Valley Forge Junior High School - Eyrie Yearbook (Wayne, PA)

 - Class of 1974

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f, .M F1 5 ,- if , w zu f gzmv WMM GAME -2622 1 Aff? h 2 QM Q if '- . 1 V If K . QU .Tia V 117- 'Z I A A ...uf-g"""y ,f D ' QS fi X x if X251 Gil? ' x 2-ff ' ff! ggi' QB 0 ti' ,f 9:3 ff me f'i 3f' ' iw? ff 39006 . ,J f ' U '00n Lfjcpf-N IVV. ,Mg-Q' lv , -gf' 4. :J-44" i Li. Zplgiwc, Q9 QC! vlf? CJ fx I , J 1 351 NF QLQ 795 an 5 K If ,4 - 7 5 WSW S' ' 664 Qihpaf LMM57 QQ 'W - 21? Wwe don? 4-if QOH ea YE MN 8 MW lem .53 ,J Q wig ,1 , 3 ff! ' X 5 0"'.f I ' - " 5 u V-'xv vi Z5?5 gf5?MJQfQQ1,UJ ,B ' f f' f f fg illlll K:-A , wif 3 9 533 "' ,. W Q.Jl',Cff?'A" 677 0952746 75,5 3:62 3:9 Q, , law 79 C52 fb jfs-go Q ' 9:2 SQQVM iq .QV 5 23260022 'RJSQ-gi .J 3. 'x7'-i?5'Ak" ' Q, i Qc Q, .8 .3 3 Sv 04'OGX9XXX 4 iff? - 0 1 Q OW cr fl--5 Q 'fi C 3 140 5 Y . A L Us O cf N x1 5 f X W fs NK 60 2 ' x4 X Q D Q , , 57- Q gf? 0 X2 ,MY 'M' 0 ?,Xg Us efx 'A' ffm' fx L32 Sz X - C UW O N Ai APM QQKGX W K .xx - Q sf - vw ff ,ix A. , 'AE We A b no r , ' " A L ' A ' 'hifi' XQKQIS' f WO 'Boy 009: r A ' I., I" A my F ' I A, - X35 Obyfp Q f Q" QV' X' ff if Q25 , ,,,, xb A, , V X9 ,XJ 0 X Q J mi , 7-2, , N , 4, H n 1 4. V K Q00 Vgfpmyvoyqv 1 Hop 699, QB My x ,QP 9 NW? off XD 000000 ., , v My N , - . .. . , ,, ' v . M A , ,... M , , -.f ,, .., , M A , N. .,. .,,.1 ,- f NV, A - V W , V , ,L-, - 4- . W K ,. L., , , N V ,Q U X- , r ny: as -, , , N, ., N . , - fW,gw.Y . rg, 3 Lf., A kkw .. Avm m w ,, gw ,.x ,,, ,a l ia E . U W. ! , ,U , , . Q. gl- , A- ' V' H CAM, Jw Qlwbww MMMMWY 65 Cf, fifcyosx JLQ9QCrx'vfOd M 'I ' . W 43f53wXS?l23L ioxlfivgf 'W M Ut' Tfw' 'fbtbqwo 5900- 'fmmaiujdvntmw' ,WW Q U by QP TM dX ,, . , I 1 KAW I my .,, J ,. .. ,. Wk K. L -, - . ,rv rf 1,- W f . . A 5-gb' , 1, Ll-14 . 1 X' -, 1 W. . ., A . '- if I , . 5 x . . . Q92 , T - N 'JB , J' 'Q bmi I vfX A CF , 560 , I YV Og! Ov 54 Ybfiicgzgl f fiilifo -fig? p,,,?jjj flag me Q I I V Wg G,Og?f7'5,Qf3ZWfg, , O, M1255 2 3 6495? Wd? YS?-Aim mmmmwyjwii QiM7R g,q : 7 'Q 12 15 ' 5" LR, li ' . .s Q. LOOK U GRADE ERE UNDER " OCOM, YOU WOULD ON. END OF THE BOOK I' WURDS- W TRADITIONAL PLACE ILT HAV I , OIN- I NATED AL '67 R ASK J X R I K K OROUPINO . AUSE 31 Nh I THING. W AST NAME 1 -S' I If YOUE 1 EEOINS WITH f 1 CHA YOO ARE X X5 LOCATE VOIIRINTERE INTEREST- V I J' I IN THE EYRIE KN Al V l A K -THE STAFF X W X IX fix f'll,f'f,'l I I If I I M Q W SKI I A ' X IW A I 4 2 3 Y : A , I, 'r x V kkxvsix f igffilli, X I I I If I I, ILM f E7 I IM If J f1 ,' il A I I ' ESM ' L 'ig I QQQSWI rw-,yr 1 ,,iriiiiii1iiii1iziail1I nwlai inulinlisiiaiuiuiiiiiiiiiw 52 ix' X f, fxf-if . gx N. .LE 'fl' 522 ., -qjqlkt h .T W' Ifgfifwwfghr W :MM ""'l,,+M""' .,.s...s-est... W - ...-.,.uw,e..,.. N. xx wxgg - .,... M ,,:. -we few 'S Mrs. Kathy Atkinson IVIrs. Ohlinger Art is . . . mind expanding .SM Cathy Austin 4 wk - -:1 A a ix Julie Andrew .f -7 Y Q M 4 N -:A .K Q Angela Ashton se Af if X' X XY X A . . , Sic' Fa- sv 1 Q N5 ... ..-1 - nt 1... .gwgb .,. -E . ,,'A hm - Steve Arvan www Miss Sally Allman and Miss Villa IVIr. A. Angier .. I ,. -- xl W -. 1 r jyzykf-gg ..,s,.W-- I, 1 . I . I fffx.. fi .L if 3 ff gk: .gy , A --1 .w ,, 1 . g . W, E . ..,... . A ' 1"'-was H . ra. .wk . . . ,. ..1"'L . - .. .3.'13'9'4.f-1.. A .,Nes..Qx.- mv. K ft-1 4 I wi Q . .sem sv. -, 'f-' 52 Z Q -s W.. .5-,5-, , 4 . Q 1 - 1. 3153 M ... .wx , .'- - A M '- "JN . .,. s K L ' ' - 5 1. 1 .ski .,--.a- 5 L wigs. is t.. f.,-.QQH K K ' . . .,. 4 Q Q' A- lVlrs. Ruth Corbett MVS- Mary Hilfz This is the most exciting assembly I've been to! xl i ' xiii Mrs. Pat Albrecht ,R f 519 s E Nr -au ijg 1 The gang swinging it out at the 50's assembly!!! ...E .Si S 5 if ,S E " in the corner," Mrs. Sterling. Kim Alston ,- Qs. . F 1 Nl i ke me Aranson Nlrs. Peggy Carpenter ffl. Lita Alston E 4 Kirk Albrecht . e st' X if s s Dawn Ahlberg .- ZX' ,H A Qfn X' it fN s Aff or 1- ' ' Rift Q X-uw-.fb xxhj 5-I lll iWJ l ""'1mII'? 3Ei?fyQfi ml i.tllI! E' , f--Q ' tl I! I 1 N ifffsef' ' s...,:.3 ' .V 5 1 1 if mf . I - Sq' . cwwwwf!..e: .... Row 1: M. Shipman, M. Redmond, C. Clarke. Row 2: J. Salvaggio, P. Giarantano, J. Davis, P. Thompson, D. Marshall, E. Tumperi. Row 3: B. Mat- tis, R. Gordon, E. Shaud, M. Warner. COACHES: Mr. J. Smith and Mr. T. Compitello. Vi' My ,,.,, MGR.:J. Humphrey. Row 13 S. Smith, K. Silverwood, D. Howard, S. Christenson, R. Marquardt, P. Paro, B. Hus- kins, Coach Mr. R. Camp- bell. Row 2: J. Schuster, S. Papareillo, B. Scanlon. Row 3: T. Fortmann, S. Viguers, M. Browne, T. Caulk, U.In- gram, K. Osbourne, G. Bay- nard, R. Shepherd, C. Brown. ii? w-of MGRS.: D. Christian, B. Hunt, M. Glennon, M. Osborn, B. Sut- ter, J. McGrath, J. Latimer, Stover, B. Geter, J. McGuin ness, E. Redmond, Coach Mr J. .S. Young, S. Craddock, B. Hol- land, D. Coles, B. Falesco, D. Gillick, S. Hinterleiter, B. M onsen . Row 1: L. Fulton, S. Wheeler, Coach lVlrs. D. Maddock, L. Bobb, A. Burst. Row 2: K. Nlooney, P. Deans, P. Shelton, K. Kincaide, L. Alston, A. Ross, J. Jon'lmersbach.Row we 3: P. Donches, B. Delaware, P. Sedlacek. ..,. ..,, - .eeeae .M S-"' I. Langan, K. Brown, S. Darrell, Coach Miss D. Girlamo, K. Newell, D. Stroman, S. Marcantonio, V. Banks, D. Franklin, S. Pope, D. lVlcCann. girls basketball 5 i Ju I i e Borger '-.... Becky Baxendell gig: :- . 11 Doris K Bickel B Sue Barker V-"""'--.- I guess our bus is late again. 6 , Q Miss Rachell Bartlett The ladies enjoy an orange juice toastat 9th grade breakfast. 6 v 1 fm 5 4 XA 'KNWMWM iwwmmwga Beth Britt l .. J X f Nz Anne Bulger ,,,' A -.... -we . F5 Q.. ,ii Mrs. Barbara BreMi ller Andy Buzby , ,Q , A 5 .wal Merritt Browne fa fa , v r P: yi.. New , ii. Rob Bookham mer Kenny Bell Hi out there. What's happenin' . Silver 'I I walk into the bathroom, getting a slight whiff of cigarette smoke. . .Here are some of my friends--Jeff, Scott, and Richard. I tell Jeff about this afternoon, and how we're going to get up a game of football .... We look out the doors to see if Mrs. Yost has gone into the classroom, because then we can go the wrong way to class. No, not yet .... We go back in and start telling jokes. We talk about the grades we're getting. "Take another check, " Isay to Jeff .... Good, the teacher went in. . . ."See ya, Jeff." Ladies, what is going on in there'?? , Af. 4 1, W., V, A ,v Ted Buerger 41 f z fy' Mft.. f .-121, Vic Straight teeth, a pretty smile, Bufflss but is it worth it? choppers--a sign of growing up Peter Bateman ffffif S A W ,.,,. ' Bratschi Brian Burns rt 3,-, l Bfidgef Q., .-.t Braithwaite Rosanne Bobb l llll , ,,,, Bruce 3 i 'Li'i' Bradburn Julie Brown B l' l a n A ,474 Butcher 3 A" , 4 1 -s ,,-, 'ba 'ff-45? 'ur mf f " If 5f'Ls1'lQ1Q'. 23 JA Wi' X Mil ,gf f LL ir M 4' r .r Af V, r Q gf Q is l kwa gi 4 iw k X 4 f be-Tk , f' 1 f 1 Virginia Harvey Irene Marilyn Ann Barajas Brown Boettcher Blumenthal Burst Such lovely harmonies. 55 - Z W N 5 yr I K r r r " ff ",V 0 Tgiiff-4 ' 1 ill Ji "4" Jak' K , My elel ff' 3. i'L?-ry l lift. is ,li l, e r , 6 ,. V,, ,, .L V ,Li fy VJ ,rl 'V ,fi -,,, I 9 ,gn .V ,C 'A M14 ripffl 1 v M Q ., --sr , - V ' 5, R 4 4, I U .,-f if 5 ,i H f V ' , ,v gr, . 25,3 1 n V i ' 1 r l f 'l - if 7 lla. , I V K ' ,f- k,VV r L Wm'-is K .mlffbfy 3 , ,. , f. Q L A A A HUM? A ... ' ff wa' Q we , M11 Q., Broken bones are really in this year. This is not part of my Halloween costume , - , 11? ' I 252' " VH-f liz' Vi ea? V i eisr My if? Wendy Brown Y. E 1 Bill Bones 1 4? f A Leslie Bobb x iflwx Mligiw ' E 9: W kr k k gf . A V 'wfilili ' , s wg ','1 , ,ix m ug I, ,f ' m E Nuts? 4 m G mo H, .., L 0 5- gg' .. M img A, , 0 QQ ,A B , 4 c nv " " 2 :1 -Q H- ,, f hvgrff N 0 " . 3- vv ' " 4 gg ' 5 mg ' U 1 , gm 4 K1 1: 1 I " 3-CD :Q 2 6 f 2- , B1 fb ff 2 V f ' , ., ' , fig ,ji fiiiif Q 13 4'z ,Mfr . Si L " B ff Kevin Burke E fn. A ,,, Us 354, Mike Beausang 'N ' 1 1 I x " 5 Dave Bischoff , F' in A . ' ,"',', ' , , -wil? Craig Brown xl' Q z' '52 V l' ,ilr 4 Greg Baynard Greg Borders Stephanie Blumenthal Mwfiw Clapper 'ww Pete Carson S . Diane ffnrnnvan A duet for the chorus. Kffx M M5 - S' W 'HSD WK Wt W M ' Q A X Mx K E js L N S S F X 5 5 S s 2 N f, r .Ax , rr Dennis Cronin Nl r r ,ff A' "W,-1 hip ly!! 1, nl" V. 'f f?f .?5Sfr'fi!i4P' Xyijjf 91 XX V W r X vw' QQ! x,,-- .gf xv r 1 QNQWX ,, ,J ,Q If .4 X U . ' ' " 1 I Y, WIQZ 52' f F Bgifi A ,n.2'fv'A'f7Qi if Q- . '51!"'r f fa' -f kkm rw Xx' vsp' 'VPN r J r 6 ' f X x X 41 r ,IX , 1 l XX N' lf! f lf, X X y V . r 5. f 11 Xe ff v ' ,,.,....-- fl '21 ,gg 'ff' .J -..w -'gi' 'f ' vw Qi ,Q Q aj 4 W, ' 3. Q A X Q Ny s W, W u gs. , f uf nv Agmg, wg? F, V , - 'if' ' 'll' , gp! , IQ, r , 1 ., 5, , A' QM ,.h. ir' QL in gf , H E ,, . Q ' f H my J ff f , ' Z2 v ',, ,5 5 3,3 W +1 1 . , 'f Y . at . 'E ,.., i f : I., Q ,, A if'-1 Quark T 'g 49 f 4: ir' .WM - 1. I .:.2:..l.I61-1 1 Q' I it 'I' ?!?lLW! ' 'QQT ..6. NQQW, Q 1' rf-.T - -ar " ' fx... I V. , Q f?..,..,,,,,,,, 3- v' i Q.. 'vw . d " P i I p o P P And Mr. Dave Cowburn 'i ng we 5 X QQQXQQ N W vw A. N 5 Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink. Ceiling A delightful reminder ofa faulty ceiling isa p s l d s q r p i r p u i l p i l i d p u p z a s r d n l z t h i r k o l p i D 9 P remember the gaping holes in the ceiling ?? Miss Eleanor Civatella Commandos, attention! ggwahan gfctzser 3232 .W 1g,.x A I I T ' '1 xg W ,,'l Nl g ' 'V , AWE 4 X Rich Luann Beth Connolly Clardy Caughey f - -, V I af , V ' I an ' ., fs, 2 i l ' 7, . . ,, 5' ' if f W af ' 2 1,2 ' ' ' Ma xi Don Cancelmc. Mike Clarke Wm. , -f ' , K 6 , Q Raph Capriola Presenting: the Color Guard of VF. Kelley bf Mr. Ross Campoeii M1 me. ' Carol Cunningham Tom Com pitello ' m Jenny Clymer Custodians Melvin Austin and Art Wilson Custodian Bill Tumilty Custodian Elva Roberts Ml' Em9l'S0l'l Cannon Custodian Amelia Barsby QXXXQX , x .- W 'vac iFXv N flQMnw, gf X x as E6 l,u,LU1 fix , N X Mr. Dan Clater 4 8? N X F A NX g:.- - ig?