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Q . - , .vw Q. . .li A K, "gf 5355? 1 'wg A 3 SEQ ' 'g,fgv,, :wgvW Ax if v -riff K ... ,M +6 if QM 5? ff 4 .nun yi' I . L g-,,' s . , wig. Wjg. -my , 44 W . ff pf, 1 , xg 3 gif' 5, 1' - t " ,J . ... A D ' x 1 'li' 15' A 5- ' I -'fig-N' ' . .3 rr. ,W . 3135 -.K ' m , nw S M, Mn. xv gg kvkxgg ms 5911115 PRESENTED BY SENIORWELASS VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL LONAEONING, MARYLAND ,L L Epi? L W M A f f 0 The troph1es whrch we have won stand out as the accomplrsh ments of co operatron and teamwork bythe student body of Valley l-hgh School The youth commg and gomg wrll surely add glory to Valley by addlng to thls collectlon The purpose for the 1955 56 edrtlon of the Lance rs to record the deeds of the boys and grrls who for the past years have galned honor erther by addrng to thxs collectlon or stnvrng to do so sponsor Mrss Sterbutzel assrstant sponsor Mrss Hoback for art assrstance and Mr Petry our prmcrpal for all the help they have grven us We would lrke to recognlze our photographers Ruhl s Studios, Delmar Studros Mr Grandstaff and Mr Lrndsay Our class wants to extend our thanks to Mr, Hodgdon, our I ' I I I , I I I I I I I I We dedlcate thxs annual to one who has brought honor to Valley Hxgh School through h1S servlce to the boys of our vanous athleuc act1v1t1es Hrs patlence endurance and h1s farth have produced teams sur passed by none rn the freld of sports Deeply appre c1at1ve of all th1s we the Lance Staff of 1956 dedlcate th1s book to our coach John C Meyers, iQu- ' 1 79 4 Congratulations and best wishes to you, the Class of 1956. You are now about to cross the threshold into adult life. You have spent many years preparing for this. As you look back it has been a very brief period, but as you look ahead it is like infinity. Each moment will bring something new to be solved, some situa- tion to be faced. You can 't turn back the clock, youmust keep going forward. We hope that the attitudes, character and personality we have helped you mold will always serve you well and effectively. Your happiness and success is always our concern. Remember that to be happy you must decide what you want to do and then use all of your ambition and ability to achieve the goal. W iw 43 ,4 A ,v.., .R Q f. In the words of Cicero , "A of With, evefiaszing faith in Aimightytomfl and ya.-.rr Q j succeed. ' I. A. Petry, Principal .farultp A ff K W Sig ur gg EMT 1 f L 5 f 5f l Q i fi E i i i Q 5 3 5 k f j i 1 f 1 jp 1 P P ,P ..bV-,qqb q.Abq, Q,A. f , 1 v,q' I iq' bvl, - I I WDA, ,LA V 3, ,i lg ? Q Q 13qglQ ' +Q ' Q ' ' l' i 7iQl 45 My iQ iQQifQ3 il j f'i2fff lg iQfi355 2""' 2 N 'jjjj.QQiQjjfji:fjj.iffeE.ii ."'bi jx" . 's"i" Qgxfgf Z Q4! Q , v i5 5: i :3fii l l 1 1 Lf 31, .V Xf I .'..A.',. ..,. v-,..' .,'. ..... H, 1,E.zi 1. AJ: Lg . ff '5"5'5i5T5?5'5'55'55 1"""Q' 9 XV 5 .:'A A 6 X ' gn I M7 X 1 f Q00 IX 'f:55ff,'ff"' i ' , 1"AV -,1V' 1', 2 1 .1.' Q A -UI ' 1-'E f gifififwi' ' "'V L1 A:'V f I I hy A--1111 , vi '- g5?SE:IW01j'K'N4 :if M-:':::::1::E:i:: I2 W - 'l JACK A, PETRY Q Principal www 051:46 amz 'wee WILLIAM W, SAYLOR Vice Principal 025' JAMES PAUL FRASE Fort Ashby, West Virginia, claims our teacher of General Science and Physics, Graduated from West Virginia University, likes gardening, flowers and vegetables and music. MISS MARY MARGARET STERBUTZEL Bom in Masontown, Pennsylvania, now hails from Cumberland, Her A, B, was earned at Seton Hill College, There are hopes of an M,A, - someday - from West Virginia University, That worried, hurried look comes from meeting SHIELD deadlines, MRS, MARGARET BELL SLOAN A graduate of Western Maryland College, She teaches English, French 1 and 2, Latin 1 and 2, Her hobbies are gardening and duplicate Bridge, Born in Lonaconing, Xl KENDRICK Y, HODGDON Born on the Kennebec, "Down East in Maine", roots for the Red Sox, teaches Biology and Chemistry, Graduated from the University of Maine and Miami of Ohiog likes making fish chowder, hiking and fishing, Girls who chew gum and Cindy keep him busy, MRS, DORIS B, MITCHELL Born in Barton, Maryland, She teaches music, She was graduated from the University of West Virginia, and the Blue Ridge University, During her leisure time she likes to read and dance, MRS, ELIZABETH M, COOPER Another Lonaconing native She collects antiques and likes to cook Teaches Social Studies Reading and Core Favor ite color is red Graduated from Western Maryland Her Joy is teaching "' THOMAS PETER STAUP Was born in Lonaconing, He teaches Social Studies and was graduated from the U, of M, in 1952. His hobbies are hunting and fishing, MISS ALYSANN BRADBURN Born in Meyersdale, Pa, She earned her B, S, degree at Carnegie Tech and teaches shorthand, typing and office practice, Likes Pittsburgh Steelers' football team, horseback-riding and Chevrolet converti- bles, Spends a lot of her time with her horse, Captain, and her Dalmatian dog, Ginger, MRS, DEWEY BURNS Graduated from the University of West Virginia, Teaches Home Economics to junior High, Likes to sew real well, keep scrapbooks of ideas for homes and collect recipes, Pet Apeevez Students with no ambition, Nt? CALVIN G, RANKIN The man from Defiance, Pa, that is, He graduated from Shippensburg College and U, He teaches typing and Com- mercial Law, Likes TV and photography, but Marcia Ann takes up most of his time, MRS SARAH WILSON Born in Keyser Her hobby is oil painting Favorite color 1S pink Favorite football team is Notre Dame Attended Potomac State Mary Baldwin Frostburg State and West Virginia University MRS, PAULINE HAMILTON Coaches our girls' team, Likes reading and baseball games, Graduated from Frostburg Normal and attended University of Maryland, Born in Keyser, W, Va, faallaef K N. RICHARD C, FRAM Frostburg's son teaches Math to seventh through ninth grades, He graduated from Frostburg State Teachers College, His hobbies are sports, especially bas- ketball and football, MISS CATHERINE MANLEY Born in Midland, Teaches Junior High Science, Graduated from State Teach- ers and University of Maryland, Likes traveling, nature study, reading and Beech-Nut chewing gum, MISS MARTHA ONEILL MCDONALDSON Lives in Flat Rock, Barton, Teaches special Junior High Reading, Social Studies and English classes, Graduated from University of Maryland, Likes roses and shopping in "big" stores, Born in Morrison, A fs , -fa-,...! E is Lt -Y T, E, CONROY Born in Barton, He attended Frostburg State Teachers College, Bowling Green Business University, University of Maryland and Summer School at Hopkins University, He teaches Typing, Business Math and Bookkeep- ing, His hobby is Television and he is also owner of the Electric Appliance Store in Lonaconing, N , 'Ei tx aa.: if A .