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 - Class of 1954

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Text from Pages 1 - 102 of the 1954 volume:

J' ".'-1, , 4 .--,f -- ,-- V5----H - ,f f- Y Y' Y . 5 - 1 , .., , ,Q ,. ., - . ' :V , ' ,x V, ,7 , A f 511 ' 55? +5 Ag in fa E' L- 'Q "3 K , .Y f - -Y :- Y . . if--,-,-.-Y , -Q --..,, -f -4 ' , ' ' EF. J' , J , ii" ' if , , 1 mf ,- - .5 - 1 5. , '1,:f1" -'TL - TI-IE IKI G p Fs.. it J mem me 1 Rf .1 nyig. Nm' 4 "4 ' ILE, fuer mv fyifff Q, K . AFM lb? a I rd , I., ,. K" ,.... Hr. fa .. . .L is ,Rx ' ,tann- QU 1 1 gg::f"' 1--M fl . ' 1 t . 7 by M L U A L X I 1 V .1 M - Ll, qfr!flMVj.,,,rf,x ,gl W A - ' l 4"lIl..,'Yl!535g1i . if A .,. ',,.. I , A 5 l ..-.-.....-:5flr::?'I' 5' W 'ff'-1...-."' . 'Z kv-" . ' N 5 Cfflccullcbmf 5220 7020, 149764 723171311 ,lx X 4 T YQ! ZZ? SCHOOL BOARD AT WORK James Hawleyg Martin Zhallerg Donald Gabbertg Emil Maag, Chairmang Robert Larson, Clerk Voss Thompsong Axtel Reed, not shown. Delmer Edmunds Custodian I I SPOHSOTCC1 bY 3 Sponsored by G 81 B Furniture Store Hansen's Blacksmith Shop 9 WH' sand is biefn ch pro ' our s ariq reate eopie , re cie re been g erican 'Q think rno n 'Yradi e tbe 6 Psrn rOnst erica X r ha-J oi th 'ons 6 PWD choo since The Civii NN a thinking on the part poiiticai organii-ati we are to carrq 'Yh e Prtofnic Age. oi board and high s decisions and Pxr0erican Not iear d our ' n, ii ' g 'Yh ' scho ' ' s ior ' s oi tor c , an cisio eiittin their nnitie dition need our churches ' th been de manner b ' g through 'de opport th best tra and a ard nity' d to Q thig n iorw r'0r'0n d har s wor tio This co orhe iction Sac iodndation ct wi in a actin rovi oi e Pa 8 e Sponsored b Y: 4 P age Spons ol-ed by. Cha r1eS Swa n B . 0156 Payett C Lurn ber Co oo, N ZZ: :xi ,JJ -,X ,Z QM Shanlau K To wan A radao mind we-lk au -hugs Paid " A: Q Kylix 1. , , J I Y, ff ff' I I X '70 Na 'vm -Uwe. W ge.rSQg Q .ik Na n e Qarreff I A 1 ov " X X K 2 v f f it, ' f 9 Q Q gi , Q-' 4- , :LN-,-nn-ll v Q 'lv -14 5 I S K I X I GQ. f4ff-'QQ M' is-0 an 0 " a P S-4-Qfui buf ,diff 1 elvin fawasoe, p-Mfbala ekanpbwv 'P i W F 'fa win 4511 S+a+1L I LI I u rt OQGLS IEEE ...J ' " V - 1 HL ,gg izg ieaaxy f-. 161313. ,I W asm Qdrolea amussen '15 592 -Hue. was-fd V1 f ' e, A Il ""Tbe. sooner- -'fh . H " GC-rail Odmmhnn f "TQ ln. an marriage tounulor " Xxx 9-H' wi 'Sm-L, I fro MAL M0 an e POV! . n sam..- , 5 Tx W. 'gf ' xg aan Oldham Q-hugh Eu Lek an 0' v-ak: CL rnnssgnluuf Sponbol ed by Lytle lxmlpatrmck 8zSQhrocder KKCLLU 0 ZCQIY5 xl er fneasvi latin? dem Maw U Don Cree! View me Pies Cul? bmw secreiiwpmms CurU5 Ya a S ated Chesiegchaifeld 59 e oe Stavdlng S Dread1ng the thought that our hlgh school days are nearly over we pause a moment to recall the happy events of the past four years Our foremost memory 15 of freshman 1n1t1at1on queer costumes p1gta1ls and green rlbbons' As sophomores we were well repre sented 1n all act1v1t1es but had no outs just markmg t1me wh1le wa1t1ng to become upper classmen Then came our Jun1or year' Whoop to do' We were al1ve aga1n' Our f1rst b1g moment was the arrlval of our rlngs Next we plunged 1nto the class play The Case of the M1SS1ng He1rs" wh1ch was a huge success Our prom the b1g moment of our Jun1or year was ushered 1n w1th a flourlsh of act1v1ty and excltement Our f1rst respons1b1l1ty as senlors was to 1n1t1ate the freshmen At last we were on the dlspenslng end 1n thls all lmportant event. Later, we showed our apprec1at1on for the1r good sportsmansh1p by g1v1ng an all school party 1n the1r honor In the spr1ng we were honored guests at the prom g1ven by the Class of '55 Followmg th1s, our sen1or sneak, a thr1ll packed event, led us on to the long awalted Class Nlght, and, then, to the more ser1ous events Baccalaureate and Commencement fAnd now "Ann1e Doesn'tL1ve Here Anymore" Q I .' -,fhgv . X ffl't5't' .c 2 :Ll .' ' uvx' x , , F fl! ' v . 3 ' l V' . 1 . 9 ' 0 - - 3 , U I " 1 . . , . ' , - ' ' ' ' , tanding events. We were . . . . . , . I, . . . . I Y I , . . . 1 'W Nur Eva Jo Blakeman "Swinging On a Star" Woodland, Wash. Ip Battle Ground, Wash. 23 F,l-l.A. 1-2-43 Paper staff 4 Keith Ray Brandon "A Man and His Dreams" Lettermen 3-45 F,F.A. I-2-3-45 Football 3g Basketball I-23 Track I-2-3-4 Delva Butler "It's Love, Love, Love" Cascade, Idaho I-2-3g Pep Club 45 Li- brarians 4: Paper Staff 4 Guyla Chandler "No Other Love" Lettergirl 3'43 Vice-Pres. 4g G.A.A. I-2-3 -4, Vice Pres. 4g Girls' Cho. 2-43 Librarians 33 pa.. per Staff 1 Jim Baker "I Only Want a Buddy Not a Sweetheart" F.F.A. I'2'3'4: Treas. 4g Leather Craft I Edith Blakeman "At Peace With The World" Battle Ground, Wash. I-23 F.H.A. 4, Librarians 3-4g Annual Staff 4 Joel Hayes Brown "Squat" "A11 Iwant for Christmas is My Front Tooth" Lettermen 3-43 F.F,A. I-2: Leather Craft 3: Football I-2-3-4: Basketball rg Track 3-43 Boxing 2-3: Ir. Play 3 Darla Butler "Someday My Prince Will Come" Cascade, Idaho 1-2-33 Pep Club 4g Librarians 41 Paper Staff 4 1 i Jonathan Dowers "I Get Ideas" Student Body Ist Vice -Pres. 35 Class Rep. 45 Class Treas. 