Valley High School - Saga Yearbook (Albuquerque, NM)

 - Class of 1955

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Valley High School - Saga Yearbook (Albuquerque, NM) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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...- im- 1, 4. :- Z-gr an 225, 4-rg? J"'2.. Q., -ax. -rg ' -z. : ,r .1 Ani: 334: ' vfijilfif isa., ' 1- - 5. -' :J 4 H339 -:fs-22.2. a1ffff'Z Q 154- ' I "C2'f '51 .v zgfa :sie . 3 gf: i w..- ' Ea? 'X i 'IIS 'Lf It :Jia r l :J -1 3339115 2. ax ' 21- I1 14: L nf- .AA iz: .. .-- L: 44" S .1 -fl' 77,9 --r' 55 'T fi' ,vrpo 57 J-0 O m 7 08,0 06, 3 4051 fi' 053:32 3,4 fi? fi' of fo Oki' jf UL III U.1llLu 4 IQ Mlgnnl P1Ll?LlIfl1 Iii. frwi Lhxhuu uf HEI g.Thi11u1i1u11 3xll11rq1u1q1n, QXL111 FHL urn 'GV QiF.u11li11 531 mm L1 11111015 S,LT1.TITU11IL'l1 L f-2 W1 L LJ1111 L II fH11L-Ir WW 4 mum R Qllulm W QML111111 IUUIIE ,Synths 25xri1111i1e-a w Q - 2 U y, fc ll .s X ii ' .I ,i ,x',,' ,. 5,4 C x.g , . . . ,P . . AD1lII1lI5t1'f'ItILT1I Y Lllllhllllxfl C - c' ,S b . As 0 " EJ ' . , A 'X ., D ,Q c' 'K' X TA " u. M. H , cf ' ' gm , , , -, X , , '.,, ' A Y. V ' LL' 4 1111211111111 1 111 111111.11151 IH 111 1J1L'wL1I1'11IL1I1ILI I1111L1l 111 1111111111 1111 h111111l1 111111114 11111 51111111 L1 11111111 111 I1 1 111 1 1111 111 1 11 11111 1111 111111 11111L11111111111 11111111111 1.111111-1 11111 111115 1111 IH 1111 1111:11111111L1 111 1111 2311111 111 0211111 111111 11 5411111 7111111111111 4 DI1111 44111111111 111111111 4 11111111115 gllfllluggl 41111111111 051111111 5111 11111111 iF11Dh11 3.1111112115 511111111111 111111 41111111111 1411111111111 O 1 ' :1 : H31 1 1:1 Q 5 x V. o X be -i X ei. L 1- 1 A Q. - l V' by 1- 1. ,G , O O Q if 1b - I ,xr '. 6111, X11 L QU 1111'1' 1' 111: ' 1, 1:1 7' U 1' 1:1 11:1 ' rg' L 111111111115 211111 11v1'5u1111111115 111 11115 22111. ef' 4 Q 4 . P' , , Y ' Y' 1 L - 'C' ' ' 2 x 1 Q CJ Q ,, 1 5 v x s 1 1, V' . if I f .Y 1 1 1 4 . Z3 0 1 P, 4 4 1 - 1 0 1 0 9 O 0 C' Q T ff .I 0 J I? if 41 ff 5 a- Q " Q K ' Q 190 p ' T R x gl X. FOI' m re llkaln lv clecaeles Supen 'I' Jilllh mill!! KBS lveh m sl aug JIYQJOYI anal unsplraluon 'l-o e sclm l Sgflem o Albuquerque ll 'lalale among ln s many Owl-s'lamlm acco Pluslxmen-ls 'llwou lvllne Bean 'S 2 rv-ce fl lf Am., 4 allea ll lx Stlwvl Vllleu IS ang-Hug., symbol r 2 lteen In-l-erestlo e and devgi-um 'Hal' he RIS -lor -lke maolilll ol lk 5 Commun! 'HS milk 'l'lse clegpefl' resped RBA Sh"deWl' body of Valle Hugh Sclmool d2AlCl'l'9 llus Hgeyr cgyg Bea bo k The Saga l mr mlln 0 NY 'n - . .' 0 ' i on 4' . o H . ax M , " h Ouh ' 0 X7 im ' 0 a o - V , - Q 0 Ilclmlrafion 'llvxl' Hue facullu and xx 1 . 3' r o ,' , o . ' e , W 'Ns We QCOCQC ob 1 XG' Ks N911 I HI!! 5 A Mmim., erafm gg , f gang -w, nf 'r A 712, fu Q QQ his ffff , ,X 4 - ' HX ix, 4 4 f, an 6' 4 9 j'.-.P . . .:"' ' NN 'l' w , is .mushy 4742, bit ' 4- s " N'-X w- : Ng l Fey Y RTL' ' Q' . .., N , B -.x 9 X "' Q l 4 u L Lbum px tum rs tu r utut s Qrwrctxtmn of thu lmnplatul Valley lliglm Selmool. As in all plans, a fcv chingcs PfLX.1ll from thc proposul plans to thu utull lmrlllmg prmus. Addul to thc alww plan wc lmvc a lJC.1LIlIflllbXITlf'l1SlLllN xxlnnh ns imonf thc llI"LSf ull most mmlcm m lNcw lNIcxim, The lamlicaping has not yet AL the left, in Mr. Smarbs office arc pmurud Mrsl Fcrgmou and Mr. Smart 1I'4JlllUg wut unc of the many studcm prwlvlunw wlmh OLLL1I'YCLl during thu year. Bum Ut' :lu-SQ .xdrninlbtnuorg ham worl-:rd tmmrd thu xm1c5SlLzl plinmug ut our Mluml prmrm.1ll.utu.1lLomtrL1uion. Xl if Q I L2 r3+::'i'l T: - R x E 1- I -'53, ., . 'ml' , 'L if H- Z' 'W' JJ .s. f- YV K Q L N i Q Q 4 UK' 3- , , M, ,. I x, ' h unkmxr jf WH " W ' . 'vw 571s-var anne B! nm su' vw .M 2'Y"'Y " ,. .L ' CSIS 'ff 1 , hM,,,,,w1. .F L ' W ' ' H ...-. ' M' , ' V 1 V, ,xxx ' A A x' A px I f Q 1 B- V .- ' .. 7--ff'-'YM-K--N Q' "1 1 ' ' " 'E' '.f'T"3?'Q Q . f 5" iiuf Q51 ,.:':g 1. OM -P ' t f z . W . K . l ' M F N ' 1 , sw ' , I I. I. A ' Q I 783, The members ofthe Albuquerque Board of Education are .ill xvell qualified for their positions. The Presi- dent, Mr. S Y. jackson, who is seated in the center, has capiibly filled the office since October, 19-12. Vice- President, Mr. Richard XV. Thorne, at the right, was elected to the board in 1959. The tvvo senior members are Mrs. Nicolai and lvfr. Robert Elder, third from the right. Mrs. Nicolai has served the State Parent-Teachers' Association for many years and Mr. Elder is best known for his ability as a capable speaker. At the left is hir. T. V.1rnev,vvho was Secretary-Treasurer of the Middle-Rio-Grande Conservancy. He joined the board in .lan- uary, 1945, as Business Manager. lNIr. D. A. Macpherson, second from the left, is the junior member of the board Mr. john Milne, Superintendent, has served the Albuquerque Public Schools since 1911. His experience and back- ground have proved invaluable in meeting the many problems connected with increased enrollments and limit- ed facilities. The neu Albucluerciue Piilwlii Skhimlc Off, cc- Building was toinpleted in thc l".1ll or 193 4. p' ' ' i lhe members .ii the board hiv. their wIZl.cs and f'.'AQ11l.1I' meetings in this ncvv lwigiliim fbffx f Jmlyf ff ff S, 4 l 5fuQ5 nmfff .- 'STC7' A' fs '5 rw P A 'Q " A x N 1 R r f , X I ff ,,.- I 8 XS Z Sw, .cixx f fi. -1-X ff F- -Q- 1 ,gv f - j-. w '- l fl-I 'Y' V ...--.1 it-M.-..-zq -.-...l Fianna nv ,qu-rw--Q ,, :vnu . ,, ,, mmm 1 Mr. Sin.1rt. printipal. ll.1S '1.1pt11inQd'l our trux' throiigli nmny triumphs 11ml 1lL'l'L'.1ts this n.1t.1l y1.1r.1t X 1 5 High.'llititightl1ct'.111iltx'.1n1lsttitlt-nts11.111-li111lt1iin1l1 mint .itljustincnts .1n1l 111 Ill i 4 1 1 . F' -H -1 -I -1 'N 'S Hes, lic h.1s t,1itl1l11llx L Crgttimlly. .lllkl ably Ll1.1I'lL'fL'kl the course for our first x'oy.1gc. 'lla c.11l1 tlctisitiii hc brings .1 ku-i1 .intl Linttr NlJ.llklll1KQ in-iight into stntlcnt prulblciiis. His gciicrosity tu our l.lLlllS .lllkl liintlncss in turrctting LIS ll.lN wtmn 1 tht rtsptit .llhl glQlIl'tlI'.1lIkJI1 ul gill. Our .1ssist.1nt primipgl, Mrs. Ferguson, has l5L'L'H ot' IIlX'.llLIg1lWlt assistants to all of thc stu- tlcnts anal fguulty of this new sthool. XVC would lil-cc to express our clccpcst and most hc.1rtl-clt thinks tim this in11i1nIx1r.1hlc pcrstmality without ulitini N'.1ll1'y High xx 1i1il1l nut suuin the same, """S 'xv V Miss Bowers Robert Lalicker Mrs. Viola Bell Secretary-Bookkeeper M. A. Attendance Clerk History In Mr. Smarts outer office we find Miss Bowers. She is secretary to Mr. Smart and Bookkeeper for the school. She handles all extra-curricular school funds and is familiar with all phases of school life. Many are grateful for the help she has so cheerfully given throughout the year. The attendance office is staffed by Mrs. Bell and Mr. Lalicker. The pleasant manner in which detention time is assigned by Mrs. Bell and Mr. Lalicker is known to most of Valley High students. Their other duties in- clude checking credits, posting grades and working on personnel cards Ernest Stapleton, jr. M. A. History Mr. Stapleton, serves as Counselor, aide, and adviser to most of V. H. S. students. He is never too busy with individual student problems to help plan a party or sponsor a dance to encourage school spirit. Vincent Arroyo H Mrs. julia Andrade B. S. Harry Bishop M35 Rllbl' B. A. Math, Physical