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" -f :. -' . - If -yzfz,-I-Q-"1-:'. -gg-if1:Lg:-1'-f-.':'.'.'':':11. . ,, - ,.- ,.--,..... -,....'...-.',,..4.- .'--,-.,A.:-V.V,.'.- U.. ., V, A Y, Q U. 1 Mm L0!Qm0v 55?5E252g2maf? H-XT ffRlvf M l QLUKOZEEJH-5 Ixlikfflf " WMS pri tram ami i5ouv05lQfait Ldcc2 ,F Q15 Cf wa 'WMC YOMNYEGJVC' QOUUW Lkwwtglij +0 Fave nh C migjlidlafftgttf' XVXTG HT MQQU5' 'I+ ' YUK1, Ti GUNS ' 0 N' TVN - Qswrgtn Hum QQ M',m MSC? Cl UNIX! 3 Woufclmlgf SOUEEQ XICDIIWWCDVWI Wddgiimdgg 0ucuJ2: JHfwC 195+ Q mor was ptr 9 Y V6 IgCfCN' Ci t au ww: ms mmm we Swat E3PsDrNf1EMDVY5 USFWS QM?" , Swnmcr L bCf WH! KAUSW Q35 JRST X L t2U'Wf NQKJUUA 3QQQQd0CC1dCLt66al:hciF.BJt I V Amana pm C15 Friend? WC' ' 'Og 5 fm! 3 HNU5 Qwfff Q super ma It ww CDN! , if UQUf,wnJeZZQpQ2Sf0ww'UffNfQj K35q IE Wffshya n+IffIbC1'4 i 'N H16 GHC' Uffll 5,zf'ixf6M w1f'-SN UU Q55 fmwm mwwifwvmgwwcwf Vgfqlgg Awww? mrwrwf'fg 0ff0UfU,3'Hf' if mwwWm'MWm1 .YWwfGHfY'WfUD5MfDWUMQWQ5QMW0f1- wgfv COJV Oo fmwouo www gk ,bm MMM' PWM .nmfwvfli MZUW Cf M ULU UCAJW WJJQ C5 V 1 Cwy Mx PW mm, ilm 50 goo Lhvaffe. SOG? 'QVXLHCNS 'This qqgf Wim- XSUCW1 Q1 awed-id 1 COLO? CQMQDL qcufa QUQGJ4 Ci if-ffx0f.q:xm,Q,, 3036 SQ' QNGS-M.. Wu. 094+ C51 XVLCK5 O19 hgh SCNNQOX QLXSA' M505-R bl, .mga rvxq YNCKNOX. QM, SML WOM Coma, fooxok QP uxsi-if QU-L ju Ulf '+V-HfNYHfj' Wb0u+ qotl Quwwffbih aww, U Wi 006 GM' A fl7'pNAfQ- ' w 46 D QD' QL Q 2 fb P NE I . .9952 A55 F Jw Gj 1'v1.,!u Nic X0 53690 Q LWQ A 54351 ex MGM Ms Cf' Wiggqibg A 1, N ll Q A fx-if-ff T' NMCQ-If 'UfK Q-DOdf LMS Q, gb 7 QCP 0 X pc - ? ' f tcyxax Lai' ' L74 ' FQ NLS k. Qglfqfjg ' 025205 ?M5?4o f4f? 'f M M' 'LM W2 X532 f gs F5 My ,X VMS fig 0-Md 'M lffcm gU, +w,f 583, 05 4 1 VQZUIQJULMA ii xiblifh 'MWF' Lafay- ,SD Q? Q5 C QM' upwb, C5100 Gbwfgg, m301,wcLM d XG Q K Q5 Qj QQ Cliff if Q f N Nm N X N ww' gf J X0 '99 L Clfkfll Groot fi, JQNUX Wffifwf YN NB + X 5 KNO " 'O X , x C l ,QEX K' L 0 09, Q45 M M1 M-.W-wwf-F1-,y,.?-f fqv,f,...,..m,..,., ,,, ... ,.,4i:,-ai?-.T,4a ,-..,..MN. .,,, . . ., , , ,..,, ....., X .. ,, , , . .. . W. . ,.-.M--Y.. ..,x.,..,,.,.,.,......,.,.,.,,.,,. ,,,...,,,v.,,,........,...,..,.., W.. 4 mm ffffffg WWW W SG FW' fxfgf-QQJC GLM Qxkmbky UXQQ1 Qlfvvmwij , YVDVCSQAY W5 NAM, Fmgbfiow ?5xJ5wD6AX b3X1NNPf'T KK? SEGA D yiyik xffH1'5- - www Mem XQL34- 'WH 350 QM' Hfbiifl Umwwggxk ype,XK3 7,4 WX S15 If eqlvdnfd LN01 fWifWvN XWGNAQ QSJXQQ URL-,mv SARL 00003 JOGA 71MW0QWc EQGQQMLS WQT lgwJDUOJfIHW3QwfW 5556SgNvLOKgf 7 6,1525 QM 0++CDQ+9UT 1 Qewvv QYxxl0LXfggQ3f'DjQ mvxikcxvgr 'UWUQ fc? ipvfwg ogfaw an M gems rg MRM bkfkil Qfsmog qt? 594051 VHHOQ WQQV ugiwf Cgcwlf 'G-'ow1+ WQB Qweg pm E551 M gym, wwl SJQCQQSE? iivwgpi-x JmQQBjxM be QM - x ' N do I Q no 9113 XO . aww SJTQDQTQQQ gswyhfpmci wg HU mmm 19093 5-QQQNL QQYWT 1993931630 91141160 wi' T0Q2LQW WX 34 Q gl f3w0?3x+g Sgwqcfgllxgx 1 'U E W X Es! XVQH 1982 Crusader Volume 36 Editor-Km? Kredit Asst. editor-Kristi Scholten Advisor-Mr. Ron Sjoerdsmzz Wlley Chnstian Hzgh School 10818 Arteslki Blvd. Cerritos Ca. 90701 Valley is Climbing upward - tackling mountains - seeking to Hnd answers in our spiritual and educational lives. Q . i x H E TQ-' Q!-ff "'1-ffiw J L., , this. llll'I-I V N ,- in t l1Q -Uv? , , ,X . . ' , ' 'vu-pm . ,- - NV - " P " - " ,,, "' .. - '4'-'Q .' J.- A "-,,i- A -- ', " W, . N - -'VM 9 ---U GWP -' -. , . wsulflhrw--.-,Nf. ' -. ' fy A Y- -"Mn-r-Z' 75' f-'vit.lM1J-Q-N. Um - N . - -' HCV". M V X -1 "1- H ,. .:P:'1't1qb""lwv-v , , . --unqw mx -Ching, . N , V Unqua- rpJ,"Ui13A 'l -s':f'v-ef In the summer of '81, the up- ward clrrnb brought dramatic rrnprovements rh Valley? ap- pearance and science f2CIYI'FI'CS. CHRISTIAN CRU ERS E gg H 3 As We grow from He-shmen to senior, A 0 , V , .gf X .V .A I jp' We hu1Yd each other up through Hiendshrps . . . and together we strive for the goal. . ,4....,....,,, W , 'Y press on toward the goal to Wm the puke for which God has Called me heavenward 1h Chrzkt jesus. " Phdzppians 3:14 ur Q .rf ji Hr-mm V lv w w 'f 1 2 1 Z ww ,W 'y, 4, ,M I ., M, A AMW, I , ,, H , If .ff , ff' 1 4 , -, AM 0 I 1 M M 1 Q ,V,J'1 4 ' ' E ,ht ,iv Q if WV an ii m .25 Q ' 4 an M I ,ff 1 2 ,' ' . W uf. 4 M 4 Q l 314 W Q ,fi in if Xiam- 'fx' A, 'Q Z f 424 , ?6ii e W J , f , f 5 , ,,. 4 N , . M Q A 4, 4' o A wif, A f, W ' Ak fiwf' 'V 1 , . 1,2 fa, Jw ofa 1: ,ey , 91 Q ,Jr I I Qifmswf 'Qi-'f U ' e QVL lnl 26' Theme o 2 Homecoming Seniors 15 Underclassmen 1 Teachers 2' Academics 81 oomf e Eo, . oleme mlemm 95 QWMWWWWZ VQ e mMQww VZ:iZhEAl:. fo ga e eei ee' -+'- me 159 9 4 , Ip 1 pforf f 1 jf-fjf " 'mi 272' W5 V ,: -ggw ' , , mf Ag-11 'V fn f , T 'gif Wm, 7f,. wx ' Qi. HM X 177 o o e o e m 137 i Q 5,4 pa 1 HAMWS 4 we Homecoming: Premiere Night Her Court Senior Princess: Kay Vos Senior Princess: Darlene Kline Escortzjames Bylsma Escort: Brad O'Brien unior Princess: Cindy Chossen Sophomore Princess: Doni Rolin Freshman Princess: Kelly Vos Escort: Scott Iinserink Escort: Andy Reno Escort: Bill Keller H omecomm g TOP RIGHT: The Homecoming Court is honored in their directors' chairs with a good view of the game. MIDDLE LEFT: The varsity football team wait for the names of the first string players to be called onto the playing field, MIDDLE RIGHT: Master 84 Mistress of Ceremonies, Dave Van Dyke and Lisa Nyenhuis gave a character background on each princess as she was escorted down the football field. BO'I'I'OM RIGHT: The 1980-81 Homecoming Queen returns to present the cape and crown to the new Valley Queen. - As a tradition, student council has put on the annual Homecoming festivities. New student council members brought new ideas in planning the Homecoming night. The sgars and glitter of an old fashioned Hollywood brought out the "Premiere Night" theme. Lisa Nyenhuis and Dave Van Dyk were our first Master and Mistress of ceremonies as a couple. Together they gave the night a "Hollywood Awards" like atmosphere. The princesses were brought around in a variety of Cadillacs, like stars brought to an opening performance. The seniors followed the rest as a grand finale in chauffeur driven limousines. Starting with the freshmen, the court came down the fifty yard line of the football field while the M.C.'s told a little about each princess. As something new, there were three princesses representing the senior class, The escorts also had the privilege of presenting the court to the audience in place of the princess's fathers. After all were on the platform, the suspense mounted as the Crusader on horseback brought the envelope to the M.C.'s Barb Overgaauw was announced as the 1981-82 Homecoming Queen. The football game brought the evening to a memorable close for all the students, parents, alumni and returning cheerleaders, who cheered on our team to a 34 to 7 victory over Woodbridge. TOP LEFT: Balloons, hugs, and screams celebrate the announcement of the new Homecoming Queen. TOP RIGHT: ln keeping with tradition, the football captain presents the new Queen with the game football. BOTTOM: Presenting the 1981-82 Homecoming Court. f.. Sf X Q f Ji. x 555 ,law 3? A iwsefiifm ir ' V 1:1 .-k. , , Q' 455 X v 93 55 RSS' . W wx ' Q g s ffii i I isbn 'E i f . .Q x Q XX W' "' ' X F.k LQ ' ' 4 ' Ai! ..X. bw V 2? . X .-if Qi -. 9533? ii t fail. k - x , '- N X v 4 I 4 I 5 , 4 40 " 83, va 14' al? f SENIORS The Class Of 1982 Class Color: Aquamarine and Ivory Class Flower: Baby Rose Tfpped In Blue Class Motto: What made us friends rn the long ago, when Hrst we met? Well, I thrnk I know, the best rn me and the best rn you, harled each other because they knew, that always and always srnce lrfe began, our belng friends was part of God 's plan. Class Verse: "Show me your ways, O Lord, teach me your pathsg ,guide in your truth and teach me, for you are my God and my Sa vior, and my hope is rn you all day long. " Psalm 24:4 Prcsd IDI K1 S tyBbO 3, T Anne M. Abbott Bradley Algra Class Song' "Friends with You" by BH! Danoff and Taffy Nivert sung byjohn Denver Kari L. Anderson Tim P. Angelus l l Teri A. Andringa Kevin Auman Michael P. Allen Friends, I will remember you, Heather E. Baker Philip M, Bollom Robert B. Bishop Nick F. Brakbancl Sandra Candilas if in., XA. . Roger D. Byl if --Al' Ktffl' james A. Bylsma M .,i, -,571 x.. Y J f' f , ' K f . .--' L, X NX , n V w 1? Q 3 QI' f MN? mi, - I-W1 M X gf'8? if? l 7 3' ' 5 fr 'if' K il ff' ,n w v r I .K ,qi ff 7 Self: N . ,ff -' : ff' 1" ,, ,. .N I , v - VV' ' f 2 Q! What 3 Hiend We have in Time, Tishawn Humber Paul L. Jernigan Leslie A. Irving Rhonda M. jefford Michael j. Klaassen Vincent K. johnson Lisa M. juhasz i Myfr. 'Uv' -0 ' ' f wi ,-1. M- Ml V., qu. 'NX - -1.,. V' in: M g H . gr ff 04 A KX 1 Vu. .4- 4... QW TEE! 1 .' ' 'fb-X" ' ' ' "x gf. - fl Q., --,X A 'rf'-77371551 wbxhxhz --6:15. .,:f,5i.4a gil, - M1 -. . +,.9e'1 - 1'1if.:fg':i 1"fZZ',L-' ?if',.4-A-5351.5 ,?'fJ'fwg ,' QJLF- f:ffiffrf'2..g,'x fs-1. J' . N .-x'5-1--w.,x:ug-f I, 5 .- -K5 ,, ,grvf I, ' 1' ::4-vii" , . "' . ...ff if if "2-"jQ, X fx Q4 Nw R K J . ,A QW N, 1 .F E . .,, 5 iw Q ,L-'MW Q Z f ,V . , . f.,3. ,wllb , W f , f My 1 51 i E iifq I W' X'4JL3f'2Ff43?17?'f"f A' at sn' 5 Aw ..,,.. ul ,A Q-. v. if 4 X if Q. 5 EQ .E QHCSCS -1, YW -A f V 5 if 'um F - 'QP' ,,.-rf :ly '. . L fi 'G 'lik' 1,31-A i U mx . 15.1 , fl r 4' if A f ff' ' P: , ' A!! U h J 'I 9, 45,6 Lff'NV5 if. Myra: " an if 9+ RIN Q ,, ' lg. , , 1 'lm -.' P 1, I hm ,I ...-V 5, YT' mmf, , . . sk -as.,-.-911. JF' A-ill' . A ww-,W ff, N Q I yi P. Ulf' ?, Xi.- Y. X -. A " 'x XY lf .x 3 X fffizh 1.1 Q ' X " 7-1 , 1 ' -- - xr 1 1 551 t Ng n Lili .M 'Cl' 4' gk, A .4 41 'rv a' u Q-5 .WS 'fx 1 'Qs ., H, 44 5 w .W 4. - ,a x .MN-. N 1 . ff.. .1 If z-v' mf wifi 1 fx E-2 , if Ka 'lux .M My 'W A ' ww if , . , is K xx Q: 4' , M11 ?',"fw'f. . u - -...Ax 'K , 2 2 -'lgl f ,Mf ,A M., 0' I f F i 1 41 .Y W , f, tis. x , - -5 My fu Q '- ffli M all A ' 253' W VVVY, W 1 ,LM - N ' 'X' nga.. 1 x. , -. n M Topp 'hwy 4 ,,,4..w zffidv' .5 wh, ,X ...,vX if N ., .1- ,Q .:, A I I, f 1 f Q' 3,1 4 4. I an Wa .X -. A I .fi .fm 5 ,X wx sh' ..- W W ,Q N 4 , ww fl W 1 ma. 4 J W m. 'Q' l N 3-I 'L 39' L. V 4 AX, U if .L .Nh ,- -Siu ..1JH- 7. V:-Yr, x x -uv- X xxi F ' I ' Q., 5515 JR mx .5 1 5:51 K. ., Qguxesfklitffx,-11' MP1-Lviiffyi' .W ,A sX,j:il1:.??fff' b- Ai, A' gigiw,ni2i'7fh::1f:3.Qf,'A,'J. p fel? ' 1 o L 2 wh' .Q- 1. ui' W TT -ir 4-A .L-, ues.. F, .MIM , W , fx faxfi tv . I. ,: a ! H Li X 13? If lr ,-by ,QEJSH mg' 5 fi 'SSE 1 liqf 1 'Hb I? PZ, 1 Qpakqf' V448 A -:MW 4 934.- m. , few- W 0 Craig Wheeler Steven Wheeler Valley Christian High School Alma Edward Whittemore Tammy L. Woods Colleen F. Wielenga Valley Christian High School We raise our song to theeg We pledge our firm devotion and our fidelity. Our Loyalty and Honor We'll ne're permit to die. Hail our Alma Mater, Valley High! Valley Christian High School May thy strength never failg Within thy halls may truth and honesty prevail. Upon thy faith of old may Thy word be our strong guide. Hail our Alma Mater, Valley High! Mater Kenneth Williams ,Q 1' ,... ,W .-8 G 1 f f QE f,", iw :- x ,W ? , 3 :JL-., Senior Play TOP RIGHT: Carlotta Flower lovingly gazes into the eyes of her brave hero. TOP LEFT: Members ofthe make-up committee, Melissa Mabry and Lisajuhasz prepare julie Stoub's hair. MIDDLE RIGHT: The cast reacts in the death scene. BOT- TOM RIGHT: Dorothea Ramsgate tries to get her man. "Adrift on Life's Sea" or "A Fate Worse than Death," was the name of the 1981-1982 senior play. Dan Weaver and Liz Kooiman, as MCS introduced this comical melodrama with the typical villian-hero plot. Even the audience was able to participate by "booing" the dastardly villian, "aaahing" the beautiful Carlotta Flower, and cheering the brave hero. The play as a whole took on a new twist from previous years as it was performed in cabaret-style. During intermission the members of the audience were served cookies and lemonade by senior wait- resses while being serenaded by a barbershop quartet: Gary Mulder, Darlene Kline, Paul Sor- enson, and jeff Rabideaux. The Senior Play took a great deal of time, man-power and pa- tience by the cast, crew, and all involved. But it was worth it all because the senior class pulled off a play long to be remembered for its hilarity. Q Felicia Ramsgate . . Marie . . . Dorothea Ramsgate Cokie Joe . , Cassius Carstairs . . Rodney Ramsgate Clarice Kingdon , . Carlotta Flower . Burgess Lendahandy Slick Carter . jennie Lynd . . Ada Cornell . . The Pianist , . . THE CAST FOURTH ROW:janet Morris, Perry Krosschell , Mike Struiksma, Dwayne Struiksma, Susie Gort,jon Vander Maarl. THIRD ROW: Cathi De Vries, Brenda Schenk. SECOND ROW:jeanette Kosareffhlulie Stoub, Dave Van Dyk. FIRST ROW: Kay Vos, Director Miss llaack, Student Director Helen Mathai. ff . . .Cathi De Vries . , .janet Morris . . .Susie Gort . .Perry Krosschell . .Mike Srruiksma jon Vander Maarl .Jeanette Kosareff . . . .julie Stoub ' ' David Van TOP' LEFT: Shooot boss! BOTTOM RIGHT: Director, Ms. llaack, concen- trates on applying make-up to Susie Gort. Dwayne Struiksma . . .Brenda Schenk . . .Kay Lynn Vos V .Cindy De Young unior-Senior Banquet TOP RIGHT: The chapel, decorated in the Hollywood theme, is filled with an excited group of juniors, seniors and faculty all dressed for the occasion. MIDDLE RIGHT: Perry Krosschell, Terri Dantuma, and Lisa Kolberg relax to enjoy the evening's entertainment. MIDDLE LEFT: Sophomore "cocktail" wait- resses take time out from serving hors d'oevres to pose for a picture. BOTTOM RIGHT: Serving punch under the Chinese pagoda are sophomores Rachelle Rienstra and jake Hiemstra. 1? 'mr' Much hard work and planning from the juniors went into the making of the junior-Senior Banquet. But it was well worthwhile when the night of the banquet, juniors, seniors, and faculty walked into the chapel to find it magically recreated with the Hollywood theme. Amazingly Grauman's Chinese Theatre, the Hollywood Hills, Farmers Market and more were all fit into one room under a starlit sky. The catered dinner was served by juniors' mothers to the excited group seated around green and black decorated tables.junior couples presented "Oscar Meyer Awards" to some of our senior "stars", and a play was given by a few underclassmen. A slide show was also given to the music of the senior class song "Friends" "Hooray for Hollywood" was an extravaganza to be remem- bered by all who were present. ff""" "' S lilllllllll- VC HS M i l....m...... TOP LEFT: Rob Van Duyn and Vickie Kuvelis are one of the many couples to MC in front of the Chinese Theatre. MIDDLE LEFT: Special entertainment for the evening was a skit put on by the underclassmen about a senior football team reunion. MIDDLE RIGHT: Before the evening be- gins, couples get their pictures taken by Pictures by Paul, as modeled by Miss Haack and her escort. ii il 4 x ...H-N.,,,,.h BOTTOM LEFT: Senior girls flaunt their finery in front ofthe banquet entrance, BOTTOM RIGHT: Burt Dirkse and Sue Vanderburg present an "Oscar Award" for "Most Likely to Dominate the Screen" to Greg "Hinden- burgu Hendrickson. One of the last chapels ofthe year was put on by the senior class of '82, It was a time in which seniors used their talents to witness God's goodness through songs, poems, and shared experiences of lessons learned. Even some hid- den talent was exposed when quiet Lisa Recker favored the audience of teachers, underclass- men, and fellow classmates with a vocal solo. Senior Chapel was a special time for the seniors for it brought the class of '82 closer together through openness and Christian fellowship. Senior Chapel gy rvrt. g . if if ETS TOP RIGHT: The senior class stand to sing the chorus of their class song "Friends" while Denise Stejkal sings the verses. MID- DLE LEFT: A quartet formed by senior Madrigal girls blend their voices in harmony. MIDDLE RIGHT: Susie Gort gives an inspira ing message on life's upcoming challenges. BOTTOM LEFT: Cindy De Young accompanies Brad O'Brien on the electric guitar as they play "Chariots of Fire". S enjor Moth ers' Tea TOP LEFT: Paul Sorenson presents a Carnation to his mother. TOP RIGHT: Mistress of Ceremonies, Cindy Dirkse, introduces the Senior Poll winners with amusing childhood stories. BOTTOM LEFT: At the punch bowl, Stacy Cato and Sara l-liemstra serve refills to Dava Miller. BOTTOM RIGHT: The Sen- ior Mothers' Tea was a time of good fellowship shared by both mothers and their seniors. What better way is there for a senior to honor his mother for supporting him through twelve years of school than to take her to an afternoon tea put on by the sophomore class? Greeted at the door with a baby blue carnation for each mother, - the seniors and their mothers enjoyed "Precious Moments" of friendships fthe themel that grew throughout the years. Nikki Van De Steeg sang the class song, "Friends," along with Cyndie Van Weerthuizen and Sandee Van Aalsburg. Two "midgets" performed a dance routine, and cake and ice cream were served. Cindy Dirkse led us through the program as Mistress of Ceremonies and presented certificates to the winners of the Senior Class Poll. , 4-5, , Mr 'W , . - i?HmWMrif:w"' ,V I Senior Trip k s i I TOP RIGHT: Up, up and away on PSA . . . TOP LEFT: Mike Klaassen, Tim Angelus, and Dave Van Dyk check our the Frisco scene. BOTTOM LEFT: Senior girls ride a cable car through the streets of San Francisco, BOTTOM RIGHT: Lisa Crellin peers through the bars ofthe lonely Alcatraz Prison jail cell. Onjune 27, the members ofthe senior class of 1982 arose in the wee hours of the morning with the anticipation of an exciting and fun-filled day. They met at school at 6:45 AM to ride buses to LAX Airport. Although the major transportation plans for the senior trip had been changed previously due to complications, the seniors had a safe trip to San Francisco by way of PSA. On arrival at Fisherman's Warf, a bright day with cool ocean breezes awaited them. The class then split up, some toured Alcatraz Island, others took cable cars to China Town, and others just shopped around. Everyone pleased their stomachs in the various restaurants and food stops found in San Francisco. Later that day, 110 tired seniors, loaded down with souveniers, boarded buses to go back to San Francisco Airport. When they arrived at the airport, they found out that their stand-by plane was about to leave. Suddenly 110 seniors were running through the airport trying to catch their plane. We are happy to say they all made it back home with memories to last for a lifetime! x ,kr X I MIDDLE LEFT: Senior guys discuss the day's plans while they wait on stand-by at LAX. MIDDLE RIGHT: Melissa Norton and Barb Overgaauw await their turn to be brought into the U.S. Penitentiary . . . Why are they smiling? BOTTOM LEFT: After landing at San Francisco's airport, an excited group of seniors wait for buses to take them to Fisherman's Watf. Gm cz' ua tion TOP RIGHT: The Co-Valedictorians, Loreen Le Febre and Randy DeWeerd. TOP LEFT: The Class of '82 wait for the final strains of "Pomp and Circumstanceu so they can be seated BOTTOM RIGHT: Seven senior guys raise salutes to the graduation. BOTTOM LEFT: Vickie Kuvelis and Rob Van Duyn escort the seniors into Eldorado Park Community Church. Egj - The organ swelled with the familiar "Pomp and Circumstance" as once again, another class graduated from VCHS. A crowded Eldorado Park Church audi- ence watched with pride as graduates marched down the aisle. Loreen Le Febre and Randy De Weerd, Co-Valedictorians gave speeches, and the A'cappella Choir sang. Then the Senior Class President, Darlene Kline, presented the class gift. Retiring Rev. Knowles, the speaker of the night, stated that he too should be wearing a cap and gown because he was also graduating, but it took him 9 times longer! Finally came the moment everyone was waiting for: Mr. Keuning presented the graduating Class of 1982, and tassels were changed from right to left. Then for the last time together, the seniors - now graduates-sang the Alma Mater. Again the organ music filled Eldorado Park Community Church, this time with "Chariots of Fire" while graduates rushed outside to be congratulated and hugged by a mob of friends and relatives. In celebration of completing 12 years of school, the Class of '82 spent Grad-Nite at Disneyland. , , ' i. lx TOP LEFT: Superintendent Dr. Bootsma and speaker of the evening, Rev. Knowles pose for a picture before entering with the graduates, MIDDLE LEFT: The graduates rush to meet the future and into the arms of congratulating friends and relatives. MIDDLE RIGHT: Senior Class President Darlene Kline. LEFT: Board member, Rev. Nyenhuis presents julie Stoub with her diploma, Senior P011 Contributed the Most Best Looking Best Personality Darlene Kline Barb Overgaauw Denise Stejskal Mike Allen Mike Struiksma james Bylsma an X fr t'st't Y x ' i T. N -E 2 of n Q-WMM t.ssshh L' . Eff! Q K1 .Q gf Q K! Most Spirited Dava Miller Perry Krosschell ,N 1 i 5 All Around Talented , Most Shy Cindy De Young Tammy Wtptmds Gary Mulder Mike Klaassen Class Clowns Most Talkative Curesr Couple Susie Gort Kelli Sybesma Tfffi DHHIUFM .jeff Rabidcaux Dwayne Struiksma PCYYY Kl'0SSChCll I f' a i ' l , 1 my pam A , I, , , Wh 1 is dw 7 M, ,, Bw Dressed Biggest Flirrs Curesr Smile ,Janette Kosawff Mary Postma Lisa Kolbcrg Brad Algm Dan Weaver Tim Van Meeteren Senior B1'ograph1'es ANNE M. ABBOTT Pre-College 3 years Honor Roll 10, 11, 125 Ncappella 11, 125 Madrigals 11, 125 Band 10, 11, 125 Handbells 105 Stage Band 10, 11, 125 Girls' Chorus 105 Cheer- leading 125 Powder Puff 11. BRADLEY ALGRA General 12 years Frosh Football fLj.V. Football 111 Var. Football 11, 125j.V. Soccer 9. 105-l.V. Baseball 9, IQ Var. Baseball 11, 125 Honor Society 115 Honor Roll 9, 10, 11, 125 Gazette 125 A'cappella 125 Boys' Chorus 11. MICHAEL P. ALLEN Pre-College 4 years Honor Society 10, 11, 125 Honor Roll 9, 10, 11, 125 Gazette 9, 10, 11- Editor 12. KARI L. ANDERSON Pre-College 12 years TERI A. ANDRINGA Commercial 6 years Honor Society 10, 11, 125 Honor Roll 9, 10, ll, 125 G.A.A. 111 Kcappella 11, 125 Madrigals 125 Girls' Chonrs 9, 105 Office Aid 125 Fall Play IQ Powder Puff 10, 115 Track Stat 10. TIM P. ANGELUS Pre'College 6 years Frosh Soccer 95j.V. Soccer 10, 115 Var. Soccer 125 Var. Tennis 125 Honor Society 10, 11, 125 Honor Roll 9, 10, 11, 125 Gazette 11, 12. KEVIN j. AUMAN General 4 years HEATHER E, BAKER General 6 years j.V. Volleyball 9, 10, 115-l.V. Softball 105 Honor Society 125 Honor Roll 9, 10, 11, 125 G.A.A. 9, IO, II5 Skiing Club 95j.V. Football Stat I0. ROBERT B. BISHOP General I 8 years ' - - e Frosh Soccer lkj.V. Soccer IQ Var. Soccer 11, 125 Gazette 11. PHILIP M. BOLLOM Pre-College 4 years A'cappella 11, 125 Madrigals 11, 12. NICK BRAKBAND PrevCollege 12 years Class Officer 9-President, Frosh Football 4xj.V. Football 105 Var. Football II, 125j.V. Soccer Q Var. Soccer 10, II, 125 Student Council 9, IO, 115 Ilonor Society 10, ll, 125 Ilonor Roll 9, 10, 11, 12. RODGER D. BYL General 4 years JAMES A. BYLSMA General 12 years Honor Roll 1Z5 A'cappella 11, 125 Madrigals 125 Band 9, 10, 115 Boys' Chonrs 10. SANDI CANDILAS General 8 years LISA M. CRELLIN Pre-College 4 years ASB President, 125 Frosh Volleyball fL'l.V. Volleyball 10, l15'l.V. Basketball 9, IQ Var. Basketball 11, 125 Var. Track 10, 115 Student C0unCIl I21 G.A.A. 9, I0, II, IZ5 Senior Play IZ. HARRY C. DAGLAS General 5 years TERRI L. DANTUMA Pre-College 5- years Class Officer 9. 11-Vice Presidenr5j.V. Volleyball KL Var. Volleyball 10, ll, 125-l.V. Basketball 95 Var. Basketball 10, 11, 125-l.V. Softball 9, Var. Softball 10, 11, 125 Honor Society 11, 125 Honor Roll 10, 11, 125 G.A.A. 9, 10, 11-Vice Pres., 12-President5 A'Cappella 11, 125 Girls' Chorus 10, Drill Team 9. VVRENETTE K. DAVIS PrevCollege 4 years Honor Society 11, 125 Honor Roll 9, 10, 11, 125 Senior Play 12. TED DE GROOT General 12 years j.V. Basketball5 Honor Society 11, 125 Honor Roll 9, 10, 11, 125 Annual 10, 11, 125 A'cappella 125 Boys' Chorus 115 Homecoming Escort 9. 11. MICHELLE A. DE JONG Frosh Volleyball 95-l.V. Basketball KL Honor Society 11, 125 Honor Roll 9, 10, 11, 125 Annual 10, 11, 125 G.A.A. 9, 10, 11, 125 A'cappella 125 Powder Puff 115 Var. Football Star 11, 125 Var. Girls' Basketball Stat 105 Var. Volleyball Star 12. CHARLES j. DE KRUYF General 12 years CATHLEEN R. DE VRIES Commercial 12 years Var. Cross-Country 95 Var. Track 105 Honor Society 11, 125 Honor Roll 9, 10, 11, 125 A'Cappella 11, 125 Madrigals 125 Girls Chorus 9, 105 l.D. 10, 11-Captain5 Senior Play 125 Powder Puff 11, 125 Speech St Music Festival 9. jOHN A. DE VRIES Pre-College 12 years Frosh Football 4Lj.V. Football IQ Var. Football lg Frosh Soccer 95 j.V. Soccer 10, 115 Var. Soccer 125 Honor Roll 125 Math Club 11, 125 Band 9, I0, 11, 12. RANDY M. DE WEERD Pre-College 8 years ll Frosh Football 95 Frosh Soccer 9, 105 Honor Society 10, 11, 125 Honor Roll 9, 10, 11, 125 Math Club 9, 10, 11, 125 Band 9, 105 German Club 9. DONNA S. DE YAGER General 12 years CINDY J. DE YOUNG Pre-College 12 years -IV. Volleyball 9, Ilk Var. Volleyball 11, 125j.V. Basketball lk Vat. Basketball 10, 11, 125 'l.V. Softball 9, IQ Var. Softball 11, 125 Honor Society 10, 11, 125 Honor Roll 9, ln, rr, 125 G.A.A. 9, ro, 11, 125 A'Cappella 11, 125 Band 9, 10, 11, 125 Handbells 9, 10, 115 Pep Band 9, 10, 115 Stage Band 9. I0, 115 Senior Play 125 Var. Softball Stat 10. 125 Speech At Music Festival 9. MARVIN C. DUTY,jR. General 5 years AL E. GAITHER Pte-College 4 years ba -l.V. Football 10, Var. Foot ll 1, 125 Var. Track 9, 10, 11, 125 Chess Club 'Z Band 9. JAMES E. GLASNER Pre-College 1 years SUSANNE M. GORT Pre-College 10 years Class Officer 9-Vice Pres.5 12-Treas.5 Frosh Volleyball 95 Frosh Bas- ketball 2 Student Council 9, 10, 115 Honor Society 11. 12: Honor Roll 9, 10, 11, 125 Afappella 11, 125 Madrigals 125 Band 9, 10, 115 Handbells 10, 115 Flag 125 Senior Play 125 Fall Play 105j.S.B. MC 115 Senior Mothers' Tea MC IQ Homecoming Chairman 115 Powder Puff 11, 125 Speech Bt Music Festival 'X Volleyball Stat KL Football Stat 9. KENNETH R. GREGORY General 4 years GREG j. HENDRICKSON General 4 years Senior B1'ograph1'es j.V. Football 9, 1lk Var. Football 11, 12, Frosh Soccer Wk-l.V. Soccer lik Frosh Track 2 Var. Track 10, 11, 12, Honor Roll 12, Gazette 12. LISA ul. HIEMSTRA Pre-College 5 years Var. Track Sh Student Council 12, Honor Society xl, 12, Honor Roll 9,10, 11, 12, Annual 11, 12, G.A,A. 9, 10, 11, Band 9, 10, Handbells 9, 10, 11, Flag 11, 12-Head, Senior Play 12, Student Aid 11, Powder Puff ll, Volleyball Stat 2 Track Stat IO, TISHAWN D. HUMBER Pre-College 3 years Honor Society 11, 12, Honor Roll 11, 12, Var. Track 10, Girls' Chorus ll, Library Aid 12, Counselors Aid 12. LESLIE A. IRVING Pre-College 3 years RHONDA JEFFORD Commercial 2 years PAUL I.. JERNIGAN, JR. Pre-College 4 years Frosh Soccer 10,-j.V. Track ltk Var. Track 11, Honor Society 10, 11, 12, Honor Roll 9, 10, 11, 12, Math Club 9, 10, ll, 12, VINCENT K. JOHNSON General 12 years j.V. Cross-Country 12, Frosh Soccer 10, Var. Track 12, Concert Choir I2. ' LISA M. jUHASZ Pre-College 1 years MICHAEL KLAASSEN Pre-College 12 years Frosh Football Q Frosh Soccer 9, 1lk Honor Society 10, 11, 12, Honor Roll 9, I0, 11, I2, Math Club 9, I0, II, I2, Chess Club 9. DARLENE J. KLINE Commercial 12 years Class Officer 92 Vice. Pres., 11, 12-Pres,, Frosh Volleyball Q j.V. Volleyball llk Var. Volleyball 11, 12, Var. Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12,-l.V. Softball 2 Var. Softball 10, 11, 12, Student Council Ck Honor Society 11, 12, Honor Roll9,10,11,12,G,A.A.9,10,11,12,A'cappella11, 12, Girls' Chorus 2 Office Aid 12, Senior Play 12, Senior Princess 12. LISA L. KOLBERG Pre-College 6 years Student Council 12, Honor Society 11, 12, Honor Roll 9, 10, 11, 12, Annual ltk Girls' Chorus 2 Drill Team 10, 11, Flag 12, Senior Play 12, Powder Puff 12. ELIZABETH R. KOOIMAN General 9 years Gazette 12, Ncappella 11, 12, Girls' Chorus 9, 10, Senior Play 12, Fall Play lfk Powder Puff 12. CAROLINE T, KOOISTRA General 12 years JEANETTE L. KOSAREFF Pre-College 6 years Honor Society 10, 11, IZ, Honor Roll 9, 10, ll, 12, Gazette 12, A'cappella 12, Girls' Chorus 9, 11, I.D. 1, Flag 12, Senior Play 12, Fall Play lik Powder Puff 12. KIMBERLY R. KREDIT Pre-College IZ years Honor Society 11, 12, Honor Roll 9, 10, 11, 12, Annual Staff 10, 11, 12-Editor, Drill Team 10, 11, 124Capt., Senior Play 12, PERRY L. KROSSCHELL General 4 years j.V. Football 9, llk Var. Football 11, 12, Frosh Basketball 9, j.V. Basketball lik Var. Basketball 11, 12,-l,V, Baseball Ilk Var. Baseball 11, 12, Honor Roll 12, A'cappella 11, 12, Madrigals 12, Boys' Chorus lik Senior Play 12, Powder Puff Coach 12. LOREEN K. LE FEBRE Pre-College 12 years Honor Society 10, 11, 12, Honor Roll 9, 10, 11, 12, A'cappella 11, 12, Madrigals 11, 12, Band 9, llk Handbells 9. 10, 11, Fall Play llk Speech 5tMusic Festival 9, 10, Var, Softball Stat 11, Senior Play 12. MELISSA MABRY General 4 years Student Council 11, Gazette 12, G,A.A, 9, Var, Cheerleading 12, Homecoming Princess lik Powder Puff 12, -l,V, Volleyball Stat 9. SONIA M, MADDOX Pre-College 4 years Girls' Chorus 2 Var. Cross-Country llk-I.V. Basketball lik G.A.A. 10. jONABE'I'l'E M. MARKOVICH Commercial 4 years Girls' Chonrs 9.10, Office Aid 12, Library Aid 11, Powder Puff 11, 12, HELEN M. MATHAI Pre-College 4 years Honor Society 11, 12, Honor Roll 9, 10, 11, 12, Annual 11, Girls' Chorus 9, llk Senior Play 12, Fall Play 10, Powder Puff 11. GLORIA M. MENESES Pre-College 6 years Var. Cross-Country 12, Honor Roll 9, 10, NCHPPCIII 121 Girls' Chorus 11, Drill Team Qj,V. Cheerleading lik Var. Cheerleading 11, Powder Puff 11, 12. DAVA R. MILLER Pre-College 4 years Var. Cross-Country 1Z,j.V. Basketball Uk Var. Basketball II,j.V, Softball 2 Var. Softball 10, 11, 12, Honor Roll 12, Senior Play 12, Powder Puff 11, 12, Frosh Basketball Stat Sk Var. Boys' Basketball Stat 12, jANI?l' E. MORRIS Pre-College 4 years Honor Roll 12, Gazette 11, 12, Senior Play 12. GARY E. MULDER Pre-College 12 years Var. Cross-Country 12, Frosh Football 9, Frosh Soccer Qj,V. Soccer lik Var, Soccer 11, 12,j.V. Track 9, 10, Var, Track 11, 12, Honor Society 10, 11, 12, Honor Roll 9. 10, 11, 12, A'cappella 12, Madrigals 12, Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Pep Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Stage Band 9,10,11,12, Senior Play 12, Fall Play llk Brass Ensemble 11, 12. MELISSA R. NORTON General 6 years -l.V. Softball 10, 11, A.S.B. Vice-President 12, Student Council 12, G.A,A. 9, 10, 11, Powder Puff 11, 12, Frosh Volleyball Stat 9,j.V, Volleyball Stat 10, Frosh Football Stat 2j.V. Football Stat lfk Var. Football Stat 12, Frosh Basketball Stat 9,j.V. Basketball Stat 10. LISA K. NYENHUIS Pre-College II years Student Council 12, Honor Society 10, 11, 12, Honor Roll 9, 10, 11, 12, A'cappella 11, 12, Band 9, 10, 11, 12-Sec., Handbells 10, 11, Pep Band 9, 10. 11, Senior Play 12, Powder Puff II, Homecoming MC 11, SolofEnsemble Festival 11. BRAD F. 0'BRlEN Pre-College 6 years Class Officer 94Treasurer,j.V, Football 10, Frosh Soccer 2-l.V. Track 10, Var. Tennis 11, 12, Honor Society 10, ll, 12, Honor Roll 9, 10, 11, 12, Gazette 12, Math Club 9, lik Band 9, 10,11, 12, Pep Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Stage Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Senior Play 12, Homecoming Escort 12. BARB F. OVERGAAUW Commerical 11 years Class Officer 10, 11, 12'Sec., Frosh Volleyball 9, j.V. Volleyball 10, Student Council 9, llk G,A.A. 9, llk Var. Cheerleading 12, Counselor's Aid 12, Graduation Escort, 11, Homecoming Queen 12, Powder Puff 11, I2, Frosh Football Stat 9,j,V. Football Stat lik Frosh Basketball Stat qj.V. Basketball Stat 10. Senior Biographies CHRYSTINE R. POELSTRA General 4 years Honor Society 11, 12, Honor Roll 9, 10, 11, 12. MARY A, POSTMA Pre-College I2 years Honor Society 11, 12, Honor Roll 9, 10, 11, 12, Annual Staff 11, G.A.A. 9, 10, 11, 12, A'cappella 11, 12, Madrigals 12,j.V. Cheerlead- ing 9, 10, Var. Gieerleading 12, Senior Play 12, Student Aid 12, Powder Puff 11, 12. JEFF M, RABIDEAUX General 4 years Var. Tennis 11, 12, A'cappella 12, Madrigals 12, Band 9, 10. 11, 12, Pep Band 11, 12, Stage Band 10, 11, 12, Senior Play 12,-1.5.8, MC 11, Var. Football Manager 12. LISA S. RECKER Pre - College 12 years Honor Society 11, 12, Honor Roll 9, 10, 11, 12, Gazette 12, A'cappella 12, Girls' Choms 2 Drill Team 10, Powder Puff 11, RANDY G. REITSMA General 12 years Frosh Football 2 Frosh Basketball 9, 10, j.V. Basketball lik Var. Basketball 12,-IV. Basketball 9, llk Var. Baseball 11, 12, Gazette 12, A'cappella 12, Boys' Choms 11, Homecoming Escort 10. LORI Y. RESER Pre-College A years Honor Society 10, 11, 12, Honor Roll 10, 11, 12, A'cappella 11, 12, Girls' Chorus 10, Flag 12, Powder Puff 11. WENDY T. SAKODA Pre-College 6 years BRENDA A. SCHENK Pre-College 12 years Student Council 12, Honor Society 10, 11, 12, Honor Roll 9, 10, 11, 12, G.A.A. 9, 10, 11, 12, A'cappeIla 11, 12, Handbells 11, 12, Girls' Chorus! I.D. 11, Office Aid 12, Senior Play 12, Powder Puff 11, Var. Football Stat 11, 12,j.V. Girls' Basketball Stat 9, IOL Var. Girls' Basketball Stat 11, 12, Var. Volleyball Stat 12, Girls' Basketball Manager 9, 10. BFI' H E. SIMONS Pre-College 12 years Honor Society 11, 12, Honor Roll 9, 10, 11, 12, A'cappella 11, Band 9, 12, Handbells 1 fPe 9, 10. in time 1 I KEVIN J. sMiTH'1rf'25f'f'ir-' : General 6 years PAUL M. SORENSEN General 4 years j.V, Football 9, IQ Var. Football 11, 12, A'cappella 11, 12, Madrigals 12, Mens' Chorus 10, Senior Play 12, Student Aid 12. BECKY R. SPONAUGLE Pre-College 4 years Var. Cross-Country 11, 12, Var. Track 10, 11, 12, Honor Society 11, IZ, Honor Roll 10, 11, 12, G.A.A. 10, 11, 12, Band 9, 10, Powder Puff II, IZ. DENISE M. STEJSKAL Commercial 5 years Var. Track 10, 11, 12, Honor Society 10, 11, 12, Honor Roll 10, 11, 12, G.A.A. 10, 11, 12, A'cappella 11, 12, Girls' Chorus IQ Senior Play 12. JULIE M. STOUB Pre-College 5 years Honor Society 11, 12, Honor Roll 9, 10, 11, 12, Gazette 12-Editor, Drill Team 11, Senior Play 12, Fall Play 10. ANNE'I'I'E R. STREELMAN General 4 years A'cappella 11, 12, Girls' Chonrs 9, 10, j.V. Cheerleading 10. DWAYNE A. STRUIKSMA General 12 years Frosh Football 2j.V. Football 11k Frosh Basketball 2 Var. Tennis 12, Var. Baseball 1, Gazette 12, A'cappella 12, Boys' Chorus 11, Senior Play IZ. MIKE A. STRUIKSMA General 11 years Class Officer 10-President,j.V. Football 9, Var. Football 10, Il, 12, Frosh Basketball 9, j,V. Basketball I0, Var. Basketball 12, Honor Society 11, 12, Honor Roll 9, 10, 11, 12, A'cappella 11, 12, Madrigals 11, 12, Band 9, 10, 11, Pep Band 9, IQ Boys' Choms 9, llk Senior Play 11. KELLI R. SYBESMA General 12 years Frosh Volleyball 'ij.V. Volleyball IQ-l.V. Basketball 9,j.V. Softball 9, Var. Softball 10, 11, Student Council IQ Honor Roll 9, 10, 11, 12, Annual 11, G.A.A. 9, 10, 11, 12, Skiing Club 9, A'cappella 11, 12, Madrigals 12, Band 9, 10, 11, Handbells 9, 10, 11, Pep Band 9, 10, 11, j,V, Cheerleading 9, IQ Var. Cheerleading 12, Powder Puff 11, 12, Speech er Music Festival 9. SHELLI L. SYBESMA Pre-College 12 years Class Officer 9, 10-Sec., 11-Treas., Frosh Volleyball 42-l,V. Volleyball 10, 11, Frosh Basketball 2j,V. Softball 10, Student Council 2 Honor Society 11, 12, Honor Roll 9, 10, 11, 12, Annual 10, 12, G.A.A. 9, 10, 11, A'cappeIla 11, 12, Band 9, 10, 11, Handbells 9, 10, 11, Pep Band 9, 10, 11, Homecoming Princess 2 Powder Puff 10, 12,j.V. Softball Stat 2 Var. Volleyball Star 12. DIANNE L. TAZELAAR General 12 years Girls' Chorus 9, 10. GREG A. TOPP General 12 years Honor Society 10, 11, 12, Honor Roll 9, 10, 11, 12, Math Club 11, A'cappella 12, Band 9, 10, 11, Pep Band 9, 10, 11, Stage Band 9,10,1l, Senior Play 12 MAG DA LIN E TSAPATOLIS Pre -College 2 years Honor Society 11, 12, Honor Roll 11, 12, Concert Choir 11. ANDREW T. VANDER DUSSEN Pre-College 3 years NANCY L. VANDERELST Commercial I2 years Var. Cross-Country 10, 11, 12,j.V. Basketball 2 Var. Basketball 10, 11, 12,-l.V. Softball 2 Var, Softball 11, 12, Math Club 'L Chess Club Q G,A.A, 9, 10, Il, 12, Band 9, Powder.Puff I0, 12, Var. Volleyball Manager 12. -IANNA L. VANDERGRIFI' Commercial 12 years Honor Roll 12, G.A.A. 9, 12, A'cappella 11, 12, Girls' Chorus 9, I0, Drill Team 10, 11, 12-Lieutenant, Office Aid 12, Track Stat 12, Senior Play 12. STEVEN G. VANDERKAMP Pre-College 9 years Frosh Football 2-j.V. Football 10, Frosh Soccer 'L-IV. Soccer 10, 11, Var. Soccer 12, Honor Society 11, 12, Honor Roll 9, 10, 11, 12, Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Pep Band 10, 11, 12, Stage Band 11, 12. jON A, VANDER MAARL Commercial 5 years Senior Play 12. VICKIE VANDER MEULEN Commercial iz years Frosh Volleyball fx Var. Cross-Country 10, j.V. Basketball 12 Var. Basketball 10, Honor Society 1I, IZ, Honor Roll 9, I0, I1, 12, Annual 10, 11, G.A.A. 9, lik Girls' Chorus Ck Powder Puff 11. LAURA E, VANDER MOLEN Pre-College 4 years rv .. lx gy, , 'Tig N M 4 .rm f f Q Semor Brographzes 9, .,a 1 omg Student Council 11, Honor Society 11, 12, Honor Roll 9, 10, ll, 123 Annual 10. 11, 12, G.A.A. 10, A'cappella 12, Girls' Chorus 11, Powder Puff 10, 11, 12, Track Stat 10, Girls'-l.V. Basketball Stat 10, Senior Play 12. GERALDINE C. VANDER VIS Pre-College 12 years Var. Track 9, 10. 11, Honor Society 11, 12, Honor Roll 9, 10, 11, 12, G.A.A. 9. 10. 11, Band 9, 10. ll, 12, Pep Band 9. 