Valencia High School - Tesoros Yearbook (Placentia, CA)

 - Class of 1944

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Valencia High School - Tesoros Yearbook (Placentia, CA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Cover

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NR Aww 555 2' 741A fvoqff f-241 M iflciifdiff IMMUJ ?5Ly QQA MWA? f HJ ff If ff? ,MW ggfw X :xxx '33' Y Hx f f n , ff , I A i7 f V X , f f ,1 j G! . , Of, V , ' J Gy UH! WW Lv VM? . ' ff WY! W NJ? WQMW , of ep I Af 9, 7 1 l if A I J 5' . f QeffWQ?ff 'I ,tiff-f? is 1 1 'H A? 5 f Q. . Q gif 5 3 vp A 'B . , 'L Q W 7 5'- Xg U I ff YN fX KN z ' N Xxx f7 1QX f X I I N A X fx 2' "lil-in--' --I1-" 1? ' 5 525' "' ., -Q ,V w Nlflfwiw V 1,3 ' A X 'Wx --f - Q , fxfx ,ff K.. ,K WN- '. f'l 7E50R05' 1944 h VAZENCIA fll6'fi 509001 Cf OLU EX of Publis ecl Annually by +l1e 57UDfN7' 30Dy of Placenlia, ali ornia IN MEMORlf4M WWHNNY REY5 OSS C C ass QF 40 M NDELL MA SPBUP' Cass of 4I 3 if M0 ff 38 V my acpegm M werwezsfgw E lp N FORfWORD In cluoosung Hue Hueme for Huus year s Tesoros Valencua Logbook seemed parfucularly appropruale nol' only because of Hue number of our Pxlumnu and Unclergracluales un Hue Naval Servuces buf also because Hue word Log SlQHI'l:I6S a record of evenls ln Hue ufollowung pages we luope you wull fund a Log of Hue I943 44 year Tesoros wull conlunue fo quye you freasures for many years To come 131 af Valencia. We luope Hua? Huis 7553 Dedication f li XR L Because of has unhrmg efforfs In siudem' achvuhes has m+eres+ an fhe fufure of The sfudenfs and above ali because he IS a swell guy we fhe sfaff of Jrhe I944 Tesoros deducafe H115 book +o Harold G Polley now L+ Ig Harold C5 Polley on achve dufy ID Umfed S'ra+es Navy Q Q51 o o Q e Q . A'," X a , f A . i . E , Iv I A WJ-,t ' . 5 . ' . I i' L W-"L'f.: Y L , . ' ' . LT. 1j.g.J , OLD G. P ILLICY I fx swuvawq' , g. ,, 00 Active Duty 'Q Liv! 5' 5' Valenc an E 5 JI, .1- 1 KAL' 5 gl' Luw ff' 'Q fi 1 f 4 m ' I nk tg! S 'QF ' 0 gr ,QJZSJ K FYX 3 7' cgovcls LMA cvvd Mr. Shnmons X N ININK Our way of lnfe whach does no+ seek lo buuld Hrself by oppressnon of Jrhe weak as worlh laghhng for and dying for This us our war ll wlll nol be won easily lr wall no'r be won lhrough lhe eflorls of a few ll will be won by a unaled people working for ulhmale vnclory no mafler wha'r lhe cos? You realnze now fhe exlenl To which your school has dedlcafed sfself fo 'rhe war eliforlr Many of your Jreachers and fellow sfudenfs have loaned some have dzed for 1+ Theirs us a record of courage Your achvlhes for lhe year are recorded In fhus book As you llnger over Jrhe pages and realize Jrhe good hmes you have had durmg lhe year do noi forgef +ha'r fhus school has been a sfeppnng s'fone an prepara 'non for lhe lame when you wall lake an achve parl In +he slupendous lask facnng lhes nahon LINTON T SIMMONS i 'SP' Page Seven I,I."I'0.' 'l'. S . .I FNS W lhe armed forces. They are fighling for us and our way of life. and School Board 'E :mm The sludenls of Valencna apprecnale 'rhe Tune worlc ol lhe School Board In providing Jrhem wlh The facllnhes for an educahon The modern buildings and capable leachers lhal have been provnded grve beller educahonal opporlunmes To Thus commumly s youlh The Sludenl Body as especially qralelul for lhe help They receuved In remodelmg lhe Slu denl Council Room Thus prolecl was compleled afler a long delay and a very commendable Iob was done on Hr ?45g ., ,W Vw 'J 1 I1 Page E1ght lg Q Ms , i 7 'T 'M K ae,? Fri i Mr. Ifamicls, Mr. Halle. Mrs, IIQ-ntlmrn. Mr. Sinnnons. Mr. Buissa-r:1m'. Mr. lS1'ml!'m'd, Mr. Hulditvh. . . . . . , Mr Fenner XI 9 W jeff? fffijgfwf The pasl +wo years have shown gain lhal Jrhus counlry In war can counl on Hrs armed forces lor selfless devohon lo duly Cnvlllans have shared In lhe SGCI'I'l:ICGS and services rhal lolal war demands We bull? befler lhan we lcnew ID preoaralzon for warllme morale rhal will be equally hrgh In rhe Jrranslhon lo peace and In lhe long years Jrhal he ahead Many men and women of Valencla have mer The challenge Wllh dugnuly and elfncnency May we who remaun on rhe home fron? do our ufmosf so Thal rhose now engaged In adual combal' may noi be dusappounfed upon lhelr refurn e D PENNER Lgjj Page Nme 'T-L -100- I fa s" 0 U V , f 3 1 " ii5i '3gt? : '-:li urznlcvlc 1, 11-:xy 1' Q Q . I , I ' aj . fflfz- Q7 iff' acuity Il Rllll XXIII-RN X 111x11 111111111 Bl 11111s1ll1111111111111111s iIllX lll RXHI 11111111 111111111111 11111 !""N 1 'wig-,W CI X113 KRXXIVQH U! lI1w 1 111 IXl0INI1I1lR I l111.s11 111 I'1I11111111111 llr1ll1111111l11 v II1 111111 Page 'Ten ja... QVZANXIC PARKH EIl1lI1N1l RI TH XIX 1- RQ -111 N1-191110 M Nl S Nl-I SON 1111lI1111111t11 v 56101118 'Z 12, 1133 Q B SSI1' NIIIII' K II111111 I' 11111111111111 Home N111v11111 I X S I'l1ll1I-N11 N1111111 8111111111 WVILLIAM B. PVRIJY f"on1merr'e QI-IV!-ILLON R0l'KXVHI.L Jlalllvfurllifnv A. G. S'l'l'Il'Ill-INS Ayrivwllfurl' Y N E , 55 'N RANIPUIA-' SAVER Shop ROISl'IR'l' I'Rl'IHK'0'l"l llisffwy-I'i1'i4w YVILLI A M TROXFI I. Phlllxirw-l'l1j1xi1'1ll lZ'lIHl'lIf1'1rH MARGARIVI' VA RNI' M La Vl1l1lflfl+'N'.ull'll fmzzlif-.v ,xg , MAIILINIC f'0f'lIl . Rosle I'II,l.A KA ITNICR fllllllllf acuity fi' 'Q' Q6 X, fx Ojive Page Eleven I ..x wil. '- Student fou fl 'E Pigs T1 X Under lhe leadership of S+uden+ Body Presn denl Bull Schwoob +he Sludenl Council was able To do a good 'ob despufe The serrous handlcaps of a war year Jusf lo name a few accomplushmenfs fhe Councsl had a name board conslrucfed for +he gym sponsored dally noon dances wulh lhe help of 'rhe School Board remodeled and refurnrshed 'rhe Sludenl Council room and hlled lh emply Jrreasury A Iulce ox whrch was a gnc? of Mr an Mrs Clyde Daniels solved The musnc problem for noon dances and gave The Sludenf Body a good source of Income Prexy BIII deserves special menhon for hus capable handllng of his orhce under many dnchcullles if O . U Av 1 1 1 1 1 '. ""' . I 1 , F , 'Wy FIRST Row: Ii, Sf-lmwnnll. li, Ihxnim-ls. lil Iwlly, .I, S1-xtnn, li. Rutlu-r, 16. Krm-xn-'rs Sriuuxlv Huw: J. K-Ampin. ll Vril-ml. N, li.-vnx-fls, ,l, Wnn1l. Hr l'nr4l5. 'l'I!He1w Row: li. I'pd5ke-, Ii, Nlumling, R, lin-rvil. 51- l 1 . l . . . I I I 1 . fxn C . nl- b rl - - d 1slI,1.r11xwm1a A .KL-3 E 'iff E , RL,- L ' valve ,f Z f 5 2 5 4? "m"f'i,' f Qnuva "-W' Qu tcm' Sembr fablhef Leadershup and cooperaTuon were shown ThroughouT The year by The class oT 44 deTermuned To make Theur lasT year aT Valencua The very besT WuTh Theur Two advusors Muss Calderwood and Mr Penner many success Tul class parTues were quven The Senuors unvuTed The Junuors and vuce versa Thus seemed To make The group more compleTe and The classes enuoyed each oTher s company The ChrusTmas danc was one oT The besT dances oT The year sponsored by our class ln The early parT oT March The Senuors duTched and enuoyed a brughT sunny day aT The beach We chose as our senuor play Yes and No Tor whuch an excellenT casT was selecTed Under The durecTuon oT Muss Anderson They worked exTremely hard To make Thus hularuous play a success Thus small class oT 44 graduaTed wuTh many happy memorues oT Theur school days aT Valencua never To be TorgoTTen As many mem bers would soon be un The Armed Forces we realuzed ThaT Thus was The IasT year we would all be Tog Ther Thus ThoughT seemed To keep our class un unuTy ThroughouT The yea NM ,gf a TW fx Pa e 'Tluurteen fl R. Muxuuuliuuu, IL lfriufuuul. ll. lim-u'vII, ll. Suulu-slum-, .l, Ku-uuupiuu, Miss1':ululuuu'xu'umd, Mr. l'u-uxuuvuk ll ll I H 0 , . . I - u T ' I ' e ' ' I I ., . . . . ' ll ll ' ' lu HM I L, W W' ,f ,u f K , va! u ,, lf X, A f JI 'T T 1 J, fn? . X ' J 'FA-f 1 J fy , K"-'Lg' ' Y, ' ll N f , . b r 1 , u ' A - I, if , DY ' N A' 7 ,. 4 S. I A ff W 'T 4' g , .J , x .