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f 'X CARIBBEA Tv Ei Pass' 5, 12? T Z f , "s"w", z N 'N X . 5,0-If 1 Man., - was-9-my 'iivxs-uv ' wg 'Ov' ' Any-to UTBOUND TRANSIT P TRO TURN IIANSIT Dalits awww , ,Q-svlw ' wflffmwi DVE T URE . , ' 'HPS' -5' .-T, . 4 in . , , Q lL I kiilfh if ,4 Q4 ,ff Y 3-f""' b f A . - "f':. f7 5L""""fX, f 'iMf5P k " ,,,,,f. g,, - ,.,, n 5 sans ' r . 5 5 Y Q g 0 Fon gmail-anne ' QIMQXJCQ ' ul . . fi . --- W- --'-v--' M --' - -f '-3'-' M" 'f' "" "'f i-'M f"" 'f""""v? f"'If CUB df S. fi? A ' . Af-' 1 fA,f jfvfi Guawptanamo Bay 'rl . 4-w e 15 : f M, f' ' PM , Q JAMAICA K m it ', .P 4 v 4 4 l . --3--- ....- o'.-W-19 ' ' 'gg ' -' f , - ' f , '55, HON , ,IRAS i I 2 h ' w, .T . ,W , X ' A f 1 Q P , ' """ L- 5? ,rr 5' 'IQ if ' , NI fXR.-XGUP kj 5- 3 ., f' , ' n Jfse Panama Caracas R ON I A 'L , W PAIN ' Beust? M1 -gpgqunn-gd--lr it 4 Cui ' 5, W ' ..' . ln I N ,wvwxm , . , . w.w.n-.fn-vm rhrevuvv- w.,,.r Di-u4su!ili I .,,n,.q,s ,Nl , K w M 'P "' fl Q4 savaauff- 4 USS VALLEY FGRGE CCG 509 ' Q f Q 2, S 9 .1 THE CARIBBEAN ADVENTURE 3 DECEMBER 1994 I8 MAY 1995 aw Y Z WW , ff fi ' V717 7' 7'i7"?fffi4i'7ff6i'fV Wfffff 'Off ,f!,?Q"WCf 'ff 1 ,f , , f ,V f, ,f f , , A , 5 f ,ff ,f Q I f f f I , T !i,'jl,iii.L,,,Ei ,gf V,VV Q, ie 4,f,2,, Q MQ Z , 5 ,f ,fwffffwZc,ff?MiQff,fw all , Q21 'if f V ' VW! The USS VALLEY FORGE shield was carefully designed and carries great significance. . . . The chevron signifies protection with 1t,S "VN shape referring to 'tValley" service in the Korean and Vietnam conflicts, and the two na, vals firsts: ' Q11 accomplishing the new. concept. of "vertical envelopmema QVALLEY FORGE,s helicopters air-lifted marines and returned them C21 beingythe first American carrier to return to Korea for a third de. ployment during that war represented by two stars. The gauntlet grasping the trident denotes seapower with gold color representing excellence. The trident pointing skyward with the pointls similar shape to aircraft refer to the mission of the VALLEY FORGE CCV 453 as an aircraft carrier. The border around the trident is red for the courage and patriotism of the Continental Army during that bleak winter at Valley Forge. Also the color red represents the bloodshed and refers to this quote bg George Washington, "... you might have tracked the army by the blood of their feetf' The thirteen white crosses resembling snow flakes are for the self-sacrifice the soldiers endured, which was theorder of the day, during that winter at Valley Forge. USS VALLEY FORGE CCG 505, the second ship to bear the name and the fourth ship of the Ticonderoga Class of AEGIS guided missile cruisers was commissioned on 18 January 1986 at Ingalls Shipbuilding in Pascagoula, Mississippi. In April 1987, VALLEY FORGE made her initial deployment to the Western Pacific and Indian Oceans. This was the first time an AE- GIS cruiser deployed with a Pacific Fleet Battle Group. This was also the first battle group to conduct escort operations with reilagged Ku- waiti tankers COperation Earnest Willj. In December 1990, VALLEY FORGE returned to the Arabian Gulf in support of Operation Desert Shield!Storm. As Anti-Air Warfare Commander, the ship provided protection to coalition ships throughout the Arabian Gulf. In July 1992, VALLEY FORGE returned in support of Operations Southern Watch and Restore Hope. Off the coast of Somalia, she acted as the Air De- fense Zone Coordinator, Anti-Air Warfare Commander, and primary naval gunfire support ship. VALLEY FORGE left San Diego in April 1993 to conduct extended counter-narcotics operations. The operations culminated in the seizure of the motor vessel Sea Chariot approxi- mately 250 miles west of Colombia. An estimated five tons of cocaine was discovered aboard the motor vessel, the second-largest interdic- tion of cocaine in the history of the war on drugs. In August 1993, VALLEY FORGE began her first regular overhaul. After almost eight months in the shipyard, approximately 24 million dollars, and an estimated 868,000 ship's force man hour, she got underway in April 1994. December 1994 saw the ship deploy again in support of counter-narcotics operations. The first AEGIS Cruiser to spend five and a half months deployed in support of Law Enforcement Operations, VALLEY FORGE served as the Anti-Air Warfare Commander for the Joint Interagency Task Force East, providing air traffic surveillance and coordinating joint drug-interdiction efforts. Through the Panama Canal four times, her area of operation extended across the Caribbean Sea and the Eastern Pacific, from the West Coast of Northern Mexico to the outer banks of the Lesser Antilles. Once again, she saw great success in the interdiction and interception of America-bound drugs. Home ported in San Diego, California, VALLEY FORGE is a unit of Cruiser Destroyer Group One and part of the Naval Surface Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet. - Y -..A .,.. -... .. ..-.- .... . 0 ' Q., p 7 , I - t Commanding fficer Captain R. James Abbott Captain R. James Abbott was born in Bethesda, Maryland. He entered the Navy through the NROTC program at Iowa State University and was commissioned in 1970. After completing training at the Naval School, Diving and Salvage at the Navy Yard, Washington, D.C., he served from 1971 to 1974 as a Diving Officer, first in USS COCOPA CATF 1015 and then in USS AJAX CAR 65. He attended the Naval Destroyer School in 1974 and was subsequently assigned to USS BRADLEY CFF 10415 as Operations Officer and, in 1976, to USS DURHAM CLKA 1145 as Engineer Officer. In 1978, he reported to the U.S. Naval Aviation Weapons Facility, RAF St. Mawgan, U.K. where he served as Executive Officer. In 1980, Captain Abbott returned to the United States for duty as Aide and Flag Secretary to the Commander, Cruiser-De- stroyer Group One, followed by assignment as Executive Officer in USS CUSHING CDD 9855. In 1984, he reported to the Pentagon for a tour as the Surface Plans Officer in the Force Level Plans and Warfare Appraisal Division, Directorate of Na- val Warfare, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations. Captain Abbott returned to sea duty in 1987 as Commanding Officer, USS OIBRIEN CDD 9755. While under his command, O,BRIEN was awarded the COMNAVSURFPAC Battle Efficiency "EP, the Joint Meritorious Unit Award, and the CNO An- nual Ship!Helicopter