10, 11, Powder Puff 12, Senior Play 12. TONY K, VANDERWAAL General -1 years Frosh Basketball ll-j.V. Basketball 10. 11, Var. Basketball 12, Var, Track 11, Var. Baseball 12. DAVID A VAN DYK Pre-College 11 years Cross-Country 10, Frosh Basketball 9, Var. Tennis 12, Honor Society 10. 11, 12, Honor Roll 9, 10, 11, 12, A'cappella 10, 11, 12, Madrigals 11, Band 9, 111 Pep Band 9. 10, Stage Band 9, 10, Senior Play 123 Fall Play 101 Homecoming MC 12, Speech dr Music Festival 9. DAVID-1. VAN ESSEN Commercial 12 years Frosh Football 1J.V. Football 10, Var. Football 11, 12, Frosh Basketball 1j.V. Basketball 1lhj.V. Baseball 9, 10, Var. Baseball 11, 11: Boys' Chorus 10. DOUGLAS M. VAN GENT General 7 years Kcappella 10, 11. 123 Band 9, 10. ll, 12: Boys' Chorus 9. MARCIA VAN HOLLAND General 12 years German Club 9. TIMOTHY VAN MEETEREN General 5 years 1 Frosh Football llj.V. Football 10, Var. Football 11, 12,-j.V. Soccer 2 j.V. Track 112 Honor Roll 12. SUSAN VELTMAN Commercial 12 years Var. Track Ch Annual Staff 10, 11, 12, G.A.A. 'X A'cappella 11, 12, Girls' Chorus 9. lik Drill Team 10, 11, Var. Cheerleading 12, Office Aid 12, Fall Play 10, Powder Puff 11, 12, Speech H Music Festival 9. TON-IA R. VELTMAN Commercial 12 years Honor Society 10, 12, Honor Roll 10, 11. 12, Annual Staff 10, 11, 12, A'Cappella 11, 12, Girls' Chorus 2 I.D. 11, Counselor's Aid 12, Senior Play 12, jERRY W. VER STEEG Pre-College 6 years j.V. Soccer 9, lik Var, Soccer 11, 12gj.V. Baseball 9, 111 Var. Baseball 11. 12, Homecoming Escort 12. JERRY N. VOGEL General 12 years KAY L. VOS Commercial 12 years Honor Society 11, 12, Honor Roll 9, 10. 11, 12, Girls' Chorus 9, 10, Drill Team 9, 10. 11-Co. Opt. Flag IZ, Library Aide 12, Senior Play 121 Homecoming Princess 12. DAVID C. WALHOF Pre-College 12 years Frosh Soccer 9, 10, Honor Society 11, 12, Honor Roll 9, 10. 11, 12, Math Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Band 9, Boys' Chonxs fl German Club 9. DANIEL E. WEAVER Pre-College 3 years j.V. Football 10, Var. Football 11, 12, Honor Society 11, Honor Roll 10. 11, Gazette 12, A'cappella 11, 12, Band 10. 11, 12, Pep Band 11, 12, Stage Band 10, 11, 12, Senior Play 12. Pre-College 4 years STEVEN WHEELER Pre-College 4 years EDWARD WHITTEMORE Ill Pre-College 4 years COLLEEN F. WIELENGA General 4 years KENNETH j, WILLIAMS Pre-College 4 years j.V. Football CL Var. Football 10, 11, 12, Frosh Basketball 9, j.V Basketball 10,j.V. Baseball lk Var. Baseball 10, 11, 12. TAMMY L. WOODS Pre'College 4 years N ,A YJ Nw-X. wwf wx- x KX ,AZ Yf MLW .KK Maw aww, ,4fM,f ,f,QM ff wmyaw IQ MQW ,Wagga U om- . f 4 x V ,- A . iflcwmifi L Q04 QM Um Afmvgggb , SLU flftlu-Um X M FWF QdDe5,AW3,OUmQ qf, J em OQDQSX LNB GLVX LQJUUZYT gjgwum WLA wa L, LAAAJJLQJF L, mack ,Q VGJULLA 2 . WAMLUQ. I JMOUVWMGJ fy, , X959 Mehgmk jovpm C14 J Mc SQ x Lima' 'MQML CWM-M K dwd rfbms-c affmeff 7 f Q Qgimf OLMQMJUC U 1 gf 1 C02 WW 'MW 'CJMJZ CUJR -,-mmf1LQfffWQA My ,jzaxfcffk Ig' 900101 Lkigd. A AP Q x,J,Q,Q,f, P QA ww C910 2 ' 1 .' J WX LWR 4610i Qzfc+6-f 06 QOLULAK CGW v if HIL., 7' Mal CMS Q Al plan yu 'UW -If f Q70 , , +4 sw QHGFW SQ.rL !A L 7,, w V5 ?f3j?fT'i1ff3,fLfl 'y" UMW M I. . W W ck' W , W- O K Q70 W 1 UNDERGLASSMEN uniors .ns- Q x 3 B yi -M-my P 1 N, Scott Allen jeff Anema Dana Arntson Sheryl Bakker Tracie Baltzer Carole Barr Carl Blake Richard Bollom Pete Bos LEFT TO RIGHT: President: Sue Vanderburg, Vice President: Dena Crellin, Secretary: Tracie Baltzer, Treasurer: Vicki Kuvelis. Sabrina Bos David Brouwer Randy Brouwer JCHUCH Bfuinsmfl Debra Boston julie Brouwer Mary Beth Brown Pamela C35fl'fbCffY V 5 5+ , . if 'NE .- -si ' . . .si ' ""1'i ' A Vigff 'mx Q Q2 2 'ixx K Q B .Q J. fx Rm - M xx ,lk an Lim' ,QA 6 Y 5 fw " ml f"a"Y F,,1 2 A A ,f f W if fn f-iw In Ag' Q ,irgwff if 2 N f 1 W 9 f Q 3 4' ju ,V x f WQN ,f Q ii kv if 5 E Q H? Q ' f Q ui 5 gf ,Q 2 T wxsmvfv ,X 1, x - LX 4- - A "QTY . 'sf " - :- QR - A :: t.. X -'N X . T - fn - Q RN. f RS W 1 Darrel Van Bruggen Gary Vandenberg Allyson Vander Broek Susan Vanderburg Ronald Vander Dussen Michael Vander Ploeg '36 Walter Vander Vis Wendy Vander Vis Alethea Vander Waal Cathy Vander Wal Robert Van Duyn Gary Van Leeuwen S Q. TOP: Reflecting on their crazy sophomore enjoy the new Crusader yearbook. BOTTOM: "Giddy-up .. . !" year, junior girls Tami Van Meeteren james Van Munster Linda Veltman Randy Verhoef Dennis Vogel Kimberly Warren Gerda Weening Nancy Wheeler Darla Wind llenry Wind Grace Yew Alisa Zastrow S 0 ph om ores LEFT TO RIGHT: President: Rachelle Rienstra, Secretary: Carol Candilas, Vice President: Laura Wesrra, Treasurer: Cyndie Van Weerthuizen. - .4 BELOW: Jeanine Robinson and Cindy Dirkse pull in the sophomore tugrof war. BOTTOM: Sophomore girls cheer ar a pep rally. .4-ol David Aisner Gary Anderson Bonnie Allen Rodney Attema i 'W' wa A 'F is? Ai Sq? X r' f-S mf I S Q1 X Q fs QQ? W , , 'QQ M Q Q, N XV! , if ix be Sai? Q X K Wm PS VJ? ff -1,-hi' SQ 'X X qw .Q - Q? s Q xf- .W .mf X ' YQ ext 2 W 1 F N X L wwQ.:fQM ' "5 L,...,gQ xii X is? S YG iw YE W ww--...., , fi? ml 'il iw z V.. "mr fi' ll il? V if A UI ,nw UUE in 3 'M , ,AMI 6,-g5j,'k' . "wtf ,V .MK ., .f 2 V: My ,Ji ag K i Q- i I gif A, ,. ii ff MJ 1 l iw xy Chuyl Cnossm Alan Dc Weerd TOP Irsa Vos Chns Shaffer and udy Boerigrer take a Gras, Cox De Ann Doornbos leisurely walk to class BOTTOM During break, Billy Curr DL Groot eff Doornbos Kellu and Chuck ermgan head stralbht for the kitchen Linda Escarzaga Michael Evans Toni Floyd Michelle Fox Alden French Shannon Garrett v N - Fads . This year's distinguishing fad seemed to be simply that: fads, and the more far-out and bizarre the better. In this relaxed almost-anything- goes atmosphere, the opportu- nities to express individual tastes were endless: from punk to preppy to prairie and everything in between. Length didn't seem to matter much, mid-thigh, mini-skirts and mid-calf prairie skirts were "in" as well as walking shorts and knickers. The blouses sported heaps of ruffles and frills or natural collars and ties. Even footgear was included in the fads, especially topsiders, pumps, and ankle-strap sandals. The guys plunged into the new fashions with as much enthusiasm as the girls. The campus blossomed with alligator shirts, pink or otherwise, and plaid bermuda shorts held up by striped belts. This outfit was set off by oxfords and topped with a thriftstore sweater. TOP LEFT: Senior girls set their own trend by falling back to , f .5 Q... .mms . emi., PLACES TO GO: Hoffs Hut Coco's Los Altos Drive In Shakey's Pizza Straw Hat Pizza Don jose's Whittier Blvd. a...g Farijels Ice Cream Parlor Beach 939 I "INI' WORDS Trad" e "totally" .ipmegan "for sure" "awesofne" 3+ ' . i visas.. ies? . ,...t.: 6 5 --'- W -: K 6:-11' feff:P?x:Sfsir,e. sriigsijggifgiisiiJiggaI, . . s,,t.,.+,.Q:.s-.,g ...-,.2.s,i,.,. ,sw f- Iielsfeifiiiiieffspiiiggifiiiiiw- 'A - W .wise .ew-S, fsirzfrsrs 'yigssrzilif Ii' I ii' it . at , ..,.. . M3 ...,. K ms...w,,.rrsgy-gf 1 Ng-L 5 I3 I ..,. ..,.. . y f . f 'L-:, f1s, i...Ux3?,.ss rl is ,Q it . tt, .,.. , .V the childhood way of bringing lunch pails. BOTTOM LEFT: Patty Davis, Mary Mouw, and Alisha Wright model "the latest" in knickers and pedal pushers. BOTTOM RIGHT: Tom Staal sports an early football season butch. The My It M25 In '82 , K '-if ii- . r PRICES gas per gallon hamburger with everything id The first sign of strange things to come was when the football team came to school in September with burches. This fad went out as the hair grew in, but it didn't take long for the girls to catch on. First it was bangs, and by the end of the year shoulder-length tresses were being chopped off left and right. What will be next? medium coke small fries movies Candy bar large pizza with the works Pee Chee folder sf 1.28 S 1.43 S .55 S .51 S 4.00 S .35 310.06 S .23 TOP LEFT: Chele Mabry and Tracie Baltzer are fashionable with short hair. BOTTOM LEFT: Valley footwear for '82. BOTTOM RIGHT: Melissa Norton poses in a ruffled top and mini skirt. MQNQN .nw 5. 'g 5. ,flu W. ,'l'M S . L, N .1 K K' ff f I A ff K M1 ""v-.W v,,, ,- -...,,,,-Mk ,,,,,..-www , ,M www-f'f"""" ' 'nm 4 f-N5 6 bl' W TEACHERS Mrs. Brouwer: Clothing, Life Skills, Intro to Cooking, Meals for 2, Interior Decorating, Psychology Practical Family Living, Typing 1. Ms. Aardsma: Accounting 1 81 2, Typing 1, Office Filing, Record Keeping, Algebra 1-A. ,i - . Y S'1:,e X Mr. Cole: Chapel Coordinator, Christian Literature, Counseling, Drama NT Bible, Student Council. Mr. Baker: Earth Science and Life Science. Mrs. de-long: American Literature, Advanced Study Skills, English 1 8: 2. Mr. De Bie: Drivers Education, Geography, World History. nam! I i Mr, Doornbos: Band Director, Handbells Director. Mr. Den Ouden: Minority History, American Studies, WWI to Reagen State 8: Local, Colonial History, Current Events, U,S. History, Big 3. 'l' rt MWWL Ms. Haack: Drill Team Advisor, English 1, Practical English, Contem- porary Literature, Advanced Composition Exposition, Senior Play Di- FECIUY. Mr. Hoeksrra: Chemistry, Life Science, Physics. Mr. Feddes: Biology, Advanced Biology, Life Science. Mr. Goedhart: Concert Choir, Womt-n's Chorus, A'ccapella, Madrigals Director. fix Mt. Le Febre: Algebra 1 Sc 2, Computer Math. Ms. Logterman: Spanish 1, 2, 3 8a 4. Mr. Hugen: Algebra 1-A, Algebra 1-B, Advanced Math, Geometry. Rev. Knowles: Intro to Bible, NT Bible, OT Bible, Reformed Doctrine wr , . , Q ,,.f, ,Q f -i5w, -if f ff, f 1 af .za,, ., a. ,f nw. ., . . . Ms. Schutten: Physical Education, Advanced Physical Education. Mr, R, Sjoerdsma: Writing Skills, Creative Writing, English 1, Media, Media Production, Annual Staff Advisor. Mr. Oppewaal: Drawing, Painting, Ceramics. Mr. G, Sjoerdsma: Contemporary Literature, American Literature World Literature, English 2, Pre-College Grammar, Advanced Compo' sition, Values and Beliefs. so , , i xg ' if W g,,,,A.i . if? Q 5 - 5 ' ffhlr 1'- aw " f-:lf'- r 'V Vi. il , f' sf 'C' , g figs f ,V :pw ,X 1 11 I ' ,' gg Q, 1 .if ,' M li ' i it T vii: iv ,. 14 'fu mf Mr. Veltkamp: Drafting, Woods, Advanced Woods. Mr. Wassenaar: Typing 1 84 2, Advanced Typing, Introduction to Business, Life Skills, Financial Survival, Economics, Office Machines. Mr. Van Den Berg: Big 3, World History, Colonial History, U.S History, State and Local. Mr. Verkaik: OT Bible, Biblical Perspectives, Comparative Religions Reformed Doctrine. yi be MR gg .r as , s,r -fsessig . - , . ' K Mr. Wunderly: General Mach, Physical Education, Advanced Physical Education. Mrs. Brink: Office Secretary. Mrs. Wassenaar: Library. Ms. Wilkie: Reading, Counseling Q...,:-,,.. . ik, Q5 a s 0 'J " 12.9- J, ill A ' l fHce If you were told that you were about to walk into a room where one person kept track of fees, organized report cards, paid the bills, averaged grades for the records, ordered the needs, took the phone calls and sorted the mail for an entire high school, what might you expect? An exhausted, disheveled secretary stand- ing amid drifts of paper? This scene would be entirely understandable. The mystery comes in when you walk into Valley's office, where all ofthese activities and more go on, and find Mrs. Brink, calm and poised, looking for all the world like She has everything under control. Can ir be true? The other half of our office team is Mr. Keuning. As principal, his job is to see that good parent-studenr- teacher relationships are maintained Cwho ever said that was easy?D, to take care of discipline problems fnever a pleasant jobj, and to help the teachers in their day to day needs and struggles. Did you ever realize that that much work went into running this school? How do Mrs. Brink and Mr. Keuning do it? The world may never know. TOP LEFT: Our faithful secretary is kept busy every moment of the day. MIDDLE RIGHT: Our principal finds peace and quiet while typing in the kitchen. BOTTOM LEFT: Mr. Keuning, the High School Principal. wwf --..., Z! 1 0 sgr S .ii X 170' .9 a2+b2fCA ? O., f ' wwf? ACADEMICS Communications is important for everyone and that is why Valley stresses its English department so strongly. All students are required to take some sort of English class each year. Freshmen focus mainly on grammar and writing while the sophomores move on to making speeches and acting out plays.juniors and seniors get to choose from a wider variety of classes such as Creative Writing, Media Production, Values and Beliefs, and oth- ers. Two new classes, Christian and Dramatic Literatures, have been added to the numerous choices of literature classes already offered. All these classes add to the stu- dents climb toward a knowledge of their language and better communications with others. English 4 gr an i, f H . A. ,, +11 V ,.,, . ,V 4 fafrw- Y V.Vf , ,VW:3,QgQs"z4-f- . ,.,,,. V K' Min., TOP RIGHT: Dan Weaver and jeff Rabideaux trying to get the best shot for their slide presentation BOTTOM LEFT: Dena Crellin and jeanell Bruinsma getting into the English scene. BOTTOM RIGHT Mr. Sjoerdsma giving a word of advice to two of his Mass Media students. B2 S panrlsh From your first "hola" when you walk in the door of room 26, Ms. Logterman will guide every pre-college student through all the intracacies of the Spanish language. Then for those who are "hooked" after the two required years, an advanced course was added this year. Learning Spanish does require memorizing long lists of vocabulary words, verb tenses, and other grammar keys, but Ms. Log- terman makes class interesting with first hand ac- counts of her experiences in Spain and Mexico and "cultural experiences" including pinatas and au- thentic Mexican cooking. ,ru 5 , M TOP LEFT: Ms. Logterman teaches her students household words. BOTTOM LEFT: S anish students read to learn. P Y BOTTOM RIGHT: There is a lor of fun in learning a new language. 83 Bible Many people ask what makes Valley Christian different from other schools in the area. The difference is simple: we base our school curriculum and activities around Christ. Every student is required to take a certain number of Bible classes. We offer basic Old and New Testament classes for the freshmen and sophomores and more indepth classes like Biblical Perspectives, Comparative Religions and Reformed Doctrine for the juniors and seniors. This year two new teachers, Mr. Verkaik and Rev. Lamen joined Rev. Knowles in the Bible Department. In their classes and around the campus, these three men worked hard to teach us more about God and how to apply His Word to our daily lives. The Bible Depart- ment was very strong this year and a special thanks goes to our retiring Rev. Knowles who spent many years here at Valley. He was both a teacher and friend and will be greatly missed. TOP RIGHT: Mr. Verkaik checks Sam Fey's assignment in Comparative Religion Class. BOTTOM RIGHT: Robin Talsma finds help in Rev. Lamen's explanation, ABOVE: Rev. Knowles explains the basics of Christian Doctrine to the class. Wm.,,,4,,.,. Molinari Wwif +V 4 2 gffgawrwff. "1z:r+:rg1wfz'y,: ,,. , WK! 'jx' ,sin 'M History Traveling back in time isn't always thrilling, but with teachers like Mr. De Bie, Mr. Van Den Berg, and Mr. Den Ouden, history comes alive. Throughout their four years at Valley, the stu- dents get a wide variety of history. Freshman take geography, while sophomores travel around the world.juniors concentrate more on our own U.S. History, and the seniors learn about the government system of America. Each of these classes help the student to understand the way our world has been shaped. J... TOP LEFT: Mr. De Bic prepares for his next class. TOP RIGHT: Mr. Den Ouden lectures and gives notes to his class. BOTTOM LEFT: "Busy, busy, busy . . ABOVE: Mr. Van Den Berg in his famous pose. f f-:fx-1:sags . .sir Q Bt 2 S rf v if BOTTOM RIGHT: Margret Polley hurries to finish her Al- gebra assignments before the bell rings. BOTTOM LEFT: Mr. Le- Febre helping the students mas- ter their Algebra, RIGHT: Algebra 1-B students diligently work on their math ICSIS. Math .oi no -has Y'- vu-if 1 2- r. I as If you want to know anything from how far Mr. Smith travelled if he drove for three hours at 55 miles per hour fremember how you struggled with those word problems?Q, to what the cevians of a triangle are, one of our math pros, Mr. LeFebre, Mr. Hugen, Miss Aardsma, or Mr. Wunderly should be able to help you. On the other hand, even if questions like these never crossed your mind, Valley students are required to make the acquaintance of at least one of these people for 45 minutes a day for a year or two. Miss Aardsma, new to Valley this year, relieved Ms. Schutten of her duties teaching Algebra 1-A. Mr. LeFebre will fill your head with x's and y's in Algebra 1-B, Algebra I, and Algebra II. And Mr. Hugen, our authority on Advanced Math and Geometry, is probably the only person in the world who makes you give ten steps to prove why two lines are parallel, instead of just, "Because they look parallel." Mr. Wunderly rounds out the program with General Math. rl Scjen ce LEFT: The study of generics has its lighter moments. BOTTOM LEFT: Science can be more fun when you have a partner like David Aisner. TOP RIGHT: Robin Talsma explains the various means ofthe relationship between molecules and atoms. BOTTOM RIGHT: Another one of Mr. Hoekstra's lectures. The Science Department at Valley is taking on a new look this year. The Chemistry and Biology rooms have been com- pletely redone with modern equipment and new storage space. Along with the regular classes, Advanced Biology is being offered. It is a more detailed and indepth study of biology. This new addition has given a big boost to the science department which already includes: Health, Physical and Earth Science for freshmeng Sophomore Biologyg Chemistry and Physics. Voca tional Arts Shop, cooking, sewing, and drafting are the classes that make up voca- tional arts. These classes give students a chance to get away from "working their brains" and instead use their hands to develop talents and skills which may be useful in a future trade. Mrs. Brouwer works with the students in cooking and sewing, while Mr. Veltkamp trains his pupils in the industrial arts of shop and drafting. These courses are not only well-liked by the students, but they also provide a basis for practical living after high school. N , we Q ish ' .. A aieaaxg K Q . fit f i 575- 21255 ,L gg? rgifsiff .