Valley Forge Military Academy - Crossed Sabres Yearbook (Wayne, PA)

 - Class of 1956

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Valley Forge Military Academy - Crossed Sabres Yearbook (Wayne, PA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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4 fx .Mwu E, fr-, f. x X , lf P24 if! fx 1 Q P 2 O 4 1 N! 4' 'F 1 ffj ,VI :5.K4f-M , , , , 1 w ,f MMw, yL ,., J... , 4 ,pa-A . it Ol.. . ' , M-- in-1, , , -- V 145 .M 1 2,1 , ...f Z jzwwn 4 'W' . , I 4 J Amd' 1,3 klalgigwsf kwa 4,7 awww :mem Eu' ,,. M.,-W .0 eh, Y A My A 5? :A 5 Zi' Q' 331 whiff ,fl ' 4 ,. ,... :if I . 'Ei -5 p ,n Ax., we i 3 5? 5 in X 2 Y 3 I 3 W E 'a A 1 1 .m,W.w,.M,,11-',, W, wf.,,1.,,M,, WW,,wM, uf-,,WWW,m,wwW 'WW .M , R H-ir 5 P sf I ig-gif 3556 MQ? ff! OUX0 E r? - 'i1m'I11'nlW mIL5mm?'? ' -211 Trey,-. avg-' Quint nm? 3 1f'2??2YHi9g5'f25f? ."'T'1"Q"J"1 G Q Q I i I 5135215 : 031 095!.V.'567 "lIIllIIl"' -:552:- -:-:5:g:::::g::: EEEEE4 "5E5::., 223: 1-MUN 9 X 4 ,wwwmlllnllmlwmerillum 5 'A .3 K ' 1 1 1' A ,wh-fl k V15,,,,. 3 . i f xy. Nom fi' 1956 ik' CRIISSED SABRES JOHN FULLERTON RICHARDS, Editor ....,..,.,,W....,,,.W f-A.ffif'Q?.f fiifff?Zf , .li-.Z?g,'w .gz,Q..r,, - , .M-:L 1- HWY gli? U' R 5 w l f 2 1 Valley Forge Military Academy WAYNE - PENNSYLVANIA rt' A Con fen fa INTRODUCTION ....... .... . DEDICATION .......... , .,4,.1: . ADMINISTRATION .... .... THE CLASS HISTORY GRADUATES ....... THE CORPS THE CLASSES ..... ORGANIZATIONS .... ATHLETICS ...... - . . . . 0- R . 'EY , Q Ss -V 'K E .ff .... Q33 iff I I W ma I V 6 I is f I Q. A 'R S 4 3 U I Page 5 6 14 26 42 114 132 140 168 F , 4. f, , QYHM, ,fmiib 51"-.. .gg-1 , Q S f I 1' .V j!ze gcbforh ngnfroclucfion '7!w 1956 Gaaued Salam VALLEY FORGE MILITARY ACADEMY WAYNE, PENNSYLVANIA MAjon josEPH j. ESREY, JR. Aflialed with Faculty Adwm' National Scholastic Press Association JOHN FULLERTON RICHARDS Columbia Scholastic Press Association Editor-in-Chief Quill and Scroll Society June, 1956 SUBJECT: Horizons-Present and Future. TO: The members of the graduating classes. FROM: The Editor-in-Chief. I stand unique in my privilege to address you at this time in print-and through a medium which will be one of the most precious mementos of your Cadet days-as my final editorial assignment. Because of this, I am doubly determined that my message be worthy of what we all feel for Valley Forge. We are standing on the brink of a new horizon. True, there have been other marked moments in our careers to date, but coming to the end of our Cadet days, no longer to don the Cadet gray, but to assume the mantle of maturity, and face toward our future as citizens in a wider world. How very fortunate, however, has been our particular experience! We are setting forth clad in the solid armor of our Valley Forge training, strengthened by the knowledge, both practical and theoretical, which has been ours for the taking, imbued with the ubiquitous campus traditions, always to be a part of our heartsg inspired by the splendid examples of our predecessors, and dedicated to the ideals instilled in us by all who have contributed so effectively to our welfare, training, and achievements, and who en- couraged us so unfailingly if we faltered. We could not carry liner equipment, but we must be certain our life itinerary includes every facet of our potential accomplishment. Inevitably, at each future horizon, we will look back on a phantasmagoria of Academy life. There we will see the ever-growing ranks, hear hallucinated fanfaresg feel as if a tangible thing, an overwhelming pride in the significance of our Alma Mater, inhale instinctively the flower fragrance of the campus in springtime, and taste the brine of an involuntary tear. Every sense will be alerted to a nostalgia for what we are now relinquishing. A magic lamp like that of Aladdin, great strength like that of Atlas, winged heels like those of Mercury, and power like that of Zeus, belong to legend, not to reality. It may be that but a few mem- bers of this Graduating Class will achieve acclaimed greatness, or acquire the Midas touch, or leave an indelible "footprint in the sands of time." We all will be distinguished, nonetheless, by having shared in the saga of our own Valley Forge. May God walk with you toward the future and may He bless your every effort as you approach the ever-beckoning, ever fascinating, ever challenging, and ever-elusive horizons of life. 351, V WQLSA1-.QA lbecbcafion TO HELEN CLARKE IVIEDENBAOH THE WIFE OF THE COMMANDANT OF CADETS AND THE MOTHER OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE FIRST CLASS THE 1956 CROSSED SABRES IS DEDICATED Wg?-M .. 6 in " ' Z" '-Z Ag.j:: n35's Esfemdvaiqmffg Willis?-'-guiflaf Q i i Q Q I I i G ci '1 oii um "lHllIlIl" Hail, Alma Mater, dear. High wave thy colors clear, Thee we shall e'er revere All through the years. Let courage be our stand, Honor our guiding hand, Conquer throughout the land Valley Forge for thee. Strengthen us in the fray. Help us from day to dayg Increase thy line of gray, Glory all for thee. Teach us to know thy worth. To sing thy praise on earth, And guard thy noble birth Valley Forge for thee. Lead us with beacon bright. Guide our steps firm and right So we may always fight, Buff and blue for thee. When our last taps are played May thou be not dismayed. We pray as once he prayed, Valley Forge for thee. 4 . , 4, .. , f V' - f f ' ' , -' 15 t . Y . y , - -VI -' Q , -.Q ' ' . - Q ' M 14 4. . 2 , L. F., 4' . f ' , f ' ' , ,Uv V . F + ff fa , 4 4 ' ' - mf - , . - 1 V fi ,. ' ' , " 1 1 ', , v' . I' "3 1 ,, .s 1 w W f . J f ' . ww 1 fu . 'n ' W Q ' v. Q 5 , ,' ,1 W . ' , 1 Q , - I v 2 ' ". x . 1 ' .f , v -, 9 , M A . J,,f.... ,. it x1,:!.f..' ,, ,NF - A ' 2.3 1 , MC '6 V, I . A 11, P'-. f' -- ,' . A ,vi . up-Mt sy' X Q 'A . '- bra'-4. W af ' - A'I"'K'f,A':x?- ' - , . f we, ,. .JU 5 - Q ' 3" 4 M 4 . . N 1 N M 4, K ' ' , A ' . ,f ' if ,' , ' xuw J ' 'Q H 4 V .W ,,L3',., v , ww ' .,' A ' ' 'C A' " , e , ,,. vu H.. , , 'fy 1, 'Ji ' 5 u fm , . . fx. I jr., . J ' ' .f 5191: . A M , .f y . -f , ,f-.5,,'!Q.1 9.-, 1, .K . A M ' .Mx - , f , I ' .-fm - -'af' -f' ',.:..'53i' - f '. 'gpm .3 u if nf 9 , z fd-.1 -" -5 V ' -5 . P' x 1 "' ' ..,P 1 --4151, Ai- , ra, 13 -1' 1 .' 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A 'L f5ai.5'f5' -f 'f f f X - ' fq ' vf A N 1 .Q X' 4 ,I ' u ' Y 1 N ' l5'???'XX" Glilisil'-VY . 1 W 'ff' .' Q- f Q, ' 133' X4 . 4 - " Q13G3f2Qq9m4Ag.,E - ' - ' Ji f 1 W V , W . 3 1 with L? 'M W 169 'ypegmqggiiwQF:4gH3QdyE':3,1' - - M w 1. P . :L Wil 1 QQ. MI? - - - ?f,,:w.em. ', 121 1 iw- W 3 ,if ig gem A Y.. ,vm , , , X' . QW ie -. ' .. ' - , 1 .. f W ' W . .1 1 H HE' W x f Q' aw Q. ' x xv , M A' ..,-.H...... . g .V N, H my , vw 5 -31 , . , :' A A Q 'M ,g 1 tx K f 2 4 2 . 71 2 f ea E ,Q ai , A 5 ' Al H 1, U , . V , i 1.4 wand? A A 5 . 'A hwy 15 , :W ' W if a A . " ' ' U: 5 7 ' , " ' . 3 , A 1 -9 W f. . 1 N ' ' Tri., .N -A A1'-f'353lEF,7,,3lv'5E:f-"WB-,53f13T , , R , I kM,,kj,'z, . Q9 Wy' S , I Y an af gk f 1 M 1 ,V-it , V Q K ,.,,,m i . N 1-' 4' g u ,- V " ' ' In w ' , s , , 1 5 -up w r Y 4 " . - V w,-. A . K ,t -, 5- Q wamfww .eMm. ,f , . K , , . , , M , . , 3, , .L it Q. W H VA b , ,- i ' 1 A .Q lf.!4LAN.AL41l.,.A! 1 I 1 f f - i ' 4" .1 M , ' ,. ' . ' f -a f-ws. SHANNON HALI 3 -' lf gi' e5 S 9 4 nf'- 1,gn .r yu a 'i m ll -V iq! N f'Q2LJ'- :Z 0 Q ' n "I,-fum V R- wg l im: W 5:.nH'G 10 INISTR T f Q Qi my fa, fm 'Y B. bv 955252 'f VLH" ,,.,. . 'Q' ff" :fl-life-5Q,iE. ,., 1, ' ' W., - X 1, , W? ,.A. , , X ggi ,,., ,: ,,., , , C, v me A , rj, ,Fw my-,J 'vii-V I Q .f,su,,, f ' 1- W A CEJ f QQPN H A f iw . 5? b E 3252 7E55,k,f . Vx 1 J mx , , AQ Fgvm- in my I ' 2 , w , ak 1 + WM V K 5 X Q , X ity- ti, ww' ' 11242 1 , '.f 3 Lf we 3 D I . V 'Nl ' Q mf Q ' . 93 51 f ' ' xh-V V 3 ,V 3 . ' 5 Y. F . Q 3 W sail? 9 , 4 A .Qi 5. 'F Wig "Wes X :iff ' 'div' X339 v ww ' .5 , 95 , 'Q V A---1 gf ! Q! "-'W--, ,As in ,V W .,.. ff: :I'5:fQ,j.'.I. ., , 7 , Y ' 1. f " ,Q Qs 'f if Pai' L , , Wi ' W' " Q ' "'f?3 x Q mfiwf H Q 1 , 4 I 1 k7A 11 MX' LAN in l..5lI"ll ffm' ,gfuff lfirvl rmr: Cloloncl I'clL'H. Brigzulicr fQCllC!'llI NICdl'lllDlll'h, Maxim' licllclzll lhlkcr, Cloloncl Buss Culum-l Walker. Se'r'1mfl wav: l.iClllK'IlLllll lloluncl Bin-miscll, f:Ollllll1llliik'l' fclly, ljculcnzml llolmlcrl Mnuk, Clllllllill llmlgcns. 'l'l1i2d ww: Colonel Clurnc,'lllL'Il1llll Clulom-1 Phillips, Cloloncl xvi'illCllCl'. -L ,A Ii,-4 , IT' -.ge5Q.x.g ' . sly "Ziggy 'k i 1 ,. ' l Q. . Ll 75 X - f Z ,760 .J41Z4'a1 emu' AGRI' 7.: s ,.,, W, ,.,, I V f'nlr'1l.' Colonel lives. Colonel l'clc1's, Colonel Buss. Ccncrzll Nlcclcnlmclx, Coloncl lValkcr, Lol oncl XVcidcncr, Colonel Curnc. Slamling: l.lCllli'Il2llll Colonel Phillips, Connnznuicr Xclly, l,lClllCll2llll Colonel I'czn'son, l,lClllClI2llll Coloncl Czmlillcr, l.lClllK'II2llll Colon:-l Rosso, Licu- Icnznnl Colonel ll2lllll2li'llCI'. - S 6 , ll' Pilafflll PII, alflll PII lm! 1'1m'.' Colonel xVClClL'llL'l' flinglislll. Colonc-l lines lllcnnj Colonel Czn'nu lllllfllll of lllc Inn mn 494 lill' Lollcgcj. .Swrmrl Imp: l.l0lllL'll2llll Colonel C-zmlillcr lllisloryj, licnlcnzlnl Colonel l'c'zn'- lllncflor ol lllc l,owm' Sillillblj, Colonc-I HL-ss Hlzllllcflllzlllmwp, l,lC'lllL'll1llll Coloncl llzlllllzxcllvl' ic,-lucy. llll4'llll'lllllll Coloncl Rosso Qlftllflgll l,1lllgll2Igl'Nl. - - - KK .760 .AZ1l'll.t'llfllIIl! ,j'al.IIlIIf, ly7lll'lHI1'IIl ' ' 1' u 'xl zrmx' Colonel Nlulkcrns. KQCIICTZII NlL't1Cllb2lL'h, Colonel Iclclw. .Srwmrl row: Nhlllbl' 40 hum, znjm' South, rlwlliflll wmv Nlzljm' Blzmk, I.iClllCI12llll Wczncr, Captain Dzuics. Fm1r'1l1 rmv: ilpluin .-Xl'll, l.iCllll'lI2lllI Iinclhum. l,iculcuamL lfollzmslmcc. 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Ull"l'I' - 1-100 xi llfllfllll Sl'llfI'fl,' l.iL'lllt'll21lll l5I'll4HL'f, l.iClllCll2lllI Klolollcl l,l'lll'NOIl, 11111-1'1111': I.i1'111c11z1111 Hu I 141111111111 lS11Ih1111 1111111111111 Sfllllllillgf 'z 1 L . -1 111111-Q, xlilifll' l4l1111k, Nlujm' S1111ll1. -'wan'--1 ,7A., - I f - ' - ' ' 1 , fjlfjfflfl llllgllflgl K lylfl I'lHI FII, ClllCll2llll Snluis, l.iculL'n1lnl l'1lil'WL'2IlhCl'. 1ll'lllCll2ll!l Ciolcmcl Rosso, l'h1lil'Ill2lllQ Nlnjm' 'my Clzlplzlin XXX-zuc1'. 4, , fx 1 fa 4 'f , K" X III' 1.51 ' rl K lyIfll'llHl'lll .NI'IIfl'Il,' Maxim' lislvv. Maxim' Ilifklllllll f.0IUlll'I XX'c'i4lcl1c1', c'llz1il'1l1Lll1Z tcjkllllllill llnyu' .Slnmling: l.iclllvn:lnl l'cylon. I.iL'lllcllzu1t XlNIl'1'Sl'lI,'llIl'lI2llIl Nirholson. jk, , !l1L'.ifnl'V R lylflfllll FII, l.iCllll'!l3lllI cglllblflillll, Nilliill' Rinkcrl, Licu lc-nunt Colonel C.zmlincr, clmirmzxng Licu If-mmt Frrllzlmbvv. , Aff 1 , ,fin fn wma lim K 17761 I'llH UH, Major Perkins. I.lClllCll2iIll Hickvy, I.icu4 lCll2lIll jones, Colonel Hess, Cllilllklllilllj l.ic lcnzlnt Colonel lluppricll, Iliculcnzml ICLIV. inc' lzfaffing CAIN? a n cf .1414 rho -u1'.5ua I .!41'cL S ,l"lIal',IH PIII lllilllltllillll Ifilnzinnumm, Klnpluin 011113 l.ic-utcnzml llflllllllllllgll. S x IU J x, l'll'IIlAl' K Ullafllll UH! I cllcr, Major Millcrrlillg, zllll Colonel Dzmnachcr, clmirmang Licu Icnzml lizlrnsllziw, I,lClllCIl2lIll lgfillllffy, Cap 1 Romillc. iw' O'l ,7A,f 7!Ll.5l-1 run! .flrf X ly7llI',Hll'IIl.5 XIV, XYiIsm1, Nllliill' l'l'lllllllIl. I.ikl!Ii'll1llll XYumiSi1lc', NH. U'ic'lw. E ,, X M ,7Af 2 I 5 l'l'l'l'llll'll1 S1 X, , fnff S'rulr'1l: Miss limilx fzllllllillglllllll. Miss Sur C rzlwforcl. Miws Alla-no SICZIVIIN, Mrs. Nl2lI'Y2lllllL Kkwlycr. Slaurling: Mrs. I.ilIz1 l'IJcr, Miss lic Jmmvll, Hrs. Ruth flllillltlllfll Miss Nora XUUIIZIII, Mrs. llznlnirc Ri1'kL'l'l. Maw, N12lI'i2l l,c'zu'x. Nlisx l'2l1l'il'i1l llrcmgzln, iw as.: , 51, ff NlC'YN'2ll'Il. cs Milchclli. chef: Captain Riclrml ws ofiiccr: Mr. Charles A, I,zmc'. R-an I-'itsl rmw: Lietttenztnt Colonel Catrtliner, Colonel Weiclener, Colonel Buss, Colonel Cztrne, Colonel Hess. Sffmnrl row: Major lisrey, Major Rieket. Iientenztnt Bradley, Lieutenant Colonel Pearson, Lieutenant Colonel llunnztcher, Lieutenant Colonel Rosso, Lieutenant Hoth. Tltirrl rotr: Major Godfrey, Major Keer, Lietltenztnt Colonel Dapprich, Captain YVeaver. Fourllz rozu: Major Hickniztn, I4iClllCIl2llll jones. THE FACULTY, VALLE 'ik' il? wir 1955 n!.4-:J iii B111 iid' li Z' ur M Y ai" FORGE MILITARY ACADEMY 'ik' Sir Sf? -1956 ji vf-'47 ..- . 1, -O ai? . 12:1 T .. em . -N P Co-0 E7 ,- Q Q7 ' l gay IDX Q.. 1 . AE.. I -.i U5 Qs P 3 A Q f d ff , 4 0112155 Four years have passed in joyful ways- Wouldgst stay these old times dear? Then cherish now those fleeting days, The few while you are here. iff 11 Qt'-P1-'Flu f Ax tio-ral. Q K in ' -- C 6.x M I h iqininrg J! X ..-L. 1 Dfw' 9 fall ?l 79-Y o Goodbyes are saidg we march ahead, XI ,Viggo J ev N ' Success we go to find. Us , Our forms are gone from Valley Forge: 'Digi 1' l Our hearts are left behind. Jerome D. Salinger, ,36 o ' I "1 I 5: K K Q F ' ,mx as F X 0 l f J u Q33 x U 1 N l fwfr ? A at A .0 0 W .. 27 Brazilian Minister of Defense with the Supt-rintendenl-March. 1953. The class of 19513 came into existence on Sep- tember 6, 1952. We were for the most part, fourteen year old boys being separated from Mom and Dad for the first time. That night many pillows were tear-stained, for in the weeks to follow, only those with the determination and will to become fully recognized members of the corps remained. As the long awaited event approached, everyone could feel an air of excitement sur- rounding us. Y'Ve never braced so hard as then, but with that first hardy handshake, we knew it was over. Only a cadet can fully appreciate the full meaning of the recognition parade. VVC then made a dash to the Boodle Shop to find out whether or not the seats were as comfortable as they had looked in the previous three weeks. Soon afterwards, books were issued and the primary purpose of our mission here came into XYe will never forget our thoughts after that Iirsl CI haircut. Lt. General Brooks takes final review of the Corps before retirenient-April, 11153. 28 'A' the spotlight, XVe had an acute thirst for knowl- edge and Shannon Hall, with its ample facilities and competent staff, was the only place to quench it. XVith the arrival of November, things really started to happen. That Thanksgiving leave was the first visit home for most of us. For some, it was a tight squeeze getting through the main gate, not to mention the stomach aches that followed. Another big event was our first hop, the Ring Dance. VVe displayed many envious glances as the class of 1953 took its glorious walk through the ring. Announcement of membership in the Anthony Wfayne Legion Guard brought a great deal of excitement to our midst. Those of us fortunate enough to receive this great honor wore our ropes with pride. gi , G? I Q ,Q 1 x 5. ,Lu asia! 5 5: , 3 41-1 '+I' YY. I .ly 3395,-any FQ ,E M 3?x2,y.,lY1i W5"'ftg.2HLi ', I .4 r Fgfff? Vw 5, Ugg, 1 K ,Ay i ,fix fl' 'Q Fig p f fQ 4Q':e4f,'f2' 'f Q 5 QJ if 4 f fix L7 ss fi H ,,f'1f,AiigR,,j:Z?5g' S' f, .. :1 aff : . M , 3 QR I V' ' 5 v 5-5,1 1111 fkaxixii S ff ig 7 l H' P ., N ' gains NN f " 'W " 1 ' . , f K M 'W Ft xg A 4 JV: 44 " 6" , , A 2 f My , A M. Waffm, QJN if J 'az ' X K X , wx A M 'NM ,,,,, V 4 M, 2 i , . 1 . H, N Kwgfm I? ff w bu - 1 R Q , f W A k 'QQ Q' 'Q we v 4 HQ fm 2 AR !f "?5' 5 J i S is sw , am 'Q I , F K M3523 , 4,4 ,F h 5 4 ' Q ' , ' .-.:11.,A.. i f Y 1 A me M L gg? f ,..,.. 3 1 N' x V I V, .' , V ..:,.,..'. - 1' 'W wg ifxgfe 5 xfiw, Q, Q gf N NE ,MW u,..LMV .,:pg .:'. L ,',.:.: E 1-.fff 'W " Y . ..:AA,., QM 2. lg ,4 ' I, EDVA "' 3-i n j g u i ' iz' f fig' Q W f-'A'- Q I W ww, '1 ----1' .. ,..,V' ,..,.. 'ii .- -V.:' 11-2 SSG ""1 2-: 2 ..,. -'----v . .:..,. . 3 gm Y ' -.-:--.--.. ' '7'-f..: ,--'- 1 .... Y V A a M - fv ' if 'f" -1-- 4 -' X J X ' .,.,. 3 - ' "" ':': MW? VV.',, 3 -I "" X 5 'g,,,wffx ' W Q 7 ,milf I W 4 v 7? Af, QQ . '75 ,',:7'V1' 1514- lf ' fb ....,.,....., , f --':,--:-: : -"' ' f wwf :1' ,'--:f-, . -:1: :-:.1s.,5:f-:II 4 ' Y . 4 i sv M WW VM isgkwgfg, - 1:.' N ,YQ ,, Q ' A'1":2 ' M Wi V . F 5 ' if ,ik - 2 , 4 4 . . VG N ..,, z 5.2 ig, W I 0 ,K ,XMLJ , VW! I M gm A 5 :fl gf- uz aw 5 Iiisiiaf , 5 :sg ,i H tense moment from the unforgettable Slnlug 17. December, l With the arrival of September, 1953, the mem- bers of the class of '56 became "old men." Some of us took pity on the new plebes and others were content to take a legitimate jaunt down old man's walk. The first few days' drill ex- posed a few rusty movements in our rifle manual and marching, but they were soon corrected. The familiar notes of school call drew us back to Shannon Hall for the purpose of trying to understand the idiocincracies of plane geometry, biology, and the assortment of sub- jects that were tackled in our second year. For some reason the glitter of gold and silver stars brought a sense of accomplishmentg others had the poor misfortune of winding up on the "fish," Valley Forge wins the Yale Trophy. March, l954. 953. le jkircl Cgfaaa 'Ir Our first review of the year was a vest pocket parade honoring Lt. General Parks' tak- ing over the Second Army. The band made a trip to Hershey to help make President Eisenhowers sixty-third birth- day a success. They brought credit to our alma mater as always and were complimented on a job well done. Someone else to be complimented was our own superintendent who received the Order of Merit from the government of Brazil. He was again honored in being appointed as a delegate- at-large for the United Nations Educational. Scientific, and Cultural Organization. , , . , NSN amy X- - 1' K' 'SN ' if . x i rf ?n lf If X 'K X l I A tx y f f I . W ii f tl KA X! X sf 1- aw' ff , ' 1 7 x I: Q i 1, , X Q f M4 f an-M5 sir eq f ,,,..-5 6 V Christmas leave came and was gone belore we had realized and the dark ages ol' -january had arrived. The plebes began to complain about the cold weather and were confronted with this statement, "lf it was good enough for XVashington, it's good enough lor you." The United States Army Band gave a con- cert for the enjoyment ol' the corps in February. It was a fine perl'ormanc'e given by a fine group of musicians and the corps enjoyed it thor' oughly. In May, the magie words became Indian- town Cap. A multitude ol' buses arrived at the main gate and then transported the corps to "the Gap." Upon arrival, the companies were rv-.ts l ,... N a.. , , I X .,, . 91 " f as X 315 i' w S .Wh ,bw T 1 li xv' T i mn. . . Syl Q . ,L f ' 0 X, , , X T it we as A delegation from Freedoms Foundation Gen. Ridgeway inspects the Guard prior to a Review in his honor. May, l95-1. established in their respective barracks. The days that followed brought some unforgetable experiences. just to mention a few, there were the hikes, firing ranges, obstacle rourse, demon- strations, and to sum it all up, General XVeber and the staff ol' the army stationed there really did a wonderful job of making our visit a success. june Hnally arrived and we added another year stripe to our sleeves. 'So will never forget lhose few VNU the ACHKICIUY- l'iClll'llHl'y. W54- davs al lndianlown Cap. Nlav, IEDS4. Sportswriter C. W'illiam Duncan is previewed before a Friday night forum. November 1954. September of 1954 brought our class together again after a wonderful summer vacation. It made us feel good to see the familiar faces of our classmates and comrades and tell of the great experiences of the summer. The usual drill periods kept us busy until the annual pilgrimage to Shannon Hall. The make list caused the appearance of stripes on many of our sleeves. This was to be a preliminary year for most of us to prepare for the bigger responsibilities of the Corps next year. Macbeth and the three witches haunted us throughout the fall, not to mention the gadgets and machinery of the Physics Lab. October and November brought the wintry blasts across the main area, and we donned our mackinaw in preparation for the long winter Covernment Inspection April'l955. 32 348 QCOIQCJ KAIAJ QCII' -ir - months ahead. The academic department an- nounced its new policy of having exams after Christmas Leave, and we departed with them on our minds. Upon our return from Christmas Leave we were shocked to hear of the death of Lt. Colonel John H. Dyroff, our QM OHicer. There is a plaque hanging in the chapel that reminds those of us who knew him of the loss of a good friend and an asset to the academy. That year the Mask and Spur Society gave us quite a treat in the presentation of the Caine Mutiny Court-Martial with an unusually line cast. Soon thc epidemic of "spring fever" spread throughout the Corps. Our symptoms dis- appeared when the grapevine suddenly an- nounced the coming of the Honorable Charles . ,- ,,!'7l 'V 'N X 'I T' 'l dm? wwf SQ ill? ew f , Q! lX'ilson, the Sefretary of Defense. For once a rumor turned out to he a reliable statement, and the Corps prepared itself for his arrival. Mr. XYilson saw a beautiful perforinance, be- cause our pride wouldn't let us give him any- thing else. The year progressed until the time for our last review. XVhat a sad but glorious feeling it was to bid our comrades farewell and don the red patches in preparation for our assumption of the chief responsibilities of the Corps. The positions left open by the Class of '55 had to be occupied, and we looked forward to taking charge with a feeling of eagerness and anticipa- tion. Q 1 A A .l . ,N F' ann mu' s get the visil of the llonora Charles N ilson, Serrelarx o Cadets Kelf and Bishop lake part in Washinglons birthday ceremonies The Class of 'Sli will ncxer for ' " ' f De fense, and Mr. Carlcr Burgess. Assistant SL'i'relau'y of lbefbnisc il if :fflflfffhl if l, Q i N . - U my w ,,. 9 Q 'g. X i Cadet Yan 'l'uin receives the Nat ional Colors on Opening Day ceremonies. e Plebe Detail welcomes back the old men. x Q W 2 455 ii 5 G 6 3 Q jim! gfcwa QCII' ir To the surprise and pleasure of many among our ranks, the big assignment that everyone hopes lor at one time or another at the Forge arrived in the form of "Greetings from the Ollice of the Commandantu-a letter causing many of us to bring our minds out of the clouds of summertime pleasures and consider the ob- jectives and responsibilities that membership on the Plebe Detail entails. It was with a feeling of some reluctance, nevertheless, that we ter- minated early our vacation daysg but a job had to be done, and this assignment carried its due rewards along with the labors required. Thus, in the early days of September, we drilled and exercised commands, lectured and were lectured, and gained the characteristics of leadership that are necessities in order to assume the command positions of the Corps. The day of testing Finally arrived, howeverg and along with it, the plcbes-tall, short, fat, and thin plebes- a new group of diamonds in the rough that were ours to cut, polish, and finally mold into fine Valley Forge cadets. So we jumped down their throats, caught the unsuspecting civilians quickly, and wasted no time in supervising the same situation we had undergone some three years previously. l'he 1956 Plebe Detail. 5 X After weeks with the "Men in XVhitc,', the plebes were finally recognized. L At long last Recognition Parade arrived, and Old Cadets joined with the Plebe Detail and the plebes to settle down to the routine of a new academic year. Our class members plunged I into the magic of Solid and Trig., Chemistry, and U. S. History-some with enthusiasm, a few with reluctance. lYe trudged down Shannon Hall steps from book issue with book-bags over- loaded with brand new volumes that were ours to digest throughout the coming season. Next morning, the blare of "school call" summoned us to the Main Area, where, marshalled by our new section-marchers, we marched up the hill to meet our new subjects-and instructors! Concentration on academics was difhcult ' those first few days, with thoughts on the soon- to-be-announcecl "make list" uppermost in our minds. And the fateful day Finally arrived, September 22. Mr. Swank was suddenly swamped with orders for chevrons, pips, sashes, swords, and insigniag and Joe, the boodler, observed a sudden rise in the sale of brass polish. The press shop, too, began its work of sewing chevrons, and the barracks' phone booths were continually jammed with cadet sergeants, lieutenants, and captains! Actually, the plebes themselves were more or less indifferent about the "make list" since it didn't concern them, but they were fired with enthusiasm when anyone mentioned Recog- nition Parade. XVe First Classmen naturally wondered whether or not the plebes were ready. Had we done our job in training them? Had we instructed them to the best of our abilities? It was with a real sense of pride and satisfaction that the IQ56 Plebe Detail disbanded on October As the days progressed, the Corps cheered the Trojans on to victory! wa..-sl lam Heralding lhc Clhrisllnas season with the memoi- ablc Band Cloncert and the unforgettable pageant. 3, mindlul of a job well done, Our diamonds in the rough were beginning to look like polished gems, for those raw recruits were now dis- ciplined cadets. It was for the newlysmade non- coms and ollicers to keep them that way through constant maintenance. Advisory Council elections came on October IIS, and this important cadet organization began to function for another year. Our student counf cil, composed of representatives from each com- pany, held regular meetings to discuss those problems which daily allect our lives and to act upon those suggestions that would beneht the general wellare of the entire Corps. Before most of us realized it, October was gone and with it the hrst marking period. No one will soon lorget Colonel XVeidener's vespers talk on "turning over a new leaf" and "it's not too late to begin again!" Since a word to the wise is sufficient, some of us took heed and others tlitlllii. During early November, the cadet ollicers were the guests of the Philadelphia Navy Yard. lt was an exciting experience, and luckily we didn't lose anyone in the maze of hatchways and decks that compose a modern aircraft car- rier. XVQ saw the very latest equipment and were truly amazed by the complexity and the imf posing beauty which these new weapons repre- sent. November brought also the resumption ol the Junior College-First Class Forum Series. fladcls Garrett and Oppenheimer "studying" behind the scenes! -'dull' . Last-minute preparations for the Christmas pageant. Such notable speakers as Dr. XVallace Fisher, Rabbi Bertram XV. Korn, and Mr. Ivan H. Peterman gave us thought-provoking lectures on the general theme of "The Meaning of Democ- racv. XVith the arrival of winter weather came the magnihcent Autumn Ball. The driving rain did not dampen our lun because First Classmen have long known that rain and Valley Forge dances are inseparable! After the gay festivities, the seniors headed for the Boodle Shop for a light snack and a conversational "recap" of those three delightful hours. Then the follow- ing Thursday the Corps paused to observe Thanksgiving Day, each cadet giving thanks in his own way for the blessings he so often takes for granted. But the first really big surprise of the year came just a day or two later when the entire First Class was mustered into Rucker Hall for a special announcement. The magic words, "There will be a First Class weekend" brought an uproar that was deafening. After a full week- end at home there was only a short interval before the long-awaited Christmas Leave. The festive season at Valley Forge was heralded by the glorious holiday concert by our Band and Glee Club, then the magnificent Christmas pageant which this year seemed more wonderful than ever before. But by mid-morning next day, the campus was deserted as the entire Corps departed for a happy, exciting vacation. 