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ipt . ( CHi A: (liAo ALLEN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBR 3 1833 01731 9291 GENEALOGY 978.602 V24VHS 1971 ii C£; VCl.kj xXJ x ' o J Valier High School Senior Class Presents the 1971 Northern Lights ■ - ' • , " And so without the aid of Dick and Jane, by myself I ' ve come unadorned and plain to offer you without condition a life just past and just beginning. " by Rod McKuen Dedication We, the Senior Class of 1971, would like to dedi- cate the 1971 Northern Lights Yearbook to Dick Barron as a means of expressing our appreciation and gratitude for all you ' ve put up with and for being more than just a COP to us. Staff Worked for Best Yearbook Ever Greg Haiwood and Bob Kovatch were chosen as the 1971 Yearbook Co- Editors. Members of this section of the staff were: Helen Stephen, Kathy Widhalm, Randy Geiger, Debbie Wright, and Jody Field. Their job was to lay-out pages, write headlines, and write copy. The other section of the yearbook staff was made up of Karen Rappold and Jerry Widhalm as Co-Business Managers, with Melody Struss, Roger Culleton, Sheila Allen, Rick Geiger, Trudy Hall, Joe Stark, Melodee Johnson, Marie Adamson, Susan Struss, and Gary Hammer as mem- bers. This group worked on the finan- cial part of the yearbook. They sold advertising and yearbook subscriptions. 1 m K ' S ' 1 1 1 r 1 ♦ i b ' ' y i =0 -•-PI Sponsors: MR. and MRS. VANGORDEN Class Officers: Debbie Wright, Secretary; Gary Arnst, President; Joe Stark, Vice-President; Helen Stephen, Treasurer. Seniors Marie Adamson Sheila Allen ' Roger Culleton Jody Field Jane Dumell Randy Geiger Steve Goff Gary Hammer Trudy Hall Melodee Johnson Greg Harwood Bob Kovatch Roberta Keeler Karen Rappold Doug Powers Susan Struss Melody Struss Steve Wenzel Terry VandenBos Dick Wenzel Kathy Widhalm Jerry Widhalm Randy Whitcomb Mike Widhalm Debbie Wright Larry Wunderlich . N 1 ■ ► j---| B z ' Vjj jy ™ »H i.,..c ' j. ' i.j Leonardo Rodriguez Raquelina Aguiar - 44 ' f t t SITTING: Left to Right. Curt Aaberge, Jack Johnson, Doug VandenBos, Clint McAlpine, Mike Hayes, Robert DeBoo, Mike Pepion, Randy Aiken, Maurie Rideout Mgr. KNEELING: Kenny Kovatch, Jim Adamson, Randy Rideout, Doug Powers, Bob Kovatch, Steve Goff, Dave Kovatch, Ben Taylor, Guy Bradley, Len VandenBos, Rick VanDeKop. STANDING: Rick Geiger, Randy Geiger, Joe Stark, Roger CuUeton, Dick Wenzel, Gary Casey, Jody Field, Gary Arnst. Panthers Played With Pride I Everyone looked toward the foot- ■ ball season with anticipation. It looked like a good year for the Panthers whose spirit was high and who were working hard. As usual you can ' t win them all and the Panthers lived by the slogan " Win- ning is never final and losing is never fatal. " The Panthers started the season with a conference re- cord of two wins and two losses. After being defeated by the Har- lem Wildcats the Panthers didn ' t have a chance at the title but were going to have a say as to who would finally get it. With two _ games left and a great deal of | determination and desire the Pan- thers got back up to defeat the con- ference leading Eagles and the Big Sandy Pioneers, thus ending a successful season studded with victories and plagued by defeats but worthy of pride. Statistics COACHES: Mr. Knueppel, Mr. VanGorden, and Mr. Shulund VALIER PHARMACY Kathy Widhalm, Connie Wenzel, Debbie Wright, and Melody Struss Player of the Week Conrad Chester Cascade Simms Sunburst Harlem Fairfield Big Sandy Offense Dick Wenzel Bob Kovatch Joe Stark Rick Geiger Steve Goff Steve Goff Rick Geiger Dick Wenzel Defense Randy Geiger Joe Stark Rick VanDeKop Gary Arnst Gary Casey Randy Geiger Gary Casey Rick Geiger Ve, the Senior members on the uad of Fighting Panthers, would ke to extend our appreciation to oach VanGorden who has been a eat inspiration on the football eld and a good friend off the eld. All the four years of high ,hool we have been fortunate lough to have him as our coach, e will never forget the strong ords of encouragement or the •aises he issued to each of us. ever once did he quit or give 3 on us when the going got lugh but lost with us and won ith us. To Coach Van we say tank you! " SWANK ENTERPRISES COACHES ALL-CONFERENCE TEAM Gar ' Arnst, Defensive Guard; Dick