ralph Mews, Dawn Mulcahy, Kathleen Robertson, John Wooldridge, Wade First semester, Sharon Murray, Eliesa Carney, Kay Megard, Lawrence Marquis, Kevin Larson, and Joseph Dangler qualified to receive the coveted title of Sealbearer. In order to qualify for the honor of Sealbearer, a student must have been a member of the Califor- nia Scholarship Fed- eration for a minimum of four semesters, one of which must have been during his senior year. Congratulations! The TALON salutes you. Involvement 175 DAUGHTERS OF AMERICAN REVOLUTION GOOD CITIZEN Maria Castro " The true test of civilization is not the census, nor the size of the cities, nor the crops. . . but the kind of man the country tuims out. " Ralph Waldo Emerson BANK OF AMERICA ACHIEVEMENT AWARD WINNERS Peggy Butcher Plaque Winner for Voc- cational Arts Kevin Larson Plaque Winner for Sci- ence and Mathematics Kay Megard Plaque Winner for Fine Arts Sharon Murray Plaque Winner for Lib- eral Arts 176 Involvement Michelle Wright and Paul Prince represented Valley at State 178 Involvement Boys and girls of the month The 1974 Girls ' League Cabinet and the Rotary Club of Santa Ana honor outstanding seniors by awarding them the titles of Girl of the Month and Boy of the Month. Monthly nominations are taken, and the winners are chosen according to the amount of school service, school participation, and personality. Each month when the winners are announced, the girl is given a large, yellow, China mum, and the boy is honored at a luncheon sponsored by the local Rotarians. Winners for the year were as follows: January A.S.B. president Girls ' League presi- October: Larry Marquis, Susan Sanchez, dent November: Don Alaman, Football co-captain, track Maria Castro, D.A.R. recipient December: Paul Prince, C.S.F. Linda Ontiveros, A.S.B. vice presi- dent January: Kay Megard, A.S.B. commissioner of publicity Moses Chavez, wrestling, C.I.F. February: Kevin Treft, senior class president Debbie Witting, Girls ' League vice president March: Vicki Chairez, ASB Secretary Kevin Larson, I.C.C. Chairman April: Lisa Carney, Falcon staff Gustavo Rivas, Junior Class president 1973 Erlinda Romero, Falcon editor R.B. Jamison, basketball Sandra Nunez, G.A.A. sports manager Jim Beranek, Track, football all county defense May April June Involvement 179 VARSITY CLUB AQUATICS CLUB SOCCER CLUB GIRLS ' FOOTBALL CLUB 180 Clubs Varsity Club: Top Row-Lexie Holtsclaw, Rick Cornelius, Kevin Skelly, Jim Berenek, Jeff Linders, Richard Johnston, Victor Age, Brian Hoffner, and Sheldon Bryant. Bottom Row-Ron Herman, Raymond Estrada, Ebby Winters, Eddie Buendia, Julian Lunares, Mike Lesnick, Randy Negrete, Darryl Kerr, Don Cholodenko, Joe Dangler, Paul Prince, Kevin Larson, and Jim Lupardo. Below: The members of this years Pep and Girls ' Football Club were: R. Alamilla, D. Alcala, M. Atencio, D. Autor, L. Autor, J. Barbour, K. Bernard, E. Bierbauer, C. Bobrowski, K. Booth, Y. Cabrera, K. Calvin, D. Carroll, Y. Cabrera, M. Chisum, P. Christner, D. Denson, D. Easley, S. Esparza, S. Frisly, M. Guemes, C. Guerrero, K. Hamel, J. Ibach, C. Kapp, L. Keyes, C. Koehn, J. Kring, J. Liebig, V. Lopez, T. Martel, S. McCarty, K. Megard, R. Miller, D. Moore, E. Moore, M. Mowrer, B. Otis, K. Price, E. Quintanilla, R. Ramirez, B. Raubolt, K. Savoy, C. Silbas, H. Silbas, M, Silbas, J. Smelser, P. Spillers, S. Stillwell, E.Tabile, N. Tabile, W. Thompson, S. Talolo, K. Tucker, A. Whitehead, M. Wright, J. Young. Far Left, Aquatics Club. Members: R. Abraham, J. Adame, R. Binder, W. Borreson, S. Bryant, D. Cholodenko, R. Cornelius, B. Denny, R. Denny, J.Dibase, N. Downey, K. Fadgen, C. Gnesda, C. Goodson, N. Groom, B. Haughton, T. Howerton, M. Iwerson, W. Jerry, R. Johnston, F. Lastar, V. ' Lovero, J. Morris, M. Moss, M. Neese, M. Rice, G. Segovia, K. Skelly, K. Skelly, S. Slaughter, R. Sparacio, P. Wilson, K. Withey, R. Wright, T. Wright, M. Stacy, D. Moore, P. Gnesda, C. Myers, L. Singer, J. Tope, P. Brokofsky. The Soccer team was headed by Mr. Adnan Bayati, Members were: Raul Alcaraz, F. Alvarez, N. Badawi, J. Boudet, W. Cells, M. Gonzales, J. Gonzales, J. Gonzalo, A. Hatvmi, I. Lambaven, C. Luna, S. Macias, T. Octavio, E. Rivas, C. Rivas, J. Rivas, M. Rivas, G. Rodriquez, V. Santana, O. Villarino, G. Villasener, R. Torres, F. Vargas, A. Orduna, A. Sanchez, S. Sanchez, S. Munoz, T. ValdaPana. GIRLS ' LEAGUE Above: Girls ' League Cabinet--lst and 2nd semester. Pres- ident, Susan Sanchez, Vice-President, Debbie Witting, Sec- retary, Arlene Urias, Treasurer, Delia Gonzales, Debbie Ambrose, Peggy Butcher, Michelle Bonds, Korrine Booth, Maria Castro, Vickie Chairez, Robin Concan, Kathy Crooks, Pam Donkersly, Sharon Davis, Tina E pinosa, Gloria Fieros, Marivel Floras, Anne Fritz, Susan Fudge, Kathy Garcia, Amailia Gonzales, Debbie Halpin, Jo Anna Huracha, Nona Hurst, Lyrni Jones, Barbara Lambert, Susan Leavy, Silvia Leon, Denise Levesque, Sandra Nunez, Kay Megard, Nancy Melendez, Dolores Morales, Patsy Ortiz, Mary Olaiz, Lisa Pfeffer, Gloria Padilla, Linda Ontiveros, Elsa Quintanilla, Rachel Ramirez, Celia Sanchez, Susan Stiner, Norma Tabile, Gloria Urias, Bertha Valenzuela, Denise Wesphal. Top Right: Press Club. The members were Ingrid Jones-pres- ident, Erlinda Romero -vice -president, Aneatra Jones-sec- retary, Sandra Romero -treasurer. Wilma Jones, Lisa Pfeffer, Carrie Davis, Janice Smelser, Pat Salisbury, Lisa Carney, Kevin King, Tom Blanchard, John Tevebaugh, Barry Buck, Vickie Chairez, Robin Concan, Anne Fritz, Karen Hamel, Sherri Howerton, Denise Levesque, Kay Megard, Kevin Skelly, Debbie Witting, Tom Reece, Roslynn Hogg, Don Cholodenko, and Sheldon Bryant. Bottom Right: News- paper staff. Sheldon Bryant, Elisa Carney, Don Cholodenko, Carrie Davis, Robert Kauptman, Aneatra Jones, Lisa Pfeffer, Erlinda Romero, Pat Salisbury, Jan Smelser, Sam Cohn. FALCON STAFF 182 Clubs Tr i PRESS CLUB DRAMA CLUB Above: Drama Club. Geno Bokosky, Sharon Kearney, Maria Chalderon, Don Peterson, Diana Alcala, Maria Attencio, Mark Ferrel, Ann Fritz, Shelly Guemes, Debbie Hurst, Jody Ibach, Kris Iwerson, Adrian Kirk, Rick Mahler, Michael Moss, Ann Perry, Elsa Quintanilla, Monica Silbas, Cindy Silbas, Janice Smelser, Debbie Witting, and Mrs. Marie Kinsey, advisor. Top