-,. fm- J , , f14f1,,, .'x.'L?l1at,lka71f sg?-,.!, MRS, CONRAD HOHING Born in Lonaconing, Teaches Senior Home Economics, Attended Drexel Institute and University of Maryland, Likes the Bishop Workshops, needle point, good china and silverware and Victorian furniture, LILIAS C, ABBOTT A native of Lonaconing and a graduate of Frostburg State Teachers, Teaches Junior High Mathematics, Her hobby is collecting books in silk bindings, MR. DURWARD DEFFENBAUGH Bom in Barberton, Ohio and graduated from Fairmont State College. His hob- bies are hunting and fishing. He likes his job teaching Industrial Arts to Sen- ior High boys. His favorite food is steak. MRS. NORA C. TROXELL Bom in Middleport, Ohio. Hobbies are reading, painting and singing. Favorite color is brown. Graduated from Ohio State University. She likes the student's eager interest in leafing through mag- azrnes. MR. FREDRICK H. SHEELEY Our visiting teacher hails from St. James, Maryland. Being street commissioner, Rotary Secretary and with three chil- dren he has no time for hobbies. Roots for Maryland and FSTS, his alma maters. ' MR. JOSEPH K. HAUGAN Bom December 1905. He teaches In- dustrial Art, Cabinet Making and Plas- tics. He attended University of Minne- sota, State Teachers College, Mankato Minnesota, Pennsylvania State College, State Teachers College, Califomia, Pennsylvaniag and Dunwoddy Institute, Minneapolis, Minnesota. MISS MARIE MERRBACH A Lonaconing native, recorded school records at Central till the new school was a castle - completedg been behind the counter at Valley since its opening in 1953, tells the world of Valley hap- penings via morning paper, the voice in the classrooms coming through the speaker. MR. JAMES D. PREASKORN Guidance and driver education Roots for the Mountaineers, his alma mater Likes bridge and football. fin, 3 JAMES CROSS Was born in Barton, Maryland. Likes are too varied to mention. His hobby is sports. Graduated from Frostburg State, and University of Maryland. MISS ELIZABETH T, LOVE Born in Barton. Hobbies are hiking, read- ing and playing the piano. Favorite color is brown. Enjoys working with all children. Teaches English and Social Studies. MISS ESTHER HOLZSHU , . . . I Born in Lonacontng. Hobbies are reading, and making jewelry. Likes travel and adventure. Graduated from Columbia gk .4 A University. MRS. WILLIAM L. BEYERS Our math teacher was born in Pennsyl- vania. She likes reading, traveling, and math. Graduated from Lawrence High School, New York, Western Maryland College, and Columbia University. MISS MARGARET H. SLOAN Born in Lonaconing. Likes to travel, and read. Graduated from Central High, Frostburg State, University of Maryland, Wayne University, william and Mary ollege. X I MISS BETTY RUTH HOBACK Our art teacher was born in Wytheville Va. She attended Wytheville High School and Radford College. She likes photography, outdoor sketching and music. rw Qw 9'5"--.... ALEXANDER GANYU McKeesport, Pa. is the birthplace of our industrial arts teacher. He graduated from State Teachers College, California Pa. He likes to take his son sleighing, and eating breakfast. MISS VIRGINIA BONAR Our new Junior High Home Ecomonics teacher was born in Glendale W. Va. She likes to go swimming, collecting stamps and, naturally, sewing. She graduated from University of West Virginia. JOHN MEYERS Coach is a native of Lonaconing. Graduated from Central, Frostburg State Teachers, and U. of M. Likes athletics, and is working on his Ph. D. He also spent four and one half years in the service, MRS. MARGARET H. SOWERS Our Junior High English teacher was born in Lonaconing, Md. She graduated from Central school, State Teachers College, and attended these summer schools: Johns Hopkins, Columbia, University of Md. and Western Md. She likes gardening and traveling. 13" JOSEPH L. DERRY Letter writing and reading are the hobbies of our music teacher, He was born in Salisbury, Pa. and graduated from Meyersdale High School, Carnegie Tech. , and Penn State t University. WILLIAM SAYLOR History and Math teacher. Born in Meyers dale, Pa. he graduated from Meyersdale High School, State Teachers, and Univ- ersity of Maryland. The ex-soldier likes basketball, football, hunting, and fishing Samara WILLIAM CAMPBELL ABBOTT JOHN EVERALD ATKINSON "Chief" Bill is a likeable, hardworking young man. He likes greenbacks, the "Indians", movies and sports. Active member of Hi-Y and yells loudest at Va1ley's games. Dis- likes teasing. "Brute" A short, stocky, curly haired chap who likes sports, dancing, Mary Lou, and going places in his Ply- mouth. "Scratcher" A dark haired boy who is a talker. Likes all sports, girls, Chev's,, and dancing. Dis- likes homework, going home early, coming to school on time. "Fritzie" Peppy blue -eyed lass. Musically inclined. Easy to get along with, Always happy, Likes Homer, dislikes home- work periods. "B1acky" Does what comes naturally, goes dancing several times a week, keeps glancing down Piedmont way. Ambition to become an elementary teacher. "Rich" A very friendly boy who is liked by everyone. He especially likes to go to Midland, dislikes school. DONA LD A NDREW AMORUSO V ,. A I 4. tv: ji. ' .. f flf f, FREDA MAE BARNES COLLEEN SOMA BEEMAN MAURICE RICHARD BENNETT ANNA MAE BISHOP RUBY A RLENE BIT TIN GER "Annie" Full of life, friendly, and very easy to get along with. Likes sports, week-ends at the Lake, looks for- ward to summer. Dislikes