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4988 Crusdder Volume A2 Edilor-Lisd Anderson Assisldrwl Edilor-Kdrld Cody Advisor-lVlr. 84 lVlrs. Dove Bdds Vdlley Chrislidrl l-ligrw School 40848 Arlesid Blvd. Cerrilos, CA 90704 Table Cf Theme p. A Seniors p. id Juniors p. Zio Freshmen p. 58 Homecoming io. 8 Senior Life p. 32 Sopnomores p. 52 Contents Academics p. 82 Sports' p. 420 Activities p. 641 , -Q g 5 Clubs p. 92 Administration p. 'I56 Conciicis p. 'i66 gqgnggs scams Ads, Bios, Closing p. 'I72 Keele ST 566 Tonyo Zwogermch smiies QT onoTher win of Cl CIF BoskeTboII game. Don Keunihg- The hewesT oddiTioh To The cheer squad. A True sign of VoIiey's Spirif T T T Todd Hood shows off The book of his IeTTermon's jockeT, NICE TODD! ning Thru The sTudenT body sTarTed The year off wiTh SpirIT and Pride shining Through The acTiviTies of everyday campus life. WheTher iT was a pep rally, a CIF game or jusT The regulariTies of The week, Valley sTudenTs always gave iT Their besT. NOT once have The Cru- saders ever failed To supporT Their Teams and show Their pride. How can There be so much exhiIeraTing power on one campus? JusT Take a look around! Valley isn'T your basic "run of The mill" school, and iTs sTudenTs are far from ordinary. Comprised of differ- enT people and Their disTlnquishing characTerisTics, The sTudenT body is definaTely inTeresTing. For each member has someThing special abauT him or her, someThing seTTing Them aparT from oThers, creaTing a group of unique individuals. Keep an eye on Val- ley because They're noi just ordinary people. ogy? W6 A senior wiTh a lunch pail, really Rikkll W6 QCYQQ 4 0 5 3 5-'i-' Keep Sr iw L wing Thru 1' 'xz , 12-A Z 2 . , W C , 'fi It's a celebration! Once dgoin Vol- ley's sTudenT body hos dernonstrofed shoring Gods love Through o very pow- erful ond productive yeor. Not only did The sTudenTs ond fdculTy provide Vol- ley wiTh supporf buT olso with The ex- ciTemenT of renewing old friendships. ThroughouT The school yeor eoch member disployed Their love for one dnoTher Through proyer ond under- sfonding of Those ThoT surround Thern. More Thon ever, Volley ChrisTion felt o spectoculdr bond of Christianity ond Friendships ornong The sTudenTs. Through The exTreme ups ond downs in The world, wiTh God's core, VCHS hos sTood proud os He hos developed ond will continue To develop secure ond rneoningful reloTionships. DQ- 6 A. Shhh! lT's d secret whispers Karin De Groot into her new friends eor. B. Leanne Veldhulzen ond Heather Alderson show Their exciTemenT iusT by Their fociol expressions. no 7 A. Brent Van Kampen ond Klm Bakker discuss Their weekly ocTiviTies. B. The True sTuds of VCHS. C. STudenTs show There con be mony woys To leorn obouT God. Homecoming is o fun Time for everyone. We ore obie To dress up crozy for SpiriT Week ond geT TogeTher QT The oli- school mixer. IT is olso exciTing for The new Queen ond her CourT. Homecoming 1 H EYEAF2 A FdnTdsv ln The For EdsT Homecoming ond SpiriT Week were exciTing evenTs To kick off The 87-88 school yedr. SpiriT Week begdn wiTh our dnnudl dll-school mixer ond bonfire where The Homecoming princesses were onnounced. We hod mony specidl ddys for SpiriT Week when mdny sTudenTs dressed up dnd showed Their school spiriT. The fovoriTe doy wds 'Hippie Dov." OTher ddys included Senior CiTizens Dov, Nerd Dov, ond Closh Doy. On Friddy There wos exciTemenT in The dir ds everyone dressed up in school colors To supporT our fooTbdll Tedm. Friddy nighT we begdn The Homecoming fesTiviTies wiTh our Theme of T'FonTdsy in The For EdsT." Some highlighTs of The evening were: The ODDGOTHOCG of The Chinese Drdgon, The Junior High Bdlloon Rdce, ond our Sdmdri Wcirrior, lvlr. Hoeksemd. AT The climcix of The progrom, lVlr. Hoeksemd shoTTered The forTune cookie conTdining The ndme of our Queen, STocy DeLeeuw. STdcy wos crowned ds Queen dnd Took d vicTory lop ciround The Trdck in d rickshow. The evening ended wiTh o ddnce. 10 LdsT yedr's Queen, Jennifer DrogT STdcy Tokes d ride dround The Trdck 1 if ws K iff Lim "?Ktzff xg? Sh. ,a1a'if'S!x"L Qfdfv' 655134 Q Q 1- X X we Q fm 0 4 ,fi r if s J' 'l S 9 T 3 cn 7 C ' v 8 8 D 9 Q L U 9 9 S 9 U H W Escort Steve DeYoger Is THIS our Qu Sfeve and Sfocey are oll s r We finolly mode ii!! Remember when we were freshmen? Life was so simple Then. Wirh The help of our friends, we have mode iT'To our senior yeor. LeT's noi forgei ecch oiher offer grcduoiion. N A ' f J T I nr TI gg wl I -in lllnn IIIII I ll lliil Q ll A IHII llll lgl -1-l IIIII I.--I If all Ik. Il IL'--II I-I ls L : - II I .ll lllll U -1. I 'l..I ill l I 'I l V I - I 1 !.1l Class Flower: Red Rose Class Song: The Goodbye Song by Sandi Patti Class Verse:Romans 'l5:5,6 -u Mfg 5, e.Q o gg - mi. 'l:wl.w!l.'srL serv if w':.,! ai, ' -:MC-"i:'lfl:l,.lvlir1"l'l12rfglgf'W 5:5l"fl1LQfI..,W,' riff?-J. V" z,, w M Mlm. ',li1'n:ME"1CY'LLF" N-'W Aww 3' I J 1 I 4' ,ll G Class Motto: Have confidence in Goa, and you will have confidence in yourself. Believe in Goa, and you will believe in yourself, for you are a part of Him. Class Officers: Mark Marius, Tonya Zwagerman, Stephanie Postma, Christie Riemersma 16 ff-I ,,,,,,v-1. ww Stacy Algra Lisa Anderson Michael Anderson Edward Baas ,, , 'qs 5 , , ,V M- r.z'g:wfrg' Qifiv V 1 rr H imma sg- - rf' ' ,-1 "Exim rl.- rf' ' rwfzrk f wr :ar .aa , A x X . , N Q i W' R x Lv Ei 'iw ' in 9 Yi - .' W Rr A -4- fr -:S-,X L , f fr Stephen Berry r wg, BCIYDCIFCJ Ballard Hearher Blankers 17 PCITNCK Barnes Kimberly Bradford IIiII lf QII k I L I II-II IIIII Il I-JI I I I I llll IIII I ll I II I ll IIII IIII I AW' I ini: lllll I n1l l, 1 lllIl lllll IY .JI IL WI lL'Jl gi , Lucindd Brewer Heidi Bruinsmd ., 1 A . . 'H 3? Vw he n ag I 1 I' -JI I I Xxx JI' M f Q' ' 5 Xi 5. T-Q Q V l v n i I -i . 1- ' 'l Gdrreh' Burrow Wendy Chrisfensen Melanie Cole John Doniumo 18 ,NEW . , +55 ..,,4..e 1 4 - ,ff - . Tdmdrc Buddle Jdne Chung v iw Timothy DeKoekkoek Stacy DeLeeuw Steven DeYager Jeffrey DeYoung Bryan Dykstra Michael Falcioni Lisa Fien Keith Fike Shawna Fox Christopher Franz 19 IIII V I :L. ll :I ls .I If - llll llll Ir Wh I In I .III IIII I ll I .- I II llll IIII A WI I I leer, ' 1 I llll llll rw, 5 'II L' 'Il SFA! Ill l..1 L. , Ill: - II I:.lvl lg r. r nv' J 'I John Funk Monica Greene r ???ir,!!2fr' r ,k,-nigvqifafe ' :ls '-,y jf? g h Oommen George Donavon Groen , fr f ri ! f ' f A it ,, 'V QiQ:?E5,321P?Z'i?,"i4 ' 5 f ,JN d,W,3km,5Jig45gN,!5m X M n,r.,n,w,r ' -mr-1 fb' inf an , ,. .E-. Christopher Goodson Arfhur Groeneveld Gino GUG-UG Lance Havel Amanda Hoeksfra 20 J . if J if jx, I QE 5 is W nw ,EGF Aki . A wi. -, ,J-,, U. A i ai wg, kg, 'QQ Andy Hoeksira Mark Hughes John Hulsi -:sc is Monique Jackson Jessica James Lars Johnson W f -' ff' A A -1 'W , 3 -f if f'w i, i' , n i i -:ff-Azfq., ' ff' ii- ' 4 'J sJ ' Tira Johnson Robert Kamsira Daniel Keuning 21 --II- If 1.1- lk-1I -LIAI -IIII -IIII -I IJI Il 'll !y If - IIIII -II-I I 'I I I ln I Illll IIII. Il I Il 1 lllI lllI IV 1 I I Iilil IIIII lf Tl IL Tl lL'Jl IIIII : K lg. l l'I I g i g'A -I1 mtg! I J- T. John Kim i l . may Beth Kredii Lisa Klein Lissa Kroeze Kayla Koopman . E , P wee.. , wi ii I f i n H if Timoihy Lack Debra Laman Kim Larsen Michael Legaspi 22 r if Eg W if 6' A A .. , . +7'fl'5' ff v"'rZ'7,'li F 5 .V l ' N ' ' 1 3' ,' Michael Lesmes Kari Lolkus .r Michael Mandeville Mark Marius Mickey McCormack Donald Mulder 23 Hans Lyra Richelle Mazure ,f"X Crystal Neher The Class Cf 4988 TW 'VC"3s0- ' jgagggy Yialjfijfi W W W1 jfpw 9 UWWMWQQZ qcdiq- Qijgv,-A QKZQLQO 7 Wvmgg 35 M32 LUXQEXFSQQ EQESQSJEW Www MM 5, A Eff WWE V vw VgZg.J,ggwmff w ml mf 5 gff fcfifmew FD 0 Vfgfww Wvyzgfigi R Q5,w7Q,,QF02'a4, 437 Q QW X MA icggzfwiwfff o fpnff-5 wr 9 M5 1 JJ JV mi 1 gffmfxg, M353 X 5 gbmw? mjwk ff' QZ0'W,?ZW'3'?f 4. QMAW Q fi S wig, wmx Q Q33QQwQ J vim? Mig gk as M 25 QA ig ucbqwwam 1 Ifqll lk WI lL'JI Il-Il III- irdl Il I lllll IIIII l wil I I I Illll lllII II II II II Il II IIIII IIIII I' 'I I I I ln'AI IIIII IIIII 1 .I 1 x'l lllll ll!II lY.Il my WI lL'Al lllII llllla Y . :F If .l lh.'I i I sd Q .1 Victor Nolasco Steven Ornee Sharon Overduin r ..-' ' ' ' ns. - xv... .lxt 1- E v. . :fiat if 2 +,, -6 -i k' 5359 li! ii! Andrew Paik Michelle Paine Timothy Patterson Jennifer Piersma Paul Pittman Stephanie Postma 26 wi? i fi 8 1 'A Dovid Ro Christine Ring Aron Reppmonn El'lC Romeis Eric Scheenslro Kelly Schollen 27 'Tiff . ll , . 'ci,,.i ' , l . i Christie Riemersmo Lors Romeis Shelly Schollen Illl lllll -V .Tl IL W IL ' I llll llll ll :ml I 1 I l'L lllll :Il I I llill IV 'I I I I .k'4- IIIII IIII il ll :1 l'1 IIIII IIIII IY.1l IL 'I lL'Al Z 'a EF Q is WC NWMWS Sino Seng ,- ' I .. :fa mf " ' 'E gift ' l .wer- " ' w r ww L ' " ' ix jnz:Hi,,jg5t:' H ' , .L 1 H v.wvA,Y.w- J 5'5v-ww -5341, I-'I IPO- i?"a1"'1,.r,,m:' gi-"4 -, 3,4 Q t MQW' iiiwiww in mMQ,iQViw rw.: ' ' W ' Ejfgi it if r- 't ' i, . X, i yi M53 Nikhil A3 1 X i ., X ffl X C x Q ll r i r S f i L54 Q : Gai: , il 1 .... A i , iff ' Jennifer Smith ,dx .1 Mark Simon Christopher Smith Todd Smits Dwoine Spresney Arlon Stouwie Denise Struiksmo Cheri Stuit za A3393 Qi! 5 mn, ' 'I' ' F Y 'CL 'Pu-. 715 If-mr V 1 W. 11 '-.asf BI'iOD Tozeloor Jeffrey Tolen Jenmfer VondenBerg ,ar---A Bryon Templemon as ,ii Jon Tuinsrro Gerald Vonderburg 29 Keri Thompson Sharon Von Bruggen JOSOFI VOl'1dE3I'W9fff El il-ii lfndl lE.T- lL-J llll .Ily- p r I-Ill Ill L Ill ll ll - Il lf Il lllll lIlll l'.Wl llll Ill E.2.' IMI! I 1 IL 1 lL'A llll 74 Ryan Von Duyn Robert Von ECK IVHCHGUG VOD Kek9I'iX Bradley Von Meeieren Darin Von Meeieren Leslie Weerihuizen Kristi Von Zee Dovid Vellemo Vondci Vos so Eric Walhof K I M, RN i ,L W--:Q ,f X 'NM see Jw 1, 5, , 1 or if F .ixaf iff , 1 3.0 t 'Q 5 ' : ,. ' F Y - 4 ' -W, S nl' 1932 1 H ,' - .' ri' 't QWF 19, ':-21 ,: , li' I, Christopher Warners Wiy Katherine Westfall Erick Westra Brandon Wright Darren Wybenga 31 Matthew Warren ,' . , if Daniel Woolley Tonya Zwagerman . Hi QMESDIIHW, A senlor's life is full of many adventures. Senloritis hits, col- lege applications are due, and many of llfe's "tragedies" seem way bigger than they actually are. Somehow, we all find new, better ways of relax- ing despite these things. Senior Life B H EYEAF2 Qffvm miiyz ,E , 3 i . , f E I. 34 l f f 9 Av ffm . Z 4 f 5 M ' , , ,, h F44 ' 4019 L , S fx M 49 , Q is L s '55 G Y Remember on thot dreoded doy of September 8, 4987 when thot not so fomilior sound buzzed in your eors reminding you it wos time to foce your first ocodemic doy of being o Senior? The first week wos kindo fun, but then you soon rediized thot the monotonous routine of school hod begun. Footboll gomes ond renewing old friendships were exciting, but the best port of this yeor wos thot you were the ones who reolly ruled the school. Sooner thon ever expected Christmos ond Spring Bredk rolled dround, one right ofter the other. Continuously, finol events took pldce - the Senior Pldy wos probobly the best ever, ond J.S.B. wos definitely o night to remember. There wos so much to do with so little time ond 'iBAlvi" it wos June 'IO ond grodudtion hit you right in the foce. Now your high school yeors ore over, but the countless memories will endure forever. I A X X -FN Vx Q i , 7 ENID SE 1 R- . .f ,:x. Y t .::.. 1 is Q Q S Y .xs XX vias X XX XX With everyone at the edge of their seats, Dr. Armstrong Qban Keunlngj reveals another body by the light of the candles. The 1988 "Ten Little lndians" cast, held up by their "mad" director, Susie Gort. Q i Emily Brent QSfephcnle Postmaj. K i The first death of Anthony Marston Uodd Smlisj shocks everyone fl I Maxi Narracott fBeth Kredltj assures Mrs. Rogers Making sure all is well for the guests, Rogers General MacKenzie QAron Reppmonnj goes "quit4 D Qleslie Vanweerthuizenj her daily order is com- QMark Marius, surveys the stocked bar. crackers" under all the stress of the murders. Iete. 36 3,52 3 Mr. William Blore QRob VanEckJ has trouble with the reasoning of Mi' , T x-:1 'N' T Rob VonEck greeTs Dan Keunlng. "Davis . . . Davis is The name." STudenT DirecTor Jonnlfor Vandonlorg wiTh sound crew Karl Lolkus and ,Kim Larson. 's ,, .T ii TE as 5, li iehind The scene, Arlan Slouwle and Ed Boas conTrol The sTage lighTing. "The Ten LiTTle lndians" mysTery by AgaTha ChrisTie was :uT on by a very TalenTed group of sTudenTs. The casT of ll seniors performed well and learned The arT of "ad- bbing." Their nerves were seTTled before performances ny The craziness and sense of humor of Barb Ballard and iharon VanBruggen who did make-up and hair for The :asT. The direcfor, Susie C5orT pulled TogeTher a greaT how despiTe The lasT minuTe changes in casT and sound effecTs. Lead by sTudenT direcTors Lisa Fein and Jennifer IandenBerg and sTage manager Keilh Fike, The crews auT in a loT of exTra Time and effori. s'g3j5?5E ' s T ss ill E ws. 1 sim Two IiTTIe indians lefT, Miss CIayThorne also Klolnj and CapTain Lombard Qbon Woolley, accuse each oTher. Wosfraj relishes in The success of his plan. ' our defense?" Sir Lawrence Wargrave flllek "Prisoner aT The bar. have you in y . To complefe The rhyme, he plans To choke his IosT vicTim Miss Clayfhorne, buT CapTain Lombard is abouT To save The day. Z l 37 The picTure speaks for iTselT , . . anoTher happy ending. 9 N10 Stove DoYugor joins a 'iman of the streets". The plane to San Jose had almost all VCHS students on it. Nogwmuseum One of the many "tourist traps" in the city of San Francisco, Relaxing in the airport before a long day. Keeping tradition at Valley, the Senior class of 4988 spent a day together in San Francisco. They left early in the morning an a bus for LAX and caught a plane to San Jose where they were greeted by another bus that took them to San Francisco. They arrived in San Francisco at Pier 39 and dispersed in all directions immediately after taking advantage ofthe Senior Trip photo opportunity. Some headed straight for Chinatown, some for GhiradelIi's Square, and one hard core tourist Mark Marius went straight to the Hard Rock Cafe - San Francisco. About 30 students stayed in the general area so that they could catch a boat at Pier Al, headed straight for Alcatraz. As they toured the abandoned prison, students were bombarded with nostalgic feelings emitted from a place which had penned in murderous criminals, had been a last home for American Indians, and was a temporary refuge for the San Francisco hippie generation. Throughout the day, students took advantage ofa scenic cable car ride into the downtown area. Another view taken in was the magnificent Golden Gate Bridge. After a long day of walking, shopping, and sight seeing, everyone got back on the bus and headed for San Jose. The many transitions were all a blurr through the sleepy eyes of the class of '88, but the memories will always be vivid. 8' f r g r Food, Food, Morvelous Food! mMWmrwwmfmwWf,MWWMW,f , ,, 'M' ' f.W,,W,M.,, ,,,,,WWaW,W Girl worching in Son Francisco? 39 The boo? ride To Alcorroz was cold, buf everyone had fun. it yi B J C slli B ..', llsl llsl v,,,, ---' i" V , WW .1 1 .,.ZV ,,,,,, N ' M2355 ,,,, A 2 3 Senior Poll Winners: Class Clowns: Sieve DeYager and Heidi Brulnsma Mosl Aihleiicz Mike Anderson and Krisli VanZee Mosl Spiriledz Mark Marius and Rlkki Mazure Mosi Gullible: John Hulsl and Kaiherine Westfall Classy Cars: Brad VanMeeTeren and Michelle Paine Biggesi Fliris: Mike Mandeville and Lisa Anderson Mosl Friendly: Pairick Barnes and Kim Bradford Cuie Smiles: John Danluma and Tammy Buddle Conlrlbuied The Mosl: Dan Keuning and Tonya Zwagerman Mr. GQ 84 Ms. Vogue: Darren Wybenga and Slacy DeLeeuw 5 6 Nice Legs: Bryon Tempiemon and Jennifer Piersmo Preiiy Eyes: Chris Goocison and Lucincio Brewer Life of The Poriyz Aron Reppmon and Bcrbciro Bollorci Besi Dressed: Tim Poiierson and Chrisiie Riemersmo Excepiionoi Excuses: Ari Groenveld ond Debbie Loman Mosi Likely To Succeed: Rick Wesrrci ond Siephcnie Posfmc .fs - .. T 5 fhj " .. . Q kkkk kkkk . 3 1-:ss . .. 5551 'ri' 1- we Even Sophomore guys got involved in "kitchen work." fl g 5? V Stacy and her mother, one of 149 moms honored. Which ODS is Everyone got dressed up for this one. The Seniors en- joyed coke and punch with their mothers while the soph- omores put on the show. Providing live entertainment while serving everyone, the cldss of 4990 presented fun dwdrds to the Senior Poll winners. There wos a skit thot showed the growing re- Idtionship between d moth- er dnd her daughter. Spe- ciol music wos performed by Jan Baas, Amy Warners, ond Linda Lange. The dfter- noon was very relaxing for students dnd their mothers. Vonda? Bryon really got into afternoon teo! EYKT! or f 'S R L isp, ',?r..2tt'- f f.. 3' - ki .. 2- :asf 4 it? Sfgsrtgiffifile x 3 :ri S. in i A T ei! . The motherfdoughter skit. Brad Vanllleeteren shows off his "cldssy cor" aword. 42 f f fffvm Seniors recall days gone by wiTh mixed emoTions. Llsa Kleln worships as she plays "Blessed Assurance". W rs. 'LL'r 1 1 'W 15 John Hulsi shows off his famous locker room "cha-cha". w21"'7 1 .,,, l Hey, Dude, whaT's The naps?" lT's Pai Common George reminded us ThaT we can soar ornes. like eagles. 43 W The Class of 1988 proudly sings The Alma MaTer TogeTher once more. One of The mosT memorablelTimes of The year was The very lasT Chapel puT on for The Seniors. Many memories were re- called from pasT years Through skiTs and a slide show. The aTmosphere was variable: The solemn Times of recollecTion and prayer, The fun Times wiTh jokes and slides, and The sad Times during special songs and Thinking of friends parTing. As some Seniors shared from G-od's Word whaT was on Their hearT or jusT gave a word of encouragemenT To remember in The fuTure, The flnesT Things in life shone Through. 'X 5-fffvm lnhk Wi. w hiv, ,. fe i . fi, . - A 4 Q- t : -'. : K . X, -his F ' ,.- 'Q Q z Q. . . ,H . . f ,W W,, - H N f V3 89- 'Nm 34' NKVV . -- 3? gi.. 14 ' M ,Q M i f"'m 133 ,- 1. , .: -.n. ' H ..... v . - W iq.. A - W i '53 S25 K3 si ii iissi i :-- vs- ,mx if - ,M m4w,..,...w' ' 1 Y rr - T . The 1988 giaduahng class of VCHS floaTed down The cenTer aisles of The CrysTaI CaThedral To The familiar sTrains of Pomp and CircumsTance Sere naded by The A Cappella Choir and The Tears of Their parenTs 447 seniors graduaTed To become considered posT high school men and women ValedicTorian Rick Wesira was given The honor of addressing The parenTs and friends of The gradu aTes, and Rev. WilberT VanDyke shared some ThoughTs abouT God's hospiTaliTy wiTh This unique group of seniors. The graduaTes were awarded Their Bibles and diplomas by school board members and Then sang The alma maTer for The IasT Time as VCHS sTudenTs. WiTh 'TPomp and CircumsTanoe" sTiII ring- ing in Their ears, The seniors boarded The buses for Grad NighT. Goodbye seniors. VVe'll miss you Tons and Tons. or T T. 4 Ss si l ' "x' Q ,.:, , -A X :NX AfTer Two yeors of being picked on The closs of '89 hos finolly dchieved The sTdTus of upperclossmen. AIThough They hdd To prepdre for PSAT, JSB, ond much more, These Things Tended To slip Their minds once Friddy nighTs rolled obouT. Dur- ing The week The responsibil- iTies of school work sTored Them in The fdce, buT in The bock of Their minds They were olwoys Thinking of whdT The weekend held in sTore. WheTh- er iT wos o big doTe or ci big TesT, going ouT wiTh friends To sTudy or The pdrTy of The cen- Tury, The Junior closs dlwdys hdd fun. , ax Juniors Class 0 Aardema, Dean Alaerson, Heather Anderson, Cher Anema, Keith Balizer, Jennifer Berg, Michael Beukelman, Dawn Biggs, Anna Blacksiad, Michael Boerigier, Jana Borger, Robin Bos, David Bouma, Craig Bourgault, Bridgei Bulgarin, Katherine Buma, Nicole Carson, David Chen, Wayne Christopher, Krisiy Cody, Karla Coleman, Stacey Compion, Brian Cooper, Shannon Cumberland, Thomas Darrah, Cynthia Davis, David DeBoer, Randall DeGroaT, Karin 1' ma' '2w,,,1,sQ' if i 49 411 DenOuden, Nicole Devries, Florence Dirksen, Tim Dirosa, Denise Dokler, Tyler Durbin, H.E. Edson, Jessica Falske, Christina Fellows, Lisa Fernandez, Angie Gauck, Rhonda Ghost, Elaine Gilman, Mike Goednarl, TiHany Gray, Velaine Groen, DeAnna Gronos, Stephanie Grool, DeAnn Hahne, Marcene Holloway, John Harf, Jeffrey Heinfzelman, Erica Hemphill, Laurel Hoekman, David Hoferer, James Hogan, Darren Hong, Frank Hood, Todd Howard, David Hughes, Rebecca Hulslein, Rick Hwang, Linda Johnson, Karee Jones, Dawn Jones, Jennifer Keirsey, Kurf King, Jeffrey Knox, Crystal Kornoelje, Brian Kuhlman, Scott Kurkowski, Kelly LdLonde, Jennifer Lammers, Jeff Lasler, David Lee, Paul Lee, Siyeon Lee, Sylvia Longworlh, Travis Masselink, Kristin Maifhies, Ric Miller, Penelope Minnema, Christy Morgan, Celesfe Nagel, Jonathon Nance, Wendy Oh, Eliza Oidenkarnp, Mark Oldenkarnp, Michael Osferhus. Tracy Osferhus, Trina Pap, Robyn Rienslra, Rolynn Rifchenson, Brenda Roberls, Sean Class Officers- Lisa Fellows, Erica Heinfzelmam, Craig Bouma, and Rolynn Riensfra Z 297 .Jw lx VM,,., :E,. ,cf ,, , ii, :ew 2, VY' A 422 ,, ,, f VV as V, ,, 'A f , .wi T , T , 41 ',f,i'iQL-, nw M, ,F we ,r 4-an if x I . .