-333 Nliillllk ' n 1 X K Q xx-1 i Q Q N X as xNgq f- 5 sw" X f .f gi' U W Q f I f' In 3 'X ' s . N-,ff ,, If uf 'hL.nn9g ,fr fl 'l I, K I .Zi Y Y. 4 af ' Q WX Kiwi, C' KR X X xy Sb!! 5 I5 F xl K X Qu Head custodian Mike D'Orizio Custodian Ted Dowlin ,NNW Mike Cook 55151 'E' Z L il X ll A' Q af nl. F' Sally Church X I xx 'L ' QI! l 'Eli Ann Cochran Ithink Icuddled him to sleep. But where is he? -s.,q,W,, Cafeteria lines, a daily trial. xx, .11 Clean-up time in art. 1 f J ,JM Tyrone Caul k if' . Q p Steve Christensen Nice calves, Doug!!! vt ? L1 xt . Q' il l 9 r 'Eff , vgxng X X' L sg. as X l flwvtzwkrftf r' XP QN txvh Nf f N fAX,g,iQx N We - y WW' I A swakwufkf 9 ' R F. ,I ffl L? nl W if x7 , X f A X kff ! u l tra N Sk X6 Qpfxxfx A .ls Q - 5 f fly, ff, V '.-.'.-- 'ui N Wy dv f F 9 Q "':'1 "ft wk- J 4 M A --ls' lf 'xx till ww f V ., - l gf x xxx XX5 X14 ':':.','1 i pn, X f, was .f.: X. 'lk fl L71 - s 'Q bl, My O XQX y 'NI' .1 i f X X 1 v N ffxufb K X A - 1 ...ER X Q xx? wwf '. 1-lp 'usa ,gy I YN gag '. .i ll ' I Q Q f X n fi s 'N f f -2. U' h. N X i 'K k iifgiiiikllliiifwg liiiiiiiiiilllvm: U - Nlllllllllllviiilllllh- R lIll""ll"'fll-illlllh awww, l 2 Y will ,Q inn li 2:35 rl l Dish crew at work. bl-Q .'-if fix' . n- ,b ,A -I 1 ., X l- si N ' .iw , - 1 'Ui P 4 - ,gy 5 x f' 'N l Brenda Delaware ,, Q li Eg 1 XX X e , 'fx A - -M r 'err 2,34 Nir. Dave Danner Dom Demenna Dismissal .2g29... Waiting with anticipation--2:27 . . . 2:28 . . "Good afternoon, these are your afternoon announcements for Fri day, October 14, 1973 . Come out and support your soccer team against the Fire Balls. One win, thirteen losses .... " The dismissal bell rings. Everyone gets up. "You are not dis- missed! !" the teacher roars. Everyone sits down again.Then he say in a very soft voice, "You're dismissed." The kids charge toward the door like a stampede of wild ele- phants. When you finally get out, you feel like you went through a washing machine . Weil Q, " J AY Betsy Scott Diehl Downs Room for developing photographers. 2:36 '-Ynda Door Tinkey does the dishes 51 ,,' if if , V f,,.mv.,2, . Boy, he sure is ugly. x 5 X, Helping hands. Mr. Pete Duel' Dissection is something you have to be in the mood for. If you aren't, you really enjoy yourself. When you get your specimen, he almost looks alive. The teacher gives you a sheet to do along with the dissection. As I cut my specimen open, I think, "Man this is sick. What am I doing this for?" Dissection has different effects on different people. One half of the class groans and the other half says how much fun dissection is. Lots of kids gripe, but in some ways it is very educational. It's a lesson for your stomach. ,, Z3 4 fi' 5 I 5 , 6, Q' gf . , do o i , s Pam Paula 4' Don ches D 'Innocenzo it Vikf' ,,': K Q, jf iiri ire Q , e itel , Elaine Bill DiMonte Davis r l gg, . N l '--k"' -- ,gif - I , aes X Mrs. Joie Dugan . V . 1 E lg K at l Betts and the Batter--a new method of discipline'?'? . . " T223 I .h xg Mark Tessa SUSRI1 Dornseif Doeff D 'Innocenzo J' g My in -,ff Lynn Paflly Lisa DeIPorte Daily Doyle fthe great, Discipline--Homeroom 104 Valley Forge's disciplinarian, Mr. Betts, prefers observation to his choicer job of discipline. But when obliged, he does his best to make dis- cipline a learning experience. New form of discipline--stand at attention for 20 min- utes--right John?? Mr. DiMuro's masterpieces. R Ss f N Iiw S : X . 1' we Q ' 9,- sa Where's the cham pagne? K sr 35 r mi What is that you're drinking, Quam? ,. Q25 if Karen Dooley cfff fs ' lf ,.:lil's4f.e:w'i-if-"ii: ' mi' K - 'N N .,g:fff'1.EggR,:,g: -1LmQ,,1.:.:. -- if, we " 4 Penny Mr. Nick DiMuro Deans s , mrs! -1: Z 'N' fgfzfv I' nib nfl Q Wm n' ff S A x O W C i iii N i 3 Xe 1.3 i n i u I Wi .isi s in Matt Brian Chris Dutzman Doney Davis 20 f .-ut.,..,... ,Ay Emptiness Without hesitation you hurry to fill in the gaps, Forgetting the train of thoughts that just held you spellbound . Concentrating on the emptiness that contours the lines of your face until you feel that smiling is hopeless . . . A . . . and at the end of it all you wonder if every- one else withholds frustrations much, like your own. So you contemplate a while, and decide they do, thus ending your aggravation . --Katy Erwin 21 X Mike Edlund Ju Eisenberg d X 'xg 5 Miss Kathy Egan :Ik Eleanor 1- ,M Egan if .t.t af E E K ' 39,5 rw .: -L., if lcss Erixlln Erlhard Lindsay Eakins . - 117 'f--. fi K' l,: i ':'L ' Judy Mr. Val Erdmanis Eckinrode Ml a 5354115 - kg: . ..Lk gg? sp -- X ' xg wr J 62, 74 Y Q Q Q an if W Q Q f d 'S 1 Q , wg- -' is as iz., f PM Section 8-2: lll D. Hawley, R. Falasco, P. Paro, J. Biedermann, J. Simpson, J. Bratchi, L. Aronson, V. Banks, K. Brown. l2l M. McDowell, D. McKinney, R. Linder, S. Horstmann, C. Freyberger, M. Lavanchy, C. Small, H. Holloway, L. Anderson, G. Lucas, S. Burst, P. Anderson, D. Powell. 2 Q LAST YEAR IN WILLIAMSBURG 24 Section 8-3:l1l A. Bell, B. Fischer, S. Sinkler. C23 D. Barnhart, S. Good, B. Lynch, J. Hunt, T. Jochum. C33 W. Svanda, D. Laird, J. Corcoran, A. Matson, B. Bay- nard, G. Atkinson, M. Ingram, C. Little, J. DeVito, M. Cox, AWOL: R. Bamhart, B. Tyler, D. Neiman, D. Thomas. I UC-il! V1 ss? H GNN iam, EY. GREASER PAU L W Section 8-1: ill J. West, C. Cochran, N. Locker, T. McBryan, A. Rice, T. Lens. l2l C. Vaughn, M. Doyle, B. Quinn, S. Shareff, R. Blake, B. Paridy. l3l H. Ed- son, J. Burst, B. Strenk, N. Grass, L. MacEIwee, G. Hutchinson. AWOL: G. Caltabiano, M. Osborne, D. Parker. Section 8-4: lll J. Bracken, B. Duncan, B. Thomas, R. Mc- Dermott, P. Adams, D. Christian, M. Brown, L. Hallowell, P. Carlson. l27 J. Manley, D. Zimmermann, J. Snider, R. Mann, D. Bell, G. Stein, S. Prescott, B. Ragan, K.Schwartz, M. Olinger. Section 8-6: ill P. Orleman, M. Babich, E. Levin, S. Bene- dict, guest, L. Wilkinson, K. Wiegand. l2l C. Kinkead, M. McAssey, M. Bradley, T. Decker, J. Heil, D. Brown, J. Broschard, T. Allucci. l3J J. Christensen, U. Ingram, S. Foster, M. Martin, K. Holland, L. Miller, C. Roberson, C. Barbee, L. Cosgrave, N. Hayes, S. Work, P. Bingham, P. Schneider. AWOL: D. Taafe, S. Heilmayr. Section 8-5:l1l L. Baxendell, E. Uricchio, S. Lorimer, S. Fisher, R. McComas, B. Caba. C23 B. Gelhard, T. Cassidy, B. Casagrande, C. Cooney. l3l D. Coles, N. Nudy, L. Davis, C. Baker. l4l E. Redmond, B. Nicol, J. Newberry, B. Eitzen. l5l B. Geter, J. McGiness, V. Platt. AWOL: J. Foley, B. 25 Karns, B. Munsell, H. Dole, S. Durrell. Section 8-9:l1l J. Swope, E. Nolan, D. Gurney. l2l C. Hamblin, M. Pfluger, J. Bravacos, C. Gaskill, S. May- nard. f3l T. Newman, B. Hooper, V. Burkus, K. Cronin. 141 J. Doner, C. Jennings, M. Ammon, B. Watters, D. Wilkinson, J. Conlan, D. Rossi, P. Norcini, F. Brenner, D. Thomas. AWOL: C. Holly, M. Reber, K. Newell. Section 8-7: lll R. Buckley, P. Warren, S. Baxter, J. Murphy, B. Doney, G. Hytha. 127 B. Carlton, K. Taylor, D. Piombino, D. Jefferys. C33 S. Qnes, S. Hinterleiter, J. Latimer, D. Thornton, D. Powell, T Miedema, S. Stacy, A. Kelly, D. Valenta. AWOL: C. Lambeck, M. Newhouse, E. West, C. Alleva. Section 8-8: ill G. Anthony, J. Knecht, D. Bur- dick, T. Hiser. 123 A. Goldstein, E. Collett, S. Hub- bard, R. Stephens, D. Aberle. l3l S. Rectenwald, D. Fitzgerald, M. Baskett, K. Okma, L. Hampton. i4l B. Carter, M.E. Linhart, D. Hughes, R. Hunt, M. Smith, J. Chestek, B. Minnick, M. Kevane, K. Kennedy, I. Parkhurst. AWOL: V. Wright. 6 Section 8-10:l1l R. Leever, B. Bell, P. McGuigan, P. Shields, J. Stover, B. Smrz. t2l L. Thielens, M. Pauman, M. Dvonch, C. Glenn, M. Kleckner. l3l L. Klemens, B. Niesley, A. Bar- shinger, L. Conner, L. Bruns. t4l D. Rivas, S. Burmeister, K. Weger, G. Batt, L. Tokar. AWOL: C. Cole, R. Etheridge, I. Langan, M.J. McKay. Section 8-11: tll B. Eisenberg, T. Holgren, D. McCann, T. Cooper. t2l K. Dickinsen, L. Borger, J. McGrath, T. Lumb, M. Redmond, M. Senyk, P. Bischoff, M. Stork, D. Wood. t3l M. McDonnel, D. DeHaven, D. Medkeff, B. Smrz, L. Hoese, D. Stroman, J. Verrei, F. Carter. Section 8-12:i1l B. Wilson, S. Pope, D. Gillick, S. Henkels, J. Ryder, R. Donohue. t2l B. Sutter, C. M. Riley, J. Woodman. t3l S. Marcum, J. Moller, N. Dunckle, K. Meyers, D. Smith, J. Quinlan, L. VanHorn, J. Scullin, S. Yedenock, S. Lovell. 27 Kirchner, G. Ku, J. Buchanan, C. Smith, A. Ashman yi.,-f-, I 3 ff' P ,,,4?'H' 5 Nw.-Wm, wnmwm-. Y R N ' Q Z4 f B 9? fa .. . Q, , , g 6 ,Q 1' "gf a 2- Qgfiqhifjl fi . 19, gfffi f 24241. 41 lv I 4 1s '2 Il x Z-1 E22- "cl g ft? , JKT We: T T to. F y fU" 1fi f , v t , as J N. 'fgiflggiwg ,. if 'Q J t Q ' - i L M T l Q g T L, , ,: , , , yu A f ,.,., fff, ,-.4 ,V ir., f ,V , po.-f ,, ,J 9' , 13 ,.f,,,v V, , . A , f M. 1 fm, :Vw f- f. ,,, r J . ,, ,,,j:,,V5fg5,y wg. ,M .ffl .M 'ff N 3 fag Q Mtg vw, fwfr? " , f X... ww H ew ,M ,,g,,yfQ.M to ,.,.,,,.1yf,,.m.,.. ' I ' ,H L Y 4? f v' rv Ja' 1 wi' W Z, l'7'i""!' , - ' f " 2 L . Mb ',, . 4130. 1 . 1 1' f ' ' 4 , av 44' y,,a,mQ?'f,,s ,Q5Z,y.f..,,5 4 ., 7.5, -. - V V gf , , ' A ' . .. ff ii. ,M . , ,, , ,4,,,., ,, ,,,, V V W, I ,V WM vf., ,WV 4, ' G - ,G LW'fZ"':M'wQ14f2LY"f,Qgfi , 4 'i ,I 1' ' V - ..