Safety Award. Following command, he attended the Senior Course at the Naval War College during the 1989-1990 academic year. After graduation, he served for a short time on the staff of the CNO Executive Panel before report- ing to the Center for Naval Analyses as a CNO Fellow with the Navyis Strategic Policy Analysis Group. After completing his Fellowship, he was assigned as Head of the Currentfloint Operations and Plans Branch in the Strategy, Plans and Policy Division of the Plans, Policy and Operations Directorate, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations. Captain Abbott has been awarded the Bronze Star Medal with Combat HV", the Meritorious Service Medal Cfour awards5, the Navy Commendation Medal Ctwo awards5 and the Navy Achievement Medal. He has a Master of Science degree in Busi- ness Management and a Master of Arts degree in National Security and Strategic Studies and was a 1991-1992 Navy Fellow with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Foreign Politics and the National Interest Seminar XXI Program. Captain Abbott assumed command of USS VALLEY FORGE in June, 1993. Executive ffiCG1' I I Commander Richard A. Lepper Commander Richard Allen Lepper, a native of the eastern time zone was born in New Haven Connecticut in 1956 H n- , , . e e listed in the Navy in June 1974 and entered the Naval Academy Preparatory School QNAPSJ in Newport, Rhode Island. Upon graduation, he se arat d f th N ' p e rom e avy to attend school at Wesley College in Dover, Delaware. He reentered the Navy in 1976 and graduated from the Naval Academy in May 1980 with a Bachelor of Science degree Following commissioning, Ensign Lepper was temporarily assigned duties at the Naval Academy where he helped with the indoctrination of the Class of 1984. Upon completion of these duties, he attended Surface Warfare Officer School in San D1- ego, California and reported for duty in USS GOLDSBOROUGH CDDG 205 in M 1981 ' ay at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. After serving as Electrical Officer and Combat Information Center Officer, Lieutenant Lepper was transferred to USS FOX CCG 301 in October 1983. While in FOX, he served as Gunnery Officer, Fire Control Officer and Damage Control Assistant Lieutenant Lepper attended Department Head School in Newport Rhode Island in 1986 and re orted aboard USS AL- Q P BERT DAVID CFF 10505 in December 1986 serving first as Weapons Officer and later as Operations Officer. Transferred in July 1988 to USS TEXAS CCGN 391 where he served as Combat Systems Officer. With an extensive background in Pacific Fleet Operations and Surface Warfare, Lieutenant Commander Lepper reported to Commander Naval Surface Forces, United States Pacific Fleet to serve as the Force Anti-Air Warfare Officer in September 1990. Lieutenant Commander Lepper reported to USS VALLEY FORGE CCG 505 as Executive Officer in July 1993 after attend- ing the Executive Officer Course .in Newport, Rhode Island. He detached fro VALL ' n m EY FORGE in March 1995. Commander Lepper's decorations and awards include, two Navy Commendation Medals, Navy Meritorious Unit Com- mendation Award, National Defense M d 1 S S ' ' ' ' ' g e a , ea ervice Deployment ribbon with one star, Marksmanship award for the r1flC and Expert Marksmanship award for the pistol. Commander Lepper is unmarried and resides in San Diego, California. ' 4 . V ,,g'L '-nr.: .. . -mff-ww-ww-we-W' wa..-W--...,mm--mwwf-1-f-Y. ff -,,mw,.w-,.- ff--W -W -V - Xecutive fficer Lieutenant Commander Eric J. Kasiski A native of Sparta, New Jersey, Lieutenant Commander Kasiski attended Fairleigh Dickenson University, receiving his commission from NROTC unit, University of Florida, and graduating in 1982 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Account- ing. Following completion of Surface Warfare Officer School, Lieutenant Commander Kasiski served as Communications Of- ficer and Combat Information Center Officer on board USS ELLIOT CDD 9675. From January 1986 until March 1987, Lieu- tenant Commander Kasiski served as Aide and Flag Lieutenant to Commander, Middle East Force, then as Staff Assistant to Deputy Chief of Naval Operations fNaval Warfare5 until November 1988. Following Surface Warfare Officer Department Head Course in Newport, Rhode Island, he served as Operations Officer on board USS ROBISON CDDG 125 from July 1989 until January 1991, then as Operations Officer in USS SHILOH QCG 675, from February 1991 to October 1993. From November 1993 to November 1994, Lieutenant Commander Kasiski attended the Naval War College, Newport, Rhode Island, receiving a Master of Arts degree in National Security and International Studies. He assumed his present duties as Executive Officer in USS VALLEY FORGE QCG 505 in March 1995. Lieutenant Commander Kasiski's awards include the Navy Commendation Medal ffour awards5, the Navy Achievement Medal, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, Battle Efficiency Ribbon, National Defense Service Medal, Humanitarian Ser- vice Medal, and Sea Service Ribbon Cfour awards5. Lieutenant Commander Kasiski is married to the former Mary Susan Grisamore of Atlanta, Georgia. They reside in San Diego, California. I 5 Command aster Chief YN CM IA W!SWj James A. LaP1an te Master Chief LaPlante was bom in Winslow, Arizona. He entered the Navy in November 1972. After completing boot camp at Naval Training Center San Diego, he served from February to November 1973 in USS VANCOUVER CLPD ZJ as a Seaman Recruit, completing a seven month deployment to the Western Pacific. He then was transferred to USS JASON CAR 8D as a Seaman from December 1973 to Feb- ruary 1975, completing a deployment to the Western Pacific and Indian Oceans. In March of 1975 he was assigned to Fleet Logistics Squad- ron Fifty as a Second Class Yeoman at Naval Air Station Cubi Point, Philippines until April of 1977. He then was transferred to Construc- tion.Battalion Unit 415 at Naval Air Station Oceana in Virginia from April 1977 to December 1978. In December of 1978 he received or- ders to Defense Nuclear Agency at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico and was promoted to Yeoman First Class. During his tour at Kirtland Air Force Base, he graduated from the Air Force Non-Commissioned Officers Academy. In March 1981 he received orders to USS REASONER CFF 10633 serving as Ships