M. S. hi- Spanish Education Biology 150311511 Francis N. Buck Mrs. Lovola Burgess VL' Vincent Capelli M.A. Science, Math Social Science, English Physical Education Mrs. Naomi M. Cox M.A. Latin, French XVilma Deen Edmund P, DiNello lNff.A. B.S, Commercial Science Victor R. Crocco M.S. Physical Education Physiology Ralph E. Dixon B.A. XVOrld History 4 X 3 1 I J. Rudolph Chambers B.S. Driver Training Rudolf Dobeck BS. Commercial, XVork Permits if L. E. Dohncr Mrs. Martha Eiihank Mrs. Margarst Gonzales Miss Evclyn M. A. M. A. M. A. B. S. Agriuultnrc Pliysioll Elliiiiilion. English. Spanish Homcmnking Drivcr Tmining Miss Doris Hartrick Mrs. Marie Hays M. A. B. S. History, English Physical Education Clinton lf. Hurley George P. johnson Mrs. Erva Lcvinc Mrs. l"lorcm'C M. A. M. A. B. S. B. S. I English Physical Education Math, Scicncc COIUI'HCIC12l .4 N 'L reel G. Martinez jack Chilton Miller Frederick Blyers M. A. M. A. M. A. llistory Mrithemrities linglish. Social Studies Iwfrs. Eva Nobbs BI. S. Pliysitil ljtliinitimi Clunnselu Mrs. Louise Pembroke Thaddeus Rush M. A. M. A. English l5.1nal, Orchestra Cllililli S-1I1Cl1CZ lien SL1IllllJYJ.l, -lr. llelen Siliinnlers llenry Sthrielwer B. S. M. A. B. S. M. li. A. Biology Spanish Librarian Crafts, Arts fi' X Q Robert Simmons Harold Slocum Mrs. W. C. Strasser Mrs. Trent M. A. M. Ed. B. A. Social Science Mathematics English Enzo Uliana Mrs. Christine Wfagncr B. S. M. A. Shop English Miss jane XV lfrnnk XValker Grunt XVa1terman Lloyd XViley M. A. hi. A. M. A. M, A. English, Social Arts, Crafts Mitlieinutics Music Science 'N KIZIUPS 'il d,,fvA 5501 In for , --, f O F -+- PRESIDENT vice PRESBOEN QQRDOVA BARBARA FAR 'f has Secre,+arvMll-LIE LOVETT Hsu QYMHRKLYN ROGERS 'iq 1 mm fm ef., n1orELHSS OFFICERS -J 4-ur Acree, Eddie Valve Lifters 3,4 liiddlin lfeet 13,-i Riding Club 4 ...WN ri K l Barela, Dennis Wfrestling 2 S ROTC 7 v Football v Student Council Bradley, ffommie joy Nurses Aid 4 6 Armijo, Max Ifootball Ji 42" Barnes. Nancy lo Spirit Club Tri-Hi-Y Square Dance Office Aid Bratton, Sonny Photograpliy Club Square Dante Club Arnold, Joyce june Band 2,3 Chorus 5 FHA 2 Bazan, Stella Drill Squad .1 Spirit Club 11 Be Bop Club -i Archery Club 4 C 'QQLJ xv I Carriaga, Ernie Basketball 5.4 Baseball 5.4 Be Bop Club -i Atchley, XVanda loan FHA 2,14 Sub Deb 2,3 Spirit Club 3,4 Bond, Gerald ,-f -':' , by Caudill, Inez Lynette Spirit Club 25,4 lfiddlin Feet 2.5,-i Ice Skating -i Social Club 4 43? f '55 'I' .21 3 7.22. lv Chavez, Eddie Basketball Baseball Be Bop Club Clark, Audrey Pepper Club Tri-Hi-Y Drill Student Cbuntil Be Bop Office ,A Dimas, Jimmie 'i L 'A 1'1" Chavez. Dolly Drill Squad Ski Club Spirit Club Swimming Club Cordova. Vivian Football Archaeology Sw i mming Annual Class Pres. .l , -.1 n lfrvin. Gay Square Dance i Tri'Hi-Y Spirit Club 'fit -.4 - -,X al' A 2 , Lf. "fair: YY' ly., i T 0 , My , rl Chavez, Lorenzo Football Basketball Track Al Coslett. Robert Football International Dance Club Burial Esquivel, lfretl Archery Tumbling Rod and Custom Q-"or r , i AJ' ?-Q Chavez, Mary 3 3 4 if e y 1,41 Darr, Loren FFA Horseback Riding Parliamentarian -i -l 4 Evans, Joyce Spirit Club 2 Drama 2 3 4 Archery 4 Drill 4 Tennis Club K Q19 1-Al 411' I 'Q TIS 5 Faris, Barbara jean Vice President Ai Dramatics 2,551 Office Aid 25,4 Spirit Club 2.5.1 Legend Staff 4 I9 Wx Gallegos, Clifford Student Council 4 Garcia, Juanita Spirit Club 2.3.-4 Office Aid 3.-1 Annual Staff Vi Bowling Club 2.3 Tennis Club w I jg .QQ Ferrel, Allen l"TA Dramatits Turpibling Saga Staff Fulmer, Terry A. Gallegos, Adele 3 Dramatits Cilub 2,1 Spirit Club 15,1 l Operetta 2,5 Dramatics i junior Art League S Tri-Hi-Y l Garcia, Gabriel Radio Club T' gy ag. .I 'rf-vi Gallegos, Grace Marie Student Council Library Club Spirit Club Tri-Hi-Y 1 i i Garcia, Nasario jr. Hi-Y Be Bop Club Tumbling Garcia, Tanna Debate Club Annual Staff Ji Office Aid bi Rollar Skating -4 Dramatics Skating Club Garcia, joe Antonio Basketball 1 -as Li Q -ag f ..- . I X . Geisler, Bob XV. Glce Club Cantata - 7 l 32? "' if -1 N! gif ...fx nl' ,QP qt? . . j Keller, Frank E. Kilgore, Frank Von FTA Track 2,4 Football Golf Basketball Swimming 3 4 Glee Club FFA ONCO f Larsen, Shirley Marie Chcerleader A Team - Spirit Club 2.3,- Student Council A lfiddlin Feet - Tri-Hi-Y Lopez, Loraine f'-4 73 " 'Gif Latham, Ruth Silver Saddles 2,3 Spirit Club 2,3 Drill 2,3, Rollicking Rollars 2.3 Lopez, Ronald james Gun Club Rod and Custom Basketball Hockey Tennis Model Airplane fi . ,J 'f 3 ,... , Kuper, Charlotte Larrazola, jerry Cheerleader A Team FTA Ski Club Legend Staff -i 4 4 L'Bussey, Don james International Dance Archery Club Roller Skating Club Ice Skating Club FFA QP f"' Lovett. Mildred Secretary Class Honor Society Tri-Hi-Y Office Aid Drill Squad Spirit Club -i -1 -I 41 4 4 25,4 25,4 2,3,Al 2,3 2,3 4? Social Dance Club 4 Tumbling -i Lewis, Richard Renier Latin Club 3 Student Council Ai l' Lowden, Bernadette Social Dance Club 4 Nurses Aid 4 Spirit Club 2,34 Ice Skating 3,4 Ol 'Q Qi' -J Q- i AW .F McCreary, Sarah Ann McCulley, Carol Jean McKelvey, Betty Tri-Hi-Y 4 Library Club 4 FHA President 4 Student Council 4 Spirit Club Drill 2,3,4 Square Dance Club 4 Library Aid 2,5,4 Yearbook Staff 4 Legend Staff 4 Legend Staff 4 Fiddlin Feet 4 Martinez, Adela Spirit Club Maestas, Rosie Spirit Club 4 Square Dance 4 Chorus 4 s,' 4 Xl l llx 'Q' Matsumoto, Danny ONCO Club Football Martinez, johnny Rifle Team V f '25 4 xg V b AL , q 1 -A Martinez, Annabelle Social Dance Student Council Tri-Hi-Y Spirit Club Ice Skating Club Mewliorter, Dale ONCO Club Fiddlin Feet Rifle Team 4 4 4 4 4 XXVYIIII 2,5 5.4 5 McKenzie, Jerry Basketball Baseball Hi-Y Martinez, Dave joe Projector Club 4 Miller, Bruce Leo Pres, Student Council V. Pres. Intra Council Hi-Y 3,4 Basketball 2,3,4 Ice Skating 4 ,Q :sn f F C YT ,Q 'D- . 1 -1 If 2 -, V jx V tx.: Q v-fvnvf wf Mitchell, Larry Joe Mobley, Andy T. Montoya, julia Skating Club 3,4 Be Bop 4 International Dance Student Council 3,4 Science Club Hi-Y 3,4 Class Treasurer Drill Squad Tri-Hi-Y Student Council Office Aid Spirit Club FHA N fvufi 'xv' Morgan, Lillian K. Student Council 4 FHA 2 3 4 Dramatics Spirit Club 4 Murdock, Durees A. Tri-Hi4Y 2,5 Social Dance 4 Spirit Club 4 Roller Skating 4 Ice Skating 4 Padilla, Edward joe Perea, Rosemary Camera Club 3 Drill Squad Kampus Klub 3 Spirit Club Projector Club 4 Padilla, Manuel jr. Student Council 5 oi, Norman, Billie Joyce 2, 2, 1 l 4 Vim 'Z-v X . Morgan, Barbara Rose FHA 25,4 Dramatics 2 Outdoor Club 4 Student Council 3 Tri-Hi-Y 4 Owens, R. International Dance 4 uf' lv' 1 .r ,J . Pfeister, Karol Horseback Riding2,3,4 F? jslx' f" Al. Reese, Sally Ann Roberts, Ronald P, Horseback Riding 2,544 Legend Staff Library Aid -1 Ite Skating Club IHA 2 Baseball Rogers, Marilyn Treasurer Orchestra Student Council Debate Club Dramatics Tri-Hi-Y Drill awash ..,, 4 awk Salazar, Rose Rebecca Scholfield, Barbara Ice Skating Club 4 Office Aid 4 'wx "ZS" Rodriguez, Charlic Rodriguez Mir, O Basketball Track vs: fr am- Sais, Johnnie Football Scholl, Doris Office Aid Spirit Club -Cl K i i . a ootball Inter School Council -i Debate cgiuis ONCO 3? 'W S Smith, Don L. Radio Club Honor Roll Society Dramatics Outdoor Club Editor of Legend FTA Hi-Y Ski Club Steward Frances Sue Tri-Hi-Y Dramatics Drill Social Dance Shaw, C. Leslie C1 - Sisneros, Frank .