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1983 CR USADER VOLUME 37 Editor - Kristi Scholten Asst. editor - Rachelle Rienstra Advisor - Mr. Ron Sjoerdsma Valley Christian High School 10818 Artesia Blvd. Cerritos, Ca. 90701 As Christians we all reflect Christ ' s Spirit which resides in us. His Spirit radiates from the many facets of our lives — radiates to those around us. Christ ' s Spirit is rejected by Valley Christian . . . K.?- S-Wiki . . . around the campus and within our friendships. The reflection of His Spirit is multiplied through these relationships making the radiance even greater. The music department is a special part of Valley ' s cur- riculum because the band and choirs get a chance to reflect His Spirit through perfor- mances outside of school. Through songs of praise and musical instruments His Spirit is reflected. r ' ' , " s? ' ,- N j(. -. " a c«««i«Li;i In every subject from P.E to Bible to Physics, Christ cai be found as the basis of ou learning. Everyday in tht classrooms His Spirit is re fleeted as both teachers am students work diligently. His Spirit is also reflected through Valley ' s athletics. Both coaches and athletes reach for goals that are higher than just winning. Valley ' s athletics reach beyond school spirit to reflect Christ ' s Spirit on the playing field and in the stands. m : -:311m JUi But we Christians have no veil over our faces; we can be mirrors that brightly reflect the glory of the Lord. And as the Spirit of the Lord works within us, we become more and more like Him. II Corinthians 3:18 ' Contents Theme 2 Academics 9 Seniors 31 Underclassmen 67 Student Life 85 Homecoming 102 Sports 123 Music 139 Organizations Support Groups - 171 189 Index and Ads 199 One Last Look. !S a s A «tS •» 3 «v 216 5 I His Spirit Reflected In Academics nngnsn Learning Necessary Skills Grammar, literature, writing. Mass Media, and reading are all taught in the English Department. Under the direction of Mr. R. Sjoerdsma, Mr. G. Sjoerdsma. Mrs. de Jong and the two new teachers. Mrs. Winters and Mrs. Brands. English can become a fun learning experience. Freshmen are required to take English I and II, which covers a little of each of literature, grammar, writing, and speech. Juniors and seniors may choose from a variety of classes, including Advanced Study Skills. English will prove to be very helpful to you in the future. No matter what your plans are, you will always need to know how to speak and write well. Some day we ' II realize that all those years of sitting in class, learning grammar and making speeches were worth it. Mr. G. Sjoerdsma 8 years Mr. R. Sjoerdsma 5 years FS Mrs. C. de Jong 2 years Mrs. N. Winters 1 year TOP RIGHT: An English class working bard? BOTTOM RIGHT: Mrs. Wimen lending a helping hand. i r 4 IIR t J TOP LEFT: Mrs. dejong reads to her English Literature class. TOP RIGHT: Students wait in line for help from Mrs. Winters. MIDDLE LEFT: Air. Sjoerdsma reads a piece of American Literature to his students. MIDDLE RIGHT: Mrs. dejong shows a rowdy class what the back of her hand looks like. LEFT: Mr. Sjoerdsma shows his freshmen what to do. roreign Language n Everyday Cultural Experience Have you ever walked through Building C and heard strange things coming from rooms 26 and 27? Don ' t be alarmed! It ' s just un clase de espahol (translated, Spanish class, for all you uncultured people). Spanish is the only foreign language class offered at Valley and Spanish I and II are required for all pre -college students. Four year veteran. Miss Logterman is busy all day teaching the basics of Spanish in Spanish I and II and the more advanced skills in Spanish III and IV. This year we are fortu - nate to add to the Spanish department, Mrs. Tuin- stra who also teaches Spanish I and II. These two professors make Spanish class interesting by adding a few " cultural experiences " throughout the year. These days often include Spanish food and Spanish singing! These classes may not be easy but they ' re interesting and full of culture! TOP RIGHT: I ' m crying to study, don ' t bug me. MIDDLE RIGHT: Spanish stu- dents working hard- MIDDLE LEFT: Fast food . . . Spanish style. RIGHT: Senorita Logterman leads the class in Spanish Christ- mas carols. 12 I n f VJ ' " S ' " " " " dotsnt seem ,o understand. ' «™f f ' " " ' " ' " " " ' " " ' " " ' " " oe verbs MIDDLE RIGHT. Crh H.mUron .orks on her Sr workbook. LEFT: Its fiesta t,me m Sp class ' 13 nusmess Education TOP RIGHT: Mr. Wassenaar checks Shanon Roberts paper. BELOW: He just won t leave me alone ' sighs Trace Balczer BOTTOM RIGHT: Albert hen is ready to work. Miss F. Aardsma 2 years Mr. D. Wassenaar 12 years 14 Their Business Ts Business For a student who ' s interested in a business career to fulfill his dreams. Val- ley has such classes to fill his schedule. These classes include Accountinj , Typ- ing, Filing, Bookkeeping. Office Ma- chines. Financial Survival. Economics, Intro to Business, and Business English. In the business classes, the students have access to the new Apple Computer. Each student is allowed time to work on the computer individually. By taking these classes, which are taught by Mr. Was- senaar and Ms. Aardsma, you can begin working toward a full-time job as an accountant, or something of that sort. Overall, if you are looking towards a field in business, the classes at the far end of Building A will be the ones for you. TOP LEFT: Martha Mulder works with the new Apple Computer. BOTTOM LEFT: Chris Groot types out a busmess letter. ABOVE: " Now watch closely, class. " 15 Math Summing Up The Subject Math is something we use everyday and Valley is the place to learn how to use it. Classes like General Math, Algebra I and H, Geometry, Computer Math and Advanced Math are available to students. The Math teachers for these classes are Mr. Crull, Mr. LeFebre, Mr. Hugen and Mr. Wunderley. Math is very useful to everyone and will make things easier in life. TOP LEFT: Mr. Crull explains a tough problem to Algebra I students. ABOVE: David Polley is overly excited about math class. TOP RIGHT: Mr Hugen showing his pearly whites. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mr Wunderley teaches his class with style. 16 % Mr. LeFebre 20 years Mr Crull I year Mr Hugen 6 years UPPER LEFT: Mr Crull demon- scrares how to use the chalkh }ard. MIDDLE LEFT: Mr LeFebre and his trusty overhead. MIDDLE RIGHT: A LeFebre lecture BOTTOM: Mr Crull takir)g on three freshmen. science Learning more about God ' s Creation Dissection, experiments, microscopes, and scales are only a few of the many activities and objects you will find in science classes. There are many science classes ranging from health and earth science with Mr. Baker. Biology and Advanced Biology taught by Mr. Feddes. and Chem- istry. Life Science, and Physics with Mr. Hoekstra. These classes not only help us to view God ' s creation with more detail, but it gives us more appreciation and understanding for nature and mankind. BOTTOM LEFT: Cindy Godfrey reilly enjoys Life Science ' TOP RIGHT: Bisy diKS It boys.- BOTTOM RIGHT: Mr. Hoekstra corrects a students homework assij nmenr. 18 Mr. Baiter 4 years Mr Fcddcs 4 years Mr. Hoeksrra 7 years TOP LEFT: " Look! Mr. Baker can teach with his eyes closed too! " MID- DLE LEFT: Mr Feddes can f make up his mind where to point. BOTTOM LEFT: Future Nuclear Physicists of the world. ' ' 19 History World News . . . Yesterday And Today Have you ever wanted to go back in time to the Middle Ages, with knights in shining armor and ladies in distress? Or even to the time of the American Revolution or America ' s founding? In a sense, you will do that in a history class. Under the direction of Mr. DeBie. Mr. Den Ouden, and Mr. Van Den Berg, you ' ll learn about people ' s pasts and nations ' beginnings. You ' ll learn how history repeats itself and how we learn from people ' s mistakes. In one of the history classes, Current Events, students find out what ' s happen- ing around the world today. While in a govern - ment class, you ' ll learn how our nation is run. History becomes a very interesting and in forma - tive class through the three people who have the gift of teaching in a very captivating way. TOP: Mr. Den Ouden takes a break from the notes to make a major point about an upcoming book review. ABOVE: " Now, if I could only read what I wrote. " RIGHT: Mr De Bie gets in the mood for his slides from Egypt. 20 7 » a - . Mr. H. De Bie 17 years Mr J. Den Ouden 4 years TOP LEFT: Mr. DeBie. confused as ever. TOP RIGHT: Mr. VanDenBerg illustrates on the over- head. BOTTOM: A geological point to remember. i S Mr. D Van Den Berg 3 years 21 tfiDie T Mr. J. Mc Cune 1 yen Mr R Verkaik 2 years K m Improving Our Christian Walk What makes Valley Christian different from other schools? The word Christian. The Christianity which makes up the school is taught in the Bible classes. These classes include Intro, to Bible, Reformed Doctrine, Comparative Religions, and more. A new elective this year is Bound for Joy. Some classes are strictly Bible, while others deal with the problems of today ' s society, and how a Christian should deal with them. Mr. McCune joined the staff at Valley as the new Bible teacher for freshmen and sophomores. Mr. Verkaik deals mainly with juniors and seniors. The Bible classes help us grow in our Christian walk both now and after graduation. TOP RIGHT: " Pleased Not another of Mr Verkaik ' s essay tests. " I TOM RIGHT: Our " roving " Bible teacher brings Bible lessons to oi the math rooms. LEFT: Mr. Verkaik. always explaining 22 TOP LEFT: Mr McCune talks to his class while one of his students demonstrates on the overhead. ABOVE: Mr. Vcrkaik fives notes to his Reformed Doctrine class LEFT: A Mormon delivers his views to the Comparative Rellj ion class. 23 vocanuiidi nub Mr. T. Vehkamp 4 years Mrs. B. Brouwer 8 years TOP RIGHT: Randy Brouwer escorts the brides to the alter in Practical Family Living. BOTTOM RIGHT: -And this piece goes ... " TOP LEFT: Tom Staai gees down to the nitty gritty in woodshop. 24 { Practicing The Practical The buzz of an electric saw or the hum of a sewing machine are two very familiar sounds that you will heat in our Industrial Arts classes. Out shop and dtafting classes are taught by Mt. Veltkamp. These two classes involve the construction of boxes to furniture and the basics of architectural drawings. Industrial Arts also includes the Home Economics department which is taught by Mrs. Brouwer. These classes include cooking classes, sewing, and how to redecorate your house. All these classes help you to build your future. TOP: Toddjtsper and Steve Mtness shire ideas in shop cUss. MID- DLE LEFT: Cooking students en oy their finished product ' BOT- TOM LEFT: Mr Veltkamp uses his talent of working with wood. ABOVE: CatI Blake: Gourmet Dishwasher. 25 Fhysicai education V f Ms. W. Gks 1 year Mr M Wunderly 5 years Working To Keep In Shape Physical education plays an important role in Valley ' s cur- riculum. For this reason, freshman are required to take a full year of It. F or the gills, activities involving team and a few individual sports are played. With the guys, activities such as weight training, first aid. care and prevention of athletic injuries, and running are taught along with team sports. With Ms. Glas as the new P.E. teacher, new skills have been introduced to the ad- vanced courses for girls. These skills, which include weight lifting, self defense and aerobics, are taught to expose us to life time activities. For the guys, advanced activities include bowling and tennis, along with regular team sports. gSt. TOP RIGHT: Lift. Pam. lift. LEFT: Ms. Glas explains to her class the t jump roping. ABOVE: The boys engaged in an exciting game of soccei 26 An Using Our Artistic Abilities An is one of those classes in which you take a break from the basic academics. One thinks he ' ll have hardly any work at all. But think again. Art is a lot of hard work. It takes skill and a lot of time and patience. Mr. Oppcwall. the teacher of drawing, painting, and ceramics stresses that you take your time. If you produce a good project it may end up in the library for display. This would be a fun class for you if you enjoy working with your hands, you may reveal some artistic abilities! Mr. P. Oppewall 2 years TOP LEFT: Bran Pollema working on the wheel. TOP RIGHT: Mr Oppewall sharing his artistic abilities. LEFT: Haesung Yun and Julie Brouwer hard at work. 27 Library Mrs. Wassenaar 10 years Mrs. Reppmann 4 years TOP LEFT: Whac a busy library ' BOTTOM LEFT: Carmen Cole looks for a new angle o n life in the library. TOP RIGHT: Scon Allen helps out a friend. BOTTOM RIGHT: Freshmen just love the library ' s Dewy Ehcimal System. 26 Books, Magazines, Films Learning Center A Whole The library at Valley has changed its look! The whole room has been rearranged, leaving more space for leisure reading. Whether you want to study, fmd a book, or just skim through a magazine, the library has it all. Individual study units contain filmstrip projectors and tape recorders for use by students who have missed presentations in class. The library is also in charge of media equipment and provides projectors and overheads to the different classes that need them. So next time you have nothing to do in study hall, just fix your sights on Room 21 and you ' II find everything your little heart desires. r .-5rl5B TOP LEFT: Lori De Bie helps fellow students in the libnry: BOTTOM LEFT: A student mikes f,x d use of het spire time. MIDDLE RIGHT: Mrs. Waasanaar doing what she does best. BOTTOM RIGHT: Valleys students kicl back m their spare rime. 29 Counseling arSt They ' re Always Ready To Listen Whether you have a major problem at home or a conflict with a teacher, or just need a simple class change. Mr. Cole and Mrs. Brands are available to help you. Mrs. Brands, in her first year here at Valley, has helped make the year easier for many stu - dents. Mr. Cole also puts a great deal of time into helping students plan their future for the field of work they ' d like to get into. Along with this, both teachers arrange stu- dents ' schedules for the upcoming year. Where would we be without them?? TOP RIGHT: Mrs. Brands always giving our her good advice. LEFT: Mr Cole working on schedul ABOVE: " Well, this does create a problem. " 30 ' -. - V I Ss His Spirit Reflected In Tlie Class Of 1983 Introducing The Class Of 1983 . . . 32 CLASS COLOR: Maroon and Ivory CLASS FLOWER: Ivory Rose with Maroon Baby ' s Breath CLASS MOTTO: God grant me . . . courage and hope for ever) ' day, faith to guide me along my way, under- standing and wisdom too, and grace to accept what life gives me to do. CLASS VERSE: Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways, acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths. Proverbs 3-5,6 CLASS SONG: " We May Never Pass This Way (Again) " by Seals and Crofts CLASS OFFICERS. Treasurer: Cindy Davis: Secretary: Cathy Vander Wat: Vice President: Dena CreUm; President: Vickie Kuvelis. 33 Dreams . Scon T. Allen Jeffrey M. Anema Lucille A. Anes Dana L. Amtson A 3 V. " ♦ z If Shen ' l A. Bakker Trade L. Balzzer 34 Car E. Blake Richard W. Bollom . SO they say, Julie A. Brouwer Mary Beth Brown Debra S. Boston Randall S. Brouwer Jeanell C. Bruinsma David W. Brouwer 35 Halden B. Calvert Frank Chavez are for the fools and Cynthia I. Cnossen Carmen L. Cole Alvin R. Coloma Lorene A. Coontz 36 Densi R. Crellm Cynthia M. Davis Lori L. DeBie thev let them drift awav. Charlene J. Dekker Brian D. DeVries Burton W. Dirkse Suzanne R. Dragt Brenda L. DeBoer 37 Halden B. Calvert Frank Chavez are for the fools and Cynthia I. Cnossen Carmen L. Cole Alvin R. Coloma Lorene A. Coontz 36 Dena R. Crellin Cynthia M. Davis Lori L. DeBie they let them drift awny Charlene J. Dekker Brian D. DeVries Burton W. Dirkse Suzanne R. Dragt Brenda L. DeBoer 37 Scon W. Enserink Samuel L. Fey Peace. Tammy R. Fletcher Julie Fotis Jeffrey R. Frederickson Rebecca S. Gravell 38 David M. Griffin . . . like the silent dove, Bonnie L. Gritters Leanne M. Gritters Caria D. Hamilton Tammy L. Harris Gary M. Henry Darren S. Hesson DeannaJ. Grow 39 should be flyin ' but it ' s only just begun. Victoria A. Hoekstra John A. Hogan Ty A. Hogue Richard A. Hating Edward P. Keller Anna Kim 40 Paul M. Kimball n ■HM fl V ' Hillw Ah nil V S H mm M Alleen R. Klein Michael E. Kline Like Columbus in the olden days, Bonnie J. Kooiman Daniel A. Koolmees Vickie V. Ku veils Judith A. Laninga Sonia L. Koldenhoven 41 we must gather all our courage, Jill D. Markus William Martin Shevonn L. Moore Mary B. Mouw Susan L. Mulder 42 David J. Pittman Elizabeth M. Poland Brian D. Pollema sail our ships out on the open sea, Douglas F. Quast Troy A. Riemersma Carolyn J. Riecveld Richard L. Roodzant David D. Policy 43 Gregory L. Sawyer Kevin Schlaucb cast away our fears and Kristi L. Schoken Darren P. Snapper w Shark R. Solsma Thomas J. Staal 44 Lisa F. Struiksma BrendaJ. Sybesma Robin L. Talsma all the years will come and go Laurie A. Truckey Linda L. Turner Darrel T. VanBruggen Gary W. VanDenBerg James A. Tanis 45 And take us up. Allyson K. VanderBroek Susan M. Vanderburg Walter J. VanderVis Cathy R. VanderWal Ronald VanderDussen Michael S. VanderPloeg 46 Wendy J. VanderVis Alethea C. VanderWaal 4 f Gary L. VanLeeuwen . . always up. James A. VanMunscer Dennis D. Vogel Linda K. Veltman Lynette Wadlow Randall J. Verboef TamaraJ. Van Meeceren 47 We may never pass this way again. KimberlyJ. Warren Gerda J. Weening 48 not pictured: Peter Bos Oscar Sanchez Nancy G. Wheeler Daria M Wind Henry P. Wind Grace H. Yew Alisa A. Zastrow Senior Flay Senior actors display their talents As always, the senior play was an outstanding presentation. What wade " Tevya and His Daughters " even more a success was that it was held in the new Bellflower Civic Center. This was the first year Valley was able to use facilities other than its own. The realistic stage, lights, and props brought the play to