Valley High School - Lance Yearbook (Lonaconing, MD)

 - Class of 1958

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Valley High School - Lance Yearbook (Lonaconing, MD) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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I.. - l. 5 . Y n 55:53, X, NN C E rg Jax , x P blushed bq We VALLEY HIGH SCHQOL Lo occ q Mo gland 1 . f e Q - .1 ,.,, lf, -L. , U' 1 0 4.2 Y Z , L A sl-'X --f .9 . "1 r?ewf.xx'x K lu N . xg X 'Z re ! 5 X Kn":' ml Xi 'S w'f'f QI v 1 I if 13, Y - Q 1 U . n min F s fi' . , .iLA,..'3g.nAL..w, 'Q L14 u N X15 H! X.- Qeofbafzbn To express our appreciation for the un- failing devotion of a most helpful and cheer- ful teacher, who has sacrificed much in her years of teaching that we may profit from her knowledge, we the class of 1958 dedicate our 1958 Lance to a most gracious and de- serving lady, Miss Martha McDonaldson. ZZCLZI We llagvl ll-IHHH can ma, I5 .4 jgrincipa s jlfessage ! ' ! To die Cla! oi l958 - The world aw airs youl lt beckons you ro hurry , but caurions you ro come prepared. each oi you will have his conulbuxion ro rnalf-e ro our iurure - how small or ge ar this conrriburlon may be will depend upon you. N4e,you1 teachers and your parenrs,have ro prepare you for me masks and responsiblllnes that are ahead. vie know about xerns, pitialls and rerrlowrions you will coniront as you gow and learn. clarion ior your life grwcrureg lr is up ro you ro cornplere me 's ioundarion only you can cell. we hope ir will n b6 proud because lr is yours and you us with desony . or!! uled idle prob rhe ioun d upon th! h all ca is endezvo nor only y nr many o gariad ou bull oi whlc ut eiioi . have a r cr upon covena have s f V196 'I small, rn all yo ns who ble eiie My 'iw 'bllirles We building. vma be a structure, however earned it by bdlllg we and sincere You axe a part oi :bar generation oi America wbar you do, xhlnh, plan and say will have unrneasura own society but upon world so-:rery as well. Guard careiully and ale wish igeeclorn. rleep your ialrb in God and never :urn away irons your responsr slrlve success and happiness wlllbe yours. ll oi youl Sincerely yours, and l arn p0 Congarularions ro a I S. A. vexri . Ynncivel l f ff MISS ALYSANN BRADBURN Shorthand Office Practice TYPU18 Af I WDW: fx .IU .,4,A p 5 Wg' MR IJAMES cizossf Engfsh' , Hi ry Q13 ' , p . 'I MR. WILLIAM SAYLOR Vice Principal History MISS LILIAS C. ABBOTT Mathematics if .J ' :X ., MRS. ELIZABETH COOPER Social Studies Reading Core MR. RICHARD C. FRAM Mathematics MR. T. E. CONROY Bookkeeping Business Math Typing MRS. WILLIAM L. BYERS Mathematics MISS CATHERINE E. MANLEY General Science MR, KENDRICK Y, HODGDON Biology and Chemistry fy, MR. JOSEPH L, DERRY Music 57 1 K. t ,, , .X f . Eg 1. ,' I Y V x K x MRS. DORIS B. MITCHELL Music FJ! MRS, ROBERT HAMILTON Physical Education MR. JOHN MEYERS Physical Education MR. JAMES PAUL FRASE Physics General Science MISS ESTHER HOLZSHU English 'fffks-.IU ,i:i?:2f. 5 4 33327-'flg-5 MISS JO ANN KATSAKIS Home Economics MR. ALEXANDER GANYU Industrial Am MR. CALVIN RANKIN Commercial Law TYPU18 MRS. CONRAD HOHING Home Economics X MR. CHARLES L. GILLIS Art MISS ELIZABETH T. LOVE English Social Studies ffl! C 'K' MR. JOSEPH K. HAUGEN Industrial Arts MISS MARTHA McDONALDSON Social Studies English MISS MARY M. STERBUTZEL English Journalism MRS . MARGARET H . SOWERS Social Studies English MR . JAMES SPITZNAS History MRS. MARGARET B. SLOAN Language s ol' .575 WI: MRS. NORA TROXELL Librarian MRS SARAH WILSON English Social Studies Reading MR. JAMES SCOTT Industrial Arts MISS MARGARET H Social Studies English Reading Business Math 3 SLOAN E361 OTS ,A wi LIONEL F, BAKER "Bake" Academic Likes: Scotties, Milkshakes, Candy Dislikes: Food, Work RON BARBER "Ron" General Likes: Mercuries, Girls Dislikes: Chrysler Products PATRICIA MARIE ATKINSON "Pats" Commercial Likes: a certain boy from Piedmont Dislikes: Being teased about the Marines JAMES BERRY "Jim" General Likes: Girls, dancing Dislikes: Commercial Law LOUISE BEEMAN vvwiggyvf General Business Likes: Driving, boys Dislikes: Homework PAUL G, BARCLAY "Butch" Academic Likes: Sports, Norma Dislikes: Homework DAYTON BITTINGER "Dayton" General Likes: Girls, Fast Cars Dislikes: Cops, Chrysl er Products JOHN BLAINE BLUBAUGH "Blaine" General Business Likes: Marching with the Drum Corps Dislikes: Homework JANET MARLENE BRASHEAR "Ganet" Commercial Likes: Daydreaming about a certain boy Dislikes: Homework FRED BROADWATER "Fred" Academic Likes: Soccer, Mercuries, Girls namely 'Cathy' Dislikes: Cathy going out on him GAIL ANN BROADWATER 'Abbie' Academic Likes: Dancing, Neat boys, Chevies, Pop records Dislikes: Homework, Walking EDISON BROADWATER 'Butch' General Business Likes: Cars Dislikes: School ROBERT BRODIE "Bob" General Business Likes: Hunting, Fishing Dislikes: Shorthand GEORGE ROBERT BUCKHOLTZ 'Buck' General Business Likes: Girls Dislikes: Commercial Law DORIS ANN BRODIE 'Casey' Academic Likes: Elvis Dislikes: Having her pony tail pulled DARLENE BROWN "" General Business Likes: Plymouth and a boy driving it Dislikes: Homework f' ROBERT MARSHALL CLARKE ..Bob.. Commercial Likes: Hunting, Fishing and School Dislikes: Girls ROBERT LEE CLARK ..Bob.. General Business Likes: Fords, Girls, Hunting and Fishing Dislikes: Homework and school ji . -xl' af' 5 i iw naw 'X X If f Us 'visa' s sh ELLIS CHARLES CROWE, JR. "Sonnie" General Likes: Girls, Fords, Dancing Dislikes: Sassy Girls, Straight Curves RICHARD ALLEN CUTTER "Ace" General Likes: A certain girl in the Senior Class, Shop Dislikes: Commercial Law and homework CAROLYN CRAWFORD "Carolyn" Commercial Likes: Certain boy from Beechwood, New clothes Dislikes: Homework VIRGINIA DARLENE CUSTER "Cuss" General Business Likes: Fords, Basketball Dislikes: Homework GERALD KENNETH DERHAM "Ken" General Business Likes: Basketball, Driving, Hunting and girls Dislikes: C's on report cards , 5 RICHARD DAWSON "Dick" General Likes: Cars Dislikes: Math 'Qu 1, EDDY LEE DESHONG "Dish" General Likes: Carol Dislikes: School TIMOTHY ALLAN DOOLAN 'Lucky' Academic Likes: Chev's Dislikes: Walking to or from school RUTH MARY DENIKER 'Ruthie' Commercial Likes: Sports, reading and food Dislikes: Homework, onions, proms without music DOROTHY JANE DUCKWORTH ..Diz.. General Business Likes: Chevies and boys Dislikes: Homework WILLIAM EDWARD GARDNER "Bill" General Business Likes: Nothing Dislikes: English JUNIOR GENTRY "Junior" General Likes: Chevrolen's Dislikes: English DOROTHY LOUISE DURST ..Dot.. Academic Likes: Driving a car Dislikes: Homework RAE ANN EICHHORN "Eicky" Academic Likes: Good Records, Neat boys and Mercuries Dislikes: Homework GORDON GREEN nsi.. Academic Likes: Midland, milk, sports and money Dislikes: Not having the car every night KENNETH LEE GRANDSTAFF "Granny" Academic Likes: A girl from Midland, Good marks, Drive-Ins and Football games Dislikes: Stuck-up people, Plymouths that won't nm DAVE HOBEL 'Dave' General Business Likes: Basketball Dislikes: School IA MES HYDE Nltml General Business PATRICIA ANN FOOTE 'Toes' Commercial Likes: To sleep Dislikes: School HELEN AGNES FOYE "Helen" Commercial Likes: Fords Dislikes: Homework ROBERT V, JACOBS "Jake" General Business Likes: Rag top Dragon Wagons, Dancing Dislikes: Stuck up women SHIRLEY ANN FOUTZ "Foutzle" Commercial Likes: Boys Dislikes: Being teased about my car RICHARD TOLL JENKINS "Dick" General Likes: Fords Dislikes: School NORMA LEE GREEN "Windy" Commercial Likes: Yankees, Sewing and a tall dark haired boy in the Senior Class Dislikes: Homework and people who tell "Fibs" is-fi RODNEY JOSEPH JOHNSON .Rods General Business Likes: Sports Dislikes: Teasing SALLY ANN KELLY "Kelly" Academic Likes: Vacations, Dancing and Records Dislikes: Snobs, Homework ROBERT WILLIAM KIGHT "Bob" General Business Likes: Girls, Playing accordion, driving and fishing Dislikes: E's on Report card JUDY ANN HUGHES "Biddy" General Business Likes: West Virginia Dislikes: School, Squealers and work MELVIN KLIPSTEIN 'Klip' General Likes: Science Dislikes: Nothing IIM SIDNEY LEAKE "Wink" Academic Likes: Sports and cars Dislikes: Homework ALLEDA ANN KIRKWOOD "Kirky" Commercial Likes: Bill Wilson and Blue Buicks Dislikes: Having Bill go home early GERALD CECIL LLEWELLYN "Louie" Academic Likes: Sports, driving Fords Dislikes: Spinach SHIRLEY MAE LIKENS 'Shirley' General Business Likes: Fords Dislikes: Homework DORIS ELAINE KYLE .Rosyn General Business Likes: West Virginia fPiedmontj Dislikes: Working hard HAROLD WILLIAM LOAR "Sonny" General Business Likes: A certain girl from Eckhart Dislikes: Homework ROBERT DONALD MATTHEWS "Bob" General Business Likes: New York Yankees and Buicks Dislikes: Nothing IUDY ANN MARSHALL "B.I. " Academic Likes: Mac, Pop records, Plymouths Dislikes: Lonely weekends Homework NORMA JEAN MILLER "Killer" Academic Likes: New York Yankees, Swimming and Mickey Mantle Dislikes: Homework RAYMOND LEROY McCARTY ..Ray.. General Business Likes: Fords, Hunting and fishing Dislikes: Homework SANDRA LEE MCKINLEY "Sandy" Commercial Likes: Cheerleading and dancing Dislikes: Homework JAMES KENNETH METZ "Kenny" Academic Likes: Judy . Dislikes: Dodgers JAMES WENDELL METZ "Wendell" Academic Likes: Driving and collecting coins. Dislikes: Too much homework. THELMA IEAN MOORE "Jeanie" Commercial Likes: Certain boy in the Air Force and blue cars. Dislikes: Getting out of bed and commercials on the Rock and Roll programs. DONNA LEE O'H.AVER "Auntie" General Business Likes: Beechnut gum and Fords Dislikes: Getting my white shoes dirty JACK MILLER "Jack" General Likes: Fords and women Dislikes: School BARBARA ANN MOWBRAY "Moe" Academic Likes: Tim, Hamburg, Swimming Singing Dislikes: Doing Dishes, Pineapple JAMES EDWARD MOFFATT "Jumbo" Academic Likes: Dodgers, Sports, Movies Dislikes: Homework 2 ks E 'Du CHARLES MOSES " Poochie' General Likes: Betty Dislikes: Homework DONA MAE PASE "Dona" General Business Likes: Dale Dislikes: School BRENDA LEE RAVENSCROFT 'Bubbles' Academic Likes: Summer time, Dancing, Records Dislikes: Homework, Hot-Rodders MICHAEL RAY MUIR "Mike" General Likes: Pirates Dislikes: Yankees BETTY LOU PRESTON 'Beck' Commercial Likes: Basketball, Yankees, Jim Dislikes: Onions, Homework WILLIAM HENRY MURPHY "Pete" General Business Likes: Sports Dislikes: Commercial Law MACKEY PHILLIPS 'Mack' General Likes: Sports, Chevs Dislikes: Spanish Rice NORMA ELAINE RUSSELL "Rusty" Commercial Likes: Chicken -Dinners, Baby-sitting, sports Dislikes: George Gobel, Spinach CLIFFORD PRESTON 'Clif' General Business Likes: Baseball Dislikes: Homework DORIS JUNE SPIKER "Doris" General Likes: Dancing Dislikes: Teachers RUTH LEE SCHRAMM 'Ruth' Academic Likes: David, Turkey Dislikes: Coconut, Homework DON W, ROBERTSON "Willy" General Business Likes: Hunting Dislikes: Teachers EDWARD LLOYD ROBERTSON 'Breeze' Academic Likes: Mercuries, Fords, Mickey Dislikes: Pomiacs WILMA JANE SPIKER "Splash" General Business Likes: Neat Hair Dislikes: Men SALLY PRICE STEIDING "Pricey" Academic Likes: Chevies and Fords, Food Dislikes: Homework ROBERT THOMAS RUSSELL "Bob" Academic Likes: Sports Dislikes: School DONA LEE STAFFORD "Dona" Academic Likes: Yankees Dislikes: People who make a pest of themselves ,F 6' WILLIAM GUSTAVE SCHAIDT "Gustaver" Academic Likes: Hunting, Fishing, Boating Dislikes: English and Fords GEORGE STAUP "Georgie Dale' General Likes: Hot rods Dislikes: Dames CATHERINE ELIZABETH STEPHEN 'Cathy' Commercial Likes: Boys, Writing Letters Dislikes: School, Going steady IEAN THOMAS "Jeanne" General Business Likes: Weekends Dislikes: Walking to school bus. GORDON A LBERT STEVENSON "Soupie " Academic Likes: Hunting, girls and game. Dislikes: Homework BARBARA SUTHERLAND "Bubbles" General Likes: Basketball Dislikes: Homework HAROLD SUTHERLAND "Suds" General Business Likes: Baseball Dislikes: Homework HARRY JAMES TERNENT "Jarves" Academic Likes: To skip class Dislikes: Homework VIRGINIA GRACE VICTORIA UNUCHEK "Butch" General Business Likes: Rowe and his 1957 Fury Dislikes: Hot-rodding and homework. DONALD ELLSWORTH TIMNEY "Donnie" Academic Likes: Math, Physics, Church, Sports, Music Dislikes: Dancing, English, History SHIRLEY ANN WILAND 'Sweetie Pie" General Business Likes: Dancing, Singing, reading and Ronnie Wilhelm Dislikes: Homework over the week ends and low grades LEOTA M, WARNICK "Leota" General Business Likes: Jim Dislikes: Homework THOMAS MICHAEL WARNICK "Cherrynose" General C Likes: Baseball, Girls Dislikes: School, being teased DAVID LEE WEIR "Dave" Academic Likes: Chicken, Candy, Ruth Dislikes: Homework JOYCE WILSON "Joyce" Academic Likes: Bowling, Playing piano, dancing, Dodge cars Dislikes: Waiting just waiting DOROTHY MALVINA WILT "Dot" Academic Likes: Motorbike riding, Ford cars, hot rod racing, rifle shooting. Dislikes: Trig RAYMOND HUGH WINNER IORHYN General Business Likes: Playing baseball, hunt- ing. Dislikes: School, homework. J X'--.. MARLENE JOYCE WILSON "Marlene" General Business A Likes: Mercurys Dislikes: Homework UIIIIQ. 