- TOP RIGHT: Harry Daglas takes precise measurements to get just the right angle. MIDDLE LEFT: Vickie Vander Meulen learns the steps to becoming a future homemaker, MIDDLE RIGHT: Paul Sorenson tries his hand at cooking. BOTTOM LEFT: "Baking a cake as fast as I can" BOTTOM RIGHT: Shop instructer, Mr. Veltkamp, checks the machinery. uwnuiww LEFT: Mr, Veltkamp's advise is of- ten needed and always helpful. MIDDLE LEFT: Mrs. Brouwer explains the "do's and don'ts" ul' pinning a pattern in sewing class. MIDDLE RIGHT: Melissa Nor- ton gives a discouraging sigh at her seemingly endless task. BOTTOM LEFT: Sanding is an important part of every woodwork project. BOTTOM RIGHT: Stacy Cato concentrates on sewing a straight seam. Ht, Art Art is a class that most people think of as "kick-back" and "lots of fun!" Lots of fun it is, but "kick-back?" Learning to draw, paint, or make pottery is more involved than most people think. To teach this class, Mr. Oppewaal starts at the beginning with the basics and works up to the more complicated forms of art that include more depth and detail. Patience is a main factor to the success of a project, so Mr. Oppewaal stresses taking your time. If a project does show promise, it is often placed in the library on display for the student body to admire. The aft classes do give a challenge, but they are also an enjoyable and interesting learning experience. t ff it 'if M M' 62-S2,al,,f TOP RIGHT: Steve Wheeler puts his all into making the best painting ever. TOP LEFT: David Polley smooths out his clay pot. BOTTOM LEFT: Liz Kooiman carefully outlines her painting. BOTTOM RIGHT: Phil Mosqueira shows his talents on the pottery wheel. Physical Edu ca tion Physical education is one class that many students enjoy because it gives them a chance to get out of the class- room and use up some stored energy. The P.E. department changed its program this year. The freshmen are now required to take a full year of P.E. I, and sopho- mores, juniors, and seniors are only re- quired to take one trimester of Advanced P.E. Sports such as tennis, volleyball, bas- ketball, softball, square dancing, and bowling are covered in this course. E ik? TOP LEFT: Freshmen girls learning the basics of basketball. MIDDLE LEFT: P.E. is not all fun and games. BOTTOM LEFT: Girls P.E. has a close encounter with a frisbee, ABOVE: An Advanced P,E. student aiming for a strike. Business RIGHT: Mr. Wassenaar reminds the students to keep up with the class work. BELOW: Room 6 is always busy with business students working on the office machines. BOTTOM RIGHT:Susan Mulder tries to gain speed on the adding machine by watching her book and not her hands. M449 I .vu l c If pre-college classes just aren't your i style, the business courses at Valley may be just what you are looking for. VCHS offers classes like Office Machines, Of- fice Filing, Record Keeping and Ac- counting. There were two additions to the Business Department this year. One was the adding of an advanced account- ing class and the other was the adding of a new teacher, Miss Aardsma. The Busi- ness Department is always on the upward climb, and we can really be proud of it. Library Besides being useful to the students for research, the library also serves as a source of enjoyment. When a student has a free period, he can go to the library to read a magazine or the newspaper, or to watch a filmstrip. Mrs. Wassenaar, the head librarian, has quite a reputation for being extremely helpful to the students. Mrs. Reppman, who works in the library part-time, is also available for assistance. Another addi- tion to the library's staff this year was Miss Kline, who served as a tutor during a few periods each day. The library is a vital asset to everyone at Valley Christian. Y, .,,, F g-gg, l ..., p ,....- TOP RIGHT: Jeannette Kosareff checks out a magazine with Mrs. Wassenaar, our head librarian. LEFT: Ranging from Christian Doctrine to "How to Ski", our library has books on almost every topic you could possibly want. ABOVE: When it comes time to write term papers, the library comes in very handy. COUHS61lhg You could tell the minute you walked in the door of the counseling office- something was different. There was the familiar, reassuring face of Ms. Wilkie, but who was the big guy with the bushy beard? Mr. Cole? But he belongs in English! Soon Mr. Cole's face became as familiar as Ms. Wilkie's as they teamed up against the endless tasks confronting a counselor. Once everyone is settled in the right class at the right time, there are still new students to help adjust, low grades to check up on, seniors to discuss the future with, and many other duties that need attention. Then, just as everyone else is beginning to breathe a little easier because summer is just around the corner, Mr. Cole and Ms. Wilkie have to buckle down to scheduling for the upcoming year. But no matter how busy they are, Mr. Cole and Ms. Wilkie are always available to share both the joys and trials of the students. k yhlsll..-r'll'l 13'-af. P P 5.3. L -Y Cm!! . ' 'r 1' QM 1 flgfanj 7 DAQ! i" . 0 ' Camp jx ef, Q SQND ll X from A: In-cr Wag I 'rm,..,,V N, lj 'l"f 1 .I rf ' :Wea 1 . 4-. U., A V. mg ll.. Qffi T959 Mock :E all ,A f 1 Airunknzd' CD 1- K. .. 5 TOP RIGHT: Ms. Wilkie explains the process of scheduling. TOP LEFT: Mr. Cole stands ready to lend a hand whenever needed. BOT- TOM LEFT: Ms. Wilkie struggles to fit required classes into Brian De Vries' schedule. ABOVE: Wendy Sakodahjulie Stoub, and Lisa Kol- berg discuss future college plans. Q k , 4551 .Q 7 a W MUSIC Women 'S Ensemble TOP RIGHT: The Girls' Ensemble entertains the student body one morning during chapel. BELOW: Singing at the Spring Concert turned out to be very successful. Women's Ensemble is one musical elec- tive that all who were involved in enjoyed. For the first time, auditions were held in order to be a part of this choir. Therefore, the group was smaller and allowed the girls to get to know each other really well. Be- sides being involved in the choral concerts and providing music for evening services at many churches, the Women's Ensemble also had the priviledge of performing at Knott's Berry Farm during the Christmas season. Another highlight for the girls was a festival which they competed in against other choirs from different schools. They were graded by professionals and all their hard work paid off with a great performance. The experience gained in Women's Ensemble is a helpful prepratory for future A'cappella Choir. ya BACK ROW: Lorene Coontz, Dani Poelstra, Cindy Giske, Heather Hickok, Martha Stolk,julie Brouwer, Susan Mulder, Bonnie Gritters, Laurie Truckey. MIDDLE ROW: Sandi Van Aalsberg, Debbie Terpstra, joan Broersma, Cyndie Van Weerthuizen, Gwen Cooke, Nikki Vande Steeg,jayne Van Hofwegen, Kandi Ver Hoef, Stephanie Hartog. FRONT ROW: Kelli Vos,jolleen Zuider Vaart, Kim Backstrom, Cindy Davis, Brenda De Boer, Patti De Master, Lisa Struiksma, Alicia Wright, Director Mr. Goedhart. Concert Ch oz? .4 N3 'it gf? 5 iw ,..-, TOP ROW: Kim Kiel, Theresa VanderDussen, Bonnie Allen, Dan Van Duyn, john Biedebach, Mike Vander Ploeg, Lauren Sufferin, Kristen Postma, Carissa Dunn, judy Boerigter, Sandi Dykema. MIDDLE ROW: Tracy Hallmark, DeAnn Doornbos, Vincent johnson, Gary Doty, Dick Recker, Cheryl Cnossen, Barb Bootsma, Lisa Vos, Michelle Atkins. FRONT ROW: Doni Rollin, Diane Gritters, Tami Fletcher, Toni Floyd,julie Stuit, Shelly Fox, Kara lloeksma, Denise Kroez, Director Mr. Goedharr. A delightful addition to the Music Depart- ment this year was the Concert Choir under the direction of Mt. Goedhatt. The students in this choir not only sing but they also study music theory. The major part of the class is spent learning and studying quality choral music. Concert Choir performed in three major con- certs and also participated in a festival at Mon- tebello High School. By attending this class each performer improved his musical knowl- edge but most of all experienced the joy of praising God through music. mm-. t , ,wwf a 4, 'i 9 ww ,M . ..., ,W,,.,,,m,W,M , Wwfmf-W ' X ' A 1-. ffrzlfln if W , t M fa 'T . at 9. V ,., H s,az,ga'n'iw""9, ,fq'p:,... ,jff M , wfa'?i"?aW. ' f, .,,. , I ,.i- T ,,,, ,, -rw , n LEFT: Directing the Concert Choir takes steady concentra- tion from Mr, Goedhart. ABOVE: Concert Choir performing at New Life Church during Christmas time. A 'cappella Did it ever occur to you that singing could be work? Well, there's at least one person 'who holds this view, and Mr. Goedhart applies his views vigorously to the members of A'cappella choir. If you thought A'cappella was a kick back class, you might change your mind when you heard words like "a hundred-and-ten percent" and "energy, energy, ener- gy" flying around. And even if you sing with immense amounts of energy, Mr. Goedhart still isn't satisfied, because you have to "show it in your eyes". Keep your chins up, A'Capella choir, and keep on singing, because your singing has been an exciting and beautiful part of many concerts and church services. TOP RIGHT: Getting ready to perform at a church service for Bethany Christian Re- formed Church. MIDDLE RIGHT: Practice makes per- fecr. MIDDLE LEFT: Paul Sorensen, Carhi De Vries, and jeff Rabideaux, put their all into singing. BOTTOM RIGHT: A'cappella performs for Open House Day. 514-r 1 TOP RIGHT: Ncappella guys enjoy talking as much as singing. TOP LEFT: Mr. Goedharr reviews the music for the benefit of his choir. The 1981-82 A'Cappella Choir 99 Madrzgals When someone mentions the Madrigals, one of the first things that comes to mind is talent. The Madrigals perform at various places, ranging from different churches in the area, and hospitals, to amuse- ment parks such as Knott's Berry Farm. They also had the priviledge this year to go on a five day tour to San Francisco where they sang for different high schools and churches. The Madrigals really did a great job of witnessing as they touched the hearts of everyone they per- formed for. TOP LEFT: The Madrigals carol across the campus grass on their way to perform at the Christmas Boutique. TOP RIGHT: The Madrigals change their tune and their looks at the Pops Concert. BACK ROW: Brenda Sybesma, Mike Struiksma, Gary Mulder, Director Mr. Goedhart, jeff Rabideaux, Paul Sorenson, Perry Krosschell, Ann Abbott. MIDDLE ROW: Kevin Van Otterloo, Terri Andringa, Mary Postma, Kelli Sybesma, Susie Gott, james Bylsma, FRONT ROW: Loreen Le Febre, Cathi De Vries. TOP LEFT: A good performance only comes through many practices. TOP RIGHT: The group, as well as the audience, enjoys the songs they sing. MIDDLE: The Madrigals bring the Christmas message through their songs. LOW- ER LEFT: The group gives a performance for chapel of the songs they sang on their tour along the coast of California. qv . 2 i A If S A 5' 'gm S' QW . 'fe f, Q M x 1.1 I S QQ ' 'p 5 . 1 A fx - Xin. M My h " "' X- ' N 6 l , C Z' ' I XXK XXX my 2, f ' we V. M: W "?" ff, X S . Z aikin, , I ' .g -, ,qi I A 'Q 1 xx o L' " uf . NX xo rx ad" - M 9 6 ,4 L f fi 15 -Pk , In -A. A..-.X f ' l . Sl , Aff: ' WNV' .4 'W -:,mm.W . W q. ,,,, , .W 1 1 Handbells , ii 1 C In comparison with other parts of the music department, Handbells is a relatively new program at Valley. The Hand- bells are enjoyed by both the girls playing them and the audience listening at a performance. There were many per- formances this year such as the Pop's Concert, the faculty and school employees' Christmas party, and various churches in the area. The clear, silvery sound of the Handbells contri- butes much to the enrichment of the fine arts in music at Valley. TOP LEFT: Handbell mem- bers hard at work. TOP RIGHT: Concentration is a must for every practice and per- formance. ' LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Doombos,-Iayne Van Hofwagen, Kandi Verhoef, Martha Mulder,judy Laninga, Pam Van Diest, Susan Mulder, Cindy Dirkse, Mary Bothof, Tammy Vander Kamp, Yvonne Koopmans, Brenda Schenk, Michelle Overduin, 103 Band RIGHT: The marching band awaits their turn in the All-Western Band Review BELOW: "Lefrg leftg left, right, left 'hxuswf i N' x ' -"' LYVR ,J is 'si -.J X eww' M an 104 H129 The 1982 Crusader Band The 1981-82 Crusader Band has had a very busy, yet rewarding year. The beginning of their activities was spent working on football halftime shows, and showing the pride of VCI-IS in a few parades. A highlight of the marching season was the All-Western Band Review. Although rain forced them to march in the Long Beach Arena, the day was fun and exciting for all. Concerts filled the schedule for the rest ofthe year. The band was also invited back to perform at Band Night at Dodger Stadium. This was a great experience, and a thrill for all involved. A "thank-you" to the band and all those involved for a very fine performance this year. TOP LEFT: "We play our drums for you, paarum-pa-pum-pum ... " MIDDLE LEFT: Drum majorette, M it Angie Lambooy, checks for straight ' files. Aw Band Concert, Mr. Doornbos an- ! K , nounces the next song. BOTTOM LEFT: Practice makes per- fect! MIDDLE RIGHT: Af the Winter I 4? Q1 55? ill? 314595 ,-sq J Z . 4 as ig W4 Q 39505 gg?fQW29C Q ,Y WN QW QVWNQ QSQQESNQQNQQQQLX wb fs' N5 G iQ QW' A Ogigdwjlgif ' - ORGANIZATIONS Ann ual Staff TOP RIGHT: Editor, Kim Kredit, and Susan Veltman sell pictures at the Harvest Festival. TOP LEFT: The annual Could not survive without the hardworking business staff. MIDDLE RIGHT: Taking time out for pizza during one of the many late work nights. MIDDLE LEFT: Annual Staff members rush to see the new pictures that have just been printed. RIGHT: Shelli Sybesma files the new contact sheets. 1 r,.,-av-""' '-fn, .,,,t,,' W ,,,ff,,,., 'M - .., V. uf, 1 x ' l V V i A rx ., -M -U....A aj ' M u A?-,W W5 W, Q ,, .., 4.4m-Q Dumb: ry fl ,, r 4-.N 2 1 . v 5 . , A- . x. . v . ' K., . 1-sw 4-. 21. -4 -4' nw My 14,9- E if gl! . a til A 1 ffwq ,- ' At the end of Building C lies room 30, in which the Annual Staff, under the direction of Mr. Ron Sjoerdsma, create the book that captures the memories of the year and holds them forever. The yearbook staff' s responsibility is to bring the annual together in a creative way so the pages will be more than just words and pictures, but will bring back the good times of our high school years. The staff works hard to reach the many deadlines and requirements. Working after school and into the evening, they push to get the job done on time. The staff gets a feeling of accomplishment as they see their hard work made into pages that will last forever. 1' TOP RIGHT: It takes teama work to make a really good book. TOP LEFT: Advisor, Mr. Sjoerdsma, will do anything to get the right shot. BACK ROW: Chris Dekker, Nikki Vander Steeg, Ted De Groot, Brian Scholte, Alleen Klein, Kim Warren. MIDDLE ROW: Sara Hiemstra, Michelle De Jong, Lisa Hiemstra, Andy Reno, Laurie Truckie, Tonja Veltman, Wendy Vander Vis, Tracy Theisens, Shelli Sybesma. FRONT ROW: Rachelle Rienstra, Cindy Giske, Assistant Editor Kristi Scholten, Sue Veltman, Laura Vander Molen, and Editor Kim Kredit. Student Councd , .M W M we-W A W W' yy mr E -Wi' Q,,ansir,,,i,r4aQZia?7i ww L -' 'ft 'Q Q TOP RIGHT: The student body crowd around the mud hole to watch the sopho- more girls against the freshmen girls in the tug-of-war. BOTTOM RIGHT: President Lisa Crellin makes arrangements on the telephone for one ofthe special assemblies. BOTTOM LEFT: A very special assembly was when the school went to see the Acad- emy Award Winner, "Chariots of Fire" at the Lakewood Cinema. Student Council got off to a rough start this year, as all but two members were new to the task of student government. The year began with the election of a new president and three new representatives. But once things got organized their work began. The new group worked hard to put on different events such as, Homecoming's "Premere Night", the spring "Sweet Dreams" banquet, Spiritual Emphasis Week, and the two blood drives. The main goal of this year's Student Council was to keep up with tradition, and yet bring out new ideas and originality. It was a learning year for these members as they worked to draw the school together in pride and social aCtlVlt16S. T033 958: Us C. ji, l l BACK ROW: Advisor Mr, Cole, Laura Vander Molen, Brad Knox. MIDDLE ROW: Cheryl Cnossen, Ed Kornelje, Alan De Weerd, Alleen Klein, Carol Candilas, Lisa Kolberg, Patti De Master, Lisa Nyenhuis, Lisa Hiemsta. FRONT ROW: Leanne Gritters, Cindy Davis, Treasurer Shelece Draper, President Lisa Crellin, Secretary Brenda Schenk, Darla Wind, Kevin Van Otterloo, Kristen Postma. Not Pictured: Vice President Melissa Norton. TOP LEFT: Darla Wind and Brenda Schenk discuss plans for the "Sweet Dreams" Banquet. BELOW: Brian De Vries donates his blood at the Student Council sponsored Red Cross Blood Drive. BOTTOM RIGHT: Cindy Davis and Patti De Master put up the dates for the upcoming sports events. This year's Gazette Staff was a very hard- working group. They spent a lot of time outside of the classroom working and trying to come up with some new features. An "Agape" page was added to boost the spiritual atmosphere on campus. There was also some more participa- tion from kids outside the Gazette Staff in student editorials and opinion pages. Also, in addition to the Gazette editor-in-chief, there were editors for each specific category. All the hard work that was put into the Gazette this year was rewarded with a second place award in a contest sponsored by the Columbia Press As- sociation. MIDDLE LEFT: Wendy Sakoda concentrates on her editorial. TOP RIGHT: Working at paste-up, Mike Allen prepares the Gazette for the Friday issue. RIGHT: The editor and her staff get together to plan the upcoming features in the Gazette. MIDDLE RIGHT: Randy Reitsma and Brad Al- gra mimeograph the latest issues. i Gazette 4 I L. L , dv- LJ: wi n E 51, if 1 r TOP LEFT: Advisor, Mrs. Brower, comments onjaner Morris' article. TOP RIGHT:julie Sroub, editor, makes corrections on the light board. BOTTOM LEFT: jason Reed types a final draft. BACK ROW: Colleen Wielenga, Ty I-Iogue, Harry Daglas, Brad O'Brian, Greg Hendrickson, Mike Allen. MIDDLE ROW: Mrs. Brouwerhleanerre Kosareff,janer Morris, Liz Kooiman, Lisa Recker, Melissa Mabry, Alisa Zasrrow. FRONT ROW: Shelli Bruinsma,julie Sroub, Wendy Sakoda. Computer Math Club Whenever one walks down toward the end of building "B", it seems that there is always someone playing on the computers. The Computer Math Club members spend a lot of time in this room experimenting and working with the computers. This club is most famous for the fritters and doughnuts that are faithfully sold by them every- day through the kitchen window at break. The proceeds from these sales, along with help from the Mother's Club, go toward expanding the math and computer facilities. This year's major purchases were a new disk drive, a printer and a color moni- tor. With the computer age growing, these people have helped Valley to climb to its potential in the technical field. MIDDLE RIGHT: Brad Knox sits hack and watches the computer do its job. ABOVE:jim Walhof feeds information into the computer. UPPER RIGHT: Mr. Le Febre guides his protege David Walhof through a program. f -...ig BACK ROW: Brad Knox, Advisor Mr. Le Febre, David Bom, David Griffinulim WaIhrif,,Iim Taylor, Rick Hoting, Rich Bollom. KNEELING:john De Vries, Doug Quast. Chess Club white, Z- rg' - kgs .ty ':.'4flf3ggjfl4-'?,. Q ,f"T f ' :v ' , fy t g ,j '?9f"'1' 1 'VVVII' i ' . 