argu- ments about the "year book, " "Johnny" Likes to travel the lonely road to Midland and dislikes school. HGUSH A quiet girl with blonde hair and pretty blue eyes. Likes swimming and dislikes washing dishes. vu Tinker He is a very good-looking boy with light curly hair and big blue eyes. He likes to work but not too hard. Dislikes teachers. "Butchie" This short, blue -eyed, quiet girl enjoys the company of a red-hair- ed guy from Midland. She is also very courteous and friendly. "Beaver" Tall, blond, pleasant, likeable chap. Outdoor type with plenty of up and go. Likes hunting, dislikes his sister, , r' JOHN CALVIN BITTINGER JOHN EDWARD BOAL CARLENE MARY BOETTCHER ROBERT B051-EY vt x., SHIRLEY FRANCES BROA DWATER "Shirley" Dark haired girl who is very quiet and is a pleasure to have as a class- mate. "Corny" Always cracking jokes, likes to shoot pool, spends his time with "Fritz", doesn't like school. Hsam.. Likes the Marines and dislikes the Army. "Bevie" A red head who is cute friendly, and loads of fun. She doesn't like staying home. The apple of her eye is a tall brown-haired, blue-eyed guy. CARROLL DALE BROADWATER SAMUEL BROOKS BEVERLY ELAINE CLARKE WN if Tommy Likes the girls from Garrett County, dislikes school. "Jake" Likes riding horses and dislikes mechanical drawin class I g ' f ,QI I THOMAS DALE CLARK JACOB HARMAN CLICK LOIS MAE COLM nf- ar M wig., WT "Cyl:-A-'S v-,- 43.4, IOS "Wee" Favorite pastime is going out with Gladys and Mary. Likely to succeed as a big business man. "Dick" Came to Valley from "Alco." His favorite pastime is gambl- ing. Doesn't like asparagus tips and Shakespeare. Ambition is to become a pilot. EPH DANIEL DEVAULT RICHARD DAVID DICK "Sharkeye" Laughter, fun and jokes are this little fellows trademarks. Carl likes sports, movies, and food, Dislikes the Red Sox losing. "Blondie" Rather tall, blonde hair, plays basket- ball and became engaged to Wilbur. She likes "Chevies" and dislikes teachers who give homework. CARL JAMES DONALD ELOISE MARIE DUCKWORTH J "Blonde Bomber" Pleasant, easy going, sincere, happy, pretty and blonde hair sums up the most attractive girl in our class. Likes gett- ing up early. "Donna" Honor roll student, cheerleader, in music organizations, full of pep, works in Curtis, likes neat guys, pet peeve "Cec" doesn't like homework. UDITH ANN DYE DONNA LEE FAZENBAKER AUSTIN EA RL GREEN , L ANNA IUANITA HAUSRATH U Frank" A boy with an undecided ambition. He likes women, especially a girl from Klondike called Rosalie. Bubbles" This girl catches everyone's eye with her pretty coal black hair and gray eyes. Has a nice personality and is quiet. She likes chocolate ice cream and dislikes tests. "Legs" Pleasant, friendly and happy go lucky. She likes Frostburg and a certain lad by the name of Tommy. Dislikes homework. Chonsey" Tall and handsome, likes to travel to Cumberland to Signal Corps Re- serves and dislikes Studebakers. ..LOwie N Very active, jesting mannerg polite and pleasant. Likes dancing, skat- ing, Buicks and tall boys with dark hair. Dislikes going home in rainy weather. Pug" Verna can be seen everywhere she goes with Jim. Assets - long blond hair and big blue eyes. She likes black and white Fords, and steaks. PHYLLIS JEAN GREEN Sur' CHA RLES ALEXANDER HA USRATH Lois JANE Howlett VERNA ROSE HUNT CORA LEE INSKEEP CA TI-'ERINE ARLENE JONES fi MA RLENE LOUISE KA MP Cleo Plans to become a teacher mlsses Ellre comes from Barton has a lrkable personalrty Everybody s frtend mx A tall blonde who gtves the grrls a rough trme Ltkes to become Mayor of Gllmore Dtslrkes bossy teachers Cathy Her outstandrng feature rs her black haxr She IS qulet and frrendly She often IS seen at her srster s playmg wrth the baby Betsy She IS pleasmg to the eye wrth her brown harr and gray eyes Has a very good personality Lrkes sports and drslrkes baggy blouses Marlene Halls from Avllton she s small and cute. Works ln store on trme off "Patsy" Interested 1n a tall nice lookxng senlor w1th a car. Goes to movres rn spare trme RTFHARD TOLL IENKIN9 BETTY JEAN KALLMYER sg.. 'Z PATRICIA ANN KFLLEY 035 tm lla STS M f.. , ' fwltff . E I , nv n ' I .E : ' xh- , qs .fx .I , .K u ' n "1 I A , 2' 'vii . A W" 'Q Q HJ- ,. f E .s ' ' W . , rx . . . W, , , ,M ' if ,fl " ' ff r 753. , fr up ,gag , ltd Tsfwffffzf ff 1 4 'Wig 3 , fa X A I ' V I H If A is SW my ,X ' 'I hcl, I 'Y 4, L I Y . . . , I LOIS JANE LOAR CAROLE JEAN McFAR.LANE Lowie" Petite, easy going. Friendly, fun to be with. Likes dark haired boys, and dogs. Dislikes books and home- work. Mutt" A short boy who has blond hair which is very thin. Likes sports, going to Midland, dancing. Dislikes having the girls telling him what to do on dates. Jeanie" Friendly, sincere with a lot of pep and ambition. Likes money, es- pecially NICOLS and blue Chevs. Dislikes getting up early and low marks on report card. "Zennia" The quiet, studious type. Can be recognized by the fancy trim on her glasses. Her favorite pastime is being with Jack. Dislikes commer- cials on radio. NIO., Studious, quiet, nice, and friendly. Likes dancing, swimming, playing the piano, and tall dark headed fellows in the Tea Store. "Martin" Pretty long brown hair and blue eyes. Active in cheerleading. Likes driv- ing, dislikes walking to school. u G- S WILLIAM EDWARD MCCORMICK ZEN NIA MAE MACKLEY .fm ,, L JOANNE HELEN MCPARTLAND DEANNA MARTIN fs WILLIAM ANDREW MOFFATT KEITH FLOY D MORRIS 'Bur A tall smart lad who likes sports outdoor life, and root for the Pirates. Dislikes homework, walking to school, "Jackson" Top rate soccer player, high scorer in '54, second in '55, originally from "down the Creek". Likes sports and a certain girl, dislikes commer- cials on the radio, uBasn Kieth is a constant compan- ion of Ioan. He is a quite likable fellow who does well in school. "Jeanie" jeanie is the girl who decorates for Christmas, always smiling and is interested in boys. "Danny" Tall, dark, honest, and friendly with mischievous intentions. Al- ways jolly. Likes work and hates women. Ha Ha. "Niner" A short lad with a crew cut--who is bashful