'Xl Age' gifs Ss Qfgaxk Us '. 'xl A. ji . x Nl R . rf 'il L I L 1 '1 if 1 V 1 1 . V. GEORGE FRANCIS WINTERS "George" General Business Likes: Girls and Music Dislikes: Commercial Law 1Qss57fgfQl3f RUBY MARIE WILT "Wilde" General Business Likes: Basketball and dancing Dislikes: Staying home at nights doing homework -f'i"' vil'! ian. scndimz V 0-' .of" 1, Ura ' -'-A N. 1' U 'tk i 5 , bob Russell A.: Lx. va, ,. .. 11" I 11 Brrfmizwir? " . ,ff x Q l fQ 'T' 413. x N if Jcpy-Be wilson s-an ,-J in 0 o , S 1, V xx. Pa t Y' 4- 1 clark M. use FQ'- ' X af. uv" 6 Q.- v-. cha rd 4...--gr' '... B I""lH1koA6.47zf'f1, Lion Elv 16 Q3 1 ,la i' j.f:C'T'fOI'1 .I. Ste'-xenso -K -., li Hstaff , '4 7 1 i V GPBD lf Blair - 1: 5 E Jacob 4 A-Q.: EI' 3, I 'H F! len gr! Pa ,J 7 l L4 flax I S3 Paul Ba rc lay y Steiding Judy Marshawl x 4LZ3f'JE7"Cf6?5S77'l6 if ' f f r' N. X 'fu Y P ' ' u' , K x 'P w f " Q Q"-S 5 X. Wm K Y 'Xiu - XJ ,J 1 -Q.: - . ,.gg..,5 ' ,hbiffl-if vvrxei. J, 5 A 02- "-+fw,.1' ' Mg GARY ASHBY IUDY ATKINSON IULIE ANN BAKER ERNEST BEEMAN IUNE BEEMAN MARY L. BENNETT ROGER BENNETT MARY ANN BLUBAUGH LINDA BOAL NELLIE BOETTCHER CAROL BOSLEY OTIS BROADWATER JAMES BUCKALEW .IOSEPHINE BUSKIRK MARY BUSKIRK BILL BYERS HM CHAPPELL NANCY COLMER CAROL CRABLE DOROTHY CRAWFORD OWEN CROWE RUTH CUSTER BILL CUTHBHITSON .TERRY DAVIS SHARON DESHONG JAMES DICK KENNETH DONALD MARVIN DONALD MARY DONALD LAWSON DUCKWORTH MARY IDU DUCKWORTH DAVID DUNN DARLENE ELKINS CAROL FAIRGRIEVE HELEN FAIRGRIEVE ZIIIIOITS N-sw 13' nw, X F A - 'C rn! NM K 5 . . ,V S -4 Y 1 . K. ,433 I Q uffxx ii.. - va FV? ig: . v , I xl ag "'f"f' X la N 05.-f Q LL 5? 1 N NN U12 I OITS if wg. -2' . 4 NX' 54' f K' r'N V A .75 - 45 X x A 1 . A, I x A M , Jfla-ff RAW if - ..- Ov 'NS3' A K 'SYEK lf?-I' JAMES FAZENBAKER RUTH FISHER CONRAD FLETCHER CHARLES FOOTE JOAN FOOTE WAYNE FOOTE CAROLYN FOUTZ FRANCIS GARLITZ HELEN GARLITZ JAMES GOWANS BONNIE GREEN BARBARA HAMILTON MARTHA HARDIGAN PATSY HERSICK GLEN DALE HOWELL ROBERT HUTCHESON MARY JACOBS ROSALIE JACOBS HARRY JENIGNS LEROY JONES SANDRA JONES MAXINE KAMP RITA KIRKWOOD CAROLYN KYLE GEORGE LAUDER DONNA C. LEWIS DONNA L. LEWIS RONALD LLEWELLYN GLADYS IDAR DONNA MBCDONALD DAVID MCKENZIE MARY ANN MCKENZIE DONALD MAGRUDER PATRICIA MERRILL CLIFTON METTS SUZIE MILLER JUDY MOFFATT GALEN MONTE ELAINE MOORE GLADYS MORRIS BARBARA MOSES DON MOSES BONNIE NEAT GLORIA NICOL RONALD PASE JOHN PORTER JAMES RAE BONNIE RENNIE JIM RITCHIE KATHLEEN ROGISH DALE ROUNDS GRACE RUNION IDIS SMILEY MARILYN SNYDER BETTY SPIKER HM STAKEM JUNE STEELE JEAN STEVENSON DANNY THARP JOHN C. THOMAS JOHN R. THOMAS MAC THRASHER JOYCE WALKER SHIRLEY WARNICK GLENN WHITEMAN CAROL WILHELM BETTY WILLIAMS DALE WILSON ELIZABETH WILSON GARY WILSON unzbns' x N, 9 Cf ,f I A X 1 0 If keg" I fi A J - "' ' . XM' 7 -5, C:'fQ1 J WJ Q is x 1 9 1 5 F J' I Tx! I-I J' Ji 4 X 9 In 5 I? 017220 S ig' Tlhlxx Ra 1' r TED ROBERT CHARLES WILSON WINNER ROBERT SON O kv' 2 5 ,-Q., VW? D -ww, ,. -'hx 7 , 49" , fi. 'JF' - Q gm 1 " ' ' f QA E W 3 ,::: . , e fp f -Q C5 I X Q Q' Fu , X D if ' 4 I x L... - ,, 3 J ' XYQN ' ' 'X - , ' E vol B- Q 'TZ' Ain J di? J'-L - iv- . 'Rh ' 'T' xa ., -' ' R 'yff' 5. W X E B. of l . f f 1 . is , -gs,.s,,r , , who .J -65 YW Y Num. .. 5 'i L .ja -if I K ., A CS Q06 0122 OFQS XKJAL7 I 'hifi V! '1 k. t-aft' Tom Dodds Mickey Eagen Carlene Fazenbaker Mary Fazenbaker Shirley Fint Robert D. Foote Robert M. Foote Patsy Gallagher Bill Garlitz Roy Garlitz Jimmie Getty Bill Gowans Elbert Green Ronnie C. Green Ronnie V. Green Wade Grove Mike Hersick Harriet Ann Haran Rita Hartman Sandra Hendra Beverly House Violet Howell Betty Jacobs Raymond Jeffries Sandra Jenkins Norman Jenkins Donna Johnson Louise Johnson Johnny Keyes Dorothy Kyle Judy Lashbaugh Sue Lashbaugh Jack Lease Mary Lee Lanny Lemon Connie Llewellyn Mary L. Loar Bob Lyden Joann McKenzie Larry McKenzie Mary Alice McKenzie Jim McKinley Pat McPartland Theresa Matthews Gene Meyers Glenn Metz Arlen Miller Bonnie Miller Judy Miller Pauline Miller Patricia Munson Charles Myers Allen Phillips Robert Phillips Sharon Phillips Janet Poland Jim Pollock Tommy Preston Anna Lea Pysell John E. Ravenscroft Robert Reidler Dorothy Robertson Sandra Robertson Shirley Rounds Mary Russell Sally Schramm Norma Shaw Darla Shockey Kenneth Shockey Judy Shriver CSOlOg 0172 0149 5 .Q ' ui . , 62 P J o ,lf X M Ei . 1 I I x . . . i X r 'Y ui D 5 ff J S 4' - L i ix-. i KK l,, , if in it yat Q is , d J S 'xc Fw . WV if wha X X J I 1 he X 4 f ' ff' X.. K www i . K xr I it Q 1. J 'Wx . .,- QSOXUA 0122 OFQS in i ' I., '1 t, 'J ek k4!"-ELL C.. Wanda Siegmyer Donna Sloan Mary M. Smith Sara Lynn Snelson Charles Edward Spiker David Spike! Eloise Stafford Colleen Stakem Betty Steele Claude Steele Sonja Steele Marion Steiding Gilberta Symons Jack Ternent Margaret Tipton Steve Warnick Bob Weimer Donna Weimer Jack Westfall Karen Wiland , f 1 Catherine Wilhelm Jo Ann Wilson Roger Wilson Ronnie Wilson Maryetta Youngblood L, ,NN .X QX 5, n qt ff-.3 First row, left to right: G. Wilhelm, S. Phillips, D. Lease, D. Beeman, R. Duckworth, K. Green, S. Robertson, M. McKenzie. Second row: C. McKenzie, K. Myers, N. Humphey, C. Wilson, L. Miller, K. Buckalew, B. Fair- grieve, T. James, A. Parks. Third row: R. Lewis, P. Green, B. Chappell, C. Inskeep, L. Beeman, S, Rainer, G. Barber, R. Russell. Fourth row: I. Whitman, C. Buskirk, J. Shockey, G. Steele, R. Lease, G. Cook, B. Metz, R. Custer R. Ravenscroft. Absent when photo was taken: Peggy Green. 