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G I p 1 Table of Contents Faculty Classes Activities Personalities Sports Organ Index izations For her long years of service +o public eclucarion in Albuquerque since I937 ..- For her devoiion +o Jrhe s+uden+s she calls "my sophomores" . . . For her consislenl' pleasing sense of humor and friendly smile . . . For her high slanolarols ol scholarship . . . For her love of naiure and The our-oi oloors . . . Jusl for being herself. Jrhis eolirion of +he Saga is . . . Dedicated to Miss Martha Maxwell Superintendent Robert L. Chisholm B d f E d t' Robert Elder S, Y, Jackson Jeannette Stromberg J. Leon Thompson If Faculty and Staff ei as s A Ralph E. Dixon a Principal Vice-Principal Mrs. Marian Ferguson z w CLARA M. ARRETCHE Spanish B A -Universily of New Mexico M A.-Universify of New Mexico ROGER C. BABCOCK Chairman. Social Sfudies Deparlmenl Hislory, Governmenl B.A.-Haslings College M.A.--Universily of Nebraska KATHRYN BARNHISEL English B.A.-Olcla. Shale Univ. JANIS BARON Typmg, Business B BA.-Sam Houslon Shale College RICHARD B. BEATTIE Hisfory BA.-Easl Cenfral Shale College HARRY L. BISHOP Chairman, Science Deparlmenl Biology M.S.-Emporia Sfale College JON TIMOTHY BLACK Physics, Algebra B.S.-Weslern Illinois Universily ROBERT W. BLAGG Hisiory, Assislanl Coach BA.-Univ. of New Mexico JAMES W. BLICK Business BA.-Colorado Shale College MERTON K. BRATTON Physical Science, Chemisiry B.A.-Iowa Siale College MA.-Iowa Shale College GAIL BUCKLAND English BA.--Univ. of New Mexico CHARLES W. BURDICK Chairman, Malh Deparlmenl Maihemaiics B.S.C.-Roosevell' Universify M.A.-Univ. of New Mexico Facult HARVEY JEAN BYERS Drama. Speech B.F.A.-Universily of New Mexico M.A.-Universify of Iowa GERALDINE CAMPBELL English BA.-Howard Payne College MA.-Hardin-Simmons Universiiy VINCENT P. CAPPELLI Chairman, Men's P. E. Depi. Physical Educalion B.A.-Universily of New Mexico MA.-New York Universily EDDIE CASE Physical Educaiion B.S.-Universily of New Mexico Facult ROBERTA DEMARET Biology BA.-Sfanford Universify M.S.-Universiiy of New Mexico DIANA DeMUTH Hisfory B.A.-Universify of New Mexico EDMUND P. DINELLO Chemisiry B.S.-Universiiy of New Mexico M.A.-Universiiy of New Mexico DENIS DICKSON Ari' B.A.-Sfanford Universiiy SANDRA CHAPUT French A.B.-Syracuse Universiiy VIOLA CHAVEZ Business B.S.-College of S+. Joseph VICTOR CROCCO Hisiory. Golf B.S.-Univ. of New Mexico M.S.-Univ. of New Mexico JEANNE P. DABNEY Home Economics B.S.-Universify of Georgia M.S.-Univ. of New Mexico REBECCA R. DAVIS English A.B.-Ohio Universiiy WILMA LEE DEEN Chairman, Business Depf. Sfrenography. Typing B.A.-Highlands Univ. M.A.-Univ. of New Mexico wnuiiar JAMES H. DOUGHTY Bookkeeping, Track Coach BA.-Ceniral Sraie College RUTHE E. DUQUETTE English, Speech B.A.-Universiiy of New Mexico ALFRED S. DZIELAK Woodworking B.S.-Universiiy of New Mexico MARTHA EUBANK Chairman, Girls P. E. Deparimenf Physical Educaiion B.A.-Florida S+ai'e Universiiy M.A.E.-Universify of Florida MILDRED FARIS Hisiory. Journalism BA.-Universify of New Mexico M.S.-New Mexico Wesiern College KATHLEEN FISKE English B.S.-Universiiy oi Kansas DICK FOX Physical Educaiion, Baskeiball Coach B.S.-Univ. of New Mexico CHARLENE FREDENBURGH Algebra B.S.--Kansas Sfaie College M.S.-Universiiy of New Mexico BRENDA FREEMAN B.S.-Univ. of New Mexico WILLIAM V. GABBERT Orchesira B.M.-illinois Wesleyan Univ. M.S.-Univ. of Illinois M. A. GARCIA l-Iisiory B.A.-Highlands Universify M.A.-Highlands Universily SIMMIE GIBSON English B.A.-Univ. of New Mexico ROBERT GISH English B.A.-Univ. of New Mexico EDWARD M. GNALL English B.F.A.-Univ. of New Mexico M.A.-Univ. of New Mexico SIMON J. GORMLEY Geography, Ass'I, Coach B.S.-Univ. of New Mexico MS.-Univ. of New Mexico KEITH B. GRISHAM Biology B.S.-Univ. of New Mexico Wx .,.....s.B1s 'I' v fi -wo P 525.5 'Il fl MICHAEL GRUNER I Biology nuns. Yrs . I, -QQ, B.S.-Univ. of New Mexico GEORGE D. HEAD Agricullure B.S.-New Mexico Sfale Univ. M.A.-New Mexico Shale Univ BEATRICE B. HOLMES Typing, Shorlhand B.B.A.-Universily of New Mexico JANE A. HUGHES German. French B.A.-Universiiy of Illinois M.A.-Universiiy of Arizona VICTOR LANDERS Physical Educalion, Foolball B.S.-Easiern illinois Univ. M.S.-Easlern illinois Univ. JEANNE LENTZ English BA.-Univ. of Wichifa JOE H. LIEBERT Chairman. lndusfrial Arls Dept B.S.-Univ. of New Mexico M.A.-Univ. of New Mexico HILDA MAJORS Disfribulive Educelion BA.--Univ. of Mo. al K. C. MA.-Univ. of New Mexico ROY L. SAM MALONE Vocafional Rehabilifaiion B.S.-Wesl Texas Shale Univ. MARTHA MAXWELL English B.A.-William Jewell College M.A.-U.C.L.A. RODNEY HUTTON Business B.S.-Soulheasfern Siaie College JOHN R. INGLE Biology B.S.-Easiern New Mexico Univ. VICKI KAPLANIDES English B.A.-Universily of New Mexico LUCERNE KNIGHT Vocafional Rehabilifaiion B.S.-Olcla. College 'for Women M.E.-Universily of Oklahoma Facult Facult MANUEL OROSCO Physical Eclucalion B.S.-Universily of New Mexico CATHERINE S. OVERBEY General Malh, Geomelry BA.-MI. Holyoke College M.A.-New Jersey SI'a+e College EVELYN OWENS Chairman, Home Economics Depl. Home Economics B.S.-New Mexico SI'aI'e Univ. B.S.-Universily of Arizona M.E.-Colorado Sfale Universily EARL PARKER English BA.-Universily of New Mexico CHARLES T. MCCREARY Speech BA.-Univ. of New Mexico M.A.-Univ. of New Mexico ROGER E. MIKEAL Algebra B.S.-Soulheaslern Slale College M.T.-Soulheaslern Slale College KAY MILLER Typing. Transcriplion B.S.-Univ. of New Mexico MIKE MILLS Algebra, General Maih B.S.-Texas Technological College FRANK L. MONTCYA Hislory BA.-Adams Slaie College EVA NOBLE Crafls BA.-Univ. of Wyoming M.A.-Highlands Univ. GEORGE T. PRIGMORE Chairman, English Deparimenl English B.A.-Texas Technological College B.S.-Texas Technological College M.A.-Texas Technological College N. LASELL RECTOR English A.B.-Universiry of Norih Carolina KAY RHODES Shorlhand. Typing B.S.-Universiry of New Mexico BUDDY ROBERTSON Sociology B.S.-Universify of New Mexico iv1.S.-Universiiy of New Mexico W. P. RUMMELL Meial Shop B.A.-Colorado Sraie College M.A.-Colorado Siaie College SIDNEY A. SANCHEZ Maihemaiics B.A.-Adams Siaie College M.A.-Adams Slaie College BEN D. SANDOVAL Chairman, Foreign Lang. Dept Spanish B.A.-Univ. of New Mexico MA.-Univ. of New Mexico SAM SAN DOVAL Hisiory B.A.-Colorado Sfaie College MARY H. SASSER Laiin B.A.-Norlh Texas Sraie Univ. HELEN E. SAUNDERS Librarian B.S.-Univ. of Illinois M.A.-Univ. of New Mexico I5 Viola Bell Aiiendance Office Nell Bowers Secreiary 'ro The Principal Grace Bridges Library Doris Gooding Main Office Clerks Eileen Neal Genevieve Rozell Sarah Vancleveer COUHSGITHQ Offiiie Secreiary To Jrhe Vice-Principal Book Room W M-wwvwfq-.V-i-ef,-H-xawwfew CAFETERIA STAFF: lofi fo righf: Hazel Miller, Angela Marlinez, Mary Lucero. Florence Dingman. Lupe Marfinez, Billie Gibbs, Trinnie Garcia, Marqulerife Graham, Sfella Hobanglw, Ople Cramer, Lillian Grimes, Agnes A. Jones, Myrlle Kincer. Cafeleria Manager: Agnes A. Jones CUSTODIAL STAFF: lofi' 'lo riglml: Joe M. Herrera, Elena Gallegos, Carlos Tru- iillo, Juan Herrera. Boifom: lefl fo rigluh Frank Trujillo, Alanacio Luian, Bonifacio Perea. I9 Alice Babingion Lesier Dohner Marie Hays School Nurse Affendance Direcior Acfivifies Direcfor iw . U 355: D '-553' SBA, 5311 ar Q qi We M51 Q iii k 'cf I 'H 5 W AVVL ,Q ww , . , 2I if fs .Q H ,,, M- il H' """ "' sw ,..Q A1 ,- ' ' :'? A --1.:- ' ' S . b b .. N sg as E r Z ' . fzb A J . vs, , g :r: Ak. W 3 ,. i Wx Et M351 Qxfwim 2 . ,bv 'A I 1, ' ,tj .K L 1 ' ' , x wwf ix i as ' 1 '5",'lffQq ann'-Q A Q fs-im R Q f K ' Q H. M 1 KSN.-'H Vi"'? ' f is E ' sw fi' M .K f " fy Ri, A .. 3 A K wi- 'Qi Y W, I fxug V s 1 1. XV aw. 3? gi-2 w 5 sf' f . 1 . 1, . I sv' tfidfw , ' ft w , F 1 'if Q S- s ,wr1'4A,t .,, M 1 1 N, an Lx X gs 4' A, , JI' 1 S. Y v if 74 V A' Q X ,xv sm , , W X Q , :L 1 ffm: . Classes Senior Class Officers Caihy Bloomfield-His+orian Jerry Monioya-Vice Presideni' Joe Berg-Presideni' Debbie Peak-Secre+ary Ron Heis+er-Treasurer S+ev'e Carnahan Ulneelingl-S+uc1en+ Council Rep. The Senior Class There are no words lhal' can express how much The class of '66 has clone lor Valley. They have nor only carriecl on The lraolilions of lhe school, bul lhey have also sel lraclilions. which will live on for many years. There has been no olher class which has shown as much school spiril ancl loyally as lhis year's graclualing class. This can be proven by Jrheir successful elforls in clonaling lhe mosl amounl of money ever collecled 'ro our library. by lhe mosl successful Junior-Senior Prom. ancl by 'rhe way lhey have been represenlecl al almosl all of Valley's aclivilies. There is perhaps only one senlence which describes 'rhe I966 Senior class. and +ha'r iusl happens lo go wilh Jrheir class cheer. Seniors, Seniors. Tl-lE BEST! Epilogue We, 'rhe class of I966, have carried ou+ all lhe lraclilions Valley has sel. We only hope lhal lhe classes +ha+ follow will live up lo lhe slandarcls and high ideals which Valley slanols lor. Now. all we have lell are lhe memories of Valley l-liqh. ABEYTA, AGNES-Junior Senaleq Senior Senaleg Super Senale 3: FTA 2, 3, 4: DE 4: Tennis Club 3, 4 ANDERSON, KRISTINE-Safely Associalion 2: GAA 2: Drama Club 3: Slci Club 2, 3, 4: Arl Club 27 All School Play 2 ALLEN, ROBERT R.-Senior Senaleg Golf Team 3, 4 APODACA, MARY M.-Junior Senale APODACA, RICHARD S.-Sludeni Council 25 Track 2, 4: Foolloall 2: Drama Club 4 ARCHULETA, HENRY ARMIJO, ANTHONY-Cross-Counlry 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4: Foolball 3: V-Club 2. 3. 4 ARMISTEAD, SYDNEY E. rw. ,,... Seniors Crowded rooms began early al' Valley as 'lhe Seniors regisiered for llweir final year ai' 'lhis sclwool. BACA, JAMES J. BACA, TOMMY-Safeiy Associaiion 3: Sen- ior Senaie: Fooiball 2: Wresiling 2, 3, 4: V-Club 2, 3, 4 BACA, TONY WILLIAM--Senior Senaie BACHICHA, LILLIAN-DE 3 BAIRD, ELLEN J. BALDONADO, CHARLES-Siudeni Council 2, 3, 4: Boys Siaie 3: Safeiy Associaiion 3. 4: Senior Senaie: Super Senaie 3: Legend 3, 4 ARNOLD, PHYLLIS JUNE-Sophomore Senaiei Junior Senaie: Senior Senaie: Safefy Associaiion: Office Aides 3 ASKINS, MARY ASTORGA, FRANCES X. BACA, ALBERT-Junior Senaie BACA, CELINA ADELAIDE-Siudeni Council 3. 4: Safefy Associaiion 2, 3: Office Aides 2, 3, 4: GAA 2: FTA 4: Naiional Spanish Honor Socieiy 2, 3, 4: Nafional Honor Socieiy 3, 4 BACA, HELEN BALL, ALICE-French Club 4: Science Club 2: Science Fair 2, 4: Naiional Honor Socieiy BARRERAS. ALLENE BECERRA, MARGARET G.-Office Aides 3, 4: GAA 2: Bowling Club 3: Spanish Club 2 BERG, JOSEPH-Siudeni' Council 3, 4: Senior Senaie: Class Officer 4: Foolball 4: AVA 3. 4: DE 4: Key Club 3 BISHOP, KENT-Sophomore Senale, Junior Senalre: Chess Club 2: Lalin Club 2: Science Club 2: Speech Club 2.3.4 BLAKE, CYNTHIA DIANA-S'ruden+ Coun- cil 3: Safely Associalion 2: Senior Senale: FHA 3: Legend 2 V ily cheerleaders display lheur lumpung skll a d high spirils, during one of Valley's foolball ga BROWN, PHILLIP BROWN. SHEILA IRENE BUCK, MARGIE-Orchesfra 2: Nurses Aide 4: German Club 3. 4: Nafional Honor So- ciefy 3, 4: GAA 2 BUDAGHER, LINDA P. BURKE, LONNIE-Sfudenf Council 4: Drama Club4 BURLBAVY, LYNN-Safefy Associafion 3: Li- brary Aide 3: Track 3: Vicfor Viking 4 BLEIL, LESTER-Ski Club 4: Engineering Circle 4 BLOOMFIELD, CATHY-Sfuclenf Council 3, 4: American Field Service 3, 4: Girls Sfafe 3: Sopho- more Senafe: Junior Senafe: Senior Senafe: Class Officer 2, 4: Bowling Club 2, 3, 4: French Club 2: Arf Club 3: Saga 2, 3, 4: Senior Play 4 BOYCE, SANDRA-Sfudenf Council 2: Safefy Associafion 3: Library Aides 2, 3: Taxidermy Club 4: Engineering Circle 2, 3, 4 BRENNEN, DAVID-Sfudenf Council 2, 4: Safefy Associafion 2: Tennis Club 2: Judo Club 3, 4 BRESHEARS, ANNE E. BROWN, GREG Seniors BURRALL, HARRISON-Baskelball 2, 3, 4 CABANISS, IRALENE CANDELARIA DELFINO Safely ASSOCI5lIOH 2: Engineers Circle CANDELARIA, PEGGY-Slucleni Council 2: Spanish Club 2 CANDELARIA, RUDOLPH C. CAPO, ROBERT GENE-Bowling Club 2. 3 Seniors CARBALLO, EDWARD-Baskefball 2: Fool- ball 2, 37 DE 4: Bowling Club 2: Spanish Club 2, 3: Naiional Spanish Honor Club 2, 3 CARDENAS, GLORIA-Safely Associafion 27 Office Aides 31 FHA 4 CASIAS, LINDA-Sludenr Council 3, 4: Sopho- more Senale: Junior Senale: Senior Senare: Library Aides: DE 4: French Club 4: Drama Club 3 CASIAS, RONALD CATON, SANDRA CERNY, CHERYL-Sludenr Council 2, 3, 4: Safely Associarion 2, 3, 4: Senior Senale: Super Senafe 3: Varsily Cheerleader: B-Team Cheerleader: Bowling Club 2: French Club 3, 4: Ski Club 4 CHAVEZ, ANDY A.-Sophomore Senaie: Jun- ior Senare: Senior Senare: Track 3 CHAVEZ, BARBARA ANN-GAA 2 CARNAHAN, STEPHEN M.-Srudenr Council 2, 3, 4: Sophomore Senare: Senior Senale: Class Officer 4: Eoolball 2: Key Club 4 CARRILLO, LORETTA CARROLL, CAROLYN-S+uden+ Council 4: OF- fice Aides 4: Ski Club 2, 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 4 CASADOS, GILBERT-Sludenl Council 2: Wres- Jrling 2, 3, 4: V-Club 3. 4 CARSTENS, CHRISTOPHER GERALD-Boy's Siare 3: Fooiball 2: Speech Club 2, 3, 4 CASAUS, ERNIE CHAVEZ, LORETTA M.-Sludenl' Council 3: Safely Associalion 3, 4: Sophomore Senale: Junior Sen- ale: Senior Senale: GAA 2: FTA 4: FBLA 4: AVA 2, 3, 4: Bowling 2, 3, 4: French Club 2, 3 CHAVEZ, MARY CELESTINA-Band 2, 3: FTA 4: FBLA 4 CHAVEZ, MERLINDA-Sluclenl' Council 2, 4: GAA 2: FBLA 4: AVA 3, 4 CHAVEZ, PAULINE V.-DE 4 CHAVEZ, ROBERTA A.-GAA 2: Spanish Club 2: Nalional Honor Sociely 3 CHAVEZ, ROSALIE A.-Fl-lA 3, 4: DE 4 CHAVEZ, CHRISTINA-Spanish Club 2: Na- lional Spanislfm Honor Sociely CHAVEZ, ELAINE-Tennis Club 4 CHAVEZ, lDA-Sophomore Senale: Junior Senale: Bookroom 2 CHAVEZ, IRENE-G-AA 4 CHAVEZ, LARRY RAY-Track 4: Slci Club 4 CHAVEZ, LEWIS-Sluclenl Council 3, 4: Sale- ly Associalion 2: Cross-Counlry 3, 4: Traclc 4: Baseball 2: Baslcelball 2: V-Club 3, 4: Ari Club 3 CHAVEZ, VIVIEN H.-Sfuclenl Council 2, 3: Junior Senaiez Bowling Club 4 CINOVIC, MARGARET Seniors l i CONDER JUDY S+uclen'l Council 2 Senior Senafe CONNER GLENDA Bowling Club3 4 Sci ence Fair 2 Naironal Honor Socie'ry 3 4 CONTRERAS ROBERT J Slucleni' Council 2 Junior Senale Senior Senale Baslcelball 2 3 Foofball 2 3 4 CORAZZA PATRICK M Sruclenf Council 3 Go 2 3 4 CORDOVA, CHRIS CORDOVA, ROBERT-Safely Associarion 2: Tennis Club 4 CUNNINGHAM, DARRELL CURRY, CAROL ANN-Siudeni' Council 2: FHA 4 CURTISS, KATY-S+uclen+ Council 3: Safeiy Associ- aiion 4: Senior Senaie: Office Aides 3: Spanish Club4 DAVIS, BARBARA MARY ANN-Junior Senaie: Senior Senaie: FBLA 3, 4: Spanish Club 3 DAVIS, WILLIAM-Safely Associaiion 4: Baseball 3, 4: Baslceiball 3, 4: Science Fair 2: Maih Club 3: Junior Achievemeni' 4: Engineering Club 2 DAWSON, NORMAN-Office Aides 2: Chess Club 3: OpereHa 2 CORONA, GENEVIEVE-Siudenf Council 3, 4: Sophomore Senaie: Senior Senaie: GAA 4 CORLEY, ALYCE-Siucleni Council 2, 4: Sophomore Senaie: Senior Senafe: Conceri Choir 3, 4: All Siaie Chorus 2, 3: Bowling Club 2, 4: French Club 2, 3, 4: Drama Club 4: Opereira 3, 4: Senior Play 4 CORONA, PAUL COTA, LINDA M.-Junior Senaie: GAA: Siu- deni Council 2 CROWLEY, NEAL CQUEVAS, LOUIS-DE 4 DEAN, CAREY ANN-Safeiy Associaiion 3: GAA 2: Tennis Club 3: Slci Club 3, 4 DELWICHE, LOIS-Sophomore Sena+e: Junior 5 Senaleq Senior Senale: Office Aides 2, 3 if Seniors DENNY, ARLENE-Safe+y Associa+ion 3: Li brary Aides 2: GAA 2: FBLA 4: DE 3, 4 Science Club 2: Junior Achievemeni 4 DEYO, RHONDA L. ciefy 3. 4: Senior Play, All School Play DOERR, CHRISTIAN JAMES-Band 2. 3 DONOGHUE, MARGARET-Library Aides 3 L Fl-lA 2 DOSCH, JOANNE INGA-VilceHes 4: Band 3 4: Dance Band 4 DIKE, WALTER H.-Speech Club 2, 3, 4: Dra- ma Club 2, 3: Nafional Spanish Honor So- ELLIOTT, FRANK-Senior Senafe: Wresfling 2, 3, 4 EMSWILER, KERRY-Safefy Associafion 2 ETTINGER, LINDA G.-Sfudenf Council 2, 3, 4 EVERETT, GENE D.-Sfudenf Council 2, 3, 4: Sfafe Sfudenf Council 2: American Field Service 2, 3. 4: Girls Sfafe: Sophomore Senafe: Junior Senafe: Senior Senafe: Super Senafe 3: Class Officer 2: French Club 2, 3, 4: Slci Club 4 EWING, PHILLIP-Sfudenf Council 4: Boys Sfafe 3: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Baslcefball 4: Foofball 2, 3, 4: V-Club 3, 4 FARIS, ELIZABETH DOWNING, GEORGE ANDREWS-American Field Service 2, 3, 4: Sophomore Senafe: Jun- ior Senafe: Senior Senafe: German Club 3, 4: Drama Club 3: Slci Club 3, 4 DUNCAN, DEBORAH-Safefy Associafion 4: Science Club 2, 3: Slci Club 3, 4: Legend 2 DUNNING, NANCY C.-Vilceffes 3: Band 3. 4: Orchesfra 2, 3, 4: All Sfafe Orchesfra 3: Dance Band 4: French Club 2, 3, 4: Science Club 2, 3: Slci Club 4: Senior Play DURAN, DIANA I. EASTMAN, MARK EDEN, MICKIE-So homore Senafe: Senior Senafe: Office Aides 3, 4: Library Aides 2: French Club 2, 3: Speech Club 2: Ski Club 4 FARN ESS, PATRINA-FHA 3 FIALA, CATHY-Concerl' Choir 4: All-Srale Chorus 4: Opereiria 4 Seniors l . Q FORBIS, DONNA-Bowling Club 3, 4: Science Club 2 FORMHALS, SHERMAN-S+uden'r Council 2, 3, 4: Sophomore Senare: Junior Senarei Sen- ior Senale: Super Senaie 3: Bowling Club 2: French Club 4: Key Club 3, 4: Srucleni' Coun- cil Workshop 3: Presideni' of Key Club 4 FORREST, BEVERLY-Senior Senaie: Varsiiy Cheerleader: B-Team Cheerleader: Office Aids 3: French Club 2, 3, 4: Legend 4 FORTE, CHARLES-S'ruden'r Council 3, 4: Band 2, 3, 4: Orchesira 3: Dance Band 3, 4: Op- ereHa 3 FOSTER, NAOMI E.-Office Aids 3, 4 FOWLKES, CLIFFORD FOX, LINDA R.-Sfudenf Council 2, 3, 4: Spirif SweefI1earfAffencIanf 3: GirI's Sfafe 4: Class Officer 2, 3: Sophomore Senafe: Junior Sen- afe FRANZ, MONICA FRASIER, MARGIE-Sfuclenl' Council 2, 4: Safefy Associafion 2. 4: Senior Senafe: Of- fice Aids 2. 3, 4: Fl-IA 2: Bowling Club 2: Opereffa 2. 3. 4 GALINDRO, PAULINE GALLEGOS, ROBERT L.-S'ruden+ Council 2: Sophomore Senafe: Junior Senafe GALLEGOS, TOBY Seniors GARCIA. DIANE-GAA 2 GARCIA, HELEN GARDNER, NELLIE A.-Safely Associa+ion 41 Library Aide 27 FFA 2: FTA 2, 4: Bowling Club 2: Speech Club 4 GARDNER, WHITNEY-Senior Senalre: Base- bell 2: Foolball 2: Senior Play 4: Youih Coun- ci 3 GAISIEDUNO, OLIVIA MARIA-Office Aide 2: 4 GARRETT, TOMMY-Senior Senale, Cross- Counlry 2, 3, 4: Traclc 3, 4 GEAR, ARCHIANN-GAA 2, 3, 4 GENTRY, VICKY LYNN-Foreign Exchange Sludenl: American Field Service 4: ViIceH'es 3, 4: FTA 4: Bowling Club 2, 3: French Club 2, 3, 4: Science Club 2, 3: Science Fair 31 Ski Club 41 Arl' Club 4 GARCIA, JOHN F. GARCIA, PEDRO-Spanish Club 2, 3, 4: Science Club 4 GARCIA, PEGGY-Office Aides 3, 4: FHA 4: DE4 GARCIA, ROMULO GARCIA, TERESA GARCIA, TERRY GEORGE. KATHLEEN-Safely Associaiion 2: Junior Senaireg Senior Senaie GIBSON, ROSEMARY ANN-GAA 3. 4: FBLA 4: Bowling Club 4 GOMEZ, BERNADETTE GOMEZ. DEANNA-Office Aides 3, 4 GOMEZ, VINCENT-Siudeni' Council 2, 4: Baseball 2: Baslceiball 2: Fooiball 2, 3, 47 Wresiling 3: V-Club 4: Spanish Club 4 GONZALES, BENJAMIN Seniors GONZALES, CLARA GONZALES, ELIAS J.-Siucleni' Council 2 Sophomore Senaiez Junior Sena+e GONZALES ROBERT GONZALES VIRGINIA Sluclenl Council 2 GAA 2 3 Nahonal Spanish Honor SOCISIY 2 3 4 Nahonal Honor Sociefy 3 4 Legend 2 GORDON DOROTHY A Nurses Aide 4 Li brary Aide 3 Chorus face Aide 3 4 FHA 4 DE 4 Junior Achieve menl' GOSSO RICHARD J Safely Associahon 3 Foolball 2 3 4 German Club 3 4 GRADY DONNA GONZALES, FELIX GONZALES, FRANK GONZALES. PAT L.-FFA 2. 3. 4 GONZALES, PEARL-Sludenl' Council 3. 4: French Club 4: Drama Club 3, 4: Ski Club 4: Nalional Honor Sociely 3. 4: All School Play 4 GONZALES, RAYMOND N. GONZALES, RICHARD-Senior Sena+e: Concerlr Choir 3: Office Aicle 3: Library Aide 4 GORTON, TANA L.-Sludenl Coiuncil 4r Of- GRIEGO, NANCY GRIFFIN, IDA MAE-S+uden+ Council 2: Li brary Aide 2: GAA 2 GRIFFIN, PHIL-Boys Siafe 3: Band 2, 3. 4: Library Aide 3: Track 2, 3, 4: FTA 2: V-Club 4: Speech Club 4 GROVE, BETTY GUSHARD, CLAUDIA-Nurses Aides 2, 3: GAA 2, 3: Opereiia 2 GUTIERREZ, CELINA Seniors GUTIERREZ, FRANCES G GUTIERREZ, JOE S. HARALSON BETTY RAE Sluclenf Council 2 3 4 S+a+e Sluclenl Council 3 American Fuelcl Service 4 Senior Senafe Super Senafe Speech Club 4 HARRIS CARL G Junior Senale HARRIS FLOYD HARRISON LINDA HATCH RODNEY Science Club 2 Scnence Farr 2 3 4 Speech Club 4 Engrneernng Crr cle 2, , 3 HATTON, SANDRA Concerf Cholr 3, 4 GUTIERREZ, MARY ANN-Safely Associafion 2 47 Vilce'r'res 3: DE 4g Ar+ Club 43 Junior Achieve meni' 4: Senior Play 4 GUTIERREZ, MARY RITA-GAA 3 GUTIERREZ, SALLY M. GUTIERREZ, SAMMY A.-Safely Associafion 2: Dance Band 2, 3, 4 GUTIERREZ, VALENTINO HARDYMAN, CYNTHIA A.-Sfudenr Council 2: Sophomore Senalei FBLA 3 33 Orchesfra 37 Science 'Fair 2, 3, 47 I I4 I r ' HAUSER, DIANNE HEISTER, RONALD-Sfudenf Council 2, 3. 4: American Field Service 3, 4: Boys Sfafe 3, 4: Sophomore Senafe: Junior Senafe: Senior Sen- afe: Class Officer 4: DE 3: Tennis Club 2. 4: Key Club 4: Senior Play 4: All School Play 3 HENLINE, STARLENE-German Club 3. 4 HERMAN, GEORGE-Baseball 2, 3: Foofball 2, 3 HERRERA, CECELIA HICKSON, LUCILLE HIGGINS, LARRY-Sfudenf Council 3: Safefy Associafion 2: Band 2, 4 HILL, JEFFREY HILL, LINDA K. HILLER, LINDA A. HOLDEN, CARMEN-Safefy Associafion 2: Li- brary Aide 2: Tennis Club 3, 4: Science Club 2 HOLTS, CANDACE-Senior Senafe: FTA 4: Speech Club 3, 4: French Club 4: Engineer- ing Circle 3 HOMRICH, MARY ANNE-DE 4 HOOD, JO ANN-Sfudenf Council 4: Safefy Associafion 2, 3: Senior Senafe: Office Aides 2, 3, 4: DE 3: Senior Play 4 HOOTS, ROBERT LARRY-Baskefball 2 HOPKINS, LYNN-Orchesfra 2, 3: Office Aides 3, 4: Drama Club 3: Ski Club 2, 3, 4: Nafional Honor Sociefy 3, 4: Senior Play 3 HOPPER, BILLIE-Library Aide 3: French Club 4: Science Club 2: Speech Club 2, 3, 4 HORCHHEIMER, BEVERLY-Safefy Associa- fion 2: Junior Senafe: Senior Senafe: Office Aide 3: Bowling Club 2: Legend 3, 4 Seniors HOUSTON, LOUELLA-Girls Sfafe 4: Cheer- leader: Concerf Choir 3, 4: GAA 2, 3, 4: Opereffa 3, 4 HOWARD, BONNIE FERRELL-Sfudenf Coun- cil 3: Bowling Club 3, 4: Opereffa 3: Chorus 2, 3, 4 HOWARD, CANDY-Ski Club 2, 4: Saga 4 HOWAT, KATHY R.