Secretary and completed an extended nine month deployment to the Western Pacific and Indian Oceans and was transferred in March 1994. He received orders to Commander Fleet Air Western Pacific at Naval Air Station Cubi Point, Philippines in March 1994 serving as Leading Chief Petty Officer forthe Administration Department, and was advanced to Chief Yeoman 16 March 1985. He transferred from Commander Fleet Air Western Pacific in the Philippines in March 1987 and received orders to VAW-1 14 1n.May 1987 to September 1990 and was assigned onboard USS CARL VINSON QCVN 703 co 1 t' 7 d 1 t t the D 1 u Q mp e mg two ep oymen s o Westem Pacific and Indian Oceans. During his tour with VAW-114, he was assigned duties as Leading Chief Petty Officer for Administra- tion Department and was later selected to serve as Command Senior Chief. In September of 1990 he attended Naval Corrections School at Fort McClellan Alabama receiving a Corrections Specialist Naval Enlisted Code 9575. After completing Corrections School he was as- signed .to the first Naval Consol1dated'Br1g at Naval Air Station Miramar from November 1990 to December 1993 h h i d Lead- rve as mg Chief Petty Officer for the Adm1n1strat1on!Legal Services and Records Room Department, and was promoted tbl lfliteii Sghief Yeoman. In Janua 1994 h td b d USS VA ' ' ry Q e repor e on oar ' LLEY FORGE CCG 505 as the Command Master Chief. Master Chief LaPlante has been awarded the J omt Service Commendation Medal, the Navy Commendation Medal fthree awardsj, Navy Achievement Medal ftwo awards! Meritorious Unit Commendation, Battle NE" Ctwo awardsl, Good Conduct Medal Cfive awardsj, National Defense Service Medal ftwf awardsj, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal ffive awardsl, Vietnam Service Medal ftwo awardsl, Humanitarian Service Medal, Sea Servicel Deployment Ribbon ffive awardsj, Overseas Service Ribbon ftwo awardsj, Navy Expert Rifleman with Silver "E". 6 . XXX Q' Egg 541 f 5 X., YR X, ,,,, E Combat Systems Department The Combat Systems Department is comprised of the Electronics Division and the Fire Control Division. They operate, maintain, and repair the shiplg extensive complement of electronic equipment including radar and naviga. tional electronics, communications equipment, computer and control equip- ment, and the calibration lab. They maintain the AEGIS Combat System which is a phased array radar and a highly advanced weapons control, infgr- mation, and display system. They also maintain a MARS Station which al- lows us to keep in touch with home by radio relay through an extensive ama. teur radio operator network. LCDR William Pin to Combat Systems Uflicer LTKenneth Depew LTDOugI3S Vaughan LTJ0111? Dennett CW02 Joseph Salgado Electronics Materials Fire Control Systems Test Systems Test OfHcer Ofzicer Qfffcef , Officer 1-W W- X. N ,, . -.H W- A. -vw ., HN.. ...,.--,- ,,,-.,.,- .,,.,,.-v -..- M., -s.... ,K , e I ,l I 1.- FCCM Danny Cosat E TCS Thomas Dam ell FCC Clifford H un ter FCC Joel Tun m ,WWW ff ' I LW ww ' xW 'Aj f of WWWW ly, , f X 6 M ,, X Q X 'Q wa X fy W ,f f wwf ff J ,f E T1 Mark Anderson E T1 Barry Turner ICI Neil Sa vvyer ET2 Charles Bezilla ET2 Todd Worthley ' . . , ,. ,ff 1 V, -',,, ,.', , 1 "" 1"fl'liz"'T: ,',, fi f f f,fi,fWWfQWZ,fWf, ffm f f ff , , krrl XV,,V.VVVVVVV,VV?VVVVVVV kkrk V .kL,, ,,LLL V ,V V,LLrLL V k,kkVrr,k.rL, V vr.kkLr, V V,V,,VVV k.Lr V r,,k. VVVV ,,..kLyr .V , ,.,VVVV.V. rV,L ,N VV., ,..,L., ,V , , X X , f 7 ,XZ Q!! Wayxf , ,,, A Aff, fbq '44 f, VV V, VV X,,h , V VV , Vk,, K , ,V ,,,. V . , ,.,V,.V l V,,, ,.VV V , ,.,, . .V V.VV, VVV,V,, , , .V,,.V ,.,. V ,,V,q,V ,. ,,VV V f,VVV 1 ,'f,f VV,,. , V 55, VV' VJ V! gf ,,,f5fVf,,,f 1, ff V , , , , g X , , , + f , l J 1 , Q f ,119 S iff, ,fr 0 g 1' fy , f 2- fr -1 f,f7,2f,fy7f,Cw ,iffyfyfy A M f ,VV.VV,VV,VVV V,,VV VVVVVVVV V,,VV.V V ,VV V,.V VV.VVVVXVVVVVVV,V V.VV,V ,,V.V V,VVV , ,.VV, . V V V,VVV .1 V, ,, ,. . ,V VV, .V,V VVVVVVV VV.,VV,V VV.V,,VVV V VVVV,V VVVV V VV V,,V. V ,V,VVV,VV,VV,, .V,V ,,V,,,, V V,.VV,VV, VVVVVVV, VV,,V V X X, VV6,VQV,V,VVZVVVZ,U,VfAWW k ffff-f k.-' 7 '-,'."L i -,"' 5 ".','- 5kifgff:"1Vki-Qi-'ffriff:'ffVk'Tf1Vff'1f1,'f'i7 .k,,L' f V: ,"' 1 ,.", I '3'1Q1,'fif7i1'7 "L, iliikgvyfr-fi ,"f-,' Y Fi 'f,L I "ff ,"" l '.", 2 X7 ',"' T: "f' 7 .'k,, 715 V' 977V'!'f7ZfV 55? I M M ff X ff X ff X ff, X V My? X N 1 , W fmwf W ,AM ,, ,WA V ws as U f swf X 'K we Sw 1 X aw 'W N' X , X Z we KK X f ' S X ww' I C2 Steven Parker ET3 Connor Buchanan E T3 Robert Denner E T3 Bryan Dutell ET3 Michael Gaeth ET3 Michael Reynolds ET3 Norman Zizoff IC3 James Quinn IC3 James ThomPS0U FCI Kevin Abernathy FC 1 Bret Cope FCI Richard Franks FCI David Yarsulik FC2 Anthony Francis FC2 Vance Hill F C2 Gregory Maxwell FC2 Jason Osborne F C2 Eric Thompson FC2 Howard Weakly I, V . ,V - - L 1 1 ii' H 4 smgmw-Q ff F FC3 Jay Aldrich FC3 Shawn Brown FC3 Michael Lacher FC3 Aaron Mathieson FC3 Scott McClenning FC3 David McElveen FC3 Jamison Meyer FC3 Christopher Montulli FC 3 Phillip Owen FC 3 Richard Starcher 13 F C3 Terrence Stemm FC3 Richard Wheeler w , Nwww 3 5 ' ' ff4,,,v ff ,V 5? ef is zfx, QV , my 1' W 0 ff! ,ff ., WV, ff gf- s :e ww if 5 fl X , ff 255 4 g ff f Z Z f 7 5 0 Z A ff "Ziff iff, 'W , J ' f 211 f, ff 5 ' Q if fi!! AS ,s - ff. f KW 2 2 'f f 4 ez H Wwe 2? C 2 ' ' V My a? ' A ff ,,, r ,ffl ew 5 . - M m. M' , f f ff ff rg ,- ,KMA iff A f wwglzw ' gffwgfgifsf ,VE , Efgfi ,f f ff f f , My f f ' efyyffz 2 T1 sf 'f MM in 7 ,ff Q, , fe vf 4 f- XAK!-W 1 ?Ef 2' 5 flfffzlew, K ,ffm 5, X r r if A X r ff ,f Q , r 5 , e , e ' f, Qffz 214,-f5wsf' 4f. 4 if 2 s- - QZJKZWZZWSZ 5- f-'fy ' x 1 :gr v WZ If 4 I 4 2 e 4 ' r 7,4 S Qhff QM fig " ,XZ fQ'Z,QgfZf?z 2 Wy! 1 W A ! r errr rf- 24 r 5 'I I 5 Q f X 5 Sf W: S 14 Q NW' wt' M54 Q. 7 kk mf www ,ww f,!'n, - ff 7 XWXMXV M 4 , , , , W W! W 'f ,A ,jwwwfy J 4 W 1' zwf f"" . W ' f !fW,7. x W W jwmf X W I ,,,, ,CJ IQ W V V ,, WW X 7 lj M W MW, f W, N .P W4 WN, W! f ,' ,W ? QWWWWW' M f WW Q7 ' ' Q if A W7 infgmf .f f ff! x 4 l X av , W AEGIS cruiser tracks and prosecutes submarines with sonar and torp does It uses conventional 5 guns for air and surface targets and naval gunfir any air surface or sub surface threat The Weapons Department 1S comprise of three divisions of maintenance experts who keep our extensive complemen of weapons systems ready for any mission i i f l 'N 5 Alf A ' . ,, . ' ' support. It protects us with a Close in Weapons System CCIWSJ radar-guide gattling gun. And it shoots Standard Missiles and Anti-submarine rockets a 7 G 7 ' . ' W SIG LT Bradley Mai Weapons Con trol Officer I i 1 i :1 Y it l v LTJ G Peter Martenson LTJ G Raymond Cozine ENS Eric Conzen 7 7 GUUH 613' Missiles An ti-Subm arine Oflicer Officer Warfare OfHcer , , 1 Weapons Department' f Q X N X S TGCS Marvin Smith FCC Theodore Mitch ell GMC Charles Brands GMC Robert LaP1erre x MQ, - S X X S , ' "" ' ., f . .1 ff' f ff f 0 ij .5 , QA , f X V f 0779! ff ZZ XKCWW If fi 1 W M ' ,y ' 7 2 f MW ' f ff M ' X W , . f ' W ,ff X , , f 27 My fl! ff W X ff 9 ' NW ,u w I il H if I M il i E i I W i I I P I I 5 i V w 1 i i I STG! Ian Cook STG1 Ralph Moritz STGI David Raines TMI Daniel Stark STG2 Shawn Andreatta KW -wi f1-'11 1 ,.1': 1.11-' fri '-v,g 1 .,3f.