Valley Forge Military Academy - Crossed Sabres Yearbook (Wayne, PA)

 - Class of 1963

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Valley Forge Military Academy - Crossed Sabres Yearbook (Wayne, PA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Cover

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" ' . 315 A . - J' ' Q v 0 ' A I g. , . H- ,, y ,- ' 'f , 5 ,N "' 1, K A i f" .p it ' 4 . -if -2- , Q68-rg - 0 .15 .V Q W r 2 5- 'sf I .Y -' . .1 11 . f X, ,.,,-sgmq-,. R v1 1 ,, n I' . 4 -.4 -' . - , r-st . AQ 47 s -wifff galil 'f al , Q 4 A- wif . 5 1 'Af uit L' ' " 5 ss Q 1 , . , ,Q 1 W' ' f" 9' O ri I ug, - , f vyxrfajf- gi--'Ah I .,i'Q,-1 ' , ' , 5 "4-" q-,4 L. . -'Q . V ,I g -k A' T" H- 7' f .- - -Y-. . .. nr. ! . 'w..x .7 ' A' ff, L . H ni? 15" - -..v.g ' ' ., , A " Spb- E rv - '. 6..'.-1- rm, QL-4 Q A. V .4 - K' F .2 , A t W . E K" --'fig .-M M nf 5 .ov-i I -ln'-I ,JY 'nflv r' ' ' 5' ' ff! I 4 ' Exif. iff, ... I. Q . ' - 1-Q. .. - A -- -' . - - . - -ff , gait . A x Ex , ' ,P ff. 5 aw- .f4,- 3 .A l . , ,R I . P , .h , . . -,q-. , - .A ..5-wif' Q 12 1-jg-1, ,,-,ji ,,....f -r ..q 4, 'P Q v .R gh E 'Fx 51 fitfff. - " f"zfJ"'2?, --?3':'f'?'f , 'Q -- ,, : was ! - J ,,,,y -f. ,-. Y , .3 lf" 1' IA "4 J N V var 'U J-L E 9 'QA .-- ' I Y +J:ifl:'LQ E "-Q-,flu -Q PM ' all wi' ' S 'w , F141 ,, Q. A P' 4 Y wad wp F M,-dj. 14 in if M .'w,,. .4-'3""4' . K, .um ' f.f"F' . ,M L' -ff ,. Q, ' , , 1 5 ' -5 'Vw ' ' ' I 5- X I 4 ,,. Ji - J ' 1 , , Q -I J' sry nb N .JI 'wr 43,1 . I 1 "Q ' x ' u L K' -LQ ' I' y ,f'A 5. 4" , .L -f '- vi, f13bf7'if ' ""' . . , my 1 1 H E G S ,L I s Q '1 L1 ,, Z Q1 Q Q if af 3 e Ni 1 I S 1 fl 51 E 5 55 5 24 -. ,m.i.f..f.Y .,,.. A,....x,,-: ,K ,...,.,,Q,g.A..,m.M..x......wm,1Q.,,, .MM A W, ,J121..,J. ,... .,,- L A ,, 1. , , , mf NM,,HA.,A--ww-wyfvrw wnvmm. Wy fwff f6,wL "W . f'J ff? Q- A Vfif , , if , W ASW 4 "' " ' Y ExlJbHs fv- vgQvW:g?,JXfJ5X 1 wi, iw U fhffj W' do JW G I J v ' J ij I ' ? W ww' iffbbbxmmx 'W :Mi Q15:"' 5 ' : -5 . 5 1 4 1963 "'. . . every man is a piece of a continent, a part of the main." Every man holds a part of his ucontinentv in his memory wherever he may travel. Here at Valley Forge are many monu- ments and ideas which are carried in memoryg the apiece of a continentu which attaches each cadet to the 'Gmainv of The Academy. camp! .MQ . . 5, -55 :W H ' it vnpx .SQ 'wig 1, 'ffvht-vga' limi' l Q U I l Q f Q Q I Q Q 1 V 4 HIIIIIW' is 1963 'ff CRUSSED SA ES EDITOR IVAN R. SABEL if Valley Forge Military Academy fi: WAYNE ' PENNSYLVANIA if? CONTENTS EDITOR'S INTRODUCTION . . . Pagg THE PAST YEARS ............... . 28 GRADUATES . . JUNIOR COLLEGE . . . . 23 FIRST CLASS .... . 54 THE CORPS ................. . 90 ATHLETICS ........ . 114 PASS IN REVIEW .... . 138 ACADEMICS ,,,,,,,.,, , 158 HONOR SOCIETIES . . . . 174 ORGANIZATIONS . . . . 186 The Alma Mater Hail, Alma Mater, dear High wave thy colors clearg Thee we shall e'er revere All through the years. Let courage be our stand, Honor our guiding hand, Conquer throughout the land Valley Forge for thee. Strengthen us in the fray. Help us from day to dayg Increase thy line of gray, Glory all for thee. Teach us to know thy worth To sing thy praise on earth, And guard thy noble birth Valley Forge for thee. Lead us with beacon bright. Guide our steps firm and right So We may always Fight, Buff and blue for thee. When our last taps are played May thou be not dismayed. We pray as once he prayed, Valley Forge for thee. The EdiTor's Introduction It is my most honored privilege in this, my last assignment, to present to you, the Corps and the Class of 1963, a lasting memento of your years at Valley Forge. Four years have passed with many memories, both of the friends we have made and the education we have received. For us, the members of the graduating class, these past few years have been the greatest and most rewarding of our lives. Life at Valley Forge is quite similar to the life we shall lead in the near future. For those who have found life good at Valley Forge they will undoubtedly find it good in the world we are about to enter. The rewards and the penalties that we shall receive in our future education and our life's destinies will resemble those which we have attained in the classrooms and on the drill field. In this, the 1963 Crossed Sabres, we have a four-year reminis- cence of a good part of our lives that is so often referred to as the best period we shall ever live. In four years we have matured into responsible young men, prepared to meet the challenges of life. Those of us who were fortunate enough to advance through ranks have found the true meaning of accomplishment and leadership. Of course our academic achievements here were, and always will be, a very important part of our lives. The many good times spent on the athletic field learning true sportsmanship will be remembered by all. Valley Forge has played its vital role in preparing us for the future and our life's destinies. Now it is up to us to put this train- ing to good use. We have learned to study and we have learned to be gentlemen, now we must always remember to "learn as tho' your life on Earth would endless be, but live as tho' the morrow ushered in Eternity." Swag- SQXSX f wgpx ffm lastly 7 l i A' fs? I 6 1 'QQQ mn? invvf F ,I - N-.hx I, ..,.'.', Y!!-I ,I " 9 i Q D I Q ' i s :'u.,f4,7 I ll Ill Qlull. THE 1963 GRADUATING CLASSES TAKE PRIDE IN DEDICATING THIS EDITION OF THE CROSSED SABRES TO COLONEL JOHN D. MAUK FINANCE OFFICER VALLEY FORGE MILITARY ACADEMY THE EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE TO THE CORPS OF CADETS AND DEDICATION TO THE IDEALS AND TRADITIONS OF THE ACADEMY, OF THIS ALUMNUS, LEADS Us TO ACCORD HIM THIS TRIBUTE. i" 'i 7 CHAPEL INTERIOR YOUNGHUSBAND HALL WILSON HALL GYMNASIUM E 2 ,W ew. '1 1 ADMINISTRATION BRIGADIER GENERAL MILTON H. MEDENBACH Commandmzt of Cadrls A.B., Ped. D., Johns Hopkins University, Gettysburg College, University of Mar- berg, Germanyg Konsularakadcmie, View na, Austriag School of Military Govern- ment, Army of the United Statesg Penn- sylvania Army National Guard. COLONLI ANDREXV F. H I IDFNII- R Dean of the Amriemzr Ilcpmtmffnt AJS., M.S. in Ed., Unuexsity of Penn Sylvania. Chairman. Clllllfllllllll Com mittee ' l Qi KIM Qin! gy n w'i n Q Q 1 wp 6 1 . . 3 ' li Y ':Zvr si?" A A, , . A lfzanuwlelxriif f f Q I Q 55555315 llzvhm- 'llllllul' COLONEL YVlI.LlAlNI CARNE Dean of the junior College B.S., M.A., United States Military Academy, University of Pennsylvania. United States Army, Retired. 'k LIEUTENANT COLONEI. ALFRFZD A. SANELLI Professor of Military Science A.B., University of Buffalo, University of Wisconsin, Columbia University. The Infantry School, The Provost Marshall Ceneral's School, Military Police Corps. United States Army. Q- -Z '.' 'J if it L1 .l .- :. Q 'J 5,-, 'kCIiLlI1llIllE of Valley Forge Military Academy irC1OLONEL JOHN D. MAUK Finance Officer tCOI.ONliI. DAVID C. BIRDSELL C t ll ' B..A., Philadelphia Music Academy. ln- amp TO. 6, fantryj United States Army, Retired. Armored Reserves, Lmted States Army. COMMANDER RALPH E. JONES Direclor of A dmissions AB., M.A., Bucknell University. Mem- ber: Curriculum Connnitteeg Coordina- tor of Honor Societies. United States Naval Reserve. LIEUTENANT COLONEL L. MAITLAND BLANK Director of Athletics William G. Herrmann Institute of Phys- ical Training, University of Pennsyl vania. LIEUTENANT COLONEL EVIQRARD NICHOLSON Director of Guidance B.S., M.S. in Ed., St. John's College, York, England, University of Pennsyl- vania. Member: Curriculum Committee 15 ADMIN ST RAT Q y.YIl'll ION UCOLONEI, LEONARD I.. I-IOWETI-I, Ilrgixlnzr A.B., M.A., Hlashington College, Midcllehury College johns Hopkins University, Ilniversity of Pennsylf yania. i'I,IEI,7'I'ENANT COLONEL JACK W. FISHER l?t'gi.vtrrzr. Pierce School of Business Administration United Statm Air Force. ir 'k 'lr -kNIAjOR DAVID C. HODGENS, JR., Registrar, A.I3., Lafayette College. Infantry School, Ft. Benning, Ca., Pennsylvania National Cuard. QLIEUTENANT COLONEL WILLIAM L. DORA RANCE, Merlicnl Ojhcer. AB., M.D., Dartmouth ColA lege. Temple University. United States Air Force. if ic A' 0 MAJOR ROBERT V. XVOODSIDE, O1'gnni5l-Cl1oir- IIIIIXZPV, luslrucforyof Piano and Organ. lNIt1s.Bac., Mus. M., XVestminster Choir College, Curtis Institute of Musieg Royal School of Church Music, Addington Palace, England. Q LI AJ" COLONEL cz. IQENNIQDY Attux. Aga' efiqit' ' mtl, llirerlor of Social firlirliliex, In- fo?" tial and Sofia! C'Il.K'IlllIlS. If.S.A. fSc0t.j, IIIII 'rsi ' 'lllitary Schoolg I-Ion. Conun. I'.A.R.N.CQ.: M57 11' ' the Society for Army Historical Research. v Io rj Lo I ,f , . S' JJ if i' 'A' +9 I.IEIVI'ENANT COLONEL WILLIAM LOUIS PORTER, Chaplain and Dean of the Chapel of Si. CUl'1lCIfIlS the Centurimz. B.D.. Episcopal Theological Signal School. Ft. Mon- Army, Active Reserve. Seminary in Kentucky: The mouth, NJ., United States 9 NIR. ICRNIQST I'. RALWI. limtx. ljireflm' of Public livin, fcffllflllllll' of Valley Iforgt' lllililary ACIIIIFIIIY OLIEUTENANT COLONEL JUSTIN H. PIERCE, Quartermaster. BA., Alfred University. Infantry Re- serve, United States Army. 'MISS ALLENE A. STEARNS, Alzmmi Serrelary. Goldey Beaeoni School of Businessg Michigan State L'niversityg University of Peniisylvania. i'I.IEU'I'ENANT RICHARD R. XVILLIAMS, Assiy tant to the Qruartermaster. A.A.g Rider College, Rut- gers University. 'kLIEUTENANT LEO R. HARRIS, illanager, Cadet Store. A.A.g Villanova University. 0 MRS. ROBERT PEETZ, Head Nurse. Lindenburg University Hospital, Cologne, Gerinany. fLIEUTENANT ROIWULO DIEZ ROCA, Assis- tant Lo the Quartermaster. A.A.g University of Villa- nova, Havana, Cuba. 0 LIEUTENANT THOMAS J. SCOTT, JR., House- lceeper. United States Marine Corps, Retired. 0 CHIEF IVARRANT OFFICER RUSSELL THORN- TON, Manager of Arsenal and Instructor of Driver Education. Non-coinmissioned Ofhcers' School, Fort Benning, Georgia, Engineer School, Maneu, Ger- many. ISERGEANF JOSEPH BOUCHER, Night Security i'GracluaLe of Valley Forge Military Academy. 17 1 if SECRETARIAL AND HOSPITAL STAFF Seated: Mrs. J. Smith, Mrs. Rickert, Mrs. CLOIIHZIII, Miss Medera. Standing: Miss Laird, Mrs. Anderson, Miss Beyca, Mrs. H. Smith, Miss Nicholson, Miss Miller, Miss Cozens, Mrs. Bucklaml, M rs. Mursa. Shannon Hall COLONEL DAVID F. GARDINER Professor of Social Studies Chairman of the Social Studies Dzfpartment BS., MS. in Ed., University of North Carolina, University of Pennsylvania. Advisor: Cadet Advisory Council: Mem- ber: Curriculum Committee. COLONEL ALFRED W. HESS Professor of lllathematics Cl1air1'nart of the Mathematics Department BS., M.S. in Ed., United States Mili- tary Academy, Temple University. Ad- visor: Cadet Honor Council. Chairman: Placement Committee. Member: Cur- riculum Committee. United States Army, Retired. COLONEL JOSEPH J. ESREY, JR. Professor of Iinglish ClZlli7"7'l1It71 of the Department of English A.B., MA., Temple University. Ad- visor: Nutionzll Honor Society, Quill and Scroll Society. General Supervisor, College Entrance Examination Board. Member: lllucement Committee, Cur- riculum Committee. LIEUTENANT COLONEL ELMER A. O'DAY Director of Remedial and Audio-Visual Services B.S. in Ed., M.Ed., Temple University, Member: Curriculum Committee. Pennsylvania Army National Guard. COLONEL 'WILLIAM I-IELLER Professor of Science Chairman of the Science Department B.S., Kutztown State College. Member: Curriculum Committee. COLONEL HUGH P. FOSTER Professor of Foreign Languages Chairman of the Foreign Language Department A.B., M.A., Bucknell University, Y'Vestern Reserve College. Member: Curriculum Committee. 19 OLIEUTENANT COLONEL NORNIAN MITTER- LING, Assistant Professor of Science. B.S., Bucknell University. Advisor: Benjamin Franklin Honor So- cietv. OLIEUTENANT COLONEL GEORGE YV. RICK- ERT, JR., Assistant Professor of Social Studies. B.S., M.S. in Ed., Kutztown State College, University of Pennsylvania. 'Chairmanz Scheduling Committeeg Member: Curriculum Committee, Coach: Hlrestlingg Athletic Council United States Air Force Reserve OMAJOR JOHN R ROMINL JR Assistant Pio cssor of Social Studizs AB MA Nest Vtrgnna UIIIICISIKJ Columbil LUIYSTSIQ Army Intelligence School Adusor 'Vluseum Club Coach Iennis Iinited States 'AIIIIJ Reserve 'MAJOR GEORCE T. BUCKYVALTER Assislant roftssor o Mathematics. B.S. MS. in Ed. Illest Chester State College Temple bnixersity. Guidance Counselor B Company. fffftwnfet 'lerefee 0 CAPTAIN JOHN XV. LORD, Assistant Director of Reading Clinic. A.B., Dickinson College. Coach: Varsity Football, Baseball. NWS L30 9 Ci? 20 if-xg OLIEUTICNANT COLONEL HOYVARD E. PEAR- SON, Assistant Professor of Mallzernalics. B.S., M.S. in Ed., United States Military Academy, Villanova University. United States Army, Retired. OLIEUTENANT COLONEL ANDREIV C. DAP- PRICH, Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages. B.S., M.S. in E.E., United States Military Academy. Stanford University. United States Army, Retired. O MAJOR LAXVRENCE G. HEINRICH, Assistant Professor of English. B,A., University of Virginia, City College of New York. Advisor: Crossed Sabres, Photog- raphy Club, Amateur Radio Cluh. 0 LIEUTENANT COLONEL CLARENCE P. MITCH- ELL, Assistant Professor of English. A.B., Princeton University. The Infantry School. Guidance Counselor, Company. Army National Guard of the United States. swmwb 0 COLONEL CHARLES H. DAYHUFF, JR., Instruc- tor in English. AB., M.A.. Virginia Military Institute, George Hlashington University. Guidance Counselor, HA" Company. United States Army, Retired. 'COLONEL JAMES D. CAMPBELL, II. Instructor in Social Studies. B.A., Ursinus College. Advisor: Alexander Hamilton Honor Society. Army of the UllIICtl States, Retired. 0 COLONEL THURMAN YV. MORRIS, Instructor in Mathematics. B.S., United States Military Acadetny, University of Coloradog The Ordnance School. United States Army, Retired. 0 COLONEL LEXVIS S. SORLEY, JR., Instructor in Foreign Languagffs. B.S., United States Military Acad- emy, Columbia University, University of Arizona. United States Army, Retired. 0 COLONEL EDIVIN T. MILLER, Instructor in Mathematics. E.E., University of Cincinnati, Oklahoma City University. United States Army, Retired. 'COLONEL RICHARD L. McKEE, Instructor in Mathematics. B.S., United States Military Academy, Lycoming College. United States Army, Retired. QLIEUTENANT COLONEL MILTON STEIN- BRING, Instructor in Matlzenzatics. B.S., S.M,, United States Military Academy, Harvard University, Com- mand and General Statf School, United States Army Language School, Strategic Intelligence Course. United States Army, Retired. OLIEUTENANT COLONEL ROBERT J. SANDS, Instructor in iltathenzatics. B,A., University of Penn- sylvania. Guidance Counselor, Band and Drum tk Bugle Corps. United States Marine Corps Aviation Reserve, Retired. 0 MAJOR LEONARD T. Q-UINN, JR., Instructor in Social Sturlies. B.S., M.A., New York State Teachers College, Columbia University Teachers College. Coach: Varsity Track. Army of the United States, Retired. OCAPTAIN ANTHONY J. OLIVERIA, Instructor in Social Studies. B.S., NYest Chester State College. Guidance Counselor, "DH Troop. 21 OCAPTAIN EDXVARIJ R. MILLER, I7'l.YZ7'1lCiUl' in Science. B.A., Eastern Baptist College. 0 CAPTAIN C. ALEXANDER STORK, Instructor in English. B.A., M.A., Duke University, University of Pennsylvania. Advisor: YVashington Irving Literary Society. Assistant Coach, XVrestling. United States Naval Reserve. OMISS NANCY BROWN, Adnlinistralive Assistant lo Dean, Acfidmnic Departnzeiil. 0 CAPTAIN C. RICHMOND MCFARLAND, JR., In- structor in Science. MS., Bucknell University, Ifniversity of Maryland. Coach: Varsity Basketball. Assistant Coach: Varsity Football. 'CAPTAIN GEORGE S. MASON, Instrzlctor in English. B.A.. Pennsylvania Military College, Advisor: The Legionnzzire. United States Army Reserve. 0 CAPTAIN DAVID MICHAELS, Instructor in Eng- lish. A.B., Roanoke College, Boston University. Ad- visor: Stephen Foster Honor Society. United States Naval Reserve. OCAPTAIN ANTHONY PAPPAS, lnstructm' in Scienre. B.A., American International College. O CAPTAIN GEORGE CLARK ALLISON, Iizstructor in Science. B.S., XVest Chester State College. Coach: junior Varsity Football: Assistant Coach: Swimming, United States Army Reserve. 0 LIEITTENANT j.-XMES MORRISON, Iizstrnctor in Social Studies. BS. in Ed., Kutztown State College. Guidance Counselor: "E" Battery. OLIEUTENANT ALEXEY A. KISEL V, In. rut or in Matlzenzalics. B.S., Columbia Univ 1 ity, A i A University. United States Army Reservet - ' x Q QW X A A X Ski FACULTY 0 LIEUTENANT THOMAS F. SHAYV, Instructor in Science. BS., University of Delaware. United States Army Reserve. 0 LIEUTENANT RONALD H. HEISE, Instructor in English. B.A., Eastern Baptist College. Advisor: Patrick Henry Forensic Society. Coach: Golf. 'k 'k if 0 ENSICN ROBERT A. KOWALSKI, Instructor in lforeign LIL7Ig'lltlg!f'.S'. A.B., XVilliam and Mary College. Guidance Counselor, "G" Company. United States Coast Guard Reserxe. 0 LIEUTIQNANT JULES F. PREVOST, JR., Instruc- tor in Reading. B.A., Eastern Baptist College. ul' ul' ir . ,F 74,2 1. , .k,. , . , r V K , A . L1EUT1iNAN'l'i HORAC1-3 ii. MONTGOMERY, JR., Instructor in Foreign Languages. BA., Mexico City College. 0 CAPTAIN JOHN PLANT, Instructor in Languages. B.A., M.A., Oxford University. Assistant Coach: Golf. 'k 'A' if OCAPTAIN RUSSEI. D. NICKINNEY, Director of Audio-Visual Aids. l3.A., M.A., New Mexico State University. Advisor: Audio-Visual Aids Club. 0 LIEUTENANT DONALD V. HACKETT, Instruca tor in Ionguages. B.A., Mexico City College. ni' 'k 'A' 0 LIEUTENANT XVILLIAM L. ELLIS, Instructor in English. B.A., Baylor University. United States Naval Reserve. OLIEUTENANT JAMES EONTAIN, Instructor in I.a1'zg'1111ges. Ph.B., AB., Franciscan Fathers, Columbia, South Aniericag Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Advisor: Society of Ruben Dario. 23 SLIEUTENANT JOHN C. QUICC, Izzslrzlclor in English. A.B., Eastern Baptist College. Coach: Junior Varsity Basketball. OMISS B. ADELE KNEPLEY, Lillmriafz. B.S. in Music Ed., M.S. in Ed., M.S. in Library Science, West Chester State College, University of Pemisylvania. Drexel Institute of Technology, University of Delaware. Advisor: Library Club. 'COLONEL ALLEN K. SNYDER, Profe.ss0r of Alatlzernatics. B.S., M.A., Kutztown State College, Columbia University, New York University, Univer- sity of Pennsylvania. OLIEUTENANT COLONEL FRANK J. HLAVAC, Professor in Goverfzmevzt. M.A., M.B.A., Charles Uni- versity, Prague, Czechoslovakiag New York University. OLIEUTENANI' COLONEL XVILLIAM J. GOD- FREY, Professor in Bu.si11es,s Afinzinislmlimz. B.S., St. Peters College, Temple University. Guidance Coun- selor Company. 0 LIEUTENANT COLONEL MERROYV E. SORLEY, Instructor in Science. C.E., United States Mili- tary Academy, Cornell University. United States Army, Retired. 0 MAJOR VICTOR C. INFORTUNA, Assistant Pro- fessor of Eizglixlu Chairnmn of the junior College Iinglislz Dffjirlrtmeizl. BA., l'vI.A., St. Francis College, New York University. Advisor: Phi Theta Kappa. Guidance Counselor, Company. 0 CAPTAIN DANIEL S. BERLlNER, Instructor in Sciwzce. BS., Pennsylvania State University. 0 LIEUTENANT COLONEL JOHN H. ARBECAST, Instructor in Science. B.S. in Ed., Shippensburg State College. United States Air Force Reserve. 0 CAPTAIN JOHN HASKELL, Instructor in English and Business Mathematics. B.A., University of Mas- sachusetts. United States Air Force Reserve. 0 CAPTAIN HAROLD G. GOLLA, JR., Instructor in Reineclial Reading rzncl Speech. B.A., Virginia Military Institute. United States Marine Corps, Retired. O CAPTAIN XVARNER B. SIZEMORE, Instructor in Psyclzology anal Sociology. BS., M.A., B.D., East Ten- nessee State College, Bob Jones University, Lincoln University. 0 COLONEL JOHN STUART IVIULKERNS, Tactical Officer of "G" Company and Senior Tactical Officer. Qtxeen's University. Royal 'Canadian Artillery. OMAJOR JOHN R. KENYON, Assistant Profesxor of Military Science. B.S. in Ed.. Princeton University. The Armored School, The Artillery School. Artillery, United States Army. o LIEUTENANT COLONEL D. KEITH FELTHAM, Director of Music and Tactical Officer of the Hand. L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M., Royal Military School of Music, College of King Edward VI, Royal College of Music, Royal Academy of Music. Royal Regiment of Artilleryg Oxfordshire 8: Buckingharnshire Light Infantry. 'kLIEL7TENANT COLONEL RICHARD M. ARTZ, Tactical OD'icer of UE" Battery. B.S.C., Ohio University, Ohio Northern University. United States Army Re! serve. 'A' Graduate of Valley Forge Military Academy. 25 TACTICAL AND TRAINING STAFF OCOLONEL EUGENE A. FISCHER, Director of Equitation. Coach: Polo. Command and General Staff Schoolg Cavalry School, Fort Riley, Kansasg Armed Forces Information School. United States Army, Re- tired. OLIEUTENANT COLONEL JAMES G. KELLY, Tactical Officer of "A" Company. B.A., Grove 'City College. Armed Forces Staff College. United States Marine Corps, Retired. 'A' ir 'A' -A'CAPTAIN YVILLIAM B. KELLEY, Assistant Pro- j' of Military Science, Tactical Officer of "D" Troop. B.A., Gettysburg College. Infantry School. United States Army. 'kCAPTAlN CHARLES K. MURPHY, Assistant Pro- fessor of illilitary Science, Tactical O17lC8l' of "F" Cmn- pany. B.A., Michigan State University. Advisor: Baron Von Steuben Society QAUSAQ. Infantry School, Ranger School, Paratroop School. Infantry, United States Anny. 'k 'A' 'A' 0 MAJOR STANLEY A. HARRIS, Tactical Officer of "B" Company, Security Officer, Director of Guard Duties. Army School of Physical Training at Aldershot, England. Scots Guards. fC.-XPTAIN -ION A. VAN TUIN, Tactical Ofjicer of "C" Conzpany, Aide to the Sujmrintcizclent. B.S., Northwestern University. 'k 'A' 'A' 0 MISS SARA O. CRAVVFORD, Administrative As- sistant to the Comnianclant of Cadets. 'kCAPTAIN YVENCESLAO INFANTE, Night Ojicer- in-Cllrzrge. University of Habana, Cuba. 'A' Graduate of Valley Forge Military Academy. 0 IYIAJOR SVALTER R. BADHAINI, Asxisf- ant Director of Physical Training and Tac lieal Officer Z0 the Drum anrl Bugle Corps. Army School of Physical Training at Alder- shot. The Royal Regiment of Artillery. The Royal IVarwic:kshire Regiment. 0 LIEUTENANT COLONEL BERTRAINI SOUTH, llzreclor of Physical Training, Training OHieer. Army Technical School, Army School of Physical Training EIL Alder- shot. 0 LIEUTENANT HARRY HODSON, Physica! Training Instrucfor. Army School of Physical Train- ing at Aldershot. 0 LIEUTENANT LEONARD TURNER, Physical Training ln.vIrz4c!nr. Army School of Physical Train- ing at Aldershot. Coach: Varsity Swimming. MASTER SERGEANT SERGEANT F I R S T SERGEANT F I R S T SERGEANT F I R S T GEORGE E. DAY, Ser- CLASS JOHN P. CHAL- CLASS RICHARD A. CLASS JAMES G. geant Major. FANT, Supply Sergeant. FLORA, Inst ruclor, Mili- GLADDEN, Instructor, tary Science. Military Science. MASTER SERCEANT ROBERT DUROVEY SERGEANT FI R S T SERGEANT F I R S 'I' C L A S S W' I L L I A M CLASS LEONARD M. , O'REILLY, Inslruclor, PAQIAKOXVSKI, Inslwxc- Irzstrzicfor, rllililary Sci- Mililary Science. lor, Military Science, ence. Coach: Pistol Team. Coach: Rifle Team. MASTER SERGEANT S E R G E A N T FIRST THORNTON F. HARD, CLA SS DONALD R. Ilzslructor, Mililary Sci- BARCIBAND,Inslruclor, ence. Military Science. i.. . .1 -.91-of 331.155 'f 5 -' .Na , . 1 f A Z I 'fl I Z qv'-'r'-'sy M,n,.v1:kf.-,I -5 QQ-94-9 "llllIHIl" I PAS YEARS OUR "PLEBE" YEAR 1959. .1960 Four years ago, on September l959, we, the Class of l963, walked through the wrought iron fences of Valley Forge Military Academy. Bright and early the next morning our rigorous training began as the resounding cry of "Plebes', echoed across the campus. As we stood in corridors, barely clad and bewildered, we met the un- friendly eyes of the members of the Plebe De- tail. To these members of the Plebe Detail we owe our greatest respect, as they were the ones who helped us progress towards becoming worthy members of the Corps of Cadets. X'Ve were called upon, as "Plebes," to perform very un- familiar tasks. VVe learned that these tasks were the foundation for strict military bearing. Mile found too, that once this bearing was estab- lished, its maintenance was amazingly easy. l'Ve found it quite natural to want to look our best around the clock. As we adapted to our new home, we soon be- came a part of the prominent events of the Acad- emy. The dedication of Mellon Hall, our beauti- ful student union building, was a highlight among these events. This building houses the rifle range, bowling alleys, darkroom, publica- tions ofhces, company meeting rooms, hobby shop, class lounges, and the museum. Certainly all the new and different things we encountered during our first year at the "Forge" are never-to-be-forgotten incidents of our career as Cadets. Major General Richard King Mellon addresses guests at the dedication of Mellon Hall. gym - . . . . . . ---:Rv s .1 I, im' olmilll' General Bruce C. Clarke, Commanding General of the Continental Army Command, is escorted onto the Post by General Baker, through 21 Guard of Honor. Superintendent of the United States Military Academy, Major General YV. C. Xtieslmoreland, reviews the Anthony YVayne Legion Guard on his iirst visit to Valley Forge. 4 I 4 DHI' N 11:5 General Baker escorts Viscount Kilmuir, Lord Cha11- cellor of England, and United States Supreme Court Justice Earl X'Varren on visit to the Academy. OUR "CORPORAL" YEAR 1960 . . . 1961 X'Ve returned to our Alma Mater, outwardly energetic in attacking our responsibilities, but inwardly somewhat dubious in the proper execu- tion ol this new leadership. Wfe were "old menu now and were expected to follow the example no longer, but to be the exampleg we knew we would come in closest contact with the plebes and their standard of proficiency would be up to us. This was our corporal, yearling year-the year of the little rank, great responsibility. The thirty-second year of the Academy was officially opened on September 2nd with cere- monies in the Chapel. Gradually a new Corps hardened into solidity, led by Cadet First Cap- tain John E. Slough. Corps spirit was high this year, successfully bolstering our football squad into a mighty season. Returning from Christmas Leave, we were all both shocked and grieved at the untimely death of Colonel Ytlalker, the beloved Chaplain lfor so many Corps. He was laid to rest beside the Chapel he loved. On the 23rd of January the Cadets of the Band and Company "B" were awakened and marched, donned with overcoats and slippers, to the Main Area. Price Hall, the Officers' Mess and Band Barracks, was enveloped in flame . . . soon only cindering beams and brick wastes remained of the smoldering build- ing. Those Cadets of the Band were temporarily quartered throughout the various barracks un- til permanent lodging was secured at Von Steu- ben Hall. The highlighting visits of spring, l96l, were unquestionably those of General of the Army Dwight D. Eisenhower and Major General VV. C. Ytfestmoreland, Superintendent of VVest Point. Both were highly impressed with the smartness of the Cadets and stated so publiclyg we had built up a reputation unequalled. Memorial Day came and our thoughts wan- dered towards next yearg who would be called back for N.C.O. School? Wfe left Valley Forge anticipating our Second Class year as sergeants. --9 .. .-:gf ,Ch " "mfr, Ima:-, at ' t 1 Y 'J I : I : : - ' i 1 il' "' 1 ja 11' nts. W3 ., ,va-I Q 30 General Dwight D. Eisenhower and General Baker stand before the beautiful Eisenhower Hall, the Oflicersl Mess. As we returned to V.F., eagerly awaiting the start of our Second Class year, we found that it was with little or no dit-hculty that we became readjusted. As in our two previous years, this one was to have some exciting moments and fond memories for all of us. Among the highlights of the year were the visit of General Dwight D. Eisenhower, the for- mer President of the United Statesg the visit of Major General YV. C. lfVestmoreland, the Super- intendent of the United States Military Academy at lfllest Point, the visit of Admiral Davidson, the Superintendent of the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, and the visit of King Simeon H, the exiled King of Bulgaria and an alumnus of V.F. Among the social highlights of the year was the usual series of Academy Dances, including the Ring Dance, I n f a n t r y and Mounted Battalion Balls, Anthony YVayne Le- gion Guard Dance, and the Graduation Ball. Another thing we all remember is the con- struction that was always going on. Younghus- band Hall was enlarged to make room for the Drum Sc Bugle Corps and magnificent Eisen- hower Hall, the new ollicers' mess building, was built and dedicated. Once again we were given the chance to show off our leadership capabilities, this time as sergeants. Some of us were permanent, others on a temporary basis. This opportunity proved to be a most valuable experience, not only in the value to us, but also in its ability to promote the desire to carry out the highest ideals of the Corps and to develop a sense of friendly com- petition and spirit. As we left the Academy once more, we were filled with a sense of achievement and pride, Yes, we were proud, not only of last year's achievements, but also of the two previous year's. lfVe were filled with desire to attain even greater heights next year in our fourth and final year at V.F. Admiral john F. Davidson, Super- intendent of the llnited States Nav- al Academy, reviews the Corps of Cadets following his address to the Cadets at Sunday Chapel. General Baker greets King Simeon, II, '59, and his Queen, on their visit to the Academy. 11.1. ....,,. a , ef-rw iii-we wwf- " -'-'--'- w 'i ff--f ..,. ....: ..,., ' ., ""' 5 V : . :.,....:,E ,:E,M :-.Li Z : :,,..- . S ET I . W EEE? f :4 ' " ,V , -V3.::::1-is::1-:g:.1:1.1.:,12.1..,. .. ...n.., z4::,:'::..:,.:, ...g.:...,:x Za ,,,, V '. :' " "" -"" 'fr'-"ir "r'f:f:.:a::'r:'..,:-. b, .' " ' gif? """ V 'ff ""' 'I1""1-"-':E-r::':.:':1 '- ' -' ..,. : """"" r "" A V-1'215'.2?'--111-V-11 -"-'- 1 - - - W il Q35 '-FI : 'J N i' W f f f ul , - APA-'A """ -. .V .... .,., ' P' 5 .,.. ., 7 - 3 1 25 A A Q5 f 5 50 A " '--" ' I i w ' ., 2 I V- .... . 1 -,-"-' 1 - ..,, .,,. I '1 ---- z 42' I 'f55f'5'5ff-'Y' f' ..,. 1. ,.,. 1 'E fl .... ?' "IE'IEII,5jf " ".-:II"'.f ' I i r " "" -' ':?e.:.,-' ' .-.-. I "-" , 557553 " ' 7 "" -'-' .V xl 4: .y,x , N Av m LL., i ,3Z WWA i l , HA Sggggggizwg, 41:2 Hnvbwkwfrzz, nj ,V - WW' aw A' ,mf-c.QM,g,Lf' MZ! M JN, 'W W . , ., -f REV: SVN' H3352 Mrmikf Wg : 'M-pillar' X i"5.i1ig:si.Q,,:k ,Nm ,, :uf ,,,,,zs,gE:1??w'w,, fHiQfA?a2?51?5PL. 9 SEAFFEY Y 3'f51.v f?:fU'313?532EiFlE'iW'? K M Main 1 av fv2?: i'?,5,h2f Af f Afzmfsi BQ, . H ' 32 uwwlfmmmm' ,... ... S a, .is xlqip .. um?- Q A :fn-J Q Q 1 i l ' ,x,4-mul I n ' . -' ' Ii ' ' 1 . ?'I"'g'-'oy e "Q ,E ,a 'Q . ' IIIIII GRADUATES Junior Colle e Graduates 1963 JAMIE PUJALS President of the junior College Classes lL.,,' :Qi ,. it JAIME PUJALS Second Captain Hato Rey, Cuba Regimental Executive Oflicer Class President of the Junior College Gold Stars Honor Societies: Phi Theta Kappa lPresidentj, Baron Von Steuben Society QAUSAQ QPresidentj, Society of Ruben Dario. AZllH7'd.Y.' Order of Anthony X-Vayne, Major General Anthony Mlayne Medal, Price Medal, Expert Rifle Medal, Physical Training Award QSilverj, Superintendenfs Award, Activities Award, A.U.S.A. Medal, Babe Ruth Foundation Award, Superior Cadet Ribbon. O1'gmzizations.' Honor Council, Board of Governors, Anthony W'ayne Legion Guard, Advisory Council, Chapel Vestry, New Cadet Detail, N.C.O. Detail, Gymkhana, Audio-Visual Aids Society. Athletics: Varsity Pistol, Fencing lCaptainj, Cheer Leader, Intramural Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Swimming, Rifle, Table Tennis, Baseball, Tennis, Softball. Swixfii if S C 1 X. C Q. 4 I ,-rf: S 1 9 . T XA XXX X in X S VINCENT HENRY PACE "Dv Troop Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Master Sergeant First Sergeant Class Vice-President Awards: Expert Rifle Award, Foley Medal. Organizations: Anthony Wlayne Legion Guard. Athletics: Intramural Volley- ball, Basketball, Bowling, Baseball. 'lliealll' llflw JACKSON CANBY MAMMELE "F" Company E Wilmington, Delaware Second Lieutenant Chaplain,s Assistant Class Secretary Silver Stars Honor Societies: Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. Awards: EX- pert Rifle Medal, Physical Training Award QSilverj, Feehan Medal. Organizations: Acolytes, Anthony X'Vayr1e Legion Guard, Chapel Vestry, New Cadet Detail, Gymkhana, Varsity Club. Athletics: Varsity Cheer Leader, Intramural Xvrestling. f l fy if 11' ,X , .4 NQHLMQ-Elm' ,X - ff fl f f f ff . 45 ,, ,f 1, 'f. 1 f , 35 THE JUNIOR COLLEGE 'Responsibility is like a string we can sec' only the middle of, both ends are out of sight." From the constantly cooling days of September, and continuing through nature's hazards of winter, there exists at Valley Forge Military Academy two unique bodies, the secondary school and the Junior College. Performing to- gether as a unit on parade, they strive for, and have attained, since the two were first in- troduced, the reputation of a well-trained, well- turned out regiment. VVhen f'School Call" singles itself out of the familiar collection of Academy sounds each day, this military machine divides toward its individual goals. The Cadet of the Junior College bears an interesting, double responsibility. The very position of the building in which he works, as if it were alive, seems to command a calm and unquestionable position of respect atop the highest hill of the Radnor campus. Because Rosso Hall expects this reputation of respect from the Academy, every Cadet who studies there must pursue and demonstrate an attitude of respect, academic maturity, and integrity. Each year the path over which the men of the College travel to reach their classes gets longer and higher. Rich in historical tradition as a trail over which early Americans drove west to build our country, it today carries the "Yellow patch," borne by men whose destiny it is also to build our country. The increasing height of this route is due to the achievement, positions of responsibility, and quality which past classes have contributed toward the insti- tution "calmly commanding the highest hill of the Radnor campus." Because it is "higher and longer," the responsibility resting on the shoul- ders of the graduating class is a great one. As one reviews the Class of 1963, one wonders how any future class will ever make that climb that is ever growing in tradition. YVell trained as Freshmen, the Sophomore class has seen both ends of the 'fstring of re- sponsibility." It has seen the work of bygone days, and has sought to protect those hard- earned privileges. It has also seen that end of the string that lies far out ahead, from which future classes will benefit. A new enthusiasm to- wards athletics, both intramural and intercol- legiate has produced not only victories, but, to the members of the football, soccer, varsity bas- ketball, and fencing teams, has given enjoy- ment, accomplishment, and memories of "good times" through sports, opening the door to future classes. The Star List is the largest in history. The Junior College dances have been recorded as the best to date. It was doubted if anything could equal the November l0th festivities, but with spring in the air, that April night produced fun, talent, and memories. The Junior College company put on a proud performance for Governor Scranton and thousands of Pennsylvanians as they captured "Best Lines" in the Inaugural Day Parade at Harrisburg. Company, thus the junior College, took top honors at the Oratorical Contest for the second consecutive year. Not only did the win- ning cadet and his coach acquire joy, first prize, and the spotlight, but the College demonstrated its possession of talent, and Rosso Hall once again rose in height. ffionlinizcd on Page 53Q Cadets of the junior College enjoy their Autumn Dance. 36 DUNBAR BROOKS ABELL, JR. Upper Montclair, New Jersey "D" Troop Second Lieutenant Awards: Sharpshooter's Medal, Expert Rifle Medal. Organizations: Gymkhana, N.C.O. Detail, Anthony Wayne Legion Guard, Har- riers. Athletics: Intramural Football, Basket- ball, Swimming, Baseball, YVrestling. GEORGE KAY ALLISON Swampscott, Massachusetts Company Awards: Expert Riile Medal. Organizations: Gymkhana. Athletics: Intramural Soccer, Baseball, Football, Basketball. 'A' if if WARREN THOMAS BALDERSON Ballwin, Missouri "F" Company First Lieutenant Awards: Expert Rifle Medal, New Cadet Alumni Sword QGoldj. Organizations: An- thony Wvayne Legion Guard, Gymkhana, New Cadet Detail. Athletics: Varsity Fencing: Intramural Football, Soccer, Basketball, Soft- ball. NAZARENO GENE BANCO Pennsville, New Jersey "F" Company Captain Company Commander Honor Society: Baron Von Steuben Society QAUSAQ. Awards: Sharpshooter's Medal, Phys- ical Training Award fSilverj, New Cadet Alumni Sword QSilverj, Manual of Arms Efiiciency Award. Organizations: Board of Governors, Anthony Xvayne Legion Guard, New Cadet Detail, Gymkhana, Athletics: Intramural Wllrestling. ir 'k if GILBERT BENJAMIN Philadelphia, Pennsylvania "D" Troop Stall Sergeant Motor Sergeant Awards: Sharpshooter's Medal. Athletics: Intramural Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Wrestling, Baseball. LAWRENCE WELSTED BENNETI' Shaker Heights, Ohio "F" Company Second Lieutenant Awards: Expert Rifle Medal. Organizations: Anthony Wayne Legion Guard, New Cadet Detail. Athletics: Varsity Wrestling: Intra- mural Football, Wrestling. THOMAS FRANCIS BLISS Aliquippa, Pennsylvania Regimental Staff First Lieutenant Regimental Provost Ollicer Awards: Sha1'pshooter's Medal, Physical Training Badge tBronzej. Organizations: Anthony Mlayne Legion Guard, Chapel Ves- try, New Cadet Detail. Athletics: Varsity Track: Intramural Football, N'Vrestling, Track. JOHN RODGER BOYD Coatesville, Pennsylvania Band Second Lieutenant Honor Societies: Baron Von Steuben So- ciety QAUSAQ, Stephen Foster Society. Awards: McCloskey Award, Activities Award, Sharpshooter's Medal. Organizations: An- thony Wayne Legion Guard, Advisory Coun- cil, Chapel Vestry, Hop Managers, New 'Cadet Detail, N.C.O. Detail, Kaydets Dance Band, Gymkhana. Athletics: Intramural Football, Basketball, Bowling, Softball. if 'A' 'A' GEORGE RANDELL BROWN Whippany, New Jersey "F" Company Squad Sergeant Silver Stars Awards: Captain's Trophy, Rifle Team: ROTC Rifle Medal, Expert Rifle Medal. Organizations: Varsity Club, Gymkhana, Acolytes Guild. Athletics: Varsity Rifle: In- tramural Football, Soccer, Basketball, Soft- ball. CHARLES EDDY BULL Nescopeck, Pennsylvania "FH Company Squad Sergeant Awards: Expert Rifle Medal. Organizations: Gyrnkhana, Anthony Mlayne Legion Guard. Athletics: Intramural Football, Soccer. Bas- ketball, Softball. if ak if X CONRAD HARRY BUSCH, JR. Wyomissing, Pennsylvania "F" Company Staff Sergeant Assistant Supply Sergeant Awards: Marksmanis Medal. Organizations: Advisory Council, N.C.O. Detail, Gymkhana, Anthony Wlayne Legion Guard. Athletics: Intramural Football, Soccer, Basketball, Wrestling. WILLIAM JAMES BYERS Greensburg, Pennsylvania "F" Company Supply Sergeant Awards: Sharpshooter's Medal. Organiza- tions: Gymkhana, N.C.O. Detail, Chapel Vestry. Athletics: Intramural Football, Vol- leyball, Soccer. 38 DENNIS JOHN CARLO Wilmington, Delaware "F" Company Master Sergeant Assistant Provost Ma1'shal Silver Stars Honor Societies: Phi Theta Kappa. Awards: Expert Rifle Medal, Sharpshooter's Medal, Rifle Manual Award. Organizations: N.C.O. Detail, Gymkhana. Athletics: J. C. Basket- ball, Intramural Football, Soccer, Basketball. ANTHONY ANDREW CHILLEIVII New York, New York "F" Company Awards: Sharpshooter's Medal. Organiza- tions: Gymkhana. Athletics: Varsity Rilleg Intramural Football, Soccer. uk' 'A' ik DOUGLAS CREIGHTON CLARK Urbana, Ohio "F" Company Squad Sergeant Silver Stars Awards: Choir Cross, Activities Award, Sharpshootefs Medal, Marksman's Medal. Organizations: Choir, Glee Club, Gymkhana. Athletics: Varsity Fencing, Intramural Soc- cer, Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis. WILKINSON GROVE CONRAD, IV Shipbottom, New jersey "F" Company Silver Stars Honor Societies: Phi Theta Kappa. Awards: Expert Rifle Medal. Organizations: Gym- khana. Athletics: Intramural Football, Soc- cer, Volleyball, Basketball. 'A' ik ir NICHOLAS ANTHONY CORTAZZO Moscow, Pennsylvania "E" Battery Platoon Sergeant Awards: 316th Infantry Award, Expert Rifle Medal, "E" Battery Efficiency Award. Or- ganizations: Advisory Council, N.C.O. De- tail, Anthony Wayne Legion Guard, Battery Club, Gymkhana. Athletics: Intramural Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Rifle, Table Tennis, Softball. JOHN ROBERT COX Cranford, New jersey "F" Company Awards: Marksman's Medal. Organizations: Gymkhana. Athletics: C. Basketball, In- tramural Football, Soccer, Basketball. ROBERT ALEXANDER DAVIS, IV Briarcliff Manor, New York "F" Company Squad Sergeant Awards: Sharpshooter's Medal. Organiza- tions: Gymkhana. Athletics: J. C. Basketball, Intramural Football, Soccer, Basketball. THOMAS JOHN DETTRE, JR. Medford Lakes, New jersey "FU Company Squad Sergeant Awards: Sharpshooter's Medal. Organiza- tions: Anthony Mlayne Legion Guard, Gym- khana. Athletics: Intramural Football, Soc- cer, Basketball, Volleyball. if if ir BYRON DICK ESHELMAN Johnstown, Pennsylvania "F" Com an P Y Platoon Sergeant Awards: Sharpshooter's Award, Expert Rifle Medal. Organizations: Choir, N.C.O. Detail, Glee Club, Gymkhana. Athletics: Intramural Football, Soccer, Basketball, Bowling, Soft- ball, Tennis. ROBERT IRVING ESTILL Paoli, Pennsylvania "F" Company Squad Sergeant Awards: Expert Rifle Medal. Organizations: Gymkhana. Athletics: Intramural Football, Soccer, Basketball, Bowling, Baseball, Soft- ball, Swiinming, Volleyball, Table Tennis. 