-Office Aides 2, 3, 4: DE 3, 4 HOWELL, MARGARET-Sluclenl Council 3: Soph- omore Senale: French Club 3, 4: Drama Club 2, 3, 4: Senior Play 2, 3, 4: All School Play 2, 3, 4 HUGHES, ERNIE-DE 2 HUGHES, JERRY HUTCHISON, KATHRYN-Sludenl Council 3, 4: Safely Associalion 2: Senior Senale: Orcheslra 2, 3, 4: Concerl' Choir 4: French Club 3, 4: Ski Club 3, 4: Drama Club 2: Operella 3, 4 HUTZEN, IONA INGRAM, TERRY-GAA 2: Ski Club 2, 4: Arl Club 4 ISSELHARDT, STEPHANIE JAHN, ALICE-GAA 2. 3 JARAMILLO, CLARENCE JARAMILLO, ELOY JARAMILLO, JOE R.-Safely Associalion 2, 3: Sophomore Senale: Junior Senale: Bas- kelball 2: Foolball 2: AVA 2: DE 3, 4: V- Club 3, 4: Bowling Clulo 4: Junior Achieve- menl' JARAMILLO, KEN JIMERSON, JOHNNIE JOHNSON, BEVERLY JOHNSON, FRED K.-Sophomore Senale: Junior Senale: Concerl Choir 3, 4: All Slale Chorus 3: Nalional Spanish Honor Sociely 2: Operella 2, 3, 4 JOHNSON, GEORGE DOUGLAS-Legend 4 Seniors JOHNSON, JUDY A.-Sophomore Senale: Tennis Club 4 JOHNSON, ROBERT E. JONES, R. FRANK-AVA 2, 3. 4: Operella 2 KAMPLAIN, DAVID B. KAMPLAIN, FRED B. KEES, PATRICIA ANN KELLEY, SUE E.-Nurses Aicle 4: Bowling Club 4: German Club 3, 4: Arl' Club 3 KETTLES, LINDA-All Slale Cliorus 2, 3, 4: DE 4 KENNEDY, TIM-Sluclenl Council 2, 3, 4: Slale Sludenl Council 3: Am. Field Service 3, 4: Boys Slale 3: Safely Associalion 2: Jun- ior Senale: Senior Senale: Super Senale 3: Class Officer 3: Track 2, 3, 4: Wreslling 2, 3, 4: V-Club 2, 3, 4: Taxidermy Club 3, 41 Key Club 4 KINCER, JESSE D. KINSEY, MARGARET-Sluclenl Council 3: Or- cl1es'rra 2, 3, 4: German Club 3, 4: Nalional Honor Sociely 3, 4: Operella 2, 3, 4 KITCHELL, MARY KOPPEL, M. STANLEY-Concerl' Clwoir 3, 4: Track 3, 4: Judo Club 3: Operella 2, 3, 4 KOZLOWSKI, ROSEMARY-Safely Associa- 'rion 4: FBLA 3 KROGDAHL, PAULA-Orches+ra 2, 3, 4: All S+a+e Orchesfra 3: French Club 4: Ski Club 3, 4: Nalional Honor Sociely 3, 4: Operella 2, 3, 4 LANIER, FREDDIE DIANE-Sludeni Council 2, 3, 4: Safely Associalion 3: FTA 4 LAWRENCE, GARY BRENT-Bowling Clulo 3: Ma+h Club 3 LEESON, RALPH-Track 2, 3 LEIKER, GARRY L.-Senior Senafe: Foolball 2, 3, 4: Wreslling 2, 3, 4: AVA 4: V-Club 3. 4 LESTER, AUDREY KAY Seniors LEVANDOSKI, JUDY-Office Aide 3: Fl-lA 3 LEWIS, CELESTE-Girls Slale 3: Sophomore Senale: Junior Senale: Senior Senale: Cheer- leaoler: Concerl' Choir 2, 3, 4: All Slale Cho- rus 3: French Clulo 2, 3: Ski Club 3, 4: Operella 2, 3, 4 LEWIS DIANE Senior Senaie Science Fair 2 LEWIS, JUDITH L.-Library Aide 2 Seniors LEWIS, SHARON LOUISE S'rucIen'r Council 4: Safe+y Associa'rion 2: FHA 2: DE 3: Bowl- ing CIub 2: Chess Club 2: Drama Club 27 Ari' CIub 3 LEYBA, FRANK M. LEYVA, PETE G.-Safeiy Associaiion 2: Base- ball 2, 3, 4: Foo+baII 2, 3, 4: V-Club 4: Saga 4: Key Club 4 LONG, GAIL A.-German Club 4: Opere+'ra LONGACRE, NORMA Sophomore Senafe. Office Aide 2: FHA 4: DE 4 LOPEZ, LARRY-Legenqlb,4 LOPEZ, MARGARET JEAN-Sophomore Sen- aleg Junior Senaleg Senior Senale: Office Aide 2: GAA 2: DE 4: Bowling Club 2 LOPRESTO, RICHARD E.-FFA 2, 3 LOVATO, RICHARD A. LUCERO, CHRISTINE L.-GAA 2: DE 4: Bowl- ing Club 2 LUCERO, KATHLEEN-Drama Club 4 LUCERO, MARSHALL-DE 4: Chorus 3 LUCERO, OLYMPIA-Office Aides 2. 3: GAA 2 LUCERO, PRISCILLA-Drama Club 4: Operella 2, 3: Senior Play 47 Vi-Queen Courlr, Chorus LUCERO, VICKIE LUCIANI, ANGELA-S+uclen+ Council 4: Vi-Queen Courl: Junior Senale: Senior Senale LUJAN, ANTHONY-Wreslling 2: Sluclenl' Coun- cil 2 LUJAN, GILBERT-Clworus LUJAN. TONY. JR. LUNA, ELIZABETH-Concerl Choir 3, 4 Seniors MADRID MAXINE S'l'uden1' Council 2 3 4 Junior Senale Senlor Senafe Super Sen ale 3 Drama Clulo 4 Senior Play 4 MAES HAZEL Sluclenl' Council 4 Jumor Senale Semor Senale Tenms Club 4 MAESTAS FLAVIO JCSEPH Sophomore Sen a+e Junior Senalre Sensor Senalre Band 3 Orcl1es+ra 2 Concerf Cl1OIF4 DE 3 Operel a MAESTAS JOAN Sludenl' Counczl2 3 GAA MAHER, MARY-Sophomore Senalep FTA 27 Junior Aclwievemenl' 3: Senior Play 2 MANN CHARLES F.-Sfuolenl Councnl 41 Sen- ror Senale DE 3 4 Junior Aclwlevemenl 4 MANN, JOHN O.-Sfudenf Council 2: Safe- fy Associafion 2: Junior Senafe: Class Offi- cer 3: Wresfling 2: Chess Club 3: Arf Club 2 MARIANO, ANNA JEAN-GAA 3, 4: FBLA 4 MARQUEZ, LUPIE L.-Safefy Associafion 3: Library Aide 2, 3, 4 MARTIN, LONNIE D.-Safefy Associafion 3: Judo Club 4 MARTIN, PATRICIA ANN-Sfudenf Council 2, 3, 4: Spirif Sweefhearf 2: Safefy Associa- fion 3: Sophomore Senafe: Junior Senafe: Senior Senafe MARTINEZ, ARABELLA-Chorus MARTINEZ, CECILIA-Safefy Associafion 2: DE 2 MARTINEZ, EDWARD W., JR.-Band 2, 3. 4: All Sfafe Band 4: Orchesfra 3: Dance Band 2, 3, 4: Opereffa 3 MARTINEZ, FRANCES-Safefy Associafion 3: Of- fice Aide 4: Library Aide 2, 3: GAA 4: Bowling Club 4 MARTINEZ, JIMMIE S.-Eoofball 2, 3, 4 MARTINEZ, MARGARET R.-Senior Senafe: Nur- ses Aide 3, 4: GAA 2: DE 3: Drama Club 4: Senior Play 4 MARTINEZ, MARTHA-Sfudenf Council 2. 3. 4: Girls Sfafe 3: Safefy Associafion 2: Sophomore Senafe: Junior Senafe: Senior Senafe: Office Aide 3, 4: GAA 2: Bowling Club 2, 3, 4 Lillie ., .I Q MARTINEZ, REBECCA-Sluclenf Council 2, 3. 4: Siale Sluclenl Council 3: Girls Slale 3: Sophomore Sena+e: Junior Senaie: Sen- ior Senafe: Class Officer 3: GAA 2: Bowl- ing Club 2, 3. 4 MARTINEZ, RICHARD H. Seniors MARTINEZ, RICHARD S. Baseball 2. 4. Bas lcelball 2, 3, 4 MARTINEZ, ROBERT MARTINEZ, RUDY O.--Baseball 2: Baslceiball 2, 3: Legend 4 MARTINEZ, TOMMY-Baseball 2, 3. Foolrball 3. 4: Nalional Honor Socieiy 3, 4 MATHEWS, LARRY D. MATTHEWS, ROBERT-Orchesfra 2, 3. 4: Sci- ence Club 2, Science Fair 2. 3, 4. Malh Club 2. 3: Speech Club 2, 3, 4: Drama Club 3: Nalional Honor Socieiy 4: Opere'r'ra 2. 3: Senior Play 3: All School Play 3: Youih Sym- phony 3 McALLISTER, FLORA BELLE-Srudenr Coun eil 2, 3, 4: Vi-Queen Courf 4: Safely Asi socialion 2: Senior Senale: B-Team Cheer- leader: DE 3 MCCLURE, KATHY MCGONAGLE, LOUISE-Library Aides 4 FTA 2: Nalrional Honor Sociefy 4 McINTYRE, JOHN C.-Bowling Club 3, 4 McKINNEY, CAROLE S.-Sophomore Senarep DE 4 MCKINLEY, ROBERT DEAN-Sludeni Council 2. 3, 4: S+a+e S+uclen'r Council 3: Boys S'ra+e 3: Orchesrra 2, 3: Senior Class Play MELBIHESS, DARLENE MENDEZ, MARIE-Arr Club 2 MIERA, JOE ROBERT-Srudenl' Council 2. 3: Sophomore Senale: Speech Club 2, DECA MILLER, JAMIE RAE-Ski Club 4 MILLER, JEFFREY E.-Sophomore Senafe: Junior Senafe: Senior Senale: Legend 3, 4 MILLER, MICHAEL S.-Orcheslra 4: German Club 3, 4: Narional Honor Sociefy 3, 4: Opererfa 4 MONTOYA, PAUL RICHARD-Safely Associalion 2, 3, 4: Sophomore Senal'e:: Junior Senale: Sen.- ior Senaie: Super Sena'l'e 3: Baseball 2, 3: Bas- lcelloall 2: FBLA 4: DE 2: Spanish Club 2: Na- Jrional Spanish Honor Socieiy 3, 4: Senior Play 4: Youih Council MOORE, T. HAROLD-Band 2: Foolball 2, 3, 41 Wres'I'ling 2, 3, 4: V-Club 3, 4 MORRIS, PATRICIA-FFA Sweelhearl 3: Junior Sena+e: FHA 2: Bowling Club 3: Saga 3, 4 MORRISROE, KEVIN M. MOSES, GARY LYNN-Band 2, 3: Orchesira 2, 3: Dance Band 2: Wresfling 3: Science Fair 2, 3: Operelia 3 MOSHER, DANETTE MIRELES, MARY HELEN-Orcheslra 3, 4: OF- fice Aides 2: DE 4: Naiional Spanish Honor Sociely 3 MONTOYA, ALICE-Office Aides 3, 4 MONTOYA, DIANA MONTOYA, JOSEPH GERALD-S Jr u d e n T Council 2, 4: Boys Slale 3: Sophomore Sen- a're: Senior Sena+e: Class Officer 2, 4: Bas- lceiball 2: Wreslling 3, 4: V-Club 4 MONTOYA, JOHN B.-DE 4 MONTOYA, JOHN MICHAEL-AVA 2: DE 3, 4: Junior Achievernenl 2 E MOSHER, KATHLEEN-Siudeni Council 2, 3: Vi-Queen Couri 4: Vilceiie 4: FHA 4: Ski Club 4: Arr Club 3 MOTICHKO, MIKE-Foolball 2: Golf 2, 3, 4: Engineering Club 4 Seniors MOTTO, BARBARA ANN-S+uclen+ Council 2: Office Aides 2, 3: DE 4 MOYA, VICTORIA JEAN-Siudenl Council 4: Safely Associaiion 2: Mixed Chorus MULLER, BERTHA-Office Aides 3: Mixed Chorus MUNN, LINDA KAY-AVA 2. 3, 4: DE 4: Science Fair 2 MURRAY, BRENT-Siudeni Council 2, 3: Baseball 2, 4: Fooiball 2, 3, 4: Wresiling 2, 4: FFA 2, 3: V-Club 2, 3, 4: Key Club 4 MYNSBERGEN, MIEKE-Slrudenl' Council 2 NIETO, CHARLES-Foolball 2 NORSWORTHY, GEORGE-Concerlr Choir 4: Bowling Club 4: Juclo Club 4: Taxidermy Club 4 NORTON, LARRY B.-Engineering Club OLIVAS, VIRGIL-Bancl 2, 3, 4: Orcheslra 3: Dance Band 3 OLONA, ORLANDO-Senior Sena+e: Conceri Choir 3, 4: All Slrale Chorus 4: FTA 4: Judo Club 3: Operella 3, 4 ORDONEZ, CHRISTINE-Sfucleni' Council 2, 4: Senior Senale 4: GAA 2, 4 NATIONS, NANCY ANN-Band 2, 3, 4: Or- cheslra 4: Dance Band 4: Lalin Club 2, 3. 4: Science Club 2, 3: Science Fair 2, 37 Speech Club 2, 3, 4: Naiional Honor So- ciely 3, 4 NATZKE, MARSHA-Super Seiwalre 3: Chorus 2, 3: GAA 2: German Club 3: Ski Club 2, 3, 4 NAVALESI, DONNA NAVALESI, JOE-Sluclenlr Council 4: Boys Slale 3: Sophomore Senale: Junior Sena+e: Senior Senaie: Super Senale 3: Cross-Coun- Jrry 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4: AVAV4: V-Club 4: Key Club 4: Legend 4 NEELY, JAMES LOUIS-Safely Associaiion 2: Conceri Choir 4: Drama Club 3, 4: Operella 3, 4: Senior Play 4 NEH ER, ALLEN R. Q ORTIZ, GEORGE ORTIZ, LARRY Seniors OTERO, RICHARD OUGER, PATRICIA-Junior Senaie: Senior Senaiep Office Aides 3: DE 3 OVERMIER, ALAN Safeiy ASSOCIaiIOn 2, Ten nis 21 Ski Club 3,4gCI1ess Club 2 PABLO, WILHELMINA-Office Aides 4: GAA 2, 3: FHA 4 PACHECO. MARY LOU-FBLA 3, 4 PADILLA, PAUL C. PARR, CAROL-Sfudeni Council 2: Vi-Queen Couri 4: Girls S'ra're 3: Judo Club 4 PEAK, DEBRA L.-Siudeni Council 4: Safely As- sociaiion 3, 4: Junior Senaie: Senior Senaie: Class Officer 4: FBLA 3: French Club 3, 4 PEDROZA, ROBERT JOE-Safeiy Associaiion 4: Baseball 2 PEECHER, LINDA-Office Aides 3, 4: Bowling Club 3 PELOT, RITA PEREA, M. VICTOR PADILLA, STELLA PAISANO, LOUISE PALACIOS, JENNIE-Sophomore Senaie: Off fice Aioles 2, 3, 4: GAA 2, 3, 4 PALACIOS, PHYLLIS-Sophomore Senaie: Junior Senaie: Senior Senaie: GAA 2, 3, 4 PARKE, CAROLE ANN-GI-IA 3: Conceri Choir 4 PARKER, GARY-Bancl 2, 3: Baseball 2 PLAGENS, JIM-S+uden+ Council 2, 3, 4: Sophomore Senaie: Junior Senaie: Senior Senaie: Cross-Couniry 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4: V-Club 3, 4 POGAN, JANIS-Siudeni Council 4: Safely Associaiion 2, 3: Sophomore Senaie: Junior Senaie: Senior Senaie: Bowling Club 2, 3: German Club 3: Chorus 2, 3 Seniors PONCE, PAT D. Conceri Choir 4. Dance Band 2: Wresiling 2, 3: Judo Club 2, 3 POPER, SHIRLEY Conceri' Choir 3, 4, Operei 'la 2, 3, 4 POTTS, LLOYD WAYNE-DE 4: Science Fair PULAKOS, KATHY-Safely Associaiion 2: GAA 2, 3: Science Fair 2: Naiional Spanish Honor Socieiy 2, 3, 4: Nalrional Honor So- cieiy 3, 4: Opereiia 3, Mixed Chorus 3, 4 RAWLINGS, MADELINE ANNE Senior Sen are: Office Aides 4: Bowling Club 4: Ski Club 4 RECTOR, JACK-Baseball 3: FFA 3, 4: Bowling Club 3 REED, SUSAN A.-Tennis Club 4: Ski Club 2 3, 4 REED, TIM-Band 2, 3 Seniors REEDER, LINDA-Safely Associalion 2 REINEKE, KAY-Tennis Club 4: Slci Club 2, 3, 43 Ari Club 2 REYES, VIRGINIA A.-Sludenl Council 3: Sale- Jry Associalion 4 RIDNOUR, MICHAELE E. RIGSBY, KATHY-Sludenl Council 2: Senior Senaleg Office Aides 2, 37 :GAA 3: Saga 4 RIPLEY, DALE-Band 2, 3: Baseball 3, 4: V- Club 4 RIVERA, ROBERT LEONARD-Boys Slale 3: Safely Associalion 3, 4: Junior Senale: Sen- ior Sena+e: Wreslling 3, 4: FBLA 4: V-Club 4: Key Club 4 ROBERTSON, JUDY-Sludenl' Council 3, 4: Junior Senale 3: Senior Senale 4: Cheerlead- er RODENBEEK, SUE-German Club 3, 4: Speech Club 4: Drama Club 3, 4: Ski Club 4: Arl Club 3: Operella 3, 4: Senior Play: All School Play ROETKER, JOE ROGERS, BEVERLY ROGERS, JERRY L.-Sluolenl' Council 2, 3 ROMERO, LORRAINE JUDY-Sluclenl' Council 2: Library Aioles 2 ROMERO, ROMAN-Sludenl Council 3: Junior Senale: DE 3 ROMERO, TONY ROSENBAUGH, SUSAN ROSS, HELEN-S'ruden+ Council 2, 3, 4: Junior Senale: Senior Senale: Super Senale 3: Drama Club 4: Senior Play: All School Play 4 ROUSSEL, MIKE SANCHEZ, VERONICA-Junior Senalre SANDOVAL, AUDREY-Sludenl' Council 2, 4 Girls S'ra+e 3: Bowling Club 2, 3, 4 Seniors SANDS, NICHOLS S.-Speech Club 3. 4: Engineering Circle 3 SATTERFIELD, BILL SAVAGE, DARLA-S+uden+ Council 2: VikeHes 3, 4: Office Aides 2: Legend 4 SAXTCN, NANCY-Junior Achievemenf 3, 4 SCHORR, MARY SCHMITT, ROSEMARY-S+udenl' Council 4: Sophomore Senalrei Library Aides 2. 3 SEDILLO, NICK SEDILLO, PATRICK-Chess Club 4: Engineer- ing Circle SEGURA, ANDREW-Sludenl Council 31 Safe- ly Associalion 2: Science Fair 2 SENA, DIANA-Sophomore Senale: Junior Senaleq Office Aides 2, 3: DE 3 SEVIER, JACK SHEA, TERRY-FFA 2. 3, 4 SHELTON, DENISE-Sluclenl Council 2: Safely Associalion 2, 3: Chorus 3, 4: FBLA 3, 4 SHELTON, GARY-Sludenl Council 27 Safely As- socialion 3: Wreslling 2, 3, 41 V-Club 3, 4 SHERIDAN, DOROTHY-Office Aides 21 FTA 42 German Club 3, 4: Malin Club 4: Nalional Honor Sociely 3, 4 SHERMAN, CHERY-FTA 3. 4 SHRADER, DARRYL SICKENGER, RODNEY MIKE-Sludenl Council 27 DE 4 SILVA, ERLINDA-Safefy Associafion 4: FTA 47 FBLA 4: Senior Play 4 ' SILVA, MARIAN L.-Office Aides 3. 4: GAA 2 SISNEROS, MARGARET l.-Senior Senafe: Office Aides 4: FBLA 4 SKINNER, GEORGE SMID, VERNON E. SMITH, ELLEN-FTA 4: Speech Club 4 SMITH, ELVIRA-FBLA 4: Tennis Club 4 SMITH, E. RICHARD SMITH, STEVE W.-Sfuclenf Council 4: Bancl 2. 3: Dance Band 3: Wresfling 2, 3. 4: Ger- man Club 3, 4: Ski Club 2. 3, 4 SMITH, TEREAH SMITHER, JOHN E. SOOS, BECKY-Concerf Choir 3, 4: All Sfafe Chorus 3: Office Aides 2: FBLA 4: Drama Club 2, 3, 4: Opereffa 2, 3. 4 SPEER, GLENNA SPEER, JOSEPH SPITZ, TERRENCE CHARLES-Golf 2 STANSBERRY, JACK STARKS, VIVIAN-Junior Senafeg Bowling Club 2 STATKUS, SUSAN-GAA 2: Speech 2. 3: Ski Club 2, 3, 4 Seniors STOCKTON, JAMES-Safely Associafion 3: Traclc 2, 3, 45 Baslcelball 47 Foolball 2, 3, 47 V-Club 3, 4 STONE, CAROLYN-Office Aides 3, 4: Ari Club 2 STOUT, BETHEL-Siudeni of The Monlh 3: Girls S'raIe 3: Safely Associaiion 3: GAA 2, 3, 4: Bowling Club 2 STRAWN, MARY M.-Safely Associalion 3: Li- brary Aide 2: AVA 3 SUHR, DORIS-Siudeni Council 3: Sophomore Senaie: Junior Senaie: Senior Senale: Bowling Club 3, 4 SULLIVAN, KATHY-Safely Associarion 2: Sopho- more Senaie: Science Club 2: Slci Club 2 SUMMERS, NANCY-S'IucIen'r Council 2: Vi-Queen Courr 4: Band 3: Orchesira 3: Science Club 2: Ski Club 3, 4: Naiional Honor Sociery 3, 4: Senior Play 4 SZEMAN, ERIC I l TAFOYA, ANN-ABELLA M.-DE 4: Mixed Cho- rus 3, 4 TAYLOR, GRETCHEN TAYLOR, MARGARET JANE-S+uden+ Coun- cil 3: Chorus 2, 3, 4 TAYLOR, MILTON RAY TENORIO, ELIZABETH ANNTIONETTE-Oi lice Aides 4: FI-IA 4 THOMAS, CAROLYN-Ar+ Club 3 THORP, JACK-S'ruden'r Council 2, 3, 4: Soph- omore Senare: Senior Sena+e: Foofball 2, 3, 4: DE 4: V-Club 4: Bowling Club 47 Ski Club 4: Key Club 2, 3, 4: Senior Play 4: All School Play 4 TORRES, BEN M. TORRES, THERESA-GAA 2: DE 2: Spanish Club 2 TOYA, RONALD-Sophomore Senaie: Senior Senaie: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Baskerball 2, 3, 4: AVA 3, 4: German Club 2, 3,4 TRUJILLO, ARLENE TRUJILLO, FIDEL Seniors TRUJILLO, JQANN-GAA 4 TRUJILLO, JOHN A.-Junior Senale: Senior Senare: Super Senaie 2, 3, 4: Foorball 2, 3, 4: AVA 2, 3, 4: Senior Play 4: All School Play 4 ,,., ,.,:f,f'lf?1:xf35Ql:,.,, . ,'3' Ha, ff Sq - fa :mga rzswfigmggjgzugwfig , K in Ere w?:rfrfriG?2'i? TRUJILLO, MORRIS TSUTSUMI, HENRIETTA-GAA 2. 3. 4 TSYITEE, ARTHUR PAUL-Drama Club 4: Operel- 'ra 2, 3, 4: Senior Play 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4 TSYITEE, EDWARD-Safely Associalion 2: Con- cerl' Choir 4 Drama Club 3 4 O ereH'a 2 3, : . : p . 4: Senior Play 3, 4: All School Play,2, 3, 4 TUCKER, PATRICIA-Office Aides 2 ULIBARRI, KATHERINE ULIBARRI, MARCIA C.-Drama Club 3 VALDEZ, ERNIE VALDEZ, FRANK VALDEZ, GILBERT-Sluclenl' Council 3: Track 2, 3: Baseball 4: Baselclball 2, 3, 4: Fool- loall 2. 3, 4: V-Club 3, 4 VALDEZ, JOHNNY R.-Orclweslra 2, 3, 4: Baseloall4 VALDEZ, MARIE ANNETTE-GAA 2 VASQUEZ, DANNY men'r 4 VERNON, KERRY-All Slrale Orcheslra 4 Spanish Club 4: Junior Achievemenl 4 VILLESCAS, JOSE S. VINCENT, VELYNN Seniors VISIC, MARY-Slucleni Council 2, 4: Girls S+a+e: Junior Senale: Speech Club: Nalional Honor Socieiy: French Club 3 WALTERS, JORJA LEIGH-S+uolen1' Council 4: Safely Associaiion 2: American Field Service 2: Junior Senale: Orcheslra 2, 3: GAA 2: Science Club 2: Drama Club 2, 3: Slci Club 2, 3, 4: Ari Club 2, 3 VENTERS, NELDA Y.-FHA 4: Junior Achieve- VILLESCAS, DAVID-Sludenl Council 2, 47 rl, Qiugw, 4,,,:g5gfkggggy3g,,gy1gg'L4,a,5gjggi -Wlfinltkf-Z'::,iivffEffis1553:5!5wkE7:i5Z:?5lif- if9gZ:,4f::.:M5,,.i.f1Wmfu..,.Ddzffffrwfnwmvifmf:wifm-wfvifff 'siisifizilr-W gf :al ,Q -fzrw' ' ' 're' 1 K 1 9 E 'il if lm L' ll. A' - fii- ii in i T Q W W E "U 4 , hi L i z K K L iv f lai r - Q 3 5353353211 E. T, :gli will ul' A fi? '.v,e-1'f',e,,'f'i-X if .-, ' V Q ,gg Xh f 3 . .. . Q. .g , wamwmmiwismmwswqwsmwwi WARBOIS, WILLIAM C.-FFA 3, 41 Science Club 2 WARD, WILLIAM TOM-Siudeni Council 4: Track 3, 4: Foo+ball 4: Wresiling 4: V-Club 4: Key Club 4 WATSON, LINDA-Nurses Aides 3, 4 WATTS, GARY-Safely Associa+ion 2: Senior Senaie: Tennis 2, 3: Tennis Club 2: Bowling Club 4 WEIRICH, PETER-Baskeiball 3: Tennis 4: Op- ere'r+a 3, 4: Senior Pla 4: All School Play 4: Conceri Choir 4: All S'ra+e Chorus 4 WELCH, BARBARA-Spanish Club 37 Operei- ia 3 Seniors WELCH, PAMELA WENDT, GERALD E.-Foo+baII 3, 4 WILT, RICKEY P. WIMBERLY, JERRY WOOD, EVELYN M.-Arr Club 2, 3 WOOD, GLENDA SUE-Senior Senale: FBLA 3, 4: Bowling Club 3, 4: German Club 4 WRIGHT, EDWARD F.-Band 2, 3, 4: Science Fair 3: Legend 4 YOUNG, HERSHEL J.-Baseball 2 WH ITE, PATSY WHITE, SHARON-Office Aides 2, 3: Bowling Club4 WIECHERT, KATHY-Siudenl Council 3: Safely Associalion 2: FFA 2, 3, 4: Bowling Club 3 WILHELM, DIANNA WILLIAMS, LULA M.-Nurses Aides 3: Operella 2: Chorus 2, 3, 4 WILLMARTH, ANN-Siudenl' Council 3: Safely Associalion 3: Vi-Queen Courl 4: Office Aides 4: Library Aides 2: Slci Club 3, Nalional Honor Sociely 3, 4 ZACHARY, ROBERT A. ZACKORY, RICHARD ZAMORA, CHRIS-Library Aides 3, 4: Tennis Club 4: Juclo Club 3. 4: Naiional Spanish Honor Sociely ZAMORA, MAGDALENA ZAMORA, SALLY L.