-,'-"-, 1, -'1, '- ,-1.1 'f,':' :,f-' gif an .,L' ,ff f1'r 4i'1'fzf5fgf,4 ':,, :::l',i.f5f,'-,Zz myi,jpggw,w5?5?lVf"nf5'?ff , . . ,,,,. , . ,. ,,,, ., f , , , .M , , , ,,.., ww, H., ,M 4-'23iif1i,i-ilifk-it if .fE3-171173filil?--i21'f.ilfi.-Z'-'THE2,1z'!vi.Ji,f'1,1ff::ff:3152.-f'g1321535jilflfL,f3E21iIjfQ'i1jj1vjj1g"f::g:',Qjf1'I-'f:f'g.,gg2glfjjfyll'711:11,Lgggi35.-fi:-5:l:pfQf7Qg1 I3.15QE.g,g',i-Qg:1g1f',2.'-igvii'.E52fi."ii:EfE2f'Yf'1i.f:fg1. i2'1Y,i'5?L15:5'5,I':1::,i,:::11':25E52'4.i5,?e4gf:3'w,'f51-Ol'z'f,p,Y,f,-vw'-"H,-11-'Nz2:-f,,f-12-11-'4,z,fyf,i,6pz:z,- 'X',':2.15l-f1m.9iz,q y,'f,,q,m,p,2g1f,'4,-92,5 v,5gg,g,,,,X,QffL Zgfmgwf , .l 18 xqx XQx X X X X jx. x Z ' I A TM3 Jose Del Valle-Rodriguez TM3 Chad Piercelield S TGSN Chad Griswold S TGSA Andres Bettini S TGSA Jason Miller S TGSA Stephen Waters FCI Brian Cuyle FCI Thomas Fleming GMG1 William Harris F C2 Joseph Pfeffer FC2 Norman Snagg 20 GMG2 Kenneth Athans GMG2 James Butler GM G2 Jesse Cobb FC3 Ira Fair F C3 Jeffrey Hughes X 4 ,WW 'K my M....,,, V. l8lf FC3 Ronald Jordan FC3 Keith Weston GMG3 Michael Dixon GM G3 Russell Rhine GMG3 Thomas Roberts 21 f Q f W 4 f V0- f Q! W f W xLLL 2154 V Z I 5 f f f f f X i wwjkg QQQK Xfv,fM Q Q Xrhxf Nw QNX X ff S N X gk N . X X Q fp 0 , .X .Nw 5 , Q -'f L X N.: X X A-. Q 'NVF Q X NW , fxggm z. Q 'W Ni X XXX N ' f 3, wfff, . K S N A 4 fff fm-yawn XXx Division 7 Z f Z ? 3 4 2 Z f GMMI Mark Ranes GMM2 Vernon Rose GMM3 Abraham Carpenter GMM3 Jeffrey Kent GMM3 Edward Petty GMM3 Eric Randolph 7 x .Y X I nu! t, xwf.-A N- ngineering epartment The Engineering Department is comprised of four divisions of mechanics, engineers, and technicians. They operate, maintain, and repair the gas tur. bine propulsion plants, electrical generators, and the associated electrical and eiectronic control systems. They own the boilers, fuel storage and transfer sys- tems, sewage systems, air conditioners, and a wide variety of auxiliary equip- ment throughout the ship. They provide the ship with fresh water, operate a machine shop and an oil lab, perform damage control, and provide training to the entire crew. They work all hours to keep the ship running. an LT Ralph Sch uerenberg LCDR Da vid Desti to Main Propulsion Assistant Engineering Officer e LTJG Gf C3017 Kelly LTJ G William Watson ENS Alberto Nieto CWO2 Dean Myers . E1 eclllclll Eleclllcal Damage Con trol Auxiliaries Officer Omcef - Assistant Ofgcef L V EN l Val Dennis EN l James George EN2 Carlos Pena EN3 Rodney Dollison ENFN Marvin Bullock WA f f XM X may ' X fX X g i X f X X ., ,',,X' 4 X QW XX X X QVX X ,E X 1 XEXZXXJ ZX? X4 X5 4 XX 0 ,XXOXVQZ A X05 ZX! fs. 2? XXX Q , WXSWS5 X XZ 'XX XX V, X ,X f JW ,X JN? V X li AX X X X X X X ,XX X X X X X OX X XX X Q QS XX XX J X " XS ,X X fgx N X XX , 3 X XS A I X X X 'EX SXXXfX w?J XJ QF XX we JX X 5 XXQXXXX X XXX X no X, , XX 94X ' XX XXX X X N X N 4 7. :, XvX " - 75 X X5 Xf EN3 Jesus-Antonio Gomez EN3 Craig Johnson ENFN Jesus Arrayga FA Jorge Alcazar-Betan cou FA Nakia Flagg FA Abraham Olvera FA Emiliano R yn 27 EM2 Jerry Fon tanares EM2 Kevin Richards EMFN Tan Le ,175 I-19. lbw :j':11, "-' .f1,.-gg 511-' 1 ,j,f fi f. ,, ,.: uf:-jf:,l:,"kyj':1':' , " ' , f X ffff , ff, ,,,,, , , , ,,.. ,,.. f U -f,- ,-L f ,,L. f 1 , ,,., ,,,. fy 1, , ,, f H, , , M, mv, , 13,54 ig. 7 ' "" -f,- "'ilf:1"-3'1"'P9'-,11,:fiif,":1':,'1 ffff,fv,1'l7 f' f X ff 'ffC7!44'i4?ffiQa!f' Z S . K, ,, K VVLVV f .V N., :i,,:1 , .-,, - - , f 1 L,, . - 1. ,,'f,',g-,:, y, ' f,,f,,g,, f, QW gf, ff -f,- y,Zy,y46ff4 y ,,,-- .f,. I K, , , X K K xX.',w1..,,,,,f,,.,,:X,,.X Wim, ..,-ww-ww v-,- fW,W...,,q V ' if EMFA Wesley Nielson EMFA Scott Protsman FA Dion Scoggins 1 X A S ,W W 4 QW Q N X X w N x QWXZS Iyg w X Q S 1 S V Q0 i-Q v s. K X W X N ,N X N 4 28 aa-S..1-K-n-Am.u..m 0 Ng. N,,f L ' Y , X fx XS Q fa w X NX 9 1 x GSE3 Paul Landry GSE3 Eric Lortz GSE3 Timothy Fryso GSM3 Timothy Fitelson GSM 3 Jose Martin ez GSM3 Richard Om engen GSM 3 Long Vu GSM 3 Lawrence Wri gh t GSEFN Elmer Bald ueza GSEFN Nghia Tang H G13- Z F5501 IUHCZ fx X X ., xo S' x 4 GSMFN Roger Kline FN Eric Todd GSMFA Donald Fry GSMFA Michael Sheehan FA Jeremy Beeson FR Adam Thompson 31 4, ,A, 4 4 . ,X, .4 ,. . 4 4. . 4 f ' H f V "- f V M H Q f:1I!'i,:J,g42xwfiif 44 fffff"wW44f fff f ' f 4 4 4 4 4 f f ff Zfff O4 4 Zfffif X 4, 4 4 ff wpfgzfgfpf. 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X ff ifAAAA A ZZ?ZZ2e?r 33 34 avigation! dministrative Department -CC I The Navigation!Executive department includes the Signalmen, the Quay. 1 termasters, the Yeomen and Personnelmen, the Corpsmen, the Maintenance and Material Management Coordinator, and the Command Master Chief ' The department is responsible for a wide variety of duties including safe nav. igation and piQoting, visual communications, administrative support, medica J care, maintenance management, and enlisted affairs. These sailors can be found throughout the ship at all hours taking care of the crew and keeping ug safe. I '94 J fi Qi l i S F K LT Stephen Murphy Na viga tor!A dministra tive Officer EM CSDiosdado Garcia HMC Joseph Ljcuanan HMC David Korpi PNC Jack Moore Maintenance Material Surface Force Surface Force personnel Management In depen dent Independent Qfffcef C001' d1Hf1fO1' DUU' COTDSIUHH Duty Corpsman ' Qui Han. Chi 5 IIE Sdic HIM lllgk QMC Robert Bigelow SMC Stephen Johnson Assistant Leading Signalman Navigator Chief Master At Arms r 5 ? Q as Administrative Division I 41 YN! Larry Andrew YNI Kenneth Stones PN2 Thomas Nessman YN2 C ha un cey Wilkins PN3 Christopher Sutherland YN3 Brett Garrett i 30 X , SWE ,fx gh S! h fi 4, S 22 SS S f 0 .fwE,,f.kA 36 1 K in V - K, ..V. ki L! , , K: , , .IZ Vk,L ,L . !.,L f !,.V K, X ir X " 1 i , , i pz i ii i i i i iiiii -i i i i i ii J HM3 Billy Grimes HN Brian White SN Merico Zanotti W V A I nf Z I rw... 