around girls, and likes the Yankees, being manager of the school teams. Dislikes be- ing teased and going home early, JACK LEROY MONGOLD JEAN FRANCES NICOL GEORGE DANIEL NIGHTENGALE CECIL THOMAS NINE A4 MATILDA MA RIA O'ROURKE NORMA IEAN RAVENSCROFT Tillie" Nice, friendly, full of fun and pep. Likes dancing, swimming, and handsome basketball heroes. Dis- likes walking to school, and Martha Rae. Susie" Susie can be seen as majorette in the school band. She likes dancing, but Kenny is first on her list. Short curly hair, full of laughs. Norma" Friendly, nice, pretty. Likes pic- nics, parties, dancing, and work- ing in the Nut Shop. .. Les.. Les is a handsome boy who likes girls, dancing, and outdoor life. He is active in Cautious Cruisers, Projection Staff, and a member of the soccer team. "Cokey" Outstanding personality, tops in the sports world, full of fun, curly hair and good-looking. Doesn't like to lose a game. "Jeanie" An attractive looking girl with a nice personality that pleases every- one. She has brown hair and green eyes. Likes boys and dislikes com- mercials on radios. GERTRUDE LOUISE RAYNER CHARLES LESTER REIBER x ROBERT GLENN ROBERTSON MARTHA JEAN ROBERTSON WILMA ANNE ROBESON HARRY RONALD SHAW CLARA MARIE SHOCKEY Wrlma Dear W1lma IS dark harred and blue eyed Wllh a lot of pep She lxkes someone from the Cove and roller skatmg Drslrkes homework Slltes Llkes to Jltter bug and d1S11kCS walkmg to school Ronnre He lrkes drrvrng hrs convert1ble and d1S1lk6S workrng rn the servlce stauon ue A short blond harred g1rl who l1kes work and go1ng to the show by her se Rea Easy to get along wrth mam strrng on glrls basketball squad laughs easrly runs around wrth Jean IH school Shoe Stung A qulet type grrl wrth dark brown harr and brown eyes She IS a happy go lucky g1rl who lrkes a drfferent boy everytlme you talk to her LIRCS boys drslrkes Drlver s JOSEPH HENRY SCH LERET H SUSANNE SHAW I MA RY ELIZABETH SHUHA RT It Q U il ' H xl V1 5 I S at x N letters from Bud. Dislikes home- x U ' If. I A V. . .. N ,f - ' - 'E Ed. ' ' h "Jake" He likes to see a particular girl in Charlestown and dislikes certain boys from Mount Savage, "E1da " Sprite-like and perky, has dark hair with natural waves. Likes sports, dancing and outings. Dislikes walking all the way from Charlestown each morn- JOHN ELWOQD SMITH ELDA VIRGINIA SPIKER "Norma" Pleasant smile, likes dancing, skating, and Ross, hates cats. Can be seen hot-rodding in a red and white Mercury. Assets are long black hair and big brown eyes. "Joanne" A striking personality, very witty, and friendly. Likes parties, movies, dancing, A and fellows in the Navy, NORMA JEAN SPIKER IOANN MARIE STAUP "Peaser" A tall dark haired lad who likes to go to the basketball games. Dislikes being teased by B.A., B.W. and G.W. "Wayne" Spends all his spare time in Midland. Likes to build model airplanes. Played on the soccer team. RAYMOND THOMAS STEELE WAYNE STEELE ing. 4 if I l VERNA DA RLENE STEPHEN CHARLES LEE THOMAS or L "Stevie" A tall dark haired girl from the Ter- race. Likes to drive the Pontiac. Likes lots of boys. Dislikes being teased about her nose. "Joan" Cute, friendly, and well liked. Likes a certain boy named Keith and dis- likes to walk to school. Bunchy" A small dark haired lad who reminds you of Lou Costello. Likes Mr. Saylor's math class, and Oldsmobiles. Dislikes to be teased and English. "Tim" Hails from Moscow, has artistic abil- ity, painted lobby windows at Christ- mas time. Looks especially neat in her full skirts. Lois" The quiet type with real pretty dim- ples. Tall and slender. Likes to watch TV and do housework. Dislikes homework and books. "White Hack" A tall white haired boy who likes to drive around in his Plymouth. Dis- likes being teased about the way he walks. JOAN ELIZABETH STEVENSON ANNA LEE TIMNEY K '1 LOIS MARIE TIMNEY HARRY JOSEPH WARNICK lx Ru" JEAN WARNICK nleanon A tall, thin lass with blonde hair. Likes Mercurys especially with Clyde driving. Dislikes teachers who give homework especially on holidays and weekends. "Francis" You can always tell him by his red hair and he hails from Avilton. "Honey" Our queen of the winter dance likes to ride in a '52 Chevie and likes dancing. "Pegg-Y" Friendly, sincere, and is a very good conversationalist. Likes Dentine chewing gum, sewing, a special tall blonde fellow. FRANCIS HILLARY WEIMER HELEN FAYE WILHEIM MARGARET ANN WILLS Mary Likes to work in Jim Marsha1l's, Helps out in the office, "Ar1e ne " Everyone notices her beautiful diamond. Wants to be a house wife. MARY KATHRYN WILSON ARLENE KNIGHT A September 1952 we were Freshmen Just green Freshmen and no one pald us much heed but we felt pretty rmportant We were hrgh school students now Oh we drdn t set the world on frre that year but we d1d st1r up a lrttle smoke We decrded whrch course we should take academrc commer clal or general Of course all work and no play IS no good so we found ourselves gomg rnto the sports world Even then our enthusrasm cheered the teams on to vlctory To add a lrttle glamour to the scene we entered the May Day Celebratron Joan Warnrck and Carole McFarlane were chosen to represent our class rn th1s prcture pretty pageant September 1953 Thrs year found us rn a brand new world agarn, or shall we say school It was a year of makrng new frrends explorrng the new burldmg and tndustrrously stnvmg for better grades Personalrty trarts made themselves more permanent Cokey Robertson, Donme Amoruso and John Wrnner advanced to frrst stnng on the basketball court and Donna Fazenbaker and Deanna Martrn helped cheer the I V s to vrctory And then came the day we were gorng to be JUDIOTS and so many many rmportant thmgs were 1ng to happen To launch tlns brg year we recerved our class rlngs whrch caused many oh s and ah s Along about th1s ttme we were advrsed to select class offrcers and sponsor Don Amoruso was elected presrdent and Mrss Sterbutzel sponsor The May Day Celebratron was resumed after a lapse of one year Thts year T1ll1e O Rourke and Norma Sprker were Junror Class representatrves Then rn November a member