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 - Class of 1924

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JL , ' , 7 Jafar , ,. I .If '75',5e BLIZZARD 1924 Q Volume Fifteen ICI STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE VALLEY CITY, NORTH DAKOTA Q1 4 A4V . . , 4 I -E W""" U I I 1 ' . P ' I lv. . 4 ...-.. 2 cease!! 5:3312 1 Zgnrwnrh A 1111511 nf expcrfsxnrg falls mann ilgc greed nithicnzc as ilgc ruuinrcinr raises his hzzinu. Ehrxr ily: fnrzc nf-ilgc percussinn imtsiruntenis the swelling nf H12 winks mth ilge cilgereul luezntig ni Hp: airingch intsfmmtmxis ilgis mint inierpreis mt nueriurc wriiierc bg n mmsier. 1: Pk . ae A Iluslg nf zxperfzmmg falls upnn mn' Qjfnl1eg.3n- as ily: 'E5hih.n's put inln nur eager lgauhs H12 mlizzath nf 1524. Elgru H32 itil!- lefin life its pcrzussiuxt ixrsfxurxuenfs- ills' infellczhml life as ilgc minhs - ilgru ills snriul life as H12 sfringch insirummis Hgeg have inferpreizir ilgc nnerhtrc wrifiezt Ing n hnhg nf lngal shrhcnis- "gif: is :mnrilg lining ZX!! with ilgc zu lg n In ni us, 'llifill uf us - lzrain nf us Q ,Senses mth snul nf 115 -" R I Y l Y ll 3 ... 'hi 7-fs .LQ 4 A V 1 l .l 4 ,11,....,..- - w- tr..-..s4--.we-N-:.g-.-. my - , ..-H..- Y.-rr V - 5- --V:-v - f navy. , V J ,, -f-- Y E--,ni wi in I A J 6 - . l rl Wi L 1 1 1 h 1 I' l 1 lr if A . 1 i l 3 ' it Q lf ,, . Q i I1 5 l l ' .4 5 Q ig 2 . l 5 l l ' . 5 I li . . 3 i H N NI Anna Cook Denny was associated with the State Teachers College 1 I 'V i 1 as student 'or teacher continuously for nineteen years. Immediately after ll V her graduation in l908 she became a member of the Faculty, and from l N ' l920 to 1923 was Head of the Department of Commerce. Her many l I years' service as Secretary of the Alumni Association has made her .- known to every graduate. Mitch of the effective work that this organi- . zation has accomplished has been inspired by her quiet, self-effacing, l X but earnest zeal for the furtherence of the institution. No enterprize for gl the advancement of the school life has failed to meet with her hearty A ii N co-operation. No undertaking has been too great for her if it has meant 'N N the promotion of the spirit of good fellowship among the members of 1 H l i the school. Having been born and reared in North Dakota, she has l had a sympathetic understanding of the students that has endeared her E to all who have come in contact with her. Her helpful interest in student 5 affairs has won for her the title, "The Students' Friend." No gift of ' money or costly memorial or imposing architecture can contribute so l ll N . much to the lift of an institution as such a devoted friend. l l I l t I. b. . ig ' EI. M ii . l Ei 5 i te ., y i 4 . , I I . .La i .- l Q 21,5433 'I ,,. , 4- , ...E - --mljn if En AIIIIEI Ulunk giflmtnmg wlguse iirclcss hrzmiiun its siuhmti mth fcmflgcr 13:15 been EI source nf ixtspirfriiun in ilgc life uf nur Alum mitier, ilgis lruzukq is iIffBffiU1l'iIf131Q Irlzhiczxieh Ing 1111: Snplgunnwe Qllztss nf 11-T24 5 BOARD OF ADMINISTRA TION R B MURPHY Chalrman I-I P GODDARD MINNIE J NIELSON Bismarck Bzsrnarclf Bzsmarclf Supermtenclent of Pubhc Instruction JOSEPH A KITCHEN Senlmel Butte Commlssxoner of A rlculture and Labor ERNEST C1 WANNER Executlve Secretary Bzsmarclf ADMINISTRA TIVE OFFICERS C. E. ALLEN ............. H .......... ..... P resident C. A. LEE . . ........... . . . . . . Secretary and Registrar BELINDA SEBERG ...................... Stenographer CELESTINE M. TRACY .................. Stenographer MARTHA MEINTZER ................... Stenographer LILLIAN JACKSON ...................... Stenographer . ELIZABETH M. TULLIUS. . . K- 1 . Custodian of College Book Store 131:39 :aces , I -sexcam : U LTI.. 2 F1 . ' 'I F' E E252 5 . a N I A I I it I :ascii X . A K fw , , ' .Q 'A A 4-Ljfggii-ffQi'f5', 71151. J,"5 C3 'Q,fs"jz'2..f? 'x F. ' . X ,, . X I L --3 if Jusmmaw om spms You KNEW ' G ns LREES SUMMERTHATWAS S0 GAYL ' PERHAJPS iw was WANTBLWQULL MKS T0 K mera Aman THESE Pxcmsmis wxu, masmmmw vom WAY. . , 4 Q .xx .xx K , x. 5 A A 0 5 -H M. , R K, 1 x 4- w .J x 'D 5 xx 4 X x - 3 '.1f.,3 zz ffQ73fi A . 45 1. 5:5991 - - in :QM Yet whenever I cross the river On its bridge of wooden piers Like the odor of brine from the ocean Comes the thought of other years Longfellow U Whose lofty trees, yclad with sommers pride, ' Did spread so broad, that heavens light did hide. . -Spencer. ll 3 1:3311 1 -CEC I S I 1 R M di m 'Ai . , ' ,. X ! 1 Y , 'ii l '92 1 A S Never dld sun more beautifully steep In his first splendor valley rock or hxll Ne er saw I never felt a calm so deep The rlver glldeth at hls own sweet will Wordsworth ZZ 59 I I I I U I S II p I it a And temples, doomed to milder change, unfold A new magnificence that vies with old. . -Wordsworth. 3:11:75 I 8 U I I '- lg I - I g 3:63:15 9 ,, - - . Sttras 0423232 Gill A 2 311:61 "We are glad for the Clays that we've spent on thy hills, And the friendships we've formed in thy halls, And for dear Alma Mater our hearts shall beat still, When at last we shall turn from thy walls." The harp at nature's advent strung Has never ceased to play: 5 3:1 O I-I WD' wfb F58 45 goo 915' O Q-2, pw 5: 'SSW I 5 'K S3 at 5' 2 UQ F3 'E C5 UQ I Q ia: :D 10 I-le comes he comes the frost Spirit comes' Whliicr If I could put my woods in song, . And tell wl1at's there enjoyed. 5 I 2 I U I l I ll ! il All men would to my gardens throng, . And leave the cities void. U -Emerson. eaaeqygr U g U. U il ' A 'Q fig I ' or ' l 5 I r ,ll Qxiztgi S' Ig. Ce! The blue sky above us and below the shmmg sea There s many a road to travel but It s the road for me Cenc S Porter N- 11 tafmnmi are Q Shut rn from all the world wlthout We sat the clean wlngecl hearth about Cement to let the north wmcl roar In baffled rage at pane and door Wll1flCI 122 I!! 'Q .4 .1 'E I1 l I l: Q1 I . gi.. , , XI2 . h 2- ' , I .Q Z 1' tt? . . k it gg . I , . gpm: A - , ' f figs A '- 511, 1 ' ' - ', . D ' . . : -gifs f angel' . Q , . 7 h . NQQQQQ QQQQCW Earth has not anything to show more faxr Dull would be he of soul who could pass by A sxght so touchmg m nts majesty Wordsnorth There was never a leaf on bush or tree, The bare boughs rattled shuclclermgly, a . The river was dumb and could not speak, U For the weaver Winter its shrouci had spun . owell ! l A , . .. 13 Q ul: ' N . ,V : r U ., ,Q I V A ' N, H , - I . ix? ' -4 Q - l Ml' I ' 'V A , ' V vA?:w.:s:, ,Q , .N I , 'YA ' 'V' . . . '! 1 ui K I 'LIL k Q :i,.3.', , l ' - It l. - V . M1111 QQSQQE And years to come shall never cllm Foncl memorles so clear But oft we ll llve the scenes agam We llvecl so happlly here ifbzszr - -CES HDS!!! - 'SEZ dur Photo by R. Kenneth McFarland I 'EW QCAJ'l" f.l-.Llfg L l-g....Qg, L.gL-igg3L...,..,LL..L , 7.--fL?Pii-1-3f,Z3YiI I N I IMI II' II i I-I I II I l ,X ' ' I RA II ' 6 , I I I I I I ' I I L II II I I I I I .. ' ' I I , I CARLOS EBEN ALLEN, Ph. D. EDITH VAN MIDDLESWORTH, C. L. KJERSTAD, Ph. D. , l Presidunl A. M. Psychology I , II Education I 'I II . . .I I I I 3 I I I - I I I I , I I I I I I I . I , I ,I ,, I I I I , I I I I f' ,I . . - II IESTHER E.. RUNEBERG, Ed. B. JAMES MCCALLISTER, A. M. TENA ANDER5oN, A. M. I I Psychology Educaiion Obscrvalion I I I , I I I I f I I . I I II I N I .. D I I A 1 III I I IX W. M. XVEMETT, Ph. M. MARY PATTON, A. M. juuus B. MEYER, M. S. History and Social Science Hislory and Dean of Women Algebra and Ceomelry U ,E lf' V W. II: Ii ' LKIRQ "'S""' - '--' 'gf--Q-2 --- 4 Tv 1-1--A .--awk .s -:LVL-Q f-f- 3 ivy ---:-TW A L- -r L-:QTL-ri-L-egi:5u?,1:.5:2I I6 ., L, - 41:23 ,- "1 311:13 I.1tElA1'5"5'- 'i ' : 11':::.2ri5srL1u:u-LL .4 -:dl . , -- -- --- fAMES H. SEYMOUR, B. S. VIDA AusTlN, A. M. Louis D. RHODES, A. B Agriculture Biology Physics and Chemistry Z'-, , i ESTELLA SHELDON, B. A. MARY S. BUFFUM, Ph. B Ceography Librarian ELs1E PACK, B. L. E Assisianl Librarian MATHILDA MAIER, B. S. HELEN B. RIORDON WILLA M. DUSH Assislanl Librarian Commerce Commerce Q i-I!"!"""""Lg.........,ii'1 1 1 4. r . .-L. :J-.lK,-! ' ' 4 -f'f '-E -'1 -- ' W" ' . ':.-l . IT - . Y Y -- Y - iq- - -- --,. .,-J: ,-..- ,H-, ...,,.-.fl-.M ....g..,. -gg-2-w--uxgr..N--4,-Y,-L-, ,, ,W .-.Q - - -ikxfm r-- ,r X Nc 'CT -.. W, . . .. cf, . .B -. A M 0 ' HG- L'C.HL1 arw.f.-...,,.....gZ..,...-iB.c.2.,,.......-,m......Qf.,,. ..,.. -. Ja, .. we-..c,.... W.,E.Lf-.--- A X l ,. - g A .RQ bf i' I- , C E X P an ww , iQ...g 'm,, ,.-," '."V- - ' .-- ., , VIVIAN Cmusrmnsow FRED C. SPALDING, A. M. 'FRUTH B. CRANZ, B. S. I Physical Erlucalion Physical Eclucaiion Physical Education l j LAURENCE G. HURST SUSAN McCoy, A. M. FRANK EICKENBERRY, B. A. in Ed. L Q Alhlelics English English I I w H I 1 W 1 . l n l w 5, H x l YU 1 fx, PAULA M. KITTEL, A. M. JOHN BAKER, D. D. LILLIAN GUBELMAN, A. M. l V English French Language .qxwi E .wil 'On Leave of Absence 1 k:'l1' sf52'-'xW":4+'iE-'iCi2-- '1'f Lrr'FJJ':'6'S:-f.'rf:u-::nz11urln-rz:nr:nm5Li '- ' 'f"' ' 1 ' ' , f:'a"'C4-A-Q-fA..:rv '.'-' ,. AA- liL.l..tLg...--'Xf-fg.f.. ' 1? 12 'it N B W 18 7 214-11-K. Y Y " if?-A.-J -'4..r- . -A ,--M-if, Y- XV- '- Lf azglg.- 171, v-,434 ,..,,.-Wi ,, Y ,r , V, , - Aswfvnr YNY, Wand- - 'FCLARE M, YOUNG' A, B, FANNIE E. MAGOFFIN, B. A. ,GMARION Rona English Expression Expression LOLA M. DYNES, B. S. STANLEY L. MYTHALER, MARY G. DEEM. A. M. Home Economics B, M, T, Arg Manual Training Dean of Men OLGA STEVNING KNUTE FROYSAA . ASLAUG OLSEN WRIGHT Arl Dean of Music, Violin Piano 'On Lcava of Absence ' .2,1.1:L'g" ' - n - - -- - r fi--1' T.. JL.. -..Lf1 19 - V ,, f 'H- Mb -AVHU1 4 .Jul -fly . I, Mi! 'ww J fi' WI 'Nfl ,?,r4i! , YI " i K U ' a ' 0131i . - !!I'1 ' it i --F" "1lll1"""'i"'-ll- '4m'?Zv " ' ' ' 2' ' ' - '- Y -Y-N H -- - V '- " A "vw " r - wx. 1' --- N s ,N FLORENCE H. Moassixcn ADRIAN Pouuor, B. Music GERTRUDE BALE Voice Piano P10110 l ' 1 T 1 . - , , - " Y . . ' 4 1 . FANNY C. Ammon MILLIE FRISTAD L. E.. Wmcm' 4 I , Public School Music Public School Music. Piano Band Y W .. L. i o ga 2 f l ' i i F I i 1 F .N V Q 1 K. i . i i N R 1 W 1 5 W R . QL L MARGARET MCCARTHY, A. M. EMMA FLINN, B. S. LADONIA MURPHY I ,L iv Supl. Training School Kindergarten Critic, Grades Isl and Zncl Q- ,N N 5 ' ,Ii I his lvl RL: 1 "' x""'T::' --- ---4 -'- --- --nm---7-n--K ---A g'i:r-'2.E2-'- -eimnbdv' "H-Aa-ilJl 1- -R fn- 20 X. K. --.w-..-...--- -.- - --- - .AWA Y . .....T.-.....v .-,, Xfw I-v-X - A 1 iff- ..... ,.--:viii---. . 3 ' 5 .Y -f' V 'uw' i1,C:.f""""'-"-"'-' 'W ' W' ' : v+'rH" --1 f--,f -A xg:-.-: - ---1-'VTR g.5?ie--- 11-...-125.425 . Y ,, .....:.T,g,,, --' - - i vi ty .N w i fi ,1 .1 -i ...B.....4 CARRIE Pnocron, B. A. SARAH B. WARE SUSAN W. NORTON. B. A. Critic, Grades 3rd and 4th Critic, Cradcs 3rd and 4th Critic, Crades 5th and 6111 lt. . LINNIE Burrs, B. A. Vxourr M. Lows, A. M. LILUAN DUNNING, B. S. Critic, Grades 5th and 61h Critic, junior High Critic, junior High ig 1 -4 Ili GENEVA I-IELBING. A. M. RUTH WATsoN 171.05515 ARNOLD Critic, junior High Critic, junior High Critic, junior High ---.-- ,.....-2-- .V ,,.v?.1::-,.., ,. B ,,f.,x ,i .YNY-, .. fu . ...1-5 2 - 1 ff f - - , f V .5 , , W, H , , ,.,,. W - -,.. -Y..,-.B--- 1... f - f , T, ,f Anurag f -..-7: - -'-f-- -if T1 ff .:.v1.J ff-W .,f - R K xi' k i l i iv gim U U U U U U U ' . U OTHER INSTRUCTORS LEONE WISE WARE, R. N. ................ School Nurse DOROTHY A. WING ................ Physical Education MARY GARDNER .............. Critic, Grades lst and'2nd l I I I 2 ' I input: U ecreci 22 Fholo by R. Kenneth McFarland 1 l l 'rr fn 1 1 ,A gn-. --:L-: rs.:-.kgusg-n an lzpfsv-r .-aru:.afa:..::f1-.-aew if-:rg Y-W - , 1 -wb-J ,- ,,,,, , ,W r ij::,1:z.g.g,gggmIg.,r,fg -1523311-E? l4l.l,ll1 r' Q W llm UQHE 51 ELSIE, BANNING Valley Cay 'E l L DEGREE lt FI Elegy lil l l 1 if l l 2 l lil l LEAH BERTRAM Valley cny ll DEGREE .J r l ll l Senior Class Secretary ll ll Pastoral lg l ls I ll' Y t 'l l l l MRS. JANE H. CARLTON Valley City DEGREE 5- ll Narrative ll ll .N ll l l ll l ' I' 5 l ll in CORA EGGEE Valley Cul, l F' 3 lg DEGREE ll 'l J U Idyll 'Wil ' lil fl" Tl l llullll l ll A 4 M lr Q f 1- .- -'1:'.:1,.rfE..-V,.:1f-,. :...gz. :--1 Tx? -, ,V :---.f jf , , ,,IXC1I."iiY-'Q x H-, Q, k..,n.,..Zf.,! sr Q.. :-:eggs 4.v:u-:Ll-:1 . .. r-5-Y:-Eng, 1- ---,lk-x,,f -3, 4'--ff - - 'T '1Tr::n:-::5rff- -- ..., - -.-1211: , .iii Mifjg -A-V----. 1- H-1--f-,T-fxwi-::,fv'? --v' 1: 1-7 L f f--1--L:u'u- ..:-.::--- 12.-. --ff-W El- ff--Yi - z. 5, Y- Y , T T . . n ..- if- A- xr. g ....,....i,:,.m..:.,.,E,E?,,, .: . E , , ,.,, ,....,,. ..,x.:...:.1.......,...,....,,., R Q ,,,4,,,',,,v T' E fw-H A :-v+'wu-qmxzfzfm ---- -rs-..-W ' Q , , -, . 1- .:. .15-QQ-L:.:,i,,4.,,1,.,,:L.t.:,.,,.L,.FT.,,-,-. ,. , , JAMES NANKVILL DEGREE. Ballad CORA H. THOMPSON DEGREE HELEN MOFFIT Valley Cify DEGREE Atheneum, Pres. Students Council Budget Staff, Dramatic Club Epic Borclulac FRED A. NUNN NeIv,Roc1fford DEGREE Heroic Couplet Dundas, Min11. F ''1f.E1"T:'jPg3rxE,jY1tWFW1fW b11f, , A A ,, . ,. Y , , , -, -x3-W N.-I U H-'ii --V Aria- - 1- - --eh - --- HMAYW V 4 V . ..-+-. ,.. x-E . f ' - H" 'W-' H ' 'Q v'g-,T4w6,- .4a5--g,- E"-if ff .5 Q Twffl.fI1.lLl'.i E T, fQl'g?Tiil,V17 I 'X .-'.-,-.-LAELIJ Au ,f A, 'Nl 1 l -4 1 LQ: fllll .Vgffti ALTA M. TURK H Valley city ,li F, , DEGREE Q Clionian, Dramatic Club, Associate Editor of Budget Sonnet li r il r' if li u E li 1 li 3 fl l LOUISE BUBLITZ CALFEE Valley City l DEGREE Clionian K Ode I I T l S ie MARGARET HELFERTY Valley Ciiy 5 1 in DEGREE .Q l l 1. I l Budget Staff I I Metrical Romance . I fi f HARRY L. STEWART Oakdale, Pa. ,f M4 55152 fffff- lll ' plfcgfmc, g,4"J,JLo-ffV"f-5' Dramatic Monologusfcv l 1031- "" :QA l ffl.. S f E- w ii NELLIE WHITCHER Valley City I ll P, E DEGREE We-fl Clionian, Band Lyric , f If ' L f 'fjiiiiia Wiijgi- ,ELL Eiilfioaft ' ' T 26 Pflolo by R. ICCTIUCUI McFarland Nassau QQQQCW LEANORA BOYD Valley Crly DEGREE Plnlomathmn Pep Assocxahon Budget Stal? Blizzard Staff Y W C A To nom her I5 lo love ller And alle surely I3 nolvn GRACE FARLEY amcslolvn DEGREE Budget Stall Y W C A A lvmnmg may a .smulmg face An altogether charming grace OTTO F AUST Valley C :ly nscluzs Football Band Presxclent umor Class Large of stature and af goodly qualxlzes aa well DEGREE Budget Staff Choman Glee Club Who mixed reason null: pleasure and nusdom mth murlh EDYTHE HALL ameslonm DEGREE Alheneum O K from begmmng lo end A sound and dependable frtend RUTH LARSON Sl ames Mmn SPECIAL Music counsz Clxoman Clee Club Maclngal Wllal er she did was done Ivrlh so much case xn her alone lwas natural lo please L ' i 1 A I I I I H k I ,... , . . k I ---- 1 , . ' .l ' - H MABEL GILBERTSON - - - ..Hiclfson D ---- 1 I n n 3 0 r l g SIZE 28 F 1 1 f M j 1 it '- 1 11 1 I 11 RUTH LOHN .... Fosslon, Minn. 11 I ' 1'!.1 ' DEGREE ' 11 .' ' if 11 clinninn, Dramatic club, Glee Club, , 'nfli' Student Council, Y. W. C. A. 0 A H' E "For if she mill, she will. you may depend on'l. f And if she nvon'l she 1von'l and there's an Q' , in I end on'l." 11 V' 1' 15 1 1' 1 h 1 fi h 11 1 1 uh ' 'N1 'N '4 I 'l 4 :R 1 X1 4 5 'J LOUISE. SIMONSON - - Valley can ,I 1 V 7 DEGREE 1 ' W1 1 I 1 "A 'noble woman nwilh a noble purpose." 5 ' 1 Q1 L' 1 1' ' gl '- 1 1 . I 1 gl 11 1 1 1l 1 ' 3 ' 1 1 1 V? BERNARD J. STRAND - . Carrington 1 f 1 Q 1 N? DEGREE Th 1 1 I M ! 1 " E. B. c., Pres. Men's one Club. il I 1, lx 1. 1 1 "Enfoy life 'ere il's fled, fl L ji X 1 When you die, you're a long time dead." tl . X P A 1 1 1 1 X 1 11 ' V11 , ANNE THUNE . . . . DeLamere 1 1 ' , hh DEGREE R 5 11 Y V Clionian, Madrigal, Glee Club 'lf V If "Elernn1 sunshine sellled on her head." 3 F 11 1 A 1 R1 1 1 11 .1 I I ' I 1' . 11 1 HARVEY TOMLINSON - - Orislfa I 1 DEGREE 1, E. B. c., Blizzard swf, Budget stan. '7 f 5 Men'a Clue Club, Debating Team. W 1 K "Deeds, nol dreams." I W 1 I 9 ' th 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 ' Y 1 1 1 I 1 1 0 1 111.11 -1 1 . 3 Qi' 1 'h W E 1 . 1 1 1, 6 T 1 fl: V x' -1. - '11 1 , -1 M-W 2 .34 29 11 - , ' 8. v L 3339! ' l G17 X fr' ' ' , ' ' E . -, s ' . We ' - ' . my . 051.491 miswocwfx 6 L WW.,-'-Egxgr f6E1Arl:AH L. BRODTKORB . . Eclgely . I , 95, e Ugg DEGREE , - Glee Club ' "True worth is in being, not seeming." .IESSIE CALDWELL - - - Valley City I DEGREE Budget Staff I "Study is like the blessed Sunshine of Heaven." I 5 ' PEARL l-lANsoN -... Cleveland 4. 1 DEGREE ' "Happy am I, from care I flee, , - Why can't the rest of you be like me?" ' .'. KATE PETERSON --.- Sheyenne ' I DEGREE ' L "Those who know her best praise her most." x , ,l JOANNA SAD ----- Valley City : DEGREE ' li V Clionian, Budget Staff. V l I 1 "Men are so unnecessary, yet we cannot do V 'ly without them." l if LILLIAN SIMON ----- Tioga if DEGREE Q - "A thoughtful mind directs her willing hand." Z 3 ROBERT SONNEMAN - - - Driscoll 1 I ' DEGREE l 3 "1 confess l do blaze to-day, ' Q ' I am too bright," g Q HAROLD soRoos .--- Valley City - Q DEGREE 9: - E. B. C., Budget stall " 'Tis his at last who says it lmesl, ' 'I l l'll try my fortune with the rest." Y' WPS!!! A v ' equi 80 Photo by R. Kenneih McFarland 1 O -lil. ' " 1 0 ii ' tl2Zi.31L1::LEi1!.I:!!E11 glut! 1 3 v 1 n .- n as v n MILDRED ABRAHAMSON - - Kathryn STANDARD HOME ECONOMICS Cllon an Band "She is industrious and pleasant as no one denies One of our loyal and milling. stand-lzyes ALICE H. ANDERSON - - - Almonl STANDARD "A maiden modest and yet self-possessed CARRIE 1. ANDERSON ---- Leeds STANDARD coMMeRcIAI. Common sense and brains An excellent combination MYLA M. ATKIN - - - Bowman ' STANDARD Y. W. C. A. "Those who lfnon: her best praise her most." VIRGINIA BAILEY . - - Valley city DECREE Plxilomathian, Madrigal Club, Student Council, Blizzard Stat? Editor "A talented girl with a host of friends " ARTHUR P. BELEAL - - - Valley City STANDA RD Athletic Manager, E.. B. C., Budget Statf, Blizzard Staff "'Tis better to love to-day than tomorrow, A pleasure postponed is a pleasure lost." ETHEL BELKNAP - - - Valley City STANDARD, ART svecm. Philomatbian, Blizzard Staff, Dramatic Club, Y. W. C. A., Cabinet, Athletics "Smiles, miles of them, supply unlimited." DOROTHY L. BENSON - - - Michigan STANDARD Delphi, Newman Club "Woman's crown of beauty-l1er hair." MARGARET M. BETTSCHEN - Arthur STANDARD, PRIMARY Hanzxmiclni, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Dramatic Club "A girl not of words but of actions." BURTON BOYD ---- Valley City STANDARD E. B. C.. Fostball, Basket Ball Reserves "Alt great men are dying: I don't feel very well myself." L.-D - ??"-'ff-: 'QJ' -I--f , , . V fiffyf' Y ' -V -""fD"ff Vi 32 tit l. t' U ' L0 Y - J '-JV ,sy-.,?.x1,,vx,4J-228-I r pe C s L Q .fini fvu-JU-' e'-M ' i 52 Q -A : -fLL i.4:.. .- e LJ., ...Ck- I -V A 4i'1.',3iQ'i' l'1i'1' ", D BERNICE BOYER - - Crookslon, Minn. C l STANDARD. ART SPECIAL il Blizzard Staff, Delphi, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Debate, Athletics ', Sophomore President r W I. "Why should not we women act alone? l Or whence are men so necessary grown?" TORGER BROWN - - - Valley City ' STANDARD I t E. B. C. 3 "Coingl Coing! Conelln D. AVERILI. BURLUM - - Stephen, Minn. l STANDARD, HOME ECONOMICS Eli Clionian, Dramatic Club, Debate, Q Blizzard Staff, Y. VV. C. A. Cabinet E "She was a damsel of delicate mold, 5+ With hair like sunshine and a heart of gold." l. gl BERNICE. CARSON - - Soukup, Wyoming STANDARD I Newman Club E "A fair exterior is a silent recommendation." I T GENEVA COMBES - - - Sidney. Mont. i STANDARD "Diminutive, yet with a largeness of sympathy big enough to include everyone." ELEANOR CRARY - - - - Malt I ELEMENTARY H "The truest wisdom in general is resolute E determination." 2 ANNA E. DUSBABEK - - - Michigarr STANDARD Pluilomatllian, Newman Club "A smiling countenance, a friendly way That makes us all admire her, ' Willing to work as well as play, A friend to all who come nigh her." MINNIE DYSTE ----- Forman STANDARD Clionian "The same yesterday, to-day and forever." Q' SUE EDWARDS ----- Kildecr , STANDARD, COMMERCIAL "Be to her virtues very kind, Q1 Be to her faults a little blind." - f I' I n ELEANOR ELSTER ---- Enderlin STANDARD, MUSIC Delphi. Madrigal Club Fi 1 "A smiling face, a speaking eye." I il l -'HIS' "' 'S'-2-' S " -- ' :s . my -V1-f-RL---11, -. 5 'imgfiti' nw .' H cg ::3i.?..'.z:L-xr egg., Lag. -11.1. 1?-K-.ig ..-e?wy-- ---f--I-. C ws, Y' Q' VY. - ,Y - 33 C! ' ,f if 1- HELGA O. ERLANDSON - - STANDARD Atheneum "Hard work is bound to luring aucces BERTHA FAGSTAD ---- STANDARD K ,Y, i Aneta S. Niagara Madrigal Club, Delphi, Glee Club "Malfelh the world happy with music and song." MARY JANE FAKTOR - - Lidgermoad STANDARD, HOME ECONOMICS "Once you meel her you will wish lo her better." know NANCY FEATHERSTONE - Valley City DECREE Pbilomalbian, Dramatic Club, Madrigal "May you ever he happy: live al your Have a good lime: and :lo as you pleas Club 81158, n C. MARY FISHER ---- Valley City DEGREE Clionian, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Student "Hcre's to a girl with a hearl and a ami Council le That makes the bubble of life worth-while." MARION FROST ---- To STANDARD, HOME ECONOMICS "A good guess is lretler than silence." ANNE MARIA GRESS - - - STANDARD. ART SPECIAL Allmeneum, Madrigal Club, Orchestra, Yell Leacler "Why worry? The more we study The more 'of our ignorance me disco HELEN GROVES ' ----- . STANDARD, PRIMARY Pbilomathian, Y. W. C. A. "True worth is in being, not seeming. FLORENCE GUSTOFSON - - - STANDARD, PHYSICAL EDUCATION l-lanamicbi, Athletics "The girl with the smile ls the girl Ivorlh while." wer City Mandan ver. La ola Plaza L. AGNES HAWLEY - - - Cassellon STANDARD, PUBLIC SCHOOL MUSIC Clionian, Nlaclrigal Club, Newman Club "Her song my ,heart remembered Long after it heard it no more." :xml 'lif-"s le 1 " ' "Hof -Lg - wr:-Jr: ,-P121-Im: fc ,fx 34 I ill fi, ' ilsli -- f---' --- - ,....... - -Q -46 W A-as Uni ,r..f.:xL:m..-:insure Q-r.-11-Jn,-,Q VJ, . ..,,... -..... . . .. '- . . Ag -L.-.-,..:,.J:..-4::.zx::f4:a:::-:::4:J::y,1-3:1-f-fl.: ve.-lf: 2-45: Q-Efnfazmr ,.:r, .1 :E-11-eirafxf- - . , , k'....."Y'Y'-. , gf? CE , N-,gm H W -MM, l , . JD' -M-?----f--f-g-:-----...A--12 .A-----.-1., .-,,f if-'jf ,Z g?g!.1ll 4 .,l I - . V . Q-A-fxw ,M , l or . W., . iq I' Qi AGNES--HANSON ---- Valley City gil' lgl f' STANDARD, HOME ECONOMICS in mil "Accuse not nalure, she has done her parl." INXS,-.I :ll BERNARD D. HANSON - - Cardner STANDARD E. B. C., Men's Glee Club ' "He isn'l as mild as he looks." il HATTIE HANSON - - - Bollineau l ll STANDARD ! Hanamicbi, Dramatic Club L "A girl with many pleasing ways." ll HILDA HOFF - l -.-- Malfoti rl STANDARD, HOME. ECONOMICS l' Y. W. C. A. lj "One of our seekers for knowledge." , AILEEN K. HOGAN - - - Osnabroclf STANDARD, PRIMARY ll Dramatic Club, Newman Club ,. ll "My thoughls are my companions." FLORENCE HOLCOMB . - Valley City ' STANDARD ll Delphi, Debate, Secretary Sophomore Class, f Y. W. C. A., Athletics l "Pleasure and aclivily make the hours seem E short." Y' ILETTA HOLMAN ---- Wolselh ELEMENTARY ll "She had no wish but to be glad, She hated naught but to be sad." l LUCILE JACKSON - - - Flasher STANDARD ' .Clionian, Band l "Individual and inlereslingf' . DOROTHY .IACOBSON - - - Dazey DEGREE il Clionian, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet "She is a good pal lo have around." ' .l P EDITH MAE jOHNSON..