- Roodzant, Steven Roper, Stacy Rush, Ryan Sakis, Natalie Salib, Sandra Sandberg, Stacy Santilli, Gina Schmidt, Bradley Schutt, David Scott, Jeff Seng, Lundi Smith, Alfred Smith, Alison Smith, Robert Stice, Kenneth Sulser, Corby Sundauist, Ginger Terpstra, Cynthia Thomas, Darlene Thomas, Stephani Tsapatolis, Samuel Tuinstra, Todd VanDeBrake, Mark VandenBerg, Christopher VanderKamp, Debra VdnderLey, Michelle VanderSys, Jim VanderWal, Donald Vdn Diest, Steven Vegter, Robert Veldhuizen, Leanne Verheul, Leslie Verhoeven, Rhonda Vos, Krista Voss, Maribeth Wanders, Tracy Whitfield, Judd Wierenga, Leslie Wiersma, Heidi Wigboidy, Pam Wilhite, Donya Yu, Rose Zylstra, Chanel! Zylstra, Michael ii!! eE:"QxP:N fnxwymxx 2:55 W-9'S:.V'53::FS-f?E'::' . s - A---- AfTer surviving ci yeor of hu- milioTion ds freshmen, The soph- omores wdlked dround com- pus wiTh Their hedds high in The dir. Yes, They were proud! Who knows why? IT could hdve been becouse of ThoT inde- pendenf feeling of geTTing Their licenses or moy hdve been The school idenTiTy ThdT comes wiTh weoring o cldss ring. One Thing for sure, The sophomores proved To hove Their own 'iunique" persondliTy. Sophomores . . H EYEAF2 Class 0 Anderson. John Andriese, Jason Averi11, Sheri Ayres, Jennifer Boas, Janis Boas, Joy Baldwin, Julie Bull, Jocnie Bcfiste, Columbus Boyer, Kathryn Boyne, Donjo Bledeboch, Sharon Blain. David Boersmo. Jason W 1 vw Wi, Q, Y aww fr' 2 mb ,,,, Y V 55 Burford, Karen Burke, Catherine Calleros, Andrew Carier, Marthenia Chadwick, Garry Coie, Chrisiine Cooper, Rebecka Davenport Julie Davis, Andrew Davis, Jonathan De Bie, Cari Ann De Boer, Duane De Jong, Anhur De Young, Joel De Young, Laiisha Doerr, Ryan Droke, Shannon Duffy, Shannon Duimstra, Mark Dulaney, Angela Dunn, Todd Dykstra, Rick Edmonds, Monica Elliott, Tim Eun, Jun Evanskey, Scot? Fieldhouse, Bradley Fien. Chad Flikkema, Keith Gay, Randy Gilman, Nichole Goemaat, Joel Gregg, Michael Groen, Renae Hagan, Coley Harrison, Tiffany Henderson, Elaina Heuseveldt, Brent Hiemstra, Ron Hogan, Rachel Howell, Don Kamstra, Ken Klein, Lori Kok, Steven Kortenhoeven, Mark Kroeze, Jeffrey Lange, Linda Lange, Raymond Lee, Deborah Leffler, Daniel Lennan, Jeff Lim, Martin Lord, Royal Lyra, Christina Mackey, David Matson, Kelly Mayer, David McEwen, Jason McGahey, Christopher McLean, Elizabeth McQuown, Terence Medina, Todd Miller, Chris Mitchell, Cameron Myhre, Mark Nakhla, David Nakhla, Paul Needham, Rebekah Neely, David Nelson, Kathryn Norlund, Christine Nydarn, Arlen Ollmann, Stacy Owen, Joshua Petersen, Lynette , E 1 L say JN OFFICERS: Top: Sharla Wybenga, Kristin Struiksma Bot- tom: Ashley McLean, Karen Scholte an E6 H ,,.. K Z-'V F x .f . 5 Q ,, X xx X R X X X ai f. 4 4... sr ,sy 'Q sl QQ ST' We W ,sw riff -Q grams is x "' f, ff? Petteys, JOQI Pheng, Steve Plechas, Jon Popp, Joseph Quast, Thomas Rhone, Sharon Ricklef, Jon Rodriguez, Racheal Rubio. Lucy Schipper, Tom Scholte, Karen Shelley, Laura Shuford, Katina Slager, Jonathan Sloan, Kraig Smith, Aaron Struiksma, Kristin Sybesma, Sammy Tanis, Jana Thomas, Matthew Tinklenberg, Melanie Toh, Henry Vaillancourt, Shawn Vanden Berg, Brad Vander Ham, Chad Vander Ploeg, Tina Vander Vis, Mary Ann Van Kampen, Brent Van Steenis, Jon Van Woudenberg. Melanie Van Wyk, Amy Verhoef, Robert Waldron, Wendi Warners, Amy Wells, LOri Whyte, Susan Wilber, William Willman, Russell Wybenga, Sharla Youngreri, Matthew Zuidervaart, Lani Zylstra, Jennifer From ruling The junior high To becoming innocenT vicTims oT every 8Th groders desTinoTion- High School - This yeor's fresh- men closs goT by following The moTTo uno poin, no goin." Eoch sTudenT of The ucloss of 92' slowly, buT surely leorned To respecf The upperclossmen. However, There were cerfoin rumors obouT The "newborn" being locked in Their lockers or in The senior holl by Their superi- ors. The Seniors were proud of The freshmen buf yeT o Tod dis- couroged, To Think Thof one doy This closs will rule Volleyl Fl'eShfheI'l H EYEAR Class Algra, Jason Bakker, Kimberly Banon, Kimberly Berg, Kelly Boersma, Julie Bom, Daniel Bonar, Joseph Borger, Sheri Bos, Uraina Boris, Allison Bourgauli, Branda Brian, Chrisiina Brick, William Brown, Jared Brown, Kellie Buehler, Mic Campbell, James Camper, Loren Christoffels, Ben Connor, Ryan 60 X 10 1 N. X Cooks, Ld'Sindc1 Ddley, Nicole Dondridge, Anthony De Bie, lon De Koekkoek, Sfeven Den Ouden, Amy De Ridder, Kim wif De Yoger, Scott Disselkoen, Pieter 61 Doejociren, Erik Dyksfrd, Kyle Eder, Donna Florie, Joson Foster, Danielle Fritz, Jr., Donald Goodwin, Evon Groy, Shannon Haagsma, Heather Hackett, Paul Hallis, Monique Hammonds, Raneen Haringa, Michael Harrison, Tod Hemphill, Rick Heuseveldt, Lisa Hiemstra, Blake Hill, Christine Hoferer, Amber Holwerda, Michelle Hulst, Julie A. Jolliffe, Brynn Joo, DaeKeun Kang, Chi-Ho King, Kristal Klaassen, Kaylene Klumper, Jason Koski, Damon Kovacovsky, Kami Kurkowski, Holly Lawrence, Clyde Leach, Brad Lee, Gilbert Lee, Judy Lee, Kristin Lindeman, Jennifer Lord. Sheri Maniaci, Danielle McCormack, James Mclntyre, Michael McNaught, Neil Montano, Delia Neel, Jeffrey Newman, Philip Noggle, Aaron Ornee, Kimberly Overgaauw, Michael Owens, Jennifer Paik, Jane Parker, Jeffery Parriott, Brent Patterson, Angelicia Paugh, Lee Pollema, Amy Robbins, Meredith Robertson, Gene s ,W i L M '. I., an V .k 5. 4 fm we-3 L 'K J, f 1 s. - EE-1 se-5 , .:g Y Roersma, Maggie Sakis, Abraham Schaefer, Karen Scheuchl, Leesa Schmidt, Michael Schubert, Julie Schutt, Michael Sebak, Stacey Seng, Theory Simon, Philip Smith, Adam Snapper, Eric Stonestreet, Kari Struiksma, Donna Stuit, John Terry, Eric Tolen, Joanne Turner, Anne Twaddle, Stacey Vanden Brake, Melinda Vanden Berg, Darin Vanden Berg, Suzanne Vander Wal, Trevor Van Otterloo, Todd Van Unen, Melanie Van Wyk, Alan Vegter, Danielle Wadlington, Andre'a Waldron, Kristi Ward, Deborah Webster, Danny Wells, Christina Westra, Amy Whiteman, Dawn Williams, Sheri Wind, Dana Wink, Brian Wolcott, Dana Yang, Janet S. Zwart, Kimberly A. After cz long, horcl doy of school, books, ond teochers' dirty looks, VCHS students like to unwind. The Student Council gove everyone on opportunity to ottend mixers, formols, don- key bosketboll ond mony other octivities. Here ot Volley there is olwoys something to clo, somewhere to go. Thot's prob- obly why this school is without o doubt the best obove the rest. Activities L I H EYEAR Pep Rallies! Mixers 4 31 W ff 'sf f f M' 'rf ll Q Ar Q lv ggi 9 T H53 ' ,sk Karen Burford geTs inTo a cheer. Before a big game, The whole sTudenT 'oody gaThers in The gym for a Pep Rally. WhaT beTTer way is There To express our school spiriT Than aT one of Valley's Pep Ral- lies? Here sTudehTs geT a chance To show off Their pride in Their class. WiTh The Cheer- leaders' skiTs, The class compeTiTion, and The TradiTiohal Alma MaTer, The Pep Rallies are exciTing and full of fun. We especially would like To Thank The Cheerleaders for all of Their hard work and efforT To make our Pep Rallies whaT They are. Their enThusiasm and school pride is greaTly appreciaTed by Valley's sTu- dehT body! wi , r,,,,,M.,,,,,,,, H Girls Varsity BaskeTbaII-A greaT Team wiTh a greaT season' 66 ls This boys vs. girls, or whaT? School spiril really shows in The junior class! Valley fans af The girls basketball CIF game-Ho-Hum! 67 -1, is S S s X Lyneffe Peterson and Karen Burford smiling for The camera before a pep rally. Spiritual Emphasis Ui..,.,. em Mike SlaTer's Talk abouT being a True friend makes sfudenfs evaluafe Their own relafionships. Pat Barnes and Paul Pitman Try To gef free guiTar lesson from Phil Keaggy. DespiTe a missing finger, Phil rips up The sfrings Mike drives home a poinf and emphasizes The The Valley family comes forward To be "STrefcher during a guiiar solo. imporiance of accounfabilify. ers" for Their friends. Mike SlaTer broughi his minisiry of "STreTcher Bearers" To Valley during Spiriiual Emphasis Week. On Monday, he inTro- duced The Topic and sTudenTs discovered The meaning of True friendships. His words broughT new meaning To The sTory in Luke abouT The lame man who was lowered Through The roof and healed by Jesus. As The week wenf on, sTudenTs learned how To minisTer To The needs of oThers. Breaking up info small groups allowed each individual To share Their own insighTs. This inpuf from Their peers made Mike's ideas seem y X more real. We closed SpiriTual Emphasis Week wiTh a special is conceri in The gym. STudenTs broughi bean bags, blankeis X and pillows as They "kicked iT" on The floor To lisTen To Phil KGOQQY- Everyone grew SDMTUOHY O5 0 VGSUIT Of The Weekls 68 Chris Warners finds humor in one of Mike's old war sTories. experiences. TudenTs eagerly make Their way inTo The llsa Kloln and Karon ludord valianTIy Try To zhapel. lead Valley in singing Pharoh! Pharoh! Mr. V.W.-as usual praising God by singing, NO! NO! No . . . GocI's not dead! BuT He's alivel 69 Chapel has become a very special Time for many sTudenTs aT Valley Time rs seT aside each week To come TogeTher wrTh The faculTy and express our joy in knowing ChrlsT Through praise and wor ship Small groups are an rmporTanT porT of chapel providing an aTmosphere in which we shared our ThoughTs and prob- lems and could grow spiriTually TogeTher. Valley's chapels make us, as sTudenTs, more aware of ChrisT and how we can shine Through Him. A few of OUF seniors DGHSDTIY WOlT fOf CIWCIDGI To STGFT Michelle dnd Kathy in the '36 Auburne: they know how to cruise in style. Donlso, Llsa ond Vonda know which cdr is poulcir. Todd Hood won the trucks with his Nissan ond this "8nt NO JOKE" Q On Mdy 6, Vdlley students enjoyed dn extended lunch to ddmire some of the outstdnding cdrs Vdlley students hdd to show. There were 5 cdtegories dnd OD overdll sweepstdkes prize. The winner of the trucks cdtegory wds Todd Hood with the "origindl" thump truck, the sports cdr trophy wds tdken by Michelle Paine who showed up in d '36 Auburn. Michelle dlso wdlked dwdy with the sweepstdkes trophy. Stacey Coleman piled 28 people in her VW bug to win the volume cdte- gory while Heather Alderson used her VW to win the cldssics cdtegory. The lost cdtegory wds won by Denise Struiksmu GS she showed up in her "epitome of junk" cdr. Hop on, there is dlwdys room for more! Tlm Paterson knows how to rock ond roll 70 Llsa Kloln does more socializing Than dancing. lT's Time To whisper Those "sweeT noThings" ThaT you've been Thinking abouT all nighT. High school dances can be auiTe The social evenT. They give sTudenTs a chance To l'cuT loose" or relax wiTh someone special. Many people also use The dances as a reason To ask someone ouT. lT's always fun To geT To know someone new. "Excuse me, would you like To dance?" Sul Lucy Rublo and Chris Goodson can'T keep from moving wiTh The rhyThm. Renewing special friendships aT The Homecoming Dance. 71 Banquet A warm welcome awaited Valley students as they arrived at the Reef Restaurant, Long Beach. Prom King and Queen - Pat Barnes and Kayla Koopman. 3 1 i 7 i E Even Mr. Hugen got into it with his black tails. 3 i Mike Gilman, Lance Havel, and Todd Tuinstra hit the town in style. i'Treasured Moments" was the theme for the evenir planned by the Junior class officers. Everyone showed up wi' permanent smiles from all the pictures with mom and da- Even more were taken at the Reef by the pros from Heritagi Dinner was served inside the banquet hall as everyone joine their friends and seated themselves face to face with a golf fish. Entertainment consisted of a slideshow, music by Juni girls, and one of A.J.'s famous raps. Whether they went stc or with a date, everyone had a blast! Many memories wel 72 made as the night faded into morning. Bw f - Q SW A M. 9' , X " 5 1 ir., - K . - gays' ,Q dfilgs s Q .. ww if Q- W-K :f5X??'zf?g:E:TSiSl?'u.- J X 'SS 3 Suit Q X up-.4v"'., L,,...... The girls cloim to fome os Vdlley's first Girls Soccer teom. Tonya hugs Ms. Metcalfe one lost time. The Girls Athletic Associotion held their dnnudl sports bon- quet in the chdpel on Tuesddy, Moy 34. Dinner wos served fol- lowed by the long owdited owords ceremony. Throughout the ceremony, girls were hon- ored os most vdluoble pldyers ond were given mony other dwdrds. Among the people honored wos the Girls Soccer teom. They eoch received d pldoue in rememberdnce of their experience ds the first girls tedm Volley hos ever hod. The teom presented o shirt mode Ginger Sundquist, which redd, "l survived Vdlley's first Girls Soccer teom" Other teoms were honored for their excep- tiondl efforts ond occomplish- ments during the different seo- sons. For mony this wos d night to remember ond cherish for- ever. , ,, T Nj 562289 'fell' Leslle glodly receives her oword. Trddemork of the 87-88 Girls Soccer Tedm 74 6. s s .. . Xei x X NN NYE X ss 'S -lk5Q"'1, ' E I gk-ss ,Lg is ' K ..x. .N 5 Jana , v X 1 ibm- , I W K -s:s '?'s.-.- .. 5 i if ,khk f A . The J.V. Softball team poses for pictures. Laurel goes up to receive another award. Chrlsflne receives the awards for the last time. nu... knows this routine well. Tlra has had another successful year in sports. 75 Donkey Basketball i Seniors are The winning Team. Mark never could make a basket. A.J., ASB Vice PresidenT re resenTed The 'unior class. D J The annual Donkey BaskeTball game was played aT CerriTos College. BoTh VCHS and WCHS uniTed in faiTh To raise money for The Home for The Unwed lVloThers. The game was Tied, wenT inTo overTime and Tied again. Valley was declared The winner only because They happened To be riding The don- keys in blue. The Limbo provided a greaT halfTime advenTure for sTudenTs of all ages and fans from boTh schools conTribuTea To a very successful even- ing. i Mr. Van Maanen is geTTing a TasTe of his own medicine l l The WhiTTier sTudenTs jusT couldn'T geT him To move. Special Olympics at s ig Xt p M' s ' 1 ss psip 1, ., ,X -X A k iw -V-gud, 'V - V me 1 K . ' Kg' . f 5 Y gi ,," I v I' - Q, '-a n .- bi: , p , p. ,Q Q , ,,Z Q A , .lr .. l it , A-.1 gs i e j l d d i ' - Vim j I ..,, l it n 2 . ' ,V I , Tv 1 " I I .. V, 4 -"'+ 1 L. "" VC V, , ASR i 4' , N 1 Q , A 5,2 NJ or Q4 V if? . lhv- i A 1 f l i ljjl A ll i sw jpjj l My l' l , r rlil s ' A , , ' I X AW, az k 4 L ,L H ' by - ' ",, V , . K '-VV g f , V Wil' :VV V V ' W. - p lhen did you Ieorn how to throw d frisbee, Cindy? The obstocle course wos the most exciting event. A ,,, ,:,, if age, ' V 5 ,,,, 1,, W Students from mony schools come to join the fun. Dovid jumped olmost two feet. Heot wos bedting dgdinst their forehedds. Morch- Q, v ing music wos being ployed. Children's fdces wore W smiles thot stretched "eor to eor." It wos Moy 42th when Volley's junior closs went to help ot the Spe- cidl Olympics. It wos on exciting experience ond a r every person Ieorned o little bit more. With the hord work ond togetherness the junior cldss mode on ordinory doy into d memory thot will never be for- gotten. 3? H H A These were our officiols? 77 S.A.S. Banquet Rlck Wesira, our valedicTorian, gives a speech aT The banqueT. All The hard work To geT good grades finally paid off. Those sTudenTs who Tried Their hardesT To umake The grade" were rewarded by The ScholasTic ArTs SocieTy in The form of a ban- queT. The food was aloT beTTer Thon lasT year's-a 'TsTep ahead" so To speak. The oTmo- sphere aT This parTicular banqueT was popping wiTh exciTemenT. Speeches were mode by Aron Reppmann, Stephanie Posfma, Rick Wesfra, and Don Deuning abouT The aspecTs of The socieTy. LaTer on, awards and scholar- ships were handed ouT. New members found Themselves on sTage wiTh iighTed candles in hand reciTing The socieTy pledge, and Rick Wesira QAMI7 g.p.a.Q was announced valedi- coTiran. IT was a nighT To remember for all Those involved. New members of S.A.S. IighT candles as a symbol of Their pledge Slna Seng can'T help buf smile. 78 SODHOITWOYGS "chow down" GUUTIQ dlnflef. Mlko and Mlko dress alike! Crhis capfion complemenls of Mlke Mandeville, FWWE lron Reppmonn speaks a few departing words of wisdom To enthralled lnderclassmen. New induclees gel ready To reclre Their pledge. 79 Letterman Banquet i ,wav ..... T ,... tttet eee eete r 1 -:'e'Q . - 5 T' "i' 3 .. 5- E -is ttt t - ' E:3":" ti,,. . iitzzbb s Rick Vllestra receives the Scholastic athlete award for 87'-88'. The Lettermans Banquet was a big success this year. A lot of people showed up, the food was good and the program wasn't too long. The guys this year worked very hard and de- served to be honored for their effort at this banquet. Some of the night's highlights were the lVl.V.P. awards for each team and the giv- ing of flowers fo senior parents who always play a big part in cheering on their athletic sons. Although varsity baseball was the only team to win league championships this year, there is always hope for next year, if our guys keep up their effort. Even though the guys don't like to admit it, it was an excitement- iilled evening for everyone, coaches included! e. ' if it N Waiting for the banquet ii ii S T o start was so much fun! The VandeVegt Award for best line backer weni to Tim Lack. B0 The Cross Country MVP. award we Paul Nakhla. nf to K sf :SY ' VFD G01-' so fiflfip 'F E ' . l Mr. Wunderly says a few words to his awesome football team. Brlan Tomploman-Varsity Football M.V.P. Ilke llackstad received M.V.P. for Varsity Basketball- fas this picture posed or what? ance Havel received M.V.P. for Varsity Baseball and 'ank Hong got the Coach's award. 1- Coach De Jong and Ray Lange share an .. this award is presented to two great inside joke, tennis players who . . WOW! This is so interesting. 81 Valley receives many ouT- sTanding complimenTs abouT being The school wiTh The besT spiriT or The besT aThleTic de- parTmenT or basically The besT deparTmenT or basically The besT people, buT iT's exTremely uncommon for a school To be admired for all of Those quali- Ties plus academics. Through- ouT The pasT years of VaIley's hisTory There have been many awards for dcademic excel- lence. WiTh The help of God, The sTudenTs and Teachers have worked hard To keep This TradiTion going so ThaT a diplo- ma from Valley is someThing To be proud of. Academics THE YEAR Mr. Mcrk Hugen Mr. John LeFebre Mr. Brion Lemmen E Mrs. Foifn Hogan 84 ,,,..Q-f-r""' Mr. Don VcnMoonen Mr. DGVG BUGS Mr. Colvin Feddes 85 Mr. Christian Veensfro Mr. Julion Boas Mr. Randy Posfmus s Mrs. Kristen Brewer Mr. Gregg Sjoerdsmcr Mrs, Mert Smifs Mrs. Lynda Terhorst Mrs. Fern Sreenwyk 86 Mr. HGrOld DSBIG Mr. Bob Sfeenstrcn Mr. Del Von Den Berg Mr. Jim McCune Mr. Loren Von Woudenberg 87 M 51 8: Home Ec Mrs. Trudy Howell -JIU! Mrs. Betty Brouwer 'fin-wg MN! X BB W Spanish French Ms Dolores Logfermon n Ms. JoneT Boker INS s New i -:, K . D .A Nw., M Ms: -Sig 1 - ' D . Lazvf- A zfsiei, g W '-'-. i 1' .. -L Y V--1523-:I w?EQ::..:. E . 