1 V . ls Ww a faef' VVV if . , . BACK ROW:john Bicdhack, Philip Bollom. MIDDLE ROW: Alan De Weerd,jeff Doornbos, Nathan Van De Brake, Doug Quast, Rev. Knowles. FRONT ROW: David Griffin, Rick Iloring, Rich Bollom, Sherrie Walker. UPPER LEFT: Rich Bollom concentrates on his next black move, BELOW: Rick Hoting gives up his noon hour for the daily battle of black and v J L14 1 During lunch period in room 11 one will find several students sitting and star- ing in deep thought at a board on the table, This group of masterminds, spon- sored by Rev. Knowles with Dave Griffin as president, make up the Chess Club at Valley Christian. The members play matches with neighboring schools. Our team finished second in the Suburban League. At the end of the year the cham- pion is named and his name is displayed on the permanent plague in the trophy case. 11 S 116 Q' Wzrsity Cheerleading Although the job of being a cheerleader seems glamorous to most people, those who have been involved in it will tell you that there's a lot of behind-the-scene work that goes along with it. Besides working hard to promote school support and spirit at games and pep rallies, the girls spend two days a week practicing after school in addition to the twice-a-week morning practices throughout the summer. This year the j.V. and varsity cheer- leading squads were expanded from six to eight girls. Another change was that the school bought all the uniforms and pom- pons to cut down on costs, and the cheerleaders will be able to reuse them each year. Because of the cheerleaders efforts, Valley was commended on its school spirit. sxww Maw. r Q QNX fm . .A 3 Jw - 2 S TOP: A part of cheerleading is the duty of making signs for the games. ABOVE: Barb Overgaaw and Susan Veltman lead the crowd in "Goooo Valley!" UPPER LEFT: "Fire up, VC! Fire up!" ACROSS: The cheerleaders leading the crowd in one of their favorite cheers. .i' T 21553 Qi ff' ,QWQ 3"i .. 'X Q. K . 1 "'5'5r?lsl5',9"17'K'5iNFlNWSY8i5i xr 1 - ww s wwf? f X -.W ifkiflf-if .F ' lf 5' .x5,,v-. 2 . y . i 1 V W- 'ii X 5 5 - ...L ...slams '4- TOP to BOTTOM: Alisa Zastrow, Mary Postma, Barb Overgaaw, Kelli Sybesma, Susan Veltman, Anne Abbott, Melissa Mabry. NW-, TOP: A "storybook" Cheerleading squad! ACROSS: The 1981-1982 Cheerleading squad. ABOVE: The varsity cheerleaders build up spirit by making a pyramid. . V Cheerlea ding TOP RIGHT: Laura Westra and Rachelle Rienstra spark up the crowd during a time-out. TOP LEFT: One of the many jobs of being a cheerleader is parriciparing in the pep rallies. BOTTOM LEFT: The Cheerleaders lead the Crowd in the singing of the Alma Mater. " f -' T xigia ..,- . Awfgfg.. We ,L ,Mk ikm.A ,A -. . , 4 f -,bi.,:.a.5 fr rgr, ,y ie .K "':' l m ' , xx ' E L' sy s, , ev f , 1, , X v 3 ' 5 ,xx-, 5.w3I, Q- A-3 S Sw f X 9: 3 N. Wi 5 af lil . iri M ,. .eeee - .... lin. x Jw TOP TO BOTTOM- LEFT TO RIGHT: Laura Westra, Darla Wind, Cyndie Van Weerthui- zen, Emily Pollock, Gwen Cooke, Cindy Dirkse,jnan Broersma, Rachelle Rienstra. 3-1 LEFI' Patty Davis giving a big smile as the I.D. march through the parade. BELOW ID practicing for .1 half time show early in the morning. One important part of the Crusader marching band is the Identification Unit. These six girls are responsible for leading the band in parades. They march ahead of the band holding 6 beautiful signs which tell what school we are from. Along with accompany- ing the band during parades, the I.D. girls also perform in selected half- time shows. Many thanks to these girls who put forth much time and effort to represent Valley. Flag is LM, ..-:,.,t ,.,.:.- Q NN-N UPPER LEFT: Flag team entertains us during half-time. UPPER RIGHT: Kay Vos and Lisa Hiemstra prepare to perform at the All-Western Band Review. LOWER LEFT: "I am soooo sick of flag!" LOWER RIGHT: The flag team in action. 120 Team if N L-Xe Maw vv if' N x 4? .QE Ag ..:1 id? .. . .. ,iff t . if K i' ..: ts. UPPER LEFT: Susie Gott performs at a pep rally. UPPER RIGHT: The 1981-82 flag team in action. LOWER RIGHT: Flag team hits the perfect pose for the end of early morning practice, S-...A --..., ws-...MN TOP TO BOTTOM: Lori Ressenjeanette Kosareff, Kay Vos, Lisa Kolberg, Lisa Hiemstra, Susie Gort. The 1981-82 flag team was very unique. The squad was made up of six seniors. The girls kept very busy making up routines for football games, practicing, and marching with the band. Although their schedules were full, they found time for many fun activities such going to camp, going out for breakfast, and talking! The things that happened this year during flag will never be forgotten. The chocolate cupcakes, the sweat socks, and the scary ghost stories will be cherished memories in the hearts of the VCHS flag team of 1981-82. fl!! Team "Chin up and smile!" was a familiar saying to all of the 1981- 82 drill team members. They were proud of their school and showed it with an enthusiastic attitude in everything they did. With Miss Haack as their new advisor, new ideas were picked up, and a new parade routine was made up. The girls performed in parades, the All Western Band Review, pep rallies, and half time shows. They increased in size this year, from last year's sixteen girls to twenty-six girls. They were also very happy to change their appearance this year by getting new uniforms, which gave them a new and better look. Thanks, girls, for representing our school with spirit and pride. TOP RIGHT: The end of a perfor- mance brings waves to the crowd. MIDDLE RIGHT: Drill team waits for their turn to perform at the Long Beach Arena, ABOVE: The drill team marches off with smiles of a good performance. RIGHT: The drill team performs a routine to a song from "Chorus Line." ,,.-"HZ I gi is iQ 'Si ,i,.. , if ' :"i"'W' QS if i D 1' ... Q as f s f e R T ri .,. es : 'I 3 - iis. ,., . ii ".-, ,,,,. i:': L' ii I a i--' L 1 - rl . iff: f , - 1 'H : ' . i T as ff sf r r S . be sszz , . . - fi f-' 5 3 f K 5 . 3' i t.r L.kk A K S . r -A use my A .... as R . Kim Kredit: Captain .Janna Vandergrift: Lieutenant R C , S'-fs: Q11 4 -g-xa:s:f5,M W. ., ' 4 2 -.ff-.AE BACK ROW: Arlene Kooistra, Lisa Vos, Alicia Wright, Paige Kredit, Linda Caldwell, Kelly Vos, Becky Gravell, Cheryl Cnossen, Diane Gritters, MIDDLE ROW: Sandy Dournhos, Michelle Marsclle, Mary Mouw, Kara Hoekscma, Maureen Miller, Barb Aisnenjudy Boerigter, De Ann Doornbos, Marilyn Clute, FRONT ROW: Chris Shaffer, jill Markus, Kristen Postma,-janna Vandergrift, Kim Kredit, Martha Mulder, Elsa Groen, Kim Mesman. A 1i" gf Z ,, I. m:'f3'4fy , gakts 'Q-.,, ' in ,.., n Y-X ,A , ,V .. ,Q 'fx mf, Mxgv. . F' 7-"-"ff-2-T. ,fbi 5 sa fn 9, Lag Mix X Rag, if if ,E 'Mfg fp M 5 'vf"'1 D SPORTS Wrsity Football VC 27 BELOW: Tom Sraal's injury doesnt keep him from encouraging running-hacks, Al K K Gaither and Kenny Williams. 6 42 47 6 6 21 14 34 7 34 6 CIF Oakpark Mayfair Army-Navy Western Chr. Whittier Chr. Brethren L.A. Baptist Nells Woodbridge Ontario Chr. Santa Monica Tehachapi OPP 0 14 0 R 12 14 32 7 0 7 3 18 7 -f'- ,A Ai , Jun, :W A '-"r , ai D r" A a-QR FIRST ROW: Scott Allen, Paul Kimball, Alvin Coloma, David Brouwer, Tom Sater, Gary Vandenberg, llarry Daglas, SECOND ROW: Greg Hendrickson Tim Van Meeteren, Tom Staal, lidtlie Whittemore, jeff lfrederickson, Kenny Williams, Kevin Smith, Mike Struiksma, THIRD ROW: Al Gaither, Dan Weaver foithts Veltkump, Wuntlerly, De liie, Mzinagerilefl' Rahitleaux, Mike Vander Ploeg, Dave Van lissen. FOURTH ROW: Paul Sorensen, Brad Algra, Robert Van Duyn kink Brakhand, Perry Krosschell, Carl Blake, Brian De Vries, Randy Verhoef. Not Pictured: jake Hiemstra. At the beginning of their season, the varsity football team set a goal to reach the playoffs. Unfortunately they had a few setbacks come their way, like losing three of their starters to injuries. But this did not stop the team from reaching their primary objec- tive. They did a good job of blending inexperienced players into starting lineups. One thing that the head coach, Mr. Wunderly, said about this year's team was that even though they were unemotional, they were able to generate a lot of excitement. He also said that overall the year was positive, with a good j.V. team. The last league game against Ontario Christian was close, bt Valley pulled it out with a victory, sending them to the C.I.F. playoffs and fulfilling their main goal. The first game of the playoffs was against Santa Monica. The guys easily defeated them with a score of 34-18. The second game of C.I.F. was one that no one who was there will forget. With rain pouring down, the game was packed with suspenseg no one ever seemed to know what was going to happen next. The game ended with Tehachappi winning 7 to 6 ending the 1981 football season for Valley with a feeling of accomplishment of a season well played. 1 TOP: Coach Wunderly dis- V cussing game strategy with one of the players. CENTER: Dave Van Essen going for a tackle. ACROSS: "Dog pile". NOT PICTURED Stat Girls Michelle Dejong Brenda Schenk Melissa Norton -'27 . V Football BELOW: jeff Struiksma calls the play. UPPER RIGHT: Tim Sakoda going for the touchdown. LOWER RIGHT: Definitely a contact sport, S -Q N IS 1 ' mf' ' ,, I , , , , , VV W , , y i S S I ' ' , If --if vi 2' ,' ,tgp 9, My 2 ' r ,ifgxkef F , '1 1 K, 7 2 I 'SFLSQ9 QMS grit' I , Y "F If ' . f 1 ' 9 f . ,,, , A , , M ., ,, 1 ,VF ,I , ',kr , I 1-- J: ., . , " .,,.,,2lL5, 4 A -, N. ' , N ' o ' . ' 1- ., , ,, 'si Q ,, 5' V A Q' I -Lf 1 2" .J nf-I I -1 r F V V , ,V ' "-.' A iw ' - A 55? A ' 1 'av . , d w g' . V ' Y V ' '96 , f K ww ' -t - ,, I , - , A ., 1 ii., A , A . , M ,',, J- , if TOP ROW: Todd jasper, Billjernian, Don Watts, Frank Visvikis, Doug Boerigter, Curt De Groot, Ed De Boer, Mike Kiel, McKenna Brain, Steve Takekoshi, Gary Doty, Gary Overgaauw. THIRD ROW:-jeff Schwieger, Rob Vander Dussen, jason Reed, Robby Randy Bultsma, Doug Schenk, Paul Snapper, Marty Kirkpatrick, jan Wilson, Tom White, Todd Vander Ham, Vellema. SECOND ROW: jared Hubbard, Scott Kinguleff Proctor, john Piersma,-Jeff Struiksma, Kirk Templeman, Stan De Boer, Robert Christensen, Chuck Jernigan, Lance Shipley, Bill Lewis. FRONT ROW: Troy Van Leeuwen, Derrik Hendrix, Brett Luartes,jim McIlvaine,john Vanderelst, Ed Korneolje, Dean Kuvelis, Sean Ciesa,-jason Warren, Bill Ballard, Tim Sakoda. NOT SHOWN: Randy Baker, coachgjim Van Hulzen, asst. coach, 128 Dave De Vries, asst. coach. League Record: 4-1. NWHW- F' r V -rf N we - of Freshmen and V Volleyball X7 ffl Williams gets ready to spike. aw? 'X-gg 'U LEFT: Dena Crellin and Angie Lambooy go for the bump. BELOW: La Trice swf 5 ig? W' '43 Q, llll will is as was M... f E ' -X, is """"'-fra-Mm if , ,... -Q-...wk M-W Wm, ,if M... V - """ ' , t E ' . Sf' E xl Sf - w g,s X X 'Su X. 4 L 9' lass, .. N! X X. j.V.Team-TOP TO BOTTOM LEFT TO RIGHT: Lori De Vries, Coachjacobsma, Freshman Team-TOP TO BOTTOM LEFT TO RIGHT: Debbie Terpstra, Mary Angie Lambooy, Vicki Kuvelis, Chris Groot, Kim Backstrom,jeanell Bruinsma, Dena Bothof, Dc-Ann Doornbos, Lori Phillips, jolleen Zuidervaart, Lisa Vos, Arlene Kooistra, Crellin, La Trice Williams, Diane Gritters, Dianne Wigboldy. Coach Aardsma, Barb Bootsma, Lisa Hanggie, Melissa Miles, Kara lloeksema 129 Wzrsfty Volleyball Determined to have a championship season, the girls of Valley's varsity volleyball team started out by winning the first place trophy in the Artesia Tourna- ment. But the winning did not stop there. Through much practice at digging, spiking, setting and serving, the team also captured first place as the Olympic League Champions. After falling to Brethren in the second game of the season, the women Crusaders chalked up an 11-1 league record. In the second round of CIF, Valley competed with Calabasis and after almost three hours of fierce competition, was defeated by this number two rated team. Coach Mary Schutten was very pleased with their work, saying, "This was the best exhibition ever of teamwork by a Valley Volley- ball team." Ye V ,:,,. A ef' I I V .. X fp' ff fi la? i 1 E-Wifi" ' TOP: Coach Schutten, THIRD ROW: Kim Warren, Wendy Vander Vis, Sonia Koldenhoven, Carmen Cole, Susan Vanderburg, SECOND ROW: Terri Dantuma, Cindy De Young, Darlene Kline, BOTTOM: Brenda Sybesma. QQ 'Sa y-r . .Msg J ,ws ..,.... ,N -qi' TOP RIGHT: The tense looks expressed on the faces of Miss Schutten and Sue Vandetburg show the excitement and competiveness ofa volleyball match.LOWER RIGHT: Darlene Kline, and Teri Dantuma demonstrates the teamwork in a double block. 1 7 ...rf TOP LEFT: Cindy De Young slams the ball above the rising defender. TOP RIGHT: The team huddles to plan the last minute strategies. MIDDLE RIGHT: Stat girls Michelle De Jong, Brenda Schenk, Shelli Sybesma. BOTTOM LEFT: The Valley girls keep on their toes even when they are ahead. 2 1 Z 5 3 3 3 ,jam 3 , , se? B iti ,IB3 ,rTl,' . in lsccmssi Western Brethren Ontario Chr. Whittier LA V Baptist Lutheran LA Western Brethren Ontario Chr. ,Whittier LA, Baptist Lutheran CIF VOntarioi i Calabasas League 11-1 Season 17-4 T Cross - Co un try E K+ ,M ...,: :Kg bb, K g X ig :': i,,, i K' R QE: s N g Q 1' ,..,- Q . gm S if Q ,,. x .. .,,: . A .. t wr1ri:,wi N1 Q, ,sq A, - S .. - . - ' t QRS? swffrswfitf' ' 'S' --L 5 . 3 K ., 5 K G G 1 assi: ff, RIGHT: Cindy Davis leads the team toward the finish line. t E X X K L . ' - L t .BELOW: Before competing, the teams get together to share . 9 if i Christian fellowship. f i ii fr we .G Cross-country attracted many stu- dents this year. The size of the team doubled from last year's with 12 girls and 15 guys coming out to participate. The teams' performance was greatly improved with everyone giving it all he had. For the first year, the girls' cross-country team ran three miles in- stead of the usual two. The girls weren't too happy with this change at first, but, in spite of the longer dis- tance, they worked hard and made it to the finish line. Cross-country was more than just running as one cross- country member commented, "Even though the practices and races were painful, the friendships that we got out of it made it all worthwhile." A 3 Q R . Q , s , S f . S E ' 3 .X t T ss- as W' ww A C 4 3 New wr' .NNHYN K . 1 -we N .Q B: . ,112-at ' sf: 5 is f.uS,Q:Q s .. H.-tw: BACK ROW: Brian Scholte,john Hogan, Scott Enserink, Coach Sjoerdsma, Gary Mulder, Andy Vander Dussen, Vince johnson. FRONT ROW: Billy Keller, Ed Keller, jeff King, Lance Ryan, jim Auman, Alan De Weerd, Mike Evans, LEAGUE RECORD: 1-5 LEAGUE STANDING: 4th place. .ner BACK ROW: Becky Sponaugle, Lauren Suffrin, Chris Dekker, Nancy Vander Elst, Coach Sjoerclsma, Bonnie Gritters, Sara Hiemstra, Patti De Master, BOTTOM ROW: Kristi Scholten, Charlene Dekker, Dava Miller, Gloria Meneses, Cindy Davis. LEAGUE RECORD: 3-3 LEAGUE STANDING: 4th place. ABOVE: Coach Sjoerdsma encourages Scott Enserink on, as he starts the last lap of the race. TOP LEFT: The lonely life of a cross-country runner. MIDDLE LEFT: The coach gives words of wisdom before the race. Work and dedication are what it takes to make the soccer team, and these guys have it. The year was one of building since the team had many members new to the squad, including four freshman. It was an up and down year as far as winning games was concerned, but each game proved itself a winning ef- fort. There were some bright mo- ments in the season such as their win over L.A. Baptist and the tie with Ontario as both games fin- ished off in the CIF Champion- ships. This proved that the skill was really there. Along with team effort came individual effort as shown by jerry Versteeg who was chosen for the All CIF Team. . W Mt. egg a,fJx'f1f li I BACK ROW: Coach Wind, jeff Struiksma, Doug Boerigter, Gary Mulder, Steve VanderKamp, Nick Brackband, jerry Versteeg, Gary Overgaauw, Coach Goedhart. FRONT ROW: Lance Ryan, Tim Angelus, Henry Wind, Brad Juhasz, Darren I-lesson, Walt Vander Vis, john De Vries, Bob Bishop, Greg Cox. is " , ,Miss M A ' ' f unumnm. at MIDDLE LEFT: The "Pine Bros." keep the bench warm. BOT- TOM LEFT: "Where's the ball . , . ?" ABOVE: Soccer just woulcln'r be the same without the coaches. Lutheran Orange Ontario Chr, Brea L.A. Lutheran Brethren Whittier Chr, L,A. Lutheran Ontario Chr. Whittier Chr. Brethren Lutheran Orange L.A. Baptist L.A. Baptist League Record: 5-5-2 Overall Record: 8-6-2 OPP 3 3 1 3 1 3 0 2 3 l 0 0 5 TOP LEFT During, half time the players listen to Coach Wind. BOTTOM RIGHT Soccer stat girls Kim Backstrom Cindy Davis, and Kristi Scholten record the plays of the game BOTTOM LEFT: Bob Bishop goes for a goal wmv ' A , ,, A ' ' P mmf .. , if ,, yamm, Ar- M Q lf! ' gs..2:'Wf ?-?'575: 7 W ' .Apu ,.,f RIGHT: An overall view of the action through the eyes ofthe goalie. MIDDLE RIGHT: "Another lecture . . MIDDLE LEFT: Players impatiently wait to be put in the game. , , ':, me. 1, s r 4? ff, .n if Q A " I 136 Aa Q.. f . . Soccer ' N-V il ' A U' Yam ,M , W., .,,,, . ,,,, , ,WK A . .am .... .,.Mff f MM- - -' ' 'Um' 4' , M VMI, ' r 7' ft 2 5 f fl . WW it 1959 W' -We 'W .al 4 r 3 i QW, 4 ' raw., ,A Eh 5 h- , we 2 4 , 1. 1 ' i f f , ' r , F' ,,, My , SM , my ,. Q ,W vm , f " " It -- ' "M A f ..' -V , I ' i :w-W, ' f M AM rw ' .-11 H 72' T WZZ, 1 fy'q9' ,,g,,',:.-.. - Wm A WY ww. . . P' ' 'K , 4, V L A. 2 me 4. , ' 0 . M r s-f , ,ga f- , , , if , A , 9 as1v"r . 'Q ea F r , fe 5' ,: W ,, 4 - .sae--g -' -5-,g.,,- ' ' join, K "5 qwf, , 'ff Q Q 5 A V 'Q ' I ., in - 'A-A A 1-7., " L .n...4 9 . g..f..f..?.4 V ' ' . Maw Q I 4' 1' I 5 Q, is wsfg-2? ,:,,,,. xy .u ,, ' tm- 6 dm V , ,hm ,V M' ,my-,g,, yew ,,, 1 , 'X , K , f K f 4, , W W- i. W4 , U I if rrr- ,gint Q - - :':' ,rgwgri ' 91,7 1: W xml glwwr' , Li' f-My K' f, , W V , , . K Q i-fri? 'fl' cg" ,3 rm fag 'fi f , ffm V' wr -+9'T3"+ A' f r i r - i ' ,L , F - :Mfr ' W A 'L ' Q 7 5 7, K :W H ' ' ' , r 7-r, 4: "'+"'-'y- -wi+ww" fW-wwf? Q ,MM vw ,uf L' ii .355 , r 24: W" wail,-zu, c ' 'W aff? Y?" rs I J ,WM-V 1' j i ' '54, 1 54' ,, ry i A U- 'Y my-,fm A M , ,if ,NIJ W Q' lgiiagjyyfl ,,41g:zWgj.mM,i,,nV Q WML M, f. +1 l N '44 Z Wf W ' if : far ,f."""glf'wW:7i ""?fr r H"vw,,a2, 'ffwmrf I 1 r :wwf f' , K ,V K W I ywrinlifng W Jy, W , ki' vw 1. , , , , f .V ,aan . V . , ,A f" aw Q 57, ff ,M 5, , . ii' ' ,ff-gl 4, -rw 4 ,V M 'V f . ,. ' f H I Nc ir -mimi -:f il we ,, ,, I , Wi,,,yI,V 'bf away , ,WY Vifwkwrkz Af" fr, I ,f 1 I I My , f ffl ', 'sy 57',5rfah I "' r' ' ff?