-Office Aides 3: GAA 2, 4: Spanish Club 2 ZIBETTI, ENRICO Seniors ZICKERT, TODD ZUVER, CHERI-Speech Club 4 Allison, Maria Ansley, Donnie Ansley, Ronnie Apodaca, Alberl- R. Aragon, Rachel Aflcinson, Dan E. Baca, Olivia Barbone, June Late Seniors Barela, Randolph Bea'H'y, Phil Begay, Irene H. Berry, Linda G. Bowman, Glen H. Brown, Edward Brown, Lorene Burns, Cynihia Cadman, Pearl Casaus, Chris M. Chavez, Barbara Ann Chavez, Johnny Cochrane, Ron Cole, Nancy A. Comyford, Roberi' Conireras, Lupe M DeHar+, Clayion Diswood, lneih Diswood, Bei-ha Dunn, Clyde E. Duran, Vivian E. Flinchum, James M. Fragua, Rose T. Francis, Rena Kas+ning, David Kedelf , Sfanley Klecl, Jack S. Lassen, Lisa M. Leyba, Eddie H. Lopez, Benifa Lorenfzen, John Lucero, An'l'hony E. Lucero, John C. Lucero, Valenfin Lucero, Waller Lu'rher, Mariiane Madrid, Roberl' Marquez, Berfha Marfinez, Jimmy McGregor, Richard A. Merriman, Marvele Monfano, Lawrence Monfoya, Carmen F. Morgan, BeHy B. Morgan, E'Ha M. Neeley, Marlin Olguin, Ricky ParkeH', Ber+ha V. Goodluclc, Evelyn Gray, Guy M. Henderson, Carmen Jim, Arlene Johnson, Bobby R. Johnson, Rojena A. Johnson, Russell Jones, Barry L. Samples of Valley's birlhday cake are being passed out al The annual Birlhday dance. Late Seniors PaH'ison, Jim F. Pugh, Jim Rael, Eddie Redhouse, Nellie Revels, Jerry D. Rhodes, lvan Rogers, Mike R. Salciesfewa, Rulh Salabye, Johnny Sanchez, Angie M Sanchez, Priscilla Marie Sandoval, Rose Mary Sena, John M. Sena, Pefer A. Shirley, Linda Shurfer, Brad Simpson, Oscar Sisneros, George G. Skinner, Glenda Sfill, Kennifh SuH'on, Joyce Tapia, Margaref Truiillo, Leo P. Tso, Marie'H'a Wallers, Gerald Wanlcel, Carol WhiH'en, James Garry William, Woodie L. Willie, Dennis Yazzie, Emma Lou Junior Class Officers Marie Conlreras-Vice Presidenl' Phyllis Marlin-Sluclenl Council Rep. Jerry Chavez-Presiclenl Chris Brill-Treasurer Theresa Corclova-Secrelary The Junior Class The class ol I967 is a class in lhe middle. looked up lo by lhe Sopho- mores, bul nol yel noliced by lhe Seniors. The Junior Classes now and previously have seemed lo be a parl ol lhe background al Valley. The Juniors lhis year have lried lo meel a poinl where lhey were looked up lo as lhe mighly Junior Class. Junior boys are a parl ol lhe loolball leam and lhe baskelball leam. We lried our besl in reaching lhis poinl by honors in sporls and exlracurricular aclivilies. To gel acquainled wilh lheir lellow classmales lhe Juniors held a Junior Class parly. and lo end a wonderlul year lhey sponsored lhe Junior-Senior Prom in honor ol lhe Senior Class. ' The Junior Class was represenled in Sludenl Council as one ol lhe Junior Class members was elecled Vice-Presidenl. They were also repre- senled by lhe class ollicers as well as in Senale and in Boy's and Girl's Slale. Epilogue The class ol I967 is now ready lo accepl lhe grealesl lask ol responsi- bilily and leadership. We will work lo keep Valley High School among lhe lop in spiril. sporlsmanship and enlhusiasm. We bid larewell lo lhe class ol I966. Adams, James Aclcox, Linda Aguilar, Felix Ahern, Sharon A. Alcard, Janice Alclerele. Anlhony Alexander. Gary Alley, Orval Anaya, Diana Anaya, Richard J. Anderson, Mary Anderson, Sieve Apodaca, Heclor Apodaca, Sylvia Aragon, Emma C. Archiloeque, Chrisiine Arcl1ule'l'a, Pal' Arellano, David A. Armiio, Dan V. Armiio, Dee Dee Armiio, Francella Armiio, Jesse Armiio, Linda P. Armiio, Sophie Arroyo, Vinceni Arvizo, Lorenzo Alencio, Henry Aiencio, Sandra Alencio, Tony Ausfin, Barbara Ayers, Sharon Baca, Anrhony M. Baca, Carmen I. Baca, Clwrislina Baca, David J. Baca, Laura Baca, Margarel' J. Baca. Orlando Baca. Paisy A. Baca, Richard R. Baca. Sammy S. Baker, David J. Baldonado, Hope B. Ballanfine, Beclrie Ballard, Suzanne Barreras. Paul B. Barreras, Ray D Barajas, Joe Barela. Carmen C. Barlrsdale, Franlcline Baros, Beahice Baughman, Lind Beasley, Carolyn Becenli, Priscilla Becenii, Priscilla M. Beecher. Joe Begay, Andy Begay, Frank W. Begay, lsadore Begaye, Colin Benally. Nancy A. Benally, Phillip Beniselc, Peggy Benfon, Barbara E. Berry, Edgar E. Beihel, Sieven R. BeHis, O. M. Berd, Andy B. Blair, Bill A. Blanlc, Rhonda J. Blueher, Arihur Bogari, Danny L. uniors Boolh, Ken Borrego, Carol T. Borrego, Rucly E. Bowra, Falricia Boyer, Nora Braclley, Pal J. Brinkley, Dan A. Brill, Cl1ris Brower, Pal' Brown, Denise Brown, Gary Brown, Jane Brown. Marie Bunlcens, Jana Bunlcens, Wynn Bunlcer, Vicltie BurneH', John D. Burion, Janice Buller, Brandi Calderone, Wayne Camp, Linda Candelaria, Ralph Canfield, Roberi' Caplin, Lee Carlisle, Pal Casados, Doroi-hy A. Casias, Emily Casleel, Doug Juniors Casiiglia, Joe Casiillo, Emiliano Caudill, Mac Caudle, Joye Chacon, Sylvia Chapman, Sieve Chavez, Delfine R. Chavez, Jerry Chavez, Joe R. Chavez, Lucille Chavez, Marcella J. Chavez, Mary Lou Chavez, Mike Chavez, Pafriclc J. Chavez, Richard M. Chavez, Richard S. Chavez, Roberi' L. Chavez, Roberi' L. Chavez, Ronnie Chavez, Theresa Chavira, Anna Chesshire, Lynn Chrisf, David Cihalc, Milne Cleveland, Herman Cloughley, David R. Collins, Debbie Conlcle, Larry R. Confi, Daniel Confreras, Alex A. Conireras, Marie Cordova, Franlr M. Cordova, Mike J. Cordova, Phillip J Chavez, Julian O. Cordova, Roberl' J. Cordova, Theresa Cordova, Vincenf R. Corfega, Dora A. Corfez, Ramona Cowboy, Alice Maria Craig, Joe D. Crosby, Chris Crume, Linda Cruz, Isabel Cruz, Judy Curran, PaH'y Cushing, Greg C. Dahlquisr, Elise Dameron, Carole Davidson, Judy Davis, Floyd T. Davis, Linda L. Davis, Sandy Dean, Carol M. Dean, Susan Ann Dear, David E. DeBaca, Danny R. Del1ar+, Marvin DelDosso. Kalhleen Delgado, Paul Dodge, Linda Dogendorf, Nancy Dolan, Woody Donalson, Judy Downing, Charley R. Downing, Tim Dudley, Linda Duffer, Caiherine Dulce, Darla Dunn, Darlene D. Duran, Barbara A. Duran, Leonard A Easfwood, Mariefia Eden, Gerry Edenburn, Jean Eidson, Anne Emery. Woody D. Emswiler, Debbie Enarson, Elaine P. Encinias, Mary Louise Etcarcida, Geraldine Euler, Bryan Faiardo, Alberi' Faris, Sandy Farley, David L. Farmer, Gail F. Farmer, Pai' Ann Farris, Richard Ferguson, Carolyn G. Ferguson, Lewis Fernandez, Bob Finley, Sarah L. Finley, Skip Filipovs, Alex Folliman, Kafhy Fosfer, David C. Fosier, John D. Juniors Juniors Fosfer, Joyce Fowler, Scori- France, Jeanie Franco, Barbara L. Frih, Eclirh M. Fulion, Louise A. Gabalclon, Kalhy Gabaldon, Lucy M. Gabaldon, Pai' T. Gaera, Lupifa Galassini, Karen Gall, Jack Gallegos, Afilano Gallegos, George M. Gallegos, Leroy Gallegos, Pal Garcia, Andrew Garcia, Barbara Garcia, Cecilia Garcia, Corrine Garcia, Clarence Garcia, Crisrella Garcia, Debbie Garcia, Dolores J. Garcia, DoHie Garcia, Emily M, Garcia, James D. Garcia, Johnny L. Garcia, Louie C. Garcia, Margarel Garcia, Maria E. Garcia, Orlando Garcia, Pai O. Garcia, Ricarda Garcia, Roberl Donald Garcia, Rosalie Garcia, Ted W. Garcia. Tommy A. Gerry, Gayle Gerry, Lyncla L. Gibson, Michael Gibson, Norman S. Glass, Lincla Goldsberry, Joey Gomez, Debra Gomez, Della Gomez, Elva Gomez, Richard J. Gonzales, Eva J. Gonzales. Ray F. Gonzales, Raymond Gonzales, Rudy A. Gonzales, Yolanda H. Gooclson, Toni Gope, John G. Gosso, Tom C. Gracli, Arlhur A. Gray, Gregg L. Greene, Herman L. Gribble. Larry Griego, Agnes Griego, Alex Griego, Jerry R. Griego, John T. Griego, Toby Gurule, Teresa Gurierrez, Davicl Guiierrez, Evelyn S. Gufierrez, Flavio B. Gulierrez, Roberl' P. Gufierrez, Susie Gufierrez, Veya Guymon, Jimmie Hagoocl, John Hale, Arllnur J. Haley, Madison Hall, Bill Hall, Linda Hamilfon, Bobby Hamilron, Ruby A. Hanna, Pal' Hansen, Melvin Harclyman, Ann Harris, Bill Harris, Diane Harris, Jeffrey Harrison, Virginia Harvey, Jerrilyne Haway, James T. Healon, Mike C. Hein, ScoH' Henio, Phillip Hensley, Raymond Herman, Mary Herrera, Dolly O. Herrera, Dolores Herrera, Lorella P. Herrera, Louis J. Juniors Heisfer, Doroihy D. Henline, William Hesselden, Kuri' Higgins, Linda Hogland, Marlr Hollingsworfh, Brani' Holmen, Dale Holsfrum, Bruce Honalcer, Crysfal Honaker, Linda G. Horn, Ken Hubberf, Jim Hubler, Mary Jane Hudson, Marc Hunick, Deanne Jaramillo, David N Jaramillo, Grace Jaramillo, Randy L. Jaramillo. Susan G. Jaramillo, Teddy M Jeffries, Jeff Jesus, Miguel Johnson, Cheryl Johnson, Cheryl L Jones. Beih Jones, Charlene R. Jones, Kaihy L. Jones, Linda Johnsfone, Barbara Jordan, Gerald R. Karins, Jim Kauffman, Trudy M. Keller, Arihur R. Kenner, Judi Kern, Cheryl J. Kilgore, Mary Dawn King, Roloeri' F. Kingsion, Bill Kinsey, Cynihia Kline, Linda S. Koppel, Dorene V. Kuhn, Sfella Kunzman, Wally Landess, Rosemary Lanier, Linda Lauden, Karen Leal, Gary LeBlanc, David E. LeBoi', Gene Leffler, Beverly Leopold, Janice Leslie, Bill Lewis, Chrisiine Leylaa, Leroy E. Leyva, Lydia C. Linam, BeHy Logan, Donald H. Lopez, Palsy Lovafo, Anihony R. Lovafo, Benny Lucero, Calhy M. Lucero, Celesrino Lucero, Dennis Juniors Lucero, James E. Lucero, Milce M. Lucero, Seferino Luian, Berlha Luian, Leonard Lujan, Manuel R. Luna, Gilberl A. Luna, Palricia E. Lundsfrom, Sally Lundy, Gloria Lynch, Eddie Maddox, Susan J. Madrid, Yvonne A. Maesfas, Asusena Maesias, Larry G. Maesfas, Lupila Maeslas, Rulh Maeslas, Sammy Malcolm, Cheri L. Maldonado, Max Maldonado, Pauline Mann, Kal'l1y Mares, Milce J. Marques, Frank Marfin, Frenda Marlin, Kailuie R. Mariin, Phyllis Mariinez, David Marlinez. Diane E. Marfinez, Felix Marlinez, Geraldine Marlinez, Joe F. Marfinez, June D. Mariinez, Kalhy B. Marfinez, Laurice Marfinez, Louisa Mariinez, Lourdes Mariinez, Lucipia Mariinez, Marlene Marfinez, Maryann Marrinez, Phil Marlinez, Roberf L. Marlinez, Susie J. Mara, Mary MaHingiy, Janis Maurino, Ernesi' Maynard, Roberi' A. McDonald, Timoihy McKinney. Michael T. Meyer, Sharon Mike, Leonard Miller. Mikki Mireles, Anifa Milchell, Barbara Mifchell, Ri'i'a Mobley, David M. Monioya, Alben' P. Monioya, Andy J. Monfoya, Beniio T. Monfoya, Benny L. Monioya, Esiher D Monioya, Grace Monfoya, Joe N. Monioya, Leroy M. Monfoya, Rudy Monioya, Shirley Monioya, Sylvia Moore, Vanann Morgan, Lin Morris, Curfis O. Mosher, Cindy Mosier, Joanne Muller, David Murphy, Connie Nanneman, Karen Naranio, Roberf L. Navalesi, John R. Newman, Henry Noriega, Connie Nunez, Yolanda J. Nunn, Jeanne'He Oakes, Mike O'Brien, Thomas Oesferreicher, Louise Olguin, Thersa R. Olund, Linda L. Ordonez, Rolaeri' Oriega, Frank I. Oriiz, Duane Orliz, Janel Orfiz, Leonard Juniors Sanchez, Louie Sanchez, Margarel L. Sanchez, Mary H. Sanchez, Paul A. Sanchez, Roberl' R. Sanchez, Ronald L. Sanchez, Trinie Sanchez, Yolanda Sanchez, Yvonne R. Sandoval, Arl' Sandoval, Linda F. Sandoval, Roberl Sands, Lynne Sanliago, Andres E. Saniillanes, Anna Sanlillanes, Judy Sanlillanes, Lorraine Savage, Jennifer SchmiH', Linda Schroeder, Susan Sedillo, Kalhie Sedillo, Louie Sexson, Eugene Shea, Elizabelh Shiver, Jack C. Shorile, George Sievers, Ronald C. Sigler, Jack Silva, Dorofhy A. Silva, Julie D. Silva, Mile Silva, Velia Simmons, Melanie Simms, Greg E. Sisneros, Angelo Sisneros, Karhy M. Skinner. Lee Slem, Louise Smifh, Bernard E. Smifh, John C. Smi+h, Lora Smiih, Pafricia Spear, John Speer, Dena A. Spindle, Leslie S+. Clair, David Sfewarf, Dianne Shawn, Hacel A. Suazo, Sharon Sullivan, BeHy Summers, Linda Taber, Marylyn Tafoya, Chesfer Tafoya, Dolores L. Tafoya, Esfher M. Tafoya, Max R. Tafoya, Maxine Talrahashi, Sheila Ta pia, Charlofie Tapia, Ernesf Taylor, Irene R. Teeier, Donna J. Thompson, Aniia OTS Thompson. Eric N. Thornbu.rgl1, Marlha Thornlon, Neil Tipion. Dennis Todd, Kaye Topping, Jerry B. Torres, Eileen Torres, Frances F. Torres, Joe M. Torres, Charles Torres, Lucille B. Treaf, Darlo Trujillo, Be'H'y A. Truiillo, Cecilia A. Truiillo, Danny V. Truiillo, Elizabeih Truiillo, Elizabeih Truiillo, Joe B. Truiillo, Sammy H. Truiillo, Theresa Tsosie, Perrie TuHle, Linda Ulrich, Rhonda Umsfead, Ellen Urvaneio, Irene M. Uzueia. Sieve M. Valdez, Cynihia Valdez, David F. Valdez, Floyd E. Valencia, Louis Valleios, Lore'H'a J. Valleios, Lupie Vanselous, Marc Vau, Gus Vaughn, Diana Juniors Juniors n maid G. u Ann riine ely Villareal, Alberi- Villecas, Gloria Vinlce, Kafhy Visger, Failh Wagner, Ne'l'a Wakefield, Lewis Wallis, Jim Ware, Susan E. Weaver, David H. Weaver, Renee Weaver, Rufh Webb, Melina J. Wendi, Arlene While, Marian Willmarfh, Laura Wimberly, Linda C. Winkler, Marlyn Winnegar, Andy Winsor, Colleen Winfon, Johnny Wise, Johnny Yafes, Linda Yeager, Richard C. Yoshimoio, Craig Zamora, Jacque Zerbach, Sieve Ziegler, Carl Zimmerman, Connie Zuniga, Eddie Zwoyer, Greg V, m,.. r W : . , Y 11l Sophomore Class Cfficers Oscar Corfina-Treasurer Suzanne Suggs-Secre+ary Brad Herndon-Srudenr Council Rep. Freddie Herrera-Presidenr Pam Chanslor-Vice Presidenf The Sophomore Class On Sepfember l. l965 one of fhe largesf groups of sophomores be- came a parf of Valley l'ligh School. This oufsfanding class became recognized by fhe ofher classes af Valley by sponsoring fhe annual Sweefhearf dance and affending fhe social func- fions and acfivifies af Valley wifh spirifed feelings. Many of fhe newcomers were fhreafened by seniors and faunfed by iuniors buf fhey smilingly accepfed crificism insfead of fhanks. for liffle fasks such as running errands and carrying books fo classes for fhe upper classmen. They held fheir sophomore class parfy early in fhe year so fhaf fhey could become beffer acquainfed wifh fheir fellow classmafes. This class was nof only a proud class, buf also one which worked hard. They were represenfed well in Sfudenf Council and many ofher clubs here af Valley. Togefher, as one, fhey have worked hard fo represenf Valley-in fhe besf way possible. so fhaf when fhey are sophomores no longer, fhey will nof be soon forgoffen. Epilogue We are confidenf fhaf fhe class of I968 is ready fo carry on fhe feel- ings and fradifions of Valley High School as iuniors. During fhe nexf fwo years we believe fhaf fhis class will become a fufure monarch fhroughouf fhe halls of Valley l-ligh School. Abeyla, Ralph A. A ard G ry Aker, Sharon R. Anaya, Gloria Apodaca, Frank Apoclaca, Louise Aragon, Franco Aragon. Frank mi 45 mawsmswawie Aragon, Mildred Archulela, Tony A. Argeanas, Ted Armenfa, Lawrence Armiio, Jerry A. Armiio, Leonard C. Arneson, Bill Arnold, Babs Arroyo, Ka'll1y Askew, Randy Aslorga, Sfeve Aflcerson, Miriam Baca, Ben Baca, Billy W. Baca, Eddie A. Baca, Fidel A. Baca, Geraldine Baca, Janei' M. Baca, Richard F. Baca, Willie Bailey, Daniel Baller, Barry Balleau, Rolaerf Barajas, Ysidro Barber, Susie Barbone, Eddie Barlcer, Margarei' Barnes, Rebecca Barnell, Waller W. Barreras, Liz Sophomores Bales, Anila Y. Bazar, John Beasley, Mildred Bechda Bega l, Julie y. Annie Benavidez, James J. Benbow, Della Bernadelle, C huclc Besson, Kenny Bells, Ter "Y Bilah, Arnold Blain e, Fannie Blanchelle, Dolores Blueher, Von Bland, Terry Boddy, Linda A. Bogan, Roberl' Boileau, Conslance Boren, Terry Bo Boyer, Robin wdich, Bill Bowerman, Easier Bradley, Omar Bradshaw, Milne Brands, Bran David non, Cris Bra nf, Beniamin Braulf, David Brennen, Mike Brinlcman, Gale Brill, Sco'H' Brown, Brow Belly n, Bobby E. Brown. Daniel E. Brown, Dorolhy L. Brown, India A. Brown, Lind aA. Brown, Sheila Brunacini, Calhi Bulger, Jimmie Dell Bu ndranl, Brenda Burlbaw, Charles E. Burns, Judy A. Byrne, Carolyn Calderon e, Ronald Caldwell, Frances Campbell, Diana L. Campbell, Rila Candelaria, Laureen Regisiralion means back fo school and back lo The books! . MW' 'Nr .,.-N--......... Sophomores Cano, Bernie Cardenas, Mike L. Carlson, Sfephanie Carnahan, Ellen Carriaga, Dolores Carrillo, Carol C. Carsiens, Bill F. Carfer, Alan Casaus, Esirella Casaus, Nelson J. Casaus, Rose O. Case, Glenn Cash, Gladys Casias, Michael J. Chanslor, Pam Chapman, Lory Chavez, Barbara A. Chavez, Carmen Chavez, Calhy Chavez, Epifanio Chavez, Garhiel Chavez, Helene Chavez, Karhy A. Chavez, Mike M. Chavez, Ricky Chavez, Rosemarie Chavez, Vincenf C. Chavez, Yvonne S. Chavira, Connie Chenowelh, Becky A. Vclley's halls were covered wiih many poslers pu? up by lhe polilically minded. Chrisiy, Marcia Cochrane, Gary Cole, Bill F. Conder, George A. Condii, Kaihy Conireras, Chrisiine Conireras, Jean Conireras, Max Coois, Douglas F. Cordova, Gary Cordova, Josephine Corey, David D. Coriez, Tony Coriina, Oscar Cofinola, Roy Cofinola, Susan Counis, David Craig, Carol Crawford, Dianna Creamer, Marie Crespin, Emilio Chrisianelli, Fred Crowell, Linda Crowley, Mike C. Crowley, Pai' Cruz, Gloria J. Cruz, Gregory Cummings, Janice Cunningham, MaryAnn Curran, Dan Curliss, John Dameron, Donna Damler, Friiz Daub, Guido Davalos, Sandra T Davidson, Joan Davis, Beverly Dean, Scoif R. DeBaca, Jane L. Deyo, Rebecca Diclr, Susan Diswood, Elva Dominguez, Alice Dooley, Richard Dopson, Roger Dosch, John M. Dugger, James Dunlap. Belly J. Dunlap, David Sophomores Duran, Chrisfy Duran, Florenfino Duran, Frances E. Duran, Johnny C. Duran, Ronnie T. Duran, Sieve G. DuHon, Eric Edenburn, Mary Edmondson, Jack S. Edwards, Caiherine Eldridge, Rick Esirada, Melvin Evans, Bobby L. Evans, Moniy C. Evans, Sieve EvereH, Joe R. Ewing, Juanifa Ewing, Thomas Facio, Chrisiine Faris, Lorraine C. Faus, Edna Fay, Skip Ebia, Lily Fellis, Georgana Fellows, Lois Fife, Holly Figueroa, Ka'H1y M. Filipovs. Toni Findley, S+uar+ Flores, Terry Coach Whire goes over some winning plays wiih Ray Gonzales and Jack Thorp during The Rio Grande game. Floyd, Randy Flowers, Alan Ford, Elaine Fosier, Carol Fowler, Terry Fragua, William Friclr, Jerre Frier, Bill Franz, Barbara C. Fromm, Richard E. Gable, Helen Gabbel, Barbara Gabriel, Beauregard Galbiso, Mary J. Gallegos, Abran Gallegos, Gene Gallegos, Julia A. Gallegos, Margarei Gallegos, Mary J. Gallegos, Olivia Gallegos, Tony A. Gallegos, Yolanda Garcia, Alex T. Garcia, Benny R. Garcia, Consuelo Garcia, Dannehle Garcia, Danny Garcia, Jean Garcia, Gerald A. M. Garcia, Joe O. Garcia, John A. Garcia, Judy N. Garcia, Leandro Garcia, Marcia Garcia, Maryloelle Garcia, Mary M. Garcia, Roberf D. Garcia, Ronnie D. Gariss, Gene L. Garreif, Caihy Garrison, Pai' Gibson, BreH' Gill, Kafhy Gearharf, Rodger L. Glaser, Mary L. Gomez, Frank K. Gomez, Louise R. Gonzales, Dennis S. Gonzales, Louie M Gomez, Ray Gonzales, Elizabefh Gonzales, Irene R. Gonzales, Jimmy Gonzales, Marcella Gonzales, Pairicia Gonzales, Peggy Gonzales, Riia Gonzales, Salvado Gonzales, Waldo F. Goodrich, Jere Goodie, Joe Gordon, Darlalee Gordon, Donna A. Gracey, Bob E. Greaihouse, Charles Greene, Terry Gribble, Joyce Griego, Wanda L. Griffin, Freeman Griffin, Palricia Groll, William K. Grosso, Pai' C. Gunby, Cafhy Guniher, Connie L. Gurule, Evelyn Gurule, Flossie Gurule, Leo Gufierrez, Gilberi Gufierrez, Lucille Gufierrez, Tommy A. Hall, Sherry Hamilion, Jimmy Hansen, Belinda Harlrins, Wayne Harlan, Wayne Harris, Richard L. Harris, Rick Haihorne, Merel Heaion, Sue B. Heisch, Jocelyn Heiser, Fred Henrilrson, Lee Horn, Billy R. Hernandez, Irma Herndon, Brad Herrera, Freddie Hice, Michael Hiclcson, Joyce Tempe-rs someiimes flare up our on The loolball field! Coach Landers helps break up a liiile dispuie ai The Highland game. Higgins, Kim L. Hills, Waller Hixon, Joe Hobbs, AIberI'a Holmen. Mark J. Honalcer, Herberi' Hoois, Sandra J. Hopkins, Edward Hopkins, Margaref Hopper, Margarel' Horcasiias, Anna Horn, Linda I. Hornsby, Larry R. House, Mary Ann Howell, PaH'i J. Howion, Dale Hubmer, Sieve C. Hudson, Cheri Hughes, Susan HuIIs, Elizabefh Huniclc, Leonard Hurfgen, Ray Huseman, Shirley Hufchison, Linda Huhen, George Irvin, Jimmy I. Isaacs, Julia Jansson, Bobbie Jaramillo, Eloy Sophomores Jaramillo, Beafrice S. Jaramillo, Larry H. Jaramillo, Riia Jaramillo, Tessie Jesier, Philip Jesus, Carlos Jimerson, Bill Joiola, Helen Jones, Jim Jordan, Erma Johnsion, Cynihia Kamplain, Andrea Kane, Corliss Kaspar, Charles Keller, Jerry Keswafer, Jimmy A. Keichum, Norma KeH'les, Judy King, Claudia King, Gayle King, Lee King. Palsy A. King, Randall Kirlr, Lenora D. Kirkland, Nancy Kleclc, Judy A. Klein, David Kleinlmighi, Anne Knapic, Richard Koppel, Judi R. Kornman, Beriha E. Kosfer, Sheryl Kozlowski, Don Krogdahl, David Kugler, Kaihie Kuhn, Manuel Landon, Lynda Lanelaarger, Jacltie Lang, Susie Larranaga, Sam Lauser, Linda Laveriy. Bill Lawhorn, Doro+hy Leach, Ken Leal, Lee Leal, Tino Leeson, Linda Leganf, Amy Leonard, Herman Leslie, Tommy During regislralion sfudenis learn ihe meaning ol "pa+ience." Lewis, Donna J. Leyba, Jaclcie Leyva, Larry G. Lindley, Sue Lindsey, Marshall Lofffield, Linda Long, Cheryl A. Lopez, Jeane-H'e Lopez, Jim Lopez, Lucille M. Lopez, Roberf J. Lopez, Ted R. Lova'I'o, Angie D. Lovafo, Danny L. Lucero, Andrea Lucero, Anna M. Lucero, Ben R. Lucero, Danny Lucero, Flora M. Lucero, Frances Lucero, Jesse T. Lucero, Lorraine A. Lucero, Lorraine B. Lucero, Mary H. Lucero, Moises Luian, Agnes Luna, Luella Luna, Sandra M. MacWillie, Nancy Madrid, Lorraine Sophomores Maeslas, Gloria Malczewslci, Mary Maldonado, Leo J. Maldonado, Toby Malloy, Ray Marquez, Cafherine Marquez, Phillip Marquez, Richard C. Marlin, Janice E. Mar'l'inez, Alberi' G. Mariinez, Anfhony Marfinez, Beniie Marlinez, Carlos Mariinez, David G. Mariinez, Dolores A. Marfinez, Dolores M. Marfinez, Ernie R. Marfinez, Evelyn F. Marfinez, Georgia Marfinez, Henry M. Martinez, Jeane'He Marfinez, Jimmie T. Marfinez, JoAnn Mariinez, Joe H. Marlinez, Mae Marfinez, Melva Marfinez, Mille A. Marfinez, Pairicia Mariinez, Ricky H. Mariinez, Rosella Mari-inez, Ruby D. Marfinez, Sieve Marugg, Winsion Marvin, Beverly Maschewslri, Sfeven Masingale, Eddie Mala, Linda M. Maia, Roberf R. MaHeson, Audie MaH'hew, Maria McConkie, Barbara McCosl:ey, Donna McCoy, Roberl McCrary, PaHy McCrary, Roy L. McGonagle, Lucile Mclnfire, James M. McKinley. ScoH' McMurphy, Josephine I4 LOOK FAST! This is one of 'fha few 'fimes Valley's halls weren'1' crowded. Sophomores Meeks, Kalhy Meyer, Darryl M. Meyer, Diana Miles, Ernesfine Miller, Ann P. Miller, Carol Miller, Charles R. Miller, Dixie M. Miller, Roberr G. Miller, Yvonne M. Milligan, Lila Mills, Carol Mirabal, Joe Monroe, MaHhew Monson, Viclri L. Monfano, AnloneHe Moniano, Beclcy C. Monfoya, Annabelle Monfoya, Audrey Monioya, Belly A. Monroya, Be++y M. Monioya, Carlo'H'a M. Monfoya, Carana Monroya, Elsie M. Monioya, Fernando Monfoya, Johnny A. Monfoya, Josephine Monioya, Leroy Monfoya, Philip L. Monfoya, Ray G. Monloya, Richard D. Monioya, Roberi' G. Monfoya, Rosemary A. Moni-cya, Theresa Moore, Louise Moore, Palsy R. Morgan, Raymond Mosher, Kirl: MoHo, Johnny . Mueller, Douglas M. Mullins, Dianne L. Muncy, Mary Murphy, Karhy Myers, Kelly Mynsbergen, Chrisfine Naranio, Elmer Navarre'H'e, Laura Niccol, Kafhy Niefo, Danny Neiio, Marie A. New, Jack Newman, Janel' Newsom, Robbie Newion, Jim H. Noriega, Beriha Norris, Paul G. Nofah, Evelyn Olguin, Danny Olona, Calhy Oldfield, Lufher Sophomores Lili your heads and lifl 'rhem high, 'rhe Valley Vikings are passing by! Olvera, Sylvia Onsen, Marla Ordonez, Edward Oriega, Dianne Orfiz, Esiella Oriiz, Geraldine Oriiz, Ray R. Pacheco, Henry Paden, Johnny Padilla, David A. Padilla, Dolores Padilla, Loida Padilla, Roberl B. Palacios, Rosie Paquin, Joe L. PaHerson, Bob W. Penley, Erica Perea, Gillaeri' T. Perea, Jerry T. Perea, Mary E. Perea, Velma Perea, Yolanda M. Phelps, Alda Phillips, Richard E, Picco, Riclc D. Poindexler, Randall Powell, Ray B. Purcell, Mike Pulliam, Sharon Railey, Larry W. Ransdell, Jacque Reeder, Jennifer Reeder. Mary Ellen Reeves, Alan Redfearn, Rinda Reynolds, Judy Rielceman, Fred Rivera, Belly L. Rive ra, Pedro P. Roach, Ron B. Robb, Linda Robb, Nancy G. Roberls, Mickey S. Roberfson, Chan Roberison, Marilyn Robinson, David L. Robles, Danny Rodarie, Ray J. Rodriguez, Mary Sophomores Rogers, Marlr P. Romero, AIber+ J. Romero, Della A. Romero, Franlc Romero, Jess J. Romero, Paul Romero, Rudy T. Roylaall, HenrieH'a Roybal, Richard L. Roybal, Ronald R. Rubio, Alice J. Ruiz, Beclcy Ruiz, Milne Russell, Tommy Saavedra, Felipe Saiz, Barbara L. Saiz,'Dorela M. Saiz, Franlt Saiz, Palsy M. Saiz, Theresa M. Salazar, Jim Salazar, Rachel Salazar, Roberfa Salls, Freddie Sanchez, Alfred D. Sanchez, Gregory A. Sanchez, Jim Sanchez, Kalhy Y. Sanchez, Manuel R. Sanchez, Mary Ann Throughoul 'lhe year al Valley many siuclenis share in lasiing friendships. Sanchez, Modeslo Sanchez, Modeslo D. Sanchez, Priscilla A. Sanchez, Rosalie M. Sanchez, Rosemary P. Sanchez Rud M n Y - Sanchez, Sally S. Sanchez, Sandie J. Sanchez, Tony Sanchez, Veronica R. Sanchez, Viclor Sandoval, Cecilia Sandoval, Elhel J. Sandoval, Franlt A. Sandoval, George Sandoval, Jerry L. Sandow. lrene Sanfillanes, Milne Sanfillanes, Roberla Saunders, James B. Savage, Sandy L. Schuler, Beniie W. Schulie, Jennie Schorr, Nancy Sco'H', Jimmy Sealey, Gary Sedillo, Anna Seddow, Debbie Seiler, George Sell, Diann K. Semanlro, Rosalia Sena, Molly M. Serna, Bernie R. Sheefs, Donna Shiver, Bill Shellon, Jimmy Shew, Jo Anne Shoolr, Karl Shugharr, Linda Sierra, Larry L.. Sierra, Margarel M. Sigler, Susie E. Silva, Rebecca Simms, Sieve Simpson, Johnny M. Sisneros, John Skinner, Jannice G. Slay. Bill R. Sloan, Jameson Smarl, Wanda Smiih, Sieve D. Smiih, Vernon Snowden, Kafhy J. Snyder, Richard W. Sowers, Keiih A. Spealcman, Adrian Spicher, Brenda Spiiz, Rebecca Sfallier, Fred Sianbaugh, Brian Sfaflcus, John F. S'l'eele, Lorraine Sione, Gloria J. S'ropplcoH'e, Lynn Sloui, Larry Sfrawn, Dan J. Siurdivanr, Debbie Suazo, Mac Suggs, Suzanne Suhr, Bryan D. Sullivan, Ann F. Sundby, Darla Swanson, Kenneih Taber, Nifa M. Tafoya, Adele M. Tafoya, Henrie'H'a Tafoya, Jesse L. Takahashi, Nadine Talley, SueAnn Tale, Linda Sophomores A lol of work goes info running for a class office, Audrey Sandoval discovers Taylor, Richard S. Teague, Milce Templeion, Floyd Tena, Richard Terrazas, Rifa Ann Thomas, Mary E. Thomen, Rosemary Thonson, Marsha Tolino, Florina Tomsic, Caihy Torres, Connie V. Torres, Corinne M. Torres, John J. Toya, Roberi' Trammell, Darrell Trujillo, Alex A. Trujillo, Connie O. Truiillo, Dolores E. Truiillo, James Tru'illo Jose M l u - Truiillo, Louie Trujillo, Marie V. Truiillo, Tommy R. Truiillo, Willie F. Tsufsumi, Ri'l'a Turner, Karen L. Upshaw, Daryl Urvaneio, Louis Valdez, Dolores Y. Valdez, Joann Valdez, Mary T. Vallecorse, Mario Vasquez, Vernan Vaughn, Duane Vidal, Nancy Vernon, Shirley Vigil, Esqupula Vigil, Lucille D. Vi il Marlin 9 1 Vigil, MaryAnn Vigil, Ruben A. Vigil, Rudy A. Villescas, Luis C. Wallace, Joe W. Wallace, Randy Waliers, Kurf M. Waseia. Harriet A. Wailtins, Janie Waflcins, Tom M. Valley sfudenls arrive al' school early in 'lhe morning by bus. Webb, Joe Wendi, George H Wheeler, Cafhy While, Tom C While, Linda Whifeley, Beffy Whifloclc John W Whillow Marsha Williams Allen Williams Jim R Williams Kirlr G Williams Linda Williamson Kenneih Yazzie Ora Ybarra David L Yonemolo, Roy Yoshimofo, Candy T Zamora, Franlt l. Zamora, Orlando Zimmerman, Robe Zuraslcy, Karen ri' A ! 