- J Q ,J I f 1 ,Lf 1' I ' 4 .fi Senior Page Fourteen Al LH CFI FSTINF Qluss PlPSldf.llf 1 A ' 'l 4 Trea li nsketball 1 2 8 lfootbull 1 2 fl 4 ack Tr Plas Cust BRI XFMFII' R BXRD Scholarship b0ll0tX 1 7 'X 4 Iettermen s Club 4 Basketball 1 Trunk 1 H Y 3 lr Plax Cust blee Club 1 7 COTX P R LFOT K Journnllsm 3 Fdltor I RIFND NI KRY Kell Lender 3 SongxLf-xder 4 I l' X FRFTT BF XTRICE Girl Reserx es 1 2 3 4 Pres 3 Pres 4 Glee Club 2 3 4 G A A 2 3 4 Pres 4 Class Qevretarx 4 Song Leader 1 Tesorus 'S 4 Girls league Cabinet 1' RIFND BETTY. Student Buds Treus 4 G 4 1 '3 4 Pres 4 Class Sec 2 Manner Class President 4 Scholarship 14 Xell Leader 3 G11-ls League Cabinet 2 ,w I' LX X GRACE in A -X 1 ble-e L I hurl Reserwe DKNII-IS ROXAID X Pres uf btudent Body I ettermen s Llu ' es 4 1 ' Annual Staff Y Chlseler s Club P 3 'lennls 2 Track 1 2 -I 4 Football 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 ' 'S 4 Lo Captaxn 4 JOHNSON BILL 1' I' A 1 2 5 4 C s X lee President 1 3 Student Bods Pub Mgl 4 Scholarship Qocntw 4 lfootball 3 4 liuseball 3 Basketball Mgr .3 4 A., f" Elll0f5 N I X PI S IJ Student Council 1 N Q N X Olh n 1 s Nu num: math xll lp.: II Xl'l 1' F 4. 4 Fuoros 'ws 1 Snouts C lvlex x Club ' lX s B ukelhn uk N URI l-l XX OOD l l Z4 Semet xkxllull utlmll snln lff 1 XIXI X IX Mm X10 N"""' ug, I 1 1 S1 lml lup Sucxe x L llls I 1- lzue L IIJI 19 L Tleble Clelf 1 Nll'lX X n Q llm 1 fx N Pl 1 mfg 4:2-1 XIIINDINII ROSI-XI SRX NQIHIIIX Ntudnut Body 4 . I ... I 'es. 4, Svlllvlanxx ' . -'my +2- li' CPM-1'x'e-s l-2-. Axss SPf'l't1fill'j' -3 .. ' HSISI' ' nrsf' fimpff U RICFORDR, NORMAN 4 Buys .Xtllla-tic' Mgr. 4 , I4DIfEl'lllt'll'5 Club 34 Fmxtlulll 3--L Captain 4 Hcllulzlrslxip Sm-iety I-2-. ' Itlitm' -I Ili X 1 l'vsn1'us u Jr, Iluy Cust S1 l'l'u' F t ils Page Fifteen JA., Senior xx I' IXXUOIS r ml 5 1 Sunnis I 'V X Ill III l IUHOIIIX it Q Q n s N , ml nshlp l Ii ulu xs otblll lllllkg Y Q5 SOI If NRI- I- I! XRR KR X Iexder Page Suteen Us 1 XORISX lil' I"1X l X X 1 ' i4 X 'sm hul :uhm Nm le fvIllN le :Lua 1 alum! Plug: un lh mm nn ' I 1 ulnl 1 ll PIU I ul l-ul lhvlx Cl iss mm, XX HII If M XRIORII' lul Resnus Illstnrlxn 'Z S ual lhurmxn 4 P n is VK OODVS ARD TXCK A P F 4. 4 H13 3 4 Se-11 Scouts 4 B-wketlmll 1 ' 14 Football 12 Iruk I4 pus 3 Immun Pln 'R tsl' l 4xl'1 LQ! S.. Slllllxllxt NIXRIIXNNF C1111 Reserw-5 1 ec Q s -Xnnua t'lff 1 llnss Tu-asurm 1 " lm 'mt 'lax s IXXIOR D-XRI EYE rl"'lllhft'l trom Rlserslde Sn Plnx as! XNINKHNALK DXX ID nu n s 4 hx Puutlmll 4 ln IS JA Sembr Snaps di is S--gg, NIR .1-0' gginsnqalrwf Si Page Seventeen amor fabmer !xVx .rf-Q' A large Junior class has conmued n+s repulahon of good parhes and cooperahon whlch 1+ gamned on :ls freshman year Their class parlles were well allended Many of The Junlor members were on alhlehc Teams Junuor plays whnch were presenled on February 25 I944 were Anh Cloclcwuse Wisdom Too+h and Idlnngs of +he Kung The proceeds from lhe plays gave lhem enough money To sponsor The annual Junxor Sensor Banquel which was held un April a successful and colorful affair which will be remembered by bolh Juniors and Sensors Ollhcers of lhe class Jrhus year were presudenl Bull Pelly vlce press denl Bull Grlhfen secrelary Emily Barraza lreasurer Shnrley l-louse and social chairman Januce Louclcs Under Their leadershnp The class cooperaled an all school achvnhes 62 ww,-4' liifll Page Eighteen ve Jun br JW .,.. x Aw wg-6 in il - I Q- ei: ,ff ,,f' " x-. Q X ekf ww 9 - as H 1 -'Q 1 Yew, XY-Q N e , , W mx ag. fun--f ,H " v' , , e V wif fl 5 5 A 3.4. ..:'- ,..., 3' I 'V x ..., ' To " x A A wr ,K f , Tl Q H W x . W 'M Q lg W' S .- y Q. xx f' .1 ' J 'P ,Q Q 522 ..3iSLI5 ARCE BAKER BARRAZA ISIRUIIHR BIJIFIKI-IR B. BOISSl'IR.XNi' N. BOISSPIRANU QXXMPISI-ILL CASEY CIIRISTl'INSl'IN COTNER CROOK IJANII-ILS IJAVINS DE LAIR FOX GRH-'FRN HALE HENNESSEY IH-INNING ,Q Q 51 1 'I , Page Nineteen Jun or avi' 8 i X ""ElK" v 'Ya ,,,,,,..---- ,,........------ gy Q-'gk -'Q "" 'vat an -:".."'-..........i 'N".:.-.'E.'-2"'.--f---"" Sk as 31 AN -X3 an Q 4 101 ClxS Mai OI I OCH 'Sid INNTIS MPXPR MURPHX OINGIIL 1 FTTH RHP A RQQYURICLI' Z H Q SI l'CIxlI xR11'1 UIDXRF OD 'I QQ' III-STFR H01 sl- J MCMAH-SX N1 XRNIIIH RX PXDCVIT I UNI? i RL'IHl R sIN1s XORBK R XIRX Q TW is Page Tuenty 't o "':", , - 4 ' X . , A',,.: a L 1 A . ,:,, 1 - Y ,ykk X Q l K -1. ':-. .. F Xi ff i f A if ."'.,.,.jf"'fQfQ 'ei ' 4 Qs in g ll 8' ll fp y W 'L .-, P 4. 3 V i " t .5 Q - : lg 1' 1 4 I 'xi I. k f f Q L I gi iv D t i K , ., 1 K 3 ' 1 ku., A t ' . , - 1 , ' if .X N .3 Q 5 Q Q? Z , 9 HA -, A- ' BN ' X f . X xww xfqskx. ' , 9 ik ...., -, , fs. 23 Yu Jumor Snaps 'N -fx I E55 ix 1 Page Twentx one o fwmore Cabinet Q k ln Sepfember I943 a fresh new bralluanT class became Sophomores The Class of 46 The Sophomores elecTed officers presldenT RuTh EvereTT vnce presudenT Murel Jackson secreTary BeTTy Freeland Treasur er Edna Lee Croolce and social chairman Beverly Daniels Class advnsors were Mr STephens and Miss Nelson The Freshmen were unuTuaTed on OcTober I and :T was probably an m1TlaTaon none wall TorgeT AfTer a hard Tough day for The Scrubs They were rewarded wnTh a dnller ofa poTlucl4 supper and dance which The peppy Sophomores gave Them as a peace offering and an oTflclal welcome To Valencia l-ln On November 5 The Freshmen and Sophomores TogeTher enTerTauned Tor The new addlfuon To The Valencia l-lugh School meanlng The sevenTh and eughTh graders wnTh a parTy oT games danclng and eaTs Deke helped wrTh The games The Sophomore class has also helped In many ways Toward vncTory To all These sTudenTs we gave a loT of Thanks They are helping To wan Thus war 51 Page 'Tu enty two Sopfroma e das 4-v-"""" 'NN u--w-1 --......,.. IRNT hm x ml l9l nu un 1 son Ill Suns SMU 3 UNK NI 1 an nx 1 lv Ill 11 11 e IX u n xuwn Ns 4 Rr mx m km my 4 ll 1 1 X mu 'SP ,aw Page 'Twenty three K x Sopfzomo e Snaps an -'ir 5:af'lnnn....'K. 1-r" ll' sift? W Yam... WWW f ww ?'S. ii f A L ,Qs - R 1 xx ., , A I rf, z , wr , .L , M A 4 .Af 14 X 5, ,Y gm-.-,D ., A 192, at my 1 ' +7E'W91?'f'lA5 " N643-'Q f.f.- A f af ' N mmf, 6 M ' 4 V5 jg x ,UW g x M .4 Mfg MM S 7 'V 1, M Y . .W .MJ-' 1, ,235 W. ff . ' ,a H . W ,., 4 rx? M we 'EJ W ' Q Q EJ f 5 WW' f A my gif Huh cf, 4 QM ,, f 'L Q-1' Y 1 1 1 .sn vs ,,,Jf1?F,, f 4 Q 5 44 5, a iu firm 4 5 ,mi - fix- was XM in mi ' K :M , lr hey W 2 31 K 999 freshman Cabinet The class oT 47 began Thelr sTay aT Valencua l-hgh an p1gTalls and brawls The oTT1cers elecTed were presudenT Jamie TolberT vnce pres: denT Jack SexTon secreTary Donna Carlson Treasurer Emma AlalaTegul and socual chaurrnan Vnrgunua Casey The class colors chosen were black and whlTe l-lavnng 40 members an The class The scrubs really gave 4T To The Sophomores on nnnT:aTlon day ln The evenung when all oT The brawls were over and all was guueT The Sophomores TreaTed us To an enloy able Tume dinner games and danclng In early December The Freshman class reTurned The nnnTnaTlon parTy wlTh a sumxlar parTy They lolned The Sophomores To honor The sevenTh and e1ghTh grades aT a dancing parTy Near The end oT The year The scrubs goT TogeTher and enloyed a ST PaTrrcl4 s parTy playnng volleyball badmnnTon and dancung The parTues were noT only made oossrble by our cab1neT buT by our Two splendid advisors Miss Parlcer and Deke DISTFICTQ Ea Page Tucntx xx fre fzman dass 1-v"""d' ,-v""""'f' ,wx uit ull ILP lNl N n Arun A NXHII u- NN 1 14 x 1 N U when mm c 4 I mu ua 4 ll N Illlll ll! NNI! UIIN 14-u 1 .X Page Twentx sewn , ,K Ni. ,V , Q 4 A - '- V. , 'A A . rx -5 Q . . , - f , . i - ' Q , V 1 . L yi, HV N .t x , Q- X 1' xv , , , . f K 5 ' 3 - Q 7 ' - 'E T, L it . A in 5 Y .. 2 ' W f , Q F Q15 k s k f..L.......f, 1" R."' RUY: Mr. I5ivIri1'k, MMVI hy. St -ll 1 5. Ilalvir-Q. Ap: lzltvrui, ,'e.'I , 1':, 'I'ul1n-rt, Ya. llvz, .X " , liuvr' ro. Mi. I':1 'lu-V, SH ' wjlw R vw: Hill'l'2lZil, IIA-ml:-r,-nl, Hspixxmu, .l.ul1nmn, Vallwzam. Rulu-rn, HIY5. S 1-. -, l'l11'iht1-nfvxl, lluy. lMAI,uix'. .Km fm, Tllll lr Ii rw: Snlz, S:-I 1 :lx -r, 0 I ' , M: :1 . -'11, K' -1'. 1':1aill:1s, Yu-nllxrzx, l"1'5', M: 'IiI1, Ammtzl. .K , K 7 A 1 Q ' ' . ' j, .kffl , , S X J M. ' iii 5 X .4 Q ' x . ' f I x Pi' N 5 I if I 1 . 1 VE ' Y . 