7,-XX H - , L I -,,,,.: ,-:.: .. , If -:::,, :,.. .. A X W R Mm A W - .. .. 'Y A - : K - K nf -- ,,,, K ,,.., R .N 2 xx fb K 5 -.Y - X R Y , ,, . , Q . 'S 1' A114 -. 'rffiis 89 3 P.E. Music 'S :E E S Mr. Mike Wunderley 1 Ms. Liz Metcalfe IS QE S 1 Mr. Don Groy Mr. PieTer Goedhod Ms. Pom McDermoTT 90 Counseling Library Mr. Sion Cole Mrs. If J P 5 Bobbi HOGKSTFC Nw Mrs. Lucille Wossenocr 3 E 5 Mrs. June Reppmonn 91 How do mosT Vdlley sTudenTs spend Their Time ofTer rocking Their broin for school? Well if iT's noT sTudying for one of Mr. Le- Febre's olgebro TesTs or going To lvir. De Bie's driving lessons you would probobly find The mojoriTy of The sTudenTs in- volved in oT leosT one of our club ocTivlTies. WheTher iT's Ski Club, lnTerocT, or The Model U.N. Volley hos o medley of opTions To choose from. Clubs H I H EYEAR Varsity Cheer Soaring Sprits This year s Varsity Cheerleading squad conslsted of 7 dedicated Junlor glrls With help from thelr new advlsor Janet Baker the glrls performed at many competltlons and at more than enough games through out the year They also had some early mornlng workouts to prepare for speclal events Lots of plannlng and behind the scenes work took u a reaf deal of thelr durlng the football playoffs and the glrl s CIF basketball games Accompanied by the J V glrls they also enjoyed a day together at Magic Mountaln after one of their largest competltlons The ups and downs of compromise proved to be worthwhlle because throughout the year the glrls grew closer and had tons of fun! ' p 9 spare tlme. Some of the excitement came E 1-M "Foghorn-Leghorn" lolns Erlca, Glna, and Krista In the lun at Maglc Mountaln. Top to Bottom: Erlca Helntzelman, Sylvla Lee, Vel Gray, Glna Sanfllll, Krlsfa Vos, Dee-Dee Groen, Leanne Veldhulzen, and Kristin Massellnk. Homecomlng theme "Fantasy In the Far East" put the cheerleaders lnto SamuraI's for a frlp around the track. 94 Captain: Leanne Veldhulzen Captalnz Glna Santllll gi "Go, Flght, Vlln tonlghtl Boogie downl All Rlghtl All Rlghtl" Erlca I-telntzelman Sylvla Lee h Vel Gray Dee-Dee Groen Cheerleaders get students to show thelr splrlt at pep rallles. The competltlon routlne was splced up wlth some blarlng modern mu- slc. Krlsta Vos One last cheer tor VCHS. J.V. Cheer SpiriT And DedicoTion J.V. Cheer impressed The eyes of specTo- Tors during Homecoming, hoif-Time shows, porodes ond in public compeTiTion. Their oT- TiTude wos enThusiosTic onci Their spiriT wos leci by The co-copToins Karen Burford ond Nicole Gilman. Thonks To oli The cheer- ieoders who puT in ThoT exTro efforT onci Time To moke This yeor, o yeor of spiriT ond cieciicoTion. Aerobics is somefimes involved in cheer. Show your sTyie, Voiiey cheer! 5 5 1 H. 2 3 2 5 LefT To righT: Wendi Woidron, Lori Wells, Ashley McLeon, Jooni Boil, BricIgeT BourgouiT, Kore Burford, Nicole G-iimon, ond LyneTTe PeTerson. EnThusiosm is high on Homecoming nighT. 96 I.D. SQUAD The girls auf There wiTh The maroon shields re our lD UniT. They lead our band inTo pa- :des and sTand Tall as They represenT Val- Ty ChrisTian. Led by Their capTain, Jennifer ulfzer, They perform in half Time shows as 'ell as The ArTesia and Bellflower parades. wey are always filled wiTh spiriT and pride as Tey show how ChrisT works Through uniTy. Valley sparkles down Bellflower Boulevard. The ID uni? shows Their sTyle, LefT To right Jennifer BalTzer, KaTie Nelson, KaThie WesTfall, Shannon Drake, Coley Hagan and Michelle Paine 97 Drill Team Keeping In Step Chin up and smile. We don T hear iT a loT around school buT iT geTs worn ouT when iT comes To marching afTer The band on The parade rouTes. This year The Drill Team par- TicipaTed in Two parades flrsT The ArTesia Parade and Then The Bellflower Parade. They did very well in boTh. The girls were also busy wiTh differenT compeTiTions as well as early morning rehearsals and fooTball half- Time shows. When ChrisTmas finally rolled around everyone sTarTed seeing "Jesus is The reason for The season" pins sold by Drill Team members To raise money. The pins were a hiT and The Drill Team goT a hard- earned profiT from The fund raiser. Keep shining Through Drill Team! You make every- Thing you parTicipaTe in more fun To waTch. l xx u r 1 e Drill Team smiles iTs way inTo everyone's hearl Drill leaders - Heidi Wiersma, Anna Biggs and Kelly Kur- kowski lead The way. "Walk like an EgypTian" 98 N 'E .9 ' Q ki 2 ' ,f ' mu' f ., in ' my ff? 5 'ip' ' f.' . I K .IQ my I ' ,MF '63 - iw , ' . .vp ' I ' A Z7 2 z Milf ' .V Q4 Jw ,Xt--V fa f W 4 1 3: ""': 7 N", fm'--s., ,1:4V' V "i1QM'! GA ,fps A Q i 1, ww g m X Q -if M , f J 2 ,,,.2 Ik, ' V' 122 , ,lt-.f""'S', NL 1 3 if W Z 'fw 1 t Q , if Twlrl 'Em The Flag Team became loeTTer known because of iT s increased size and excel- lence. They performed many Times dur- ing fooTball halfTime. Sharon Overdum year was placing second in The Bellflower parade. The girls in This group have lefT Their mark on many people ThroughouT The year. Their True TalenTs shone Through Their ChrisTian aTTiTudes on and off The fie d. Team capTain said, "The highlighT of our I Sharon and Stacey sTand Tall during The fooTball haIfTime. Flag Team ll l 1 QL-Ry STacey Twaddle, Sharon Overduin QcapTainj Trina OsTerhus, ChrisTina Wells, Glnge SundquisT, Branda BourgalT, Monica Greene, Sharon Rhone, KrlsTin Lee, Tracy OsTerhus 1 5 I Z l ff , 3 2 Z f 1 The Flag Team Takes a break from The hecilc schedule aT camp. 100 Chess Club "CheckmaTe" NoT everyone siTs ouTside dT lunch Tell- ing The ldTesT news. A group of dbouT 44 people ploy The skillful gdme of chess. They ore known ds The Chess Club. Su- pervised by Mr. lvlcCune, members of The club meeT dT lunch To compeTe in The TourndmenT for The TiTle of Chess Club chdmpion. So for The record for The long- esT gdme is beTween Oommen George ond Mark Slmon which losTed for Three monThs. These sTudenTs like To ploy chess during lunch becouse iT is fun ond dlso o good wdy To reldx before The dfTernoon cldsses. llayne cdn'T decide wheTher he wdnTs To edT ir ploy. fl-ry Chi-Ho Kong, Rocky Brick, Wdyne Chen, Pdul PiTTmdn, Oommen George, Ddvid Rd, Mdrk Simon, Tom Schipper, Kdmi Kovdcovsky, Donnd Eder, Ddmon Koski. Rocky ond Chl-Ho ore Tense ds They sTdrT o new gdme. 101 Freezing Fun Car washes, Wake-A-Thons, and many hours of planning wenT inTo The preparaTion of This year s ski Trip for The club. The annual rendevous was To The quieT ciTy of Lake Tahoe buT once Valley ChrisTian goT There The Town was in a compleTe uproar. UnforTu- naTely due To a small blizzard The club did noT ski ThaT ofTen' so from hiTTing The casinos along wiTh all The nighT life To jusT galavanTing around The hoTel The sTudenTs always found Things To occupy Themselves. Once They were back on California ground iT was local skiing from There on ouT. Snow Valley and Snow SummiTT were exTremeIy popular resorTs buT wherever The club wenT They always had fun. Many Thanks go To BeTTy Brouwer advisor and Keifh Fike presi- denT for Their hard work and frusTra- Tions. Ski Club - - Yiii sf ni' Judd Whliflold shows off a perfecf back- Kim Larson caughf off guard while Taking scrafcher. . DFGGK Z1 ,,i- ., .. The Ski Club uniTes To say good bye. -T :.- . T One of Dan KeunIng's many aTTempTs To ski The park- Ahh! My nose is finally beginning To Thaw. ing loT. A ademic Dec. Science Club Great Achievements Academic DecaThalon isn'T jusT for smart people, anyone with a UC" average or above can join This Team if They're willing To work hard. AfTer weeks of studying and ex- Tra homework The Academic Decathalon Team wenT To a ralley with differenT Teams from oTher schools to compeTe in a day of Taking TesTs and giving speeches. AfTer sweating Through The day's evenTs our Team came in sevenTh! WhaT a job well done. Getting Scientific The Science Club is made up of a few sTudenTs who like To sTudy science, see awesome movies, and go places where They wouldn'T otherwise have a chance To go. When asked whaT his definiTion of Sci- ence Club was, Mr. PosTmus answered, "lt's a special exTra-curricular acTiviTy involving sTudenTs of all class levels. IT provides a spe- cial 'sTep beyond' in The exploration and enjoymenT of science". This year's Science Club discovered again how the wonderful works of our heavenly father keep shining Through. Jlr. Boas enthusiastically explains one of The wonders of sci- nce To Mike Falcioni. Jon Tuinstra, Todd Smits, David Ra, Lundi Seng, Oommen George, Mark Simon, Jane Chung, Debie Lamon, Paul Lee. Mr. Boas, Mr. Feddes, Jon Tuinstra, Mark Falcioni, Jeff Heart, David Davis, Mike Oldenkamp, Mark Oldenkamp, Donna Eder, Eliza Oh, Sylvia Lee, Mr. Postmus, Oom- men George, Chris Warners, Tim Lack, Paul Lee. Academic Decathalon members compeTe at the ralley. 103 lnTerdoT Helping OThers Through in love. This group of young people enjoy helping Those who need help. Nloking severol Trips To Mexico helping CRWRC wiTh The WhiTTier eorThquoke cleon-up puTTing on The Thonksgiving food drive ond spon- soring The blood drives ore some of The mo- jor projecTs ThoT lnTerocT Took porT in ThroughouT The yeor. Vdlley ond our com- muniTy ore forTunoTe To hove such o group os This. The '87-'88 InTerocT Club redlly shone The lnTerocT Club poses for o picTure One of our sponsors Morlin Vonderlvlolen enThusiosTicoIIy IisTens 3 W 1 Q ff I -- 1 Z , 4 Vi 'Q 1 if K 1 ' - 4 1 , . I ,,h,,3,, .. iii l l iff, I 'Z The "buff" Mr. Cole helping out. Ed Boas - anticipating a quick escape. -1' :ww Q Andy Paik Taking a break from a hard day's work. Interact members lend a helping hand. Q l I A l., ' .mm N f , , . M "Cheersl" from our hard-working Mexico crew. A few brave souls give blood. 105 A J0yfl.lI Noise VoIiey's Crusoder bond is one of The mony groups ThoT helps our school shine Through in spiriT. This yeor's bond porTici- poTed in Two porddes ond ployed for severol oTher speciol evenTs. The bond olso ploys o Iorge role oT Volley s home fooTboII gdmes' They ploy for pre-gome os well os porTicipoTing in The hdlf-Time shows. We os o sTudenT body Thonk our bond for doing such on ouTsTonding job. Band Bond members goof-off before o concerT, Katherine Burke Iedds The bond wiTh o winning rouTine. Chl-Ho Kang oTTempTs o smile ofTer ploying his Trombone. The bond sTruggles ouT of Their morching geor ofTer o long porode 106 211 Lgpnmfv The band marches enthusiastically down Bellflower Blvd. --Dom you dare Take ,mm pictureyf Krlsfln Strulksma and Nichole Gilman pose in their aging band ' uniforms. 'lst Row: Katherine Burke, David Nakhla, Paul Pittman, Monique Jackson, Michelle Holwerda, Jana Tanis, Eric Doejaaren, Chi-ho Kang, Michael Haringa, Benji Christoffels, Cari De Bie, Nichole Gilman, Amy Westra, Kori Stonestreet, Donna Eder, Shannon Gray, Don Gray-Director. 2nd Row: Eric Scheenstra, Mike Gilman, Todd Tuinstra, lan De Bie, David Laster, Mark Simon, Rocky Brick, Darlene Thomas, Monica Edmonds, Kristin Struiksma, Vel Gray, Melanie Vanwoudenberg, Michael Schutt, Alan VanWyk, Julie Schubert, Christine Hill. 3rd Row: Scott Evnaskey, Steven DeKoekkoek, Paul Nakhla, Mark Myhre, Jared Brown, Mark Kortenhoeven, Steve Kok, Blake Hiemstra, Mic Buehler, Eric Snapper, Michelle VanderLey, Nicole DenOuden, Wendy Nance, Lori Klein, MaryAnn Vandervis, Joy Baas, Dana Wind, Kaylene Klaassen. Ath Row: Jon Slager, Rick Westra, Philip Simon, John Kim, John Dantuma, Tim DeKoekkoek, A.J. Smith, Jason Florie, Mike Mclntyre, Jeff King, Art DeJong, David Koekman, John Anderson, Mike Anderson, Dan Keuning, Sharon Biedebach, Amy DenOuden, Kim Zwart, Suzanne VandenBerg. 107 Jazz Band A Screaming Fling Jazz Band direcTed by Don Gray had a loT of spiriT This year Composed of fifTeen members They pracTiced long and hard To perfecT Their performance TrumpeTs Trom bones woodwlnds guiTors piano wiTh a dash of percussion Thrown in aT random cre aTed a very impressive sound Wherever They wenT They were applauded wiTh The exTra boosT To make Their performance The besT screams of delighT. ThaT gave The Jazz Band T TTT J , Play ir Mike: Top row: Paul PiTTman, Mike Gilman, Alan VanVVyk, John Anderson, Rick WesTra, Todd TuinsTra, Mr. Gray, Philip Simon, Dan Keuning, David Aardema, Monique Jackson, Mark Myhre. BoTTom row: Shannon Gray, Mark Konenhoeven, Nicole DenOuden, David l-loekman, John Kim, Greg Holcombe, Mike Anderson, Jon Slagers, Derik Gray, and Blake l-liemsTra. 108 Handbellsl Always inTenT on a perfecT performance. Silver Bells The clear silverly sound of The Handbell Choir conTripuTed very much To The fine arTs aT Valley. This year The choir received new hand- bells, including a 5Th ocTave, new ouTfiTs, TaplecloThs and besT of all, guys To play The enormous base bells, IT was a busy year for This choir. They played aT The majoriTy of Val- ley's concerTs along wiTh playing for people who reauesTed Their unique musical sound. Thanks go To Hand- bells for adding ThaT special Touch To Their performances. up row Monica Edmonds, Monique Jackson, Todd TuinsTra, Karin DeGrooT, Jana BoerighTer, Mike Gilman, Amy DenOuden, Pam Viligboldy Mr Gray Wd Nicole Gilman BoTTom row: Amy VanWyk, STacy Ollman. Jan Baas, Lori Klein, KrlsTen STruiksma, and Melanie Vanwoudenperg. Model U.N. NCHOTIS United War and peace. STarvaTion and abun- dance, These were The concerns we had during The firsT year Valley parTicipaTed in The Model UniTed NaTions. We were proud of The 45 sTudenTs aT Valley who represenT- ed The counTries of Libya and Jamaica, aT The UniversiTy of California, Riverside. Deal- ing wiTh The issues facing The world Today, The sTudenTs discussed, debaTed, and cau- cussed ideas for Their counTry. They learned how To view issues from differenT perspec- Tives, buT mosT imporTanT, They goT a glimpse of realiTy. This spiriTed group represenTed Saudi Arabia in full cosTumel Mark always seems To make a bus ride more Tun! J ,fi li-2-L 1' Top I.r. Todd SmiTs, STephanie PosTma, Melanie Cole, Rick WesTra, Mark Simon Chris Goodson, Tim PaTTerson, BoTTom l.r. Sharon Overduin. Mark Marius, Hans Lyra Elaine GhosT, David Ra. All The naTions are represenTed in This mass assembly WOMENS Ensemble Young Sound "Young sound" is one woy To phrdse This yedr's Women's Ensemble. ConsisTing of only freshmen ond sophomores, The girls were direcied by lVlr. C5oedhorT Through nu- merous successful performdnces. From leorning The fundomenTols of music Through wriTTen TesTs To ocTuolIy singing Them, The girls hod o chance To show Their experience in ploces like chopel ond differenT schools ond churches. A mojor highlighf of The yeor wos prepdring ond ocTuolly performing scenes from The Broodwoy hiT "Annie". For The firsT ond Third Trimesfer The girls devoTed Their Third period To singing ond Iedrning music. l l , . -it ' ., ii i .... ,. . . T L "' N f 5 g Ag Eg. g jg . W5 A X i . .. -s 1 Ti 'S T " ny Warners ond Klm De Rldder concenTroTe on leorning The girls gofher in o chorus line To sing "Never Fully Dressed". .ll Things BrighT ond BeouTifuI". 1 1 1 V ,, , 'W A'CClPpeIlCl 'T' Refined Rhythm A Capella Choir learned a greaT varieTy of vocal music This year from The very seri ous sacred hymns To The comical scenes from musicals Their Two major producTions were Children of The LighT performed aT Pops ConcerT Some of The Tunes came from Broadway musicals such as Grease Music Man Sound of Music Bye Bye Birdie and more ThroughouT The enTire year The sTudenTs noT only grew To love music buT They learned To care abouT each oTher as individuals The SupporTer's BanqueT, and The Spring Are we Tuning up or Tuning ouT? Top Row flefT To righTj: Chris SmiTh, Ryan VanDuyn, Bryan Templeman, Oomen George, Rob VanEck, Aron Reppmann, Ed Boas, Gerald Vanderburg, Todd SmiTs, Brian Kornoelje, Dan Woolley, Chris Warners, Rob KamsTra, Mark VanDeBrake, Jeff DeYoung, and Ken STice. Third Row: Brian Tazelaar, Rick WesTra, Lisa Klein, Jennifer VandenBerg, Sirephanie PosTma, Debbie Vanderkamp, Leslie VanWeerThuizen, Michelle VanderLey, Deann GrooT, Jana BoerigTer, Karin DeGrooT, Shelly ScholTen, and Mark Marius. Second Row: Lisa Kroeze, Denise STruiksma, Alison SmiTh, Robyn Pap, KrisTin Masselink, Pam Wigboldy, Laurel Hemphill, MaribeTh Voss, Tira Johnson, Heidi Wiersma, and Gina SanTilli. BoTTom Row: HeaTher Blankers, Lisa Fellows, Anna Biggs, Kelly ScholTen, KrisTa Vos, Jane Chung, Nicole DenOuden, Leslie VerHuel, Rhonda Verhoeven, and DirecTor Mr. PieTer G-oedharT. NoT PicTured: BeTh KrediT, CrysTal Neher, Marcene Hahne, and Melanie Cole. 112 Mcldrigals ' ' Excellence ' ' The lvlodrigol Singers ore considered To be The eliTe vocol group here oT Volley. These lo young people drew close TogeTh- er os friends while performing in locol con- cerTs ond fesTivols os well os Troveling To- geTher. They olso kepT busy wiTh The fun- droisers needed To finonce The Trip To Lyn- den, WoshingTon ond BriTish Columbio, Con- odo. Some of The guys hod o hord Time keeping Their mouThs shuT while crossing The border inTo Conodo, buT everyone mode iT Through ond hod o greoT Time. The yeor vvos o ToTol success os The group used Their Tol- enTs To shore God's love. len ClefT To righTj: Ed Boos, Jeff DeYoung, Rick WesTro, Don Woolley, Mr. PieTer GoedhorT fDirecTory, Chris i lorners, Aron Reppmonn, ond Brion Kornoelje. Lodies: Jennifer VondenBerg, Wendy ChrisTensen. Tephonie Poslmd, lvlelonie Cole, Shelly ScholTen, Leslie VonWeerThuizen, Debbie Vonderkdmp, ond Liso ein, NoT PicTured1 Todd SmiTs. The group odds To The oTmosphere QT The ChrisTmos Tour of Homes. Precision is o porT of Their excellence! 113 Student Council Creative Leadership The Year began on the first Tuesday of school at 7 45 A M to start making plans for the 87 88 school year This year s Student Council representatives class officers and even Dan the Man really shone through the year by giving their all to provide a fun packed '87-'88 for the whole student body. The new group planned and put on different events such as a Winter Formal and a Sadie Hawkin's Dance. Thanks Student Council for working hard to make this year unforgetta- ble. Student council fakes time out to relax and sing, Rick Westra and his best friend, a broken chair named Lassie. Love those morning meetings! Led by Dan Wooley, the studenf council shares the events of their kick off retreaf. 114 'X ,. XQXQ, , v C, It 3 new b ski 'z Ionlca Edmonds enthusiastically sells :die Hawkins Tickeml Student Council-A pyramid of success! Playing Shuttle Butt, student council members lose themselves in tears of laughter. gr?5'la'nr:'3g::axggw mgldggmuggigqHdnholman' Mlchelle I-lolwerda, the new "Lone Ranger" Student Council, taking time to listen. 115 Gazette ExTrd, ExTrd The Crusoder GozeTTe hos kepT us well informed ThroughouT The yeor wiTh "news we con use." The GozeTTe fed- Tured Topics from surfing To cooking ideos, IoTesT projeoTs of inTerooT To up- doTes on The Drill Tedm, movie reviews ond much more. Hedded by The very copobie ediTor, Leslie Wierenga, The GozeTTe works hord everydoy during firsT period To bring us The IoTesT hdp- penings here oT Vdiiey ChrisTion. De- pending upon The TrimesTer on over- oge of 'TO sTudenTs wriTe The news ThoT highiighTs The ocTiviTies ond opinions ThoT shine Through here dT Voiiey. ReporTers criTique Their work for nexT monThs issue. Bock Qi-rj Jennifer BoiTzer, Leslie Wierengo, Debbie Lomon, Ddno WoIooTT, Eric Terry Sherr Wiiiioms, Ld'Sindo Cooks, Amber Hoferer. FronT QI-rj Urdino Bos, Mrs. Brouwer, Kim BorTon Todc Hood. . .... ss ss 4. Q . X. NY '-1"f-' ?'i.iw WH ., gf! v I ' W-i7sfl?LT" f"'f is ,.