1-I 5-4 First row, left to right: S. Moore, R. Russell, P. Schlereth, S. Howell, K. Trost, C. Stephen, R. Dicken, B. Kirkwood. Second row: A. Stott, D. Siegmyer, A. Clark, F. Derham, J. Weimer, M. Broadwater, B. Watten- schait. Third row: H. Trenent, P. Broadwater, K. Brumage, P. Helmick, C. Duckworth, P. Cutter, D. Williams. Fourth row: K. Turner, H. Minnick, J. Morris, W. Foote, G. Broadwater, J. Stevenson, D. Turn- bull. flf W- 31 s "3f?'6PQfi:5i 7-I First row, left to right: S. Wilhelm, R. Matthews, D. Poland, M. Lee, J. Lease, R. Fairgrieve. Second row: G. Baer, ll Westfall, C. Kimble, G. Shockey, G. House, I. Phillips, R. Wilson. 4 7-2 First row, left to right: P. Obrien, P. Ravenscroft, A. Haggard, S. Rainer, B. Fazenbaker, P. Shockey, B. Creighton, L. Russell. Second row: P. Kenney, P. Getson, S. Donaldson, B. Martin, H. Lease, B. Nightengale, J. Whet- zel, E. Gentry, R. Spiker, J. Matthews, M. Dunn. Third row: M. Getson, C. Fike, C. Dodds, P. Green, P. Michaels, T. Baker, S. Gattons, J. Hyde E. Brennen. .1 . is . 1 1' W D4 Ii ' ' ' F ,nfl NH-x I' A-'ri nfl ,..-1-.g ...ll '---K rll.'J! Q' "..::3s .nk G . 7-3 First row, left to right: B. Brennan, G. Bennett, G. Broadwater, R. Broadwater, C. Clise, J. Kyle, R Fairgrieve, J. Matthews, B. I-Ioggold. Second row: M. J. Ross, J. Cutter, M. Engle, D. Greene, R. Crawford, F. Jacobs, L. Miller, C. Symons, D. Colmer, M. Miller. Third row: N. Mackley, F. Miller, A. Bittinger, S. Thomas, S. Colmer, M. Broadwater, C. Craw- ford, K. Broadwater, D. Deniker, H. Ritchie. A Y SQ '51 1 T' 'rg' 7-4 First row, left to right: B. Ickbeburger, M. Miller, K. Llewellyn, L. Turnbull, D. Snelson, N. Llew- ellyn, J. Miller, R. Tichnell, Z.. Kitzmiller, L. Webster. Second row: P. Broadwater, E. Hausrath, B. Zarger, L. Lambert, J. Green, C. Perry, J. Tirnney, N. Langham, T. Fisher. Third row: R. Steiding, D. Metz, W. Clark, K. McCormick, R. Mowbray, J. Thomas, I. Johnson, J Smith, F. Sloan, F. Metz. l r r . z '1' ,xxyxwt X 'Z A x , Hi 5? .H ,, ' .Na-pg , la fi-:JI ,S ' , .6 gf A-g-wx K K .ww fm-W: ,1r,s.1-,-Q ' f- -. ,-- 21 , if .+V W-gy.. . WY" . ' mf? ' lf! r ' mf' K X K 1 vw' ,, K Sala, ,WL 7 A K :ff -f - -' - 1 5 Q '1 if Q 1 A I , ' ,ig f , X-Q-:E ' ,JQQJWQ ' we gf. , Vwisx. -5 ' Z , . vfw " ' J ' H ' ' - Q' -ifljn. -NQN, .F 4, , . , . ,4.sfE:Sf'Wu 4 ff. V , 9 ' '- A .- r ,N '34, g , 3 . K ' 'Q -v a ' ,,., A I 1 .1 'z' . ry Q K ZW? H ,Q A ls X 9' . 4,5 2 'fx I ,I ' ..,...,,.,A 3' Qi fr P xp, I if it bf-V 'S S Y , EA L .8 I " 74' in .N 'S 'v ' .- -'Sl rig 51 SVOT-ACS o t1g,s sw .W 'gow O 9 N 5'-k san Ii 'X fx X1 X Q o X. Q Q. ' os y 0 X? 4 0 J asegaf 'lah' Fust row B111 Foote, Mike Muxr, Grover Fazenbaker, Moe Metts, Johnny Johnson, Butch Young Second row Coach Meyers, Tom Wamrck, George Lauder, hm Pollack, B111 Murphy, Rodney Johnson, Gerald Llewellyn, Ray Wrnner, Ted Wrlson, Clrff Preston, Trppy Metts VALLEY HIGH S BASEBALL RECORD 1957 Valley Score Opponent Score LaSalle Beall Fort H111 Flrntstone Allegany Bruce Mt Savage LaSalle Beall Fort H111 Flrntstone Allegany Bruce 6 Mt Savage In the 1957 season of baseball, Valley had then most successful year. The Kmghts frgured rn erght contests decrded by one run and played two ue games, thus wrnmng frve of the erght contests. The Black Knrghts won 8 of then' 14 games, lost 4, and tred 2. Fazenbaker turned rn 6 wrns 3 losses for a total percentage of . 667, whxch IS an out stand1ng record for any hrgh school prtcher. . Y . , S 1 v , Y-5, ' x 'N I YQ - 1 , . X' , EY 1 5. 1 QX ' ,' . s f 1 "Est I I V 1 6 X x 1 V xV,L fm , 9' ' . A, 4 4 1 3 3 9 ' 9 4 ' 3 7 8 12 11 7 , 6 4 3 1 2 5 ' 6 7 ' 1 2 9 6 2 OCCQI' VALLEY HIGH DOES IT AGAIN FRONT ROW Gerald Llewellyn, Paul Barclay, Gordon Green, Dave Hobel, Clrfton Trppy Metts, Teddy Wxlson, Rodney Johnson, Hank Wrnner, Fred Broadwater, George Lauder, Jrmmy Pollock and Jrm Berry, Manager BACK ROW Coach Meyers, Brlly Murphy, Elmer Ravenscroft, Wade Grove, Larry McKenzre, Bobby Brown, James McK1nley, Allen Abbott, B111 Garlrtz, Ronald Pase, Jim Getty, Tom Donaldson, John Denrker, Wayne Foote, Jrmmy Drck, Jrmmy Stakem and Kenny Grandstaff BLACK KNIGHTS SOCCER CHAMPS The Valley H1gh Black Knrghts, coached by John C Meyers, captured then 5th strarght W M I Soccer Champ1onsh1p Gomg 1nto the last game wrth Beall, Valley was leadxng the league wrth our arch nval Bruce nght behrnd us Valley needed a win or a ue to clrnch the tltle Play1ng Beall Hrgh on the Beall freld was tough Valley, berng the team they had standrng players all season were Fred Broadwater, Gordon Green, James Pollack Trppy Metz, Dave Hobell, and George Lauder SCORES W M I SOCCER LEAGUE VALIEY OPPONENT Standrng of Teams Savage School Wrns Losses Tres Pomts Bruce Valley Flrntstone Bruce Beall Beall Mt Savage Flrntstone Bruce Mt Savage Fhntstone 2 Beall been all season, finally came through with a 2 to 1 win over Beall. Some of the out- ' I 0 3 Mt. 0 ' ' ' 1 V 0 7 0 1 15 11 ' 0 6 1 1 13 4 3 3 5 0 6 5 . 0 ' 1 6 0 2 1 1 . 1 6 0 2 '7 ' 0 1 J oyf Zasfefgaf F1rst row left to rrght hm Moffatt Hank Wlnner B111 Dye Gordon Green George Lauder Gerald Llewellyn Dave Hobel Second row Bob Russell B111 Schardr Wayne Foote Mlke Mrur Jrmmy Chappell Francis Garlrtz Jrm Stakem Clifton Metts Teddy Wilson Coach Meyers Valley ' Home games Opponents La Salle Pledmout Keyser Southern Predmont Alumnl Fort H111 Allegany Beall Bruce FINAL W M L STANDINGS Fort H111 Valley Allegany Beall Bruce Mt Savage PC 4 SCORES Valley Valley Valley George Lauder led the W M I league 1n foul shooung wrth 44 of 56 for 786 average and also runner up m W M L sconng wrth 208 pornts Valley fcancelled sn0wj Opponents Elk Garden Northern La Salle Fort H111 Mt Savage Allegany Beall Southern Northern CLASS STATE PLAY OFFS Brunswrck 43 fat Fort Hrlly Southern 37 fat Fort H111, Garthersburg 48 fat College Parkj 50 61 55 53 ' ' 46 72 48 53 44 ' 53 ' 40 40 ' 35 ' 40 91 ' , 53 ' ' 53 63 ' 50 ' ' 38 '73 62 Mt. Savage 40 84 Bruce 47 58 - 61 ' 51 68 ' 71 ' 42 4 0 " B" '- W. L. T. ' 9 1 . 