5 , Q 5 eg , In Memoriam ff Chris Leon Brannon october 12, 1950 November ll, l965 Steve Drannan Millikan l March I6, l949 4 November ll, l965 Floyd Dean Templeton April 29, l949 November ll, l965 l24 Activities num.:-Qgwaxwa, Princess Carol Parr Princess Priscilla Lucero Viclor Viking, Lynn Burlbaw,-officially began Homecoming by opening 'rhe gale io ihe ice palace. Lady Angela Luciani was escorled by Sir Joe Navalesi. Lady Florabeull McAllis'rer was escorled by Sir Eli Gonzales. Lady Danelle Mosher was escoried by Sir Joe Berg. Lady Kalhy Mosher was escorfed by Sir Tim Kennedy. Lady Nancy Summers was escorled by Sir Chris Carslens. Lady Arlene Truiillo was escorled by Sir Richard lvlarlinez. Lady Ann Willmarfh was escorled by Sir Whil Gardner. Princess Carol, Queen Linda, and Princess Priscilla look ou? info Norlhern Lighls. Four of The ladies in 'rhe queens' courl' and 'iheir escorfs smile proudly al 'rhe home- coming assembly. Ladies and 1 'lheir escorls sland in 'Fronl' of The 'lhrone a+ 'lhe homecoming assembly. :He Mosher, Lady Arleen Tru- l Priscilla and Princess Carol he crowd a+ fhe homecoming Lady Nancy Summers wave as 'rhey paraded around lhe Y N Queen Linda smiles proudly al The homecoming game. F i w lheir appreciaiion +o e e game. 1gela. Ann, Florabelle, and 3 . . . ,th 1 za presenis Queen Linda wilh f . rom lhe 'ream The ski? performed al half-lime was aboul' Jreachers. lx , ,T-, ,,m,,,...W.,..A,,..,,... , ,...,....,M W.. . .,,WM,...c..,.,,,u. ,.,.M.,...m.,.,W,..mA,.... Left Princess Carol and her escort Tom, are shown dancing al llwe lwomecoming dance. Righf: Princess Priscilla proudly dances wills her escori, Ted, a+ ihe homecoming dance. Jan Pogan and Bill Kingsion sfop fo congralulaie Queen Linda and lo wish her a successful reign. Homecoming - I 96 Queen Linda and escori 'rake i+ slow eller The exciling day. Gene, Sieve Rocksiroh, looks disgusled as Tina, Sue Rodenbeek, +ells of her childhood days. Solome fries o+ic while po SGW. Casi Conchila . . Erlinda Silva Belladonna . . Peggy Howell Chan+al Slacey . . Priscilla Lucero John Slacey . . Bob McKinley Germaine Siaceyq 1 Alyce Corley Tina Brooks . . Sue Rodenbeek Miss Kaye . . JoAnn Hood Mr. Gun+her . . Ed Tsyi+ee Mr. Chadwick . . Dennis Sanchez Parly GUGSJVS. . MaXiI1e Madrid Ron Heisfer L Lonnie Burke i James Neely Whi'I' Gardner Solome . . Nancy Summers Europa . . Liz Faris Flower Clerk . . Cafhy Bloomfield A Sfrange Man . . Pefer Weirich Seamslress . . Maxine Madrid Eugene Wrighl . . S+eve Rocksfroh GWOV 3Y 1 ? ,gs f sf'-" 4 2iQg.,?? r f i pf. mt fqm 5 44 A it . 25 if. 'ig L4 fp: if iq-1 np f ns W 85,1 5' f aff fi iff f, 1 i 1 U 1' 5, gf z q +o look ex- sing w1+h a ' i"' "'r'o 4 ' .f , . ' 1 ' 3352, f 35? Erlinda Silva poses H as Conchiia in If A is Mah Answers- H 5, fl!a1!7s:G72'!fn:92:J1u - - Sieve R0ClfSifOl' ' - 'China PUPPY"- o A ,ii Peggy Howell played lhe parf of Belladonna and ijillfiii IB... if, fa! 15' F 'llfii .fa ii . Ti? also designed lhe cos- +umes. 1 Q mf' ' - - 1 1 . ., . ,-, :,i.,,. . .r , ,, an 2 1ff sw. lf'-, . Flowers from 'rhe Fiflh , .ff 1-5, -4 gg of E! H Avenue Flower Ca rl' were delivered by Whil Ga rd- ilfg y ner. f : ,.., , Q ' "Now wha? kinda deal is This" Ge-ramine, Aiyce Corley. and live play. John, Bob McKinley if up during Jrhe Maxine Madrid acied ihe pari of a woman work- ing in a dress manufac- iuring company. 3I1 If "l ihink This is Solome, if was las? night" remarked Nancy Summers. Answers Europa, Liz Faris, fries io poriray Cleopaira in If A Man Answers. Gene and Chanial share a cordial acquainiance in ihe park. 3 Van Ann Moore as Porlia and John Hagood as Van Ann Moore as Porlia and Scol' Shylock in a scene a+ lhe lrial for a pound of Fowler as Bassanio in a scene from The flesh from The Merchanl of Venice. Merchanf of Venice Scenes From Shakespeare Dale Holman as Bolfom, Bill Carslens as Snug and Ed Tsyilee as Quince discuss Dale Holman as Pyramus, James Trujillo as Thisbe, Ed Tsyilee as Prologue, lhiddenl Jrhe paris in 'rhe inner play of Midsum- as 'rhe Wall is Bill Carslens, Lonnie Burke as Moonshine and Mark Holman as Lion mer Nighi"s Dream. pracfice a scene from Midsummer Nigh+'s Dream. 1 -11 my M M-r f N' rf ---' f N , ?5liN15i5?l':1Q' 7 W MY' 2355 , V -'Rf 1 x. , E 5:51 Q E Sf nv ' , wi ,. ' w wt' Y' 5 ' E ?sg'5L 5 za is 5 g Q e y-35 zz! V4 1. Q e' ii l35 Frecl Johnson serenacles Louise Oesier- reicher in a scene from "The Music Man." ln "The Music .Man," Pele Weirich gives a speech while Clara Gonzales and Terry Cordova lisfen. Mrs. Dianna B. DeMu+h, Mr. Roloerl Sheeis and Sherida Rufherford go over some of Jrhe scriprs for "The Music Man." Jerry Olona. Jim Neeley. Ed Tsyiiee. Becky Soos and Pai' Bowra rehearse one of rhe many songs in Jrhe musical. "The Music Man." The Music Man "Trouble" ll +o rl Sieve Woodward: Geri Eden, Firsl Allendanig Sieve Roclcsiroh: Leigln Waliers, Snow Queen: Tessie Jar millo, Second Allendanig Freddie I-lerrera. Shown arriving al Queen Leigl'1's Wonderland are: Kaihy Bloomfield. John Lorenizen, lfronll Car- men Henderson, and Frank Madrid. lrearl. Karl-my Eloomfield crowns Queen Leigh, as Al'- 'rendanls look on. Couples dance ine niglwi' away in Queen Leigh's Wonderland. Thai"s funny! If sure looked like if was headed ihis way. Me Tarzan, you Jane. ls The floor geiiing closer 'io you or is ii my imaginaiion? l never realized ihai The ierlc was ihis hard 'lo do. The boys vigorously play baskeiball during one of 'lhe playnighis. This liiile piggy weni io marlcei and 'this liiile piggy . . . Larry lviallliews, Wayne Rue. and Lynn Rawl- ings demonsfraie ine lalesi 'leclwniques oi dancingllffl Sluclenis loolc on as flwe "Sidewinders" play af one of Valley's Sock-Hops Couples seem io enjoy Hue music of 'rlwe "Sidewinders" as lhey clance 'ro a slow one. Johnny Sisernos and David Marlinez seem lo have a differenl 'rasfe in dancing pariners ihan +l'1e resil l39 , l 9 Say, ahhhhhhhhhhhlu Sophomore, Cafana Monfoya, shows The fear I HOW CIWISTSH fheey IOWIY SOPIWO' I +ha+ all her classmates share during Beanie more. 1 Week. 1 l Y h 4 K angaroo ourt 3 The couri' awaifs The unsuspecfing sophomores. E Q 3 Twirp Week "Giddy-up slave," says Leigh Walfers 'ro Randy Kuqler, "+his is rny week." "Now dad-blame H, where's +ha+ ou+house?" beilers Cheryl Cerny. Alyce Corley, Ron Heisrer, Jan Pogan. Randy Kugler, Leigh Waliers and Cheryl Cerny s'rar+ The race down rhe mounrain because i+'s pickin' +ime. "Now, if you Jrook my knees and I fook your knees we'd end up wiih . . ." wonders Ron Heisier and Jan Pogan. l4I Nancy Naiions shows her Science Fair proieci' on ine chlorine confeni' in beans. Science Fair Rodney Hafch discusses his science proieci' of one plane? going behind ine other. in ihis case Jrhe moon occui+a+ing Saiurn wi+i1 ieaciwer Mr. Braifon. iii iff i Personalities , .,,, . I In 'WWW JUDY ROBERTSON CHERYL CERNY BEVERLY FORREST Head Cheerleader Q' fl 1? rl Cheryl Cerny, Bev Forresr. Louella Housion, Judy Robertson. and Celes+e Lewis pose in 'rlweir foofball cheering our Hs. r 2 i 5 1 1 5 5 4 F 1 X s Q 2 3 2 s x P v R heer Leaders LOUELLA HOUSTON CELESTE LEWIS Kneeling: Kafhy Arroyo, Candy Yoshimofo. Sfancling: Sue Ann Talley. Ca+ana Mon+oya fHead Cheerleaderl, and Bobbie Janssen, go Jrhrough a rourine. as "B" Team Cheerleaders. Miss Photogenic Mary Ann Gutierrez Selecfed by Hue yearbook staff of Baylor Unl- versiry. Second Third FOUFHT Danette Mosher Caro Curry Dianne Hauser Photogenic Selected by the yearbook staff of Stephens College St Mr. Jeff Miller Th cl eve Smith Larry Matthews Mike R .rl The "family" al home: Tom, Kalhy, Mr. and Mrs. James Kennedy, Enrico. Tim, and Mike. Tom and Enrico seem very inleresled in lelevision, wonder why? Enrico Zibetti Turin, Italy The "Kennedy Family" helps oul in lhle lcilchen eller one of Mrs. Kennedys lremendous dinners. Enrico, The bird in 'rhe gilded cage, sings lo his brolhers and sisler. Vicliy Genlry, a Valley Senior, displays a cosiume she pur- chased, while represenfing Valley and The Uniied Siaies, as an exchange siudenf, in lzimir, Turkey, ihis pasi' summer. Tereah Smilh happily receives a frophy proclaiming her Appaloosa Horse Queen. Belhel Sloul and Becky Marlinez lislen in on Tim Kennecly's conversalion. ' Boys and Girls State Phil Gniffin, Phil Ewing, Linda Fox and Celesle Lewis have a friendly lillle chal alooul school. Jerry Monioya, Bob Rivera, Mike Roussei. and Joe Navaiesi Talk abou? Jrheir experi- ences ar Boys S+a+e. FRANK LEYBA, Boy Sraier CATHY BLOOMFIELD, Firsr Aliernaie CARRY DEAN, Second Aliernafe AUDREY SANDOVAL, Third Aiiernaie CAROL PARR, Fourih Alfernaie MARY VISIC, Fif+h Aiiernafe CHERYL CERNY, Sixih Aliernafe GENE EVERETT, Sevenih Aiiernaie RONALD TOYA, Firsi Aliernaie ROMAN ROMERO, Second Aifernaie TOMMY MARTINEZ, Third Aiiernaie CHRIS CARSTENS, Fourfh Aliernaie LARRY MATTHEWS, Fiffh Alfernaie RONALD HEISTER, Sixih Aifernaie WAYNE RUE, Sevenih Aiiernaie CHARLES BALDONADO, Eiqh+I1 Aire Bob McKinley, Mariha Mar- iinez, and Louelia Housion lie look ai previous Boy and Girl Sfaiers in rhe Saga. rnaie XXX Sirk Senior Favorite Carol Parr Catana Montoya Sophomore Favorites Oscar Cortina ! Chris Britt Junior Favorites Jerry Chavez Senior Favorite Tim Kennedy Who's Who Seniors Each year 'rhe Saga has Jrhe honor of presenfing fo +he sjrudeni' body +he names of Jrhose slrudenlrs who have been selecfed 'ro Who's Who. A commiHee of facuhy and adminisfrahon diligenfly sfudied 1'he sfudeni' body looking for 'rhose special people who have demon- s+ra+ed above average achievemenf in academics, leadership, achvifies par- Hcipafion and cooperahon wH'h o+hers. Congrafulahons fo Jfhese 'fhirfeen sJru- den'rs and +0 'l'he selechon commiHee for a iob well done. Walter H. Dike Phillip Ewing Who's Who Seniors Linda Fox Robert Matthews Nancy Nations Michael Roussel Seniors Who's Who Dorothy Sheridan Ronald G. Toya Who's Who Seniors Bethel Stout Ann Willmarth Who's Who Juniors John Hagood J Barbara Johnstone l58 Jym Ferril CNo Picture Availablej Grganizations Sealed are, Tessie Jaramillo and Sleven Bellial. Back row ll-rl Mr. Sanchez, Yolanda Gallegos and Barbara Milcliell. Safety Association Firsf row ll-rl Mr. Mills, Roberl Luian, Gary Parker, Alilano Gallegos, Greg Gray. Back row ll-rl Peler Rofenbach, Sleven Befhal, Roger Dop- son and David Kaslning. Firsi' row ll-rl Joyce Gribble, Cecilia Marlinez, Gloria Villescas, Diana Harris, Kaly Curiiss, Er- linda Silva. Back row ll-rl Tessie Jaramillo. Bar- bara Mi'lcl'1ell,'Sleven Bellrial. David Brands, Randal Wolf, Joe Beaclwer, Yolanda Gallegos. I6O Diclr Olero Presldenl Ronnie Heigi-er Barbara Jol1ns'l'one Vice-Presidenl' SSCF'-?l6FY meriean Field Service Slancling llefl' lo rigllll: Andy Downing. Bill Kingslon. Barbara Jolwnslone, Ron Helsler. Barbara Benlon. Sherman Fonnhals. Kneeling: Dick Olero. Enrico Zibelli and Tim Kennedy. 1 s Callwy Bloomfield Treasu rer 25 20 Sfancllng lr Julie Silva Adverhsunq Manager Jeff Muller Cnrcu lahon: Mrs. Ferns, Sponsor: John Bnlah. Sealed: Beverly l-lorchheimer. Edilor: and Bob Ordonez lake Time ou+ lo pose for fheir Saga piclures. James Truiillo, Velia Silva and Rudy Mariinez fype slories for lhe nexf Legend as Judi Koppel and Donna McCoslcey loolc on. Michael Rogers. Ed Wright Karen Kaye Todd. Lupe Conlreras and Elaine Pool work busily proofreading The nexl Legend. egend Richard Faris, Debbie Garcia. Jennie Sclwulle. Margarel Barker, and Clara Padilla loolc ai flneir bulle-lin board. SiH'ing ll-rl: Elizabe+l1 Faris. Erica Penley, Rod Dea- quero. S'i'anding: Joe Navalesi. Dave Brands, Jerry Chavez. Linda Sandoval, Adverfising Manager. 'rypes ou+ a page for flue Legend, as Bob Pruell. Sporls Edilorp George Johnson, Circula+iong and John Hagood, Plwolographer, look on. E ,.,v --wr" M ,. in W W. 704 f"?f" " S'l'ar'l'ing ai' lefh Firsl' row ll fo rl: Mike Miller, Dolores Valdez, Marilyn Winkler, Mary Ellen Reeder. Second row: Elaine Rudolph, Kalhy Hulchinson, Lincla Halchinson, Carl Shook. Third row: Becky Chenowelh, Beckey Spilz, Ni+a Wagner, Gloria Slone, Fourfh row: Peggy Kinsey, Paula Krogdahl, Connie Murphy, Anna Mireles. Fiflh row: John Smilh, Dale Holeman. Sixfh row: Nancy Dunning, Helen Gable, Elizabelh Gonzales, Yvonne Miller. Sevenlh row: Gail Farmer, Mary Mireles, Mary Glaser, Jimmy Carrillo. Eighfh row: Glenna Speer, Joe Hickson, Bolo Malhews. All Sfaie Orchesira Members: ll 'lo rl Nancy Dunning, Peggy Kinsey, John Smilh, Mr. Gabberi' lSponsorl 3 Q. Bill Kingsfon Be'Hy Rivera Commissioner Commissioner Ibuquerque Youth Council Oscar Cor+ina Jan Bumkens Freddie Herrera Paul Monioya i Roman Romero Kaiimy Vinke Leigh Waiiers Firsl row ll fo rl: Jennifer Savage. Yvonne Sanchez, Kalhy Mosher, Vickie Genlry. Darla Savage. Augusla Vau. Carolyn Naylor, Theresa Padilla. Kalhy Gabaldon. Second row: Gerry Eden, Julie Silva. Edena Speer, Debbie Emswiller, Donna Chauvin. Mary Lou Chavez, Cheryl Forresf, Joanne Dosch. Mary Mala. 0 VI kettes Drum Maiore'H'e Nancy Dunning. The Marching Vikings Louis Herrera, Eric Szeman, Gahreil Beauregard, Raymond Hensley, Charles Forie, Sammy Guiierrez. Second row: Joanne Dosch, Miriam Allcerson, Rhanda Deyo, Brenda Rulherforcl, Craig Yoshimoio, Jack Evans, Ricky Rens. Eddie Mariinez, Gregg Brown, Anlhony Salazar, Ernie Maurine, Bruce Holsirom, John Smiih, John Pike, Nancy Dunning. The Stage Band Theresa Armiio Miriam'A+kerson John Bazar Jerry Bells Gabriel Beauregard Ken Booih Belly Brown Gregg Brown Brandi' Builer Rila Campbell Roberr Chavez Vinceni Chavez Wodcly Coppinger Dan Curran Frijrz Damber Rebecca Deyo Rhanda Deyo lneih Diswood Clyde Dunn John Duran Georganna Fellis Charles Forle David Gallegos Gary Garcia The Concert Vikings Alfred Giron Ray Gonzales Roberr Gracey Freeman Griffin Palricia Griffin Phillip Griffin Bill Groll Sammy Gurierrez Raymond Hensley Louis Herrera Larry Higgins Mark Holman Bruce Holsirom Ray Hurlgen Randy King Nancy Kirkland Ken Leach Anlhony Mariinez Edward Marlinez Ernie Maurino ScoH' McKinley Lila Milligan Grace Monioya Phillip Monioya Raymond Monloya Nancy Narions Virgil Olivas Frank Oriega Phil Pera John Pike Richy Reno Ron Royball Brenda Rujrherford Felipe Saavedra Johnny Salabye Anlhony Salazar Angelo Sandoval Johnny Simpson Bernard Smilh John Smilh Kaihy Snowden Fred Sralker Ken Swanson Eric Szeman Marsha Thomson Karen Todd Jerry Torres James Trujillo David Weaver Donald Wilcox Edward Wrighi Craig Yoshimoio Frank Zamora Connie Zimmerman Richard Lucero Jack Evans Mickey Roberls Charles Alderele Ted Lopez Debbie' Emswiler Julie Silva Theresa Padilla Cheryl Forresl' Kalhy Gabaldon Donna Chauvin JoAnn Dosch Mary Maia Augusia Vaw Jennifer Savage Mary Lou Chavez I Z . Q I . I 2 ' I I I I I I ll-rl Alice Cowboy, Irene Gonzales, Jo Ann Marlinez, Sue Kelly, Marie Conlreras, Charles Torres, Pai' Brower, Margie Buck, Linda Walson, Irene Taylor, Nurse, Mrs. Babinglon and Evelyn Velasquez, palienlz Nurse's Office Aides Library Aides Fron+ row ll-rl: Mrs. Malzen, Richard Gonzales. Lupe Valleios, Linda Tale, Lorraine Madrid. Della Benbow, Esiella Casaus, Flora Lucero, JoAnn Valdez, Angie Lovaio, Aileen Barreras and Mrs. Bridges. Second row ll-rl: Mrs. Saunders. Sheri Malcolm, Debbie Slrudevanl, Maria Mailhews, Carol Mills, Suzanne Ballard, Rincla Redfun, Ralph Abeyia. Back row: Sheila Brown and Linda Summers. l7O -mn.----nr -...ff--f... ,-,,,,,....,,.W,. ,...., Wi.,.WM.,,..m.,r-. .,,r ,.,, .,,.... .. .,.... WW, .,.. ,.,,.u,M.,,..,., .. . W.. .W 1, , M... fff 1'4f 1 We Wg s Fronf: Willie Trujillo. Firsf row ll-rl: Charles Ramos, Jacque Zamora, Roy McCrary, Roy Yonemolo, Louis Truiillo Roberk Mala, Floyd Davis, Jeff Jefferies. Second row: Anthony Alderele, Abram Gallegos, Lee King, Frankie Saiz David Farley, Ronald Sanchez, Romulo Garcia, Elias Sanchez, Team Capiain: Sam Allred, Coach and Sponsor. Lasl' row: Ralph Abeyfa, Manager: Joe Speer, Eric Lollfield, John Bilah, Rick Harris, Chris Zamora, Lonnie Marlin, David Cloughley, George Norsworlhy, Roberl Toya, David Brennen. l,X s As Roy Yonemolo was aboul lo gel' up, Roy McCrary slipped him a iudo choke. Yonemolo has IO seconds lo decide lo give up or pass out I-le polled 'lhe mal wilh his hand signifying "MaiTla," "l give up!" Judo Club To prove 'lhal iudo is a sporl lor anyone, here's 70 pouncler Willie Truiillo Throwing a l5O-pound Pur- ple Bell holder, Ronald Sanchez. gs E Brown Bell holder Romulo Garcia lhrows his opponenl, Lee King. wilh Tomoe-nage. Joe Speer is iusl compleling a lefl side l-laraigoshi lhrow on David Farley during a praclice session in The gym. uh r 14 M Na Q., , 2 i Firsf row U-ri: Barbara Johnsfon. Karen Galiassini, Mrs. DuqueHe, Melanie Simmons, Nancy Naiions, and Mary An derson. Second row ii-rl: Nick Sands, Keni Bishop. Silber? Baca, Jeff Harris and Chris Carsfens. Speech Club U-ri: Nancy Naiions, Reporrerg Jeff Harris. Treasurer: Nick Sands. Pariiameniariang Mary Visic, Presidenf: Roloeri Mafihews, Hisroriang Karen Gaiiasinni, Records: Chris Carsfens. Vice-President Firsf row il-ri: Mr. McCreary. Lynn Sands, Sieve Eeihei, Candace Holfs, Hoppy Dike, Yolanda Gallegos, Ron Sivers. Mary Visic, Roberf Mafihews, Margaret Barker. 71, WH' ff-1 'iww Q 4' 'UH , ex ,, , ..,. ef Q,Qi,W,: W .stwrii ,, 3iI4J?f'i, - M The F. T. A. officers are from leff To righf: Lincla Kline, l-lislorian: Rosalie Sanchez, Treasurer: Dorofhy Sheridan, Vice-Presiclenl: Agnes Abeyla, Presiclenl: Diane Lanier. Secrelary. Future Teachers of America Fronl' row: Linda Kline, Marla Mailhews, Diane Lanier, Maryann Sanchez, Liza Lassen, Rose Fragua, Irene Gonzales, Rosalie Sanchez. Back row: Mrs. Faris lSponsorl, Dorolhy Sheridan, Irene Urvaneio, Erlinda Silva, Agnes Abeyla, Priscilla Sanchez, Ellen Umslead, Beverly Leffler, Jerry Olona, Mrs. Reclor lSponsorl Firsi' row ll-rl: Suzanne Suggs, Elizabeih Fredricks, Mickie Eden, Lynn Rawlings, Lynn Hopkins, Ann Willmarllw, Pafricia McCrary. Lasf row: Mrs. Neal and Margare+ Lopez. Counseling Cffiee Aides ain Cffice Aides Firsi' row ll-rl: Mary Sanchez, Lorrine Garcia, Louisa Mariinez, Lucille McGonagle, Nancy Cole, Jeannie Garcia Linda Peacl'1er..Baclc row: Sue Lindley, Barbara Gabbel and Louise .Fullon. I76 Key Club Firs'r row ll-rl: Bobby Rivera, Bobby Hamilfon. Tom Ward, Tommy Marfinez, Joe Navalesi, Jack Thorp. Second row il-rl: Greg Zwoyer, Sieve Anderson, Chan Roberfson. Joe Berg. Mike Mo- lichko, Frank Elliot Joe Craig. Ronnie Heisler, Rudy Marlinez and Mr. BeaH'ie. Firsf row ll-rl: Tim Kennedy. Hoppy Dike, Sieve Carnahan, Johnny Winlon. Jerry Monloya. Gilberf Perea, Mr. Blick. Second row ll-rl: Wayne Rue, Larry Mallhews. Mike Roussell, John Navalesi. Pele Leyva, Bengie Gonzales, Roberi Allen. Oscar Simpson, Jimmy Hamilion, Tim Reed. 15445, Q' Wu? f i, ' if A , . W. . l-YHI1 Rawlings ,,.- '? Kev Club Swee+hear+. .,.-- .yyi V5 "1-if: ,... Q ' kwa I ww? Key Club Officers are firsi' row il-rl: Bill Kingsion, Vice-President Sherman Formhals, President Second row il-rl: Larry Marlhews, Secrelary, and Wayne Rue, Treasurer. f ,,e.