Valley City State University - Viking Yearbook (Valley City, ND)

 - Class of 1941

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Valley City State University - Viking Yearbook (Valley City, ND) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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-"Q 'xaifll ', .- W- KW.,-wht. i'!. ""' 1 4 .1 Q 1 N . , . N N '4- lo ' 'fx J X1 uh .N v H . 5+ . .6 1' 4' 'JN' A4 X82 ' ,f 'QX .E -n I I 4 S J 1 1 I I -ing-L ?!!-verb---ww A.. ,. -A1 hi A f' 'TN U, r 'N I s '1 K a A 1 4 ' .f N 1 X, 1, v I sit 5 6 L 'Qs' 'K sl 5' f ' 'S . 'L-. ga so D' ' .9 A-.fu U .H A fir: 'w, uf, . .E , 'gf' X .- . ' , fu - 1 'F ' Mm' :AQ-lx"-Q 'fc .f , -- A N A if v 'te ' -"ff," .bei A . T -T, 1 .laz- ' f' ' -.aff - YY . ' 9" 1' U7 ' 'E gg. ' fgw'-"fu,-I. A rf 'ni X -T""" 'V I-"f, . 'NTVN-il gl 1" ' 8' -ivy' if I j , 'Nr'L.-,- . xr.. 'f 'A f'qm. 1 ,.fxl: f' ,f" 'Yip-', ' -' A W 4 ' A 'X' , - 4, 1 ,r 1 1 -f V f. V , 1 ix , . 4 In , Q.: "1 7 9 Mt. '..' Q' ' 'W 4 '.':', . L, 'V 4- 1 at -4 - h ' 'AL Qsif 4 4 . Us v -.751 'Z . 5" 1' , Q ,-V' ,' 'hx'-1 , V4 w oyxii la' ,i ,IQ ff s.vQ - 3'5- A. 4 df 'L v l x' 1, . Ami. V .4 1 ' n '- I . I ' V .4 x g tx .f. 'I 3 1 CS- J' E. - . 'Y 5- , ,T I .mg , , ,.-',k,,u,qL , -in - 9? Q ' Q' 4 5 . ,.a' . - - . 'A Q. '..', ' ,f-rl arg, u ' , ,4 xl., . i.- 'iivi-.. . fl F' ,, 1 A y Q I A. .fir ' " 1 -, ,1 . X as 'L N vl. .5 '. W " 3 1 A f, .0 n :LX -ff xr, P I . I ,O V " I " f , NU P , . ,Af gi 'x '+V 1 ,, .- 3 J 3 if J ff' 1 .- 4. ff , 'Wg . "'. 3 . ffm Q. ' -n p.!'5"i' Q w 1 1 ef- ' I f K , 5, 'Al I - l's' D: N 16. i ,, ' 5 gf ,, ,A q .,.- .fx ,, If 'X -aftffz ' " A 3 Q , .. : 'V Q -If 1 Q S5 W - llbxb J wffeff. I . yjfwam Li., MAATH7 CVR-5ke.'fo. 3 M I' !?f.7-76 5-540 IAQ DY Jo' Pulalisllect lay tlle Stuclents ot tlle State Teacllers College Valley City, Nortlu Dalzota ebifov - frevvs Wemeff Lusiness w1ana5ev - games Cgavis 4 F n ' ! l FOR YCU - - - Xve laugheul, cried, pullecl hair, spent sleepless nights ------ ancl lovecl every minute ot it. FQIQ YCU we puhlishect this hoolz, in hopes that you will laugh, cry, pull your hair anct love every page ot itl TQ YOU - - - we clecticate this Boole ' 'x 40753: ,lui -'bb vpn X -nd 1 Q9 2 , vi I x V' . - 4. B-.. M ,afkx e. Q- w ,Q x fl, 5'-u ,,.las LQLF 'FS 48" i U Q mi-'54 -4:5 4 , 45' 5 .sm ,, 41. it. , ' 4. U n 5 .. 4 Q' I 0 ,..... ,- P 1 1 f X H in , f , I P1 K I K -,S ul" N 1. 'Pav ,, .1-' .I , -.,n K W f'1i .ffl 3:2 .,--,. ,w"" 3 V L. , 'C ,, g., 1-.-A . - ff.,?.x45 ,A . .1 ,1.Js .niikf x A ' 1 Q . Q A .5 fa S f 4 ' 41 V YI i , - R4 fx ks, J' JIRA. X. , 4 V4 4 .4 4-74 N Q71 iw ,f . , f'5jy " if- , ,fuk wA4,,,,,,4-.. f.-4, g- f 1' X , N... - . f ' I 2 . v w , , , ,gf , 1 4,1 -,4 - I Qi -4: 4 .' y, 54'-T .gt -"H 1' " ? X152'? ., '12 - ff. . ' -, ' f. If S H' V -"Iii - -' S ' A, .450 I,f'f-VU Q, 'tvk - 135-4: 4+ H '4 xi ,K 9, ... L ,,,, - , f L 1 4 - x A L 4-',f:,gj,fk1:' x- , 5 X wt - -44,0 if 7 , 'V -' -' I - ,f- 9 ' ' ' 'x 4 , 4 V,-L .exif , ,A 4, , A kg,-1 V 1 .1-2,-,-ff. .. . -F1 X- w 2, -fg 3 . 'lf 5 , My .1 ' ' " fypji- t ,gl ,. A f N W X' 4 ..,e,.4f JI' . l,,f4. A l U V V . J .441 .A P M M X 'J v1hY,i ' iv ' 'ax-K' f " X .A S K Nx . 5, if I4 ,I x. .E t V , Q " if-.10 :4.-in ' ' A5-nl'-f44t',yXx's if wx ' 124145 Lx W 'ik 4,4 X 4 4 him 4 iff T'-7 'I fe. 'r. ,ff f'!dt 'y. ii H Ei' ' Q -w -i'.xf"dii5'f .Xiwf.?"'p , 'gf' 4 A' 41 ' ' 1 U-'of , .- lt. M b ,' f 44. I .4 . vghu ' f 3- 14 411 , 14 - f' 4., 1 1 4,4 ,4 4!44.?4'44x.-4 4 -5 'fi 453. X XL vp . 4 4 N his ,,. L,-'44 UL 4 X . . H I ,I , 4 4 . 41, 4 ,E JJ4 FJ., ' iff., -:X ex ' -,jf '4 xx APPT ' X-'fam 4.. Ji -If . 4 ,. .Ur 4.4xl Al xfe ,ml 4 A4 I4 . 4:4 - ,444 Q x Rf? 1470 .4 4 . 1- 1 , . , X uf X ,J-'rl f ' I , , if A 44 Q. 5 Syl . V V' 1 .' -'T'u.4 ' ,. . ,, , ,, ' ' .4 1.5 K .1 ,. , ,N ...a .,, . . 1 J' . g' 4. 3'HrE','. '15 p -U 'fy H113 H I ggi, xo 1 1 P F 4-7f'N- " "ig N m Q: f ,x ?3 A fg5,,q?,4 .fw W . Q... H- fm' . fi: ,a D.f'gigz"g: , I f W 5 145-q,j ,f if ,y ,, ' mfn-ffl , H' ".5'A.',i il' , 4, aah .5-'J A ' f ,mf fi-fi" ' wi- f .,Qf'q1M:4ffb? 2 ' 45.1" '. '?'f'1f. Jmxari , "A 436' f"7f1' ' I' 'J - -f"5j'Q f . . ,.,4 ,141 ' .ki '-4 ,'3i,.f' , "1 wi.. . 4 fs nf. Y IS. I? gy., 4,4 , , wr ,, " , .:,, If x y V' ' Q,1-isfg 'P' r ' , A .. M711 1 ' 11.4-1 A A' 7 I x ,W fi in " 91? V if. f'1 ' ,.' 1 ,fj,""". ,, . " A ,.m- I fi' 14, M. .D A .1 f. ' .' ' .K A - .f 4 ,f , . 'I P ,I x , Q ,jr g' ,,' ' 1 - 1 .. , ,Qf V ' rs., F A I ' .4 K ra :I l I' x I.. - ' 4 f ji." v 4:2 , - bf . .- --: 01?-'-W .. Y. . rggpilliif Q Qayig 1-.E'7'lE4. ' W' 1, .am A- ' " ' ' v - - V . 1 41 4 w 4 iff? W 'S V Y- ff . -sf P I .575 I. J 091014915 Class Presicients Who's Who Viking Pilots Convocation Artists 5? 1' . 4'-up V , , f K , PP, udi' , V. Q ,ffl L W ff .-'.7q-.wrw " ' , So 'oi ph , 9 ALB L A MXLQSQXWDSOQ HQf11ffniifRS IHHSS PHISIUENIS lH4H-41 Om ore VERN E LARSON BETTY FRITCH Pingree Valley City I-'ERN WEMETT ' ' Viking Pilot and Who's Who MILDRED ALBERS Viking Pilot and Who's Who EILEEN AGNEW Viking Pilot and Who's Who :rf Wiring EREITL 1101 VI 0 LUVERN LEE Viking Pilot HIHG PILUTSF . 'ft V LEONE LANGEMO Viking Pilot and Who's Who D lUHU'5 LUHU IAMES DAVIS Viking Pilot and Who's Who Sf ILA VERNE LARSON Viking Pilot ll ,ting vt -nl' .f"""' CLIVER KOLSTOE Viking Pilot cmd Who's Who RALPH CARLSON Viking Pilot cmd Who's Who . XNPO GYXESQNQO 5 GE-Xi DQ Q60 X13 1 gm 1 QL: LYNN LENDE Viking Pilot cmd Who's Who 1 X LA-2 , i .kg Aisfjjn ' 4fMf' ' :'1f?25g Q , I r - M Rf aw 17181551 sr, X -2 Q. ' 1 H' f 5 . J 11 :QQ mTeafuvCn5 Why Teachers Get Gray Lite's Too Short 4 Seven Wonders ot ttxe Worlct Homecoming Snapshots The Hell - - - You Say T11ey'H Do It Everytime Faculty Fotos Tune Titles Miscellaneous A Page Torn trom the Ectitofs Notelooo 1 book for 6 students? Share alike , WRIGLEYS t 'rt' CHEWI NG GUM 1 I1 '-ul '-41711: 1 L.. - r- ----- " EVIL," !7LFL ' ."g if 'fr- FFICIAL CUNVO Address "1YvvMm G mfww " 131 qw why Students Get Gray why Teachers Get Gray ZZZZZZZZZZZZ N Draw and label 1 Sign swiping! .-4 x Q -, wk ..,..-',':1, ,, 1 4 r , , ,fn --. Slifer T, , ,,,, ,I , u f 1:.Q'5':r4Yy-g',?v! N "' 3 -4, J 1' A ,Lf 1 fx5'g7vfQ'5f':: , - v J I, Ti.. Effpi' . pg- 452'-'U La. 1? . 