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f. I,-H X I 1 .N j fs f 7 ,il I KL 112154-I L. sf' f X ' ' f i f ff Presented to Odum Library Valdosta State University if Vi! rf Q3 'gg . A4 -1 , .ngiggwwiw wi' " t-'Qi'5 ? 'f ' i f f ' g. : vi . 75" J.. E T A ,K It- - Q S-hi , 2+ f Yj2.:+L1j Y fs... fjfififf w-152 it i T ig R 5fQ?::'?.,, SVR, i 14+ wi? ii!-. ,-Y 4 ,gg i +,..,,J,,!f' gi- ' f f'4.g 5ff , : V if ey., ,gg-:yg . 4, ,515 , H, Q i.3?' fg f"' 'ig 5 Q,1 - wv' +i P+ 4 if 'M E? if A .M In q- i . , lf ,Wal LW 4,41 Lx iqF .+'4 15, ,i2jiqi,f'. iig,,l 34 1 if 1 m y .524 .H , Qi fu-,gf ,L g 1 in ku AB'-El it V A 1-'sL+g1,v,l f H Q A, + 8 . N vga 444 Digi: rj' 115' hifvlm AA'. 131' . 'f , , + . I ,,, 4143-. 'I ,aifpwi .f'P'i.., 'K IU ? N' ,A --if Y' W 1, 4 ,Q A i H A fig 1 ff? W "WN A Q A ' effffyiwlr iw 'f+1-xQwaf ,2' K: f 1 55 J' j f -5T ?Q?,31'9'L? ' L 52 '5 W5 Nt -M Af 4 -. + 1 Gi 'f ' fi: T '-rf1'i" f+"l2-f a a 2 2 ' ' v -fifty if-W, ,fir Y W Q ' fir, Qb, 'Tn 4 E :2f'i f ' a gm ff WH- ' " i.1f'VVQf" "hiv M iiig ivfxji fi 5 gil, Jf5, v"1g 'H + gr ?.iA, dgysgfyzfifygkhy Q va Q :LM qv Q W vifiot ,FQLA i .Y 14 '59 R, 4 af?-5 Q if ,' g M 1-Q 1. Q' ytyglg it: At If-, ,, ' sf? lim i, , 'f -Q - 9 fi 54 , 'Q ' 'HG' f ii i Q Q 4 ' 53" W1 .1 11 ' W ' -J X ' Hy! 235911 A N.'fqf0'0is,l , Qobiffs 7l..',, ' K xX'x"lQb0l'0qQQ:AJJ.J'3 X N -17'."4p!s W 44441, kill.. f ,'f'140'Wvv'! ll 5 :vie-Hx 95, 1. ' 399919 S94dJ'J-JA P 115215, 1 'ejpjg ' xl' ug f4'Q4"' "M ff -1:-eww , , 'X 1 9 6 0 ,if ! A 1 ,pg ' A 4 'Tw rf' f' 1, f -' I, eel , , i , -1 W fa ,E ,fx x' 4 Q Af "Wt K v Q -1' 'M Swykx' ' " l ' -2 4 , X 5 6 ,VG 2 A Q 12 1 ,V f f A , y .QW is , 1 L ws' iAd ,,,vk, sf . 14 1 v - - tl Sfgg wi ef 1" . J, f I' gi Q Uvftfhffa I, wiv VA I DOSTA STA COLLEGE VALDOSTA GEORGIA 1960 EDITOR ........... RUSINESS MANAGER . . ASSOCIATE EDITORS . . . EDITORIAL ASSISTANT . . PHOTOGRAPHER . . . . PHOTOGRAPHY EDITORS . . . ART EDITOR . . . FEATURES EDITOR . . . COPY EDITOR . . . SENIORS EDITOR . . . . CLASS EDITORS . . . ORGANIZATIONS . . SPORTS EDITORS . . GREEKS EDITOR . . STAFF .... . I'IITIIIIl,'Il Taylor . Jamlue Cuslcins lN'Iar-iuriv llrcmks Ju llalwun . . Jerome Clegg Bookmanl Studio Eugene Cruvitt . Rachel Nurman Carlile Lee . . Julie McNeal . Maxine Register Jnfly Vllisenlwaker Nlarilyn Sizemore . . Jeri Vinson Toni Str-f-lo . Mary Anrlersam . . ,lov Welwlw Lamar I'e-arson . Jerry Strauglman . . . Sue Kemp Cc-rlrurlv lla'-rrim' Pulnlishecl Ivy the students of Valdosta State College- 1960 NE CONTENTS FEATURES . . Miss Pine Cone I-Ioinccoming 1960 Holly Hop Special Awards BEAUTIES Miss VSC Class Sweethearts Miss VSC Calendar Best Dressed Girl THE COLLEGE . Administration Faculty ACTIVITIES . . . Student Government Publications Organizations SPORTS Rebels Intralnurals Sport Clulis GREEKS . . Greek Week Panliellenic and IFC Sororities Fraternities CLASSES . Seniors .luniors Soplioinorf-s Fri-slnnen MJVEHTISINC Girl 9 Z3 33 41 59 67 77 121 x A look toward the tuture . . . meet Miss VSC ot l972. .f,.3',wiQ, EM' s A moment ot relaxation among the test tubes, inoculating needles, and microscopes ot microbiology lab. A tense moment as the Rebels play a hard game of ball . . . PORTFOLIO The potpourri of campus life requires a variety ot' diversions to engage the interests. Select features of the college world around us indicate our patterns ol' endeavor. For the studious among us there is the quietness of Powell Library with several thousand volumes to its credit. The nature-minded person might take a stroll among the towering pines ol' the czanipus, a Sunday after- noon walk along the Camellia trail or observe as an abundance of literal and hgurative harmony is brought to our lives in the springtime as one sits by the brook in Drexel Park listening to the singing of the birds or looking at the innumerable azaleas as they burst forth in early spring . . these are the things which students remember about VSC. Blxlllff among the buildings of C7 C C7 beautiful Spanish architecture makes one feel that he is in some far away land with lovely senoritas everywhere, but after a moment's recollection he knows that he is in the heart of South Georgia. But most of all, VSC is people- people from many states in the union and several foreign conntries-people from all walks of life and various types of backgrounds. The learned professors, the students seeking knowl- edge, the friendly administration and the Cooperative Citizens of Valdosta, all these and more are elemental in the memories heltl by each student as he leaves VSC and goes into his life's work. YSC is the niolrler of the soeial. spiritual, and intelleetnal aspeets of life- We of the Pine Cone Staff have sought to eapture and reeortl some of your nieniorable events. Nlay you wher- ish the-in for years to vonie. A moment of laughter produced by an upperclassman at a special Orientation program . . . The most confusing time in any VSC student,s college ! ' i career is during Orientation Week when he first starts Sludents rnee+ faculty members in the receiving line at the Faculty Recepyion and Dance held in me gymnasium. learning his way around the campus and first becomes acquainted with the people that make up the college. But without an orientation period to help him adjust to his new environment, the student would undoubtedly l 0 0 0 he even more befuddled. VSC's Orientation, with its Freshman Dance sponsored RAT WEEK has finally arrived and here we find the "RATS" on the move by day and by night! . . . mam if We linow "Tl1ere's Nothing Lilxe a Dame," but what goes on here7??77?777 RAT DAY arrived with the smell of onions and the sting of burlap bags. "l'm homesick." Someone please write to me . li Z, iv ------. 2, iii , 1 iilgggaq 1 1"... l lr L Upperclassmen treat freshmen to the traditional play, "Pygmalion and Galateaf' by the Student Government Assoc.. the Faculty Reception. religious groups, receptions and making new friends is elemental in helping new students get the feel of the college. It is also a period in which students can get academically prepared for college by taking place- ment tests and reading tests and getting registered. It is during this time that freshmen become acquainted with VSC and its ways. un- aware of what is to come later . . . the arrival of the upperclassmen and the inevitable . . . HRAT WEEKIV' F011 A YEAR 0F llllll? if The fraternity and sorority rush parties . . , 4-Q . gy . , 5 rr Sk:-i' 'S e- ,f .f ' , A of 5 The "stag" co-ed corner. . . I - This "baby" crawls to concession stand to warm bottle . . JE.. Freshmen enjoy a night ot dancing dedicated to them. ALMA TER 'Nlong the stately pines of Georgia Glorious to the view, Stands our noble Alma Mater Basking 'neath the blue. Alma Mater, thee we honor Praises never fail, For thy fame shall never perish, lied and Black-all hail! Alma Nlater's sons and daughters We will ever be, Always to thy heart returning Dear olcl V. S. C. X . , f , M IO X' li ff' , Nw I e- o ff f Qp,- t, 'gil L11 KXSl?!4' . A -.-pf dfal I xp ,pgs -gIE'::F K X .s-:wS::1'-" x NYI- iii.-' L I 5.'Q l j L ru. sgg' I tv ARB? Wick!-221 1 5 5 Q ' Q-7 v v exag- 'J 4 5? 'vga If new . -- .ci O Q'- 1 f, 17, r,-' . '?K N A J' ,X 1, -., . Q mf I ' 'ry 'W . ' ' - -.mmf 'ai T' J.. , ' HQ W 1 fu V ' N "N ' A . K . ' iw fm . V,. 1 ,, ' A , . ,QA ,,x - 4 ' 1, 1 sv . , "'r'?".". ' 'x ,fx on M. ' ,J . ,J - ' p.. 1 ' ' I . -y ,, -I Q, , . r Q 4 -" 6' lx. 3'-' . ' - ' N W if ,,, tl A " K AL L'-,Q , ,, K , U .-1. x -03 Q 'fs ' , p-.,, " if 4 is 1' ' 'wil W 4 uk '40 . . as 1 1. I - 3 1 x H wr ' Q ' ' -yy V ' ' 4 ' , , , k ar 5, f 'Z' , . W g- , ff- J' Q MA '21, A, ' 5, , e Q Q v K V ww, V an I x,f M, ,g,,l5lj1, FE T f lg x- f ' si"1' I 1 X WZ 1, I-,f sffffff-v Y 9 MW 5:44 ""'lg A- 'oh ,',' '-"'4'1J I "fM'fv 'NP'11J A r 6' 14'649"'K' 'HJ JJ3 X D ,ff "'fsQge9X.'4YIoi".JJJ' Jszfg'-:'l '31 w 'vid' 'A j,g 1 'f','. -I . ' . VJ!! WV ' KJ-484.121 ' " 1 ' 1 Iff vlf' I W ,I I I 7' M Wa ff' X,. iw Pl E C0 E ISIBII W, I A A P KAY IJUNII NGOS J , CAROL CLARK Y' -A LESLIE W' BROWN J EAN HOOKS gk NANCY RAINES . L63 110 ?Qcz. .ZW aww' xx, A wwf? All DAVE GARROWAY NBC Television Star , 'UAF P' 4 9 xv -N , Q1-M 1 'as-N ir- ' 1 Wi- Popular among students, Jean is prettier than the bouquet of camellias she holds Queen Jean in her royal attire! ln her hand' DAVE GARROWAY SELECTS JEAN HOOKS H1960 MISS PINE CONE', Radiant ,lean Hooks, Junior from Sylvester, was selected by Dave Garroway of the G'Today Show", on NBC-TV as "Miss Pine Conew of 1960. lean was among live nominated by members of the "Pine Conew Staff for this award. As a result, the pictures of these hve Contestants were sent to Dave Carroway and he picked ,lean as the winner. There was a feeling of tenseness as the hre contestants awaited the official announcing of the winner. Present to surrender her crown was Judy Starling, l95'J "Miss Pine Cone." of Hahira. No lovelier atmosphere could have been provided for the presentation than at our annual Christ- mas dance, the "Holly Hopv which was sponsored hy the "Pine Cone" and Campus Canopy Staffs. Une could tell that competition was keen by a mere glance at the other four contestants which inc-ludcd Kay Domingos. Sophomore from Milnerg Nancy Haines, lilrcshman from Ash- burn: Carol Clark. lfreshman from Tampa. lflorida: and Leslie- Brown. ,lunior from tlriliin. iii' ,QSQ 1, , 1. ' v l 1 , . ,, . he 'Ea '-we f. Q . N- - - fa. 1 g if . ' . fx :Q me f f. -zz" -1- qs .M - ' ,!' l9'g , 'f, -L4 I L gg tain' bf? 1:63 X u , f az, 5- I ' vi -. ff 1-fffvgf 3, rv Q, F 1 'ma . 1 K' H' I' fail if " ff: 5 1 Fi .2 e if'-fair' 'flip'-'fix 4 ' 12 ' :, f vi ' I 'iwx' 'A - f, A 'W' 'V.-Efsek 'f x ' ,lf K 1 - k4s.a,f ..,. , uv . V' ' Q -. V ' wg z V A Xdjfa- f W f"i'if'f of 5 'l5i'?i,a1x ef- ,, ' ' V' ' - 1. 4' 733 3 "' 4 ' ' ff fi.: -In afw R'-is-fr' 4' f , 1 A Q 1 I . -' .Q V ,, , A f X M, 'fem 'A ,A ,K 1 ,in f The Freshman Class capfured firsi place on fheir inferprefalion of "Miss America of l920." K ES i Campus a'f+ire revoked 30 years and Marfha 'llllll Pllllllllll . .. A "good ole fashioned" baseball game was presenfed by Alpha Xi Della Sororify wifh "Babe" a+ ball. 4. "A'i'f 1 5, 1 iffy r , 4 3 af A4 ' '-W-an-P L ff- N l 'f ' ' -pf 4- Y I ifilig i' A 'f t A Mary Dickey employs umbrella. bil - H . Q- .1 sf " A' -Q iii A raid is abour fo be held on lhe Alpha Della Pi Speakeasy. CU' - s , ' fees-W1 f v mm... , fi -n.-:--i1.-w-.1- -,sus-.---1 1.1--.1-.1-. 1---.QQ-.1 nusuniuili- l 11 is no exce pfion I e D ?u-s V A A J I. - . ,,,,,," ' 'ffm-,ff mfg? " r -gwhw-'fflri ' Y ' 6 5.1 iliqvi. 'x' i - f I e -- 4,4 K' K 1. gg" , 1 M wi ' l X i ' A ' 'fi .fig A - fe ' 1 V' L,R.1.., .' ' .. - . - A .... ......-,fs 'i . , ", -wif' 4 .W if ' 55 'A N -'f:" 'iif ,5 52' f"f-Quia. Af" Kappa Della wen? 'ro 'rhe sea-noie whale behind. The era of fhe Charlesion refurns 'lo VSC. 12 40th ANNUAL HOMECOMING Marked By Rain, Defeat, and More Rain February 12-13 6'Roaring Twentiesn Theme Easily the biggest events of the week-end were thc long-prepared-for parade, the basketball game with Oglethorpe, and the annual Homecoming Dance. Threatening clouds were in great evidence on Friday morning, but by parade time at 4:00 p.m. they were no longer threatening-the rain was here. Even this failed to dampen the spirits of VSC students as the parade wound its way through the streets of down- town Valdosta. Beautiful convertibles with beautiful girlsg lovely floats taltbough drenchedl depicting "Miss America of 1920" which was the winning float: KD by the Sea: Speakeasies and other interesting floats featuring scenes of the 4'Roaring Twentiesf' The Rebels lost the basketball game with Oglethorpe 50-36. but spirits remained high looking forward to the Homecoming Dance on Saturday night. The Homecoming Dance turned out to be the most successful event of the week-end. Music was supplied by Shep Fields and his 'gfiippling Rhythm" Orchestra. Of paramount interest was the presentation and crown- ing of ,lean Hooks. Homecoming Queen of l960. and her court. Through our trials and tribulations. the 40th Annual Homecoming will long be remembered, " Q Milli? BMW RW ea.. sp Q ' 1? Af4,g"'fsn 6 : .V y M., Q, 55942 5 xi 5 5323 rg! 1 1 . W' ' We '. O "1'4'f'1'-ovfa Wnn-0 . Lovely Jean Hooks was crowned l960 Homecoming Queen at the Homecoming Dance. ww 'lrfiidv-A T? 1"1f',,12-.ati 2f':-P151 -. .135-nf"-Y-Lf'-,ivrr-' 'gg-f a sa 1-d . 71", ,:,e,1fi-F1 6' f,,1.,C- -,512 .5.r,:f. 'S3-.eezsfx N . Q -,S 'sf 1f"'f1, ,, 9 W :w12if,gg15,f,f 1 '15-,: -jrfvff A1152 AE' '. i f wjtf K.-.SAW 11f'K,, - 2313: 1 l'ix,t, ,. - H H " ,. ' HONIECONIING QUEEN AND COURT: Virginia Lamb, Thomasville: Nancy Haines, ,-Xshburn: Queen Jean llooks. Sylw--ti-r: llizinv- lligtzinholhwm Valdosta, and P1-nny Williams. Valdosta. 