900 48 ' 8 2 . 800 7 3 . 700 67 4 6 . 00 2 8 , 200 44 ' . 10 , 000 1 irq flux' Zhzyfgfs' Left to right: Jim Moffatt, Bill Dye, Hank Winner, Gordon Green, George Lauder, Gerald Llewellyn, Dave Hobel, UIZIOI' Uarszky First row, left to right: James Pollock, Bill Garlitz, Elmer Ravenscroft, Jim Getty, Larry McKenzie, Bobb Brown, Allen Brode, Bobby Reidler y . Second row: Richard Duckworth, Lowell Snyder, Wayne Johnson, Ronnie Hunt, Richard Evans, Barry Jones, Jerry Winner, Wade Grove, John Deniker. 9 .tr :MQ 3 S sr g , We Q16 yjasfefgaf F1.rst row left to rrght Jean Miller Ruth Deniker Betty Lou Preston Susan Mrller Rrta Kirkwood Mary Lou Duckworth Shrrley Warnrck Glona Nrcol Second row Virginra Clrse Pauline Mrller Betty Ann Cook Bonme Miller Gladys Morris Ann Foutz Mrs Hamilton Darlene Custer Judy Lashbaugh Donna Johnson Dorothy Kyle Dorothy Robertson Ruth Frsher SCCRES Valley Opponents Valley Ursuline St Mary s Alumni Bruce Fort H111 Hyndman ' Home games Opponents Ursuhne Bruce ' Fort H111 ' yndman St Mary s Our girls basketball team has done well this season Two regulars were back from last year's team, and with that start Coach Hamilton built a team of frne players Two games were lost by only one pornt each and another by three points Our lassies played the game until the last whlstle blew and made a fine display of sportsmanshrp whether they won or lost. Startrng Line up Ruth Demker Semor Betty Lou Preston - Senior Rrta Kirkwood - Junior Suzre Mrller - Junior Shuley warruck - Junior Mary Lou Duckworth - Junior Frrst Subs Jean Mrller Senior Ann Foutz - Senior Darlene Custer - Semor Patsy Atkrnson Semor Glona Nrcol - Jumor Gladys Moms - Jumor K wv., Q ' 7 E I , . ' 3 . 1 ' 1 ' K XE, ' an l fy ' 52 ' 53 37 ' 40 64 ' . ' 23 52 31 44 ' 45 34 ' 57 49 ' 31 53 H 54 30 ' 66 58 . ' 47 71 55 ff arc gf QDIIZQQS ame VALLEY SENIORS EDGE AGING FACULTY Ilia.. R 2,5 76 gyffmg jzacuiy Front row left to rr t Mr Saylor Mr Fram Mr Rankrn Mr Preaskorn and Mr Scott Back row Mr Gillrs Mr Ganyu Mr Hodgdon Coach Meyers and Mr Cross Mr Petry our prlncrpal was strll out on the f1oor debaung the result Father Trme frnally overcame our puffrng faculty whrch resulted rn their losrng the faculty sen 1or game desprte the vahant efforts of then two whrstle tootm referees Qwho are hopmg to pass chemrs tryj Hrgh scorer for the game was Mr Fram wrth 19 pornts next Ken Metz Wllh 14 Hotshot Hodgdon lead wrth 3 for 3 at the foul lme The S71 collected went to March of Dlmes LINE UP Students Rodney Johnson Kenny Metz Tun Doolan B1ll Murphy Davrd Werr Bob Russell Don Trmney 11m Leake Fred Broadwater Bob Matthews George Staup hm Berry Paul Barclay Bob Buc kholtz Totals 17 2 Referees. George Lauder and Hank Winner. Faculty A Petry C Fram G Rankm W Saylor Ganyu Cross Y Hodgdon Preaskorn Scott Grllrs Rank1n Totals Students Faculty 914 12 9 .X f 2 'lslffs '52 1 f lg xx A . M' ' t Ar 3 EM . Lx R I 'L Q Q t f 1' ' Q , 'ghz . , . , . ' , . , . Ol, . . . . . . . - - G F T G F T 1 0-2 2 J. . 2 0-2 '7 0-3 14 R. . 5 - ' 1 O-1 2 C. . ' 1 0-0 ' 6 0-3 12 W. . 1 0-4 ' ' 0 1-1 1 A. O 0-3 1 0-0 2 J- 1 0-0 ' 0 0-0 0 K. . O 3-3 ' 0 O-1 0 I. 0 0-3 O 0-0 0 I. 0 0-0 0 0-0 0 C. ' ' 0 0-0 1 0-O 2 I. ' 0 0-O ' 0 0-0 0 0 0-2 0 10 -2 0 1-1 1 5 21 22 -14 36 3 8 19 uf' QZQQC jgzuyffs I I C C C KNIGHTS DO IT AGAIN . . . MR PETRY recerves the W M I soccer trophy for the school from COACH MEYERS The Kmghts won the Western Maryland Interscholasuc League t1t1e for the flfth strarght year when they nosed out Beall, 2 to 1, on Wednesday, November 6 Under Coach Meyers, the Valley booters have completed four strarght undefeated seasons, only bIem1sh on theu record thrs year bemg a ue w1th Bruce Frve of the Kmghts seven wrns were by the shutout route In f1ve years, Coach Meyers' Knzghts have won 35 games whrle losmg only one and playtng four nes x re Zjzcforzlo us AND THEIR AWARDS A Black Knight soccer team receives W,M.I, Trophy Q7-goys efazkz cgfafe ZYQ Mr. Petty receives the state trophy . , , 1957 First row, left to right: Coach Meyers, Mr. Peuy, Butch Young, John Johnson, Gordon Green, George Lauder, John Mummert, Bill Dye, Dave Cook, Jim Moffatt, Gerald Llewellyn, Bill Foote, Mack McKenzie, Dick Duckworth, Dave Hobel, Bob Hyde Cjgggf QGGQFS VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Sandra McK1n1ey, Judy Moffatt, Pat McPart1and Grace Rumon, Donna Sloan, Vrolet Howell X,- If JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Frrst row, left to rlght Sandy Moffatt Shrrley Fmt, Judy Lancaster Second row Norma Shaw, Mary M Srmth, Elolse Stafford Manon Sterdrng and Sara Lynn Snelson FQ Q V S 'N is cfs? .e ' , f v Q35f Sept 5 Welcome back' School opens for 1957 58 Sept 11 Sept 19 Sept 25 ta ken Sept 30 Fust assembly Delmar Studro takes class pictures 26 Senrors have graduation pictures Klck off of magazrne campargn Oct 2 The Balfour Company dellver Iunror class rmgs Oct 3 Oh! Let me look at your proofs Gafen OQ1' Feb 3 Movre The Conqueror Feb 4 Mt Savage at Valley Boys set W M scorrng record for the year wrth 91 pomts Feb 7 Valley boys crush Allegany 63 54 Betty Lou Preston w1ns Betty Crocker Home makers Award Feb 13 March of D1mes game Non Varsrty Senrors vs Faculty Senrors wm 36 Boys team beats Bruce for W M I Class B Trtle Feb 17 Feb 15 Oct 5 Fust soccer game of the season Valley blanks Savage 3 0 Oct 10 Iumors hold Hop Teachers leave for Balttmore students get two day vacatron Oct 15 Valley set new W M I League record of pomts scored rn a soccer game Beat Flintstone 11 O Oct 30 Movle Crurslng Down the River Nov 5 Kmghts sk1ne at Beall we wrn Soccer Trophy permanently Congratulatron boys! Nov 6 F H A group from Flrntstone rnrtrate Valley chapter Band plays for Dedtcatron of boys camp Nov 1 Mov1e Long Gray Lrne Dec Dec Betty Crocker Homemakers Exam 5 Grrls open basketball season Tnumph of St Dec 6 Dec 18 Valley presents 1957 Chrrstmas Program Petrt Noel Dec 20 Student Council holds annual Chrrst mas Dance Sandy McK1nley crowned Queen Wrnter fLong awaited Chrrstmas vacatron 5 Dec 27 Altunnr game Hail 1958! Ian 2 Movre Benny Goodman Story