'WNWVWM-mm, vnmmwm N-m......i N 'x""'-N-W... Rw- 1 1 1 11 , 11 ,1 1 11 11 '1 1 1 1 1 1 .1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 QM2 Robert Jerge SM2 Jackie Whitheld QM3 John Ray QM 3 George Weiland SM 3 Gregory Goods SM3 Glen Nash SM3 Marcellus Drake QMSN Jason Rahfeldt SA Toby Smith 4W7fff WWW f ff fiffgf X f, 1 , , , X f Z . ' ' . 0 Viihlilrl 1,,11 9 , if 9 X X 5 ,,f, 1 f f 24240, fcfiwyfeffffi MQJZQQ 1 Y E 1' ,Q , W 2 X Www .Am 1 Z Wxfv v , M 9 .. " .Ms if 41 M ff 1 YWX zfs X MQQQQ ,, W Q J AMX? ff!! ff f f ff gf Z , ,g .,- Xn Q ,Ma -,J Xf ,M of swf f x X 4X V Fay A , as 5 S fwyewgs ff V K I X K Q J My ,,,f,f.,M, U x X X1- Q aff x X! A SS M f 04150 ,, X 4 ??SyRoJ' 5454 i if N 'mamfmsumf W W' x V, 4 GX I ,, , X X 7X X x . - Sf X Nw, 1 ,, f X ,Q .MW , ,, wow WK Q fx, 4 W ' Q fa vqbqhv ,, w VQW X f x N Y F 3 1 1 1, ?XaXag5Wf,XWXf1j, ,, - Q X 39 awwsjsvgmafaf X J X A 1 . 1, WW 1 g . 252 5 2 f aa Q f 1 -be K , 3 f X E 131' 2 1 www? Q anew .X , X1 x X X Q X X ,, S, , , ' '35 E 3. Q VXI. V X 38 ls ,f 1 W A V J MY 1 .,f WY 1 fm! 1 1 1 1 VALLEY FORGE g'VITAL STATISTICS" Launched ........ Christened ......... Commissioned ...... Length ............ Width ....................... Draft .................................... Average displacement .............. Highest height above waterline .. Engines .......................... Total Horsepower ............... Electrical system capacity ....... Fuel Capacity .................... Water distilling capability ......... Anchors ................................. Normal number of mooring lines Crew ........................... Average annual payroll ..... Meals served daily ....... Hospital beds .......... machinery repair shop. Total number of decks and levels ...... Maximum speed .......................... Propellers ................................... Rudders ....................................,............. Total number of compartments and spaces ..... Aircraft capacity ................................... .............June23, 1984 .....September 29, 1984 ......January18, 1986 ft ft ft ......9,500 tons .........l55 ft knots LM-2500 gas turbines ..............7,500 kilowatts ................620,000 gallons .....240,000 gallons per day x 9000 lbs each ......2f16 ft diameterj C26 tons eachj SH-60B LAMPS III 28 Off'icers!356 Enlisted ......................S6,000,000 ...........l400+ Telephones ...................................................................................................... 471 Personal computers ............................................................................................ 80 VALLEY FORGE also operates a convenience store, a barber shop, a laundry, and a X X j , A . , 5 X X ff fx? ' f f X Q Q W X ' Qi? f X f fest Q "1-ess, if f I XX sv f W , l , , Wy 7 5 3 N V c v zwf W Q V X f N , X K' f Z., S saw- if i Mr,-'fm-K-f ,w .1 npfwm W 'f X, W M fu, fs- w X 5 y sm 1 W' ' W W, . ,, I ,W 39 Command Chaplain LT Leo Lynch Command Chaplain The Chaplain does much more for the ship's company than religious services. He runs the ship's library, edits the family newsletters, pro- duces a calendar for our fam- ilies, assists MWR with orga- nized activities, provides counseling and liaison to out- side services, and organizes community relations projects. Natives of almost every port we visited bene- fited from his good commu- nity Work. The Chaplain also put much energy into our fa- vorite Weekly activityg Bingo Night. 'S 4, ,,,,y,. ,,,, y i RP3 Amos R ucker ix in K-Li 1--2?5 Qi 0 f 1 ,WM j W .Q W mSmWS 0ZW R w W W7 nliff ,, f ,Zi iy7ZQ 5 fff an S-f'w'UQ ,f S gin? if 1 2 ffbws, Q Y yvm w , Lx.. f w I f f K 1 4 1 42 51? ff , 5 I Skis V1 s4Q7 six? ,f XG:-I' U fx X, Xkw Vw X xx xx S' NN W gy N ' N f M 4 f V R X 1095 1 5 i S Z 1 1 Vklf., 4 Hr f -Us K 1 jfxffix, , ,J X 3, x xi Q ywsm, V Y ' Q 4 ,QS f Q A L f Mm.. y ,fffffp V!! 7 f ,f Maj? ,QZXQZ W A W' SKMQJQ W ,, wZwMm4qg??ZZZsZZ x N , ff 41 Air epartment l Back Row CL to RQ: AE2 Michael Willis, AEAN Patrick Rasco, AZ2 Ronald Topor AD2 Paul McCarthy AT2 David Bennett AMSI Kenneth McNeil, AE2 James Young, AT2 Marshall Dils, ADI Brian Davis? AMHAN Alex Baclc,,A TC James Thomas, AMSAN Donald Fells, ADAN Ryan Sullivan Front Row CL to RQ: LT Thomas Bagnoli, AWI Charles Vinson, LT Mark Grabowki, LTDeanna Marr AW2 R d S h , an y c vvartz, AW2 Shawn Schaeffer, LT Suzanne Parker, LT Laurence Hansen, LCDRN Wilburn Hall ,1',,:14 l,T'a i fifllif tvla t-,f' ,1"sr 'f'fffQzaEf al'i The Air Department operates two SH-60B Helicopters. With these, they can provide a number of services for the ship. They extend the range of our own ship's sensors through "HaWklinkn. They perform long-range patrols, search and rescue missions, medical evacuations, mail delivery and pick-up, parts procurement,personnel transport, aerial photography, and can prose- cute a submarine. They support the ship at all hours and in all weather conditions. I 42 4 HSL-43 etachment ne M "' -1. Q JJ f LV v 11 N jflx- P lx Y ship- 5 H15 :all V ' Q .JY ww X0 x X N S gf X X Y ,, , if 'V' M f 'ff ,Q-W 4 mf' fffi ' k ' Mx" wi W M, WM' AWQ, Sv , M fwymymfgf M 4, ' ,, ' ,f ' M " ,W V , I t If L"0Awf v'-V' il, , 30 U I ,, ,, MU, 44' 4 YW gf M ks " wxqsg W J . SX W X N f W X -x , I ' W UNXQ Ziaxwwy Xf X' fevifavaxfwf wwf W W 4 fv Z 4 f X W vw YQQ Q2 , Q W wwwkf Q 4 ' ws' Q .NN X f ?X4NN f f, Q ggfx. mf' 4 VSA? J- x xwvxfy f f 7 Q ff M Q f v Nm if 'Mn J QQNAQXW4YQN?X2T142KiNSvQ NN? Q f , Aww Q aywmaww f NNNQ Xa 41 wx wa 4 A X X W X X NX F ' Q ' QF f W 4 X QSC wx X 4 Q Q 7Q,Xx, ZX f ,X , N Z Q uardian ,,.....--f Q N fwkverf ,5 JS , in S VW - X X wwz-,f,.Q . ff WN M--Nw--,..,.,h, is W NN , -fi,--X 5 X Q X g f? XX Q x X X K X Z , f f f W , 4' ,, ,f 0 f' f 7, Q If f f A X f f' f,. C" f X f ff V' W f 47 ,, f ' X7 'W 'ff' f ,ff f 17 v .' vw - f f, f 5 Q ,M X W K ,, X , ,, iff' W ff, z f ff , yh,M,mL7!.,,Hy XV X, f ' ,1 f ,,g' if 145 1' , ,x " f",M' Y jk. ff mf 'MM' ff.. fh fifzifff ,f44w2y01- 2+-ffff M ff ' Q' ' 2 f.