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Vallejo Junior High School - Papoose Path Yearbook (Vallejo, CA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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5, 3 'f I Inf : MNT X1 7- Ml -I A h 1 K X, m c :ar - , 1 VA I Y 4 I' W I I IW its V V ' I 5J'A',,! - yi? A i K :EJ J.-ll , F. Ivyl ,A H f K V . it . 3 . Vvlg il' Y, I 'gym X' X Y In 1'.' 5 Q Q 1 4' tag- ,, :qi Ep WT WR T99 if X W4 iff? ,55fijf.HAM.1,'9 ff 5' f I ,Q V V ' 5, . h I V A r V I X V . ,I I 4 tl 2, ,jf Q r -92 GJI. fx? D - .1 ' ? .' A i O NJ' 'fa ali wfwffdff ' 3 fkgfl UQ A X 4?f1e:,f,,w , 5 'lf' - X W :Z 1 f J W if ,Q Q 4A J UIQ CK . ,af JW ' 27 4 in Q A ffm 4 , H il: ' A . ' Yeh SQ' , - , ,fly X' I A. A .IJ A U I if if CG S gag , --,9 , as . . NRM?- --f . . - S . 1 . ,ra .V ,XXV , Sk 1 -" hd, ,E -ii' VJ ,f' I ' XY- 1 y,., H jg.-F x KT WXN ' 1 -N 1 Q gl- Q, 1. ,ggi VXU' ' ,hi 5 Vi V Y.,,F.--1 mill? ' '49 q if 10 gf-,EN 1 fi, L" -f' ' 5 as " ' y' -2'yg,i.,,3' pm , ki' ,X 1-,a mu' --ih ' 521, 'B ..g1"'J A - ' ' Q!" 1 , N- Q M3 if H , an '45 Sffcfii QL V .I 1 FA. g W L, W", 'J -- 5 -Q fEiA3QfQQQ :fx ,VAN - -fix ,, wwg Magi SE HfwW W 'Mil Ng Q7 WUWxafNQrX3'm- N Ja W Q? W Q QD fpjg 1 - 1 'lf '6 QQ? 9 1 Oy A we , Q ,QW 'Nffwf Mfffwwff XF 7 , , .V G! T f HW f I, , 4 l P F, 'fl ,kj rr, 'I I-'Y' Q R N se, V ' Y Q N- .fl N, Yufxfx .. , . , :I R K xx, As V TN-I ' .- ml V 'D I , Kuff XEJQ ' L - V . - . X 'I X Q v ' , 7 if V t 'lxqn SJ' X .L K , J .- .A Xx N - -X4 A L- 1 ry' 2' XJ f, NJ ' 'c ' 42", K ,J I -'J ' ' v -.Q,M gr- , , , qt -fm I A 7' H Jmvfaff M? .ff fwwfy Vgf321fFf W WW' mijqwgj . Q LL?1 f ,. M ww K W fgglffkb 6fUv'Vl .Bo.fz,-'QQ if Dwcirjw. My 3' r N W fps Q , , va U X Q' WA XWWMQ ' Mai yvf? 1 ANN ,I gf X J D X1 x fly YQ fl , ki f' Riff l jilf , f' rg w W 1 in VXI, 5 1 fxfklf Q, Xb X 1, ul S E, OJ L I N 1 XY' f ' .' x, U 141 f f I1 . V I , .1 f . H ' f Y X- : ,J I Y .V W 4 .. I ,' -J '. I ' , x L TJ .A , v 'N VN N P' V9 Af L' --v X , ' PJ f 14 Ml ' x I LN V F9 L , N Q Sf v- N QQ," 5 if f 6 3 E X' 1.21-N 'N X gif 5, xg Ty 4 X A 2 fb , A 1 1 MN " QS if 1 w I-24-Q C272 1 1 ' - Q' ' ff L . P50 N 38 Q QS - , A A J - A. 4 If vVm Ai ,X 4 , 'IL 1 X ig-VX' M N , ,HL in " v F It 1 . Q-M ry, x XXI l :V A Qc? I 1 5 P, -mana 11,316 A -ix QD Q15 Q s B4 4-0' IS Booli Belongs T L Hd :fs X X XV ff -1 f 1 ff A - as to-.. cf' , V 4 r.- , ' 1 ff ,-A ',- ' 6 1'-A Q 0 5 'v -1 I 1 is-lui PAPCDCSE . . . PATH Published by the class of 1952 MARIANO GUADALUPE VALLEJO JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL EDITORS Judy Anderson Margaret Schueler SPORTS EDITOR Warren Ropp ASSISTANT SPORTS EDITOR Mark Cameron ADVERTISING MANAGER Beverly Foulk A S SI STANT ADVERTISING MANAGER Sue Johnson- COPY EDITOR Shirley Tomlin STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER Bill Morgan FACULTY ADVISORS Mr. William Case Mr. John Prichard Group Photographs by Vallejo College Trade Photography Class: Mr. Hal Reev Fristructor Gary Bryson, f"ai1o, Rod Evenson, Andy . Bill Gell- ' J in H. ' Huber, ing, a es John Pitt. Something New Is Being Added All year we have been watching fand listening toj progress on the new music building. Next year the noisy rhythm of riveting guns will be replaced by the sweet strains of Mr. Y8EL1112l,l1'S band and orchestra and the voices of Miss Knowles' choral groups. In addition to large band and choral rooms, the building will contain six individual practice rooms, a small library, an office and facilities for storage of band uniforms and instruments. Radiant heating has been installed for use when the dance band is not keeping things warm. The en- tire building is acoustically treated. UH X x 2 Q FQ if wp 'E ll A 4 l Ln.- MR. PAUL CRABB MR. GEORGE CHAFFEE Superintendent Assistant Superintendent BOARD OF EDUCATION Vallejo Unified School District Seated, left to right: Mr. Wilfred, G. Hewitt, Mr. Earl A. Jensen Presidentg Mrs. Elsa Wiedenman. Standing: M1-. Gustave Oertel, Mr. Wallace Cox. 4 , A , MR. ALLAN LOCKE MR. HOMER IRWIN Principal Vice Principal OFFICE STAFF Miss Eva Lunsted, Mrs. Norma Nelson, M1's. Gladys Hackett FACULTY e fl? Seated, left to right: Mrs. Gertrude McKinst1'y, Mrs. Sarah Dodge, Mrs. Lucille Roos, Miss Muriel Knowles, Mrs. Lucille Akin, Mrs. Doris Lynch, Mrs. Ione Turner, Mrs. Le- titia Scott. Standing: Mr. Rowland Post, Miz. Richard Hyland, Mr. Harold Knowlton, Mr. Allan Locke, Mr. Wilbur Vaughan, Mr. Lloyd Scanlon, Mr. Oscar Solberg, Mr. Harry Schantz, Mi-ss Rhea Rupert, Miss Mildred Stevens, Mr. William Case, Mr. Robert Baker. COUNSELLORS Mrs. Letitia Scott Mr. Ivan Lloyd 183 FACULTY Seated, left to right: Miss Catherine Britton, Mrs. Gloria Niccum, Mrs. Louzetta Wolfe, Mrs. Glenn Odale, Mrs. Lena Hall, Mrs. Margaret King, Mrs. Willa Woodward, Mrs. Frances Boyle. Standing, left to right: Mr. Sabin Rich, Mr. David Thomas, Mr. John Prichard, Mr. Jerald Golden, Mr. Joseph Grove, Miz. Melvin Belotz, Mr. Arthur Kincaid. Counsellors Miss Rhea Ruppert Mr. Rowland Post Mrs. Margaret King L 9 J ,f fi FALL CLASS WILLS Judy Anderson, will my reading comprehension to Mrs. Roos. Marlene Lett, will my mathematics to the next sucker that comes along. Ginger Galloway, will Phyllis Willoughby to get out of the tenth grade. Bunny Schellhouse. will will my will to anybody who wants it. Dora Wilson. will my ability to speak to all the boys. Gladys Walton, will my classes and teachers, to Marie Walter. Carol Naparstek, will the ants in my locker to some lucky TA. , Virginia Rump, will my geometry teacher, Mr. Oxley. to Theresa Rex. Harold Lundblad, will Mr. Biama a set of gold dentures. J oan Clair, will all my ex-boy friends to Louise Terry. Rosie Gibson, will David Leslie to Marlin Stratmeyer. Charlene DeLacy, hereby bequeath my smelly gym socks to anyone whose nose does not function. Tony Irvin, will 1ny assembly name of Superman to anybody who is capable of fulfilling it. Ethel Anderson, will my crazy notes to anyone who has attended Imola faithfully for 4 years, and is therefore qualified to understand them. Florence Hawkins, will my ability to get along with people to Robbie Hicks. Jack Carmichael, will all my ways to D. C. Donna Colt, will my fine Spanish accent to Mrs. Scott. Gail Hanson, will the motto "Waste Not Thine Hour" on the front of the school, to Pat Campbell, hoping she will use it to better advantage than I did. Ozzie Hines, will my three shot guns to Bob Tayfoya, Mark Cameron, and Garland Wright, to keep all the vultures away from the certain Miss when I leave. John Custock, will all my love to Louise Terry. Ray Wade, will my gym shoes to Mr. Biama. Bob Taylor, will all the book reports I gave to Mrs. Dodge, back to the kid that l got them from. J i1n Riley, will my ability to sleep in Mrs. Dodge's class to SOIUS tired future 1013. Jon Riley, will my ability to sneak off the school grounds fora smoke to someone who needs it. Winona Alfred, will my big feet to some 7A who can't stand on his own. Delores Tafoya, will my black hair to Carole Gasper providing she keeps it long and black. Donald Gurke, will my filthy gym socks to Mr. Biama. John Eaton, will my ability to get along with Franklin Students to Vallejo Junior High. Donna Wensing, will my violin to Harlene Nichols if she thinks she can charm James with it. Rodney Baker, will all my good grades to Doug McCombs. Lowell Hines, will my Woodshop grades to some incoming 7A. Joycellyn Bottemiller, will my gym locker to Pat Campbell. Carole Dillon, will my ability to swing from a