life. The play itself was about a Jewish family man trying to marry off his daughters. The daughters found husbands on their own. and Tevya had to l ive with their decisions, in spite of the nagging from his wife. All this was acted out under the excellent direction of Mr. Cole. Alot of time and dedication was given by the committees, directors and actors, but it was worth it! 50 TOP RIGHT: " We cant let TzeitI marry Lazar WoW MIDDLE RIGHT: Drmk hearty. Teyva ' " MIDDLE LEFT: " Hat. eat. eat!!! Look how you look! " BOTTOM RIGHT: " There ' s a great new world coming. " . . ' Tevya And His Daughters " TOP Lt ' t ' T: Mm Hcih upplm her makeup htrlorc licr pcrlnr- mance MIDDLF LEFT: s irj ii one more time MID- DLE RIGHT: Calm yourself my pxij man ' BOTTOM RIGHT: " Yftur only a tailor with one shirr to your name. " Bli rOP ROW: Mary Beth Brown. Laurie Truckey. Ty Hofiue. Ron Vinder Dussen. Burr Dirkse. Scon nicnnk MIDDLE ROW: JuJi Unmf:a. Allyson Vander Broek. Gref; Sawyer. Becky Gravell. Alisa ' srroi. FIRST ROW: Kim Warren. Alethea Vander Waal. Gerda Weeninj;. I.on l -Bie. Brenda Svhesma. Seniors invade S.F. Senior Trip The big event began on May 26, 1983 at about 3:30 in the morning, when all of the seniors were pulling and tugging on themselves to get out of bed. Once this was accomplished, they met at the school at 7:00 and boarded the buses for the ride to Orange County Airport. This year, all the seniors were boarded onto the same plane. An Air Cal DC9, which was over two -thirds full, once the seniors were aboard. After a nice flight and safe landing, they were rushed to the buses for a tour of the city. After the tour, everyone was left for a few hours on their own. Some walked around Fisherman s Wharf Pier 39, the Cannery. Ghiradelli Square, or just shopped in shops along the street. Since the cable cars are out of order for reconstruction, buses were there to fill in. Some of the " tourists " even rode a taxi down the crookedest street in the world. After this long and tiring day, they rode a peaceful plane home and arrived back at school at 9:30 P.M. TOP RIGHT: The seniors ' view of the Golden Gate Bridge while touring San Francisco. ABOVE: Senior guys strut down the San Francisco stteets. RIGHT: Sue and Dena had a prosperous shopping day in China Town. 52 . . . San Francisco TOP: San Francisco streets with Alcatraz in the back- ground MIDDLE LEFT: Our faithful principal and two senior sponsors enjoy themselves at the San Fran- cisco airport. MIDDLE RIGHT: Seniot girls pose for a picture in a toy store on Piet }9. LEFT: Excited seniors are ready for their big day Senior Mothers lea TOP: Kristen Posrma. che M.C. of the Senior Mothers ' Tea. ABOVE: The cake cable. RIGHT: Linda and Shark with thetr mothers. -- tf - 54 ' f .- ft Over +fie A chance to honor senior mothers Back about sevencccn or eighteen years a o, close to a hundred kids, seniors from Valley, were b »rn. Well, their mothers have stuck by them through thick and thin, and really haven ' t been appreciated enough. So, the sophomore class thought they would help these kids out a bit. They put on a tea for these kids and their mothers. The theme was ' Somewhere Over the Rainbow " , and the chap el was decorated in accordance with the theme. Kris- ten Postma was the mistress of ceremonies, and for entertainment, the Valley Christian condensed ver- sion of the Wizard ofOz, with Seniors as actors, was put on.Joleen Zuidervaart sanf; two son s with the accompaniment of Chris Shaffer on the piano. To finish off the tea, the winners of the senior poll were given certificates for their rewards. LEFT: V.C. s chapel filled with seniors and their mothers MIDDLE: Valleys version of the Wizard of Oz BOTTOM LEFT: The theme of the tea. ABOVE: Pam serves Robin and her mother 55 Senior L nape I A final chapel given by the seniors This Year ' s senior chapel was also the last chapel of the year. It was all put on wit h the theme of " Success " . As everyone entered the chapel, Mary Beth Brown played the piano. Then, to start off the chapel, a prayer was given. Speeches of success and memories were given. A poem having to do with a senior ' s last few weeks of school was read just before the seniors led the underclassmen in the alma mater to close the chapel. TOP: Chele sings " Fl-Sbaddai " accompanied by Brenda and Charlene. MIDDLE LEFT: Seniors sing the Alma Mater. MIDDLE RIGHT: Ed and Mary Beth play their horns- ABOVE: Chele. Eric and Lynette perform for Senior Chapel. RIGHT: Dana reads a p tem about graduation day. 56 Seniors Favorite lime. . .Lunch LEFT: Btich chairs and igUn) ice boxes . . . typical senior guys ' MIDDLE LEFT: Beware! Senior territory. MIDDLE RIGHT: " You shouldn ' t take such hig bites. Scott!- BOTTOM RIGHT: " I don ' t find that very amusing ' " replies Robin Talsma- BOTTOM L EFT: Charlene $ mom forgot the twinkie ' H Graduation The class of 1983 becomes graduates The big night had finally arrived for the seniors. The junior escorts. Cyndie Van Weerthuizen and Randy Bultsma, led the seniors into El Dorado Park Community Church, marching to the tune of " Pomp and Circumstance. " The Acappella choir sang " Beautiful Savior " and ' Joyful, Joyful " . Kim Warren and Rick Noting, co- valedictorians, presented their speeches to the class. Speaker for the evening Dr.J.B. Hulst from Dordt College, gave a tremendous message to all who listened. After the graduates received their diplomas, Vickie Ku veils presented the class gift. The parents of Lane Broersma also left three flags to the school, in the memory of their son, whose class mates graduated this night. The graduates then filed out of the church and were congratulated by friends and relatives outside. This is one night the class of nineteen -eighty -three will always cherish. TOP: The co- valedictorians. Kim Warren and Rick Hoeing. MID- DLE RIGHT: The graduates as they file into the church. ABOVE: The graduating guys cheer for the long awaited night of graduation. RIGHT: Lorene accepts her diploma from Mr Cnossen. 58 TOP: The Class of l ' )Si sunds rogerhcr htr the list time. MID- DLE LEFT: Our class presi- dent. Vickie Kuvelis. presents the diss fiilt to the schinil, t lighted margins ABOVE: Our graduation speaker Dr. Hulst LEFT: Students Finally become alumni. 59 Senior Foil P SI g S9 M ■ ' ' m m ' 9 fc L ■ ■vTb; 1 1 Most Likely to Succeed David Brouwer Vickie Kuvelis Contributed the Most Jeff Anema Sue VanderBurg Class Clow a David Polley Linda Veltman 60 Most Spirited H.B. Calvert Laurie Truckey Most Shy Richard Hating Wendy VanderVis Cutest Smile Gary VanDenBerg Mary Beth Brown Frieodliesi Bun Dirkse Cindy Cnossen Biggest Flirt David Brouwer Lynette Wadlow Best Dressed Cithy VtnderWil Kevin Schliuc h Best Looking Tom Staal Vickie Kuvelis Prettiest Eyes drl Blake Jill Markus Most Athletic Kim Warren (Not Pictured) Rob VtnDuyn NAMB. BIRTHDATE. NICKNAME. DIPLOMA. YRS IN SCHOOL SYSTEM. PLAN TO X) TEN YRS FROM NOW. FA VORITE VERSE. LAST WORDS SCOTT ALLEN 6 21 6 " Smiky " PreCollege 4 years Fmsh Football 9: J.V. Football 10: Varsity Football 11. 12: Frosh Soccer 9: J.V Track 9. Honor Roll 9. Horror Society 10. 11. 12. Gazette. Co-Editor. Ast Editor 12: AS B President 12:JSB MC j;. Student Council 12: Letterman II. 12. JEFFREY ANEMA n 27 6i " Bif A " General 12 years Frosh Football 9. J V Foothill lO. Varsity Football 12: Acappella 12. Senior Play (committee) 12 DANA ARNTSON 8 9 6) PreCollege 5 years Girls Chorus 9. lO. Varsity Track Stat 9. 10: GAA 9. 10: Honor Roll 9. Honor Society 10. 11. 12: Annual 10. 12: Acappella ;;. U: Powder Puff 10. 11 SPE- OAL ED TEACHER SHERYL ANN BAKKER i 17 6) -Bake " PreCollege 12 years JV Softball. Manager 9.JV Basketball I0:stats II. JV Tennis (J. G.A.A. 9. 10. II. Acappella 11. 12: Gazerre 12: Annual 12: Chapel As ' t 12: Senior Play (com- mittee) 12 Honor Society 12 MARRIED Psalm 61 May God bless us all in the tuture TRACIE BALTZER 1 4 6) General 4 years Track Star 9. lO. Miss Irresistible 9. Senior Mothers ' Tea MC lO. Girls Chorus 9, 10: Annual W: Student Council 10. 12: Class Officer 11 -Secretary: Baseball Stat 11. 12: Football Stat 12. A SB Secretary 12. Home- coming Princess 12: Gazette 12: Teachers Aide 12 CARL £ BLAKE 8 9 6) " Chet " PreCollege 4 years Frosh Football 9: JV Football )0, Varsity Football ;;. ;. ' . Frosh Basketball 9: JV Basketball 10. ;;. Varsity Basketball 11. 12: Frosh Basketball 9. JV Basketball 10. 11. Varsity Basketball 12: Honor Roll 9. 10: Honor Society 11. 12. Powder Puff Coach 12. Powder Puff Cheerleader 10: Powder Puff Announcer 12: Letterman 11. 12: John 10:27. 28 RICHARD BOLLOM 11 7 6) Pre-College 4 years Math Club 9. 10. j;. Chess Club 9. 10. 11: Varsity Track AERO-SPACE ENGINEER John Iff) I ' d rather he swimming- DEBRA S BOSTON 6 ) 6) " Shay ' ' General 4 years CLE Office 12 MARRIED Romans 8 «, 39 Goodbye ' DAVID BROUWER 2 26 6) Pre-College 12 years Student Council 9: Band 9. lO. Pep Band 9. 10. 12: Stage Band 9. 10. 12. Honor Roll 9: Honor Society 10. II. 12: Class officer 10- Vice President: Frosh Basketball 9: Frosh Football 9. JV Football 10: Varsity Football 11. 12: JV Baseball 9. 10 Varsity Baseball 11. 12: Powder Puff Coach 11. 12: Letterman 11. 12: Gazette 12: Acappella 12: Intetact 12-President DOCTOR JULIE BROUWER 7 19 65 Business 12 years Volleyball Stat 9. 10. 11: JV Basketball 9. 10: Varsity Basketball 11. 12. Softball Stat 12: GAA. 9. 10. 11. 12: Girls Chorus 9. 11: Acappella 12: CI.F. Office 12: Powder Puff 11 II Corinthians ft. 4 RANDALL S BROUWER 4 14 64 Brou-Wow " ' General 12 years Frosh Basketball 9: Varsity Basketball 10. 11. 12: JV Baseball 9. lO. Varsity Baseball );. ;. ' . Acappell 12: Madrigals 12 MARY BETH BROWN ) 9 6) -Buffy " Pre-College li years Band 9. 10. II. 12-student director: Pep Band 9. 10. Stage Band J J. . ' , Honor Roll 9. 10: Honor Society 1 1. 12: Student Council 10: Powder Puff 10: Speech Music Festival 10. II. Football .Sfaf 9. Baseball Stat 9. 10. Senior Biographies 1 1. Basketball Star 9. 10. II. Chapel Accompanist 10. 11. 12: WA Committee 9: Gazette 12: Acappella 12. Flag 12:JSB MC 11: Seniot Play (Actress) 12 Romans 8:28 JEANELL BRUINSMA 8 M 6) " Nellie ' Pre-College 4 years Band 9. lO. Honor Roll 9. 10. 11. Varsity Track W: GAA 10. IJ. Powder Puff 10. 12:JSB MC II: JV Volleyball 11. Student Council 12: ASB Vice- President 12: Football Stat 12: Acappella 11: Counselor ' s Aide 12: Honor Society 12: Homecoming Chairman 12 Psalm 1}:) J.B CALVERT 4 12 6) Pre-College 1 year Varsity Football 12. Varsity Track 12 Phillipians 4:li I ' m gone! FRANK CHAVEZ 9 14 64 Business 8 years ACCOUNTANT aNDY CNOSSEN 7 )0 6) " Cnoss ' Pre-College 12 years Frosh Volleyball 9. JV Softball 9. Girls Chorus 9. 10: GAA. 9. 10. 11. 12. Drill Team 10: Softball Stat 10, II: Track Stat 11:JSB MC 11: Homecom- ing Princess 11: JV Tennis 12: Flag 12: Powder Puff 11. 12 HIGH SCHOOL COUNSELOR Romans 8:19 CARMEN COLE 2 23 6) Pre-College 13 years Student Council 9. Homecoming Princess 9: Frosh Volleyball 9. JV Volleyball 10: Varsity Volleyball II. 12: Class Officer W-Secretary. GAA 9. 10. II. 12: Acappella II. 12: Basketball Manager 11. Hiking Oub lO.JSB MC II, Gazette 12. Senior Play (committee) 12 AROUND KIDS Hebrews li:)b ALVIN COLOMA 8 M 6) Pre-College Frosh Football 9.JV Football 10: Varsity Foot- ball 11:JV Baseball 9. 10: Varsity Tennis 12: Gazette 12. Letterman 11. I2:HAVEA FAMILY Don ' t wait til tomor- row to do what you can do today. LORENE COONTZ ) 26 6) Business 7 years Girls ' Chonis 9. 10. II: Powder Puff W, 12; Honor Roll 9 10: Acappella 12: CIF Office 12. MAR- RIED John i 76 Thanks for the memories here at Valley. DENA R CRELLIN 10 6 64 Pre-College 4 years Frosh Volleyball 9: JV Volleyball 10, 11: Varsity Volleyball 12: Frosh Basketball 9.JV SoftbM 9. Varsity Track 10: Student Council lO. Class Officer 17. 12- Vice-Presidenv.C A.A. 9. 10. U. 12: JSB MC II HAPPY WEALTHY Joshua 1) aNDY M. DAVIS 12 20 64 Pre-CoUege 4 years Girls ' Chorus 9. 11: Varsity Soccer Stat 10. 11. 12: Track 10. n. 12: Powder Puff 10. IJ. 12: Cross Country 11. 12: Student Council . . ' . GAA 10. 11. 12: ID 11. 12: JSB MC 11: Annual 12: Counselors Aide 12; Teachers Aide 12. Acappella 12: Senior Play (committee) 12: Library Aide 12: Class Officer I2-Treasurer ELEMEN- TARY SCHOOL TEACHER Romans 828 Thanks Valley for all the memories I ' ll have in my heart forever. LORI DE BIE 6 12 6) Pre-College 8 years Track 10. ;j. Track Stat 12: Honor Society: Honor Roll. GAA 10. 11, 12: Girls ' Chorus; Library Aide 12. Senior Play Actress 12, CI.F. Office 12; Powder Puff 10. )I. ;. ' BRENDA L DE BOER 6 26 6) Business Girls Chorus 9. ;0. U: Football Stat 9-Frosh. 10- JV. 12-Varsity: Track Stat 10. 11. 12: Gazette 11: CIF. Office 11. 12: Office Aide 12: Counselors Aide 12: Chapel Assistant 12: Acappella 12 62 Senior Biographies CHARLfNK DKKKfR 9 A1 ftroWfcver n rtn Htskrthtll 9, lO-JV. II. I. ' Vgnin. Bind 9. ft)» irf Puff m . . ' . CAA 9. 10. II. I . Cnas CiMinny la II. U. Vu BtseMI 9. ;tt II. t. ' : ActppclU II. 12: Counselors Aide li. ARCHITECT Pstim Il9im BRIAX DE VRIES 2 12 M CenenI 1 1 (T n Fooibtll 9. lO-JV. II. I . V.rain. Hisket btll9Fnah. lOJV. II. l2Vtnity; Tennis 12. Honor Roll 11, 12; Cutne 12: Men ' s Chorus . Powder Puff Catch II. 12 Bl ' RT DIRKSE 10 9 64 PlrCoHe te II yetrs Soccer 9: Bind 9. 10: Pep Bind 9. 10 Safe Btnd 9. 10 Speech snJ Musk festival 9.JSB MC 1 1. AappelU II. 12: Msdnfals 12: Homecoming Escorx 12. Senior Pity Actor 12 Sl ' ZAN E DRAGT 2 9 6-i Grnerml 12 yetrs Volletbtll 9. Girls Chorus 9. 10 DnII Tetm 10 Honor mil 11. 12: Acippelli II. 12: Madngals 12. Honor Sociery 12: SenKir Pity (costume mtntgerl 12 OC- CUPATIONAL THERAPIST Pstim 62:f. 6 SCOTT E SERINK J V ' Pre-CoUege 2 tears Homecoming Escort II: Tennis II. 12: Vtrsm Bisketbill II. 12; Cross Country 11. 12: Senior Play Actor 12: Lertermtn 11. 12; Honor Sociery 12: Matthew 7.7 SAMUEL L FEY 8 IS M General 12 years Soccer 9Frosh. lOJV: Football 9-Frosh. 12-Varsitv. BasebaU 12- Varsity: Letterman 12. King Kool 12 TRUCK DRIVER Too hip. gotta go TAMMY FLETCHER 8 l2 6i Pre -College 2 years Concert Choir II: Acappella 12: Honor Roll I. 12: Honor Society JI. 12: Senior Play-Asst Stage Manager 12 ELEMEXTARY SCHOOL TEACHER JULIE EOriS l ll h-i General 4 years Goodhye ' JEFF FREDERICKSON IO a 6) " FRED " General 10 years Football 9- Frush. 10 II JV. 12 Varsity. Baseballs 10 JV. II. UVangy. iMteiman II. 12. Powder Puff Coach 12 REBECCA S. GRAVELL ll V) 6i BECKY " Pre-College I tears Honiyr Roll 10. II. 12. Honor society II. 12. Garette 12. Acappella 12. Drill team II. 12-Co- Lieulenant. Library Aide 12: Senior Play Aaress 12 MAR RIED I Peter M-7 DAVID M. GRIFFIN ) K) 65 Pre-College 4 years Chess Club 9. 10. II. 12-President. Math Oufc II. 12. Interact 12. Honor Roll 10. It. 12, Honor Society 11. 12 BONNIE GRITTERS 1 I0 6J " BON-BON " Business 6 years Girls Chorus 9. 10. II. Track 10 11. Cross Country 10. II. 12: G.AA 10. 11. 12: Honor Rail 10. 11. 12: Honor Society 12: Library Aide I. Office Aide 12. Acap- pella 12: CLE Office 12: ID. 10. II. 12-Capiain: Senior Play Stage Manager 12 ACCOUNTANT John l i) LEANNE GRTTTERS 6 ) 6i " LAN " General 12 years J V Softball 9. G.AA. 9. 10 II: Girls Chows 9. lO. Volleyball Star 9. lO. Honor Roll lO. Honor Society II. 12. Student Council II. Acappella II. 12: Madri- gals 12. CIF Office 12: Powder Puff 12 SECRETARY Matthew 7.7 Follow your own desires and never gtte up DEANNA GROW 10 10 63 BANANA SCOOPS " Business 1 i years Basketball Stat 9. 10. ;. GAA 9. 10. 11. Girls Chows 9. 10 Powder Puff 10. II. 12: Honor Roll 12: Chapel Assisranr 12: Gazette 12. CIF. Office 12. Counsel- on Aitle 12 I Cor H -rt Latet days. I ' m gone ' CARLA HAMILTON GARY HENRY 2 1 M BRILI.OW " General 4 years Men s Chows 9. Ai appella 10. II. 12. Fmth Basketball 9 WORKING John 16 Underclassmen, work hard and get good grades in high ychaot DARREN HESSON VICTORIA HOEKSTRA V " ' General 12 years Goodbye JOHN HOCAN l l2 6i Pre-College 6 years Men ' s Chows 9: Cross Country 10. II. 12. Honor Roll 9. 10. 11. 12. Honor Society 11. 12 1 John 1-9 TV HOGVE i l2 6i Pie -College H years Football 9. Soccer 9, Math Oub 9; Garette II. Senior Play Actor 12 ENGINEER RICHARD HOTING 10 17 61 Pre-College i years Honor Roll 10. 11. 12. Honor StKiety 10, II. 12. Chess Club 10. II. 12. Basketball Star 10 JV Basketball II. Varsity Basketball Managet 12, Gaiette 12: Math Oub II, 12 ED KELLER 6 10 6} COWBOY " Pre-College 6 years Track 9, Band 9. 10. 11. 12; Pep Bind 9, 10. 11. 12. Speech and Music Festival 9. m . 12: Honor Roll 9. 10. 11. 12. Honor Sociery 9. 10. 11. 12: Soccer 10. II: Baseball lO-JV, II, 12-Varsity. Cross Country 10. II. 12: Honoi Band II. 12 DENTIST I Cor Ijli PAUL KIMBALL ) I2 6} " COP " General 4 years Football 9-Frosh. lO-JV. II. 12 -Varsity: Frosh Soccer 9.JV Basketball 10 JV Baseball 9. 10 Varsity Baseball U. 12. Lettermen II. 12 COP ALLEEN KLEIN 9 l4 6i Pre-College I) years Girls Chows 9. Band9. 10. II, 12: Pep Band 9. 10 Honor Roll 9. 10. 11. 12: Honor Society 10. II. 12: Powder Puff 10 Annual IJ. Acappella II. 12. Student Council 11: Library Aide 12. Senior Play (committee I 12 TEACHER Isaiah 41:1} MIKE KLINE i 29 6 ' i General 12 years Baseball 9. 10-JV. 11. 12- Vanity: Basket- ball 9-Frosh. 10-JV. Mens Chows 9. Honor Roll 9. 10 Honor Society II. Acappella 12: Letterman II. 12: WORK- ING I ' d like to stay, but I ' m too hip gotta go ' SONIA KOLDENHOVEN l 2i 61 General 12 years Volleyball 9-Frosh. 10-JV. II. 12- VarSKy Band 9. lO. Class Officer 9- Secretary: Hiking Oub 10 BONNIE KOOIMAN S 22 6i Pte-College 12 years Band 9. 10 II: Pep Band 9. W. 11: Speech and Music Festival 9. GAA ft Honor Roll 9. 10 Homecoming Princess 10 Cross Country 10 JSB Punch- bowl 10 Powder Puff 12: Senior Play (committee) 12 BE WTTH DOLPHINS DAN KOOLMEES S 2) 65 " DAN TANNA " Pre College 5 years Basketball 9-Frosh ft 11. 1 2- Varsity. Football 9 Frosh: Band 9. Letterman 10. 11. 12. RICH AND MARRIED Crcxxl luck underclassmen VICKIE KUVELIS ; . ' ) 65 Pre-College 5 years Student Council 9. Honor Roll 10. II. 12: Honor Sociery 11. 