-' f, ff W, wx. ,wmv ,, ,a,,':"f'ff'aif,M,W, NZM" ., Wff3rf:,,'fiJ8'Q..4'?. ,, -eJ'71flA5f'Q'QAgg,,fM,wM 5 V If V , if if .V,:. Mu W ,ffafrwia M, I f g,5wiyv2'vtaaf",,a.ni9i , 3 , , A f fu fx , M w",,rwra',.wwji,Mrawfliwfmmrffgfwsrwl-3 41T'x,,:,1,,af2f,',M2?s..,?i'4r" we ,. .WM edgy BACK ROW: Coach Vander Dussenhjeff Enserink, Curtis Griepsma, Doug Schenk, Darrel Fey, Troy Riemersma, Ed Keller,-john Piersma, Mark Smith, Dick Recker, Coach Goedhart. FRONT ROW: Stan De Boer,jeff King, Darren Zonnefeld, Marty Kirkpatrick, David Kim, Ed Kornelje, Chuck Jernigan, Raymond Wind, .V and Frosh Basketball BACK ROVV: Coach Feddes,-lake lleimstra, Carl Blake, Ed De Boer, Mike Keil, Danny Van Duyn. MIDDLE ROW: David Hom, Frank Visvikis, Brad Knox, Andy Sihle, FRONT ROW: Tim Sakoda, Rick Hotingjeff Proctor. A C ff BACK ROW: Coach jacobsma, Mike Evans, Billy Keller, Kirk Templeman, Curr De Groogjonathan Carter, johnic Clemcnsulimmy Auman, FRONT ROW: George Vander Witte, Corey Bouma,jared Hubbard, Scott De Leeuw, Alden French. . 3'-"" , v me 'Qu Q EN SESS N r i CC N X UPPER LEFT: Mike Kell reaches to tip the ball to a team-mate. UPPER RIGHT: Lined up for a free throw. ABOVE: Number ten jumping high for an easy lay up. 137 Guys Wzrsjty Basketball After opening pre-season play with a not-so-impressive 5-4 record, the guys looked forward to one of the highlights of the year. Christmas night they headed for LAX. Destination: Lynden, Washington. Goal: beat Lynden Christian and Lynden Public high schools. In reaching this goal they pulled off an exciting victory over Lynden Christian, coming back from a 15 point deficit at half time to win by a comfortable 8 point margin. The next night they defeated Lynden Public, putting the finishing touches on the trip. Then the team returned to begin league play full of confidence. They finished with a league record of9 wins and 3 losses-a record good enough to put them on second place in the Olympic League and give them a place in the CIF play-offs. The Crusaders lost in the 2nd round against Banning who became the 1A CIF Champions. On a more encouraging note, Lynden Christian went on to win the Washington State Championships, so even though the Crusaders couldn't be the California State Champions, they could have been champions in Washington. TOP RIGHT: Valley vs. Valley? ABOVE: Mike Struiksma gets a big welcome from the cheerleaders. BOTTOM RIGHT: Dan Koolmees concentrates on his free-throw. 'Z --., ,ggi LEFT TO RIGHT: Dan Koolmees, Randy Brower, Scott Enserink, Brian Pollema, Mike Struiksma, Rob Van Duyn, Randy Reitsma, Brian De Vries, Tony Vandetwaal, Perry Krosschell, Dennis Vogel. CENTER: Coach De Bie. i rp--'lr ,. . LEAGUE VC OPP 61 L.A. Baptist 54 56 Whittier 61 69 Western 57 70 Ontario 36 53 Lutheran 55 81 Brethren 68 69 Western 51 49 L.A. Baptist 56 83 Lutheran 56 75 Ontario 39 65 Whittier 73 73 Brethren 61 CIF 93 Aquinas 53 58 Banning 68 TOP LEFT: Mike Struiksma and Dennis Vogel team up to win. TOP RIGHT: Stat girls, Mary Beth Brown, jill Markus and Robin Talsma keep a close eye on the game. Not pictured is Dava Miller, who's busy at the book. Girls' Wzrsity Basketball Have you ever looked down through a basketball hoop? Probably not, unless you are a giant or a C.I.F. Championship basketball team. Well, there are fourteen Valley girls who have had that opportunity, and they're not giants. What a way to end an exciting season. The team began the season with a bang, winning both the Alta-Loma-Upland Tournament, a first for Valley, and our own tournament. During Christmas vacation they traveled quite a distance-1200 miles to Lyriden, Washing- ton-to collect their next two wins over Lynden Christian and Lynden Public high schools. Going into play undefeated, they didn't disappoint anyone as they chalked up an undefeated league season en route to their tenth consecutive Olympic League Championship, fa C.l,F. recordj. Tension began to build as they went into the C.I.F. playoffs as the number one ranked team. The pressure was really on when they faced St. Mary's, the school they lost to last year, in the quarter finals. This time Valley pulled it out, but they almost didn't in the semiafinals. Happily, one point was all it took to eliminate La Reina and put Valley in the Long Beach Sports Arena. There they defeated San Bernadino for the C.I.F. Southern Section I-A Championship. The next game was hard to lose- two games away from the state finals in Oakland-but what team can be ashamed of a 27-2 record and a C.I.F. Championship? 40 TOP ROW Charlene Dekke julie Br :wer Lisa Crelli Coach Dykst a Tamm Van Meete en Ch s G and Latrice Williams MIDDLE ROW Darla t Klint C ndy DLY Jung BOTTOM ROW Nancy Va le tlst Terri Dantuma and Kim Warren xii ,.-- - OPPOSITE PAGE, TOP RIGHT: The champions take down the winner's net. OPPOSITE PAGE, BOTTOM LEFT: The stat girls, top to bottom, Deanna Grow, Kristi Scholten, and Brenda Schenk working hard, Missing is Cathy Vander Wal. TOP LEFT: With great anticipation, the Crowd and the team wait for the presentation of the C.I.F. lA Cham- pionship. MIDDLE LEFT: Valley girls hold tough in their defensive formation. BOTTOM LEFT: Darlene Kline crashes the board. VC OPP 70 Pioneer 51 67 Western Christian 13 84 L.A. Baptist 9 40 Ontario Christian 39 71 Whittier Christian 21 60 Brethren 16 57 Lutheran 30 41 Marshall 44 57 Western Christian 28 56 Whittier Christian 26 63 Ontario Christian 49 53 I..A. Baptist 14 58 Lutheran 40 59 Brethren 25 C.I.F. Playoffs 57 St. Bemerds 40 67 Mojave 52 72 St. Mary's 55 39 La Reina 38 57 San Bernadino 47 C.I.F. Regionals 46 Mission Viejo 51 RIGHT: 'jump Higher". BELOW: The team giving an all out effort to make a basket. BOTTOM: The team is all ready for the jump-ball. 142 Gzrls V Basketball BACK ROW: Coach Veltkamp, Pam Van Diest, Sara Hiemstra, Chris Dekker, Maria Pittman, Martha Stolk, Becky Sorenson. MIDDLE ROW joleen Zuidervaart, Stacy Cato, 'Juanita Broen, Barb Bootsma, Lisa Hanggie. FRONT ROW: Debbie Terpstra, Mary Bothof, tv CW fi is l ,f , f if fl ig A RS i V And Frosh. Baseball Y A af" J j.V. Team-BACK ROW: McKenna Brain, Doug Boerigter, Brian Mott, Mike Kielulon Thomas, Coach Sjoerdsma. MIDDLE ROW: Tum Griffin, Kirk Templeman, Gary Overgaauw,jim Mcllvaine, Marty Kirkpatrick, Frank Visikis. FRONT ROW: Randy Bulrsma, Scan Cicsa, Sfott King. f f BOTTOM LEFT: jim Mc Ilvainc prepares for the pitch. vs W4 in! , l Q,-wgdm a qui N lgy y 1 Frosh Team-BACK ROW: Coach Verkaik, Doug Schenk, Tyrone Hill, Darrel Fey, Dan Van Duyn, Rod Attcma, Stan Dc Boer,-jeff Srruiksma. MIDDLE ROW: Billy Kellcnjohn Piersmajeff Schweigerhjohn Vander Iilsr, Darren Zonnevclr, FRONT ROW: Wade I,onghrake,jL-ff Koldenhoven, , 0 2 2 W .L air, 1 ri, m, 9 U WY I T. 'i ' ,'1.i4'f'f ' gif " .VffwHif'f'Sf, if lfmff ',n,1,3wi + 5 , ","z"'w'.'v'."1'Q'-Qiixam f ' Y , 1 - r M 4 if 4 A... .-..4..:.a..-.a..g.a,g,,.,...,,..r.,,.gE"f"' df! away. 3.7! V' M-4,4 A , ,.,.g- ,,f.1v.f' if f fs , -4591! , if H ,. A, 1 yy J' 4 'Y M ,I 5 'ii - 7" A 'iv fsfinslja AZ' , V 1, f , 5 ' r I Q, t ' X , ul Y li , f 2 ? , fl 1 H. N ,, ff. A Min 4, - -. -... . - 19' .A a xl 4 L . .WAn,, - V A ,if 16' .Zi'fI,,:,,. K , fl' " T fwfr '51"'f.f", My J. f ia- irffaazi 'W ?'vfe:af,fw:,K:f' AWA '-'P "'3it'Mw!""' 4 ' ,,,,. , fgvrzfajfrgw, ,Q WV, ,,,L,,4,,f e kyywffi my ,f W " -Aq-, 143 Wzrsjty Baseball TOP RIGHT: Come on Randy Rietsma, hit a homer. OPP Whittier Christian 2 Brethren 0 Western Christian 1 L.A. Lutheran 1 L.A. Baptist 1 Ontario Christian 1 Whittier Christian 9 Brethren 5 L.A. Baptist 11 L.A. Lutheran 0 Ontario Christian 0 Western Christian 0 CIF Azusa 7 Gladstone 7 Rio Mesa 8 i 1 l I 1 BACK ROW: Qoach Brouwer, Tony Vande, WHL Brad Algmy Randy Brouwer, Randy Reitsma, Perry Krosschell, Mike Struiksma, Coach Wunderly. MIDDLE ROW: Dave Van I3ssen,jerry Verstecg, Paul Kimball, Gary Vandenberg, Kenny Williams, Oscar Sanchez,jeff Fredrickson. FRONT ROW: Mike Kline, Dave Brouwer, Ed Keller. be E , if r fn an ill' M 4 53 i"' wt... The end of the brick dust road for the 1982 Varsity Baseball team held several bright promises. The possibility of an Olympic League championship for the first time in over a decade became a reality on the strength of highly experienced seniors and promising juniors. The road beyond league play toward Dodger Stadium and a CIF cham- pionship was detoured in the quarter-finals by a strong Rio Mesa team, but reaching that point was a great achievement to end a fine season. Coach Wunderly commented that "the season was a great team effort with the most exciting games coming in the lst and 2nd round of CIF-coming from behind to beat Azusa 8-7 and holding on to defeat Gladstone 8-7." . Megmi . .,,,,,,,,..,,...,.............,... ..., , .,..,,......c. S gi ,ai..Lt..'fQ1Qilflglllgll T' Q' fm r yfZf?'gTij- r . . ' . Y: ' X i 1 1. . . 1 1 ' A 1 , , M, .-n,.., .. i,...., ,-1-X-gefw 3 , 1' rs',g'e'1-"TAX .i.:agi':::rsZa..:e"t?1 wwf - H gow :-N: Q M s s-was ,. I - H ' Q .Q . .- V .- .zz f " " x- -e -. . , . ass- . . .- . av . QT We r- f x -. A ' fwgw - V ' . g a ag Wg, ,lr R, . R rigs. . .Ez R . kk . .,.. . t . . 3 8 - i . 2- ,. t 1 I Q e?f1wqg4glf.fg:.ss1-ns . liggiggl-gk L5..3f:se.t,f'f:"k,f,s e,7Sfgal: Q . K U -' 'L . g a ... t :. Y .rt TOP LEFT: Coach Wunderly instructs Oscar Sanchez and jeff Fredrickson on the game strategy. MIDDLE LEFT: Three strikes and he'll be out. MIDDLE RIGHT: Sliding to second an opposing teammate gets tagged out. LOWER RIGHT: The team anticipates a good inning. Wzrsjty Softball Vi--. I-i i - ., , cw i TE 5 It A - if f 5 L QS . new V e i A W +ve.. -f ef f Q . are ' .-t:ya..- W New ' K W ' i M' A fewili Q if thnx, . fa 7 ' M,,, ,A - H - ,num st f F5a..L-we F 0 4 .. W- , -..f W , K- -,- 1. ,Am sw N ap 0 '.ggQfr:' -'iff ,P ir., - -..e 2 0 , i -ff 'fl fili-wi-i'+ A 2F5'3"F'e3 - 4' V , Q .Tia 'fi ' xl,i,S1 1 9 TOP RIGHT: The infield players discuss strategy. TOP LEFT: Darlene Kline prepares for the 2 pitch. BOTTOM LEFT: De Ann Doornbos pitches a good ball. 10 14 1 PRE-SEASON Western Christian Lutheran L.A. Walnut Capistrano Valley Alta Loma LEAGUE Whittier Christian L.A. Baptist Brethren L.A. Baptist i Western Christian Ontario Christian Brethren L.A. Lutheran Onatrio Christian eWhittier Christian CIF PLAY-OF F S .Sacred Heart of Mary it Mary Star OPP 5 0 2 2 4 1 2 0 5 5 4 2 0 5 0 3 2 After an exciting basketball season, the softball team got their season going, with Mrs. Dykstra and Greta jones as coaches. Most of the teams they faced were their equals in batting and catching skills. After some wins and some losses, Valley placed third, allowing them to go into C.I.F. play-offs as a wildcard. Even though the season ended with a first round , loss, it had to be termed a success. . - i.,, ,V W ' .. . if A X- '41 r T . 6 i .e,.,t.t,.,+...1npwwns-uri, 'st """"""""""" . 5 fs" Wf A 5 New s ABOVE: Terri Dantuma winds up for a pitch. TOP LEFT: The inlielders meet between pitches. we TOP ROVV: Dee Ann Doornbos, Nancy Vander lflst, Darlene Kline, Coach Dykstra, Tami Van Meeteren, Dava Miller. Wendy Vander Vis. FRONT RONV: Charlene Dekker, l.ori De Vries, Terri Dantuma, Chris Groot, Michelle Marselle. . V Softball RIGHT: Mr. Baker giving a word of advice to one of his players. BELOW: Cindy Cnossen doing her job as a star and showing the , ream the results. ,grixsi 48 VT? MY! 'haf dx., 4,8 TOP ROW: Theresa Vander Dussen, Maria Pittman, April Huffman, Stephanie Hartog, Cheryl Cnossen, Coach Baker, MIDDLE ROW: Dianne Wigbolcly Chris Dekker, Diane Gritters, Becky Nunez. BOTTOM ROW: -Iolleen Zuidervaart, Rachelle Rienstra, Nikki Vande Steeg, Pam Van Diest, 1 X 1 f 0 .V Tfa Ck ,,. 1-L ,eil -. vial! V ' . TOP LEFT: Taking it easy between events. BELOW: Eric Hann takes a hand-off in the mile relay from jeff Proctor, MIDDLE LEFT: The gun sounds and our team is off to a good start. Q, 11'T .-MTV, -W , ,DW " . x!! fi ROW: Coach Veltkamp, Marty Kirkpatrick, Todd jasper, Steve Maness, jake Hiemstra, Brad juhasz, Rob Snapper, Eric Hann, David Bom,jason Reed,jon Larter, Brad Knox, FRONT ROW: jeff Doombos, Derek Randle, Ed Korneolje, jeff Proctor, Gary Streelman, james De Koekkoek, Coach Van Den Berg. 14 Guys' Wrsjty Tm ck Under the coaching of Mr. Veltkamp and Mr. Van Den Berg, the Boys' Varsity Track Team started out the season with a win over Flintridge. Although there were not many wins after that, three of the eight team members qualified for CIF: Greg Hendrickson for shotput, Rob Van Duyn for long jump, and Gary Mulder for the triple jump, in which he set a new school record of 45'W'. In the CIF 1A Division, Gary placed second and Rob seventh. Although these Crusader guys did not place high at the season's end, their efforts and accomplishments were a credit to Valley's sports program. TOP RIGHT: Greg Hendrickson uses all his might to throw the shotput. BOTTOM 13' , RIGHT: Al Gaither puts out all his effort to run a good race. BOTTOM LEFT: 'M Gary Mulder participates in the high jump. if a ri. A A QW sf-'Fi Q vc OPP 71 r1,ggF!ifAQsidgf 60 45 h 'rkg 'Maljanatha 76 46 'Brethrenj' 70 48 Marshall 63 15 h L.A. Baptist 7 99 61 Lutheran ' G 65 77 7 7 Western Christian h 46 42 Whittier Christian V 84 l 1 i I LEFT TO RIGHT Coach Veltkamp, Rob Van Duyn, Andrew Vander Dussen, Al Gaither, Gary Mulder, Richard Bollom, Greg Hendrickson, Dave Prrtman Coach Van Den Berg. TOP RIGHT: Rob Van Duyn gains the lead in the hurdles. H TOP RIGHT: Angie Lambooy lifts off of the runway at the long jump pit. TOP LEFT: LaTrice Williams competes in the 400 Meter Run at the CIF Finals. Girls' Tm Ck 1' , W-J Nui J 1' bf' Q4 nge say .. 45115. V " 'is W il ,, V . ,,,,,, ., ,l,,V A, T. vi ' K. . ' 2... ...f--Mi-R. A . -i .W Tiff i.fnyf1wi.1c' f M-wg-.,f ,,., ,Q,ffgW" . W W. W ff., U ,, ww, -A, e"-W , .Q ,T .yi .-hh :i'.,,.i-?g77v.f, feshzmfwfmf FRONT ROW: Melissa Miles, Toni Floyd, Lori De Bie, Becky Sponaugle, Linda Escarzaga, LaTrice Williams, Lisa Hanggie. SECOND ROW: Martha Mulder, Tracy Gillum, Nikki Richardson, Cindy Davis, Coach Aardsma, Barb Aisner, Mary Bothof, Karen Dykstra, Lauren Suffrin, Carol Candilas. BACK ROW: Becky Sorensen, Angie Lambooy, Bonnie Gritters, Kristi Scholtemjeanrne Robinson. eiie 'iw "It took awhile to get to get them started, but once they got on their way, you couldn't stop them!" was the quote Team Manager Denise Stejskal gave when describing the 1982 Valley Girls' Track Team. Senior Becky Sponaugle described her experiences as "Awe- some!" Two new contests, the Girls' 300 Meter Low Hurdles and the Girls' Triplejump, were added to the girl's roster of events. As a first year coach, Miss Aardsma brought nine of her girls to the CIF 1A Preliminaries to compete in seven out of fifteen events. It was a season of hard work and rebuilding for the mostly freshmen and sophomore team which finished with an overall record of three wins and six losses. png it , in ,, F OPP 49 Maranatha 58 80 Flintridge 22 52 Brethren 62 60 Marshall 56 26 Ontario 91 52 iIQNiBaptist 65 58Vz LA Lutheran 59V2 102 ' Western 15 55 Whittier 63 Sz i 'M M-,W sv 2 TOP LEFT: The girls race for a position in the Girls' One Mile, MIDDLE LEFT: The team's - I number one hurdler, Linda Escarzaga, "reaches" for the hurdle in the 330 Low Hurdles. ' V f MIDDLE RIGHT:.Toni Floyd crosses the finish line, taking a first place for the team. BOTTOM LEFT: Lisa Hanggie receives the hand-off ofthe baton from Angie Lambooy in the W Mile Relay. Tennis Team TOP RIGHT: jeff Rabideaux serves to his opponent. TOP LEFT: Coach Lamen gives winning advice to Dwayne Struiksma. R f R eeeee T e T I- ---W. : '-.i: Qiic 'WMTT'?'- X-fi S f g A K an Ek ml K.fibS:iQY,g.. :1Afc. ',Qfg,x .::, A T eiie 5 Q, ,. X Q s X Us fi': 7"A'- R 5 'et'X Q D i 5ik M .ie. T Mg' - 4 ,V i T R X : 3' in - R R T R ' vu 1 1 BACK ROW: Coach Laman, Dan Weaver, David Van Dyk,jeff Rabideaux, Dwayne Struiksma, Scott Enserink. FRONT ROW: Harry Daglas, Kim Warren, Tim Angelus. 3 E i 3 - 1 J 1 . K E. lv . gm Q sw. 1 Q5- ,5 .V .k 1 , ' I - wins' hfrfedavd-vAwwM'36fgV3,i5Q, .. ma. fa: 'ww-X' I n,.. K nu . A thankless job, chasing little green balls around a green and red court all afternoon. Why do they do it? Popularity? Did you even know Valley had a tennis team? The opportunity to play in front of crowds of people? The other team usually left before the match was over. Then why? Maybe it's the good feeling you get when you ace the number one player on your serve, or the satisfaction that comes from luring your opponent up to the net and then hitting a perfectly placed lob. Being a new team only in it's second season, these moments of triumph were few and far between, but the team hung in there and kept practicing and playing. Sometimes that takes as much dedication as a championship team. 1 L TOP LEFT: Brad O'Brien hits a lob. MIDDLE RIGHT: The teams shake hands after a good game, MIDDLE LEFT: Tim Angelus intensely watches the ball he just served. BACK ROW: Carrisa Dunn, Al lten, Sheryl Bakker, john Zeller, Sherrie Walker FRONT ROW: Chuck Jernigan, Coach Don Whitney, Raymond Wind, FOOTBALL ALL LEAGUE Al Gaither Greg Hendrickson Perry Krosschell Paul Sorensen Mike Srruiksma Kenny Williams All CIF Kenny Williams BASKETBALL ALL LEAGUE Dan Koolmees Rob Van Duyn ,Dennis Vogel All CIF Dennis Vogel SOCCER ALL LEAGUE Nick Brakband Darren Hesson Gary Mulder jerry Ver Steeg All CIF jerry Ver Steeg BASEBALL ALL LEAGUE Brad Algra Dave Brouwer Perry Krosschell Randy Reitsma Kenny Williams O1 ympjc League . ' if' vi .awnwrgr "Eff-47-77i?gi'Wfw,fff'f?'jff ffliww , , ,, A ' i f J f " ,z M -:V f iw: . we ' Q ' ' 'liiegzfi "' , 5255953553352 peamff V I """""V' : i ' ' ew I si?-E m, V .. f ,Q Q ' 'rw - 'i " fa' Vw' fig ? -1' - 'HW' W up, g -ulw, 'L ' , W "Hn , r ?ge 4r4f'H ., r Zh., ky W M A 'V -wQ1g3,"'f ' ., , X ' 'V' L, 4rQc.,,.,re12,1Q , ug ,gf rm. ,,. 4- 'K f , wr I -pei'-iw' ' -g,,LjI if lg , ,, K., iii, f L L A ani wif wwf my ff W ,V , 3 , . , MK, krrfqwf, ,V s , MW, ,W ' --gr ,wail A ' qi r A And CIF Honors . -Q-' vu... if W s F' 14 if ' MMF L F' J VOLLEYBALL ALL LEAGUE Terri Dantuma Cindy De Young Darlene Kline Wendy Vander Vis Kim Warren l All CIF Terri Dantuma Cindy De Young LEAGUE M.V.P. Terri Dantuma GIRL'S BASKETBALL ALL LEAGUE Terri Dantuma Cindy De Young Darlene Kline Nancy Vanderelst All CIF Terri Dantuma Cindy De Young LEAGUE M.V.P. Cindy De Young PLAYER OF THE YEAR Cindy De Young SOFTBALL ALL LEAGUE Terri Dantuma Chris Groot Darlene Kline Nancy Vanderelst N M A X ev 3 x -5 4 ff gi -s wi? 41 ' 47. if ,uT.0--""' 4 K ,lk .. M M ,,A Q Q., W 'Q wx GH 'f i ACTIVITIES Letterman 'S Banquet Throughout the school year, the guys work hard in our athletic program to make Valley Christian a school we can be proud of. At the end ofthe year their efforts are rewarded at the annual Letterman's Banquet. This is a time when coaches, team- mates and parents can get together and reflect on the sports of the year. The night started out with a catered dinner. Then came the part that every one waits for, the presenting of the awards. The Outstanding Senior Athlete Award went to Kenny Williams and the Scholastic Athlete Award was given to Nick Brackband. It was a fun night after a year of hard work. we E at WUI sei? WE,:v E.9,B"U 9 E -12? 