-ft A: PU" Sosa, Frank A. Att Club Square Dance Football Track Photography Thomason, jacquita Spirit Club 2,3, Dramatics 2,3, Tennis Club 2, Office Aid 3, 4 -i 2 2 2 4 4 3 4 1 l Sloan, Neal P. Glee Club 3 Projector Club -i Horseback Riding fi Outdoor Club 4 Sosa, Louis Robert Basketball 2,5 Football 2,3 Speech Club 2 Dramatics 2 Legend Staff 4 pai.:- s "X Y "' 'ek 75? , Th onipson, G a ry WY ,I f t ,f Small, Kenneth Stamm, Billy f P-5:2 M' Q I Q8 4,4-o Triplett, Dorothy 4 J Square Dance 4 Hot Rod Club 4 Gun Club -'i Skating Club 4 .-an IP -1 'T 'N . ,Q - -Q 'Q Trujillo, Alex Trujillo, Gilbert Football 2,4 Basketball Ski Club 4 Student Council Student Council 5 Baseball Golf Club 3 Hot Rod Club Golf Club Ski Club Track XVinn, Bob Lee Dramatics Club Hi-Y Sports Editor of Legend f -.' , , 'mf' 4 A -. . , , .,,,.,, - - . 1 A , ' a ff! l L - 'I ,.,4 '. 1 -. ,X -' e ,L H, ks, XVetherill, Richard Rod and Custom 4 Hi-Y 4 Dramatics 4 Legend Staff 4 bf, Wfheatley, Thomas 3 2 ff XVilson, Ann Letha fn, Office Aid -1 ', V t A-it Library Aid 3 xl Spirit Club 2,3 -. 'L' I -1 va--'10 .f x ' , ,v ng t A Q Q V ' if , ' Wfright, Bruce ' Hi-Y 4 l Ski Club 4 Roller Skating 4 Hot Rod 4 Young, Deyoe T, Zamora, Soila Ann Chorus 4 Annual Staff Zolman, Ted Spirit Club 4 Debate Club Horseback Riding 25,4 French Club 4 Office Aid Square Dance 25,4 Square Dancing -i Dramatics ONCO 5 Tri-Hi-Y 4 Roller Skating FFA A l, 3 C I f t 2 Yamamoto, George ONCO , Art Club 4 Ashley, Naomi Carr, Virginia Chilton, Glenn Futrell, Norita Gallegos, Mary Ann Garcia, John G. Holcomb, Ray Holloman, Doyle R. Howell, Mary fad! Gamma Q- t , H L... 3 "1111i115,','S U Sponsor FYQAJICROBGYYS Vsce,?fe.sdew1J'ea,mmQ ca 5 1 o-as ' Secrd-am Maru He le,vxBarroS Treasurer Io Avwx Resin f'4"X if-40 1f1miorCLA5E o1frfr tEEs 2 F X A? Armijo, Tita Baca, Andrea Baca, Fred Bain, Shirley Ball, Roy Barlow, Ann Barrios. Armando Barros, Mary Hclcn Bedingfield, ohm BC11, Bm Black, Bill Bloomfield, jcrrx , X I . 1- Burns, Ronald limcli, Marilyn fnlrlwcll, Bcrrhn Campbell, Doris Qimlclgiria, Dorothy ,.inrlcl.1ri.1. Margaret Qmlwcll. Tim Crirrillo. Lola Qlrrillo, Phillip Cast. Monric Chase, Sally C,h.1xcz, Agnes "3 CQ 1 'V Brown, Sara - Burclificlrl, Michael Burnett, Ronald Burns, Don pf, Mg., pi Crist, Marjorie Crow, Vita Cruz, Linda Darnell, Margaret De La Cruz, Gilbert Denny, Virginia Diehl, Nomi Doolittle, jerry Earnest, Sheryl Edwards, Jim Eversgercl, Louie Garcia, Dolores 1 4.41 an H r v 1 i Grillz-fr,izriy ' Gilmer. Richard ' , ,, Q xxx if Gossett, Dale Groff, Richard Gutierrez, Constance Gutierrez, Fay Gutierrez, Mary Harmon, Charlie Harris, Gail Harris, Joanne Hartbarger. Bill Heelvinli. Gail Herren, Albert Hollar, Sandy rz""Y ge 445519 Gonzales. lim Gonzales, Tina i J' lm ihy Q1 .- 3 ,fi ,l 1- 'if J fl, f y,g'f77 "i . X N, W, . Garcia Garcia Garcia, Garcia, Emerlinda Gloria Mary Rose Robert P 'A ,Q IG -J ,il 15 nl 1 ' K 'Nliw R jarnxnillo, Rosle jenkins, Judie J l 'l1JllDSOH. XYCFILI Dem jones. johnny -lones, Robert joplin, Doneu Alwgexvel., Nam qlmkert, Celestln Kelly, Ronald Ke-ler. Slmron olunson. Xxlllllllll ohnson, Donna .1 ,',Q, Lampert, Coy T Laredo, Bill Levesque, 'Ierri Levesque, Mary Lewis, june Lewis. Rex Logsdoii, Mae Lopez, Eddie Lopez, Rieliard Lowden. BL'I'I'l.1LlL'lfC I,uwry, Ken lxilem. lieriuriliiio Liilero, Climlelm Luaem, Gloria I Q ul' 1' --u K Y' nr., gi, - Laws, Geraldine Legrand. Jack Liv Q ,-v v xr- 3' V111 57" Kir'k,Venit.1 Kitty jimmy Kitts. Mmkie Kolfulal, l"iX'4 .l r,'35 :si ii Q- l uh one 4. ' X 'Z r X , Ang 'A fi is IT is-e I 1 2 ,-av 'A v ..-1 .1 W x ,, "' ' Q McKenna, Tom McLean, jack Macs, Patsy Macstas, Angie Majauckas, Brony BICLICLIID, Nettie Marlowe, Gordon Martinez, Benny Martinez, 101111115 Martinez, Lucy Martinez, Roger Meeks, Monty 'P 3 4-gp: H u. -A -4 .f an if Nelson, Rachel Noel, Bob Olquin, Flora Ortega, Arlene O'Sullivan, Shevaun Padilla, Helen Parker, Norma jean Patterson, Mary Peelromelli, XY'ill'rt-rl Persingerr Sharon Petelski. lilora Pottle, Judy K 1' Modica, Frank Montoya, Gloria Moya, Romeo Mutter, Linde ff' 6 24- Middleton, Patti Miller, john Miller, Kenneth Mills, Trudy '7 3' 4' 'W x -X Rael, Joe Rascon, Katie Rea, Fritzie Reece, Judith i Restow, Jo Ann Richards, Charles Richards, john Robbins, Charlotte of' .-K' ll1..y- ' X e"' xxx l Roberts, Freddie Rogers, Simone Romero, Cecelia Romero, Gabriel Rothgeb, David Sahd, Floyd Salaz, Bobby Salaz, Dorothy Salazar, Mike Salce, Bertha Sanchez, Lila Sandoval, Mary Ann I f X 1 JuSt didnt Srhuman, Fred XL a just Didnt Haw .1 Tlmingt x - g ,igilglihm ,iv 10 ,Io QQWGHI' Slmpson, Marilyn Smith, Ardith Sprungcr, Betty Spurgeon, Norma Swinncy, Bill Tafoya, Tony Torres, Mabel Triplctt, Donald Trujillo, Laura Turncy, Bobby Upson, Rosclla Valdez, Loretta 9 K 'Q -.Q 1 Nl . Shalit, Barry o XYQ Shcphcrd, Thomas P' .1I'. 5' Sandoval, Viola Santillancs, Eleanor Sant illancs, Tony Srlxncillcr, Tom Ji wg? a r 4, Q Ill: J lf' , . Y ro 'vb aH"" 'jd sl' 4 T uf ' f l' Valdez Sall' y l Valencia, Glorm XY'.1ggoncr. jane "1 1 Q vi. V Xff 21' xl . nl lishmq nz if V C sf fi 60116 XVard, Jeannine or XY"asmcr, Kay xVJflxIUS Gcorgn XVULN Q r Sacla av 1 ,.d' W7 Absgm when PICLUFPS Ldkcwp NVQ ls Pu Wfhxtc Ann XVl11tc btw Q ,J Wfilson -Icinnc XY inupy, Clnrlcs l 9 Mx --! sd' fr XVoml. Dollie- ,X5 K A 'rx 1 . Stu mum U S 'ounx . 'I'lmm.1Jim V ' -. ' mom, Ik- 1 : X XXl1itcm,1n Cllmrlcnc Ili fi ff X Z ff f W X WK ,f f gf, 'X , ff ff, if ff fx f f "-Y--, 136133 WM 7 Pkesudevd' G-slber Go dova V eVr smolevd' Cha lo B ks mer W ff' Sec daw T cas N 53. Lvwch Siudevd Gmc. I-Mavm-avdfkbvevl wi' s SOP" "W USTIEER if 0 ' Y ic c ' r oo ' 3 ' '99 ' 'Y - . F' A Y A Y , i I , W 1 I I if f , tix W ,Qt new ad Amole, DeeDee Barros, Jimmie 3 I Ana a . Y ' Corrine Beall, Pat 2 , Y 1:5-'it' Anaya, Peter Beatty, Herb -dv .vt or O- -l 'O' Abeyta Jennie Abeyta, johnny Ables, Lee Acree, jimmy Adams, Ann Amador, Sally Atchley, Danny Atkinson, Dick Austin, Patricia Bellis, Carol Bercier Colleen Bernal, Ellen Bird, Charles Black, Patricia Blair, Bruce Apodaca, Archer, Arqhulgm Patricia Danny Anival 5 ,, 9,4 5 1 ,,, 40 ' BHCH, Bain, Barreras, Chano Kenneth Raymond Brookshier, Brown, Brown, Charlotte Mary jo Pauline T"' -4 bl 'rl QXX'-f' I iq K f Qu, , ., 439 Calkins, Campbell , Carley, Marilyn Ronnie MIIIICHC li!! rx. Blair, Kitty Bogart, Paul Bond, Judy Bonner, Lynda Bostick, Grace Bouchier, Jack Brown, Ronald Bruce, Jerry Bruno, Sam Cash, Dan Castillo, Minerva Chandler, Bob Chase, Marion Chavez, Bette Chavez, Carman 'Q f 0 J .av -9 A 2? A :I pf ,... ru - I Bradley. Charles Carpenter, Mary jane ,av P -af 3' ' .J .4- f Braswell, Sandra Carrillo, Rosemary a if Bridges Paul Casaus, Bessie ..