5 'fiif Y 1 Inj W' 6 ade Cla 5 LW Mfffmvrw wg R T X N1 11117 n sun llll IH rk l mnnex u 111 Ru lil RJSQTI lk cy Lum 1 uhxl X I xr I u Xa xl 1 Bqshud 'liunoz Iiols App 9 lexud s 113 I mc we J on UI serum lxu nmu enne ns x X1 lex The TursT year oT The eughTh grade as a parT oT Vale-ncaa l-ln was a very successTul one beginning wnTh a l-lallowe en parTy The second social evenT was a parTy given Tor The Freshmen and Sophomores An evening oT games dancmg and reTreshmenTs were planned loy Maxnne Nlckolach The social chaarman During The year The e1ghTh grade drama class gave Two dellghTTul plays enTlTled The Wonder l-laT and Chr1sTmas aT 400 Green STreeT under The dlrecTlon oT Mnss E Muller Also, IH connecTuon wnTh The war eTTorT several oT The class who are Sea ScouTs helped Tremendously nn The wasTe paper drnve, and The class donaTed generously To The worThy cause oT The Red Cross The oTTuc:ers were presldenT Bobble RuTher vuce presudenT T-lerberT Colller secreTary, Earl Denney Treasurer, Freddue Ruvera socual chair man Maxnne Nnclcolnch QE. Page 'Tu enlx uqlzt 7 ff' 6 ade dass Nr 1 1 cm N 1t1111 X114 1 111111 1 1 1 lll me-111 1 ll msgn 3 Il cuxl tm N9 1 1 PII! IX l U N ll 11 lx Ill III Thus as our hrsl year ID lhe hugh school bunldmg We lulce lhe ser up very much Gllberl Kraemer was presrdenl Ray l-lazard vxce presldenl Wal lace Pelersen secrelary Raymond Rodrnguez Jrreasurer and Glorla Wnlmsen social chalrman Mr Prescoll and Mlss Kallner were lhe class advlsors We have helped lo organize several clubs such as 'rhe Jumor l-lonor Socnely lhe Tr1Y and lhe Jumor l-l1Y We have had several class parlues and have had The use of The gym swnmmmg pool and lhe assembly hall A+ lhe hrsl of lhe year we fell slrange wffh Jrhe bug hugh school sludenls buf now we feel very much al home The class has enloyed 'rhe year and hopes lo have a successful eughlh grade nexl year K 5? nab-5 p ' 6 Page 'Twentyfnme 0142 70' andfff' fpgpf is lug' 'gif 3l4 ff- My " lull? 3 , ' ' M ,S by 4? , 2 ' J 1 ,f 5 'M X . ' 4 5 fa J KE. 1 y eu' 0 xssaiul NX R 0 4' uw" X ,A 'wil V s AXX ,af f F Z ,igj 1 Z -.fnuul 9lli'A'wI' 12 f f x2 1 C E 9 O fffl. 1 ls' '00, KS ?fx UAL .Yong and Cheer leaders We sTarTed The year ouT wiTh Two peppy song leaders lvlary Friend and BeTTy Yorba WiTh Their leadership The rooTing secTions were well organ ized During our baslceTball season a new addiTion ioined The song leaders Honey Yorba who did her share of adding pep To The games IT was during This season we carne so near winning The League Championship The girls Tormed a colorTul back ground wiTh The Tradnhonal blue and gold ouTTiTs which were cleverly made oT blue corduroy Trimmed wnTh gold brand They carried large yellow pom poms The enThusiasTic yell leader who has kepT The rooTing secTion of Valencia l-hgh School cheering was Beryl Boisseranc The sTudenTs cooperaTed in Turning ouT To help Beryl and sup porT The Teams One of several new yells inTroduced Ths year was I 2 3 in whic he yell leader was assisTed by The song leaders BeTTy Yorba and Mary Friend. The pep assemblies which were new and diTTerenT Trom any which had been presenTed before were planned by Beryl and The song leaders Beryl s ouTTiT which was very aTTrac- Tive was a Two-piece dress shorT- sleeved iaclceT and Tlared slcirT made of gold saTin lined wiTh royal blue. ISQ Page Thirty one Page 'Thanx two Varszry football N HXRT IXP ll'1 RPLORDQ The hghhng Tugers broughr a hnghly successful season To a clumax wnlh a decnsuve 20 7 vuclory over lhe Brea Wlldcals Thus wan brolce a nnne year gnnx Dekes able coaching kepl rhe leam an 'rhere hghhng all season Snnce 'rhe squad was well rounded 'rhere were enough good reserves lo wen an spare of unlured players Rhea Rulher and Smulh were named on All League Teams Sums placed on The second slrung and Farmer Wood and Wlschnaclc receuved honor able menhon Domaga Casas who as an Jrhe service and Norman Records were named 'rhls years co caplarns Glenn Farmer and Vernon Rufher were elecfed for nexf year The annual Communufy Foofball Banque? was held December I nn lhe Schools Cafelerna Bull Grncfen was awarded lhe Gul Kuhn lrophy The speaker was Ll' l-larper from lhe Sanfa Ana Arr Base who gave a Talk on foolrball and Irs relahonshup fo afler school 1 e SCORES Valencia Corona Valencia Tushn Valencia Garden Grove Valencia Capnsrrano Valencua rea Valencua Laguna lg: Z X 5 1 W il A XX I Y , X . and . ' PS lb I"RI4'K I ' L rr. ' ' ..... o ....- s ' ..... 7 ' .....- I9 - ..... I3 - - - ra ' .--.. 22 ' ---- o ' ----- 20 B .----- 7 ' -..,s o --..- 6 ii? A' Var :fy football 4? Nil? un 8 I Av .1-Y ..- Al :wb II NIIIF XRNII KR Kiwis' wg H 2' 'hfirf 'kbs uw! 43--ii -NHS if Q' lx 'IDKNIFIS XXI NS IOIINSON MLLOI I Ol II NIO i XI I b Ii? 47 Page 'I'I11rtx tIz1ee 0 - O' Q .: ' .f , I - Q fn '. ' I I K W . I . Q, Aix It . In 1 V , U v , fl! F' " I 1. 5 Aw . lug-iv 4' 's N" 3 , . I . I- ,w,,i'I x 3 433 I J. , I X :n T136 ,.. -.. ,E Ja., Q, Q1 Q6 .x.f.f,a:,3T A 3: .M A- .','1'2 .gfJ . . s. " 'I N f Ig .,.:,.-sg' . P m yfff, A .Saw Q i " '--.L -A 2,g,2,k A. jgggglfff Qi , ' ,s vifswhg X 'FD' If ' . If--,Q .M 39 A I AFI 'IX' I . If III.I'fI'f 'ICR . .' I If I". . 'IR Hg CIA 1iIiII"I"I'IN III-I.'."I.'.'I1IX I .'.' .I I , ' lII'IYI'lK . I wi 52 Var fry Football 'Hi ,. ' y 5 Y UNH XII hl IIN lklll..X ldililillll l.L Ml lllll N1HXXllHl' NIItlxHXhliI ' , v"I","' SIMS SMITH L'!'lrYlil'L WISL'llNAL'K WOUIJ 157. x - ff-v rf qi? WL? Pugv TIIHIX' jun, " " and "6" Football l'IR5'I' Run: FHFFQ, 5iHl1l0X'ill, K:nnlu-z Ollglv, Xurlm, Mzlllalsse-ro, xvvlllllfil. Sbwuxlv Row: Mr, lmlla-y, F. Saunduvul, Sllorvs, Uusillus, Castillo. The B s Thus year had a smaller squad Than usual buT came Through wunmng over mosT oT Their opponenTs In very excnhng games cllmaxed by a vncTory over Brea In some oT The B s games The C s helped To Tull an The squad The B s dnd very well and wall move up To The varsuTy nexT year The C s had a large squad Thus year Because oT The war all The schools didn T have C Teams so our boys were unable To play a Tull schedule buT They won mosT oT The games They played The C s played very well Thus year and will malce a greaT B Team nexT year BoTh The B and C Teams were coached by l-lal Polley Joe Ongue was elecTed capTam of The B s and Abel Cashllo was elecTed capTam of The C s wif? 6 , . . . I . , , . . , . . . . . ' I I I ' ' II ll Il ll ll ll I - - I FIRST Row: Tullu-rt. Ile-mlvrsmx. Yorba, Marlin, Rh:-11, N1-whuld, Se-xtun, Juhnxml, Ventura. Srjwcmlr Row: Mr. Pulley, Rmlriglluz. Ile-sin-r. Gullznln-s. Custillu, 45m X 1' EQ Page Thirtx we Varsity Basketball I I XXII N II The B squad moved up from lasl year wnfh a few remaumng varsuly players lo 'Form Jrhrs year s varslly Jream The leam sfarled rolling al 1'he beglnnlng ol lhe season and lcepl ro lnng over als opponenls losing only one game lo he wurh Tushn for Jrhe champlonshup The game was a Thriller bul Tushn came oul on lop winning by 5 polnls This year s Team proved +o be one of Jrhe besl 'reams In lhe l-lnslory of Valencia The Varsuly Crowds The leam was honored by Jrhe Rolary Club wllh a Varsnly Banque? al lhe end of lhe season The Jream owes much ro lhe coachmg abululy ol Coach Dxelrucls and led by Co caplauns Ronald Daneels and Jerry Smllh SCORES encla Garden Grove encua Capnslrano encua rea enola Laguna encua Tushn encna Garden Grove lencla Caplslrano enola rea encua Laguna encla Tushn fp O - 4 3 l My T4 5 1.2 l E: I .13-k'iQ'i1"Q 'ikhl 3 Qs . sk .r 4.44. lIl'I'1'!I 'K Il, ,' CLS S.II'l' u s If l 4 n games were played al' nighl and proved +o be very exciling wilh large Va ' ----- 24 - - - 23 Va ' ----- 42 ' ---- 20 Val ' ----- 34 B ------ I9 Va ' ----- 32 ----- 33 Va ' ----- 2I ' ------ I8 Va ' ----- 33 - - - I6 Va ' ----- 36 ' ---- 29 Va ' ----- 38 B ------ I3 Va ' ----- 52 ----- 34 Va ' ----- 26 ' ------ 3I Ig! kg Page FI-lll?'fj"SlX l Var Hy Basketball I , , S ,,,.,.,-F N Xlx ll X'-ff! 'ff XX NN 1lHXN Ji lx x mel 1 Page Tlurtx Seven A , E i , l v. s x gi -. ,JA R " H f Q . , -1 v A v 2' :"' X 5, za r.. 1 :I ' 5 . -' X 'fc X X 1 Y Q .1 'fi U A I I Hl"l'H'-Ili SIMS HI-If 'l'I.','IiY .l ,TUX NW, ll! li,XlU'I,X NUI I I1il'I'lZ liI.I'II'I 'ICR Sl'l1I4'Iill. 