Right: Key Club and Keyettes. Dan Alcala, Ru Arellano, L. Baelcevie, F. Barron, L. Bernard, ]. Brumbaugh, S. Garcia, L. Gilbert, J. Giitimrego, J. Hernander, ]. Hernander, L. Lopez, S. Macias, M. Mares, L. Marquis, C. Naples, N. Oliva, A. Orduna, P. Proff, J. Rivas, L. Rivas, M. Rivas, G. Rodriguez, J. Savcedo, V. Santana, O. Torres, G. Villasenor, M. Villasenor, O. Villarino, B. Smith. Keyettes: K. Anderson, L. Arrizon, M. Atencio, T. Brown, D. Diaz, M. Diaz, L. Duran, L Everett, R. Famuliner, R. Foxx, M. Huizar, L. Irvin, C. James, C. James, L. James, A. Kopitch, K. Lee, xM. Mares, M. Matthews, N. Mora, C. MacGreagor, D. Pickett, L. Pina, B. Reynolds, C. Schlund, V. Schlund, C. Sheratt, B. Sjaarda, J. Smelser, K. Stephens, C. Tope, G. Torres, C. Villarion, L. Weber, C. Wilson, C. Wright, andS. Davis. Lower Right: S. Club. Officers: Brenda Steinsultz-president, Debbie Ambrose- vice president, Karen Calvin -treasurer, Darlene Markham and Maria Calderon-secretaries. Members: D. Alcala, K. Booth, R. Buonanto, V. Chairez, K. rarcia, M. Guemes, J. Gunter, D. Hurst, K. Mack, G. Newcomb, L. Pina, L. Pirolo, B. Raubolt, N. Raubolt, D. Ramirez, andC. DeLottinville. 184 C-::bs KEY CLUB AND KEYETTES Clubs 185 SENCE STAFF MECHA -- . ,«; B.S.U. The Essence staff consisted of K. Savoy, J. David W. Jennings, B. David, W. Sawyer, G. Fierros I Lopez S. Mack, J. Morris, K. Garcia, W. Franks M. Chaires, M. Vigil, D. Daniel, C. Yaugo, M Hernandez, J Frakes, D. Westphal, R. Deitos, H. , ! ' ' ., ei,don Bryant, and advisors Mr. Booker and Miss Hill. Top right -Mecha members. C. Aguilar L. Antohn, L Antolin, M. Baca, A. Bracamonte , R. Buendia, C Campos, T. Canales, F. Ceniceros, L. Ceniceros, R. Ch avez, G. Cumpian, G. Curiel D. Davis, M. DelaCruz, B. De la Riva F. Flores, ' L. Flores, M. Flores, R. Flores, 1. Garcia, M Gomez, F Gonzales, 1. Gonzales, M. Gonzales, C. Grajeda, R Guerrero, C. Gmrola, J. Gurrola, M. Gutierrez, P. Guzman, C. Havarro, E. Hernandez, M. Hernandez, M. Huizar, S. Leon, D. Lopez I Lopez, S. Lopez, D. Morales, M. Morales E ' Moreno, J. Moya, D. Nicholson, A. Nieto, M Nolasco, A. Olaiz M Olaiz, Y. Olaiz, L. ' Olivas, ■9 S ' C- Ortiz, P. Ortiz, P. Ortiz, G. Padilla, A Perez G. Perez, T. Perez, R. Preciado, R. Preciado, D. Rios, R. Rodriguez, A. Rosas, D. Rosas, D Rosas D. Rosas, M. Ruiz, V. Salinas, V. Sanchez, Y. Sandoval, ]. Sebreos, D. Segura D Segura D. Sierra, H. Silbas. Far Right: A.F. ' s. The members were R. Ramirez, D. Ramirez, M. Adame, J. Adame, S. Sanchez, C. Yaugo S Nunez, D. Ambrose, K. Fleishman, D. Alcal ' a B D ' c tu ' n- r l " " . " ' - - f g d, S. Frisiie, °- S P,- Clark. Right: B.S.U. members pic- toed-K. Thompkins, C. Sting, C. McCullough, A. Ferguson, J. Howard, G. Smith, D. Norman, and K. Shores. ' 186 Clubs The Bike Club this year was led by Mr. Rick Andrade and Its Members Were: R. Binder, B. Buck, J. DeFort, B. Ebert, R. Hill, G. Jones, S. Kearney, R. Lorenz, ' J. Mayhugh, C. Nelson, K. Price, D. Smith, K. Skelly, and C. Trujillo. The Yearbook Staff dedicates this club section to tlie late Mr. Al Killips. They are: Tom Blanchard, Sheldon Bryant, Barry Buck, Lisa Carney, Vicky Chairez, Robin Concan, Joe DeFort, Ann Fritz, Karen Hamel, Monica Hernandez, Sherri Howerton, Kevin King, Denise Levesque, Kay Megard, Tom Reece Helen Silbas, Kevin Skelly, Frank Spillers, Debbie ' Witting. They were advised by Mrs. Elaine Stuckey. TALON STAFF 188 Clubs BIKE CLUB Clubs 189 GROCERIES - DELICATESSEN BEER - WINES Valley Liquors 2429 W. Edinger Avenue SANTA ANA, CALIF. 