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4 Ph ? «l« 1 Qmcgg_ ' ■ ' (r 1 Y • ' Y ,,r w ' u I I p fc o s iC a 5 3 ' i 1 " J ' r rf 6 ; ) l) ' V i ■ ' ' .p . ' •. . ' Ti.? c i i f a h . b " ) id I ? © rtV) fi ( i ) ' ,l fA ha 6 6 ' ' (b ' s a fi J ' e i ) - if W .i e V 1 ( ' rA )p ' ' 4 ' ' - ,e K) ■ - A , 1 4 ' V 6 ; . - mc a Q i ' f m r Oft alentia ALMA MATER All hail to thee Valencia the school that we all love! Between the mountains and the seas, with smiling skies above! In contest and activities, our efforts must not fail! We join to lift our banners high, OUR ALMA MATER, HAIL! Alpha 2 Vol. 43 CONTENTS Alpha LIFE ' People US Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Sports Illustrated Yellow Pages Omega 1-16 17 71 85 86 116 130 144 161 213 Supplement The Tesoros yearbook is published annually for the Associated Student Body of Valencia High School. 500 North Bradford Avenue, Placentia, California 92670. by the Tesoros staff. Publisher Associated Student Body Editor Paul Gilbert Associate Ed. Ten Lyons Advisor Bernie Davis Staff: Erik Bell. Erin DeViUez. Cathy Florer. Kevin Gibbs, Steve Gonzales. Gwen Humphries, Jane Jancek, Jim Keup. Ray Larabee. Theresa McCormick. Shan Ozima. John Schmidt, Julia Scott, Diane Sieward, Jim Wallace, and Mark Wright. End pages artwork and silk screening done by Tesoros staff. EDITOR ' S NOTE Valencia High School has once again retained its leader- ship, power, and pride as one of the most powerful and suc- cessful schools in Orange County. After twice, unselfishly splitting itself in half,just to form two rival schools, Valencia has suffered through four hard years. These years were spent recovering from the student population loss. Although Valencia ' s high standard of aca- demics remained the same, sports, activities, and pride decreased. A new and unique year, 1977-78 was filled with com- pleted changes and for future changes. It was a year where once again students were proud to be seen on the Valencia High School campus, proud to get involved in activities and proud to watch our winning athletic teams. Several changes that took place this year on campus, were a new paintjob that gave the buildings some class, the planning and carrying out of the remodeling of the entire campus, and the designing and first construction of a 2 mil- lion dollar gymnasium. Activities attracted great participation as spirit week, homecoming, Sadi Hawkins and the prom marked major events of the year. With a fresh start, athletic teams proved that Valencia was once again a power to be recognized. Football had its first winning season in four years. Basketball had its sec- ond winning season and Baseball worked their way to a successful season. Boys ' Varsity Cross Country team gave to Valencia its first CIF championship. Their thousands of miles of running during the past years, never giving up or doubting themselves, was the backbone of Valencia ' s ath- letic comeback. Because of this year, filled with changes and the return of Valencia ' s tradition, we have designed this yearbook to cover the events that took place in a different and unique way. Each section has its own cover and story to tell. Put together, these sections show how Valencia has made a strong comeback. Without change in this day and time, you will never keep up your tradition. Valencia is now a perfect example of this statement. 3 Alpha 3 fM mr »A. ; : r Remodeling Adds New Changes A new, youthful look on Valencia ' s campus has improved the atmosphere. There are three phases of major changes scheduled to take place over the next five years. After much deliberation and many pro- posals Davis-Dahaime Associates were hired as the prime firm of architects to construct a new gym. This first phase of rejuvenation will begin in April of 1978 and be completed by December 1, 1978. It will have a seating capacity of 1,800: 1,000 greater than the current gym. Officials and administrators wrestled with the idea of remodeling the old gym but estimates proved it would be expensive. It will remain on campus, however to be used for dances and will enable two sporting events to be held at the same time. Tearing down the metal shop, drama and English halls, and the auditorium entrance makes up part of the second phase of construction. This will remodel and update the structure and leave room for more classrooms. Phase three, now in progress, began in the fall of 1977. This calls for repaint- ing, recarpeting and a general " clean- ing up " to beautify the buildings, repre- senting five generations of construc- tion. Students need not worry that these alterations will change the character of their campus. Administration has been careful to insure that they do not uproot our majestic trees or tear down our tradition. Alpha 4 J rSV ' ' •Vi r Staying on campus from 7am-4pm may seem long to the average student but for faculty and administrators these hours vary from arriving earlier to staying later. They are hired to teach and run the school properly but their efforts usually go beyond the call of duty. Much of their own time is spent chaperoning dances, supervising athletic events, being advisors of extra-curricular activities, while they are also PTA members and are active in organizations outside Valencia High School. Helping students with personal problems as well as school problems is a main concern of the administration. The student body often overlooks the responsibilities of school officials but should always remember that they are people too. Alpha 6 Faculty and Administrators Show Tiger Pride Through Activities Opposite page: Top Right — Bill Homing and Ray Rodriguez supervise campus during lunch. Top right — Cross country coach Don Ocana par- ticipates in the 24 hour relay. Bottom left — El Tigeer advisor Jim Drum- mond proofreads a newspaper feature. Coach Mike Cummings enjoys a quick game of Basketball with Senior Michael Cyrus. Top — Football coach Norm Parker gives pep talk before La Habra game. Middle — Busi- ness teacher and Pepster advisor Carol Hoist gives smiling approval dur- ing a pep rally. Middle right — Activities director Bruce Kittleson seems to be saying, " Valencia Wants You. " Alpha 7 Classes Congregate With Pride Before the first week of school has ended Seniors, Juniors and Sophomores have already staked out their respective territo- ries in which they meet daily throughout the year. Guarding the exclusive Senior quad, the class of ' 78 keep tra- dition in their hearts, freshmen in their trashcans and admin- istrators on their toes. Juniors show unity by gaining permission to connect benches with chains forming their own special quad. Planters in the middle of campus is the center for Sopho- mores. Noon sees their area crowded while most upperclass- men go out to lunch. Only freshmen are left to wander aimlessly through crowds. Perhaps next year they too will find a spot of their own. Top right and left — Sophomore guys spent much of their free time " munching out " and meelmg m regular places, such as the planters and the area around the drama building. Opposite page: Top — Seniors dommate largest class territory on campus. Bottom left — Sophomore girls occupy center planters dunng break. Bottom right — Freshmen Peter Tiano leans agamst a wall while scouting the campus. Middle right — Some students prefer the comfort of the English hall. Middle left — Vendmg machines often see active chaos during lunch and break. Bottom — Junior guys keep a watchful eye for mtruders entering their territory. Alpha 1 1 Victory Stands Out As Valencia Keeps Tradition Alive Victory has been an overall reality throughout the 1977-78 school year at Valencia. A larger student enrollment has pro- moted more school spirit with each class vying it ' s the best. Athletic events brought spirited pep rallies, enthusiastic crowds and many victories. Valencia lit up scoreboards with high points, added more trophies representing its winning tra- dition and watched their victory flag fly high. Participation in school activities has increased, as has student support for these organizations. Whether at games or dances, crowds are always present to honor their Alma Mater. irfi Ei Mft Alpha Opposite page: Top left — A balloon flys through campus remind- ing students who is I. Top nghi — Junior Pia Larsen shows pride and spirit during pep rally. Middle — John Tiano (44) and Steve Rosas (23) show agreeing responses to referee ' s verdict. Boilom — David Thow gives much effort during water polo game. Top left — Freshmen give ail they got doing the VHS stomp during an out- door pep rally. Top right — John Elmore shows direct enthusiasm after football wm. Middle — Pepsler Lisa Hatch raises her hand high during Alma Mater. Bottom — Senior Jenny Arnold shows form during tennis match. Alpha 1 3 ■ im M uf Mitg «% ' : f4s j ( y V f f ' WfWf in or Lose . . WeMre the Champions Alpha 15 y- G -2- ■ tJD -T 6 - ' • ■ nt y IC ( r . - ( rC ,n x )c - , ' ■ ' .Kr- M -j y A- ■ ' ■ One day weV try our wing ■ Soaring to places now unknown There where the heart sings And mysteries ofhfe are shown. Special Issue . Valencia comes to life. June 12, 1978 17 SPIRIT WEEK INVOL VES EVER YONE Top left — Seniors Karen krieger. Pat Burke. Chris Hanson. Nancy Johannessen. Marianne Harvey concentrate on ruffling flowers. Top right — Katy Dollard was one of several Juniors who helped with the float. Bol- lom left — Matt Sturms demonstrates how to hammer. Bottom right — Mayre Alyce Ghee adds the final touch. Life 1 8 Top left — Spirit Week involves everybody. Top right — Our home- coming Queen Teresa Tenner escorted by her Father. Bollom left — Gricel Warren and Janice Johnson make sure everything is just right. Bottom right — Freshmen Steve Reiler and Karen D. Sidocky learn how to ruffle flowers. S Life 1 9 HARD WORK PA YS OFF Top righl — Seniors walk away proud with Grand Marsha award. Bottom left — Juniors stand over the remains of their class float they received Best Theme again in order to maintain their title. Center right — This year ' s sophomore class received the spirit award. Bottom right — The mighty freshman class of 1982 really out did themselves. They put in several hours like all the other classes and received Most Creative. Life 20 TERESA REIGNS OVER HALFTIME Life 21 1977-78 HOMECOMING COURT ■ I H Bfe jw i K B K vfli 1 J Hit ' n BM- ' ' " ' ' fliB1 B mp ji " ' ■ .■. " ■ 1 mi Sr. Princess A Lori anctot HH r. Princess Maldonado Chosen by the student body to reign over the homecoming game and dance Teresa Tenner was involved in G.A.A. and was voted school mascot for the past two years. She enjoys the outdoors and almost every activity as long as people are involved. Our Queen ' s future plans include taking interior decorator courses at Fullerton college. Senior Princess Suzzanne Maldonado hols one of the most important positions in the school as senior class secretary. She is also a member of Girls ' League and G.A.A. After graduating from Valencia. Suzzanne plans to enter College and become a legal or executive secretary. Senior Princess Lon Lanctot came to Valencia m her Freshman year. In her sophomore year she was voted in as Junior Varsity Cheerleader, in her Junior and Senior year Lori was elected to represent our school as Varsity Cheerleader. She also managed to find time to squeeze in other activities including Girls Athletics. Freshman Attenda Lisa Sche idler Life 22 ■m er Majesty ' ERESA TENNER Si : Life 23 TESmROS f ' Hernandez. A;-. .and Paul Gilhtri. faHM Oiana Siewerd. Erin Devillez. Cathv Florer. Owen Humphries. Theresa McCormick. and Terri Lvons. 5«wk vm- -- An f Davis. Shari Ozima. Mark Wrighl. Ray Larabee. Jane Jancek. Kevin Cibbs. JuMe Scott. Back r M:-J ' Ke ip.Eu i]ie JKJR limL MTWL f.v -- ? ' ■.•-v ' g T ' .- ' yfT: .MtiW Life 24 Life 25 Tesoros El Tigre Staff Working fiard. Tesom ' s Siaff works on la outs. Steve Gonzalez. Jim Keup. and Paul Gilberl. ScoII Witte and Cindy Morroco do some quick t pmg for El Tigre. Hn - . ' vJ ■ B 1 mA 1 1 K - HMp: mf . ;::.v ' ' IH f ' - V ■Mv iPm HMii ' w Erik Bell does the job of three people on Tesoros deadlines. n Star El Tigre photographer, Pat Burke. -mmtimmmmmmmm Mark Wright working on layouts. Theresa McCormick and Diane Sieward chose pictures. Life 26 i New Season for Pepsters Top led — Pepsters prepare to lead cheers during homecoming parade. Tup right — Lisa Hatch concentrates on flag twirling skills during pep rails. Ccn- u-r — Flag twirler Jeannie Niewlandl practices for upcoming football game. Boiiom led — Kath Kenny gives a quick glance to Tesoros photographer. Boll, nil rifihi Song leaders shows precision with high kicks during pep rails. Life 27 Life 28 77-78 DRILL TEAM andi McNiel " ina Wagner, Laurie Van SaQt. Jen ley. Anna Rangel, Christy Caner. L Lathy jOrosco, Kelly Sweeney Gal dargieGMfitfeq; Ann Kampa.Co (a RhondS Lindemuth Becky Valdez, Laurie Lance. Irene Santoyo, Gail Phillips, Cathie McGhehey, Tami Roper, Anna Bur- iaga. Maevene Claudia Nicholls, Michelle McCoy, hari Ozrrng, Lieutenant, Elaine Wallace al practice. alciii-ia I Imh School Band at homecomin!: Parade Kill Hats al icsl. Life 30 TOGETHER THEY MARCH Banners al rest during practice for big game. Rav tanctcil bkiwing hard at practice. Boiioin left — Drill team in humeciiming parade, Baiiimi righi — Percus- sion section Eddie Castro. .-Xrmande Carrera, Scott L les. Life 31 " ' i From noon concerts to quiet sea to the festivity of homecoming. That ' s Valencia. Life 32 LEVERETT LEADS ART CLUB Valencia ' s Art Club is a group with a common interest in broadening their exposure to past and current art trends through field trips to local University art shows, museums and private art galleries. All students enrolled in a VHS art class are automatically considered as art club members as well as any other interested students. The Art Club planned a spring art show and sale with a dual purpose of providing members an opportunity to display and sell their work and to call public attention to the students pur- suit of artistic intelligence. Top — From row — (lefl lo right) Nargas Fakrin, Regina Toben. Donna Siew- erd. Theresa McCormick, Kathy Dollard, Teresa Tenner. Diana Siewerd, Back row (lefl lo right) Drew Seal, Myran Faknn, Evett Horney, Lisa O ' Brian, Joe Galleger, Junko Closk, Deanna Bell. Jennifer Jones, Joanna Worker, Peggy Thomas. Above — Kent Coules shows off his art work. Right — This is one of their projects. ;-? «i » » j p- )rg g Ufe 33 DISCO DANCE CLUB ROCKS VALENCIA The Disco Dance Club was formed with the objective of promoting more dances and assisting students in dancing techniques. Although the club was new this year, it sponsored a dance that was unique in that a twenty-four hour dance marathon was the main highlight. Furthermore, to continue developing school events which are unusual has now become an additional goal of the club. However club members would like to see the dance marathon become a tradition. The students in the club see dancing as a skill which can be continually improved. They strive to develop their style and technique by dedication and practice. BOWLING CLUB Disco Dance Club — (left lo righl) — Gretchen Moltz. Mike Melcher. Delbert Session. Deanna Wasson. Denise Schreyer, Daryl Stemhardt. The Valencia bowling club met weekly on Fridays at 3:00 p.m. at College Bowl. Club membership was open to anyone inter- ested in bowling. Beginning bowlers joined with experienced bowlers to have fun and improve their game. Trophies were given at the end of the season to the first and second place team, team high series, individual high game and high series and most improved bowler. This year ' s officers were: Tom Vickery, president and Gwen Humphries, secretary treasurer. Bowling Club — Front row — (left to right) Jeff Turnup, Jim Eazel, Shari Ozima, Gwen Humphries, Jim Singer, Lance Scheetz, Back row — Ron Eazel, Larry Ortega, Tom Vickery, Catfish Huntley, Lisa O ' Brien, Kevin Deles Reyes. 34 Life CAREER CLUB The Career Club started its first year at Valencia with several gttals: to develop a career speakers program that would give all interested students a look at some varied occupations: to provide a climate for club members to explore career areas on an individual basis, and to have fun in the process with the first two goals. With a small nucleus of dedicated stu- dents, the club has accomplished their goals. The club has sponsored over eighteen speakers this year from all walks of life with many students attending these pro- grams. Career Club — Kneeling — Carolyn Levy, Second row — Mr. Ostberg, Nancy Johannessen, Mona Wilson. Debby Loewer. Donna Ebirerno, Donnie Furrow, Third row — Dick Pappas, Wayne Norman. Jim Keup, Laura Lee Clark. CHICANO STUDENT UNION Chicano Student Union is a group formed in correspondence with Mecha Club under the leadership of Marv Briggs and Santiago Segovia. Its main goal and purpose is to better chicano stu- dents outlooks on future plans and goals. C.S.U. is a very active club on campus that has been in existence for many years. -Jii— i ji».- Chicano Student Union — From row — (left lo righi) Marge Guerrero, Rosemary Hernandez. Lupe De Aliva, Andiana Acosta, Ester Garcia. Elisio Perez, Back row — Mr. Segovia, Carol Buelna. Anna Rodri- guez, Laura Garcia, Lupe Acevedo. Laura Gomez. Cathy Hernandez. Mr. Bnggs. Ufe 35 CHOIR, ONE OF COUNTIES BEST Valencia ' s Concert Choir is an auditioned group of 40 sing- ers. Concert Choir is the backbone of the Vocal Music Depart- ment and every singer is dedicated to making music to the best of his ability. Concert Choir is the place to be if you want to be active. They have performed for the Woman ' s Round Table, sung Christmas Carols at Buena Park Mall, and performed for the PTA. Future performances are the Jester Hairston Festival, Valencia ' s Pops Concert and Music in our Schools Week in April. Also, two music festivals in May and a Spring Concert in June. Sue Gilbert plays piano as Mr. Kean leads choir. Much dedicated practice such as this was the key to the choir ' s success this year. 36 Life KIWANIS BOWL ATTRACTS SUCCESS Competing against other Orange County high schools, the Valencia Kiwanis Bowl team represented the tigers in a battle of speed and intelli- gence. Team members practiced answering quick questions using electronic buzzer system. Based on the old television show " College Bowl " the actual competition was in being able to answer trivia ques- tions faster than the other team. Left — Kiwanis Bowl Teammates — From left — Mike Grismer, Deanna Wasson, Mike Porter and Janet Terpy practice skills with adviser Kay Kerby. Bottom left — Success in the Bowl depends on being tensed and ready. Ufe 37 DRAMA CLUB SUCCESSFULLY PERFORMS The Drama Club grew substantially this year, from several members to over 50. The department ' s main goal was to get students involved in the many facets of theatre, and teach them the ingredi- ents of a pro essional show. Costuming, make-up, acting, and directing are a few of these areas. Another goal that the drama club achieved was the combina- tion of ideas and various cultures into a melting of theatre. The Drama Club, under Stan R. Crane, staged three suc- cessful events. They were " The Effect of Gamma Rays on the Man in the Moons Marigolds " , ' The Roar of the Grease- paint, Shell of the Crowds, " and " Briga- doon. " Drama Club — From row — (left to right) Leah Lumley, Nancy Walicek, Randy Grahn, Joel Stewart, Lor- etta Chase, Cliff Zierer, Becky Bratcher, Greg Davis, Second row — Angie Egbert, Randy Langston, Sherry Windstead. Third row — Sue Hill, Kirk Chase, Rebecca Boelman, Dana Quinn, Greg Levingston, Pat Burke. Margie Press. Loreen Huntley, Toby Craver, Tavio Hurtado, Andy Ports, Pat Kelly, Mr. Crane, Back row — Ray Lanctot, Steve Parkin, John Reed, Virginia Bratcher, Mike Poter, Pam Hengel. 38 Life GREASE PAINT AND MARIGOLDS W • r Top left — Dennis Vartanian prepares backdrops for sch ool play. Top right — Steve Ayote puts together props. Middle left — Members of Drama Club put on small skit for classes. Bottom right — Joey Gomez and Todd Harris hammer tables toeether. Ufe 39 ENTERTAINMENT UNLIMITED CLUB The Entertainment Unlimited Club was formed this year to bring students together in common experiences pro- vided by entertainment events. The nucleus of events has been trips to Hol- lywood Studios to see tapings of shows such as " Happy Days " , " Three ' s Com- pany " , " Welcome Back Kotter " , and " Maude. " Over a dozen trips were spon- sored by the club this year. Also the club sponsored the trip to see " Beatlemania " funded by a Bunny Gram project before Easter and a refreshment booth at the Miss Placentia Pageant. Bruce Kittelson was advisor. Entertainment Unlimited Club — (left to right) Bruce Kittelson, John Doe, David Jackson, Mark Carlson, Barbara Carman, Theresa McCoy. Lanny Herera, Dony Farrel, Donna Ibierno, Back row — Ruth Parker, Ann Parker, Shawn Davis, Bob Bewiler, Craig Anderson, Scott Cleveland, Mark Cobb, Gary Bell, Havier Valliear, Jon Christy. PHYSICS CLUB HAS NO PROBLEMS A newly formed club on campus, first started last year, was the physics club. Only two members were active in the club this year. They were Tom Mirek and Wayne Norman. One of the club ' s highlights of the year was when they bur- ied a calculator that died. Much of the physics club members time was spent figuring, computing and calculating. Physics Club — (left to right) Wayne Norman, Tom Mirek. 40 Life FJ.A. The Future Farmers of America, under the leadership of Mr. Horan, consistently have one of the best agricultural farms in the county. They work hard, doing various chores and odd jobs, learning how to raise animals and prepare them for vari- ous exhibitions and contests. Like the past several years, the F.F.A. entered a float in the homecoming parade. Future Farmers of America — Kneeling — (lefi lo right) Debbie Reeves. Michelle Smith. Scott Holspaugh, Ruth Parker, Second row — Marty Steelman, Daryl Kelly. Cheryl Eads, JoAnna Worker, Joe Galleger, Beverly Hardaway, David Libenno, Mike Contoneo, Mareen Gallager, Sara Weis, Lynn Sellmeyer, Nancy Boiserano, Mr. Horan. Colin Campbell, Dara Anderson, Kern Barton. Ufe 41 FORENSICS GIVE OPINIONS Speech and debate participated in a number of tournaments, including var- sity debate and individual events. Pat Kelly, Mike Melcher, and Pat Burke competed in the Lion ' s Club speech contest and Burke took second place in the American Legion speech contest. The forensics club also participated in Congress and State National Qualifying. Many new members were involved in the forensics club this year. Bernie Davis, french club advisor explains how to properly say a phrase. FRENCH CI UB PAR TICIPA TE Valencia ' s chapter of the Societe Honoraire de Francais was inaugurated this year. The French Club planned and put on the installation of our new French hon- ors society, an organization for honor students in French sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French. Valencia ' s French Club invited stu- dents from El Dorado and Esperanza to share in the installation celebration which included refreshments and a French movie. Deanna Wasson, presi- dent, was in charge of the arrangements. French Club — From row — (left to right) Elaine Schmidt. Donna Seacord. Sandia Alvarez, Debby Howe. Kim VanHooser, Back row — Lori Campbell, Matt Travis, Daren Walsh, Ray Larabee. Ann Marie Jancek, Ramona Wilson. 