- - - Stanley H ' STANDARD, COMMERCIAL Glee Club, Y. W. C. A. "Even her faults lean towards the .virtuous 1 side." l :l -1 ----- -nw 7 , . ...Q 1 :......z,.. ........,.....- - 1,-5... 1 , , P' ' - --W ------- .-.X-L.m:.-f'.1QglTgl..-.Q 35 EL.-Tr.'af:?+?-h. 'A ' " - -- - 5.-:.'5-.fiullzmwv-P11-if ww '-ff -f'-ff 11-f -G-.1-F furallbg PL ' . . .1 l l 'l lik ll "I ...l L It -l lm J ill ESI' QW? l-ill llgf Fil ld! 5-4 l. lid IQ fl ll l.:f1 W' ff-gg . .'l., N! H. :lg .QE . . E gllll Y- .J ,vt .'-. 1 2 P .. E.-. . A l,- ..,. A ua-0. .. zzgezll . U PEARL JOHNSON - - - Manfred STANDARD Atlreneum ' "Nothing great was ever achieved without ' enthusiasm." GRACE KIPPEN ---- - Omemee STANDARD, PUBLIC SCHOOL MUSIC Hanamicl-ni President, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet " Care sits lightly on her shoulders." ALFRED KOENEKE ---- Lisbon STANDARD, COMMERCIAL Footlvall, E.. B. C. "Any little girl that's a nice little girl is thc right little girl for me." HELEN KOSOBUD ----- Lankin STANDARD "Sl.c lfnonzs hom to live and keep the middle path." EDNA KUHNERT - - - Wilton STANDARD Hanamichi "She hnishes everything she starts." CLARA KRONENBURG - Kimball. Minn. STANDARD "Everyl1orly's friend-nolrozlyfs enemy." MARY LANDIS ------ Mott STANDARD, COMMERCIAL Dramatic Club "To have tried earnestly is success ESTHER LARSON - - - - Nome STANDARD "The world is as you talfc it." PHYLLIS LEONARD - - Edison, Neb. STANDARD, PRIMARY Clionian, Y. W. C. Cabinet "Common sense is an uncommon thing." CLARA LYBECK ---- Valley City STANDARD, PHYSICAL EDUCATION Athletics "She has the 'rep' of a mighty good scout." 36 hx:-1 if 1 H3 1. 9...-A d igg U E 1 , 11- L 1 1 Q N .1 1 1 1s 1 1,11 1,1 1 llll: .k ,f EVA LuND3ERc - - Hamilton, Ont. img STANDARD . U lo l ' "A maiden nevcr hold." ' I It LILLIAN MCLEOD ----- Antler il 1 if STANDARD Q "'Tf3 uflcn constancy to change the mind." H 1 V 1 Q ELLA MAASJO .--- Vnllny city 1' Q ' ' STANDARD, HOME ECONOMICS 7 l "With a sunny temper she Ivins hcr way." 1 ' ' l li 1 AMY MALAKOWSRI - - Lnnlnnnn, Minn. Q I1 Q1 1 STANDARD Y. W. C. A. lil ll li 5 "And but herself admits no parallel." J 1 .l 1 11' E l BEATRICE MORRIS - llflinncapolis, Minn. 1 1 S STANDARD - Atheneum, Clee Club, Blizzard Staff W H "She oulstrips all praise and makes it halt behind her." MARIA MURPHY - - - Valley city .1 1 !. DECREE 'f : X Philomalhian, Debate, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, W Blizzard Stall "A girl of many accomplishments and many ' friends." ,. 1 W 11 1 FRANK MGFFIT ---- Valley Cay E' 1 11 f l STANDARD If 3 i1 E.. B. C., Pep Committee, Budget Staff, i 1 1 clee cunb, Debate I I "Even tho vanquished he could argue still." , ,I I 1 1' EMMA NANRIVELL - - - Bordulac 11 1 ' STANDARD ll "Dignity becomes thee well." GLADYS ODEGAARD - STANDARD - - Reynolds fl '- "Modcsty is a candle to her merit." 11 1! ' 3 PRETORIA OGG - - Antler STANDARD Band Eternal sunshine settles on her head E1 A! 111 I 1 ' 1 il: '. ,ix 'Y 1 - . . 1 fj 0 1 1 2 'ffl 1 1 l A .. . .. 1 ,1 if ' 1 5 sl! ' 1 ,1 n- :1 l ' 1 1 VR 1 I YI1. 111,111 A V. 15 11 1 1 11. 1 1' A . L . --EAW-- A Y - - - fn -- ,-yagiiegf.-'ll' . N , .A,3,,.-L,,., .,, L . . A ' 37 fri- , V f-'N M. ELEANORA ORNBURG Warroad Minn. STANDARD HOME ECONOMICS Maclrigal Club Dramatic Club Blizzard Staff Student Council Y. W. C. A. Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. EDNA L. OSTBY - - - Hendrum Minn. STANDARD Dramatic Club ' Her lively loo s a sprightly mind discloses. MARGARET OSTREM - - - Rugby STANDARD PRIMARY Atlueneum She loved them all because it was her 'way ELSIE. ROBINSON ---- Stirum STANDARD PRIMARY N - . u ' 1 V U . . .. ,E .. i . . Y. W. c.A. Band 'A Extremely busy but quiet about il. MARTHA ROGNESS - - - Esmond STANDARD Atlxeneum , When seen made note f. W ERMA H. ROOD - - - Sidney Mont. ' STANDARD ,l X Hanamiclmi M "She smiles on many just for fun. me know ii 1 there's nothing in it." LULA E. ROMAN - - - - St. john A STANDARD H I Newman Club ' i "Ami there she goes, a'coming this way." by EILEEN RUUD ---.. Casselton , STANDARD, PUBLIC SCHOOL MUSIC l Clionian, Band li ' "ll's nice to he natural, Q I When you're naturally nice . I ELLEN SABRAW ---- Hazelton l STANDARD I Hanamichi, Newman Club . I "She seems to have been made for friendship." i I , . ' CATHRYN SCHNEIDER - Annandale, Minn. .4 STANDARD. PRIMARY Newman Club 2 "The force of her own merit makes her way." i 'jj Q lj' ' , V ' iiW ' ' " fm -J' "'f"' " ' ' ' lf- --1 f.-uaw. g11..f- gi J- w,--l.x' I 38 CGW' ' 4 ! l im ul I E Y r l I l ll 1 x le E l e1 F Li Q . ..,-L.., ---A. in I -. ., .- -1e n-man L , W . . 1 " i 4 STANDARD Q GENEVA SEBLEN --.- Bathgaze IW f' 1 1 ! W E l A l 4 1 I 3 n. x l L E IN l II i. lr i 1 I' Y l 1 E 1 9 5 - Clee Club, Y. W. C. A. "Modesty is the grace of the soul." SIGRID SEVERSON - - - Valley City STANDARD Delphi, Ahlelics, Debate "A wizard in debate." ELLA SHUNK - - - - Anslem STANDARD "Pleasant and agreeable." GLADYS L. SIMON - - - Lakota STANDARD Clionian, Marlrigal Club, Newman Club "A light heart lives long." HAZEL SIMON ------ Tioga STANDARD Hanamiclmi, Y. W. C. A. "A dainty flower on a stem of grace. EVELYN SJOQUIST ---- Dwight STANDARD, HOME ECONOMICS Atheneum, Dramatic Club "I may be plump. but I still retain my girlish laugh." SADIE SOLOMON ---- Wheelock STANDARD l-lanamichi, Debate ulndustrious and willing." ALICE SMITH ----- Omemee STANDARD. ART SPECIAL Atheneum, Dramatic Club "The mildest of manners and the lfindest heart." MARTHA H. STENSHOLT - -' Orrin STANDARD, COMMERCIAL . Clee Club "'Tis strange that some should lalfe to sighing, and like it well." CHARLES E.. STEPHENSON - Turtle Lake s'rANnAnD. commrancm. Sophomore Class Treasurer, E. B. C., Blizzard Staff "A man he seems of cheerful yesterdays and confdent of tomorrolvsf' , I it ll ,.l:r. :Ie- - J I w 1 N! 39 5 Lil ta lil ll 'ii I v ET T v 1 ll 1 .Q 5 il fe 5 g: l E H H 11 E l as li 5 J l El I V l lf l l l 1 3 l , T TT W' T fl' STANDARD, PRIMARY "She spealfs, behaves and acts just as she ought." EDNA STROM - - - Kathryn STANDARD Band "A maiden modest and yet self possessed SIGNA STROM - - - Kathryn STANDARD . Band "Her voice was soft and low, a charming characteristic." IDA SWANSON - - - Lucca STANDARD, HOME ECONOMICS "All she asks is plenty of .atmosphere LAURENCE TABER - - - Valley City ELEMENTARY E.. C., Basket Ball-Reserves Football "1 stand on the brink of a great career Will someone please shove me of? LUCILE TEWKSBURY - - Fordvzlle STANDARD. ART SPECIAL Pbilomathian, Y. W. C. A. President U Glele Club "To know her is to love her To name her but to praise. ANTOINETTE. TISCHART Red La ' s'rANDARo Mad rigal Club "Why hurry when there's time to waste? MARIE TISCHART - Red Lalfc Falls Minn STANDARD Madrigal Club LETHA THOMAS - - - Dogdcn STANDARD, PRIMARY , Clionian, Student Council, Athletics "Would that we had some of her spirit HELGA I. THOMPSON - Beach STA N DA RD "To lfnolv her is a liberal education 40 IRENE STRANG - - - New England lfe Falls Minn , .1.:gAi:z T: -: ' f " - - -ff: f -5 ff xii'-T..:xf.f.K A ,,,,..,m,,,, ee, , 7 A. n: 1-.-.--gi .LJ ,-., L ..-V .-,.a.g- .,-. ., 1--.,n V , , , Iii, 1' 7' W fn ' MARGUERITE. WANNER - Wimbledon - ' STANDARD, PHYSICAL EDUCATION F' i Delphi, Blizzard Staff, Newman Club A ' "Character is the diamond that scratches I every other stone." k k KATHRYN WARD - - . ofnlfn ,l 1 STANDARD I " E 1. Newman Club President, Glee Club ri I "She's a good maid, so very meek H d Il That even her shoes refuse to squeak." il fl IL - r " ALICE WELL ----- Cavalier i ' ' STANDARD, MUSIC ' Glee Club, Madrigal . "Laugh every time you feel tickled and 1 L . 1: I giggle once in a while anyway." gg E if L. RUTH wu.1.soN - - Brainerd, Minn. 4 5 Q s'rANDAnn. commsacmi. li ,l - i Clionian, Dramatic Club P "She's pretty to walk with, Witty to talk 1vith,' and l Pleasant to look upon." ,N GRACE M. WISNESS - - - Maddock ll 5 STANDARD, PRIMARY N "I live, yet say not much, but think the more." it F - ff Y ALPHA LOGSDEN ---- Hillsboro 1 I STANDARD " ' "Her aim and her manners admired lay all 1 3 1 who sam her." i 1 'g H HERMAN A.BURCHlLL - - Valley Cay ' ft STANDARD ' 3 3 Blizzard sins, Basket Ball, Glee Club, TQ ' Foo! Ball 1 i' " He has a .store of knowledge he never j, , learned in hooks." 1 it fi GERALDINE TORGUSON - - - Dazey ku ' - A STANDARD, PRIMARY I n 1 .1 EN L W Atheneum, Axhleics I U "Happy am I. from care I flee, l Why can't the rest of you be like me?" ff - I ,. ,l A wi j f xi ll fill i 5'3ikfi:f"' fig-?'7A5.ffCffT,:'i ':':4g'1iff'i: , A '-1 All-l f Qlwen Qlgv, 1.12:Tw-4? 41 IRENE ANDERSON Starkwealher STANDARD MINNIE ETHEL ANDERSON Stark-weather STANDARD STANDARD MATHILDA GUSTAVA BERTELSON Fergus Falls Minn STANDARD Delphi ESTHER BROLANDER STANDARD LlClgCfD!00ll I-IAZEL E BROLANDER STANDARD LlflgEfllI00!l Ktlbaurn Wxs LUELLA BUCKLEY STANDARD HELEN CARROLL - - - Valley City STANDARD PI-n's1cAI. EDUCATION Philomathian Newman Club Athletics BLANCHE M. CONNOR - - Parlg River STANDARD Philamathian, Newman Club SUSAN CHURCHILL - Crea! Falls, Mont. STANDARD, PHYSICAL EDUCATION I Philomathian, Newman Club, Athletics LORETTA MARIA DIETZ - - Wahpetan STANDARD NILVA COSETTE DUVALL - Valley City STANDARD, ART SPECIAL VERNER GOOLSBEY - - - Lidgerwaad HELEN LEBUS Cassellon STANDARD PRIMARY EVELYN MCINNES Valley City STANDARD PRIMARY Philomathtan Y W C A Budget Staff ELIZABETH MALIVI Sanborn STANDARD PUBLIC SCHOOL MUSIC Delphi FLORENCE MATI-IENY Carrtnglon STANDARD Newman Club SUSIE V METCALF Valley City STANDARD COMMERCIAL Delphi VIRGINIA M MOVIUS Ltdgerwood STANDARD KINDERGARTEN Philomathian Athletics Madrxgal Club Dramatic Club Vice President DELOIS NEWBAUER - - - Valley City STANDARD HOME ECONOMICS ETI-IEL OTTEM ----- Pembina STANDARD Clionian, Madrigal Club, Glee Club MOLLIE W. PERLOWSKI, Sauk Rapids, Minn. STANDARD JENNIE PROBERT ---- McLeod STANDARD Y. W. C. A. CARL GILBERT QUIST - Cenluria. Wis. STANDARD E. B. C., Pep Committee, Glee Club ROBERTI3AHIvIIaR - - - Shelby, Mani. ' ' ' ' " 0 i ' I STAN DA RD GLENN HANNA ---- Valley Cily STANDARD Football, Basketball, Glee Club, E. B. C. LUCY F. I-IUME ----- Lisbon STANDARD, PUBLIC SCHOOL MUSIC Madrigal Club, Delphi, Pep Committee GERTRUDE ,IACKMAN - Lilclifielcl, Minn. STANDARD I Clionian, Newman Club, Athletics EVELYN C. JOHNSON - - M cC regor STANDARD Dramatic Club CLARA ANN KRONENBURG, Kimball, Minn. STANDARD. PRIMARY Newman Club VERA M. REDMER ---- Medina STANDARD Philomathian, Maclxigal Club NELLIE M. ISTOESER - - - Larimore STANDARD MARGARET SWANSON - Valley City STANDARD, COMMERCIAL GLADYS M. SWENSON - - Hillsboro STANDARD Clionian ADOLF SOROOS ---- Valley City STANDARD E. B. C., Basketball, Football, Budget Stall: KATHERINE SUNDELL - - - Dwight sTANDARD, KINDERGARTEN ALFRED Ia. KURTH - .- - Gardena MIRL THOMPSOQITANQARD' ' ' l"a"i"' STANDARD OIC.. Club, Basket Ball, Foot Ball cle Club LILLIE KYLLO '---- Mccallna VIDA A. THOMPSON - - Rolla STANDARD STENDARD Atheneum, Y. W. C. A. Al eneum EDNA LANGFELDT - - - Lidgerwaod CARO VANG -----. Hillsboro s'rANDARD STANDARD WALTER R. LARSON - - Valley City ALICE WOLD ---- Abercrombie STANDARD STANDARD ' Basket Ball, Foot Ball Philomathian, Orchestra ' K . - - 42 Fhola by R. Kenneth McFarland NDQPU9 .'..,..,-..,--.-f7'i7l'Ili' -e .M MARY ACKERMANN - - New Rockford ELEMENTARY Athcneum "Unto a willing mind hard things are easy." LOIS ACRE ------ Columbus ELEMENTARY Hanamicbi, Glee Club, Y. W. C. A. "Always merry and happy. Always good and gay." MARY ALFORD - - - - Edgeley STANDARD "Work is my pastime." EVELYN L. ALFSON ---- Binford STANDARD Glee Club, Y. W. C. A. "A bunch of golden keys is mine To malge each day with gladness shine." PEARL ANDREWS - - - Petersburg ELEMENTARY Newman Club "Life is a jest, Laughter is best, Life is what we make it." VIOLA ANDES ----- Parshall ELEMENTARY Dramatic Club, Glee Club, Y. W. C .A. "One who has not succumccl to the 'hohbed hair' craze." LELA ANDERSON - - - Wolford ELEMENTARY . "The light that lies in a woman's eyes, And lies, and lies, and lies." HAZEL O. ANDERSON - - Dawson ELEMENTARY Y. W. C. A. "She accomplishes grcal things." A HARRIET ANDERSON. Thief River F alls. Minn. ELEMENTARY "Energy and determination have worked wonders." 0 CLADYS ANDERSON ---- Rhame STANDARD Clionian, Clee Club, Basketball "Come onl Let's gal" 133:31 v lm' 44 ,-c -- --- .. n-,....,. ....- ,..,,.1L.....n.i I r N . LAURA ATKI NS - - - - Canzlo ' l - Y ELEMENTARY I X "A little nonsencc now ancl then, f ls relished by the lresl of them." ', NELLIE. L. BAEVERSTAD - Churchs Ferry ' Il ELEMENTARY Glee Club, Maclrigal Club, Dramatic Club W "One of our seekers for lfnolvledgef' rl 1 l gl f JEWELL BAISLEY - - - Hankinson 9 ELEMENTARY l Newman Club if . "Interesting-we can tell." I ll' 5 F. ,. T W M Id T! HELEN BERNICE BALE - - - Lisbon nl V. QB STANDARD, PRIMARY AND KINDERQARTEN SPECIAL U Philomaihian, Y. W. C. A., Band gi "Rosy and fresh and full of vigor." il 2 l if ARTHUR c. BARRINGER - - - Ver... H ELEMENTARY - l , E. B. C., Freshmen Vice-President, Blizzard.. S!aE, Dramatic Club. Student Council, 5' Glee Club, Basketball. M "We aim to please." C - E . MALFRED D. BARSTAD - - Nome 5 1 ELEMENTARY I , "Silence is golden." F RUTH HELEN BARNES - - - Colfax 3- A ELEMENTARY l T Atheneum, Basketball, Y. W. c. A. 4 "We build the laclder as me climb." I ,IUANITA G. BEGGS - - Hamilton ' Pbilomatlxian i "Art is long and lime is fleeting." LOUISE BENN ----- LaMaure , ELEMENTARY ' Y. W. C. A., Dramatic Club 'Q lj "Care sits lightly on her shoulders." fi R V DORIS BERC. ------ Doyon Qi ELEMENTARY ' Atlxeneum, Glee Club, Basketball "Her's is the soul of an artist." 25 11. 4 In .l 'N It ,. Q Q ' A guilt A . W .V A A -' A or - --U Y , ,,., :E-5 45 M i T "'-"'T": A --A he HELEN BERTHOLD - - - Reynolds ELEMENTARY "Sing away sorrow, cast away care." ETHEL M. BEST ---- Walhalla ELEMENTARY Y. W. C. A. "She is inzlolent never." ELEANOR M. BILY - - - Piselg ELEMENTARY Newman Club "For she is just the quiet kind Whose nature never varies." LORNA A. BLEZARD - - - Perth ' ELEMENTARY "Full of energy anzl pep, Success, she will surely get." A LILLIE BLILIE ----- Christine ELEMENTARY - Clce Club " 'Tis no use to grumble and complain, Rather wish for sunshine than for rain. ALICE Boas .----- I Hampden ELEMENTARY Glee Club "Say not always what you lgnow, But always know what you say." ADELBERT K.BOTTS - - Frazee, Minn. STANDARD Band "A fellow of calm good sense." STELLA BRACKIN - - - H anlfinson ELEMENTARY Clee Club "The little song-bird!" JESSIE. BRITTON -' - - Turtle Lalfe ELEMENTARY "ln her tongue is the law of lfinclnessf' ETHEL BUEHLER - - - - Mott ELEMENTARY Dramatic Club, Debate, Allxeneum. I I "Her laugh is contagious: It smiles the ear joyously." L. i W V ' E wfyx ll- --- 7 1 1 1 I: -3 'ii 'F f K -- ' Q:-ri-:M '43-:L Y 46 T 1 4 im' I' 42 2 -1 - if - L ,YY 1-- ..-i,,.-..,,, 7-.. 1 A ,. ,W ' or R - R ET if , W 7 H I Wi .1 H fgllfl -.WW Will GAYLARD E. BURGESON - - fameslown QM jlxxilf ELEMENTARY fgf I E l "And when he spoke, men forwarrl leaned." f 1 , , 1 : HULDA T. CARLSON - - Crofton A ELEMENTARY . "Arlorezl and loved by all." ' MARGARET CARR .--- Rzmme A 1 ELEMENTARY Clionian, Glee Club ,y, "The heavens such grace clicl lenrl her That she might admired he." l .Q . Q ALETTA CASPERSON - - Walcott QQ A H ELEMENTARY .1 lg ones Club A E if I "Few morals spolfe she, but yet she playenl her part." I li E i l L SELMA CHRISTOPHERSON - - Name L5 si ELEMENTARY H 1' "A lfinzl aml thanlfful crealurelu T, ' H4 .IESSIE COLBY ---- Valley City I 1 ELEMENTARY A 'A "Much wisdom goes often with few words." li r EDITH COLLINGS - - - Lidgermood ,. ELEMENTARY - Glee Club Y, "Happy, jolly, fair and free, I 3' Nothing there is that lwthers me." . 3 lt BLANC1-1E CONNOR - - - Park River ELEMENTARY Q! 3 ll Philomatlxian ll "Inst being happy is a fne thing to Jo." i B . 1: I Il LUELLA A. CONNOR - - Park River 4 , ELEMENTARY 4 3 "The glint of Ireland in her eyes." gi l' V i ' GORDON R. CORBY - - - Valley City 'f 5 M 4 STANDARD i E Dramatic Club, Clee Club ,, X 4 T , "He is a fewell-because he is set in his way." vii I 1? i , ,Lg A M ff f' I 411 ll: , X V1 V. -V.. ,A 'l 'f i fl j ww T'k,..,.11l :U A lf 'fr ll",jf" A" A ' i I ----- - --f"- Y 'S--'Y:':lF"":Fb1'5'1:.h.l 51 s-W ' - S' Y Y Y X7 9 ' .-E L, HY..- A x bffff' ,gif ,...':f"'f, -A J KLA., f C' X .N lx .2,.-,x. .-4 X p- er. 1- - sli--fs.-rnn.4i1,,.1tiu il" ,E --Em-gg, Egg 1 14535 -I-Trl:-ezifitfezzlfd. gr- - 47 MARJORIEIHELEN COULTER - Dawson ' ELEMENTARY - Dramatic Club Glee Club Margie! Margie! Come right up-alairsl BEULAH CRAWFORD - - W healland . ELEMENTARY When I laugh lhey all laugh al me. DAVID E. DAHL ---- Valley City DECREE W Dramatic Club. E.. B. C. ' -D"""' 4:14 Scars: g b g y -mimi-fe l . .. . .. 0 I .. .. "Buiness is business, lzul men are men, 1 And me'rc all good pals logelherf' POLLY M. DAHL ----- Crary ' ELEMENTARY "A girl with a pleasanl smile for all." MARGARET DAILEY - - - W arnaick ELEMENTARY Atheneum "She leaves a trail of lzrolfcn ulfe slrings behind her." AUGUST E. DARKENWALD - Wimbledon STANDARD Band, Glee Club "Always working when he isn'l doing something else." UNA DAVEY ----- Cavalier ELEMENTARY "Sincere and lnie she slrives in all her llesl to do." JESSIE. W. DAYTON ---- Clyde ELEMENTARY I "When il comes lo algebra-ask fessief' BLANCHE. DEAREY - - Crand Forks ELEMENTARY Pllilomelhian - , "I NCCI' glasses to 'see mare."' ALICE M. DENISON - - - Condo ' I STANDARD Debate, Philomalhian 4 "Beauty and brains-the unusual combination." 1 K A A E A W T E E , m 9'P' ,E i , H DM-, 48 'l l if! il H rl .5 I l 1. V fi ll il l - lsnfrllnx-1--un-2-a.-u.:e -1.35- . fl .lvl . ll ll ' ' f'1g1.,,,gm,giQ.g11L,i Meg.. A A ' A A ltlll FRANK c. DevRlEs . . - Clyde M ' Band lu "He did nothing in particular and did if l Ill it well." - ?'.3'w'6l lll l lDA M. DUNLOP ---- lnffstcr ELEMENTARY 'X T Y. W. C. A., Clionian, Basketball 'l I f' "She who is equipped with patience and ' perserverance is equipped for work." MILLICENT DUNLOP . . - jdmC5f0D!H l , if STANDARD fi Atlneneum, Debate, Maclrigal, Clee Club V lt "Singing, she wrought, and her merry glee 1 li The moclf-lrird echoed frorn his tree." . l Qi l ,l ETHEL s. EBERT 7 . . Mott fl Lf li ELEMENTARY i T Atlxeneum l P "Her eyes as stars of twilight fair: li ll ll Lil.. tmitighfs too, ll.. duslfy hair." F E H ALICE EDWARDS - l- - - Bisbce ll ELEMENTARY Y. W. C. A. KL ll "For where she fixed her heart. she fred her j ' mind to do li - - The thing she will, and bear it through." V .4 ll I 'T OMA P. EEG ---- Cary, Minn. lf j' jl ELEMENTARY li ll xg Y. W. C. A. ll ll "An energetic worker with high ideals." If 1 el l WALTER A. EGGERT - - Valley cup Z1 l ll ELEMENTARY Q " Baskeball. Football, Blizzard Staff, E. B. C. I I "A smiling countenance, a friendly way, D ll 'Coed morning' to everyone, doth he say.'f I C.ERTlE lvl. ELKEN - - - Hamlefg ll Q ELEMENTARY :Q ' "Her head is not so .small that there is no l, I lp room for wit!" l l, l Il ALICE ELLINGSON - l - - Rugby lf lv' ELEMENTARY . . Plxilomathian l' l V "The only may to have a friend is to be W4 il' one yourself." ll' l' lo" l EVELYN ELLIS . - Q - - Tonmer ,.q, lil STANDARD? , P E 3 "The mildest of manners, gentlest of hearts." ' wifi: l J.. A ll . , , -m-ul-T'-1'e'T1""-eu'--1-121-1:-4l:ff21T2's4i71 2jpT'lQ3 fc 0 ... .-.--,L L.-- lJL....':Ef " Fl 3:1637-f...Y..f.."' ..... gai- 49 0. - .. -1 W,-me Serra: ESTHER FANSLOW Red Wang Munn ELEMENTARY Basketball Glee Club l-lanamxclu Nal on lop hu! clzmbmg ANNA M FOLSTAD Melvm Minn ELEMENTARY Y W C A In her langue as the law of mdness ANN FORBORD Endcrlm ELEMENTARY She s lxllle but she s zwsc Shes a terror for her szze CECILIA FOX lllendma ELEMENTARY Delphi Newman Club You laugh and Ill laugh And we Il all laugh logelher GLADYS FRITH Doyon ELEMENTARY She does ihmgs as well as lhey can be one BERNICE GADKE. Sl Thomas STANDARD The worlds no beller ff me worry Lifes no longer zf we hurry CATHERINE CACAN Devils La c ELEMENTARY Atheneum Basketball Newman Club Not hold not shy nor shorl nor lall Bu! a new mmglmg of them all ESTELLA CEIGER Wormood, Mrnn ELEMENTARY "Loved by many, arlmzrezl by all " GENEVA GEIGER Cavalucr ELEMENTARY "A full rich nalurc loverl by all " OLIVE. GEIGER Cavalzer ELE MENTARY "She works when she works, and she always works on psychology " ' A I, . , W , .S., .., ,, . l! l . .' ,, ' ' '. . nn I I T . - - l, l . ll .1 . . . ku -II fl . I I ---- . ' - - ' If I , . l . ' ' l ' ' 1 Humana 50 tifX5is""QgQ.5+Y-"s',l:1:v':'Ee' ff'm""fe mm- -1 A -M .C,fwf-Q5 'T 'I ',4puz.z.5u.3.' 7iW21'L"-31'..'3!!iiE.T..1.lPL5T:15"A' l g 5 E It M ' LOIS M. GERHARD -1 - - Egeland KU ELEMENTARY I , l "A merry heart goes all the day." MABEL GREBE - - l - - Rugby ELEMENTARY Atlxeneum . 1 "A mind not to be changed by time or place." l 1 LILLIAN GROSFIELD -1 - - Boniman , ELEMENTARY "Silence often indicates ll!l3ll0m.,. 1 ELEANOR GROSINGER - - - Fingal L 1 STANDARD, PUBLIC SCHOOL MUSIC If fx Glee Club, Newman Club Z "A brown-eyed maiden with a roguish smile." l ll HARRIET GUDMUNSON - - Makati ' i ELEMENTARY E "A friendly heart with tmany friends." A l 'PEARL HACK ----- Tuttle ELEMENTARY B "The music malfes the girl." l . l tl LORNA HAMILTON - -. - Forzlville l ELEMENTARY E Basketball l "The gloom chaserf' - , ALLIE LAMOTT HARMON - - Hunter 5 STANPARD I E. B. C., Men's Clee Club, Budget Staff "Give me Liberty! H A place to eat!" ? RHEA M. HARMSEN - - - Hazen A ' ELEMENTARY "A beautiful anzl happy girl. With heart as light as summer air." ' ESTHER HART!-I ---- Bumstad ELEMENTARY "Let us be silent that me may hear the X whispers of the Coils." I '. l LY 51 t STELLA G HAUG Hoople ELEMENTARY Madngal Club Her beautiful smgmg IS the bright s o on our program ETHEL M HAUGLAND Bubee STANDARD Glee Club Anxious to do her lzestl ADELINE HOWLEY Antler ELEMENTARY Newman Club ulet but still waters run deep HARRIET ELIZABETH HEALD Lartmore ELEMENTARY Dramatic Club My true love hath my heart and I have his THEO HEATH Hesper ELEMENTARY For even the vanquished she could argue still EDITH MARGARET HEDAHL - Manfred ELEMENTARY "Ambition, studious, extremely Busy, but I quiet about it all." ll I v MILDRED D. HEDLUND - - Underwood ELEMENTARY I Hanamichi "Shy and sweet, and hard to beat." l sYv1LLA v.HENsEL - . - Antler 5,5 ELEMENTARY "She is always the same, quiet and ' EVELYN l-IILGERS - - - Crary 3 l ELEMENTARY Q 5 newman Club T 'l n "She seeks happiness by limiting her desires I I Rather than in attempting to satisfy them." , , 1 l EDYTHE HILL - - '- - - Hesper X ' ' ELEMENTARY ' A Glee Club ' ' Y "We hope nobody takes advantage of H our good nature." V Y . - 1 A- , -.-ss m1xz-'MW.r"-:'hl:1'1rez1:1sim ,-f- 1 , 0 Sears: , P- N-..Js--1-"Tv .Af - - - - --.1 -- .'-1" Q?!1,',."L",".'-J ' ' 1 '-1'-" V it Y L Y N it ' x ls 1 - Q - 1 I , p t .. . 9 I 0 Y V la 1 u Q Y L ' I - - W A N A e UQ 1 - ll F . 