'l'he stately procession to the Infant King. X X Z . K iv' adet Toal receives a ring md a smile from his mother! Returning frotn a long and delightful rest, we had barely readjusted ourselves to the "schedule of calls" when three days of tertn examinations descended on us, plus the Saturday morning ordeal of College Board exams for many First Classmen! But just over the horizon was the tempting reward of the long-awaited Ring Dance, our dance! Second only to graduation in its importance, this dance lived up to our every expectation, truly a night to remember always. Of course we had many smaller dances through- out the winter and springgall of them highly enjoyable. But the Ring Dance was really our very own, and we especially remember it. The Freedonrs Foundation paid its annual visit to the Academy on February 22 when a Corps Review was held to honor Admiral Arthur Radford, Chairman of the .loint Chiefs of Staff. Members of the faculty watch the beautifttl Ring Dance. i' In the evening, following a banquet and band concert, Dr. Kenneth Wlells, the Foundation president, made the annual awards, including citations to our Superintendent and the VVash- ington Irving Literary Society's Sketch Book. In March, the Band presented its annual Police Pension Concert in lftlayne, and the junior Col- lege staged a striking dance with the theme of "Out of this wlorld." Emphasis on our academic work during the winter months culminated on March I7 with the College Board exams again, and this time many of us labored through three arduous hours of afternoon "Achievement Tests" that really called for concentration. The first week of spring brought three somewhat un- related events: the worst snowstorm of the year, the gruelling three-day examination period, and the beginning of our Spring Leave. Everybody was making plans to enjoy complete leisure for the next ten days-everyone, that is, except the Editor of Crossed Sabres who was knee-deep in Cadets Leonardo and Cavan do a little explaining at the Infantry Battalion Dance. snow and galley proofs! T mimi l"tf'iPA 'E-. 1s: .,,, . ff.-' SG: , ff: Jeff. . '. t 3123? f i l it v Xp , ' xr l X Admiral Radford troops thc I '--6 Q .x line with the Superintent Q Spring had really arrived at Valley Forge when we returned from leave for the final term fa crowded two months of academics. parades, dances, and dinners! Government Inspection opened the activities, and through careful prep- aration we managed to keep our usual high standards safely intact. Shoe polish, wax, brass polish, and "know-how" had again come to the rescue. On the social side, there was the popular Varsity Club Dance and the annual Publications Dinner for staff members of The Lff'gfIHIIII1fl'6 and Crossed Srzbres, at which the highly-coveted Quill and Scroll Awards were made. The Olli- standing chapel service of the month was, of course, the annual inductions to the Order of Anthony Hlayne, the highest honor the Academy can bestow on faculty members and cadets. On April 21, Valley Forge was again host for the Invitational Debate Tournament, a day-long round of debating by fifteen representative secondary schools. At the end of the month, once again we watched with keen delight as the Mask and Spur Society thrilled us with a superb per- formance of Mister Roberts, under the direction of Mr. john Crowley. The Band helps dedicate RCIA's new Philadelphia TX' station. ,,,.,...--- I 'i i 1 .t Agwmt c Admiral Radford takes the specia Washitigton's Birthday Rexieu As we edged into May we rushed madly to complete our term papers for English I, then busily prepared the campus for the reception of our favorite guests, our parents. Parents' YVeekend began on Friday evening with the annual athletic dinnerg Saturday's offerings in- cluded exhibits and conferences in Shannon l-Iall, a skillful Gymkhana, the luncheon and concert, and the lovely Spring Ball. Sunday morning there were the lXlother's Day Review and the impressive chapel service. It was a memorable weekend that clearly marked the beginning of the home-stretch toward gradua- tion. Dave Kiarroway and Fred Muggs show interest in our Band! , S l . Q 1111- 2111111111 1 C L1lCl'1l1 lVICC1C1llJ1lC'll 211111 cl010llC1 M111- 'ns 111211 11111'ing Zlll 1l11C1'll11SS1Ull 211 the Spring 112111. The rest ol M21y NVCIII l1l1l'1'y111g by: t11e 21111111211 pi1g1'i11121ge oi the Military Order ol' 1Vorl11 11N'211's, Alllllllll Hon1e1'o111i11g, 211111 t11e Bullet Supper for Olll' loy21l Choir 211111 Glee Cluh will 2111 l'Cl1121lI1 long i11 our 111i1111s. Tl1e11 o11 lXI21y I8 we 11611211116 11osts lor t11ree 1121ys to t11e 111e111- bers olf the Reserve Forces Policy Bo21r11 ol' the DCIJZIITIIICIIL ol' Defense, of which f1Cl1C1'2l1 Baker is 1'l121ir1112111. Tl1ese 11isti11g11ishe11 visitors 1f21re- l'111ly observecl t11e work 211111 t1'21i11i11g ol Olll' own 111111, 211111 we were very IDI'OLlll t11 show tl1e111 Olll' fine training. On May 22-23 t11e wi1111i11g platoon in Cfllllpillly 11o111petition w21s rew21r1le11 hy an exciting trip to 1Vest Pointg 111611 O11 May 29, t11e B211111, A.1Y.1,.G., Tr11op, 211111 Battery, st21ge11 their 21111111211 11e111onstrz1tio11 21t t11e Devo11 Horse Show. J Nlrs. 1.11110 1'on11111'ls 2111 0f111ti211 211111 So1'i21I 11115101118 1'121ss. All t11e w11i1e t11e 1121ily school 1'o11tine 1:011- ti1111e11. 11116 re11121i11i11g pages ol' The llllllilillg 2, 1 2 of 1110116111 AlI761'I.I'1l grew thinner, t11e tragic 1121w in 112111116118 PC1'S0112ll1ly w21s Zlllillyleil, 211111 Mollwei11e's 1.0111111121 for oblique triangles be- 1'21111c ClC2l1'61' in Trig 1il21ss! As t11e 1121ys grew longer, o11r college 211'eept21111'es 211'1:1111111l21te1l, the Corps l1eg21n asking w11e11 Crossed Sabres wo11l11 he 1lelive1'e11, 211111 o11r spring v211'sity 16211118 fought through 1121r11 s1ihe11u1es wit11 goo11 spirit 211161 2lC111111'2lb1C results. A1111 21t long l21st it XNZIS l1ere-t11e C1111 ol it 21111 1Ve 112111 long bee11 11o1111ti11g t11e C12lyS, but 11ow th21t there w21s little lelt to count we began to feel sorry. Final CXZIIIIS, t11e Gr21111121tio11 Pilfilllff, t11e Laying Up of Colors 211111 Class Day A thrilling IIIOIIICIII 211 the 1'2llxCI11Sl XYee11en11 Gy111kh11n21, .9 v E 5 ' .5 2 , tuna N, 'ru Q Q General and Mrs. Baker attending the Spring lfeslixal ,. wig' 3 l. ,- feiirgxjjrg ,I ff WW4-W-' 'ff ' 1, A- t 5... . 645' A J , cf' fl , ,X 71" ' . A -V -1, It , Ml wk?gfe,f,,Q5w' 1 T 1 s 'V MM " ' ' . 4,-vfigfwq. wr ms-'--We Q: if f ' W U Q ' rf' W' WW V L L, ,. M..,,.,M V- x "".:lv-fs' , igfxk ,, .3 5 , Ti.- W 2 I ?i?,w5a.w,, W 'WH' ' The Regimental Stall troops in line al lhe animal fi0XL'l'lllIlClll lnxpetlion. lixerrisea. Then just one more dance, our Grade nation Ball, where we were hlled with both happiness and sadness. It all ended on .lune 2. Down the hill to the gym lor the graduation exercises. .XS General Medenbach called our names each ol' us proudly walked lorward to salute General Baker and receive lrom him our final reward, our diploma. Before we had real- ized it, we were standing at attention lacing the laculty to httingly close our days at Valley Forge-days that will never he lorgottenl Hail, 14111111 dialer, dear High zvrlzfe lhy rolors r'le11r,' Thee we shall Kiffl' rffzferg All lhrozzgh the y6!l?'.S'. Down lhe hill for the final hour of 1riumph-gradualion! 1: H-4 qw. L M - V V .1 ,. V qi W, J. .h , f ,ff f Iwi, ' 'a'3?i', ,..,. . .,.,..r. , , ffl 42 Tffimkli? j 9 i '?2Ev,uia3'ii- f i Q Y xg' Y ml" GRAD ATES .. ., , f - -W 'H f 5. ,. L 4" - Lx-,.x ' " 1. fi' -'lmwg-L-auzbu f ' Q O i 9 D D 6 Q Q 1 vy 51 I . 1:57 F6 unior to ege gracluafea I9 6 , , I ,V ' f' I ., , ffl if M , ALoNzo ROBERT TOAL President of the junior College Classes t YE 2,I'I:Ehf Q l I 1 1 'le-I' ,ur ALONZO ROBERT TOAL Band Captain Havertown, Pa. class President Gold Stars Order of Anthony Wayne-JCS Saunders Medal-JCF Anthony Wayne Legion Guard-JCF, JCS Dunaway Debate-JCF Phi Theta Kappa Society-JCF, JCS fPres1dent5 Crossed Sabres-JCS QJun1or College Edltorj Stephen Foster Society-JCF, JCS QChapla.lnj Intramural Volleyball-JCF, JCS Patrick Henry Society-JCF Intramural Basketball--JCF, JCS Major General Anthony Wayne Medal-JCS Intramural Softball-JCF, JCS 44 STUART RODNEY KELF West Orange, New Jersey "D" Troop Captain Class Vice-President Order of Anthony Wayne-JCS Anthony Wayne Legion Guard- JCF, JCS Alexander Hamilton Forum-JCF, JCS Glee Club-JCF, JCS Chapel Choir-JCF, JCS Harriers Club-JCS Plebe Detail-JCF, JCS Intramural Wrestling-JCF, JCS Intramural Football-JCF, JCS RONALD CHARLES LODGE HERBERT FRANKLIN SAEGER Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Allentown, Pennsylvania Headquarters Company First Lieutenant Class Vice-President Anthony Wayne Legion Guard- JCF Stephen Foster Society-JCF Advisory Council-JCF Varsity Club-JCF, JCS Hop Manager-JCF Gymkhana-JCF Varsity Baseball-JCF Intramural Football-.ICF Intramural Baseball-JCF Intramural Track-J CF Headquarters Company Class Secretary Anthony Wayne Legion Guard- JCF' Alexander Hamilton Forum-JCS Varsity Club-JCF, JCS Hop Manager-JCS Plebe Detail-JCF Gymkhana-JCF, JCS Varsity Wrestling-JCF, JCS Varsity Football-JCF, JCS Intramural Football-JCF Intramural Baseball-JCF 45 JOHN DAVID WARNER DONALD H. BERNSTEIN ROBERT EDWARD BERTOLDI Columbus, Ohio Scranton, Pennsylvania Atlantic City, New Jersey Regimental Headquarters Company "E" Battery Executive Oflieer Corporal Sergeant Second Captain Class Treasurer Anthony Wayne Legion Guard- JCF, JCS Alexander Hamilton Forum-JCF, JCS Order of Anthony Wayne-JCF Haas Medal-JCF Medal of the Army and Navy Legion of Valor-JCS Crossed Sabres-JCS Honor Council-JCF, JCS Plebe Detail-JCF, JCS Board of Governors-JCF, JCS Chapel Vestry-JCS Club Representative-JCF Captains Council-JCF, JCS Intramural Football-JCF, JCS Varsity Golf-JCF Intramural Football-JCF Intramural Boxing-JCF Bronze Physical Training Badge- .ICF Sharpshooter Medal-JCF Intramural Football-JCF, JCS Intramural Basketball-JCF, JCS Intramural Track-JCF, JCS Intramural Baseball-JCF, JCS -. A gtg f T T 'ff All , - Yi , .l-gm.-,,pp:, 4 1 f A rl- I .ms .,gf..Q-, , ,. . I A, G ...- ,A-. .Q an I I' 1- . ,..,,gq Aq, J fl1:gtjim,,,, I I N , Iprx , 1' - gal- f Q1 if - lx, :' 14 ' , 46 BRUCE ERWIN BURKEY CLEMENT BARRIE CALDER THOMAS OTTAVIO CINELLI Mohnton, Pennsylvania Prospect Park, New Jersey Merchantville, New Jersey "D" Troop Band "D" Troop Corporal Cold Stars Intramural Football-JCF, JCS Phi Theta Kappa Society-JCF, JCS Intramural Football-.ICF rmramurm vo11eyban-JCF, Jcs 4V1ce'PreS1de'm Intramural Boxing-.ICF Intramural Track-JCF, JCS Stephen Foster Society-JCF, JCS Intramural Softball-JCF Glee Club-J CF Chapel Choir-JCF Dunaway Debate-JCF Intramural Track--J CF .QR s' y" irxx NY L K f I if ff 5 m f r f - Z E f 11- 'fe 2 s A ' i . f. 11, E 3' 5 ' ,x..'.,L 2 3 ' 13 24- i ii: '. x .1 1 l.5.Li'Qq'b'.,,g,L Y Na be-1,-1 - +f'?g,- 0-an 47 ALEXANDER SCOTT COLLINS JOHN EDWARD DAVIDSON THOMAS IAN DREW Collegeville, Pennsylvania Brockton, Pennsylvania State College, Pennsylvania Band Headquarters Company "E" Battery Sergeant Sergeant Sergeant Cold Stars Phi Theta Kappa Society-JCS Stephen Foster Society-JCS Kaydets Dance Band-JCF, JCS Glee Club-JCF Chapel Choir-JCS Intramural Track-.ICF Intramural Softball-JCF Intramural Intramural Intramural Intramural Football-J CF, J CS Volleyball-J CF, JCS Baseball-JCF, J CS Track-JCF, JCS Anthony Wayne Legion Guard-JCS Activities Award-JCF Chapel Choir-JCF, JCS Glee Club-JCF Motorcycle Club-JCF, JCS Sharpshooters Medal-JCF Varsity Football-JCF Varsity Track-JCF Intramural Track-JCF, JCS Intramural Wrestling-JCF, JCS Z fllt' " 48 K . X x tk txxx X .VN wxxxxa. 'Ox XX JOHN HOWARD GREENE Staatsburg, New York Headquarters Company First Sergeant Activities Award-JCF Chapel Choir-JCS Glee Club-JCF, JCS Plebe Detail-JCS Intramural Soccer-JCF, JCS Intramural Track-JCF, JCS X xt 4 X. MJNN ln wkNvgt- ' x jcsx , . CHARLES D. HUNSBERGER Souderton, Pennsylvania Headquarters Company Athletic Sergeant Marksman Medal-J CF Intramural Football-JCF, JCS Intramural Volleyball-JCF, JCS Boxing-JCF Intramural Track-J CF Intramural Intramural Baseball-JCF' wiv RICHARD LEIGH KATTEL Kings Point, New York Headquarters Company Third Captain Order of Anthony Wayne-.ICF Anthony Wayne Legion Guard- JCF, JCS Honor Council-JCF, JCS Captains Council--JCF, JCS Board of Governors--JCF, JCS Plebe Detail--JCF, JCS Mask and Spur Society-JCF, JCS Glee Club-JCF, JCS Chapel Vestry-JCF, JCS Activities Award-.ICF Ground Observer Corps-.ICF x- . XXXA xx N X ' j',1 x . -.xr In dv I X x Y t X ftbxf t- XNQ ' XX-K. XQXQK C ' N ,X X . .x kt ,o w 4 .f 444' .f' A' I-'10, '- Miz-ff frm' , I-in ,Q -I. xnxfw f ,A I I ,, ,, .t- j 'Qi1y5--.A 5 32.7.5 viii' ' 'Ll ,iw-2 "ff---' HN-J '13'l"LT.13 L' . Ag l' - 1 '- A..-A 1 fi +1 :jfs-tai Eff' ESQ 'Nr' 552- ,rf X'Zr'?4Q 12,11 ' 7 fllltll 2 . WFQQQ ,cl A Mfg? 1, 'X 5 ,-- ' Q 49 uff",C4g'i5"'- V . '4 hwlzfl' ' , f-ef,-, I Q O . ,,. CARL LOUIS KAUFMAN, JR. KENNETH HENNFER LONG RAFAEL ANGEL LOPEZ Cleveland, Ohio Blue Bell, Pennsylvania Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico "D" Troop "E" Battery Headquarters Company Captain Sergeant Sergeant Order of Anthony Wayne-JCS Sharpshooters Medal-JCF Intramural Volleyball-JCF Anthony Wayne Legion Guard- Motorcycle Club-JCS Intramural Soccer-JCF, JCS 'ICF Intramural Football-JCF, JCS Intramural Boxing-JCF, JCS Mask and Spur Society-'ICF' JCS Intramural Boxing-JCF, JCS Intramural Basketball-JCF, JCS Acuvmes AWa'd"'CF Intramural Softball-JCF, .ics Intramural Baseball-JCF Plebe Detail-JCF Intramural Track-JCF Chapel Choir-JCS Glee Club-JCF, JCS Varsity Baseball-JCF, JCS Varsity Club-JCF, JCS 71474 :Q L 'T..' . '-"..-fi' 1.4-:.....'Tf'-.."? P- :, .,.:e 1- -'ii' ' '- -l .t.,.,,t,-.. B J t t 11-rf' v:h"J3?,-,'.1. 51- ' ' U WM 'f' ' , . ., .fm fn! H? p t , 'Qi 'QE ,I 1 . xl' f pn . af.-2'-'f Xl K7 I A, 5 .Q Q WE. . Y ' '11 Ji" 1' v-.S-55 A I xv JM., , , Li: n 1 A y .lg---ngnux M1501-W . 1 I . 'wfvngm,,., l'wMI5?ifMf' ' Li-'4 TlKf'7Wd"F"Me9,S:.l. 'fr- 50 at 'il I-iff , 'V Q-1 W' B Q W gf B ENRIQUE MORALES WALTER F. NEWBY, JR. JOHN STANLEY OLSON Santurce, Puerto Rico Huntington Valley, Pennsylvania Pennsburg, Pennsylvania Headquarters Company "E" Battery Headquarters Company Int Int X, A. X L Q. N XX Sergeant I Anthony Wayne Legion Guard-JCS ramural Volleyball-JCS ramural Wrestling-JCS I First Sergeant Anthony Wayne Legion Guard-- JCF Battery Club-JCF, JCS Motorcycle Club-JCF, JCS Intramural Boxing-JCF Intramural Volleyball-JCF, Intramural S0ftbB.11-JCF JCS Platoon Sergeant Anthony Wayne Legion Guard-- JCF McCloskey Medal-JCF Varsity Club-JCF, JCS Varsity Football-JCF, JCS QCD' Captainj Gymkhana-JCF Intramural Baseball-JCF, JCS I Intramural Softball-JCF Alexander Hamilton Forum-JCF, Jos t - L-'ea'1N-3 A O . QQ -X for T ' ' A ir if r P gl w 'La J K 1 L. J" N X- ll 5 X vu i . , , , ge f ........,...,,... ,V ,Ml N J, ua, e , L.-Q , -W' X . ' ,V H S LM W, .- .lxiql 3 'fear N . -pffgi ' si., A. Tx .f'4"fc',n, affzcf-."-N T' -. . v-- ,J .',.a,, ,.,4,",-, - .ng ,"f.I'fC'j1,:,f,vifpwffg X X xxx- 'f"'- ere' Q: 7'5Z SX: S. Tk 44,95-.,.7g.g,i, -. 1 , X N :4, Y 1 ...dl -- fy nun-snlI.Ll.u , Q., 51 WILLIAM H. PARSONS GEORGE F. PELLERANO Fort Littleton, Pennsylvania New York, New York Headquarters Company "E" Battery Corporal First Lieutenant Silver Stars Varslty Baseball-JCF Reserve Officers Association Ribbon Intramural Football-.ICF -'ICF 1 J F J 1 , " p - Intramural Track-JCF M333-gfce club C ' Cb 1 res Battery Club-JCF, JCS tTreasurerJ Intramural Wrestling--JCF' Intramural Soccer-JCF K ,f X X f N ir iff f SIDNEY SCOTT ROBINSON South River, New Jersey Headquarters Company Corporal Varsity Club-JCF, JCS Varsity Football-JCF, JCS Intramural Basketball-JCF, JCS Intramural Baseball-JCF, JCS Intramural Track-JCF, JCS f' f-A 'www - ,lim . - H K B2 ,- K- fy-9' ' 5. 9, fr Jw 1'.n- -' Y X I , wf f , f QI, , ,f ,Q , ,ff rx. ' 2 if f 4 T an .... ,fi l .lf , ' xX If I ', , f f , f , ,, 52 sf, ANTHONY RALPH SAIEVA Brooklyn, New York CHARLES F. STANKE Altoona, Pennsylvania GEORGE GIBB STEWART Grove City, Pennsylvania "E" Battery Band "E" Battery Captain Master Sergeant Sergeant Order of Anthony Wayne-JCS Anthony Wayne Legion Guardg Varsity Football-JCF, JCS LMan- JCF ager Anthony Wayne Legion Guard- JCF, JCS Activities Award-JCF Varsity Baseball-JCF, JCS LMan- Alexander Hamilton Forum-JCF, Brotherhood of St. Andrew-JCF agen RJCS M d 1 JC Cruclfer-JCF, JCS ussoi ,e a- iF Intramural Basketball-JCF, Jos Sami nf Scum: 1-'Kiss Intramural Wrestling-.ICF oar O Overnors' Intramural softball-Jcr Honor Council-JCS Battery Club-JCF lVlce-Presidentj, JCS 1V1ce-President J Motorcycle Club-JCF, JCS iVlce- President! Plebe Detail-JCF, JCS Intramural Football-JCF, JCS Intramural Boxing-JCF, JCS Intramural Track-JCS Intramural Tennis-JCF, JCS 1 F -Xb g m its 7- T Q ' ,,,,,,...,.. ff-,j 4,1 ik wk' f Q3 - Y QF? ......,,,.,,-. VM Vw if Q .,., Q f 5 'f ,I gs ,.L::1-:.iZQ:fi:Z:, 14 , dy - , 53 EDMUND PETER TINUCCI JAMES DARRYL WATSON Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania Pleasantville, New Jersey Band Headquarters Company Athletic Sergeant Corporal Stephen Foster Society-JCF, JCS Glee Club-JCF Chapel Choir-JCF Intramural Football-JCF, JCS PAUL ADOLPH WENDT Pelham Manor, New York Band First Lieutenant Stephen Foster Society-JCF, JCS Bronze Physical Training Badge- JCF Glee Club-JCF Intramural Basketball-JCF, JCS Dance Band-JCF, Jos Intramural Baseban-JCF, Jcs Arts and Crafts Club-'ICF Intramural volleybau-JCF, Jcs Advisory C0uncu"JCF Intramural Basketball-JCF, Jos Varsity F0otbau"JCF Intramural Baseball-JCF, Jcs Varsity Track-'ICF - Aliliiij p ' he x A 'M X no e ' !?.ii"' ir t l Uk I 4 f 1.52-. , Ay -'CQ7 A ,l A ' "e mu ' ," X3 f W 3- -SY F -1: fw f Ar- fr-lie - .,,ux! Mi1 :I, C ,L fi, lbifuzmn .fr 4, rx 4 X." fwlf ' . " HW ' f W . M. he , N, r fl .f'Q"iNf"Me,1,fw:., 'VN , N5 " .-Lf I ,Y..4, .M E 1 y. 'I 54 WILLIAM HARRY WETTERAU JOHNNY ZAYAS-ALDRICH MARTIN CARL ZELLER Tamaqua, Pennsylvania Caguas, Puerto Rico Willow Grove, Pennsylvania Headquarters Company "E" Battery Band Corporal Sergeant Sergeant Clerk Varsity Football-JCF, JCS Battery Club-JCF, JCS ff! 4f4Xy!f5fw rg, Motorcycle Club-JCF, JCS Varsity Track-JCS Intramural Boxing-JCF, JCS Intramural Baseball-JCF, JCS Intramural Soccer-JCF 'A' i' Activities Award-JCF Arts and Crafts Club-JCF, JCS Glee Club-JCF Chapel Choir-JCF, JCS Intramural Tennis-JCF, JCS Intramural Volleyball-JCF, JCS fi if , Z' ' ln ' nf' 'N- . 2 LI' K' - Z , Q Z 'Mr-I . 1 if 1" "limi ' Y7'l"x,g ' al' 1 W 'Niall W' ,aff 55 f 4' 3 'X , ., Fifi 3 1 ' H 1 I .1 , ,W , ' A I V N Ze jiri Cfafizi I9 6 L1"'-'YV' -'gxfgr' I :y'Q ' X ,, l aw PHILIP CLARKE MEDENBACH HSD?-Id? sv- K. 'lm nm! Regimental Commander and Class President ' In -44 " I sl lx' ff?1a'i.5v::- 'k 'Ir 1 if I W? ll PHILIP CLARKE MEDENBACH Regimental Staff Wayne, Pennsylvania First Captain Regimental Commander and Class President Order of Anthony WayneYI Anthony Wayne Legion Guard-IV, III, II, I 1Comma.nder of the Guard! Medal of the Order of Cincinnati-I Washington Irving Literary Society, II, I qSecretaryJ Quill and Scroll Honor Society-I Captains Council-I qPresldentJ Board of Governors-I 1Presiclentl Crossed Sabres-I 1Buslness Managery Feehan Medal-III Activities Award-III, II, I Expert Rifleman Medal-III McCloskey Medal-III Arts and Crafts Club-III, II Glee Club-IV, III Legionnaire-I1 Gymkhana-II Varsity Club-II, I Motion Picture Club-III Chapel Choir-IV, III Plebe Detail-III, II, I Acolytes-IV, III, II Brotherhood of St. Andrew-IV Rifle Manual Patch-IV, III Varsity Track-III, II, I Varsity Fencing-III, II, I JOHN FULLERTON RICHARDS RAYMOND W. SCHWEITZER Churchtown, Pennsylvania Silver Spring, Maryland "B" Company First Lieutenant Class Vice-President Gold Stars Order of Anthony Wayne-I Anthony Wayne Legion Guard- IV, III, II, I Quill and Scroll Honor Soclety- II, I Washington Irving Literary Society II, I Crossed Sabres-II, I qEdltor-ln- Chiefj Mask and Spur Society-IV, III, II, I Brotherhood of St. Andrew-IV, III Motion Picture Club-IV, III, II J. Donald Stone Medal-IV 316th Infantry Ribbon-III Activities Awards-III, II, I Expert Rllle Medal-III Bronze Physical Training Badge- III Scholastic Press Award-I Hop Manager-II, I Class President-II Class Vice-President-IV, III, I Plebe Detail-III, II, I Varsity Baseball-III Gymkhana-IV, III, II, I Acolytes-IV, III The Sketch Book-II, I Intramural Rlne-III Intramural Football-V, IV Intramural Basketball-IV Club Representative-V "C" Company Captain Class Secretary Order of Anthony Wayne-I Anthony Wayne Legion Guard- IV, III, II, I Washington Irving Literary Society -III, II, I qPresidentl Crossed Sabres-I 1Sports Edltorl Honor Council-I Captains Council-I Board of Governors-I Brotherhood of St. Andrew-IV, III CV1ce-Presldentl Varsity Club-III, II, I Motlon Picture Club-III Hop Committee-II Plebe Detail-II, I McCloskey Medal-II Branze Physical Training Badge- Book Report Award-IV Varsity Wrestling-III, II, I Varsity Track-IV JON ALBERT VAN TUIN Northbank, Illinois "A" Company First Lieutenant Class Treasurer Anthony Wayne Legion Guard- IV, III, II, I Legionnaire-III, II, I Varsity Club-II, I McCloskey Medal-IV Varsity Wrestling-III, II, I Varsity Baseball-II, II, I Intramural Football-IV, III, II, I Intramural Soccer-II, I Intramural Basketball-III, II, I Intramural Boxing-II 57 , M y J, PAUL FREDERICK ACKER THOMAS DONALD ACKLEY , 55 ifi-, f ,M '4 ,,,,.'4':"'w""""'5,q.,, , My f Setauket, New York Red Bank, New Jersey mpany "E" Battery "E" Battery 1 ergeant Second Lieutenant Sergeant Clerk Silver Stars 0therhC0 f Q dre I Anthony Wayne Legion Guard-I1 Bronze Physical Training Badge-III r0nZe y Cal raining Badge- Carey Medal-II Glee Club-I 0 HI' I I Advisory Council-I Chapel Choir-I Gm ddobser rcfogpsgi Legionnaire-II Varsity Club-IV, 111, 1 A 'S an its I u - ' Varsity Ride Team-11 Varsity Wrestling-IV, III, 1 V sity C1 -H' H I Intramural Football-II tsl He Teami ' H H I Intramural Volleyball-I Inna ral Foo M- ' ' Intramural Swimming-II Intr ural V eyball V III, II, I Intmmum1Tenms-H - , ,I mur'1 Saba I H H Intramural Baseball-II, 1 '17 545145 , F9 A ' 5!u.Xc65', . fe w -Jw ' if' Uh H 7 5' x "IH ,.-uf W D .I X ' iq In ,dt-" ' Wf'3Mw-' ' A .. H' X A' 1 L . 4. t L:f?:Qyqy,.,'w,w ,..,. -' glwu 11 1 - K K v . 58 I , , N 'jx 1 N1 ' f 1 all wtf Uliiilnp 'WV FREDERICK ANDERS AHRENS Elizabeth, New Jersey ssDn First Lieutenant Silver Stars Anthony Wayne Legion Guard- III, II Gold Physical Training Badge-II Expert Rifleman Medal-II Varsity Rifle Team-II, I Varsity Wrestling-III, II, I Intramural Track-III, II Intramural Basketball-II Intramural Football--II, I . 1:9 X A. 'H Q91 NSR X X xx, .S X X ARTHUR R. ANDERSON ENRIQUE ANGLADE, JR. Williamsport, Pennsylvania Guayama, Puerto Rico "A" Company "E" Battery I Anthony Wayne Legion Guard-I Brotherhood of St, AndrewwI Legionnaire-I Motion Plcture Club-I Marksman's Medal-I 'A' 'A' Anthony Wayne Legion Guard- III, II, I Expert Rlneman Medal-II Battery Club-II, I Arts and Crafts Club-IV Plebe Detail-I Intramural Soccer-IV, III, Intramural Volleyball-II Intramural Baseball-I nl , ,,1 a we ...x LI.. QQXSX-I' E AQ E :-'ff' A QV ' NQQL S QV? .Q an -I bk . . 'xxx 5 x QRQM X O at Q , is Q-NXQ If F tlll Ill I -L-g Il IIII mllwllllll I lr!! ,,, Ji. M 1 wrlyfi :LJ VAAPJ. Ryfiss, . 'cf' 5 23? ' U"- :J .1 - 2,76 L,.-. ui.. .W 2' xy ' -. Q f-'.?U,' Y In-, Il 1-I , 5-,MR 4 AMW i -' .J-33 4 ' 'vi' ,V-T ' 1 Hr, Tjp trisl- -qu ':.-5',---- 'Y - Ju!"- ',. '.Vf," -5 ' f Li 59 JUAN MARIA ARROYO HARRY Caracas, Venezuela "D" Troop Anthony Wayne Legion Guard-II Intramural Soccer-III, II, I Intramural Volleyball-III, II, I Intramural Track-III, II, I DANIEL BALDWIN Pennsylvania "A" Company Anthony Wayne Legion Guard-I Intramural Footbal1AI V, IV V Iv, III, - X I f all x . X A or X pq X A I I ir 'k If 1 I' :WW , F M. vf-it-3-j 3 . f -NK. I 514223 , A I L l I mr. f X XSD- 'dafrz-epsfimi ' L X J X- :ff-,'-4:1 -'fav' G- Q V B Xb- 9. wifi-' ..---....-.-, es p ,... f .wax 2 ,1Jr?3.l,:':-,.f- ' ' A - --i 1 -fi-, if-3---W A . ' 60 GERALD GILBERT BANNING THADDEUS JOSEPH BARA FREDERICK L. BAUCKHAM Dobbs Ferry, New York "B" Company Sergeant Intramural Football-III, II, I Intramural Basketball-III, II Intramural Boxing-II Intramural Baseball-III, II 7 521193351 7 Qiwfe iw Federalsburg, Maryland Linden, New Jersey UB!! Company nBn Company Bronze Physical Training Badge-III Anthony Wayne Legion Guard-I Silver Physical Training Badge-II Varsity Football--I Ground Observer Corps-II " MI' ' LN Q Expert Rifle Medal-II I, L iff' I, f , Marksman Rifle Medal-III f ,f ' ' rl rff Intramural Football-II, I 1 J jx 'V 'f ,rf Intramural Basketball-11 N y Intramural Wrestling-IV P ' ,ff K Intramural Boxing-III, II If ' I m ft , , a- , It N 1 .b ,fig I - U M Y If I if , I 1 ' 'h V' 1 - I 1 5 4' 7- A-fly' . f W, I H me 1+ ft - 1 - I If,nL"-4-' Xl, "J 1 1 "Mkt al K3 41 lf , K M , ' I Br! 1 r . . 4 " ' . . F , 411-47 - . ' . , 1 - , ' if fk ,N . ,. , ,I , ,X . 1 i -, 9 ' .. X I A ff 24 'K ' ' 1 M' I ff X ' ' . v I 1 I , I -f fi f' , I, N 1 I , WI ,W . y f if I ,. , . if ,gi ' '3 ' y Z L K, A My it X 3. ff 'V CX, , , yr ff ff " Qf ffrg, - I If fl ' f 's 1114 I , , ' E ' 'f 1 " 'Tr-,., n mr f 'x 7?'Q' ,fnffb ' , M' ' fr- u. T lf -W'-' 4 N 'I fxgai' :fl , '. 'W 3 f rj' ' A V 61 ROBERT STEWART BAUSCI-I JOSEPH CLAUDE BEATTY LOUIS LEES BENTLEY, III Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania I Lindenhurst, New York Lancaster, Pennsylvania Band "B" Company "B" Company I ' Sergeant Intramural Football-I Intramural Football-I Anthony Wayne Legion Guard-I Fanfare Group-I Intramural Volleyball-I Chapel Vestry-I Sharpshooter Rifle Medal-II I Intramural Soccer-III Intramural Volleyball-I I l Q5 pix E J , aff 1,3 iff' 5 ES I ,,,,.2' ,.,.' -' rv . ', , 'k ir 2,11 12-L' v..-wig E555 MP1 Og, 35355 'if .'iiii1fHii. .5 so ' W' wb if ..',.' ' I, ff. "3 so QQ 1. 32: 1122-Iliff A -:mx X X AQ ? ,lmyunll - .-L? .. Q . X 294' ml Q3 5 X KXXIQ H : f. Y 9 ' -rygylgixs-ISQXQN X lk: - - L X5 Xe X 62 JOHN Com Y RONALD FRANCIS BERO Bridgeport, Connecticut ssDn Troop JAMES CLINTON BIERACH Potomac, Maryland "C" Company n First Lieutenant- Platoon Sergeant Or f' nthony ayne- Aritfhofxy Wayne Legion Guard- N Anthony Wayne Legion Guard- Anth Wayne e n G - ' IV' IH' H II ' , Alexander Hamilton Forum-II Expert Ride Medal-II, I skey 1-g Plebe Detail-I Bronze Physical Training Badge- e Com lon A -IV Crossed Sabres-I HI arpshoote Rme 1-111 Intramural Football-Iv, III, II 'mf and- Crafts C1ub'IV' m' H Hpnol- ncll-I Intramural voueybau-Iv, III, 11, 1 Lef'w'm""e'1V H ' -I Govemokg- Intramural Wrestling-III, II, I Ground observer Corps-H Ca ,' S C -I Intramural Track-IV Brotherhood of St. Andrew-III, II, P I m m H0 'mage' I Varsity Rifle Team-II PSIW C1 II, I Intramural Softball-IV arslty F all-III, I, I arsny eba11"?1, 11, 1 Intwiral 1296 all- IV Int ral Nng-IV Famural seball-IV A X , 9 ' - , ,. .. JJ '?-Tffg if ' "iii it U , A i- i' -H 1 f' 5271, t X ,. 4 Lf:-":farf':..'-f f ,, Vtfaffff f A " ' A ' 2- 4.4-1.9 VMS ,,i 15+-f W ' U ,z A,fl 1,1 L Q K If - If-yk ml ilr ,. , '1 Z ,N -N 1 - 1 ,vw-wwy .1 V D ff Rf ff ,J 1, , ,v Tf'v7fj'1fw'mm.,jA,,.w. ya, If -- , W J., WI. 1. H ...fl I " "1 i' ,I Q. we ' Y I Q N.. gram , M ? 63 WILLIAM BUTLER BINNIX Fallentimber, Pennsylvania "A" Company First Lieutenant Anthony Wayne Legion Guard-III Varsity Baseball-III, II, I Varsity Wrestling-II Intramural Football-IV, III, II, I Intramural Soccer-IV, III Intramural Wrestling-IV, III GEORGE PINKNEY BISHOP JAMES WILLIAM BISHOP Brighton, Tennessee Hebron, Texas "D" Troop "D" Troop Platoon Sergeant Anthony Wayne Legion Guard- Anthony Wayne Legion Guard- IV, III, II III, II, I Alexander Hamilton Forum-I 305th Cavalry Award-II fchaplalm Varsity P010-111, II, 1 Harriers Club-III, II, I Varsity Jump Team-III, If Varsity Wrestling-III Intramural Football I Intramural Wrestlln Intramural Soft .- . , M ti W .S .. M1 :X "KX , X- N "xx N -X , .Q ,xg Q r X. .QS -xxx xr X , , N-. ,sf ' 'X' 4, Q4 6 i i I - X A f. 40- 1-5-'L-ff :Cr I 3 was I A Q ....:.:m- 8 GQ , L 7 fx, " " "' ' LL, 5' N51 ' 2. ' ,.,',j,: ,",, g,-,.'.'. xi x 'ij 'Qi-,,,:l3"5,,2'-j:i:,',-f ,, i Qs 5 1. L 555. Q., f1,Lf.,,-fjf:47'2f'-5 X -51 I- -ul - I- 1 I Sis? yj, I -:r i g s ., Q -fr"-1' e ' -.-,Y-V -5' - 64 FREDERICK C. BOTHWELL, III RICHARD C. BURWELL, JR. FREDERICK CARL BUSCHER Pittsfield, Massachusetts Springfield, Massachusetts Silver Spring, Maryland "C" Company "B" Company "C" Company Glee C lub-I Legionnaire-I Intramural Football-I rv 'ASYXQ-any ull .KN 12:13 ET" if f mgl I fgjblf -, .,,k,,-3, . Q lj M' up A!" f V vV!A.,? f J " : WV ' "ft 1 ' NJ ' .1 4 Sharpshooter Medal-II, I Legionnaire-II, I Arts and Crafts-I Intramural Volleyball-III, Intramural Soccer-III, II Intramural Football-III II, I 'A' 'A' Sergeant Anthony Wayne Legion Guard-I Marksman Medal-II Chapel Vestry-I Intramural Baseball-III, II Intramural Soccer-III, II Intramural Rifle-II C a ofU0o'LfQ' JN ,,,,,,DQ -44.0 H! U fffyy I I ' ,f f 1 I , 'Mc ff, ,ggfy afffrf ,Q 1 , 65 Wynnewood, Pennsylvania Band Master Sergeant Cold Stars Anthony Wayne Legion Guard-II National Honor Society-II, I fPresldentJ Washington Irvlng Literary Society -II, I Crossed Sabres-II, I Book Report Award-III, II Plebe Detail-I Legimmaire-II Expert Ride Medal-III Ground Observer Corps-II The Sketch Book-II, I RICHARD JOEL BUXBAUM CHARLES JEROME CAFARO I NORMAN LEWIS CANN Brooklyn, New York West Chester, Pennsylvania "B" Company Platoon Sergeant Advisory Council-I Crossed Sabres-I Arts and Crafts Club-III, II Sharpshooter Rltle Medal-II Intramural Intramural Intramural Intramural Football-I Volleyball-IV, III Boxing-III Softball-IV, III, II "D" Troop Intramural Football-II, I Intramural Basketball-Z I fzQF?N"w.,' 'griligiifs I R 4 C 0 ' 4 -us?fgQ1fsSNw fffilf- 'Q 5 ,l4- I , .I . , f,i:,2,, N. i 2 xx A Qk -k - my, ...R 1.41. iff, QS- Q 1 - -qw I , ,051 also fiiiilliiiii ' fi .159 S9 4 .Xxx ry: WI, 1 A RQ. "bl - If l 'Ill I . X-": Q3 REQ L -ay" ,ff 'Ili' allll. . .4 'Mx so .g l lwnnqurnull s . ,aigfgfg -,:.?I-.f4..'gst. 5 ggx X W' 1. U ' N 1 fb EQ K Z - 1 C . r , ,A M fi A I I, xx, lx , V v F-LV -T 66 Tf'f R -an R f ,, ,L ,,, 7 In 7 9. I ! ' 1 " AT ' in 1 15' V I F' ' wh" xx r"N f' f 9 QM. " ' ' Q "Zig, kiss! 0 .gps ..n......,.