42 Life GIRLS LEAGUE The main project this year for the Girl ' s League was the annual Sadie Hawkins Dance. This year ' s Sadie was probably the most successful in a long time. Thanks to student council and a hardworking nine members, Sadie Haw- kins ran smoothly and efficiently. Girl ' s League could be one of the most success- ful clubs on campus but is hurt by lack of participation. Girl ' s League — From row — (lefl to nghl) Shan Ozinia, Jenny Arnold, Laurie Ardent. Gwen Humphries, Lori Campbell, Back row — Cathy Cassota, Renee Foisy, Karen Lash. Ufe 43 LETTERMEN WEAR JACKETS PROUDLY The Lettermen ' s Club sponsored another successful varsity basketball tournament this year which was won by the Tigers for the second year in a row. The Valencia Varsity Lettermen ' s Club was again active this year in spon- soring a successful Lettermen ' s Club basketball tournament. The annual tour- nament was held in early December. The lettermen were in charge of hosting visit- ing teams, guarding doors, and sweeping the floors between games. Bog Hamblin, athletic director, was in charge with most of the coaches on campus helping out. Tony Deleon was president of the club. The Lettermen ' s Club ' s main goal is to wear their lettermen ' s club jacket with pride and uphold the tradition of Valen- cia High School athletics. 44 Life LOS AZTECAS Los Aztecas, under the leadership of Burt Valladez, is a Spanish speaking club which meets often and studies the Span- ish language in detail. Since many stu- dents in the school speak Spanish fluently, the club always has a good turnout. Firsi row — Lucia Padilla, Max Guzman. Isabel Barnga. Jose Sandoval, Olga Lava. Faustino Garcia. Rosa Sandoval. Sr. Valadez. ORANGE COUNTY ACADEMIC DECATHLON row — (left 10 . Mike Gnsmer right) Mark Carlson, , David Jackson. Dianna Wesson. Roger Kaplan. The Tenth Annual Orange Co. Aca- demic Decathlon was held Saturday, Nov. 19, at University High School in Irvine. Six Valencians participated in three categories — Varsity, Roger Kaplan, Mike Grismer, Scholastic, Mark Carlson, Deanna Wasson, Honors, Pat Burke, and David Jackson. Categories of participants is deter- mined by grade point average. Academic decathlon competition consists of seven academic tests: career education, litera- ture, fine arts, math, science, social stud- ies, and the Super Quiz. The contestants also must demonstrate his skill in essay writing, conversation, and formal speech. The Decathlon is sponsored by the Orange Co. Education department. All county schools are encouraged to partic- ipate. Winners were announced at the participants banquet held at Disneyland Hotel in December. Ufe 45 PEP CLUB SPARKS TIGERS TO VICTORY The Pep Club was a small but active organization on campus, especially dur- ing the first semester. It joined with other spirit groups and participated in sign painting and the homecoming parade. At the football games the club sat as a group in their identifying blue and gold Pep Club shirts and provided support to our cheerleading squad during the game. Plans were later made to interest and include more students so support can be given to all the clubs and teams on cam- pus. Several sports that the Pep Club supported this year were bas- ketball, track and football. Their support was very valuable to the teams " efforts. 46 life QUILL AND SCROLL WRITES ON Quill and Scroll includes the members of the El Tigre newspaper staff and the Tesoros Yearbook staff on the Valencia campus. These students work diligently week after week during fourth period to put out their various publications. Jim Drummond heads the El Tigre staff with Kent Coules as editor. The staff continu- ously puts out an outstanding paper every two weeks. Bernie Davis heads the Tesoros staff with Paul Gilbert as editor. For the first half of the school year the staff works like maniacs, rushing to meet their deadlines. Quill and Scroll — Kent Coules, Cindy Morrocco, Bary Balas. Andy Kelly, Gwen Humphries, Shan Ozima, Julia Scolt, Ten Lyons. Pat Burke. Scott Witle, Tom Bennett. Julie Armstrong, Jamie Daugherty, Theresa McCormick, Dianna Siaward, Sol pictured — Jim Keup. James Wallace, Ray Laraby. U(e 47 Sailing Club — Front row — (left to right) Dr. Jenkins, Toby Craver, Roger Kaplin, Leah Lumley, Chris Hanson, Back row Wallace, Greg Davis, Becky Boelman, Pat Burke, Jenny Press, Gary Balas. (left to right) Resa Lumley, Ellen SAILING CLUB ANCHORS MEMBERS The sailing club has been one of the fastest growing organizations on the Valencia campus. Starting with only four members it has grown to a group of twenty ambitious sailors. This year ' s sail- ing club was the most successful so far. The VHS group was privileged to have the use of five 30 ' " shields " from the University of California at Irvine cam- pus. Another event for the club this year was their first float entry in the Home- coming parade. Though it was not entered to be officially judged, it was a fine float. There were many " firsts " for this year ' s sailing club only to be suc- ceeded by next year ' s Anchors Away. ifc ' «5 a|(K2 ' ■ ' S 48 Life t«, SCIENCE CLUB HAS ENCOUNTER OF THIRD KIND The Science Club was created for stu- dents planning to pursue a career in that field of study. Its purpose was to acq- uaint members with their specific areas of interest through field trips and guest speakers. This year ' s outings, funded by a fall bake sale, included a trip to the Corona Del Mar tide pools, a boat excursion to view the whale migration, and a visit to CSUF to investigate the electron microscope. :ience Club )S. Grant Lindley, Pat Gnsmer, Cathy Rigby, Janice Peltingale, Dianna Wasson, Mrs. Phil- MECHA CLUB BUILDS FLOAT fM I r A The Mecha Club is a movement to better the educational opportunities of all chicano students. Leaders Santiago Segovia and Mary Briggs explained, " The Mecha Club gives these kids a sense of belonging. We hope after stu- dents are exposed to our club and cul- tural activities, they will experience a greater feeling of importance. " The Mecha Club entered a float in the homecoming parade this year under the theme of the rock group " Kiss. " Ufe 49 SKI CLUB HAS SNOWBALL EFFECT This year the ski club abandoned all trips to Mammoth, Tahoe, and China Peak for the lack of lodging. Otherwise the ski club had a very successful year. Many members went to local ski resorts where the best snowfall was in the past 5 years. " Local skiing was great. My sister and 1 were having fun going off four foot jumps, " commented senior Julie Armstrong. " Holiday Hill was cranking. It would have been funner though if Pat Burke hadn ' t been falling all over the hill, " exclaimed Gary Balas. The group has already planned several trips for next year, including one to Mammoth. Ski Club — (left to right) — Mona Wilson, Wendy Swanson, Pat Burke, Joyce Alspaugh, Gary Balas, Mr. Grimm. Chris Han- sen. Bill Scaffer. 50 Life STUDENT STORE OFFERS VARIETY students select vanous items before school and at break, including food, school supplies, and clothing items. The Student Store provides a learning environment for stu- dents to acquire saleable skills in retail selling and merchandis- ing and provides a place for the student body to purchase school supplies, P.E. clothes, and food items. Opening 30 minutes before school starts, the store is a hub of activity until the bell rings. Students can enjoy a breakfast of hot chocolate and pastries. Other students buy an apple or orange to save for their lunch. Soda pop and assorted fruit juices, candy bars, cookies, beef jerky and fruit pies are some of the many items on sale. Ufe 51 52 Life ,! ♦: : 1 - ' • l iiJi ' iliV MiM SURFERS MAKE WA VES ON CAMPUS Surf Club — From row — (left to right) Robert Jones, Jeff Koegel, Greg Caroll, Bob Belfi, Scott Murphy, Back row ston, Craig Anderson, Greg Livingston, Glenn Shipley, Brad Stout, David Thou. In its first year of existence, the surf club was started on the - Valencia High School campus due to general interest. It was started for people who already surf and also for those who wanted to learn how to hang ten. The original idea was to com- pete against schools with previously formed surf clubs, but the idea never fell through. Surfing on Saturdays, the surf club was open to all students was expense free. Group leader, Craig Miller, provided everyone with surf boards and free demonstra- tions. - Craig Miller, Steve LaPalme, Randy Lang- -!:a V.LCA. V.I.C.A. stands for the Vocational Industrial Clubs of America. Its purpose is to promote vocational skills, promote skill Olympic contest, plan spring car rally and each Spring they hold an annual picnic for all advance shop stu- dents at Irvine Park. Many Junior Colleges and major Uni- versities have V.I.C.A. Clubs which are very active in the vocational arts area. V.I.C.A, Cluh Craig Anderson. Robert Sanchez. Greg Caroll. Robert Jones. Bob Bel fi, Scott Muiphy, Back row — Steve LaPalme, Jeff Koegel, Brad Stout, David Thou, Glenn Shipley. 7 m .JSR Ufe 53 GIRLS GLEE SINGS IN HARMONY Girl ' sGlee — From row — (left lonf hi) Mr. Kean, Virginia Bratcher. Cher l Ellison, Kay Kearney, Becky Bratcher. Daryl Vanderpol, Rhonda Lindemuth, Dessa Manary, Kathy Phister, Debra Taylor, Natalie Costello, Gail Phillips, Pom Wilson, Denise Flores, Dawn Schuster. ' kl i 1 ; ' -mk: Y The Girl ' s Glee is a totally unique group of girls, working and striving to unite not only their voices for a good sound, but their personalities and individual interests to better relationship within the group. Starting out with only a small number, each member got to know each other in a realistic way. Throughout the year they achieved their goals of helping one another and learning together. Their group activities encompassed several areas. They entertained the Placentia Senior Citizens with Christmas Carols during the holiday season, and performed in numerous concerts. Some of which were: The Canyon Festival, Jester Hau-ston, and Valencia ' s Pop and Spring Concerts. 54 Life Chamber Singers is a select group of 20 auditioned singers. To be a member of this group is an honor, because Valen- cia ' s Chamber Singers are more than just singers. They are pianists, guitarists, per- cussionists, brass and woodwind players, strmg players, drama students and foot- ball players. Their contributions are many and talents are unhmited. SINGERS MAKE HONOR CHOIR Chamber Singers — From row (let! lo right) Pony Wilson, Greg Davis. Paula Snow, Steve Parkins. Jenny Press, Mike Porter, Lon Campbell, Back row — Mr. Kean, Sue Gilbert, Cliff Zierei, Lorretla Chase, Alan Bell, Regina Ashie, Charles Cruz, Donna Garcia, Jim Leitch. Ufe 55 STUDENT COUNCIL GETS INVOLVED Sludent Council — From row — (left lo right) Jeanne Newliendt, Cindy Morrocco, Andrea Evans, June Pebbly, Joyce Alspaugh, Pat Kelly, Regina Ashie, Gary Balas, Back row — Bruce Kittelson, Nancy Johanessen, Dalbert Session, Fred Flores, Mark Halvorsen, Dick Pappas, Kris Keup, Karen Krieger, Cathy Stoner, Karl Reiter. Student Council sponsors more activi- ties on campus than any other group or organization on campus. This year they sponsored freshman orientation, Sr. and Jr. class dances, all homecoming activi- ties and spirit week activities, the second annual faculty basketball game, the can- ned food drive, the movie production of " The Sting, " Just about anything goes, powder puff, and the Beatlemania trip. These were several of the activities they sponsored. They also sponsored assem- blies, concerts, and noon activities. 56 Life SPONSORS MANY ACTIVITIES Life 57 SENATE SPONSORS FUND RAISING Senate — Mr. Kittleson. Jeannie Rosas, Julie Armstrong. Lisa Steppoler, Kelly Sadocky, Sue Kelly. Andy Kelly. Jill Jancek. Jenny Arnold. John Delaviva. Nancy Johaneson. MiUisa Hanson, Cathy Tilman. Anne Murrey, Kathey Cole, Julie del Fuin. Student Senate sponsored many activities and many fund- raising events this year. Beginning with the winter formal at the Anaheim Sheratom. the Senate sponsored one of the most successful dances of the year. Several fund raismg projects were the charity fund raiser. Muscular Dystrophy Decathlon, the March of Dimes Walk-a- thon and bake sales. Painting the trash cans on campus was aLso supportive to council. Top left — Pat Burk helps in Senate project. Top right — Matt Sturm concen- trates in his project. Bottom right — Senate member shows off in the can food drive. 58 Life ACTIVITIES FOR CLASSES Ufe 59 CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION C.S.F. — (left to right) Pat Gnsmer. Mike Meston, Becky Boelman, Leah Lumley, Mike Porter, Grant Lindly, Lori Van Sant, Lori Luisi, Jim Kuep, Shari Ozima, Laura Rigby. Doug Gavel, and Mike Grismer. C.S.F. is a club that includes students that have accumulated high grade point averages in their school work. To be a member of the California Scholarship Federation, a student must have achieved a G.P.A. of at least 3.5 on his semester report card. Jim Drummond is club advisor. To become a member, a stu- dent must show his report card and pay fifty cents to receive his membership card. C.S.F. is valuable to have on your record when applying for college scholarships and admission. 60 Life 1977-78 PROVIDES MORE EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES THAN ANY OTHER YEAR Ufe 61 BAND GAINS RECOGNITION P •-A •t- 3 ' yALENCIA H.S. MARCHING BAND Band marches through the competition area at the All Western Band Review. Band Members Include — Marlene Adams, Mary Frances Amigo, Ron Blackburn, Ann Blodgett, Robin Borzone, Jeney Boyd. Bnan Brooks, Steve Bruce, Mike Burns, Armando Carrera, Elisa Case, George Cerecerez, Kirk Chase, Pat Cunnmg- ham, Chuck Epperson, Barbara Gardner, Kevin Gibbs, Raul Gonzales, Irene Gough, Randi Grahn, Mark Halvorsen, Randy Halvorsen, Bruce Henault, Sue Hill, Mitch Hiserote, Paul Hughes, Debbie Jamieson, Keith Kolbo, Debby Lance, Ray Lanctot, Scott Liles, Ken Lopez. Leah Lumley. Risa Lumley, Kevm Lyons, John Marron, Steve Perez, Rubin Perez, Kevin Pintus. Mike Porter, John Reed, Mike Reeves. Barbara Riggs, Jim Riggs, LaVonne Rosauer, Sue Rosauer, Julia Scott. Nancy Scott. Curtis Skelly, Dawn Sontag, Marty Sleelman, Phil Tait, Peggy Thomas. Regina Tobin. Shawn Townsend, Kathy Valdez, Lisa Vanderham, Nancy Waliszek. Daren Walsh. David Weidner. Delia Weidner. Jeff White. Diane Wilmeth, Joanna Worker. Banners and Flags Are — Karen Carbone. Valerie Carlson. Angela Egbert, Lani Herrera, Teri Lyons. Lauren Mayer, Kathleen Meston. Dianna Rice. Donna Seacord, Debbie Strain, Sheri Strain and Elaine Wallace. Talent, pride, determination and a new director all came together this year for the band leading them to victory. The increase in size, sound and precision was evident in the first halftime show. Performances improved steadily through- out the year gaming the musicians a winning reputation. Among the many awards they received were Second Place at the Chino Band Review, First P lace at the Santa Monica " El Primero " Band Review and First Place at the Hawthorne Band Review. Finally they represented Valencia at the Long Beach " All Western " Band Review, the most prestigious event of the band ' s marching season. For the band, dedicated hard work has surely paid off in triumph. 62 Life WITH RENEWED SPIRIT Top tefi — Drum major Keith Kolbo ready to lead band. Top nghi — Clarmelist Steve Par- kin looks confused by complicated halftime drill. Left — Raul Gonzales, bass drummer, practices cadences with rest of drum line. Ufe 63 GREASE PAINT ! »..■ ' p t K I i 1 j .A 1!W Ha ' WS : 1 1 ■ i gpf -m J ' Z U V U. t ' Jit . f [ m li. -Wii - • ' . y " JL I t 1 i B IP ■ u , - T «KM £ V " " M m i -J . A n«i « ■ jj I ' l ' IVSCv nS ' M ., m..z 3i • 4 i- ' ijl v r (fj J?Tg? ' trm rT - " B Ki 1 »- ' V . J L f ' r " L im " - ttf-. 1 1 , " jr :m " ««( m . ' iii 1 ■■ ? rsji Hbi l W 4 il :- ppw " ' ■■■ ' i; .„ . .£ » H yb aasm u4 m 1 ft%i jjg siaiMaBWt V A " ;; 0. The Urchins lake over. Bottom left — Sir and Kid, Michael Porter and Marjorie Press, explain the rules of the game. Bottom right — Cocky ' s dream-girl comes true for an instant, Tavio Hurtado and Denise Fontanot. 64 Life ROARS Upper left — Michael Porter as " Sir. " Upper right — Cocky must write it " In the Book. " Left — Urchins " playing the game. " Roar of the Greasepaint and Smell of the Crowd, a delightful blend of sparkling comedy and wonderful music, drew rave reviews from an enthusiastic audience. " Greasepaint " (as it was affectionately called by the cast and crew) was written by Anthony Newley as a commentary on " The Game of Life. " It proved to be an unusual evening for all, as clowns jumped, darted, and dashed about the auditorium. Sir, the chief clown, was expertly portrayed by Michael Porter. Cocky, the new clown trying to " win " the game, was played by Tavio Hurtado, who won the hearts of the audience. Life 65 BALAS REPRESENTS STUDENTS 1 i Gary Balas, a senior at Valencia, was stu- dent board representative this year. He par- ticipated in the school board meetings, hav- ing his own seat on the board. He repre- sented the students feelings and ideas as dif- ferent topics were discussed during the meet- ings. Balas carried an impressive 3.7 grade _ point average and plans on attending U.C. Irvine next fall as an engineering major. Balas also participated on Valencia ' s varsity soccer and tennis teams. 66 Life ( a .-.. 3- - ..aSb:; - " -0- -- ____ JU.3C 2 -SfcwL .. . ..Jc 3c " " .. ir " =j s ' i- r ; _, l L ert - S VofQ at ncr dam £ ,ng , 4up c d .ea - has pss .C+Vv-rayMj j ;,„ . -f 1 -the - vx3r5 Y dd -g;- me ' .n Mv ' . f teys Life 67 68 Life _ o. ' aoo ; I " -k-- o c5o.vy wovm Hope ; .;..r- , -. -W. — . 3p-o.;(uv r . 3 V ■ y ho cH. lo4- " " " = 1 r Life 69 Students find getting involved a worthwhile experience, providing memories that will last a lifetime. 70 Life To the Students of Valencia: Another eventful and highly successful year in the history of Valencia High School takes its place within these pages of Tesoros. They show clearly, now when fresh in memory, and later when the past is less bright, what you have accomplished. The successes of the year are a testament in many things, the staff, your parents, the community, but perhaps more impor- tantly, they are a tribute to you the Student Body. Your pride, your effort, your positive and friendly spirit are really what makes your individual Hfe a success and Valencia a very spe- cial school. The faculty and staff recognize and are proud of your accomplishments this year and the contributions mir- rored within these pages. Sincerely, )ert E. L Principal ones ROBERT E. L. JONES MsMBMii:: Hpi L ' ■- J GIL GUERRERO GUY MANNING WILL WAITL People 72 A DMINIQTRATION: People Who Take Charge MARV BRIGGS BETTE DORN JIM SEGOVIA Keeping the campus relatively calm and happy is a bigjob and our adminis- trators handle it very well. The people in the main office have managed to hold on to old traditions while supervising many beneficial changes. They watched many improve- ments take place in Valencia ' s physical appearance, such as the new paint job and the construction of the new gym. Our counseling and activities people keep Valencia mentally healthy. Help- ing with problems whether personal or school-oriented is part of every counse- lor ' s job. Staying in touch with student interests to plan events that appeal to everyone is also important to campus unity. This is taken care of by our activities director. Bruce Kittilson. All of our people keep a receptive ear and friendly smile ready for students and are always searching for ways to make Valencia a more pleasant place. BRUCE KITTILSON People 73 People Who Care Counseling secretary Marcia Antley gives prompt and friendly responses to students ' questions. Ron Kean, choir director, practices music for upcoming concert. ■f 1 ' V M ' ■ ■W : ' K " » 1 1 1 .. yi . ' g i " HBP " As pepster advisor. Carol Hoist watches her squads perform a successful skit at pep rally for Esperanza football game. People 74 Beyond fhe Call of Duty Our people at Valencia are special in that they do so much more than is asked of them. Their dedication shows in the atten- tion they give their jobs. Our faculty works hard to help produce a success- ful dance, a polished newspaper edi- tion, an exciting class discussion, a superior dramatic performance or an outstanding concert. They give up their time to support us by supervising, tak- ing statistics, or simply cheering for our teams. But not only are they involved with Valencia, they are part of many other groups and organizations. Some of our people belong to the Placentia Art Association, others to the Placentia Founders Society. Our people sponsor Boy Scout troops and referee games for other schools. These are just a few of the things that make people at Valencia different than those at any other school. They are truly people who care. Band director Bill Sumner arrives at seven every morning after drivmg the long distance from his home in Yucaipa. Chuck Frazer and Ken Robinson watch thnlling basketball game while taking statistics and announcing. People 75 TEACHER9: People Who CHARLES ALLEN y -v ' ' .J ' ' |-- ' ' : ' .t ' ' ' ; ' ' ■ .■■•■• ' ' ffl ' ' GENE BAKER JAMES BELL BILL BORNING History teacher Jock Fischer loolcs over assignments before his transfer to the district office. KAREN CLABORN STAN CRANE MIKE CUMMINS People 76 Wotk With Us BERNIE DAVIS JOHN DE NIKE JIM DRUMMOND JOCK FISCHER CHUCK FRAZER ANDY GERASIMOU CHARLES ALLEN — Adv. Mach., Cons. Math, Home Liv, I O Metals, Pr. Skills GENE BAKER — Algebra I, Chemistry, Physics JAMES BELL — Wld. Hist., Sociology BILL BORNING — Biol- ogy KAREN CLABORN — U. S. Hist., GOLD STAN CRANE — Lang. Arts II, Pract. Comp., Stage- craft, Theater (Beg, Int, Pro- ductions) MIKE CUMMINS — P.E. JOHN CYRUS — Wld. Hist., Comp. I BERNIE DAVIS — French I, II, III, IV, V, Lang. Arts I, Pub Annual JOHN DE NIKE — Adv. Speech, Debate Forensics, Lang. Arts I JIM DRUMMOND — Comp. I, II, Journalism, Mass Media, Pract. Comp., Pub News JOCK FISCHER — Anthropology, GOLD. U. S. Hist. CHUCK FRAZER — Algebra I, II, ESL Vietnamese ANDY GERASIMOU — Biology, Gen. Sci., Physiology People 77 Coach Parker works hard during registration. BOBHAMBLIN JIM HANSEN BARNEY HORAN WOODY GREENHILL TOM GRIMM RICHARD HOLMES PAT GRIMES STEVE GULLOTTI CAROL HOLST M MBw r . K- ' Hk r jP i Li ' ' H JIM JENKINS SANRDA JONES RON KEAN People 78 PI?fBYOUKOU?P(foQ John De Nike leads class discussion. KAY KENNEDY KAY KERBY BETTY LAWSON RICHARD LEVERETF JEANETTE LOCKEN BILL MC CRACKEN WOODY GREENHILL — Auto Shop, I O Auto PAT GRIMES — Algebra I, Cons. Math TOM GRIMM — Cons. Ed. STEVE GULLOTTI — Cons. Ed., Poli. Sci., Urban Studies, U. S. Hist. BOB HAMBLIN — PE JIM HANSON — Cons. Math, Power Woods DICK HOLMES — Cons. Math, Photo. (Adv, Fund.) CAROL HOLST — Off. Training, Shorthand I, Typing LII BARNEY HORAN — Ag. (Exp, Mech, Projects), An Pl Sci, Nursery I, II JIM JENKINS — Algebra, Geometry, Math Analysis SANDY JONES — Amer. Frontier, Psychology, U. S. Hist, Wld. Hist. RON KEAN — Girls ' Choir, Guitar, Voc. Ensemble, Wld. Hist. KAY KENNEDY — Comp. I, Lang. Arts I-D KAY KERBY — Crit. Reading, Lang. Arts I-B, Pr. Reading BETTY LAWSON — Adv. Foods, Chef, Child Care, Clothing, Creat. Needle, Foods RICHARD LEVERETT — Art (Fund. I, II, Production), Ceramics, Crafts Adv. Crafts, Design, Draw Paint JEANETTE LOCKEN — Lib. Sci. BILL MC CRACKEN — Calif. Hist, Cans. Ed, Cont. Wld. Affairs, U. S. Hist. MIKE MC LEAN — Dr. Ed Guid, Health PAT MILLARD — Home Ec. Survey CRAIG MILLER — Adv. Design, Arch. Draw, Cons. Math, Electronics MIKE MC LEAN PAT MILLARD -Ik: S CRAIG MILLER People 79 DON OCANA LEEOSTBERG MITZI OZAKI NORM PARKER JOHN PEREZ KEN ROBINSON RITA PHILLIPS RAY RODRIGUEZ iii mi. X DAVE PINCKNEY TILLIE RIVERA JANE ROGERS JANESTIBAL Coach Ray Rodriguez instructs players during a basketball game against Esperanza H.S. People 80 Parlez-vous francais? BILL SUMNER LIZSWINK JUDY TUTTLE BERT VALADEZ FRANK VASQUEZ CAROL WEBSTER GIL WHITESCARVER SHEILA WILSON DON OCANA — PE LEE OSTBERG — ROP, Voc. Council MITXYOZAKI— Nurse NORM PARKER — Work. Exp. JOHN PEREZ — ESL Spanish RITA PHILLIPS — Biol- ogy, Gen. Sci. DAVE PINCKNEY — Lang. Arts I, II TILLIE RIVERA — Span- ish L IL ESL KEN ROBINSON — Creat. Writ., Lang. Arts II, Am. Lit. I, II, Comp. I RAY RODRIGUEZ — Dr Ed Guid. JANE ROGERS — PE JANE STIBAL — Creat. Selling, Typing I, II, Mechan. I BILL SUMNER — Band (Adv, Beg, Wind Ensemble), Orch, Music Theory, Cons. Ed. LIZSWINK — EHLD JUDY TUTTLE — Lang Arts I, II, Cont. Lit. BERT VALADEZ — Span- ish I, II, III, IV, V FRANK VASQUEX — Poli. Sci, MexAmer Studies, U. S. Hist. CAROL WEBSTER — Algebra I, II, Geometry GIL WHITESCARVER — Bus. Math., Accounting, Office Practice, Typing SHEILA WILSON — PE KAREN WRAIGHT — Special Ed, Drill Team CAROL ZUKOSKI — Pr. Reading II, Lang. Arts II, Creat. Writ. KAREN WRAIGHT CAROL ZUKOSKI People 81 9TAFF: People Who MARCIA ANTLEY DONNA BELLFI PEG BARRECA MARY JANE BOYKO Peg Barreca efficiently handles work required of a principal ' s secretary. I I SYLVIA LORDS MARCIA SMITH H H i ' ' ' ' ' - ' - ' p B K i " p L X-v jr j fL njj Mrs. Lords tries to keep up with absences. WANDA YOCUM DUCIZIEGLER People 82 Help Of her People Custodial staff, . to r: Ed Vaillancourt, head custodian, Mike Durand, Phil Davies, Rudi Montoya, Raul Parades, and Roy Tovar. On every campus in every city there are times when stu- dents feel that teachers, principals, secretaries, are unfair, unintelligent, unsympathetic or unnecessary. Yet, thinking back on it all, where would we be without them? A lot happier? Maybe. But try to remember all the good experiences they have given us. Yes, there were some. Who can forget the wonderful feeling of relief after realiz- ing that Mrs. Antley has the answers even when nobody else does. Or the thrill of having a teacher who finally makes math interesting. Our people are always ready with a cheering comment for a low mood or a " congratulations " for a job well done. They concentrate not only on their jobs but on their students. Because they try to be our friends when they could so easily become the enemy, the faculty and staff of Valencia, our peo- ple, help give the campus that special Tiger pride, unity and originality. Snack bar staff, . lo r: Mary Mount, Sue Crawley. Clemie Fucinan, Mary French. People 83 VALENCIA People Who Wofk Togefher Above right — Drama instructor Stan Crane keeps a close watch on his stagecraft class with senior Shawn Townsend. Above left — Assistant Principal Guy Mannino looks up from his work with a smile. Righl — Counse- lor Bette Dorn shows science teacher Pat Mallard the new spring schedule. 