of our class had the honor of representrng Valley ln the I Speak For Democracy contest We Cokey ably asslsted by John Wmner and Don Amoruso, contrnued to do us proud by playtng good basket ball In fact our team went to College Park that year to play rn the state frnals All th1s trme 1n our mrnds there had been one super speclal event for whlch we had to plan the Juruor Senror Prom A clever Job of decoratron Wllh blue and wh1te streamers converted the gym rnto a pretty ballroom We danced we dreamed and we even wrshed, because there was a pretty wrshrng well 1n the center of the dance floor Thrs l think was the grand ftnale to our eventful Iun1or year The best was yet to come the most rmportant the most thrtllrng year of all And so one mornrng rn September rn the year 1955 rt happened we were Senrors at last We embarked upon thrs last momen tous lap of our Journey through hrgh school wrth the knowledge that we had to make II count Don was agatn chosen to lead our class There were many decrstons to be made such as how many prctures would we need how many announcements and name cards The days seemed to slrde by qurckly because we were busy studymg taklng part rn the operetta the Chrrstmas program and other schoolday acuvrtres After the Chnstmas vacatron our marn socral rnterest was rn the W M I basketball league As the wmter season came to a close preparauon for our frnal days became more lntensely lmportant We awarted anxrously our Prom and thanks to the Junror class the Prom was a success By thrs ume the days left were so few and the actrvrttes so many that graduatron week was upon us before we realrzed II It was then that we felt our frrst real tmge of matunty We were gorng out mto an adult world ready to cope with what lrfe had rn store for us Eagerly, but w1th a trace of sadness we were leavrng Valley and tts teachers, its good times and IIS trrals The world was ours to conquer' I 74? ' H . . ' . . go- kept right on doing our bit when we sent Donna Fazenbaker to Baltimore to sing with the All State Chorus. THE BANQUET First period everyday for six weeks, some junior and senior boys and girls switched their industrial arts and home economics classes. The boys learned table planning and setting. The girls learned woodwork, plastics, and electricity. The climax was a luncheon cooked by the boys with the girls as guests. Everyone was pleased and would like to continue "operation switch." Mr. Petry's comments were, "very fine, best spaghetti I had eaten in a long time. " 76e 269 Sendai fi as N 9 Q 3- 1 5 . Q N B M vw wp' 1, B, ' v Q O 0 Q ' o n I 9 0 ' 1 2 - 1 ,R Q xN" I R in V., -, .nw .,.. ,A Q 6 , 5 , 1 u 2 3 E I f. Q1 2 .gn he 7q4a4z4e' Zmym Wax ffzdlzaz JO ANN CONNOR BOB ROBERTSON 770:45 to Succeed ANNA MAE BISHOP DON AMORUSO :Af O' Nw 7 . JOE SCHLERETH MARLENE KAMP 'gf g. Wind! Scheme RICHARD GRANDSTAFF PEGGY WILLS 70658245 BETTY FITZPATRICK BILL ABBOTT N. 2645 ,460 14104404 TILLIE O'ROURKE PAUL WINT ERS Wadi IACK ATKINSON JUDY DYE 7750412 DONNA FAZEN BAKER ED MCCORMICK 1, Qtedftfgoqmwiqdz! KEITH MORRIS DARLENE GETSON 7760457 JACK MONGOLD JOAN NE MCPARTLAND Q'-4 i LB. ,, 5 of' H X M ll CQN 5.1 I R JERRY CLARK VICTOR CLARK DORIS L. CLICK IANET COLMER DAVID COOK JIMMY CRAZE GLENN CUTTER BOB DAVIS SANDRA DILLON RUTH DODDS IACK DUCKWORTH RICHARD DUCKWORTH CAROLINE DUNN GROVER FAZENBAKER MARSHALL FAZENBAKER WHEELER FAZENBAKER IO ANN FOOTE WILLIAM FOOTE CAROL GREEN KATHERINE GREEN IL, 'rd ' x Gi f fs 'kia T' 1, E -I A Nr I R ' vv-1' MAXYNE ENE ASH ARL CLAY V , DON ARD BEE GLENN A ,vi BEEMAN f 'RE7' mhz? J 13 f ...k A Q I S AP-MST RONG ,iw 1 mrs, BLUE A ELEN XIUDY BLUCKESLRY P5 Dow ALD BP-A DW MER Wa map, BROA M. PAT BROADW ATER 4 S -N-X U SA'-LY 1 L Q is 1 R w Awe RROADW HER OBERT BRODE ' SANDR PERRY CHAPPEL HAPPEI.-L I fi. GRBERTA C 3-3 f .. 1 . 'IC A A -vu R 's, Rs, I 6 0 Q K , . , IZ, I 'Q ' wx , W A A f:-' Rf' f 1 A "N f if 2.5 S' ru 1 4 1- '3 I R. ml A f 2-., I 4 f. A A 0 J .x R ,Yi X , RAY RONALD GR-EE EN VIRGINIA GREN LOUISE HADLEiN ALLAN HA UGEN MOND GRE lfjivlf HEILA ND L ROBEREZZCHESON DE SHN JOHNSON NN Y JONES CA ROL THOMA QCELLEY CA ROL YN ED WELL SHIRLEY K ' KIRK LOUISE KYZEKWOOD f 'b fx at V I . . . ,H 1' I Vai 3 J Q ,fn qs. . E 1. i S ' 32x JM A is . 1 ,F I Q mf I YSQTJI Ai' A w 'ls Qgyx Ill I 'SQ ,tif 4 , .amz-RE. - fs. C . I I . P X . X.-A 53,1 E If "lf , f xl H-., . KASWXN. L1 -4 .fy L x ffj g RUTH LEE ROSALIE LLEWELLYN DONALD MCCABE EMMA MCCARTY GEORGE MCCORMICK HAROLD MCGREGOR MARY MCKENZIE ROSALINE MCKENZIE WALTER MCKENZIE KATHRYN MCPARTLAND MARVIN METTS ED MILLER CONSTANCE MONTGOMERY CHARLES MOSES JOE MOSES IOHN MUMMERT CALVIN NICHOLS LOUISE NIGHTENGALE DORIS O'HAVER JUDY PLUMMER PEGGY P0929 MARY RAEQCROFT Q I 'I In E : . B H . DAULINE R1 I A A'-fi ' A ,Y A .- - 2 ' HIE S ' I VYRGKNIA Rui , RAY ROBXNSO - A . UHA ,M kV,, " . ' -.W R' Q-' 1 SOHN SH MORE it . I N My , Q -vga? A Lf 57 ' I R' ci? 3 1 'Z al ' is we I I ' ,I 1' 'Eff xg I r MARY SMXLE H V , 1 X ARTHUR SMU TH A RENNQHSZYDRR ,ig :I I- SPIKER I 'E A , I' If R ,,,,.., f X , M f X - gk an .sh A I A 'X' ' 'A BARBARA STAFFORD MARY Lou STAKEM 5 T f f- . H . ,Y ' .A A ' PEGGY STAKEM 1 mf' .N V 'I .V ' f N Q EDITH STEELE ' A I ' Y . IUDY SUDER ' , I A ,L ' COLLEEN THARP DAVE THOMAS .TACK THRASHER ALMA L. TIMNEY GERALD WARNICK LOUISE WEIMER ALLAN WEIR PEARL WILAND DORIS WILHELM IACK WILSON JIMMY WILSON LEONARD WILSON LEO WINKLER RONALD YOUNG RIF ng, 41? E ,Ls R1 s J lf, A Y- -' , ' s Az' Irv, I ' Tl :m axi X Supbumures X fl f 7 Q I -.' I in kinson pa15'I At keg . B3 M0936 Barber viii Bandai n a CaI0x Beam Puma Seaman se M ssouise Beeman J . YYY 252339 it 5 C EP!! Blame Bmw . D R? f fha: rd it f be I F K Xiu x Q, at W C Y' l E l gamer Btasxdw axe: Q. , Kai x is ' Edison B! dv! ate: iff yy ,wp Es? r K f 'X B503 12,1 1 ',w1"' 499295, G31 adwa f-' Q ' na BYO C. W 5 Hale axe ' 'C 5 D065 BYO 0 q M say 1 ' 'N J , gf, C ' W' . k A Eid I f c 2 'J fl Robert Brodie Darlene Brown Robert Buckholtz Carolee Cameron Robert L. Clark Robert M. Clark Carolyn Crawford Ellis Crowe Darlene Custer Richard Cutter wtfi 1- we-31 K ki IN x f Q I Fi xv 1 if 1-' S CQ 'Y Vx ,, 8 Y Ks tag Ruth Deniker I Kenny Derham ,il K, f.. , , hi we Eddie Deshong 5 A e -- git Tim Doolan f 2.5, , ' A gllighi H Q 2 1 .V 95,0 Q 6 Dorothy Duckworth r 'LAAE ftgggfi 1.15323 ',' f x k 1 as Q Raritan' xi!!! ' x C x M 5 Y' Dorothy Durst Bill Dye Rae Ann Eichhom Francis Fair Beatrice Fazenba ker Paul F 3281113 l P ak A Galty Foote el' X A elle Foutz 1 H in Fone e en FO . Ye 3 s 6 , H-5 Helen ' ' x M - . Gall 3 a I 11? Gardner gher A r Alilror Gently Y X Kenie GeISon WY: ' Q r' EQN, tx em G'-indsraff " ' W 'gf YM Y , xx V. A4 I I V W GOl'd01-1 Gte ,R Y, f A. M Norma Gr en V A aim D een ' ' JUBVE H0bel1 i V sk, Ja dy Hughes 1 mx' w F' x 1 5 P' e H t . , "' K i , ' S' . M M f f 'F' iv.. K: V ' My fi? ' Thomas Izat 7 , c - Bob Jacobs ' , ' AM Richard Jenkins gy ' g r , r ,. ,.. ' l' Sally Kelly 1 .. 