'DT l'l' Ylili .IH 'I LY 'VS IKM,-A-"' ,M B ' Basketball L1 This years Bs provided many a Jrhrill as lhey Tough? rheir way lo second place in 'rhe Orange League The final conlesl wilh Tushn was won by a double score Under 'rhe able direclion of Coach Duelrlclc The Team won all bul lhree of Their league games This record shows lhe spiril and fighr lhal Jrhns years squad had Because of an operarion Jack Woodward was unable lo parhcipare in 'rhe prachce games However he was an oufslanding player in league conlesls and was elecled capfain of 'rhe 'ream The Jrhree players who will nor be back nexl year were honored al a dinner given by lhe Rolary Cub Valencia Valencia Valencia Valencia Valencia Garden Grove Capislrrano - - rea ----- Laguna ---- Tuslin ----- Valencia Valencia Valencia Valencia Valencia 652' ii if Garden Grove Capisfrano - - rea ----- Laguna ---- Tus+in ----- " ' and 'D Basketball Ptf X Because of lack of lransporlahon our school was aboul The only school nn lhe League Thar had C and D 'reams The C s and D s won many of lhenr games bofh defeahng Fullerlon and Brea by good scores The Cs and Ds nf There had been a League probably would have been hugh up nl nol hrsl IH League Champuonshrp They should be commended for coming our and Taking unleresl In baslcelball even wn'rhou'r league compehhon The Team was coached by l-lal Polley who has been coach of Valencia s C s and B s for seven years The C s and D s promise +o make good Teams an lheur nexl years C GAMES D GAMES Valencua Fullerlon Valencna 28 Fullerlon Valencua - - Ana elm - - Valencia - - 5 Anahenm - - Valencia - - Capislrano- 24 Valencia - - I9 a - - - Valencia - - rea - - - - Page Thirty nme Ba eball xx: 419.42 ,, H-fl'-sf' 5' Pi- ,Q ,.. ff!!! I , ,pun .L4...hJ'4-44" N II I I nn S As lhrs annual goes 'ro press lhe Valencia baseball lream looks ahead lo a very promlsung season The leam ms handucapped due To lhe facl lhal rhe armed forces Jroolc some of 'rhus year s players Thus season hopes ro show many excuhng games and oulrslrandnng players wnlh large crowds al our home diamond The baseball leam lhus far as lead rn hurling by Wood and lwo Freshman hurlers Sandoval and Casullos who show much promise The baseball Team as coached by Mr Sauer who IS Jrhe new coach 69 Page Fortx' wr and-ur. Maivr M--gg,-,-.N i :awww f 'Q-, ,, , .,. sk I 'I - in it t of if ,A 4.1 W ,A ,s rm T g 5-L, 5 Av s -f - eu- -H - -s...m..,s--N,.cs,- .sss ,M g 2 5 T 5 T. Q 1 r , .7 wg Q V - ' T' wr" .fe l X T 'ali' ' T ' ff Q fl Y iff ,M f -, - .9 , . . , A f, V ,, 5 ' ' - ff in T i is V- 7 all 3 H ' y . M A -f 7 ,,-4 Q 5 ,, X I .Q , 3- . rv xy 5 M . g, 'iv y Z . s: ' ff f T Q 1 X af f if ' ,A 1-4 1 ef, .fy Q 1 I 5 A . . 5 N . gf..-2 o - ' v-me '- ir' ' ' 1 f 5 1. Q s -.1 - A g , t 47 9 13 l A . .1 J .giwn x 4. ,,. . Y .2-f"' ' I I A ' l QHQ35-. T . . 4 X FIRST Row: Saxlxduvul, llvwivr, Yorba, .'l1-ares, Rh:-xl, Fun uhm-ll, Mx Sum-x'. Srlluxlr Row: iq- 1-sv-y, NYmul, Ma-yer, lima. lilw-ka-r, Valsillus, Mural:-s. . I I - 1 I l 7 ack 9 -Q R ll IX H1 1 N 1 1 NI1 111111 Nluxuudvmx uurxl 1 xt ll 11 1 llllBllll 141 I 111 R R,0dlI5llt'l 1111s 111111111 1 11 11111 um 1 111111 11 1 1 111 tl X v11t111 1 Shows u11uu Q1 1 R he-1 N 1111 hu 1 1 rutien Ni 111 ISSPI li Rod1 lglltll C amp nll The Track squad was bugger Thus year Than ever before whuch shows ThaT The sTudenTs were unTeresTed The VarsuTy dud very well and The splendud performance oT The B squad assures Valencua oT a real Track Team nexT year Bob Iv1cColloch lowered hus record Tor The hugh hurdles To 9 8 seconds Vernon RuTher esTablushed a new record oT I4 I seconds un The I2O yard low hurdles also makung a new record oT I8 TeeT I I unches un The broad uump The Track Team parTucupaTed un sux meeTs Thus year We can say ThaT Thus has been one oT The mosT successful Track seasons un The husTory oT Valencua Hugh School and much oT The creduT goes To Coach Bull Troxel ,CEA l -.-ff? 'U P1 i Page Forty one leffermen 's Club :sv arf' I The Le-TTermen s Club composed oT boys ouTsTandlng an sporTs and acTnvu Tres aT Valencia ns organized To creaTe beTTer sporTsmanshlp and beTTer aThleTuc Teams aT Valencua l-hgh The LeTTermen s Club also helped To maunTaln good Tralnlnq hablTs among The Team members The hn lnghTs oT The club s acTnvnT1es Thus year were The Vars1Ty Blue and Gold Dance whnch was held aTTer The vucTory over our old rnval Brea and The LeTTermen s Club lnlTnaTlon whmch was held IH The laTTer parT oT The school year lnTormal 1nuTlaTuon oT The new members was held on The school campus The LeTTermen s Club Toolc nn sux new members malclng a ToTal oT TwenTy one members The oTT1cers Tor Thus year were Ronald Daniels presudenT Jerry SmlTh vice presldenT secreTary Ball Johnson and Treasurer Norman Records limi' P188 IT lxtlf T'-f Foofballfnaps K? port Snaps ,,,,......,-L 3 W UAWF UHARION MNUI L TORf PN -ft' FOKJLER EW 4, P1 'Ns fd mutyf 'U LT w-.-vs 4? -.6 64:4 Lf "5 1-IRSI' Rum Pfudgett House Dfules Dfumels Henmng Qoluhee xI'lIShTHlIII Xlundun S1-uuxuulimu Nhu n mmm DM NI QIIIIIIS B Bnussux Fox lldxku II ue-nd Iuuuk ll Z1 ml I Nuhsuem NI friend THIRD Rum 'Nhss Caldeuuood Xmhfu N Iioussu nc I I ux uu 1 uu R 1 Fx ren B D nu l 0 RTM Rum ul I uu Xiu ll il I IINUII ll LQ W IX l I l 3 mu 1 kson NI n 1 r ur 1 If lvu lu kson Gurls sporTs Thus year aT school had a program consusTung oT The mauor sporTs baskeTball hockey volleyball baseball and The munor sporTs badmunTon, Tennus swummung and handball Playdays Tor mosT oT These sporTs were aT duTTerenT schools BaskeTball playday was held aT FullerTon, l-lockey playday aT l-lunTungTon Beach Volleyball playday aT Orange Baseball playday aT TusTun. and Tennus playday aT SanTa Ana Freshmen and Sophomores had an unTorTunaTe hockey season when They mussed Theur playday due To The rauny weaTher All The gurls mussed a swummung playday Tor our pool had noT been open durung Thus Tume The gurls all enuoyed These playdays and are able To aTTend mosT oT Them despuTe The lack oT gasolune The G A A organuzaTuon sponsored The well known Gurl DaTe Dance Thus year whuch was a greaT success A ValenTune moTuT was used G A A unuTuaTuon us someThung To whuch all new members look Torward buT uT us always loTs oT Tun Tor all gurls and uT shows good sporTsmanshup There was also The annual LeTTermen s and GAA parTy To whuch everyone seemed To look Torward .fix K -3 uh ' Xi Page Forts fwe 61414 Basketball RNI 1 11 1111111 1 ll lllllll l'1e1eIt Sl-111x1r low ll wn 1 1 1 11w111111 N v1xx11 1111 13 ms li S11l1s111 Ulllllk IR 111 11111 N 1 1111 11s1111l11 111111 L, l1111.,1tt 11111w11 11 1111 1111 1 11 1x 11 l 111 Hockey Page F tx 1 1 RVI 1111 1 11 r1111u 1 N 1 X lions 1 ll 1 N111 111 1111 1111. wn 11111 11 Bllllll X111 I0 if W' I I U Fl R111': 1'1' 1114, K'l:11'k, 1l2ll'l'lil, M1 ll gf, l5111'1':1z:1, link", A111 1 , lD1l5'1 Ii. I' ' . .':' .' C J: 'k, , .X1:11il1'1':1. Y1r'lz1, .X1"1-, N. l51".": ', S, ll11'i1-s, 15. l51'..'-'1 '. l', ID: . 1' 'ul ll '.:l", l"11x. 'l'II I1 Ruw: IS. IT11 '1'ls. l, 'kg M11-'1'1'. Y. liz i'ls, Xl: '.ll ', ll' 'n', ' l' ,I l . . N1- 'l ll. M ro, M11 'Ii11, S. S lnl -1-. l"1'1-1-l:1111l, li. 'l"'Il4l. l"l ' R ': 1'1'111k, M11o1'e. Bllllllllllf, li. l'll'A'!lil, Am a . Ilaly, S12 'Ofl limv: l'l:11'k, Yorba, .'. ','.'1' 'illll S, llzviw, I'. l!:1vi1-s, H, S1111 I l'll'Q'l'l1lllKl. 'l'11I1 K 'Z I, 1 'km Jlillll, . G ',z1lf:, z"1',1, .'- 'l M1 'ti11. Fox, 1 xgatvf-klukg E 1 fix. In - 117' 6.4.4. IRNI 11 eu nu 4 0111 1 e 11111 1x 1 1111111 1 N 4UXIl on I 1111x1111 lllt 1 s a n1sv1 1111 1 rex ew v M1 1 lpf K 1 uxphx lllkll mx W 0 1 1 on N 1 .11 1 4-111111 N I llllll A .1 rr KNI hm xllllll Ill 11 huh un 11111 1 ex ox 1 e1 mm 111 l NI111 J 1 euxlr 4 un-11. 11 1 sun 1111 nw: 1 1 llules ns ne :vs 11 u lllvlll IRI HX nl nel an 1 ISIIIIIII U 1 1 1 11 1' eel 7374 Page Fortv seven Ru ': X 'I H. M I li, l-Iv-1' tt, BI ling. Fm.: Baker, .XM z , 15:15 fl-I' . R ': .1 . XQIII -1':1. V. IDa111i1l.'. Ynrlm. X. li -'1 4, S, lmvin-5. P, Ilzvivs, IS. S11-qlv. B. B1 i. .'-1':1n -, ' Lk-. I ' 'l' R ': Mi., 1':.l1l1-1'wu1l, li, Il:111i-ls. 51:15-1'. Cx' k. l'l:11'k, BI111'.hl111'11, I. 11-ks. ' '.:le,, li:11'1':1z:1, H1-111i11u, Ma " , l4'1'iAml. -i . T. ' , ' , ' I 3 . , S 5 n v- 'a -. 9' . ' 1, 1 'Y s 7 5 X 1, 1' rr' 4 V A , ' ll I 'Z 1 1' g, No' L M re. B. livn-1'1-II, G :al .', I" Bak-'. A11 1 . my, 1 '1h.', NH' .' R IW: R1 A'-nz -l:1'k.' . .XLCllilPl'4l. Y. lJ:111ivlw, Yu' 1, N. Hs' . A1'a11', S. Iluvim, P. z " .', IS, Sul-.I li, Wi., -1:1114-. l'l lykv, .Il . . TH 1 R V: B, lm '1-ls, Maj ', Gz11'1'i:1. l'1' uk, Ylark, N111 '. 'll, I, 11'kw, I':ulg'vIt. li:11'1':1za1, H4-111i11g:, M:1't'1, Ii, l"1'ivml. Ya11'g:1s. '1'flz111l, I Volleyball Baseball Y 4 Wim 61414 Tennis olxv 1 11 X 1 HX 3: im. 1.