1 V 1 E . a l 't 1 I z l I i - - - - - t 1 w V I 'C . 'I xg l , E It XI fi 1 A --V - , ,, ,. ... , ,- . ,.,4-L:::"l', g.,.ar.':vf'Lt :LIP . W - ' A - -, glL,il4Le-W -WEE,,W.:, E 52 thoughtful." ft' l I I I , :I I E , I l l l I Y , V I .- ml LAHIEV-Awfar - - :sn:fsa1l"i .uasnn:EilE3g:Af:E:.L-- Q 3: - T E . ' ' - ' f i gi... I JM I, All I lilll U limi I ETHLYN HITCHCOCK - Bayfield, PV is. Q A5 I ELEMENTARY flklxlf lil. Y. W. C. A. Y "She can do many things and all of them well." F g I l BEATRICE HOBERC. -I . . Burnstad Q l ELEMENTARY Glee Club, Basketball, Delphi, Y. W. c. A. fl ? "Faiifand sweet, with a sunny smile. 54 5 'l L 'T EDGAR I-IOI-'F - - - -, Malfoti ll g 5 E ' ELEMENTARY l " A ll lVlen's Clee Club E "Experience is what you get while looking for l 5 E I something else." . ef ' 5 H I , 5 QI Q DOROTHY HOLMES . - Inlfllcf l ll I, I ELEMENTARY :Q I Q N' Delphi, Baskgball ,I g I W "'Mildest manner and Fentlest heart." ll l P l 1, I J c.LADYs HUYCK ---- Esmond .l Q 1. ELEMENTARY I J "For they can conquer who lJelie've." ly l I F KATHLEEN IRWIN - - - Antler in ELEMENTARY 5 ll is ll "Those eyes oflbluc, ' E 5 l Keep smiling through." .l ll f 3 GERTRUDE JACKMAN - Litehville, Minn. li I' Q ' ELEMENTARY 'Q "She is a sweet little miss with a sweet tl f' Il Vl .little smiIel" jj ll FRANK T. JANOWSKI - - Munich , ELEMENTARY I ' U Men's Clee Club 5 I "If you get in had, 4 B Try to get out good." . l'l t ll. I ORA JENSEN - - - - Belwufl U 5' ', , ELEMENTARY 7 . 5 "We can Jo more good by being good I l" 5 El than in any other way." W li L li I l Q 1 lj .A l ' l ALICE VIDA JOHNSON - - Fart Clark l In ELEMENTARY l ".'4 I "Honor lies in honest tail." I l , ' W Yi . 1 Ill . lg M . . I , IN 'N . l l f 'Y A xzru-zz:-21- g--:.L'.r.f . -1- .. - .fa K, ..f:...1:E.1-.sxiiis-.M 4 . , ,. ....,. -.. 1 -- I-5.2 9 .. . , . Y A ... .1 , .Aw Af, .,., X. ll: A "'xJN....-. .V-.ev . 3 .- i Y i 3 nf--,.,-1f::-4,,lY ,:,,,,,,,.. w-,Av z- 1v.:: -::-,:.:g:,.. 'I I ALTA JOHNSTON ELEMENTARY Delpln Cay good nature spar led LILLIAN B JOHNSON ELEMENTARY .. It . . " ' ' says as lhe may she says il." ll lsnl so much lvhal she RUBY L JOHNSON ELEMENTARY A YWC Baller a good frzenzl lhan s RUTH JOHNSTON DEGREE Delplu A conlradlclxon lo lhe lheory fha! brains and lneauly clonl go logelhcr AGNES KELLY Broclfell ELEMENTARY Newman Club Shy Ann gurgles and our Agnes giggles MARION KELLY Valley Culy STANDARD, KINDERGARTEN SPECIAL Clloman "For I love her blue eyes and her sweet Irish smile." ARNOLD G. KIRKNESS - Lake Park Munn ELEMENTARY Football, Basketball "The longer an lhis carlh we live The more of our lfinzlness we can give MYRTLE H. KNUTSON - Ferlllc Munn ELEMENTARY Y. W. C. A "Good humor is the health of the soul And sadness ils poison." LULU KROGSGAARD - Cooperstown ELEMENTARY "All her ways are pleasanlness And all her palhs are peace ALFRED KURTH - - - Carduna STANDARD Football, E. B. C "All greal men arc flying and 1'm nol feeling well myself Tl W, o X 54 v v 4 A L ' ' , P I. ' , ' om 5 ' - ' - . - 4ll,e,:vv Ubfvf 1 5 VTR' 'UM' V 7 fa . ' ' . - .- Us! mg . I N qecwre TMMJL, ev' ., :V+ ATM ' 1 J 4 Juv Q v il ' ' ,L L AS- A f - 5 lv-' fl-':.'T:- -T ""' .-fr.. Ez.: - A' il ' If 12.1-f --4: - - Y , N Y -- Tim, ,.,,,.q,,.,,. ,L ,Jr : 3.3 - V.. i:..:'Lz.: A-:A - ---' V A 1,6 , l ll' N I 4 I In 1 Y' A ,N all J IK ' ...' - AGNES F. LAHREN - . - Walcott px nl ' NI ELEMENTARY lf My 4 Glee Club Q Q! "Earned and failhful, gentle and lrue." l CLARA L. LAHREN - - - Wazcau I ELEMENTARY Q Gle Club il "Quiet, buf-oh-Q" ll HAZEL A. LANDRU - Brandon, Minn. lf E, ELEMENTARY X 'l I Hanamichi, Glee Club ' 1' 4 f "True blue for all is she, l Q Loved for her checrfulncss, zesl and alnflilyf' , I w f l INGEBORG C. LARSON - - Lilchville Li ,f ELEMENTARY I I "Slow and steady mlm the race." ' 3 L l N . 5 HANS LEE ----- Valley Cay llg DEGREE , "Nobody would suppose fl,.bu! l'm nalurally 'i lwashfulf' MABEL LELAND - 7 - - Culchull F4 1 A ELEMENTARY l' 1 "A girl no! of words but of actions." .' C II, ' lx P A ' ll RUTH LESTER ---. Forest Rim 1 yi ELEMENTARY 1 1 'V "A light hear! lives long." 9 n 1 . Y ELDE-V. LUNDE -.-. sz. Thomas X E ELEMENTARY I y Band W X E "Her looks are deceiving." T xl MABEL E. LUNDY - - - - Lea: l 1 ELEMENTARY ' L Athletics ' il nlndustrious, and slveetg of disposition." V L W! HILMA E. LYBECK - - - Tullle X Q 0 I! ELEMENTARY "She will succeed, Because perseverance ,T fi., KF, will conquer." l ljl 1, Wt ll:-lqfl 'T '1'E.rr' ' ':.:.g1':.Eig,gi4 T. .n. 1-:Il?lf1 . -1--"?'fl'----v-l?9-4--AH -A - 4 45- 9- AJLLQQflil-iii:-1:-Eff-Pre----f EH b Wi i 'S 'A ' .. . s- , W, A . .,1,,,,.-...--,. '- - .J-...-f..-L .:, ...f,..-f -, - E., -.,,-. . --A-YM fain'-. 22:-:1:'2:3xt....." . : fire ,ig .E :sf 5 so , ALMA K. LYKKEN ---- Walcotl ELEMENTARY Clee Club ' "A thoughtful mind directs her willing head." 0 , ROSE MCCANN ----- Venara ELEMENTARY Clionian, Newman Club "Everywhere she goes, She sings 'My Wild Irish Rosef FLORENCE MCCARTHY - - Grafton r ELEMENTARY - "A winning jvay, a charming personality." l lj FRANCES E. MCCOSH - - Valley City rx ELEM ENTARY - Basketball, Clionian "Her glossy hair is clustered o'er a brow, y Bright with intelligence, and fair and smoolhf' 4 l ETHEL MCDOUGALL - - Moorelon ELEMENTARY Atbeneum "Smiling in the morning, Smiling all the day. Always bright and happy. In her own sweet may." BLANCHE MCGRAW ---- Antler STANDARD "She is righl there milh her ready wit." JOY MCLAUCHLIN - - - Underwood ELEMENTARY Hanamichi, Debate, Newman Club , "joy's name is an emblem of her nature." OPAL C. MCLAUGHLIN - - Underwood ELEMENTARY Hanamichi, Newman Club "fOpalJ, the Family femelf' MARY MCLEOD ----- Barney ELEMENTARY Alheneum W "The world belongs to the determined." ' JEAN MeM1LLAN ---- Fordville ELEMENTARY Delphi "folly in disposition. W Loyal in friendship." L 'fi . l 1 L- se I . V a l l l l ,P J K . U il 9 F l l I 0 I :..f L 7- nw. . -. ,.,..- . , . .. -,,, Li, 1- -7- V.: revglsei- --:lxng f- . .N 1: V w M y so m" r " " ' 'JZQ4 ' "' l,-l.,QQQl1f1f-Q.fff.lf'Q,..A3221 5 xll .L Z! 0 -A fl! 5 lui V I ' f M. W. MCNOWN - - T- Wauslon, Wi.. if ' ' xl f 71217 STANDARD .T l 5:..xH ' l l. . , . 1 y Wffff' H: l.:::lz..flll.... T Tl: i ' I . T l Il DELBERT MALONE - - Hammond, Wi.. F i' V ELEMENTARY 1 E. B. C., Debate, Budggt Staff i J "The nlorlcl is as you ialfc il." Y li l l ' ll CLARA MARKS -I - - - Buialo 5 if A . I I 'ELEMENTARY ' H I H 'A girl with many pleasing ways. .N :N 6 gig. . ff V ' FRANCES MATHFNVS - - Turtle Lalie l 7x " l 9 1 T T ,I l ' I ' I ELEMENTARY ' 6: 14 l "We would not have her otherwise." I' f i l IN 1 ' l .1 1 BLANCHE CHARLOTTE MARTIN, Lisbon lg Tl T ,Q ELEMENTARY 5 3 "Nothing is impossible lo a milling hcarlf' - S c. FRED MEIER - - . - Kinlyfe ly DECREE A T 1 "The fulure is nzhal mise men call lo-Jay." if 3 T1 5+ ,j Y ,S MINNIE MERRIFIELD - - Valley my W Q 5 if I ' STANDARD Ll ii ,Ll , Clionian, Band EN 1 lil ' "Always willing lo dolhcr bil." F ig . I ' I4 Y. HJ l , 1. M . VV 5 JULIA METELMANN - - - Walhalla l' ' I l 3 ELEMENTARY l T T Y W. C. A. 4 ' l ' C 1 W "She is always helping others." I J 5 P l l WILMA ALPHINE MICKELSON, Fl. Ransom , l l M N 3' ELEMENTARY , I . li: T Glee club lj I l I' I "The same sweet personalilyhloday, lo-morrow ' 1 fl it V il and forever. ll I Q, , 1 ' . I li fi Q 1 f T 3 I RUTHIE MILLER ---- Valley Cay is f' ij ll I STANDARD, COMMERCIAL l' Q 1 "lf you wan! a lhing well done, call ' X T . i j on Ruthie." A f A 1 ll : ' l ll l : l Lili T, . I W I I . 3 ,ll . 1 ,I rl '11 . l ll . 1, ill ff .. llll ll-hge-1. . A -im. l a.-...m--1--raves!!!-1-1---:fr-f"-PTT-A-'' .J Y ...L 57 N N 5 2 L.,,...E.....g.....,..,EE.,.g...,Lg.,ifiim"-J:iigg-ig.: -4 lu l U ,,,, A , . . . . lu .. ,E . v M . ,E I, I l - ' N l Y l MARY F MILLER cmffon . l ELEMENTARY , Plulomathlan Y W C A fl To non: her is lo love her and l She surely is well nown CLARENCE MOBERG Napoleon ELEMENTARY Basketball A mighty man is he MABEL MARGARET MOE Valley Cnty 1 ELEMENTARY A demure maiden with few words. and many lhoughlsf' I RUBY MOORE ----- Calvin ' l ELEMENTARY 'N l l "Ruby, Ah! Yes, Ruby." W EVA MORIN ----- Walhalla 1 I ELEMENTARY ' "Even ihough she sludied hard, ll never drove away her smile." HELEN MARIE MORRIS - Churchs Ferry ELEMENTARY Athletics I T ' "A pleasing countenance is no slighl Y 1 advanlagef' Q ' 1 KATE J. MULINEX - - . Talley 1 l 3 ELEMENTARY ' "1 have often regrelled my speech, never I my silence." : ' 3 LOU A. MULINEX - - - Talley E 5 ELEMENTARY N "Lel'.s lallf, my friends, lel's lallg.' BLANCHE MURPHY - - - Langdon J ELEMENTARY li "lndustry is always rewarded." 1 I LAURA B. MUSSELMAN - - Orislfa ' ELEMENTARY "1'll lne a friend lo all, a foe lo none ls honor lvorlhy lo be Ivan." l ' l li ki W li ,..L,L, L eu. ,m,,,,,,. .. ,l QCTFx3::ffE Q - -:a l-.5 e: -.i -- -pax.-rxzritrxf 58 : -- -2 'f'- .n.a...u.Ewf:1v-ng....- 3:Jo EcL1..1:-:av42e:z,"T':f:v.'afrrr ' 1, ' 'C"4-"N . E --.A nf. .A . -.- -..L L-, , f::zTv Y pr-J Y,-. - V U - Y - U s.....JL... ' - ' -'- --:- A - ' ---- Y- A - --1 R -- ' - f T ----vw 'S-2-f-'f-f1-m-q:.-gw:5-.:-r-:sf+-:.:::LLL1nn:2u.5-..-vufrw-nzrn U. Q L lil IRMA NAECEL1 ---- Melrose, Minn. L' l . ELEMENTARY 1. Madngal Club Z "She is fair, and fairer than that word, X W Of wondrous virtues." T il A v i MARTHA E. NASINEC - - Piselg ELEMENTARY " That is true friendship that is always the T same." ' I l , w , ng l Q ,A CLARA NELSON . . A . Cnnby, Minn. J ELEMENTARY wi . "Toot your own horn." H . 2 Q Q FLORENCE F. NELSON - - Washburn 3' ELEMENTARY I "A light heart lives long." I' I ' ' , CUDRUM ADELE NELSON - - Barton 5 , ELEMENTARY i. Atheneum i "Where is Mal2el?" u IDA NELSON ----- Canby, Minn. ELEMENTARY Y. W. C. A. rl 1 lx, "She's not a flower, li A She:s not a pearl! l U J Shes just an all round girl. Ll lj l T RUTH NELSON - - - Canton, 5. D. A li ELEMENTARY 5-5 l "Eyes that sparlfle lips that smile: 1' A Altogether a girl worth while." n I " Ii 3 DOLLIE NEWMAN - . Poyncltc, Wan. ELEMENTARY "Behold our Dolly with her laugh so jolly.". N HELEN L. NICKEL - 1- - Wahpeton A STANDARD, HOME ECONDMICS SPECIAL lf 3 Clionian, Dramatic Club, Y. W. C. A. X I Hg "A squanderer of smiles, a spendthrift of good F lf lj, I cheer." 1 JI V Q REBECCA NIMON . . - Manner Q ELEMENTARY f P Dramatic Club "Oh, those mean curls." Nlll' . N will ' - fri:Tisz.jn.eiL:zi:-fvi.-LLL-TL-,n.L.y I 'T-R 'f .f-Q"--f 'TE-'T 'TMC A-,li TT-..-fx -JZ--5 - - "1---1-f'wfTmrv1a-n ...PT-f:,...n.., :+:EulFm??FHf4"1-:Tet-L. wx- NQQQQQ - V Q QQGQCM VIDA NOBLE ---- - Mott ELEMENTARY Dramatic Club, Philomalhian. "Gosh, hut I hate nmrlff' OTTO NORDSTROM - - Starhuclf, Minn. ELEMENTARY E. B. C., Men's Cnlee Club "He shares the fate Of the third room-mate." C. E. NOWOTZKI ---- Langdon ELEMENTARY "He gently studies." ALYCE C. O'BRlE.N - - - l'Villon ELEMENTARY Hanamiclni "Smile: the slfy is lzlue enough without you aclcling to it." BRIDGET T. O'KEEFE. - - - Minto ELEMENTARY "Who is Bridget? What is she? That all our swains commend her?" ELLA ODEGAARD ---- Egeland ELEMENTARY "A good ffz.,..1." MABEL A. OLSON ---- Balfour ELEMENTARY Glee Club, Y. W. C. A. "A compound of jollity, fralic and' fun." ADELINE M. ORDAHL - - - Crafton ELEMENTARY "Mischief shines from her hazel eyes." PRUDENCE E. ORNBURG, Warroonl, Minn. ELEMENTARY Glee Club, Y. W. C. A. "Perl, chipper and saucy." ASBJORG OVERGAARD - Valley City DEGREE I Delphi , "And still they gazed, and still their wander grew, That one small head could carry all .she knew." I ifbsbzt -A 60 -Y 7 ' lr -1 -- V Y Y - 6 Y gms-LQ! xl V -:W f- :.-- . ,V - ,-HL. Nl-, ... - 412:32 H 112' -A-::--e::a:P E.. - Y--A 'YF'-Lei? " l ' Q1 l I1 ,ll l j W lx l ' l IDA c. OVERLAND - - church, Ferry lf l ELEMENTARY E cle.: Club, Basketball "l may be an 'Overlanrlf luutlfm no 'Forrl'." l ilk l li! 'lil' BESSIE. M. PAGE - - l- - Hamilton ' l' ELEMENTARY Clee Club, Philomathian "Of manners gentle, of afections mild ancl the simplicity of a child." ' A ' 4 . ll ll HELEN G. PARKS - .T - - Milner ll ' ELEMENTARY' Q Clionian, Y. W. C. A. 2 l "To warn, to comfort and command." A' l ,N , , if l MARGARET A. PARKER - - Hamslloll l ll - ELEMENTARY A 9 Pllllomlhlan, Gleelclul. ll "She likes pleasure, I She likes fun. , Shc'll amuse most anyone." 4 U l 1 ll I l A L MABEL J. POVEK - 4 - Piselg -1 l l ELEMENTARY ' . -3 X' if "ln all things we must loolf for the why. the ll ll how. and wherefore." jx n If ESTHER PEDERSON - - - Driscoll l ELEMENTARY , Glee Club F fl --Fair of face, good and sweet." 'lx ,N i.. HELENA M. PEDERSON V - Dazey ig 5 STANDARD X , "A friendly hem." gf ll ll . ll l l MYRTLE IRENE PEDERSCN - Vw. Hook 'l l ELEMENTARY lx l "Herc's a girl with a mind of her own." l' l I l l ii ll l OLIVE PERRY - - , - oflslfa l li ELEMENTARY lf clee Club l ' l l "Never do to-day what you can put of till , 'l ' tomorrow." l l ll l C' , LUVERNE PETERSON - Lake Park, Minn. l l ELEMENTARY Li! ill "Of course, l'm from Lake lfarlfl Ask Kirk." Ml l F l ' - , .,.E..L.,..EL.J.liUl - Elf- 61 --midst ----- luanifq l ELEMENTARY Alheneum, Y. W. C. A. "What she undertook she did and that is more than a great many of us do." Nusa 5 ' ' ' - A 0 - it 4 .... EE- .,,,,i1....E ......H ... H 0 , V' ' E, .-.C 1 .. .. -..,:,,.Y,.,, 1 G E' ' "' 'F-'C' -if-"1-'-"f ' Y - ' gsv?:e?2r2:1L1-xx!LfQv 1-1-fgzx, PAULINE E. POND ---- Bowman STANDARD Hanamlclxi, Maclrigal Club, Clee Club "How eharmingly sweet you sing!" ALICE M. POND ----- Erie ELEMENTARY "She speaks, hehaves and acls just lilfe she ought." MILDRED PORTER - - - Garrison ELEMENTARY "Asif me no more." LUCILLE PUNG - - - - Calio ELEMENTARY I Newman Club "A sunny disposition ever ready with a smile." CARL QUIST ---- Centuria, Wis. STANDARD E. B. C., Budget Stall: "He taclgeled the thing that couldn't be done and did it." ELLA R. RASMUSSEN - - - Hunter V ELEMENTARY Clionlan, Dramatic Club "1 would the cook were of my mind." EMMA RASMUSSEN I ELEMENTARY 1 "Speech is silver: silence is golden." .IUNE RASMUSSON - - - Turtle Lake i ELEMENTARY "Quick lo malfe up her mind and to put her resolve into action." HENRIETTA RASMUSSON - - Dazcy STANDARD "Beautiful in 'mind as well as countenance' r l1 lf,-Y E V,-V I-f -r- ,.,,-,-..,,2.nL. ,--p-.!!--.- K 'C ' i 1 , f, -..-..E- -iify... fs fw..Tv-' -.., - l l 11. ,,. , , , " 'F' " 'Y 4- ,':'-rffnrgfh 62 I, F! 0 I, lm r ' I x 1 r l i 0 Y x I YK Il IJ X all -:Jo 5 v- ' Y "L-.L lH K . ,. .. . ELF MENTARY Band ! MILDRED K. RATLIFF l- - Granville "Studiou.s, capable, bright-fyel fun lakes keen dclighlf' EDITH REMBOLDT - 1 - Bowdon . ELEMENTARE' Glee Club 3 "Busy ds a lice and eviclenllly enjoying life." ANNA RENNERS ---- Reynolds ELEMENTARY Newman Club "Oh, you giggles." MARGUERITE G. REYNOLDS, Ollie. Monl. ELEMENTARY Albeneum, Dramatic Club "That was a close shave, lay jingle, When she decided lo gli a shingle." JULIETTE ROBILLARD - - - Olga ELEMENTARY Philomathian, President of lDramalic Club "Her cares are few." MABEL ROBINSON - - Deer River, Minn. STANDARD, HOME ECONOMICS Philomalhian, Dramatic Club "You can'l lell what lfind ofglvhcels she has in her head By the spokes lhal comes onli of her moulh." VIOLET RODIE - - -l - - Langdon ELEMENTARY "Lei us be merry while we can FLORENCE ROGERS ---- Colvin ELEMENTARY "She lhinlfs naughl a lrifle though it small appear." I-IILDA RUE ---- - Sheyenne ELEMENTARY Y. W. C. A., Atbeneum b "A real pedagoguef' MADELINE C. RUE ---- Baldwin ELEMENTARY Atheneum, Dramatic Club, Athletics "Dame Hadley she was in the 'Courlship of Miles Slanclishf " Lhifwrpr -E' ' .ijefw 63 INA M REISCH Van H00 ELEMENTARY HULDA M SAKER Cary Minn ELEMENTARY A merry hear! doeth good ll e a medicxnc HELEN SAUNDERS C rary ELEMENTARY Happy and bright wmsome and gay We all know Helen ln her own sweel way FLORENCE CHAFER Calvin ELEMENTARY ulelly she war s away Faithful lo every duly RUTH SAYLER Underwood ELEMENTARY Hanamlchx Never mind Rulhzc Napoleon was small MAURINE SCHIEB Bordulac STANDARD COMMERCIAL Debate Atheneum. The hes! of life is convcrsalion. - MARY SCHLAGEL ----- Fingal - STANDARD PUBLIC SCHOOL MUSIC Glee Club Newman Club Conlinual cheerfulness is a sign of wisdom. LEOIXORA SCHAEFER - - - Medina ELEMENTARY ' Music is her delight. MARGARET SEARLES - - - Broclfel ELEMENTARY Newman Club "Where your treasure is there will your hear! be also." s ELEMENTARY - ELLA L. SELBO --.- Valley my N W "A faithful friend lo all." . I . Y 5:99:99 il! ca!! . ---- 4- . Q .. .lt L. i f '--- "Q: If . I . Khanna cadcnyi A 64 ' ' l C- Q I tl QQ RUBY S. SHELBY - - - Valley City STANDARD, HOME ECONOMICS SPECIAL Clionian, Debates Band. "The secret of success is constancy of purpose. o ALICE SI-IELVER ---- Enderlin STANDARD' ' "She's a lv ight as the torch she carries." l A 1 DAN - L - Forest River . l ' ELEMENTARY ' ' A small girl with a big heart, I l offlfjltfjj And always ready jo do her part." ' ELEMENTARY 1 in ti". ERETTA si-IERIDAN L - Forest River T "Ashes to ashesi W Dust to dust, . 1 i If Observation 1don't get you, Psychology must." HELEN M. SHIPLEY -I - Valley City ELEMENTARP' Atheneum, Blind "So sweet and fair, and Tn the square." DOROTHEA s1EcERT l- - - Hunter I- ELEMENTARY Y. W. C. A. "When it comes to pleasure, she's right there, With a line of giggles which sure is rare." MABEL D. SIMBALENKO - - Kief ELEMENTARH ' Maclrigal Club "Fair and wise is she." I ' JOSEPHINE SIMONSCN t - - - Finley ELEMENTARY "Laugh and the world llzughs with you, Grin and you grin alolncf' ESTHER SINCLAIR - T - Cooperstown N F STANDARD' ' , Glee Club. " "And her modest answer and graceful air, Show her wise and good as she is fair." ' 1 1 I ' EUNICE s1ss0N ---- IGTIICSIOVIDTI iv lg ELEMENTARY . is "Happiness consists in doing' gooa' for others." K' 7,7 Y .4 ' o F Q 5 - - .-,! V A -V ,1 ,,.,,,.h,, . , ' 1 - --YY Y Y F, . Y - W E - A- , l . ESTHER SODERBACK - - - Manfred l W N ELEMENTARY Q "Quietly she works away, faithful to every , dutyft . MAY C. SOEBY ---- Walhalla ELEMENTARY Y. W. C. A. "There's something in those deep blue eyes That does absent-mindedncss disguise." t - w MARIE SORENSON - - Warren, Minn. i ELEMENTARY I "On with the dance! Let joy he unconfinecl: '1 No sleep till dawn, when youth and pleasure ' meet K To chase the glowing hours with flying fleet." -Byron. ' w ESTHER SOROOS ---- Valley City W ELEMENTARY Delphi, Y. W. C. A. ll "Born for success she seems." . LILLIAN SPILDE ----- Velva ELEMENTARY Y. W. C. A. "A laugh is worth a hundred groans in any market." CLARENCE STEEN - - Churchs Ferry ELEMENTARY Football, Basketball. "Do your stuff' E I BEULAH STEMM ----- Leal l ELEMENTARY "Meek she appears, with her soft brown eyes, l ' But sometimes she takes you by surprise." l THELMA STEMM - - -' - - Lcal ELEMENTARY "True worth is in lacing, not seeming." t STELLA STENVIK - - - Erie, Minn. ELEMENTARY L "industrious and sweet of disposition." L' ' o EDYTHE STEPPE ---- Sorles . ELEMENTARY "All work and no fun isn't the life for mc." . if' + fu. i L ,ww . -' E ibiza: A e.e. A ,,... i zEigi1.Q1i" 66 - - -s.......-4.s:'.-4x..,...f,LL-th.:.,-v--Ere.,W-f-..,., .,,.-v,---A . - . , . ,, ,,. ,,,......,- -..,e Ly... -, ,E I-u11r'rn:TI 1 first-s...Er:!m'-p.,.,.:-.i:,4n:vve1-.v . .E A :fc 'T' "" :'i2'2'I':R"'2f--L-Y-11-344 fa.-e .. n- - -C , :1-Q!-ty--A .., ,- E ' 'A ""z"2'l " Ti.g.-:.L1.e,.z-is El'-'--f-:..,f.a'.:s - Y- 2- - .tem ,-.,:A7,,,L, Y,,.,!V Y vi v 1 v G' YA xr jg? I 'V ' '-'B' """ """' """"' "' "f"'43'-' L:.+:1v--egfmfaw hifi -T' I z I I 4 , I FLORENCE STEVENSON - l'Vyndmere ELEMENTARY "Common sense is an uncommon thing." K it I ADELINE. FLORENCE STEPHENSON Turtle Lalge X ELEMENTARY I2 Atbeneum, Y. M. C. A. I "Always ready to help wherever she is needed." ROSE. VAN STEENVOORT - - Crary ELEMENTARY "'Tis the mind that malfes the lnody rich." I OLGA O. STRAND - - - - . .Finley ELEMENTARY Dramatic Club "The smile that fills our hearts with sunshine." I I ' EDITH SWITZER .... Hamilton I ,I I STANDARD, HOME ECONOMICS ' Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Captain Freshmen Girls Basketball Team. "lt is always good to have tivo strings to your bow." II LYLE SUTHERLAND - - - Van H0015 ELEMENTARY' Q , "Husbands may have Better halves, But bachelors have better quarters." ' INGER K. SVENNINGSEN - - Luverne I ELEMENTARY X I "Quiet and unassuming, but always on the job!" I ESTHER MARIE SORENSON Page ELEMENTARY wouldnt he an angel for angels have to sing l cl rather lie a college girl and never do a thing OLGA SWENSON Plummer Minn ELEMENTARY Optimistic straightforward and a conscientious 11-'Of er FRED L TABER Valley City ELEMENTARY Football Numeral Basketball Trainer E B C Blizzard Staff Though he is a busy man he is never busy A I .Lf Ik II, ir? I II I , Ii .II I I I I I ll :I FI I 'I I If , Il., , II I I I I I Q ' II I -'X--- n . 7 1 . 'ZVTD' "--In-27 X... , I I U t . 1 . . I 1 . . , . . -, , , I I I I I .. . . . . I . . , . . .. I lf - I X . I . - B ' I 1 v . . ,, I I 54 c 1 YI , . I . ' ' I , , , I , I 1.1---my -eraanfifrt ...,.. ,, A 47,4 ,-J , U-. F nv Y H , .I KW is runny V -Aw W i ..--.-.,,,.-Eg.EE:,:.:.,.. -LJ .-e,,.,.....,e-,.- -dams, ,,,, . Q ,Y -E-be WL. E, - L " "'m"""j""""Q:""-' 'Ami W - " ' X' " E., ...L . EE..,-eLe-E2:E...fE-. .e, ,en Q, , . ,M .. - ..E-.E ..,-...E - L X H 67 F1-W vs-.,E:,, .,,I I I I I I I I S::9:: y y 3,223.3 ELEMENTARY A flower of rare sweetness. ELEMENTARY Y W C A an excellent tlung nn a woman DEGREE OU ELEMENTARY The lzlomllest of blondes RACHEL TOFSRUD STANDARD Atbeneum wetness IS ,ICT virtue ALICE TOLLEF SON ELEMENTARY Say Lester Im bro agam LESTER L TOLLEFSON I always dnl love them all But slx hundred are too manyl BEATRICE V TOMLINSON STANDARU Delphl Glee Club STA NDARD Delphx Dramahc Club Secretary Newman Club ELEMENTARY the way through Moetesly ay but modesty rs sweetness Smile and the world smiles with you GENEVA TAYLOR ---- Offs n Cl.,e Club Dramatic Club Madrigal Club MYRTLE THOMPSON Han mson Her vorcc was ever gentle sweet and low MARIE E THORNE Minneapolis Minn Never troulwle trouble untrl trouble troubles HELEN A TISDEL Del amere Rugby Hatton Hatton Ons a IRENE TRACY Crand Forks LUCILLE TRASK Ragalton Mmn uzet on the outsxde but a good lass all GS eu R- - es r I . ' . . ' K5 ' . I l M . V ' . 5 , ' . 'F' . ' ' ' , 3 . 'C' -4 F' - ' ' . ' I Z . ' u . . I 5 . I 1 - - ', 'E' I . I 1 - . ' . I I . ., . , I , I 1 .0 . . I , . I 3 ' ': ' 1 .1 2 . : .I x . A, . S A I 4 Iq- llg or iii I U --..-.-.7Y,.. ni. fT.-.,:s-!+ W-YY:-sunr ' . Y Y. , .. E, . ,.,,L ,, ,M V, W-M Y G! L E -L L , Ggvggqrui I U CECIL- M. TURTON ---- Esmond 'J ' ELEMENTARY . "A quiel may but a bright smile." ' 0 MARGARET F. UPI-IAM - - Craflon ELEMENTARY Debate, Secretary Philomathian Society "Intelligence and courtesy are in her I combined." AGATHA VARTY - - - Egeland ELEMENTARY . Dramatic Club, Newman Club I "fudge me by wha! I am." IDELIA S. VICK ---- Sheyenne 1 ELEMENTARY "Let us follow in the foalsleps of our ancestors." SOPHIE. VICK - - - . Douglas ' ELEMENTARY , Glee Club "Noi so quiet as she seems." l l MELVINA M. VERVILLE - - Walhalla J ELEMENTARY ' "She doeth litlle lfinclncsses which mos! of ' us despise." BLANC!