st1'ing on the Prom committee to a future 10B. Dixie Bramblett, will my figure to Dorthy Waldvogel. K lO l f s MD GRADUATES AL Mus C T LP'- .1-i,,.l.... W --1, 'TV' Q as viii I I--1 February Graduating Class 1952 Halved by the formation of Hogan J unior High School, the forty two fall graduates made up the smallest group to receive diplomas at Vallejo Junior High in recent history. ,Despite their small numbers this class was active in school govern- ment aitd activities. Ozzie Hines was Student Body President while John Eaton served as his Vice President. Judy Anderson and Charlene DeLacy coordinated the noise at games and rallies with their yell leading. Our class officers were Charlene DeLacy, Presidentg Carole Dillon, Vice President, and Donna Lou Colt, Secretary. The class activities which these of- ficers directed led off with the TA Welcome, written by Charlene De Lacy and Judy Anderson and starring .Ioan Clair, Carole Dillon, Franklin Webb, Ethel Anderson, Ozzie I-lines, John Eaton, Don Gurke, Danice Jones, Tony Irvin, Hal Lundblad, and Marlene Lett. For the prom we joined forces with Hogan Junior High and Franklin Junior High and carried out the "YVin- ter Wonderland" theme, with the en- tire class serving on committees for decorations. refreshments and enter- tainment. Our graduation ceremony was also combined among Vallejo, Hogan and Franklin Junior High Schools. Shirley Duarte and Ozzie Hines "Sweet- hearts?" . . . June Elliott and Donna Colt, "Sept. Morn and Sept. Afternoon". . . Tony Irvin "Gas Buggy". . . Danice Jones, "Amazon". . . "This is not the Rockettesu . . . Jloan Clair, "W'hat'cha d0in'?" . . . Judy Anderson "Sitting Pretty" . . , "Foot- ball?". . . Aan. if fy , C' If 1' f o -l 16. C3 . Y 94 ,ml fo. xt Nd Y? f"7 'Qi f Y-'-5' 'Q 1' 'Ei' IKE FALL CLASS lVinona Alfred Ethel Anderson Judy Anderson Bruce Arnold Rod Baker Rose Marie Barnhart Joellin Boettmiller Beatrice Brown Jack Carmichael J can Clair Donna Colt Jackie Costa John Custock Angeles Dacong Charlene DeLacy Carole Dillon Ed Only John Eaton Victor Flores Ginger Galloway FALL CLASS Gail Hanson Florine Hawkins Lowell Hines Oscar Hines Geizald Holland Tony Irvin Danice Jones Wilson Lee Marlene Lett Dick Martin Carol Naparstek Jim Riley John Riley Virginia Rump 1 Edwin Schellhouse Delores Tafora Bob Taylor Ray Wade Gladys Walton Bruce Warner Franklin Webb Donna Wensing Dora Wilson ff, af? Gd sd ?'K ii' 'Vis -0 I 1 95 i ff? JUN 3 ,Ns ,-nn. WNY J " Ji T", :GS I 41 -if 'E lll Ill ml P Beverly Edwards, Eugene Lewis "Love In B1oom?". . . Charlotte Barger, "Oh What Poise?" . . . Phillis Willoughbjf "Mule Train". . . JoAnn Skinn f'Plrease Mr. Sun". . . Tom Crofoot" Interest- ing. . . . Rosemary Brusso, "That's Life". . . Nancy McNeil "The Wheel". . . Pat Campbell, Connie Steir. Tom Crofoot, Char. Barger, Jim Syar, "School", . . Jim Syar f'The Ladies' Man". . . Nancy Perez "Shorts . . . and Sweet" . . . Barbara Del Buono and Bob Morrison "Lovers?". "The intellectual gathering" 10B STORY Four years ago our parents set forth upon this school a new menace, designed to send the faculty to their graves before their time. But again, as in every other class, the expert guidance of our counsel- lor, Mr. Lloyd, our advisor, Mrs. King, and our teachers have reformed us into high school students and made some of us out- standing in various fields. In student government, Bob Tafoya Was one of the best Student Body Presidents Vallejo has had. He was ably assisted by Mark Cameron, Vice President. Our rec- ords Were always straight, thanks to the efforts of Glenda Chenoweth, Secretary, and our money was in the efficient hands of Anita Miller. In the class picture our perennial presi- dent, John Autem, made the greatest ef- fort of his career to make our last semester here a memorable one. In this he was as- sisted by Jerry Madsen, Vice President and Beverly Edwards, Secretary-Treasurer. During this time We had some of the best dances ever held in Vallejo Junior High and we couldn't forget our prom. The theme, "Room Full of Roses" turned out beautifully. In the field of dramatics We'1l never for- get "Growing Pains" with Sue Johnson and Phil Williams taking the leading roles. VVe all feel sorry for Mr. Baker since most of the traffic squad are going across the street. We have really kept Miss Ward busy these past four years with our club activi- ties. Among the club presidents were Yvonne Breilatt, Unescog Carol Daniels. Red Cross 3 and Ed Tunheim, Honor S0- ciety. Beverly Foulk and Shirley Tomlin Worked hard on the year book and Marg- aret Schueler was Publications Represent- ative to the cabinet. Other members of the cabinet were Claudia Lundin, Club Representative, Gloria Reissman, Senior Yell Leaderg Gar- land Wright, Sports Representative, and Jim Kendall, Traffic Representative. All in all, we are one of the largest classes to graduate and We feel We have left an impression befitting our size. ' Good bye Vallejo and good luck 7A's, the college is calling. -Rosemary Brusso SPRING CLASS Rayann Adams Pete Adona Rich Allerton Elvin Anderson Frankie Anderson Aldeen Andrade Ron Annoni Alberta Armstrong Jane Atherstone John Autem Elizabeth Bailey Harold Baker Charlotte Barger Anthony Beardsley Leah Belletini Wynette Benton Balrbara Berry J odeane Black Bill Bledsoe Gerri Bond Ernestine Bourge Jerry Braito Yvonne Breillatt Norma Blteitenstein Carolyn Briggs Lois Brown Rosemary Brusso Joe Burgess Don Bush I Donna Caddel -"P li 1'- nr 'VT It --r if' ,ov -nd -i Q- Il SPRING CLASS Mark Cameron Pat Campbell Betty Carey Rhoda Carpadus Bill Carriger Ray Garton Glenda Chenoweth ' Gerald Christian Joan Coffin Richard Cohen Wayne Cooke Harry Cooney Cherry Cox Doug Craine Tom Crofoot Jerry Cunningham Pat Dacong' A Barbara Daniels Carol Daniels Beryl Dawson Barbara Del Buono . Shelly Dennley Shirley Duarte Beverley Edwards June Elliott Alton Ellis 'Ralph English Joan Erdmann Barbara Fisk Ronald Fitzpatuck SPRING f ' , y CLASS , V Y f Beverley Foulk 1' " I A' S, .K A ' ff- Marlene Fountain ' ' ' ' fi' Carl Fowler . V Dorthy Fetter Ai? W 'W Romula Gale: sf P' . -1"e a ' l W I 4 'Y 4- Y . ., -. " nu Fred Gardner 5 i Carole Casper A, C9 Robert Gherardi -P-1 Ann Goddard .QI-L rw Clyde Grannis Carole Halverson Shirley Hancock -Ii' Ralph Hanson 1 , I R' Ruth Hanson Ed Harris I wa. V'T1P i s Ernest Haver Valerie Herrman ' "' Bob Hewitt ' Y4P'-.C-7' Robbie Hicks Shirley Iiiggins lg, Q Y 1, :.f -in lijiff.-f". l jlluf' Glen Hilburn " if Don Hill N, A- ,Q 22141 ' 'i -' "' Joe Hodge , ,,, . as ""' I I 'X . James Holton g U lf, J Dick Hylan if ' " ' V' , 59 V . Jean Irvin Bettie James F' 'UK Dixie J anesi ,fav Georgetta John Rayola John H83 J '2 "W, , 'Uh 'ist 404 'A r li 'Q Q' KT' +1 'Qi Q ,- if P19 1 1 .2 J X..-ff 1 R. -jg V. .- ., 1- . , 'UWB 3 "Wil-'I V, ' ' if 'if J? if "H ' - " ' t 'K - Jf'1.',j:, ' " ,Yin , 92 g 'V 'A , fif- gs: A :r I-1 241:-f.'F',tgl I X... fx '-'ftif f'3'3: 'C' W Eli. -'-- 4' R 9? .4-QQ' V 5- ,K Q- A-5' A T A ' "wg ' 1' iff aim 3 T' ig '-wi? A 1 , H. , .iv , . VP . I 5 1 Q l J! 7 .A ,I I' Z Y --13 Q 13 q P3 f+i-1 - " - -i f . " , .. 1-- 1 '-L.. 2 , ff ,J 1 E H' '95, ' aj '- rf . - af - -nf Llf' ,. .-' ' ff?-1--' --vim .V ,P ..-J' f , V ' r W If res- .34 'EPVDKZHY Li --N' ' X , ' M pf' ,F ,. gfY'5"' "i.V?awf". ..i.i.. A 1956? 1 ..,.f - 1 ,Q TP X W If If Q, fm i' If W V M .fs nk -swag 'Qu rigs K Y WX, W? H97 TM' xf 5.1 If :Q wr: 7' ' . - ' .Y ws wwf? 8 t -' J ' -, 1 ' ' " -, .1 ' ff - Q- K " 51" 1 ' E.. I H 1 L53 H 5' ,, fm QL QF L I ' , V, X 1 .