-su-.' ' t ,g 1 N nlfb . lizliff w.,5,,f, , 'W-Mix f- ,H -4 Varsity Intramural Swimming-VI Intramural Baseball-IV Aw,-3...-gg j 5 , ,,,,-. ' ",..,, W ,J 1 , V i JOHN HAL COFFMAN Corpus Christi, Texas RALPH FRANCIS CONRAD Pennsgrove, New Jersey "BV Company "B" Company Anthony Wayne Legion Guard-I Intramural Volleyball-I ,Q 4, -pf grin'-V-. " " ,'i"f'Li-717: Varsity Club-I Varsity Football-I Varsity Track-I Varsity Baseball-I Intramural Basketball-I sv-"' ggi: 0? X1-'Lk M -swan qu, weep UQ 'V 'Rong wmv! In N-ss..,g . RQLINQUI v- CMX YK! Quvs .air Nxt SVWCH-I VP on mffrfa'-'V , Lrfu, 4M7L'q1f.y,.,mMw 'mf "H ' v Mi, AV ,H faskkgiigf Q- f.'if"5-L. -R rx! W ff 67 O'- GREGORY E. COPELAND LUIS MANUEL CORUJO I HAROLD LAWRENCE COX Poland, Ohio Hato Rey, Puerto Rico "B" Company "B" Company Chapel Vestry-II, I Ground Observer Corps-I Brfmnze Physical Training Badge- II Silver Physical Tralnlng Badge-I1 Sharpshooter Medal-III, II Platoon Sergeant Anthony Wayne Legion Guard-I VV8.ShlI'lgtOI'1 Il'ViIlg Literary SOCIBIY -III, II, I Chapel Vestry-I Arts and Crafts Club-III Bronze Physical Tralnlng Badge- III Hagerstown, Maryland "A" Company Sergeant Intramural Volleyball-II, I Intramural Football--III, II, I Marksman Medal-I Intramural Wrestllng-III Varsity Track-In Intramural Boxing-III, II Judo.-I Intramural Baseball-III, II, I Intramural Soccer-IV, III Intramural Volleyball-III, I Intramural Boxing-IV, III, II Intramural Track-III Intramural Softball-IV O Y.s4f55grXNa K I' 1 -F X -zrgq t i K ji gx 't g .:':.4:::'r '37 Ai ., , . ,V ,. WA 47- ,V f fiiiglls B : A ii-:' ?15 '? - STI '1'v'1+"' peg?-:?Li: ?'7' 68 WILLIAM H. CRESSLER ' JOHN ORPHEUS DANOS RICHARD GLENN DANSER Shippensburg, Pennsylvania Manchester, New Hampshire Johnson City, New York Regimental Staff "E" Battery Band Master Sergeant Platoon Sergeant Anthony Wayne Legion Guard-II. Ground Observer Corps-II Intramural Football-III, I Intramural Volleyball-II Intramural Swimming-II ' .Zi ll, ,W y' A Legiofrmaire-I Motorcycle Club-I Marksxnan Medal-II Intramural Football-II, Intramural Boxing-II I 'A' 'k Silver Stars Stephen Foster Society-I Intramural Volleyball-III, II, I Intramural Basketball-III, II, I Intramural Tennis-II , ,lle f of 1 f Y , ' I f 0' is Q. . ' ig' , ,i vi 1 3 ' W' N. z 1 1+ ' II. all zfry X 1 , fd X. . f 7 X f, nj O X VICTOR JOHN DAYLIDA JOHN CHARLES DEER ROBERT JESUS de LA TERGA Edwardsville, Pennsylvania - Ridgewood, New York Caracas, Venezuela "A" Company "B" Company "B" Company Sergeant Platoon Sergeant Sergeant Anthony Wayne Legion Guard-I Varsity Club-II, I Advisory Council-I Intramural BOX11'lg-II VBISUJY FeI1ClI'lg-II, I ' Intramural Football-IV, III, II, I Intramural Baseball-IV, III, II, I Bronze Physical Training Badge-II Varsity Track-II, I Intramural Soccer-IV, III, II, I Intramural Swimming-IV, III, II, I Intramural Baseball-IV, III, II, I I , , Q" , ' 2 . K K ',. W 31" -" Ui.. " VJ, '7 -, , Q .fr x N N: .Stk ,,. ,J 'kjxn A. Q-5' ffqwii as I I ' t t , mf . :wp "Lai .HW-, ' Q ss , j-, 1.":'.::f pm. an . . Q Ng . , rp, we ga, ri irllldillll - - .. ra. 2 s.-xx 1' v XXX' 'x-2' J3L,f WNW . lx .- Q ' ' 3 wi .. - nf' N xml' r ,wg 5. AX My -eb,-3 ,. f ,llvl ,nm ,.. , .NN .3 ,1' 6'- !"fM"'1': 1 5 jxfie I ,gist ,-, -- MI-,-f s,,N., ax, ,,, .. X, Q W XQXXN v 9 I ? e N- 9 ,xxx-X X., D ' Y 3: 4- 1 Q V4 , ' XX- X-fe-.51-,X ' - ' iff .f 1.23 '70 ROBERT VINCENT De MARIA RONALD DIANA ROMULO ROCA DIEZ Bellerose, New York New Kensington, Pennsylvania Habana, Cuba "A" Company "E" Battery "C" Company Platoon Sergeant Sergeant Silver Stars Varsity Football--I Glee Club-I Anthony Wayne Legion Guard-II Intramural Football-II, I Varsity Baseball-I Chapel Vestry-II, I Intramural Soccer-II, I Intramural Fgobball-II, I Legionnaire-II Intramural Baseball-II, I Intramural Basketball-I Motion Picture Club-IV Intramural Boxing-I Intramural Volleyball-II, I Intramural Basketball-V, IV, III, II, I Intramural Baseball-IV, III, II, I Intramural Softball-IV f ' i?1'-.--,g ' A ' I 'N fi ',- 1 , f if? J , 7 - Ig ,, W., :a5,2jE?:Q2.1, 1 f Y I, - , ., I . , 1. png", . .lg ,Lf ,A -f ' ' 22211 . 'g w n f F'f.'isTfl.:'?1-9' t ir R 1 - 1 ,V Saw Y, ,ta . ..'.,, l' .??,:1 Y K fl 'gm ,C -'11 -4 1. A ' f- - lg ,,.r..,' ,A nu-.-... , A 1 , ' -. S , M I Wx, ,. 1' ' V, N741 A--Aiw a .1.. Y 'f " '. ' ' A. 1'y,qf0tyaihf'ff,2Q:QQ2rAf1q-f- ' J If I ' .T 'ff taixg'fw'wl!'w'.ff' .Ml :I ,, I K. If A l I 1 71 ROBERT LOUIS DISCHLER ROBERT AUGUST EADES Hillside, New Jersey ' Keene, New Hampshire "B" Company "E" Battery Sergeant Rifle Patch-I Glee Club-I Marksmans Medal--II Intramural Soccer-II Intramural Football-I Intramural Boxing-II Intramural Boxing-I Intramural Swimming-II, I Intramural r' Six X .-S Baseball-II, I X X . . x ixM Gil YT.. is K as .ss-X i 'fri ' f :':1:.':'.L':'r T5 . .. l 'M ,1 .A l 145.45 Q. S 'gk E 1, --.1 ........ lx ix. ,M X ....,., .. A- J 74N ' N 'L f1"37'?f,L."z'.?'-vii' 151- ex -rg 11 I pf:-7-159. I 1 XX X '- 21-2 9 , L", N '7'Zl",i'ffijff5fl ' ' 72 WILLIAM MAURICE EASTER Coraopolis, Pennsylvania "E" Batter Intramural Football-I ' Intramural Track-I K-:"X N, A ' W 'A' ir I Y I I S, ,I X H- 5 Llns Y me 3' I Y' f , , L, K 8 2. 2:53 im.- , 412, lu - nlugg Y 1, ,---1 144' IRA ROBERT EGGER HOWARD EDWARD ELDER, JR. JOSE SALVADOR ESPAT Rome, New York Willow Grove, Pennsylvania Belize, British Honduras "B" Company "D" Troop' "C" Company Sergeant I Sergeant I Sergeant Anthony Wayne Legion Guard-I Intramural Football-II, I Intramural Basketball-II, I my-, Li Ellifg? 'k Bronze Physical Training Badge-I Intramural Football-III, II, I Intramural Baseball-II, I Intramural Wrestling-III, II, I I Intramural Soccer-II, I Intramural Boxing-II 1 l"Mll'lll W . f X f' G - .. f "GAR ., TK ' at fe I , I .,e4, 1 k If ,fx Il , 1 ., YW W: I , y Y ,gk H.. , . V 9 1 f , I t ,f K' ,fa X ff' Z W y . X X yy ,krvw 73 GEORGE FEDERICO FIALLO Ciudad Trujillo, Dominican Republic N "D" Troop Sergean Anthony Wayne Legion Guard- IV, III, I1 Bronze! Physical Training Badge-II Expert Rltle Medal-II Intramural Football-II Intramural Swimming-III, II Intramural Boxing-VI Intramural Wrestling-VI Intramural Soccer-VI, V, IV, III, t MURRAY NORMAN FINE JAMES JOSEPH FINEGAN Sydney, Nova Scotia Philadelphia, Pennsylvania "C" Company "B" Company Intramural Volleyball-I Intramural Softball-I W aff MU Bronze Physical Training Badge-II Arts and Crafts Club-II, I Varsity Fencing-II, I Intramural Boxing-III, II, I II, I x xxx .N xanax , ,, I Q: 1Y.'...1Q,,f ,a.'.! - N 1 , x' ff-'lflxfx K .4 MZ! Ii" -+A-A 1kP"ff',:1 . an ,W "f , NSY. 'k i' . iw 5-""'-Q1 ska , - fs! 2 tw- qjg K y ,jf ii.. M ' . '.-N . X 5- 'I' Si 4- .1 - -. lllllllwllll 1, - A ,ra S ' f xi aw ei-3 WWW , xx X 1 -.pq nf- l, my X - Q58 L -in 7? 'l1!1v'l',Illl. e- X .' if 4 9-., -xxx R rfigafli mnglrlull .-v, 5 Xxx X if ,,. -k,-, 4,,,, . Q R xgx H .,r,l,f-.---- 3. 1 .GFX xl - -" j, I X X Q- X 1-ji,-,l,l1i 1 + of XA N G5 ,tg , -7 -'-f , f' Q , N' ' 74-gi,-3-jae'i 74 ,w, ' EPHRAIM BENNET FITHIAN RICHARD BRYAN FLYNN 'JOSE JORGE FONT Hammonton, New Jersey Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Hallo Rey, Puerto Rico Band "E" Battery "C" Company Intramural Football-I Intramural Football-V, IV, III, II Intramural Volleybal -I Intramural Basketball-I Intramural Volleyball-III, II I Intramural Baseball I Intramural Wrestling-V, IV, III, 11 Intramural Baseball--IV, III, II Q Wk MMV I: ' , IN ' I: ".f:E:.yfil ' 7 V " X : 'N X xx. ' '1,..v'H'fl V -f ,x I. , fj,:fy,fz5:,2L21,-igfnlfi f f K 1. -I ! X2, ':j3gi??Z1 N -X W l , , ' gal f-- ff 327 l R I t 'f,- -A , R 1 .5 argl -O Q, , ' - 4 I 61 ,.,.. .MN "K ' m A: 44 T , I - 13 l . , ,L .. - V 4- V ,-vtml l M, yIffTA1h1 4, T- 4, 1 M I ,Am i. ,, ' 1' - H nr- - i. ' , f - Y-4 I-f2T1?3fj,?fb5' ,'5mf1T'..V I ' JJ' ll "'c0dW'm"11194f'wA 'WWI ' y 'v 1- .- ,,,..mM, my if ff- M 1 . ', ' an ' x 1 In 1 '15 HORACE WELLS FRENCH, JR. Newport, Rhode Island "E" Battery Sergeant Brotherhood of St. Andrew-II, I Varsity Track-II Intramural Football-II, I Intramural Boxing-II, I Intramural Volleyball-I IRA LEE FRIEDMAN CARL JACK FRITZINGER, JR West Orange, New Jersey Walnutport, Pennsylvania Regimental Staff "D" Troop Second Lieutenant Silver Stars Anthony Wayne Legion Guard-II Advisory Council-II, I Plebe Detail-I Crossed Sabres-I 1Managlng Edltorj Washington Irving Literary Society -II, I Quill and Scroll Honor Society-I Glee Club--I Arts and Crafts Club-III The Sketchbook-II, I Ground Observer Corps-I Sharpshooter Ride Medal-III Marksman Medal-II Troop Motor Club--II Anthony Wayne Legion Guard Varsity Wrestling-II, I Intramural Intramural Intramural Intramural Intramural Intramural Football-II, I Volleyball-III, II, I Basketball-II, I Track-II, I Baseball-II Softball--III, II Intramural Volleyball-III, II Intramural Rifle-II Intramural Wrestling-III, II Intramural Baseball-III, II Intramural Track-III JW ,A P f A I ff' Y Ext- if -wg Xfx - X'--f '1- i Ljixeyxxt. xsgk 9, t t , 5 'V T 'Ra 5 ' M ,,,.....- ',"f" Ml, f' c: 5 1 -1--'If-N' E-rf., I fe I f I , nhl 5 al", g 1. fr . MQ... sf o ' Ko E "LS .. - - L' "1 J Y' 'f.i'Z'7',-5'-Q'1-412155-1"1 ' Y-' 'Q -. '35, - :ki J QNX Se i:-1. fr , 151 I-ly-I gil" ' A o Tis -+ ' -i f 76 PEDRO RAFAEL FULLANA ROBERT MONTE GANTS STANTON B. GARRETT 'San Juan, Puerto Rico Washington, D. C. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania "B" Company "B" Company "C" Company Assistant Supply Sergeant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Arts and Crafts Club-IV, III, II, I Anthony Wayne Legion Guard-I Marksman Medal-III Sharpshooter Medal-II Varsity Track-I fManage T7 Intramural Soccer--IV, III, II , I Stephen Foster Society-I Legionnaire-I Qlfeatures Edltorp Varsity Football-I Intramural Football-II Anthony Wayne Legion Guard- II Brotherhood of St. Andrew-III, II, I LV1ce-Presidentb Sharpshooter Medal-II Glee Club-I Intramural Swimming-IV, III, II, I I Intramural Boxing-II Arts and Crafts Club-IV In Intramural Basketball-IV, III, II, I yv ' f ,f Vi I ' f I ' A Q -A V we wiki:-Q f if if Y- E ' If if ' ' fi 'M Z' .fi ,4 'lf .gf Q X3 2.. , 4 M' . " 'Wifi' j -N P JW? i fvffiim v . y 1'f'1"xt if -I'-St If . , X, V, . - x -, :ff K ' ' 4 ' VV7 71 f ff X ,X , ,, , 77 WILLIAM H. GAVAN MYRON CARL GLICK MARTIN GEORGE GOHN "B" Company Second Lieutenant Arlington, Virginia Onancock, Virginia I Willow Grove, Pennsylvania "B" Company "E" Battery Sergeant I Intramural Football-II I Antihony Wayne Legion Guard- I Aritihony Wayne Legion Guard- Alexander Hamilton Forum-II, I Crossed Sabres-I Varsity Track-II, I Intramural Football-II, I Intramural Volleyball-II Intramural Basketball-IT, I Advisory Council-I Varsity Club-I Intramural Track-II Intramural Swimming-II, I Intramural Volleyball--I Intramural Basketball-I Intramural Wrestling-II, I Intramural Volleyball-II, I SX I 1 '-', L 5 ,1 ir i' VQTTM Qs X I my so fav" X. Lf-: "" X film? u3'!Ml'1i!IHrV S g it ' J AY ' N Qxgxxk o K 1 ' -K - Te! I X . 78 JAMES STEPHEN GOLDRING OSCAR ALFREDO GONZALES I ARNOLD GOTTLIEB Patuxent River, Maryland Ciudad Trujillo, Silver Spring, Maryland "C" Company G1ee Club-I Amate r Rayne' Club-II, I Dominican Republic Sergeant "D" Troop Ariihony Wayne Legion Guard- ' Bronze Physical Training Badge-11 as D n Troop Platoon Sergeant Bronze Physical Training Badge-II Arts and Crafts Club-III Intramural Football-III ' y Arts and Crafts Club-H' I Inu-amura1 Volleyball-I Infialilural Football-VI, V, IV, III, Intramural swimming-II, I V : 0 9 Intramural Swimming-VI, V, IV, Intramural Track-II, I III, II, I Intramural Wrestling-VI, V, IV, III, II, I Il- , , YL 'k 'A' l 4 -' - .. f' ' 5?.C1j,jff'f'g, -, 1 I LQEL4-5.325-if" Xnlll'-,g ' ' f' k l ' A 'Wig' -I ' ' -, 5:Q,',7f K 4 sz.. is iw. A f - ' Q """ 'HPS '8"7'W"'f""' -3 9 '- "- '7f'7""2 elT 1:f'7AfWmakMi A A 4' 'T ,,., ,X ,' ,, 4- --My ,ma ', 1 f 4' ' . xi: ,,,,,,,, A ,v-.Aoi -L-1-new .1 ,lv . W ,- ffxffufwwwg 1 -TM. I I M , ,A If ,,,, w1y.a,: A-' I ' "X f E 1' i , '79 ASHLEY LUCAS GRAY, JR. Florence, Massachusetts "B" Company Sergeant Anthony Wayne Legion Guard- I , I Plebe Detail-I TYLER WILLIAM GRAY I Shillington, Pennsylvania "A" Company Sergeant Clerk Gold Stars I Anthony Wayne Legion Guard- II, I Alexander Hamilton Forum-II, I ALFRED JOHN GROSSKURTH Ridgefield Park, New Jersey Band Second Lieutenant Anthony Wayne Legion Guard-I Legionnaire-II Brotherhood of St. Andrew-III Alfgixfgfr Hamilton Forum-I fsec' Mgiiggalfaneral Anthony Wayne Intramural Swimming-IV, III Legionnaire-I Legionnaire-I Intramural Wrestling-III Ground Observer Corps-II, I Intramural V011eYbH11-II. I Intramural Baseball-In Expert Rme Medal-I Intramural Football-II Varsity Judo-II Intramural Football-II Intramural Boxing-II, I Intramural Wrestling-II Intramural Soccer-II Intramural Track-II, I 'f X," . Isfxr. I ' f X155 Nj 'X I A f" X is-so I 5 ff- X l K, , 1 kv ,X i t tp : W R ' i R :.',':J.?,'.L.'i'I' ' 'Ibm Q' ,s h I" w .QR i g 11, -'.fC?,g. f 5 X ,M .. X I A Q ' f ' . 4' ' 4. S ..... Six? 5: - I 3213, x f 5 ' R Sv 5 ,gr '.:n ::::.' QL'-.Q 1 .,- f4:4,',g',2,,-5111, A 3f4iJ 4 f Q ' vQj.? Iz-fi f o 80 X TX 9 WILLIAM S. HALKYARD, JR. IAN STEWART HAMILTON JOHN PHILLIP HEAGY Findlay, Ohio Hull, Quebec, Canada Manheim, Pennsylvania "A" Company "D" Troop "E" Battery Sergeant Anthony Wayne Legion Guard-I Anthony Wayne Legion Guard-III Ground Observer Corps-II Intramural Volleyball-I Brarfze Physical Training Badge- Intramural Wrestling-III, II Intramural Softball-I Silver Physical Training Badge-II Expert Rifle Medal-III Motor Club-IV Intramural Intramural Intramural Intramural Track-III, II, I Football-II, I Wrestling-III, II, I Swimming-III, II, I Intramural Volleyball-III, II gf M w f'QIl t o I ff f I ww aa o A , f. ,f , CHARLES NORMAN HEIMAN LUIS GONZALES HERRERA THEODORE E. HEYBACH, JR. Fort Belvoir, Virginia Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Jamison, Pennsylvania if "A" Company "D" Troop A "E" Battery Second Lieutenant Silver Stars Anthony Wayne Legion Guard Benjamin Franklin Society-II, Arts and Crafts Club-I Intramural Soccer-II Intramural Volleyball-II Intramural Football-II Intramural Basketball-II -I Intramural Soccer-III, II, I I Intramural Football-III Intramural Swimming-III, II Sergeant Gunner Anthony Wayne Legion Guard-II Bronze Physical Training Badge- III Silver Physical Training Badge-II Motion Picture Club-II Intramural Wrestling-III, II Intramural Football-III, II Intramural Baseball-II, I I as if a i:.i1Er K X -C X - r Ah.: ILE' -1154 ,- ,L 4 ar af :rf : ave fs- is. .fu Ae 1111, - 1:iimI'wH fa ' W ff: 'unuwul ,fx S XXX - L -if , lrl"1'.lln. le, 'J 4 X K ,X K -X . ,j ,rr'1.- ,MIUIIIIII A-v,. mega v asf'!ee-if' X . Kxfsgx Uv.Tx,4.-- . X vw or Mn, 1--v X ' -MX - - X X -W h - ik-Li - P wxmaoxlio Q 82 --- - ..,,W -, . EDWARD JOHN HILL DAVID SMITH HOBURG JOSE JOAQUIN HOYOS Salem, New Jersey Glenshaw, Pennsylvania Cali, Colombia Band "E" Battery "B" Company Captain Gold Stars Intramural Volleyball-I Expert Rifle Medal-III Order of Anthony Wayne-I Intramural Softball-I Glee Club-I Intramural Football-II, I Intramural Boxing-III Anthony Wayne Legion Guard- II, I National Honor Society-I Washington Irving Literary Society -I Legionnaire-III Varsity Football-III, II Varsity Track-III, II Intramural Soccer-I Board of Governors-I Captains Councllhl Honor Council-I I2-ISLE: ?f? ' ' ' ' 'fi " T"' .1,.1- JI.-L '-. . ' - Y Y' T : in M sr- .: lift-1Qw"f-,Q ' : L -GLY: Y l 1 I iff! rr4'-'- f f I ' ' mivvseyzf 1 JZ? I' !" ' "I 'A my ,,f-3 N . L 1 . , . I ,, ' an 4... ,.1:.....,.' an-l.v.Q. - . N ff, , .-4' MA' A ,hum 'i ji- NUWTM-1-' ' .- , 1-ff' 1 MS, W ' ' ,J Q .4 I AW- , F-A -sa -M. I M fn. I V 4 , 'i Us' ,AA 'Xu ' -.X I'- 1 ll 83 JOHN LEISTER HULL, JR. EDUARDO ALFREDO JIMENEZ RICHARD ALFRED JONES Springfield, Pennsylvania Caracas, Venezuela Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania "C" Company Master Sergeant, Publications Silver Stars Anthony Wayne Legion Guard.-I National Honor Society-I Quill and Scroll Honor Society-I Benjamin Franklin Society-II, I QPresidentJ 316th Infantry Ride Ribbon-II Activities Award-I Legionnaire-II, I fManaglng Edl- tory Intramural Football-II, I Intramural Rifle--II Marksman Medal-II Chapel Vestry-I RX X- --lx- Intramural Intramural Intramural Intramural "A" Company Sergeant Soccer-III, II Volleyball-III, II, I Basketball-III Swimming-III, II "D" Troop Sergeant Anthony Wayne Legion Guard-III Arts and Crafts Club-III Motor Club-III Harriers Club-I Varsity Club-I Varsity Polo Team-III, II, I Varsity Jump Team-IV, III Intramural Soccer-V '5' " if-XY X ip W! if ff ff I U5 X 84 , W 1- lf, ' .L pf K lil! J N i ' . 5 1 Pr if '47 K , 2 J f ' "Y ' , 'J-?l".li'l4.-".L"1'. ' l v WILLIAM THOMAS JONES PETER JOSEPH JULO GEORGE ROBERT KRONICK Youngstown, Ohio Coaldale, Pennsylvania Gouldsboro, Pennsylvania "B" Company "C" Company "C" Company Sergeant Bronze Physical Tralnlng Badge-II Anthony Wayne Legion Guard-I Anthony Wayne Legion Guard- Marksman Medal-II Varslty Football-I H' I Intramural Football-111 Varsity Football-H - Varsity Judo-II Intramural Baseball III Varsity Baseball-IH, H, I Intramural Basketball-III I Intramural Track-I Intramural Swimming-III Intramural Boxing-III, II Intramural Wrestling-III, II I Intramural Track-II I .4 ,T.-IW" , 'I ' ' ff!! , f 'f'.'mf. af! 2: f f V 1 y '.'f'wjj',QEQn'QLa- 3 O , llf iil f I , alll: If alll f X, Y , 85 NESTOR BUSCH LAO LEONIDAS LARA JOHN SAMUEL LEBENGOOD Habana, Cuba Bogota, Colombia Reading, Pennsylvania Regimental Staif Regimental Supply Sergeant Silver Stars "D" Troop "C" Company Anthony Wayne Legion Guard-III Intramural SoccerYII, I Varsity Football-I W-'f?fFgH7n Irving Literary Society Intramural Swimming-I Varsity Letter-I Benjamin Franklin Society-I Varsity Club-I Mask and Spur Society-II, I Varsity Track-I Legionnaire-III, II, I Chapel Vestry-IV, III, II, I Advisory Council-V Varsity Club-II, I Ground Observer Corps-II, I Arts and Crafts Club-'VL V, IV, III, II Bronze Physical Training Badge-H III, II McCloskey Medal--V Rifle Competition Award-V Expert Rifle Medal-III, II 36th Infantry Medal-III Gymkhana-III, II, I Varsity Rltle Team-II, I Intramural Football-VI, V Intramural Rifle Team-III Intramural Swimming-IV, III it A J, I 1 1 Xlfwigx-TTA ' f 31:63 QR' ,714 - I ' " riff: -"V I f TQXC 'A' f 5165 egg: I ' I 'ff , Q .K-X gb. - riff- X X, , '-4-y.. ALT' 551 g P XX. ,-1,11 dk K Ajggfv ,nf YY: 5 sl -YV ' 'V 'X X '-fi' Az? If Q X XS T51 Til M511 M- e Z3 1 C X , pf 4 Lg'-lnnlllwlulvllz ' A is X, f f, 1,9 - .X ...lxxxxxx I 1 4 'I i K X 3 mg., V H KU 86 -13:04 JAMES J. LEONARDO, JR. FREDERICK EBERLE LEWIS HARRY COLSON LEWIS Havertown, Pennsylvania Pottsville, Pennsylvania Claremont, New Hampshire "B" Company "B" Company Band Second Lieutenant Sergeant Bugler Gold Stars Anthony Wayne Legion Guard-II Bronze Physical Training Badge-IV Silver Physical Training Badge--III, II Varsity Club-I Varsity Football-II Activities Award-II Choir Cross-II Expert Rifle Medal-II Chapel Choir-III, II, I Glee Club-III, II, I National Honor Society-I Benjamin Franklin Society-I Chapel Choir-II, I Oratorlcal Contest-II Choir Cross-I Bronze Physical Training Badge-II Actlvltles Award-I Varsity Wrestling-IV' HI' II Varsity Football-I Crossed Sabres-I Intramural Football-IV' m varslty Wrestling-III, 11, 1 Intramural Football-II, I Intramural Boxing-IV' HI' H Intramural Football-III, II Intramural Swimming-II Intramural Track-IV' IH' H Intramural Baseball-III, II, I Intramural Track-II , - V? -eil, ., - VT, 'Tit V B-:ig eff . .. a W , Z- Q :.,-fb i i 1 f ' ' fb I. fan ,':.z.J - ,- e . . , af- ,.,, I Q 1 rw xi- ,u J , 1 ,:,',W X 1 I, if w 1 yy, X f 3 1,1 , , ., , 1 rg.if1,-,.,. . -1 u h - s "fa, ,AQ -w -, e i .--vu. f A L. xl ,J ,I F .'ff,...f1 'arg' um WI. - aa. v..ut,.,,,. ' A 1fQ202.'ma,w,M - .-mall' -X. ff' L M, 9 I N V? :I H . ,. 9 SALVATORE A. LICCARDI NEIL CRAIG MacDONALD JORGE MACHAL, JR. New Brunswick, New Jersey Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico "E" Battery "A" Company "E" Battery Bronze Physical Training Badge Intramural Volleyball-I Anthony Wayne Legion Guard II Varsity Wrestling-III, II Intramural Track-I Intramural Basketball-IV, III Crossed Sabres-I Intramural Volleyball-III, II Intramural Swimming-IV, III Intramural Football-II Intramural Boxing-II Intramural Wrestling-III Intramural Tennis-II .X nfs G , f fa"NY '1 ir if I? X I X m fs ' A 5 .Q L? 'f'5"'r " -1'll7'-1" N' XY' rr 'I f 1 511: X. E , ,3kZ?:t:, C 1, E .h NX QQ.. 5 I.".1ffT-- fig fx fx 5 1-f.:P:lf: :ffl -:Sl -. '. L i f iii X -wlff fv 'f'lQ'55rr - " 'Y -T4 W 7 88 JEAN PIERRE MALDONADO VICTOR MARTINEZ Buenos Aires, Argentina Santurce, Puerto Rico Z, "C" Company Silver Stars UC WILLIAM ROBERT McCLAIN I Monaca, Pennsylvania " Company "B" Company Anthony Wayne Legion Guard-II Intramural Football-II, I Varsity Club-I Washington Irving Literary Society Intramural Soccer-I , . Varsity Football-I -HI' H' I Intramural Ba k Ll I, II! Varsity Baseball-I Harvey Medal-H Intramural Bas al , Intramural Basketball-I The Sketch Book-II, I Intmm al I .. Y , Bronze Physical Training Badge-II K I Varsity Club-I 3 Varsity Track-II, I Judo Club-II ' ' , 4, 4, ' -0' Y IV F61 I 'JJ' ' 'J' M' I ' I ,X 9 wi QW " - I x I - -QM ff ' f vs ' ! I j' WV!! f Q -.::a'162'?5sA' 1 J W M7 t 'A' 'f 'Aff ' ,f 'H f,ovf"fYA 1313? 521' xg! - X fgfri' if - y 'Z' f fi ff f XM 4 , 1' frfi I ff, 1 nf ' W' Q ,br , f ,,f,:4'f , ff' 89 MARION MEDVIGY Brtylsvjglle, Pennsylvania "C" Company Sergeant Legionnaire-II 316th Infantry Rifle Medal-II Marksman Medal-II Varsity Football-II Intramural Football-II, I Intramural Basketball-II, I Intramural Baseball-II, I TEDDY AUSTIN MINNICH Philadelphia, Pennsylvania "D" Troop Ass't Supply Sergeant Washington Irving Literary Society -III, II Brotherhood of St. Andrew-III 'Sharpshooter Rifle Medal-II Arts and Crafts Club-III, II, I Art Club-II Soccer-IV, III, I Football-IV Intramural Intramural Intramural Softball-IV, III Intramural Baseball-IV, III, II I ' f 4 BOYD SEELEY MONNETT Montclair, New Jersey I "A" Company Glee Club-II, I I Chapel Choir-II, I Intramural Football--I I Intramural Basketball-I Intramural Volleyball-I I Art Club-II .XQLNLQX X -4-.J is 115Qflk39V.' wxfuii- LB- 9 aw' Qxghal :sb-0""-qb"G"""bw -,,g,,.,-gr.. 550-8 fs gg gsov.-Cv LV' Lgw" p'u. -wvwfs Sun gun- . -v-nw-.X -14.5. bw- ov... "HN wk 'A' 'A' f I ' -1 swf- 1' 4' S ljQ5'4w"fQ- , 'A lC',l.7 ,, ,H . , , . , it ff Jfzh . ,,,, LH Q ., 'QJWMW 1 ff: e , x v 'f : f i'c'f1f,- rxlflfsy k ,' , ! . 4-WSI.. . ' -v 5-F1-2 .- -- '01 frXQ A-4 ,-.nv-.. . A Lp "H L 11146-lfflt fu' ,, ' -'Hr -.u..,,NA. a:y,ay2g3,fwwwM-fabriggftmgrrrgg . N , n ,Tp'J',2Q'9'V1f""'5ji,,,4M",344QK I' -- .- ,,:,'.1ll' ft- 1 I. U ,gy , I JOHN MICHAEL MOORE Springfield, Massachusetts "A" Company Marksman Riiie Medal-II Library Committee-IV, III, II, I lg' 'lg fl.".- . 'Ni if , --. T G iff D gif 91 JORGE BARCELO MORCATE JOHN KING MUDDEMAN LUIS MUNOZ Santiago, Cuba Port Jeiferson, New York Hato Rey, Puerto Rico "E" Battery "E" Battery' "A" Company Platoon Sergeant' Master Sergeant' Sergeant Anthony Wayne Legion Guard-II Anthony Wayne Legion Guard-II Marksman Medal-II Arts and Crafts Club-II Bronze Physical Training Badge-Il Intramural Soccer-II Intramural Baseball-II, I Motorcycle Club-II Intramural Wrestling-II Intramural Soccer-II Battery Club-III, II, I Intramural Swimming-II Intramural asketball-I Gymkhana-II Intramural Softball-II Plebe Detail-I Intramural Volleyball-II A ' I Cheerleader-I ,' 0' Mfr WMM A I r cj ,, dw W M W W We 01,2 :M ii f , ' 'f - x fr X E in V 7-' I fi -1 'SI' E1 ani.: 9' ,S 1 ' 92 ROBERT MUZI Philadelphia, Pennsylvania "C" Company Second Lieutenant Chapel Vestry-II, I BENJAMIN A. NATALI Ithaca, New York "C" Company Benjamin Franklin Society-I EDVARDO E. NAVARRETE Guayaquil, Ecuador "A" Company Sergeant Intramural Soccer-II, I X, Acolyte-IV Intramural Football-II, I Intramural Swimming-II, I Plebe Detall-II Intramural Basketball-II, I Sharpshooter Medal-II Intramural Swimming-II, I ,fa Varsity Fencing Team- , LI, I , ' Intramural Baseball? I I ,Ury Intramln' j , II, I pdf' l W! f X, I lf we W f V Lf yf 'C I W ,M W : V ' f f ff! W Hfyjf My yay " f 1 My I ,I Q, . ix!! ' ,ff .wif ?fW ff! gif' ,wif 1 V u' . ' . . ,K ' vi! ,dpi 5 .1 X If 1 ff , . X gf X 'ut' 'fl J! V X if 1 I ' ' -'J I , 0 K , ff! N .fe Q 5 ,lf ' ' f f ,x4'l7i'f' ,f" A ' 1 ' 1 f, , . Q W ff f J f W m, 7 7 C . f f' 'ak' ' I f' it t?"i2t l'Q!'a' ' 'A ff'-'I' I" 1 ' ' Ylf' M 4' f 93 MICHAEL PATRICK NEARY PHILIP J. OPPENHEIMER JACK RICHARD ORBEN Shamokin, Pennsylvania Norristown, Pennsylvania I South Orange, New Jersey "A" Company Regimental Staff "A" Company Regimental Sergeant, Colors Second Lieutenant Valslty Foot all-I Varsity Bas tba Varsity Tr - N7 if Wim ,ww Silver Stars Anthony Wayne Legion Guard-I Benjamin Franklin Society-II, I isecretaryj Library Committee-II Sharpshooter Medal-II Intramural Wrestling-II, I it It i Silver Stars Anthony Wayne Legion Guard-II Alexander Hamilton Forum-II, I QVice-Presldenty Activities Award-I Quill and Scroll Honor Society-I Legionnaire-II, I fEditor-ln-Chlefj Advisory Council-I Varsity Baseball-II, I National Honor Society-I Intramural Football-II, I Intramural Basketball-II, I Intramural Track-II, I Intramural Baseball-II, I fn, fs'0 , 'x I X I T Q X ' Qs! A -C517 iig Xi 1 lv tkgxfb, St gif x Q ' SQ -5? 2 . 3 X Q55 . XX-,XXQN - N X A 94 Il lm :Www :T ,,, ,4 .. L xv : ,,-125'-2' 1 ni '-will 4277? 'Ti I ?ff':1+.'-- -,.,,f'.A .-,Q, .,- fr-gyyr 24 -Yf'? ' iff 'LJ-151 i f Ffvmffwg r L ,145 1121 .5-T .1-T " gi j ci I-'53, 19 '-MA. sei- MII X51 , -3... - 399' ,Tr lui 1.5.51 "I-THF .2 51, A -f - lunjtjllllil,- mgql ,, M.. - , If-.'-: ' ,,SVf." , - 74,3 is ,xiii jeff f - HUGH PAINTER OSBORNE, JR. RALPH DEAN PADULA - JOHN MICHAEL PALMER Ithaca, New York East Norwalk, Connecticut Westfield, New Jersey I "B" Company "C" Company "E" Battery . Ser eant Sllver Stars g Anthony Wayne Legion Guard-I Marksman Rifle Medal-II Varsity Football-IH, H, I Intramural Football-1 I Arts as Crafts-IV, III Intramural Football-IH, H, I Intramural Track-I Varsity Golf-II Intramural Volleyball-IV, III, II Intramural Swimming-III Intramural Boxing-II Intramural Football-II, I "1-i ,Milli 1-1 , 42? -U - ' ,,., Ltgizigd t t If 'X I' A -1- K gnpxwfff,-' I f vili, ' , Q ! 4 A' QW'f7.X Y . ' 1. Q ' I Y Y ,.. " .NES ,,,4:,....,"' " ,....... " ' V- " af'-r. f 'rs V ,, 1? u1:+ri,fww. 5 ' F 2? 'xTx'3"'WNteW,.1 im. 5 1' ,.:1w --K. '--1 f ' ' ' I 95 RONALD PAUL PAVLICK Summit Hill, Pennsylvania Band Corporal Kaydets Dance Band-I -Intramural Soccer-III Intramural Volleyball-III Intramural Basketball-III, II Sharpshooter Medal-II Judo Team-II Intramural Volleyball-II, I Intramural Softball-II, I JEROME P I CHESTER MONTE PETERSON Melrose, Massachusetts "C" mpany "E" Battery J 1 , sy ' , I 111, II rd-II Anthony Wayne Legion Gua Arts and Crafts Club-I Bronze Physical Training Badge I Legionniare-I Expert Rliie Medal-III I Intramural Intramural Intramural I Intramural Il'lt1'8.II1l1l'8,1 B 96 Soccer-III, II Volleyball-I Basketball-II Tennis-III, II Baseball-III AT: "lQf1Y'x - , 1-T'.? :J g fi: LOUIS JOSEPH PETRIE Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania "B" Company First Lieutenant Silver Stars Washington Irving Literary Society -I Sharpshooter Rifle Medal-II Ride Manual Patch-IV, III, II Varsity Letter-II, I Plebe Detail-I FRED PIMENTEL NUNZIO GEORGE POLLINA Habana, Cuba Johnstown, Pennsylvania Sergeant "C" Company "D" Troop I Sergeant Bronze Physical Training B d Varsity Swimming-II, I ffwiif Anthony Wayne Legion Guard-I Intramural Football-II, I Intramural Basketball-III Intramural Baseball-II, I Advisory Council-II ' Ground Observer Corps-II, I Gymkmna-11, I ' ' Crossed Sabres-I of , a Varsity Club-II, I varsity Football-III, 11, 1 U-5,15 Varsity Baseball-IV, III, II, I Intramural Basketball-IV, III, 11, 1 jf' Intramural Boxing-III I T7-73'?'llf'f'A fp fy!! f 1 Vy1z"'1tag l ff ye K I ffl! 2 WIWIW' 37215 y 97 JACK JAMES POPLAR RALPH VINCENT PROCOPIO DON ALEXANDER PROVINCE Loraine, Ohio I Kulpmont, Pennsylvania Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania "A" Company "A" Company "B" Company Varsity Football-I Cvlee Club-I Varslty Club-II, I Varsity Tennls-I Varsity Rifle Team-I Varsity Football-I I Varslty Wrestling Team-I Varsity Wrestling-II, I Intramural Football-1 Intramural Football-I Intramural Volleyball-I Intramural Basketball-I 5 ' X f f .lfjcgur ,J Q . 