84 People Bollom row — Suzanne Maldanado. Mardee Hoist. Julie Armstrong. Nancy Johanasen. Roger Kaplan. Tom Mirek. Top row Halvorsen. Kent Coules. Wendell Williams, Larry Shaw. Dick Pappas. Not shown — Jane Jancek. Wayne Norman. Andy Kelly. John Elmore. Mark We have arrived. 1978 is upon us and now it ' s time to take the diploma and run. But before you make a mad dash out into the cold cruel world, pausejust a moment to look back on the class of " 78. We did O.K. don ' t you think? Remember when we were freshmen and dared each other to run through the senior quad, only to end up eating leftovers from a day old lunch at the bottom of a trash can? Or how about our sophomore year when that Jones guy with the four first names stepped in as principal ... in May no less. Then there was last year, when we captured the sweepstakes trophy for our homecoming entry. And then put on one of the finest proms Valencia has ever seen. Which brings us to our senior year. We almost couldn ' t have made it without the quad party. The first dance of the year was sponsored, remember, after we beat El Toro high school 27-7 to win our first season opener in 18 years? We won sweepstakes trophy again too. What a float! How about the Dating Game with Troy high school, or the canned food drive. Then there was that car rally. All this along with powder puff, donkey basketball and Magic Mountain (not to mention stacking trash cans and picnic tables across campus at mid-night) indicates that we are the class that gets involved. Yes ' 78 is great, and I ' m just glad I ' m a part of it. See ya ' at the reunion, Mark Halvorsen Us 86 ELIZABETH ABAD Ll.AINLACKERMAN LILIA ALVAEIADO MARIA APPA JULIE ARMSTRONG JENIFER ARNOLD STEVEN ARRIGHI REGiNA ASHIE STEVEN AYOTTE ROBERT BAIZA GARYBALAS STEVEN BARLOW DEANNABELL ERIK BELL SCOTT BENEDICT THOMAS Us 87 RICHARD BERNDSEN LEONA BOSWELL BRIAN BROADDUS H - ■ K % ' - B t - w - L — — m K m MITZl BILLINGSLEY MICHAEL BORGER DAVID BORST I B. l| V. r if -. ■:. WL : ■ ' ■■ LOIS BRADFORD VINCENT BRADSHAW VIRGINIA BRATCHER MANUEL BUELN A f_ PATRICK BURKE TERI BUXBAUM Jami Daugherty, Cindy Morocco. Scott Witte andjunior Randy Villarreal confer on El Tigre. Us 88 WALLACE CANTERBURY MARK CARLSON LAURA CARRILLO KATHY CASSOTTA JOSEPH CASTILLO RANDALL CASTNER REBECCA CASTRO ROSEMARY CASTRO PHILIP CHERNE RICHARD CISNEROS U» 89 JHfe ' ' SHELLY CRAIG CONNIE GRAIN I wonder what Mark Halvorsen thinks about during P.E. Reflections of Erik Bell taking pictures. JAMI DAUGHERTY MELINDA DAVIES Us 90 Bret Lindemuth finishes his project in woodshop. ERIN DEVILLEZ STANLEY DAVIS ANTHONY DE LEON KEVIN DE LOS REYES DARRON DEVILLEZ KATHI DURAN C ' . JOHN ELMORE KENNY ENRIQUEZ Joe Sturgeon, Reginia Ashie, John Dexter and Keith Kolbo relax during drama class. Us 91 Mark Halvorsen explains the joys of golf to Wendal Williams and Keni Coules. from a different point of view. FREDDY FLORES ROBIN FORD Us 92 JULIA FOWELL ALFRED GARCIA ELVIRA GARCIA CARMELAGAYTON TIMGERDON VIRGINIA GIBBONS MARGARET GIBSON PAUL GILBERT JOSEPH GOMEZ DAVIDGARDNER KEVIN GIBBS KATHY GOMEZ ABEL GONZALES JOE GONZALES MANUEL GONZALES PATRICIA GONZALES Us 93 RAFAEL GONZALES GINA GOURLEY 1 ' p 1 v g 0 W " ' m r 1 CYNTHIA GRANT David Weidner and Dick Pappas with thi ATTIA ANN HALABI KENNETH HALEY MARK HALVORSEN CHRISTOPHER HANSEN Us 94 LEADS VALENCIA ' S COMEBACK evious minds try to attempt a Physic Lab. MARIANNE HARVEY TODD HARRIS LISA HATCH KATHLEEN HERNANDEZ MARIA HERNANDEZ CATHERINE HERRERA LANI HERRERA DAVID HIRSCH U$ 95 Cindy Morocco giving the camera the eye. MARGARET HOLST TRACY HOULLIS GWEN HUMPHRIES GERARDO HURTADO MARY LOUISE IPPOLll O STEPHANIE IVES DAVID L.JACKSON DAVID M.JACKSON JANEJANCEK SUEJENNINGS Us 96 ws : | H P ' " y . f NANCY JOHANNESSEN ROGER KAPLAN DONNA KASZYCKI ANDREW KELLY PATRICIA KELLY SANDYKLLILRLR CHRISTINE KEUP JAMES LEE KEUP ROBIN KING ' ' ■ 1 -» ■ ' M xY w A LINDA KLEMENT EMAN KHREICH WILLIAM KING III Dennis Vartanian caught working on the senior float. Uj 97 It Stan Davis and Cris Hansen put their minds together to solve Physic Lab. JEROME KISYLI A WAYNE KOOKER CHRIS KOVALESKY KAREN KRIEGER MARY LABORDE BRIAN LACOMBE DEBORAH LANCE LORI LANCTOT Us 98 KARIN LASH V JAMES LEITCH CYNTHIA LEON MARY LIBERINO BRAD LINDEMUTH BRET LINDEMUTH A. RICK LINDEMUTH MEGAN LINDLEY The senior gang all look around during break trying to find the nearest freshman to can. Us 99 wz t % v % ' 1 H V fc- f ns CARMEN LOPEZ DANNY LOPEZ PAM LUCIO CONSTANCE LUM SUZANNE MALDONADO BRENDA MARTINEZ Dick Pappas doesn ' t think it ' s too hard to make flowers for the float and watch T.V. at the same time. LEEMATHIS MARK MC CORMICK KAREN MC GILLIVRAY KRISTINEMCKEE Us 100 JOHN MCLAUGHLIN STAN MCNEIL MONICA MEDRANO LYNDA MORGAN SAEEDMOSAYLBI ROBERT NAJERA THERESA MIKOLOSKI CYNTHIA MOROCCO Us 101 MICHELLE NORMANDEAU OLGAOLAVE Princess Lori Lanctot grits hei icciti as she wails for pie impacl. RICHARD OLSON LYNN OROSCO LOR! OTIS PATRICIA PACVAPrn RICHARD PAPPAS RUTH PARKER PATRICIA ANN PERALTA BART PERRY Us 102 Julie Armstrong. Lisa Puetmann and Debbie Seacord dance to class. NANCY PUCKETT LISA PUETTM ANN DAVID REYNOLDS DONALD REYNOLDS KELLY RICE MAUREEN RICKERL Lk 103 Class clown Martin Mooney tips his hat to the seniors. ERNEST ROBLES PATRICIA ROBLES LESLIE RON EY DAVID ROSAS KELLY ROSAS SUSAN ROSAUER Us 104 SHERYL ROSS ROBERTO SANCHEZ DARIO SANDOVAL LEONARDO SANDOVAL JULIA SCOTT DEBBY SEACORD Nancy Waliszek studies in her spare time f.T upcoming finals. Us 105 LARRY SHAW CHRISTINE SLEMP SCOTT SMISSEN JODI LYNN SMITH PAULA SNOW KEVIN STACY ■ m k ixc«. f H ■ J| i ' »! TOM STANCE JENNIFER STONER Seniors show pi iu . m liie win of the canned food drive. BRADLEY STOUT JOSEPH STURGEON Us 106 P g " I HCjr " " sv i d MATTSTURMS SUSAN SZYMBORSKI THERESA TENNER FRANK THOMAS SHAWN TOWNSEND GREG TRIPLETT Virginia Bralcher amazed by the camera while working in her drama class. STEVEN VALDEZ LISAVANDERHAM Us 107 Bob Harley looks at the photographer in an odd way. JOHN VARELA THOMAS VICKREY GILBERT VILLARREAL BRAD VIRGO DAWN WACH DIANE WACH Left — Cheryl Ricklef in one of her creative moods for art. Us 108 After a hard work, Mark, Ernie, Scott and Phil relax. DEANNA WASSON LYNDA WEBER Scott Benidict, Mark McCormick, Ernie Robles and Phil Chame work hard together to make their throne in the senior quad. JULIE WEISMANN Uj 109 CHARLES WERNER Frank Basquez, Scott and Keilh Kolbo practice light effects in the auditorium. DIANE WHALEN SUSAN WILDER DENNIS WILLIAMS MONICA WILSON SCOTT WHITE Mark Halvorsen and Tom Mirek experiment on Lab during iheir Physics class. Us 110 JEFFREY WOOD LARRY WOOLF m J Terri Mikoloski, Lisa Schmidt and Virginia Gibbons work together in iheir Child Development class. k MARK YEAKLE MERRIEYFFERT Wayne Norman and Tom Mirek show off the calculator. Us 111 Top 50 Seniors Lori Lanctot Julia Scott Roger Kaplan Marjorie Press Karen Krieger David Hirscti Lisa Puettmann Jodi Smithi Richard Pappas Andy Kelly Deanna Wasson Paul Gilbert Mark Carlson Thomas Mirek Maryam Fakhrai MarkGupton Gary Balas Christine Keup Greg Triplett David Weidner Moriem Jamshidian Lynda Morgan Jane Jancek Patricia Kelly Cindy Morocco Lisa Schmidt Ruth Parker Donna Kaszycki Patricia Pacheco Kathy Clark Eman Khreich Megan Lindley Chris Kovalesky Robert Harley Narges Fakhrai Lisa Vanderham Jacinto Padilla Nancy Johannessen Nathan leu Olson Pamela Lucio Mark Halvorsen James Keup Karin Lash Jeffery Wood Leonard Sandoval Julie Armstrong Kelly Rice Vincent Bradshaw Melinda Davies Erin De Villez Us 112 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ' 78 From the Class of ' 79 Rev. and Mrs. Ashie Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Barlow Philip W. Borst Lee and Mary Castner Mr. and Mrs. Richard Coules Mrs. Ann Davis Mr. and Mrs. Barney Gibbs V Arthur and Joan Gibson Dick and Shirley Gilbert Mr. and Mrs. Monty Hoist Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Halvorsen Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Hirsch Mr. and Mrs. James Jancek Mr. and Mrs. James J. Kelley David and Lois Keup Mr. and Mrs. James K. Leitch Shirley and Richard Lindley Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Pappas Pond Photographs Martha and John Press Bob and Mary Reves Mr. and Mrs. Eugene L. Scott Dr. Donald F. Stoughton Us i; - SENIOR CLASS DIRECTORY fc ' imniing9. 10. t Abad. Elizab th -CT; Ackerman. ElaineV j. . Alvarado.Lilia— Spanish Club 9. 10. 12, Appa. Maria J. Armstrone. Julie — CSF 9. 10. II. 12: GAA 9. 10. 11. 12: Swim ming II. 12:Tennis9, 10. II. 12. Arnold. Jenifer Rose Senate Officer 10. 1 1. 12: GAA 9. 10. II. 12: Swimming 9: Tennis II. 12: Track 9, 10. II, 12: JAAG II: Field Hockey 10. II. 12. Arrighi. Steven Ashie. Regina — Concert Choir 9. 12: Chamber Singers ■ v 10. II. 12; Girls League 10. II. 12: Class Officer 10: Class Attendant 1 1: Student Council II. 12: Drama 9. 10. 11. 12: ElTigre 10. 11. 12: CSFIO. 11. 12. . A otte. Steven Baiza. Robert A. — Football 10: Surf Club 12: Ski Club lr • v.. Balas. Gar J:— CSF 10. 11: El Tigre 11. 12: Letter- ■,■ ' ■■ ' ' ' men ' s Club I2 Student Body Officer 12: Tennis 9. 10. 11. UiSoccer 9. 10. II. 12: Student Rep of School Boaf fl2. Barlow. Steven — Football 9. 10. 11. 12; Baseball 9; Track 10. I]: Science Club II: Lettermen ' s Club 10. 11. 12; Powderpuff Coach II Barzegar. Kianak Basquez. Frank — . Bow.liiig Club.J-1: Golf 12: Track 9, 10. II. 12. ;i , e ' Bdl, Deanna — Bowilifig Cliib-lfe: Powderpuff II. 12: vVblle ball 10. 1 1 : Girl ' s Leai -T2 ' ' i ' .ffc ' j : X oiieMMii lo. I 1 . vjirj 7vV«VV;.V , JBfll.£rik Wi?i " Benedict. Lynn Scott - Baseball 10. II. 12: Football 10. Basketball 12: 11. 12. Bennett. Thomas Bcmdsen. Richard - Band 9. 10. 11; Baseball 10. 11. 12; CSF 11. 12. Billingslev. Milzi L. Bintz. Louis — Tennis II. 12. Soccer 9. 10; Sailing Club 10. II. 12. Borders. J. Stuart Borders. John D, Borger. Michael Borsi. David — Football 9: Surf Cluh 13 Boswell. Leona L. Bradford. Lois J. — Black Student Linum 9 Bradshaw. Vincent ■- Baseball 9. 10. I I. 12; 9. 10.11, 12: Football 10 II. 12 Bralcher. Virginia Choir 12; Drama 9. 10. II. French Club 10. Broaddus. Bryan Buelna. Manuel Bui. Tuan Bunte, M.irk 1. Burgman. Lauries- " Burke. Patrick J eph - Orama Club 10. II, 12: E. Tigre 11- 12; ferinis.-: ' SailingClub 12 Buvbaum. Ten Jeanne — Bowling Club 9; Choir 9; GAA 9, 10; Track ' 9: Ski Club II; Volleyball 10. (- ' anlerbury, Wallace — Choir 1 I ; Drama 9; Swimming 9. 10: Stage Crew 9, 10. 1 1. 12: Stage Manager 1 1. C arlson. Mark Carnlio. Laura Cassolta. Kaihv M. — Cross Country 12: GA.A II. 12; Pep Club 9; track U. 12: Ski Club ' lO. Castillo. Joseph Castner. Randall — Cross Ciiuntry 9. 12: Lettermen ' .s Club II. 12: Track 9. 10 1 1„ Castro. Rebecca . -V ' ' - ' --; " - - ' ■ ■ " V.. Castro. Rosemarie A. — Chica no Si ' udent Uriioii 9 ' : DrillTeam II. 12: Girl ' s League 9 Ccja. ioIeta — Pep Club 10. 12; Science Club 1 1 ; Arch Bearer II: Eniertainmeflt.L hmited 12; Career Club 12. Chapman. Ten Lee Cherne. Philip Ed — Soccer 10. 11. 12; VICA 11, Cisneros. Richard — Cross Country 9. 10. II. 12: Letter- men ' s Club 9. 10. II. 12: Track 9. 10. II. 12, Clark. Kathleen - Class Officer 9. 10, ll;CSF9. 10. II, 12, Pep Club 12: Science Club II: Arch Bearer II; Career Club Craig. SiVelly Crain. Coryiie Crandall. Curtis Alan Cunningham. Donald W. Cyrus. Michael Brian Dao. Kim Hoa — Baseball 10: Basketball 10: Math Club 9; Swimming 1 1: Tennis 1 1: Track 1 1. Daugherly. Jami K. — Drama II. 12; El Tigre 10. II, 12: Forensics II: GAA 9, 10. 1 1 ; Girl ' s League 9. 10; , Quill and Scroll II, 12; Track 9, 10. II; Soccer 11; Powderpuff 1 1 ; Senate 9: Career Club 1 2. Davies. Melinda — Bowling Club 1 1; Banners 1 1. Davis. Stanley Basketball 9. 10. II. 12: German Club 9; Lettermen ' s Club II, 12: Tennis 9. 10, II, 12: Teso- ros II, 12, De Leon. Anthony — Baseball 9. 10. 1 1. 12: Football 9, 10. 12; Lettermen ' s Club II. 12. De Los Reyes. Kevin L. — Band 9. 10: Bowling 9, 10. 11. 12: CSF 10. De Los Reyes. Susan M. Denman. Sandy K. Densmore. Taft Devillez. Darron ' , Devillez. Erin — Girl ' s League 10. 11: Swimming 10; Tesoros 12: Disco Club 12: Senate 10, II: Powderpuff 12. ■ Dexter, Jonathan — Choir 12; El Tigre 1 1, 12; Tesoros 10; Sailing Club 11, Duran. Katherine An — Drama 10; Drill Team 10: Ski ' ( " luhlO, ... ., , Ebneshahidi. All — ffio i Cd nCry f2; " Science Club 10; Soccer II. ' ' Elmore. Jotui ' !;:- ' Football II. 12. t Enriquez. Kinny S. ;v Evans. Rodney Shane — Baseball 9; Football 9, 10, 1 1, 12; Lettermen ' s Club 9, 10. II. 12. Fakhrai. Maryam Fakhrat, Narges j 9 Felipe. Deborah — Chicano StuUent Union 9. 10. I J; Powderpuff 12, Ferrell. Mike M. Felt. Charles Fischbach. Kim Fkirer. Catherine — Art Club 10. 12; Girl ' s League 10: Pep Club 9: Swimming 10; Tesoros 12; Powderpuff 12, Fiores. Freddy - Baseball 9; Chicano Student UofQn 9. 10 1 1. 12; Student BodyOfficer 12, Floyd. Mark G. Foiwelt. Julia Ford. Pamela T, Ford. Robin L, Garcia. Alfred Baseball 9. 10. 12; Basketball 10; Football 9. 10. II. 12. Garcia. EKira — Spanish Club 9. 10. 12; Track 9. Garcia. Rosalinda Gardner. David A FFA 9, 10. 1 1 , Football 9. Garza. Rita Gay. Gary Gayton. Carmela - l ' 2; Track 11. Gerdon. Timoth Band 9; C ross Country 9. 10; El Tigre II: Industrial Arts Club 1 1 ; Track 9. 10. II. 12. Cierlie. Jonathan Gibbon . Virginia M, Gibbs. Kevin — Band President 9. 10. LI: Band 12: Choir 12; CSF 10; Football 9; Tesoros " .a ' ratit, , !: 10. 12; Wrestling 9., LI. ' Gibst n. Margaret Mary -, fc-i.--,., Gilbert. Paul - Basketball 9. 10, 11. 12: El Tigre 9. 10, 11; German Club 9; Golf 9. 10. II. 12; Industnal Art- Club 9. 10. 11. 12: Lettermen ' s Club 9. 10. 11. 12; Tesoros .Assist. Editor 1 J . Editor 12. Golie. Brian M Gomez. Joseph — Cross Country 9. 10. II. 12; Letter- men ' sCIub9. 10. II. 12: Track 9. 10. 1 1. 12. Gomez. Kaihy — Chicano Student Union 9. 10. 11; Powderpuff ' II. 13 onzales. .Abel — Football 9. Track, nzales. Joe ioazales. Manuel J. — Band 9, 10; Football 9; Soccer 9. 10. II. 12. Drill Team 9. 10. 1 1: Song Leader Grant. Cynthia Greenwood. Roy A. Guggenmos. Tamara Gupton. Mark — Track 10. Gutierrez. Ruby — Dnil Team 9; GAA 11; Volleyball 10. Hackett. Doreen Halabi. Attia Ann Haley, Kenneth R — Bowling Club 11: Wrestling 9, 10. 11 Halvorsen, Mark — Class President 12; Band 9, 10, II; Baseball 9, 10. II. 12: CSF 9, 10. 11. 12: El Tigre I], 12: Football 9. 10. 1 1. 12: Track 9. 10. 1 1, 12; Letter- men ' s Club 10, 1 1. 12, ' i Hamwood, Talal Ted — Swimming 12: Waterpolo 12, Hansen. Chnstopher — Class Officer 10; Forensics 9; Swimming 9. 12; Track 9. 10. 11: Water Polo 9. 10, 12; SailingClub 10. 12; Soccer 10. Harley. Robert — El Tigre II. 12: Football 10. 12; Swimming 9; Track 9, 10, II, 12: Water Polo 9; Soc- cer 9; Concession 9, 10, II. Hams. Todd Harvey. Mananne E. — CSF 9, 10, II, 12: GAA 9, 10, 11, 12; Pep Club 9: Tennis 9, 10, 11. 12: Swimming 9, 10. 11. 12; Gymnastics 9; Basketball 10. Hatch. Lisa Anne — Flag Leader II. 12: Swimming 10; Tennis 9. Hekmatian. Mohammad Hernandez. Kathleen Hernandez. Maria Herrera. Catherine — Chicano Student Union 9, 10, II; Girl ' s League 9; Powderpuff II, 12, Heqfera. Lam — Art Club 9, 10; Banner II, 12; CSF 12: FBLA 1 1 : Pep Club 10. II: Entertainment Unlimited 12: Powderpuff 11. 12; International Club VPres. 10. Hirsch. David A. — CSF 9. 10. 11. 12; Who ' s Who 11; Chess Club 11, ' Hoang. Hiep Hoeller. Michael — Crosscountry 9. 10. 11, 12: Letter- men ' s Club 1 1. 12: Track 9. 10. 1 1. 12., - ' . - . Hoff. Robert — Football 9. 10. 1 1. Y2: Lettermeii ' s ' icMb; 9. 10, II. 12: Wrestling9. 10. II. 12. Hoist. Margaret D. — Choir 9. FFA 9. IjCS ' l K 12; GAA 9. 10. 1 1. 12: Pepster 10. 12; Softball 9.11. 12: Senator 12. Houllis, Tracy ., - Humphnes. Gwen L. — Bowling Club 12; Drill-Team. 10. 1 1: D.T. Captain 12: PepClub II: Tesoros 12. ' s ' Hurtado. Gerardo— Baseball 9: Basketball 9. 10: Foot- ball 9. 10. 1 1. 12: Track 10 Ibarra. Salvador ,; ' ,ij ,,Ippolito. Marv Louise — Class Officer 10; GAA 9. 1 11. 12; Divin ' g 9: Track 9, 10. II. 12; Volleyball 9. 10, " " U-.l- Ives. Stephanie A, Jackson, DaMd — Drama 9; Chess Club 1 1. Jackson. David L ,. __ . Jamshidian. Morteza ' •J ' ' S ' Jancek, Jane E. — CSF 9. IftYlSSffiSEl Tigre II. 12 French Club 9; Pep Club 9; Quill and Scroll 2}i. Swimming 10; Tesoros 1 1. 12: Senator 12; Powdei ' ruff 11. 12. ■fi ' 5 ' ' ' tV Jennings. Carolyn S. ' ' ..- y SfiV SS- ' o Jensen. LJebbie i Johannessen. Nancv A. Band 9; Girls Bastteiball 10; Class Officer 9. lb. 1 1, 12; Career Club f2; Sknng 12; Pepsters 9; Student Body Officer 12: Tesoros 12: Vol- Icvball 10, II. 12; Diving 10: Sailing 12: CSF 10. It. 12; Drama 9. 10; EI Tigre II. Girls ' League 10; Gym , nasties II. ' 4 Jones. Yvonne ' Kaplan. Roger J, — Bowling Club 9. 10; Officer 10. II. 12; CSF 9. 10. II. 12; Drama 10, II; Quill an4 Scroll II; Sailin2Club 10, 11. 12: Achievement lOrlli ' 12, ii; Kaszycki. Donna L, — Art Club 12, , ■» Kelly, Andrew — Class Officer 12; CSF 9. 10. 11. 12; UiJ Tigre II. 12; Football 10. II. 12; Lettermen ' s Club [( 12: Track 9. 10. II. 12, Ijf. Kelly. Patricia -- CSF 9. 10, II, 12: Student Body Offi cer 13; Tennis 9. 10. II. 12; Senator 9. 10; Deba.lit; President 11. 12; Senate President 10. -jj! Kelierer. Sandy — Football 12. Keup. Chri.stine L. - FCC President 12: Band 9, 10. IfcjS .U fi Keup. James Lee — Band 9. 10. 1 1; Basketball 9. 10, 1 1, 12; Cross Country 9; CSF II. 12; German Club 9; Leitermcns Club 9; Tesoros 12; Track 9; Class Offi- cer 9. 10; Volleyball 10, II. Khreich. Eman Kmg 111, William — Bowling Club 9. 10; Track 9; Waier Polo 9. King. Robert Kisylia. Jerome T. Klemant, Linda Kolbo, Keith — Band 9. 10, II, 12; Choir 10, 12; CSU LA Honor Band 12; Stage Crew 9, 10, 1 1. 12; Drum Major 10, 1 1. 12; OC Honor Choir 10; Vocal Ensem- ble 10 II. 12. Kooker. Wayne E. — Basketball 9, 10; Football 9, 10. 12; Powderpuff Song Leader 12; VICA 10, II 12- Surf Club 12. Kovalesky. Chris P. Krieger. Karen Sue — CSF 9. 10. II, I2;GAA9, 10, II. 12; Gymnastics 9; Student Body Officer 12; Diving 9. 10, II, 12; Basketball 10; Tennis 9: Volleyball 9. 10 11, 12 Krog. Madeleine Laborde. Mary — Girl ' s League 10. Lacombc. Brian K. Lagunas, Noel Lance. Deborah K. — Band 9, 10. II. 12; Drama IP. II t ' " ' " ' 12; Orchestra II. Si -iJ ' i ' ' ' " - " " Lanctot. Lon - Class Officer 9; CSF 9. 10. if fe ' ll " ' - Porter. Phil: Tigre II. 12; GAA 9, 10 II, 12; Pepsier 10, II, 12- Volle ball 9, 10 II, 12; Softball 10. II. 12; Field Hockes 9. 10, II, 12; Girls ' State Representative 11; Senior Princess. Lapalme. Steven G. — Soccer 1 1 Lash. Kann Stacey Neel. Will B. Nguyen. Toan Norman. Wayne K. — El Tigre 12; Science Club II; Soccer 9, 10; Senator II, 12. Normandeau. Michelle — Basketball 9, 10. 1 1, 12; GAA 9. 10. II. 12; Pepster 10. 12; Archbearer II. Nylander, Kelly Olave, M Olga — Spanish Club 9, 10, 1 1, 12, Olson, Nathaniel — French Club 9; Tennis 1 1 , Olson, Richard — FFA 11.12; Football 12. Otosco, Lynn S. Otis. Lon J Pacheco. Patricia — Band 10; Drama 10; Placenlia Youth Orchestra 9. 10. II; Banner Squad 10. 11. Padilla. Jacinto Pappas. Richard — Basketball 9, 10. 1 1. 12; Class Offi- cer II; CSF 9. 10. II. 12; German Club 9: Letter- men ' s Club 9. 10. II. 12; Student Body Officer 12- Tennis 9. 10. II. 12. Parker, RuthM. — CSF 12, FFA 10, 12; Biology Club Entertainment Club 12; Orchestra 9. 10. 11; 11; National Honor Society 12 Pe?4lta, Patricia Ann .• PertV. Bart Perry. Debbi Pinkley. J ' CSF 10. II; Softball Porter. PhilhpC Press. Marjone 9; NHS 12. PucketL Nancv — Art Club 9. 10. 11; Choir 10; CSF 9. 10, II. 12; Drama 9. 10. , ' - -i Pueitmann. Lisa Bowling Club 12; Cross ' Couiilryi- ' i.: j;Quinonez. Carlos D. — Football II, 12; Baseball 1 1, 12; 12; Powderpuff II. 12; GAA 9. 10. II, 12; Girts ,5 ' Letiermens Club 11, 12, League 12; Swimming 12 :, ' Rabs. Brian Joseph — Boy ' s League 10; Soccer 9, 10. Lee. Sand ■- 7 ' 11.12 Leitch. James Redd. Thomas J - - Band 9. 10. II, 12: Football 9. Uon, Cynthia — Chicano Student Linion 9, 10; CJiQir-. ' - - : Traclj H. 12; Wrestling 9, 10. II. 12. 10. 1 1 ; Drama 9, 10 1 1 ; Student Bods Officer 10. rf ' ieeves. ' Michael Limbert. Mark »W-3r " «evnolds. David B Lmdemuth. Brad Lmdemuih. Brei E. — Baseball 10. II, 12; Football 9 10 II. 12: Wrestling 9. 10, 11, 12, Lindemulh. Rickv L. — Football 9, 12, Wrestling 9, 10, 11. Lindley. Megan - CSF 9. 10. 1 1, 12; Pep Club 9 Teso- ros 1 1 ; Sailing Club 12; Archbearer 1 1. Lopez. Carmen V. Lopez. Danny Football 10: Wrestling 9, 10, 1 1. 1 - Class Officer 12; GAA 10. Track 10; Volleyball 10 II; Lopez. Ernesto Lorenzo. Marx Loupe. Michclh Luao. Pamela - GAA 9. 10. 11.12; Girl ' s League 9 10 11. 12; Track II, ,. Lum Constance .. Lum. Stuart,tti! . Luna. Jenni N aldonado. Suzanne II: Girl.s League 10, Senior Princess Martinez, Brenda, Maihis. Lee - Art Club 10; Science Club 10; Horse- ' back Ridmg Club 9, 10: Volleyball 9. 1 0; SEA News- paper 9. 10. McCormick. Mark — Band 9. 10, 1 1 ; Baseball 9, 10. II, 12; El Tigre II; Football 10; Letiermen ' s Club 11: W ' restling 12. McGillivray. Karen — Powderpuff 1 I. 12 McKee. Knsline L. — Dnll Team 9, 10, Pep Club 9, Swimming 10. McLaughlin. John M. — Soccer 9. 10. II, 12. McNiel, Stanton B, — Band 10, II: Class Officer 9 FBLA9. 10. II, 12: Football 9; Golf 9. Mendoza. Graciela ' i .i - ' , ' " ' " .iitSiji w •■•-Reynolds. Donald — Baseball 9. 10. 1 1. 12, Rice. Kelly Rjckerl. Maureen F -GAA 9, 10, II. 12; Girls " League 10;C mnaiiic9:Softball9. II, 12; Volleyball II Ricklef, Chervl - An Club 1 1, 12; Powderpuff II 12 Softball II. 12. Roberts. Charlene Roberts. Jeanelte K . Roberts. Paul Dean •rRobles. Ernest - Football 9. 