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, X mm' Pmw-qw if Qlwm LOU! Upmq cw'D WWW , mud ADD omdvwo o mwah Qbdwcggdwub QU' WW H CMO CVMQQ UO? Qwvghmwcoi Gund 3 Jwpww Sb X J K A YOLJ Qlpxb Th 'CHL J: hcflfweilw Qfgt X Pb TO SEG Q Weld -Q HA U x VCA fC is Q A QWM WCLEZCG m-Nga H4105 QAWNIEF QVGA 9 9 2 'Q 'V s mx' .9 S - . KA I 561 tx LA I' , Uv f f . ,N 5' u il mwah gf X QL ' 1 ' Hmgn Q x U n v . ' . N N33-N ii-MV? K. i Lim, Um pwww SQ 55, , 31 if X mmm 1355 F M Q ' ,, Q5 "1-if - 1 - 1" -. ' , F K-A69 J ,N 'ff -X Q V f K . ..,. qw 0 K Atv! '-,, Y. M 5:5 E .xg , MD Q ,Q ' N' 631- Nlgqf Qi? ,,,.., ,, Y-fqm "Q MV -glw. Wm 1 JCZ HY-S2 I J ' 5 52 f In U j Q!! ! 4-,.- - L' D P1 lj . ,,,,, M 1 ,f ff , W?" X 'v , X , . 'L v5 0 A, W f' 'f 1 1 ' 0 ' 2 pq X, , 5 'O Y- NXNXDJY . ' "' b ffm! UN VX f"J'ifQnJ.9126 NRL- xr. QQ 6'jV, PM I xgwk' 4 SHN ijiih, mfg fvfk' W! KYWQ-ffm' Ay' ww new 39 'J Bgoglf 41 Wa! Afiffefk W? MQ ff , msg? G'-9 1 Ufilbrj x , wffwf-6f36Q4fU.kfwQ pun Maw, LXTMJAJ ,po lem? . iw M90 VQCLfLC'J0L60 aww ,D Lg 49614 JJ-ww, lopu-e Cl qc-od JEL, Q 1A'.l,,2-le 'Fog po-G-+OJK,'p.J 1039K bud' I in bla5J4 MU -:I klwb. N0 Quan' Jwfve .boon A grew + 5604- Klee looking jwov-J. 'Effyou-C ffm" -5, CS'acob, and 'Zvwj kello. PFIHE bf wi-kk yuvx, Lkblfi 9. 012 L MWUD 6-f3g.'4Y.2M'i-SSH 409- O2S2, WWE WNV? .imfrvm , 'QQEIB V, f-r1'vrf'f"V"'P'S? '1"'vQ'g-1' 0"QFv , x'mDM'J'+ -' - f fn' 'N1TJ'w-ygj? , 'wwf mf ,f'mTfff -V -x,wm W9 "v6'7L nffwfvv C: P74 fvfvfw -W 'xx 7U'U1,4f1 'TNA' 6 1 wprsflip 1 , , I A fW'x,N'7qA,r?-XA! Www QW ff WW ww' 'vw f 'ww vlO'1AfU lrQQ7L 1,970 do 9:9210 A rw-my AADW, W'KMf'-fy. 'u"""f fo rw W9 wwf 1 nw W., fvprmil afhof-wif' 'V Ya pwyg '9fz7W'f1f WWF WMO :mp Tx VYHTUQGX lyfgfllf l'-.ww Ei "qt" 5-+ A XJXX Q N., Cv 6- Q O .-W 'Z- Q W 2 F12 " 2 'Y' i .. L2 if 5 2 x "N 5' C D Q -' fd f S 1 ff + vi -. 9- 'L P- ... 5' 5- M-P L'-4,-- Q. jr-' Q ... 0' 4 Kf X Q-'54 P' '1 F' A' ' H 5- 4 O, +- fs LQ 1- f' M ,Fa . " E "w 4 my :, Q r , Cb X- xl' +- S ff' F5 'X Q. ,.,.-1 1. Freshmen Nikki Cook and Stephanie VanderStoep 2. Seniors Beth Miller, Brian Davisson and Amy P ascoe 3. Sophomores Damon Jones and Terry Bretz 4. Juniors Darrin Benzer and Lori Gustafson aCH1A F RIENDSHIPS STUDIES 9 . MT. Q 'Y lx fn. 1 X Ar. - 3 , I Q SPIRIT! r XM 1 . F-iw ir -f. -k b . 5.41 9. ADMHNIISTRATION FACULTY -4 SCHGULBGARD , L. 5 I - 3 4 . ' at l I 4 FACULTY 'ff' "Y BARRY BARNES Bible 10, ll, 12 Dean of Students BERNIE BENSON Science Volleyball Coach Girls' B-Ball Coach BESS BOLKEMA Choir Bible 9 American History Student Council Advisor MARLIN BROEK Social Studies Boys' B-Ball Coach Athletic Director President's Club Advisor DEBBIE BRENNAN English 9 DR. FRANK D'ANDRAE String Quartet Band REBECCA HAMER English 10, ll, 12 Yearbook Advisor Cheerleaders Advisor Senior Class Advisor Why do I teach? Ive had days when I honestly couldnt remember Days when I felt overwhelmed by stacks of ungraded papers aborted lesson plans un chscnplmed students d1spleased parents demandmg senlors, silly cheerleaders and approaching yearbook deadlines On those days God brings to mmd the com tmttment I made e1ght years ago to the educatron of teenagers I declded then that the only worthwhile oc- cupatton for me would be one where I could have a posltrve unpact on the lives and mrnds of young people I can t say how successful Ive been at doing that but I am confident that I m involved 1n the ministry that God has for me I love my students at Valley and want to see them excel in all areas of their lives We are actually educating each other Igust pray that I have taught them as much as I have leamed from them Miss Hamer I 1 ,so 7 9 - I . if " ' K K 9 6 ,, 7 , 0 ' R 1 s 9 ' ., f . . . . , , 9 1 f..z,lf'f' ,M . s . iiiifllv - ' - ' - -L rf,, I, . W , A siwff- :,'1i'ff K , 1 11aW . . ' 9. - . ' I ' " ' 5 , I , 9 21 ax , ,ra , , ram.-' A -' - V - - 1 , ' g is a ' I s 'i V Q ' ' ' - . 'f1,'5z"g H I I K . Q - , - . L, . - A so 1 , 'mf' U ,I . 1'f,gXyj , - , ..- ' I 1 - 1 , f 'Nl I V 1 , 4'- .,,, f ,.,V,f, I I 1. 3 V . V x X H 'ls E Webster defines them as those who instruct. Society soften equates them with the "Baby-sitter." God views one as bearing the responsibilityfof molding properly EI-Iis children's characters .and intelligence. James 3:l gwams that God will incur a stricterjudgment on one. 