-IE. E.WAHL - - - Washburn l ELEMENTARY "On the square and almve lzoarcl-lrui nal a carpenlerf' X3 ANNA L. WALL - - - - Anselm I W ELEMENTARY "With a generous soul and a generous heart." I w CHRISTINA A. WALLACE - - Rolla W ELEMENTARY Hanamichi W A "Yes, l'm Scotch and proud of il." W . HELENE WALTER - - Devils Lalfe o STANDARD ' ' Atheneum, Band, Maclrigal, Newman Club N "Allen may come and men may ga, 1 But I go an forever." ' e il m al l JC A A C ' G ' C FC 69 ,Q L itii fm' .again . Q 5 - r . u 1 1 HELEN H. WARD ---- omabmzf ' -' ELEMENTARY gy "Sometimes I get awful blue!" . ETHEL WATTS ----- Hebron ELEMENTARY "She does not-put 0,0 until tomorrow what she should have done the day before yesterday." AIVIELIA WINIFRED TESKE, Greenbush, Minn. STANDARD I Glee Club, Clionian, Newman Club I ' "She gently studies." NELLIE E.. WEEDEN - - - Hanslaoro ELEMENTARY Band y "She thinks before she speaks." ELIZA WECKER - - - - Taylor I STANDARD Glee Club . "And-so I bobbed my hair!" ' ' I I MERYL WILLEY ----- Calvin ELEME NTARY "Merry is she and happier still who can be happy against her mill." ELLEN WRIGHT ----- Antler I STANDARD "Though not old in years, yel old enough in mind." . JOSEPHINE WOOD - '- - - Hoople ELEMENTARY "Willing lo work and ready for fun." I . 1, ERMA v. YANKEE ---- sheycmw ' T ' 'Y E!i5MENTARY ' tl jBand "A model of Innis-sense , INGA J. OVERLAND - - Churchs Ferry " ELEMENTARY I 9 l Glee Club, Athletics 0 "A sweet lillle miss with a sweet little smile, And a sweet little way all the while." L4 x I' .. sz h rl. F - . ., .. , . l , 3331 1 'io A -H A- T A min. .:1E.'..,z1-L-.L-Eff. LK rrlnzng---r-:S-fe - ....f f .-.. M, ,-..- ,,. V 4-aumruzm, .fy 0, 4:4 .L-LZLA-fy:.m+-E1,.,, ,,,- V. - fm Qfflf jgigiigili.- . L L- . EE 1 , L - E 1 I 0- LILLIAM QUAM - - - - Rhame L ' STANDARD , Glee Club "Peach-Blossom cheelfs anal sparkling eyes." ll l A SYLVIA TWITO ---- Manlpeller n ELEMENTARY "Moclesl, simple and slvcel, The 'very type of Priscilla." I I ll l STELLA AANRUD ---- Balfour MARGARET BURNS - - - Sheldon I ELEMENTARY STANDARD W Glee Club' Y' W' C' A' Dramatic, Newman Club MARGARET ABRAI-IAMSON - Valley City DOLORES BYRDE ----- Leeds ' ELEMENTARY ELEMENTARY P, Madrigal Club, Philomathian Newman Club ' l KENNETH E. BACI-IMAN - - Valley City LYDIA CARR ---- - Lalgola 'N ELEMENTARY ELEMENTARY lj, Basketball, Glee Club, Freshmen Treasurer. Dramadc Club ' I lx - CLIFFORD BAI-IMER - - Shelby, Mont. RUTH COCI-IRANE - - - Leith E ELEMENTARY ELEMENTARY I AVILINE E. BAILEY - - - -.. Valley Cily MARGARET DAILEY - - - Warwick STANDARD ELEMENTARY T Philomatbian, Y. W. C. A., Basketball, Atheneum Newman Club U i aclrigal Club ' jf - 1' FLORENCE DAXVSON -..- . .Dresden E ' ' ' ELEMENTARY I '- . A g 5 ' v X c 'anlhlyf BERNICE L. ELSBERRY - - Valley my I .9 STANDARD i I L B T - - Lidgerwaad glee Club l , . , MENTARY ,A ' 4 N i atbian, Basketball FLORENCE FLEWELL - - Valley Cily ' I ELEMENTARY - A ERGLUND - - - Lanrlon Vs! ELEMENTARY EVELYN FRANCES BRUDY'OLD Valley Crly STANDARD Delphi f 0-X,-Cf-f 4 CL! ' MAJ ELNA FREITAG - - ELEMENTARY DALE GORMAN - llflax Valley C :ly STANDARD SPECIAL COMMERCIAL 0 ll? 3,-fl! I W A S 0 S 1 1 Q I If I I . ,T 9 1 li l ll ll li I H f 'J n l lx I I, 0 . l . v - I W na , U I I f r' ., Jw , X . 'XV YV, . . I . , 5 5-I , , V .- - W. -L ., , --'- '-- 1 F T n-u r-1:11.39 5.--.ff-harass , --- f -ff. 1, ' - i f Y- -. , 4- L r--.4 i 5 71 y III1IP RAYMOND GREGERSON, Lake Park, Minn. ELEMENTARY GEORGIA M. cuss - - - Rugby . ELEMENTARY HILMA HARALA - - - Broclfel ELEMENTARY IDA S. HAWKINS - - Deer River Minn. ELEMENTARY MABEI.. HICKEZY ---- Norlonville STANDARD Delplxi Newman Cub MAY HOLDING ----- Cayuva Dramatic Club ELEMENTARY ILETTA IVI. ITIOLIVIAN - - - lVolsell1 ELEMEVTARX Delphi Dramatic Cub MARTIN ITIOLTER Vall U Cnty ELEMENTARY Glce Club IDELLA A IIUCI IES Val eu C111 STA NDI RD Clloman Ncwrran Cub EVELYN JACKSON CGIGIICT ELEMENTARY Delplu Dxamatc Club Baslce Dall CLARA JOHN Valley Czly STA NDI' RD Vlcc Preslclenl Newman Club ETHEL JOHNSON ELEMENTARY H4 nlfznson LEONORA jCI-IIXSTON ELEMENTA RY DcvIl.s Lalgc JUDITH JONISSEN ELEMENTA RY New man Club Rogers ILMELIA KANDT Kref ELEMENTARY MARGARET KELLY ELEMENTARY DcI Ils I alfe NORDIE KILNESS STANDA RD Valley Criy HELEN KOLB - - - - Washburn Delphi GERTRUDE KRITCHMER - Valley City STANDARD, COMMERCIAL Newman Club HENRIETA GRACE KROGI-l - ELEMENTARY Newman Club EMMA N. LARSON - - ELEMENTARY MABEL LELAND - - ELEMENTARY AUVERNE LOCKWOOD - . STANDARD Delphi CLARA MARCKS - - ELEMENTARY Valley C ily - Bislvee - Calcllull Valley Clly - Buffalo LAWRENCE C MEYER Hammonzl Wls ELEMENTARY E. B C HARRIS L MICKELSON ELEMENTARY Dramahc Club IVIATHILDA MIKKELSON ELEMENTARY CLIFFORD R McMILLAN E B C Trca urer Freshmen ELE MENTARY Newman Club IRENE JENNINGS MORITZ ELEMENTARY Valley Czly Valley Crly Wzmbledon Class Walhalla IIELEN M MORRIS Churchs Ferry ELEM ENTARY Newman Club Arhlencs ZELLA MORRIS Maplelan ELEMENTARY CECIL MULHAIR Valley Cay STANDARD COM MFRCIA L PETRONILLA C MULVANEY Kramer ELEMENTARY O I Q y A I I V D , I . . 1 C - I I I ' MRS. IRENE HELEN MILLS - - Cando I I ' l l I ' A ifbzszz I I .E C-:Citi ESTHER MYRDAL - - - Edinburg ELEMENTARY MARIE MYRDAI.. ---- Edinburg STANDARD, COMMERCIAL AMY NIELSON ---- Valley City ELEMENTARY GLADYS ODEGARD - - Reynolds STANDARD ETTA ODELL ' STANDARD BEATRICE OLSON - - - Craml Forlgs ELEMENTARY Glee Club 4 RUTH A. OLSON - - - Willmar, lllinn. ELEMENTARY .IES-SIE PALMER ---- Valley Ciljl DEGREE Dramatic Club FLORENCE L. POTTENGER - Fillmore ELEMENTARY' LAVERNE. PAWLSON - - Wlleallallil ELEMENTARY BESSIE PUTNAM - - - Polluclp, S. D. ELEMENTARY I-Ianamicbi, Y. W. C. A. IRVYL C. REYNOLDS - - - Van Hoolf STANDARD THELMA RINDE f - . - Hoople STANDARD Philomarhian, Dramatic Club WALTER RUSTAND - - WCIILICII, MIIIII. Baslcelball, Foolball, E. B. C, OLGA SAND ---- - Bisluec ELEIVIENTARY ELIZABETH CATHERINE SCI-IOLAND Reynolds ELEMENTARY EVELYN SCI-IOSSAN - - Fingrec STANDARD CARRIE SWAN - - - - Balfour ELEMENTARY Glee Club, Y. W. C. A. . . . A 'zflslgfizv'-I, I I CECR wC CRCCRC ECRECUW lffxll ALLISON SEYMOUR - - - Valley Clly f,Ll,l', DEGREE lllll MABEL SHEARD - - - . ,.CaIl.ay llll.l ELEMENTARY ' ' CIlee Club 'Lyn VIRGINIA SIMCOX - -V - Parlf River I STANDARD l Q Madrigal, Glee Club ,l l l EVA ADAM SRAULDINC. - ' I ll A STANDARD - I I MadrigalClub,G a la W Q BINNIE STEPHENS - 513595 ll lf 10 . Q' 6 I I FRANCES H. s- - wld C ,N I LEM TARY ll ,l I-Ianamicbi, . . .XA. - l I CLIFTON STEWAR - Vf11lcyCff1l ll A STANDARIJ lc OLGA SWENSON - - I- I:lUfl'lIllt'I', llfllllll. lj ELEMENTARY l I 'I VERA A. THOMPSON - - Rolla Ll ll ll STANDARIJ I I l, l' I Atbeneum ll IDA THORESON - - - Valley Clly , f fl STANDARD l 5 RUTH TRACY ---- - Llalaaa lf I I ELEMENTARY l . . .l El JULIA VVALKER ---- Brinsmarlc ll ll STANDARD I, W1 ll ll l ll ETHEI., WALTER - - - Blaclfrvaler Q! li V ELEMENTARY Q, I N' LOIS WALTER - - - - Berlin I. I ELEMENTARY 'l 2 l, ll' Ig IRENE WARD -.... Osnlbraclf I l ELEMENTARY l jf I lu IAYNE WHEELOCK - - Valley Clly I I STANDARD l Maclrigal Club, Clionian l I: I I GEORGE WRIGHT - - - Valley Cily I if M STANDARD l ml I Basketball, Glee Club, E. B. C. X MARIE ZAUN - ---- Valley CUP Il STANDARIJ gl I Newman Club , mf M,,EEMLE,m.,LLEEL .-L-uU I -:1A...,- -. , ... .c "-'-1---m-- rings' We V-ta- ,- -.--m:.7w - Q AFS' I' k ,tn,,1.:..s....e:....f -'f1-ff1a- ---- Q- W- fn ,i V e... E -P---Z., 5 i l l l rl Q 5 lm i PREPARATORY CLASS gl l l Oficcrs I l President ....... ..... L ANCE DUNHAM ll Vice President .. ..... MAEBELLE REYNOLDS Treasurer .. ..... ..... H ,4TT1E ERICKSON ' Secretary ..... HELEN BJONE l M embers , Amoth, George Grifliin, Charles Murphy, Blanche ' Amoth, Ida l-larala, Hilma Mull, Mary ' Artis, Laura Aygarn, Vida Bauer, Gertrude Bjone, Helen Carr, Agnes Colby, Jessie Conley, Laura Dardis, Margaret Darlcenwald, August Davidson, Victor Herald, Florence Hickey, Thomas Holter, Martin Holter, Teddy Johnson, Esther W. Johnson, Lillian Krogh, Vernon Kyllo, Nettie Livingstone, Bruce McClure, Elmer Nelson, Geraldine 1 Norheim, Josephine Northridge, Ben. Ogren, Lillian ' Pederson, Myrtle Reynolds, Maehelle Schmidt, Georgiana Shoreman, Alameda l Simonson, Josephine 1 Silvertson, Nina Derwenko, Elsie Mahlum, Dena Silvertson. Bella Dunham, Lance Marshall, Irma Torlcelson. Thelma Dvorak, Emma Mattson, Freda Weber, Angle W Erickson, Hattie Nloflitt, Arthur Weflh, BBIYHCC Gjelhaug, Hannah Muir, Margaret Wolf, Rose W l L -,..,,-Y, W- ...LL -- - - - --- f-f' A --A --he--Q-Y- L l ' 'Cf-if-AQ. 3, , L, W- ' "lain-.S-L r-'-W: ,- 74 11 Phola by R. Kcnnelh McFarland 5- - A--4 --- - --A ---W:-W - f :-f-- - -f 4-e,--..:,e.e: , O O S 73 Q l ll 9 Y -x President ...... Vice Presidenl . Secretary ...... Treasurer . Chaplain ....... Sergeant-al-Arms Critic ......... Advisor Dorothy Benson Mathilda Bertelson Bernice Boyer Evelyn Brudevold Jessie Dayton Eleanor Elster Bertha Fagslad Cecelia Fox Mabel Hickey Beatrice l-loberg DELPHI SOCIETY Ofccrs ,,..RUTH 'IOHNSTON ....BERNlCE BOYER ....DOROTHY HOLMES ....ELEANOR ELSTER ... .BERTHA FACSTAD ....CECELIA FOX ....MARCUER1TE WANNER ....MISS NORTON M embers Florence Holcomb Iletta Holman Dorothy Holmes Lucy Hume Evelyn Jackson Alta Johnston Ruth Johnston Helen Kolb Auverne Lockwood ean McMillan Elizabeth Malm Susie Metcalf Margaret Muir Ashjorg Overgaarcl Sigrid Severson Esther Soroos Margaret Swanson Irene Tracy Marguerite Wanner YI J oo he on - fe 4 76 ll 1 ll lf 9 0 J f President ...... Vice President . .. Secrelary- Treasurer , Crilic ...... Advisor l..ois Agre Margaret Betlsclxen Norma Duclcsiad Esther Fanslow Florence Gustafson Hattie Hanson Mildred Hedlund HANAMICI-I I SOCIETY Oficers M embers Grace Kippen Edna Kulmert Hazel Landru joy .McLaughlin Opal McLaughlin Alyce O'Brien Pauline Pond Bessie Putman I I I CRACE KIPPEN NORMA DUCKSTAD HAZEL SIMON FLORENCE CUSTAFSON MISS AMIDON Erma Rood Ellen Sabraw Ruth Sayler Hazel Simon Sadie Solomon ' Frances Stevenson Christina Wallace - - - - Av:-1,31 -r-:,-.fe-1,-giqfqee-E-r,u..v-..E,.,,,.,,.-.,-11:-3 M., ,U,,,.--A, 1-3, ,-rf...-r-.,,.-..,r,,,,..... 2 H, l e r x eefljggiegil - egg iiizgiifi g I A ill YE.. - - . ..- mem-n.,r.r-e,.,i..,.-:ng-...ea,,....e.,, y M ll Q- 'Ii lt n if ry 5 l 1 Y r. l ff ' I l f 1 i l i l I 1 , I by 2 .J 5 4 5 l 1 I Ql l 1 ATHENVEUM SOCIETY I rl 1 ' 5 l Ofcers 4 I j 2 . - l Prerrrzrri ....... ..... B EA TRICE MORIS -' Vice President . . ,. ..... ADELINE STEPHENSON Secretary ....... ..... R UTH BARNES Q Treasurer ..... ..... H ELEN MOEHTT Sergeant-al-Arms ..... ALICE SMITH 5 y First Critic ..... LILLIE KYLLO second Critic .. . .... PEARL JOHNSON in 5 Advisor .... ..... M 155 FR1sTAD lt 4 T i + Members f Mary Ackerman If Edythe Hall Martha Rogness A 9' lcla Amoth 1 14 Pearl Johnson Hilda Rue l l jRutl1 Barnes lg, Nettie Kyllo Maurine Sehieb . 1 if Doris Berg W Lillie Kyllo Margaret Ostrem l l 9 Ethel Beuhler ,ff Ethel McDougal Helen Shipley ' ,l Q Margaret Dailey I rr Mary McLeod Alice Smith Q' E. 'I Millicent Dunlop vig Helen Molfitt Evelyn Sjoquist - 5 .'7Ethel Ebert ' Beatrice Moris Adeline Stephenson Il ' 4 Helga Erlanclson ,r Marion Moflitt Rachel Tofsrucl 1 facatharine Gagan . Guclrun Nelson Geraldine Torguson i Q' " Anne Cress J ' Frieda Pewe Vicla Thompson l ll r,MalJle Grebe Marguerite Reynolds Helene Walter l su f N l l r eA.- - eeAif-A-T.,.T..eWe,-,,E.e.,-. . -... ef- . ,ee we- i ll - f fe - A r -.fini Aiifff'AQ,f.:-34 -F-lrgmaf-bg-isixlwagz-E e 78 President .... Vice President . .. Secretary .... Chaplain . Critic .. Advisor Mildred Alnrahamson Gladys Anderson Irene Barr Averill Burlum Margaret Carr Grace Deem Ida Dunlap Minnie Dyste Mary Fisher Mabel Gilbertson Agnes Hawley ldella Hughes Dorothy Jacobson Gertrude Jackman CLIONIAN SOCIETY Oficcrs AVERILL BURLUM ....MARY FISHER ....LUClLE IACKSON . .MARGARET CARR MILDRED ABRAHAMSON M embers Lucile Jackson Marian Kelley Ruth Larsen Phyllis Leonard Ruth Lohn Stella Luchsinger Belva Maltby Ellen Martin Florence Merrifield Minnie Merrifield Rose McCann Frances Mccosh Helen Nickel Ethel Ottem Helen Parks is MISS STEVNINC Ella Rasmussen Eileen Ruud Gladys Simon Ruby Shelby Edith Smyrl Amelia Teske Letha Thomas Anne Thune Alta Turk Melissa Watson Jayne Wheelock Ruth Xvilson Mary Wright Helen Baxter 'Ii B0 PHILOIVIATI-I IAN LITERARY SOCIETY H L Oficers r President ...... .......... .... L E ANORA BOYD l Vice Presizlcnl . .... ANNE DUSBABEK I Secretary .... .... M ARCARET UPHAM Treasurer ...... . . . .MARIA MURPHY " Scrgean!-al-Arms ..-. ALICE WOLD Chaplain ..................................... BESSIE PACE Editor ................. . ..................... VIRGINIA MOVIUS 1 Critic ......................................, VIRGINIA BAILEY Advisor .................................. M155 AUSTIN I lx Membc1's A . Margaret Alnrahamson Susan Churchill Josephine Olness Gertrude Bale Blanche Deary Bessie Page l.lelen Bale Alice Dennison Margaret Parker Aviline Bailey Elsie Derwenko Mildred Paulson Virvinia Bailey Alice Ellingson Vera Reclmer Juaiziita Boggs Nancy Featherstone Thelma Rincle Ethel Belknap Helen Groves Juliette Rolaillarcl Florence Beniclt ' Helen Harper Mabel Robinson Leanora Boycl . Evelyn Mclnnes Lucille Tewlcsbury 4, Myrlle Bye Mary Miller Margaret Upham Helen Carroll Virginia Movius Alice Wold ,, Blanche Connor Xll23l3aNIY7Il:lf5l'1Y Anne Dusbabek ' ' Y .,., ' e. - or ,e r , r or r H ,o ' it S0 President .... Vice President Treasurer .... Secretary . . . Bernard Hanson Delbert Malone Alfred Koeneke Fred Taber Laurence Taber Arthur Beleal Glen Hanna William lVlcNown Adolf Soroos E. B. C. SOCIETY Oficcrs Mcmbcr's Allie Harmon Clifford lVlclVlillan Arthur Mofhtt Frank Moflitl Burton Boyd Lance Dunham Alfred Kurth Charles Stephenson Ben Northridge Sl CHARLES STEPHENSON BURTON BOYD BEN NORTHRIDCE CLIFFORD , 7 1 if I ,Q . .J y - .7 .1 f MCMILLAN Charles Crank Arthur Barringer Walter Egert George Wright Laurence Meyer Walter Rustand David Dahl Otto Nordstrom Harvey Tomlinson 12 W G ll 6 l li . W y Q l l l E l , l I' 'I l o - 3 , J l l' .i X : i. l l l l l a ll N l I 1 1 lf 1 1 9 I I J e I 3 l DELPH1 CLIONIAN Q X 1 Florence Holcomb .W Averill Burlum N , IH jp Bernice Boyer ,J Ethel Ottem fl -3 Sigricl Seversori ji Ruby Shelby l F 3 l l E' F- 1 l l' EA l . 5 Q ,E 5 El 1 5 -2 1 'P w J P 1 ,l 1 1 . 5 w l l l f 3, ls l 1 ll l an J I l T A. 1 l fi l o l Q 7 B l ATHENEUM HANAMICHI 5 B Y E IMillicent Dunlop I JOY MCL-auglilih W, YQ A' NG 9lVl'z-xurine Schiela 3' Sadie SOIUUIBU ll ki , 4 3 Ethel Buehler lj Pauline Pond Y 2 l l l E4 gg , ,P u vm ,m o ' W o e e- -- ,, of e,e,1':1oLi wgn:,- , 82 PHILOMA Tl-IIAN If Margaret Upliam Alice Denison rj Maria lVlurpl1y The results of Afirmalive Ianuary I2 ..... .... I -lanamiclii. . . Philomathian . January 26 .... , . . .Atlleneum . . . l-lanamiclii. . . February B .... .... E . B. C. . . Delplii . . . . February I6 . . . .... Alheneum . . . Alheneum . . . February 23 . . . .... Delphi . . . . . Philomatliian . Final Delvalc March 6 . . . . .... Pliilomatliian . the debate are as Negative E.. B. C. .. ....DelpI'ii Clionian. . . Atlieneum . Clionian . . . . . .CIionian. . . . . .Plxilomatbian . . . .Hanamiclmi . . . . .Philomatl-iian . . . .l'Ianamiclii. . . . .Allieneum . E. B. C. I I-larvey Tomlinson rj Delbert Malone 3Ch8IlCS Stevenson follows : Decision . . .... Hanamiclmi . . . .pbilomatbian . . . .Atlieneum . . . . . .l-Ianamichi . . . Clionian . . . Delplii . .... Atheneum . . .... Atlieneum . .... Philomalbian . . .... Pllilomatbian . . .... Pliilomatliian Question: Resolved that the Monroe Doctrine should be renounced. CRANCER MEDAL AWARDS First Prize . .... Alice Denison .... .... P liilomathian Society Second Prize . .... Nlaurine Scbieb .. . .... 'Xtheneum Society Tliircl Prize .. .... Pauline Poncl . .. .... l-lanamiclii Society ,- , -, - -, - .A li . -1 "ew , 5 - . -. .-.-- --,.- .,,,-., ,Jn e. A w ' I I I I NEWMAN CLUB ' Officers President ........... .......... .... K A THERINE WARD I Vice President ........ .... C LARA JOHN JV I Second Vice President .... .... A NNE DUSBABEK 3 Recording Secretary .... .... I RENE TRACY Corresponding Secretary . . . .... HELEN CARROLL .jul Assistant Chaplain ..... .... C LARA KRONENBERC 6 Treasurer ........ .... A ILEEN HOGAN 7 H it Official Chaplain . . .... REV. IOHN BAKER Advisor ..... ............... V IOLET M. LOWE 7 ' fvf embers Gertrude Bauer Helen Morris Jule Baisley Anna Renners Mildred Hall Emma Nankivell Pearl Andrews C-eorgiana Schmidt Aileen Hogan Beulah Crawford Joy McLaughlin Margaret Wanner Eleanor Bily Grace Krogh Opal McLaughlin Nellie Sloeser Eleanor Grosinger Cecelia Hamm Adeline Hawley Helen Carroll Gertrude Kretchmer Kathleen Erwin Blanche Connor Amelia Teslce Helen Berthold Idella Hughes Maurine Sehieh Stella Luchsinger Mabel Pavel: Mary Ackerman Gladys Simon Amma Kadlec Lucile Pung Elizabeth Tullius Marie Zaun Agnes Lovchilc Antoinette Tischart Angie Weber Judith .lorissen Helen Riordan Agnes Hawley Marie Croteau Kathryn Gagan lrene Mills Dorothy Benson Mary Schlegal Helene Walter Anne Dushahelc Evelyn Helgers Margaret Searles Florence McCarthy Florence Matheny Agnes Kelly Bernadette Binclcly Delores Byrde Violet M. Lowe Mabel Hickey Florence Dawson Margaret Daily Margaret Burns Martha Mosinec Laurel Kuecks Lila Welter ,luliette Rolnillard Bernice Carson Cathryn Schneider Evelyn Jackson lrene Tracy Gertrude Jackman Eva Morin Ellen Sahraw Clara John Clara Kronenberg Mayme V erville Cecelia Fox Katherine Ward Elizabeth -Scholand Mary Mutz Luha Roman Emma Dvorak Geraldine Torguson Hazel Knight Lucile Cosselyn Margaret Howley Agatha Varty Stella Brackin Rose McCann Irene Sheridan 'ii C 11111- vii -A57 t wx 1 lt' lilly HW lt? lil it I ll lx ll l M it , l r l l ll Q. ll W! . al l ll W ll it I ll g t l 1 lt 6 it l ll l l rl . 1 l 1 l ' w 1 yi l ll ll sl 1 l V1 l li Q tl tt tl V lp M llgw 1V',t ii-..,. President .... Vice President Secretary .... Treasurer . Director .. Arthur Barringer Averill Burlum Ethel Belknap Ethel Buehler Florence Benidt Margaret Bettschen Margaret Burns Nellie Beaverstarl Louise Benn Burton Boyd Lydia Carr Marjorie Coulter Gordon Corby i David Dahl Milton Davis Nancy Featherstone Florence Herald DRAMATIC CLUB Oficers M embers Harriet Heald May Holding Hattie Hanson Eileen Hogan Arthur Iverson Evelyn johnson Ruth Lohn Mary Landis Virginia Movius Helen Nlofhlt Harris Miclcleson Vida. Noble Helen Nichol Ruth Nelson Rebecca Niman Edna Ostby Elcanora Ornlnurg Jessie Palmer sn, IULIETTE ROBILLARD VIRGINIA MOVIUS ELLA RASMUSSEN DA VID DAHL MISS MACOFFIN Ella Rasmussen Juliette Robillard Madeline Rue Mabel Robinson Marguerite Reynolds Faflie Soloman Edith Sweitzer Alice Smith Evelyn Sjoquist Olga Strand Geneva Taylor lrene Tracy Marie Thorne Alta Turlc Ruth Vvilson Thelma Rinde Agatha Varty - J- Y ff. ..-ui.-sax, -E.:- 51.-...vs wvuazmr .X 1 11 V I 1 I ki I X' f - A A A -.....- E, E.: -...,..,,E. ' -...E........... tw, , ., A -. E, E. . . ,--- E. W. i lg . Tariff I. K 1 W if 5 'i' 3 5 Q 'i f H ii ' I ii r . 5? 1 ' if E 1 r 1 e 3 i P ii N F i i 9 ' K ' fy 5 3 M I Q f i 1 . i r i ' Y. W. C. A. ASSOCIATION i i 4 3 'I .Q fl W Cabinet Mcn1ber's 3 1 1 ' i 5 I 5 ' Pmzdeni .... ,................ 1. uc11.LE TEWKSBURYI . Vice Prcsidcni . ..... MARY FISHER 2 U g secmfafy ..., ..... P HYLLJS LEONARD 3 Treasurer ..... MARGARET BETTSCHEN Q A Program .... DOROTHY JACOBSON J Q 5 ' social Service ..... HAZEL SIMON 4- Q 4 I Room ............. ..... c: RACE K1PPEN 7 5 F World Fellowship ...... .... B ERNICE BOYER K i E Undergraclualfz-Rcpr cscr zlative . .. AVERILL BURLUM 7' I: , I! Q Publfcny .............. ...., E THEL EELKNAP ' J Q E f Social .. ..... MARIA MURPHY A i 5 X5 Advisory Board ,QQ ,i . 5 I Miss Proctor Mrs. Patton ll J Miss Dynes Mrs. Zimmerman Q 1 Miss Pack Mrs. Lee .V . c is fi 1. --.-E .W .- E Ewii ,H O is ris is A fs is -GW LE-jii ' WE. , if VA...-ffff -A AW ss 1 Advisory Eflflor Associalc Edilor Fcalurc Eclilor . . .. Exchange Edilor Alhlelic Ecfilor .. Adverlislug Mana Arthur Beleal Leanora Boyd Jessie Caldwell Grace Farley Otto Faust Mabel C-ilbertson ger BUDGET STAFF Ojlccrs Membe1's Margaret Helferly Evelyn Mclnnis Delbert Malone Frank Mofntt Helen Mom!! 87 H. F. EIKENBERRY ALTA TURK .FRANK MOFFITT MABEL CILBERTSON ARTHUR BELEAL ADOLF SOROOS Joanna Sad Adolf Soroos Harold Soroos Bernard Strand Fred Taber Alla Turk 1 STUDEN 1' COUNCIL L Oficers President . . . Secretary ..... .... Preparatory Representative . .... . Frcsinnan Representative . Sophomore Representatives .... funior Representative .. Senior Representative .................. ..... Representatives from Student Body at Large ...... HELEN MOFFITT " MARY FISHER MAEBELLE REYNOLDS 'iv ARTHUR BARRINCER .ELEANORA ORNB URC -of LETHA THOMAS L RUTH LOHN FL HELEN MOFFIT MARY FISHER VIRGINIA BAILEY 5 -w ' Faculty Advisors ..... MARY c. DEEM A R , VIVIAN M.CHR1sT1,41v5o1v L ' Y . C. L. KJERSTAD , 3 - Y l i . , , , , , ., w 4' - Q ill!! v.1 .,, -:YZ g'TTTf"" 'H ' ' K -- 4' T' Ya 3 -,TW 'H' If l CJ 'EY' ' M' H isis. X L 1 ,,s,- i ,, ,Y L L ...fair I. ill BFI I 'Mr 331: i I ' I I Y 1 Y I! I I I W Y I I I E , in g BLIZZARD STAFF ' 1 Advisory EaIiIar .. ...............A..... VIVIAN M cHRIsTIAIvso1v I I ,I 5 Business Eaziiar .. H. F. EIKENBERRY '2 I Edilor-in-Chfef VIRGINIA BAILEY if I I Aaaaaiaia Editors . CHARLES STEPHENSOYIY I BEA TRICE MORRIS L. f' Ari Eiriar BERNICE BOYER r ' I Athletic Editors .. MARCUERITE WANNER 'l ADOLF SOROOS T yi 2 .Aaaariiaing Manager .. HERMAN BURCHILL I Pholograph Mariager . MARIA MURPHY If , saaiaia Manager . ELEANORA oRIvBURc i J Business Managar HARVEY TOMLINSON A If Feature Editors .. AVERILL BURLUM :I . ARTHUR BELEAL L 9, I ' Senior czaaa Reprcsenlalfvc .. HARRY STEWARTQTP I faniar Ciara Represcrzfalive LEANORA BOYD , ai in I Sophomore Class Raaraaaniaiiaa .. ..... ETHELBELKNAP .I Eraafnrnan Class Raaraaarrfaiiaaa FRED TABER . 3 ARTHUR BARRINCER I ffl WALTER EGCERT , Praaaraiary clara Rcprcsenlalive NETTIE KYLLO rg U I I TI iid- Q TI' 143-f T Liga QQ ..,,k..L:,, ,MJ in -NI 3 'Q ' T A T T-T' jijl T - f-2fa2'f-221 E-12'-f-f-"T -'f-' COI..I..EiC-E BAND I nw .- -- -2- -I -S -I. . Q , Director . . Sola Cornet Clarence Steen John Ward l Firsl Carnal Mildred Abrahamson Second Corncl Erma Yankee Third Cornel Nellie Weeden Bari lanes Laurel Kuecks Clifton Stewart Tromhones I Helene Waller Pretoria Ogg Aclelbert Bolts M embers Solo Clarinels Charles Crank August Darkenwald First Clarinels Helen Bale Florence Holcomb Second Clarinels Elsie Robinson Ruth Shelby E Fla! Saxophone Eileen Ruud Tenor Saxophone Alice johnson C Saxophone Elda Lunde Clara Nelson Barilone Saxophone Mildred Rallilf L. E. WRIGHT First Alto Nellie Whilcber Second Alla Edna Strom Helen Shipley Third Alto Signa Strom Minnie Merriheld Bass Frank Devries Otto Faust Snare Drum Grace Deem Lucille jackson Bass Drum Harriet Andersen H1111 Igflih lf4l l it l ,TT-- Ml. X I . lllln gv :M tx ll wg' i, V1 r ,U r ll, ,. W. r.. 1. , ,x w Director . . . Pianisl . . . Violinisl .... President ... .... Secretary-Treasurer Librarian . .. .. .. Firsl Soprano Ann Gress Margaret Alnrahamsen Eleanor Elster Marie Tischart Virginia Movius Alice Well Eva Spaulding Anna Thune Stella Hang Agnes Hawley MADRIGAL CLUB Ofccrs Members Second Soprano Eleanora Ornburg Pauline Poncl Nellie Beaverstad Virginia Bailey Verna Reclmer Jayne Wheelock Ruth Larsen Millicent Dunlop Bertha Fagstacl 91 KNUTE FRO YSAA KATHLEEN RECNIER ARTHUR SPALDINC VIRGINIA BAILEY LUCY HUME CLADYS SIMON Alla Virginia Simcox Beatrice Tomlinson Geneva Taylor Mabel Sfmbalenko Ethel Ottem lrm Nageli Antoinette Tischart Nancy Featherstone Gladys Simon Helene Walter Aveline Bailey Lucy Hume 555' Y 0 , o Director Accompamst President GLEE CLUB FANNY C AMIDON MILLIE j FRISTAD RUTH LARSEN MABEL H CILBERTSON I '.'