25 Letterlnen 3-45 Football I-2-3-45 Basketball 2-3-45 Baseball l'2'3'4 John Eagan "Dancing In The Dark" Letterman 3-45 Vice-Pres. 45 F.F.A. I-2-45 Mix. Cho. 45 Football 2-3-45 Basketball 25 Track l'2'3'4 Charles Wesley Fields "Sunday Driving" Band I-2-3-45 Ist Trumpet S.R.V. Clinic5 Vice -Pres. 45 Annual Staff 3-45 Baseball 1 Dorothy Findley "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles" Lettergirls 45 Pep ClubI5 G.A,A. I-2-3-45 Librarians 45 Paper Staff I Curtis Culp "Going Steady" Class Vice-Pres. 45 Lettermen 2-3-45 F.F,A. 2-3-45 Football I-25 Basketball 1-2-3-45 Track I-2-3-4 Sandra Davenport "I've Got a Pocketful of Dreams" Pep Club I5 F.H,A. 2-3-45 Vice-Pres. 45 G.A.A, 1-2-3-45 Band I'2'3'4 Mary Elfering "Dark Eyes" Class Rep. 35 Class Treas. 45 G.A.A. 1-2-35 Band I-2-3-45 Sec. 45 Dramatics 25 Annual Staff 45 Majorette 45 Jr. Play 3 Pat Farson "Snooky Oaku1ns" F.H.A. 2-3-45 Vice-Pres. 35 Pres. 45 G.A,A, I-25 Librarians I-2-3-4 ON! 54-1 Ti? ff' 1 -2-P Nancy Furuyama "Painting the Clouds With Sunshine" Student Body Sec. 4g F.H.A. 2-35 G.A.A. 1-2-33 Mix. Cho. 2-4: Girls' Cho. Ig Librarians 3 Judith Eugene Gaddis "Down Yonder" Raleigh, Miss. Ig Harper 2: Pep Club I-2: F.l-l.A. I-23 Girls' Cho 33 Dramatics 3-4 Mary Glenn "I'm Bashful?'?" Office Girl 3-43 Girls' Cho. Ig Dramatics 23 Annual Staff 1-3g Cheer Leaders 1-2-3-4g G.A.A. Ig Pep Club 1-3-4 Patricia Gray "I Want a Man" Band 2-3-43 Librarian Ig G.A.A. I-2-3-4 Stephen Fonda Student Body Pres. 4: Class Pres. 35 Class Rep. Ig Lettermen 3-4g Annual staff 4g Football I- 2-3-4g Basketball 2-3-43 Track I-25 Jr. Play 3: Boy's State and Boy's Nation Delegate Terry Franklin "Shenanigans" F.F.A. I-2-3-4g Leather Craft Ig Football 2g Baseball 2 Af' 2 gs Phyllis King Garrett "Oh Johnny" Office Girl 25 Girls' Cho. 45 Librarian 2g Paper Staff 35 Twirler I'2'35 Pep Club lg F,l-l,A, 4g G.A.A. Ig Harvest Festival Princess 2 Milford Gassaway "Its My Lazy Day" Ashland, Oregon Ig Band 3-4: F.F.A, 2-3-4 ik' P ---1' if Joreta Hart "I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Out of my Hair" Paper staff Editor 3-45 Band I-2-3-45 G.A. A. I-2-3-45 F.H.A. 25 Pep Club I-35 Jr. Play Student Dir. 3 Dorothy Collcen Haueter "I've Forgotten More" Class Sec. 15 F.H.A. I-2-3-45 Sec 35 Girls' Cho. I-2-3-4 ,J NJ ?-v-41 Darwin C. Huffaker "Drifting and Dreaming" F.F,A. l'2'3'4: Mix. Cho. r Deloris Ingram "Whoopsie" Class Vice-Pres. 35 Lettergirl 3-45 F.H.A. 45 Girls' Cho. 1-2-3-4: G,A,A' 1-2-3-4: pres, 45 Girls' League Sec. 25 Treas. 4 Donald Lee Greer "I Blush" Class Pres. 45 Class Rep. 35 Band I'2'3'4: Annual Staff 3-45 Paper Staff 33 Jr. Play 3g ISI Drummer S.R.V. Clinic Helen Lucille Grigg "Sunflower" Kuna, Idaho I-2-35 Paper Staff 4 inn! Dorothy Hayashi "Lady Fingers" F.H.A. 2-3-45 Historian 3-45 G.A.A. 1-2-3- Mix. Cho. 45 Girls' Cho. I-25 Librarian 3 Sidney L. Hiatt "Nature Boy" Class Sgt-at-arms 35 Lettermen 3-45 Sgt-at-arms 45 F.F.A, I-25 Football I'2'3-4: Basketball l-2: Baseball I-2-3-45 Boxing I nr- Karyl Jarvis "I Wanna Do Homework' Class Rep. 25 Annual Staff 3-45 Editor 45 G.A.A, I-2-35 Pep Club I5 Class Sec. 3 Carl Kochsmeier "Ichabod" "Busy Doing Nothing" F.F.A. 2-3-45 lvlix. Cho. 3-45 Leather Craft 1-2-3 Janet Lucas "Seven Lonly Days Mix. Cho. I5 Girls' Cho. 25 Pep Club I5 F.H.A. I rv Lane Morrison "A Fool Such As I" Dramatics I-25 Librarians 3-45 G.A.A, I Russell Jackson "Crazv Elbows" Class Pres. 15 F.F,A. I-2-3-45 Lettermen 3-45 Football I-23 Basketball 2-3-45 Baseball 2-3-4 Myrtle James "Is That You, Myrtle?" Junction City, Ore. I-25 Band 3-45 Lettergirl 3-45 F.H.A. 45 G,A,A. 3-4: Harvest Festival Princess 4 3 x Dennis Lewin "Dennis the Menace" Band 2-3-45 Mix. Cho. I5 lr. Play 3 Ronald Lewis "Love Um and Leave Urn" 4"ln-uf.. Fr F,F,A. 1-2-3-45 Track I-25 Football 1-2- 3 -45 Boxing 1 Joel Netcher "What's the Use of Talking F,F.A. 3-4g Visual Aids I 2 Football I Basketball 25 Track 2 Donna Nichols "Hallelujah I'm a Bum" Class Treas. gg Rep. 4g Band I 2 3 4 Annual Staff 3-4g Script Editor 3 4 Jr Play 3 Laluana Nora Owens "You'1l Never Walk Alone G.A.A.1-2'3'4:F.H.A. 4 Letter s 43 Dramatics Ig Art 2 Judith Anne Palmer "Come On a My House" Harper I-25 F.H.A. 3-4g G A A Librarian 4g Pep Club gg Leftergirl 4 32- hu' 19 ki Della Satterlee "I'll Hate Myself in the Mornin"' Girls' Cho. I-2-3-45 Annual staff I-45 F.H.A. 3-45 G.A,A, 1: Jr. Play 3 Joy Saunders "Darlin' You Can't Love Two" F.H.A. 2-35 Paper staff 45 Annual Staff 35 Office Girl 35 Cheer Leader 2-3-45 Harvest Festival Princess 25 Lettermen Princess 35 Queen 45 Ir. Play 35 Pep Club 3-4. Ronald D. Shartner "Good Fellow of Mine" F.F.A. I-25 Visual Aids 2-45 Annual Staff 45 Jr. Play Stage Manager 3 Darrell Skinner "Life Gets Tedjus" Student Body Treas. 45 Paper Staff I5 Visual Aids 2-3-45 Jr. Play Sound Effects Man. 3 Josephine E. Perry "Little Nosey Josie" G.A.A. I-2-3-45 Vice-Pres. 35 Letter- girls 3-45 F.H,A. 2-45 Band I-2-3-45 Treas. 