12: JSB mc II: Otss OffKer It- Treasurer. 12-firesidenl. Volleyball U-JV. GA.A. It: Acappella II. Graduation Escort 11. Homecoming Queen 12: Intetta 12-Vice President LAWYER Isaiah 41 I) JUDTTH LANINGA i IS 61 " JUDE " Pie-College I) years Volleyball 9-Frosh: Basketball 9- senior niograpnies Frosh. lOjV. Softtatl 9. lO-JV. Honor Roll 10: Honor Society II. I Math Oub 10. II: GAA 9. 10. 11: Band 9. 10. II, I. " : Prp Band 9. 10. 12: Handbells H. 12: AcappelU 11. 12: Interact 12: Senior Play Actress 12: Teachers Aide 12 CUNICAL PSYCHOLOGIST Galations 62 In a little while we ' ll be with the Father MICHELE MABRY 10 29 6 CHELE PreCollege 9 tears Track Stat 9. 10: Football Stat 10. II: Acapella 11: Student Council 12; ASB Treasurer 12: Honor Society 12 Heiekiah 4:13 JILL MARKfS 7 9 63 Pnr- College 1 i years Fresh Basketball Stat 9.1 V Basketball Stat 10: Varsm Basketball Stat II. Girls Chorus 9: Acap- pella 12. Honor Roll 11. 12: Honor Society II. 12: Gaierte 12: Drill Team 10. 11; Flag Head 12 I John -I •( BILL MARTIN 9 24 6i Pre College I year Varsity Tennis PRODUONG RE- CORDS Psalm 91:2 I hope that all of us lind happiness SHEVONN MOORE S 21 63 " Shevy " Business A years CIF- Oftlce 12: Counselor ' s Aide 12 MARRIED. HAVING BABIES So long! Adios! Sionara! Arreier derchi ' Aloha! Bon Voyage! MARY MOrW 6 i i Pre-Cullege li years Acappella 11. (. ' . Girls ' Chonis 9. Drill Team 10. 11: Basketball Stat 9. 10 Chapel Pianist II. I. ' . Honor Society 12 Si ' SAN MULDER I0 24 6i Business 5 years J.V. Giris ' Basketball Stars 10. 11 Varsity Girls Basketball Stats 12: G A .A 10. II. I. ' . Acappella 12: Handbells II. I. ' . Girls Chonis 9. 10. II. Office Aide 12: Teacher ' s Aide 12 Pbilippians 4:I_i GREG SAVyYER 2 6 63 PreCollege 2 yeats Senior Play 12 Col 2:68 KEVIN SCHLAUCH 11 4 63 Business 2 years Psalm 23 KRISTI SCHOLTEN 3 2i 63 PreCollege 11 years Cross Counrry 10. II. 12: Track 9. 10. II. 12: Baskerball Srat II. SiKCer Stat 12: Volleyball Man ager II, Interact 12: Acappella 12: Band 9. 10 Pep Band 9. ft ID 12: Teachers Aide 12: Powder Puff lO. School Play Business 9. Senior Play business manager 12: Counselors Aide 12: GAA 9. 10. II. I. ' ; Annual Staff 10-ass ' t editor- II. editor- 12: Honor Roll 9. 10: Honor Sociery II. I. ' BE HAPPILY MARRIED AND TEACHING Romans 8:28 These past years will always be special because of the memories I have collected. DARREN P. SNAPPER Pre -College 12 years Gazeae lO. Acappella 11. 12: Madn- gals 12: Honor roll 9. lO. Honor Society 11. 12 SHARLA SOLSMA 8 11 63 PreCollege 10 years Girls Baskerball Stats 10. 11: Powder Puff II: Teacher ' s Aide 12. Girls ' Chorus 9: Senior Play 12. Acappella 11. 12: Madrigals 12: GAA 10. II. Honor roll Ift Honor Stxiety II. 12 TOM STAAL 2 19 63 General 12 years Football 9. 10. 11: Baskerball 9: Srudenr Council 9: Acappella I2:JSB mc II. Homecoming Escort 12: Mens Chorus 9 USA STRVIKSMA 7 i 63 General 12 years Girls Chonis 9. 10. II. Powder Puff 10. II. Drill Team 9: Library Aide II: Counselor ' s Aide 12: Student Council 12 WORKING AS A BEAiTlCIAN Romans 8:28 Volleyball Ift Varsity Volleyball II. 12:JSBMC li. Senior Play 12: Speech and Music Festival 9. 10. 11. 12: Pep Band 9. 10. II. I. ' . Band 9. 10. 11. 12: Madngals 11. 12. Acappella II. 12: Honor Band 12: GAA 9. 10. 11. 12. Honor Roll 10. II. 12: Honor Society 11. 12: Honor Sociery Sec. Treas. 12 WORKING IN A BUSINESS Romans 8 School was grear but I ' m glad to be out Thanks. VC! ROBIN LYNN TALSMA 2 22 63 Rosa PreCollege 1} years Frosh Volleyball 9: J V. Baseball Srar 9. Ift Varsiry Basketball Srar II. Srudenr Council 12: GAA 9. Counselors Aide 12: Acappella II. 12: Band 9. lO. CIF Office 12. Senior Play 12: Pep Band 9. Honor Roll 12 MARRIED WORKING JIM TANIS i 3 63 Jim Bob " Pre-College II yearsJSB M.C II: Speech and Music Festi- val 9. 10. 12: Stage Band 9. 10. 12. Pep Band 9. 10. 11. 12: Band 9. 10. II. I. ' . Acappella 12: Honor Band II. 12. Honor Roll 9. 10. II. I. ' . Honor Society 10. II. 12 Proverbs 3:3-6 LAURIE TRVCKEY 9 4 63 " Truck " General 3 years Womens ' Ensemble 9. 11: Acappella 12: Annual Staff 11. 12: Powder Puff 10. 11. 12: Counselor ' s Aide Ift II. 12: Senior Play 12: JV Sofrball 9. Varsiry Volleyball Srar 12. GAA 9. 12: Honor Roll II MARRIED AND HA VING KIDS Thanks VC I will chensh my high school memories forever LINDA TURNER 9 2 63 Pre-College 4 years Acappella 12: Girls ' Chorus 9: Senior Play 12: Teachers Aide 12: GAA Ift Honor Roll Ift Honor Sociery 11. 12 DARRELL VAN BRUGCEN 8 23 63 General 3 years Goodbye! DAVE PTTTMAN 4 23 63 Pre-College years ELIZABETH M POLAND 10 16 63 General 4 years Girls ' Chorus 9. lO. Varsity Track 12: G-A.A 12:2Cor 12:7- 10 MARRIED AND NIRSE Sion- ara. See Ya. have fun. So long. Adios. Bye!! BRIAN P(KLEMA 8 27 63 General n years. Freshman. JV.. Varsity 11. 12: Basketball JV Football 9.JV Baseball 9. Ift Class Officer Pres. 9. Homecoming Escort lO. JSB MC- 11. Lerterman 11. 12: Acappella Ift II. 12. Mens Chorus 9. 10 DAVID POLLEY 10 13 63 " Vegetable " Pre-College 6 years Soccer 9. 10. II. Powder Puff Cheer leader Ift Homecoming 12: Honor Roll 9. Ift VACA- TIONING I am glad I am rwt returning for the 3-year plan. DOUG QUAST TROY RIEMERSMA 4 13 63 " TR. " General 12 years Frosh Soccer 9.JV Soccer 10. II: Varsity Soccer 12: Varsity Cross Country- Ift Band 9. 10. II. Pep Band 9. 10. 11. Stage Band 10 II A COP CAROLYN RIETVELD 1 22 tf " Cake " Pir-College 12 years Gaxrte II. I. " : GAA 9. Ift Acappella II. 12: Madngals 12: Giris ' Chorus 9. lO. Senior Play com- mittee 12. Speech and Music Festi al Ift Powder Puff 11. 12: Girls Baskerball Srars 9. Ift II. Honor Roll 10. 11. Honor Society 12. FASHION MERCHANDIZING AND DESIGNING Eph. 2:8 Make each day count because the yeats fly by. RICHARD ROODZANT II 8 24 63 " Commando Pre-College 12 years Frosh Soccer 9: Gajerre 12: Band 9. 10 Deut JftI 1(4 OSCAR SANCHEZ BRENDA SYBESMA 12 3 63 General 13 years Frosh Volleyball 9. ]V Volleyball 9. JV GARY W VAN DEN BERG 10 3 63 " Belly " Class Officer Treasurer 9. 10: Organizarions: Honor Roll 9. Senior Biographies 10. II. li Honor Sociery 11. 12: ActpfxIU II. 12 Mens Chorus: 9: Lermnun 11. 12 Powder Puff Coach 11. 12: Spoia: FootbtUJ.V 9. Ift V- It. 12 BtxbtllJ.V 9. m. V 11. 12. ALLYSON KAY VANDER BROEK 10 2i 6i " Elsie " 4 yrmts PrtCoUege Honor Roll 9. 10. 11. li Girls ' Chows 9. Honor Sociery 11. 12, Teacher ' s Aide 12, Flag 12. Senior PtaV ' Female Lead " Colde " 12. Own my own Pharmacy Romans 8:28 SUE VANDERBURG IO 16 6i 12 years PreCoUege Class President II: Frosh Volleyball 9. J.V. Volleyball Ift V Volleyball 11. Srudenr Council lO. Honor Society 11.12. Honor Roll 9. ft GAA 9. Ift Inreracr (Exec. Board) 12. Acappella II. I2:GiHs ' Chows 9. lO. J.SB. StC ' ll: Homeconung Princess 12: Have a good fob and get tnanied: Gal. 2:20 RONALD B VANDER Dl ' SSEN i ) ' ' Wrangler " 4 years Pre -College J.V. Tennis II. Honor Society 11: Honor Roll 9. 10. II. Math Ou6 . I. ' . Chess Oub 9. 10. 11. 12: Senior Play (Laar WolO 12 The horror . . . The Hontx . . . MIKE VANDER PLOEG 7 2i 6} 12 t-ears General Fmsh Football 9: J.V Football 10: V Football 11. 12; Concert choir WALT VANDER VtS 11 17 6} ' Hank " 12 years PreCollege V Soccer II. 12. J V Soccer Ift Fiosh Soccer9:J.V. Tennis 12 VACATIONING: I am glad to get our of this military school. WENDY VANDERVIS ll 17 6f Big Vis " 12 years Fresh Volleyball 9.J V Volleyball IOC V. Volleyball 11. 12: J V Softball 9. Ift V Softball II. 12: Annual Staff 11: GAA 9. Ift II. . ' . Acappella 12: Girls Chows 9. Honor Roll 9. Ift Honor Society 12 WORKING WTTH ANI- MALS James 2:17 ALETHEA VANDER WAAL General 7 years Cross Country 9. Girls ' Chows lO. GAA 9: Senior Play 12 SPEUAL ED MAJOR CATHY RESEE VANDER WAL 2 2} 6f " Emma " Pre -College i years Qass Secretary 12: Varsity Track Stat 10. II. Varsity Track Manager 10: Teacher ' s Aide 12: Inter- aa 12: CIF Office 12: Powder Puff 10. II. 12: Senior Play 12: Honor Roll 10. 11. 12: Honor Society 10. II. 12 LEGAL SECRETAR Y Mv memones of Valley will always be in my hean. ROB VAN DUYN 12 2S 6} " Jack-Rabbit " 12 years General J.V. Football 9: Varsity Football 10. II. Fmsh Basketball 9. Varsity Basketball Ift II. 12: Varsity Track 9. U. 1 2: J V. Baseball Ift Concert Choir 9. Acappella 10. II. 12: Graduation Escort II: Honor Roll 9. Honor Society 10. 1 1, 12: Sophomore Qass President Ift Letterman 9. 11, 12. CARPENTER. GARY LEE VAN LEEUWEN 5 1 63 Chewhead " 6 years general: Frosh Foorball 9: J. V. Football 10: Frosh Soccer 9. J V Soccer Ift Band 9, Ift Pep Band 9. Ift Gazietre 12 TAMI VAN MEETEREN 11 27 63 6 years Business. Varsity Basketball 1 1. 12. J. V Basketball 9. 10: J V Softball 9. Ift Varsity Softball 11. 12: Acappella II. 12:Girls Chows9.10:G.AA 9. 10. II. 12: Powder Puff 10, 11. 12; Office Aide 12, Luke 11:)}. JIM VAN Ml ' NSTKR 7 10 (i» Munlr " ' yean Business. J V Basketball Ift Tenna 12. . irti and props committer for irrnioi play PARTY AND WORK: See ya all down the toad Jack UNDA VELTMAN 3 16 61 12 years Business. Women ' s Chorus 9. !« Acappella II. 12: Office Aid 12. Makeup committee. Scniot Play RANDY VFRIIOFF A 8 63 3 yean Business. Fmsh FtMHball 9. J V FotHball lO. Vanity Football II. 12. Honoi Roll 9. 10. II. 12. Honor Society II. 12, Men ' s Chows 9, Library Aide II, Letterman II, 12. DENNIS VOCEL 2 8 63 H yean Pte College: Varsity Basketball 9. 10. II. 12: J.V. Baseball 9. Hiinor Society II. 12. Honor Roll 9. Ift II. 12: Homecoming Escon 9. King Cool 12. l-etterman 9. Ift 11. 12. LIVE rr VP " Well see ya ' LYNETTE WADLOW 2 21 63 " Jessica " I year General HA VF A FAMIL Y. MA YBE BE TEACH- ING. Phillipians 4 4 Good Bye. Valley High ' " KIMBERLY WARREN 4 7 63 f yean Pre College. Vanity Volleyball Ift II. 12. Varsity Basketball Ift . 12: Vanity Tennis II. 12: J V Softball Ift Acappella . 12: Annual II. Honor Society 10. II. 12: Honor Roll 10. II. I. ' . GAA Ift II. Senior Play (student director). BE MARRIED Psalm 7 23: Love God and serve God with everything that " s m you. GERDA WEENING NANCY WHEELER 2 S 63 3 yean General Class Officer. Freshman Vice Pres.; Varsity Track 9. 10. II. I Honor Roll Ift GAA 9. 10. 11. 12. Acappella It, Women s Chows 9, 10: Powder Puff 10, II, 12: Football Stat Ift DARLA M WIND 10 16 63 li yean Pre -College. J V Cheer II. Vaniry Cheer 12: Student Council II: Football Star 10: Basketball Stat 9. Ift Vanity Track Stat. 9. Ift II. Honor Society 11. 12: GAA. 9. 10. II. I. ' . Interact 12: Powder Puff 10. II. 12: Senior Play (make-up committee) Women ' s Chows 9. CIF Office: Counselor ' s Aid 12. Elementary Teacher ' s Aid 12. MAR- RIED:James 1:2-4. Although I say good-bye, I shall always cherish my memones of Valley. HENRY WIND 6 20 63 Hen " 12 yean Pre-College: J V. Soccer 9. Vaniry Soccer 10. 11, 12: POLICE OFFICER Good times dont come cheap AUSA ZASTROW 4 1 63 " Rasttow " 12 yean Business: GAA. 9.JV. Softball ft Gaxtte (Edi- tor) 11. Band 9. ft Senior Mother ' s Tea: Senior Play (actress) OF Office 12: Powder Puff 11. I2.J V Cheerlead- ing Ift Varsity Cheerteading II. ' ?• .- k ' 9 5 r ' His spirit Reflected In Underclassmen , k )m i I Juniors r President: RacheUe Rienstrs. Vice President: Laura Westra. Secretary: Nikki VandeSteee Trea- surer: Brian Scholte 1 W ■ s • David Aisner Bonnie Alien Gary Anderson Rae Ann Anderson Rodney Attema Kimberly Backstrom 68 Sandra Blake Linda Caldwell David Daley Doufilas Boerigter Carol Candilas Patty Davis David Bom Sracv Cato Edward De Boer Joan Broersma Michelle Brookes Randal Bultsma Marpery Clute Todd Cook Gwen Cooke Stanley De Boer Christine Dekker Michael De Jong Juniors ' l ' . P. 1 mi3 j »J £r 4.i » Marianne iccuw Patti Dc Maun I.nn DcVnes Cindy Oirksc Sandra IXnyrnbos Shflece Draper Karen Dyksrra Jell Hnserink Darrel Fey Curtis Oriepsma Diane Grirrers FAsa Green LEFT: RaeAnn Andi son and Tracy Theist show us their smil RIGHT: Eric Ha plays the piano at ( Christmas chapel. Juanita Groen Chris Groot F.ric Hann Jake Hiemstra Sara Hiemstra Tyrone Hill Keltie Irving Billjernigan Lylc Johnson Carla Jones David Kelley Michael Kiel 69 J uiiiui: t , a f ' 1- f 14 5 • ' « i T " " !? ■ lAUIl ' m f David Kim Fatch Learned TOP: Taking time out between classes for a leisurely stroll. Brian Mott Maria Pitt man Jeffrey King Wade Longbrake BOTTOM: VPill someone show these two the way to Disney- Janet Mulder Dam Poelstra Scon King Brett Luartes land ' Panida S ' elson Margaret PoUey Bradley Knox Kim Mesman Darlene Nickerson Emily Pollock Paige Kredit Maureen Miller Belkis A ' unez Chris Powers Angela Lambooy 70 Jerry Millette John Piersma Jeff Proaor Juniors s PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE .T nek Rcckn Herd . Rcni ikka RichjrJsim Scurt Ricmersma Rachelle Rienun Jetnine Robinson Doni Rolin David Rose Daniel Rushing Lance Ryan Debra Scheensrra TOP: True friendship shines BOTTOM: h:d DeBuei makes goad use of rwo bean bags. i r 1 r - y wr Douglas Schenk Brian Scbolfe Lance Shipley Jill Shoner Andy Sible Robin Simon Roben Snapper Rebecca Sorensen Marxha Siolk Steven Takekoshi James Taylor Tracy Theisens 71 juniors Jonathan Thomas Mary- Ann Thomas Kim Thompson Sandra Van Aalsburg Theresa Vander Dussen Todd Vander Ham Nikki Vande Steeg Dan Van Duyn Christine Van Dyk Jayne Van Hotwegen Jill Van Orterloo Kevin Van Otrerloo - 1 [ NOT SHOWN !GHT:Jake Htemstra ts in his football owledge for the phomore- junior wder puff team. :FT: Dan Rushing wns around. Cm die Van Weenhuizen Kandace Verhoef Frank Visvikis James Walhof Karen Watson Laura Westra Dianne Wigboldy La Trice Williams Alicia Wright Marsha Wright Haesung y ' un Darren Zonnefeld 71 opnomorcs • ident: Ktn Hoekseim. Vice Presidenc: Birbam Boocsma. Secrerarf: Cheryl Cnossen. Treasurer m VtnDiesi PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Willam Ballard Bradley Bishop Barbara Bootsma Daniel Boyd i n Auman Strachella Batiste Judith Boerigter Mary Bothof Shelly Bruinsm a Dana Bailey John Biedebach Renee Bommet e Corey Bouma OUjJllUlllUlC Kim Carter Lois Carter Scon Cato Jennifer Cho Robert Chnstensen Sean Ciesa Johnie Clemens Marilyn Clute Cheryl Cnossen Greg Cox Troy Crellm Curt De Groot LEFT: An exciting time at the library IGHT: Billy Keller. fike Evans, and Brad hasz acting suave on campus. fatnes De Koekkoek Scott De Leeuw Anna Derryberry Douglas De Vries Alan De Weerd De Ann Doom bos Jeffrey Doom bos Gary Doty Carissa Dunn Lawrence Dunn Sandra Dykema Linda Rscarzaga 7 SU A 1 ' - ' . r . 74 Sophomores PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Michael F.vans Bryan Fernstra Tttni Fhtyd Muhcllc Fox A I Jen French Shannon Garrett Alan Getnge Tracy Gillum Cindie Godfrey Thomas Gnffm Tract Hallmark Lisa Hanggie LEFT: Pam Van D shows Barb BtxHi the art of eating n her hands RIGh Lisa Vos holds back laughter as Diane J ford tells her how glued attendance i tardy papers to her fa Stephanie Hartog Kara Hoeksema Sandra Hoffman Jared Hubbard April Huffman Joe Hwang Albert hen Todd Jasper Diane Jeff ord Kitty Jensen Charles Jemigan Brvce Johnson 75 Sophomores A 1 1 «. P| - Hil ' - f • i 4 HHHr « .♦ » : ' , ' 4 fti s Bradley Juhasz Arlene Kooistra TOP: A circular conversation: pun intended. BOTTOM: Three Dean Kuvelis Martha Mulder Wilham Keller Yvonne Koopman sophomore girls are cool " 30 ' s style. " Rudrick Lomond Annemarie Nakhia Kunherley Kiel Edwin Kornoelje Seven Maness Morgan Ogg Juliana Kingston Christine Korsgaden Michelle Marselles Michelle Overduin Frank Kirkpatnck Ronald Kots Mishal Mat ha 1 Gary Overgaauw Jeffrey Koldenhuven 76 Denise Kroeze Melissa Miles Steven Pangle oophomores Pirrocr Picrra ■ fhillips nirn Puelstri Post ma ast Xecalc Quelh Roben Handle Mercedes Radnquez Evelyn Romeis Jeffrey Schwiefer Christine Shaffer TOP: The loud, rowdy, and radical class of 198}. BOT- TOM: Cindy Quasi is buried in a mound of biology. Anita Simon Mark Smith Mane Snead Jeffrey Struiksma Julie Sruit Stephanie Sussoev Debra Taielaar Kirk Templeman Deborah Terpsrra James Tsaparolis Catherine Tripp Sandra Turner 77 :)Ophomores an Van De Brake John Vanderelst nara Vanderkamp chy Vander Ploeg yiane Vander Wat vin Vander Werff OTge Vande W ffe Pamela Van Diesc Robert Van Heyningen elly Van Kampen roy Van Leeuwen this Van Munster IGHT: A rowdy ■ophomore circle. LEFT: Is this merican Graffiti Paul Vellema Kelly Vos Lisa Vos Sherrie Walker Peggy Warner Michael Watson Jan Wilson - v Raymond Wind Tony Yoakum Jay Yun John Zeller jlleen Zuidervaart I W Freshmen chell Aldrich Deanne Andringa Susan Arncsun Telicia Batiste Michael Blankets Rodney Bowman Ween Allen Randy Anema Miesha Batiste Batbara Binns Richard Bom John Bos David Bouma Natalie Bouma Tommy Bousema Paul Briffss Kenneth Brown Lisa Brugma Jan Bruins 79 Freshmen Brian Brumbv Jeff Buddie Christine Cardin Coleen Covemon Wendi Curtis Laura Derryherry Ricky Dizon Alisa Drake Kimberly Dutmstn Leslie Dyksrra Mike Escarzaga Jin Eun LEFT: " What innocent smiles!-- RIGHT: Freshmen girls listen at- tentively in math class. Eve Flannery Del I an Foks Eric Glover Stacey Goodson Ronald Grace Darrel Groen Roberta Groeneveld Tammy Groot Tammy Hemphill Eric Hoekscra Jeff Hogan Melissa Hogan 80 r res h men n. . k « m A© Lsura Hoguc Jnhn Hi,IUf}d Scan ilulin ink» Jtthnum fiithin Junes Stephsntc Jtmcs f i rrw -fi ..1 ; r Mike Katfe Julie Keuning Steve King Roydell KUdisen [)t}mmicfue Kleyh Curtis Kaont2 ,V ' . ... .. - i LEFT: Freshmen, freshmen, rah. riA, rah ' - RIGHT: Disillusioned freshr girls talkmg about senior guys. John Kortenhoever Scott Krosschcll Mark L ne Jim MandeviUe Stephanie Mann Lisa Marrs Melissa Mc Naugh Andy Miller Greg Miller Jeff Miller Linda Montana Alan Mulder ' « rreshmen Michelle Myers Joel Nagel Wes Nance Alyssa Nash Suzanne Olive Casandra Perrodm Cindy Plechas Carol Poland Donnell Powell James Power Tony Pushckor Randy Ramirez % S ' w • " S TOP: Wouldn ' t you like to know what 1 ve been up tof BOTTOM: Mine ' s peanut butter and jelly, what ' s yoursi ' Kim Recker Mark Reed Debbie Richardson Ben Riddle Shannon Roberts Cathy Roodzant Katby Scheevel Knsty Scholten Kelly Shorter Joyce Simons Julie Smith Nathaniel Smith Freshmen tr t 1 1 ft Stnub Jy SvbcsmM ivc Tjius ' Kc TuyUn ' jh Tcunisscn ml The Ann Thompson Jrll Vjn Den Brff h VjnJcr PUs John VjnJcr Hlixrf; Ruhjrd VjnJc Vc ;ic Ron VunJc Ve ;lir BOTTOM: Freshmen hjvc J style Ml ihcir imn ' TOP: Wlut jrc you hH kinf; jt.