'Q This "one" is the teacher. Here at Valley Christian we are blessed with a very special group of people who not fonly recognize but are willing to take up the challenge and responsibilities that are teaching. Better than begin just teachers, they are teachers for the Lord. Better than iigjust people, they are people within the Word. Best of all, they are both. No student at Valley will ever be able to look backat his high school year's and not remember at 1 least one teacher and that remembering is evidence ' enough of how effectively they touch. .our lives. .Ephesians 6:10-i1'8 speaks of putting on the whole ears' mour of God. Thankfully, through our teachers, we hve Ebeen blessed with not only personal armour-makers but 5 with personal friends in the Lord. L S . g , 3 5 li' 2 E .I xl . A agrateful alumnus CELESTE JOHNSON Study Hall Supervisor Sophomore Class Advisor KAY KRAVER Business Girls' P.E. Freshmen Class Advisor DAN KUIPER Science Math Junior Class Advisor LINDA MERRILL Algebra I, II Pre-Calculus National Honor Society Advisor HOLT RUTHERFORD Administrator Principal Spanish I VICKIE RUTHERFORD Secretary JOE SERVIN Spanish I, II f- , , - Q V -'T ff 9 ,W 1 FACULTY 5 LEADERSHIP We thank you Lord, for the ten people you have established as the current Valley Christian High School Board of Directors. We are grateful for their spiritual leadership and insight stemming from their walk with Christ. We thank You, too, for the love, talents and time each member brings and invests in the school. We trust you for the results that will be manifested in the lives of our students. Finally, we ask your blessing, wisdom and peace upon these servants and may their reward be from you. , Holt Rutherford 6 ADMINISTRATION, SCHOOL BOARD S iii etia A he 'f few: A .fi ' ,Gi-,955 Q f Q t Q. .- C Q an . ,, W.-1-ggi , ---avg V V A 1 x . t. ,,,,, , S , ADMINISTRATION, L. to R.: Marlin Broek, Athletic Director, Guidance Counselor, Holt Rutherford, Ad- ministrator, Principal, Barry Barnes, Dean of Students SCHOOL BOARD, Front Row L. to R.: John Sullivan, Secretaryg Rosemary Mehan, Jim Carpenter, Michael Tucker, Vice- Chairman. Back Row, L. to R.: R. Holt Rutherford, Steve Yarbrough, Chairman, John Politan, Harold Molenaar. Not Pic- tured: Charles Feenstra, Treasurer, George Johnson and Dick Hatfield. ww- 2 'ing 'aff A ' , Q 7, 0 A 14 . X 'V i nf ' , '7 ff ,L .71 3 'Cf' W f 5, 1 wp I Q, :QQ ' , wif fe W , 5 4 , -an , w4f?f, Mi' f 'W' ' .fi " 24' ff' X, W " 4',- v,,4'4T"f' A " ima 2 A CLAS .. , wi' , 'X VA I, v . 5 p H R is ,I Z' t +4 . Q ' LAL X t'1?"'5 -5?. O fr' ' 1 -L 5 Kari Afman Jenny Allen Jane Anderson Randi Ardis Sharon Ball Lori Banister Ryan Barbarisi Brandon Barnes Caryn B'erger Amy Burdick Aimee Ciersi Misti Clements Nicole Cook Jeremy Cooke Julie Cox Allison Dekkers FRE HMEN ff ii? my i 4:1 ' i . .s-VM, X ri-Sfgx "BUT NOW,4 O LORD, THOU ART OUR FATHERQ WE ARE THE CLAY, AND THOU OUR POTTER, AND 'WE ALL ARE THE WORK OF THY HAND."' 8 FRESHMEN ISAIAH 64:8 F ACE CHALLE Cl? 4, GE Seth Evans Julie Fowler David Glanville Leslie Hamstra Sara Holaway Stephanie Howdle Roxanne Johnson Kevin Jordan Vicki Ketelaar Michelle McLain Travis Mason R. T. Mayfield Cheryl Measel Paul Neville Heather Nothum Jennifer Patterson "FEAR THOU NOTQ FOR I AM WITH THEE. BE NOT DISMAYEDQ FOR I AM THY GOD. I WILL STRENGTHEN THEEg YEA, I WILL HELP THEE, YEA, I WILL UPHOLD THEE WITH THE RIGHT HAND OF MY RIGHTEOUSNESSY' ISAIAH 41:10 FRESHMEN 9 Tami Rheam Scott Rugh Pete Smith Katina Stephens l, lflr Ll-5 lily' LE Arlanette Stewart Tavya Taylor Stephanie VanderStoep Becky Wade lg 2 Deauna Weide Charlee Wheeler David Wright Scott Yarbrough a... QQ ,N s t ws K t " A16 ' Y 7 4 l v Nfl , -.1 I 1 , Jonathan Zook p if-it s t s gal J' . 1,-'N 4 1,41 "Valley Christian High School was all I thought it would be and more. Instead of a stuffy prin- cipal, we have Mr. Rutherford, who really cares and loves all of us. The teachers are willing enough to help us if we only ask them + I didn't find that at public schools. The students generally get along but there are some disagreements. I look forward to attending Valley for the rest of my high school years." -- Becky IO FRESHMEN OPHO ORE 11 Anita Adams Trent Ainsworth Tobi Alderman Baync Barnes Jennifer Barnum Rhett Beyer 5 l ,tj : 9 .4-L g ,Qu Fi 4.001 ons' Pda oL,.'