4 Richard Russell "I Don't Claim to be an Angel" F,F,A. 2-3-45 Leather Craft I 2, Joe Schaffeld "Hey Joe" Class Sgt-at-Arms I-45 Lettermen Pres. 45 F,F,A, I-25 2nd V. Pres. 25 Lettermen 2- 3-45 Football I-2-3-45 Baseball l-2-3-45 Boxing I-2-3-4 Fred C. Scott "Rugged but Right" Corvallis, Ore. I5 Lettermen 3-45 Track 2 F.F.A, 25 Football 2-45 Basketball 2-3-4 Allene Udy "Free Home Demonstration" G,A.A. I"2"3'43LCIICl'gil'1S 4g F,H.A. 2- 3-45 Pep Club 1-3-4g Girls' Cho. 33 Dram- atics 2g Paper Staff 4 Lloyd W. Uphoff "Anytime" Redmond, Ore. I-2-3gF,F,A. 4 C 6 ., - fgikbbai M., Janet Whitaker "Three o'clock in the Morning" Band I-2-3-43 Annual staff 45 G.A.A. I-2- 3-4g Sec. 4g Pep Club Ig Lettergirls 45 Sec. 4 Beverly Wilcoxon "I'm Sitting on Top of the Wor1d" F.H.A. 3-4g Pep Club I-3-4g Mix. Cho. 4: Annual Staff 3g Girls' che. I-2 Gene Smith "I'm a Lady's Man" Lertermen 2-3-4g Mix. Cho, 3-4g Foot- ball I-2-3-45 Track I-2'3'4: Basketball I-2-3-45113 Play sound effects 3 Richard Smith "We Get A Kick Out of You" Mix. Cho. I-3-4:F.F.A. I-2-3:F.F.A Reporter 3 Bob Webb "Changeab1e" Ontario Ig F.F.A. 2-3-4 Luella Westcott "Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes" Annual Staff 3-4g Bus. Mgr. 4g Asst. Bus. Mgr. 3g Band I-2-3-43 G.A,A. I- 2-3-4g Lettergirls 3-4g Class Vice-Pres. 22 Girls' League Vice-Pres. 3g Ir. Play 3 1977 -wo!" Evelyn Winder "Why Can't l" Lettergirls 2-3-4: Paper Staff 4g Librarian I-2-33 Pres. 35 Pep Club I-3-43 Pres. 4g G.A.A. I-2-3-4g Treas. 3 Cherie Z acher My Destiny Pep Club Ig G.A.A. I-25 Annual staff I-2g Girls' Cho. I 2 3 4 Chester Yabitsu "' "Has Anybody Seen my Gal" . Student Body Sgt-at-Arms 45 Class Pres. 2g Sec. 43 Let- termen 2-3-43 Mix. Cho. 45 Annual Staff 3-4g Ir. Play Mgr. 3g Football I-2-3-4g Baseball I-2-3-4g Boxing Ig Mgr. 2-3-4 'nf' il 4:..4f Sponsored by Sponsored by Cliff's Auto Body gl Glass Shop Graham Insurance Agency 18 QI WS 2 K 9 Cfariri no ec 2,3 P ff In the year 1975 the famous glassblower Q, f Steve Fonda stands admmrxng h1s latest master plece a 3 d1mens1onal prophetlc mlrror As he Cload gazes 1nto the hazy depths of the glass he ponders on what has become of h1s old classmates of '54 KQQ H xg., Unconsc1ously he utters these words "M1rror Mlrror that I've blown hat has happened to those I've known? Suddenly the haze ln the depths of the mlrror beglns to clear and he sees Guyla Chandler Allene Udy and Josephme Perry l1v1ng together 1n 1solat1on ln Northern S1 ber1a where they have just completed thelr second bestseller A Better World Wlthout Men Jung- Fred Scott as a successful undertaker who has recently perfected a new embalmmg flu1d contalmng an antl worm compound Jean Paxton the lady mountam cllmber leadmg the search party 1n the Swlss Alps for Gene Sm1th m1ss1ng chef of the Slurp 81 Burp Club of On tarlo A crowded audltorlum where Carl Kochsmeler and La Juana Owens are debatmv on the valmdmty of E1nste1n s latest theory of 5 d1mens1ons Lane Mormson on the corner of Hollywood and Vme beggmg penmes for her next mmk coat Dennls Lew1n lookmng very somber and d1gn1f1ed 1n the black robes of Supreme Court Justlce as he replled No comment' concernxng has forth comlng case between John Corr and Mllford Gassaway Gassaway de feated cand1date for dog catcher of Ch1cago IS su1ng Corm for slander ln the1r recent pol1t1cal campa1gn On the lot of the D 81 D Butler Slsters' Clrcus Janet Whltaker lady trapeze artlst pract1c1ng her stupendous 500 foot leap whlle Beverly W1l coxon the clrcus fat lady encourages her from two r1ngs1de seats Rlchard Sm1th as Ambassador to the vlrtually unc1v1l1zed terr1tory of Ontarlo Sm1th was recently commended for capturmg and skmnlng a no torlous Tlger Helen Grlgg breaklng the sound barr1er 1n a 2000 yard dash between herself and Sarah Norman "The Human Bullet" Joe Schaffeld S1d Hlatt and John Eagan perfectmg a ha1r dye 1n 1000 colors whlch wlll rlnse on ln strlpes spots or your cholce of plaxds Cher1e Zacher famous paxnter f1n1sh1ng her portramt of Joreta Hart woman Journahst and Edltor of the New York Tlmes Wesley Flelds the second Rlberlace glvmng a concert 1n Carneg1e Hall Dorothy Flndley promment Texas cattle rancherette developmg a new process to smoke meat whlle It remalns on the cow Russell Jackson and Darrell Slunner the Parls lxngerxe des1gners an nounclng that pantaloons are once agam 1n style 1 ff- a I , , 5, , we A - N n - er . : ' - W .ll l . , ,.- . . .4 , .-- . .. ..D. ,. . . "'."', . - . Edlth and Eva Blakeman the famous ha1r styl1sts and Jon Dowers the1r chref rnamcurlst rev1tal1z1ng the famous celebrlty Pat Farson Ronald Lew1s allas 'The Fog forecastlng the weather for the next cen tury Mary Glenn and Joy Saunders settlng off rn the1r hehcopter rn search of a new contment on wh1ch they hope to f1nd a total populatlon of el1g1ble bache lors Joe Payne as a matador 1n Mex1co Clty beamlng at Senorlta Judy Gaddls who lnsplres hlm as he enters the arena Sandra Davenport famous sculptor workmg mght and day on her statue o Luella Westcott ' 1ss Unlverse of 1975 " Donna N1chols teachlng the ABC's ln a home for the mentally retarded She reports that Chester Yabxtsu IS her most promlslng student Della Satterlee st1ll keepmg her lonely v1g1l on the Greenland Naval Base as chapla1n for 10 000 sa1lors statloned