Jan 3 First W M I game Valley wms over Fort H111 50 38 Jan 9 Cresaptown Junror High plays Valley Junior Hrgh Jan 10 Stevie Warnrck and Mrke Hersrck locked in lrbrary durrng lunch penod Jan 20 Grrls basketball team have v1s1tors all the way from Hyndman F T A visrt Central try therr hand at teachmg Jan 24 Nrght lrghts burn long exams start Jan 27 Jumor Class present 'Womanless Wed dmg Half day Marys Rrta scores 48 pomts Valley at LaSalle Boys open season Feb 19 Feb 21 Feb 28 Marys Hyndman Grrls play at Valley Brotherhood Week Assembly Grrls Basketball team hold dance Gxrls end basketball season at St Nrnth grade take Kuder Test March 5 Senror Class presents annual play Who Wouldn t be Crazy? March 6 Movre Bob Mathras Story March 11 Junrors take Kuder Tests March 12 Antnm Bureau March 12 13 14 Shreld delegatlon attends press conventron M N Y C March 17 March 21 March 25 Junror l-l1gh assembly Half day Cotmty Musrc Festrval held at Valley lmtratron of New Natlonal Honor Socrety members March 28 Senror Trr H1 Y Dance Aprrl 8 Natronal Honor Socrety Dance Aprrl 11 Aprrl 16 Apr1l 17 Aprrl 21 Apr1l 22 Apr1l 28 Yearbook holds dance Valley presents frrst Career Nrght Junror High Assembly Anllim Bureau Potomac State Smgers vrsrt Valley Senior Hxgh Assembly May 1 Annual May Day Program May 9 Junror Prom Everyone dance ull 12 'Under the Hawanan Sktes May 14 Mother Daughter Banquet Junror Tn H1Y May 15 Yearbook Dedrcatron Assembly Con gratulatrons Mrss McDonaldson May 19 May 20 May 23 May 30 June 2 Half day Fashron Show Semor Ball School closed for Memorral Day Baccalaureate Servrce June 4 Commencement Exercrses Semors b1d Valley a 'Fond Farewell June 10 School closes for year At Last C 00 ' - , l . - . - . .1. , - - - ' . . ' b' -35. Nov, 15 - Latin Club holds dance, March 19 - Joint meeting of the "Y" Groups. . 3 - . - ' ' .1 wr S l 3 . d L. y 'U !DQOffCdfI0l2 of IQJ7 Lance lo F11 f efry. Left to right: Bob Hyde, editorg Mr, Petry, Principalg Ed Miller, assistant editorg Shirley Snyder, assistant editorg Mr. Hodgdon, advisor. ,ji Q 'Wx vi-ann lr!- C1fe1121fsf1y Cubans 711191281 CZQLHQSQ Instructor - MR, HODGDON 769 ffance GSW? 9259 fo ZUOFA7 What do you think about this layout? Better read the directions again Pretzels and problems Cindy and Lanny join in at Mr and Mrs Hodgdon s If 4-"' W111 we have the copy ready by the 15th9 P f 1? Y' .f . U s u . 5 H 'A -. ? , 'S , A V7 X 3 5-, , X A 3 ' X Q 45, - fi L V T M4 i A -51 , 'sw 'J V f Q 2 -in ,. f- Y A, ,i' -1 ' ,.f..-tv" Z A E 1 W 1 QA QGIZCQ Sponsors Mr K Y Hodgdon and Mrss Mary M Sterbutzel Editor Gordon Stevenson Assistants Norma Green and Doris Brodie Business Managers Ruth Deniker, Betty Lou Preston, and Joyce Wilson Chief Typist Alleda Ann Kirkwood Assistants Barbara Mowbray, Lourse Beeman, and Catherine Stephen Calendar: Jean Miller Sports Boysg Bill Schaidt, and Richard Cutter Girlsg Ruby Wilt Picture Layout: Janet Brashear, Dorothy Durst and Jim Leake Photographers: Ken Grandstaff and Lionel Baker Artist Elaine Russell Qfafzbn Jin or oczkaf THE JACK A PETRY CHAPTER OF THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY IS INSTALLED IN VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL BY STUDENTS OF BEALL HIGH SCHOOL, JUNE 1957 Those tnstalled were Semors Robert Hyde, John Johnson, Walter McKenz1e, Edward Mrller, John Shuhart Anne Perry Chappell Sandra Drllon V1rg1n1a Green Kay Ktrk Rosahe Llewellyn Shu-ley Snyder Mary Lou Stakem, Peggy Stakem Colleen Tharp Jumors Gerald Llewellyn James Moffatt Gordon Stevenson, Janet Brashear Dons Brodre, Ruth Denrker, Sandra McK1nley Barbara Mowbray Betty Lou Preston Donna Stafford, Sally Sterdrng Sophomores W1ll1am Byers Francls Garhtz James Rltchre Helen Farrgrreve Ruth Frsher Barbara Hamrlton, and Martha Hardegan HISTORY OF SOCIETY On December 5 1776 realrzrng that scholarshrp should be grven recognrtron Ph1 Beta Kappa was organrzed on the campus of Wrllram and Mary College ln Vrrgrma Slnce that trme our htgh schools and secondary schools have felt a Slmllal need Consequently rn 1921, a group of drstlngurshed educators decrded that there should be rn every progressrve school rn the U S some pubhc recogn1t1on of the development of those quahtles wh1ch stand not only for hrgh scholarshrp but also sound character true 1n1t1at1ve and conscrentrous servlce, combrned w1th outstand 1ng mtellectual ab1l1ty and achtevement Thus the Natronal Honor Soc1ety was born In 1957, Valley H1gh School petrttoned the Natronal Honor Soc1ety to grant us a charter and to allow us to estabhsh a chapter of the Soc1ety The charter was granted It was w1th a great deal of pleasure and sausfacuon that we were able to IHSIIIUIC our f1rst chapter durlng the commencement BCIIVIIIBS ln 1957 The emblem of th1s Soc1ety IS the keystone and the flammg torch The keystone bears rn IIS corners the letters C,S,L, and 3 whlch stand for the four pfmc1p1e5 gf 11113 organrzatxon Character Scholarshrp Leadershrp, and Servrce I . - r 9 9 9 r 9 9 9 1 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 0 9 9 9 9 9 9 - ' 9 9 Q . . . 9 9 1 . . . . Q g - 9 9 . fy. lx , fs . S s ' . X afmnczf 7 A212 01' C ocffefz First row: Gordon Stevenson, Miss Bradburn, Sandra McKinley, Gerald Llewellyn, Jim Moffatt, Doris Ann Brodie, Janet Brashear. Second row: Sally Steiding, Barbara Mowbray, Dona Stafford, Barbara Ham- ilton, Martha Hardegen, Ruth Fisher, Helen Fairgreive. Third rowg Ruth Deniker, Bill Byers, Frances Garlitz, Jim Ritchie, and Betty Lou Preston, ' ' ' ' fa M ..