- " Njmy Van Dyk StMci Vjn Dike Shjron WinholJy Kcnot Willums l jwn Vjn Mrvimn Knsiinj Wunjcrliih julie Vixirr " Kiiff ) ' ounf:rrn CaiIi Wjrrcn SdnJy Wiersmt Mike ' .oeicwey Dttufi Zwjrr His Spirit Reflected In StudeiitLife rdob What was " in " during 1983 A fad is a funny thing, it goes out as fast as it came in. Many fads came and went here at Valley. The hairstyle for the football stars was a mohawk. Clothes were brightly decorated with stripes, plaids, and polka dots. Ever- ything from shirts to shorts were found in those three prints. Pretty soon the pumps came in. High and low pumps in every possible color were everywhere. It ' ll be interesting to see the fads of years to come. TOP RIGHT: Jeff and Gary show off their latest hairdos, ABOVE: Shannon and Stephanie in som e of this year ' s styles MIDDLE RIGHT: Shoes! Shoes! And more shoes! This year had lots of different styles. RIGHT: This year seemed to be " I LOVE " everyth- ing. ' If If r« !- ' oo v aiijornia 1 86 Atl - li TOP: Plaid is the fad ' TOP RIGHT: Students decorate their lockers to add a little life to it all! LEFT: Mod sure is in this year S.E.A.R.C.H. Visiting the Nation ' s Capitol On Wednesday. March 23, at 6:00 in the morning, 25 excited students and 3 adults left fot the LAX airport. Desti- nation: Boston and Washington D.C. Purpose: To have fun and learn more about our country. The group spent the first two nights in Boston at the Essex Hotel. During the day they toured historical sites through both the city and the country- side of Boston. On Friday afternoon the group left for a nine hour Amtrak ride to Washington Circle Inn. While visiting Washington, the group saw many historical sites. Besides the many tours, the kids were also given a lot of free time to enjoy the city and, of course, go shopping! One week later, on March 30, 28 tired people boarded the plane and headed back to the West Coast, back to good old California. Not only had they gained knowledge of new places but also gained new friendships and memories, including wild Boston taxi cab rides, being stuck in an elevator with 20 others, the fuji brothers, sitting on the floor of Congress and more. This was one week that will never be forgotten by these 28 people. _pi. TOP: Vickie and Nikki on the night back to the West Coast. MIDDLE RIGHT: The most famous house in America, the one and only White House. ABOVE: A picture stop at the Lincoln Memo ■ rial RIGHT: Valley kids in front of the Supreme Court. 88 Boston Washington D.C TOP: Iwu Jima. the Marine MemorUI TOP RIGHT: A chilly two hour vnir for the tour of the White House ABOVE: A former senator of Iowa gives us an extensive tour through the Capitol LEFT: Shopping spree at Georgetown Mall. MIDDLE LEFT: Resting on the grass in front of the National Museum of American History. : pain Visiting far away places One of the highlights of this year ' s SEARCH pro- gram was the trip to Spain. Miss Logterman and fifteen other people visited Spain for two weeks. They toured cathedrals, museums, castles, a flea market, and many other interesting places. They traveled from Madrid to Granada to Sevilla and back to Madrid, and represent- ed Valley at the same time. They got to try Spanish foods and they also ate at Burger King, Wendy ' s and McDonald ' s. They had the chance to observe many of the Spanish customs. They had a wonderful time! It was an experience they will never forget. TOP: Toni. Dan. and Jeanine at a park in Madrid. Spam. MIDDLE RIGHT: A cache- dral in Toledo. ABOVE: Ms. Logterman with a tour guide. RIGHT: The whole group in Madrid. Mexico Lending a helping hand On March 2i. Ccn scudcnts and two teachers left our campus for Mexico. They spent three Jays and two nights near Rosarito, Mexico. They broke into two groups. One team worked at the orphanage and fixed their roof, while the other team built a thrift store. In two days they erected the whole building. On Friday, before going home, they all went to Tijuana and went shopping. This group had a lot of fun and showed God ' s love through their hard work. TOP: Building a f iri f shop in C rmzi. Mexico. MIDDLE LEFT: Debbie « the bmldinf site ABOVE: A lew of the gitis went on i shopping spree LEFT: Patti md two Mexican kids. iwirp weeK The roles reverse at Valley " Get my books " , " sharpen my pencil " , do this, do that, is all you hear during Twirp Week. This particular week was set aside in favor of the guys. All week the guys asked the girls to do them favors that they would naturally be expected to do. This year there unfortunately wasn ' t any Kangaroo Court. Instead, we made up for it by having a Dating Game. There were bachelors, ba- chelorettes, and teacher bachelorettes. Ev- eryone had a good time laughing at the responses given for each answer by both students and teachers. The guys had fun and so did the girls and that ' s what really counts! -ONTfiCL rM V ttr » MIDDLE LEFT: Mr. G. Sjoetdsma shocked at what a sexy figure Mr. Hugen has. TOP RIGHT: Carla Jones speaks out openly. MIDDLE RIGHT: This is what really makes guys go out of control. BOTTOM RIGHT: Derek Handle asks his next question with high hopes during the Dating Game. I 92 Lovers In Levis Banquet When the girls ask the guys The theme was " Lovers in Levis " and that ' s just what it was. Couples dressed in coordinating outfits, complete with Levis, had a very enjoyable evening. Jeff Procter and Linda Escarzaga were picked for the best dressed couple. The night started out with the couples getting pictures taken. Then came a meal consisting of ham, corn, salad, and to top it off, ice cream for dessert. The entertainment for the night was a slide show on surfing and many took " romantic strolls " around Valley s Crusader Lake. The couples will always remember their night together. TOP: A cisutl bur fun theme. BOTTOM LEFT: This yetr ' s " Lovers in Lens " fill the chapel BOTTOM RIGHT: Lisa Vos signs her sweethearts 93 unique Lahtornia Weather Who says it never rams in Call forma This winter we s,w some rare Southerr, CaUforn.a weather We had -ar, earthquake, a torr ado, mar y thunder storms, and . whole lot of ram. This year alone we had more than together. Crusader Lake, formerly our lunch area, became so lar .ethat ,t overflowed A few people enjoyed the lake so tnuchthat they thought they d take a swm. and that they d.d But th,s became a -mapr concern. ■ The w.nd was so stron, that trees were uprooted and at the a.rport a few small anplanes were tipped over. At the beaches waves were so high that manyp.ers were knocked down and the came nto peoples houses. The weather th,s year was unfor etta- TOP RIGHT: ReHections ARrti c Ay LEFT: Is this Cerritos or the Windy dry " .- ' MIDDLE LEFT: A view of the storm through a window in building C. MIDDLE RIGHT: Valley ' s campus gets mure flooded every day as more rain continues to tall. BOTTOM: This year ' s " Crusader Lake " is bigger than ever! CKUSADER L E: Fep Kallies Raising the students ' spirit What belter way is there to express your school spirit than in one of Valley ' s pep rallies Here, students get a chance to show off their pride in their class. One of the pep tallies this year had a tropical theme where the tachers had to demonstrate the hula. The gym is not the only place to get " fired up. " The cheerleaders started something new this year by cheering on top of the wall of Senior Square at break. The cheerleaders should be appreciated for being a great example of enthusiasm and school pride. TOP: Here they come . . . is this our basketball team- ' ABOVE: Ttopical weather does r)ot dim the juniors ' spirit. LEFT: Cyndie Van Weerthuizen ptetends to he Dan Koolmees in a sl it to honor out basketball playets. 96 ry -.• ' ??•-■ --« -. - TOP LEFT: VaUey ' s Drill Team goes Hawaiinn. BOTTOM LEFT: Cheerleaders get the enthusi- asm of the crowd up for a big game. TOP RIGHT: The girls volleyball team fires up for Ontario during an eating game.BOTTOM RIGHT. Cheerleaders lead a iOs pep rally from the wall of Viaory Square. .Jl Spirit Week More than just a week of dress up days One of Che most unusual weeks at Valley is Spirit Week. This week is filled w,th fun days each with a different dress code. We started off the week wnha campus full oftout.sts dressed in Hawaiian shirts, sunglasses and cameras Z -R : , i " ' ' y- ' " d bBck to our childhood ways with Baby wai ' rl.1 7 ' " " ' ' ' ' ' " ; " " ' ° " Thursday Circus Day. Finally, was the tradmonal maroon and gold casual day to fire the students up for the Homecoming festivities of the night. Dress up days are not the only things that make up spirit week, though This week also includes late nights at float building parties, early morning practices for hose involved in the Homecoming half time show, long hatd rnoon liil eT " ' ' ' ' ' " - " - " d work by the Student Council and more, spirit Week is a week of excitement, work and memories. 98 Homecoming Preparation TOP LBFT.Drn, Crcllin and Sue Vanderbur tixtkin rouf;!) " TOP RIGHT: Preparing ttir the hif; evenr. HOTTOM KICiHT: The Van, Vfxtthall team: " nui charnpiims ' BOTTOM LEFT: Packed t(i g(t. HELOW: The ienitin make flowei for their float. Powder Puff TOP RIGHT: Powder Puff announcer Frank Visvikis and his com- mentators keep a close watch on the game. MIDDLE RIGHT: Nancy Wheeler gets her flag swiped by a J V. player BOTTOM RIGHT: The J. V. offense team listens attentively to their coach. BELOW: Varsity football players appear as cheerleaders and keep the crowd laughing. Seniors Reign Victoriously On November the first, the roles of the students were re- versed. At the powder puff football game the girls were the olayers and the guys were the cheerleaders. Throughout the night our own Howard Cosell, Frank Visvikis, kept us informed on the highlights of the game. The girls, in their jerseys, got to experience the real feeling of being a " big and bad " football olayer. The cheerleaders, in their blond locks and short skirts, did an excellent job of cheering the teams on and keeping a happy feeling going with the people in the stands. Scott Kross- :hell, Gary Overgaauw, Dan Rushing, and " King Cool " Sam Fey were a new addition to powder puff night. Guys from each dass were voted on by the student body and were recognized with a " crown " and " cool " pop -side at the game. The Senior ■eam won 6-2, the princesses for Homecoming were announced md the night was one to remember! 100 TOP LEFT: The players prepare for rhe hiking of the ball. MIDDLE LEFT: Gary Overgaauw, Sam Fey and Dan Rushing take their places on King Cools court BOTTOM LEFT: Sen- iors sing the alma mater after their vic- tory. ABOVE: Senior candidates an- ticipate the announcement of the homecoming finalists for queen. 10 ine i ueen Queen: Vickie Kuvelis, Escort: Tom Staal 102 tier Court Junior Princess: RacheUe Rienstra Escort: John Piersma Sophomore Princess: Shelley Bruinsrna Escort: Scon DeLeeuw Freshman Princess: Tammy Groot Escort: John Korxenhoevcn 103 Homecoming TOP RIGHT: The seniors show their ver- sion of the circus. MIDDLE RIGHT: Sue Vanderburg walks down the field escorted by her father. BOTTOM RIGHT: Kevin Van Otterloo anxiously awaits the envelope from the parachuter which will tell the new Homecoming Queen. BELOW: The junior prmcess rides by with a glow of happiness. Excitement Fills The " Crusader Big top " With our own " ring master, " Kevin Van Otterloo, the ' Crusader Big Top " theme brought a circus atmosphere o Valley. It was a very special night, with the princesses ooking their best and clowns looking their funniest. Sach princess rode her own class float on which the tudents worked hard. The seniors ' elephants took first ■)lace in the contest. The princesses were escorted by heir fathers while Kevin introduced them. Everyone was mxious to know who the 1982-83 queen would be. It vas announced after a sky-diver with the new queen ' s lame in an envelope landed on the football field and landed it to Kevin. Our Homecoming Queen was Vickie Ku veils. The varsity football team lost a tough ]ame to the eventual CIF champions, Ontario Christian, (2-14. The night was very special and exciting for every- one and this Homecoming will be remembered by all. 104 ciftSB Or m KNIEHT i if TOP LEFT: The Homecoming Court after the crowning of the queen. MIDDLE LEFT: The sophomore float works its way around the track. BOTTOM LEFT: The freshmen s finished product. ABOVE: The junior float waits to be judged. riori ic 105 ABOVE: The 1982-8} Homecoming Court. TOP RIGHT: Vickie Kuvelis, our new queen, is crowned by last year ' s queen. Barb Overgaauw. MIDDLE RIGHT: The court watches with excitement as the parachutist descends with the envelope. BOT- TOM RIGHT: A trailer full of spirit. 06 TOP LEFT: The name of the queen is sky hifh and so is the excitement of the crowd. MIDDLE LEFT: Sophomore princess, Sheltey Brumsma. waves at the crowd. BOTTOM LEFT: Senior princesses ride their winning float with pride. BELOW: Dave Brouwer runs up the sidehnes lor extra yardage. 107 Homecoming TOP LEFT: This T3r ' s queen is ... Vickie Kuvelis! MIDDLE LEFT: Jeanell Brumsma waits to hand out her balloons. MIDDLE RIGHT: Valley ' s princesses in white. BOTTOM: Listen to the music; here they come. 108 TOP LEFT: This year ' s queen is .. . Vickie Kuvelis! MIDDLE LEFT: Jeincll Bruinsma waits to hand out her balloons. MIDDLE RIGHT: Valley ' s princesses in white BOTTOM: Listen to the music, here they come. 109 :: ocK Mop TOP RIGHT: In this crowd there is hardly any room to hop! BOTTOM RIGHT: Even at an active sock hop there is time for a slow dance. BELOW: Kim Backstrom and Juanita Groen do the twist. Boppin ' And Hoppin ' At The Crusader Hop For the first time in the history of Valley Christian High School we have had a school sponsored dance. It took a lot of consideration; the board took a vote and passed the proposal. The theme was " The Fifties. " There was everything from poodle skirts and ponytails to rolled up jeans and greased back hair. Songs such as " Rock Around the Clock, " " Shake, Rattle, and Roll, " and many others blared across the chapel from the jukebox. A hula -hoop contest was held with Eddie Keller taking first place. At the end of the night, Mr. Keuning said that it was a great success, and hopefully, it was the first of many to come. no i in Chapel A Special Pan Of Every Week Chapel has become a very special time for students here at Valley. Time is set aside once a week for students and faculty to come together and express their joy in knowing Christ through praise and worship. Singing plays an important role during chapel, mostly because of Mr. Hugen, our song leader. He introduced the student body to many new songs this year, two of them being, " The Tree Song " and " Matthew 6:24. ' Mr. Verkaik replaced Mr. Cole this year as chapel coordinator. He has the responsibility of arranging for guest speakers and groups. An interesting variety of chapels included The Tenth Coin, a group of deaf people who displayed their talents to us in a unique way; a handicapped man who talked to us about living with his disability; and the musical group. Prism, who entertained us with their music. Valley ' s chapels make us, as students, more aware of Christ and how we can better reflect His image. TOP RIGHT: Mr. Hugen volunteers his baby act to assist the Tenth Coin. ABOVE: ' Do you hear what I see. " . . . The Tenth Coin. RIGHT:Prism sends out their Light. 