-4. ,fl V, f-,W . f ff ., mp... Wx Ti :mafia if a JV Football: tll J. Casa- grande, B. Caba, J. Heil, N. Salvo, T. Brecht, G.An- thony, P. Marury, N. Nudy, D. Thal, D. Thornton. t2l G. Rainear, M. Rebenkoff, P. Murray, T. Watters, B. Baynard, M. Ingram, B. Kemmerer, R. Gordon, M. Shipman, M. Stenta, N. Landgon, B. Osmun, M. Holland. t3l Mr. McNeil tcoachl, C. Alleva, P. Nor- cini, B. Munsell, B. Ed- lund, S. Hubbard, B. Carlton, D. Bell, S. Laurel, B. Wat- ters, J. Moller, Mr. Lengle tcoachl. The Football Gam e The crowd drew around As excitement aroused, Only ten seconds more Our team needed a score. So they tore down the field With passing and punting To finally arrive First down at the twenty Five seconds to go And the tension was growing. It's up to the quarterback To do some fine throwing. The cheerleaders roared As the touchdown was scored. Our team was the victor. The "Eagle" had soared. by Rosanne Bobb Varsity Football: tll R. Mann, R. Mitchell, B. Priem, J. Eisenberg, P. Socha, S. Papariello, T. Harris, V. Wright, M. Martellucci, R. Ca- priola. t2l B. Franklin, B. Geter, T. Caulk, D. Howard, L. Shipman, W. Voight, S. Keith, S. Viguers, B. Karnofski, K. Osbourne, P. Paro, S. Christensen. t3l L. Behr, E. Redmond, B. Butcher, C. Davis, R. Peiffer, S. Johns'on, T. Callahan, R. Rainear, S. Arvan, S. Rudderow, C. Maclean, R. Marquardt, U. Ingram. t4l B. Hunt, P. Carson, B. Williams, M. Johnson, K. Bell, S. Downes, J. Rychlak, C. Brown, B. Casagrande, E. Thornton, B. Holland. Coaches Mr. Fleek, Mr. Sweatlock, Mr. Young. W ' 7 ' 7 The calm before the storm. On Friday, October 26, students and teachers at Va ley Forge succeeded in bridging the generation gap when they at- tended the highly successful first "5O's hop", sponsored by the Eyrie. The dance was a sell-out that could have rivaled American Bandstand . Credit for such great student response should be given to those teachers who were brave enough to come to school that Tuesday dressed in the style of the 50's for their part in the year- book assembly, where they danced to all the old favorite dances, such as the jit- terbug and the twist. Parents must have looked at their sons and daughters with nostalgia as they left for Friday night's dance, the conventional dress of the 70's was shed for the traditional 50's get-up. Bobby sox, saddle shoes, big sweaters, long pleated shirts, and ponytails were "in" for the girls, and greased hair and leather jackets for the boys. The disc jockeys, llflatt Hirsch and lVlr. Z , spun old records of the 50's while sitting on the colorful platform which the yearbook staff had decorated. The cafeteria looked especially nice too, with the streamers on the ceiling and saddle shoes painted on the windows. ln spite of traffic jams on the packed dance floor, a contest was run for the nest "dance" couple, the prizes being free yearbooks. At the stroke of 10:30, all the students didn't turn im- mediately into pumpkins, but by lVlonday ' things were back to normal. , f 'OX 3 ii Mic roonio vaddio zoot. '21, 4 rw, ff Z' 1 jf y f -.1 V g M "eff L"f' f 4 ,,,, Y V,,w,1W ..., , V, i' A ,,, H gi RAE 'f AQ , 5, it V we ' A 7 ff ,, Q, ,"A f H - W ee e ' . ' Y. ...S . . And here they are: Matt Marvelous and Big Z! l ,1.1g:Q , S QQ RX KX as R X wk Bri' Nick Falcone Betty Gisher Dave Fultz . ' erm 9 ,.,,,,,,A , , r Ns si N Mary Fox .,.. VL it F F F or aeoa K . K .. - Lk-L iff? -,wx Peter Lynn Fritz Fulton Students learn to FACE problems from Joe Frazier's sparring partner l . K iii X Mr. Robert Fle ' F ACE ... L Brandywine College. Kim Fazio Lisa Flint -xQ,..f - F it ., si ' 1 Y is hx Q K ff J F ,. N-. 4 Q , x new ,1' iXbQ' F li. F TOFTI Harry M el issa Jon Brent F0l'fmaf1f1 Fisher Frost Fed ora Franklin Xl ,ir i f. ef Antimo Ferilli Bruce Francis 04 FF, f f 'WMD 1' , 5 fx em ,Q ,fu ir washington field trip Could there be two tapes hidden here??? Free sample from the Bureau of Printing and Engraving??? Russ Mann visits Gov. Shapp in Harrisburg. King Richard 's Castle. 34 Who knows what's going on here??? FIELD TRIPS 9th grade: "FieId trip, what's that?" S.T. Remember: Gettysburg? --the gross hot-dogs we had? Rememberzhiking to Valley Forge Park? --Nlrs. lVliller's new sneakers, no socks and two blisters? --Hay fever sufferers who got to ride home? --Planning Nlr. Campbell's party? --20, 000 kids crossing Valley. Forge Road with a police escort? 8th grade: -the guy who shot the cannons? Remember:the mini-science -field-trips? --lVlrs. Gillette not letting us go to Tinicum Marsh? --having two English classes in a row because everyone else was on a field trip? Rememberzwilliamsburg? --buses with noibathroom'si? 'sil is L F --singing Yellow River? ' --playing crazy-8's? --wantingto go swimming at 5:00 AM? --almost getting caught smoking? --not being allowed to cross the highway? -the spiel on the shuttle bus? --Virginia is for Lovers shirts and clay pipes? --unbearable heat on the bus? ' Rememberzthe zoo? --sopping pants? --soggy worksheets that never got filled out? --frozen orange juice? Remember:Washington, Gettysburg, and Harrisburg? --Jim kissing Liz three times on the way back? A --stopping near the wax museum for dinner and asking, "Are we eating here?" , and IVlr. Shaughnessy saying, "Yes, we are having wax beans"? --all the dollar bills at the Bureau of Printing and Engraving 7th graders: making you drool? "Field trip? What's that? ls it anything like a gas shortage?" iss KN fi Li X559 'Y wf ' 7 3 sfjf' J' , l . i A, -, A 1. .f . ...g-,pu-q,-,,,., Mr. Dave Grace ...-ni 3 411- an Mrs. Becky Gillette Miss Diane I Keep off the grass! Y I W F ,waz f '::' K. A7 , 5: 1,4 m ay , , M .-, , -, ,J Yj v X ,, -gn age gy Vi, , ,Q ,, f I 'f2':' gi' . f' Q n yt ij i JR f ,fi 2,, 'N' I, li ,L John Gleichman i. .. I 2 W I 1 1A'Yl! V4 ' me . M rs. Bonnie Gerrie Pop that bubble! Ted Grosho I z Q f... 4 . if--of A lv M? -ULN L A. X. Adam Goldstein 37 of f v ff 1 Julie Griest Bill Gray Rx., r f x - or Kathy Geary , .Y 2 v 8 Betty Greenwood V" is for VICTORY. VARSITY HOCKEY: fKneelingJ N. Norris, C. Sharpless, V. Schul, B. Kershner, C. Townsend. fSittingD A. Ross, P. Deans, C. Park, B. Delaware, C. Shimer, J. Nlackey, C. Nleyers, G. Wiedenman. iStand- ing? K. Mooney, W. Pollard, P. Sedlacek, K. Munsell, J. Nloller, D. Leidheiser, K. Fazio, S. Glenn, T. Doeff. JV HOCKEY: lKneeling7 J. Filipone, L. Kirchner, C. Kirchner, D. Mc- Cann, L. Wilkinson, W. Thornton, C. Baker. Standing? H. Holloway, S. Nlarcantonio, S. Davies, J. Buchanan, J. Scullin, K. Anderson, L. NlacElwee, J. DeVito, K. Lehr, J. Ross, T. Garcia, V. Burkus. Okay, now here's our game plan. 38 "-"ul Mrs. Doris Howard ' 9? The You couIdn't possibly have heard that because I didn't have the machine turned on! Homeroom--the calm bef storm. storm. ore the WJ L , w x Mrs. Barb Harakal I ,Ki 1 1 V ,W 1 ,V ,A in M ki Mr. Bob Hewitt HUZAWWK LBULRMMDJLW VALLEY FORGE JUNIOR HIGH bcrzoor, HALL PASS NAME LWQ JZOMLE DATEQIQQ 53 0 T0 L60 FROM 'MO Room Number Room Number ,YLLHHCUPY UML L ING 41105 1, 'I -gw-1 c L "' ,I f' ' y ' R JRL x MIM signauw TA - ' Mu f me Jl lr, Q ' L I .rf , , N, l , ' 3: "l??2ILf"' " , . , Hanging around in room 814. X The Hall Monitors hanging out. W" 'U ,- ' .3 2' L Q' 1437?5f35'fzM?f?'f"7fxf'i,fQ!E4W ' . we V. W -how, V an 1, iS ' 'R 3 . g 16,3 N The latest fashion in X . if , 1?-ii: t N , .." 1 Nancy Hawkins Robin Harrison 45 gg John Hopkins awe ,f awfiowe hair emphasizes togetherness. .U f 2 ft? a cv 1 f af T ' ,nl f wg, ' J i , , K ' pf w A x ,I -, 4 .:5s,. ' ' Q ,J fi'-2llw?.2se E4:l, E3 . iff' ,g - . . Doug Jim Houpt Hess . X 4 Q Susanna Heilmayr X. p -- ,ls K Diane Hanington fl ff. . -1 is is 5 f ' QA 3 , K .. is wr igs .fig :X Mrs. Milliken's winning Halloween display. Con- Doug -I-ina grats homeroom 815- Hullhorst Hastings , Q, g if .f ,L Q ! 3 X I QV ' 5 y ,, . T f y. ' B0b -qw Q' Barbara Cheryl Matt Hawley Hobbs Hickson Hirsch Norby Heil N. f b ii U' if i,i.. i no so ff L . 5 I6 K N: in , . TA is hz, R L Am L Hayward Xia 'NS Q. Tom Harris A h Bill Hirst wx Are you sure this is going to become a smock? Miss Sally Hamer I think I broke the machine. N111 -1- V,xi:i .V,..A 4 X g vm., . . Q Mr. Jake Hopper ,QQ I fi ivy wx- 'Vi 5 Pinning the pattern is my favorite part 41 Mn 1' 1 iffy Rob Hoeflein Q, .vs gf, - WNQQEES J 0 X X if Q Mike Hyatt .8 ..,, V 1 Dru Hinterleiter gg i is Doug Howard Qty N30 John Humphrey A s 1 1 5 2 s Q 1 1, BM X .ie N 5553152 Q, X 1 X .. xx 5-f E Q i Y 2 1 1 z -. V . k5'5f :i' I ft .Z Q Joanne Horton K - - ffiztrgll M gg -1 iff Tim Hurd Donna Hunt x X . xg ' NX Q x , M KX , X. 1 M Peter Hurley F S wwe, . , -4 Wfisr me Brian Hoskins ,cu F -S59 w 0- t W Jean Jom m ersbach .,., ' 1 '. .113 -:H may I ndy Jones IU' ,tx .tr -'r Kathy Kincade Mrs Bonnie Julian ,1 'i',l', , r ii , N ,gf -, kiih ig 4 . l:.,,1y " i i Kautz Wflf Qifwpfvl 'iw ' ,J E iii r .Z'Q0,.gu2wTE:g?2x ,49g,'WQW . - fn : kiwi 2 M in ii i'Kf'0:'!'a ,Q .X li.-Ynifii H2 si 'J Q f f , x un er gl'!,4.A7 Mm 1 f iU'ivvnifZg fay, -WW Gary Kirsinger 9 I vi' 751 1 if wa 'S 'V ,QT .ix I, I3 Qi flung., .lik N ii if X ii' RW i ii XR 11- ml iieiimiv 'W'-we' rlwim 11- n "Hia nu. iiiigiifr. Ailiilit I QQ ! i 1. nil Steve Keith Bob M Karnofski Miss Toni Johnson 81 Friend 43 Kitchen Staff Mr. Gary Kerschner Wf .. X sss r , ss 3 . 4 fx, 5 ,, KE 1. "" ' 3 rsCC C M9 f Q Mrs. Linda Lenard LACROSSE COACHES: Miss Watters, Mrs. McNeil. lacross ,995 ,1 f f f. 7X1 Diane Sue Leidheiser Lemmond ., N..a E., : E I ltt' ,f,k I Lk ji l jiz L.,W,1:., .,,-. Q kW:3.51 : - - i l ' 1 5ry, L . ,.:,V . . Xgz. , ' 1f , it ,- A Xie X it . am 1' ' w NE Ow x ' 5, M as 1 A Wim W1 fx F QQ ix K is X E N W , x , 3, .X KF is 3 N' X 'Q wks, C X if K fs X s U' s Y XDA Y x Q sw , Q., , X N Q X Q Q x Is that edible? Library Aides Penny Deans and Kim Fazio. - - ,FF-ily' . Kathy Laking i fiifi eii Chase Lawrence Mrs. Jean Lynam Ann Lehr Latin Projects to brighten Mrs. Yost's day. 45 Q S r A ,., if Wm Another 8th grader with locker trouble? I 1 85155 ' , E Jerry Joanne Laroque Legg x Yin Roger Linton Mi WWW 'sr f X f nr ,, Denise Linn John Lord 'Ps I can see why they were lost. . . WW f X D QL ' s , ,f v' , ,,- , . L 'L if 1? Q? 4 Mx L W an , , Mr. Jim Lengle J-"5 Why were they found'?'?? 'xx ' 3 ,xg " , r. B 31? sy f f- w ' f wi L35 3.21':J.x'q '1 Mrs. Linda McNeil 84 Mr. Sandy McNeil ff fl 47 - I l , , , Sf 1 0 1 K 1 f x . 'vw' Joan Ted Wendy Moller Martin Middleton ,,Q,wlH ,V H V i V 'gmvsfaw 3 9 l 3, 1 .. S8291 l ' I l l V' ' Barb Tim Libby MacFarlane McMahon Marshall MAJORETTES: Row 1: B. Bell, M. Toroni, C. Young, L. VanHorn, T. Williams. Row 2: L. VanHorn, T. Garcia, N. Kundert, N. Robinson, K. Ohlinger, L. Flint, K. Laking. Blow it baby! I want to be a livin' man. ,F 'M rx A ,ii A as Q' A -1 A fr Mrs. Kathy M cCausIand f ,..a af A "' - V 4, V V. of fe , ' 5' V 1 1 X lr. 1 ,QIIKN , A Barb Sue Steve , Did you ever try to play a baritone Mealing Meyle Miller and a trombone at the same time? popular movies of '73-'74 GREAT GOOD OK AWFUL BILLY JACK 802 107, 107: OZ A half-Indian mystic tries to help a southwestern "freedom schooI" by violence. PAPER M OON 607, 302 52 SZ A conman and a young urchin outwit fools in the Midwest of the 1930's Depression. 7-UPS 352. 407, 101. 157, Seven New York city de- tectives try to track down the Mob. POSEID ON ADVENTURE 507, 352 56 1071 An ocean liner is turned upside down by a tidal wave, and a handful of survivors try to escape. 