1 sry - 5,5951- x 'YCJH'-r. a ,,.,,!. A .. l ,ljffj 9 'LIL +- , v f n 5 4 "vw" 1 ' .zu ,A,,...,.f--,-AH .Vu , , .J ,, .1f,, M' ' t . ,. ig. Y -1 . '--. H - -- ::.- ,- Hg -5-g,.:f-,A. 1:,,"'.3, 1.. A ,, ,, . '-.':, L, . :.:- ::. K . W f, K 5 X f ,K ' ' Ln.. 1 ., 11, '. 5.-L,,.3, f...:-,- .Qu NA ' v If '.'.'A ' v ,'-. Ax XX 57 5 1 wa- , -77 4 1 X :S ,J z., ' f X vm- -' . .4 .. ,, ' 4 x20 I spend lots Qi time OU mY books NY' Wig QW 510 11 4 ze udgef Car1ton's Working? Y L ,L -.1 ,Io V, , . ,LJEIP I mi., -J X ,JS . ,ff 219, H ,K ff 7' mg? - 4 .,. '4- f 5 nk 1' 15:-, X -A . 4., ,,.i" ,' X . K. ff iff LD Al 1 a I 5 vvihgu. F - - If -'-SJW' JV .A ' 1973144 .,44,,.E,, U YWHXNC 4 ' ij ' . 1 , ,ff I 1 Y' M: E TH V CN' yb 49 QOFS mc. CRADL 90,91 D my . 'iss' , n.K5,,g ,- T y - . - '3' sf-sau-M1 ,A 'vo 3-Q ' 24' 45 vm 1-wa. "-x J' . ' JG' Xi' ' y F W s, .v X P' .1 M ri' ,, 6 wb! ,d' 2220 ffm 1 F. sen 1 ,146 ' :M fr , : A 4? W NX 1' '-K" 1 Q , -fl .5 g, I' I .I QY- i 5. l'!. 1 N ' A Sophomor 4 'N HOmECOmlnG CO-CHHIRITIETI ,f SFIHPSHCTS The UJinnah! g0 Q fe,- L 1 99 23. ,A The MAX E7 O u soy r, ,, ,v1.1 , Eff, , fw ' 1 .Y ' :S I : I "i ,, 3, K ' 'n 1' 4 . , ,. pfflw H 1 .. . . Y a,1 . . 4 4 if H ffifam . 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Q Y, X 5 w :F X -nil' , X - J' 33 U X rw, 42 G wi-24" ' 'Rv if Q fy X G' 2?-mix H' resenfih5 A Cappella Band Qrcliestra Nlaclrigal E. B. C. Clionian Tau Lamlocla Sigma Delplii Hesperian Pliilomatluian Atlieneum Hananiiclii Gamma Tlieta Upsilon Pi Qmega Pi Alplia Psi Qmega Student Council Dramatic Clulo Buclget Statt Vilzing Statt Rural Lite Rural Critics Art Clutr Home Economics Clulw Lutlieran Stuclents Association Newman Clula Y. M. C. A. Y. W. C. A. Kampus Kaclets Lettermen WOHICHYS Atliletic Association Nu Sigma Psi Intramurals First Row: S. Calnan, R. Willrnan, L. Ianzen, B. Larson, M. Hoyt, P. Iohnson, L. Lee, G Granlund, C. Brown, P. Bolkan, I. Clark Second Row: I McDonald, M. Bowekamp, R. Frarnstad, D. Huckeby, I. Lewis, L. Lee R. Peterson,C. Harstad, C. Knutson, R. Thorne, M. Melby, M. Adams Third Row: H. Pfau, R. Landsberger, D. Ernie, C. Konshock. H. Myers, V. Larson, A Qual, H. Siewert, H. Liberda, L. Swartout, G. Schuster, G. Gutekunst Fourth Row: R.Becht1e, H. Larson, M. Hanson, K. Welken, O. Kolstoe, I. Nielson, I Rhoades, B. Mosher, D. Bishop, R. Mode H CHPPELLH BOYS OCTET H. Myers, V. Larson, L. Lee, R. Peterson, M. Hanson, O. Kolstoe, B. Mosher, H. Larson Geneva Nelson GIRLS SEXTET R. Framstad, L. Lee, G. Schuster,R. Lands- berger, G. Gutekunst, H. Pfau ,, ,-+V- V. ASL F '52-f.f 5 Ai J J V F Uftffiq 1 via.: 1 ' , Q, ' 1- Xl' ' 1 4 I iE1I2:V - i. Q ', ' X lr J 1 f' L: . ' '- W 5' ,Q - 5 Q5 ' Q 5 if ' V 1 ,, W' Jn. ! . N Eb ff if ff' fffw f 45554 'X' 1 '- , ---" 'I ' - s s ,,,.-v gg gf 1 Ei? 5, ' - fri, x 'J First Row: D. Flagstad, Mr. Lee, Mr. Smith, H. Iohnson, S. Calnan, F. Davidson, B. Iar- rell, M. Brown, I. Pierce, G. Hanson Second Row: Dr. C. E. Iohnson, G. Crowther, L. McLeod, N. Lee, H. Willson, L. Sher- man, H. Clark, Mr. Froysaa, H. Raveling, F. Larson, H. Davidson, R. Ottinger Third Row: E. Anderson, D. Kizer, D. Thornton, M. Hanson, I. Nielson, B. Norgaard, W. Pierce, H. Nienas, G. Schuster, V. I-Iomuth lst Row: D. Haystacl, I Milde, L. Soutor, Miss Cedarqreen, M. Russell, D. Eller, M. Soutor. R. Mosher 2nd Row: C. Skonnard, R. Quill, M. Ercink, S. Peterson, I. Sad, D. Skonnard, V. McKay 3rd Row: A. Fixen, A. Vllutzke, L. Lewis, E. Lillehauqen, L. Loften, G. Edholm 4th Row: H. Alderman, P. Bakko, N. Boatz, H. Mielke, A. Stensgaard, E. Olson, I. Schatz E. B. C. Script Writers Association 1 , ,- J . . 3: , rl 1 - Al The Brasses ot T. Bone Thornton's E. B. C. Swing Band lst Row: Dr. Kolstoe, L. Krug, A. Anderson, A. Qual, H. Dibbern, M. Gabriel, W. Shea 2nd Row: L. Peterson, W. Pierce, O. Kolstoe, L. Iacobs. T. Mahan, D. Bishop. C. Gillund 3rd Bow: M. Willson, H. Simon, -I. Rhoades. K. Welken, L. Askerooth, E. Tate 4th How: E. Nelson, I. Nielson, S. Willson, M. Hanson. L Swennumson lst Row: Miss Swift, G. Edholm, S. Cctlncrn, D. Brunsman, I. Isley, G. Crowther Znd Row: R. Stoll, R. MCI-Icrttie, I. Ballinger, C. Atherion, L. Lcmgemo 3rd Row: G. Schuster, M. Soutor, M. Melby, G. Gutekunst, I. Eberly, I. Bergman 4th Row: I. McCarthy, M. Crossmcxn, V. Pres., O. Frydenlund, Sec., P. King-Trecrs., R Framstcrd-Pres., L. Lee gi Hobbxl Ho K XXYNNK New-cn, B. Mode. G. Sad, Nu. n X.?aqe1stroa1.C. PA- W, XXXNNYN mee Ko Gay N Comm Masquerade oi me memes O ur Three P reXYs Xsk Bow: Ps. Wemetifl. Psrxderso , bers 'Lua Bow: D.D1ies. K. Lamson, H. Sew eu, H. Liberda, B. Xokmson. L. L-erxae, Xl. Sokxeim 'Bid Bow: IX. Mciees, E-. Wicks. E. Oskerx. YI. Burchm, B. Lee, Y. Xlunkek V. Lars-on Mb Bow: L. Lee. B. Genzek H. Nienas, L. Cink. H. Voppke, V. Bomukh wx ?1.PeXetson. B. Mos-bex, B. Bu-ache. Xvetson. H. Matson, L. Mc 5011 Ymo T. Skekxke. NX. Canby f,:35SQ?" Vp gy? , . VV , O. Holsne, P. , M Lommel Grd Row: E Schatz, W Geesey, D. Timm son, L. Gmven 4th Ro ' Wil N2 M453 Ist How: Miss Horter, I. Fir, C. Liud Cu ypers, K. Kneckt, EI Robinson L Dawkins, Miss Norton 2nd Row: G. Gronlund L Peterson, I Sod Reiten W ke, L oh ,MMM M V if , ljfiifbf Www ff!! fvfwf w 444,-cfgj fm .P MM ffm .eff 1 f I f. f 5 H fn 'VAQ f. I A! Belles VA7' L Vjjf C -f JLJZMJ cu-'Lo 1 A lst Row: H. Kern, B. Wilson, H. Boh e, L. Schlcxbsz, . Hoffman, I. Grenz 2nd Row: R. Carlson, W. Becklund. E. Olson, B. Lewis, W. Johnson 3rd Row: V. Watson, R. Oyen, A. Lcmg, L. Doerr, H. House lst Row: M. Strand, G. Strand, D. Skonncxrd, I. Ronzheimer, E. Stcrngler, L. Kern, A Severson 2nd Row: M. Epler, G. Greb, D. Simonson, P. Johnson, F. We-mett, M. Albers 3rd Row: C. Argersinger, R. Starr, M. Ercink, A. Oien, Miss Nelson, G. Saylor Coffee PQIIY --uh-i 1 t Row: F. Fredrickson, A. Young, 'C. s Brown, H.Hoyt, A.F1Sh, M. LeP1re, G. Rueckert 2nd Row: L. Rehr, D. Flagstaa, H. Hoffman, V. Klubben, M. Dick. K. Martlnson 3rd Row: Miss Layman, H. Nelson, I. Mc Donald, M. Hoyt, M. Peterson rn, B. Martz, D. Hucke 4th Row: A. McBroo by, C. Konshok, H. Wahl, I. Bauer HHNHMIEHI lst Row: W. MacKenzie, G. Linker, E. MacKenzie, M. Gcxun, E. Agnew, I. Anderson O. Rognlie 2nd Row:R. Landsberger, R. Burton. L, Moltzen, R. Lytle, R. Willmcm, M. Culbert 3rd Row: E. Lee, A. Olson, D. Otto, A. Schmidt, S. Doerr, H. Pfau, I. Ranum 4th Row: D. Ranum, D. Fritch, E. Zcrun, C. Knutson, C. Wagner, R. Mosher Sitting: V. Rhodes, M. Brinkman-Pres., M. Brinkman-V.PIes., Miss Robertson, Mrs. A. Syrup, E. Peterson-Sec.