1' ir -A' PETER HANS FACIUS Manhasset, New York "F" Company Squad Sergeant Silver Stars Awards: Expert Rifle Medal. Organizations: Gymkhana. Athletics: Intramural Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Baseball, Softball, Basket- ball. ALAN CHARLES FONTANA Bowie, Maryland Band Squad Sergeant Awards: Expert Rifle Medal. Organizations: Kaydets Dance Band, Athletics: Intramural Football, Baseball, Softball, Basketball. '40 JOSEPH DAVID FORMISANO Newark, Delaware First Captain Regimental 'Commander Honor Societies: Baron Von Steuben Society QAUSAQ. Awards: Order of Anthony Wlayne, Sharpshooter's Medal, Physical Training Award tLower Schoolj, McCloskey Medal, Army and Navy Legion of Valor Award, Haas Medal. Organizations: Honor Council, Board of Governors, Anthony Wlayne Legion Guard, N.C.O. Detail, New Cadet Detail, Arts and Crafts Club, Gymkhana. Athletics: Intramural Football, Volleyball, Iklrestling, Track, Softball. JOSEPH ANTHONY FRENCHICK Middlesex, New Jersey "F" Company Squad Sergeant Awards: Marksman's Medal. Organizations: Gymkhana. Athletics: Intramural Football, Soccer, Basketball, Yilrestling, Baseball. 'ir ir ir KENTON KITCH GARRISON, JR. Morris Plains, New Jersey "F" Company Awards: Expert Rifle Medal. Organizations: Gymkhana. Athletics: Varsity Pistol: Intra- mural Football, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball. DAVID I-IERMAN GILBERT Allentown, Pennsylvania "F" Company Second Lieutenant Awards: Marksman's Medal, Expert Rifle Medal. Organizations: N.C.O. Detail, Gym- khana, Amateur Radio Club, Audio-Visual Club. Athletics: Intramural Soccer. 'A' 'A' 'A' FRANK CRAWFORD GILMORE Rockville, Maryland Drum 8: Bugle Corps Master Sergeant Organizations: N.C.O. Detail. PIERRE HENRI GIROUD Lancaster, Pennsylvania "E" Battery Second Lieutenant Awards: Expert Rifle Medal, Activities Award. Organizations: Battery Club, Ad- visory Council, N.C.O. Detail, Glee Club, Choir. Athletics: Intramural Football, Soc- cer, Basketball. SANFORD GOULD Altoona, Pennsylvania "F" Company Awards: Expert Rille Medal. Organizations: Gymkhana. Athletics: Intramural Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Track, Soccer. JAMES HARNED GRANT Zionsville, Pennsylvania Company Awards: Expert Rifle Medal. Organizations: Choir, Glee Club, Gymkhana. Athletics: In- tramural Football, Soccer, Basketball, Xtlresa tling. 'A' 'A' 'A' CLYDE ROLAND GRUVER, JR. Binghamton, New York "F" Company Squad Sergeant Awards: Sharpshooter's Medal. Organiza- tions: Gymkhana. Athletics: Intramural Football, Soccer, Basketball. WILLIAM CARLETON GUDAL Caracas, Venezuela Regimental Staff Second Lieutenant Assistant 'Choirmaster Awards: Expert Rifle Medal. Organizations: Anthony Wayne Legion Guard, Gymkhana, Choir, Glee Club, New Cadet Detail. Ath- letics: J. C. Basketball: Intramural Football, Soccer, Basketball. 'A' 'A' ir CURTIS HAMAN Reading, Pennsylvania Regimental Staff Cadet Captain Regimental Adjutant Honor Societies: Baron Von Steuben fAUSAjg Awards: Superintendenfs Award, Feehan Medal, Expert Rille Medal, 316th Infantry Award. Organizations: Honor Council, Board of Governors, Anthony Mlayne Legion Guard, 'Chapel Vestry, New Cadet Detail, Gymkhana. Athletics: Varsity Pistolg Intramural Fencing, Baseball, Volleyball. DWIGHT STEELE HASSELBERGER Syracuse, New York "E" Battery Squad Sergeant Awards: Sharpshooter's Medal, Marksman's Medal. Athletics: Intramural Soccer. 42 RONALD EDWARD HOPWOOD Cleveland, Ohio "F" Company Staff Sergeant Assistant Fire Marshal Gold Stars Honor Societies: Phi Theta Kappa. Azvards: Sharpshooterts Medal. Organizations: Gym- khana. Athletics: Intramural Football, Soc- cer, Baseball. ROBERT WARREN HUGHES Lancaster, Pennsylvania Company Awards: Sharpshooter's Medal, Expert Rifle Medal. Organizations: Photography Club, Gymkhana. it ul' 'A' PETER CAMERON JOH Dumont, New jersey "F" Company Awards: Activities Award, Marksrnan's Medal. Organizations: Glee Club, Gymkhana, Choir. Athletics: Intramural Football, Soc- cer, Basketball, Softball. EDWARD LAKE JONES, JR. Newton Center, Massachusetts "F" Company Squad Sergeant Awards: Expert Rifle Medal. Organizations: Gymkhana. Athletics: Intramural Basketball, Rifle. 'A' i' it THEODORE ELLSWORTH KLATI' Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Regimental Staff Master Sergeant Hospital Sergeant Honor Societies: Stephen Foster Society, Benjamin Franklin Society, Society of Ruben Dario. Awards: Marksman's Medal, Activi- ties Award, Choir Cross. Organizations: Gymkhana, N,C.O. Detail, Glee Club, Choir, Arts 8a Crafts Club. Athletics: Intramural Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Swimming, Bowling, Table Tennis, Baseball, Tennis, Softball. JOHN CLIFFORD KLESCH Cleveland, Ohio Regimental Staff Master Sergeant Sergeant Major Awards: Expert Rifle Medal. Organizations: N.C.O. Detail. Athletics: Intramural Foot- ball, Soccer, Basketball, Xvrestling, Baseball, Tennis, Track, Softball. DAVID CARL KNIESS Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania "E" Battery Staff Sergeant Artillery Sergeant Awards: Expert Rifle Medal, Sharpshooter's Medal. Organizations: Anthony Xvayne Legion Guard, Choir, Glee Club, N.C.O. Detail, Battery Club. Athletics: Intramural Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Soccer. STANLEY ARNOLD KOBER Hackensack, New jersey Regimental Staff Master Sergeant Fire Marshal Silver Stars Honor Societies: Phi Theta Kappa, Baron Von Steuben Society QAUSAQ. Awards: Sharp- shooter's Award. Organizations: Gymkhana, N.C.O. Detail, Anthony Wayne Legion Guard. Athletics: Varsity Fencing, Intra- mural Soccer, Volleyball. 'A' 'A' 'k RICHARD EARL KUHN Vandergrift, Pennsylvania HF" Company Squad Sergeant Awards: Sharpshooter's Medal, Marksman's Medal. Organizations: Gymkhana. HERMAN ERNST LANG, JR. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania "F" Company Squad Sergeant Silver Stars Honor Societies: Phi Theta Kappa. Awards: Sharpshooter's Award, Expert Rifle Medal. Organizations: Gymkhana. Athletics: Intra- mural Football. if 'A' 'ir NELSON EDWARD LEADER Dallastown, Pennsylvania Band Awards: New Cadet Alumni Sword QGoldj. Organizations: N.C.O. Detail, Kaydet's Dance Band. Athletics: Intramural Football, Soc- cer, Volleyball, Basketball, Wrestling, Bowl- ing, Baseball, Track, Softball. EDWARD JOSEPH LEWCZYK Terryville, Connecticut "F" Company Squad Sergeant Awards: Expert Rifle Medal. Organizations: Gymkhana, Advisory Council. Athletics: J. C. Basketballg Intramural Football, Soccer, Bas- ketball, Softball. 44 DIXON SAMUEL LIGHTCAP Indiana, Pennsylvania Band Master Sergeant First Sergeant Awards: Activities Award, Expert Rifle Medal, Physical Training Award QBronzel. Organizations: N.C.O. Detail. Athletics: Var- sity VVrestlingg Intramural Football, Basket- ball, Rifle, Bowling, Baseball, Tennis, Soft- ball, Wrestling. MICHAEL STANLEY LITTLE Lake Mohawk, New Jersey "DU Troop Squad Sergeant Awards: Sharpshooter's Medal, Expert Rifle Medal. Athletics: Intramural Soccer, Basket- ball, Baseball, Softball. if 'A' ak JAMES SEIFERT LODGE Greenwich, New Jersey "D" Troop Awards: Expert Rifle Medal. Athletics: In- tramural Soccer, Baseball. STEPHEN LACKEY MCFALLS Coatesville, Pennsylvania "F" Company Awards: Marksman's Award, Activities Award, Choir Cross. Organizations: Gym- khana, Glee Club, Choir. Athletics: Intra- mural Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Basket- ball. ir if ir EDWARD DAVID MADDOCKS Babylon, Long Island "F" Company Awards: Sharpshooter's Award, Expert Rifle Medal. Organizations: Gymkhana. Athletics: Varsity Fencing: Intramural Soccer, Volley- ball, Basketball, Swimming. JOHN STAHR MAGGIO Middletown, New Jersey "D" Troop First Lieutenant Executive Ofhcer Awards: Sharpshooter's Medal. Organiza- tions: Anthony Mlayne Legion Guard, Chapel Vestry, New Cadet Detail, Harrier's Club. Athletics: Intramural Football, Basketball. FRANK EDWARD MILAZZO Berwick, Pennsylvania Band Staff Sergeant Athletic Sergeant Awards: Sharpshooterls Award, Marksman's Medal. Organizations: N.C.O. Detail, Kay- det's Dance Band, Anthony XVayne Legion Guard. Athletics: Intramural Football, Bas- ketball, Baseball, Softball, Wrestling. FREDERICK MICHAEL MILLER Ligonier, Pennsylvania "FU Company Squad Sergeant Awards: Expert Rifle Medal. Organizations: Gymkhana. Athletics: C. Basketballg In- tramural Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Bas- ketball, Track. 'k ik 'A' PAUL DENNIS MORIARTY Cohasset, Massachusetts Drum and Bugle Corps Awards: Expert Rifle Medal. Athletics: Var- sity Pistol, Intramural Football, Basketball. ROBERT KEELER MOYER, JR. Hfyomissing, Pennsylvania Company Staff Sergeant 'Company Clerk Awards: Sharpshooter's Medal. Organiza' tions: Gymkhana, N.C.O. Detail. Athletics: Intramural Football, Soccer, Tennis. ak ak -k GEORGES DAVID MULLER Flemington, New Jersey "E" Battery Second Lieutenant Awards: Expert Rifle Medal, "E" Battery Efhciency Patch, 316th Infantry Medal. Or- ganizations: Battery Club, Anthony Hlayne Legion Guard, New Cadet Detail, Marshall Kerry Cycle Club, Glee Club, Choir, Vestry, Gymkhana. Athletics: Varsity Fencingg Intra- mural Football, Basketball, IVrestling, Swim- ming, Baseball, Track, Softball. JOHN CLARK NORRIS York, Pennsylvania "F" Company First Lieutenant Executive Officer Awards: Superintendenfs Award, Sharp- shooter's Medal, Activities Award, Manual of Arms Efficiency Award. Organizations: Chapel Vestry, New Cadet Detail, Gymkhana, Radio Station WVVF, Audio-Visual Aids So- ciety. Athletics: Varsity Cheer Leaderg Intra- mural Basketball, Bowling, Table Tennis, Tennis, Track. 46- FRED JOHN PERINO W'ilmerding, Pennsylvania Band Platoon Sergeant Awards: Expert Rifle Award, Manual of Efficiency Award. Organizations: N.C.O. De- tail, Kaydet's Dance Band, Anthony Xvayne Legion Guard. Athletics: Intramural Foot- ball, Volleyball, Baseball, Softball, Rifle. ROBERT LYNN RASER Hartsdale, New York "F" Company Awards: Oratorical Contest fFirst Placej, Activities Award. Organizations: Choir, Glee Club. n a3?Y53f'Qff3s?5'551E'i 613553 5 5 ii :att emlszzirisifszrazi . : 'WPI wp M W25?WZ55'Zrk:2w- V ieitiviiifbesirwrrf .U--S755 L i 311 ' jig 95.16 fi mt 2 as l ' ' . z f-115333 s:Liis!zi'?lf-Miz" .. . Q., .gg5:g5::g::sg:.-: rSw:fifZ::s1i:.f"i: if ,.,,:::: :wwf wr ' f K " f2,5f2EfE2E:':fiiIi.Ii'E wiiiiif 1 .-.1 . . . . - 'flirt' ,. N..:1'E:Zg-arfIf'EQf2Qj!Q5QfgQ5f25f-E- g,Q,,:.5 : ' K i.W -- ' .,.,..g..gZgj25.Eg.:"'Z'I"' -1-:-g-g-g2-:f- . - - --f- .. : at.. J I 1 ir .- . . 1 1 ..... ..,. ' 1 'if:11: :aEtElif'i:r:A A z sf S22 lr I Q5-'Ei 5352. 22. S. 'A' 'A' 'A' L Wilma W 2 2' vrt' a i L I -Qi f --.- a , ' JOHN CLAYTON REBERT, III '15 , , York- TYOOP .A Second Lieutenant 'Ei -Q ,,., 3151" E1i2, 'i1i1, - 'fa ' Awards: Expert Rifle Medal, Choir Cross. ' A ,Mag gi! twig? 1 ' I Organizations: Anthony IVayne Legion r, ' .4 4' -lgg Guard, 'Chapel Vestry, New Cadet Detail, W -'-- ' , ,Qi?,jRi5n - f 4 oar? Y" ' Gyinkhana. Athletics: Intramural Soccer, 4 I Q Volleyball, Vllrestling, Bowling, Softball. ,,,. , ' 23 56 f '.:..:-2-if"fi:-11SE:::1g, ,. , . W. . f Hi .-3:5Zf'E'35i U ' -.-.f' ' f' .'LI1 S. Y" wif' E12 '. A ., .',,' V. '. , CORNELIUS JOHN RUFFING Zig. ,,.... ..,., , -ac . ' rr Norwalk, Ohio "F" Company A ,, , --v-h 2 . ' W.- fl ?i.z.52-z ' :Z . ,... -' , r'?'f,1i-Zrff' Awards: Sharpshooter's Medal. Organiza- - . - v .aaa-ffsffaf tions. Choir, Glee Club, Gymkhana. , ,gf TP, 'X H y tw :v,,'5iQ5Dif?,i1ii1iw . . . 'PQ ,.,. . uk -k ir KENNETH FRANK RYNIEC Old Bridge, New Jersey Band Awards: Sharpshooter's Medal. Organiza- tions: Kaydet's Dance Band. Athletics: Intra- mural Football, Baseball, l'Vrestling. MAX JOHN SANCHEZ Teaneck, New jersey "F" Company Squad Sergeant Silver Stars Honor Societies: Phi Theta Kappa Society. Awards: Sharpshooter's Medal. Organiza- tions: Gymkhana. Athletics: Cheer Leader: Intramural Football, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Softball. 47 EDWARD WINFIELD SCHROEDER York, Pennsylvania "Ii" Battery Captain Company Commander Awards: Gunner's Patch, Sharpshooter's Award, Order of Anthony INayne. Organiza- tions: Honor Council, Board of Governors, Chapel Vestry, New Cadet Detail, N.C.O. Detail, Battery Club, Marshall Kerry Cycle Club, Anthony Mlayne Legion Guard. Ath- letics: Varsity Football, Intramural Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Mlrestling, Rifle. WILLIAM BRUCE SHIVELY Chambersburg, Pennsylvania "F" Company Staff Sergeant Assistant Supply Sergeant Awards: Sharpshooteris Medal, Activities Award. Organizations: Anthony W'ayne Legion Guard, Choir, N.C.O. Detail, Glee Club, Gymkhana, Advisory Council, Legion- naire. Athletics: Intramural Football, Soccer, Track. if if if CHARLES JOHN SHORT Arona, Pennsylvania "FU Company Squad Sergeant Awards: Sharpshooter's Medal. Organiza- tions: Gymkhana. Athletics: Intramural Football, Soccer, Basketball. LOUIS DALE SLAIS Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania "E" Battery Squad Sergeant Guide Silver Stars Awards: Expert Rille Medal. Organizations: Battery Club, Athletics: J. C. Basketball: Intramural Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball. 'A' 'Ir 'A' BARRY RUSSELL SMITH Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Band Awards: Sharpshooter's Medal. TOM FORREST SMITH Bedford, Pennsylvania "FU Company Staff Sergeant Athletic Sergeant Awards: Expert Rifle Medal. Organizations: N.C.O. Detail, Gymkhana, Advisory Council. Athletics: Varsity Fencing: Intramural Foot- ball, Basketball, Mlrestling, Track. 48 WALTER AUGUSTUS SMITH Bethesda, Maryland "F" Company Staff Sergeant Honor Society: Phi Theta Kappa. Azuarrlx: Expert Rifle Medal. OI'gd71iZdii071.Y.' Anthony Wayne Legion Guard, Advisory Council, N.C.O. Detail, Gymkhana. JOHN FRANCIS SNYDER Downingtown, Pennsylvania "F" Company Silver Stars Honor Societies: Phi Theta Kappa Society. Azuarrls: Expert Rifle Medal, Sharpsl1ooter's Award, Superintendent's Award. Organiza- tions: Gymkhana, Varsity Club. Allilelics: Varsity Baseball, Baseball: Intramural Foot- ball, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball. if if ak WILLIAM DAVID SNYDER Sewickley, Pennsylvania Company Squad Sergeant Awards: Marksman's Medal, Physical Train- ing Award. Organizations: Gymkhana. Atlz- letics: Intramural Football, Soccer, Softball, Volleyball, IVrestling. EARLE KEMP SOMMERFIELD Philadelphia, Pennsylvania "F" Company ' Second Lieutenant Platoon Leader Honor Societies: Baron Von Steuben Society lAUSAy. Awards: Sharpshooter's Medal. Or- ganizations: Anthony Wayne Legion Guard, Chapel Vestry, Hop Managers, New Cadet Detail, Acolytes Guild, Gymkhana. Atliletics: Varsity Fencing, Intramural Mlrestling, Bas- ketball, Softball, Football. 'k ir it JAMES JAY STAFFORD Rutland, Vermont "E" Battery Squad Sergeant Guide Awards: Expert Rifle Medal, 316th Rifle Award. Organizations: Battery Club, Mar- shall Kerry Cycle Club. Athletics: Intra- mural Volleyball, Swimming. ROBERT MARTIN STARK Rocky River, Ohio Band Squad Sergeant Awards: Expert Rifle Medal. Athletics: In- tramural Football, Basketball, Swimming, Rifle, Bowling, Baseball, Tennis, Golf, Soft- ball. ROBERT WILLIAM STOKER V Apollo, Pennsylvania "F" Company Squad Sergeant Azvards: Sharpsliooterls Medal, Expert Rifle Medal. Organizations: Gynikhana. Athletics: lntranun'al Football, Soccer. CARL E. TAYLOR, II Oil City, Pennsylvania Company Squad Sergeant Au'ards: ShZll'PSl1O0lClJS Medal, Activities Award. Organizations: Gynikhana, Choir, Glee Club, Anthony Yklayne Legion Guard. Atlzletirs: Intramural Basketball. -k ir ir VAUGHN ANTHONY TERRINONI Bethlehem, Pennsylvania "DU Troop Squad Sergeant A1uurcls.' Expert Rifle Medal. Athletics: In- tramural Soccer, Basketball, Rifle, Baseball, Tennis. MILLARD LEWIN THOMPSON, JR. Media, Pennsylvania Company Master Sergeant First Sergeant Azuarcls: Sharpshootcr's Award. Organiza- tions: Gymkhana, Anthony X-Vayne Legion Guard, N.C.O. Detail. Athletics: Intraniural Football, Soccer. 'A' al' ak TIMOTHY MICHAEL TOOMEY Glens Falls, New York "D" Troop Second Lieutenant Awarfls.' Expert Rifle Award, Sharpshooter's Medal. Organizations: Gymkhana, New Cadet Detail, Anthony X'Vayne Legion Guard, Harrier's Club. Athletics: Intramural Foot- ball, Basketball. MARVIN ARTHUR TURNER Sewell, New jersey "F" Company Platoon Sergeant Awards: Sharpshooter's Medal. Organiza- tions: Gymkhana. 50 MARK DANIEL TURNER, JR. Ocean City, New Jersey Battery Stall Sergeant Assistant Motor Sergeant Awards: Marksman's Medal, "li" Battery lifficieucy Award. Ol'g1llliI!lii07'1,S.' Battery Club. Athletics: Football. Basketball, Swim- ming, Baseball. JAMES MICHAEL TZAMOS Braintree, Massachusetts "F" Company Squad Sergeant Awards: Sharpsh00ter's Award. Organiza- tions: Gyinkhana. Athletics: Intramural Football, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball. 'A' 'A' 'A' DONALD JOSEPH UPTON Atlantic City, New jersey Battery Squad Sergeant Awards: Expert Rifle Medal, Activities Award, 316th Infantry Award. Organizations: Glee Club, Choir, Battery Club. Athletics: lntraa mural Basketball, Rifle, Bowling, Baseball, Softball, Volleyball. CLEMENT THEL WEBER Aliquippa, Pennsylvania "F" Company Platoon Sergeant Awards: Expert Rifle Medal, Sharpshooter's Medal. Organizations: Gyinkhana, N.C.O. Detail. Athletics: J. C. Basketball, Intra- mural Football, Soccer. Volleyball, Basketa ball. 'Ir 11' if PHILIP RICHARD WEGMAN Rochester, New York Company Staff Sergeant Assistant Supply Honor Societies: Baron Von Steuben Society fAUSAj. Awards: Sharpshooter's Medal. Or- gauizatioizs: Gymkhaua. N.C.O. Detail, An- thony lVayne Legion Guard, Chapel Vestry. Athletics: Intramural Football, Soccer, Bas- ketball, Baseball, Track. ROBERT JAMES WEST Jeannette, Pennsylvania "F" Company Squad Sergeant Awards: Sharpshooter's Medal, Physical Training Medal. Orgaizizations' Gymkhana, Anthony Mlayne Legion Guard. Athletics: Intramural Football. CHARLES KENNARD WILL 7 Lancaster, Pennsylvania "DU Troop Azvards: Sharpshootefs Medal. Athletics: Intramural Football, Basketball, Baseball, IVrestling, Swimming. FRED ALLEN WILLIAMS, JR. Binghamton, New York Regimental Stall Cadet Third Captain Battalion Commander Honor Societies: Baron Von Steuben QAUSAQ. Mask and Spur Society. Awards: Superinten- dent's Award, Sharpshooters Medal, Expert Rifle Medal. Organizations: Honor Council, Board of Governors, Crossed Sabres, Chapel Vestry, New Cadet Detail, N.C.O. Detail. Alhletics: Varsity Pistol: Intramural Foot- ball, Soccer, Volleyball, IVrestling, Rifle. Phi Theta Kappa is a national honor lraternity. Its place in the junior College community is similar to that ol Phi Beta Kappa in the four year colleges. In brief, it pays tribute to students who earn scholastic averages of "B" or better and who demonstrate the essentials ol good character and good citizenship. The Delta Epsilon chapter of Phi Theta Kappa is the particular organiza- tion at Valley Forge Military Junior College. This chapter elects its ollicers from the members at large and delegates to the officers the administration of the activities. The chapter is directed by a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. These positions are currently held by Cadets Pujals, Sanchez, Mammele, and Snyder, J. F. Bottom row: Sanchez, M., Pujals, J., Mammele, sl. Second row: Arndt, N., Conrad, IV., Steele, P., Lang, Hjjleins, F. Third row: Hopwood R.. Smith, IV., Stukitz, C., Weitz. H. Fourllz .- row: Carlo, P., Gregory, Kober S. 52 JUNIOR COLLEGE Gold and Silver Caclels llollom row: Steele, l'., Hopwood, l'., Pujals, J., lVeitz, H., Gregory. Second row: Brown, C., .-Xrndt, N., Sanchez, BI., ltlammale, J., Kober, S. Thin! mzu: Clarke, D., Lang, H., Facius. P.. Heins, lf. Fourllz min: Smith, XY., Conrad, XV., Slukitz, G. Following the lull ol Spring and Easter leaves, the college returned to wind up the string. "FU Company was first on the parade Held in more ways than one. Not only were they physically first on the green, but this year's class passed, as so many of their predecessors had, with high hopes and superior lines. Government Inspec- tion again heard such phrases as "If you can't polish it, paint itg il you can't paint it, polish it, but get it up!" Company had everything well "up." XVith the First warm days of spring, the summer camp area was buzzing with workmen hammering, stringing, surveying, and discussing the new addition that is to be made to Young- liusband Hall this season. The addition is meant to house the Junior College Company-all under one roof. The new facilities will include a reception room, a smoking lounge, typing areas, and a snack shop, all of which will give the future J. C.'s a better atmosphere, a college atmosphere, under which to work. XVith each passing year, the value of what the Junior College taught the class that made its final "Pass in Review" in June will grow. This theory has been repeated to us time and time again, from Alumni dinners to vocational semi- nars. Of course, each man will carry his own personal memories of incidents, leaves, con- versations, and happenings which took place on that four minute walk from the Harveys to Rosso Hall, of officers and tOu1'S. But the grad- uate from Valley Forge Military Junior College carries more than this for the rest of his life. lftlhether aware of it or not, he has nourished his sense of personal pride, academic responsi- bility, good manners, personal discipline, and standard of living. VVith his first VF haircut, each new cadet shed more than his high school and curly locks. VVith the acquisition of his diploma, each man gained more than an As- sociate of Arts degree. Next year the faces will change, but reveille will be the same, the parades must still meet the Valley Forge standards, the late leaves will be thought of as never coming, and the task of the J. C. classes will be the same. To keep the end ol that string in sight, to keep the reputa- tion of the Junior College on top, to build- these are the tasks of the Junior College Cadet. Y'Vhen the graduating class is dismissed, it leaves behind it a monument. There, atop that afore- mentioned summit, will sit a content, proud, acknowledged Rosso Hall. lt has sheltered a class to be long remembered. Witli their nick- names, weekend leaves, parades, formations, and studies, they have spent two years with Courage and Honor, and have Conquered. Cadets Hlilliams, F. A., and Pujals receive medals for outstanding achievement from Major Ceneral Arthin' D. Kemp of the Military Order of SVorld YVars. The First Class 1963 XVILLIAM Routnzn FLOYD, JR. President of the First Class 11- 'Q 'A' -"S, ff K WILLIAM RODGER FLOYD, JR. Regimental Staff Onanco-ck, Virginia Fourth Captain Battalion Commander Class President Gold Stars Honor Soz'ic'lir's: National Honor Society, XVashington Irving Society fPresidentj, Baron Von Steuben Society fAUS.-Xp, Quill and Scroll Society. Azvarrls: SllPCl'I11lCI'lll6Y1IQ,S Award, Sharp- shooter's Medal, Marksman's Medal, .Activities Award, Physical Training Award QSilverj, Harvey Medal, Association United States Army Medal, Murphy Award, Order of Anthony WVayne. Organizutim1s.- Honor Council, Board of Governors, Anthony Wayne Legion Guard, Hop Man- agers, Cadet Vestry, Gynikhana, New Cadet Detail, N.C.O. Detail, Izgioritmirc. Athletics: Varsity YVrestlinqg junior Varsity Football, Intramural Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Hfrestling, Swimming, Track. x . Aww 2 . ,X be N xxx X LAWRENCE DREXEL EARLE CG" Company Newtown Square, Pennsylvania Captain Company Commander Class Vice-President Gold Stars Honor Societies: XVashington Irving Society QX'ice-Presidentj. Azvzirds.' Superintendenfs Award, Activities Award, Order of Anthony XVayne, Marksmaifs Medal, Physical Training Award QSilverj. Organizations: Honor Council, Board of Governors, Anthony Xtlayne Legion Guard, Advisory Council, Chapel Vestry, N.C.O. Detail, New Cadet Detail, Gymkhana. Athletics: Varsity Swimming, Intramural Football, Basketball, Track, Wrestling. 'A' 'A' 'k RICHARD WEST RYAN "Cv Company Riverside, Connecticut Second Lieutenant Platoon Leader Class Secretary Gold Sims Honor Societies: National Honor Society, Benjamin Franklin Society QVice-Presidenty. Azuznds: Superintendent's Award, Sharpshooter's Medal, Harvey Medal Qlllane Geometryj. Organi- zations: Chapel Vestry, Crossed Sabres, Hop Managers, New Cadet Detail, Army Aviation Club. Athletics: Intramural Foot- ball, Soccer, Swimming, Baseball. 'A' 'A' if MECHAEL KENNETH BAKER "CU Company Lawrznce, Massachusetts Master Sergeant V Assistant Personnel Adjutant Class Treasurer Silver Slam Honor Societies: YVashington Irving Society. Awarcls' Superin- tendent's Award, SharpshooLer's Medal, Physical 'Training Award Qllronzej, Manual of Arms Efliciency Award. Organiza- tions: Anthony Yllayne Legion Guard, Legionnaire, Chapel Vestry, Hop Managers, New Cadet Detail, Museum Club, Var- sity Club. Athletics: Varsity Football, Wfrestling, Tennis, Intra- mural Volleyball, Baseball, Track, Swimming. 55 JOSEPH LOUIS ACCARDO River Forest, Illinois "B" Company Second Lieutenant Red Stars Awards: Marksman's Medal. Organizations: New Cadet Detail, Varsity Club. Athletics: Varsity Football, Trackg Jr. Varsity Footballg Intramural Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Xllrestling, Table Tennis, Softball. PETER MICHAEL ALEXANDER Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania "G" Company First Lieutenant Silver Stars Azvards: Superintendenfs Award, Marks- man's Medal, 316th Rifle Award. Organiza- timis: Anthony Wayne Legion Guard, New Cadet Detail, Audio-Visual Aids Society, Mu- seum Club. Athletics: Junior Varsity Base- ball, Intramural Football, Soccer, Basket- ball. XVrestling, Swimming, Rille, Baseball, Track. 'Ir 'A' i' GEORGE STALLINGS ALLISON Willow Grove, Pennsylvania "G" Company Awards: Expert Rifle Medal, Physical Train- ing Award lBronzeQ, Organizations: Varsity Club, Athletics: Varsity Swimming, Track: Intramural Football, Soccer, Basketball. ,A JOHN FREDERICK ALPETER ,,QAkron, Ohio "G" Company 1 Staff Sergeant Athletic Sergeant Awards: Marksman's Medal. Organizations: Choir, Glee Club. Athletics: Intramural Vol- leyball, Hlrestling. 'A' nl' ir JOSEPH ANTHONY ARNAU New York, New York "G" Company Squad Sergeant Awarcls: Sharpshooter's Medal, Marksman's Medal, Third Infantry Ribbon. Athletics: Intramural Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Bas- ketball, Rifle, Bowling, Baseball, Softball. HENRY HILLTER ARTMAN Port Illashington, New York UG" Company Awards: Superintendent's Award, Sharp- shooter's Medal, Expert Rifle Medal, Manual of Arms Eflieiency Award, 315th Rifle Award, Marshall WV. Baker Military Stakes Medal. Organizations: N.C.O. Detail. Ath- letics: jr. Varsity Baseball: Intramural Foot- ball, Soccer, Volleyball, Mlrestling, Swim- ming, Rifle, Baseball, Track, Softball. STEVEN EDWARD ATKESON Springdale, Pennsylvania Drum and Bugle Corps Awards: Expert Rifle Medal. Organizations: Ham Radio Club, Photography Club. Ath- letics: Intramural Football, Xillrestling, Swim- ming, Rifle, Bowling, Baseball, Softball. GREGORY GERALD BADOLATO Clarneys Point, New jersey Band Squad Sergeant Red Stars Honor Societies' Stephen Foster Society. Awar11s.' Sharpshootefs Medal, Marksman's Medal. Organizations: Kaydet's Dance Band. Athletics: Intramural Football, Baseball, Softball. 'A' ir 'lr RICHARD HARRY BAKER ll'illiamsport, Pennsylvania "G" Company Squad Sergeant Red Stars A1lilll'tl,Y.' Sharpsho0ter's Medal, Manual of Arms Efficiency Award. Athletics: Varsity Tennis, Intramural Football, Soccer, Hires- tling, Table Tennis. WILLIAM SAMUEL BAKER Margate City, New jersey "B" Company First Lieutenant lixecutive Officer Silver Stars Ilonor Societies: National Honor Society, So- ciety of Ruben Dario, Quill and Scroll So- ciety. Awards: Order of Anthony Wayne, The Freedom's Foundation George lVash- ington Honor Medal, Sharpshooter's Medal, Activities Award, Harvey Medal. Organizaa tions: Hop Managers, New 'Cadet Detail, N.C.O. Detail, Acolytes Guild, Legiomzaire QF.ditorj, Chapel Vestry. Athletics: Varsity Ivrestling and Manager: Intramural Foot- ball, Soccer, Wrestling, Swimming, Bowling, Baseball, Tennis, Softball. 'A' 'k 'A' RICHARD JOHN BANNING Tainaqua. Pennsylvania "D" Troop Master Sergeant Stable Sergeant Awards: Superintendenfs Award, Sharp- shooter's Medal, Expert Rifle Medal. Organ- izations: Harriers, N.C.O. Detail. Athletics: Varsity Polo, Intramural Football, Bowling, Soccer. GEORGE EDWARD BARLETTA lillwood City, Pennsylvania Company Squad Sergeant Silver Stars Awards: Expert Rifle Medal.Athlelics: Intra- mural Volleyball. FRANK JOSEPH BENNAR XVilmington, Delaware "D" Troop Squad Sergeant Awards: Mark5man's Medal, Physical Train- ing Award fSilverj. Athletics: Intramural Soccer. RICHARD GUY BENNETT Summit, New jersey "D" Troop Staff Sergeant Athletic Sergeant Awards: Expert Rifle Medal. Organizations: N.C.O. Detail, Harrier's Club. Athletics: .Iunior Varsity Polo: Intramural Baseball, Volleyball, Hlrestling. Table Tennis. Swim- llllllg. it 'k 'A' PETER MCBEE BENTLEY, III Narbcrth, Pennsylvania "C" Company Red Stars Azttarflm' Superintendent's Award. Marks- man's Medal, Sharpshooteris Medal. Organ- izations: Advisory Council. Athletics: Varsity Cheer Leader: Intramural Football. Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Swimming. Bowling, Baseball, Track, Softball. LESTER P. BERMAN XVl1ippany, New Jersey Battery Staff Sergeant Clerk Gold Stars Honor Societies: National Honor Society. Awards: Sharpshootefs Medal. if 'A' 'A' STEPHEN BERNSTEIN Newark, New jersey "B" Company Squad Sergeant Silver Stars Azuards.' Marksman's Medal. Athletics: Intra- mural Football, Swimming, Softball, Table Tennis. JOHN LESLIE BEUKEMA Wilson, New York "B" Company Awards: Marks1nan's Medal. Athletics: Intra- mural Soccer, Volleyball, Track. FREDERICK CHARLES BICKSLER Pottstown, Pennsylvania "A" Company Platoon Sergeant Awards: Expert Rifle Medal, Rifle Award, Marksn1an's Medal. Organizations: Anthony VVayne Legion Guard, N.C.O. Detail, Ath- letics: Junior Varsity Basketball: Intramural Volleyball, Softball, Basketball. SAMUEL LEWIS BLADES, JR. Sudlersville, Maryland MBU Company Azuards: Marksman's Medal. Athletics: Soc- cer, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Baseball. 'A' ir ir ERWIN MITCHELL BLOOINI Great Neck, New York "B" Company Squad Sergeant Awards: Marksman's Medal. Athletics: Var- sity Trackg junior Varsity Football, Swim- ming, Intramural Track. PAUL HOMER BORTZ Uniontown, Pennsylvania "B" Company Captain Company Commander Awards: Order of Anthony X'Vayne, Super- intendentls Award, Sharpshooter's Medal, Marks1nan's Medal, Expert Rifle Medal, Gen- eral Price Medal. Organizations: Honor Council, Board of Governors, Hop Managers, Anthony Wayne Legion Guard, New Cadet Detail, Legionnaire, 'Chapel Vestry, N.C.O. Detail. Athletics: Varsity Rifle, Intramural Track. if if if , W ,P M dim . Bethel , P isylv 1a 'G" C p n ,L gi lit ' , I -iw f A L s arpshooter d R1 Lih Ham 0 Coun t C 'lr t etic tramural cei Volley , Tac . S K ,V d I. Y ' ' . '. 1 ' cy c A6211 ' it 's ' - , .O. A il, tho WV e Legion I, . . X. 1 0 . , - W AR EW QSROWN X Fai a ' , V rse MHA" Co zany V Villa P J ' Staif rgeant QI czet n H ilton So CICI Oiga tions dvls uncil Var -K' 1 fl S Tl r ' Al d ' V, ' - - J sir rub, .oo ietail. em: Varsity X 1 's' nt mu Fo bal , olleyball, Soc- r, 'ke ll, Sw' , Bowling, Table T 1 s, ll, S t . it is Q flllfllu BRUCE STUART CAMPBELL London Bridge, Virginia "E" Battery Silver Stars Honor Societies: Alexander Hamilton So- ciety. Awards: Expert Rifle Medal, Superin- tendent's Award. Organizations: Anthony ltlayne Legion Guard, New Cadet Detail, N.C.O. Detail, Battery Club, Marshall Kerry Cycle Club. Athletics: Intramural Soccer, Rifie, Track. ROBERT NELSON CANN Lexington, Massachusetts "D" Troop Squad Sergeant Gold Stars Azuards: Sharpshooter's Medal. Athletics: ln- tramural Baseball. uk 'A' it PHILIP MARLOW CANNON Bound Brook, New Jersey "C" Company Gold Stars Aztfards: Marksman's Medal. Organizations: Photography Club, Museum Club. Athletics: Intramural Football, Volleyball, Softball. CHARLES ONOFRIO CAPUTO Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania "B" Company Second Lieutenant Honor Societies: Baron Von Steuben S0- ciety QAUSAQ. Awards: Superintendent's Award, Expert Rifle Medal, Activities Award. Organizations: New Cadet Detail, Legionnaire, Army Aviation Club. Athletics: Intramural Football, Soccer, Swimming, Softball. 'A' if 'A' JAMES WILLIAM CARMAN York, Pennsylvania "C" Company Squad Sergeant Gold Stars Honor Societies: National Honor Society, Society of Ruben Dario. Awards: Marks- lll2lD,S Medal. Organizations: Acolytes Guild, Anthony lVayne Legion Guard, Crossed Sabres. Athletics: junior Varsity Mlrestlingg Intramural Football, Volleyball, Baseball, Softball, Bowling. MICHAEL ROBERT CARRIGAN Clearwater Beach, Florida "B" Company Awards: Superintendenfs Award, Marks- n1an's Medal. Organizations: Anthony W'ayne Legion Guard, Hop Managers, New Cadet Detail, Varsity Club. Athletics: Varsity Foot- ball, Intramural Soccer, Swimming. ROBERT BRENNAN CARTER Baltimore, Maryland "A" Company Captain Company Commander Red Stars Honor Societies: Benjamin Franklin Society. Awards: Order of Anthony Mlayne, Super- intendent's Award, Sharpshooters Award. Organizations: Honor Council, Varsity Club, Board of Governors, Anthony NVayne Legion Guard, New Cadet Detail, N.C.O. Detail. Athletics: Varsity Tennis, Intramural Soc, cer, XVrestling, Table Tennis, Track. ROBERT DWIGHT CHESTER Amityville, New York Battery Second Lieutenant Platoon Leader Awards.' Sharpshooter's Award, Physical Training Award lSilverj. Orgmzizrzfions: Battery Club, Chapel Vestry, Marshall Kerry Cycle Club. Athletics: Varsity Football, XVrestling. 'A' 'Ir 'A' WILLIAM ARTHUR CLEPPER, JR. Sharon, Pennsylvania "C" Company Staff Sergeant Athletic Sergeant Red Stars Awards: 'Choir Cross, Expert Rifle Medal, Physical Training Award QSilverj, Activities Award. Organizations: Choir, Glee Club, Legionnaire, Ham Radio Club, Gymkhana. Athletics: Varsity Cheer Leader, Intra- mural Football, Track. DOUGLAS ANDREW CONNELL Ridgewood, New Jersey "A" Company Squad Sergeant Gold Stars Honor Societies: Benjamin Franklin Society. Awards: Expert Rifle Medal, New Cadet Alumni Sword fSilverj. Allzletics: Varsity Trackg Intramural Football, Y'Vrestling. i' 'A' 'A' VINCENT LOUIS CORTESI, JR. YVhite Plains, New York "E" Battery Squad Sergeant Guide Awards: Sharpshootefs Medal, Expert Rifle Medal. Athletics: Intramural Soccer, Volley- ball, Swimming, Rifle, Bowling. WILLIAM LOBB COSANS Merchantville, New Jersey "A" Company Squad Sergeant Awards: Superintendenfs Award. Choir Cross, Expert Rifle Medal, Physical Train- ing Award fllronzej. Orgrmizatioizs: Chapel Vestry, Acolytes Guild, Gymkhana, Brother- hood of St. Cornelius, Varsity Club. Athlet- ics: Varsity Track, Football, junior Varsity Football, Intramural Volleyball, Basketball, NVrestling, Rifle, Baseball, Tennis, Softball. RUSSELL BISHOP CRAMP Reading, Pennsylvania Battery Squad Sergeant AZl'07'ClS.' XI2ll'l4SF112lIl,S Medal. JAlNIES RAYMOND CREE, JR. Columbus, Ohio "D" Troop Azvarfls: Expert Rilie Medal, Sharpshooter's Award. Athletics: Varsity Pistol, Golfg Intra- mural Soccer. i' -ir ak' NILES PASCALL DALLY Verona, New jersey Regimental Staff First Lieutenant Regimental Plans and Training Officer Honor Societies: Society of Ruben Dario. Azuarfls: Expert RiHe Medal, 316th Infantry Award, Anthony Wlayne Legion Guard. Orgarzizntions: New Cadet Detail, Chapel Vestry, Arts and Crafts Club, Army Aviation Club. Athletics: Varsity Pistol, Intramural Soccer, Rifle, Track. BRUCE SPENCER DANIELS Malvern, Pennsylvania Battery First Lieutenant Administrative Oflicer Red Stars Honor Societies: Benjamin Franklin Society. Azvards: Superintendenfs Award, Harvey Medal. Organizations: Hop Managers, Bat- tery Club, Anthony Hlayne Legion Guard, New Cadet Detail, Marshall Kerry Cycle Club, Advisory Council, Legionnaire, Chapel Yestry. Allzlelics: Intramural Football, IVres- lling. 'A' i' i' JOHN JACOB DENZER Atlantic Highlands, New jersey "G" Company Awards: Sharpshooter's Medal. Organiza- tions: Anthony Wayiie Legion Guard. Ath- letics: junior Varsity Footballg Intramural Basketball, Track. DAVID CHRISTIAN DEUBLER lVest Chester, Pennsylvania "D" Troop Staff Sergeant Chapel Sergeant Azuards: lVI21IkSlT121I1yS Medal, Sharpshooter's Medal. Organizations: Chapel Vestry, Aco- lytes Guild. Athletics: Intramural Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Wrestling, Swimming, Softball, Basketball. CHARLES LAWRENCE DEY Princeton Junction, New Jersey Regimental Stall Second Lieutenant Adjutant-First Battalion Aztfarrls: Superiutendenfs Award, Sharp- shooter's Medal, Physical Training Award lSilver Ek Bronzej. Organizations: Varsity Club, Gymkhana, New Cadet Detail, Ad- visory Council, Legiomzaire. Athletics: Var- sity Football, Track: Varsity Football: IntramuralBasketball, lX'restling, Swimming, Baseball, Softball. DOUGLAS FOWLER DILLENBECK Angola, New York "C" Company Squad Sergeant Azuards.' Sharpshooters Medal, Marksmanls Medal, Activities Award, Choir Cross, Physi- cal Training Award tBronzej. Organizations: Choir, Glee Club, Anthony Xllayne Legion Guard. Athletics: Intramural Football, Vol- leyball. Basketball, Baseball. ir if i' ROBERT MATTHEW DOVI Haddoniield, New jersey "A" Company Staff Sergeant Assistant Supply Red Stars Awards: Sharpshooter's Medal. Organiza- tions: Anthony Wayne Legion Guard, N.C.O. Detail. Athletics: Intramural Football, Soc- cer, Volleyball. CHARLES MARSDEN DUKE, JR. Arlington, Virginia "li" Battery Platoon Sergeant Honor Sofieties: Benjamin Franklin Honor Society. Auiards: Marksman's Medal, Battery Gunner's Award, Sharpshooter's Award, 316th Infantry Award. Organizalioizs: Battery Club, Marshall Kerry 'Cycle Club. Athletics: junior Varsity Rifle: Intramural Volleyball, Rifle. ir ir A' GEORGE ROY DUNKLEBERGER Ephrata, Pennsylvania Band Captain Company Commander Gold Stars Honor Societies: National Honor Society. Baron You Steuben Society CAUSAQ, Stephen Foster Society tPresidentj. Awards: Order of Anthony Hlayne, Blessing Medal, New Cadet Alumni Sword tGoldj, Sharpshootens Medal. Orgarzizations' Honor Council, Board of Governors, Anthony lllayne Legion Guard, Advisory Council, Hop Managers, New Cadet Detail, N.C.O. Detail. Athletics: Intramural Football, Basketball, Pistol, Softball. JOHN LEIF ERICSON Plainville. Connecticut Regimental Staff Second Lieutenant Hospital Lieutenant Awards: Marksmanls Medal. Organizations: New Cadet Detail. Athletics: Junior Varsity Wrestling: Intramural Soccer, lklrestling. GEORGE HOWELL EVANS Wallingford, Pennsylvania "G" Company Squad Sergeant Red Stars Azuards: Sharpshooter's Medal, Activities Award, Choir Cross, Physical Training Award fSilverj. Organizntimis: Choir, N.C.O. Detail, Glee Club, Gymkhana. Athletics: Varsity Football, Track, Intramural Foot- ball, Soccer, Rifle, Track, Basketball. GEORGE RUMSEY EVANS Wyomissing, Pennsylvania "A" Company Squad Sergeant Red Stars Azuarrls: Marksman's Medal. Athletics: Intra- mural Soccer, Bowling, Volleyball. i' 'A' 'A' RAFAEL LUIS FERNANDEZ Santurce, Puerto Rico "D" Troop Staff Sergeant Supply Sergeant Red Stars Awards: Superintendenfs Award. Expert Rifle Medal, 316th Infantry Award. Organi- zations: Advisory Council, Anthony Wayne Legion Guard, Chapel Vestry, N.C.O. De- tail. Athletics: Varsity Baseball: junior Var- sity Basketball, Rifle, Intramural Soccer, Volleyball, Rifle, Bowling, Softball, Table Tennis. SPENCER ALLEN FISHER Reading, Pennsylvania Band Staff Sergeant Technician Awards: Sharpshooterls Medal. Organiza- tions: N.C.O. Detail, Kaydet's Dance'Band, Anthony Xvayne Legion Guard. Athletics: Intramural Football, Basketball. 'A' if ir HARRY KRESS FITZGERALD Cheshire, 'Connecticut "C" Company Squad Sergeant Awards: Sharpshooter's Medal, Marksman's Medal. Organizations' Museum Club. Ath- letics: Intramural Volleyball, Basketball, Swimming, Rifle, Baseball, Track. DAVID JAMES FITZGIBBONS Summit, New Jersey "D" Troop Platoon Sergeant Awards: Sharpshooter's Medal, M3fliSlHZll1,S Medal. Organizations: Chapel Vestry, N.C.O. Detail, Museum Club. Athletics: Junior Var- sity Tennisg Intramural Football. Soccer, Basketball, Swimming, Baseball, Rifle. 1 .4 ' DAVID JEROME FORMAN Manchester, Connecticut "C" Company Awards: Expert Rifle Medal, Athletics: Vol- leyball, Basketball, YVrestling, Rifle, Base- ball, Track, Softball. JOHN JAMES GALLAGHER, JR. Haddonfield, New Jersey HA" Company Staff Sergeant Assistant Supply Sergeant Awards: Superintendent's Award, Sharp- shooter's Medal. Organizations: Ham Radio Club, Radio Station XVVF, Audio-Visual Aids Club, Library Club, Anthony lVaync Legion Guard. Athletics: Intramural Foot- ball, Soccer, Volleyball, XVrestling, Swim- ming, Rifle, Bowling, Track. nl' 'A' ir MICHAEL GAZO Tamaqua, Pennsylvania "B" Company Awards: Sharpshooter's Award. AthleLics:,,, 49' Varsity Football, Basketball, Track. ALFRED HOLLIS GEISLER Glenshaw, Pennsylvania "CQ?7,'loi11pa1- 5 5c1uad1fSergcagJ Silver Stars! 9 Awards, Sharpshooter's ledal, Eliffiert 'Q' 6 Medal. Orgafiizutions: giomiaife.tizlugletigiif Varsity Track, Intram g?lf.Fodf1ball, ' ask X- byl, Swimming, Baseba , Tennisf' oftball. ,Qu f s' ' ' - gf I ygfa I W K cf fy B J' QKVJ fgj, A , , fl riff X' , fi- 'I f li' i' gs J ,ji 4 1, , Y A VV, 4, L, .fa . 