-.Na in Cabinet Page Fmtv ezghr I f 'ur' xx I 114 Ill I our LQ! Junior 6 A A f x X The Junior G A A composed oT The sevenTh and enghTh grade gurls meT every Tuesday To enloy The varnous sporTs whlch were being played There was always qunTe a large TurnouT The enghTh grade played agannsT The sevenTh In volleyball and baslceTball and won boTh Tumes The eughTh grade played The Freshmen nn volleyball and losT buT was good CompeTu Tuon AlThough Junnor C5 A A aTTended The regular meeTungs oT The G A A They couldn T voTe or have any say so In The business buT :T gave Them The expernence They needed IT ns a very worThwhlle acTlvuTy and also prepares Tor The G A A an l-hgh School Page Fortyfnine .N gf. 6 A A Snaps as EEE www' 909 WI o Q 1 Wx 3 .swf-ww iw- ,, Page Frff-v kxfh uuy iw 2 fl I 1 ' " 'Ii i wlbj ZMW f Vvfw 1 M15 6 im , V: '41 Q S- elltltc lg U my Z' Anil!" QW' 'lg nv dpi? gli ACXQY vitally 4 Q.-f Edzlor Norman Reco Elle-en Updylce Classes Rosemary Mundung ADVISQRS fesoros Staff Assuslanl Ar Asslslanl Busuness Assnslanl Pholograplmy W 364600. rds C-Earls Sporls Jerry Smulh Velma Danuels Bealrlce Everell Bob McCollocl1 Shirley House Glenn Farmer Assnslanl' Jack Woodward Boys Sporls Waller Michael: Asslslanr Bill Sclmwoob f-'aa '3P Assusfanl Organrzahons Assnslanl Acllvllles Assnsranl Carloonnslr lpdk Norma Fox Janice Loucks Beryl Bousseranc Belly Frnend Ronald Daniels Joe Ongle Busuness Wnlluam B Purdy Wrnle Ups Mrs Eflwel Black Plmolograplwy S C Roclcwell Page F1 tv one U41 M M IRST R011 uodxs llll N1 11 IN 01115011 r in 11111 ll 1 XII 1111111111 '1I11l111Ll1 Sl-1 oxn U11 lfllfl llllgllttlll l 11 1 s 1 lhllll nxt 11 1 III I7 R lnllllld qhoru I'Ill11.lllllf.,S HIHSNKIU I In Lllllltlll The FuTure Farmers oT Amernca as a naT1onal organ1zaT1on and The local chapTer IS an anTegral parT oT The school IusT luke The glee club or The TooTloall Team Each local chapTer has :Ts own seT oT OHICGFS and :Ts own consT1TuT1on and program oT work The purpose oT The FuTure Farmers oTAmer1ca ns The Tralnung oT1nTeresTecl youTh Tor Tarmung and The 1mprovemenT oT rural luvnng ChapTer acT1v1T1es are seT up un The annual program oT work IT may Include cooperaT1ve endeavors assembly programs luclgung conTesTs and 1o1nT meeT1ngs w1Th oTher Ag organ1zaT1ons In The commun1Ty or counTy The oTT1cers oT The local chapTer durung The school year I943 44 are as Tollows Jerry Sm1Th pres1denT Davud Lypps v1cepres1denT Bnll Johnson. secreTary CelesT1ne Allec, Treasurer STerl1ng Meyer reporTer Jam Sums, waTch dog, and A G STephens. aclvusor .fl Y iii' Page Fuftx two --i.......-,N F F A Snaps "ui" mga g Q if Page F1fty three l wr! Reserves 3JP X Rdg, N l The ur eserve re bound logelher by lheur pledge lo develop a heallhy dy a lce mund and a Chrusl lulce spurul Po luclc s pe relreshmenl meelungs were held on allernale Tues days al ers d school Among lhe lopucs covered by uls spealc al lhe eelungs were reluguon musuc racual pre uuduces per a ro e uelle and physucal lullness A meelung wul e l-lu gave a opporl uly lo hear a speaker on boy and gurl X a uo Two m lungs e sh wu uders Al lhe lraduluonal Falher and au hl bang he p resenled by Ensugn lvlarlha Aumaclc l a Slu nl Body assergl ar ue le Twunern spolce ol her lule un Chuna o e vo a e e r s As hus an ual goe o pres lhe Gurl Reserves are anlucupalung Camp O ola X E3 N 19 uifffi Page Fujtx fum ff' ,Q-f""'I.".-5' Wee Hub ks R I R v I tl lunu R v R lg The C-Blee Clubs lhus year under lhe dnrechon of Mr Cranlcshaw have parhclpaled un many school and oulsude achvnhes namely Parenl Teacher Assocuahon Women s Chrnshan Temperance Unlon baccalaureale Jumor plays and school assemblies The Mixed Chorus made up of Boys and Girls Glee Clubs presenled rhe Chrlslmas Canlala In The mann Audllornum The school s vocal malnslay was 'rhe gurls lruple +r1o consnshng of Barbara Mayer Shurley Davnes Barbara Ridgeway Carole Jackson Dolores Thompson Bealrnce Evererl Vurgunna Casey lvlurel Jackson and Emma Apalalegul who sang for various school and communlly affairs Some of lhe oflen sung favorules nncluded Deep In My l-learl The Nlghf Wall Never Slay Chrubzem Lncl Thune Eyes and The Sweelesl Slory Page Fitx ne H17 ,ff ,.-f0"'W ,ff W TP IR T 00 ll Ill H llllll u ul x Nunn lox! 4m 4 Hesur 'Vim 1 Q1 xex uk nd! llll 1 u lt n 1 1 lllkl 1 N luhnson J t um A Ill phx Nr huuol Ol K1 ll inn x Blu k r XX md Reunds 1011 vunes ex X um Thus year +he l-lu Y had Hrs besl year an Valencia s haslory Mr Prescoll our leader was fhe mann drnvmg force behnnd lhe club Among 'rhe oulslandnng speakers al our meehngs were Rev Archue Crouch Rev Davad Braun and Archie Raull There were abou? fully people al 'rhe annual Girl Reserve l-lf Y Iounl' meehng held on March 8 Kennelh Knlghl Jrhe general Secrelary of The Sanla Ana Y M C A gave us a very lnlereshng performance In maguc Affer lhe refreshmenls some of Jrhe members wenl lo lhe assembly hall and danced for an hour before gonng home Four of our members have gone lnlo Jrhe servuce lhus year Vernon Rulher, Elwood Murphy Bull Johnson and Glenn Farmer We were led lhls year by lhese ol'hcers presndenl Jerry Smllh secrelary Bull Johnson, vlce presadenl Vernon Rulher Treasurer Ronald Speclchardl and counselor Bull Schwoob ,ll f Page Fiftyfszx Q4 Joumahsm News oT Valencia Hugh was drsTr1buTed by means oT The Tlger X Ray nn The PlacenTua Courner The Journalusm class was composed oT Ten Junlors The edlTors Tor The year were Emlly Barraza TnrsT quarTer Beryl Bolsseranc second Elleen Updylce Third and Yvonne Balcer TourTh QTher members were Bonnie T-Tale ErnesT1ne Arce Vernon RuTher l-lenry Morales Norma Fox and Norune Bousseranc Thus year The sTaTT gave The sTudenT body a chance To help gaTher news Tor The paper A conTrlbuTnon box was placed an The library The sTudenT body co operaTed gunTe well buT noT well as had been expecTed The reporTers wenT around The campus wlTh Thear press cards and gaThered The news Tor The Tiger X Ray They also obTauned news Trom BradTord Avenue Grammar School La Jolla Junnor I-hgh and The varnous clubs The Gossrp Column was The mann arT1cle nn The paper The Teachers also conTr:buTed Theur brTs oT class noTes Every once IU a whale There would be a Guess Who7 SpoTlnghT or a WhaT s Your FavoruTe7 There was also a good column on sporTs which was very enThusnasTucally wrlTTen by Vernon RuTher and l-lenry Morales 'Sf Page F1 tx sewn Sea Scouts A greal Increase nn enrollmenl sfarled The year off nn good fashuon wnlh lhe lollowung new members Bull Grnclen Bob Rulher Don Rhea l-lawley Jaclcson Wesley Slephens Jack Rhea Richard Lophn Jack Henderson Elwood Murphy Jrmmy l-larl Engene Shores Jaclc Woodward Dave Wnschnack Jnmmy Palmer and Kennelrh Clausen As a resul'r dunno Jrhe rendezvous lasl fall The Valencaan Sea Scoul qroup placed hrsf In :ls dlvnsnon Several ol The evenls ln which +he ship placed were Jrhe lnfe rung Toss houshng of The slsuflle bull lhe maruners problems lcnol lyvng swrrnmnng and lhe canoe race The Sea Scoul Dance a+ Jrhe Rendezvous Ballroom was also a greaf success An unnluahon In January informally nnlroduced mosl of l'he new members As +he Valencuan ll was an dry doclc mos? of lhe year we dld no+ have much use of Hr The loss of our Skipper Mr Polley +o Jrhe Navy was a greal blow To Jrhe shlp l-lowever our new Skupper Floyd Archer has been carrying on very well sunce February I5 of lhus year Mr Polleys arrival Aprul l3 on lhe campus on leave afler complelnng hrs lndoclrlna hon course was qreally apprecnaled by 'rhe Sea Scouls fi W FIRST Row: Innptivn, lbzlvis. Rhea, l'm-llrun, Szulllvrsmx, Sh-vf-rms, In-nm-.', NIIIFIIIIPJ, Mr slwlley, li, Kiuwizl. Sl-iruxlr Row: .M-key, S1-lxxwmh. 3Iivh:u-li, Ifluuglmm, XVnwIwanul, l'nlmn-V, 'l'h:um-r, 1iriI't'en. XVis1-llmu-k. Vlznlxsml, IillIlIl'I'. Vpdykv, Jnllnsnn, Ilf-lull-rsnlx, Jawkwn. 3 . . . I I I I I I I I I I I I ' I I . . . . . , I ' 1 I , . I ' I ' I ' I I I . . . , I I - is-.,......fv1 I . 