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IXL Li 0495 .5 goof V -qq v Q naconing Jmazyfhnd XM CVD was 26 Ugg 1979 .fumes .qlzsaanfa lx 93615154 78'-39 930,954 40-75 Emma . Batten Ugan 5051. i Ylikfilz' I ' 1 -ftiffii ' I x?:i1iRY . ' I "SQ, . 9341954 76- 1 O3 fpaggf. 704- 739 Untgzgiti T gozswdid Each ear brmg make a start to iprovi on the past, become our best. This year this was demonstrated in academic achievements, athletic skills, special talents, school spirit, and close relationships with others. The 1979gLANCE is designed to help you remem- ber those times. Times which we feel were better than ever. As editor, l would like to thank Mr. Lionel Baker and the yearbook staff. Through their efforts and many hours of hard work they have made this publi- cation truly reflect its theme "Better Than Ever." E ff . ' Sincerelyyoursgi s Editor . gn Ei-s . K,"', , '-,, :ill x 1: ex Ma M5 51 Itlseems only yesterday to-we, if He was skipping rocks , And elim bixqg trees. Happy, carefreeg having fun, ' , Bearing higburcfens giwayfg. wit?-5 a smile, , N01 kri0wifig'Gd6 vyoliid czilfl' hirri' ff? Sufi? 3 Sim 'YW' Living his iife Qay bijdayg. :yt , Uhaware how precious ,. 'Il'13ben3P93Y-gy eg, 1. Nozgenangzo kqow A, whatEiie'S-L5ilabbut,L'fM 2 Knowing the differences V Euistiilhaving dbubfii f No more time, God had jo lend, .. T6 a vbry dear friend ."' W ' ' Yhen God Fiiachibd His han!! dO9iik1 :dine efmn. Taking Mark back - V As H6igavEffhilT'V??iS bi?!Yi. 'fy if ff' ' 1 Ioholdhirfzwdtiu-care,, 1, In His tender, warm hands, 1 lglvinqhirrxgin wigsthatweimcanjundgarsta-nd. 5, lu Spumji thegdayagee're1L1ogegher again, ,, . , wewi1fmaemm in mimor? mf Q 553 Y?'Yd?a'fV39"d1- , ., lil if " ' k ' :-,:, f ,., "g" f Higgif' ,,-,.,v' 5- -,-v W fir TLA 'HMG WL 3 :'. ':" 11-.ffZ'faf""f'i2,.'::ffflgle :.22 l:', "" if W mg -'WW MH' ' ....4 If ' """"' ' f , 'Wx -V 'W .... 1 M' Mug 1- 2-giyffwfzfgii ' --- ' "" iifz :-, ' ww? ,.,: 2 ..V: Le, H VAAV A Q ' ig23g5f:f2:Q'1ZQ'jif"f V'11 V1:f, 5 ...,,.. -gg V,v- gg I 1 ...., .-,.,.. . . ::,: ,,,. , ., .V 5 .. , .,,. N., ,. 5 ...... ,.....,.. -Q ' A -M : 52,13 WM M -L , ,. M fr ,. 5 -5 -L.,, V vv-- ,iwrrim -.,LW.MV. ,, M 1 'w1W-.gA:1w:m- Am WY" W--A' - ::2 'A M W l "" m,W,,,W,,,,,,.,E i zmmm-iQ -MN j ,,,MQ,Wwf5 ,,-- A: I ag-W-imu WWW ,Q "mq7M-Wmwmxkxqgkgggfggmmaamg Lwswfzjgwm -mN2:,:s,v..z?fw-- FM- Wmwgmfcwfg,-5 ...Mm 'K i I 0' " ,, , ,..,,,,..,w.,.' .,..-.,-..,,,f,"1 5 w M Q W . I.-Q Q A 5 ' 21' f lwlalisuqu I i because it increases our knowiedge and prepares us for the future i ,- ly 4 , ef A be L I EQ WM ,aw Q-1, -X Qegmgm, ws . -ww 55225. 4Zf3'wliSi "sail 102: -.2335 fli?.w.w-qi f A, Iii?-.,,1.Le?f , ,,W,L. , -- ' 1.-M, M S 2-f, 22 fvikemwsx- W Q 4 .fg-gm, 1 -5 .mm fa-5, K 82 M., gifs-' K.. ,, f-aM,,..,-.1-5 -'is-211 .5 L. ..,.f-.. -.455 .1155-: W-.5451 ,-,-f1,,.,1,... ,,.,,1,,. ,mm-. ,QW ,,,, .-iw-:L:'1,p'-1 Ri, :age J... ,Zf m,y,lQ. 3 -wr ,.f1f,f- z-51515 , .,,?,, Swv, wg ,- :Sinai -1, ,f :A 2 fiizw f P 3 ,S mf, , 'seg wig 'Li .. , ,Q -An!- ,S f,'. . . ,,l, , . 1 f A .1si,,f,.f5sg.. .Qing K" . A ,. ,A,, . L,,,XLg: ,,,W . , L5'-fi..zf'57'.3' Mia? ,Q'25f'5.5..fE'i11 img- K L E gg K K f,, .EW vii? -'iEw15"-951' VIH' 'iff ..Li'kii1-,J siilwff E2 We . H" , 1,5 ,,-4355, ,.., 5-I Egg X -v,iw,.,-gs..,,W5:,:: Kg" X K ggaxysilgisfkhgygigsg- Q3 K U2 K gg ,zwjyf-Wai... 62,2 qw M, Q-Q 5153, .ggi . M U, ,. 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'fm' f,, Q mam- 5255131 .221 '95-fi: -5' ,gg :U'i:ia:5f?:i"4f f- Haw .,. , ,,1,, L ., ,2- iy, . ,.m,. M., Am, ,, WW J .sw .-,-is Ag , ,, W. . ,, .Q,,Q,- gg, ,.- -Q h.-, --f. , Msg., :sm f' 'wg -vs' fig, .nag-.. nn, 'wssm ,-Wag, H Wm Q Y W5 55 3 Nr be , . F 1 ,- STN' YE. ?5Y9: 5 E.':'2Ag'S"x,-52 2-57-lk i'.ff 'f55I."':,l iff?-5'51L:f r?3Y7r,'..fi5? bg ,,s,.,,k.,,...g,.. 3,.,.,. i 'Lxif 'W' .- Ag-,,, . , .is , ww- .- w -'1-U ff-'vw 1--,fx3'LQ.-,kipfzw 'swf-f 'w ww' 2ia,i,f,...w:f . -f S11+,f'-wif--Q, ,luv ff--.wi , . we 5 ., 2 .-...W-f.,z1sa. wwf--,.M2L .,-sw - ,fm .,-wiv -,, awww sv fzxine,-ay -1,-,WMM-fx Sm, 1- ,ffm-Q2 HL- H--M -wk ,V--,,., ,-.QV -W-I--1',,. -,., ,xsz,,,..-,351-5151-55.,..1,,g,' .-mg, my 4,-iw, ,W ,V Ll., ., ,gg-X ..,,:fQ,aL N -ig-giiz, ff?-A 55... MY-2 .1-iiffifj -.,,1 -,. -,-.Q . f,f,,.yW .., Q fm. -15.55 .f::z. ,vi QE? . Qi .,is1,T:fm,k igkg.. :22-K ,K A55 Mefub. Q 537.505 75,7 Qxlm VP' W W " ' Nj if f f if f '2 551' FW filtiifzl-Q .ffryv ,t ' -4, A?.1?ff"y55.,':'ZL1 4-'z?'r'5??i5l.f , A XS .ff Wfiiw?W255E25i??" 11?5Q2F,i'ffU xvfww' 7 " -Veg., fav gzggg- 'fglsi' ,-4, I-.gffi-vsp-'Q-zeefff -,,, af., K-54-,zzg N.. .ms M. . - - nf ' 7 ,s M, 5, '32 yf:'ffE fr"A5Ni5V:.:5nf 1535 - WLC L' L' x , QTQQ 1' ' L' ' ,Lai ' ' ' my - -211,1-k'EE1Ji' 'hive M mf -- - . I arf:-f-eMK'bS2'?f-wi92.5-:.,m. kwi,5115229255N214-,,.LQ'U4L K ,wr-s-w'f-,:.: ,':,-1.--vias"-kwi, , 'uf' ,, fsiw, mei fgi, ,wil ,si"- 155' 2,239 :g.,,,3gf5,gg-,my-w,-,,,.f 11- 5g,,if?zf,- -?-mf-- fi Hwifi'--,f1,,,W-i,'--iigfflr-, f.ffiw,e-wi M , ,. .zavggw .Magi ,min 1, iw, ,glfg 4554, .g,,g,., vgg,,-ff-f,,, 2, Q fzgg--, . , ,1 .5453 -,lf '-g,iw, WN -fl . , . f gw. .,,gyiw,,,s,w,Mfg2,-15153,-,aesgg-WQQEQW,..wzg,-'-'L-W,,-fm, N f - -wfgffzsmfrw . 525, H ,-fsqgp---W ,..,, lv sf.- C321 gf' , .wg ,,,,.,, 'S' 'W 'U ' B fQ2'4wi"f E --,. , . -df- M 1 - yu- -fy 'sg-. 'F V if .,- ' .1 gui 'WEA' 15,'L3ygg1qii12Q:.,g5g - MI.. ,,,.. ,,., , -Q-. KL... I ... .mul , Lx-nw... M ..,,., Jef because it demonstrates our capabilities and dedication. 1 H Il F glilugy s H A' W gh .,ss N ,hmmm I M , Hf-fx' fav Y Q .ei Neee 'M--W, .germ E f - L- - -, H . ww H . .... . . , V . .. kwwi E M f . ..1,355f,g,, .. M, qwigszf--A: . ' ' , .,,. .. , .,, , K ,.,. ,..,,,.L.,,. , ., ,. '- , ., ., - H- - ,- ws -z'1z,"1 .. "W :Sian - ' 7 1 A?fss,--' fggfslse -- f,,:-,silvf ff -15-3221-1 mkffs?':1'.,:.-- :'If:i252f2f'f,g-'Ye because they strengthenfus and help us grow. a .iii f. ,.::. .. zr.. IJRZIT 'M- .Sqn-.. X , 7 fa ai., i F because it reflects our pride and love for our schooi. xfwl I lt.,..,,E -0 seo' INT 1 L wk? fe B09 'QSN '5 H30 'ww CVO- gjfzouicfea 0fZflO'ZfLLl2LfH Vo tech glves students a chance to experience thelr unter ested career At Vo tech students are guven actual tralnlng and practice ln their field The students spend one week ln shop and the next week In classes. Thus IS a continuous cycle through the school year. fo Expfozs cz .WDOQQLEES Chzasz he ,tsraffgp r, l tw P 57-1 ,..,-fi fi v. 1- lfbrgl 14-The CUmbefl8'1TdNGWSW'l' im ey mple blem Black frm me Roll Fe""'v Past ofdfo wa, 88-51 Vdlley E 66 Valley High School iecame the first Allegany County public school team 'oqregister a perfect record 'luring the regular season, vinning 22 consecutive ggames, by trouncing Old- fown, 88 to 51, last night in ponaconing behind the 30- point performance of Dave llobel. The Black Knights of Coach John C. Meyers, What A Year! 1 AELEY GPONENT 62 . . ....... . . Southern ,.,,....,. . . 52 66 ,.., ....... N orthern ....,....... 68 li .......,.... Oldtown .........,.. 60 66 ,.....i... Bishop waitn .4,..,.,.r sa 76 ...,.....,.. Northern 4........... 57 78' I .....,,. .Flintstone , ...,.,,,, 52 38 ...... ,.... F ort Hill ....,....... 69 65 ...,.......... Beall ......, .... 66 75 ....,....,. Flintstone ,...., ..... 5 7 nie ,..,.... .rm Hill .,4.,,...... ei . .,........ Mt Savage .........., 69 - ........... Allegany ...,........ 66 f 61 ...........,., Beall ..,... ,... 66 , 61 .......,..... Bruce ....,.,.....,. 66 . . .i..,,... Bishop Walsh .......... 57 it. ....... ,..Southern ...,..... 66 ' 82' .........,.. Fort Hill ............ 56 f 6 .- ...,..,... Mt. Savage .,........ . 68 . ...,......,. Allegany ..,.,....... 58 11,16 ....,......... Beall ....... .... 3 2 ' Al- ..........,.. Bruce ...,... ..., 68 Q 31:1 ..........,. Oldtown ............ 51 -.L, 1- 169601 ............ Totals . ....,. ...... 1 131 rated by most observers as 1-he best all-around team in the area, easily handled the Qldtown squad in their season finale. They pulled our to a 24-3 lead after the first period and held a 42-31 advantage at halftime. . -lt was 61-39 heading into .the final eight minutes of play and Coach Meyers emptied his bench through a goal protion of the contest. . Hobel bucketed 12 field goals and was six-for-seven 16 from the charity stripe to propel the Valley onslaught. Jeff Rhodes chipped in with 14 markers and Terry Broadwater and Joe Lewis added ten points apiece. Mark Hobel was the only Oldtown player to reach double figures, finishing with 13 points. Mark Ensor and John Hodel scored nine points each and Billy Mc- Millian and Bobby Shaffer both netted eight points. Valley outgunned the Indians from the field by a 35-19 margin, and the Knights clicked on 18 of 27 attempts from the free throw line compared to a 13- for-29 effort by Oldtown. Valley had beaten Old- town earlier in the season, 85 to 40. Oldtown finishes its campaign with a 6-16 ledger. In the preliminary game, Valley's junior varsity cagers also' completed an undefeated season, winning 20 in a row, by defeating their Oldtown counterparts, 75 to 46. Dave Smith scored 19 points and Randy Fazenbaker ten for the Black Knight J Vs. Ned Hose netted 11 markers for Oldtown while teammates Randy Lattea, Steve Hochman and Scott Keister had ten apiece. Oldtown G F-APFT eiiiymcmaiiaan ............. 3 2-5 4, s BobShafter ...... .....,... 6 02 2 3 Markltodal ................. 3 7-10 313 JeftPropst. ................. 0 02 5 0 EddieMarsha1l.. .3 1-3 2 7 MarkEnsol' ...... .3 3-7 2 9 Johnltodel ...... .3 3-7 2 9 AndyMcKanzio.. .1 00 2 2 Totals .....,... tt 13-29 H 51 Valley G F-APPT Davetflobel ...... 12 6- 7 3 I JettRl-lates ...... .6 2- 2 516 Terry Broadwater ........... 6 2-2 2 10 MikeLewls ...... .0 2-2 1 2 .loeLawis ........ .5 01 310 MikaNolan ...... .0 0-0 1 0 DaveWinner ..... .1 132 1 3 Ranayma-lon .... .3 ei 1 6 John8ean ....... .1 00 2 2 JohnJohnson .... .0 00 l 0 RayMiller ....,.. .i i-3 2 3 Joeliowan ....... .2 2-3 0 6 WayneTtirasher. .0 2- 6 3 2 Totals .................... 35 IU B I Oldtown 3 21 9 51 Vallay 16 0 61 I Senfi Alco, Valley completed its season unbeaten and to within a game of a season with a 6948 vic over host Bruce, Fort snarled the City race wi 48-39 upset over vis Allegany and Beall into a share of second the Campers by Mt. Savage 7056 in games Friday. WMI League Flnal Standings Valley ........................ Allegany ....,... .............. 6 Beall ......... ..,... 6 Fort Hill ........ ....., A Bruce .,....,.......,........... 2 Ml. Savage. .................,. 2 Valley took a 14-9 lez the close of the first pf., and enjoyed a 38-24 leag intermission. The B Knights running. t overall record to 21-0 le 31 entering the conclu chapter. Jeff Rhodes with baskets from the field five of eight from the 15 foot stripe paced the Black Knights with 27 points. Dave Hobel connected for four baskets and ll of 14 from the line for 19 and Joe 111. i. is chipped in with ll. The lllack Knights had a EJ-17 lead from the field and converted 131 of 42 charity chances to 12 of 20 by the Bulldogs. Kevin Trezise with 18 and Paul Bernard with ten topped Bruce. Fort Hill outscored Allegany six to one in the late stages of the second period to take a 22-16 in- termission edge and never trailed in winning for the first time in three starts against the Campers. The Sentinels, now on a four game winning streak, Inf! 94412 n ' ' A111113 Denny Hockman ........... PerryYoung ...... ....l Bruce Hymes .,... .....,.,. 6 Totals .................... ll Allegany 6 Fort Hlll 6 At Froatburg Mt. Savage G R r M'll . ..... . oge ner... Chuckwalters .. . , . ., .S .1 ChockO'l3aker... . 4 George Com ...... ..,... 1 John Boar .... . . ..... .5 Bob Ful'er ..... ...... l Kevin Bittner .. .,,,, ,I Rob Snyder . ......... 5 Totals ......... ........ 23 Beall G Bryon Arnofle ...,..... .... 7 Marty Thomas ......,...... 10 Steve Langan ..,... ...... 3 Pat Cunningham . .......... 1 Jim Webber ....,... .,.. 3 DennisShlpe... ....,.. . ..5 Totals .......,. ........ 29 Me. Savage io Beell 16 Atltlesterrqaort Valley G Jefttlhodes... ,......... ..l1 Dave Hobel Mike Lewis Joe Lewis . . .- ..... .0 0-0 'i 1- 2 l 12-19 ll 1 626 H36 FFF 0- 0 Z! 1- 2 1 2- 6 'l 0- 0 -l 2- 3 11 1- 2 It 0- 0 G 6- 6 'I 1017 16 F PF 6- 6 6 2- 6 6 0- 6 3 0 0 6 6- 6 1 2' 3 2 12-21 ll ."3 73365 l S 3165 " F P1 'J 5-8 2: ll-16 52 2' 6 3 i 1 55211 1.614 I, .' f 4 A :J Q' ' 'kiwi-R' 9 48 , L A A H A X h lah n - ?g,i'fgi . ' Y'x- 'HH-1i H P ', his U5 1 E me mini ml 3 12 -M.- ' 3 Ae 6 .A.,-- W dvumg , 'A J r f SZ W 1 fi. x 'Y 7 1 f .fvig W , Vt :KM f i Jvumgm ' L. ,ff KJ 1 V 1' i J 3.54 5 f ' - 'Y -H? ? y E . 2 l,., A " : Q W Y by iw L 'X -1 W - a v " f- . Q -L -.2 x gi.-., M V, '- ww ff 'R ., A 1 1 I 8 N SENIORS Jeffery Kyle Rhodes Presldent Jeff IS an excellent athlete and IS a member of both the basket ball and football teams He has earned much recognltlon In hIs basketball career IncludIng the ChrIstmas Tourney All Star Team and All WMI Jeff IS also very acadermc as he as a member of the NatIonal Honor SOCIETY DIana MIles Treasurer Dlana IS a member of the Sr F H A and Sr SGYVICQ Club She IS a talented dancer and works after noons as a dance Instructor DIana was selected to reIgn as the current Basketball Oueen Charles Anthony Bean Voce PresIdent Charles IS a funny and talented guy He excels In academncs and has YeC6IV6d hIs letter and C8l'IIfl cate Charles IS also a member of the Student Councnl Larry Johnson ParIIamentarIan Larry better known as Tux IS very athletIc He IS a member of the football and wrestllng teams ThIs year he was named to the All Area Team Larry IS also a mem ber of the Llbrary Club and the SHIELD staff John FrancIs Bean Jr Secretary O J IS a member of the French Club NatIonal Honor SOCIGTY Pep Club and SHIELD staff He lS Interested In sports and lS a mem ber of the basketball and football teams 555 DonaIdJ Kukola Advlsor Mr Kukola has served as class adVISOV sInce the class was sopho mores DurIng thIs tlme he has guIded the class through car washes bake sales candy sales a rock a thon and the prom The class lS grateful for hIs help and guIdance ,nf gs. . X Q ,fr l l I A y ff? I , W Y, Wllllam Bryan Barclay Bryan enjoys the outdoors Hrs favorite hobbles are huntlng and flshlng Bryan as also a member of the Lonaconlng Gun Club Krmberly Sue Beeman Kam attends Vo tech where she IS studylng health services ln her spare tlme she enjoys pauntlng 5 Carla Lynn Barnard Carla IS a member of the F H A and the M Y F She lakes to swam and to play tennus whenever she can fund the tame But be careful Carla also lvkes to rude her motor cycle nn Coney Steven Kenneth Bennett Steve has recelved has scholas tlc letter and certlflcates Has favorite hobby IS huntung Cynthia Jayne Beeman Candy attends Vo tech where she as a member of the cosmetol ogy class Cundy captaln of the 77 78 Dnll Team dld a great lob IH managing the squad Barbara Jean Bradley Barbara luke other members of our class attends Vo tech She as atop student In the computer department . b . , - , ' f Trina K. Briner Trlna I9 a very ac tuve person Dunno school she I5 a member ol the Se nlor Servlc e Club Pep Club and the LANCE Staff Whe n out of st hool she keeps busy by playing tc nnls and by loqqlng Sharon Frances Bullard rrl me Frostt S L S lt l llt lltlw Randy Brian Broadwater Randy plays baseball and has reoelved a letter for has partlupa tlon Llke rnost other boys Flandy enloys huntlng Barry Robert Clark B irry atte nds Vo Te c h whert he IS 1 me mba r of the lll isonryc s rut hrs rnot H N lll Terry Brian Broadwater Terry otherwlse known as Stretch I9 a member ofthe Pep Club and LANCE Stall l-le ns very actlve ln sports especially Foot ball He has achleved letters In football basketball and icadem cs Besldes has athletlc abt Terry IS also a tune artlst Raymond Fredrick Clark Juq enloys various sports He lakes motortycllnq huntlng lountl some wht re around Lar 4 2 . 2 2 5 . , V 2 .C W . ' , , 2, , f Sh. 1 ntlecl Q 1urQStatc2 4 Q 2 . 2g 2 2 2 " , . J 1 tht lor the hrst half al the , Q 2 2 . K Llas . 2 2 3 K, , slay, ttrklng llltjll5lT and U has lle lakes to le 5 ortrycile and and lashing. "Jug" can usually be tory Sl 2stlll lountl turn:-top. rtlt, lush Hts trlencls know hunt as 2 2 ,K ' f ltmtv H1 malty st html .lt Ilvltles, l1LllltHiQtJl tl ll. he mn llltbb sut ll .rs the Pl2pCfIt1lltirttl Natlorml llnnor Stl 2ty Alter sthool Shar: ln-Itls ltvr ltttltlwr wlllt Illx' er wltllp Janice Marie Clise Janice goes to Vo-tech where she ts studylng pruntvng. She spends her leusure tame rudmg horses James Wllllam Dawson Jr tmy lS a member of SHIELD staff He also belongs to the Lubrary Club When Jlm as llt sparc tlmt he works for Frostburu Ars a Ambulance St rv s Cru lx An t Ol c KYHOVN til 1 ns C 3 lun Mark Daniel Crable Marks actlvltves Include Natuonal Honor Socnety SHIELD f an wrestln He as receuved many awards for has aca demlc abulrty Last summer Mark traveled to Europe wnth the Amen can lnstatute for Forelgn Study Pattl J DeVauIt Pa als ante ff ste d ln Health Ser vlres and as tiklng th at sublet at ec h Patty love s to re ad In summer months she c an be found sun b tthlng lll her bac l-1 yard Brenda Sue Crawford Brenda IS actlve durmg the school year. She us a member of the Sensor Servlce Club Drama Club Peo Club and LANCE staff Her favorlte frunt lS bananas Whenever you are around Brenda you are guaranteed a good laugh Katherlne Mane Devlln Kathy lS one of the most artuve s r th Semorclass She lS ucen ountt ciptam ver al r s soor s teams a as ff v dlffer of E mtmbe o lot S ut lety For bu s ac ttvs K athy h as ren f tvs d m y ards mt as very deservnnt tl ml l l l l l l Jm the tt .' 2 3' 2, 2' A , S fp 2 . H ' 2 X. :.' 4 g t. gt' glrl uw e it. 1.the- , X 1 hy Vot i 4 1. .2 the sw ofSt lf IC rl, 4 of sor M ? ? , the . 1' , se 1 Ql l'. J t 4 'tnd . g lt L . X . L x . fi f hull. o nes tn se eral eent uteandthe-George'. , lt tbu ' clubs She- ts the edltor the lanfe Servttr'-, as tx tiontrtbutl tto SHI l D and a P r f the has 'ommuntly Jlm 1 L kng Nat ral Honor t eng on h E Hlsht1ndlels" my .o' r ? t 1. J? 2 an Cmlwt aw . L l ' 2 K L1 of we Mark Anthony Durst Mark who has a future dream to cut a gospel album as one of the more quret members of the sensor class Known also as The Professor he ss very actlve wjth has church s youth group He also enjoys readjng and slnglng Mark has received a letter from the muslc department for his talent ln slnglng Tuna Mane Foote Tuna as very actlve with cheer leadlng the LANCE staff a varlety of clubs and the gymnastlcs team for which she has won many awards Robert Lee Evans Jr Pooh Bear does not take part an any school clubs He enjoys many actlvltles after school Two of has favonte sports are huntlng andflshung ,tv Tracy Renee Foutz Tracy does a great deal of bake rldung but she can usually be found hanglng out at Jenkjns She enjoys shopplng at Drug Farr and taknng her friends to the movjes Dana Marne Foote Born to be a leader Dana as the presjclent of the Sensor Servrce Club and co captajn of the Varslty Cheerleaders She enjoys all sports and loves to read She has also won several awards rn gym nastlcs Wtlllam Ray Gardner Squack spends much tame nn the outdoors Some of hls favonte pastlmes are huntlng flshung and motorcycllng l l l j j , . 1 f M dr. . 'MY I ' ' ' tt lj - ' . I I I . , . I - U , . 