5 X. X ' f N " in.. Hai' ' 'C' 155: l""li.'iiiIj S. 1 L 1, 'lmhllqlln i 5 A X NQQ- .3 fQ,3'.3I.- lmilmllllllx - ' X KX ' X -X X SNC X, QQ -5 , . if- 98 DAVID GEORGE RAABE JOSEPH J. RAPAPORT MICHAEL ROBERT RATHBUN Lansford, Pennsylvania I Johnstown, Pennsylvania Alexandria, Virginia Band' Kaydets Dance Band-I Intramural Volleyball-I Intramural Basketball-I "E" Battery Glee Club-I Intramural Volleyball-I "C" Company Cadet Sergeant Chapel Vestry-I Marksman Rifle Medal-I Intramural Intramural Intramural Intramural Baseball-II, I Ride Medal-II, I Wrestling-II, I Football--II, I W , . '.'.i "' - a V' Z 1, ' Lf 'H-'R'M?2?w . - ' I' N - N ,A 5,,:m,.A'-,fp Crit. ig l l I '3f5'!'KlW" 1Wi"'-, 'M' ' ' ,a,E:F.:?i,f v: ii .1 ., Y-Y . A K x -A "42?'!Q.., J 3 412251 5, ' K ' " 1 ' 9 "v.. ' .ANNE ' ' 11 ' 'f' 5, 'Tv-"...,t fffwgwhg ' 9 ,I 4,,i,J ,,f1' W My 317 ' Y I 1 ,Lim .Il n ' ,inf H X , j I fe -fMw53a5'5?f+'-- - wa lp! .- LNYIVQX- lug, :fr '- f 5 -'f . , X i I WILFREDO CASADO READ ROBERT PAUL REEDER JAMES A. REYNOLDS San Jose de Ocoa, Yeadon, Pennsylvania , Baldwin, Long Island, N. Y. D ' ' R bl' omlmcan cpu lc "C" Company "C" Company "B" Company Sergeant Anthony Wayne Legion Guard-III Intramural Baseball-III, II, I Varsity Club-I Varsity Football-I Motion Picture Club- III, II, I Arts and Crafts lu I Varsity Wres 1 V, II, II Intramural af Intra rack V, IM I ' I , fb JPQX 'j ft T X, , A . E '71 i t f , K f K l f 'Q ' W ,,,,,,,........ . Aff ,Z QW 1----af-W of at mu Q 'X E ,,,,vL4g1:, ' . 1 I"--. , ,gp gl 'Q U so X XS? 4G0,.2"'3.:' 'rw 'I f xg- 1 lv., ,-1 ,.,g1,e f-5 -Q, Q X K' -xx rw-.'.i1'L2"--,v D XX, 14 -'-' "MQ to "?P4'l.g1-29121114 'V ' .X 1 7, lf ,. 100 f C nf MQ THOMAS ALFRED RIDDER VVILLIAM JOSEPH RIEFKOHLI ROBERT JOHN RISCHITELLI Lancaster, Pennsylvania Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico Southbridge, Massachusetts "C" Company "B" Company' "E" Battery Sergeant Arts Sz Crafts-I Intramural Football-I W Anthony Wayne Legion Gua Legionnaire Staff-I Arts 8: Crafts-I Marksman Ride Medal-II Intramural Softball-II Intramural Table Tennis-II I My my Intramural Volleyball-II, 1 x rd-I Intramural Football-I W H f MMG 1,1093-JM 1 www H W , 'IYIWI' 5 l ,,. - ' ,gy l xd. ' y 'X - mini-wwf " Z f f Zalgfh' iz x . ': f , f'.:p'. Ugg 7 11'-1'f'P. VN! T': iw L I J l llll' ' f , e 1 f I ff Q f, X 'KXUQZIQ' f 1 f ' 7 X ff! 4 I f f f FREDERICK R. ROBBINS, JR. ' HUGH BRYN ROBERTS Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania Waynesburg, Ohio Glee Club-I Chapel Choir-I Varsity Football-I I N w X. "D" Troop Regimental Stal! Hospital Sergeant Anthony Wayne Legion Guard-II Varslty Club-I Plebe Detail-I Sharpshooter Ride Medal-I1 Gymkhana-II Varsity Track-III, II, I Intramural Intramural Intramural Intramural Football-III, I Volleyball-II Basketball-III Wrestling-III I,I DAVID VINCENT ROBINSON Laurel, Maryland "D" Troop Intramural Football,-I Intramural Basketball-I ff, 'k 'A' Af ,- .X XXXQ4 . fr XXX ip w " I v I an y X xxx 4 ' xx X. 5 Y YN X- X ,Q ' X I - F . x A 0 K 'r w :N Q xx 5 . X . 102 . v M X x XRS IS. .XX All I r fum L Ng A af N, 12 , 4 1. J, ,H I 4' 4- s. . ,, few- ASP '-54 Alf-,. .fu i " f- it - . f 516 1-1-I A rj f" Evil 55' -- ,-,gwf 5,-,sir QVL Ljf, n...:rv un. ui " -.- ' . n rf-gb. 114,-f ulllll Ill! " , .4 ft, J- -lf-' fr- ,x m 1 . ' .Lt 1 1 'Lu i.,:,'1:g fi-N J U1- vl lv , f Q L 5 4 , . 1 -j?fj,Ig.',: " I I 'ff ' 5331 , :lit-j-91' I XIIA X --F . , I if ta' ' ' ' A 'g,',a,A ..,.ff.2J133l5'ff I A. ,awwngmakyqwlwm '1,,v'T ,','.l1x- ut, rf' '- ,W . WILLIAM LEWIS ROGERS - CHARLES FRANKLIN RYAN WILLIAM STEVEN SADAK Paris, France Danville, Pennsylvania Shenandoah, Pennsylvania "D" Troopl "A" Company "E" Battery Gold Stars Sergeant National Honor Society-II, I QVice Anthony Wayne Legion Guard-I Anthony Wayne Legion Guard- Presldenty Glee Club-I I 11, I Alexander Hamilton Forum-III, II, I QI-'resldentj Major General Anthony Wayne Medal-III Blessing Medal--II Plebe Detail-II Crossed Sabres-II, I Ground Observer Corps-II, I Class Treasurer-II Sharpshooter Rifle Medal-II Ass't Hop Manager-II Hop Manager-I Gymkhana-III Varsity Track-II Intramural Track-I Intramural Soccer-III, II, I Intramural Volleyball-I ,- -,L,L,.4 :: - '11, .Ln .- W..- ,, ,l 11,134-fg,. -Y W 1 31 vw .A H: , ,, flwiagh '- f PM :1 ,rgff:,g+.- lg .1 J Xe 3 fry 21 W I ' I 5 "pw A., ' J. I P' f I, 1 , 4, fo A 1 i nn. ..-vs... ' 4 M, M V.. .-H 14- . f--f-tJ:,,,ff.L.ue .Vg K4 .I it 1q,,, w ' H .1!'v l' fl A w-- x. Intramural Volleyball-I Intramural Football-II, I tv i, f, N I A lik glry tk gl ' M XA 3 - A Q --4 5 in W 1: K fl - , I ' J MQ!!! 103 CARLOS E SANTAELLA CHARLES EDWARD SAVERY JOSEPH EARL SCALA Miranda, Venezuela Binghamton, New York Bndgeport, Connecticut Varsity Letter I AIll',h0!1y Way Expert Rine Medal III II I Varsity P010-I C Y Varsity Letter II 1 Varsity Club I B Chapel Chou- I Intramural Intramural Intramural Intramural Intramural Intramural "XTX C I 5' L -- ., A , ,- P AIE RL--. 451 umn nunlul f - -.-,rg-3 104 GEORGE H. SCHILDGE Middleton, New Jersey "D" Troop Platoon Sergeant Silver Stars Anthony Wayne Legion Guard-II Washington Irving Literary Society -III, II, I Legionnaire-III, II Marksman Medal-II Varsity Tennis-II, I Intramural Football-IV, III, II, I Intramural Basketball-IV, II, I FREDERICK J. SCHONBERGER, Forest Hills, Long Island, N. Y. ucv 0 pany Se n ant G r . nt n dm ion Guard- II Was ton Ir g Literary Society - I L lc -Presidentj 1 , - -ia An n Wayne L icm ijzrn L ' ff Sabres-II Am , n Legion Me a V J. nam Stone Medal-11 Time Award-III Plebe Detail-I Arts and Crafts Club-V JAY WESLEY SHIRER Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania "D" Troop Sergeant Anthony Wayne Legion Guard-I Bronze Physical Training Badge-II Sharpshooter Medal-II Varsity Swimming-V Intramural Boxing-II Intramural Tennis-IV, III Intramural Track-QIV, III 1 '11 - ffl- f ,f ' aff? 'A' 'A' iff ' fizjvyy wifi 440 ff I I arg: ogy 5 Z Q: ' 'f fr K f' V,f, Q! ff ff 4 2, If ! , ff, if f' ff f 105 WILLIAM HOWARD SIEVERS Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana Y LUIS GUSTAVE SILVA ' MAXSIM JOHN SIWY Caracas, Venezuela Bethlehem, Pennsylvama "E" Battery I "B" Company Anthon Intramural Soccer--IV IQQ nt y ay Gua Alexander Hamilton or II, I Intramural Football-II, I IQ a o t all-II, Legionnaire-I , I Intramural Basketball-II, I wr ur ietball- Plebe D tall-I I I I'l!l'a r wlmmlm- Amerlcan Ord a e M I ' 1 Bronze yslz . P Vars y b- I 'L qf I Var Ri - , I y I am w ing L . 9 db MIIB al , I Al' ,IW I 11" 4 4 ' 1 V J W' f' I pb 5 0' . ff' ,lp I J, f 1 Y , ' LLE5 5 g?4w5i5f?X . . ir V4 1,1522 ,o gs I 1w63'f g1'1fLa- ' Y me ik I ' iii QW X B , I 4 I im ve ff N Wm . Imemzm ,X 11, !-,.+4,,? . I iw ..-hil- .gX.A xl '- W xxx Q 1 . '-jvj, 106 WILLIAM GODFREY SLOVER STANLEY KURTZ SMILEY - WILLIAM EDWARD SMYTHE Metuchen, New Jersey Fairfax, Virginia Philadelphia, Pennsylvania "C" Company ' "CU Company "C" Company Platoon Sergeant Anthony Wayne Legion Guard-II Plebe Detail-I Varsity Football-I Plebe Detail-I Chapel Vestry-I Varsity Club-I . Patrick Henry Honor Society-II,. lx Marksman Rliie Medal-II if Legionnaire-II, I f Arts and Crafts-I s ' t l if I Marksman Medal-II ,. wr 1 -I L691O1m4lif9-I Q f' Varsity Tennis-II fMaiy5gerJ ,lf Intramural Football-II, I S f Fencing Team-II 'CD ' .NIV ',, Intramural Basketball-II, I -J. Intramural Soccer-EYE 'QI , iz Y, ' V ' Ulf y a p lx dt ik X fx Xx fa Wx +1 A' , N X' 1 X 4 - L :ll -fx MPI' X .VAN U .QP N' K xy ily' J" 0. 1 3- U' , 'X K .LM if Qld' 'fd s xi Q 'L V lp A YJ V A W 'f ., . V A :gy A l ta fx L f f AX 1 qllf K Q., l X it .W y " 3, V PV N' l A-fax-'1 vi' r Y--Y i -,-. 25' 17 . X 7 -:Qi ' 4' V "' : "' ll N I 33,1 'fi+1iE?iS2 -M.,-.pfwfi X, t i L l.' ' .-1, ' J, , ,, ' -ff-' ' ' -mkgffqg , ' ' " l m fps AE'-Lh f 1 M Y f rl wb- 1 X- wt-0-'QI M- ' 1 f ' Ng 'F G 'M ,M-ni" fy "fa1llA'f,',j, F w,WWm+f:Mwg,r W" I ' r w ' U 1 fx -' ' ' , . QW? WILLIAM JAMES SPROULE WILLIAM EARL STAUFFER Coaldale, Pennsylvania Lancaster, Pennsylvania D Company "B" Company "E" Battery W Sergeant Supply Sergeant, I Cr Sa Varsity Football-I Anthony Wayne Legion Guard-II p t ' Varsity Baseball-I Plebe Detail-I t a ccer-II Qi Intramural Basketba114I Chapel Vestry-II I ra. ur Volleyball-II Glee Club-II amu asketballf- If, Battery Club-I ra. ural Tennis- 4 5 . - W Varsity Golf-II, I In ural So 'I M Intramural Swimming-III 1 Vp Intramural Football-111, II ' Intramural Basketball-III ' Intramural Baseball-II ff' Af. I , ' S X. -l N Xsi T-,gQ'Q.f,XY-- , fx xf ' ggxsse X f f 'fir ,.-fe-H:-:I N' :fifty f Q L- T , ,- """'m F ef I f- H X' ...-.f11 'f f f - ' 5 6 1' - -f,'L,-7i'g',A.Q:1'.1',11ff: , Q, L ' s X x 0,4 1:1 ww xxx A 2 ' rf".'-1311:-.f':-Zfxlav Q 1 if B -If . LE 1 -' -- , V 108 KURT STEIN Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania "A" Company Second Lieutenant Anthony Wayne Legion Guard- III, II Sharpshooter Rltie Medal-II Bronze Physical Training Badge-II Arts and Crafts Club-IV, III Intramural Wrestling-III, II Qu W ly ll ,M ff Ml' 1 Url r 1 Kil l' V" 3 9 37' , ilfli . .. ,, I' x 5 JOHN McCLEARY STURTZ ROBERT EARL SUKEENA Johnstown, Pennsylvania Minersville, Pennsylvania Band "B" Company Intramural Volleyball-I Legionnaire-I Intramural Basketball-I Intramural Volleyball-I Intramural Softball-I Intramural Track-I Intramural Baseball--I ak Intramural Wrestling-I CD7 .1 CX! W., - Of' s if I 1 X lx 'D ir -A' f , if iff ff 1, ,Z af WL K f ' ff af Z 109 DAVID OWEN TABER WALTER ELIJAH TENDER, JR. VINCENT ALAN UTGOFF atertown, Massachusetts I Paulsboro, New Jersey Piney Point, Maryland "C" Company "A" Com yl Anthony Way Legion Gu -I I Varsity Football-I A Rifle Manual at II Varsity Wrestling-I Int amu 1 lafot' ll Intramural Fqotball-I I tra yball-II, I X Intramu re ling t ura X' tbali- , I Q Intramh Soc - n 1453111 L-S mwyxg I ' I ra al a all-I H m A 1 1 wig ifwiffefwl l fyffiffgiyfalpg X W -X xx. fp X. 5 ,vi vi wiv X KX x st sms, X ABN "A" Company Anthony Wayne Legion Guard-If Glee Club-I Intramural Volleyball-I X! ,ko ww, X f 1,41 ff! fr X A -Y ELI .. N w .. , 5 A air. if 'Sp QA , fi H jpg x -- 'W' " -1... mi' .' Vxllrfluill . I , W!!! ff, W ie WP--if' f3fVf,"r Y .ff-:-1 Y -1711, , -Q-11 5-1 -: - --ig -Q -,...,Y. - A"- ' "ie JOHN VERBERG REGIS CHARLES VOGEL, JR. ' GEOFFREY WEIDA WILKS Fredericksburg, Virginia Bridgeville, Pennsylvania Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania "E" Battery' "C" Company "E" Battery Sergeant First Lieutenant Assistant Motor Sergeant Intramural Football-I Anthony Wayne Legion Gua Plebe Detail-I Legionnaire-II Harvey Medal-II rd-II Anthony Wayne Legion Guard- III, II Plebe Detail-I Gunner Badge-III Intramural Football-IV, III Intramural Wrestling-IV, III, II, I Intramural Basketball-II, I Intramural Tennis-111 Intramural Baseball-IV, III, II, I ,iMfQfQf,J4-"j.f ' " Nxff 4 .5 i ik I ' P .- -,MW 4- - ft- T 'ffm "F-',4.' ff' N 't yi ' rt 63 I ,.... ,' A -2.5.5 NA I an ,.,?v1,m.ff?mh. .I , , 4 fy ,I 1 - I, ' ,f il ' . rl 111 ROBERT LAW WILLIS Browns Mills, New Jersey "C" Company First Lieutenant Silver Stars Anthony Wayne Legion Guard- II, I Alexander Hamilton Forum-II, I Brotherhood of St. Andrew-IV, III Activities Award-I Marksman Medal-III Sharpshooter Medal-II, I Chapel Vestry-III, II, I Plebe Detail-II, I Varsity Club-III, II, I Advisory Council-II, I Club Representative-II, I Gymkhana-II, I Crossed Sabres-I MATTHEW JAMES WINSPUR Stepney, Connecticut "C" Company Sergeant Asistant Clerk Marksman Medal-III Sharpshooter Medal-II Battery Club-II, I Legimmaire-II Varsity Rifle Team-IV, III, II, I Intramural Volleyball-IV, III, II, I Intramural Baseball-IV, III, II, I Intramural Softball-IV, II, II, I y Qt,.-514.92 Varsity Wrestling-III, II, 1 . ,G LA-va.-.1 M , Intramural Soccer-IV, III, II I I Intramural Swimming-IV, III , , , ,fb Intramural Baseball-IV, III Q , ,. I- . A ' 2 Qu,""NfWl3: ' 42 5 " ' 7 Q W I-1'---fi, f H 'rf j ! .' an vm' , ll ffrgll f ff f fe QU' X NU fl f 'Mx 'iw , , ff! 4- X17 X 112 O shield of Truth, forever strong: Protect the Corps from worldly Wrong. And may thy motto ever be Our strongest bond of decency. May ''Courage-Honor-Conquer" stand To make us worthy of this land. O chapel spire, so pure and bright: Forever shine thy guiding light, That we may keep our sight on thee While on our quest for Liberty. May thy chimes forever sound To keep our faith in God profound. O glorious colors, Buff and Blue: Today we voice our faith in you. Through wind and rain, on sea and land Beside thee we will take our stand. That we may not regret today! O lead the Corps, the line of Gray. -jean Pierre Maldonado ,, , - -'14 . Q -' 24 ll --'S x4!Qf f -'HP1 "'m.,' am.: O t Q I 3 ' . . QESW 'T' 7 '3Y'::' " 9 ,"'!.i!"" rf- fi l' n a Q Q Q 1' 1 nr WWW THE IIRP ,gm .if L, Ek Li F' 'a an , 'f Mama gud-4 ,QQ I , ' xv .swwwmwx , W.,-M c"'. x ESQ' Aki E 5 T7 ,a,.,M,Q. .iw i X P 4 jlte mgimenfa! Cadet First Captain Philip C. Medenbach Regimental Commander Cadet Captain John Alfred Clarkson Regimental Quartermaster Cadet Master Sergeant john Dean Veatch Regimental Sergeant Major Cadet First Lieutenant Richard james Wells Regimental Hospital Lieutenant Cadet Master Sergeant Nestor Lao Regimental Supply Sergeant ,unix Cadet Captain Arthur C. Keogh Regimental Adjutant Cadet Captain Carl Louis Kaufmann, jr. Regimental Provost Marshal Cadet Second Lieutenant Stanley B. Garrett Regimnetal Personnel Officer Cadet Master Sergeant William H. Cressler Assistant Regimental Supply Sergeant 2,14 taser' - 2":1"'.-S:f.':f sk -I - -. .- :3':': 5':l - ik ffii if 116 THE BATTALION STAFFS Gillott, Infantry Battalion Adjutantg VVan'ncr, Infantry Battalion Com- mander: Kattcl, Mounted Battalion Commander: Muzi, Mounted Battalion Adjutant. 117 if HEADQUARTERS COMPANY if o'Kelley, D. First Sergeant Greene, J. Sergeant Clerk Stout, G. Davidson, Ryan, R. Bernstein, D. Watson, J. Babcock, R. Miller, C. Dalzotto, L. Miller, Dee, ll. Mitchell, J. Egger, G. Neefus, J. Foster, F. Olson, Hursh, M. Porter, R. Lennon, W. Rallb, W. Mainiero, N. Richter, R. Captain Wlarner, J. First Lieutenants Lodge, R. Lance, J. Supply Sergeant Assistant Supply Sergeant Vote, B. Gusky, B. Platoon Sergeants Athletic Sergeant Holmes, Hunsberger, C. Olson, Regimental Clerk Bero, J. Sergeants Gusky, B. Morales, E. Lopez, R. Srogota, M. Corporals Parsons, W. Robinson, S. Wetterau, WV. Yunez, M. Privates Silver, S. Thomas, R- Slone, S. Thornton, L. Smith, Troke, Stocker, G. Twigg, T. Stover, B. Valentine, M Strohecker, R. Weller, M. Supler, J. XVertz, J. Tarsy, Tactical Ogicer Captain Justin H. Pierce i' Hli.XDQl'.'XRTliRS COMPANY .s'!'f'UHfI Cajnlnin .... john ll. Warner Ifizitf l.ie11Iw11ml .,.. Ronald C. Lodge 1-'irsl l.icutcm1r1l ..... ll. Robert Lance l"i11s'l 1.ff'lIlI'llIl!1l . . Dewey 'lf 0'Kc-lley, Tnclical Oflirm' . . Captain justin H. Pierce Though only in its first year of organization, Headquarters Company has sub- stantially proved its need within the Corps ol' Cadets. The company, composed of the majority of the Junior College cadets, boasts large participation of its members in varsity sports and powerful intramural teams that carried off many of the Academy's trophies. Not only in sports, however, has Headquarters ex- celled but also through this unified organization of junior College cadets has come a concentrated interest in the college academic program-the heart of the cadet life! Through the careful guidance and constant supervision ol' its tactical officer, Captain justin H. Pierce, the company has made a splendid showing in all its fields of endeavor. The "Men from Madison Hall" have been an excellent example to the younger members of the Corps. As the company's first year is surveyed in retrospect, it may safely be assumed that Headquarters Company will long continue to contribute a large share to Academy activities and to provide much of the fine leadership ol' the Academy's cadet officers. a u i A 3 V, ff X ,X Graf so A Cadet Goodwin receives congratulations from Colonel Peters for his "Pleberof-the-Week" recognition. ll tml, l s f J " 'l JI- VJ Captain M at 0 S V Bergfeld, J. - First Lieutenants 6 ' I Van Tuin, J. Binnix, W. jf Second Lieutenant.: ' Heiman, C. Stein, Orben, J First Sergeant Chalmers, H. H Supply Sergeant Athletic Sergeant Company Clerk Alvarado, F. Nicolosi, V. Gray, T. Platoon Sergeants Broom, T. Hutchhausen, l'. Kistler, R. Novorosky, J. Selembo J Cox, H. Jiminez, E. Munoz, L. Roessler, A. Sparks Daylida, V. Kenna, Navarette, E. Schmid, A. Spurry T Neuman, C. Corporals Backenstoe, J. Collins, A. K. Drake, O. King, J. Schroeder P Barland, L. Cornell, R. Humphreys, R. Marchese, P. ' De Arellano, A. Kerlin, P. Molesworth, R. Privates Abrams, l'. Carherry, D. Fisher, YV. Kephart, Mitchell, R. Schneewels J Ahilles, T. Cassidy, H. Gatti, M. Land, Monnett, B. Shephard Alexander, S. Chintala, C. Genetti, A. Lang, Moore, J. Almanera, J. Ciancuilli Goldstein, M. Lopez, V. Neary, M. Simon M Anderson, R. Cook, R. Gonzalez, C. Lynch, J. Nocco, C. Baldwin, B. Coronado Halkyard, YV. Maas, M. Parks, R. Bartik, J. Cracium, J. Hansell, XV. MacDonald, P. Petow, J. Battista, J. Croteau, J. Heinly, D. Maldonado, J. Poplar, J. Stadtlander I Bechara, F. Cummings, F. Helbig, R. Martinez, J Porter, R. Steerman D Biehle, G. DeHaganue, Hildreth, C. Matthiez, 'I' Procopio, R. 'I12l1Il01' T Bon, M. Dickinson, YV. Hrusko, J. McCabe, WN' Rementer, J. Ltgoff V Bouman Elias, K. lsaya, P. Merenda, l' Richard, M. xVhlI6 J Brinker, C. Fspinel, X. Jacoby, F. Miale, R. Rowlands, R. Wilson T Broom, Q. Iistrella, P. James, R. Miciotta, S. Ryan, C. Burner Fink, R. Kardos, M. Tactiml Ofjifer Captain Richard M. Artz -l-af, if A COMPANY Captain .... First Lil'llf!'lII171f . First I.if'1llfr1ant . Second licuterzanl Second ljefurwzmit Second 1.i!'1lff'7I11IIf Tactical Oyirer . . Capt . John A. Bergfeld . William B. Biunix . jon A. Van Tuiu . . .Kurt Stein . . jack R. Orben Charles H. Heiman ain Richard M. Artz Great strides have been made in "forging ahead" by the men of Hamilton Hall this year because they have successfully integrated into their curriculum the interests and ideals of a young group of cadets. Indoctrinated at an early age into the very core of our well-rounded program of academic, military, and athletic achievements, these cadets have willingly overcome some of the difficul- ties of working along with older members of the company and have long since proved themselves valuable members of Throughout the past eight months, we "A" men have studied, worked, and played together to uphold the high traditions and standards of our predecessors. And in Shannon Hall, on the drill field, and in the gymnasium, we have made quite a creditable showing, to say nothing of our widespread participation in many other extracurricular activities. Through the fine leadership of Captain Richard M. Artt, our Tactical Officer, and our cadet leaders, we have tried to leave a record that future "A" men will envy and will continually attempt to emulate! X it ta ma. 7 Plehcof-the-XVeek" award is always a proud moment! rs' ,fr jf' if - ff 4 y'-c-,AQ ' ,jf V ' 'vt-, if B COMPANY --fc was nf, M 1 if :P I, AM wi it fp sf . A IJA, V Captain 4 Hoyos, J. f- ' JV' First Lieategnant First Lieutenant ' Executive 0 wer Petrie, L. 7,!' W 4- Richards, J. . W Sefond Lieutenants I Ayn yy, Leonardo, J. Gavan, W. Gants, R. Ji, ' - ', First Sergeant Supply Sergeant Athletic Sergeant Company Clerk fm Rogers, F. Barrett, A. Gray, A. Abbott, G. ay! I Platoon Sergeants X Corujo, L. Gomes, L. Cafaro, C. Deer, J. L 9 Sergeants Ayres, YV. De La Terga, R. Fullana, P. Moore, T. Read, YV. It Bauckham, F. Egger, R. Glick, M. Momm, J. Riefkohl, XV. Bentley, L. Esposito, F. Gomez, R. Pascual, L. Siwy, M. Berkley, R. Wveinstock, J Corporals Anderson, R. Enderline, E. Gonzales, A. Ripepi, D. Carpenter, M. Furst, K. Monne, F. Swanson, A. Elser, WV. Lance Corporals Dollarhide, D. Oldham, XV. Strauss, N. Privates Abbott, D. Conrad, R. Golenski, N. Lewis, F. Potts, R. Solbavarro, A Adams, P. Copeland, G. Goldsmith, R. Machal, Reiss, M. Steiner, R. Alexander, A. Cornell, C. Graswald, R. Marberger, J. Provence, D. Stella, J. Alvarez, J. Covey, A. Greene, B. Marrero, H. Reiss, M. Stetson, WV. Ankeny, G. Cragg, R. Grimmett, T. Martinenko, Rolph, XV. Stevenson, D Banning, G. Darrison, J. Harris, H. Matson, D. Roman, Stout, R. Bara, T. Deoniso, A. Herold, B. McLain, YV. Ruggerio, M, Sabine, Beatty, J. Deshon, J. Howard, W. Meyer, T. Sasselli, L. Sukecna, R. Bechara, F. Dischler, R. Jacoby, P. Montgomery, R. Schantz, J. Tabor, M. Berry, R. Fnglebaeh, l'. Jones, XV. F. Munez, J. Schilling, J. 'l'obia, F. Borden, G. lispat, R. Jones, YV. T. Mussett, E. Seale, H. Tydings, T. Burwell, R. Finegan, J. Ketterer, XV. Osborne, H. Shapiro, R. Valle, I.. Busacca, J. Follett, D. Klein, XV. Pedrick, B. Sherwood, R. XVard, J. Caffey, A. Formissano, J. Lambert, M. Perez, J. Simmers, R. WVatkins, Celebre, V. Freeland, C. Lamson, R. Phillips, A. Singer, J. Xveston, VV. Chandler, J. Gellman, A. Lardas, K. Pino, J. Sinkler, XV. XVoods, L. Coffman, J. Ziilkiill, R. Tactical Olhcer Lieutenant Colonel John Stuart Mulkerns 122 , gf fr. ,Qi B COMPANY Cllfllllfll ......... jose ml. Hoyos First I,if'11Iw1n11l . . . john F. Richards First Ijeillenrnzt . . . Louis Petrie Srfronrl ljzfutffmznl . . . james Ll. Leonardo Second Iiffutcfmznl . . . Robert M. Cants .Srrmirl Iifzzlffnmzl . . . William H. Cavan Tactical Omczfr Lt. Col. John Stuart Mulkcrns Although Mlashington Hall, the barracks of Company, is shining in its newness, the cadets who make up our company proved to the Corps that fresh, attractive surroundings do not necessarily destroy hallowed traditions. On the contrary, the men of "B" proved conclusively that such traditions, coupled with high morale, are strengthened by a new and attractive environment! For "B" is a busy company-academically, militarily, and athletically, making notable strides in them all. ln addition, our company has always given gener- ously of its talented members to many extra-curricular activities: dramatics, debating, singing, and journalism. Probably the answer for this enviable record lies in the close rapport that exists between its members and its Tactical Oflicer, Lieutenant Colonel john Stuart Mulkerns. This Hne officer and gentleman, together with a capable, enthusiastic group of cadet officers, has stimulated every member of "B" in giving his best for the advancement of Valley Forge! g ,ig-' -5, 5 H We IE MOL! IL 1 The Commandant selects Cadet Greene, B., as "Plebe-of-the-W'eek." A O Q jf N . N .. Gy., Xu! XJ KJKJLVLL J.1.tJl 1. 'Jfgvjxx gk. 'XXXJV YQ X1 Q J X P ' N if U F J' X 3 Jvilf Captain J-f,JVJXil Fx lxxx X X J 'vi J XV , 3- Schweitzer, R. l ll-.JXJX l 95 , lx f ," 5. First Lieutenant A pg , X , .gf 1' illis, R. Vogfehilii' .J ,J L I I l , K . J Secmld Ijeutemlnls I I Lf 'N f lf J If 6 Muzi, IQ ' JJ J Bacon, H. .Jul Scllodberger, F. J J A l SHQAI f Y 'apply Ser zfqnt Crm1pa1ly"lClerk Athletic S6'7'g?HlIf ,fl Reagan, YV. JJ il Russell, Hewa d, D, Savery, F. I J ' ui xx Platoon Sf'I'gFallfS X A i biqlle, J. vaxi n, R. J., SIITTY, Bieruch, J. il ' SPrgeant.v"' "' " ' U ,A l Antley, M. lll ia, L. 4 'fflldqnlgfJ. MgNairg R. l'0lllll2l, N. Verna, J. il' Besade, A. a ids l R. la ' Kro c Ci. Medvi , My. I' wQi.llfOl'd, YV. Xllzlllett, XV. K' ., rv - P 1 HY . . 5 1 Bllscher. l". . at, 1 Ili' ahl, 0. Morgan, NV. Taller, Dj XVIIISPUF, M. - T XX 0 1 ' 'Y A 7 V Y Corfwrcgls .4 N. P J J X r B l llcci, . liirlil C , . ' NOWHQNR. 1 'J A Totten, R. o J. w J -JHQKJD, J. . ,R. lviltllllilll, J. ' -rg l Tl n . -4' on d, P. a , M. ' A T' J ' 'l ' w ' - f 'f " J ' Pl'i1lIlfF.Y , l f 'K A1 ler, R. I ll, 1 li, Gragxll. J XV. X iath 110, Taylor, D. x A llcin, . .lliott, , fifll es, B. ' ' ar nga, V. V i'Reed r, Thomas, F. f Hallilillo, . Fllllll 't . Qlyer, li. W M , . Re 0ldS,13J. Traub, C. Bailey, J. Farr , RAT' asse, H. - " J' llikell, C. U der, Wagner, H. Barrett, C.. F' 'o's, N. Q ' orllzlclay, R. fy Mnrgan, R. J' Rqackfelner, J. WVard, A. QBZIVCY, H. F ls, IQ ' gartuzl, 6 I Morrow, C. X 'J' lXEllCkWql, YV YVarelllnall, li ' Plerlllall, C. Fi e, mf lTll1g, . ' . Natali, B. Sxsovylya, G. XVesthaver, R i Bothwell, F. lllllliglil , 5. Johnson, li. Nevares, J fagiqd, R. Wildlllall, D. r 0 Bl'Ctl1Cl'lllll, N. Ill, . l . Jflhllfllll, MJ' '. Pilllllla, D. JN Sal IIDCII, CZ. XVildlllall, J. ix Bllflill, R. Fol l', Jones, J. J Ael'21lOlH2ll'CS . 'lf S kara, lVilliallls, H. Clllll mllell, D. Free lllilll, G. lllo, l. ' Pascu . S li, llo, A. lv00llll'l8I1, D l , . Caplan, R. l-'re Zlllll, Cl. 'ellclal ,!S. ' Putters l S 1 Jrlllzlll, P. XVoodwal'd, J ' 1 Clllapnlall, S. N lls, R. eppee, S. Pellegv' , LZ Sherwood, R. Filllllg, P. Y ClCYCl11llll, J. ' toll, D. KN HT. A. Perlofl, J. Slover, NV. laharls,,XX. XJ j Craig, R. 5 Qsl 'lllti, P. ,J 'V'5,JiJ. Petrush, li. Slllythe, XV. jglllflllijlf, J. f Dzlleo, R. ' Garcia, G. Lee, ,Q . J Prlce, XV. SPI'0lll, li. I' Qlglliclul.. JJ J' f Daley, 'l'. Golrlllelg, I.. .A mlJCllg00ll,'J. Ramirez, J. QI f A JI' . V J J ,. I 5 :' D' Tartiml Uflinfr ,SA-fl V' XJ J' with J I.lClI'lCll2lDl Robert M. Weaver I ' Y 'X' l W QA124 V I Qs' fury, ""'k"' I' ' I A PS1 X ly .-'Q -.lg P WY ' t I t 'gg ' P Y , . N-.-, Capt fin ..... Raym ui XV. Schweitzer First Ijzfztfuzag .... Robert L. Willis First Litullffllllgf . '. . Regis Cl. Vogel, jr. Second 1.l1'Ilfl'HIl7If . . Harry li. Bacon, jr. Sammi'11lr'nfu1t Frederick -I. Schonbergcr Secmzd I.i1'11lf'm111l , . Roy P. McNair, III Tactical Ojjfrcr Lieutenant Robert M. Weaver X 'ft fi o-"bl li ey i R J M 5 kwa v'7"5'r - -f ' Miifi . ry 'bl X ,LJ .lf 3. M, Y J" 'F X V .r f , up ,J uv Q".-Xejivtl yea' 'before, this year's ngn of "C" Company have attained admirable K yr' yi ,records i the three major plases pf their work at Valley Forge: academic, 'W jf t i tffilitar and athletic. Cadetstfrom the Sixth Class through to the Graduating ' f pillars ' ve maintained their higlj st 'ndzirds with an admirable spirit based on , d lual pride and " jsen -df ' 'ievement. "C" Company's cadre of cadet mx, Emkeis and non-commitiongi Offl tfshave all demonstrated the true character- Y y X gf ' ics of good lea rship and llfgent guidance under the capable direction I M f the Company's Tiacticalx ,'cer, Lieutenant Robert M. VVeaver. x f ' V F- R ' Ll- Q' Star Lists, Oratofjcal Qlontesf, Crossed Sabres, intramural sports, A.W.L.G.- V f gf?" ll these and many more N the Academy's varied activifies have ubeen greatly . Syl . ' fl enriched through thel active plirticipation of the cadets! fryoy? M'artin Hall. For H -5 l T Qi? the cadets from are constantly aware of th frewarkls and values of the '55,-V ,digit ' l i well-rounded education. W y y l f if M, ,.,1"a?'t'f 'A f If J 1 . - ' 7 A ay at ,tiki 4" 'I' X' 'mth N 1 ' ty -P l L 'x C , . jig. N 'il -.5 . '1 ' N ' J A . 6 l T y tg 1. .-.rg -ima . ' , tl-Mu 4 A x V , A A 'xg A ul' X ' if Y 'VV 0 3 ,i tl' X ,M 1 i t f JY v-'v . 'X fx f J 'ev V S X' X ax . ii J ly 'l Y X ' 0 V ,I ,, . .xt I I xxx? A X. . ' x 5, il -'yi .ggi XR ' Cadets Muzi and Garrett show favoritism at the lnfantr Dance! 