.'.'.'.' .'f.'ff.fffffffffff . W , vl 1 y.. Y l Secretary Lois Agre Nellie Beaverstad -lewell Bailey Doris Berg Elsie Bergesen Lillie Blilie Stella Braclcin Sara Broclllcorb Agnes Carr Edith Collings Marjorie Coulter Millicent Dunlop Esther Fanslow Ethel I-laugland Stella Aanrud Evelyn Alfson Gladys Anderson Viola Andes Margaret Carr Aletta Casperson Bernice Elslnerry Bertha Fagsstad Mabel Gillnertson Eleanor Grosinger .,,,Tfi- 1-44, .67 SOPRAN OS Florence Herald Beatrice Hoberg Edith M. Johnson Agnes Lahren Hazel Landru Ruth Lohn Lillian Nlanning Florence McCarthy Beatrice Morris Mabel Olson Prudence Omlburg Esther Pederson Lillian Qaum Edith Remlbolclt ALTO5 Edythe Hall Clara Lahren Ruth Larsen Alma Lykken Irene Marooney Wilma Mickelson Ruth Nelson Beatrice Olson hgrhel Ouem lda Overland - iifjidaif- 'A' 7 ' Mary Schlagel Geneva Seblen Mabel Sheard Eva Spaulding Stella Stenvit Esther Swenson Amelia Teske Lucite Tewlcsberry Anna Thune Katherine Ward Eliza Vveelcer Alice Well Bernice Werth Mary Wright Inga Overland Margaret Parker Olive Perry Pauline Pond Carrie Semrau Virginia Simcox Esther Sinclair Mary Spall Geneva Taylor Beatrice Tomlinson ,, 75, . ,- 7' i ' '--'ii'-" 92 ,ix T- -X- , s, .- ,,,.,fx,,Lf.,s.,x W LM? .-,. - if - ' 4 -7- - 1- - -v- ?? l v.:1:5..- 551. 'i ""' 4 , Y l 1A1'3:f---M 'f ' "--1-'W i l i 1 . l lj G I U ll l l . l i u 4 fl I .J II 7 1 U :N i s .4 l t Q PEP ASSOCIATION u .1 ANNE M. CRESS, Chairman Q LUCY HUME l , LEONORA BOYD . ' J CARL GILBERT QUIST l -,JFRANK MOFFITT ' i Thanking the Students and Faculty of the S. T. C. for their whole-hearted sup- port, we of the Pep Association remain in the usual manner full of "Pep" V , i During the Fall Quarter of 1923 the Student Council appointed a Pep Commit- X tee which was later organized into a Pep Association. ' This Association was formed by the students at a regular mass meeting and with this great backing they took up the duties assigned to them. Their duty was to act as X a connecting link between the school team and student body. ' . l I' i l l "l jing lt. .wt if ll r ...... C - in A I3 ' VMC 39 - Ci Ci me ei-I-1--fi ' 93 ARTIST'S COURSE 923 924 BOGUMIL SYKORA Cellisl RUTH RAY Violinisl Qqacdi W I ,AA 94 ,IV W fxlrf- V . M N-.,,. , J N13 nl - 'xg u NIM - 7 W f, V W W, 1+ - ' w N 1. 1 'J X. Y H 11 I W N uf il " li 1 V 1 + 4 C-LADYS SWARTHOUT Soprano figp X ffm fm' 1 Wx I 'W 1 JUAN CHIAPUSSO Pianist I l 1 508939 Qzaccll I . . . , - I I JUAN MANEN A Crea! Spanish Violinisi I MANEN'S PROGRAM I Concerto E minor ................ Mendelssohn . Allegro molto appassionato - Andante I Allegro molto vivace II ' 4 Chaconne fFor Violin alonej ..... ...... Bach Il Palpiti .................... Paganini-Mancn h l III Rondeau el Badinage. ,......... . . , Bach-Manen Nockume ..................., Chopin-Wfllrclmf . Nightingale Song ................ Sarasale-Manen Zapareado .......................... Sarasale Florence Hedstrum Morsbach Accompanisl qsxz ai - 96 9 I 1 QQ!! 1 DANIEL SUPERVISES By ALICE NEWMAN HANAMICHI SOCIETY fflnnardcd First Flace, lnlersociely Original Story Canteslj. "Well, if there aren't those turkeys of Daniel Beach's again, an' they're going for my garden!" exclaimed Mrs. .lim Brennan as she glanced out of her kitchen window. "Can't he Iearn to keep them at home! Vifhat they don't pick to pieces their long legs trample down." Wrathfully she lifted up the pan she was kneading dough in and banged it down on the open oven door. Seizing a broom from a corner she burst open the screen door and ran briskly to her garden to ward off the approaching liock of Mammoth Bronze turkeys. "I-Iere, you old gobbler, don't you know enough to stay inside your own farm? I'll show you!" As she said that, she picked up a stick and threw it at him. The gobbler, however, was keeping a vigilant eye on this person who opposed his path, so made a neat jump to one side, dodged the slick and circled around Mrs. jim, thus reaching the rows of lettuce. The rest of the flock had become demobilized and were fleeing toward the gate. The gobbler had time to snatch only one pull at' the crisp lettuce leaves before Mrs. jim was upon him. Very well, he would leave, since his presence was so obviously not desiredg but he was not to be driven ignominously from the field. I-Ie stopped, turned toward his pursuer, spread his magnificent feathers and saluted with his most dignified gobble, then stalked majestically toward the gate. This insolence was more than Mrs. Jim could bear. With a terrifying "Shoot" she ran at him, tripped over a cabbage head and nearly went down, thereby accidentally finding the way to frighten the gobbler. In a Hash his dignity fled and wildly flapping his wings he ran towards his flock. As Mrs. jim regained her balance, her temper was in no way sweetened to see a man coming up from the gate. I-Ie shook his cane at the gobbler as they met, then both continued on their way. "Good morning, Mrs. Brennan. I am sorry my turkeys came over here. I just saw them going down my road when I drove up lo the barn with a load of hay, and by the time I got my horses up to the hitching post and tied they were too far away to stop. I hope they didn't damage your garden." "Aside from breaking down a cabbage head and trampling on my lettuce and a few other things, nothing was hurt, thank you, Daniel," Mrs. Jim replied sarcasticallyi "If I had birds on my farm that wouIdn't stay home I would keep them tied up to a fence post. This here presuming on your neighbors is such a low down trick for a man like I always thought you were, Daniel." The old man leaned on his stick and stroked his gray beard slowlyg then he re- moved his battered felt hat and carefuuly creased its crown. "Well, IVIrs. Jim, like I said before. I am sorry it happened, and I'Il pay you whatever you think you are entitled to for what any animals of mine have ever spoiled of your property. I don't believe I'm any different man from what I used to be, but these are different turkeys from what I used to have." "Now, Daniel' I won't argue with you about what your turkeys have done. It ain't so much. But I don't want always to have to watch this garden and never be able to sit down in peace to do some fancy work or drink a cup of coffee. I know it's hard for you, not having a wife to supervise things, so I'll just overlook this and the other times your turkeys have come in my yard. But I don't want it to happen many more times." I- , i I c 1 I y . ,ll mi, I I v I I L H3 Y ' 0 , ' 97 Sassagr w ,,A, ,, , , , ,U 333951 3 Daniel had replaced his hat on his head and slipped his cane into his other hand while Mrs. im was speaking. His eyes twinkled as he said quite humbly Ill try not to let it Mrs. im. But you know birds are socially inclined animals. Nlanys a time Ive seen my chickens walk down the road and meet yourn coming up and together they cl have a pleasant time cackling over topics of interest and then proceed over to my wheat stacks to thrash em out. Mrs. im looked amazed then patiently indulgent as one might be toward a child who tries to excuse himself by puttinv the' blame on others You must be mistaken Daniel My chickens never leave their yard Mrs Sanders has Black Mmorcas too and lve seen them wander pretty far away from their barnyard They are most likely hers that you saw Now you better follow up our turkeys and see that they go ln the right direction and l got to knead my bread if it amt sour by now The last sentences were flung over her shoulder as she bustled away to the house That hed accuse my hens of straying did he'5 The poor man she said complacently to herself as she went about rescuing her neglected bread dough Daniel spent a thotful hour on his porch that evening Finally he slapped his knee exaltantly and laughed heartily whereupon Duke raised his head from the floor at Daniels ee Well just play a little Joke on Mrs lm eh Duke3 he said stroking the dogs sleek brown head And at the same time we ll show her that a woman dont always super vlse any better than a man Thats what sne said Duke that it was hard for me to manage not having a wife to supervise things for me Well maybe it IS but as the Lord didnt provide any I guess l-le meant you and me should struggle through together eh old fellow'-9 Now Ill just smoke another pipeful of this Prince Albert and then tum ln For another hour the man and dog sat in the gathering darkness listening to the glowing number of sounds from field and woods Then Daniel roused himself from his revery knocked the ashes from his pipe and went indoors The next afternoon Daniel stopped his work in the field before his accustomed tlme and busled himself in the granary Later in the evening when the chickens had all gone to roost he shut and securely fastened the screen doors and windows in his chicken house an act which Duke interpreted as a warning to watch out for prowling animals The following morning Daniel went about chucking to himself and talkmv to his dog Guess Ill stay right here around the barn and watch developments Duke which will happen soon or l miss my guess He did not have long to walt A dozen or so of black chickens soon appeared on the road outside Brennans farm Daniel watched them draw nearer saw them up his road and hesitate as they looked about for the hosts they had expected to meet Then he hurried to the Uranary When he came out he had his pockets bulging with corn and carried a bundle of stnnvs in one hand He threw the com on the ground close by the chickens oyously they scrambled for it and all Ureedily tried to vet the most Daniel now unrolled his bundle of strings Each string has a tempting kernel of com tied to one end which he threw among the chickens the other ends he held firmly in one hand Luckily for him the game warden was not around or he would have been fined for fishing wlth more than one lme When each chicken had swallowed the end of at least one string Daniel walked down the road leading the fowls who all followed the onward pull On they went towards Brennans with Duke following at a respectful dlstance When they reached the yard Daniel tied the strings to a fence post near the house Then he left the bewildered and tired birds in Dukes care while he went to the door and rapped Mrs im answered his knock Good morning said Daniel Your chickens came to call on mme and I took the liberty of doing what you said should be done to all runaway birds and Ill bet you couldnt have done a neater job of it yourself Mrs .4 'I ' Al 1 , J ' ' 4 . ' O J . ,, . . . . . ' . . . , V .,, ll I ' ' Il 1 . I ' I 0 . 5 . . . . f r. . ' l I , . . D 1 . . . . 5 i ' - J s ., - ' . I . , . . . D . . a . , . . ' . Jim... - mm.: :Bitch V ffl it FRANCIS MEMORIAL ORATORICAI.. CONTEST, l923 MARIAN MORANGE, Pai-If River, First Place "A Square Deal for India." PEARL KLOSTER, Buxton, Second Place "The Need for the Development of the Democracy of Art in America." EDITH PETERSON, Audubon, Minn. Third Place "Pioneering in Literature." ALICE KRANZ, Valley City. "The Preservation of the Natural Beauties of North Dakota." MARIAN MCVEY, Devils Lalfe. "Injustice to the Pueblo Indians." J9 592939 gxseell I U , "FAIR IS FOUL AND FOUL IS FAIRQ I-IOVER IN TI-IE. FOG AND FILTI-IY AIR ON HALLOWEEN" Tonight when, in the high tower of the main building, the clock, with her black hands vainly attempting to hide her ghastly illuminted face, doles out the witching hour of twelve, goblins will rule the earth. Through the dark corridors of the Physical Education Building, skeletons with rattling bones will stalk about, and try the knobs of doors the campus folk have touched. Along the murky waters of the Sheyenne, phantom forms will glide and hide beneath the crags. Lizards and toads and all manner of ugly creeping things will come forth and fill the road. From the impenetrable blackness be- yond, the long and dismal echo of the hoot-owl on some dead, thick limb will F111 the air. The elms and box elder and naked ash will step apart one from another and with upward, swaying arms, will moan and writhe. With a great noise of cracking and splintering, gnarled oak trunks will untwistg the swollen veins of the hackberry will thicken yet more and burst: the sharp spines and thorns of the haw will lengthen and stab to pain and death any who essay to cross their path. 1 Like sad, white tombstones, the great slabs of sidewalk on the campus will rise and stand motionless on end. The hill, so many centuries lain pros- trate, will raise his head and tower over Fifth Avenue. The tenacious tendrils of the vine on the Main Building will loose their hold, and, serpent-like, the vine will creep through the grass beneath, who will shudder with horror, will drop and kill the cringing thing beneath their feet. And all the while, the cold, cold stars above will glitter, unaffrightecl and undistracted. 1493139 ggnqeeu 100 Photo by R. Kenneth McFarland CALENDAR SEPTEMBER 25 Fnrollment day Old and new friends meet 26-Grand recuperation after trenuous enrollment clay I 27-Harriet and Art enjoy their first stroll along the river pat . 28-Faculty tea in the Alumni room. OCTOBER I I 2-Adolph fell for Margaret the night before. 1 I-Many college girls enjoy De 'Molay dancing party. ' 4-Professor "Happy" entertained us in chapel. All school picnic at Chautauqua Park. ' I 5-Gladys Swarthout, first number on the Artist Course, gave if delightful concert. f Q W A A 'ISSUE U i i 0. Q ll I i I h ' ' 6-Clionian house cleaning party. I ' 8-Complimentary recital given by the Music Department. I l0-Briggs and Margaret order r eser ved seats in chapel for the third period. I3-Students enjoyed a talk givenvby Josephine Corlin Preston in chapel. Philo Phrye. I5-Euclid Avenue girls boast football by attending practice with their cameras. I6--"Oh, Oh, Cindy" enjoyed at College Auditorium. I8-Mr. Pouliot acquires a sudden interest in art. I 20-Students at Philomathian Tea. Atheneums and I-lanamichis entertain at Halloween parties. . I ' ' 23-Old students open chapel exercises with a demonstration "Pep March." . 26-Funeral services in chapel. Who died? Football game with ,Moorhead State ' Teachers College. We were all there. I 'Q l 4 4 i 'effvtc 1 0 2 I r -Delphi Halloween patry. -C. S. A. held social time in commercial room. -Costume party at "dorm." It was some boxing match. Halloween party in "gym" They had jack-o-lantern pie. -Faculty entertained by President and Mrs. Allen at a delightful Halloween party. NOVEMBER -Philomathian party. Football game with Jamestown. We win next time. -Clionian Tea. -Talks by members of Board of Administration in chapel. -First "Musical Tea." -Court trial in chapel. Miss C-ebelman wore her new earrings. Football victory over Ellendale. -"Grandpa" Allen made his debut. Miss Downs spoke to us in chapel on her ex- periences in South America. -Luncheon at M. E. Church for S. T. C. students. C. S. A. Rush party. -Interesting lectures were given by Hamlin Garland. -Initiation night for literary societies. E. B. C. party. -Talks given in chapel to observe Education week. Physical examinations. Tables of weights and measures put into practical use. -Freshmen organize at first class meeting. -Training school give pageant in auditorium. Senior class organized. C-race Farley and Helen Moflit discussed the "Towner-Sterling" educational bill in chapel. -Freshman party. Dull time as usual. Thanksgiving. Many absences. Count Leo Tolstoy spoke to us at chapel exercises and gave a lecture in the evening. HIS zu . 'll 3' r , DECEMBER l ' 3-Annual Y. W. C. A. Bazaar. A ' 5-Beauty parlors, downtown, complain of too much competition from "Dusty" Rhoades whose specialty is clipping and shaving necks. 8-Football men receive their letters in chapel. Modest Lawrence blushed at a wink from "Dat red headed gal." I0-"A Tailor Made Man." "All's well that ends well." 'IZ-Many banks close. Many students leave. l3-Graduation exercises. President C. C. Swain delivered the address. Sophomores hold Christmas party in the gymnasium. It was a perfect success, tree and all. l4-Registration for winter quarter completed. It was a holiday for those who made up that line yesterday afternoon. ' I5-Same old stuff! Classes all day. l7-An all-school party was held in the new gymnasium. We were almost lost in the big space. College men were on parade. I8-Pre-holiday dinner was given by the faculty women with the faculty men and the ' members of the Dames Club as guests. I l9-The Christmas spirit prevaded after the Carol program in the auditorium. There were wonderful Christmas dinners at the halls. 20-Merry Christmas! Smiling faces showed everyone set and ready to go. JANUARY 3-Everyone seems glad-to be back and ready for work. 4-Mr. Meyer was late to class. I-le explained that his radio was bothering. 5-Koencke removed his chapel seat number to put into his new memory book. 8-S. T. C. defeated Ellendale Normal in the first basket ball game of the season. I I 9-First "Te Dansantn of the season enjoyed by faculty and students. ' I l0-What's going to happen? The entire faculty appeared in chapel. Dr. Allen ex- ' plained by informing us that they, too, now had regular chapel seats. The delegates I . to Indianapolis told of their experiences on their trip. Y .K- iggzszr - rece' fi 104 ll-Ann Cress and Allison Seymour were appointed yell-leaders at mass meeting. S. T. C. defeated Park River A. C. in basket ball. 12-Coach Hurst makes a plea in chapel that the lost sheep running around without suits report to his office at once so that he can take care of them. I3-Skating and tobaggoning proved popular Sunday sports. l4-The faculty members representing the Music Department gave their Complimentary Recital. ' I5-Juan Chiapusso gave a delightful piano recital in the auditorium. Wahpeton de- feated 20 to I2 by S. T. C. I6-Miss Cable from the State University gave a pottery exhibit. I7-Students hold another of those stirring pep-meetings. l8-They pulled off a prize fight. All we knew was that what we saw afterwards. S. T. C. won another game from Minot Normal. I9-Mrs. Parks of the League of Women Voters addressed the students at chapel period. 21-"A rushing day," declared the hair dressers and photographers. 22-"Moonshine" was given in chapel by members of the Dramatic Club introducing Drama Week. 23-Students interested in sociability get a kick out of the Commercial Room. 24-Miss MHQOHHH demonstrated the art of makeup with Ethel Belknap as subject. Ellendale vs. S. T. C. in basket ball gabe. We won! 26-Dramatic Club presented the play "Suppressed Desires." It set us all to analyzing dreams. 27-This Sunday the girls tried hoseback riding. A 28-Seniors and Juniors are entertained at the first of a series of teas given at the Allen home by Dr. and Mrs. Allen and Mrs. Patton. 30-Several college Valentinos took their lady friends to dinner at the Rudolph Cafe. . FEBRUARY I-Lewis T. Crawford spoke to the faculty and students on Reminiscences of Westem North Dakota of the Early Days. 105 Another basket ball victory for S T C when our boys defeated Moorhead -Barney Google won lirst prize at the East Hall social hour. -Literary societies entered the Blizzard selling contest. President Allen received flowers from the faculty in honor of his birthday. . -'Miss Cubelman gave a splendid talk on Woodrow Wilson. i I A -B. Putnam, E. Sjoquist, and F. Nunn kindly consented to test the new additions to the Hre escapes. -Mr. Flude enlightened the students in the art of traveling. His lecture "Ten Thou- sand Miles in Siberia" was enjoyed by a large audience. -Memorial services for Woodrow Wilson were held in the Auditorium with ex- Governor John Burke as principal speaker. -Newman Club members enjoyed the card parties given at several homes in the city. -Dedication services were held in the new gymnasium. Many distinguished visitors were entertained by the College. Our boys won the Jamestown-S. T. C. game. -Miss Nielson and visiting county superintendents were entertained to luncheon at the dormitory. -School spirit shown by bon-fire and snake dance. Mayville defeated in a basket ball game. A school party was held after the game. -Dr. Martin spoke to the College women at chapel period. -The Municipal concert given at the Auditorium was very much enjoyed by a large audience. 'Twas the night young Lochinvar came out of the West. -Blizzard contest closed. -"I-la! ha! ha! You and me, We've got a whiz of a team you see." -All aboard four hundred strong "Basket Ball Special" for Jamestown. -Everyone tired but happy. -Atheneum party. -It was a fine day to walk across the high bridge. ' I ll D '-Y ' ' g - 1:3305 106 lllll r 25-E.. B. C's entertain their lady friends at a Leap Year party. 26-Miss McCarthy proved a friend in need when she explained the trick of writing an application. 27-Senor Manen honored the Spanish Class by reading a story in Spanish to them. 28-To hear Manen, the noted violinist, was a treat enjoyed by many at his concert given in the Auditorium. 29--Clionion basket ball girls defeated the Delphi team in the first of inter-society games. MARCH l-Philomathians entertained at a social hour. 2-Lucy and her friend drove to Sanborn. 3-"The Maids on the Bamboo Screen" given by the College Women's Glee Club. 4-Mr. Hoff of Jamestown spoke in chapel. 5-There were as many boys as girls at the dansant. 6-Philomathian Society won in final debate. The final inter-society basket ball game won by the Philomathians was played against the Clionians. 7--Physical Education Exhibition was given in the gymnasium. 8-A school party was held in honor of our "champions" 9-The famous Cough-drop vs. Chewing-gum debate was given at the meeting of the East Hall Club. I0-The College men were entertained to tea at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Allen. Juniors and Seniors had their party. l I-Art Lee and his troupe of faculty men give Skylark" from "Merchant of Ven ls it" to students. l2-Last call for library books and examinations. Student Council opened the bool: exchange. I3-Winter quarter Commencement exercises. 107 it V gdtzas qxxzz! Q . 3 O n n X n n Y K V 0 HDQQQQ :Gucci 1 0 8 I 4 I Photo by R. Kcnnclh McFarland I I I COl..UlVlBIA'S SURPRISE The Physical Education Demonstration of Commencement Week was held on the campus on Tuesday evening. Columbia entertained the I European Nations at a June ball. Each country was asked to dance' a characteristic folk dance of its country. Columbia had a surprise for her guests, which was a solo dance, and then all joined in the grand finale. I O O Ki 2 . Hanna: . 