10. II. 12; Track 10. II Robies. Patricia Roney. Leslie Ann Rosas. David Kelly - Baseball 9. 10 1 I. I 9. 12. Lettermen ' s Club II. Rosauer. Susan - Band 9. 10, II. 12; G.AA 10: Club 10; Science Club 1 1 , Softball 10: Track 9. Ross. Sheryl M. Rule. Harold R Sanchez. Jose A. Sanchez Roberto — Chicano Student Union 9. 10; Crosscountry 10: Football 10; Soccer 9, 10. 11. 12, Sandoval. Dario Sandoval. Leonardo — Crosscountry 10. 1 1. 12; Track 9. 10. 11. Scharlin. Ross Schelski Kevin D Schlesinger. Julie L Pepster 9. 10 Schmidt. Lisa Ann Schmidt. John — An Club 9. 10; Drama 12; El Tigre ; CSF 1 1 : Football Pep he L - Class Officer 10; Pep Club,;-! " :;- : Song Leader 12. ' " ' " ' Jif.ilSiV ..■.- ' S--;:-:iif.!e Mikoloski. Theresa Miller. Cindy K, ---.» ■ Mirek. Thomas A. - Senate 10: Treasurer 12: Cross Country 10. II. 12: CSF 9. 10. II. 12; Track 10. 12. .Mooney. Manm J. - Basketball 9; Football 9. 10, II, 12; Lettermen ' s Club II, .Morgan. Lynd.i M - Choir 9 10, 1 1. 12; CSF 9 10 II 12; Speech 9. Morocco. Cynthia Choir 10. II; CSF 10. U, 12; Drama 10, II, 12; El Tigre II. 12; Girl ' s League II 12; Student Body Officer .2; Elections Comm. I2...v,,,v - „t,_ j j, _ _ Mosayehi. Saeed - Art Club 9: Soccer 12 ; Tutoring «?.♦ ' ■ - -S ■ Unlimited Club 1 2 ' " ' - P - ' " ' " ■■■ ' ' ■■■- " Snow, Paula -Ch Najera. Robert Jr. — Baskeiball 10: Chicano Siuden uon 9. n AlJ2:.l Naje 12: French Club 9. 10: Gvmnastics 10. 1 1 ; Swimming i, »V, ' Ij ' " ' " " r " " ' ° r, ' J .■ - ' .if«» ' - .j j lj V tlder, Susan Beth — Dr. Somerville, Kelly M. Sotelo, Jose Carlos — Cross Country 10, II, 12- Track 10, U, 12. Southerly, John Stacy, Kevin D. — Basketball 9; Cross Country 9 10- Golf 10. 11. 12; Track 9. Stange. Tom Steinhardt. Pamela J. Stoner, Jennifer L. — Choir 9; GAA 9, 10. 1 1. 12; Vol- leyball 9. 10, II. 12; Basketball 9, 10, 1 1, 12; Softball 9. 10. Stout. Bradley Sturgeon. Joseph Sturms. Matt — Bowling Club 10: Class Officer 11; Football 9. 10; Lettermen ' s Club 9, 10. II, 12; Track 9. 10. II. 12: Soccer 9. 10. Szymborski. Susan TaiU Philip Andrew — Band 10, 1 1, 12. Tang. Thoai Tenner. TertSsa L. — Art Club 10. 12; Cross Country II: Powderpuff II. 12; School Mascot 11. 12; Field Hockey 10. 1 1, 12: Homecoming Queen 12. Thomas. Fraiik " i:. ' ' Thow, Anthony Townsend. Shawn S. — Band 9. 10 II. 12; Basketball 10: GAA 9. 10, U, 12: Swimming 9, 10, II, 12; Tennis 9, 10, II. Field Hockey 10 II; Powderpuff II. 12; Stage Crew 12. Triplett. Greg — Industrial Alls Club 9. 1 0. I l.;l?. Valdez, Steven G, •..■ ■•: • Vanderham, Lisa B. — Band 9, 10, 1 1. 12: French Club 10, 11; Student Body Officer 9. 10: Orchestra II. Varela. John G. — Band 9. 10, 1 1 ; Baseball 9; Football 9. 10. II. 12; Industnal Arts Club 9. 10. II. 12; Letter- men ' s Club 1 1; Science Club 10; Track 9, 10 II 12 Wrestling 10, II, 12. Vartanian, Dennis Varianian. Michael Vickrey. Thomas W. — Baseball 10; Bowlisg ' ui Basketball 9; Football 9. 10; Pep Club 11. Villarreal, Gilbert — Chicano Student Union 9, Football 9, 12. Villegas. Richard L Virgoe. Brad Curtis — Baseball 1 1 ; Football 9. Wach. Dawn D — Drill Team 9. 10; Pepster II. Wach, Diane L. — Drill Team 9, 10; Pep Club 10. Flag Leader 1 1 Wade. Mark A. — Basketball 9: Industrial Ans Club 1 1. . ; 12- Waliszek Nancy Band 9, 10. 11. 12: Drama 12: Pep Club9. 10: Science Club II: Powderpuff II. 12; Wind " ' " ' ' ' i;S ' ?«« ' ?JtWallace. James W, Jr. — Baseball 9, FFA 9. 10. 11; ' ' iW ' . ' k ' ' - ' ' Football 9. 10. 11. 12: Lettermen ' s Club 10. II, 12; Science Club 11; Tesoros 12; Track 11; Wrestling 9, 10, II, 12. Wasson Deanna L. — Band 9. Cross Country 10: CSF 10, 12; Drama 9; El Tigre 12: Soccer 12; Theology 9; Water Polo 9: French Club 9. 10. 12; GAA 9. ID, ' 12: Girls " League 9. 10: Gymna,stics 10: Science Club 12: Swimming 9, 10, 12 Weber, Linda M. — Bowling Club 9, 10; Drama 9, 10. 11. 12; Powderpuff 11. Weidner. David Peter Weismann, Jeffrey P, — Bowling Club 10, II; Choir 9: Drama 1 1 : Football 9; Science Club 9; Tennis 9, 10, II, 12; Wrestling 10; Class Senator II Weismann. Julie — Drama 12: GAA 9. 10. 1 1. 12; Girls League II: Pep Club 9; Track 9: Pepster 9: Ski Club President II: Basketball 9. 10; Field Hockey 10. 11. 12: Softball 9. 10: Volleyball 9. 10. ■iWerner. Charles R. - Baseball 9: Bowling Club 10; - s-- - Waier Polo 9. 10. Ik»;.;S«:. ' ' ' 3J- iS 25SS » :. ' ' Jfe2 S..S 10; 10; WMi Whalen. Diane ama 9: Dnll Team lOi .. 10; Tesoros ... ,. ..„ .,, „, . ,„ ' ■•■••s f V ' :v- r-i i, irt ■Scott. Juha Christin - Band 9. 10. 11.12: CSF 9, IDSo! ' , ' ' 12; Drama 9: French Club II; Tesoros 12: Orche i ' t; C ' " ' " " " " " ' 9, IQ. 11,12. ■ •.;;.S-C; ilhams, Wendell yV- ' - ' V ' - Seacord, Dehra Lee- FFA 9, 10, II, l?:r,--.rr---- ' - ?fV- --W ' lson, Monica _ Basketball 9. ft " M?fft Sir ' - Seliga, Yvonne $ 1 ' ' Shaw. Larrv E. - Basketball 9, jQ i. w i i-fS». iSi«?: ' . Golf 9. 10. 1 1. ■A ' „; - _ , , „ -.. . s Sheffield. Stephen .i:T-MM HeitSt. iki ' ' " - Scott- El Tigre 12: BasebaU 10. 1 1. 12; Fo. Slemp. Smissen. vn (-» . ■M y., " :, ' -_ --t; ' . v ' iz% - ' ■.• r .y-: if ,t i _ n 1 i_ , s .-. ». Woolf. Larry Pep Club 10, 12; Enterlainment onica _ Basketball 9.-10; ' MJfS ' eilSir ' -H ' iS! GAA 9. 10, 11,12: Pepster 9, 10: Student Body Offi- ■ " 1 : Track 10; Ski Club 12. ir 10. II. 12; Cross Countrv 9: Ten- Yeakle. Ma Yffert. Merne V ' oung. Julie Alonzo. Estella Alspaugh, Joyce Alvarez, Silvia Angle, Bill Anderson, Dara Arguello, Robert Ardent, Lori Bannister, Wendy Berndser, Allen Barton, Kim Bennett, Jim Bentley, Sherry Bera, Chris Bintz, Clay Beaudry, Kim Bellfi, Bob Us 116 Boelman, Rebecca Boisseranc, Nancy Borst, Kris Borowski, Chris Bratcher. Becky Bruce. Steve Buelna, Carol Burke, Mike Calderon, Fernando Callahan, Mike Campbell. Colin Campbell, Lori Canales. Armando Carbone, Karin Carrera, Silvia Carroll, Greg Castillo. Eloisa Castillo. Phil Castillo. Victor Chantiles. Tammy Chase, Loretta Chorbajian, Craig Christy. Jon Cleveland. Scott Cline, Dana Cole, Carolyn Cooley, Lisa Contfoneo, Mike Us 117 Mike Callahan, John Davis, Wendy Swanson, Diane Armstrong, Joyce Alspaugh, Jeannie NieWulandt, Phillip Laborde. Lloyd Yin, Helen Quintero, Lorraine Diaz, Theresa McCormick, Kathy Kenney, Cathy Stoner, Carolyn Cole, June Pebley. To The Class of 79 This has been a year of much success, due to the help and involvement of all my fellow classmates. The experiences of being Jr. class president has faced me with many responsibilities. I ' m glad you have given me the opportunity to experience it. I also would like to take this time to thank all the people in the class of seventy-nine who helped to make the prom a great success. There ' s no doubt in my mind and I ' m sure there ' s no doubt in all of your minds that the class of seventy-nine is the best. Thanks for a fantas- tic year. Jeaenni Nieuwlandt Jr. Class President Us 118 Correa, Danny Correg, Danny Craig, Jerry Craver. Toby Cruz, Charles Cruz, Mark Cunningham, Bob Dombroski, Bernie Davies, Neil Davis, John DeCoster, Roger De Hocos, Lucy Diaz, Lorraine Disante, Mark Dollard, Katy Duarte, Raymond Dukart, Sandy Ebiemo, Donna Echevarria, Carlos Ellison, Cheryl Elmore, Susie Ellmilla. Yolanda Esquivel, Carmen Estrada, Jim Evans, Debbie Perch, Lisa Fillman, Paul Fischbach, Jim Fischbach, Scott Flores. Lope Frampton. Peter Frank, Marse Sui- 1 Luni orks planning Ihc Juriici II Us 119 JUNIORS SHOW GREAT SPIRIT Fuentez, Jim Furrow, Donnie Galvan. Abel Galvin, Dominic Gallagher, Colleen Gallagher, Maureen Garcia, Donna Gardner, Catherene Garrett, Julie Gavel, Doug Gayton, Rita Geduld, Alan Ghee, Mayre Gilpin, Jeff Gonzales, Larry Gonzales, Paul Gonzalez, Steve Gorman, Barbara Gough, Theresa Gray, Princess Gray, Ronald Gribble, David Grismer, Mike Guerrero, Tim Haley, Sandra Hall. Doug Hamman, David Hammond, Tracy Hansen, Duane Hardaway, Beverly Juniors meet in Quad to socialize during lunch. Us 120 AND GET INVOLVED IN ACTIVITIES Hares. Sheri Harris. Chris Harrison. Jennie Hartmann. Mary Hawkinson, Cindy Hayes. Annette Hernandez. Arthur Hernandez. Rosemary Hernandez. Joe Hernandez, Steve Hernandez. Virgie Hernandez. Virginia Hill. Caprice Hoffman. Esther Hurtado. Ana Iriye. Kenneth Jacqmin. Diann Jancek, Jill Jernigan. Jeanne Johannes. Merri Johnson. Brian Johnson, Scott Johnson. Steve Johnston. Billy Jones. Jeff Jones. Melody Jones. Robert Kahn. Robert Kahn. Mark Kampa, John Kaszycki. Donna Us 121 Kelly. Theresa Kenney, Kathy Kibby. Janet King, Wade Klem. Kevin Knutson, Brenda Koebrick, Arthur Koegel, Jeff Laborde, Phillip Lagunas, Denise Lam, Bau Lambdin, Karen Langston, Randy Larabee, Ray Leach, Bryan Leacock, Karen Lee. Cherie Le Grand, Jeff Leon, Tina Lemken, Annette Lemken, Steve Levingston, Greg Levy, Carolyn Lewis, Jonothan Liberino. Mary Libidinsky. Weil Liles, Scott Lin, William Lindsay, Dan Loewer. Debbie Lopez, Gloria Lorewat. Gregg C i.. Us 122 Loth, John Lumley. Leah Lyons, Terri Marcil, Ginger Marinelli, Yolanda Marrion, John Martinez. Becky Martinez. David Martinez. Ron Mata, Kathy McCall. Keiiey McCormick. Sandra McCormick, Theresa McCoy, Theresa McLaughlin. Lelia McNiel. Sandi I rcshmcn, Karen and Lisa Skell get advice from Karl Reiter. Us 123 JUNIORS HELP VARSITY TEAMS Medina. Petra Meston, Mike Miller, Lynda Moe. Teresa Maltz, Gretchen Montes, Teresa Morgan, Glenda lyiorocco. Nan Morrisseau, John Moses, Daniel Mota, Rudy Mund, Janet Napoli, Dena Nieuwlandt, Jeanie Norman, David Nycum, Sue Olivas, Delaine Olson, Lorraine Orosco, Angle Ortega, Johnny Ozima, Shari Pachco, Bob Pagliarello, Cheryl Pallares, Laura Pandtree, Cindy Patcha, Rhonda Peanda, Rafael Lloyd Yin escapes with the ball in Canyon game. Us 124 Pearman, Melody Pebley. June Peltier, Dana Perez, Donny Perez, Eliseo Petteneill. Janice Phillips, Robert Prada. Davvy Pnngle, Susan Puetlmann, Lynn Quintero, Helen Raddittz, Mike Smiling Sandi McNiel concenlrales during a drill team practice. Reilly, Scott Reilly, Shawn Reiter, Karl Remmey, Jennifer Reyes, Manuel Rice, Robin Ricklef. David Roberts. Denise Rodriguez, Mike Rodriguez, Rachel Ronstadt, Linda Rosauer, Donald Rosas, Steve Rosenblum. Cheryl Rosner, Susan Rowles, Roger Ruiz. Lupe Ruiz, Maria Us 125 JUNIORS SHOOT THE BREEZE Sabo, John Sanchez, Andres Sanchez, Marvin Sanchez, Yolanda Sagara, Gerald Santoyo. Irene Scardina, Mike Schneider, Dandra Schreyer, Denise Searle, Deborah Sellmeyer. Lynn Shade, Rictc Above ri hl — Teresa McCormick grimaces for the camera while plannmg yearbook lay- out. Below — Gerald Sagara, Kevin Klem, Art Koebrick, Charles Powell, and Greg Caroll discuss the happenmgs of the weekend. Us 126 Shipley, Glen Singley, Kathy Sieward, Diana Skurtis, Kosta Solorio, Stella Smith. Steve Sommerville, Jackie Spence. Robert Spencer, Coyet Steigner, David Stein, Naomi Stewart, Joel Stener, Cathy Strattan, Joe Sturgon, Eva Sussman, Steve Sweeney, Kelly Tait, Bruce Taplin, Cheryl Tam, Doris Tebay, David Thomas, Cari Tores, Marcela Tidwell, John Tobias, Lisa Torpy, Janet Trainer, Jonny Travis, Matt Trax, Carolyn Unruh, Janet Valadez, Becky Vansant, Laurie Jeannle Nieuwlandt practices flag routine. Us 127 Vasquez. Regina Villaran, Virginia Viliegas. Rosemarie Vincent, Maevene Waleiko, Laurie Walsh, Robert Watkins, Laura Weaver, Sam Weber, Susan Weidman, Kelly Weiss, Sara West, Don Wheeler, Mark White. Jon Whoehler. Linda Williamson, Robin Winney, Judy Wright, Mark Above — Regina Zavala, junior atlendanl, waits for a pie in the face as part of Spirit Week. Above right — San Ozima demonstrates how to make a layout for seniro Gwen Humphries. Righi — Varsity cheerleader Lyn Peuttmann patiently waits for the football game to start. Us 128 Yffert, Melody Zavala, Regina Zrinski, Rick Greg Carroll glances at camera between classes. Us 129 Abraham, Rose Acevedo, Lupita Achey, Steve Ackerman. Becky Acosta, Adriana Adams. Lisha Adam, Peter Aguilar, Lisa Albert, Rusty Allen, Cheryl Alonza, Patty Alonso, Silvia Anoviano, Gloria Armenta. Marid Autry, Robin Borriga, Isabel Barreca, Mark Barro, Bob Bastidas, Regina Barton, Kari Becerra, Alicia Beddie, Dana Bell, Alan Bellfi, Bill Beaudry, Jenny Benedict, Ron Bernal, Micheal Beswell, Ronald Bircher, Debbir Birnbaum, Lauri Bleak, Floyd Boisseranc, Anne Borg, Hans Borst, Pam Bosuell. Ronald Bousquet, Jim Brown. Paula Bruland, Roger Burciaga. Ana Bui, Thao Us 130 Burnip, Jeff Calderon, Leo Carlson, Valerie Carbone, Debbie Case, Laura Cartiglia. John Carver, Christe Ceja, Herman Chambers. Lisa Chen, Jenny Cherry, Arlene Christianson, Gileen Christy. Nick Chavez, Lyla Chavez, Manuel Clock. Junko Clark. Loralee Clark. Mark Clark. Mikeu Cannon. Shana Cobb. Mark Cole. Kathy Cogley. Jerry Colquitl. Doug Connoly. Dennis Cook. Leonard Cortez. Arturo Cordero. Rose Costello. Natalie Cullum. Lon Danzer. Kathy Davis. Arnie Davis. Greg Dav IS. Greg Davis. Jeff De La Riva. John Delfium. Julie De Priest. Jamie Drake. Ji)hn Dos I.Jeff Us 131 Top l-r — Pat Grismer. Valeric Carlson. Rose Massing, Delbart Session. Middle l-r — John De La Riva. Den- ise Fair. Julie Del Fuim. Sue Kelly. Caitlin Thielmann. Kelly D ' Sidocky. Liz Hulls. Kathy Cole. Bottom L-R — Sherri Strain. Carlos Lonheim. Dear Sophomore Class, To start off I ' d like to say Whal ' s Happening. This year has been very exciting for the class of " 80. We first got most inspired, then we had one of the most exciting Band showcases in Valencia history. We were the first class to get T-shirts so that every sophomore could be recognized. This year as sophomore class president, I was proud to represent my class. When you think of ambition, goals and successes, these are the true heartbeats of the graduates of the class of ' 80. This year we have proved what real Valencia students should be, together in what they o and outstanding in what they try. The sopho- more cabinet would like to wish everyone of you the best of luck, and may you remember that the class of 1980 is awesome! Thank you, Delbert G. Sessions Sophomore Class President Us 132 D ' Sidocky. Kelly Dunn, Theresa Eads, Cheryl Echevarria, Armando Eazeil, Ron Engle, Beth Erickson. Chris Esses. John Fair, Denise Fairbanks, Robin Fannon, Alan Ferraras, George Fett, James Fisher, Matt Fleener, Kelly Felipe, Pearl Felipe, Ron Flett, Tom Flin, Carla Flores, Amando Flores, Joel Flores, Jorge Floody, Kevin Flores, Rudy Frausto, Maria Frank, Chris Foisy, Rene Ford, Leslie Gutierrez, David Guzman, Max Guzman, Rita Hanenberg, Jeff HallNicki Halvorsen, Randy John Drake takes a break from studies during lunch while others watch school happenings. Hardin. Jeff Gag, Denise Gonzales, David Us 133 Gallo, Tony Galvan, Javier Garcia, Esther Garcia, Maria Garcia, Maria Gardner, Barbara Gardner, Greg Gaytan, Tonny Gerdon, Lynda Gerdon, Mark Gilbert, Anthony Gilbert, Sue Gilpin, Jill Golie, Mark Gonzalez, Silvia Goodson, Mickey Goodson, Vivkie Grahn, Randi Greenwood, Pam Gregory, Brenda Grismer, Pat Guerrero, Margie Guerrero, Roger Haper, Belinda Harris, Shawn Harvey, Annette Harvey, Lori Hassing, Rose Hazelman, Paula Henderson, Craig Heiertz, Jim 4 V Julie Del Fuim glances past the camera as she walks toward her class. Us 134 Hernandez, Edgar Hernandez, Johnny Hernandez, Laura Hernandez, Sofia Hernandez, Steve Hicks, Steven Hill, Susan Hiteshew, Renee Hollabaugh, Scott Hulls, Liz Hope, Todd Hosman, Tim Howe, Kim Hughes, Paul Huntley, Laure Hurlburt, Stephen Hurtado, Joe Hurtado, Tavio Pam Borst, along with freshman Barbara Stone, looks at the passing seagulls. Heiertz, Jim Jackson, Gary James, Ray Jamisson, Debby Jancek, Frank Johnson, Craig Johnson, Jannis Jones, David Jones, Jenny Kampa, Ann Keiley, Linda Kelly, Patrick Us 135 THE SOCIALIZING Kelly. Sue Kibby, Judy Kjerulff, Lisa Klement, Margaret Krotzer, Patty Kunesh, Thomas LaCross, Eric Lamb, Julie Lambert, Chris Lance, Laurie Lauber, Gloria Laurence, Jeanne Lavison, Louis Lee, Donna Lewis, Derek Lewis, Nathan Leyua, Craig Lin, Paul Lichtenwalter, Leann Lindemuth, RJionda Lindley, Grant Lipshutz, Laurie Liuz, Jay Lomheim, Carlos Lopez, Crystal Lopez, Marc Loth, Rex Luisi, Lori Lyons, David Macias, Carlos Mackesty, Kim Magana, Olivia Magana, Telesforo Maltos, Maria Us 136 CLASS OF ' 80 Martine, Monique Martinez, Joan Martinez, Virginia Matulich, Steve McClatchy, Robert McCoy, Michelle McGee, Mary McGillivrey, Susan McKee, Colleen McGregor, Craig Meldrum, Michelle Metcalf, Bea Miller, Teri Misterly, Karey Mitchell, Robert Mitchell, Scott Mitchell, Steve Mobley, Jim Moctezuma, Gerardo Moltz, Helene Montes, Gloria Moore, Cathy Morales, Stella Morin, Tim Moulin, Cheri Mundt, Kurt Murilio, Lidia Murphy, Scott Nagel, Robert Najera, Richard Sophomores socialize during lunch. Us 137 Navarro, Luz Negrete, Sandy Nichols, Chad Nieuwlandt, Dan Normandeau, Joe Nunez, Johnny O ' Hara, Pat Orosco, Diana Orosco, Lisa Ortiz, Chris Ortiz, Gilbert Otis, Ward Ozima, Wes Paclillo, Lucio Parker, April Parkin, Steve Patton, Janet Pearman, Nan Pearson, Craig Peister, Cathy Perfecto, Gus Phillips, Terry Upper right — John Drake concentrates on getting to class on time. Right — Kelly Weber gets books for her next period class. Us 138 w ■ Wjk I " - y ! • ■:■:■_ :x Pinckney, David Denise Fair hides from ihe pholographer. Pintus, Kenny Postlethwait, Sheila Pretto, Patricia Puentes, Mario Rambo, Roger Rangel, Anna Reeves, Debbie Reiter, Lisa Rigby, Laura Rios, Ana Rios, Mike Risser, Thomas Riuara, Maria Rojas, Andres Rojo, Gretchen Romo, Cathy Rosner, Scott Roundtree, Tami Rudolph, Gene Rudolph, Stacy Ruelaz, Martin Ruggles, John Ruiz, Juan Sable, Jennifer Sadamitsu, Darrel Us 139 Salcido, George Sanchez, Andres Sanchez, Sandra Sandoval, Jose Sandoval, Martha Sandoval, Rosa Schaefer, Bill Scharlin, Lisa Scheidler, Mark Schlesinger, Robin Schuman, Anthony Scott, Nancy Seliga, Denise Session, Delbert Shafer, Pam Shea, Kevin Sims, Jody Skelly, Mark Skowronski, Deborah Slemp, Kim Slikker, Lori Smith, Kathy Upper ri ' hi — Jenny Beaudry passes the camera between classes. Riahl — Chris Bailey heads toward his next class. j tdiiy . JKuM ' Us 140 Smith. Ken Steinhardt, Daryl Steinhardt, Jeryl Stickles, Gale Stout, Stacey Strain, Sheri Swanson, Diane Tapia, Sandy Taylor, Kevin Thard. Russell Thielman, Caitlin Thomas, Peggy Thorton, Cynthia Ticer, Rhonda Tobias, Dana Torres, Heliodoro Torres, Sandra Turner, Jim Valen, Sinclair Vanderpol, Daryl Van Houten, Cathy Vasquez, Alice Villarreal, Javier Villarreal, Oscar Wade, Michael Wade, Paul Wagner, Tatiana WaFejlco, Kathy Walsh, Devin Warren, Gricel Washington. Karen Washington, Sharon Chris Ortiz gives camera a mean eye as he heads to his next class Ui U1 Weaver, David Weber, Kelly Weidman, Jennifer Wendell, Lary Werner, Mike Westberg, Todd Westerling, Earl Wethenholt, Tony Wicklander, Sue Williams, Greg Williams, Shelly Willson, Kim Whiteside, Matt Winney, Brian Upper right — John Morris- seau, junior, talks with Sherry Welty and Shauna Cannon. Right — Freshman Lori Esses and Nicki Hall look at camera as Lisa Kjerulff glances toward junior Alan Geduld. 1a ] - ' fr -. ; Us 142 Winney, Chet Xavier, Michelle Yarbrough, Raymond Ybarra, Don Youlton Sr., Jim Zepada, Julie Zierer, Cliff Zwiffer, Robert Upper left — Pam Greenwood hopes her picture won ' t be taken. Lefl — Cheryl Allen and Natalie Castillo have a pnvate conversation. Us 143 Able. Leslie Adams. Marlena Albert. Richard Amigo. Mary France Andrews. Margaret Andry. Sumiye Arain. Jawed Arquello, John Armenta. Rosa Arnold, Matt Arnold. Natalie Ashburn, David PRIiil Ashie. George Baisch. Troy Beckerman, Ricky Bentley. Rod Berggren. Shelli Billingstey. Jeff Blackburn. Ron Blits, Marilyn Blodgett, Ann Borger, Mitch Borgerson. Robbie Borrowe. Ed Borzone. Robin Boyd. Jeney Bradford. Eddie Brady. Jacqueline Brantley, Melanie Brittain, Derrick Brittain, Leanne Bromide, Bristol Brooks, Brian Brown. Oscar Brown. Richard Burke, Margaret Burns, Michael Byrne. Connie Calderon. Louretia Canales, Lisa Us 144 Carbone. Tyler Caro, Martha Carranza. Raymond Carrera, Armando Case, Lisa Castaneda, Raima Castro, Anthoney Cauanaugh. Brett Centeno. Mike Centino. Danny Cereceres, George Chase, Kirk Chavez, Rayna Cfhen. William Cisneros, George Cole, Carrie Collar, Sandy Cook, Sheila Correa, Christine Cortes. Jose Cortez, Ed Cortez, Oliverro Craver, David Crough, Stephanie Cuevas, Jenaro Culberson, Damone Culp, Janna Us 145 From bottom to top, I. to r., first row — Melissa Hansen, Elaine Wallace, Ana Man Murray. Second row — Lisa Stoeppler, Annmarie Jancek, Jeanne Rosas, George Ashie, Andy Ports, Mat Arnold, Cindy Felipe, Denise Liberino, Lisa Scheidler, Kathleen Meston. The class of " 81 has brought much spirit and pride to Valencia. During our Freshman year we have helped build the band into a top contender in this district. In sports, the football team improved greatly and gained experience toward their varsity years. The positive outcome of Homecoming brought about by many long hours of diligent effort was a trophy for Best Workmanship. We have great hopes and aspirations for further achievements in academic, athletics, and social activities. Kathleen Meston President Us 146 Davies, Dave Davis, Lydia De Avila, Ray Del Fuim. Susan De Riso. Michelle De Valle, Mirna DeViUez, Bill D ' Sidocky, Karen Duran. Terri Eazell. Jim Echelman. Patricia Egbrt. Angela Elmore, Ranell Epperson, Charles Esses, Laurie Evans, Jim Evans, Karen Evert, Kerry Felipe, Antonio Felipe, Cindy Ferguson, Eddie Finucan, Ramond Flett. Ron Flores, Victor Flores, Paul Folwell, Gary Frausta, Teresa Gallo, Tina Galvan, Conwuelo Galvan, Sereio Garcia, Kim Gardner, Tammy Garrett, Paul Garcia, Becky Garcia, Lula Garcia. Martha Us 147 Kevin Wilson. David Hoist, Peter Trano. and Bret Cavanaugh decorate the freshman float. Garcia, Paz Garcia, Ralph Garcia, Victor Garrett. Paul Geduld. Linda Gonzalez, Cecilia Gonzalez, Juan Gonzalez, Raul Gonzalez, Sylvia Gough, Irene Green, Daryl Grenier. Shawn Gupton, Lori Gutman, Ricky Haener, Gretchen Hahn, Eric Hammond, Lori Hansen, Melissa Harley, Don Hartman, Dan Hassis, Patrick Hawkinson, Tami Hayes, Chris Henault, Bruce Us 148 Tim O ' Hara seems amused with his lunch. Henkel, Pam Hicks, Jenise Hill, Maria Herdon, Ruby Hernandez, Edward Hernandez, Larry Hermandez, Mickey Herndon, Ruby Hodge, Jeff Hogsett, Teresa Hoener, Gretchen Hoffman, Mike Laura Wilson scurries across campus try- ing to beat the late bell. Us 149 Hoist, David Hope, Trent HouUis, Todd Howe, Karen Hubbard, David Humphrey, Rand Hunte r, Scott Hurtado, Sylvia Iriye, Tom Jackson, Haron James, Irene Jancet, Ann Marie Sherry Mitchell, Annmarie Jancek, along with sophomores Cheryl Allen, Jennifer Weid- man and Natalie Castillo scamper off to class. Jensen, Anna Lisa Jensen, Todd Jimenez, Lorenzo Jimenez, Rose Johannes, John Johnson, Kimberly Johnson, Mark Johnson, Tommy Jones, Jennifer Kearney, Kay Khreich, Claudette Kido, Glenn Kim, Jeanny King, Danny Kirk, Debbie Klem, Karen Kratt, Sharon Us 150 Labhart, Todd Lamb, Donald Lapaline, Susan Lawson, Beth Le, Lanchi Ledesma, Eric Leds, Rosey Lee, Rhonda LeGrand. Joyce Lemken, Tony Lewis, Gary Liberino, David Liberino, Denise Libidinsky, Marc Lizarrago, Joventino Loewer, Wesley Lopez, Ken Lozania, Jennifer Lumley, Risa Luna, Peter Luquin, Norma Lyons, Kevin McBride, Christina McCalla, Chris Lisa Skelly, David Rodriguez, and Sharon Van Sant rush to class. U 151 McCormick. Sue McDaniel. John McGee, Ann McGhehey, Cathie McGuire. Cathleen Mcintosh, Chris Maddox, Jane Manary. Dessia Manier, Brian Manley. Kim Marshall. Tern Martinez, David Martines, Vrginia Masin, Shelly Mason, Kim Matulich. Russ Mayer. Lauren Medina, Albert Medina, Roniana Mendez, Joe Joyce Le Grand plays peep-eye from behind her golden locks. Us 152 Mendoza. Maria Melcher, Michael Meston, Kathleen Mitchell, Ken Mitchell. Sheri Montes, Julian Monteverde, Andrew Moreau, Randy Murray, Ana Myers, Buddy Nagel. John Navarrete, Abby Nguyen. Ha Nicholson, Rick Oakes, Chad O ' brien, Lisa O ' Brien, Robin O ' Donnell, Mike O ' Hara, Tim Olivier, John Orosco, Kathy Orosco. Lana Ortiz. Liba Ortiz. Reed Paiacio, Fernando Palafox. Rebecca Page, Doug Parker, Mary Patcha, Glenn Patten, Cathye Peltier, Lance Pena, Dora Peralta, Alex Perez, Mark Perez, Ruben Pettengili, Laurie u» 153 Phillips, Gail Phillips, Sherri Pichon, Lisa Pichon, Lori Pierce, Renee Pina, Paully Pinkley, Shawn Pintus, Kevin Pinkerton, Robin Ports, Andrew Prendergast, Bob Price, Gary Pringle, Kelly Puentes, Larry Raddatz, Doug Rambo, Richie Rath, Darryl Reed, John Reeves, Heather Reid, Michelle Donna Siewerd smiling at a friend without realizing she was captured by the pho- tographer. Us 154 Reiter, Steve Rice, Dianna Riggs, Jim Rivera, Ben Robertson, Jill Robertson, Lesa Robertson, Lesia Robles, Cathy Robles, Trini Rocha, Henrietta Rodas, George Rodriguez, David Rodriguez, Gina Rodriguez, Jessica Above left — Ed Cortez waits for some action. Lefi — Leah and Laura Wilson walk to their next class while discussing their previous class. Us 155 Rodriquez, Lupe Rodriguez, Sandy Rodriguez, Victor Roper. Tami Rosas, Jeanne Rosas, Johnny Rosauer, Lavonne Rosenblum, Sandy Rosner, Sharen Ross, Chris Rossmiiler, Chris Rote, John Roundtree, Vickie Reulaz, Joe Ryan, Ann Sanchez, Elodia Sandoval, Esteban Sandoval, Mario Sandoval, Ubaldo Saul, Jali Scarcelli, Cherie Scheetz, Lance Scheidler, Lisa Schmidt, Elaine Schrelerman, Steve Schuster. Dawn Seacord, Donna Shaw, John Sherman, Shawna Short, Mark Righl — Freshman P.E. class watches as Don Ocana demon- strates his moves. Us 156 wm p! IS G ' M Pi] 3 jj D H t . .. r flHI ' ■ " ' ' _.