.L 0100 Q f- yr-- .n. .'- Brookie Biglands Pete Bina Cindy Boyd Earl Bruner Lisa Clemmens Kim Courtney I. . L , 1:-' oo ' ,, x0.I, '..lq??' O Q.. I , l David Dillbeck Debbie Doher Jessica Duvall Tammy Hill "LET NO MAN DESPISE THY YOUTH, BUT BE THOU AN EXAMPLE OF THE BELIEVERS, IN WORD, IN CONDUCT, IN LOVE, IN SPIRIT, IN FAITH, IN PURITY. 1 TIMOTHY 4:12 SOPHOMORES ETTLE I Jeff Juarez Geoff Kuzmich Kevin MacKenzie Jennifer Measel 5.1 15. A : Dan Mehan Angie Morgan Sean Murphy Mandi Myers Steve Paulison Fred Procter Wanda Reilly Megan Rollinson Jennifer Rollman Daniel Rust Amy Smith Dawne Smith :fb I ,, ,N x " I 'D - 1 'QYN I , 0' H 'ZS 'EJ' 5 A . kj X fl Ri :Q "BUT HE WAS WOUNDED FOR OUR TRANSGRESSIONS, HE WAS BRUIS- ' ED FOR OUR INIQUITIESQ THE CHATISEMENT FOR OUR PEACE WAS UPON HIM, AND WITH HIS STRIPES WE ARE HEALED." , , . y 12 SOPHOMORES ISAIAH 53:5 Cinnamon Wood X l f Q f' S 135 f'fN TT? If Cf I 1 Salem Snowdy Wes Sparling Q Stephanie Springall Matt Sublett 'Y l Wendy Thomas David Ulman Joel VanSant Stephanie Waite "I'm a sophomore here at Valley and I enjoy it a lot. The teachers here are really helpful and they are cool to have as teachers. Thestudents here are RAD, too. They are really friendly and they have neat talents that God gave them. Sometimes it's hard because we all have faults, but God always helps us pull through. I'm going to come here until I'm a senior and I can't wait to see how God will use me in the future. I thank God for this school and all the good friends I have. I would really en- courage others to come." - Geoff Kuzmich , SOPHOMORES I3 Teri Allen Jeff Askew Jill Batchelor Darin Benzer Heather Bilodeau Phil Black Karla Blanco Kristin Bruining Andrea Ciresi Jenifer Dekkers Dennis DelValle Tina Gatz Eric Holt Paul Jackson Noah Johnson Che Jones "ONLY FEAR THE LORD AND SERVE HIM IN TRUTH WITH ALL YOUR HEARTQ FOR CONSIDER HOW GREAT THINGS HE HATH DONE FOR YOU." l4 J UNIORS J UGGLE Dawn Leonesio Kelly Luna Shawna McLain Molly Mason . 4 Audrey ' ' , Matykiewicz vig 0 ry Q, , ' , ,-,- Mark Molenaar 6'-v j ,N m -, X u , I 4: -' Marianne Myers f 1 an Chrissie Robmson L Amy Root S I ' Y Jonathan Salaciak Nicole Shannon f, X f Scott Sandberg X if' I ' r F T 'llo i Kristi smnh A I' yt, In Nicole Thayer - , 2 'e--, I 4 Brad VanderLey I is Q6 if 'A Brad VanGelder If 1, ,' 'ff I 'IN elf .lf "THEN SHALL WE KNOW, IF WE FOLLOW ON TO KNOW THE LORDQ HIS GOING FORTH IS PREPARED AS THE MORNINGQ AND HE SHALL COME UNTO US AS THE RAIN, AS THE LATTER AND FORMER RAIN UNTO THE EARTH." ' , HOSEA 6:3 JUNIORS 15 Nicole Vermilion Shauna Weide Chris Wiegman The school was very supportive of my family and me after my accident. I thank you all for your prayers and help through that traumatic' ex- perience. Many thanks for the meals that were brought to our house and the visits to the hospital. l believe your prayers are largely the reason why I am able to walk today. On my return to school, the teachers made special efforts to help me catch up with all ,the work I missed. Because of their help, I was able to return easily to the routine of school. -Dennis 16 JUNIORS PRIGRITIE "N Q rw" 5 1 .P if Metz ' Lx ffl 4' I I I ls ' I I .If I: I: e I. ' L. 42" l 'mln 0 ' 'Yr-1 -it l Q u if Z' gn ,Q f .f- ill ll YV C A J I ' :JS Q ,ii X ,. l 4? l 5 My two years at Valley have been en- joyable. They have been full of new friends, new faces but the same old grades. Some friends we will see again, some we will not but we will always remember. Best wishes to the Class of 1987 I - Tim 'dw Kg, TIMOTHY K. BARDEN I John 1:9g Matt. 731, 2 TODD MICHAEL BENZER Phil. 4: 1 3 DOUGLAS LEE BOLKEMA Eph. 6: 1 0-20 DAN CLEMMENS Prov. 3:5,6 D- -AA ROBERT A. BERGER Matt. 19226 O F Seniors C L A S S 1 9 8 7 MELISSA L. COOK Col. 3:1-3 BRIAN DAVISSON Mark 10:27 ANITA DeDAUW Psalms 27:1 My-.N "iff ,Q VYX-5'-', - 1 ' wh, , 'TE' 1 1 Q -K N-Al, . W J Reflecting back upon my four years at Valley, I have found that I have grown spiritually and mentally. l have made many friends who I will cherish always. Thanks to everyone who made my high school years memorable. - Melissa I H ,qi - - .A ' U .'xiff?,fgy.5,:i?f'f'A7 V gQ, .55 5' ,. A, w mv Mi pu ,V g i. K 1 iw 1' '1 1' . . ' will , Ji QM Q.. 