112 TOP LEFT: Gospel recording mist Limell Harris sings for j irri irrentive iudience TOP RIGHT: Darrel Groen goes out on i ledge BOTTOM LEFT: Our faithful chapel coordinator. Mr. Verkaik BOTTOM RIGHT: Don Van Polen presents his latest slide production ot " The Psalms Scholastic Arts Society Banquet For those who excel in academics 1983 was a good year for the Honor Society members. Of the 117 members, 68 were new. They were all honored in the Scholastic Arts Banquet, which took place in May. This year the members went to Magic Mountain for their an- ually sponsored trip. As the advisor for the Soci- ety, Mr. Hugen organized the events of the year, making sure everything went smoothly. On the night of the banquet many special awards were given to different seniors who had excelled in academics. Vickie Kuvelis, Kim Warren, Becky Gravell, and Dave Brouwer, gave speeches on leadership, service, character, and scholarship. The entire evening was a reflection on the stu- dents and their successful work in school. TOP RIGHT: Dave Brouwer j;ives his speech an schohrship. ABOVE: Dr Ralph OHran. the president of the Honor Society. MIDDLE RIGHT: Mr Huf;en hands our certificates of honor RIGHT: Honor students ' signatures. W: fjonor ' • J 3 114 LFFT: Mr llu :rn ■tln •Mf»6f ■ Sinn HOTTOM I.FFT: Kim Vijrnn jii.l «i. t Hiilini:. CD ij ri nriiru M TOI ' KldHT: In lti KiikIi yici lt nn lrjiUr liii HOT TOM KUfHT: ' OK yu y. rffx-jt Attir nc, .h ptcsiiU-nl f-J Kt-lltr IV Ljirl s ntnienc nanquet A night of awards After a year of sports the Booster ' s Club gives a banquet for the athletes, coaches stats. On May 31, at the 1st Baptist Church of Lakewood, the girls had their banquet. There were alot of awards and recognition given to the athletes. Only one team, the girl ' s track team, this year were the Olympic League Champs. One of our outstanding players this year was Kim Warren. She received the Scholastic Athlete Award, the Senior Athlete Award and many others. Many athletes went home with awards, but everyone was reminded how privileged they were to be healthy and able to participate when a poem was read to close the evening. TOP RIGHT: Stephanie Hanog receives the Must Viluible Player Award from Mr. S oerdsma ABOVE: The audience awaits the beginning of the banquet BOTTOM RIGHT: Kim Warren receives the Most Valuable Player Award for volleyball from Mr. Jacobsma Kim also received the Most Valuable Playet Award in basketball and was hfjnored with the Scholastic Athlete Award. TOP LEFT: De Ann Doorntxis receives the Most Valuable Player award for sofrhall from Mrs Dikstra TOP RIGHT: Theresa VanJer Dussen eis her awards for farticiparinf: in sports this year BOTTOM LEFT: Karen rhkstra receives the Most Valuable Player award for track from Mr Hofan ABOVE: Mrs. Dyksira presents Charlene Dekker with her Coach s Award Lctterman s Banquet " OP LEFT: Brian DeVn s.s awarded, he M.V.P. for football TOP RIGHT A ZboAoM rZVtTd:T ' 7 1 " " ' " " " " " " ' ' ™ ' ' basketball ream. ' ' ' ' " ' " " ' " " ' « " ' " " ' " or.ous «i±M» 120 Finishing off the season Once again the Uttcrman s Banquet was held on June i at Lakewood First Baptist Church. After the introduction and prayer a fine dinner was served and then the time that all the athletes were waiting for, the awards. Many awards were handed out to truly deserving Lettermen. Among these were the M.V.P. Awards. Outstanding Senior Athlete Award and Scholastic Athlete Award. Our boys ' teams deserved some- thing for all that they had done in the past year, and this seemed a very fitting way to end the season. V H nop LEFT: Basketball M.V.P.. Dennis Vogel. receives the All League Award TOP UGHT: Mr. Wunderly tells the audience about this years fmirball team. BOTTOM EFT: Mr Wind fives Doug Boerigter the M.V.P. Award for soccer BOTTOM UGHT: Oscar Sanchez is named the M. V.P. for baseball II His Spirit Reflected In Sports Varsity rootball RIGHT: A momem of peace before the battle. MIDDLE LEFT: But at least I have the ball! BOTTOM: Dave Brouwer in his finest hour. OPPO- SITE PAGE. TOP: Intensity! - •• " vc 7 21 7 28 10 7 14 14 35 14 27 3 Oak Park May fair Norwaik ♦ ' ' ' ' Lutheran Orange «j Carpenteria Brethren Melodeyland Whittier Chr. Nelles Ontario Chr C.I.F. Rosamond Desert E 6 7 41 13 21 42 6 15 124 Valley has pigskin pride This year ' s Varsity Football team did much better than expected. Though our starting offense consisted of sophomores, juniors, and seniors, they blended their abilities and teamwork well. We zipped through the pre -season games and went on to the league games. The first was against Brethren and the results weren ' t very good. The next three games our team showed their ability to win. Homecoming came which was against Ontario Christian. On- tario won with the score of 42-14. Our league games total score was 3-2 which was good enough to put us in fourth place and in the CIF playoffs. The team played their first round against Rosamond High and won with the score of 27-6. The second round came but unfortunately we didn t win. The whole team played very well. tST ROW: Jeff Freden ' ckson. Dave Brouwer. Sean Ciesa, Brett Luartes, Scot King, Jake Hiemstra SECOND ROW: Gary Vandenberg, Doug enk. Jeff Struiksma. Jeff Anema. Paul Kimball. Mike Vander Ploeg. Jeff Proctor THIRD ROW: Todd Vander Ham. Scott Allen. Marty tkpatrick. Rob Snapper. H.B Calvert. Frank Visvikis. FOURTH ROW: Ed De Boer. Doug Boerigter. Randy Verhoef Brian De Vries. Gary ftgaauw. Randy Bulrsma. Sam Fey. Carl Blake. J.V. Football TOP RIGHT: Sa-ve Pnektra is ready ti di df;r anyanc whii -t-fs m his way- HELOW: The team anxiously waits the last lew seconds l the aine. W „ _ _ - 1 f f «K» FKONTKOW: Mike .nelewey. Truy I.eeiiwen. Larry Dunn. Hill hallard. Derek Raiulle. Ilixliur linwmin.l,i.mlhan IhilLiiul. Mike lMar .ii:.i. Jell Van Den Heri;. Mike Taylor. J.niu I ' liwers Jnd HOW: Marvin Vaiuler Werl, Steve l ' an ;le. Hryan I ' eenstra. (ire ; (ox, Steve I ' lielstra. I ' anI llrii:,i;y irii (Hover, id Kornoel e. Mike Kat e. Nathan Vandehraki: Jell llo an ird ROW: Mike W.U on. Dean Kliveli . John Vanderelst. Kirk Templenian. Gref; Miller. Randy Anema. ini Mandeville. Rich Vande Ve.i:re. Ron Vaihle Ve.i:te. iric Uoekstra. Tony ' i ' oakuin HA( K ROW: Jell S hwief:er. iodd Jas K-r. . ' iteve Kiiif;. jared Ihihhard. Ken llrown. an Wilson. ( urt Dt Groot. .S ' ( ott Krosschell.John Vander Ploe ;. Gary Duty. John n I ' ony I ' n-hikor. ll-A(,Vh: Ri(()KD: J-J 126 Freshmen And J.V. Volleyball LEFT: The l s: Inshnun ot- k-vbjUtvjm HOTTOM KOU ■ Ctik-vn CtHcnrim. Sluritn Uic- hitlJv. Mvlissj Mc .iuf:ht. Ctthvrinc Rt k tj jnt. S ' jtjhc Vci:UT MIDDLF ROW: O- s.inJr.i PcrruJin. itnJj Mon- uno. Tunuir.t (iroiH. Srcplunif Jones. HA( K ROW: Sjuh Ti ' unissen. Njncy Vjn Dyk. Ms. AjrJsmj, cimch. ijurj Hoi ut: K,i[hU-t ' n Si lucvcl. Ctrhlccn Alien. LFAGVF RE- CORD: J-l HFLOW: It ukvs fcj M wiirk w3M i ' TTOM KOW: Dana Paihv. Thmsj VanJcr Dussin. I.,m l VV; MIDDLF KOVC: ••lUcii -wurr. H rh,,l. Dannc Vlif:biM. H-irh ll,i. t m.i TOP KOV: A i«.i , tiU . I h mli Tj, Mr Hcrkiimpis. cojch. Cimlw Giullny. Hjm V.m Jiof LFAdl ' F KF( ORD: JO. 127 Varsity Volleyball Jump, Set, Spike 1982 was an outstanding year for Valley ' s Varsity Volleyball team. With the help and encouragement of Coach Jacobsma. they became 2nd in the league finals with a record of 6 and 2. They even went to the first round of CIF and had a season record of 10-10. Chris Groot summed up the year by saying, " We had a lot of ups and downs but overall it was a great year. " VC 3 3 3 3 1 3 3 Brethren Whittier Chr. Melodyland Brethren Ontario Chr. Whittier Chr Melodyland % Ontario Chr. CIF El Segundo LEAGUE RECORD 6-2 SEASON RECORD 10-10 TOP: Kim Warren looks her best even on the court. MIDDLE RIGHT: Mr. Jacobsma, the face of a confident coach. BOTTOM RIGHT: Sonia Koldenhoven shows skill while Kim Warren looks on. OPP 1 1 3 1 1 3 3 128 TOP Lt ' FT: Soma KiilJcnIuivcn iinJ (hrn Gnxit show rcti lam work TOI ' KldHT: Vanity f!irls tbour to mtkc their mow. BOTTOM LEFT: Chris Groat helps the btll over. TOP ROW: Dena Crellin. Carmen Cole. Mr. Jacobsma. Angle Lambooy BOTTOM ROW: Wen, Vander Vis. Diane Gritters. Chris Groat. Sonia Koldehoven. Brenda Sybesma, Kim Warren. IW Cross Country Experiences The Mount Sac Attack " These are the besc two cross coun - try teams we ' ve ever had at Valley, and next year promises to be even better. Cross country has finally reached a po- sition where it can demand respect and attention. " These words by Coach G. Sjoerdsma expressed his feelings on the 1982 cross country teams. The year proved to be an especially good one, with a good season record for both the teams. By tying for second with Ontar- io in the league, the girls went on to win 1st place in the league meet, while the guys got 3rd in both the league and league meet. The outstanding effort put into the league meet by the teams was rewarded by being sent to the CJF pre-liminaries at Mount SAC. This was the first time Valley ' s cross country teams had ever made it past league fmals. As assistant coach for the girls ' team, Mrs. Brands was a great support to both the teams. Cross Country 1982 Boys ' Cross Country; BACK ROW: Chuck Jernigan. Ed Keller. John Hogan. Coach G. Sjoerdsma. Scon Enserink. Jim Auman. David Tanis; FRONT ROW: Mike Evans. Billy Keller. Jeff Doornbos. Joel Nagel. Lance Ryan. John Korrenhoven, Jeff Scoub. ABOVE: The teams stop to ask the Lord for guidance and protection during their meet. Boys ' Cross Country VC OPP 42 Orange Lutheran 18 J8 Melodyland 27 32 Whitney 24 19 Ontario Christian 42 46 Whittier Christian 15 28 Brethren 27 (lower score wins) 130 vc 27 !9 28 If 28 32 Girls ' Cross Country Orange Luther Mdodyland lfl| Oncan ' o Christian Whittier Christian Brethren (lower score wins) OPP 27 24 4 1 . ' V » TOP LEFT: Ed Keller running up that " not so lonely " road. ABOVE: " And they ' re ofP " l Girh ' Cross Country: BACK ROW: Cindy Davis, Chris Dekker. Coach G. S oerdsma. Sandy Dykema. Stephanie g: FIRST ROW: Kristi Scholten. Charlene Dekker. Bonnie Gntters. Carol Candilas. NOT PICTURED: Karen Varsity Soccer BELOW: Gary Overgaauw shows total control of the ball. RIGHT: Doug Boerigter knows how to use his head when needed. r iMk m. a , ' ' „ BACK ROW: Henry Wind, Doug Boerigter, Gary Overgaauw. Bradjuhasz, Troy Riemersma. Walt Vander Vis, Doug Schenk. Lance Ryan Coach Wind. FRONT ROVf ' : Stan De Boer. John Kortenhoven, Jeff Struiksma. Darren Hesson. Greg Cox. Wes Nance. Raymond Vi ' ine 132 Shooting tor the goal The season started off with bright new uni- torms and a consolation championship from the Lutheran of Orange Tournament. Once league play was started we had some injuries, illnesses and losses as well as wins. The team was made up of mostly under classmen, with only 4 seniors. With a league record of 3- 3- 2, they had 4 players selected to All-League. This includes the best goalie in the league, Darren Hesson. The team had a tough season, but under the direction of Coach Wind and Assis- tant Coach Vander Dussen, they did a good job. TOP LEFT: A good try by our gotlic. CENTER LEFT: Darren Hrsson dors the high kick CENTER RIGHT: Henry Wind rakes aim and shoots LEFT: The ream listens to their coach during half time. 133 JV Soccer j ; ! - TOP LEFT: Players on theJV team await their turn to play while the coaches plan their strate- gy. TOP RIGHT: Darren Zonnefeld shows how high he can kick. !if -.!., - BACK ROW: Coach Vander Dussen. Tamara Hemphill. Joel Nagel. Bill Keller. Dick Recker. Brian Scholte.John Zeller. Alan I weerd. Jeff Hogan, Rich Vande Vegte. BOTTOM ROW: Mark Smith, Ron Vande Vegte. Andy Sybesma. Marty Kirkpatrick. I Korneolje, Brian Brumby, Dave Tanis, Darren Zonnefeld. 134 J. V. And Frosh. Basketball BELOV: J.V. Boys Inrn their next m ivc fnim the ti ach ' i ' K ROW: Brad Knox. Tom Griffin. Jired Hubbard. Frank Visvikis. David Bom. Curr De , ' MIDDLE ROW: Coach Berkompas. Andy Sible.John Clemens. Jim Auman, Alden French. ft ( T ROW: Bill Keller. Mike Evans. Jeff Proctor. lACK ROW. Tommy Bousma. Alan Mulder. Ken Brown. Coach Jacobsma. Ben Riddle. Paul The. MIDDLE ROW: Steve King. Mark Reed. onald Grace. Mike Zoetewey. Scott Yoangren. BOTTOM ROW: Randy Ramirez. David Bouma. Sean Hulin. Rodney Bowman. 13 Varsity Boys ' Basketball 1 1 - «v a v m vc LEAGUE k 100 Brethren M 92 Whittier W 63 85 Melodyland 52 39 Ontario 51 79 Nelles 61 69 Whittier 53 96 Melodyland 47 66 Ontario 45 81 Nelles : . 65 79 Brethren 49 69 CIF Monrovia 44 78 Bishop 59 81 Agoura 64 56 Blair 66 m I 1 i It ABOVE: The staners decide they need a break. TOP ROW: Scott Ensetink. Mike Kiel. Carl Blake. Dan Van Duyn. Btian De Vties. Coach De Bie. BOTTOM ROW: Rob Van Duyn. Randy Brouwa Dan Koolmees. Brian Pollema. Dennis Vogel. 136 A winning season 10 9 8. 7, 6, 5. 4, X 2. 1 -buzzr The Crusaders win agam The Varsity Basketball team this year is one to remember forever With all of the five starters returning from last years team, the crowd had great expectations from this bunch The ream began the season with a bang, winning the champion- ships from two tournaments and the consolation champion- ship of their own tournament. With their outstanding team- work, the guys pulled off a win at every game during league play. The bench Ccircus ' ' ) also put forth their abilities to keep them up on top. Every once m awhile. Dennis ' slams would arouse the excitement of the crowd. Word was sent out and before long he was named the Channel 7 outstanding player of the week. The team went into the CIF playoffs as the number three ranked team for the lA division. They played well in CIF. that is. up until they lost in the semifinals to Blair, the number two ranked team. This was their hardest game of the season, losing only by eight points. Well, the season came to an end after that rainy night in the Gahr High Auditorium. They wrapped up the season with 26 wins and 2 losses. TOP: High jumper. Dennis Vogel. gets the bMll tgiin BOTTOM LEFT: Rob Vtn Duyn goes for the lay up. ABOVE: Some needed tdvice dunng the gtme 137 Lrirl s Varsity naskettDall TOP RIGHT: Mrs. Dykstra talks of strategy in a team huddle. MIDDLE LEFT: Charlene Dekker looks for an opening in defense. BOTTOM RIGHT: VC battling for the ball in the jump off against OC. The girls who surprised the fans After a great year last year, the girls start- ed the season without any ratings. Well, they surprised all of the fans ' . They made it to the quarterfinals in the C.I.F. playoffs, after taking second place in the league. The team only lost to their rivals. Ontario Chris- tian, during league play. Although the team had a few injuries during the season, they were still able to work together through both good and bad times. Congratulations team, on a great season! 138 I ( K ROW: Tami Van Meereren. Chris Dekker. Dana Bailey. Maria Pittman. Julie Brouwer. Coach Mn. H Dykitra. I ( OND ROW:Joleen Zuidenaart. Kim Warren. Stacy Cato. FIRST ROW: Charlene Dekker. La Trice Williams. Debbie V 70 Brethren 16 62 Whittier Chr. 36 65 Melodyland 33 31 Ontario Chr. 37 64 Whittier Chr. 42 59 Melodyland 32 58 Ontario Chr. 69 62 Brethren C.I.F. m " 33 Elsinore 30 33 Santa Clara 63 ntusf ' .T tir w . -. a xat RIGHT: Kim Warren goes up for a clear shot. rresnman na j. v. uiris nasKetoan LEFT: Get it Cindy! RIGHf: Lisa Hanggie looks for some- one open. TOP ROW: Coach Verkaik. Dawn VanMeeteren. Missy McNaught, Carta Recker. Eve Flanering. MIDDLE ROW: Cathy Roodzant. Natalie Bouma. Natalie Vector. Sharon Wigboldy. BOT- TOM ROW: Casandra Perriden, Tammy Groot. Carta Warren. TOP ROW: Pam VanDiest. Becky Sorenson, Coach Glas, Cindy Godfrey. Deanne Doornbas. MIDDLE ROW: Barb Bootsma. Barb Aisner. Shelly Bruinsma. BOTTOM ROW: Lisa Hanggie. Mary Bothof Lmda Escarzaga, Melissa Miles. 140 J.V. Baseball Wt%. i: f LEFT: J.V. Baseball players eagerly await their turn at bat RIGHT: This batter is a sure goner. r.D ROW: Greg Miller. Steve King. Scott Krosschell. Tommy Bousema, Tom Griffen. Gary Overgaauw. Jeff Struiksma. Coach Sjoerdsma. " •LE ROW: Scort Youngren. Kirk Templeman. John Vander Elst. Billy Keller, Jeff Schwieger. Paul The BOTTOM ROW: Darren . :-!d. Mike Taylor. Mike Zoereway. Sean Ciesa. 141 Varsity Baseball Hitting for a winning season 1983 turned our co be j successful year tor the Varsity Baseball team. With a season record of6- 7-1. Vallev won the third place spot in the Olym- pic League. Vallev had an unbeatable shortstop and pitcher. Dave Brouwer and Oscar Sanchez. Oscar was later voted the AfVP of the year. They also had six other seniors who returned for one last year of baseball and who did their part in bringing the team through the season. The team went as far as the first round ot CIF. where they lost to Chaminade. 0-4. All in all, the year was a good one with the promise ot even better ones vet to come. A h .ABOVF: CjfeJ bisebull plivers n-jit imparienrly for releise. TOP RIGHT: Anixher excinni; _i;»nn- MIDDLE RIGHT: Dtve Brouwrr mlty lets one np. Ontario Whittier Melodyland Brethren Xelles Oncario Whittier Brethren Melodyland Nelles CIF Chaminade 142 TOP LEFT: Sirtrnf; behind the ptate is a dangerous foh BFLOW: 0 aih Brou fitves Gary some advice. ' f i f ' . V " - -i Ns i ..«! tONT Uler. Bn ROW: Scon King, Dave Brouwer. Oscar Sanchez. Bob Chriscensen. Mike Kline. MIDDLE ROW: Darrel Fey. Gary Van Den Berg. Paul Kimball. Frank Visvikis. Ed ■lan Mntr TOP ROW: Coach Brouwer. Jon Thomas. Mike Kiel. Randy Brouwer. Sam Fey. Coach Wunderley. 143 Varsity Sottban TOP RIGHT: Di ne Wigboldy ready for that perfect pitch. BOTTOM RIGHT: Time for i team huddle. " Lets go! " Melo ' dyhhd Whittier Chr. Ontario Chr. Brethren Whittier Chr Melodyland Ontario Chr. Brethren C.I.F. Connelly mi v . 777e batters had a ball This year ' s Varsity Softball team had an over -all good season. One of the strong points of the team was their outstanding improvement in hit- ting. Chris Groot contributed alot to this with her home run hitting ability. Another contributor was De Ann Doornbos for her pitching, she was also voted as the team s M. V.P. Even though there was lack of experience the girls had fan and made it to the first round of C.I.F. playoffs. They finished the season 2nd in the league. Also, a special congratulations to Charlene Dekker, De Ann Doornbos, Chris Groot, and Michelle Marselles, who were selected as first team Olympic League. 144 A RSITY SOFTBALL. BACK ROW: Lori De Vries. Timi Van Meeteren. Michelle Marselles. Theresa Vandet en. Chris Groot. Cotch E. Dykstn 2od ROW: Wendy Vander Vis. De Ann Doornbos. Diane Critters. Charlene ■Ker- 1st ROW: La Trice Williams. Jolleen Zuidervaart. Dianne Wifboldy. ABOVE: Mrs. Dykstn hits some practice fly balls to right field. LEFT: " Good game. " 145 J . V . JUlLUitll m ABOVE: Mr. McCune congratulates Tammy on a job well done. RIGHT: What a wind up! ■— — JBC— : ' !:MMm 1 1 TOP ROW: Stephanie Jones, Natalie Bouma, Coach McCune, Missy McNaught, Linda Montana, Alyssa Na SECOND ROW: Cathy Roodzant, Peggy Warner, Casandra Perrodin. Sharon Wigboldy. BOTTOM ROW: She Cnossen, Tammy Groot, Coleen Coventon, Carol Poland. 146 JV I rack LEFT: " On your mMtlt. get jct. GO! " RIGHT: Pnaking foi t new wrttlJ ' t rtrtud. 4 A 1 BACK ROW: Jeff Hog . John Vender Ploeg.John B,edeb.cK J.mes De K.Moek.John Zeller. Rod Umond. MIDDLE ROW: Ed ' ' " T J ' ' P ' J Br e. R.cky B m, Ke! BrLn. Ron V n Vepe V ndeVegre. BOTTOM ROW; Jeff Sroub. Jeff Doombos. Ron.ld Gr.ce. Rodney Bounu. M,rk Reed. Urwence Dunn. Oerek Ruidle 147 Varsity noy s iracK mjgi mamtfihaawwiMa ABOVE: Rob Van Duyn shows real form coming out of the blocks. TOP RIGHT: Larry ' Dunn places first in the 200 meter dash at Carpinteria. 148 TOP ROW: Jason Reed. Brad Knox. Jake Hiemstra. H.B. Calvert. Doug Boerigter. Jeff Proctor BOTTOM ROW: Jim Auman. Mar Kirkpatrick, Rob Van Duyn. Dave Bom. VCy 26 l-i 31 40 39 43 70 91 48 - f ' «i. 4. lutheran Flintridge Orange Luth. Melodyland Ontario Chr. OPP 81 70 43 16 66 Run, run, run! This year the track team did quite well. In fact, they made seco, Derek 7 " ' Jl T ' ' ' " ' " ' " ' ■ " ' " ' ' ' ' nd tM ' yZ tckte ' " i " ' ' r ' n -nBerg was the coach for tl years track team. Fwo th.ngs really stuck out in his m.nd They a Jm Aumans 45 meter dash at the end of a two m,le race to make dashes at the Russel Cup International. We are very proud of ch CENTER RIGHT: Runners m you, m rkHnSet!! ' !! Btng! BOTTOM LEFT , makes h,s move on DCs numh r „„. „,„„.. " i m Lttt. J, move on DCs number one runner. im Auman 149 TOP LEFT: " Here I come! " TOP RIGHT: Becky Sorensen pushes for a first place spot in shot put. Girls ' Track Bi.