Wenzel, Offensive Center and Defensive Linebacker »M- ' K fS DURNELL AGENCY afcid DUPUYER ■ HPV Vr v r " " ' S8 E ' s H 1 s r ' - i i ' ;|1 " " ■•m :- y. m i J w¥l) VALIER BANK OF MONTANA 1946 - Celebrating Our 25th Year - 1971 Grappling Matmen Display Determination Determination, drive, and desire are essential for a good wrestling team. Although the record of seven wins, eight losses, and one tie doesn ' t indicate a better than average season, the grappling Panthers had nothing to be a- shamed of. Throughout the year improvement showed in all of the individuals. The team consisted of seven Seniors, three Juniors, two Sophomores, and eight Fresh- men. FRONT ROW: Left to right: Jack Johnson, Greg Duncan, Curt Aaberge, John Struss, Nolan Barret, Don Yeager, Glen Wunderlich, Tim Widhalm. KNEELING: Don Bilbro, Gary Arnst, Mike Widhalm, Greg Harwood, Len VandenBos, Wayne Dean, Dan Dodge Mgr. STANDING: Chuck King, Jerry Widhalm, Larry Wunderlich, John DenBoer, Terry VandenBos, Jack Whitcomb, Coach Mr. Shulund. Choteau 18 Valier Conrad 18 Valier Browning 19 VaUer Cut Bank 41 Valier Shelby 21 VaUer Sunburst 19 VaUer Conrad 26 Valier Cut Bank 41 Valier C onrad 21 Valier Fairfield 32 VaUer Simms 42 Valier Shelby 9 Valier Simms 30 Valier Fairfield 27 Vlaier Browning 16 Valier Sunburst 29 Valier 36 40 26 3 21 29 24 11 29 13 2 41 13 19 36 21 Coach Mr. Rick Shulund CO-OP SUPPLY CENTER, INC. Marie Curry, Susan Russell, Debbie Fitzpatrick The Big Six in Lake Francis Invitational )ut of the team six individuals ilaced in the Lake Francis Invita- ional Tournament. They are from eft to right: Mike Widhalm (112) fho placed third; Jerry Widhalm 138) who placed second; John )enBoer (HWT) who placed third; ,arry Wunderlich (132) who placed hird; Tim Widhalm (105) who ■laced fourth; Glenn Wunderlich 98) who placed fourth. MOUNTAIN MEADOW GALLOWAYS ' • — !H 1 B 1 ii ri Terry VandenBos Jerry Widhalm Mike Widhalm Lany Wunderlich BRIDEN ' S CHEVROLET CMC WENTWORTH ' S CLOTHING and GUS ' S ENCO SERVICE Manager Guy Bradley, Assistant Coach Mr. Ballantyne, Coach Mr. Knueppel, Roger Culleton, Joe Stark, Gary Casey, Randy Geiger, Rick Geiger, Scott Wright, Jody Field, Bob Kovatch, Kenny Kovatch, Dave Kovatch, Randy Rideout. Statistics Big Sandy 47 Valier 52 Cut Bank 66 Valier 60 Chester 38 Valier 50 Choteau 56 Valier 38 Fairfield 51 Valier 47 Shelby 56 Valier 45 Cut Bank 61 Valier 46 Sunburst 42 Valier 53 Cascade 54 VaHer 56 Conrad 48 Valier 45 Choteau 74 Valier 38 Browning 46 Valier 52 Shelby 69 Valier 34 Chester 41 Valier 67 Sunburst 61 Valier 50 Big Sandy 43 VaUer 45 Conrad 60 Valier 42 Shelby 75 Valier 61 Browning 70 Valier 62 Fairfield 40 Valier 47 Fairfield 76 Valier 59 C onrad 72 Valier 43 Hustle and Harmony Molded Fighting Panthers " Hustle and Harmony " well described the 1970-71 Basketball Season. The Panthers, called a weird team by the MONTANA SPORTS MAGAZINE, showed a good deal of de- sire and hard work during the season. Even though rated down in the listings by many, the Fighting Panthers held their ground and didn ' t let anyone run away with them. Close contests and narrow mar- gins made up the plot of the story as the Panthers prepared for tournament. After losing the toss, the Panthers met the Shelby Coyotes in the first game and bowed to defeat. The second game broke the six year streak of being defeated at the tourna- ment as this time Eagles bowed to the Panthers. The Conrad Cowboys, count) ' rivals, eliminated the Panthers from further tournament play. The Panthers came away in fifth place and won the sportsmanship trophy, which was well deserved. A-Squad Cheerleaders Part of the team! These four individuals worked real hard all year keeping the spirit up and enthusiasm high. Many hours were spent practicing and prepar- ing the cheers. Part of the team? You Bet! Top to Bottom: Connie Wenzel, Melody Struss, Debbie Wright, and Kathy Widhalm. C-Squad Basketball SITTING: Left to Right, Carlos Eubanks, Scott Wright, Dave Kovatch, Randy Rideout, Leonardo Rodriguez, Coach Mr. Ballantyne. STANDING: Ron Moon, RonWidhalm, Gary Bruce, Ron Sullivan, Tom Widhalm, Mgr. Dave Goff. J-Squad Cheer leaders .eft to Right. Toni inn Briden, Deanna lideout, Leslie hompson, Kathy lovatch, Deanna Jeiger, B-Squad Basketball Left to