48 E i Joanne Mackey 14 4 AM' Cort Mac Lean Michelle McCall w 1 f V "1 . , i My-, ew ' . xx,-I ff Wi. ?.l'.1ii1 f ar , -v Dave M cKinney .V iii" .0 r .A 61 f rx K f p,i Rick Moon f Mr. Nick Mobile See if you can guess who Rodney Mitchell Mu, - belongs to each moustache! Fill in the name on the line below his picture. Clue: They are all male faculty members! ww- l' 'Xi ,, u-.1 Miss Rosemarie Morochko f ff fo if f K , f 1 gc ij, fy 5 1 W Pam Murphy , Kevin McGrory Mr. Dave Marsden 1 y M s J?Qf1?ff hvhs as M i I Q? I ,i,', - M 2 Brad Paula Karen Rick Meyers Mattison Munsell Morrison Kathy Miller Sue Mc Loud 50 Mini-biking in Valley Forge Park. This little card is your key to our Media Center. The man runs for no one Knows what he is running from The man waits for only one Knows why he waits Why does the man run . . . Because he has nowhere else to run. The man is a truly lonely man From the dark side of the moon The man waits For he only knows one person The man knows himself But knows no other. The man is a loner From the dark side of the moon ln search of the sea He looks, but finds none. He reaches to flee The man now is done. The poor man . . . --Bret Peltier Mr. Jerry McMahon XT f T Q f,s T r my - l ys T ..y y T J K, if T 'Z' fVW,,7,77..W,t, TT., G . Music means the Beatles. ,MED of - .MMQ wifes M frTs Lilarlne Michelle John Clary Mecke Mann Morrison Meyers 51 ,,1,, 5 'Q f if ,H qgnpwmww SNES Mr. Lance Miller Mrs. Diane Miller The View of Mrs. Miller From the Corner Desk There is something thats making me feel Out of whack: I think it's that crazy English pack. Mrs. Miller works so hard To make u We just sit an s smart. She sits behind her desk Watching t While rappin To make u Your "artistic But Ithink a he riot, g her hall pass s quiet. s an English teacher You'll pass. Tom Mason 'lx a t if t A s Wiz: fy ki X Peter Motel --Carrie Bartholomew d groan, we have no heart. drawings" belong in the trash, Lark Bill Muntz Madden t was F twill ? ttf T . Nancy Kevin Norris Marsico Mrs. Linda Milliken Mr. Garth Monaghan if 1.5 O 4 9M , Chris Mc Cann f 4 3 fi. Martin Martel Iucci 1 Jeff McKinnon ' I 'lm if I ', A 1, Q3 fs' 1 8 A Kelley McDonald . J WJJIWIWWFM .QQ X 'A wow WMM X X s , W' X N 1 X X W' f Lf x 4 j g ywvwfww N ! W ffl' Z A X MAA K Q W ,. J K ,, s .fl - -mf' - Q ' L , r - Martha Osberg L isa Oa k I ey ,,flf" fl: Kevin Osbourne 9, L , L if . ,K -A Kris Ohlinger X we. ,332 .k.. V' fi K ' L. l,,iCZV5 I -' 9 J - rr -:A' A .. K r ,. A k r M Nlr. Paul O'Dea 3-'S ,Qui 4 fi Swv XX X QT!! M M , 4 , , , W f . ff 71 es c-A ' V, 1" x I ll li' 'cl v ,f AQ, fi' ,qw ima L f N 8 'fx Al f f ,. i Q , Je 2 l 9'-e:fl ,feed ' 'ii' li 5, Dave Alvin Pestalozzi Pettigrew my E f 7 Wendy Pollard 5 5 Q l 3 Z 9 2 Lisa Andrew Will Patterson Pi I I ion Parkhurst ? Anybody have food poisoning yet? ,QQX V 4 E I've tasted better, I must admit pancakes LQ. A "' an ,,, ESLMQ9 FP4NHrugreR' M L5 we Q--. ,V 9 W A Fw L 'ff 1 at 1 4. x M , ,. f as nf 1 X M , The old fliperoo. .. "Z, I'm sure glad you don't cook like this. 56 r Pep at a pep ral ly Come on you guys, get in step. ,se-A-ew...-,w+-v-"r"f"!""f'f?'1 K , iiiiiii amaze. enx,nM,su:ex-- masmw :gfi,fiSW5'i'?klw..M-Stem" Got that, parents? As you can see, our science curriculum is quite fascinating. ., ,,f- V, , ,Q ,, , .,,, 5 6 6 if A ,iffy M, VA 7 1 Z , f Purple daughter of blue mother of grey the parting wisps of a clear summer day twilight veiling the flowing rills the sparkling tear in the amethyst s eye, dusk in the mountains where shawdows lie its cool and elusive, soft as a sigh --Sue Hillyer that hover over the dune-coloreol hills, I I Bob Patty Priem Perri ,ls f ' 'li' if 1 el "" ' U S ' 1 f f Steve Carolyn Papariello Park 57 r if v f W Wiz, .,, ' 1 Ww-- , , 4 Q ' s ,,.11,vl,., 1,-w,,, Nancy Prescott ,l if Dave Pfister ! ' 'f,f" ,E x 2. Q xg Bret Peltier CS. T 8. .W 4. fmh nv W uf M W 'we i Q, gg, Rick Peiffer c X f . K, L A YW' A-. J . Linda Norman 'fag Q ,zifg 3. Sli- i J M arty Mrs. Mary Nlcholsen Norcini r,.r- ' L Bob Newman Steve Nixon N K wx 'K 'kg Wax N R X YK R ' N ' X M Q Sf? ' Mrs. Margaret Turbett Mr. Rich Nocella 58 Isn't she always!! !! af ,,o . .. Q , . wit M Q - W' ii .. e F -W - . W K ., ,... x ai. ,X . 1. .xizbiii g-gfggyzr-' W ...Gill . K. A , -. Egg.. 2 l 1 - f "ML---I K., k 1, Q ' A . 1 1 5 - a3f,fM'-:hw ff Q. . Eg? ' - Q - im ,gisi f- Ex 45:55 Mr. Steve Riley Muna' QQ ..g.. J R R isss f m"Ms.,, .-,,. .' A . ' " N' , - kK-- "kk , Fifi' " N , icsfelsfw. so ff: :ls 5 1 ' A . K' :I 3 . Ns. '-K-.'-- ' ' I fs .W I K i WKLL i X " .L v.. - 'Niki J R A Q - is , .h"g-g A is is ,, , , Eg1 . ff' 'W ,J - , at M A ' Q i,A A s, . wk R 4 W! ,Q I? , 1 'F ., N, ,fgsgy , Beth Roark Ward Rivers Sue Ricketts QM , ,. ,, w 1 ar Q Q! ff' Miss Patricia Rumrill Nirs. Diane Quammen Russ Rainear Mr. Wannemacher Mrs. Nancy Rosenberger , an '1e,e.i W, J e?Zyes W ,za me 4,i A fam. A f 4 Amy Ross 59 John Rychlak 'FY i ' 5 Jodi Rabins WZ 1 a 4 , ,gf sf 'c' nf' Jim Rice iJ'fM in aww, 132 Ann Richardson Rob Reynolds ., A, , , IE-4, ,-5231 Q ,A gi?-ffneffif X . . - at Q gi , f - .rwgs ' ' .i , f Rockets away! Mr. John Rickards A . 1 ,JU i Tar, tar, and more tar. Mrs. Minnie Reid The door ought to have a sign saying "POL- LUTED AlR." As you walk into the room, you see the teacher holding her nose. The fumes re- mind you ofthe gas masks they stick over your nose at the dentist's office. The room begins to shake. You hear the banging as nails are ham- mered in. Looking out the window, you don't see the usual beautiful viewp you see a huge gray, scarred machine bringing tar to the ROOF . y q,,,,m1lQX mf 4 ', ,bf fy, A . . V f V ,V W..N Q ,V " J t Watch out, I'm under here. .T . ,t.' 'gil l X V .,,' . Q r,...,' ... T T ' f,,:f,fiz:F'i' gjvlgkfigtf if .gi " I" A , xy, ,,.. 7 60 Madeline Sirkis These are the dollar bills Mr. Stott prints in the back room. Bill Scanlon What! No Sea Monkeys this year? W fig gf ? 1 Scott Simmen ' f :fe .521 V' ,K Paul Spiegel 61 Mr. John Stevens v C ,si ' s , ll l 7if,, rftfxx A mm A ww, IQ-39" fl! ,ff ,, QQ ,' pw lltlff, fly lu x' Ml, JM 963545 'NX tif? 'lv vlll l M 'A l 'I YTRWJA Am A Q I if ,l L J '.1 my . ,, lrlr ., r 'X l Carol Sharpless i 1 "' 1 f l': f .",, .. -- . ww- fy Q, 'fszf' V in V f ' f ' 7 'f 'N f Qg,V fi ' ,- f f 'xy XX ' f' 1 . , it fl- Joe Sh irtz Deborah St il I Mike Steinharter Section 7-1:l1l L. Leever, S. Kleckner, L. Ciarroch T. Pace. l2l C. Hayward, B. Coon, T. Young, S. 'I Howard, C. Murphy, B. Luebbers. C33 W. Horton, K. Barnett, J. Bratschi, M. Redmond, D. Griest, J. Salvaggio, J. Redmond, K. Speighi. AWOL: J. Lunbeck, S. Perri. Children, happy and screaming Enjoying life as it comes. They don't understand the meaning Of life. They haven't lived enough. Paula Zupanick 9-7 "5-L. Section 7-3: lll B. Mattis, K. Cox, N. Robinson. l2l E. Thornton, J. Barker, J. Giegerich, C. Buchanan D. Barnes, B. Schalch, T. Pfister, J. Lee, S. Clark G. Slotter. l3l C. Woodman, K. Dooley, C. Weiss, L. Leidheiser, S. Moore, W. Osmun. l4l V. Mas- ciantonio, A. Sheeler, B. Vogelgesang. AWOL: D. Thompson. I I ,Wa f f . 4 ,yi A. Section 7-2: lll R. O'Kane, B. Zealor, J. Koestler, W. Linton, Kepple. C23 H. Tomlinson, B. Mealing, P. Schuster, C. Schmidt, N Norris, T. Huber, K. Subak. l3l D. Paro, M. Shipman, B. Clare, J. Turner, D. Wilson, M. Sandell. AWOL: B. Eisenberg, P. McLarnon 62 Section 7-5: lll M. Baker, T. Nolan, J. Kirschbaum, I. Castillo, A. Williams. l2J B. Christensen, S. Barrett, L. Weger. l3l J. Decker, D. Franklin, R. Fogal, B. Monk, T. Benson, T. Rudd. l4l M. Hoskins, B. McFarlane, T.Mur- phy, J. Lehman, G. Shuck, P. Formanek, G. Gilman, J. White. AWOL: B. Schnee, H. Roberts. Section 7-6: lll D. Spruth, M. Dalton. l2l L. Kontrye, K. Pennington, M. Re- ...J benkoff, J. Bradley, C. Clarke, J. Perri, M. Burget. l3l P. Miller, A. Granat, K. Oakley, R. Bach. l4l M. Bradley, L. Gold, J. Filipone, L. Pauman, G. Clover, M. Luttman, B. Bowman. AWOL: N. Salvo, C. Patton. Section 7-4: lll C. Reid, C. Reichert, M. Reid, A. Gerner, C. Peiffer. l2l L. McAllister, B. Andrews, T. Watters, M. Cruise, H. Parkhurst, P. Miller. l3l B. Lashbrook, S. Guerrini, R. Krish- field. Ml M. Newman, T. Robbins, L. Cooper, D. Newman, C. Rambaud. AWOL: K. Allshouse, D. Falcone, J. Minnick. 63 ,ff5'?g'? Cleanliness is next to godliness, 7th grade teachers!!! Section 7-7:l1l L. Van Horn, L. Norsworthy, B. Furman l2l R. Vann, J. Peterson, J. Kemmerer, J. Kahn, M.Ellis, G Miller, L Nagle D Marshall R H ser l3l L M ers . . . . y . . y H. Makoin, A. Turner, E. Callahan, L. Stacy. 447 .1.oun'- kle, S. Brown, C. Brown, K. Lemmond, D. Howard. AWOL: R. Etheridge, A. Pitchford. . H L Section 7-8: lll M. Warner, A. Clapper, T. Papariello, K. Brown, S. Gillespie, M. Leon ard, B. Blugerman. l2l G. Byrne, P. Murray, D. Thal, L. Boxer, S. Minnick, T. Berriman K. Johns, B. Kemmerer. l3l M. Reynolds, B Holland, A. Mitchell, Y, Ayala, H. Dole, J. Bovell, W. Dietrich. AWOL: T. Depaolan- tonio, S. Neiman, T. Shea. Section 7-9: ll! S. Beausang, S. Marcantonio M. Hyatt, J. Good. l2l S. Karmilowicz, M. Welz, A. Motel, W. Burgess, A. Sirkis, J.Mc Enery. l3l R. Betts, S. Johnson, N. Youman, L. Lalli, J. Lloyd. l4l J. Grenen, M. Stenta, J. Newman, W. Rubin. AWOL: V. Ruben. smgwg Aa Q "' W Section 7-10: C11 C. Kistler, P. Kundert, J. Mattison, S. Harris. l21 J. Atkinson, M. Baker, J. Harvey, B. Daily. l31 J. Hodgens, J. Scheeler, R. Beers. C41 D. Laking, B. Young. 151 M. Bryant, R. Davies, B. Osmun, D. Arvan. 161 G. Soanes, S. Kressley, S. Harrison.AWOL: T. Trice. I wing owe me an ice cream. Mrs. McNeil, are we doing this right? Section 7-11: l11 E. Bell, W. Thorn- ton.i21 T. Brecht, R. Gordon, J. Wood, J. Miller. C31 E. Tumperi, E. Shaud, S. Kneass, T. Williams, J. Hennigar, J. Davis. l41E. Wilk- inson, R. Pezzotti, S. Lee. l51 G. Kappes. l61 C. Bartholomew, M. Madison, J. Smith. AWOL: L. Beaver, C. O'Brien, S. Thompson. ' , ' wi R Section 7-12: C11 S. Hillyer, J. Finkel, G. Rainear. i21 N. Lang- don, B. Barraclough, J Fox, M. Moorehead, C. Hatton. C31 P. Giarran- tano, A. Tringl, R. Grosholz, B. Fitzgerald, J. Casagrande, B.Abel, S. Rudderow, R. Dien- na. C41 M. Dougherty, C. Nicholas, L. Wheel- er, M. Smith.AWOL: S. Goetzenberger. 