15,1 Fir la! l Page. Fzftyfeigllz Sea Scout Snaps I if 1:-4 '39 E' .r'fL,f x ,j. , "3 71' f 'I Liu Page Fifi "REE-' Page Suu Manners 'O' 4 T 1X1 1 g IX 1 ll 1 Ill II III 311 e Xllllllll D111 THIRD 1111 N11 s 11er11ood 1911111 XX I 11r'k K 1 1se11 J 111 e111 1. B B01 sex 1111 X111 111 The Valencua Manners were organazed clurnng fhe mncldle of fhas year wnfh Mrss Calderwood as slcnpper Offncers who were elecfed Norma Lee Fox Offncer of fhe Day Beafrlce Evereff Super Cargo and Norlne Bonsseranc Yeoman A few parfnes were enloyed by fhe fhnrfy sux mem bers who are In fhe lvlarunlers group The purpose of fhe Manners IS fo brlng fogefher all The gurls who are unferesfed IH fhe sea We learn many useful fhungs such as fymg lcnofs learnlng fo be sporfsmen learnung safefy rules and learnlng how fo navlgafe and swrrn One of fhe mann prolecfs was fhe Paper Drnve from whnch fhe group obfalned lOl 60 The launchlng of a Maruner Ship af Valencla has been un progress for fhe pasf semesfer as yef a name has nof been selecfed The hlghlughfs of fhe year have been a Iomf meefung wlfh fhe Sea Scoufs of S S Valencua af whuch fume fhe gurls were unufuafed snfo fhe shup frlclcs a swummung parfy In order fo fake our swrmmung fesfs and fhe paper clrnve whnch was a brg success if 'WW' Mil U-Slide! U5-fx uf' 0 9 ' 'f 'T . 1. - 1. A. . A, , ., . L S g H A g V . .L ' . -,, U .-J. ' ' ' sv' ' I ' 5 1r . 1 Q, 1, 1 . 1 I ,S I t 'I' I , -V ..! 4 ' A ,sri 'A , , 11 V V A 11 , - ll , 9 1 ' . I . as 1' X A V V r I I f 1 ' 4 I , y R. , "' . -. , r .N A -. i 1 5 . -. , P 1. . T , - f. 'fry' . 1' Q. , ' ' 5- X. T' ' 1 .3-, rx 1 :iff 1 , . f -s :':11.f.".' - " FIRST Row: B. IYIZIIIIQIS. B. I'TI'It'Il1I, I-'ox l'p1lyk1-, S11I1-slave, X. I511issv1'11111'. B. l'I1'1'1'1-11, Baker, Murphy. S1111 .'1 ROW: R'd u '11, R. E1'111'111t, M1-G' 1111s, M, Fr'1- I, M1 't' , P. I 1 'i s. . PW 1 . R ': 1 's.'C1lI ' , 1 'e, 'isc111 ', 'I1'iste1.' , 111 son, H IIIlL", Dsxvivs, . 's' '1 ', ' 'I . . , : . 1 1 - ' T ' I I I 1 I I I ' ,X Sxvllvdd ' '13 " -W 61rls lea ue WD N RT' ll C rls L agu of wnlch every gurl as a member sTarTed The year by having a Dug SnsTor CourTesy Week Thus served To welcome The new gurls whnch Thls year uncluded The sevenTh and eughTh grades Rosemary Mundung served as a very gracious presudenT Our program charrman Glorra T-lennung prese-nTed us wuTh some very unTeresTung programs One oT These was an Imaginary Trap To l-lawan by Mrs PrescoTT The hlghl1ghT oT The year was The Fashuon Tea held on March I9 In The school c:aTeTerua The aTTracTnve cosTumes were Turnrshed by Anaheum and Placenha shops The year came To an end wrTh The sponsornng oT The Gnrls League dance on May l9Th Cql tx 0 l 1'r:s1' Ifrviz V3 Q! Yr-, D, Evra-ctr, Tnvcicr, '. ax-icls, Mundinv. S"Co':n RCW: .Ii1lc:', , '.V01'9tt, Moo:-0, II. ',. H-1 TILT, II '::c. X. l'x'g:-ra V . . , . . . IC 'I C C, u , ' I , . . . NASH 7 T ff Pug . X: fone PV Jr 6'1rl Re erve and Jr ffl 7 'UW 4, Puge lx x I im In mu I This years Tri Ys lwave lnad an enlerlalning and worllw wlnle orogram wliiclw included many social alllairs parries and dinners TriY officers were presudenl Marilyn Slwerred vice presudenl Joan l-lenderson secrelary Marilyn Kay Treasurer Jeanne-He Elwman social cliairmen Maxine Niclcoliclw and Claire Carlson Advisors were Misses Margarel Wulsey Rose Ella Kailner Lorraine Sclwraeder Vilefle Slelmlun +': "xv . g'-, ': A -. -I ' :' -. "1 . ". Q iw: , ajz. ."'. 'z 1.1 , ,. 2 'a "a :, 'Y":. "III nw: if: :'.u'. ' '::' , r'p.ui-Z. ': ': -. '. -'a z -z . z . Junior l-li-Y aclivilies included an Orange Counly Junior l-li-Y swimming and baskelball meel in Fullerlon polluclc suppers and sporls in lrlwe gym. Qllicers for flue year were presidenl Douglas Tliamer' vice-presidenl Earl Denney' secrelary l-lerberl Collier' lreasurer Leon Boisseranc' and sergeanl-al-arms Don Bennefr. vZlf"4 S1.JIy"llL'u urns-agg- Band and 0 cfzesfra 'iff dei x-......... 4 ll 1 Durung The Tall and wlnTer seasons band domnnaTed The nnsTrumenTal musuc scene This organazahon was acTuve aT The weekly pep assemblies as well as The TooTball and baslceTball games lTs appearance on The all musnc assembly program and a concerT Tor The February me-eTung oT The Brad Tord ParenT Teacher Assoclahon were The hlghlughTs oT The year WrTh The comung oT sprung There was no longer a need Tor a band IH The aThleTlc program so aTTenTlon was Turned To The developmenT oT an orchesTra Many oT The band members played sTrlnged 1nsTrumenTs as well as wand lnsTrumenTs and Thus served wnTh a number oT The brass and woodwnnd players ln boTh organuzahons 0rchesTra also Turnushed opporTunuTy To oTher sTrung players ID school To gann expernence ur' musucal ensemble ',"5? avg Slxtx tnee ,fx I ' 1 , Q' I 'A -' c. X .x A ' ' 1 xx c 5 I ' . .'S 3 1 Q av 1 ' -nn, . xl -V Y A ' N l"lK4'l' Row: Mi-s .Xnlf-rslm, Hnlv, Yanruus. .Klmlaxtm-Lrui. Siu-x'1'a-41. BI. Ilulv. NVis4-lnmwk. Immkv. .lnllns-m. 1'nrlsnu, SHVUNI1 HMV: lllxnzm, lklwj-'. Sum-In--L. R. l'Ixv1w-ll, li. lix--wil. Tinian-x':4vn-, IS. Klxthvr. Hull. .hw-u-11-T, Szllx.-win. Tllllclx KUW1 NI:-5:-r, Nlvlkvll-wlx. Y, Ihnxivl, .Inlms-na, linshurzn. Blu nz, Il--inning. Innlvlu, XX'-an-nl, Y. Klthn-1' I ,T -wffv P, . UQ Scholar bw Soc ery 'mfmkw .md H 1 Jumof Scfzolarsfzw AH ll ll ll f 0 4 1 l A x Ill In Qcfober a+ fhe hrsf meefng of Jrhe Scholarship Socnefy Norman Records was elecfed presuclenf BrIIScI'1waob vuce presldenf Janice Loucks secrefary rreasurer and Berry Frnend soclal chairman The second semesfer ofhcers were Bob Mccolloch preside-nf Leron I-lesrer vnce presldenr Rosemary Mundunq secrefary Norman Records freasurer and Ve! ma Dannels socual chanrman 15 ffifd UL S1 tx fc uf O O U " " K . A ai iz f Y .' - '?.. K. 5' -Q5 ' 1 ff , , , Q, X ' 1 A - 0 " rf. 'X .S ,. Q. X 1 I if ' 'T , , i H 5- T. L, 5 E, . ' we i f 1 N I ,J .. f . X R. x ' R X 1 " ' V ,Xl " , , ff- 4 W..-.r. .. , .. , . 1 ff' X' - .. -f xr' IIhsT Row: Y, Ilnnia-ls. Iimznivzz. 1.1, ck-. I-'ril-mul. M-'::1i1:::. 4'rr-U!-. I-'rw-luwl, S our Rmrz Miss I':1x'kvr. XX1w!11x:,vk. Chrism-mm-n, .lnlmf.m, Vu-v . 'l'rll1:1- Rm xx: Swim-.vlmhs liwuwls. ilx-.rims-111-iw, M1-1' Elm-21. Ill-sts-1'. 1 f I 0 l4'IlcS'l' Ru ': Url: N4-I Alix. lilnm-11. lkmmlfulwl. Kr: -1 wr, Nik Iivh, Slvrl'-11, Fxrlsun. SMH Mr Row: Miss l':n'k1-r, Yurlm, l'uy, Wil svn. Aw-vs-flu. 1 T . ' I . ' I - 5 . I . - I . -1 I . I ' .,r.J"'4 I K3 mo- S -- F04 M AT Q him 'K Sl 'W C -L90 'gf .il 0 KM A tops' ' it W W 'ljt"zJln' I All L! I P :IS O 1 l ij, , J 9, 5 'Ill J Q 11,9 a WN i if ERN 5 a Q :Q 9. F ' ' 5 5 . Q2 fe' Q I E , f Q 1 v 5 If E e 2 W' f , fu ' G - 09 , 4.7 EI f Q ul Ky 25 E X4 ' ' fc 5 1 ' 9: FQ' fa: a 1 ,Oy 0:9 9.' Q 3 ' slbg' s,4 15" .so J I, . , fl f 19 X? k , A C0 'ff f- 0 ex N as 0 H' " t-'li iq' m I . 5 4 IH K It K I gr- I ' Y I l H" l 1 1 I J Ms X ,A MJ .Yemor Playa We 3 3 Casl for flue Sensor play Yes and No was as follows Mrs Webb Darlene Taylor Reverend Mr Jarrow Norman Records Mrs Jarrow Rosemary Mundlng Sally Jarrow Marnlynne Sfoclclng Jo Jarrow Jean Kernpsn Reverend Mr Bagsholl BnllSclwwoob and Adruan Marsh Jerry Smullm Mnss Lu Rullw Anderson dnrecled lhus very successful play This plwolograplw was Taken al' one of flue play pracllces as 'rlne Annual was aboul lo go 'ro press Q? Page Szxty five f O A f' I ll n . E ' F ,s,.,,,.,i as lux, I2 li QQ- 411 .lumor Plays Ann Clock wfse Wisdom Teeth ldylfngs of flre King Three one acl plays were presenled by llwe Class of 45 on February 25 In llwe audllorlurn Anll Cloclcwuse a serlous melodrama wlllw an all gurl casl Wisdom Teellw a comedy and ldlungs of Jrhe Kung lnlaruous comedy of a sluglwlly modern Kung Arllmurs Courl The plays were under llwe durecllon ol Mass Lu Rullm Anderson 1-ff Page Szxtx IX 0 s 5 f ' ' . Y n . W if 5 al 'R Ti l NI !'NllllllI'll. Rldiinuis. Fox. l'1ul5lw. . . linnie-la, M1'1'nllmu'll, lhnisse-1':xll1', D4-l.:llr. 0 0 M--54-r, NYmul, Xlvklnllam. llnllm-r, Ilvnninu. l'vZll'IIlk'l'. I . . . ,, . . ,, . . - ' I U I ll ' Il l Il ' ' ll . . . . 