1' -y 3 A . 1. f. n Bob Ki ht fs 3 1 ,i 'QQ P' , A g N53 W . - K qgsp - ,MS ' lg I 1 U5 Iv. AI A Q 1 F ai ,A Mig iq . o2 Alleda Ann Kirkwood Melvin Klipstien Doris Kyle Jim Leake Shirley Likens Corrina Llewellyn Gerald Llewellyn Harold Loar Ray McCarty Margaret Ann McCormick Sandra McKinley Judy Marshall Robert Matthews Kenneth Metz Wendell Metz , ,E stef ' -ur! 'ik-' '-M S' 'Ei - swf Wai! Q as fs' X S , Lloyd Robertson Virginia Robertson Elaine Russell Bob Russell Bill Schaidt Ruth Lee Schramm Tommy Schriver Harry Smith Doris Spiker Eileen Spiker Donna Lee Stafford George Staup Sally Steidings Catherine Stephens Gordon Stevenson Barbara Sutherland Harold Sutherland Harry Tement Donald Timney Virginia Unuchek Mme! Salim Mme! G . vin Moffatt V sleanMoote 4+ ,I bara M0"'btaY , 4 Bar . . l, 1 WeWL,.,1phv 5 N William -yxavet DOW' O Donapase Q. f . V 7 h W 1 'N pmnws A f . Mackegou Preston " ' ll 86191 109 X . yd Pies Q1 v. 4 Cxxfio SCIO 6 Brenda Ravenn Don Robeftso 1 Q , LQ ? S xlgif ff-sf sf w Q , Q , or as . 5,11 . , ie fi S fi , " ,, ,X if . 65 it -ig B "xl-K gt' P - Aly,-jg A 5 .B , s J. B , " S 4' 3wE5'f we sl '-HX, x ' , 1 ., x V 54 m Q as sl Carolyn Wamrck Leota Warmck, Tommy Warmck Davrd Wexr Shrrley Wrland Joyce W11son 'M 1 ru. Marlene Wrlson Dorothy W1lt Ruby W1lt Ray Wmner George Wrnters me du: fmze, -..., 4 .. -1-Q..-MW . 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' Q' ' 'h wsfw 'f : , 15? gy, f,gg2523?5,'L'g ' 5, 4 Y ,, ,. :J-5 gN:,..:,3fg,A,?5,- ,' , W . ,i , mf wr. QM ,,,f 1- 4 V . Q 35 vm 4-v.!?? I ,,f..,h.,L,f.f, fj' Q . 5' Si? k Y .. . Q4 Q ... 51, V 'Y kxffv A WA L' Im? if ,Q N 4,11 Q miikiif 1 -3 First row, left to right: M. Jacobs, J. Steele, M. Bennett, M, Buskirk, R. Custer, J. Foote, H. Garlitz, R. Kirkwood, H. Fairgrieve, D. Winters, G. Runion, M. McKenzie. Second row: D. Lewis, G. Wilson R. Llewellyn. J. Dick, D, Dunn, D. Magruder, K. Colmer, C. Metts, D. Moses, L. Duckworth, Third row: D. Ash, N. Boettcher, M. Blubaugh, B. Rennie, B. Williams, C. Foutz, C. Bosley, N. Colmer, D. MacDonald, C. Armstrong, J. Davis. Absent when taken: M. Thrasher, D. Wilson, E. Moore, G. Morris, B. Rennie. + . QC 4 ' 'x9,r4N,5,. rx s I ,t SX v First row, left to right: R. Fisher, J. Moffatt, J. Atkinson, C. Crable, M. Donald, J, Buckalew, D. Crawford, C. Meese, B. Byers, G. Asbby. Second row: B. Green, M. Kamp, S. DeShong, D, House, S. Warnick, M. Duckworth, S. Miller, B. Hamilton, K. Rogish, Third row: B. Neat, D. Lewis, S. Jones, R. Spiker, B, Moses, W. Warnick, P. Hersick, M. Snyder, J. Baker, J. Ritchie, Fourth row: W, Foote, R. Pase, F. Garlitz, D. Tharp, H. Jenkins, G. Lauder, J. Stakem, J. Morgan. 6'-I Fil-St ww, left 101-ight: M, Poland, B. Jacobs, L. Beeman, D. Buskirk, L. M. Steele, J. fNi1S0H. M- Tipton. Second row: A. Green, G. Clise, J. Ternent, M. Bittinger, J. McKinley, A. Miller. G. Metz. Third row: R. Hughs, I. Keller, W. Gowans, R. Wilson, C. Beeman, J. McGruder, G. M0r1tg0mery. . , .X First row, left to right: M. McKenzie, B. Walters, M. Lee, R. Raynor, C. Lllewellyn, P. Hartman, M. Loar, D. Shockey, J. Schriver, E. Beeman. Second row: S. Robertson, P. Munson, P, Gallagher, C. Dye, A. Pysell, E. Crowe, G. Buskirk, B. Dye, H. Atkinson, J. Deniker. Third row: M. Matthews, C. Ashby, S. Barton, M. Fazenbaker, D. Wiemer, C. Wilhelm, N. Jenkins, J. Whetzel, J. Clise, B. Ross, P. Bittinger, Fourth row: D. Spiker, I. Lease, B. Phillips, J. Pollack, L. Lemon, J. Meyers, T. Preston. . ,PF 2. T 7-3 First row, left to right: C. Hadley, M. E. Ravenscroft, R. Beeman, B. Kyle, B. McGregor, J. Ferrens, E. Tharp, C. Winkler, A. Cesnick, R. Rennie. Second row: K. Clark, S. Moffatt, L. Bittinger, E. Pierce, B. Clark, S. McKenzie, S. Blank, C. A. High. Third row: C. Buskirk, B. Winters, L. Snyder W. Wiland, D, Hubertson, D. Bennett, L. League, D. Kyle. Fourth row: L. Densmore, J. Smith, R. Hunt, C. Groves. i QV, , v - it , ., xv M mv s?" . Ga If , 4 A -. -Q .. Q-P . . K ' A -Qu' . 1 . . 1 . - fi - - Y y O K 1 I , K First row, left to right: S. Hadley, L. Poland, L. Miller, D. Magruder, J. Llewelyn, M. Southerland, J. Mowbray, J. Gowans, D. Duckworth. Second row: M, Mackley, V. Kyle, G. Langham, R. Love. J. Lancaster, P. Russell, D. J. Timney, D. Taylor, S. Robertson. Third row: A. Hoffa, W. Raines, B. Miller, B. Mitchell, B. L. Howell, D. Steiding, W. Clark, B. Kyle. Fourth row: F. Bennett, S. Morton, R. Evans, R. Ravenscroft, J. Keyes. 