- " - " v s«?fiR . ' jair fesft i .■M . 150 BACK ROW: Coach Hogan, Dana Bailey. Stacy Cato, Tammy Hemphill, Debbie Terpstra, Lisa Hanggie, Cindy Davis. Coach Aardsma. MIDDLE ROW: Sandy Dykema. Becky Sorensen. Kristi Scholten. Karen Dykstra. Leslie Dykstra. Talisha Batiste. Stacy Goodsen, Robin Simon. Stephanie Hartog. FRONT ROW: Toni Floyd. Martha Mulder. Liz Poland. Angie Lambooy. Barb Aisnet. Linda Escarzaga. Nancy Wheeler. Working tor the cbainpioiiship This year ' s track team, the larf est in Valley histo- ry, was once again the Olympic League Champions. With all hut one of last year ' s team returning, plus a few extras, they started the season with high expec- tations. These wer e soon fulfilled as they started winning their meets right from the beginning. They continued to win through the season; new records were set in almost every event. These wins gave them an undefeated season. After league was fin- ished they competed in the league pre -Urns and finals. Several girls made it into CIF. in all events but the 3200 meter run. Congratulations to the entire girls team and their coaches (mom and dad), on an excellent season. vc OPP 37 LA. LUTHERAN t M 56 74 VILLAGE CHRISTIAN 38 38 MARANATHA 56 89 FLINTRIDGE 8 69 ORANGE-LUTHERAN 47 68 WHITTIER CHRISTIAN 50 09 MELODYLAND 69 ONTARIO CHRISTIAN 49 74 BRETHREN LEAGUE - 4-0 SEASON 9-0 43 TOP LEFT: Linda Escarztga shows her skill in going over hurdles MIDDLE LEFT: " Ouch it hurxs! " BOTTOM LEFT: Dana Bailey bends over backwards for track. fm 1 ennis vc 2 5 8 4 6 8 2 1 V2 2V2 4 4 3V2 RIGHT: Coaching tennis can be very exhausting. Marshall La Salle Brethren Cathedral Bell.Jeff Marshall Brethren Brethren Marshall La Salle Cathedral Cathedral Bell-Jeff OPP !T 12 14 11 Vi 8 • 2 12 Vi 8 7 ' h 12 12 Vi 14 11 11 10 Vz Tennis anyone P This sport is one of America ' s fa- vorite pastimes as well as a good form of exercise. This year Valley ' s tennis team made history. With the help of Brad Juhasz and Stan DeBoer they won their first match which was against Brethren. Mr. G. Sjoerdsma and Mr. Nance did an excellent job coaching the team and it shows. The team did an outstanding job in play- ing and next year we hope they do just as well. VARSITY TENNIS. BACK ROW: Coach W. Nance, Bonnie AUen. Bradjuhasz. Scott Ensetinl . Brian De Vries. Bill Martin. Kim Warren. Coach G. Sjoerdsma. FRONT ROW: David Kim. Stan De Boer, Chuck Jernigan. 152 I TENNIS, STANDING: Cotch G. S oerdsma. Kim Recker. Shem ' e Walker, Cathy Allen. Jim Van Monster. Cindy rn. Walter Vander Vis. Wes Xance. Coach W. Nance. KNEELING: Steve Poelstra. David Tanis. David Daley. ■ IE RECORD: 410. , i ' SIi HiPi % I WlSPC?n;i5! ? - iUi«L« 1 1 1H :: 1 TOP RIGHT: David Kim, number one seed, returns serve. BOTTOM LEFT: Kim Warren concentrates on her follow through. ABOVE: Number one doubles team. Brian and Scott, get set lor the return. ■[■». 153 Olympic League FOOTBALL ALL LEAGUE David Brouwer Sam Fey Jeff Frederickson Jake Hiemscra Gary Van Den Berg CROSS COUNTRY ALL LEAGUE Ed Keller Lance Ryan BASKETBALL ALL LEAGUE Randy Brouwer Dan Koolmees Brian Pollema Rob Van Duyn Dennis Vogel ALL C.LF Dan Koolmees Rob Van Duyn Dennis Vogel SOCCER ALL LEAGUE Doug Boerigter Darren Hesson Gary Overgaauw Henry Wind BASEBALL ALL LEAGUE David Brouwer Jeff Frederickson Oscar Sanchez I ' nri x i 154 . . . And GIF. Honors S l l VOLLEYBALL ALL LEAGUE Carmen Cole Wendy Vander Vis BASKETBALL ALL LEAGUE Maria Pittman Kim Warren La Trice Williams 3RD TEAM ALL CLE La Trice Williams CROSS COUNTRY ALL LEAGUE Karen Dykscra Stephanie Hanog SOFTBALL ALL LEAGUE Charlene Dekker De Ann Doombos Chris Groot Michelle Marselles Wendy Vander Vis 155 Stat Girls VOLLEYBAL L. LEFT TO RIGHT: Cmdy Van Munsier. LaTme Willfams. MISSING: Laurie Truckey. SOCCER. LEFT TO RIGHT: Kristi Schoken. Cmdy Davis. Kim Bacl strom. Keeping stats for our athletic teams Are you wondering what stats are? Well, The word stands for statistician and they are the people who have the behind -the -scene role of taking score for our athletic teams. They are very important individuals. How else would the score be taken accurately.- ' They also keep track of shots, spikes, accurate passes . . . and more! We have stats for every one of our many teams, from freshmen to varsity. The dedication of the stats is greatly appreciated by us all. What would we have done with out you this year! TRACK. LEFT TO RIGHT: Sara Hiemsna. Cindie Godfrey. Scacey Pierro. Kir Tripp Evelyn Romeis. Dianne Vander VCal, Michelle Brookes, Lori De Bie. ( 156 Stats )S BASKETBALL LEFT TO RIGHT: Bonmt Alkn. Fmily Polhckjcuninc Robin- GIRLS HASKHTHALi. LEFT TO RIGHT: Susan Mulder. Chris Gr xx. C thy V»ndcr Piae . F.nka Johnson. ' ir l SOFTBALL LEFT TO RIGHT: Chris Dekkcr. Julir Bmuwer. F(X)TBALL LEFT TO RIGHT: Jcanell Bniinsma. Chele Mibry. Brrndi DrBoer. MISS- ING: Trade Balucr. also BASEBALL Stat. 157 His Spirit ReSlected In Music Woman ' s Ensemble Blending their voices for excellence Learning new songs, doing voice ex- ercises, and learning how to improve one ' s voice is all pan of Women ' s En- semble. This choir is just like any other choir except for the fact that it is made up of all females. Girls from freshman to seniors can become a pan of this choir if they are willing to individually audition. Then Mr. Goedhan, the director of the Women ' s Ensemble, chooses the girls that he feels are most qualified. This choir performed for many people and took pan in many choir festivals. This year the voices of the girls blended nice- ly. This experience is a good way for the girls to learn about music, God, and to get along with others. THIRD ROW: Traci Hallmark, Pam VanDiest, Bonnie Allen, Theresa Vander Dussen, Marsha V ' rigt Alisa Droke, Cindy Godfrey, Kathy Scheevel, Deanne Andringa, Judy Boerigter, Natalie VegK SECOND ROW: Kir Tripp. Debbie Terpsrra, Sara Teunissen. Diane Griners. Diane Wigboldy, Faith Leatned. Ki Hoeksma. Shelley Bruinsma. Stephanie Hartog. Ann Thompson. FIRST ROW: Miss Wieldtaayet, Lisa Vos. Kei Vos, Patty Ehvis. Matgety Clute. Mary Thomas, Chetyl Cnossen. Shannon Robetts. Doni Rolin. Mr Goedhai director 160 I Concert Choir Sing, Sing, Sing Concert Choir had a cerriflc year This group of guys and girls learn about music theory and quality choral music and then take all of that knowledge and put it into their per- formances. They perform at concerts, which are under the direction of Mr. Goedhart. Concert Choir is a fun, learning class for people interested in music and singing. trmri -t u ' 1 ■ ' riRD ROW: Renee Bommelje. Michelle Myers. Stephanie Jones. CUthy Allen. Missy McNaaghr. Sandri Dykema. Dana Bailey. Lisa Bnigma. Chris K ' underlich. i O.VD ROW: Joyce Simmons. Julie Keuning. Dawn Van Meeceren.John VanderPloeg, Jeff Hogan. James DeKoekkoek. Alan Mulder, Robert Van Heynigen. jje Kingston. Shannon Garrett FIRST ROW: Laura Derryberry. Susanne Olive, Chris Shaffer, Rich Vande Vegre, Kirk Templemtn, Cindy Plechas, Missy Hogan. 161 A cappella Sing your praises to the Lord A ' cappella may seem like an easy class, but it ' s not. It is one you will have to work at to succeed in. By the end of the year, all voices will be blended together into four separate sounds. With everyone standing tall with smiles on their faces, this year ' s A ' cappella choir performed at the fall, winter, and spring concerts. They also participated in the Biola University Choir Festival. The highlight of all per- formances was when the choir sang " Beautiful Sav- ior. " This song stood out in all performances, and took in the most applause. The memories of the day-to-day practices, the maroon robes of course the black mary jane shoes will always be remem- bered. FIRST ROW: Dana Arnstan. Paige Kredit.Joan Broersma, Robin Simon. Leanne Grttters. Sheryl Bakker. Lorene Cooncz, Dani Poelstra. Sara Hiemscra, Angie Lamboov. Bren DeBoer, Parci DeMasrer. Alicia Wright. Mary Beth Brown. Lisa Struiksma. Laura Westra. SECOND ROW: Sandy VanAalsburg. Gwen Cooke. Bonnie Kooiman. Robin Talsn Mary Mouw, Linda Veltman.Jill Markus. Sandy Doornbos. Karen Watson. Judi Laninga. Alleen Klein. Tammy Fletcher. Becky Gravell. Kandi Verhoef. Charlene Dekker. Nil VandeSteeg, Cyndie VanWeerthuizen.Jane VanHofwegen. Bonnie Gritters. THIRD ROW: Cindy Davis. Kristi Scholten. Tammy VanMeeteren. Susan Mulder. Darren Zonnefe Curtis Griepsma. Gary Vandenherg. Tom Sraal. Danny VanDuyn. Rob VanDuyn. Rob Snapper, Gary Henry. F.d Keller. Dick Recker. im Tanis, Stan DeBoer. Carmen Cole. Bren Sybesma. Carolyn Rietveld. Laurie Trucky. Wendy VanderVis FOURTH ROW: Sharia Solsma. Linda Turner. Darren Snapper. Burt Dirkse. Kevin VanOtterloo. Jell Struiksn Dave Brouwer. Mike Kline. Randy Brouwer. Dennis Vogel. Brian Pollema. David Bom. John Biedebach. Jell Anema. Jake Hiemstra. Chris Groot. Andy Reno. Sue Vanderbe Chris Dekker, Sue Dragt. Julie Brouwer. 162 OPPOSITE PAGE. TOP: Our t ' aitbtul pianist. Giil VC ' ieldraaycr. TOP LEFT: Acappelli performs 3t rhcir first concen ol the year. MIDDLE LEFT: Pnct,cr is so much fun ' ABOVE: Raise your hinds if you re Sure BOTTOM LEFT: Valla performs with Ripon Hi h Sirhixtl at one of our chapels. 16 Madrigals TOP LEFT: Madrigals sing beau- tifully during one of our chapels. TOP RIGHT: Andy Reno and Brenda Sybesma rehearse their pans in a song. STANDING: Suzanne Dragt, Kevin Van Otterloo. Carolyn RietVeldJohn Biedebach. Randy Brouwer, Mr. Goedhart. Andv Reno. Dennis Vogel, Bun Dirkse. Darren Snapper, Shark Solsma, David Bom. Nikki Van De Steeg. SITTING: Dani Poelstra, Leanne Gritters. Brenda Sybesma Joan Broersma 164 A Talented Group When someone mentions the Madrigals, one of the first things that comes to mind, is talent. The Madrijyals perform at various places, ranging from different churches m the area and hospitals to amusement parks such as Knott s Berry Farm. With only 2 singers returning from last year the Madrigals were inexperienced. Yet. with a lot of practice their voices soon blended together. The Madrigals really did a great job of witnessing this year as they touched the hearts of everyone they performed for. TOP LEFT: Midrigah rehearse for » big performance MIDDLE RIGHT: Madngah walk gracefully to the chapel ,o perform for the studem bod, BOT TOM LEFT: Mr Goedharr cracks a few ,okes to ease then rierves nancDens Our bellringers Getting to school at 7:00 in the morning may not seem like fun to you but it is music to the ears for Valley ' s Handbell Choir. Though much preparation and planning goes into effect, the choir has reached a point of outstanding achievement. All this has been accomplished through the help of Mr. Gray. r f% m I ABOVE: Handbells at early morning practice. TOP RIGHT: Handbells perform at one of our chapels. J % ' t 1 nr JS : BACK ROW: Kelly Vos.Jolleen Zuidervaan, Barb Bootsma. Martha Mulder BOTTOM ROW: Mr Gray. Yvunrie Koopmans. Tammy VanderKamp. Kandace Verhoef, Michelle Overdum. Juanica Groen, Pam Van Diest, Julie Sruir. Mary Borhof 166 Pep And Stage Band Our Small Bands What ' s that over there trying to out do the noise of the crowd r ' Oh. it ' s the pep band and it ' s director. Mr. Gray. They fill up a whole section of seats opposite the fans, and play such songs as " Eat ' em up " , and other class competi- tion tunes. Another of Mr. Gray ' s groups is the stage band. They start off their mornings at 7:30, in the band room, practicing over and over again for perfection. They perform at such things as Mother ' s Club and the Pop ' s Concert. It was a good year, and we will be looking forward to hearing them again next year. TOP LEFT: Stage Band members pose for a picture LEFT: The Stage Band. l ANDING: Mr Gray. Carta Warren. Paul The. Barb B x tsma. Paul Vellema.Jim Tanis. Rod Artema.Jan Wilson. David Kim. ' athan Van De Brake. Beth Brown. SITTING: James Tspatolis. Jeff Siuit. Wesley Nance. Bill Keller Jeff Doornbos 167 Band Praising the Lord with instruments and music Valley ' s Crusader Band is one of the many groups that help represent our school and its spirit. This year ' s band was con- ducted by Mr Gray, who left us in 1981 and joined us again this year. They participated in a few parades and played for several diffetent groups and organizations. They even played at the Dodger Stadium which was a rather big event. The band also plays a large role at Valley ' s home football games. They played just before the game and were a part of the half time shows. On a few occasions the band marched through the halls playing their loudest in an attempt to give the school more school spirit for that day. We thank our band for doing such a good job. BACK ROW- Mr. Gray. Troy Van Leeuwen. James Powers, Rick Bom, Judy Laninga. Randy Ramirez. THIRD ROW- Nancy Van Dyk. Tammy Groot. Ericka Johnson, Kristy Scbolten, Sandy Doornbos, Dominique Kleyh, Cathy Roodzam, Sandra Hoffman, James Tsapatolis, Randy Anema, David Tanis . Jeff Sroub. Wes Nance. Bill Keller. Eddie Kornoelie. Paul The, Ken Brown, John Kortenheven. Roy Klassen, Paul Vellema.Joel Nagle. Jim Tanis. SECOND ROW- Tammy Vande Kamp, Cathy Vander Ploeg, Janet Mulder, Angle Lambooy,Jan Wilson, Mary Bothof Ron Vande Vegte, Nathan Van De Brake, Barb Boorsma. Rodney Attema. Martha Mulder. Alleen Klein. Jeff Doornbos, Mary Beth Brown. Ed Keller FRONT ROW- Brenda Sybesma. Yvonne Koopmans. Kim Recker, Kim Backstrom, Caria Warren. Sharon Wigboldy. Laura Westra.JiU Van Otterloo, Debbie Scheenstra, Chris Shaffer, Barb Aisner, Sandy Wiersma. 168 MIDDLE LEFT: Ovch ' Thar huns my ears ' LEFT: The band pUys for rhe Thanksgmnf- program TOP RIGHT: The band hnes up to play " Valley Fight " for the football playets. ABOVE: The leader of the band shows he can do it t x ! TOP LEFT: Here comes our band! 169 ' £ ? His Spirit Reflected In Organizations t0u»- ♦W " ,11 Varsity Cheerkading Raising school spirit 1982S ir, r " ' " ' " ' ' ' ' y ' ' ' ' ' - ShU Che 1982-83 cheerleaders were hard at work, wfth early morr mg practices and cheerleadmg camp during the suma er, the g.rls prepared for the upcLng School yTarfullof ' ' " ' V ' ' ' ' ' " ' " ■ " ' ' ' y ' ' - ot year full of games, ralhes. and they also started a ' new ' -S by cheering on Senior Square. These JrJs brought a lot of spirit to our school for special efents nd games. Cheerleaders have much more to do thin just yell cheers, they have a ,ob which consist teams This is no easy task and we should be thankful for these dedicated girls. nanKtul TOP. When I s.y V.lhy you say Chrisdan. BOTTOM RICHT u „ Cheerleaders yell for a victory ABOVF J " ' " " T: Valley rrop,al theme ' ' " " ' 1 " " " d Gwen dress to th the TOP LEFT: DarU Wind shows her pride with J glow. TOP RIGHT: Checnng it all sports tikes a tot of energy. ' TTOM: Cindy Dtrkse, Rachelle Rienscra. MIDDLE: Cyndie Van Weerthuizen.Joan Broersma. Nikki Vande Steeg. Gwen Cooke. TOP: DarU Wind. Laura 773 JV Cheerleaders TOP RIGHT: Lets rock Ms [own! TOP LEFT: We ' ve goc spirit! BOTTOM LEFT: JV cheerleaders brmg spirit to Senior Square. TOP: Lisa Vos. Doni Rolm. STANDING: Michelle Marselle. Judy Boengter. Marilyn Clute TING: Margaret Polley. Kelly Van Kampen. Kara Hoeksema 174 Ltl-T: I II i;irh fx-iliitm m imr , l ihr htll time thiitn BELOV: 1 1) mdy tend ihr bunJ in ihr Annii PtrtJr The girls who had the band What hand is that coming this way. ' ' The identification unit fiives the answer to that particulat question. With theit large maroon shields and gold bangles, six beautiful girls lead the band on their march to the finish. As a part of the band, these girls participated in half time shows, per- forming with the drill team upon a few occasions. If you feel like being a " leader " , here ' s one way iou can ac- complish that ambition at Valley. Join the ID unit! TANDING: Kriai Scholten. Cindy Vhvis. KNEELING: Pittv Dam. Mmha W ' riehr. Kirvn Diksira. Bonnie Grinen Drill Team Smile girls! If there ' s one thing that Hvens up Valley ' s football games and pep rallies, it ' s the drill team. Their specialties are routines to music, and they do that very well. A lot of time and effort as well as practice is put into every routine to make each step perfect. The drill team has performed in many parades this year along with football games and pep rallies. Under the direction of Kristin Postma as captain and Mrs. Winters as advisor, the drill team did an out- standing job of putting together and performing routines. TOP RIGHT: A Hawaiian pep rally. ABOVE: The drill team warms up for the Anesia parade. RIGHT: The drill team performs with excellence at the Dodger Stadium. ' 6 176 LBFT: For yitur pre f:ainr cnierramment its the 4rh Annuil High School Hind Night. BELOW: Drill team prtctkn in the river bed FIFTH ROW: Colleen Covenion. FOURTH ROW: 5uMn Arntson. Alien W right. Sandy Dixirnbos. Chris Shaffer. Odulia Arellane. THIRD ROW: Kim Mesman. Lindj Montjno. Elsa Groen. Do- minique Kleyh. Dellari Folts, Robin Janes, Debbie Richardson. SEC- OND ROW: Barb Aisner. Alyssa Nash. Martha Mulder. Becky Gra- vell. Missy McNaught. Chris Van Dyke FIRST ROW: Kristen Postma. 177 rlag leam Flags raised high The 1982-83 flag team was made up uf all new mem- bers. They started off working together at Hubbard ' s Camp. They participated in both the Artesia and Bell- flower parades with performing at Dodger Stadium as theit highlight. The jobs of these girls were well-ranged. Both tall flags and short flags wete used for parades and fot matching out onto the football field with the band fot half-time routines and while singing the Alma Mater. They also cheered at basketball games. This year was very exciting, and these girls are sure to keep the memories treasured forever. TOP TO BOTTOM: Jill Murkus. Mlvson V njcr Brork. Cindy Cmuicn. 