'X x:"l.,x1f':'iix?gY 'KX 1. xg Q N, ' ' ' ' . H ANITA MARIE GARGRAVE ICor. 13:13 NICOLE J. MacKENZIE Isa. 41:9 Seniors i JOEL PAUL MCGRAW Rom. 13:11-14gICor. 13 BETH MILLER Isa. 40: 29-31 The four years that l have attended V" Valley have been full of fun, friendship, 43 AMY PASCOE homework and headaches - all centered around God Qexcept the I-'Ohm 3123 headaehcsj. We have learned, laughed, loved and cried together. Now we are looking forward to God's will for us in the future. -Joel GREG PETERS John 14:2 TRACY D. PHELPS Phil. 4:4-7 Seniors MICHAEL J. ROLLINSON Psalms 145.17 ROBERT J. SEALS, JR. ki "' Isa. 40: 3 1 Since I have come to Valley, my life has STEPHANIE J, STEER changed. l've grown closer to God and Phil 4:13 have gained some terrific friends. l hope and pray that all of you underclassmen will find the happiness that I have found here at Valley. - Carla l if' CHRISTOPHER Q. TOTH Eph. 2:65 Rom. 8:37 if CARLA DIANE WAYMIRE I John 4: 7- l 2 Seniors SENIORS PARTICIPATE t X . TIIVI BARDEN . NL -. AM - COE Chelfl Basketball, RUUUIUS Club C ' a lleyball, Softball, Cheerleader L TODD BENZER r - ' G PETERS Cl10if, Student G0VefI1meI1t, Yeef l E oir, Student Government, Yearbook Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Nat1OU of Xl . CY PHELPS Seelety X - dent Government, Yearbook, Volleyball, 2 ' t rleader ROB BERGER I , Student Government, Bas Q. ,hair LLINSON Soccer, National Honor - X of 7 X u nt Government, President's Club .. g I .jk-5 in B . ball, Running Club, Chapel Douc BOLKEMA I , ee Choir, Student Governme . as etball, ,.L:.'Z'22f1:1'pf..', Baseball, Soccer, National l.- n or o 5 -2555:-333-1:35 iq. LS ' ww " il. -'.'!J:,f2'-gf ,', 'JIQQ Bas all, Soccer, Track CSLEMMENS .Al g:,,::, ..f ,LQ:,.-Qi.. olr, occer ' g '. :Ffa ' - ,', '-Q15 ER "3 ' ' ' fl 5. P nme - Yearbook MELISSA COOK 'fi' ' .. , . .. , nd ' i Choir, Student Government, Yearboo 1 I W ' Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, C af f H 8, IST . HER T0 - Nat10U3lH0U0f S0e1etY tude 1 Government, Yearbook, BRIAN DAVISSON I " f Socc National Honor Society Choir, Student Governme , Cha ' A LA W N- RE Committee N , Stud t 6 Q - rn ent, Yearbook, ball, lleyb ANITA DEDAUW Choir, Student Governmen - all 1 w , Volleyball, Softball, Band A ANITA GARGRAVE ,, l N Choir, Volleyball, Tennis, Cheer l -is . ' om Line . :- ' 'n t , o ' ,Q N NICOLE MACKENZIE gf. Choir, Student Govern 'eff ' - ook, Volleyball 8 9 JOEL McGRAW .f Choir, Student Government, Yearbook, ' , 9:12 Chapel Committee, National Honor Society " - I? BETH MILLER Choir, Yearbook, Volleyball, Basketball, Soft- ball, Cheerleader SENIGRS 17 I. r . 'f' ,N .0 SE IORS SE IDRS SE IORS L iy I 5 ' 0 CADEMICS -IQ: 5',sn,X" I ik IN SPIRITUAL Q ,Wg 'T' "fl, Y -I I . A I , . 'Q - f ' ' Q51 pl I ihiz' .lf ' X ll.- KELJ ' , f- 'X rl " . ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT TO A MASTERY LEVEL' 21 4,1 SOCIAL, AND ACADEMIC .W lf 6142'l7X +'4f C C+ I CN.-Cfx Af M1 Cfgvw J 7 Cf? on j W"9'qjfxf.,llQ 22 www 'I- NR j f . ..fA. . - 5 X315 - w r v ' ' ifnffr vyf ,' 'fi3" ,i'f'-'m'!MH .Ag it ' . ., 52 3 MP., - fn 4 F 1 Y 'f P't'f4f P itlqir im' 754 iw 'I' 151, 1 Y .. 7 'wa , . ' Q- .af ' gf ' W". V' I ,' 4 ,hr b 'at 'D 7 'Q . fd nj' -.fy-15' ., 1 F Lf! 3-'T U .4 , M ks' wQIll1'n1w.s-x ff: , 4 x x ,.Qqlgzg.,q,-k+?,i4gx,v,1x, . W 1 -A 1 51' f. - N xfsifglfvliivi-5-, 4 4 . STUDENT COUNCIL Valley Christian, being the small and new school that it is, has put some heavy respon- sibilities on the Student Council. We have to determine what things should become tradi- tional and important at our school. In the four years that I have been on Council, we have planned the spirit weeks, worked on the constitution, planned fun activities, organiz- ed pizza sales, helped with fund raisers and tried to get the school involved in school functions. Hopefully, the Student Council has set a good precedent and a strong foundation for this school and for the students who at- tend