1 -,.v1,-, Y , i -:v,"1-ITM Qtbletics f-X A f'N ,X 4 Q 3 NN- i Front row, left to right: Amoruso, Atkinson, Mundeno, Fazenbaker, K, Kiddy, Johnson, Nine, Back row: Coach Myers, Russell, Richmond, Winner, Metts, Spiker, Robertson, M, Kiddy, Young, Batboy McKenzie, Valley High ended its season in a flash of glory by defeating Bruce in extra innings by a score of 6 to 5 Valley has ten lettermen returning, They and their batting averages are: Cokey Robertson Q,32'Iy, Bill Moffatt Q, 1255, Butch Young f,313J, John Winner 53333, Jack Atkinson Q,400J, Don Amoruso Q, 2923, Grover Fazenbaker Q, 2865, John Johnson 1, 1035, Marvin Metts C, 0001. and Kenny Kiddy C, 0001, Butch Young and Grover Fazenbaker carried the burden of the pitching staff, The Black Knights compiled a team batting average of ,39'7, but lost some of its power in Spiker, Mundeno, Russell, Richmond and Marvin Kiddy who graduated, The Black Knights are expected to complete a better record this year than did last year's team, ' Valley ------ 4 La Salle ---- 5 Valley ------ 6 Hyndman ----- 12 Valley - - - - - 4 Flintstone - - - 2 Valley - - - -2 La Salle - - - - 7 Valley ------ 2 Fort Hill ---- 16 ' Valley - - - - 6 Flintstone - - - - 5 ' Valley ------ 0 Mt, Savage - - 17 ' Valley - - - - 1 Fort Hill - - - - - 8 Valley ------ 2 Beall ------ 6 ' Valley - - - - 15 Mt, Savage - - - - -2 Valley ------ 4 Allegany - - - 10 Valley - - - - 3 Beall - - - - - - -10 Valley ------ 5 Bruce ------ 4 ' Valley - - - - 6 Bruce - - - - - - 5 'Valley--- --6 Allegany---- 5 Valley Won - - - 6 Lost - - - - 9 ' Home Games f AWE? EMP Qu' ,pf-eg, 2 x Om :mam of sam Front row, left to right: Metts, Fazenbaker, Duckworth, Young, Brooks, Moffatt, Robertson, Mongold Steele, Johnson, Lauder, Back row: Coach Meyers, Kiddy, Hobel, Llewellyn, McCormick, Reiber, Foote, Mummert, Amoruso, Clark, Spiker, Winters, Valley again reigned as soccer champs for the third straight year, Our three year record at Valley has 21 WiI1S. 1 loss and 2 ties, We haven't had a loss in 22 games, Coach Meyers said, "This is the smallest squad I've ever coached, but they have made up for lack of height with tremendous speed and skill, " We had the league's top scorers in "Butch" Young and the two runnersup in Jack Duckworth and Jack Mongold, The Black Knights had four members on the W,M,I, All- Star team, They were Butch Young, Sam Brooks, Bill Moffatt and Cokey Robertson, Making the second team were Jack Mongold, jack Duckworth, Grover Fazenbaker and Marvin Metts, The outlook for another championship next year is good, for the "Detmold Dandies" only lost five members of their starting team, Moffatt, Steele, Brooks, Mongold and Robertson will be lost through graduation, THE SCORES OUR STARTING LINEUP Valley Opponent Score G, Bill Moffatt 4 Mt, Savage 1 F, B, Wayne Steele 2 Bruce 1 F, B, George Lauder 2 Flintstone 0 R, H, B, Marvin Metts 5 Beall 0 C. H, B, John Johnson 4 Mt, Savage 0 L, H, B, Sam Brooks 2 Bruce 2 O, R, Bob Robertson 6 Flintstone 0 I, R, Butch Young 1 Beall 0 C, F, Jack Duckworth 0. R. O, L, Jack Mongold Grover Fazenbaker AVMQ, 040: First row, left to right: Lauder, Winners, Young, Robertson, Johnson, Dye, Second row: Coach Meyers Amoruso, Duckworth, Cook, Craze, Hobel. Third row: Donald, Green, Llewellyn, Duckworth, Nines. 355, vfv , tg ,,r,,, A kkyji! v C 2 ' rt cr 53 it Q2 'N """ 'TTY' T' l 4 0 I caaafa Wafwctq First row, left to right: Mummert, Klipstein, Muir, Garlitz, Foote. Second row: Metz, Llewellyn. Hobel, Green, Moffat. Third row: Coach Cross, McKenzie, Chappel, Jeking, Manager, Bob Hyde. Zaye' 2 The Knights, having only one regular back, Cokey Robertson, dropped two of the first four games. Then they came on in full array to become contenders for the WMI championship. All Va1ley's games have been thrillers with a team of five instead of one or two. Cokey, as usual, has played excellent ball and the Knights have been hitting about sixty to seventy per cent ot their shots. Outstanding scorers in addition to Cokey have been "Butch" Young and Johnny Johnson and on the defensive side George Lauder and Johnny Winner have starred. We won the class "B" championship in the county. Cokey finighgd the regular season with 449 points, missing the scoring title in the district by one point. SCORES VALLEY OPPONENTS VALLEY OPPONENTS 68 ' 57 65 ' Piedmont LaSalle 'Piedmont Keyser 'Southern 'Alumni 'Northern 'Fort Hill Mt Savage Allegany Knee High to a Grasshopper Cokey Robertson Lester Reiber Jackie Duckworth Lloyd Robertson Beall 43 'Bruce Elk Garden Southern 'LaSalle Fort Hill 'Mt Savage 'Allegany Beall Bruce Northern ' Home games State Play Offs Scores Valley Opponents Place and date Southern 54 Cumberland March 9 Thurmont 36 Cumberland March 10 Arundel College Parke March 16 State Championship Valley Opponents Place and date 66 Oxon Hill 63 College Park March 17 QCorkey got 2611 HAIL THE STATE CHAMPS CLASS B I' "Z First row, seated, left to right: Foote, Shockey, Bishop, Connor, Tharp, Ritchie, Duckworth. Second row: Chappell, Llewellyn, McPartland, Steele, Timney, Plummer, Deniker. Third row: Coach Hamilton, Richardson, Miller, Preston, Foutz, Green, Ravenscroft. The girls' basketball team has done remarkably well this season. Starting with an entirely new team, having lost six of their regulars, they won a majority of their games. Two of their losses were by only two points. JoAnn Connor is the leading scorer of the team with 172 points in eight games. Much of the success can be credited to the guards, Colleen Tharp, Eloise Duckworth, and especially Anna Mae Bishop who has become one of the best defensive players in the county. SCORES VALLEY oPPoNENTs VALLEY OPPONENTS ' 41 Mt. Savage 25 ' 41 Bruce 43 54 St. Mary's 29 ' 53 Bruce 55 ' 43 Alumni 34 ' 20 Hyndman 26 56 Mt. Savage 26 13 Fort Hill 50 49 Hyndman 33 ' 40 St. Mary's 32 ' 24 Fort Hill 55 ' Denotes Home Games . g y W 089 X A f'1', , if, l 1-.X 17 at 1, - 5 d W f 1 bn 51 . Q 1 . ' 7 iw X f 1 K A ., -f ff?', ww. " ... . 5 w ,5 4 1 ia' ...LQ f. J f A . .,x,,,.F .,.., . , . i X , 1-sw W L M.. ,, ,R ., ,x.A ., L.,, , U. 9 V Q11 A .5 , ai. ' .7 fvew4,f, " f1'a . 5 - 3 7 T 1. -f . K . ff ' W' f "'1"'f'Pw I .A - - ' 'xywfflgf . , V7 ,EW I A 4 Ah , , :,. . Q , L W. .. MM .1 M75 V 1 Q ,353gg5f,fggs1g ig 2 ' . wi Kr if '31, . Mgt '. A 1 Y sy' ,fa-.fff 1' ',P1,,ff-gf. .. f. K 45+ . ,fi if .few-,. X , X hw... X f 5733: Lg. . A' 1 ' ' 341' 756+ -fmiex w , 4 -1 LM , I - sv L 'J , 5 X MQW. x , WBA I X -Q.. H Xxskbtw Q M. ., i X lakh Fx XX. ,- .....,-f' -.....