-.1 ',f9f"ff ' ai-Q , V iiflzzt-ui? I , ,IL ,Fry h Wir 'Iwi F bw.. 'mln U- M' I -A , 1 1. K .. V , , --L , , 1,5 A ji:Yl"mg-t WV. " I' Q ' inf" I . f 7- '- , , V X , '3 q. i ,- , ' X 5. 7 '- V :L Y ,, ' . , V. 13.11.7269 LF 4,1 3 'U .S I if . ' ,I . 'g . V1 fx iff L wi 4, V "" A fm ,Q A ii: my 1 M-. A .f gf Q , Q 1 .N 3, , 7. A, .. It , iii- I Y 54 J . ' . 7' f Wig"-X 'V J" 9J'e"SPA ,A s , D . -51' 1. 5 E A ' .A E 5-. " - 'Lt mf' ' .P-A .I,,,.- r QW, fate" M. 4 1: wgw ' ,if-" Y-If 4. N35 if I W 4.5 v 4-'A ,-"1 Qx YET fig . . . 1 ' ,, , ,. .A 5 Q9 IW , '- H., ,, ffQi", 1- 'f'Ix'ff: , .Qi , Afg ., i ' ..f'fw " W V ,. .- 15. .KM-:,,. i-'A - .,, A - 3 . --mf it, 1- 1 :L , V ' AN ' yy f Wim , H. w V -15 ,un X V-A .. 1 iii" 'V 'Ig QM1.-.- ,. nh .. Y , , ,. pp, ,. ,Q mtg in '!?-,,.,-f-- 'L I 4 3"-'iF' 1 . A, y . 'vi f A F ,Why 7.115-',..1'4 -5-ev fiis-5,-il, , 7:7131 A 47-.,-'-"ix 0 ' ' ' A A W: "ir" "SH.,.,.f?' V .11 if , M i g :Z -Q L 'Va " w ,L .W-..:qf gg: ig -: X , I X E,?Pq:Ff'fg'A ' . , 2 0 f v iw , r ' ffl I ,A V F' 2-N lg ii.. 5. Tl? ff ,, A K, .- L , 9 WKTQ' el N. , ,, L. hxiq . uf f . v' .M ,.,,., ' 2.. Dm.. . I fitr. AQ! '-.1 fy.. -Mi 1 1 ,Q iN ,g -'Qs 4 v was .r F AA, 'Ei' 5 'J-9 4-is 'ix L--'ty ai' "vu 'JU- 3 -v--"9 'J-'af ini OT' 415 , V VM? i Z' my our 43 '46, Qi. T x 5' 14' .f' ga.: ,sp-'f J. JH 1 '-L 'p if '-9' i2iJ s qw Q S4 SPRING CLASS Rosa Robinson Pete Roche Geraldine Russ Bob Szemanski Claire Sallade Jon Sanborn Margaret Schueler Anita Shankman Bob Schmadel Sam Serna Eloise Sexton J oan Silva Anita Sims Don Sine Joanne Skinn Kathryn Smith Nancy Smith Connie Stier Judy Streams Jim Sullivan Jim Syar Bob Tafoya Amanda Taylor Carol Tillquist Shirley Tomlin Benny Toney Ed Tunheim Michael Turner Carmen Usiak Dorthy Waldvogel SPRING' CLASS Joan Walton Judy Wells James Wasson James Welsh Nancy White Ruth White Peggy Wickman Bob Wilken Rod Williams Philip Williams Phyllis Willoughby Frank Woods Alice Wright ' Dale Wright Garland Wright Sharon Yates Barbara Young Angela Zunino If 4 C221 SPRING CLASS WILLS Ray Ann Adams, will my drawing of a horse to Shirley Ross. , Ralph Anderson, will 1ny place at the heater to anybody who wants it. Aldeen Andrade, leave 1ny ability to get along with women P. E. teachers to Wanda Poor and Pat Desaulmiers. Alberta Armstrong, will 1ny artistic ability to who ever wants it. .lane Atherstone, will llly shyness toward boys to some 10A student. I-larold Baker, will my boldness to any shy 7A. Charlotte Barger, will lily ability to get along with the boys to Sandy Gates. Anthony Beardsley, will 1ny bashfulness to any bold 7A. Leah Bellettini, will 1ny ability to get into trouble in 1ny classes to any one who will take it. Wynette Benton, leave llly ability in Algebra to Harriette Hopper. Barbara Berry, bequeath 1ny poor P. E. grade to some new scrub. .lodene Black, leave my tardy excuses to Susie Stratford. Jerry Braito, will my thick soles to G-racey A. Yvonne Breillatt, leave my ability to say "Sweet Sixteen and Never Been Kissed" to Rolleen Shipley. Lois Brown, leave 1ny nickname "Polly" to anyone who needs it. Rosemary Brusso, will Gretchen Courtland to Mr. Case. Joe Burgess, will llly argyle socks to Steve Sawyer. Donald Bush, leave 1ny art talent to Mr. Vickers. Mark Cameron, will my ability to keep a cool head to Coach Biama. Pat Campbell, will lily ability to get 1ny locker in a mess to Donna Brown. Betty Carey, will 1ny troubles to any seven A who doesn't think he will have any. Rhoda Carpadus. hereby bequeath 1ny psychology report to Vallejo Jr. High as 1ny contribution to our future generation. Bill Carriger, leave my position in football to Terry Lott. Glenda Chenoweth, will my ability to argue to Lela Scott who has to keep up the reputation. Joan Coffin, will 1ny horse to the cafeteria for anything they can make out of it. Willis Childers, will the peach fuzz on the end of my chin to Mr. Scanlon. Gerald Christian, leave 1ny track shoes to Mr. Allen Cwear them welll. Bob Clapp, leave my high grade to Earl Clapp, Richa1'd Cohen, leave the mess in my locker to anyone who wants it. Wayne Cooke, will llly height and ability to the Vallejo Jr. High coaches. Cherry Cox, will llly freckles to Ruth Fowler hoping that she may find some use for them. Tom Crofoot, leave my conceit to Howell. Jerry Cunningham, will all my thick soled shoes and draped cords to Mr. Lloyd. Carol Daniels, will my geometry bewilderness to the next unforunate students. Jerry Davis, will all my love to the 9B girls. Beryl Dawson, will my height to some little YA. Carolle Dempewolf, will my old gym suit to Jane Graham. Roy Desnoylr, leave llly big nose to anyone who would like it. J une Elliott, leave my leaky ink pen to Mr. Case, hoping he will use it well. Dorothy Fetter, will all of my Spanish troubles to any 9th grader who doesn't think it will be hard. Barbara Fisk, will 1ny straight hair to Evelyn Farmer. Ronald Fitzpatrick, leave all of my nothing to Bruce Reeves. Beverly Foulk, will and bequeath all my unusual talents to Shirley Tom- lin as she will put them to good use. . Carl Fowler, leave all my school books to the 7A's. Romula Galiza, will my hair to Jane Gardner. Fred Gardner, will my baseball ability to Bob Nelson. Carole Gasper, will my dirty hall locker to Dorothy Waldvogel providing she keeps it clean. Carole Halverson, will my glasses to Yvonne Halverson, who has been guessing the past three years. C231 CLASS OFFICERS ' id z. ' - ' 1557 ,I N- r -vulg- I ' ' a r99. 351- 'a' A,..-,, I , 3 as' 'mv-V ' ' -JZ., uhm- -'f.fiQC 1 O 'A 'V-I-nr T T' '1'.H.Aa X '.- FALL CLAJSS OFFICERS First row, left to right: Patsy Smith, Rhoda Carpadus, Evelyn Farmer, Carol Daniels, Judy Claxton, Charlene DeLacy, Carole Dillon, Nancy Perez, Henrietta Kerby, Arlene Passalacqua. Second 'rows Joan Ates, Donna Lou Colt, Fay Stewart, Mike Gregar, Gilman Thompson, Dick Hageman, John Autem, Melvin Farmer, Teddy Lyle SPRING CLASS OFFICERS First row, left to Mght: Dick Hegeman, Beverly Edwards, Marilyn Dahme, Nancy Piper, Rlith Bourdon, Teddy Lyle. Second row: Roy Adams, John Autum, Bernie Fleming, Jerry Madsen, Doug McCombs, Ronald Clazie. 1247 I I' I 'U 'X ff' K1 fig 4 r j f 69 ceoilee I7 Q 1 . , 1 1 l 1 J++ Eff A T XTLIWU If ff g X 7 Q Q Q MW In AQ. 1. 4 fx 1 U X . 'J x f M Q ' NK ' x c, ms? il as - . Ui ' si K ' 7 ' 'e ' -- A H - if,-1, wx X' 1' - BV"-1 - '4- EONMG' Co ki 10A CLASS Jack Adams Jim Adams Charlotte Armstrong Ester Bacle Norma Bailty Arvil Barkw ell Art Bzukwell Donn t Bei ei ctt Robert Block Donna. Brown Edwin Budd Louise Cole Vlfoodie Crook Don Crouch Robert Couch Clint Culpeppei Paul Custock Yvonne Day Ken Doda. Sam Dimaio Phil Dow Bob Dressel Sylvia Dumm Tom Dwyel Bill Easson Marie Fairbanks Bernie Fleming Gertrude Fostex Pat G-addy Tony Garcia. Sandra. Gates Ed 'Gm Colleen Gray Rose Grossi Dick Hegernan Yvonne I-Ialvei son Barbara Hickey Gary Hill Gary Hirtel Larry Holdener Judith Houston Bob Husted Tom Hurt Do-n Jackson Bud James Marilyn Jansky Bruce Jenkins Gertrude Jones Howard Kasparek Henrietta Kerby Richard Kiing Rosemary Knollmwn Roy Lawson Carl Lenz: Don Lenzi Jim Lloyd Nettie McNeal Don Moreland Carl Mullen Arline Passalacqua Brue Porter Stewart Reeves Garyailoberte Warren Rupp Joe Short Robert Silva Vera Siragusa Bill Stewart Marilyn Startmeyei George Stroud Norm Taxalero Gillman Thompeon Dave wma Merritt Winchell Tom Zunino 9B CLASS Patty Am-ton Irene Adam lmve Adams Gloria Afloptunto llnve Allzirn Jackie Anderson .lim Arimrdnlo Shirley llnlcer Dee Ann Baxter Lois B1-lder Dolly Bean Gale Bean Ann llenlly Irene Bien Clmrlolte Uislo Ruth liourrlon Greg- I3olslm.koff Billie Bras:-xzu'l Julian Breillzil Ken Brooks Bill Brown Dolores Brown Peggy I.'lX'6'llYlllll Bruue Brown Bob Brown .luck Bryan Ke-n Bryant Ronald Buck Don Bragole Fern Bun1g':u'dnL-r Jack Case Sully ftfillbii' Virginia Castlelmrry James Lllmrlstmnli Bill Clarke Uonnlm-x Cohan Shirley Conklin Bruce Connors Gretchen fflllll'tll'lllIl Jessie Vox Tony lJ'Agoslu Dam DOBonis Put De:-suulniers .Lance lJcStelTnns Hill Dodge Charles Dodge Pat Dow Don Evans Bob Erickson Nzuwy Enns Sharon Ellsworth Barbara. 