1 - f r I Roger Allan Garner Roger enjoys bualdang trucks Last year the labrary dasplayed a well desagned shap that Roger made from Popsacle stacks Amy Sue Grandstaff Amy as an actave member of our class She as a member of the Nataonal Honor Socaety Student Flevaew Board and F H A Amy as best known for her musacal abalaty She plays the paano and sangs wath the chorus Thus year she repre sented Valley at the All State Cho rus Ketta Mane Gataan Ketta attends Vo tech and as very good at sewang She as often found at Scotty s Venson Paul Green Vance as not anvolved an any actavataes After school however he enaoys huntang Kamberly Sue Gowans Kam has won a scholastac letter and certafacate for her academac abalaty She as a member of the Senaor F H A and the thard page edator of the SHIELD In her spare tame she rades around Coney an her car Susan Lee Grove Susan does not partacapate an many school actavataes however after school Susan can be found radang her bake In the summer Susan lakes to swam and bake up and down the Avenue a l , , , A Samuel Davld Hardman Sam us very actlve outdoors He lukes to go hunting and fushung whenever he can Wallace Mervm Hugh Wally as very actuve In school He partlcupates ln the Lubrary Club Pep Club and Fare Patrol He IS also a member of the soccer team and has received hls letter Stephen P Keller Jlm Lewls Kenner Steve IS one of the more aca Jim enjoys baseball l-le also demlcallylnclmed members ofthe lakes huntlng and flshlng When senlor class He has earned his ever there us a fare Jim helps out scholastic letter and two certlfl asa yunuorfureman C3165 , . l , , . H H- RusselC Jeffrles Last year Russell attended Vo Tech where he studied auto body Thus was a bug help with has favor ate hobby motorcycllng Patrick M Kenney Aqua IS the treasurer for the Drama Club and a member of the Pep Club and Chorus He plays soccer and has received hus letter IU thus sport Pamela J Kutzmlller Pam keeps In shape by playrng tennls danclng and jogging She ogy department Dennis Lashbaugh Dennls lS a member ol the Llbrary Club LANCE Stall and baseball team He has achleved letters rn basketball and baseball for hlsllne ablllty Vlvlan B Kltzmlller Vlvlan enjoys blklng swlmmlng and rldlng horses rn her spare Patncla M Layman Patty IS the managlng edutor of the SHIELD and a member ofthe Student Council and Sr F H A Her awards lnclude a scholastlc letter for her academrc ablllty Leslle R Kyle Cow enjoys varlous sports He llkes golf archery huntlng muslc and spends much tume las tenlng to the radlo Michael Paul Lewus Anyway you look at Nllke he rs an outstanding athlete He cer talnly proved himself ln football when he broke the school rushing record with 1,638 yards attendls VofTech in the cosmetol' time. Vlvlan's big hobby is dating. and liSl'1iNQ- H6 is VGVYIVUUICW 'VITO l l Camllle Mane Llewellyn Cammy attends Vo tech where she IS studylng computer technol ogy As all Llewellyns Cammy ukes to draw She has a achleved a scholastlc letter for her Patncna Geraldlne Mangold Patty enloys swlmmlng and cyclrng One of her favorlte ways to spend an eyenlng as to go to the movles Steven Roy Llewellyn Peanut a member of Valley s Fare Patrol lakes to have fun and hls personallty shows rt All his frlends know hum as a really funny person Has most cherlshed award flsh at Brunswick Charles Frederick Marchmke Chmkle attends Vo tech He en oys huntlng flshlng a d camping Charles lS a member of the M Y F group Sand: Lea Malone Sand: us very actuve ln many clubs She IS the flrst page edltor ofthe SHIELD She lakes to water ska play the plano swam and play tennus She also teaches a Sunday MYF Michael Flay Matthews Make can always be found at Jenkln s or worklng under a car He also enloys hunting and fush :ng Some of Mlke s friends know lm by his nickname Burr Head l l l e I . Iso , ' , A , academlc ability. was won for catchlng a six pound school class and participates an l l l l . 1 ' , ' , rt ' . h ' " John Edward McCormick s s a member of the LANCE staff He as mostly seen drlvlng around ln has car and hav :ng a good tame When he as not drlvlng around John works at the Whlte Way lnn pumping gas He also enjoys attendlng school games wlth has frlends Gary Lee McKenzie Sklnzle IS Involved an such sports actlvltles as soccer wres tllng baseball and gymnastlcs Everyone knows hum as a dare devll He has often been the star of the gym shows Sklnzle also llkes huntung Randall Wllham McCormick Flandy s work on the soccer team has earned hum a letter He collects baseball cards as a hobby Some of hrs fnends know hum better as Fatpack Patrlck McKenzle Pat IS magorlng ln auto mechan :cs at Vo tech Someday he hopes to open has own buslness as head mechanrc Richard David McDonough What would we do wlthout Rev as vlce presldent of Stu dent COUUCII7 Rev IS also actlve ln sports and varlous c ubs throughout the year He can easlly be found anywhere ln the school just tlp your head upward lend an ear and llsten for the screams of Cecllla Ellzabeth McMahon CC IS active at Vo tech IH the sewlng department She shares the tltle of Mass Black Knlght C C s favorlte hobby us swlmmlng but most of her tame IS spent babyslttlng or worklng at Nlkkes it 1 , Q "Pop ' I V- 1 I ' , 5 . I I ' rneluniorhlgh girls! Mark Robert Metts "Red" does not play any sports here at school After school how ever he can be found at the foot ball or baseball fleld In Midland He IS a member ofthe Speech and Drama Club Red also enloys huntlnq and c om collecting Tnmothy Leroy Mongold Jfllflff s sports rflvf cl has sotcer If tter tml rnus aw trcls throughout S l Ill rlrys Philip Eugene Meyers "Albert" as very active on the Wrestllng team for whlch he received a sport letter Durlng the Chrlstmas Tournament Albert won hrs way to a tlrst place Albert also enjoys huntlng and blkerldlng Margaret Susan Montgomery Susle IS very busy durlnq the slhool year She IS edltor of the LANCE staff president of ths Stu H A and a meml t noni Hon S e fnyoys spcndlng her spare time tdlnq blkung and pltylno en nts Gerald Glenn Miller "Jerry" IS a member of the football team and wrestling team Last year he acqulred 2nd place un the Chrnstmas Wrestllng Tourna ment Jerry enjoys huntnng and ndlnq has Suzukl He also attends Vo tech Randall Lee Morton Handy IS an all around athlete He h as letters ln football basket ball and baseball He I9 also good skllnq , l "ltr " luke' all J J He 1 x , ' C ' lla-,reef ., 1,. 2,and .1 . 1 r t , C, s f nl - . . x hls J , - f,4 if 4 v. . lntlf' If-tllgue 1 .freer lle attends Vo' dent Councll, secretary of the Sen ln huntlng, waterskung, and snow' tw ll where he lS a tudvwt the lor F. . . Q . mer nf the J k vnttao hoo Nat C I or oct ,ty She 1 . J X J C X 2 re. s, t 1 X t iw Mary Ellen Muir Mary Ellen lS an acttve member of the Sensor Service Club She IS also a member of the LANCE staff Mary Ellen enloys drawing read Ing and taking long walks Out side of school she as busy with church acttvttles ln her spare time she lust likes to goof oft and have a good time Micheal John Nolan Hank IS very actlvt tn sports Hlays soft er tn he a 1 btsketb tll ln the wlnter Mike also spends hts ttme and money tttd lng to his t om r ollett on Michael Ray Muir Jr. Mike IS on the football team and baseball team Outside ot school Mike s favorite actuvtty ts flshtng He also likes to drive his car In the direction ot Frostburg Tonya Sue Pase Tonya shares the tttle of Mss Blur k Kr tht On wt t kr nds Tonya tlnds pls isurt lU witt hung motor cy le r at es intl playing the gult ir Linda Sue Nicol Linda spends much time work- lng When she lS off one of her favorite pastimes ts swtmmtng She also funds playing cards enloyable To some people Linda lS better known as Stump Tamera Sue Rayner Tammy leads the school spmt as t iptatn of the Cheerleaders and President of the Pep Club He r good looks were honors d thls ir with he o Foot Queen Her many other actuvltle s :nc lude vlce president ot the Glrls Sports Club LANCE Staff camp ang and swimming " " " 2 Q , , 4 , l. Q 3 . Hep 5 t flltnd ti tt, we ' to 4 f , . . r Q , , . . -to 2 . i t , 2 v . . , t ic t 4 pic .K Q 2 g , 2 , i r ,it yef t , title t ' ball 1 4 1 Lana Jean Reld Vo tech She IS on the yearbook and newspaper staffs In her spare tame Snedley llkes to palnt and bowl Donald Frank Ross Donnle especlally lakes sports He plays baseball and football ln school and leglon baseball durung the summer One of Donnue s favorlte hobbies rs huntlng Kimberly Ann Rlchardson lS a member of the volleyball team basketball team and Girl s Sports Club Knm can often be seen rldlng her skateboard on the streets of Lonaconung Gary Russell Gary attends Vo employed at Jake s tlon an Westernport and trucks occupy time te He rs Servuce Sta Motor blkes most of hrs Beverly Muchele Hmker Allegany thus year Athletlcs and muslc are two of her favorite actlvltles Kenneth Wayne Russell Moose has been ln several choral productions He lrkes to play tennis and IS often seen bat tlng a few over the net wrth has frlend Alfred ' " l at l , l "Snedley" is a very actrve gurl at Kim is very sportsmunded. She Bev returned to Valley from Chnstopher Lee Shertzer Shlfty really enjoys athletlcs ln school he partlclpates ln foot ball and wrestllng ln hrs spare fume hc enloys basketball soft ball and baseball l-las favorite hobby IS rnodellng Kevm Lee Smith Kevln has earned an award for chorus He owns a Moped and IS often seen rldlng lf around Bar ton Kevln attends Vo tech where he lakes electrlfal rnalntenance John Rlchard Slmon Jo n s Interests are not an school actlyltles He spends hls tame after school playlng sports wlth hls frlends IH Nlull Run Lusa Gay Smuth Llsa who as sornetumes called Srnltty IS IU many actlvltles They Include Pep Club LANCE and Senior Service Club She enloys varlous sports such as gymnastics swlrnmlng andtrack Cynthla Lynn Smlth Cln IS very actlve In school c u s during the year ln er spare tlrne she engoys photogra phy reading sports drawlng and typlng Cindy also likes to chewguml Thomas Edward Splker Splke enloys baseball foot ball soccer and rnotorcycllng Spike also spends hls turns bulldlng models Edward Ray Taylor Ed attends Vo tech where he as very actlve un masonry He