■-■£;»«« Todd Houllis and Mike Burns munch oul after fourth period. Shugart, Robert Shumway. Gary Siewerd, Donna Silva. Porficia Singer, Jim Skeliy, Curtis Skelly. Lisa Skourtis, Erena .. ' ■. ' ;.i Smith, Daryl Smith, Deha Smith, Scott Southerly, Bill Spirrison, Scott Stacy, Cheryl Steelman, Marty Stell, Tammy Stephens, Tammy Stewart, Buffy Stewart, Jennifer Stoeppler, Laura Stoeppler, Lisa Stone, Barbara Stoner, Stephanie Strain, Debi Suazo, Isidore Taplin, Voda Taylor, Debra Ta ylor, Eric Thomas, Kelly Thomas, Penny Thomas, Shelley Tobin, Regina Lk 157 Toroy, Fredenca Torres, Aracely Torres, Delia Torres, Sally Torres, Stella Tourne, Patrice Tovor, Richard Trax, Sue Triplett, Stuart Ulunke, Denise Valdez, Kathy VanHooser, Kim VanSant, Sharon Vargas, Jose Vartanian, Steve Virgoe, Laura Wade, Frances Wallace, Elaine Walsh, Daren Walsh, Tom Wardlaw, Scott Watkins, Dawn Waymire, James Waymire, Paul Weidner, Delia Wellman, Rob Werner, Tom Wesoloski, John West, Lesie Wheeler, Janet Steve Reiter, along with sophomore girls Debbie Bircher, Lisa Reiter, and Anne Boisseranc, talk with poHce officer. Us 158 Wheeler. Kristy Whittaker, Sherry Wilmeth, Diane Wilson, Kevin Wilson, Laura Wilson, Lean !■■■ ■■ii iiiMi II . a j ' m m - ' mmm i -mi ■■mi ' ijk i liiiiiii i miiii i| i Karen D ' Sidocky talks with junior Theresa McCormick Randy Monroe expressing one student ' s opinion. Uj 159 Us 160 PARKER LEADS VARSITY 1_ tt-At-t 1A| Varsity Football Team — First row — Mike Cyrus, Ernie Robles, Lloyd Yin, Tom Bennett, Gilbert Villareal, Steve Gonzales, Neal Phillips, and Charles Powell. Second row — Coach Cyrus, Gerado Hurtado, Wayne Kooker, Robert Hoff. Carlos Quinonis. Neal Davies, Tony Deleon. Bob Cunningham, John Loth, and Greg Carol!. Third row — Coach Brooks, Matt Travis, Mark Halvorsen, Kelly Rosas, Joe Fernandez, Mike Reeves, Mike Raddilz, John Tiano, Tony Aguilar, Mike Burke, Coach McKlean. Fourth row — Coach Parker, Brad Lindemuth, Dennis Williams, Vince Bradshaw. Martin Mooney, Drew Seal, Neal Libidinsky, David Sleigner, Rod Evans, Rick Lindemuth, and Coach Frazier. Fiflh row — Bob Harley, Scott Benedict, James Wallace, John Varela, John Tidwell. Bret Lindemuth. James Leitch, Andy Kelly, John Elmore, Steve Barlow. The 1977 Valencia High football team was the surprise of all Orange County with a 4-3-2. Coming off a 1-8 overall record last year the tigers found some teeth to scare some and win some. The blend of talent and coaching also won coach Norm Parker the coach of the year award for the Orange League. The 77 Tigers set out to achieve records and give some direc- tion to the Tiger floundering football program. With the goals set all that remained was to play the games, and with the conclusion of the first game a tradition was set. It had been 16 years since an opening game was won but the Parker Tigers did the job. Home- coming to any school is a major event and this year for Valencia not only was it a big event but also it was a victory celebration. This was the first time since 1972 the Tigers won a homecoming game with a sense of pride and a path to follow the lower divi- sion also improved themselves. The fighting sophomores battled to a 3-6 record while the scraping freshmen ended with a 4-5 win- ning the last three games in a row. One can see that the Tigers can now always be counted on to join the hunt for C.I.F. Cham- pionship. The future is bright, a new dawn is on the rise. Stability, poise, and confidence are Key words to the Tigers. With A coaching staff together now longer than a year, strong leadership coming from within and young talented Athletes with championship character the Tigers will be a team to be reckoned with next year and in the future. For the Tigers the future is now. Sports Illustrated 162 TO WINNING SEASON ai e John Varela Rick l.indemuth Vince Bradshaw Mark Halvorsen Brad Lindemuth Joe Fernandez Tony Deleon f% " " i M HBNtHfS i N»-M Kelly Rosas M K: Ernie Robles Robby Hoff ' 41 John Lolh Drew Seal Rod Evans Gerado Hurtado .._r Lloyd Yin Wayne Kooker Steve Gonzales Bret Lindemuth Mike Reeves Sports Illustrated 1 63 Sports Illustrated 164 FROSH-SOPH TACKLE OPPONENTS T tttf tlll t 1 Soplumiorc [earn — From n w (li-ft to nj hil Carlos Lomheim. John Berryman. Jose Hurtado, Henry Aquilal. Ron Bene- dict. Joe Normandaeu, Manuel Chavez, Louis Lavison, and Scott Mitchell. Second row — Chris Ortiz. Tony Wetherholt. David Jones. Jodv Sims. Chet Winney. Tom Kunish, Bill Schaffer. Chris Frank, Jeff Doyle, Eugene Rudolph, David Gold- stein, and David Weaver. Back row - ' - Derek Levels. Frank Jancek. Brian Winney. Robert Nagel. Pat O ' Hara, Steve Achey, Ken Smith. Nathan Lewis. Rex Loth. Jeff White. Bill Belfi. John DeLa Riva. After a brutal freshman year, the sophomores, under new leadership, showed they could win by hard work, poise and con- centration. The freshman football team enjoyed one of its bet- ter seasons in 1977. Although their record was only 4-5. they could have compiled a 9-0 record if a few breaks had gone their way. They allowed only 51 points to be scored against them during 9 games. The young Tigers won their last three games, and demonstrated that they can be counted upon to help in developing a winning Valencia football program in the years to come. Freshman Team - From row (Icfi to right) — Adams. Robles. King. Rosas. Kido. Skelly. McDonald. Hoist. Hasses. Shaw. Second rtiw — Canavaugh. Willson. Rote. Tiano. Carbone. Rodriguez. Mcintosh. Page. Borger. Buck row- — Cortez. Sego- via. Bradford. Castro. Pina. Brown, Price, Adams, Xavier. Sports Illustrated 1 65 NETTERS GO WINLESS The varsity tennis team composed pri- marily of newcomers to varsity competi- tion, suffered through a winless season. Nevertheless, individual players achieved the satisfaction of seeing their own skills increase and team scores go up as the season progressed. At the awards banquet, Diane Arm- strong won Most Improved. Deidre Spalione, Coaches Award, and Wendy Swanson received Most Valuable. Varsity Tennis Team — From row (left to right) — Marnane Harvey, Diane Armstrong, Wendy Swanson and Julie Armstrong. Back row — Deidre Spalione, Jenny Arnold, Mona Wilson, Leilia McGlaughlin, Annette Harvey, and Mardee Hoist. Above — Julie Armstrong hits backhand. Above right — Mardee Hoist reaches back to return oppo- nents lob. Right — Marriane Harvey volleys her opponent for a winner. Far right — Jenny Arnold shows her technique of a topspm lob as she sends it deep into her opponent ' s court. . ii. A. W ) " c.vS " ' " T Sports Illustrated 1 66 4 S ■ r " " " " ' ■-■ I ' l n I II n il I III ni l II I , g ,|i " •» " " it HB I I ' HI B Top e f — Mardee Hoist concentrates on where to get in position for her next shot. Top right — Mar- ianne Harvey practices until the sun goes down. Above lefi — Leilia McGlaughlin hits a winner down the line. Above right — Mardee Hoist keeps a good rally going. Lefl — Junior varsity tennis team. J.V. Tennis - Z. - r Front ron Renee Foisy. Patly Krot.ser. Launche Le. Lon Pichon, Lisa Pichon Diana bieward. Debbie Loewer. Back row l-r - Sheila Wilson (coach) Kathy Moore, Pom Wilson, P,a Larson Nns Keup. Lon Campbell. Sports llluslrated 1 67 HARRIERS WIN VALENCIA ' S FIRST Varsity Cross Country — Coach Ocana, Ricky Cisneros, Luis Rivera, Tom Mirek, Mike Hoeller, Phil Castillo, Joey Gomez, Leonardo Sandoval, Jose Sotelo. After many years and thousands of miles, the Valencia varsity Cross Country team realized its long sought after goal of being the CIF champions. The season began with many major set- backs. Top runner, Ricky Cisneros, was sent to the hospital for several weeks with a respiratory infection. Others were sick and running below par. This left number one man, Joey Gomez and the remaining healthy runners to pick up the slack which they did. Sports Illustrated 1 68 w ■«a ■■ EVER CIF CHAMPIONSHIP The Tiger harriers took second in the Orange League with a 6-1 record, losing only to cross town rivals. El Dorado. The El Dorado meet saw the return of Cisneros and the comeback of the Tigers. CIF prelims saw a tightly knit Valen- cia team in the position of just trying to qualify for the finals. They easily fin- ished behind the number one team. Buena Park, to reach the finals. The Tigers went into the finals with a slim shot at the championship. The fin- ish of the race saw Cisneros winning the individual championship in his fourth race of the season. Joey Gomez finished fourth, Luis Rivera, sixth. Leonardo Sandoval, twelfth, and when Phil Cas- tillo crossed the finish line in a scoring position, the Tigers had 50 points and a CIF championship. •H. ' . . Sports Illustrated 1 69 C.C. IN ACTION Top left — Our team the CIF champions after the meet. Top right — Their fearless leader, Mr. Ocana. Middle left — Hard practice pays off for the team members. Middle right — Rhonda Patcha running strong during meet at Canyon. Bottom — The start of a meet always a tough and excitmg moment. 1 70 Sports Illustrated VHS GIRLS MAKE FIRST GIF APPEARANGE Girls Varsity — Lefl to right — Coach Ocana. Beckv Braitlici, Juds SLlimcdtr. C ' aithn Theilmann. Karin Lash. Sue Kelly. Lisa Kerch, Rhonda Patch j The Valencia girls varsity cross coun- try team made their first ever appear- ance in CIF this year. The girls were led by runners Judy Schroeder, Lisa Ferch. and Rhonda Pat- cha. These three girls were the backbone of a fine team which breezed through league. Although the girls did not bring Valencia another CIF championship, they made a respectable appearance. Sports llluslroted 171 J.V. ' S SHOW GREAT PROMISE The girls J.V. Cross country team showed remarkable improvement throughout the season. If these girls had beer here last year they probably would have ran varsity which shows the caliber of runners that they were. These runner; should help next year ' s varsity team tremendously. Above lefi Becky Bratcher paces herself durmg race. Above right — Sue Kelly struggles to stay ahead of opponent. Left — Cathy Gar dener heads towards finish line. Sports Illustrated 172 WATER POLO The Tiger poloists finished the season with an overall record of 10-7. Though their league record was only 2-5, the Valencia water polo team was either tied or ahead in four of the five losses in the fourth quarter. The leading scorers for the team were Jeff Hardin with 40 goals for the season, followed by John Olivier with 33 goals and Todd Hope with 30 goals. Valencia was fortunate to have two fine goalies this year. Starter. Karl Reiter, was one of the better goalies in the Orange League. Karl was an Honorable Mention on the All- Orange League team. Ken Pmtus, was also a goalie. Ken could have started on many other teams. The action shots on this page show the mtensity m which our poloists played this year. V " y f! Sports Illustrated 1 73 VARSITY POLOISTS SPLASH OPPONENTS Varsity Poloists — Front row (lejl to right) — Todd Hope, Chris Berg, Joe Stration, John Olivier, and Ken Pintus. Back row (left to right) — Chad Nichols. Jeff Hardin, Dave Thow, Kevin Klem, Karl Reiter, and Coach Grimm. Also doing an outstanding job this year were Dave Thow, All-League Hon- orable Mention, and Chad Nichols, a starter and one of the teams leading scorers until he missed the last half of the season with a broken arm. Kevin Klem, Chris Borg, Chris Hanson and Joe Stra- tion also played significant roles in mak- ing it a winning season. Sports Illustrated I 74 FROSH-SOPH OUTSCORE OPPONENTS Frosh-Soph Poloisis — From row (left to right) — Shawn Grenier, Mike Melcher, Greg Davis, Hans Borg, and Jay Cruz. Back row (left to right) — Aaron Jackson, Devin Walsh, Steve Reiter, Scott Wardlow, Dave Graver, and Stacy Rudolph. Coach Gnmm was also J.V. coach. The frosh-soph water polo team also had a winning season. Led by sophomores, Hans Borg, Stacy Rudolph, Devin Walsh, Jay Cruz, Greg Davis, and freshmen Steve Reiter, Scott Ward- low, and Shawn Grenier, the Tiger frosh-soph poloists posted a 9-8 season. Also performing well on this year ' s squad were fresh- men, Dave Graver, Mike Melcher, Aaron Jackson, Chris Lam- bert, and sophomore Bruce Flinders. Sports Illustrated 1 75 SPIKERS HIGH HOPES TURN Even with a lot of hard work this year, the girls volleyball team suffered through a disappointing season with a 2- 12 record. Under new head coach Sue Sabota, the team had great hopes, with four starters returning including Mary Ippolito, Karen Krieger, Lori Lanctot, and Jenny Stoner. Playing in one of the toughest leagues in Orange County, the Spikers just couldn ' t put it together dur- ing the year. Girls Volleyball Team — Front row (left to right) - Dollard, Janet Kibby, and coach Sabota. Top row Stoner, Karen Krieger, and Nancy Johanneson. Judy Kibby, Denise Roberts, Mary Ippolito. Kat} - Susan Hayes. Lori Lanctot, Cathy Singly, Jenn; Sports Illustrated 176 INTO ROUGH SEASON j.V. Volleyball Team Front row (left to right) — Sharon Van Sant, Jennifer Jones. Dessa Mannery, Jackie Bradv. and Jennv Beaudry. Back row — Coach Zamora, Kelly Pnngle. Jeanie Jernegen, Linda Gerdon, June Pebbly, Ralhv Waljeko. Jenny Rosas. Sports Illustrated 1 77 KICKERS QUALIFY FOR CIF With a 10-3-4 record overall and 7-3- 3 in league, the VHS soccer team made an appearance in the playoffs this past season. Drawing undefeated and num- ber one ranked Pioneer High School, the Tigers fell 3-0 in a close defensive struggle. Fr. — (l-r) Zuazo I., Balas, Flores A.. Cortez O.. Soldo J., Hassis. Bk. — (l-r) Mr. Segovia, Echevarria A., Cherne, Otis, Mosayebi, Hurtado. Sandoval, Echewarria C, Moctezuma (Coach). 1 78 Sports Illustrated Upper left — Hassis. Cortez, and DeAnda against Anaheim. Upper right — Echevarria A. and Cortez struggle for ball against Anaheim. Bollom right — Zuazo Chilo ready to score against Anaheim. J.V. ' S FINISH WITH WINNING RECORD The Junior Varsity following in the footsteps of their older classmates also had a very successful year with an 8-5 record. Coached by former Valencia star, the J.V. ' s are looking forward to sendmg 5 or 6 of their top players to Varsity next year. r r; C ' mn .ila . Ru .i., . , ii .i, Tnpletl, Hurlado, flA ma. Hernandez. Ruiz. Levingslon. Sandavol. L uns, McGregor, Felipe, Segovia. ( oath Moclez- L-Ak Sports Illustrated 1 79 GRAPPLERS QUALIFY V.H.S. Varsity Wrestling Team — Back Row — Coach Gene Baker, Steve Gonzales, Robbie Hoff, Ken Haley, Rick Lindemuth, Mike Reeves, John Loth, Front ■ Tom Walsh, Raul Gonzales, Carlos Lomheim, Chet Winney, Ernie Lopez, and Joe Normandeau, Not shown — Jim Wallace. Although Tiger wrestlers started their season with high hopes for a league championship, they suffered defeats lowering their record to 3-4. The team was led through all their meets by Varsity ' s Most Valuable Wrestler, Robbie Hoff; Most Inspira- tional, Ernie Lopez; and the Most Improved, Joe Normandeau. Coached by Gene Baker, several team members participated in CIF including Ernie Lopez, Robbie Hoff, Ken Haley, Jim Wallace, John Loth and Mike Reeves. Ernie Lopez was successful enough to compete in state finals. Top right — Ernie Lopez presses for a pin. Right — Joe Normandeau attempts to wm his match. 180 SIX FOR CIF Bottom — P ' ramid — Bottom row (left to right) Ken Haley, Rick Lindemuth, Mike Reeves, John Loth, Jim Wallace, Second row — Robby Hoff, Ernie Lopez. Joe Normandeau, Steve Gonzales, Third row — Chet Winney, Raul Gonzalez, Car- los Lomheim. Top — Tom Walsh. Center — Robby Hoff prepares to pin his opponent from Savanna. Left — An opponent from Sonera gets pinned by tiger grappler Carlos Lomheim. 181 SUCCESSFUL SEASON FOR Junior Varsity wrestlers ended their season with an impressive 7-0 league record. Competing with true tiger spirit they remained undefeated throughout all of their meets. The team was led by Most Valuable Wrestler Dominic Galvin, Richard Brown with the most pins and Robert Nagel who received the Quick Pin Award. They are looking forward to a suc- cessful next year. J.V. Are — From row — Tom Kunesh, Danny King, David Hoist, Anthony Castro, John Nagel. Dominic Galvin, Back row — Richard Brown. Colin Campb ell, Chris Frank, Rick Shade, Pat O ' Hara, Robert Nagel. Middle — Dominic Galvin putting the pressure on his opponent. Boiiom — Tiger grappler get- ting ready to pin his opponent. 1 82 Sports Illustrated J.V. AND F.S GRAPPLERS Valencia ' s Frosh-Soph wrestling team gained in both skill and experi- ence this past year. Receiving the award for the Most Valuable wrestler was Ken Smith. The team member with the most pins was Mark Clark. All of the team is aiming for a spot on future Varsity teams as upperclass- men. F S Are — From row — Glen Patcha, Dennis Shephard. Robbie Fitzgerald. Jesus Romero. Chris Enckson, Todd Labhart. Back row — Ken Smith. Eugene Rudolph. Steve Vartanian. George . shie. Mark Clark. Middle left — Tom Kunesh pins his opponent. Middle nghi — Rick Shade shows good form as he pins his opponent. Bottom — Chns Frank twists his opponent getting ready for the pin. Sports Illustrated I 83 CAGERS ADVANCE TO CLE. (l-r) Stuart Lum, David Tebay, Wendell Williams, John Davis, Paul Gilbert, James Keup, Richard Pappas, Mike Callahan, Stan Davis, Larry Shaw, Vince Brad- shaw. Upper left — Our fearless leader (Ray Rodrie- quez). Upper middle — Dick Pappas fights for rebound against Canyon. Upper right — Paul Gil- bert scrambles for rebound against the Hawks. Bollom left — Team awaits chance to grab jump ball. Bottom right — Wendell Williams fires over Aztec defender. 1 84 Sports Illustrated With a 16-5 record overall and 10-4 in league the Tigers made their first trip to CIF since 1971. Drawing Foothill champ Blair in the first round the Tigers title hopes were dashed quickly with a 58-55 overtime loss at Blair. Other highlights of the season included winning their own Valencia Letter- men ' s tournament and winning the Pioneer tournament with a come from behind victory over San Marino. The tigers were led by Orange League Player of the Year and first team all county selection Paul Gilbert who averaged 25 ppg. Giving Paul a big helping hand this year were the 2 Davis brothers, Stan and John, who scored at a clip of 17 ppg and 10 ppg respec- tively. Other members of the team that played important roles were Dick Pap- pas, Wendell Williams, Mike Callahan, Vince Bradshaw and Stuart Lum. Upper left — Stan Davis drives around a Canyon defender. Upper right — Paul Gilbert skys for a layup. Middle — John Davis shoots for two against Canyon. Bottom left — Mil e Callahan drives against Ezperanza for shot. Upper middle — Dick Pappas sinks a free throw against Ezper- anza. Lower middle — John Davis hits 2 against El Dorado. Bottom right — Stan Davis shoots over Hawk defender. Spons Illustrated 1 85 J.V. WINS ORANGE LEAGUE The J.V. cagers also had a very suc- cessful year by winning the Orange League title. Finishing with a 17-4 record overall and 11-3 in league. With that record the Tigers can look forward to fielding a fine varsity squad. Other highlights of the year were winning both the Garden Grove and Lowell tournaments. The tigers were led by Alan Berndsen, Jerry Craig, Mark Skelly, Paul Fillman, and Craig John- son. Above — (l-r) Coach Jim Bell, Gerald Segara, Dave Gnbble. Kosta Skourtis, Randy Langston, Scotl Johnson, Paul Fillman, Allen Berndsen, Jeff Gilpen, Craig Johnson, Dave Hammond, Jerry Craig. Mark Skelly. Top right — Craig Johnson powers the ball over Canyon defender. Middle right — Allen Berndsen sky for shot vs. Canyon. Bottom left — Jerry Craig skys down the lane for shot. Bottom right — Jeff Gilpen playing tough defense against Canyon again. 1 86 Sports Illustrated YOUNG TIGERS HAVE FINE SEASONS (l-r) Biih Zwiller. Ron Benedict. Mike Rios. Todd Weslhurg, Tony Schuman. Mike Whiteside. Mark Berreca. Todd Hope. Don Ybarra. Ron Navverette. Mark Buxbaum. Chris Lambert. lijr ?4 ' " w ' ,4 )(.;vt ' e — Mark Berreca attempts free throw against Sonora. Middle lefi — Ron Benedict hoops for two also against Sonora. Middle middle — John Ohevier goes up strong against Ezperanza. Middle right — Kevin Lyons follows through after shot against Ezperanza. TTie Freshman team had a very success- ful season this year finishing with a 15-7 record overall and a 9-5 in league play. Other highlights of the season were win- ning the Canyon Tournament and win- ning the consolation bracket at the Bell- flower tournament. The sophomores had a very disappointing year with a 7-13 record overall and 5-9 in league. Other highlights of the season were winning the Consolation title in the Canyon tourney. Led — From row — (l-r) Curtis Skeily. Trent Hope. Billy O ' Donnell, Todd Houllis. Kieth Woodward. Gary Lewis, Johnny Rosas. Buck — (l-r) Ray Finucan, Eddie Bradford. Chris McCalla. Pauly Pena. Rob- ert Syphax. John Reed. David Liberino. John Olivier. Kevin Lyons. Ed Cortez. Todd Jensen, Coach Bill McCracken. Sports lllustroted 1 87 GIRLS SHOOT FOR Under new coach Sue Subota the lady basketeers suffered through a 9-5 season. At times it looked like they were the best in the league while other times they looked like an average team. Part of this can be attributed to the young age of the team as they had only 2 seniors on a squad of 10. The Tigers were led through most of the year by Jenny Stoner, Pia Lar- son, Denise Roberts and Lelia McLaughlin. H-r) Coach Sue Subola, Lelia McLaughlin, Denise Roberts, Linda Gerdon, Michelle Normendeau. Pia Larson, Kathy Singley, Jenny Stoner, Wendy Swanson, Pom Wilson, Janet Kibby. Upper left — Denise Roberts goes up strong for layup. Upper right — A jump ball always an impor- tant part of the game! Right — Denise Roberts hounds Fullerton opponent while on defense. 1 88 Sports Illustrated BASKETBALL HONORS The J.V. Cagers had a very fine year finishing with a 9-5 record in league play. Under Coach Barb Zamora the J.V. ' s are looking forward to the next few years on the varsity level. The J.V. ' s were led by Lupe Acevedo, Chris Hayes and Judy Kibby. Top — Linda Gerdon follows through on shot against Fullerton. coach? " (A huddle during timeout V.H.S. vs. Fullerton.) Bottom seems to hang in the air. Middle — " What do we do now — Players watch intently as ball Sports Illustrated 1 89 VALENCIA ATHLETICS 1 90 Sports Illustrated IN 1977-1978 ( pp. page — 1. The thrill of VICTORY! 2. The agony of defeat. 