4,3 Oo A wonderful nigh? of dancing was had by all a+ +he annual Home coming Dance. A P Y P -s r A ., . ' RH ' I I . ll ff ,- 4 A 4 X E i IW -f V i ,Q : Y" g lm' wk A N gf' v .. -'J - K .4 4 l 'us-A11 , 5-ww 'E 'W' 'f'.7-55.5-'--""' g-nazmn-mn'-',,, -,-fx. N 'aff u,,--all-gf -igifflfl' 4 " guns:--Elngr, In 5 i,,wmmlI:,,-an 511153 ' "' lu! 1 , M r s".. R., 15 I ,. 1 'rf ji luzgmwzv it , an 1113-n lm aww 'W' ,,. 1 ' as Q ,gqgsm'AQ,," , 1. mf 'I'- mgssv"'f,,v' I' H .-V ,img , W" '1-an , ,ef ,W 1 If The splendid music of Shep Fields and his "Rippling Rhy+hm" Orcheslra was enjoyed by all. Fun was had by all , , , even chapr-ronr-s seem lo be havin wonderful lime. OUT Q 5 "K ,Ng A morneni of resi for some +ired dancers f xsgt' A s- ww? l" And as lho lime nears I2 midnighl, fhe music becomes soller and more romanlic . . . fhus concluding anofher memorable Homecoming. 40th ANNUAL Y HO ECO IN Ft'hl'll1ll'y 12-13 "-n.,,A 1... Y 0 it 5-M Q- .....- .V v-e, as ,. HE 'M 'ihggggx zxf In '59 W 5 'W ES: fy, 1 , , 3. Q mr? ...f 'vm r H5 All K 2' 5A'. ."' ' :Hy ' fgfi- , - ' A E H . 'i.f-ilgji? -- ewrngw. ,r ,V N Q fa rj -f f e, 2 if agiiw K if a -5 3, , . V -' I 41 ,wx 'P p x wg 1 -.- 23, 5 A ls ,, Faullrner slwools has deadly lump shoi. 3 Parrish leaps high lo rebound ball agains+ llme s+rong defensive Pe+rel learn from Oglellnorpe, Anlicipafion is shown on fhe laces ol Rebel siars as fhey wail fo see where fha? ball is going. I ,U l 1 l l l THE HOLLY HOP December 5 E l s l One of the highlights of our social calendar is the annual Christmas Dance, the "Holly Hopi' which was held on December 5 in the gym- . nasium. This year the 'cl-lolly Hopi' was co- i sponsored by the "Pine Conei' and the Campus Canopy Staffs. Music was supplied by Ernie Cortez and his '4Crescendos." Highlight of the evening was the presentation of the class sweethearts and 'clVliss 1 Pine Cone" of 1960, Jean Hooks. Fun was had hy all in this pre-holiday affair. Y 'sf 4 l Five lovely beauties-representative of each class: Diane Higginbo+ham, Jeanie Posey, l Jean Hooks, Marian Horne. Some waltz, some cha-cha, some bop but best of all everyone had a wonderful time. CH-Q Ernie and his "Crescendos." ' l Members of facul+y seem -lo be enioying themselves. if z y, Adorable Jean Hooks. One of those rare moments for "Pine Cone" Editor. l' l , ' ' 1 l! l 5 .4 1 5 Q I .q il , - . - 3 4 i Q i I 4 g . 1 ll Q, Q 5 4 s W" A Mft: Telre Taleni Revue winners Mariorie Broolrs and Hansel O'S+een. 2 'l .l ff Q Fi hr I t A F- The winners and firsi runner-ups, Mary Slade and fhe "Tri+ones." ..Y'X -I---o,,,,4N Cas? of ihe Sock and Buslrin play, "Angel Sheet" , I ,Q " . . . A u ,J K -1 . F .., . M 'f xg' ,fs P- 2" " 4 f 'f 4 A, ,. ., ' ' L 1 4 il' 1 7 Uri- i' 1 , . ' V will x HSWQ 4 rrfr- f 4- ' 'il' Jn. in I 6 'bin- ' ir' , 'Q f , ,. V Kb ,kgs L15 Xl ml I vp ' v if . Xl . 't ' l A ' IJ . N L W, I H Liam, WM' Wx .1 ..,L , 5- A5 ik , li? 'I 1 - xi i "s Qi S or , . .. ,,,,,. - 1 til -..........., ri-wes.w'4"' ' 7' 1 gf Margie gave her inferpreiafion of an exolic dance which deligh+ed lhe audience. Q Av 'Q f'5Yf' pa The bealnilc Alpha Della Pi "Blue Diamonds." , X , 1-, or WE 'f 3 ,- T, , .L tv g i sl ff-'41 f 1, Congrafulalions fo Jean Phillips, VSC co-ed who was chosen Miss Valdosfa of l960. if VZHZOP 6 ege 11 4 Xlnhn llln Vllibifr' lm, nulslunmling mr-n stu- funn Sparks, f Lenrgia and Vice-President ofthe SCA I s lln 1: Qnnunnl I-11-fl XII 'xllblllltl qhxnrfl ullm' lied In lem-ive the rluplieate award. Jean Hooks. Jun- , 11 nhl: In in xnling lny ilu- fluule-nl llmly. Frnnls-it im' YIWIIH SYlYtJfll'I', Ceorgizl. NMFS Pine Cone" and i 1 I I ell nr ldnm l'i4nr1n-y, Cfnrgiu gnnl presenl 1960 Hmnm-mning Queen was elmsen as Marga in -- . , .- Iflnfn I tin Pun- bmw 3 ldllhll' Peursmw. .lnninr the Senior College. I ICTT 'I' AX YIDH MARGA 81 MACS IfUTfXR PICARSUN JEAN HOOKS e l X .f js . 'sqm fa, , Wfwffw K X ' ' f 5 1? W--sf" ' x f xl I , 1 ' S ,N , , l S l 'I 'K I if 1 l ff, . ,,A ,L V T I A G li I iii KAY DOMINGOS GEORGE BENNETT MARGA SC MAC Kay Domingos and George Bennett were chosen clostam and outstanding lllftIHlJ6'l' of the College vlioral as Marga and Mac in the Junior College. Kay is a group. "The Serenaclersf' George is a Soplioinorv Sophomore from Milner, Georgia, 1959 "Miss Val- from Valdosta and President of the Soplnnnore Claw. RENT ALL-lnomvn f UAW fa- ""' ' sim. QMS if Q-'Y' , v,,.f :'f' G is , E l L ' its LAURA NELL BOWEN JEROME CLEGG .IUHN Jackson l W ll 0 ' W H 0 ju sfdmerican 1fLz'1feMif1'e5 83 Comged VVhO's Who in American linivcrsities and Colleges. a national publication, each year recognizes students from approximately 750 colleges and universities. Campus nominating coniinittees are instructed tO consider, in making their selection. the stu- flCl1lAS scholarship: his participation anfl leadership in academic and extra-curricular activities: his citizenship and service to the schoolg and his promise of future useful- ness. The Organization awards each member a certificate Of recognition. a listing in the annual pulilication ancl provirles a placement service to assist seniors and GAYLE LUKE DOUGLAS PARRISH T M 20 F... 2 l 1 l DOROTHY HARRELL DII.LAIxlJ ILNSLEY graduates seeking employment. This year Who's Vlfho chose twelve Valdosta State seniors for national listing. They are: Jimmy Broxson lnot picturecll. President of the Student Government Associationg John Jackson. President of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity and Treasurer of the SCA: l.aura Nell Bowen, President of Alpha Chi honor society ancl member of Sigma Alpha Chi: .lerome Clegg. Eflitor of Campus Canopy and past "Pine Cone" Tftlitor: Gayle liuke. member of Alpha Chi and Sigma Alpha Chi honor societies: Douglas Parrish. Hebel basketball star: Dorothy Harrell. President of Panhellenic Council anfl Alpha Xi Delta Sorority: Dillard Ensley, recipient of the 1959 Circle K-Kiwanis Scholarship Award and member of Alpha Chi and Sigma Alpha Chiq Juanice Forte. 1938 recipient of Circle li- Kiwanis Award and member of Alpha Chi ancl Sigma Alpha Chig Barbara ,lo Seagraves. Presiflent of WITHC and Presi- dent of Alpha Delta Pi Sorority: John Baskin. Jr.. member of "The Serenaclers. TFC and Circle K Board of Directors: Cail P. Skiles, member of "The Serenatlersu and Alpha Chi and Sigma Alpha Chi member. BARBARA JO SEACRAVES JOHN BASRIN x L3 f -1 I 'zvhsf 1 A 1 1 H I-S KJ -lr' , ' -I, 2 ff """"' -ef A-'Q A I -e e ,Jr ""'?L-L- f--rf . ,.-.... .-- -. . 'M"'AP"' . - "A - " 7 . -....,....-.., - .ff-1 -ft p? . i "' fs" 4 --sa v V A I 'NA' Q- .Tv.Tr?.+h 4 H - YT' - . The beautiful Nativity scene on front campus during the Christmas season . . 'Q CP Q ' x -rx gi: . .,,X, Q -'W X -fi ,jug '-A-Nilgjgq-Nt: I . . l ' xi '., e l X s r I RELIGION I PORTA T AT V S I .ftp o o o Ffa-.Vt-fi,g Wl,? f t Spiritual life IS a part of the total of college lifeg and some four rou s have been established on cam us for this Q-fagks' g P p g-- .--, f,..,,:,. .W A - -WW! ""5f9'wt- ' f "oi ,, . .-a 4-...f'- :,,w,a v:"- .v-r. ,mug in ra f -, . Rev Wy, 4 +. is 'WI' fs., -sf-. ,j7,,,,. fs., ."'x Fredrick Wilson, Religious Emphasis Speaker. i purpose. spiritual growth and fellowship. Perhaps the most active is BSU, which sponsors the Thanksgiving Sunrise Service and other events to fulfill the religious needs of VSC students. The Men's Christian Alliance seeks to meet the spiritual needs of the men students while the YYVCA provides for the spiritual needs of the women students. All these organizations have as their constant goal the strengthening of the bond that joins the spiritual life with , 1 4 Hanging of the Greens. ' 2 the intellectual and social. As a group they work together to make Religious Emphasis Week a success here on campus. During this week religion becomes more evident than any time during the year as students turn out for good Christian fellowship. Other events are the traditional Fire-lighting Service and "Hanging of the Greens." Students are inspired each week as various speakers come each Thursday for Yespers. ati' s , yn. .. U ia 'U The halls are decked with boughs of holly. The Firelighting Service . . . 1 J 1 5'5- 71 i v I . I 4-pw - , g -9 -ucv 1 Asp" A x 7 , T BEAUTIE fr I ' .'.!f"J'l S- M yziljnil, X' If f!'ij ',fav,i'llJ5 ' 17,10 'la' '3'.7'j::1B5l V s,'lf:'09,Q'f'.4:,5i11JJja' ,'w.,',Z'5f'yNg4i,"'42l,A'J' X2 ,QQA9 S4f"vg ll' - x: slig- I"-'-59' :Y3"f4J"83' '?-z- fix K V 'fl 4 f 'Iai2'Qm fu- X 'Q "'l'l':"1 ' -0' fi-1"'--' :Cz pc Yr, D 5.1 nl f y yy: xy Y ' .Jigs do! 1 QW , J' l , .I Q f wdfawf -g f M gpg 1 ffffyv , Q , , 4. Lf' 'z W 'fs' ff ' ff q v ,-11-.,,.., v 4 if nh- N., if, ..i':Q '24 ' .a5Cv'1'f ,5 K ',.' .- . Q f' i 4 ' ' 1 -si? Q iz, Ig, w. J aff ,Mg f,zf'x"' .. 'fi Y, 'xxfvgt iff 'iii n .w'ga, ' W, "wS':l?.-"i3Hl- mg M "-x. " ' ' :M ' f 15,mwfgi A RH grfqwx v5,.Q1. iw . - if V- ' , 14,1 ' W2-"mf .5 W .g,ki'., , , ,Cv S3125 ' . wait X ,Avg-Z . 'i ' ,wif 3' .n, .X Mm JY. A,,.. X M. 5 ,nhl uv N djw- . , W A 4, ,. .M . W. V19 V iw ww ak, , A , K fa , , , ,. ' 'ZX W, ug , G wif, K A , '- .f'fff:,,Ml ., hZ:W"fe,,f' ' 13' fkyf 05 Q Miss V C 1960 PENNY WILLIAMS , ,WM 1 , J Wa USC l PENNY WILLIAMS CROWNED 4 Between exvlamations of thrill and surprise. beau- tiful Penny Williams was crowned Bliss Valdosta Stale College in the annual contest sponsored by the Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity. Penny, a talented ballet dancer, lists membership in Alpha Delta Pi Sorority, is President of the Dance Club, and serves on the Panhellenic Council. On hand for the oflicial crowning were John Jackson, President of Pi Kappa Phi, and Jean Hooks, first runner-up in the 1958-59 Miss VSC Contest. Included in the court were Joy Kennedy from Homerville. Nlollie Coleman of Valdosta, Barbara George of Valdosta, and Gloria Reagan of Uonalson- ville. These girls placed first runner-up through fourth runner-up respectively. y--.. qi, - n "M-'1 Lett to Right: Gloria Reagan, Joy Kennedy, Miss VSC. Mollie Coleman, and Barbara George. Stately dancing by a stately queen . . . t 1 t X a X., S The moment ot complete happiness tor I960 Miss VSC. Jean Hooks crowns Penny I9b0 Miss VSC as John Jaclrson presents trophy. IZVLLOP' 'WEETHEART X'lVAClUl'S . . . tlui one worrl that llcsurilwcs Nlarian Horne! When Marian appears nn the wane. all nlalc lnovement cnnlcs to a standstill. An art major from llnerun. Georgiuf Xlarian has varied in! tervsts from men to Sports! MARI HDR E 6163 .1 o 'f 1 x 'f' NY' 0. M -"" ,.wbm'.aUIi ill, , 1 X -sp' A f 15 MIR arf!-Q, , Qtzfgvi .fa '5 Q G31 ,gil 1 ' A J 11424 "wit ' . 5, 5, f g .. V 'V v fe! Qi' 4 ,Ci 'M' Rf? A ,wwf 3:2 Q Tm 5? il. n. f C -1 . 4 1 1' l I 5 5, I MQ , c 4? .M A fl r l Ain.,-3. X ,, A ", was of Q av. ,,., 'if' 2 N y ,V .,,.A: .j A : kim , 4' , ,Q , ' 1 , ew B14 Jf . -' 11:-if ' w if i " .3 1 f , L ' i f ,f 4 J, , xi! .1 44 , - -is 'Emu " ,r ' if . v , sd ' " . aww t 1, . ,.,, , ,-,X, , 5 MQ? "sa p X , ,M R ,ZA ., ,V - .gf WM, x W-sv f if 4 f' Q 'krf - .fwff ,- -S sm , N1 54" ,. 'Q 1 X 'YM it X ' Q at-Zia P' Q , tx, F. :SQ :Q .,,. '18, lfmior SWEETHE RT .lean's warm lweauty and quiet friendli- ness are reminiscent of the rhythm in a Frost poem. Her beauty is excelled levy her sparkling personality. Miss Hooks is a Secretarial Science major from Sylvester. Georgia. JE HOOKS XSZIOAOWLOPQ WEETHEART Quietness is typical of Jeanie, but there is always that warm sparkle of friendship when she speaks and when she smiles. Jeanie can he found practically anytime with her 'sfavorite beau" with an occa- sional moment out to practice playing her ruh board in her orchestral group. 'The Blue Diamondsf, "9'!'i,,,,X 3 ,VN gg , 'l t 3? A ' 1 Q 5 v HJ f GS' .KJ7 .IEANIE POSEY A' ew ,1- ,, ,Sv v W, ,,,, nf 1 Qc, if 'Q 3 jlf'85AlfVL6LlfL WEETHEART Cute-As-A-llutlfm. Diane lligginlnotlmm has Bolle-lwcauty rccognizvrl lmy tht- Toki-'S and tlrc Campus Canopy. This lnruuelic can be as swf-vt as a sm-icty girl rnuking her clclmut, ur Slw can lw as sultry as a New Orleans torf-ll singer. DI E HIGGINBOTH Ps ......v-4 M, lb' 'xxx 2-. gli-ws .. 1 '-' 'X . ,A A - XX. ' s r av, ...,., A ' -r , ,' 'P -4 mpc. 17? Qu 1 f", X '1 rl. 9- "' -, v .. 4 - ,. 1 1 - 42 1 x-1 1 1 I 0 '17 r 5 f4'Q -4 ,, , 7 . yuh? I 1.-.1111 1: 1f1vw'j:1i14v8 rv:1, A'm1.1f11i4v11i1! ..1nL4.X:9v'4. JANUARY 1960 1 FEBRUARY 1960 1 MARCH' 1960 APRILYISGO ' 1 2 1 2 3 4 5 6 'M 1 2" 3 4 S5 E 1 2 4 5 6 7 8 9 7 8 9 1011 12 13 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 11 12 13 14 15 16 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 18 19 20 21 22 23 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 25 26 27 28 29 30 28 29 27 28 29 30 31 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 1 4 1 f I :lf 'Q 1 E 1 -1 2. 