there Among the hsteners are Ron ald Shartner Rlchard Russell and Lloyd Uphoff Bob Webb and Darwln Huffaker I'CCe1V1I'1g the trophy for outstand1ng sports manshrp on tne football Held Colleen Haueter returmng from her around the world tr1p on a 3 x 5 raft She reports Dorothy Hayashl, halfway across ln her trans Pac1f1c swlm as not belng waterlogged yet Jlm Baker and Kelth Brandon runn1ng a gambllng casmo 1n Peaceful Hamlet Nevada Mary Elfermg leadxng the Notre Dame march1ng band wh1ch IS dlrected by Donald Greer Nancy Furuyama at the Rex Theater g1v1ng her profe sronal debut as a ballet dancer Joel Brown the renowned dentlst apply1ng for a patent on hls new rubber dentures guaranteeed to wlthstand any football game Madame Myrtle James presldmg as Presrdent of the Unrted Nat1ons General Assembly Karyl Jarv1s tunnelmg her way out of the State Mental Hosprtal at Pendleton Oregon Delorls Ingram f1n1sh1ng her d1ssect1on of the amoeba thus provrng lt has several cells Joel Netcher w1nn1ng a drvorce from hrs 6th wlfe He lnforms us that he 1s once agam el1g1ble Judy Palmer teach1ng Home Ec at Oregon State College She recently recelved the degree "Dean of Dlshes Norma Olund and Evelyn W1nder managlng an el1te dance hall, The Sage and Saddle Terry Frankhn acts as bouncer for the glrls Suddenly Curt Culp looms 1nto v1ew drlvmg h1s new Z0 cylmder 'Cosmo pohtan Radmllac at an enormous rate of speed He 1s commg faster faster faster R A S H There stands our bewlldered glass blower, h1s greatest masterp1ece shat tered before h1s very eyes He sobs hysterlcally "Thank you Mlrror for th1s v1s1on All except for Curt's coll1s1on Sponsored by 20 Spgnsored by Boise Payette Lumber Co. Hgme Lumber at Coal f . "M' ' ' . K . .' ' . . . . .J . . n . , u C . - , . . ' Q . .D . C . f ' - .. . Y ' .. . .5 . . . - . . . . . . . C . . . . . .5 ' . . C . , . . .ily - . . 4 . . . . Q Q . .y . ------c- - - - lu! ' , N K W 4155 We the Senlor Class of '54 leave all our old text books and many fond mem orxes to the Jumors To the Sophomores we w1ll the hope of belng the flrst graduatmg class 1n the new school To the Freshmen we w1ll the prwxlege of 1n1t1at1ng the 1ncom1ng Freshmen Terry Franklm after much cons1derat1on wrlls h1s brewery on Vlnes H1ll to Darcy G1llesp1e Judy Gadd1s w1lls her Itahan halr cut to Av1s Shelton M1lford GASsaway w1lls the fxrst three letters 1n ms name to anyone wlth a car Gene Smxth very reluctantly w1lls h1s fan club membershlp to Jlm Mldget Lloyd Uphoff w1lls h1s ab1l1ty to go deer huntmg and get a whxte sl1p to Gary M1tchell Luella Westcott wllls her flgure to Mr Watkms Janet Wh1taker declded to w1l1 her bells to St Marys Lane Morrlson after decldlng that she doesn't need xt any more wllls her ever present g1ggle to Mr Gabbert Myrtle James wllls her huge stature to Rose McN1nch Helen Grlgg w1lls her shy ways to Darlene Grrgg Steve Fonda w1lls all h1s 5s to Jerry Altxg John Eagan w1lls hrs football su1t to Steve Shambaugh Chester Yab1tsu wllls h1s many footprmts on the school grounds to anyone who cares or IS crazy enough to follow them Wesley Fxelds w1lls hls ab1l1ty to get along w1th Mr Chrlsty to Allle Lewls Joel Brown w1lls h1s ab1l1ty to r1ng the Methodlst Church bell to anyone who wants to rlsk bemg gwen a theme by Dutch Don Greer wllls h1s ab1l1ty to beat w1th chopst1cks to Gary Brownlng Sandra Davenport w1lls her play1ng ab1l1ty 1n band to the clarmet sectlon Mary Elfermg wllls her helght to Anne S1mpson Edlth and Eva Blaxeman w1ll thelr long ha1r to Gene Bates who needs It Ke1th Brandon w1lls h1s ab1l1ty to m1ss pedestmans to Gary Rumsey Darla and Delva Butler w1ll the1r hearts to someone who won't break them Guyla Chandler w1lls her dlamond to no one Nancy Furuyama wllls her ab1l1t1es to someone from Whlte Settlement Mary Glenn w1lls all her gunpowder tooth paste to anyone else who shoots off hxs mouth Sponsored by ,Q A 3 Q ig. wi Lv LW , - l , Z" Patsy Gray w1lls her sa1lor bov letters to Joan Page Joel Netcher wrlls h1s qulet ways to Chfford Judd Donna N1chols will her ab1l1ty to play the oboe to anyone who would l1ke to take up snake charm1ng Curtls Culp w1lls h1s red ha1r to Don Lamb Jon Dowers wllls hls feelxngs for Av1s to some lucky guy Sarah Norman wxlls her qu1etness to D1euw Koopman Norma Olund w1lls her natural blond tresses to all the bleached blondes La Juana Owens wllls her only heart to Darwm Huffaker Joe Payne wllls h1s love for runnlng the mlle to Jerry Watanabe Beverly Wllcoxon w1lls her excess welght to anyone who can handle lt Josephlne Perry w1lls her love to someone speclal named Len Rlchard Russell w1lls all h1s old worn out Bu1cks to Russell Jackson no W1llys wxll outrun h1m Della Satterlee wllls her fl1rtat1ous ways to the Freshmen class Joy Saunders w1lls her ab1l1ty to keep the football players out after hours to anyone Cammann llkes' Evelyn Wmder w1l her true blond haxr to Joan Marx Dorothy Hayashl w1lls her name Sadome to anyone named Dorothy S1d Hlatt wllls h1s spelhng ab1l1ty to Mona Vaughn Darwmn Huffaker w1lls h1s Engllsh ab1l1t1es to the Freshmen class Delorls Ingram wxlls her