5 . . . . , 451 fl 'W , I, Q7 Junfog-5 ll!gfQBnQ'!lkq0lQQfwm:+ Aloha was The Theme oT The Jumor Senuor bangueT ThaT was held Aprnl 22 In The caTeTerla Palm Trees around The room Tlowers on The Tables and l-lawauan muslc In The background carrled ouT The Theme An mTeresT mg program oT musnc and a haT show held our nnTeresT during The evenung There was dancmg ThroughouT The program RaTuon coupons were gladly donaTed by The Class oT 45 To Mrs BerTha Gullnlan and several moThers who helped To prepare The delicious meal ,f Page Szxtx seven I I I I ' ' ' ' I ' I I r fasfubn Show FXW ll 1 N lmlm -ww-1....,.,,...... -ll-on-ang'-. nk lu mmf mx 1 nm Inna s The Girls League l1 Id Hue annual Fasluon Show Tea March I6 In Hue Caleferla Members ol Hue Girls League and a few ofH1e boys were Hwe models The Analwenm and Placenlua slores were very lwelpful In lellmg us use Hwelr Clollwmg LIZ' WIT' Pugn x L1 xt iii 5 """'- H 2 .m.,,.,s X?" 3 . 3 ly V 1 H ll, liuixsq-x':1x1--, Nll'pl15. l'flnm-ll,Xll:nI4-, XYilnsn-11. .lzxvksmu Mi-N Iliulriwlx, ,Xlln-43 ,Im ' 2, Ibzlxivs, f 5 f Q . . . t . x FIRST Row: N. Ilnissm-x'z1114-. XY. lfux, K, IHA, Yurlul. Slcuuxlm Huw: .lzwksmr Fox, ll:u':1z:n, Vpdyke, Ni-wx "lx, Ilmlsv, Ynrlm, T R ': .X4'lm'y. Y. lmnin-ls. IS. lhlllin-lx. Wiswlnxlzu-k, Ile liIl,Lf, live-1'vlt, . 'k.'. . 9 . . x .x-'Af era- , I u 14 gl. 5, ' Srxtjf gl ffznk' mas Play N Rtl Never was a Chrnslmas play as successful as The one given rhus year The hugh school and 'rhe Junzor hugh school wllh lhe and of Mass Lu Rulh Anderson and Mr Cranlcshaw presenled Why rhe Chimes Rang ll was greaHy enpayed by lhe audience and rnany hne conwnenls were made Fi! 'Sf Page Sum more Dances The STudenT Councll sTarTed The year s dancnng program on OcTober 9Th To unuTraTe Theur new lulce box Everyone had such a good Time aT Thls dance ThaT They lusT couldnT sTay away Trom The l.eTTermen s dance held November l3Th The LeTTermen decoraTed The walls wnTh Their 'er seys and The helmeTs were hung on The curTauns on The sTage To Torm a V The Farmers had a band Raul Casullas plenTy oT Tood and good decorahon Thanlcsguvnng Theme IT seemed as Though The whole school and halT The Town aTTended lT was hard To Tell wheTher you were dancing on The Tloor or on someone s TeeT ChrusTmas always provndes an nnTeresTnng Theme Tor The dances aT leasT The Sensors ThoughT so Cn December l8Th They held a dance In The assembly hall A bug Tree an The corner SanTa Claus and has reindeer on The wall and a ChrasTmas scene on The Table gave a Teellng oT good cheer To everyone Thus was The TnrsT Tame ThaT a dancing conTesT was held ATTer The Brea basl4eTball game January l5Th :T was only approprnaTe ThaT The pep commuTTee hold a dance IT Tollowed a baslceTball BeaT Brea Theme February l9Th was The daTe SaunT ValenTnnes Day was The Theme CaTeTerua was The place 8 o clock The Tnme OT course we are Tallcung abouT The Gurl DaTe IT was a Tormal aTTaur sponsored by The G A A Raul Casullas and hrs band provlded The musnc There was a nlce crowd The Casullas Band also Turnnshed The music Tor The Sea ScouT Dance lvlarch l ITh The assembly hall was decoraTed wuTh blue and whuTe crepe paper rn Torms oT waves and an TronT oT The hall was The Sea ScouT buoy LoTs oT Alumni and Servicemen were presenT A VucTory dance was held by The Scholarship SocueTy on April l5Th Thrs really was a VncTory dance T-lalT oT The sTudenTs sTayed home To save Their gas and Tires They really mlssed a good Tnme The Junior class The Sophomore class and The Girls League are planning To give dances beTore school as ouT buT The Annual musT go To press so we shall leave Them ouT They are sure To be successTul Though if 11? la . . . I ' I I ll ll II Il K ' , I I ' II ll . . . . , . . I1 ' II ' . .. . .. I I fl-ff? gf-, Page Seventy Gene al Snaps 4 42? Am, dp Page Seventyfone .fvf ...un....-ml ..1nn.-u.-uu-nn1- 1 ...Q inuiu-1un1...-.MI-1. iq.,-. n..1nu1m1 1 1111... .. .. 1 1 1 ... 1 1.01 Be Sure to Insure m SURE Insurance H H SCHWOOB Auto Flrt 1 L INSURANCE 117 S Spadrl Fullerton C1111 Ofhee Phone Fullerton 1757 Res Platentla U2 Congratulanons to all Graduates North Spldra Fulltrton Calll HARDY S DRUGS 1175 North Spadra Road Fullerton Page S61 entx tu o FULLERTON MOTOR PARTS Automotlle Parts Headquarters ortll Orange Countv W Commonwealth Fullerton Phone Fullerton 700 T 1 Q V . . 1 1 1 L . . 1 - ' - f Lf- 1 1 1 1 ' - . ' 1 ' , 2 1 -I-...... .-.... .-..- -. -..........-..-. -... ...... .....-..-..- -.-. - .. - - -..-.- ?.......-.-..-..-..-......-..-......-........-..- - .....?..------.t-.....1.- ... - - - .- - - .- -1.- PILLOWRY GIFT SHOP I I , 1 1 1 1 .. 1 1 z 1 ' , , . V V W ' 1 .,-1..- .... -..-1.-.1 .... ..-.1-..-..-.1-..- 1 ' A 1 Q for N , 1 , 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 ' 131 . 1 1 1 1 4...-.. ..-------- ..-..-..-..-..-......- - -..- - - - - - - - - - -...-.. For School Rmgs Trophles and jewelry WE RAISE OUR CUSTOMERS' We start proxxdmg your clothmg when GC you re a lnttle squlrt of 2 year e see you thru thoe rmportant for style school years Then we take you rrght on untxl you re a grandpappy pokmg around rn long handles' We xe been do eweler mg just that for too many year to men txon VANDERMASTS CLOTHIERS 118 N Spidra Phone 773 Fourth E9 Sykamore Fullerton Santa Am MJ-vw' COIl1pl1IHLI1tS of McCORMICK 81 ARBUCKLE MORTUARY 137 East Chapman Phone Fullerton 7 Mi I I -I- n uw renin me nu u.1u1uu un un u RQ ,, :I iv 'bs Pr ' to! Page Seventy three -.....I- .... ....-..- .-...- .- ....-......-.... -.IT..-......-.... .... -.,,....-..-.........I-..-......,.-..,.-.,-,!, I I e I I 1 ' I Y. . , Q S I - ' a A S . . . w I I S I I s . - . 1 I 4 ' ' I I 1 A ' S - I ' I . I I I I 1 I I I - - - - .. -..-...-H,-.- ... .. - - -u.-...- .. - - - -.-...-I,.-...-...,- - .. .. -...--4. 4, . + 11-11111111. . 111111111 . 111111111 Ilniug. I I I I I I I I I iff .!..-Q..-..- - - .... - .... .. ,... - .... - .... - .... - ..., ..... ..,. T . ..... Q Q Q MME. LlNeo's 1 FUQQETIOTIRS Style Center CONGRATULATIONS to All Gr lduites Mme LIIIQO has jmt returned from New York Bklylllg Trlp Telephone 11 '716 N Spldrl ORKQNS DEPARTMENT STORE 707 N Spadrl Fullerton 1160 Congritulauons to All Graduatu 1 I Q LOLA S FLOWERS ne. An...-1 mr. 809 N SPADRA FULLERTON CAL VOLK AND WIESE The Mens Shop 215 N Spddra Fullerton 809 2 Eff' Page Se1 entx four xg' GOLD FURNITURE CO Phone 815 710 N Spadra Fullerton Callf M Ready to Wear G1 ts and Greetmg Cards 7 Main St Yorba Lmda 1 .. 1 1 1. .. 11.-. ' Q Q Q , Q Q Q -Q I 1 Q Q Q 1 2 ' Q Q . ' A . Q Q , ,, Q Q A , Q I Q Q Q Q Q Q ' ' ' 3 .. . 1 1 A I Q 1 4.-..-Q.-Q.-.... -...-.1- -1..-,..-....-....-....-....- .......zQ..-, .......... - - - ....,-..,: Nl A xx nga-in-1-n--uu1un-1n-11-nuuiunn--unnin--11411111-1-uu-ua- -a-1nnTuu--M1 1un-uid:-un11.11--11-inn-n-:un1nn-ua1nu-.,? Q 1 Q Q . . - Q R Q - Q Q Complete Home Furnishings : 3 1 Q11 .--1 w- - - - Q' .-.QQ .1 5 5 Q 1 .Q Q QL4, Q Q Q - . Q Q 1 lf' z. , ' . , Q ' ' " Q : I mlMl1lllvlniultllllU1Ililll1lllIN1llM1l1l1lllll1 I IMT T 1 1 1-llu1ulu1ll-nll1llilli -1 1 "'lll Q Z I ' S Q 1 1 f Q . f 1 - 15 ' . ' , Q Q . -n-........-..-......-.....,... .. ...Q..1 ..,. -,......-........-.Q-1...-.1- ....1-.............-..- ... ....,.....-..-......-..g. , ,, PANETTA S GROCERY The Store with Fnendlv Serwce Yorbi Llndl Phone Pldeentu 6167 RASCO S 5 l0c STORE Fullerton Cillftlfllll CJI1QI'ltLll1ttS thL Class of 1944 DR B B GRIFFEN Dentist Krxemcr Bldg Plaecnua CANNON S PHARMACY Presuwptzon Druggzst Yorln Lmdl lhom llaeentn 6166 H and H PACKING HOUSE Comer ot Park Ave. and Lemon DFIVL Yorba Lmda Phone Placentla 5776 5 2,3 PLACENTIA COURIER A Modern Weekly Newspaper Commermal Prmtmg Fmmx Rosmw Pubhshef Page Seventy-five 4u..W..M..M..M..M.. ..n.. .. .....H..... .. .. .. ..M..u..M..M.w,.M.. I K W LOUCKS ORCHARD SPRAYING Mun Strut Yorba Lmda. Ph nw. Placeuua 6168 Y YORBA LINDA HARDWARE The Home Toun Store SLFVILL Wlth 1 qI'I1l1L Pham 1111 117 E L Town md CGNGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS CFF 1944 M111-v I 1 E H BRUNEMEIER M S M D 0111 v. M9 S Bradford Aw: I lluntm Crlltorma mm 011111 C Rk1LlLI1LL 4 4 Joe 109 WEST 4TH ST Sfmtd Ana Page SGICTIIN in liv ri -'P 'I' inn...u,.iu'1..I1nu.-.II--uII1 -. 1nu1n,..u:, an THE PLACENTIA ROTARY CLUB -ml.