-J' 4? C uf 1 fi , Chavez, "' "1 Conrad ,Zi Christopher, A Ozzie 0 Q " Church, Aiflx Charlie .Y df' Cillessen, . Tom " Clark, Ig Diary Sue Clay, Mary I Efsfsrirr ICC Cordova, Dawg Rosemary wzcslcly Cordova, Sally ' ir ll Dawson, Ken . Denny, ' Clara 'I 1. Dewitt. Charles Dohner. Mary - Donoghue, 'Il V Gene Doxey, 5 Bob Contreras Mary L I agp 5 ,si J 'X " 4 -4 v Courreges, Nu m L1 aww,- V Evans. Eversgerd, liajarilo, Nina Ann Gloria '-uv' ' 2112 fs -fe' l5..f:f't I-fa Ja Finley, Ifli wres, Foley, Barbara Becky Mary Dugan, Jaffa Duncan, Jacqui Dunivan, hlyrna Duran, l.ena Eavenson, Bob Eldridge, jackie Fernandez, Clara lficlitner, Earl Fields, llenrietta Gallegos, Raymond Gallegos, Roberta Galloway, IJCUUV Pb. Garcia, Chris Garcia, Edwina Garcia, Nellie z,.if,h,,f - - 1 i Ellis, Andrea lirangos, Nick , A lf., s lil' I -l.. f A 1 Y Q GX X II- E r..4-14' n 5 2? ,qQiW1,.P' Ellis, -lohn Gallegos Beulah uf' as nv' -.fa ' -cf ' Q J' a i 4 . ix I my , Gonzales, lfeda Hardyman, Charles li 'arp' I ' 5-1 5 l Garcia, William Gorman Grano Green Rudy Garcia, Theresa Gardipe, Cecil Geisler, lfrlclie Gibson, Gillette, jim Griego, lfretldie Grit-go, Rosemary Gutierrez, Anthony Harris X irgie Harrison Sa 5 Heiser oanne Henry. Chip llensing Mary jo Hess, Connie Howell, Humphries Hunter, Betty Bfarie jo Marie Marsha 4-wr jarmillo, Ularmillo, johnson, james Ritliard Barbara Highfill. lfloyd Hill, Barbarl llill. Curtin llill. Isabell Hill, l.intl.i l lilpert. Sintly Hurtgen, Sally Isaacs, Wfillizlni jarmillo, jake Kerlee. Pat Kikkawa, Jeannie King, Anita King, Larry Kirk, Diane Kiteh, Debbie L5 X:-J Hinman, Hobaugh, Kay .Iulinnie Kelley, Kelly. Tom jerry 9 fi ' 3 Q. li X , 1 1.2 pi -INA li 9 Lindgren, Robert MeNeely, Mel wh - 'uf I X 04 --Q.. g 5 Kitsch, jon Knapp, Daniel Krueger, Robert LaMondy, XVinfred Landavazo Tommy Latham, Genette Lucero, Philip Lujan. Dolorem Lynch, Nita MCNew, Claude MeNew, Clyde Macy, Marvin Madrid. Ben Maestas, Ramon Maloney. Danny A Moffett, Montano, Moore, Stella john Sue wl I 1 Morris, Muniz, Mutter, Bill Patricia Alice Manierre, Mary Marquez, Toby Martinez john 1 Martinez, Rebecca Meeks, Linda Miller. Donna Morales, Arthur Morgan, Charles Morgan, Louise O,Brian, Carole O'Brian, jimmie Olguin, Evangeline Oliver, lllildrml Olson, janet . Orr, Bobby 'TT' W 'gy Q9 'S Miller, Miller, Mitchell lack Lucien Donald Navarrete, Noring, TOIIY Pat Isabel 'gn 10' JY 4.1 Piitehell, Mike kerr, Payne, Limlzl Rains, Terry .,- v Pedroneelli. .lermro Rawlins. Bob Ortega, Gilbert Ortiz. M.1ri.1ii Oshiirm. Vldelxle' P.1dill.1. Reuben l,.1ellll.l, Simon liilmer, Perm y Pierson, 'loyce Poe, Carolyn Pomerenk. Eddie Rcigcr, Claudia Remillard, Thelma Reridon, Thomas Rendon, XVillie Richards, james Richards, Judie Perea, Perce, Petrie Betty George David fwwfww , A . ., , . A 'lifig w E 03 -'-1 ,ii.iQ 1, 1 r f Popcr, Porter, Pruitt, Ruby Russell Don 8.12 Sihzar Qmluorn. Tommie Aurclio Alicyn Richardson, Nate Ridnour, Margaret Riclnour, Marie Ringcison. Norma Rogers, Bill Allen ROOF' Mxrion Sacks, fs in Q.. iv . Saiz, Elcx Saiz, Mary A Sniz, 'M Milton 8 Q ' Sanchez, Sinchcz, Pat S.1IlCllCZ, Paul Slnclovnl, Isabel S.1ntillnncS. Patsy Slwtcllc, Mark Klnry Iam' i 4- 1 Y f P r N . . 1 ox 1 Rouw.1llQ. Don Sanclicz, Clorindn ,r it Setsler, Robert Stirling, Richard Sewell Betty Stotts, Frances Shafer Barry Strange, Larry IAN' V 'v ". ,ti Scarton, Clarence Schultz, Eddie Schuyler, Trudie Segura, Meres Seifert, Bill Sena, Lena Sisson, Melvin Smith, jerald Spacek, Wariier Stream, Lawrence Strom, Marion Sutton, Barbara Swallows, Dan Ta foya, Ignacio Tarr, Ernest Shrader, David ,il 1 -'7 9 an, up 4 , J Q., 'if' 1 a -, Spratte, Carol Sillivent, Gayle 5 - 6' X "' eb," r in Stevans, Dolores Silva, Lydia wav' 3' sr .5 f 3 Stevans, Lorraine Taylor Nanci Templeton Allen Tcnorio r.-R ff' "Q A , l'1l1fI1On Y ' H 53: Y 3 if A T f T ,',,. yr .mfg-5 'V - 5 , 4' V' TILljillO, Tyler, Mafy Donna Irma Valvcrdc, fi? 4"" 3 1-1 -J W47' Vigil, Wfatson, XVeavcr, Viola Gcnnilc Margarct Thurman Shcrrcll Timberlake, Bobby Torres, Gcorgu VdIlDOHgCI1, Richard Vernon, Kay Vigil, Louise Vifhitc. Charlie Wfhitc, Dorothy XY'hitclica1d, Dorothy XVilhclm, Sharon Wfilkinson, Loretta XVillinms, Acc . fs ,W QA , 1, , N Tratcrhaucl, Paul Xlcltlilllllklll, Carole A "'-Z? Trujillo, josic Xlifhcclcr Carl 17' 4 3 ,.u. A f J -J l sf Wilson, Wfilson, Winter, Wfinters, Winters, Winton Margaret Shirley Cobalcnc Gay jcwcll Sue Wood, Wfright, Yamamoto, Zamora, Dorothy Deanna Michiyc Emily fpicff l Fvfzfsyztzwn M Waterman mn Gonzales Sponsor Bponso' J'avuce,WrmH' V Cf"fP"e5'dC"+J'uJ.u L09 '5- C. T CRS Marg My Maqqgg 49 V fre limit. PFICERS Adams. XVilma Armstrong Kenneth Alarid. Bonnie Arundale. Mary Anaya, Fonnie Atencio, Florence Anderson. Martha Atencio, Margaret Anderson. Theodore Ausbun Larry Austin, Vivian Austin, Beverly Armijo, Nadine Avery, Dale f 48 , , X . uf N 0? 1 x , Ax hh A 'B 1 1 .L , XX Il.: vi! -3 4 'J' 7 U., u. Avery, Lynn ,,. .r 1 1 'sr y TQ., 4 6 'V Baca, Alex A 2 , 1 'x ,kk 1:7 :L 'g .. x-,ff 1 3 y Q .r 5 A 4 ga. ' .Q Baca, Stanley .sq- Q, - -vt " ' Akii g t 'iii i All f ...X '35 , . Q X ri' f X wan. W it V f 'i na ft 547 . 515 , ,, V B' y Baldonado. Clydia Bell, Betty Baldonado, Della Berry, Patrick Baldonado. Wilfrecl Blackwood Linda Barrios. Blanca Bolin, Sharon Bartholomew. Johnny Bostrick, Linda Beal, Andy Botsford, Sue Bechtold, joan Bradley Bert v ,iQ I ass: V I v V, 1 ,,Ji,,, 973 f 1 1 'A . Q, C 'f ff ' X gf , Higgins, Alice jackson, Edward Hinde, Betty jaramillo Bertina Hiteshue, Shirley jaramillo Evelyn Hohenshelt, johnnie jaramillo, Stella Holderbanm, Wfilson jaynes, james Houston, Veva jewsbnry Glenda Hudson, Ronald johnson Chester s 1 I 'V+ get it 6 V53 Q 4 ' 'A Q H in . 1- ,ii ' 1: i k y . W, C af jones, Bobby A -J an sw A JNL 'WT '37 ,Q CII' 2- 'av C 4, 6 ,f -.4 , L' .,.,.v li 'ik . 5 V fK1.,', Zi jones, Carole 21' ln.,1'ff FN if V -.ff fs 41 JS- ' .1 4' ,. '- i :L , f' N-' , 5 l V v I A f ff 3' W v tv ' jones, Kay , Av- IV ,, 'd-V' Y '1 . , if if A if 'W M. my : f 13? A- 1-,- :Qi fwf gsf. ' 341' julian, Margaret Kotrola, Edna Katzenstein. Loralani Kozlowski Dolores Kelly, james Lambson, jack Kennedy, Cleo Landon, Rose Kerr, james Luster, joyce Kesler, Carole Lea, Sheila Kirklan d, Brenda Legrand Tommy 1 Leyva, Freddie Luce ro, Leandro Lopez, Geraldine Lucero, Rosella Lopez, Sonny McAnnc1y, Rosaline Loy, Judy McCa1lon, Patricia Lucas, Richard McC1inton, Ann Lucero, Anna McCraken, Coy I-: ' LT-1 Carmel McGrath, Cora 1NIacI"ariin, Liiristinc Martinez Martha Maestax, Johnnie Martinez Priscilla Majaucl-Las, jackie Martinez Suzanne Mann, Dorthy Masterson, Richard Martinez, Dennis Matheny, Edward Martinez. 'Iohn Matsumoto, Ciratc Martincz. Lyniii Nlatlic-xxx, Evelyn 9 -W--- EI B B I' i The Cafeteria Staff pictured left to right: XY'yona King, Frances Lovato, Hazel Hobbs C irlotr Armijo. Mrs. George liigan, May Bullock, Mrs, Lydia Lewis Miss Annu lxinsxxorthy. The Custodians pirtured left to right: Manuel Ortiz, Ignacio Gallegos, Rose Pacheco, Daniel Lucero, Soloman Griego. f a arf ff f .:f...'1--fx' O 'SEQ Vx R-n US IC a f Tama. 'N 'N 'N f A f A, - Fr ' ' V lu , VP3, , C 1 Q ' I 1 N . 7 ' -+ ' 1- Q ' "?"2"'!'41 if X -C, ' - " "qv, ! C. Q Q-ffl' ...... 