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Mixon Earl Moreland Robert Mortram Kathleen Mossman Virginia Mnratori Joann Nelson Betty Newcomb Janet Nickel Jflhll Nic-nl Darrell Nystrom Frank Orr Elaine Ostrovsky Mn ry Palm rose Allen Penland Anne Perkins Sheryl Perry Robert Petersine Karl Phziley Joyce Ph illis .Robert Phillips Marjorie Poling Phillip Post Bfirhm'a Powell Tony Prztsinos Dennis Rny Gen. Rayfield Loretta Rayfielcl Nic-k Razes Sylvia Rex Don Rising Bill Roztch Randy Robhison Bud Rogers Richard Rolft' .Indy Ronnell 1. 2 . , , . ,. Frank Sanchez Christine Sandals Dave Sandretto Fred Sharp Frank Shortridge Lynn Shu1'tleIT Egl biJ.I3m,a,n,' Craig Simplex' Jackie Smith Bernice Smith Margo Smith Pat Smith Richard Sniith Curtis Solberg Harriet Stanslielrl Sharon 'tok .o'een . ratmeyor VVayue Striekland IlaJean Sumnolds Ann 'l'adolilYe Kenny Tarbel Sharon Tate Lynda Taylor Thomas Taylor Gary 'Fillery Tim Titus Jean Toney Wayland Troliiuler Frank Thorlton Joe 'l?'rompr-zynski Virginia 'Thornton Rivh Tucker Stuart Tucker Ann Turner Jay Turner Marille Ilnrlerwootl Arlene Urhanzl Bill Yandenburgh Terry Wade Harry Walker Maryann VVarrl Peter Warn Ruth Welling Nancy Vilieces Davie Wllliarwis John Wllliamh Mabel W'lls son lrant Robert Winvhell Sallv VVinulnp: Bill Wright John Wells 7A CLASS Meredith Allison Paul Arnozo Eleanor Augustine Shirley Barber Martha Burgess Bruce Christenson Maryann Cralle Boll Dana Ed ward Westbrook Freda. Webster Vtlanrla Welxher Al Vlele Martha 'Punhelni Linda Wiggins Roger Tiernan Daniel Danielson Roxie Delaca John Delayton Ernest llierkinpg Mic-hael Dow Leroy Earnest Anna Enias Darlene Fleming: Bud Fountour Curtis Grannis Lyle Hang Bruce Helstroni Tom Howard Janice Jackson Celeste Jordan Fra nk Kearby Janies Kml ' 5 .lnehouis Lee Mark Lillard Neil -McCarthy Sandra MnC'lellan Tom Mc-Donald 'Pilio Milani Deanue Moler Gray Ztlorandi Joe O'Bi'ieu Esther Parmlee David Patten Cheri Prigge Jackie Riflling Bill Rumble Vifalter SlYHl'l7l'Ollgll Donald Sllls ,, Jay Smith Suzanne Smith Gary Stanton Jerald St. Clair W'illiam Voskam Michael Wise CALENDAR OF ACTIVITIES SGDIQHIIJGI' 25 ,--............................................................... CAssemblyJ Campaign SCDIBITIIJGI' 27 ....... ........A..... P rimary Election September 28 ....... ,,.,,.,,,,,..,,,.,, 7 A VVelC0me OCt0b91' 2 ---.,... ........ N ational Assembly 0Ct0bG1' 4 ........ ................... Fi nal Election October 12 ......... October 23 October 24 October 31 November November November November December December December December December January 3 .......... 1 1 January January 16 January 18 January 27 January 24 January 25 January 31 Conservation Program ..............National Assembly .......United Nations Program ............-.......................I-Ialloween Party Red Cross Program American Education Week fopen housej fAssemblyJ Magician ......lAssemblyJ Major the Dog .............Fall Athletic Banquet .......,........AXV2tl'dS Assembly fAssemblyJ Dr. Olsen Christmas Program -.....................CIl1'IStlll2lS Parties ..........CAssemblyJ Swiss Yodeler ..-....fAssemblyJ Accordion Player ...-......fAsse1nb1yl Steeple Jacks fAssemblyJ Campaign .........-...Primary Election ........,.Awards Assembly Election Graduation February ........ Fashion Show, Simplicity February ........................... 7A Welcome February ....... fAsse1nblyJ Rodman February ...... .........................................,............... P . E. Dance February 29 ....... .......................................,..,.............,..... 1 OB Dance March 7 .......... ....... C onservation Program Sz Basketball Awards March 10 .....,,. .......,............................,.... C Assemblyj Marimba's March 14 ...,.... March 28 ...,.... April 3 ....... April 4 ....... April 4 ...,... May 1 ........ May 1 ,..,.... May 2 ........ May 2 ........ May 9 ....,...... May 15 .,....... May 23 .,....... May 23 ........ May 27 ......... June 3 ....... June 6 ....... June 6 ......,.,. June 12 ........ -...-.-.......-.....Letterman's Dance ....--..Firearms Safety Assembly Pan A1ne1'ican Day .......fAsse1nb1yJ Parish Sisters Dance ...............fAsse1nblyJ Gideon Society C36l Public School Week Open House Fashion Show Dance ........Boys' Assembly, Cadet Corps ......School Play, "Growing Pains" -.-..-...........-...Campaign Assembly Carnival Primary Election .......-.....Final Election .-..-...Awards Assembly 10B Prom Graduation JY 'Y 4 4 Y 1 v ' X x21 'M' Sb ,f is 1 ....-,A , f' '- ,-,,,,,,,. H, P' .ififdlf ,-xiig, ACi'lVl'FlG s , 1 ,, 4-'auf - fx Q 'lI"'i'i'ii'i-T51 ' Q ' as ' ,A 1 s 5 PL-ff+- -44g - ifXZ VJ, 'B iDOA-IU 01+-f J STUDENT BODY OFFICERS Left to right: Charlotte Barger, Sec- retary: Bob Tafoya, Treasurer, Os- car Hines, President, John Eaton, Vice President. STUDENT COUNCIL First row, left to right: Evelyn F'H.I'lTl61', Carol Daniels, Chzxrlene De- Lncy, Carol Dillon, Nancy Perez, Henrietta Kerby, Arlene Passal- ztcqun.. Second row: Mike Gregor, John Eaton, Gilman Tlwmpson, Dick Hegeman, John Autem, Teddy Lyle. JN EXECUTIVE CABINET First row, left to right: Rosemary Brusso, Traffic Representativeg Beverley Foulk, Publications Repre- sentative: Yvonne Breillatt, Club Representative: Clizwlotte Burger, Student Body Secretary: Judy An- derson, Senior Yell Leader. Second FONVZ Owen Renz, Athletic R.epresentative: Bob Tafoya, Stu- dent Body Treasurer: Oscar Hines, Student Body Presidentg John Eaton, Student Body Vice President. FALL STUDENT BODY OFFICERS STUDENT COUNCIL EXECUTIVE CABINET le, 'ft'-1 SPRING STUDENT BODY OFFICERS STUDENT COUNCIL EXECUTIVE 'CABINET e Q pew '- --'-f wc Q I I A if ES . , , ,, , . H ., ' - " -".l,m.l1- I H 1, -I " 'wilwrt It 1' ffQ5e'1",'ll'.lj? ll rl f2fe2z"l" , w M ,, -,,. . ,,. . , . ew .1 ""n,,l.. 'll I fra ll rw '55 fix- eg. Le.-FL ,w Li' "ll ,N .wtf lv HH 'igeifllf-fs?-ee-615, M, ., , , Q, me 41- fees.. ml 'Ye' Urge, W' X." 1: ,.- ru ri' xr. l' 'l ,Iliff ll iris? 'l 31 ' Y .xll E -'l5e'I1iK 'i " ll ' " 5? 