can be seen rldlng around with hrs frlends or lust standlng around Jenkln s Rebecca Sue Thomas Becky attends Vo tech where she IS studylng health servlces She lakes to llsten to records and attend sports events Charles Scott Thomas Scott IS active IH masonry at Vo tech In his spare tame he rldes hls Hodaka on the hlll cllmbs of Bar on Raymond Henry Tlghe Jr Ray IS an expert at motorcross He spends much of has tlme and money working on hls Suzukn Has skllls have won hum numerous tro phles and awards Ray IS also a member of the LANCE staff John Robert Thomas Rob serves as a reporter for the SHIELD He IS also a member of the wrestling team Rob has attended several cllnlcs and camps to enhance hls tune wres tllng skulls -.....,,,?' Kathy Lee Vlncl Kathy enjoys rldmg motorblkes She IS often seen wlth her frlends at Jenkun s Kathy has a so attended Vo tech if f T I E1 James Wayne Walker Jlmbus lS especlally fond of baseball He collects baseball cards as a hobby Jlmbus ns also very actnve wlth has church Gary Wayne Watson Gary also known as Worm us a member of the soccer team LANCE staff Chorus Fare Patrol and Pep Club Worm s hobbles are music and sports He has received hls sports letter In soc cer Donna Faye Warnlck Many people conslder Donuta the best sewrng and cooking stu dent ln the senior class She as also a top notch student For her hard works she has recelved her academlc letter and IS prnvaleged to be a member of the National Honor Socuety Phyllls Anne Wermer When Phyllus IS not at Scotty s she can be found wlth Danny M Phyllls attends Vo tech where she as enrolled ln computer technol Rlck Robert Warnlck Gummy IS very lnvolved In wrestllng Hls talent has been a great asset to the team He also spends time huntlng and flshlng Lawrence Wllhelm Chub attends Vo tech where he studies undustrlal technology He has won a letter for has pamcl patron on the basketball team Chub enloys woodworking and playlng sports as has hobbles 9- .. ' yr 4 - tt rl 4 - f tt ' H ' - ,, ll- A ' I tt rv I f I , . . 1 1 1 - Y lt rv ' ' John Gregory Wilson Greg does not partrcupate un any school actuvltles He can always be found In the doorway of the House of Fashion Laurle Ann Wmner Laurie belongs to the Natlonal Honor Soclety and the Library Club She IS very talented at pho tography and needle crafts Laurue keeps In shape by going cyclmg and hlklng Teresa Lynn Wllson Mrs Hoch loves the great outdoors and animals Her favor :te hobbies are swimming water sknng and horseback rldlng ln school Tera works hard as a mem ber of the LANCE staff Clndy Kay Woods Cindy partucupates In many school actlvltles She ss a hard worker on the LANCE staff and an excnted member of the Pep Club Durung the summer Cindy loves to go campmg take long walks and play softball Richard J Wllt Wllt spends most of hls time at Mull Run and rldlng around with Dave Preston Occaslonally he plays football near has home Margaret Susan Youngblood Peggy takes part an many actlvl tles durmg the year She serves as assistant editor of the LANCE She IS also a member of the Sensor Service Club and gymnastics team She enloys camping and bike rldlng , . r , , , . is Skidmore Dharon SOP In GC? - 5 ls? fx A ,f Q1 ff f , NR ' f Disco Wally wants you! "Boy, I feel good all under!" Mike dreaming about when he'll be able to play. L Smile, you're on "Candid Camera!" D fi ilk 35 1 fs UW!! - X N Q I " :I A ,., X-gm A W W, A Mg Sk fi new A gg r' A .. X? w ici P tid! A. Kathy and O. J. discuss a project. B. Dennis tries for a big hit. C. Are you kidding? D. Take my picture, please! E. Tina watches Rick pin. F. Students preparing for their first cooking lesson. ,A ifi .,.i fyfwwvygc - " f,na Fmi Qfk 2 i D Q- ""' , af W x 5" N 9 T, -Y' , 1 'wa-ar in 'N 1 SPORTS .-was 42 ? N l Qfauify ? CEMKMJW Captain - Tammy Rayner Co-Captain - Dina Foote Tina Foote Donna Jean McKenzie Sheila Johnson Lori Richmond i 43 c7Lfea'z5'zaagir29 cfefeafa cfany fiffzigfifa CQCZIZCE fo 'zaflaaf as Slate Cgam Loma 0 Q1 20 - Dale Folk 52 - Vic Clark 11 - Terry Broadwater 68 - Randy Morton - John Bean -Joe Lewis Coach Jack Gilmore 64 - Mike Muir 63 - Larry Johnson 75 - Donnie Ross 51 - Kirk Green 80 - Chris Shertzer Coach Gary Marsh 76 - Bob Cook 22 - Ches Bullard 30 - Ray Jenkins 25 - AI Bosley 50 - Mark White 82 - John Devlin - Tim Llewellyn - Dan Muir 84 40 73 61 31 - Marty Bennett 65 - John Brode Coach Lionel Baker 81 43 - Greg Bean - Jim Richardson 21- Mike Lewis - Jeff Rhodes - Jerry Miller 24 62 12 - John Stewart 42 - Randy Beeman 41 - Tommy Miller 23 - Rocky Metz 60 - Robin Thrasher 83 - Joe Martin 85 - Jim Richmond A B , 119 f"1hw. C U55 gtg D E A B C D E F G. Here comes trouble!!! Defense toughens up for another play The tallest member of our team "l.ydelI" O. J. fights off blocker Another drive ends in a Valley touchdown Valley keeps Jug 7th straight year Stretch picks up another Valley first down ,, C f, I 3.3 K ww ,,,,. , 'E W gm 597' 'GV "Y, U v. 'L .FWS f MS. -i .L 'g NP . ' 1' . aw .. i x 15, . J Q t. .safe , sw' 5, r... H. -ag :Q . I , V ff in-Mx. -fn - 1 ,..-'if . , - :X We t, .,, , .,. 'f A A.. ,, Q W me .A ' ' 'M 1 w , . - ,si A-Z wg, Eg, ifT2.f,,4q."ff.23Jn. 5, t . fu' .1 ., 4 . . f I f X .M,,,.M v-- xt.. A A W ,7 - . - ' , ,P ,sf ry, 31+ '- -..ff-ggqjgae' . , M... .wi Jig.. .. M gif ' in-1.7 .3vf'.f,'1,.?'.' M' ,G A ,ky .Q . J MY - 3g,f.1-quLfz.. - .f Rt: ,M x V L,,, N, ,, I N A- , A , -. wk., , . . ,..A 'WMQW A .sa " v X ', J N vnu -K j ' 2 if ' 'utwrw-M, -lggtf E.: by - 'f., 'IQ ' Q I .' V: A A A J. I., cram! ,,.,, V I f .W 'K , W ff' f ,,,. - "fw Q-521 . ' ' 'jr' M K . ,A .3 in K, W.. ,.V. 2 I fa. -45.77 Wyre Mm 3 . .K " A VV . . I 'mr ll W, X 'M My I he 3 A-gfwhgki. .!Vz,3,.'iL.A lwggkz W 'iw tie., wg time ...fy , A . . . at 'A ' it i i A A f A. "You can't be serious?" B. "How do ya get this thing on?" C, Alright now, who has the ball? D. Mike's broken ankle hampered Valley's chances to repeat as state champs. E. Another pass completion for Valley. F. Coach Gilmore and Coach Marsh discuss 5 game plan. G. ValIey's defense was a standout all year. H. Linebacker, Larry Johnson, led the defense in statistics. E IZ i 5, i l S l 47 5626968 cgoff fo Bai :Rico in 80,155 U82 Widii ROSTER Coach Don Kukola Marty Kyle Marlon Gentry Wayne Thrasher Dave Hobel Mike Nolan Bob Montgomery Coach Mark Lavallee Manager Wayne Murphy Statistician Shelly Garlitz Rick McDonough Dave Broadwater Randy Fazenbaker Joe Rowan Steve Clark Billy Montgomery Manager David Shook Manager Kevin Skidmore John Johnson Randy McCormick Raymond Miller Jeff Johnson Gary McKenzie Wally High Harry Donaldson -d....MM c N' wk- srl s i R Q .9 ' r I iii, 7 4 M' I A . .N,.., 'M ,QMKZ , 1 V . V ' -...N ,f D I C A, Pud concentrates on a steal. B. l'll get thatdirty ball! C. That little round thing sure draws a crowd. D. Starting eleven. M " K 5 M ,,,k.5s? -Q gzffafa ,. K L 1' ai f x Q i :LX.i, 1 -1 . x a I 2 Q. Sw, Y , f , - A J" 5' xx , t ,, lv: 1- 'x XX A L 'N'W'k'-ww.. . .gf ., 'mi ' . .. N .r K .., 1. A D E 'W' - 'f fi 4 V., wwf M5 . . ,Y , -L t V, 2 ,"Y'-C! ' , lf ... ff , y f if 3 ff ,1 45. wig -', -"'b"44'iam 2 2 f. , ' . A A 4 -M V 1. Team gets psyched for another tough opponent, 2. Gary attempts to fire a long one. 3. Randy tries to Outsmart the opposition. 4. This one is mine! 5. Dave does his high step routine. Opposite Page A. Steve anxiously watches the action. B. The Iinemen huddle before the start of the half. C. Gary learns a new dance step. D. John slyiy steals the ball from his oppo- nent. E. The race is on. qlfzcfefeafecf cqeaaon L, nc! Ilqrzeggfa First Row Dwayne Shuhart Manager Dave Hobel John Bean Coach Meyers Jeff Rhodes Joe Rowan Gus Schaidt Second Flow Mike Nolan Joe Lewis Terry Broadwater Ray Miller Mike Lewis Dave Winner Randy Morton Wayne Thrasher 52 . -.JA Q 4 D , 1 ' ' ii x ly L,LLLL: V -XXb- l if if . ...Nw-""""""' WS .4- 1 . ff' F . -its 1-,..1 li' A. Joe Lewis adds two more to the Valley total! B. Time out to prepare strategy. C. A mad scramble for the ball! D. Mike Nolan displays defensive ability. E. Dave hits another pressure shot. F. "Supper Time"! G. Wake up "Goober"! G 7. .9 M- " A-f""'! ,f-' ff!! 22-0 flflkffi 0,255 flig "film" fo go 5 . ,W , ,f .3 ' . i 'Y ' 2 Q gm ' xv A B fx. I Pm Q2 P2 E .35 as F A f 3 A B C U! L -..Qi I! xx -393 . 2 v'L V . Hobes goes to the line for two "freebies"! "Mike get rid of that ball" says Coach! .Terry and Mike listen to game plan. D. Coach Meyers gives half-time instructions. E . Rhodes battles for a rebound. F. Hobes starts Valley offense. G. H. Stretch fires one from 30! Jeff sinks one from the foul line! .,--M nax science anim Knignta inning A fl N X - x 'iff 'ft ROSTER Gary McKenzie Terry Beeman Rick Warnick Larry Johnson Mark Crable Kirk Green Jerry Miller Marlin Gentry Phil Meyers Dave Brode Kevin Lee Bill McGregor Keith Martin Greg Preston Robin Thrasher Steve Thomas Harold Mason John Brode Henny Johnson Marty Bennett Richard Muir Coach McElvie Randy McCormick Tom Symons Al Bosley Charles Weber Starting team displays new uniforms before Queen and Court at Homecoming festivities Mike McGregor Chris Shertzer Mark White Rob Thomas Rocky Metz 2 M 'fs f 'Y if ip. was W' ' 'iw' . , f? ,. X, an ' 5 . , j Z' E nuqaw- "t' 21'-ii . .1 ' 'E' W Q 'Nu A. Coach McElvie discusses strata egy with Dennis Cutter. B. Gary McKenzie uses tight waist against opponent. C. Larry Johnson scores another pin. D. Several boys await their turn. E. Steve Thomas keeps his man under control. Klflfzsaflyaza Qiggf fofz cgxflof in Uowmamant X.. .K S Y, I if , X , gif -L A g M Q Q K ' , 'I .' Y A Q, '.,, . WI? I I - KA , fa A' q ws I k"'1 - . A' ,., 7 x... 4.....,,, K 1 h A K 3 flK K gg Mlzsl f W, K ' .SJ V U xx li? K, xx f , xy, f 5 ? gl 1, Q' 1 - 5? ,. 1 ., x1,, A X ,Q .. b . 