-of new , wwf ,1x.::?p :pa , .... -..wmfw ,J Af 233 ," Sealed ll 'lo rl: Mary Ann Gulierrez, Rosemary Saiz. Carol McKinney, Arlene Denny. David Villescas, Johnny Monloya, Dee Willhelm, Kaihy I-lowar, Charlie Mann. D.E.C.A. Firsi' row ll fo rl: Dorolhy Lynch, Norma Longacre, Kerry Emswiler, Susie Bliss. Olivia Garduno, Dolores Barela, Ramona Sanchez, Rose Chavez, 'Theresa Torrez. Second row: Peggy Garcia, Felix Gonzales, Kennelh Dillon, Debbie Emswiler. Ernie Valdez, Marshall Lucero, Doroihy l-leisler. Jack Sevier. I78 Seafed: fl-rl Candy Holis, Assis1'an+ Edifor Sieve Zerbach, Assis+an+ Edifor Chris Carsfens, Edi+or Nancy Summers, Assisfanf Edifor Sfancling: U-rl Georqe T. Prigmore, Sponsor Shield 'Bill 'Kings'lon, Assisianl Edilor, helps idenllfy some aclivi'iy.shois. Sophomore Ediior. Pam Chanslor siarls lhe hard Task of compiling lhe index. Cafhy Bloomfield Bill Kingsion ..... Pam Chanslor . . Sarah Finley Candy Howard Pe'I'e Leyva . . . Caihy Rigsby . . Linda Lanier Yolanda Sanchez Charlene Jones . Sfaff . . . . . . Ediior-in-Chief . . . . Assisiani Edilor . . . , Sophomore Ediior . . . . Junior Ediior . . . . . . Senior Ediior . . . Sporis Ecliior . . . . Faculiy Ediior .. . Aciiviiies Eoliior . . , . Organizaiions Ecliior . . . . . Personaliiies Ediior Sponsor lvlr. George Prigmore lor. helps our by Jryping one of ihe layouis used in Saga. Linda Lanier checks over one of The many aciivilies piclures she handled as ediior of lhal seciion. Mr. George Prigmore, sponsor reviews a check lisl ol Senior piciures. Pele Leyva, Sporis Edi- Saga Senior Class Edilor, Candy Howard slarls To pull her Senior class piclures for Hwe Saga Caihy Bloomfield, Edilor-in-Chief. makes ou+ one of llie many layoul sl'1eel's used in llwe I966 Saga. Yolanda Sanchez, Organizalions Edilor, checks on some dales llwal Saga piclures will be lalcen. Kallwy Rigsby compares 'lwo piclures she used as Faculfy Edilor. V Club Officers Firsl row ll 'lo rl: Mike Roussel, Presideniq Tim Kennedy, Vice-President Seconcl row: Phil Ewing, Secrelary-Treasurer: Coach Cappelli, S,po'nsor. Firsl' row ll 'lo rl: Tom Garrelf. Rick Gosso, Phil Ewing, Dale Ripley, Richard Baca. Second row: Vince Gomez, Harold l Moore, Gil Casados, Jerry Monloya, Gary Shellon, Tim Kennedy, Mike Roussel. Thircl row: Roberl Pope, Pele Leyva, , John Truiillo, Oscar Simpson, Tommy Marlinez, Coach Vince Cappelli. Fourfh row: Louie Chavez, Mike Dyer, Bob i l-lamillon, Ray Gonzales, Gary Lieker, Randal Pel'l'y, Gary Bluhr. Fiflh row: Jerry Wendi, Richard McGregor, Mark l Salazar. Ron Toya, Jim Siocklon, Tim Downing, Wayne Phillips. OFFICERS: Kneeling: John Mclnfyre, Vice Presideniq Becky Marlinez, Presi- dent Slancling: Rosemary Saiz, Treas- urer: Mike Cihalc. Secrelary. Bowling Club Firsi' row ll +o rl John Mcln+yre,!GIenda Wood. Audrey Sandoval, Sharon While, Sue Kelly, Mike Cihalc. Second row: Ricky Tafoya. Linda Olund, Susan Ware. Cheryl Hess. Kaihy Kugler, Becky Marlinez, Danny Truiillo. Third row: Mrs. Eubanlc. Kei'rh Sowers. Rose- marie Saiz. Sylvia Osuna, Pam Chanslor, Glenna Spear, Donna Forbis, Phil Marlinez, Craig Yoshimolo, Gary Walls. Sylvia Osuna fries for a Slrilcel Craig Yoshimofo shows off h bowling form. Clockwise: Mr. Ralph Dixon, Peggy Kinsey, Mike Miller, Lynn Hopkins, Mary Visic. Dorothy Sheridan, Elaine Rudolph, Pearl Gonzales, Nancy Summers, Paula Krogdahl, Karhy Pulakos, Glenda Connor, Nancy Nalions, Celina Baca, Virginia Gonzales, Alice Ball, Margie Buck, Tommy Marlinez, Bob Malhews, Hoppy Dilce, Ann Willmarlh, Bob McKinley, Mike Roussell, Mrs. Edna Dixon. Clockwise from 'far lefh Dorolhy Sheridan, Elaine Rudolph, Pearl Gonzales, Nancy Summers, Paula Krogdahl, Kalhy Pulakos, Mrs. Faris, Mr. Evereii, Glenda Connor, Nancy Nafions, Virginia Gonzales, Alice Ball, Margie Buck, Tommy Marfinez. Bob Malhews, Hoppy Dike. f 1. , ,,,. wail' - 44 , ational So ' t Kneeling: Mike Roussell .. . . President Mike Miller . . . Vice-President Sfanding Ann Willmarrh . . . Secrefary. Margie Buck . . . Treasurer. ls'l' 3rd 2nd Bfeni' J0i'ln Oscar Murray Navaiesi Comma NHS LIMDC Winners I85 Sealed: Bill Henline. Firsl row ll lo rl: Amy l.eganl', Louise Oeslerreicher, Helen Gable. Elizabelh Gonzales, Nancy Nalions, Marlin Vigil, Mrs. Sasser. Second row: Chesler Tafoya, O. M. Belles, William Groll. Latin Club F.B.L. . Firsl' row ll 'lo rl: Denise Shellon. Rila Griffin, Glenda Wood, Janie Welch, Agnes Greigo. Second row: Geraldine Sorrell, Alice Marie Cowboy, Rosemary Gibson, May Marlinez, Eslher Tafoya, Barbara Davis. Third row: Mrs. Miller. lrene Taylor, Celina Baca, Elizabelh Truiiillo, Ella Rose Morgan, Miss Rhodes. Fourfh row: Mrs. Baron. I86 I-E, inn,- .,,s, ...,,..o,i.... . . ,.,.,,,., ,,...W.- ...,, ..,. . , ...,...,,.,, ...3m ,.....W.-.w,,,, ,., .i,., .,mmwM,,,.,,,,,, fm-Efim-as,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,W,.,, .,,,,u,,i,SW1 Flrsi' row l Dolores Blancherh Helene Chavez JoAnn Trullllo Genevieve Corona Jimmie Dell Bulger Maria Neuro Ella Tsuisuml Par Griffin Irene Chavez Vivian Duran Nadine Taka hash: Chris Archibeque Anna Chavirra Second row lr Connie Curry Phyllis Palaclos Karhy Olona, Olivia Baca, Rachel Aragon, Yvonne Roussel, Marla Allison, Priscilla Becenh, Lorraine Sreely, Connie Chavira, Mary Ellen Reeder. Firsf row: Berhel Srour Presidenr. Second row ll-rl: Yvonne Roussel Treasurer. Mary San- chez Secrerary. Third row ll-rl: Rachel Ara- gon Chairman of Special Evenrs, Maria Alli- son Sporrs Manager, Elia Tsursumi Vice-Presi- denr, Cafhy Chavez Sophomore Represenla- five, Jennie Palacios Senior Represeniarive. Fourfh row ll-rl: Grace Monroya Sergeanr ai' Arms, Sheila Takahashi Junior Represenrarive and Priscilla Becenri Sporrsday Chairman. GA. . Firs-I row ll-rl: Hope Baldonado, Susan Dick, Rosemary Sanchez, Mary Herman, Gloria Villescas, Berhel Srour, Carol Fosrer, Sally Zamora, Jessica Killbrew, Jeannerre Nunn, Sharon Ayers. Second row ll-rl: Grace Mon- roya, Louella Housron, Bersy Trujillo, Yolanda Sanchez, Carhy Chavez, Mary Sanchez, Sheila Takahashi, Jennie Palacios, Chrisrine Oro- donez, Archie Gear, Par Smilh. Third row ll-rl: Sponsors, Miss Freeman and Miss Shoon. I87 One of lhe many aclivilies of lhe French Club was 'lhe Progressive The firsl course of 'lhe French Club dinner was held al Amy CllI'H1EF- Leganl's home. French Club Firs'l' row piclured from lefl lo righl' are: Janis Skinner, Linda Lanier, Linda Glass, Kalhy Vinke. Second row: Joyce Gribble, Vicky Genlry, Mary Mala. Mary Taber. Third row: Roberf Miller. Nancy Dunning, Janie Brown. Amy Leganl: ivy Rhodes, Elaine Fore, and Miss Chapul. l88 French Club members from lefl' 'ro righl- on 'lhe firsl' row are: Pearl Gonzales, Ellen Umsleacl, Linda Oluncl, Sherman Formhals. Second row: Calhy Hulchison, Candy Holls, Alice Ball, Cheryl John- son. Third row: Miss Chapul, Alyce Corley. Larry Mallhews. Jael Cauclal. Firsl row ll-rl: Kalhy Snowdon. Veronica Velarde, Sylvia Apodaca. Rila Terrazes, Rebecca Deyo, Miss Freeman. Second row ll-rl: Julia lssacs, Ca- lanna lvlonloya, Ellen Carnahan, Cynlhia Johns- lon, Susan Dick, Gloria Slone. Third row ll-rl: Midgel Gonzales, Jennie Palacios, Connie Murphy, Rosie Palacios, Judy Kleclc. Carol Miller. Fourlh row ll-rl: Kalhy Condil, Belly Dunlap, Holly File. Mary Jane l-lubler, Judy Burns, Carol Fosler. G mnastics Club Calana lvlonloya looks on as Holly File iumps lhe side horse. ll's lun lc kick your heels up once in a while says Kalhy Cynlhia Johnslon, Ellen Carnahan, Belly Dunlap and Kalhy Snowdon. Susan Diclc and Veronica Velarde. Condil do a gyrnnaslic lan. Firsf row ll-rl: Donna Teefer, Margaref Kinsey, Nancy Pierce, Glenda Wood, Ka'rie Draus, Gail Long. Second 'row ll-rl: Dorlhy Sheridan. Slar Henline, Mike Miller. Mrs. Hughes. Ron Toya. Rick Grosso, Margie Buclc. Firsl' row ll-rl: Bernard Smilh. Kaihie Marlin, Calana Monloya. Eslrella Cas- aus, Enrico Zibelli, Mike McKinney. Sec- ond row ll-rl: Wayne Calclerone, Elise Dahlquisl. Sieve Smilh, John Smifh. Gary Cordova, Helen Gable, Philip Monloya. I90 German Club Firsi' row ll-rl: Margie Buck. . .Secre- fary. Milce Miller...Presiden'l, Donna Teeler...lsl' Vice-Presideni, Slar Hen- line. . .2nd Vice-President Sfancling ll-rl: Marqarel' Kinsey. ..His'lorian, Elise Dahl- quisf...Chris+mas Caroling Chairman, Dorlhy Sheridan. . .Treasurer and Ron Toya. . . Publiciiy Direclor. I -Mu U. - Firs'l' row ll-rl: Cherie Huclson, Sandy Davis. Cheryl Johnson, Linda TuHle. Lynn Sropplcolle. Theresa Cordova, Karhy Slill, Terry Bells, Van Ann Moore. Sharon Ahern, Laura Willmarlh, Mrs. Byers. Seconcl row ll-rl: Carol Dean, Margerer Reidy, Priscilla Lucero, Maxine Madrid, Helen Ross. Margaref Lucero, Agnes Abeyra. Gerry Sorrell, Janice Mairingly, Mikkie Miller, Sue Roclenloeelc, Margarel Howell. Beverly Lefiler. Jean Edenburg, Lynn Sands. Third row ll-rl: Jane Brown, Mary Schorr, Nancy Summers, Liz Faris. Jim Neely, Lonnie Burke. Aulhur Tsyiee. Bill Carsiens, Larry Lopez, James Truiillo, Gary Cordova, Dale Holeman, John l-lagoocl, Jim McDonald, Ed Tsyilee. Drama Club Ed Tsyilee and Jim Neely work wifh The lighis dur- ing ihe play. "lf a Man Answers." Sealed ll-rl: Sue Rodenbeelc, Beverly Leffler Dale Holmen, Peggy Howell. Back row ll-rl Tim McDonald. Gary Cordova. John Hagood Jim Neely. Officers ll 'lo rl: Henry Alencio, Sql. Al' Arms: David Valdez, Treasurer: Theresa Olguin, Presidenlq Oscar Corlina, Vice-Presidenlg Kallwy Pulalcos, Secrelary: l-loppy Dike, Hislorian. National Spanish Honor Society 1 Firsl' row llefll ll +o rl: Callwy Arroyo, Consuelo Garcia, Vir- ginia Gonzales, Roberl Cordova. Second row: l-loppy Dike, Roberl Ordonez. Firsl row ll lo rl: Oscar Corlina, Rosie Palacios, Margarel Firsl- row lrighfl ll 'lo rl: Celina Baca, lcla Griffin, Chrigfina Garcia, Carlolla lvlonloya, Callwy Pulakos, Loicla Padilla. Second Chavez. Second row: Vince Gomez. row: David Valdez, Theresa Olguin. """"-'f on ""r-A" 'A "K r--r M'-fr rr""'--r M" "'r ' -"'A M ""' r"'-W'Mf'i---M'-harem" -na:-'-r'-1'rf"M'-MW' '--"M-M' 'M""Wff"r' Firsi row il +o rl: Ricky Tafoya. Dorolrhy Sheridan. Sandy Boyce, Nancy Naiions. Roberi' Chavez. Second row: Mr. Lieberi, John Smiih. Roioeri Ordonez, Pai' Sedilio, Dei Candelaria, Rodney Haich. En ineering Club Sigma Beta Epsilon Firsi' row ii fo rl: Kaihy Sisneros, Margarei Sisneros, Becky Marfinez. Ciorinda Sanchez, Genevive Corona, Mariha Mariinez, Fiorabelie Mczbxilisier. Second row: Ri'ra Guiirrez, Janie Welch, Bonnie Howard, Olivia Baca. Ceiina Baca. Mrs. Miller. ll 'lo rl: Elizahefh Truiillo, Emma Aragon, Yolanda Nunez, Hazel Slrawn, Edena Speer, Kalhy Wiech- erl', Brenda Bundranl. ll 'l'o rl: Mrs. Dabney, Lynn Chessire, Donna Dam- eron, Della Benbow, Cecilia Sandoval, Peggy Garcia, Liz Tenorio, Lupila Maeslas, Yolanda Gon- zales, Olivia Gallegos, Joanne Mosher, Kaihy Mosher. I94 Mrs. Dabney proudly displays her door, which 'l'OOlC Firsi Place in lhe Deck The Halls conlesl. F.H. . Roberi' Chavez Our mos+ beaufiful baby. Marc Rogers Beautiful Babies Gary WaHs Lonnie Burke I96 Spanish Club Officers are ll-rl: Della Romero, Secre- laryg Sally Sanchez, Vice-Presidenl: Darla Sundby, Presidenl: Barbara Auslin, Treasurer. Spanish Club Larua Navrrella, Dela Romero, Angie Lovalo, Sally Sanchez, Mr. Sandoval, Josephine Cordova. Lily Fbia, Dolores Marlinez and sealed JoAnn Marlinez. Q Emilio Crespin, Darla Sundloy, Callwy Chavez, Theresa Chavez. Clifford Jowllces. Kaly Curliss, Barbara Auslin, Rudy Romero, Jim Williams and sealed Mr. Sancloval. WWW...MF.,,W.M,.M.a...,..,W,.,..-. , V,,. ,, ,.W,,....,,.... .,,,,,k,, .,kko,.kA,,.,,. ,, ..., ,,,,M, ,,,kk,lkL,,l ,,o,,,l . , Q ,W N Firsi' row ll io rl: Anna Sedillo, Marylin Roberfson, Suzie Sigler, Nancy Vidal, Margaref Garcia, Yvonne Miller. Second row: Janice Marfingly, Elhel Sandoval, Janer Baca, Priscilla Becenli, Agnes Abeyfa, Sandy Monahan, Josephine McMurphy, Carmen Holden, Bruce Holsfrum, Third row: Richard Farris, Raymond I-Iensly. Nancy Dogendorf, Ann Kleinknighr, Susan Hughes, Jaclc Sigler, Mrs. Andrade. Tennis Club Margarei' Garcia Bruce l-lolslrum Elllalleih Frederick Janel' Baca Richard Farris Bafl-Dafa Garcia Firsi' row ll-rl: Elizabelh Tenorio, Carolyn Carroll, Kaihy Hulclminson, Celina Baca. Second row: Marrian Silva, Geraldine Sorrell, Joyce SuHon, Peggy Garcia, Deanna Gomez. Attendance Office Aides Firsi row ll-rl: Linda Boddy, Karliy Meeks, Kalhy Figueroa, Mary Edenburn. Second row: Linda While, Dolores Mariinez, Cecillia Sandoval, Mae Marlinez and Kafluy Murphy. l98 Firsl' row ll-rl: Yolanda Gonzales, Yolanda Nunez, Mary Taber, Jean Edenburn. Second row: Kalhy Marlin, Dolly Herrera, 'Veva Gulierrez, Mary Lou Ramirez and Mar- lene Marlinez. fi-an-"rm-im' 'r"' rf" M--mi. W '-A-""" 1- "'r '--' 'M-"-n""rm"-" M'-fr-M' 'rr"- "rw--r'M-" Sk ll-rl: Lynda Gerry . . Secrelary Carolyn Carroll .. Presiclenl Firsl' row ll-rl: Leonard Luian, Andy Downing, Bill Kingslon, John Lorenlzen, Mike League. Arlhur Hale. Second row ll-rl: Rebecca Barnes, Pearl Gonzales. Jana Bumkens, Sandy Moynihan, Jamie Miller, Lisa Lassen Kaye Reinike, Susie Sigler, Linda Glass. Third row ll-rl: Elise Dahlquisl, Paula Krogdahl, Gayle Gerry, Lynn Hopkins, Krisly Anderson and Kalhy Hulchinson. i Club Leigh Wallers . . Vice-Presidenl Ann Willmarlh . . Treasurer Firsl row ll-rl: Bill Bouclich. Kurl Wallers, Jack Sigler, Brad Herndon, Mike Lucero, Raymond Saiz. Scoll Brill. Second row ll-rl: Ann Willmarlh, Lynda Gerry, Von Blueher, Lila Milligan, Sue Ann Talley. Linda Loflfield, lndia Brown, Vickie Genlry, Chris Brill. Third row ll-rl: Mr. Williams, Leigh Wallers, Carolyn Car- roll. Larry Lopez. lvan Rhodes, Brel' Gibson and Pam Chanslor. I99 Firsf row ll-rl: Ray Lewis, Secreiary: Bill Warbois. Vice-President John Dunlap, Presidenfg Pai Gonzales, 2nd Vice- Presidenf. Second row ll-rl: Arfhur Gradi. Chaplain: Jacob Gu+ierrez, Seniinelg Bill Hall, Hisforiam Jeff Harris, Reporlerg Mr. Head, Advisor, 1 l i 1 l Firsi' row ll-rl: Jacob Guiierrez, Pai Gonzales, John Dunlap, Ray Lewis. Second Firsi' row ll-rl: George Moniano, Mark Hog- row ll-rl: Dan Ailcinson. Terry Shea, Vernon Smid, Tom Kelley and Ken Hughes. land, Ambrose Candelaria. Bill Hall. Jack Recior and Rick Yeager. I -i Future Farmers of America Second row: Skip Finley, David S+. Clair, Bill Blair, Louis l-lamilion, Arlhur Gradi, Kelly Nix and Dan Brinkley. 3 l ! 1 l Jack Reclor and Bill Blair worlc will: +l1e me+al culling band saw. Firsi' row ll-rl: Eddie Massinqale, Bryan Siambaugli, Alex Filipovs, Lu'rl'1er Oldfield. Jolfm Gore, Richard Kinapic. Second row: Bryan Foss. Dan Slrawn. James Sanchez. Jack Edmond- son, Jim Sanchez. Jim Pa'Herson, David Dunlap, Daniel Brown. David Krogdahl. Baclr row: Lee Skinner, Ronnie Ansley. Danny Polvell, Winslon Marugg. Roberl' Shurler, Sieve Chap- man. Bolsloy Evans, Waller Barnel. Firsf row ll-rl: Cindy Kinsey, Louise Oslreicher, Emily Casias, Elaine Enarson. Sandy l-lallon. Calhy Flala, Becky Soos and Lou Ann Vidal. Second row: VanAnn Moore. Celesle Lewis. Callwy Hulchison, Mary Anderson. Lynn Sands. Darla Duke. Diana Slewarl, Alyce Corley, Louella Houslon. Third row: Shirley Poper. Jim Neely. Ed Tsylee, Mike Cordova, Flavio.Maesl'as. Roman Romero, Roberl Gulierrez, Mark Romero, Belh Jones. Fourll1 row: Peggy Beniseck. EellelWeiricl'1. Rick Rivera, Fred Johnson, Slanley Koppel. George Slworlle, Jerry Olona, Claylon DeHarl and Elise a qulsl. Concert Choir Valley Choral Groups Mixed II Chorus Firsl row il-ri: Julia Olivas, Yvonne Madrid, Phyllis Marlin, Diane Crawford, Calhy Tomsic, Margarel Baca, Liz Bar- reras, Barbara Auslin, Dee Dee Arimiio, Annie Begay, Carole Parke. Second row: Linda Schmill, Hazel Slrawn, Janelle Orliz, Rulh Weaver, Mary Helen Sanchez, Joe Mirabol, Gilberl Gulierrez, Bernie Cano, Jim Salazar, Mark Salazar. Third row: Susan Rilchey, Elizabelh Faris, Anna Horcasilas, Alberl Monloya, Roberl Whilecloud, Tone Good- son, Judy Donalson, Mary Ann Malezewske, Laura Baca. Fourlh row: Lynn Rawlings, Margarel Reedy, Carol Dean, Scoll Gibson, Roberl Miera, Kenny Besson, David Garcia, Lulher Oldfield. Judy Lewis, Gail Long, Sharon Aker, Carla Humphrey. Fiflh row: Ted Garcia, Marshall Linsey, Leroy Monloya, Richard Anaya and Tommy Trujillo. Mixed I Chorus Firsl row il-ri: Francis Torres, Pal Bower, Susan Rosebaugh, Liz Luna, Helen Garcia, Marie Brown, Rosemary Schmill, Calhy Lucero, Nancy Benally, Cecilia Herrera Barbara Chavez, Anabella Marlinez. Second row: Laurice Marlinez. Kalie Sedillo, Jane Taylor, Priscilla Lucero, Terry Cordova. Jayne Lee, Belly Morgan, Janice Leopold, Cheryl Kern, Denise Shellon, Kalhy Pulakos, Carolyn Slone, Vikki Moya, Linda Reeder, Kerry Emswiler. Third row: Mary Kilchell, Pal Bowra, Rila Pelol. Mary Mala, Sheila Dolly Gordon, Barbara Welch, Bonnie Howard, Virginia Reyes, Linda Buda- gher, Michaele ' Ridnour, Margie Fraiser, Margarel Donoghue, Mary Lulher, Louise Fullon. Fourlh row: Eva Gonzales, Annabell Taloya, Linda Hill, Bev Rogers, Clara Gonzales, Chris Crosby, Sue Schroeder, Lorraine Sanlillanes, Marly While, Carole McKinney, Linda Kellles, Barbara Chavez, Cheri Zuver. Fillh row:'Rick Deapen, Millon Taylor, Abbie Gallegos, Tommy Leslie, Ronald Casias, Joe Gulierrez, Jake Carriaga, Phillip Sanchez, Tony Baca, Frank Romero, Troy Lands, Marc Hudson. Sixlh row: Jim Preslon, Scoll Fawler, Richard Harris, George Norsworlhy, Arlhur Tsyile, Pal Ponce, Randy Barela, Paul Corona, Roberl McCoy, Marvin Del-larl and Alberl Marlinez. l lo r: Louise Oeslerreicher, Mary Mala, Elaine Enerson, Mary Anderson, Lynn Sands, Darla Duke, Lou Ann Vidal. The Muses Girls Advanced Chorus Firsl' row ll lo rl: Barbara Milchell, Frances Gulierrez, Terry Garcia, Linda Landon, Kalhie Kugler, Palsy Saiz, Susan Hughes, Audria Lucero. Second row: Monika Franz, Nancy Saxlon, Jacque Ransdell, Nancy Vidal, Susan Lang, Darla Gordon, Trudy Kauffman, Mildred Beasley, Gladys Cash, Gloria Anaya, Angela Gonzales. Third row: Dorene Koppel, Pearl Cadman, Josephine Monloya, Emily Pacheco, Mary Rodriguez, Ramona Corlez, Judy Sanlillanes, Marilyn Roberl- son, Debra Gomez, Carmen Monloya. Fourlh row: Maxine Jaramillo, Jimmie Dell Budger, Lynn Sloppkolle, Judy Reynolds Beverly Marvin, Lucille Vidal, Joyce Grlbble, Theresa Saiz. Fif'l'h row: Margie Saavedra, Wanda Smarl, Mary Ann Vidal, Norma Gulierrez, Lenora Kirlc, Sandra Luna, Marcella Gonzales, Dolores Carriaga. Sixlh row: Erma Jordan, Annebella Monloya, Terry Flores, Rulh Maeslas, Marcella Gonzales, Anne Breshears, Linda Yales, Glenna Spear. Zeyyenlh row: Elva Diswood, Helen Jo Jola, Kalhy Arroyo, Alice Rubio, Trudi Cull, Alda Phelps, l-lerrilla Tafoya, Fran Pa i a. ll 'l'o rl: Fred Johnson: Jerry Olona: Alyce Corley, accompanist Pele Weirich: Clayfon Del-larl' Boys Quartet Accompanists Firsi row ll +o rl: Darla Gordon, Rullw Weaver. Lynn Sfoppholle, Glenna Spear. Second row: Marie Brown, Mary Rode riguez, Joyce Griblole, Susan Lang, Kailwy Pulakos. Third row: Gail Long, Lynne Sands. Elaine Enarson, Alyce Corley, Lou Ann Vidal, Cindy Kinsey. Fran Padilla. Firsi' row il To rl: Vera Armiio, Vicky Baca, Susie Guiierrez, Irene Roche, Paiiy Ouger, Sharon Whiie, Cherry Sherman, M' d Clorinda Sanchez, Beiiy Russell, Angela Luciani, Beriha Muller. Second row: Pairicia Gonzales, Dolly Herrera, Margie Baca, Lillian Bachicha. June Barbone, Nellie Redhouse. Rila Hulzeh, Angie Sanchez, Olivia Monioya, Sally G-uiierrez, Connie Romero. Third row: Dorolhy Sanchez, Lorraine Romero. Linda Hail, Siephanie Carlson. Marieiia Tso. Evelyn I Torres, Sfella Padilla, Mary Apodaca, Ann Willmarih, Celina Guiierrez. Fourfh row: Mary Sirawn, Jerry Wimberly. Andrew Segura, Bob Madrid, George Herman, Eloy Jaramillo, Gilberi Luian, Rose Marie Topia, Elaine Chavez, Rosalie Chavez. Fi'Ffh row: Alberi Baca, Gilberi Moniano, Morris Truiillo, Beniamin Torres, Johnny Valdez, Danny Sanchez, Bennie Moniano, Danny Vasquez, Evelyn Wood, All il io rl Elaine Enarson, Darla Dulce, Vanann Moore, Beih Jones. Jacque Ransdell, Fred Johnson, Louise Oesierreicher, Margie Saavedra, George Shorile, Dianne Siuari, Joyce Gribble, Jerry Olona, Alyce Corley, Clayion Del-larf, Caihy Fiala, Pele Weirich, Cheryl Kern, Lynne Sands. Student Government Robert McKinley S Student Body d President W Gffieers Student John Hagood Student Body t Vice-President y Linda Fox Student Body Secretary gof the Body oman Romero Student Body Treasurer Spirit and Sportsmanship Carolyn Carroll Cheryl Cerney Sherman Formhals Bobby Hamilton Ronald l-leister Bill Kingston Phyllis Martin Betty Rivera Judy Robertson Celina Genevieve Phil Baca Corona Ewing Angela Maxine Lucipia Lucian: Madrid Martinez Sarah Finley Alex Truiillo Public Relations and Courtesy Buildings and Grounds Roy Yonemolo Sieve Smith Sleve Carnahan Bill Arneson Mary Schorr Vincent Gomez Elva Diswood Homeroom Coordinating JoAnn Hood Jerry Chavez Linda Etlinger Cafhy Garrell Pa Hi Howell Kathy Hulchison Larry Mallhews Dolores Padilla Chan Robertson Lonnie Burke Marlha Martinez Debbie Peak Barbara l Garcia l Flora l McAllis+er' Judy Sanlillanes l l Pub icity Awards and Membership Charles Baldonado Louis Chavez Cecilia Sandoval Loretta Smith Judy Koppel Charlotta Montoya Mike Roussel Merlinda Betty Melvin Chavez Dunlap Hanson Brad Mary Chester Herndon Ketchell Tatoya Rules and Elections Student Council ASS6mbly Special Events Kathy Robert Corine Barbara Arroyo Chavez Garcia Johnstone Duane Esther Wayne Tom Lanier Montoya Rue Finance Balos Arnold Gary Cordova Elaine Ford Debbie Garcia Yolanda Gonzales Sharon Lewis Wa rd Judy Burns Marie Contreras David Foster Tana Gorton Betty l-laralson Bobbie Jansson Tim Kennedy Jim Plagens Audrey Sandoval Susan Schroeder Lee Skinner Enrico Zibetti Terry Garcia Whilney Gardner Tommy Garreh' Raymond Gonzales Phil Griffin Ronald Heisler JoAnn Hood Tim Kennedy Gary Leiker Kalhy McClure Maxine Madrid ' Larry Mafihews Marfha Marfinez Rebecca Marlinez Jeff Miller Jerry Monloya Paul Monfoya Joe Navalesi Orlando Olona Chrisline Ordonez Richard Orero Parry Ouger Debbie Peak Jan Pogan Lynn Rawlings Kalhy Rigsby Roman Romero Helen Ross Milne Roussel Wayne Rue Audrey Sandoval Marqaref Sisneros Doris Suhr Ronald Toya Gary Wa+'rs Gene EvereH' Sherma n Formhals Agnes Abeyfa Phyllis Arnold Roberr Allen Tony Baca Calhy Bloomfield Joseph Berg Sfephen Carnahan Lore++a Chavez Senior Senate O. M. Be'H'es Pairicia Bowra Chris Brill Jana Bumkens Wynn Bumkens Jerry Chavez Mike Chavez Robe-rl Chavez Junior Senate Ronnie Chavez David Chrisl' Marie Confreras Theresa Cordova Judy Cruz Sandy Davis Paul Delgado Leonard Duran Geraldine Escarcicla Sandy Faris Richard Farris Sarah Finley Sco'r+ Fowler Barbara Garcia Cecilia Garcia Corrine Garcia Linda Glass Debra Gomez John Hagood Dale Holmen Linda Kline Linda Lanier Susan Maddox Phyllis Marlin Frank Marquez Shirley Mon+oya John Navalesi Irene Padilla Richy Reno Yvonne Roussel Linda Sandoval Susan Schroeder Linda Summers Chesier Tafoya Esiher Tafoya Rhonda Ulrich Lou Ann Vidal Kalhy Vinlce Wayne Harkins Brad Herndon Freddie Herrera Cheri Hudson Julia Isaacs Bobbie Jansson Tessie Jaramillo Cynihia Johnsfon Erman Jordon Norma Kefchum Berfha Kernman Sheryl Kosier David Krogclahl Amy Legani' Jeanefie Lopez Beniie Marlinez Georgia Marlinez Mae Marfinez Robbie Newsom Jim Newfon Henry Pacheco Eyerica Penley Jacque Ransdell Rinda Redlearn Fred Riekeman Belly Rivera Priscilla Sanchez Jerry Sandoval Janice Skinner Sieve Smilh Brian Slanbaugh Lorraine Sleele Suzanne Suggs Rober1'Toya Tom Whilre Sophomore Senate Miriam Aikerson Fidel Baca Richard Baca Daniel Baily Diana Campbell Pam Chanslor Helene Chavez Oscar Corlina Gregory Cruz BeH'y Dunlap Danneife Garcia Leandro Garcia Jere Goodrich Darlalee Gordon Par Grosso . ,U Sports x x 1 f nm 2l6 QQ Firsf row ll-ri: Joe Casiiglia, Bobby Cordova, Milce Jesus, Wayne Phillips, Tony Cappelli iBa'll9oyl, Duane Oriiz Chesier Tafoya. Phil Ewing, Mike Roussel. Second row: Larry Sloul, Mark Salazar, Max Maldanado, Freddie Herrera Bengie Gonzales. Oscar Simpson. Ron Toya, Dale Ripley. Third row: Coach Buddy Roberlson. Coach Lloyd Randall Pele Leyva. Jack Kleck, Bill Harris, Benny l.ova'i'o. Joe Mariinez, Coach Vince Cappelli. Baseball Teams Phil Ewing sirilces oul' The lcnaiierl Ouifielders are ll-rl: Pele Leyva, Oscar Simpson, Max ivialclanaclo, Bengie Gonzales, Mike Jesus. Firsl basemen are: Wayne Phillips and Jack Kleclc 2l7 Mike Roussel and Duane Orfiz are shown making a double-play. Phil Ewing. Mike-Roussel, Ron Toya, Dale Ripley and Pefe Leyva ge? se+ for 'rhe nexf pifch. Lefh Mark Salazar is shown gelding se+ +o pifch Hue ball. Righh Cafcher Ron Toya goes for a pop fly. lnfielders are ll-rl: Duane Orliz. Freddie Herrera, Dale Ripley, Mike Roussel, Bobby Cordova. 