92704 Phone 1714) 549-0166 Tom Bovinich Frank Jordan PENCE PHARMACY 2537 W. McFadden 545-0791 545-7179 FREE DELIVERY A good mind pays off in tiie Navy. If you ' re a high school graduate with a taste for math and physics, you may qualify for Advanced Electronics or the Nuclear Power Programs. And over $20,000 worth of advanced technical train- ing to guarantee yourself a firm foothold in the future, whether you remain in the Navy Or not. For more details, see the Navy Recruiter below. Be someone spedal in the new Navy. MR. B ' s 5A1UT4 AIUA 321 E. FIRST ST. 547-8666 CROSSROADS OF (7i4) 8355900 Presents . . REV. CHUCK KRUSE PASTOR 4n Inter-DenoniinationaL Full Gospel, ■Iction Church for the Entire Family REVIVAL CHURCH • OUTREACH MINISTRIES Youth Mexico Mi • 70 VOICE CROSSROADS CHOIR • INSPIRING BIBLE PREACHING FROM GOD ' S WORD SERVICES ?:3D VW.— Sunday School lO:45 A.M.— Morning Worship 7:30 P.M.— Wed. Prayer Meeting 7:30 P.M.— Evangelistic Service SANTA ANA BLVD. and BUSH— SANTA ANA THE SALVATION ARMY ' m 1710 W. EDINGER 546-7880 LINCOLN SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 17TH AT BRISTOL SANTA ANA 5470771 ■ Main Office 6TH AND HOPE LOS ANGELES MADISON 6-6401 191 CONGR ATU L ATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 74 CARLS JEWELERS 115 W. 4TH ST. CLASS RINGS SANTA ANA OPEN AN ACCOUNT GIFTS-WATCHES-DIAMONDS ALL OCCASIONS J D SPECIAUSNO IN WDDINQi Florist RINBtALS 546-6625 I McFADOEN EDINGER rf WARNER 1734 W. EDINGER -SANTA ANA SANTA ANA COSTA MESA 3725 S BRISTOL 2957 HARBOR ACROSS FROM MESA VERDE ARli SOUTH COAST PLAZA 545-9455 979-5706 ..aa A M E . First American Title Insurance Company . HOME OFflCt 421 NORTH MAIN STREET. SANTA ANA. CALIFORNIA 92701 • lAREA 714) 547-b892 FAYE COMBS . CHRISTINE HOLCOME Tt C lJi aUic 12-D W. EDINGER. Santa Ana svb-5323 LUKENS DRIVE-IN DAIRIES 1814 W. EDINGER ST. 1927 W. 17TH ST. 1116 S. STANDARD ST. 1 1 E FERIAL. BANK I7TH AT BRISTOL • SANTA ANA. CALIFORNIA 02706 DONALD M CAMPBELL ASSISTANT Vice PRESIDENT FIRST WESTERN BANK 3931 S. BRISTOL 540-4660 TELEPHONE: (714) 83S.01S1 Farewell to you and the youth 1 have spjgnt with you. It was but yesterday we met in a dream. You have sung to me in my aloneness, and I of your longings have built a tower in the sky. But now our sleep has fled, and our dream is over; and it is no longer dawn. The noontide is upon us and our half waking has turned to fuller day, and we must part. K in tlie twilight of memory we should meet once more, we shall speak again together and you shall sing to me a deeper song. And if our hands should meet in another dream we shall build another tower in the sky.

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