3. Out of the starting blocks our winning football team. 4. Fighting tough against the Hawks in our first loss of the year. 5. Karen Krieger spikes dur- ing Volleyball game. 6. Our Waterpolo team also had a very successful year. This page — 1. Rhonda Patcha runnmg strong m Cross-Counlry. 2. John Reed was one of the stars of our fine Freshman Basketball team. 3. Scott Benedict lunging for extra yardage. 4. Tom Mirek helped Cross-Country to CIF title this past year. 5. Waterpolo team attempting to score m game this past fall. 6. Hard pre-season practices paid off for the Basketball team with a trip to CIF. 7. Kathy Singley fighting hard in Volleyball match. Sports lllustraled 191 FISH HAVE FINE SEASON Valencia Swim Team — Back row — Coach Tom Gnmm, John Olivier, Jeff Hardin. Karl Reiter, Duene Hansen, Ken Pintus, Kevin Klem, Coach Fullmer. Second row — Aaron Jackson, Chris Borg, Chris Hansen. Jay Cruz. Devin Walsh. From row — Milch Borger, Mike Melcher, Greg Davis, Shawn Grenier, Hans Borg, Nol shown — Chad Nichols. Valencia ' s swimmers made an impressive showing in Orange League competition this year. Placing in the championship finals were: Jeff Hardin (8th place 100 meter freestyle). Chad Nichols (4th place 50 meter free and 7th place 100 meter free), John Olivier (4th place 100 meter backstroke). Ken Pintus (9th place 100 meter breast stroke), Karl Reiter (10th place 50 meter free) and Devin Walsh (2nd place 100 meter backstroke). Many school records were set by the team including the medley relay, the 100 meter breast stroke and the 50, 100, 200, and 500 meter freestyle. Sending Chad Nichols to CIF com- pleted the season leaving the fish look- ing forward to next year as enthusias- tically as they look back on this one. Top right — Karl Reiter puts out his best effort while performing the butterfly stroke. Right — Reiter again practicing his backstroke. 192 Sports Illustrated M ' . tf Top left — Ken Pintus comes up for air. Top right — Pintus demonstrates winnmg freestyle form. Center left — Hans Borg takes a break from prac- tice. Center right — Pmtus displays divmg talent. Left — Karl Reiter ' s butterfly stroke from the front. Sports Illustrated 1 93 GOLFERS WIN SEVERAL MATCHES -ji SBB Sii or i: . ,. , The Valencia golf team had another enjoyable season practicing and playing at the beautiful Alta Vista Country Club. Provided with free facilities every year at the nearby course, the team hits range balls and plays on the course itself almost every day. In matches the team played courses such as Yorba Linda C.C., Western Hills C.C., Anaheim Municipal, Anaheim Hills, and Impe- rial. Most of team members go out for fun and fresh air. They also are very serious about their golf game. Coached for the second year by Chuck Frazier the team showed marked improvement from last year. Coach Frazier himself showed vast improvement in his own golf game as he made a hole-in-one with a seven iron on the 156 yard 9th hole at Anaheim Municipal Golf Course. It was truly a remarkable feat. The team itself won several matches but found itself outmatched in league competition. Kent Coules, a four year letterman leads the team as number one man almost always shooting in the 70 ' s. Earl Weserling played number two man most of the season, showing vast improvement from the previous year. Other varsity team members who switched positions from match to match were Craig Johnson, Chris Bailey, Matt Arnold, Brian Winney, and Larry Shaw. 1 94 Sports Illustrated DESPITE LACK OF DEPTH AND TALENT J.,jA.i i.:iyi.rii ! i:.Li:i. Jl:H-iij:i,J i. Above left — The front of the Aha Vista Country Club. Mid- dle left — An example of a bunker shot from a bunker near the 9th hole. Middle right — The 9th hole at Alta Vista, a tight 180 yard par 3 hole with out-of-bounds left and nght. Bollom left — Tony Giannini, assistant pro at the Country Club, sits in the pro shop askmg Kent Coules to do something. Sports Illustrated I 95 EXPERIENCED TRACKSTERS RUN With many returning lettermen from last year ' s second place O.L. finish, the Valencia tracksters are well on their way toward their goal of an Orange League title. The tracksters have already defeated their crosstown rival El Dorado along with picking up an easy win against Fullerton. The tigers are led by Randy Castner, Jeff LeGrand, Rickey Cisenerosand, Joey Gomez in the running events and Bob Harley, Mark Halverson, Matt Sturms, Steve Bruce and Randy Castner again in the field events. The Track Team Is — (from left to right) Back row — Chris Borowski, Alan Geduld, John Varela, Jim Leitch, Randy Kastner, Steve Johnson, Tim Gerdon, Mark Halvorsen, Matt Sturms, Bob Harley, Tony DeLeon, Kevin Gibbs, Jeff Koegel, Andy Kelley, Dave Weidner, Mike Reeves, John Moron, Steve Bruce, Drew Seal, Frank Basquez, Neil Libindinski, Front row — Joe Garcia, Dayne Alarii, Joe Fernandez, Lloyd Yin, Jeff LeGrand, Joey Gomez, Paul Castillo, Phil Castillo, Jerry Vargas, Ricky Cisneros. 1 96 Sports Illustrated TOWARD O.L. TITLE I 1. Joey Gomez warms up before on-coming track meel 2. Junior Duane Allerie prepares for pole vaultmg competition. 3. Andy Kelly and Lloyd Ym race for the fmishmg Ime. 4. Jeff LeGrande fmishes the 880 run. 5. Matt Sturms shows form. Sports lllustrafed 197 J.V. ' S SPRING TO VICTORY The J.V. track team is hoping to fol- low the footsteps of the varsity track team this year and also make a strong challenge for the O.L. title. Made up of basically sophomores this team with a good showing could help keep Valen- cia ' s showing in track the next few years strong and can also help build a program that Valencia can be proud of. The J.V. team is led by Frank Jancek, John Evans, Delbert Session and Kevin Taylor. The J.V. Team — From — (l-r) Armando Flores, Jerry Cogley, Joey Hernandez. John Evans. Max Guzman, Gene Rudolph, Mike Bernal, Carlos Lohnheim. Middle — (l-r) Mario Peuntes, Steve Mitchell, Anthony Schuman, Todd Hope, Jeff White. Frank Jancek. Kevin Taylor. Back — (t-rj Steve Achey, Delbert Session, Don Ybarra, Paul Wade, Steve Adams, Mike Whiteside. Top — Our 1978 J.V. track team. Middle lefi — Delbert Session and Steve Adams race toward finish line ahead of the pack. Middle righl — The handoff always an important part of any relay race. Bollom — Dave Wiedner. a varsity mem- ber, shows how it ' s done in the shot put. ' « - 198 Sports Illustrated SOPH-FROSH SMALL BUT MIGHTY .4 The youngest members of t ur track program the frosh-soph team also is fielding a very fine team this year and also has a shot at bringing home the O.L. title to Valencia this year. All the members on the team are freshmen this year so they lack experience but what they lack in numbers they make up for in sheer talent. We look forward to see- ing many of these young athletes on our varsity teams in the future years. The Frosh-Soph Team — Buck (l-r) — Steve Rieter, Eddie Bradford, Ed Corlez, Tony Castro, James Evans, Doug Raddatz, Froni (l-r) — Trini Robles, Joe Vargas, Richard Brown, Rodrick Bentley. a§fi J Top — Our 1978 F-S team. Middle left — Unidenti- fied flying object is what our pole vaulters seem like this year. Middle middle — Tony Castro ahead of the field in the mile run. Middle righi — Steve Bruce, a varsity member and also the best discus thrower in the county, shows his versatility by also shot putting. Bollom — Another Varsity member, Ricky Cisene- ros, races toward victory. (Ricky was also CIF cross country champion.) Sports lllustroted 1 99 GIRL SPIKERS KEEP This year ' s track team can look for- ward to many more records being set this year as they did last year as most of their members return in top form once more. Leading the pack of upperclass- men are Rhonda Patcha, Mary Ippol- ito, Katy Doliard, and Sue Kelly. Under the direction of Coach Sheila Wilson the Tiger tracksters are once again ready to devour their opponents on the track. Top — From — (l-r) Becky Bratcher, Karen D ' Si- dockey, Julie Del Fium, Lanche Le. Liz Hulls, Diana Sieward, Kelly Thomas, Lori Luisa, Sherry Welty, Tanya Fleming, Mary Ippolito, Middle — (l-r) Fredrica Torpy, Jackie Brady, Jenny Beaudry, Carmen Esquival, Joyce Le Grand, Judy Schroeder, Kelly Pringle, Cecila Gomzalaz, Julie Saul, Marlena Adams, Katy Doliard. Bollom — (l-r) Coach Sheila Wilson, Mary Blitz, Shawn Cannon, Mary Parker, Sue Kelly, Theresa Kelly. Jill Robertson. Lisa Schie- dler. Annette Harvey, Kim Wilson, Kathy Van Houten, Kathy Walejeko, Dawn Sontag, Rhonda Patcha. Middle — Annette Harvey practices for an upcoming meet. Bultoin left — Katy Doliard concentrated before the start of a relay. Bollom right — Becky Bratcher works hard while run- ning the mile. 200 Sports Illustrated SMASHING RECORDS The track team is also looking toward a fine season as our coaching staff is going to build the young compe- titors into the stars of our future track teams. Some of the frosh-soph stars of this year are Joyce LeGrand who in the last meet set a new school record in the 2 mile run and Karen D ' Sidockey who has made several fine showings already this year. Top — Rhonda Patcha strides for finish hne in front of Fullerlon opponent. Middle left — Kelly Thomas shows her pride by competing in the mile run for the Tigers this year. Middle — Katy Dollard spnnts toward the finish line ahead of the pack. Middle right — Mary Ippolito takes baton from Katy Dollard during 440 relay. Lefl — Jenny Beaudry shows good form while high jumping. Sports Illustrated 201 BASEBALL SWINGING TOWARD Valencia Varsity Baseball — From row — (left to right) Neil Phillips, Vince Bradshaw, Tom Bennett. Kelly Rosas, Richard Rosas, Danny Correa, Mark McCormick, Back row — Scott Witte, Dan Reynolds, Bret Lindemuth, John Mornsseau, Wayde King, Richard Berndsen. Dave Steigner, Mike Burke. After a very fine season as a J.V. team and with many returning letter- men the boys baseball team is striving toward another Orange League title for Valencia this year. Under fourth year Coach Bill Borning, the tiger batsmen are led by Tom Bennett. Kelly Rosas. Don Reynolds and John Morrisseau. As of this writing the tigers stand 2-2 in league defeating Esperanza and La Habra while losing to El Dorado and Number One ranked FuUerton. But with 10 games still remaining to play, the Tigers are still very much in the race for the O.L, tide. Upper left — Unidentified Valencia player slides safely into third base. Lower left — The head coach of the Tigers, Bill Borning. Far right — Danny Correa waits for pitch. 202 Sports Illustrated SUCCESSFUL SEASON i ' pper left — Dave Steigner takes a mighty swing at baseball. Upper right — Danny Correa slows down as he approaches bag. Middle left — Tom Bennet gets caught m rundown between 2nd and 3rd base during game. Bottom left — Richard Rosas shows proper form while hurling ball toward home plate. Bottom right — Tom Bennett caught in a relaxing mood after ballgame. Sports Illustrated 203 J.V. ' S LOOK TOWARD REPEAT Looking back on a successful season, the Junior Varsity baseball team hopes for another good year. With only one loss so far they are keeping their winning reputation. Under Coach Steve Gullotti they show great potential. They are waiting to be next year ' s Varsity. Righi — The Valencia J.V. Baseball Team — Front row — (!efl lo right) John Berryman, Mike Meston. Steve Smith. Ron Benedict. Mark Lopez, Dave Hammond, Todd Westburg, Back row — Mark Scheidler, Ron Navvarette, Ray- mond James, Mark Barrecca, Bill Bellfi, John DeLa Riva, Jody Sims, Coach Gullotti. i f ! t f t f I Nf - Above — Ray James shows how first base is played. Above right — Junior Varsity baseball warming up. Right — Ron Martinez bunts making it to first. Far right — Coach Gullotti watches J.V. ' s play. 204 Sporls Illustrated FROSH-SOPH SEEK VICTORIES Looking for an Orange title this year, the frosh-soph Baseball Team started off on the right foot by defeating crosstown rival Esperanza in their opening league game. The Tigers are under the direction of Coaches Mike McClean and John Winek. With the young talent these teams possess, the baseball program at Valencia can look forward to many, many more prosperous years ahead. From — fl-rl Pauly Pina. Tony Zavala, Johnny Rosas. David Hoist, Bill DeVillez. Junior Segovia, Ken Lopez. Back — ll-r) Bret Cavanaugh, Kevin Lyons, Mike Echner, Victor Rodriquez, Scott Rosner, Tyler Carbone. Gary Shumway, George Salcido. Kevin Wilson. I f Upper left — A hustling play in the Infield stop s runner from advancing any further on the base paths. Upper righi — Unidentified player throws hard in attempting to get runner at first base. Bviiom left — Good young arms on the pitching staff is the key to success in baseball. Boiiom ri ht — .Another important cog in the team is a good solid first baseman. Sports Illustrated 205 SOFTBALL LOOKING With most of last year ' s team return- ing this year ' s softball team is looking toward the CIF title. After winning the league title with a 13-1 record, the girls advanced to CIF and reached the semi- finals before eventually losing. But with returning lettermen such as Mau- reen Rickerel, Lori Lanctot, Marye Alice Ghee, and Delaine Olivas, this year ' s team will again make a strong bid for the title. As of this writing, the girls are 2-0 with Maureen throwing a no hitter against Villa Park in the sec- ond game and Maureen and Mayre Alice combining to 1 hit Cypress in the opener. Pi? " " % ' ■. ' : " m ' T S " X, Top — Maureen shows her patented fireball as Janet Kibbey looks on. (Maureen threw a no hitter the sec- ond game of the year.) Middle left — Delaine Olivas keeps in practice in the outfield. Middle right — Catching a fly ball after good communication by the four members shown. Bottom — Mardee Hoist makes a diving catch of a ball. b H 206 Sports Illustrated FOR CIF TITLE 4 w The girls on the J.V. team are also putting many hours of work this year and are hopeful to have a very success- ful year also. Made up of basically Freshmen and Sophomores the squad knows that Valencia has a very strong tradition in softball and they are going to do everything in their power to keep that winning tradition alive on the lower level. Top — Lon Pichon shows her form in pitching a Softball. Bollom left — Marye Ahce rears bacl to let a pitch fly. Along with Maureen, Marye Alice gives us a good 1-2 punch in pitching dept. Bollom right — Unidentified player shows her arm in throwing the ball back to the infield. Sports Illustrated 207 NETTERS HAVE HIGH HOPES After a disappointing season last year, this year ' s tennis teams have high hopes for successful seasons. Under new Coach Ken Robinson, the tiger netters are led by returning lettermen Dick Pappas, Stan Davis, and Fernando Calderon. This year the team is fielding a young squad which gives great promise toward the next cou- ple of years and into the future. As of this writing, the netters have posted only one win against a tough Santiago, but have fought hard while losing the others. Front — (l-r) Jeff Davis, Leo Calderon, Gary Balas, Fernando Calderon, Back — (l-r) Mike Grismer, Star Davis, Dick Pappas, Doug Gavel, Coach Ken Robinson. .V % m.. » « Upper right — Fernando Calderon returns volley to opponent. Upper middle — Stan Davis takes a straight aim on ball. Upper left — Dick Pappas fol- lows through on backhand return. Bottom left — Jeff Davis and Mike Grismer warming up before doubles match against some unfortunate opponent. 208 Sports Illustrated J.V. NETTERS LOOKING GOOD " V r i to Team Picture — (from left lo nghi) Fnmi rtiw — John Ruggles. David Hubbard. Mark Libidin- sky, Steve Schrepferman, Javier Villareal, Wes Ozima. Back row — Coach Bell, Bruce Flander, Glen Shipley. Joe Straiten, Dave Norman, Bob Barro. Upper left — Dave Norman shows excel- lent backhand. Upper right — John Davis returns ball with top spin. Lower left — Mark Libldinsky proceeds with a forehand return. Lower right — Scott Wardlaw shows correct serve follow-thru. K In spite of hard work and effort, JV and Frosh-Soph tennis started the season with defeat. Still hoping for a comeback however, the team conquered disappointment and continued to practice with high hopes. They display true Tiger spirit. Sports Illustrated 209 FH ' S EFFORTS UNREWARDED The VHS Field Hockey team under new Coach Ellen Bates suffered through a disappointing 0-10 record. Wallace, Irene Gough, Leah Lumley Even though the girls were inexperi- enced, they never were out fought. The f Tigers were led by MVP Leah Lumley and Most Dedicated Player Tracy B ' ' t ' % ' , Goueh. From — (l-r) Jill Robertson, Lisa Sloppier, Laura Virgo. Sherry Mitchell, 2nd — (l-r) Nancy Scott. Cindy Fel- ipe. Dedee Wiedner, Kathy Meston, Back — (l-r) Coach Ellen Bates, Teresa Gough, Risa Lumley, Elaine t X 210 Sports Illustrated SWIM TEAM GAINS MEMBERS 9:(rL.M With an increase in the number of members, girl ' s swimming hopes for a change from last year ' s winless season. Many returning members help the hard working team ' s chances for vic- tory. They swim miles to represent Valen- cia in the grueling and difficult sport of swimming. T The Swim Team — (from left to right) Front row — Cathy Cassotta, Karen Lash, Lisa O ' Brien, Jenny Arnold. Julie Armstrong, Diane Armstrong. Lisa Reiter. Mona Wilson, Karen Krieger, Linda Geduld, Shawn Town- send, Loralee Clark, AnnaMarie Jancek, Yvette Hornay, Linda Kelly. Back — (l-r) Carne Cole. Lisha Adams. Tracy Hammond. Laura Stoeppler. Shelly Masin. Slacy Stoul, Robin Borzone, Sue McCormick. Christine Lowy. Marianne Harvey. Julie Garrett. Michelle Xavier, Deanna Wasson, Cathy Gardner. Kare Stoll. Tammy Chantiles. Lisa Ridgeway. Sandy Collar, Coach Tom Gnmm. Middle left — Unidentified swim- mer pushes It hard through the last lap. Middle right — Karen Krieger shows winning form in iher diving. Lower left — Karen again showing beautiful form in this dive. Lower right — Swimmers take many laps dur- ing practice as shown here. Wx .LM0 - ?-«5 Sports Illustrated 211 212 Sports Illustrated INDEX Abad. Elizjhelh 87 Abad. Marena 1 16 Abel. Leslie A 144 Abraham. Melinda K- 1 16 Abraham. Ruse M 130 Accvedo. Guadalupe 130. 172. 3. 189 Ache .Sle enE 130. 165. 198 Ackemian. Rebetea 87. 128 Acosla. Adriana M 130. 13. " ; Adams. Lisha R. 130.211 Adams. Marlena J, 144, 62. 200 Adams. Richard 16.5 Adams. Ror A. 160 Adams. Slephan D 198 Aguilar. Anlhtiny 162 .Aguilar, Henr 165 Aguilar. Lila 130 Aguilar. Maneela 1 16 Aguirre. Monica 28. 1 16 Alane. Duane 116. 196. 197 Alben. Richard 144 Alben. Russell 1.30 Allen.Chersl A 1.30 143. 150 , lons.i. Silsia 130 Alonzo. Estella 1 16 Alonzo. Pairicia 130 Alspaugh. J.nce A 28. 1 16 118. 56. 80 .Mvarado. Lilia87. 116 Al arez. Sandra A 42 Alsarez. S KiaG. 116 Amigc. Mars F 144. 162 Anderson. Dara 1 16.41 Andersson. Craig E 40. 52. 53 Andrews. Margaret C. 177 Andr . Sumi e 144 Angle. William E 116 Appa. Maria J 87 Aram. Jawed 1 144 A denl. Lori J 116.43 Arguello. John 144 Arguello. Robert P. 116 Armenia. Maria D. 130 Armenia. Rosa 144 Armslrong Diane 28, 118, 166 211 Armslrong, Julie21l.87. 103. 166.86.47 Arnold. Jenifer Rose 211. 13.87. 166.43 Arnold. Matthew 144. 146. 194 Arnold. Nathalie K 144 ArriEjii. Slesen 87 Ashburn. David R 144 Ashie. George M 144. 146. 183 Ashie. Regina25. 87. 91.55. 56 Aulr . Robin R 130 A olle. Steven 87. 39 Bailes.CnsR 140. 194 Baisch.Tros W. 144 Baiza. Robert A. 87 Balas. Gar J 208. 50. 48. 25. 87. 1 78. 68. 47. 56 Bannister. Wendv 1 16 Barlim. Steven 87. 162 Barreca, Mark A 130. 187.264 Barriga, Isabel 130.45 Barro. Robert V, 1.30 209 Barton. Karin S, 1.30.41 Barton. KimberK R 1 16 Basquez, Frank 110. 1% Basiidas, Regma 1.30 Beaudrv. Jennifer J 1.30. 177. 140.20(1. 201 Beaudrv, KimberK 116 Becerra. Alicia 1.30 Beckerman. Ricks S 144 Beddie. Dana 130 Bell. Alan 130.55 Bell. Deanna 87. 33 Bell, Erik 24, 26. 87. 3. 90 Belld. Robert E, 1 16, 52. .53 Bellli. William D, L30. 165,264 Benedict. Lsnn Scott 87. 162. 109. 191 Benedict. Ronald L 1.30. 165. 187. 11,264 Bennett, James D 1 16 Bennett. Thomas 25. 87. 162. 47. 203. 202 Bentles. Rodrick D 144. 199 Bentles.Sherrv L 116 Berg, fhrislopher 116. 174 Berggren, Michelle A. 144 Bernal. Michael R 1.30. 198 Berndsen. Allen H 116. 186 Berndsen. Richard 88. 202 Bernman.JohnC 165 264 Billingsles.Jeff 144 Billingslev. MitziL.88 BmtiLClavlon A 1 16 Bircher, Deborah L 130, L58 Birnbaum, Laurie 28. 130 Blackburn, Ronald L 144,62 Bills. MarilvnC 144.200 Blodgett. Ann M 144.62 Boelman Rebecca 1 1 7 38. 60. 48 Boisseranc. Anne L 130. 158 Btiisseranc. Nancs 117.41 Borg. Hans David 130. 175. 192. 193 Burger. Michael 88 B..rger. Mitchell C 144. 165. 192 Borgerson. Robert C 144 Borowski. Chris 117. 146 BorsL David 88 BorsL Kristin 117 Burst. Pamela S. 1.30 135 Borzone. Robin E 144.62.21 1 Boswell. Leona L 88 B..SWCII. Ronald D 130 Bousquet. James R 130 vd. Jcnev 144.62 Bradford. Eddie E 144. 165. 187. 199 Bradford. Lois J 88 Bradshaw. Vincent 88. 162. 163. 18.5.202 Bradv. Jacqueline A 144.177.200 Bratcher. Becks 1 17. 171. 172. 38. .54. 200 Bralcher Virginia 188. 107 38.54 Briltain, Derrick L 144 Brittain. l.eanne 144 Broaddus. Brvan 88 Brooks. Bnan 144.62 Brown. Paula A, 1.30 Brown. Richard 144. 165. 182. 199 Bruce. Steve R 117,62. 196. 199 Buelna Carol 117.35 Buelna. Manuel 88 Bui ThaoThi Phuong 1.10 Burciaga. Anna M 29. 1.30 Burke. Margaret M, 144 Burke. Michael W 117. 162. 163.202 Burke, Patrick Joseph 18, 25, 26, 88, 50, 45. 48. 47. 38 Burnip Jeff 1 31. 34 Burns. Michael 144. 157.62 Buxbaum. James M 187 Bushaum. Ten Jeanne 88 Calderon. Fernando A. 117. 208 Calderon. Leonardo J 131.208 Calderim. l.ucretia A 144 Callahan. Michael J 117, 118, 185 Campbell. Colin 117.41 Campbell. Lori 117.43,55,42, 182 Canales. Armando 1 17 Cannales. Elizabeth A. 144 Cannon. Shauna J 131. 142.200 Canterbury. Wallace 89 Carbone. Debra L 131 Carbone. Karin A 117.62 Carbone. Tsler R 145. 165.205 Carlson. Mark 89. 40. 145 Carlson. Valerie 131. 132.62 Caro. Maria A 145 Carranza. Raymond 145 Carrera. Armando 31. 145. 62 Carrera. Silvia 1 17 Carrillo. Laura 89 Carroll. GreeS 53. 117. 126. 162. 129.52 Carligjia. John B. 131 Carver. Christine L 29. 131 Case. Ehsa A 145.62 Case. Laura A 131 Cassolla. Kathy M 89.43. 211 Castaneda. Rauna 145 Casltllo. Eloisa 117 Castillo. Joseph 89. 164. 196 Castillo. Phillip 117. 168. 196 Cslillo. Victor 117 Castner. Randall 89. 196 Castro. Albert 31 Castro. Anthonv J 145 182 199 Castro. Rebecca 89 Caslro. Rvisemarie 89 Cavanaugh. Brett A 145. 148. 165 Ceja. Herman 131 Ceja.Violeta89 Centeno. Daniel A 145 Centeno. Michael A, 145 Cerecerez. Geroge 145. 62 Chambers. Lisa A 131 Chanliles. Tammy 117.211 Chapman. Ten Lee 89 Chase. Kirk S. 145.62.38 Chase, Loretta 117,38.55 Chavez. LylaM. 131 Chavez. Manuel 131. 165 Chavez. RaynaL 145 Chen. Jennv J 131 Chen. V illiamW 145 Plaques — Trophies — Name Plates ALL-STAR TROPHY ENGRAVING Shirley and Richard Foults Phone 528-3991 730 W. Chapman, Placentia. Calif. 92670 214 White Pages BASKIN ROBBINS Baskin Robbins ' il ' lavo 104E.YorbaLiitdaBl Placentia. CA •-■■■■ ' ,afc, _ u ( " htrnc Ph.hphJS KM 1 7» (licrn Arlene M 131 (. " hofbjjidn, Craig I P CTiriMv Ji.nP 117 40 ChciMx Silk X Ml I ivniTiivCeorct 14 (Kner.. ' . Riihard 81 I6K 1% IW (Ijrk KjlhleenW (ijrk I oijiccj LI I 1 :m (lark Mark I 111 IK3 (lark MKhatl 1 Ml (If eland S1..11 117 411 (line Dana M 1 I 7 (l..a Junk.. Ill ll (..hb Mark B 111 411 C, slc ,Jem L 111, I9K Cole. C ' aroi n28. 117. 118 G.le Carrie 145 ill Kalhleen L 28 111 11: Collar Sandra L 145 :il C.lquMl. DimelaO Ml Cock, Leonards Ml C...ik. Sheila M 145 Correa. C hn lina 145 C orrea. Daniel R I I :(11 :ii: C ones, Anuro Lll t ones Jose A 145 Corle , Ederell R 145, 165 155 181 IW Cor[e.[,Olnerio 145, 178 Cosiello, NjlalieS 28 131,54 C lroneo- MiehaeMI Coules, Kenl 25. «. 86. W, 47, .VI, l ' J4, 195 Craig. Jerrald L 119. 