Right: Mgr. David Goff, Doug VandenBos, Gary Hotvedt, Jim Adamson, Mike Pepion, Mike Hayes, Coach Mr. Ballentyne. Roger CuUeton Jody Field Randy Geiger Rick Geig er Bob Kovatch Joe Stark RCX:ERY an ■ wk- Girls ' Basketball Returned Some of the girls of V. H. S. participated in the girls ' basketball team again this year. The girls played teams from sur- rounding towns and also hosted a tournament at Valier. Although we did not have a winning season, the girls enjoyed playing the game and many of them showed a great deal of potential and fighting spirit. The high spot of the season was the Valier over Conrad win in the tournament. Left to Right: Sitting: Joan Yeager, Denise Gossard, Nancy Hayne, Robin Sewell, Jacqui Nelson, Melody Struss, Marie Curry, Ros Habets, Marjean Majerus, Nancy Crawford, Donna Myhre. Standing: Coaches, Mr. Sindelar and Mr. Knueppel. Senior Melody Struss, Captain CURRY ' S THRIFTWAY w J W jff ' y A Dozen and One Involved in Track A dozen and one hard work- ing individuals gave Valier High School a good repre- sentation this year on the track. Although not a record breaking season it was a good one as two individuals ad- vanced to divisional from district and one to state. It was a young team with promises for next year. KNEELING: GlenWunderlich, Gary Bruce, Donald Yeager, Randy Rideout, and Mike Hayes. STANDING: Bob Kovatch, Gary Casey, Joe Stark, Kenny Kovatch, Randy Geiger, Guy Bradley, andjody Field. Not pictured, Doug VandenBos. Jody Field Robert Kovatch Randy Geiger Joe Stark k .4 V-- Cindergals Showed Class Eleven girls took part in girls ' track this year. There were five Freshmen, three Sopho- mores, one Junior, and two Seniors. Daily practices improved the team spirit and in- dividual enthusiasm throughout the season. They participated in numerous track meets and became a competitive team. Individual Statistics 1 o f " rt cU .a s O or) U eS s U Q a 00 Anita Widhalm 3 X 3 1 X X 3 X X X Georgia Phillips 3 3 4 4 3 4 7 3 3 4 X X 5 X X X Jacqui Nelson 3 1 1 2 3 4 X 4 , 5 3 4 X X X Kathy Widhalm 9 3 4 X 10 11 3 4 6 9i 11 3 4 9 5 6 Marie Curry X X 1 3 4 X X 1 X X X Marjean Majerus X X X X X X 1 X X X Marlene Amst X 1 3 4 X 3 4 X X 3 X X X Maureen Widhalm 6 3 4 6 3 4 9 9 3 4 2 5i 13 9 10 9 Nancy Hayne 1 3 3 3 3 4 X X 4 3 4 X X X Toni Briden 1 3 4 2 3 4 6 3 3 4 X 4 4 3 4 X X X Trudy Hall 3 1 6 1 X X 15 X X X X denotes nonparticipation Trudy HaU Sitting: Maureen Widhalm, Georgia Phillips, Nancy Hayne, Trudy Hall, Marlene Amst, and Kathy Widhalm. Standing: Anita Widhalm, Marie Curry, Coach Mr. Knueppel, Jacqui Nelson, and Marjean Majerus. Not pictured, Toni Briden. LINDSETH CHAROLAIS RANCH and RANGER ' S BAR Two to Be Proud of Coach Mr. Knueppel Maureen Widhalm and Kathy Widhalm with 3rd place team trophy At District, Kathy placed 2nd in the 100- meter hurdles and 1st in the 80-yard hurdles. Maureen took 2nd in the mile and 1st in the 880-yard run. Divisional brought Maureen two first places both in the mile and the 880-yard run, while Kathy took 3rd in the 100- meter hurdles and 4th in the 80-yard hurdles. The State Track Meet was held at Missoula. Maureen took 2nd in the mile run, and she came in first in the 880- yard run with a record break- ing time. Kathy captured a 4th place in the 100- meter hurdles and a 2nd in the 80- yard hurdles. As a team, Valier received the 3rd place trophy at both the Divisional and State Track Meets. Jody Placed at State Meet Jody placed 4th in the pole vault event at District. At Divisional he qualified for State by also winning 4th place. In Billings, at the State Track Meet, Jody fin- ished with a 5th place in the pole vault. Coach Mr. Ballantyne Jody Field • IfiH . . , • m: ff- 32 33 uMe cjLj4ssms 7 I|BQ|2!P SITTING: Maria Slezak, President; Nancy Hayne, Vice President; STANDING: Kenny Kovatch, Treasurer; Mr. BaUantyne, Sponsor; Mr. Bertsch, Sponsor; Donita Powers, Secretary. Juniors 72 Guy Bradley Alethea Bruner Dan Dodge Gary Casey Roxanna DenBoer Ellen Gauthier Anita Geiger Jeaji Hayes Nancy Hayne H ' - • ' 33 liM , V 1 , " r? t Kerm Kovatch Donna Myhre Sophomores Debbie Fitjpatrick Colette Briden Gary Bruce Chuck King Kathy Kovatch Deanna Geiger Madelyn Olson Ted Orr Judy Hale Deanna Ride out Sue Peterson Georgia Phillips Bill Smith Ben Taylor Leslie Thompson A — ■ " " ' • iS. , 1 ' iN ' - ' .