- .Q - Q ' X 6 .qi J , . -LL W, l ii f 2 i v us. H, ,, ' -- lb 1 L ix: Y 'N A l i . , A i 1 x , I , C lenlor fjrzl-j 1? First row: Miss Sterbutzel, Donna Sloan, Mary M. Smith, Dorothy Robertson, Ruth Deniker, Barbara Hamilton, Nancy Colmer, Virginia Clise, Miss Bradburn. Second row: Marion Steiding, Joan Foote, Sharon Phillips, Shirley Fint, Harriet Ann Haron, Sue Lashbaugh, Norma Shaw, Wanda Seigmeyer. Third row: Jean Moore, Bonnie Neat, Dorothy Kyle, Gail Broadwater, Pat McPartland, Colleen Stakem, Sara L. Snelson, 11121 O!" jf Frrst row left to right Mrs Wrlson Georgranne Langham Lrnda Poland Deann Sued mg Roberta Love Betty Krrkwood Kay Green Rlta Russell Mrss Katsakrs Second row Elrzabeth Hosworth Catherme Broadwater Leah Mrller Norma Langham Janrce Wrnters Vicki Kyle Betty Howell Janrce Green Kay Trost Peggy Russell Thrrd row Juanita Llewellyn Beverly Wattenschardt Dorothy Taylor Jenmfer Mun Miller Sharon Thomas Fourth row Sandra Wrlson Ruth Lewis Loulse Webster Nancy Humphrey Catherme Inskeep Rusty Dicken Bonnie Zarger Anna Lee Shockey Ruth Robertson Donna Trm ney Frfth row Helen Conlon Janet Blucker Karen Llewellyn Elizabeth Brennan Catherme Dodds Dorothy Colmer Linda Turnbull Charlene Symons Carolyn Stephen Sandra Robertson Arlene Staup OFFICERS President ROBI-RTA LOVE Hrstonan KAY GREEN Vrce President BETTY ANN KLRKWOOD Chaplarn RITA DUCKWORTH Secretary LINDA POLAND Advisors SARAH WILSON Treasurer DEANNE STEIDING IO ANN KATSAKIS The fust project of the Junror Tr1 H1 Y Ih1S year was to sell Booster Club Cards for the Booster Club rn September The grrls attended St Mary s Church rn October the Presbyterran Church rn January and the Methodrst Church rn Aprrl A bake sale was held to make money for a splash party whrch was held rn November along wrth a dance a Thanksgrvrng Assembly and the donatron of a grocery basket to Mrner s Hosprtal In December the club decorated the school Chnstmas tree held a party and started sellmg candy to rarse S100 to donate to the band unrform fund In January a bake sale was held and a tea for Mr Dehn whrch was attended by all school Hx Y groups fl- I- ky gg! .L C L' ' Q r N. ' , , , Q . A l ' ' aff I L Q - A son, Carol Petry, June Timney, Pat Schlereth, Rita Russell, Doris Dennlker, Mary UZIUFQ 012291220 GFS 0 CAIZQQFICG W Frrst row left to rrght Mrs Hohrng Norma Green Carolyn Crawford Lourse Beeman Virgrnia Unuchek Joan Foote Janet Brashear Jean Moore Dona Stafford Second row Caro1.Crable Shlrley Lrkens Catherrne Stephen Sally Sterdrng Donna O Haver Wilma Sprker Elaine Russell Dorothy Duckworth Thrrd row Anna Lee Pysell Carolyn Ashby Mary Lee Lrnda Boal June Beeman Mary L Bennett Nancy Colmer Sally Schramm Shellra Barton Fourth row Ruth Schramm Karen Wrland Pauline Brand Karma Beeman Nellie Boettcher Donna Lewrs Elame Moore Carolyn Dye Sandra Jenkrns OFFICERS Presrdent JOAN FOOTE News Reporter JEAN MOORE V1ce President VIRGINIA UNUCHEK Hrstorran CAROL CRABLE Secretary JANET BRASHEAR Parlramentarran LOUISE BEEMAN Assrstant Secretary SHIRLEY LIKENS Chaplarn CAROLYN CRAWFORD Treasurer DONA LEE STAFFORD Club Mother MRS. STAFFORD Assrstant Treasurer NORMA GREEN Advrsor MRS. HOHING The Future Homemakers 15 a natronal home economrcs club for Senlor and Jumor Hrgh School stu dents. The purpose of our Home Economrcs Club IS servrce to self, home, school, and communrty. If thrs purpose 1S farthfully carried out rt wlll 1 Bnng the gtrls rnto closer contact wrth the freld of Home Economrcs and 1ts vocauonal opportunrtres 2. Form a closer bond between the Home Economrcs department and the home. 3. Grve 1de3S for the WISC use of lersure trme. 4 Provrde opportunrtres for recreatronal and socral contacts. 5. Furnrsh a medrum for personal growth and development. ge Gerck gran cczzls First row left to right Mrs Sloan Gerald Llewellyn Jrm Moffatt Judy Marshall Sally Sterdlng Dorts Ann Brodre Second row Kenny Grandstaff Fred Broadwater Dorothy Durst Rae Ann Elchhorn Brenda Ravenscroft Sally Kelly Gail Ann Broadwater Thud row L1one1 Baker Wendell Metz Francis Fair Jean Mrller Kenny Metz Jrm Leake OFFICERS Vlce Presldent JUDY MARSHALL Treasurer SALLY STEIDING The purpose of Le Cercle Francais is to establlsh relatrons of friendshrp and esteem among members of the French classes and to acqurre a deeper knowledge of the language the spuit and the customs of France The French Club IS orgamzed by the Senror French Students who rnvrte fust year students of French to Jom as assocrate members A French Club provrdes a medrum that IS as French as possrble and thus rt enlarges and completes the work of the regular French Classes However rt IS not all work a great deal of xt IS fun and rn ad drtron to the freedom of actron that such a club affords there are also dances and partres whrch provrde entertarnment for not only members of the French Club but also the enure school The mfluence of the French Club manrfests rtself m bulletm board drsplays rn the French news papers recerved rn French records played rn class French plays and French schools and our own President ------------ JIM MOFFATT Secretary --------- DORIS ANN BRODIE . . . . . D . . . . . . - . . . . . . , . - ' I I I ' I I ' Luahn Q fe fs Frrst row left to rlght Mrs Sloan Dorothy Robertson Marion Sterdrng Donna Sloan John Elmer Ravenscroft Rrta Hartman Bonn1e M1l1er Sara Snelson Sally Lou Schramm Second row Pat McPart1and Mary M Smrth Shirley Fint Harrret A Haran Virginra Clrse Sharon Phrlhps Colleen Stakem Sandra Robertson Thrrd row Paulrne Mrller Bonn1e Sue Lashbaugh Norma Lee Shaw Wanda Siegmyer Sandra Hendra Jo Ann MCKCHZIC Sonja Steele Sandra Jenkins Fourth row Jrm Getty Mrckey Eagan Trm Donaldson Mrke Hersick Norman Jenkrns Johnny Keyes Ronald Berry Frfth row Bob Foote Steve Warnrck Robert Weimer Bill Byers Bob Reidler Ronald Cecrl B111 Garhtz Bob Brown OFFICERS Presldent DONNA SLOAN Secretary MARION STEIDING Vrce Presrdent JOHN E. RAVENSCROFT Treasurer DOROTHY ROBERTSON Th1s club IS an orgamzatron consistrng of tenth grade Latin students for the purpose of rncreasmg and developmg a better knowledge of the Latrn Language and of the customs and u'ad1t1ons of Ancrent Rome. Our annual project IS the purchasing of lrterary books for collateral readmg. Also, we partrcrpate rn school actrvxues and assemblres and take part rn varrous money makrng enterprrses. Awards are grven at graduatxon for the outstandrng achievement in forergn languages. Our motto Labor omma vrncrt. KT A . ,. p,:g1g5Ei5 - X "'tn111si9i,',v3f -Z Af ,J W, , I. ,, I 1- A 7, J ' - 1 r 1' . . W Y u- . 1 5. X 4 F - R f - 1 1 ,K -- 1 xt- '. . ' ' 9 . . . . . 