65 Section 7-13:lllM. Quinlan, S. Stinnette, A. Thomas. C23 J. Thielens, J. Nett, S. Humphrey, P. Thompson, L. Kirchner, K. Cappelli, A. Hurley, L. Lorimer, E. De- Angelis, A. Gibson, J. Munton. C31 C. Smith, G. Ohlinger, N. Farmer, A. Scho- field, S. Lenhhardt, M. Shepherd, H. Pennock. AWOL: J. Belt, T. Curran. Section 7-14. ill P. Faretty, K. Lynch, R. Williams, S. Miller.l2l J. Baldwin, P. Marury, J. Berliner, A. Jose- payt. C33 R. Shepherd, B. Malin, K. Anderson, S. Oram, L. Kanter.i4l B. Tickner, H. Toroni, L. Shedler, S. Robin- son, A. Hicks, C.Roark. AWO L: T. Braun, P. Creamer. I wonder if they'll think this is counterfeit. Our handbook for bombing the bathrooms. Section 7-15:l1l L. Morgantini, K. Olinger, C. Kershner, C. Galbraith. C23 L. Achenback, E. Mueller, L. Rogers. i3l S. Delporte, D. Snowe. t4l D. Borghesani, L. Ormerod, B. Bristol. C57 B. Elias, S. Watson, J. Vermillion, D. Rees. C61 R.Aren- schield, M. Trudel, D. Ammon. AWOL: S. Churche. se Mr. John Stauffer Mr. Jim Stevens A NINE' bg i il 22 33 ti v ii? Y H23 W-ffwrw Nlrs. Marilyn Salyer Do whatever you want, just don't make me run anymore!! The beauties of the court. Jump up teachers, jump up. Good sports, good losers, Sports Night. 68 ' : , 1 1 it Q v f 9 Brian Steve Cindy Sharpe Suitch Shimer ii ze it 2 5- A, gr 5 , 5 '4 if I W Mrs. Linda Kosik Can you recognize these 9th grade STREA KERS? Substitute Mr. Smith l 5' 1 9 j '.A1 Q 'eit M rirr M X S - ,- f N M iriii N rrrr 1 M 4-'-vm'-f H ' Substitute Mrs. Sardinias Substitute Mrs. Svanda M ll 'N-A secretaries 69 substitutes L x ' 4 Mike Sullivan , V lid x N ..,, 21 me l1f. VARSITY SOCCER: lKneelingl M. Dornseif, M. Dvonch, D. Hullhorst, J. Uhlenburg, M. Browne. lSittingl M. Tierney, D. Parker, H. Brown, R. Bookhammer, R. Moon, Al A. Buzby, P. Spiegel, N. Heil, A. Shaw. lStandingJ L,C. Lawrence, M. Dutzman, B. Shaw Todd, M. Steinharter, J. Schuster, T. Grosholz, M. Johnson, J. Humphrey, G. Cal- tabiano, Mr. Stott. lQm 7 v, ,Q Vaughn Shanno ZH A Kath JV: lKneelin9l T. Lenz, M. Redmond, F. Doughty, B. Strenk, B. Nocol, D. Chris- Stmui tian, L. Borger, M. Senyk, J. Davin, K. Speight. lSittingJ R. McComas, S. Redfern, S. Kneass, D. Burdick, J. Burst, P. Adams, T. Jochum, C. Small, J. Bravacos, A. Taaffe. lSl:andingD D. Marshall, B. Abel, D. Midgely, D. Urquhart, K. Dickenson, J. McGinnis, J. Doner, B. Baridy, M. Pauman, S. Craddock. . .4 A ,-if . K Vx I K-li i If ,A . l fi' A gm Q' . gill .. . ., In if ill-fi 7th GRADE lKneelingl D. Paro, B. Tound, J. Lun- beck, P. Schuster, T. Pfister, T. Tomlinson, J. V Salvaggio. lSitting7 S. Minnick, D. Barnes, J. White, P. Murray, A. Schofield, B. Vogelgesang, J. Kemmerver, D. Snowe. lStandingD B. Mealing, J. Redmond, B. Grosholz, H. Pennock, M. Lutt- mann, J. Munton, A. Kepple. 1 L ' Y f Peter Socha Palm Pam f ' S e on Stevens kv.. E A- , r .if j student coun il STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS, 1973-1974 President ...... ..... L eslie Bobb Vice-President .... . . Karen Nlunsell Treasurer ............ John Bravacos Recording Secretary ...... Anne Lehr Corresponding Secretary . . Valerie Schul I am delighted to present your Student Council officers. Hi, IVlr. Yocom. We always get so much done at these meetings. J fi Jim Schuster 11 -r,L s, Judy Stoepker a if e M, Larry Shipman Now repeat after me . . . , Karen , , , ,,. 'Q J J J Bruce Skidmore Marianne Smith fn' ti if Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! ,,-.f............- K sin f Mr. Jim Smith Mr. Jim Shaughnessy Summer and School Children laugh, children play They have to go to bed by day. They sing songs about vacation, They swim in pools throughout the nation. But when September comes around Some children wear a frown, because School is here to stay until that Special day IN JUNE When the kids get out in the afternoon. --Wendy Rubin Valley Forge Eagles got SOUL. SS Sy . uy. T - S ,,.... - f ,t,s S 5 Q Brad Rob Ann Smith Schweiger Steel ss ' S S rs r S S S JSSS ,S .. Siie Mary Catherine Sharon Ken Smith Santamaria Silverwood 72 H, QQ Mrs. Jeanne Smith Mr. Ron Stott fthe great? . I N --s. l .B . .3 g, 5 1 S' ' 4. 'li' 1 i in ' J ri.,,w,,1 V 4 Q 'Z' f--: lsezzzfm' 'E W- - v fi' ' f 377 'H ,, , V 5, W ' o J , i s S , ,.e . l " ir A ' "' "T IQ' 39. - To our boys, wb' N ... K .Q Q. Q N S N fr X ok, . 1 5 wf A .A In Q Val Schul r ,S "': S J ,is . Q- Jessica l Spangler SHOP is not something you do around Christmas. Linda Smith Phyllis Mr. Jim Sevast Sedlacek 73 Mrs. Sue Snyder 1-'SN www .N f 1 - KX ef his N , 5 xv 8, s E52 P-A f' ' Mr. Paul Sweatlock lfyou mnHe atrne,l wiH un- derstand because that is some thing everyone, everyvvhere doesinthe samelanguage. --Steven Stills Wikff' it ,Q ,,,' V , rf i , - I nf , M, fl' 29' M A 'Q' ru., Mr. Steve Shew chuk Mrs. Julia Rice Miss Judi Walt iffy if Mrs. Fran Rodgers 4 U "Wow, these study halls are really exciting !!!!" 74 ' nhn..i..,... I pity that, hurdles !!'!!!! f, S 4 H x 7 Wing 4 ' 7 4 74 X ,Nga . ..1., Va' Don'1.tpj9x0v6r the wife!! silk Q A ! 7' x CQ X 'g,? x :PK 'N " Uh" Ca 'B . A 2, r 0 S "uf QW . .EEQBD k ,N A-Q", '- X ,Q ' ' F., A fr A,,...-Q. -'wa-W ,V Mal' W-?f1.!i 'll I y, 4 ,,VA H Q ' :63 ' ' 'M " 1 rf' "7 - mi M at Q , . . " ,gf K M ,V,, , , 7 , If KN X 4 an 7 D :Q In , q i h5 :, ., 6 V Vvvzw V , W Q Q ?" fi , I ,I :VL X, f, jrvi iw f . L ' ' I I M -g W f 1 ,ff ','. , A 4' " "' f, ' r' 2 4, .A 1 0,952 , wang ,, ,ff V K , .A 1.1, , WA4 f" W uma ex95g9gggZ5,tf1enfgy6A0' doljzoo !!! ' I .M . .M 0 -1' .w Mn.. '14 , . 4, , ,,. 1' 75 A 4 x -vi -ng .-fwtfu Z ,, .V I' 7,7 V K , .T .7 ' M ii? Wff' uf! Tennis is Love TV People have different taste in TV. Some like to see people win things in "The Price is Right," "Let's Make a Deal," and "The Wizard of Odds." Shows with suspence are enjoyed bylots of kids in junior high. "The Rookies," "Hawaii -5 -0," "lVIed- ical Center," "Adam-l2," "lVIannix," "Emergency," and "Barnaby Jones" are some of these. Some like family shows like "Apple's Way," "The Waltons," and "Happy Days." Comedy shows seem to be favorite for every- body: "lVIaude," "All inthe Family," "Good Times," "Carol Burnett," and "lVlkA9fS9'H." There are many shows on TV, and they are on many different subjects. These are just some ofthe favorite of junior high students. Mrs. Margaret Tappan X Cindy Trowery mg! , .E R, he X Y Y l X1 t TQ? Bruce Todd fs f uf, 4 T Sue Toland Mrs. Gerrie Turnbaugh JH. ..-s s L Greg Taylor Debbie Teller Mary Evan Tyler Tarry T T W 1 rrvs Cindy Dom Townsend Trom betta ig 'T 'T 3 T Pete Tunnell Mrs. Jo Trexler This test is really wicked. T ' W 1 Nl.-al' k M ar y TIGYUSY Tilghman if -:f f -5i s E M ary Jo Barb TOYOHI Tringl i X , if A IT1 y D ave Turner Turner 77 One of our many sets of twins: Joe and Suzi. '- . -v "Hi .N W V .5 W 'X ,mm x l ffmiwy f. W XJQLJQ , ,rs his Jeff Uhlenburg A . X 9 Scott Viguers 1 . 4. . - , ,a 1 4 L' x i ik Jim Van Dyk Fins. .- E .X- as v i 1'-VX 1.7 QX Q N N Winky Voigt valley forge is: xiii: Losing your schedule. Saying to yourself, "Why didn't I use the lavatory between classes?" Room 118. Throwing out all those papers you thought you didn't need. Asking your coach for a TIJJ card, when you mean PIAA. Taking great notes on a movie-then getting a ditto summarizing it. Almost getting to class going the wrong way. Not being able to open your locker. Missing an "A" by one point. Your ink S p gpver the place when you open it during art. geography-and getting a zero because you forgot a title. kind of gum ln your mouth just if into Mr. finger to Bruce Williams I El as R- 'ff W Sue Well ,I 'e..,,, y A 0 r T115 l Q27 W 1' 2 A Mark , Ward Mrs. Eve Woodson Miss Jesse Watters I I avi' l . . ' 1 1 x ,1 1 i ii at t TTS ni nv' ,N e N ' E Q5 I ' ,Lge Mr. Dick Wannemacher nf x 4. 'V Pe99Y Weaver V.. Carol Worm w ood 4 Q s Af: Mary Alice We called them 3 hours ago--will they ever come? Adam i-. Whiteman f 7 ' ' - ' ' ' 3 ,f i I' , , X r X3 Jay Ginny Kathy Whitby Wiedenman Walde .1 ' e ii 53 v X xg eff.- E I ix E .Q lim 'W J ffl fat, , , A x U Lu fluff ,l Scott Bert Laura l rlillmrmnlf lil y Washington Winther West Al! JMYMQQ A nv 4 N A f l ll ll" it mm ill, 'A il. ll H ,fo gf. mr wh .- 'll My lllwl s A lil fill , it ,E-5:9 ' ,JP ,. Wpcgff 0 7 .4 pffiy Gwen Shelly Linda ' ' " ' Williams Wheeler Wynne Westh off williamsburg HEEDEH rows 'hs But, I thought you told us this bus had a bathroom! What did you do THIS time, Mrs. Q'?'? It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Super Cooper! And this, boys and girls, is the very table where Tom Jefferson barfed. . . . ,IN I , ff Well Smith, do you think we can get them to go to sleep NOW '?'? wrestlin .. Q.. Q JV: ROW 1: D. Carson, D. Trombetta, B. Edlund, G. At- kinson, J. Uhlenberg, G. Kirsinger, K. Spe hert. Row 2: IVIgr. C. Allen, R. Capriola, T. Tyson, B. Priem, L. Shipman, M. Pauman, R. Nloon, R. Peiffer, P. Socha, G. Anthony, Coach Mr. B. Cubbler. Sinda Glynn VARSITY: Row 1: M. Rebenkoff, N. Salvo, S. Kneass, A. Bell, B. Thomas, R. Linton, C. Peiffer, B. Daily. Row 2: NI. Reid, J. Bratschi, A. Gesner, D. Howard, B. Carlton, J. Casagrande, NI. Norcini, J. Rice. Row 3: C. Alleva, S. Shea, B. Waters, D. Kladivko, Nl. Johnson, IVI. Julian, B. Casagrande, S. Keith, J. Gleichman, T. Callahan, P. Blankenstein. COACHES: IVIr. Cannon, Nlr. Cubbler, and Nlr. Shaughnessy. weird Is he caught'?'?'? PoIlution's really getting bad around here. The World Today What is the world coming to today? g ls pollution and waste here to stay? The fish are dying, the rivers are getting brown, Where there was once a meadow, there is now a town. Our energy sources are getting lower, Why can't people use them slower? Now we have a problem with the tapes of Watergate, Our President should tell the truth before it's too late. People are loosing faith in the way our country is run, We need a strong and honest man to do what must be done The war in Viet Nam is over, The man have all returned, Will they remember the children they killed, And the towns they burned? Another problem we have is the drug situation, It is ruining the young people of our nation. lt's causing them to steal, cheat, and lie, If they are hooked long enough They will eventually die. Pollution and Watergate, drugs and war, ls this the world we waited for? -by Sherry Marcantonio "'Note-The poet's views do not necessarilly reflect those of the Eyrie. SX X :- -11Ei x 'i X't fa wWgdW? 