1- FC J .Ir J ,lf IYEWIS R. G ' CC .l'enn Hills, Penyylvania " Coknilgiiry of 5 F Mhlastei' Serg ant ' First Sergjgant ey fgpsicd . fans if gAzuards: NIlIl'l!SlQ21ll'S fMedal, New Cadeg Alumni Sword QGpldj. Qrgaqizations: An. thony lylayne Legion Guard? Choir, ,Glee Club, .c.o. Detail, oymiiimna. Athldtics: Ifgtraniural Footballm Basketball, Track, lklreftling. ,af W Ji ff! ROBESQZT MICHAEL GIANETT0 gp Emmaus, lfcnnsylvfania jf? and ' " " Statlttetzgiaiit' Lilggafy W Sergfgant 'B Gold Stars L. if Honor Spcielies: lgational Honor: Society. Awards: Liillxpert R He Medal, New Cadet Alumni Sword Silver Anthon Mia ne' C 5- Y Y . Legion Guard. Organiza1ffions.' N.C.O. De-"" tail, Kaydet's Dance Band. ,fy ,. v. , , WALTER BOHMAN GOFF, II Dunbor, Wlest Virginia "B" Company Red Stars Au'ards.' Sl1arpshooter's Medal. Alllletics: Intramural Football, Volleyball. STANFORD ALLEN GOLD Philadelphia, Pennsylvania "B" Company Squad Sergeant Guide Azuardx: Superintendcnt's Award, Expert Rifle Medal. Orgunizatiorzs: Varsity Club. AIhIelir.s.' Varsity, Football, Basketball, Base- ball. 'A' if 'A' EDWARD RICHARD GOODFELLOW Boston, Massachusetts "B" Company Squad Sergeant Azvzorlx: Superintendent's Award, Sharp- shooter's Medal. Atlzlelifi' Intramural Vol- leyball, Table Tennis, GEOFFREY SCHUBERT GRAUL Allentown, l'ennsylrania Company Azvards: Marksman's Medal. Athletics: Var- sity XVrestling3 Intramural Football, lVres- tling, Baseball. ir 'A' 'lr CARL PHILIP GROSS Freehold, New Jersey "B" Company Gold Stars Afllllfdi' Expert Rifle Medal. Athletics: In- tramural Hlrestling, Swimming, Table Ten- nis, Softball. HENRY ROBERT GRUNDIG Madison, New jersey "G" Company Second Lieutenant Red Stars Auvzrds: Marksman's Medal, Marshall YV. Baker Award, McCloskey Medal. Organiza- tions: Anthony Hlayne Legion Guard, New Cadet Detail. Atlzlzdicx: Intramural Volley- ball, Basketball, HAROLD LESLIE GUISEWHITE, JR. Newton. New Jersey Battery Stall' Sergeant Assistant Motor Sergeant Azuarrls' Sharpsh0oter's Medal, lN'I2l1'liSIl121f1,S Medal. Physical Training Award QBronzej. Organizatiorzr: Anthony XVayne Legion Guard, Battery Club, Marshall Kerry Cycle Club. N.C.O. Detail, Acolytes Guild. Ath- letics: Intramural Volleyball, Swimming, Track. EDWIN BRUCE HAMAN Reading, Pennsylvania Regimental Staff Master Sergeant Color Sergeant Silver Stars Honor .S'nz'ielies: XVashington Irving Literary Society. Aa'a1fd.r: Expert Rifle Medal. Or- garzizntimis: Anthony XVayne Legion Guard, Chapel Vestry, N.C.O. Detail. Allzlelirs: Varsity Rifle. nl' A' ul' ROGER BURKE HAWKINS Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania "B" Company Red Stars Azuarrly Sharpshooter's Medal, Activities Award. 316th Infantry Award. Orgmzizalioizs: Crossed Sabres fArt Editorj. Allzlelics: Intramural Volleyball. WALTER RAYMOND HERBSTER Ardmore. Pennsylvania "C" Company Squad Sergeant AZl.'fl?i6l.9.' Expert Rifle Medal. Allzlcfiirsf In- tramural Football. 'A' i' 'A' EDWARD DAVID HIERGESELL Abington, Pennsylvania Regimental Stall First Lieutenant Assistant Regimental Quartermaster Silver Slnrs Honor Societies: Mask EQ Spur Society. Awards: Superintendent's Award, Sharp- shooter's Medal, Harvey Medal. Orgmziza- lionx: New Cadet Detail, I,egio1'zm1ire, Chapel Vestry. 1-Ilhlelics: Intramural Football. Soc- cer, Volleyball, Track, Softball, Swimming, WVrestling. ROBERT JOHN HOFMANN Carlisle, Pennsylvania "C" Company Silver Siars Azuarfls: Sharpshooterls Medal, Activities Award. Organizations: Choir, Glee Club, Crosserl Sabres QPh0tography Staffj, Photog- raphy Club. Athletics: Intramural Football, Soccer, Basketball, Swimming. LAWRENCE GILBERT HOUSEMAN Ellendale, Delaware Company Squad Sergeant Guide Awards: Sharpshooters Medal, Organiza- tions: Anthony Hlayne Legion Guard. WALTER STEPHEN HOWELL Girard, Ohio Regimental Staff Second Lieutenant Adjutant-Second Battalion Red Stars Organizations: Anthony YVayne Legion Guard, Advisory Council, 'Chapel Yestry, New Cadet Detail, Battery Club, Marshall Kerry Cycle Club. Athletics: Intramural Vol- leyball, Basketball, ll'restling, Swimming. if it it GREGORY PAUL HUDOWALSKI Clifton, New jersey Company Second Lieutenant Ordnance Awards: Superintendenfs Award, Expert Rifle Medal, Kerry Medal. Organizations: Varsity Club, Hop Managers, New Cadet Detail, N.C.O. Detail. Atlzletics: Varsity Football, Rifieg Intramural Soccer, Volley- ball, Basketball, Swimming, Baseball, Track, Softball. DONALD CHARLES IRWIN Westfield, New jersey Company Squad Sergeant Awards: Iixpert Rifle Medal, Sharpsho0ter's Medal. Athletics: Intramural Volleyball, Wrestling, Baseball, Table Tennis. ' 'k ir 'A' JAMES LARRY JACK Chagrin Falls, Ohio Drum and Bugle Corps First Lieutenant Company Commander Silzfer Stars Honor Societies: Patrick Henry Society. Awards: Superintendent's Award, Marks- man's Medal, Physical Training Award fSil- verj. Organizations: Varsity Club, Hop Man- agers, New Cadet Detail, Anthony XVayne Legion Guard. Athletics: Varsity XNrestlingg Intramural Football. RONALD BRUCE JACOBSON Upper Darby, Pennsylvania "B" Company Squad Sergeant Azvards: Superintendenfs Award. Sharp- shooters Medal, Marks1nan's Medal. Ath- letics: Intramural Soccer, Volleyball, Basket- ball, lVrestling, Swimming, Baseball. Soft- ball. THOMAS EYRE JOHNSON Jenkintown, Pennsylvania "C" Company Staff Sergeant .Assistant Supply Azuarcls: Superintendenfs Award, Sharp- shooterls Medal, Expert Rifle Medal, Activi- ties Award. Platoon Rifle Patch. Organiza- tions: Advisory Council, N.C.O. Detail. Ath- letics: Varsity Rifle Team: Intramural Foot- ball, Soccer, Swimming, Bowling, Baseball. CHARLES HUGH JONES Reading, Pennsylvania "G" Company Red Stars Athletics: Intramural Football, lVrestling. -A' i' i' CURTIS DONALD KALMBACH Ilmmaus, Pennsylvania "D" Troop Staff Sergeant Assistant Stable Sergeant Silver Stars Honor Societies: Patrick Henry Society. Awards: Superintendent's Award, Sharp- shooters Award, Stone Medal, 316th Infan- try Award. Organizations: Choir, N.C.O. Detail, Glee Club. Athletics: Varsity Polo, junior Varsity Rifle, Pistol, Polog Intra- mural Soccer, Volleyball, Bowling, Table Tennis. DENNIS MARTIN KASZYCKI Johnstown, Pennsylvania Band Athletics: Intramural Basketball, lVrestling. 'A' i' 1' WILLIAM JOSEPH KELLY TVCSIIIIOHI, New Jersey Battery Staff Sergeant Assistant Supply Sergeant Awards: Superintendent's Award, Marks- man's Medal, "E" Battery Gunnery Award. Organizations: Advisory Council, N.C.O. De- tail. Atlzletics: Varsity Trackg Cheer Leader: Intramural Football. Soccer, Volleyball, Bas- ketball, Bowling. Table Tennis, Baseball, Softball. TED JAY KLEIN Silver Spring, Maryland "C" Company Squad Sergeant Azuarcls: Sharpshooter's Award. Organiza- tions: Advisory Council. Athlelics: Intra- mural Volleyball, lYrestling, Swimming. FREDERICK JAMES KMETZ Ligonier, Pennsylvania "G" Company Squad Sergeant Guide Awards: Marksman's Medal, Rifle Patch. Aillleticss Varsity Football, Intramural Soc- cer, Basketball, Baseball, Track, Softball. RONALD JAY KOHN Merion, Pennsylvania Battery Awmrfr: Expert Rifle Medal. Orgzmizalions: Battery Club, Audio-Visual Aids Society. Athletics: Intramural Football, Soccer, Bas- ketball. 'A' if 'A' WILLIAM CLYDE KORNER Shillington, Pennsylvania "G" Company Staff Sergeant Assistant Supply Sergeant Silver Stars Azuzzrcls: Expert Rifle Medal, M.S.T.-"A" Award. Orgunizalions: Advisory Council, Athletic Committee fChairn1anj. Atlzletics: Varsity Golfg Intramural Football, Basket- ball, XVrestling, Bowling. JOHN LEONARD KORNET, JR. Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Band Gold Stars Honor Sociflies: National Honor Society, Baron Von Steuben Society QAUSAQ. Awards: Expert Rifle Medal. Ol'g!11'llZ6lfi0715.' Legion- nairrf, Kaydet's Dance Band. Athletics: Intra- mural Basketball, Bowling, Tennis. 'A' if 'A' BARNEY C. KRAMER Pittsburgli, Pennsylvania HA" Company Azuards: Sharpshooter's Medal, Expert Rifle Medal. Athletics: Varsity Golf, Intramural Volleyball, Bowling, Track, Softball, Basket- ball, Table Tennis. WILLIAM CARTER KROPFF West Orange, New jersey "D" Troop Squad Sergeant Aa'r1rzI.r: Expert Rifle Medal, Marksman's Medal. Athletics: Varsity Football, Intra- mural Swimming. Bowling, Softball. STEPHEN ALAN KRUPNICK Lakewood, New jersey "B" Company Staff Sergeant Personnel Sergeant Red Stars Awards: Sharpshooter's Medal, Marksman's Medal. Ol'g'Il7llZHlf071SS N.C.O. Detail, Audio- Visual Aids Club, Museum Club. Athletics: Intramural Soccer, Volleyball, Swimming, Bowling, Table Tennis. Tennis. FRANK PETER LaMARRA Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Company Squad Sergeant Awards.' Expert Rifie Medal. Athletics: In- tramural Football, Soccer, lvrestling, Swim- ming, Rifle, Bowling, Table Tennis, Track, Softball. 'A' 'A' 'k DAVID ARTHUR LEAMY Silver Spring, Maryland "C" Company Second Lieutenant Azvards: Superintendenfs Award, Sharp- shooter's Medal, Activities Award, Expert Rifle Medal, 316th Rifle Ribbon. Orgzmizaf tions: Anthony l'Vayne Legion Guard, Chapel Vestry, Brotherhood of Saint Cornelius, Hop Managers, New Cadet Detail, N.C.O. Detail, Acolytes Guild, Audio-Visual Aids Society, Aviation Club. Atlzletiesf Intramural Soccer, Basketball, Swimming, Rifle, Tennis, Base- ball, Track, Softball. DAVID MICHAEL LeVAN Gettysburg. Pennsylvania "D" Troop Squad Sergeant Silver Stars Azuards: Sll3l'lDSllO0lSl',S Medal. A1l1l1'Iic.v: Varsity Track. if 'k ir DEAN BRYANT LIMITONE lYilton, Connecticut Company Second Lieutenant Red Stars Azuards: Sharpshooter's Medal. Orgmzizu- lions: New Cadet Detail, Acolytes Guild, Chapel Vestry, Library Club. Athletics: -lunior Varsity Tennis, Intramural Soccer, Track, Softball, NVrestling, Volleyball. ROBERT CHAPEL LINCOLN Riverside, New Jersey Company Squad Sergeant Alu'm'cI.v.' Expert Rifle Medal. Athletics: In- tramural Football, Volleyball, Softball, lVres- lling. STEVEN KENNETH LONG Paris, France "C" Company Platoon Sergeant Gold Stars Honor Societies: National Honor Society, Alexander Hamilton Society. Awards: Ex- pert Riiie Medal, Stone Medal, Alumni Sword tGoldj. Organizations: N.C.O. Detail, Legionnaire, Acolytes Guild. Athletics: Var- sity Rifleg Intramural Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Softball. THOMAS C. LUND Salem, New jersey "A" Company Second Lieutenant Platoon Leader Awarrls: Superintendent's Award, Expert Rifle Medal, Physical Training Award fBronzcj. Organizations: New Cadet Detail, Cymkhana, Audio-Visual Aids Society. Ath- letics: Intramural Football, Basketball, Hires- tling, Swimming, Rifle. 'A' il' 'A' ROBERT H. LURER Teaneck, New Jersey "G" Company Staff Sergeant Assistant Supply Sergeant Azvarfls: Marksman's Medal. Organizations: Varsity Club, Ham Radio Club, Radio Sta- tion YVVF, Audio-Visual Aids Society, Mu- seum Club, Arts and 'Crafts Club, Library Club. Athletics: Varsity Football, Basketball, Baseball. DAVID EDWARD MCCORMICK XVll1Hll1gIOl1, Delaware "D" Troop Staff Sergeant Assistant Stable Sergeant Azuards: Marksman's Medal. Organizations.- Harrier's Club. Allzlefzcs: Varsity Polog Intra- mural Football, Basketball. 'A' 'A' it RICHARD HAMILTON MCFARLAND XVyncote, Pennsylvania "B" Company Second Lieutenant Regimental .Athletic Officer Silver Stars Honor Socielies: Ruben Dario Society. Awarcls.' Superintendent's Award, Sharp- shooter's Award, Fitzgerald Intramural Award. Organizations: Chapel Vestry, New Cadet Detail, Legionnaire, N.C.O. Detail, Gymkhana. Athletics: Junior Varsity Foot- ballg Intramural Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, YVrestling, Swimming, Rifle, Table Tennis, Track, Softball. MARC JAY MANDELL Philadelphia, Pennsylvania "D" Troop Squad Sergeant A zvarfls: Sharpshooteris Award. VAN PERRY MARCUS Shamokin. Pennsylvania "A" 'Company Squad Sergeant Awards: Sharpshooter's Medal. Organiza- tions: Gymkhana, Advisory Council. Ath- letics: Varsity Hlrestlingg Intramural Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Swimming, Baseball, Track, Softball. HAROLD SYDNEY MARRIOTT Dover, Delaware "CH Company First Lieutenant Executive Oihcer Rell Stars Honor Societies: Baron Von Steuben Society tr-XUSAQ. Awards: Superintendent's Award, Expert Rifle Medal, Physical Training Award lBronzej. Organizations: Anthony IVayne Legion Guard, Chapel Vcstry, New Cadet Detail. N.C.O. Detail, Gymkhana, Color Guard, Athletics: Junior Varsity Football, Intramural Football, Volleyball, Swimming, Baseball. Softball, IVrestling. if ml' i' A. ANTHONY MASCARA Vineland, New Jersey "C" Company Squad Sergeant Honor Societies: Stephen Foster Society. Azvarrlsf Sharpshooter's Medal, Expert Rifle Medal. Organizations: Library Club. Ath- letics: Varsity Basketballg Intramural Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Swimming, Softball, Football. MICHAEL GORDON MASTROGANY Northbrook, Illinois "E" Battery Silver Stars O1'g!llIlZHllO7l.S',' Choir. Glee Club. Athletics: Intramural Football, XYrestling. 'Ir 'Ir 'lr FRANK J. MAYKUTH Masontown, Pennsylvania "C" Company Captain Company 'Commander ,Aa'ards: Order of Anthony YVayne, Super- intendent's Award, Expert Rifle Medal, AC- tivities Medal, Physical Training Award fSilverj. Organizations: Honor Council, Board of Governors, N.C.O. Detail, New Cadet Detail, Chapel Vestry, Anthony I1Vayne Legion Guard, Varsity Club. Athletics: Var- sity Football, Swimming, Trackg Intramural Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Table Tennis, Baseball, Tepnis, Softball. JOHN STEVEN MAYKUTH, JR. Masontown, Pennsylvania "A" Company First Lieutenant Platoon Leader Azuards: Superintendenfs Award, Expert RiHe Medal, Physical Training Award tSil- verj. Organizations: New 'Cadet Detail, Var- sity Club, Gymkhana. Athletics: Varsity Football, Swimming Trackg Junior Varsity Football, Intramural Soccer, Volleyball, Bas- ketball. Wrestling, Rifle, Table Tennis, Baseball, Tennis, Softball. VERNON KENRIC MELHADO Tuxedo Park, New Jersey "A" Company Platoon Sergeant Red Stars Awards: Sharpshooter's Medal, Choir Cross. O7'g'6l71iZHfi0?l.Y.' Choir, Varsity Club, Crossed Sallres, N.C.O. Detail, Acolytes Guild, Glee Club. Atltlelicr' Varsity Tennis, Intramural Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Bowling, Table Tennis, Track. GARY JOSEPH MILLER Allentown, Pennsylvania Company Silver Stars Aa'nrds.' Slrarpshootefs Medal, Physical Training Award flironzej. Or'gu1zi:atio11s.' Varsity Club, N.C.O. Detail. Atlzletics: Var- sity XVrestling: Intramural Soccer, Baseball, Softball. 'Ir 'A' 'A' NEIL SPENCER MONTELLA Chester, Pennsylvania "AU Company Staff Sergeant Athletic Sergeant Aa'arcI.v: lixpert Rifle Medal. Organizations: Varsity Club. All1le1'ic.r: Varsity Football, junior Varsity Football, Intramural Football, XVrestling, Baseball. LAURENCE EDWARD MOUGIN Cummiugton, Massachusetts "D" Troop Squad Sergeant Azuzzrzls: Marksman's Medal, Expert Rifle Award. Atlzlelicx: Varsity Pistolg Intramural Volleyball, Baseball. nk 'Ir 'A' ROBERT NELSON MROZ McLean, Virginia "A" Company Red Stars Azt'arrl,s': Superintendent's Award, SharpA shooters Award. Orgrmizations: Amateur Radio Club, Audio-Visual Aids Society, Photography Club. Af,Ill?liC.Y.' Intramural lfootball, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Rifle, Table Tennis. LOUIS EBERHARDT MUCKENFUSS Haddonlield, New Jersey Company Platoon Sergeant Azuards: Sharpshooler's Award. Organizaa lions: Anthony XVayne Legion Guard, N.'C.O. Detail. Athletics: Intramural Soccer, Volley- ball, YVrestling, Baseball. GRAHAM MARPLE NEILSON St. Davids, Pennsylvania "A" Company First Lieutenant Executive Officer Silver Stars Awards: Superintendenfs Award, Sharp- shooter's Award, McCloskey Award. Organi- zations: Anthony l'Vayne Legion Guard, Chapel Vestry, Varsity Club, Hop Managers, New Cadet Detail. Athletics: Varsity Foot- ball, Basketball, Trackg Intramural Basket- ball. STEVEN ANDREW NEVADA, JR. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Company Staff Sergeant Company 'Clerk Gold Stars Honor Societies: Benjamin Franklin Society. Awards: Marksman's Medal, Stone Medal. Organizations: N.C.O. Detail, Library Club. Athletics: Intramural Soccer, Volleyball, Tennis. ir ir -k EUGENE FRANCIS 0'MALLEY Mlilliainsport, Pennsylvania "G" Company Squad Sergeant Organizations: Gymkhana. Athletics: Intra- mural Football, Soccer, Volleyball, IN'restling, Table Tennis. ROBERT ERWIN PABST, JR. XVestport, Connecticut "EU Battery Aruarrls: Expert Rilie Medal. Organizations: Battery Club, Marshall Kerry Cycle Club, N.C.O. Detail. Athletics: Intramural Soccer, Hlrestling, Swimming, Baseball. 'A' ir if ARMANDO CHAVEZ PALOMO San Salvador, El Salvador, Central America "E" Battery Squad Sergeant Honor Societies: Benjamin Franklin Society. Awards: Sharpshooter's Medal. Organiza- tions: Battery Club. Atltletics: Intramural Soccer. GUY RICHARD PANZNER Islip, New York "D" Troop Squad Sergeant Azuarfls: Superintendenfs Award. Marks- man's Medal, Expert Rifle Medal, Troopers Award. Athletics: Varsity Tennis: Intra- mural Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Hires- tling, Swimming, Bowling, Table Tennis, Tennis. JAMES LAWRENCE PARKER Kiamesha Lake, New York "C" Company Squad Sergeant Red Stars Azvards: Marksman's Medal, Sharpshootcr's Medal. Athletics: Varsity Golfg Intramural Soccer, Volleyball, Wlrestling, Bowling, Table Tennis. STEPHEN EDWARD PARKER, III Pliiladelphia, Pennsylvania "C" Company Azuarcls: Sharpshooter's Medal. Athletics: Varsity Wrestlingg junior Varsity Footballg Intramural Football, Basketball, Swimming, Rifle. Bowling, Baseball, Soccer. it nk' ir ROBIN THOMAS PARTCH St. Cloud, Minnesota "B" Company Silver Stars Awards: Expert Rifle Medal. Organizations: Crossed Sabres, Museum Club. Athletics: Varsity Pistol, Intramural Football, Swim- ming. MARK STEPHEN PASTERICK Donora, Pennsylvania Battery Squad Sergeant Azucirds: Sharpshooler's Medal, Gunner's Award. Athletics: Varsity Trackg Intramural Volleyball, Basketball, Bowling, Table Ten- nis, Baseball, Track, Softball. i' 'A' ai' THOMAS RICHARD PASTUSZEK Illallingford, Pennsylvania "C" Company Squad Sergeant Guide Awards: Marksman's Medal. Athletics: In- tramural Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Swimming. JAMES ALAN PAUL Hastings-on-Hudson, New York "A" 'Company Squad Sergeant Guide Azuurcls: Expert Rifle Medal. Organizations' Anthony I'Vayne Legion Guard. Athletics: Intramural Football, Wrestling. WILLIAM BERTRAM PINE, III East Greenwich, Rhode Island Regimental Stall Master Sergeant Special Services Red Stars Awards: Superintendenfs Award, lixpert Rifle Medal, Oratorical Contest fSecond Placej. Orgaizizationr' New Cadet Detail, Chapel Vestry. Athletics: Intramural Foot- ball, Volleyball, IVre-stling, Swimming, Rifle. TED PINTARD Ramsey, New jersey "C' Company Armrzls: Sharpshooterls Medal. Athletics: Varsity Football, Baseballg Intramural XVres- tling. 'A' i' 'A' GEORGE JOSEPH POLICASTRO Highland Park, New Jersey Regimental Stall Master Sergeant Regimental Athletic Sergeant Awards: Superintendenfs Award, Sharp- shooter's Medal. Orgarzizations: Varsity Club fPresidentj, Anthony YVayne Legion Guard, Gytnkhana. Athletics: Varsity Football lCap- tainj, Baseball, Intramural XVrestling, Bas- ketball, Swimming. JAMES B. POST, III XVilkes Barre, Pennsylvania "D" Troop Squad Sergeant Silver Stars Honor Societies: Society of Ruben Dario. Awardss Sharpshooter's Medal, Marksmanls Medal, Trooper's Award. Organizatiorzs: Musical Riders, Anthony K-Vayne Legion Guard, Crossed Sabres fSports Fditorj, Arts and Crafts Club. Athletics: Varsity IVres- tlingg Intramural Volleyball, Basketball, Swimming, Baseball, Wrestling. if ir ir JAMES VINCENT POUSO Fair Haven, New Jersey "G" Company Squad Sergeant Guide Awards: Superintendent's Award, Sharp- shooter's Medal. Organizations: Anthony IVayne Legion Guard. Athletics: Varsity Track: Junior Varsity Football, Track: ln- tramural Soccer. EVERETT POTTER PRIESTLEY Newark, Delaware Regimental Stall Second Lieutenant Platoon Leader Gold Stars Honor Societies: National Honor Society, Patrick Henry Forensic Society, Baron Von Steuben Society lAUSAj. Awards: lixpert Rifle Medal, Physical Training Award fBronzej, Gardiner Trophy. Organizations: Varsity Club, Anthony Mlayne Legion Guard, N.C.O. Detail, Choir, Glee Club. Athletics: Varsity Football, Traekg Intramural Volley- ball. t 5 i is 3 73 THOMAS FOX QUIGLEY Washington, D. C. Regimental Staff Second Lieutenant Asst. Plans Xa Training Officer Red Stars Arwo'fl.s': Superintendent's Award. Expert Rifle Medal. C,VgllllfZIlff07lSf Hop Managers, New Cadet Detail, Legio11nairf', Chapel Ves- try. Allzlelim: Intramural Football, Soccer, Swimming. Rifle. Baseball. FRANK BAILEY RACKLEY, JR. lVashington, Pennsylvania "D" Troop Captain Company 'Commander Red Stars Azitmds: Order of Anthony Hlayne. Superin- tendentls Award, Sharpshootefs Medal. Phys- ical Training Award tSilver tk Bronzej, Meade Cup. fJI'g'IlllfZlIlf071.X'.' Honor Council, Board of Governors. Advisory Council, Var- sity Club, New Cadet Detail, N.C.O. Detail. Harriers. Athletics: Varsity Polo, Intramural Football. Soccer, Volleyball. lllrestling, Base- lzall. Softball. if if i' DANIEL DOMINICK RAPPA, JR. Newport, Delaware "B" Company Squad Sergeant Aa'arrIs.' Superintendent's Award, Iixpert Rifle Medal, Activities Award, Physical Training Award tBronzej. Organizatiom: Ixlgiozzriaire, Ham Radio Club, Radio Sta- tion XVVF, Audio-Visual Aids Society, Arts and Crafts Club. Atlzlelicx: Varsity Rifle: Intramural Soccer, Volleyball, Swimming, Rifle. Bowling, Table Tennis, Baseball, Ten- nis. Softball. DAVID CLARKSON RAUM XVayne, Pennsylvania Regimental Staff Second Lieutenant Assistant Quartermaster Azt'm'1I.l.' Superintendentls Award, Sharp- shooter's Medal, Activities Award. Organiza- tions: New Cadet Detail. N.C.O. Detail, Acolytes Guild, Legimznaire, Chapel Vestry. Atlzlzflicsf Intramural Swimming. Rifle. Bowl- ing, Table Tennis. if 'k ir HOWARD FRANKLIN REBER Reading, Pennsylvania Battery Squad Sergeant Azmrflx: Marksman's Medal, Sharpshooter's Medal, 3rd Class Gunner's Award. Athletics: Intramural Volleyball, Y'Vrestling, Table Tennis. PHILIP DANIEL REED Philadelphia, Pennsylvania "B" Company Silver Stars Azurzrds: Sharpshooter's Medal. Organiza- tions: Choir, Glee Club, Crossed Sabres, Li- brary Club. Athletics: Intramural Soccer, Swimming, Basketball, Track, Volleyball, Table Tennis. WILLIAM PHILIP REYNOLDS lidgartown, Massachusetts "AH Company Squad Sergeant Guide Azuar1I.s: Superintendents Award, Sharp- shooter's Medal, Marksman's Medal. Ath- letics: Intramural Soccer, Volleyball, XVres- tling. Swimming, Table Tennis, Baseball, Track, Softball, Basketball. TERRY LEE RISHEL IVernersville, Pennsylvania "G" Company Azuartln SlI2'tI'PSl100f6l',S Medal. Expert Rifle Medal. Athletics: Varsity Rifle: Intramural Soccer, XVrestling. if 'A' 'A' MARK ALAN ROBINS Allentown, Pennsylvania "A" Company Azvarrls: NIH1'liSlII2'ilI,S Medal. Athletics: In- tramural Soccer, IVrestling, DAVID HIBBARD ROBINSON Sarasota, Florida "B" Company Staff Sergeant Athletic Sergeant Awards: NIarksman's Medal, Expert Rifle Medal. Organizations: N.C.O. Detail, Aco- lytes Guild. Athletics: Varsity Hlrestlingg Intramural Soccer, Volleyball, Swimming, Softball. if if 'A' DAVID STEPHEN ROSENBERG Pottstown, Pennsylvania NCI' 'Company Red Stars Awards: Sharpshooters Medal. Athletics: In- tramural Football, Soccer, Basketball, IVres- tling, Swimming, Baseball, Softball. GERD JOACHIN ROTHE New York, New York Company Awards: Superintendents Award, Sharp- shooterls Medal, Physical Training Award. Orgmzizations: Acolytes Guild, Ham Radio Club, Audio-Visual Aids Club. Athletics: Junior Varsity Wlrestlingg Intramural Foot- ball, Soccer, Volleyball, X'Vrcstling, Baseball, Track, Softball. ALVORD PRATT ROWE Akron, Ohio "B" Company First Lieutenant Administrative Officer Azvards: Super-intendent's Award, Marksman's Medal, Physical Training Award lBronzeQ. Organizations: New Cadet Detail, Gymkhana. Athletics: Varsity Fencing. IVAN ROGER SABEL IVynnewood, Pennsylvania Regimental Staff First Lieutenant Publications Officer Honor Societies: Mask and Spur Society llbresidenlj, Baron Von Steuben Society CAUSAQ, Awards: Superintendenfs Award, Sharpshooter's Medal, Activities Award, Manual of Arms Efficiency Patch, Organiza- tions: Anthony Mayne Legion Guard, Crossed Sabres lliditorj, Legionnairc. Chapel Vestry, Hop Managers, New Cadet Detail, N.C.O. Detail, Army Aviation Club. Alli- lctics: Intramural Football, Soccer, Swim- ming, Rifie, Track. i' ir 'A' JOHN ARTHUR SALASIN Wildwood, New jersey "G" Company Silver Stars A1t'IlI'dS,' Sharpshooter's Medal, Marksman's Medal. Organizations: Advisory Council, Cmsserl Sabres, Lcgioiznaire. Athletics: Intra- mural Soccer, Volleyball, Table Tennis. JAMES JAY SALASIN Wildwood, New jersey Company Silver Stars Azuarcls: Expert Rifle Medal, Physical Train- ing Award lllronzej, Marksrnan's Medal. Athletics: Intramural Soccer, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Track, Softball. if 'A' ir LLOYD FOSTER SAMMONS Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania "C" Company Azuards: Superintendent's Award, Sharp- shooter's Medal, Activities Award, Physical Training Award flironzej. Organizations: Varsity Club QVice Presidentj, New Cadet Detail, N.C.O. Detail, Acolytes Guild. Ath- letics: Varsity Hlrestling qCaptainjg Intra- mural Football, Soccer, Tennis, Track. DONALD RALPH SAXTON Vestal, New York "B" Company Squad Sergeant Awards: Marksman's Medal, Physical Train- ing Award lBronzej. Organizations: Legion- naire. Athletics: Intramural Soccer, Volley- ball, Bowling, Table Tennis, Track. Softball. GEORGE FREDERICK SCI-IMIDT Media, Pennsylvania HB" Company Awards: MZIYRSIIIHHYS Medal, Sharpshooter's Medal. Organizations: Anthony X'Vayne Legion Guard, Museum Club, Audio-Visual Aids Club. Athletics: Junior Varsity Rille. ROBERT EARL SCHWEITZER Demarest, New Jersey "G" Company Second Lieutenant Platoon Leader Red Stars Honor Societies: Mask Sc Spur Society. Awards: Sharpshooter's Medal, Marksmeifs Medal, Expert Rifle Medal, Physical Train- ing Award tSilverj. Organizations: Gym- khana, New Cadet Detail, N.O.C. Detail, Athletics: Junior Varsity Football, Baseballg Intramural Football, Volleyball, Basketball, XVrestling, Swimming, Bowling, Table Ten- nis, Baseball, Tennis, Track, Softball. 'A' uk 'Ir JOSEPH ADAM SEILLER Valley Stream, New York "E" Battery Squad Sergeant Guide Awards: Sharpshooter's Medal, Marksman's Medal, Expert Rifle Medal. Organizations: Battery Club, Photography Club. Athletics: Intramural Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Wrestling, Bowling, Track, Softball. GARY BUDDE SKEWES Lynbrook, New York "E" Battery Athletics: Intramural Volleyball, Bowling, Basketball. ir 'A' 'A' LEE FLEETWOOD SLAUGHTER, JR. Smyrna, Delaware "D" Troop Awards: Superintendenfs Award, Expert Rifle Medal, Activities Award, Physical Training Award fSilverj, Second Class Trooper's Award. Organizations: New Cadet Detail, Legionnaire, Chapel Vestry. Athletics: Intramural Football, Basketball, Wrestling, Track. GEOFFREY IVIICHAEL SMITH Bryans Road, Maryland "A" Company Awards: Superintendenfs Award, Sharp- shooter's Medal. Organizations: N.C.O. De- tail. Athletics: Intramural Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Wrestling, Swimming, Rifle, Baseball, Tennis, Track, Softball. HENRY YOUNG SMITH, JR. Columbia, Pennsylvania HGH Company Awards: Expert Rifle Medal. Athletics: In- tramural Soccer. RICHARD WOODHULL SMITH Newtown Square, Pennsylvania "B" Company Platoon Sergeant Azt'ard.v.' Expert Rifle Medal. Organizations: Anthony XVayne Legion Guard, N.C.O. De- tail. Atlzleticsf Intramural Soccer, XVrestling, Swimming. 'A' 'A' X GARY ROBERT SMYTH Beaver Falls, l'ennsylyania Drum and Bugle Corps Second Lieutenant Drum Major Red Slars Azt'ard.s.' Sharpshooter's Medal, Activities Award. Orgrznizations' Gymkhana, N.C.O. Detail, Hop Managers, Museum Club. Ath- letics: Varsity Basketball, Baseball, Swim- ming, Junior Varsity Basketball, Intramural Bowling, Softball, Basketball, Football, Xlrestling. ROSS EDWARD STARNER Gardners R.D. l, Pennsylvania "E" Battery First Lieutenant Executive Oflicer Red Stars Honor Societies: Alexander Hamilton Honor Society, Baron Von Steuben Society QAUSAJ. Azvnrds: Superintendent's Award, Sharpe shooter's Medal. Organizations: Anthony Wayne Legion Guard, New Cadet Detail, N.C.0. Detail, Chapel Vestry, Battery Club, Marshall Kerry Cycle Club. Athletics: Intra- mural Volleyball, Soccer, Softball. ir -k -k MICHAEL ANTHONY STEVENS Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania "B" Company Second Lieutenant Gold Stars Honor .S'IlC'l!'flI'X.' National Honor Society. Alexander Hamilton Society, Baron Von Steuben Society fAl'S.-Xp, Quill K Scroll So- ciety. Awards: Order of Anthony XVayne. Superintendents Award, Sharpshootefs Medal, Activities Award, Physical Train- ing Award fSilyerj, Major General Anthony Wayne Medal, Harvey Medal CMathematics and Sciencej, Emigh Medal, Stone Medal, Superior Cadet Ribbon. Orgarziz11ti0n5.' Var- sity Club, Anthony XVayne Legion Guard. N.C,O. Detail, Legionnaire. Alhletics: Var- sity Football, Swimming, Baseball, Intra- mural Football, Track. RICHARD LEE STRAUSS Havertown, Pennsylvania Company Stall Sergeant Assistant Supply Sergeant Silver Slum flzunrcls- Superintendenfs Award, Sharp- shooterls Medal, Marksman's Medal, Phys- ical Training Award QSilverj. Organizations: Anthony XN'ayne Legion Guard, Gymkhana, Hop Managers, N.C.O. Detail, Crossed Sabres fBusiness Managerj, Museum Club. Atlz' Ielics: junior Varsity Football, Intramural Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Mlres- tling, Swimming. Table Tennis, Baseball. Track, Softball. JAY VICTOR SURGENT Clifton. New jersey "D" Troop Squad Sergeant Silver Stars Azt'a:'rIs.' Sharpshootefs Medal. Organiza- tions: Advisory Council. Athletics: Varsity Baseball, Intramural Volleyball, Softball, Baseball, Soccer. KURT FOLKE SWENSON Roseland. New jersey Company Second Lieutenant Platoon Leader Att'ardt': Superintendenfs Award, Marksman's Medal. Orgatzizatiotzx New Cadet Detail, Ham Radio Club, Audio Visual Aids So- ciety. Chapel Vestry, Photography Club.At1z- letics: Varsity Pistol: Intramural Football, Soccer, Volleyball. Swimming. i' if ul' ROBERT FRANK TERNIGAN Allentown, Pennsylvania "A" Com Jany Platoon Sergieani Auizzrds: Sharpshootefs Medal, Alumni Gold Sword, Expert Rifle Medal. Organizatiorzr' N.C.O. Detail, Advisory Council. Athletics: Varsity Swimming QCHPLHTDDQ Intramural Volleyball, Track, Softball. ANTHONY SCOTT THEILE Windber, Pennsylvania Troop Squad Sergeant Red Stars Azuards: Sharpshootelds Medal, lNfIZl1'kSlll3ll,S Medal. Cavalry Efliciency Award fGoldj. Athletics: Junior Varsity Polo: Intramural Soccer, Swimming, Hlrestling, Softball. uk -A' if CHARLES GERY TREICHLER Clenside, Pennsylvania "C" Company Azt'urct's: Superintendenfs Award, Sharp- shooter's Award, Marksman's Medal, Activi- ties Award. Organizations: Advisory Council, N.C,O. Detail, Acolytes Guild, Chapel Vestry, Hobby Club. A1l11eLic.v: Varsity Pistolg jr. Varsity Hlrestlingg Intramural Football. Soc' cer. Volleyball, Basketball, XVrestling. Rifle. Baseball. Track. Softball. GUY LAWRENCE TRENGA Wilmerding, Pennsylvania Band Second Lieutenant Platoon Leader Silver Slum Honor Societies: Baron Von Steuben So- ciety, QAUSAQ, Stephen Foster Society. Azt'z1rzls.' Superintendent's Award, Sander's Medal, Sharpshooter's Medal. Organizations: Anthony YVayne Legion Guard, New Cadet Detail, N.C.O. Detail, Kaydefs Dance Band. Athletics: Intramural Bowling. ROBERT JEFFREY TROTT Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania UC" 'Company Awards: Sharpshooter's Medal. Athletics: In- tramural Football, Basketball, Volleyball. MICHAEL BROUN TUMPSON Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Battery Silver Stars Honor Societies: Alexander Hamilton So- ciety. Awards: Sharpshooter's Medal, Phy- sical Training Award QSilverj, Artillery Ef- ficiency Award. Organizations: Varsity Club, Marshall Kerry Cycle Club. Athletics: Var- sity l'Vrestling. 'k 'lr 'A' DOUGLAS GORDON TWITCHELL IVilmington, Delaware "A" Company Squad Sergeant Red Stars Awards: Marksman's Medal. Athletics: In- tramural Volleyball, Table Tennis, Swim- ming, Tennis. JOSEPH NATHAN UHLER, III Annville, Pennsylvania "D" Troop First Lieutenant Platoon Leader Awards: Expert Rilie Medal, Choir Cross, Alumni Silver Sword, Activities Award. Organizations: Choir, N.'C.O. Detail, Glee Club, Harriers Club, Hop Managers, An- thony 'Wayne Legion Guard. Athletics: In- tramural Soccer, Basketball, Wlrestling, Track. 'k if 'k OCTAVIO AUGUSTO VALLARINO Panama, Republic of Panama "C" Company Second Lieutenant Platoon Leader Awards: Sharpshooter's Award, Marksman's Medal, Expert Rifle Medal, Activities Award, Physical Training Award -QBronze and Silverj. Organizations: Anthony Wayne Legion Guard, New Cadet Detail, Gymk- hana, Advisory 'Council QPresidenty, N.C.O. Detail, Photography Club. Athletics: Intra- mural Soccer, Wvrestling, Baseball, Track, Softball. JOHN WILLIAM VANDEVEN, JR. Belleville, Pennsylvania "G" Company Awards: Expert Rifle Medal. Organizations: Anthony Wayne Legion Guard. Athletics: Intramural Soccer, Volleyball, Baseball, Soft- ball. GEORGE REIBE VAN LEER Illest Hyattsville, Maryland "B" Company Squad Sergeant Awards: Sharpshooter's Medal. Org-aniza: tions: Anthony Wayne Legion Guard. Ath- letics: Intramural Soccer, Volleyball, Track. LUIS ALBERTO VOGEL, JR. Panama, Republic of Panama "G" Company Second Lieutenant Assistant Personnel Adjutant Red Stars Awards: Superintendent's Award. Sharp- shooter's Medal, Marksman's Medal. Activi- ties Award, Physical Training Award lGoldj, Spanish Award. Organizations: Gymkhana, Anthony W'ayne Legion Guard New Cadet Detail. Athletics: Intramural Football, Soc- cer, Volleyball, Basketball, Hlrestling, Table Tennis, Baseball. if if if FRANCIS KELLY VOIGT Longport, New Jersey "E" Battery Staff Sergeant Athletic Sergeant Red Stars Organizations: Battery Club. Athletics: Varsity Wrestlingg Intramural Volleyball, Basketball, Swimming, Baseball, Tennis, Track, Softball. JAMES FEDRICK WAGNER Ontario, California "C" Company Red Stars Awards: Expert Rifle Medal. Athletics: In- tramural Football, Basketball, Swimming, Baseball, Bowling, XVrestling, i' ir if THEODORE JAMES WALKEY Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts "B" Company Red Stars Honor Societies: Mask and Spur Society. Awards: Alumni Gold Sword, Expert Rifle Medal. Organizations: Gymkhana, Anthony Hlayne Legion Guard, N.C.O. Detail. Ath- letics: Varsity Trackg Intramural Football, Swimming, Track. FRANK WASHINGTON WALTER Bridgeton, New jersey Battery Awards: Sharpshooter's Award. Organiza- tions: Battery Club. Athletics: Intramural Volleyball, Baseball. THOMAS MONTE WATT IVynnewood, Pennsylvania "G" Company Platoon Sergeant Azurzrds: Sharpslioolers Medal. Organiza- tions: Advisory Council. Athletics: Intra- mural Football, Soccer, Basketball, Swim- ming, Track. EDWIN FREDERICK WEIDIG, JR. IVeston, Massachusetts "GU Company Second Lieutenant Platoon Leader 1-1u'm'1l.r: Sharpsho0ter's Medal. Organiza- tions: Anthony Wayne Legion Guard. New Cadet Detail, Advisory Council, Museum Club, Hop Committee. Athletics: Intratnural Soccer, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Baseball. -k -k ir ROBERT FRANK WEINTRAUB Melrose Park, Pennsylvania Company Red Stars An'u1'fls.- Sharpshooter's Medal, Marksman's Medal, Physical Training Award Qllronzej. Orgmzizationx: Gymkhana. Athletics: Varsity Cheer Leader, Intramural Football, XVres- tling. Bowling, Baseball, Track. ALLAN JAMES WEISS XVhite Lake, New York HB" Company Honor Societies: Mask and Spur Society. An'm'd.y: Expert Rifle Medal, Activities Award. Org'11nizations.' Legionnaire, Crossed .Snlzreip Athletics: Soccer, Volleyball, Bowl- ing. Table Tennis, Softball. ir i' 'A' WILLIAM LESLIE WETTY Royersford, Pennsylvania UE" Battery Supply Sergeant Azt'ards: Hill Medal, Sharpshooter's Medal. fll'gIIIlIZI1lf0l1.l'f Anthony Hlayne Legion Cuard, Battery Club, N.C.O. Detail, Mar- shall Kerry Cycle Club. Athletics: Intra- mural lfootball, Soccer, Volleyball, Basket- ball, Baseball. VVALTER LYNN WHEATLEY Clayton. Delaware "C" Company Azt'ur1lx.' Superintendents Award, lixpert Rifle Medal. Allzlrfticx: Intramural Soccer, Volleyball, Viestling. Rifle. Baseball, Track. VINCENT MCKIM WHITE, JR. New Delhi, India "CU Company Asst. Supply Sergeant Silver Stars Aruards.' Expert Rifle Medal, Physical Train- ing Award tSilverj, Silver Sword. Organiza- tions' NCO Detail Athletics' Varsit Swim- . . . . . . y mingg Intramural Soccer. LAWRENCE LESLIE WILE Cresco, Pennsylvania HB" Company Awards: Sharpshooter's Medal. Organiza- tions: Advisory Council. Athletics: Intra- mural Football, Basketball, Swimming, Bowl- ing, Baseball, Tennis, Track, Softball. it il' i' DAVID ARROWSMITH WILLIAMS Cleveland, Ohio "C" Company Red Stars Au'tird.s.' Supcrintendent's Award, Sharp- sbooter's Medal, Harvey Medal tF0reign Languagej. Organizations' N.C.O. Detail. Athletics: Varsity Baseballg Intramural Foot- ball, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Swim- ming, Bowling. RONALD BRUCE WILLIAMS Binghamton, New York "G" Company First Lieutenant Executive Ofhcer .4u'11rds.' Expert Rifle Medal, Rifle Patch. Organizations: New Cadet Detail, N.C.O. Detail, Chapel Vestry, Museum Club. An- thony XVayne Legion Guard. Athletics: In- tramural Soccer, Volleyball, Table Tennis. 'A' 'lr it RICHARD HOPSON VVINGERT Kensington, Maryland Band Silitet' Stars ROBERT MICHAEL YOUNG Manchester, Connecticut "GU Company Staff Sergeant Company Clerk Silver Stars A-ltltlelics: Varsity Baseball: Intramural Foot- ball, Soccer, Table Tennis. Bottom row: Baker, YV., Dunklcbergcr, G.. Human, E., Prieslly, E. Second row: Wfhitc, X' Bernstein, Gianctto, R., Reed, P. Third row: XfVi11gert, R,, Salasin, AI. A., Partch, R. 1 . K Berman, L., Floyd, W., Kornet, J. Cadets of the graduation classes and members of the Alumni Board look at an old copy of Czosscd Sabres at the Alumni Dinner, an annual event at the Academy. The members of the Alumni are Paul Powell, "40," Presidentg Richard H. Jarden, U42-j.C.," Chairman of thc Boardg Henry Bowes, past president, and Fred B. Leavy, past president. The Alumni represent one of the most im- portant branches of the Valley Forge family. The present distinction of Valley Forge. with its traditions, outstanding accomplishments of its graduates, in the military and professional Fields, and its acquisition of expanded physical facili- ties, is a result of vision, courage, and planning. justifiably it commands your pride without measure, and loyalty without limit. The Alumni Association is increasing in stature and maturity as evidenced by its activities and contributions to the Academy. The Alumni have been informed regularly of the l962-63 program through A'The Forge," the alumni bulletin. Area dinners have been held throughout the east, where we were able to discuss in person with your fellow alumni the Occupations Seminar, Alumni Awards, and other activities. Our alumni project this year is for the ex- panded Cadet library facilities. This is no more an ambitious project than the one for additional class rooms in Lhotak Hall, the installation of the Language Laboratory, two new science la- boratories for the Junior College, or "Operation Books." The Association is proud of its alumni and your Board of Directors are certain you will succeed in life as admirably as have your pred- ecessors. If you have caught the spirit of "The Forge" and absorbed its teachings, developed your self discipline, and demonstrated good sportsmanship, you of the Class of l963 may proudly join the ranks of the "Long Gray Line." A Seminar on Law is conducted by Arnold Biron "SES," at the Occupational Seminar. George Seybold, "SQ," Chairman of the Seminar looks on. A Seminar on Engineering is held by V.F. Alumni Associa- tion members Leonard Strauss, "36", Howard Forster, "48"g kldwardo I.. lilizoudo, "5l"g and Robert L, Slaehle, 'A4l.' 89 JOSEPH D. FORMIS.-KNO First Captain Regimental Cmulnzlllzici' '- i9,.1,-H i?v Efff niivs .sm W ,i. .V ,, 'X - 4. 1 Jn a 1' W i O t i Q W ,QM ,fl 'IIIIIII IIE RPS i - E K, 2 . E E 2 z E 2 E The Anthony Wlayne Legion Guard, com- posed of the most outstanding cadets in each rank category of the Corps, was founded by the Superintendent in 1934. Originally its membership included only cadets who were oiiicers and non-commis- sioned oflicers, but in 1951, the basis of selection was altered to permit worthy cadets in all classes and ranks to compete for the coveted appointments. Final selec- tions are based on military, academic, and disciplinary achievement. THE RIFLES The current honor guard is composed of the A.VV.L.G. Administration, A.XV.L.G. Rifles, the A.VV.L.G. Dragoons, the A.XN.L.G. Gunners, and the A.'W.L.G. Honorary Members. As a distinctive in- signia, members of the Guard wear a fourragere and a shield on the dress uni- form. Throughout the academic year, the A.W.L.G. provides guards of honor for all distinguished guests of the Academy and presents formal guard mountings and spe- cial ceremonies in the spring of the year. THE ANTHONY WAYNE LEGION GUARD COMMANDER or THE GUARD joseph D. Formisano EXECUTIVE OFFICER ADIUTANT james Pujals Curtis I-Iaman TRAINING OFFICER Niles P. Dally COLOR OFFICER Ivan R. Sabcl QUARTERMASTER Gordon M. Hanscom SERGEANT MAJOR Millard L. Thompson COLOR SERGEANTS James C. Lanshe E. Bruce Haman TACTIC.