-i , in "fi-fix ' M ..,..,. ,,,,.,,,, ,,,.,, . ..... Rs 2 3 M g. K x -T: Q is X N. MN gay fi X 'Ti V . . "" ' . f i ggi sssis , gf-T . -fir H is s X . Ng A .3 ,gi - 1 is - s . , ,.,-. s ,,s..s, ., sf. .R Ti H Once ogoin The sToff brings us Unews we con use." 116 Let those ideas flow! Todd compares his work with D0bblo's o fifffi - - ,,--- K Barb always has some good advice, Debble is amused by deadlines. The Gazette staff tests their typing skills, Leslie oversees the work of Eric. 117 In Over Our Heads "Brain out of Commission - due to overexertion", that was the general feeling in yearbook staff fo- wards the last few days of the third trimester and the first week of summer, as we scrambled to finish the last 33 pages of the annual. In the beginning of the year sevenfh period consisted of catching up on all the new summer gossip, and by the time we noticed fhe work we had fo get done, if was too late. The number of unfinished pages piled up so high we couldn't even counl them. Well, we finally put procrastination behind us and caught up on all our work, only to find more ahead of us. The whole staff learned to help, supporf, and back up one another in whatever we did. Working on all the pages together and completing deadlines all aided in bringing us closer together. A special thanks goes out to Mr. and Mrs. Baas for staying after school with us in fhe fhird trimester when they could have been doing something else and espe- cially to God who helped us bring you "The Finer Things Keep Shining Thru." Joy and Kelly energetically sing into a pizza crust. ANNUAL L. to R. Kim Larsen, Karla Cody, Joy Baas, Cynthia Darrah, Kelly Matson, Catherine Westfall, Michelle Payne, Lisa Anderson, Keith Pike, Steve De Yager Not Pictured: Leslie Wierenga, and Shannon Cooper. gs? Cynthia's favorite auestion, "How does this sound?" 118 Q fi ,I 5 W is Kim could core less obout idle chot, typing 80 words o minute is o lot more fun. "Good griefl lfl get ony more picture orders my comero will permonently stick to my face." Steve ond Michelle work vigorously on odd pledges. 119 Rumi Our two editors-friends forever. Just one more week ond it's over! 4987f88, The year VarsiTy FooTbaIl Team wenT To The firsT round of CIF Playoffs and The Lady Crusaders Took CIF in bas- keTball and wenT To The sec- ond round of The STaTe Play- offs. ConTinuousIy we have been able To break Through, leaving all our opponenTs far behind. NOT only have The Cru- saders had a TasTe of being number one buT They have also learned The Techniques of Teamwork and cooperaTion. These are only a few of The success sTories produced by The VCHS aThleTes and coaches. Again Valley has made iTself known To The local public Through aThleTics. 5 s SN EN QW 3 5 1 g SporTs A 4666 QS .. y u W oogo l Being on The VarsiTy FooTball Team requires more Than a sTrong physique and no brains. AcTually fooTball players have To have a 2.0 GPA and a good undersTanding of The rules and sTraTegies of The game To meeT The goals The coaches seT for Them. Second only To WhiTTier ChrisTian, our Team placed second in The league. Members of The Team work To- geTher all Through The season, pushing each oTher and also encouraging each oTher. VoT- ed among The players as mosT valuable was Bryan Templeman and The mosT improved was Jeff Lammers. Coach Wunderley com- menTed on his Team by saying "I felT They worked hard." VC Opp 7 ArTesia 28 7 Pioneer 42 ParamounT 7 Laguna Beach 42 2'l MaranaTha 'I3 44 Orange LuTh 40 WhiTTier Chr So Cal Chr BreThren OnTario Chr 40 '14 Tehachepi 7.22 . 77. lr! i Q RW E31 C Nygf: back CI-rj Don Mulder, Bren? VanKampen, Jon Nagel, Keiih Anema, Rick Hulsiein, Mail Warren, Sieve VanDiesT, Todd Smiis, Mike Mandeville Sith rowp Todd Hood, Tim Lack, Chris Miller, Jeff eJong, David Bos, Brian Kornoeije, Judd Whil- fieid, Tim Dekoekoek, David Schuii Q3rd rowp John Hulsi, Dean Aardema, Coach VanWouden- berg, Coach Debie, Coach Wunderley, Coach Sireelman, Coach DeVries, Frank Hong, Craig Bouma f2nd rowg Scoii Kuhlman, Don Vander- wal, Ken Slice, ryan Templeman, Darren Ho- gan, Mike Anderson, Andy Paik, Tyler Dokior, Darren Wybenga Qfroni rowj Lance Havel, Jeff Tolen, Mike Gilman, Jeff Larnmers, John I-ialioway, Randy DeBoer, Dan Kuening, A.J. Smiih 'S T0 VC Opp 44 Artesia 43 38 Pioneer O 43 Paramount 27 34 Laguna Beach 24 27 Maranatha 43 Orange Lutheran O Whittier 3 SCC Bretheren Ontario 54 49 The J V football team had a very re warding season Their first game was promising as they beat Artesia 44 43 with a 65 yard pass in the last play of the game The last game reflected their sea son well with a 35 yard field goal to win in the game Coach DeVries said I thought the team played as well as they were capable of playing but more im portant than that they had fun in the games and practice Many good friends were made between the players the league with three seconds remaining Cath rowjl-r Cameron Mitchell, Terry McQuown, Art De- Jong, Billy Wilbur, Mike Mclntyre, Mike Overgaauw, Sam Sybesma, Ryan Rush, C5th rowj Brad Leach, Neil McNaught, Steve Kok, Andy Calleros, Jeff Parker, Jason Andriese, Phil Newman, Jason Florie, Scott DeYager, faith rowj Mark Myhre, Jason Boersma, Jim Fritz, Keith Flikkerna. Thomas Ritchardson, Ken Kamstra, Mark Kortenhoeven, Ron Hiemstra, Royal Lord, 13rd rowy Steve Dekoekkoek, Kyle Dykstra, coach Mike Bultsma, coach Brian DeVries. coach Chris Veenstra, coach Perry Krosschell, Aaron Nog- gle, Matt Thomas, Q2nd rowj Joshua Owen, Jason Algra, Mike Schutt, J.B. McCormack, John Anderson, Jon Davis, Randy Gay, Mike Gregg 14st rowy Clyde Lawrence, Trevor Vander Wal, Darin Vanden Berg, Ben Christoffels, Joe Bonar, Paul Hackett, Abe Sakis mi. ss, it A . .. 124 OPP J.V. SCORES VC O Ontario 2 4 Whittier 2 2 Orange 4 2 Brethren O 2 Capo O . 2 SCC O 2 Ontario O l 2 Whittier 4 2 Orange 4 2 Brethren 0 2 Capo 0 2 SCC O . O0 V. Team- top: Katherine Burke, Jan Baas, Amy Warners, Coach Kim Lodewyk, Pam ligboldy, Kristin Struiksma, and Karen De Groot, Bottom: Cindy Terpstra, Sharla Wy- enga, Julie Baldwin, Melanie Tinklenberg. Kristin Lee, and Rhonda Verhoeven. ash. Team - top: Coach Gladie Rouwenhorst. Kim Bakker, Brynn Joiliffe. Danielle egter, Suzanne VanDenBerg, Amy Pollema, Jane Paik, and Theary Seng. Bottom: Kim aRidder, Donna Struiksma, Lisa Heusevelt, Rane-en Hammonds, and Kim Ornee. 125 nfosb Q - 11,00 This year's volleyball teams turned out great overall. Just about everyone enjoyed them- selves and experienced their share of victory. The Freshman team ended up in third place with a winfloss record of 6 - 11. Their Coach G-Iadie Rouwenhorst was pleased with the season. The J.V. team, working under new Coach Kim Lodewyk, had a tough time at the start of the season. They lost their first two games against Ontario and Whittier, but worked real hard and pulled through to win the rest. With a lot of teamwork, they came out on top along with Orange Lutheran, tying for first place. 406 - 'oo 40334 VC OPP Leaguez 3 Onlario 2 3 Whllller 4 3 Orange Lulh. O 3 Brelhren 'I 3 Capo Valley O 3 SCC O 3 Onlario 2 Whlrller Brelhren Orange Lurh Capo Valley SCC Sierra Vrsla Edgewood Top: Lisa Klein, Lori Klein, Coach Bill Lodewyk. Kim Larsen, KrisTi Van Zee, Ginger SundquisT, Jennifer Piersma, and Sharon Overduin. BoTTom: Jana BoerigTer, Laurel Hemphill, Karla Cody, Tonya Zwagerman, and Rolynn ReinsTra. Bill Lodewyk came in new This year and coached The girls Through a very successful season. IT began in The sum- mer wiTh condiTioning. These workouTs proved To be valuable, especially in The firsT league maTch which wenT five games againsT OnTario. The vicTory be- longed To Valley ThaT nighT, and iT con- Tinued ThroughouT The year. They wenT undefeaTed in league. PracTices conTin- ued in preparaTion as They headed off To The CIF Play-Offs. The firsT game was easier Than They expecTed, and Coach Lodewyk was able To Try some new Things. The girls began To geT anxious going inTo The second round. IT was comforTing To know ThaT Mark Marius would be There doing his famous 'Tdare 127 gif! deviI" acTs along wiTh John Danfuma, a mosT faiThful fan. These memories along wiTh The Team song 'iWipe OuT" by The Beach Boys and Run DMC will remain in The girls' hearTs forever. Also, a special Thanks goes ouT To Coach Lodewyk for all his Time and hard work in TAPINC-l it M r gig gil!! w4'.r L VC OPP 0 Capo Valley Chr 2 3 Whitney O 4 Orange Luth 5 0 Ontario Chr 2 O Whittier Chr 0 Brethren Capo Valley Chr Whitney Orange Luth Ontario Chr Whittier Chr Brethren 0 .GQ 50 -W, i back CI-ry Coach Wind, Mike Anderson, Rick Westra, Mark Kortenhoeven, Jeff Lennan, David Bos, Chris Miller, Paui Nakhla, J.B. McCormack, Coach Lemmen, front Ci-rj Ray Lange, Darren Wybenga, Chris Smith, Terry McQuown, Todd Smits, Keith Anema, Andy Hoekstra, Lars Johnson i ,,..k NX? A cb 2 RQ A . xx s 3 '31 af 1 i 0 ' 4 f uf. Q----Q.. 'W 45, I' V f V1 f fl ' V W 4405 at W -G 0 Burroughs lvlillikan California High St. Anthony Whittier High LB Jordan Millikan Chadwick Ontario Chr St. Margarets St. Anthony EI Segundo Ontario C r Cerritos High Cerritos High El Segundo Agoura oo Back fl ry Amy Westra Jana Tanis Rlkki Mazure Karen Scholte Coach Lolkus Robyn Pap Jennifer La Londe Brynn Jolliffe Linda Lange Leslie Ver rj: Laurel Hemphill, Wendy Nance, Nicole DenOuden, Lisa Anderson, Ginger A Karla Cody, Jennifer Owens, Lisa Klein. ff. mwxyw W f M . ...M s. The Girl's Soccer team had a very successful year. This was Valley's first girl's soccer team and they proved them- selves well. Winning their first game against Burroughs A-0 gave them enough confidence to have a great record of 8 wins, 7 losses. and 2 ties. The team had many memora- ble experiences such as always having better than a five hundred record. beating El Segundo 'l-0 on their field after losing to them at Valley, and Laurel Hemphlll kicking a 50 yard shot in the game against Ontario. The most spirited of the year was Llsa Kleln, the most improved was Karen Scholte, and the most helpful was Karl Lolkus. Coach Byma felt the girls had a very successful year because they never gave up when they were trailing a better team, and they worked well as a team. To quote Coach Byma, "The girls were a great group of young people to work with. We are looking forward to being a part of the Olympic League next year." OPP VC 3 Capo Valley 2 3 Whitney O 3 Orange Luth O 8 Ontario 4 4 Whittier 4 7 Brethren 0 2 Whitney 2 2 Orange Luth 4 A Ontario O O Whittier A 5 Brethren 4 oe- :ick fl-rj Coach Nick VanderDussen, Rick Hemphill, Alan Van Wyk, Aaron Noggle, Kyle ykstra, David Nakhla, Jared Brown, Loren Camper, Coach Lemmen front QI-rj Ryan onner, Art De Jong, Mike Overgaauw, Brian Kornoelje, Jason Andriese, Joel Petteys, :son Florie, Brad Fieldhouse, Cnot picturedp David Mayer, Darren Hogan, Todd Tuinstra ,, ,,., oe The J.V. Soccer team had an excellent season with a league record of 9 wins, 4 loss, and 2 ties. Their record allowed them to capture second place in the league championships. There were a few hardships in achieving this goal, such as Paul Nakhla moving up to varsity and Aaron Noggle breaking his leg, but they still received this honor. During the season Aaron Noggle mode the most goals and the most assists making him the most valuable player of the team, Brian Kornoelje had the most headballs of the team. Coach Nick Van- derDussen thought his team performed well and had an excellent season. sq ' . 90" Q0 5 005 AfTer pracTicing in The drenching rain and running miles along The riverbed, The Team many Times cooled off by sTopping aT Pen- guins. This made The whole pracTice worTh iT! PracTice especially paid off when The Team was raTed 3rd over all in league. The guys really worked hard This year. Winning The dual meeT wiTh Orange LuTheran really Topped iT off. The guys were noT supposed To even come close! Through iT all They really grew TogeTher and had an excellenT season. This year, Mark Oldenkamp was voTed mosT spiriTed, while Rick Hemphill received mosT improved, and Brad Fieldhouse-mosT helpful. The MVP was handed To Paul Nakhla, and The coaches award wenT To Ed Boas. dd League Record: A-'l League Finals: 3rd Overall STanding: 3rd David Mackey. All league -Mark Oldenkamp CIF Prelims - All Team. 5 Q if fi l i Top: Brad Fieldhouse, Tim Dirksen, Ed Boas, John Kim. Rick Dyksira, and Coach Todd Jong. Boifom: David Mackey, Mike Oldenkamp, Tom Schipper, Mark Oldenkamp, l Nakhla, and Rick Hemphill. A- S ITF F Q.. 132 League Record: 5-O T League Finals: V.C.H.S.-34 W.C.H.S.-44 O.L.-46 Overall League Standing: 'lst CIF Finals - All team. All league - Tiffany Goedhart Tira Johnson Michelle Howerda and Karen Scholte. - . ST T Ch ' Tl' -T'ff T 5 Qc 'X is 519 np: Jana Tanis, Karen Scholte, Tira Johnson, Melanie Van Woudenberg, and Coach add De Jong. Bottom: Michelle Howerda, Elaine Ghost, Kellie Jones, and Tiffany Goed- -' if ll - .wr 7mJP , :1:,z.f 9 V if A , ,,,., . W. f - ,,f ' WWfffzff':L...:Q .W 1 GQ,- Of-si lil Q if 000, 'I Through exhausting heat, wind that was against them, smog, dirt, and dust, the girls cross country team trained to reach a first in Valley's history-being undefeated in league! Even though all these thing were against them, they stuck together through ' the season. Through hard practices they learned endur- ance, how to work as a team, and how to overcome the pain of shin splints and side aches. Jana Tanis was voted most spirited, Karen Scholte - most improved, and Elaine Ghost most helpful. The MVP went to senior, Tira Johnson, and the coache's award to Tiffany Goedhart. This team really worked together to pull off a great season. 6 .4 tiff-it Kill , l X J J M 1 , ,, ll 9948 5 l Flintridge Bellflower Mayfair Verdugo Hill Pius CIHS Artesia Keppel Mayfair Maranatha Cappo S.C.C. Orange Luth. Ontario Whittier Brethern Mary Star Cappo S.C .C. Orange Luth. OI"lfClfiO 77-50 69-72 52-57 54-50 44-75 47-60 47-64 52-35 48-50 76-52 43-44 65-54 46-49 62-64 37-69 57-49 49-56 58-62 B8-49 50-64 64-56 ,W , ...qw wi L To R: Mike Blacksiad, John Daniuma, Dave Howard, Brad Schmidi, Sieve Roodzani, Mike Mandeville, Sammy Sybesma, Sieve VanDiesT, Craig Bourna, Ryan VanDuyn, Breni VanKampen, and Harold DeBie- Coach. 135 5 'Z Q0 9045 N 2,048 Winning Vdlley's J.V. bdskeTboll TournomenT Took o IoT of sweoT from This Teom. l'm noT jusT Tolking obouT The woTery sTuff ThoT olwoys seems To "flow" from ci body when iT geTs hoT, buT, S.W.E.A.T. os in SignificonT Work Everddy As o Teom. WiTh This kind of sweoT our J.V. Teom mighT jusT Turn ouT To be The besT vorsiTy Teom Vdlley hos ever hod. J.V. lVl.V.P.: Chris McGahey Frosh lVl.V.P.: Micky Buehler 'This wos one of my fovoriTe Teoms, be- couse They were so hord working," Cooch Krommendyk commenTed. Hdrd work olwoys poys off. They hod some exciTing gomes in- cluding o double-overTime win QT OnTorio ChrisTlon when They come from 45 down in The 4Th quorTer. WiTh This kind of Teom work They will go for in fuTure yeors. .019 VC Opponent 58 WhiTney A7 62 Lo Serno 66 65 Sunny Hills 58 AA Lo Hobro 50 45 Oronge LuTheron L13 63 ArTesio 66 63 Mdyfoir 62 54 lVloronoTho 22 65 Copo. Volley Chr. AA 59 So. Col. Chr. A7 A2 Oronge LuTherdn 36 69 OnTorio Chr. 64 54 WhiTTier Chr. 62 35 BreThren 38 57 Mory STor 541 54 Copo. Volley Chr. A7 54 So. Col. Chr. 43 Top Row: CurT Boumo, Don Leffler, Rob Verhoef, Cooch Jim Berkompds, Todd Medinc Royol Lord, John Sloger, Jimmy Boumo. BoTTom Row: Dovid Hoekmon, Rick DyksTrc Jomes Hoferer, Comeron MiTchelI, Chris lvlcGohey, Jeff Kroeze, Ron HiemsTro. Top Row: Dorin VondenBerg, Doe Kuen Joo. GilberT Lee, Cooch Krommendyk. Mick Buehler, Bloke l-Iiemsird, Michael Hdringo, BoTTom Row: Jeff Porker, John STulT, Mlchci Schmidt Neil lVlcNoughT. VC Opponent 50 WesTern 09 A17 Villa Park 'I7 A8 Rio Hondo 25 112 LA BapTisT 24 A2 Mayfair 25 l 34 Schurr 55 f A8 Capo. Valley Chr. 341 OnTario Chr. 28 A6 Orange LuTheran 23 T M WhiTTier Chr. 35 A5 BreThren 'IQ 33 Capo. Valley Chr. 40 38 OnTario Chr. 25 A5 Orange LuTheran O6 113 WhiTTier Chr. 36 52 BreThren 44 Us op Row: Tina Vander Ploeg, Elaina Henderson, Amy Warners, Coach Cal Feddes, Jan aas, Cari De Bie. BoTTom Row: MarThenia Carier, Tisha De Jong, Amy Pollema, Jennifer ylsfra, Chrissy Norlund. op Row: Michelle Holwerda, Dawn WhlTeman, KrisTen Lee, Coach Kim Lodewyk, Kim Drnee, Julie Boersma, Theary Seng. BoTTom Row: Leesa Scheuhl, Lisa l-leuseveldT. Amy len Ouden, Raneen l-lammonds, Kim De Ridder. 137 ke, G06 J fqos bo The girls J V Team had very liTTle com peTlTlon This year PracTlce made perfecT They were undefeaTed in league and had a Team record of 47 'l This awe some record came from The facT ThaT They were able To work as a Team work ing ouT problems and differences. Coach Feddes sTaTed The girls had a loT of char- acTer and played wiTh a loT of enThusi- asm. MosT inspiraTional wenT To Chrissy Norlund. MosT improved To Elaina Hen- derson and MVP was handed To Carie De Bie The freshman Team had a Tough sea- son wiTh a record of 8-6. They played a loT of pig, compeTiTive schools, buf Through iT all The Team improved over The season and had a fun year. MosT SpiriTed wenT To Michelle Howerda, MosT lm- proved - Amy Den Ouden, and MosT Helpful - Leesa Scheuchl. The MVP was given To The hard working Theory Seng. The Team capTains were Theory Seng and Michelle Holwerda. 855 VC Opp. 58 Regina Caeli 51 56 EI Rancho 39 58 Keppel 38 A7 Pioneer 36 39 Schurr 63 58 Soufh Torrance 33 64 Santa Ana Valley M La QuinTa Schurr Mayfair Bellflower ST. Joseph Capo. Valley Chr. Onfario Chr. Orange Lulheran 17 58 Brethren Capo. Valley Chr. Ontario Chr. Orange LuTheran Whilfier Chr, o BreThren 63 A6 66 23 58 A3 A7 A2 62 10 A8 30 52 32 55 Wniffier Chr. 35 61 26 54 22 65 38 60 18 W 75 23 89 19 ww 9 Q9 Winning Again The girls goal for Thls year was To win Olym plc League championships buT as we all know They we-nT far beyond ThaT Some of The Teams more memorable momenTs along Thelr winning Trall were beaTlng ST Josephs in The finals of The Valley TournamenT defeaTing Schurr High School by 18 poinTs afTer loosing To Them by 211 poinTs being undefeaTed ID league and of course winning CIF Lucinda Brewer was voTed mosT spirlTed Ro lynn RlensTra improved The mosT and This year s M V P was Tonya Zwagerman Every one on The Team played Their besT all of Them should have been menTloned as M V P s . , . . 1 1 1 1 , . I - 1 1 1 - 1 Jennifer Piersma, Sharla Wybenga, COACH: Liz MeTcalfe, Lori Klein, Lucinda Monique Jackson, Maribefh Voss, Rolynn Rlensfra, Tonya Zwagerman, KrlsTi Van 138 ' Q FY W 1, Q. X 'N-7. a, in-ff' 1 4066 Q5 This year's Olympic League Champi- ons faced many challenges. FirsT and mosT dlfflculT To overcome was lnex perience WiTh only Two sTarTers reTurn ing from lasT year s Team plus sTarTlng four sophomores many players had To maTure very quickly To have The suc cess They had AnoTher challenge was The facT ThaT none of The boys varsiTy Teams had won a varsiTy championship This year Finally Two plTchers who did noT plTch much aT all lasT year had To do The majoriTy of The piTching namely Lance Havel and Mike Gilman They boTh did a greaT job MosT lnspirahonal was given To Bryan Templeman mosT improved Brad Van Meeferen and MVP was awarded To Lance Havel This Team overcame much and worked hard TogeTher To accomplish Their goal of Olympic League Cham plonship VC OPP. l.eague: O4 Capo Valley Chr. O'l ll Orange LuTheran O9 06 WhiTTier Chr. O4 40 So. Cal. Chr. Ol O6 BreThren Ol O7 Capo. Valley Chr. Ol O6 OnTario Chr. O2 O6 Orange LuTheran O8 O5 WhiTTier Chr. O3 'l3 So. Cal. Chr. OO O7 BreThren O0 CIF 03 O9 'lsT Round-BYE 2nd Round: San Marino ,v0------ Top Row Coach ScoTT Sandie Randy Gay Mike Anderson Brad Van MeeTeren, Chris Miller Royal Lord Jeff Tolen Mike Gilman BoTTom Row Darren Wybenga David Ra,Jon Nagel Chris McGahey BrenT Van Kampen James Hoferer David Hoekman. Bryan Templeman 140 5 Ft . A , A B S N 141 VC Opponent 43 Capistrano 3 Ontario 46 Orange A Whittier S.C.C. Brethren Overall Record 44-A Olympic League Record 40 2 Back row Blake Hremstra Brent Huesevelt Joel Petteys, Sam Sybesrna, Kyle Dykstra Front Roy Rob Verhoef Steve Kok Muck Buehler John Slager, and John Rickleff. l l vc oPP 47 Capo. Valley 3 4 49 Breihren 5 L 47 Whittier O 9 Capo. Valley 3 45 Whiiiier 40 League Record: 6-O Season Record 7 A ip row: Mr. McCune, Sheri Lord, Jennifer Zylsira, Krisiin Lee, Melanie Tinklenberg, Nicole Iman, Jan Baas, Lisa Heusevelar, Amy Pollema, Maryann Vandervis, Chrissy Norlund, and siin Sfruiksma. 