1 I0 V I X. I m 1 , ,Nl Viv H' 111 GIRLS' BASKET BALL TEAM At the beginning of the winter term the girls of the College began their training for basket ball. Many girls reported and much enthusiasm was shown. The Freshmen and Sophomores had class teams and in the interclass game the Freshmen won, score being 39 to 14. A b Players from these two teams were chosen for the varsity team. F. Gustafson ............ Sophomore H. Morris ........ .... F reshmzin C. Lybeck .... . . .Sophomore F. Benielt . . .... Freshman L. Gerhard ..., .... F reshman C. Frith ....,.. ...... F reshman So that more girls woulcl have the opportunity to play, the Literary Societies were to have teams. Three clid and the results of their games are as follows: Delphi . .... , .... 6 Clionian . . . . I9 vs vs Clionian .... 7 Philomathian . . . .24 112 BASEBALL At the opening of the Spring Quarter the men of the school were asked to choose between track work and baseball as their main activity for the season. As interest in baseball appeared to be the greater it was decided to give it another trial. More than twenty men answered the first call for practice and it was clear from the first that some good material was on hand. The spring weather proved ideal. The men motored to the Fifth Avenue field daily for work outsg a good deal of enthusiasm developed, and with- it a creditable team to support the red and blue rapidly shaped itself. An early contest with Jamestown College was arranged and played on the local diamond, the Hilltoppers winning by a close score. Upon the organizing of the Valley City League the College was asked to join. From this time forward except for another game with Jamestown and one with Litchville the efforts of the team were directed toward winning the championship of the City League. When a franchise in the Dakota league was brought to the town late in july and the teams in the city league disbanded, the College was secure at the top with honors won. Perhaps the largest factor in the team's success was the work of their pitching star, Jesse Hutchinson. The team as a whole, however, was well balanced. Rhoades at third was the class of the league as was Duckworth at first. Lee at second and Soroos at short played consistent ball throughout the season. Other infield men who appeared at times were Power and Anderson-both valuable performers. ln the outheld Reed held a regular berth, other gardeners being Luessen, Busdicker and Gunderson. Behind the bat Michael Tovey carried the brunt of the work. Kurth and Hitzman took regular turns in the box, both showing considerable promise. Among the heavy hitters who gave S. T. C. its strong defense were: Hutchinson, Tovey, and Rhoades, all 300 batters. The team was strong both on the offense and on the defense. The infield became a smooth working unit as the season advancedg the outfield became reliable, while the pitching was the best in 'the league. All in all the season was both interesting and successful. BASE BALL 1923 Won Los! Percent State .... .... 6 l 857 K. of P. .... .... 4 3 571 Cleaners . . . .... 5 4 556 Elks ...... .... 3 3 500 Co. G. ....... .... 3 6 333 Odd Fellows . . . .... 2 6 250 f - . y .' ':.ff.-.,.--- -Q-. - 4 113 has T51 ll X' 1. 1 .41 1 1111 I YW' ll 1 1"l, 1 1 l i '11 1 1 11? l l 11 1 11 H 1 " lf , 1 lil 1 'Q 1L 1 1 Ht il l ' ti 13 1 ' l1 S T1 la 1 1 1 l E 5511 ui if 1i LF 1l It ti It 1 5' l ll ll' 1 1 l!! 1 li W1 H 1 F' 51 ll il E' 1 F! 1? 1 12 l 1 lt 1 1 li lf QW if l1 1,311 , . tllll 5' 1.11 'Ilj-1 '21 .1"Q1'1 ..- .- m..r.a....u.-Zfaianssg. A -:L im- M-Q-fm,-g,r,-1, 1 gg ,,, , 1 HL.-4.1- Qitg. 1.33.12-..r:-sL:.if:,: L -'-"'Nf"'u'T'E Q , , , - - . ...yf ., ,...-- ,.,.w+-L,-,,.i. . is-.L - v1.u',:ayxL-mir.:-Azrszir sro. ' Q-2 - ' - A --hah a-----H 1 - FOOTBALL The opening of the l923 football season at the S. T. C. saw the ret'urn of only two of last year's letter men, Taber, end, and Briggs, half. The outlook, however, was brightened by the presence of several promising reserves, including Herman Burchill, Gilbert Quist, Alfred Kurth and Adolf Soroos. ln addition, a number of men who had won their football spurs at the local high school drew suits and answered the first call to the gridiron. Outstanding among these as the season advanced were G. Hanna, W. Larson, W. Eggert, A. Seymour, F. Taber, and V. Krogh. New faces were W. Rustand, A. Kirlcness, lVl. Foullcs, A. Koenelce, O. Faust, B. Reynolds, W. lVlcNoun, and L. Sutherland. Serious practice began Wednesday, Sept. 26, with thirty men ready to battle for places on the eleven. A new tackling dummy was put into service, new equipment arrived, Larson was chosen Captain, and the season was on. The first clash came with the heavy Science team on October 20, resulting in a scoreless tie. On October 26 S. T. C. lost to Moorhead Heachers I4 to 0: November 3, the Red and Blue held the seasoned Jamestown College Eleven to a 6-3 score. Our showing in this game was undoubtedly the best of the season. The work of Kirlcness, Soroos, and Larson was outstanding. Ellendale came on November 9 and were turned back by a 40 to 0 score. The veteran Gunderson had returned to school and had a hand in the victory. The scoring for the season stood S. T. C. 4Ig opponents, 34. Men who made up the baclcfield were: Kirlcness, Soroos, Seymour, Briggs, Koenelce, lVlulhair, and L. Taber. Krogh, F. Taber, L. Taber, and Rustand were used as ends. Larson played center. The remainder of the line was held at various times by men from the following group: Burchill, Eggert, Mulhair, Kurth, Faust, lverson, Foulks, F. Taber, and Hanna. ' Some individual mention should no doubt be made. It is the opinion among local fans that S. T. C. had in Kirlcness one of the best football men in the conference. His line plunging featured every game. Larzon at center was an important cog in the team's play. His experience proved especially valuable on a squad which included so many new men. The work of Soroos and Burchill drew much favorable comment. The Taber brothers and Eggert were fighters to the last whistle. Hanna and Rustand improved steadily. Taken as a whole, the season is to be regarded as a successful one. The team worlced well as a unit and in its last games was going at top form. The men gained football exper- ience which will show next fall when many of them return to the school and others go out into the State as coaches. FOOTBALL 1923 Wahpeton Science. . . ......... 0 S. T. C ..., . . . 0 Moorhead Normal . .. .... I4 S. T. C .... . .. 0 Jamestown College .. .... 6 S. T. C ........ . 6 Ellendale Normal . . . .... 0 S. T. C ....... . .39 Total- Opponents . . ............ 20 S. T. C ......... 42 fgggiw W i'iiM.f2 .4...f,...,....,., f T" " ' ' ,L-,. i-,,:--J -' '-'-' -.1-'.....-'a.:.-14:31-1.51.-'.f f 114 4.11, '1 11 .1 fl.',I!1' 11 411' N12 11' 1 l . 1 K . Al ,Q I li 1 11 I 1 l 1 fl U WV . I 1 1 1 F- . lt 11' 1 1' l t 13 F 11 1? lj ll , 5 1, l l' 1. l I ., 1 11 ,1 11 1 U 1 lp 1 t flllll fl ,ll ..li1,'1 .l Y t BASKETBALL CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS WALTER "SW13DE" LARSON Valley City Center-Capt. Sophomore 1924 L, G. I-IURST Coach President of Interstate Conference 'll I. l CARLO I-IANSEN Valley City Forward Sophomore WILLIAM O'NE1L Valley City Forward Sophomore I-IERMAN BURCHILL Valley City Guard-Center Sophomore X +4 33:11 C3333 116 ALLAN KERNKAMP Valley City Guard Junior 1 I, GLENN HANNA Valley City Guard Sophomore ADOLF SoRoos Valley City ' Forward Sophomore , , ' ' ' ' . REVIEW OF TI-IE BASKETBALL SEASON If the football season gave promise of fine things in athletics for the year, the basketball season saw that promise richly fulfilled. Practice began in December with a large squad in training. That the beautiful new gymnasium was ready for use no doubt added to the interest, but the fact that only two men who seemed reasonably sure of berths were on hand encouraged competition for places and drew to the floor most of the men of the school having any basketball experience whatsoever. Not a great deal could be done before the holiday recess. Early in January, however, the team began to take form. Larson, l923 football captain, was again chosen to lead the team. , When Dickinson Normal appeared on January Sth for the opening game of the season, the team to represent S. T. C. was composed of Walter Larson, center: Carl Hanson and Adolf Soroos, forwardsg Allan Kernkamp and Glenn Hanna, guards. This combination proved a winning one and to them with the addition of William O'Neil, forward, and Herman Burchill, center, was entrusted the undertaking of bringing to State Teachers College a conference championship. How they responded and how equal they were to the task is now a matter of history. Their achievement has passed into one of the pleasant memories of the year. Their success is an outstanding one, even at Valley City, where so many strong teams have been fostered. Their feat of winning l-4 straight games appears remarkable indeed when one remembers that Jamestown and Wahpeton had been rated before the contests began as by far the strongest teams in the conference. The season started in tamely enough, but with the defeat of Dickinson, Park River, and Wahpeton by wide margins, interest, which was good from the first, grew keen. When the trip to the home of last year's champions was made, local supporters were not sur- prised to hear that Wahpeton had been defeated on its own floor. The big test came however, in the Jamestown series and here the fight and spirit of the red and blue again prevailed. The trip to Jamestown 'was undertaken as a project four hundred loyal rooters accompanying the squad. This trip in particular and the season in general did much to arouse school spirit, and to unify the student body. Not in years have the attendance and the rooting been so good. The training in co-operation gained this winter in supporting this school undertaking, can hardly fail to carry over into other College activities. The last game of the season was lost by a close score to Moorhead. If the season brought to light no stars who stood clearly above their fellows, it did show unmistakably enough an entire squad capable of playing smart basketball, strong as a unit on the defense and on the offense. HS Kurtli Alfred Larson ohn Larson Walter Luesson Fred Nelson Alvm N oltrmrer Charles O Nrel Wrlllam Persomus Myron Rustancl Walter Seymour Allison Soroos Adolf ...... Taber Fred ....... 2 Taber Lawrence .........,....,. , Wallace Harvey .....,......... Wertin George .- l ii'ii'i'i Football Football Football lBa ketball Football Ba ketball Football Football Ba ketball Basketball Football Basketball Football - Football - Football - Basketball Football . Football ............ Football ............ Basketball 23 Capt 22 Capt 23 24 Capt 22 Capt 1 U O !. :cinch HQSDDD QQQQQE 1 I U 1 I , ................... 1 ....,....r .. ...,rr. - .,...,,,,, .'23 , J ...............,..... ...................... ........,,,. ' 21 , ................... l ...............,... ' ............ '21 ' . l S - .....,.., '22 McCormick, Lyle ............... .........., , ,..r ..F00fba11 ..,,..,. ,,,.'22 , ' .........,......... Q .......,........ ' ' , ............. 1 .,...,............, ' ........... .'21 '22 S .....,,.., '22 '23 ' ' , ' ' -'-------------I----n-V---'--N--A--1-, -------Q-123 924 ' , ............... l ....,..,..........,.. '22 , '23 , l '23 l , , 23 '24 , '23 , p '22 '23 , 1 '21 , l '23 I 3 l 3 . 121 t I -i .f 41?-A 791-lil, ,777 :Y 2-x::x.-...I-.-f..f-is -'+'3i-A uJJzL.2::umz1ig?lEf-KClffi'Jcn'imfrm.w - Y 1 Q1..QuQ-1.15,-W.Sg..qffQrfl5.a-..-Q-Q,,.Q,l,,.1?.1fwp:.Q.i,I-Qiil,f1fQ:f6Q:1lffL12Eil2i3?li'3 I i, i hi nga, - In - at lift .lt S In VW 5 i 5, ' it lx l l ' li i ll .I ,K I i F le E l ' 1 if P l , l .L V gi i l l tr J 5 i THE RESERVES li if M' .3 if F E fl 'Q S. T. C. were fortunate this year to have lt Q l a strong reserve team. Much of the fight cle- velopeci by the first string was clue to the ' il M stiff opposition put up by the men who formed ' the reserve squad. Only a few games were played, but in these few some very promis- u n I n I mg material claimed the attention of spec- ,U gp V W tators. 1 Ili it I af f t l ill I . I I lliythli I DY- T ,J fM.,L.,.,,..........,,,..,,a .,.m..L, ,,ete .. e.. . o s..i,,,E1T.m,, to l L1 - 'Y Y Wwe a r Q t P -2.,gjf'hTi 122 Niimza QQGQQW Kurth, Alfred ...... ,.,.,, Football ..,,.,.,.,,, Football .........,.. Larson, John .... ......... F ootball , Larson, Walter .... ,,,,,,,., ' lBasketball Luesson, Frecl ...... ..,... . -- V Basketball McCormick, Lyle Nelson, Alvin .... Noltimier, Charles O'Niel, William Personius, MYIOII Rustancl, Walter -- ......, .. Seymour, Allison Soroos, Aclolf ...... Taber, Fred ..,.... Taber, Lawrence -- ....... -. Wallace, Harvey ..... ......... Wertin, George -. Football ........,... Football ,,.. Football ......,..,.. B asketball B asketb all Football ....... ..... Basketball Football . Football , .- ......... Football . Basketball Football ..,.. , ,.,.. ,. Football , Football - Basketball Football .,.,.,...... 23 ZI 23 Capt. 22 Zl 22 22 21 21 22 23 ZI 22 23 23 23 24 23 Z2 ZI 23 Capt. '23 '24 Capt '22 Capt. '22 '23 '24 '23 intact W n pn cszhi 121 - E - - - scant! u 4 TI-IE RESERVES S. T. C. were fortunate this year to have a strong reserve team. Much of the fight de- veloped by the first string was due to the stiff opposition put up by the men who formed the reserve squad. Only a few games were played, but in these few some very promis- ing material claimed the attention of spee- tators. 122 K W I i Q rr I 1 .1 3 5 r Q i 'g" fQ 'EGT QQ 'mf U 5-4 ,,.,,,,,,,l in nZi:L-,eg -,:,1fL1,,,.,1,?,..?.-13:- , :U1:3a.r.:L...E15:::r:,nuu,x'a'-Scum' -urmwvmururrmnmrmavwuarawnnn-Hue-5 -m-j-:nj I U 2 P u W ' 0 W U, U in 0 1 ' 'V Nr n W . E I . ' ,I 5 N E Y . 2 ffl? A' ii H 3 -5.1 .:, rr . I , ' V. - 7 WE 1 g 5 TRAINING SCI-IOGI.. 5 n ' 6 w ' 4 N T 3 5 Margaret McCarthy ............ Superintendent Violet Lowe ,,.,,,,, ,,.,... f unior High Linnie Butts .,.. .....,. 5 th and 6th Grades E Lillian Dunning ,,.,,,, ..,..,.. I unio1'Higl1, Carrie Proctor ..,........... 3rd and 4th Grades A Ruth Watson ,,,.,, ............., f unior High Sara B. Ware .............. 3rd and 4111 Grades J 5 Geneva I-Ielbing ,...,.,,,,.,,.,......... junior High Mary Gardner ....,......... I sl and 2nd Grades Susan Norton ................ 5th and 6111 Grades Lo Donia Murphy ......,. lst and 2nd Grades f ' 1 1 Emma Flinn ........ ............... K indergarien U i 1 O 1 i 1 i 1 i J - r m 'if ir ,.Y.,, v I H, Y , Z,-I e .Y ,, ,..,,,,i-gE:,,,S,,i,,.,,,LQp-.f---. , ,-gang' ?--:E-'inzaz f- - '--- "1 , ' IF , Mis.- .-- Le G -Q eeee g 1-fs 9 I '14 - I Q , W 1 1 11 X 1 W .I 1 ' 1 1' , 1 1 1. 1I1 1 1 1 II 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 H 1 1 1 4 1 1 'Q Q E1 1 1 1 1 1 I 11 1 1 I 1 1 , 19 ' 1 1 n, n1 141 - Q QQ, E H 1 1 125 W, 1, mi- ,. A s - or we A A 0 0 JOKES FROM FIRST AND SECOND GRADES Miss Long asked her beginning reading class why mother went window shopping, Len said, "To buy windows." A4 56 35 Helen complained to Miss Mulinx that "Wallace won't keep his feet to home." Wallace gravely, "I don't want them at home. I want them at school." 315 55 P5 ln Miss Steppes' reading class, the children were asked to make sentences about Roseis furniture which the boys only had made. Sen- tences were coming slowly from the boys. To stimulate activity Miss Steppe said, "The girls are making more sentences than the boys and yet the boys have been doing the work. Omar accounted for the situa- tion with, "We made it and girls-they thinked it." . as -is as ' Something moved Geneva to pinch Doris in Miss Rord's class. Miss Rord asked Geneva if she liked to be pinched, Geneva was sure she did not enjoy it. Miss Rord pressed the point further by asking if she thought other people liked to be pinched. Before she could answer, Dorothy Ann approves of nothing apparently, "Thou shall not commit adultery, it says so in the Bible," seeming to feet that would throw some light on pinching your neighbor. 56 56 56 During a street sign lesson in reading the "No admittance" sign was presented. The first word offered no difficulties and phonics came thru the sound of the seemed word, but no one knew its meaning until I-I d h ' ' " ' ' owar gave w at seemed to him a most reasonable explanation, Ain t got no mittens." x Y , 7 N ' U - -fi 126 1 v v H 1 w WS 1 , 1 5 .1 4 l if-4-I-1 ?Ei4?i---f7f gjg.f. 1Q.ffif 33 TQ H3 F Wi X I' f' 4 1 5 'I A 1 ,V ay 'Q lx 1 ' W 'VJ 3 1 7 " s l L s v N G o 1 1 ' ' 1 i ! I V W 6 1 ? 1 . J 13 1 T 11 1" 5 1 u V ' 1 2 I W R- r 7, V H 3 1 2 E U l Q P 3 ET 3 ' I fl -W i , T , 3 il Y I V F 1 .Y - 1 V9 w A 4 J E 1 Y i It I g ' 1 l in W , 0 'r mi 1 Sf f K 54 ' A ,X A 3 I! I Ama.. , , , .A -' 4 - -A 'f4 'f9-ff 3---f -9 :'0C3 -'-J L5 '?iiE1 --W-1"-MJ'-'-W''A-ff'-H,-r::1''.4::::.i:::zrf'- 'S " -.. - f ffl-'ffflf-'-f.j.11.' 3"" "" "1 'U' ' -'4- ' 12'YW" ' 5:39:95 Since!! 2 S U 1 W U I U' U I l I I I I I I H v -' - Qsi z ci 128 Fholo by R. Kcnncllz MCFGTIHIIJ WL L, WESLEY HALL Valley City has a home, We call it Wesley'Hall, And anywhere that we may roam, We always will recall: The one who is willing and ready To help us and never tarry, The debt of love and kindness We owe to Mrs. Perry. Little Rachel, don't you see, Always busy as a bee. And then Margaret, nearly as small, Reciting her reading lessons to all. A And then there's May, oh, you can guess She's never without her forgetfulness. Leonora may be added here too, Though her's only lasts a clay or two. Next Lucile, in doubt of selection, "To teach or to marry," that is the question. And Elsie, busy with lessons or band, But never too busy to lend a hand. Julia is there, we'll see if we look Silently reading some sort of a book. And Mary McLeod we can't recognize Wtih those big round things that cover her eyes. There's Etehl Best with her cleverness, Stored 'way down in her stocking, I guess. And Ethel Mac with that same smile, We always can see it whatever the style. When a gentle tap on the door we hear, We know that Eleanor is to appear. If not at her text-books, Mrs. A. we know Is in a seed catalog, head and toe. Etta, although very steady and staid, Thinks teaching will cause her to be an old maid. Then Luella Buttke all the while Has that every ready smile. Dollie, although we know better, Thinks she couldn't live without "that" letter. Minnie and Pauline, so faithful to all, They prepare the good meals we ,all will recall. Last, but not least, in storm or in sleet, Allie is ready to furnish the heat. Though we must go where duties call, We'll not forget "Dear Wesley Hall." HIGHEST AMBITIONS OF TI-IE WESLEYITES May-To be supervisor of music in Chicago. Ethel Mae-To have the second piece of cake Eleanor-To be a kindergarten teacher in N. Y. Etta-To keep house for her brothers. Lucile-To catch a man. Rachel-To be a senator. Ethel B.-To be a prima donna. ulia-To ride clown the Mississippi. Letha-To raise poultry. Elsie-To be a matron of an orphanage. Leonara-To teach school for twenty-live years Dolly-To become a second Kreisler. Mary-To become a nurse. Margaret-To teach the Indians. Luella-To become a lawyer. FAVORITE EXPRESSIONS. Eleanor-"I can do a little, but I can't do it so very good." Lucile-"Doesn't it make you peeved?" Margaret-"You tell 'em." Leonara-"Where are my books?" Elsie-"We can't agree even to disagree." Mary-"Yes, I'm Scotch, and I'm not ashamed of it either." Dolly-"My shoe's unbuttoned again." Ethel Mae-"I never say the same thing twice." Rachel-"Oh, forevermore ! " Julia-"I told you so." Letha-"Another magazine on gardening." May-"Excuse me, please." Ethel B.-"What's all the fuss about?" Etta-"My heavens, girls!" 133359, , , Y :renin 130 :ui-warn ,-. ,.. """"''A""ig:':-'MM'---'----':-:Ar--:T -Y' 1, 1 L--.11-,Y'.'a:1 '-' 'f- -f - ggzt' f"':.-"i-f'v-- i'IlTNQ1L'Tx.- , Y -.- , W ,- - , ,,,--..- A --N4.. -.. 1 ,..x-l-H .gf 3' Y Q", if K-A-ff' ,, , - ,.,,, , ' y , ,,,,, Q., ,,, ML., z .,,,,,,, .,i'Nf-pu-:3'::??--'.iX.'-'.. 'dvi' 'gk' - - fig '-af-if-4 :-ff:.,.,.'..:,- M... .L-..uH.n.. ... .-- A -. .':'..,"':-'-,....."'-L:t":1'::":,:.-c,2:-4 Y.-..' -!-- --ff---F 5.-.1-,.-. L, , . -V :V-tiv-- n-:sf -- gg, ,L-...--1.4-'--.-4-.:., -fizfvfQ. - . ,.,L.. ,.. ..-,E.Q Q f-Lf -, ,., 'Q N ,KI----,J f' ' ' ' ' 'A' '-W 'f' ""'- I I ' " I "H, Px 'Js 'Zu Y.,,..,., -,, , . .. . .F . . W. , ,N - -iw-- , , u, Y U, H., V -. , 1,-az-:,?,..E-,::TQ,,.. .NLM-. -,-- v-:L 131 ,. , THE GREAT TRIUMVIRATE. Stars: qxccol! U r U T W Not the first, but- N ,' The boys of 408 are there. They have smashed three College records. A ' First, Frank Charles deVries, the noted "French Count," recently from Paris, smashed the Dormitory record, finishing strong with taking one of the popular young ladies of East Hall, out, five successive even- ings. Second, Allie Lamott Harmon, the "Ladies K-night" has won A , more fair ladies in "The lVlan's Paradise" than King Soanomen of the Valley Cafe ever hoped to win. Third, and not the least, is Otto Harold Nordstrom, the "Swede from lVlinnesota,,' recently of Starbuck, in other words "The Woman Hater." This fine, blonde haired, light-eyed gentleman "stepped" out I once during the Wiliter Quarter. The above records are expected to stand unless Sir Arthur Bar- ringer, Prince Frank Janowski start and then-good-bye records. g s CAN YOU ANSWER? Where can a man buy a cap for his knee Oi a key to the lock of his ha1r3 Can his eyes be called an academy Because there are pupils there? In the crown of his head what gems are found? Who travels the bridge of his nose? Can he use when shingling the roof of his house The nails on the end of his toes? Can the crook of his elbow be sent to jail? ' If so what didv it do? l-low does he sharpen his shoulder blades? Ill be hanged if I know-do you? Can he sit in the shade of the palm of his hand Or beat on the drum of his ear? Does the calf of his le eat the corn of hi toes? If so why not grow corn on the ear? S. T. C. VERSIONS . Lives of Sophomores all remind us U We should do our very best, . And departing, leave behind us n . Note books, that will help the rest. n I I . U , Whitt: Qzg i 132 vi. ,. . -..,,,-,Vasa .,.T, W- -,--fir-tv,-TTIKNL .,., ,yin , - . - ,M-L TT V - 'x 'M V , 'X . N A i ll f 3 I I I Y 1 Y 5 i l E N , T Q 'fx ' 4 9 1 0 - 0 Q 11? , '5 1, W- ez-Y--TT Q- -nn'-L-2 . Z fuzz!-1:3 ' --H , 1- - ,- -A ---1 jf?-T ?,L ,w i-I 1 5 2 Ai Wggsant -P M gi :essex 133 ' fA ' 'W f - . E .lil ' 1 .1 I t I ' . 1 I . 