'A Y' ggi isg ,W gb, V NX gx N by :xx A Ji A A ":: X4 x TN f wr .5 F X , if , . D ' ,- ,i K K , ' Q 58 X ,V--"""E 1"UNllsn F H A. Marlon and Phil enjoy suckers after match. E. Phil adds 2 more to his point total. B. Tux mentally prepares himself before unlimited tangle! F. Pin! C. Marlon on the takedown! G. Terry Beeman fights for victory in the 132 Ib. class D. Gary works toward another Valley pin! H. Rick psyches up before big match. '15 it g. fu Qflaazfzacfsza Captain Rhonda DeShong Kelly Wilson Jackie Coleman Becky McKenzie Lori Patterson Lisa Broadwater Maureen Shoarer Dorine Bean , ,..,.,..,e., W Jiffcgowan ,fsacfa la to afsafecf SQQOIZ Front Row Kip Kelly Ted Winner Randy Fazenbaker Coach Meyers Bruce Johnson Mike Devlin Billy Montgomery Flow Two Brian Shuhart Mar2Miller Flan yBroadwater Greg Bean Ricky Connors Dave Smith Jeff Johnson Harry Donaldson Lonnie Gardner Coach McGo instructions! 'Ma' wan gives team last minute ROSTER 20 - Dale Folk 69 - Cli1fWinebrenner 10 - David Krumpach 32 -Jeff Beeman 85 - Jimmy Richmond David Richie - Manager fRow 21 Lionel Baker 83 -Joe Martin - John Brode - John Devlin 31 - Marty Bennett 61 - Dan Muir 73 - Tim Llewellyn Doug Wilson - Manager QRow 31 H- Dave Brode - Steve Cadwallader 40 - Jim Richardson 50 - Mark White 43 - Tommy Beeman 37 - Chuck Layman 81 - Brian Shuhart 65 82 72 74 I4 Lgpanscf Qfdcbozy ini Boofeu aim EXPEZLEHCE in Qizaf .Simian ,s ,, Q V VJ, N .Q V 142 ROSTER 24 - Dwayne Shuhart 26 - Kenny Robertson 11 - Kevin Kelly 3 - Bruce Kirkwood 2 - Ted Winner 15 - Mike Devlin CROW 25 Wayne Murphy - Manager David Shook - Manager 14 - Rodney Fazenbaker 16 - Keith Martin 1 - Robbie Clark 4 - Billy Robinette Kevin Skidmore - Manager CRow 35 Don Kukola 5 - Jeff Winner 7 - Gary Watson 25 - Ricky Nicol 27 - Henny Johnson 12 - Craig Warnick Gary LaVallee - Asst. Coach U.- ' 'V+ ., Q. ,sw .tiff lffsg. M 'Wt' -. 511 "" ,R ... eb ff. .., 4 -1... . W L Jvc 'Paw' ' 'riirk ,, ,Q H an - .1 63 Donna McKenzie - Captain Beth Lewis - Co-Captain Jonelle Thrasher Michelle Hobel Paula Schlereth Marla Phillips Lori Pase Amanda Stakem fyowzg Cjfleazfeacfezi Boost Swcfloof cgfliuf Joy Lee - Captain Denise Rennie - Co Captain Tammy Wilhelm Tracy Thomas Trina Robertson Linda Bennett Julie Atkinson Crystal Michaels Amy Richmond Susan Flaynor V if 1 'if N 22 T , T ,xfts "' ifiifhlfklt iii is 5 .'.E.'fa:-ga'-E:-Q-Eel:-' Ff- ' 'L11'-ELS'-B-'L:n':'L!54' fir.: -.-:::'-war.:-1:.' 'Er- - "-E1ru-.Z-- f' . 4 v E5-?,' f ' 757: " ':3"""'i': -E+ X fm ' ' A T' ititi N, f I sq-, "A Msg' 2t,,ffrf'1fe'2',,.f.U'L Q, C., r f.fg4,g,, 5 gf gdzfa cqgain Excel' in Qfoffaygaff Sheila Johnson Kathy Devlun Debbie Bradley Rachel Gerson Sharon Gowans Statlstnclan Betty Dawson Coach Joan Fntzpatnck Donna Jean McKenzie Kam Fllchardson wifi Caroline Staflord Mellnda Truly Amy Fazenbaker Vallery Breadwater gizfa gain fag? fo Klflfinni eaaon wax ROSTER gi , 1vL Row 1 - -'fl - Sylvia Fickes L Sharon Gowans S ix Rachel Getson Coach Joan Fitzpatrick y Debbie Bradley Diane Spiker Row 2 Sherry Clark Kathy Devlin Robin Rayner Sheila Johnson Vallery Broadwater Shirley Hardman Row 3 MANAGERS Vickie Bolyard Gayle Warnick Debbie Michael Margie Clark Betty Dawson Terri Clark Roberta Brown Julie Miller Ill .J 3.9 nr I f 5 x ,sis A f C 'Mr t F1 J 'J -1 .4-F' on I v g ,rw B ., -as 1' If N 4. ,J Xxx!!! g ,1" .A s, ,L ,- HL -'-'ill ' 1 Kathy Devlln gets rebound for Knights Sharon starts scoring drive Shirley baffles guard wuth drlbblmg skulls . Lady Knights tightly guard Bruce opponent. 2 ,g 323 5' i ' 4 pi, S X 'E 5 .1 in A. These girls paced team to winning season. B. Strong defense was a key to victories. C. Sharon brings ball down court. D. Sheila takes a jump shot. E. Statisticians watch action. Girls await rebound. G Kathy watches shot sink for two more H Valley Girls crash the boards I Sheila drives past Bruce defense Q "W ' 1 'i .f 22 Q tg 3. W., .i T' L ,. . . , ,... +17 i N -9"J,,-I. i In ,Veg QW gag 3 r Y f-- ' 'Q H wx., . ...,,g.,.-wv'f'M b V' ,.,..--"""'A',w, , 1 f' ?JA',,4l.,sv W M ali I 4, Q af NNN sms.. rf! U55 961174 in Gqcfioiz . . . ! ww ui In ny gifzfba QZQCE Uafsnf fauna any cy 6550121 gg ,KV l i l 'Mill ry 's 1 1 40 Y or -4 1 X Ak . KH 4,14 Kathy Mulr Deanna Clark Patsy Davls Earlene Wlnters Donna Kyle Kathy Ayers Sylvia llfkes Kathy Devlln Rhonda Bosklrlf Aletha Densnworr Carol Bourdeall Lora Wllhelrh Flobln Falrgrlevs Joan Fltzoatrufk lVIary Davis Tarnrny Wllhelm Lynn Robertson Crystal Mlehae ls Mary NlcGre-Qor Llsa Gres n 'lfaggq jfniggfa' gang Cyan HC" dgamfla f f f-.NNE . 'i . -, 1 1 a Y , M 14 1,' f ff A. Clarkey on the move. B. Dave whiffs another victim. C. Shortstop Mike Lewis. J. fi IH if i 4 f , Q 'ir' ' .xjisffxe A N 1.527 1 . , ' A' K , B C se. V f . 1, vw, .1 I ' s wr f' J. . .i .mf .. . D A. Third baseman Mike Muir is set. B. Dennis Lashbaugh gets another hit. C. Coach Meyers: manager of the Knights. D. Mike Lewis cracks another homer to give Knights the lead Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Valley Vallevl Valley Valley V ffffwfr V S' Varsity Football Hampshire Poolesville Northern Linganore Beall Bishop Walsh Southern Frankfort Franklin Bruce J.V. Football Southern Bishop Walsh Beall Southern Fort Hill ui COG!-D KONI NWN O-4-BKO 12 28 30 28 14 Varsity Soccer VolleYb3ll Valley Allegany 1 VHUGY BVUC6' Valley Hyndman 3 ValleY BVUCG Valley Bishop Walsh 1 ValleV AHGQGVIY Valley Salisbury 3 VBHGY AHQQBVIY Valley Mt. Savage 3 VGHSY Southern Valley Oldtown l Valley Southern valley Beall 2 Valley NOSEBVW Valley Flintstone 3 BY 0 em lalley STE? a e 3 liillil 3223 a e . av ,, . .- , ,. Valley Beall Q 3 Valley Mt. Savage Valley Flintstone 2 xan6Ys g4Sv5aV3Q9 J.V. Soccer a ev ' ' Valley B.W. Valley Bishop Walsh 0 Valley Valley Salisbury 2 Valley Oldtown Valley Oldtown l VHUGY 0ldf0VY"l Valley Mt. Savage 2 VHHSY FOVT Hill Valley Beall 3 Valley Fort Hill 4 Q. ,f - 76 1 v K 4 S 1 - vff5"' Q?" 'f Wf I TERESTS Band .gmfrcaaasa ana .gmpfcouecf 9351 ozmcmce L " , ,M ., --Q ...ii N 'fm " Aihiam ' 'A' .J . . ', kh ',,' X R l "' " K sz: -. K ' lm, y t H1 ir., f -- n1s+S"tn grew- -f L B -L 'r - X ' 1 M Mau-4 VKQQKWQV M 'x if 4,g,.A,Qm ,,,,, M W ki Mhsffwa 'Wham rggffdmawtfw ,e wi UMD-4, W 1 W fa? nmyxs Ai ,se i"'.5'n1wfl 5k3Mf,""1i7W 4259 l ggi 'Q " i at 'WW 3, X f 4, 'H f' I item? J' bd! im' 'mai I . ' - -,Q firm!" , M K A . rf, ff in M V f Q, f. L ' 17' ' K f 'i Qilflwf' qu ' .tw . A ,yt ,Gilroy 1 V, fx, H ' V, 'I . - -M -fav D ' v. 'VW " ',. mul' . my .Nw 1 w S71 f T I, wt Q, " 'W fl 'fl' Zatflj Liles 3 V ' 'Z' z 'L .,,cfi, ' " 5 w ' " ff' igwt . V Q J ic' if it tr - .- t-copy. 'V ' 2 W, 'W'-1-fi EM! V' Jw5'VVqI,yfTa,v rr F ' , Robin Bradley Betty J. Trenum Denise Bowman Carol Weir ann Robertson ary McGregor Gwynne Blair Vickie Bolyard Thomas Bosley Terri Clark JoAnn Deshong Michael Dick Kellie Fair Annette Fazenbaker Elizabeth Fazenbaker Dale Folk Kevin Foote Douglas Howe Alan Hutcheson Deborah Hyde Steven Kyle David Llewellyn Gail Mclklgine Maria Mc enzie Ronnie Metz Julie Miller John Reid Kenneth Robertson Jona Shockey Sharon Smith Rhonda Wilt Bryan Shaw Catherine Blair , ,,,,,, ,. RandaIVBnt1unger Wrttwarn Byers Darren Fallon Steven Foote Rhonda Fitzgerald Steven Herrrck Jetfrey Lease Donna Mrlfer Faith Ltlty Lon Anne Pase Kimberly Poflack Mary Preston Davtd RIIChI6 James Russell James Vwncn . 1 L ff rivv., QV X - -a"1"4 Y ,, I - .,,A 4,-Mtn, " , kr' f 'l ,K . ' .T --' . Q ? V1 f it an 1' x s if , 'Y , " i Lv 3 Ei, X my fr L l L in f 8 I N fi 'WT XX I 1 'ff J , 1 H Q Q. T 16-P f Q " Q Q K A' J W Y' 411. W :' 44 r Q F' 1 E L M Zw . fr- uw Q A 'Y , VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL BLACK KNIGHTS V LONACONING MARYLAND , I - - v M mv . -- MJ ' - 9 'Z - L U55 CEOZMQ, Eifzaafscf gy aflfffa. cgxagutz, Q 80 4 'Law in Qualify a ' Lza Presldent Rack McDonough Vlce President Amy Grandstaff Secretary Lea Ann Glotfelty Treasurer Mike Nolan The senior choir IS an elective course for those students ln grades 10 11 and 12 The group performs a wide variety of music and contributes to the cultural lufe of our school Each year the choir performs ln several school programs and participates In both All County Chorus and Maryland All State Chorus Thus year Amy Grandstaff represented the choir at All State AO' ance asia ff : I ..,.: ., .W,, . T . . .. .. . ., .. .. :iigl29211 ,5.3gmgi, tw o yggq-fvifqw qbgigyfgfggtitziet Iisrlaiii-W5 rwliir g mr m2fie1Wv1S1f,f1g ge t 5 K tgqtag-it - -:,, m i5i m m, M:?Yf3i'ki ai HSe le Exim me . . i M 5 is if M... ia-- l ,lin ,, M Dennis Lashbaugh Randy Morton Brenda Crawford Terri Wilson Tina Foote Mr. Lionel Baker 2 zz i if ti i ,E .. dm 1 Editor - Classes - Faculty - Susie Montgomery Tammy Rayner John McCormick Asst. Editor - Mary Ellen Muir Gary Watson Peggy Youngblood Lisa Smith Rick Warnick " S orts - Cindy Woods Phil Meyers E ike Nolan Dina Foote Typist- Mike Lewis Activities - Cindy Smith Terry Broadwater Trina Briner Advisor - 1 K 'X i f- a jg at-as wr. 4225, li as' 65935 r 21 Q . ,:, , 33352 3 4l 57265121 ,.f- 1..:':f, 2225? :.. -f,', ...g..K , .,.. .. ..,. :',. ::: . T- -'v:-::' : -:F I' ' r --my -T' s.. I 12, ff 5' A at my E 1 2 as 5' 1 ' 1 I . Y , , V' Yi .I ' "5 firzf' "K V Tl , M J, l il I ,V - W I X SW: 1' ,fn " W ' Q- , , as 921 J f , , A Af Mgr . m.,i!' W - , . ix 71 f M, .,,,..,,...., , ,,,. - , ,,,. X wr 3 ,Kiel f ,i,,y3,,-revlvmy ., My ,,,,, , q - K A' . Q' ,., ',,.A' , ...... .. , V,,,,,,, .,z,,m.,,,,,. ,,,. , . , 1,. , ,,,.,.,::L,,,,.. ,. , . Editor - Kathy Devlin Typists - Kim Richardson, Managing Editor - Patty Layman Donita Warnick, Laurie Cartoonist -John Bean Winner Photographer - Patty Layman News Reporters - Amy Grandstafi, I Adviser - Mrs. Marian Taylor Rick McDonough, Page Editors - Mark Crable, Shari Bullard, John Bean, Kim Gowans, John Thomas, Larry Johnson, Jimmy Dawson, Mike Muir. , -'-' rf Q if 83 Student Cbwzai President: Susie Monlbgomery ViceAPresident: Rick cDonough Secretary: Kath Devlin Treasurer: Lori Zlichmond 1 , 3 t l Q . Y M' Lim. few it 1' ff W Student Council represents the students and their needs. lt is also responsible for the annual Homecom- ing and Sweetheart Dances. Some of the other activi- ties of the organization this year were a "Mr. Legs" contest, several bake sales, and a book fund. cfvahlonaf clfonoz agocisfy el .....,. ,.,, .. we 1 H ,. .2353- President- Shari Bullard Vice President - Mark Crable Secretary - Donita Warnick Treasurer -- Amy Grandstaff The National Honor Society is an organization of outstanding juniors and seniors. Students are elected by the faculty and are inducted in the spring. Members exhibit qualities of scholarship, leadership, honor, and character. XM Xvwwgmw " awww' igfggwwa?mwwigXS1X.XmXX:,mfXMgW,XXX,.d,AW gg? - ,mgfremf ' 5315352552531 .2 if-:QXX:XXgigX:MyXGX52as25zseszezgsfweezgmgz:MX nf Xfxmif' 11525251 351923562 XX fy. X X 3 ,f fAf-7:ii Mfifkffzge?