5 ' J L fir 'r nw ,Q . f WN' 4 , ,gwmhW,WM, , ff !Mff,1-ff V MdjW,,'fHw M,f. . y -,1 W , Q, ,J .. u ,W'Qf '!jp Z .' ., 6 ' f ,,L,,,,,,,,, -Mf' V! , .,,, Ei KW WWWW O :MVN Doug Zander 84 ll IRRXHBM Wann .., L J -X 1 5 Mr. Sam Young I . x i 1 s S s 2 Q Q 2 5 Mr. Barry Yocom Y Mrs. Suzanne Yost --,11:. - h A 2: .. , - Q6 . iff? ' -- :if ,. AAAA 12 b nn n Ray Charlotte Jim Paula, Yaf9S Y0l-H19 Zingg Zupanick Johnny Appleseed Eric Albrecht Mrs. Albrecht Timmy Albrecht J. A. Allen Alice lthe dogl The Atterburys Kirk Albrecht Mr. 8. Mrs. Albrecht Mrs. K. Pancoast Abell Mr. 84 Mrs. Cl J. Ambrogi Hank Aarron William T. Andrews Mr. 84 Mrs. Bob Adams Mr. 84 Mrs. Richard Ambrose Mr. 84 Mrs. R. B. Anderson A 84 P Gateway Shopping Center Mrs. L.F. Allbrooks Mr. F. M. Adamson R. W. Aberle Mrs. Connie Adams AlleIva's Coffee Shop John Ansey Mr. 84 Mrs. Aseltine Mrs. Alleva Spiro Agnew Mr. 84 Mrs. Allen Atkinson Robert E. Anewalt Mr. 84 Mrs. William Aseltine Mr. 84 Mrs. Bryon Anstine Mr. 84 Mrs. Thomas G. Albrecht Mrs. Alban Anechka--echka--echka Mrs. A. Adams Mrs. Akert The Benson Family Carrie Bartholomew Bohem Contracting Co. Mylinda C. Baker Beverly Brenner Mr. 84 Mrs. Beck John, Julie, 84 Chris Bravacos Col. Blake Mr. 8tMrs. Charles Baker Harriet L. Brown Nancy Bowers Beatrice Beasly Mr. Burkey Mr. 84 Mrs. Alan L. Buchanan Brunswick Billiard Mart James R. Bunce Braxton's Dog Shop Mr. 84 Mrs. William Byrd Mr. W. Bartholomew Mr. 84 Mrs. Elton Bischoff Mrs. W. Bartholomew Mr. 8fMrs. Daniel Barnes Mr. 84 Mrs. B. Bentz Mr. 84 Mrs. James L. Baennan Larry Book Jane Biedermann Mrs. R. R. Bacci Keith Bliss patrons Baggage Room Inc., Strafford Georgina Leigh Bird Mrs. Jean Bliss Helen Booker Mr. 84 Mrs. Bentley Mr.84Mrs. F.W. Beaver Susan Burros Sheila Bryant Daniel S. Berliner Dr.84Mrs. James Boyle Dr. 84Mrs. D.E. Burget Arlene Berliner Mrs. Boschi Mr. 84 Mrs. Ed. Berry Mark Bryant Ms. Diane M. Belcher Mr. 84 Mrs. Richmond Belcher C. A. Belcher Bach Lover KDMBJ Marget Blackson Mr. 84 Mrs. C. Ernest Buzby III Mr. 84 Mrs. C. Ronald Bach Kathleen B. Thielens Chuck Berry Mrs. Brown Mr. 84 Mrs. Betty Mrs. Bischoff Mrs. Gordon Burlingame Mr. 84 Mrs. Baugh Mr. 84 Mrs. Edward Barnett Ken Bretz Ed, Gail, Elana 84 Dina Betts Robin Brenner Mrs. Brant The Brenner Family John S. Boyd and Associates Mr. 84 Mrs. Lw. Beebe Arthur Baylis Mrs. Charlene Blake Claudia Bollinger Mr. 84 Brs. Brown Big Max Feste Bestfester Sheila Bryant Bullwindkle and Rocky The Bookmark Mr. 84 Mrs. Burkholder The Borlases Joseph M. Bolton Herbert A. Brooks Gary Byrne Mr. 84Mrs. Michael Buo- no Jr. I Kathy Aschenbrenner Mr. 84 Mrs. Barry H. Burkhardt Mrs. Jane Brigman Doug Byrne C. G. Bigelow Mrs. Victoria Benner Mr. Barnes Mr. 8tMrs. James Brennan Mrs. F. C. Boldt C. H. Burgess Mr. F. B. Bristol, Jr. Mary M. Boldt Mr. 84 Mrs. R.J. Boldt Vanessa Burleus Mr. 84 Mrs. Beausang Mike Burkus, Sr. Michael Burkus, Jr. Dorothy Burkus Lisa Bruns Mr. K. J. Bruns Jenny Bruns Mrs. K. J. Bruns Bertha Butt Mrs. C.H. Burgess Mr. F.A. Buckley H.C. Bearnet John Brenner Andy Brenner Ellen Brenner Fritz Brenner Mr. 84 Mrs. Ralph W. Brenner Lisa Beaver Mr. 84 Mrs. R.W. Beaver John Byrne Bouncer Mrs. Walter Brugam David Barnes Eric's Bar Mrs. Bickel Amelia Barsby J.J. Barrett Pat Barrett Mr. 84 Mrs. R.E. Bland Brother Michael Dawn Brenner Mr. 81 Mrs. John Biedermann Jeff Byrne Mrs. Joseph L. Bachman William O. Bradley James Bryant Mrs. F.B. Bristol, Jr. Mrs. "Grandma" Beatty Lee Brenner Mr. 84 Mrs. J. Bravacos J. H. Bloomer Mr. 84 Mrs. Howard A. Brust Mr. Fred Billups Ma 'n Pa BlandaiMrs. Q'sl Gretchen Brenner Holly Brenner Trina Buckley Mr. 84 Mrs. E. L. Behr Mr. 84 Mrs. Barnitz Hope Brenner Marilyn Blumenthal Mr. 84 Mrs. Balderson Mr. 84 Mrs. Leiw H. Batman Allen W. Beck Paige Brenner Tracey Baur Ted Buerger Mrs. R.H. Beers Mr. 84 Mrs. Beam Sue Burrus Benny Ben Sue Barker Mr. 84 Mrs. H.W. Bingham Marget Blackson Marian Boben Mrs. Eva M. Brady Mr. Buerger Peter Bateman Rita M. Brown Timmy Byrne Mrs. Buerger Mr.Philip J. Bogosian Mr. 8t Mrs. John W. Burket, Jr. L. K. Burket 84 Bro. Mr. 84 Mrs. Byrne Virda Brand Glen 84 Roy Blumenthal Beatrice Butler Mr. 84 Mrs. Charles Bill Mrs. Brown Mrs. Balderson Boozer Mrs. Jay Catlin Crat Center Mr. Cleaner Mr. 84 Mrs. James Chance Mr. Clayter Dr. 84 Mrs. Henry E. Clare Conestoga Class of '75 Judy Ann Cox Mr. 81 Mrs. E. W. Cramp Robert D. Clater Mr. 84 Mrs. Chmielewski Strafford Pharmacy Mr. Cooker Mrs. Craddock Mr. Craddock Mrs. Callborn C.W. Cook Concord Swim Club Mr. 84 Mrs. Cliff Clarke Mr. 84 Mrs. Clapper Ruth Churche Mr. M. Cruise Joanne Cleveland Bill Cosby B. Daniel Clater Mr. Cowburn Van Michael Chemical Co Miss Emily Cracolici Kelley Conn John 84 Gwen Campbell Mr. 84 Mrs. T. Curran Laura 84 Puffy Curran Cinnamon 84 Ginger Mr. J.M. Carpenter Cheryl's Little Brother Y I Bill Tim Cappelli s Sunoco Center Mr. 84 Mrs. James Curvan Central Montgomery Men- tal Health, Mental Re- tardation Center Bob Donahue Karen Cappelli Judy Cummings Mr. Campbell Mrs. John W. Clark Mrs. Peter Cerussi Mr. Bt Mrs. A. M. Cunningham Timmy Curran Mr. 84 Mrs. John P. Clark Tracy Cooper Decon Cabinet Rev. 84 Mrs. M. Charyha Diane Corcoran Mr. 84 Mrs. Joseph Cusumano J. Boylston Campbell Mrs. George L. Church Big Men's Shop--Chas. Sommers Comins Printing, Inc. Loyd M. Church Mr. Robert R. Coon Mr. 84 Mrs. Robert Clark Mr. 8. Mrs. Wm. W. Cochran Herbert Cooper Margaret Christenson Ginny Cappelli The Cocked Hat Mrs. James Crouse Loyd M. Church Brig. Gen. 84Mrs. William J. Carne Peter Costantini Crissy Cline Jerry Colan Mrs. Robert R. Coon CheerleadersInc.l73-749 Sarah Coventry Mrs. Cook Dr. 84Mrs. James Cancelmo Mr. 84 Mrs. J.J. Callahan Mary Ellen Callahan Elaine Callahan Dr. 84 Mrs. Paul T. Cass Mr. 84 Mrs. William J. Clardy John M. Chavous Mrs. Chadwich Mr. 84 Mrs. Richard Cunningham Clem Cadidlehooper Mrs. Morrison Coulter Cafeteria Staff R. Sl Cline Carol Child Mr. 84 Mrs. Joseph H. Christian Alberta Caulk Michael Conn Mr. 84 Mrs. Colson Mr.84 Mrs. N. G. Christensen Mr. Cambell Mr. 84Mrs. Casanova Bill Cosby Fred Cox Mr. 84 Mrs. Howard H. Christian David Christian J. E. Christian William M. Coffey Cinder 84 Friends Mr.84Mrs. Philip Clover Mr. 84 Mrs. Ciarrochi Cliffures by Sal 84 Anthony Mr. 84 Mrs. Colman Chris Colgan Mr. 84 Mrs. Rick Caughey Katherine Conn Mr. 84 Mrs. William R. Cline Charlie 84 Danny Suzanne Churche Mr. 84 Mrs. V.D. Cox, Jr. Miss Capriolla Mr. 84Mrs. Philip Clover Vesta W. Coffey Ahab Coffey Mr. George L. Church Mr. 84 Mrs. E. T. Currie Dr. 84 Mrs. C. Peter Cummings Mr. 84 Mrs. Ciarrochi David A. Davenport Mrs. Thomas E. Decker Mr. 84 Mrs. DeFebo Mrs. Daly Mr. 84 Mrs. John P. Dinsmore Mike DiMaio R.A. Delaney A.B. Davis Mrs. Douglas Martha C. Downing Rose DePetro Anthony Donato Mr. Robert DiSentino Mr. 84 Mrs. Robert Donecker Mr. 84 Mrs. Andrew K. Diefenderfer Lisa Doyle Carmela F. Deriuas, M.D. Dr. 84 Mrs. Robert Doyle Mr. 84 Mrs. Charles Doerner The Driver Family Mrs. Dworetzky Mr. Chris Danielak Mrs. A.W. Dudt Mr. Tom Davis Ann Dale Jeff Davis Tom DePaolantonio Vince DePaolantonio Mr. 84 Mrs. James DePaolantonio Albert F. Domenick George Douglas Mrs. John Dick Brian Dolan Mr. 84 Mrs. William Denk Mr. 84 Mrs. William T. Deeks Mr. 84 Mrs. Dolphin Mr. Dobbins Mr. 84 Mrs. Fred DiMonte Col. 84 Mrs. C.H. Dayhuff, Jr. Diantonio's Gulf Service Mr. 84 Mrs. James W. Dye, Jr. Doughnuttery Devon Mobil Station Tricky Dick Mrs. Daniels Dr. James Davidson Mr. 84 Mrs. David G. Dunckle Deadman Dennis Dool Lawrence DiAmgelis William J. Daley Dietary Management Consulting, Inc. Mrs. Domenick Mrs. John Dick Carol Donahue Mr. 84 Mrs. Al Decurtis Mr. Gerry Dean Devon Electrical Co. Mr. 84 Mrs. David Dupont Mrs. Cinque Mr. 84 Mrs. John F. Dalton K. Dodge Rosco DiMartini Mr. 84 Mrs. Desiderio Mr. 84 Mrs. J. Dolberg Mrs. Fred Domenick, Jr. Devil Domino Mr. 84 Mrs. d'Arcy Gerald Deangelis Robin 84 Deborah Mr. 84 Mrs. Richard H. Clare Dr. Davis Mark Dalton Ben Dover Dr. 84 Mrs. Joseph D'EmilIio Mr. 84 Mrs. Mark Dischell Dracula Damion House Bee Diltz Patti Dougherty Ben Dover Rita Duval Mr. 84 Mrs. Tony Durbano Joe D'attilio's Barber Shop Mr. Ed Mrs. Lillian Eimer, III Mrs. E.E.EIliott Mr. 84 Mrs. Elly Mrs. R. W. Evans Samuel Evans Dr. 84 Mrs. T. R. Engel Mrs. Julius W. Eippert Eddie's Exon Lawrence Everling Mary G. Eachus Mr. 84 Mrs. Emma Edson Barbara Eden Mrs. Leaman Eakins Mr. 84 Mrs. J.J. Egan, Jr. Mrs. Thomas Epley Episcopal Hospital Mr. 84 Mrs. Evans Lindsay Eakins Eadeh Rug Co. Mr. 84 Mrs. Engle E. L. Esposito Barbara Eitzen Denver Eyler Mr. 84 Mrs. Philip Eitzen Mr. 84 Mrs. Walter Everett Mr. 84 Mrs. Paul H. Engle Jr. E. L. Erskine Mrs. Elliott Eastern Controls, Inc. Nancy Eigenbrot Emme 84 Jesse Mrs. Gilford Fisher Anna Folgia Mr. 84 Mrs. Karl Fraidenburgh Andrew Friel Mrs. S. E. Farrington Mrs. G. M. Frost Mrs. George R. Ford Mrs. Filing U. R. Fatt Mr. 84 Mrs. W. C. Feimster, III Mr. Fleek Robert J. Fox Anthony R. Florentino Jeff Fowler Mr. 84 Mrs. David Farling Joe Fitzgerald Helmut Fischer Anneliese Fischer Mrs. Revci Freedman Mr. 84 Mrs. R. Fredericks Mrs. Filing Mr. Albert P. Fisher Miss Fontaine Mr. 84 Mrs. Edwin F. Finkel Mr. 84 Mrs. Willism Fitzgerald George Ruggiere Ford Mrs. Fogg Alta A. Fisher 84 Judy Ivy Hollow Farm Flower World of Devon Mrs. John Fitzgerald Fashion Nook Mr. 84 Mrs. James Fairchild Debbie Fitzgerald Mr. Folwell Mr. 84 Mrs. L. K. Felleisen Patrick J. Foley Sadie Foust Harry R. Fisher Janet Finkbiner The Fond Memories Mr. J. Fitzgerald Mr. 84 Mrs. F.G. Farwell Yolanda Ford Mr. C. Foehl Fleer Corporation Melissa Frost Phillip Faretty Mark Fieler Mrs. Vikki Filbey Fr. Gregory Fontain L.E. Fant Fanci Fare Gift Shop Windy Springs Farm Mr. 84 Mrs. Jeffery W. Griest Kathy Gallager Mr. 84 Mrs. Harry J. Gerhard Mr. 84 Mrs. Griffith Mr. Ed Green Mr. 84 Mrs. Gratch Mr. 84 Mrs. Giesle Mrs. Joseph Gallent Mrs. Barbara C. Granat Gateway to Valley Forge Pharmacy Mrs. Geary The Great Pumpkin Dr. 84 Mrs. Giles 84 Family Mrs. Rudolph W. Gleichman Paul Gagnon Mr. Gould 5 L.. Don Giovanni G. D. Grogan D. A. Graham Mr. Rudolph W. Gleichman Charlie 8. Ernie Gray Christine, Mik 8. Joey Greim D. H. Gilbert Gayle Gilbert Lisa Gold Goliath Michael Gold Mrs. Herbert W. Greenwood The Garvey Family Mrs. Paul Gordon Dr. G. N. Getman Mrs. B. S. Garvey