- ' 1 ■ ■• - ., Tom Scott Widhalm Wright Robbie VandenBos Diane VanGorden Mrs. Bruner, Sponsor; Ros Habets, Secretary; Jacqui Nelson, Vice President; Marjean Majerus, President; Doug VandenBos, Treasurer; Mr. Knueppel, Sponsor. Freshmen Jim Adamson Randy Aiken r Nolan Don Bilbro Barrett Toni Ann Briden Marie Curry m X Robert Wayne Dean DeBoo Cr f .9 " ' ' £ mkk Ah. 74 Jill Jeanne Geiger Geiger Rosalind Habets Bonnie DenBoer Greg Duncan Bill Margaret LaBelle Lamma Mike Hayes Jacqui N elson Robert John Speer Reishus Glenn Don Wunderlich Yeager Doug Marie Wall VandenBos Kneeling: Syd Kincaid, Marjean Majerus, Sue Peterson, and Deanna Geiger. 2nd Row: Sponsor, Mrs. Bruner, Toni Briden, Gloria Pepion, Jean Hayes, Roberta Keeler, Nancy Crawford, Ros Habets, Ellen Gauthier, Deanna Rideout, Kathy Kovatch, and Connie Pepion. 3rd Row: Officers, Trudy Hall; President, Valerie Hale; Vice President, Donna Myhre; Secretary, Maria Slezak; Treasurer, Diane VanGorden; Reporter, Anita Geiger; Historian, Carolyn Harwood; Song Leader, Judy Hale; Parliamentarian. 4th Row: Candy Hayne, Helen Stephen, Marie Adamson, Jayme Nebon, Denise Gossard, Nancy Hayne, Leslie Thompson, Susan Russell, Anita Miller, Madelyn Olson, and Marie Curry. 5th Row: Melody Struss, Jacqui Nelson, Melodee Johnson, Lori Stoltz, Jill Geiger, Susan Stiuss, Joan Yeager, Velda Lund, Jeanie Geiger, Margaret Lamma, and Janet Parr. FHA Participated in Various Activities The F.H.A. ' s activities started this year with the girls working at football games in the concession stand. Along with th during the season, several members dressed as clowns for the Homecoming parade, and that night the F. H. A. put on th Homecoming Dance. District Convention was held in Chester this year as the District President was from there. Soon after convention, the girls got trucks and hauled wood for the hayride which was held at Rock City. The Homemakers also sponsored a mock election for the whole student body. " Santa ' s Workshop " , the theme for the Christmas formal, was sponsored by the F.H.A. and V-Club. While in the Christmas spirit, the organization made tray favors for the hospital. Mrs. Myrna Briden was invited to demonstrate different arrangements for centerpieces. During the year, the F.H.A. served both the G.T.A. and Com- munity Club dinners. Miss Debbie Sherman added entertainment when she came and spoke to the organization about her exchange trip to Equador. Throughout the year, the Sophomore members worked on their learning degrees. At the end of the year our chapter sent four delegates to State Convention in Great Falls. The last event that the F.H.A. presented was the Senior Tea am Style Show. During the evening, the Senior girls were honored a they were departing friends. V-Clu b Assisted F HA As did many of the organizations this school year, the V-Club did a revamp on their consti- tution. In keeping with the custom, they teamed with the F.H.A. to put on the Christmas formal, " Santa ' s Workshop " . The big thing for the V- Club was the completion of the payment of the renouned purple blazers. This was done with the proceeds from a turkey raffle and the faculty game. Left to Right, Front Row: Gary Casey, Trea.- ' irer; Dick Wenzel, President; and Joe Stark, Vice-President. 2nd Row: Jerry Widhalm, Greg Harwood, Lenny VandenBos, and Jody Field. 3rd Row: Roger Culleton, Steve Goff, Doug Powers, and Randy Geiger. 4th Row: Gary Arnst, Randy Whitcomb, Jack Whitcomb, and Bob Kovatch. 5th Row: Rick Geiger, Dave Kovatch, Randy Rideout, and Rick VanDeKop. Back Row: Gary Widhalm, Guy Bradley, Terry VandenBos, and Mike Widhalm. Standing: Coaches: Mr. VanGorden, IVfr. Shulund, Mr. Knueppel, and Mr. Ballantyne. THE JOINT and STOCKMAN ' S BAR Honor Society Presented Talent Working under the concept of being a service organization, the Valier Chapter of the National Honor Society did just that. First on the agenda was the organization of the Reubella Clinic. Next came the Christmas caroling, and finally a successful annual talent show. As usual, the pro- ceeds from the talent show were sent to the Boulder River School. This ended the year for the " Brainy Bunch " . ' fw!