1 I ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - . . . . . l 1 - 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 - . . . . . I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - . - . . . . ' 1 1 1 1 1 , . . - . v 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' ------------ -..---..--- gufure urses First row left to rlght Mrs Hohtng Dons Ann Brodie Jean Miller Suzre Mlller Dorothy Durst Gall Broadwater Nancy Colmer Second row Dona Lee Stafford Joyce Wrlson Brenda Ravenscroft Rae Ann Eich horn Ruth Demker Joan Foote Third row Ruth Lee Schramm Elarne Moore Donna Lee Lewis Mary Louise Bennett Lrnda Boal Fourth row Bonnre Renme Betty Williams Julie Ann Baker Betty Lou Preston Mary Lou Duckworth OFFICERS Presrdent JEAN MILLER Treasurer DOROTHY DURST V106 President DORIS ANN BRODIE Faculty Advisor MRS HOHING Secretary SUZIE MILLER The Future Nurses Club was organrzed rn 1954 by a group of Jumor and Senior l-hgh girls wrth an mterest rn the nurstng professton The purpose of the Future Nurses Club rs to acquaint the members of the club wrth an idea of a nurses ltfe and nursxng as a vocation A better vtew of the club 13 brought out when the members vtsrt and tour vanous hospitals and listen to lectures from professronal and student nurses Mrs Hohmg has served as faculty advisor since the or gamzatron of the club Each year several semor girls take the Nurses Entrance Examtnation for Memorial Hospital tn Cumberland Maryland Fund This year the club held a bake sale to raise money in order to make a donatron to the Band Uniform . . . . . . 1 ' ' l r 1 I 1 1 - o ' - 0 n 1 v n n - . . I 9 o 1 I . . . ' U r s s . ' ------------- ---Q-----.- ' ----g..- --- ----- . ------------. s s o a ' s , u ' . 2 s i Q 5 r D 675 gra0Q eerf2a0Qr.s Bottom: Shirley Howell, Beverly Wattenschaidt, Kay Ann Green, Carolyn Jean Stephen, Rita Russell Middle: Betty Ann Kirkwood, and Katherine Inskeep. Top: Nancy Dickens. E 9 2 n. .r l ft riff 3 'A X 3 S 775 Qraog G eerQa0Qr.s Front row: Linda Trumball, Sharon Thomas, and Phyllis Broadwater, Back row: Carol Ann Petry, Sharon Gattens, Norma Langham, Charline Symons, and Janice Green. 50191206 Gfzg Sponsor MR, FRAZE ozmbyy MR. HODGDON exhibits a red-tailed hawk junzor j Sponsor MISS KATSAKIS fuofenf Cjounczf Sponsor MR, SPITZNAS uzzzbr 7261? Q Sponsors MR. FRAM MR. FRASE I L'- cgenzbr .7764 Sponsors MR. GANYU MR. RANKIN f MAY QUEEN Queen, Peggy Stakemg Duchess, Judy Plummerg Senior Princesses, Louise Kyle, Doris Wilhelm, Junior Princesses, Sandra McKinley, Ann Foutzg Sophomore Princesses, Dorothy Winters, Judy Moffatt: Fresh- man Princesses, Marion Steiding, Violet Howellg Crown Bearer, Pat Schlerethg Flower Girl, Carolvn Jean Stephen, Heralds, Juanita Llewellyn, Elaine Pierce. UI' ZIQQIZS ri' J 'Q 'J L' ,F Q 'si ' JJ n by Q IUNIOR HOP QIEEN Queen, Julie Ann Baker, Left to right: Donna L. Lewis, Grace Runion, and Donna MacDonald. N sf? yjrqocfzbn Grew Sponsor MR. HAUGEN -N ff FU-53 flex Sponsor MRS . WILSON SA,QHQSffy MISS STERBUTZEL Lib QM, 'E , ' W 5 5 ag' 5' -L:.L Ii . 5? if , P Q 'Q E 43, F . ,E ip Q Q if 1 ' 3 Q ' I . " fi U , ' ' Rf 2 X ' s V J' 5 3 f i 35 X? " Q 35 TP 5 T5 "ff Q. f -Q aria W5 93 ' 2 1 3 ' 2- A-Y 'ff' 3 :E- Q fl ' ff! X Lay' V Q., 'W KAW vriv'-5 5 Q 'un EJ I ON . S if an gg .M f aw' V ' 3 X 1 fx ' ' '-if-fab' ' , Sai , 4 Qi T1-V I 'gf' .,. c m., F . Q 5' J i ahh ' f. g' I V-3 rx Q. . GL- ,. IEE! ' M . Q x fam A .. G ig sg Q V ' ' y. 'v 5 fl , W V I H' Q f 'Da I ' 'swf . .Aix eu 1 lf e fi 3 5 X 1 33 " av Q GIRLS GLEE CLUB Mrs Mltchell Q iMi.4Mllll1l'l1lll n Illl Ezgrary 5 From row left to rrght Barbara Mowbray Joan Foote Helen F3l1'g1'1CV6 Sponsor Mrs Troxell Second row Marlene Wllson Dona Stafford Joyce Walker Donna Magruder Rlta Hartman Georgianna Langham Lots Bittmger Janice Wmters Joann MCKCHZIC Juanita Llewellyn Darla Shockey Betty Sprker OFFICERS Presldent JOAN FOOTE Secretary MARLENE SUTHERLAND Vrce Presldent HELEN FAIRGRIEVE Treasurer IUANITA LLEWELLYN The purpose of the Lxbrary Club IS to serve the school by achrevlng a smooth functxonmg of the 11 brary. All students who work in the library automatrcally become members of the Llbrary Club. A member who works one year recerves a ceruficate, whlle one who works two years earns a hbrary club pin. Smce the Library Club is not prunarily a social orgamzation, but rather a servrce club, the young people who compose it deuve sausfacuon through work well done, a feelmg of accomphshment, and a knowledge that they are helpmg the school rn a very real way. . - f s e U ' f V - ' V I 7 . ' l . l . I 1 1 ' ' ufure 1790069119 gf 7mer1Ca Sponsor MR, PREASKORN Kjjafrof oys Sponsor MR. caoss CJAIGISZGYQGS af 06,1 , Sponsor MR, SCOTT auho as FUISQFS --l Frrst row left to nght Mr Scott Lloyd Robertson Tim Doolan Blame Blubaugh Gail Broadwater Janet Brashear Second row Mac Thrasher Harry Ternent B111 Schaidt Barbara Mowbray Dona Stafford Judy Marshall Thlrd row Dan Tharp Davld Werr Ruth Schramm Dorothy Wrlt Dorothy Crawford Bonnie Green Wilma Spiker Darlene Brown Fourth row Wendall Metz George Wmters Charles Moses Ron Barber Robert Clark Ray McCarthy Harold Loar Absent when picture was taken Gordon Stevenson and Dayton Bittlnger OFFICERS Presrdent BLAINE BLUBAUGH Secretary GAIL BROADWATER Vrce Presrdent TIM DOOLAN Treasurer JANET BRASHEAR A dvrsor MR SCOT T The Cautrous Crursers Club consrsts of members of the Senior and Jumor Classes who are lrcensed drrvers or dnver s educauon students The purpose of thrs club IS to Cultivate Good Drrvmg Habrts This year the club has been reorgamzed and Jackets were purchased by the members Hrghlrghts of the meetrngs were recordrngs movres and speeches all on safe drivrng Motto DON T CRACK UP TO GET A WRITE UP G . . I I . V,flCZsiv.Vg4:,,. ,,,sV5,,ger ' s yi. Q 1 s K 1, . . . 0 . I ' ' 1 I D I , . . . . ' I D 1 D , . . ' . . . . I I Y I I I D ' 0 . ' I I 1 I I , . . . , . . D-QQ D--an nnunuqnqn ' . uh-nunlnvun n:nnang-un , -Q-u---nu-:qu-q . . . , . - . .. .. . ,- , . . 1 I - ' . 1 . . YMA, zW,,m4 . . . QQ' -Y . -g 9 vt' k k Q., iff? 52 an um 9 1. H A 2 g 5 , Q Cl.. CSZJIIUQIZII '7l?fLl'l12dA if 4 mx f 'gi F5 W' ny 9 4 Wg QQW MJ ,fb E fi? . A

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