bookkeepmg knowledge to any secretary Denms Lewln wrlls h1s muscular physlque to the weak Freshmen Carl Kochsmeler wllls h1s long legs to B1ll Flndlmg Karyl Jarvls w1lls her ab1l1ty to dr1ve to anyone whose father lxkes to buy fenders Dorothy Fmndley wllls her ab1l1ty to recelve a letter once a week to her slster Marle Phyllls Garrett wllls Norma S1evers the abmllty to f1n1sh school before she gets marrled Rlchard Smxth w1lls hls empty gas tank to Gordon Lee Jean Paxton wllls her abrllty to always be on tlme to Gena Jordan Cherie Zacher w1lls her art1st1c ab1l1ty to anyone who can't draw a stralght l1ne Allene Udy w1lls her ab1l1ty to catch a man to Sara Barlow Darrell Sklnne w1lls hxs Job as treasurer to any Junxor who lxkes to stack pennies Ronald Lewls wllls h1s manly volce to Darwln Sm1th Bob Webb wllls hls race horse to anyone fast enought to catch h1m Judy Palmer w1lls her heart and soul to Kenneth Fred Scott wllls h1s cute nose to Jlmmy Durante Joe Schaffeld w1lls h1s eye w1th the glrls to the shy Freshmen Colleen I-Iaueter w1l1s her love to anyone named Joel Brown Joreta Hart w1lls her Job on the paper staff to some other character Ron Shartner w1lls hls Job at Albertsons to J1m Maynard and may he be happy Russell Jackson wllls h1s car wrecks to Gary Johnson Pat Farson w1lls her talk1ng ab1l1ty to Mrs Hester Sponsored by Everybody's . . . . . . v . . . SO . . . . , . LS . 1 ! ' . . . . . , . . . . . . a A . . . . . . . . . . . . WN f CQ J Fx cfm Umm, 'Nr We the class of '55 entered our Jun1or year wxth prlde at havlng at tamed 'he posltlon of upper classmen We soon found however that thls pOSlt1On requlred much work on our part to compensate for the happy and memorable events lt afforded us Members of our class part1c1pated ln athletlcs Journallsm musxc and many other act1v1t1es and organ1zat1ons Dlane Bush and Darlene Gmgg were two of the "A strlng yell leaders who dld a splendld Job of arouslng school sp1r1t Four of our Jumor g1rls Lynne Anderson Barbara Leggxtt Avls Shelton and Jeanne Stephenson were elected 'A strmg twlrlers They added sparkle to half t1me entertamment Oru candldate Wanda Wheeler made a very pretty prmcess at the Harvest Festlval Class rmgs whlch arr1ved early 1n the year were proudly d1splayed as symbols of upperclass status The Jumor play was presented November 11 12 We chose B1g as L1fe a h1lar1ous comedy and w1th hard work made Lt a success The year's act1v1t1es were cllmaxed w1th the prom g1ven to honor the senlors of '54 We wlsh to thank our advxsors M1ss Asmussen Mrs Jacobs and Mr Cammann who gulded us through a successful and memorable year fa' v . 'Cf 'W 'v- , l 1A x : 0 NJ , l X K X i Q' x , ', , . i . as X l M. , Wag , - V ' o y 3 . I 7 I . H . . . . . ' D I I ' u vu- ' ' P I ' ' 4 l i n a - 'I . . H . . . ' l l . . . . . . . ' 1 1 9 I o 9 o . 'PDQ ZR 'U' Af' X i-sf' I l 4 Ba rba ra Ca rpente r Gerald Altig Lynne Anderson Tony Arana Sara Barlow Bill Beal Joan Blamires Bill Bowen Johnny Burtis Diane Bush Maurice Chester ew Gordon Clark Melba Culp WSH' X Darlene Dickson Alvin Dorn Roger Dutson .A didn M. at . ,NV xv Betty Dyal Bill Eagan Edward Eddy Mary Erfurt Glenn Evins Evelyn Farmer Kay Farson Delbert Foster Jim Goodman Darlene Grigg Marilyn Hansen v?."f'f V 'Nun-s f-,r 'vkf W-... iw ' S V-...f 4-,...? 5 'R' Mona Lee Hansen Maxine Hiatt William Higley Dell Hovey Roderic Hyde Andy Jackson Ronald Jarvis Bob Jordan Francis Jordan 'X JN g if 5, Yrs- Joan Marx Marvin McKinney Lois Mecham Gayle Meek Gary Mitchell James Morgan Gale Olson Joan Page Eugene Palmer V1 Gena Jordan Burton Kinsey Dieuw Koopman Joanne Kuwaha ra Camille Lasswell Gordon Lee Barbara Leggitt Kay Linville Kenneth Lunsford B e rta Perkins Don Pe rkins Emmett Potter Nadine Purvis Flora Belle Robinson Gary Rumsey Patsy Rumsey Ronald Saunders Paul Schaffeld px fist 5952 -vs x 'sa , S--rf Marjorie Scott Avis Shelton David Shikuma Esther Shikuma Doris Simpson Sandra Smit Bonnie Smith Ada Squires Janis Staples ,Qt 'is '-T4 Tax tr!!! Peggy Steele Si Jeanne Stephenson Leona rd Stohle r Lloyd Stone Sandra Swygart Q, ' Leroyce Terry Wilber Tucke 'F C rys tal Vaughan IH' Margie Vaughn Lloyd Westcott Wanda Wheeler 'N' 15 if Charmaine Zacher Pictures not available for: Rex Brown, Francis Erfurt, Norman Huffaker, Lee Maynard, Dewayne Merrill, and Jimmy Midget WW WW WW ww W ax MN M WN WA at XA XA MX at Sponsored by Sponsored by BEN FRANKLIN Z8 BLUEBIRD 'Vi 'iii- xl VU"WV'wQ,3 ursoN 14373 CAR C 5653 BRAKES Q QQ. . Q AI I N Y X -+ M3371 x A 'J W W fi4 , ' X ada icer-A 'C' uw' h Sec anlee Biic53und6'5 e ds 105 Qaii xml gg aS Smandlyixms Rai 'no Q 8 On the flrst day of school elghty two members of the Class of '56 enrolled 1n Vale I-hgh School Knowlng more about school routlne they found It easxer t get lnto the swlng of th1ngs M1ss Garrett Mr Chester and Mr Kawasoe our advmsors for the year capably helped us plan our varlous act1v1t1es Sophomgres wer act1ve ln band choruses crafts drarnat1cs Journallsm and sports The glrls placed f1rst1n speedball and were act1ve partlclpants IH all other lntramural sports Dlanne Dutson was our