% ' 1 1 1 Left to Right, Sitting: Donna Myhre, Vice-President; Kathy Widhalm, Secretary; Sponsor, Mr. Sindelar; Joe Stark, President; Debbie Wright, Treasurer. Standing: Jane Hammer, Karen Rappold, Robin Adams, Bob Kovatch, Tim Widhalm, and Diane VanGorden. THE MONTANA POWER COMPANY and DURNELL ' S MERCANTILE Left to Right, Sitting: Anita Widhalm, Freshmen Representative; Deanna Geiger, Sophomore Representative; Jayme Nelson, Junior Representative; Mr. VanGorden, Sponsor; Carolyn Haiwood, Secretary-Treasurer; Rick Geiger, Senior Representative; Lenny VandenBos, Vice-President; Randy Aiken, Freshmen Representative. Standing: Bob Kovatch, President. Student Council Worked Toward Student Involvement An active Student Council is one of the keys to better student involvement. This year the Student Council came a long way toward being the " Student ' s Council " . New ideas and a new concept in study halls was tried and found to be relatively successful. Highlights for the Council were the Basket Social, promotion of Student Lounge, managing of the candy machine, an assembly showing the results of smoking, the Panther welcome sign, the Computer Dance, a new constitution governing the actions of the student body, and an enforcement of the rules set by the Council. Girls Learn Skills and Techniques The Girls ' I. A. Club was a newly formed organization. It consisted of seven members who also are members of the Girls I. A. class. This year the girls sold candy to sponsor a trip to Havre, which included a tour of Northern Mon- tana College. The Club also helped paint the bleachers on the football field. 3 iK Left to Right: Mr. Bogut; Sponsor, Denise Gossard; Vice-President, Alethea Bruner; Parliamentarian, Melody Johnson, Roxanna DenBoer; Treasurer, Marie Adamson, Karen Rappold; President, Trudy Hall; Secretary. 48 I. A. Boys Were Constructive Front Row: Jerry Widhalm, Dave Kovatch, Tim Widhalm, Joe Stark, Sponsor; Mr. Bogut. 2nd Row: Glen Wunderlich, Bill LaBell, Mike Widhalm, Gary Widhalm, and Don Yeager. 3rd Row: Randy Rideout, Robbie VandenBos, Gary Bruce, Kenny Kovatch, Larry Wunderlich, and Mike Hayes. 4th Row: Dave Goff, Ron Widhalm, Gary Arnst, Gary Hammer, Greg Harwood, and Tom Widhalm, 5th Row: John Speer, Rick Geiger, Roger Culleton, Jim Adamson, and Terry VandenBos. The I. A. Club got off to a slow start this year, but it slowly grew and turned out some very fine projects. The first meeting was spent revising the constitution. Elec- tion results were: Jerry Widhalm, ftesident; Dave Kovatch, Vice-President; Joe Stark, Treasurer; and Tim Widhalm, Secretary. This group helped build the badly needed bleachers that are now found on the football field. Also boot racks were built and placed in the entry ways of the school. In addi- tion, they built pews and remodeled the balcony for the Valier Lutheran Church. Pep Club Promoted Panther Spirit This year, out of 138 students comprising Valier High School, 103 were enrolled in the Pep Club. The officers for this year were: Rhonda Barron, President; Jody Field, Vice-President; Joe Stark, Treasurer; and Greg Harwood, Secretary. Under the super dsion of Mr. Hodgson, Sponsor, a pep bus was taken to every out of town game except for one. To earn money for these trips, the Pep Club sold concessions at the home foot- ball and basketball games, track meets, and during noon hour in school. Although many times the Pep Club didn ' t receive due recognition, everyone worked hard and deserves a big hand for their efforts ! VHS Served by Panther Paws The Panther Paws, a service organi- zation, was very active this year. Flags were presented at football and basketball games, ropes were held at intermissions. They also ushered and handed out programs at various functions. All but the Senior Panther Paws, including newly elected members, ushered at graduation. Left to Right: Jane Durnell, President; Georgia Phillips, Secretary; Anita Geiger, Diane VanGorden, Kathy Widhalm, Maureen Widhalm, Miss Stephenson, Sponsor; Roberta Keeler, Helen Stephen, Maria Slezak, Nancy Hayne, Marie Adamson, and Donna Myhre, Vice President. BOB and JOAN LAYNE of the WILLOW ROUNDS Students Involved With Books Left to Right: Mike Widhalm, Larry Wunderlich, Roxarma DenBoer, Sheila Allen, Trudy Hall, Melody Johnson, Debbie Wright, Sponsor; Mrs. Lohse, Jane Durnell, Karen