-XL OFFICERS Colonel Stuart Mulkerns-Tactical Ofhcer, Guard Lt. Col. Bertram South-Tactical Oilicer, Rifles Ll. Col. Richard M. ArtziTaclical Olhccr, Gunners Captain X'Villiam B. Kelley-Tactical Officer, Dragoons THE DRAGOONS THE GUNNERS Qrvh? RYAN? . ANTHONY VVAYNE LEGION GUARD 6lFL Q-P731 J I COMMANIDING OFFICLR Q,-FJ if ff ,ly Paul H. Bortz - I EXECUTIVE OFFICER JJ Ronald B. l'Villiams CP . ' I PLA'rooN LEADERS or-'J , J, Harold S. Marriott, ll Graham M. Neil. 1 - diy FIRST SERGEANT Y , I David A. Kneclit K C ork , - PLATOON SERGEANTS 9 , pp Louis Muckenfuss Gordon E. Crosby, II Q' SERGEANT CLERK ' ' wfu ,pn po R. Michael Arnovitz xD ' Q? X SERCEANTS ' S rag? Busch, C. H. Dovi, R. M. Larsen, S. W. X ' , I' Iares, E. E. Carey, C. Housenian, L. G. McDevitt, J. F. Q QD Taylor, C. E. CORPORALS Baughman, R. IV. Ma uran i S. VVilson, H. G. Landback, s. F. H Maier, C., IV PRIVATES Anderson T. Dettre, R. J. Kepler, V. F. Mueller, J. W. Shanaberg, P. H Arnovitz XA. S. Diaz, J. R. Kuc, R. A. Murray, R. VV. Shapiro, A. Bachtel C A. Dvorchak, G. E. Kissane, E. Paul, J. A. Snyder, E. B. Baker S YV Flahart, R. D. Lailer, J. B. Pastuszek, T. Stedman, V. H. Beck J E Glidden, E. Lannigan, G. F. Peterson, J. E. Strauss, J. M. Boisveit J G. Good, J. M. Larsen, D. A. Randall, C. F. Sutton, J. C. Bul C L Gould, J. E. Lott, B. F. Raser, R. L. Van Leer, G. R. Bullock T F. Gregson, W'. C. McCleary, M. YV. Resacs, E. H. Van Note, A. R. Butkis R A. Hareus, M. C. McGinty, J. Resler, B. T. Vardack, N. S. Campbell J D. Henson, T. O. Mackerell, H. E. Ridley, VV. J. Vogelsberg, R. T Carey J C Herman, R. P. Mangum, C. E. Rome, M. A. VVeber, C. T. Carman J IV. Heymann, K. V. Mills, D. T. Schilling, A. K. Mlest, R. J. Conway W R. Huguenin, T. Mizell, R. E. Schmidt, XV. L. l'Vheeler, A. W. Dalgliesch R. J. Jarden, R. N. Motley, VV. R. ORDERLY Biddle, A. D. ANTHONY VVAYNE LEGION GUARD 'COMMANDING OFFICER Edward XV. Schroeder GUNNERS G. T. M. N. McCarron, M. T Moffatt, A. T. Noto, C. M. Santoro, P. J. Smyth, G. R. Stephenson, G. A Nations, G. V. MEMBERS Amstutz, E. G. Daniels, B. S. Howe, J. D. Palomo, A. C. Bailey, W. B. Grandon, R. C. Kelly, W. J. Sinclair, J. H. Beatty, G. S. Guisewhite, H. Lamont, H. A. Slais, L. D. Breckenbridge, L. Hess, R. A. Miller, G. D. Starner, R. E. Collier, VV. M. Hollowell, T. Mulligan, A. L. Mfittmeyer, J. F. Cortazzo, N. A. ANTHONY WAYNE LEGION GUARD DRAGOONS 'COMMANDING OFFICER Frank B. Rackley, Jr. MEMBERS Abel, D. B. Gall, J. N. Pace, V. H. Smith, S. Benjamin, G. N. Lowman, B. G. Pranckun, J. P. Toomey, Feltz, S. E. Maggio, J. S. Post, J. B. Uhler, J. Fernandez, R. L. Noel, J. D. Rebert, J. C. ANTHONY WAYNE LEGION GUARD HONORARY MEMBERS Williams F A. Kober, J. E. Gallagher, J. J. Gianetto, R. M. Floyd W R. Jewett, S. A. Dunkelberger, G. Hess, J. A. Carter R B. Ronald, J. A. Snethkamp, R. W. Lightcap, D. S. Maykuth F J. Fox, C. J. Boyd, J. R. Milazzo, F. D. Barle L D Bliss, T. F. DeCriscio, M. Perino, F. J. Banco G N. Priestley, E. P. Fisher, S. A. Trenga, G. L. Jack J L Mazaleski, M. C. Gass, S. R. Gilmore, F. C. Policastro G. J. Breen, H. B. R C1 Cadet First Captain joseph D. Forniisano Reginzenlnl Conznzarzder Cadet Second Captain James Pujals Regimental Executive Omcer Cadet Captain Gordon Hanscom Regimental QUdI'f6l4lIIdSl6I' Cadet Captain Curtis Hzunan Regiizzerztal Adjutant Cadet First Lieutenant Ivan R. Sahel Reginzenlal Pulllications Ogicer Cadet First Lieutenant Niles P. Dally eginzental Plans and Training Officer tdet First Lieutenant Edward Hiergesell Assislant Quarlernzaster Cadet First Lieutenant Thonlas Bliss Regizncfnlal Prozfosl Officer Cadet Second Lieutenant john Ericson Hospital Lieulenanl Cadet Second Lieutenant Gregory Hudowalski Ordinance Ojjzicer Cadet Second Lieutenant David Ratnn Assistant fllllU'lLFI'lIlt1Sff"l' Cadet Second Lieutenant WVillia1n Cudal Assistant Clzoirmaster Cadet Second Lieutenant- jackson Mannuele Cl1aj1lai111.s Assi.sta111 Cadet Second Lieutenant Richard McFarland Heginzenlal Atlzlfflic Officer Cadet Second Lieutenant Louis Vogel f2C'glll1C'IllIIl Perxrznlzel Adjutant Cadet Second Lieutenant Thomas Quigley Assistant Plans and Training Officer FIRST BATTALIOX STAFF F. Allen Xvillliillh Battalion Coznnzanrl Charles Dey Battalion Adjutant p SECOND BATTALIONI STAFF XVilliatn Floyd Bullalion Commarzfler Hlalter Howell Iialtalion Atljuiant NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS Cadets: john CI, KlCSLlll. Rxfginzwzlal SE'VgElII1f zllajorq Charles Fox, Rrgirnenlzzl Clerk: Stanley A. Kober, Ifire' Mmxslml: Dennis il. Carlo, Asxislzuzl Provost Mar.slm,I,- Michael C. Mazaleski, Rffgimenlul flllll2'lf'I'lIIllX1l'!' SL'7'gf'llllf,' Theodore Ii. Klart, flosybitzil Serg?ant,' Michael K. Baker. Special Service Sergffantg xvllllillll B. Pine, Special Senfirff Sergeant: George C. Policaslro, Reginzzfnfal AILIIIFUC Swgezuzlg james I. McLallen, Reginzental Comnzznzicatiom Sergffa11l,' james Derlmyshire, A-lxsislmlt Chapel Sf'VgFllI1f,I Stephen A, Krupnick, P67'.VII!1IIl'l Sergearltg David C. Deulr ler, Clzajzcfl .S'l'I'gE'lIlIf.' john B. XValson. ASXlXf!l.'lf Fire il'Ir1rxl1aI,' John Mc'Dox:z1lci, Asvixtzml Q11ar!e'1'n111xIf'r Ser- gemzl. ANTHONY XVAYNE LECION GUARD HONORARY MEMBERS if if BAND -l if if Company Commander Dunkelberger, G. R. First Lieutenant Second Lieutenants Gass, S. R. Tre-nga, G. L. Boyd, R, First Sergeant Supply S6Yg6L1nt Clfftli Athletic Sergeant Lightcap, D. S. HBSS, J- A. SIICIHCGIIHP, R. YV. Milazzo, 1' E Master Sergeant Platoon Sergeants Slllg Sergeants Leader, N. E. Perino, F. DeCriscio, M. Fisher, S. A. Gianetto, R. M. Assistant Supply Sergeant Detwiler, T. R. Xanthopoulos, P. Sergeant.: Arndt, N. C. Giles, R. C. Badolato, G. G. Hess, YV. L. Daggett, YV. M. Leader, A. Fontana, A. C. Stark, R. M. Privates Betz, J. G. Foster, R. Kell, R. N. Ryniec, K. F Bynon, VV. L. Gans, H. YV. Korner, J. L. Saylor, MY. H Cepko, M. G. Gilbert, A. R. Marcincin, S. Sheffer, H. H Cooper, N. D. Gregory, J. W. Mummert, P. J. Skipper, A. F Cunningham, R. I. Harris, S. O. Ottman, S. E. Smith, B. R Daugherty, D. T. Hoyer, VV. K. Paul, K. A. Weitz, H. A. Emdur, L. I. Kaszycki, D. M. Ronningen, E. O. Mlingert, R. H Fickes, D. E. Tactical Ojicer Lt. Colonel D. Keith Feltham --ff BAND Captain ...... George R. Dunkleberger First Lieutenant . .... Samuel R. Gass Second Lieutcnanl ...... John R. Boyd Second Lieutenant ...... Guy L. Trenga Bandmaster .... Lt. Col. D. Keith Feltham Guidance Ojjicer . . Lt. Col. Robert J. Sands ik' The Band of the Valley Forge Military Academy under the competent leadership of Lt. Colonel D. Keith Feltham and Cadet George Dunkel- berger, has continued to uphold the line tradi- tions and all-around proficiency of Bands of the past. As in years past, the Band continued to offer outstanding musical presentation to the Corps of Cadets and their guests. The Band made two trips to Harrisburg this year: The annual trip to the Pennsylvania National Horse Show and the second trip for Governor William Scranton's inauguration. The Band put on a superb show at the Farm Show Building in the morning, for Mr. Scranton's formal appointment as governor. The parade that followed could be compared to no other. The Inaugural Ball was held at the Zembo Mosque that evening, and again the Band put on a display of precision drill and playing. The Band also played at the Philadelphia Academy of Music for the benefit of the Red Cross and gave two performances in Radnor: one for the classes of Radnor Senior High Schoolg the other, for the benefit of the Radnor Police Pension Fund. The Band was again privileged to play for several distinguished visitors to the Academy. Among these were Sir Ormsby Gore, British Ambassador to the United Statesg General W. C. Wfestmoreland, Superintendent of the United States Military Academyg and Rear Admiral J. F. Davidson, Superintendent of the United States Naval Academy. ' Von Steuben Hall is the home of the Band. 97 Navi fyfxf- A ACOMPANY 1'f f Cornpany Comrnamlfr Robert B. Carter First Ijezltenanfs Second Lieutenanls Craham M. Neilson First Sergeant Squires, J. R. Melhado, V. K. Dori, R. M. Supply Sergearzf Perry, D. M. Platoon Sergm Bicksler, F. C. John S. Maykuth Dean B. Limitone Thomas C. Lund Kurt F. Swenson Clerk Nevada, S. A. nts Trevisan, R. C. Supply Sergeanlx Brown, H. L. Strauss, R. I.. Sergeanfs Connell, D. Irwin, D. C. Merrick, R. S. Cosans, XY. L. LaMarra. I-'. P. Moran, C. B. Evans. C. R. Lincoln, R. C. Paul, J. A. Housenmn. L. C. Marcus. V. P. Poole. K. T. Corporals Alexander, I.. P. Bryant. R. H. Hines, S. S. Arnoritz. YV. S. Cadenas, L. F. Kesel, W. P. Black, S. A. Crassia. P. G. I.anrllwck, S. F. Pl'i1f'!lff'S Annes F. DeSalse, A. Hurley, B. C. Mroz, R. N. A ont A. S. DlCkl112'lll, B. C. Janiga, D. F. Murray, R. XX. A ey P. C. DiMarco, J. D. Jauer, V. C. Olson, P. B an F. C. Dunham. C. A. Rates, W. A. Pease, S. J. Bo ienlmlust. S. li. Dunne, B. C. Rcown, C. S. Phifer, R. J. Boisuert, J. C. Foulk, T. J. Konerzni, D. W. l'ilcl1fm'd, R. S. B uchal, C. R. Cannnell. B. Kramer, B. C. Riger, S. A. Bouterese, R. D. Cerbcr, F. H. Kravitz, M. S. Riggs, J. P. B 1 l1L,J. I. Ceorge. C. J. Laller, J. B. Robins, M. A Cimeion. K. C. Cinclharl, lf. D. Larsen, R. W. Rocco, J. A. Cal son. A. 12. Could, J. li. Low, R. H. Rose. I. F. cl"lfllHCll. W. C. Craul. C. S. Lowery, B. A. Rothe. C. J. 0111101153 H- Creely. R. Maelcler, D. A. Ryan. XY. TWIGOHC, ll- A. Cregson. XY. C. Masiarella. YV. CI. Salasin. J. J. us YV. C. Croll, H. li. Mazaleski. XY. A. Sclinlidl. XY. l.. I mtl, NV. M. Cuyer, P. Miller. NY. Scliollenberger, C. M. llellioplxelis, X. Hennnerifli. P. Nl. lNIoreh0use, R. C, Srliucssler. Y. li Tncliml Ojfirer l.t. Colonel James C. Kelly Atlzletir Sergeant Montella, N. S. Ternigan, R. F. Gallagher, Reynolds, YV. Tiburzi, A. R. Twitcliell, D. Moreschi, F. J. Slednian, V. H. Yarns, S. H Skihinski, R. D. Shanaberg. P. Smith, C. M. Snyder, C. M. Sullon, J. C. Swallicrk, R. J. Thonlpson, R, l'nderwoocl. T. Vardack, N. S. Vogclsberg, R. Wagner, R. T XYalchk0, T. XVeicle, C. J. NVcintraulu, R. KVl1ile, T. D. AYiCsC, D. H. Ublf. C. E S 'l .ll F ir 'k COMPANY Crlflluin .... ..... Fins! I.lf"I1l'6'71Il7ll lfirxl IJFIIIFIIHIII Serum! ljeulemznl Sermzfl Lieutemnzl Second Liezlfzwzrlizt 7lZ1!'flf'llf Officer . Ciuirlmire Officer Robert B. Carter Craham M. Neilson john S, lvlaykuth Thomas C. Lund Dean B. Liniitone Kurt 17. Swenson . Lt. Col. james G. Kelly . . Col. Charles H. Dayhull This year has brought forth a new "AU Com- pany. The Academic standing is commendable. The military proficiency is unbeatable, and the Esprit de Corps has reached its zenith. Any or- ganization, in order to be a smoothly running operation must demonstrate a certain amount of self-pride, dedication, spirit, and determination. has demonstrated its ability to achieve its goal through these standardsg the goal: To be the best that we possibly can. During this past year, "AH Company has excelled in many aspects. Our good sportsman- mental in keeping 'A' ahead in Intramurals ship and ever-present spirit have been instru- Academically, "AU Company has an outstanding YV1lson Hall the ne p C record. VVe have received much assistance in our academic endeavours from Colonel Charles Day- hulf, our guidance counselor. At the same time, we have been proud to serve under the capable supervision of our Tactical Officer, Lieutenant Colonel James G. Kelly. It must be remembered that it is not ac- tually the officers and the non-commissioned otlicers that build a company, but rather the individual cadets working together as a tightly knit organization. "AH Company is composed of just such a group of individuals, always main- taining their spirit and meeting the future with the assuredness which they have shown in the past. of "A" Company. l 99 Hlilliam S. Baker First Sergeant Knecht, D. Dezinno, C. Broderick, 'C. Albright, E. Bowman, T. Bloom, M. B COMPANY Company Colnrnancler Paul H. Bortz 'orth, M First Lieutenants Second Lieutenants Alvord Rowe Joseph L. Accardo Charles Caputo Michael Stevens Supply Sergeant Clerk Athletic Sergeant Green, B. Arnovitz, M. Robinson, D. Platoon Sergeanls Maduro, A. Muckenfuss, L. Smith, R. Assistant Supply Sergeants DeSellem, J. Larsen, S. Partch, R. Sergeanls Gold, S. Loomis, R. Strauss, J. Goodfellow, Rappa, D. Van Lear, G. Jacobson, R. Saxton, D. YVile, L. Cushing-Murray, G. Kepler, V. Strathern, G. Young, R. Corporals Allen, G. Herman, R. Motley, R. Vinchiarello, F. Bithel, J. Koh, McNamara, D. Hlilson, H. Cotter, L. Maguranyi, S. Pedrick, T. Wlise, E. ' Privates Battaglia, Dvorchak, G. Hammond, J. Kaklamos, M. Newkirk, J. Schneider, M. Beard, E. Dworkis, M. Hawkins, R. Katz, P. Pagano, J. Shapiro, A. Bekampis, B. Feldenheimer, R. Hensler, G. Kessler, R. Perkins, XV. Shooster, D. Bernstein, Fisher, R. Henson, T. Lannigan, G. Pisneiski, H. Slobodzian, L. Beukema, Forman, S. Herrick, C. Larsen, D. Prczioso, R. Smith, Biddle, A. Gazo, M. Himberg, G. Maier, R. Recd, P. Strauss, N. Brookhart, B. Glidden, Hocker, R. Masterson, E. Reskof, Todaro, J. Charkins, D. Golf, XV. Holliday, C. Maxton, G. Riley, Van Middlesu Clarke, R. Goldsmith, T. Holt, D. Miller, C. Rcslcr, B. XValkey, T. Coffman, XV. Grabowski, F. Hoyt, D. Morton, G. Rouse, J. Hleiss, A. Cole, R. Graham, R. Hunter, R. Muller, E. Sarich, XVeber, A. Conway, YV. Gross, C. Jackson, F. Nations, G. Schmidt, G. YVillis, G. Cross, R. Hackney, J. Jackson, R. Nevins, YV. Schuler, G. Y6?1gC13 1'- Demor, D. Tactical Officer Major Stanley A. Harris .- .k .k "B" COMPANY Captain .... ..... I ,aul H. Bortt First Liezlleflzml . . . Alvord P Rowe First Lie'1lLena111f . . . . William S. Baker Second Lieulcnruzl . . . joseph L. Accardo Sfrcnzd I,ieulem111l , . . . Charles O. Caputo Secor1dLieu!f'11m1l , . . Michael A. Stevens Tactical Officer .... Major Stanley A. Harris Guidance Ojicer . Major George T. Buckwalter For the Old Cadets of "B" Company, who are accustomed to excellence, their company's success this year has not come as a surpriseg for the New Cadets, there is much to be upheld. Major Harris, this company's fine tactical oflicer, has en- listed wholehearted Cadet support from his company through his unswerving desire to see "B" Company remain the paragon of unit excellence, both academ- ically and militarily. The Cadets of Company are proud of their great "Tac- Cadet" relationship. For those Cadets of the graduating class who will be leaving the Academy and their company for the last time this spring, they have the remembrance of great satisfaction and the many enjoyable and challenging experiences of be- longing to such a fine unit to take along with them. Some have seen three sets of fresh plebes arrive and have watched them develop from bewildered young men into Cadet leaders. HBH Company boasts a regimental commander, a battalion commander, and two Cadet captains this year, among its list of "sons." Much praise is due Major Buckwalter who has undertaken, successfully, to keep the UB" Company banner flying highest over the academic board, helped out greatly by the six "B" Company Cadets who composed half of the Distin- guished Gold Star List for the first semester. Washington Hall is the attractive barracks of "B" Company. """X"m'y"A'r"r'W"fW"fW'WiW"-?"5'umf"'i5"'7?K fs"-421 fei-'lawf,,+2,w"Li.l.LLZus4Jti:Qiiz,525i,tw '-Us i-if-Tl:?:g.,:aH.sg5E5G5,'it2:e5sfw fail J ' i N M .saa.a?65ia + f-- C COMPANY Company Cmnmangler Frank Maykuth -fxfff First Lieutemmts Second Lieaienanls Marriott, H. Baker, M. Ryan, R. Priestley, E. Vallarino, O. First Sergeant Supply Sergeant Clerk Athletic Sergeant Roughead, R. Craig, Y. Kay, G. Clepper, YV. Platoon Sergeants Celli, A. Kennedy, F. Klibert, F. Oliva, Assistant Supply Sergeants Crosby, D. Johnson, T. Long, S. YVhite, V. Sergeants Beck, J. Chiverton, S. Herbster, XV. Pastuszek, T. Campbell, Dillenbeck, D. Klein, T. Peterson, Carey, Gartline, XV. Mascara, A. Purse, G. Carman, J. Geisler, A. Parker, J. Schilling, A. Corporals Baughinan, R. Linlbert, K. Osterhoudt, H. Stump, F. Bullock, T. Martin, Paul, S. Tuthill, R. Jacobs, E. Mozino, T. Sacco, J. Zangara, B. Privates Bach, li. Clreagh, J. Fox, R. Lopez-Dnprey, A. Oliphant, L. Strauss, F Bedford, B. Crist, S. Good, C. McClanahan, K. Oman, B. Squires, WY. Benetz, J. Cully, N. Good, J. McDowell, H. Parker, Tapp, J. Bentlcy, P. Dean, R. Gray, M. Mackerell, H. Pepper, L. Tenacc, D. Berens, F. Diaz, J. Halpern. I. Magnelli, R. Pierce, J. Terrasi, M. Berg, XV, Dickinson. L. l-larinelin, A. Magolda, A. Pierson, J. Tricchlcr, G. Bliss, li. liaiblcr, D. Hill, J. Maluchan, B. Pierson, R. Trott, R. Boytinn, J. Dunham, XY. Hofmann, R. Manloros, T. Pintard, M. Underwood, Braswell, T. Elder, J. Jarden, R. Miller, R. Reeves, Vilardi, XV. Brown, A. lirgoozl, l.. Juntilla, R. Millinghausen, S. Rosenberg, D. Ulagner, J. Burton, K. Fair, W. Kent. G. Morvay, J. Salas, F. Wheat, R. Cannon, P. Finger, D. King, W. Muns, G. Sttarinalis, J. Wheatley, L. Carlson, Fitzgerald, lfl. Koob, B. Nichols, R. Scott, XY. XViese, R. Citta, lforinan, D. Lessig, A. Ohrnberger, F. Spaulding, R. Zanengo, A. Cole, XV. Tactical Officer Captain Jon A. Van Tnin C. "C" COMPANY Cuplnizz .... .... I frank J. Maykuth I-iirsl Liflllfllllllf . . Harold S. Marriot Fiizxt I.if'llfl'l1IllIf . . . Ixan R. Sahel Second Lifulezzzuzf . . David .-X. Leaniy .S'l'C'0l1ll LlI?'llff'HllTIf . . . liverett P. Priestly ,Second Lie1tl1'1mn! . . Octavio A, Yallarino Second Li4'ul1'11fu1l ..... Richard XV. Ryan Trzeliczal Officer . . . Captain Jon. A. Yan Tuin fillillllllll? Officer . 1.1, Col. Clarence P. Mitchell The men of "C" have stuck together quite well this year. The unit loyalty has been above average. The discipline has been so fantastic we have soared to new heights, which have been unprecedented in previous years. ln the beginning of the year, we started working as a group of individuals, everyone working for himself. As the year draws to a close, we find ourselves working together, striving to reach a common goal-"Best company at Valley Forge." The First Class has much to be proud of this year. For many, this will be their last year at the Forge. Mfhen they leave here they will take many memories with them. They can always rememb-er that they were the first class to use the new gymnasium for their Ring Dance. They can always look back on and be proud. The many people they have known throughout the years will long be remembered. Sincere congratulations are in order for our Tactical Oflicer, Captain Van Tuin and our Guidance Counselor, Lt. Colonel Mitchell, who have done a superior job this year, also, all the oflicers of "C" Company. Conipany's Martin Hall is a fitting tribute to a great statesman. W - V ri .. . t..1.1f.,wcofefwf.sasewwwiwMarisais:.ws2saws:iffwsztzmssmnsrsmzewwlsgyvzagyaxgw + ff 1JTRooP lf +f-- Cmnpany Commander Frank B. Rackley, Jr. First Lieutenants Second Lieutenants Uhler, J. N. Maggio, J. S. Abdell, D. B. Rebert, J. C. Toomey, T. M. First Sergeant Supply Sergeant Clerk Pace, V. H. Fernandez, R. L. Smith, S. G. Athletic Stg. Stable Sergeant Motor Sergeant Ass't Stable Sergeant Bennett, R. G. Banning, R. J. Benjamin, G. N. Kalmbach, C. D. Platoon Seregants Feltz, S. E. Lowman, B. G. Colacicco, G. Fitzgibbons, D. Assistant Supply Sergeants Roche, J. T. Gall, J. N. lrVilliams, W. J. Siciliano, J. Sergeants Bennar, F. Kropff, NV. C. Mandell, M. Scrivania, A. F.. Birmingham, A. XV. Lesavoy, L. J. Mougin, L. E. Sharp, C. S. Boettger, T. V. LeVan, D. M. Park, J. C. Surgent, J. V. Cann, R. N. Little, M. S. Post, J. B. Terrinoni, V. Dapkins, D. P. Lodge, J. S. Pranckum, P. P. Thiele, A. S. Gastan, G. C. McCormick, D. E. Corjaorals Golf, XV. B. Hitch, G. L. Mercado, L. A. Noel, D. Slott, J. R. Hlalter, C. R. Privates Adam-Cruz, H. E. Cilliberti, F. Panzner, C. R. Dull, R. S. Kooperman, S. L. Alliegro, A. L. Collier, E. Patchell, VV. lillis, E. H. Smith-Mayes, L. E Alvarez, R. C. Cree, R. Picking, R. D. Elrod, M. A. Speckhardt, H. G. Archbold, E. L. Davis, G. Pranckum, P. Fox, F. H. Stewart, E. Arnold, D. E. Dotolo, B. F. Prior, R. L. Fritzinger, F. Tierney, M. S. Arrington, G. YV. Lehe, T. R. Roth, G. D. Gerlinger, T. V. Timchak, C. Bailey, D. J. Leslie, G. E. Sarria, Geo. A. Golish, W. B. W'ill, C. K. Bampton, J. YV. Lignieres, S. Scheibal, G. B. Hile, A. K. Cohen, G. M. Belda, D. P. Liberi, A. Q. Schneider, R. I. Jolley, B. C. Coffman, M. Brodhead, J. L. Luria, YV. G. Shearer, D. M. Kazmarck, A. W. Xveinstock, F. W'. Chidester, D, J. MacDade, E. Slaughter, L. F. Keefe, D. WV. Hlhite, G. R. Cilliberti, G. J. Mescher, M, Tactical O17'lC67' Captain William B. Kelley Infantry USA 4 Cujztnin . . . Iiiflst Ijeztlezzrnzt' I"ir.x'l'llff'III1IIf . Second Lif'uler1zu1l Second I.ie11leml1'1Z Second Liettlenarzt 11clCffL'UlOUiCf?!' . Guidance Omcer . 'DU TROOP . . Frank B. Rackley, jr. . . . john S. Maggie . joseph N. Uhler, III . Dunbar B. Abell, Ir. . . john C. Rebert., III . . Timothy M. Toomey Captain Mlilliarn B. Kelley Captain Anthony J. Oliviera The pride and precision which has long been the trade mark of a trooper, has been plainly displayed by "D" Troop during the Academic year 1962-63. The Troop owes much of its performance to the guidance of Captain William B. Kelley, our Tactical Ollicer. The troop's best friend, Colonel Eugene A. Fischer, did a splendid job coaching this year's Polo Team, and instructing us in the liner points of horsemanship. Academically we were well assisted by our Guidance Ollcicer, Captain Anthony Oliveira Cadet Frank B. Rackley, the Troop Commander, was aided by a fine group of officer and N.C.O.'s. The teamwork and loyalty displayed by these Cadets was directly responsible for the high esteem in which the Troop was held by the Corps. The 1962-63 athletic season was the most successfutl in years. The Polo Team, the pride of the Troop, had one of its finest seasons. The Intramural program saw the Troop on top in many of the sports. The Graduation Parade marked the final gathering of the 1962-63 Troop as one unit, but as each Trooper departed, there was a certain air of pride in a job well doneg something which will always hold the Troopers together in Spirit. The Troop is quartered in the west end of Hamilton Hall. w L --f f E BATTERY -f f Compmzy Com mamler Edward Schroeder Firxt Lieutenants Second Lieutenants Bruce Daniels Ross Starner Robert Chester Xklalter Howell Pierre Girond George Muller First Sergeant Supply Seregant Clerk Athletic Sergeant Motor Sergeant Mulligan, A. L. XX'etty, XV. L. Berman, L. Voigt, F. K. Pollock, M. Plaloon Sergezmls Arlillery Sergeants Assistant Supply Sergeant.: Cortazzo, N. A. Kniess, D. C. Decker, R. R. Duke, C. M. Turner, M. Guisewhite, H. L. Sinclair, J. H. Kelly, XV. J. Van Tuin, XV. A. Parry, B. E. Sergeanls Comer, Kipp, D. Reber, H. F. Stallord, J. J. Cortesi, V. L. Nicholas, R. P. Seiller, A. Tumpson, M. B. Hasselberger, D. S. Palomo, A. C. Sheeto, F. P. Upton, D. Kavanaugh, D. H. Pasterick, M. S. Slais, L. D. Wrabel, G. XV. Corporals Amstntz, E. G. Collier, XV. M. Main, R. XV. Thompson, T. XV. Breckenridge, L. G. DeSimone, J. J. Sarria, G. A. Wittnieyer, J. F. Callahan, C. C. Hess, R. A. Simmons, T. A. Privates Alston, B. Cliofli, P. A. Hollniun, G. XV. McCarty, R. F. Sinclair, R. C. Alston, R. Cooling, XV. E. Hollowell, T. H. Mclintee, C. li. Skews, G. B. Atwood, J. XV. Cranip, R. B. Hoser, J. lX'Iastrogany, M. Smith, B. M. Auve, R. XV. Crouch, J. A. Howe, J. D. Maxson, R. H. Smith, R. Back, N. V. Dath, R. A. Hniging, A. L. Meyers, R. D. Soblewski, J. XV. Bailey, XV. B. lichternach, J. P. Jallzerl, L. XV. Orr, R. XV. Spear, A. M. Beatty, G. S. Gelsomino, L. Jenson, F. H. Pabst, R. Sweeny, M. D. Beecham, A. C. Giovanni, R. J. Kohn, R. J. Penn, P. Thompson, M. L. Bell, XV. R. Belock, R. A. Benson, R. L. C Beutlner, T. Brahits, J. A. Campbell, B. Glidden, Crandon, R. C. Greene, D. R. Hanak, D. M. Hewitt. A. IZ. Hilbert. R. K. Kofer, K. A. Lacqua, P. P. LaMont, H. A. Lassy, P. G, Looper, D. R. Lott, D. XV. Tactical Omcer Lt. Colonel Richard M. Rand, G. D. Rau, E. R. Robertson, G. A. Salzenberg, S. L. Schulte, C. J. Artz Walter, F. XV. XX'einer, XV. XX'inans, S. York, R. O. -.-., ,.- 'AEN BATTERY Cllllfllfll ....... EilW2ll'll XY. SL'lll'0Cll?l' Ifirisl 1.ic'11lcmu1l . . . Bruce S. Daniels First I.ic'11ler1anl . . . Ross E. Starner Sfflffllld Ll6llff'7IlllIl' . . Halter S. Howell Second Lf61l1Fl7l1llf . . . Louis A, Vogel Second Lieufelmllff . . . . Robert D. Chester Tactical Omcer . . . l.t. Col. Richard NI. .-Xrtz Cuiriruzcc Offlcer' . . . l.t. blames li. Nlorrison The main purpose of the Battery has been to develop a man who has pride in himself and his work. To accomplish this we have given each cadet an equal opportunity to compete in military, academics, and athletics for honors and promotion. ln addition to these activities, each Batteryman is given additional teaching, apply- ing to military vehicles, artillery pieces and their application to our modern defense system. As a result of this additional instruction we have become adept in handling motor vehicles. Be- cause of this teaching we were able to provide transportation on M.S. weekend, and drive the ll5-miles trip to Harrisburg without a scratched fender on any of our 43 vehicles. During the course of the year, the Battery has been assigned many extra tasks. Inspite of these assignments we have been able to par- ticipate in the many extra-curricular activities offered by the Academy. This makes many Bat- terynien more active than the other members of the Corps of Cadets. The Battery, under the leadership of its ofhcers and N.C.Ofs, has accomplished more than ever before. Using the "old man" as a core, they have been able to develop the plebes into hard working, responsible leaders of the future. Mlith their education these men will be able to surpass the high standards which have been established this year. The Battery is quartered in the east end of Hamilton Hall. F COMPANY Company Commander N. Gene Banco First Lieutenants Second Lieutenants Wlarren T. Balderson John C. Norris Lawrence YV. Ben11ett David H. Gilbert Earle K. Somnierneld First Sergeant Supply Sergeant Clerk Athletic .Sergeant Byers, XV. J. Smith, L. Moyer, R. K. Smith, T. Platoon Sergeants Turner, M. A. Ylleber, C. T. Eshelman, B. D. Masters, YV. C. Assistant Supply Sergeants Staff Seregants Bull, C. E. Shively, YV. B. Smith, YV. A. Hopwood, R. E. NVegman, P. Vlest, R. J. Sergeants Anderson, J. T. Facius, P. H. Jones, E. L. Miller, F. M. Snyder, YV. D Clark, D. C. Frenchick, A. Kreiser, C. C. Raser, R. L. Stingel, D. M Cupples, M. R. Grant, J. H. Kuc, R. A. Sanchez, M. J. Stoker, R. W Davis, R. A. Gruver, C. R. Kuhn, R. F.. Short, C. J. Taylor, C. E. Dettre, T. Hughes, R. YV. Lang, H. E. Siekerott, C. D. Tzamos, M Dever, 'C. Joh, P. C. Lewczyk, li. Smith, L. E. Privates Adarns, H. T. Crisinan, J. P. Heenan, J. C. McCausland, S. Phiebig, T. B. Spera, P. D. Allison, G. R. Demmy, D. Heins, F. J. McFalls, S. L. Raimondo, D. S. Spohn, J. D. Barlow, R, F. Drescher, XV. F. Heymann, K. V. Madocks, E. D. Reider, T. F. Steele, P. H. Berarducci, R. B. Einstein, R. S. Howland, XV. B. Manguni, C. Rider, T. Stukitz, G. Blair, T. R. Elliot, J. S. Hunies, J. J. Marsh, J. J. Roper, E. B. Symborsky, S. Brandenburg, R. J. Elliott, J. YV. Hurlhurt, R. E. Mills, D. T. Rufling, C. J. Talbert, J. Brown, G. R. Estill, R. I. Johnson, J. A. Mosby, J. A. Russell, L. Tocco, F. J. Busch, C. H. Flahart, R. B. Johnson, K. YV. Mueller, J. XV. Ryber, S. J. Tynan, YV. T Calhoun, N. J. Fleeger, D. L. Kara, S. K. Murano, P. J. Schild, D. M. Van Note, A. Cartwright, A. S. Garrison, K. K. Kasschau. F. Nations, R. O. Seainans, YV. E. XVall, C. M. Chillenli, A. A. Gerdsen, R. A. Keeney, J. H. Olgeirson, J. Shallenberger, H. Hlalsh, L. Cochrane, R. O. Gould, S. Kissane, E. D. Paget, R. J. Simpkins, D. L. WVigger, R. Conrad, W. G. Groban, S. C. Kraynck, R. G. Panebianco, E. Snyder, E. B. Wright, D. E. Cox, J. R. Hartman, L. E. Luckey, E. K. Parker, B. R. Snyder, J. F. Zupan, C. Tactical Omcer Captain 'Charles K. Murphy uk F Captain ..., First Lielllfenrlnf . First LiE?llfEf1lLHIf Second Liculenanl Second Lieutenant Second 1.ieulen1n1f Tactical Ogiccr . Guidance Ojiccr Guidance Ojicer . COMPANY . . . . . Gean N. Banco . . . john C. Norris . Lawrence XV. Bennett . . Earle K. Sommerfleld . . . . . David H. Gilbert . . . . XVarren T.Balderson Captain Charles K. Murphy . Lt. Col. XVilliam Godfrey . . Major Victor C. Infortuna Led by the best members of the company which received the award for "Highest Elliciencyu in l962, the men of have once again shown to the Corps what the real meaning of the word "unity" is. This unity is always quite apparent in everything in which they are involvedg espe- cially athletics, company competitions, and social activities. The Company's Tactical Oflicer, Captain Charles Murphy, believes that the Cadets should run the company by themselves. This system will only work when the Cadets are old enough to realize their responsibilities. Assisting the Company Commander, Cadet Gene Banco, to do this, are some of the finest and most qualified officers in the Corps. During the early part of this year, a decided increase in scholarship was evident in both the Freshman and Sophomore classes. This increas- ing academic spirit enabled twelve Sophomores and six Freshman to receive academic honors given by the Dean of the Junior College, Colonel VVilliam Carne. The honorary academic fraternity, Phi Theta Kappa, now has the most members it has had in many years. Colonel Godfrey and Major Infortuna, Company's Guidance Officers, were pleased with the results of the first semester's work and are looking forward to the Final Grades. The years, 1962-63 will always be remem- bered by the members of the Graduating Class of Company as a job well done. Kerry Hall, the colonial-type barracks of "F" Company. 109 if TZ., ,f X... ,tl G COMPANY i..,, F ,, COIVIIILIVIY Comrnarzller Lawerence D. Earle Firsl'1ztenanls Second'ulf'rzar1Zs ' Ronald B. lVilliams - Peter Alexander Robert Schweitzer Henry Grundig . Fred lVeidig First Sergeant Supply Sergemzl Clerk All1lelicSergf'11nt SX Giacco, L. -Bowser, M. Young. R. Alpeter, J. Platoon Sergeants Getz, D. Crosby, G. Courlmis. H. , .Watt, T. Assislanl Supply Sergeant.: McDevitt, H-Korner, XV. Brophy, M Randall, C. Sergfarzls Arnan, 1. Epstein, R. McGinIy'- ,l- - Salisin, J. Artmztn. H. -Vlivans, G. Nevares, li. Sos, R. Baker, R. Y-Rmetz, F. O'Mally. li. Trainer, I-Q, Barlettzl, G. --Lnrer. R. e 'l'ouso, xl. lVcndt, II. Corporals Clowienka, J. McCleary, NI. Soroka, XY. Haenal, R. Mair. C. Trszka, W. jcwell, K. johnson, D. Allison. C, S. Bzrclnle. Cl. Baker. S. VV. Bry-Nildscn, Bryson, XY. liusluey, W. BllllilS. W. H. Chapman. H. f.l'l2ll'l3S, R. filliiflllilllfl. R. Cliristitles, L. fllawson, D. Dzrgliesli, R. Deitrnzin, T. Dempsey. M. S. O. Donner, DiFilippo. R. Dillon, R. Donell, A. D Felton. NI. Felters. M. lfinarelli, T. Fritz. II. George, R. Gooding. KI. flootlrnan, S. Ctuellf R. H. Hznnillon. R. Hziusleiter, R. Havens. M. Rifkin, P.. Rothans, XY. I'1'iwz1lcs Hollister, F. Holt, T. Hngneinin, T. " Johnson. D. jones. CZ, H. jones, R. NI. lirthlmn, S. Keely, W. L2ll1llll'llllC, li. Lee. R. Lenglc. Il. Lott. B. Makonslty. A. NTZIHQQCS. E. Taclifal Offi Nlzrnne, CQ. Manos. -I. Miller. CL. Milell. li. Mrlirew, R. Moe, T. Morris, R. Murphy, Ncwlmoltl. CL. Orlando, D. Parsons, Ponlarelli, N. Ridley, W. Rishel, T. ffl' Colonel john Stuart Mulkerns lYl1itl, Willlouslay, Robinson, R. Syrklts. I., Rome, M. Therrell, M Sclrloslxon. R. Troy, R. Slntette, Ci. -Vantlcven. I Scott. Al. Scott. T. Sharp. LI. Segal. I.. Parnis, Seigal. R. Skolnik. J. Smith, H. Sl1llll'lCl', SlCl'llllCl'gTll. Yzniglmn. llklck. ll. xlV2llliil1S, T. lvijllll, CI. lVeitZen. li. lvl1CClCl'. A. V:-Xl'illi:1n1S. D XVylly, M. Yocntn, Cl. lzlbcrtr. D. uk gf "G" COM PANY Captain . . . First Lietltetzanl . First Iiezztezzarzt .Second I,ff'llff'lIfIIll Second I,if"IlIFlIIl7ll Sffrmzrl I,lff1lf6'I1IIllf 'Il1tctiralOf1'iz'er . fillllillllfld Ogicer . . . Lawrence D. liarle . Ronald B. Xfilliams . Peter Nl. Alexander . Henry R, Grundig . . Edwin lf. XVeidig , . Robert li. Schweitzer . Col. Stuart Malkcrns Ensign Robert A, Kowalski As another year draws to a close it Valley loigc, the men of C Company, both old and new, have good reason to look back on the year with pride at having been in such a praiseworthy group ol men. They can look back upon the companys outstanding athletic record and upon the efforts of the Cadets to perpetually strive to do betterg and we must not forget the Esprit de Corps which existed throughout the year. YfVe owe a great debt of gratitude to Colonel J. Stuart Mulkerns for his leadership, and to Ensign Robert Kowalski for his counseling during the year. Also to be commended are the Cadet Officers of led by the Company Commander, Cadet Captain Lawrence Earle, who undertook the task, during "Plebe Training," to teach the new Cadets to meet the company standards, and to uphold the companys determination to never back down or shy away from a challenge. The entire company is confident that those who are to step out of the ranks to lead the way next year, will strive to better the excellent work ac- complished this year and will keep "G" on top. Younghusband Hall, the spacious barracks of Company. if 1'f--- DRUM Sz BUGLE CORPS -ff. fi Company Commander James Jack Second Lieutenant Smyth, G. R. First Sergeant Supply Sergeant Clerk Santoro, P. Brown, J. R. Sackett, C. WV., III Athletic Sergeant Master Sergeant Sergeant Drummer Bohrer, R. Gilmore, F. Nolo, C. M. Moffatt, A. Platoon Sergeant Assistant Supply Sergeant McCarron, M. T. Aurick, L. I Sergeants Miller, M. J. Kuc, R. Atkcson, S. Corporals Boivin, A. RI. Ross, L. YV. Vllhite, R. D. Fippinger, A. Privates Aungst, S. Frey, F. Moriarty, P. Schaefer, W. Burkhardl, T. Harvey, E. Pavlatos, A. Stephenson, G. Buttel. G. Holmes, D. Pyle, S. Stratton, R. Clclnmer, D. Long, R. Reynolds, H. Swick, J. Dancy, M. Maggio, T. Rubaehank, M. Hlyatt, XV. DlLCIX11ll0, J. 1 Tactical Omcer Major YValter A. Badham 7 l 4 lltfl . ... l my I, lla' -ki-..... DRUM and BUGLE CORPS First Limllffrzalzt ........ Iames L. lack FirstLicult'1z11nl . .... Gary R. Smyth Tactical Officer . . Major Hlalter R. Badhain Guitltnzce Officer . Lt. Col. Robert II. Sands It seems like only yesterday that our Drum and Bugle Corps was being formed and many Cadets from all the companies of the Corps were try- ing out for it. Three years have passed though, and the strides that we have taken are almost unbelievable. ln all fields, our organization has shown a keen desire to reach the top. In the early part of this year we filled the football half-times with our intricate routines which greatly pleased our visitors and the Corps of Cadets. Later in the year, we entertained the many basketball spectators with our short, but precise, indoor shows. Wfe also have given of our time to play for the many guard mounts. The thing which greatly aided our unit this year was the addition of more members, new horns, and new tenor drums. They added much more space and sound to our group and thereby made it more efficient. Of course, the most important job of the Drum 84 Bugle Corps is to put on its superb showing at the spring parades. As always we have done this with great conpetancy and spirit. The things which I have spoken of could never have been possible had it not been for the terrific work of the members and their very loyal tactical and guidance officers. If our high standards continue to improve, as they have done, that great dream of success shall one day' come true. . The Drum and Bugle Corps "On Parade." 113 VFMA CHEER LEADERS Kneeling: Weintraub, R., Kuc, R., Chivcrton, NV. Standing: Norris, Mammele, QI., Clepper, XY wil. Wghfhfbmfi 1 ', , .nv If SS X -Qwaspr' 1 a'1 Q Q W Q I' I l Q I xi 1 ' ES? H WQT? 12 . , , Lx ' .X ..., .-v... - S- f, .A .ui A '4a1p5giu...m.g - i 1 r: H V5 n Ng CQ, A, ' IKIIIIII LETICS X E x n in is-.mH e, 1f,gsW1 14.snnmI1e' U wi ' Bottom row: Denzer, J., Neilson, G., Schollenberger, L., Policastro, G., Captain. Pintard, T., Hausleiter, R., Montella, N., Maykuth, F. Second row: Chiomento, R., Hudowalski, G., Car- rigan, M., Rome, M., Evans, H., Chester, R., Maykuth, DiFilippo, R., Borher, R. Third row: Gold, S., Squires, WY Mumpton, D., DeFord, XV., Thompson, T., Kropfl. W., Coffman, M., Stevens, M. Fourth row: Cully, N., Baker, M., Dey, C., Kmetz, F., Accardo, J., Priestly, F., Ronald, Fifth row: Lt. Provost, Captain Allison, Burkhardt, T., Grassia, P.. Tiburzi, A., Lurer, R., Captain Lord. Coach, Captain McFarland, Assistant Coach. Wlith cheers from the loyal Corps and music from the Cadet band, the Valley Forge Trojans played an excellent season of top grade football during H62-63." Though the team was only able to win three of seven, one with Hill ending in a tie, the victories came in the last four games and were made possible by extra practice time granted to the team by General Baker. The team was captained by Policastro who proved to be one of the best offensive players we have seen at the Forge in many years. The team used the system this year of playing a different team for offense and defense. The offensive squad was run by Shol- lenberger while Hausleiter and his teammates did an excellent job on the defensive side of the games. This two-team policy made the games this season very good because all players were fresh and able to play harder games. FOOTBALL RECORD V.F. 8 St. Joseph 14 Hill School .. 0 Germantown . . . . . . . 0 Penn Charter ............. 38 New York Military Academy 20 Admiral Farragut .......... 0 YVilliamson Trade .. .. 14 YVyo1ning Seminary .. 