Mr. Goodchild Mrs. Galt Mr. 8. Mrs. Francis J. Gray Robert H. Glazier Carol Goldsworthy Gigi Gllson Mr. Darcy Graves Mrs. Susan Gibson Vlr. 8. Mrs. Clarke Glennon 'lnomas Garvey Mr. 8. Mrs. Jack L. Gaskill Mrs. C. Robert Gruver M. D. Graeter Mr. 8. Mrs. Edwin D. Grosholz Mrs. Else Garden Mr. John Gibson Mrs. Richard Grosholz Mr. 8. Mrs. G. Gagnon Dr. 8. Mrs. H. Goldstein Gateway Pet Shop Mr. 8. Mrs. N.J. Ginngiulio F. T. Hills Mrs. Gladys Harris Mrs. Hughes Mrs. Christine Hovt Homeroom 815--tied for top selling homeroom in the school!! Mr. 8. Mrs. E. Holland Sally Howard R. S. Harvey Mr. 8. Mrs. George Hoffman Stanley Hopkins Kater A. Hinp J. W. Humphreys, Sr. Donna L. Hunt Doris E. Howard Elaine R. Hunt Buster Hyman The Hills Hartmans Mr. 8. Mrs. Michel Huber Mr. 8.Mrs. Hartfield Thomas L. Howard Mr. 8. Mrs. Hunt Hamilton Dance Academy Bob Hope Dr. Theodore L. Hill, Jr. Mr. 8. Mrs. R. Thomas Hedges Mr. 8. Mrs. F. J. Hunt Mr. 8. Mrs. C. F. Hed- dleson, family The S. E. Hudsons Mr. 8. Mrs. John Hamilton Mr. Peter F. Heilmayr Mrs. J. Huntsman Handy Shop Linda Hosso Mrs. Frederick Hassold Mr. 8. Mrs. Lyle F. Hilton Mr. 8. Mrs. David G. Hodgens, Sr. Mr. 8. Mrs. David G. Hodgens, Jr. Mr. 8. Mrs. James Henwood Mr. 8. Mrs. Roger Herrell Cheryl Hickson Col. 8. Mrs. George F. Hammett Mr. 8. Mrs. Ellis E. Hicks 818th Hospital Center, N.Y. USAR Mrs. Miner S. Harris, Jr. D. M. Huber H. L. Hughes Homeroom 922 Mrs. Hajdu Rosie Hahn High Fidelity House Mr. 8. Mrs. James Howard D. D. Hughes Louis T. Holz Scott Humphrey B. Hive The Hortons Mary Ann Hoodler Lylen Family Col. 8. Mrs. George F. Hammett, Jr. Robert S. Hall Frederic M. Heft Mr. 8. Mrs. Huffnagle Mr. Richard Humphrey Homeroom 810 Raymond Handel Miss Hamer Mrs. Hoffmeir Mr. Hicks Mr. 8. Mrs. Ed. I. Haupt Mr. Hughes Homeroom 708 J. T. Harding Mr. 8. Mrs. John Hunsaker Mr. 8. Mrs. Charles R. Huntington Mrs. Mae Hooven Homeroom 710 The Great Pippa 8. Kim Howard Mr. 8. Mrs. Hauser Gladys Hopkins R. W. Hower Ben Dover Richard F. Heimberger The Hudak's Mr. 8. Mrs. Hayes Mr. 8. Mrs. Charles Herbert Mr. 8. Mrs. F.J. Heoware Homeroom 922 Mr. 8. Mrs. Richard A. Henderson Gary Holman Homeroom 815 Homeroom 920 Richard Harris Mr. 8. Mrs. H.T. Hecht Dr. 8. Mrs. Peter N. Hillyer John Horsfall Grace H. Hart Dr.8.Mrs. C.C. Harrison Homeroom 914 Barclay Hallowell Terry Hammes Mrs. Curtis C. Harbin, Jr. Ruth Hallowell Robert W. Hurlbrink Dr. 8. Mrs. E. A. Haller Miss A. Hymovitz Homer Homeroom 815 Mrs. Hock Kathy Harris Mr. 8. Mrs. George H. Irvin Becky Isack Mary Iannucci Mrs. Howard Imhoff Mr. 8. Mrs. F. Iocom Grant Jacks Frank D. Joseph Mrs. Julie Johns Jason Jarvis Mr. 8.Mrs. Donald Jackson Dora Jonah Mr. Berry Jones Wendy Jones Mrs. Jepson Scott Johnson Mark Johnson Mr. 84 Mrs. Ernest Johnson Fred Johnson Miss K. A. JohnsonlTonil Jim's Gulf Service Mr. 84 Mrs. Lowell P. Jackson Adam Jacks Mr. 84 Mrs. Edward B. Jones Mr. 84 Mrs. Jommersbach Walter J. Cook Jeweler Jerry Jackson Mr. 84 Mrs. Jenkins Mr. 84 Mrs. Josepayt Mr. 84 Mrs. Bruce D. Jennings Mr. 84 Mrs. Johnson D. Johns Mrs. Aloysius J. Jacobs Tad Jacks Kathy Johnson Shirley Jacks Andy Jones M iss Eleanor Johnson Jack Anne E. Jeffers Mr. 84 Mrs. W. H. Jones Mrs. Beverly Johnson Miss Eleanor Johnson Mrs. William Johnson Ms. Rachel Kipnes W. Kemmerer, Jr. King Kong Ms. L. Kanker Suzalle F. Kaplan Mr. Keyman Mrs. Kilgore Robert Kundert Patricia Kundert Mr. Tom Kellogg Mrs. Issac Kershaw, Jr. The Kennedys Pete Kozel Jilliam Kurz Loretta C. Klien Rose V. Knight Mr. 84 Mrs. Thomas Kenny Howard R. Knight, Jr. Mr. 84 Mrs. R. Kalemba Michael Kane Mr. 84 Mrs. W.R. Kosik Kay 84 Sons Mr. 84 Mrs. Robert Kincade Mr. Kepple Willi Kroenke Mr. 84 Mrs. Jack H. Kohl Mr. 84 Mrs. John Kemmerer Kris Kline Mr. 84Mrs. Kistler, Jr. Wilson K. Kinkead The Keyworths Mr. 84 Mrs. K. Mr. 84 Mrs. John B. King The Kleins Kung Fu Vlr. 84Mrs. Thomas Klein .x Mr. 84 Mrs. Kennedy Mr. 84 Mrs. Knier Mr. 84 Mrs. Rotert T. Kline Dr. J. A. Kelly, Jr. D. B. Kirby Linda Kundert Roberta Kundert Dorthy Kundert Stacy Kallay Mr. 84 Mrs. Kallay Darryll L. Kuhns Lee Kanter Mr. Knipe M. H. Koeneman Laurel Kehl Nancy Kundert Mrs. George L. King Capt. James Kirk and friends Mr. Krupinski Mr. 84 Mrs. Alexander Kennedy Franklyn Kundert Mrs. Robert Kirby Mr. 8e5Mrs. Kulchycky Mrs. Kemmerer George Kalich John.Ku George Ku Barbara Kershner Mrs. Krohn Mr. 84 Mrs. John O. Karns Kathy Kincade ,.,. Mrs. Frank Keegan Mrs. Thomas Kennedy Dr. Kelly Mr. 84 Mrs. Miles Kirkpatrick Mr. 84 Mrs. Knirr Miss Keating Robert J. King Mr. 84 Mrs. E. Brooks Keffer Ms. Julie Kinzel C. S. Lidell Mr. 84 Mrs. Lucian Liddy Miss Julie Lipson Skip Lorimer John J. Luciano La Maison Apartments Lunch--Gateway to Valley Vorge Mr. Robert Locker Mrs. Dorothy Lawley J. Lynch Mr. 84 Mrs. Lynam W. T. Lisanbv Mr. 84 Mrs. Robert .Livingston Mr. Luttmann Mr. 84 Mrs. Larwie Mrs. Luttmann Marie Strickling Mr. Lay Mr. 84Mrs. J. Loughran Patty Langan Homeroom 704--tied for top selling homeroom in the school!! Mr. 8. Mrs. J.J. Lehr Sally Lorimer Brad Lorimer Marsha Lowrey Lee Lorimer Debbie Lloyd Mrs. Lashbrook Mr. 8. Mrs. Oliver Lenhardt John Lord Mr. 8. Mrs. Thomas J. Lane Mr. 8. Mrs. Paul Lues Mrs. John E. Legg JoAnne Legg Dr. 8. Mrs. Lloyd Amy 8. John Lehr Mr. 8.Mrs. John Latchaw Mrs. H. K. Laurence Mr.8.Mrs. John A. Lord Amy Luebbers Chris Lemmond Karen Lemmond Sue Lemmond Linda Lawrence Jeff Lloyd Suzy 8. Mike Lafferty Mr. Tony Lalli Lisa Lalli Linda Lalli Nina Lalli Isabel Lorimer Mr. 8. Mrs. Albert J. Lussier Mr. 8. Mrs. Vince Leonard Mr. 8.Mrs. Lemmond Katie Lehr's Fan Club Mrs. George W. Lewis Mr. 8.Mrs. John Loughran Mrs. Lovatt Mrs. Le Pron Evans The Lendermans Mr. 8. Mrs. Arthur Leidheiser Eugene Lieberman Wendy Linton Rabbi Sidney Lubin Eleanor Levin Mr. 8. Mrs. Jon Laking Mr. Lawn Jack Lemon Stephanie Oram Mr. 8. Mrs. Otto Linton Bob Lambly Jule G. Lamback Philip Leever Diane Leidheiser Mr. Nirk Lynch Matthew Rivera Marie Leever Mrs. Adele Lambeck Jennifer Lambeck Barbara Langdon Mr. 8. Mrs. E. Launa Mr. Julius Lambeck Chery Ann Lenhardt Mark Luttmann Elizabeth L. Lorimer Don Livingston Mrs. Legar Mr.8.Mrs. A.G. Little Craig Little Stephen Lenhardt Mrs. Lynch Marie H. Lambeck Sandy Leidheiser Linda Leidheiser Frank Lewis Mr. 8. Mrs. Robert H. Lee Karen Lemmond John R. McFadden Will and Donna Mood Mr. 8. Mrs. Walter MacFadyen Mr. 8. Mrs. W. Manley Kathy McCarthy William G. Noeckel Mildred Mud Mr. Monaghan Doug Marshall Mrs. Donald G. MacElwee Mr. 8. Mrs. A. Mowrer Mr. 8. Mrs. L.W. Moore Mr. Donald B. MacElwee Lehrs Mrs. J. Gordon Mackey Dr. Macfarlane Mr. 8. Mrs. Chris McCann Mrs. J. M. Meyers Mrs. J. Gordon Mackey Bill Malen S.A. Macanga, Inc. Dr. Thomas Murphy Mr. 8. Mrs. Robert McCollum Mr. 8. Mrs. Th. McGann Mr. 8. Mrs. H. Allan Moore Doug Marshall Mr.8. Mrs. L. S. Minkel Joe McIntyre Adam M. MacQueen, Jr. Bernice Mohn Mr. 8.Mrs. George Murphy Thomas J. McGinnis Mara Mr. 8. Mrs. J. Moran Marie Mr. 8. Mrs. Charles Mathias Al Mettia Edwin W. McClurken 3rd McMahons Mr. 8. Mrs. Edwin W. McClurken Robin McClurken Mr. J. M. Meyers The Marquardts Mr. T. L. Moore Jim McAssey Carolyn Miles Mr. 8. Mrs. Marshall Susan Mattia Mr. 8. Mrs. Metzger Mrs. David Miller G. E. Miller Mike Mattison Maggie and Chester T. H. Moomey Margaret Mood Mr. Albert McDowell Mrs. Louise McDowell Dr. 8.Mrs. C.R. McFarland Paul McCarthy Mrs. T. L. Miller Mr. 8. Mrs. Clifton McLaughlin Mrs. Nancy Mitchell Mr. 8. Mrs. Meyers Robin McClurken Van J. Masciantonio Byron McClennen Mr. 8. Mrs. McLarnon Mrs. Miriam C. McCurry Mr. McCombers Mr. 8. Mrs. D.E. McAllister Mr. 8. Mrs. Forgash John McFaddin Micketon Terrv McBryan Mr. 8. Mrs. Majestic Mrs. Helen Meyer Menry W. Marston Mr. 8. Mrs. McAIeer Mr. 8.Mrs. Brian Meneely Miss Rosemarie Morochko Gen. R. C. Maude Mrs. Maloney Richard Moellerleile Mary Manent E. M. May Mr. 8.Mrs. OrvilleMcRim Mrs. Maxwell McSweeney's Pharmacy Mr. 8.Mrs. W. L.Millar Connie Macleod Mr. McCullough Mr. 8. Mrs. Arthur T. Murlless Cam McKalvey Mr. 8. Mrs. Paul Missett Mr. 8.Mrs. McDermott Mrs. Juliet Madison Mrs. Martin Mr. Peter Moore Nancylee Miller Mickey Mouse Douglass Moore Mrs. H. R. Milligan John J. Mailey, Jr. M ontgom ery County M ed - ical Society Marianne Martin Mr. 8. Mrs. Abbot Mohn Dr. 8.Mrs.G.Mulholland Dr. C.M. Martin Mrs. C. M. Martin Mrs. Jean Miller Mr. Morton Lesley Minnick Sean Minnick Trisha Minnick Mrs. Myers Mrs. Dean F. Morgantini Mr. 8. Mrs. Richard H. Miller Mr. 8. Mrs. B. Mullaney Master Edwin Miller Mrs. E. T. Mitchell Martha Mrs. Thomas Mulroy Doris Micheel Montgomery Hospital Jack Myers M-R Camera Shop K. U. MacIvor, Jr. Lt. 8. Mrs. John T. McKinney Mr. 8. Mrs. Joseph McBryan Joyce Mann Dorene Moll Matilda Mr.8.Mrs. Morton Malin Virginia-Lou Marckesano Mr. 8. Mrs. Devin Moley Mrs. March Mrs. McQuary Mrs. Milliken Mable-Louise McMillan Mr. 8. Mrs. Frank J. Murray Mr. McMillan Mr. Meski Mr. Misset Heather Makgill Mr. 8. Mrs. Stephen Makgill Vinny Masciantonio Dr. 8. Mrs. O. Miles 8. family Dr. 8. Mrs. James Mackey Anthony Martellucci Bob Mealing Steve McQueen Mrs. McElhonney Mrs. D. B. Monk Mr. 8. Mrs. L. W. Miller Ed Moorehead Mrs. George A. D. Muller The Morrill Family D. Margherita Mr. 8. Mrs. Donald May Patty Miller Mr. Dick Mendenhall Beth Monk Mr. 8. Mrs. Manappello Audrey8.Albert Maslin Mr. John S. Murphy Geoff 8. Sara Moskowitz Mr. 8.Mrs. S.L. McDonald Mr. Mahoney Jeff K. Miller Murphy's Auto Body Mary Maguire Mrs. Arthur Merchant Mr. 8. Mrs. G. Miller Mr. 8. Mrs. McNeil Media Center Mr. Nobody Nina Sharon Nieman Carol Nonis Peter Nagle Caroline Nicholas Susan Newman Mr. 8. Mrs. Joseph Nicholas Mr. Edward J. Nolan Mr. 8. Mrs. William H. Newman Rich Nocella Mr. 8. Mrs. Nichini Mr. 8. Mrs. Peter Norton Mr. 8. Mrs. Newsom Mrs. Neiman Mary C. Newman Mrs. C. Norcini Mrs. A. A. Nagel Nightwine Studios Mr.8.Mrs. Charles Niesley Arthur P. Noyes Research Foundation Norristown State Hospital Louis R. Nudy, Jr. Mr. 8. Mrs. David Newman Nan cy G. M ontgom ery Mr. 8. Mrs. C.H. Nold, Jr. Nook of Knowledge Li Li Nagle Mr. 8. Mrs. Nixon Mr. 8.Mrs. Bruce Niccolo Mrs. Nixon 5 L ofir , eff. tr Mr. Mrs Jim Mrs Mrs Mr. Mrs Nelson Marshall A. Nelsen, Jr. Nasium Nelson Louis Nudy Peter Nocella Teresa Nocella Wayne Burgess--7th grade top