Valley. - Melissa Cook OFFICERS SENIOR CLASS L. to R.: Nicole MacKenzie, Secretary, Rob Berger Treasurer Greg Peters Vice President Tracy Phelps Student Council Rep., Mike Rollinson, President This year the freshman class has ac- complished two sewice projects. By raising money at a car wash, we were able to buy food for two needy families at Thanksgiving. We had two other car washes which raised needed funds for our trip to Payson. While there, we did many outside jobs for Mountain Meadow Lodge. We spent three days there and our class grew closer together. - Sharon Ball FRESHMAN OFFICERS, L. to R.: Sharon Ball, Deauna Weide, Aimee Ciersi, Brandon Barnes, Julie Fowler. .S S Xa- J SOPHOMORE OFFICERS: Daniel Rust, Jen- nifer Barnum, Brookie Biglands, Bayne Barnes, Dawne Smith. j f-Z2 JUNIOR OFFICERS, L. to R.: Mark Molenaar Eric Holt Shawna McLain, Teri Allen, Shauna Weide. CLASS OFFICERS What a difference a year makes! As we Sophomores pause at the half-way mark of our high school education we realize we have gained more knowledge of the three R's biology geometry and English II. Many experiences have brought us together and our spiritual lives have been enriched under the practical teaching of Mr. Barnes. Our scripture verse is Colossions 1 10 "And we pray this in order that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and may please Him in every way: bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of God - Daniel Rust l'2+1f2rVy il, L.. g iff N I C CHOIR O E R T VALLEY CHRISTIAN HIGH SCHOOL MUSIC DEPARTMENT WISHES TO GLORIFY THE LORD AND PRAISE HIM WITH VOICE AND INSTRUMENT. E a I x, . . A ' lf! SAII ILII I . Q 3 EU , ', k k W ., N .I ' I4-I ,gg 1-245 I3 rwyy fi!! ' HM ff' IU A Y :rf S I f. ff Q Q Q" B kR L R S I Y N 1 f W, Da 'd T J 1 R bby E I I I J if if VN-Ja fy V iwiiq 1' '- 'ff Phil K ,D g D ff' gf f 'V 'I X ' , " 31 A 'R' I V 3j Aud Y,Dan,J f , fi I 3. I j , -. . I f Iggy, A 1 1, Fro1jtRow:Beth,N 1 M XM N t A , I Chrls, Shawna, Jen f A N, A " .g I 'K xx R A ' V' I I ' Wanda, Kristin, X I I A 4 I A Iv VA ff A I I Stephanie, Kristi. Sitt g B Wx , 1 A +535 'Q 3 K- ' I Mandi, Geoff, Nicole ' 5, A, 57? I ,f I 'MI' 'IHQI L r ' 3115, -I L V' W ' A Y' gym.. 26 CHOIR, ENSEMBLE L. toR K l Bl 0, clarin t Ph 1 Bl k drum St ph Steer, Tany T yl J y Allen fl t D d Glan ll S ttY - brough,t b UZDPUU Anita DeDau Ryan Barbarisi, sa phoneg Pete Smith, Geoff Kuz- mich,t mpet, Direc- tors: D . D,andrae, Mr. Chap . MAY WE SAY WITH THE PSALMIST, "PRAISE THE LGRD, O HEAVENS! PRAISE HIM FROM THE SKIES! PRAISE HIM ALL HIS ANGELS, ALL THE ARMIES OF HEAVEN." PSALM 148: 1,2 HF1'lHCflD'1Cl1 W 3' Z U U3 U1 U7 '-I ITT '-I IN? xi L. to R.. Dr. D'and violag Wes Sparling cellog Chris Wiegman, cellog Mark Molenaar violing Audrey Matykiewicz, violing Vicki Ketelaar, violin. NATIONAL HO OR SOCIET liver RECOGNIZES 4 ACADEMIC AND LEADERSHIP . I XT QUALITIES IN VCHS I STUDENTS , NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY X Back Row L. to R.: Rob Berger, Daniel Rust, Mark Molenaar, Todd Benzer, Doug Bolkema, Joel McGraw, Chris Toth. Front Row: Karla Blanco, Chrissie Robinson, Melissa Cook, Jenifer Dek- kers, Shawna McLain, Heather Bilodeau. Sitting: Darrin Benzer, Kevin MacKenzie, PRESIDE T'S CLUB . . . ACOMSELEEENTTO Ah- S "1 2 ', ,S l Vs 1.9 ul L.. F N7 " .Left to Right: Joel VanSant, Andrea Ciresi, David Dillbeck, Mike Rollinson, Stephanie Steer, Kevin MacKenzie, Daniel Rust. Many members not pictured. The President's Club began this year with the purpose of involving students in service activities. These activities can be at church, school, or in the community. To become a member, each student is required to put in two hours of service each month for four consecutive months. 