0 Cheshire ........... Football Coach Lord and 1962-63 Team Captain Policastro talk over new plays for the season. Opp 32 14 14 28 G 19 13 0 G Graham Neilson Stanford Gold Michael Stevens End End Defensive Back V. F. vs. St. Joseph's In the season's opener, the Trojans ran into the very powerful and hard fighting team of St. joseph's Preparatory School. During the entire first half, St. Joeis squad dominated the play, not allowing the Trojans to score, and building up a 24-0 halftime lead. ln the third quarter, the Trojan defense got down to work and held St. Joe to one touch- down. Policastro scored the lone V. F. touch- down in this quarter with Priestley adding the extra points on an end run. Baker, Neilson, Bohrer, and Chiomento made some fine plays in this quarter also, but the powerful St. Joe defense would not allow the "Trojans" to score. The fourth quarter saw our defense holding St. Joes "Hawks" scoreless to put a good end- ing on a game that started out badly for our team. The final score was 32-8. V. F. vs. Hill After dropping their opening campaign the Tro- jans got back on their feet and played a l4-l4 tie game with Hill. Hill was able to score first, but soon after, the Trojans sent Neilson into the end zone to tie the score. Hill scored again to take a l4-7 lead at the half. Late in the third quarter, Dudley "Do- Right" Priestley, as the team called him, ran off end into the end-zone to make the final score and tie the game. The hard Trojan defense would not allow Hill to score again and the Hill defensive squad did the same for the Trojans who were trying to win their hrst game. V. F. vs. Penn Charter Although the defensive unit put on a hard bat- tle the Trojans were unable to stop a powerful Penn Charter team and lost their game, 28-O. The Trojans took the kickoff, only to lose the ball on downs. Charter moved 55 yards on ik' the next play, to our 21, and in four more plays made the score. The Trojans lost the ball on an intercepted pass after the kickoff. Charter moved quickly and after a short series of plays scored again on a 40 yard run. Again the Trojans lost the ball and Charter was able to score 6 more points. In the second quarter the V. F. offensive unit moved the ball on ground plays from our 17 to their 48 before a short pass was intercepted giving Charter the b-all. Charter was able to score just before the half making the score 28-0. In the second half, V.F. did a great job at defense. Rome, Carrigan, Gold, Maykuth, Ron- ald, Stevens and Borher were able to stop the P. C. touchdown drives. Though they lost, the Trojans put on an excellent display of defensive ball which they can be proud of. Policastro, Captain Halfback 117 V. F. vs. Germantown The Trojans were unable to get started against a very powerful Germantown team. Germantown used a passing offensive throughout the first half and were able to score twice before the half ended. ln the second half, the Trojan defense, led by Hausleiter, Pintard, and Montella, held the opposing team scoreless. In this half as in the first, the V. F. offensive unit couldn't get moving against the aggressive foe. Though the team wasn't victorious, the Hnal score being 14-O, they gained valuable experience which they could use in future con- tests. Because of the passing offense of Ger- mantown, the Trojan passing defense was strengthened considerably. Cheshire vs. V. F. The Valley Forge Trojans, looking better than they have in the past, played an excellent offensive and defensive game against Cheshire Academy. Schollenberger, Chiomento, Priestley, Bor- her, Policastro, Chester, and Fritzinger led the Forge's offensive attack. The defensive A'Death Squad" played its best game of the year. The only tally of the game was made in the first quarter. The defensive allowed only five first downs to be made against them while the offensive rolled up a total of eight. Bad luck struck the Trojans twice in the game by way of fumbles. These fumbles were key plays that aided Cheshire in gaining its victory. In the fourth quarter the Trojans made their most serious threat when Fritzinger carried for nine and Chiomento caught Schollenbergerls pass for fifteen more, putting the ball on the Cheshire twenty-six. Valley Forge lost the ball on downs and then time ran out, leaving the final score 7 to 0. The Corps can be proud of the showing made by the Trojans against a team that has defeated many college freshmen teams this year. w Chiomento catches a quick pass, and charges for the goal. V. F. vs. X"Vyoming Seminary As the football season drew to a close, the Tro- jans came to life and took a l4-0 victory over the Blue Knights of Wlyoming Seminary. The game was hard fought. In the first quarter, Gold was hit hard and was benched for the remainder of the game. The action got underway in the second quarter when the Trojans forced YVyoming to punt. Policastro made a spectacular run to the Seminary 15, which set the stage for the first touchdown. After a few plays Policastro scored the touchdown and Baker slipped in for the extra point. The Knights were only able to run two plays after the kickoff when a fumble gave the Trojans the ball. Here Schollenberger tossed a pass that put the ball on the five yard line. TV Everett Priestly Frank Makyuth Michael Larrigan Fullback End Defensive End 118 XVilliam Cousins Michael Baker .V John Dcnzcr Tafklc Halflxack Tackle Y, The long whistle-Team. Team. Team! Priestly uses forearm block in carrying out an end run. Priestley showed his skill by going in for six more. Baker kicked the extra point to make the score 14-0. The third and fourth quarters were hard fought. The two teams exchanged possession of the ball several times. Seminary tried hard to score, b-ut the V. F. defensive unit stopped them each time. The excellent blocking of Montella should be mentioned. Chiomento and Neilson were also key players in the touchdown drives. The entire team should be commended for its excellent job and Hghting spirit. Williamsori vs. V. F. The Trojans, unable to take advantage of many scoring opportunities, were handed a 13-0 defeat by Mlilliamson despite an excellent showing by the defensive squad. The entire game was a hard fought de- fensive battle. All attempts to score in the first quarter were stopped quickly. In the second quarter the "Forge's" defensive unit worked to perfection, stopping two touchdown drives by way of pass interceptions and stopping ground movement by breaking up many plays. The Mfil- liamson squad, however, was able to score on a pass, just before the half, making the score 7-0. In the early minutes of the second half, Mfilliamson was again able to score on a series of ground plays. The defensive unit dominated play until early in the fourth quarter when Fritzinger jumped on a loose ball. Chiomento caught a fifteen-yard pass and Policastro ran for eight more putting the ball on the eighteen. The Trojans moved the b-all to the one-foot line before they lost the ball on downs. The Trojans got the ball again on the twenty, by way of a fumble, but time ran out before they could get moving. Even if Xvilliamson was the victor, the Trojans again played a hard game and showed the Valley Forge fighting spirit. i l Cadet Priestly, fullback, begins a long run to the goal line. Admiral Farragut vs. V. F. In the Valley Forge "Army-Navy Gamef, our Trojans got the best of Admiral Farragut, 20-19. The Trojans used their ground attack to score two touchdowns and the third came on a pass. The game was mostly a ground game be- cause of the wet, muddy field. The Trojans got off to an early start when Priestley ran for the first touchdown. Farragut soon tied the score, but V. F.'s Mike Baker found a hole and ran for another six points. The Trojans third touchdown came on a pass from Policastro to Baker making the score 20 to 13. Farragut again scored but the extra point was stopped. Hausleiter led the defensive unit, aided by the Maykuths, Stevens, Montella and the rest of the unit. As usual the game was a hard gridiron battle and our Trojans, though hampered by a wet field, were able to come out on top. Charles Dey Robert Chester Ted Pintard Defensive Back Defensive Center Center 120 Neil Montella Gregory Hudowalski Mlilliam Kropff Guard Defensive Guard Tackle V. F. vs. New York Military Academy The last game of the season showed without a doubt that the Trojans of "62" were a really great team. The offensive and defensive teams played a superb game. In the first quarter Poli- castro ground out many yards by using his run- ning ability. The first score came on a pass from Schollenberger to Neilson. New York soon tied the score but after a few plays the Trojans were able to spring Mike Baker loose. Baker ran forty-five pards to paydirt and Priestley added the extra points making the score 14-6. Hausleiter, the Maykuth brothers, Montella, Hudowalski, Dey, Stevens, Carrigan, Kropif, and Chester were the big defensive men for the Trojans. Their performance in this game was the best of the year because New York used mostly pass plays because they could not move on the ground. In the second quarter, we moved the ball from our own ten yard line to their eight in five plays. Policastro, Chiomento, and Schollen- berger made this possible. Here again, Mike Baker made good for six points with Priestley adding the extra points. The score at the end of the half was 22-6. When the second half started, the Trojans lost no time in scoring. Policastro ran for six points and Neilson added the extra two. Again in the third quarter Policastro ran to the one and Schollenberger hit for the score 38-6. The fourth quarter saw the varsity watch- ing the game and getting a well deserved rest. Their last game could not have had a better ending. The season closed with a sports dinner that was enjoyed by all of the players of the varsity, junior varsity, and intramural teams. At this dinner Cadet Pintard was named Most Valuable Player for his fine work on the team's line. Priestley was named high scorer for the year and all players were awarded their hard-earned Varsity Letter. With some excellent players from this year's team returning, Captain Lord looks forward to a very successful season next year. He also com- mends the Trojans of H62-63" for a Hne season and for the spirit that they showed when play- ing their games. A proud father beams as Cadet Pintard receives Best Player Award. Cadet Policastro holds Captains Award as his father accepts Y. F. letter from Colonel Blank. 121 Iiolimn rozv: Hietty, XV., Gold, S., Low, R. Second row: Lurer, R., Schollenberger. L., Knecht, D., Cross, R.. Howell, XV., Rifkin, B. Third row: Captain McFarland, Coach, Wile. L., Gazo, M., Lanshe, -I., Epstein, R.. Manager. BASKETBALL Again this season, the Trojan Basketball Team, coached by Captain McFarland, had a successful campaign. The squads record showed them compiling a .500 record with a seven-win and seven-loss season. The team was able to down such foes as Vlest Nottingham, Wfyoming Sem- inary and Valley Forgeis traditional foe, Admiral Farragut. X'Vith the completion of Price Hall, the new gymnasium, the Corps was able to watch the basketball games and give its support to the team. Though there were some complaints about attending the games, there was a general feeling in the Corps that the games were a great enter- tainment and were generally enjoyed by the Corps of Cadets. It was believed by the team that the Corps' support aided in the winning of the close games. Low, Cold, Knecht, and Wletty were the top scorers for the season while Pintard and Gazo dominated the rebounds aided by YVetty and Howell. The Low, Gold, Knecht scoring punch was the big gun for the squad, each person having an average in the double figures for the season. The team expects to do well next season and through hard work and spirit- with the Corps' backing, they should have a fine season. 122 BASKETBALL RECORD V.F. Opp. 57 Germantown Academy .......... ., 54 Cirard College ....... 45 YVest Nottingham 53 W'yoming Seminary ......... 36 YVilliamson Trade ....... ..... 40 Bordentown Military Institute .. 38 Episcopal .................... 33 Malvern ........... ........ 51 Admiral Farragut 72 NVest Nottingham 31 Hill School ........ 43 Hlilliamson Trade .. . 46 Perkiomen ............................. 40 Wyoming Seminary ..................., 55 31 3:1 48 35 75 G6 40 36 17 50 82 57 54 Cadets Gazo and Schollenberger move in under the basket in struggle for ball. First rozv: Dunne, G., jack. NI., Voigt, F.. Sinclair, R., Sharp, C. L., Grassia, P., Baker, XV. QMan- ngerj. Second min: Tumpson, M.. Hess, R., Bullock, T., Chester, R., Samrnons, L. QCaptr1inj, Wylly. M., Manne, G.. Rose. I., Captain Stork qfloaclzj. Third wiv: Ronald, A., Graul, G., Tierney. NI., Hauslciter, R., Scott, J., Grandon, R., Parker, S. Perhaps the one sport that takes the IDOSK indi- vidual skill, strength, and all-around condition- ing is wrestling. For this sport there is a com- bination of team spirit and individual accom- plishment that makes it outstanding from many of the others. The Trojan matmen had a hard season and met some ol the roughest teams in Pennsylvania. VVith the able coaching of ex-Duke star, Captain Stork, and help from the team captain, Lloyd Sammons, the team had a good season though it was not a winning one. The outstanding performers were Cadets Mike Tumpson Q112j, Larry Jack 11275, Sam- mons Ql33j, Dasher Wlylly Q138j, and Chester Q145j. These men all had good seasons. The team had some fine new performers such as Hausleiter, Tierney, and Ronald who should be exalted next season after this year's experience, and they expect to have a much better season next year due to the fine junior varsity men who will be joining the varsity. The Cadets of the Forge can be proud of the hard working men on this year's squad and the fine showings they made in all of their season meets. YVRESTLING RECORD V.F. Opp. 35 Malvern Prep School ........... 10 37 Germantown Academy . . . . . . 20 21 Episcopal Academy ....... . . . 29 9 Hill School "B" and "C" . . 35 6 Haverford School ........ . . . 42 8 Xvyoming Seminary .... . 34 l7 Perkiomen School ........... . 27 31 Friends Central School .,...... . 21 38 Bordentown Military Institute .. . 17 28 Germantown Friends ........ . 23 23 Girard College ....... . 27 27 Great Valley ........ . 27 11 Bryn Athen ..,...........,............ 35 Cadet Ronald gains points on "take-down" against his Girard College opponent. Bottom row: Sergeant Durovcy, Moriarty, P., Dally. N., Smith, L., Cree, J., Sacco, AI. Second row: Dempsey, N., Mcillanahan, K.. Swenson, K., Garrison. K., Mougin, L. PISTOL Led by the coaching of Sergeant Durovey, who has shot in Army Pistol Competition for many years, and its team captain, Cadet Niles Dally, this year's pistol team won many victories. Dally was high firer for the team and because of his efforts, many close matches were won. There was a great deal of competition lor top Hrers this season which made the matches very interesting because of the individual achievement possible. The top lirers were Cadets Len Smith, Moriarty, Swenson, and Mougin. In the firing for team champion, Smith came in first and Dally ran a close second. The junior champion was Hoser who is expected to do a good job lor the team next season. There were many new men on the team this year, all of whom did a line job. The new men, led by Cadets Skip Mougin, Moriarity, Hoser, and Cree, were able to save some matches by turning in high scores in the close matches. The Pistol Team has one of the roughest schedules at the Academy, meeting such teams as: West Point, Annapolis, the Air Force, and Michigan State. This meant that the team fired against teams that were really out of their class, but they did a fine job. VVC congratulate the Pistol Team on the fine showing they made this year. 124 V.F. 1143 1269 1264 1166 1289 1282 1261 1197 1193 1168 946 PISTOL RECORD Villanova .................. . . . Air Force Academy WVest Point ......... MSXCD ....... .... Villanova ....,. Michigan State .. Annapolis ..... MSSQD ........ Villanova .... MSSQD .................,.....,..... West Chester ...................... Opp. 1093 1387 1350 1228 1266 1376 1319 1189 1184 1224 1088 Pistol marksmen, Cadets Smith, L. and Dally fire in a Pistol Match. Bottom mtv: MacDade, E., nzazzager, Lopez-Dupre, A., Allison, G., Ternigan, A., Allen, j., XVhitc, V., Sinclair, J., Young, R., Betz, W. Top rmv: Holmes, XV., Earle, L., Maykuth, F.. Dean. R., juntilla, R., Alston, B., Stevens, M., Auston, lj.. Chiverton. XV., Lt. Turner, coach. VVith ice still on the ground and sub-freezing temperatures outside, the Valley Forge mermen were stroking out many victories in their sched- uled meets. There was much good talent on the team this season. The freestyle relay team of Ternigan, who also swims butterflyg Young, Allison and Holmes, won many times along with Cadets Stevens, 200 yard individual med- leyg Maykuth, 100 yard breaststroke: and Betz, freestyle. The freestyle relay team members were perhaps the best individual performers, turning in first places in almost all of the swim meets. Cadet Allen did a fine job with his efforts in the difficult art of diving, getting many points for the team. The swimming team is fortunate in having Lt. Turner for their coach. He has much experi- ence and was able to coach the team through a good season. He hopes to see a good turnout for the team next season. There were many seniors on the squad this year which will leave many empty spots for next year's team. SX'V11NfIM1NG RECORD V.F. Opp. 61 Girard College ............ . . . 31 51 Germantown Academy ...... . . . 4-1 L30 Atlamfc CNY High School 55 Cadet Nations does a straight 1:9 Hlyoming Seminary ....... 37 dive with a Pike' " 41 Malvern Prep ........... . 50 42 Hill School .............. . 52 44 Ocean City High School . . . . 51 36 Haverford ............... . 59 125 Colonel Fisher, Tierney, M., Rackley, F., Banning, R., Kalmhach, C. Alter compiling the best record at the Academy last year fwon-17, lost-lj, this year's Varsity Polo team of Cadets Buzz Rackley, Mike Tierney, and Dick Banning followed up with the team's second winning season. Mr. Rackley was awarded a onehgoal rating by the National Polo Association for his skill in the game. The Forge's Polo Team is called by many the best high-school team in the nation and through their victories they show they deserve this praise. The Polo Team has perhaps the best varsity coach, Colonel Fischer, who has many years of Polo experience and knows the angles of the game. POLO RECORD V.F. Opp. ll Dollbaby .................. . .. l 12 Yale University ,........... .. 10 S Cornell University Alumni .. 9 10 Brandywine Polo Club .... 7 I2 Belvoir Polo Club ...... 5 17 Doe Run ........ .. 5 l2 Chukker Valley . . . . 10 I2 Veteran All Stars .. 8 I4 Oxford Royals . . . 7 l5 Cornell University .. 6 12 Chnkker Valley ...... 4 14 Lancaster ............. 4 24 Valley Forge Alumni 3 2l University of Virginia 4 126 The team looks forward to another winning season next year with Mike Tierney returning and Sarria coming up from the junior Varsity Squad. The players are grateful for the support given to them by lriends, members ol the Corps, and Faculty who come to see their games on Sunday alternoons. Best ol: luck to the U63-64" Troopers who will make up the team lrom the Forge. Cadet Banning reaches to put ball in play on "throw-in." latiilyilzw .il 1 K1ze6Iir1g.' Lanshe, J., O'Malley, E., Sannnous, I.., Maykuth, ul., Clrosby, G., Manne, G., Qliva, J., Crosby, D, Second row: Bryant R.. Carey, Evans, G., Hausleiler, R., Carrigan. M. Gazo, M., Neilson, G., Kelly, XY., Priestley, li., Could, S., Connolly, QI., Major Quinn. TRACK Perhaps one oi the most popular spring sports at the Forge is Track. Though it takes a great deal of conditioning and hard work, many Cadets put forth their talents to make a good team for the Trojans. The team's training started very early in the season with practice beginning in january. This early practice al- lowed the team to have a better year this year, gaining more wins than it has in previous sea- sons. The team is privileged to have Major Quinn as its coach and with his experience as CJXVQH inf! guide, the team has looked very good in the past and should continue to have good seasons in future years of competition. The track squad has for its captain this year, Cadet Neilson, who has been on the team for two years and has earned a varsity letter each season. He has seen the squad vitalized this year and emerge well ahead of many of its for- midable opponents. TRAUX SCHEDULIL 'Cadet Priestley takes the last April .......... Bordentown Military Institute hurdle in good stride. April ......... Penn Charter School ' April ........... Haverford School April .. Malvern Preparatory April . . . ........ Penn Relays May .. Haverford Relays May ..... Triangular Meet May .. Wyoming Seminary May ..... Perkiomen School May Germantown Academy 127 Kneeling: Brown, G., Hndowalski, G. Second row: Sergeant Pajakowski, Long. S., Rouse. J., Clarke, R., MacNan1ara, D., Chillemi, A. Third row: WVeide, G., Perkins, XV., johnson, T., Parker, B., Roche, J. Setting their sights on the Inner-Philadelphia R.O.T.C. Rifle Championship this year, the Rifle Team, coached by Sergeant First Class Paja- kowski, had an excellent season. Sergeant Pa- jakowski has been coach of the rille and pistol teams and keeps the spark of firing competition alive at Valley Forge. The team had many good meets and were victorious in most of them. The team suffered a disheartening loss to Annapolis, where they could not get zeroed-in. Cadet Brown did a commendable job in captaining the team RIFLE RECORD V.F. Opp. 1430 Norristown 'Civilian Club .... . 1379 937 Christian Brothers Academy . 910 1380 Villanova University ............ . 1305 1393 Pennsylvania Military College .... . 1402 1443 Norristown Civilian Club ...... . 1424 1390 Penn-Army .........,....... 1384 1374 Admiral Farragut ...... 1372 1354 Drexel ........... . . 1317 1400 West Point ........... 1404 1400 Stanton ................ 1392 1400 Rodgers High School ........ 1348 1400 Xavier of Ohio .......,........ .. 1377 1371 Bordentown Military Institute 1292 1390 Penn-Navy ................... .. 1375 1377 Annapolis .................. 1383 1383 Admiral Farragut . . . 1363 1383 Lafayette ............. 1300 1361 Villanova University . . . 1318 1419 Syracuse .................... 1404 1386 Temple ......................... . . 1365 1376 Bordentown Military Institute 1318 Cadets Hudowalski and Brown assume correct standing and kneeling positions on the firing line. and was backed by the fine shooting of Cadets Hudowalski, Hollowell, Clarke, Long, Perkins, johnson, and Roche, all of whom turned in fine records for the season. Mr. Hollowell got the nickname of "Mr. Machine," because of his consistence in turning in high scores. We hope to see the team keep up the high standards in the coming seasons. On March 3, the Rifle Range in Mellon Hall was the scene of the Philadelphia Inter- Collegiate Rifle Match. There were sixteen teams that competed in the all-day tournament, all of whom were capable of winning. The teams and individuals were competing for National Rifle Association QNRAQ medals and the team trophy. Our rifle team secured third place, behind the excellent teams from Penn Navy and Villanova. VVith the good competition, our team made a Fine showing. April April April April A til . p '- April April April May May May May May May Seated: Schollenberger, G., Tierney, NI., Craig, C., Ohrnherger, F., Kmetz, F., Cully, N., Chio- mento, R. Second row: Low, R., Cross, R., Cushing-Murray, G., Charles, R.. Bohrer, R., Young, R. Third row: Smyth, G., l'olicastro, C., Pintard, T., Gold, Fourllz row: Grassia, P. Qlklanagerj, Van Tuin, W., Lurer, R. QManagerj, Captain Lord. BASEBALL BASEBALL SCHEDULE 6 ......... Bordentown Military Institute ll .... ...... C lonestoga High School I8 ..., ............ C Sirard College 20 . . . . . . XVyoming semimuey 23 .... Penn Charter School 24 ..., ......... . .Perkiomen School 25 .. ............... Penn Freshmen 27 . . . . . XYest Nottingham Academy l . . ....... Germantown Academy 7 .. ....,... Malvern Preparatory 8 .... .. Admiral Farragut Academy 15 .. ...,...,....... Hill School 16 .. ..,.... XVilliamson School 22 .. XVyoming Seminary VF player reaches way out for one. Baseball is by far the greatest of the American Sports and at the Forge there is no exception to this rule. There is always a good turnout for the team which makes gaining a position on the squad a great honor. The team has an able coach in Captain Lord who expects his men to hustle and really work for a winning season and good team spirit. The squad this year was filled with talent with Cadets Borher, lst baseg Policastro, outfieldg Gold, 2nd baseg and Chiomento, outfield, heada ing the team. There were some Fine new plebes who showed dexterity at the sport and aided in the team's close games by making some difficult plays. The best of the plebes were Cadets Low, Cross, Cully, Schollenberger and Fritzinger. The number one hurler on the team was Van Tuin who has been the team's best pitcher for the past two seasons. Captain Lord is very proud ol the showing the team made this season. 129 Kneeling: Sharp, C., Sarria, G., Adam-Cruz, H., Sarich, II. Starzfling: Melhado, V., Herman, R., Ronghhead, R., Baker, R., Dapkins, 1'., Brown. H., Lowman. B., McCinty, J., Major Romine, Coach. TENNIS Cadet Melhado gets set for a smash to his opponent. 2.14141 f- .1 ?'?? 'i:e -iii' 2,43 g-,gms - 4' 5" ' sir,-1: j1Qz.a':v:f.f . . . 2 I . ll S5-Tw? l llllfdlltlllli itll-It' 130 The 1963 Tennis Team was perhaps the strong- est of the varsity squads. The team had five lettermen returning this season, Cadets Carter, Brown, Sarria, Baker and Melhado and also a strong group of other veterans and new recruits. Cadets Melhado and Baker are also active mem- bers of the United States Lawn Tennis Associa- tion. This, of course, made the contest for the number-one man on the team very lively. This year's team had a tough job matching the 'AGT teams record of ten wins and only three defeats. The success of this year's team can be contributed to the fact that they had a tremendous amount of experience. The excellent coaching of Major Romine contributed greatly to the success of the team. The team had a schedule of seventeen meets this season. TENNIS SCHEDULE April .................. Radnor High School April Penn Charter School April Acad. New Church April .. XvyOllliI1g Seminary April .. Hlyoming Seminary April . ..BIalx'ern Preparatory April ............ Hill School "B" April ............ XVesttown School May XVest Nottingham Academy May X'Vest Chester High School May ........ Episcopal Academy May .. Conestoga High School May Friends Central School May ...... Perkiomen School May ......... Radnor High School May .... .......... G ermantown Academy May .... .. Bordentown Military Institute Lt. Heise. Hines, S.. McClanahan, K., Korner H C ee I lhllkll I Cofimau NI Rrgcr S Pagano, J Captain Plant GOLF YVhen the cold weather breaks and the grass again turns green, the Varsity Golfer of the Forge breaks out his woods and irons and treads ollf to the links to begin play. The golf team ol this season had to wait for the weather to break, but in Seasons-tO-Come, there should be an improvement in the team, due to the indoor driving ranges that are being put in the new gym. Mfith these ranges, the team should improve considerably and be able to have much better seasons. The team got off to an early start this season by having some early practice sessions in Clothier Hall under the supervision of Lt. Heise. This gave the team an advantage when the season started. Another great advantage was the excellent playing of Pagano, McClanahan, Cree and Ben- net who turned in some low scores that helped the squad win some of their close matches. Cadets Pagano and McClanahan along with many other underclassmen will be returning next season. This should mean that the team will have very successful campaigns in the future. GOLF SCIHEDULE Cadet lla-rker fCaj1IamQ takes April ... ,..................... Hill School Posmon fm I d' 'le April Haverford School April . . . .... Episcopal Academy April . . . ....... Xtkfyoming Seminary April . . . . . Penn Charter School April Perkiomen School 'Nbyftlfvv I April . . . .,... Haverford School 53T,11?QfQQ,a May . . . .... Episcopal Academy " May . . . . . . YVyoming Seminary 1224, ,'i.v0DQ May .. Acad. New Church The Cynnklmna always proxides good entertainment for the parents durinl Spring Festival. ln the season of spring at Valley Forge there are many enjoyable weekends. Not the least of these is the Spring Festix 'tl and the superb performance of the Gymkhanft. This show of mat work high horse trampoline and rilie drill is the con- tribution of the Athletic Department to Parents Wleekend. The Gymkhana has as it its coach a very capable man in Lt. Colonel South w ho has experience in all phases of gym work and is respected by all who 'ire in the Cymkhana for his skill and his dexterity. Lt. Colonel bouth is aided by Major Badham who instructs the Cadets who do the work on the high horse. Colonel South COI1CC11tr21teS mainly on the mat work tumbling and parallel b'trs which are the finest parts in the entire show. The training for this show is ft years work with the Cadets who participate -training and practicing their complicated moves months in advance so they will be able to put on 't near- flctwless show for the parents of the Corps. Wlith the skill ol the Cadets and the coaching of Colonel South the Gymkhana is always a success 'md 't great entertainment for the bpring Festival. , . A 1 . Q . L V 7: 4 C , , , , . 4 A i , V 1 r c c I , . C A V C . . , , r c c c Y , Y . c A c c , c A k c ' c L , t C if l 1 c w , c c K 1 K xinnistns on the high horse require precision timing. A handstand on the high har is beautifully executed t Fran! row: Stevens, NI.. l'olicaslro, G., Col. Blank, Sznnmons, L.. Gold, S. Second row: Montella N.. Young, R., Tierney. M., Hansleiter, R., Ronald, Accardo, Dey, C., Hudowalski, G. Closans, XV., Jack, Third razv: Lurer, R. Mayknth, F., Squires, YV., Carrigan. M., Pintard, T. Brown. H., Ternigan, R., Wylly, D., Santoro, P. I"0llVfll mzu: lunrpson, M., Hess, R., Chester, R. Allison. G., Chiomenro. R., Mayknlh, Brown, H.. Rackley, F., Pnjals, xl. Composed of the varsity letter winners of the Corps, the Varsity Club is dedi- cated to the encouragement and promotion of the ideals of sportsmanship and fair play, not only on the Held, but also in the events which govern everyday life at the Forge and at home. Zealous guardians of their ideals, the members of the Club are guided by their motto, 'AFOR SCHOOL AND THE GAME." OFFICERS CQIQORGIC l'oLICAs'rRo .... .......... ....... P I 'esident Lrorn SAMMONS ....... . ........ ...Vice President lN'lICllAI-fl. STU FNS . . . . . . ....... Sec'v-Treas. , S'l'AN1.lcY Corn . .... Sergeant-at-Arms I "B"-FOOTBALL Kneeling: Kaklamanos, M., Brookhart, B., Bithell, j., XVilson, H. Second row: Totlaro, Motley, R., Strauss. J., Resler, B. Third rout: Maguranyi, S., XVise, E. l , "G"-SOCCER First rozv: Scott, j., Rifkin, B., Manos, J., Xvhitt. j., Zaberer, R. Second row: McCleary, M., johnson, D,. Randall, C., Maier, G. "B"-TRACK First row: Brookhart, B., Perkins, XV.. Yeager. P., Bilhell, AI. Second row: Kaklamanos, M., Kepler. Y., Niaguranyi, S.. Lannigan, CL. 134 INTRAMURAL CHAMPIONS CONTINENTAL LEAGUE FALL INTRAM URALS The Fall Intramurals this year represented top- uotch company competition. After choosing their best players, the company teams went to work to try to win the championship for their units and the intramural emblem for themselves. In the l'Vayne League, "G" Company was able to win both the Football and Track com- petitions. The Volleyball was won by the men from Company while Company took the Soccer competition. The members of the champion X'Vayne League teams were awarded the Intramural Cup at the all-sports dinner. If they b-ecome members of another championship team this year, they will also receive a cadet statue. The Continental League was dominated by "G" and "B" Companies. The "B" Company teams were able to win the Football and Track competitions while HG" Company was victorious in Soccer and Volleyball. The members of these teams were awarded the intramural emblem or a star if they have been on more than one team. The Senior League competition was ex- tremely rough this year. The Troop was able to Win the Football championship from "F" Company. This championship was perhaps the toughest one to win because the Troop was playing against "F" Company men who had played four years of varsity ball. They de- feated HF" Company in a game on the varsity field, 6-0. Though they didn't win football, Company was able to win the soccer and volley- ball championships. For their efforts the mem- bers ol these teams were also awarded the intra- mural emblem. The fall sports were Filled with excitment and spirit. The winning teams were very good and had to play hard to become champions since they were playing against the best the other companies could offer. NVINTER INTRAMURALS XfVhen snow hits the ground at the Forge, the intramural program continues to function al- though the teams Illtlst move inside. This year saw a great deal of competition with excellent teams coming from all companies. For the YVayne and Continental Leagues, UC" company was able to win both the table tennis and the wrestling competition. This was a great help to company "G", because it gave them many points toward company competition "A"-BASKETBAI.I. Firsl rmv: Mzlzalcski, XY., Trevison, R., Lufler. Mus- ciarella. IV., Greelv, R. Secomi rorw: Aruovilz. XV., Mackler, D., DeSz1lse, J., George G. "G"-WRESTLING Kneeling: Jcwcll. K., Pcmteralli, N., Zaberer, R. Second wmv: I.a1nonL, C., Maier, G., IVack, J., Mzmges, E., Kahhan, S. HBH -SIVIMMING Ifirsl rozu: Allen, G., Brookharl, B., Yeager, R., Rcslcr, B. Second muh' Kuklamanos, M., Maguranyi, J., Shapiro, A. ISAND--'l'.-XBLE TENNIS SENIOR LEAGUE lfirxl rozv: DHllgllSI'lV, IJ.. Dellriscio. M., Kaszyrki, D. Srfmml mu',"Weilz. H.. Rmmingen, "D"-SYVIMMING SENIOR LEAGUE Fimf rmu: Colaciacco, C., Przmckuin, J., Gerlinger, T., Clilibcrri. F. Sf'C07'Il'l rozv: Abell, IJ., Fritzinger, J., Tierney, M., Goff, IV. A., III. BANDfI3ASKE'l'BALL SENIOR LEAGUE First muh' Cams, XV.. Delwiler. 'I'.. Milzizzo. N., Fontana, A. Swwlzzl row: Daugherty, llunkelberger, G., Perilm, F., Boyd. J., Kaszycki, D. 135 "G"AFOOTBALI. Kmfeling: YVCIJIJ. C.. Pine. XY., YVyIly, M., Sweitzer, R., fil2lCCO, L. Second rozu: Donell, A., XVaLL. T., Earle, L., Szxnnnons, L., Arnan, Charles, R., Trainer, F., Allison. G., Alexander, P.. XVillia1ns, D., O'Mz1lley, G. "B"-SOCCER Knwlirzg: Allen. G., Robinson. D., Kepler, V., Bithell, AI. Kermit! row: Blades, S.. Saxton, D.. Strauss, I., Miller, Cl. Tlzird rnzu: Perkins, YV.. Nlllgllfilllyi, J., Albright, li. "GH-TRACK Firxl four: Bry-Neilson, C., Bryson, Nl., NVcbb, C., Manne LL.. Artman, H. Sammi mzv: Yantleven, Bowser. M. johnson, D., XVac:k, j., Wendt, J. 136 "A"-BASKETBALL Ifirxl row: Gould. J.. Landluack, S., Riger. S. Sl'!'0H!l row: Squires, Bicksler, F. "C"-TABLE TENNIS Ifirst row: Hleidig, F., Mizel, B., Getz, D. Second l'0'LU.' O'Malley, G., XN'heelcr, A. HB"-SYVIMMING First row: Bernstein, S., Saxton, D., Perkins, YV., Bithell, J., Albright, li. Second row: Goldsmith, T., Lannigan, G. Morton, B., Robinson, D.. Kepler, V. 1 INTRAMURAL CHAMPIONS WAYNE LEAGUE olf which the athletic program plays an impor- tant part. In the IVayne League, "A" company was victorious in the basketball competition, while "B" company won the swimming. The Continental League saw the same two com- panies, "A" and HBH, winning again in these two sports, respectively. The greatest competition in the Corps is found in the Senior League where the Junior College cadets show their skills. The Band came out on top in this league, winning both the basketball and table tennis competitions. The men from "F" company won the wrestling com- petition after stopping an encouraged Troop team in a rough meet. The men of "D" Troop were able to win the swimming competition very easily because of the superb team that they had. Not to be left out is Battery who won the 316th Infantry Rifle Competition this year. Second place was taken by the Troop who only followed by a slim four points. The Troopers also won the bowling competition, followed by for second place. YVith the completion of the winter sports, the teams get ready for the Spring Competitions where the competition for top honors gets roughest. The winners of all teams in the YVinter Athletics Intramural Pro- gram got the Intramural Patch to wear and in some cases a star was awarded for Cadets who had been on more than one championship team. SPRING INTRAMURALS M'hen spring comes at the "Forge," the Intra- mural Program again starts with a new group of sporting activities. This year's program was different than in previous years, with a new schedule of calls being put into effect on Wed- nesday to provide time for the various contests that were scheduled. The spring activities which included baseball, softball, tennis and track were well played by the various companies and all units had strong support. There was a Senior Lifesaving Course offered to the First Class and Junior College Cadets which was well attended by the graduating cadets. This course which stressed water safety was instructed by the Cadets of the Junior College that have passed the Red Cross instructor course. All companies had good and spirited teams for the spring intramurals. The teams were well supported by the Cadets of the units who wanted to see their teams win so they could gain points in the company competition. 'KG',-NVRESTLING Kneeling: Manne, G., McDevitt, Artlnan, H. Second row: jones, C.. Donell, A., XVatt, T,, Goodman, S. Third row: Giacco, L., Vaughn, S., YVebh, C., Ridley, YV. "E" BATTERY-316th RIFLE First row: Grandon, R., Giroud, P., Stafford, J. Second 1'ou'.' Berman, L., Duke, C., Campbell, B., Cortazzo, N. "F"-YVRIZSTLING SENIOR LEAGUE First row: Smith, S. G., Mannnelle. Banco, G., Fren- chick, Second row: Anderson, J., Sonnnerheld, E., Estill, R., Bennett, L. 137 38 :aff- QLW -" YIQLY .V A-N I I4-x-wif: '-5.29,-Qraaa i -" QQ? 2Q:1 n 35V? 3: i'f?f""iW"'??' .W-Y-4 -2'-L G I I I Q O 1 5152225 4 : 'MC if qX'l - I 6 'llllllill' , M s "2 ,11 mls za eww u1wm:.t,1wmesmmzm1Krfz A ilu lyzasuiusvf U V 140 The l962-1963 Plehe Detail On the 22nd of August, l962, seventy of our top-rated Cadets returned to the Academy to comprise this year's New Cadet Detail. These Cadets knew they had a diliicult task before them but all had a great determination of spirit. Our success as a well-disciplined Corps depended on the results of plebe training. The following twelve days were utilized by a rigorous training program, reviewing the basic rudiments of pre- cision drill, the fundamentals of ellective in- A few days later the football team arrived to begin their early trainingg they, too, had a job ahead of them with a single goal victory- victory for "The Forge." On the 27th, the Band once again sacrificed a week of its summer vacation and returned for its early drill. The Old Cadet Detail, made up of potential non-commissioned oflicers, re- turned the following morning to undergo a training program similar to that of their pred- struction, and invaluable aid of leadership tech- niques. These Cadets were to be the leadership in the Corps, and they knew it. Cadet joseph Form isano, c Zi the ecessors-the New Cadet all-important task of these retrain the Old Cadets in and rrying the Cadet Captain Commander of National Emblemg and members of the Stall, and the Color Guard leave the Chapel after Opening Day ceremonies. Ceneral Baker congratulates Cadet First Ctptnn Ioseph lformisano on his appointment as Cadet Regimental Com lnander. formation drill and to re-instill the former discipline into them. It was a rainy, dismal Sunday when the New Cadets arrived. For the members of the Plebe Detail, in their freshly pressed Qand wetj 'iwhitesf' this was truly a hectic day helping the new recruits, their parents, relatives and friends get oriented and organized. By five olclock in the afternoon, however, the bulk of them had arrived and were contemplating the unfamiliar surroundings and what was expected of them by their overseers-the Plebe Detail. The following morning began at 6:25, but instead of the anticipated welcoming smiles, the New Cadets were frowned atg instead of a free morning to unpack, they were hustled to and fro-khakis, haircuts, uniforms, and worst of all -orders and still more orders. Mister! Stand up! Wlipe that smirk off! Hlrinklesl This was just the beginning of the rigorous training that would go on to change their insecure looks to ones of confidence. Another Corps was begin- ning to form into definite shape. Then, on the 8th of September, the Open- ing Day Exercises were held in the Chapel with the combined audience of Faculty, New Cadet Detail, and N.C.O. Detail. General Baker pre- sented the Corps Hag to the Regimental Com- mander, Cadet Joseph Formisanog the new fac- ulty promotions were announcedg and the aca- demic year l962-l963 had begun. The Old Cadets returned the next day and re-processing was supervised by the N.C.O. Detail. They too were resigned to extensive drill, lasting for one week, to refresh their rifle precision and dis- cipline, and culminated by the provisional rank appointments and a united Corps of plebe and old Cadet alike. On the 15th our academic books were issued and two days later the Corps once again settled down to classes and a routine schedule. Class elections soon followed, the applicants having been carefully chosen by the faculty for general excellence, and the academic classes organized into effective bodies. The Honor Council was inducted at Chapel Vespers on the 9th of October. General Baker gave a brief talk on the meaning of "Honor" and emphasized the fact that this system was in the hands of the Cadets themselves. Honor is the most sacred word heard at Valley Forge and to be a member of the organization respon- sible for its application and understanding by the Corps is treasured. On the weekend of October 20th, Cadets Sabel, Vleiss, and YVilliams, F.A., attended the Columbia Scholastic Press Conference at Colum- bia University at New York, returning with a broadened knowledge both of yearbook con- The Academy Band forms the traditional V17 as The Alma Mater is played preceding 21 football game The Drum and Bugle Corpsethc Acade1ny's newest musical orgztnizatioii-plays at half-time. The Occupational Seminar, sponsored by the Alumni Association, is well attended by all to-be-graduates. struction and management. Determined to put out the best annual ever, the yearbook staff was organized and progression stepped up. Tuesday, the 23rd, the fall induction of the National Honor Society took place at Vespers. The candidates, picked from a list of outstanding Cadets, were selected for exemplify- ing the four cardinal principals upon which the society is based: Scholarship, Leadership, Char- acter, and Service. Because of the intense com- petition for membership, the National Honor Society has always remained highly respected by all. The first Band and Glee Club Concert of 1962 was held on Sunday, October 28, in Thomas Hall. The Band played various, enjoyable selec- tions and the Glee Club opened with its tradi- tional singing of 4'Spirit of the Forge." This was the first opportunity for most new Cadets to really appreciate the excellence of both organizations. The Junior College had its Hrst social event of the year, a delightful dance, on Novem- ber l0th. Soon other dances, both at Valley Forge and neighboring schools, followed suit. On the 15th of November, members of the Junior College and First Class attended the an- nual Occupational Seminar and discussed vari- Regimental Inspection-a weekly event in the life of each Valley Forge Cadet. Cadets Ivan Sabcl and F. Allen X'Villia1ns attend the Columbia University Yearbook Conference in New York City. A new memorial, to Cadets who gave their lives in the Korean XVar, was presented to the Academy by Lt. Col. H. Leslie Buswcll. 143 Cadet Bortz and members of "B" Staff congratulate plebes on Recognition Day. ous vocational questions with successful Valley Forge alumni. Once again, reveille sounded at 5:00 A.M. on Saturday, November Ili, lor the annual lall Military Science TVeekend. The mission of the 'XVeekend was to hold small unit tactics training at Valley Forge Park, but as the Corps em- barked by bus and truck the rain fell. The Cadets returned to the Academy at noon and instruction was resumed in Thomas Hall, cover- ing first aid, communications, and atomic war- lare. Recognition Day, probably the proudest day in the life of the New Cadet, came that YVednesday, the 21st ol November. The life of "squaring," cadet ofhcer saluting, and 'lchin wrinklingm came to a halt as the "Old Men" went up and down the plebe ranks, congratulat- ing them lor their endurance. Smile! Smile! Thanksgiving Day fell on the following morni ing and the newly received Cadets joined the Old Cadets on their first leave with their parents. The annual Football Dinner was held in the Cadet Mess on the 28th, and those Cadets attending were delighted with a delicious candle- lit dinner. The lall intramural awards were presented to those companies winning the vari- ous intramural athletic Championships. The beautiful Christmas Vesper Service was once again enjoyed by the Corps on the 27th, as the Choir joined with professionalist harpists, cellists, and a talented soprano in presenting various Christmas classics. This was truly a beau- tiful musical program. December 16th rolled around and the gold star Cadets departed in many directions for Christmas Leaveg the following alternoon, on the 17th, the silver star Cadets left. The Corps de- parted on the 18th. Behold, I bring you tidings of great joy . . ."