--wwfbmfwf fy f 2 , ' A f ' f I f X A 2 Ay ,f,,, ?79,.h , ,Wk -:V .I , f f Wi' X , A Q m i f , ,..,wu...,. ,. , 'ff' Y ,, Iv. ,jf V WWE 44 'MM 1 'Z' f, ff? f if :ff f ' 'ff' ,, X7 ff f 4- f WW., ,. ,ff,,. W W. ff , f 'W . sf ffwg H , ff V7 , NJ 2, ..... ,,, .. 5... NW- Q W , Q , -4 ffwf ffs , f f f 1-,'1S""5f 4 M N 43. S E 7 -K. X 5 gk v xi X w W i A +'Gyg 5 ' x 'xl Q S , MQ- k 4 ' KS .W W M 55. ,,ggf'4"'if f M E .Q x ,W Q 1 Xi, X ,QAQAQ X Q, N 5 xx. P I xi f 77, ,gf f V VW , f 5 ff AV? "4 5 " ff 4. 3 if f ff M' Z .af 1 , 2 hiya, A A X ,M 448+ x YW' 2 5 ww... xxvffv' K X if if . X L X , FY NKv""""?'7Y aradise Suppl epartment The Supply Department is made up of four divisions that provide materj als, parts and supplies for any requirement. They feed the crew, do their laun dry, and keep our hair cut. They make sure We all get paid and provide place to spend our earnings. In addition to operating the shipls store they providi vending services. And most importantly, they support steel beach picnics. LCDR Ronald Kammerer Supply Officer 46 l'ij! Z'f' 'X mu V , ' Q 4 W i LTJ G Wes Flores LTI G John Wjndom D1sburs1ng!Food Asslsfanf Supply Service OfHcer Qfgcef MSCS Michael Dalvano DKC James Chambers SHCKe1mefh Bmde SKCPau1BI-OWU f f J ,A A , , W K . ,, ,,, X x X va X ,fx 1 3, I J 6 f 7 V .Y Z 6 f X 1 1 f Z X X W . Q Z 7 j ,N 6 2 ff fa 0 Z f 'f iff . q i 5 f ,asf f We FZ 0 f w f 7 f w ,I M X S I X if x fb S w, ga X X fx ak x,X i , X W as Laws xl ,Q f YN S4 ix 'Q 'W an jay: 44 ww N ,-N. eil? Y S gg, PC2 Juan Lopez SK2 Douglas Arellano SK2 David Brown SK2 Joel Garcia SK2 Da vid Torgerson ,,,, . . -I ,V f J ""'luu--F xniwg M' ill SKSN Josh ua Bra unagel SKSA Robert Branch 48 ' Food Service Division 1 ! i , ', 4 f f X f MS 1 Roberto Esguerra MSI Craig Robert MS2 Steve Dales MS2 Paul Lowe MS2 Timothy Teal g4 Z eeeo 2 ff Z1 2 Z h'j fx f g if' I 15 ,6 ' 77. 12 , 4 of ,iff f 49 Q, mmww MS2 Nick Thomas MS3 Demunn Johnson MS3 Ronnie Pagljngayen MSSN Tafoya Galvan MSSN Jerome Yeager S0 -,-. - I " 17 X iw X Sales Division SZ X ff 0' f gf - 7 A f N z' 6. , W W!! f ' H. SH2 Eric Goren SH2 Ernest Merriweather SH3 Enrique Acosta SH3 Rafael Rodriguez SHSN Justin Haines SHSA Douglas Corbin SA Edward Borrego Mis?" M2525 um.. X 8 51 9.:-Ip 5' ff 'u1',gf,f ,f -,.' f1,f,g1f'v,1,f1, f,,,. 1 - ,',',' f,',' 1 , 74 f 2 f f f f ,,Q,f,fgf ,H,,,f, f ,M V VHfffff:' fi4f2f1fffmf7f 0 f ' fiigkfirifilfyffg gfzf 255, f, X , ,A , fyylffyfff ,yfyyfiffff X! f 09 ffWf'f44X,ff Xf'U!!,!7!f ,J X f , f Z? Z DKSN Chnstophe Hartig i 5 i- .... ,..... ,. .. AMN ...- 1 - "X Q,X.h xkhh Q X, - X WX :, f W f "X W X' fi X . N x X X S XM X ' X ,XXX Q X XX XX X f wg 1? A f ' fir fs f , f X .. X , SX, , X S .XX if Z , W f f f N 3? 3 ' ' T , 2 ' Q " ' ' fgmwf' Q , -. f ,X X 5 ' 1: X, 1 X .X XXX-1' A X, , X..: ., i , X 6 ' .. X V mi g I "N XXX X V X ,' I Q! ,, x ,rf f W , Lf, S QW Q X X 2 5 , X , M554 SV? ASW! 1 X, f Z' ' x ffw ff, 7 0 4 an www, f PM 177,44 fwn """'fMW,m wmfWwWWf0 '4 X HW Www, f W if W W W f W W ff WWWWWWMW ffm fff WM N QQ W Z Z perations epartment The Operations Depart- ment is comprised of four divisions and is the largest on board. These "topsid- ersw Work in a Wide vari- ety of specialities and gen- eral billets that include communications, combat operations, electronic war- fare, cryptology, intelli- gence, aviation support, small boat operations, and deck seamanship. Topsid- ers stand watches around- the-clock in Radio Cen- tral, the Combat Informa- tion Center, and the Ship's Signals Exploitation Space. They provide bridge watchstanders and lookouts. They also sup- port all helicopter opera- tions and small boat evo- lutions. it ' 6 Z iiii f ,gmft 2 f 1 LTJohn Winstead LTJG Kelvin Cook LTJG Patrick Johnson ENS Kevm Christie L F11'Sf First Com bat Information Comm unicationc I ff ieu ena 1 Lieutenant Center Ofhcer Qffjcef ENS Craig Wilgenbusch C WO2 James Daly Assistant Combat OSCS Russell Frevele RM CS Douglas Mainor Signals Warfare OfHcer Information Cen ter Officer X mmf f gon 5 MW NW 5 ,, X .v" ff l X ,,,fffff M f' C TRC Kevin Angstadt E WC Daniel Jordan OSC Wande1IAdkins55 RMI Rex Halderman RMI Ricky Morgan RM2 Leon Hamilton RM2 Kevin Pfeninger RM2 Raymond Santee ' i:'f7"f':f wygix w:.1,:','i11," 315- 711.1-rg-,gyf':yyj21iffi j4w:',11gf fgQ',7',i'15f,gwgw ,jyjf:,fgfyym,f1fj,vy,,f,fy3,fmy, 1' n""" ""11lg,Ef.-121,if "', E i,f'1y,i1 ,1ifi-igLffj'315', f,Z,7J'r5qggijil-ry jgjfi Zi'1i1!'m-AgQ2iQE" gij-gig, ,1g'1gi.g, 1 ,igggg-gf1g5j,Q,fZfZ1,i'fgZ41g5,5,gfgniijeggjyyifgfifyf ,',, 5,gQ5mG2f X, ",' ' f 'fyjf f,', fif,fj,74,3f3,yjff' , ' Q 1 gi fx if 3' -f V lv Yi, 'gf ' X f,'- 1 ' 2 ifj-, ffrgfg, '14 ,f ff ,P ffQ'f'jQlfQ'fQ' f,QfZfQg2fffQf,,jfjfgfjiQ'W,fCf', X jg-re-gi 'i'?f:.:,f1,f'1jjg4,jg-:L.:L,g5. ,1y-5 g.,y-1,g1,5-Q,-5.-1,417jvj1rtf,gK1,1g'jggdiff-'j111,1ffj'v'x.f'1'1E' fi-aiu' fiiiij7525"75.ffiwb1gQ.fQfIgEfffj5'1af'IfigI'ff5'f,1?wx":I'f'Q'f'l f'I1fflZ':f 'f,,' C f'WQi'Zlfl4f'fffff12ff ,,fl'7fW7""'7QV'ffffLiQf7f ff4'?"i'ff N . ,. 15?-fiik-1 X,'f ,a,:f:,i-'lrl 'Q ,'.'- 1 52-3, '-f" i :V-5'-11:312-111:75 ."' 1 vil,:,-ffm2251! "f.-', ,.w3:::',::,w5i1 f," .:J'I'Q5'5f.'w3:,f,"f'i1i'flimi'-ff'fil1f f", 1 if, ",, :',f,ij'2my,-z,'fvi-,Hip f," ff,' Xf5f,QfifGi'.2NC f',f' ,ff ,,', C ,,,,, , N ,',, f,,f,4fQf4yj,y,f,j, ,fXAgff,4wQQf,ffjfQWif,f,yQf,f 4 7 X Z f ! QQ! 1- 4 Ay My , S, f 5 ff y n W8 I ip xv! X X X fy-Q4 095 W vk W WA qw Q X f I, Q X ,Q , S 4 X W ., 1 x, 3 X X X x x , Xi' f X f 57 L S ZA W X f 5 f 0 24 N X4 X Q-Q y X 5 as X Q Q ff X f X X9 .5 'V X 2 QNQN 4 2 X03- bv X ., X N A ,.:- Q , .mx W NZQ A Q fax BM, U1 X? ZQZ, X N - X 0 Q f X f W m N3 f CW QM Y X Z wa S ZZ BMI Domingo Florendo BMI James Foote BM2 Marco Amavisca BM2 Jimmy George BM2 Gregory Heck the Qi i ,,,,....,,,,,,,N, ,,,,.. -, M. BM3 Jason Brouwer BM3 Leslie Hurst BM3 Raycen Rummell 58 , . ...,,.,v... Y ma.-. Q-V mf' Q' XX S' X X ax X w 5 g X-V -sz.. -X X X X SXXX iv XX N X X 5 X X Q xxx Xi? XX XX X fr x NX K XX X XXX X X X X 1 Xsx X X Y SQ X X X 5 SXQXX 0 XX Xsxx QX Q XX X X , X X Q X X X X Sir XXX X X XNX I Y xXxX XX X I XY" if X 4,0 fa f Maa XWV E X A , yi! K 5 --,W4-iff Ae , , 'ff W' . W X ' My X W V . .J QQ Rh' Q fs A s, f 7 1 as 's suagax S, L SA Michael Alcorn SA Marcus Basher SN Steven Becker SN Juan Cantu SA Ronald Carr wr.-V' M - ,Z.,-Ni.. Z-M ai ' f K M l sf T' 71:1"'-:A QNNK 3k ' 'S pk W ff sf -ss ir ax fayflsx S f ff Q W fgwi N f x K X X Nwlwlywmis X an X. f af nc, ,rc S, Y X 77 We' XXXX VVNMN ,K A Z W Z V Z Q X if ff llA,fn A f f S,-WW VMI! 2 .....