4 'Y if-5 ' .JW w V nk, if- N Av, J nvrff-11 I-"' l ,I N ,,,, , Y -' -'4-f1 1.-1111 16.16.11 cf . MAY 1960 H lum: 1960 1uLv 196o 111100511 1960 2 3 4 5' 6 7 'M ' 1 2 3 4 1 2 1 2 3 4 s 6 9 10 11 12 13 14 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 7 8 9 10 ll 12 13 16 17 18 19 20 21 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 23 24 25 26 27 28 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 30 31 26 27 28 29 30 25 26 27 28 29 30 28 29 30 31 I' - 3 F . -I - 63, v" 1 D -4' 5 3 ' .:- 6' U , ' -3 ' s1:PTl:M8LR 1960 OCTOBER 1960 NOVEMBER 1960 W 1 DECl3MBlQR.l969i " ' " 1 '2 '3 M " " 'i 1 2 3 4 s 1 2 3 5 6 7 8 9 10 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 6 7 8 9 10 ll 12 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 12 13 14 I5 16 17 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 19 20 21 22 23 24 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 26 27 28 29 30 25 26 27 28 29 27 28 29 30 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 PUILISHED lY TAU KAPPA EPSILON, VALDOSTA STATE COLLEGE, I960 1+ I H, i lil H PHC CII' jli' . tr A 37" ' N" ln ai still' airrziv ul 1-mn wliliini. ln-ziulilul llizim- lliffffin- ka a 1 r I ff 1 ' . lmtlium was vrnwm-cl Nliss X511 lfuli-mlur liirl ul l'Nr4l. I. . n 1 1 . 1 . n I fs. - - u " ' X DIZIIIP. ai l'rvslimmi N'c'i'1'turiul 5l'll'Ill'!' major lruiii Yul- J f y flnsta. luis simw' lwvn svlm-li-il i'il'l'SlllllilIl Class SXK1'l'll1l'ilX'l sa ' Q A5 :xml was in tliv llmm-vimiing Qui-4-n's liuurt. C ilillirlx' luvvlx' irls mini wlml in this annual cw-nt Q mn- , . . E5 l I M Hy Suri-el by lau kappa lzpsilun l'rali-rnity ami ui-rv yluflgf-rl y Q mi ilu' lmsis of pliotugvnii' quzilily. lll'ilIliy. poisv zmrl per- i snnality. Twelve lucky girls arf- sclcrtcrl tu zulnrn ilu- 'l'l'iKl'i ' 1 X lialvmlar as pivturml nn llic- npposilc- pagan 7 . 4 - 1 i l 'ug' . i ill W , l ' 1 i l I i sf, 5 , 'Jlil A -1 ,, fav" ' a I i' My I l yi A l L i l A i P' ' a li ' - , f N E ' TKE Presiclenl Levis DeWeese crowns Diane, l96O Miss VSC 5 l I X l -.J , ' Calendar Girl. 1 g r X 'X 1 L 1 ,1 1 is a 4 I i . W K ll A kg t L V A V il Q ll V 1 l ' f av A Top five conlesfanfs, lei? fo rigl1+: Mary Carrell Smi+l1, Bar- Q if-57 -- -.. bara Walker, Diane Higginbollwam, Nancy Raines, Faye 1' 'N Fussell. rx V 1. s!! xx V' A x if' OH fo be o col Ill -L 2 lwfaloafa ,Sicufei 70 Ea! .lreaae Mary poses in her on-campus outfit. MARY DICKEY WINS TITLE Mary Dickey. a Valdosta Fresh- man co-ed was named 'CBest Dressed P as l Dressed for that "special" daffa . . . Whether she intends to go lo a party, shopping or 'lo a movie, Mary is dressed for il practically any social evenf in A this lovely suit with fur collar. Valdosta S+a+e's I0 Best Dressed are caught by our quick candid eye at one of those in-formal moments, llefi' 'lo rightl Peggy Crew, Jean Hooks, Charlotte Chapman, Mary Diclrey, Sonia Suffon, Diane Higginbotham, Alice Kay Johnsfon, Nancy Raines, Emily McBride, Mary Carrell Smith Girl on the VSC Campusl' by the Campus Canopy. She was chosen from a field of nine other eo-eds. Valdosta States Best Dressed. Photographs of Mary were submit- ted in March to the editors of Glam- our Magazine, sponsors of the na- tional eontest to choose the "IO Best Dressed College Girls in America." This was the purpose of the local Contest J! 'F f ' 2 . .ff3P1.:i-Zh xg an I' tu-5. 'N- ,ggym ' 1, 2" 36.541149 ff: 'wwvw 5 V ,-is X A X iw t K em fyxafm-nyfq K 1 ff . " ,f X I1 fl . X' , I V 1 'll 7 'W' wx .11 'f 529 .S-:Izzo X XX g1M424Z.g i '?'6' ,,zgJj 1ei':!5!5-"uV.!,f4A I Xrgiib JJ 'wr.:vZj' ffyfffff' if, s- 4' 2 ff Y' In ' X -ffffcf::r, f WW W! , , ,,... .0 4 ..,,,,g f 413 --- .---...ral .. - nA .. .----.1 'Ji nl 1 1 Q f grow. '4 . ZIHW w ,n'1uv-- .X 1, 'ww 1 M j'1'u' Y I 2 'i pw - -sn 0'1- S11 U 1 '14 in 'Y 'rf' 5, ..V ,W ..,,, . 735: if an 3 . , ., , Y . 4 ,Q , 'L I Riff I 6 4 Kaz 1 I Y 1 A of IDR. J. NQXLPII TIIAXTON f sl X I3 ' I L ,. ,K l . .J.. UNK.. PILU. ' J I I'l'SI.f14'l1f With :1 kvvn fc-mo of humor and ll hfrivndly . . 1 - 5 .- SX In-llw ln l'W'I'X'1llIl' Ur IIl'lXlUIl IQ l'Nll'l'llll'tl In-vhlx' Ivy ull. stlulm-111s :xml flH'lIIlf' zllikv. 'Xlwuys mindful nf Un- ITIWYIPIPIIIS uf HIP QIIHIUHI and willing to go 5' "thai vxlral INIIU. Vvrhups foruvlllng vuur umm- at ws lvul allways l4t'IIl4'llllPl'I'ilIQ ilu' fum-S that han' 5 lvvvn fznniliau' In him. l ADMINISTRATION IS ESSENTIAL A S1-xvn auluminislmliw omvcs working Six days ax me-4-la km-p tha- 1-ollm-gn runnin, II le 'e If If 4. sIllmmlIllN. IMA llull. the illllllllll I1 llum lvuilmIing. l1ul1se'stI1cofIim1-suftln Ill! uh nl the .'xl'iIiIl'lllIl' IM-gin. and tllv stuclf-nt Ivzmk wllivll ig im'o1'por:1te-ml into OHE1-v mul IIUIIlI1II'UIIl'I'.4 UfII4'v. TIN- Iwo col'r'n'spnmliI1fz oflivvs. lllo Nc-gislI':1I"s mul Pulvlu- lim-lutlmls Ufhm-cs, lllfllfill ilu lmla nl his pnrvnts. IIIHI tlmsv I1I'll'I1lIS lmvk hmm' .-Xlso lmwallm-:I ln tllls IlIIlIlIlIlg IS thx ll: in of XICIIIS IIHI4-1'. TIN' Ill'llll of IIB Iovulawl III 'Iglllvx' Hull. thc llppcrrluws wom- ff on s dormitory, In the S wrw Hull iQ thc he-allth sc-rxivo, stuill-ml In thc College l'hx'siciun and the foll1,c, Nu: 4. -Q ,,...4 MR. SHE.-XLY F. N-If:C0Y B.B.A., LL.B. Comptroller NIR. DON Emcusox BS.. MA. llirfctor of Pulzlif' Relations mc n Ufhu I "1I""'3 DR. J. A. IIIIRIIENBIQIICISII AB., KLA.. Ph.lD. .'lCIlIl!'fTl1-I' Dann ADMI I TRATIO gs- .,,.: - - '.r----ow-- -..--7 , 1 ,- 1 , I - 1 s""3l'iof-ffl-' Jvsgf" ' l A . - f A . . JM M.. Mahi. ' 1 A' -. ' :- ,if- fv - I ., 1 25.3 . " A l V , v an -' K? if J-ln? 11" -. L A,-,l ,f sfxx J? . ,. MRS- WILLIAM NI.TI10mS Du. J. CIz.x11.u1WM.I, Nlns. juli Wxsuxmxma AB. AB., MA.. EfI.II. AB.. ILS. RCW-Slfflf Dean of .I1011 Donn of llvvomen l Q I . 15.1, ty 1 ' 1 .4- 'x . :ff A 4' I ' 1 N Miss I,lI.1.1.xN I,.X'I'TEIiSON NIIQS Timm IIXVH!Hlf,Ix lm, Ihm1:r:'r I.. Su up AB.. IIS. in IMS. All.. ISS. in IMS. XIII. Lillrrlrlfzn .'lXSI..YlllIIf l,I.lll'IlfiIlfl Iff,ll."',- l'1l1,Xl-Vlbfjll J F r 4.3 Wi" Xl UU Y"""m"q"N Xlne. NIXILl1lllIEHI.XNll Mus. JOSEPH S. Nlumox NIRS. NIARY H. ROGERS Hf""""" ,!,w,wt. lu Cfmzplrollvr Sl'i'ff'fllT-Y lo Il1el'res1'z1enl RN. 4 - z. ,fa-ig 'Y College Nurse vs IK Q r". 5' w DMINISTR TION V X Xln. XlL'nmY.lo1,1.EY llllfIflg'I'f. Slzulvnl Center ,iefanx Q 'YN- ZZ? Ni Mus. Nlrmm' .l0I.I.EY Mm, A, W, Q1'11,LuN Xlns. J. A. Scoxnzns MRS. JANET S. NIAYNARD qlsxl. IIIIIIIIQVI' of HlIUA'SfOI'!' llouse llirvelor, .ffslllrfy llall .'1SSI.SfIlllI l,I.CfI-ll-1171 House Dl.l'l'l'f0T. Corlrerse HHH 1 I House Uireclor. Reade Hall f? Xe- Q. 4 -,wb ' -1 "" . . I X V Q A r . f ' XII:-. lim' rc ll. Alone- Xlns. NI xm Il. tinmm MHS. Rusmlo NlcioT1u MRS.LOISH.-NN1'O1eiK lmklfznl fn ilu- lung!-.Nfflll Sf-1-rwlfim In ,ll'IlIll'lIll4t' lh-un Spf-rf-lfzry lo Cnrrzplmllvr Sl'f'l'l'fl1f'-YHl1l1UC1'S,Ifl'f St'1'fI'lIII'X In K4-gislrur fill UUR FACULTY, THE NUCLEUS OF V. S. C. Besides being dedicated to their johs as teachers. many of our instructors are interestecl in other aspects of life hesicles the intellectual and the acacleinic. 'l'hey enjoy parties and movies just as the student rlocs. They also like those precious moments hy themselves when they can think their deepest thoughts. But most of all. the faculty is a friend to to guirle us in a all, particularly the student. as they strive way that our lives might he useful as wc go out into life. The teaching stall of YSC, the faculty. consists of some -13 members. under l-l- department heauls. The various areas of study inelurlc: Art. Biology. Business .Mlministratiom Chemistry. Education. History. Nlathematics. l.angruag.'e. Music. Physical Education. Physics. Secretarial Science, Sociology-Social Wlorli. and Speech. 'T-I DR. NIARJORIE CARTER Miss WIISTER Cook B.S., MA., Ph.D. Professor of Biology AB.. NI.A. Assislanl Professor of Englislz ,g-.N I 'im in NIR. J.-UIES DfXI.IiS lla. Ilxmn lux xii. B.B.A.. NIA. HS.. l'h.IJ. .flssocfrlle l'rofe.ssor of l'rf,ff-,swf of !jl,,-,,,,'.1fy ff, Accounting 1 l QA 541 -I MR. l.Eli0Y Bmzcofzx B.Ed.. NLS. Associalc Professor of fWfllllC'lllllfI-CS ami l'l1ysz'cs MR. EDWARD BEARD AB., MA. plssisnrnl Professor of Sociology MRS. LEE BENNETT A.B. Instructor in Art Q - fr, S. fl? J .3 i ' if W -.1 3: 4. l N Q. f V, f l I MR. C.-my CoLsoN BS.. MA. .'lSSIiSHIIIf Professor of l'l1y.s1't.-nl HIIIICUIIIOII If - . J x -6-I ,V x N. ,. N Xhc. vi'll,l.lX'tI fiilltltll NIS.. NIA. ,NIH'lill,l' ,'l'UfiI'.X.NIIl' of Hislorrx ? al: 4. .1 cvs' IU' ,K . 4 . V' 1 D 1 'E- V Q., E4 F' QW' N ln X ,,...-. O Dir. CLYDE tIoNNEr.I. i HS.. NIS.. I h.IJ. 'lSS!i.Sfl1I1f Professor of Uiolowy 1 F. .,.id5Qn nf X T Nha. Ilox fQIiI:l,o1k l3.S.Iffl.. Xllffl. l,NNIiYfllIIf l'l'wlir'ssol of l,l!IlI'llf1i!lll flllf! l'.NlI'!lUlIlQt ,M A., 1, . A .Q A jg 'U PF , K DR. HAROLD GULLIVER B.A., A.M., Ph.D. Professor of English as ngggbiil - T . , .- ew w-gi, . " ' 1 QL 'V' E,-, .V 'wif 4- W... 'Vw '-fs ffm I -I , V A . if X . W? 6 I, 1 -. - . -7 .1 ew 5 EQTIQZNQQ .I A2 .gisffi jg .V-I 1- .,v. Tw . 4. 'YA .1 - JY MR. MALRICI-3 LINDALER AB., M.A. Assistant Professor of Clzem istry 4"'t ' ,GK r 01514 W: ,fs ,W I I A 3 MISS EI.N1lY-X Nl4:KNI5EI.Y NB.. M.A.. NIS. Assistant l'l'0fl'.YSltl' of Secretarial SVI-1'lll'!' I A f A 0 MR. WILLIAM GRANT MRS. BARBARA HUTCHINSON B.S.Ed. A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Assistant Professor of Physical Eclucation. Education FACULTY ,Q--u. MR. CLAYTON LOGAN MR. JAMES MARTIN B.F.A.. NI.F.A. A.B.. MS. Associate Professor of Music Plzysics Associate Professor of wut, 105 W7 ' -A If ' 1 A-L,'TrN11: I' 5' if A Q gif' I -' Y' 5 JAWS I C A 3 sign. f liz. . - P I f . ' It A. pix' A MRS. BIJTII MIIRAE MRS. I.I'1:RETIA NIORGAN A.B. B.S.Ed., M.A. Assistant Professor of Instructor in Englislz . fllorlern Foreign Languages 38 'Hs VPN 51' , ,hw MRS. CORRINE KNIGHT B.S., M.A. Associate Professor of Education IUW .-.T l?,i5 nuff if BARS. MATILDA D. NIATHIS B.S.. M.S. Instructor in Physical Education DR. BEATRICE NEVINS Ph.B., Ph.M., Ph.D. Professor of Biology tl A V EQ -52:1-In ,if V ' ' 1 NM? , v .' K N, 11' ,ni V 4 ff --' . f--sr' A ' f" X I ix 1 ' 35'- XQ-vyf J x V Q? 1 P ,.,, ,- ' , .K A r A' 4 I A 1 " ,il 2514? V. 6 1' f A: ' -F YN . 43 ,f x y K. . - Q., ' ' " , f , , t ' A J? A MRS. GERTRUDE G. ODUM MR. JOSEPH W. PEMBER MISS MILDRED PRICE MR. DOUGLAS S. ROBINSON BS., A.M. A.B., M.F.A. AB., M.A. A.B., M.A. Associate Professor of Associate Professor of Associate Professor of Associate Professor of Business English Art History Administration and Economics FCLTY 118' and , ,....-af I . Ae 35-. R A M1 I .4 ,f: Q. f auf' s . A53 . A g.. 0, .4-'fx ' ' S f l ' vw' -- .-if , "TF - ' 8?z'gix .iY E., 'A ', ' A 2 - --. 'x . .f f-AF' " '15-+ 'i?5'6"'ff":4 VAC, 4 F T'i72'ff . 5572-L Q f . ,I :-IES . - .5 1. -.QM7,,:.' qu- 5 I-. 4. - , A 1, E .: .iv . f MISS SARALYN SAMMONS MISS LOUISE A. SAWYER MR. WEBSTER W. TEACUE -'lk -,yr R -nl? DR. SAPELO TREANOR A.B., M.A. BS., M.A. HM., M.M.E. AB., A.M., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Associate Professor of Assistant Professor of Professor of Modern Secretarial Science Speech Music Foreign Languages X3 MR. JOHN G. YOUMANS MRS. MILDRED EVANS AB. Secretary to Department of Instructor in Physical Education- Education 39 NOT PICTURED DR. BYRON S. DAVIS, B.S., M.D. Professor of Medical Technology MR. THOMAS L. GRAY, BS. Assistant Professor of Medical Technology MR. SANFORD CAMPBELL, B.S. Band Director The Christmas Tea The beautiful Christmas tree . . . iff ef 5 J, -'aff' We see you Martha Sue . . . 'a WH: Students look forward to Homecoming in the Winter Quarter, graduation or the end of another year of school in Spring Quarter, but in Fall Quar- ter there is something even more delightful for which to look forwardememhers of the faculty and staff fete the students with a Christmas Tea. This is one of the more outstanding social events of the school year held just before finals in the college dining hall. All the planning. decorating, hosting, etc., is done by the faculty. No assistance is given by any stu- dent as members of the faculty entertain us in a splendid style in a Yule atmosphere. Coffee, assort- ed sandwiches, nuts and fruit cake were among the many refreshing delicacies. All this planning and work seems to prove one thing-the faculty loves and appreciates us as much as we do them. First 'time around . . . may come again! Looks good . . . from here-'twas good, 2 ,.,,m. . Mi 35 X if 1 s, f M 11,1 ragga, . J X i - X M Af 512115, .. '- 40 Q '-5"f"l,J13 X ,"fOY'3Z?96izii:gn, X lx wx:-Qfwdiwaw-1411, ,Qg.lX'-Lieggixgghj, "If-?:'j'f:'i'-" X., 6 41 il: -, - 'J 'yrs-.fra I E' ' '-elif : fig, I I. f 4' vw' 1' f ,Q Y Y 72M Il ACTIVITIE W TDET GO ER MENT ASSOCI TIO The Student Government Association plays "May I?" with the administration. The old game ends and a new one begins with the spring elections, but SGA is never uit." To help keep the proper balance between the comedies, dramas, and the tragedies of life while at college, we have a Student Government Association. The SGA, as it is called here at Valdosta State College, is the governing body for the students. And to insure good government, it has rules and regulations just as all governments have. The SGA, however, is not a police force. We also have a good time at VSG. The SGA plans dances, our annual homecoming festivities, and other social events throughout the year. As a member of the student body, you are a mem- ber of the student government association. The Student Government Association is designed to help all students in all possible ways. JEAN HOOKS, Secretary JOHN JACKSON, Treasurer W .4 . fa, 1 ii Q , hx xr V . 