186 Craic. ShelK 9(1 Cram, Connie 9(1 Craier David M 145, 175 ( " ra%er, lob% 119, .18.48 Trough. Stephanie 145 Cru;. Charles A 119.55 Cm; Ja 175 192 Cru . Mark A 119 ( uevas. Jenaro 145 ( ulberson. Damone 145 ( ulp Jann., M I4 ( uiininiiliani I ' alrKk B 62 C ' unninchaiii Roherl I 19 162 Cvruv VliehacI Brian 162 7 911 D Karen 19, 145 159 2IK1, 2111 D Sid.K.k, Kell A M2, 1.11 Danzer Kalhr n L Lll Da... Kim H..a 90 Daueherl . Jami K. 25. 88, 9(1. 45 l aMes Daxid L 147 [ aiies Vlelinda ! I a(ies Sells 119. 162 D-aMs Arnie 111 Davis. C;rei:..r Ml 175 55 196 Daiis.GreBor 1 1.1 1. 18.48. 192 Daus. Jeffres B 1.11.208 Dans. Johns 47. 119, 18.1. 184 Davis L.vdia 29 147 DasivSlanlev 91.98 185 184 208 De Areos Luc I 19 Dc Avila. Lupe.15 De Avila. RavmondJ 147 Dc La Rna, Ml. 1.12, 165. 264 DcLeon, Anlhon 162. 163 91, 196 DeLi)sRe es, Kevin L 91 34 De Pnesl. Jamie Ml DeValle Mima 147 De ille7. William r 147 2lls Del I mm, Julie Ann Ml 132, 172 20(1 1 14 Del Luim, Susan 1 47 Derisio, Michelle R 147 Devillez. Darr..n9l Desille; Lrin 24 1 91 l Mer Jonalhan9l DiSanle Mark 119 Diaz. Lorraine IIS 119 O.llard. Kalhleen A 18 119 176 11 201 200 [ .mbroski Bernadelk- 119 r nle Jeff A 111 I6S Drake R Ml Ml I IS IXiarle Ravni..nd I 19 Dukan Sandv 119 Dunn fheresa A 111 Duran. Kalherine ' n 91 t uranlerril 147 Ijds Chersl I 133 41 Lj ell. James 147 14 [j ell. Ronald P 111 34 Lbicmo Donna I 19 15 hehner. Mike 205 a-hesarria Armando 113 178 lihesarria ( arl..s 119 178 Kgberl Angela 147.62 18 FJIison Cherxl 119. 1.54 EJmore John 13 162 86 91 LImore Ranell X 147 Susan 1 I 19 Lngle Belh 133 Lnnque . Kinnv S 91 Lpperson. ( harles 147. 62 Lritkson. C ' hnslttpher 133 183 Lstamilla tolanda R 119 Ls uisel Carmen M I 19 200 Ksses. J,.hn VL 113 f-sses. Laurie 147. 142 Lsirada. Jimm C 1 19 Evans. Andrea L 28 56 Evans. Debbie l.vnn 119 Evans. James M 147 199 Evans. John W 198 Evans, Karen L 147 Evans. Rodnev Shane 92 162 163 Even. Kerrv L 147 Fair. DeniseM 132 131 119 Fairbanks. Robin 111 Fakhrai, Marvani92. 33 Eakhrai. Narges 92, 33, Alan L 133 Felipe Anionio 147 Felipe, Cvnlhia 147 146 210 Felipe, Deborah 92 Felipe, Pearl M 111 Felipe. Ronald 113 Perth. Lisa 119. 171 Ferguson. Edwin A 147 Ferreras, Jorge L 133 White Pages 215 MM,S REALTOU STEFFEN REALTY 3218 east yorba linda blvd. fullerton, California 9263iy Qiacn office is inaependfKlly oi ned ana operaleJ R. E. " BUD " STEFFEN brokerowner | bus. 996-5300 res. (714) 524-3240 @ Fell. Charles ' ): Feu. Jaime-. P. M.l Fillnun, Paul 119. 186 Finuuin. Rainiiind P 147.187 Fisher. Mauhe» 1.1.1 Filzgerald. Robhie 18.1 Rander. Bruce 175.209 Flecner. Kell R 1.1.1 Fleming. Tan a 200 Flell Jr. Thomas H 11.1 Pell. Ronald E 147 Flin.CarlaM L11 Rood .KeMn 13.1 Rorer. Calherine 24, 92. 1 Rores. Armando 1.13. 178. 198 Rores. Frcdd 92. 56 Garcia. Maria 134 Garcia. Marlha H 147 Garcia. Paz A 148 Garcia. Ralph 148 Garcia. Rchciia 147 Garcia. Viclor 148 Gardner, Barbara J 114,62 Gardner, Calherine 120. 172.211 Gardner. David A 93 Gardner. Gregory A, 134 Gardner. Tamm S, 147 Garrell. Dann 147 Garrell. Julie 120 211 Gavel. Doug L, 120.60.208 Gavlon, Anlonio Jr, 134 Ga ton. Carmela 28.93 GaMon. RitaM 120 Gcduld. Alan 120 142. 196 Geduld. Linda S 148 188,211 Gerdon, Unda M 177, 134, 189 Gerdon, Mark:, 134 Gerdon, Timolh 93, 196 Ghee Mavre A 18. 28. 120 206. 207 Gibbons. Virginia M. 93. 1 1 Gihbs. KcMn24.93. 3. 62. 196 Gibson. Margaret Mar 93 Gilbert. Anthonv 134 Gilbert, Paul 24, 26, 93, 3, 185 Gilbert, Susan C 134,55,36 Gilpm, Jeffre 120, 186 Gilpin, Jill A, 134 Goldstein, David E, 165 Golie, Mark P 134 Gome , Joseph 93, 168, .19, 196. 197 Gomez. Kalhv 93 Gomez. Laura C 35 Gonzales. Abel 93 Gonzales. Cecilia 148,200 Gonz.iles, Daiid 133 Gonzales, Joe 93 Gonzjies, Larr 120 Gonzales. Manuel J, 93 Gonzjles, Patricia 93 Gonzales, Rafael 94 Gonzales, Raul 62 6 3, I Gonzales, Raul P 12(1, 180, ISI Gonzales. Slephen M 18. 150. 163. 26. 120 162. 3 Gonzales, Juan 148 Gonzales, Silvia 148, 1.14 Goodson. Mickie 134 Goodson. Vickie D, 1.14 Gorman Barbara Lee 120.40 Gough. IreneC, 148, 162,210 Gough, Theresa 120,210 Gourle , Gina Lee 94 Grahn. Randi 134.62.38 Gram. Cvnthia 94 Gra . Princess 120 Gra . Ronald K 120 Greenuood. Ram K 134, 143 GreenutKHj, Ro A 94 Gregorv, Brenda 134 Grenier, Shaun R, 148, 175, 192 Cribble, David A, 120. 186 Grismer. Mike 1 20. 60. 37. 45. 208 Grismer. Patrick J, 132, 1.14, 49. 60 Guerrero. Margarila G 29, 134, 35 Guerrero, Roger M 134 Guerrero, Tim 120 Guplon, Lori 148 Gutierrez. David 133 Guzman, Maximiliano 133,45, 198 Guzman, Richard J 148 Guzman, Rita , ' 133 Haener, Grelchen 148 Hahn, trie 148 Halabi, Altia Ann 94 Halev, Kenneth R 94, 180, 181 Halcv, Sandra 120 Hall, Doug E 120 Hall, NiclelteP 133, 142 Halvorsen, Mark 162, 163, 164,86,90,92,94, I 10 62, Halvorsen, Randall 133,62 Hamman, David 120 186, 264 Hammimd, Lori C 148 Hammond, Tracv L 120, 21 1 Flores. Joe 133 Rores. Jorge 133 Rore . Lupe 119 Rores. Victor 147 Foisv. Renee M. 133,43 Foluell, Gar E, 147 Folvvell. Julia 93 Fontannol. Denise 1 5 1 . 64 Ford. Leslie A 133 Ford. Robin L. 92 Frank. Christopher 133. 165, 182 Frank, Marjorie F 119 Frauslo, Maria D 133 Frausto, Teresa 147 Fuentez, Jimm D 120 Furrow. Donme D, 120,35 Gag. Denise A, 133 Gallagher. Colleen 120 Gallagher. Maureen 120.41 CalU). Antonio B. 134 Gallo. Joseph 33 Gallo. Tma Mane 147 Galvan. Consuelo 147 Galvan. Javier V, 134 Galvan. Sergio V, 147 Galvin, Dominic F, 120, 182 Garcia, Alfred 93 Garcia. Donna B. 120.55 Garcia. Elvira 93 Garcia. Esther 134.35 Garcia. Faustmo45 Garcia. Kim M. 147 Garcia. Laura 35 Garcia. Lucille M. 147 -DoftJese 1725 Placentia Ave. Fullerton, CA 92670, 216 White Pages H.incnberg Jeffre P 133 Mjnstn. C hnsiopher 18. 94. 98. 48. |9: Mjnsen. Dujne Bruce 120. 142 M. n •n, Melissa Jane 147. 148. 146 H.irdjuj . Beserl L. 120.41 Hardin. Jeffres 133, 174. 192 Harc.SheriD 121 Hjcle . Donald G 148 Harle . Robert 25. 162 108 1% Harper. Belinda 1.34 Harris. Chrislopher 121 Harris. Sha nVI 1.34 Hams. Todd 95. 39 Harrison. Jennie C 121 Harlman. Mar 121 Harlmann. Daniel J 148 Har e . AnnelleC 166 134 20 1 Mar%e .Lon K 134 Harse . Marianne E 18. 166. 167 95 21 Hassing. Rosemar F 132. 1.M Hassis. Palritk 148. 165 128 Halch. Lisa Anne Haukinson. Cind M 121 Haukinson. Tami L nn 148 Hases. Annelle E 121 Ha es. Christina L 148. 189 Ha elman. Paula G 134 Heienz. James L 135. 134 Henaull. Brute 148.62 Henderson. Craie 1 34 Henisel. Pamela J 149. 138 Hernandez. Arthur R 24. 121 Hernandez. Edgar 135 Hernandez. Edwin E 149 Hernandez. Johnns 135 Hernandez, Jose R 121. 198 Hernandez. Kathleen 95. 35 Hernandez. Laura M 135 Hernandez. Lawrence Jr 149 Hernandez. Maria F 95 Hernandez. Micke 149 Hernandez. Rosemarv 121.35 Hernandez. Sofia 135 Hernandez. Steve 121. 135 Hernandez. V irginia 121 Herndon. Ruh A 149 Herrera. Catherine 95 Herrera. Lam 95. 62. 4(1 Hicks. Jemse E 149 MARIE CALLENDER ' S RESTAURANT- COCKTAILS - PIES 126 E. Yorba Linda Blvd. PlacentJa 9960500 Hitks Stcscn 137 Hill Maria R 149 Hill. Susan A 137 62. 38 Hirsch. Das id A 95 Hiscrole Ra mond62 Hiteshew, Rcnee M 135 Hodge. Jeffres J 149 Hoeller. Michael 96. 168 HofL Rohert W 96 162. 163. 164. 180. 181 Hoffman Michael 149 HoEsett Teresa A 149 Hollabaugh. Warren S 135.41 HolsL David G 148. 165. 150.205 Hoist, Margaret D 28. 96. 166. 167. 86. 2IX) Hope.G TinJd 174. 135. 187. 198 Hope. Trent L 150. 187 Hornas, YselteJ 33.211 Hosman. Timuths L 135 Houllis. Todd 157. %), 187 Houllis. Trat 96 Howe, Carol) n Kim 135.42 Howe. Karen M 150 Hubbard. David 150.209 Hughes. Paul P 135.62 Hults. Elizjbelh A 132. 135.200 Humphres Randv 150 Humphries. Gwen L 34. 47. 43. 24. 29. 96. 1 28. 3 Hunter. Scott L. 150 HunlJev. Laureen M 135. 38. 34 Hurlburt. Stephen 135 Hurtado. Ana 121 Hurtado. Gerardo 96. 162. 163. 164. 178 Hurtado. Jose M 165. 135. 179 Hurtado. Svlvia 1.50 Hurtado. Tavio 135.38.64 Ippohlo. Mar Louise 96. 276. 200. 201 Inve. Kenneth 121 ln e. TomT. 150 Ives. Stephanie 96 Jackson. .Aaron L 175. 150.92 Jackson. David 96. 40. 115 Jackson. David L 96. 95 Jackson. Garv 135 Jacqmrn. Diann 121 James. Irene Patricia 150 James. Ravmond Stuart 135.264 Jamieson. Deborah M 135.62 Jancek Annmarie 146. 150.42.211 Jancck Frank A 165. 135. 198 Janiek. JaneF 24.25.96. 3 Jancek. Jill 121 Jennings. Carolyn S. 96 Jensen. Anna Lisa 150 Jenson. Todd R 150. 187 Jernigan. Jeanne 121. 177 Jimenez. Lorenzo 150 Jimenez. Rosa 150 Johannes. John D 150 Johannes. Mern L 121 Johannessen. Nancv A 18.97. Johnson. Brvan I. 121 Johnson. J. Craig 135. 186. 194 Johnson. Janice J 19. 135 Johnson. Kimberlv 150 Johnson. Mark J 150 Johnson. Scott 121. 186 Johnson. Steven R 121. 196 Johnson. Thomas 150 Johnston. Billv 121 Jones. David E 165. 135 Jones. Jeff 121 Jones. Jennifer 177. 135.33 Jones. Jennifer J 150.35 Jones. Melvxiv J 121 Jones. Robert R. 131.52.53 Kahn. Marks 121 Kampa. Ann 29. 135 Kampa.JohnC 121 Kaplan Roger J Kaszvcki. Donna L 97. 121 Kearnev.Kav 150.54 Kellev. Linda D 135.211 Kellev. Teresa 122.200 KelK. Andrew P. 25. 97. 162. 163. 86. 47. 196. 197 KelK.Patncia97. 38. 56 Kellv.Patnck J. 135 Kellv.SusanC 132. 171. 172. 1.36 Kelterer. Sandv 97 Kennev.Kath 27. 28. 118. 122 Keup. Christine L.97. 56 Keup. James Lee 24. 26. 97. 38. . 47. 60 Khreich. ClaudettelSO White Pages 217 Kreich. Eman 97 K]hb .Jane[ 122. 177. 188.206 KihbN.JudilhF. 177. 136. 189 Kido.Clenn A. 165, 150 Kim. Jeann 150 King. Daniel B u.n 165. 150. 182 King III. William 97 King. Wa deB. 122.202 Kirk. Deborah L. 150 Ki5 lia. Jerome T 98 Kjerulff. Lisa M 28. 1.16. 142 Klem. Karen 150 Kelm. Ke m 122. 126. 147. 174, 192 Klemenl. Linda 97 KJemenl. Margarel 1.16 Knulson. Brenda K. 122 Koebrick. .Arlhur W. 122. 126. 147 Koegel. Jetfre 122.52.53. 196 Kolbo. Keilh9l. 110.62.63 Kooker. Wa ne E. 162. 163.98 Kovalesks.ChrisP 98 KralL Sharon F 150 Krieger. Karen Sue 211.. S6. 18, 176,98 191 Krolzer. Patneia Ann 136 Kuncsh. Thomas R, 165. 1.16. 182 [j Cross. Elk J 116 I J Palme, Susan 151 Lahharl.Todd A 151, 183 Uborde. Mars 98 Ljborde. Phillip 118. 122 Laeombe. Brian K. 98 Lagunas. Denise G. 122 ljm. BauT 122 Ijmb, Donald VI 151 Lamb, Juhe A 136 Umbdin, Karen 122 Lambert. Christophers 136. 187 Lambert. Mars A. 28 Lanee. Deborah K 98. 62 Lance. Laurie S 29. 136 Unclol. Lon 2 1 . 22. 28. 102. 1 76 206. 98 Lanctol. Rasmond 31. 62. 38 Langston. Rand 122. 38. 52. 186 LdPalme. Slesen G 52. 53 Larahce. Rjsmond F 42.24. 122.3.47 Larsen. Pia 13. 188 Ush. Karin Staces 171,99.41.211 Lauber. Gloria L 116 Lavison. Louis E 165. 136 Lawrence. Jeanne L 136 Lawson. Beth L 151 LcGrand. Josce A 152, 172 151 200,201 Le, Lanchi 151,200 Uach, Bsron 122 LeaciKk. Karen 122 Udesma. Eric M, 151 Lee. Cherie A 122 Lee. Dana 136 Lee. Rhonda 151 Legrand. Jeffrev 122. 196. 197 Leilch. James 162.99 55, 196 Lemken, Annette 122 Lemken. Anlhon C 151 Leon. Christina 122 Uon.C nthia99 Leos. Rose D 28. 1 5 1 U ' singslon. Cregop. J 122. 179. 52 Ij;v . Carols n 28. 122.55 U-wis. Derek 165. 136 lj;wis, Gar W 151. 187 I,ewis, Jonathan 122 Le»is. Nathan E. 165. 136 Lesva. Craig S, 136 Libenno. Daiid A 147. 151 41. 187 l.ibenno, Denise V1 151, 146 Libenno, Mars F 122,99 Libidinsks.MarcS 151.209 Libidinsk . eil 122. 162. 196 Lichtenualter. Leann 136 Liles. Scott D 31. 122.62 Lin. Paul E 136 Lin. William E 122 l.indemuth BradO 162. 163.99 Lindcmuth. Bret E. 162. 163. Lindemuth. Rhonda R, 136, 54 Lindemulh. Rickes L. 162. 163.99. 180. 181 Lindles. Grant T. 136.49.60 Lindles. Megan 99 Lindsa . Daniel G 122 l.ipshulz. Laurie E 116 l.i arraga. Juventino 151. 179 Li.euer. Deborah 122.35 Li ewer. Wesles. B. 151 Lomheim. Carlos J, 132. 165. 136. 180, 181. 19 Lopez. Carmen ' , 100 l ipez. Cr stal L. 136 Ltipez, Danns 100 U.pez. Ernesto 180. 181 Lope , Gloria 122 Lopez. Kenneth 151 62.205 Lopez Marcos M 116. 264 Lorenat.Gregg .A, 122 Loth. John 123. 162. 161. 180. 181 218 White Pages I..lh Ri-x I ' l(. nti LrnnC hriMinc:il I, .Ainia. Jennifer R 151 I uu.. Pamola l(K) lui . [.on -X 136 hll :(KI I iini ConsIanLf HKI lum.Sluan 100, IM lumk ' . l.tah 121 f.: : 10. 38, (.0,48 lunilci Rivi l I Ml.: :i0,48 I un.i Jonnit I HKI I unj, Peler 1 I I iiquin Nornid I, 151 LionvDjMd M 136, 179 L ..ns, KcMnW 151,62. I87,:05 l ons. Terri:4, 123, 3, 62, 47 M.iLij% ( jcl,. 136 Maikclv kimm I 136 VladJovJane 152 V1aBana,Olnia M 136 Vlagana, Telenor,. 136 Maldi.nado. Su anne M 21 22 100 86 Malu.v Maria G 136 Manarv Dcssa J 152 177,54 ManiiT Brian A 152 Manlcx kim 152 M Niel, Sandra 29, 123, 125 VltSicI, Stanton B 101 Medina, Alberto 152 Medina Peira 12.34 Medina Romana 152, 172 Mekher, Miehael F 152, 175, 192, .34 Meldrum, Michelle D 137 Mendez. JoseM 152 MendoM. Maria C 153 MeMon. Kalhleen M 153.146.62 MeMon. Mike 124 60 264 Vlekalf Beatrne 137 Mikolosk . Iheresa 101. Ill Miller, C ' raia 52 Miller, L ndaM 124 Miller, Teresa L 137 Mirek,ThomasA, 101, 168,86 nil 111,191 40 MiMerK,Kare L 137 Miithell, KcnnelhJ 153 Mikhell, RohertS 137 Mitchell, B 165, 137 Mitchell, Sherxlnn M 153, 1.50, 2IU Mitchell, SteienL 62, 198 Mohles, James K 137 Mocle uma, Gcrardo A 137 Phone 528-2121 LZ- LacEntia DLozut 217 South Bradfo D Avenue. Placentia, California Gloria and Tony Morales Maicil, Ginger R 123 Mjnnclli,Yolanda 123 Marri.n, John 123 62, 196 Marshall lerri I 152 Martine Monique M 137 Martinez, Brenda lOO Martinez, Dai id 123 Martinez, David M 152 Martinez, M 137 Marlinez, Rebecca 123 Martinez, Ronald I 123 264 Martinez, Virginia h 152 Martinez, Virginia S 137 Masin, Shelles R 152,211 Mason, KimberK K 152 Mala Kalh R 123 Maihis Lee ll«) M.iliiiKh Russell A 152 M.ilulich Stephen R 137 l,ner I aiiren I 152 62 Ms Bnde, Christina M 151 McCall, Kelle 1, 28, 123 McCalla, Chris S 151, 187 McClatch , Robert A 137 McC ' ormick, Mark 100, 109. 202 McCormick. Sandra A 123 Mclormick, Susan 152,211 Mc(ormick, Theresa 24, 26, 118, 123, 33,47 3, 159, 126 McCos Michelle 29, 137 McCo , Theresa M 123,40 McDanielJohn A 152 McGee, Ann L 152 McGee, Mar 137 McGhehe , Catherine 29 152 McGillisrav Karen lOO McGillisrav, Susan M 137 McGregor, Craig 137, 179 McGuire, Calhleen 152 Mcintosh, Chris E 152, 165 M.Kee Colleen A 137 McKcc Krislinc I, 100 Mclaughlin, J,.hn M 101 McLauchhn, I elia K 123, 166, 167, 188 Moe, Teresa A 124 Moltz. Gretchen 124 134 Moltz. Helene C 137 Monies. Gloria 137 Mtintes. Julian 153 Mtinles, Teresa 124 Monteverde, Andrevv R 153 Moone , Martin J 101, 162, I Moore, Catherine 137 Morales. Stella 137 Moreau, Randall 153. 159 Morgan. Glenda L 124 Morgan. L nda M 101 Morin. TimP 25, 137 Mor.vco C nthia25,26, 88,96, 101,47,56 MoriKco, Roseann M 124 Mornsseau, John 124, 142,202 Mosa ebi,Saeed 101, 178 Moses Daniel 124 Moto, Rud 124 Moulin, CherieM 137 Mund, Janet 124 Mundt Kun A 137 Murillo Elidia 137 Murphs Scon A 137,52,53 Murra , Ana Man 153, 146 M er , Brian C 153 Naeel, JohnC 153, 182 Nagel, Robert R 165, 137, 182 Sajera, Ricardo 137 Vajera Robert Jr 101 Najera Rosie 102 Dena 1 24 White Pages 2 1 9 Navarrele. Avigaye 1 53 Navarrelte. Ronald J. 187. 264 Navarro. Luz Maria 138 Negrete. Sandra K. 138 Nguyen. Ha 153 Nicholls.Claud.aP, 29 Nichols, Chad T. 174. 138 Nicholson. Rick 153 Nieuwiandl. Dan 138 Nieuwiandl. Jeanne 27. 28. 118. 124. 127.56 Norman. David 124.209 Norman. Wayne K 25. 102, 1 1 1. 35. 70. 180 Normandeau. Joseph .A. 165. 138, 180, 181 Normandeau, Michelle !02, 188 Nunez, Johnny E. 138 Nycum, Su,san 119, 124 O ' Brien, Lisa K, 153,33,34,211 O ' Brien, Rohin A. 153,62 O ' Donnell, Michael 153 O ' Donnell, William C 187 O ' Hara, Patrick 165, 138, 182 O ' Hara, Timolhy M, 149, 153 03kes.ChadD. 153 O ' Connor, Danielle 62 Olave, M. Olga 102 Olivas, Delaine 124,206 Olivier, John C. 153, 174. 187. 192 Olson, Lorraine 124 Olson. Richard 102 Orosco, Diana D, 138 Orosco, Kalhryn29, 153 Orosco, Lana R, 153 Orosco, Lisa D 138 Orosco, Lynn S. 102 Orozco, Angelica 124 Onega, Johnny 124 Ortega, Larry 34 Ortiz, Christopher L. 165. 141. 138 Ortiz. Elizabeth A 153 Ortiz. Gilbert 138 Ortiz. Reed 153 Otis. F Ward 138 Otis. LoriJ 102 Qzima. Shari34. 124. 128.3.43 Ozima. Wesley 138.209 Pacheco. Patricia 102 Pacheco. Robert R. 124 Padilla. Lucia S. 138.45 Page. Douglas A, 153. 165 ftilacio, Fernando 153 Palatox, Rebecca 153,62 Pallares, Laura M 124 Pappas, Richard 100, 102, 86, 94, 185, 208, 56, 35 Parker, April 138,40 Parker, Mary L 153,200 Parker. Ruth M 102,40.41 Parkm, Steven W, 138,62,63,38,55 -«=; . Hardcovers Cliff and Monarch Notes = Paperbacks Children ' s Books 1 ,00, Largest Magazine Selection in Orange County ■ " LITTLE PROFESSOR BOOK CENTER Placentia Town Center 148 East Yorba Linda Boulevard, Placentia. CA 92670 D017 and Tom O ' Connor Phone (714) 528-6666 Patcha. Glenn Alan 152, 153, 183, 201 Patcha. Rhonda 124, 171, 191, 170, 200 Patten, Catherine M 153 Patton. Janet E 138 Pearman, Melody A, 125 Pearman, Nancy L. 138 Pears n, Craig 138 Pebley.June 118. 125. 177.56 Peltier. Brian 153 Peltier. Da.ina 125 Pcna.Dora 153 Peralla. Alex 153 Peralu. Patricia Ann 102 Perez. Daniel 125.62 Pe rez Eliseo 125,35 Perez. Mark 153 Perez. Ruben 153,62 Perfecto, Aguslin 1 38 Perry. Ban 102 Perrv, Debbie S 103 Petlengill. Janice 125.49 Petlengill. Laurie 153 Pfister. Cathy M. 138, .54 Phillips, Gail L. 29, 154, ,54 Phillips, R. Neil 162,202 Phillips, Shern A. 154 Phillips, Teresa L. 138 Pichon. Lisa L, 154 Pichon. Lori L 1,54.207 Pierce. Lynn R 154 Pina. David P, 165. 1.54. 187.205 Pinckney. David S, Jr. 139 Pinkerton. Robin 154 Pinkley. Shawn K, 154 Pintus. Kenneth James 174. 192. 193 Pintus. Kevin John 154. 1.39.62 Porter. Michael 62. 38. 55. 60. 64. 65, 37 Ports. Andrew J 154. 146.38 Postlethwait Sheila 139 Powell. Charles 176. 162 Prado. Daniel 125.62 Prendergast. Robert J 154 Press. Mariorie 103. 38. 55. 64. 48 Prelto. Patricia A 139 Price. Gary D 165. 154 Pringle. Kelly 177. 154.200 Pringle. Susan 125 Pucketl Nancy 103 Puenles. Lawrence J 154 Puentes, Mario 139. 198 Pueltman. Lynn Mane 28. 125. 128 Puellmann. Lisa 103 Quinn. Dianna 38 Quinonez. Carlos D 103. 162 Ouintero. Helen 118. 125 Raby. Brian Joseph 103 Raddatz. Douglas J. 154. 199 Raddatz. Michael J, 125. 162 Ramho. Richard D 152. 154 Ramho. Roger E 1.39 Rangel. Anna M, 29. 139 Rath. DarnlS. 154 Redd. Thomas J 103 Reed. John E 154. 191.62. 135. 187 Reeves, Deborah J, 139.41 Reeves. Heather L 1.54 Reeves. Michael 103. 162. 163,62, 180. 181. 196 Reid. MicheleE 154 Reillv. Scott E 125 ReilK Shav»n i:5 Reiler. Karl A, 123. i:?, 174. 56 192 I ' J.I Reiler. Lisa A 158. I.W. 211 Rciler. Sle enR 158. 175. 155 . 199 Rcmme , Jennifer 29. 125 Reves. Manuel 125 Rcvniilds. DaiidB 10.1 Reynolds. D.inald 103.202 Riec. DiannaC 1 55 fi2 Rite. Kell 103 Rite Rohm I 125 Ritkerl. Maureen K 10! 200 Ritklef. Cher l KM. 108 Ritklef. David 125 Rjdgewas. Lisa 21 1 Rieser. Thomas J 139 Rigb . Laura L 139.49.60 Riggs. Barbara 62 Riges. James H 155.62 Rios. Anna 1.19 Rios. Mithael L 139. 187 Rivera. Benilo 155 Rivera. Luis Eduardo 121. 168 Rivera. Maria 139 Roberls. Charlene 104 Roherls. Denise 125. 176. 188 Roberls. Jeanelle K 104 Roherls. Paul Dean KM Robertson. Jill K 155.216.200 Robenson. Lesia 1 55 Rubles. Calalina 155 Robles. Emesi 162. 163. 104. 109 Rohles. Palntia KM Rubles. Tnnidad L 165.155.199 Rocht). Henriella 155 Rodas. George M 155 Rodriguez. Anna V 35 Rodriguez. David M 155 151 Rodriguez. Georgina 155 Rodriguez. Jessita M 155 Rodriguez. Lupe M 156 Rodriguez Miguel 125 Rodriguez. Rachel 125 Rodriguez. Sandra M 156 Rodnguez- Vicuir 156. 165. 205 Rojo. Crelchen L 139 Rojos. Andres 1 39 Romero. Jesus 183 Romo. Calherine B 139 Rones. Leslie Ann KM Roper. Tamara T 29 156 Rosas. David 104 Rosas, Jeanne D. 156. 177. 146 Rosas. John E 156. 165. 187.205 Rosas. Kellv 162. 163. 104.202 Rosas. Richard 203 202 Rosas. Sleven C 13. 125 Rosauer. Donald 125 Rosauer. LaVonne M 156.62 Rosauer. Susan 104.62 Rosenhlum. Chervi 125 Rosenblum Sandra J 156 Rosner. Scon R 139.205 Rosner. Sharon I 125 156 Ross C ' hrislme A 156 Ross. Shen.1 M 105 Rossmiller. Chris W 156 Role. John D 152. 156. 165 Roundlree. Tami L 21 22. L19 Roundtree. Vickie 156 Rudolph Eugene F 165. 183. 198 Rudolph. Slacv L 175 1.19 Ruelaz. Marlin 139 Ruggles. John P 119.209 Ruiz Juan Carlos 139 179 Ruiz. Maria 125 Ruvalcava. Ismael 179 R an. Ann Mane 156 Sable. Jennifer L 139 Sjho, John 126 S.idamilsu Darrel I 119 Shakey ' s ' feeds the student body at a savings! $ 00 on the purchase of any family-size Shakey ' s Pizza. 601 W. Placentia Ave., Fullerton i g hakri|V Pizza PAR LOR llliirlhV. urfiitP ' -.l vnza 1411 146. Sagara. Gerald 125. 126. 186 Salcido. Jorge A 140 205 Sanchez. Andres 126. 140 Sanchez. Elodia L 156 Sanchez Marvm 126 Sanchez. Roberlo 105. 53 Sanchez. Sandra 1. 140 Sanchez. Yolanda 126 Sandobal. Esleban 156 Sandoval. Dano 105 Sandoval. Jose O 140.45 Sandoval. Leimardo 168. 105. |78 Sandoval. Mario 156 Sandoval. Martha 140 Sandoval. Rosa 140, 4s Sandoval. Lbaldi . 156 Santovo. Irene 29. 126 Saul. Julie K 156.200 Scarcelli. C " herie 156 Scardina. Michael 126 Schaefer Jr.. William E 165 Scharlin. Lisa M 140 Stharlin. Ross 105 Scheelz. Lance R 1 6 34 Scheidler Lisa A 21 22. 156 Scheidler. Mark 140.264 Schelske. Mark 140 264 Schelske. Kevin D 105 Schlesinger. Julie L 28. 105 Schlesinger. Rohvn 140 Schmidl Elaine P 156 42 Schmidt. J.ihn 105.3 Schmidt. Lisa Ann 1 1 1 Schneider. Sandra 126 Schrepferman. Steven J. 156.209 Sthrever. Denise L 126. 34 Schn«:dcr.Jud C 171.200 .Schumann. Anihons 140. 187. 198 Schuster. Dawn L 156.54 Scott. Julia Chnslin 24. 105 3. 62. 47 Scott. Nancs E. 140.62.260 Seacord. Dehra Lee 103. 105.62 Seacord. Donna L 156.62.42 Seal. Drew 162. 163. 196.33 Searle. Deborah J 126 Segovia. Leandro 159. 165. 179.205 Sehga. Denise C 140 Scllmever. L n M. 126.41 Session. DelberlG. 198. 132. 140. 56. .14 Shade. Rick 126. 182. 183 Shafer. Pamela S 140 Shaw. John A 156. 165 White Pages 221 R FAMILY STEAK HOUSE ShjM, Lam I: UI6 »(. I ' J4 Shea Kevin M. 140 Sliepard- Dennis L 183 Shinle ,Glen 125 52. 53.209 Shugarl. Rohen M. 157 Shum«a .Car B. 152. 157.205 Siewerd. Diana 24. 26. 127. 3. 47, 33. 200 Siewerd. Donna M, 157. 154.33 SiKa. PorfinaM 157 Sims.Jod) D. 165. 140.264 Sinser. James H 157.34 Smplev. Kalhleen 127. 126. 191. ISh SkelK.CurlisD 157. 165.62. 187 Skell .Lisa28. 123. 157. 151 Skell.i. Mark 140. 186 Skourtis. Conslalme 127. 186 Skourlis. Erena 157 Skimhronski. Debi.rah 140 Slemp. Chnsuna 106 Slcmp. Kim A 140 Shkkcr. Lorraine , ' 140 Smissen. Siou .A 25. 106 Smilh. Dap.1 E 157 Smilh. Delia K 157 Smuh. F S oll L57 Smilh. JixJ L nn 106 Smuh. Kalhleen A 140 Smilh. Kennelh M 165. 141. 183 Smuh Sleien 127.264 Smm. Paula 106.55 S.ilonu. Slella 127 St)mer i!le. Jac4uel n 127 Sonlag. Daun 62. 200 Solelo. Jose Carlos 168. 178 SoulherK, William K 157 Spalume. Deidra M 166 Spence. Rohen S. 127 Spenter. R Co el 127 Spielman. Barbara J Spirrison. Seolt L 157 Slae%.rhcr lD. 157 Slae . Keiin D. 106 Slange. Tom 106 Sleclman. Marun C 157.62.41 Sceicner. David 127. 162. 164. 203. 202 Slein. Naomi A 127 Sleinhardl. Daryl D. 141.34 Sleinhardl. Jer IE 141 Stell. Tamm L nn 157 Stephens. Tamm 157 Sle»arl. Burf 157 Slewarl. Jennifer M 157 Slewarl. Joel M. 127.38 Slieklcs. GaleA.29. 141 Sloeppler. Laura 157 Slocppler. Lisa 157. 146.210.211 Sloll. Kar n A 211 Slone. Barbara A 157. 135 Suiner. Calh 118. 127.56 Sloner. Jennifer L 176. 106 Sloner. Stephanie R 28. 157. 188 SlouL Bradle 106 52. 53 SumLSlace E 141.211 Strain. Dehorra A 157.62 Strain. Sheri L nn 1.32. 141 62 Stratton. Joseph A. 127. 174.209 Sturgeim. Eva D. 127 Slurizeon. Joseph 106.91 Sturms Mall W 18. 107. 196.58. 197 Sussman Steven 127 Swanson. Diane L 141 Swanson. Wendv L 1 18. 166. 50. 188 Sweenes. Kellv 29. 127 Szvmborski. Susan 107 Tail Bruee Mitehell 127 Jan Philip Andrew 62 Tam Doris-i 127 Tapia. Senaida 141 Taplin.Chervl 127 Taplin. Vada 157 Tavlor. DebraC 157.54 Taslor. EritJ 157 Taslor. Kevin B 141. 198 Teha . David 127. 184 Tenner. Teresa L 107.33 Tharp. Russell W 141 Thielmann CaillinJ 132 171. 141 Thomas, fan 127 Thomas. Frank 107 Thomas Kellv S 157. I72.2IMI. 201 Thomas. Pegcv L 141.62.33 Thomas. Penn 157 Thornton. Cvnthia M. 141 Thov».David A 13. 174. 107.52.53 Tiano. Anlhonv 162. 163. 107 Tiano. JohnJ 13 Tiano. Peler N 11. 148 165 Titer. Rhonda K 141 Tidvvell John 127. 162 Tobias. Dana M 141 Tobias. Lisa 127 Tobin. Regina J 157.62.33 Torpv Frederna 127. 