- H..-., I Numan M, A 'W ,WL ,WW SN Michael Cerny SN Robert Christian SN Jeremy Craig SA Joseph Day FN Raul Fisher 59 SA Rogelio Flores-Rodriguez SN Mike Giordano SA Dale Grifhth SA Brock Hansen SR Larry Hicks SN Michael Homan SN Christopher Horton SN Gregory Key SA Erwin Malasan SN Cesar Martinez 60 eq W W . fi? .!. X f 1 X X is ff , ,J k W , 1, ' f if K f Wir . ,. , , , owfz ' I Ac. IQJQVAE' I .f 5f4'J,,i:M W 'y i Z mf 'Q Q " 4 N X I U I S X. N, ,f 1'1" fi . 7 a f ' v ff' y 2, A f" A S Y? Q. r ? is-,Rise Y '95 ,TVX ' SZ' fx .af 'M , S , Q J Q 11. xy, v SR Tracy McCoy SA Cleveland Mingo SN Michael Nemeth SN John Phillips SR Aaron Ravens KW . , ix Mwl, S SS Q ,x N 1 2 A J i 4 f f is E A3 i iw' A X - X fy X X ' S yay l QS 1 4 axis as N-VAX! ,W xv we X fb I 'f x i 'H 'S X YQ N' iv Nw X Xi' f .1 , ., - Q . aff. n 1 ., X X al -Z, , 'QQ W f SA Brad Ruiz SN Michael Sanford SN Brian Smith SN Shon Strong SN Steve Tandler SN Ramiro Zuniga 61 ,, , f . . .'f F C TRI Donald Brower EWI Wesley Holland C TOI Donald Marshall C TRI Michael Rosser E Wl Louis Strowger ISI Michael Wetzlich E W1 Robert Willis EW2 Steven Baumgardner CTM2 Ronald Marth EW2 Arthur Mayfleld 62 ,A Q 1 if 3 ff!! 5 I fv"'5 Z.-M 1 W W M wwf f X X WW X I 4, W! W f ff' if 5 'r .FZ -Q CTO2 Steven Thode CTO2 Joseph Thomas E W3 Tait Barber 1 E W3 E ric Ramirez CTOSA Harry Leyden SN William Raley I O I it 5 atI OSI Paul Da vis OSI Christopherlfmory OSI David Johnson OSI George Uram OS2 Ray Bennett OS2 Kelvin C ox OS2 Kenneth Crenshaw OS2 Michael Da vis OS2 John Fernandez OS2 Michael Harrington 64 is is f f he g i :EXW , X X .. OS2 Joseph Heaton OS2 Barry No vack OS2 Brian Rosenthal OS2 Timothy Sheehan OS2 Jeffrey Stephens A, if 01438271 f wus sm Wx aus Junzmm 2721 . lin OS2 Bruce Sturgeon OS2 John Threadgill OS3 Brian Ambrose OS3 Canute Anderson OS3 Michael Baker 65 1 Sw 0319 'Z 7 sgwmvzmwit V -we , - "wt, QS X 1 ,, wgqx wt K W as - sfo, ss 'X 'N N f 2 Z fl 66 - Ut 1 mf tiff ,f X , ff W ff? os3 Jeffrey Bfem OS3 Raymond Cook OS3 David Logsdon OS3 Christopher Messick OS3 Eric M uehlbach OS3 Anthony Tumef OSSA John Caffee OSSN Robert Haddock OSSN Duane Heller OSSN Frederick Grant it 1, 101111 PM dll DEC SIGN, ' DEC DEC DEC DEC DEC JAN JAN JAN JAN JAN 111111 JAN JAN 10111 J JAN if FEB FEB FEB MAR MAR MAR MAR APR APR APR APR APR APR MAY MAY Ffft-at MAY MAY MAY MAY K, lntf l0l:...f otal Miles Travelled: 31,899 NM ays Underway: 137 OF 166 f82.50!oJ anama Canal Transits: 4 Meals Served: 19,380 Steel Beach BBQ'S: 16 A Sodas Consumed: 79,802 Pounds of Laundry Washed: 71,439 y Pounds of Mail Sent: 6,507 I Pounds of Mail Received: 10,450 Deployment Log Underway from San Diego, CA Brief Stop for Fuel Acapulco, Mexico In-Chop to Joint Inter-Agency Task Force CJIATFJ East BSF Rodman, Panama BSF Rodman, Panama Panama Canal Transit North Inport Fort Lauderdale, FL Underway from Fort Lauderdale, FL BSF Guantanamo Bay, Cuba Panama Canal Transit South fNight Transitj Inport Rodman, PM Underway from Rodman, PM Crossed the Equator and Exterminated Wogs BSF Rodman, PM BSF Rodman, PM Panama Canal Transit North BSF Cartagena, Columbia BSF Curacao, Netherlands Lesser Antilles BSF Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico Inport Mayport, FL Underway from Mayport, FL BSF Curacao, NLA Inport Curacao, NLA Underway from Curacao, NLA BSF Curacao, NLA BSF Roosevelt Roads, PR Inport Cartagena, CO Underway from Cartagena, CO Panama Canal Transit South f BSF Rodman, PM BSF Rodman, PM Out-CHOP from J IATF East Inport Mazatlan, Mexico Underway from Mazatlan, MX Inport San Diego, CA Statistics Total Pay to Crew: S3,331,27 1 .57 Rounds Fired: 5in!54 cal- 129 CIWS - 2,730 25mm 4 265 50 CAL- 1,000 Flight Quarters: 475 Helicopter Flight Hours: 770 Helicopter Landings: 500 Day 600 Night 1 Radio Messages Sent: 2,049 1 Radio Messages Received: 15,686 i 1 K i 3 .31 0 11 "WE" lllll" """Mm'1'9 Surface Warfare Officer Qualifications LT John Winstead LTJ G Peter Martenson ENS Ray Cozine K xr-'f f MW-'1r W QkQm1r-'fff""' 'J 'C 2.11-ij'JmJJJ1lWWW9. P P M994--ar,-I fjs-'lfwllll '7 Surface Warfare Supply Corps Officer Qualifications LCDR Ronald Kammerer LTJ G John Windom LTJ G Jarrod Flores I E IJWW' ,-27, ' MWSII A r " Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist Qualifications SHCCSWJ Kenneth Brode HMCCSWJ Joseph Licuanan RMCCSWJ Douglas Mainor MRKSWJ David Baxley STG1fSWJ Ian Cook GQSEIQSWJ Arturo Dominguez FCICSWJ Thomas Fleming STGICSWJ Mark Raines TM ICSWJ Daniel Stark YNIQSWJ Kenneth Stones GMG2CSWJ James Butler SK2fSWJ Joel Garcia ET2fSWj Charles Hall FCZCSWJ Gregory Maxwell F C2CSWJ Joseph Pfeffer OS2fSWJ Bruce Sturgeon SKZCSWJ David Torgerson STG3fSWJ James Correia 67 Caribbean Encounters Www- ff , 'WW I ,. ' ,Q 7 f W ,7 , Y .1 f 4 J ,XX Wi: ' ,f 9 NN' V WWW i ,,,,.-M li ,..-uk if sz xv , Ifvfi ,-,W 1 'Fx T57 ,Q nl W Crossing he Line ' Y' 3 f mf 5:-4 .ti I XX X xX.X X V f,f, X X XX X, X, ,X X AX, , X ,, , X X 7 , XXX. Q A SXXWXY, E x 0 , XX, X N X XX X X XX X,,XX,,,XXwXN, X Q N NQXN N X KfXlfNffk-fXX,X N N N XQX XX qX,XQm VX X X X XXX HXXX X Q XX X QM, XV. N X QMS X NX YA xx!fU'f Q x Xvx N x x X X 6 XXWf,Xx-'Wg 4,,XX ,XX x fwfw X X Ki XTX X X X x X X X X X ,, xff,, Xxf ,,,, Yfxw? :M W X xx Q Q x XXX xg 'X xxx Wm y M XX X X KX X X, X xx 4, Q, X26 ,Q ,XL fx X X S A Q SV W 2,,,X WS X X50 wi S X X .,,. , V A X XX N N QNX 0 XFN fxx Xmw, ,W , X S X RX X Xi 4 mf, QVXQ. , XX W: ,X X , XX X X, X,, ga f,XSVzMf',,X fa, 'WXQX MX S gf XX Cx?" .WX ,, , X "',, , f W4 X W 'X , Q, f, ZX - Q, Q MX ffxmxfs, X, Nff,SXffXwm f X X:,f X X, ,- , X , v 7 W 'V wh xmiw, W, '2 X WyM.X ' X 'f ,V wh fy, wx OX My XQXQX 4.X XM WXMQQ A55 X' -Vw -'f', X ff -47 w X X Q,ySxwNwQ'WX Q- SXffSfAX'5XA "5 TXQXXV, X, XX, X 'Y X 0 WS 0 X 5 A f2QvQQ wax, WMS X X W, X Q Jw ff X if W me ff XGA My 2 F ffw X X f W, WX W5 YQ, H, X - fa, QNX, W WQQ W 4 X X23 ,X Kg, -b , UQ :X Mg X"X,1XM H If an X4. MX hNhN3wXQN' fxw YQNWNQNQ YW Na, ff WQNQYQXQ, WNW NWN 1f,,XX X hgh wg, ,X 5 X- ,X xwfms My fm f H 2-W fy of QV! Q, Xu! X4 Q,W6X5W,Avf,yqgmX ZAZXQ X XXXX, , , X X f XXXWSW M'9Z?fg5 Q Q, Q, sw Sw SZ Swshsws X ,XXMX WASWQ Q ag 1 M XXXW NMS 'f as gk I X ff VZ! ff! 72? X A745 Wu . 2 ,,,3 , ,wry f ff gggxfff A f X F I w .M- Rail 3 vu-iw? W4 . mefvff' - it ez , 1f!!:'F'?'-f 3.1 fmq. , Q . 