1 I . - 10- '. . . Ambitions Adelin: To start a physical culture correspondence school. Esther: To run a conservatory of music. Ellen: To take life easy. oy: To make a hit with the boys Ruth: To get high grades in exams. Opal: To be a live wire. Bessie: To grow fat. Hazel: To kid em along. Mildred: To throw light on the subject. A Dorm Lights At night the windowsquares gleam out A hundred beacons of prison light' Within the intellectual slaves Their books o'er come with surest might. Oh, yes, the girls all study hard, V They go to bed with aches and sighs, And in the dawn get up again To study and cram before sunrise. Anatomy or enthropotomy studied in German Class Miss Kittel: "Where are the zahne fteethj found?" 7 Bernard Hanson: uThe zehen ftoesj are found in the mouth." Miss Kittel: "With what do we sagen ftalkl 25" Victor Davidson: "We sehen fseej with our tongue, teeth and lips." Does Mr. Eilfenbcrry like Bobbed Hair? At the close of the fall quarter Rose Wolf asked for her gram- . mar credit. -I . gg H! il Q' E I - .!. -vm Mr. Eikenberry: "Well, I had planned to pass you, but since you are so good looking with your hair bobbed, I think I shall Hunk you so that-you will come back next quarter." V I Hall of Fame Dorm Vamp-Carrie S Best fusser Joy M Biggest feet Ruth S Best subject for Cupid Lou M Best bluffer Maud B Best actress-Sadie S Champion gum chewer Bessie P Biggest movie fiends Helen and Gladys Smartest Knut Sue E. Best dancer Ellen S Biggest flirt Hazel S Dorm comedian Emma R ' ' 134 ' A, - ,I , , f ,f -2 Z: .Lf JW ,!LJC,4, .' Le 1-E fz,, 1 f-'PL J 'C L My yy fu j -MILL ,jl f f1AZi,5fl dyug-. v I V I 'Q , . 'X J M343 ' 1 W ad ,fzffrvz J f'f"?j '0 ZiJ"U""U3r GN' 5 9 'lm A 2 Q M W - AMM N . We i, If! o rl! wh H W X-1' W ww' H 3 , l ,z i X11 ' :NL s is VM WH 1 1 ' Q' i w LA 1 Kg l H I + M n I lu VH: N 'U HX . J - 1 ,. , I JF QE ,l L i ' v , X , ' 1 W V w Vg in Im w il: V! 1 M! 215 'wg Sty. it 4 'H H' N :W 5 4? Q II -lu W E I: :Q f W w i. 1. f ' ,E ry V, ,gn 7. ! W A L 5 Ii ja I l I , f 1 Nm in w , + Y Nb IW v l kj! il ,LC 1 "3 tj -z .'L... augieas.-.Em-::: :1 Q -Y' . .,4- -- .- -f-Q .1-M ., M.:-. f g ,gg 4 ,, i A -W-F 135 q Hu m aan 1111? B , EUCLID COTTAGE 2 0 Things We Vlfill Remember . The day Ede sprained her ankle. Julia bobbing her hair. - ' Our "midnight" luncheons. The night A1 found a mouse bunking with her.'s first and last hilge. The Thursday we cut Chapel. ' Trying to knock the chip off Agnes' shoulder. The night Eva's friends came from Fargo. OUR SECRET AMBITIONS X, Ella-To do something worth while. ' Ede-To dye her hair. Eva-To marry a millionaire minister. ' Agnes-To get out of washing her neck. Gerry-To vamp the training school shiek. Eleanore-To grow tall. , Elda-To run a car. - Al-To learn how to say pu! fshe says pity. Alice-To be a minikan. H ' - julia-How Rudolph slicks his hair. ' WANTED Nellie-A way to reduce without dieting. - Alice-An escort to the movies. ' Ede-A dog. Al-Something new. Julia-More dry humor. ' Agnes-Entertainment. Eva-Longer nights. Gerry-A lot of admirers. Eleanore-A few thrills. ' Ella-A clock with an alarm. b Elda-Ambition. There are just twelve of us, including Miss Dynes, our faithful I advisor. Perhaps you wonder why you've heard no ill reports of us, why no delinquents have come our way. ls it due to our stern chaperone? - I Indeed not! You who know Miss Dynes less admire her, but we adore 0 her and what won't you do for one you love-one who truly under- ' stands. . 133:11 g W 1 D g : DQS- , 136 . V ,4 Y , - ---:I--11-,:5,J:f ,,, ,,,,,,, , , 4....- . 1 :. , . Mtg..-- ..-.- 1-M,--'Vi-J: If - - Y - -- -77 . , ,,? ? , ri x i f'2g3iiif -4 g,,,, 1'3iig3ggg,,2,. , ,Ax ' I, Aw 1 L , . r , Q Q f, A A V , 'i 11 I Ng q . 1 I- I l 1 1 W N 4 w 1 Ni n , L wi' W wg V 5 1 xl V1 W X w 1 A 1 L1 Q 1 U l J ' ? w x 1 G R 1, G X m - A ' 7 2 V F 4 - - -N -:+-,,,- bTQf:,Y.4, -- --fair.- - -.- .i--.F'l.,.i,-g:-fs3Q--Uillfffrsc-51.11 .J I 137 ll 35 55 56 ' B'll. m W M W 'T M Ti 1112114 E - s s I 1-QQQQCW X LETTERS HOME When he Ivas a 'Freshman he wrote: Dear Mamma, I have been here for three days now. This is a very large school. There are so many rooms that I get lost four or hve times every day. They have a Lost and Found Department, though, so it doesn't matter. The boys laugh at me because my hair is so short. They all wear theirs very long and it is the girls who have theirs cut short. Do you suppose mine would grow faster if I'd rub the back of my head every night with vaseline? Maybefit would get long enough so that grandma could bob it when I come home for Christmas. Yesterday I was supposed to go to grammar class, but I went in the wrong door. I never was in such a terrible place in all my life. There were thousands of snakes in jars-all sizes from angleworms to boa-constrictors. There were terrible animals, too-wild cats, porcu- pines, eagles, squirrels, and everything. I was awfully afraid and I thought I was going to faint, but a little girl with curly hair came and she said, "Was there something you wanted?" I said, "I want to get out of hereln So she showed me where the door was and I ran out as fast as I could. In the hall there was a funny rack with some letters stuck in it. I wondered if there might be one for me so I looked at them all, but I didnt find any with my name. I had just finished when a big man came and said "Hello" to me. He said it so loudly that I was afraid again and went very fast down the hall. I can't write any more today, mamma, because I must study. Give my love to papa and sister. Don't forget to feed Fido, and take good care of him. Love from your little, Willie. This year he rs a Sophomore and writes Dear Dad Please send me a check for fifty dollars I ve got to have it right away Regards to the family Your son 1 138 cczchfi I 'spnf'-2i"'TlL 'u v: W --- , f - V- , fr W1 f-aff -f- '-1:-V Af:--TY:-:UVA-.far -3121 ., .1 ..... ..l'X -5Q,E'i 'QZTii'TIZ:f'f . , . - -3 f f --Q A f f- ,- -.-- - .-. 4. , , -, .,- . 'E---':R-gf'N- , -- f-w--f--- fr ,A- A A v---0 -- -f ff' -f f--f -iw r - dff- f A .-, nf, .. ...,,,, W .K ,. an-jx' Lf! A. -1 M2 ,l' A! rw 0 mfr W, 1.21 ,l' :inf -eg fil' 1m Wy' ,. H . rw +- FI II Q H ,J M 'r 1 l H! gif 1 If ng' 1 N 5 ' 1 1 53, IN!! nl' Y U , 1 Fr '11 i ri .wx Pqi Y 5 Y ll, V Ilia ,X alli :gli ' wi! 'tiiszilgijgjf " T ' ' "' "" g"'1 -"Wi ffgnfi' ii , :. :..:..:..,. "" 'T:i"T: 'f' F rg---Q. jp Sirm- :if w Q' L ,,. Y df, , - - . - 1: A-ff-r,-1--T -,,, , z1f:.1:. ,rsgi Y V Y. Cff'1.'Q3'I1' , fl -.,,T'1. i-4-i:L....Tl... . T: - ,iv ,. , ,,-. .tiliw - , -42, A ' 139 ll. l U E E I !. m 'This is Leap Year, so Watch CupiJ's Capers Like it is supposed to happen every four years according to the Golden calendar, l924 is Leap Year. Watch your step, bachelors, near bachelors, and beau brummels. Society is all buzzed up over marriage of a 50-year-old widow to a I6-year-old veteran of Boy Scouts. They accuse her of taking undue advantage and hunting out of season and lots of them are plenty sore. Why shouldn't young men prefer to be old ladies' cashiers than young women's paying tellers. Anyway, they're married, and happy, she's happy. And he's married. If some girls think it is better to be old men's darlings than snappy young men's slaves, the rule should tour both ways. This year it is up to the girls to call and the boys to be out as you like it. 55 A4 55 Miss Amidon fin chapeljz "Sing-oh, where are the altos-I never hear but two altos." ' Mr. Koencke fto group seated around himl: "My goodness, woman, you' only have two ears!" 96 3 55 Sl1e's Done the Best-Will she Prosper? She has taken dad's necktie and robbed brother of his hat. Cuff- links have vanished: cigarettes have followed suit. The lumberjack shirt is hers, by now, the gauntlets, sweater too. Knickers are acquired and everything that's new. She smokesg she swears: and swaggers with a cane. She has bobbed her hair, then shingled it again. She's gone so farg will she give you a ring-in 1924? -as 96 as Professor Kjerstacl: "Swede, why are you looking at your watch so often?" Swede: "I was afraid that you would not have time to finish your interesting lecture." as as as Reconstruction Period at S. T. C.: The shingling process is still f' 5 E 53' , u 1 5 5' . Q.. ffm U9 'iw '-'o 2 -:. S N 3. 2 FE. CD m 0 3 : o '-I Q :1 :r o :r' Q 9 9' Q' "1 UI B gr g Q lil 5' 5 -1: i4 Q 5 N gq 4-r W U' 5- 5. 2: 9. i H 0 -X D.. 3' 2' Q.. l 2 -F 9: 45 5' 4' E. I UQ F' BT' 2 Q. E 5' Q.. 5 ff- ?2 an 3 5 Q. S H cn O s' GQ Q. 'EZ gg H- 'U H 2 E ' R' s- I rl iii 7 - 1 - 140 1 I Qtr:-3 Q r'....,.,r.-,.f1W 21 F -- -- f --- gg1----- fz., ----M--..4 1 W rf - --- -1- - fy-11:4 - -1- - -A-fgg-gf?-I 1 1 f 1 1, 5 X li 11 Ii I 1 I 1. 1 I 'E 1 ,, 1 Ja 1 5, i i N ' Q 1 1 ' 11 1 1 Q 1 1 ' '5 J 1: , , . 0 H N 1 ' J 5 5 1 ! Q I ,1 1 s ,A 1 1 L 4 F1 P1 Ill Q 1 f 1 1 pie X 1 1 1 1 i ,W 11 1 1 1 1 1 W Y 1 I ' 1 1 i F I f 1 'J 1 41, 1 1 5 . 1 l 1 ":2""'.'-""t'1 - - 11- ,A -, I 1 1 -frff,-f V ff- -fff-if--..:4?-1 - '1 "'1":"'1ff'iia3ll.--11+ 'fl'-1f1fL a5fi?i1i,ff:gffi " . ' 141 FAVORITE BOOKS AND MAGAZINES The Youth s Companion The Crimson Sweater Through the Looking Glass Arts and Decoration The Conqueror The Turmoll Little David The Gentleman from The Little Minister Llttle Folds L1 e Smart Set Needle Craft Review of RCVICWS Shadowland Literary Digest Outlook C-ood Housekeeping Current Opinion Girls Companion Indiana What Would Happen3 Ruth W Swede L Ruth I.. Harriet H Fred T Anne G Irma N Bernard S Lucy H Freshmen Sophs Seniors Sewing Class Final Exams Chapel Cooking Class Teachers anltors Student Council Boys If both Ediths became less noisy during study. ideas!! U U I 9 ' li . . . ,, "44- A """'-'4-'- ' i . . . ' --"-' QQ -"-"--"""" ' . C ' 97 ----4----.-----. ' i 0 ,, --------'.-."----------- - K -5, 'T--.v--l----.-.--.-'---T---- --- 5 1 Q 5, -------A.--.---A---------------- --h- . ""'-4"-A"'--' f -'A4' , ', "-""'----" Q u v A Q, ------ ------ 5 ' I! -------- -I ----T-----'V--- T-- - rf'- ...,...... fffffiffffffifffffii . Vanity" .............................................. Junior. . ,, . . """ "'- ""' '-"-A-'-'-M4-"' n . . . . ""' If """""""'""""""" . s I H . , . . nf -"'-4-""A-""'-""""""' N . K ', --------------V----------------- -- . ""'-'-" 1 '--' , ', -"M"""--'-"""-'Q-"" J . G U ' JJ -.-.------A'T----.--l-T ll- I . . , . ,f ---'""'-"-"'-.-'A""' I If Emma had to buy bus tickets. If Stein came to West Hall. If Hazel should grow taller. If Dorothy stopped giggling. If Stella lost her gloves. If Irene's hair forgot to curl. If Kenocke didn't come on Sunday night. If Ruth suddenly stopped growing. If Irma Nageli didn't recite in class. If Thompson should cease coming to West Hall. V ' If Blanche didn't get a letter. If Beatrice and Dolores got a "H" in Psychology. QI if T' - - 333305 142 -'- - ---A ,-, l 3flv'Ii"- --if - 'A A 'iztiri-it f4,.:l.,i',l42 -as-s:..'f,-.-E: f I' L A51 Sf?-Pillliziazafg' iifii iumMTjii4 .1'ifi.fQf: S-134-4 -31.-9,33 gl ,,g., g, , .,..,l,,,-.,,,, W, ,.A,, fy V - " .1 E I L fm M ' . L , 5 Q 5 ,, !1N, xxx . , 3 '1N .,, I X L ly, xi Y Xb . X u 5 U3 Qi w V' BV ip' 5 ' . 1, 111 if xti .' lf, "I' if 'LI . Nl, JV 'WY E! :Vaf 'MQ Hi! M Sirk 'lr' IF ,, Q-IRG ,. HN' wi 4 ET ull 'l 'LV fu j 1 F Y W, 1 N ' : ' .i A ' I . IL :1 ,il Nw :n' 'N w 'im wh ' am ir ' U HQ ! 4 fb H I M 1 1 , 5,1 I , ,L v xr if ' X ,N ' ! fx 'Nu f l' V Y "fi iq 4 I J w AJ 1 , 1, ' r J! V V 5 1 :NR . I I fn i I W IJ , . 5 Y iw' W wx ' rx! I , al Il VI i l WN ,Q-' ' 2+ 1 U? , K. 5 .N lxjf 1 J L5vlTiif1"--'ig ,- - -- -- - -nfA-- -- ffff+fZ-YW '7- 1:lQ"f'T"-'S'ft--v'1i'iL,::'Ji1T-21 ---"' ' 149 A 501929 a qua!! '4 . 0 FAMILIAR SAYING-S AT PARK AVENUE COTTAGE Catherine Gagan: "Isn't that rare?" X Margaret Dailey: "Well, for crying out loud l" -GTC- Mary Alford: "Well, you're the limit!" Lois Walter: "I wish I was thru studying." Edythe Hall: "Well as far as that's concerned-" A Gudrum Nelson: "Here she comes, girls." Mabel Grebe: "Who told you so?" I Ida Amoth: "How then?" Luella Conner: "Rex says-" Margaret Upham: "The question for debate is-Resolved--" Blanche Conner: "I'm going to read only one more chapter befor study." Martha Rogness: "Kids, this is really a true story." A Phyllis Leonard: '.'I saw a man down town to-day." I Mary Miller: "Did he have black hair and a black mustache?" l ' 0 m i 144 . WT Q f I 1 vluw nm V ' I I , 0 w "-1S2-- - yi ,-..,N,. .A-X., , 45, xx.. y., M- 4... 59 7 - ,,..x: --Y :Z-. -- f- -- ff: fi-, 3--111.23-..f.,.,..,,,g 5.4 5, ...Went-L.' L E Y? ,iY4R'Liig5iVL,gf9, -i'?5i 1- ' 19 1+ 4 . 5 N ,I K, w 1 , r ,., I i, 4,- l L1Q,,1 1i -- w M M "H l L1 i M1 My 54 :Hill- , WT. L ig E3 l 1 , I. l we W 1 E a li r H G H. I 1 A W X m M 1 z F f V Q3 ,' VA w I :L W H I ml i !' 2 7 H W w 4: lg v H , A3 H -' gi II W 9 5 1 1 'EI Nm I I' , '54 l J E i Q 5? W . ,Qi LBJ? 2' 1 + M VM M :lbw fm. L , ,L -Wfpg 1--'Q ---- r'-- "W"--3'---3---'f'--g 2,-'--.1-31.1 ..,?. ,......f ....,,.-ygr- I-AM -. ,AN-W -V Y- ."- Y f- ' ' 1' ',A. V .""' LJJ- 14.2-17 Ygfrr. ---,..-sz:.L- -V.--- 2-:N :J-.-J K--J 2 . . Y .- ---.TW .YMJY -W ,Y V V 4, -, 1 ,L X Ll ,,,,, LI r.u.A.,.- J,w, ., .,. .-.,.J.,..,,,. EPISCOPAL HALL ALPI-IABET Actually Artistic Luclle Tewksbur Bashful Bobby lletta Holman Clever Character Vida Thompson Dalnty Dancer Louise Benn Earnest Educator Ruby ohnson Forever Fatrgued Myla Atkln Good Glrl Margaret Searles Home Helper Marian Frost Industrious Individual Lulu Krogsgaard Keen Kemist Edith Switzer Lovable Lassie-Mary Schlagel Musical Marvel Mathllda Bertelson Never Noisy Lucile Trask Often Oratmg Marie Sorenson Plump Peggy Margaret Parker uiet Quarters Episcopal Hall Roguish Rambler Edith Rembolt Seldom Serious Bessie Pa e Terribly Talkative Beatrice Olson Usually Useful Amy Malakowski Very Vivacious uanlta Beggs Waltzlng Woman Daisy Plthey EPISCOPAL HALL QUERIES What would happen if- . Bee and Myla couldnt spoon? Ruby didnt worry about teachin ? Lulu failed to study? Edith R. didnt have a book report to finish? Amy failed to mention psychology? . Bessie and Nita stopped giggling during prayer? Mary couldn t wrinkle her no.e when she laughed ? Marie didnt have a story to tell us? Vida could leep as long as she wished? ' Marian couldnt get a position? Daisy couldnt dance? Lillian couldnt smile? Margaret Parker should begin working? 'Iletta couldn't come up-stairs repeatedly? I Edith Switzer didn't get the letter every day? Lucile Trask could dress her hair to suit herself? Margaret Searles couldn't think of any jokes? , Mathilda couldn't see Mary Lou during vacations? ' Lucile Tewksbury didn't find her man? n .4 Louise weren't so tall? n K , 5 I I I I 3 ! it . gg 75 I1 .D E . ' . -I - . I Ltr- v . " ' W . ' , M , , '55 I ' I 'lm-. . I1-ll'I1 elllll, M , 'Is-rl , -g I I . H, H , e on - ,' Q' ' UQ I I 'I I u . ' In' o . ' . F cased' .1-lb ' xi ffm lN....A,..., ll U U - ' Dictionary ' . Crush: Puppy love gone to seed. ' Dad: A male relative used for financial purposes. Exam: A state of temporary bliss. Fact: Everything Eikenberry says. Flunk: A psychological condition produced by an exam. Grin: A slit extending from ear to ear. Humor: A species of a joke varying with age. Kiss: An elliptical nothingness divided by two. Love: Grand finale of a crush. Library: A place where young people are properly chaperoned. Mail: Vvhat girls eagerly expect. Male: What they don't get at S. T. C. A5 95 A5 Familiar Sayings Opal: Wouldn't that be dumb? Bessie:AI'll chew his ear off. Sadie: Oh K-I-D-S! Adeline: Oh! Iroyle! Hazel L: Oh girls! I got an H. I Lois: Honestly! Ellen: Isn't that a crime? Ruth: For 1ohn's sake. as as as Favorite Expressions of the Faculty Members I M. McCallister: "All right, let's try again." Mrs. Patton: "All things being equal." Miss McCarthy: "Goocl!" I Mr. Eikenberry: "A swift stream carries much sediment." "Well, we must hasten on." Miss Flinn: "Prove your point." Mr. Meyer: "Sure's shootin'!" I Miss Riordan: "As I said before." Miss Van Middlesworth: "Yes-and-" as as vs Alta: "Do you like cold weather, Bert?" ' I Bert: "Well, I don't like it too cold, and I don't like it too hot, but I suppose we've got to have weather." 0 Y y 3 w L' W ll m ,. 148 ll Y W W Y, - , Y, , - Y - V . --- -Au --A'-4-f--1-: -. f--W -ff 3-1 ,1:f:.:::f.Yff .5--g:1T2v5:-:- - -T-V ,-Y, , A-,,Y,-Y,, , . M14 4'-'H . ,,.-- V ... -:.. . . .. ,,.4:.. -... 3, J., . -f"' ""x-- if 'f- ,---f-',,, fgiwiw-X, ,, A Nc., W, uwggn. V., ,-..f...-.. -..- ,--,-,,g,Ax,,,.,, ,,,p ,--,,,. ,uf ,' Ek-f1,.ixiT-gif K , vm -N .-.HK j,,, f 2-J--2XqA.41.-f?A!f Ht' ,,:,, 1"Y :':.: ' Y - 7---. ------ ' ---A -QW --- --- Y---- VV -f,.n .17 .,,?isf-R--:HT--1:--if A fx b A A w x FV QU U MU ,f 3 z T M , I: l . ff 'Q ll . . l ' I M 'Nm I if i U + LE 0- I um I 1 E If ml If Q f if fo - If Q I1 1 .y ng ' 491 '11 L 1 w MU 'L Af ff--Y.f,--,il- 4 45 - - ,A f - -.--- - ---f --f-1-fkl---r- I - 4, -- , I 149 HOLIDAY QPIRIT PERISI-IES AT HANDS OP SPOOK OF EDUCAFI ION The Holiday Sprrrt is dead He suffered a horrible end when he fell into the clutches of the Sprrrt of Education lying rn wart on the campus yesterday morning Late the night before last upon returning from hrs sojourn he was seen enJoy1ng the very be t of health frolrckrng and rollicking every where But on toward mrlnr ht while dragging out some long forgotten books he uffered a udden farntrn spell whrch was not however thought to be serrous at the time But early yesterday morning he suf fered a collapse which almost proved fatal School spirit came to hrs ard and they rallied on the campus to ether It was not untrl then that the invalid realized the true character of his companion. But recogni tion of the co-partner of his foe came too late for before he could defend himself the Spirit of Education 'had leaped from hiding and strangled him. D The loss will be felt far and wide for he was a jolly ood fellow and a friend to all-very different from the brother of these other two who will take his place the Spirit of Study. It has been rumored that immediate acquaintance makes him far lcss fearful and tyrannical. , H may be met at the library and morning noon or ni ht or any quiet even- ing at home. After Christmas the tragedy above took place. .T tl Stan" Il M ,YQ 6 QC, I I I I ,, . A I I . , - , , S ' S "S . ' ' , , . , ' . . , I g . . . , 7 S . , . Q r C U 9 D .. I I I 0 .I . igbszzr h 150 mi nmg , N1 f- f - A 2, ' ,-.124g1gi ,4 ,. ,-M: :1,.1,.3ff W I '1'1'. '. v' K4 ' "H ffl- Y- - -f-1--4 L Y YH , -Y-ll T57 - luil' rj: 7 57, Tx: ffliif' 7 lil!!! VU L uifwl V me M, G' if new I , 5 s s. J N 1 Q l +1 U ' H 1 W 1 'I 'W ' 'r xx , 1 . , yr 5 1, , Hi ' W I 1 V W N M w I n w N 1 F W V. W . 11 , N ' 1 W HN ' w ' H 1 ' w he il l'. ,gw M. 21' I x W ' My ENV lxi W I lf: L 1 gl 5 l l Q L gf? sf 1 'RN W f ' v + gf V fl ' H f I ii' U . , , - W . 1 4 1 I ' HE iw, , 5. .IN ,1 V5 JI! ', "1 lv 'W ZW fg M' fiw W 55 EA NH' 'fl WM Lzg 'mg I,- r i , Q U A M 'W 9 T4 i .1 9 i 4 U y Q Q L ' + F 5 ., f 1' , , . 'V V Y , 7 W , J ww . 1 V J w mr f IM I I 1 NLS!! 'NJ ,yrlm " 1, WV U2 Fl w f el LM wi 151 it QQQQCW ' THE QUANDRENNIAL ' OPPORTUNITY PURPOSE The Ninth Quadriennial International Student Volunteer Convention was held at Indianapolis Indiana from December twenty-ei hth ninteen thenty-three t anuary second ninteen twenty-four. The purpose of the convention was to lead students to realize the needs and possibilities of the present world situation' to direct Christian students to their responsibility in the light of that situation' and to consider Christ and his ways of life as the hope of the world. It decided the needs of the world in this generation and considered ways in which these needs might be met. The wa-tchword of the Student Volunteer Movement is The Evangelization of the World in this Generation. TRIP The representatives of S. T. C. left Valley City on the morning of December twenty-seventh. At Minneapolis they united with representatives from other colleges in North Dakota to form the larger unit known as the North Dakota delegation. From Minneapolis to Indianapolis the delegations traveled by special tram Travelling was a pleasure Absolute freedom on the special trams was conducive to group singing and college yelling and the forming of new acquaintances and friendships PERSONNEL The opemn day of the convention saw at Indianapolis approximately six thousand curious and enthusiastic students from a thousand educational institutions in the United States and Canada They represented all types and races apanese Chinese Hindus Negroes in short students pf all nations tallied together as friends and ln a common tongue It was a line example of the reality of the brotherhood of man To see them to hear t em and to feel their wonderful enthusiasm was a great ln sprration for they were real red blooded students full of life and vigor and yet really interested whole heartedly ln Christian work PROGRAM During the five day session of the convention sixteen meetings were held eleven of which convened in Cadle Tabernacle The others consisting of group meetings were apportioned among the various churches and Shortndge High School We shall long remember Cadle Tabernacle for it was there we had the privilege of listening to such men as ohn R Mott Sherwood Eddy Robert lf. Speer and Cannon Edward S Woods Enthusiastic discussion groups evinced an active interest in securing the world against future wars and in endeavonn to bring about a feeling of brotherhood between all races Many delegates to Indianapolis went there under extremely adverse conditions This fact is only one among many that are indicative of the vast influence that the Student Volunteer Movement plays upon student life DELEGATION CERTRUDE BALE BERNHARD j STRAND BERNICE R BOYER LUCILLE M TEWKSBERRY D AVERILL BURLUM HARVEY E TOMLINSON MISS C A PROCTOR Delegate - , s- ,OJ eu. ,V 11, I s ilu. .- -.. Jg. , l ' 1' v l J 152 ' , -,. - 133-- ...f 1 , .-4, - -,...1,:.41 .Y -,. 1 -..:,-1 ,YJ-- v...-...V -15 -, ,-Y-I l he-Y w , 1 b , X In I , W H Y, I w 1 W I N . I i ' W s 5 w J, f 77 ll! i I' J h 1 1 r B6 , ..,, ., -LW.: O -1-152 41: Gain- f Y '-v- P- Y ' - 7i 1 Qi- h 5' W 0 + T L Ili 5 W Y ' Q I U w 1 I E 1 I lx A X f ' + w f 3 3 W x I X Y Y w K v 1 4 1 1 E I u k L , 9 i ' w ' w I W E T 1 .4 'i Q , W K 1 - , 153 l r 1 n NV 0 A--ll-r Li I ,' I qu . W P 5 a g X i i W . , ? 1 sw -' L 2 1 i 4 T Q E ' 5 u N' 1 H 1 f f , T W .E 1 i 1 P a 2 1, E i 3 Z l 1 f 4 N Q H - I w 4 I 1 I : H 1' 1 . , 1 l 5 w T I I , H F 6 I o 1 5 Q Q V! N W r . R X W Y! ,.,. 16599909 - ii 154 ... T- 4 - .:. 5443: '.?:2.:,T- -H -l-- "X,,- in :Q .. -:..v.s-rs- V - . -T43-:E1:fif. 2e: 4. ,ps- Z C Y S iz- in -- -- f - - --- -- f - Y Q e Q if 3' 4 ,Q-.1 ,mf , JT f as--cf-,-i,:.f.-is.-sJ.t,..v,-s ,c - Used. 1.-...e - Tie. -f.a.- Ixsssa-. ,gigs ..-.-. Q.. SHEY ENNE CURGLES "1 cllaller, chatter, as I flow." Topic of the Week: Out Where the West Begins. 35 -1 SF After- Paving its streets, Bobbing its hair, Installing radios, Equipping a tourists' camp, Organizing Community, Rotary, and Kiwanis Clubs, Entertaining at Mah Jong Aflcr doing all this- We thought that our town was up-to-date! But, in the year of our Lord, 1924 faccording to the Saturday Blade, Chicagol, a pack of three hundred hungry timber wolves swept through Main Street, four nice quiet Main Streetj, with the fury of a cyclone. -if 'E JF PREPAREDNESS We are especially impressed with the "flimsy cabins," and the "sod and frame houses" into which we scurried before the onslaught. To the Kiwanians much credit is due for their keen foresight, last summer, evidenced in the con- struction of a stoutly built hut. More of these refuges should be provided thruout the city e'er the Saugeen Mountains again emit a band of ravagers. 