59 1 Y s, X ' - in 5,5 125 P ix, I if .5 ,: Q Xi . V' L ' f N- L ' X ' A ' l 1 -J .Y A- Xa --reefs D TROOP --fef4-- ,A of 'IWQ CQ 0 Caplaiu Kelf, S. Ifirxl I.l!'1llf'7Ill7IfX Ahrens, F. Bero, Svmnrl I.ll'llff'7IIl7IlS Friednian, I. XVrede, R. Firsl Sf'l'gf'1l7Il Slrzlalr' Sr'rgf'11nI .Valor SI'I'g'l'I17ll Sllflflfj' Sl'l'g'f'II7II Mellon, R. Flelcilier, LI. Fitler, li. Clarell, NV. l'lalom1 .S'r'1g1'11r:lr Clllllfllllljl Clerk Bishop. Schildge, G. l'orler, XY. Sf'1'g1'rnlIx Bernadino, F, Hamilton, I. Minnich, T. lilder, H. jones, R. Piinentzll, F. lfiullo, 4 Lehman, XV. Shirer, COVfIOI'llI,Y Cramer, S. Fullana, F. Rahn, H. Davis, D. Lara, Luis Salazar, C. Lanre Corjlomls Benedix, R. Urdinola, Privates Ahrens, R. Flegal, C. Keating, T. Rogers, WV. Arroyo, J. Fritzinger, C.. Kirkbridge, C. Rothschild, KI. Bill, E. Garcia, V. Kogan, G. Sands, W. Bishop, G. Gonzalez, 0. Knight, EI. Santaella, C. Bramante, L. Gore, P. Levy, M. Scholderer, J. Bricker, D. Graham, R. LoBianco, F. Sharp, G. Burkey, B. Guinina, F. Matos, A. Simon, M. Cann, N. Herrera, I.. Neidlinger, R. Smith, WV. Cinelli, T. Honaker, R. Roberts, B. Taylor, W. Cohen, F. Hubbard, W. Robbins, F. Tovar, I. Demeter, L. Kamrad, D. Robinson, D. Viviano, D. Dempsey, E. Kaufman, N Robinson, P. Wyatt, W. Fields, M. Zighelboim, B Tactical Officer Lieutenant Conrad G. Follansbee --1ir 'A' Captain First Lieutenant . . . Frederick A. Ahrens First Lieutenant . Second Lieutenant .... Ira L. Friedman Second Lieutenant . . . Robert K. lvredc Tactical Ojieer . . Lt. Conrad G. Follansbee A Spring Parade shows the Troop to splendid advantage. i D TROOP . . . . . . Stuart R. Kelf . . Ronald F. Bero The Academy's cavalry unit of IQ56, although one of the smaller units, still was one of the outstanding organizations of this year's Corps of Cadets. The chest of every trooper was held just a little bit higher as we proudly watched the best company banner flying from the Hagstaif. Yes, enthusiasm and loyalty were the hallmarks of this year's Troop. Our cross-country rides gave us many thrills and memorable moments, whether on horseback or in vehicles. Troop athletic teams, if seldom champions, gave great competition and made rival organizations work hard for their achievements. And every trooper agrees that appreciation is in order for the careful guidance and inspiring leadership of our Tactical OECCF, Lieutenant Conrad G. Follansbee, and our Director of Equitation, Lieutenant Colonel Eugene A. Fischer. May each member of "D" Troop always be able to look back in retrospect on each year and say proudly, 'illlell done!" i if Twzmzzaia. EQ 3 E L 2+ l C at ,R f sk sa .gf ' First I.if'utena11ls Pellerano, C. Newby, W., -- E BATTERY --+fZw12if-- Captain Saieva, A. Iixrfrulive 0Hirer First I.i6'1lff'lIl17lf Williams, R., Master Sgt. Motors Muddeman, J., Master Sgt. Comm. Staulfer, W., Supply Sergeant Morcate, G., Platoon Serge Acklcy, T. Bertoldi, R. Braba7on, P. Crew, H. Best, Anglatle, F. Armstrong, J. Baez, L. Borges, F. Brown, ll. Buttafncco, F. Busch, J. Chambers. A. Clark, XV. Clemente, J. Cordero, R. Crossno, R. Danos, J. Sfmml'1lfl'lI!1l11S Clymer, H. Acker, P. Sergffants First Sergeant Seivers, XV., Asst. Btry Clerk XVilks, Asst. Supply Sgt. Drew, 'l'., Athletic Sergeant 0'Hara, M., Company Clerk ant Heylwaeh, T., Platoon Sergeant Hades, R. Long, K. Sadak, W. Fox, S. Palmer, J. Stewart, C. French, H. Riera, XV. Verberg, Kirkley, J. Rivera, J. Zayas, Corporals Mooney, T. Muckenfuss, T. Privates Dayner, S. Johnson, R. Rischetelli, R DeVita, l.. Kluchnik, M. Roland, XV. Diana, R. Lailer, P. Sandell, R. Easter, W. Liccardi, S. Scala, J. Flemming, A Machal, Shaffer, Flynn, R. McGuire, R. Silva, I.. Cohn, M. Mclllilliams, Silva, P. Heagy, J. Menocal, R. Starsman. R. Henning, J. Mundt, E. Taifer, C. Hill, J. Orme, C. XVeller, B. Higby, li. Peterson, M. XVelsh, D. Hoburg, D. Rapoport, J. Mlyman, R. Tactiral Officer Captain George R. Davies F . Qf , fy ff E BATTERY Capfairz ..... Anthony R. Saieva First'lll'l'71llHf . . Hugh A. Clymer First Iieutezzmzt . . . George Pellerano SFFUHIII I,il'llf6'l1II!1f .... Paul F. Acker Tactical Oflicrr Captain George R. Davies, Il Although the Battery is small in number, nevertheless it is one ol the most important companies at the Academy. Certainly the care and maintenance of our huge fleet of vehicles may rightly be called a major enterprise! Yet our cadets are not content to stop at this accomplishment. lVe have gone on to win the intramural track and boxing championships and to contribute materially to the success of numerous varsity teams. Then, too, the records show our loyal participation in many other extra-curricular activities, such as Chapel Vestry, Choir and Glee Club, and honor societies. The men of Battery are especially grateful and indebted to our new Tactical OHicer, Captain George R. Davies, for the very fine supervision he has given us. His own efficiency and good nature have gone a long way in keeping the performance and the spirit ol Harvey Hall cadets in high gear! W.tE.Ril.A N The Battery passes in review at an early Spring Parade. -1--f af BAND ff if Captain Toal, A. First Lieutenant Second Lieutenants Hlendt, P. Clark, Grosskurth, A. First Sergeant Martens, J. lllaster Sergeant I.ilIl'IlI'l!l7l lWa.vler Sergeant Tlltfllfliffidfl Buxhaum, R. Stanke, C. Supply Sergeant Platoon Sergeant Sergeant Clerk Sobke, J. Danser, R. Zeller, M. Sergeant Drummer Sergeant Bugler Atlzlelie Sergeant North, W. Lewis, H. Tinucci, E. Sergeants Collins, A. Hill, Julius, F. Kznnel, S. Ramella, R. Corporals Calder, C, Pavlick, R. Shard, B. Private.: Bausch, R. Frisbie, F. Raahe, D. Bertoni, R. Coodstein, R. Rettew, I.. Brabham, J. Hanson, J. Rhenliek, J. Branda, J. Hendricks, J. Rittenhouse, E. Buck, R. Hill, E. Roes, K. Fish, G. Hower, WV. Schuster, A. Fithian, E. Keating, ll. Sholly, D. Frazee, Lowell, Sturtz, J. Freeman, G. Mentzer, I.. Volk, P. Frey, A. Moore, T. XVood, R. Powell, L. Tactical Ogicer Major D. Keith Feltham 1.7. if if :E BAND fajllazn . . . Alonzo R. Toal I'zrst Izfulnmni . . . . Paul A. XVendt Second Izzulwzrznf . . . john H. Clark, II Stroud Izfizlmzrmt . . Alfred gl. Cirosskurlh Tnclzcal Officer ann' Iimzrlninwlfr . . Major ll. Keith Fellham ll This year has proven to be unusually successful lor the Academy Band, and the esprit de corps was upheld to the utmost. Not only was our tradition of academic prowess maintained, but we also showed the Corps how musicianship and sportsmanship can go hand in hand by our numerous victories in intra- mural volleyball, basketball, and baseball. The members of the Band and their bandmaster, Major D. Keith Feltham, worked as a closely-knit teamg the "team," therefore, coordinated the various concerts and marching maneuvers to the high degree that this organization has so long obtained and upheld. Such standards were in evidence at the Harris- burg Horse Show, on Dave Garroway's television show Today, and on the famed Monitor network radio program. All in all, our Band carried on the long traditions of excellence and prom- inence in the Corps of Cadets which have always characterized this beloved organization! ' lr The Drum and Bugle Corps 3 vagal! nrrqtfm 0 i - A 5" '11 1 ---.- 131: .1 0- " .aff ..-Q iii? :fg-mn!- , .Q 9HtH'n1L.qv".fg 5 ww: . 9 i i I l D vi spipizki Lb' , ,-, , , li E C '1' ul 0' ' wlml' THE ASSES s l I First rout: Olson, J., Vfetheral, Lodge, Hunsberger, Creene, Morales, Kaufmann, Kattel, Xllarner Toal, Colonel Carne, dean, Major Godfrey, guidance counsellor, Kelf. Newby, Bertoldi Saieva, Zeller, Collins, Pellerano, Stewart, Wendt, Cinelli, Burkey, Lopez. Second row: Tinucci Shaffer, Wells, Schuster, Valentine, Srogota, Dalzotto, Craham, Carell, jones, K., Buttafuoco O'Kelley, Bertoni, Clymer, Yvilliams, Long, Drew, Davidson, Stanke, Robinson, Wlatson, Par- sons, Yunez. Third row: Ryan, Lance, Keogh, Cillott, Porter, R., Martens, Hursh, Branda Volk, Moore, T., Frazee, Keating, Cordero, Olson, J., Troke, Twigg, Cusky, Eggar, Mainiero Lennon, Stover, Raub. Fourth row: Vote, Wertz, Neefus, Tarsy, Holmes, McWilliams, Rettew Rittenhouse, Hleller, Frey, Hendricks, Frisbie, Powell, Hanson, Hower, Miller, C., Mitchell Foster, Sharp, Sloane, S. C. Fifth row: Calder, Silver, Miller, S., Dee, Stroehecker, Thomas, Roes Fish, Buck, Stocker, Babcock, Smith, Stout, Supler, Richter, Thorton, Kille. Absent: Bero Berstein, Clark, Saeger, Zayas. 4 I f U, 3. C. lj Iv' i' ,y ,ll if tl xl K at . N 4 X - N X 1 ,. , ' Y t'J I .4 lc, ,V W 5 l 'xl Ss lx, 'f ... ik k','3 ,X Q "' V l'yy!uIlll15r4-llc, Zu? Y If if A ,wg 4 v .1 'f f M M lt it a.r.m ll -IIZNIOR tlOl.l,lLCE OFFICERS Warner, tt'eastn'cr3 Kelf, vice president, loal, president, O'l-Lcllcy, club liC1JliCSClll2lllYCQ Saegcr, secretary. 134 : 1 Rulruds vice-president: NlCtlL'lllJ1ll'll, president, Schweit- 1 lfirst wuz' Daylida, Moreate, Acker, Grosskurtlr, lloyos, Clarkson, Petrie, llerglield, Schweitzer Nledenbach, Major lisrey. Richards, Van Tuin, Lao, Pimenlal, Verberg, Abbott, Muzi, Cressler Natali, Cams, Slover. Srffmzll row: Coxe, jones, K., Rathbun, Coldring, Hull, Glick, Diez Gray, T., Font, Deer, Fullana, Corujo, McNair, Smiley, Elliot, Maldonado, Garrett, Kronick Stein, Perlolf, Flynn, Minnieh, Padulla. Third row: Rinnix, Reynolds, Medvigy, Muddeman Stauller, Heybach, Conrad, Smythe, McClain, Province, Robbins, Pavlick, Lewis, H., Danser Buxbaum, Hoburg, Siwy, Bentley, Friedman, Lee, Pollina, Lebengood. Fourllz row: Cohn Sievers, French, liades, Bierach, Scala, Mentzer, Fithian, Diana, Easter, Schildge, Schonberger Vogel, Santaella, De la Terga, Read, Reeder, Silva, Navarrete, Ackley, Fine, Cann. Fifth row. Monnett, Heagy, Rapaport, Bausch, Osborne, Bothwell, Wilks, Savery, Winspur, Gray, A. Jones, W., Cafaro, Banning. Copeland, Orben, Dischler, Finegan, Bero, Gavan, Leonardo Beatty, Coffman. Sixth row: Heiman, Fritzinger, Arroyo, Sukeena, Baldwin, jiminez, Munoz Ryan, Prokopio, Utgoff, Tender, De Maria, Sparks, Neary, Sproule, julo, Liccardi, Poplar Palmer, Anglade, Danos, Martinez, V. Sewfntlz row: Egger, Reifkohl, Halkyard, MacDonald Ridder, Burwell, Roberts, Moore, j., Oppenheimer, Taber, Raabe, Bara, Buscher, Andersoni Sturtz, Hill, Sadak, Rischitelli, lispat, Lewis, F., Peterson, Baucham. N g jmf JJ CLASS OFFICERS er, secretary, Van Tuin, treasurer. ! J y : l l'1lIllUl Russell xvl'CQlL'. R1111cllc, XlC2llLTl1, fsillllllll, Rcng:111, Rogers l3111Ll1, lxldlllllhlbll, l.1ll, Roll1ml11lrl, l51oo111, lxlllllhlll fllllillll. Sl'l'UIlll mzzx' lispnl, R., Ncicllinsfcr, lYCYl1l'L'S, lux. l,11cl.1l1l, Nlomg, l., lXl0UllLy, Lmq, N0orl111.111 Slcc1'111:111, Sl2lllll2lllllCl', A11kL'111'. lS1'0w11. 'l'l1irrl 111111: Norllz, 1l. Ro1sl.111cls, xxylllflll, Mumll, Hgmly, l41.1l1l1.1111. R4JlkLfCllLl.f ' nis, lfz11'1'z11'z1, Yc1'11z1, R2llIlll'L'l, l'z1I0111:11'cs. 1-'r1u1'Il1 Ill Hclsll, Alcxz111rlc1', Hcwzncl, Uyzlll. l'lCgz1l, AYICS, lxllllgdll, ' mul, XYci11sloc'k, lllllllfllk, cl0l'IlCll. Sllllllll?l'S, Sz1l111i11c11. l,ClI!TlZlII, UlllIS0ll R clilllll Sillllllllllfl XVocik lfli1s Hl'llllllg RllClllll'li S'1lltl9 kl11cl11 1 s s XX 1551111 Bu ulg OllllSOIl ls 1 11 1111 sclll 1 JI lm 111 sn u LN l,lXlCN0ll ,, , ' ' 1ikl fi1'z1s1'z1lcl, l11l1:11'i', Nc11'o1'0.'ki, S:1gz11'1'z1. 'z ' '52 ', I , Nl., SClClIlll0, Nlc11c11mi.1, ligl1cll1ui111, Ahillos. l.l'Illi. .S'r'w'r1llz 1'uz1': f,'ll2lI'2l, flUlllCS, Stella, Kauf- 1111111, l'llg,'l1'7, l. Plz 1411. S21 ' ', R111 l, CIlc1clz1111l, I-'lc tl l511.'l Kirklf. C11"1', 1 " lf . l.ilI, Pique, linulwilc, lJ11y11c1'. flllYI'IIl.' B01-11z1mli11r1, lSli1111, lll'2llllillllC'. fllbllllllllll, lJco11iso, I"1llc1, C9 l'1111cl1c1', -lilllllilll, Iiz1ilc1'. l'c1'ki11s, Rocsslcr. SICXLTIINUII, Slllli. ' 167 C.11la111li. l'lllll Rogcrs, l'. A.. l5l'L'SlilClllj lSz11'1'cll, Nlfl'-lJ1'C'SlilCIll1 RCZIQZIII. S 1 0 HCOII 6 .f Cl .55 CLASS OFFICERS l'ClJl'CiClllllllXC1 Nl111'li11sc11. ll'C1lSlll'L'llI SCC'l'Cl1ll'y. 111c1's. cv0OilSlClll, Kc1111a1, Hlll'lllll2lllSl'll, l'0l'll'lk, lflilllllll, lN'l0llllll, Rivera. ' ' , ., 1 c.,. 1 Q", y", 1, ,.. ., NlcI111l1c, Innes, XY. Sixlll 1'rm': Rz1i11fo1'cl, NX'r1lf, ,-XIvz11'11clo, N'z1llclt, CI11Cc'iz1,,',f?'fQ22,j Firxf rrmx' Ripcpi, I.owcll, Clmssniznl, Slicrlork, Lopez, Drake, Alllll'l'S0lI. ci0l0lll'l llcss, advisor: llC.KlCll2lll0, Clurpcntcr, Klilllllilll, ,-Xliztrcz, Umuzllcl, A., Monnc, IJcSl1on, flllllf, Yztllc. Szfmml ww: HllIlllJlll'l?yh, Kzmios, I.z1nd, Nlztrtincnko, lispincl, llzittista, lsznu, Kznnrzul, Weston, Kni ht, 3 -X Hzniis, Cassidy, Hilclrctll, Busch, llcYil:l, Scrvcllo, Rllhll. Tllirfl muh' Martinez, xvllftl, lrxing, Gulrlhcrg, 'limzni lizncr, Marlmcrgcr, Linrigrcn, lingcllmcli. Rcnicntcr, Diznnonl, Wild- nizln, lizirrcll, Fllllllll, lY0ml, Nlorgati, Pcllcgrini, Cohen. l'l0Ill'lfl min: Scltwurtz, Ioncs, NY., Bn SZICCZI, Sillry, Srllwzilmc, Phillips, Stout, Levy, Kcrlin, Molcswurtll, Crznncr, B2lC'l1ClliSl0C, lfrcc- nmn. Slnnc, lflzninztgzm, lilscr, Arnistrong. Fifth mzv: Clark, licrtucci, Owens, Marlowe, Fllllilllil, Nowak, Xtkruclwurrl, Totten, HlDl'llZlll2ly', Ciliztlnnznl, filllilllll, Ci'ct'nc, Mussctt, Hill, Pino, Nlcycr, Wilson. Cltnnniings. Sixth mtv: lYlZll'lACl'O, 'liiylotg llcclunzt, Mcllonulml, Dugan, Swanson, 7' 4 'M'-f X' Hcmlti, llullins, Scrxcllo, llmnizls. Knight, Cllcincntc, Bmmn, Rlfllllltl, ilrzictlin, Mzirrlicsc. l'lllllllgCl'. .S'f'w'r1!ll Hmm' Sinion, Si'll0lKlCl'Cl', lficltls, l,2ll'l'lS0ll, Stcitwr, licsl, .'xlll'ClIN, Cullen, lfstrcllzl. kingf, Simon .l2ll'lQ5Ull, Lang. Sliztrcl, lfmclzimi, Price. ' ' ' ,' 5 lv 4',!"', -4, 1144 -I 'LJ ' X x QLJ " 'Mug sh.-1,, i s..7 f' .0 I i . u r- X -,l A' f l fit -4-'llkiJ'Ey-fa!-4 XN,fX 7- ., . A, ,f ' , v . Xmlcxsmi, llC.'xliCllIlIlU, XlLC'1Jl'l'slllClllf CIz1l'pvt1lcl', club l'ClJl'C5Clll1lllXL i UQ im! 66155 CLASS OFFICERS R., president: Ilrzxkc, t1':ztsni'ct'5 limi, SlJL'liK'l2ll'YI 137 J, ncdix, rice-presicletltg limmett, secretary, Cornell, club iiesentatixeg Ford, president, Mitchell, treasurer. First rozu: Fiallos, Cook, WVhite, Oldman, Strauss, Fmmett, Ford, Colonel Rosso, Benedix Cornell, Dollarhide, Mass, Taylor, Fisher, Schneeweiss. Second row: Roberts, Lynch, Sorlingas Noceo, Viviano, Gore, Gonzalez, Robinson, Freeland, Biehl, Reiss, Golenski, Haase, Hubbard Third row: Abbott, Montgomery, Chandelez, Berman, Johnson, lfrdinola, Carberry, W'ard Dempsey, Calley, Grimmett, Matson, Grove, Goldstein. Fourth rozv: Fink, Bechara, Ketterer Howard, Alexander, Taifer, XVatkins, Bricker, Baiez, Silva, Roman, Garcia, liskind, Singer Fifth rozv: Rovira, Metz, Bon, Paseual, Munoz, Celebra, Abrams, Solomon, Schantz, Daley Honaker, Shapiro, Matos. Sixth row: Miale, Chambers, Croteau, Bartik, Lusse, Jones, YVilliams Kogan, Young, Bretherton, Keating, Parks. Seventh row: Westhaver, Gumina, Matthiez, Stetson Schilling, Kirkbride, Milliken, Borden, Muckenfuss, Guyer, Craigy, Sherman, Klepy, Adler. ,Ad G- 14.19-9-M '71 JN-J dw-'Jw '10 x I C70llPlA CZCL55 CLASS OFFICERS 1. ,rf f First rout: Rockwell, Cragg, Pctow, De Hagenau, Jacoby, F. XV., Freedman, G., Patterson, Perez, .NV Lopez, Fasois, Porter, Sherwood, R. R., Fortnisano. Second rotu: Celhnan, Daleo, Almenara, 'r ' ' , Dickinson, Chinlala, Lara, J., Miciotta, Kephart, Wildman, 'l'. Sinkler, Wareham, Kline. Z C . iffy ' ff' Third rozv: Traub, XVatt, Bailey, XN'ildman, D. l-I., Babilino, Pedrick, Fuchs, Follett, Berry, li , Ru iero, Sherwood, R. W., Gra . Fourth row: Lieutenant G. K. Bradle , B'inker, Grimes, gg Y Y Maw , If Jaygby, P. J., Hansell, Attencio, Lieutenant G. Hoth. W .4 5 I J fff"!". M . W ' f af -7 'pt,a,.,M L W I . 7A Q! f Cf A AM' 0 e 0 c 1.00 44.6505 6,1 ,Q 5 FIFTH CLASS OFFICERS 'ji 4 ' ' IXTH CLASS OFFICERS Hlarehan, club representative, XVildman D., seeretarywc I P ,. president: Seale, club representative, Gellman, Ruggiero, president: Hansell, vice-president: Sherwood, . ' yg YVildman, J. T., treasurer. Absf'nt: Jacoby, R. W., treasurer. ' F. W., vice-president. AMI. IJQJ' 4 V 1' ' AW -QJf"c'x' 'O 6 uf 'Z t . ,ml lj f3,aBs',,,,LQ ,I ' -,.1,,.:+JL!1 .1 1 Y ..'f,. vine" - s H ' , x 2 I gf ' Q? " '25 "-Q54Qg1v. Q' '!u!4:e-2" Ein- ! Q Q l 1 i O Q l I i O 'I 5535? I' , ,N 3, IIRGA ZATIQIN Sealed: Kelf, Kattel, Medenbach, Colonel Hess, advisorg Warner, Saieva. Standing: Bergfeld Schweitzer, Hoyos, Keogh. 340 Caclef .Non or ounci ref-Q-Q53 ' 1.i..'- pe-L i: QSQGQSEYFPQL I l I The Cadet Honor Council consists of the Regi- mental Commander, the Battalion Commanders, and a selected group of cadet officers appointed by the Superintendent. The function of this council is to try before it cadets who are charged with violations of the Cadet Honor Code and to keep alive within the Corps the principles of honor and integrity. It is axiomatic that honor is and should be the most cherished guiding principle of a cadet's life. The fundamental tenets of honor, their application to specific acts and problems, and the method of administering and enforcing these principles and applications, are designated by the general term "Honor System." Most assuredly the Honor System at Valley Forge stands pre- eminent in its utter simplicity and practicality, and represents in the minds of the cadets whose lives it guides, the ideal of its type. Smlffrl: Willis. Pellerano, Lodge, Hursh, llinnix. Swcozifl row: Cart-ll, Caxan, Marlinsen, Orbcn Colonel Weidener, adxisor: Friedinan, Cornio, lle l.a lerga, Ackcr. Tlzirrl roam' West, Sparks . . Cafaro, Smiley, Satrcy, Collins, Ackcr. ,174 0 C261 clvf .f4rAf1'.m In order that each cadet may have representa- tion in .-Xcademy administration there is the student Advisory Council. The purpose ol' this council is to bring belore the Superintendent any suggestions lor the betterment ol' the Corps ol Cadets and the Academy. By conlerring with a representative ol' the council, each cadet has the opportunity to voice sound and constructive suggestions. The Council then debates these suggestions to decide whether they are valid and feasible. Unless each cadet takes it upon himsell' to note and report bene- licial conditions, the Council's sole purpose is defeated. Members ol' this Council are elected at the beginning of each school year, one member representing each platoon in the corps. Because they are elected rather than appointed the Council members must be maturesminded cadets who are seriously interested in the policies and problems of the Corps of Cadets. J . oun fl VIL FQ 1 'V 4, 4 I ,if-, o 95"w"ll1 t 'W 3 l A 2, xo bA.d' , X -:7Al' Kjfllfl' U! .XLIIIIAUIIII llI4lllIll' , gm: Ifirxl nm'.' NIL'dL'IllJ1ll'h, Keogh, Kclf, lic-rgfclcl, Hoyas, Scllwcillcr, s1liL'Y2l, f:l2lI'kSOll. .S'r'r'11nr1' nm xx'1lI'Ilk'l', Kzlllcl, KYK4-lla-3, 'l'ozll, Kklllflllllllll, Riclmmxls. , Il' '.,SUllI'l 0 i0l'l'l'IIUl',5 71 f' I C' W'-ur Wrllrrl: Kclf, Kzlllcl, NIL'lll'lll7l1CIl. C'h1lil'lll2llII Colmlcl XYzllkc1', nrlxisurp xY1ll'lICl', Suicx Slnnrling: Sflm'vil1c1'. l5crgi'cl4i, Kcogh, Tozll, lloyow. 1? Q, 'l ,F s 'js , K Q , 9 L Q vw , W ,, v X . t g i .ii MW' ' - fam , 4 . c ,, F ' x ' 44' 1 I 1. VJ, gm - , V vh.V ,Q ,A 'Wa 4 My VV V Q Vg ' - 7. , a . w 1 if a t L 'Q Ffa Q 9 ' ms- 3 U ME., , .W I Q . A ' r 5? 4 , , I ,4V M 2 :flu -...K 2 x 1' SV. .W ,,, w if 'V' sv , ., . . 3' ,N W5 5 1 9 x . Q. Mp! W. v 1 if in 7 J xg. ,fr . 5' - . V ,, E r. in WO, 4 M- A 2, P' Www l 1 1 Y Q if 5,15 - ff ww N " 'Nrf' 1 V In V, -+4 - I A-ifzyf' X U I l , b A, 72 E gg? . saggy' 15' WV r Z K P, , Y : .lx A : YS G z ' V . . T ff? fffgslf Tfffih ' 2 J 'ff 'twig , 0 ' 1 49:5gNXh'4 i? wi f? ' J A vw I 1 W 5 ai ,Q 5 www W 1 bl Q . S 3 0 HQ 1' 1 X v K. .fi I 5' g A v ,A , ,Wa ,:7Ll'lll .. fxllllllll ,Sill lsfllf wutwl: lfrcv, Collins, 'l'oz1l, llulmlcr. Ryan. Slunrling: Mill:-r, lfrislmic, Hcmlrirks, ljculcnum Xllingcr, zufvisur: Howcr. Richter. Clemlcm. 1 N 1 I At fr I'I.4 ,71'vf1.fQ lil!!! K!LKl 7!l'I' U IAA yfllflllllllf , lflllllll' ,SIM I I IN I X vnu nx HIIXIJIIIIH IJIRCSHICIIII Urlrmllcl XYciclcm'1'. zulxiwrg Rogers, XY. l... Swrilrzl: Rllgl' .' .. "" 1 '-I .' 2 . viva'-p1'cwiclr'11lg Wrc-110. ll'1'2lsllll'l'. Slanriing: Orhcn, Lcwis. H. KZ., llull, Solmkv, Gray, 'l'., lluyrs, ! J "1 2 1 -:7At' ylllllilll' CUXAVP gf0Lll1lIl!-Sl.A'l'l' ,SIIIV Cfllblj Se'alc'rI: Frcv. Collins, Toal, Calder, Ryan. Slmzding: Miller, Frislmic, Hendricks, Howcr Richter, KIoi'ilc1'o. 1 -:7Al ,SQVUIII UP!! - i'AOU! -S?llI' K1HA',,4 Vmlrd: Lixclzllil, Zzilkzni, Gray, 'l',, Ifwis, H. C, Momm. Srrnnd 10111: Julius, Hornzlday, Xhircluzlill, Uclllnzin, Slicrnlun. Aclznns. Thin! 1'nz1',' Silshy, fiillilllll, l'. xl., Rolllsrllilml. lfrccinun, klcin. f'A1llU'H'l mfr: Wzlrcl, Hzinscll. XYilliznnw, H., ,-Xhsvnl: lYrc'clC. we .xdnfkong ayne :zgion guar The Anthony Wayne Legion Guard was founded by the Superintendent in 1934 to serve as the honor guard of the Academy. It is composed of the most outstanding cadets in each rank category in the Corps of Cadets. Originally, its members included only cadet oflicers and non-commissioned oilicers, but in 1951 the basis of selection was altered to allow excellent cadets in all ranks to compete for the coveted appoint- ments. Selection is based on military, aca- demic, and disciplinary merit. The Guard is composed of Head- quarters, AWLG, the AWLG Rifles, the AWLG Lancers, and the AWLG Gunners. As distinctive insignia, members of the honor guard wear a fourragere and a shield on the dress uniform. Throughout the year the Anthony Wayne Legion Guard provides guards of honor for distinguished guests of the Academy and presents formal guard mountings and special ceremonies in the spring of the year. ANTHONY WAYNE LEGION GUARD c:oMMAND1NG OFFICER Medenbach, P. C. EXECUTIVE OFFICER TRAINING OFFICER ADJUTANT XN'arner, D. O'Kelley, D. T. Keogh, A. C. QUARTI-QRINIASTER COLOR OFFICER Clarkson, J, A. Richards, F. SERCEANT MAJOR SERGFANT CLERK Veatch, J. D. Bero, J. B. COLOR SERGEANTS Lill, R. Calanti, l'. E. ORDERLY Chintala, C. C. TACTICAL OFFICERS Ll. Colonel J. S. Mulkerns-Tactical Oflicer, Guard Major B. South-Tactical Officer, Rifles Captain G. R. Davies-Tactical Oflicer, Gunners Lieutenant C. G. Follansbee, jr.-Tactical Ofhcer, Lancers 148 ANTHONY WAYNE RIFLES COMMANDING OFFICER J 15. Hoyos, J. J. W5 PLATOON LEADERS Willis, R. L. Van Tuin, J. A. Gants, R. M FIRST SERGEANT SUPPLY SERGEANT PLATOON SERGEANTS Reagan, W. C. Russell, R. J. Martinsen, R. C. Corujo L M SERGEANTS Gray, A. L. Heward, D. Hull, J. L. Morales E Heiman, C. N. Huchthausen, P. A. Lopez, R. A. Oppenheimer P J CORPORALS Anderson, R. H. Diamont, E. A. Oldman, R. W Backenstoe, J. W. Humphreys, R. E. Siwy, M. J PRIVATES Adams, P. J. Egger, I. R. Kronick, G. R. Ryan N Ahillas, T. G. Eidinger, B. M. Livdahl, O. L. Selembo J A Ayres, W. C. Foster, F. Marberger, J. F. Silsby J Baldwin, B. D. Galanti, P. J., Jr. Momm, J. A. Stadtlander D Bara, T. J. Gray, T. W. Morgan, W. O. Stover B Bentley, L. L. Greene, B. B. Mussett, E. P. Supler J B Berkley, R. C. Grimmett, T. T. Neefus, J. F. Taber D O Bretherton, N. T. Halkyard, W. S. Nevares, R. A. Thornton L R Buscher, F. C. Heinly, D. K. Novorosky, J. M. Utgolf V Cassidy, H. C. Hornaday, T. J. Osborne, H. P. Wallett W F Coffman, J. H. Johnson, E. W. Pollina, N. G. Weller M J Cohen, J. M. Julo, P. J. Raub, W. C. Wertz J S Cracium, J. J. Kenna, J. E. Riefkohl, W. J. White J A Craig, R. F. Kistler, R. L. Ripepi, D. V. Zalkan R L Daylida, v. J. ANTHONY WAYNE GUNNERS COMMANDING OFFICER Saieva, A. R. MEMBERS Anglade, E. Buttafuoco, F. Sadak, W. S. Acker, P. F. Drew, T. I. Sandell, R. A. Armstrong, J. S. Long, K. H. Stauffer, W. E. Bertoldi, R. E. Riera, W. R. Welsh, D. R. Rivera, J. A. ANTHONY WAYNE LANCERS COMMANDING OFFICER Kelf, S. R. MEMBERS Bero, R. F. Davis, D. L. Mellon, R. P. Bishop, J. W. Fitler, E. H. Porter, W. Y. Bramante, L. R. Fletcher, J. S. Rothschild, J. M Carell, VV. S. Lara, Luis Shirer, J. W. HONORARY MEMBERS, A. W. L. G. Kattel, R. L. Wendt, P. A. Wood, R. K. Kaufmann, C. L. Grosskurth, A. J. Deoniso, A. P. Bergfeld, J. A. Martens, J. A. Diez, R. Schweitzer, R. Collins, A. S. McNair, R. Toal, A. R. Kamel, S. J. Schonberger, F. wif :Mya gzw ,YQ 3-ggi 275,91 ,..v.i.xP 51"-.gjf . l f . I rl - 5 Ill 149 Smlrfrl: Bero, sergeant--at-arms: Rogers, XV. I.., presidentg Lieutenant Colonel Gardiner, advisor: Orhen, vice-president: Gray, A., secretary. Slanzling: Mlillis, Hursh, Cavan, Kelf, XVarner, K-ray, T., Porter, Anderson, A. .7Al'.f!l01'IlIIl'!0l' ulllllllihllll - orum flKlClS Orben and XV. I.. Rogers locale a irld trouble spol while Lieutenant Colonel Gardiner approves Most major national and international events ol' the past year have been discussed by the members ol the Alexander Hamilton Forum. In addition, from a more or less inactive club, the Forum has progressed to an efficient, wide-a-wake group under Col. Cardiner's able sponsorship. Regular meetings strictly adhered to the practices of parliamentary procedure, and more was accomplished this year than in other seasons. Perhaps the highlight meeting of the current year was the formal induction ol' new members in February, using the new rules of the constitution. Under the Forum's new leader- ship, meetings have changed lrom general discussions ol' topics-at-large to well-organized programs on topics ol' international scope. A number ol' special programs were presented on Friday evenings to the entire corps, one evening being given over to a comparison ol' high school and college level academic work. By such lorums and discussions, the Forum trains its members to be' come responsible citizens in tomorrow's world. Smlcrl: Toal, chaplaing XVcndt. tice-presidentg Clark, president: Sobke. secretaryg Martens. treasurer. Sccmzfl mzu: Buck, Freeman. llanser. Lieutenant jones, advisor: Grants, Zeller. Collins. Third mzv: Deoniso, Calder, Frey, Tinucci, Kamel. ,760 ,S?0lIAl'lI .7o.5I0r- ,.iu'l'r'fiI This year the Stephen Foster Society, living laithlully up to the goal ol' its constitution-"to promote an appreciation ol music throughout the Academyg sponsor various musical affairs: and bring to its members an in- creased knowledge and appreciation ol' music"-had ample opportunity to demonstrate the wealth ol' interest and musical talent to all the members ol' the Corps. Two ol' the main highlights ol' the year were the in- strumental programs and the Annual Recital presented by the various members of the society lor the enjoyment of their guests. These performances, along with the regular Friday Night record concerts were well received by all who attended. To help demonstrate the close relationship between literature and music a joint meet- ing ol' the Stephen Foster Society and the XVashington Irving Literary Society was held. This proved to be a great success as it showed how the two arts are de- pendent on each other. At each ol' the society's meetings a program based on some Field ol' music was provided by the members ol the organization and several faculty guest speakers. l ieulenanl Iones shares the score for a new ording with Cadets llanser and Sobkc 151 .St'a!f'n': Mgae, Hfsecretary-treasurerg Rogers, lu A., president: Crossno, viceepresidentg Iavdahl, 'Q chaplain. ' zgfihgp' Captain ll yce, co-advisor: Galanti, P. A., Caplan, Sabine, Twigg, llalmtto, N sl' gf dekvell' 1, sw ' 'den ', co-advisor. Absent: Hero, Harris. . , f' df' 5 LL r X v r . 9- , 4 XJ ay- J' 9 F- ffl' e Q -- Q 'f 71 1 - f X J F' 3 6 xr' ,f ' .t ll' ' fllI'lK'J - UHF!! , urunl J Q C L ,I U 9, 6' -2 ,x s 0 J N 0 'Q A , . The Patrick Henry Forum provides lor its members an X 9 excellent medium to further their speaking and debat- K5 ing abilities. The Forum has presented several Friday Cadet l". X. Rogers makes a toire lest with some assislanrt' from Cadet I'. I. Clalanli and Col. Wt-itlt'nt'i. 152 night programs including a debate on the topic' "Hot Rods and Their Advantages." These Friday night programs have contributed greatly to the entertaimnent ol' the Corps, and they also arouse high interest and competition among the members ol' the Forum. ln addi- tion to this the Forum has taken a trip to the University ol Pennsylvania to attend their Invitational Debate Tournament which was enjoyed by all. There was also a team composed ol' members ol' the Forum, competing in the Debate itsell. This team made a Hne showing lor Valley Forge Military Academy. One ol' the main purl poses ol the Forum is the sponsoring ol' three ol tht' most important Academy events annually: the highly competitive Oratoriral Contest the traditional Dunaway Debate, and the ever-expanding Invitational Debate lournainent, whirh this year attracted over fifteen visiting stliools. Sl'llff'fl.' Oppenheimer, secretary: Hull, presidentg Major Mitterling, advisor: Martinsen, vice- Jresidentg Moulin, treasurer. .S'lanrlinfI: Hunimhrevs, l'illChlll2illSCll, l,ilI, Lewis, H. C., Lao, l s I , Ackcr, XVrede. ' 9 ' ff ..7Al' ZTUHICIIHIII - l'llll J lll .Xl .f.i0l'll1lIOH ln the fall of I9-17, the Benjamin Franklin Association was organized, devoting itself to the advancement of the corps' knowledge in the field of science, and striving to emulate the ideals ol' the great scientist whose name it proudly bears. The association is affiliated with the Science Clubs of America, which has chapters in all the leading preparatory schools in the country. Twice a month the group meets with its advisor, Major Norman Mitterling, to discuss current problems in the various fields ol' science and to plan luture proj- ects. The main project is the display which is presented on Parents' XX'eekend in May. Extensive research and planning are necessary lor this display, and each cadet in the association is proud ol' the ilC't'0llllJllSllIIlClll. An important leature in the associations program is a series of lIli'0I'Il12ll lectures which we are given bv noted special- ists in several branches ol' science. The main purpose ol' the society is to make its members aware ol' the progress in all fields ol' scientific endeavor. and to encourage them to investigate scientific pursuits. Mus Xlajm' lxiillldillllg assists Cadets Lao and Oppenheimer in an interesting experiment. 