cholce for Pr1ncess ln the Harvest Festlval held IH the fall As thls year draws to a close we leave the halls of good old V I-I S wxth happy thoughts of return1ng next year as upperclassmen 4' 1.4 fl ft, c X! l WM X c CI 'a F, ls ei ' ' X X I , X l P .1 M Q ' 'e Refllncll 'Vice 'mesj sg ' ' O ' ll ' l ' . ll , Q U ' Y ' I . I ' ll ll Mar11ee Beach Sharon Becker Wanda Carte r Bonme Caywood Ben Demise Ruth Dillon Mabel Dixon Dianne Dutson L. Cf Darlene Gutterridge Sheila Hammack Mavis Hansen Midori Hayashi Everett Holladay Ra Nae Huffaker Jack Hunter Donna Johnson Gary Johnson L 'xx Rosemary Johnson L. "in ,paw Lf Hi Yr Y 'T' K '8 t u.. E? Judith Jones iN' Z- Jo Ann Jordan 1, Clifford Judd Janic: e Kapp Carrie Kendall Shirley Kinney Bill Knott Don Lamb Ann Laurance Marie Lewellen in Mildred Purvis Pete Purvis Ronnie Reynolds Teddy Rumsey Cora Russell Darrell Saunders Eleanor Scott Larry Seaquist Lola Shiery Guy Shippy -it 1:7 Jimmy Maynard Dottie MC Laughlin Rose McNinch Viola Muller Virginia Norman -'tw Mary Ann Orthman Margo Owens Lynette Pershall Jimmy Pierce Merlin Portrey 2' Norma Sievers vim' Betty Simpson Kay smith Robert Stoner De rald Swift B-x 1 Ivlargaret Tiffany ' " Delpha Tisdel Georgia Tolrnan Jerry Watanabe -Q Della White 'nn John Wilcox Beth Zinie Pictures not available for: Alfonso Acevez, Daniel Gray, Gerald Harrod, Mike Hutton, Albert Lewis, Charles Lovell, Lloyd Nilson, Vickie Robirts and Albert Stoaks. ll ll III! Sponsored by Sponsored by BEACH'S GROCERY ALDRED ELECTRIC U +A-Q. i5ili t ++ f, ' L13 IP' , , 3. ' :bob O X Bi 9 Ol., ' fngn gg f ,, ,""' N ON 11-E ' h' h 9, me ..' , ' 'K rw W' Q 9 N J . i -2 A XXXSKETE ' '-A 1 he i A O S' 3 F' X79 14- ' if Z Q, i f? N S A " 'A ""w xi 5 If -fa. Nt' of Jani-ron! HF4 1 Legs ???! Bnex i EH :'n M- QTf'0vf X X X f LAM "'mf-iw' Hui Al X X f N- if Q W f fl-- f xg -N f' A' X Q - A V13 Q U ff! 'A I T xx If , I XWX A w-:awww V ll 1 N 03.1 .,-is Cf' QL'if""f:' K X ,. H wqM.X4 iH M k A Lg C4155 OMCQPJ at AIYHS on k1US Sgt' Mme ax yuov Ve' Dxane Clasen Tlegistafson Pres X I Car VxC6 mes On September Z 1953 the halls of Vale Hlgh resounded w1th the volces of 114 freshmen who were eager to enter the exc1t1ng but some what mysterlous realm of h1gh school They plunged 1nto the work and play w1th much enthuslasm but soon found that the sk1llful guldance of the1r advlsors Mr Larson Mrs Swan and Mr Wllson was a necesslty October 3 was the1r b1g day w1th all freshmen decked out ln long underwear b1b overalls and green rlbbons Some of them seemed to get a b1tt1red of carry1ng the1r glft wrapped br1ck by the end of the day However they recovered suff1c1ently by that even1ng to sponsor a welner roast 1n the park Startmg the1r hlgh school career off on the r1ght foot they won for the1r cand1date Mona Vaughn the honor of pres1d1ng as queen over the Harvest Festlval They are all lookmg forward to three more happy and exc1t1ng years 1n Vale H1gh 35 fl' k .. A f . , -5 43 R X l Q R - D 4 Robert W atafxabe ' . C.. - - P 1 l ge ' ' , ' -3 .1 . ' l , , .1 Y 9 l . ! ! , . . . . . , i t . ! ' O i . ' , . . , . . 3 1 ' I I . . Y , . . if QW' -6'5" -ms, A 'T Donald Burkhardt Jerry Burt Ross Butler Dewayne Buxton Nancy Carey Wanda Chandler Diane Clasen Margaret Cone Arthur Creson - Isl Kd Dale Allen Thelma Antrim Lynn Atkins Jerry Baker Larry Bates Bruce Beal o Carl Bellows L-rf' A Q-...f tfr 1' 'iQ Frank Bishop Ruth Blakeman Bill Bowne C onstance Brittain Ga ry B rowning Elaine Culp Boyd Dahle Sharon De La Rosa Bill Deveraux Calvin Dixon Carol Eagan Don Eagan Emery Eddy Peter Fifer William Findling Marilyn Fonda Martin Gabbert "Q-r 1' iirw, QQ 'UE tl Qi 'L is 'tyr De Wayne Galloway I 5 F X51 T l Rhea Gardner Darcy Gillespie John Gray Linda Lee Greenfield Carl Gustafson Carolyn Hager Forest Hart Jo Ann I-lite LP-vi 6+ Q IJ f 3 'JB fs, N Lucile Lewellen Gladys Lunsford Deanna Marx Florence Mayhall James McAllister Janice Mikkelson Rosann Miles Vernon Miller William Moore N-sv 1 is 'x K ,f"'N..- Kenneth Hite Donald Hunt Judy James Darlene Johnson Darrell Johnson Larry King Anita Kinsey David Kirchner Andy Koopman Park Kriner David Lavender Linda Lee QU- an-M K! Patricia Morgan Walan Morgan Terry Musgrove Deanna Nichols Leone Nielson Charles Oaks Erma Palmer June Paxton Hilton Perkins Larry Perry Eyvonne Phillips Teddy Ann Pierce vw? 'QF' Ali'- Eva Potter Melford Putnam Judy Russell Gwen Saunders x Gertrude Schaffeld Stephen Shambaugh Barbara Sieve rs Ann Simpson Arbie Smith Virginia Tuning Ruby Turner Mona Vaughn Robert Watanabe B renda White Lois Winde r Frances Wirth Shirley Woodward Donna Willoughby Darwin Smith Jo Anne Smith Lila Smith Georgette St. Cyr Mary Stebbins Dorothy Steele .Toe Ston Larry Stuart Jack Swetland Mary Lou Swift Marilyn Taghon Warren Thurmond xi? Q3 QW J.- N lf' My if ff? X 1 T QNX Q77 gf' . WM f" Q U72 . tor Psssigani iitox Nlaflaget HOU' 691 ' 6955 PN XS Skxiiickloxsljxtiistavi B09 e H03 K' , MZ 05296 we:is'EdGOtnsK0eS5 wa Kawx lil esxcott-B M9293 Bessie Hester Advisor Ist row: Dieuw Koopman, Barbara Carpenter, Berta Perkins, Lloyd Westcott, Nadine Purvis, Darlene Dickson, Kay Farson, Wanda -Wheeler, Ron Shartner. 