'z 3. , Gi 1 V 4, in , ,',j ml- C31 DH? Ni? , DH? D33 VA i 5: l v N 1 I 1 l 1 1 r 3 W W l . A i The Panama Canal And Naval Station Rodman Canal Transits 1, 19 DEC 94 L ?f Daytime North Transit as 08-09 JAN 95 A 5 Nighttime South Transit 30 JAN 95 Panama Canal Tri via Top Ten List Longest continuous monologue over a public address system in Panama Canal FORGE CCG 501 on 19 December 1995 Most congo bars consumed by a Panama Canal pilot 27 on board USS VAL- LEY FORGE QCG 503 19 December 1994 lb , ' 1. ' waters: 7 hours and 51 minutes, canal tour guide aboard USS VALLEY , . . 2- i 2 , 1 3. ' Daytime North Transit 04 MAY 95 Daytime South Transit v 1 R 1 1 .Ip 1 1 1 I 4 9 zu ii 7 1 . One set of locks holds 30,064,152.5 gallons of water and drains at a rate of 1,002,l38.4 gallons per minute, making it the most powerful gravity flush sys- tem in the world. Longest combined delay experienced by a U.S. Navy ship in Canal waters: 33 hours, by USS VALLEY FORGE CCG 501 during the period December 1994 to January 1995. Lowest toll recorded: 36 cents charged to Mr. Richard Halliburton who swam the Canal in 1928. The toll charge remained the same at 90 cents per cargo ton from 1914 until 1974 when it was raised to 51.08 per cargo ton. The current rate is S2.21 per cargo ton. Slowest speed ever recorded in Panama Canal waters: 0.000025 kts or 0.03 inch per minute, USS VALLEY FORGE fCG 502 09 January 1995 at night on approach Pedro Miguel Locks. Fastest transit: USS PEGASUS QPHM IJ, 2 hours 41 minutes, June 1979. Ships are raised and lowered 87 feet from entrance to exit. The total volume of excavation in building the Canal was 262 million cubic yards, three times the excavation for the Suez Canal. T W af 1 L 1 9 -1 I H. 1 I , 1 4 W f J V . M L -Q-m.mi:.,,. ,dll ., '-x ,, ,V ,, -. ' 1 I r., -. - . I , , . x x ,xx 4 I 5 'H Xi H l 1 78 W- --1 -A Qixiysgsv r Q34 Q Swv . ," " z 4 gw S SUN We . .WXQ A 5X 'ff 4 N wx ' My fd 44 ' 4 4 " f z ,wwf ,MVWQ My-,X - Y f 4- wk M xff Nw f 97 WAXW-,xx .Vi X. is X - xQ X! 1l !,.a , f 1 I W i X.. 5. X '4 V m 4 , Y ' M-- ' N--.,.,. M A, , N ll il u J , -Y, , , Y ,.,,. ,, , H 'v V , A . , -Y , . , , , Gb. """" Curacao 1' '-N J 1 i ry , artagena 111711111111 A :Ani Vu I I I I I I I I ,....,,M? Mazatldn fi? .wh-1? 'I' EI i I i 1 5 1 , I -N Y . ,, 3 . I- -' -' rl' " V ' sw f qzffzmgzfzajwvs-,-...,. ,. . , -f'-1z?'?ff2s2 + U lf- is 541143 fib2 . .fiZfW2 wifi wa-'4:swmami- .,1 V- ,::. , 1.0--V-eew"G'1' X My , ,5M,,,'f L'4.',11gQ f, u N 1 N ,?y,.'5Ng. ,f 'Qu' fy? 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'PU 5 ,,...---W .W 'K RV4 A "' fi P if x ,V " 25 f 4 'Tr A 2 4, A L S E? ,E I Y M 1 Y1X Q 1 W i 1 .f W f T 2 Z ' 1 2' Q if 134, X Q f- "2W:iP.fQ:.,,,," E f ini- ff' , I , M is pf Mum? - Q ...x, . A I ,ir - V awww A - J: ,, Q96 A f ," K W' - fiw rfh V' M1 f ' wx N, , if f3f7'Q ' 5-Q71 V 'X Wf 4 ff ' WE , M .- 7 ' L fi? Y - W Z ,Q 5 hx . A , fr X I zx- - y lf , f J 1, X , W, K K io X ,V , K M X f x A c 'Vi' V ' in .L 5 - f,-1 ' X ' TLA? A . x' i ,,,, X Q X vpyvi ,,, J, I V. V ., Q . '1 ff, , 'ik Q h w e f' 1 had woe. ' kwa K , 3 A . 'T 1 .. L ,,..... ,N :iran , A A , xx SEL fp - ang, - ni x ff if ffl., f 3 1 'T li, W xv! QQ 43? ZW Q, 3 s 'J G, .QV ' 4,-.V L- 4- , L , " I Jil , vm-,rf f- .,, V .-.W ,"3.f as-wx 'wr 4. V U-FQN Z.. Q, ..f.vf.- 441 Sunsets f7?0Zf , "'7f, My , f 'QWQW " M. fa , 4 - f f , Q, guts, I, ' Wwfigg ., ffm . X X ,., 1 N l I Z Z Z f. 5 1 , 1. 1 1 1 -.p.:t' W vw ' ' .ltfgwg-54.21 , . . ,, A9 Wx . , als. N 722:-gan"gfVQ"l!'?2Zw5f11Y2'????:E 4,1532532-fg,,.,,, f, 'M ,pff'1Wfw-'mfg , 1 , ' x' -Q ,bmw ' f.:.m2ua-n-H L2'L...1 Exif? x f. 25, ' ,nf ,Wf""L ., V ' V-:':"1,fffwf?:.:fzff W ' v L " ffwprx, ' fl, -. - 3 'fi3g,.f' y,5E:ig5-maid ffm. . .ax --Q. -,zij , 513, f.,...l"'f.,f.?'f" tg 1 'fsgz '?33Tf' , x g-f "wwf 'f 1.9 X Nr- f 4, : ,gqgggu bf- ,,.X,nvwSQx,,, W -ff K ZiW,,,,xx,,,i,,M - T .. ' W 'rv' ff' mv --QW -4......, feiig':.z:,i f A 1 . A 5-11 ff-, I 5 5 - , 3 sf? -"A X :ww-11 . , , A -X gmg, pf-W'-"x,.,.s:g,,f'! ' ' 1' xg. , . WV, V.f,.,,y-'- My tw' Txx-:, W -ww - ne Last Glance 1 LT4Vaughan: Thanks to the crew. Without your photographic and journalistic support, this book would not have been possible. I hope that you enjoy this reflection of our Caribbean Adventure. Ruth Ann and Matthew, 143. ICO 10:31 ENS Christie: Thanks to my family for your support during the late nights and weekends that the cruisebook consumed. Michelle, Nicole, and Jennifer, you were all a part of me during every minute of our long adventure. Editors-in-Chief: LT Doug Vaughan and ENS Kevin Christie Cruise Book Committee: LT Doug Vaughan ENS Kevin Christie LT Deanna Marr Contributing Photographers: The crew of the USS VALLEY FGRGE Owgaphic ang NNE Ihopl n... I n iure. Ruth Ana . . 1 Junng Ihe lat: f chelle. Nicole minule of our TISIIC 'Y FORGE CARIBBEA U ,-I L ,W K, 1 n n . E Q 5 1 Z 1 I Cruise VALL 1994-95 USS Valley Forge QCG 50, D VE, -.515-if ffq , , 1 ry , fr , 6 fl' A , . 'T 1 -. ,161 .uf 6 'UF Q I 1 W ., - 'fx Ji,,ag!,:,, ,.,.T,.,.,,, W, Z, , fume! -y.WMw,.4 'Wa w.,-4u,-www 4.LJan,,'....,+4n vw, ga-A Wa- ww-.wk-ulifvvf-aw"-1719.-Qafw www w- mu' vwrvf ,dv X 'fv ffl-' D 5 ' if .4 1 v 'E z , , , 1'-1 ,, , . , j,r .P 'ffl Q - "" , , ,fl - ', ,, ,',, , .. ,- , f 1, fa 1 ,f,...X,f- Mm , ' Fm ne - . , r , h ' , f f -1 1 Y M,ex?a , , y f,N!.4'ZX ' AA ' ' J - 'F ' f f - ' A ' ' f - , f 1 - , ' Q L , , . l , K. , i, ,vs 4? ,i ,,V, gy of VVHJ Q 1, X: Q , , ff W K it WV Q 1, V1 , , l W f , ! f , , , ' .: 1A' jjvg V bf, f ix w ..l,krg , 2 ' , ,, A I 1' L ' -V f A . g , e L g f . , , M , . 'iff , if, I, ,,' 1 g f ijfi if if K . ,Q xy ' 4 ,, b I liar. I , A,,, by l V xvk il! yy! A, M .xV, S137 ,V V vb 1 I k K If 1 i A' f V , K.,' :A W ,' N f ' ' N Q ' 1 , q ' f ' Q 1L. b , , ,, p5,,.. ,.s"f l ' - mm Y Uig5f35 5 ,. ' 7 'A "?""" A A , . i,f1, '.51Y! ' f , , , ' ante, , , , 1 e , ' 3 , , ' ' ' V I if X' 1 an---f , 34--- , it A G 'V If K . blxr 1 , , . ,I V, 'K ..', I l . J. V, V X, !,'h! I f A I , , ff ir Q 7 V ffl i r , , k f , ,. ,., , 5 ', , 8 , . W YM W W W, NH, M A ,A , .,,, ,,,,,,,,.,,.Y.,, ,,,,,., ,,, .. ,wf ,,...,.A,,.,w-,-., ... f-n ww, . Vw w wan wi g. it ' in ,, , 5, , , , , , Q lk x X lj v 1 l , 5 """""" M ,- ,," , , rf J NI Ca ,4-........r ,f A A , ,,.. ...QM ' dv .W K . ws..Q .Q Q '- n "'-N 1 W A xg, .3 f 2 v I ,. 'H-f x 4 . LN 4 A .gui J. -Qgnnpen-uluvu-ug-n an-vu " W' 'p uk ""3U"K wk, 6 K 'aw x-awww

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