Rappold, Susan Struss, Lenny VandenBos, Marie Adamson, John DenBoer, and Robin Adams. The Valier High School Library is open the entire school day with a staff of fourteen Juniors and Seniors. The officers are President, Debbie Wright; Vice-President, Karen Rappold; Secretary, Sheila Allen; and Treasurer, Susan Struss. This year a revolving paper back rack was added, a bin for the one hundred and fifteen records, a record player and earphones, four tape recorders, two overheads, a 16 mm. film projector, a slide projector, a film strip projector, and a video tape. The records are of all kinds: shorthand, languages, literature, history, grammar, classical and popular music. Every year the staff has a field trip to visit other libraries and interesting places. They earn the money for the trip themselves. Last year, they sold paper backs and this year, held an Everything Sale. The staff made a return trip to Lethbridge to visit the college library, art museums, and the T. V. station. LOHSE FLYING SERVICE The Panther, the school paper, was published every two weeks. It con- tained various articles of happen- ings in and around the school. Distribution of the paper was a total of 180 issues. There were sixteen students involved on the staff, with Miss Stephenson as the advisor. Some issues were sent to neighboring schools in the district. Panther Published Under Pressure Sitting; Colette Briden, Rick Geiger, Helen Stephen, Sponsor; Miss Stephenson, Nancy Hayne, Joe Stark and Kathy Widhalm. Standing: Bob Kovatch, Susan Russell, Debbie Wright, Diane VanGorden, Jane Durnell, Joan Yeager, Susan Struss, Carolyn Harwood, Denise Gossard, Karen Rappold, Jean Hayes, and Greg Harwood Left to Right: First Row: Connie Wenzel, Nancy Crawford, Diane VanGorden, Larry Wunderlich, Trudy Speer, Leslie Stoltz, Melodee Johnson, Kathy Kovatch, and Sanda Stark. Second Row: Marjean Majerus, Madelyn Olson, Leslie Thompson, Ron Sullivan, Jody Field, David Olson, Marie Curry, Clay McAlpine, Bert Geiger, David Goff, Doug VandenBos, Don Yeager, Glen Wunderlich, Kenny Kovatch, and Marlene Arnst. Third Row: Carmen Boucher, Dorothy Barron, Jill Geiger, Jane Getts, Donna Myhre, Rhonda Barron, Greg Harwood, John Bruce, Mike Hayes, and Jacqui Nelson. Standing: Jean Hayes, Joan Yeager, Jack Johnson, Jim Adamson, Bob Kovatch, Dave Kovatch, and Mr. Bertsch, Instructor. Music Appreciated The Valier High School Music Department consisted of three main groups this year, the Band, Chorus, and Wanderers. Throughout the year, performances were given by all three groups. The Fall Concert was dominated by the band, and the Wanderers also sang. The chorus performed in the Christmas program, rather than putting on a Christmas Concert. Both the band and chorus participated in the concert held in the Spring. The Wanderers sang for several different functions, including entertainment for two dinners in Conrad, the Commimity Club Dinner in Valier, and the Honor Society ' s annual Talent Show. Instructor, Mr. Bertsch and Pianist, Toni Broden. 1st Row: Deanna Geiger, Roberta Keeler, Denise Gossard, Carolyn Harwood, Judy Hale, and Janet Parr. 2nd Row: Valerie Hale, Jean Hayes, Bonnie DenBoer, Joan Yeager, Julie Pepion, Helen Stephen, and Kathy Widhalm. 3rd Row: Karen Rappold, Linda Reishus, Susan Struss, Marie Adamson, Sheila Allen, Jane Durnell, and Debbie Wright. Songs Were Sung for the Pleasure of All Left to Right: Jody Field, Jane Durnell, Sheila Allen, Roberta Keeler, Debbie Wright, Denise Gossard, Bob Kovatch, Kathy Widhalm, Greg Harwood, and Randy Ride out. Musicians Rated Excellent and Good » ,»»» t,» Triple Trio Clarinet Soloists, Connie Wenzel and Nancy Crawford ::ak;ictit Clarinet Quintet Director, Mr. Johnson Brass Sextet Baritone Soloist, Greg Harwood and Accompanist, Mrs. Johnson Wanderers Whipped Up Entertainment The Wanderers Special Show starred several groups from Valier High School. Partici- pants were Roberta Keeler, the Stage Band, Rhonda Barron and Carolyn Harwood, the CaValiers, the Jazz Quartet, the M K G Brass, and of course, the Wanderers. Proceeds of the show will be used by the Music Depart- ment for additional music equipment. ir Soloist, Roberta Keeler The Wanderers The Stage Band Duet, Carolyn Harwood and Rhonda Barron Froggy and