143 Ol 6 qdf ,v0 VC OPP 48 S.C.C. O 42 Capo. Volley Chr. 0 3 Ohrorio 'I 9 Brerhren 0 6 Whirrier 8 25 S.C.C. O 8 Capo. Volley Chr. 0 Orange Lurhercn Brerhreh Whither Wesfloke Lc1Srerro 56 4 L , Ak M f ' -"-- Q I kN::,,5ms Q, 1 nf M ,av ff . i 5 J 3 figs A qxxsk 12: ' we i Y" , I f 5 - Q 5 1 iw " ..:E:: S, X R -, W, , 2 izi, If :Q mf f f f V V. 2 f 7! V45 H . - Z ,amy fa i X , 1 gg get we 845 WrTh The enThusrosm of The oooohes ond The oThIeTes olong wrTh o IoT of hord work Thus yeor s seoson ended wrTh Vol Tey guys oomrng rn Thrrd The Qool of The VorsrTy Boys Trook Teom This yeor wos To puT os mony quohfrers rnTo CIF os possrloie As o resuIT o IoT of The Teom members drd go To CIF One of The more memoroble momenTs for Thrs Teom wos when Tum De Koekkoek plooed Thrrd rn The frnols of 'MO HH ond srxTh rn The 300 IH Mr VonDenBerg commented Thot Thrs Teom hos Improved greoTIy over The seoson ond ThoT The un derolossmen on The Teom hold reol prom use for fuTure yeors Thus yeor s speorol honors wenT To Tim De Koekkoek for League Record: 3-3 Season Record: 5-5 Tim De Koekkoek Mark Kortenhoeven CIF Qualifier Craig Bouma Tim De Koekkoek Dave Howard Mark Kortenhoeven David Mayer A.J. Smith Steve Van Diest Most Inspirational Mark Kortenhoeven Most Improved All Olympic League David Mayer od' J Todd De Jong-Ass't Coach, Brian Lemmen-Ass't Coach, Del VanDenBerg-Head Coach, Tlm De Koek- koek, Dave Schutt, Steve Van Diest, Mike Mandeville, Cam Mitchell, Matt Warren, John Vander Windt- Ass't Coach, Kim Lodewyk-Ass't Coach, Craig Bouma, Jett Kroeze, Ken Stice, Dave Howard, Brian Kornoelje, A.J. Smith, Ray Lange, Mark Kortenhoeven, Mike Oldenkamp, Chris Vanden Berg, David Mayer, Mark Oldenkamp. M V P ond Ray Lange for The Coooh s Aword 1 . , . I - 1 . . , . I 1 League Record: 6-0 Season Record: 10-0 CIF Quallller: Robln Borger Tllfany Goedhart Deanne Green Mlchelle Holwerda Monlque Jackson Tlra Johnson Jane Falk Jennller Plersma Karen Scholle Darlene Thomas CIF Flnallsl: Tlra Johnson Wendy Nance Jane Palk Jennller Plersma Darlene Thomas Melanle Van Woudenberg Most Insplrallonal: Jane Palk Mosl Improved: Robln Berger Melanle Van Woudenberg Leslle Ver Huel Amy Wesira 0- sf, 72' Qgk f J' "l'T"' - ff 'T' Todd De Jong-Coach, Brlan Lemmen-Coach, Marlhenla Carler, Monlque Jackson, Amy Den Ouden, Jennller Owens, Klm De Ridder, Tlra Johnson, Wendy Nance, Deanne Green, Jennller Plersma, John Vander Wlndl-Coach, Klm Lodewyk-Coach, Del VanDenBerg-Head Coach, Mellnda Vande Brake-sfals, Joy Baas-stars, Karen Scholfe, Merldeih Robblns, Suzanne Vanden Berg, Melanie Van Woudenberg, Jana Tanls, Florence De Vrles, Robln Borger, Leslle Ver Huel, Amy Wesira, Mlchelle I-lolwerda, Tlllany Goedharl, Jane Falk, Elalne Ghost, Velalne Gray, Jana Ioerlgter. V f Qf f ,K 'f T gf dr 4 I X , , VVVV ,,,::V ,,,,,,,,,,,,r,,,,, ,,,, ,,,,,, T ,L ,,,,,, ,Lg A W 1 rrrrnr 4 g 2 T 2 T B A V , M 1, I """" 'W lf 2 only T af T M T ip Q , 5 ff ,, , I V Q K My h,,, ..,, , ,, rrerrrrr, af' To rrnyyn T' f if T, L',, Q , l 'MU V, 4 X, W , ,., , ,W , fy , ,M V ff wry,-2' ,, "Q , if "'5 A T . , A 4, , ., ,fum r , we lr l , " : A"' The girls Track Team meT The goals They had seT for This year Cmainly To be undefeaTed, win Olympic League, and To place in ClF.j Besides meeTing goals, The Girls VarsiTy Track Team worked hard in pracTice To disprove The Theory ThaT girls "glow" and don'T sweaT: These girls did sweaTl Some of The Team's more memorable experiences included Jennifer Plersma jumping 36'6" in finals afTer jump- ing 33' during The season, and Tira Johnson coming wiThin one jump of The school record in high jump. Coach VanDenBerg commenTed ThaT This Team is an "awesome bunch of girls." He gave lVl.V.P. To Tira Johnson and Wendy Nance, and The Coaches Award To Leslie Ver Huel. , w'-- ,, fr T ' Wi' fi , T- T ,. , ,,iry:i4.i,,i,. ,, f riifiwiifiirii' ii I fi T ii s The J.V. Track Team had a very successful year. Developing The freshmen and sophomores as a sTrohg base for The VarsiTy Team proved To be a full Time job for 5 coaches To handle. These coaches described Their job of coaching a Team as ihTeresT- ing and challenging. They said, "Our Team is very versaTiie and hard working." Mah Thomas was voT- ed mosT improved and Benji Chrisioffels was The mosT valuable player. U v ' ' Triple Jump Jeff Kroeze 38 4w High Jump Jeff Kroeze 5 11 ' Long Jump Jeff Kroeze 46 44V2 ' Pole VauIT David Nakhla 9 400 Dash David Mayer 44.94 Jeff Kroeze 42.06 200 Dash David Mayer 25.45 800 MeTers Ray Lange 2:42 4600 iVIeTers Olympic League Finals Ray Lange 4:53 , tag? 4 back CI-rj Coach VanDer1Berg, Coach Lemmeh, Coach DeJohg, MaTT Thomas, STev DeKoekkoek, Ryan Rush, Jason Boersma, David Nakhla, Coach Lodewyk, Todd Dun Benji ChrisToffels, Rick Hemphill, David Mackey 2 2 Z T 4 ss , A V. i yy ,I ,, , T , T, T f ' iiri T W- my -'T ,,,, rfri a n John Glenn PoromounT Cypress Morsholl VVhHney VVhHHer John Glenn WhiTTier OPP 22 8 'lo 2 0-- 47 A 4 WhiTney 43 6 S als rp Cooch PosTmus, Woyne Chen, Alon VonWyk, Pdul Lee, Phil Newmon, Joson Florie, :dd Medrno Tom Schipper, Brion Wink The J.V. Tennis players hove o Ionguoge of Their own on The courT wlTh words like "love, seTs, ond moTches." They use These words during The long hours They devoTe To improving Themselves for The mony gomes They go To ploy. They procTiced ond plcyed ogdinsT numerous schools ond were dole To ploce second in The league wiTh o record of 2-2 ond on overdll record of 6-3. Among The members of The Teom, Brian Wink wds recognized os The mosT improved ond Todd Medlna wos The mosT helpful. Cooch PosTmus sold, "I felT The Teom did well overdll: There is room for improvemenT ond success in The fuTure." 469 4 'N 04 x , ,W99 VC Opp. Pre-Season: 44 John Glenn 7 44 2 46 4 46 2 Cypress John Glenn Paramount League: Marshall Whittier Brethren Whitney Marshall Whittier Brethren 46 2 40 8 46 2 4 47 48 0 4 44 46 Orange Lutheran 2 43 5 CIF. 5 Campbell Hall 43 5 Lots of balls were smacked around during the long hard practices of the Varsity Tennis Team It paid off when they placed 2nd in league Their goal to reach C l F was met Some memo Roodzant came from behind to win over Brethren s 4164 player after some bad calls and when the team won first match against Whittier Oommen George got Most Spirited Wayne Chen got Most Improved and Most Helpful was declared Lundl Seng rable experiences were, when Steve L. to R.: Coach Gregg Sjoerdsma, David Laster, Oomen George, John Kim, Rob Van Eck, Steve Roodzant, Jeff De Young, Sina Seng, Lundl Seng, Rick Westra. in xiii W wx STarTing OUT This is The firsT year ThaT Valley has had a girls Tennis Team. lT was a rough year of hard pracfices and no wins. The goals of The Team were To learn The basic skills of Tennis and make The season posiTive and producTive. The goals were achieved and all The girls improved Their games a greaT deal. Collie Hagan was voTed The mosT improved, Cari DeBie The mosT spiriT- ed, and Tisha DeYoung The mosT help- ful. This years lVl.V.P. was Christine Ring. CongraTuIaTions To This years Team for a sTrong sTarTing season! QVK 105 El Rancho WhiTney CerriTos Mayfair John G-len Cerrifos Mayfair -'13 -'I8 -'17 -'ll -'l -'l -'19 WWW W? 152 5 X, Top row: Christie Norlund, Stacy Sandberg, Rhonda Gauck, Miss. Bruinsma, Jennifer Jones, Amy VanWyk, Tisha DeYoung, and Lani Zuidervaart. Bottom row: Angie Fernandez, Coilie Hagan, Karee Johnson, Eliza Oh, Julie Davenport, Stacey Ollman, Christine Ring, and Cari DeBie. 153 Sf Cross-Counlry Ddvid Mdeney Mdrk Oidenkdmp Foolball Mike Anderson Tim Ldck Mike Mdndeviiie Brydn Tempierndn CCiIvrnpic Ledgue Mosi Vdiudbie Bdckb Mdii Vildrren Basketball Mike Bidcksidd Soccer Mike Anderson Andy Hoeksird Baseball Ldnce I-idvei COiympic Ledgue MVPD Frdnk Hong C.I.F. And Tennis Sieve Roodzdni Sind Seng Rob VdnEck Track Tim DeKoekkoek Mdrk Koriennoeven BOy'S AThleTiC Director, Mr. DeBie W Clympio League Honors Girl's Afhlefic Direcfor, Mr, VanDenBerg Cross-Country Tiffany Gaeaharl Michelle Hclwercla Tira Johnson Karen Schalfe Volleyball Lisa Klein Kim Larsen Jennifer Piersrna CAII CIF SS 2na Tearnb Krisfi VanZee Tonya Zwaggerrnan Basketball Lucinda Brewer Jennifer Piersrna Ra ynn Riensfra CAI! CIF SS 2na Tearnb Tanya Zwaggerrnan CAII CIF SS 'lsf Teamb Track Tira Johnson Wendy Nance Sollball -isa Anderson Julie Bcersma -ucinaa Brewer lfLeague IVIVPD Cafherine Burke -aurel Hemphill Qalynn Riensfra Krisli VanZee 1 5659: V ,J t V f 1. Q, 1, , .2 2 i A al an My 432 T me "Behind The Scenes" - So far in This book you have read abouT The spiriT and pride in our school, The excellence of ei- Ther aThleTics or academics, or maybe jusT how ouTsTanding The Senior class is. By now you're probably wondering whaT makes our school Tick. lf iT wasn'T for our adminisTraTion, office sTaff, and a varieTy of supporl groups iT probably wouldn'T. Running all Three schools boTh educaTionally and financially is a Tough job, buT Mr. Keuning would be The firsT To admlT ThaT They have Their share of fun. Ask one of The board members abouT some of The pracTical jokes en- counTered during The year. av-"""1 AdmirwisTrc:1Tion TH EYEAR Qffice This is The 42OTh one Today. Mrs. Le Febre hard aT work! Here in These offices is where much of The hard work is done ThaT is so necessary for srnooTh funcTioning of our school. IT is The diligence and perseverance of The office workers ThaT shines Through The work They do. These people have Taken on greaT responsibiliTies and we Thank Them for doing such a greaT job. The Teachers view of Mrs. Lemmen 1' 1 All work and no play. 158 54' "i'w.gWMp,,f Mrs. Jane Lemmen Sharla Wybenga, 0 fuiure office clerk? Hello, moy I help brighien your day? Mrs. Le Febre ond Flipper enter The computer zone. l59 Mrs. Sondra Lougee Mrs. Janice Aumon Mrs. Marion Le Febre School Board Mr. DenOuden, a man and his "mouse," Larry Saarloos, Marv STruiksma, Arnie WesTra, Harm Wind, Fran GorT, Ron Verhoeven, Ed Keller, Rich Hoeksema, Bill PosTma, Karl Kalma, Ken Vos, and Bob Dyksfra. The school board, consisTinQ of Twelve men, meT once a monTh To discuss The fuTure of The BCS sysTem. They dealT vvlTh disciplinary problems, finance prob- lems and various proposals from The Teachers, parenTs, and sTudenTs. All of These men have eiTher QraduaTed from Valley or have children in The sysTem. Each mem- ber has helped make 4987-T988 a very successful school year. Mr. Keunlng flashes a happy smile. Fran Gorl and Ed Keller always add a Touch of fun To The meeTlngs BUS Drivers may-li .gy fads. f , Going home was always The besT parT of The day. IT was a daily habiT To have a liTTle chaT, Remember how our parenTs walked five miles jusT To QeT To school? ForTunaTely we do noT, Thanks To our loyal bus drivers. Our drivers are up early in The morning and work mdny lale hours jusT To Take us To school, games and field Trips. Their puncTualiTy was apprecialed by all The bus riders. sf H. Herndon, S. Miller, J. Grow, S, Shipley, C. STaranowicz, P. Hogan, J HiemsTra. M. Vande VegTe. C. Tanis, ond D. Block Many friendships are developed on The bus rides. 162 Mothers, Boosters 8: Business S" SST!! A ' x g. ZII 1:1 214 A W,,..,,fEg iiissggl Joyce cheon. Help, help, oncl more help is one woy To sum up whoT The lVloThers Club, BoosTers Club ond Business- men AssooioTion does for our school in one yeor. If iT wosn'T one Thing iT wos onoTher. From The onnuol HorvesT FesTivol oncl ChrisTmos BouTique To roising money for our oThleTio cleporTmenT, oll of These sup- porT groups devoTed numerous hours of Time oncl efforT. A lorge omounT of grooliTude goes ouT To These people, noT only for Their finonciol old buT olso for The morol supporT ThoT They hove given eoch Teocher ond sTuclenT. Beoch lnTrocluces sTudenT orT oT The NloThers Club lun- Cl-rj Top Jim ZoeTewey, Dole Bush, Cliff Boumo, Ron RiensTro, Col VonderArk boTTom Tony Templemen, Ron Anemo, Amos DeGrooT, Jim Zoelewey T Judy Wink, Joan Quosf, PoT Verhoeven, JoAnn Fellows Qofficersj T l MoThers Club enjoys one of Their luncheons which includes eiTher a QuesT speaker, sTudying sTudenT arT or jusT each oThers company. "Do I hear TwenTy'?" yells Darrell Bourna aT The annual Businessmens auc- Tion. Randy VanEssen and Ron Verhoeven waiT anxiously for The highesT bidder. Phil TerhorsT hurriedly looks for The aucTion receipTs. l 163 MClil1fel'lGl1Ce Mrs. Mulder always flashes a precious smile. Did you ever noTice a piece of Trash on The lawn, a broken laTch on a door or a dirTy desk? Chances are The mainTenance crew caughT iT before you. By six A.lvl., They are hard aT work making Valley's campus im- maculaTe. Mr. and Mrs. Mulder play a key role in keeping The campus squeaky clean. From dawn To dusk They sweep, mop, han- dle Trash and make VCHS shine. Elmer Eg- gink is our IiTTle Fix-iT man. A loose hinge, a dripping fauceT or a nail ouT of place will soon be correcTed. He is a pro. John Halma runs our busy bus garage. He spends his spare Time washing down The buses and making sure everyThing is "ship-shape." Val- ley's mainTenance crew is made up of These four dedicaTed individuals who pride Them- selves in keeping ValIey's campus above average. Elmer Egglnk and John Halma on Their "puTT mobile 'SomeTlmes This job Takes a IoT of deTerminaTion," sTaTed Mr Mulder One Of The Family The Mulders started working at Valley twelve years ago come Thanksgivingg ln this time they have been cleaning, tixlng and tak- ing care ot Valley. Wlth as awesome a record tor keeplng this school clean as they have, they deserve to be thanked, honored and put down in hlstory as the best janitorial crew our school has ever had. Have you ever wondered how Mr. Mulder learned to ride a skateboard? Since this ls such a major way for hlm to get around, he was asked. Mr. and Mrs. Mulder have a lot of chll- dren who help them with their work, so when their chlldren started riding around Valley's campus on skateboards after school Mr. Mulder decided he would too. It took him a while to learn how, but atter a lot ot falls he finally got it right and now he rarely goes any- where without one. Both ot the Mulders love our school, its teach- ers and its students. They enjoy Valley's loving, caring atmosphere and they take pride ln keeping our school "splck and span." Mulders- we're really going to miss your happy taces and warm conversationg we'll miss your skate- boards and putt-putt carts, but most ot all we'll miss the joy of our Savior shining through what- ever you do. Good-Bye and God Bless 5 'llVleeT The people" - The fol- lowing individuols, who disTincT- ly moke The school, porTrdy The exciTemenT of eoch ddy oT Volley. lmogine The freshmen, innocenT ond sweeT, while The sophomores groduolly show Their True personoliTies. Imogine The Juniors, moking every mo- menT beTTer Thdn The ldsT ond, mosT imporTonT, The Seniors sTriving To ossure ThoT Their losT yedr of high school is The mosT rewording. These ore The sTu- denTs ThdT uphold VdIley's prominenT repuToTion. TH Ccnndids EYEAR .Q k , A ,ge K .. S:.k,k,L . 1' Q X " RK X ' H .ss EM' N f Q ,A -w wi Midi N 168 gif 'aim ,pls 4-ww 2 my k :W W, 'naw , , ,W 1 Z4 SQ:- Q... ,WV 'Si 9. . "Z kv ., SN'-we Q? X M W..,..,........,.wm.w + 4 1-WZ. if a he 'W Ads, Bios, 8: Closing H S0000DDODOOODDDODODOODOOODUDOODOODODODODUODODOOD5000000 O D I U I OOOOOOOOOOQOOOOOOOOOQOOOOOOOOOOOOQOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Wesf COOST SOHO 84 Grovel, Inc. P.O. BOX 5267 7342 ORANGETHORPE BUENA PARK, CA 90620 TRANSFER 81 TEN WHEELER RENTAL WE HANDLE 'ROCK 'BASE MATERIALS 'SAND 'WASHED PLASTER 'FILL SAND 'CONCRETE SAND RADIO DISPATCHED BUENA PARK CORONA 47443522-0282 4-800-522-0282 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 'aa COngrO'ruIOIiOns Closs Of 88' . I N . if Vryg 5 I ' .. . -sz 'fl . .Q 1 QT .. X , 3 1 LL ., L Trinity D W Visit Campus and wrap' D rmuhx in the dwrfm A mixzrur O O ' Bhzxrvxlu- I xcnzimd lj Qwtmux. K fin!!! X . g ' ' xx I O 0000000000000000ODODDOODDDDODUODOODDODODOODDDDODODDODDDO 1M DDDOOODODDDDODOOOOODDODODDDOOO IDAINE UVEIQHEAD DOUIQ 'DD N 'EIIQAWI IU IL ATI Il 'D N S TF 'U TI IH IE 'GLASS 'Ulf WQII88 I! 'UMNIEIIQ 1: ZTIEI IDAKVIIID IDAIINIE 8458- 1583510 GOODODDDODDDODODDDOOODODDD0000000ODODDDOODDDDDDDDOODD DDOOOOOOOODODDDDDDUDODODDODOUG000000000DODDODDODDDDODOC OOQOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODOOOOOOOOODOUGOOOOOOQOOOOOOOOOOOOQOOOOOOOOOO OO ConQrc1IuIcJTions To The Class of '88 WIEOI-IELIVIAN 84 ASSOCIATES CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS 'I7409 IVIAROUARDT AVENUE P.O. BOX 4448 CERRITOS, CALIFORNIA 90703-4448 C2 I 3D 404-3730 QUALITY PLUMBING Advance Rcudiofor HUQQ IA: auvicz ann QA: aaa dial' counhn 7928 FIRESTONE BLVD. DOWNEY, CALIFORNIA 90244 DON RODENHUIS 12131 867-0743 C 36 307997 I 5 , DU0000000DDD00000000000000000000DDDOUOODDOOOODDODDDOODC 176 DCIDCICIOOCIIJDDOODCICICIOODCICICIDDDDCIOODCIUDDCIODDCICIOOCIDDCIODCIDOOOD CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '88' CICIOQCIDOCIOCICIGOODOOCIOOCICIOCICIOCIOOCIOCIOCICIOOOOOOOOOCICIOCIOOOOOOCIOCIODOCIOCIOOOCIOCIO ROCIfuI'ew Roglqvfcw HFRESHNESS SS YOU CAN I -D "" TASTE" ll Q1 M riodilliz X rzoglfvx UM U I U naw, ' Mun""'!:ffIl'5 Mvit "" A yocklffew DAIRIES, INC. 7011 STEWART8- GRAY RD. ' DOWNEY ' CALIFORNIA 90241 I213I 773-4771 ' 121319276511 0 I7141521-4176 GOLD MEDAL WINNER SERVING LOS ANGELES 81 ORANGE COUNTIES ' HOME DELIVERY ' CONVENIENT STORES 0 DRIVE-IN DAIRIES ' CATERING ' SCHOOLS ' HOSPITALS C2135 927-5511 C7141 521-4176 OWNERS THE DE GROOT FAMILY GOODSDODODDODDDDOQCIOIJDCICIDCICI0000000CIODDODCIDDCICIODCICIDDCICICIOO 177 3000DDDDOCIOCJCICIODDCIODODOCICIOODDSODCIDODOOCIOODODDOIJCI0000000 D D lj O GLAZING MIRRORS SHOWER DOORS AUTO GLASS D .-1.-...T D SCREENS TABLE TOPS D License No. 390610 O O 3 S I A ROGER wicsaounv U U LASS 11405 ARTESIA BLVD zusmeo-:su - ziaaes-1114 DODGE! OOOCIOCIOOOOOOOEIEIOCICIOOOCICIEICIOOCIOOOOCIOOOOOOOCIOOCIOO EIO OOO ARTESIA, CA 90701 fvffk 4 VVV, w,.,,,W,,,,W Wx?-fe lwweyfwwiwlwvim.. fm . TERMITES 0 FUMIGATION v PEST CONTROL ADMIRAL PEST CONTROL EARL JONES 800-826-8446 5 9434 E Ari B d. 1443 S. B BELLFLOWER, CA Q243j 925-8308 Van's Dotmor Orchids 11436 E. 183rd St. Artesia, CA 90701 C2133 865-1686 Lord Tire lnc. 'lOl'l7 Arlesio Ploce Bellflower, Colifornio 90706 RON VAN MEETEREN SANTA ANA, CA f714j 549-1784 Weddings Corsage Funeral V 773-3294 920-7774 0000000000DDODDODODDEJCIDIJ00000000CIDDOCIOCJCICICIDOCIDDCIOCIOCIOODCI 178 CJDOCIOCJDDCICIDODODOOOOODDCIDDDlj00000CIODCIUOCJDUGOCIODCIDCJCJCJOUOD CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '88 Cl CI Cl CI D O O Cl Q Cl O CI O Cl O El O EI EI CI Cl O Cl Cl CI CI O O O O Cl Cl O Cl O O O Cl Cl Cl O O O O CI O CI O CI CI CI O O 3 CIOCIOOOOCIOCIOOCIOOODOCIOOCICIDOOCICICIOOOCIOOCIOOOOCIOCICICIOCICICIOCIOCIOOCICIOCIOOOOOCICIODOCICI TTTIUMLHETMT W, TFTTTKTJTRTLTIETS mummy nm? Umcs., Praciice Limifed lo Orfhodonfics TUBE TBITMEE TQUTLITMEE 16537 Bellflower Blvd. Bellflower, CA 90706 804- l 468 TIRE C0 smcs 1951 A A, Q N IRE -T." 1 we S' Ei-117-.Rl-Lv-5 lf' '95 x - muucss -snocns . '1 if TQ -wuznnucnmenrr ' '0 K - ovumvuc BALANCING 533257 ll -Tlnsvnulna Q43 if , V, - MAG ws-IEE - ' S, 0 ' 4 , ' l '70, ,JAR P? ,il X68 L I anumcme I custom wnsens .D 3 CLOSED SUNDAY S , I de E T T 925 4813 925 3536 ' 179 OOCIOOEIOOCIOOOCIOCIOCIOCIOOCICIOCIOCIOOOOCICIOOOCIOOCIOOOOCIOOS O Cl O O CI O O CI CI CI Cl CI O CI Cl O D Cl O O Cl O Cl O O Cl Cl CI O Cl O CI CI O O O O Cl CI Cl Cl O O CI Cl CI CI CI Cl O O Cl O RAY BRINKLE HARLAN KRUGER GORDON 'S A U T0 SER VICE General Auto Repairs 867-551 8 Hour Mon. - F 15909 Carpintero 7:30t 5 30 B Ilflower, CA 90706 Dave Ligtenberg Steve DeVries L AND - PLUMBING D - HEATING C2137 925-4488 License 1? 