158 200 Torpv. Janet 37 Torres. Aratciv 158 Torres. Delia A. 158 Torres. Estella 158 Torres. Heliodonv 141 Torres. Sandra M. 141 Tourne. Patrice 158 Tosar. Richard A 158 Tow nsend. Shawn S. 107.62.1 Travis. Matthew H 162.42 Trav. Carols n 28. 127 Trax. Susan K 28. 158 Triplett.Greg 107 Triplett. Stuart R 158. 179 Turner. Jim K 141 L lunke. Denise 158 L nruh. Janet 127 alde;. Kathenne A 158.62 m L■ JuJitti IJiS inMo,id ( hone % IM V illi:. D Sioii : , 26. 88. 110,47. ;(e W„.id. Mien 1 1 1 W « d»arJ. Keilh 15 ' 1. 187 Wi«)lf. l.arr I I 1 Worker, Jojnn.1 R 62. 41, .13 W„rle . Rcihin A 15 ' ) Wrighl. Mark 1. 24. :ii, i:8. 3 Xa ier. frank I: 159 16.5 Xaiier. Michelle 143.211 Varbriiugh Ra mttnd 143 Tiarra, Dimald R 143. 187 148 Veakle Vfark III Veh Graict hint 159 ■irfen MeloJi ( 1:1 V rien, 1errie I I I Vin. H.Hd 118 124. 162 163 96. 197 Yitullon. Jame Jr 143 Youilon. John M 159 Zavala. AnCunio 159, 205 Zavala Rceina 2 1 , 22, 28. 128. 129 Zepeda Juhc 143 Zierer, I lifr,.rd ! 143. 38 55 Zrinski. Richard 129 Zuazo. Carliis 159 179 Zuazo. Ysidro 179 Z»iller R, herc 143. 187 alde Rebecca 29. 127 alde; SlcvetiG 107 Valen. Sinclair J 141 jn Htioser. Kimberlev 158.42 jn H(.ulen.Cachcnne28. 141. 2«1 Nan Sam. LaurieJ 29. 127.60 anSjnl Shar..n 1. 1 8. 177 151 anderham I isa B 107 62 Sanderpol. Dar l 141 54 Varela. JiihnG Varuas. Jove A 158. 179. 199 Varlanian. Dennis 97. 108. .39 Varlanian. Michael 108 arianian.Sleven A 158. 185 jvL|uez. Alice M 141 Vasquez. Reaina 128 ickre ThoniavW 108 .34 Villaran. Virginia L 128 VillarTeaLCnlbcrl 162 108 Nillancal. Javier P 141.209 illarreal Jr.Ovcar 141 illaneal. Rudv 25.88 illecas. RosemarieG 128 incenl. Maevene 29. 128 Virg.Kr. BradC ' urlis 108 Virgoe. Laura I 158.210 Wach. Dawn D 108 Wach. Diane 1. 108 Wade. francevM 158 Wade. Michael 141 Wade. Paul M 141. 198 Wagner Tina 29. 141 Walejk,.. Kalhleen 177.200 Walejko Laurie 128. 141 Walivick. Nancv 105. 109.62.38 Wallace. Elizabeth E 30. 1.58. 146.48 Wallace. JamevWJr 162.3. 109 47 181 Walsh. Daren M 158 42 Walsh. DevinT 175. 141.62. 192 Walsh Ruben J 128 Walsh ThumasS 158. 180. 181 Wardlaw.Scoll 158 175 Warren. Gncel 19. 141 Washingron. Karen Y 141 Washingum. Sharon Y 141 Wasson. Deanna L 25. 109.49. 37. .14.21 I 95 Walkins. Dawn M 158 Waikins. Laura A 128 Wavniire. James D 158 Wavmire. Pauls 158 Weaver. David A 165. 142 Weaver. Samuel A 128 Weber. Kellv A 142. 138 Weber Linda M 109 Weber Susan E 128 Weidman. Jennifer L 142 150 Weidman. Kellv A 128 Weidner David Peler 94 109.62.196 198 Weidncr Delia M 158.62.210 Weismann. Julie 109 Weiss. Sara N 128.41 Wellman Robin M 158 Wellv Sherrv E 142.200 Wendell. R Lawrence 142 Werner Charles R 1 III Werner. Michael 142 Werner. Thomas 158 Wesoloski. John A. 158 West. Donnic 122. 128 Wesl. Leslie Ann 158 W ' esiherg. Todd A 142 187 264 W ' eslerling. Earl B 142. 194 Welherholt. Anihonv 165. 142 WTialen. Diane C 110 Wheeler Janel M 158 Wheeler, Krislv Sue 159 WTieeler, Mark A 128 White. C Jeff 165.62 198 White. Jon 128 Whiteside. Mallhew I. 142. 187 191 Whittaker. Sherrv I. 1 59 Wicklander. Susan M 142 Wilder. Susan Beth 110 Williams Dennis I 162 111) Williams. Greg 142 Williams. Shells A 28 142 Williams. Wendell 92. 86. 184 Williamson. Robin 128 Willson. Kevin 148 |s9 16s 2115 Willson Kimberlv S 142 200 Wilmelh Diane 159.62 Wilson. Laura 1. 149 159 155 Wilson. Leah E 159 15 ' , Wilson. Monica 110 55.54. 185 Wilson, Ramona 166,35,42,80,211 Winnev Brian I 165 142 144 Winnev,rhet A 165 143, 180, 181 White Pages ». A Fitting Ending! Z. CL y h.e- 224 - !? 0- ' c rj V, I X a 0 V V ' 1 V jvj ■Ai p .y ,,ir ). ' y; ' , . .. ,,p ' b ' } .o .e ,v v ' S ! , ' r, V ' .0 " 0 ,i 3 n C ' i. W .tx v ' " p " -- lO ' lA ' ty ■■ 3iiT ,Mpha ' yCy ' UUL d2 j . v J X J..c f A wV (Ps U,r. A I ) y,fX» ' T ' (V ' " .A ' jxy- . Af " ;. ' 8 . ' ' K . ' j a ■,€ -y tP sp " ,) .v - ' aV " o " " i; 0- rv ' c:, O racg PEPSTERS AND ASB OFFICERS PREPARE FOR 78 79 Hlwinii ' If H M fmm n Newly elected 1978-79 pepsters are: Mascots: Katy Dollard and Jeannie Jernigan; Varsity Cheer: Lori Campbell, Kathy Cole, Kelly D ' Sidocky, Liz Holtz, Kathy Van Houten, and Shelly Williams; Var- sity Flag Twirlers: Valerie Carlson, Carolyn Cole, Julie Del Fuim, Kathy Kenny, Carolyn Ley, and Kathy Waljako; Varsity Song: Monica Aquirre, Mayre Alyce Ghee, Mary Ann Lambert, Kelly McCall, Kelly Weidman, and Re- gina Zavala. JV Cheer are: Claudet- te Kriech, Rosie Leos, Sharon Ros- ner, Michelle Reid, Dawn Schuster, Lisa Shiedler, Lisa Steoppler, Stephanie Stoner, Sue Trax, and Laura Virgo. The ASB Elections assembly was held on May 16, in the Valen- cia Auditorium. Our new student council for the 1978-79 school year is President — Kim Beaudry, Vice President — Rudy Villarreal, Treasurer — Tracy Hammond, ICC President — Regina Zavala, Coun- cil Persons — Kelly McCall and Wendy Swanson, Publicity — Joyce Alspaugh, Pep Commis- sioner — Jeanne Nieuwiandt, Acti- vities Commissioner — Lisa Kjerulff. V HS Takes Second in J A AG Finishing second this year Valen- cia made a fine showing in the se- cond annual Just About anything Goes competition. Events included Dryland Skiing, Balloon Toss, Trian- gular Earth Ball, Hula Toss and Get- ting Married the hard way. Valencia team members included Carolyn Levy, Joyce Alspaugh, Teresa Ten- ner, Diane Armstrong, Julie Arm- strong, Shawn Townsend, Lani Her- rera, Lori Lanctot, Jami Daugherty, Tim Gerdon, Matt Sturms, Phil Cher- ne. Randy Castner, Andy Kelly, Rob- bie Hoff, Jim Wallace, Jim Keup, Wayne Norman, Mark McCormick and Larry Shaw. Valencia ' s steering committee member this year was Kris Keup. Above: Our team before the big event! Middle Left: Randy Castner leading the way in Dryland Skiing. Middle Middle: Joyce Alspaugh grimaces as she gets hit with a water balloon. Middle Right: Our team cheering their teammates on during balloon toss. Bottom Left: Triangular earth ball being moved slowly toward our goal. Bottom Right: Robbie Hoff taking off down the slip and slide. Let Us Entertain You Top, left to right: Lita Aguilar, Tina Wagner, Sandra IVIcNiel, Ann Kampa, and Gwen Humpliries performing their kick routine. Above left: Co-Captain Ann Kampa marches to the music. Above: Captain Gwen Humphries salutes the audience. Left: Raggedy Ann (Sandra McNiel) and Andy (Laurie Lance) end their routine. Below: Advisor Karen Wraight performs her salute. After taking trophies in three out of four marching competitions, the VHS Drill Team completed their season with a spring show on May 18th in the VHS gym. The eleven routines of the evening were performed to music ranging from More Than A Woman of Satur- day Night Fever to One from A Chorus Line, with a finale using black light. Musicians Show §uperiority ' Members of the symphonic band include: Marlene Adams, Mary Frances Amigo, Ron Black- burn, Ann Blodgeft, Robin Borzone, Jenev Boyd, Brian Brooks, Steve Bruce, Mike Burns, Ar- mando Carrera. Elisa Case, George Cerecerez, Kirk Chase, Pat Cunningham, Chuck Epperson, Jim Evans, Barbara Gardner, Kevin Gibbs, Raul Gonzales, Irene Gough, Randi Grahn, Mark Halvorsen, Randy Halvorsen, Bruce Henault, Sue Hill, Mitch Hiserote, Paul Hughes, Debby Jamieson, Kris Keup, Debby Lance, Ray Lanctot, Scott Liles, Ken Lopez, Leah Lumley, Risa Lumley, Kevin Lyons, John Marron, Kathleen Meston, Steve Mitchell, Robin O ' Brien, Danielle O ' Connor, Becky Palafox, Steve Parkin, Danny Perez, Ruben Perez, Kevin Pintus, Michael Por- tor, John Reed, Mike Reeves, Barbara Riggs, Jim Riggs, LaVonne Rosauer, Susan Rosauer, Julia Scott, Nancy Scott, Curtis Skelly, Dawn Sontag, Marly Steelman, Debbie Strain, Phil Tait, Peggy Thomas, Regina Tobin, Shawn Townsend, Kathy Valdez, Lisa Vanderham, Nancy Walis- zek, Daren Walsh, Favid Weidner, Delia Weidner, Jeff White, Diane Wilmeth, Joanna Worker. ' --m " " ■mf i- ' irla. . B H Touring San Diego to participate in State Regional Festival was the highlight of the band ' s concert season. Along with the orchestra and wind ensemble (a small group of top musicians) the symphonic band received straight " Superior " ratings at Placentia ' s District Music Festival. The wind en- semble gained recognition by re- ceiving a First Place in the Bonita Concert Competition. Other performances included a " Pops Concert " in April, a concert at Hilltop High School, and a Spring Concert. The performers ended their year with an awards banquet in June. Center left: Band performs " Lawrence Milk, " a take-off on Big Bands, complete with bubbles. Center right: Trumpet section led by junior Mitch Hiserote. Bottom: " Rocky, " the finale to spring " Pops Concert. " W ' K| H . jr 1 sm- Drama Stages Scottish Musical Brigadoon, a combination of comedy and mystery, was tinis year ' s last musical production. Set in the forests of Scotland, the story is of two Americans who lose their way and wander into the enchanted town of Brigadoon which appears for only one day every hundred years. Top right: American Tommy Al- bright (Steve Parkin) dances with Fiona MacLaren (Loretta Chase). Center left: Jeff Douglas (Ray Lan- ctot) meets Meg Brockie (Shari Strain). Center right: Fiona with jealous Harry Beaton (Kirk Chase). Bottom left: Tommy pleads with fiancee Jane (Rebecca Boelman). Bottom right: Townspeople — Leah Lumley, Tom Neuman, Elaine Schmidt, Shari Strain and Janice Pettingill. Candy Sale Nets $9,000 Top left: Student grabs for prize while Coacti Parker and Mr. Kittle- son look on. Top center: Lorri Slicker tries to win fabulous prizes of- fered in grab-bag. Top rigfit: John Loth grabs two tickets for Prom. Above: Stacy Stout receives her first place prize, a new Moped. The Almond Roca candy sale brought faculty and students to- gether to drive for a common goal of $5,000. The money earned will be used to purchase improvements for the campus; a new victory flag pole for the quad area and new weight room facilities are among the pro- jects envisioned. Top sellers are: Stacy Stout, who won a $500 Puch moped, Jerry Cogloy, who received an $80 10- speed bike and Carlos Quinonez, who won a stereo worth $80. This makes a total of $660 in top prizes. The top sellers for each day dip- ped their hands into a jar of nickels and kept what they could hold. Daily enthusiasm centered on the noon-time " grab bag " for students selling one case of candy or more. Tickets to Beatlemania, a trip to San Francisco, and Disneyland passes enriched the grab bag which included over 100 other prizes. The sale, sponsored by the stu- dent council, was particularly aided by the work of Regina Ashie, Pat Kelly, Mark Halvorsen and Dick Pappas. Bruce Kittelson, activities director, said, " We can be proud of Valencia because of the support displayed in this fund raiser. " Prom - an " Oasis " " Midnight at the Oasis " came to Valencia on April 28th in the form of Prom at Lion Country Safari. The fea- tured band this year was " Organized Crime " who, during the summer, en- tertains at Magic Mountain. Other highlights of the evening were a mime show, free train rides and boat rides. Pictures were taken by Execu- tive Portraits of Anaheim. In an en- tirely new plan for favors this year Champagne Glasses (unfortunately unfilled) were given to each couple in attendance. The Junior class used many fund-raising events to finance the prom including a four day slave sale in which senior Andy Kelly sold for an unprecedented $35 to seven screaming freshmen girls. Other events included a car wash and a bake sale. Top: " Organized Crime. " Middle left: The Mime Show was a featured event. Middle right: A Happy Group of Prom Attendees. Bottom: Charles Werner and Randy Castner hit the dan- ce floor. at Lion Country Top left: " How much do I hear " (Tami Roun- dtree during the slave sale). Top right: A happy couple on the train ride. Above left: Matt Surms assisting the Mime Show. Above right: A Bake Sale was also used to raise money. Left: Kelly McCall bein ques- tioned on her value as a salve by auctioneer Mark Halverson. Right: John Varela tries his luck at the baseball toss. Cmco de Mayo at Valencia f ' - f Iv . ' ■ " This year the Cinco de Mayo celebration was truly a part of the Valencia High School campus on nnay 5. Cinco de Mayo, a Mexican heritage day which stands for freedom in Mexico, is celebrated yearly like our4th of July. On May 5th a special assembly was held at lunch, in which a group entertained the crowd with music and danc- ing. At lunch Santiago Segovia and the Latinas Club spon- sored a burrito sale which raised money for their club. During the same week a slave sale took place at lunch in which students were sold for various prices. Overall, Cinco de Mayo day at Valencia was more realistic than any otheryear in the past. Singers go to Fair Renaissance Fair — kneeling, Rosie Massing, Charles Cruz, Sue Gilbert. Second row, Loretta Chase, Alan Bell, John Dextor, Lori Campbell, Clif ford Zier, Kevin Gibbs, Shari Strain, Marjie Press, Jim Leitch, Paula Snow, Mike Porter, Regina Ashie, Greg Davis, Pony Wilson. Right: Pony Wilson gets into the theme. LO Softball Competes in C.I.F. Valencia ' s girls ' Softball team finished a highly successful sea- son with a tight loss to La Quinta, 1-0, in the quarter finals of the GIF playoffs. Taking second in the Orange League behind El Dorado, the girls, coached by Coach Fassole were led by seniors Maureen Ricl erl, Cheryl Ricklief, Mardee Hosit, Lori Lanctot, and Dulane Olivias. fvleeting Upland in the first round of CIF the Tigers won 2-0 to advance. Next they faced Charter Oak in a game where Lori Lanctot hit in the two winning runs to give them a 3-1 victory. m» Top left: Mayre Alycs Ghee awaits pitch as Coach Fassole gives a sign. Middle left: Catcher L ori Pichon catches a strike. Middle right: Maureen Rickerl shows All-league form. Lower left: Maureen Rickerl zips a fastball for a strike. Above: Linda Gerdon whacks a base hit into left field. 11 Football Valencia 28 El Tore 6 Valencia 10 El Dorado 19 Valencia 27 Brea 28 Valencia 28 San Dimas 14 Valencia 12 Fullerton 7 Valencia 15 Canyon 28 Valencia 7 Esperanza 7 Valencia 7 La Habra 7 Valencia 15 Sonora 14 Valencia at Troy Esperanza at Valencia Valencia at El Dorado Fullerton at Valencia Valencia at La Habra Girls ' Tennis Brea at Valencia Valencia at Canyon Sonora at Valencia Valencia at Esperanza El Dorado at Valencia Valencia at Fullerton La Habra at Valencia Valencia at Brea Canyon at Valencia Valencia at Sonora Valencia Valencia 15 18 Man nmoth Invitational 3rd Las Vegas Invitational 3rd Orange League Finals 2nd Nogales Sonora Boys ' Cross Country 60 Valencia 18 16 La Habra 37 Fullerton 37 Valencia33 15 El Dorado Villa Park Classic 3rd C.I.F. Prelims 2nd 37 Sonora 38 Valencia 17 Canyon 38 25 Esperanza 50 Orange County Invitational 2nd C.I.F. Finals 1st Girls ' Cross Country Valencia 36 15 Sonora 19 Fullerton 50 Valencia 16 15 Brea 48 La Habra 58 Valencia 28 League Finals2nd Canyon 27 Valencia 16 15 Valencia 13 14 Valencia 16 15 Valencia 0 7 Valencia 3 8 Esperanza 14 8 El Dorado 15 16 Fullerton 14 13 La Habra 15 15 Sonora 15 15 Valencia 14 8 Valencia 2 7 Valencia 10 3 Valencia 10 9 Valencia 0 15 Volleyball Brea 16 15 Canyon 15 15 Sonora 15 15 Esperanza 15 15 Canyon 15 12 Valencia 14 8 Valencia 15 15 Valencia 7 6 Valencia 15 9 El Dorado 16 15 Fullerton 15 8 La Habra 15 15 Brea 12 15 Valencia 15 Ctiino 7 Valencia 16 Bol sa Grande 4 Valencia 8 Arcadia 6 Valencia 7 Kennedy 12 Valencia 12 Western 7 Valencia 8 Sonora 9 Water Polo Valencia 14 Eisentiower 8 Valencia 13 Montebello 4 Valencia 15 Orange 5 Valencia 12 Chino Valencia 8 Esperanza 13 Valencia 2 Magnolia 3 Valencia 5 Valencia 9 Valencia 15 Valencia 12 Valencia 19 El Dorado 24 Fullerton 13 La Habra 11 Brea 9 Canyon 5 Field Hockey Valencia Brea 3 Valencia Sonora 12 Valencia La Habra 10 Valencia La Habra 9 Valencia Canyon 4 Valencia Esperanza 5 Valencia Esperanza 5 Valencia Valencia Brea Canyon 7 1 Valencia Sonora 14 Valencia 32 Valencia 31 Valencia 32 Valencia 61 Savanna 39 Mission Viejo 29 Garey 32 Sonora 1 Valencia 26 Valencia 63 Valencia 29 Valencia 36 Wrestling LaOuinta 41 Santiago 9 Esperanza 31 Canyon 28 Valencia 8 Valencia 27 Valencia 27 El Dorado 50 La Habra 37 Brea 36 Girls ' Baslcetbail Valencia 42 Valencia 38 Valencia 32 Valencia 22 Valencia 35 Esperanza 36 El Dorado 53 Fullerton 36 La Habra 42 Canyon 37 Valencia 31 Valencia 36 Valencia 45 Valencia 36 Valencia 51 Brea 28 Canyon 41 Sonora 50 Esperanza 28 Sonora 59 Valencia 44 Valencia 24 Valencia 28 Valencia 41 El Dorado 32 Fullerton 42 La Habra 38 Brea 28 Valencia 68 Valencia 62 Valencia 55 Valencia 53 Valencia 64 La Habra Fullerton El Dorado Esperanza Sonora 59 47 57 52 49 Valencia Tournament 1st Basketball Valencia 76 Canyon 82 Valencia 63 Brea 69 Valencia 65 La Habra 54 Valencia 68 Fullerton 67 Valencia 54 El Dorado 51 C.I. F.Valencia 55 Blair 58 Valencia 58 Valencia Valencia Valencia 54 71 63 Esperanza 56 Sonora 51 Canyon 85 Brea 59 Pioneer Tournament 1st Soccer ■ Valencia 5 Santiago 1 Valencia 2 Capistrano 2 Valencia 4 Irvine Valencia 3 R anctio Alamitos 1 Valencia 2 Mater Dei 5 Valencia 4 Capistrano 2 Valencia 1 San Clemente 1 Valencia 2 Servite 2 Valencia 4 Mater Dei 3 Valencia 7 Santiago Valencia 2 Anatieim 1 Valencia 1 Servite 3 Valencia 3 Western 4 Valencia 3 Canyon 3 Valencia Anaheim 3 Valencia 8 Irvine Valencia 2 Western C.I.F. Play offs 1; 5t round — Valencia 1 Pioneer 3 Valencia 107 Valencia 53 Valencia 101 Valencia 60 Valencia 4 Valencia Valencia 1 Valencia 5 Valencia 3 Esperanza 57 El Dorado 102 Orange 63 Sonora 108 Esperanza 1 El Dorado 1 Fullerton La Habra 1 Sonora 1 Swimming Valencia 88 Fullerton 83 Valencia 73 Magnolia 90 Valencia 100 La Habra 65 Valencia 108 Nogales 37 %. 4?t i Softball Valencia 3 Brea 2 Valencia 2 Canyon 1 Valencia 3 Sonora 1 Valencia 1 Esperanza Valencia 103 Valencia 50 Valencia 74 Valencia Valencia 5 Valencia 3 Valencia 3 Saddleback 57 Brea 101 Canyon 92 El Dorado 1 Fullerton Brea Canyon Valencia 72 Valencia 89 Valencia 70 Loara 64 Esperanza 47 El Dorado 66 Valencia 91 Valencia 104 Valencia 112 Boys ' Track Fullerton 45 La Habra 30 Brea 24 Valencia 74 Canyon 62 Valencia 82 Sonora 53 Valencia 125 • 1st Orange League Girls Track Valencia •■48 Laguna 61 Valencia 64 Fullerton 35 Valencia 21 Canyon 79 Valencia 47 Esperanza 53 Valencia 37 La Habra 62 Valencia 31 Sonora 68 Valencia 52 El Dorado 46 Valencia 49 Brea 50 Orange Le ague Finals3rd Baseball Valencia 5 LaOuinta 2 Valencia 2 Fullerton 13 Valencia 1 El Dorado 2 Valencia 4 Santiago 2 Valencia 4 La Habra 3 Valencia Fullerton 14 Valencia 5 Dana Hills 4 Valencia 6 Brea 2 Valencia 3 La Habra 1 Valencia 2 Esperanza 1 Valencia 3 Canyon 8 Valencia Brea 2 Valencia 2 El Dorado 3 Valencia 2 Sonora 5 Valencia 5 Canyon 4 Valencia 4 Cypress 3 Valencia 5 Esperanza 3 Valencia 3 Sonora 1 Magnolia at Valencia Valencia at Rancho Alamitos Garden Grove at Valencia Santiago at Valencia Valencia at Esperanza El Dorado at Valencia Boys ' Tennis Valencia at Fullerton La Habra at Valencia Valencia at Brea Canyon at Valencia Valencia at Sonora Esperanza at Valencia Valencia at El Dorado Fullerton at Valencia Valencia at La Habra Brea at Valencia Valencia at Canyon Sonora at Valencia Valencia-Mater Dei won Valencia-Mater Dei lost Valencia-Esperanza lost Valencia-El Dorado lost Valencia-Santa Ana lost Golf Valencia-Magnolia Valencia-Savanna Valencia-Brea lost Valencia-Canyon lost Valencia-Esperanza vi(on lost lost Valencia-El Dorado lost Valencia-Magnolia lost Valencia-Savanna lost Valencia-Brea lost Valencia-Canyon lost 13 Juniors Break Powderpuff Tradition A disciplined junior powderpuff team, defeated the seniors 6-0, for the first time in six years, on Friday, April 28 at Bradford Stadium. Size and experience favored the seniors going into the game. The juniors lacked size but had quickness and a good defense to their advantage. With a large crov d on hand, referees, Steve Guolotti, Norm Parker, Chuck Frazier, and Bill Borning, got the game underway. Consisting of four eight minute running clock quarters, the game moved along swiftly. After several ball posses- sions, neitherteam seemed to be making much progress. The juniors managed to score first which proved the only score of the game, and all they needed for victory. On a short screen pass over the middle, quarterback, Katy Dollard, managed to hit Mary Alyce Ghee over the middle. Ghee, then cut across the grain and ran outside down the right sideline to outrun her nearest pursuers. Top: Juniors romp to victory. Middle left: Juniors celebrate as gun goes off. Middle right: Mike Burke sends in next play through Janet Kibby. Lower left: Mary Alyce Ghee sprints for the game ' s only score. Lower right: Jeannie Jernegan just pulled a flag. Tiuo Hundred Seuenty-Three Graduate T . ' f-? ' i S Sv ! ' - ' i : ' )i i, ' Top: The ghraduating class of 1978. Above right: Mr. Jones changes tassels and congratulates each student. Above center: Seniors lined up at student store to receive their 1978 TESOROS a day early. Above: Seniors sign yearbooks in front of student store in the shade of a handy tree. . " Two hundred seventy-three Valencia seniors re- ceived their diplomas at graduating exercises in Brad- ford Stadiunn this year. The group w as escorted to their places by fourteen nnembers of the Valencia faculty in full academic robes. According to Mr. R.E.L. Jones, principal of V.H.S., members of this year ' s graduating class have received over $200,000 in grants and scholarships. Bette Dunn and Marve Briggs, Valencia counselors, announced the names of each senior as members of the school board delivered the diplomas. Jones con- gratulated each student as he switched the tassel of the student ' s mortor-board from the left side to the right side, a traditional symbol of the graduate. ;— ,u yAlFNClA HIGH SCHOOL | il ■■ » THE JAK . ■■ .: GDURMtT ' EOUCAIION ,, " ■- n iJi; V ■ ' .Ji.r : ' ,mt m»iMmMm l - 4 f ' ' ■ " .■..J,.-.,:... A. .t,yS.v.vlaiMW MAIN COURSES , Credits Language Arts Almondine — a juicy portion of grammar topped with a ricti sauce of literature, includes friend or baked participles 10 cr. Souffle of Science — generous servings of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or, for light eaters. General Science. Your choice of dissections 10 cr. Physical Education au point — gently sauteed in fresh air, a refreshing combination of succulent sports smothered in exercise and team- work 10 cr. Marinated Matfiematics — our special recipe of all basics from Business l ath to Ivlath Analysis basted in tangy fractions and loga- rithms 10 cr. Home Economics Special — all you can eat, a feast of sewing skills plus varied food courses, comes with Men ' s Chef and Needlecrafts5-10 cr Fillet of Foreign Languages — a double order of French and Spanish designed to melt in your mouth, one year is never enough 10 cr. Social Studies Stew — a dazzling array of tender entrees from traditional history casseroles to subtly spiced Pschology or Sociology, side order of Political Science, Economics and Urban Studies 5-10 cr. All dinners include floor show by credentialed instructor. SIDEELECTIVES Health — a spicy mixture of sex, disease and mental health facts. Dr. Ed. Guidance — tasty combo of traffic rules, simulators and ca- reer planning. ROP — for adventurous tastes, a chance to try different jobs, skills. Publications — feed your pride, see your words in print, a delicious treat. ... and many others, ask your counselor what ' s good this year. DESSERTS The Fine Arts, our specialty. Band — the sweet excitement of performance in halftimes, parades, and concerts. Choir — especially for the vocal cords, a delightful experience. Drama — a very inhibited dish with a lot to offer, try it, you won ' t regret it. Art — full of creative juices and a variety of flavors from painting to Ceramics. BEVERAGES All drinks served from the Fountain of Knowledge — our library. We have everything from the classics to fairy tales, check one out. Chef — Robert E.L. Jones Cordon Bleu v2 sD j?ikJ Z J i A-W {fs. ., , ,,,, ,

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