2 gym 4.9 'Vx 's x. Y ,. .wg Q x H., ,H , , .rg r , ga kr ' I '99 M, 1 F 3 . I lx , Y xi ,'7f55,':2g,A Seafed, loft to right: Judy Whorton. Freshman Reprosg Kay llomingos. Dormitory llf-pros.: llot llarrffll, Svnior Dormitory Ropreag Xlrs, .low Wiswnbakor, Advisorg Robert Byrd, Freshman Boys Repres. G A REPRESENTATIVE John Baskin, Town Represq Barbara Monk, Junior Class Girls Repres.: Patricia Luke, Girls Town Hepres.: Tony Corso, Junior Class Boys Hvprcsg Douglas Parrish, Senior Class Boys Repres. iff i 4' if '42 433 PEJBMCATIONS mfr W - .i'a.iX'iN0 to ,ii it XX l EMMETT TAYLOR Editor 1960 PI E CO STAFF EDITOR'S Nora When it comes to evaluating the Pine Cone or tell- ing how hard its staff members Worked all year. this hook will have to speak for itself. Only the end prod- uct and its reception by the student body can really be the proof of the staFf's success. We are indebted to all those people who have helped us to make this JACQIOE GASIQIN S Business tllflllfltgfif - ,Y xv :Tl . A -yfxfsg 0 f f'!! 5 annual a success, the students, the organizations, the advisors, the faculty, and especially the photographers. We have made a few changes which we hope will be accepted as we move toward progress in making the Pine Cone better year by year. EMMETT TAYLOR. Editor JO RABUN and MARJORIE BROOKS A ssociale Editors . . xlxlfi I X f , 1 if 'CP ' I A Qfrislfgti fx Y' xp, Ns-f Sa X. l ""7,g,M.gG-v . I f ,,,gn-l"- illlnn f Seated: Jerry Straughan. Greeks Ed.r Stanaling. iff! to right: Rachffl Norman. Carole Lee. Photo. Etlitors: .lov Wvhh, Sports Ed.: Mary N 5 ' rs Efl.g Nlaxino liogistcr, Evatures Erl.: ,lorornc Clegg, Erlitorial Asst. fnot picturedl. Anderson, Organizations Ecl.g Marilyn Qizemore, ,onto Cearpd- Jody Wise-nbaker. Copy Ecl.g Standing. left to right: Julie McNeal. Art Erl.g Sue Kr-mp. Stall: Eugene Cravitt. Photography: ,lPI'l Cl Ed. Vinson, Class Etl.g Gertrude Berrie, Staffg Toni Steele. , ass ' . f'A3.,',tiww 4,,, 46,5 'Wiz 'Q 'gvxs if "'-Nr K MJ 45 lu 1, K, jg af f , gg. up -11, 5" . , 1: 1 ' 'A 1 Ja 4 ampua Glamupg xgrv 4 I l 'ill - ix Nfcwam 1907 'W 3-11- ..w-v'f""""""'in 5 , ft if 5' .iw '51 - I E: A, -K 2 P1 A 'Ig 0 -4 F11 , 2 i r 1 l a r i 3 4. W. ...... Q saint! gi: 'll'- we " ig fb, M x ,,,,,n.,.i ,-fv5r'9f'f- , , jp . , L C.. .. 4 , 635' y gt , 'J The voice of the students underwent a metamorphosis this year, much to the delight of the student body. News and feature coverage received the accent, but anything that would interest the student seldom escaped the eye of the editor or the staff. Each issue boasted a pictorial feature, the Co-Ed of the Week, which appealed to the male interests. A member of the Associated Collegiate Press, the Campus Canopy is the bi-monthly newspaper voice of the students here at State. The Canopy strives to keep its mental as well as physical door open at all times so that all will have the right to express themselves to an open mind. MR. DON ERICKSON Advisor Associate Editors l LAMAR PEARSON and DILLARD ENSLEY I .f i 'R '.z -T , iii I SAN DRA NILAXSSREY . . . Sow-ia-ly Ifmiilt r STEVE QEYITS .... UIISTIIVFS Nlfillflgftl SANDRA I'rX'Iq'I'II,I,O . . . News Editor RACHEL NORMAN . JODY WISENBAKER MARY ANDERSON . FAYE HOWELL . . DIANE COWART . Reporter Reporter Reporter . Typist . Typist -3 EUGENE CRAVITT . . . Photographer .TOE WEBB 1 TONI STEIiI,lC BEN FORCE ,wi LV .Q IQELSIQY KEMP f ' ' "t1"'tC" KITTY fffll'l'ACEI ANNE POWELL I EMMETT TAYLOR .... ffirvulation tnot pif'lllI'lfiTl BILLY JOHN IHUIIES .... Layout fnot pic't11I'm-fl r MARY IJICKEY .... . I7f'a1tL1I'eS tnot pictured! 9 - S i at UN Lf" Seated: Virgil Lee, Vance Mathis. Pres.: Joe Webb. Stuart Summerford, Bill Nance, Charles Daniels MINI TERIAL ASSOCIATIO The Ministerial Association is composed of the pre-ministerial and ministerial students at VSC and all other students interested in full-time Christian vocation. The organization is formed for the purpose of furnishing a medium of fellowship and co-opera- tion for the students, and to enhance the spiritual development of the students. ,au 'UN , Clyde Harris. The purpose of MDC is to aim toward a useful and mature man as he lives in the dormitory. The council tries to build friendly relations between the men students. This council is com posed of the elected representatives of their dormitory. M N' DOR ITORY COUNCIL ,mf MENS DORM COUNCIL- Left to right: Dewey Hulsey Larry Waters. Jerry Han cock, Arthur Forehand. we ei' .445 ,, I is f , diff Ki 1 2 Q . i 2 t Q 1' 'M' Left to right, sitting: Beverly Tumer-Treasurer, Faye HowellfSeeretary. Carolyn Thriftf-Assistant View President, Leslie Browns Vive President, Priscilla BusbyfPresident. Standing: Betty Lou Roebuck. Gayle Dean, Saralyn Drinkwaler, Nliss Hambriekfikdvisor. Pat Tolar, Carole llart. Latrellr- Reynolds. Y.W. . . The Young Woinenis Christian Association seeks to unite the students in the desire to realize a full and creative life through The WRHC is made up of all women dormitory students. The a growing knowledge of Godg to give each one a part in making purpose of the WIQHC is to regulate the dormitory student's life this life possible for all people: to seek to understand Christ and to follow Him. Every girl is invited to become a member of the YWCA. As the governing body of the organization, the "YM Cabinet governs. is .M Q7 for the good of the majorityg to develop a sense of responsibility in each student and to encourage and provide opportunities for the development of leadership among the students. . R. H. C. was ' First row: Leslie Brown, Sans dra Pattillo. Back row: ,lo Seagraves, Dorothy Harrell, Virginia Lamb. C7 CSP 1 I 'Sag ,...,4..-mJpQ" , 9- . at-1:r'!:f WN --ae: M , ,emma-N 214. 1 ffgiglgfiftf- 'ff Fee l lfff fri riglifg llilllii-tt lfnsliiy, lloiwlon Tellilvlli-rx flail P, Skilis, Cayle l.ukf-, lliianii-it Forti-, Carolyn Thrift. Laura Nell Bowen. Charlotte fiihapman, Jimmy 4 , - li-iii-, mwofif! ron: l'hillip llillaril. Nl--llia l5+'ssiiigf'i'. livin' ll'-al. Nlartliti Nlilxix. lolton lhintt. LPH CHI The Alpha Chi is n national society whieh is math- up of the top ten per cent of juniors and seniors of their respective classes. This makes up the Active memliership. A stuflent whose average for the linnl three years of college work ranks in tht- upper tenth of his or her Class is eligihle lor Crafluate memq liership. The purpose of this organization is to encourage scholarship and stimulate interest in academic activities. Eligibility for membership for Freshman and Sophomore students implies an average of 2.33 for the hrst two quarters of the first year. For an upper elassman, they must maintain this average for five quarters to remain a member. This club sponsors an Honor Day. S GMA ALPHA CHI lmll In riafil, firm! lou: Nlzirtligi Nlelflroy, Sanilru lfoi-il. limi-i'ly' Greene. Szinilra Hussey. .SVVUITII rnzr: ,lnaniee Forte. Dr. Nevins. ii1'fZQY Crew. Gayle Iiilte, Tiffin! roi, 5 tniohil tLninf-r. Nlartlin Nh-li'-xr I.4ini'a Ni-ll ltowf-n. lfozulfi rout lfelton Thrift. William Km-nt. Ct-ne Deal, Phillip llillaril. Dillarml Ensley. Q.. au, -NMR, di-fi' , YS. 3? -ff si 1 A X . X , My i ,, pf, fx .s ph 'U-5. grin, Q ff Q17 First row: Miss Sawyer. .lo Rabun, Marge Brooks. Second row: Joe Welolu, Jo Seagraves. Marilu NeSmith, and Jerome Clegg. LPHA PSI 0 EGA Alpha Psi Omega was organized as an honorary dramatic fraternity for the purpose of providing an honor society for those doing a high standard of work in dramatics, and through expansion to provide a wider fellowship for those interested in the college theater. lt is intended to take the place of the reg- ular dramatic club and qualified students are asked to join. The Sock and Buskin Club is composed of students who have an interest in the theater Whether before the footlights or be- hind the scenes. This club presents all of the campus dramatic productions. The purpose of the club is to attempt to create for that great illusion-the theater. OCK AND BUSKIN Left to right, first row: Marge Brooks, Marilu NeSmith. Gabriel Saliba. Jeri Vinson, Carol Vick. Second row: Emmett Taylor. Saralyn Drinkwater. Jerome Clegg, John Massey, ,lo Rabun, Jerry Waites. Third row: ,Ioe Webb, Barbara George. Jackie Nloore. ,loyce Thomas, David Clyatl, lfmilio llorro. 'fm 4-,xv 2 f .ai If ladniitt args, ' , ew' my . C . , I X ,,V Y , V 1 vs . QI gy? .5 , . - , .i i y 1 2 Q '3 l 'A . L ' 1 , fs , ,Q t y f 'mia' L i f i ll, V V , m 1 Elia il QI inf I 'w V - fix . f , 4 1 , V1 i 433 'Q . wx 4' KW' ' 1 1,5 ' ' Y 5. 4 ,-v 'WW Q' i x t Q 1 KE i L I , o 5 1' 5 vi 6 M' , Q if if Left to right: James Eunice, Joe Rossman. Eugene Gravitt, Jerry Waites, Dr. Wall, Miss Hambrick, PHUTOGRAPHY CL B The Photography Club is open to all students and faculty members who are interested in photography. ltis primary ob- jectives are to provide for its members opportunities to learn the basic elements of photography and to exchange ideas and criticism. Creativeness is the keyword to the English Club. lt strives to stimulate positive interest in all phases of literature and the allied recreational arts. The club is composed of all English majors and minors who wish to become a member. Others who are interested may join also. The club criticizes and advises and enjoys doing so. E CLI H CLUB Swrzfml, len In riglzf: l.alrvllf' ll:-ynolfls, Connie lillllflll. Gail Key, Cail Skilvs. .N'lnml1'i1g: lfniilio llorro. Urs. Uilum. .Mlvisorz ,lf-rome Clegg, Miss ' ' i ' ' ' ' l Full IJ in Look, .Mlvisorg laminvtt Taylor. ,lt-an Lulpr-pper, lfarbara lztlwart s, 5 an " 'Sw' QS: 'Fi C-'J' Qui tf-vw 1' 71? Y-7' 15.4 7 ff A A ' I awww 'mv it V 'gmymw if mm Standing: James Eunice, President. First row: Mr. Martin, Advisor: Royce Cammagc. Robert Waters. Secretary and Treasurcrg Emmett Taylor, View President. Second row: Wayne Welch, .Ierry Waites, Virgil Lee, ,Ioe Webb, Steven Vaughn. Third row: Ira Dent, John Mcllillan, Clyde Harris, Paul Webb. MENS CHRI TIA ALLIANCE The purposes of the lVIen's Christian Alliance are defined as follows: To promote Christian faith, work, and fellowship based on Christian learning and following Christian ethics among men students, through which endeavors the membership may share in the knowing more of Christ and making Him known among those with whom we shall be privileged to associate. The BSU serves as a link between the school and the church. It encourages students who are members of the Baptist Church or associated with it. Its program seeks to provide the college student with activities that lead the student to a deeper sense of dedication to God and to a constant awareness of Him in our daily lives. BAPTIST STUDE T UNIO Sitting: Faye Howell, Treasurer.g Carolyn Thrift. Carolyn Garner Phoebe Humphries, Sandra Massey Secretary' Carole Hart Julie M N I S I , t c . . , ct ea. ,ancra Patlllo. Standing: Randy McClain, President: Wayne Welch, Beverly Turner, Royce Gammage, Virgil Lee, Betty Pace, Eugene Brisco, Advisor, Betty Gibson, James Eunice. T""'v'-'s-,SN .tg Q sz v-1, it t-- .-1' 'iflls '. , J 7' 1 'e fftsfg e 1 '7 V lg 0: His S Q 45- i, 'LJ' f J- ' J ty, 'lt Seated: Nlr, Logan. Director, Standing. first row: Kay Domingos, Barbara Walker. Judy Kohler, Vivian Veatch. Second row: Stephen Vaughn, .l0lF1Il Haskins, Bernard Brown. C. B. O'Neal. ERENADERS The Serenaders are a Vocal ensemble made ua of four men , , . . 