5jrj Debbie Schcens:rd. M ry Bcch Brawn. ABOVE: Jill dnd Allystm shaw cxciremcnr while supptin- ing chcir team BOTTOM RIGHT: Perl ' orminf; wilh the band tor a halttime show. 178 I TOP: Tall flags are part of Valley spirit in the Artesia Parade. ABOVE: Flagsrers leading the seniors in class competition. BOTTOM LEFT: Cindy Cnossen does her part in a pep rally. 179 Annual Staff Once upon a deadline There is one word that every Annual Staff member dreads more than any other . . . deadline. Each member is assigned a specific task throughout the year. Whether it ' s laying out, writing copy, editing, photo- fitting, taking pictures, finding ads, or just writing captions, each has the responsibility of finishing on time before the dreaded deadline. Many Monday nights were spent trying to complete this task, and besides keeping Burger King in business, much work was accomplished. The staff feels that this is the best book ever and we hope you all will enjoy it. 4 TOP RIGHT: There ' s always work to be done in annual. MIDDLE RIGHT: Annual Staffs head shatter bug. ABOVE: April works hard to finish her lay-out. LEFT: Cindy D»vis shows off her mtssivc typing skills in tnnuti TOP RIGHT: KditiH Kriui Scholtcn »nd Dtnt Arntson fet idcts for ihr yrgrhiHtk while visiting the Josicns Yetrbook Company. BOTTOM RIGHT: RteAnn irys tu tct like she doesn ' t know she ' s getting her picture ttken. fURTH ROV: April Huffman. Rae Ann Anderson. THIRD ROW: Sheryl Bker, Anna Derryberry. Tracy Theisens. Chris Dekker, Sara Hiemstra. Rachelle Ihstra; Assistant Editor. SECOND ROW: Cindy Davis. Krisii Scholtcn. Editor. Uta Arntson. FIRST ROW: Toni Floyd. Mishal Mathai. 181 Student Council Our student government leaders Student Council this year was very busy. At an early hour of 7:15 in the morning. Valley ' s Stu- dent Council was planning a number of things to do. In the beginning of the year they went right to work on passing the Sock Hop, Homecoming and the new King Cool. Later in the year they sponsored the Lovers -n- Levis Banquet, Spiritual Emphasis Week, Car Rally, Car Show, and other such things as the ASB Elections and special assemblies. All this hard work was done by peo- ple who put in a lot of time to make this year at Valley memorable for everyone. ABOVE: Cyndie Van Weenbuizen and Kara Hoeksema welcome all the couples co the Lovers -n- Levis Banquet. TOP: Sponsor, Mr. Cole collects tickets for the banquet because he couldn f find a date. BOTTOM RIGHT: Vice President Jeanell Bruinsma finds out it ' s not easy to think at 7:1 a.m. 182 LHFT: Robin Talsmt and List Siwikima dediCMtr their lime iii deriiniinf; ilie h nr trri lor llomeiomini; BELOW: Chele Mibry intrrvirwi V»n Ku r i« « one of the ruiminees for Km ; Cool. ROW: Kitalie Bouma. BraJJuhasz. Cindy Dans. Tracic Balucr: ASB Secretary: Scott Allen: ASB President. Jeanell Bruinsma. ASB Vice President. Chele ry: ASB Treasurer. Patty De Master. Mr. Cole. Shelece Draper. Kathy Roodzant MIDDLE: Kara Hoeksema. Cyndie Van WeerrhuiKn. BOTTOM: Lisa ksma. Dianne Vander Wal. Robin Talsma. 18.1 Gazette 323 En2 TOP RIGHT: Assistant Editor Scott Allen revising Margery Gate ' s article. BELOW: Lisa Vos types a final copy. MIDDLE RIGHT: Laying out pages comes easily tor Mary Bothof. Valley ' s local paper Much hard work was put into this year ' s Gazette. The format of the paper was changed to page headings and an editor was assigned to each page. That editor is responsible for assigning articles for each issue and also for laying out the articles. This worked out better in that each page editor would feel more responsible for his page. The editor-in-chief is responsible to see that all the pages are filled with in forma - tion. Finding interesting stories isn ' t easy, but the staff pulled through and were rewarded with a 2nd place award in a contest sponsored by the Columbia Scholastic Press Associ- ation. , _ __, B :3ss 3 4 s s 7 m 11 IS 13 1 -. IP 18 18 eo 8 ' an SB a«i E?T EJ 184 rj,„.r F.m,ly PolUKk .nj Msm.n, Hd,u„ Sco„ Allen ,5c„« .„ upcom.n. .n,rl. tn upcommn ' " if r KNEELING. LEFT TO RIGHT. Delhn Folrs. Chnstmr Cirdin. Drtnnj Grow 2nd ROW: Pi„v Oam, Poll.Kk. Kim Mrsmm. 1,11 » rkus.Shenl Bikker. Becky Gnvell 3rd ROW: Dave Bnmwer. S r,m Allen. Brim De Vries. Cjrmen Cole. Mrs Brouwer. advisor 4th ROW: Ind Sible. Gary Van Leeuwen. Anfie Lambooy. Carolyn Rietveld. Brian Brumby. Henry Wind Math Club The club for the computer age With the world coming to the computer age, it ' s a wise decision to get into the computer math club. This club is provided for students interested in the world of computers and it teaches them from basic to really involved subjects. There are many things to learn so the computers are always occupied with students trying new things. They also sold dough- nuts at the kitchen window at break to raise money so they can buy more computers. This club will prepare Valley students for the computer age which is growing more and more each day. TOP RIGHT: The math club rakes time out from selling donuts Co pose for a picture- ABOVE: Mr. Le Febre. the leader of the club ts m charge of selling donuts BOTTOM RIGHT: " May I help you. ' " 186 Chess Club Concentrating on every move Chess is a game which requires a lot of decision making, concentration, and planning. At Valley our chess club has the members that can do just that, and will. Taking over as sponsor for Rev. Knowles this year is Mr. McCune. His knowledge in chess has helped the club in improving their game. The chess club meets at lunch which is the only time that is available. This year ' s club has three freshmen and four seniors. Maybe next year we can get some of every class in the club. UPPER LEFT: " I just ctn ' t nuke up my mind on whmt move to nuke. " BOT- TOM LEFT.Jtn Bruins. Dtrrel Groen, Rich Bollom. Rick Noting. Dtve Criffm. Jeff Buddie. Mr McCune, Doug Qutst RIGHT: " Go thead tnd move it tiretdy. " 1U7 A new dub joins Valley inicrdLL The Interact program was developed, created and is an activity of Rotary International. This club ' s purpose is to provide opportunity for them to work together in a world fellowship dedicated to service and international under- standing. This year the Interact Club sponsored a canned food drive for Thanksgiving and two blood drives. This club is a new addition to Valley. Dr. Bootsma is the school sponsor, Mr. Zastrow is the Rotary sponsor and Dave Brower is the president. The Interact Club is a new club and intends to get stronger through the years. TOP LEFT: Judy Laninga and Dave Griffin just waiting for some blood. BOTTOM LEFT: Just a couple of happy blood donors TOP RIGHT: Rob Van Duyn can r bare to look. MIDDLE RIGHT: Interact members collect can goods at the Thanksgiving program. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mr. Zastrow, the sponsor of Interaa, tells President Dave Brouwer the plans for the future. I uj m o,. --i v 188 WINDOW 6 I His Spirit ReSlected In Support Groups V : Uttice Mrs. A. Brink 10 years Mr. B. Keuning 18 years Where the major concerns are handled Most of us don ' t realize how much hard work goes into running Valley. Besides organizing report cards, keeping track of fees, paying bills and averaging grades, Mrs. Brink, our never- failing secretary, takes phone calls, orders the needs, and sorts out the mail for an entire high school. As principal, Mr. Keuning has to see that good parent -teacher relationships are maintained and takes care of discipline problems. Valley is very fortunate to have such a dedicated, hard working team. TOP RIGHT: Mr. Keuning uses bis favorite modern convenience. MIDI LEFT: Just one quick announcement. " BOTTOM RIGHT: Office aides, Joan, ease the heavy work load. 190 Business Office Business as usual The Business Office is a very import jnr place here at Valley. Many important issues are taken care of there. Some of them are tuition, finances, and the bus system. Not only is it the Business Office, it is also where you find Dr. Bootsma ' s office. Mrs. LeFebre and Mrs. l.ougee are the two sec- retaries who take care of the office. These three people have taken on f reat responsi- bilities and have done a good job taking care of them. We thank you three for doing such a great job this year, as always. TOP LEFT: The triephone is a primiry- link tt) our superintendent ' s fob. LEFT: Mrs LeFebre f:rts reidy to send out school publications ABOVE: There s never a dull moment! Dr K Bootsma v t x - The men who do the " dirty " work Under the leadership of Arnie Westra. twelve dedicated men, chosen for their good reputations, did all the " dirty " work for the school. This year they went before the Cerritos City Council to present their plans for the new industrial arts building. Things didn ' t turn out as planned, but since they were the board, they were quick in making changes in the plans. These men also worked on a new set of rules for eligibility for the students who participate in extra-curricular activities. Without the dedication from these men. the school would not run smoothly. TOP RIGHT: One of the hi hlighrs of the job is giving out diplomas. ABOVE: Mr. Westra is loaded down with paper work. RIGHT: What a happy group! 192 TOP LEFT: One iifrhc many Booster Club meetings HOTTOM l.f-FT: A Booster Cluh memher sells season passes at the l.etrermans fanc u« MIDDI.I- KKiHT: Three Booster memhers with one of the many si ns they made tor the athletes. ■iriTi r; " i! OLYMPIC LEAGUE SOCCER CM4NPS (D ® ® ® ® ® Giving our athletes a. boost Have you ever wondered who bought all the trophies for the sports banquets Or who paid for the banquets themselves The Boosters did it all. The Boosters did a whole lot of things for Valley in the past and continues to do so. They raise their money by selling pre -season tickets for home football and basketball games and also by selling the refreshments at the football games. The one big thing that they did for Valley this year was making the banners that will be in the gym. This club is made up ot parents who want to give a little extra for the school and take some of their own time to help. Thank you Boosters. Mothers ' Club JR The women who raised us Have you ever cold yourself chat you would be able co live wichouc your mother Well, Valley hasn ' c. Valley would never be able CO make ic wichouc che Mochers ' Club. These mochers have meecings where chey make plans for the school in a time period when they could be doing other things. They start planning events, such as, the harvest festival, long before the day of it ' s occurance is upon us. They are also the one s who come up with items to sell at the Christmas Boutique. And can you imagine the elementary and junior high kids without their hot lunches? Well, the Mother ' s club fills those small stomachs with the much needed food. They also run the dishwashers for all the events in which the plates were used. With Mel Hood as President, the support of the other ladies in the club we have alot to thank them for. TOP RIGHT: One of che major attractions at che Harvest Festival was the pottery booth wh,ch drew alot of attention from che youth ABOVE: The Christmas Boutique wai another precedent the Mothers Club has set. BOTTOM RIGHT: A few mothers ' gather at the Christmas Boutique for coffee and cookies. 194 J-JLUllll JJlJLll lJ J jC X,jK KyS iCt.Ll M Ji Busy but dedicated men One of Valley Christian High School ' s most loyal supporting organizations is the Business Men. They are a group of volunteers who work together to provide the school system with things they wouldn ' t have had otherwise. For fundraisers they sell turkeys and hams during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. They also have a toy auction some time in the winter. We would Uke to thank these men for their support and dedication to the Christian Schools. TOP LEFT: Do I hear S OO: ' MIDDLE RIGHT: A Businessman gathers up toys for the auction BOTTOM LEFT: Two of the Businessmen parade a toy around for auction. 195 Janitors Mulders make it shine Keeping Valley S campus clean is a hard job. Fortunately for us we have the Mulders. They sweep and shine the floors we trample on. wash the top of the desks we write on. and many other tireless chores. The Mulders are here cleaning before we get to school and stay even after we leave. And during vacations, while were ,n the mountains or at the beach, the Mulders are here diligently cleaning We owe the Mulders a lot of thanks because if it weren r for them our pride would be dirty. ABOVE: Mr Mulder h;ird at wi}rk TOP RIGHT- .ir ha u BOTTOM RIGHT: Mr M.ld.r .nd lfl Zkt :!t ' " ' " " ' " ' " " " " " ' ' " " ■ 196 IIPPER LEFT: WhMt m htppy f-roup ,}l bus ,lrmr MIDDLI: LI-FT: ( nmc ,m Mrs lliiimirt ust sjy cheese BOTTOM I.FFT: Jeriy his in I Irri Hrif;hi smile MIDDLE KKiHT: Mrs Turtis irics m smile real bif; sn mi one will nuiiie she went nn the wninj bus Our very own chauffeurs Moms and Dads are always celling us how when they were kids they used to walk five miles in the snow just to get to school. Well, when we become moms and dads, we won ' t be able to say that because here at Valley, we have certain ladies who get up very early in the morning to drive a bus just to get you to school. These ladies are Valley s bus drivers. We should be really grateful for these ladies because, let ' s face it, five miles is quite a ways to walk. 197 Attendance, Book, Canteen What ' s high school without tardy notices, school books and snacks? This year there was a change rhac affected everyone ' s lunch hour. The canteen was moved to the kitchen, next to the chapel. The school even chose and voted on a name for the canteen. The poll was taken and the canteen adopted the name " Krusader Kitchen. " The canteen was run by both guys and girls of the junior class. Mrs. Zeller took on the responsibility of the attendance office. This job is usually taken by Mrs. R. Sjoerdsma who takes her own time to stack and sort out books. The bookstore is located m the old canteen. We should all thank these two for doing such an extremely good job. ABOVE: David Bom sells food from the new canteen. TOP RIGHT: Valley ' s bookstore is just so popular " MIDDLE RIGHT: " I didn ' t know Valley had so many kids ' " BOTTOM RIGHT: Mrs. Zeller takes care of her daily business. 198 m 11 iKf ii )it , V ■£- X J « His Spirit Reflected In Ads A nd Ind ex AR TESIA READY-MIX CONCRETE INC. " Quality Plus Service Equals Savings " 13949 E. Stage Rd., Santa Fe Springs, Ca. Phone: 865-5618, or 863-4038 Chuck Oliver, Pres. Mission Ready Mix In Ontario (714) 947-3661 Sheppa Ready Mix Concrete, Inc. In Tulare: (209) 686-1396 In lemoore: (209) 924-1221 200 DARRIiLL cS.- LARRY S 7936 E. Firestone Blvd., Downey, CA 90241 869-3343 Air Conditioning Service Complete Motor Repair Pollution Control drhuretor Overhaul Brakes Bank Americard Boat Tuning F.conomy Tuning Performance Tuning Performance Tuning Dyno Tuning Master Chari:e COG BURN REALTY CO. FAR WEST PROPER TY MANAGEMENT Specializing in: Apartment Buildings Residential Income n.i62 Bell flower Blvd. Bellflower, CA 90706 (213) 866-1120 Tom Byma Real Estate - Loans ■ Exchanges (213) 923-5005 10001 Artesia Blvd. Bellthwer, CA 90706 CERRITOS AUTO BODY SER VICE (213) 860-4448 Dick Bell i Complete auto body service and paint shop. 11636 Artesia Boulevard Artesia. Calif. 90701 JEAN ALLEN ESCROW CO., INC Professionals In BUSINESS ESCROWS -BUSINESS FINANCING AVAILABLE All Types of Real Estate Escrows Sales -Exchange Loan Conventional- V.A.-F.H.A.-Cal- Vet Staffed With Certified Senior Escrow Officers Neva R. Frederickson, President 630-1070 774-9610 3321 E. Anesia Blvd. Long Beach, Ca. " Over 30 Years Experience " CLARK WHEELER Engineering Inc. Specialists In Tubular Products 926-0432 16615 Edwards Rd. Cerritos, Ca. 90701 202 GEORGE W. NEESE DeYoung Artesia Mortuary Your Chapel in the Garden 1 7713 S. Pioneer Blvd. Anesia, CA. 90701 (213) 863-1263 A B LAWNMOWER A LPWNHOWER SHOP Sales -New Used Service -All Makes Models Sharpening-AII Mowers (714) 322-5253 6076 Orangethorpe Buena Park. Ca. 90620 WEISS BAKERY, INC. SINCE 1940 -- .r - »-. f - . - Cliff - Verdell Louis Joslin 9825 E. Belmont 867-3246 Bellflower. Ca. 90706 867-6616 J J TRUCK SALES " NOW IT ' S TRUCKS " (213) 865-7012 (714) 521-0205 11654 E. Anesia Blvd. Anesia. 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Broersma (213) 863-0284 11545 Anesia Blvd. Aneiia, Ca. 90701 ADVANCH RADIATOR - AIR CONDITIONING SERVICE 9916 Anesia Blvd. Bellflower. Ca. Otirdon Tiemcver l.fnvn TIemeycr ILiilk I ' lcmcicr 164,i Paramount 1)1 SINCE 1952 BOOGAARDS- FURNITURE Case. John Grerca Bot gaard HOT,? Alondra Blvd ADAMSONS JEWELER Y DON WRIGHT JF.WF.LF.R- WATCHMAKKR BELLFLOWER TRANSMISSION SER VICE Pioneer Blvd. Ca. 90701 Automatic Transmission Specialist Phone S6- .:il) John and Larry 9940 F.. Anesia Blvd. Bcllllowcr. CA 907(r, " CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1983 " ADVANCE RADIATOR AIR CONDITIONING SER VICE Phone 869-0986 Tony, Janice, Phil, Kirk, and Bryan Templeman 7928 Firestone Blvd. Downey, California 90241 205 CVS INC. (213) 925-5419 9637 Flower St. Bel I flower. Ca. 90701 CONGRATULATIONS AND GOD ' S BLESSING TO THE CLASS OF 1983 Muffler Shocks Weldi! Hitch ARTESIA GLASS Roger Wigboldy (213) 860-3511 11403 Anesia Blvd. (213) 865-7714 Anesia, CA. 90701 KAR-LIFE MUFFLER AND WELDING SHOP VAN DOTMOOR S ORCHIDS 11436 E. 183rd St. Weddings Anesia, Ca. 90701 Corsages (213) 865-1686 Funerals Ted 923-1113 ANDERSON Income Tax Service Jim Anderson 9878 F. Alondra 867-6397 Belltlower. CA 9934 Vi Anesia Bellflower. CA 90706 ■CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ' 83 " WEST COAST SAND GRAVEL, INC. P.O. Box 5267 7312 Orangethorp Ave Buena Park, Ca. 90622 Rock - Sand - Base Materials Washed Plaster and Concrete Sand - Top Soil (714) 322-0282 EXPERT TRAVELS SER VICES Friendly Professional Travel Service Air - Mail - Tours - Cruises " WE DELIVER " Martin J. Sterk Your Personal Travel Consultant 213) 396-6564 (714) 898-9939 13051 Goldenwest St. Huntington Beach. Ca. 92647 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ' 83 A.L. 