-the By the magic of make-up. lowly Cadets are transformed innuil Christmas Pageant recalls the Glory of the Birth into regal kings, wise men, pages, and heralds for the of Christ. Christmas Pageant. Colonel Charles Dayhull, Army of Northern Virginia and Ll. Colonel Alfred Sanelli, Army of the Potomac, after brilliant presentation of the Battle of Gettys- burg. On the sixth day of January, by Five o'clock, the entire Corps once again returned from Christ- mas Leave. They came back ready to settle down for the long winter ahead. Everyone had the attitude of working hard and not "slacking off" because semester exams loomed in the future. Once again faces of bewilderment entered the hallowed Main Gate as the mid-year plebes ar- rived. Once again the orientation process was resumed but in a short time these Cadets Hknew the ropes." For the Cadet oflicers it was again a gratifying experience to see them advance through proper leadership. Only two days after our return from leave, the annual Alumni Association Dinner for mem- bers of the Junior College Sophomores and First Class was held. Again it was time for the old Grey Line to exchange experiences with those of the present. At each table there were Alumni and the actual fact of leaving the "Forge' in a matter of months sadly entered our minds. The night drew to a close as Cadets and Alumni mingled among each other, and it was truly an experience to be remembered by all. On Tuesday, the 15th of January, the Corps was honored to be invited to act as an Honor The Annual Ring Dance held this ycar in new Price Hall, is always a gala affair. Members of the Corps of Cadets board a special train at the Wayne station. One of the highlights of the year l963 was the Inaugural Parade for Governor VVilliam XV. Scranton at Harrisburg. This was an occasion which the Corps will long remember. On Monday, January 14, our Fine march- ing band departed for Harrisburg by bus. Parts of "D" Troop and "EH Battery also lelt at this time. They spent the night at lndiantown Gap Military Reservation in preparation for the parade. These units returned to the Forge on Wlednesday. On Tuesday, the day of the parade, the re- maining members of the Corps of Cadets marched into Ylfayne and boarded a Special train. By 10:40 A.M., the Corps was headed toward Harrisburg. On the train, the Corps removed their parade equipment and relaxed in preparation lor the parade to come. Before arriving in Harrisburg, the Corps was served box lunches. YVhile the train was put on a siding in Harrisburg, the members of the Cadet Corps again put on their overcoats and Cross belts and were then marched to the staging area from which they would start the parade. The Valley Forge Military Academy Corps of Cadets was given the privilege of leading the parade. Cadets leave train at Harrisburg to march to the parade staging area. i s The Academy Band leads the parade, following the Governor. The Governor was sworn in at noon with the Academy Band taking part in the proceed- ings. The entire proceedings were televised and broadcast. The Corps looked exceptionally well in this parade, as they always do on special occasions. After the parade was over, the Cadets once again boarded the train and relaxed until their arrival in VVayne, where they again formed up and marched back to the Academy. Lt. General Milton G. Baker, Superintend- ent of the Academy, served as Chairman of the Inaugural Committee and was host at a dinner for the new governor at the Penn Harris Hotel prior to the Inaugural Ball. The Academy Band, under the capable di- rection of Lt. Colonel D. Keith Feltham, pro- vided music lor the swearing-in ceremony and at the Inaugural Ball. The band did a good job keeping up the tradition of playing at the in- auguration ol every Pennsylvania governor since the founding ol the Academy in l928. Governor and Mrs. William Scranton enter the audi- torium of Zembo 'l'CIIllJlC with General Baker for the Inaugural Ball. The Valley Forge Color Guard passes the Reviewing Stand at the capitol building in Harrisburg. The Valley Forge Band plays for Governor Scranton and guests at the Inaugural Ball. 147 Honor Society Convocation dinner features Dr. Kenneth Setton of University of Pennsylvania. Guard in the Inaugural Parade for Governor Director of Libraries at the University of Penn- XfVilliam Scranton. The Corps was transported sylvania. He gave a most interesting talk on there by a special train and we returned that "University Life, Six Centuries Ago." night. It was indeed an honor for every member On the eighth of February, the Corps formed of the Corps. and proceeded to the Chapel to hear the Choir In the minds of the Junior College Cadets, and Glee Club from Beard School, Orange, N. J. the date of January 31 will be remembered as That same night, following the concert, every- the day of their special J.C. "end of semester" one was looking forward to the 3l6th Infantry leave. VVhile the junior College was away, the Rifie Matches which counted on Company Com- rest of the Corps had an everlasting experience petition. of hearing a special program, honoring the cena Once again on the morning of February 12, tennial of the Battle of Gettysburg. This pro- the Corps attended an inspiring special service gram, held on Friday evening, February 1, was to celebrate Lincoln's Birthday. Cadet Russel conducted by Colonel Dayhulf and Colonel read the Gettysburg Address and the Choir sang Sanelli. Both were dressed in original Civil Mfar a few appropriate hymns. In that same week, uniforms and by the use of film strips told the on February I4, the First Class and junior Col- historic story of the Battle of Gettysburg. just lege attended the third lecture of the year. The a few days after the special program, on Febru- speaker was Commander S. B. Campion VVood ary 4, the Annual Honor Society Convocation who spoke on "The Service as a Career." The Dinner was held. Here is where all the Honor lecture was enjoyed by all, even if they were not Societies on the post are joined together with planning on a military career. their faculty advisors for a delightful dinner. Adding to that busy week the Annual Ora- The guest speaker that night was Dr. Kenneth torical Contest was held on February 15. The M. Setton, Professor of Medieval History and night proved quite interesting with Cadet Raser Contestants and introducers of the 1963 Oratorical Contest. Our new wrestling area in Price Hall Raymond Burr, television's "Perry Masonf' is welcomed to the Freedoms Foundation Convocation by General Baker. of Company taking first place, Cadet Pine of Company taking second place and Cadet Giles of the Band placing third. The next day, February l6, was started with the early reveille traditional for an M.S. Field Training, only this year it was held on the post. The various sections were broken down into groups and were trained in different areas of instruction by the use of movies and actual demonstrations. The entire day proved to be quite prosperous for everyone. Once again dance "sign-upsi' went out in preparation for the Mounted Battalion Dance which was held on Saturday night, February l6. As usual the girls looked beautiful in their formal gowns, and the dance will be long re- membered by all members of the Mounted Bat- talion. To bring this wonderful week of events to an end, the Band and Glee Club presented their third concert of the Academic year. As always, the Band was superb and the night was enjoyed by both Cadets and visitors. The Mounted Battalion dance is always enjoyed and well-attended. 115111 155' Portrait of the late General Arthur Bass, presented to the Academy by General Baker, hangs in the library. February 20 was a big day in the eyes of the First Class because that was the day they de- parted on a special four-day leave for the pur- pose of college visitation. This was a chance for the First Classmen to have an interview and also see the colleges. VVhile the First Classmen were away, the Freedoms Foundation held its Annual Convocation in Thomas Gymnasium on February 22. On the post for this occasion was television's Perry Mason and many other dis- tinguished guests. On March 7, the First Class and Junior College attended the Fifth of series of lectures on "Democracy in Action" by Dr. Korn. Again Dr. Korn delivered a most interesting and profit- able speech. Once again the Corps was treated to a combined Glee Club Concert by the Epis- copal Academy, The Hill School, and Valley Forge. Wfith the weather getting nicer, thoughts were turning homeward. Luggage was drawn, the turn-ins taken care of, and the Corps de- parted for home on Spring Leave. PASS IN REVIEW As the end of the year approaches. great interest is taken in watcliing the unit competition score- board. 150 Spring That great furlough, Spring Leave, terminated on the 24th of March, when once again cadets swamped the local terminals. The Academic year of 1962-1963 was coming to a close, and for some 250 First Classmen it would be the end of all high school life. VVith the budding of the trees of spring, a new parade season was ushered in. Yvith the parade season came other spring activities: Military Stakes, Govern- ment Inspection, Parents' lftleekend and a host of special reviews honoring guests of the Acad- emyg and Finally, Baccalaureate Sunday and Graduation Day. Barely a day passed after Spring Leave be- fore once again the graduating classes and the Junior College Freshmen attended another 'ADemocracy in Action" lecture, presented by that extremely interesting speaker, Commander Kelly, This was the last lecture of the series in which many vital aspects of Democracy had been covered: its problems, its blessings, its motiva- tions. All who had attended these lectures felt they were a very informative and important part of their education at Valley Forge. On Saturday, the 28th, classes were con- ducted all day, making up for the Special Easter Leave approaching in April. Drill was con- ducted as usual, early in the morning, and the Academic Department took over from 9:45 until 4:00. That night the Anthony VVayne Legion Guard held their annual ball, the "Rope Dance," in Mellon Hall. A gala affair, it was made more resplendant by the Kaydets Dance Band. The traditional "Taps" was played at midnight, and the Cadets reluctantly escorted their dates to the Chapel Gate. On the following Tuesday, the Baron Von Steuben Society, the local chapter of the As- sociation of the United States Army, held its induction of new members at the Vesper Service. A stirring speech was made by Colonel Hess, a graduate of VVest Point, and Chairman of the Mathematics Department. Those newly received into the Society had been accepted because of their great interest in the United States Army. These inductees will be leaders of the organiza- tion next year. On April G, Saturday, classes were held again and the first baseball game, a home game against Bordentown, was played. Palm Sunday, the 7th of April, was literally a red letter day on several calendars, for this day saw the induction of the most outstanding Cadets of the Corps into the Order of Anthony VVayne. "Born out of firef' this award was the first given to Valley Forge Cadets for work "above and beyond the call of duty," and re- mains today as a proud symbol of duty. Lt. Colonel Mitchell and Captain Van Tuin were also inducted into the Order. That night, the Band and Glee Club again gave a stirring per- formance. The following Wednesday, the former group held a recording session sponsored by the Alumni Association. On Thursday, the llth of April, the Corps left the Academy for Easter Weekend and re- turned again on the 15th, ending the last ex- tended leave before the end of the year. At Vespers, Tuesday night, the National Honor Society held its second induction of mem- bers for the l962-63 year. As opposed to pre- vious years, the members to be inducted were chosen by the Academic Faculty alone, on their Scholastic Merit, Citizenship, and Leadership. Hardly a day passed in the calendar when something of importance was not scheduled. On the 20th of April, the Military Science Depart- ment held their annual Military Stakes competi- tion. This Corps-wide competition was set up for both the individual and the company. Events ranged from a comprehensive examination for all cadets to grenade throws, mortar and machine gun assemblies, obstacle courses, first aid, and map reading. These problems were tackled by select company teams. Counting a substantial percentage on Company Competition and deter- mining the winners of the Marshall Baker Award, the events were attacked with great determination. On the same day, the Valley Forge Glee Club traveled to Washington, D. C., and the Mount Vernon Seminary. Each year the girls' During Military Stakes, Cadets assume correct machine gun firing position. Captain Murphy gives detailed explanation of 'Davey Crockett" missile. Members of the "D X.: B" squad set up a mortar in Military Stakes competition. 151 means Reviews and ....... ...Reviews and Government Inspection Lt. Colonel Arthur Haney inspects the gear of Cadets Stanley and David Larsen, sons of Major General Stanley Larsen. Accompanied by Ll. Colonel Sanelli and Inernbers of the Cadet Staff, Lt. 'Colonel Haney troops the line during Government Inspection. 153 school and Valley Forge hold an invitational vocal concert, the host alternating every year, last year the Corps was entertained by the girls' choir at a special Vesper Service. On VVednesday night, the 24th of April, the annual Publications dinner was held in the Cadet Mess. After a good meal and the cus- tomary round of speeches by the various key men of the faculty, and the eulogies by the editors of both Cadet publications, the induc- tion of new members into the Quill and Scroll Honor Society took place. This society is an international organization of school journalists and members must be qualified academically as well as having contributed substantially to the Academy publications. Government Inspection was held on Friday, April 26, and as usual, the Corps put on an impressive review for the members of the United States Army inspection team. The 27th of April, a Saturday, was a hectic day for everyone in the Corps. The Patrick Henry Forensic Society was levied with the greatest burden of their debate schedule-the Invitational Debate, sponsored each year by the Society. Over a dozen schools participated in debating the national topic: "Resolved, that the United States should help establish a Com- mon Market for the Vlfestern Hemispheric Na- tions." The anxiety of these rigorous few hours by the debators was shared by the Corps and they awaited the final totals with expectation. Also, after an early morning drill session, the Corps was photographed and photographedg there were the Company pictures, intramural pictures, class photographs, club photographs, and still more photographs. By the time that day had spent itself, few in the Corps ever wanted to see a photographer again. Again, as for many years, the Corps of Cadets honored the Military Order of the World VVars with a Guard Mount and a Regimental Review on May 2nd. At this time the Order presented a medal, in memory of its heroic dead, "To an outstanding member of the Graduating Class." The following night, a very impressive and entertaining concert was presented to the Corps by the Orpheus Club of Philadelphia. This is a concert that is looked forward to each year by the Corps and this year gained more devotees from the plebe members of the Academy. Sunday, the 5th of May, brought another distinguished speaker to the Chapel Pulpit, Major General IV. C. Vllestmoreland, Super- intendent of the United States Military Academy at VVest Point. General Westmoireland's Chapel talk this year was of extreme interest to the Valley Forge Corps of Cadets. The subject matter of his talk was our beautiful Chapel windows, what they stand for, and what in- spirational message they have for each one of us. Immediately following Chapel, a Regimental Review was held in his honor. Another review was presented on May 9th for the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States. The members of this organ- ization were honored with a dinner in the Oflicers' Mess that evening. The annual Spring Festival began on May llth with a Regimental Parade and the visita- tion of the Academic classes by the Cadets and their parents, followed by a Band and Glee Club Concert. The afternoon's activities began with the long-prepared-for Gymkhana. In this event, the individual gymnastic ability on the mats and high bar was demonstrated as well as an impressive mass gymnastic drill. Gymkhana was followed by a Guard Mount by the mem- bers of the Anthony Vllayne Legion Guard, and Spring Festival offers thrills on the high bar. 154 a Retreat Parade. Leave with parents followed. This was Saturday-Valley Forge's "Fathers Day." The next day, the Academy joined with rest of the nation in its traditional celebration of Mothers' Day. General Baker spoke in Chapel on the importance of onels mother, and then the Corps of Cadets put on a parade with their mothers as the honored guests. Enjoyed by parent, guest, and Cadet alike, this annual event will remain as one of the greatest high- lights of the year. Almost immediately after the festive week- end, the Academy was honored with the visit of the Governor of Pennsylvania, William VV. Scranton, and other distinguished members of the Governors staff. General Dwight D. Eisen- hower was also present on this day. The Anthony Wayne Legion Guard presented a formal Guard Mounting which was followed by a Regimental Review and a dinner in Eisenhower Hall. On the 21st of May, Bishop Oliver J. Hart was tendered a Retirement Parade and after- wards was guest of General Baker at a dinner in the Oflicers' Mess. There were also many other distinguished guests present to honor Bishop Hart. On the 24th and 25th of May, the Com- panies decked out their barracks with banners, welcoming back the Class of 1938. This was Homecoming Day of Alumni Weekend at the "Forge" and those returning were greeted en- thusiastically by the Corps. The Cadets met 'with their predecessors, and the young Alumni surveyed with pride both the improvements to the Academy's campus, and the development into leaders of the young men they once knew as Ustripling plebesf' Of course, the Corps honored the Alumni with as fine a parade as was possible, for these men knew what good precision was. For many, this was the first parade during which they sat as spectators rather than marching as participants, and realized what a spectacular parade was really like. Class Day Exercises were held in the Chapel on Sunday, May 26th, and on Tuesday, the 28th, members of the Anthony Wayne Legion Guard, the Band, the Troop, and the Battery gave an impressive review and Guard Mount at the Devon Horse Show. On the 29th of May, the Academic Final Examinations began. This was the last chance for the members of Graduating Classes to raise their grades before leaving for college. The exams would continue for two more days, broken by the impressive ceremonies held on May 30th, Memorial Day, in honor of those former mem- bers of the Corps who had "paid the highest price to be called American." Finally, Baccalaureate Sunday arrived and alter General Bakers inspiring sermon, the memb-ers of the Corps of Cadets got into their belts for the last time together as the solid, im- pressive Corps of 1963. "Move off to the parade Held!" was given by the Regimental Commander for the last time, in fact, everything that the graduating class did was their "last time" at the Forge-the last time for the sword, the rifle, the sabre, the "Officers Center," the "Sound- Members of the Corps of Cadets and their parents enjoy the Gymkhana on Parents' Hleckend. 155 General W. Cl. Xvestmoreland honors the Colors at the Review in his honor, off," the chatter in ranks, the smell of the grass, the Review. Many a heart lelt heavy on that day, On June 3rd, the Underclassmen departed. A'revoirs were given to those graduating, with conditions that they return on Alumni Wfeek- end. That night, Thomas Hall saw the splendor it had not seen since last year in June-the Graduation Ball. The beauty of the Grand March, the attractiveness of the decorations, the girls, and the mood of the dance all combined fhe beautiful windows in our Chapel were the subject of General X'Vestmoreland's Chapel sermon. to make a delightful last evening. On Tuesday, June 4, l963, the long lines of hatless graduates Filed into Thomas Hall for Commencement Exercises. From the "As, to the "Z's,H the slow and emotional presentation of diplomas progressed. The proudest moment lor the Cadet and his family lasted for but a lew moments on the fern-laden stageg then the new Alumnus descended the steps, his diploma clutched in his left hand. Another graduate has been added to the 4' Grey Line." Impressive Memorial Day Services are held each year in solemn memory of the Honored Dead of the Long Grey Line. 156 G1 aduation Day The Troop "Passes in Reviewy' at the annual Guard MounL and Review at the Devon Horse Show. 157 U Q- lllf L M Q .- .g.-2 s Q N. 4! , , , f ui ' , K ,,, - mffme-'a'g12?!'Lf 1Q?l5f'fX1.H:lfsaFG "4Q'Q.v, J o, , . Q e 0 uv W M52 W 11 :'f'1 G ,U X vilfii 'Fw 1 " ACA EMICS :mm 51 Mm W ,Www Bottom row: Hanscom, G. M., Cartwright, A. Demmy, D., Elliot, J. S. QPresidentj, Mlalsh, J. L., Bcrarducei R. B., Seamans, TV. li., Russell, L. III QSecretaryj, Roper, B., McCausland, J. S., Luekey, E. K., Flahart, R., Na tions, R. O., Groban, S. C. Second row: Xfllatson, R., Cupples, M. R., Kuc, R., Paget, R. J., Crisnian, P., Phiebig, T. B., Mills, D. T. YVright, D. E., Rainiondo, D. S., Stukitz, G. S., Steele, P. H., Marsh, J. Third row: Einstein, R. S., Dever, J., Kuc, R. A., Brandenburg, R. J., Spera, P. D., Huines, J. J., Kreisei C., Sehild, D. M., Heyrnann, K. V., Olgeirson, J. NV., Hligger, J. R., Van Note, A. R., Clennner, D. J. Fourth row: Calhoun, N., Symborsky, S., Cochrane, R. O., Jr., Anderson, J. T. Mueller, A. XV., Mangum, C. E. Zupan, C. A., Spohn, J. D., Simpkins, D. L., Mosby, A., Keeney, H., Talbert, J. L., YN'all., C. M. Fifth row: Masters Jr., XV. C., Stingel, D. M., Sickerott, C. D., Giovanni, R. J., LaMont, H. A., Meyers, R. D. Tocco, F. J., Barlow, R. F., Rider, J. T., Howland, XV. B., Shallenberger, J. H., Adams, H. F., Pyle, S. D. Sixth row: McLallen, J. l., York, R. O., Kara, S. K., Kraynek, R. G., Fleeger, D. L., Reider, T. F., Elliott, J W., Hartman, L. F., Kissane, E. D., Heins, F. J., Parker, B. R. Seventh row: Fox, C. J., Buettner, C. S., Sobolewski, J. YV., Drescher, XV. F., Heenan, J. C., Snyder, B., Ry bar, S. J., Murano, P. J., Johnson, J. A., Gerdsen, R. A., Hurlburt, R. E., Blair, T. R., Johnson, K. XV. ROSSO HALL Junior Colle e academic building ik' During this year of 1962-63 the College Freshmen have set new standards in both the military and academic aspects of the Valley Forge Military Junior College. This year has seen a greater number of Junior College Freshmen on the Star Lists and in the Phi Theta Kappa Society. This is the direct result of more study and the continuing helpful guidance b-y Colonel Godfrey and Major Infortuna, as well as our Dean, Colonel Carne. In the military aspect, the Freshmen of "F" Company have been striving to place their Company "on top." Yvith the help of the men of the junior College from the Band, Battery, "D" Troop, this will be done. It was a great honor to take "Best Lines" at the Harrisburg Parade. This year has been most enjoyable for those concerned, from the iirst anxious moments of plebe system to the welcome handshakes at Recognition Parade. This class is looking forward to their return in September as the Sophomore Class of the Junior College. mmm:--P-MM H ., , A--f-W Bottom row: Brown, Beck, J., Ronnigan, E., Fox, R.. Van Tuin, W., Hanak. D., Kravitz, M., Schilling, A. Fritz, J., Reeves, Wack, J., Ridley, XV., Davis, X-V., Giles, R., Hess, J., Santoro, P., Mazaleski, M., Roughead, R. Speckhardt, N., Clawson, D., Orr, R., Muns, G., Keonn, G., Dietman, J., Makowsky, A., Fox, F., Pierson, R., Ger- linger, T., Peterson, J. Second row: Boyd, R., Gould, J., Segal, L., Boytim, Lott, D., Young, R., Loomis, R., Perkins, XV., Rome M., Salzenberg, XVrabe1, G.,'Conway, YV., Scheibal, G., Back, N.. XVhite. T., Wiillis, G., Strathearn, G., Shooster D., Patchell, NV., Lott, B., Cully, N., Bouchal, G., Juntilla, R., Grandon, R., Campbell, J., Charles, R., Grabowski, F Third row: McDonald, J., Holt, J., Seifert, R., Gelsominy, L., Poole. K., Demor, D., Celli, A., Craig, Y., Derby- shire, J., Klibert, F., Tiburzi, A., Xveiner, XV., Broderick, C., Low. R., Brophy, M., Kepler, V., Randall, C., Sos, A. Bowman, T., Swallick, R., Xviese, D., Miller, M., Hewitt, A.. Sheiler, H., Rubachank, M., Elrod, M., Squires, T. Fourth row: Kavanaugh, D., Huizing, A., Auve, R., Finarelli, R., Bry-Nildsen, M., Kell, R., Ottman, S., Bright Alvarez, C., Schneider, R., Herr, J., Dotolo, B., Skolnik, J., Forman, S., Benson, R., Underwood, T., Jackson, F. Groff, H., Fickes, D.. Park, J., Moran, C., Bynon, XV., Athey, P., Fetters, H., Schneider, M., Bliss, E., Detwiler T., Hess, XV., Diaz, J., Goodman, Fifth row: Hollowell, T., Comer, Rouse, J., Prezioso, R., Hockcr, R., Aurick, L., Stratton, R., Clarke, R. Strauss, J., Seorbus, H., Albright, E., Trainer, E., Trevisan, R., Scott, T., Merrick, R., Metzler, D., Gardine, NV. Nevares, G., Bohrer, B., Dezinno, R., DeSellem, G., Getz, D., Larsen, S., DeFlippo, R., Stephenson, G., Vardack, N, Good, J., Strauss, F. Sixlh rozu: Gaston, G., Janiga, D., Lesavoy, L., Zanengo, A., Schollenbergcr, G., Long, R., Shearer, D., Daugh- erty, D., Harvey, E., Schutte, G., Baker, S., McCarty, R., Rau, E., Hilbert. R., Parry, B., Gooding, J., Keely, YV. Gregson, X-V., Cushing-Murray, G., Deljrophetis, N., Schlosbon, R., Riger, S., Morehouse, R., Miller, C., Maduro, A Sermnllz mul: Marcincin, S., Epstein, R., Connoly, J., Skipper. A.. 1-Ioyer, YV., Austin, M., Oliva, Maier, R. Konetzni, D., Oliphant, L., Goldsmith, T., McClanahan, K., Hlilliams, XV., Kooperman, S., Roche, J., Herrick, C. Green, H., Cross, R., Henson, T., Sehuler, C., Dalgliesh, R., Parnis, J., Noto, C., lVagner, J. Eighth row: Scrivani, A., Smith, S., Pitchford, R., Schmidt, XV., Hlatchko, T., Boettger, T., Purse, G., Good C., Lessig, A., Frey, F., Trego, J., Crouch, J., Mizell, R., Carey, Vilardi, XV., Dunham, NV., Sackett, C., Kennedy F., Kay, G., Dickinson, L., Looper, D., Vogelsberg, R., Sutton, Sheeto, F., Nichols, R., Jones, R., Bonnke, R 5 SEC UND CLASS OFFICERS Prcszdent ........ David A. Knecllt lice Preszdent . . . Hlilliam I.. Hess Secretary . Richard C. Giles Iferzsmev . Paul J. Santoro The importance ol the Second Class Year to the conscientious student has been most formidably met by this yearls Second Class in study, Corps leader- ship, and energetic participation in extradcurricular activities. As young members of society who are gradually experiencing a more and more complex organization of life, we have realized the significance of our present attitudes and actions, and are taking positive strides into the future. From our present body of students will come the First Classmen of next year's Corps who will compose a group ol men who will be challenged with even steeper walls to scale. This challenge, which has been met most success- fully in the past years, will be a heavy burden on the First Classmen-to-be. Realizing the importance of meeting this overall challenge, we of this year's Second Class look forward to next year with a sincere hope that we will b-e remembered as the best the "Forge" has ever seen. THE THIRD CLASS Bottom row: Jewell, K., Grassia, P., Golish, XV., Pepper, L., Paul, S., Pontarelli, N., Felton, M., Manos, J., Wlilson, H., Baughman, R., Wlhite, R., Rothaus, D., Cotter, L., Pedriek, T., Rifkin, B., Schussler, V., Varas, li., WVhitt, J., Phifer, R., Scott, J., Scarnialis, Second row: Dillen, R., XVeber, A., Chaifinch, NV., Collier, J., Gindhart, F., Vaughn, S., Hoyt, D., Fisher, R., Bailey, D., Vinchiarello, F., Burkhart. T., Brodhead, J., Saeco, J., MacNamara, D., Masterson, Maier, G., Wlitt- meyer, J., Allen, G., Battaglia, J., Cadenas, L., Paul, K. Ylmdmzt Demase NI Stunru F Pierce H6lHlI1SYiik P M1 io T Kahhan S Meschen M XVine stock, F., Sternbergh, J., Scott, U., Deubler, D., Berens, F., Cole, C., Pepper, L., Zangara, B., Millinghausen, Ryan, YV., Harnlelin, A., Hamilton, A., Liberi, A., Bithel, Fourth row: Yvebb, B., Hile, A., Snyder, G., Hurley, B., Smith, J., Guyer, J., Hackney, J., Pagano, J., Schutte, C., Lacqua, P., Bryson, XV., McDowell, G., Reskof, J., Black, S., Beard, li., Noel, J., Makuchan, B., Thompson, M., Salas, F., Braswell, T. Fifth row: Maguranyi, S., Brown, A., Terrasi, M., Johnson, D., Kessler, J., George, G., Hoser, K., Hammond J., Beatty, G., Citta, J., Pierce, J., Linibert, K., Cooper, N., Bean, R., Cunningham, R., Larnarque, E., XValter, C. Betz, J., McCleary, M., Moreschi, F,, Rocco, Sixth row: Soroka, YV., Betz, XV., Moway, J., Bach, Greely, R., Spalding, R., XVheat, R., Buttel, G.. Manta zoros, T., Carlson, J., Mclintee, C., Nichols, R., Coifnian, M., McGrew, R., Diekman, B., Nevins, XV., Roth, G., Stewert, E., Arnovitz, XV., Landback, S., Graeff, R. Seventh row: Smith, R., DeSimone, J., Goff, YV., Lafler, J., Masciarella, YY., Charkins, D., YVise, E., Tyszka, F. Belack, R., Osterhoudt, H., Stedman, V., Kates, YV., Martin, F., Bullock, T., Motley, XV., Kofer, K., H211'lI1Clll1, A. Main, R., Echternach, J. Eighth row: Orlando, D., Tuthill, R., Lannigan, G., Spear, A., Hirnberg, G., DiMarco, J., Brabits, J., Boivin A., Ross, YV., Hensler, G., Jackson, R., Riley, S., Haenel, R., Dworkis, M., Cohen, J., Baehtle, C., Shapiro, A. Glidden, J., Greene, D. Ninth row: Simmons, T., Creach, Hlilhousky, J., Thompson, T., Anistutz, E., Jacobs, F., Maxton, G., Ther rell, M., Sweeny, M., Swiek, J., Miller, R., Mackler, D., Fippinger, D., Hill, J., Yocurn, C., Pierson, J., Ncwbold G., Dath, R., Fair, YV. v : THIRD CLASS OFFICERS Preszdeni ....... Robert NV. Baughman Vzce Przsident . . Harold G. Yvilson, Jr. Secretmy .... Roger D. Ryan Fveasmer . Randall H. Bryant, III VVhen the Third Class arrived at Valley Forge in September, it was fresh and young and had yet to be molded into an effective unit. It consisted of last year's plebes returning to assume new responsibilities and this year's plebes who had to become accustomed to a new way of life. Since that time, through constant effort, we have become a competent and eflicient group and have pursued our goals to the best of our ability. It is in the Third Class year that the future leaders of the Corps are determined. VVe have realized the importance of hard work and have ably demonstrated this realization. The Third Class has worked hard militarily and has good representation on the Anthony Wayne Legion Guard to attest to this. Academically, the Third Class has done well. There were many happy faces when the Star List came out in November and January, the reward for proficiency and hard work in Academics. VVe have also made an impressionable record in athletics and in the years to come we certainly will keep this record. Thus throughout thc year we have proved ourselves in every field. 9 THE FOURTH CLASS Bottom row: George, R., Manos, J., Holt, T., Sinclair, R., Dunne, G., Jauer, V.. Elder, J., Siegal, R., Larsen. R., Lehe, T., Larsen, D., King, XV., Burtow, K., Ergood, R,, Lopez-Duprey, R., Carlson, A., Tenace, D., Robert- son, G., Gerber, F. Second row: Rigg. J., Dunham, G., Halpern, I., X'Vatkins, T., Ciofli, P., Cameron, K., Pisnieski, H., Lassy, P., Bedford, B., Parsons, J., Underwood, C., Thompson, R., X'Viesc, R., Belda, D., Miller, J,, Bohnenblust, S., Hollis- ter, F. Third row: Cole, R., Butkis, R., Zaberer, D., Oman, B., Tapp, Dilemmo, Squires, XV., Aront, A., XVeide, G., Mfheeler, A., Jolley, R., Katz, P., Picking, P., Pease, Mazalcski, YV., Feldenheimer, R., Mescher, M., Beachan, XV. Fourth row: Archbold, E., Dean, R., Bell, WV., Conn, J., Busbey. XV., Yeager, P., Brookharl, B., Dancy, M., Havens, M., Graham, R., Davis, J., Holliday, C., Benitz, J., Kent, G,, Holmes, W., Pavlatos, A., Hlyatt, A., Magolda A. Fifth row: Myers, J., Dvorchak, G., Luria, X-V., Slobodzian, L., Bekampis, B., XN'olf, C., Kaklamanos, M., Mackercll, H., Todaro, J., Arrington, G,. Muller, E., Manges, Ciliberti, G., Prior, R.. Resler, B., Ciliberti, F., Glidden, J., Hollmau, G. Sixth rozw: Lee, R., Boden, T., Gray, M., Jensen, F., Shanabcrg, P., Penn, S., Ohrnberger, If., Erndur, L., Skibinski, R., Atwood, J., Morton, S., Crist, Lengyel, Maxson, R., Lowry, B., Reynolds, H., Finger, D., YVina1'1s, inafl-ll! g' ef., fp 'af :'. -'vs-1? t'fea:.1s--:- " 1521152 T' t lllaorlirl Qifirif' FOURTH CLASS President . Vice-Presidem Secretary . Trcas u re V . Starting anew as Fourth Class plebes has been an adaption from our "civilian lifeu that we will never forget. The hustle and bustle of that first day and the kind consideration and helping hand of the New Cadet Detail was a great experience. YVe can remember the lurking thought of a whole year of this life, and it seemed incredible. Some progressed well and others were lost along the way. Classes began soon, however, and things soon began to fall into a well-planned schedule. Wle became busy with our subjects and they all became interesting with help from wellvtrained teachers and excellent facilities. Everyone worked hard and we soon acclaimed one of the largest Star Lists in the Academyls history. XN7e found ourselves busier in the oncoming months, but took time to indulge in athletics and extra-curricular activities. This year was busier than any other in our young lives, but it proved to be more worth-while than any other year has ever been. OFFICERS . . . . . . . Randolph XV. Larsen . . . Thomas R. Lche, jr. . . . Charles L. Sharp, Jr. . . David A. Larsen The new addition to the library, a gift of the Alumni Association, af- fords new study and reading area. First Classmen begin early to con- sult with Lt. Col. Nicholson, Di- rector of Guidance, on colleges and requirements. A guided tour of Valley Forge Park for all Cadets was reinstated this year. Here, Lt. Hackett, a former park ranger, lectures to Cadets outside Washington's Head- quarters. 168 The library annex extends Shannon Hall to the west. The first "section rise" of the 1962-1963 aca- demic year was given at 8:00, September 17, two days after book issue and the usual dry- run of classes. There was little altered in pro- cedure from the previous year-school call sounding at 7:50 and recall from the eighth class period at 3:55, with intermediary classes having forty-five minutes of instruction. The academic stations remained steadfast with the Math Department headquarters in the north wing of Shannon Hallg the English Department, the west wingg the Science Department, the east wingg the Language Department in McCloskey Hall and the History Department in Lhotak Hall. Time was allowed for the New Cadets to get adjusted to the various localities and for all to be acquainted with their complex sched- ules. But the real complexity fell upon Colonel Rickert and his staff who were in charge of the placement of eleven hundred Cadets with eleven hundred different schedule arrangements. The system of "A" and "B" sections was continued and more highly accelerated courses were offered for those who were prepared academically. The S.M.S.G. Mathmatics Was again extended, allowing those qualified to take Intermediate Mathematics QAlegbra ID in this accelerated program they had known before in Algebra I and Plane Geometry. Also, outstand- ing Fourth-Classmen were offered an advanced course in English, emphasizing not only gram- mar but literature appreciation and composi- tion construction as well. An additional wing to the Library was pre- sented to the Corps for its facilitation by the Alumni Association. Not only does this new addition allow for a greater volume and organi- zation of books, but also provides more attrac- tive and spacious Cadet study space. In addi- tion to the new Library wing, other academic building improvements include an indoor, pro- tected hallway for McCloskey Hall. Class elections for the Junior College Sophmores, First, Second, and Third Classes were held October 45 the Junior College Fresh- men and Fourth Classmen held their elections immediately following Christmas Leave. The following were elected presidents of their classes: Cadets Jaime Pujals-Junior College, lfVilliam Floyd-First Class, David Knecht- Second Class, Robert Baugliman-Third Class, Randolph Larsen-Fourth Class. Although not a military distinction, to be chosen to lead one's class is a great tribute from one's fellow classmates. The annual Occupational Seminar for the Junior College and the First Class was held on Thursday afternoon, the l5th of November, at Mellon Hall. After an inspiring speech by Mr. George Seybolt '32, chairman of the Seminar, the Cadets met with the various successful alumni to discuss various vocational questions. The Cadets who took advantage of this invalu- able opportunity will look back on this occasion as one of their Cadet highlights. On Saturday, Octob-er 20, the Second Class- men had one of the greatest challenges of their academic life-the Preliminary Scholastic Apti- tude Test. The results achieved on this test showed each Cadet his strengths or weaknesses and tentatively allowed his guidance counselor to evaluate his possibilities of entering the col- lege of his choice. The first Star List was published follow- ing the first marking periodg this was a new policy enabling advanced preparation for those Cadets receiving gold or silver stars to leave early for Christmas Leave. Thirteen Cadets be- came entitled to wear the paragon of excellent academic achievement-the Distinguished flargej Gold Starsg some thirty-Hve followed with supe- rior fsmallj Gold Starsg and slightly more earned Silver Stars. All in all, the first marking period showed a level of academic achievement unsur- passed in Valley Forge's thirty-four year old history. Gold Star Cadets left for Christmas Leave on the sixteenth of December, Silver Star Cadets on the seventeenth, and the Corps fol- lowed on the eighteenth. Mid-term Hnals were to greet us upon Christmas Leave's termination instead of having a great exam tension before leave, as was the case several years ago when trimester finals were administered immediately preceding vacation. A class in Advanced Placement English studies the mechanics of poetry with a Cadet leading the discussion. 