'R -wa, .ISM 1. r-eq: rw- ,, It STUDENT BODY OFFICERS First row, left to right: Glenda Chenoweth, Anita Miller, Gloria Reissman. Seeond row, left to right: Mark Cameron, Bob Tafoya. STUDENT COUNCIL First row, left to right: Dick Hege- man, Marilyn Dahme, Nancy Piper, Teddy Lyle, Mark Cameron. Second row, left to right: Roy Adams, John Autem, Bernie Flem- ing, .Terry Madsen, Doug McCombs, Ronald Clazie. EXECUTIVE CABINET First row, left to right: Glenda. Chenoweth, Student Body Secretary: Claudia Lundin, Club Representa- tive, Anita Miller, Student Body Treasurer: Gloria Reissman, Senior Yell Leader. Second row: Mark Cameron, Student Body Vice President: Bob Tafoya, Student Body President: Margaret Schueler, Publications Representa- tive: James Kendall, Traffic Repre- sentative: Garland IVrigl1t, Athletic Representative. . - MARIANOS First row, left to right: Garland Wright, Don Gurke, Mark Cameron, Tony D'Agosta, Kenny Brooks, Don De Bonis, Peter Crowfoot, Richard King. Second row: Sally Case, Connie Johnston, Connie Steier, Charlene De Lacy, Calrol Dillon, Leah Bell- entini, Shirley Duarte, Rolleen Shipley, Annabel Gurke, Lana Yciung, Nancy Perez, Faye Stew- ar . Third row: Edith Giant, Yvonne Breillatt, Elaine McCauley, Kathy Giant, Delores Tafoya, Virginia Rump, Ethel Anderson, Nancy McNeil, Charlotte Barger, Lee Lo- gan, Ralph Hanson. Fourth row: Jim Syar, Bob Tafoya, Oscar Hines, Tony Irvin. BAND First row, left to right: Sherrill Pickering, Robert Polochi, Robert Mays, William Clothier, Collins Embry, Augie Garrido, Max Gar- ton, David Max, Robert Hanson, Clyde Huyck. Second row: James Dwyer, Elvin Anderson, Kenneth Bryant, David Adams, Arline Passalacqua, James Reeves, Allen Dempwolf, Bill Ke- hoe, Dale Holmes, Lewin Kuster, Paul Bullock. ORCHESTRA 'First row, left to right: Janice Page, Shirley Ross, Marsha Howard, Joann Nelson, Joan Phillipson, Jane Rhomherg, Jan Rhomberg. Second row: Elinor Erickson, Sheryl Pickering, Francis Van Camp, Raymond Kane, Bruce Christenson, XV. Yeaman. Third row: Perry Lind, Dareeze Tiblietts, Robert lVilson, Robert Lindsey, Stewart Reaves. MARIAN OS BAND ORCHESTRA 1403 HONOR SOCIETY GUIDES HONOR SOCIETY First row, left to right: Kerin Baker, Marilyn Yates, Marilyn Dahnie, Sonya Papenburg, Sylvia Papenburg, Marsa. Howard, Mary Weblaei-, Eufaula Brown, Joan Scott, Beatrice Palinquist, Merdith Greenbaum. Second row: Anita Miller, Jackie Carpenter, Kathleen Hines, Nancy Small, Rosemary Brusso, Carol Daniels, Lela Scott, Jan Ruch, Mar- ilyn Imineker, Pat Gaddy. Third row: Yvonne Breillatt, Rose- mary Knight, Carmen Usiak, Mari- lyn Mossman, Virginia Phillips, Janice Swanson, Barbara Horwatt, Sherry Stiltz, Madonna Adamson, Janice Jacobson, Ginger Rogers. HONOR SOCIETY II First row, left to right: Janet Wan- ger, Fern Johnson, Arline Passalac- qua, Judy Me-ll, Barlvara. Del Buono, Nancy Piper. Second row: Burnell Stanley, Roy Lawson, Eddie Tunheini, Anthony Beardsley, David Adams, Albert Lavezzo, Bill Clarke, Melvin Farm- er, David Allara. Third row: Robert Ray, Augie Gar- rido, Collins Embry, Dan Leslie, Edward Ruff, Ronald Batham, Ron- ald Clazie, Bruce Reeves. GUIDES Seated, left to right: Barbara Dan- iels, Carol Daniels, Richard Tucker. Standing: Bob Szernanski, Jim Sul- livan, Bernie Fleming. UNESCO First row, left to right: Sharron Shannon, Irene Adam, Joann Nicolai, Betty Niebuhr, Wanda Poore, Gloria Adoptante, Cynthia Stills. Second row: Bob Wilson, Carol Dan- iels, Rhoda Carpadus, Theresa Rex, Yvonne Brelllatt, Carl Maloof, Vir- ginia Thornton, Ellen Locke, Barb- ara I-Iorwatt, Jane Grahame. Third row: Martin Mini, Jim Salhian, Bill Smith, Orval Mikkelsen, Julian Breillatt, Donald Mielke, Art Gal- indo, Dick Sobers. JUNIOR RED CROSS First row, left to' right: Benny Toney, Bob Geraghty, Don Bragale, Curtis Solberg, Karl Phaler, Keith Dean, Edward Ruff. Second row: Nancy Piper, Mildred Danls, Barbara Lydon, Carol Dan- iels, Jane Atherstone, Helen Nie- buhr, Joyce McLean, Ruth Hanson, Madonna Adamson. Third row: Esther D1'iF18.l11, Jim Salisbury, Bill Lelarhe, Harold Baker, George Kasolas, Rodney Baker, Tony Prasinos. JUNIOR STATESMEN First row, left to right: Carol Till- quist, Yvonne Breillat, Carol Dan- iels, Pamela Park, Sharon Shannon, Lois Brown. Second row: John Autem, Raymond Garton, Phil VVi1liams, Jon Sanborn, Jerry Madsen, Tony Beardsley. ---n pn-nu-q -C -..q- A X v TRAFFIC COURT IC SQUAD USHERETTES 1 I I ,.-QM., .. ,1--,Q-1. ' ' Q- , tk..- f ...,.......-- 1 f , tv' x. we l TRAFFIC COURT First row, left to right: Jack Case, Arthur Galindo, Rozella. Sturgill, Anita Sims. Second row: Bernie Fleming, Mark Cameron, Richard King, William Fleming. TRAFFIC SQUAD First row, left to right: Rodney Baker, Julian Breillatt, George Ray- field, Ronald March, David Allara, Collins Emhry, Jerry Fray, James Kendall. Second row: Dorothy Fetter, Bonnie Paulk, Barbara Del Buono, Gretchen Courtland, Rosemary Brusso, June Elliott, Nancy Small, Sherry Hallett, Meredith Greenbz1um,B:1rba.ra. Beauchamp, Pamela Park, Janet XVanger. Third row: Doug' McCombs, Roy Adams, James Xvelsh, Bob Lindsay, Anthony Beardsley, Elvin Anderson, Bob Schmadel, John Autem, Harold linker, Owen Renz, Jim Sullian. USHERETTES First row, left to right: Mary Pat- ton, Marilyn Immelier, Lois Levine, Dea Pearson, Ruth Vlfhite, Beverley Edwards. Second row: Carol Swanson, Pat Desaulniers, Charlotte Strnse, Hen- rietta Kearny, Joyce MoGinty, Ger- ry Russ. i433 SCIENCE CLUB First row, left to right: John Christ- enson, Tommy Madson, John Hough, Larry Schueler, Freddie Scheidt, Robert Fuller, Dick Patterson. Second row: Alvin Neblett, Jim Laraliee, Tom W1'ight, Nancy Wal- lace, Claudia Lundin, Bill Brown, Frances Adamson. Third row: Don Hansen, David Adams, Veraldo Muratori, Mike Gregor, Don Mielke, James Dwyer, Mr. Belotz. STAMP CLUB First row, left to right: David Will- iams, Kenneth Tarbell, Albert Libby, John Mazzoui, Bobby Johnson, Rob- ert Lee Brown. Second row: Richard Caldwell, Rob- ert Mayl, Eddie Cummins, James Shultz, Lance Goddard, Clement Furlong, R. B. McMullin, Randy Robbino, Richard H. Duncan. Third row: Joey McKim, Terry Wade, Tim Giantvalley, Jim Harris, Anthony Beardsley, Alvin Davis, Fred Sharp. ' DEBATE CLUB First row, left to right: Shirley Bak- er, Carol Murray, Beatrice Palm- quist, Donna Wright, Suzanne Thompson, Vickie Castleberry, Joan Scott. Second row, left to right: Shirley Conklin, Pat Acton, Geraldine Fitz- Gerald, Joan Valentine, Doug Mc- Combs, Glenn Pratt, Collins Embry. Ri!-if -Q SCIENCE CLUB STAMP CLUB DEBATE CLUB 444 '56 LA TORRE STAFF Left to right, sitting: Theresa. Rex, Leah Bellettini, Joyce McLean. , Left to right, standing: Joe Hodge, Beverly Foulk, Dick Hyland. PAPOOSE PATH STAFF First row, left to right: Judy An- derson, Shirley Tomlin, Beverly Foulk, Margaret Schueler. Second row, left to right: Mark Cameron, Bill Morgan, Wa11'e11 Ropp. V PAPOOSE PATH AD First row, left to right: Beverly Foulk Cxnanagerj, Nellwyn Lewis, Lela Scott, Cathy Giant, Shirley Duarte, 'Sue Johnson. Second row, -left to right: Agnita. Wade, Shirley Tomlin, Edith Giant, Rosemary Knight, Beverly Ed- wards, Dee Ann Baxter. ' YELL LEADERS Kneeling: Judy Anderson. Standing, left to right: Gloria Reiss- man, Shirley Durate, Charlene De- Lacy. LET TETRMEN First row, left to right: Jerry Bralto, Dan DeBonis, Art McDaniel, Tom Madsen, Clark Millholland, .Benny Toney, Bruce Brown, Bill Clarke, Jim Johnson, Lee Fox, Albert Lav- ezzo, Dick Patterson. Second row: Richard Parkin, Bob Hewitt, Don Gurke, Norman Taval- ero, Larry Patten, Terry Lott, Tom- my Zunino, Larry Stockstill, Gilman Thompson, Bob Biggs, Jim Kendall, Wayne Cooke, Sammy XVright, Sam Dimaio. Third row: Ralph Hanson, Franklyn Webb, Dick Hegeman, Tom Crofoot, Donald Mielke, Veraldo Muratori, Fred Gardner, Harvey Nelson, Jim Ledoux, Bill Carriger, Robert Mor- rison, Jim Salisbury, Jerry Madsen, Gerald Christian, Rich Allerton, Bernie Fleming, Jack Carmichael, Mr. Biama, Mark Cameron. Fourth row: Tony Irvin Leon Wil- son, Paul Merlin, Harold Lundblad, Wilson Lee, Joe Hodge, Bob Tafoya, John Eaton, Jimmy Riley, .lim Syar, Garland Wright, Bill XVilson, Dick Hylen, Arthur Barkwell, Gale Beane. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION First row: Alma Phillips, Marsha Howard, Joan Ates, Jan Buch, Dor- rielynn Porter, Peggy Wiokman, Ann Goddard, Carol Zajic, Marry Hylen, Sonya Papenburg, Jane Piller. Second row: Ruth Welling, Barbara Panell, Camers Garieo, Sharon Ells- worth, Mary Vifebber, Alta Sherman, Judy Streams, Pat Gambril, Ann Washabaugh. Third row: Madeline Williams, Con- nie Harris, Ann Bentley, Betty Mc- Murphy, Beryl Dawson, Jacqueline Anderson, Hattie McNeal, Sonja Toney, Carol Williams, Gloria Pruitt. YELL LEADERS LETTERMEN S CLUB GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION FUTURE HOMEM OF AMERICA mimi-H --1- qutr-xn..u1-nun GROUP I First row, left to right: Jane Elliott, Dwain Peterson, Historian, Jan Gaston, Secretary: Marilyn Yates, Reporterg Kerin Baker, Eleanor Pine, Treasurerg Edie Pine, Silver Chairmanp Jean Kula, Joan Ates, Bonnie Braus, Ann Radcliffe, Betty Minetti. Second row: Charline Burnett, Elaine Ostrovsky, Anne Perkins, Barbara Horwatt, Sylvia, Myers, Connie Johnson, Faye Stewart, Jean Smith, Bernice Foster, Maxine Pierce, Sandra McClellan, Darlene Fleming, Clairene Rodgers. Third row: Carol Jensen, Sylvia Rex, Mai-ville Hornes. Carol DeVere, Alice Vifright, Ann Bentley, Nancy Enns, Mary Margison, Mary Rae. Muller, Maulee Underwood, Patti Pearce, Karen Henriksen, Mary Ann Cralle, Cheri Prigge. GROUP II First row, left to right: Jackie Smith, Patsy Horner, Barbara Atwood, Laurel Madsen, Joan Phillipson, XVaynette McCormick, Bernice Xvittke, Lucille Aboaf, Carolyn La- akso, Patsy Smith, Christine Sand- als. Gail DeNatly, Kathleen Moss- man. Second row: Lenore Marquez, Lynn Farotto, Jean Tougas, Ruth Hilton, Jeannie Harper, Marilyn Bach, Phyllis Tallard, Marilyn Dahme, Diann Hewitt, Janet Nickel, Barbara Blood. Third row: Carolyn Mastin, Virginia Murator, Kathleen Ferreira, Glenda XVills, lla Jean Synolds, Judy Arata, Janet Jankiewicz, Beverly Herman, Donna Burns, Suzanne Smith, Nancy Hopper, Barbara Cox, Ann Emige, Nancy Piper. GROUP III First row. left to right: Barbara Del Bnono, Vice President: Gretchen Courtland, Judy Mell, Jan Ruch, Marcia Dent, Darlene Hayes, Rose- mary Brusso, President: June El- liott, Parliamentariang Barbara Daniels, Degree Chairman: Myrna Huett, Mary Palmrose, Martha Tun- heini, Second row, left to right: Lylas Loar, Adra Muirhead, Kathleen Hines, Nancy Small, Joan Rogers, Linda Dunoor, Rosa Robinson, Mary Beatty, Mary Wilson, Pat Cron- herry, Carol Ann Cary, Sandra Blake. Third row, left to right: Gail An- drews, Arlene Hodge, Audrey Hard- en, Ann Hoag, Bobbie Lorentz, Bar- bara Bling, Dorelle Jones, Georgia Hosta, Pauline Barrozo, Dian Ander- son. VUE' FUTURE ENGINEERS Seated, left to Mgh-t: Keith Dean, Donald Rising, Paul Raskin, Robert Ghenardi, Robert Couch. Stcmd'ing: Mr. Allen, Jim Sulli- van, Bill Stewart, Ronnie An- noni, Elvin Anderson. 'N ee 5 .W 'Y r xx X '7'i"1- X 5 le 1 .LU te Wee, jDouNQ Colfl? FOOTBALL FOOTBALL SQUAD First ff-ow, left to right: Mike Gregor, Bob Hewitt, Tom Zunino, Bob Tafoya, Gale Bean, George Hawkins, John Eaton, Jim Ledoux, Mark Cameron, Gilman Thompson, Jack Carmichael. ' Second row : Leon Wilson, Jerry Madsen, Ralph Hansen, Garland Wright, Bernie Fleming, Owen Renz, Oscar Hines, Bill Carriger, Terry Lott, Norman Tavalero, Larry Stockstill. Third row: Coach Biama, Tony Irvin, Jim Salisbury, Art McDaniel, Tom Madsen, Paul Merlin, Don Mielke, Bob Morrison, Jim Kendall, Fred Gardner, Hal Lunblad, Bill Wilson, Harvey Nelson, Joe Hodge, Art Barkwell, Coach Golden. SCORES Arniijo 0 ........ ....,............ V allejo Hogan 25 ......... Vallejo Tainalpais 0 ...... Vallejo Drake 8 .......... Vallejo Napa 24 ,,....,,... Vallejo Petaluma 20 ..... Vallejo Franklin 19 ..... Vallejo l5Ol BASKETBALL A SQUAD-Strmdi-ng, left to right: Jim Salisbury, lVilson Lee, Jim Ledoux. Eugene Lewis, Bill Carriger, Oscar Hines, John Eaton, Mark Cameron, Joe Hodge, Kneelmq Coach Williams. B SQUAD4-First from, left to right: Tom Zunino, Angeles Dacong, Bob Tafoya Pei 1x Lind. Second row: Ronald Clazie, Garland Wright, Owen Renz, Tony Irvin, Harvey Nelson, Leon Wilson, Jim Syar, Fred Gardner. C SQUAD-First row, left to right: Benny Toney, Bruce Brown, Bill Clarke, Lee Fox Second row: Coach Grove, Perry Lind, Clark Millholland, Albert Lavezzo, Larry Patten Manager, Dick Patten. A TEAM Saint Agnes 29 ............ Franklin 42 ................ Tamalpais 32 .............. Hogan 39 ..............,...... Napa 26 ....................... Hogan 25 ........... ....... Drake 19 ....... ........ BASKETBALL SCORES Vallejo Vallejo Vallejo Vallejo Pittsburg 51 ................ .Vallejo Vallejo Santa Rosa 26 ..........,... .Vallejo Vallejo Franklin 30 ................ .Vallejo Vallejo C5 Napa 41 ........ ..,.,.... V allejo Hogan 42 ........,............. Vallejo Franklin 40 .................. Vallejo C TEAM Analy 11 ...................,., Vallejo San Rafael 33 ............,, Hogan 42 ...,.....,............ Santa Rosa 44 .............. Drake 31 ...................... Franklin 39 ................. Tamalpais 37 ..,.......... Vallejo Vallejo Vallejo Vallejo ,Vallej o .Vallejo BASEBALL wx First row, left to right: Larry Stockstill, Al Lavezzo, Lee Fox, Elvin Anderson, Wayne Cook, Ralph English, Mgr. Second row: Dick Biama, coach, Leon Wilson, Tom Zunino, Mark Can1e1'on, Garland Wright, Norm 'Tavale1'o, Larry Patten, Don Crouch, Ken Nicolai, Harold Baker, Mgr. Third row: Bernie Fleming, Bob Tafoya, Jim Salis- bury, Jim Ledoux, Bill Carriger, Fred Gardner, Harvey Nelson, Doug Crain, Terry Cook, Bob Nelson, Mgr. BASEBALL SCORES CTWO Games Left to Playj Vallejo ...... ...,............... 1 0 Tanlalpais ..... ...... 0 Vallejo ...... ....... 1 9 Drake .......... 6 Vallejo ...,.. ....... O Richmond ...................... 8 Vallejo .,.,.. ....... 1 2 El Cerrito ....,................... 11 Vallejo ...... .... 6 Napa lex. inuingsj ........ 5 Valleyo ,,,... .... 3 Pittsburgh ...................... 2 Valleyo ,,,,.. ..... 7 Franklin lex. inningsj.. 9 Vallejo ...... ..... 4 John Swett .................... 3 Vallejo ...... .... 9 Hogan Jr. High .............. 6 Vallejo ...... .-..-..15 Benicia J.V. ......... 4 Vallejo .,.... .... 6 Napa .................. ...... 3 1525 Track and Swimming 41. f! Q -5. TRACK SQUAD Buck row, left to right-Coach Allen, Jim Sullivan, Mgr., Jim Kendall, Warren Ropp, Owen Renz, Phillip Williams, Kenneth Fisher, Ronald Lopes. Mike Gregor, Bill Wilson, Dick Howell, Ronald Mielke, Jon Sanborn, Gerald Christian, Jerry Madsen, Charles Dodge, Darwin Urry, Mgr. Cantor row-Tommy Hurt, David Roditti, Al Hurd, Benny Toney, Paul Raskin, Julian Breillatt, Roy Lawson, Tom Madsen, Eddie Tunheim, James Welsh, Front 1'o'u'-Howard Robbins, Raymond Benjamin, Russell Bosworth. SWIMMING TEAM Kneeling, left to 1-ight? George Welch, Mgr. 5 Carlo Lenzi, Roy Adams, Bill Smith, John Rawlings, Bill Moore, Jack Case. Standing, left to fright: Gene Fortenberry, Jim Lloyd, Dick Hegeman, Dick Parkin, Art McDaniel, Bob Hewitt, Edwin Budd, Curt Schaafsma, Bob Dressel, Dick Patterson, Tony D'Agosta. TRACK SWIMMING MEET RESULTS The Vallejo Junior High Track Yalleio -'--4-e- A4------ 2 4 Lfldi B'S -------'----'--"---'------'-- --------- 4 2 Team was sparked by Bill Wilson, 2-Zlliilfliiiiiiii 1111121 iii 5f'ZTci'43lbiZ, iii:iiiiiiiiiiiiii2322112111211 22221111 ii 1320 Star. as 'a' Whole Yallejo ........ ......,. 3 4 Hogan. ...... 11 Liberty B's .... ......, .. 19 won 91 points in competltxon, ln 2f1w5J,0 -------- -------- 55 2 11198112 ---,' 1--1fi3,F1'aHK11H -------- --------- 3 3 North Bay League meets- In the viniliififgijjp ..., 3135315 36 Diizillg li'Tffi.