28 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY, PRESIDENT'S CLUB CHAPEL PROGR M EFFECTIVE MINISTRY AT VALLEY L- 'x L. to R.: Brad VanGelder, Phil Black, Mr. Barnes, Robby Seals, Kim Courtney, Dennis DelVallc. It has been the intention ofthe chapel committee to wait on the Lord for His perfect will regarding our chapel speakers and programs. The speakers the Lord has provided have been used of God in our student body. The chapels have varied in content and have included speakers from local youth ministries, our own teachers and staff, college representatives, missionaries and drama departments. We've had a lot of comments on the chapels being interesting, meeting spiritual needs and also caring in their presentation. Special music has been provided for the most part by our own student body. We thank the Lord for our music staffs input and preparation. The chapel committee has desired to minister further in the lives of our students and has begun a prayer band and a suggestion box for further ministry opportunities and prayer availability. We are conscious of the Lord's further ministry to and in our lives daily andwe are at your disposal and His to be available to minister further. - Barry Barnes for the Chapel Advisory Committee CHAPEL COMMITTEE 29 4. n '- ."' 9 Y 7 1 S1 ,if A 53,5 gs YN g, .. f ' I I 4 l .Q x ,.,. ' s' ' If :mr pfff 'Q-..'f' J P - 'Y 1.1 ' 'R x 1 , 6:6 .N ' W is .J--. 1 .44-.' I. - 0 'Z J.- , -. Q 1 W3 s. O 629 L This was the lirst year for J .V. Cheer at Valley. It started with nervous anticipa- tion at try-Outs and ended with six ex- cited cheerleaders. Philippians 4:13 was our motto for the season. Sometimes when one of us would say, "I can't do it!" the others would respond with, "Oh, yes you can!" Then our coach, Cami Webb, would remind us of our motto and en- courage us to keep trying. Through the season, our squad has learned a lot and has grown close to each other. We will never forget this first year ofJ.V. Cheer. - Anita Gargrave J.V. CHEER 31 .1 ,Q :Q -1 vs' ff r"'l X , t qv fav' Ask I x S hh Vs. .32 W Q X- Q Naam 20 ,xl 5 f, -' .. : 1 3 Front Row L. to R.: Wendy Thomas, Tina Gatz, Shauna Weide, Anita Gargrave, Anita DeDauw Back Row L. to R.: Amy Root, Marianne Myers, Wanda Reilly, Nikki Vermillion, Tammy Hill 34 VARSITY VOLLEYBALL SERVES UP . . . N.W. Comm. Christian Tri-City Redeemer S.W. Indian Estrella Mt. S.W. Indian Valley Lutheran Redeemer 9 lst Psalm Western Queen Creek N.W. Academy N.W. Academy 1 Queen Creek 91 st Psalm 9l st Psalm V Redeemer l Redeemer i JU IOR VARSITY N.W. Comm. Christina W gri5City W Q, e eemer W P ' . I . Redeemer W The girls on the volleyball team would like to thank Coach Western L Benson for all his effort. A Queen Creek L ' Queen Creek L Front Row L. to R.: Tami Rheam, Cinnamon Wood, Julie Fowler, Deauna Weide, Debbie Doher, Tobi fildlenxman. Baclcellow L to R: Jennifer Patterson, Dawn Leonesio, Allison Dekkers, Tavya Taylor, Sharon J.V. VOLLEYBALL SOCCER GGALS REALIZED I WINNING EA O Front Row L. to R.: Scott Yarbrough, Shawna McLain, Michelle McLain, Bayne Barnes, Pete Bina, Jeff Juarez, Todd Benzer, Brandon Barnes, David Glanville, Ryan Barbarisi. Back Row: Coach Bill Juarez, Pete Smith, Doug Bolkema, Brad VanGelder, Robby Seals, Mark Molenaar, Paul Jackson, Rob Berger, Dennis DelValle, Coach Barry Barnes. 4- f,i rr , fax A 'xx 'H -'Q-1 ' ff, . if , gl ,ima . ...fs 1 J 4 If A' :J:v-- A ..,. a..,- " .. , ... ' v N, - . . ,. -' A "",'z'::-1. - - - f , '1.,,,. ,vm 5 -of' .. - FRONT ROW L TO R: Kim Courtney, Wendy Thomas, Sharon Ball, Michelle McLain, Tina Gatz, Stephanie Waite, Nikki Cook. BACK ROW L TO R: Coach Benson, Mandi Meyers, Nikki Vermilion, Kristin Bruining, Stephanie VanderStoep, Dawne Smith, Dawn Leonesio lst WINNING EASO W E N D Y G O E S U P F O R A LAY-UP GIRLS' BASKETBALL I n Q N.W. Comm. Christian W Grand Canyon W Redeemer W Tri City W Valley Lutheran W Tri City W EastFork L Queen Creek L Phx. Country Day W Valley Lutheran W N.W. Academy W Tri City W Redeemer W N.W. Academy W Bourgade L Wickenburg W Tri City L Redeemer W Desert Hills . W Hopifhgh L Wins 15 Losses 5 Nha., ir -f N r Q 4 kv? ASKETBALL 39 ffgym Q A 15,3 r-4, Ill! D ip GIRLS' B Back Row L. to R.: Doug, Brad, Tim, Robby, Phil, Joel, Mike, Coach Broek. Front Row L. to R.: Chris , VARSITY VICTORIOUS RECORD N.W. Community Christian W Grand Canyon W Redeemer W Northwest Academy W Estrella Mountain W Southwest Indian W Phoenix Country Day W Western Christian W Northwest Academy W Tri-City W Redeemer W Northwest Academy W Bourgade L Tri-City W Wickenburg L Valley Lutheran L Desert Hills W Hopi High W Mexican Gospel Mission W Northwest Academy W Wins l7 Losses 3 X, f N. . K ' n '-9 O41 e n +2 Salk , . Q. U' Y - fxwgzif' fi -4: - Ji, , .ns A v -4' , .f Wa 3 Q? if fl O 1 'o 1"' ... . ,D-.1 A X-D rf' Al 'Y JJQ 515, if 'rf 1 00,1 X .QQ 'v Back Row L. to R.: Coach Todd Phelps, Rhett Beyer, Seott Yarbrough, Joel VanSant, Phil Black, Darin DeVelder, Mark Molenaar, Pete Smlth. Front Row: Erlc Holt, Ryan Barbarisi, Jonothan Zook, Geoff Kuz mich, Damon Jones. - J.V. JAMS 9 VICTORIES 'iRg'1 -PQ 'T - Xa.