24 Hour'Servme C36-465887 George Verhoeven Feed Co. Inc. QRHUFIQQ P.O. BOX II78 Q A J 30I E 6TH ST ARreslA.cA 9070:-ms Sq' S 54 fa HANFoRb,cA'.9i23o Q2I3j ses-139: S1 5 rf rn 42091584-6609 5 as A A as va: '12 FEW .-S 'ZfNl'0RD'SQ OOCIOCICICIOOCIOO D D S D RANDY VERHOEVEN GEORGE VERHOEVEN ROB VERHOEVEN Cl D D Cl 3 , OODOCJDDOUGCIDCIOOODOOClDOO0000000ODDDCICIDCIODODDODDCICIOCIDODDDD 180 OOODUODUDDDDDDOUUUDODODUIJODDUODUDOOOUOOOUODDODUOUDDDOO AYWSIU R08dV'MiX COUCYUYG, Inc. Paramount Ready-Mix Concrete, Inc. 13323 54,3 2a5'f3R.0a?'eE 4f?Qf122-3Z2'Qg362742227o 7277 E' F"':zif12: SI'2a52'f'S'5'S'Z CA 90723 JAMES H. OLIVER General Manag C. J. OLIVER General Manager QUALITY PLUS SERVICE EQUALS SAVINGS 1 Sheppa Ready-Mix Concrete Inc. I89O South K. Street Tulare, CA 93275 12095 686-I596 Other Locations: I3I I5 I9th Ave. Lemoore. CA 93245 C2095 924-I22I Rock and Sand Plant and Ready-Mix Concrete 46005 South Lost Hills Rd. Coalinga, CA 932IO THE OLIVER FAMILY 181 OOOOOOCIOCIOCIDCIDCICIOOOOODOOOOGOODOOCIODOGOODOOCIOOOOCIOOOCIOCIOOOCIOCICICICIOCICICICIOCI D O O U EI O O Cl O O O O O CI Cl El Cl O O O D El O El O Cl O CI U EI O Cl El CI O O CI Cl O CI O Cl O O CI Cl Cl O O CI Cl CI CI O O CIO 30000OCIDOODODDDDDDOODODODDGOODDODCICICICICICIDOODCJDDODCIDCIDCIDD D D - lll36 Business Circle D Cerritos, CA 90701 O f2l3J 865-2821 GUESS CI O D Cl CI Cl Cl O D O Cl 3 Q COMMERCIAL 8: RESIDENTIAL GLAZING CONTRACTOR D O Store Fronts-Entrance Doors 8: Closers-Window Repair 3 Tempered Glass-Custom Mirrors-Shower Enclosures O Boardup Service-Aluminum Windows 3 MIKE LEMEN CAL Lic 3431236 CI lj Q ACE CARPEI' SERVICE D 11055 PALMER AVE., SOUTH GATE, CA 90280 0 W. '83 D 0 12131869-0954 3 S S S S JOHN WIGBOLDY w11.uAM VAN HOFWEGEN D Hair Design for Men 81 Women 'Q 3 12131 860-5574 I Sip Spegdw D 11822 E. Anresm BLVD. 7 printing g,,-,ter D ARTESlA,CA.9070'l DICK VANDERKAMP 3 15130 Floloer-ans Ave. D - Ln Nik-ada. CA 90638 V141 521.0244 OCICIOOOOOOOOCIOOOOOO OCICICIDDCIDCIDDOODCIOCJODLJCICIOLJDCICIDCIOCIDCIEJDCICJDCICJCIOEIOCIDCICICIDCICIDDCICI 182 OOODODDDDDOODDDOODOOODDODD000000005DDOODDD Essca ZISIJPS CONTROLS 42435 264-2434 FAX 42435 264-4523 Res. 42433 602-0904 ENGINEERS SALES-SERVICE., INC. Engineered Proclucls For Municipal Anal lncluslrial Waler, Waslewaler 84 Sewage Conirol Zi 1 WE GIVE SERVICE WITH JOHN L. IVINS A935 Telegraph Rd. President Los Angeles, CA 90022 , f' V 3'4:1,Eg' - wg - 5 ' I gig. 435 G 0 L D 5 N E A G L 5 - ' """""" TJ' PM-'nm IIA A Real Esiale "WE DO CARE" CALL US ABOUT COMMERCIAL 84 INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT 'INDUSTRIAL 'COMMERCIAL 'RESIDENTAL 'INCOME PROPERTY 'INVESTMENTS 'LAND 84 FARMS 'SYNDICATIONS 'VAfFI-IA BUYERS 'BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES 'PROPERTY EXCHANGE 'FREE INVESTMENT COUNSELING 'EQUITY LOANS ARRANGED MAIN OFFICES 9957 E. ARTESIA PL. XBELLFLOWER OFF: 42435 Q20-3344 RES: 42439 865-3050 GOODSODDOODOODDDDDDDDODDODDE 3000DODOOODDDDODDODOOOODOOGOOD000000000DOODODDODGGDOOD O UQOOOOOOOOOOQOOOOO DOOOOOODOQOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 1 Q I T910 , Q1 ' M ll ik . A.:"aQ'0v 1 1 NE. , , vi ffw ', , 'a.... , ,-Q ' '-' L' 313 1'1- Nrjbi '?6!:'.' I ' . CONGRATULATIONS TO TI-IE CLASS OF '88 311111111 Qreruires Zinn. I 554-55 17156 Woodruff Avenue .F my Bellflower, CA 90706 N J' C2131 920-VEND SPECIALIZING IN FULL LINE VENDING for 15 years in the Bellflower area G D PERSONALIZED OFFICE COFFEE SERVICE PROGRAM, from small offices to large manufacturing facilities 1 V , WITH NUTRITION PROGRAMS NG VENDING MACHINES juice drinks and health food items 300000DODDDDDDODDODODDDODDODE CJCICICIDCIDDDCICICIDDDUCICIOODOCIDDDOCIEJOCIDCIDCICIDOOCICIDUCI00000000003 QQ Q ,gl j ffaafymzhal Knew, 4. Fifi! and straw AITISIA KILLING W. IRS! FEED A IUU 8 SAC! DHJVUY Specializing in horse pellets which are a complete feed, retail hay DICK ZUIDEFIVAART RES. PH.: I213I 633-5032 Advance Radiator A2 Air Conditioning Service 9936 Artesia Boulevard B llf'1 C l'f ' 1020 N H b Bl d S t A C If GORDON TIEMEYER C2131 866-9734 LOREN TIEMEYER 17141 554-1690 BUS. PH.: 12131 865-1632 865-7613 AFF ORD A U T0 RENTAL FORMERLY ALDUGA CORP. 11545 ARTESIA BLVD. ARTESIA, CALIFORNIA 90701 GARRETT J. BROERSMA PHONE C2131 865-0284 FREE SHUTTLE 185 D Cl CI O Cl O D D OOCICI EI O EJ CI O CI Cl Cl U CI Cl CI O CI Cl Cl Cl Cl El O Cl O O O CI Cl O Cl Cl Cl CI O O Cl O Cl EI CI Cl O O CI CI CI O O Cl CI O CI CI O CI EI OOCICICICICICIOCICICIOOOCIOCIOCICICIOOOOOCICIOOOOODOOODOOOOCICICICIOOOOODOCICICICI GOODOOOOODDDDDCIDDDOODCICIOCIOCJDDClDUDDCICICIDDOCIODCIDIJCIDCICIDOODCJ CICIOCIOEICIOOOOOOOCIOCICICIOCIOCICICIOCIEICICICIOCICICICIODCIODOOOOOOCICIOOOCIOOOCIOOCICIOOOOCIOCICICI Photograph We Preserve Memories and Moments in Time. . . The CONGRATULATIONS T0 THE CLASS OF '88 may We are proud to have photographed the Class of '88 and to have been a special part of your Senior year. When you need us in the future, We are here to serve your portrait needs. Cii' 7527 9958 Artesia Boulevard' Bellflower, California 90706 52132 867-0522 A' 12132 920-7148 EZELL NURSERY SUPPLY NC. Gil Saarloos Larry Saarloos Harvey Saarloos get ryrra r, Proud Supporters of the Bellflower Christian School System since l935. 8739 E. Artesia Blvd. QISJ 925-I234 P.O. Box 369 Bellflower, CA 90706 CIDDDOGOODSDDOC!ODOOODDDCJCIOCICJODOOCIDCICICJOCICICICIDODOCICIDDOOODCTIJCI 186 0 CI 0 CI U CI U O 0 CI O CI O O 0 O Cl O O EI 0 CI Cl CI O EI O CI Cl CI EI O O CI Cl O O O O EI O EI CJ EI CI EI O O 0 CI 0 EI 0 CI U CI U CI C' LJ O CI I3 O Q O O CI S O Q O Q O Q O 3 3 CI O :I CI Q O O CI 3 S Cl O Cl CI EI Q O EI O Q Q O Ei 3 CIOQCICIO:IGizmouuuuuuouuuuuuuuuuuuouounooooan:InooooQououuuuoouoouuouuoouuouu JOHN T. ANDERSON A PROFESSIONAL CORPORATION ATTORNEY AND COUNSELOR AT LAW 1741 E. VVARDL W ROAD EACH. CA I213I 424 8619 Koopmorfs Furniture Inc. 47452 S. Bellflower Blvd. Bellflower, Calif. 90706 "Rich" Hulsiein lvlonoger Phone 866-0796 IONEER ARPETS "WE'RE LEADING THE WAY- IN SERVICE AND QUALlTY" PIONEE unc: SELECTION or R CARPETS A cmpers TO cnooss Fnom O -- ?Y V , 0 CUSTOM DRAPERIES Locnso IN Anvssui Pun ' CUSTGM AREA RUG5 qconuen or Anresui I. mouesni 0 WOOD FLOORS "ELEGANT AVAILABLE and AFFORDABLE" FEATURING QUALITY NAME BRANDS M-F 10-6 s me : ::L:I?ELPmA : :gglzon EVENINGS BY APPOINTMENT I ROYALTY 0 CATALINA 213 ' S 402-8110 O CONGOLEUM Stan De Yagen Jeff Mlnnema, Kathy Neer 11750 ARTESIA BLVD ARTESIA 187 OOOODDDODDODDDODDDDOOOUDOODDDDOOODOOODODDODOODODODOODDD OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODOODOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOQOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOQOOOOOOOO J 6? J TRUCK SALES 17223 S. Lakewood Blvd. Bellflower, CA 90706 C2131 634-5591 EXPERT TRAVEL A Friendly Professional Travel Service Airlines "' Cruises "' Tours "WE DELIVERN Martin J. Sterk Your Personal Travel Consultant f213J 596-6564 C7141 898-9939 15051 Goldenwest St., Huntington Beach, CA 92647 D 3000000000GOODSDOODOODOODDODDDODODDDDDDDODOOOODODODOODDO OIJODDDDCICJCIDOCICIDCIODOCIDCIOCIOODSOODCIDDDODOODOCIDOODCIDDDDDDOS OO CICIOOOCICIOOOODOEICIOOCIOCIDCICICIIIIDOEIOOCIOOIIIOCIOCIOOOCIOCIDCIOOOOOIIIOOODCIOOCICIOO CI O O O Cl O Cl O O Cl EI CI O O O EI III O O O O O CI O O CI O El O EI CI O O Cl Cl CI Cl Cl O O O O O Cl O Cl CI CI O O O CI O CI Cl DODGE! H olland-American Market and Importing Co., Inc. I 1 10343 Artesia Blvd., fl A A f 925-6914 867-7589 ,gy X Jack Van Willigen A W QQ rm, Bellflower, CA 90706 AOA ll 527 I llrl llll lrl , llll S mmm' IAM TIIG co, I BATTERY SERVICE KAY'S TINY TOGS AQVER 30 YEARS llxl TOWN 3490 LONG BEACH BOULEVARD Firsi Seleciiorl in Childrerfs Weor LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA 90506 424334124-3735 47206 Norwalk Blvd. C2'I3j865-8947 Distributors of Trojon Boiferies Cerrlios, CA 90704 KCIV Iviennemo Cum STREELMAN and Omer Fine Lines PRES, JERRY W. LARSEN CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUN TANT LARSEN, C-ANGLOFF AND LARSEN CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOU NTANTS PROPERTY TAX ' 16906 BELLFLOWER BLVD. AUDITING- 0 BELLFLOWER, CALIF. 90706 INCOME TAX 0 PHONE Q2'I3jQ25-2266 ESTATE TAX 0 THE CR USADER STAFF THANKS HERI TA GE PHOTOGRAPHY FOR ANOTHER YEAR OF EXCELLENT SER VICE. 'I89 STACY ALG-RA LISA ANDERSON "Anason, Seal" - 77 24774, Pre-College - A years: Small Group Leader 42: Varsity Softball 40, 42: Varsity Soccer 42: JV Softball 9: Varsity Cheer 44: Ski Club 44, 42: Science Club 44: Interact 40, 44, 42: Biggest Flirt 42: Honor Roll 9: National Honor Society 40, 44, 42: Yearbook 44, 42. I plan to "get rich quick" and go to CSULB with Kimmie after having a rad summer. Then get married and live happily ever after. MICHAEL L. ANDERSON - 272770, Pre- College - 7 years: Varsity Football 44, 42: J V Football 40: Varsity Soccer 40, 44, 42: J V Soccer 9: Varsity Baseball 44, 42: J V Baseball 40: Varsity Cross Coun- try 9: J V Track 9: Voted Most-Athletic: Student Council ASB secretary 42: Stu- dent Council ASB Vice-President 44: Stu- dent Council Class Rep. 9, 40: Crusader Band 9, 40, 44, 42: Jazz Band 9, 40, 44, 42: Spanish Club 44: Science Club 44: Honor Roll 9: National Honor Society 40, 44, 42: Homecoming Escort 9: Gradu- ation Usher 44: WASC Committee 9: Cerritos Optimist Club Outstanding Sen- ior Award 42: Interact 40, 44: Ski Club 44, 42. I plan to attend Pepperdine Universi- ty and become the first dreadlocked Physical Therapist or MD and when Keuning and I feel like it, we'll open "Mike 84 Dan's Thrift Shop' and make some real money. EDWARD N. BAAS 'tMr. Ed" 774769, Gen- eral - 2 years: Acappella 44, 42: Madri- gals 44, 42: Cross Country 44, 42: Track 44: Basketball 44: Senior Play Stage Crew and Lights 42. Prov. 49:24. I plan to go to Calvin and try to figure out what I am going to do. Have fun and lighten up but know when you have gone far enough. BARBARA S. BALLARD "BarbarelIa, Bar- bie, B-Queen" - 7729770, General - A years: J V Girls Basketball: Gazette 42: Yearbook 40. Thank you to all my friends for putting up with my loudness and to my teachers for putting up with my loudness in the hallways. Thanks to Betty Brouwer for making me laugh and not really minding my wildness and to t'Mommy dearest" for putting up with me. PATRICK W. BARNES "Fatty" - Pre-Col- lege - 2 years: J V Soccer 40: J V Base- ball 40. Psalm 55:22. Attend Multnomah School of the Bible and serve God. They key to an abundant life is simple . . . just believe in Jesus. If it costs me every- thing, l'lI obey. Senior STEPHEN THOMAS BERRY 'tRocket" - 42742769, General - 3 years: Cross Country 40: Soccer 44: Ski Club 42. I Kings 3:9. l'm going to Oahu and surf. Maybe go to college. Start my model- ing career. Make money with my graph- ic screen designs. I want to thank my special friends for being there when I needed them. Do good in all that you do and put God first. If you do He will reward you. HEATHER A. BLANKERS 9723770, Business - 6 years: Pep Club 9, 40, 44: Tall Flags 9, 40: Interact Club 44, 42: Science Club 44: Track 40: Track Stats 44, 42: Wom- en's Ensemble 40, 44: Acapella 42. Psalm 443. I plan to go to Northwestern and major in restaurant and hotel man- agement. I would like to someday own my own restaurant. Make your years here the best you can because they go by fast. Put God first in all you do and you will succeed. Thanks to all my friends - I'lI miss you when we're gone. KIMBERLY K. BRADFORD "Kimmie, Kimby" - A years: Yearbook 44 : Science Club 44: Ski Club 44, 42 CSec.j: Small group leader 42. Eccl. 3:4 84 A. I plan to get a good tan this summer. Go to CSULB and major in marketing. Hopefully marry Scott my senior year and eventually get into advertising. Lunch guys - I love you all! Thanks to my Be-fri's for such a fun year. LUCINDA BREWER 'tLu the Brew" 27487 70, Business - 6 years: Varsity Softball 9, 40, 44, 42: Varsity Basketball 40, 44, 42. Prov. 3: 5, 6. I plan to go to college and see what the Lord has in store for me. Thanks to all my friends for all the special memories. HEIDI L. BRUINSMA 6728770, Pre-College: Basketball 9, 40: Softball 9: Acappella 44: Cheerleading 44: Varsity Track 44. Prov. 2419i plan to go to LBCC and take classes in word processing. Seniors 4 be good now that you're out and keep in touch withall your good friends. Have a safe and happy life. TAMARA L. BUDDLE t'Tam" 376770, Gen- eral - 6 years: J V Cheer 40: Interact 40: J.S.B. Greeter 40: Powder Puff 40: Varsity Cheer 44: Student Council Rep. 44: Small Group Leader 44: J.S.B. Com- mittee 44: Varsity Soccer Stats 44, 42: Chapel Committee 42: Homecoming Mistress of Ceremonies 42. Proverbs 3:5,6. I plan to go to college and get married to the best guy in the world and live by the beach. l'll always remember "life at ValIey." Thanks to all who made my junior and senior year so rad! 190 GARRETT J. BURROW "G J, Gilligan, Go- pher" 6725770, General - A years: Ski Club 42: Track 9, 40, 44: Cross Country 40, 44, Prob. 4623. I plan to attend a university and get a MFA in drawing7 painting. Then pursue a career in teach- ing Art at a high school level while I con- tinue to search for new ways to convey feelings on paper. Thanks so much to all my friends and most definitely God! They all made my senior year bearable. Oh, and don't pick on Mr. Cole! He had enough with me ancl Art! WENDY L. CHRISTENSEN 4 7 46770, Pre- College - A years: Freshman Basketball 9: J V Volleyball 40: J V Softball 40: Don- key Basketball 40, 44, 42: National Honor Society 40, 44, 42: Chapel Committee 44: Small Group Leader 44: Acappella 44, 42: Madrigals 42. Rom. 8:38, 39. I have no idea what my plans for the fu- ture are! But in the meantime l'II work at Disneyland and go to Colorado College in the spring. These years have been great! Through both hard times and good times I've learned so much about myself, other people and the Lord. Thanks to everyone who made my sen- ior year so much fun! You all mean very much to me! Have a great life! JANE CHUNG "Gumby" 40725770, Pre- Collegez Acappella 42: Academic De- cathlon Team 42: Press Telegram Achievement Award 42. Psalm 74. I want to be a missionary nurse. I am glad I came to Valley and glad to go. MELANIE E. COLE 673770, Pre-College - 43 years: Student Council 9: Volleyball 9: Women's Ensemble 9, 40: Acappella 44: Madrigals 42: National Honor Society 44, 42: Model U.N. 42. I Tim. 4:42. I plan to go to Calvin College and get old. JOHN C. DANTUMA 779770, General - 8 years: Freshman Basketball 9: J V Bas- ketball 40, 44: Varsity Basketball 42: Band 9, 40, 44, 42. John 3: 46. I plan to go to college and get a degree in business. TIMOTHY P. DEKOEKKOEK "Kook" 8777 69, Pre-College - 42 years: J V Football 9, 40: J V Track 9, 40: Varsity Football 4 4, 42: Band 9, 40, 44, 42. Lived through it alll Rom 4: 49-25. I plan to go to college and run track, get a job, get married and have lots of kids. It's not over 'til It's over! STACY M. DE LEEUW t'Harold" 4472770, Business - 6 years: I D Squad 9: J V Basketball 40: Hollywood Shorties 44: Homecoming Queen 42. I plan to attend LBCC and get General Ed out of the way, then transfer to State and get in- volved with the court system. I also plan on getting married to my cute and sweet sailor, Jay, in the future of course. I fully want to thank all of my buds for making this year the best! And to the underclassment - enjoy your senior year and make it the best. STEVEN DE YAGER 4729770, General - 6 years: Track 9: J V Football 40: Year- book Staff 44, 42: Senior Homecoming Escort 42. James 4:2,3. I plan to go to college, get a good job, work hard, and marry Vel Gray. Thank you Mom and Dad for making me graduate. Thanks to my friends for a lot of good memories. JEFFREY T. DE YOUNG "Superman" 37 42770, General - 6 M years: J V Foot- ball 9, 40: Varsity Football 44, 42: J V Baseball 9, 40: Varsity Baseball 44: Tennis 42: Acappella 44, 42: Mens Chorus 40: Madrigals 42. Rom. 8:28. I plan to go to Cerritos College for two years, then transfer to Michigan State to get my Masters in Physical Therapy. To all fresh- men: Hit the books now, you'll know why when you are a senior. BRYAN D. DYKSTRA "Ziggy" 44 723769, General - 43 years: J V Football 9, 40: Honor Roll 9, 40, 44, 42. Psalm 29:4,2. I plan to go to college, get a successful job. Maybe later on in life I'II settle down and raise a family. I just want to thank my parents for always being there for me and getting me through school. MICHAEL D. FALCIONI 427 47769, Pre-CoI- lege - 43 years: Tennis 40, 44: Band 9, 40, 44, 42: Pep Band 9, 40, 44, 42: Third Trumpet section leader: Honor Roll 9, 40, 44, 42: Honor Society 40, 44, 42: Bank of American Certificate Award for Lab Sci- ence. Matt. 24:24,22. I plan to become an electrical engineer and buy a house in Buena Park with a pool, basketball court and a crushed ice machine. Put God first in your life and always reserve room for prayer. Say 'iNo thank you" to drugs and per pressure. Listen to your parents - they're wiser than you think. LISA M. FIEN 44740770, Business - 5 years: Drill Team 44, 42: Soccer Stats 44: Student Director of Senior Play 42: Honor Society 42. Psalm 9:40. I plan to attend college. To my friends - thanks for the high school memories. Have a great time in college. I will never forget all the fun places we went and especially that certain guy at our favorite restaurant! KEITH D. FIKE 974577O, General - 6 years: Gazette 40, 44: Science Club 44: Interact 42: Ski Club 44, 42 qPres.Q: Year- book Photographer 42: Senior Play Biographies Stage Manager 42. Eph. 2:8-40. I plan to earn a degree in photography, start my own business and live not for me, but for Him. "Hey, no problem! I'm fIexibIe." SHAWNA FOX "Changa" 5743770, 7 years: Honor Roll 40, 44, 42: Honor Soci- ety 40, 44, 42: Interact 42. Matt. 724. I plan to go to UCSB and be either an obstetrician or a marine biologist. Then, of course, marriage and baby! Hey I did it. I'm graduating with honors! I don't be- lieve it's finally here! CHRISTOPHER L. FRANZ t'BelI" 4474770. Pre-College - A years: Honor Society 40, 44, 42: Varsity Baseball 44: Honor Roll 9, 40, 44, 42. I plan to go to University of San Diego and study finance and work on Wall Street. JOHN W. FUNK III 874A770, General - 6 years: John 3:46. I plan to go into Fire Academy and then on to a L.A. County station. Thanks to all my friends for veing there when you were needed! GEORGE K. OOMMEN 44 73769, Pre-Col- lege - A years: Men's Chorus 9, 40: Acappella 44, 42 QTreas.j: Tennis 44, 42: Academic Decathalon 42. Isaiah A0:34. I plan to go to college and, with the grace of God, most probably go into the field of medicine. I just would like to advise the seniors just as God told Josh- ua he was leading the people into the promised land, "Be strong and coura- geous. Be careful to obey all the law: do not turn from it to the right or to the left, that you may be successful in whatever you do." If you do that, my friends, God can do mighty works in your life. CHRISTOPHER A. GOODSON "Scooter" 673770: Track 9, 40: Varsity Track 44: Varsity Cross Country 44: Model U.N. 42. John 3:46. I plan to go to college and major in Psychology, Then eventually open up my own business and become very rich. To my friends: Have a good life, keep cool, don't sell drugs, watch yourself and I'm outa here! MONICA L. GREEN "Mani, Hype" A7267 74, Pre-College - A years: J V Softball Stats 9, 40: Varsity Flag 44, 42: Pep Club 9, 40, 44, 42. Phil. A:8. I plan to go to college and either work on television or on Broadway. DONOVAN D. GROEN 57237 70, General: J V Tennis 9, 40: Varsity Tennis 44: J V Football 9: Men's Chorus 9: Acappella 44:ModeIU.N. 44, 42. Matt. 47:20.lpIan to go on to college, get a great job and be happy. It's been great knowing ev- eryone. Enjoy high school. Enjoy life. 191 ARTHUR W. GROENEVELD 576770, Pre- College - 6 years: Basketball 9: Track 9. Prov. 43:A. I plan to work, get married and get a "Woody"! GINA M. GUERRA 40742770, 3 years: Varsity Cross Country 40, 44: Varsity Track 40: Drill Team 44, 42: Pep Club 40: Varsity Soccer Stats 44, 42: Track STats 44: Interact 44: Student Council 42: Sen- ior Play Crew 42: Small Group Leader 44. Heb. 44:4. I plan to go to college to study biology and become a physical therapist, get married and someday have kids. Thanks alot to all my friends who made these last few years the greatest! LANCE HAVEL "Have, Stud, Goose" 97 25770, General - A years: J V Football 9, 40: Varsity Football 44, 42: J V Base- ball 9, 40: Varsity Baseball 44, 42. Phil A:8. My plans for the future are to keep on slugging. AMANDA C. HOEKSTRA "Mandy" 67437 70, General - 44 years: Matt. 5:3-42. I plan to marry Ulysses, have a small fam- ily, and then get into a career dealing with animals. It's been funk, but thank goodness I'm outa here. Thanks to my buds, I survived Valley. ANDY L. HOEKSTRA "Hook, Chicken, Ho- meboy" 6743770, General - 42 years: J V Soccer 9: Varsity Soccer 40, 44, 42. Zech 2:4. Play soccer in Argentina, Move to Washington and be a farmer. MARK A. HUGHES "Chief Rocker" 407297 70, General - A years: Psalm 23. I plan to attend El Camino for two years and then go to USC with a business major. JOHN J. HULST 'tPope" 40729770, Pre- College - A years: J V Football 9, 40: Varsity Football 44, 42. John 4:4. I plan to attend Long Beach State and work in Dan Keuning's CHOCH store. MONIOUE JACKSON "Mojack" 447467 70, Pre-College - 6 years: Frosh Basket- ball 9: J V Basketball 40: Varsity Basket- ball 44, 42: Frosh Volleyball 9: J V Volley- ball 40: Track 9, 40, 44, 42: Band 9, 40, 44, 42: HandbelIs42: Jazz Band 42: Honor Society 40, 44, 42: Honor Roll 40, 44, 42: Chess Club 42: Small Group Leader 42: Westmont Honors Band 42: Interact 42. Prov. 45:9. I plan to go to Syracuse and get my Masters in Business Administra- tion and become an entrepreneur. It's been fun, but gotta go. JEssicA JAMES ness. Jessie" 4273769, General - 4 year: Gazette Staff 42. II Tim. 3: 45. I plan to go to Point Loma and 5 major in accounting with a minor in ele- mentary education. Mom and Dad, Sarah and Miranda, thanks for all your support. I love you! LARS B. JOHNSON "Thrasher" 3144170, Pre-College - 43 years: J V Soccer 9, 40: Varsity Soccer 42. Gal. 2:20. I plan to go to college and major in architecture, then get married. lt's been fun but now I'm out of here. Later. - TIRA JOHNSON 'XT-Rah" 4214-4170, Pre- College - 6 years: Band 9: Women's Ensemble 40: Acappella 44,- 42: Varsity Cross Country 40, 44, 42: Varsity Track 9, 40, 44, 42: Small Group Leader 42: Pep Club 9: Spanish Club 44: Annual Staff 44. I Cor. 91211. I plan to major in music, cho- ral and vocal. Also, l'm going to the Olympics in 4992 qTrack and Fieldj. Keep working hard, payday will come! Thanks Mr. Cole for being my friend and thanks to Mr. Goedhart for teaching me to love music! Keep laughing and remember "a merry heart doeth good like a medi- cine." CProv. 