153 JS .Scalr'f1.' Metlcnhacll, secrelarxg Schwcilzcr, Jresiclcntg Major lisrey, aclxisorq Schonhcrgcr, rice- , l president: Richards, sergeant-al-arms. Sccnnrl roux' Coruio, Barrett, Calanli, l'. li., lfriechnan, Vogel, Schilmlgc, Nlaltlonatlo, 'l'l1ir1I wmv: Morgan, Petrie, Smiley, lluxbautn. Ahscnl: lloyos, Reagan. .:7Ar ,,li'l1.SA1'r1f,f1u1 - l'l'l.Hf, "nZlll'I'fll'I, - izcfcfa, ulel gl'llWl'llll'l', president. rccc-ixcs an lXV1Il'Kl for lhc Society from Colonel Bass 1 Clatlcl l'c'lric prourlly walchcs. Contrivecl to stimulate the knowledge ol' literature in the Corps ol' Caclets, the NVashington Irving Literary Society conducts twice-monthly meetings at which nieni- bers ol the society and the Iaculty discuss various view- points ol' contemporary literature. The Society also con- clucts special programs lor the Corps by prescntations ol' literature. ln addition to the niany on-campus activ- ities, there are functions in Philadelphia and on the Main Line to which the Society attends. Some ol' the points ol' interest were Colonel XVeiclener's discussions of Xvllllillll Faulkner, a Nobel Prize winner. Colonel l'hillip's tlelightlul "Literary l'aroclies," Lt. Anclresen's "Craft ol' the Short Story," and Colonel Carcliners lecf ture on "'l'lit- American Historical Novel." Another en- joyable activity was the trip to Bryn Mawr College lor a perlorinance ol' Shakespeart-fs "Much Arlo About Nothingfl Seated: Kattel, Kaufmann, Keogh, Clarkson, Slruzrling: l.ill, Richards, Broom. .7511 717a.5l' unc! .simr .silciefti Under the capable direction ol' Mr. llohn Crowley, the Mask and Spur Society has long been the hallmark ol' line dramatic entertainment. The Society itself is actually a composite of those cadets who have demon- strated outstanding ability in the field ol' dramatics. Annually this group presents a top-rate presentation of some renowned Broadway production, such as "Com- mand Decision," "Brother Rat," "Arsenic and Old Lace," "Stalag l7," and "The Caine Mutiny Court-lNlartial"- all Mask and Spur successes ol recent years. This spring the Society added one more hit to its excellent reputa- tion-"Nlr. Roberts," the lamous stage and screen comedy-drama. A yearly production ol such high caliber requires much planning and practice, so lrom llanuary through April the cast spends countless hours in rehearsal with Mr. Crowley. ln addition, other members of the Society plan the stage layouts and assist with the costumes and properties. Oflicers lor the I955-56 season include Cadet Keogh, president: Cadet Clarkson, vice-president: Cadet Kaul'- man, secretary: Cadet Lao, treasurer: and Cadet Kattcl, sergeant-at-arms. lflzilv play. 155 Cadets Clarkson and Kaufmann go through I sl rcading of .llislcr Rr1I1t'r1f.v, the Sociclys Sealed: Rogers, sports editor: tihalniers, circulation manager: Orben, editor-in-chief: Hull, managing editor: Gray, news editor. Sf'mml row: Shanti, Livdahl, Van 'l'uin, Morgan, Grants, features editorg johnson, M,, Sehildge, lalkan, Vogel. Third mtv: Lieutenant Peyton, assistant advisor: Fisher, Berkley, Barrett, liurwell, Riefkohl, Katnel, Collins, Major Hickman, advisor. L I -7h 1' fll'!llllIlIIl1l'I't 'ZZ' ditor lack Orhen elieeks the latest lfgimz mtirrf with Cadets tnax. X. and llull. Every school needs a paper ol' its own, and publishing this paper is the job of the stal'lf of The I.6'gTOII7l11lTI'. Published bi-weekly on Friday nights, The I.8gI'UlII'IIlTl'C' represents long hours ol' hard and diligent work and an attempt to give the Corps ol' Cadets a preview olf coming events and a synopsis of those past. Not only do the cadets receive the paper, but it is also sent to the faculty, alumni, and parents. Headed by Cadets Orben, Hull, Rogers, and Gray. the stall combines their individual abilities in the lorni ol' reporting, editing, typing, and proofreading. Activ- ities, gossip, rt11nor and laet are all eotnbined to keep the cadets, aluntni, and parents well-inlorined ol the niany happenings at the Forge. 'I'hanks eonies only in the laet that The I.egim1r11:frrf is enjoyed by all, which is the purpose ol' the paper and the goal ol the stall, Sealed: Schweitzer, sports editorg Richards, editor-in-chiefg Major Iisrey, advisor: Friedman, assistant editorg Medenbach, business manager. Slrnzdifig: Petrie, Lewis, H, C., Calanti, P. F., Toal, Sobke, Rogers, XY. L., Crossno, Absent: Reagan. 1 ,750 1956 C-.Hoff ,s2.4,..., Welcomed annually with the keeuest anticipation by both cadets and faculty, the Crossed Sabres is the Academy's permanent record of the academic year, a storehouse of memories and records ol' the significant academic, military, and athletic activities. The yearbook staff is carefully chosen from eligible cadets in the upper classes who not only show excep- tional literary ability but also will give unstintingly of their time from the very first October days of collecting endless data to the very late April evenings ol' checking galley proofs and specimen pages. Cadet john F. Richards, as editor-in-chief, planned and directed the work of publishing this edition and was assisted by Cadets XV. L. Rogers, H. C. Lewis, and l. L. Friedman. Cadets Schweitzer and Petrie edited the sports copy, while Cadet Medenbach ably guided the financial des- tinies of the book! Major Esrey is faculty advisor. Crossed Sabres has affiliated itself with the National and Columbia Scholastic Press Associations and the Quill and Scroll Honor Society. ln this way the stallf keeps abreast ol' the latest developments in the Held of high school journalism. L jlti litlilor jack Richards cxplains a pag' 3 lo Major lisrcs as Cadets Calanli. I. l Reagan, and lfricciman watch. -:7A 1' ..!Z7l'ULll4'.i E 1 licrklcy. Ryan, XYy2lll, Gzlrn-ll, SIZIIIIQC, lSicrac'h, Wullcll, Scllulclcrcr, Taylor. QI, ' J -TYLQ Z5i'U,Al'l'L UU!! of -SU IIN! ,.,'fAl,lf!,'f'ff pn, I'irxl mzr: Sflmldc1'c1', cQ1ll'!'Cll. XYv11ll, l.iClllCll2llll Niclmls on, Bicrzlmh, Muclclcnmn. VIZIHSC. 1'1'rn1rI ruzw: lizncr, licrklcx, Bfllllliillllj, 'l'1ll1m', Vlhllflllf. Iglllllglllll. Tllirrl I'1J7l'.' xvilffl, I-'11-llclx Caplan, Duxis, Wullcll. CQul'mlring, Abbott. I 234' 1,1 di ' I4 ntl f,- - - x x U 4' f' ' - ,7A 0 -bllllllllfllll f-bridle' L f U I 4, Seniefl: Howcr, Rogers, If. A., l-'11-y, Zalkan, I.ivdul1l, FYCCIIIZIII. Slamiing Momm, Gray, 'l'., Twigg, .-Xdzuns. Rogers, W. l,., lieulenzml lfilzsin ..bA A,x..,. 4: fluplzlin juyfc, Dalmltn, HIIUIIS. .7Ar' 19.36 KjI'll,UI'l.l'llX Cjznfmf xfflyilllllld. Nfl" Clmnpznly flfirsr Pluccjg Mciizllw, Clmnpznnyg Wrcmlc, "D" 'Hoop qSecoml ,l'lll'C,Q Twigg, "Htl," f1UllllJ1lllyQ B2ll'l'Cll, MB" Cifllllllilllfl SIQIINIIILIII, "li" liullvryg Sohkc, Band rl'hird l'lznccj. 159 I , 9 P! I ,JA ,.,....,.....- .,.A First row: Lieutenant jones, Lao, Colonel Hess, Diez, Colonel Xk'alker, senior wardeng XVilks, Major Keer. Secmid wma- Fillllligilll, Ralhhun, Fiallo, Winspur, Corujo, Smiley. Third ruzv: McNair, Buscher, Pollina. 5760 CQLGPFX llA'Jfl'y dets Bacon and Ralhbun help clam-t ez prcparc for a Sunday chapel service. The Chapel ol St. Cornelius the Centurion has been provided with the Hnest religious leadership attainable. But, as in every church across the land, in addition to this Hue leadership the Chapel Vestry l'orn1s that equally essential part ol' the service, the laity. This organization, appointed by the chaplain and charged with the general supervision ol' the Cadet Chapel, perlornls the all-inr portant duties ol' the ushers and acolytes. Sunday alter Sunday the cadet members ol' the Vestry have laithlully perlornled their appointed duties which contribute so nluch to the awe-nispiring beauty and impressiveness ol' the Chapel services. In addition to these duties, the "Vestry" also assists as ushers at concerts, lorunis and other Corps lunctions. St. Paul's criterion lor public conduct and worship, "all things be done decently and in orderf' has been proudly attained by this year's com- petent Chapel Vestry. Swllvrl: Schweitzer, Orhen, Richards, prcsidcnlz l'll'lClllIl21ll, Mcdcnhach. Slmzrling: Major Fsrey, adxisor to firumfd Sullwxg Rogers, lf. A., Cray, A. I,., Canis, Clhalrncrs, Calanli, P. li., Hull, Major Hickman, advisor lo rlllll' I,!'giUI17lflfI'I'. we anfl Cgiroffd in'1'vfy To the many student journalists serving on The Legione :mire and the Crossed Sabres, high school journalism is no mere "fad or lrillf' It is, on the contrary, a highly fascinating intellectual adventure. At the heart of this interest is the Quill and Scroll Society, an international honorary organization for high school publication workers. The Allen XV. Rucker Chapter of Quill and Scroll exists to reward individual students lor meritorious work. Although a relatively small organization locally, it is never its size but its presence that is signihcant. Each spring at a special banquet, Major Hickman and Major Esrey conduct the installation of eligible juniors and seniors and award the coveted Society insignia. Cadet F. Richards was elected in l955, and all other present members of the Chapter were inducted at this year's dinner meeting. fl'l1lClS Richards and Orhcn, two loya ciety llll7IIllN'l'S, read the lalcsl Quill ami Sm nfl. 161 Sralwrl: Catti, Watt, Major liver, advisor: Nlocco, Mifiolla. SI'!'UlIII rmv: Lindgren, Taylor, lynch, 'l'i'aub, St'lllll'CWClS, lJcHagucnau, Cunlina. 'l'l1i1'1I rmtx' Kaufman, N., Knight, Cust-x', llllllklllllll, .'xI'llIill'tlllg. n , Lf! J,-15 61-fans cm Kult! ltllu tutnc tht building ol' his model. "' 'Q illllll' CXIJKTI 1IflVll'l' Oll The Arts and Cralts Club under the capable supervision ol Major Keely its advisor, is designed to give to any individual member ol' the Corps ol' Cadets an oppor- tunity to show his skill and workmanship in various liamlicralts. The well-equipped hobby shop ol' the club proxides an intricate setting lor the hobby-minded cadets ol' the Corps. ln the past, the Arts and Cralts Club has made an excellent showing lor itsell' and when called upon has had many ingenious displays that have lelt a marked impression on the people who have seen them. Yes, we leel the .Xrts and Cralts Club deserves a compliment lor all the zeal and industry displayed by its members. I-'irxf row: Ramella, Pavlick, Collins, Menlzcr, Hill, Raalmc. Swmirl max- Howcr, Harrison, Lowell, Buck, llcrloni, Shard. Third mtv: lfrishce. Martens, l"ranzcc, Slankc. 'I ' I -, 10 -. Xllgll f'f.s The history of the Cadet dance hand goes hack to 1932. This organization has made an excellent record for itsell' in perlorining lor niany ol' the smaller dances, the Friday night Third Messes, and other appropriate functions ol the Academy. The Kaydcts function amaz- ingly well, considering the fact that their sinall ainount ol free time is spent to rehearse the inany hit tunes they perlorin on the bandstand. A new plan was in- stituted this year to make available the latest popular releases to the nieinbers ol the Corps. This, along with many other new innovations, made every occasion the Kaydets played a special event. The hand also looked as well as it played with the new stands adding to the polish ol' their perlorinaiu-es, Each year the "Kaydets" grow more popular as their standards rise, and this year the "Kaydets" have lar surpassed past years in every way. This year their music' may truly he called "Nloint-nts to Renieinherf' .Xl Colhns It-ads thc Kaydels in music I pleases the Kiorps. jk gatfely First row: Morcatc, Newby, Acker, Saieva, Captain Davies, advisorg Clymer, Pellerano, Drew, Sanuk. Sf'l'U7l!l rnzu: Berloldi, Ricra, Best, f,vH2lf2l, Palmer, XN'illiams, Mudcleman, Mooney. Third mzvf Long Crew, :xllgl3llC, Best, l-loburg. we WoforcycA -M iHW"l'W-f'M'f"1 Q ?M Z' ' "" UH' ,-'- - , , , A .- .. . . .. . .. r .. ., -Q.-'Z A' h ' fig M g A lf' Mfg, gf liffyl , - . 3, , ,ll -2 "ff s fix i 5l -Ufk5lPF14"l' I: , HW if ?'?fff5'EA3f i" 55? gfigilffiiigffffiiigeg " ' .- " . 1 riff . 11 ky 'N 1 1 g3711???3gr333MxSa1Q5Q, 1,4 1fkg,f5.2ilS r jggfggiaiili , ffffgiiff Sif y r' , ,.. xl 5: .-,, - -I + g K if iw! L x 4 ,,-t ,432 . f-1 1 Eg! . Q Q gyrjwg fciwiigiivglk 13.55, 1 4 gl' my KW gg Lf' g Y. jj'MffZ1 l X A I '. - , g2,fVf.f,y -5.12 I - , .2 5 , rag E y i El Ag 5VjL55f,fff,, Q, g ,J L, Q 3ja.5'5-l7Q5,22 in i Eli ? 65565 1 V , M3 15 Y ' ' - V t Mimi I In .A ' f u e ll 3,1 ,luv rig Z H - ,. "f25?QFf,7x-Qfgfygg' A fd .. .y- -aMr'1- ff i n ' - AK , ff : -r : -- 2 ' W- W ',:,,,1x-W' 4. H4,w,1M4,x.Lea an M. Q1 1 in 1 , N VN.. A U. ., ff.,-,vw Ffmwiq ..v,. ,rs f v V mlm, V e Arn. A v.. A Long, Brahazon, Drew, Mucldeman, l'ellcrzm.0, Saliva, XN'illinms, Captain llznics, aclvisorg Newby, lzlyas, Clymer, llunos, llertoldi, French. 164 me ellarriem . . Lieutenant Colonel Fischer, Hamilton, Flegal, Porter, Knight, Fletcher, Lehman, Bishop J., Jones, RA., Gore, Santaella, Kelf, Benedict, Carell, Kattel. N L0 jeam it il Ei X , . ,. ,,,,., , . 'Z Q? A - 3 J, .LA .- li Lieutenant Colonel Fischer, Bishop, J., Jones, R., Santaella, Garcia, V., Cann. 1 -v N1 7 I E q , att, an it 12? W -I G I gg? .9 . ' ,k t , . . my af ' .f.f. 1 3 -v 5 Q if , ua 4 uf W' 5. Z2 W ,W is 3 4. . - Ifirxt wiv: Kelf, Nclls, Mooney. .-Xhillas, Lieutenant lfairweather, Lailcr, Sharp, Bill, Rundle, Hursh, Kattel, Greene, Adler, Scala, Hornaday, Meyer, lNIarberger. Scfmzrl rn11'.' Lennon, Valentine, Bayer. llrickcr. Sobaliarro. Kamrod, l'tgotl, Adams. Lance, Monnett, Ryan. C., Xfelch, Keogh, Kaufman, lloburg. XVoodman. Knight, Diana, Rapaport, Staullier, Robbins, Brown. Rowlands, l'rocopio, llollarhide. 'l'l1irrI min: Smith., XY., XYagner, Callcy, Slrohecker. XYatson, Sladtlandci. 'l'aillcr. Smith, Twigg, liades. Coldring, Carrc-tt, Rolph, Carell, U'redc, llothwell. A little warm-up session just before the big t'0I It'l'l'l t7A. gf.. cm One of the most outstanding clubs ol the Forge is the Clee Club. This sixty-lour membered organization is upheld by many years ol' tradition in which it has pro- vided hne music lor the Corps. Not only does the Clee Club provide enjoyment for the Corps when it perlorins in its Sunday night concerts with the Band but also when it furnishes entertainment lor the Ollicers' Nlesses. ln addition to appearing in various functions at the Forge, the Clee Club also makes a number ol' outside appearances on the Main Line and in Philadelphia. The musical heights which have been reached by this organization this year can only be attributed to the un- tiring ellorts ol' its competent director Lt. Robert XX'ood- side, who in addition to instructing the group as a whole, gives individual training to each of its sixty-lout members. The combination ol' good direction and hard work has provided lor the Corps ol' Cadets an organiza- tion which they can be proud ol. ' . 13 t 35 fa .1 First row: lVells, Dollarhide, Greene, Lewis, H. C., Adler, Adams, Sohalvarro. Serum! row: Lailer, Frazee, Sharp, Collins, Hursh, Scala, Clark, Sobke. 'l'l1ird max' Marberger, Slallander, Drew, Kclf, Connolly, Lowell, Moore, lierkey. Fourth row: Rittenhouse, lfrishie, Frey, Zeller. Kamrad, Carell, Monnctt, Bayer, Morgan. Fifth max' Wagner, Valentine, Twigg, Rolph, Wood, Lance, Hendricks. 3 Ac Carfcf C1017 The Cadet Choir adds materially to the beauty ol' our Sunday morning chapel services as it leads the Corps in the hymns of praise and adoration. This year, more than ever before, the memory of the stirring anthems sung by the Choir during the course ol' the season has been clearly etched in each Cadet's heart. The forty-six members of this organization practice faithfully each week to bring us wonderful anthems and solos. Under the guiding hand of Lt. Robert lVoodside, this organiza- tion has made tremendous strides in the perfection of ecclesiastical music. In addition to singing in chapel on Sunday the Choir performs at other outside functions, among these is the annual trip to the Holy Trinity Church in Philadelphia, in which it takes an active part in the service. Cadet Kelf rehearscs a Sunday solo with Lieutenant XVoodside. 167 ATHLETICS ff? gi V f" A ' 'W ' YY in A "" fu, 'V ' Yi if , , M , .A . 1 W , Mr' A,1- 9 I n if , kk , P' 3 A ,A "-, N, ' L ' iw- - !' Fi 5,535 WW? ,M Y 3 , if 'B vlrv , .v LL ,Q 14 V .Q V H 1 M ' pw L ga ' W y -Q' 1 is Q A , fd? Q37 'ffl W E V M, 1' A M- A f 4' M ' ?'i'f QW "'1 4 if ,,LL pl L gf'i'W,. ff gm ,Q A 'P 'wg ' A , ' M iw , ' M, , ' 'f 'X "': :',' 3 A K Q .K ' if ' X is Q f 5 4 9 if K Mg I ,V.f ,555 ., , , A ' X' L' Q .,,,, .f 5 - . A ' V N J' '? ww QE W , v qu . V f V, ' 1 H .,,, 5 W -w- A , 1 zv. awww - , V .Vg-1 - V: :VV , M 5 I , , A' K 3 ra A A W . :PV I .. f ,, lv A ix? 0 . w :Q 1? nw fix if ml 5 if ..,,,a96,lVV VL f fm? W , 1 Soulh lmnmxmlu lclls liullulml lS'uIh'un c"llJl'lill XXI-'ucx' .S-UIYPIIII row lfirsf rmu: Msljo' Q , I A " Mnslcr SCIkgC2llll Silva, l,iClllCl!2lIll XYQ-zncr, l.i4'lllcl1z1nl Szlloix, Major Rifkm-rl. Major Blank Abscnl: l,iCllll'll2'llll Cfolond Cnrdim'r. we Uardify 7 A m 923 A an A A .. First rozu: Muzi, Stnythe, Robinson, Olson, Zayzls, Schweitzer, Cotnnlander Zetty, advisor Bacon, Medenlxaclx, Maldonado, Sanlaella, Drake, llergfeld, Petrie. Scfrnml ruzv: Palmer, Winspur, Scala, Gillott, Nfrede, Bierach, Nowak, 0'Kelley, lxlllllllll, Roberts, Solomon Van Tuin, Gavzlil, Rogers, FA., Abbott. Third mir: Sztvery, Poplzlr, Tender, Lao, Clark Liccardi, Martinsen, Tarsy, Tholnzis, hlulo, Vote, Lang, Xl'illis. Fourlh ruin: Bara, Miller Cleveland, Goldstein, Kendall, Deer, Province, Sproul, Robbins, Neary, Sievcrs. Fiflh ron: Lonrad. McLain, Lebengood, Kronifk, Reeder, lfinegan. Siwy, Stevenson. Ol"l"lCIliRS RM xiorwn XY. SCIIWI-1l'lZl"R . ...... .,., . . .President HARRY li. limtox ........ .... X 'ice-President l'Hn,n' C. lklitlxltxlmctii .. ......, Secretary Htwiu A. Cm M1-ZR .... .... , ,,. .....,......... fI'reusttrer flUIIllIl1illClCl' Lester Zetly, lfztrully Aclvisor. L - , . I 1 4. 0 Q First row: Helbig, Reeder, Stroeheckcr, DeMaria, Saeger, Province, Lewis, F., Kronick, Cassidy, Cleveland, Totten, Greene, Nylon. Second row: Jones, R., Tarsy, Thomas, Nowak, Robinson, Olson, Salembo, Conrad, johnson, M., Robinson, Smythe, Esposito, Brabazon. Third row: Major Blank, coachg Mr. Smith, assistant coach, Mooney, assistant manager, Helbert, Tender, Palmer, McClain, Poplar, Bara, Bergfcld, Neary, Cornell, Sproulc, julo, Gants, Lebengood, Hill, assistant manager: Sergeant McKinley, assistant coachg Commander Zetty, assistant coach. Absent: Stewart, manager. S : oofda! 4- J 1 I ' .f ' Football Season Shows L !qfQ'iwmNx gig 3-3-1 Record .P is t p. y Fhe 1956 Forge Football Force-an eleven ' 'C fQfffig,21' 5' Q, , featuring one of the fastest backfields in academy ,S 'Y f is history-was plagued by rain-lashed gridirons 'TO yi, 6 V M il3g,,lg,f' 'W' which slowed fleet feet in live of the seven T-Alu, I 1-LQ XA outings. A L f TA K M Nevertheless the boys of the Buff and Blue QCVSBD ir? .EE wif' walked olf the Alumni Field on November 12 1 Oo rug! iduqjtg with a 3-win, 3-loss and l-tie record for the 'L 53 i ,W sm campaign. WW T tl The season started with thirty boys report- qc E ', ing to Major L. Maitland Blank, head coach, V early in September. Seven letter winners re- ,JP i turned including two starters, plus an aggrega- . 5 tion of new men. John Olson and Sid Robinson, in . f starters from last year, were named co-captains. . Y. Coach Blank also had the help of Herb Saeger, 5 a small but rugged halfbackg Johnny Bergfeld 'MN a center who has been improving greatly the . X ' last two years, "Porky" Palmer, a rough, tough X A tackle: Selembo, a reserve end, and Chuck 4 -. l, A ' Cornell, a reserve guard. ' B a speedy little scat-back from Penns Grove, New jersey, who has held the national speed roller skating championship for the past seven years. Besides being a great runner, he can pass with Among the newcomers were Ralph Conrad, 172 hifi. 1.-'..?1.,1,21 if 3 , fag-FL? 4 , uiiiw' 'ff rw. ' lf Zglflri gy, it '-V the best. Ted f"Yogi"j Bara, a center who doubles at backing up the line on defense. John Lebengood, brother of Bob who plays for Penn, is another hard running halfback. A speedy full- back and great punter, Bill Smythe, is from nearby Lower Merion. Bill holds the State pole vaulting championship. John Poplar and Bill McClain are two hard charging guards who have been doing a tremendous job defensively. Together with quarterback Bob Reeder, half- back Pete Alulo, end Mike Neary, and tackle Bill Sproule, Coach Blank built his starting team. ina... A Conrad comes through in the game with N.Y.M.A. The starting eleven boasted a heavy rugged line and a light speedy backheld. As a result of this speed, the attack confined mainly to the ground using the air only as a diversionary tactic. Their spirit was high and their fight good which made them a hard competitor. The season got off to a flying start on Sep- tember 24, on the Alumni Field, with Valley Forge winning its opener with New York Mili- tary Academy, l9 to 0. The game was played in the rain, and consequently, the true potential of the team was difficult to evaluate. The Trojans dominated the entire game, scoring two y af THE CHEIZR LEADERS Nicolosi, Porter, Bacon, Liccardi, and Finegan. 173 touchdowns in the first half and one in the last quarter. Conrad was the big gun, breaking in the clear for several long runs and scoring two of the three scores. The second game was played in Baltimore with Mt. St. AIoseph's Prep who gave us more of a battle than was anticipated. Valley Forge drew first blood early in the second quarter after marching 78 yards. However, Mt. St. joe was not to be outdone that easily. They came roar- ing back to tie the score at fi-6 shortly before the half ended. Early in the third quarter. Bill Smythe, from punt formation, took a bad pass from center, ran around his right end, cutting back through the secondary, ran 78 yards for a touchdown. Robinson made the point on a pass from Reeder to put the Trojans in front, I3 to 6. The boys from Baltimore were not to be beaten that day, for again they came back to tie the score in the fourth quarter. Valley Forge started to move again but time ran out before a score could be made. The following week, we returned to home ground to meet St. Francis Prep of Spring Grove, Pennsylvania. This team was far superior to the one we met two years ago and handed ns our first loss of the season. During the first half, the game see-sawed back and forth between the 35-yard line with neither one showing any A short gain against St. Francis Prep. 174 Valley Forge gels the ball. great splurge of strength. ln the second half the Hilltoppers came out fired up and deter- mined. Although they played some brilliant de- fensive football, the Trojans finally had to yield to a score. St. Francis missed the point, and the game ended with a score of fi to 0. Every game played up to this point was in the rain causing the field to be wet and slippery. However, the worst was yet to come. One week later we were to meet the culminating factor with the weather. All day Friday and Saturday morning the rain came down in torrents. Con- sequently, the athletic field was covered with water. It was definitely out of the question to play our game with Staunton Military Academy. so they returned to Virginia, and we retained our l-l-l record. The Manlius School handed Valley Forge its worst defeat in many seasons. This may be explained by the fact that in recent years, Manlius has improved its football to compete with college and freshmen. X'Ve are the only school they play out of that class. The Trojans put up stubborn resistance against superior odds to hold Manlius to three touchdowns by the end of the first half. Shortly after the third quarter started, Valley Forge moved the ball for 58 yards to the Manlius 12 where the upstate New Yorkers took over on downs. Once again in the fourth quarter we moved the ball for 69 yards again losing the ball just short of the goal line. During the entire second half, it seemed that we could do nothing right and Manlius could do nothing wrong. They capitalized on every mistake we made and turned almost every one into a score. Even though they beat us 52 to 0, the score was no indication of the ability of the two teams. x RMA, .41 ,s Sitka, : , wx 5 LQ:x'f5:rf': I Y ,,fix'1i3' f ,-9 ' Q Strange as it may seem, the statistics showed very little difference. This year brought a renewal of football relations with the Pennington School. This bruising hard-fought battle was won by the Trojans to the tune of 19 to 0. Our team was uite disturbed about the beating handed them t e previous week and were out to redeem them- selves. In the seasons finale the cadets tossed a scare into unbeaten West Chester State Teachers' College Freshmen, but succumbed to late scores by a 16-7 count. The Trojans gained a 7-2 lead in the first period, threatened on another occasion and had a 52-yard touchdown play called back because of a penalty before they ran out of gas in the late stages of the third period. The Teachers then proceeded to push over two six-pointers to remain undefeated. The Trojans intercept a XVest Chester paras, Co-Captains Robinson and Olson Smythe cuts back off tackle. T A23 Pint rozv: Kenna, Cirossinan. ulnlo, Robinson. Kendall. Sleernian. Mitchell. Svrmzfl man' 0'Kellcv, XYalson, Nc-ary, Olson. Iiisllt-r, Sllllilfl. Tliirrl ruin: Yan 'l'uin. Salois, coach: larsey. ll.-XSKli'l'li.-'kl,l. RIQCIORD V F it lliMl' FORGE . , Opp, sv, V 4 , . . 38 'let-tuple High School ., li! gg? laking the lloor against a well coordinated, 30 Gin-ai-ti College ......,. .. 395 ' ,J niuch superior rival, and with only live days All L9Y:i'2'l:i::,ll,"Cl1- -A -- it il prat'tic'e alter Clhristnias Furlough, the Trojans t fl ,.,....... . ,. . . ' - ' ' - sig ell I.-l..,m.iQ prep Q l 5, z, 5' valiantly went down to deleat bv a score ol 75 U'ilIiainson 'imtlf st-mil ., as ' I 152-38 to the Red and White ol' Temple High 75 Pcrkiomen Prep. .,........... .. 58 School. The "Hoo :sters" outlook was ke at alive -. ., get ., 1. ..1. 'Q l"01'lU'f'l"' Ahh'-'U l"W""L -' 18, K by Mike Nearv who tallied I2 points in a losing Ali l't-nn llreshinen .......,.,... 7:1 Clusaq ' Tl St. l"ranc'is Prep. ...,..,... IGS Q ' 80 XVCI Ntltinlhan Afillxl x .. . 33 L ff' 1 , , Y , V , T2 l'Cl:lllllgiUll iC'll0:ll .. '25 'Riu K ,,G!lRfXRlJ fiOl,l,L.fil1.-V,Xl.l,lLX PURLIQ4 53 Temple High Srhool ,,... ., .. 78' .' . . . , rv, f . . -- A 66 WN Nmlinghmn Madam M H ,i,27?iW I Bo ming back the vuy next dai, tht 'cadets 7,5 vy5Hi2,,,,,,,,, 'y,.1,dC gfhf,,,l N H EM, We 'able to 'outscore a strong Girard Ciollege W Xfefl K n a thrilling, timely contest, '10-39. Lead- This being his first year at the Forge Lit-utenjfiit Egg , I"f'.lf"wlf U' lhfflli mst l99f"9l' V'fLgm'l".Wi'5 Robert Salois took over the reins as head cdafh j - 9' 'lmml md R0l"'N"1Wh'W""'fffl '-110"HS- ol' the Bull and Blue Varsitv basketball lC'2lII1,i w 4 . , . . , . , . , . Z l'lzRlvlONll1NfX.Xl,l,lzX PORC-L coaching it to a seven win, eight loss recortl for the season. Building around a core ol' only one returning letterman, Sid Robinson, plus skagll IIGWUOIIICIS as Pete lulo, Bob Kistler, Af' I nv ind Stue lxentl ill r inenibei ol I Nezlxz ' hz ,z ' 'iasw Q' team, l,t. Salois must bt- credited witl well done. XY-3 inust also give credit to such re- serves as Bill Snivthe, llewev O'liellev, .lint 'liarsv and Bob Steernian. Traveling up to Pennsburg, Pa.. the Trojans lllct the Purple and Cold clad "Hoopsters" ol Perkionien Prep. In the lirst hall the opponents proved to the cadets that they were not willing to go clown to cleleat. liut led by Hike Nearv, top scorer with QI points, Sid Robinson with I8 and Steve Kendall with IT. the Trojans forged on lo win bv 'i score ol 7If58 f . . . 