-Treas. Standing: R. Reisser L. Peterson, D. Weiss lst Row: G. Greb-Pres., L. Lctngemo, M. Dick-Sec. Treczs., 2nd Row: E. Ne1son,G. Stillman, O. Frydenlund-V. Pres., E. Heringer, E. Gotte 3rd Row: Miss Snoeyenbos L. Iczcobs, Mr.Bruhn, E. Osten lIMHiH 1 I t Y' F 1' u I Seated, left to right: M. Albers, Miss Bollinqer, E. Brandon Top row: C. Wernett, E. Nelson-Sec. Treas., H. Koch, K. Burns-Pres., L. Isaacson-V. Pres. Sitting: F. Wemett-V. Pres., R. Framstad-Sec., M. Albers-Pres., L. Lende-Treas. Standing: O. Kolstoe, H. Larson, Miss Gubelrnan, Miss Austin, B. Mosher, Mr. Wemett UHHMHIIU ilflllll lst Bow: R. Lytle, H. Albrecht, A. Severson-Treas., L. Rehr 2nd Row: R. Mode, S. Calnan, E. Iohnson, C. Brown, Miss Bollinger, D. Skonnard, D Ryder, D. Brunsman, I. Carlson, E. Sather 3rd Row: I. Davis-Sec., I. Erdman, G. Schuster, D. Simonson, M. Melby, A. McBroom H. Sundquist, E. Nelson, L. Kern, M. Swanson, D. Eller, M. Russell 4th Row: V. Burchill, M. Lommel, A. Iorgenson, I. Ness, G. Greb, M. Albers-V. Pres., M Ercink, G. Saylor, B. Quill, R. Bechtle, L. Cink Sth Row: M. Soutor, M. Brinkman, C. Skonnard, G. Freeman, A. Wutzke, M. Peterson I. Stanqler, H. Gunnes, D. Mahlum, N. Rustvang, M. Strand, L. Soutor, G. Strand, H Koch, E. Nelson-Pres. 6th Row: D. Ziegenhagel, M. Culbert, Z. Wadeson, K. Quinnell, IL. Woychikz, I. Kirk- hoff, L. Lewis, E. Rock, M. LePire, E. Schatz U . 1 QXWX G5 1?-Y -IZ- Murgie Crossmun Art Editor, Viking P4108 Yeeooz I qv 'gxixq' Yi 0599 lack Erdmcxn Art Editor, Budget -4 12296 9 6. XO 199 XO ode' XS: .Gu ww Q e ev M50 BUDG 875, TAPP kk 65" sam, .5 . xewo ease S? 22579-' s Cfoiiii' Mi? fi B S' C766 S'-9011691711 . A. Sg,,QrL,icg-Q 1,522 S A SQU .H C be ' 51 M571 'Qs 'eq' 'son C -4. ' S ' Ofg ' CQ! Hua? "' BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS "QQ 50 L. Peterson. E. Aqnew. L. Lende DEBATE SQUAD lst How: R. Frcxmstcxd, P. Nolan, I. Morsch 2nd Row: R. G. Smith, R. Bechtle, C. Gillund, H. Mode. B. Johnson Seated: S. Storhaug, E. Szarkowski, L. Ianzen, R. Lytle lst RoW:Miss Boydston,K. Knecht, R. Lothspeich, G. Kressin, M. Gaughan. E. Scheer R. Kinnischtzke, E. Weber, I Haugen, E. Kokett, A. Drager 2nd Row: I. Engen, L. Christ, G. Breimeier, M.dCombs, L. Axtell, S. Hansen, E. Rock,R Fehr, L. Hotten, K. Freeman, A. Klosterrnan-Sec. Treas. 3rd Row: O. Halsne, Lf. Heiten, I. Milde, C. Anderson, A. Eggert, V. KuiDers,, N. Boatz L.'Da1ve, G. Daugs, I. Ness 4th Row: M. Arendes, R. Kleinschmidt, E. Nelson, C. Harstad, A. Stensgaard, G Montgomery, Z. Wadeson--Pres., M. Lux, H. Fenno, V. Rhodes-V. Pres. Nora Arntson, Alice Hilts, Edna Asmus, Standing-Adalin HUHH- lli HHH a 1 e Snellman HlIHHl EHHIES I . lst Row: C. Luidahl, E. Wohlwend, P. Hansen. E. Agnew 2nd Row: I. Fagerstrom, Vice Pres., M. Lindstrom, I. Engen, A. Unruh, I. Milde, H. Hofmann, F. Fredrickson, R. Codding 3rd Bow: Miss Mulford, M. Farrow, R. James, S. Dahley, E.Ne1son, D. Goldsmith 4th Bow: I. Schatz, A. Ahmann, M. Crossman, F. Strernel, T. Quinnell, Treas., G Freeman, E. Peterson, Pres. lst Row: N. Gores, E. Wohlwend, E. Iohnson, I. Anderson-V. Pres., 2nd Row: E. Iohnson, K. Samson, B. Iames, I. Fir-Pres. 3rd Row: D. Ziegenhagel, I. Erickson, T. Quinnell, L. Woychik ,F NlWMHN mul Father Hobelsberger, D. Domesle, E. Szarkowski, M. Weber, E. Weber, P. Hansen, M. Gaughan, B. Ers- tad, E. Ressler, A. Young, M. LePire, M. Brinkman, Miss Blakeslee 2nd Row: L. Dalve, M. Eells, l. Eells, S. Hansen, C. Hinschberger, G. Schuster, R. Lanclsberger, M. Lom- mel, L. Woychik, K. Freeman, R. Lothpeich, A. Klosterrnan 3rd Row: L. Dalve, W. Fischer, F. Kunert, L. Soutor, I. Tiehle, H. Nelson, A. Ahmann, H. Klien, D.Dreis, A. Kirkhoff, M. Arendes, C. Wagner, D. Briedahl, A. Frederickson 4th Row: M. Ercink, M. Lux, M. Soutor, M. Gabriel, R. Kleinschmidt, K. Quinnell, I. Stine, G. Montgom- ery, I. Snider, A. Borho, I. Stangler, T. Quinnell. M. Gorman, B. MacDonald llllHlllHN Slllllllll HSSHEIHHUN lst Row: M. Lundstrom, D. Flagstad, R. Willmcm, C. Skonnarcl, M. Lindstrom, L. Reiten, N. Busvang, I. Ballinger, R. Lytle, L. Young. A. Severson, G. Strand. M. Strand, H. Gunnes, P. Bolkan 2nd How: M. Iungnitsch, R. Fred, G. Granlund, A. Bjornhai. M. Melby. E. Erickson, L. Lewis, D. Ryder P. lohnson, I. Hanson, V. Klubben, O. Halsne, I. Riskedahl, E. Solberg, M. Leland 3rd Row: E. Nelson, R. Framstad, G. Hanson, C. MacDonald, H. Peterson, V. Pederson, M, Peterson, B. Arne. H. Kielmstad, A. Iorgenson, H. Sundquist, 1. Milde, F. Hoffman, G. Edholm, D. Lentz, S. Storhauq 4th Row: R. Quill, E. Nelson. R. Mode, C. Hcrrsiacl, R. Peterson, H Larson, R. Busche, T. Sleinke, V. Lar- son. A. Gent, Fr. Bechtle, V. Solheirn, E. Olson, A. Olson I L . We Ge 'NN e' 10 Cm 1 . YWLH HNH .. YMEH , l 1 A l. Row I: K. Knecht, B. Kane, P. Nelson, E. Johnson, E. Iohnson, C. Brown, F. Fredrick son, C. Rosenthal, L. Hull, A.Nayes, L. Axtell Row II: Mr.Quant,K. Samson, Miss Custer, E. Rock, R. Fehr, M. Russell, A. Unruh, I Schatz, K. Anderson, T. Weber, M. Steele, R. Iames, Miss Bovdston Bow III: E. Goffe, Pres., A. Eggert, B. Iames, J. Ness, 'G. Daugs, E. Heringer, Pres. A. Wutzske, M. Dick, E. Schatz, V. Kuipers, D. Eller, W. Geesey, L. Kelly Row IV: I. Bauer, Vice Pres., I. Lewis, W. Iohnson, H Herman, B. Mosher, Vice Pres. H. Neinas, Sec., M. Winters, B. Fritch, R. Mielke, A. Stensgaard, L. Endreson, N Boatz, G. Freeman, L. Reher,Sec.-Treas. .Ah De Vo 1 1 AGGIE HARRY v1'.':'1L'4. BABE A. Fish, O. Halsne, L. Gmven. E. Ressler, I. Sherve, D. Otto. M. Alb- ers, A. Homuth, M. Dick, A, Olson, E. Suther. V. George, G. Greb C. MacDonald. C1 Hinschberger, R. Reiten, P. Hansen. F. Rock, A. Young, I. Anderson, K. Knecht, L Kem, D. Skonnczrd, F. Hofimcm, A. Severson, I. Isley, D. Brunsrncm .2-it I. Rcmum, E. Nelson, G. Saylor. L. Lan emo, I. Ballinger, W. Geesey, H. Ifgelmstad, B. Frilch, E. Olson. H. Wahl, D. Rcmum, A. Ahmcmn . gig!!! K Wx . - 'Z , yi. vw WJ 1 Iggy' v W 3' 'F' ' QQ. .,r ,ga 'Q ... , P , 1' J 'f -if g I s I xe- xg' ' yr ":"gsP Q I W Q is X gf. 1. x 8 h . i li.. ' ive .fin . t 1. F ' 'Rx ' ' ..e Ei '1 -P 1 ' 1 53 4 ,-,1 2 L, fl , 1- 'E as .S r. , 5. 