5 s i E Firsi row ll-ri: Dan Peloi, Ray Mariinez, Felipe Saavedra, Mike Bradshaw, Bob Ebberi, Allen Williams, Ronnie Royl:-al, Alan Carler, Eddie Ziniga. Second row: Coach Lloyd Randall, Johnny Simpson, Glenn Case, Larry Sfoui, Larry Leyva, Larry Gribble, Chan Roberison, Joe Wallace, Ellon Hodgson. I 96 State Champions 1 Firsf row ll-rl Dale Ripley, Doug Harris, Eddie Baca, Duane Oriiz, I'ony Capelli, Max Maldanado, Mark Salazar, Wayne Phillips, Gary Blueher. Second row: Oscar Simpson, Pele Leyva, Clyde Phillips, Lorenzo Zuniga, Dean Voge, Phil Ewing, Manny Palacios, Dennis Simmons lTrainerl. Third row: Vince Capelli, Mike Roussel, Joe Monloya, John Connilf, Ron Toya, Mariy Barker, Francis Marlin, Ray Baldwini, Tommy Nunn, Coach Tom Arciniega. . .,., .,..,..-.,.,c .,,..,, ,,,, ,U ,..,A ,y.., .- ,,,,,,., ..,-..o,.c,.,c...e ,W Wfi, .M ,.., ,-,.. .,..., ---, UVM. ..,..,, .,W.K,,.-V.,, ,.,,,.,, .V ...,, e ...vm W., ,,.,, as W s,..c. we ,,,,-..,,., W, ,c , ,WW , ,, ,. ,,..,, -WA ,,.,,.,.. , I 21 2, -Q "H as E f 'a lwafff my 5 Firsf row U-rl Tim Downing. Edgar Berry, John Cisneros, Sieve Smifh. Bruce Holsjrrom. Ray Powell, Gary Wa'r'rs Second row: Coach Paul WhH'e, Mike Carclenas, Marshall Lindsey, Bram' Bulrler, Richard Farris. Tennis Team BRANT BUTLER TIM DOWNING RICHARD FARRIS RAY POWELL GARY WATTS BRUCE HOLSTROM ll 'lo rl Harold Moore, George Orliz, Tim Kennedy, Bob Rivera. Tommy Baca, Ron I-Ierrera. Gary Shelfon. Gil Casados Lawrence Monloya, Sieve Smillw, Arllwur Sancloval. Gary Leilcer, Brenl' Murray. Wrestling Gil Valdez ricles lough againsl Melvin Crow ol A.H.S. Valley ........ Valley ........ A.P.S. Clwrislmas Valley .,...... Valley . . . . . . Valley .... . . . Valley .... . . . Valley . . . . . . Valley .... . . . Valley .... . . . Valley .... . . . Valley .... . . . Valley ........ SCHEDULE NMSFI-I Invilalional ................ . . . 33 Del Norle . 45 Belen ..... Tournamenl .......... .. . 23 Albuquerque 34 Rio Grande 29 Tucumcari . 34 Sandia .... 29 Farminglon 44 Azlec ..., 27 Manzano .. 44 Los Alamos 27 Albuquerque 34 Granis ..... . . . 30 Gallup .... Valley ........ Dislricl IAA Meer ..... Slale lvleel' ........ . . Isl I3 5 3rcI 2I I2 I8 I8 I8 8 25 O I7 8 I3 2nd 4+l1 Ax ' ww: George Oriiz pins Joe Baca of Albuquerque High. B-Team Firsi' row U-rl: Mike Salas, Richard. Lucero, Ronnie Lucero, Mei Esirada, Eiias Salas, David Duhigq, Leroy Monfoya Kirk Williams, Randal Askew, Sieve Olena. Emilio Crespin, Lewis Ferguson, Rudy Sanchez, David Baca. Second row U-rj Richard Canfell, Vince Chavez, Bernard Smi+h, Joe Evere++, Dennis Lucero, Roberi' Balleau and Coach Case. I I glgrnefgaifingi E E I .111m-u- l Firsi' row ll-rl: Richard Henio, Richard Baca. Louie Chavez, Scoll Dean, Roberl' Miller. Anlhony Corfez, James Lucero, Frank Leyba, Phil Griffin, Anlhony Arrniio, Roberl' Garcia. Second row: Jameson Sloan, Paul Sanchez, Phil Gulierrez, Gary Garcia, Raindall PeHy, Rudy Shoals, Wayne Rue, Bob Hamillon, Sieve Carnahan, Beniie Marlinez, Ed Ordonez, Max Tafoya. Third row: James Slocklon, Jack Sigler. Sieve Zerbach, Tommy Marlinez, John Navalesi, Roberi' Ordonez, George Gender, Tim Kennedy, Enrico Zilaelfi, Jim Newlon, Sam Truiillo, John Fosler. Fourfh rowi lsadore Begay, Bolo Slerra.' Gilber+ Perea, Lynn Burlbaw. Mike Brennen, Ray Gonzales, Jim Plaqens, Sieve Uzuefla, Mike McKinney, Henry Newman and Coach Jim Doughiy. Tra ck Tea m Weiqhlmen are Phil Gulierrez and Ray Gonzales. 225 Hurdle-rs Bobby Hamilion and Wayne Rue are shown leaping over a hurdle as ihey head for 'rhe finish line. Frank Leyba. Pole vauHers are Tim Kennedy, Paul Sanchez, and 880 men Mike McKinney and Jim Plagens are shown reaching The finish line. Rudy Shoafs hands Jrhe baion 'ro Anfhony Armiio, in one of fhe relays. Sprinfers Randall Pe'Hy. Gary Garcia, and Phil Griffin gel sei' in ll1e blocks. Bob Sierra and Sreve Zerbach are shown Hmrowing Hue Iavelin. Louie Chavez, Henry Newman and Richard Baca gef in some pradice before a meef. --M-H' mn-1 in ,--f 4 -1-- Kneeling ll 'ro rl Ron Toya, James Benavidez, Gil Valdez, Larry Sloul, Smiley Marlinez, Phil Ewing. Slanclingz Coach Sam Malone Gil Perea, Bob Sierra. Fred Rielceman, Milne Oakes. Terry Bland. Tim Downing, Jim Guyman, Coach Dick Fax, Basketball Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley 'Valley Valley S+. Jo Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley ...69 ...53 ...54 ...63 ...74 ...63 ...86 ...65 68 77 e's Tournamenl 68 ...67 ...5l ...89 ...76 66 ...76 ...80 ...74 ...56 Roswell Nlvllvll .... Del Norle . Albuquerque S+. Pius Sanla Fe . Espanola .. Del Norle . Highland . Sandia .... Rio Grande Manzano .. Sl: lvlilqes .. Farminglon Albuquerque Los Alamos Sandia .... Manzano Rio Grande Highland .. RON TOYA Senior-Cenfer PHIL EWING Senior---Forward TERRY BLAND Sophomore-Cenfer GIL VALDEZ Senior-Cenfer MIKE OAKES Junnor Center JIM GUYMAN Junior Guard SMILEY MARTINEZ Sensor Guard LARRY STOUT BOB SIERRA Junior-Forwa rd Sophomore-Guard FRED REIKEMAN Sophomore-Cenfer TIM DOWNING Junior-Cen'rer Kneeling ll fo rl: Gil Perea, James Benavidez, Pai Bradley, Mike Jesus, Bobby Padilla. Ronnie Chavez, Gil Luna Slanclingz Coach Sam Malone, Brani' Builer, Pai Grosso, Richey Reno, Vince Arroyo. Tim Downing, Fred Chrisianelli Coach Bob Blaqg. B Team C Team Kneeling ll fo rl: Carlos Jesus. Lee Hendrickson, Bob P H , B b P d'II Ch lc B d 1 ' Slanding: George Conde-r, Pai' Grosso, Coaoh Blagg, Bran? Billgll Shiva Simhnii -uc el-na e le' Ray Powell' Blll Daub' 233 Firsi' row U-ri: Joe Navaiesi, Richard Baca. Anrhony Armiio, Louie Chavez. Second row U-rl: Coach Jim Doughlry, Tommy Garret Jim Piagens. Henry Newman. Cross'Country Sepjr Sepr. Sept Od. Ocr. OCT. Ocr. Nov. SCH EDULE I7-Del Norre Triangular-2nd 24-Valley Dual-lsr 30-Manzano Triangular-lsr 9fi-iighland Triangular-2nd I6-AAU Meer-I0+h 23-Rio Grande Dual-I si' 28-Ciiy Meer-7+h 6-Disiriclr Meer--6'rh I JIM PLAGENS 2 IeH'ers JOE NAVALESI I Iefier RICHARD BACA I IeH'er B Team Firsi' row ll +o rl: Jameson Sloan. John Winfon. ScoI"r Dean, Gary Garcia. Sec- ond' row: Mike Brennen, Frank Henio. Roberf Ordonez, John Navalesi. David McKeIvey. Third row: Mike McKinney. Isadore Begay. LOUIE CHAVEZ 2 Ieiiers TOM GARRETT 2 IeHers ANTHONY ARMIJO I Ie++er ' HENRY NEWMAN I IeH'er Firsi' row .lIeH' fo righ'I'I: Bob Conlreras, Sieve Anderson, Bob I-Iamilfon, Ray Gonzales, Arr Sandoval, Max Maldanado, Jeff Hoover. Second row: Coach Buddy Roberlson, Vince Gomez, Sieve Zerbach, Frank Leyba, Mike Roussel, Gil Valdez, Jack Thorpe, Eddie Zuniga, Tommy' Marlmez, Bob Johnson, Roberi Pope lmgr.i, Coach Eddie Case. Third row: Coach Ron Landers, Jim Slockfon lirainerl, Phil Ewing, Oscar Simpson, Vince Arroyo, Jimmy Marlinez, Ar'I Keller, Phil Guiierrez, Tom Ward, John Truiillo lTrainerI, Coach Paul While. Fourih row: Coach Si Gormley, Jerry Wendi, Gil Perea, Rick Gosso, Larry Gribble, Gary Leiker, Rudy Shoals, Pele Leyva, Mike Dyer, Eric Thompson, Brenl Murray. SCHEDULE Valley .. 7 Los Alamos .. I3 Valley I9 Goddard . . . Valley 20 'Albuquerque Valley 27' "'Rio Grande . II Valley 6 "'I'Iighland ... Valley 7 'kDel Norle I . Valley 7 "eManzano .. Valley 7 'Sandia .... Valley I3 "'San+a Fe Valley 20 "'FarmingIon . . . PII 236 Dislricl' Games JERRY WENDT Tackle-I le'Her ARTHUR KELLER Tackle TOMMY MARTINEZ Halfback-l leHer STEVE ANDERSON Halfback BOBBY CONTRERAS Quarferback-I leHer BOBBY HAMILTON Quarferback-I le'Her VINCE ARROYO End OSCAR SIMPSON End-2 le'Hers BRENT MURRAY Tackle-2 le'r+ers PHIL GUTIERREZ Tackle-2 Ieifers JACK THORPE Guard-I Ieffer ERIC THOMPSON Tackle LIQEGW, , GARY LEIKER Cenfer-2 lefiers BOB JOHNSON Cenfer-I Ieffer STEVE ZERBACH Fullback JEFF HOOVER Fullback PETE LEYVA End-2 leH'ers RUDY SHOATS End-2 Ieffers FRANK LEYBA Halfback-3 le'H'ers VINCE GOMEZ Halfback-2 leH'ers RICK GOSSO End-I IeHer EDDIE ZUNIGA End ARTHUR SANDOVAL Guard RAY GONZALES Guard I eHer JIMMY MARTINEZ Tackle-I leffer MAX MALDANDO Guard GIL VALDEZ Fullback-2 leffers MIKE DYER Halfback-I Ieffer TOM WARD Cenier-I le'H'er LARRY GRIBBLE Cenfer MIKE ROUSSEL Sloi' Back-2 leffers GIL PEREA Slo+ Back PHIL EWING Qua rlerlaack-2 leile rs Firsf row: Sieve Anderson, Mike Purcell, Reber? Miller, David Ybarra, Oscar Corlina, Mike Lucero, Brad Herndon. Max Maldonado. Edward Ordonez. James Newion. Second row: Larry Sloui, Jack Edmondson. Ray Malloy. Sieve Smilh, John Sisneros. John Simpson, Gregory Cruz. Joe Wallace, Anlhony Gallegos. Sieve Maschewski. Third row: Coach Case, Chan Roberlson, Paul Golindro. Bob Gracey. Sco'H Brill. Billy Hern, Mike Teague, Omar Bradley. Wally Kunzman. Louie Gonzales. Coach Roberlson. Fourih row: Vince Arroyo. Arfhur Keller. Eric Thompson, Eddie Zuniga, Gil Perea, Larry Gribble. George Conder. Larry Leyva. Fred Herrera, Richard Miller lmgr.l. Norsemen Index Abeyla. Agnes 25, I75, I9I, Alkinson, Dan E. 77, 200 ATTENDANCE AIDS l98 Barela, Randolph 77, 203 Barker, Margarel I04, I74, I63 Barksdale, Franldine 83 Barnes. Rebecca I04, I99 Barnell, Waller W. IO4, 20I Barnhisel, Kalhryn 8 Baron, Janis 8 Baros, Bealrice 83 Baca I97. 2I2 Abeyla, Ralph H. IO3, I70 Ackerman, Frank W. 8 Adams, Miller A. IO3 A. F. S. I6I Ahern, Sharon I9I Ahlsosie, Vicforia IO3 James J. 27 Akard, Gary I03 Aker, Sharon R. I03, 203 Akin. Mary Margarei 8 Alderele, Charles I03 Allen, Roberl 26, I77, Zl2 Allison, Maria 77, I87 Allred. Sam H. 8 Anaya, Gloria I03, 204 Anaya, Richard J. 82, 203 Anderson, Krisiine 25 Anderson. Mary 82, I74. 202, 204- Anderson, Sieve 82, I77, 236, 237. 245 Andrade, Julia G. 8 Ansley, Donnie 77 Ansley, Ronnie 77, 20l Apodaca, Alberi R. 77 A odaca Frank IO3 P - Apodoca. Hecior 82 Apodaca Louise IO3 Apodacal Mary M. 26, 206 Apodaca. Richard 26 Apodaca, Sylvia 82, I89 APPALOOSA QUEEN '49 Benlon, Barbara E. 83, I6I Ara on Emma C. 82, I94, 247 Q I Aragon, Franco I03 Aragon, Frank IO3 Aragon, Mildred I04 Aragon, Rachel 77, I87 Archibeque, Chrisline 82, I87 Archulefa, Henry 26 Archulela. Pal 82 Archulefa. Tony A. I04 Arellano, David 82 Argeanas, Ted IO4 Armenia, Lawrence IO4 Armiio, Anihony 26, 225, 226, 234, 235 Armiio, Dan V. 82 Armiio, Dee Dee 82, 203 Armiio, Francella 82 Armiio. Jerry A. I04 Armiio, Jesse 82 Armiio, Leonard C. I04 Armiio, Linda P. 82 Armiio, Sophie 82 Armiio, Theresa I69 Armiio, Vera 206 Armisie ad S dne 26 I Y Y Arneson, Bill IO4, 2l0 Arnold. lBarbar,al Babs IO4, 2I I Arnold, Phyllis 27, 2l2 Arrelche, Clara M. 8 Arroya, Kalhy 104. 145. 192, 204. 2II ' Arroya, Vincenlr 82, 233, 236, 238. 245 Arvizo, Lorenzo 82 Ashew, Randy IO4, 224 Askins, Mary 27 Asiorga, Frances 27 Aslorga, Sieve IO4 Afencio, Henry 82, I92 Alencio, Sandra 82 Aiencio, Tony 82 Aikerson, Miriam IO4, I68, I69, 2I4 246 Auslin, Barbara 82, I96. 203 AVA CLUB I7I Ayers, Sharon 82, I87 Babcock, Roger G. 8 Baca Baca Baca Alben-I 27. 206 Baca, , Anlhony M. 82 Ben I04 Bill W IO4 . y - , Carmen 82 Baca, Celina 27, I84, I86, I92, l93, I98, 2I0 Baca Chrisline 82 Baca David J. 82, 224 Baca Eddie A. IO4, 220 Baca Fidel A. I04, 2I4 Baca Geraldine IO4 Baca Gilberi I74 Baca Helen 27 Baca, Baca Baca 'Baca Janei M. IO4, I97 Laura 82, 203 Margarel J. 82, 203, 206 Baca Olivia 77, I87, I93 Baca Orlando 83 Baca Paisy A. 83 Baca Richard F. IO4 I82, ZI4, 225, 228. 234, 235 Baca Richard R. 83 Baca. Sammy S. 83 Baca, Tommy 27 Baca, Tony 27, 203, 2I2 Baca, Vicky 206 Baca, Willie I04 Bachicha. Lillian 27, 206 Bailey. Daniel IO4, 2I4 Baird, Ellen J. 27 Barrer as, Allene 28. I70 Barreras, Liz IO4, 203 Barreras, Paul B. 83 Barreras, Ray- D. 83 Baraias, Joe 83 BASEBALL TEAMS 2l6-220 BASKETBALL TEAMS 229-233 Baies, Anila Y. I05 Baughman, Linda S. 83 Bazar, John I05, I69 Beasley, Carolyn 83 Beasley, Mildred I05, 204 Bea++ie, Richard B. 8 Bealiy, Phil 77 BEAUTIFUL BABIES I95 Becenii. Priscilla 83, I87, I97 Becerra, Margarei' 28 Bechdol, Julie I05 Beecher, Joe 83, I60 Beg ay, Andy 83 Begay Begay Begay Begay Begay , Annie I05, 203 , Frank W. 83 , Irene H. 77 , lsadore 83, 225, 235 e, Colin 83 Benally, Nancy A. 83, 203 Benavidez. James J. I05, 233 Benbo w, Della I05, I70, I94 Benisek, Peggy 83, 202 Baker, Barry I04 Baker, David J. 83 Baldonado, Charles 27, ISI, 2l I Baldonado, Hope B. 83, I87 Ball, Alice C. 28, I84, I89 Ballanline, Beckie 83 Ballard, Suzanne I70 Balleau, Roberl' IO4, 224 BANDS I68, I69 Baraias, Ysidro I04 Barber, Susie IO4 Barbone. Eddie I04 Barbone. June 77, 206 Barela, Carmen C. 83 Barela, Dolores I78 Berg, Joseph 24, 28, l28, I7l, I77, I78, 2I2 Bernadeiie, Chuck I05. 233 Berry, Edgar E. 83, 22l Berry. Linda G. 77 Besson, Kenny I05, 203 Belhel, Sleven R. 83, I60, I74 BeI'l'is, O. M. 83. I86, 2I3 Bells, Terry I05, I69, I9l Bird, Andy B. 83 Bishop, Harry L. 8 Bishop, Keni' 28, I74 Bilah, Arnold I05 Biiah, John I62 Black, Jon Timoihy 9 Blagg, Roberl W. 9, 233 Blaine, Tannie I05 Blair, Bill A. 83, 20l Blake, Cynlhia 28 Blanchelie, Dolores I05. I87 Bland. Terry I05. 230 Blank, Rhonda J. 83 Bleil, Les+er 29 Blick, James W. 9 Bliss, Susie I78 Bloomfield, Calhy 24, 29, I37, I5I, l6I, ISI, 2l2 Blueher, Arlhur 83, l82 Blueher, Gary 220 Blueher, Von I05 Boddy, Linda A. I05, l98 Bogan, Roberi' I05 Bogarl, Danny L. 83 Boileau, Consiance I05 Boolh, Ken 84, I69 Boren, Terry I05 Borrego, Carol T. 84 Borrego. Rudy E. 84 Bounds, Elizabelh I7 Bowdich, Bill I05 Bower, Pai 203 Bowerman, Easier I05 Bowman. Glen H. 77 Bowra, Palrica 84, I36, 203, 2l3 BOWLING CLUB I83 Boyce, Sandy 29, I93 Boyer, Nora 84 Boyer, Robin I05 BOYS STATE I50. I5l Bradley. Omar I05, 245 Bradley, Pai' J. 84, 233 Bradshaw, Mike I05, 220 Brands, David I05, I60, I63 Brannon, Chris I05, I24 Branl, Beniamin I05 BraH'on, Merlon K. 9, I42 Braull, David I05 Breshears, Ann 29, 204 Brennan, David 29 Brennen, Mike I05, 225, 235 Brinkley, Dan A. 84, 2Ol Brinkman, Gale I05 Bri'I'l', Chris 80, 84. I53, 2I3 Briii, Sco'r'I' I05, 245 Brower, Pal' 84, I70 Brown BeI'+y I05 Brown Bobby E. I05 Brown Daniel E. I05, 20I Brown Denise .84 Brown Doroihy L. I05 Brown Edward 77 Brown Gary 84 Brown Gregg 29, l68 Brown, India A. I05 Brown Jane 84, l89, I9I Brown, Lorene 77 Brown, Marie 84, 203, 205 Brown Phillip 29 Brown Sheila I. 29 Brown Sheila I05. I70 - -an: vs-wm+'-M-M M -iam-"W-'Qrw'-W-as-wi-'-rmf' Bumkens, Wynn 84-. 2I3 Brunacini. Caihi, l05 Buck. Margie 29, I70. l84, l85. l90 Buckland, Gail 9 Budagher, Linda R. 29, 203 Bulger, Jimie Dell I05, I87. 204 Bumkens. Jana 84, I66, I99. 2l3 Bundranr. Brenda IO5, I94 Bunker, Vickie 84 Burdick, Charles W. 9 Burke, Lonnie 29, I34. I9I, I95. 2l0 Burlbaw, Charles E. IO5 Burlbaw. Lynn 29, I28. 225 Burnefl, John D. 84 Burns, Cynihia 77 Burns. Judy A. I05. I89. 2ll Burrall. Harrison 30 Burlon. Janice 84 Bufler, Brandi, 84. 22l, 233 Byers, Harvey Jean 9, l9l Byrne, Carolyn IO5 Cabaniss, lralene 30 Cadman, Pearl 77. 204- Calderone. Ronald IO5 Calderone. Wayne 84. l9O Caldwell, Frances IO5 Camp, Linda 84 Campbell, Diana L. IO5, 2l4 Campbell, Geraldine 9 Campbell. Ri+a IO5 Candelaria, Ambrose 200 Candelaria, Delfinio 30. I93 Candelaria. Laureen IO5 Candelaria, Peggy 30 Candelaria, Ralph 84 Candelaria. Rudolf C. 30 Canfield, Roberl' 84 Cano, Bernie IO6. 203 Canrell, Richard 224 Caplin, Lee 84 Capo. Roberl G. 30 Cappelli. Vincenr P. 9, I82, 2I6. 220 Carballo. Edward 30. I78 Cardenas, Gloria 30 Cardenas. Mike L. l06. 22l Carlisle, Pal 84 Carlson, Siephanie l06, 206, Carnahan, Ellen l06. I89, 249 Carnahan, Srephen M. 24-. 3l, I77, 2l0. 2l2. 225 Carriaga. Dolores I06, 204 Carriaga. Jake 203 Carrillo, Carol C. l06 Carrillo, LoreH'a 3I Carroll. Carolyn 3l, I98, 2l0 Carsiens, Bill F. l06. l34, l9l Carslens, Chrisfopher 3l, I28. ISI, I74. I79 Carlerf Alan I06, 220 Casados. Dorolhy A. 84 Casados, Gilberi' 3l, l82 Caudle, Joyce 85. I89 Cerny, Cheryl 3l. l4l. I44. ISI. 2l0 Chacon, Sylvia 85 Chanslor. Pam I02, IO6. IBO. l83. 2I4 Chapman, Lory l06 Chapman, Sreve 85, 20I Chapui. Sandra I0 Chauvin, Donna I67 Chavez, Andy 3I Chavez, Barbara A. IO6, 203 Chavez, Barbara Ann 77 Chavez, Barbara Ann 3l, 203 Chavez. Carmen l06 Chavez, Carhy l06, l87, 196 Chavez. Chrislina 32. l92 Chavez. Deliine R. 85 Chavez, Elaine 32, 206 Chavez, Epifanio I06 Chavez, Gabriel l06 Chavez. Helene l06, I87. 2l4 Chavez, lda 32 Chavez. lrene 32, I87 Chavez. Jerry 80. 85, l53. I63, 2l0. 2l3 Chavez, Joe R. 85 Chavez, Johnny 77 Chavez, Julian O. 85 Chavez, Kaihy A. l06 Chavez, Larry R. 32 Chavez. Louis 32. I82, 225. 2ll, 228. 234, 235 Chavez, Lore'H'a 32, l7l. 2l2 Chavez, Lucille 85 Chavez, Marcella J. 85 Chavez, Mary Lou 85, I67 Chavez. Mary 32 Chavez, Merlinda 32, 2lI Chavez, Mike 85. 2l3 Chavez. Mike M. IO6 Chavez. Pairick J. 85 Chavez, Pauline V. 32 Chavez. Richard M. 85 Chavez. Richard S. 85 Chavez. Ricky 106 Chavez. Roberl 85. I93, l95, 2l l. 2l3 Chavez. Roberra A. 32 Chavez. Ronnie 85, 2l3. 233 Chavez, Rosalie A. 32. I78, 206 Chavez, Rosemarie IO6 Chavez. Theresa 85. I96 Chavez, Vincen+ C. I06, 224 Chavez. Viola I0 Chavez, Vivien H. 33 Chavez, Yvonne S. I06 Chavira, Anna 85. I87 Chavira Connie I06 I87 CHEERLEADERS, 1411. 145 Emma Aragon, Sharon Suazo. Carolyn Naylor and Joanne Mosler pose in +he Home Economics sfyle show. Conner. Glenda 33. l84 Con+i. Daniel 85 Conrreras, Alex A. 85 Confreras, Chrisline IO7 Conrreras, Jean I07 Conrreras, Lupe M. 77. l62 Conlreras, Marie 80, 85. l35, I70. 2I l, 2I3 Confreras. Max IO7 Conlreras Roberl' 33, 236, 238 Coors. Douglas F. IO7 Corazza. Pafrick M. 33 Cordova. Chris 33 Cordova. Frank M. 85 Cordova, Gary IO7, l35, l90, I9l, 2ll Crocco. Vicror I0 Crosby, Chris 86. 203 CROSS COUNTRY TEAMS 234. 235 Crowell. Linda IO7 Crowley, Mike C. IO7 Crowley. Neal 34 Crume, Linda 86 Cruz, Gloria J. IO7 Cruz. Greg 2l4, 245 Cruz. lsabel 86 Cruz Judy 86 2I3 Cull,I Trudi 204 Cunn Cunn inqham. Darrell 34 ingham. MaryAnn IO7 Curran, Dan IO7 Cordova. Josephine l07. l96 Cordova. Mike J. 85. 202 Cordova, Phillip J. 85 Cordova, Roberf 33 Cordova. Roberi' J. 86, l92, 216. 2l9 Cordova. Theresa 80, 86, I36. I9l. 203, 2l3 Cordova. Vinceni' R. 86 Corey. David D. IO7 Corley, Alyce 34. I33, I4I, I89. 202. 205. 206 Casaus Casaus, Chris M. 77 Casaus. Ernie 3I Casaus, Eslrella l06. I70, l9O Casaus Nelson J. I06 Rose O. IO6 Case, Eddie 9, 224 Case. Glenn IO6, 220 Cash. Gladvs IO6, 204 Casias, Emily 84. 202 Casias, Linda 3l Casias, Michael J. l06 Casias, Ronald 3l, 203 Casleel, Doug 84 Casiiglia. Joe 85, 2l6 Caslillo, Emiliano 85 Caion, Sandra 3l, l78 Caudill, Mac 85 Chenowirh. Becky A. l06, l65 Chesshire, Lynn 85, I7I, I94 CHORAL GROUPS 202-206 Chrisr, David 85. 