4, 5, -4.2-"" I F F P Mr. Lloyd D, XY'ilcy. clircctor ot' Valley High chorus classes, rc- tcixccl his Mastcrs Dcgrcc from thc George Pc-ahocly follcgc lioi' Teachers ancl attcnclccl thc well- linown julliartl School of Music. His prcvious work as Musical Supervisor ot' Bcrnalillo County for sixi ycars ancl his contact with thc music worlcl through his cxtcnsivc travels have cnahlccl him to gain as L-nviahlc reputation in his choscn tiiclcl of work, The first music assembly presented at Vallcy High School was hclcl in thc school catictcria. The new turquoisc clrapcs maclc a hcautitiul haclcgrouncl for thc- Christmas sctf ting. Thc inixccl chorus, picturctl ahovc, per- tiorinccl thc following cvcning for thc parents .intl tiricncls ot' Vallc-y High School. ih- 'vbf 'ii .... N. . The V.1llcy lligh Sihool Baml in their "siii1ppi"' Illllflikill, 'QTLWQ .mil guhl uiiifurms .lt the A '. Du llmtlull QJINLZ 'lin thc L-xlrciitc lclil is their iblh instruitur: Mr, Rush. Mr, Tc-Ll Rush, clircctor of Val- ley High lmmnl allsscs wr-iit to ths Roruscxclt Cfollg-gc in Chimgu xxhcrc hi- rcicixfcil his Bachelors Dcgrcc' in Miisiml lTilL1a.1tion. Lita-r, hr- run-ivul his Misrcrs Dcgrcc in Musical llliiratiim .it Nortliwcstcrm Cfwllcgc in lfvciiston. Illinois Mr. Rush is xcrv .ictivc in flum- hcr Music .mil pliys first Qlirim-r in rhs Alhualucrquc Cfixir Orches- tra. Alsin hc has hml previous cxl pcricrikc tuailiiiig .it Frriig Pyle luninr High. Cirliiu-lil -luniur High. imil the l'nixc-rsity iii' New Mexico. T? was The Villq Hlgh 1LlXlI1kCCl lrls chorus tonslsts ot students with prexrous ex ptrzcnce rn INLISIL thu 1rL prtturcd left to fl ht second roxx Mirrlyn Simpson Lowry mnne XYf1lson Ruby Poper tlrst rom RIIUOUI Hutthnson mat Holman Irances Stotts Mr Wxley chorus dxrector Tommy Young Lrla Sanchcz Donna johnson sf? -730414 Thcst boxs Ilrtrtlpited ID the CllfISfIl11S Ciflflll thes hue also spent mam hours bclorc sthool rn prep.1r.1t1on tor other progruns Qcatul ltft to rrtht Frank Ixcllcr Clan Cl1llfOU Bob Krueger Xlr XV1 Ron tro Mon XX 1ll11m Glbson Thomrs Shu hard B1 lx roxx Allen Itrrell ob Gncsler Dxnns Arther Robert jones Bob XXt1bornt Hermm Serna Edvard Gnesler ,. ,. 5 . A a. U r I 2 xi X 'V . U 2 - A f , Q' s . ,x x ' X X , X- A 2 x ' f X 'N Y 'Q L xx' 5 1 ' i f I . . L . K A , 3-K X . 5 K . . , . - 5: L A . , 2 Z . ,Z t , 5 Ardrth Smith. Karren Allred, loan Harris, Sharon Kesler. Joan Rossuticr, Marjorie 1 ' ' U a V 1 I I x X R M v -Qc- is N 'lk f K M . A . if .. 1 LQ ' . ' ' ' x ,. , . lv I . f ' . . Q 7 . ' ' S y Q A - r 1. 'Y ,L . K Q J qi, , 4 KL., ,Z 1, B ' ' , v y 1 A , . ' -f' ' 'xv -. he N-3'-0' , , f ,. ,,Ja,w4tr, f Y t-A. . .. , Java -, -. ,VJ A, lg, of The Valley Hlgh School band during therr frrst concert gnen ID the cafeterla for the student body Plctured left to rxght back row Mr Rush dxrector Dorothy Sloan Rnchard Grlmer I'1rnestTarr Raymond Barras Eddle Pomerenk Arlene Formahls R A Schmrt ames Kelley Chester ohnson ames Rrchards Brlan Dunmyan Adrmn Cladron Larry Kung, Crns Garua and Bllly Morrls lront row Sheryl Ernest janlce Rrchards Irma Valyerdc em Lopez jerry Bloomfield Pat Vermrllron Sally Bridges Kenneth Teeter ohnny Tye Dunk Atknnson Glenda Chance Raymond Hill and Richard Van Dongen 9 1' it Thxs rs one of the practrce scssnons rn the band room wnth Mr Ted Rush conductmg the class TF an 1 I -l Q 1 ' 1 Y .i I l 5 W l , X I l Q .9 fy a - ' as , lt , 'Q .. ' . ' , . 7 7 L I . 7 V 77 ' ' S R Y L 5 4. I 3 l ' . 'WV :ai S l I . V iq if . V A SP Valley Highs Majorettes have added "snap" and color to our football season as they led the band. They are pictured left to right: Susan Brown, Sue Byrant, head Majorette, and Arlene Formahls. 1 Film K gg- 1 Ni Family Portrait of the first dramatic skit given at Valley High. Dee Dee Amole doing an acrobatic dance for thc cntcrtainmcnt of .1 rcgular df11I1lJ.liC tlub meeting. Ida Mac Arragon dancing to the "Crazy Auto". Ii 3' 'v Pantomine being done at the Talent Assembly by joyce Evans. This very effective and beautiful scene was drawn by the Art Classes for the Christmas Cantata. Liberafce George an 9 Adele Gallegos Jerri Lex esquc and Durces Murdock singing Blue Moon Talent Scouts trying to impress Producer at the Talent Assembly at Valley High. lx 4396 . C?-Sy' gait' QC . '51 . YAOQQXYSE-lux VAQAXGYE, enkfw ?QCQgKO0. vsitvstalcg lflfv- M Xl .- at GW CXXOCA exam s 6,585 MC, x S-Cd US- .X 0i5'lC'2ZoYSW2vhoS0lS Yi s 0090 X066 C We fl nk c OW, M AC - 'nib Sw. , Adu, SWOAX QQQSXSGKCQ. G06 Student The Student Council of Valley High School is the student governing section of the student body. Student Council has sponsored several projects such as a Christmas Drive for needy children and a plan for landscaping the school grounds. Intra-school Council members are Virginia Carr, Charlotte Brook- shier Sally Chase, Don Rouwalk, Don Smith, Bruce Miller, and Montie Cast. f , X - L , 'e. 4 . . i Kewl XX 5 ., , V ww NSC ' L- gen - , V :Cel 1 r QOXUQQL XLXLCSCFY dam . wo gc C 5 Sam H gd l 69 - ' 5, KKCGSQY V AK: AYKYXB1 '. .- 0 Ken Lolxllt S690 , , QI h Qlffllt' QLQKCCYS fl B016 . 5 Q9 YY .AX The Hi-Y,4JfgL1DlZCd in connection with the YMCA, is a service organization which takes on many projects of service to the school and community. First row: Steve Crossman, Eddie Lee, Bruce Wfright, Sam lungbluth, Ken Lowry, jerry McKenzie, Bob XY'inng standing: Mr, Lalicker fsponsorl, Den Smith, Louie Evers erd, Richard Wletherill, Skip Triplett, lfrcddic Roberts. Larry Mitchell, Gordon Marlowe, Polo Padili, Nasario Garcia, Jack Bow- lin, Lorenzo Chavez. Bea, fiuztwo, 965 - 4-f gtg! ,Mr Y Q Offic. ers ar, Sf'ffc'tri Y. fjoyfe N elianmgl, bliirlrj, IqA1iZhan,prq-S,'dCn . , fi. ffmsurcrlf, Affldmd IO, Sue Brymg ljit, Brice preside t -flwiin. Ht- j ' Ninth ' acqlle K Y B411-nc johnson 'S . i Pllblig-jg, Mrs. Strasse-r is the sponsor. X i--4 X,-...L 'fi The Valkyrie Tri-I-Ii-Y has done much this year in the form of service to the school and the community. One of their projects was a bake sale. ln the back row are Margaret XY'eax'er, Loretta XY'ill-zinson, Bar- bara Morgan. XY'ancla Atchley, Lillian Morgan, Audrey Clark. Charlotte Kuper. Gail Harris, Pat Beal, Mariette Conzette, Mary Lou MLGuire. Gay Ervin, ,ludy Richards, Peggy Galloway, Marlene Carleyg first row are Viola Sandoval, Simone Rogers. Doris Campbell, Joyce Norman, Shirley Larsen, Nancy Barnes. Sue Bryant, Shevaun O'Sullix'an. 'UuUiq,fLie lui - .765 - Back row Ann XVhite Donna. Tyler Andrm Fllis Sindra Snod Q fi grlss loyt lmns Bcxcrly White i crry cKrnzie ld1 Mae Ara Q X M gon Allan lcrrcl Karren Allred 54. L Y X ' gy 1177 Yrb 3St un 3112 F . "Casin Sblllfh afls . Cr md - Scfrgcg PfesidC,m , L U ,, A Baca . . 1 .- jlfqllftf 'Us-'lrn Q. Ch-Yr! J Th01I741.sZ?,'7 Alle11O?G Robb 1 S 1 - CI' Ccrcitar f G1 fude Los Artistns has sponsored two talent assemblies, a group of skits and helped sponsor the Christmas party for the mountain children. 3 3 17 ff X1 ' union Cfaonoicag Beagfwe The .luninr l.C'.1fll.1C entourtiges interest and .ippretiitinn of Greek .intl Rnnmn culture. On the lmitlq rim' .are johnny Sail, Floyd Higliliill, D0nn.1 Baxter, Rosie Quinn, fiarul Spmtte Clam Denny, Clin' Mtflmeken, j.1net llolinan, Lora I.oni Katzenstein, Bill llerren. Cornelius Cruz, Riclurtl Stewlrtg setnnti ww: Romlyiitie MeAnelly, Arlene Ifnrmluls, Linda Bhukwootl, Mrs. Cox Lsponsnrj, Susan Brnwn, Marion Rnnp, Trudie Sehuylerg front: l.uell.1 Yeuiger, Alice Dowling, Slmron Slmlit, lXf.ll'g.lI'L'f i J" 'ect Cfug- Tln, group of buy spnrisured by Mr. Cliiiinlners, runs the primjettnrs for all the classroom innvies. Sttintlinig tire: lnlin H.imilton,l1lwardP.itlill41, Tony Gutierrez, Karrel Gileregise. Neal Sloxn, Bobby Bmttnni 'lim Ciunxerseg seated are: Charlie Church, Ted Antlerwn, Mr. Cligiinbers, Carl XVheeler, Allen Templeton. 4 K. , A-gf . O ,-'fi ' 'H ' I 4? xt LX 4, . 'vnfibx . , 4,,+.. . 2 "fin fu 233 ' li' - . xp ' . -11 ' I . 