'F PI- 'F MAYORIAL PLATFORM No candidate for mayor of Valley City should consider his platform complete without this plank: "All wolves shall be permanently retired to the Saugeen Mountains." . 46 95 JF A NOTE OF THANKS Valley City has been the recipient of many letters of condolence since her recent tragedy was exploited by the Saturday Blade. This kindly sympathy and offers of assistance are greatly ap- preciated. Many North Dakota towns are Mes- pecially anxious to assist, since several of their citizens spend nine months of thc year in Valley City. -is P5 45 A NOTE OF EXPLANATION After reading of the interesting mountain range "to the West of Valley City," the casual observer might wonder why we indulge in hiking, skiing, and golfing, but never in mountain climbing, This abstinence may probably be accounted for by again referring to the Bladeg the Saugeens are honeycombed and wolf-infested. We are living in a wonderful section of the country, according to Chicago newzpaper accounts The following is taken from "A Line O' Type or Two," in the Chicago Daily Tribune: "OUT XVI-IERE. THE WEST BEGINS" By Snowshoe Al. The town ub Roarin' Hell Gultch seemed ter quiver at the sound uv revolver shots frum within 2 fingered Casey's ice l-:reem parler, an' a mo- ment later Wyoming Willie stept out uv the frunt door with a smolcin' revolver in each hand. "Dammit," he howled, "when I order a chokolate sody I dont want sarsaparillyl l hate sarsapar- illy!" Reachin' inter his hip pockit, he drew forth a plug uv Peter's Milk Cliolcolate an' bit oft a fasefull, then seatin' hisself on the porch he proceeded ter cut I7 more notches on his guns. "Wasa matter?" sed sheriff Jim Anderson, as he peered forth frum the Y M C A readinh room across the street. "Oh, nutin' much," sed Wy- oming lvlvillie, as he spat casually at a horned toad fall western stories have gotta have that in 'emJ, "l only lcil! Casey, 3 swecles, 5 greasers, an' 3 chinlcsf' "Oh," sed the sherrif, as he shut the window agen, 'il thot it wuz somethin' ser- tous. just then 2 indians breezed by. 'il-ley," sed Wyoming, "does you 2 cigar-signs wanta play a frendly 3 cornered game uv mah jung?" "Ugl1!" sed one uv them, as they stopt, "mah jung heep big cake-eater game. Me an' my frend cheef Yellow-Streelc, we play mah jung bimeby now we playum golf." "You an' yer frend are heep big stitfs," said W. Willie, as he tore open a box uv ltrackerjaclc an' searched thru it fer the prize. The prize wuz a tin wissle. "Oh, goody, goody!" sed W. Willie gazing joyfully at it. Then empty- ing the box uv lcraclccrjacl: into his fase he. started down the street. The sun wuz slowly sinlcin' behind the Alle- ghany mountings tha afternoon, wen the sound uv runnin' feet an' excited voices reeched the ears uv sherrif Jim Anderson. Layin' aside his copy uv Omar Kiam, he stuck his hed out of the window an' saw a eaisighted mob carrying a man cn a board and the man wuz shrieking awllul shrielcs of agony, human suffering and murder. "Wot's it all about?" sez the sherrif. "lt's Wyomin' Willie," sed one uv the exsighted mob, "he's jest fell often a horse on the merry-go-round an' dislocated his humbf' "That's tuff," sed the sherrif, shakin' his hed sadly, "them merry-go- rounds is dangerous things." - ,ms +.A.c.-.---- ,....,... -Y .J-2.--.... --5, L..-. , .-,Y I, n -. .:-- v-T-.5? '-'ff.t. -rn.. ...::, Aff- Y'T'Y?N'TTYfQTX , -1 YY , , CC-WTXZTJTMTW c-,Q-.2 9 .'3.,,t--,-,..J t - -1 - -4 ' ---:sat -4 - ...1. .....,1, ,J -,v.-s::s1:e.H-1 cz.g....,.r..4,-41. -2411: sf.-.-.1-s:1..-..., - .4...4.4...4,,.....4 , 4 lair ., - W M- ..,, - Iidiii L r 5 1 M K l n 1 LOYALTY SONG Alma Mater, staunch and true, With our banner red and blue, 3' May the years that pass away Show our loyalty. - May our lives forever prove All our gratitude and love. al v 0 1 3 Q 1 . A Q I l ' 4 L l M g w . lr Q' I Q . .1 r 1 7 ll 4 l .1 Q w 1 Let us pledge our faith alway l In S. T. C. Alma Mater, Alma Mater, Broad as the rolling prairies, Deep as the heavens blue T r w 1 Are the hopes and aspirations held for you. May every son and daughter I Serve you faithfully. Then hail, all hail, dear , Alma Mater, S. T. C. May the years that pass away show our loyalty. l l 4 D E s Q r H 5: ai Q ' f a L 8 , 5 ' l l l N f l tf sbs: t s f M r y y A :ee-pe. 156 I Fholo by R. Kenneth McFarland at ,tw W'-Xt 1 yaidlwdj , at X, nl . E I A Q State Teachers Cotteg - VM' ' VALLEY CITY, NO fJ t i ' , T 0 : ,nfl - f ' , ' . t l The largest treacher tra' ilfg 'tutiowa?g g1 gr! college X 2 x l in North Dakota. W I 1- fx X l is uf A at it l F e co jgletio o fou Ay of bigiond i 9 ' raduation, l : vs. l JUJEHAC-TgQiev94!Pl PU ' W0 M FX 1 f ff - Q eg ffl!! BAC oR'6f,A7,5hls'4tlv ED CAfis7oN OW 3 E i tx' ' I , X 7 Aff! iven. e g42s der W E El I ' . xt ' I ' 1 EM! .ms T OLQ5gOJXj6QffTtT1F1CA TE Q 5 ' - f T T Q . l W' niiliaticgsy re is fiyxfkcelglnt op ortunit Fha prepare fo lk hest X X R Mg l te c ing positipnfin the pu ic schools, seco dagfsfwgi as elyrf n olaff lil X l . , . ' ' E a,rf an Staeleds jgiefo lT l:fore!ffZl one and two 1 y vel bg ond ig sdhoollgra . l f 5 T ozgpdcial lcrtiyicates to teach Drr-Eng, Music, Manual Training, Home Eco- -G 'Q Q T nomics, and Commercial subjects in four year high schools are secured by two years X T of work beyond high school graduation. . ' K Z ' Well equipped departments of Agriculture and Hygiene and Physical Educa- X sis 1 tion offer exceptional opportunities for special training. Our Conservatory of Music 5. X- 5 , E attracts many students from all parts of the state. ' ' i ' l Q ' f A fine new Physical Education Building was completed this year. This build- X i ing is fully equipped with lockers, showers, and apparatus, and has the best basket- , i ball floor in the state. Q Q For full information about the Stale Teachers College and its attractive if Q :X l courses, write to -Q' I, E t at fl fy A if-. ' ' '- K -' x . NN U , ,A . l t t 1- X '75, - C. E. ALLEN, Pre-Sldenf fr fi , ,rf i Qs bel I flu' i 4 2 'Q ' R VALLEY CITY, NORTH DAKOTA ff 'fl i, T" 5 . X X-fl i 5 p :ffl .lf fr' f-'J tl Qstsfi 'T ' 'T fx for ' : R425 K X A 9 ," A - - ', 'AK xy fan il s 4,1 T -1:1-gl' ---n- - -n-.l-4.-.u-I--------u--n-rgsa -,X3T?f4lI1i7.Q KA s X .gf -h C ' N l I l W f". k 5 X , J- -XV h 'I Xff . , G X R ' H Y xf 'Y 'N l ' ' X3 f' T as Rosa , i, r it of e RX .X ,' X- sly' F If-'T All -Alf' 1 ' gcqgy 153 . . Af A' ' ck pf ,l z T " 1, ff V g Q- gi I , 451 A ' , r ' X ' , - ' 'l , ' , f- I ' , s. A- in V -i 1 4- can t, t - 5- , 4 'U Ogg ' ki I .,.- -W f,-' n l k tk 1. 1 - '- -VQJQQ , L R, ,- I 1 -' .f K N - A Y 1 O gy, Q, kr 9 n , x - - ' , 'X , - v ,- - ., if ' - , A Lf' S y 5 ' 1 V - o ta X, --4, TRY THE D KQTA Dang, A 51 -1 "V ,. I You will find the Merchandise in this Store of the highest quality at the prices I ' l you want to pay. Come in and inspect our stock of- ' l TOILET ARTICLES STATIONERY L PATENT NIEDICINES SCHOOL SUPPLIES I RUBBER GOODS KODAKS and SUPPLIES T HOSPITAL SUPPLIES COMES and BRUSHES g CANDIES PYRALIN IVORY l Q CIGARS AND TOBACCO CLOCKS and WATCHES I . . . . W You will always find a Registered Druggist at your Service at all times to give you 1 E 'f if' f Individual Attention. E q I Mail Orders Send us your I given prompt D k t D g C p y Kodak Films g and aeenrate a 0 0 ru VVe guarantee 1 Attention Valley City, fvorlh Dakota. batisiaetion I A I l 1 1. 1 - 1 -ui - 1 1 -1 1 1 1 -- -ln1un- 1 1u- 1u1n- 1 1u1u1 1ll1ul1 ning- 1 - inin-nxu 1111111 nn-suis-n-an-mein:--ua1n:1n--:l1:u:lu1lu1ul:nQ? 6 i Lefrz,,i.. i x ' I . . U Q , - PHOTOGRAPHER gf., Lf' R ' f A 4' . f if X71 MLIILX.. 4 'C 5 A , 5. .2 - ' 1' fx Q-'24 I in if . f "L,f"- f: We wish to say we are pleased to liavdwfpp- ' ,QL I portunity of using this space for the pugpose UV' of tlianking the students of the State T C 'fqlx ers College for their kind patronage and 5 would also say that any further patronage ' would be greatly appreciated. l I Special Reduced Prices to Students l I 508 W. Main Street Valley City, N. D. fj , , fl .f-4, If ' - if -ninl--ll-vainILu-Il-uzuin1ll1lu:1:11xiiuuiQli'?zl!r-Siu-Inidljihdvifingggilliljrw' A 1fvf.f"V'--41-45-'f9""' fe LW K ifrptil 9' wb i " ' I 'fry W ,Q 'A " J eofiswr if li 5 r , , i.q1.......-ll-.n . V 3. WE W 61-AQ 4-ig? 224 E Exchan e in X 2 K Nw fl XX QLMAAIC fa: 5 !2vrA.4.,g1.J" LAELE. NELSON .""M". . 11 iet +1'G-""" . U I , WV. F. KERNKAMP H6S1 en Y, . X S.ONGtNiIce P1'esideIt S 2 'K t Z " ' I . . , 1 if .J . W ' ' - ' ' id? H f E 'iff D' 'L ini: " " -' : "Luigi Y 111217 714: :-e-:url :: is J. E. JONES .... Asst. Cas ue ' LIXLCONDUN . . . ISSN Isuc 1. WMV' ' I CTS A GENERAL BA NKING BUSINESS E Qafety Deposit Boxes for Rent - I 72. ,U . - p1ta1 and Surplus S121,500.00 4 INTEREST PAID ON SAVINGS ACCOUNTS E A I -as1:-fu1ct 1+ u , - ' . 4 ' I V' I vi fr' ' Z' 4 " I - .,.f'r 1 ml UI P xlx I 'x . 1' ff .-..L..-..-.. f taavixf... tiff I-L. .Za . ' i J I A Giiiti V511 Cir qliidt il f-'J move rom a ey .1 y, y 1 n f '-al I S r 0 , send to- J' , I 77. 1.9. R O B E R T S O N S FOR WOMEN'S WEAR ' ! 1n1:u1uu-1:1-niuI11.11.11-in-1.11-11s.-an1--1---n1nu1n1n---11 1 1u1u1n1u1nn1u:1n1ls1oc!a iginn-n1.nigpTg'Tn1llTl.1lq1g'' TI1nan-n-l:-n:il:fu1l:-::fn:4u--nf ::L ni-I: IT. . E : I - S. A. Zimmerman 1 O. KNUDSON Physician and Surgeon Jeweler . Watches and Jewelry 209 Fifth Ave' Fountain Pens and Pencils Phgnesj Qffice 6 Sold at Right Prices HOITIC 366 Valley City, North Dakota .? .Qu-.. . ' . .. ' E? ' Q.. . .-...L ' . .. ..- '.- ' . -.. -.. .4 ' ' -.. .. , K - 4' T I EP ' . The well-worn stepping stones in the ur u ent c us s he I- Li ' . other side-step by st, slowl , carefully, surely. he same stepping stones are ' 91 f at our feet in the tur of li and not one should be missed or V - e i A , 1 step made. Acquiring the habit of en mg a little less than the amount earne -- Q, ' i and using the difference as a stepping stone-creates faith, confidence and character ' ' and eventually places us upon a solid financial and social foundation. hw . ' W stone of S5 .00 safely saved each month under our plan matures to fi 0 . in a few years. 57,50 each month-Sl5.00.00g 510.00 each dd ' ' Zi month--52000005 3525.00 each month- S5000.00, and other amounts in pro- 5, -SL portion. Take the first step nowg send for literature. , , 1 AJ FIDELITY BUILDING AND LOAN A. SWIATEON - I -5 ' 4 Operating State-wide under the lawsgf Wm palgota. , ' ' u HOME OFFICE: VALLEY CITY, N. D. ,f 1 ' D. W. Clark. President John D. Gray, SQCTCMPQ ,, I4 I '.f Fred J. Freclrickson, V ice-President and Attorney fy H ' h I iii' Illxiiiifl 72: i: if I: Zi :Ziff " I: ff fl Z: 2: :I :I I :I ' "M -M if TT jffd g .X i - fe A fs. 574 I 0 f I 77 H' be W ii - f ' ' E B X. ? as ' '- , QE- A ' ,- - ' 1 '7 Wwwbf f ' s X if ' M W! 1 n I ni na-lliini u-nl nn 1:1-nl 1:1 111+ .' A s Af ' I , ' yaffv, , D ' VC. ' I Y I H . f l , H A H 1 , i I , V jj H L 5 1 0' B We , " E. is a 'ns ' tion ub e Sli vig , egg ie - re fu . . ll al : iability, respons 11ty, ' a sql in . o te a bu ' ss p 'cy at the outset, there t b o deviation, NNY- 'yn to L9-QM f re. ' 11 9, Alfner clising I titution must be loyal to the cummunit ' 1 o ew l i yfv p s ' 't . bl with this, it must not be satisfied merely to as a affyx ' the aim to do better. ' I N. Aiming high for itself, it ye ust not be a drag upon, but a vitah-am o il 1 WMM H , for, the comm nity. JV I ,A f, 1 b I l 'O A I! est a ve t'si d other should be deli' ' I H I ll f . . .4 J 1.1 , co e c ' e unity IS the greatest asset a merchant may have. ,mfs ' f r uf f et t f a - . . a if ' n tr ,that " sin s a business." Fl here is sentiment in business as well. , J rl if A, . ' sm s st bel ot merely the means of' a livelihood, but something the rr ' My r ant fl s for itsil . With that love he cannot fail to give to it the best that ll 's in him. H ' ll Business should be carried on for mutual benefitg the institution making every 'l effort to hold its patrons, the patrons taking just pride in the institution. Consideration for employees must be the merchant's tenet on the score of rl . . . . E business policy as well as of humanity. T u ll J A merchandising institution, be it a dry goods store or what not, is simply a in Q1 lt "service station," supplying the needs of the community. ,, A rightly conducted store is as much a necessity to the community as is its K J ater department. The service given by the store is just as essential. 'L And finally, the rightly conducted store is built from the ground up on the V J l 1 b is of community' helpfulness, of service and courtesy to the public. , ' 9? 1 l . M J df 1 MXN. gl H Qgglillomv STORE V, u - .Ur tl-.QEss......,...-..-.....-.-....-.-....-.s,..-.., . tifl wtl if nf 'lltlslllw ts A I W l C 'l"i'l'1ll-ul J X SLTLX1 XL I -- H7 Ig U- cf, Q I L K ' B Xi - '!"1ll1'll1ll-1 111111:-v i N 5 .... I I -N I Wi-ISI 1 S 2:5 ' s- - - 16 'Y' 'XXX-4I 'N ' 5? rf Ta 'rf I-U W U E 5 Ij' I AQ Q4X XII Qi 7.7535 Q El'f'?5- Q KI 5: EQAIEIXQQRXFISI Q 1' I I 2 E, I U, Q5 rg XY? Qgqgwf SQ? R I : Lx - xi X : Q, , y.4 S. :N 5 "S L, E : I E. 2 2 XXH MSX! I - '- O- O dk ii: UQ 0 2+-O N-5' .Q 2 Xi 5 I5 tl: :I , ,U 1.411 S9 :1222 Zsgfaggg QQ id. "' - X ' ' S 3 ' 'A 5 9 ' :s ' : . I -4 ca 5 Rd 2 Q Q In U1 E Q55 ET Q I X Q, X I 2 Uv 1 fx 2 5 5' Q2 5' 5. I 5, 2 4 0 . I ' : s ' I Q Q P1 8 S 3 i -2--I--..-..-..-, 5 24 :I 'CZ' I I fu U 1+ '-"---------------------..-..-..-,,- 1 - I an -4 :L -1 W I ,..-,,,,,- -------I---------1. L v-1 X O E I I nn-u1uu-nn-un-.....,,,,1-'1n Dm-I-inillil-1...-. N I O Q C o U E. 1 5 "-"""""' -'-3- rx X 1 F- my O 'I I 4 -1 I SF-sawgn If X : U: Z I T Q H . 5 'IN' 1- I B P1 S9 Z I 1 Q Z Q I f I Q- -4 -1 5 1 i 9 rf: 2 5? I I ' A I I Q H' g i F U I In :xt E' g y.. . I Q S a I I Z pg. F9' I 'Y I I 45 , .., I cm 0 , 0 z . 2 I I r- rf O : I 2 1 2 C I F1 4 0 fb 3 I - Cb I 1 Z I 2 C 3 9, a r-r I IX - I - UQ U2 un I , . O Q Q.. E ... - I E Q : I I 5, . -4 2 W us O n I-Q I ' - Fl- I EP.. ' I I E C50 D' FT 5 F Q, I I ' I 1 1 9, FD f: I . Y li'-luis:-ll:-nu1uu-u .g1,.,.,1l' 1' ---'li i i 93 5 E I N fcfcf-V-4x5 In-In-I'-In-I'-N-"-""'I' 3"-"I-'7--I--M-..-..- I 5' QT -If , f Y, I "T"-"""'"""'f"-'-----I--I-----T I QU f ,. fu' ' Jmfffffdmfu Jeff? , Xe' ' I, 7 ' 1 -" ,. If 1, J' 5 ' P11-b2,lI-HZ I 7 . V, W f ,,6fyrL,Z,zlpff,!4! yi fyucj Jud! .. . , ',f'1 . , -fx..,- K,-' 1 , 117' T. f! "f,v1f5fn4Z! 1 Rx X 'x If ' n yuf-',0'K'ff," J, n 1 X". ? Mawfaikffww ffm ZW' QJL f,V0ff'w V'?7ai.' b1f a,a,f . WMO - V4 0 0 2 7?'?fl,L5f'Ml?llf,Qy,AX-j,1lISf atlonal Bank 5 W aH6' Clty, North Dakota UV fACapit 1,and.sufp1uS S200,000.00Qf ' al .f X-'V 'xkuv , fe I N, .ffuf-JUMJ Auf' N ,IA ji , D Q X h v H 1 -,fix TywfE??L71k that Puts Servic MMM!! N vp ff yy Jiufto e Public, Foremost jjblgv WM J A VK- 1 f fav f' x' - - - : ' ' KA A K 1 ln zts Business Q mg, C Wy-Q ax' O ! As, 1 s aa 15 WW 4 f an A 'wa iff! A' 'W ' MQ? 7uJifizi 4 KKVWMM M , ,A jf2ft"jM?' ' 'IAAI 'XM Dfffjwjj jjffwfjfgfb 'fJ' M . I 2, ai af q f : jf in , ,D Om f,f,f,.g,?, 515--,- . i -N Ccfs Mx lffjiffj J ' Qs, JO!-IN TR25,iCY!xP'csiJeni ROBERT ANDERSON, KIQMP' 1 , Q L DQRBY EY, Vice-Pres. C. F. MUDGETT, casma-. A 1, Ma, I R N irec ors .fm M". N a AQ' Q 1 CY D I c E MUDOETT . id F ft D355 WTMALLEY EiA: PRAY " I xl X R- - ' R B NDERSON I.. s. 'x " 'K 5 , .41 I J R , A IJ R, Q lg ,XJ VQETA WARD E 5 X W j 5 FRANK SANFORD s x X5 ,QQ Aw S1O.E.E. O,E..,,-.. O.E.-.:,.E.E.Ei.E.-.........,H,,,.,.,,,, aa Us WL, fm M , . - ,R L knx SR, , If My A i Q M Lffgifiw- 1 LT- f Rc, ,Q , R- J ,f . U 4. 5 , j 4- -, . MXH. Jw ' ,R Jggl' . QW so RWAR W!! HE RS ML' y I ' N I - I : LUMB A WOOD , X 5 . I , , E .......-.........-.. Qu . . .. . ... f -. -.....-..-..-......................g. 7----------------vJ44-- -- ---- V -- M+?l--- --------------------------------E' i Bu r gp 4 2 Wg f IKKLESON 3 , 1 CN- "' ND' f - V ' Q SHOE REPAIR SHOP i L 1- h Hgme B er tan I l 77 ' i iikkfgia ,R Work Guarantged 6 3 QB nc ac me gastrys Q E Prices Reagonable g L y ty, th Q afcota I i 1 ho. 44 MIDDLEWEST TRUST CC. K X I I-ul-ll-eg: nu---I-ll-ll-Ill-Il-Hi' 'I' '-ll-ll-'l1'l-"1"1"1"-"'1"1"""'-"-""-"i' f R . ' Q 'V' 'L--f " Q, fi, Most of the PhotoQA1ilf,1.Q 4 V1.SyiQ,ll,,.,Ri4Ad R MBI I I xo ff fc" " "vga "4"f 'ffl' ' """"V1if'-iff-42'f.2pr44f' By A 2 RMQ 1 mwth McFarland i i r PHOTOGRAPI-IER i 1 ass I5 l I I L 'Z5'XiZ""f'Z'flT"""'""""""m'"""""""""'7"""-""'-"""Hi - f X I' , , , ff' gf ' ' fl - ,,f9fng.R.xZf ,ff fp- 'lfLfa:1ffvfLff1fq f 4 1bffLR'b"3 . Oljldxr' owfcl Rf- ' Miz-L 'fl . . , , I yfffti l'-. rf ,if MV - ft"-fk 1. - yf ,M pw Q r i All ' 'ffl' lj .J . X l 1, J .14 X lf 'X iz i + 1 f' ' " WJ J! 'gffLx :2 T2 22 '11 SI I Z lP l:' lflllllll 1 ' xl,-jf, I lj! 'ij ' x', V Q Xjypylx JJ, Tk Sq.. Q6 f --fi K. lj KU' 0 0 0 ' i ,ff if ,gf The Survival of the Thrlftle Q A Vl : , I . William Jennings Bryan and others are up in arms against Darwi s i A theory of the "survival of the Fittestf' but we f el sure that if Darwin - i Q? I were alive toda he and Bryai would agree ,the theory should be 6 I i changed to.E7J Mi! i I: 7 " I-I LV O T IFTIESTN 5 X if 'F ' he eal sin 11' 'ch, ' found, would turn failure T ii succ . F' it y ' r o pros rity is complete. The best f ace oo or it ' u Q S ings indo of t is rank. A Savings Pa ook the k ne . Q i : ' j ' 5 TRUS O ANY . ' Q alle City, No t D ota. . fy 1 l - s - i . ' i N VQY 11" u---1 nu u In -I-n 1 lm-1 n-.. I 1111 1 1 u-n-u1n1n-ul-141 5 u an A nu- un--nn 5 I-nu. u ' -u-n via :eu hu :urls-ur-lu-In-ll1ll1uu1ll1ln1ll1ll1ll-Igf QD g 5 i . H Y, , i PANTORIUM 5 - I - - . 1 . 1 . ' "' a ' Cleaners and Dyers 7 l I 2 VaI1CyCify A'0rt11Dak0tz1 l Q , - A DL JJIOSIS I 4 WE DO 1 1 - Q B b - I l I x L v an 20 , 1 dl ..t ank Building : I Tailoring Cleaning i i lux fit 7 Res. Phone 142-W Dfgeiiifie Prgsirye i 2 . ' e ming 'em E g g I Valley CUP, N- D- E e Fur Work lgleating Q Q-.. .H-..-,.-...-..-..-..-..-..- , -..-....,.i. .i..-..-..- -..-..-..-..-........................i .!...-...-..- .- .-............-........-..-..- ... ....-...-...-..-.. ---.- ..-..-..-..-..-..-.........-..? l L : ji THE HEDSTRUM GROCERY l I ' . : 2 f ,gf . 01 I I Ji- I 3 fy OJWHW , QUALITY Foons VW-J' I flwgpfifj 1 V1-Vw 9 ff f . I 1 ,Phones 208 and 322 QW ff'-, T'f.ff4" I mf! l ' , 'lilgv-nd-v -mu 1-11 nn1nl1lu1n1ll1l 111111 uilliuill-Mini 'ifQ2fW"".' J -7'9Lf'l?,iwf"' 7 J fl' ' ,I M ,4' j r Vi ' , , - of ,. - l n 1 , ,Me .J J A fy! I , "1 1 1 li A ev , 'tx WH A QW S51 X L - , ff? L i 5 im ,I ' WX 5 , jf mix ' 3- if 'D D My I l R 'r - ? S f P- e. 1 E 0? ' A X . X rf ff xii ' L M' NORTH DAKOTA X MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY Q be D. W. CLARK, Sec'y VALLEY CITY, N. D. I! : 5' i . M5 AML L I 5 J4,4,4.f'L N MQW Wm WM Wwe-Ml' 2 Huff l MW 1.-...qgrwefei..-..-..-..-wide.z2.fiMgjwf:5:5:..-..-..1df--7,,i-5? "Nm 'i'?'7QZ75"if"S"6Jh?E""i'i"i' lf T 3 Valley City Dry 'N df! 'Q Q1 Cleaning Works Q I Q f ,F ,Q f iaf Mail Orders Promptly Fille 3 A 'KL Qc : American Exchange Banff B .J I l fy," Q FAI ff J. fd V gfliiiffl Hospit L' 1, fd . If X 5 L! Tixlffffmv 2 U -to-Date Shoe Rel airi " ' ' ' L ' ft K . A' A' il' . . A li Mail Orders returned sam? y a , I-' ffl fi I received I ' , if , L M ' I K ff ff. K Aff, l 5l2 Fifth Aven e 'f f61x-51jflifLLAR, angry' ffl in Q 5 I Valley City, IKQFQUI foffzd 'M ' 'lf' fi C ff' -lf X-3 fl 'im-..-..-...-......-.. Q.-.' ...7fL. .. . 4... 6... .rwarlii . ,4- , F, F' frw9rw i9+EfWFS6iiiH? .ap 1, We ff ,' f1i"gfj, A1 ffl J W Qfff ,r' ,f - ', . H J 5 . A' 1 M r A 5' f 'ij C. A f' Q s' ii " ! I if n A KW dl , rg MJJ. ' a J ' , . . D Q SJ I I I I L 1 J Nwqli 1 f 7 Nz" '-4 I YV , . gp iq., 1 7 W , .Jr 7, g,,,vv .l , D L ,... ,, I ,s Q... 5.,- ,W .., , A f ' ' -Qs ve' f sf ....,. .X- . iv X' zlrkigd Lcvkofi ' N. L-x . kt I JK, vt. .tg eg 1' ,' B' . 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I SX I If Formerly Sachs' 'I E In ' l' I E Yourlsatisfzziction our first I I N 3 COHSI efatlon , : I 5 ' I I X 1 I I A ' . ' : I I Phon 4- IIE' ' ln 0 Valley City, N. Dali. I t -I I -1 .,--.1'.1"i"1.-I-ui.-tl-1-.1.'1u-"1-'1u1uq. ,......-.--u11-11:-nu1u1u1ll-ll-ll-'Il'-"-"'1' nln-n-n-n--1-----11'--n---I.-..-...-..-n-. ..-'n-uI-HH-H''-""""""""""'-"'-""-"""'-"1"'Q' F h D CENTRAL LIFE PAYS I eat erstofle ental i I 0150.00.if totaI1y disabled I Offlces 10,000 'lf you lrve 20 years 1 I D 10,000 lt youngw alaydtlnglei 5 Dr. A. O. Schjeldahl 20,000 lf 3CC1 egta lei t American Exchange Bank Bldg. E6ff!I,hEgy,gREY, Ri:-riJTl?ne4i?:I II f I . .- I : I Q Ove: American Exchange Banff I I I Prone 444 Valley city, North Dakota li'I--ulr1-111-vu:-rr-1-fn:-111:-u1nu-nn-uni 1 in--11.4 oio.............-...1..-1.-..1-nI-u-uu1u-Il-ll1"1'l-"Il .g..-..,.......,....-.......-...-...-...-..-..,.-,..-,,,,-,.,.-,.........-..,.-,.,...-..,-...-..,,-,...-..........- - .. -,.....-.,..-.,.... - I 1, . 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'J' 1 PRINTED BY TL" ' 4' ' I l i 2 PRINTERS OF I 1 i Q Fine School Annuals, Catalogues, Booklets, I ,Q 1 E Circul TA, Folders and General ' 31 A N l 1 f K Wm wg . 1 16 Sixth Ave. Ncyrthi 44fxiV7'fVUfkW 'fW4Te1fRW4+q? ---,-4il , f7 ,fyqzv fifjzzl ff'-"X-VU ' , 1 1 1 1 1 l ! 1 1 i 1 i ! 5 1 , . 1 I 1, : i 1 I 1 o I i 1 1 , . f ggfggffglifggw l.T,,,,,.61fU f-uf-ffwfrfof , f" - -7-yrkqf fzfzf.,-Q 70a-ofyf -7f0Off"'f'f-Y!-0 ' 'JVIJWLC ' '-UV ff V 7 J V if I Q ,. ,V-yyi 77-5 f-Dfw,-0 "3f'fr'1f- L -Q7 "'1f7WffMfV'WW1'f"i'Q0 W4 f SEEKERS xg S A O ' ' 1 i 1 , W ace ou in ost deslra le t S ' XJ' E A ing sitiol 'E b 'Nfl 5 -X I Becfuse. T' 1 I1 Tax nd Ei Ofice Over Dalfota e I" T txorzjsailta n It wlll be 1 our Vanta i J, V, I en ear S Office Hours: 9 to I2 and I to i ,EAC .Sy E a L 5 ' . R.- e 'es. H Phone 79 i ' 1 L ta ,u,, E? il'-inlvlli-lui 111115:-:lrnlllx-lnvllurn-llilv . gpli gl... 'lin 'lin I I-1.11. '-A G4 -E -'X T gi - G. A. 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Suggestions in the Valley City State University - Viking Yearbook (Valley City, ND) collection:

Valley City State University - Viking Yearbook (Valley City, ND) online yearbook collection, 1925 Edition, Page 1


Valley City State University - Viking Yearbook (Valley City, ND) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


Valley City State University - Viking Yearbook (Valley City, ND) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


Valley City State University - Viking Yearbook (Valley City, ND) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Valley City State University - Viking Yearbook (Valley City, ND) online yearbook collection, 1924 Edition, Page 141

1924, pg 141

Valley City State University - Viking Yearbook (Valley City, ND) online yearbook collection, 1924 Edition, Page 98

1924, pg 98

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