47:22j ROBERT D. KAMSTRA A1144170, Business - 6 years: Acappella 44, 42: Track 40: Senior Play Stage Crew 42. Prov. 3:5,6. I plan to go to college, major in business administration, get a job, and make some major cash flow. Trust in God! Everynthing may not work out the way you planned, but hey, keep at it. DANIEL B. KEUNING "Fanny Farmer" 9181 70, Pre-College - 43 years: J V Football 9, 40: Varsity Football 44, 42: Class Presi- dent 9, 40: Class Vice-Pres. 44 5 ASB Presi- dent 42: Homecoming Committee Chairman 44, 42: JSB Chairman 44: Don- key Basketball Chairman 42: Science Club 40, 44, 42: Ski Club 44, 42: Jazz Band 9, 40, 44, 42: Band 9, 40, 44 QPres.j, 42: M C of Sweetheart's Banquet 40: Official Line Painter of Dumont St. I Cor. 43:4. I plan to go to the "one and onIy" Calvin College, get married to a farm girl from Iowa, have 5 kids and become a pediatrician. When I make my fortune, I'Il buy out the CHOC store chain in LA with Mike Anderson. In my spare time, l'lI be superintendent of Bellflower Christian Schools. JOHN J. KIM "Kimmer" 44140170, Pre- College - 40 years: Frosh Basketball 9: J V Basketball 40, 44: Varsity Tennis 44, 42: Varsity Cross Country 42: Band 9, 40, 44, 42: Honor society 40, 44, 42: Jazz Band 9, 40, 44, 42. Isaiah 410134. I am going to Biola and will major in Christian Educa- tion. I plan to go on into the ministry. I'II go wherever God leads me. Life is bor- Senior ing only if you make it that way. Chal- lenge yourself and have fun in life. LISA J. KLEIN "Rose, Lees, K-42" 7128170, Pre-College - 43 years: Frosh Volleyball 9: J V Volleyball 40: Varsity Volleyball 44, 42: Frosh Basketball 9: J V Softball 40: Varsity Softball 44: Soccer 42: Women's Ensemble 9, 40: Band 9, 40, 44: Handbells 40, 44: Acappella 44, 42: Madrigals 42: Class Secretary 9, 40: Donkey Basketball 40: Honor Society 44, 42: Small Group Leader 44 : Senior Play - Vera: Chapel Accompianist 42. Rom. 8:28, 29. I plan to go to college and become a choir di- rector and a volleyball coach, marry a blond, blue-eyed Dutchman and have 5 dkids. To my sister - keep the tradition of telling great family stories. Thanks to all the underclassmen for being great friends and making my day! KAYLA A. KOOPMAN "Kay" 6143170, Pre-College - 43 years: Powder Puff 40: J V Cheer 40: Princess 40: Varsity Drill 44: Graduation Honor Guard 4 4: Honor Soci- ety 44, 42: Small Group Leader 44: Sen- ior Play Background and Advertisement Committees. Matt. 5:23, 24. I plan to attend college for A years, marry some- day and live by the beach. Thank you to all my friends for always being there. Undercalssmen - cherish high school. It goes by fast. Thanks Mom and Dad. BETH R. KREDIT "Bethel, Maxi" 6126170, Pre-College - 43 years: Frosh Volleyball 9: J V Volleyball 40: Frosh Girls Basketball Stats 9: Varsity Girls Basketball Stats 40, 44: Varsity Softball Stats 9, 40: Honor Roll 9, 40: Honor Society 44, 42: Senior Play 00 Max 42: Acappella 44, 42: Women's Ensemble 9, 40: Small Group Leader 44, 42: Powder Puff 40: Graduation Usher 4 4: J.S.B. Punchbowl 40. Phil 4:24. I plan to attend Calvin College, get a job, get married and raise a family. Thanks VC for 43 years of Christian education. lt's been fun! LISA D. KROEZE "Lis" 4417170, General - 5 years: Band 9, 40: l.D. 40, 44: Varsity Boys Basketball Stats 44, 42: Women's Ensemble 44: Acappella 42. Rom. 8:28. I plan to goto college and get a job, get married and have a few kids. My years at Valley were great! TIMOTHY LACK "Fletch", Business - 7 years: J V Football 9, 40: Varsity Football 44, 42: Senior Play Crew 42: J V Baseball 40: Science Club 44, 42. Jude 6:34. I plan to go to Hawaii with my friends, go to college, marry Miss America, and get my IROC-Z. Thanks to Mom, Dad and especially God. 192 DEBRA LAMAN 7124170, Pre-College - 44 years: J V Softball 9: Student Council 9: Freshman Boys Basketball Stats 44: Varsity Softball 44: Varsity Boys Basket- ball Stats 42: Gazette Staff 42: Honor Society 40, 44, 42. I plan to go to col- lege, law school, pass the bar, and be- come a district attorney. My friends have meant the most to me and I ap- preciate all the times that they stood beside me! KIM M. LARSEN 1f+2 "Char" 42130169, Pre-College - 4 year: CSCCJ Varsity Volleyball 9, 40, 44 qcaptj: Middle School Coach 9: Varsity Softball 9, 40. Concert Choir 44: ORU Nationals 44: Yearbook 44: Honor Roll 9, 40, 44: QVCHSQ Varsity Volleyball 42 Qcaptj: Honor Society 42: Ski Club 42: Yearbook 42. ll Cor. 41:47. I plan to attend Azusa Pacific University and play volleyball. I will major in marketing. From there, who knows? I can't believe lt's over. I miss all my friends at SCC. VC - my new Alma Mater, I luv it! Mom and Dad, you always supported me. More thanks to Jesus. He made it all happen! MICHAEL J. LEGASPI "Slick" 7146170, Pre-College - 6 years: Frosh Basketball 9: J V Basketball 40, 44: J V Baseball 9, 40: Varsity Baseball 44: Cross Country 44: Honor Roll 9, 40, 44, 42: Honor Society 40, 44, 42: Ski Club 42: Science Club 42. Rom. 8: 38, 39. I plan to go to Cal Poly Pomona and major in Electrical Engi- neering, become financially sound and buy a Ferrari 328 GTS, invest in real es- tate, maybe start a business and enjoy life. MICHAEL J. LESIVIES KARI A. LOLKUS A149170, Pre-College - 6 years: Flag 9: Pep Club 44: Interact 44, 42: Freshman Volleyball 9: Freshman Basketball 9: J V Basketball 40: Varsity Girls Soccer 42: J V Softball 9, 40: Varsity Softball 44: Small Group Leader 44, 42: Honor Roll 40, 44, 42: Honor Society 44, 42: Senior Play Sound 42. Matt. 6:25-341. My immediate plans include a trip to Hawaii. I plan to go to SCC and major in psychology, possible minor in drama. I would like to get married after that and have 2 kids. l'm going to miss everything about Valley. Thanks Mr. Cole for being such a rad person. To all my friends - thanks for being there for me. HANS E. LYRA MICHAEL M. MANDEVILLE "Visor": 42191 70, Business - 6 years: Varsity Football 44, 42: Varsity Basketball 44, 42: Varsity Track 42: Honor Society 40, 44, 42. John 3:46. I plan on attending SDSU, playing football, inventing a new chemical to gain weight, and getting a fresh lowered truck! MARK MARIUS 874770, Pre-College - 2 years: Honor society 40, 44, 42: Science Club 44: Interact 44: Acappella 42: Ski Club 44, 42: Class Treasurer 42: Model U. N. 42: Senior Play - Mr. Rogers. I plan to go to college, become a yell leader, major in communications, become a broadcaster for the L.A. Dodgers. For once in my life I would like to be serious. Good-bye to all my friends I leave. RICHELLE A. MAZURE l'Rikki" 974770, General - A years: J V Cheer: Varsity Cheer Co-Captain: Girls Varisty Soccer 42: Small Group Leader 44, 42: Powder Puff: Honor Society 42. Psalm 439:23-241. I plan to go to college, dance, maybe teach Qhistory, who knows'?j, get mar- ried, live in Hawaii, and raise little Barysh- nikous. Thanks for all you've done for me Valley! it's been fun! Look out world, here comes '88! MICKEY MC CORMACK "Barney" 67407 70, General - 3 years: Psalm 311. I plan to go to Cypress College and graduate, get married to my girl friend Cheryl. I just want to thank my special friends for be- ing there. You guys made Valley very exciting. DONALD W. MULDER 'iChuck" 2749770, Business - 8 years: Varsity Football 44, 42: Band Q, 40, 44: Honor Roll 40, 44, 42: Honor Society 44, 42: Frosh Basketball 9: J V Basketball 40, 44: J V Football 9, 40. I Tim. A: 42. I plan to go to college and get my Accounting degree. CRYSTAL S. NEHER l'BeedeI" 778770, General - 5 years: Women's ensemble Q, 40: Acappella 44, 42: Science Club 44. Psalm 64. I plan to be involved in missions and be a world traveler. If you weren't here, you'd just be somewhere else. VICTOR M. NOLASCO JR. "Dude, RIctor" 4073770, General - A years: I plan to become a professional cyclist, travel to Paris to learn to become a chef. Special thanks to Mr. Wunderley and friends for being supportive friends throughout my years at Valley. Later Dudes. STEVEN J. ORNEE 4743770, Pre-College - A years: Interact 40, 44 : Honor Soci- ety 44, 42: United States National Art Award 40. Micah 618. I plan to go to Calvin and major in accounting. Biographies SHARON J. OVERDUIN Q7 467 70, Pre-Col- lege - 42 years: Band 9: Frosh Volley- ball Q: J V Volleyball 44: Varsity Volley- ball 42: Frosh Basketball 9: J V Softball 9, 40: Varsity Softball 44, 42: Tall Flag Q, 40 44, 42 CCapt.j: Honor Society 40, 44, 42: Bank of America Liberal Arts Award 42: Model U.N. 42. James 4:4-3. I plan to attend college. 1 ANDREW S. PAIK "Andy, Ahnee S." 57 47774, Pre-College - A years: J V Foot- ball 40: Varsity Football 44, 42: Frosh Bas- ketball 9: Varsity Tennis 40, 44, 42: Honor Roll 9, 40, 44, 42: Honor Society 40, 44, 42: Bank of America Certificate Award in Mathematics 42: Science Club 44, 42: Senior Play Prop Committee 42. I plan to go to Pomona College in Claremont, go to Oxford my junior year, get a degree in economics or international finance, work as little as possible for as much money as possible, then retire to relative obsurity and seclusion. MICHELLE PAINE "Mich, Zuki" 42723770, General - 3 years: Women's Ensemble 40: Pep Club 40, 44: Acappella 44: I.D. 42: Small Group Leader 44, 42: Interact 40, 44: Yearbook 42: Homecoming Deo- crating Committee 44: Senior Poll, i'CIassiest Car" 42: Senior Mother's Tea Server 40. I plan to attend Cypress Col- lege where I will train in court reporting. Thanks to my friends and the big boys for all my memories. Your are the best. Special thanks to my parents! I love you alll TIMOTHY PATTERSON "Iced 'T', Kook Breez" 678770, Business - 6 years: Mo- del U. N. !ColIege in Atlanta, Georgia, major in accounting, minor in law, re- ceive a Master's in accounting, get married, have 2 kids, go to heaven. It was fun, glad it's over. Make the best of it 'cause time flies when you're having fun. Remember Rushtown's Posse in Af- fect. Outta here, Peace. JENNIFER W. PIERSMA "JennyFur, Piersma" 4727770, Pre-College - 43 years: Varsity Volleyball 44, 42: J V Vol- leyball 40, Frosh Volleyball Q: Varsity Bas- ketball 40, 44, 42 4st team All-League, CIF Champs 40, 44. 42: J V Basketball Q: Varsity Track Q, 40, 44, 42: Honor Roll Q, 40: Honor Society 44, 42. Prov. 3:5,6. I plan to go off to college and study in the field of sports medicine, have fun and live my life! Special friends - I can always count on having a good time with you! PAUL K. PITTMAN 193 STEPHANIE R. POSTMA "Suzy O, Liz" 77 49770, Pre-College - 6 years: Acap- pella 44, 42: Madrigals 42: Women's En- semble 9, 40: 'You're a Good Man Char- lie Brown" 9: Senior Play - Emily Brent 42: Interact 40, 44: Class Secretary 44: Class President 42: J V Girls Basketball Stats Q: Varsity Volleyball Stats 4 4: Varsi- ty Basketball Stats 40, 44: Varsity Soft- ball Stats 9, 40, 44: Model U.N. 42, Drill Team Q, 40, 44: Drill Team Lieutenent 40, 44: Honor Roll 9, 40, 44, 42: Honor Society 40, 44, 42: Small Group Leader 44: Pep club 40, Powder Puff 40. I Tim. 4:42. I plan to attend Calvin College, major in Psy- chology with a minor in Journalism, get married, have kids, and be a successful mother and psychologist. "In the middle of life, we are in death! Everything's all right as long as it's a Liz!!" Take care, I love you! DAVID RA "Ra Da, Ra David" 476770, Pre-College - A years: Chess Club 9, 40, 44, 42: Science Club 44: Small Group Leader 42: Academic Decathalon 42: Model U.N. 42. Matt. 6:33,3A. I plan to go to Calvin, graduate, get married, get a job in business or engineering. I came to Valley when I was a freshman and dur- ing these four years I had my ups and downs, but I had friends to share my downs. it's great to have lots of friends. Cowabunga dudes. ARON D. REPPMAN "Rep, Ripper" 77 2470, Pre-College - 42 years: Band 9, 40, 44, 42: Brass Quintet Q, 40, 44: Pep Band Q, 40, 44: Jazz Band 40, '1'12Acap- pella 44, 42: Madrigals 42: "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown" - Linus Q: Senior Play - Gen. MacKenzie 42: Stage Crew 42: Model U.N. 42: Honor Society 40, 44, 42: Chapel Committee 40: Interact 44, 42 QPres.j, Psalm 73. I plan to go to Trinity College. The King is coming soon! Be ready! CHRISTIE S. RIEMERSMA 37 49770, Business - 43 years: Interact 44, 42: Pep club 40, 44: ID Q: Student Council Treasurer 44: ASB Secretary 42: Senior Play Crew 42. I plan to go to the beach, go to college and study business and become an ac- countant. CHRISTINE D. RING i'Punkie" 4730770, Business - A years: Boys JV Tennis Q, 40, 44: Grils Varsity Tennis 42: Honor Society 44, 42: Small Group Leader 44, 42: Senior Play Props 42: Bank of America Business Award 42. I plan to continue my educa- tion at Azusa Pacific and graduate with a major in business. Hopefully while in college meet my future husband and get married after I graduate. I have ma- deIoTs ofgreaT friends Through The years aT Valley and will neverforgef any of Them. Underclassmen - I wanT To en- courage you To TrusT in God To help you Through The resT of your Time aT Valley and cherish The Time because iT's full of memories. buT shorT. ERIC P. ROMEIS LARS P. ROIVIEIS ERIC G. SCHEENSTRA General - 43 years: Band 9, 40, 44, 42: Cross CounTry 40: Track 40. Isaiah 53:5. I plan To aTTend The UniversiTy of Nevada, Reno. To The gang aT Valley, "Keep rockin' wiTh KNAC!" KELLY L. SCHOLTEN I'Kelly, Claud" 7734! 69, General - 43 years: Women's En- semble 9, 40: Acappella 44, 42: InTeracT 40.44, 42: Honor Roll 9, 40, 44, 42: Honor SocieTy 44, 42: GraduaTion Usher 44. Rom. 8:28. I plan To become a social worker working wiTh abused kids or han- dling adopTions. I hope To geT married have loTs of kids. Well now ThaT iT's over, I can say iT's been a muy bien year! HasTa!l Tribe memories live on!! SHELLEY R. SCHOLTEN "Shel, ChesTer" 7 f 34 769, Pre-College - 43 years: Acap- pella 44, 42: Madrigals 42: Biola Honors Choir 42: Band 9, 40, 44: Small Group Leader 44: Senior MoTher's Tea EnTer- TainmenT 40: GraduaTion Usher 44: Handbells 40, 44: Honor Roll 9, 40, 44, 42: Honor SocieTy 44, 42. Luke 42:27, 28. I plan To go To Biola and be a music ma- jor, marry a wonderful man, and have many kids. Thanks To my family for Their love and supporT. l'II never forgeT The priceless memories and The wonderful Times I've had aT This greaT school. I love ya Valley! SINA SENG "The BesT of The BesT, The GoaT" 44 724769, Pre-College - 4 year: Tennis 42: InTeracT 42: Chapel CommiT- Tee 42: Honor Roll 42. Prov. 3: 3.5.6. I plan To go To Calvin for a couple of years and Then Transfer To U of M To finish my engineering degree. l'lI Try To finish my invenTion soon so I can buy my Porsche 930 CabrioIeT. Become a monk? Thanks To all my greaT friends, I'm going To miss you nexT year! J. MARK SIMON 42f20f69, Pre-College - A years: Band 9, 40, 44, 42: Jazz Band 44, 42: Honor SocieTy 40, 44. 42: Aca- demic Decafhalon 42: Model U.N. 42. John 515. I plan To go To college and pursue a compuTer sciencefmusic dou- ble major, geT a MasTer's degree, geT married, have 2.11 kids, and live happily ever afTer. Senior CHRISTOPHER T. SMITH "Shred" 272770, Pre-College - A years: JV Soccer 9: VarsiTy Soccer 44, 42: Acappella 42. I plan To aTTend culinary school, own my own resTauranT and enjoy being a bachelor for The resT of my life. Be aware . . . rip and Tear. JENNIFER SMITH "Jen" 40f26f70, Gener- al - 40 years: Drill Team 9: J V Cheer 40: InTeracT 40: VarsiTy Cheer 44: Small Group Leader 44. MaTT. 48:48-20. I plan To go To STaTe college, live by The beach, geT married, have kids and Tons of animals. I'm glad I could go To Valley for so many years. Thanks To everyone who made high school a bIasTl To all sTiIl aT Valley, make high school fun, iT's up To you! TODD E. SMITS 41j46f70. Pre-College - 2 years: Acappella 44, 42: Madrigals 42: VarsiTy FooTball 42: VarsiTy Soccer 42: Academic DecaThalon 42: Model U.N. 42: Senior Play 42: InTeracT 42. I plan To aTTend Calvin College. I would like To major in some Type of religion courses To go on To become a youTh pasTor or mis- sion worker aT home or abroad, ThaT in all Things I mighT do God's will. i'Search me O God and know my hearT, TesT me, and know my anxious ThoughTs. See if There be any offensive way in me, and lead me in The way everlasTing." Psalm 439:23-24 DWAINE SPRESNEY ARLAN STOUWIE 277770, Business - A years: JV FooTball 9: FroshfSoph Track 9, 40: VarsiTy Track 44: Senior Play STage Crew 42. Romans 8:28. I plan To aTTend college parT Time and work. DENISE STRUIKSMA "Dee" 87 4 770, Gen- eral - 43 years: Freshmen Volleyball 9: JV Volleyball 40: JV SofTbalI 9, 40: Fresh- men Boys BaskeTball STaTs 40: VarsiTy Boys BaskeTball STaTs 44, 42: Women's Ensemble 44: Acappella 42: Band 9, 40. Rom. 8:28. I plan To go To college and geT married. To my special friends - Thanks for being There for me, I couldn'T have made iT wiThouT you guys! Good luck To nexT year's VarsiTy Boys BaskeT- ball STaT girls. CHERI D. STUIT "Sheri" 4 7 4 769, Business - 42 years: InTeracT 40. Psalm 5. I plan To go To college and become a secre- Tary of some sorT. I wanT To Thank all my friends ThaT I've gone To school wiTh and wish Them a greaT Time ouT of school. I'Il miss you all. Well, Take care all and good luck in The fuTure. BRIAN D. TAZELAAR "Taz": Band 9, 40, 44: FooTball 9, 40, 44, 42: Acappella 44, 42. I Cor. 43:4-6. Be yourself always. BRYAN E. TEMPLEMAN 4274 4769, Pre- College - 43 years: Acappella, VarsiTy FooTball, VarsiTy Baseball. Psalm 446. I plan To aTTend WesTmonT College. AfTer ThaT I will journey To The vasT wilderness of Alaska. KERI M. THOMPSON "Kern's, Kira" 42797 69, Pre-College - 7 years: Honor Soci- eTy 40, 44, 42: Science Club 9, 40, 44, 42. Prov. 49:24. I plan To geT a MasTer's degree and maybe a PhD. in zoology, Then go To India and sTudy Tigers, come back To The U.S. when I'm 60 and breed champion dalmaTians. Scooby's of The world uniTe! JEFFREY TOLEN "Eddie" 3f34f74, Pre- College - 7 years: JV FooTball 9, 40: VarsiTy FooTball 44, 42: JV Baseball 40: VarsiTy Baseball 44. 