-..i..:::::::::::::::11:: ,.., ........, 1 111213: 32 NBL Champlonshlps Wilsoiii won Vallejo ,.,.,,,,, ,. ,,.,.,,. as Napa ,,,,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,4,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,..,, ,,,,.,.,,.,,,,,,, s 4 tljree Val1eJ0 P011-its Wlth a ........................ .....,...................................................... Umd In the 1320 H1 1 1335- N0mf"1ea3r'iaague meer M Vallejo 3rd. I 53 l PHYSICAL EDUCATION E5 in I 5' ' -fu , ' V e fr 5- N -"T'4"" 'I 1' '35 ' "If igfif-f'?'? 'f'a"'el s . .sq gi' A W --.Q-Ri' . 5 :El 'Q 1' 'N an A - 5'-9 V . " 7 gp FP in as it ff:-r - . ':. ff 'Q' -jf? . Q , K A ' Ji' , H nf,-. V n- "nur - " 'J . lisa, A ,. , , Y lr' f '- ' i , f -fu 'f-. - - 7' The two lower photographs show a new departure in P. E. at Vallejo Junior High, co-ed gym classes. The Social Dancing activities resulted in a much better attendance at dances. The top pictures are of a girls, softball game. 1547 'mf ,-rf-1.5, 4, 1 . V -m SPRING CLASS WILLS Elizabeth Harley, will my old washed out gym suit to Gail DeNatly. Bob Hansen, will my eye tooth to some one that likes to see what he's saying. Ralph E. Hanson, Jr., being of sound mind Cfor a changej will my seldom used pipe to Mr. R. Biama. Ruth l-lanson, leave my Spanish book to Curt Schaafsma. Valerie Herrman, will my four year old gym suit that stands in my gym locker to Yvonne Halverson. Ernest Heuer, will my good looks to Ronald Daniels. Bob Hewitt, leave Illy gym trunks to Mr. Biama who needs them. Glenn Hilburn, being in weak mind and strong body do hereby will my ability to get along with Mrs. Roos to Jo Ann Valentine. Joe Hodge, will my Basketball position to Jim Hodge. Shirley Mae Jackson, will my appreciation to all Vallejo Jr. High teachers. Georgetta Jolm, leave my typewriter to my sister Dorothy John. Rayola John, leave my Biology book to my sister Dorothy John. Sue Johnson, will my ability to get in trouble by talking to anybody who will take it. Dixie Jonas, will my beloved typewriter to Mr. Prichard. Jim Kendall, leave my blue eyes a11d curly hair to the 7A girls. Kathryn Kennedy, will my unfinished guidance to Doris McClure. Colleen Kernan, will my Spanish ability to all future French students. Berenice Klein, leave my unfinished homework to Butch Wise. Rosemary Knight, leave all the fun I had as a 10B to the next 10B's provided they make good use of all the opportunities like I did. Jean Kula, bequeath my Biology book to some poor unsuspecting student. Jim Ledoux, will my old gym socks to any 7A. Louie Lewis, will all my women to Mr. Golden. Claudia Lundin, bequeath my ponytail to any poodle who needs it. Betty Lundblad, will my petticoat to Sammy Wright provided he uses it well. Margaret Lydon, will my weight to Jackie Parker. Jerry Madsen, will my ability with the girls to my brother. He needs it. Carlene Maloof, will my ability to be on time to Peggy Gerick. Rick Martin, leave my ability in Math to any scrub who wants it. Elaine McCauley, will my corny jokes to Mr. Case. They're probably better than his. Paul Merlin, will my ability to get in trouble to Bob Couch. Anita Miller, will my love life to Owen Renz. Martin Mini, leave my dissected frogs in biology to Don Mini. Barbara Mitchell, will my ten years of Dancing to Wanda NVebber. Robert A. Morrison, will Coach Golden a new paddle that will not break the 7 th grade boys' pride. Bill Moore, leave my manners in French to Dick Patterson who needs them very much. Bill Morgan, leave a good word for Warren Ropp to take over taking photos for the year book. Dixie Morrison, will my height to Mike Gregor. Richard Murphy, will all my F's to Bob Murphy. Sylvia Myers, will my straight hair to Irene Topp. Marian Neely, will my ability in English to Mr. Case. Joan Niccum, will 1ny ability to have big feet to Joyce Krause. Joann Nicolai, will my blond hair to Donna Beverett. Ken Nicolai, will my geometry ability to any 9B. Nancy Onstott, will my ability to think up successful excuses to be ex- cused from gym to Rollene Shipley who hasn't quite picked up the teclmique. Judy Onstott, will the smell of the Biology room to someone who doesn't wear perfume. Bud Orr, leave my good grades to Phil Dow. Pamela Park, will my compass to any poor Geometry student. Sharon Pearce, will my long finger nails to everyone who can't grow his own. i551 SPRING CLASS WILLS Dea Pearson, will my naturally blond hair to all those who bleached their hair. Sue Pennington, will 1ny blonde hair to some stupid 7A who would bleach it. Alma Phillips, leave my tardiness to Hattie McNiel and Gertrude Jones. Lee Primrose, will my Baby Blue eyes to my sister lif she will make good use of themj. Robert Ray, will my ability to do absolutely nothing in school to some ambitious little 7A. Paul Raskin, leave Mr. Case's jokes to anyone that can learn to laugh at nothing. Gloria Reissman, will my ability to get along with boys to Donna Beverett. Dixie Renz, will my Spanish knowledge to Mr. Roberts. Theresa Rex, will Helen Niebuhr 1ny seat in English class. Ha, ha. Peter Roche, leave beautiful ears to anyone who wishes to have them. Rosa Robinson, will my fine shape to Linda Dunces. Geraldine Russ, will my sister Jeanette Russ to the best looking boy in the school after l'm gone. .lon Sanborn, will my size 12 shoes to Mr. Allen. Bob Schmadel, leave my large economy size frame to some under sized TA. Anita Shankman, leave Curt's ring to Donna Beverett. Anita Sims, bequeath 1ny Spanish book to anyone who can understand it. Donald Sine, do not will anything, l'm taking it all with me. Margy Schueler, will all my- absence checks to the certain people who have to write their own. Jo Anne Skinn, will my algebra ability to Nancy Wallace. She needs it. Danny Stanton, leave my two wheeled bicycle to Joan Niccum. Judy Streams, will my artistic ability to Lois Belden. Connie Steier, will my ability to talk and get caught to some shy TA. Jim Syar, will my whiskers to Carlo Lenzi who is trying hard to grow them. Carol Tillquist, being of sound mind, bequeath the best English and social studies teacher in the school, Mr. Solberg, to the next lucky seven A's. Bob Tafoya, being of sound mind and body, will my Butch Hair Cut to Mr. Baker. Shirley Tomlin, will all my unusual talents to Beverly Foulk as she will put them to good use I am sure. Eddie Tunheim, leave my dissected cat to a hungry 7A. Benny Toney, will 1ny height to Ronny B1'own. Joan Walton, leave my difficulty in conjugating Spanish verbs to whoever wants it. Bruce Warner, will this school to the poor 7A's that will be here four years or "more," James Wasson, will my water gun to Peter Hardesty. James Welsh, will my ability to negotiate low hurdles to any unsuspect- ing SJA boy. Janice Lee West, will my teachers to anyone who's coming up to be a l0B. Peggy Wickman, will my algebra book to the new 10A's. Ruth Ann White, will my A's in Guidance to Paul Custock and David Whitt. Philip Williams, will my bad grades to my brother. It will give him some- thing to think about. Bob Willson, will my ability to get A's and stay out of class to Joyce flfritzej Krous and my music to Pat Houston. He needs it. Frank Woods, will my ability to learn poetry to Mr. Case. Alice Marie Wright, leave my Biology paper to Dorrilynn Portor. Dale Wright, will my English book to any 10A who is stupid enough to get it. Garland Wright, will my ability to hit a baseball to Dick Biama, coach. Sharon Yates, hereby will my Biological experience to any unfortunate 10A girl. Angela Zunino, leave my brains and ability to Tommy Zunino, 4563 BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS VALLEJO JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL P. T. A. Q ...E J E ce EEL: S.. 