1 -V' x" 9535. WW, 1 -fa 1, 4, f sm 59 X 53 lf,f ui , - . ....... .gm-Q:-Q. as.. D v M, RF, ,I 9.5, :J iz' K ,M si., 6 Y ' x5g!.,'jb,i1Qg, -wr ' 445 1 Q v '35 lk E 'lk' ZbL:vf!' . - 'S X 1,5 A EA LQ ' if A' Q K 'if ' q Gi xiii' v 5 fx, X .- :P A s 35 'F if? ' x ' -4 .e. .TE b 3 2' f 5' V , ' Q' Ay, . 1 . Q, V , i, I . , fi - ' Flvfim "' A 'Q 1 ' -I r- .-'- Y Z A? ,, QQ? li... 'ish ilff ll H , A-3 rf ' f -Hx' I 'K OUR ADVISOR lIOlIAMITlEIEHMH PSI M fix .-my '34 5'-55 if Inez Clark, Eileen Agnew Marjorie Epler, Mildred Albers, Fern Wemett K fl 1 2 Uv TH AMUH AL CD UN CQ 'E- XSYY Y: 2-Yu S lgq gp Hjsgdjhg XN. ' fi oc! Yxoxriz N.-soo, Yekei-soo, Neon. Sim 'L.oXsKoe 0,1 'hook Ysoviz Owoem. Gikxxxd, ?:oux0q01X' ' L, L net. P-ndei-soo end S ' B . H6180 n 223 CL UB OCXFJN Yxoq-I X: PMS xoxx. Ya. NXoc'Oouq Bow 'Lx 'Y.'Yoom'soo. Ken. G . BQY-o , YY. Ewdwi on Ioqck P 12 fdlbg GRO Sonf HGIUVV.. T OW: bak . SC J: A 119080- odlley Px.'1Juo1veuvov.9 'VOOYW 'Sch mfd fqb 4 C e1gooo.?,.Os- Sq D Qfjx QV. eXe-oo. GXX WE-. 'limwo fAvvin5 Football Lettermen Football Squad Basketball Squad Baslzetlnau Lettermen Tracie Lettermen 4, .5 :-M. 'uf " - W waz .f-in -9' . :V Sf- fry 1. ,JL g ' Aw 4575- -"P '- wagifrffiv ', L' .w y,,. . .. ,,1,: 1, ff, ', -V , f 'FXJVL wg HOmECOmIl'IG GHITIE V LETT5RmEn "'iilI!l T. THO RN TON E. BARR A. NELSON R. CARLSON F. S TIMSON D. scHATz CBPT PAN Y OLSGN mm . 1' Tggw. ' A' W. SCHLAHT V. BURCHH.-L D. CBB DIY LT ON HOBNTQN H. KE-BN X. LANDDECK FOOTBFILL SOUHD ' AA ini ..Q. lst Row: D. Weiss, W. Schlatt, I. Landdeck, C. Kingston, D. Schatz, K. Olson, A. Unruh, F. Stimson, E. Olson, E. Barr, G. Reko 2nd Row: A. Nelson, A. Pepple, M. Olson, D. Thornton, D. Carlton, V. Burchill, A. Seiwert, T. Thornton R. Carlson, H. Kern, L. Lende 3rd Row: Coach McLeod, V. Solheim, D. Oxley, H. Popke, VJ. Knable, A. Hejoper, I. Liegrnan, H. Her- man, E. McKay CO P-CH X-st row: Xeit to rkqhtz B. Cddson, P.. Heppex. T. Mahan. Y. Gram. X. E-rdmcm. XN. Osmorx. IX. Baumqcmnex 'Znd row: Ps. Botho. YL Nkeh D. O1LXeq,L. Doeu, NN . Gumckson. V . NN atson, E. McKay Coach McLeod VXSOY1 SUPER F. GREI TL li W , 1-.1 .-1.1-N 4 ' 11...- BQSHQTBHU- R. CARLSON A11 Conference E- MCKA Y A. HEPPER , , , V f,af3Eil'f' K, ,.v , - az. 1,- ,.' 'fra-' .Y ii , filnfnies Think fin "Mmm ,, , Q .44 V--- ! f LETTERITIEFI 'I QMPN ...qi X. EB , 1 E5 Vikings Think About Iirnmies! W- OSMAN .i A. B BUMGIX 'QJYNE-Y' fx 'QP-H-' Agp I 1 .y. 'KH 'll M-..f11F?' J . . . , ' '- " "' ' ' " kann.-- ..-4-an-Q-uw--fr.-....-..-g..-1 , 1 I Ju! L2 0- v 1 F. GREITL 'WX 4 TRHCH Lewenmen f Q D. XNQXSS 7'HO1i'1vTON A ,xi 5552. mr- ,V ' -1 B09-'CKE' I THORNTON ggnfvobucinhf Faculty Seniors Juniors Soplromores Freshmen NOW and THEN wa Wliile it is true tliat you live largely in tl'1e future, tlle time will come all too soon, wlien you will talze pleasure in reminiscenses. when tliat time comes your college annual will lae priceless. Tlirougla tlie medium ot tliis lnoolz you will lie alvle to live over again 'tliese precious years of your youtlu. I liope tliat tlue 1941 annual will lae a source otgreat pleas- ure to you, lmotli now ancl in 'clue after years. Sincerely yours, 722.5370 X03 69 HERMAN ARNESON. AB.. AM. High School Supervisor and Couch xx. FB ' wCGBYfif2Xe5 ME? H015 vu 'X ISABELLE BLAKESLEE. R.N. School Nurse MERCEDES WEISS, S.B.. A.M. Dean ol Women, Phvsiccxl Education DALE PATTERSON. Ph.D. Mathematics LESLIE QUANT. A.B.. AM.. Ph.D. Education ARTHUR LEE. A.B.. MA. Hiswrv MARGARET MCCARTHY. A.B., A.M. Superintendent of Training School SUSA Enslfaf' M-vcok Aa., A ETHEL PETERSON. S.B.. S.M. Supervisor. First Grade LOUIS Chemigf? E' ry cmd Pizvgg, SM IC ' if . .,1. . . y S . OPAI. WOOLDRIDGE, S.B.. EDM. Supervisor, Second Grade SUSAN NORTON. ED.B., A.B., A.M Observation EVELYN GAHNER. S.B. A M Home Economics IENNIE CRAIG, A.B., A.M, Supervisor ol Art HETTIE BLYTHE. Ed.B.. A.M. Supervisor, Sixth Grade if ARTHUR LYDELL Piono JEANETTE HARTER. A.B., A.M. Kindergcmen ROY MCLEOD, S.B. Phvsical Education ,. 1, A, . ri ii iz vi A ' r .:A..,u1m3f , 211 ' ' 1 . ,.-l- 1-- LOUIS BRUHN. S.B.. M.A. Commerce L.,.f'q'?p?sg1fj3'Ql o ,ffl '4 ' l HENRIETTE BRUDOS, A.B.. A.M. MARTHA LAYMAN. AA., S.B.. A.M Supervisor Junior and Senior High School L 3 i an- N- PEAHL IACK, AB., AM. Supervisor, Fourlh Grade r JA- .W Principal, lunior High School A MABEL SNOEYENBOS. S.B., A.M. Commerce JAMES SEYMOUR. Di.B., S.B.. S.M. Agriculture ADOLF SOROOS S.B.. S.M. Registrar cmd Secretary MAY BOYDSTON, S.B.. A.B.. A.M. Rural Education HELEN HANSEN, A.B.. S.B. Library Science, Librarian Lx X...- ALFRED TATE. S.B.. A.M. Education lf I I INA ROBERTSON S B A M Geography 4357 W JW " ,v.'f ' 'iT z ,. .I F, Q , ,ul i Q I LORETTA SWIFT, A.B., L.S.B Librarian Lf ' SOREN KOLSTOE, AB., A.M., Ph.D. ii? Psychology f nl .. 1 MILDREID DAVIS, S.B., S.M. Home Economics WILLIAM WEMETT, Ped.B., Ph.B.. Ph,M. History and Social Science ESTHER MARTINSON, Ed.B., AM Supervisor, Fifth Grade 19' If MABEL WRIGHT, A.B.. Mus.B. Picmo - lf.. 