MoUie Mouse 57 The M K G Brass Proud to Be a CaValier Left to Right: Jill Geiger, Robin Adams, Anita Geiger, Carolyn Harwood, Marlene Arnst, Lori Stoltz, Jeamiie Geiger, and Diane VanGorden. Madelyn Olson, Jane Hammer, Syd Kincaid, The CaValiers prove that hard work does pay. How proud to be a member of the team that marched at the Calgary Stampede, District and Divisional tournaments and was a 1st place trophy winner at the Valier meet. The early morning practices and the tired feet all culminate in a snappy precision routine performed by the girls that Valier can be proud to call " their team. " Barbara Knueppel Director Director, Mrs. Knueppel BOB KINCAID CONOCO OIL COMPANY and STUDIO OF ROY L. DERR ■ 1 ) icT i r es Purple-White Day U4re lifMtt MiratiltR hi Faculty Game UE UOR.,D GD IRQUND En. Rock City Rockchucks Top Intramural Basketball Teams Out of six boy ' s teams, the two that came out on top were the Rock City Rockchucks and the Francis Heights Gang, taking first and second respectively. Four girl ' s teams battled it out for top place. Winners were the Amazons, taking first place, and the Whiffle Whompers taking second. Francis Heights Gang Whiffle Whompers 63 " Horray for Adam Spelvin: He Is Perfect " Adam Spelvin Grace Spelvin George Spelvin Cynthia Craddock Florence Craddock Fat Phyllis Greg Harwood Diane VanGorden Joe Stark Nancy Crawford Trudy Hall Jacqui Nelson Make-Up, Stage Crew, and Directors Standing; Mrs. Lohse, Makeup; Mr. Springer, Director; and Miss Stephenson, Director. WjiP ' M i ' A ' ' Sitting: Stage Crew; David Goff, Rick Geiger, ' " " John DenBoer, Roger Culleton, and Jim Adamson. " The Other Other Woman " Phil Gary Hammer Norman Bob Kovatch Florence Marie Curry Nell Gaylene Pepion Agnes Deanna Geiger Rosalind Carolyn Harwood Grace Robin Adams Celeste Judy Hale The Other Woman Jayme Nelson 64 Seniors Reigned at " Santa ' s Workshop " The theme for the 1970 Christmas Formal was " Santa ' s Workship. " The F.H.A. and V-Club sponsored the formal. Santa was on hand to crown the king and queen. Seniors, Randy Geiger and Debbie Wright, were crowned royalty for the night. King Randy Geiger and Queen Debbie Wright, Senior Candidates. Brett Briden and Leslie Thompson, Sophomore Candidates. Jacqui Nelson and Jim Adamson, Freshmen Candidates. Boy ' s State Joe Stark Bob Kovatch Girl ' s State Kathy Widhalm and Helen Stephen Junior Miss Helen Stephen Melody Struss Roberta Keeler, First Runner-up for 1971 Pondera County Junior Miss A If Office Assistant Ellen Gauthier Roberta Keeler Melodee Johnson Anita Geiger Jody Field Joe Stark " Those Were the Days ' — SeniorTeaandStyle Show Students Received Recognition for Awards Night was set aside for the distributing of awards to deserving students. These individuals worked through- out the year in various activities and organizations and received recognition for their efforts and achievements. Other special awards were also given to students for their outstanding performances concerned with school curricu- lum and community involvement. Helen Stephen, Journalism Silver Key Roberta Keeler, Outstanding Homemaker Award and Robin Adams, Betty Crocker Award Their Efforts and Achievements Outstanding Musicians: Greg Harwood, Connie Wenzel, Marlene Arnst, Glen Wunderlich, and Roberta Keeler. Greg Harwood, John Philip Sousa Award Every year at Awards Night, a group of students are picked by the faculty for the Heisey Awards. These are scholarships of $50.00 received by each student after graduation. The award is judged by the individual ' s improvement in citizenship, scholar- ship, and effort. The students who received Heiseys tliis year were, Back Row: John DenBoer, Roger Culleton, and Joe Stark. Front Row: Greg Harwood, Melody Struss, Helen Stephen, and Kathy Widhalm. Several students are picked each year to attend High School Week at Montana State University. The students who at- tended the session this year were: EUen Gauthier, Rick Geiger, Joe Stark, and Sheila AUen. The Death and Life of Larry Benson Jessie Benson Debbie Wright Susan Helen Stephen Mary Ellen Kathy Widhalm Freda Benson Sheila Allen Grace Wilkey Melody Struss Mrs. Potter Susan Struss Mr. Potter Gary Hammer Sam Benson Joe Stark Mrs. Fitch Karen Rappold Nettie Clark Robin Adams