-If 'Y-' i:af?2sf1MwfW1Se4vasxekf ,frkvv X XX X X XXX XX X X X , ,. . A . A..,,,,X.,,X,,,MgmmglXXX513s1XX1X QXXXSW-XX? Q1 ..X,.XX,X.3X, ws ,X , 11 Xfmw -.WX ,fXM,Ww:.,--,,,- , , m,fW,,m.,XX,,,:X, .,.:-- - X,-w,.XM?432:-wif-H , w g 51' ff m -:X f5:f1g:.. ,Wm M . , ,, , is ,Sig I VX X . .. - 55551 V. . U an-5, W' XX ., ,Q ,. ,XXL LW, ,Q xfwmgkfz X X 5 xx . . .glxbfi . - g523f'TewXwSmXXfi H2556 I 1 emfgv-I XXXXXX.XX1.X21yXX.X1 5 H :X -ws-ww. W XX MQ XX :ugh --315 Xfiffwmz g lam Wg3s,.,1 ENWX Xs .. ,, ., X,-X E2k,X,g,.wm E 'I. :X,. :X -5:-2:-3 ..i.,:,X -gg:-: . -. : . --2 . X -EX 2, asf : -:H . xffrivz: sr 4. .ma 'ir m i. X-5 5-mf., ' Xa 1ig.ff1v.4 , . 15- 'sen , , . TXXQX ww.. , -ff-511 .Xm,XX -- X .XXXMXW X K f. - 1 , fi : A ff , S M E' 1' "' :5"i:f 5 :: -X, ' gs F' .5 - ' jg . ', X L. 5. '':!iE.f2f'5h'2.,E-Enix. :.. "QW5Vf:lE .. ' .'f .41 -1 '-272 ' if ' 1" -- ' 2.1-.: 15' :- .1 :E :.'- ' , " r 5? " " ?? "' -954-4 QS I 5-'LQ H! .. 'if ik" Iii.. If 5. V5 'T J.-S-.L ' f:'g.5 'SV9'?3A553" .. lf EAI, .. i'Z5",:Q 7 h H 5' F :::.7q L s . -fn? ' f 5- 15 '.' H :lf Flfirwiiigl- -f F X Q XX X M 'AXKRMX - .- ' -1 Q f : M z.'ewG?'QszXQaWQi X X155 'L?sXXXX5iXX, 1-XfX -XX-- ,z- Xgf, X: ,:.,f,1, f- 2gXij?EgsQ1?iiif w.4fX1ffw:: A f 1:12 .XISK-XXwsiwf255125222212525MX?MiZii22wi?5sLfX.1 X Fm, as1fw5gg59,iiY3i5??Kf4ii22Eii325CQY2iiigliw-XX X w:XZM,M,,, Xsm,,.XkX,,:ssQX,f--EXW-ww-X fi' 'Q ' XX45iXfXX.1'- , XX X X iii?5531!-XZsffif?fSf.?,swf. J X 3 X K " asimszefigvisi zfa.wsz1wzX wiiisff S S X Jwfiffzfiez ,M-Qziaygzm 5 2 -Xgiswf ' 'iwsz-X Wfszzigsszg , X ,Mr 71:15 fXX8s25wf?XS:zw 1 XA XM W' 1EEi3iI5i.2L3s5y5gjXH5gr"f3Xim'A SWA-35"'V" N""A XZXQEWYQQWXQXXWWX 'Af ,iwifisi 2513 'WZWQXWXX ,WL .X W,W.:,.v,,f,,1zww ,Xwwwmg my A sms-mm. .W M ,K ,,,, UH., S ,, , Q.k x 1 ,,-, w M,m,KS,,s3 ,1,g,X.X,,,A. kg- ,aw :pg:a2smkg2w?'s?522evf5f11i2iXd211:Q2X vfqwmf -'L'1?XQ Xgfggfw X ,g:iXQQX5gm-gf ' X M X X X s xxs Xssw uma, 3 ff:-Q?i?f59L. Mk?f5i574f59VfsGi5 MXN ,wX.m2w. ,. S-wfXf:2L:4eswXX W ggizmr xsawzgsx www Xffwg:w1XX:2,Q X X .iiiifffifili A I Xe,-1 A.XX,,,,,. 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Lg WWE Q ,Q SM Ms to cream M ,J ffgiff A A MW f WWW 7 f ,V I f ff Ai mfgxgf, MQW W , f V f ,, w4, w f : , , U ' w w ,g g ,Q Qjggfafb 'ggwgs:11,Qaszz,'f:1fQs?:figH'!,K V "W QA-m,fisfvz1w,l5,5wgg3zf42z'3fg,igg3WM 2, ff V ii' mffgw -. 4 mix: QMQM ff qgfga 53 5 '17 ,g1s,,,gga1f'ijf i' V, A by fl, i f 4-, : ,:' 1555? ' ' z I if X' 5555 I Y' i 5 " ,W , , ig ar .: M' M, " ' ' 4551 ' Q I., H 7 ",,'f,f111 f,,.:2:'fe-my,fi,,f1,:,Q.4-wax ,4,,u'ss,'fz2,'4f?:imtr "j.,gg:z,'.:ii '1 ,153,,g,gg,-w,,,g1:Q,7 ,ww 2 V " 1- sw f - M1 If-Q "W ' ,wwmsvw . .1 11 wfwy A if f , L-ki 6 :,. , ev. 'V f 'fiiut-?wlh',fl7ff Y f1f'Q4g,igf5,f? L SEfswQff:m 5g5 ' K g 1 :mv H +L-1 ' Y Iwi A ' " , K , , V H f wifi ,fuew25wevfQ,x1igggfgaifggfg ig-Z f 1 J , ' , g ,3 V, ,,,, ,.,,.. ,..,, A . 1 ,V ,, , . ,, H 1 , mf, , , ? W V ' W6 'F' iiileggizgsgzgggwfewyfa3g,fg,13g, A ww " A' kf 'T ' """ K V"' ' 11 'I M :ay '. ' V , Y' :L 'W w,,:4fvz2,if93fgQs1 5 ,' -' !1?QfLW2Vi :?l7"ff91!f1 4, Q, W ya ,ff:f3.l52,'f2LIwz:f:1f 55,3 wif .T ,-,fu za:5w4+,1,If,?ff.E?,21,V, ' it 3, ' If ,F 1' f 1W"f1w2vfii!,gf ,,,w!N,,,., ,V ,V I J,V,,gM,VVwLi,I,l,V,,,,,,i,W, -dw . ' ff , ,az L I 1 L "'2: ' ff 53, " . - Qu.. President - Linda Wilson Vice President - Larry Johnson Secretary - Laurie Winner Treasurer - Sandi Malone Members of the Library Club, under the direction of Mrs. Hanson, can be accredited for the smooth- running of the library throughout the school year. Preparing attractive show- cases, checking out books, and helping students gather important information sums up the many duties of the Library Club. figmazy Xl 41 N, Y if M? K X X 'wi Af' President Rick McDonough Treasurer Pat Kenney Vice President Ches Bullard Parliamentarian - John Stewart ED-aww. CLE The Drama Club consists of students from grades 10, 1 1, and 12 who are interested in acting. The club works in con- junction with the Speech and Drama Class to present plays throughout the school year. 89 gimp: 45710164 E Ulf cqcfiua 'Hi President Kathy Devlin Vice-Pres. Tammy Rayner Secretary Sheila Johnson Treasurer Rachel Getson Parliamentarian - Cindy Johnson Reporter - Donna Jean McKenzie The Girl's Sport Club is a club for all girls interested in athletics. Many of the girls are on the girl's basketball and girl's volleyball teams, although you don't have to be on a team to be in the club. The girls plan many activities during the year such as: out- door picnics and other par- ties. They also have fund drives. 'll Luziofz TT President - Mollie Mullan Vice President - Becky McKenzie Secretary - Laurie Woods Parliamentarian - Lisa Nicol Treasurer - Jodi Schlereth Historian - Donna McKenzie Reporter - Bridget Martin Advisor - Mrs. Williams ,. Ja, ,, wziofz 55810608 Giza ggabzof anal Cbofla Samoa Axcfloof Giza .qgafwf The Fire Patrol is made up of senior high boys. Its purpose is to assist in fire drills and make sure all the students get out of the building safely. This year's members of the patrol are Den- nis Lashbaugh, John Bean, Gary McKenzie, Mike Nolan, Wally High, and Gary Watson. gum.. 5 I MQ C2054 The cooks prepare and serve stu- dent's meals during the three lunch shifts. Pictured is Margaret Llewel- lyn, Liz Warnick, and Joy Skidmore, serving students. Also, Ruth Stakem collecting tickets. And Mar- garet Llewellyn removing a hot tray from the warmer. Qwmli CLLL3 W asm ,-1 il? President - Mike Lewis Secretary - Dwayne Shuhart Treasurer - Dave Broadwater This club consists of students from grades 9 through 12 who have participated in French classes. Bowling and swimming are among their activities. The club is sponsored by Miss Linda Bond. f 13- The Pep Club, under the direction of the cheerleaders, is made up of stu- dents concerned with promoting school spirit. Members attend all sports events to back the teams and cheer them on to another Valley vic- tory. On the morning of games Pep Club members spread their spirit through the halls by cheering behind the cheerleaders. The group is a great asset to the entire school. Their sup- port of Valley athletics has won them the appreciation and gratitude of the various teams. I , hun qpl-Lf! 'xc' F. xr if W 'R k 4. Q aw , ,..., .5 Y -ha. Q, Jlffay Queen - Suede Jlffomtgomezy 1979 Jlflay wzf Queen: :Suns Jlfforztgomazy cgen.Lo'z Ducgsu 1 Uzumfzztssu - guagmsn - gummy cgayrun Umina cpogsztwn Bug!! dmalkenzis .f5xanio'L1 - gufis Oqiginwn lksffy fpaffy fayman gumlou - Qfbwsz gui, 1 Cindy Smikg Cgyflaiflz gognion llrzi 93am cguopgornozea - Lai! Grown BEd'LE'L - Ebauid mag cyogvln :Rayner nfl' " , vim. .A v Axim Max -' gem , giq f fqe ' fgi -rw ' ' i-12,0 .. M X J 'IS 4 FACES Shelly Arnold Kathy Ayers Mark Baumann Randy Beeman Sharon Beeman Terry Beeman Debbie Bell Karen Bell Gene Blttinger Randy Bininger Alexa Broadwater Darlene Broadwater Dave Broadwater John Brode Ches Bullard Arlene Buskirk Bill Buskirk Irma Colmer Jodi Cadwallader Lynn Cameron Debbie Clark Sherry Clark Roberta Clarke Bob Cook eleventh grade Vi ill .5 - we 1, X fx 1 Q N B K :Si xi S t we 2 The 'fr J il, N 3., X 'Hg X K ax ml In . , ,tea-.,N may N i 1 ' , N N ,. e sim 'krh AQ . W, 4 sss ,Q L Y . ,., ra 3 W H. A fm 1,15 X 5 M, 4 K, 4 2' l 1. 1 gg V ir in .12 .f . ,Q , 3- . R ' " 2 ik, e .sew K ,lgwy i . 'K g 'NRS gs 41 me H, i ts M . ,mAl M y 2 " l l .: Q SAM m,1. . ::Li12 1: 1f ,,,, Q m,.A i . Wes Crawford Albert Crowe Rodney Dawson Mike Dick Crystal Fairgrieve Dale Fairgrieve Debbie Fazenbaker Lori Fazenbaker Sylvia Fickes Lisa Fisher Deirdre Fletcher Dale Folk Marlon Gentry Rachel Gettson Lea Ann Glottelty Mark Goodwin Sharon Gowans Joy Green Kirk Green Robin Green Steve Hadley Dave Hobel Gary Hyde John Johnson eleventh grade 7 Sheila Johnson Rita Kelley Greg Kemp Debbie Kenner Ed Kenner Greg Kirkwood Donna Kyle Marty Kyle John Lease Joe Lewis Edie Llewellyn Gail Llewellyn Tim Llewellyn Marcia MaGruder Jim Marchinke Joe Martin Stacey Martin Mark Mcgreeyy Mike McGregor Donna Jean McKenzie Jim McMahon Frances Metz Kim Metz Patty Metz eleventh grade it "" . V y t K f-ww. . .:, 'Z gf 3 jk Q' S at S I www ' Q 1 6 1 X 1 ' l I ' qui S ti. if 'if it ,V-if -932 fs i WW x 0 A erizi ksf I fi. W-'Ny an YY b y y! Q iyiy K S E L fwfgk .. L. .5 i' ' .. 4. em in L . 'Vw Tl x A ,ff Q- r was 5 1 mm 'lf ,I ' B: .:1L,'NA 'fi at N M y gf 'V . na ' so lu ,, 8 9' . Re, g. I 5' t . N 3 . t -Y s fi s.. t 0, ,le y . Q: if . , 9 . X ,-H' , . 4 X .i, 5 X if-K--.M J i X A i l i Terri Michaels Raymond Miller Winnie Miller Regina Minnicgk Bob Montgomery Denise Moses Kathy Muir Gail Nicol Cathy O'Brien Rob Phillips Connie Preston Greg Preston Randy Richardson Lori Richmond Joe Rowan Randy Russell Vickie Schramm Cindy Skidmore Harold Spiker Carolyn Stafford John Stewart Susie Ternent Robin Thrasher Wayne Thrasher eleventh grade Debbie Warnick Laurie Warnick Renee Warnick Susan Warnick Cathy Weir Dale Weir Rick Whilhelm Linda Wilson Vicki Wilson , - 'Sw v .