1 . The VSC Glee Club IS onen to all students who are lnter- and four women who perform before civic clubs. schools. radio . . . ' . . . . . . ested in singing. They present during the year a Christmas and television audlences. The members are selected for this . . program. a Spring Concert, and various other shows. They also take a Spring tour over the area of South Georgia and North Florida. group for their outstanding music ability. Left to rzfsht. Hrst rrne: Patricia Hunter. Vivian Veatch. Lyda Ferguson. Ca rleen Bell, Barbara Langley, Jane Johnson. Beverly Turner, Webster Teague, llireetor. Serorzfl flue: Carole Lee. Kay lloiningos, Sue Kelltp, Lynda Ferguson. Betty Franees l"ref-man. Becky Brinson. Sallie Touchton. Nancy Stein- berg. Thin! rote: Carolyn Garner. Judy llammond. Patrieia llerrington. Judy Kohler. Betty Pace, Arden Nan Bishop, Lucy Proctor, Clara .lo MCClamry. Fourth 1'u1t': Wayne Welch, Stephen Yaughn, George Bennett, David Melton, Philip Barr, Randy McLain, Jim Vamer. XJ J-H ,..,,.- I ..,L"'l-A Left to right, first row: Saunders Carwood. Connie Baugh, Lamar Pearson, Mrs. McCloud, Dillard Ensley. Second row: Miss Price. Dee Nloney. Beverly Greene, Sue Wright, Mr. Beard. Third row: Eugene Gravitt. Errol Sewell, Virgil Lee, Paul Nic-Collum, Michael Singletary. Arvel Drury, Phillip Dillard. I T ERNATIONAL RELATIO It is the purpose of the International Relations Club to help gain a more intelligent understanding of world afiairs. Students interested in this subject and whose records are acceptable to the executive board of the club are eligible for membership. The IRC endeavors to deal with topics of national and inter national significance in an impartial manner, always endeavor- ing to search out and appreciate the truth of each situation. i The Circle li Club is sponsored hy Kiwanis International, and it is the only eluh on campus with international affiliation. working with the local Kiwanis Clubs. They sponsor several worthwhile projects in the eoniniunity. They have weekly luncheons with an outstanding speaker. I TERNATIONAL CIRCLE K Left to right, first row: Lester Duncan, Dillard Ensley, Dewey Hulsey. .lean Hooks, Sweetheart: ,lim Broxson. Mr. Logan. Second row: Clint Drannen Bernie Brown. Lamar Pearson. Doug Parrish, John Haskins. Danny Hart. Tfzirfl row: Nlarshall Black. Arthur Forehand, George Dennett. ,loc We-hh. Tommy Sessions, Wayne Carrick, Willard Grilhs, Michael Lal-looil. u,.- fy- L+' .4 .4 . asf. -' N gl , ' f t fi f ft it ...W ,N V ., t Pk, ? i z 4 , Ji SECOND.'XllY4Left to right, first f0ll7f Nlary Slade. Carolyn Carner. Wlartha Nlacliey, llf-cca McGraw. Vonnie Williams. Marilyn Hughes. Second row: Bexerly Crt-t-nt-, .lf-an Culpepper. Mary Antlerson. lit-ny CiljQfbH. Pat Harrington. Lawanna Carter. Third row: Mr. Gerlock. Sandra Massey. Wayne Carrick, Bill Carter. ,lim liroxson. Klrs. Knight. DUCATIO The Education Cluh is open to all students whose majors are elementary or secondary education. and to students in- terested in working for the education and well-being of chil- dren. The VSC chapter is a part of the Student NFA organiza- tion in the state and national level. Monthly progams are lfl.ENllTNT'XPYf L A ' 'I . i- ' l " ' - ' ' Q Q CLB centered around practices in all education fields. and the raising of standards of the professional training for teachers and leaders in the educational fields. A project is undertaken levy the club each year to further the education and welfare of children. x eff In rzgzt. fry! ron. liauia Nell Down. .loyef ltolnnon. .andra Ford. Margaret Davis, Peggy Crew. Jeannie Posey. Second row: lit-be lx:-y. Priscilla llusby. Carolyn Garner. lit-tty Pact-. Nlargarwt Cook. Carol Xiek. Sancy Smith. Third row: Sandy Touchton. Grace Moore. Betty Aflttlm, Xlary Holland, lxfilllll liirtl. lieu-rly 'l'urnt-r. .lane Sannnons. Fourth roux' .lo St-agraves. Pat Tolar, :Xnn lilackshear, Carolyn Knight, Sandra Pat. tillo. Mary Carroll Smith. 'E' .-ig S- 1 i . gn ia r 'v . ,QLTQZQ 3, S 5 4 get '21 P-UF pf Q!'?sz:vx-M... A lmjl to right, seated: Helen Zeigler. Vice-President: Dorothy Ilan-f-Il. Pr:-sill'-nt: ,lean Hooks. Sw-err-tary. Sffllllllillgf l'lobt-rt Baker, 'lire-asurvit Nliss NiCNf'1'ly and Nlr. Dales. Advisors: ,lalncs Eunicv- lla-port'-r. FUTURE BU INESS LEADERS OF AMERICA The VSC Chapter of the FBLA is composed of majors and minors in the field of Business Administration and Secre- tarial Science. It gives experience to its members for serving the faculty and student body and for work in the future. The purposes of this club are to promote business education and training among its members and to provide social. cultural, and business experience through club activities. This club strives to present a better understanding of the prospects in the business world of today. These students are the ones that will make it possible for everyone to run their businesses with less trouble. Left to right, first row: Frances Bozeman, Helen Young, Hai-tie Paine. Nlelony Gray. Dale Vickers, Patricia Luke. Serond row: Jim Stevens. Royce Gam- mage, Kiev Stone, Carol Ann Langford. Clara Jo NlCClamry, Charles Corbett, Jan Rogers, Jimmy Wiggins. Third row: William McDaniel, Doodle Hall, ' ' Q Kelsey Ixemp, Ben Force, Bill Gooch, John Henry Dau-. 'glide ' 'I J ADVISORS-Seated, left to right: Mr. Babcock, Dr, Carter. Dr. Wall, Dr. Nevins, Dr. Connell, Mr. Linflauer. Standing: Nell Sangster, David Clyatt, Jean Pace. Hazel Young. Judi Robertson, Angelia Terry, Martha Harrell, Thomas Dooley, Jo Hitch, Wendell Anderson, Mary Lou Coleman, Connie Baugh, ,Ioe Hoses. ATH-SCIENCE CL B The Math-Science Club is composed of students Whose majors or minors are either in biology, chemistry, physics. or mathe- matics. The purpose of this organization is to promote interest in and a clearer understanding of the sciences which are so vital in this space age. This club is an outstanding one on campus and many students participate in the activities that it sponsors. The advisors are the professors that teach in the areas of science and math. ln this period when so many of these people are needed, it is good to look at this club and see what the people here on the campus are doing to help better the world. Seated, le!! to right: Hugh Mclntyre, Emmett Taylor, Carolyn Thrift, Barbara Langley, Marilyn Sizemore, Judy Kohler, Jerry Strunghan, Bobby Hurt, Robert Waters, Bill Holt, Lester Duncan, Jimmy Allen, Felton Thrift, Jimmy Carswell, John Fountain, Bascum Haulcrson, Moody McDufiie, Larry Waters. 5 PM Pl5u...,, ,..f,.am,,,n,,, MW V " - LJ X I, ,--...T Qs ...N IW- tr' I QQ Q if 'Av .5 Q' V Q 355, Q wsu b , A fit' . 7 'pf ! . am, s 1 li ,,.- F r-X i x 2 vf' N , N z ff 4, 1 1 V' f f ' 'Sw' z 34,4111 3267131 f WMV gust:-2414 X ,flgafax xv 064:11 X ggX1ggi9?f24v'as-was-1 'A hmwvwuawf 5 'i Q.g1l E ' g if I5- :qw l .N G, v 'JJ bf, sv..-4 1111 i,4p-If-'I '. lit , 'ff ff Qs " ' f12?WMVMSwr2w M V f - fbi: M f' 3? ! 59 Q.. -.3 T' z 'Q 'QV' 53315 WWW WI i BSI if Mi TH ' ' " 'H " F" , , X .1 E, ifhv , I -'fs 5. so f 4,1-1 i-.Az -1 1-f. l V - ,, . ,.. -. A Q . ' 23.2 'f'n...!t -. WL, , x L I ,y , Ti K A - so f. x'j'?i, 5 Q fn? ' i f t A if 5 . 5, li Q Q l s i, 95 H I COACH WILLIAM GRANT COACH CARY COLSON THE '59-60 REBELS The VSC Rebels got off to a slow start at the beginning of the 1959-60 season. There was plenty of talent on hand even considering the loss of Jerry Studdarcl. the scoring whiz of 1958-59. Perhaps the slow start Could be attributed to playing away from home for the hrst six or seven games. but Coach Colson at last found the combination and the team went on to finish in style. Left to rzbht John Melntyre, Charles Greene, ,lim Melvin. Steve Kebler, Jim Nichols, Buck Ethridge, Doug Parrish, Max Stephens. Hansel Faulkner Willie Hunt and Tim Vinson. GU . n JIM NICHOLS JOHNNY McINTYRE J .- DOUG PARRISH BUCK ETHREDG JIM MELVIN 1960 VSC REBELS V TIM VINSON W. 3,-f '.." N 1 -': fmlflif f' , :mw- if , f ft.: .-ff. ' '41 91,92 ' , S4 , f fl' . , Ig, , J . 1' j rug' V. , Y I , . ,S I . MA Will if? Melvin under pressure. Wide Open! Faullxner in The air. Go gel if, Buclrl 59 60 S ASO 132 jf . ff., ' . Q V W3 Parrish will scrap under +l1e boards. Kneeling, left to right: Mary Slade. Sugiv Carroll. Willy Coleman. 'Nlarilyn Hughes. Sfflllllllllg. left lo right: "lint" 'lll4lIIlOTf", Sue Wright. PGIIHB' Williilllw Margaret Davis. Baseball this year was under the direction of Coach Williani Grant. Having a line nucleus of veterans and a generous supply . . .. f ekh, bldtliRl.lcth tt . The Cheerleaders battle many odds in trying to instill some 0 TOO leg ella 6 le eye Q O ave a greg mason iliiiliiiijnltoaltlsleslsxlrlillint hody. They deserve credit for their deter- Left to right, first row: Dewey Hulsey, Emory Mobley, Lamar Pearson. Willartl Criltis. Hansel Faulkner, Jimmy Harrington, Buck Ethridge. Serond row: Doug Eason, Tommy Thomas, Jerry Norman, Jimmy Brock, lid Mitchell, Jerry Greenwald. Third row: Coach Grant, Jimmy Allen. Kise Stone, Doodle Hall. Bobby Hurt, Tim Vinson, Johnnie Mclntyre, Jack Tichner, Charlie Green. rl QW Q0 ,f 'usp Q! -,. vf 'off' an K if we 'eff lil! -' ,fl vw- -,za . 1415, 3 - , - fggzjagifsgnm-?esN,:z:.y.:Qf.-: x p Eiiffiil' 'fl 1' ,,,. gn ' -1255rva,-92,.,isyr?5Zg'g1f'LF-F ,f 1,3 ' w W a ll ll ll ll F 4 W.: :r.- U V-mp, -7. Y ,. A , ,5-sf mf?-i.v"1v:5f:5:wr-M-' - 4 f' ,, wik i A L . -f- ..' flag 1, mv' JH., mn ,Q ,M 41. ., QQ A as 'P' H. 'YYY Y' ,F J ay, '5:F"'21 Q 'WV Y 52 4 --,gh Anyone for a swim? wifi K1- THE CHHJI 0 SPURTS Hurry girls, you're lafe 'lo class. , 1 , I W ggi, f: 4 , 'N N , , j W .2 Y' Q W V .4 sf 5 , 1-., A Buck's deadly iump. V.S.C. Weigl1+lif+ing Team. s - A A ' QV "'41"9 y K , '-af .57 fc A-V-f-QI, -1-'fe , ,I , y .13-rags.. is 3' ,I 1 , jp 'y Q wk XR.. f S if . X is , 'g 5+ x -Q tw 6 5 3 an Pg ,gift ,ix vs 'X QA .. 1 L-H 1 Buf Mrs. Maihis, I fold you I could'n'f swim. ,Z Wm ,M ' f Front, felt fn right: Holi:-rt Waters. Fugit- liarroll. .lane Chapman. ,lann-s Jennings. .lainvs Sniitli. .loyvv Xnn Tlionigis. Rwfzr. lv!! fu riyfifx Penny Willitnns llal Wprlf-V, Xlargit- liroolxs, Willy llunt, lflizaln-Ili lirooks. flulirial Sgililnu, llivurtlo l'vr1-L. llLilllN liillvn. llnrolxii Xlvtm-, Xslilvx lit-uistcr. llaiilxn lluulnfs. Danny Hart. i D Q B The l,CttCI'Il'I3ll,S Club encourages participation in lnter-col, The Dance Club is composed of students with a talent for dancing. It offers an opportunity for instruction and perform- legiate sports, but most of all it cncourages student support of these sports. ance. Each year the club presents a recital. B First row, left to right: Julian Williams, Dewey llulsey, Fniory illolnlf-y, Lamar Pearson, Doug Parrish. Second row, left to right: ,lolinny Mclntyre, Mikf- La Hood. Buck Ethridge, Gene Peacock, Hansel Faulkner, Nlr. Douglas Robinson, Sponsor. 5'llu--a' U5 3' 6 't Q i 'T i f"f"' . . Wm ,M .8 , ,,. QQKY .ahhh f 0: .,f. -. 'Q 'J-C' M -S. .1 ' . 'A as' '4 ' 'W' it w . ,xx fx ,M . - '- 3 Af . at g y, W at "Zhi 'et .1 - Q. , . " V ,. , ,, , r , , ,gr . t- s , 1 Q , . 1t..u.,f.,. . 1 .3 . ff Q, ,,1,,,o 1 1 W ' we er , 3, ,,.v,r?.'.i,'- 9 Qiiew-.5-5, M 'Qu' ,'.' ,'. 551, At' 'T ' U J' ' ,Q '4 'N 125. 'i X l'1,'-'ffi7t"f. " t,".'4,f, "2'44f4'1'wTQ "2-I-:f:5':i:v. ' ' ' 0.42" " " . ' T li " 1 I-'JV i H .lid 'tra' M!v'?:.g"Lih,r 4 .fix yr. r 7 I ig , F I. ,A 1:-'c.'f"f,L""'m' -K, 0' JM, . . - - ,, , f, rifw cigugf' ww 9 ' ' 1' Y." i N ' ,XXEI f ,V , lpff: 3 Q. f 'f"""4 ii Q 5-Psgtnfagt-f'?', ht, V . 1, ss, . 'fax q ef,-., ' U. Y - fr 7-'ff' 'i'af'1""f 1 ' .1 , - . " - ' ' i ' " ' ' 1. 1-,I ', Y'-40 ' '5 .. .1 'V is f .. " , ,GM',K,Q , ' iw' F V .ng A' i ii'-'K ,S , r. " f " 3, - " -'-ii?','2?v,flQ if j . zz is f' ., - f -ff Iv J 1, 5 ., .' X ' .. Y - . B--sr 32 'gp "-'ASQ e in 1 . " vb 3- V , . - t if - N 45 1 kt f -M f ' , - V 1:43, ,EQQQQ A r a- I , ,J f . 7 . , "' , I A5 .f , , A 4- if t ' l 1 A-'ia N, fa. N '- 1 - 1' f .,.. , i n W I 3 1 V L an H 5 5, 4 in 6 A as .., V - V 5 if i W an X , -'S f , - VU , Ak kv N K1 is if Nw! i , tr , I JF' J 4.15 first rozr. left to right: "Dirt" Tidmore, Robin New, Louise Wight. Hal Worley. Ada Leigh Reynolds, Betty Merritt, Bill Oliver. Vonnie Williams, Judy Whorton, Sm-4:1111 mir, fwfr to right: Martha Sue Bragg, ,laekie Nloore. Sandy Smith, Marian llorne, Sue Wright, Melone Gray, Linda Little, Carol Smith, Mary Frances Richardson, FINS AND FLIPPERS Formed to promote unity and interest among swimmers. the Fins and Flippers has been a very popular organization on campus. Each Spring quarter the members are responsible for present- ing a water show. A theme for the show is selected and developed by the members under the direction of lVlrs. Harris Mathis. The Sports Club is made up of four teamsg three sororities and one independent team. It is a friendly rivalry but never let it be said that one team is better than the otherg they are all tops. This club leads to healthful living and helps to make a well- rounded college student. PORTS CL B First rozr. let! In right: Nlarilyn llllQ,ll4'S, liebe Key, Nlartha Sue Bfliilil- Nlrs, llathis. Sf-fwzfl row. ffft In righlf Samba Patmo' Sumlffi HHSSCY- JXNHPUG CPP. l.ilt Xtlinn-. Heil, y,,,l.