'X X -...x '1- 'hi -,lr ," 1 ,Qx W5 5 ,X j - gf? i 45. Lv' f , 1 4 2, is ' ' I ', . FS' 'x 'ix-jx L xl! ' V Al ' i' . f af 44 -1. X x l K. ' 1 X- ice Clido, fs gfakli Thcx' do anything .iround Miss Bowers' ofliitc thatinccds to lwc dont: They are standing: Gay lfrxin. Nanty Barnes, Barlmira liaris, Shcila Lua. Barbara Morgan, Miss Bowers. Rachel Nelson, Vcnita Kirlx, Donna lohnson. Betty Ahclsg front: Rosemary Pcrca, jimmy Kitts, Billy Hartlwargcr. Matkic Kitts Bob Noel, Sue Bryant. This is a group appointcd to chctli for hall rultt violators. Mcmlvcrs of this group arc: Rudy Garcia, james Stewart, David Ozmina, Terry Dawson, Paul Bogart, lfloytl Highfillg second row: Martha Anderson. Carol Ann Jonas, joan Bcchtold, Glenda Jcwsbury, Judy Tinklc, Dorothy Pcdronrclli, Gcorgianna Du- ran, Alma Schwab, Sharon Pt-rsingcrg front: Ianicx- Wfright, Vt-nita Kirk, Sallv Rccsc, Rosalind Dunham, Kay Moody, Glenda Potcct, judy Loy, Betty Rolwcrtson. 'L X 1 'is Ava r 1 xy 'Hu Ink Spots IS 1 dub for IDXUDC nmtcrcgful llxs gk N III s1ulpturm tu I 1 StLS KO I 1 unlmrs lfk ns 'Q C 1111 Mr '1 cr 1111 1 9 1 1rL Iruq S11 L 1 111111 www lm M1 Ll Q Duns S1 11111 A1111 BIFILJXN Aflfy pllfC.I'9OI1 uv 1-s 1?-f"5-. Rakim nda ISIS Lf ro wr ummm xxlu IH mic 1 1 tl ffl PI s 1 rank un A yn 511171 Slukn LLIL Mr XX 1 rswm U I Roop rm S4 IU M 1I'1lJIl J bf if 4, Q' Officers are Mimi Chase, vice president: Ronnie Roberts esidcnt' 'li i jflc ui Dun- ., pr. , .ii . q can, secretary-treasurer. Sponsor is Mr. Stapleton. ,gig Si' 2. Q .niih ' , i. 2,5 Off ifcri .IFC Khrx' Arm S.lI'lL1UX,1I. vim' PI'CiiLlL'IlIQ Nfarx' Helen B.lT'TO4. NL'nI'C'I.1I'f'Q Dolly Fh.uQx. trcmurcrl P.ltlL' U11 1 dlp-tml, lxfliiilbllt. Spcmsawr' is Mrs, HMS. Tim Spirit Club LUOI'L1fI1.lIL'N the .zctixitiu ,M thc spwrtfcxcrlts. 1. fi 1. YL wff K3 B 1 K A . C' Q7 1 A A, 4' f 5 in X., ida Mumba-rs ot' thc Sophomurp .md lfrcshmm group Arc: link Row,'t In Righty Lucla YL'.ltQC'F. R1bSg1Iy'l1clL' M'nAm'lly, 141.111 Rossitcr, Mary jun- fi.lVlWC'l1fL'f, PA! Blmk, L7rl.1 llinkfy, Mrs. BL-ll, SL-cwlul Rmvi Shcriil Tl1urm.m, AIM- Iilmlumg, Namy b1LI..llI'Ql1III1, Batty' Rn-Lg xykfllill Ci.1Ilmx'.1y, Par Cwlwlw, Vrunt Row: .hm-I Iirirtmm Arm Achmx. Yixi.1n fxliiflqill, SIM-il.1 Millar. Pidurui .1t the IL-fr IN Mrs. Hull the xlwlus wr of thu wrlQ.1111z.1tz1m .md .UIL'IlLl.lHt'L' kluk in the umm ot't'iLc-. A X' v a I -1 vi' I 1!l' N j L W7 Y f mf 1 .,f' -41. ' Af 1 'A A y fi . 'l ' ' 11 " 5 ., W- lg. " 1 A ,Eff V i 1 x I' A Y' . ' f J 99 " ' ,,, h ,f 1 ,, nv 1 ,1- vf 1, ' rf' an 'I Xfizafx i ,, . 'W' 'tftwfsw ' in Standing is Cfwriicliiis Cruz, prusiilc-iii: scnitc-ii .1I'L' lictty Hmm-II, surct.1ry-tri-.isllrcrg Diik Slcxxpirt, AI.lfg.1FL'l julian, and Hill Hi-irin. l At the rin-wspiipcr ofiiic reading the first Copy, . ---T-I ' . , A i V, U . I 3 'S-i 4.3 S Siicnig Cflulw .it the Vniwrsity of Nui' Maxim Pliysii s DL'lW.1ffII1L'Uf. The prc-was are rol I ing. At the Vifcathcr Bureau 'V' + J Q-n Q-I A '-I' .1 XY'nrkiiilg nn prnjcits for the Siii-nic Flir at Soinrro. in., 1 , 1 ,f i iliiii iii? hiiii Thcsc Future llxrim-ry nl! Amcriipi lmyc hccn tl wry .ittiw lumiip .ill yc.ir1 thcy h.icl two prujtits in thc State litir. 'l'ht intinlurs .irc C-h.irlcs Riulurtls, Kenneth Millur. Malkin Kitts Cprcsielinth. Liwrcn DAFF. john Lyle. Billy Hirtlmrkgur, james Smith, Kurt Darncr, Rithiril Stirling. XV.iltur Cfntca. 'lungs Brimnon, Pete Hiinscn, Cllmrlt-s XYIJSITICF. Aurclio Silitzar, Binh YQ-.iry, Von Kilgurc, Huulil Kc-cs, Iimmy Kitts, jimmy Alexander, Tom Kelley, and Mr. Dohncr, sponsor. M it t V QS ' X' HOINFUES ww lb M4004 ull", " -yfffase '1' IJ' . ow iq'-'UPL "' 'ptddnl " M . I 1 N A - 1 ' ' -Vwfm This 19 thc I'I'A 'miss udging 11 . 2- I . I. "' tcitm whith won scfontl plafc in Q thc St.ztc Fair. 6,7 Z M 0 0 Q :mo o QN ot - iv f Q .1 .A ' , Q ' x V off s J A Qi gf ,'H:+f4sf' l XX m.'vl?f' A fe -, K U U 7 i ny ' xv-L Mi, ' The motto "Tow.1rtl new horizons" expresses the major purpose of the OI'lQ.lI'llZ.1llOI1. "learning to e lnetter totl.ty in ortler tlmt our lou ,tml those ol our l-.lI11IllC5 may be lwetter tomorrow," The members .Ire .ts lolloxxs. lfirst roxx: KM' lllllllhlll. 'l.lllL'l Olson, N.tntx' T.tx'lor, PHHLIY G.tllow.ty, MMA is, ret XVL-.txer. lXl.1I'5' Dolmer, llomme lltrrts, joyne Normtn, I.orett.t iXllll'iI'Il8HIl. Dlutlyd Ritl1r1rtls,'XY'.1ml.1 Attltleyg Net-mtl roxx: Nlrx. lbltl-L. Kay XYLTIIHII, fttrol XY'eltl1m.m, l.111et llolmto, B.lI'lW.lf.l Nlorgln. Bett' . , . l Nltlielxt-5, -lL'.lIlllL' XX'alw11, Al.lF4Q.lI'L'l Iltrmll. -lL'.lll Mtlielxty. Mtrlem- f.trltj,g Xllxx iimtg tlnrtl row: Rose l..lIltl-mr l'rl,t llltlwy. Alitt lltgytm. Iltmltmlt- lDLlI1l1.iIN. -Lttlme Iiuerly XY'l1ite, kmtlrpt S1xttl4g:'.tw I,:llt.m Morlqtzm, tourtlm row: Glorla C-.1rtwood, Ioanne Coober, Bettv Hlnde, Kav ootly, .l.tIlL'I llfllftlll, Slte-1l.t Tx 52360. if K it ltcrx tri tt NY SQLFL1 UU 1 lx tr T wt I' FI Htrr XXNQMAAERS Kem x FUYU F i Z X rf' 79 fix: ge NJ -4?-1' NEufH' fm 5 - Ir B u I t I L -fy, .dir 1' , f 3 . F , ii: ' 55 'f , ' ., A W gf . 1 f'f'x' jf' N, .Q .O xg gi , -f N, ix.. f ---. -.dl - 1 Q, wa- Qt l K f" Charlotte Ronnie Kuper Roberts Copy Reader Headlines RITPORTITRS Z nv, .i 1 rf' llc s. vi Q nb lr. Danny Archer Sally Bridges Marilyn Busch Marilyn Calkins Bette Chavez Tom Cillessen I ' 9' N' lv Bette Lillian Adele Barbara Adams Morgan Gallegos Faris Copy Reader lixchange Features Club Clues lfw Begend ,J 'N .. 'if .sm W ,F- Don Smith, liilitor-in-cliiefg Betty Nckfelvey, ixl,lll.l45lIIlQ litlitorg Ken l.ow1'i', Business lNl.1Il.l- ge r Mr. Meyers. Sponsor - 5- nf on Q x J ,, fs Bob Judy XY'i nn Reece Sports News REPORTERS vi .1 ve- 'SZ ,sf . A ,JH ' -1' Y. of I0 ' wir ,- 'st L57 -- 'lerry McKenzie Louis Sousa ,lc-rri Levesque Richarcl XV Marion Roolw Truclie Schuvler Sharon Vant elle l.oren2o Chavez lune Lewis lane XXVLIQQUIMI liay XYVJSAIIRCT Sharon xxlilllfpllll Amlrea Fllis A Chris Garcia Wi Q si .1 'Q Sada Fritzic Michi Wfcavcr Rca Yamamoto Saciaf Section s- Ra Montie Charlotte Cast Robbins and 'Lganiz atiazw, Q M.. ,F H f Sally Hurtgen 10106, Jacque Duncan Don Rouwalk S nut Szxgtian .flfw Sagfa Freddie Rolwc-rts, Art Ifclitorg 'lll.lHil.l Chrlia, Business lxl,lIl.ltQCI'Q Mari Hall Izilztorg Mrs. Ifulunk. Sponsor l.lJl'Cll.l Xallnltl. AS50Li41tC lftlitor Ieannc Sharon Marjorie XY'ilson Kcelcr Crist Mavic and I .lluuna 3' 2-is -Z Q- L r i r f f V Betty Kay Howell Hinman Snapohoto, -.v f-., . w Vivian Cordova Cfaawe fi! ,, ,ffj Aw! Kei., w 'WX MQ? 'W's:E,fx X f ---v .F ---TK 1, Nw . N5 4.2, ,wk 3- ffwz- 4 'Q'-4 Er: ag-iu Ai' ! il , J, -. . V -iif " ---4-TT' W 1- ,-v ,,. ,.--'f----1- 22- - + 1 -fs.: iiliil "' Nh' 'wx . -o -il sri' QQ,-M ,.VLL.1:.f-i ,-niflf N Yi- ' -' LU I -U , , J-,i,rfL:':Tf'fQj-ws f . , N .. 4' 1 -w : -, --f,L..,. 'Q- f ag!! ,,, ,,, f1".f"w LM . " ,Q if 7, if-xA.? 6 i'-' T :MVTZZW + A Xwfxm . Q i , Z gag 'Tix s 3, fx ' .K AVI? '..1X,4,9. t. , ...4-W-qv f Agn,-1'3'-f""R ' , W .fa-q,'."L,'N 5 - , H- - . nv as-1 in QY A V, 3,419 :sf N if" N3 Z K ff N. ,Q-. 1 J , Ng- J . A, , Head Coach., johnson Standing T.-R: Co.1c'h Croceo. Alfonso Gurule, Don Rouwalk, Leslie Shaw, Gerald Arehibeque. Bill Bell. Pixo K.1trol.1. Robert Coalett. CQ.1rl XVheeler. Floyd Sihd. Brony Txflljrllllili, Cloguh johnson. Kneeling l.