- m ,Q.,,i 4 x N i f x Q X g W I f x 1 6 1 . ' if A? ff 152 A 3'- " n X li C 'cvy , f AH' Vw Q . N. H, 1 ned lf QW A .v-.. na, A 55 ' wi M' X i Steve Clark John Calvin Nancy Kyle Lisa Metz Raymond Metz Mackey Philips Jeff Sloan Tim Whilhelm Kevin Youngblood Na, Ben Barrrmrr Greg Beam Fifrrbm Hourrmrr l :min Buurrmn Marty Burrrrvti Kathy Booth Alfred Bosluy Dubbuo Boutvrller Dvlmlm' Bradiery Bvlrrrdrr Bro.rm1w.m l .rr ry Brcmdwator Rarrdy Brondwaivr Snmiy Brcmdwatvr Hrrihrrrd Busknrk Sus.rr1Buskrrk lurr CrldWlllldt'l l ms Llrrrrvrorr Gvrw Cvsrrrck Do.rr1r1.r Clark M.rrg1rvCI.rrk Vu' Clark Hlrk Corrrmr Cnrrdy Cmrrrwrs lllvld Cnllwlv tenth grade f . G f' rg qw ,gf faxkl. xlxx -x rx' r 'M N. F 14-v A Is. ' Aw. - 'K fl ks. f" fig. XX x, ., - Q3 W ,U 's ff H 'E 35 K r 1 Y wr f 5 vi' x X J' w Y-.Af , ,1:W, .J kg N..,, 2515A , . K . W sg Q r C I , ing, ff' '71 . .fr is nl ai LS ..x Sr, lr 'r i 4 ' Q s I Q 'v' 'D 6+ . Page? .a ix F, mute, - ,Q -ek X S 44 ,X 'i 3:4 6 'S uv' , .1 mf fl , 1 . , D. 5 J f '1 . 3 I 5 ,wt he J J dw . . , I Yi K K fi YM, W . , , ,.:,, , gy Q 24 . av. g'?"'L' 5 ' Vvhlvfgk.. ,-5? ,J , ' ' Q91 ' 4 Q J . A , YI iii s if 7 Q . ' .X K i J I sr-H J iii 3"'s ii' ! ' .E v, ,6' W n , , g is V . f ' hN"'ii ,vs ,x H 5 u 4 .1 .81 ., I 1 , Q is " it r -tj 9 31 Z 31 we ,4 N Anette Crossland David Darr Roger Darr Kevin Davis Pats: Davis Betty Dawson Rhonda DeShong Bonnie Evans Robin Fairgrieve Gail Fazenbaker John Fazenbaker Krista Fazenbaker Phyllis Fazenbaker Randy Fazenbaker Rhoda Frenzel KirnGaIIagher Rochelle Gatian Roxann Green Shirley Hardman Randy Hawkins Alan Hutcheson Janet Jacobs Ray Jenkins Bob Johnson tenth grade Cindy Johnson Dave Johnson Jeff Johnson Phillip Johnson Sylvia Keller Sheila Kemp Chelle Kenner Joanie Klipstein Steve Kroll Randy Kyle Tamrnie Kyle Jim Lease Kevin Lee Maria Lewis Chris Llewellyn Troy Malone Amy Martin James Martz Murray Mason Doreen Matthews Lee Ann McAlpine Mark McDonough Billy McGregor Tim McMahon tenth grade L ..,. .H 4 pk f . . N Q so he L K if ' N 1 ii Q A5 -5 I t 1,- J 'Q ,W ,, .T EE ?' i 3 i I at . ei 1' ij 'N 45, I W '11 1 K i nc! 'QW all if yr .W Q V. v as IIN N. -..z A .xxmA:.,,. 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A Wi f T 4 1 if " A Q , I 'rrv if WTI-3' 1, sig' 'ls 'ke r nv. 1. 1 e, X ng,7.,Q3...gP f s' R ' is '14 "5.. N Terry Beeman Doug Brooks John Clise Joe Colmer Glenn Sutherland Arlen Miller Robert Smith Charles Thomas Tenth in I M Que f 5 Asus I '- Mark Arnold Jeff Banner Dorine Bean Jeff Beernan John Beeman Pam Beeman Tom Beeman Brenda Bell Laurie Bennett Sherry Bennett 'W I 1 f' ix Nancy Berke y ,A V A, V Lisa Bittenger -Q Q -. - Tammy Bittinger V Cathy Blair 'L L . 1' Gwynne Blair Margaret Blizzard Vicky Bolyard Carol Bordeau Alfred Bouteiller Sherry Bowman Stacey Brant V L Lisa Broadwater ' f 1' - Valerie Broadwater Dave Brode ninth grade lf'- 'i .1-V no it o4"Y" f If . 35 N .- ri A Z s rw ii .N I rfx ws get J. K W. , K. t ,vt , . I it pg., vfYs "S?T'v it Q y .,,t,,t I , nhl xl ,Q . ,,, Nw, - a, -. QF ,' fm' tg ,..,, ,Q A-n. 4 fi it e ri? ,... t.. W n 1, 3. K' X we 4 -5,1 -if 1 7'-I Nr 1 v ...ini tw V dv. I Alisa Broy Nancy Buskirk Rhonda Buskirk Steve Cadwallader Linda Cameron Alan Clark Edwin Clark Keith Clark Robbie Clark Teri Clark Victor Clise Jack Coburn Jackie Coleman Troy Colmer Phillip Crable Lisa Crawford Bill Crowe Kim Crowe Paul Custer Mary Davis Nancy Davis Susan Dawson JoAnne DeShong Bridget Devlin ninth grade Mike Devlin Harry Donaldson Pam Dwire Cindy Enos Amy Fazenbaker Annetle Fazenbaker Eddie Fairgrieve Flodney Fazenbaker Patty Figueroa Kevin Foote Lonnie Gardner Shelly Garlnz Lea Gerson Brenda Green Vince Green Phillip Herrick Amanda House Doug Howe Bruce Johnson Eddie Jones Kevin Kelly Kathy Kenney Bruce Kirkwood Dave Krunipach ninth grade rr rs ' -1 , 1 .fi 1 Q W agx W , X 3 1 X , -, ,V 5 1, Q. ,N ...K rpg Lf ,gui f' .. we Y if E K f N. ,J ,I .sk W? fa? G. Q LH "x':"'i y ,v 'x 1-' l 'sy ,., gf, 1 X I . ! ...Q .I 'v.p2::f,a E L AW K Q we l I A E 1... 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K N '.,- 'k., , so n j' ' 4,4g'1e-Q - - 2 90 if i A A 'l' 11 was T eg , Q1 ,LW r px 4 ,, 3 lc l Ei 'gi l khrx A ' Nl, X Steve Kyle Charles Layman Jimmy Lilly Sundi Malone Keith Martin Wayne Mayhew Connie McCormick Lisa McElvie Becky McKenzie Maria McKenzie Susie McMahon Mitchell Metts Ronnie Metz Debbie Micheals Tom Miller Bill Montgomery Don Moses Mollie Mullon Joe Nicol Lisa Nicol Lori Patterson Dave Porter Mary Pugh Mike Rae ninth grade Jim Rayner Alexia Rennie Brennan Rising Gail Robertson Kenny Robertson Billy Robinette Jodi Schlereth Sharon Schrock Maureen Shearer Brian Shuhart Dixie Simon Janet Smith Sherry Smith Scott Snyder Scott Thomas Gail Warnick Brenda Wilhelm Anita Wilson Kelly Wilson Laurie Winner Ted Winner Lori Woods Stacie Youngblood Nancy Burke David Bittinger Jimmy Bogie Ninth 4 as 1: J . PEL Q iff I '32 A NY " 'N M 1 S i fi R " 1 -sk f th is ti' wan 1- vm. ff' ,, y si.: . J V .K W " F K I I X . Y, i ,..., gi. X ' X fn X X XX I x Xtx ij I ,v + Q W 'lf' '-Q f fs at -...Mc . l K ww -nf Y., 4 ,.. fr 'tw fi fx, f.: , X Q 1 'sg Q4 .:.,,, 1 Ter gi? ff' 75 5 f- , y, ,M . , .,,.!.,.m,,.W,-3.-f-ft J-wt! ,... .ff W, , 1w22e'fe,i'4:E. ' . ,w:eg,,.A at .. .Je V with Q , 3 ,U K ,wif K 7-F? 4 ., . ff' ei 3 Mi 5 r . L ' A. The J.V. Cheerleaders cheer the Knights on to success B. Mark is always hanging around! C. You've got to be kidding! D. Ninth grade students show interest in class. E. Guess what or who Ronnie is dreaming about! D E C1555 .t ,it 1 f ,X at Julie Atkinson Joe Barclay Vicki Beeman Linda Bennett Kevin Bennett Mark Bittinger Paula Bittinger Kim Blizzard Linda Blubaugh Dan Booth Tom Bosley Denise Bowman David Bradley Robin Bradley Debbie Brennan Tom Brode Roberta Brown Brenda Broadwater Leslie Broadwater Scott Broadwater Dana Burdock Brenda Cameron Paul Clark Wendi Crossland eighth grade 'VI 1.. 'sro' 'VVS sit. i M r Nj as 'ks-af NI L E" vs , . 'X fix K' Pg' 1 K 4 My S. G , ,Rte ' I- ' f fl- Q B an h X I :ff - vw ive N . Q- . V '- wr Y 1? i " ' A x x S D W D 1 -n f- r ' i K 1 ' A av: -623 gk, ,ZS K 52 'P rx. ..,. "' - kiai.-:'Q'Cfff ir. V rin, ,Q fi so X 1 in IN Q 3- , W I R Lg i V, .W ,- xf' viz- f fi iii is is x -- ' f M ,fe r , ji V vs xg ' 4 C1 5 f-'H fi 'ig' I 'R QQ J K w, E w XX 5 I 5 is r' ki Y .Fr 'QW 1 8.5 ,J x Jeffrey Custer John Deniker Deana Duckworth Donna Enos Raymond Fairgrieve Debbie Fazenbaker Marshall Fazenbaker Tony Fazenbaker Sandra Fickes Jackie Folk Tori Foutz Deana Frenzel Gayle Garner Marilyn George Lisa Green Terry Hardman Jeanean House Connie Hutcheson Debra Hyde Vincent Jenkins Rick Kenner Michele King Ernie Kyle eighth grade Kass Lashbaugh Lisa Lease Joy Lee Jeff Llewellyn Mike Llewellyn Robert Llewellyn Pam Lough Matthew Martz Mary McGregor Mark McMillan Crista Michaels Jay Miller Gary Mills Frances Minnick Tammy Mongold Christine Morgan Mark Nicol Brian Phillips Jeannie Preston Robert Preston Terry Rae Bobby Rayner Susan Rayner John Reid eighth grade 'N""'1 ,. -wr ,v , wjxg A -t ff? -K X Y z RD, 5 ,K f . .S if ,Q f , fb' b,L V . 3 wi f X L 3 i S 5 K ' :K ' - 'rib ' L- ki ' R My Y ,sQQ.ts, " 9 9 6,4 W Y x I ' M3 L 1- N . .5 A M V f ' i is 1 Q ss V i ,Q- Q vs E Y, Vx l L its ai,2?-?ilL3'+ 4?-g. , 'QI .f QS' if ip. ,, 'f 4 " up L Q ,rf , S ' K E4 . 6 91 R 1' S97 'ln :rf- ..usm..t. .,, . . ..,w' , 1. if T f xx? 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Y M3 i ' 5 T S T ' ' V , 5 I 1 xii! i ' A 4 R T 'a'kf.ff N X f Denise Rennie Amy Richmond Lynn Robertson Penny Robertson Scott Robertson Trina Robertson Susie Russell Gus Schaidt Mike Schramm Harry Shewbridge Tom Shillingburg Jona Shockey David Shook Barry Shriver Karen Sires Kevin Skidmore Lisa Skidmore Barbara Smith Margaret Smith Ronald Smith Mandy Spear Chuck Stott Donna Thomas Don Thomas eighth grade Kellie Fair Beth Fazenbaker Gail McAlipine Kevin Metz Julia Miller Marlon Thomas John Thomas Tracey Thomas Betty Trenum Jean Vanmeter Kelly Vinci Ellis Warnick Tom Warnick Carol Weir Bob White Tammy Wilhelm Rita Wilson John Wilson Sheri Winebrenner Kim Winters Mark Young 5-.4 N .. k we fi' ff I F t QQ , Q K ,A wt- ' ,i I T 'Qs' , refill 2' 'fini J ,is ' 2' a W it ,S 5 5 Q. . S it . War T dr af t 'Q' ti, T we T it eikk A 1, KA ---- . T A tk is W' as lx it .. .K,Z- ,.A,i N s 5 A X H: Q X .63 S fs i ,b"s, 1 i. it P4 1 1 s . ie MI f R ' ' KM! 1 us 1 f .4 , 'Q Hiililulffl ii 'Q' ii "3 .Amanda is dreaming of Leif Garrett. "Ish't school great!" "I believe the roof is leaking!" D. The Three Stooges. E. Smile. Carla Alexander Kelley Arnold Janet Bell Bev Beeman Randall Bittinger Arthur Blair Jeff Blubaugh Janet Broadwater Sharon Broadwater Kathy Buskirk William Byers Hugh Cameron Scott Clark Nancy Cllse Sam Colmer Ronnie Cook Bob Crable Mary Crowe Roger Custer Lee Cutter Dave Darnell Mark Diggs Linda Donaldson Dave Dwire seventh grade l xx D 7 3 Q fe M. . f f !'fi7'I"" ffipkz 5 B ie xii 'L N- , -at 5 it vs 'Hu 'f 1' , sw 1 'A' Q' S Qs vw- Q Ks! an R . , 'rf- sv. N 6 rx It 4 ' i fn- ru xx t "4 as f1'+ 'WY as A ., -X fw t Q Y 4 , , t If 4 1 t 1 - X x 'Wil L' . 4 1 :, ,W s f f ir wp:-.. i xv' f I 'si - L--m...-.. .Y jx F' 1515 Q. K+' , f f 1 . f W Darren Fallon Tim Fazenbaker Rhonda Fitzgerald Steve Foote Melissa Foote Pamela Gallagher Bill Garlitz Kenny Green Mark Green Hank Halbritter Steve Herrick Michele Hobel Bobby Hopkins Karen Johnson Brad Jones George Keller Steve Kirkwood Joy Klipstein Bobbi Knippenburg Terry Knox Joby Kyle Jeff Lease Lu retta Lea se Beth Lewis seventh grade Faith Lllly Bridget Martin Melvm Matthews Donna McKenzne Patty Ma rtrn Joe Meyers Donna Muller Jessica Miller TornmyJoe Maller Brian Moses Charles Mulr Larry Murr Vallery Murr Wayne Murphy Jeff Norrls Lon Pase Jodl Patton Marla Phnlllps Knrn Pollock Bonnie Porter Trane- Powell Leo Pugh Mary Prvstun Sherry Preston seventh grade hiya. Nl' ,V ,yi I t j 3 . t -4 1' I q,A ,Q x 1. ' jg --. 