'A x fi Wa 1- 1581 I w K 2 5 . . rv Jul! WHO'S WHO CONTEST Top row, left: Jim Syar, Handsomest Boy and Sue Pennington, Prettiest Girl. Right: Tony Beclrdsley and Wynette Bentonj Highest Scholastic Averages, Middle row, left: John Autem and Charlotte Barger, Most Likely To Succeed. Right: Mark Cameron and Glenda Chenoweth, Most Popular. Bottom row, left: Bob Ta- loya and Carol Daniels, Most Dignilied. Right: Garland Wright and Betty Lundblad, Wittiest Boy and Girl. COMPLIMENTS OF The store that maintains great popularity with youth. lt's the Style, Fit, Better Quality at Low Prices! The Toggery CMARCUS M. LAUBD Famous Nationally Known Brands 423 Georgia Vallejo TRY OUR FANCY HOT DOGS Best Wishes Pluto's Hot Dogs Jack Ellis , , , Electrical Contractor 529 Broadway, Vallejo, California TELEPHONE VALLEJO 3-9568 Phone 2-3513 308 York St, Compliments of Ed Pierce Electric Co., Inc. PHONE 3-4507 520 Broadway Vallejo, California COMPLIMENTS OF: Ion's Drive In Restaurant "The place to go after the games" 205 Couch St. Vallejo, California Valentine Fish 6- Poultry FRESH FISH AND POULTRY Cornish Game Fryers G Roasters Spice Island Products Compliments of Fox West Coast Theatres HANLON STRAND CREST MARVAL Compliments of The Victory Market Phil Avellar, Prop. Phone 2-8114 Cookie's Shoe Repair SHINE AND DYE SERVICE "Let Cookie Save Your Sole" Wilbur Cook, Prop. 508 Broadway, Vallejo Brewer's Dry Cleaners FINEST QUALITY CLEANING Phone 8-8397 912 Tuolumne Raymond F. Daniels REALTOR 902 Tennessee St. - Phone Z-4457 Real Estate - The Basis Of All Wealth Edie's Fountain Lunch 918 TENNESSEE ST. Vallejo 2-Ull9 Cobb 6 Spring SPORTING GOODS 928 Tennessee Street - Vallejo V393 Vallejo Pharmacy M. M. Wardlow - Chas. K. Ervin YOUR REXALL STORE 1459 Tennessee Sl. Phone 2-1206 Compliments of Harold 6 Paul Iewelers Harold L. Liven Paul C. Silveria 921 Tennessee Phone 2-7614 Compliments ol Harry A. Nelson "Every Sale Backed By Our Own Service Department" 1207 Tennessee Phone 2-1527 LANDSCAPE SERVICE by Pralt's Nursery Call 3-7132 for a free esiimate 1569 Broadway "Your Garden Headquarters" BENNE'S Photo Supply BND CAIVIIERA EXCHANGE We Buy - Sell - Trade 403 'Georgia St. Phone 2-S412 'AL YOU'NG'S Hudson Sales and Service 1401 Sonoma Blvd, Phone 3-5686 Lakeside Dairy 415 Broadway Phone 2-7535 EARL A. IENSEN 1416 Sonoma Boulevard at Maine Vallejo, California Telephone 3-5691 DODGE - PLYMOUTH CARS DODGE "Job-Rated" TRUCKS Compliments of THOMPSON BROTHERS Photographers Oakland - California 1603 S 8: L CONTRACTCRS 030 Oli? Sand 6, Rack Free Estimates Gravel-Oil Mix 508 Jersey Street Top Soil Fill Dirt Vfilleiv 2-1143 Loam tlf no answer can 2-3543 or 3-65585 I. F. Carrere Vallejo Glass Co. Licensed Real Estate and The House of Minors Business Opportunities Bfokef Pittsburgh Paints - Auto Glass Installed Phones: 2-7516: Res. 3-4263 808 Tennessee St. 322 Tennessee sg. phone 3,4747 Hewitt and Larson Chipman Au. TYPES or msurmucs VAN 5 STORAGE C0- "Americcr's Finest Moving Service" Tennessee sf- PIIOIIE Broadway Phone Louisiana Steam Lonundry Dr, Robert H, Iqckson DRY CLEANING OPTOMETRIST Eyes Examined cmd Glasses Fitted Phone 24454 39 Tennessee' vallelo 329 Tennessee St., Vcrlleio Phone 2-6617 M. K. Giant 61 Son FINE JEWELRY SINCE 1899 Virginia at Marin Foster Freeze Comer of Amador G Tennessee C613 Hospitality is x in your hands ' I' u , jg mmf' V ff Q 41 : 'E I . s- 5 U n! U 5 ., zz rtfislys " ,'a" T' - BDYYLED UND!! AUYNORHV OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY IV I Qi Mac-A-Dee Food Stores Sterling Furniture Company Pat C. Harper Used Cars Choo Chew Stop Federal Cleaners Broadway Bakery Needle Art Shop Ilene's Beauty Shop Gordton's Bakery Sunny Vista Market Donna's Dress Shop Andy's TV Vallejo Stationers Switzer's B 61 B Auto Electric Lorine's Bakery BEST WISI-IES TO ALL JUNIOR HIGH STUDENTS Morning Times-Herald Evening News-Chronicle Senator Luther E. Gibson, Publisher COMPLIMENTS OF Valano T Fred, Peggy and Betty Wilcox CELL HALL Al's Sport Shop . . typewriters A1 Lufeneggef 221 Georgia St. 2-1111 C 6 S MOTORS, INC. , CR'ay Sanetsl A Lincoln-Mercury Dealer 1 BOOK 6' STATIONERY 100 Br-anlciforte sg, Digl 2-4411 Solano County's Leading Stationer 1621 Campus Founicnn Sulhvcxn Sales Campus Mcud Ice Cream Hamburgers Fuestone Dealer Store Ch111 Scmdwxches M11k Shcuces Surfcxes Home G Auto Supphes LARRY AND BETTY 710 NEBRASYA 315 TENNESSEE ST ZZWM ZWZZWWV QZMQ f if gi 'W' i633 . . . - - v D J . . ,ffw Us xv: f. , ,V f , ' ,. 7 'V I . , If I f f .. X K I ,fl F -L41 ' A A - 'l fi fy ,. fp fr 5555 4 1 ,Y W" . F I I B X 1-.13 M , L. afJg9!WNgjBiVA3kyJJ - w Q ! . i X N fJv Wniffyf W AUTOGRAPHS J f7Jifw:5 3 of E DL QM H? X .DA 'Q P A' , . X If - l . V - JOM NJ J V XXLX95' ,M ,Af V f f P- 5 ' " A f grub 0 ' 'MVC ! A ,7fM'7f' imc ' Wy TM A M-f2f1 '7 f Uyy! Qx "A" All H, P5 M' gl X Q-rw J ' NE N fi 734 .A V, fx Q rg Y ' V5 Sl? Jiik' Eff? fix Xb D' KF Q- K W gd 3 F f! 2-1? 'I V - xx J N Q5 5 L w CQ, kg Y 5 5 ,Si 1 X X F' JK -QQ A X X' Q ff-2 2 W Q 6, C I ff ,, p49 77 Zi' - X 74, if -Qfitggx if 6457261 f ,fz' "' 1 , ' 1 A if ,V ,, X k fy 'gffffffff ' " Q W v ,H 3, ' A ,ggi VX W ff lx if t R xg 1: x Q ' Q XA x i643 4' 1 Q Na v 'N My ,fl QW. W Sw W 3059 PL WW' t , Uv D 1 ? 1 XL 'W V01 ,. ILJWMWYXL J J g,UA,Zwq Z A WQJW EW 2 w 'C5Q GQ gy X '-4. v1,WxuixfC,s-,sie . f l AWmigiQfk,,e bi Gia: QW1 Lf f--fw., fy .flu :jpg wblwifp . j g,A1,b- Q A vfaigzhy Qf-A-LD ' 511 U W ff? C J iff' I i xx? 7' Q 1 M, Sw l X Za, UQ si, ML , J Xi'X6.F' R157 , . -A ' CQ x 1 ivy J A x H ,jawn J r WWW f L' I , Q JY V " ig 1+ Rl XX ,Q 3 Y? X . ' ,xv vu C Q V1 l 'l 1 My A' . SQ XS X544 - YS W Q W f 'Q EE? k U X V "f3' X vb Jkdv ' SJ ',.,1fQ HA ' H V ,QS A. fi QXAL an-S ,f fx by -5 ' WU . 5- , gym V , A74 vw,z?WTAn?S H lb " Lf. QC D N dw Xtpgqnn 5 fl my mv, W ' 'vm W NHNQJVKX l Jw V ,X Q 1 1197414 ALL 0 Lm2f 'fl .Q ' ' . . M af , A pdl , W , Mglfbyyj ww Akwywjw Z, Q E , ' ,Z-' wa 1,4-ef, f 1 My r 5 ' 5 gf WV -2 ,Q SWE X LQJXQQKQGJ ww if Aga! N Vip, ,Lf Q01 mf Z1 fl J gf Q M Q Www ,J . W M14 X My Qfxy? WMS CZ H 1 Yi M -A M WN X Q38-'L KQPNSLJ iw AY 5W LfH3ff W Q0 KL ISF- E VE K1 ww ' 1 OJ if JR Y . " f R . fx ' 4 -,4. , . 'RZ MN Pig A ' ' U ' . V Q g ,J f' .H X 3 , 1f5if,MgG.7XX9yQfi 23 R " " - V JU X, '35 Q , XP 63 A f 4 ERE -N .. U ' " ,,,'72f. '- . ' if , ,ful .MI 'KKK , fy 'Q Jf0!:C':'1Qf ! KJ, Q M. '52, 53 J N4 Lb fx' 'Q M , ' ,X , - V 1 asf Q gg 3 Lf .1 1.1 Sl L , -Q i. , LL v v A4 7 S Q ,, 1 f' ig f N- ,-.e, J 4+ ' "Lf ve-'

Suggestions in the Vallejo Junior High School - Papoose Path Yearbook (Vallejo, CA) collection:

Vallejo Junior High School - Papoose Path Yearbook (Vallejo, CA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 6

1952, pg 6

Vallejo Junior High School - Papoose Path Yearbook (Vallejo, CA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 35

1952, pg 35

Vallejo Junior High School - Papoose Path Yearbook (Vallejo, CA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 63

1952, pg 63

Vallejo Junior High School - Papoose Path Yearbook (Vallejo, CA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 37

1952, pg 37

Vallejo Junior High School - Papoose Path Yearbook (Vallejo, CA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 52

1952, pg 52

Vallejo Junior High School - Papoose Path Yearbook (Vallejo, CA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 70

1952, pg 70

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