'F ELVEHA CEDARGREEN, Mis. Voice w , A tx :X Wg.. . ,ff xiii'-f ' r,.,. KITTIE MOSS. A.B., A.M. Principal, Senior High School STANLEY MYTHALER. M.T.B., A.B.. S.M. Deon ci Men. Manual Training V l VERA BOLLINGER. AB., S.M., A.M English, Dramalics, Speech FRED SPALDING, S.B., AM. Hygiene cmd Physical Education If s .4 LAURA MULFORD, A.B.. I-LM. Art EDITH VAN MIDDLESWORTH, A.B.. Ed.B 1-LM. . Education and Psychology I ma.. v A NEEON GENE Music LILLIAN GUBELMAN. Pm., AM. M I-YSRRIOTT MO R nch and Gefmlyf. BA.. MAH PhD 5' English ,',:,"'L 's C' f T54 VIDA AUSTIN, S.B., AM Biology f, -.23 '-IRQ, ,es 1 RAYMOND SMITH. AM. -,f : English and Ioumalism XM V CHARLOTTE GRAICHEN. S.B., MA. Physica! Education CLARLSSA YOUNG, A.B., A.M. English If G. White, I. Hiscr, I. Kinzer, G. Starke OFFICE FORCE Miss Elizabeth Tullius EILEEN AGNEW 1 Dawson, N. D. Hanamichi, W.A.A., Nu Sigma Psi. Viking Pilot, Cheerleader. Publications Staff, Viking Stott, Who's Who. Major: Physical Education: Minor: History. Kindergarten MARY BRINKMAN Eckelson, N. D. L.S.A., Gamma Theta Upsilon. Major:Eng1ish: Minors: History, Geography VICTOR BURCHILL Hope, N. D. Tau Lambda Sigma, Intramurals. Dramatic Club, Major: Mathemtics: Minors: Physics. Physical Education OLGA BUSLEE Starkweather. N. D. Clionian. Major: Public School Music: Minor: Elemen- tary Education. English INEZ CLARK Valley City, N. D. Nu Sigma Psi, Band, Cheerleader, W.A.A.. A Cappella, Major: Physical Education: Minor: English, Biology JAMES DAVIS Valley City, N. D. E.B.C., Debate Squad, Dramatic Club. Viking Pilot. Who's Who, Business Mana- ger oi Viking. Alpha Psi Omega, Interna- tional Relations Club. Major: Social Science. English: Minor: German HENRY DIBBERN Valley City, N. D. E.B.C.. Band, Orchestra, Viking Pilot. Who's Who. Major: Social Science:Minor:Instrumental Music, English MARY LOIS DICK Courtenay, N. D. Atheneum. Y.W.C.A,, Pi Omega Pi, Kam- pus Kadets. Major: Commerce: Minorziiome Economics. English RUBY FRED Wilton, N. D. Budget Stafi, L.S.A., Rural Life Club, Major: Biology: Minors: Commerce. Chem- istry OLIVE FRYDENLUND Albert Lea, Minn. Clionian. Pi Omega Pi. Major: Commerce: Minors: English. Social Science HENRY KOCH Bismarck, N. D. Aloha Psi Omega, Dramatic Club, Budget Editor, Hesperian. Majors: English, Social Science: Minors: Mathematics ELMEH GOFFE Woodworth, N. D. Y.M.C.A., Intramurals, Tau Lambda Sig- ma, Pi Omega Pi. Major: Commerce: Minors: Biology. Physical Education DOROTHY GOLDSMITH Tuttle, N. D. Art Club, Dramatic Club, Band. Y.W.C.A Major: Social Science: Minor: Music, Art GERALDINE GREB Anamoose, N. D. Philomathian. Kampus Kadets, Viking Stali, Who's Who, Dramatic Club, Pi Om- ega Pi. Major: Commerce: Minors: English, History JOHN GRENZ Napoleon, N. D. Y.M.C.A., Track, Intramurals, Hesperian. Lettermen's Club. Major: Physical and Health Education: Minors: Agriculture, History VERYLE HOMUTH Valley City. N. D Tau Lambda Sigma, Band, A Cappella, Majors: Instrumental Music, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry LAWRENCE JACOBS Bintord, N. D. E.B.C., Allocations Committee. Ma'or' Commerce: Minors: Social Science, 1 . English BRUCE I OHNSON Valley City ,N. D. Tau Lambda Sigma, Speech, Dramatics. Major: Social Science: Minors: English, Botany ARTHUR GENT Valley City, N. D. Resident Project Supervisor, 223 Club Ad- visor, Intramurals, l..S,A.. Major: Biolo y:Minors: Agriculture, Physi cal and Heallth Education EUNICE LEE Aneta, N. D. Hanamichi, Band. Major: Social Science: Minors: instrumental Music, English ANDREW LANG Delmont, N. D. Hesperian, Band. Major: Chemistry and Physics: Minors: Commerce. Music LUVERNE LEE Aneta. N. D. Intramurals. Octet. Orchestra, Senior Class Vice-Pres.. A Cappella, Band. Majorzlnstrumental Music: Minors: Commerce, Choral Music ENID PETERSON Valley City. N. D. Gamma Theta Upsilon. Art Club. A Cappella. Major: Art: Minors:Geography, Elemen- tary Education EDWARD NEISON Valley Ci! . N. D. Dramatic Club. E.B.C., Alpha Psi Omega. Homecoming Co-Chairman. Major: Commerce: Minors: English. Social Science LEROY PETERSON Hastings. N. D. Track, Football, Intersociety Council. Board ot Publications, Athletic Council, E.B.C.. Gamma Theta Upsilon. Major: Commerce: Minors: Geography. Social Science WILLIAM PESONEN Win , N. D. Bang. Major: English: Minors: Agriculture. German ED OSTEN Lidqerwood. N. D. Senior Class Treasurer, Tumbling, Track, Football, Pi Omega Pi. Tau Lambda Sigma, Major: Commerce: Minors: Social Science, Physical Education MILDRED PETERSON Lemmon, S. D. L.S.A.. Budget Stall. W.A.A.. Atheneum. Major: English: Minor : Library Science. Social Science LEO RECTOR. Milner, N. D. E.B.C., Major: Social Science: Minors: English, German. Physical Education ROBERT MILLER Valley City N. D. Majors: Physical Science. Mathematics: Minor: Commerce ROLLAND RISER Valley City: N. D. Gamma 'I' eta Upsilon. Hesperian. Band. Major: Geography: Minors: Social Science. Biology PALMER ROCKSWOLD Litchville. N. D. Band. International Relations Club. Major: Social Science: Minors: Band, Geography GRACE STILLMAN Ea le Bend. Minn. Pi Omega Pi, Y.W.C.A.. Major: Commerce. Minors: Social Science, Library Science THEODORE STEINKE Tuttle, N. D. Rural Lite Club, Intramurals. Tau Lambda Sigma, International Relations Club. L.S.A.. Majors: History. Social Science: Minors: German, Mathematics LILLIAN REHER Valley City, N. D. Y.W.C.A.. Atheneum. Dramatic Club. Major: English: Minors: Library Science, Art GORDON SAD Dazey, N. D. Tau Lambda Sigma, L,S.A.: Major:Cheruistry: Minors: Physics, Mathe- matics, Agriculture MARCELLA SWANSON Valley City, N. D. W.A.A., Band. Cheerleader, Dramatic Club, Major: Physical Education: Minors: English, Biology TED THORNTON Fessenden, N. D. Band. Lettermerfs Club. Football, E.B.C., Track. Intramurals. Majors: Chemistry and Physics: Minors: Mathematics HENRY WINTERS Frazee, Minn. Y.M.C.A.. Major: Social Science: Minors: Music. Commerce ETHEL WOHLWEND Lidgerwood. N. D. Art Club. Home Ec. Club. Majors: Kindergarten:Minors: Art. Home Economics STANLEY WILLSON Valley City, N. D. E.B.C., Band. Orchestra. Majors: Commerce: Minors: Music. English I IEAN ANDERSON RAYMOND BECHTLE ARDYCE FIXEN MGYIOD: N.D. Valley City, N.D. Werner. N,D. Hanam1chi,H0me Ec. Club L.S.A.,Dramatic Club. Madriqal Club,L.S.A. Kampus Kadets I Budget Staff.A Cappella, Viking Staff,Debate Squad ef, M L 8055? also gtqwol wg: ww. Gow i V y A 1. 1 A fx:-L ' CW' a. if -48505 Wowa.. 1 f- FNB YXSP- gyqb L5. H L wwsm ,Q ' ' A f N , L1 . 5666.25 'Swing Eff" L ' ' toiiflqcm' 1 Ai- Q cx f Spb QP-VS9. vagal W -,xXYWgiCil'1 ' Q0 ibgttoffp 5 tai 6025 W1- xl OX Oi pe '609if,P- Qofiwb 96 ,INC up Wow xx. 9692193 D' 'iimilois X990 L5 OX. q,oW9y,d5 at gG 095 MSP' '99 V xx- 'TN . Ydvogi.