-I-erin, .In Xnnt' Wm-rrltaikr-14, tlarol Nil-k. lonnit- Williams. Tlzirn' row. left to right: Elizabeth llrooks, Mary Carrf-ll Smith. Jan Wells. .luriivv Taylor. .lean Post-5, Peggy flrew. Norma l,ou Nlaxwf-ll, l,aRae tiourson. Aliw- Kay lohnson. Margaret Corn. Jo Hitch. Nvqxx ,pr t , ,, 1 lint ls Jr fs -.,q.,s, , lX'.iu- ff T- T . ,, fill vt mfr- at - i The GREEKS INITIAT E .fe 4'1" -r"""'1" ,Q .31 Q, as 1. .if - VIRGINIA LAMB, Greek Goddess and TOMMY SESSIONS. Greek God Fun was had by all at the Greek Letter Dance! fuiuiunmts if ' 1 K. ' Paul Fisher and "The Autumnairesu provided splendid music for the evening US From the sprained smiles and electric atmosphere of rush to the l-gotta-niake-my-grades expressions of finals, Greek influence is becoming more and more evident on the VSC campus. This year the fraternities and sororities banded to- gether under the leadership of the IFC and Panhellenic Councils to initiate a new activity on campus, Greek Week. Competition is the life blood of the Greeks and this was exhibited in a good spirit during this week of competition. fun and fellowship. A song fcst and skit contest was held on Friday night, November 13, followed by an Olympic Field Day on Sat- urday. Activities were enjoyed by both groups as com- petition becarne keener than ever. Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity and Alpha Xi Delta Sorority walked off with the gold ribbons for having won the most events. Saturday night, the Greeks crowned Virginia Lamb as their Greek Goddess and Tommy Sessions as their Creek God. After dancing till midnight to the music of Paul Fisher and his orchestra, the Greeks held a church service on Sunday morning in Pound Hall Auditorium with Rev. Saunders Carwood delivering the morning message. The spirit and competition of VSC's fraternities and sororities are irreplaceable assets of the campus. As proof, the camera catches the Greeks in action. . . . is A r Teke's answer to the Kingston Trio-through Fraters Taylor, Vaughn and Brown. MGREEK WEEK" at VSC 1 . an- AW A A- Y YA ,LJ ,L .L A , .L-.4 t , sri rl . Alpha Del+a Pi presen+ed 27 shapely sisfers as lhey raised lheir hands winning for fhem +he sororify division of ihe song fesl. Fralernify, sororify, IFC and Pan- hellenic heads gel' fogelher for a formal pic+ure af Greek Dance. .....9--""' i 'NQQPFA ra , 6 S N- li' ' ' '. l y 5 . 'iJf"l , The Tekes won fhe fraiernify division of 'Phe song les? in fheir presenfa- lion of "Swee'lhearl' of TKE." Info ihe creek during 'Phe Tug-O-War! . , if I A OFF +hey go on +he IOO yd. dash. ,hr l W. 1- -' is -Q . 6 J L 6 I. X i .w,,w,.Lf,, r Zu! -11" W Sororiiies compe+ed in an Egg Rolling Coniesf. z.,, ' The sack look! is . -uw I , 1 9 at 5 15 .lv if ii , ' i Kp I eff' ii' I J l Left to right, front row: Penny Williams, Secretary: Sandra Massey, Patricia Luke, Dorothy Harrell, President. Back row: Virginia Lamb, Beverly Greene, Carolyn Knight, Laura Nell Bowen. Vice-President, Jo Seagraves, Treasurer. HELLE IC COUNCIL The three national sororities here at State form a wheel which keeps the mechanics of sorority life run- ning smoothly. Acting as the hub of this wheel is the Panhellenic Council, which sees that national and local rules are observed. Unless one is a member of a sorority, she may not be familiar with this inter- sorority council and its functions. The Panhellenic Council is composed of the Pan- hellenic Officers, two representatives and one alumna member from each sorority-Kappa Delta, Alpha Xi Delta, and Alpha Delta Pi. I TERFRATER ITY COUNCIL The fraternity men of VSC in order to form a more democratic, efficient, and understanding governing body to represent, lead and unify all fraternities to decide and act for the fraternities upon any matter involving the fraternities, interests established the IFC during Spring Quarter of 1957-58. The IFC invites all men to become a part of fraternity life on campus. Left to right: Levis De-We-ese. TKE: Emmett Taylor, TKE:UTony Corso. Pi Kappa Phi, John Jackson. Pi Kappa Phi. Treasurer: Jerome Clegg, TKE, PFCSI dent: Tommy Sessions, Sig Ep, Secretary: John Basklns, Sig Epg .lim Broxson, Pi Kappa Phi: Knot pictured! George Bennett. Sig Ep. .S 70 Gamma Mu Chapter of Kappa Delta Sorority was installed on the VSC campus in May, 1953. It was formerly the local sorority Zeta Chi. Kappa Delta Sorority is known from coast to coast for its fair play and genuine friendliness. It plays an important role on the campus by promot- ing friendship among the college girls, en- couraging education ancl scholarship, and promoting social interests. The social ac- tivities of the sorority include Greek Letter dances, house parties, Al Frescos, Found- ers Day on October 23 and participation in the Greek Week activities which began this year. i l J . 'IQ . ' ""' Tyii 19t,"'J 1'9L'1, tak -- . - . , c 1. . ' Y ft. .41-"?.dvf-:T.H-tl-,.,.,t,,Q,,g1?: 1,1 ve, -f ' as-1--,g,'!'r--c:-ff: 4 PLEDGES-Left to right: Elaine Fallen, Brenda Taylor. Nlargarr-t Davis. Dali- Vickers. Linda Little. Second row: Lirla Carroll, Lyncttf- Cason. Martha S. Bragg. Norma Lou Maxwell. Jean Phillips. Third row: Betty J. Stephenson, lieth ginderson. Carol Smith, Jackie Moore, Bonnie Waterhouse. KAPPA DELTA Gamma Mu Chapter SISTERS-Left to right: Sandra Massey, President: Virginia Lamb. Vice-President: Beverly A. Greene. Secretary: MQW' S111-le, TNBHSUVPIZ Harlan Horne, Sue Wright, Bebe Key, Jo Ritch, Louise Wight, Jan Wells. Paula Vance. Mary Carroll Smith, Sandra Forrl, lxay Donnngos, Leslie Brown fnot pictured? Terry Meeks. K ' ' ,i , . ,t 'iii-'iiiilll!lll!llll!!!!'!!!!!::iMg 71 5:5 V 5 N , V J ti, . Y i in Ah, rl 5 ' 511- ' 4 'x J X wiv' f 5 I. s V1 iv ' n v ' I I I lil l N Intl ffm, ltulmlll N. xv, lullx Xll'IIlll. lamltnv 1 out-on. l'.lIlillll'llI I .uz.1mouf. imi l,txI4.r 'sfwmfff fora' Xnnv- l'owvll. .lf-unit' Poswy. Nltllif llivlt--x. Kitty Xi, I-X l..lm-1.iw, I'-ggi triw. llargqutx funn. ,laniw laylor. lnot pitllm-dl lm I ll'lC4 N ALPHA DELTA PI Delta Theta Chapter llc-lta 'liheta lifliapter of Alpha Delta Pi was the iirst national sorority to he estalwlished on the Campus of Valdosta State College. Sigma Alpha Uniega sorority was founded as a Colony of Alpha llelta Pi on Deeemher I6. WSIS. This group was installed as a Chap- ter of Alpha Delta Pi in Klay. V753. The open motto of Alpha Delta Pi is "Wie live for each other." Alpha llt-lta Pi takes an aetive part in campus ar-tivities and aids earh memlwer in enjoying a rich. well-rounded life during col- leffe davs. The colors of ADPi are lwlue and L . white and the flower is violet. f'u.'ffl.' ,Io Nnugraxts, lxI'l'NIlll'Hl1 Xlarlw Smith. l',lLllIl1' Stumlslull. Ilayl-' l.nkf-. llarilyn llnglivs. iillllilfll Xlf-He-v. .lullx lows, tlinna I i inn 1 INN-.1 NI-twin.. Im: Iiflmm.-. Iglifgtlwlln Ivroolts. ,lop l.Hlll"l. Saiiflm Paltillo. IM- llolwrl-oli. Pgxtrit-ia l.l1lxf'. Penny Williams. .lnwly I mlm a t N tg 0 N. . v'.'a.5',.?,'3 I" Y! A '. L . Alplia Xi llvltu was kmuvii an lla-ltai Xi l I 1 x . I. wlivn it was nrgiiiimwl ml ilu- XM, VLIIIIIPIIN in , . . -.. , V. '5H,"fS,' Q ilu- bprmg nf l'7.n. It lwvziim- hqinimgi X1 V 4 . . . . - 4, Lliaptvr ul .Xlplizi Xl l,l'llLl in l'l.vI3. -.1 ' k - x f Tlimigli Xlpliu Xi llvltzl is tlu' vmiiigzvit f 1 . ' ' A r fa., ' I 4" social mrnrllx' mi vziinpiis. it ll1lN liuilt ll strong -J ' . -' I Q' , i ne, . ' . n J V .14 x I4, i Y ,Xi vliziptvr tliail line In-vu um' ul tlir' rims! aivtivv -I - l ' xx orgzziiiizutimms un viiiiiplu. It fn-aiturvs many ' projvvts illill zirv of intl-rc-st to tln' stumlvnl f lmcly as wi-ll Ili I0 its riivriilu-rs. :Xlplm Xi llvlta SlzmalQ for sinvvrc clvwloplmiit of ill ir artcr. for liigli stzimlairmls of svlmlzirsliip. for N ' wlmli-llvurtml inlvrcst in r-ullvgv ullziirs. :incl for wliulvsuine sm-iul liliv zllmxv rvpruzicli :mil .1 , vriticism. 'Ni 'L Q 5 l X . SlS'I'l'lIS Sl'IlfV!1, fr!! In flfllff In-r llzirrfll. l'i'-ill'-mi Ni-iu1.i Qu!!-iii, X-f r'-Livxg lirillqi lI'1lg.l". , Uflll Xf'llf'Ln hull lx:-5, Nwivtiirxi 4.1111-lxri lXIllQlll. l.iur.i Nvll llfmfii. X111 l'i1--iflfiilg lam llvwlv, VliYl'Li-llI'f'l'Q ifminif- ilmlw. ALPHA XI DELTA Gamma Xi Chapter v-3 1 - i ' 4 ."' ' ' ,, -. . i 1 A n 1 1 s A xi , l'l.FUCl7S Se'fztvu', firsl mu: Nlurtlia llgirrn-ll. ,lziniw IM-tvfll. l'1ilri1-in llv'I'I'lHQl4'lI. lmlx Wlifirinri, Sw-1:1111 M145 l':ilri-'izi llunlfr. l,.l11lL1 lliril. llffwilx "l'- Ill ' l' ,1. 'Q . ' , 3 r ,. QR 7 ix . l fu e l if ' , i .13 fi'y.V' ,f A5 ffiffil' i 323' , . 4 rl," 5 '92, ' 4 f ' - . X I 4 ' ,rl L it-"'5'9""5" The local colony of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fra- ternity began its activities on campus as Mu Alpha local fraternity during the 1952-53 session. It became affiliated with Tau Kappa Epsilon 'Emi National Fraternity in 1955. The first Creek letter fraternity on campus, Mu Alpha was in- stalled as Zeta Nu Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon on January 17, 1959. A member is not chosen for his material wealth, but for personal worth alone. The broth- ers sponsor many social events throughout the year not only for themselves but also the entire campus. Such campuswide events are the "ML 1-1 and Miss VSC Talent" competition, the Red Carnation Ball, and the '6lVIiss VSC Calendar Girln Beauty Pageant. Above all else, the Tekes stand for men. SPONSORS-Seated ffloorl: Betty Pace. Ginger Cornto. Mary Slade. Seaterl, left to right fsofaj: Kay Domingos, Barbara Walker, Nancy Steinberg. Toni Steele. Standing: Margaret Davis, Lynette Cason, Carol Clark, Nancy Raines, Diane Mullin. TAU KAPPA EP ILON Zeta Nu Chapter ., 3 t as . .gf , I A f . 1' ' ' if L. DeWeese E. Taylor R. Waters B. Brown L. Pearson S. Vaughn J. Clegg -1- Webb Pres. Vice-Pres. Sec. Treas. Chaplain Historian Sgt. at Arms Pledge Trainer ,...-- . . A' to '-A . ., I R. Baker E. Borra D. Ensley B. Force C. Greene J. Harrington K. Kemp H. McIntyre J. Rogers T. Swindle H. Worley W. Anderson T. Thomas P. Webb .1 --f TTZUV' J J' f A . it D. Newton W. Beach J. Gornto R. Rozier R. Shaw R. Perez PENNY WILLIAMS Chapter Sweetheart The Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity began its active campus life in the fall of 1951. Since then the fraternity has played a major role on the Val- dosta State College campus. For the benefit of its brothers, Pi Kappa Phi sponsors activities throughout the year, and for the benefit of VSC the fraternity sponsors campuswide events. Orig- inally Filii Fortunae Fraternity, it was installed as Beta Tau Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi on January 17, 1959. 4 1 1 .n ll Left to right: .lean 110014-. lillI'llJ3l'Ll Nlonk, l.oui-1' Wight. .Xrflfn Yan Bishop. Nlurthi Sue Braff PI KAPPA PHI Beta Tau Chapter J. Jackson T. Corso R. King W. Carrick J. Stevens K. Ferrell Pres. Sec. Treas. Sgt. at Arms Chaplain J. Broxson T. Barfield M. Black R. Byrd D. Bennett .gl . ' - X ff'-wfmavy gsafn' C. Corbett D. Fell L. Mosely D. Melton C. B. O'Neal H. O'Steen A. Register awk J - if ..4I'. '.G' ' f' or fl. l :1 1 3 Eg . 5? . t i t I, 4 f M. 1 MV' SPONSORS-Left to right: Virginia Lamb, Diane Higginbotham, Barbara George Peggy Crew, Patricia Luke. SIG A PHI EPSILO , -o. 'ww n 5 Q 'K ., .M T. Sessions W. Criflis D. Parrish J. Baskins Pres. Vice-Pres. Treas. Sec. sv igvliigv, ,ef . ir? 'T ., .. ai ' t 5 J. Bennett L. Bryant H. Brooks W. Dasher 7 W' '-va -sa 'ZIV I , A 5? 1 L. flriflis B. Holt B. Horner J. Hunter 'Z J. Moses C. Norwood G. Saliba T. Wood if The Sigma Epsilon Colony was organized in the Spring Quarter of 1954-55 session. The purpose is to provide a fraternal organization of ideal concepts and dedicated to the welfare of a membership made up of top grade men. These men are chosen because we want them for themselves alone and not because of their wealth, social position or outstanding abil- .Q ity in any certain field. Sigma Epsilon Colony em- phasizes scholarship and an active social life. They plan many activities for the benefit of the brothers and VSC. -t "xf:"Q s1 , f 5' , fix..- v t'tV . if D. Brooks J. Anderson J. Arnold G. Bennett Historian i-'Q' fn? Q1 H. Denkins B. Etheridge J. Fountain C. Coodloe B. Hickok M. LaHood J. Luke J. Mclntyre P. Wyatt f 4 Y I l 3 IJ" My ff,-al 6 4:3 f Q Q , scxisqgalq 1,1 I '0 f ' f Qvg'x9qfo'vJI 3 f Io! fvvozdddgi 1 t Q X Q 5- , Q' ' f-2,79 T W ff 64,1 , , W W' lip-ft ,,, ,,'Q1,g,5 Ilaurg Nr-ll Bowen. Secrvtaryg Dvwvy llulsvy. Trvaillrvrg Ce-nv l'vaCOCk. WCC- Prewilla-nt: ,lm'1'mne'- Cla'-gg, l'rf'SlLlr"nl. ani . -46" JL.. The SE ICR CLASS 1960 CLASS OFFICERS PATRICIA HORTNIAN ANDERSON Docrun. Ca. HS. in Flvnwnmry Fflzzcalion lfflu0:1lim1 Clulw l. 12, fl: "Yu Calwincl 'lrvasllrfl-r 2: Alpha Psi Orncga 3. JOHN WII.I,IANI li.