1 -avi ,, , .,.., fig - qf2 ,rtf .,RvS i 1 I 1 I f a Q n n q Q llllfwdlllll Qgegfs lllllll l fa, il" N157 Frequent exhibits, covering many subjects, are shown each year, rang- ing from one on Science fabovey to one on Shakespeare fleftj. . c,.,, ,,i,. W... . ,vwamimaw m The month of January, 1963, began on a sad note when members of the Corps of Cadets re- turned to the Academy after Christmas Leave and learned of the death of our former Dean, Brigadier General Arthur YV. Bass. General Bass had served the Valley Forge Military Academy for twenty-seven years before his re- tirement in 1961. The Patrick Henry Forensic Society has been putting in some heavy practice, debating with other schools, a procedure which was begun this year under the able direction of Lt. Heise. This year's Dunaway Debate promises to be a great one with the extra practice which the members of the Society are getting. During the time since their return from Christmas Leave, the Corps had been studying hard for the First Semester examinations which began on Monday, the 28th of january and continued for three days. Following the ex- amination, the members of the junior College were given an 'ilind of Semester" Leave of four days. On Friday night, February l, a Special Dean's Assembly was held, starring two mem- bers of the teaching staff of the Academy, Colonel Charles Dayhuff and Lt. Col. Alfred Sanelli. These gifted men gave the Corps of Cadets an illustrated, dramatized talk on the Battle of Gettysburg. lt was an event that will be long remembered by everyone who was there to hear it. The following Sunday, the Corps heard from another member of the faculty, Colonel joseph tl. Esrey, Chairman of the Department JL., of English, as their Chapel speaker. On the following Monday, the members of all Honor Societies were privileged to hear Dr. Kenneth M. Setton, Director of Libraries and Professor of Medieval History at the University of Pennsylvania, give a talk on "University Life, Six Centuries Ago." His talk proved that through the ages, students have not changed much in their attitudes toward studying and even in those dim ages, were very cryptic when they wrote home to their parents, asking for money and reporting grades and progress. About this time, Colonel Xflleidener, Dean of Academics, released information concerning the Summer Science School. All science courses are offered in this program and full credit is given in the courses. They are a group of well- planned programs designed to give each student the chance to develop intelligent, orderly think- ing in an intellectual, stimulating atmosphere. These courses will be conducted in small, under- twelve classes and in this way, the student will be able to cover more than the basic college requirements, giving him an added advantage when he takes similar, more advanced courses in the early college years. On February l5, the annual Oratorical Contest was held. This year, the theme was "Great Moments in Dramatic Literature." The subject matter of the speakers ranged from Shakespeare through Melville to Alan Paton. All speakers are to be credited with good performances and especially the winners, Cadets Raser of 'TH Company, Pine of "A" Company, and Giles of the Band. Oratorical Contest winners, Cadets Pine, XV. B., Raser, R. L., and Giles, R. C. 170 Cadet Third Classman Rob studies his literature homework during evening study hall. At a yearbook conference at the University of Pennsylvania, Cadets Kob and Larsen, of next year's stall, learn more about production. Late in the following week, on Mfashing- ton's Birthday, the Freedoms Foundation held its annual Convocation in Thomas Hall. This organization, dedicated to the cause of Free- dom through Liberty, Justice, and Opportunity, saw fit to honor two persons at Valley Forge Military Academy: Colonel David Gardiner for American History, Commander R. E. Jones, for his Chapel Sermon and Cadet Randall S. Pitch- ford for his essay on Freedom. Cadet Pitchford was given the Nathan Hale Youth Award and the George Vllashington Honor Medal, as well as a cash prize of jiioo. During the period from the twentieth through the twenty-fourth, the members of the First Class were given a weekend in which to visit colleges and have interviews concern- ing their prospective admission to these colleges, On Friday, March l, the annual Dunaway Debate was held. The topic for this year's debate was "Resolved: That the United States should take aggressive action against Cuba in order to strengthen the Mfestern Hemispheres stand against Communismfi The debate was very spirited with both sides expressing good points, but in the opinion of the judges, the Affirma- tive Team was the winner, and Cadet -Iewett, the winning speaker and winner of the Dun- away Medal. Saturday, March 2, saw the next session of the College Entrance Examinations and dur- ing the following week, the National Educa- tional Development Tests and the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Tests were ad- ministered to the Third and Second Classes respectively. On the 13th, the Gold Star Cadets l Education takes on all aspects at VF, Cadet Raser practices the intricacies of choir conducting. left for Spring Leave, followed on the lllth by the Silver Star Cadets. The remainder of the Corps of Cadets left for home on Friday, March 15. YfVith the end of Spring Leave on the 24th of March, the Cadets looked forward to one more Leave at Easter and then the Graduating Classes looked forward to that one important day when they would leave the Academy to go on to greater days in college. On two Saturdays, March 30 and April 6, regular academic classes were held to allow the Corps of Cadets to have the Leave over the Easter Holidays. VVith this Leave over, the National Honor Society held its Spring Induc- tion during Chapel Vespers on April 16. Cadets are elected to this organization through their Academic efforts of Scholarship, Citizenship, and Leadership. It is the Society which repre- sents the highest Academic achievement of the Cadets of the Corps. Although Military Science is a separate set of courses, it is an Academic subject at the Academy and figures in all averages. On Satur- day, April 20, the men of the Corps had their chance to show, in practical application, what they had learned in the classroom in the courses in Military Science. The winning teams in these practical problems scored points for their com- panies and the Cadets with the highest scores were the winners of the Marshall Baker Award for Military Proficiency in the Military Stakes. About this time, the trips to Valley Forge Park, suspended during the winter, were re- sumed, and on Mfednesdays, the remaining com- panies went by bus to that famous shrine of 171 A Cadet of the Third Class removes cultures from autoclave in preparing an exhibit for Biology, On Parents' YVeekend, Guidance Depart- ment exhibit graphically shows colleges to which First Classmen have been ac- cepted. l778 where' they visited the museum, the Chapel, and VVashington's Headquarters. This was a different kind of education than that taught in the classroom, and the Cadet was given the opportunity to realize at first hand the historical aspects of this great Revolutionary campground. Also, in April, the VVashington Irving Literary Society announced a new award, the Vare Award, to be given for an essay, poem, or play entitled: "Valley Forge Military Acad- emy's contribution to the continuance of the American Heritage as evolved at Valley Forge 1777-78." This award was presented through the courtesy of Mr. Edwin H. Vare, a friend of the Academy. Also at this time, the members of the XfVashington Irving Society began collect- ing good selections of Cadet writings to be published later in the spring in The Sketch Book. On April 24, a cool spring night, the edi- tors, writers, typists, and other workers of the two Academy publications, the Crossed Sabres and the Legiorzmzire, were honored at the Pub- lications Dinner in the Cadet Mess. General Medenbach, Colonel Mleidener, Colonel Esrey, and the Advisors and Editors of the publica- tions spoke briefly and then the new members of the Quill and Scroll Honorary Journalism Society were inducted. The Columbia Scholastic Press Medal was awarded to Cadets Ivan Sabel and XfVilliam Baker. On the following Saturday, while the re- The intricate forms of Plane Geometry are illustrated by drawings and models. mainder of the Corps of Cadets were being photographed for the Crossed Sabres, the Patrick Henry Forensic Society was host to eighteen schools for the Twelfth Annual Invitational Debate. The problem resolution of the debate was on the Common Market and whether the The General Science exhibit for Spring Festival features weather reporting data, experimental batteries, and steam jet engines. An English Department room showing overhead projector and record player used extensively in classroom work United States should work to establish one in the Mfestern Hemisphere. This year, the Academy teams of Cadets Knecht-Iewett and Bryant-jarden, hnished in fifth place. Great tribute is to be given to the members of the Society and to Lieutenant Heiseg both spent long hours in practice and research to present a good debate. At the beginning of May, the Academy was pleased to receive the report that two mem- bers oi the Second Class had been honored by the National Council of Teachers of English with achievement awards-Cadets Colaciccofand l'Vendt. Spring Festival was held on May ll and 12 and the Academic Departments were visited by Cadets and their parents, to talk with the teachers and to see the Special Project work of the members of the Corps. These projects ranged from Term Papers and Special Re- ports to drawings, maps, diagrams, and models in the Language, History, English, and Mathe- matics Departments. In the Science Depart- ment, the projects took on the more compli- cated aspect of showing, through the use of models, actual subjects, and Hne drawings, the complications of Modern Science as it is studied in the classroom. The Biology Department, in particular, had an outstanding group of ex- hibits which included the growing of cultures, the hatching of ducklings in an incubator, the growth of plant life under varied-colored lights, and many models of life, both human and animal. Also, at the Spring Festival, the Guidance Department was pleased to announce that over l26 Cadets of the First Class had been accepted in colleges all over the United States, at this date. The Guidance Department, under the direction of Lt. Colonel Everard Nicholson, which has come into its own as a separate de- partment in the Academic Department only in the last few years, is to be long remembered for the great assistance it has given all members of the Graduating Class in their quest for college admission. On the 18th of May, the final series of College Entrance Board Tests were given, and on the 29th, the Final Examinations for the year l963 were begun. These examinations lasted for three days, broken by Memorial Day, and on Tuesday, june fl, 1963, the Graduating Classes marched to Thomas Hall for Commence- ment Exercises-those exercises which ended the Junior College and high school studies and which began the higher education of college. aiwujlig Fa-m.,,' 5 ' Fi2 viii? if' SYQWM Hifi"-ii? q'WT51:Y"Y' ' f D I I I Q D v 51521115 ' e 'M Qvn.-Pia 'I1 I xl IIUNIIR SIICIETIES AND CIRGANIZATIUNS 174 Springtime on Continental Drive. XVith thc advent of Spring come Dogwood, visitors, parades and the feeling that the school year is almost at an end. Frou! row: Lanshe, J., Ryan, R., Floyd, YV., Stevens, M., Baker, XV., Dunkelberger, G., Hess, J., Larsen, S. Second row: Klibert, F., Carman, J., Noto, C., Giles, R., Crosby, D., XVendt, J., Green, H., Knecht, D., Arnovitz, R. Third row: Berman, L., Gianetlo, R., Craig, Y., Long, S., Colonel Esrey, Derbyshire, J., Kornet, J., Priestley, The National Honor Society "Scholarship, Character, Leadership, and Service"-these are the four corner- stones upon which the National Honor Society is founded. "Scholarship,', the main requirement in gaining admission to the Society, must be met success- fully by all Cadets who seek admission. However, the other three qualifications must also be evident. Serving as the highest of the school's honor societies, the National Honor Society members are known and respected by all. The recognition of being Society members of the National Honor Society will surely be prevalent in the minds of the members when remembering their years at Valley Forge. The chapter at the Academy is named in honor of Eric Fisher YfVood, Class of 1937, who was killed in action December l7, 1944. Formal induction ceremonies are held twice during each academic year at Chapel Vespers. At this year's Fall Dinner Meeting a panel discussion on "Character and Service" was led by the Rev. Robert Matherly, minister of the Lower Merion Baptist Church, Bryn Mawr, and at the Mfinter Dinner Meeting, the annual "College Bowlv quiz contest was conducted, with prizes lor the high-scoring members. Spring events include a dinner meeting on April 30, and the long- awaited trip to the Bucks County Playhouse, New Hope, in May. Seated: Floyd, YV., Pujals. J., Captain Murphy, Dunkleberger, G., Boyd, R. First row: Hess, NV., Trenga, G., Caputo, C., Banco, G., XVilliams, F., Formisano, j., Roughead, R. Second rout: Haman, C., Sabcl, I., Hanscom, G., Xanthopoulos, P., Wegman, T. Third row: Starner, R., Priestly, E., jewett, J., lVatson, J. Fourllz row: Marriot, H., Korner, xl., Kober, S. The Baron Von Steuben Military Society is the Valley Forge Military Academy chapter of the Association of the United States Army. This year's faculty advisor, Captain Murphy olf the Military Science Department, has done much to make the society the most active at the Academy. The Society exists to increase military skills, gen- eral military knowledge, and the prestige ol the U.S. Army, within the Corps of Cadets. Among the many activities of the society was the attending of the Association's National Convention in lVashington, D.C. lt was through the grace of our Superintendent that the three society members were able to attend. Another success of the Society was the presentation of a vivid description of the famous Civil lVar Battle at Gettysburg. Other activities of the year included lectures by faculty ol'l'icers on their personal experiences in Viet Nam, lectures on such ai propos topics as insurgency, guerrilla warfare, and counted insurgency, and a trip to Gettysburg where they saw, firts hand, how that great battle was fought. All in all, with Mr. Pujals as our Chapter Captain, the Baron Von Steuben Military Society has turned out to be one of the most beneficial societies on the post. Lt. Colonel Sanelli congratulates new members of the A.U.S.A. Bottom row: Daniels, B., Lanshe, J., Colonel Mitterling, Ryan, R., Craig, C. Second row: Duke, C., Palomo, A., Connell, D., Derbyshire, J., Nevada, S., Soroka, XV. Third row: Magur- anyi, S., Baughman, R., Pine, R. This year, the Benjamin Franklin Honor Society, under the direction of Col. Mitterling, our advisor, and Cadet Lanshe, president, presented a wide selection of scien- tific programs to benefit the Corps of Cadets. Early in the year, the Society was able to arrange for a demon- stration on Liquid Air to supplement each Cadet's scientific training. Late in February, prominent mem- bers of the Society spoke on various aspects of Astron- omy. These lectures were accompanied by films, and were presented to those Cadets in good academic stand- ing and interested in joining this acitve group. This year we were permitted to visit the Lehigh Dairy, where we witnessed the processes of homogenization and pasteurization as well as the manufacturing of other basic dairy products. The main goals of the Society have been to instill an interest in scientinc subjects, and present experi- ments which are not used in the class room because of their complex nature. The sincere interest in science possessed by each member has made the programs pre- sented by the Society extremely educational as well as interesting. It is in our hopes that in the future the Society will continue with similar educational programs, which will instill an interest in science among the members of the Corps of Cadets. 178 Cadet Lanshe shows project on the distillation of fresh water from sea water. liollom row: Jewett, J., Santoro, P., Lt. Heise, Jack J., Priestly, E. Second row: Rose, I., Mozino, T., Breckenridge, L., Perry, D., Klibert, F. Third row: Bryant, R., Jarden, R., Lar- sen, S., Glowienka, J. Once again, the school's debating society experienced a year of hard but rewarding work. Headed by its in- dustrious advisor, Lieutenant Heise, the Patrick Henry Forensic Society endeavored to promote an interest in public speaking and discussion throughout the Corps. One of the hardest working groups on the post, this year's society participated in several inter-scholastic debates, giving all opponents a worthy battle. Several members of the society participated in the Invitational Tournament of Philadelphia's Central High School and the Academy's own Invitational Debate which played host to over a dozen public and private secondary schools. The society's main contacts with the Corps are the Oratorical Contest and the Dunaway Debate which are held annually. Those cadets who were fortunate enough to be members of the Patrick Henry Society had one of the most rewarding and unceasing benefits for their asking: the ability to speak with confidence and pre- sent with logic, one's own views. Through the dedi- cated guidance of the advisor and the unceasing co- operation from the members of the society, this year's debating society was a true success. Dunaway Medal winner, Cadet jewett, speaks to the Society about the Invitational Debate. 179 Seated: Sabel, I,, Stevens, M., Baker, XV., Floyd, YV., Kornet, J. Standing: Arnovitz, NI., Larsen, S., Colonel Esrey, Knecht, D., Lanshe, Membership in the Quill and Scroll Society is an award reserved for those outstanding publication members who meet the basic requirements of the Society: they must be of at least Second Class standing, they must be in the upper third of their class scholastically for the current yearg and they must have done superior work in some phase of journalistic or literary endeavor. Major Heinrich, advisor to Crossed Sabres, and Captain Mason, advisor to The Legionnaire, nominate eligible candidates to Colonel Esrey, the Society's ad- visor. Alter these nominations have been approved by the Executive Secretary at National Headquarters, the nominees are formally inducted at the Annual Publica- tions Dinner held in April. Since the inception of the Valley Forge Chapter, named in memory of Allen YV. Rucker, Class of l943, this organization has endeavored to improve the stand- ards of journalism in the Academy's yearbook and news- paper. A critique service at the Iowa City headquarters stands ready to offer criticisms and helpful suggestions on the constant improvement of high school journalism. 180 Col. lisrey discusses induction of new members of Quill and Scroll with Publications' Editors. Bottom wiv: Noto, C., Lt. Fontain, Baker, YV., MacFarland, R. Second row: Post, J., Gas- Cadets Post, II., and Noto, C. check information for a Society meeting. ton, G., Carman, J. In its eager and dedicated attempt to promote Spanish and Spanish culture throughout the Corps, the Ruben Dario Honor Society has made great strides this year. In our different meetings, we have seen many pictures on Spanish and Latin American topics and have also been honored with the visit of the Consul of Chile who gave a brief talk on that country. To top it off, we enjoyed our annual trip to the city of Philadelphia. The Society is still new though, and small in numbers, but in the years to come it will increase in size, popularity, and participation in the Corps activ- ities. just two years ago the society was only a club, but through the efforts of its members it became a regular Honor Society. I am sure that the society will always rank in the top societies of the Academy. The real purpose of our group though, is not to compete against others or go on different trips. The aim of our organization is to give its members greater knowledge and a desire of foreign languages. It is also designed to help spread the desire throughout the Corps. With the help of the members of our group and our sincere faculty advisor, Lieutenant Fontain, our goals shall be reached. 181 Boltom raw: Green H., Arnovitz, R., Colonel Campbell, Long, S., Colacicco, G. Second row: Broderick, C., Pagano, J., Hlilson, H., Kob, -I. Tlzirrl row: XVise, E., Berman, I... Motley, NV. Absent: Stevens, M., Starner, E., 'l'umpson, M., McCinty, J. This year, the Alexander Hamilton Forum, under the skillful guidance of Colonel Campbell, has completed a very successful group of meetings. Witli the society's main purpose always in mind, namely that of stimulat- ing and developing a better interest in general history and current affairs, the year l962-63 has been filled with many interesting events sponsored by the society. The society had many interesting programs within itself, including a lecture by the Chairman of the History Department, Colonel Gardiner, on the topic of "Alexander Hamilton," for whom this society is named. In addition to their regular programs, the society spon- sored a Dean's Assembly on the ever controversial topic, "Communism," and throughout the year, the members have been privileged to hear talks by outstanding per- sons in the public and governmental eye. These speak- ers have added to our knowledge of domestic and foreign affairs so essential to the life of everyone today. In March, the society took its annual trip and saw the motion picture, "Lawrence of Arabia." The members of the society feel that this year has been interesting and informative, and has added an- other successful year to the society's history. 182 Alexander Hamilton members confer before presentation of 1Jean's Assembly program. liollonz rozu: Hiergesell, Sahel, I., Major Heinrich, Schwietzer, R., Muckenfuss, L. Second row: Arnovitz, XV., Jones, R., Wlalkey, T. Limbert K., Scott, T. Cadets Heirgesell and Limbert rehearse parts for an informal production. As l962-l963 comes to a close, we all feel as though we have completed a year that may be marked as "highly successfulu in our society's history. VVe have advanced our organization to a point where it truly follows the motto "Ars Artis Causaf' Art for Artis Sake. Although we have a new advisor this year, we have found him to be highly competent in fulfilling his obligation to our ideals in dramatics. Lieutenant Quigg has shown further interest by introducing a play, in coordination with Captain Mason, which was presented by the society. Also this year we attended several shows in Philadelphia to support our interests in art at its best. In the future we invite others to become members of the Mask and Spur Honor Society and to promote the interest in dramatics and classic and modern arts as many have done in the past. Wle know their results will be fruitful, as ours have been, through a thorough indoctrination to an informative study of art. And now we leave our society and our past efforts to Cadets of the future who will maintain our ideals and the name of the Mask and Spur Honor Society pre- dominately throughout the Corps of Cadets. The mem- bers of the l962-l963 session bid their farewell. 183 Bottom row: Dunkleberger, G., Captain Michaels, Boyd, Gass, S. Second row: Leader J., Det- wiler, C., Trenga, J., Arndt, N. Third row: Xanthopoulos, P., Badolato, G., DeCriscio, M. It has been said that '4Music is the universal language of mankind." It may be hard for someone to under- stand the language of someone from a foreign country, but music speaks for itself and no one has to have a translator to get the true meaning out of music. The Stephen Foster Honor Society is a Cadet organization, devoted to developing and furthering, not only their knowledge and appreciation of this "universal language," but that of the Corps also. The objectives of the members ol this society are threefold: l. To promote an appreciation of music through- out the Corps by sponsoring musical activities. 2. To bring to its members an increased knowl- edge and appreciation of all types of music. 3. To maintain the standing of this organiration by willingly contributing to its activities. YVith these three basic precepts rest the success of this organization. In this society, talent and the love of music generally combine to make each meeting or pro- gram an interesting and enjoyable experience. All members contributed toward this experience. 184 The Society spends many enjoyable evenings listening to selections played by its own mem- hers. Bottom row: Haman E., Floyd, WV., Captain Stork, Eaile L Second row YVendt J Strauss Gardine, WV The purpose of the WVashington Irving Literary Society is to foster an appreciation of literature and creative writing. This is accomplished mainly by the compila- tion of the best Cadet writing during the Academic year and the publishing of same in the Sketch Book. YVith the able assistance of Captain Stork, the Society's new advisor, the Wlashington Irving Society hopes to publish a new and better Sketch Book this year with an entirely different format and presentation. The Society also held an informal discussion on contemporary American Literature to which all Honor students were invited. This discussion was not only interesting, but educational as well. It provided an outlet for a literary-rninded Cadet to express his ideas before a group of prospective "literateurs.'1 The meetings often turned into 'lliterary debatesj, especially when such men as Colonel Esrey and Major lnfortuna spoke about their favorite and often contro- versial authors. The highlight of the year's activities was the So- ciety's annual dinner trip. A lecture and an interest- ing movie were enjoyed by all. QLV11155 And Bqtm M First row: General Baker, Cadets Formisano, J. D., Floyd, Ml. R., Dunkelberger, G. R., Hanscom, G. M., Haiuan, C., Earle, L. D., Stevens, M., Baker, XV. S. Second row: Pujals, XVilliams, F. A., Banco, G. N., Bortz, P. H., Carter, R. B., Rackley, F. B., Schroeder, li. XV., Maykuth, F. Third row: Lt. Colonel Clarence Mitchell, Captain jon Van Tuiu. The Order of Anthony Wayne This, the Academy's highest award, was literally "born in href' It was established on January 18, 1929, when the original campus of Valley Forge Military Acad- emy was completely destroyed by fire. The heroism of the cadets at this moment, along with their excellent training and discipline, inspired the Super- intendent to establish this highly coveted award. The Order of Anthony Mfayne is awarded "to those cadets, who in the opinion of the members of the Order, have achieved the standards of qualifica- tions for which the Order stands, namely, efliciency, high ideals, and untiring efforts above and beyond the call of duty, contributing substantially to the morale, esprit de corps, and progress of the Valley Forge Military Academy, and exemplifying the best traditions of the military service." Cadets and faculty officers were rewarded for their outstanding service to the Academy at the spectacular annual chapel service held in April. 45 X 6 W K, W Q QT 6 Q u is tk I 8 1 . ,. . .Wife I ' 1 :api 141- -if 6- :ff .11 ..,.. ,., , , Seated: Earle, L., Rackley, F., Floyd, W., Pujals, J., Formisano, J., Hfilliams, F., Haman, C., Carter, R., Dunklebcrger, G. Standing: Maykuth, F., Schroeder, li., Bortz, P. The Honor Council Honor, being one of man's greatest virtues, is essential for any group of people who live and work together. Here at Valley Forge, one of the primary goals of the school is to instill in each cadet the Honor which he will carry with him long after he departs. Honor here at Valley Forge is like a link in a chain. If the link is broken, the standards of the Corps will drop. Since Honor exists among the cadets themselves, it is left up to them to uphold it. All cadets know the Honor Code for it is very simple: "A cadet does not lie, cheat, or steal." Almost everyone lives and abides by the code: however, for the few who have difhculty living honorably, there is the cadet Honor Council, whose members are selected by the Superintendent. The Council is made up of the Chairman, the Cadet Regimental Commander, and various cadets, totaling twelve, each representing his respective unit. Established here years ago, the Honor Code is highly respected by all members of the Corps, the simplicity of the code makes understanding of its rules easy. In future years, in college and thereafter, graduates will remember the Honor System at Valley Forge Military Academy, for, without Honor, possibility for a successful and happy life is remote. This year, the Honor Council is quite pleased. The Corps has displayed a good sense of integrity and honesty between their fellow cadets and their school. Someone once said, "Valley Forge builds men-and without Honor, there are no men." The members of the Valley Forge Honor Council will always remember the privilege they had to serve on a council that upheld the ideals of honor for the future Corps of the Academy. Sf? Seated: Earle, L,, Rackley, F., Floyd, MR, Formisano, J., Lt. Col. Allen, Pujals, J., Williams, F., Haman, C., Carter, R. Standing: Hanscom, C., Bortz, P., Maykuth, F., Schroeder, E. Dunkleberger, G., Banco, G. With the many extra-curricular activities at the Academy, it is the purpose of this board to help to organize and develop these activities for the good of the Corps of Cadets. Members of the Board of Governors visit meetings of clubs and Honor Societies, and attend movies and athletic events in order to acquaint themselves more thoroughly with all activities available to the Corps. VVith this knowledge, the members of the board can better suggest or recommend changes which will reflect to more and better Cadet activities. The Board of Governors is made up of sixteen of the Senior Cadet Officers taken from the Regimental Staff, the Infantry and Mounted Battalions, and from each Company of the Corps and appointed for one yearls service by the Superintendent. lt is to this board that Cadets make their own suggestions for the betterment of activities and the board, in turn, reviews these suggestions and submits their recommendations to the Superintendent. Working with the Director of Activities, Lt. Colonel C. Kennedy Allen, the board functions to help stimulate the various activities, with its primary purpose to keep the morale of the Corps at a high level and to foster a superior degree of Esprit-dc-CIo'rj9s throughout the Cadet body. r Bottom row: Bowser, M., Rowe, A., Hess, Colonel Gardiner, Danials, B., Sinclair, J., Tcrni- gan, R. Scrmzrl rozu: Kilbert, T., Korner, N., Perry, D., Klein, T.. Bowman. T., Marcus, rl.. Dey, C., Purse, C., Smith, T., Nolo, C. Third row: Surgenl, J., Fox. R., Salasin, Scrivani, A., Mlatt, T., Colacicco, G. Fourth row: Brown, H., Bentley, l'., Busch, C. The Cadet Advisory Council The Cadet Advisory Council was established in 1946. It consists of representa- tives of each platoon in the Infantry and Mounted Companies and Band who are elected annually by the members of said platoons. This year the Advisory Council consists of four representatives each from A, B, C, D, E, F, and G Com- panies and one Band representative, totaling twenty-nine in all. The purpose of this group is to recommend to the Superintendent such improvements, innovations, and alterations as may seem desirable from time to time in all phases of Cadet Life at the Valley Forge Military Academy by means of proper parliamentary procedure as outlined in the constitution of the organization. Oflicers are elected annually by the council for the olhces of president, vice president, secretary, and sergeant-at-arms. Meetings are held monthly at times set by the advisor and the president. WWW' 'iv R MH -.... ef.. 'ii' Fai' 1- 'miw!4.,1f: ' am:-qi5:m-f . .,,. qs,- . . .-. .-. 1 5155256 e' at Wie Bottom row: Leamy, D., Lt. 'Colonel Allen, Uhler, J. .Second row: Danials, B., Sommerfield, E., Marriot, H., YVeidig, E., Smyth, G. Absent: Baker, XV., Neilson, G. The jobs of a Hop Manager are numerous. Here, two cadets check the list as they address invitation envelopes. 190 As the dances at the Academy contribute greatly to the Social and Educational background of the Corps, it is therefore htting to have a committee who can arrange all the details to make each dance both on and off the post a real success. This committee is composed of a senior or regi- mental hop manager, a hop manager from each com- pany, with an assistant hop manager from the Cadet N.C.Ofs to represent each company. The managers arrange both personal and blind dates and see that in- vitations are sent to all guests. The assistants in each company contact the individual cadets for names of their dates and tabulate the necessary rosters from which the invitations are sent out. The night of the dance, the Hop Committee assists in the assigning and intro- duction of blind dates and circulates on the dance floor to assure a smoothly functioning affair. During the past year, this committee has done an outstanding job under the direction of its advisor, the Academy Adjutant, who gives credit to its members for the praise, which it has so justly received, from the members of the Corps of Cadets and their dates. Bottom row: Osterhoudt, H., YVilliams, R., Major Romine, Gardine, XV., Baughman, R. Second row: Schmidt, G., Kessler, J., Brophy, M., Cannon, P., Mozino, T., Hoser, K. Third mzv: Graham, R., Fetters, H., Braswell, T., Miller, C., Lassy, P. Fourth row: Boettger, T., Le- savoy, L., Gindhart, F. Now in its third year of existance, the Valley Forge Military Academy Museum Club has shown continuous growth and progress. As its primary function, the Club has the duty of fostering the growth and development of the Academy Historical Museum. As their Academy matures, the Cadet members are dedicated to keeping pace by preserving and displaying in appropriate fashion the historical record of their institution. The Club is indebted to Mr. Alex Montgomery of Villanova for a recent gift to the Academy of a mag- nificent collection of military weapons of all kinds, in- cluding a complete record of the evolution of the famed Mauser action. In keeping with its policy of visiting, for the pur- pose of guidance and inspiration, established military museums in this region, the Club visited the l'Var Li- brary and Museum of the Military Order of Loyal Le- gion at its National Headquarters in Philadelphia. In preserving the past, the Club looks to the future in its continuing interest in seeking greater space and improved displays, and during the current year has been seeking a suitable oflicial name. The Museum Club has been ably lead this year by its President, Cadet R. B. YVilliams and the Advisor, Major Romine. Members of the Museum 'Club examine one of the many examples of military weaponry on display. 191 .S'ealcd: Strauss, R., Larsen, S., Sahel, I,, Editor, Post. Carman, ll. Stanrling: Hawkins, R.. Reed, P., Dickinson, I.., Koh, I-locker, R., Stump, F. Mr. Ray Snow, Cadets Sahel and Larsen check folding of 7963 Crossed Sabres. 192 Each year, in late September, a rather unique group of Cadets gather in a room in Mellon Hall to plan what will be, in May, one of the most remembered articles that a Cadet will take with him from the Academy. Those who are graduating will find it becoming more and more valuable as the years go hy, because it is a compact record of their years at "The Forge." This well- rememhered article is Crossed Sabres, the Valley Forge Military Academy Yearbook. Those cadets who have worked on the Crossed Sabres this year, putting in seemingly endless hours of editing, typing, re-typing, scheduling photographs, and making final layouts, under the direction of their most able Editor, Cadet lvan R. Sahel and their Advisor, Major Lawrence Heinrich, have something to be proud of. The duty is arduous, but for those who stay with it, the rewards are great, and the Advisor has great praise for them. ln Gctober of 1962, a group of Cadets of the year- book staff attended seminars at the 22nd Annual Year- book Conference of the Columbia Scholastic Press Asso- ciation in New York City. All agreed that the trip was very worthwhile as it gave some of the new members a chance to see just how yearbooks are conceived and constructed. As this year closes, we of the Crossed Sabres are realizing that our work was not in vain, the Corps ol: Cadets acclaims the best yearbook ever. Seated: Kornet, J., Baker, YV., Editor, Captain Mason, Floyd, XV., Stevens, M. Standing: Arno- vitz, M., Slrathearn, G., Caputo, C., Knecht, D., Rappa, D., Lanshc, A glance at any copy of the Legioztzzzzire will show you just how important it is in the lives of the Corps of Cadets. The Lcgimznaire now reaches 4,000 people- Cadets, their parents, the faculty, and many Alumni. From its pages comes all the news of what the Cadets are doing, what sports they are playing and the scores of those sports, the very enjoyable columns of Company News, and "kIenny,'lthe girl friend of the Corps. YVith Captain Mason, our advisor, and VVilliam S. Baker, our Editor-in-Chief, at the helm, the crew of the Legiomznire works hard at the job of publishing a six- page newspaper every two weeks. The various editors and writers put together their excellent articles, the Editorial staflf composes the paper, and the hard-working circulation staff does the diflicult task of sending the newspaper all over the United States and to many foreign countries. There have been many important stories this year, among them the visit of the Ambassador from England, Sir Ormsby Gore, the Inaugural Parade, and the many Corps activities such as the Dunaway Debate, Concerts, and Assemblies. In each case, the Legionnaire brought the details to the many Academy and non-Academy subscribers to the V.F. M.A. newspaper. The editors frequently compare the Legionnaire with other high school newspapers. 19 f Bottom row: Burkhardt, T., Lesavoy, L., Captain McKinney, Gilbert, D., Merrick, K. .Second mtv: Schmidt, G., Cindhart, F., Kessler, Hoser, K. Absent: McLallen The Cadet members of the Audio-Visual Club prepare the Audio portion of a program in Mellon Hall. 194 The Audio-Visual Club of the Valley Forge Military Academy has as its purpose the teaching of cadets in the operation ol those articles which constitute either the listening to or seeing of sound and pictures. During this year, the Club has changed a great deal from those of former years. Under the leadership of Captain McKin- ney, the Audio-Visual Club has performed many services for their own benefit and for the benent of the Corps of Cadets. These services provide entertainment for the Corps and instruction in the classrooms, and practical experience in the operation of audio-visual equipment for the members ol the Club. One of these services is the running of the movie in Mellon Hall on Friday and Saturday nights. ln previous years, the Audio-Visual Club has had only a few members. However, this year it has grown to a point where it now has about thirty members, many of whom are third and fourth classmen. These under- classmen will be the backbone olf the club in future years. All have been receiving instruction in special classes on the proper use of amplifiers, 16 mm movie projection units, tape recorders, and various other pieces of electronic sound and sight equipment. Seated: Guyer, AI., Mr. Hill, Larsen, S. Second row: Rowe, A., Reed, P., Dey, C., Post, Third row: Simmons, T., Gaston, G. The Arts Xe Crafts Club with its spacious quarters in Mellon Hall is an organization composed of Cadets interested in woodworking, model making, ceramics, painting, and other handicraft work. The shop in which they work is well equipped. There are power saws, belt sanders, a lathe, a grindstone, ceramic kilns, an electric jig saw, and all the smaller tool items. The Hobby Shop is under the direction of Mr. Samuel C. Hill, a retired cabinetmaker. Mr. Hill has helped the Cadets in their projects and these projects have been very worthwhile, This year, the direction of construction in the Hobby Shop turned nautical. There were three full- sized boats built there, including a twelve foot sailboat. Other projects completed by the Cadets included a beautiful Stereo Hi-Fi Cabinet, custom made, bookcases, gun cabinets, gun stocks, carved bookends, end tables with turned legs, models of many kinds, and even a maze lor the psychological conditioning of mice. Cadet Good checks measurements carefully before turning table leg on lathe. 195 l Bollmn row: Clepper, VV., Felton, M., Biddle, A., Smith, J., Ames, Larscm, R., Todaro, R.. i A 'X Maier, G., Sos, R., Black, S., Major Robert V. Hfoodside, Choir Direclar, Melhado, V., Schilt, D., Lott, D., Schively, XV., Uhler, J., XVilson, H., Russell, L., Joh, P., Giacco, L. Masters, XV. 'X W Second row: Bean, R., Jarden, R., Kissane, ll., Herrick, S., Flceger, D., Upton, D., Cudal, TN.. . A. 91 Choir Officer, Clark, D., McFalls, S., Prezioso. R., Goldsmith, T., Gregson, XV., Spera, P., J Sip' wif J-Ourljhiebig, T. Third row: Luckey, E., Kissane, E., Gerlinger, T., Good, J., Assislmzt I.iIn'arian, if Peterson, J., Ruihng, C., Flippinger. A., Kasschau, F., Talbert, J., Skolnik, Henson, T.. . ' Mia , Ir 'Mills, D. Fourth row: Eshleman, B., Giroud, P., Kniess, D., Fair, NV.. Assistant Librarian, lp GD Al Dillenbeck, D., Mastrogany, M., Heenen, J., Humes, J., Lafler, J., Havens, M., Kara, Swick, , f Q i J., McCausland, J., Hoffman, R., Grant, J., Taylor, C., Alpeter, J., Klatt, 'l'., Raser, R.. Cadet A Director, Priestly, li., Reed, P., Chow I.iI1mriar1, Carey, J., Mangum, C., Kraynek, R., XVatchko, I M' T., Keeney, J., VanNote, A. J ' ,. L rr W2 M ' W If tl A t 9 Oll' Wx 1 I ' As the carillon chimes ol the Chapel of St. Cornelius, the Centurion, call the Corps to chapel each Sunday, so do the melodic tones of the cadet choir under the direction of Major Robert V. lfVoodside and Cadet Lieutenant lA7illiam C. Gudal, Assistant to Major Mlood- side for the Choir and Glee Club. An organization of eighty members, twenty-eight of whom will receive the Choir Cross for two years of service, the Choir partici- pated in all regular chapel and vesper services and also in special services such as Lincolnis Birthday, the Alumni Memorial Service, and for such organizations as the Military Order of YVorld Wfars and the Loyal Legion of the YVorld Wlars, always Filling the chapel with music of the highest standards. Perhaps the most important function the choir had was its participation in the Christmas Vespers Service and the Christmas Pageant. Here was where the hard work and long hours of practice paid off. Accompanied by two harpists, a celesta, violin, and soprano, the Choir in its own way helped the Corps celebrate that most sacred of all the seasons. The Choir also participated in other services in areas other than the Academy, the principal one being held at St. Thomas Church in New York City. This was ouriseventh .annual trip to th1s,churcl1 and after the Assimm organist- Cadet Donald Fickcs, Ye- Servlce We dmed .at Longchamp 5 Restaurant and 33W hearses a hymn with choir librarian Cadet Philip 3 show at Radio C1Ly Mu51C Hall, Ngt '50 be unmentloineql D. Reed and Assistant Director Cadet Robert L. Raser. are the trips to the Presbyterian Church in Coatesville and to Christ Church and St. Michaels, Germantown, where we were warmly received. 