2I3 Chrislanelli. Fred IO7. 233 Cl'lRlSTMAS FORMAL I37 Chrisfy, Marcia IO7 Cihak. Mike 85. l83 Cinovic. Margarel 33 Cisneros, John 22I Cleveland. Herman 85 Cloughley. David R. 85 Cochrane, Gary IO7 Cochrane. Ron 77 Cole, Bill F. IO7 Cole, Nancy A. 77, I76 Comyford. Roberr 77 Collins, Debbie 85 Conder. George A. IO7, 225, 245 Conder. Judy 33 Conkle, Larry R. 85 Condil. Kaihy IO7. l89 Corona. Genevieve 34. I87, I93, 2l0 Corona, Paul 34. 203 Corlega. Dora A. 86 Corlez, Anfhony 225 Correz, Ramona 86. 204 Correz, Tony IO7 Corfina. Oscar I02, IO7. l52, l66. l85. I92. 2l4, 245 Cola. Linda 34 Corinola. Roy IO7 Co+inola. Susan IO7 COUNSELING AIDS I76 Counis. David IO7 Cowboy. Alice Maria 86, I70, l86 Cquevas, Lewis 34- Craig, Carol IO7 Craig, Joe D. 86. I77 Crawford, Diana IO7, 203 Creamer, Marie IO7 Crespin, Emilio l07, I96, 224 Curran,PaH'y 86 Curry. Carol 34. I46 Curry. Connie I87 Curiiss, John IO7 Curiiss. Kaiy 34. I60, I96 Cushing. Greg C. 86 Dabney. Jeanne P. IO, I94 Dalquisl. Elise 86, l90. 202 Dameron. Carole 86 Dameron. Donna I07. I94 Damler. Friiz IO7 Daub. Guido I07 Davalos, Sandra T. I07 Davidson, Joan IO7 Davidson, Judy 86 Davis, Barbara M. 34. l86 Davis. Beverly IO7 Davis, Floyd T. 86. l72 Davis. Linda L. 86 Davis, Rebecca R. I0 Davis, Sandy 86, l9I. 2l3 Davis. William 34 Dawson, Norman 34 Deaguero, Rod I63 Dean, Carol M. 86. l9I. 203 Dean. Carey 35, l5l Dean, ScoH R. IO7, 225, 235 Dean, Susan Ann 86 Deapen, Rick 203 Dear. David E. 86 DeBaca, Danny R. 86 DeBaca, Jane L. I07 DECA I78 Deen, Wilma Lee I0 247 Del-Iarl, Claylon 77, 202, 205, 206 Delrlarl, Marvin 86, 203 DeIDosso, Kalhleen 86 Delgado, Paul 86, 2I3 Delwiche. Lois 35 Demarel, Roberla I0 DeMulh, Diana IO, I36 Denny, Arlene 35, l78 Deyo, Rebecca I07, I89 Deyo, Rhanda L. 35, l68 Dick, Susan IO7, I87, l89 Dike, Waller 35,'l54, I74, I77, I84. I92 Dillon, Kennelh I78 DiNeIIo, Edmund P. I0 Diswood, Belha 77 Diswood, Elva IO7, 204, 2I0 Diswood, lnelh 77 Dixon, Ralph 6 Dodge, Linda 86 Doerr. Chris 35 Doqendorl, Nancy 86, I97 Dolan, Woody 87 Donalson, Judy 87, 203 Donoghue, Margarel 35, 203 Dooley, Richard I07 Dopson, Roger I07, I60 Dosch, JoAnn 35, I67, I68 Dosch, John M. IO7 Doughly James H. ll, 225 Downing, Charley R. 87 Downing, George 36, l6I, 199 Downing, Tim 87, l82, 22l, 232, 233 DRAMA CLUB l9l Draus, Kalie l9O Dudley, Linda 87 Duffer, Calherine 87 Dugger, James IO7 Duke, Darla 87.202, 204, 206 Duncan, Deborah 36 Dunlap. Belly J. IO7, I89, 2I I, 2I4 Dunlap, David IO7, 20I Dunlap. John 200 Dunn. Clyde E. 77 Dunn, Darlene D. 87 Dunning, Nancy 36, I65, I67. I68, I89 Duquelle, Rulhe E. II Duran, Barbara A. 87 Duran, Chrisly IO8 Duran, Diana J. 36 Duran Florenlino IO8 Duran Frances E. I 08 Duran Johnny C. IO8 Duran Leonard A. 87, 2I3 DuranLRonnie T. IO8 Duran Slave G. IO8 Duran Vivian E. 77, I87 Dullon, Eric IO8 Dyer, Mike I82, 236, 243 Dzielak, Allred S. Il Easlman, Mark 36 Easlwood, Mariella 87 Encinias, Mary Louise 87 ENGINEERING CLUB l93 Escarcida, Geraldine 87, 2I3 Eslrada, Melvin I08, 224 Ellinger, Linda G. 36, 2I0 Eulaank, Marlha ll, I83 Evans, Bobby L. IO8, 20I Evans, Jack l68 Evans, Monly D. IO8 Evans, Sieve IO8 Everell, Berl I7 Everell, Gene D. 36, I5I, 2I2 Everell-, Joe R. IO8, 224 Euler, Bryan 87 Ewing, Juanila IO8 Ewing. Phillip 36, I50, I54, l82, 2I0, 2I6, 2l8, 220, 230, 236, 245 Ewing, Thomas IO8 Faiarclo, Alberl 87 Faris, Elizabelh 36, I33, I63, I9I, 203. I63 Faris, Lorraine C. IO8 Faris, Mildred ll, I64, I84 Faris, Sandy 87, 2I3 Farley, David L. 87, I73 Farmer, Gail 87, I65 Farmer, Pal Ann 87 Farness, Palrina 37 Farris, Richard 87, I63, I97. 2I3, 22I Faus, Edna IO8 Fay, Skip IO8 Facio, Chrisline IO8 Flsls, Lily los, we F.B.L.A. l86 Fellis, Georgana I08 Fellows, Lois IO8 Ferguson, Carolyn 87 Ferguson, Lewis 87, 224 Fernandez, Bob 87 F.F.A. 200, 20I F.I-l.A. I94 Fiala, Calhy 37, 202, 206 Fife. Holly los, I89 Figueroa, Kalhy M. I08, I98 Filipovs, Alex 87, 2OI Filipovs, Toni IO8 Findley, Sluarl IO8 Finley, Sarah 87, I80, 2I0, 2I3 Finley, Skip 87, 20I Flinchum, James M. 77 Fiske, Kalhleen ll Flores, Terry IO8, 204 Flowers, Alan I09 Floyd, Randy I09 Folkman, Kalhy 87 FOOTBALL TEAMS 236-245 Forbis, Donna 37, I83 FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENT I48, I49 Ford, Elaine 109, IB9, 2ll Formhals, Sherman 37, I6I, I77, l89, 2I0. 2I2 Forresl, Beverly 37, I44 Forresl, Cheryl I67 Forle, Charles 37, l68 Ebberl, Bob 220 Eden, Gerry 87, I37, I67 Eden, Mickie S. 36, I76, 249 Edenburn, Jean 87, I9I, I95 Edenburn, Mary IO8, I98 Edmondson, Jack S. IO8, 245, 201 Edwards, Calherine IO8 Eidson, Anne 87 Eldridge, Rick IO8 Ellioll, Frank 36, I77 Emery, Woody D. 87 Emswiler, Debbie 87, I67, I78 Eglgswilerh Kerry 36. I78. 203 Enarson, Elaine 87, 202, 204, 205, 206 Foss, Bryan 20 I Fosler, Carol IO9, I87, I89 Fosler, David C. 87, 2II Fosler, John 87, 225 Fosler, Joyce 88 Fosler, Naomi E. 37 Fowler, Scoll 88, I34, 203, 2 I3 Fowler, Terry IO9 Fowlkes, Clifford 37, I96 Fox, Dick ll Fox, L I3l, inda R. 38, I26, I29, ISO. I55. 209 Fragua, Rose T. 77, I75 Fragua, William I09 Gonzales France. Jeanie 88 Francis. Rena 77 Franco, Barbara 88 Franz, Barbara IO9 Franz, Monica 38, 204 Frazier, Mariorie 38, 203 Fredenburgh, Charlene ll Frederick, Elizabefh I76, I97 Freeman, Brenda II, l89 Freeman, Ralph l7l FRENCH CLUB 88 Frick, Jerre IO9 Frier, Bill IO9 Frilz, Edi'l'h 88 Fromm, Richard IO9 F.T.A. l75 Fulfon, Louise 88, I76, 203 G.A.A. I87 Gabaldon, Kafhy 88. I67 Gabaldon, Lucy 88 Gabaldon, Pal' 88 Gabbel. Barbara IO9, I76 Gabberf, William ll, l65 Gable, Helen IO9, I65, I86, I9O Gabriel, Beauregard IO9, I68, I69 Gaefa, Lupifa 88 Galassini, Karen 88, I74 Galbiso, Mary IO9 Galindro, Paul 245 Galindro, Pauline 38 Gall, Jack 88 Garcia M. A. I2 Garcia, Marcia IO9 Garcia, Margarel' 88, I92, I97 Garcia, Maria 88 Garcia, Marybelle IO9 Garcia. Mary IO9 Garcia, Orlando 88 Garcia, Pal' 88 Garcia, Pedro 39 Garcia, Peggy 39, I78. I94, I98 Garcia. Ricardo 88 Garcia. Roberf I09 Garcia, Roberl' 88. 225 Garcia, Romulo 39, I73 Garcia, Ronnie I09 Garcia, Rosalie 89 Garcia, Ted 89, 203 Garcia, Teresa 39 Gallegos Abbie 203 Gallegos, Abram I09 Gallegos Anfhony 245 Gallegos, Afilano 88, I60 Gallegos Gene I09 Gallegos George 88 Gallegos Julia I09 Gallegos Leroy 88 Gallegos Margaref IO9 Gallegos Mary J. IO9 Gallegos Olivia IO9, I94 Gallegos Pal 88 Gallegos Roberl' L. 38 Gallegos Toby 38 Gallegos Tony A. IO9 Gallegos I74 Yolanda IO9. l60. Garcia, Alex IO9 Garcia, Andrew 88 Garcia, Terry 39, 204. 2l2 Garcia, Tommy 89 Gardner, Nelly 39 Gardner, Whifney, 39, l28, I32, 2l2 Garduno, Olivia 39, I78 Gariss. Gene l09 Garreff, Cafhy l09, 2lO Garreff. Tommy 39, I82, 2I2, 234, 235 Garrison, Pal' I09 Gear, Archiann 39, I87 Gearharf, Rodger I09 Genfry, Vicky 39, I49, I67, I89 George, Kalhleen 40 GERMAN CLUB I90 Valley's mosf spirifed girls are ll-rl Yvonne Roussel. Mickie Eden. and Ellen Carnahan. Gonzales, Peggy Il0 Gonzales, Ray F. 89. I82, 225, 236, 242 Gonzales, Raymond 89 Gonzales ,Raymond N. 4I, 2l2 Gonzales, Richard 4I. I70 Gonzales. Rifa IIO Gonzales, Roberl' 4l Gonzales, Rudy A. 89 Gonzales, Salvado IIO Gonzales , Virginia 4I, I84, I92 Gonzales, Waldo F. IIO Gufier Gufier Gufier rez, Frances G. 42, 204 rez, Gilberf IIO, 203 rez, Jacob 200 Gufierrez, Joe S. 42, 203 Yolanda H. 89, I94. Ge rry, Gayle 89 Gerry, Lynda 89 Gibson, Breff IO9 Gibson, Michael 89 Gibson, Norman 89 Gibson, Rosemary 40, I86 Gibson, Simmie I2 em. Ka+hy :ov GIRLS STATE I50, I5l Gish, Roberf I2 Glaser, Mary I09, l65 Glass, Linda 89, I89, 2l3 Gnall, Edward M. I2 Gprmley, Simon J. I2 Goldsberry, Joey 89 Hafch, earcfs, Barbara ss. I97. 2io. 2:3 Garcia, Benny IO9 , Garcia, Cecilia 88, 2I3 Garcia, Consuelo IO9, I92 Garcia, Corrine 88, 2ll, 2l3 Garcia, Clarence 88 Garcia, Crisfella 88 Garcia. Daneffe IO9, 2I4 Garcia, Danny IO9 Garcia, Debbie 88, 2I I, I63 Garcia, Diane 38 Garcia, Dolores 88 Garcia, Doffie 88 Garcia, Emily 88 Garcia, Gary 225, 227, 235 Garcia, Gerald IO9 Garcia, Helen 38, 203 Garcia, James 88 Garcia, Jean IO9, II76 Garcia, Joe IO9 Garcia, John IO9 Garcia, John 39 Garcia, Johnny 88 Garcia, Judy IO9 Garcia, Lorrine I76 Garcia Leandro IO9, 2I4 Garcia, Louie 88 Gomez, Bernadeffe 40 Gomez, Deanna 40. I98 Gomez, Debra 89, 204, 2l3 Gomez, Della 89 Gomez, Elva 89 Gomez, Frank IO9 Gomez, Louise IO9 Gomez. Ray IIO Gomez, Richard J. 89 Gomez, Vincenf 40, I82, I92 2l0, 236, 24I Gonzales, Angela 204 Gonzales, Beniamin 40, I77, ZI6 2I7 l98, 2I l- Goodrich, Jere Il0, 2l4 Goodie, Joe IIO Goodluck, Evelyn 78 Goodson, Toni 89, 203 Gope, John G. 89, 20l Gordon, Darlalee IIO, 204, 205, 2I4 Gordon, Donna A. IIO Gordon, Dorofhy 4l, 203 Gorfon, Tana L. 4l, 2ll Gosso, Richard J. 4l, I82, I90, 236, 242 Gosso, Tom C. 89 Gracey, Bob E. IIO, 245 Gradi. Arfhur 89, 200, 20I Grady, Donna 4l Gray, Gregg, 89, I60 Gray, Guy 78 Greafhouse, Charles lI0 Greene, Herman L. 89 Greene, Terry ll0 Gribble, Joyce Il0, l60, I89, Gufierrez. Lucille IIQ Gurierrez, Mary Ann 43, I46, I78 Gufierrez, Norma 204 Gufierrez, Phil 225, 236, 239 Gufierrez. Rifa 43, I93 Gufierrez, Roberf P. 90, 202 Gufierrez, Sally M. 43, 206 Gutierrez, Sammy A. 43, l68 Gulierrez, Susie 90. 206 Gu+ierrez, Tommy A. IIO Gufierrez, Valenfino 43 Gufierrez, Veva 90, I98 Guymon. Jimmie 90, 23l GYMNASTIC CLUB I'89 Hagood, John 90, I34, I58. I63, l9l, 208, 2l3 Hail, Linda 206 Hale, Arfhur J. 90, I99 Haley, Madison 90 Hall. Bill 90, 200 Hall, Linda 90 Hall, Sherry IIO Hamilfon, Bobby 90, I77, I82, 2I0, 225, 226, 236, 238 Hamilfon, Jimmy IIO, I77 Hamilfon, Louis 20I Hamilfon, Ruby A. 90 Hanna. Pall 90 Hansen, Belinda IIO Hansen, Melvin 90. 2Il Haralson, BeI'Iy R. 43, '2lI Hardyman, Ann 90 Harkins, Wayne IIO, 2I4 204, 205, 206 Gribble, Larry 89, 220, 236. 244, 245 Griego, Agnes 89, I86 Griego, Alex 89 Griego, Jerry R. 89 Griego, John T. 90 Griego, Nancy 42 Griego, Toby 90 Griego, Wanda IIO Griffin, Freeman IIO Harlan, Wayne IIO Harris. Bill 90, 2l6 Harris, Carl G. 43 Harris, Diane 90, I60 Harris, Floyd 43 Harris, Jeffrey 90, 200 Richard L. IIO, 203 Harris. Harris, Rick IIO Harrison, Linda 43 Harriso n, Virginia 90 Harvey, Jerrilyne 90 Rodney 43, I42, I93 Gonzales, Clara 40, I36, I78, 203 Gonzales, Elias J. 40, l28 Gonzales, Elizabefh IIO, I65 I86 Gonzales, Eva J. 89, 203 Gonzales, Felix 4l, I78 Gonzales, Frank 4l Gonzales, Irene R. IIO, l70, l75 Gonzales, Jimmy ll0 Gonzales, Louie l09, 245 Gonzales, Marcella IIO, 204 Gonzales Midgef I89 Gonzalesl fall. 4l, 200 Gonzales, Pafricia IIO, 206 Gonzales, Pearl 4l, I84, I89, I99 Griffin, Ida 42, I86, I92 Griffin, Pafricia ll0, I87 Griffin, Phil 42, ISO, 2l2. 225. 227 Grisham, Keifh B. I2 Groll, William K. IIO, I86 Grosso. Pal' C. IIO, 2l4, 233 Grove. BeI'+y 42 Grunel, Michael I2 Gunby, Cafhy Il0 Gunfher, Connie L. IIO Gurule, Evelyn IIO Gurule, Flossie IIO Gurule Leo Il0 Gurule, Teresa 90 Gushard, Claudia 42 Gufierrez, Celina 42. 206 Gufierrez, David 90 Gufierrez, Evelyn S. 90 Gufierrez, Flavio B. 90 Hafhorne, Merle, IIO Ha'H'on, Sandra 43, 202 Hauser, Dianne 44, I46 Haway, James T. 90 Hays, Marie 20 Head, George D. I2, 200 Heafon, Mike C. 90 Heafon, Sue B. IIO Hein, Scoff 90 Heisch, Jocelyn IIO Heiser, Fred IIO Heisfer, Dorofhy- 9I, I78 Heisfer, Ronald 24, 44, I4I, l5I. I6I, I77, 210. 2I2V Henderson, Carmen 78, I37 Henio, Frank 235 Henio, Phillip 90 249 gif!" If f Kees. Pairicia 48 Keller, Auihur 92, 236, 237. 245 Keller, Jerry 112 Kelley, Tom 200 Kelly. Sue E. 48, 170, 183 Kennedy. Tim 48. 128, 148, l50,153,161,177,182, 211, 212, 225, 226 Kenner. Judi 92 Kern, Cheryl J. 92, 203, 206 Keswaier, Jimmy A. 112 Kelchum, Norma 112, 214 Keilles, Judy 112 Keiiles, Linda L. 48, 203 KEY CLUB 177 Lindy and lhe LaVel1s enleriain ai' Va11ey's Sweelheari' Dance. Henio. Richard 225 Henline, Siarlene 44, 190 Henrikson. Lee 110, 233 ' Hensley. Raymond 90. 168, 197 Herman, George 44, 206 Herman, Mary 90, 187 Hern, Billy R. 110, 245 Hernandez, Irma 110 Herndon, Brad IO2, 110, 211. 214, 245 Herrera, Cecilia 44, 203 Herrera, Dolly O. 90, 198, 206 Herrera, Dolores 90 Herrera, Freddie 102, 110, 137, 166, 214, 216, 219, 245 Herrera, Loreiia P. 90 Herrera, Louis J. 90, 168 Herrera, Ron 223 Hess, Cheryl 183 Hesselden, Kuri 91 Hice, Michael 110 Hickson, Joe 165 Hickson. Joyce 110 Hickson, Lucille 44 Higgins, Kim L. 111 Higgins, Larry 44 Higgins, Linda 91 Hill. Jeffery 44 Hill, Linda K. 44, 203 Hiller, Linda A. 44 Hills, Walier 111 Hixon, Joe 111 Hobbs. A11:er'1'a 111 Hogland. Mark 91, 200 Holden, Carmen 44, 197 Hollingsworlh, Branl' 91 Holmen, Dale 91. 134, 165, 191. 213 Holmen, Mark J. 111, 134 Holmes, Breairice B. 12 Holsirum, Bruce 91, 168, 197, 221 Ho1l's, Candy 44, 174, 179, 189 HOMECOMING 126-131 Homrich, Mary 45 Honaker. Cryslal 91 Honaker, Herlaeri 111 Honaker, Linda 91 Hood. Jo Ann 45.210, 212 Hools, Larry 45 Hools. Sandra J. Ill 250 Hoover, Jeff 236. 240 Hopkins, Edward ,111 Hopkins, Lynn A. 45, 176, 184 Hopkins. Margarei 111 Hopper, Billie E. 45 Hopper, Margarel' , 1 11 Horcasiias. Anna 111, 203 Horcheimer, Beverly 45, 162 Horn, Ken 91 Horn. Linda 1. 111 Hornsby, Larry R. 111 House, Mary Ann 111 Houslon, Louella 45. 14-4. I87 145. 151. . 202 Howard, Bonnie 45, 193, 203 Howard, Candy 46. 181 Howa+. Kalhy R. 46, 178 Howell, Margarel 46, 132, 191 Howell. Palli J. 111, 135. 210 Hubberi, Jim 91 Huloler, Mary Jane 91, 189 Hudson, Cheri 111, 191, 214 Hudson, Marc 91, 203 Hughes, Ernie 46 Hughes, Jane A. 12, 190 Hughes, Jerry 46 Hughes, Ken 200 Hughes Susan 111 197, 204 Hulis, Elizabeih 111 Humphrey, Carla 203 Hunick. Deanne 91 Hunick, Leonard 111 Hurlgen, Ray 111 Huseman, Shirley 111 Huichinson. Karhryn 46, 165. 189, 198, 202, 210 Hu'1'chinson, Linda 111, 165 Hu'1'+on, Rodney 13 Huliek. Rila 206 Hulzen, George 111 Kilgore, Mary Dawn 92 Killorew, Jessica 187 Kincer, Jesse D. 48 King Claudia 112 King Gayle 112 King Lee 112, 173 King Palsy A. 112 King, Randall 112 King, Roloerl F. 92 Jaramillo, Eloy 1Soph.l 111 Jaramillo, Grace 91 Jaramillo, Joe R. 47. 178 Jaramillo, Ken 47 Jaramillo, Larry H. 112 Jaramillo, Maxine 204 Jaramillo, Randy 91 Jaramillo, Riia 112 Jaramillo, Susan G. 91 Jaramillo, Teddy 91 Jaramillo, Tessie 112, 137, 160, 214 Jeffries, Jeii 91 Jesier, Phillip 112, 171 Jesus, Carlos 1121 233 Jesus, Miguel 91,216, 217, 233 Jim, Arlene 78 Jimerson, Billy 112 Jimerson. Johnny 47 Johnson, Beverly 47 Johnson, Bobby R. 78. 236, 240 Johnson, Cheryl L. 91, 189, 191 Johnson, Fred 47, 136, 202, 205. 206 Johnson, George 47, 163 Johnson, Judy A. 47 Johnson, Roberl E. 47 Johnson, Roiena A. 78 Russell 78, 161 Johnson, Johnslon, Cynlhia 112, 158, 189, 214 Johnslone. Barbara 92, 211 Joiola, Helen 112. 204 Jones, Barry L. 78 Jones, Beih 91, 206, 202 Jones. Ch arlene R. 91, 180 Jones, Frank 48, 171 Jones, Jim 112 Jones, Ka Jones.. Lin lhy L. 91 da 91 Hulzen, lona 46 lngle, John R. 13 Ingram, Terry 46 IN MEMORlAM 123, 124 Irvin, Jimmy 1. 111 Isaacs. Julia 111, 189, 214 lsselhardl, Slephanie 46 Jahn, Alice' 46 Jansson, Bobbie-108. 145. 211, 214 Jaramillo, Bealrice S. 111 Jaramillo, Clarence 46 Jaramillo, David N. 91 Jaramillo, Eloy 1Seniorl 46, 206 Jordon, Erma 112, 204, 214 Jordan, Gerald 92 JUDO CLUB 172. 173 Kamplain, Andrea 112 Kamplain, David 48 Kamplain, Fred B. 48 Kane, Corliss 112 KANGAROO COURT 140 Kaolanides, Vicki 13 Karins, Jim 92 Kasper. Charles 112 Kasining, David 78, 160 Kauffman. Trudy 92. 204 Kedeliy, Slanley 78 finqslon, Bill 92, 161, 166. 177, 180, 199,210 Kinsey, Cynlhia 92, ,202, 205 Kinsey, Margarel A. 48. 165. 184, 190 Kirk, Lenora D. 112. 204 Kirkland, Nancy 112 Kilchell. Mary 48. 203, 211 Kleck, Jack S. 78, 216, 217 Kleck, Judy A. 112, 189 Klein, David 112 Kleinknighl. Anne 112. 197 Kline, Linda 92, 175, 213 Knapic, Richard 112. 201 Knighi, Lucerne 13 Koppel, Dorene 92, 204 Koppel, Judi R. 162, 211 Koppel. Slanley 48 Kornman. Berlha E. 214 Kesler, Sheryl 112, 214 Kozlowski, Don 112 Kozlowski. Rosemary 28 Krogdahl, David 112, 201, 214 Krogdahl, Paul 49, 1165, 184 Kugler, Kaihie 112, 183, 204 Kugler, Randy 141 Kuhn, Manuel 112 Kuhn. Siella 92 Kunzman, Wally 29, 45 Landers. Vicior 13 Landess, Rosemary 92 Landon, Lynda 112, 204 Lands, Troy 203 Lanebarger. Jackie 112 Lang, Susie 204, 205 Lanier, Diane F. 49. 175, 211 Lanier, Linda 92, 180, 189, 213 Larranaga. Sam 112 Lassen. Lisa M. 78, 175 LATIN CLUB 186 Lauden. Karen 92 Laverly, Bill 112 Lawhorn, Doro'1'hy 112 Lawrence, Gary B. 49 Leach, Ken 112 Leal, Gary 92 Leal, Lee 112 LeBlanc, -David 92 LeBo'1', Gene 92 Lee, Jayne 203 Leeson. Linda 112 Leeson. Ralph 49 Leifler, Beverly 92, 191 Leganl, Amy 112, 186, 189, 214 LEGEND 162. 163 Leiker. Gary L. 49, lS2. 2l2. 236. 240 Lenlz. Jeanne I3 Leonard, Herman lI2 Leopold, Janice 92. 203 Leslie, Bill 92 Leslie. Tommy II2. 203 Lesrer, Audrey K. 49 Levandoski. Judy 49 Lewis. Celesie, I44. l45. ISO, 202 Lewis, Chrisiine 92 Lewis, Diane 50 Lewis, Donna J. II3 Lewis, Judy 50. 203 Lewis. Ray 200 Lewis. Sharon L. 50. 2lI Leyba, Eddie H. 78 Leyba. Frank M. 50. l30. l5l, 225. 226. 236. 24l Leba. Jackie II3 Leyba, Leroy 92 Leyva. Larry G. II3. 220. 245 Leyva. Lydia 92 Leyva, Pele G. 50. I77, l80, Lucero. I30. Lucero. Lucero, Lucero. Lucero, Lucero, Lucero. Priscilla Sl. I27, I29 I33, l35, l9l. 203 Richard 224 Ronnie 224 Seferino 93 Valenlin 78 Vicki Sl Waller 78 Marquez, Richard II4 Luciani. Angela 5I, l28, l30 206. 2lO Luian Agnes I I3 Luian, Luian, Luian. Luian Luian, Luian, Luian Anlhony 5l Beriha 93 Gilberl' F. 5l, 206 Leonard 93, I99 Manuel R. 93 Roberl l60 Tony Jr. 52 Lulhelr. Mariiane 203 Luna, Elizabelh 52, 203 Luna, Gilberl A. 233 Luna. Luella II3 Luna, Pairicia E. 93 Luna. Sandra M. II3. 204 Lundslrom. Sally 93 I82. 2l6, 2I7. 2l8. 220, 236. 24l LIBRARY AIDS I70 Liebert Joe H. I3 Lundy. Gloria 93 Lynch. Eddie 93. I78 MacWillie. Nancy II3 Maddox. Susan J. 93. 2l3 Linan, Berry 92 Lindley, Sue II3, I76 Lindsey, Marshall II3, 203, 22l Loilfield, Linda II3 Lo an Donald 92 Q r Long, Cheryl A. II3 Long. Gail A. 50, l9O. 203. 205 Longacre. Norma 50. l78 Lopez. Benila 78 Lopez. J.eaneH'e II3. 2l4 Lopez. Jim II3 Lopez, Larry 50. l9l Lopez, Lucille M. II3 Lopez, Margarel' 5l. I76 Lopez. Paisy 92 Lopez. Roberl J. II3 Lopez. Ted R. II3 Lopresro, Richard E. 5I Lorenlzen. John 78. I37. I99 Lovalo Angie D. II3. I70 Lovaio Anlhony R. 92 Lovaro Benny 92. 2I6 Lova+o Danny L. II3 Lovafo, Richard 5l Lucero. Andrea II3. 204 Lucero Anlhony E. 78 Lucero Ben R. II3 Lucero Calhy M. 92 Lucero Celeslino 92 Lucero Chrisiina L. 5I Lucero. Danny II3 Lucero Dennis 92, 224 Lucero Flora M. II3. I70 Lucero Frances II3 Lucero James E. 93. 225 Lucero. Jesse T. II3 Lucero. John C. 78 Lucero. Kalhleen 5I, 203 Lucero. Lorraine A. II3 Lucero. Lorraine B. II3 Lucero Marshall 5l. I78 Lucero Margarer l9l Lucero Mary H. II3 Lucero Mike M. 93. 245 Lucero Moises ,I I3 Lucero. Olympia 5l One. Two. Kick high girls! Madrid, Lorraine II3, I70' Madrid, Maxine 52, l33. l9I. 2lO, 2I2 Madrid. Roberl 78, 206 Madrid. Yvonne A. 93. 203 Maes. Hazel 52 Maeslas. Asusena 93 4 Maes+as. Flavio 52. 202 Maeslas. Gloria II4 Maeslas. Joan 52 Maesras. Larry G. 93 Maeslas, Lupila 93, I94 Maeslas. Rurh 93. 204 Maesias, Sammy 93 Maher. Mary 52 MAIN OFFICE AIDES I76 Maiors. Hilda I3 Malcolm. Sheri L. 93, I70 Malczewski. Mary II4. 203 Maldonado, Leo II4 Maldonado. Max 93. 2l6. 2l7, 220. 236, 243, 245 Marlin. Frenda 93 Marlin, Janice II4 Mariin. Kalhie R. 93. l90, I98 Marlin, Lonnie 53 Marlin, Pal 53 Marlin. Phyllis 80, 93. 203. 2I0, 2l3 Marlinez, Alberl II4. 203 Mariinez. An+hony II4 Marlinez. Arabella 53. 203 Marlinez, Beniie I I4. 2l4, 225 Marlinez, Carlos II4 Marlinez Cecilia 53. l6O Marrinez, David IJuniorl 93 Marlinez. David ISoph.l II4. I39 Marlinez Diane E. 94 Marlinez Dolores A. II4. I98 Marlinez. Dolores M. II4. I96 Marfinez. Edward W. 53. I68 Mariinez. Ernie II4 Marrinez Evelyn II4 Marfinez Felix 94 Marlinez. Frances 53 Marfinez. Georgia II4. 2l4- Mar+inez Geraldine 94 Marrinez. Henry II4 Mar+inez Jeanerle II4 Marfinez. Jimmie lSenirol 53. 236. 243 Marfinez Jimmie lSoph.l II4 Marlinez. Jimmy 78 Marlinez, JoAnn I70. I94. I96 Mariinez, Joe II4 Mariinez. Joe F. 94. 2l6 Marlinez. June D. -94 Marrinez, Kaihy B. 94 Marlinez. Laurice 94. 203 lvlarlinez, Louisa 94. I76 Marfinez. Lourdes 94 Mariinez. Lucipia 94. 2l0 Marlinez, Mae II4, l86, I98. 2l4- Marlinez. Margarel 53 Mariinez, Marlene 94. I98 Marlinez. Marrha 53, l5l. I93. 2IO, 2l2 Mariinez, Maryann 94 Marlinez. Melva II4 Marlinez. Mike II4 Marfinez, Susie J. 94 Marrinez, Tommy 54. ISI. I77, IS2. 184. 225, 236. 237 Marugg. Winslon II4, 20l Marvin. Beverly II4. 204 Maschewski, Sfeven II4. 245 Masingale. Eddie II4. 20l Mala, Linda II4 Mala. Mary 94. I67. l89. 203. 204 Maia. Roberl' II4. l72 Malreson, Audie II4 Marfhew, Maria II4. I70. l75 Mallhews. Larry D, 54. I39. I47.' I77, l89,' 206, 2l0, 2l2 Mailhews. Roberi' 54. l55. I65, I74. IB4 MaH'ingly. Janis 94. I9I, I97 Maurino, Ernesl 94. l68 Maxwell, Marlha 3. I3 Maynard. Roberr A. 94 McAllisl'er, Flora B. 55. l28. l30, I93, 2l0 McClure. Kalhy 55, 2l2 McConkie, Barbara II4 McCoskey. Donna II4. l62 McCoy. Roberl' II4. 203 McCrary. Parry II4. I76 McCrary. Roy II4. l72 McCreary. Chas. T. I4 McDonald. Timorhy 94, I9I McGongle, Louise 55 McGonagIe. Lucile II4. I76 McGregor. Richard A. 78. l82 Mclnlire, James II4 Mclnlyre. John C. 55. l83 McKelvey. David 235 McKinley. Roberl' 55. I33, I5I. l84. 208 McKinley. Scoll II4 McKinney, Carole 55. I78. 203 McKinney. Michael T. 94. l90. 225, 226. 