-R: Bill luredo. Alex Trujillo. lfugene C'l1.1YL'Z, Anthony Aiuyn, l:f.lI1li Armijo, Terry Quist. Mitrli Ortegxg Sam Bruno. Seated L-R: John Lyle, Fred SL'l1LIIlT.lI'lIl, Gordon Marlowe, Nirk lfmngos, Lorenzo Cflmvez. Steve VC'right, Gilbert Cordova, Gabe Romero, Gilbert De La Cruz. The Vikings were coaclied through il rough season by head coach George johnson and Vie Crocco. The boys nude Ll fine showing and we were all proud of them, The Norsemen did a fine job, too. XY'e hope to have some larger turnouts for the "B" games next year. Coaches were "Rocky" Arroyl and Vinfe Cappelli. Vinre Cnppelli Rocky Arroya I-0 -'JW' Vic Croeco L4 W- 1 S t, 1 X x Ea-af Ux fr t1ml7mJ 9 lm mr Nxn CUVLI' bw Z Ilzguzia Izmd iv I I' x s . g,,... xg I ii? 1, ff- .lm fx 'mm Fw- K QW Q k Nui' gi 9 'ln H n 1 s ,ui C5 1 f ,xt A YM" "QT-' 'M kv' N- P R' 'O Bill lnrcclo Alolm l.ylc Cordon Mulowc Mitch OFfC'g.1 Ifncl Cfc-ntcr ll.1l rllmn li lfulllmlclc rQ74 ,qvu Terry Quist Stew XY"rigl1t Gglw RomcrO Ifulllxulq l'l.1ll'lu.ulc lxxlic Slmxx' Cjlrl XY'l1c-clur A!lfl1OI1y Anaya lfluyll S.1lul Tanklc Tackle End ' fx 8 - qi 41 " 'cs- fk " v 1 1 . I, ' 1 f , X' .- W 1' I ,- ., -, ,A Cl -r f ifdirph 1 , K' M' if Lolo Clmvcz unix tht- wry nlwlc Ill.lIl.1.SIL'I' of the Vikings this ytnir. llc is ti very popular figure arouml Valley. ' f'y' ' i --1 f -1 X' 5' " dl 1 i ffl? ".f,.-. , i 'W i Ne 'Q Vi! " l ' -r 7' ill 1 52 Q . ,M A at N W 4 2 ' 1 1 lik . Q Q1 gtwi N 1 .KI X A Q Q - if - gl Contiluc-s lohnsoii :tml Crotwo SCC-in that . .9 thc ct ui Fmt-ut is rtnitli' lor .iltcrnoou D l , l3I'L1CfICC. Outh Arroyo--Ralph Cilitimpcati, Bill Blulq, Tomy Guticrrt-2, Gem' Byrcl, Don lftlwartla. lftl Schultz. l.ox'ol.i Str-wus. Muiritio S.i.uctlr.1. Coiimtl C'li.ix'tz. l'4!'.1IllQ Lino. Simliw. .lohu lrliiuilrou. Tom f ililussuii, f,h.irlic Hcrii. Chip llciirv. Ritlmrtl Stcrliiig, limit- Ruthcrliortl, limit-S Smith, lirctltlit' I.cvN'.1. Citorgc Torres. Rogcr Martinez. Arthur Morales, Roiiiiit- hltfiiirtly, 'l.1tk'BoLitl1icr, Ramon Macgtas, Cicixiltl Smith, Bill Roc, john Lucero, 'lim Acrcc, Pctcr Tgittlicll. , i , l fi I, - W. Ax T .x - ,IQ 7' he cs Shirley Larsen 'Uawitg K Qmllv fhgsc ffIC1dD Charlotte Kupcr Dorothy' CQ.u1dcl.1ri.1 U ' A L Clurlutlc Rwhhini Zu QQ .73-.7ecun , -vw-'Y The finished product. Linda Meeks isn't pictured here because she moved to El Paso, Texas. if 'i ' Q C9 V7 - A , - l 44" '? These five girls are our successful Candidates for "B" Team Cheerleaders. Left to Right are Linda Meeks, Nita Lynch, Mimi Chase, Janice Wfright, and Sue Moore. Mrs. Martha Eubank is one of our fine Girls Gym teacher. She is also sponsor of the SAGA. Mrs. Marie Hays, a great fa vorite among her pupils is sponsor of the Square Dancing Club. XVC would like to express our appreciation to, Mrs. Hays, Mrs. Euhank, and Mrs. Nobbs. for . the wonderful way that they kept their patience thru the last trying weeks before we got into the gym. Mrs. Eva Nobbs., girl's counselor and sponsor or' the Drill Squad, shares our brand new gym with the other two lovely ladies shown here. U J rj . e . , J, acca The girl's gym classes enjoyed Archery this year, This is a seene of Volleyball, outdoors while the Marilyn Calkins and Hallie Mills. gym was Linder construction. L 1 - ...H ss, ,, ...... ' we I 4 ,, H., va' 'a' -'lr' Y ,, -- "' 'fl' r I ' I . , A 1 Y-, ' 14' ' . '-1' ' I. ......... -..,.....--, ' 'Q Q ', TT K- w f- ' 'v 'I .f SX! M., . v, 1 .L .Y 5 Coaches Cappelli CUB" Teamj and Arroya f"A" Teamj . Dec. 4 Indian School Dec. 10 at Menaul Dec. 17 Portales Dec. 18 at Socorro jan. 7 Belen jan. 8 Olos Ian. jan, Jan. jan. jan. The Basketball managers were Eugene Herrera and john Hamil li-"S ' ton. Zaoketia 66 Scheduee 15 at Taos Feb St. Michael's 21 at Gallup Feb Las Lunas 22 at St. Mary's Feb A. H. S. 27 Highland Feb. 18 at Navajo Mission 29 Alamogordo Feb at Farmington 4 at Santa Fe Feb at Los Alamos Feb Standing I.-R Minh Ortega, joe Garria, ll.lFllL'.if Martinez, Coach Arroya, Gil Cordova, Gordon Marlowe, f,,ll.lfllC llern. Kneeling: Don Rouwalk, Bruce Miller, Rudy Garcia, Floyd Sahd. Don Rouwalk 1 I ,!Q Q Floyd Sahd Vi fa joe Garcia Q X t d., .. lik Q . V 'W QD--- Ja, 4 ,C A 1 A - A f . - Captain--Mitch Ortega. i ii Rudy Garcia Conrad Chavez .F ee 'X X?-h' pn . xg ' a pi XX ' fi K xiii r 'X U 1 . ' if Qi' Charlic Hem Cecil Gardipc Bruce Miller Armando Barrios Qi ,Y f il -u -'lang I -EQ . 1 ,aw Y' 5 Ik X Q m , fm af f i Q 1 1 3 . j f i , w. 'x .. 34 g , i 28 2 1 'M ' Y, y bv X I ,Q 5 ,Q ,, S Tr i I .1 QA,,,,,M,,. 1 , -f X i , A . ' A f 1 B -. A i F B I t Tv ki 4 5 -X X i ! ' g 1 ' 4 - LQ' V fi XX i Conrad Chavez, Gilbert Ortega. Bill Laredo, Freddy Lcyva, Bill Smxcdm Coach Cappclli Ken Dawson, Bob Purkctt, Ramon M41cst.1s, jimmy Gonzales. if--gr! -il rg S " 1 "f --.- 'N Q f A QQ" I", EI!! ll ll llll ll"' iii fi, Sw .'Baoliet5all Squad Coach Bob Lalicker, Morie Saave dra, Charles Dewitt, Ted Ander son, Pat Sanchez, Albert Saavedra, Freddy Leyva, Earnest Rutherford joe Chavez. .93a.oliet5aEE lntfaamwnaf wimzew, . F! i Mr. Dinello's Homeroom: I.-R: Bob Anl-zeny, junior Garcia, jerry Dolittle, Gene Collier, Freddie Roberts, Richard Groth, Skip Trip- lett, Maurice McDonald, Girard Bond. Mike Salazar, Ronnie Roberts. Gil 1221i -H1 20 Dan Matsumoto, Alex Trujillo, Ronald Lopez, Jerry Billings, Eddie Acree, jimmy Hern, Gilbert Tru- jillo, Neal Sloan. fiuatialf lntwmuwa E 'lllifuww DMN Squad STANDING, left to right: Margaret Amole, Nancy Barnes, Phyllis Chavez, Donna McCabe, Gail Harris, Vita Crow, Verna Dean Johnson, Dlivia Jaramillo, Doneva Joplin, Joann Restow, Marilyn Rogers, Joyce Norman, Jean McKelvey, Gloria Garcia, Coy Lampert, Linda Bonner, Linda Hill Nanci Taylor, Gloria Valencia, Drill Leader, Jacque Johnson. KNEELING, left to right: Carolyn Humphrey, Lena Haley, Peggy Galloway, Margaret Wfeaver Loretta Wfilkinson, Sandy Hilpert, Connie Hess, Charlotte Brookshier, Jane Wfaggoner, Joyce Evans, Minerva Castillo, Dolly Turner, Alice lyfutter, Pat Beal. SEATFD, left to right: Thelma Remelarde, Marlene Carley, Judy Richards, Bobby Orr, Stella Bazan Marilyn Busch, Kay Wfasmer, June Lewis, Rosemary Perea, Ruth Latham, Lorraine Stevens, e Jennie, ,earn The Valley High Tennis Team consists of Jimmy Morgan, R. A. Schmidt, Mrs. Julia Andrade, sponsor, and Ted Anderson. 1,3 ,t C37 xi N,f' B .NTI 'T 1 cz-r J Nj, , 'vi x I - 1 Top Row: BronyM.1j.1uCk.1s., Larry Aushun, Rzthard XY"ilkins, Dan Daniels. Ronnie McCurdy, Ifrul Sthuman. j.1t'k Bouthicr. Tom Clillcsscn, Ronald Clark, Arthur Momlcs, Pctc T.1tthell, Anthony Gutcrricz, Phillip Z.1t'li.1ry. Mel MQNQ-ly, Conlon Mtirlowc, Gulwricl Romero, Iftigcmt Clmvcz, Simon llulillii, jon Kitch. Mirltllc Row: G.1ry Nair, jimmy Brannon, Gary Butler, john Miller, Lorenzo Vigil, Ctrl XVhcclcr, lftltlic Sfhultz, Foy Curry, XVils0n I-Ioldcrlmun, Dan Clash, jcrald Smith, Dan Bush, Bottom Row: jgitk Hill, Lorenzo Clmvcz, jimmy Atrcc. Bill Laredo, Rudy Garda, Bob Puckett, Conrgul Cfluxcz, Drive Martiiicz. john H.imilton. Terry Quist, Nick Curtin, Don Eclxmrrls, luwfc and Sacce 'L Ritlmrnl X'i'ilkins, Ruwcl Porter, Duc Hurtly, fQ.1rl Contlit, Don Milchur, lfloytl Hilsgliliill, l,.lfFj'AllSllI1 Hcrh Iitpttty, jim Brannon, Stove XY"liilc, Terry Ruins, Phillip Zrulicry, jerry Brucc, Cfonrh Croqco, lXl.lTl.lI1O SIlLlXL'KlfLl, Curtis Hill, john Miller, l:I'.lIll'i Sisncros, Howard XVcst, August Gricgo, Bill Hand, Gone Ciollicr, Larry Auslvun, Bill Rogers. YI xl. v DL Hcfivxhez onk End Swank xx 7 X 7 S W mf if A GW! flffkug A 1 . Rib, A QM Dciwitc- tht clifliitultv of iiiitiiiiklictl huiltlingx l . I'C'LIl5lF.lllOI1 xxgls toniplctul on sclittlulc. tl.1y 4l.1nt DLIIUC. K. , Clirnaxing .1 wack of high cxtitcrncnt Wu thc hirth- xxhtrc tht, "Viking" l7Ct'J.ITlL' our ofliicinl A populgr tlnnac .tt thc Get Acqunintctl Dance Wai thc "I-Iokcy Pokeyf' ii' """' It took a wcdding hut the Saga staff finally had fhris G.1r4i.1 .intl Sinclar llillpcrt. two of Mr .1 party, The shower was for Lore-tt.1 Vnldcz anal Srmliczk lwwt Stutlt-nts tlisplgy A shell collection Vivian Cordova. made by Tom Cillessen. 