196 liotfom rozu: Clepper, YV., Larsen, R., Smitl1, J., Ames, J., Sos, D., Black, S., Melhado, V., McFaIls, S., Schild, D., Uhler, J., XVilson, H., Schively, YV., Russell, L., Joh, P., Giacco I.. Sammi row: Kniess, D., Alpeter J., Luckey, E., McCausland, J., Clemmer, D., Kissane, E., Maier, G., Herrick, C., Fleeger, D., Upton, D., Clark, D., Muns, G., Prezioso, R., Goldsmith, T., Gregson, W., Lott, D., Spera, P., Phiebig, T., Masters, W. Third row: Dillenbeck D Heenan L fl B dd J., a er, J., i le, A., Mastrogany M., Jarden, R., Felton, M., Good, J., Assistant Librarian, Todaro, J., Bean, R., Gerlinger, T., Peterson, J., Rufhng, C., Klatt, T., Fippenger, A., Reed, P., Librarian, Kasschau, F., Talbert, J., Skolnik, J., Hennoson, T. Fourth row: Eshleman, B., Gudal. YV., Cadet Officer-in-charge, Giroud, P., Keeney, Fair, XV., Assistant Librarian, Kara, S., Humes. Havens, M., Swick, J., Hoffman, R., Taylor, C., Grant, J., Raser, R., Cadet Direc lor, Priestly. E., Carey, J., Mangum, C., Kraynek, R., XVatchk0, T.. Mills, D., VanNote, A As the Christmas season closed, so our season began. To prepare for our heavy schedule of events during the spring, including many concerts with the Band, many long hours of practice were put in to build up our repetoire to accommodate heavy pressure about to be placed on it. To a cadet in the Glee Club there is much in store, as the new "gleemen" learned so quickly. The season opened with a visit of the girlis choir of the Beard School, Orange, New Jersey, who presented a concert after which a dance was held with the Glee Club. The season continued with the third annual "Festival of Three Glee Clubs," a fabulous program presented by tl1e combined Glee Clubs of Valley Forge, Hill School and Episcopal Academy. Our trips included a concert at the Union League in Philadelphia and a joint concert at the Ellis School, Also on our schedule was a trip to Mt. Vernon Seminary, Wfashington, for a joint concert and dance, a trip not soon forgotten. On the third of May, the combined Glee Club and Choir were honored in being a part of an Armed Forces Memorial program which was video-taped in the Cadet Chapel. This program, seen by many in the Philadel- phia area, was made for television broadcast on Sunday, May lfith. Portions of this broadcast were sung at the Cadet Second Lt, William VC. Gudal, Choir. annual Band and Glee Club Concert held in Thomas n1aster's Assistant, checks a program with Glee Hall OH PLHQHIS, lveekentl. Club Soloist 5fePhfm L- MCFZUISA Satisfied with a job well done, Major VVoodside hopes next year's Glee Club will equal the standards set this year. A s 197 Bottom row: Cosans, XV., Craig, C., Tapp, J., Parsons, J., Derbyshire, J., Senior Acolyle, rather Porter, Crosby, D. Second row: Chiverton, XV., Treichler, C., Morvay, J., Long, Carmen, J., Yvyatt, A., Merrick. R., Hnguenin, T., Bithell, J., Larsen, S. Third row: Lezuny, D., Sommer- field, E., Nevins, XV., Peterson, J., Larsen, D., Keely, XV., Hill, J., Rome, M., Riley, J., Keefe D. The Acolytes' Guild is a group of Cadets who serve as attendants to the Chapel of Saint Cornelius, the Cen- turion. Interested Cadets selected by Chaplain QLt. Colonelj YVilliam L. Porter, serve under the direction of Cadet SfSergeant James YV. Derbyshire, Chapel Ser- geant in charge of the guild. This year's guild is com- posed of thirty cadets, of various religious faiths, eigh- teen of whom serve at Corps Services and twelve who serve at Episcopal Services. The Guild participates in many varied activities and services. It assists at the Sunday Service for the Corps of Cadets each week, as well as for Eucharistic Services, daily. It also takes part in many special events such as the annual Christmas Pageant, memorial and other services, and this year, two television services. At the impressive eleven o'clock Service on Sundays, the mem- bers of the Guild provide crucifer, altar boys, and verger. Practice is held two days a week on the Cadetys own time. The Guild's social activities traditionally include an evening out for dinner at the Collegeville Inn. The passing year has proved very fruitful for all concerned, and the Guild looks forward to continued improvement in its Work. 198 Cadet Cosans, Crucifer, cxtinguishes Altar candles following Chapel Services. Front wiv: Norris, J., Mcliarland, R., Limitone, D., Mannnele, J., Jones, E., Muller, G., Ryan, R., WVilliams, R. Second row: Baker, XV., McCar1'on, M., Soinmeriield, E., Hainan, C., Arnovitz, R., Hiergesell, li., Fitzgibbons, D., Raum, D., Maggie, J., Rebert, J., Sahel, I. Third row: Baughman, R., Howell, YV., Leainy, D., Deubler, D., Swenson, K., Neilson, G., Marriott, H., Pine, YV Dally, N., Bliss, T. v The Cadet Chapel Vestry is one of the most important organizations at Valley Forge. Its primary purpose is that of seating and ushering cadets and guests each Sunday at the Chapel of Saint Cornelius, the Centurian. In accordance with this, the vestry also takes the re- sponsibility of ushering and keeping order at concerts, debates, lectures, and all other Corps functions. Being obvious that this task is one of great re- sponsibility, members of the Vestry are selected and ap- pointed by the Chaplain on the basis of their past and present accomplishments at Valley Forge. The Vestry is organized under four groups: Honorary, As- sociate, Regular, and Junior. The total organization consists of approximately fifty members, comprised primarily of Cadet officers. The aim of the Cadet Vestry is to help the individual member learn to associate and work with other people, a necessity in all Walks of life. Mfe sincerely hope that the services rendered by the Cadet Chapel Vestry have been a credit to the Cadet Chapel, the Reverend Wfilliam L. Porter, and to all Cadet Sahel member of Chapel Vemy hands others concerned. Vle extend to our successors our deep- out Church Calenders to Academy guests. CSF wishes fOf 21 successful year. 199 lioitom rozu: Hoffman, R., Major Heinrich, Reeves, H. Second row: Atkeson, S., Larsen, S., Inrthe darkroom, Cadet Hofmann checks nega- tives, while Cadet Reeves sets his easel. 200 weidig, ia. Photography has been defined as "the recording for posterity, on a piece ol paper, the actions of a world." The processes by which this is done are open to anyone. The wielder ol the simple box camera has just as much advantage as the person with the expensive reflex. Both can take the same photographg can record the same scene, can reap the same benefits from their toil. The difference that might be noted, however, is in the final print. The person who sends his pictures to a commer- cial laboratory takes what is given to him, but he who does the processing ol the negative and final print, gets what he wants. It is to these ends that the Matthew Brady Photo- graphic Club operates. Under the direction of Major Lawrence Heinrich, a former professional photographer, this club has as its purpose the furthering of the educa- tion of the Cadet interested in photography. He can learn the rudiments of taking a good photograph and then, and here the emphasis lies, learn the procedures of developing the negative and the final print to his specifications. Cadets participate in the activities of the Legion- rmire and Crossed Sabres by actual assignments in taking photographs for these two important news media of the Academy. Bottom Tow: Burkhardt, T., Comer, J., Major Heinrich, Motley, YV., Scarmalis, Second rozu: Gilbert, D., Kessler, Tenace, D., Todaro. J. Third row: McLallen, Gerdson. R., Prior, R. The Amateur Radio Club of Valley Forge Military Academy has as its purpose the furthering of interest in all b-ranches of communication by the training of cadets in the Theory and Code necessary for them to achieve the Novice, Technician, or General Amateur Radio License for operation on the Amateur Radio Bands so assigned to them by the Federal Communi- cations Commission. The Advisor, Major Lawrence Heinrich QKESYVAPQ, is working this year on the pro- motion of a "Ham Shack" to be second to none in this areag capable of lVorld-XVide transmission and reception. Following a number of years of latent and unpro- ductive operation, on equipment belonging to individ- ual Cadets, the "Ham" Club has been revitalized this year. Members of the Club have been holding Saturday morning classes in Code and Theory for prospective amateurs. The members of the Corps of Cadets who have been taking these courses will be ready by the end of this school year to take the F.C.C. examinations for at least Novice or Technician licenses. An application for a School Station License is in progress, and it is hoped that by next year the station can be "On the Airu for all cadets to send "phone patch" messages to friends and relatives all over the world. Cadet Aurick QK3QAFj searches the band for a CW contact. 201 Campbell, B., Chester, R. QPresidentj, Daniels, B., Duke, C., Guisewhile, H., Hess. R., Howell, XV., Kohn, R., Mulligan, A., Pabst, R., Pollock, M., Schroeder, E., Sinclair, J., Stafford, ,I., Starner, R., Tulnpson, M. The Marshall Kerry Cycle Club was founded in 1959. It was at this time that we obtained our first charter from the American Motorcycle Association. This charter gave the club national recognition, with our membership came the opportunity to purchase trophies for the most outstanding riders in the club. To determine the winner, the club ollicer, under direction of Colonel Artz, has been able to develop an intricate course to test the riders' ability. The motorcycles probably provide one of the most colorful and interesting activities at the Academy. Safety is the most stressed technique of them all. All riders must have a perfect safety record and n1ust pass a strin- gent test of actual motorcycle operation. Motorcycle riding is not all fung the biggest and the most important job is to do well on the parade field. The motorcyclist always adds much color and precision to all parades throughout the year. 202 Colonel Ariz and Cadet Captain Schroeder check cycle starting with Cadet Pollock. Bottom rozu: Chester, R., Giroud, P., Daniels, B., Muller, G., Col. Ariz, Schroeder, li., Starner, R., Howell, YV. Second row: Grandon, R., Bailey, YV., Palomo, A., Perry, D., Amstutz, li., Beatty, G., Collier, YV., Guisewhite, H. Third row: Hollowell, T., Howe, Wrabel, G., Stailord, J., Simmons, T., Hlalter, F., Cortesi, V. Fourth row: Kohn, R., Sarria, G., Hlhittmeyer, J., Seiller, J., Voigt, K., Slais, L., Turner, M., Kneiss, D. Fifth row: Cortazzo, N., Kelly, YV., Mulli- gan, L., XVetty, XV., Duke, C., Hess, R., Campbell, B. The Battery Club is composed ol twenty Five members. Each member has met the requirements set up by the club officers. The Club plans the programs and projects for "EH Battery. The Battery Club' was mainly in charge of the trip the Mounted Units took to Harrisburg for Governor Scrantonls inauguration. The Club worked for a month before the trip in order to get all the trucks running and all the motor cycles mounted. Also this year, the Club planned a show with our trucks and cycles which was held on the new parking lot. The show demonstrated the skill the drivers of have accomplished. The purpose of the Battery Cl'ub is to help each individual Cadet and to plan the activities for the Bat- tery. You might say that the Club serves as a Board of Governors for the Battery. This year we are planning to make an all-day trip to the Aberdeen Proving Grounds. XfVe will see the various missiles and rockets our Army uses. VVe, the members of feel it is a privilege to be chosen for membership in the Battery Club. E" Battery Passes in Review. 203 Toomey, T,, McCormick, D., Maggio, J., Banning, R., Racklejlg F., Tierney, M., Kalmbach, K,, Uhler, Lowman, B., Abell, D. The Harriers Club The Harriers Club is composed of the select members of "D" Troop who, through their knowledge of the horse, experience at the stables, and the mastering the fine art of horsemanship have been elected to promote horsemanship at Valley Forge. The members of the club must also demonstrate the true spirit of the Cavalry Service. The club's activities for this year included a Christa mas Social, Cross-country rides, and a Spring Social. These activities are both enjoyable to the Cadet and are benefical to his learning of the horseman's world. In the cross-country rides the member learns how to care for himself and his mount under outdoor riding conditions. One of the main functions of the club is to run the polo games during the polo season. The club extends its knowledge, of how the horse world operates, outside of Valley Forge by attending the Devon Horse Show, and the Pennsylvania National Horse Show at Harrisburg. The Harriers Club has for its advisor, Colonel Fisher, who, with his vast knowledge of the horse, polo, horsemanship, and care of the horse, adds to the indi- vidual knowledge of each member of the club. Through this, a member of the Harriers Club has gained a priv- ilege that is offered to few. He is in a society that pro- motes fellowship, equitation, and most of all, devotion to the horse. 204 Cadet Uhler takes a jump with ease The Crosswl Sabres staff works busily checking proof copy. ,f st G.w'fQzwQ.n init Eimiui? . ' 1.51. 4' :Ent e,1',,yf 1, ll I fx -k 'k "I I IP The 19 63 Staff Editor IVAN R. SABEL Managing Editor Sports Editor STANLEY W. LARSEN JAMES B. POST A Business Editor Jr. College Editor RICHARD L. STRAUSS F. ALLEN WILLIAMS Advertising Director Art Editor HERMAN A. WEISE, JR. ROGER HAWKINS Technical Director RAY D. SNOW Faculty Advisor MAJOR LAWRENCE G. HEINRICH Cover Design: Roger Hawkins. Cover: National Publishing Com pany, Philadelphia. Editorial Staff: Reed, P. D., Salasin, J., Dickinson, L., Carmen, J. W., Stump, F. B., Hooker, R., Koh, J. S. Photography: Jesse E. Hartman, Havertown, Major Lawrence Hein rich. Student Photographer: Robert Hofmann. Published by: The Telegraph Press, Harrisburg, Penna. Governor Hlilliam YV. Scranton, Governor of Penn- General Baker points out inscription to Lt. Colonel sylvania: General Baker, and Major General Richard H. Leslie Buswell, presenter of memorial, at dedica- K. Mellon take the Review held on G0vern0r's Day , tion ceremonies held late in May. at the AC2lClBllly. Price Hall, dedicated to the memory of Major General XYilliam G. Price, Jr., D.S.M., 18615-l9!3Og Commanding General 28lh Infantry Division, 1919-1933. A Company. 98-99 Abell, D. B., 37 Academics, 168-173 Academy Map, 240 Accardo, J. L., 56 Acolytes Guild, 198 Administration, 14-18 Advertisements. 209-239 Advisory Council, 189 Alexander Hamilton Society, 182 Alexander. P. M., 56 Allison, G. K., 37 Allison, G. S., 56 Alma Mater, 4 Alpeter, J. F., 56 Alumni Association, 89 Amateur Radio Club, 201 Anthony Xiklayne Legion Cuard, Arnau, J. A., 56 Artman, H. H., 56 Arts Crafts Club. 195 Athletics, 114-137 Atkeson, E.. 57 Audio-Visual Club. 194 A.I'.S..-X., 177 B "B" Company, 100-101 Badolato, G. G., 57 Baker. Lt. Gen. M. G., 12 Baker. M. K., 55, 119 Baker. R. H., 57 Baker. XV. S., 57 Balderson, YV. T., 37 Banco. N. G., 37 Band. 96-97, 142, 146-147, 149 Banning, R. J., 57 Barletta, G. E., 57 Baron Von Steuben Society. 177 Bass. Brig. Gen. A. XV., 150 Baseball, 129 Basketball, 122 Battalion Staffs, 94 Battery Club, 203 Benjamin Franklin Society, 178 Benjamin, G., 37 Bennar, F. J., 58 Bennett, L. WV., 37 Bennett, R. G., 58 Bentley, P. M., 58 Berman, W., 58 Bernstein, S., 58 Beukema, J. L., 58 Bicksler. F. C., 59 Blades. S. L., 59 Bliss. T. F., 38 Bloom. M., 59 Board of Governors. 188 Book Plate, 1 Bortz. P. H.. 59 Bowser. M. L., 59 Boyd, T. R., 38 Brown, G. R., 38 Brown, H. L., 59 Bull. C. E., 38 Busch, C. H., 38 Buswell, Lt. Col. H. L., 143, 206 Byers. VV. J., 38 C Company, 102-103 Campbell, B. S., 60 Cann, R. N., 60 Cannon, P. M., 60 Caputo, C. O., 60 92 93 95 INDEX Carlo, D. J., 39 Carman, J. YV., 60 Carrigan, M. R., 60, 118 Carter, R. B., 61 Chapel, 8, 91, 139, 156 Chapel Altar, 8 Cheer Leaders, 114 Chester, R. D., 61, 120 Chillemi, A. A., 39 Choir, 171, 196 Clark, D. G., 39 Clepper, IV. A.. 61 Color Guard, 13, 147 Color Photographs, 8-11 Connell, D. A., 61 Conrad, WV. G., 39 Contents, 4 Cortazzo, N. A.. 39 Cortesi, V. L., 61 Cosans. IV. L., 61, 119 Cox, J. R., 39 Cramp, R. B., 62 Cree, J. R., 62 Cw.v.s'efI Sabres. 192, 205 Cycle Club, 202 D "D" Troop, 104-105, 157 Dally, N. P., 62 Daniels, B. S., 62 Davidson, Admiral John F., 31 Davis, R. A., 40 Denzer, J. J., 62. 119 Dettre, T. J., 40 Deubler, D. C., 62 Devon Horse Show. 157 Dey, C. L., 63, 120 Dillenbeck, D. F., 63 Dovi. R. M., 63 Drum kb Bugle Corps, 112 Duke. C. M.. 63 Dunkelberger, G. R., 63 E "E" Battery, 106-107 Earle, L. D., 55 Editor's Introduction, 5 Eisenhower, Dwight D., 30 Ericson, J., 63 Eshelman, B. D., 40 Estill, R. I., 40 Evans. G. H., 64 Evans, G. R., 64 F "F" Company, 108-109 Facius, P. H., 40 Faculty, 19-27 Fernandez, R. L., 64 Fisher, A., 64 Fitzgerald, H. K., 64 Fitzgibbons, D. J., 64 Floyd, WV. R., 54 Fontana, A. C., 40 Football, 116-121, 142 Forman, D. J., 65 lformisano, J. D., 41, 90, Fourth Class, 166-167 Frenehick, J. A., 41 G "G" Company, 110-111 Gallagher, J. J., 65 Garrison, K. K., 41 Gazo, M., 65 Geisler, A. H., 65 Giacco, L. R., 65 -113, 142 141 Gianetto. R. M., 65 Gilbert, D. H., 41 Gilmore, F. C., 41 Giroud, P. H., 41 Glee Club, 197 Golf, W. B., 66 Gold, A., 66, 117 Gold Stars, First Class, 88 Gold Stars, Junior College, as Golf, 131 Goodfellow, E. R., 66 Gore. Sir David Ormsby. I-11 Gould, S., 42 Governor's Inauguration, 146-147 Graduates, First Class, 54-88 Graduates, Junior College, 34-53 Grant, J. N., 42 Graul, G. S., 66 Gross, C. P., 66 Grundig, H. R., 66 Gruyer, C. R., 42 Gudal, XV. C.. 42 Guisewhile, H. L., 67 Gymkhana, 132, 154 H Haman, B., 67 Haman, C., 42 Hamilton Hall Cliastj. 107 Hamilton Hall Q1'Vestj, 105 Haney, Lt. Col. Arthur, 153 Harriers Club, 204 Hasselberger, D. YV., 42 Hawkins, R. B., 67 Herbster, WV. R., 67 Hiergesell, E. D., 67 Hofmann, R. J., 67 Honor Council, 187 Honor Societies, 174-185 Hop Committee, 190 Hopwood, R. E., 43 Houseman, L. G., 68 Howell, VI. S., 68 Hudowalski, G. P., 68. 121 Hughes, R. W., 43 I Inauguration, 146-147 Index, 206-208 Intramurals, 134-137 Irwin. D. C., 68 J Jack, J. H., 68 Jacobson, R. B., 68 Joh, P. O., 43 Jolmson, T. E., 69 Jones, C. H., 69 Jones, E. L., 43 Junior College Graduates, 34-53 Junior College Freshmen, 160-161 K Kalmbach, D. D., 69 Kaszyeki, D. M., 69 ,Ke11y, YV. D., 69 Kerry Hall, 109 Klatt, T. E., 43 Klein, R. J., 69 Klesch, J. YV., 43 Kmctz, F. 70 Kneiss, D. C., 44 Kober, S. A., 44 Kohn, R. J., 70 Korean Vllar lvlemorial, 143, 206 Korner, WV. C., 70 Kornet, J. L., 70 Kramer, B. C., 70 Kropff, YV. C., 70, 121 Krupnick, S. A., 71 Kuhn, R. E., 44 L LaMarra, F. P., 71 Lang, H. 44 Leader, N. E., 44 Leamy. D. A., 71 Lee Hall, 159 I,l"glOl171Gil'F, 193 Levan. D. M., 71 Lewczyk, E. J., 44 Lightcap, D. S., 45 Limitone, D. B., 71 Lincoln, R. C., 71 Little, M. S., 45 Lodge. J. S., 45 Long, K., '72 Lund, T. C.. 72 Lurer. R. H., 72 NI McCormick, D. E., 72 McFalls. S. L., 45 McFarland, R. H.. 72 Madocks, E. D., 45 Maggio, J. S., 45 Main Area, 152, 159 Main Gate, 83 Mammele, J. C., 35 Mandell, M., 72 Marcus, V. P., 73 Marriott, H. S., 73 Marshall Kerry Cycle Club, 147 lN'Iartin Hall, 103 Mascara, A. A., 73 Mask tb Spur Society, 183 Mastrogany, M. G., 73 Maykuth, F. H., 73, 118 Maykuth, J. S., 73 Melhado, V. H., 74 Mellon, Gen. R. K., 206, 209 Memorial Day, 156 Milazzo, F. E., 46 Military Science, 25, 26, 27, 151 lVIil1er, F. M., 46 Miller, G. J., 74 Moriarty, P. D., 46 Moyer, R. K., 46 Mroz, R. N., 74 Montella, N. 74, 121 Moughin, L. E.. 74 Muckinfuss, L. E., 74 Muller, G. D.. 46 Museum Club, 191 N National Honor Society, 176 Neilson, G. M., 75, 117 Nevada, A., 75 Norris. J. C., 46 0 Occupational Seminar, 89, 143 O'Ma11ey, E. F., 75 Oratorical Contest, 148, 170 Order of Anthony Xvayne, 186 Organizations, 186-204 P Pabst, R. E., 75 Pace, Y. M., 35 Pageant, Christmas, 144 Palomo, A. C., 75 Panzner, G. R., 75 Parades, 113, 141, 143, 144, 146- Parker, J. L., 76 Parker, S. E., 76 208 Partch, R. T., 76 Pass-in-Review. 138-157 Pasterick, M. S., 76 Pastuszek, T. R., 76 Past Years, 28-31 Patrick Henry Society, 179 Paul, J. A., 76 Parino, E. J., 47 Phi Theta Kappa Society, 52 Photography Club, 200 Pine, YV. B.. 77 Pintard, M. C., 77, 120 Plebe Detail, 140 Policastro, G. J.. 77, 116, 117 Polo Team, 126 Post. J. B.. 77 Pouso, J. V.. 77 Priestly. E. P., 77, 118 Price, Maj. Gen. NV. G., 206 Publications Dinner, 180 Pujals, J., 34 Q Quigley, T. F., 78 Quill 6 Scroll Society, 180 R Rackley. F. B., 78 Rappa, D. D.. 78 Raser, R. L., 47 Raum, D. C., 78 Reber, H. F., 78 Reberl, J. C., 47 Reed, P. D., 78 Regimental Commander, 41, 90, 141 Regimental Staff, 94-95 Reynolds, VV. P., 79 Rifle Team, 128 Rishel, T. L.. 79 Robins, M. A., 79 Robinson, D. H., 79 Rosenberg, D. S., 79 Rosso Hall, 161 Rothe. G. J., 79 Rowe. A. P., 80 Ruben Dario Society, 181 Ruthng, C. J., 47 Ryan, R. XV., 55 Ryniec, K. F., 47 S Sabel, 1. R., 80 Salasin, J. 80 Salasin, J. J., 80 Sammons, L. F., 80 Sanchez. M. J., 47 Saxton, D. R., 80 Schmidt, G. F., 81 Schweitzer, R. E., 81 Schroeder, E. VV., 48 Scranton, Gov. William. 146-14 Second Class, 162-163 Secretarial Staff, 18 Seiller, J. A., 81 Shannon Hall, 18. 168, 169 Shively, YV. B.. 48 short, G. J., 48 Silvers Stars, First Class, 88 Silver Stars, Junior College, 53 Simeon, King, 30 Skewes, G. B., S1 Slais, L. D.. 48 Slaughter, L. F.. 81 Smith, B. Smith, G. Smith. H. Y., 82 Smith, R. VV., 82 Smith, T. F., 48 Smith, VV. A., 49 Smyth, G. R., 82 R., 48 M., 81 7, 206 Snyder, J. F., 49 Snyder, YV. D.. 49 Sommer6eld, E. K.. 49 Spring Festival, 155, 172-173 Stallord, J. J.. 49 Stark, R. M.. 49 Starner. R. E.. 82 Stephen Foster Society, 184 Stevens, M. A., 82, 117 Stoker. R. XV., 50 Strauss. R. L., 82 Surgent, J. V., 83 Swenson. K. F.. 83 Swimming, 125 Sword, Memorial, 2 T Taylor, C. E.. 50 Tennis, 130 ' Ternigan, R. F.. 83 Terrinoni. V. A.. 50 Thiele, A. S., 83 Third Class, 164-165 Thomas Hall, 11 Thompson, M. L., 50 Title Page. 8 Toomey. R. M., 50 Track Team. 127 Treichler, G. C.. 83 Trenga. G. L., 83 Trott, R. T., 84 Tumpson. M. B., 84 Turner, M. A., 50 Turner, M. D., 51 Twitchell. D. G.. 84 Tzamos, J. M., 51 U Uhler, J. N., 84 Upton, D. J., 51 V Vallarino, O. A., 84 Vandeven, J. XV., 84 Van Leer, G. R.. 85 Varsity Club, 133 Vestry, Chapel, 199 Vogel, L. A., 85 Voigt, F. 85 Von Steuben Hall, 97 WV Hfagner, J. 85 NValker, T. J., 85 VValter. F. YV., 85 Hlashington Hall, 101 1Vashington Irving Society, 1 Watt, T. M.. 86 XVeber, C. T.. 51 1'Vegman, P. R., 51 Mfeidig, E. F.. 86 Wleintraub, R. F., 86 1Veiss. A. J., 86 X'Vest. R. J., 51 Westmoreland, Gen. YV. C., Xvetty. XV. L., 86 Y'Vheatley, XV. L., 86 NVhite. Y. M., 87 wire, I.. L., 87 lvill, C. K., 52 Yllilliams, D. A., 87 NVi1liams, F. A., 52 Nvilliams, R. ll.. 87 YVilson Hall. 10, 99 Hlingert, YV. J.. 87 lvrestling Team, 123, 149 Y Young, R. M., 87 Younghusbantl Hall, 9, 11 85 156 Hun 1 L 1 B X I Ge Q. C 5 S s 1 3 6 ,S 1 1 if ,Q ,ts -6 -29 S , Q ' I IE -5 Q 0 Q stunt 9 1 1 1 1 3 G C 1 V no 1 1 1 I v 9 'il 0' 200 Q 53 l0llCOU0000000000 Q Q 0 5 9 9 9 S fl .9 av I C Q C Q Q 1 - t Q C 1 Q Q Q Q 1 1 Q 1 C Q 9 Q Q 1 C C 4 - 1 1 1 'S 'D I ff s 4 3 .9 :Q 3 J Q Q J 1 J 1 P 9 7 9 5 9 'Q 3 P J 1 P 9 ? 3 Q Q 3 D 3 J 3 P 3 7 9 O 9 3 ? 3 9 P 9 1 9 0 . M 'U B 8 E UQ 0 SL 5 CD E D. 0 P. 11 FD 5. .5 EE C 3 E. N D D", '11 2 E. Q' 9,1 41 'P re r-' rn '-4 '11 O sv C5 rn E EI 5,000.0 Hs '-l Ib so K: De 0 CP U rn Z F4 I Q 4 Q The STAFF of the TREADWAY INN expresses sincere appreciation for the continuous 4 NNNNQNQNNQ o at Q Whether it is weekend ' Q accommodations for your Mother and Dad Q or our "best all' . . . or 'ust a relaxin Y g l g C is "The Place To Go." ' 0 Completely Air-Conditioned . . . : 0 Coffee Shop and Dining Room 9 - Q Ballroom accommodating 600 3 - persons. Other Function Rooms accommodating 10-350 : 949 U 9 'am' A 4 A P73 ro 35. 5 X4 F '15 S 3 X, Olympic Size Swimming Pool '0 HN at 9UN96N! 9 I Q ST. DAVIDS, PENNA. MURRAY 8-5800 ROBERT J. PEARCE, Innkeeper , on Lancaster Pike - U.S. :Hr30 between Villanova and Wayne 5 ' another of the Treadway Inns ic famous for Good Food, Drink and Lodging I Q i 9l!!!wmU.9U0w!UNUOUQQQNYNININNQUNNOHNONQQNQ aHoummHo6o:Hoalaaaumtlu maHIHOHHO, ell' 0 . 209 'I' - dinner with your family . . . the Treadway Inn , persons. Free parking for 300 automobiles. 150 ' Rooms . . . all with Radio and TV , CUMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND OF VALLEY FQRGE MILITARY ACADEMY ' lm mum HHH? ,J , ,T ar gs?-Y I ' nn " I hm I um I g ' mimi f IFIEFEIF 1 till? . " , "' Bl Ml , ' U img L '. , V '- 3:23 ,f ' V I , - i '- 'll V j -- - ,l I I " ' 'll f -' . - f. it . V- I sw, 1 H J 3 f '?.'vQ,, I .Mg ,- X , , 3 . ,m l N A I .. ,g y I - wuzllw ' m,l,:i - .. wNvi,,,, Apr ,i my ' . ,A .. M 1g5Lf'V ,t:,..WiiEgxq qlgiifwii,QQQQWWQSY,uw . my rlfrwlfmvi. " W Q pillar! I CLASS GF '6 As you now move on to institutions of higher learn- ing, military service, or sail your ship on the sea of society, you will undoubtedly pause many times to leaf through these pages and reflect on your days at Valley Forge. We at The Telegraph Press are happy and proud of our long, friendly association with you and your school, and for our part in the preparation and production of your CROSSED SABRES. May success and happiness be with you in your every endeavor. 7640 TELEGRAPH PRESS Established 1831 CAMERON AND KELKER STREETS HARRISBURG. PA More Than 125 Years of Complete Printing Service Best Wishes to the Class of I 96 3 PCTTS QUALITY ICE CREAM 630 N. 20th St., Philadelphia, Pa. PO 5-4900 "Next to Myself I Like 'B.V.D.' Best" Phone MUrray 8-1496 LEWIS UPI-ICLSTERINC COMPANY Emzblished in Wayne Since 1930 I 227 EAST LANCASTER AVENUE WAYNE PENNA. Howard Johnsons Motor Lodge Iunction Rts. 202 North and 23 KING OF PRUSSIA, PA. IAt the Valley Forge Exit-Penmz. Tumpikej An Address of Which You can be Proud Large Rooms, All Air Conditioned Friendly Courteous 24-hour Telephone Service Swimming Pool Restaurant Adjacent Telephone Teletyi 265-4500 265-29 TA 8-3988 Compliments of Keystone Distributing Company Sixth and Harry Streets CONSI-IOI-IOCKEN, PA. Compliments MITCHELL se NESS Sporting Goods Of 1312 ARCH STREET PHILADELPHIA 7, PA. WILLIAM BARNETT Open Wednesday Evenings Until 9 ONE BLOCK FROM CITY HALL f A , J. W. BAYLY ea SON, INC. .3 ig. Manufacturers of FINEST MILITARY HEADWEAR for MILITARY SCHOOLS E93 COLLEGES 1525 South 30th Ave. Hollywood, Florida Wabash 3-0255 WAInut 5'fo449 Dressmakers' Es? Furriers' Supplies Buttons E? Zippers-Zippers Repaired MUSTIN BROS. IMPORTER AND Iossiaa or Clothiers' E99 Tailors' Trimmings 720 South 5th Street Philadelphia, Pa. . as V A when ae, -if . ,w',:2'f V 1.-Wffffwua, -y ..-wfwiv, f"1.Tf'fff.m: 'fa sazaiifitissaiaf? fav: eerwi2?Qaaa.amZ 5 s I 1 VALLEY FORGE Military Academy uniforms made of Clinton Fabrics StevensfHird Uniform Department ttkiiiffifii 50111 5 5 HHIUEIBZIT I 5'm"5 I 133-1963 E Fabrics 2 .L R STEVENS A CO., INC if i' .I ,..,,,t.W , , , , , , , , , , , ,, I, P. Stevens 8: Co., Inc., Stevens Building, Broadway at 4ISI Street, New York 36, N. Y. AMERICAN MILITARY Frm Mm GM Chester Valley Branch Rosemont, Pa.. Phone: Phone: Nlagara 4-8150 LAwrence 54300 11' 505 EIGHTH AVENUE NEW YORK Is, NEW YORK Phone Walnut 14760 NATIONAL STATIONERS Office Outfitters MEHL E99 LATTA, Inc Lumber 655 Building Materials Plywood, MAB Paints . FURNITURE HARDWARE - MILLWORK o SUPPLIES o PRINTING 731 Arch Street, Philadelphia 6, Pa. Esmbhshed 1900 Since 1923 Q . E "l Kgvv M. .L KELLY CO. MEATS - rooo PRonucTs JOHN H. ROBERTS, INC. Slate Blackboards and Structural Slate Roofing Slate and F lagstone Feather Rock no Townshipline Road FOX CHASE POST OFFICE, PHILADELPHIA II, PA. Phone Fldeliry 2-0785 ES 9-8553 NEWTOWN MUSIC CENTER 5 CLYDE LANE, NEWTOWN SQUARE, PA. Instruments S E WAR Buffet E. W. SLAUGHTER 24 0. D LA E AVE. Vincent Bach Phomf PHILADELPHIA 6, PA. Getzen ELgin 6f498o Leedy QNX EX 2 5 E , E 2, X tg 3 s gba Kg ik gk il if Hx 1 S , 5? 1' H, 2 a HATS TIFF T0 THE CORPS UE BAIJETS VAll.EY FORGE MILITARY ACADEMY cmd Especially the Class of 1963 smcuun nzrmnm comrnuv - n S E I U I CONESTOGA ROAD STRAPFORD b WAYNE. PA Lithographers and Printers Phones, MUrray 8f1ooo MUrray 8'IOOI ELgin 6-6100 DAVIS E99 REED ELECTRIC and TELEPHONE LINE CONSTRUCTION 3060 West Chester Pike CLarcl1montQ Newtown Square, Pa. VICKERY STONE CO. A Complete Cut Stone Organization Limestone-Granite-Marble Greenstone-Bluestone-Flagstone OFFICE 53 PLANT Phone: GRanite 6fo75o 6328 Market Street Upper Darby, Pa. NORMAN A. WACK, P. D. APOTHECARY f 1 120 E. Lancaster Avenue Wayne, Pa. Reg. No. 7198 JESSE E. HARTMAN PHOTO JOURNALIST Industrial f Advertising f Aerial and Marine Gray Brothers Contractors Cess Pools Cleaned and Constructed Crane and Bull Dozer For Hire Phone NIAGARA 4-2800 East Lincoln Highwa PAOLI, PA. 118 Rockland Road HAVERTOWN, PA. Y Hllltop 6-3,134 HEALTH is HABIT FoRM1No , with proteinfpacked WAWA Golden Guernsey Milk Everyone loves Wawals smooth, delicious Golden Guernsey Flavor. And every taste-tempting glass as- sures your faniily extra protein power. Get the refreshing habit that builds health and vitality . . . serve Wawa Golden Guernsey Milk every dayl T S001 WE CALL TODAY FOR DOORSTEP DELIVERY GENERAL OFFICES III-IILADELPI-IIA OFFICE XVAWA. Delaware County, Pa. - LO 6-6500 1327 N. Marston Street -- PO 5-3710 Ellis Concrete Products I Gomplrments of Co., Inc. , , , Calloway s Esso Serv1cefCenter Manufacturers of- CINDER-LIMESTONE Lancaster Avenue ff? Aberdeen Avenue CONCRETE Wayne, Pa. BUILDING UNITS KING GF PRUSSIA, PA. MUrray 819761 265-3313 Annan' Compliments of Serving P adelphlds FRANKLIN RESEARCH West Suburbs from 69111 STREET TERMINAL rs. usr scouonlcu. TRANSPORTATION 5134 Lancaster Ave., Philadelphia 31, Pa. M ana facturerx of Floor Waxes Cleaners Polishes For Home and Industry Swlyfffk 339 E. LANCASTER AVE. GAUDIO BROS., INC. Wholesale Distributors WYNNEWOOD, PA. FROSTED FOODS Open for LUNCH, DINNER and OOOKTAILS Delaware and Oregon Serving 11:30 A.M. to IO P.M. Weekdays PHILADELPHIA 48, PENNA. I2 to 8 P.M. Sundays E5 Holidays NORRIS LAUNDRY AND SPEEDE CLEANERS SERVING CENTRAL MONTGOMERY, BUCKS AND CHESTER COUNTIES Since f 1894 PHONES- BRf2f617s WEfsf779s ULf5'88O6 FI'8'4245 WIf8f8787 NORRISTOWN, PA. Alfred Lowry E99 Bro WHOLESALE GROOERS Tartan Brands I 1200 Ferry Avenue CAMDEN 1, N. J. WEBERS' New Holland Planing Mill, Inc NEW HOLLAND, PA. if CUSTOM MILLWCRK CHURCH FURNITURE Z Pho R H B. STAUFFBR ELGIN 4 6 Theres something about a U IFUH A CU Uniforms ". . . It is our belief that a well fitting hand tailored uniform will contribute substantially to the cadets esprit de corps and efficiency." from the prospectus of the Valley Forge MiIita1'y Academy Cadets of the Valley Forge Military Academy, Wayne, Pennsylvania, re- splendent in their Saco tailored uniforms made of the same texture cloth as are those at West Point. The Superintendent of the Academy, the Nation's outstanding military secondary school, is Lieutenant General Milton G. Baker. SACO UNIFORMS - PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA 220 Since 1902 PENNSBURY ' PAINT CC. 1 ROMAN MOSAIC E99 TILE Manufacturers of Quality COMPANY, INC- Industrial and Maintenance Finishes 1 1 Philadelphia and Manheim, Penna. Washington D C NEXV BRITAIN, PENNA. L. G. BALFGUR CCMPANY "Known wherever thefre are Schools and Colleges" VALLEY FGRGE MILITARY ACADEMY Class Rings Medalr Troploief , Athletic Ifzsigrzia Dmzre Program: Diploma: Commefzcemenzf A7Z7ZOZl7Z6'6??16!'il5 1920 CHESTNUT STREET PI-IILADELPI-IIA, PA. PREMIER is the FEED QUALITY is the REASON Hespenheide and Thompson, Inc. YORK, PENNSYLVANIA WAY N E D I N E R "Where the Cadets Like to Gather" JOE DiSIMONE CYCLE CENTER Sales and Service 1 BSA - MATCHLESS - YAMAHA ROYAL ENFIELD - HONDA 175 E' Lancaster Avenue 860 Lancaster Avenue Devon, Pa. WAYNE, PA. MUMY 3,0933 MA 76524 Compliments CARL HENDERSON of FANCY FRUITS and VEGETABLES Fresh - Frosted 327 North Franklin Street PHILADELPHIA 6, PA. "The Best The Market Ajfordsn ALUMNI ASSCCIATION GENERAL OIL BURNER SERVICE 6160 GRAYS AVENUE PHILADELPHIA, PA. OIL BURNERS HEATING SYSTEMS AIR CONDITIONING Sales cmd Sefrfuice f P A ELPHIA 42, PENNSYLVAN SA 63528 GReenWood 74310, 74984 Established 1923 CGLUNIAL IRGN CRAFTSMEN 1 Specialists in all Metals 1 Grnamental Iron and Metal Work of Distinction Indoor and Outdoor Wrought Iron Furniture JOSEPH E? FRANK IYANCGNA 5031 LANCASTER AVENUE PHILADELPHIA 31, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of SUBURBAN PUBLICATIONS Printers of CCTHE FoRoE" QOilicial VFMA Alumni Magazinej CCTHE LEGIONNAIREM fCfIIcial Student Publication, WAYNE, PENNSYLVANIA MUrray 815000 Herman A. Weise, Jr Complete Insurance Service V 209 Main Line Shopping Center WYNNEWOOD, PENNSYLVANIA Mldway 9-6628 Mldway 9-2339 Mldwawwog TR 84516 Reliance Bedding Company Our Specialty RITTENHOUSE CAMPS AND INSTITUTIONS ELECTRIC SUPPLY CC. Electric Supplies Lighting Fixtures I4 RITTENHOUSE PLACE ARDMORE, PA. Manufacturers of MATTRESSES 0 BOX SPRINGS PILLCWS 0 ROLLfAWAY COTS 331 North 2nd Street, Philadelphia 6, Pennsylvania Phone: MA 70.023 H. PERILSTEIN Glass f M iwors 524 Lombard Street PHILADELPHIA 47, PA. Phone: WAlnut 5'f44z3, ALBERT PCZZA Tile, Mosaic, Terrazzo Interior Marble Work 13,18 Morris Street, PHILADELPHIA, PA. Phone - Fulton 9'61I7 Compliments BALTIMCRE CCNCRETE PLANK CCMPANY, INC. Compliments from the "MOVIES" - ANTHONY WAYNE - CITY LINE CENTER - SUBURBAN - RIANT FRIED THEATER MANAGEMENT COMPANY M. H. GROSSMAN, Inc. Manufacturers of High Grade Uniform and Civilian Caps Leonard Corporation Manufacturer of SWISS-TEX Sclziffli Embroidered Emblem: For School and Sportswear 323 East Allegheny Avcnuc IO33-35 Race St. WAlnut PHILADELPHIA, PENNA- Philadclphia, Pa. 2-4972 Ph0HC GAIHCICI 5-6546 Howard Lanin Productions, EVANS and CONVERY Inc Manufacturers and Designers Ofrcheswas Marking Devices f Metal Specialties Efnteytaifnmefnt Bronze Tablets f Memorial Plates 24 North 6th Street, Philadelphia 6, Pa. Phone: WALNUT 57856 59 E. 54th Street New York 22, N. Y. 1917 E. 42nd Street, N.W. Washington 6, D. C. 1011 Suburban Station Bldg. Philadelphia 3, Pa. Phone, Lawrence 591834 Estimates Furnished DOYLE E99 HEMOHER Plaalmezu THOMAS AND DOYLE AVENUES BRYN MAWR, PA. DANIEL J. HEMOHER Commercial Cobb's Supply Company Office Furnrture Company Wholesale PLUMBING and HEATING SUPPLIES 1 -r 1017 Race Street PHILADELPH1 A, PA. S21 W. Lancaster Pike WAYNE, PA. MUrray 8479.0 Ee? 8-4721 Free Parking Next Door MA 7-3737 Compliments of HIGHWAY MATERIALS, INC. Compliments of f F. J. WHALEN BRIDGEPORT, PA. COMPLIMENTS OF FREIHOFER BAKING CQ. CEnter 2-8700 MILDEN ea WHITE, INC. Established 1874 I Poultry, Game and All Sea Foods 1224 N. 9th Street PHILADELPHIA Thomas V. Hopper Es? Son Fine Letterheads and Business Cards Wayne Automotive, Inc. "Your N .A .PA . I 0I2I7cr" Auto Parts-Supplies Sc Equipment Machine Shop Service Since 1892 n . . Engine Rebuilding ' 232 Conestoga Rd. S11 West Lancaster Avenue WAYNE, PA. Wayne' Pa' MUfr3y 8,5290 PLIOIICSZ Compliments of A Friend of VALLEY FORGE MILITARY ACADEMY We are proud to have served the Academy for many years... Specialist in FLOOR, WALL and WINDOW COVERINGS, FOLDING DOORS since I8QS 5955! i595 ldlldtrz 2Ist and Naudain Streets PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA GRASS SEED FOR ALL PURPOSES Let Us Know Your Requirements f Atlantic Seed Company, Inc Grass Seed Specialists 1 95 Forrest Street JERSEY CITY, N. I. KI S'7000 1963 Compliments of COVERS THE IRVIN H. HAHN for are COMPANY 39.6 South Hanover Street BALTIMORE 1, MARYLAND S MANUFACTURERS OF FINE INSIGNIA Since I8Q8 CROSSED SABRES Our 100th Anniversary 1863 -1963 NATIONAL PUBLISHING COMPANY PHILADELPHIA, PA. Manufacturers of De luxe Year Book Covers and Loosefleaf Binding Devices Congratulations to the CLASS QF 1963 0. T. I-IENDREN, INC. Excavating, Paving and Industnal Maintenance P.O. BOX 208 K g EP P Ph 26 2045 NORTHERN IRCN THE WORKS, INC. CADET EXCHANGE EXTENDS S Sinceofe Congratulations to GLENSIDE, PA. THE CRADUATINC CLASSES TU 4-3450 CA 4-1778 of 1963 Flag Etiquette Consultants JOHN W. KEPLINGER as SON Compliments Egypt Road AUDUBCN, PA. of Phone: Glendale 219.371 FLAGS - EANNEES 4 DECORATIONS 1A1Sb9S'C0S IHSUIHICIHQ ALUMINUM ef STEEL FLAG POLES Company "IN THE SERVICE OF CLEANLINESSE E. W. Hoffman E99 CO., Inc. Cleaning Supplies - Sanitary Equipment 55,37 S. FOURTH STREET NOrriSt0Wn PHILADELPHIA P9UUSYlV3Uia READING ATLANTIC CITY Compliments of Paper Products Company 1026 Race Street PHILADELPHIA, PA. COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND Best Wishes from Freeland Manufacturing Co. Manufacturers of Quality Cotton Uniforms Since 1896 FREELAND 1 PENNSYLVANIA Joseph Bowman E99 Sons COLLARS E99 CUPFS 553, to 559 Federal St. TROY, NEW YORK Compliments of JUDSON o. BURNS Air Conditioning, Heating and Commercial Refrigeration Products 1 zozrfzg North 63rd Street PHILADELPHIA 31, PA. TRinity 84800 PEACOCK GARDENS Home of Qmzlizy Luncheon - Dinner - Late Snacks DANCING FRIDAYS and SATURDAYS We Specialize in STEAKS 8: PRIME RIBS OF BEEF LOBSTER 5: LOBSTER TAILS Iunction 202 6: 23 Sc Pennsylvania Turnpike KING OF PRUSSIA, PENNA. Phones: 265-9893 Compliments of THE McAVOY VITRIFIED BRICK CO. Phoenixville, Pa. THE UTMQST IN QUALITY YOUR FAMILZRZI-E18 THE MOST Al-SQ MAKERS OF Ragg a - "DeIiciously Diflerenf' -Q -,.f 1 1- X DOLLY MADISON IC E C R E A M 0 2 'I L U V ' ' I :.I. I MILK E99 ICE CREAM ECDREMCDST DAIRIES, Inc. MILK DIVISION ICE CREAM DIVISION EV 64254 MA 7f54oo C. Di EELICE CONTRACTING SERVICE 5 COMPLIMENTS 24 NORTH MERION AVENUE BRYN MAWR, A PA. 5 FRIEND Phones Office, LAwrence 57777 Established 1923 Residence, MIdWay Q.fo617 Compliments Of SOMMER MAID CREAMERY, INC. DOYLESTOWN, PA. Phone: EVergreen 6-2962 Established 1866 W ILLIAM A. HEINE CLOCKMAKERS Inc. Repairers of Fine Clocks and Watches Clock Restoring-Custom Manufacturing Moving, Packing and Storing of Clocks Guaranteed Sales and Service 31 South Fortieth Street PHILADELPHIA 4, PA. STRAFFORD HARDWARE Garden Seeds and Fertilizers Paints House Furnishings Sporting Goods Fences Glass Dewalt 8: other Power Tools Phone, MUrray 84574 E? 8'97OO 745 LANcAsTeR Avia. STRAFFORD, PA. Taylor Albertson Co. DISTRIBUTORS FIRE DOORS ALUMINUM WINDOWS BUILDERS, HARDWARE 162 VV. Indiana Ave., Philadelphia BAldwin Q'2Q3O DEGLERfWHITING, INC. 132 W. Lancaster Ave. WAYNE, PA. MUrray 8-5518 0 GYMNASIUM SPECIALISTS COMPANY DECORATIVE LIGHTING FIXTURES EISENI-IOUER HALL ALSO ARTISTRY IN GLASS BY SANDCARVING 1636 N. 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MU'r'ray 8'I7'jO Paoli Shopping Center Nlagara 45252 WYNDMOOR SHOE CENTER 1 Congratulations to the Graduating Class Y Proprietor SAM FULGINITI 940 Pleasant Avenue Wyndmoor, Pa. Phone: ADams 30.066 Compliments of I. GOLDBERG Es? CO. Since 1919 ARMY AND NAVY STORE MILITARY UNIFORMS TENTS AND CAMP SUPPLIES 429 Market Street PHILADELPHIA 6, PENNSYLVANIA WA 2f3,43,6 Compliments of NoRRIs IRON AND WIRE WORKS, INC. 7 BRIDGEPORT, PA. Best for Paint and Paint Advice- BUTEN'S PAINT STORES 828 LANCASTER AVENUE BRYN MAWR, PA. LAwrence 5f36Io "If We Say It's Good-It Is Good" SI-IARPLESS AUTO BODY CO. Wrecked Cars Rebuilt 378 West Lancaster Avenue WAYNE, PA. MUrray 8f9776 STRAEEORD BEVERAGE COMPANY 861 Lancaster Avenue, Strafford, Pa. PHONES MUrray 80735, 8f3o88 I Distributors of FINE BEERS SOFT DRINKS A Warm Welcome awaits the Cadets, their Friends and Families at the l - IHH , HOTEL ef INN 'i1xeiQvs0Eai1.- , ,, L I -iiQf3ZG?:'eEi-2'.5eb':1 an N5 Route 202, South of Route 363-NEW CENTERVILLE, PA. Reservations NIAGRA 4'7000 Mailing Address Box T, PAOLI, PA. Air Conditioned Throughout BEAUTIFUL ROOMS f RESTAURANT f COCKTAIL LOUNGE 1 SWIMMING POOL Dancing Nightly Compliments of LONGACRE POULTRY COMPANY FRANCONIA, PA. NOCELLA COMPANY 910 Mountain St. IMPORTERS ' ROASTERS ' PACKERS of Fine Coffees Us Tea: DEwey 4-3512 Philadelphia 48, Pa. Box 74 I-Telephone 292 I ' FRANKS ' SAUSAGE axmito ' SCRAPPLE A " ' SMOKED C . A ,GABA HAMS ofnplzmenls of 3 ' sMoKED 1.2 BACON PACKING C0, DEGLERWVHITING, INC "The Counzry Sausage That Is Going to Town" HATFIELD, PA. UL 5-5151 Salute! To Valley Forge Military Academy 5 J R TRUST RYN NIAW THE IVIAIN LlNE'S OW . . . . HAVERFORD BRYN MAWR WAYNE Shopping Center Lancaster Ave. 38 West Ave. . . LAwrence 5-1700 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 238 'PUOOUP-ICO 2' WOOUZH CUZ'-'ZZ'-'iw VJF'OO"U V.F.M.A. PATRONAGE ALWAYS APPRECIATED AT THE GEORGE WA HI GTO OR LODGE AT HISTORIC VALLEY FORGE ZW Miles from Valley Forge Military Academy LOCATED AT THE VALLEY FORGE EXIT 24 OF THE PENNSYLVANIA TURNPIKE AND THE SCI-IUYLKILL EXPRESSWAY AND ROUTES 202 Sc 23 Featuring at No Extra Charge . . . ' 350 Spacious Air Conditioned Suites ' Luxurious Ballroom Facilities ' Sound-Proofed Cathedral Ceilings 'Velvet-Smooth Putting Green ' Picture Windows, Custom Furnishings ' Recreation Facilities ' Ceramic Tile Bath, Separate Vanity Room ' 3 Conference Rooms for Social Functions for ' Heated Indoor and Outdoor Swimming Pools UP to 1000 Pe0P1e-C0UVef1ti0f1 Hall ' Moderate Rates-From S9 Single-From 3514 ' Hi-Fi MUSIC and 17" TV in E-VefY Suite Double ' Cocktail Lounge with Decorative Shaped 'Air Conditioned Conference Rooms for Sales Bal' Meetings 'Adjacent 18 Hole Golf Course For Reservations Call MUrray 8-6600 THE GEORGE WASHINGTON MOTOR LODGE WELCOMES YOU I 1 X ffl, Pa. Turnlikf- I I X I 'I 1 ff George Vlashinglon A? A' Motor Lodge ef KING OF PRUSSIA, PA. 0 ww Af Exif 24 if' ' if Ya Penna. Turnpike whe - 5' Routes 202, 23 and 5 f I If P ' . 43 ,ohm hila Expressway meet. i X H Z 15 MINUTES from center-city PhiladelPhia via the Expressway. 350 AIR CONDITIONED UNITS WITH TV 8z HI FI 32550 :SUE Q 3201 :SUE Q jg ZOWI--3 Q U-:I ZOZZ1-vm 9 ml-mam Q SOE' Q I-:I Zg-ja 6 I-'EI NU-E 6 I-ji 1:05 6 :Zuni Q F05 I-.EI 525 9 I-.EI Z-F52 Q I-:I Egg Q WWDOI Z-.2245 9 NWWDOI wil- Q I-'21 E501-UU: Q Zo-EZZNU MI-F gm: U-5'-IQ 152532. Q Ngo-L ZOWSLLUW Q N N301 mil- Q J-.EI A-Z:-310232 Q mg'-NZVLOO Fm no I-MARIO G jg ZS.-W2 Q N301 M555 Q - Egg E5 Q - I-:I ,UPEI Q jg ZOB-EI 6 UOZSQG E96 I'-:I Egg Q N302 EZP2 Q MCG 52,04 G N I-:I ai? Q jg N223 9 I-:I Omg Q MWDOI XOZV- Q ji 2205 Q MH I-'QI EEE Q .EI U5 Q I-:I :CEE Q M5550 MPZUQZEZEEDW Q A-:I I-U22 Q nw ji Egg Q I-'EI Zga-5 Zg 6 jg E-IE'-U Q 32530 WLZSZEZS Q I-'QI 552 Q jg EE! Q jg ZOSZ-Img 9 H31 DI-E mga :jg Q AQOEM-V ji 2221 Q ,oem EPWEEZZDO Q :DOI :Og 6 :S Zz: Q M h M M NW X ZWUYEWNH s N M a Q X Qs A L Aw. my . 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