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We, the senior members of the yearbook staff, would like to dedicate the senior section of the 1983 yearbook to the memory of Lane Broersma, 1964-1979 our classmate for 9 years. 210 Where Am I? Index Barbara Aisner 73, 130, 168, 177, 140 David Aisner 68. 90 Mitchell Aldrich 79 Bonnie Allen 68, 132, 137 Cathleen Allen 79, 81, 127, 133, 161 Scott Allen 18, 28, 32, 34, 49, 123, 183, 183 Gary Anderson 68 Rae Ann Anderson 68, 69, 84, 181 Deanne Andringa 79 Jeffrey Anema 32, 34, 100, 116, 123, 162,60 Randy Anema 79, 126, 168, 169 Lucille Anes 34 Dana Arntson 32, 34, 89, 97, 162, 181, 36 Susan Arntson 79, 177 Rod Attema 68, 168 Tt- Jim Auman 73, 130, 133, 148 LL B Kimberly Backstrom 68, 110, 136 168, 169 ■ Dana Bailey 73, 127, 139, 130 Sheryl Bakker 32, 34, 162, 181, 183 William Ballard 73, 126 Trade Baltzer 32, 34, 101, 103, 103, 106, 107, 183, 217 Miesha Batiste 79 Strachella Batiste 73 Telicia Batiste 79, 130 John Biedebach 73, 162, 164, 163 Barbara Binns 79 Bradley Bishop 73 Carl Blake 3, 32, 34, 23, 29, 49, 32, 100. 120, 123, 136. 137, 61 J Sandra Blake 68 Michael Blankers 79 Douglas Boerigter 68, 100, 121. 123. 132 148 Judith Boerigter 73, 174 Richard Bollom 32, 33 David Bom 68. 114, 133, 137. 162, 164, 163. 148 Richard Bom 79, 168 Renee Bommelje 73, 161 Barbara Bootsma 10, 73, 73, 127, 168. 140 John Bos 79, 126 Peter Bos Debra Boston 33, 32 Mary Bothof 4, 73, 127, 168, 140 Corey Bouma 7- David Bouma 79, 162 Natalie Bouma 79, 183 Tom Bousema 28, 79, 162, 140 Rodney Bowman 79, 126, 162 Daniel Boyd 73 Paul Briggs 79, 126 Joan Broersma 68, 97, 100, 108, 162, 164, 173, 190, 122 Michelle Brookes 68, 136 David Brouwer 32, 33, 89, 107, 114, 116, 49. 124, 123, 142, 162, 183. 61, 70 Julie Brouwer 32, 33, 27, 62, 116, 137, 139, 162 Randal Brouwer 24, 32, 33, 63, 93, 120. 136. 143, 162. 164, 163, 138 Kenneth Brown 79, 126, 162, 168 Mary Beth Brown 32, 33, 31, 89, 101. 106. 162. 168, 178, 60, 36 Lisa Brugma 79 Jan Bruins 79, 10 Jeanell Bruinsma 32, 33, 98, 111, 109, 157, 182. 183 Shelley Bruinsma 73, 103, 105, 106, 107, 140 Brian Brumby 84. 134, 185 Jeffrey Buddie 80 Randal Bultsma 68, 125 Linda Caldwell 68, 114 Halden (KB.) Calvert 32, 36, 125, 60, 148 Carol Candilas 68, 131 Christine Cardin 80, 183 Kimbirii Carter 74 Lois Carter 74 Scott Cato 74 Stacy Cato 68, 139, 130 Frank Chavez 36 Jennifer Cho 74 Robert Christensen 74, 143 Sean Ciesa 74, 123, 140 John Clemens 74, 135 Margery Clute 68, 70, 84, 89, 157 Marilyn Clute 74, 174 Cheryl Cnossen 73, 74, 78 Cynthia Cnossen 32, 36, 33, 106, 133, 178, 179, 61 Carmen Cole 28, 32, 36, 68, 116, 129 138, 162, 183 Alvin Coloma 3, 32, 36 Todd Cook 68 Gwen Cooke 90, 84, 68, 114, 116, 162, 172, 173, 122 Lorene Coontz 32, 36, 162, 38 Coleen Coventon 3, 80, 127, 177 Greg Cox 74, 126, 132 Dena Crellin 32, 33. 36 52 53, 99, 101, 129 Troy Crellin 74 Wendi Curtis 80, 92 David Daley 68, 153 Cynthia Davis 32. 33, 37, 49, 33, 99, 109, 131, 150, 156, 162, 175, 183, 31 Patty Davis 68. 109, 175, 185 Lori De Bie 32, 37, 50, 51, 156 Brenda De Boer 32, 37, 157, 162 Edward De Boer 3, 71, 68, 125 Stanley De Boer 68. 132, 152, 162 Curtis De Groot 74, 126. 135 Michael De Jong 70, 68, 122 Charlene Dekker 5, 32, 37, 33, Index 119, 131, 138, 139, 145. l62, 36, 21; 31 Christine Dekker 68, 114, 131, 139, 157, 162. 181 James De Koekkoek 74 Marianne De Leeuw 69, 114 Scott De Leeuw 74, 103, 105, 106 Patricia De Master 69, 100, 162, 183 Anna Derryberry 74. 181 Laura Derryberry 80 Brian De Vries 37, 124, 123. 32, 185, 132, 136 137, 49, 138, 120, 89, 32 Douglas De Vries 74 Lori De Vries 127, 69, 71, 143, 84 Alan De Weerd 74, 134 Burton Dirkse 103, 109, 106, 3 , 103, 32, 116. 31, 164, 162, 33, 61, 217 Cynthia Dirkse 97, 69, 172, 173, 114 Ricardo Dizon 80 De Ann Doornbos 74, 78, 145, ii9, no Jeffrey Doornbos 74. 130, 168 Sandra Doornbos 16, 69, 168, 114, 177. 162 Gary Doty 74, 126 Suzanne Dragt 37. 32, 164, 162 Shelece Draper 69. 183, 114, 90 Alisa Droke 80 Kimberly Duimstra 80, 82 Carissa Dunn 74 Lawrence Dunn 74, 126, 148 Sandra Dykema 74, 131. 18, 130, 161 Karen Dykstra W9. 16, 69, 173, 150, 114, 119 Leslie Dykstra 80, 150 Jeff Enserink 69 Scott Enserink 38, 3. 130, 32, 152. 136, 137, 50, 31, 113. 120 Linda Escarzaga 74, 150, 140 Michael Escarzaga 80, 126 Jin Eun 80 Michael Evans 75, 130, 74, 135 Bryan Feenstra 73, 126 Darrel Fey 69, W Samuel Fey 97, 101. 38, 123, 32, 143, 163 Eve Flannery 80 Tammy Fletcher 38, 32, 162 Toni Floyd 75. 150, 133, 181. 90 Delkri Folts 80, 97, 185, 177 Julie Fotis 32, 38 Michelle Fox 75 Jeffrey Frederickson 38. 133, 32, 134 Alden French 75, 133 I ' Shannon Garrett 73 Alan George 73 Tracy Gillum 73 Eric Glover 80, 126 Cindie Godfrey 73, 127, 18. 136, 140 Stacy Goodson 80, 130 Ronald Grace 80 Rebecca Gravell 97. 38, 32, 183, 31, 162 Curtis Griepsma 69, 114, 162 David Griffin 38, 3. 32, 162 Thomas Griffin 73, 1 35, 140 Bonnie Gritters 109, 39, 131, 32, 173, 162 Diane Gritters 129, 69, 143, 84 Leanne Gritters 39, 32, 164, 162, 163 Darrel Groen 80, 113. 164, 169, 167 Elsa Groen 69, 177 Juanita Groen 69, 110 Roberta Groeneveld 80 Christine Groot 97, 98, 129, 69, 157, 145. 138, 162 Tamara Groot 80, 105, 108, 79, 106, 3, 103, 127, 81, 168 Deanne Grow 39, 32, 185 H Traci Hallmark 75 Carla Hamilton 39, 32, 49, 33 Lisa Hanggie 75, 150, 140 Eric Hann 69. 56 Tammy Harris 39, 32 Stephanie Hartog 73, 131, 150, 118 Tamara Hemphill 80, 134, 150 Gary Henry 39, 32, 165, 162 Darren Hesson 39, 32, 133, 132 Jake Hiemstra 25, 69, 125, 72, 134, 162, 148 Sara Hiemstra 106, 69, 178, 136, 181, 162 Tyrone Hill 69 Kara Hoeksema 75, 97, 73, 174, 182, 183, 116, 122 Eric Hoekstra 80, 126 Victoria Hoekstra 40, 32 Sandra Hoffman 73, 168, 169 Jeffrey Hogan 80, 126, 134 John Hogan 40, 3, 130, 32 Melissa Hogan 80 Laura Hogue 81, 79, 127 Ty Houge 40, 32, 116, 51 Jonathon Holland 81, 126 Richard Hoting 40, 3, 32, 115, 120, 60, 162, 38 Jared Hubbard 75, 126, 133 April Huffman 75, 181 Sean Hulin 81, 162 Joe Hwang 73 ( I %iU Kellie Irving 69 Albert hen 73 Todd Jasper 73, 25, 29, 126 Diane Jefford 73 212 Kitty Jensen ■ ' 1$ Charles Jcmii aji 7?, l Q, 152 William Jernifinn 16. 60 Bruce Johnson 73 Erika Johnson 81, 168. 157 Ryie Jolmson 69 tria Jones 22. 69. 92 obin Jones 81, 177 Stephanie Jones 81. 127, 83, 161 Bradley Juhasz 76. 74, 183, 152, 132 Michael Katje 81. 126 Edward Keller 111, 40, 130, 131, 32, 168, 115, 143, 84, 49, 162, 56 William Keller 76. 130, 74, 134, 168. 135, 140 David Keiley 69 Julie Keuning 81 Kimberly Kiel 76. 10 Michael Kiel 69, 136, 143, 120 Anna Kim 40, 32 David Kim 70, 152 Paul Kimball 40. 125. 32, 116, 142. 143, 52 Julianne Kingston 76, 90 Jeffrey King 70, 122, 140 Scott King 70, 125, 143 Steven King 81, 126, 162 Marty Kirkpatrick 76, 125, 134, 148 Roydell Klaassen 81, 168 AUeen Klein 41, 32, 168. 162, 89 Dominique Kleyh 81, 97, 168, 177 Michael Kline 41, 32, 116, 143, 162, 52 Bradley Knox 70, 25, 135 ! Jeffrey Koldenhoven 76 Sonia Koldenhoven 41, 128, 129. 32, 63, 87 Bonnie Kooiman 41, 32, 92, 162 Arlene Kooistra 74, 76 Daniel Kvolmees 5. IS, 32, 41 90, III. 136. 158 Curtis Koontz 81 Yvonne Koopman 5. 76. 168. 169 Edwin Kornoelje T). 126. I H 168 W Christine Korsgaden 76 ■ i John Kortenhoeven 81, 103, lOX 106, 130. 132. 168 Ronald Kots 76 Paige Kredit 70. 162 Denise Kroeze 76 Scott Krosschell 81. 126, 140 Dean Ku veils 76, 116, 126, 183 Vickie Kuvelis 101, 98, 105, 109. 108, 106, 107, 41, 33, 102, 32, 115. 62. 89. 60. 61. 59. 217 Angela Lambooy 70, 97, 24, 129, 168, 185, 150, 162 Mark Lane 81 Judith Laninga 4, 32, 41. 51, 162, 168 Faith Learned 70 Rodrich Lemond 76 Wade Longbrake 70, 84 Brett Luartes 70, 84, 125 M Michelle Mabry 32, 42. 157, 183, 56 Jim Mandeville 81, 126. 178 Steven Maness 25, 76 Stephanie Mann 81 Jill Markus 5, 32, 42, 61. 101, 106, 53, 162, 185, 122 Elizabeth Marts 80, 81 Michelle Marselle 76, 145, 174 William Martin 32, 42, 152 Mishal Mathai 76, 181 Melissa McNaught 81. 127, 161, 177 Kim Mesman 70, 90. 177. 185 Melissa Miles 10, 76, 127, 140 Andrew Miller 11, 81 Gregory Miller 81, 126, 140 Jeffry Miller HI Maureen Miller ' ' O Jerry Millette 70 Linda Montana 28, 81, 127, 177 Shevonn Moore 32, 42 Brian Mott 70, 90. 143. Mary Mouw 32, 42, 97, 111. 162 Alan Mulder 81. 162 Janet Mulder 70, 16S Martha Mulder 76, 99, 150, 168, 177 Susan Mulder 4, 32, 42. 116. 157, 162 Michelle Myers 82, 161 r-i N Joel Nagel 82, 130, 132, 168 Annemarie Nakhla 76 Wesley Nance 7, 82, 132, 153, 168 Alyssa Nash 82, 177 Panida Nelson 70 Darlene Nickerson 70 Belkis Nunez 27, 30, 70 Morgan Ogg 76 Suzanne Olive 82 Michalle Overduin 4, 76, 169 Gary Overgaauw 76, 100, 101, 125, 132, 140 Steven Pangle 76, 126 Teresa Parrott 77 Cadandra Perrodin 79, 82, 80, 127 Lori Phillips 19, 75, 77. 119 Stacey Pierro 77, 156 John Piersma 16, 70, 103, 105, 106 213 Index David Pktman 32, 42 Maria Pictman 70, 139, 155, 158 Cindy Plechas 82 Danene Poelstra 70, 162, 164, 165 1 Steven Poelstra 77, 126, 153 Carol Poland 82 Elizabeth Poland 32, 42, 150 Brian Pollema 7, 27, 32, 43, 49, 120, 136, 158, 162 David Polley 16, 32, 43, 60, 103, 105, 106, 109, 217 Margaret Polley 70, 116 174, 122 Emily Pollock 70, 157 185 Kristen Postma 54, 77, 177 Donnell Powell 82 Christina Powers 70 James Powers 82, 126. 168 Jeffrey Proctor 70, 125. 135, 148 Anthony Pushckor 82, 126 Cindy Quast 77 Douglas Quast 5, 42, 43, 49, 162 Necole Quella 77 Randolph Ramirez 82, 162, 168 Derek Randle 77, 92, 126 Dick Recker 71, 134, 162 Kimberly Recker 82, 153, 168, 169 Jason Reed 71, 89 Mark Reed 82, 162 Andrew Reno 71, 98, 162 164, 165 Debbie Richardson 82 Nikka Richarson 71 Benjamin Riddle 82 162 Scott Riemersma 71 Troy Riemersma 32, 43, 132 Rachelle Rienstra 68, 71, 97, 98, 104, 105, 106, 173, 181 Carolyn Rietveld 32, 43, 164, 162, 165, 185 Shannon Roberts 80, 82 Jeanine Robinson 71, 90, 157 Mercedes Rodriguez 77 Doni Rolin 71, 174, 122 Evelyn Romeis 77, 156 Catherine Roodzant 82 127, 168, " ■ 183 Richard Roodzant 32, 43, 29 David Rose 71 Daniel Rushing 71, 72, 100 Lance Ryan 71, 130, 132 » d S Oscar Sanchez 32, 121, 143, 158 Gregory Sawyer 32, 44, 50, 51 Debra Scheenstra 16, 71, 106, 168, 178, 122 Kathleen Scheevel 82, 127 Douglas Schenk 71, 98, 125, 132 Kevin Schlauch 32, 44, 61 Brian Scholte 68, 71, 98, 114, 134 Krista Scholten 80, 82, 168 Kristi Scholten 32, 44, 53. 99, 109, 130, 150, 156, 162, 175, 181, 216, 31 Jeffrey Schwieger 77, 126, 140 Christine Shaffer 77, 168, 169, 177 Lance Shipley 71 Jill Shorter 71, 90 Kelly Shorter 82 Andy Sible 71, 135. 185 Anita Simon 77 Robin Simon 71, 150, 162 Joyce Simons 3, 82 Julie Smith 82 Mark Smith 77, 134 Nathaniel Smith 82 Darren Snapper 32, 44, 162, 164 Robert Snapper 25, 71, 125, 162 Marie Snead 77 Shark Solsma 32, 54, 44, 116, 162, 164 Rebecca Sorenson 18, 71, 150, 140 Thomas Staal 5, 7, 24, 32, 44, 52, 61, 105, 106, 109, no, 102, 162, 217 Martha Stolk 2, 71, 162 Jeffrey Stoub 7, 83, 84 130, 168 Jeffrey Struiksma 77, 100, 125, 132, 162, 140 Lisa Struiksma 32, 44, 97, 98, 183, 162 Julie Stuit 4, 27, 77, 78 Stephanie Sussoev 77, 155 Andrew Sybesma 83, 134 Brenda Sybesma 97, 45, 129, 32, 168, 169, 50, 51, 164, 165, 159, 162, 53, 158, 56, 31 David Tanis 83, 84, 130, 134, 153, 168 James Tanis 32, 45, 49, 162, 168 Steven Takekoshi 71 Robin Talsma 32, 45, 90, 98, 162, 183 James Taylor 71 Mike Taylor 83, 126, 140 Debra Tazelaar 77 Kirk Templeman 10, 77, 126, 140 Debbie Terpstra 19, 77, 127, 139, 150 Sarah Teunissen 83, 127 Paul The 83, 162, 168, 140 Tracy Theisens 29, 69, 71, 181 Jonathan Thomas 72, 143 Mary Ann Thomas 72 Ann Thompson 83 Kimberly Thompson 72 Catherine Tripp 77, 90, 156 Laurie Truckey 32, 45, 49, 51, 53, 60, 62, 89, 162, 31 James Tsapatolis 77, 168 Linda Turner 32, 45, 54, 162 Sandra Turner 77 Sandra Van Aalsburg 72, 84, 90, 116 162 Darrel Van Bruggen 32, 45 Nathan Van De Brake 78, 126, 109, 126 214 I Index I I . ry Van Den Berg 32, 45, 49, 52. 60, 97. 125, 143, 162 Jeffrey Van Den Berg 83, 126 AUyson Vender Broek fr 32, ■i( 50, 51, 53. 106, rs Susan Vanderburg 32. i6, 52, 53, 60. 99, 101, 103. 101. 105. 106. 107, 108, 109, 162, 217 Ronald Vander Dussen 5, 32, 46, 49, 50 51, 62 Theresa Vander Dussen 72. 119, 127, 145 John Vanderelst 10, 78, 126. 140 Todd Vander Ham 72, 125 Tamara Vander Kamp 4, 19, 78, 168 Debra Vander Plas 83 Cathy Vander Ploeg 78, 157, 168 John Vander Ploeg 83, 126 Michael Vander Ploeg 32, 46, 100, 125 Walter Vander Vis 32, 46, 132, 153 Wendy Vander Vis 32, 46, 60, 129, 145. 162 Alethea Vander Waal 32, 46, 50, 51 Cathy Vander Wal 30, 32, 33, 46, 61 Dianne Vander Wal 78, 156, 183 Marvin Vander Werff 74, 78, 126 Nikki Vande Steeg 72, 68, 89, 97, 164, 162, 165, 172, 173 Richard Vande Vegte 83, 126, 134 Ronald Vande Vegte 83, 126, 134, 168, 169 George Vande Witte 74. 78 Pamela Van Diest 26, 73, 75, 78, 127, 140 Daniel Van Duyn 72, 120, 136, 162 Robert Van Duyn 7, 47, 49, 52, 32, 136, 137, 148, 158, 162 Christine Van Dyk 72, 177 Nancy Van Dyk 83, 127, 168 Stacey Van Dyk 83 Robert Van Heyningen 78 Jayne Van Hofwegen 72, 162 Kelly Van Kampen 78. 174 Gary Van Leeuwen 32, 47. 52, 185 Troy Van Leeuwen 78, 126, 168 Dawn Van Meeteren 3, 83 Tamara Van Meeteren 32, 47, 139. 145. 162, 31 James Van Munster 32. 47, 153 Cynthia Van Munster 78. 156 Jill Van Otterloo 72 Kevin Van Otterloo 72. 104. 116, 162, 164 Cynthia Van Weerthuizen 72, 84, 97. 116. 162, 172, 173, 182, 183 Natalie Vegter 83, 127 Paul Vdiema 78, 168 Linda Veltman 47, 60, 89, 97, 116, 162 Kandace Verhoef 72, 100, 162 Randall Verhoef 32, 47, 116, 125 Frank Visvikis 72, 100, 125, 135, 137, 143 Dennis Vogel 3. 32, 47, 65, 120, 121, 136, 137. 154, 158, 162, 164, 165, 217 Kelly Vos 78 Lisa Vos 75, 78. 97, 174 w Lynette Wadlow 32, 47, 56, 61 James Walhof 72 Sherrie Walker 78, 153 Peggy Warner 74, 78 Carla Warren 83 Kimberly Warren 32, 48, 51, 61, 118, 128, 129, 139, 152, 158, 162, 168, 59 Karen Watson 72, 162 Michael Watson 78, 126 Gerda Weening 24, 32, 48, 50, 51 Laura Westra 70, 72. 68, 89. 93, 97, 168, 172, 173, 122 Nancy Wheeler 32, 48, 100, 97, 150. 151 Sandra Wiersma 83. 168 Dianne Wigboldy 72. 84, 127, 144 145 Sharon Wigboldy 83, 127, 168 Kenoy Williams 82, 83, 122 La Trice Willums 72, 139, 145. 156, 158 Jan Wilson 78, 126, 168 Darla Wind 24, 32, 48. 97. 122, 173 Henry Wind 32 48, 132, 185 Raymond Wind 78, 132 Alicia Wright 72, 162, 177 Marsha Wright 71. 72. 84. 109. 175 Kristine Wunderlich 83 Grace Yew 48 t Anthony Yoakum 78, 12d Scott Youngren 83, 140 Haesung Yun 27, 72 Jay Yun 78 Alisa Zastrow 32, 48. 50, 51, 99 John Zeller 78, 134 Michael Zoetewey 79, 83. 126, 140 Darren Zonnefeld 72, 98, 134, 162. 140 Zoleen Zuidervaart 78, 127, 139. 145 Douglas Zwart 83 1 21! One Last Look. Well Ms is [be end of [he hook. Wkhm [hese pages are our memories of 1983. Le[ ' s jus[ [ake one las[ look a[ some of [he [hinfs [ha[ s[ood out most to us throughout the year Remember . . . our first school sponsored dance, a sock bop when it rained so much we had a huge Crusader Lake . . . waiting for the 3:00 bell to ring (we thought it would never come) . . . the exciting night of graduation . . . sitting with your friends at the football games . . . homecoming . . . Dennis ' famous slams . . . leaving the parking lot on the last day of school . . . and of course out teachers. 216 Yes, lam the person in charge of putting this whole book together. My staff and I have put alot of hard work into making this the best book Valley Chtistian has ever had. I hope we have accomplished this for you. I would like to compliment my staff You were the most dedicated staff that I have ever been a part of I admit there were a few times during the year that I wished I didn ' t have the responsibility of this book (Oh, I ' ll never forget our first deadline . . . I thought I would never make it through the year!), but my crazy and caring staff got me through it! I want to give thanks to: Dana, for coming back to the staff and helping me through the year I really don f think I could have done it without you! Cindy, my best friend, especially for your help with the senior stuff For a copy person you sure learned how to do everything! (Besides, without you on the staff who would have helped Dana and I spell. ) Ra- chelle, my assistant editor, thanks for all your help. I wish you the best of luck next year, may your staff be as good to you as mine was to me! Tracy, thanks for all your support and Christian love. Anna, Mishal, Toni, April and " Rae " . thanks for adding life and laughs to my staff! ( " Ape " , I ' ll never forget our adventures during the summer ... the Disney music and our two " cute " friends. Toni, remember, you can ' t erase on carbon paper!) Sheryl, thanks for your quiet work in the corner. Chris and Sara, keep up the hard work with ads and pictures. (I know how you felt when things didn ' t go right with pictures!) Brian, who deserted me, and Laurie (alias " Truckey " ), thanks for your work as photographers. Mr. Sjoerdsma, thanks for helping me with everything! My first trimester studyhall buddie, thanks for your help with the wording of my theme pages (I told you I would never forget!) Susie, " our little sister " , thanks for helping us finish during the summer. Mom, who checked and double checked everyone of the pages and proofs, I can ' t thank you enough!!! Dad, for helping me on my subheadings (I confess, the clever ones are his creations and the dumb ones are all mine!) Now, with all my " thank you ' s " said, I would just like to say, I really enjoyed putting this book together! We tried to capture all the highlights and memories of the year and put them in a book you can treasure. Enjoy! Staff I ' m going to miss you! Rachelle, it ' s all yours . . . the headaches and the joy! Good luck!!! Kristi Scholten editor fSS m VISALIA o ' v v ; " . rLt ' M- c9o.:i L -= c:iiL«.l _ z:L " - C - :y C_ oW- ' - -:i_ 2V3 C. - j oi l

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