--1 .. YA 4 , ..-X .mg J 51. if C' rn ,J psf' o 9 V' of! QC- Q. s ,ef -fg- .J ,- , s f f O I xt ' " ,fx I , L . ., X " ' 'Y"'xf' 1' 'K s x v---W 's- , Us s mxx J, " is '-IZrr1UC'+-lm F"-OZCIOO m700mZO"Um -QPU rim-JZ---12ml-'SP4 '-4'-l7UDP"U TOP LEFT: Teri finally finds an excuse to get close to Geoff. TOP RIGHT: Terry Bretz makes an attempt to get in this pic- ture - sorry! CENTER: Nikki and Kim give Brad some "sound" advice. BOTTOM LEFT: Cinnamon and Darin DeVelder say good-bye with a kiss. BOTTOM RIGHT: Everyone seems pleased with Damon's choice of Jessica as his dream date. uC9"' is ,As ,.u..tu. 44 VALENTINES DAY PARTY , if T Spirit Week went over really well at Valley this year. There were a lot of creative costumes wom as you can see above. The days and dress were distinguished as follows: Tuesday: Fiction Day, Wednesday: 50's Day, Thursday: Tourist Day and Friday: Career Day. Our student council did a fine job organizing this all-school activity. SPIRIT WEEK ART ASSEMBLY Frank E. Gaebelein, in his book The Christian, the Arts, and the Truth, asks the question, "Why should we be concerned with excellence in the arts? Simply because of God's surpassing excellence in creation and beauty as in all else . . . Such a God demands our best in the fullest use of our talents and our grateful use of their products to the glory of God." With this motivation in mind, Diane Buchanan brought a series of art lectures to the students of Valley Christian High School. The lectures, using a variety of visual media, emphasized art history, the elements and principles of art, focused on particular artists such as Picasso, and always made a firm connection of art with Scripture. The goal of these lectures was not to create artists, per se, but to help each student discover the creativity that lies within himself and to learn to analyze, interpret and evaluate art works in light of the Bible, which speaks to us about who we are and about our aesthetic responsibility under God. It is my hope for the students of Valley that whether they are the possessors of artistic talent or the beholders of it, they will acknowledge the gracious One who bestows it. - Diane Buchanan ART ASSEMBLY - if SQUHIE D CUIFIINY Q m'-' 2 J -T 0 Q ENGINEERED SYSTEMS INC, P uhh L S S1 Flowers r I eaasoeo Q 145 2260 um, 438 ,QM F Emabcnh PRODUCTS FOR INDUSTRY BACKED BY EXPERIENCE lib FEMS 5450 Lakeshore Dr Tempe Arizona 85283 THUNDERBIRD BANK as che lakes Reg Batt FRANK x MENDOZA 16021839 3709 S Ih P TepeA1nX2H2 19683022 1vvr""""' Nl UK Rf' ff22p'gt,Xx,,Q,-H-N 1 jx 52 ,llllnlmlllf RX x- g e W R ,N t f llz- 51.11- G . . ' -V: L - 1, A - - -- 512.3 x A V ha? -2.7, A . .- -. , .wr -. EN. n' -. MLW My 594 HW AXA FUEL ALTERED su - ' 2001 Wes! Compu Drive, Tempe KI-Vhoenixl, A ' 85282 63 I6 S' Price Rd' ND4 ' Tempe- AZ 85283 U ll n 1 ' Vue Pn-wudcnl -- Manager ' ' - 2077 nu rivst Drlvc m . ri ,o a 5- 4602 - ,QW E ' if ' ' - .' 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Rural Road Tempe AZ 85283 1602! 96 -421 I f602j 897-0990 QM fm "Rm ssur IMPROVEMENT Amo MODELING scnool. t h MODELING AGENCY U TU Sandra Saba Dlrector 2950 N Dobson Sulted Isvv Co e of Dobson and an or Hoadsl M8I'10rIe Stlles 1213 E Harbor View 602 839 0451 Tempo AFIZODB 85283 l6D2l 898 2107 Chandler AZ 85224 l l 7 CLINICAL THEOLOGY f P, C, 9 Fldo can t help you prepare for your future Now L WISH HECOULD TALK X We can I WLSH HE D CALL ACB Wil Z4 B X Arlzona College of the Blble ! - 2045 w Northern Ave ml nn Phoemx AZ 85021 U K, j 16021 995 2670 fllhggwvff fl I 'N 52 ADS . , H rn r ' '.i I . ' Q , ' 9 O 9 ,f1lif"W, -x I' " f , b I Q f ' I I K fx . -vi , ,lf 9' XX O A A A It j' ' R v ' A. I Mx X X . . 