7-1 "fZ::."' -E259 F205 5555 :lsr-:vs min -.3 Zin: f"'va'J'2'-C WWW .,W,,W.,,,W ..,, x Wunderly talks about the great season of the Varsity - Baseball team. BO'I'I'OM if RIGHT: Brad Algra is pre- sented the Most Valuable Player award by Coach Wunderly. BOTTOM LEFT: Mr. Van Den Berg congratulates Nick Brack- iz i band on Being Scholastic Athlete ofthe Year. TOP LEFT: Brad Algra, Mike Struiksma, and Randy Reirsma award the coaches. TOP RIGHT: The flag girls' perform for Mr, Wun- derly to the music of, "Be True to Your School." BOTTOM RIGHT: Perry Krosschell receives the Doug Vande Vegte award from Mr. Wunderly. BOT- TOM LEFT: jerry Ver- Steeg is awarded MVP Most Valuable Player of soccer by Mr. Wind. Girls Athletic Banquet After a great sport season the girls and coaches were treated to a delicious buffet dinner at the G.A.A. Banquet, attended also by parents, grandparents, and other interested persons. Each coach had a chance to talk about hisfher sport, introduce the players, and hand out the awards and trophies. One of the highlights of the evening was the announcement of the Scholastic Athlete. This honor went to Kim Warren, who, while playing in three sports, kept the highest grade point average. The coaches kept everyone in suspense as to the winner of the Senior Athlete Award, and what a thrill it was for four seniors to hear each of their names called as co-winners of this much coveted award. Cindy De Young, Nancy Vanderelst, Darlene Kline, and Terri Dantuma each received a beautiful trophy. Many of the girls went home with several trophies and awards and all went home with fond memories of this special evening. X 'X TOP RIGHT: Ms. Schutten receives "good-bye" hugs from her fellow coaches. TOP LEFT: Mrs. Dykstra reflects on the season ofthe CIF IA Championship Basketball Team. BOTTOM RIGHT: Kim Warren is awarded the Scholastic Athlete Award from Mr. Keuning. BOTTOM LEFT: The Senior Athletes of the year receive their awards, Nu f' 'XJ I-W ...awww l r ty is fs mms, ,.....-1--Q l TOP RIGHT: Senior Athlete, Cindy DeY0ung, receives her Most Valuable Player Award for volleyball from Miss Schutten. TOP CENTER: Darlene Kline receives her Most Valuable Player Award for baseball and her Senior Athlete Award. TOP LEFT: Miss Schurten presents Terri Danruma with her Most Valuable Player Award. MIDDLE RIGHT: Nancy Vanderelst receives her Senior Athlete Award and her Coach's Award from Mrs. Dykstra. MIDDLE LEFT: The athletes and statistitions of the class of 1982. BOTTOM LEFT: The audience watches as another athlete is presented with an award. Scholastic Arts Banquet TOP LEFT: The President, Brenda Schenk, conducts the candle lighting ceremony. TOP CENTER: Mr. Hugen hands Becky Gravell her certificate of achievement. MIDDLE: The annual feasting of food. LOWER RIGHT: Rev. Knowles, a re- tiring teacher ot' 35 years, gives the clos- ing speech to the program. 'Qui "Using Your Talents" was the theme for the banquet held at First Baptist Church of Bellflower to honor a big percentage of Valley's students who had excelled in academics and conduct throughout the year. The senior class of 1982 was most largely represented with more than fifty three percent of its members present. Devotions were given by Rev. Hiemstra, and Mr. Van Woudenburg was the Master of Ceremonies. Four members of the senior class-julie Stoub, Helen Mathai, Mike Allen, and Lisa Kolberg-were given the opportunity to give speeches about leader- ship, service, scholarship, and character and what these things mean to the graduating class. The induction ceremony for new Honor Society mem- bers followed and certificates and special awards were presented by Mr. Keuning and Mr. Hugen. Besides the banquet, the Honor Society mem- bers were also treated to an enjoyable day on Catalina Island. A1 r TOP RIGHT: Mr, Van Woudcnberg, the master of ceremonies, jokes about never attending an Honor Society Banquet as a student. LOWER LEFT: Lisa Kolbcrg gives a speech on service. MIDDLE RIGHT: The ew inductees recite the oath. LOWER RIGHT: The Honor Book is once again opened and signed hy each student, fm I l ABOVE:jeanetre Kosarreff, Liz Kool- man, and Melissa Norton show off their senior spirit. TOP RIGHT: Kelly Van Kampen gets uprepped up" for Preppy Day. BOTTOM RIGHT: Flashy gals dress up for Clash Day. l 2 l 45 Eff Nl' 5 W ,W Q E , " 4 S rf l rv ..'. . ,, . .I 5 s KX I , 1 l eel ...... .6 . sl l A f if A I S .rw awk Q' s Q .ix lxxx Q Q .3 'em 'fdkj 'IxgvrlQv J ! I wr A ,Q .ff g ,si Y 'x A , 'Ir E I ,ctw "ww an We 1 L LEFT: Three mod lovelies dress up for Sunday Best Day. BELOW: Pam Van Diest modeling a common preppy outfit. LOWER LEFT: The underclassmen feel the excitement ofthe Powder Puff game. From Monday, when all the Powder Puff girls turned out in their jerseys, to Friday, the day of the big game, everyones attention was focused on football. On the days in between, the students at Valley showed their school spirit by dressing up--showing their cool, sophisticated, and with-it side on Preppy Day, indulging in the more elegant tastes on Sunday Best Day, "hanging loose" on Clash Day, and finally wearing the traditional maroon and gold. 167 Powder Puff TOP RIGHT: During half-time, the j.V. team huddle together to find out the strategies ofthe next half. TOP LEFT: Our "beautiful" j,V. cheerleaders. BOTTOM: The awesome varsity team. Powder Puff is that one night a year when girls get to put aside their perfume and make- up and show everyone what they're made of. They start getting into shape a few weeks before the big game and work really hard to become as tough as possible. The guys also have a great time by either becoming their coaches and dish- ing out what they take every day in football practice or, for the more daring ones, becoming cheerleaders and cheering their teams on to victory. This year's game was pretty close, but the seniors pulled it off with a point lead in the score to give them the victory. As usual, the 1981-82 Powder Puff game proved to be alot of fun for not only those who were involved, but also for those who came to spectate. .V , x w 5, mm' .ww ' ,frf if "fm, Twrrp Look! A stack of books walking down the hall. No, that can't be. It must be some chivalrous young man who graciously offered to carry the books of one of his weaker, more fragile feminine counterparts. But that isn't the case. The over- loaded book carrier is a girl, with five guys trailing behind picking up the books that fall and piling them mercilessly back on top of the stack. Alas, Chivalry is dead, especially during Twirp Week at Valley. This is the week when the boys sit back and relax as the girls stagger under heavy loads of books, sharpen pencils, buy lunches, opens doors, and obediently fulfill any other whim of their mighty lordships. If a girl should ever venture to disobey one of their lordly commands, she imme- diately hears the dreaded sentence of doom, "I'm going to turn you in to Kangaroo Court." Week 444' X ,XS .QWMZQ nw TOP RIGHT: Rachelle Rienstra obediently obeys Brian De Vries' order to tie his shoes. MIDDLE LEFT: Everybody's getting in- volved in the Kangaroo Court riot. ABOVE: "Poor Vicki." BOT- TOM LEFT: "Tell it like ir is!" Sweet Dreams Banquet It was a warm, moonlit evening. Couples were arriving with their matching attire an- ticipating a night of thrills, excitement and romance. The music portrayed the theme of "Sweet Dreams" and the mood was set with heavenly decor. The highlight ofthe evening was a performance by the hypnotist, Doug Rice. The students and the teachers were enthralled with Mr. Rice's ability to put those who chose to cooperate in a state of total relaxation and submission. This year's Sweet Dreams Banquet was one that no one who was there will ever forget. G is W. 1. I . 'fri ... ,tim JL 'el Misiff .fb f TOP LEFT: All the sweethearts enjoying the romantic atmosphere. BOTTOM LEFT: Toddjasper telling his "alien" jokes. ABOVE: Volunteers controlling their spaceships on their "Mission to Mars." Pep Rallies Teachers, those staid, sedate, learned pedogoguescan, can you imagine what they were like in high school? At one of the "pep- piest" pep rallies this year, we caught a glimpse of that teenager still buried deep within the heart of every teacher. According to rumor, the morning ofthe girl's basketball game with Ontario, the faculty, bemoaning the lack of school spirit shown at past games, schemed to remedy the situation. And remedy it they did! When the students filed into the chapel that afternoon, they saw faculty members running up and down the aisles and across the stage, waving their arms and shouting "VC number one, we are!" The cheerleaders also did their part to get Valley students "psyched up" for the big games with more traditional pep rallies. UPPER RIGHT: The cheerleaders and students are getting ready for the big game during a pep rally. ABOVE: The teachers organized a really great pep rally that got the students "hyped up." ACROSS: Dave Brouwer represents his class during class competition. Special Assem bljes This year's special assemblies presented the stu- dents with Biblical truths in a way that made you take notice and think about them. An Abe Lincoln look-alike reminded us how much we have to be thankful for. At the Moody Institute we saw dem- onstrations of some intriguing properties of light, which were parallelled to our relationship with God. The school saw the movie, "Chariots of Fire", the thought-provoking story of a Scottish runner who would not compromise his wholehearted de- votion to God. Mr. de .Jong played the piano and sang for us. Through the assemblies, students learned to grow in their everyday lives. Z, s,. - 5 1 3, r 5 2 2 5 E . LJ L -4 TOP: At the Lakewood Cinema, the student body viewed an inspiring movie about Christian decision-making. ABOVE: The Moody Institute of Science presented the wonders of science from a Christian view point, UPPER RIGHT: "President Abe Lincoln" came to our school to recreate his inaugural address. ACROSS: Mr. de jong favored the students by singing some of his favorite pieces. Chapel A unique and important part of our school is our Christian faith. That's why the Tuesday of each week is scheduled a little differently in order to set aside time for a chapel service. The need for a personal relationship with jesus Christ was stressed in a variety of chapels ranging from speakers to singing groups and even to movies. Students were challenged to really show their faith in everyday living. During the year student council organized Spiritual Emphasis Week, a time which especially stressed the spiritual livesof students, with the theme "Dare to Get Close to God." Through these times of Christian fellowship, students have received great blessings, and our school was brought closer to the Lord. "'wm.... lll E TOP RIGHT: Mr. Hugen, the director for our chapel songs, leads the Student body with a hymn. TOP LEFT: While waiting for the new chapel seats to arrive, the students make do with what they have, the Hoof. BOTTOM LEFT: Members of the student body like Brenda Schenk also get involved in chapel. 1-if TOP LEFT: Mr. dejong gives us a special chapel of music. MIDDLE LEFT: The teachers put on a Christmas Chapel de- picting Christ's suffering. LOWER LEFT: Cindy De Young directs her brother and the other members ofthe Azusa Pacific Singers. MIDDLE RIGHT: Sandy, a truck driver from Canada, speaks about the dangers of al- choholism. LOWER RIGHT: Mr. Van Woudenberg comes back to visit the students and talks to them during one of the weekly chapels. 'g -1 w-f ' fa E ,Lab , . .Wt .mf ,,v+ ,wwf ? , 'mmf , 4. ...N Af fi M N, 9 :s S in x M X , ,. zfi:-:fm - V, .. . , VM' l 5 5 9..'.- 'T I ,.,,, 1 1" U , 'L x,5h i -WAY r 2 V , ' I I 'f ', if y. fy' Q - x H , 0 h , 4 -, 9 . A A ' v r , Q' - fn 4 3-mx 326- Q 5 R '1 1 fi 3 L Q x A 1 iw: A .Q Si 1 " i I Y f I F .KXX Q 176 I x I A . wed.. , Q, 3755? Q 1 f 2 wg swg3 Qak fr! X f' A ,i -W ? if 5 H 3 .,,, , .yn A 1 , K? Q ,QA nm f Y K K1 I -In v Q H3255 B A X .. H 1 4 SUPPORT GROUPS 78 jerry Van Aalsberg, they did odd jobs ranging from fixing a lock to Maintenance Maintenance is something that is not often thought about, but if you get down to the nitty-gritty, it's most necessary for a well-run school system. Our maintenance men, jerry Van Aalsberg, Elmer Eggink, Dennis Van Aalsberg, and Dick Oldenkamp, did a fantastic job at giving our school a well-kept look. Under the supervision of planting flower beds. TOP RIGHT: Mr. Van Aalsberg works as superintendent of bus L drivers and maintenance. Mxiiwr " RIGHT: Dick Oldenkamp occasionally helps out with special yard work projects. ABOVE: What a big lawn to mow! anjtors psf W9 L ' 7 ,, ' ,V Qfif' W l 'mpainuwwf-fi' rh 'M ' X . :. A janitor's job is never done, 4 , f T .1 and the Mulders can justify this. r p M as l Everyday you see them busy as ever gi A and always with a smile on their V faces and a friendly "hello" to of- WET N""""""""""' " if FLOOR s. -i Wfmwffr , If? THE FAMILY CREW: Gary, Mrs. and Mr. Mulder, and Martha. 5... .f 5 fer. Mr. and Mrs. Mulder keep ' busy through the day and after school their children, Gary and Martha, come to help finish off the day's work. When the students are not in school, the Mulders take the opportunity to do the bigger jobs such as waxing floors and cleaning the lockers. With all the ground improvements that have been done at Valley, our janitors are keeping f f up by maintaining them in perfect order. TOP LEFT: Whenever you see the Mulder's equipment, you are reminded of all their hard work. ABOVE: Martha smiles as she finishes cleaning one of the science rooms. How do students get to school? Biking, driving, a car, even walk- ing. But the most used means of transportation is the good old school bus. There are nine BCS school buses on the road every school day. And with these buses come the drivers, along with their superintendent, jerry Van Aals- berg. These people are relied upon a great deal. Not only do they start early on their daily routes to bring students to and from school, they're also available when trans- portation is needed for extra-cur- ricular activities, such as away games, field trips, and special out- ings. We'd like to give a big "thank you" to them for driving us safely throughout another year. B us Drivers MX!! GMC' "' -. TOP ROW: Mrs. Shipley, Mrs. Hiemsrra, Mrs. Tanis. BOTTOM ROW: Mrs. Norlund, Mrs. Adema, Mrs. Van Vegte, Mrs. Van Munster, Mrs. Grow, Mrs. Winkle, Mr. Van Aalsburg. ABOVE: The bus drivers chat before making their rounds. RIGHT: Mrs. Van Winkle gets on her way. 14 Canteen, Attendance Oftfee, and Bookstore The canteen is always a busy place at lunch time. Did we see a lot of pushing and disorderly Conduct this year? Not much since Mrs. Zeller, our new canteen attendent, took charge. This year the canteen was completely self-supporting and the junior girls worked dilligently in order to build up the funds needed for the junior-Senior Banquet. Along with the canteen, Mrs. Zeller took on the Challeng- ing task of attendance. Another job that many people take for granted is the bookstore, ran by Mrs. Sjoerdsma. She puts in much of her time sorting out the books for the new trimester and giving credit for the returned books. V 5 A alfa .. :- TOP LEFT: Mrs. Sjoerdsma busily handles the books. TOP RIGHT: A mass of hungry tummies. BOTTOM LEFT: Mrs. Zeller takes care of the day's delinquents. RIGHT: Yummy, yummy, yummy in my tummy, tummy, tummy! Business OfHce ffl! TOP LEFT: Dr. Bootsma the Superin- tendent. TOP RIGHT: Dr. Bootsma will cure all your illnesses at the typewriter, MIDDLE LEFT: Mrs. Le Febre takes the money, that finances our school, from the tuition box. BOTTOM RIGHT: It takes a special person like Mrs. Lougee to keep all the business papers organized. """""f-Q-,-....., Across the hall from the high school's main office, lies the Business Office which, as its name states, takes care of all the business aspects of the entire Bellflower School System. Registration, tuition, and other money matters are taken care of by the office's team of Dr. Bootsma, Mrs. Lougee and Mrs. LeFebre. This administrative office also handles communications between the Board and parents and helps provide for the efficiency and smooth running of our school system. Board f Educa tion With so many decisions to be made for the hundreds of students who attend the Bellflower Christian School System, there has to be someone to Come down with the final say. That is where the Board of Education comes in. Under Mr. Struilcsma's leadership, these men bear the responsi- bility of handling all the "dirty" work and making sure that the school keeps the high quality education and overall Christian atmosphere that it is known and respected for. The wisdom that these men have shown in their decisions is responsible for the excellent reputation of the Bellflower Christian School System. wg I W A L. TOP LEFT: Our prestigious Board Mem- bers. Q' TOP RIGHT: One ofthe more exciting jobs of the Board is presenting diplomas to the smiling kindergarten graduates. BACK ROW: Richard Cnossen, Gordan Kline, Virgil De Vries, Rev. Clarence Nyenhuis, Doug Van Diest. FRONT ROW: Tony Templeman, Marvin Struiksma, Arnold Westra, Merwyn Tanis, MISSING: Dick Van Eckhlames Zoeteway, Zwart, Mothers' Club lt E3 mmtw .1 1 TOP RIGHT: The Christmas Bou- tique was a big success. BOTTOM RIGHT: The kids in our school system always look forward to the Harvest Festival. BO'I'I'0M LEFT: Mothers sell "goo- dies" at the snack shop, located in the Christmas Boutique, Mothers' Club is an organization of students' mothers who dedicate much of their spare time to help improve Valley's campus and education. The two main events which are sponsored by this club are the Harvest Festival, which was a bigger success this year than any in the past, and the Christmas Boutique, which brought in double the profit from past ones. With some of this money, new bench covers were purchased for the high school lunch area. The Mothers Club also helps out with things in the school kitchen and making hot lunches for the junior high and elementary schools. With officers Gerry Hemphill, presidentg Mel Hood, vice president, jane Slegers, secretary, and Joanne Verhoeven, treasurerg this group of ladies has certainly been an important asset to the Bellflower Christian Schools. . l Q? B usm essm en 'S Associa tion ar s fi, The Businessmen's Association is a group of volunteers who work together to raise money to buy various things for the school system which are not included in the school's regular budget. The sale of turkeys and hams during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons and the Winter Toy Auction brought in more profits this year than in past years. The Merchants' Auction in the spring also brought in a good profit. The officers this year are: President Bill Struiksma, Vice President Gary Vandergrift, Treasurer Don Dykstra, and Secretary Randy Bomgaars. Y. r Q .six Yffgg uffws T53 lf x ,fgqls A A BOTTOM RIGHT: Discussing business at one of the meetings. TOP LEFT: "Going once, going twice . .. " TOP RIGHT: A yearly favorite for the Businessmen is the Businessmen's Auction. BOTTOM LEFT: Businessmen wait for the money to come in at the Businessmen's Auction, Boosters' Club TOP RIGI-IT: Boosters' Club members work the canteen at a football game. TOP LEFT: To raise money for the Athletic Department, the Boosters' Club sells merchandise bearing our school logo. BOTTOM RIGHT: One ofthe big projects ofthe club this year was the refurbishing of the football bleechers, f , eta- . ,wifls PH H L"', A group of men who call themselves the Boosters' Club, is formed at Valley to support the Athletic Department at our school. In order to raise the money need- ed for this, these fathers work in the canteen during the football games to sell refreshments. They also print out the sports programs and sell ads in these to raise funds. With this money, the club sponsors the boys' Lettermens' and girls' GAA banquets and purchases the tro- phies fot these. This year they also bought new track sweats for the boys, refurbished the football bleachers and raised the tower above the bleachers making more room for people to sit. Along with the Businessmen's Associ- ation, the Booster's Club bought new lights for the football stadium which will be installed during the 82-83 year. 