-XSKIN. JR. Naylor. Ca. 13.3. in .'l1'f'0l1flfI.7l:L' Svrvnmlvrs :xml Ulm' Clulu l. 2. 3. -ll: lfirvla- li fl. I-1 l7l3l,A l. 2. fl. ll: Sigma l'l1i lfpsilun l"rz1l1'rnily fl. Sw. -l.: llfli ll-1 Slmlvnt ll1lX'l'l'lHlll'lll Town Hcp. Al: Wlml NYlm Al-. N 42. CONNIIQ ll.-NWN Br-XIUII . . Nlmillriv. lla AB. in .llnfl1r'rr111!1'1's. ilinor: l',ilIylIYlI Matii-Sviviivv Club 2. fi. 1: Hifi fi: liirlllllfll Canopy Stull' IS. KAREN BELCIIIYR .... Yuicioslai. 12:1 8.5. in Se'r'1'f'lf1r'1'11l .gl'I.l'IIl'l' Fins and lflippcrs 3. 29- .Ns 135 1 ff' W4 'U' V3 BEVERLY ANN BLACKSHEAR . Blukvly. Ca. B.S. in Elrvnentary f,'1l1u'r1l1'on LAURA NEIL BOWEN . . I-Illfiliiil. ha. HS. in Elvmvntary Ellllfllfllflfl Transferred from Cc-orgizi Stair: ffnllf-gr-z Sigma Alpha Chi 2, 15. Yic-1'--Pri-S. 14: .Nlpiiz " ' Vluln '7 " I' Chi J, Prcs. -1-1 Edl1CZlllUll , ... -r, YWCA 3: Alpha Xi Della Surnrity 2. Pr:-Q. fl. ll Xi f Pre Vice-Prvs. -1: Punlicllcniv fjmim-' 3, V1-g WHIIC lfirsl Xirgc-Pri-S. 13: 51 Classg Vfhcfs Who 4. V., . -rx Sl'Ilif -dv I I 1 --sn- ,IT DAVID ii. BENNETT . . . Wiziyr-rww f 1 HS. in 'll'1"UII!IlI.fI!!' ansfvrrvfl from South H-uw gf: in -L JOHN iAW'lN'iNf1E BISIIHI' . firm-in ill BS. in Sl'l'0IIfllIfj' l'.i!!llI'IlfI-H11 ri V91 -.JV --. f'f ar MARY Pl-tIStfIlI,I,A Bl SBY . Nloultrie. Ca. HS. in EICIIICIIIFITQI' EIlllf'llfl'07I Transferred from Norman Collemf: Eduea- timi Chili: YWCA, x'i..-t-.ilm ga. 11211. it Bsl' CHARLOTTE ll. CHAPMAN . Alhany. Ca BS. in EIl'IIlClIfIlf.Y f,lfIlll'fl1I'OlI Alpha Xi Delta Sorority: Alpha Chi: Educa- tion Cluh. -ef ii i i at MARJORIE ELMA BROOKS . Climax. Ca. AB. in Hznnanitiess.-lr! Olee Cluh 1. 2, Vice-Pres. 3: Sock and Buskin Club 2. See. 3. Yiee-Pres. 1: Pine Cone Staff. Sports Editor 2. Assoeiate Editor 13. Ali Sports Club 1. JAMES C. BROXSON . . . Colquitt. Ca. BS. in Seeonrlfzrj' Ffluealion Circle K Club Pres.: Dormitory Couneilg Ed- ucation Cluh: Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity Chap- laing Student Government Pres. 4: Vt'ho's Wlio 4. ENIORS . . . 7 -'09 HIPS' -.di JERONIECLEGG . . . YVayneshoro.Ca. .A1.B. in Hunzarzities Pres. Soph. Class: Sock and Buskin Cluh l. Pres. 2g Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity. See. and Treas. l. See. 2. Pres. 3. Sergeant- at-Arms sl: Cirele K Cluh 1. Board of Diree- tors 2: Pine Cone Stall' l. Assoe. Editor 2. Editor 3: MCA 3: Rep. to Student Cov't 3: TRE Rep. to IFC 3: Alpha Psi Omega 13. Cast Stage Manager and Vit-e-Pres. sl: Canzpzzs Canopy Editor 111: English Cluh 3. 4: Whos Wlio 4. DAVID CHARLES COHDETT . Lakeland. Ca. BS. in BllSI.770,S'S .-lrlm1'r1z'.9Ir11l1'or1f fffeorzoniies Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity Vice-Pres. l. JOHN STACY CUTTER. JR. . Macon. Ca. B.S. in Business fiCllllyflliSfl'Clfll0fl--EC'0f10fTliiCS VVILMA JEAN CULPEPPER . Lake Park. Ca. B.S. in Secondary Education Education Club 2. 3, 4g English Club 4. . . . OF 1960 K GE., ' 5, l , Q K li ' ,K x f f wb , . ' 'W - . i JR fs if IRA DENT, IR. ..... Douglas, Ca. A.B. in History Minor: Sociology-Social Work JIMMY BOB DEVANE . . Madison, Fla. f1.B. in History. Minor: English It :gg N' ' L 8 , S ' w z F 4 " 'f V :'., , uw.. tk 2, 'wa N ff' 4.. V5 H17 -- fl-fl - JOHN HENRY DAVIS . . . Valdosta, Ca. BS. in RIIRZVIPSS AlIl7Il.l1I'SfI'fIfI'0II -Economics Future Business Lf-aclers of Aincrir-3 4. GENE WALTON DEAL . . Hinesville, Ca. AB. in Ari. Minor: ,llatlzmnalics Sigma Alpha Chi 2. 3, -lf: Alpha Chi 3, 43 Campus Canopy Staff 2, 3, 114: Thispaclians President 2. MJF' 1,351 f' ,11 ...f... V A was 15 CAROLYN DIXON .... Screven, Ca B.S. in Sodology- Y Social Ilnorlf fllinor: English 'Iranslcrrcd from Young Harris Colle-gc YWCA 3, 41. WILLIAM AIIVEI, DRIIIIY . Valdosta. Ca f1.B. in Englislz. Ilinor: llislory We HONII-IR LEVIS DEWEESE . . Alma. Ga. B.S. in Biology. Minor: English Nlath-Science Club 3, Vice-Pres. 4g MCA -lg BSL 3, Council 43 Tau Kappa Epsilon Era ternity Sergeant-at-Arms 3, Pres. ilg IEC 4: Circle K 3, 11-. BENJAMIN DONALD DIAL . Manor. Ca B.S. in Biology. Minor: Chemistry SENIORS . . . M5235 sw? 6, , Sill? 'Y .5 ,. -. . 5:22 . New LESTER SEELY DUNCAN . Quitman, Ga. B.S. in Biology. fllinor: Chemistry Nlatlr-Science Club 3. -la: Circle K Club. BARBARA B. EIUWABDS . Aflairsvillc. Ca. B.S. in Seconrlary Erlucaiion Education Club 3. -lg English Club lg BSU I. Vice-Pres. 2. DILLARD DEWEY ENSLEY . Sparks, Ga. B.S. in Secondary Education. Sigma Alpha Chi 1, Sec. 2, Pres. 3g Alpha Chi 3g Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity 1, 2, 31 BSU 1: MCA lg Campus Canopy Stall 1, Editor 2, Assoc. Editor 3g Thispaclians 2, IRC 1, 2. Vice-Pres. 3g Education Club 1g Circle K 3g Who's Who 3. JAMES HAROLD EUNICE . . Lautey, Fla. B.S, in Business Administration-Economics Transferred from Middle Georgia Collegeg MCA 3, Pres. 41-3 BSU 3, Co-Editor of The Key 3, Vice-Pres. llg Photography Club, Sec. Reporter 41-5 FBLA 3, Reporter 4. . . . OF 1960 4' 392 . 'ew 'v ' , ,i , . .V 7 . fi Q- xr. .wr its f ., K qi Q -2325? Y,-4ig,,,'rg,,yg ,1f.1.,5, ' W' - 1 ww:.z'f?e:1 at , f " wiv fi' , ,mi ., tqt. , f 152-.-,f-'. :5.,.ff.f. 4: 1 :-, B 'a pa., rf . W-.,y,1.4.!,I ,A 0.15. ,KK . ff.. .1 . , y ur, 1 Y 'gf -1 ..--11 JAMES HANSEL FAULKNER . . Sparks, Ga. B.S. in Accounting KENNETH FERRELL .... Cairo, Ga. B.S. in Biology. Minor: History Filii Fortunae Fraternity 1, Pres. 2g Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity 3, 1Lg IFC Pres. 2g Dormitory Council 3, Math-Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 3' BARBARA EVANS . . . Hazlehurst. Ca B.S. in Biology. rllinor: History RUBY JOYCE FARMER . . Valdosta. Ca A.B. in Matlzemulics. lfinor: English. ,a .ali F,.-we f"?'?,,,.,,wfT f"""' r 'qQ, JIIANICE FORTE ..... Adel. Ca. BS. in ,llallzenz aries 2 ,vi V -Q f fllinor: General Science Sigma Alpha Chi I. 2. 3, 4: Alpha Chi 3, ' Treasurer 4: Whois Who 4. EDWARD E. FOUXTAIN . . Nashville. Ga. B.S. in Accounting Sigma Alpha Chi I, 2. .v v ANI' I ' 31, f fi- 'I I V 0 W mf .A , ' . V v. Q 4- 1, 0-w BENJAMIN M. FORCE . . Valdosta, Ga. B.S. in Business A-Idministration-Ifcononzics Tau Kappa Epsilon Vice-Pres. 2. DAVID ARTHUR FOREHAND . Vienna, Ga. B.S. in Secondary Education Transferred from Georgia Southwestern Gol- lege and Middle Georgia College. SENIORS . . . A KATHERINE B. FRAZER . . Moultrie, Ga. BS. in Secondary Eflucalion VVIILIAIVI R. GAMMAGE . Americus, Ga. BS. in Business JIIIIIIfIIl'SlT!Ifl'0f1?ECOflOITITCS Transferred from Georgia Southwestern Col- lege. SAUNDERS GARWOOD . Donalsonville. Ca. AB. in History. Minor: English JACQUELINE GASKINS . . Lakeland. Ca. AB. in History. Minor: English Campus Canopy Business Manager 1, 2g Pine Cone Business Manager 3, 4. . . . OF 1960 MQ' ,xx MS ,, f .Mgr g""I:5 will rf' , DOROTHY A. HARRELL . Donalsonville. Ga. B.S. in Secretarial Science Alpha Xi Delta Sorority 2, Treas. 3, Pres. 4g FBLA 2, 3, Pres. 45 Pine Cone Staff 2. 3: Panhellenic Council Pres. 4g First Vice-Pres. of WRHC 43 Girls' Dormitory Rep. to Student Gov'tg Whols Who 4. MARGARET HANES HIERS . Moultrie, Ca. B.S. in Elementary Education EUGENE GRAVITT ..., Ashlwurn. Ca. BS. in Seconflnry Erlucalion Transferred from Nlidflle Ceorgia College: Photography Clulw 3. Vice-Pres. glg MCA 3: Education Cluhq Pine Cone and Campus Can- opy Photographer 4g lllC 4. Wlll,l,lANl XV. ClllEl7lS . . Quitman. Ga. BS. in Business ylrlnzinistralionf-fEconomics Baseball 2, 3. fl: Basketlwall 4: FBLA 3. 4: Circle K Cluh 3. 4: Sigma Phi Epsilon Fra- ternity 3, Vice-Pres. AL: Letterrnanis Clul, 2, 3, 4. ...xg '1"-- ,Fw - ,.K'4fv.- . . '-rid" "1 . ' ' ifhazm-,,f',2f" aiigag, F Szflgffzf V ...W i u , , , , ,fx 4 4, .. .L 'A ,..1 ,JR up , mg, .,, , ,, . L - v 1 .Vasa 7 3. i if 5 IUIINNY YY. IIOYYAXIITJ . . Sylwster. Cu. WH fbi .WILLIAM RUSSELL HOLT . Waycross. Ga. B.S. in Biology. Minor: History XIARIAN HORNE ..... Doerun. Ga. AB. in Hzznzanizies-fl rt Sports Club l. 2. Fins and Flippcrs 1. 2. 3: Kappa Delta Sorority 2. 3. 4: Photography Club 43 Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity Spon- sor 1. ENIORS . . . HS. in El0111r'11lnry l2illllCflfI'0I1 XIXIITHA I". HOXYMRD . . Sylw-ftc1'.Cu. BH. in ll',ilt'l7It'IIlflI'-Y Ellllfllfliflll Q. 'ff t . as 'A 2 2 , , it BILLY JOHN HUGHES . . Nashville. Ga. HS. in Business nlffniinis!rat1'on-Economics CIIIIIIHIS Canopy Staff 1, 4. ITEWEY' HITLSEY ..... Cordele, Ca. BS. in Secorzflary EJIICIIIIDOII ROSEEVA HIISBANDS . . . Manor. Ga 3.5. in Secondary Education JAMES H. HUTCHINSON . . Hahira, G BS. in. Accounting . . . OF 1960 I , . .A .,k .fl'3. , . 'fx if if X46 ,,,,uvu- ANNA MARION JOHNSON . Valdosta, Ga. HS. in Secretarial Science Glee Club 2, Sec. 3. CATHERINE JOHNSON . . Naylor, Ga. B.S. in Secondary Education. S V,-Aman HAZEL CHRISTINE R. INNIAN . Manor. Ca. B.S. in Elementary' Ezlucalion JOHN DARELL JACKSON . . Jasper, Fla. B.S. in lllatlzematics. Minor: English Filii Fortunae Fraternity Sec, 2g Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity Sec. 3. Pres. rl: Student Cov't Treas. 43 IFC Treasurer 414 Wl1o's Wlto 4. M? -s if ritfm -fi ,,4 'fav-v CAROLYN ANNE KNIGHT . Valdosta. Ca. BS. in Elenzerztary Erlucalion, Transferred from Huntingdon College: Alpha Xi Delta Sorority: Rep. to Panhellenic Coun- cil: Education Clubg BSU. CAROL ANN LANFORD . . . Tifton, Ca. BS. in Secretarial Science Transferred from Abraham Baldwin College: YWCA 3: Band fl: Senior Rep. to Student Govlt -lg FBLA 1. WILLIAM FRANKLIN KENT . Adel, Ca. 14.3. in Biology. Minor: Chemistry Filii Fortunae Fraternity 1, 2: Sigma Alpha Chi I, 2, 3, QL: Math-Science Club I. 2, 3. 4. BEBE RAMAEL KEY . . Columbus, Ca. BS. in Elementary Erlucation Education Club: YWCA: Sports Club: Kappa Delta Sorority. SENIORS . . . 1515 v-aa!!! ul' VIRGIL RAY LEE . . . Tallahassee. Fla. AB. in English. illinor: History Transferred from Young Harris College: MCA 3, 4. JIMMY OREN LEWIS, JR. . Nashville, Ga. B.S. in Business .ilrlln1'n1'slraI1'oneEconon1ics Alpha Chi 3, 4. FRANCES GAYLE LUKE . Valdosta, Ga. B.S. in fU!IfI16lIllIfl.CS Minor: Business Arlrnirzistralzfon Sigma Alpha Chi 1, 2, 4, Alpha Chi 44: Alpha Delta Pi 1, 2, Treasurer 4, Who's Who 4. DON LYONS ...... Valdosta, Ga. B.S. in Secondary Education Dance Club 1, 2, 3, 41 Education Club -lg English Club 3, lg Circle K Club 3. . . . OF 1960 MARTHA WISEMAN NICKEY . Valdosta, Ca. B.S. in Elementary ECllllCt'1ll.0Il Education Club Vice-Pres. 43 Sigma Alpha Chi, Alpha Chi. RANDALL E. lVIcLAlN . . Valdosta, Ga. A.B. in Sociology-Social Work Minor: English Transferred from Norman College. L+-'17 10"- 3 ' ,vu-fa. 5.5, f- .j, ' . . if' rf .df-r'QF' 'V Www . um 'af PAT L NleCOl,LlM . . 'l'ho1nasx'ille. Ca AB. in History. .111-llOI'.' English BECCA HAZEL NICCRAVV . . Moultrie, Ca HS. in Elenzentnry l'frluCnt1'0n SFT' i ,ri TERRY KATHERINE MEEKS . Alma. Ca. B.S. in Sccolzflary El'IllCf1fl'0H Education Club SCC. 3: Kappa Delta Sorority Treasurer: Sports Club: Dance Clulv 1. GEORGE RAY MOORE . . Sea Island. Ca. BS. in ,lccozznfing yllinor: Business xldllll-IZllSfTfllfOf1 ,HU LOVETTE G. MCLEOD . . Lake Park, Ga. B.S. in Elementary EfillC'flll'0IZ GEORGE RALPH NIATHIS . Nashville, Ga. BS. in Jllatlzemalics. flIl.fZ0l'.' Physics SENIORS . . . QNX 'ua 4? r, ' 1 TA: QW JACQUELINE D. MOORE . . Lakeland, Ga AB. in Hzmzanities. gllinor: Speech LELAND SLATER MOORE . Valdosta. Ca. BS. in Accounting ROSARIO NICOTRA . . . Valdosta. Ga. B.S. in AC'C0llTlfl.IIg ANNETTE BRYANT O'NEAl, . . Alma. Ga. B.S. in Education. fllinor: Englislz Transferred from South Georgia College and Georgia Teacl1er's College. . . . OF 1960 OTTIS EUGENE PEACOCK . Aslilwurn, Ga BS. in Biology. lllinor: History Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Senior Class Vice Pres. 4. CHARLES C. PITTMAN . . Valdosta, Ga. B.S. in Business Administration-Economics we N W IVQ LaCOUR E. PARKER. JR. . Jar-ksonvillf-. Fla. B.S. in Business xlrlnzinisfrfzfion-lfrononzIrs Transferred from University of lflorida. DOUGLAS PARHISH . . . Quitmatrlla. HS. in SPFOTIKIIIT-1' Ellllfflffflll Basketball l, 2, -ll. Captain fig Circle K lllul 3, 4g l,etterman's Clulv 12. 3. M11 Senior llep to Student Govlt. lv: Sigma Plii lfpsilon il. Treasurer 4-1 Wl1o's Wlio 4. N-H11 IU IIORACE E. RODGERS . . Valdosta. Ca. HS. in plcvouniing BARBARA JO SECRAVES . Fitzgerald, Ca. 3.5. in EIENZCIIHIVY Eflzzcation WRHC Pres. sl: Alpha Delta Pi Sorority Sec. 2. Vice-Pres, 3. Pres. 4, Panhellenic Council 'lircasurer sl: Education Club fl: Sock and Ruskin Club 31 YWCA l, 2, 3, 4: Junior Class Rt-p. to Student Cov't 3: Who's Who 4. .N f :r ni ,fnhgvf X-,if JO ANNE RABUN .... Atlanta, Ga. AB. in Humanities-Art Clee Club 1, 2g Sock and Buskin Club 2, 3. 