0- Q QU I 2 M Q , - x , r, ,, K . AK I ft if-nl , H W MM 45 x PF .wh - .u 3 X! - 'uf 1 .rr rv ,X xx -0 N . , , 1 S, Q 5 . ' 1.1 .- -' sv-.R we - -vi "Qfr -'Y' F.: ix W- if f if 1 mn , A ,.,. - - Q , .. ' 1 Y" Q , t'F'w.' 1 . , ,,. .l' 1 z sp. 11 K 1 N i m A s H' X' it Z Q ,Q 4' V3 1 :HQ .vow r" 1 .,k f si t, Y Ugtlg S 4 X 2. I X Davrd Rrtchre Greg Fhtchle Jam Russell Paula Schlereth Heidi Schramm Cralg Shaw Pete Shillingburg Tom Srres Bill Smith Eddie Smith Shen Smith Johna Sprker Haroid Stafford Amanda Sta kem Sondra Thomas Jonetl Thrasher Todd Thrasher James Vrncr Debra Wrlhelm Gary Wrlheim Doug WITSOU John Wrlson Andy Wrnner Frrc Wnnner seventh grade 4 X ' : Calvin G. Rankin Richard C. Fram Charles Miller Principal Vice-Principal Counselor University of Maryland West Virginia University Frostburg State College - l Margie McKenzie Teri G. Lavin Virginia Steiding A EiIeenoM. Lewis Secretary Guidance School Health Aide Teachers Aid Secretary Administration Social Studies Art Lionel F. Baker Elsie G. Blair Frostburg State College Frostburg State College Linda S. Bond Sally C. Butler French English Salisbury State College Frostburg State College Elizabeth Bolyard English Gettysburg College Susan Densmore English 81 Reading . Frostburg State College Faculty 'F Y .".: Joan Fitzpatrick Christine Fuller Alexander Ganyu Physical Education Business Industrial Arts Frostburg State College Fairmont State College California State College ig'- if John B.iGilmore Karyl Hansen Geography Librarian Frostburg State West Virginia College University Faculty Thomas Harman Robert P. Jackson Driver Education Chemistry 81 Shepherd College Biology West Virginia University Donald J. Kukola Physics, Earth Science Clarion State College Nancy J. Kett Special Education California State College William J. McElvie, Sr. William L. Martin Social Studies Social Studies, P.O.D. Frostburg State College Frostburg State College Marvin T. Llewellyn Algebh, Geometry, Trigonometry Frostburg State College Dixie Lee Meyers English Frostburg State College Faculty John C. Meyers Physical Education University of Maryland John M. Pifko English Marshall University Faculty x . Flay Miller Charles E. Patton U.S. History Math, Science West Virginia University Frostburg State College X William F. Robertson Craig Schutz Mathematics Vocal Music Frostburg State College Frostburg State College James Scott y , Marian Taylor Industrial Arts i English Frostburg State College Frostburg State College ,iw Neil Toey Shepherd College I Business Math, Typing I John B. Willetts Sally Williams Lois H. Winkler Charles F. Yarnall Science Home Economics English Band Frostburg State Shepherd College Frostburg State Frostburg State College A-College College Faculty I 1 . 2:31 ix U anga fof 5 5 pfzofc eu ffzfaffgf, cffrlgg agafioof Gqcfiluifiea' D' - 'ff I QR Q, I ,. 5 1 F 2 4 ' Community Cflnmflfilnsrzfi of a '-2 M. ,M 'Nw -4 .4 Q., -. Baagsfgaff ga I2 ,fonacontrzg chlaufwaza 22 Main S+ree+ Lonaconing, Md. Phone: 4632560 Open I0 'ro 8 Monday fhrough Friday I O +o 4 on Safurday Big Cify Selecfion Small Town Prices cfocfaztcg Quznttwza Phone: l30ll 359-045I R+s. - 36 Wes+ernpor+, Maryland 2l562 Sears Where America shops Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back .fiisaufown .fligoflfztrzg Centex Cumberland lLaValel Maryland -Lyonaconing Slflfgifa Klflfay jim .ZLOIZQ Quick Snack Cfall Service 'lo the G-eorge's Creelr Communi+y 5 minufe car wash 463-6395 Lonaconing, Md. wise We Sell, lnsfall, and Service Wall fo Wall Carpehng and Linoleum fafafa Cjczcf-tion 24 Union S+. Lonaconing, Md. 2l539 Telephone l30 I l 463-5486 We Remove Cemenfed Down Rubber-Baclu Carpel, Linoleum, and Tile. Qfooz Cbvazilzg -Rene Warnick Amy 8: Sfeve "Chanel" Donnie Ross '79 Miss Linda Bond "Guzzle" '79 Laurie Winner Kafhy Trenum Tim '8l Mrs. Virginia Sfeiding Jeanne Sines Juan '8l Nancy Burke '82 Maria McKenzie '82 Rich Wilhelm '80 Class of '77 Cliff '8I Sheila Kemp '8l Joanie Klipsfein '8l Trina '79 Miss Grace Briner Paffi DeVaulf '79 Mr. Blaine Bufler Mr. John Clise Mrs. Helen Hughes Mr. Bill Truly Miss Carleifa Briner Mr. Russell Mclnfyre Mrs. Marie Epsfein Mrs. Naomi Krall Vicfor Baker Mr. Donald Crowe Paffi Weimer Cindy Woods Mr. 8: Mrs. Cyril Burns Janef '8l Rob Thomas '79 Kim Gowans '79 Roberfa Clarke '80 Soccer Team Karina Moffaff Mike M-affhews '79 Jimbo Walker '79 Jimbus Walker '79 Moose '79 Tom Spiker Mrs. Chrisfine Fuller Br:-'ada Crawford Mike Llewellyn '83 Keifh Howkins Kafhy 81 Roberf Pam Beeman '82 Earlene Winners Paffy Beeman Arlene Winners fpafzon Oqcfs Paffy Beeman Tammy Biffinger '82 Laurie Pafferson '82 Amy '8l Tom 81 Mary Beeman Carol Bluba ugh Jack Blubaugh Wes and Laure Ronald 8: Joanie Lynch Tim Diggs Kafhy O'Brien '80 Mrs. J. G. Howard Alice R. Howard Ronnie 8: Linda Crawford Doris M. Howard Brian Barclay Ronda Diggs '75 Neil Owens Mr. 81 Mrs. Edward Hawkins Brenda Loves Bananas "Tree" Ches Bullard Sfeve Clarke Alexia Rennie Kirk Carfer Trenf Carfer Wayne Thrasher Bridgef Devlin John Sfewarf Tom Bosley Ray 8: Nellie Tighe Alfred Bosley Mr. and Mrs. Ted Russell Faf Pack '79 Linda 8: Dave Gayle Nicol Randy Kyle Keffa Gafian Becky Thomas Paffy 8: Courfney Skinzie and Kafhy Mark Meh Rev '79 Peggy and Bill Connors Kevin Youngblood John Read Tonya 8: Mike Ann Youngblood Kafhy Vinci Sfacie Youngblood Mr. 81 Mrs. David Rayner Tammy 8: Neil Alexander Mr. 8: Mrs. William Nolan PaHi Cufhberfson '68 Ed Cufhberfson '66 Eddie Winkler Charlie Winkler Arlene Winkler Carey Moffaff Denny Moffaff Mrs. Eva Ream Cindy 81 Randy Kim Gowans Sandi Malone Amy 81 Ray Jerry '79 Terri Clark Sally Bufler Phill '79 Terry Meyers Dale Meyers Lois Winkler Susie '79 Amy Marfin Ray Tighe Kafhy 81 Greg Susie 8: Tony Laurie Winner Jeff Winner Dan Muir Kenny Russell Tonya Pase Maureen Muir Bufch Dye Joe Muir Tracy Foufz Sue Wilson Mark Whife '8l David Krumpach Vicky Bolyard Lisa Smifh '79 Keifh and Lisa Kafhy Smifh Vivian '79 Tommy Kenner Chuck Layman Mike 8: Paffy Hank '79 Shari '79 Kafhy Devlin Johnny Monfgomery Jim Dawson Margie McKenzie Linda Wilhelm Diana Miles Kass Lashbaugh "Joe" Bean Amanda Sfakem Laura Fogle '95 "The Buzz" Polish Joy Lee Joe 8: Mo Mike Lewis Cindy Smifh Joe Lewis Teddy Winner Vickie Beeman Dave '82 Lionel Baker Sfeve Foofe John Thomas Darren Fallon Johna Shockey Mr. Kukola Brian Shuharf Kelly Wilson Gail McAlpine Dana Burdock Linda Benneff Deana Duckworfh Roxann Bridges Rhonda Wilf Paula Schlerefh Tim Fazenbaker Billy Gardner Lonnie Gardner Jimmy 8: Mary Donifa Warnick Keifh Llewellyn Cindy Skidmore Whip Keller Pafsy Davis Mary Lou Davis Susie Davis Janef Smifh Marla Phillips Mike Foofe Maria Lewis Mary Ellen an Charlie Ed and Cheryl Susie Ternenf Beffy Dawson Dave 8: Ginny Shiffy Sherfier Paf Kenney Tim and Maff Tina 8: Rick Sheila 8: Joe Kafhy Devlin Lori Richmond Dina Foofe Cindy 8: Moon Bill 81 Judy Johnson Denny and Barbra Moffa'H' George 81 Leona Gowans Coke and Mary Ann Blair Fred 8: Calhy Sloan Bob 8: Rose Monfgomery Mrs. Kalhleen Winner Mr. 8: Mrs. John M. Piflro Fa+her Eugene Jacobs Bob and Mar+ha Miller Mr. 8: Mrs. Willard Cleavenger Mr. 81 Mrs. Gus Meyers Mr. and Mrs. James Muir Jeff "Dusl'y" Rhodes 81 Wings Larry "Tux" Johnson Mr. and Mrs. John "Jaime" Smifh Mr. and Mrs. James E. Shoclrey Sr. Leslie Broadwa+er William F. Roberfson Mr. 81 Mrs. Dale Lewis Michael Paul 81 Cyn+hia Lynn Shari Winebrenner Rev. Paul A. Byrnes Wuhan Oqcfs Dolfie 81 Kenny Derham Mrs. Margarel' Walson Mr. Roberf Wa+son Rev. Ruby N. O'Haver Rev. William A. O'Haver Jr. Mr. Ray Miller "Worm" '79 Mr. 8: Mrs. John Duclcworlh Eric Thomas 8: Winnie Miller Marlz Young '83 Bob '83 Wally High Mouse '83 Richard and Tina Duclxworlh Mr. 8: Mrs. Ray Mayhew Debbie Mayhew Bob 8: Sharon While Blair and Mary Thompson Jimmy Meyers D. L. Mason Teresa and Terry Brinkmon Regina Cu++er Florence Byrnes David "Rocky" Rifchie Boofy and Boo+apes'r Tina and Riclr Ginsang 8: Parry Wafson Kenny 81 PaHy Derham Scrapper '78 Lisa Fisher and Rob Boolh Business gbabcon Oqcfs Midland Sunoco Sfalion Bill's Grocery R+. I Box 326 463-6476 George's Creek School Lonaconing, Md. Barfon Elemen+ary School Jay Dee Grocery Midland, Md. A 8: B Au+o Body Cumberland, Md. Abe's Jewelry Cumberland, Md. Lonaconing Waler Co. Lonaconing, Md. Haier Furnifure Co. Moran's Service S+a+ion Rl. I, Wesiernporl, Md. Wesfernporl Launderefle Rae's Modern Disposl, Fro 689-9708 slburg, congatufafions to tile 1979 Senioz Ufass own of Benton Bzffk Cfofflmg .fadies Kiflfeafc William C. Savage Lonaconing, Md. Phone: 463-6667 KVVIV , ., , VN X g I m i ff .'-, W3?.ff 1 i YF ,'. P ,f Homeroom it 132 Miss Bond A I a. CCCP C C C C Y ,x'h Q 'CmM Q ngwtufatwm v - .miiigii C " -Q mf Q R ' 5:25015 gag C, iw C P 'P ,S Cl R. C. 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For example, we plan to increase the capacity of our existing papermaking facilities by 2096-or 1000 more tons a day by 1980. This is the eouivalent of a maior new millfbut without new mf!! costs, At the same time, we are indeed building new plants. Four, to be exact. Three converting plants and a chemical plant to keep pace with these fast-growing businesses. Were also adding to our timperland resources, and continuing to improve our programs aimed at saving and protecting two other valuable resource-se energy and the environment. And this makes our program for growth a winning game plan for everyone. As your neighbor, we thought youd like to know. Westvaco Fine Papers Division, Luke lVIill, Allegany County. Maryland 21540 Beat 514615.51 Qwm fpgiffifla goaf gonzflcuzy fonaaoniizg, Dwnszs waged gggiffifn

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