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Artesia Blvd. C2132 867-5240 Bellflower, CA 90706 ADA 0 , E BLR Y 9958 Artesia Blvd. MS N S ,I W Bellflower, Ca. 90706 DON WRIGHT jEWELER- f213l 367-0522 WATCHMAKER 18423 PT Bl d QUALITY YOU CAN SEE Artesia, ICI: 307011 r Phone 8654144 "CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1982" VAN GESSEL TELEVISION SER VICE Wllram 8: Beth Win Gessel TV SER VICE 16453 Paramount Blvd., Paramount, Calif 90723 Phone: 633-10,35 196 52132 866-1112 52131 866-4222 5213 2 867-0150 COURTESY GLASS AND MIRROR CO. OR C0- Glass of all Kl11dS Leo SffUIlCSm2 17306 Woodruff Ave. Bellflower, Ca. 90706 COGB URN A 81 B LAWNMQWER REALTY CO, A LHWNMUWED SHOP AB P,4Pr.s"- snags' sfwfcf ,Lf Sales -New 81 Used 5f'fV1'Cf"fU1 Makes 'gf Models Real Estate - Loans - Exchanges Sharpenmg-All Mowers 6076 Orangethorpe 10001 Artesla Blvd. 57141 522- 3255 Buena Park, Ca. 90620 925-5005 Bellflower, Ca. 90706 197 ROCK VIE W FARMS "Congratulations To The Class of 1982" 7011 Stewart 85 Gray Downey, Calrf 90241 Orange Co. L A cg I Downey 521-4176 773 4771 927-5511 "CONGRATULATIONS TO Tl-IF CLASS OF 1982 AND, GOD'S BLFSSINGS IN THF FUTURE FROM Mr. and Mrs. Pere Angelus and Family Mr. and Mrs. Chris Daglas joe and Tracy Koolmees Mr. and Mrs. Ed Krosschell Dr. and Mrs. Ralph O'Brien Dallas and Shirley Srejslcal Gerrit and Alice Topp Rev. and Mrs. Fd Whirremore A Anne Abbott 14, 17, 99, 100, 101, 116, 117 Barbara Aisner 63, 122, 123, 152 David Aisner 57, 87 Bradley Algra 14, 17, 45, 50, 99, 106, 112, 126, 144, 145, 156, 160, 161, 78 Bonnie Allen 57, 97 Michael Allen 14, 17, 112, 44, 33 Scott Allen 12, 52, 55, 126 Kari Anderson 57, 68 ' Teri Andringa 14, 17, 99, 100, 101, 106, 38 jeffrey Anema 52 Timothy Angelus 14, 17, 40, 41, 134, 135, 154, 33, 42, 43 Dana Arnston 52, 99 Michelle Atkins 63, 97 Rodney Attema 57, 143 jim Auman 63, 132, 137 Kevin Auman 14, 17 Kim Backstrom 58, 96, 135, 129 Heather Baker 14, 18, 38 Sheryl Bakker 52, 99, 155 William Ballard 63, 128 Tracie Baltzer 52, 69 Carole Barr 52 Strachella Batiste 63 john Biedbach 63, 97, 115 Bradley Bishop 63 Robert Bishop 14, 17, 134, 135 Carl Blake 12, 52, 55, 126, 137 Douglas Boerigter 12, 58, 102, 128, 134 135, 147, 176 judy Boerigter 63, 64, 97, 122, 123 Philip Bollom 14, 18, 19, 115 Richard Bollom 52, 114, 115, 151 Renee Bommelje 63 Barbara Bootsma 63, 65, 97, 139, 142 Peter Bos 52 Sabrina Bos 52 Debra Boston 52 Mary Bothof 4, 63, 103, 106, 129, 142, 152 Corey Couma 63, 137 McKenna Brain 58, 128, 143 Nick Brakband 12, 14, 18, 126, 134, 135, 160, 42, 79 joan Broersma 58, 96, 106, 118 Michelle Brookes 58, 36 David Brouwer 7, 52, 55, 85, 126, 144, 158, 160, 168, 172 Student Index julie Brouwer 52, 53, 96, 140, 162 Randall Brouwer 52, 70, 138, 139, 144, 156, 160 Mary Beth Brown 52 X jeanell Bruinsma 7, 52, 70, 82, 99, 106, 129, 166 Shelley Bruinsma 63, 91, 112 Randy Bultsma 58, 128, 143 Roger Byl 14, 18 james Bylsma 11, 12, 13, 14, 18, 44, 99, 100, 101 C Linda Caldwell 58, 122, 123 Carol Candilas 58, 111, 152, 153 Sandee Candilas 14, 18, 93 jonathon Carter 63, 137, 149 Kimbirli Carter 63 ' Pamela Castleberry 52 Stacy Cato 58, 89, 142, 39 Carolyn Chavarria 63 Frank Chavez 53 jennifer Cho 63 Robert Christensen 63, 128 Sean Ciesa 63, 128, 143 johnie Clemons 63, 137 Margery Clute 58, 62 A Marilyn Clute 62, 63, 122, 123 Cheryl Cnossen 64, 97, 111, 122, 123, 148 Cynthia Cnossen 11, 12, 12, 53, 148 Carmen Cole 53, 56, 99, 130, 167 Alvin Coloma 53, 126 Gwen Cooke 58, 96, 118 Lorene Coontz 53, 96 Greg Cox 64, 134, 135 Dena Crellin 7, 52, 53, 56, 70, 90, 94, 82, 129, 166, 68 Lisa Crellin 14, 19, 40, 50, 110, 111, 140, 162, 163, 168 4 D , Harry Daglas 14, 19, 88, 113, 126, 154 Teresa Dantuma 14, 19, 40, 45, 130, 131, 99, 140, 141, 162, 163, 147, 68, 36, 146 Nick Davies 58 Cynthia Davis 53, 54, 96, 111, 119, 132, 133, 135, 152, 153 Patty Davis 58, 119, 68 Wrenette Davis 5, 14, 19, 40 Lori De Bie 7, 53, 147, 152 Brenda De Boer 53, 96, 106, 150 Edward De Boer 58, 128, 137 ' Stanley De Boer 5, 58, 128, 136, 143 Curt De Groot 64, 128, 137 Ted De Groot 14, 19, 50, 99, 108, 109 Michelle De jong 14, 19, 99, 106, 108, 109, 131, 163, 37 Mike De jong 3, 58, 105 Charlene Dekker 6, 53, 99, 106, 133, 140, 147, 162 Chris Dekker 58, 59, 108, 109, 133, 142 148 james De Koekkoek 64, 149 Charles De Kruyf 14, 19, 40 Marianne De Leeuw 58 Scott De Leeuw 64, 137 Patti De Master 58, 60, 96, 106, 111, 136 Brian De Vries 53, 70, 126, 139, 170 Cathleen De Vries 14, 20, 98, 99, 100, 101, 168, 35, 36, 46, 34, 38 Doug De Vries 64 john De Vries 14, 20, 114, 115, 134, 135, 38 Lori De Vries 11, 58, 129 Alan De Weerd 64, 111, 115, 132 Randall De Weerd 14, 20, 40, 42 Donna De Yager 14, 20 Cynthia De Young 14, 20, 40, 41, 44, 49, 106, 130, 131, 162, 163, 140, 141, 174, 68, 36, 38 Burt Dirkse 53, 87, 99, 37 Cindy Dirkse 57, 58, 103, 106, 118, 39 DeAnn Doornbos 64, 122, 123, 124, 129, 97, 199, 146 jeff Doornbos 64, 115, 149 Sandy Doornbos 58, 122, 123 Gary Doty 64, 97, 128 Suzanne Dragt 53, 99, 106 Shel'ece Draper 58, 111 Carissa Dunn 64, 97, 115 jewel Duty 59 Marvin Duty 14, 20, 41 Sandra Dykema 64, 97 Karen Dykstra 59, 152 jeff Enserink 59, 136 Scott Brlsetink 11, 12, 13, 53, 132, 133, 139, 154 Linda Escarzaga 64, 152, 153 Michael Evans 64, 132, 137 F Darrell Fey 59, 136, 143 Samuel Fey 53, 70 Tammy Fletcher 53, 97 Toni Floyd 64, 97, 152, 153 julie Fotis 53 Michelle Fox 64, 97 jeffrey Fredrickson 12, 53, 126, 144, 145 Alden French 64, 137 G Elbert Gaither 14, 20, 50, 126, 151, 202, 150 Shannon Garrett 64 Alan George 64 Tracy Gillum 64, 152 Cynthia Giske 53, 106, 109, 96 james Glasner 14, 21, 36 Susanne Gort 14, 21, 16, 99, 100, 101, 106, 115, 120, 121, 124, 170, 35, 33, 46, 47, 38 Rebecca Gravell 53, 122, 123, 165 Kenneth Gregory 14, 21, 50 Curtis Girepsma 59, 136 David Griffin 53, 114, 115 Thomas Griffin 64, 143 Bonnie Gritters 53, 96, 106, 119, 143, 152 Diane Gritters 57, 59, 97, 122, 123, 129, 148 Leanne Gritters 53, 99, 106, 111 Elsa Groen 59, 62, 122, 123, 124 Harold Groen 14, 21 juanita Groen 59, 142 Chris Groot 58, 59, 129, 140, 147, 162, 36 Deanna Grow 53, 92, 140 H Traci Hallmark 64, 97 Carla Hamilton 54 Lisa Hanggie 64, 129, 142, 152, 153 Eric Hann 59, 149, 158 Michael Hannenburg 14, 21 Tammy Harris 54, 94 Stephanie Hartog 64, 96, 106, 148 David Hecox 54 Greg Hendrickson 14, 21, 56, 113, 126, 151, 150 Derrik Hendrix 65, 128, 37 Gary Henry 54, 99, 106 Darren Hesson 54, 134, 135 Hether Hickok 96 jake Hiemstra 59, 88, 126, 137, 149, 36 Lisa Hiemstra 14, 21, 99, 108, 109, 111, 120, 121, 124, 161, 181, 68, 37 Student Lfzdex Sara Hiemstra 59, 108, 109, 133, 140, 142, 39 Tyrone Hill 59, 143 Kara Hoeksema 65, 97, 122, 123, 124, 129 Victoria Hoekstra 54 Sandi Hoffman 65 john Hogan 54, 132, 133 Ty Hogue 54 Rick Hoting 54, 114, 115, 137 jared Hubbard 65, 128, 137 April Huffman 65, 148 Tishawn Humber 14, 22, 93, 33, 43 joe Hwang 65 Kelli Irving 59 Leslie Irving 14, 22, 43 Albert Iten 65, 155 J Todd jasper 65, 128, 149, 171 Dianne jefford 65 Rhonda jefford 14, 22, 40, 33 Bill jernigan 59, 128 Chuck jernigan 64, 65, 128, 136, 155 Paul jernigan 14, 22 Kimberly johnson 54 Lyle johnson 59 Vincent johnson 14, 22, 50, 97, 132 Carla jones 5, 59, 168 Brad juhasz 65, 134, 135, 149 Lisa juhasz 14, 22, 40, 50, 34 Billy Keller 11, 12, 13, 63, 65, 64, 132, 137, 143 Edward Keller 54, 55, 132, 136, 144, 160 David Kelley 59 Kim Kiel 65, 97 Michael Kiel 59, 128, 137, 143 David Kim 59, 136 Paul Kimball 54, 55, 126, 144, 160 jeffrey King 59, 132, 136, 168, 37 Scott King 59, 128, 143 Frank Kirkpatrick 65, 128, 136, 143, 149 Michael Klassen 14, 22, 40, 44, 93, 176, 33, 42 Alleen Klein 54, 99, 109, 111, 106 Darlene Kline 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 23, 44, 40, 41, 99, 106, 130, 140, 141, 147, 158, 162, 163, 39, 69, 43, 37, 146 Michael Kline 54, 144, 160 Bradley Knox 59, 111, 114, 124, 137, 149 Lisa Kolberg 14, 23, 45, 94, 12 124, 168, 165, 36, 201, 38 jeff Koldenhoven 65, 143 0, 121, Sonia Koldenhoven 54, 130, 131, 167 Bonnie Kooiman 54, 174 Elizabeth Kooiman 14, 23, 90, Arlene Kooistra 65, 122, 123, 1 Caroline Kooistra 14, 23 Daniel Koolmees 54, 138, 139 113, 166 29 Yvonne Koopmans 65, 67, 103 36, 149 jeanette Kosareff 14, 23, 93, 99, 113, 45, 120, 121, 124, 161, 166, 3 Eddie Kornelje 65, 111, 128, 1 Ronald Kots 65 5 Kimberly Kredit 14, 23, 40, 70, 108, 109, 122, 123, 50, 204, 68 Paige Kredit 59, 62, 122, 123, 124 Denise Kroeze 65, 97 Perry Krosschell 14, 23, 41, 44, 45, 99, 100, 101, 126, 139, 138, 144, 161, 160, 35, 36, 79, 34 Dean Kuvelis 65, 128 Vicki Kuvelis 52, 54, 99, 106, 129, 167, 170, 68, 42, 37 L Angie Lambooy 57, 60, 119, 129, 152, 153 judith Laninga 4, 54, 99, 103, 106 Loreen Le Febre 14, 24, 99, 100, 101, 42, 38 Denise Leggett 60 Bill Lewis 65, 128 Wade Longbrake 60, 143 Brett Luartes 60, 128 M Michelle Mabry 54, 56, 99, 69, 37 Melissa Mabry 14, 24, 82, 113, 116, 117, 124, 176 Sonia Maddox 14, 24 Michael Maler 65 Matthew Mallars 66 Steven Maness 66, 149 jonabett Markovich 14, 24, 40, 50, 99, 168, 176 jill Markus 54, 122, 123 Michelle Marselle M, 122, 123, 124, 147 Helen Mathai 5, 14, 24, 35, 68 Mishall Mathai 66, 112, 124, 3 jim Mc Ilvaine 60, 128 3 Gloria Meneses 14, 24, 50, 99, 133, 163, 169 Kim Mesman 60, 122, 123 Melissa Miles 66, 129, 152 Dava Miller 14, 24, 44, 40, 133,-147, 163, 168, 169, 39, 68, 37 Maureen Miller 57, 60, 122, 123, 124 jerry Millette 60 Shevonn Moore 54 Orlando Morfa 60' 1' , .,,,, . Student Index David Polley 55, 90 Margaret Polley 57, 86, 60, 119 Emily Pollock 60, 118 Kristen Postma 63, 66, 97, 111, 122, 123 Mary Postma 14, 26, 49, 40, 50, 87, 99, 100, 101, 106, 116, 117, 124 Alison Price 55 Christine jeff Brenda Schenk 4, 14, 26, 50, 99, 103, 106, 111, 131, 140, 163, 164, 165, 174 176, 181, 35 Doug Schenk 61, 102, 104, 128, 136, 143, 165 Melani Schilling 66 Kevin Schlauch 55 . Brian Scholte 61, 105, 109, 132, 165, 168 Kristi Scholren 54, 55, 108, 109, 133, 135 140 152 155 jeffrey Schwieger 66, 128, 18 Mandi seuefs 66 Michael Sellers 61 Lance Shipley 61 128 122, 123 ,WT anet Mulder 57 Mulder 4045 82 27, 126 154 1 Brailford 87, 102, Richard Michael Michelle Barbara 25, 40, 41, Gary 135, 143 16, 14, Steve Pangie 66 Teresa Parr'6tt Lori Phillips 566111 129 StacyL"Pierro 66 john Piersma 128, 136, 143 David Pittmani55, 131 Maria Pittman 60, 142, 148, 165 Chrystine Poelstra 14, 25, 79 Danette Poelstra 60, 96 Elizabeth Poland 55, 92 Brian Pollema 7, 55, 94, 106, 99, 106, 94, 139, 170, 174, 176 Randle 1 1 3, 50 40, 50, 99 160, 161, 171, Reno 12, 13, 58, 60, 109, 104, 13631841 58, 91, 108, 170, 36 13, 161, 97 55 David Rose 61 Daniel Rushing 61 Lance Ryan 61, 132, 133, 134, 135, 168 S Tim '116 S akoda 61, 128, 137 Wendy Sakoda 14, 26, 14, 112, 38 Oscar Sanchez 55, 144, 145, 200 ,Gregory Saviiyer 55 Debra Scgxgstra 61, 168, 165 99, 120, 121, 124, 39 78 Rebecca 152, Denise Seagal 14, 27, 163, 68, -- 37, 47 4 Thomas Staal 55, 56, 126, . Martha Stolk 5, 61, 96, 167 julie Stoub 14, 27, 94, 113, 35, 43, 46, 34 . -.,, .. Annette Streelman 14, 27, 40, 50, 99 Gary Streelman 66, 149 Dwayne Struiksma 14, 28, 50, 45, 99, 106, 154, 53, 46, 78, 34 jeff Struiksma 66, 128, 134, 135, 143 Lisa Struiksma 55, 96, 176 Michael Struiksma 14, 28, 41, 44, 50, 99, 100, 101, 126, 138, 139, 144, 161, 160, 169, 171, 176, 35, 46, 78, 34 julie Stuit 66, 97 Lauren Suffrin 66, 91, 97, 133, 152 Stephanie Sussoev,66 ' Brenda Sybesma 55, 56, 99, 100, 101, 106, 130, 164 Kelli Sybesma 14, 28, 40, 50, 99, 116, 117, 100, 101, 124, 168, 38 Shelli Sybesma 14, 28, 40, 92, 93, 99, 131, 168, 108, 109, 184 T Steve Takekoshi 61, 128 Robin Talsma 55, 87, 99, 84 james Tanis 55, 102, 105 jim Taylor 61, 114 Debbie Tazelaar 66, 89 Dianne Tazelaar 14, 28 Kirk Templeman 66, 128, 137, 143 Debbie Terpstra 66, 91, 96, 129, 142 Tracy Theisens 61, 93, 109 jonathan Thomas 61, 143 Mary Thomas 61 Kim Thompson 61 Greg Topp 14, 28, 99 Laurie Trucky 53, 55, 96, 106, 109, 167, 68 james Tsapatolis 66 Magda Tsapatolis 14, 28 Sandra Turner 66 Linda Turner 55, 165 V Sandra Van Aalsburg 57, 62, 96, 119 Darrel Van Bruggen 56 Nathan Vand De Brake 67, 115 Gary Vandenberg 54, 55, 56, 90, 91, 99, 126, 144, 160, 168 Allyson Vander Broek 56 Susan Vanderburg 52, 56, 70, 99, 130, 68, 37 Andrew Vander Dussen 14, 29, 132, 33, 151 Robert Vander Dussen 67, 128 Ronald Vander Dussen 56, 70 Theresa Vander Dussen 62, 97, 148 john Vanderelst 67, 128, 143 Nancy Vanderelst 14, 29, 33, 40, 133, 140, 147, 162, 163, 168, 169, 37, 146 janna Vandergrift 14, 29, 99, 122, 123, 163, 68, 37 Todd Vander Ham 62, 128 Steven Vander Kamp 14, 29, 106, 115, 134, 135, 176, 33, 42 Tamara Vander Kamp 4, 67, 86, 103 jon Vander Maarl 14, 29, 50, 35 Vickie Vander Meulen 14, 29, 88 Laura Vander Molen 14, 29, 50, 99, 109, 111, 168, 68 Cathy Vander Ploeg 67, 140 Michael Vander Ploeg 56, 97, 126 Geraldine Vander Vis 14, 30, 40, 92, 169, 68 Walter Vander Vis 56, 134, 135 Student Ladex Wendy Vander Vis 56, 109, 130, 131, 147 Alethea Vander Waal 56 Tony Vanderwaal 14, 30, 139, 144, 160 Cathy Vander Wal 56, 166 Diane Vander Wal 67 Marvin VanderWerf 67 Nikki Vande Steeg 62, 96, 106, 109, 148, 167 George Vande De Witte 67, 137 Pamela Van Diest 63, 65, 67, 103, 142, 148, 167 Daniel Van Duyn 62, 97, 137, 143 Robert Van Duyn 7, 55, 56, 99, 126, 139, 42, 37, 151 Christine Van Dyk 62 David Van Dyk 12, 14, 30, 40, 41, 99, 154, 176, 35, 33, 42, 34 David Van Essen 12, 14, 30, 126, 127, 144, 145, 160 Douglas Van Gent 14, 30, -40, 99 Marcia Van Holland 14, 30 Robert Van Heyningen 67, 70 jayne Van Hofwegen 62, 96, 103, 106, 167, 168 Kelly Van Kampen 67, 166, 199 Gary Van Leeuwen 56 Troy Van Leeuwen 67, 105, 128 Timothy Van Meeteren 14, 30, 45, 126, 39 Tamara Van Meeteren 56, 92, 99, 140, 147, 158, 162 Cindy Van Munster 67 james Van Munster 56 jill Van Otterloo 60, 62 Kevin Van Otterloo 62, 99, 101, 102, 111 Cindy Van Weerthuizen 62, 59, 96, 118, 119, 124, 36, 203 Paul Vellema 67, 128 Linda Veltman 56, 92, 99 Susan Veltman 14, 31, 92, 99, 50, 8, 109, 116, 117, 124, 168, 68 , Tonja Veltman 14, 31, 99, 108, 109, 68, 36 Kandi Verhoef 4, 62, 96, 103, 106 Randall Verhoef 12, 55, 56, 126 jerry Versteeg 6, 10, 12, 13, 14, 31, 40, 134, 135, 144, 156, 160, 161 Frank Visvikis 62, 128, 137, 1.43 Dennis Vogel 55, 56, 99, 106, 156 jerry Vogel 14, 31 Kay Vos 11, 12, 13, 14, 31, 120, 121, 124, 161, 35, 33 Kelly Vos 11, 12, 13, 67, 91, 96, 122, 123, 46 Lisa Vos 64, 67, 122, 123, 129 W David Walhof 14, 31, 124 james Walhof 62, 114 Sherrie Walker 67, 155 jason Warren 67, 128 Kimberly Warren 6, 56, 70, 99, 9, 130, 131, 140, 154, 162 Karen Watson 62 Michael Watson 67 Donald Watts 62, 128 Daniel Weaver 12, 14, 31, 50, 82, 99, 126, 154, 170 Gerda Weening 56 I Laura Westra 62, 118, 168, 169 Craig Wheeler 14, 32 Nancy Wheeler 56, 83, 99 Steven Wheeler 14, 32, 50, 90, 93 Tom White 67, 128 Edward Whittemore 14, 32, 50, 99, 126 33 Colleen Wielenga 14, 32, 113, 33 Diane Wigboldy 62, 129, 148, 158 Kenneth Williams 13, 14, 32, 50, 126, 144, 158, 160, 169, 33 Lattice Williams 62, 129, 140, 158, 162, 152 jan Wilson 67, 128 janna Wilson 62, 104 Darla Wind 56, 111, 118 Henry Wind 56, 90, 134, 135 Raymond Wind 67, 136, 155 Tammy Woods 14, 32, 44, 33, 43 1 Alicia Wright 62, 96, 122, 123, 68 Marsha Wright 62 Y , Panida Yakaret 62 Grace Yew 56, 99 Anthony Yoakum 67 Z Alisa Zastrow 56, 113, 116, 117 john Seller 67, 155 Darren Zonnefeld 62, 136, 143, 168 jolleen Zuidervaart 67, 96, 129, 142 Keep ascending the mountain of cheerfulness by daily scattering seeds of kindness along the way as best you can, and, should mists hide mountaintop, undaunted you will reach sun-tipped heights H own life experience. 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Suggestions in the Valley Christian High School - Crusader Yearbook (Cerritos, CA) collection:

Valley Christian High School - Crusader Yearbook (Cerritos, CA) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


Valley Christian High School - Crusader Yearbook (Cerritos, CA) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


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Valley Christian High School - Crusader Yearbook (Cerritos, CA) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 1


Valley Christian High School - Crusader Yearbook (Cerritos, CA) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 1


Valley Christian High School - Crusader Yearbook (Cerritos, CA) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 1


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