-,qQf,I bigger PXNAQQ YQWNQ 'Y -564 go wyvifklv- PX COPVB LYNN LENDE Coopersiown, N.D. Tau Lambda Sigma, Who's Who. Budgel Stafl, Football Team, Student Council,Athletic Council, Intramural Council Board oi Publications XANASOXA WlQXotnec0 , 1 Y 15.Qp.LS'g,ixcC,Xob' L N Qkenifxifofgieis ,417 K 02510999 'ls -go EBSQ. geil xx HPXKRQQOWGA Yxxxeeixizoxbc gov Y 0:10 :C Qxvbgctaovs aeijwegiox W GSH K'3le""?1f1C' txecvtlfx cw' X 0 YX xlpgxqivc LAUHENE LEWIS HARHIET PFAU XLQXSOQA-Q69 Church's Ferry. N. D. BUELL LEWIS Minnewaukan, N.D. Wonka 9695 Hanarnichi,Dramatic Club, Calvin. N.D. Hariamichifk Cappella, 'ioqoff' Maclriqal Club,L.S.A. Hesperiaiylntramurals Sextet URS SYM EONA GLORIA RAYE GUTEKUNST DAHBY DHEIS FERN VVEMETT Morris, Minn. Dazey. N.D. Vqlley Cify. N.D. Clioniun,Debcrte Squad. Tau Lambda Sigma, Ph110mGfh1QHWh0'S Wh0 A CCPPEIICI,OIChESh'U, Newman Club Nu Sigma PSi.W.A.A-. Drqmglic Clubjexqeq, Student CounciI,A!h1etic Band CounciI,Viking Editor S011 HD A cb0r,,' SW Qppelfffa 457007 . 'B"1d 5 ' -If 4 ' ,N W: xi' . - 11 91511 ,facie ig-HORN , Q 'DDSIJQQZ , .. 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Madrigal HOWARD BOHLE. Forbes. N.D. Hesperian. Band, Letterman's Club EVELYN BRUNS, Oriska, N.D. HELEN ALDERMAN, Casselton, N.D. CATHERINE ANDERSEN. Buflalo. N.D. Y.W.C.A.. Rural Life DONALD CARLTON, Valley City. N.D. Hesperian, Football, Basketball, Track EVELYN CARROLL. Bismarck, N.D. BEATRICE ARNE. Enderlin. N.D. L.S.A. CHARLEEN ATHERTON, Valley City, N.D. Clionian LEONARD CINK, Wvndmere, N.D. Tau Lambda Sigma, Dramatic Club, Intramurals GRACE CLAUSEN. Hesper. N.D. L.S.A. Art Club LEONA AXTEILL, Medina, N.D. Y.W.C.A., Rural Lite Club PEARL BAKKO, Walcott, N.D. L.s.A.. Mqdragui club ARTHUR DRAGER. Eldridge, N.D. Tau Lambda Sigma, Intramurals MARGIE CROSSMAN, Iamestown, N.D. Clionian, Art Editor, Vikinq Stall. Art Club IULIET BAUER, Valley City. N.D. Atheneum. Y.W.C.A. ALVINA BECK. Valley City. N.D. IACK ERDMAN, Valley City, N.D. Basket Ball. Dramatic Club, Alpha Psi Omega. E.B.C., Budget Stall, Lettermen's Club. Art Club Track EIMILIA HUMANN, Hazelton, N.D. MARTHA BECK. Woodworth, N.D. ALMA BIORNPLEI. Fort Ransom. ND. Rural Lile Club. LS.A. FERN FREDRICKSON, Valley City, N.D. Atheneum, Y.W.C.A., Art Club NATHANIEL KAPP, Valley City, N.D. Y.M.C.A. PAULINE BOLKAN, Oberon, N.D. L.S.A., A Cappella DOLORES BRHDAH1.. Kansai. N.D. Newman Club FRED GREITL. Napoleon, N.D. Basket Ball, Viking Pilot, Hesperizm. Lettermmfs Club. Track RUTH FRAMSTAD. Valley City, N.D. Clionian. A Cappella, Debate Squad. Student Council. Sextet HOMER BJORNSON, Valley City. N.D. Tau Lambda Sigma. Rural Lile Club CAROL BROWN. Milner. N.D. Y.W.C.A.. Dramatic Club. A Cappella. Atheneum ROBERT HEYER. Solen, N.D. DORIS DOMESLE, Lucca, N.D. Newman Club HARLAND HOUSE. Grace City. N.D. Hesperian DORIS FLAGSTAD. Robinson, N.D. Atheneum, Madriqal Club. L,S.A. DORIS IEAN HUCKEBY. Edqely, N.D. A Cappella. Atheneum PHYLLIS KING. Iameslown, N.D. Clionian. Associate Editor, Viking Dramatic Club. Budget Staff, Attendant to omecommg Queen MIKE GABRIEL. Hague, N.D. E.B.C., Newman Club. 223 Club ADELINE FISH. Lawton. N.D. Atheneum. Kampus Kadels. W.A.A. LUCILLE GRAVEN. Pillsbury. N,D. Kampus Kadets. Mcdrigal. L.S.A. Home Ec. Club. Delphi LILLIAN HANSON, Almont, N.D. GLADYS CROWTHER, Valley City. N.D. Clionian. Budget Staff, Editor. Band. Orchestra MERTICE IUNGNITSCH. Valley City, N.D. A Cappella. Band, L.S.A. HELEN HIELMSTAD, Milton, N.D. L.S.A.. Kampus Kadets OLIVE HALSNE. Driscoll. N.D. Delphi, LS.A,. Kampus Kadets. Rural Life Club ROSE IOHNSON, Kathryn. N.D. L.S.A.. Rural Life Club EBTHER IOHNSON. Luverne, N.D. Home Ec. Club, Y.W.C.A. HELEN GUNNESS, Abercrombie. N.D. L.S.A.. Dramatic Club. Philomathian GLADYS GRANLUND. Fort Ransom. N.D. Delphi. L.S.A.. A Cappella LUELLA IANZEN, Munich, N.D. Rural Lile Club. A Cappella RAMONA IAMIES. Linton. N.D, Y.W.C.A.. Art Club. MARGARET GORMAN. Aclricm. N.D. WANDA IEAN GEESEY, Tappen. N.D. Delphi, Y.W.C.A. Kampus Kadets BERNICE IAMES, Linton, N.D. Y.W.C.A.. Home Ec. Club IEAN ISLEZY, Crete, N.D. Clionian, Kampus Kadels, W.A.A. VIRGINIA GEORGE. Milner. N.D. Delphi. Kampus Kadets MAR ORIE EPLER, Williston N.D I . - Philomathian. Nu Sigma Psi, Kampus Kadets DOROTHY HENTZ. Hankinson, N. D. L.S.A, Pi INEZ HANSON, Litchville. N.D. Delphi, Kampus Kadets. L.S.A,. W.A.A. IONE EZRICKSON, Starkweathex. N.D. Delphi. Home Ec Club. L.S.A. LORRAINE ENDRESON, Beulah, N.D. Delphi. Y,W.C.A. HELEN HOFFMAN, Enderlin. N.D. FLORENCE HOFFMAN. Buffalo, N.D. Kampus Kadets, L.S.A. IRENE ENGEN, Maddock. N.D. PEARL I-IANSON. Buffalo. N.D. Newman Club, Art Club. Kampus Kadets if fi: ,nada ' WINNIE MACKENZIE. New Rockford, N.D. Hanamichi, Band, Orchestra ALICE MCBROOM. Courtena , N.D. Atheneum, Home Ec. Club, Dramatic Club EVELYN C. OLSON, Litchville, N.D. DOROTHY OTTO. luantta, ND. Kampus Kadets. W.A.A., Hanamichi LLOYD MCCARTHY, Litchville. N.D. Tau Lambda Sigma ELEANOR MCGUIRE, Kensal, N.D. ROY MODE, Steele. N.D. A Cappella. Dramatic Club. Debate Squad. Tau Lambda Sigma. L.S.A. RUTH QUTLL. Bismarck, N.D. L.S.A., Band, Madrigal Club, Dramatic Club THOMAS MAHAN, Valley City, N.D. Basketball. E.B.C. RUTH MCHATTIE, Valley City, N.D. Clionian. W.A,A. RUTH REITEN, Hastin s, N.D. Kampus Kadets, Delpiri LOYDE PETERSON. Nome, N.D. E.B.C., Basketball, AMW. Coach College Hi Football J' - Q - ' up ., . ' -55?-af.. ' g , 'Higgi- I ' 4' 4' . fl INEZ MILDE, Meddock. N.D. -, ,, 9 .I L.S.A., An Club, Rumi Late. Mndrigut Club .T . I , E355 -Q' ' Aucs ovtND,wyndmere.N.D. lx . NORMA 1. RUSWANG, wfrhpeton. N.D. Qfcli- J I 1 L.S.A.. Dramatic Club. Philomathian ' . -' l ' WILLIAM PIERCE, Valley city, N.D, ' ' A .M v, - - E.B.C., Band. Orchestra ' gag Y 1 f V KENNETH MORRIS, Valley City, N.D. egg- 3. ' somt NELSON, Finley, N.D. 5 51' 45, 4, Aft Club, L.S.A. 4 rg X .A 15,3324 , 5 OPAL ROGNLIE. Mmnewaukcm, N.D. f " , 1 17, " Hanamichi, Dramatic Club Y 1 H A. . 1 -' 'f Y V NORMA PHIEBE, Valley City, N.D. 3. f f-' F , Madrigal Club, L.S.A. J L1 HELEN MAE NELSON, Osnabrock, N.D. Kampus Kadets, Atheneum, Newman Club LYLA NELSON. luanita, N.D. ETHELYN RESSLER. Iessie, N.D. Kampus Kadets. Newman Club ELEANOR ROCK. Egeland, N.D. Y.W.C.A., Dramatic Club. Rural Lile Club. Madrigal Club ROBERT NESS. Tappen. N.D. IUNE NESS, Washburn. N.D. Dramatic Club, Atheneum, Y.W.C.A. LOIS ALTA ROCK, Oriska, N.D. L.S.A., W,A.A. FLORENCE POTTER, Dazey, N.D. Newman Club RALPH OLGAARD, Cooperstown, N.D. AVIS OLSON, Litchville. N.D. MILDRED RUSSELL. Buchanan, N.D. Y.W.C.A.. Madrigal Club, Dramatic Club. EVELYN POLRIES, Sykeston, N.D. fit 'B ,Q E J cv LQ MURIEL STRAND, Sheldon, N.D. Phllomathian, Dramatic Club. L.S.A. ELLEN SATHER. Starkweather. N.D. Delphi. Kampus Kadets, L.S.A.. Dramatic Club. W.A.A. PALMER SWENSON. Nome, N. D. MARY SOUTOR, Voss. N.D. Clionian, Newman Club. Dramatic Club. Art Club. Budget Desk Director. International Relations. Madrigal Club LUDWIG SCHLABSZ. Ashley. N.D. Hesperian. 