177 HILL SCHOOL-VALLEY FORGE Playing host to a talented five of Hill School, the Trojans in a hard fought game met their defeat by the very close score of 64-60. Sid Robinson hitting on 5292, of his shots tallied 24 points, while Steve Kendall followed a close second with l8. ST. FRANCIS-VALLEY FORGE Continuing their mastery over the Valley Forge athletic teams, the powerful St. Francis Five ground out a dominant 5l-36 victory over the cadet basketball quintet. Behind by a half time score of 26-2l, the Trojans could never quite overcome the margin set by the opposition. High scorers for the cadets were Steve Kendall and Sid Robinson, each scoring ll points. VVILLIAMSON TRADE-VALLEY FORGE Led by such high scorers as captain Sid Robin- son with 24 points and Mike Neary with 21 points and the combined efforts of the entire team, the cadets proved to be too much for the "Shopmen." Playing on a foreign court, the Trojans were able to defeat their hosts, 75-58. PERKIOMEN-VALLEY FORGE Once again in this yet young season, the Perkio- men Basketeers proved to be no match for the now high flying Trojan Quintet as the Purple and Gold Five went down to defeat by a run- away score of 75-58. Led by the sharp-shooting of Sid Robinson who hit on 552 of his shots and scored 27 points, and Pete .lulo with 22 points started the Trojans off to an early lead and enabled them to coast through the rest of the game. 178 Up and away for two more points against Temple High School. iff BORDENTOWN MILITARY INSTITUTE- VALLEY FORGE The fiery Bordentown Cadets, riding the crest of a heavy winning streak invaded Valley Forge's gymnasium seeking revenge for last years defeat. Although our "Hoopsters" fought gallantly for the First half, the Bordentown Quintet's speed and shooting accuracy proved to be a little too much for the Valley Forge Cadets as they bowed to an 88-76 defeat. PENN FRESHM EN-VALLEY FORGE Playing in the spacious University of Pennsyl- vania Palestra for the first time, the Trojan "Hoopsters" ran into a bit of hard luck as they met a very classy Penn Five. From the opening jump the cadets were put on the defense. Mike Neary was V.F.'s high scorer with 20 points, and old reliable Sid Robinson had five field goals and four foul tosses for fourteen points. Bill Smythe of Lower Merion fame playing his first game with the Buff and Blue tallied eight points as the cadets went down to defeat 75-47. Robinson breaks away to score after a full court drive. l'i"'g"p'i'ffY!57Q . 'rg-Y ,g, 443, 1 ,- fp7Q1 g ,,,1'g5i:7?' F 1 ...... 1 QW ST. FRANCIS-VALLEY FORGE Meeting the St. Francis Five for the second time of the '55-56 season the Trojans scored more points in this contest than they did in any other, but it was to no avail as they went down to defeat 105-81. The big gun for the Trojans was Sid Robinson with 29 points, his high of the season, and Bill Smythe with 12 field goals for 24 points. XVEST NOTTINGHAM-VAI,LEY FORGE Bouncing back alter three successive losses, the Buff and Blue registered a convincing 80-33 vic- tory against an outclassed Hlest Nottingham Five. Led by captain Sid Robinson who hit the double figures for the eleventh time, scoring 26 points, and Pete .Iulo who hit on eleven field goals for 22 points, the Trojans were never headed alter the first quarter. PENNINGTON-VALLEY FORGE Continuing its dominance on its home court against the Valley Forge Quintet, the Red and Wlhite of Pennington in a real thriller nosed out the Buff and Blue by the score of 75-72. Sid Robinson once again led the scoring as he tallied 21 points in this losing cause. TEMPLE-VAl,l.EY FORGE Once again meeting the tall Temple High School Quintet proved to be non successful for the Buff and Blue as they suffered their eighth loss of the season by the score of 78-53. The Trojans were paced by Mike Neary who scored 15 points and Bill Smythe who scored 11. XVEST NOTTI NCI-IAM-VALLEY FO RCE Retaliating after a short losing skein of two games, the Trojans went on to make it two in a row over 1Vest Nottingham as they drubbed them 66-27. Leading the furious Valley Forge attack was Bill Smythe with 19 points, followed by Ralph Conrad with twelve points and Steve Kendall with 10. V.F. Stretches il home! XVILLIAMSON TRADE-VALLEY FORGE The Trojans playing their finale of the '55-56 season against the Wlilliamson Trade School played magnificent basketball as they went on to defeat the "Traders" by the overwhelming score of 76-40. The Buff and Blue were spurred on to victory by the very timely shooting of Rafael Lopez who scored 23 points. And so we see the completion of another Valley Forge basketball season. The Trojans Hnished with a season's log of seven wins and eight losses, but this does not paint a complete picture of the cadets season. For although it was a season of ups and downs, with a few good breaks the Buff and Blue might easily have climbed above the 500 percentage mark. Get the rebounce! V 'iiiiiiffnizf'.iiQf,"i',"ls.iiiii: ' " ii-Liliififiislil ""' """"A" """ ' ' ' ' Q 7 ali? vi If 5, i sw. ' jfs ""ll.5l 1 f sf l' JW W 45 'Ib B""ll? mf f"'- 'fi "" '1'l"1'i'1- XX'i1h live lt'llCl'lll6ll and ll touil ol eighl return' 180 ing leznu nienibers :is Lhe nucleus, the I956 Varsity Xliestling 'lezuii did not lane quiet :is well :is theyfweieiexpected to. flozieh George Riekerl :ind lefup captain Bob lizuon put in niqiny hours ol' hzird World and toil. teziehing :ind re-lezicliing newlgufd old' wrestling holds :uid techniques Loxdad' grzipplers, hul wilh illnesses und injuries cropping-up throughout the sezison, they were only Hlllfg-ABQ tlyll-iiiiii,1'en'c11-cl ol 5 wins zuid 5 losses. X lf' 'l'he ICZIIII was composed of Hllllly individiuil sl1ll's. Xiek Nlziiniproiled the pack with ll iouil ol F48 lCllIIl lmoinliand zi years record ol Sl wins :ind l clrziw. Burtch Drake :ind Fred Robbins followed second with 23 points apiece, while Aloe lizulislzu :ind Hugh Clyuei' trailed closely an their heels with Zl points. Nlziny other 5l2ll'S such :is lid Laing. Nlel Goldstein, l.1lI'l'y Comes. Skip Nlxnlinsen. loin ,Xckleyx Ray Sc'liweil1e1', :ind liill liinnix m'onn'ilmuu'd nuuh lo the legun .ZX 'll ,,,:v"' Major Rickert and the tearn I through the lower and Iniddleweights, while John Bergleld, Bob XVrede, Bill Cleveland, Don Bernstein and XValt Tender submitted their share in the heavyweights. The highlight ol' the season shone in the Hordentown Match when Burtch Drake and Torn Aclcley both pinned I . . 99 tieir men in -- seconds. It did not seein long after the wrestling season started until the event ol' the year rolled around: The Episcopal Academy Invitation Tournanient, held at the University ol' Penn- sylvania's Palestra. XVith only one champion, two second places and one third place, the Trojan Grapplers emerged from the tournament in sixth place. Nick ,Nlainiero capped the I5-1 pound class title by pinning his lirst two op- ponents and decisioning two others. He was the only grappler to go unscored upon in the tourna- lnent. Fred Robbins and Hugh Cllyincr both Cl116'I'gCil with second place ribbons, losing their matches in the linals by a very slini margin. The only third placer lor Valley Forge was -loe liattista, l28 pounder who lost a very highly disputed match to the Captain ol' Haverlord School. watch intensely as the grapplcrs rack up the points SILASONS RECORD II lf. opp. 31 lipiscopal Academy .. . I7 40 Perkiolnen Prep. .........,. . 8 34 Admiral Farragut Academy . I0 15 Haverford School .......,. . Ill 6 Hill School .........,...,.,,.. . flti 25 Bordentown Military Institute ... .. lti ll l'pper Darby Higll School .... . 29 l-l Bryn ,-Xthyn .....,.,.... . 215 ll Girard iiollegc ....... . 37 33 fiCl4llIilllltlWIl Friends ... .. ll A close call for Valley Forge. lfiml max' liskincl, lalkan. Greene, Deer. Major South, c'oac'h3 Siwv. Rogers, lf., Tfinegan, Stevenf son. .S'c'c'cmrl roa': llushv, firax. T.. l".ngc'Ihac'Ii. xlllll, Nlecletihacli. Novoroskv. This years line lencing teatn. once, more under the vc-ry precise boat-liing ol Mfjcsif HW South, ntanaged to knot togetlldr a se so ol fl wins and 3 losses against some ver 0 gged opposition. X V V N ' If Leading the Vitlley Forge t ' 1 'i to points lor the seconil Cj0IlSCClll.Vdf' year rt Rogers as he tallied I5 v' againstl y 5 deleats. ,lint Finegan vas inner-upA.i this clepartmenti.hzrs he Scot' l a l2-I3 reeciicl. and liollowin, Nerv closely re st'tlwa tfh'l'mc1li Nluli, l'hil f' ,e?'lenba.c'h. at teatn tla P611 qlohn Deer with Cores 6l' ll-T. 0-8, and lliil in this order. Clreclttltnllst also he awarcleqhzto such tneinhers ol' the leant as lioh Novoloskv, and lit-st year tncin Max Siwv. Don Stevenson. and Bob Zis' kind! who catne through with some tiinc-lv and impcirtcmt victories. The highlight ol' the season occurrecl in the very lirst llllllfll, when the Trojans lost to Girard College hy only one point, and although this was a deleat against our tc-ani it was a tooth- ancl-nail battle all the way, The A'Fenc'ers" lrom here travelled down to Annapolis. Nlarvland. to tneet their traditional rival, the tnidshiptnen ol 182 .I-1' Navy, hut, their trip was ol' no avail as they went down to cleleat once more. However, they launched back by winning the very next two contests by the identical score ol' I6-ll. Meeting the Penn Freshmen in the next tnatc'h, the Bull and Blue once more went down to deleat, this time by a sc-ore ol' I7-lil. Determined not to c'onc'lude the season on the losing end ol the stick, Coach South rallied his lorcies in the linale and went on to overwhelm The Akiha Xcadetnv hy the score ol' Zl-li. .Xlthough it was a season with its had breaks as well as its good. we always could hnd the HT'iC'lll'C'l'SH lighting hack on the victory trail, and nc-ver once losing its inclotninahle lighting spirit and cletertnination to win. Sli.'XSUX'S Rlil lORlD Y. l-. Opp. lti l.u'arcl Clollcrgc' .. , Ifl l Yau Plelwes ...,......... . ffl lo johns Hopkins l'niversitv ... . ll lo Haverford College Y, .. , ll lil l'c-nn T"l'CSlllllCll ,...... . I7 Zl .-Xkiha Academy .. . li Around a nucleus comprised of team captain john Clark and Cadet Bob Wrede, the only two returning lettermen, Captain joseph A. Weaver has the unfavorable task of building the 1956 varsity tennis team to the standing heights set by the teams of previous years. But this task will be but a mere effort with such returning team members as George Schildge, Roland Kille, Al De Arellano, and an array of many promising newcomers contributing to, and sharing the work and spirit which will mold their team into another winner. With a schedule of thirteen contests listed, indications are that the cadets are to encounter a busy season of strong opposition, especially from the rackets of Radnor and Lower Merion High Schools, two long-extending friendly rivals of the cadets. However, with such stalwarts as Cadets Wrede and Clark and the experienced coaching of Captain Weaver, the 1956 tennis team is sure to be one of the finest. ennid 417 4fll 4,f14 4,f1s 4121 4f25 4,f27 an sfz sys 5fl2 M23 5f'26 TENNIS SCHEDULE Radnor High School ......... Malvern School .... -Westtown School Perkiomen Prep St. Francis Prep ............ VVest Nottingham Academy Academy of the New Church . Episcopal Academy ......... Lower Merion High School .,.. Prendergast High School .. Penn Freshmen ........ Perkiomen Prep ............. Bordentown Military Institute 4 Home Home .Away .Away .Away Home .Away .Away Home Home Home Home ......Away Kneeling: Chapman, Woods, Leonardo, Espat, R., Drake, de Arellano, WVildman, J., YVyman. Standing: Mooney, assistant managerg Poplar, Pique, Mlrede, Captain Weaver, coachg Schildge, Taber, Mundt, Kille, Slover, manager. Absent: Clark, captain. 183 ll nxt t Xt 1 slut Swrmzzl rmr: flillott. Sit-vers, llieraeh, Long, 0 ' . , W , , zu: Vol- . 'ker, ery, Lao, W'n:l '. .' f ID iclion. liaheow 'I' I :mtv Nlomm, layas. XCIIIIIIH I' "R V l Wt yi YA XP' Ri Cc ch ieuten t Robert Weaver, with MV 'y Jle assistance ol' Master Sergeant .twin eam captain licl Savery, waa able to tu n out the first winning rifle team in many year. Much ol' this spirited sueeesn may he attributed to the laet that eleven out ol' twelve elements ol the H355 squad returned as meme hers ol' the H1513 team. all ol whom were letter- lX'lllIlCl'5. Firing against such still competition as Drexel College and Pennsylvania Nlilitary Col- lege, the cadets closed the season with a well- earnetl lilth place in the Greater Philaclelphia R. O. 'l'. C. Rille League and a reeortl ol' T wins antl li lowes. Holm .Xeker came through in true Valley Forge style with at yeark average ol' 0715 in thirtttn rnntlru intl in inclixitlnil , ,,, ,.,, . , . -... 1 .1 4 4 standing ol xixth in the league. Carl Neuman lollowecl closely with an average ol 270.13 in elexen matthew antl a yeark Zlfiflllllllllllllbll ol l.fl52 points. llraclley Vote. Nlalt XX'il1slmt1r, .lohn Clillott. antl Nestor Lao are not to he lorgotten as they liretl averages ol, 251l.I. 258.5 anal 257.5 respec'tix'ely. Other memhers who at' trilmutetl to the line xpirit anal outstatnling' team' work heltl tlirougliont the seanon were llill Sievers. ilanlew liierath. Dirk Nlonnn, Alai Smith. citllilflll ,XlJlJott. anal lliela llalreotlvf-all ol them cretlits to a tlexerving team. RllfI.lC RIQCO X l Opp. I llll I'ennsyh'ania Military College .. .. lflll5 Iiemple llnixersity ..,......... . H22 llllw l'enn lNaxyj ,,... lfil7 l.l.ZEP I,a Salle ....,. l2lSl l'4ll Drexel College . ,,,.......,.. , lflfl7 llml Yillanoxa l'nixer'4ilx . N37 l't-nnwyhania Military College .. . H57 ltltill lemple lhixersily ............ . lflfl5 Ilml l,a Salle .......... ITHT St. Josephs . lflli l'4lll Penn tNaxyl ...... lfiflll Sl. Alosephs ......... l2li7 lilll Yillanoxa Ihixersilx . H87 l"T'l llrexel College ...,... lflill Lznlet Xrlxer poixex lor 'rtlion' 184 gaffegaf This year's baseball team under the able coach- ing and guidance of Major Maitland Blank will be out for another traditionally accepted winning season. Having had a '55 log ol 12 wins and 1 loss, this year's team will be out to even better that 8332.5 mark. However, we see some stern opposition in the fold as we view such opponents as the University of Pennsyl- vania Freshmen, The Hill School, Keystone junior College, YVyoming Seminary and Ad- miral Farragut, who, by the way handed us our only defeat last year and that occured in the very first game. XN'ith returning lettermen Sid Robinson, Lou Petrie, George Kronick, Sparks Parsons, Ron Lodge, and john Bergfeld to use a nucleus to build around, plus such newcomers as Ralph Conrad, Bill McClain, Bob Reeder, and Major Blank looks like he has the makings ol another very highly successful baseball season. 4f7 4f1l 4fI4 4fl8 4121 4j25 4y27 4f28 5X2 5jl2 5fl6 5j19 5f22 5!23 5f26 BASEBALL SCHEDULE XVest Nottingham Academy .... .. . Pennington School ......... XVest Nottingham Academy . Admiral Farragut Acad. .... . St. Francis Prep. ..... . Perkiomen School Penn Freshmen ........ Reading Central Catholic Keystone junior College AvllllZllllS0ll Trade School Hill School .............. Bordentown Military lnst. .. Archbishop Kendrick High Perkiomen School ......... lVyoming Seminary .. . Away .Away Home Home . Away . Away Home .Away . . . .Away Home . . ...Away ....Away Home Home Home l First row: Bergfeld, Diana, Petrie, Robinson, Reeder, McClain, Conrad. Semml roam' julo, Sproule, Parsons, H'atson, Stroeheckcr, Thomas. Tlzirrl rozv: Price, johnson, Helbig, Binnix, Saeger. Fllllffh ronn' Zayas, Province, Kronick, Tarsy, Fifth row: Totten, lYinspnr, Stewart, Major Blank, coach, Hill, Acker, Scale. 185 C .flsi FD! QD' 1 A1 l"i1'.xf mum' Vealch, Cavan, Weller, M., Medenbach, captain: Roberts, Lebengood, Smythe, Lt. Col. Cardiner, coach. Sl'f'0Hli rmu: Fleming, Weller, B., Rockefeller, Friedman, McNair, Mussett, Maldonado. Tlzirrl ww: Olson, Grossman, Cornell, Copeland, Davidson, Berkley, Osborne. Fmlrllz mzv: Oppenheimer, manager: MacDonald, Neary, Tender, Hoyos, lie la Terga, Ifurst, Ill2lllklgCl'. Zac X1Vith five returning letter winners to build the l956 Track Team around, Lt. Colonel David Gardiner will have a comparatively easy job on his hands this season as compared to his task of last year. Team captain Phil Medenbach and Cadet Hugh Roberts will lead in the half-mile event. Bill Cavan and Mike Ekman will be the top milers, while john Maldonado will be the lone returning pole vaulter. Bill Smythe, John Lebengood, Martin NVeller, and quite a number of others, old and new, are the coach's highest hopes for the Penn Relays. X1Vith these relays as his goal this season, Coach Gardiner, is entering three relay teamsg two mile relay teams and one 440 relay team, all from which he hopes to proht a First place. So, with this goal as an incentive, and the determination and willing- ness to overcome a schedule ol' eleven outstand- ing track competitors, the 1956 Valley Forge Track Team is assured to be good. uv ' 13 2-2 S" 'IEE ' - , .1-ifisf'-" ' ilim' f 186 I J 1 1 V, 1 1 1 1 TRACK SCHliDl' Malxern School ........ ..,. H ome XYest Chester Freshmen ,........ . . .Away Uniyersily of Delaware Freshmen .... Away Haverford School .................. Home Penn Relays . , . . ,Away Penn Relays . . . . .Away Penn Charter ....... , . .Away Sl. Josephs Freshmen . . . . . . Stevens Trade .....,..,.... . . . Upper Darby High School ......... Reading Central Catholic High School XVyoming Seminary ... ... . ... Archbishop Kendrick .. .. Home Home Home Home Home . Away 'A' Again as the gollers return lrom Spring Fur- lough, they are laced with a schedule ol' real competition that will require long and tedious hours ol' practice to overcome. Hut with a knowledge ol' many training techniques that he can distribute to the team, veteran coach David Clark can be sure ol' a top llight squad ol' golfers. XVith the Main Line Coll' Club as the new home course, and but one returning letter- man, we have a situation completely reversed compared to that ol' the previous year, Mr. Clark will need all ol' the support he can get in order to round oll' this top notch Valley Forge Coll' Team. He can rely on team captain Carl Salminen and returning veteran gollers as Vince Nicolosi, Al Barrett, Ron Freeland, Phil Merenda, .lack Nluddeman, and a number ol' prospective newcomers to turn in a fine record and out play any strong opposition that may be encountered. -lf JI' , ,. fl ' .1 , J. -, . GULF SCfHlCl3l'l.l Haverford School ......... Penn lfreshmen .,..,..,. . Lower Nlerion High School lipiscopal Academy Hershey junior College .. Sl. .lost-ph's Prep ..... . Hershey -junior College Lower Merion High School I'enn Charter ....,,... , l'rendergas1 lligh School . Conestoga High School Nfl. Pleasant High Scthool'.' , -A V' A l My V t .. fy., l .,f l Home Home Home .Away Home ...,Away Away Home Home Home Away Away , my pb M D . A lx'm'cling: Broom, Morgan, R., Young, Dee, Silyer, Armstrong. Slrmrlirzg: Hornaday, Alexander. Rhemick. Salminen, captain: Xteinslock, Bernstein, Henning. Al1xrnl.' Mr. llaxitl Clarke, torch Nlnddeman, manager: liesade. 18 7 fltlllill 1411, or , EJVIDII9 ,Spnurfi xlllitil' South u1111ll11'lx LI l1111c'lic':1l 1-x1'1'1'iw. 1 :ff . .9 , .W .. ,, A-if ' 1 1 11 . nZ Qf 1 1 iw W3 lv 1 qc' f 4,,..,,,. K VV-4. X 111c111lw1' of thc vI'ClllliN 'l'c'11111 Qc-is A 111c111l1c1' of lhc -IHIHP 'Tiflllll A 1 2llL'll.. In-ginw Sp1'i11gp1'z11'111'c. 111 shape I111 .1 1411111113 111 f'2llll'l ll111'xl1p1'z11'li1Ls for the KL1111kI1z111:1 , 9II!I'llIlIllI'll 1llXNll'lHXN XYAYNE I,IL.XGl'lL TRAXIIK Ulf' H.XT'l'LRY Ifirxl Run' Salim-xzl Huw XX vlxh Zayns ljlwvilil IJ11-w xllllkllllllg llmlcrlmii Tlziwl Hun' limits xxvflllllll Long lliglmy .S'f'I'1HI!l Hun' Shzullm-I l"Icl11ing Simms Ricrzl Unm- XXIXYNE l,1f.XCQl'lQ VOl,I,liYl'S.-Xl,l, "B,-XNIT' lfifxl lion' .Srrrrnrl Nun' lfrcy lslflllhlllll Russ Shnlly 'l'illlll'Cl Rzlulzc Cllnrk Rhcmick KYQINII llznlwr CION'l'lNIiNTAl, l,E.fXGl'li SOCCER CLONIP.-XNY l"i1'.xl li'rm' XYhil0 Fink lispincl, X. LUIJCI, Y. lnpcl, lispincl. l.. 'l'l1im' Rau' l3cc'lu'1'z1 Il : Allncnzlrzx B011 Ai' 3. I, ' Parks .S'f'mmI fm 'F Af' f10IllZllL'l, C. Cook ,K VM' ff' ' wi? K ff' -U x fJ'?IO. AklNLQN'I'.Xl, I,L.XCLl'li ' ,4 wk. ,Foo'1'1aA1Ax, y' F' '-cz" c:cm1r xxY lfiml Nun' Xmunrl Run' l'z1llc'1'wn 1411-gl llcrlllzm Sm IIWLIVII Mfllmlzllri .Xlcllcio Hhrmclwzml Inillg Vi1lH0N Xhuwfllllzlll ClUX'l'lX1iX'I'.Xl, I.lf.XCLl'lf 1"f1'.X'l lfrm' Brel ,ICYIUII xfflfgllll. R SllCl'lll1lll Young Jackson YO! "Cl" ClOXlI'.XXY ,l,LYB.Xl,I. Vrrmzl limi' NIC!! Nffllfllllllll licmmn Cinzxig l'L'llkllHIl Wmnlnusln ,9l'lfl"6ll'YllfLl"6l Ifirixl Hun' Frey 'l'inuc'm'i Kiln rk lei Icr Du mor l'17'.xl Him' Stcin Nlucl Irma ld Orhcn Ch1llIllCl'N Xmlcrsmu CIINNIVIUNS XVAYNE LEAGI' BASKE'I'BAI,l. "BAND" XYAYNE l,li.-XCLl'E XYRES'I'l,lNCQ CICJMITXNY .Swrmlrl lfrm' Rhcmifk lh':ll1hzun Kzmwl Wood RZIZIIJC l' rishic .S!'I'O7Ill Run' C111 rbcrry XYQSL K lnimzm lzuncs C1ON'l'lNlLNT.'Xl. 1.E,XCLl'lL I-'irxl Run' D2ll'l'iS0ll Cullman NI2ll'lJCl'gCl' Dc Shun St l'2lllSS 'lhilllill BASKE'I'BAl.L "B" COMPANY ii? .NIVYHIII Kun' Mnorc. 'l'. lhfrlxlcy' BCCIIZIYQI, I". Furst fkllllilllilh Rcvsc ClON'l'lNEN'l'.Xl. LEACLIVIL lfirzwf Row Berkley Furst llarrison Llzltfcy Ifiml Ram' Crew llrcxs limits Moron I 0 XYCI 101' XXX mu n TABLE TENNIS "B" COMPANY if? XVAYNE LEAGUE BOXING B.X'l'TERY Sffflllfl Row Cinlclsmilh Beclmru, F. lk- Shun Ripcpi 'I'ohiz1 ,S1'rum1' Nou' .XTIIISI mug .-Xngludc Salim 21 kirklcy 15115411 x9l'ltI"6lIfl'lUl"Cl IIIIANIPIUNS IYAYNE I,h.XGl'E SIYININIINCL ISIXTIILRY Ifiml Nun' f-UIIII lf1'em'I1 .Xllglalde jolnlsrm. R. Kirkley Drew IYelwI1 liigby Thin! Hun' Baez Szliexzl De Yitzl ,'xlklIlSll'Ollg Xvflllllll I'1IClllIlIIIIg Sfffmzzl Run' IIIQIIIZI Tzlifer IYAYNE LLXGIIIL 'I'.XI3I,IL TENNIS I5,X'I'II'IiRY I"i1'.xl lfrm' .S'f'r'Uml Ruiz' 111,115 Orme llonlem IIQIIIOS Iirzlhzuml Suievzn Rierzz IIC Vila 0'Hz11'zl ClONTIXEX'I'.XI, I.ILAGl'I:Q SIYININIING "ll" CONIPANY lim! Run' vI'l'2lllIl HIDIIIIZIQIQII SIlCl'lIl1lll Pelrush Cllmpmzln Dugan limmell Ifiallns 'l'l1ird Ron' Cluplzm Morrmv Wzml Adler Sf'fmzc1' Run' Campbell cI'lI'llllI I' l'eI Iegrini I-'resin nd ClONTlNILN'I'AI, LEACU LQ Ifiml lion' Kleppe Fiallos frhlf, R. l'zlllerso11 IYZIHI BOXING "C" CIONIPIXNY Srrunrl Kun' CIIZIIJINZIII Iimmell Bzlhilino KQONTINIQXTIXIA LEACLI 'F Ifiml Nun' SL'I1wz1l'l1 jones, Pe! rush lfizzllus Hermann I.oImIIzel'g XYRILSTIJNCL "Cl" COMPANY Sr'r'f1nrI Run' l.z1rzl Ihliley NIm'mw Iimmell Dizzmrml I'.l'L'L'IllllII IYIIIIIIIZIII, ll, OFFICERS OF ADMINISTRATION AND INSTRUCTION ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS Major General Milton G. Baker, LL.D., Ped. D., Super- intendent. National Guard of the United States, Re- tired, St. john's College, Gettysburg College, Temple University, LaSalle College. Brigadier General Milton H. Medenbach, A.B., Ped. D., Assistant Superintendent and Commandent of Cadets. Infantry Reserve, U. S. Army, johns Hopkins Uni- versity, Gettysburg College. Colonel Arthur W. Bass, B.S., M.S. In Ed., Dean of the Academic Department, U. S. Navy, Retired, United States Naval Academy, University of Pennsylvania. Colonel Elbridge Walker, Jr., B.A., M.S., in Ed., Dean of Activities, Princeton University, University of Penn- sylvania. Senior Warden of the Chapel of St. Cornelius the Centurion. Colonel Ernest C. Peters, B.S., Professor of Military Science and Tactics. Infantry, U. S. Army, United States Military Academy. Lieutenant Colonel Gilbert A. Phillips, A.B., S.T.B., Director of Admissions and Adjutant, University of Pennsylvania, Harvard University. Lieutenant Colonel john D. Mauk, B.A., Finance Officer Infantry Reserve, U. S. Army, Philadelphia Music Academy. Lieutenant Colonel David M. Birdsell, jr., Quartermaster. Armored Reserve, U. S. Army, Valley Forge Military Academy. Lieutenant Colonel E. Raymond Baublitz, A.B., B.D., Registrar. Gettysburg College, Gettysburg Theological Seminary. Lieutenant Colonel Leonard L. Howeth, A.B., M.A., Registrar. Washington College, Middlebury College. Major john S. Olson, A.B., M.A., Registrar. New York University, East Stroudsburg State Teachers College. Captain Justin H. Pierce, B.A., Quartermaster Services. Infantry Reserve, U. S. Army, Alfred University. Captain David G. Hodgens, jr., B.A., Aide to the Super- intendent. Lafayette College. Dr. David S. Reinhart, M.D., Medical Ollicer, University of Delaware, Jelferson Medical College. ' a , 515411. ACADEMIC OFFICERS Colonel Arthur W. Bass, B.S., M.S. in Ed., Dean of the Academic Department, Director of Guidance. Colonel Andrew L. Weidener, B.A., M.S., in Ed., Chairman of the English Department, University of Pennsyl- vania. Advisor, National Honor Society, Chairman, Cadet Advisory Council, Guidance Counsellor, First Class. Lieutenant Colonel Anthony C. Rosso, B.S., M.A., Ph.D., Chairman of the Foreign Languages Department, IVashington and jefferson College, University of Pitts- burgh. Chairman of Academic Testing, Guidance Counsellor, "D" Troop. Lieutenant Colonel William H. Dannacher, B.S., M.A., Chairman of the Science Department, United States Military Academy, Villanova University. Guidance Counsellor, "A" Company. 192 Colonel Alfred W. Hess, B.S., M.S. in Ed., Chairman of the Mathematics Department, United States Military Academy, Temple University. Advisor, Cadet Honor Council, Guidance Counsellor, "B" Company. Lieutenant Colonel Howard E. Pearson, B.S., M.S., in Ed., Director of the Lower School, United States Military Academy, Villanova University. Lieutenant Colonel David F. Gardiner, A.B., M.S. in Ed., Chairman of the History Department, University of South Carolina, University of Pennsylvania. Advisor, Alexander Hamilton Forum, Chairman, Regimental Disciplinary Board, Guidance Counsellor, "C" Com- pany. Major Norman Mitterling, B.S., Associate Professor of Chemistry, Bucknell University. Advisor, Benjamin Franklin Society. Major Walter R. Hickman, B.S., M.S. in Ed., Associate Professor of English, West Chester State Teachers College, Temple University. Advisor, The Legionnaire, Advisor, Quill and Scroll Society, Guidance Counsellor, First Class. Major George W. Rickert, B.S., M.S. in Ed., Instructor in History, Kutztown State Teachers College Uni- versity of Pennsylvania. Coach, Varsity Wrestling, Guidance Counsellor, "C" Company. Major Richard M. Keer, A.B., M.A., Instructor in Foreign Languages, Dickinson College, Middlebury College. Advisor, Arts and Crafts Club, Guidance Counsellor, Battery. Major Joseph J. Esrey, jr., A.B., M.A., Instructor in English, Temple University. Advisor, Crossed Sabres, Advisor, Washington Irving Literary Society, Guid- ance Counsellor, First Class. Major Ralph L. Perkins, A.B., Instructor in Mathematics, University of Maine. Lieutenant Ralph E. jones, A.B., M.A., Instructor in Mathematics, Bucknell University. Advisor, Stephen Foster Society, Guidance Counsellor, "Band." Lieutenant Colonel Andrew C. Dapprich, B.S., M.S., in Ed., Instructor in Mathematics, Unitd States Military Academy, Stanford University. Guidance Counsellor, "A" Company. Captain Elmer A. O'Day, B.S. in Ed., Director of the Reading Clinic, Temple University. Captain Francis X. Joyce, B.S. in Ed., Instructor in Eng- lish, West Chester State Teachers College. Advisor, Patrick Henry Society. Commander Lester Zetty, B.S., Instructor in Mathematics, West Chester State Teachers College. Director of Athletics. Captain William E. Heller, B.S., Instructor in Science, Kutztown State Teachers College. Captain joseph A. Weaver, B.S., Instructor in Foreign Languages, University of Scranton. Coch, Varsity Tennis, Guidance Counsellor, "B" Company. Lieutenant Thomas E. Fitzsimmons, B.A., Instructor in Remedial Reading, Syracuse University. Lieutenant Hall Peyton, jr., A.B., M.A., Instructor in English, Baylor University, Columbia University. Major D. Keith Feltham, I.R.A.M., A.R.C.M., Bandmaster Lieutenant Conrad G. Follansbee, Jr., B.A., Instructor in History: University of Kansas. Lieutenant Gabriel Gabrelian, A.B., M.A., Instructor in History: University of Kentucky: Princeton University. Lieutenant Oliver S. Andresen, B.A., M.A., Instructor in English: University of Minnesota. Lieutenant George K. Bradley, B.S., Instructor in Science: Purdue University. Lieutenant Paul Brumbaugh, B.S., M.S., Director of Audio-Visual Aids: Manchester College: Indiana Uni- versity. Lieutenant Thomas M. Earnshaw, B.A., Instructor in Science: United States Naval Reserve: Amherst College. Lieutenant William W. Fairweather, jr., B.A., M.A., Instructor in Foreign Languages: Ursinus College: Pennsylvania State University. Lieutenant Thomas Hickey, A.B., M.A., Instructor in Mathematics: Bucknell University: Northwestern Uni- versity. Lieutenant George M. Hoth, A.B. M.A., Instructor in English: Lafayette College: New York University. Lieutenant Everard Nicholson, Instructor in English: St. john's College, York, England. Captain john Romine, A.B., M.A., Instructor in Science: West Virginia University: Columbia University. Lieutenant Robert Salois, B.A., Instructor in Foreign Languages: United States Air Force Reserve: Uni- versity of New Hampshire: Coach, Varsity Basketball. Lieutenant Robert V. Woodside, B. Mus., Director of Music and Organist: Westminster Choir College: Cur- tis Institute of Music. Lieutenant George T. Buckwalter, B.S., Instructor in Mathematics: West Chester State Teachers College. Lieutenant Michael j. Kane, B.S., Instructor in History and Remedial Reading: St. Joseph's College. Lieutenant Charles E. Finch, B.S. in