2nd row: Sharon Becker, Joan Marx, Donald Greer, Edith Blakeman, Chester Yabitsu, Joan Blamires, Joanne Kuwahara, Janis Staples, Marjorie Vaughn, Wesley Fields, Joe Payne. Seated: Mrs. Hester, Donna Nichols, Luella Westcott, Karyl Jarvis, Avis Shelton, Gayle Meek, Mary Elfering Janet Whitaker. Sponsored by Sponsored by Malheur Enterprise 4, Hawley Meat Pack ' s wafkln Mr- AdVi5or 16534 t Jorela Har Editor lst row: Beach, Hansen, Anderson, H. Grigg, Squires, Bowen, Huffaker, Smith, Owens, Norman, Carter, Olund 2nd row: Watkins, Johnson, Winder, Pierce, Dutson, E. Culp, Shirnan, M. Culp, Barlow, Lewellen, Udy, Steele, Blakelnan 3rd row: Shikurna, Jordan, D. Grigg, Hart, Saunders, Delva Butler, R. Saunders, Darla Butler 42 ed bY sponsor Albertson S XX'-' G ii F rw Q' if .V , t Ft. C4 WM Lovinger Disinfectant Co. Sponsored by X 0" f-Sim Under the capable direction of Mr Christy the Vale High School Band sixty members strong has done much to promote school spirit Music provided at football and basketball games in addition to the intricate drills at halftime on the football field added zest and enjoyment for all spectators The uniform fund was increased by returns from a Halloween Carnival On December lO Mr Christy and the band members were honored at a ban quet served by the Band Mothers an organization devoted to promoting the interests of the band A variety of selections ranging from popular tunes to familiar classics made up the programs for the annual Chistmas and Spring Concerts - creased interest in practice was in evidence as the band prepared for the S R V. Music Clinic This was not in vain for Vale members returned with their share of honors In February the beautifully decorated gym was the scene of the Sweetheart's Ball. The activities of the band were enjoyed by the members and appreciated by the entire student body. It was with a genuine feeling of sadness that the fifteen Senior members sat idle while the rest of the band practiced "Pomp and Circumstance. " Sponsored by 44 Sponsored by Grigg Bros 81 Butler Dentinger Feed 81 Seed I' ? Y 6 1217.85 29108 ' Y ? ' 0' -SOC V M lfeotol' wx ,f9':E Q , WJ? The band in V formation used at football games. Sponsored by Stockrr1an's Cafe Sponsored by Pheasant Grill Pres. -P. Farson Vice-Pres. -S. Davenport Sec. -E. Shikuma F, H, A, Officers Reporter-J. Marx eas. -J. Kuwahara The Vale Future Homemakers of America began a year of activity by participating in the District Convention at Ontario where our representative to the National F, H,A, Convention, Norma Olund, gave her report. Extra projects of the members included preparing and serving banquets, address- ing envelopes for the TB drive, and the fashion show at the annual Mothers' Tea. The chapter also sponsored the annual Sadie Hawkins Dance at which Cora Russell was crowned Cotton Oueen and Gleen Evins was Levi King. Under the capable guidance of Mrs. Jacobs, our advisor, and Mrs. Pax ton, our chapter mother, the Vale F, H, A, chapter had a successful year. 6 Sponsored By: 4 Sponsored By: Vale Consumers Co-op Vale Hotel .fill ..l....- L l.fJ'I.'fF,J 1 .1 ., ..,,n The Vale F, F,A, Chapter, under the leadership of Mr. Jessup and Mr. Wilson, proved worth while for its sixty-five members. Six first-place banners and the rotating trophy for judging was won at the Malheur County Fair. The parliamentary team placed second in the District Parliamentary contest at Ontario. The chapter was represented by judging teams at the Deschutes and Crook County Fairs and the State Fair at Salem. Ron Jarvis and Andy Kendall attended the National F, F.A. Convention in Kansas City, Missouri. Activities sponsored by F, F,A, boys were the Greenhand and Chapter Farmer initiations, and the Father-Son Banquet. F. F, A, Officers Pres. -Ron Jarvis Vice-Pres. -Don Perkins Sec. -Lloyd Westcott Reporter-Gordon Lee Treas. -Jim Baker Sentinel-Glenn Evins " 0F ... E AME 103 ,L g o Rl FU 'fiqznw 1 ga p ., ' CA 1 174522 hnlf , ooonflob b , T D it ,065 gr -roi . ca Sponsored By: 47 Sponsored B YI V alL e d 8.1111 ...A x ,,,..f,.--wr . M, I ...J X r 1-f,,f ,Z , ,LC x W, . TY A gf 5.4 W y 'fm Wiwvffww 5 Tin. is . Sw Adv 1501 S P0115 Ored b Y Seaxwaxton, ?1es.q Bonnie Caywood, Sec.gBeua Yeckivxs, Vice-P1 ' rx tam, Tveas. SP0 n SOred Val C Dr u 8 DeXousX Q, Tow n Tave rn ,r, ,-f 91 30 is 'Sw "ZW"-5 ' KSN '.,,iw 1 hx A -L I 1 f Qrllil' , tl u xghbi . M, I. ,I . , ,. I if' N 1' Wxye. ' 0 A'5.QQ5 -:wk rw. xi: 515505854 Q S 3, n u 1. I Q 5 i s.., a 'EJ x SA C? The purpose of the Lettergirls's organization is to promote better citizenship among the girls of Vale High by enforcing rules of good conduct and behavior. To become a Lettergirl, one must participate in group and individual sports. The most prominent social event of the year was the Lettergirls' Banquet. All women teachers were I invited and Miss Redfield was hostess. A Christmas dance, roller skating and slumber parties, and the Lettergirls' Initiation were held during the year. The Lettergirls enjoyed the year under the capable and pleasant leadership