'I Hs., 'QUS 5 -...,- Q 5 ' , 1. -I vi iii ' ' ' X 4 H9 -' H fix P' g,xv 1 A G . 'ki s .' 'A f' A., This group from Highland High School entertained in 't at the i,L1t'LllfV dinner-dance. . ' The Student Council sorts the clothes that were contributed hy the students Of Valley High. The home rooms of Mr. Dixon and Mr. Simmons tied for first place in the Student Council sponsored drive at Christmas. Jfcs KL ra in ex' ill... , The mountain thildren were given n Christmas This Christmas scene was taken during the Christ- party by Valley High, mas assembly presented hy the chorus classes. 51 1-,,' 1? K , F 7 ,HP 35, 'UW ww 1'- M VZ' If z ag Ns. Q Q? , L.- x..-, . A "line--dowiii for the XVcstcm Asscmhlxy ln.. Icgiriiiiizg drixiiig iii gym glasses. "F 'Hifi Teachers' tctc-n-tc-tc "Coke timc is any time" with Gil Cfordom, Tips to typurs by Mrs. Bygcl Betty Mclielxey Betty Abels Margaret Darnell Sally Chase A preview ot' the Fashion Show given by Miss Gose's home making class. Formal installation of the Future Home Makers of America. During one of the Future Home Makers of Americifs meeting the girls modeled cloth- ing they made from newspaper. .- 4 , .4 1 ' A U I - t k 'f X .1 V 'Nl it X I i 3 af .ur H4-1 2 . fi ,' A ,kr lie ,. ,gg if . X, i 3 if ' ,f Ms vw' The baby picture of Janet Britton was voted V11llcy's most beautiful baby. .73a5-y, Conteat jimmy Byrd got thc red ribbon rattle for second place and Ifddic Acrec took third place. .Wm .Tfcapfwcg Cf 1900 ed that he IS a TV enfxneer m1ybe thzt eypl11ns lt I also sayy th1t Bnlly Stamm yyho neyer sard a yyord ID class rs a neyys easter alyylys thought Stlly Reese dlsllkel hterlture but Imust hue been mrsttken for she 1 noyy 1 yyell knoyyn llterlry erltxt yy hose o wmrons rre muth respetted She retommends my yyorks by Chrrlotte lxuper yyho IS goot telling stories ot mds uneer or xyl xsneros 1u'1or 5 mtny boo s on 1 gxme hun nn' vyonder lt he eyer yyent l1LlflIlIlQ I neyer yy 15 sure yyhlt XIIXIID fordoy yy ule 1 tke 1 wsell lr e d e h one of those yobs yyhere he e1n be late ind et tyy ty yylth lt not tt 1ll llke sehool yyas I'yen as a Chlelgo 1 le presldent Vryran has kept tr1ek of 1ll h1s old ell sm1teS rn the Cl1lC'lQO area I yyonder yyhleh sh1de ot hur s most popullr 111 XV1nda Atehley s yyork she mlkes yyrgs tor deptrtment store mmnequxns Iorenzo CIIIXC7 his 1 rather du ty yob rs mrnlger of lmuseum Grtee Gtlle os h1s plenty of lDl'lLl1l :dems rs 1 match mlker All those srlly yerses on reetmf tzrds yyere probtbly yyrrtten by Roscmlry Perex Augustrn Grnevo rs maklng 1 huge mess and lots of money by mlnutteturlng furnlture frrol Mefulley IU trylng to be eonstruetrye has beeome 1 noted archxteet Xlklnlfl 1lso brought neyys Ctor those yy ho may not knoyyy that G1lbertTruyrllo lb 1 professronil brsket ball player Tyyo fellovys are mtkrng .1 slght for sore eyes Alfonso Gurule makes glasses fumes and Mu Armryo f'I'IllLlS lenses Ill bet Allen Ierrel has 1 cool job rn the vyrnter hes the only pllot yyho flles vylthout an 'ur plane In the migmne freld rt wrs announeed thtt Don Smzth rs edltor of Bedtlme B1ll1ds for Br1ts mel Mtry Hoyyell ss flshuon edntor for Ileld 1nd Strezm XX orknng 1long 1 SllT1Il1I' llne IS Stella Brzan the Parts correspondent for Home Toyyn Durees Murdoek IS an rllustr1tor for 1 photogrmphy m1gazlne I remember vyhen I sayy B1rbara Ilrns ln sehool I thought to myself Shell neyer do anythlng mth her lent 1nd I yyas flfll I knoyy youy se 1 she rt re wlltee I Ioye uey B1rb1r1 h1s kept her eye on 1ll from her elm s yxho haye gone yyest and brought neyys of them Mary Rod r1gue7 his rnlny l3l'lS,l1f spots III her future IS 1 light bulb tester Robert Coslett fharlre Rodrlguez lnl lerry Melxenfle took the old 1dy1ee to go vyest 1nd folloyyed Dolly Chayez to the moyles By ex1gger1t'ng Dolly mwht be etlled mother Mlrllyn Monroe In yyhlt she hoped vs ts 1 more humorous yern Barbara reminded the group that Glenn flnlton has reylyed the Bob Hope type of eomedy and Bob Wlnrm 1nd Rlehard XX etherlll are a eomblnatlon tlut rryals De1n Martln and erry Levyrs but stlll Ieayes them plenty of room Adele Gallegos and erooner Igddre Aeree both reeord for Ron1ld Lopez S Hr Tone Reeord Company Wfhen those tyyo used to srng ln 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' . ., ' ' ' ' A I .. 1, ' "' E "AU 'Q .' . ' " 4. 4 " .I . 'IS 'L " ' ' f ' ' . ' ' I - - , . , s . - . V V . , I I 7 , '. . 1 .4 I . . . . . . 1 . 1 . . . . r I at ' ' . . all le .. I ll standg D. d S ., r . et I k. bg . ' t g I I A A A A If if , . - 1 ' - ' 4 '. , '.1 'o I rx. " of h n 3 but I her lv has on- very' vvellg e has ' ' '-- -1 ' 1 gl I ' , 1 4 1 1' . bln . , , . . ' . ' 31' Lf L 11 ' I , I . 1 ' 2 V 1. ' 1' -1' I 'l. 1. I e Q " . j ' - V s- ,V .. ' V V VV . . V V ' , V V . V ' '. '- -' V . ,- g g . 1 1 .1 1 .11 1 . g1 . . . 1 ,V1, ' ' 1 - 1 1 1 ' . .. .I . 1 . e 4 . A ' ' e ' e e L A' ' ' 1 7 n ' I . I 'I V 'I ,' ' " 1 rx ' I A L ' A. , ' t e V ' " ' 7 ' l , . ' s T ' 4 V' . '- , ' V ' ,' ' I 1 ,- A za" ' 7 A 1. I " 1 ' ' ' " 4 ' 1 . . . ."',z 1 f ' . 1. ' A . . 1 . ' ' . . I . t ' I , - 'e , U ' V .H I - I' - l A 4 I ' I . . . . 1 V , V . 1 , :1 ' ' A 1 V. 1 -- ,- V . ' , ,' I tal- t ' ' I 1t. ' ' 1' 'e 'cn ler ' nw: ' I 4"l " - ' I. .1 I1- 1 V 1V 1- 11 ' , 11- I 'V 1 . 1 1 1 , . 1 1 L A v - 7 P- - - V 4 'ln' v L s V I v - . ' ' A . ' "1 1 ' - . ' .. . . . Y, -K5 I I 4 L 1 2 l v 11 7 I I A rI1'2 . rf I I 1 1 I V ' ' V- sV'V s - s V- ' '- 'I- I V , . , . . ' V. A .Al I h ,Q I K l 3 It . S . L ' e I . ' ' 1 I ' 4 ' -If 2 V V V . 1. I I L A 1 x y VI V . V 7 v1 g a', 1 I I. S , S. , 1- .1 v . f v y v .- V - sf v I ' a 'V I k A r vl 'A "I Y YA VI A f ' ' Yl' ' 'A' I .. . , . , V ' V, 1 . .1 1 , V V V V1 - - , I I , I ' , r - V. . , YY. ' I 4 . f - v VV I z 1 v -. 'L f ' 1- 'A' 4 ' A I ' ' 'A I .. , . .... . .. ' A ll .I 4 v . . ll . r 1 1 v I Y ' V1 e , . t ty s s I . - I ' Y ' ' ' e . I s 1 . . V V V ,1 1 1 1' ' 1 ' ' r ' ' I ' . V . . - 1 ' 1 1 ' Y. 1 J , ' 1 1 1 ,l I S K V - Y 4 .7 ' I I A l , A- - - ,VV I y V r V I- I V A , ,V I , ,' , A - V V . . . er . . . V, 1 V V .- I " V -. . V. ' - ' I , V 1 - 1 VV V - V1 . . ,. , . , . pre .' . ot' 5 Ie- A IVA IV. .1 ' I A 1 L1 I 1 1 V 1 V1 V I 3 . V1 V 1 , 1. 1V .I 1- 1.'1 . 1 I 1 . , V I1 V 2 V' 1 '1 . 1 11V I . 1 1 1, It ' 'I 1-11 l 1 . ',V,1 , '1 . I 1 ha' 1 . l 1g ti Q. 1 It I 1 fs ' ' . lu ' ' . ' A fp ' d I ' 1 I 'L I " V A v- 1 'V A .. . V. V V V V' -' , ' ' 'I ' - ' ' L A ' "fl, 1' 1 ' r ' V. ' ...- ....-. .--. .1-n gif: " Haul lima - 5, 4 v J'. I fi . fzfmgi 47.5 OF FRIENDS "f-u . ,if jQ1"l.,jj.5g'2sL.:x,'gg. 5' 2 K :,1.p.'. 5124 f'1Qff 9,1-'. " E.,'F"Z'- , .1 .ff .-if-Pez U ' f QEWZT' ' iS'i1i4'1"i ii. EEZ? , h Ti? I"i?.E7IF' --2 .if f -Qi 'J- 'J' ,V ff

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