228 Club, Intramurals ELLEN SCHATZ, Glen Ullin. N.D. Delphi. Y.W.C.A., Dramatic Club RUTH STARR, Tower City. N.D. Philomathian. W.A.A. CHERRY WOOD. Devils Lake, N.D. W.A.A. CAROLYN SCHINDLER, Manfred. N.D. NORMAN L. SCHROEDER. Oriska, N.D. GLADYS EDHOLM. Braddock. N.D. L,S.A.. Clionian. Madrigal Club MADEZLINE COMBS. Builalo. N.D. L.S.A.. Hural Lite ARDIS SEVERSON, Enderlin, N.D. L.S.A.. Dramatic Club. Philomathian. Alpha Psi Omega HARLAND WTLLSON. Valley City. N.D. E.B.C.. Budget Business Manager. Band. Orchestra ANITA UNRUH. Casselton. N.D. CLARA WAGNER. Sykeston. N.D. ETHEL SPOERL. Marion N.D. SIGRID STORHAUG. Kintyre. N.D. L.S.A.. Rural Lite Club FRANCES WIERSCH, Goodrich. N.D. INIS THOMPSON. Barney. N.D. GLADYS STRAND. Lisbon. N.D. Phllomathian. Dramatic Club. L.S.A, EVELINE SZARKOWSKI. Iamestown. N.D. Newman Club. Rural Lile Club EUGENE TATE. Valley City. N.D. E.B.C., Y,M.C.A.. Band DELORES SIMONSON. Finley. N.D. Philomathian, Dramatic Club. L.S.A.. Kampus Kadets "-4 4- fu' L-I .Q il l vi 'I' -, ITM 4. :iw-f' 'K 'z '- 1 Ate?-" K-'J X WS.. . ie ' '4 z 'Wil . f J . A ,X Q ' v Esprit . ' fl .g,,,.,7:, -3 J" i r- I-if fer.-2. : r l-'nfl , MJ., .f Q52 .'q- ' . lf "1 .ranges -, Q X1 ' .. . , Fl I . . , V R.. i N , D f .1 I,-2. -I- - Wf1,,gEEJ "L J 'A ji 1 J: 5 . ' WARREN SHEA. shaman. N.D. . l A Q. MARY M.sTEELE.1ud.N.D. -5 , A C V ' Y.W.C.A. D , 5 AGNES WUTZKE, Goodrich. N.D. . .r ' W.A.A.. Madrigal Club. Dramatic Club. ' ff A Y,w.c.A. I . gl .. .VI LUCILLE YOUNG. Stanley. N.D. ff t U L.S.A., Dramatic Club ' XX ,- V ZELDA WADESON, Fingal. N,D. Baumatic Club, Y.W,C.A.. Rural Life Club. .A.A. HAZEL RUTHEFORD. Page. N.D. AGATHA YOUNG. Bulialo. N.D. Atheneum, Kampus Kadets, Newman Club KENNETH WELKEN. Valley City. N.D. E.B.C,. A Cappella. Intramurals l : -new 5 f-' b-"Q,-J , if " W1 ff 515225 t -L ? liiliil 'S' SEQ-.' i M 1 'IEESISC-,gglz 3 . 'JA I ww AVIS EGGERT, Luverne. N.D. Y.W.C.A., Rural Lile Club IEAN KIRKHOFF, Fingal, N. D. HOSEMARY LANDSBERGER, Hazelton, N, D. Hanamichi. A Cappella, Newman Club. Sextet ELEANOR LIPETZKY. Kansai, N. D. Newman Club Newman Club. Dramatic Club, Clionian WERNER KRANZ, Valley City. N. Intramurals. Tumbling Club BETTY mason. Valley City, N. D. A Cappella, Delphi, Y.W.C.A. MARY K. LOMMEL, Lid erwood. N. D. Delphi, Newman Club. glladrigal Club. Dramatic Club D. MARIORIE KUBASTA, Liclgerwood, N. D. L.S.A. MAE LELAND, Robinson, N. D. L.S.A., Madrigal Club VIRGINIA KLUBBEN. Cooperstown. N. D. Atheneum, W.A.A., L.S.A. VIVIAN KUIPERS. Kint re, N. D. Rural Lile Club, Y.W.C.A. EDITH LILLEI-IAUGEN, Bracket, N. D. Madriqal Club. Band. L.S.A. EILEEN KOKETT. Courtenay. N. D. Newman Club, Rural Life Club W.A.A.. LOIS LEE, Aneta, N. D. Clionian, Band, A Cappella, Sextet Homecoming Attendant IUNE LOWE. Hillsboro. N. D. Philomathian CORHINE KONSHOK. Park Rapids, Minn. Atheneum. A Cappella. Y.W.C.A. EMMA MAE SEIDLITZ, Hope. N. D. LOUISE LOFTEN. Lakota. N. D. Madrigal Club MYRTLE LUNDSTHOM, Finley. N. D. Art Club, L.S.A. X ELLEN KOTCHAIN, Cayuga, N. D. FLOYD KUNKEL, Southam, N. D. Tau Lambda Sigma, Intramurals GERTRUDE LINKER, Goodrich, N. D. Hanamichi HUTH LYTLE, Wing, N. D. Hanamichi. Dramatic Club, W.A.A., L.S.A. KAREN KNECHT. Wimbledon. N. D. Delphi, Kampus Kadels. Rural Lile Club. Y.W.C.A. FLORENCE KUNERT. Zeeland. N. D. Newman Club, Delphi, Kampus Kadets HERMAN LIBERDA. Woodworth, N. D. Tau Sig. Y.M.C.A., Intramurals, A Cappella RUTH KING, Wyndmere, N. D. P5 I0 .AA IOY BALLINGIEIR Verona, N.D. IUNE BERGMAN Valley City, N.D. WARREN BECKLUND Almonl, N.D. CAROL ARGERSINGER Foreman. N.D. I AMES BAYLEY Page, N.D. MARY ARENDES Langdon, N.D. FAITH ANDERSON Paqe. N .D. ROWENA BURTON Dawson, N.D, DOREEN CARLSON Edgely. N.D. JANET CARLSON Rhame. N.D. RICHARD CODDING Valley City, N.D. MARGARET COM BS Bullalo. N.D. DOROTHY BRUNSMAN I,aMoure. N.D. NORMA BOATZ Kintyre. N.D. GERTRUDE DAUGS Pingree, N.D. SYLVIA DOERR Monanqo. N.D. ARLEND EARLANDSON Binlord, N.D. LUELLA HOTTEN Langdon, N.D. IEAINNE EELLS Millarlon, N.D. MARION EELLS Millczrlon, N.D. LORNA DALNE Bumstad, N.D. ARNETT HOMUTH Iameslown, N.D. MARY ELLEN ERCINK Lidqerwood. N.D. SHIRLEY GEBHARD Le-itll. N,D. DORIS ELLER Grace Cily, N.D, ESTHER EIRICKSON Cooperstown. N.D. LILAMAY FAIHBANKS Valley City, N.D. MILDRED FARROW Cavalier. N.D. GERALDINE FREEMAN Genesco. N.D. IAMES FAGERSTROM Valley Cily. N,D. ERNEST GIERDEVIG Alae-n . N.D. CARROLL HINSCHBERGER Sanborn. N.D. ELEANOR HANNA Monanqo, N.D. INEZ HAUGEN Hannalord, N.D. VERNA MAE CUYPERS Dickey. N.D. FRANCES HIGHNESS Fort Ransom. N.D. VIRGINIA I OI-INSON Marion N.D. ALICE IORGENSON Lisbon. N.D. PEARL IOI-INSON Nome. N .D. PAULINE IOHNSON Cooperstown, N.D. EDNA MARIE JOHNSON Milnor, N.D. LUCILLE KERN Fon Yates. N.D. RENETA KINNISCHTZKE Glen Ullln, N.D. MAURICE IVERSON Valley City, N.D. HOWARD KLEIN Wales, N.D. ROSE MARIE KLEINSCHMIDT Langdon. N.D. VIRGINIA KRAEBER Napoleon. N.D. HAROLD LARSON Pingree. N.D. RAYMOND LARSON Valley City, N, D. DORIS Lawn Ayr. N. D. MARGARET LE PIRE Osnabrock. N. D. ALICE LUND Fort Ransom. N. D. CHARLOTTE MACDONALD Valley City, N. D. IANET MCCARTHY Valley City. N. D. BETTY MCDONALD Valley City, N. D. ALAN MCLEES Valley Cily. N. D. IEANNE MCQUEEN Sanborn. N. D. DOROTHY MAHLUM Finqal, N. D. BERYL MARTZ Sarles. N. D. MARIAN MELBY Kulm. N. D. MERRIAM MILBRATH Branllord, N. D. LAVERNE MOLTZEN New Salem. N. D. GEORGE MONTGOMERY Wales, N. D. ARBERTA MOSHER Erie. N. D. RUTH MOSHER Erie. N. D. AUDREY NAYES Tower Cily. N. D, PHYLLIS NELSON Valley City. N. D. fs lr 4 .H -' ' A . z S " . f I . I5 V , , FH -3 T? f'l"'! -if . 1 I 1 I 1 lll I AQ -7 .1 1 L ,VI I 5' Q' af A -uv l -.1 L 'iii 'J - ' had V, , .-.,,.. .5 ' ' -I, J F '.,1.e-s, ...I . l , L Y ,357 ia. , f I 'I I ,Ll -- --'ATI X, i' ." Af 'Eb if 1 , 'H 1 I , .. I ' .