seller. Mrs. Karen Nocella Mr. 8. Mrs. Mark F. Nixon Mr. 8. Mrs. Lawrence Norton Mrs. Weston Opdyke Mr. 8. Mrs. Edward O'Malley Mrs. Olinger The Odell Family Mrs. Robert O'Kane Kim Olinger Carroll O'Connor Mr. 8. Mrs. Kenneth Ohlinger Pvt. R.T. Osmond Aux. Mr. Odea Mr. 8. Mrs. Joseph Olivio Mr. 8. Mrs. H. M. Oram Mr. 8. Mrs. Oasis Kris Ohlinger Miriam O'LoughIin TT and GG Ohlinger Mrs. John Osbert Mr. John Osberg Mrs. Clyde Oakley Mr. Clyde Oakley Kristin Oakley Mr. 8. Mrs. John Paytas Mr. 8. Mrs. Harry Par- ker, Jr. Gina Plisiewicz Mr. 8. Mrs. Paquin Popcorn Mr. George Packer Mrs. F. Peterson Lisa Paumen Mr. 8. Mrs. Richard Paumen Mr. 8. Mrs. F. Parrish Carol Pennington Mr. 8. Mrs. Peter Pennington Karen Pennington Mrs. Plaisted Mrs. Pensky Holly Parkhurst Beatrice Prodo Mr. 8. Mrs. Pierce Mr. 8. Mrs. Gordon Pal- mer, Jr. Mr. 8. Mrs. David Phipps The Phantom of the Soap Opera Mrs. Louis H. Perri Suzi Perri The Pitre Family Pottstown Medical Center H. R. Peck, Jr. Mrs. Pining Pizza World Purtle 8. Purtle, Inc. Pompeo's Barber Shop Mr. 8. Mrs. Gordon Palmer, Jr. J. Richard Popp Mr. 8.Mrs. Thomas Purner Phillip and Scott The President Prince Yamadori Mr. Powers Purple Hermy Bob 8. Celeste Phillips Mrs. John Powanda 91 Dr. 8.Mrs. H.C. Peltier Mrs. Franklin Pennell Provident Bank Mrs. William Pentz Thomar P. Plummer Gean Parkinson Mr. 8. Mrs. Piambino Mr. 8.Mrs. W.A. Peterson Mr. 8. Mrs. Pakmier Mrs. M. B. Pearce Pookie 8. the Bear Paperboy Gary Peters Chyrll Persing The Pyrih Family Bobby Pin Pottstown Area Drug Re- habilitation Program Mr. 8. Mrs. R. Piersall Mr. 8. Mrs. Bruce Parkenson Mr. 8. Mrs. Q The Quinns Mr. 8. Mrs. Thomas Quinlin Betty Quick Mrs. Quance Mrs. Quammen Quite Contrary Flowers Marth Quinlan Mr. Richwine Mary Roberson Diane Rossi Roger Tim Rossovich Mrs. Righert Mrs. Diane Reed Rosemary Rolison Burt Reynolds Mrs. Role J. R. Rebel Mrs. Rittenhouse Mr. 8. Mrs. Reilly Mrs. Redding Nick 8.Mary Recchilongo Mrs. Reilly Mrs. Richard Ritter Mrs. Leonard Rowlands David Rice Mr. 8. Mrs. Monrow Redmond Arco Melissa Riley Mr. 8.Mrs. Jack Ryan Rou 8. Helen Roth Mary Jo Reilly Mr. Frank J. Rodgers Mr. 8. Mrs. Redard Phyllis Rosinsh Mr. Rod Ross A. Rivas, M.D. David Robinson Mr. 8. Mrs. H. Frank Rice Mr. 8. Mrs. F. W. Recktenwald Mr. 8. Mrs. Mark Reber, Jr. Betty 8. George Robinson Gerald Ramsay Mr. 8.Mrs. J.A. Robbins Mr. Walter Rohlfs Jacques Rambaud Mrs. Frances Rodgers ,-- .. Andrews 8. Pinkstone, Realtors Mrs. Rood Kay Roma Mr. 8.Mrs. Reynolds Carolyn Rambaud Dorothy Rambaud Mr. 8. Mrs. Paul Reinhardt Mr. 8. Mrs. Reichner Mr. 8. Mrs. Larry Redmond Elva Roberts Jim Redmond Rohm 8. Haas Co. Mrs. James Ross Richard A. Redeker Mr. 8. Mrs. Reynolds Mrs. W. S. Ring Mr. 8. Mrs. John Ri ckards Mr.8.Mrs. R. J. Rainey Christal Roberson Mike Redmond Debbie Raum Stefani Rubin Danny Reichert Pete Rose Grant H. Reeder Ardis Ryder Steve Rossi Robert J. Reynolds Harriet Rosinski Mrs. Edward Rubinstein Joy Scullin Miss Debbi Scullin The Great 708 Mrs. W. H. W. Skerrett Miss Kelly Schwartz Mr. 8. Mrs. Leroy J. Simon May Sandberg Mrs. J. D. Stratton Mr. 8. Mrs. Edward L. Schwartz Mrs. T. Savage Silver Star Lisa 8. Allen Shabel Lois Schaal Mr. 8. Mrs. Jerry C. Sutler Mrs. Snyder John A. Salvaggio Anne Stork Mrs. Stork Dr. 8. Mrs. M.B. Spiegelford Mr. 8. Mrs. Edward G. Smith Rob 8. Sue Small Mr. Sharp Summer and Jenny "Spread a Little Love" Kathy and Stephanie Dr. C. Smith Erica Seybert Agnes Stegmuller Wendi Svanda Dr. 8. Mrs. David Stewart Mrs. Snyder Plaza Hair Stylist D. H. Scott Mr.8.Mrs. James Small Mrs. Margaret Scullin Mr. 8. Mrs. John Schmidt Mrs. Smith Jim Schell Larry Schliff Mr. 8. Mrs. Selwitz Mr. 8. Mrs. Joseph Senyk, Sr. Horace Snodgrass Mrs. John Salvaggio Grandpa Sasso Mrs. Jean Schalch Mr. Charles Schalch Mr. 8. Mrs. Robert DiSerafino Mrs. Snear Robert Swinehart Sharon Stacy Mrs. Siegel Mr. 8. Mrs. Theodore Snowe Mr. Robert Slotter George Sasso 8. Family Mr. 8. Mrs. Samuel S. Semelsberger Mrs. Louise Shaeffer Justice Shortlidge Mr. 8. Mrs. Smith Skipper Gloria Smith Sal 8. Anthony--Hair Stylists Superwoman II Mr. 8. Mrs. Charles Smith E.C. Schindler, Jr. Mrs. Shelling Donald R. Simpson 8. Family The Shine Family Mr. 8. Mrs. Donald Serfass Kit and John Shelsy Mrs. Smith Mr. 8. Mrs. Steiert Mr. 8. Mrs. Schmitt Mrs. Donald Schreiber C. Smyth Snoopy Mr. 8. Mrs. Frank Smith Mr. Thomas Shine Louise Stinnette Mrs. S. Simich Mr. 8. Mrs. Julian Shelton Mrs. R. S. Shortlidge Mr. 8. Mrs. G. E. Schul Strafford Arco Strafford Mobil Service Center Mr. 8. Mrs. Snyder John Sortino Sylvan Pool Co. Jerry Smith Jerry Smith, Jr. Jerry Smith III Strafford Car Wash Sadleir's Exxon Mrs. A. C. Stark Mr. 8. Mrs. J. Savage The Scarecrow of 708 Mr. 8. Mrs. John B. Stetson IV Mr. James Sevast Mrs. Sinkler John Sullivan Mr. H. E. Stewart Audrey Smith Dorian Senyk The Senyk Family Jakie Stewart Dr. 8. Mrs. Schneider Mrs. Sachett Mr. Stroud Mrs. Shomper Mr. Sudall Mrs. Schlegel Joe Skurla Mrs. Lea Sudhaus N. Seiboth Mrs. Strable Mr. 8.Mrs. Samuel Smyth G. R. Smith, Jr. Helen E. Scheppy The Schiavo children Mr. 8. Mrs. Stinger Mary Sweeney Mr. 8. Mrs. Arnold E. Spillman Jean Swinehart Mr. Sorin Mr. Stott Mary Salamander Mr. Edward P. Scullin Smith Family Mary Smith Josh Schneider Joe Shmoe Chuck Small George E. Sykora Mr. 8. Mrs. James Siegel Mrs. Thomas R. Shine Strafford Pharmacy S. F. Stevens George Smith Mr. 8. Mrs. Sheehen Mrs. Thomas C. Sansone Mrs. J. W. Stevens Jim Smith Mr. 8. Mrs. Thomas Stilwell Michael Stairs Strafford Beverage Strafford Cleaners Lucy M. Seagers Mr. 8. Mrs. Spillman Mrs. Harold Siegel Mrs. Smith Mr. 8. Mrs. S. Straub "Lucy" Strenk Mr. Stephen M. Shewchuk Mr. 8.Mrs. Edward Slavin Mr. 8. Mrs. Frank Shants Mrs. Simon Mr. 8. Mrs. Joseph Spampinato Mr.8.Mrs. J.R. Sinding Mr. 8. Mrs. Sevill Scho- field, Jr. The Simpsons Mick Schlegel Mrs. Sevill Schofield Henry H. Smith, Jr. Mr. 8. Mrs. W. T. Schellhammer Mr. 8. Mrs. J.A. Tifft III Gilbert Tredi Margaret Tappan Grant Thomas III Mrs. G. M. Thomas III Lamborn Typo Mr. Trouble Kurt 8. Tracey Mr. 8. Mrs. David Tousignant Mr. Taussig Mrs. P. Trenham Mr. 8.Mrs. Henry Tracy, Jr Tilted Lantern Mr. 8. Mrs. Taylor Beth 8. Bud Tyson Julio Tomeo Miss Katherine B. Tarry Mr.Stephen G. Tarry Mr. 8. Mrs. Eldred G. Tarry Mr. Trouant Drew Toffee Karen Traub Mr. 8. Mrs. C. H. Turner Anthony Thompson Ms. Barb Tringl Mrs. Tonason Mrs. Robert Toland Mr. 8.Mrs. Dom Trombetta Mr. 8. Mrs. Tunnell The D. H. Townsend Family Tweedle-dum and Tweedle-dee Town 8. Country Realty Tony Jones Mrs. Tierney Mr. Robert Toland Lilah Toland Tommy Turkey Daniel Teaf Mrs. A. 0. Thielen Rebecka Thacher The Thorburns Mr. Alonzo Williams The Three Stooges Mrs. Thorell Trixie, the itchy dog Mrs. Norma Upsey Uncle Sam Mr. 8. Mrs. D. G. Uhlenburg David Uricchio Mrs. Vollers Gladys G. Vincent The Viper Mrs. Van Horn A. Veronesi Varsity Soccer Lisa Van Horn Mr. 8. Mrs. Scott Verrei John W. Vogel Barbara Y. Verdiami Wendy Verrei Mr. 8. Mrs. Dom Vito Caesar Verra Mr. Vivisik Jeanie Van Allen Jodi Verrei Cammy Vaughan Valley Forge Opticians Mr. 8. Mrs. John S. Vaughan Mr. Eugene S. Wheeler Emma Williams Jan Williamson George 8. Sam Webber R. C. Waltemate Karrie Love Werther Mr. J. H. Wynne Mrs. J. H. Wynne Linda Wynne Mrs. Malcolm Wilson W. G. Walkup Mrs. Richard Walkling Reina G. Williams Mr. 84 Mrs. Weidenmen Mr. 84Mrs. Wm. T. Walsh Wine Hobby U.S.A. Eve Woodson Wayne Rexall Drugs Mrs. Waterer James W. Warren Mrs. Dennis Wilson Mr.84Mrs. Bruce Watson David L. Wright Mr. Wagner Mr. 84Mrs. Donald B. Waite The Gordon E. Wright Family Doris Williams Mr. William Westhoff Harold Williams Mrs. Reina G. Williams Wayne Wagon Helen Woodson Howard Wisch Watergate Scandler Mr.84Mrs. James Wilson Mrs. Wadsworth Mrs. William Westhoff Mrs. Hobson Wagner Mark A. Warren Mr. 84 Mrs. Richard Whalen, Jr. Mrs. A. R. Wenzel Wawa Store F27 Mrs. John Wilson Woman Libbers Unite Wayne Sunoco R. A. Wilson The Wayforth Family Mrs. E. Ross Wilson Mr. 84 Mrs. Edward Wickland Mr. 84 Mrs. Richard Walkavets Mrs. Nancy Walker Mr. 84 Mrs. Ray Wingo John Wayne Mrs. D. Wortmann Richard Wortmann M. M. Westerman Mary White Mr. 84 Mrs. T. G. White Mr. 84 Mrs. Watson Mr. 84 Mrs. Walter West Mrs. Jean M. Welz The Winner Mr. 84 Mrs. Dale Wormwood Mr. R. Walton Mr. 84 Mrs. R.A. Ealde Chipmunk Wynne The Woodrings Adam Whiteman Carol, Paula, Amy, Mary Walde Jed Wyoff Bruce Williams Wendy 84 Kristen Wilbur Mrs. Jess Wheeler Nancy Winicov Drew Williams Toby Whiteman Mr. 84 Mrs. Whiteman Mr. 84 Mrs. Wells Wayne Jewelers 8: Silversmiths The Watergate Crew Mr. Jess Wheeler Mrs. E. Ross Wilson Mrs. X Nancy Youman Mr. 84 Mrs. A. Barry Yocom Ruth Yates Steve Young Lee Yates Mrs. A. F. Yost Mrs. Anne Young J. B. Yerkes Vlr. Yocom Your Favorite Baby Sitter Mrs. Edward J. Yorke Zinc Zooalager Mrs. James Zaccarelli Adina Zupanick Mr. Jin Zaccarelli Mrs. Alexander Zenker, Jr Mrs. Z Mrs. E. Ziegler Mr. Z Joan Ziegler -UEEEEEEEEE liililliih-i ASIICIIR 30015 v 'sr XX 2 Ny., x X X xxxx I Ax A5 ., N v , . mi' 4 f -"4 H N 1 Q 11 ' N ,MA,,,, , S flak f L ,ff-1 . ,f M- 5 51 figs? Ty , 2 ' AY' k I H 'F 'UWANY fobqhf 'funn-cfs - - - ' F ' S fb, , ,..,A -,1...,. 5 J1. -.1,1 . -.1.,.,. . Q . , 555 .5 N NE . , . - - x R an-N. ,SA my E ii ' X 4? ,AG .xv . i 11 ? 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Suggestions in the Valley Forge Junior High School - Eyrie Yearbook (Wayne, PA) collection:

Valley Forge Junior High School - Eyrie Yearbook (Wayne, PA) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


Valley Forge Junior High School - Eyrie Yearbook (Wayne, PA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 53

1974, pg 53

Valley Forge Junior High School - Eyrie Yearbook (Wayne, PA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 50

1974, pg 50

Valley Forge Junior High School - Eyrie Yearbook (Wayne, PA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 96

1974, pg 96

Valley Forge Junior High School - Eyrie Yearbook (Wayne, PA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 76

1974, pg 76

Valley Forge Junior High School - Eyrie Yearbook (Wayne, PA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 27

1974, pg 27

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