Ed., A.M., Th.D.: Academy Librarian. Temple University: University of Pennsylvania: Philadelphia Divinity School. Mr. Allen Wicks, A.B., M.F.S., Instructor in Art: Prince- ton University: Temple University. JUNIOR COLLEGE Colonel William J. Carne, B.S., M.A., Dean of the Junior College: United States Army, Retired: United States Military Academy: University of Pennsylvania. Lieutenant Colonel Allen K. Snyder, B.S., M.A., Pro- fessor of Mathematics: New York University. Major William j. Godfrey, B.S., Instructor in Business Administration: St. Peter's College. Guidance Coun- sellor, Junior College. Captain Frank Hlavac, M.A., M.B.A., Instructor in Busi- ness Administration: Charles University, Prague: New York University. Lieutenant Hugh P. Foster, A.B., M.A., Instructor in Foreign Languages: Bucknell University: Western Reserve University. Lieutenant Stephen S. Attinger, B.A., M.Ed., M.A., In- structor in Psychology: Tusculum College: Rutgers University: University of Delaware. Lieutenant Gerald Bidlack, B.A., M.Ed., Instructor in English: Oberlin College: Pennsylvania State Uni- versity. TACTICAL AND TRAINING OFFICERS Brigadier General Milton H. Medenbach, A.B., Ped. D., Assistant Superintendent and Commandant of Cadets. Colonel Ernest C. Peters, B.S., Professor of Military Science and Tactics and Plans and Training Oflicer. Lieutenant Colonel john Stuart Mulkerns, Tactical Oflicer, "B" Company. Royal Canadian Artillery: Queens College. Commander Lester Zetty, B.S., Director of Athletics: West Chester State Teachers College. Lieutenant Colonel Eugene A. Fischer, Director of Equita- tion. Cavalry, U. S. Army, Retired: Command and General Staff School: Armed Forces Information School. and Tactical Officer: College of King Edward VI: Royal Military School of Music. Major Maitland Blank, Assistant Director of Athletics and Swimming Coach. Major Bertram South, Director of Physical Training: Army Technical School: Army School of Physical Training at Aldershot. Captain justin H. Pierce, B.A., Tactical Officer, Head- quarters Company. Captain Richard M. Artz, B.S.C., Tactical Officer, "A" Company: Infantry, U. S. Army Reserve: Ohio Uni- versity. Captain George R. Davies, B.S., Tactical Ofhcer, "E" Battery. Lieutenant Conrad G. Follansbee, Jr., B.A., Tactical Officer, "D" Troop. Lieutenant Robert M. Weaver, B.S., Tactical Officer, "C" Company. Lieutenant Walter R. Badham, Assistant Director of Physical Training. MILITARY SCIENCE AND TACTICS Colonel Ernest C. Peters, B.S., Professor of Military Science and Tactics. Captain james F. Hayward, A.B., Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tactics: Infantry, U. S. Army: The Infantry School: St. John's College. Captain George D. Klie, B.S., Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tactics: Infantry, U. S. Army: United States Military Academy: The Infantry School. Captain George R. Davies, B.S., Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tactics: Artillery, U. S. Army: The Artillery School: University of Pittsburgh. Lieutenant Robert M. Weaver, B.S., Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tactics: University of Ala- bama: Infantry, U. S. Army. 193 THE 1956 GRADUATING CLASSES JUNIOR COLLEGE Sophomores Donald Howard Bernstein, 722 Clay Ave., Scranton, Pa. Robert Edward Bertoldi, 22 N. LaC1ede Place, Atlantic City, N. J. Bruce Erwin Burkey, RD No. 2, Mohnton, Pa. Clement Barrie Calder, 930 llth Ave., Prospect Park, Pa. Thomas Ottavio Cinelli, Rt. 38 and Haddonfield Rd., Merchantville, N. J. Alexander Scott Collins, RD No. 1, Kriebel Mill Rd., Collegeville, Pa. Martin James Connolly, 3445 Germantown Ave., Phila- delphia 40, Pa. John Edward Davidson, 211 Main St., Brockton, Pa. Thomas Ian Drew, 122 N. Gill St., State College, Pa. John Howard Greene, The Anderson School, Staats- burg, N. Y. Charles Dennis Hunsberger, 122 Washington Ave., Souder- ton, Pa. Richard Leigh Kattel, 1 Dogwood Rd., Kings Point, Great Neck, N. Y. Carl :ouis Kaufman, Jr., 6502 Franklin Blvd., Cleveland, O io. Stuart Rodney Kelf, 96 Walker Rd., West Orange, N. J. R0l521dPChar1es Lodge, 6613 N. Smedley St., Philadelphia , a. Kenneth Hennfer Long, Jr., Skippack Pike, Blue Bell, Pa. Rafael Angel Lopez, No. 15 Romani St., Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. Enrique Morales, San Jorge 259, Santurce, Puerto Rico. Walter F. Newby, Jr., Stahl Rd. and Barnsley Ave., Huntingdon Valley, Pa. John Stanley Olson, 414 Main St., East Greenville, Pa. William Henderson Parsons, Fort Littleton, Pa. George Francis Pellerano, 2647 Broadway, New York 25, N. Y. Sidney Scott Robinson, 26 Fairview Ave., South River, N. J. Herbert Franklin Saeger, 128 N. 18th St., Allentown, Pa. Anthony R. Saieva, 102 Wilson Ave., Brooklyn 37, N. Y. Charles Frederick Stanke, 1917 16th St., Altoona, Pa. George Gibb Stewart, 214 Garden Ave., Grove City, Pa. Edmund Peter Tinucci, 417 Sharon Ave., Sharon Hill, Pa. Alonzo Robert Toal, 18 East Mercer Ave., Havertown, Pa. John David Warner, 3108 Bellwood Court, Columbus 9, Ohio. James Darryl Watson, 101 E. Greenfield Ave., Pleasant- ville, N. J. Paul Adolph Wendt, 585 Manor Lane, Pelham Manor, N. Y. William Harry Wetterau, 131 West Broad St., Tamaqua, Pa. Johnny Zayas-Aldrich, Box 267, Caguas, Puerto Rico. Martin Carl Zeller, 416 Woodlawn Ave., Willow Grove, Pa. THE FIRST CLASS Gordon Bennett Abbott, 116 Main St., Camden, N. Y. Paul Frederick Acker, P.O. Box N. Main St., Setauket, N. Y. Thomas Donald Ackley, 40 Hubbard Park, Red Bank, N. J. Frederick Anders Ahrens, 328 W. Jersey St., Elizabeth, N. J. Arthur Richard Anderson, 800 Grampion Rd., Williams- port, Pa. Enrique Anglade, Jr., Box 597, Guayama, Puerto Rico. Juan Maria Arroyo, Box 481, Caracas, Venezuela. Harry Ellicot Bacon, Jr., 344 Laurel Lane, Haverford, Pa. Bertram Daniel Baldwin, Route 2, Gardners, Pa. Gerald Gilbert Banning, 101 Liberty Rd., Federalsburg, Md. Thaddeus Joseph Bara, 1700 Edgar Rd., Linden, N. J. Frederick Leonard Bauckham, 167 Judson Ave., Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. 194 Robert Stewart Bausch, 399 N. Washington St., Wilkes- Barre, Pa. Joseph Claude Beatty, 454 S. Broadway, Lindenhurst, N. Y. Louis Lees Bentley, III, 527 Hamilton Rd., Lancaster, Pa. John Albert Bergfeld, Havertown, Pa. Ronald Francis Bero, 127 Park Place, Bridgeport, Conn. James Clinton Bierach, RD No. 1, Edison Rd., Potomac, Md. William Butler Binnix, Fallentimber, Pa. George Pinkney Bishop, Apt. 3-C, 65 East 76th Street, New York, N. Y. James William Bishop, RD No. 4, Punxsutawney, Pa. Frederick Charles Bothwell, 135 Bartlett Ave., Pittsfield, Mass. Richard Calvin Burwell, Jr., 67 Westford Circle, Spring- iield, Mass. Frederick Carl Buscher, 10306 Old Bladensburg Rd., Silver Spring, Md. Richard Joel Buxbaum, Wynnewood Park Apts., 6-E, Wynnewood, Pa. Charles Jerome Cafaro, 909 63rd St., Brooklyn 14, N. Y. Norman Lewis Cann, 532 N. Church St., West Chester, Pa. John Alfred Clarkson, Bldg. 15, Apt. 5, Valley Rd., Drexel Hill, Pa. John Hal Coffman, 1001 Stirman St., Corpus Christi, Texas. Ralph Francis Conrad, 20 Brandriff Ave., Penns Grove, N. J. 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David Arthur Elliot, 1979 E. State St., Mercer, Sharon County, Pa. . Jose Salvador Espat, N0. 2 Cork St., Box 213, Belize, British Honduras. George Federico Fiallo, Avenida Independencia No. 118, Ciudad Trujillo, Dominican Republic. l Murray Norman Fine, Box 553, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada. l James Joseph Finegan, 7901 Oxford Ave., Philadelphia, 11, Pa. Ephriam Bennett Fithian, 128 S. Grand St., Hammonton, N. J. Richard Bryan Flynn, Box 6584, Fort Lee, N. J. Jose Jorge Font, Box 208, Hato Rey, Puerto Rico. Horace Wells French, Jr., 21 Bull St., Newport, Rhode Island. Ira Lee Friedman, 9 Nymph Rd., West Orange, N. J. Carl Jack Fritzinger, Jr., 117 Main St., Walnutport, Pa. Pedro Rafael Fullana, Box 4914, San Juan, Puerto Rico. Robert Monte Gants, Walter Reed Army Hospital Medi- cal Center, Washington 12, D. C. Stanton Benjamin Garrett, 143 Conover Rd., Pittsburgh 8, Pa. William Hutchinson Gavan, Office of the Commanding General, Fort Riley, Kansas. Myron Carl Glick, Onancock, Va. 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John Leister Hull, Jr., 271 Powell Rd., Springfield, Pa. Eduardo Alfredo Jimenez, Apt. 5070, Correos del Este, Caracas, Venezuela. Kim Hudson Jones, 1415 36th St., N. W., Washington 7, D. C. Richard Alfred Jones, 5840 Elwood St., Pittsburgh 32, Pa. William Thomas Jones, 30 Wilma Ave., Youngstown 12, Ohio. Peter Joseph Julo, 34 W. Water St., Coaldale, Pa. George Robert Kronick, Gouldsboro, Pa. Nestor Busch Lao, Monserrate 262, Habana, Cuba. Leonidas Lara, 1350 42nd St., Bogota, Colombia, S. A. John Samuel Lebengood, 46 Crestmont St., Reading, Pa. Robert Hebard Lee, St. Mark's Rectory, Mt. Kisco, N. Y. James Joseph Leonardo, Jr., 18 N. Belfield Ave., Haver- town, Pa. Frederick Eberle Lewis, 1304 Mahantongo St., Pottsville, Pa. Harry Colson Lewis, 16 Bond St., Claremont, N. H. Salvatore Anthony Liccardi, RD No. 3, Box 405-A, New Brunswick, N. J. Neil Craig MacDonald, 834 Washington Rd., Pittsburgh 28, Pa. Jorge Machal, Jr., Box 165, Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico. Jean Pierre A. 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Matthew James Winspur, Box 133, Stepney, Conn. 195 "A" Company, 121-122 Academic Board, 17 Acolytes, 158 Administration, 14-25 Administrative Stalf, 16 Alexander Hamilton Forum, 150 Anthony Wayne Legion Guard, 148-149 Arts and Crafts Club, 162 Athletic Department, 19 Athletics, 168-191 Audio-Visual Aids Department, 21 "B" Company, 122-123 "Band," 130-131 Baseball, Varsity, 185 Basketball, Varsity, 176-179 Battery Club, 164 Benjamin Franklin Association, 153 Board of Governors, 144 Brotherhood of St. Andrew, 158 "C" Company, 124-125 Chapel Choir, 167 Chapel Vestry, 160 Classes, 132-139 Class History, 26-41 Coaching Stall, 170 Color Guard, 117 Companies, 116-131 Crossed Sabres stall, 157 "D" Troop, 126-127 Dedication, 6-7 Department Chairmen, 17 Dunaway Debate, 159 INDEX "E" Battery, 128-129 Editor's Introduction, 5 English Department, 20 Faculty, 24-25 Faculty Roster, 192-193 Fencing, Varsity, 182-183 First Class, 135 Football, Varsity, 172-175 Foreign Language Department, 20 Fourth Class, 138 Glee Club, 166 Gold Star Cadets, Secondary School, 147 Golf, Varsity, 189 Graduates, 41-112 Graduates' Addresses, 194-195 Guidance Counsellors, 23 Harriers Club, 165 Headquarters Company, 118-119 History Department, 20 Honor Council, 142 Hop Committee, 145 Jump Team, 165 junior College Classes, 136 junior College Faculty, 19 junior College Star Cadets, 147 Kaydets Dance Band, 163 Legionnaire staff, 156 Lower School classes, 139 Lower School Faculty, 19 sk THE 1956 STAFF Editor-in-Chief JOHN FULLERTON RICHARDS Mask and Spur Society, 155 Mathematics Department, 21 Medical Staff, 22 Mess Hall Staff, 22 Military Science and Tactics Depart- ment, 18 Motion Picture Club, 145 Music and Art Departments, 18 National Honor Society, 146 Oratorical Contest, 159 Order of Anthony Wayne, 144 Organizations, 140-167 Patrick Henry Forum, 152 Phi Theta Kappa Society, 146 Quill and Scroll Honor Society, 161 Reading Clinic, 21 Regimental Staff, 116 Rifle Team, Varsity, 184 Science Department, 21 Second Class, 136 Stephen Foster Society, 151 Tactical and Training Department, 18 Tennis, Varsity, 183 Third Class, 137 Track, Varsity, 186 Washington Irving Literary Society, 154 Wrestling, Varsity, 180-181 Junior College Editor A. ROBERT TOAL Assistant Editor PAUL E. GALANTI Sports Editor RAYMOND W. SCHWEITZER Faculty Advisor MAJOR JOSEPH J. ESREY, JR. Managing Editor IRA L. FRIEDMAN Business Manager PHILIP C. MEDENBACH Technical Director RAY D. SNOW Advertising Director HERMAN A. WEISE, JR. Editorial Staff: Raymond T. Crossno, lllichael L. Johnson, H. Coulson Lewis, Louis J. Petrie, William C. Reagan, William L. Rogers, John F. Sobke. Photography: John H. Ansley, Jesse E. Hartman, Neil C. MacDonald, John F, Richards, The Phillips Studios. Art Work: Donald K. Woodman, John M. Shantz, Monte Tabor. Published by The Telegraph Press, Harrisburg, Pa. EEEEQQQ if Tm I NEW RCCKET Tf35O ENGINE JETAWAY HYDRAfMATIC DRIVE HARRY CRAMER OLDSMOBILE M 154478 SOUTH FRONT STREET STEELTON, PENNA. STAN CRAMER'SALES PHONE WE 99856 Compliments Of WILLIAM BARNETT AND SONS THE S. E. EBY COMPANY Oiicial Manufacturing Jewelers For the Leading COLLEGES, FRATERNITIES AND SCHOOLS DIPLOMAS Dependable .Quality f Fully Guaranteed THE S. E. EBY COMPANY LAND TITLE BUILDING, PHILADELPHIA, PA. MITCHELL E99 NESS Sporting Goods 1312 ARCH STREET PHILADELPHIA 7, PA. Open Wednesday Evenings Until 9 ONE BLOCK FROM CITY HALL J. W. BAYLY ee SON, INC. .Q 9. Manufacturers of FINEST MILITARY HEADWEAR for MILITARY SCHOOLS fs? COLLEGES lOOI'O3 Filbert Street PHILADELPHIA, PA. LOInbard 30449 Dressrnakers' Ei Furriers' Supplies Buttons E? Zippers-Zippers Repaired MUSTIN BROS. IMPORTER AND JOEEER OF Clothiers' E99 Tailors' Trimmings 720 South 5th Street Philadelphia, Pa. VALLEY FORGE MILITARY ACADEMY UNIEORMs MADE OF MATERIALS CLINTON Manufacturers of Fine Woolen Uniform Materials CLINTON WOOLEN MANUFACTURING COMPANY Established 1866 CLINTON, MICHIGAN AMERICAN MILITARY SUPPLY CORP. i' 225 LAFAYETTE STREET NEW YORK 12, NEW YORK Phone Walnut 211760 NATIONAL STATIONERS Office Outfitters Q We Serve Only The Finest Quality Cakes and Other Sweet Goods Q Tl1at's why we use I Ha DQ 35125 gum V . FURNITURE ' SUP P LIES Q Used by America's ' P RINTING Finest Institutions 1028 Arch Street, Philadelphia 7, Pa. For over 36 Years Since 1923 M. J. KELLY OO JOHN H. ROBERTS Slate Blaclqboarcls and Structural Slate Roofing Slate and Flagstone S12 129 Townshipline Road FOX CHASE POST OFFICE, PHILADELPHIA 11, PA. M E A T S FOOD PRODUCTS Instrument Rebuilding Phone New and Used Instruments Elgn. 6f4o5'2 King Instruments 9 9 ELMER s MUSIC SHOP 24 S. DELAWARE AVENUE Musical Instrument Repair Specialists PHILADELPHIA 6 A 133 Bryn Mawr Ave. E. W. SLAUGHTER Newtown Square, Pa. ALBERT A. KNECHT Band and Orchestra Instruments 24 South 18th Street PHILADELPHIA, PA. LO 40.274 Reliable Bedding and Feather Company Manufacturers of MATTRESSES - BOX SPRINGS PILLOWS 0 DOWN CUSHIONS 337 North 'md Street, Philadelphia 6, Pennsylvania Phone: MA 70.023 H. PERILSTEIN Glass f Mirrors S24 Lombard Street PHILADELPHIA 47, PA. ALBERT PCZZA Tile, Mosaic, Terrazzo Interior Marble Work 1318 Morris Street, PHILADELPHIA, PA. Phone f Fulton 9'6Il5 Right on the Campus 1 ICE CREAM f SODAS f CANDY 1 LIGHT LUNCHES NOVELTIES f CIGARETTES THE BOODLE SHOP joseph Fitzgerald, Proprietor Compliments from the "MOVIES" - ANTHONY WAYNE - CITY LINE CENTER - SUBURBAN - RIANT FRIED THEATER MANAGEMENT COMPANY M. H. GROSSMAN, Inc. Manufacturers of High Grade Uniform and Civilian Caps Lenonard Embroidery Company UNIFORM EQUIPMENT EMBROIDERIES For School and Sportswear 323, East Allegheny Avenue 103335 R353 Sf- Walnut PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA Philadelphlar Pa- 7-'9798 Phone: Garfield 6-6646 PLUMBERS Howard Lanin Management SUPPLY co Inc UNCORPORATEDP ., . 5241 WAKEFIELD STREET Orchestras f Entertainment PHILADELPHIA, PENNA. 1 and 535 LANCASTER PIKE II3 W. 77th St. 1011 Suburban Station Bldg. HAVERFORD, PA. New York City - Philadelphia 3, Pa. TI-I E TELEGRAPI-I PRESS More Than a Century of Complete Printing Service 9 Art Work 0 Photo Engraving L p d Off P g S I d C pp PI E g g 9 Binding ' Mailing ' Cameron Street at Kelker HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA PHONE CEDAR 4-5091 Theres somethin about a f U IFUR .'ACU Uniforms ". . . It is our belief that a well fitting hand tailored uniform will contribute substantially to the cadets esprit de corps and efficiency." from the prospectus of the Valley Forge Military Academ-v Cadets of the Valley Forge Military Academy, Way'ne, Pennsylvania, re- splendent in their Saco tailored uniforms made of the same texture cloth as are those at West Point. The Superintendent of the Academy, the Nation's outstanding military secondary school, is Major General Milton G. Baker. SACD UNIFORMS - PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA 203 'A' 'A' 'ff 'A' NORRIS LAUNDRY CO. O :J Compliments of E1 Ryan's Esso ServicefCenter Upon the Completion of EI Lancaster Avenue E? Aberdeen Avenue another year of service to E5 Wayne' Pa' the county and the nation, E W 6 we salute an outstanding E me 97 2 institution . . . the E . . fl: Valley Forge Mllltary Academy : Compliments of if + if f i if Erankhn Research i' NORRIS LAUNDRY Co. 9 SPI:BDfEfCLI1ANIans if Distributors, Inc. NORRISTOWN, PA. -A' S in M 1 C n Si 8 6 t M g omgomc y ou ty me I 9 'A' 5134 Lancaster Ave., Philadelphia '51, Pa. 'k SPEED-E-CLEANERS ,gr 4, wk g, Ellis Concrete Products LO 7f2s40f1 L0 76526 Co., Inc. M .- anufacwrm of For A More Complete Service CINDER CONCRETE BUILDING UNITS Call BRIDGEPORT, PA. Norristown 81666 Premier PHONE NORRISTOWN 5-1760 The Norris Bedding Co. Manufacturers of MATTRESSES AND BOX SPRINGS We Rebuild and Renovate Mattresses and Box Springs 811-I3 EAST MAIN ST., NORRISTOWN, PA. Employment Service Licensed and Bonded 0 145 N. 13th Street PHILADELPHIA 2, PA. CORSAGES made to order FOR CADET HOPS S12 Cowarfs Flower Shop S PHONES WAYNE 5150 - WAYNE 5151 195 E. Lancaster Avenue, WAYNE, PA. Compliments of OLYMPIC Athletic Equipment Reconditioners EAST STROUDSBURG, PA. Represented by TOM GARLAND, Sales Mgr GAUDIO BROS., INC. Wholesale Distributors FROSTED FOODS Second Street and Kaighn Avenue CAMDEN 3, NEW JERSEY RUSTICRAFT FENCE COMPANY All Kinds of Wooden Fences MALVERN, PA. SALES RENTALS NORSCO PRODUCTS Electrical Apparatus i siI3 BROWNlS FROSTED Foobs, INC. Christian and Howard Streets PHILADELPHIA 47, PENNA. Howard Sfrooo . . . ' 3' Heat1ng-Plumb1ng-Industrial and G Contractors Equipment and Supplies Bmndm N Y H M , T . 93I'94Q E. MAIN si-Rm NoRR1s'rowN,PA. EW or ' AWSBURG ' Emma ENN Flowers . . . MA 'mu With that intangible air Of Srnartness CARL HENDERSON A L B R E C H T ' S ' FLOWER SHGP FANCY FRUITS and VEGETABLES . . .Wayne's Telegraph Florist . . . S2 Beautiful Work f Fine Flowers Better Service Wayne 2120 Fresh - Frosted 304 South Front Street PHILADELPHIA 6, PA. "The Best The Market Ajfordsu L. G. BALFGUR CCMPANY "Known wherever there are Schools and Colleges" VALLEY FORGE MILITARY ACADEMY Class Rings Medals Trophies Athletic Insignia Dance Programs Diplomas Commencement Announcements 1601 CHESTNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA 3, PA. 236 South State Road THE SUBURBAN TRAVEL AGENCY, INC. 27 Coulter Avenue SUBURBAN SQUARE, ARDMORE Authorized agent for airlines, steamships, cruises, tours, resort hotels. Book reservations at no additional cost to you through the Main Line's only complete travel agency. Telephone Mldway 90.366 I WAYNE DINER D1s1MoNE eff soN sswhefe the Cadets Like to Gatlmn New and Used Motorcycles 6? Bicycles 7 Sales and Service 175 E. Lancaster Avenue WAYNE PA Lancaster Avenue Wayne, Pa. LOUIS P. KCKE Commercial Kitchen Equipment " S . Travel together-Charlered CTUICC Buses for all occasions- Local and Long Distance. 1 SHerwood 7-1780 PHONE or Flanders 2-3100 UPPER DARBY, PENNSYLVANIA SUnset 94172 RED I-IRRDW LINES TERMINAL TRAVEL IUIEAU 69TH STREET TERMINAL UPPER DARBY, PA. fcnnmn A sus I BERDOW ASSOCIATES Gates Gloves Mark Cross Leather Goods Room 601 Bailey Building 19.18 Chestnut St. Philadelphia, Pa. WA 3fo7z9 WA 3fo73o Compliments of . . . PHILLIPS E99 OSTRCFF 1015 Filbert Street PHILADELPHIA, PA. GReenWood 7fI 3 Io, 74984 Established 1923, COLONIAL IRON ORAFTSMEN f Specialists in all Metals 1 Ornamental Iron and Metal Work of Distinction Indoor and Outdoor Wrought Iron Furniture JOSEPH D'ANCONA S031 LANCASTER AVENUE PHILADELPHIA 31, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of SUBURBAN PUBLICATIONS Printers of "THE FORGEll COiIicial VFMA Alumni Magazinej "THE LEGIONNAIREM COfIicial Student Publicationj WAYNE, PENNSYLVANIA Wayne omg I Herman A. Weise, Jr Insurance Counsellor and Consultant "On the Post" 1 MAIN LINE SHOPPING CENTER WYNNEWOOD, PENNSYLVANIA Mldway zf6628 Compliments of with the THE IRVIN H. HAHN C0mP1imenfS Of C 0 M PA N Y Gerberich Payne 3,26 South Hanover Street AL O E , MARY AN B TIMR 1 L D CO' 5 1 MANuPAc1'URERs OF FINE INSIGNIA Since 1898 Compliments of H. EDWARD SLCUGH Phone, Lawrence 51834 Estimates Furnished DOYLE E99 HEMCHER Plaufmwa THOMAS AND DOYLE AVENUES BRYN MAWR, PA. DANIEL J. HEMCHER COmmCrCia1 Cobb's Supply Company Office Furnlture Company PLUMBING and HEATING SUPPLIES f IO17 Race Street 5 PHILADELPHIA, PA. 1 21 W. Lancaster Pike WAYNE, PA. Wayne 4720 Compliments of the ALUMNI ASSOCIATION VALLEY Fone MILITARY ACADEMY Compliments of THE MQAVOY VITRIFIED BRICK CO. Phoenixville, Pa. Picture Frames Our Specialty CROWN ART PICTURE FRAME Co. Manufacturers and Jobbers MIRRORS CHROME FRAMES PICTURES MED. CABINETS THEATRICAL DISPLAY FRAMES 144 N. roth Street Philadelphia 7, Pa. B. STEIN LOMBARD 3'6o75 MILDEN ee WHITE, INC. Established 1874 o Poultry, Game and All Sea Foods 1224 N. oth Street PHILADELPHIA Congratulations to the GRADUATING CLASS Superior Linen Co., Inc. LUNDY,S NEWS AGENCY I25"I27 N. Wayne Avenue SANDWICH SHOP "Where the Cadets Enjoy a Snack" 380 Broadway New York, N. Y. Phone 9726 WAYNE, PA MArket 7fo229. I Compliments CCLCNIAL BEEF CC. Fancy Meats and Poultry SQ 401'09 N. FRANKLIN STREET PHILADELPHIA 23, PA. ll BAKER E99 YCDER Kingsley 5f56oo Since 1895 R E IN H AR T Window Shades and Linoleum Company Incorporated 21st and Naudain Streets PHILADELPHIA, PA. GRASS SEED FOR ALL PURPOSES Let Us Know Your Requirements 1 Atlantic Seed Company, Inc. Grass Seed Specialists 1 Window Shadi? I Fl Venetian Blinds Spring Garden Street and Delaware Avenue mo eum OMS PHILADELPHIA 23 Tiles MARKET 70642 H Asphalt f Rubber - Cork f Lino Tile MARKET 7'0I14 I 9 5 6 T. W. HAMMONDS COVERS ea BRo. for the Architectural Woodwork C R O S S E D S A B R E S Bryn Mawr, Pa. 1 5 NATIONAL PUBLISHING CoMPANY Bryn Mawr 5fo237 PHILADELPHIA, PA. Manufacturers of De luxe Year Book Covers and Loosefleaf Binding Devices SALU E! A . 4s?.4f- AWA A Y 'Mus ? -.I 55:f5:5-45:11 fsfsfef3a22f?E:: + "'35ij,:-Iffifzfg ::1::g,5::55ffis555f55i 9:55 -Af. I+: - "'1EE2s,-:-.-Er-If ":, . ' I .5555 3'-g25:5zS2s52::isE-. 554: :Ass-'-q:z2:51g:5 a In ,.-:,E5E3E1E3Eg .::.-.rg-1:1-255113551 315,-15ZgE::5EjEjf afzrzfzszfafsfez THE BEST MILK MONEY CAN BUT! WAWA Bottled fresh in the country . . Natures most perfect food . . . You'll love it. Try some! L T WAWA, DELAWARE COUNTY, PA. C FOR HOME DELIVERY CALL MEdia 6fo545 Compliments of I. GOLDBERG E99 CO. Since 1919 ARMY AND NAVY STORE MILITARY UNIFORMS TENTS AND CAMP SUPPLIES 429 Market Street PHILADELPHIA 6, PENNSYLVANIA WA 23436 Compliments of NORRIS IRoN AND WIRE WORKS, INC. 1 BRIDGEPORT, PA, V. DI FRANoEsco ea SoNs Stone Quarries f Crushed Stone Building Materials f Contractor Ready Mix Concrete Main Office - LLANERCH, PA. joseph Bowman E99 Sons COLLARS EG? CUFFS 553 to 559 Federal St. TROY, NEW YORK NEWTOWN SQUARE 1919 DAVIS AND REED oi ' "Wg-V A 44 f sh i .-.Q5 ' 'I I X D sum I A Q C , , 7 ELECTRIC AND TELEPHONE LINE CONSTRUCTION 3,060 West Chester Pike G-H-BASS 81 CO WILTON. MAINE KIFFE SALES COMPANY ' I A CAMPING SUPPLIES I, MILITARY EQUIPMENT T1 h S04 Broadway NEWTOWN SQUARE, PA. CANfLefg'lTf3'4'5 NEW YORK Q 0 Spoon s Sandwmh Shop Compliments 115 No. Wayne Avenue Of Phone 9853 Wayne, Pa. Asbestos Insulating "The friendly meeting place" Company f-IN THE SERVICE OF CLEANLINESSM E. W. Hoffman Ee? Co., Inc. Cleaning Supplnes - Sanitary Equipment 35,57 s. FOURTH STREET N0ffiSf0WH PHILADELPHIA Pennsylvania READING ATLANTIC CITY Compliments of Paper Products Company IO26 Race Street PHILADELPHIA, PA. Compliments of Freeland Manufacturing Co. WE are proud to announce that our organization lias insured tlie title to all tlie grounds of VALLEY FORGE MILITARY ACADEMY Quality Cotton Uniforms Headquayteys Since 1896 t FREELAND o PENNSYLVANIA BRYN MAWR, PENNSYLVANIA J. J. HABERMEHDS SONS Florists and Decorators of Distinction Q Greetings from our New Address 2125 N. 63rd Street AT OVERBROOK STATION PEnnypacker 5-0134 PEACOCK GARDENS Enjoy our fine food served in the pleasant atmosphere of THE VALLEY FORGE ROOM junction 202 Ei 23 v Pennsylvania Turnpike KING OF PRUSSIA, PA. Phones: BRoadway 5'f99o2 BRoadWay 2'828Q Union and Franklin Sts. Phone: West Chester 0741 Compliments of HOFFMAN LUMBER Co. West Chester, Pa. LUMBER MILLWORK HARDWARE ROOFING COMINS PRINTING Lithographers and Printers Phones, Wayne tooo Old Conestoga Road Ioor WAYNE, PA. Phone Wayne 1496 LEWIS UPHOLSTERING COMPANY Established in Wayne Since 1930 0 227 East Lancaster Avenue Wayne f-ff Penna. VICKERY STONE CO. A Complete Cut Stone Organization Limestone-Granite-Marble Greenstone-Bluestone-Flagstone OFFICE Ei PLANT Phone: GRanite 6fo75o 637.8 Market Street Upper Darby, Pa. NORMAN A. WACK, P. D. Apothecary 1 1 no E. Lancaster Avenue Wayne, Pa. Reg. No. 7198 Gray Brothers Contractors Cess Pools Cleaned and Constructed Crane and Bull Dozer For Hire Phone PAOLI 2800 East Lincoln Highway Bnxwvs 1034 PAOLI, PA. Brosius and Srnedley Inc. Lincoln Highway, Paoli, Pa. Telephone: Paoli 2250 1 LUMBER CURTIS Woonwomc ROOFING KEYSTONE PAINT BUILDERQS HARDWARE "Sanding Machines to Rent" ONE GALLON OF SINCLAIR POWER-X GASOLINE COULD LIFT AN OCEAN LINER I IT'S A SCIENTIFIC FACT! The potential energy in a single gallon of Sinclair Power-X Premium Gasoline, if fully utilized, could lift a weight equal to the S.S. "United States" 10 inches. This tremendous energy, when applied to your car, can mean RESERVE POWER WHEN YOU NEED IT - for safer driving. Power up with Power-X. 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T I 0 Phones Office, LAwrence 5f7777 R Established 1923 Residence, Mldway 2'O617 Compliments Of Compliments L EI N H A R D T ' S of BAKERY SOMMER MAID CREAMERY, INCQ STRAFFQRD HARDWARE Garden Seeds and Fertilizers Paints House Furnishings DOYLESTOWN, PA- Oils Plumbing Supplies Glass Roofing Materials Electric Power Tools Phone, Wayne 1574 LINCOLN HIGHWAY aw wma an am 0,4 1956. . ICE CREAM 630 North 20th Street PHILADELPHIA 30 PENNA. P0pIar 5-4900 , The ACADEMY'S Oonfdence in us and our products is a source of deepest pride and appreciation on our part. Wayne Grandstands are installed on the parade grounds, the playing held and in the gymnasium. The ornamental entrance gate and fencing around the Academy are also Wayne Iron products. WAYNE IRON WORKS WAYNE, PA. 6, g . JT . 60455495 "Wayne Stands for Safety" Phone Wayne 6060 DEVON BUILDING SUPPLY Co. Geo. R. Park E99 Sons HARDWARE Coal f Plaster Materials f Masonry Supplies Lumber f Flagstone f Roofing Materials to-, Mmm Spinelli Wayne, Pa. Tel. Wayne 0254 LANCASTER AVENUE DEVON, PA. , Phone: Evergreen 612962 Established 1866 The MfR shop W ILLIAM A. HEINE Music and Records CLOCK SHOP Cameras - Films 118 East Lancaster Avenue Wayne, Penna. Wayne 1750 31 South Fortieth Street PHILADELPHIA, 4 Repairer of Electric, French, American, Tower and Chime Clocks Repairer of Fine Watches For LUNCHEONS 1 DINNERS f COCKTAILS Private Banquet Rooms In Bryn Mawr- CGNESTOGA MILL RESTAURANT LAwrence 57,047 In Paoli- PAULI INN Phone Paoli 2381 Same Management ' L. K. BURKET Ei BRO. COMPLETE HEATING SERVICE PHONE WAYNE 4526 WAYNE, PA STRAFFORD BEVERAGE COMPANY Lancaster Avenue, Stratford, Pa. PHONES Wayne 0735 - 3088 Distributors of FINE BEERS SOFT DRINKS 1' I . JLEQEZAV57 Lf Me or HORSEWOMAN Me nous EMAN afndfhe 0 o o o n SINCE 1875 KAUFFMAN 1415.4 24:4 It 717 RIDING 00005 FXCLUSIVELY WYNDMQQR WEST PHILADELPHIA SHUE CENTER ELECTRIC SUPPLY Co. ' Srl Congratulations ELECTRIC to the Graduating Class SUPPLIES f APPLIANCES FIXTURES RADIOS LAMPS Propnetor SAM FULGINITI gg 940 Pleasant Avenue Wyndmoor, Pa. 5828 MARKET ST., PHILADELPHIA Ph : AD f 66 . one am 3 zo Phone: GRan1te 4f92oo Best for Paint and,Pam1: Advice- BUTEN"S PAINT STCRES 809 LANCASTER AVENUE BRYN MAWR, PA. I LAwrence 51,610 "If We Say It's Good-It Is Good" FISHER as soN, CO. PHILIPS Philadelphia Suburban Distributors Italian Restauy-ant Beacon and Red Comb Feeds OATS - HAY - FERTILIZERS H45 South Broad Street Malvm, 3300 PHILADELPHIA 47, PA. 1889 1956 Complete Banking and Trust Services uright in your own backyard" ,fi 'X , r i 5 it f ix XX E-.lzlffjxl I ae-we 5 2 so .ze Q5 W . - 'NI 'Q U F sg' QS f I' X ni Q A er Q X-Q85 QCA N' 3.1! X ..'... ' it . 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Air Conditioned Throughout BEAUTIFUL ROOMS 1 RESTAURANT 1 COCKTAIL LOUNGE f SWIMMING POOL X. K T- E, . -Q , X, wars ,flfilfgi-Q Q 4 f , wifi:

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