-uI,1uu1.n1 1 - 1.1m-.n c ILMORE RED LION C AS E W SIMS SERVICE STATION Corn r of Bradford and Smtx F Pluentxl Cllxtorml ,cb mf? 6 Page Seventw Seven .1 I A F Sehumaehcr O H Runner THE s Q R STORE Center it Lemon Anahenn Men 3 Clllthlllq 1 LS Rudy to We xr Dry Goods Shoes EESEM L N vvwsea S G d d C l portmk OO S in New Eleetrleal Supplxes Wlflllg md Repalrs Sportsmans Headquarters 169 Webt Center Anaheim SELFRIDGE 314 N Spadra Road CASA VALENCIA CAFE Yorhi Brldge Road Placentla 5777 A Sanchez Fullerton Calxf Phone R 1"f"4 Page Sezentw eight L 'Q' ---------- '- -' ------------------- Q Q .., - -- , Q Q Q ! . . . il 3 C , 3. Q Q Q " A x Lzdiv H 'f f 'L Q Q Q W Q Qefqf ' A P 1 D Md . 4 ,Q A A .!..-..... - - -..-..-......-..-....... ..... ..T.,-..-..-...W-...- .. - H- - - - .. ... -..- Q Q Q . ' ' Q Q Q , Q 1 fe Q A 1 Q Q ! ..-........-..-....-...-..-.. ---- ..-..-..- -.. ! - , ' 1 Q Q Q Q 1 1 Q Q - Q E . g ' , ' . ' 339' Q Q -5-..-.. ...... . -... M.-.....-.....u-....u-....,..-- ----. .. - - -- - -. -.. Q 1. 1 iv' 1 THE PLACENTIA COOPERATIVE ORANGE GROWERS ASSN Congratulateb the Valenela Students on Thur Cooperauon IIT Handlmg the 1944 Oringe Crop MEYER S MARKET Complete Food Shop Phone Placentia 5173 Atwood N Keep Buzldmgs m Good Repaw UUMBER, C2 Plaeentla Phone 117 ' 7 P Page Seventy nme -1111111--11-11111111111111a-111111:--lu? I I I I I - I I ' I ' I I , M A ! I I I I I --------...-...........,............-----..-----..--........-..l. 'I S' Q Fe " . ' ' I TH" , . 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1-1 1 -uuTuu1u1 1 1 1.1 .- 1 1 1 -. .- 1 1 llulungg I l I I I I - I I . I I I I ' ' I I I I - I I I I I . I I I O I I 4 ' 1 I I I I I 1 - 1- 1111111111 un-nu 11111111-11111 u1uu1u+ .QT 4..-n.......,.......-. ........ ..... CONGRATUI ATIONS TO VALENCIA HI H SCHOOL All Suggcss to the Class of 1944 BRADFORD BROTHERS Plfumtla Cahformd Page E1ghty SAFEWAY STORES Dzitnbutzon WIIIIOICI Waste umnggdtulatv. thL CLASS OF 1944 LEROY SQHROEDER Manager cfg' 1 6' E Q Q Q Q Q ,. Q, Q -Q Q Q Q , Q Q Q Q -9-Q--Q ------.- .... -.-------------- - nw- --'- ---------- Q ---------- ------- + Q Q Q ! . Q Q Q Q Q , Q 1 Q Q 'ln-......... ........- . ...... ... -.......- - 1 -. 1 1 1. 1 1 .-uuluu.-.uni THE PLACENTIA MUTUAL ORANGE ASSN R M BROWN Manager Congratulates rhg Class of 1944 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1944 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA WATER COMPANY 5 Page Ezghtx one IU. RUSSELL CARLSON Liundry .md Dry Cleamng SLYVILL Yorln Lmdx Phone Plu.Lnt11 N167 RAY CHILES BARBER SHOP Expenemed m Ladles Haznuts Plauzntla C M MCCOLLOCH Ihone 6721 I lucntn Cahtornu Agent for LOS ANGELES CHEMICAL CO Dustmg and Spraxmg Materzals W-U Na, BOB BOWMAN SERVICE STATION Bob md Curry Congrltullto. thc C115 of 1944 Page E1ghrx tu, 0 -L 69 'wif TOMMY TERRYS MARKET Curmr Bridford E! Smtl F uyntu Cllltornu 'Yum Home Ouned Mar et ELMER S TOGGERY Congratulates the Class of 1944 Plawntla Cd1lfOl'I11cl HAIBER S PHARMACY Prescnptzon Dvuggzst KT g-J CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1944 J D McDONALD Hardware Pl uentn Phone, S161 MARYLYN BEAUTY SHOP Keep 'Your Haw 'Young For Appomtment Phone 5366 Bradford Avenue Placentla 4-aff-M 52 We VALENCIA CAFE Pluentm Congritulates the Class of 1944 G Hedlund Prop WU? Page Eightyfthree Aiwa Craduatlon Cdfdb C,vrdduflt1on Cufts and Wrapp1ngs Fithnrfl D43 Clrds Fathers Day Gxfts GORDON S 5 I0 25c STORE Ilumtxa. Calfwrma PLACENTIA CLEANERS AND TAILORS Iigflfklllf 5 rhr C1155 of 1944 1 mt1FL E Smghr lrop Ilucntu Pham 6401 RICHTER S FOOD MARKET Complgtc lmc of ILL Cn lm if Fro Ln Food5 Fruxt Fruh ML1t5 VL LtlhlL EXPERT AUTOMOBILE REPAIRING Brakg SLFVILL Battgrlgs T1r+.5 CIYITUFLILJF and Igllltlllll Parts md Suppligs We Buv Cars I lluntu 6671 Frm Estlmatrs ACOSTA GARAGE Santa Fe at Melrose Pldgentu 112' mf' Page E1ghtv Four PS! C1155 Sw. itnrs Ruddy to Wnar SNELLS DRY GOODS C mn rltulrt 5 thn C1155 of 1944 Plruentu Phom 7426 .!........- - - .. - -...,..,.,... - -.,..-.....- -....-.,.........-..,.........,.-.........-n........-....-...-...,-..,............... .. .... 5 . , . I 2 ' . ' ' L -- --VA ' ' v 1 . L , U ,V , . I L ' Q .g...........,.,.-....-...........-.................-........,.-..r-....-..,.- ..-,..,..,.......,...,..,-.,.,...,.,..........,........-...,...,..-..H...,..-..r....,........... i Q . T l E ' C12 K' L 4 C' ' 2" ' , 1 . , .f 5 . , - l I . . 5 21 ' Sz 1 ' 1 ' " , - L , , ' " ' I s f ,S Bl ' f 'gw 's i 4 ' 4 ' . -g...u-....-..r-....-.r,- .. - - - .-.,..-..,.-.,..-..............,.. ......,.. -....-...r- -..- .-....-....-..,-.......... -...- - 4. b M., - A 5 , x 4 f 1 D E I I -.Y 1 5 E 4 , ' nw s 5 . , 1 XG v 1 4 f ',. . .I 8, . gggplgu-un--nn1unv:survivalnn1un1nnuTnninnian-ruu--:minn1unuTnunvnunvnu1nu1,.,HIT 1 1 i 1 i. L , 1 L. + 2 2 , , Y - - 2 Q . . -, ! 1 ' A L - : . 2 I ' I 4 g 1 1 c: 3 Q ' L 3 Q ' ' 'L - f-- ' ' ' a ' Z 5 2 , L 5 'ihfuinni .-..u1lw1n:v1 in.:-un-nu1uu:-nu1nn-nu-uu11-uuluu-mI1l1II--'IHI1 1 1 1 1 --l1lIH1H'11l"'1""-' "9 X 1 ,H ,A V4 ' 5. Y: ohn Lack Prop Phone 5676 LEEKS FEED STORE The Home o Fmer Feedb and Seeds WU' Smti FL Ax llamntn S C HARMONY IEWELER Congratulatlonb to the Cla ot1944 SCHUMACHER REPAIR SHOP Pl ILLIIUI Cllltorml Phone 6416 BEN S SHOE SHOP Con rltuhtns tht C1155 of 1944 U1 Santa Fe Plagentla Cahf fa 1 5 If J R WALLACE GROCER Placentm Cwlxforma Page Exghty fue Los Angtlts 1 A R DANKWORTH INC 407 East Pmto San Franusto 8 126 Post Street Stxle Creators o Quallty Graduatlon Annountcmcnts Corrttt Personal Cards Medals Trophieb Dlplomas Famous H616 Iones Class Rmgs -HI' Page Eaghty s1x Compllmtnts of CHAMBERLAIN ATHLETIC CO 770 E Colorado Strett I xsldun Cdllfibfllli Sporung Goods sp, ...4. 4,3 AI 0111 plmzents I TUI HU SANTA ANA PGRTRAITS OF CHARACTER Srfhnqs Made W1+I1ou+ Appounfmenf Hours 9 fo 7 Daily 'gs r,- la! X52 He Page Ezghtx sevel fx rs A125 TC' 1, ' X 1 I x 4. .....,.,-...- ,,,, - .,..A .1 ...n.. .,.. .. .- .,.. -. N... - ALN. .- .11. - w.N. - w+'1 I 4.N. -. ,,,N - N.N4 - 4.w. - wlxv - .-1. -1-ug: I 'f uk? EZ, It . Q' I f fg x I2 M2 A '-'- sit - f 'R I I r 'cz B K . x K v- -, r I -5 A 5 5 'Q xx IQ r Q - - . , , .v XC 1, Q i 1 Y fr I 5 I .t E . g' Q vx ' . 2 mt I II - S1 I ' x K' I 'z' O I 3 X RC' , l xx ' I F' ' xx ' q I A ' IL Y If . cw C - I f T X A i X' 1 I WTI If A I fi. X A TN I 'I I 'X Qx vi If I ir- C K ' X ' R Ni- ' I I A 1- I H I I if , I hx f ' i F i f I I I I I ' 1 I I I I I I ...L-Z :I W - -........ -. -.,.-..-. - ....,.... ...,.- ... -..-..g. wwf .- 1 .... -..-........ ... .1 ........1...-H- 3.1 1 1 .. 1.-......-...,i...........1.-. .1 .. -. .-..-. .. PLACENTIA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE SERVINC 11111 COMMUNITX C' L Q f f J' Lv L fd X f L f f Q .L Us f 1, Tflf END PHOTOGRAPHY by Ausfan Sfudlos Sanfa Ana and Tesoros Sfaff ENGRAVING by DlS+FIC+ Phofo Engrawng Company Los Angeles PRINTING by Placenfua Courier Placenfna CGIlfOFNlG COVERS and Bandung by Babcock Cover Company Los Angeles I1 r 1 LII W H BARTON ll I C 611 I 11 B111 r1 T1r Q IL 1011 Stox O11 . .. - . . . , . , 1 ' p K, 457k .41 C " , '11 . f ffl ,fr X, A A , 1--f C, ' Q f" '1 ZS Z. ., f" f M M QL, V' s 'fl ' ff '- -111-1-1-- 1- --1.-1-1...-1-011. -hm.-11...--1..1-....-1-11-7-wnv.-111.-71111--11:--1111-1.1.-11-1 -.1.1m--1...-.11-1.1.-....1....-. -. -..-.....1 fi' f-'ff if i4 f . X I . . I + , ,,,, 1.WT..,.1...,1....-1..4.1....1.mi-....1...-1....T...l...T....1-....-- ..-11111114.12111.11111-1-111.1111.1-1.11-111:-1.r.11.u1u11--1:1--uuluulnulgs PI111111' ljllfkxkv tm 343 Yo In '1d.l ,G . . ..,. U1 1111 U11 c:UIHPLlIly l'rod11cts All 'mtx fm' ll "ole C rs 4 c 'cs f 'c. Desc ' f 'c ' .L -, - - ,- ,-,,-H- ,,,,-,,,- ......,............- .,-...- .-.,,-.... .... -.,........- .1- ff Ll !' fl XAJI W4 1,1 'W jf, f Cf, V, , " 1,75 ': 'f J, ,y', 4 - f J w 1 ' 4 f ff ' ffl ' '7 I f' . , if-fy if , 1 1,- I 1' " K ' ff .. All A' J ,4-ffh. 'I , ,47 A-I x , . V ,lj Vx, 'IZ' 2 V.: 'I ,J Vqy, ,L If' ' f , 4' -1, - in A nf, 2 "X---. NJ 4, 1, X , , . v , ,. 1 Lx . f V 1 4 ! 4 71 Q K WM M on av-fx XWAJVW I-Ufk W2 nLL"J' ! C Y V C , 0. L ' O f , O 1 f ff ,X Z' W , W' of W',,WW3f?WMP? QYWWLWWAM N N Ngfj-W if M W . rf' js! RJ 'NJ My . QS ' N 7QfwQ' U .fp f 3 OQWJN Law 1 F ' V' , I I .' f y N 5 5 f' .,f f' I 1 'XJ 1 V' ' ' f 5 ' X 4 f M X F V wr' LJ ' "X M w ' v KY X TV' V J Y mf' +V, , s k VIA' F. I,"' A' x I V , W: i1 4 A' ., i Rx 2 ff' 1 Q G , , Q f' I,-"' , ' .A f ,ff , 4 f ,A Q " -we ,N 7' X, " I . V f 4 L , , c' 1 Lfw,

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