235 McMurphy. Josephine II4. I97 Meeks. Kalhy II5, I98 Melbihess. Darlene 55 Mendez, Marie 55 Merriman, Marvele 78 Meyer. Darryl M. II5 Meyer. Diana II5 Meyer. Sharon 94 Maldonado, Pauline 93 Maldonado, Toby II4 Malloy. Ray, II4. 245 Malone. Sam I3 Mann, Charles F. 52. l78 Mann, John O. 53 Mann. K alhy 93 Mares. Mike J. 93 Mariano. Marquez Marquez Marquez Marquez Anna J. 53 . Berlha 78 . Caiherine II4 . Frank 93. 2l3 . Lupie 53 Marquez, Phillip II4 Mar+inez. Pairicia II4 Marlinez. Phil 94. IB3 Marrinez, Rebecca A. 54. l50, IS3, 2l2 Marrinez. Richard H. 54 Marlinez, Richard S. 54, l28. 23l Mariinez, Ricky II4 Marrinez. Roberl' 54 Marlinez, Roberr L. 94 Marrinez, Rosella II4 Marlinez. Ruby II4 Mariinez, Rudy O. 54, I62. I77 Marlinez. S+eve II4 Miera. Roberr I78. 203 Miera. Joe R. 55 Mike. Leonard 94 Mikel, Roger I4 Miles. Ernes'I'ine II5 Miller. Ann P. II5 Miller. Carol II5, l89 Miller. Dixie M. II5 Miller, Jamie 55 Miller,Jel'lrey 55. I4-7. I62. 2l2 Miller. Kay I4 Miller, Michael S. 55. l65. I84. IS5. I9O Miller. Mikki 94. l9l Miller, Richard 245 Miller, Roberl G. II5, I89, 225 , 245 Miller, Yvonne M. I l5, I65, I97 Milligan, Lila II5 Millikan, Sleve D. I24 Monloya, Lawrence 223 Monloya, Olivia 206 Monloya, Paul 56. I66, 2I2 Monloya, Phillip L. II5, l90 Monloya, Ray G. II5 Monloya Richard D. II6 202. Mills,YCarol M, I70 Mills, Mike I4 Miner, Cousuelo I7 Mirabal, Joe II5, 203 Mireles, Anila 94, I65 Mireles, Mary H. 56, l65 Mi+cheII, Barbara 94, I 60, 204 Milchell, Rila 94 Mobley. David M. 94, I7I Monahan. Sandy I97 Monroe, Mallhew II5 Monson, Vicki L. II5 Monloya, Roberl G. II6 Monloya, Rosemary A. II6 Monloya, Rudy 95 Monloya. Shirley 95, 2I3 Monloya, Sylvia 95 Monloya, Theresa II6 Moore, Harold 56. I82, 223 Moore, Louise II6 Moore, Palsy R. II6 Moore, Vanann 95, I34, I9I 206 Monlano, Anlonelle II5 Monlano, Bennie 206 Monlano, Becky C. II5 Monlano George 200 Monlano Gilberl 206 Norlon, Larry R. 58 Monlano, Lawrence 78 Monloya Alberl P. 95, 203 Monloya Alice 56 Monloya Andy J. 95 Monloya, Annabelle I l5, 204 Monloya Audrey II5 Monloya Benilo J. 95 Monloya Benny L. 95 Monloya Belly A. II5 Monloya Belly M. II5 Monloya, Carlolla M. II5, I92, 2lI Monloya, Carmen F. 78, 204- Monloya, Calana II5, l40, I45, l52, I89, l90 Monloya Diana 56 Monloya Elsie M. II5 Monloya Eslher D. 95, 2II Monloya Fernando II5 Monloya. Frank L. I4 Monloya. Grace 95, I87 Monloya, Jerry 24, 56. I5I, I77. I82, 2l2 Monloya, Joe N. 95 Monloya, John B. 56 Monloya, John M. 56 Monloya Johnny A. II5, I78 Monloya. Josephine II5, 204 Monloya, Leroy II5, 224 Monloya Leroy M. 95, 203 Morgan, Belly B. 78, 203 Morgan, Ella M. 78, I86 Morgan, Lin 95 Morgan, Raymond II6 Morris, Curlis O. 95 Morris, Palricia 56 Morrisroe, Kevin M. 56 Moses, Gary 56 Mosher, Cindy 95 Mosher, Danelle 56, I28, I3O I4-6 Mosher Kalhleen 57, I28, I67, I94- Mosher, Kirk II6 Mosier. Joanne 95, I94, 247 Molichko, Mike 57, I77 Mollo, Barbara 57, I78 Mollo, Johnny II6 Moya, Vickie 57, 203 Moynihan, Sandra I99 Mueller. Douglas M. II6 Muller, Berlha 57. 206 Muller, David 95 Mullins, Dianne L. II6 Muncy, Mary II6 Munn, Linda 57 Murphy, Connie 95, I65, I89 Murphy. Kalhy II6, l98 Murray, Brenl 57, I85, 236, 239 MUSIC MAN I36 Myers, Kelly II6 Mynsbergen, Chrisline II6 Mynsbergen, Mieke 57 Nanneman, Karen 95 Naranio, Elmer II6 Naranio, Roberl L. 95 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY I84, I85 NATIONAL SPANISH I-IONOR SOCIETY I92 Nalions, Nancy A. 58, l42. I56, I74, l84, I86, I93 Nalzke, ,Marsha 58 Navalesi, Donna 58 Navalesi, Joe 58, I28, I5I, I63, I77, 2I2,-234, 235 Nanalesi, John R. 95, I77, I85, 2I3, 225, 235 Navarrelle, Laura II6, I96 Naylor, Carolyn I67, 247 NYeeU2Iim . 58. I36, l9l Nelley, Marlin 78 Neher, Allan R. 58 New, Jack II6 Newman, Henry 95, 225, 228, 234, 235 Newman, Janel II6 Newsom, Robbie II6, 2I4 Newlon, Jim H. II6, 2I4. 225, 245 Niccol, Kalhy II6 Nielo, Charles 58 Nielo, Danny II6 Nielo, Marie A. II6, I87 Nix, Kelly 20I Noble Eva I4 Noriega, Berlha II6 Noriega, Connie 95 Norris, Paul G. II6 Norsworlhy, George 58, I72, 203 Nolah, Evelyn II6 Nunez, Yolfanda J. 95, I94, l98 Nunn, Jeannelle 95. I87 NURSES AIDS I70 Oakes, Mike 95, 23I O'Brien, Thomas 95 Oeslerreicher. Louise 95, I36, I86, 202, 204 Oldfield, Lulher II6, 20l, 203 Olguin, Danny II6 Olguin, Ricky 78 Olguin, Theresa R. 95, I94 Olwas, Julia 203 Olivas, Virgil 58 Olona, Calhy II6, I87 Olona, Orlando Jerry 58, I36, I75, 202, 205, 2I2 Oluna, Sleve 224 g Olund, Linda L. 95. I83, I89 Olvera, SEQ' ll-7 Onsen, Marla II7 OPERETTA I36 ORCHESTRA I69 Ordonez, Chrisline 58, I87, 2l2 Ordonez, Edward II7, 245 Ordonez, Roberl 95, I62, I92, I93, 225, 235 Orosco, Manuel I4 Orlega, Dianne II7 Orlega, Frank I. 95 Orliz, Duane 95, 2I6, 2l8, ll9. UQ Orliz, Eslella II7 Orliz, George 59, 224 Orliz, Geraldine II7 Orliz, Janel 95, 203 Orliz, Larry 59 Orliz, Leonard 95 Orliz, Ralph C. 96 Orliz, Ray R. II7 Osuna, Sylvia 96, l83 Olero, Richard 59, I6I, 2l2 Ouger, Pally 59, 206, 2I2 Olero, Richard 59, I6l, 2l2 Ouger, Pally 59, 206, 2l2 Overbey Calherine I4 Overmier, Allan 59 Owens, Evelyn I4 Pablo, Wilhelmina 59 Pacheca. Emily 96, 204 Pacheco, Mary L. 59 Pacheco, Henry II7, 2I4 Pacheco, Larry 96 Paden, Padilla Padilla Johnny II7 , Clara A. 96, l63 David A. II7 Paclillol Dolores II7, 2l0 Padilla, Fran L. 96, 204, 205 Padilla Irene G. 96, 2I3 Padilla, Loida II7, I92 Padilla, Paul C. 59 Padilla, Roberl B. II7, 233 Padilla, Slella 60, 206 Padilla, Therese 96, I67 Paisano, Clara E. 96 Paisano, Louise 60 Palacios, Jennie 60, I87, I89 Palacios, Phyllis 60, I87 Palacios, Rosie II7, I89, I92 Paquin, Joe L. II7 Parke, Carole 60, 203 Parker, Earl I4 Parker, Gary 60, I60 Parkell, Berlha V. 78 Parr, Carol 60, 'I27, I29, l30, I3I, ISI, l52 Parraz, Genevieve, 96 Parroll. Bill 96 Pallerson, Bob W. II7, 233 Pallison, Jim F. 79, 20I Peak, Debra 24, 60, 2l0, 2l2 Pedroncelli, Shirly 96 Pedroza, Roberl 60 Peecher, Linda 60, I76 Pelol, Dan 96, 220 Pelol. Rila 60, 203 Penley, Erica II7, I63, 2l4 Perea, 225 Perea, Perea. Perea, Perea, Perea, Peshla Pelly, Gilberl T. II7, I77. 233, 236, 244, 245 Jerry T. II7 Mary E. II7 Velma II7 Viclor 60 Yolanda M. II7 kai, Frances 96 Randal 96, I82, 225, 227 Salls, Freddie II8 Phelps, Alda II7, 204- Phillips, Richard E. 117 Phillips, wayne 96, 182, 216. 217, 220 Picco, Rick D. II7 Pierce, Nancy 96, 190 Pike, John S. 96, 168 Plagens, Jim 61, 211, 225, 226, 234, 235 Plumbe, Pa++y 96 Pogan, Jan 61, 131, 141, 212 Poindexier, Randall 117 Polvell, Danny 201 Ponce, Juanira 96 Ponce, Par 61, 203 Pool, Elaine 96, I62 Pope, Roberl 96, I82, 236 Poper, Shirley 61, 202 PoH's, Wayne 61, I78 Powell, Ray B. 117, 221, 233 Preslon, James R. 96, 203 Prigmore, George T. I5 Priichard, Dave 96 Prue1'1', Bob 163 PucceH'i, Dan 96 Pugh, Jim 79 Pulakos, Kaihy 61, 184-, 192. 203, 205 Pulliam, Sharon 117 Purcell, Mike II7, 24-5 Rael, Eddie 79 Railey, Larry W. 117 Ramirez, Mary Lou 96, 198 Ramos, Charles 172 Randall, Floyd 96 Randall, Lloyd 216 Ransdell, Jacque 204, 214- Rawlings, Lynn 61, 139, I76 177, 203. 212 Rayes, Virginia 203 Reclor, Jack 61, 200, 201 Reclor, N. Lasell I5 Redhouse, Nellie 79, 206 Reed, Susan A. 62 Reed, Tim 62, I77 Reeder, Jenifer II7 Reeder, Linda 62, 203 Reeder, Mary Ellen 117, 165 187 Reeves, Alan 117 Redfearn, Rinda II7, 214 Reidy, Margarel' 96, 191, 203 Reikeman, Fred 232 Reineke, Kay 62 Reno. Richy D. 97, 168, 213, 233 Revels, Jerry D. 79 Reyes, Virginia 62 Reynolds, Judy 117, 204- Reza, Par 97 Rhodes, Ivan 79, 189 Rhodes Kay I5 Riboni, Alberl 97 Richardson. Cheryl 97 Ridnour, Michael 62, 203 Rigsby, Kalhy 62, 181, 212 Ripley, Dale 62, 182, 216. 218, 219, 220 Riichglg 203 Rivera, Belly 166, 210, 214- Rivera, Pedro P. 117 Rivera, Roberl 63, 151, 177, 202 Roach, Monfy H. 97 Roach Ron B. 117 218, 219, 220, 236, 24-4- Roussel, Yvonne 97, 189, 213, 24-9 Roybal, Henrie+1a 118 Roybal, Rebecca 64- Roybal, Richard 118 Roybal, Ronald 118, 220 Rybi, bsemary A. 97 Rubio, Alice II8, 204- Rudolph. Elaine 64. I65. 184 Rue, Wayne 139, 151, I77, 211, 2I2,'225, 226 Ruelas, Simon 64- Ruiz, Becky 118 Ruiz, Frank F. 97 Ruiz, Mike II8 Rummell. W. P. 15 Russell, Belly 206 Russell, Tommy II8 Rulledge, Ronnie 97 Rulherford, Brenda 64-, I68 Saavedra, Felipe II8, 220 Saavedra, Margie C. 97, 204- SAFETY ASSOCIATION 160 SAGA STAFF 180, 181 Robb, Linda 117 Robb, Nancy XG. 120 Roberis, Mickey S. 120' Roberlson, Buddy I5, 216 Roberlson, Chan 120, I77. 210, 220, 245 Roberrson. Judy 63. I4-4-, 210 Roberlson, Marilyn 120, 197, 204- Robinson, David L. I20 Robles, Danny 120 Roche, Irene 206 Roche, Sieve 97 Rockslroh, Sieve 132, 133, 137 Rodarle, Ray J. 120 Rodar'1'e, Sandra 97 Rodarle. Viclor 97 Rodenbeek, Sue 63, 132, 135, 191 Rodriguez, Mary I20, 204-, 205 Roelker, Joe 63 Rogers, Beverly 63, 203 Rogers, Jerry 63 Rogers, Jerry W. 97 Rogers, Mark 118, I95 Rogers, Mike R. 79, I62 Romero, Alberl 118 Romero, Connie 206 Romero, Della 118, 196 Romero, Evelyn P. 97 Romero, Frances J. 97 Romero, Frank II8, 203 Romero, Jess II8 Romero, John S. 97 Romero, Judy J. 97 Romero,Lorraine 63, 206 Romero. Mark 202 Romero, Paul II8 Romero, Roman 63, 151, 166, 202, 209, 212 Romero, R d 118, I96 U Y Romero, Tony 63 Romero, Virginia A. 97 Rosenbaugh, Susan 63, .203 Ross, H elen 63, 191,212 Ross. Shirley 97 Rolhenbach, Pe1'er 97, I60 Roussel. Mike 63.14-7.151.156 177, 182. 184-. 185. 211. 216 Saiz, Barbara 118 Saiz, Dorela 118 Saiz, Frank II8, 172 Saiz, Gloria 97 Saiz, Lore1'+a 97 Saiz, Palsy 118, 204- Saiz, Raymond 97 Saiz, Rosemary 64-, 178. 183 Saiz, Theresa II8, 204- Saiz Tom 97 Sakieslewa, Ruih 79 Salas, Elias 224- Salas, Linda F. 97 Salas, Mike 224- Salabye, Johnny 79 Salazar, An'1'hony 64-, I68 Salazar, David 64- Salazar, Jim 118, 203 Salazar, Mark 97, 182, 203, 216, 219, 220 Salazar. Rachel 118 Salazar, Roberra II8, 135 Saldana, Gilber-1 97 Sanchez, Abran P. 97 Sanchez, Alberl' 64 Sanchez, Allred 118 Sanchez, Amadi+a R. 97 Sanchez, Angie M. 79, 206 Sanchez, Cecilia 119 Sanchez, Charles 65 Sanchez, Clorinda 65, 193, 206 Sanchez, Danny 206 Sanchez, Dennis 65 Sanchez, Doroihy 65, 206 Sanchez, Edward P. 97 Sanchez, Elias Jr. 65, 172 Sanchez, Geneva 97 Sanchez, Gilberl' 65 Sanchez. Gregory II8 Sanchez, James 97, 201 Sanchez, Jim 118, 201 Sanchez, Joe E. 94 Sanchez, Kalhy II8 Sanchez, Linda S. 97 Sanchez, Louie 98 Sanchez, Mamuel II8 Sanchez, Margarel L. 98 Sanchez. Mary Ann 118, 175 Sanchez, Mary B. 65, 176, 187 Sanchez, Mary H. 99, 203 Sanchez Mary R. 65 Sanchez, Modesro 119 Sanchez, Modeslo D. 119 Sanchez, Sanchez, Paul R. 98, 225 Peggy 65 Sanchez Sanchez Pima.. ss. 203 Priscilla A. 119, 214- Sanc-hez, Priscilla Marie 79, 175 Sanchez Richard 65 Sanchez Roberl R. 98 Sanchez, Ronald L. 98, 172, 173 Sanchez Rosalie M. 119, 175 Sanchez, Rosemary P. 119, 187 Sanchez, Rudy M. 119, 224- Sanchez, Sally S. 119, I96 Sanchez, Sandie J. 119 Sauchez, Sidney 15 Sanchez, Silvia-65 Sanchez, Tony 119 Sanchez, Trinie 98 Sanchez, Veronica 66 Sanchez, Sanchez. Sa nchez, Sanchez Veronica R. 119 Viclor 119 Yolanda 98, 181, 187 Yvonne R. 98, 167 s....dav..'l. A.+ 98. 236, 242 Sandoval. Audrey 66, 151. 183. 211. 212 Sandoval Ben D. I5 Sandoval, Cecilia 194-, 198 Sandoval, E+he1 J. 119, 197 Sandoval, George N. 119 Sandoval, Jerry ,L. 119, 214- Sandoval, Frank A. 119 Sandoval, Linda F. 98, 163, 213 Sandoval, Roberl' 98 Sandoval, Rose Mary 79 Sandoval, Sam 15 Sahdow, Irene 119 Sands, Lynne 98, 163, 174-, 191. 202. 204-, 205 Sands, Nichols 66, 174- Saniiago, Andres E. 98 Sanlillanes, Anne 98 Saniillanes, Judy 98, 204-, 210 San+i11anes, Lorraine 98, 203 Sanlillanes, Mike 119 San1i1Ianes,. Rober+a 119 Sasser. Mary I5 Sallerlield, Bill 66 Saunders, Helen 15 Saunders. James B, 119 Savage, Darla 66, 167 Savage, Jennifer 98, 167 Savage, Sandy L. 119 Saxlon, Nancy 66, 204- SCENES FROM SHAKESPEARE 134, 135 Schmilrl, Linda 98, 203 Schmirl, Rosemary 66, 203 Schorr, Mary 66, 191, 210 Schorr, Nancy 119 Schrader, Darryl 67 Schroeder, Susan 98, 203, 211 213 Schuler, Bengie W. 119 Schulle, Jennie 119, 163 SCIENCE FAIR 14-2 Scolsl, Jimmy 119 Sealey, Gary 119 Seddon, Debbie 119 Sedillo, Anna 119, 197 Sedillo, Kaihie 98, 203 Sedillo, Louie 98 Sedillo, Nick 67 Sedillo, Pairick 67, 193 Segura. Andrew 67. 206 Seiler, George 119 Sell, Diann K. 119 Semanko, Rosalia 119 Sena, Diana 67 Sena, John M. 79 Sena. Sena, Molly M. 119 Pele A. 79 SENATES 212-214 SENIOR PLAY I32, 133 253 Serna, Bernie R. II9 Sevier, Jack 67, l78 Sexson, Eugene 98 Shea, Elizabefh 98 Shea, Terry 67, 200 Sheefs, Donna II9 Sheefs, Roberf I6, I36 Shelfon, Denise 67, I86, 203 Shelfon, Gary 67, I82 Shelfon, Jimmy II9 Sheridan, Dorofhy 67, I56, I75, I84, I90, I93 Sherman, Chery 67, 206 Shew, Jo Anne II9 SHIELD I79 Shirley, Linda 79 Shiver, Bill II9 Shiver, Jack C. 98 Shoals. Rudy 225, 226, 236, 24l Shook, Shoon, Karl, II9, I65 Sandra I6 Shorfle, George 98, 202 Shugharf, Linda II9 Shurfer, Brad 79 Shurfer, Roberf 20l Sickenger, Rodney 67 Sierra, Bob 225, 228, 232 Sierra, Sierra, Larry L. II9 Margaref II9 Sievers, Ronald C. 98 SIGMA BETA EPSILON I93 Sigler. Jack 98, I97, 225 Sigler. Susie E. II9, I97 Silva Dorofhy A. 99 Silval Efnnds ss, 132. 160, I75 Silva. June D. 99, 162, I67 Silva, Silva, Marian 68, I98 Rebecca II9 Silva, Velia 99, I62 Simmons, Melanie 99, I74 Simms, Greg 99 Simms, Sfeve II9 Simpson, Johnny M. II9, 220 24-5 Simpson.. Oscar 79, I77, I82, 2l6, 2l7. 220. 236. 238 Sisneros, Angelo 99 Sisneros, George G. 79 Sisneros. John II9, I39, 245 Sisneros, Kafhy M. 99, I93 Sisneros, Margaref 68. I93, 2l2 Sivers, SKI C Ron I74 LUB I99 Sorrell, Geraldine I86, l9l, I98 Sowers, Keifh A. I20, l83 SPANISH CLUB I96 Spealcman, Adrian I20 Spear, John 99 SPEECH CLUB I74 Speer, Dena A. 99, I67, I94 Speer, Glenda 69, I3O, I65, I83, 204, 205 Speer, Joseph 69, I72, I73 Spicher, Brenda I20 Spindle, Leslie 99 Spifz, Rebecca I20, I65 Spifz, Terrence 69 Sfalker, Fred I20 Sfanbaugh, Brian I20, 20I,2l4 Sfansberry, Jack 69 Sfarks, Vivan 69 Slaflcus, Susan 69 Sfaflcus, John F. I20 Slaflcus, Susan 69 Sf. Clair, David 99, 20I Sfeele, Lorraine I20, I87, 2l4 Sfewarf, Dianne 99, I63, 202 Sfill, Kafhy I9l Sfill, Kennefh 79 Sfockfon, Jim 69, I82, 225, 236 Sfone, Carolyn 69, 203 Sfone, Gloria I65, I89 Sfoppkoffe, Lynn I20, l9l, 204, 205 Sfopplcoffe, Shirley I6 Slouf, Befhel 70, I5O, I57, I87 Sfouf, Larry I20, 2l6, 220, 232, 245 Slrawn, Dan J. I20, 20l Sfrawn, Hazel A. 99, I7I, I94, 203 Sfrawn, Mary 70, 206 STUDENT BODY OFFICERS 208, 209 STUDENT COUNCIL 2l0, 2ll Sfurdivanf, Debbie I20, l70 Suazo, Mac I20 Suazo, Sharon 99, 247 Suggs, Suzanne IO2, I20, I76. 2I4 Suhr, Doris 70, 2l2 Sullivan, Ann I20 Sullivan, Kafhy 70 Summers, Linda 99, I70, 2l3 Summers, Nancy 70, I28, l3O, I32, l33, I35, I79, I84, I9l Taylor, Milfon Ray 70, 203 Taylor, Richard l2l Teague, Mike l2l, I99, 245 Teefer, Donna 99, l9O Templelon, Floyd I2I. l24 Tena, Richard l2l TENNIS CLUB I97 TENNIS TEAMS 22l Tenorio, Liz 70, I94, I98 Terrazas, Rifa Ann l2l, I89 Thomas, Carolyn 70 Thomas, Mary E. l2I Thomen, Rosemary I2l Thompson, Anifa 99 Thompson, Eric N. I00, 236, 239, 245 Thonson. Marsha l2l Thornhurgh, Marfha I00 Thornfon, Neil I00 Thorp, Jack 7I, I77, 236, 239 Tiblzaefs, Oscar J. I6 Tipfon, Dennis IOO Todd, Kaye I00, I62 Tolino, Florina l2l Tomsic, Cafhy l2I, 203 Topia, Rose Marie 206 Topping, Jerry B. IOO Torres, Ben 7I, 206 Torres, Charles I00, l72 Torres, Connie l2I Torres, Corinne l2l Torres, Eileen l00 Torres, Evelyn 206 Torres, Frances F. I00, 203 Torres, Joe M. IOO Torres, John l2l Torres Theresa B. 7l l78 Toya, 'Rober+ 121. 1i2, I90, 214 Toya, Ronald 7I, l5l, I57, l7l, I82, I90, 2I2, 2I6, 2l8 219, 220, 230 TRACK TEAMS 225, 228 Trammell, Darrell l2l Treaf, Darlo l00 Skinner, George F. 68 Skinner, Glenda 79 Skinner, Jannice G. II9, I89, 2I4- Skinner, Lee 99, 20l, 2II Slay, Bill R. II9 Slem, Louise 99 Sloan, Jameson II9, 225, 235' Smarf, Wanda II9, 204 Smid, Vernon 68, 200 Tia Smifh, Bernard 99, I90, 224 Smifh, Ellen 68 Smifh, Elvira 68 Smifh, John C. 99, I65, I68, I90, I93 Smifh, Lora 99 Smifh, Loreffa 2ll Smifh, Richard 68 Smifh, Pafricia 99, I87 Smifh, Sfeve D. I20, 2l0, 2l4 Smifh, Sfeven, 68, I47, I9O 2I I, 245 Smifh, Tereah 6-8, I49 Smifh Vernon I20 Smifher, John ea Sundloy, Darla I20. I96 Suffon, Joyce 79, I98 Swanson. Kennefh I20 Szeman, Eric 70, I68 Taber, Marylyn 99, I89, I98 Tabef, Nifa M. I20 Tafoya, Adele M. I20 Tafova, Annabella 70, I78, 203 Tafoya Chesfer 99, I86, 2I I, 2I3, 216 Tafoya Dolores 99 Tafoya Eslher M. 99, I86, 2I3 Tafoya Henrieffa I20, 204 Tafoya Jesse I20 Tafoya Max 225 Tafoya Maxine 99 Tafoya, Ricky l83, I93 Taiffe, Reilly I6 Takahashi. Nadine I20, I87 Takahashi, Sheila 99, I87 Talley. Burney I6 Talley, Sue Ann I20, l45 Tapia, Charloffe 99 Tapia, Ernesf 99 Truiillo Alex I2l, 2l0 Truiillo Arlene 7I, I28, l3O Truiillo, Connie l2l Truiillo Danny l83 Truiillo Dolores l2l Truiillo Elizabefh I00, I87, I94- Truiillo Elizabefh M. IOO, I86 Truiillo James I2I, I34, I62, l9I Trujillo Joan 7I, I82, I87 Truiillo Joe B. IOO Trulillo John A. 7I, I7'l, 236 Trulillo Jose I2l Truiillo Leo P. 79 Truiillo Louis l72 Trulillo Marie V. I2l Trulillo Morris 72, 206 Truiillo Sammy H. I00, 225 Trujillo Theresa l00 Truiillo Trujillo, Tommy R. l2l, 203 Willie F. I2l. l72, l73 Tso, Marieffa 79. 206 Tsosie. Perrie IOO Tsufsumi, Henrieffa 72, I87 Tsufsumi, Rifa l2I Tsyifee, Arfhur 72, I9l, 203 Tsyilee, Edward 72, I34, I36, I63, l9I Tsyifee. Paul I35 Tucker, Paf 72 Turner, Karen L. l2l Snowden, Kafhy J. I20, I89 Snyder, Richard W. I20 SOCK-HOPS I39 Soos. Becky 68, I36, I63, 202 A Day's End! Margaref 79 ap , Tafe, Linda I20, l70 Taylor, Grefchen 70 Taylor, Irene R. 99, I70, I86 Taylor, Jane 70, 203 Tuffle, Linda I00, l9l TWIRP WEEK l4l Ulibarri, Kafherine 72 Ulibarri. Marcia 72 Valley High School I505 Candelaria Rd. NW, Albuquerque, New Mexico I966 Saga Pholography . .. Bill Bell of Albuquerque Liihography . .. . Taylor Publishing Co. Ulrich, Rhonda IOO, 2I3 Umsfead, Ellen IOO, I75, I89 Upshaw. Daryl I2I Urvaneio, Irene M. IOO, I75 Urvaneio, Louis R. l2l Uzuela, Sieve M. IOO, 225 V-CLUB I82 Va llecorse, Mario I 2 I Valdez, Valdez, Cyn'lhia I00 David F. IOO. I92 Valdez, Dolores Y. l2l, l65 Valdez, Ernie 72, l78 Valdez, Frank 72 Valdez, Floyd E. IOO Valdez, Gilberi 72, 23l, 236, 243 Valdez Joann l2l l7O Valdez: Johnny 72: 206 Valdez, Valdez Marie 72 Mary T. l2l Valencia, Louis IOO Valleios. Valleios. LoreH'a J. IOO Lupie IOO, I7O Vandeveer, Sarah I8 Vanselous, Marc IOO Varquez, Danny 73, 206 Vasquez, Vernon l2I Vau, Agusla IOO, I67 Vaughn. Diana IOO Vaughn, Duane l2l Velarde, Veronica IB9 Velasquez, Ernesline l0I Velasquez. Evelyn IOI, I70 Venlers, Nelda 73 VereI'I'o, Donald lOl Vernon, Kerry 73 Vernon, Shirley l2l Vidal, Lou Ann l0l, I63, 202 204, 205, 2I3 Vidal, Lucille 204 Vidal, Mary Ann 204 Vidal, Nancy l2l, I97, 204 Vigil, Es qupula I2I Vi il 'Lucille D. l2l Ma q . Vigil. r+in I2I, I86 Vigil, Mary Ann l2l Vigil, Ruben' A. l2l Vigil. Rudy A. l2l VIKE'l'l'ES I67 Villareal. Alberl' IOI Villescas, David 73, l78 Villescas Villescas Villescas ,Gloria IOI, I6O. I87 , Jose S. 73 Luis C. l2l Wallace, Randy l2l Wallis, Jim IOI Mfalyers, Kurl M, I2If VLaie5,,Gprald, 79 WalI'ers, Leigh 73, I37, I4I, I66 Wankel, Carol 79 Warbois, William 74, 200 Ward, Tom 74, I77. 2Il, 236. 244- Ware. Susan l0I, I83 Waseia, Harriei' A. l2l Waierman, Granl' I6 Walkins, Janie l2l Waikins, Tom M. l2l Walson, Linda 74, l7O Winkler, Marilyn l0l, l65 Winnegar, Andy IOI Winsor, Colleen l0I Winion, Johnny IOI, I77, 235 Wise, Johnny IOI Wolf, Randal l60 Wood, Evelyn M. 75 Wood, Glenda 75, I83, I86, l90 WRESTLING TEAM 223, 224 Wrighl, Edward 75, I62 Yales, Linda l0l, 204 Yazzie, Emma Lou 79 Ybarra. David L. I22, 245 Yeager, Richard lOl, 200 Yonemolo, Roy I22, I72, 2I0 Yoshimoio, Candy I22, I45 Yoshimofo. Craig IOI, l68, I83 Young, Hershel 75 YOUTH Zachary Zachary Zamora, Zamora, Zamora, Zamora, Zamora, Zerbach, COUNCIL I66 Richard 76 Roberl- 76 Chris 76, I72 Jacque IOI, I72 Magdalene 76 Orlando I22 Sally 76, I87 Sieve lOl, I79, 225. 228, 236, 240 Zibe'H'i, Enrico 76, l48, l6l, I90, 2l I, 225 Zicherl. Todd 76 Ziegler. Carl IOI WaI'I's, Gary 74, I83, l95, 2I2, 22l Weafhersby, W. Keiih I7 Weaver, David IOI Weaver, Renee lOl Weaver, Ruih IOI, 203, 205 Zimmerman, Connie IOI Zimmerman, Roberl' I22 Zuniga. Eddie IOI, 202, 236. 242, 245 Zuraslcy, Karen I22 Vincen'r.IVelynn 73 Vinke. Kaihy lol, lee, 189, 2l3 VI-QUEEN l26 Visager. Faiih IOI Visic, Mary 73, ISI, I74, I84 Wagner, Nela IOI, l65 Wakefield, Lewis IOI Walker, Frank I6 Wallace, Joe W. l2l, 220, 245 Webb, Joe I22 Webb. Melba lOl Weirich, Peier 74, I36, 202, 205 Welch, Barbara 74, 203 Welch, Pam 74 Welsh, Janie I86, I93 Wendi, Arlene IOI Wendi, George H. I22 WencI+, Gerald 74, l82, 236, 237 Wersller, Roberl' I6 Wheeler, Caihy I22 Whi+e, Linda I22, I98 WhiI'e, Marian IOI Whiie, Marly 203 While, Pa+sy 75 Whi'le, Paul T. I6, 22l Whi'le, Sharon 75, I83, 206 WI'1i'l'e, Tom C. I22, 2I4 Whifecloud, Roberlr 203 Whiieley, Be'H'y I22 Whiirloclc, John W. I22 WhiI'low, Marsha I22 Whiilen, James Garry 79 WiecherI', Kalhy 75, I94 Wilhelm, Dianna 75, l78 William, Woodie L. 79 Williams, Allen I22, 220 Williams, E. Jane I6, I99 Williams. Jim I7 Williams, Jim R. I22, I96 Williams. Kirk G. I22, 224 Williams, Lula 75 Williamson, Kenne-Ih I22 Willie, Dennis 79 Willmarlh, Ann 75, I28, I57, I76. I84, I85. 206 Willmarlh, Laura lOl, l3O, l9I Wil+, Rickey 75, I'78 Wimberly, Jerry 75, 206 Wimberly, Linda lOl Zuver, Cheri 76, 203 Zwoyer. Greg IOI, I77 OUR TALE IS TOLD!!!I , 1 . ,4 f Q k 11' ffl 4

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