Melvin Clark Roger Culleton The Boy Greg Harwood Bud Merkel Jody Field Gregory Mike Widhalm Let the Sun Shine in Sponsors, Mr. and Mrs. Ballantyne and Mr. and Mrs. Johnson Larry Wunderlich and Melody Struss, Sophomore Candidates Seniors Skipped Off ' to Flathead 73 " What is a Senior? " Mr. Ballantyne served as master of ceremonies for the 1971 Senior Ban- quet, which was served by the Junior Class. An inspirational talk on " What is a Senior? " was given by Mr. Nelson, the guest speaker. All activities throughout the evening, including en- tertainment by members of the Senior Class, made an enjoyable and mem- orable occasion for all. U F niHHHft| ' i •• . Future Plans Rely on God ' s Help The Sunday before graduation, Baccalaureate is al- ways held for the graduating class to express their need of God ' s help in the future. This year Baptist Reverend Jerry Gray delivered a sermon for the Seniors to think on while Mrs. Stan Johnson and Mrs. John Holden provided the music. Methodist Reverend Elmer L. Robison gave the invocation and benedic- tion. 1 " We ' ve Only Just Begun " On May 24, 1971, the community once again witnessed the most important event of the school year, this being graduation. The Senior Class chose " We ' ve Only Just Begun " as theii motto. Their colors were Sky Blue and Silver and the flower was the carnation. The warm and calm spring evening provided a good setting on the football field as the Seniors prepared them- selves for the big step forward. In a concise and well-spoken manner, Dr. Nancy Shubat, a clinical psychol- ogist from Great Falls, outlined the Seniors ' ladders of success and accomplish- ment. Valedictorian, Robin Adams and Salutatorian, Joe Stark gave their addresses on certain topics they felt should be emphasized. After the awarding of diplomas, several awards and scholarships were presented to outstanding individuals, and Reverend James Holmlund gave the invocation and benedic- tion for the evening. Following the commencement services, an all-night party was given by the Senior parents. The party consisted of a dance, refreshments, a movie, and s vimming. It all ended with the long-awaited breakfast put on by the Odd Fellows at 5:00 a. m. Dr. Nancy Shubat Robin Adams, Valedictorian Joe Stark, Salutatorian Karen Rappold, I Dare You; Greg Harwood, V. E. A. Scholarship; Bob Kovatch, I Dare You 1 L fA kjf ' iJC ir m M la)2t1UP«« Bfw Wt ' 1 H u hTjII H 1 76 Last Night— All Night 77 Senior Crowned Homecoming Queen A Homecoming wouldn ' t be complete without having the hard time of choosing the queen, and and this year was no exception. From the candidates: Freshman, Gloria Pepion; Sopho- mores, Deanna Geiger; Juniors, Gaylene Pepion; and Seniors, Helen Stephen; the Senior candidate, Helen Stephen, won the title of Homecoming Queen and was crowned by Jody Field and Roger Culleton. 78 k Sophomores Were Triumphant The floats, a big part in the pageantry of Home- coming, stole the show in the parade. " Victory is our Porpoise " , a novel idea by the Sophomores, took first place while the Juniors and Seniors tied for second and Freshmen received fourth. Pride Was Not Lost With the kickoff at 1:30 P.M. the most important part of Home- coming commenced. The excitement and tension all week be- came vivid on the gridiron. Being a defensive ball game, the only score came in the second quarter when the Cascade Badgers managed about a 15 yard field goal. Disappointment was evi- dent but pride was not lost as the gun sounded, naming the Badgers as victors in a game riddled by mistakes. Faculty Mr. Robert Sindelar Superintendent Mr. Norman Ballantyne English -History Mr. Jerry Bertsch Music Mr. Larry Hodgson Math-Science Mr. Charles VanGorden Principal-Science Mr. Paul Knueppel Social Science -P. E. Tomorrow, Mrs. Constance Lohse Library Today Mrs, Rachel VanGorden Business Miss Judy Stephenson English " !• m S A B m IM Hhi 84 yi- i. 85 86 1 87 Additional Staff Members Mrs. Cailene VanDeKop, Asst. Custodian Mr. George Pon, Student Teacher Advertising Patrons Valier Laundromat Rocky Mountain Motors Cargill Elevator Hammer Plumbing Heating The Spray Valier Hotel Beauty Salon Gene ' s Cafe Valier Upholstery Park Motel Palin ' s Car Wash 88

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