-f Y. X 7 ., AD, 'Mf- S 11. fa-wg, W .Q . X ff vfiw ' , 1 525251. X TEQSSEIQQQ' 5 "P+ LQNFWJH' .XM 54 g E 3 X , x 31 1, . in a .fx I I 5 4-may Left to nght Sandra McK1nley Martha Jane Lewts Deanna Martm Peggy Stakem Kay K1rk Donna Fazenbaker Captam I I caaafz Wafwczfq Left to nght bottom row Judy Atkmson Darlene Gerson Sandy D1llon Second row Sally Kelly Grace Runlon Top Judy Moffatt 0 : Y , I I Y f ' S A . ,.,,,,,, 'Q at J - J 9 A 7 ,X .5 I 3 Y , I , a I n 4 o W: 9 0 ff' 'Is ,' :Yak l , , 9,.31':'4-Cx W 5 'V Q - , I ', .A H". ww , 5 5 "" Qyapi. fl an Q ziiijfpi QAZQUL 5 fa I fi ww :A ,W W was i 4,55 mr,- T Qftihififg QSL Y 'X4 74e .lance Staff Editor, Anna Mae Bishop, Assistants, Don Amoruso, Virginia Metzg Business Manager, Harry Warnickg Typists, Judy Dye, Bill Abbott, Arlene Crowe, Ann Frenzel, Judy Gatrell, Joan Warnick, Helen Wil- helm, Juanita Hausrathg Sales Manager, Donna Fazenbaker, Lois Colmer, Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, Phyllis Green, Betty Kallmyer, Louise Leake, Joanne McPartland, Martha Robertson, Norma Spiker, Joan Stev- ensong Finance Chairman, Jo Ann Connor, Martha Lewis, Darlene Stephen: Histories and Calendar, Carol Jean McFarlane, Peggy Willsg Layout and Art, Jack Mongold, Lester Reiber, Bill Moffattg Boys' Sports, Jack Atkinson, Carl Donald, Cecil Nine, Cokey Robertsong Girls' Sports, Norma Ravenscroftg Picture Collecting, Cora Lee Inskeep, Carlene Boettcher, Patsy Kelley, Lois Loar, Zennia Mackley, Deanna Martin, Patty Mathewsg Photographer, Richard Grandstaff, Colleen Beeman, Eddie McCormick, Susie Raynorg Picture Layout, Lois Howell, Marlene Kamp, Donna Moffatt, Sue Shaw. Faculty Advisor, Kendrick Y. Hodgdong Assistant, Miss Mary Margaret Sterbutzel: Art Advisor, Miss Betty Hoback. I' X up g ,u 4 ' , id , ,ff 3 f ' J sv 5' Z . X J in l A . J,f A 1 . S 1 X , f '- 1 2 'J X 5 , v1v'-- - -if S .,.:,, -, J - r .X ' E 7 i ' Q "5 5, QV f I - :4 , rl fi "Ti - , wg, ,Q , ' '- F ,E To Jil ml 0 nn.-sooo 3 ,.. o var -'S Q N: 1 .rg ,Q- 'f'. ,Q 1 l fxfn Egzsg .lx j I 0 I Seneca '7fzc- We- 2 Sponsors MRS. BURNS and MRS. MITCHELL 7 v EE. KK Ou 1 nail. 93522, 4, 3- aw 1 Q, nn, Q1 I 0 Seneca Wa- Q Sponsors MR. DEFFENBAUGH and MR. GANYU M l gf? cwcbfz fad- W6- Sponsors MRS. WILSON and MISS LOVE ...AG bn? R 6465434 256- Sponsors MR. FRAM and MR. RANKIN 'a 'n I 'Q K HW.. F Q U ,,vE1.,-,QA 5: I V, 43. -3 ,, ,K 5,w,,, Mgxiwi ' , , my W 453 + x Q25 "T 'air ,QS . A S Q 'I ad: A , .5 ' :: st xi. :iff lla: I " 15. 1: f" ,. "f?' 9 im Q rx. , 5 Xlwfx 9 77m MHA 6544! Sponsor MR. HA UGEN cs - A :xy s X.. Z X . 51 AA -17' - ' V: 5' h. 3 . My F ,pf YN X x EA B V Y 5 t S Sponsor MR. PREASKORN 5 ,Q ,eff .Q if f A ,Wy XXX jtx QI f' .7 A A 'v , A z ' Q 6- R B .1 - xi ff 4' 'I -c -' 'Q r' 51' A 'Q- -1:3 3 r -9' ' 41 Us ' fn .QQ 3 54 ., f 5 lf! f U' Q Q 5. :R -n . . I A nf ,f"dIl' 4 mf f 1' lil xv n o 51 "qw 5155215 Q- -it -ai m M UQ' E 6 ,U E x ki Ev RG. ll? ,LW 'QQWICI Wig' tg' M is E .. M 1 'li 599591 324'+.'af 'f, 'f' i . Q is m 1 'U x u 2 ii Q .Q Q , 9 Q -S n- ff 4 , - Q P f 'f KKA' ' V5y, I 5 L h T63 ,-7:1151 mf, . fa .- , 4" f. 'Lo Q 1.1 Q It xg - yr 9 " ' VKQE . fi Q 21 I 'F Y ' Q' 3 S 3 ' , P7 .F ww:-Q wx ig, it G 'QF 51 3' i i I va ix aff 3 'QP 35 Q Q4 ' 'i I 'q'I ilqb. i ..,. 11 A335 V! af ' fa fi f fig: it SQUK . 3 7 . L X f 7 Q 1 if ' I L' 133555: .k , M 4 f ' , 1 : y X, 2 ' I iff? .inrsg es' Q, mfg f E 4 . n W ,W I Fla 'M I5 gl 2 Q -A ii Us Fm in ' I Seaeatdcuwl 674Z4Qmde64ow4 Sponsor MRS. MITCHELL B 5 QQ 1 5 GENERAL ' I 'Q , 'KX ' :CI 'Ig xJ wg" sf ,sw an arwfk ff' Q' 4' Educational Assembly: Sponsors: Mr. Saylor, Mrs. Troxell, Mr. Deffenbaugh, Mr. Preaskorn, Mr. Hodgdon. Sandra Dillon, Kay Kirk, Bill Abbott, Paul Kelly. September October November December January School opens good or bad? Seventh graders get lost Frrst movre Treasure Island Graduatron PICIUISS good touch up Job des1red Mr Derry arrrves an hour early along w1th daylrght savrng trme 159 days left oh my achrng back Senror tests Unemployment Offrce Iumor I-lop Guys and Dolls go danc 1n Teachers take off to Balumore that F T A Reorganrzed Readrng R1t1ng Rrthmetrc Campus day at S T C Halloween Dance who s who V1ctory Dance Hurrah for our Slde Soccer team undefeated F N A Orgamzed Are you S1Ck? Operetta Fortune Teller l Speak for Democracy Thanksgrvrng Holrdays School reopens Basketball we w1n 441 Chrrstmas Program Beauuful It s rock a bye baby t1me at the Ganyu home grrl at 3 03 P M Watch out m1st1etoe above' School resumes Woe' We beat Fort H111 Lance arrrves at the Hodgdon s Lanny Yale that 15 We lose three games Bus breaks down g1I1S dress on way to Hyndman Semester Exams should have stud1ed January February March A pr11 UH6 Xe Second semester begms TC8Ch21'S Senrors Blood Donors B111 Ronme Sam Paul Charles and Danny Be my Valenune Play tournament John and Ray make H Bomb Journal1sm Class Dance Potomac State Srngers at Valley Sen1or Class Dance Musrc classes slug Maryland My Maryland Here comes Peter Cotton Ta1l school closes School opens off aga1n Bertram Hardt Musrc Junror Class Dance Iumor Class Sponsors Talent Show May Day Celebratlon Juruor Sen1or Prom We danced all n1ght Srxth grade Orrentauon Baccalaureate Gettrng closer Last holrday Class N1ght Graduatron Moments to remember School closes untrl next September Happy vacat1on everyone' X X HL. 6 30 ' , VS- 7 . ' 18 ' '. " 20-21 ' ' 5 ' ' - 7 ' , '. , . 26 . ' . . . . . . 14 . I 30 ' . 16 . 17 - . 17 ' ' . 19 ' - 2 ' . 'g. 15 ' . 20-21 ' 16 ' . is. 25 ' ' . 25 . . . ' ' , 29 27 . . . 31 ' . ' 4 '. 6 ' ' . 4 ' ' . 16 ' . . 19 ' . 8 . . . ' ' 10 First Lance deadline. . . oh my! May 16 2 ' 17 18 ' - ' ' 23 " ' 23 ' ' ' . 28 28 ' . 30 ' . 31 ' . 6 ' . 15 ' ' . J 16 ' - - ' 1 ' A : . . 8 ' 21 ' , ' . 3 . 1 'I 6 ' . 12 ' ' - '. - 1 A 13 . I' ' X 21 ' Y, fd s f sf. . R ,Q 23-21 ' . Q X1 '1 5 'S 1 uvyj uns - 74e .lance Staff Hard at work. 12 vu.. and finally Mx I 7 ' M Begins its duties. 1 Cindy says "That's All In sn' vurboau Au IA L R MAD! TAHOE PUBKISHING 'OMPA DALLA TEXAS Y W. k,,, M ta . xy 2 is ,, Q. ' f x Y on 5"m,,11-. uw " ' ff" Y T' A ua . Q .vin ' r Y U D . t 'J' ' ' 1 N ' ..f'kl 4 . ,, . A P - -ox f, '-Eu -n J . 4, 'wr fe 2 Q 1 ,S 'S 1' -Q-13? ' ' . 1 if -- .MW f - . Q 0 ,,.f-R" A',,f- ff Q my ,ut W ,kqyfrk A 1. 'v 4 we Y Ac, -" M33 ' ,V 1 f' f 'dffkff W T1 '4 f' -ww" Y " 1 - 5.3545 mg. naw - ga if I I-ft? ' . .. A

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