of Miss Redfield, who was assisted by the officers: Pres., Deloris Ingramg Vice. Pres., Guyla Chandlerg and Sec., Janet Whitaker. Sponsored by SpOnS0red by Service Center RSX Theater .,.,1. M ,L . ., I ..5 Q L ahve- ,is 'SW v The Letterrnen's club, at the beginning of the year, con- sisted of eighteen members. The officers were: President, Joe Schaffeldg Vice President, John Eagang Secretary, Scot- tie Payneg Treasurer, Sid Hiatt. The club sponsors such activities as the box social, the football pheasant feed, the Lettermen's Ball, and a spring party and dance which honors the girls who support the box social. At the party held this spring, Joy.Saunders was crowned queen with Judy Jones and Virginia Norman as princesses. The highlight of the year was the Lettermen's Initiation December Z. The twenty initiates boosted the club membership to an all-time high. Sl r- f 1 fi QQSQWK Sponsored by Peterson's Furniture Company and Phillips 66 Station Back row: Carter White Norman Front row: Stephenson Leggitt Shelton U' it :dxf , ? Sponsored by Service Corner Back row: Mrs. Oldham St. Cyr Hager Spons Norman Schaffeld Potter De La Rosa Lewellen Lunsford ored by Front row: Froerer Hayashi Tisdel Jones Gaddis Sievers Gardner Texaco Service Station l 4 l ..L in mi! jeam Miss Redfield Back Row: Farsong Caywoodg I. Marx Front Row: Winderg Staples iiiikiiiikiiiiiiiiiiii Sponsored by Pep Club 1 ' Hi' I 4 . .r,1., ,, 'S 52? 2,9 KMA Standing: D. Sirnpsong M. Hayashig Blamiresg E. Cu1pgBarlowgHiattgB. Simpson Seated: D. Marxg P. Steele: M. Culp, Cap- tain: I. Marxg Froerer C is-P om... -3 , MOON 3 , . ' ? 'X f X' V X 1 I. Hf'n'7 .Tl-.e SweeT 3 QJTPIE QSLL F233 all h'Xf'N6!" 1 Life S173 Tedjas. KAI .See The moorfffl' 5 Baby EMQVX I 5-'WelT I "1JlaaT'cl I dofu dwarfed by: f 3. 0' 6,14 Mdqkry ,Se mov' 9.58 mdTer-'ial , J O. odlfnfe ll 7247! TQT! 1-'Z' M8 K6TTle 43 oh fluffy 0621 H! Cau.gl1T wed haffdecl Sponsored B if 'M eww Q.,,mJI.,m a427mJM,li,- WML, ' Jaffe clmme pmwpwl 51. fflLC!Ll'QA1. yn, '96 km xg. Ko ND H ,I K' U ii" ETTER Mrws COURT I . 9 V 'Y 'ES fr "' "nn -- I" .X S t FT Q -K ,WA ,,-, 1 e i- ff' - 3 , 5-4 14 F X :TT 554 w 2 6 T1 til I' 632111 CTDWTI BQGTU' Tnl-fl' Gueth Jlg5CF"H'71C 2651-46 nt- Scottft. Don Grec.-r pn-ness: Jorefa Pri-nc. ess mar, Qmw. Dennis Lew? ATTCHCIQTLT myrflc fqffgndanf gf?-ic,l'uL 1 Q Q ww S3 Q, 5 . A Sfiieilfg Z! 1 X- Q-.E if Y ,I XL XX vs' I Vale Vale Vale Vale Vale John Day Mer1d1an Umon Nyssa Welser EHN G 609 ex Vale Vale Vale Vale Payette Emmett Ontar1o Pr1nev1lle Sponsored Kessler Chevrolet 6' K .wa Q' K ',5tQi:"' Q0 -P F.: fi? " el was ,r U QQIAGCJ 2125 Becker Bush Clasen Glenn Saunders Marx Grlgg Judd . NLJ .2 Nh! dye B stung "A-string" Sponsored by Sponsored by The Cue Barber Shop 63 The Merc BASKHBAII HAMS ga lf! 12 VARSITY SQUAD Standing: Turner, Swift, Culp, Scott, Arana, G. Smith, Dowers, Fonda, G. Bates, Kinsey, Edward Eddy, Palmer. Kneeling: Mgr. Burt, Coach Chester, Mgr. Demise. Inset: Jackson. Y' - FROSH -SOPH SQUAD Standing: Emery Eddy, Bishop, Allen, L. Bates, Musgrove, Moore, Wilcox, Perkins, Reynolds, Holladay, Jerry Baker, Lavender, T. Rumsey, Koopman. Kneeling: Mgr. Atkins, Coach Kawasoe, Mgr. Johnson. Sponsored by: 64 Sponsgred by Vale Grain 8: Feed Vale Supply C0 Q Q Z?a4LelLa! 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Eagan, Wilcox, Holladay, Brown, Eddy Bates, Koopman, B. Eagan, Payne, Culp, Saunders, Fredricks, Fonda-Mgr. QWW I K L' . ,QL .,1,- rl, Zi Q .ff iam A f Y ff- 4,35 Q . 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I ' 1 U.S. ' , F. . A. ' F. . A. -op C. 8: B. Furniture Store Vale Drug , . , - t- , . . ' I 5? QA Teache. RAS of a feaTke.K S ??l! xx Parris Fas!-ioNS '. x " X af 1 Q .4.. if Wanda fli W Dww MEL New Ther! I m .ekl mp.. ty fkw Glamoua' Ga' M133 C-Jerlrl ..gcoTTle .SPONSORELJ V313 BRQQJQL, S A b 9 'Wg . X , , 1 U K A Q I .:f ev 1 c 'X , o ! ' Ba ' :sir w ie, 5 , h ' - " a 5' Y 'r " ' 0 f A, ,, a f ' f x X?-1, L l i Y A . . I - .Ba , l .A ' I - n - I: . U s Ndr on Pousone 7 Q :I 1 , V Q Ei 1 IU IW , sae., Nl' A 3 I c o . g N R I f Steve Fonda 5 R IU N- MI! Gabben President ' l I 4 Advisor The year 1953-54 has been outstanding because of the successful administration of student affairs by the Vale High Student Council. As we come to the end of our last year in high school and to the last page of our annual, the Viking staff offers a toast to our Council in appreciation for work well doneg and to the future students of Vale High the wish that they may enjoy in future years efficient Student Councils such as ours has been. ararworwfaerwswrwfwsarararwowrwfararvarmwr Finally---to all Vikings, as you thumb through the pages of your annual in years to come, may it recall to your mind happy memories of friends made and good times spent in Vale Union High. 4241 Sponsored by 24 Vale Junior Class Ny ff!! rACl 0' gum ,vm YEARBOOKS 2553 2555 Mlddlsiield Rood Redwood Cliy Cohfornla Topeka Kansas Rlchmond Vlrgnma pi .K . 'iv 'H ' R - Q , F ag Q . Q 1 1 'E 4 - Julls - . ' . .. E x i if az-1 1 ,I

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