42: Honor Roll 9, 40. 44, 42: Honor SocieTy 40, 44, 42: Spanish Club 44. Rom 8:38, 39. I plan To go To Long Beach STaTe and major in engi- neering. Enjoy your senior year while iT lasTs. VarsiTy fooTball - keep The Tradi- Tion of shuTTing ouT WhiTTier ChrisTian. Go Dodgers! JON S. TUINSTRA 4 7117 70, Pre-College - 6 years: JV Baseball 40: JV Tennis 44: Honor Roll 9, 40, 44, 42: Honor SocieTy 40, 44, 42: Academic DecaThalon 42: Span- ish Club 44: Science Club 44, 42. Rom. 8:38, 39. I plan To go To Calvin College enrolling in pre-law and someday be- come a successful lawyer or Teach aT Harvard Law. I hope To have a son who plays baseball like George BreTT and hockey like Wayne GreTzky. "ProcrasTi- naTion is always successful." If you're failing To plan, you're planning To fail. SHARON F. VAN BRUGGEN "The Spider From Mars" 4f47f70, General - 8 years: Volleyball STaTs 9: Flag Team 9, 40: Small Group Leader 42: Senior Play Make-up 42. Heb. 43:6b. I plan To go To junior college for General Ed. and be a punk'n head forever. JENNIFER VANDENBERG "Jen, Geno- veva" 40f25f70, Pre-College - 5 years: Biola Honors Choir 42: Women's Ensemble 40: Acappella 44, 42: Madri- gals 42: Band 40, 44: BaskeTball 9: Vol- leyball 9: STudenT DirecTor Senior Play 42: Small Group Leader 44: Honor SocieTy 40, 44, 42. James 4:4,2. I plan To go To college, work for a few years, geT mar- ried, and have some kids. Thanks To my family for being supporTlve, and Thanks To my friends for making all The special memories I have. Don'T forgeT - Puff! GERALD VANDERBURG 9724770, Pre- College - 43 years: JV Football 9: JV Basketball 40: Interact 40, 44, 42: Honor Society 44, 42: Men's Chorus 44: Acap- pella 42. I Cor. 40:43. Put your faith in God, lt's the only way. JASON VANDERWERFF '!Samson" 8747 70, General - 7 years: Rom. 8:9. lt's been real, lt's been fun, but it hasn't been real fun! RYAN VAN DUYN ROBERT D. VAN ECK 9723770, Pre-Col- lege -- 43 years: Band 9, 40, 44: Jazz Band 9, 40, 44: Acappella 42: Varsity Tennis 9, 40, 44, 42: Ski Club 42: Honor Society 40, 44, 42: Senior Play - Blore 42. I John 2:45,46. I plan to goto Calvin for a couple of years, see where life leads me, get married, and live a good and plenteous life. Be careful with what you treasure most, and don't have too good of a time. MICHELLE L. VAN KEKERIX "Mish" 40787 70, Business - 40 years: Women's En- semble 40: Varsity Basketball Stats 9: In- teract 40: Pep Club 40: Teacher's Aide 44. Rom. 8: 38:39. I plan to goto Cypress College and pursue a career business. BRADLEY VAN MEETEREN 42724769, General- 40 years: Band 9, 40, 44: Jazz Band 40: Football 9, 40: Basketball 9, 40, 44, 42: Escort 44. Psalm 406: 4. l'm start- ing off by going to Hawaii with friends. Then lt's off to college and work. Well you guys better have fun now because school is the best time of your life. DARIN VAN MEETEREN 44 720770, Busi- ness - 8 years: Band 9, 40, 44: JV Foot- ball 9: Freshmen Basketball 9: JV Base- ball 9. Il Tim. 2:45. I plan to attend col- lege part time and become a full time mechanic. LESLIE J. VAN WEERTHUIZEN "Big Bad Ez- zie" 7749770, Business - 43 years: JV Cheer 40, Varsity Cheer 44: Women's Ensemble 9: Acappella 44, 42: Madrigals 42: Band 9, 40: Senior Play 42: Honor's Choir 44, 42: Pep Club 40, 44, 42. Psalm 94. l'm going to the beach, to college and study music. KRISTI L. VAN ZEE "Stud, Guns" 4272769, Pre-College - A years: Freshman Vol- leyball 9: JV Volleyball 40: Varsity Vol- leyball 44, 42: JV Basketball 9, 40: Varsity Basketball 44, 42: Varsity Softball 9, 40, 44, 42: Powder Puff 40: Women's Ensem- ble 44: Small Group Leader 44: Gradu- ation Usher 44: Varsity Football Stats 44, 42: Honor Society 44, 42: Donkey Bas- ketball 40, 44, 42: Homecoming Princess Biographies 42. I Tim. 4:42. I plan to go to Azusa Pacific University and study Physical Therapy and play softball. Brown-nose to the max because the brown-nosers get the "A's." DAVID L. VELLEMA "VelIyma" 7723770, Pre-College - 43 years: JV Football 9: Varsity Football 44: Senior Play Stage Crew 42: Men's Chorus 9: Interact 40, 44. Psalm 424, I plan to get a Master's In Business Administration at CSULB, get married and have a family and open a small business. lt's been real. VONDA K. VOS 4472770, General - 6 years: Freshman Volleyball 9: Class Vice- Pres. 9, 40: Freshman Boys Basketball Stats 9, 40: JV Volleyball 40: Varsity Boys Basketball Stats 44, 42: National Honor Society 42. Isaiah 52:7, I plan to go to college, major in business and get a job. lt's been real and lt's been fun and just maybe lt's been real fun! Good luck to next year's Varsity Basketball Stat girls! ERIC C. WALHOF "Wally" 9747770, Pre- College - 42 years: Acappella 44: Men's Chorus 4 4: JV Football 9, 40: Varsi- ty Football 44. Phil 4:24. I plan to work, go to UCLA or Stanford. Ain't nothing! CHRISTOPHER WARNERS "John C." 97227 69, General - 6 years: JV Football 40: JV Baksetball 40: Men's Chorus 9, 40: Acappella 44, 42: Madrigals 44, 42: Sci- ence Club 44, 42: Small Group Leader 42: Senior Play Stage Crew 42. I Tim. 4:42. l'm going to Hawaii with Tim and Mark, then to school, get my pilot's li- cense, find an awesome wife, and en- joy life. lt's all ball bearings these days! MATTHEW T. WARREN 7734 770, Pre-Col- lege - 8 years: JV Football 9, 40: Varsi- ty Football 44, 42: JV Track 9: Varsity Track 42: Sceince Club 42: Honor Soci- ety 40, 44, 42. Col. 3:4-41. I plan to goto college, play football, and then go into engineering or become a pilot. KATHERINE M. WESTFALL "Kathie" A767 70, Pre-College - 3 years: LCHS: Class Vice-Pres. 9: JV Water Polo 9: JV Bas- ketball 9: Varsity Swimming 9: Concert Choir 9. VCHS: JV Basketball 40: Wom- en's Ensemble 40: JV Cheer QCapt.Q 44: Interact 44: Science Club: Acappella 44: l.D. Squad 42: Yearbook 42. Special thanks to my best friends for all the love and fun times! Thanks to everyone who made this year the best ever! Mom and Dad - I love you and thanks for all your support. Most of all thanks to God!! ERICK D. WESTRA "Rick, Banana Man, Ball Wall" 472770, Pre-College - 43 years: JV Football 9: JV Soccer 9, 40: JV Baseball 9, 40: Varsity Soccer 44, 42: Varsity Tennis 44, 42: Class Treasurer 9: Interact 40: Student Council 44, 42 QASB Treasj: Band 9, 40, 44, 42: Acappella 44, 42: Madrigals 42: Honor Society 40, 44, 42: Model U.N. 42: Jazz Band 44, 42: Band of America Math7Science Award 42: Senior Play - Sir Lawrence 42: Vale- dictorian. Prov. 46:3. l'm going to go to Wheaton. I will start in an Engineering program, then go on from there. You have to get all you can. You have to can all you get. Then sit on the can. DANIEL W. WOOLLEY 2726770, Pre-Col- lege - A years: JV Football 9, 40: Varsi- ty Football 4 4: Freshman Basketball 9: JV Basketball 40: JV Track 9: Varsity Track 40, 44: Men's Chorus 9: Acappella 40, 44, 42: Madrigals 40, 44, 42: Honor's Choir 44, 42: Graduation Usher 44: Don- key Basketball 40, 44, 42: Interact 40, 44: JSB Entertainment Committee 44: Homecoming MC 42: Class Officer 42: Small Group Leader 44, 42: Chapel Committee 44, 42: Honor Roll 9, 40, 44, 42: Honor Society 40, 44, 42. Psalm 3237. I plan to go to Azusa Pacific and get a Master's degree in physical therapy, go into part-time missions, settle down and open a sports clinic in Malibu, marry a gorgeous girl, start a family and live happily ever after. Have fun, be yourself and live for Christ! DARREN W. WYBENGA "Wybie, Bingo" 87 44 770, General - 44 years: Student Council 40, 44, 42: Homecoming Com- mittee 44: Small Group Leader 44, 42: Chapel Committee 44: JV Football 9, 40: Varsity Football 44, 42: Freshman Basketball 9: JV Basketball 40: JV Base- ball 40: Varsity Baseball 44, 42: JV Soc- cer 44: Varsity Soccer 42: JSB MC 44: Huck Finn for JSB 40: JSB Planning Com- mittee 44. Jer. 29:44. I plan to attend college and graduate with a four-year degree, open my own surf shop after I have established myself in a good job. Thanks for four great years! God Bless! TONYA L. ZWAGGERMAN 40730769, General - 9 years: Varsity Basketball 9, 40, 44, 42: Varsity Softball 9: Freshman Volleyball 9: JV Volleyball 40: Varsity Volleyball 44, 42: Women's Ensemble 40: Acappella 44: Class Treasurer 40: Class President 44: Class Vice-President 42: Donkey Basketball 40, 44, 42: Honor So- ciety 44, 42: JSB Coordinator 44. Psalm 34: 48. I plan to attend Biola and do who knows what! To my friends - practice your Pictionaryl I love you guys ALOT!! Whdt storted out os on 'iinnocent" Sweet 46 pdrty turned into d drive-by shooting, which left d ldsting impression in your minds. On the night of September 26, 4987, Volley Christidn student Tino Kong wds shot ond killed by 'lgote-crdshers" who were refused odmit- tdnce into the pdrty four times. The two boys drove by firing 3 shots, hitting the goroge, front door ond the third shot hitting Tino. On the morning of Wednesdoy, September 30, 4987, we held o memoriol chdpel here ot Vdlley. Ldter in the ofternoon, 3 bus Ioods of stu- dents went to Tind's funerdl to poy their respects ond show support for the Kong fdmily. Although Tino wds new to our Sophomore closs, in her short time here she mode o greot impdct on the lives of everyone who knew her. We will olwoys remember her os kind, friend- ly, considerdte, ond most of dll for her cdring spirit. The prdyers ond support of Vdlley's students ond fdculty members will continue to be with the Kong fdmily. 196 Dedr friends dt Vdlley, Hil I'm spending my Senior yedr in Nerdc, Frdnce ds on open door Foreign exchonge student. l've been here since September 2, 4987 ond will return to the United Stdtes on June 45, 4988. My French fdmily is redlly greot. My fother, Mr. Sorovone, is d high school English teocher ot "GEORGE SAND" Cwhere I go to schoolj, My mother is d doctor dnd d redlly greot cook. I hove three sisters, Shdnti C243 goes to the University of Pdris, Anoussio C495 is on open door stu- dent in New York, dnd lndiro C 443 lives ot home ond is redlly funny. My brother, Vrjoy C471 goes to "George Sdnd" dlso. We live on d bedutiful Estdte in the County cdlled "Dourde". I hove mode mdny friends here ond Ieorned much dbout the French culture ond customs. I keep busy with thedter club, volleyboll, swimming, ploying with my dog, working out ot the gym, giving English lessons. going to the cofes ond socidl clubs ond trdveling. I Iedrned to ski ond joined o ski club in Poris. I hove seen much of Frdnce ond spent the Christmos holiddys in Poris. I went to Engldnd for three weeks over Spring Bredk. I love the people in Engldnd ond hope to return there sometime soon ds well ds Frdnce. Although I love Frdnce, I dm looking forword to coming home ond seeing my fdmily ond friends. I send my love to every- one dt Vdlley ond specidl prdyer to the Closs of '88. In God's Love, Nicole Mdgner il " , sv fw- is , . mv. ' if i Egg, T ltr? lr . ff.- . , Try 'ref 'W' : . 2 . ,aa .ax k asv, fc T I can'T believe ThaT This yearbook is finally done! AfTer a year of hard work, your 'IQ87-88 yearbookgis compleTe. We, as a sTaff, Tried To k of new ide, 4s,gJnd To be creaTive ' ThaT This an iwould be differenT Than The previ f pnes. l Think ThaT we have succiee d. Many of The ideas worked, some of Them didn'T. We gave iT our besT shoT and hope ThaT you enjoy iT. 'T' FirsT, l would like To say Thank-you To my parenTs. There were so many Times during This year when I felT like jusT giv- ing up and They always were There To encourage me and keep me going. NexT, l would like To Thank Mr. and Mrs. Baas for all Their hard work and dedicm n. They spenf many hours T copy, cking copy and glayouli ?iTgigeTTing r 'dy To send pages C'?bQI1hQ G ET "We PfOQ'ef'1S H101 QTIWVS I0 COVTIG UD-I I ga l,qsT, buT noT IeasT, I To The resT of The sTaff. 1 lfeveilandil were The only Two wiTh y exper- ience on a Valley Yearbook sTa nd everyone had To learn quickly. T nk ypu all for puTTing up wiTh Karla and l and redoing Things.unTiI we said They we re all righT. You all worked and I hopesyou enjoyed iT and ThaT youwill gr? Mmm M. 3, MMG . win X ,A .gg sw.. in funk? I in enjoy iT nexT year also. Karla-my Satur- day bud, good luck nexT year! You are a hard worker and a dedicaTed person Karla: I know you'll do greaT. Love ChrisT, . j., , I ffififf C?!JiO'.wofv Lisa Anderson, EdiTor 'J P? ' Lf ' fjnzcg' . f 5 1 f A use x I mam .. J ' 'si' W 3 ff . Q aw 5 ? ,T ,W . , . a ' Q i m, f. U - .1 7.-an V. , ff' T. ., 'iii-ff,l4'fgg: ...f - 1' an-7 - - W 1.215 QL 1 ' is Merge . ,,...,..,, ,A H . - i"5i'f. , ' I i if Q33 -'T 'Z 2 ' 'Z ,V 15' rf' ' 'fT?Sff'i.fq' Z. 5 "ff . 1 .vi - 1 I A :ui ' ' 'V 15 El' TT ' ,s -. .T x 3579? TT I s . I 300DODOOODODDDUDDDODODOOOGODDOOUODDDODDOODUDDDODODDOODO O Wii.i,.S? iT2E?iEif?N7S ZQTFSQQFL F?Y!?!'E??ET 5,31 3 MSX VF' 'PF ii ,. Q 55353 ifgg WSF? I fi 531355 Y. fe his Six ' Iigsirit.-s A ,, siiiiiri ... f 8 Q N! W2 1 'm..' wr!! - Esitavssscwf flsfnssrai :J 0 a a lj lj 0 3 or a a a a 0 a a a r1Ms.g.,- firlsfiss sms? Svssljm iieissfiifm ifffxsmfiffssqiggg 52338 ilagswatiissm 'L 1 s :wLx,?g...s , Qffp sg Q, X 1, W . f- wines psi xx -N. V L. 3 s53F""W GOODOOOOOOOOOOOOODOOOQODOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO usiudenl l.D." card. You've earned il! 5 f,5!5i??WUfJC3, ifalifssmsi Congraiulalions, Dan! You have made us proud as a leader, friend, and Chrisiian wiiness for our Lord. We wish you G-od's riches! blessings as you begin your college career. Finally, afler 48 years, you gel a new Love, Dad, Mom, and Julie Congraiulalions, Chris and The Class of 4988! May C-Sod keep you safe wilhin his love and may you be guided by his word in all you do. Love, lvlom, Dad, Amy, and Joel Rob Kamslra, Congralulaiionsll We are so proud of you! God bless you Rob! Philippians 4:3-6 Wilh Love, lvlorn, Dad, and Ken 0000000000GOODOODOODDDUOGOODSODOOODDDDODDODDDOODODDDDODD 198 LISA, You have been a blessing To us: from ballei and piano To sofiball, baskeiball and soccer, from cheerleading To Teaching Bible Clubs and Honor Classes. You have been such a joy! OUR PRAYERS TO YOU AND THE CLASS OF 4988, To lead rewarding lives, serving The Lord in all Thai you do. Wiih Love, Dad, Mom, Shawna, Erin and Johnny 30000OODDOOOODDODOODDODODUOODGOODSOOODODDODDOODDOOOOOOO 199 O D O O O O O O O O O O -O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O Q O O O O D O O O O O O O O O O O O O 3 OODDOOOOOODOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOQDOOODOOODOOODOOQOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OO 3000ODOOOODDODOOOODOOODDDDOODD000000000DOOODDDODDODOODO O O D D CI D S O 3 MICHELLE CHEDIE DAINE 3 First you were little with eyes so big and brown. A . Q Then you grew up and laughter was all D around. . . O You wrapped our hearts in sunshine while 3 giving us gray hairs. . . O You kept our wallets empty and answered all our prayers. L . Li' Wai all A Your smile is like a rainbow, that colors our K world with love. . . Ch, our darling daughter how we thank the O Cl D D '- D 3 ij Q' Lord above. O D Cl Cl O O Love. Dad, Mom. Keven and David EIOOOOOOOOEIEIOOCICICICICICICICIOEIEICIOCIOCICICICIO l it y D . L OOC!0000000ODCIDCICIDODDDDCIO000000000ODDCIDCJDDDDDGCIDOOCIDODDOG 200 DODOODOODDDDODODDDOODDODDD000000000OODDDODDDDOODDGDOOO Michelle Von Kekerixp If God will use His uTmosT orT on His smdll creoTures of The wild, whoT inTricoTe design of life hos he noT pldnned for you, His child? Love Alwdys lvlorn ond Dod ,HJ QR lf, .M-f V T' i Homin, 'ffl 5 .-A 'I To enTer d new phose of CONGRATULATIONS JEFF! IT seems os Though iT wos yesTer- ddy ThoT you were o Toddler running oround insisTing ThdT d horse wos eiTher o "show" or d "hee-hee cow". You've corne dlong wdy since Then dnd we ore very proud of you ond oil ThoT you hove occornplished! Now you're on The brink of grdduoTion dnd reddy your life. We wish you hdpoiness ond success ond proy ThoT God will richly bless you os you conTinue on Through life's journey. WiTh oil our love. lvlom, Dod, Joonne Jeremy ond Josh 201 O D O O Q O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O D O Q O O O O D O O O O O O O O U O O U O O O O O O O U O U El OOOOOODOOOOOOOOOOOOODOOOOOOQOOOOOOOOOODOOODOOOODOOOOOOOOOOOOODOOOOOOOOOO 3000GOODSUDDDDOOOOUOOOOOOODOOOOOUGUDODDODDDODDDDODDODOD OOOOOOOOOOOOOODOQOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Kim, Thank you so much for These 48 wonderful years, we will always be Thankful Thai God choose us To be your parehis. You are such a joy To us. We have laughed and cried Togeiher, Qmosily laughedj. You have such a sweei spirii wiihih you. Our prayer is Thai Jesus will cohlinue To use you for His glory. Mom and Dad P.S. May all your serves be aces! - .Q is S V K A,fr. 'ws qii' X X s 4 X ,XS NWN 1-q.::, il' .- sw - ff ' NS: fi?QQQXk c s ccc eg 5 X tli A33 M sims mm 0000000000DOOD00000GOODS000000000ODODODODGOODODDOODOOODO zm 0 o 0 o U O U Q U o CI o U 0 O O Cl O 0 O O O O O o E1 O O Q o CI O CI Cl Cl O CI El O O Cl O O Cl O O 0 O O o O 0 0 o '3 O U Q 0 Q Q O U o U o O Q O O E O Q CI Q CI Q o o O El S o o o O S 3 O u Q Q O Q O O El 3 El 3 oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Pigfoils, ribbons, ponyToils ond bows AnoTher grows up before moTher knows Memories of joyous occasions ond smiles Times of Teors ond fomily sorrow. WiTh The Lords helping hdnd you've grown Toll ond sfrong WhoTever The fuTure holds you know GI-od's blessing unfolds And wherever you go, whoTever you do This fdmily will olwoys be proud of you. T HALLELUJAH! l YES, PRAISE THE LORD! reEJolcE IN vous? MAKER! PRATSE HIS NAME lN DANCING! Psolm 4419 lvlonico, we love you wiTh The love of The Lord! Love, Mom, Granny, ond John Pdul 203 300DODDDDODODDDDOO00000000000O000000000OUODOODOODDUDDDO GOODOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGOODOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODOOOOOQOO OOOOOOOO STEPHANIE, We used To puT lvl8clVl's dlong The Troll, so you'd follow us on The hike. Now, you're deciding for yourself which Troil To Toke. We're proud To see you heod for Colvin College. "'Tis educofion forms The common mind: JusT os The Twig is benT, The Tree's inclined." Alexonder Pope E We loved you os Twig ond we will love you ds d Tree. Mom ond Dod Tionsl "I knew you before you were formed wiThin your moThers womb: before you were born I soncTified you ond oppoinTed you ds my spokesmdn To The rfvorldf' Jeremioh 4:5 Moy God bless you conTinudl- y. WiTh Love ond Proyers, Mom ond Dod Deor Son, Congrofulo- CONGRATULATIONS TIM: CongroTuloTions To you ond The "Gloss of 88". Thonks for The memories we hove, Cespeciolly The roiny nighTs in Tehochcipij. Our prdyers ore wiTh you GS you pldn for The fuTure. We know God will conTinue To bless your life. Mom, Dod, ond Heidi pull!! UNI' To Lissd Kroeze: Our besT To you in The fuTure, in EVERYTHING you do. We love you! Dod, Mom, Denise ond Kevin 0000000000DDDODDOODODOODODOGODDDODDDDODDDDDDODDDODODDDOD 204

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