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Carpets corm-Aocovm B 'ce Cream i "We Come to You" Susan E Schneader 8 0 A compuoro Mobile Showroom Area Manager - I 2121 W Guadalupe, Sulte7 ooo.. srovo Hunt 969 4 24 Mesa, AZ 85202 4602! 345 7210 WW St.- u . 5 1 uf I as .' 'f- 177' I Y PS . .lr--'f' ..-1 . - . " ...dw - L. I L - ifgf, W I I . I . . 0 A 'v' 4: QW W r f of I' I P 45 . . ' A , a ' ' ' ff - ll :dsc 'E - fl' . ., R 5 I ,r 6 rg... H J fJ'e " 5? 1: i 47? X . . , x - u , I -, X X I .4 . .,,,- , X "' "' hm - - ' . Avqv -. ' ' . di L ' 4: ' V ' ' . Z5 '1,. o f E5 14 1 ' Jesu Lono , o . O BOOA 8: BneLE Mlmsfnv . ' AST Roossvzur scovrsons. - 4 -4 astor-Mgr. - ' ' -Mgr. ADS 53 WAWNINGS 9 Q fSKIRTING J .DT W I 'slam-:J fscnsm Rooms ,. 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Q w Zoofslore Joyce 8: Dick Root 963-7809 2100 W, Flint Street Executive Vice President and Chandler Arizona Chtef Administrative OIIICGY Chase Bank of Arizona - - 'il 7501 East McCormick Parkway Bookkeepmg Income Tax Servlce - . Scottsdale' AZ 85258-3496 nllll mm CHASE Telephone C6021 949-4935 6029678853 FRANCIS A SCHULZ AIA or9678854 Daadfe 7644645 7002 FIRST AVENUE SUITED Flowers For All Occasrons SCOTTSDALE ARIZONA 85251 DANELLE PLAZA Leonard Muranda 35 W Southern Ave OF' 9940724 Manager Tempe AZ 85282 C6023 957 7300 f LASER ALIGNMENTS ACCURATE TO I MILLIMETER FOREIGN A DOMESTIC 1oHN5TowN AMERICAN X , RUSH S BODY SHOP INC Michael Rolllnson East Valley Manager BODY8:FENDER FRAME STRAIGHTENING FACTORY COLOR MATCHING PAGE RUSH :-:arse HUNTINGTON 2231 East Camelback Road Suite 101 Phoemx AZ 85016 PHONE mom 526 elm FLAGSTAFF Az 8600, Commercial lnduslnal and Investment properties slnce 7904 gyms Gnslzan wwwvwwvww j,t our One :Slap Ohopplny Tbe finest m Independent retxrement lxvmg S JK WN A A A Q f Patr1ckL Brant Presrdent X NXXXXQXXNXQXX 155 West Brown Road Mesa Arxzona 85201 4,5 W 5ou,,,9,,, Ave 16025 964 7959 Tempe AZ 85282 6021968 8701 FIOSETTA 84 EDWIN HAMER ADS 55 BELLRQCKQNN 1986 87 SEASON IT fl: A hreet no cha gel Under our Modllred Amencan Plan Bell Rock Inn guests will rece ve A Hunters Breaklast Tea time Anaelt and A light supper each day Sunday momtng guests an excellent hullet hruneh The daily tanll plus Appropnate tue: and A ISS service charge :oven All Breaklast llghx supper tea included tn these rates Mld eek Weekend Per person lor one Per person lor nuo Al ruler pl A uppaop ate uun a d 155 gmt uv SPECIAL GETAWAYS Mlrtlweek Monday Tuesday and Wednesday with elther Sunday or Thursday lor A Ilve day lour mghl stay Rare is lor A guaranleed Iour nlqht nay with Advance depont required Long Weekend Fttday and Saturday nights tth ether Sunday or Thursday night lor A lour day three night nay RAte tx lor A guatan teed lhree night my with Advance deport: required Breakfast llght supper tea Included ln these rates Mlnlweelt lang Weekend Per person Ior one Per person lot two All ruler plan eppvop ate taxes tr 4 ISI pn-:arty SEDONACWRIZONA an ol the S-:done Ar A Bell Rock Inn In rntdoot t between l l7 And Hugh by 89A on Hugh Ay 179 O lya2hou dneIomPhoe ut Zvehourd etotheGAndCe yon inf SEDONA Offenng Reoecorated Soacxous Rooms Color TV I Direc Dial Phones Res auranx I Lounge Conterence and Meenng Facxlmes Swimming l Tennis Nearoy Golf and Hiking Trails G, M, uno, Beauuful view or the Red Rocks Ample RV and Tour Bus Parxxng HAS,-,An -ao TOUI' Local Indian Ruins Fine -Kris Galleries I Gift Shops -gnu. ocx-t K NN Oak Creek Canyon Enjoy Jeep Tours l Trail Rides ,,.og,.., Axrplanefrleltcopter Rides 6246 Highway 179 Sedona Arizona 86336 For Reservations and Information Call KDOZ, 282 4161 uf ef VIEWING FEBS 57111 INDIIFL RVYQT Kil t NIL B, U K 1 is .ui S2 00lperson 2 50!person 2 00!person FREE 50 discount per person Senior Citizens Adults Children 7 17 Children under 6 Groups of10 or more 10 Rooms Available 522.00 Single wfbath 20.00 wlo bath Double Room wfbath 28.00' - . -,. 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Suggestions in the Valley Christian High School - Footprints Yearbook (Tempe, AZ) collection:

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Valley Christian High School - Footprints Yearbook (Tempe, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 8

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