-, ,. EB: - ' I I5 W' as ' lit .,"g.:.. , I as .1 'AMW-g tl , 2 .1, Sf. I- 4 I-.I ,V -,. .11-7-Tv, my I ,vw 4 "J".? 1 .t .-A ,f A ill my , . it " 'lei IT , ,. . .. ,Q-Mgr?-,fl L ,. , Ni: fgglf lsr. ' - - ,Q Ks lg, 'V ' . 455' Q' ll it 1 my I 4 5 1 J... I-3. 3 .a1.,: ,L .. .!. 5 . -wwv V-1-. I 1 l.,.1 140 .1 . " IQLQ -.leaf Lfi --:.., Qlfm 1,-11 1-41 IAMES NIELSON Valley City, N. D, ARLENE OLSON Valley City. N. D. EFFIE OLSON Valley City, N. D. TOM PEGG Valley City, N. D, ROY PETERSON Valley City. N, D. SHIRLEY PETERSON Valley City, N. D. ARLINGTON QUAL Lisbon, N. D. DONNA RANUM Valley City. N, D. RUTH RICKBEIL Cavalier, N. D. ELOISE ROBINSON Crystal Springs, N. D. CHARLOTTE ROSENTHAL Fesenden, N. D. IOSEPHINE RUECKERT Ayr, N. D. DOROTHY RYDER LaMoure. N. D. IRENE SAD Dazey. N. D. GRACE SAYLOR Leyden. N. D. ALICE SCHWARTING I-Iecla, N. D. ALTA SCHMIDT Youngtown, N. D. IONE SHERVE McVille, N. D. DOROTHY SKONNARD Oriskci, N. D. ELAINE SOLBERG York. N. D. VICTOR SOLHEIM Tuttle, N. D. LUCILLE SOUTOR Voos. N. D. BERNICE SPERLING Langdon, N. D. IRENE STANGLEH Lucca. N. D, HAROLD STRASSER Valley City, N. D. HARRIET SUNDQUIST Forman. N. D. HELEN WAI-ll.. Eldridge, N. D. VIRGIL WATSON Valley City. N. D. MARGARET WEBER Oriska. N. D. EUGENE WICKS Valley City. N. D. MARSHALL WILLSON Valley City, N. D. SHIRLEY WINKLER Oriska, N. D. LOIS WOYCHIK Clemenlsville, N. D. EVELYN ZAUN Valley City, N. D. DELORES ZIEGENHAGEL Lehr. N. D. HNSIIN SHIIHNIS FRESHMEN DEWEY ALGOOD IR. ALVIN ANHORN IERRY BIRDER ARNOLD BORHO GERTRUDE BREIMEIER ORVIL BUCY LILLIE MAE CHRIST SHIRLEY DAHLEY IANET DAWKINS LYLE DOERR MARION DYKE IOY EVERLY LORRAINE ENDRESON DORIS ERNIE HELEN FAHNLANDER RUTH F EHR CAMERON GILLUND CAROL HANSON CLINTON HARSTAD GLADYS HAUX DOROTHY HENKENIUS SIGMUND HENDRICKSON ALEX HEPPER LILLIAN HULL VIRGINIA IOHNSON WILLIAM IOHNSON EVELYN MAE I USTESEN BEATRICE KANE MARION KARN ARTHUR KEMPF LOIS KLOSE ALMA KLOSTERMAN CLAIRE KOOKER GERTRUDE KROESIN LLOYD KRUG CAROL LEE MARIE LIUDAI-IL MYRNA LINDSTROM PAYE LYBECK KATHLEEN MCGROTH MARY McLAUGI-ILIN ROSA MAY MIELKE MERRIAM MILBRATH IMOGENE MORSCI-I PHYLLIS IONE MYERS IUDITH NELSON MARION NESS PEARL NOLAND ALMA NYSTUEN DANIEL OX LEY ROSE O'DAUGHTERY ROWLAND OYEN OSCAR PAULSON VIVIAN RAYMOND MALCOLM HANSON LENORA REITEN IOHN RHOADES IOYCE RONZHEIMER MAXINE RUSSELL IRENE SCHATZ LUCILLE SCHMAUS OLIVER SCHWEIGERT CHARLOTTE SKONNARD VALBORG SKORPEN LEILA SOMA SHIRLEY MAE SPENCER ALICE STENSGAARD IOHN SWENNUMSON ELAINE THINGSTAD MARGARET WEBER CONSTANCE WESSEL DELORES WILKE RUTH WILSON LUELLA WOODWARD EVELYN WEBER AURELIA WROBLEWSKI KENT ZIMMERMAN HELEN ZIRBEL WILLIAM ZWARYSH SOPHOMORES AUGUST BAUMGARTNER GLADYS BECKER SABINA REAL MARGARET CANFIELD EVELYN CARROL CLARA LIUDAHL LORRAINE KELLY RAYMOND MCDANIEL ESTHER NELSON IUNE OLSON DORIS MATZ GLENN SWENNUMSON ANITA UNRUH RUTH VINING TILLIE WEBER IUNIORS EDWARD ANDERSON LESLIE CARLON LOIS ERDMAN ISABEL F IR VAUGHN RHODES HILBERT SEIWERT GEORGE WOLKE SENIORS MARGARET ADAMS MINERVA BRINKMAN 1111ou11ci115 CCLLEGE HIGH SCHGCL A Cappella Seniors Dramatic Club Basieetiaali Features Training School Banci anci Feat ,iv , 5? J, gr Q A A. gm, 1 ,jg HMI' , Q 5,-wfWQQW55 Q5 - , QA 'Q 2? I A is XTJ Q 3 ' V -I ,, ,fl 3 Qs 4 xv' LV F' f gi 3 mv 1 9 5 1 f- fl f a'4 Lal, 'S 53 ., ff-6 is '- 1 ' 1-ff. -535, fgwma, -1 5 I 'W gi4'i4,g,.- 1 4- , , I , n 511: ' w ,' J : Q35 ' 'QV 1 . Q A J UD NL 'A Dv DM A li E I2 I I Sealed: E. Stiles, C. Hertsgaard, C. Lydell, S. Philllips, D. Mythaler, I. Homan, I. Skolness, I. Pierce, I. Stiles, I. Olson, A. Sollin, L. Iohnson, L. Cowell, E. Quant, G. Larson Standinq: I Miss Layman, I. Noble, L. Reher, P. Bjorrxson, M. Kolstoe, L. Enqleman, D. Springer, B. Lee 1 I3 A I li If T I3 A L l lst. W. Osman, -coach: B. Fredrickson, R. Lee, H. Peterson, M. Kolstoe, O. Nelson, G. Brox 2nd. N. Anderson. H. Bailey, H. Arneson, B. Walters, D. Mythaler, P. Bjornson pf M1 .A-' 1 "'X V rw ', 3 32 14,949 -A .. N ., pd, Lf -t ff bixifri 5 ,H wi' I 1, TEA ININ G ICH0 UL BAN D son, 5. Yioemke. L. XoYmeo1x.YX.NKooxe, E-. Quoin, YK. Lee, XN .BXu1ne, ' B. Hanson. Y. Stoikson. E. 'E-foeiq . NX. 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' 1 'r .AL In New: x ' ,v-1 'Y 5 . -- ... 1 .,:qsn"' K V I 4 l l I G El, SPHNSHHS AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK' B A B BOOTERY' BAKKEN FLORAL COMPANY' Q BALCONY SHOP BARNES COUNTY COOPERATIVE CREAMERY' BLUE BIRD BEAUTY SHOP' BLUME'S BAKERY' C. H. CARPENTER LUMBER COMPANY' CARL A. MYHRE, IEWELER' CIVIC AND COMMERCE ASSOCIATION' DAKOTA DRUG COMPANY' DUFFY MOTORS' PELDMANNS CREAMERY' EIDELITY BUILDING A LOAN ASSOCIATION' FIRST NATIONAL BANK' FULTON MARKET' GROTTE LUMBER COMPANY' HOLIDAYS MARKET HRUBY CLEANERS' I. C. PENNY COMPANY' KERNKAMP-WALL, INC.' LEE'S MARKET' LIEBERMAN'S' MC EARLAND STUDIOS' McCARTHY'S CAFE' MCHATTIE TRANSFER' MILLER'S BAKERY' MONTANA-DAKOTA UTILITIES' MONTGOMERY WARD COMPANY' MUNICIPAL UTILITIES' MYERS COLLEGE GROCERY' NORTH AMERICAN CREAMERIES' NORTHWEST NURSERY COMPANY' PEGG'S GARAGE' ROYAL CAPE- RUDOLP HOTEL' S A L COMPANY' SCHMITz HARDWARE' SHEYENNE BOTTLING WORKS' STRAUS CLOTHING STORE' THE PAIR STORE "'- THOMPSON YARDS, INC.- VALLEY CITY TIMES RECORD' VALLEY PAINT S GLASS COMPANY' ' Each star Iepresents a five dollar cOn!rIbutIuII The Viking Staff wishes to express their sincere appreciation to Miss Margaret McCarthy for scenic photographs contributed to this book - -- -...,. Y"7' , , SQ ' ' 'F " '- 1- '.'i"' '. .V ' " 'V'-1 'I "H 1' 'W 'r . .I leafy, Ei ufrgvterll fa Eh! '- 5 ,L Y , Y , 'V' lg 'f - ff'-vi e . - f f wi-IJ' . My ' 1" 1-Q ,fi H:',.31 .5--A: :f rv Q-f - . J xx 'qui Y I lx Il' S' ' 'fatlyl'-'LEM :af AV 'ad i' .gg f .il - -1 r f' If 'I I V -'15 I' fi -if 1 ' ., vu, '. lf' ff 'A" ' , XF . x. 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Suggestions in the Valley City State University - Viking Yearbook (Valley City, ND) collection:

Valley City State University - Viking Yearbook (Valley City, ND) online yearbook collection, 1924 Edition, Page 1


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1941, pg 94

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