4, Sec. and Treas. 2, Historian 33 Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4, Junior Class Treasurer 33 Pine Cone Staff, Art Editor 3, Associate Editor 4. GAIL WOODARD ROBERTS . Tilton, Ga. B.S. in Elementary Erlucation Education Club 2. Vice-Pres. 3, Glee Club 2, 3, ,lunior Class Pres. 3g YWCA 33 Alpha Psi Omega 3 SENIORS . . . 'R'- A-1 a. JG! ' iQ'-...K in-f"l WILLIAM ERROL SEWELL . Valdosta, Ga. B.S. in Sociology-Social Work Minor: History Education Club 2: Dance Club Pres. lg In- ternational Relations Club 3, 4, Campzzs Canopy Stall 33 BSU 3, 4. CAROL JERREE SIMMONS . Perrine, Fla. B.S. in Elementary EfIllfY1fi0Il Clee Club l. GAIL PARRISH SKILES . . Valdosta, Ga. 11.3. in English. Minor: Music Education Club lg Glee Club 1, 2, 4: Sere- naders 3: BSU 3, 4, English Club Pres. 4g Sigma Alpha Chi 41 Alpha Chi Sec. 4. AL STEVENS ..... Bainbridge, Ga. B.S. in Secondary EllllCllliZ.Ofl Basketball 3, Education Club 3g Letterman s Club President 3. . . . OF 1960 r"Y" ,."'j:l"lil' A . - Rig -Q ' ,eau 3' ik' """'w-. iff?" ,gn w CAROLYN LUCY THRIFT . Cobbtown, Ga. A.B. in Sociology-Social Work lllinor:Englisl1 Sigma Alpha Chi l, 23 Alpha Chi 3, 43 BSU 2, 3, 4g YWCA 3, 43 English Club 2, 3, 43 International Relations Club 4. EELTON WRAY THRIFT . Saint George, Ga. 14.3. in Biology. Minor: English Transferred from South Georgia Collegeg Sig- ma Alpha Chi 3g Alpha Chi 4, Math-Science Club Reporter 4. www f-tl, .-it -- ., g:1v,',". izzsmfa ljr., . ' w gf if ' 2. J ,Tie STUART SL'NllllERl70RlJ . llawkinsville. Ga. .f1.B. in Sociology-Soczkzl Work .ll1'nor: History Sigma Epsilon Fraternity lg Clee Club 1. 2. 3g MCA l, See. and Treas. 2: Band 3, 4. JOHN EMMETT TAYLOR . . Barney, Ca. B.S. in Biology. llinor: English Transferred from Nliddle Ceorgia Collegeg Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity 3, Vice-Pres. 41 ll"C -I-g Pine Cone Creeks Editor 3. Editor -L: Campus Canopy Stall 4: Nlath-Science Club 3, 4g Photography Club 32 Sock and Buskin Club 3. fl: English Club Sec. and Treas. 4, MCA 3. Vice-Pres. 43 Alpha Psi Omega 4, Mac, Senior College 1960. Q83 "Qu- .,.,...uv ..p-we ,V9F"7 , w 3' X ff , ' 4 ,fa CHARLES BOOTH TYSOY . . Sparks. Ca. B.S. in Business A117711.71l.Sffflfl'0fl'-EVOIIOIIIIICS FBLA I, 2. 3. JININIY BLRYS WALKER . Yalflosta. Ca. HS. in Business JIIIIIZZ.I1l'SfffIfI.0I1-El'OHOITl,l.CS EMILY PATRICIA TOLAR . . Jakin, Ga. B.S. in Elementary Education YWCA 4g Education Club. LONA JANICE TONIBERLIN . Valdosta, Ga B.S. in Elementary Education SENIORS . . . 10' WILLIAM YVENTWORTH . Lake Park, Ca. AB. in History. Minor: Englislz ROY S. WETHEIIINCTON . Valdosta. Ca. AB. in Hislory. Minor: Englislz Freshman Class President l: Campus Canopy Staff 2, 3. IVIAUIIIGE WHIDDEN . . Valdosta, Ga. B.S. in Biology JIIVINIIE L. WIGGINS . . . Valdosta, Ga. B.S, in Business ifIllllifll.SffUZl.0II-ECOTZOIIIl'CS FBLA 3, lg Sigma Alpha Chi. . . . OF 1960 'ew---.. v 15" -nhl -.J ,fr-fi HELEN VIRGINIA ZEIGLER . Valdosta, G B.S. in Secrelarial Science FBLA Treasurer and Vice-President I . . . 1-":. . W .dmv CHESTER ALBERT WILLIAMS . Xlaiior. Ga. B.S. in Seconffary EIIIIFIIIIOII TI'HlISIACl'I'EfCl from South Georgia College. PAITL DWIGHT WILLIAMS . Quitman, Ga B.S. in .-Iceounling fllinor: Business ACIITIVIIIZISIITIIIOIZ Inf TONY CURQO Preszderzt HOIEELT B Nlxljll I IC6 Praszdent NIARII X N HUCHVS S ccre larl TUMNIX QEDMOND Trvasurer BETTY A IMNIS Vulrlnstzl. IJPOIQILI l'IOBEIi'l' IYXKICI Quilmzm. llc-u1'giz1 lil ICY PICIIIIY l Hay llily. ill-urgia .I I Xl XIY IM'I"I'9 NUTIIIZIII l'a1rk.i,m1 ll IIOYVIQ W. lilf.-Xl Il f,nI'1I1'I1'. in-ul'g1lzl F l'. xl'm mmm X , - . I 1-rry . I' lnrnlal .IUNIURS 1960 XRIDIN N XN IZIFIIHI' NNRINVIUNX, 'Ll'lrIgill INJNNX IAvlIFI1IZH1lNI-. Nllliluwlil. 411-urgglzl III-INRN lx. HHSXXI-AI.l, Nlallmlwslal.124-4frg1i.1 JAN!!-QS IN DRRICLI, Rl PXYIQ Valcluflu. 'Qc-urgizl JAN It Ili RHXN ICN Brunfxsif-k. 421-orgiu ST.-XNLICN ISUWXIAN QllilIIlilll.fLl'1ifgiil CLINTON BRA-KN NICN. JR lwI1il1liHil.f:l'HI'giLl THUNIAS LOITIS RROCK Columbus. G1-nrgiu ICl,lZAlilCTlI RROOKS Nvaldnsla. Us-orgial BERNARD BROWN. JR. Valrlnatu. Georgia LPISLIIC RRUWN Grimm. C1-urgiu FUI,'l'0N IAWANNX iIfXh ll lx Alma. Ce-orgiu JANIC CIIANXPNI.-KN Oglr-llmrpv. cLi'UY'lfIiil NIANRY NI-1I,I, UIIASUN l.akc-Ianni. flu-urgiiu NIMH U ll' I1Ul,liNIpXN f-. , . IlftUIl.fvl'UfQl1l .I UNIORS 1960 'IUNY KURSO X alclosta. Georgia JOE I,El1UY IIRAEI' Norman I'ark. Georgia lille-XRLES IANIA-Xl! DANIEL Valdosta. Georgia SHELBY JEAN DANIEL Valdosta. Georgia FRANCES GALE DEAN Pearson, Georgia PHILIP DILLARD Tliomasville. Georgia BETTY JEAN FALLIN Pavo, Georgia RONALD GLENN EDIINTAIN Allnany. Georgia KATHERINE B. FRAZER Moultrie, Georgia ROBERT TERRELL GAY Et. Gaines. Georgia BETTY P. GOOGE Valdosta. Georgia HERMAN L. HALL Ueilla. Georgia CLYDE HARRIS Blaekaliear. Georgia NIAX HARWELI, HARRIS Nasliville. Georgia DANNY HART Quitman. Georgia l fi., if Hi 12? 15, w- r Y' -""'? w fQ 'QW' I-vm. in , . X g,,, , 5 is 5?-friifg 455121 -u i -in 'Il' .IUNIORS 1960 WAX NIC III4 b'l"l' Wayeros-. Georgia WILNIA ,IEAN HOOKS Sylwftcr, Georgia NIAIIILYN Ill ILIIICS Valdosta. Georgia PHOEBE HLWIPIIIIIES Valdosta. Georgia GAIIL V. IVEY Valdosta, Georgia GAYLE JENKINS Valdosta, Georgia WILLIAM R. JENKINS Valdosta, Georgia IANIES DAVID JOHNSON Quilman. Georgia CONNIE JONES Perry, Florida ILLIA ANN JONES Thomasville. Georgia KIQLSEY KEMP Valdosta. Georgia SIE KEINIP Fernandina Beach, Florida IOY KENNEDY Homerville. Georgia LINDA GAII, KEY Nashville, Georgia OLLIE II. KIIIKLAND Valdosta. Georgia JLNIORS 1960 XlH1lIXIfl,I,XHHUlJ X.1l1lwNl.1. fQm'uI'gizl . 1 - I " It l.l,l-.XXHII l.l1uXXlIIl A 'fu ' . Xzllclmhl,lla-1-lgial I Q Nlxfilx I,mLkXXmrll ' Xll'llllI'i1'.1Ll'lPIAgiil A ' f K Ii. I,. IAOKFY H4-rm-1'tm1.fmurulzl Xllltlll, I,HX'Ii'l"I' XX lllgllillll. fxtftlfglil I-QXIIIX Nlc-BRHJIQ Xzilalmtu. f,1L'UI'glil IIUN Xl,lJ W. NIMITIY llalllirzl. C1-nrgia IHIIN XIASFICY Naldmlu. l,f -orgla f UIIMIIC H. Nl.fX'I'HlS Xzllmlmla. imorgm XpXXlfIf XIAAXTHIS l"un-lam. Ucorgizl .IMXXIICS E. NHT , ' ' l'lLli11s.fl0urgiu IZUIIIZY ,llllf XlllllJI,lf'l'UN Xllallplllgnlx. 121-urgial .IHIIN li. XIHIQIAICY -of 14' 1 .ov T' Xzllflwlql. f,4-M2141 K IJIQIXX XXIIVISHN XIUNICY X:1l4l1wl:l. 1,1-nrg1,1 f I3 XIII! XIIX XIHXR Slxuxl-1111.121-ul'g1i:1 "ca l. U 1 IN 'Q f-fx 'V X 'Yi ll!! ,IUNIURS 1960 jill-f l., XIHX'l'4LUXII lIN X2lllI4'fl.I. f:l"PI"!iJl lfI.lXAXIZl-fl II 'If W 11 IIII xU:npzlh.u. Www! Zlil .l.fXXll4f 'I. NIHHIII xilllllwlil. llq-fngial WILLIXXI NI. XXNLII. HI. Stulvnx ill.-. C21-mgiax NIAXIIILI' NIQSNIITII Xallflwiu. 4.4-0141141 Vi'lI,I.lAXXI 'l'. XUIIIIIS .Nde-l. 1,1-urglza IANIAIQ VIQNHSUN Spalrkw. f:l'0l'giil BETSY JICIIXYXN N I'IIlI,I .IPS Yilllluflzl. fQ1'ol'gizl JERRY lf. l'UXX7Ifl.l. l,ukc'l:lmI. l,cm'u1z1 WILILXNI CXIKIIHLI. l'UXX'IfI,I BIUlllll'it'. Georgian IlI"l'lI J.fXlllI. XHlJ l'HlXlfIf Boston. fLL'0I'giil IMSWQUNI HM l,IfIIS4 IN I,ilHl'l'5Iill. in-urglzl lifXI,l'lI ll. HXXYl.IX1LS Xz1ld1vfln.l.s-uruln "r' 'n" ' l,,Xllnl',l.I,l'. I-IN NHLIPF SyIYl'Nll'I'. flu-Hrgizu XIKIH I'IIXN1iIiSIilf HXIIHSH ,xIIllllILl.fLl'4IIAQi1l ,ll NIORS 1960 INN Ilfilllflli l'.1X H. 4l1'HI'1i:l 1LXlilIII.IA S. SXIJISX. .llI. X 411114-flu. 4 fwwglal Al XXI-1 SXXIXIUXF lllllxlmxwn.4wu1'g1u THXIXIY SIQSSIUNS Xulmlmtxl. 411-nlgiu IQIfl'UN ll. SHA-Xlll'li Lyfbllfl. frf'Ul'glll Nlllxl-I SlXlLI,li'l',XliN Tllmmifx illu. llcorgia -- Y ,w N V1 CM-IOI,N N REU lab SNII I Il JXHPLIIIY.fJ1'1II'gIil NINIIIIC SXIITH Hflhiru. C1-nrgia XIAIIY 4l.AXlililCl,l, SNIITH Nglslnx lllcr. frL'0I'glll .HYIIHV ST,-XllI,IX4L . 1 . lIz1l1lr:1.f,1'urg1f1 .Xl,NI,-X .IICAX N STH ICIKIAXID l,f'r1uX.fn'ul'glal N ,Q 'fi' 1 117' fy 'A lQl,XINlC S'l'l'IlS'l'll.l. 1 Xlllillhlll.1n4'llI'g.flil eXl,lfflf ,NNIUS STI I,I, Ysllxlu-lil. fQe'uI'gi1l SHNIX Sl 'VIYJN XIlnQlIIV,f,1'1rl'gl1l 'l'I-,Ib SW INI1l.IC Xllltlnxlil. H1-nl' 2 Y 19 T2 'tv-"1 S 'Q 8 Q. T 1., fa:-if: P .'f 4.1.-'lin V , 119 . Y . , . 1 xx 1 -eyfff ,' ',' 11 J X' fu " 4 1 'f' ' - , -f I . Q H' 1 f 'ff'-T. : - fl ,, A, 'nll" V 'I K ,Q 5- IH" . n ,ILFNIURS 1960 XI NIH Irl XXIA 'Il lllxl-LII l.Qllxl'lilll4!.1rl'UIA1fl1l III-LX lflllj 'I l lIXlfli linhl4m1l.4,1-..rgi41 Xuhluflxl. fr1'Hl'2lll .-1.'. V " 'Xl X 1IxlfNS inks L. .mga HUIIFIVI' XX :X'I'l'fllS l,mImxic'i. Crforgia JOSEPH T. Wlflili Bryn Mawr. Pl'llIlS5'lY!lIli11 WAYXIC WICHIII N . Xuldusla. bcorgm HUHUY YX'lf'l'lIlfl'ilNfITUN Hilllifil. Cf-orgizl JOHNNY WlI.I,lAUlF Xillflm wfll. fff'0I'gl8 PIQNXY NX'II.l.l NIS Xzlllluftal. U1-urgiu I,0l ISIC XYIWLIVI' Vallru, fxl'frl'gl1I ll XI. WOIIIJ-QN Yallulmlsl.121-m':i:n I'lllI,l.ll' WN X'VI' xlullIll'I1'. f,1'uI'yl:l 'zum - ws. Q? I ,J afkx Left to right: Sandra Massey, George Bennett, Betty Pace. Sue Wright 1960 IOPHO ORE CLASS CLASS OFFICERS GEORGE BENNETT . . President SUE WRIGHT . Vice-Preszdent BETTY PACE . . . Secretary SANDRA MASSEY . . Treasurer LIB ADAMS Bainbridge, Georgia GENE STEPHEN ADKINS Adel, Georgia MARGLIERITE D. ALBRITTON Valdosta, Georgia FREDDIE ANDERSON Valdosta. Georgia MARY ANDERSON Moultrie, Georgia ALLEN D. ARMSTRONG Gretna, Louisiana JIMMY ARNOLD Valdosta, Georgia JOHN H. BAXLEY Lake Park, Georgia I 4 f. 5 ,. ,tl I signin w E pi 'Q I' iff A i A ,, ii fs? - " it f'I ' j f 1' IU-I VELAIA R. BAXLEY Lake Park, Georgia GEORGE BENNETT Valdosta. Georgia RAYMOND ll. BENNETT Tifton. Georgia GERTRUDE BERRIE Waverly, Georgia ALLEN Nl. BLACK. JR. Thomasville. Georgia GLORIA BLAND Valdosta, Georgia MELANIE BOONE Valdosta, Georgia MARTHA SUE BRAGG Folkston, Georgia SAM BROOKS Boston, Georgia BOBBYE BRYAN Wayeross, Georgia JOE LANE BULLARD iVhite Springs. Florida DOROTHY CARTER Valdosta, Georgia I ,le 1 i ia FW We, 11' SOPHO ORE OF 1960 vm M 1 . S in GEORGE CARTER Valdosta, Georgia ANDREW CLARK Thomasville. Georgia JAMES A. CODY Valdosta, Georgia JOY COLLIER Dawaon. Georgia LYNFORD COOK Colquitt, Georgia NIARGARET COOK TllOlll3SVillP. Georgia PEGGY CREW Cairo. Georgia .l A M E9 DA NIEL Valdosta. Georgia LYNWOOD D XYIS Valdosta. Georgia WILLIANI ll. DXY Dlalwly, Georgia RICHARD A. DELOXCII Valdosta. Georgia SONDRA DEIIMCII Yaldoata. Georgia v 1, lvVXIxiXX I I,,,,1.-Hg, . ,u.,. III InIX,IlX l . I I",.III. f,f+Ir'u1gz Ii XX IIIIXIIYCII9 XI1II1v-1, 1.1-..1:111 I XXIIW XX, INIHIX Ijuiim un, ll'-I-rgigx XXII XI X X' XI, IIIIINKXX Il.1zr1I-rivIuf-. Il:-wrgikx XIX III PN III IIIIICY X1I.1I.l..1f.rg'1u Ill KQK ITIIIIIIITIIXCIQ Iwzmr-x,fl...1gi41 IHI' I"XIiI UXX' , . . Ir41NI4lIl.I14'uI'gllLl S XYIIIIX FOIIIJ XlII1I1r-IH.In'IrTQ1Li .I XXII-F II. I7HI'NTXIN Iluv Iiilv, IL.-nrgia ff XIIOIX N C XRYFII IImm:1NX1II1'. he-rmrgla XX' XX Nlf IL XIIIIICK Xliumi Sp1ing:Q.FIori4Ia , 9 .xx , If , I -1 1 1 UPHO 111' I, wa llul i I if I: W , is- I 6 I I!! X ORES. AXNNETTE.CIfIf Bainlmridgv. CQ-urgia BETTY CIIISUX TI10maRx'ilI0, G.-orgia fXIIfI.0NX' CII XX' X'3IrI0stu. Cvorgizl ITEX'EIlI.X' .X. GREENE X':1I1Iosla. Georgia CII XRIIQS CIIITIZNE XY:lI:IuiIa. Cf-orgigx .I XXIFF CITIIIIIIZ YnQI1xiII1'. III-urgizl .IIfIIRX' IIXNIIUCK , . . Imxlon. Xv1'0I'QIlI'I .I XCK II XIIRI7I,I, Quitmam. Cvorgiu .IIXIXIY II XIIIIIYCTON X :1IcIwl:l. fvvlbfgllll XXXXXNII II XIIIIIS NneI1x'iIIv. Cvmgzin YIRCINIX XI. IIXRRIS X:1IfIostz1. Xvl'0l'Qll1l if XIIOIE Il XIIT Quitmun. C1-urgia IIIUXI XS II. II XIII XI3yu, I"I0rI1ILl XYN II X'I"I' KW XY Ihlwson. Ilunrgia XI XXIIIQ I.Xl II K IIICIIIZINIL Ialw I':1rk. Il:-nrgia .IUIIN IIOISICIII' IIIIIKIIIK XYavCrnNe. Ile-margin .I XXIIQS IXIIIIN IIIILIISXIITII lin-lun. IL:-orgiu NI XIIY SXYDIIX IIUII. XXII IIu1'INHvIrI. G1-nrgiu I-' XYIQ IIIIWFIL Iron Ifily, Il:-orgia IICWIS WXYNIC IIOWIIII. IIl'IJl'l't'3. Georgia XIXIICIIC I.UI' IIIIIY Ynlmlnelfl. C1-nrgiu .IIUIES INK JENKINS IIIIIUIHCIGYIIIP. Georgia SXXITORD LEYI JONES Yalllnitu, Cvorgiu IIOISICIIT KING Yahlofta. Cvorgzia . . . 1960 G ,Q fl, l i K . f 'U if .3 . I -,'.r ,IQ 2 P' l. I 5 'Q IIIT IIXIIIAI-X I,XXI,I.IzH NIH'-In-r. IIQ'1lI'Q'Iil IQIIIIH-Iu.I.wIrg1:1 XVII I I XXI XIVII XNIIQI. NIIJIIIIY XIIIII I I II IIXIXIIINIIIXNIIN ,II I II XI.NI XI, ...X -:I XII1.lrxx. IQfII1g1.I fa XXIJIIX 'XI XSSICY flilllllllllli, In-orgia CNHI, IIXVIII NIICIIITIN Sylx f'iIt'l'. Georgia IJICYTE M ITTET lillvxlrom. Norway M XRY MOIIIEY q Whiglram, Georgia 1? p 'EW am Z M.-XI-IILYN MORRIS Valflosta, Georgia .IOHN MUYIC Ilallira. Georgia WILLIAM CARL NEWTON Norman Park. Georgia JIMMY NOELL Valdosta. Georgia fffif lx L RXCII EI, NORMAN Moultrie. Georgia WILI-l.-XM H. OLIVER Valdosta. Georgia CECIL B. O'NEAL. JR. Quitman. Georgia HANSEL OSTEEN Valdosta. Georgia ww? Y IOPHOMORE . . . f Xi BETTY PACE Rainlmriclge. Georgia gy wg ii Q ,, V I JEANNE PACE 'H ,Vi iivvvvvv NVE.ly1'I'0SS.Gt'OI'gI3 5 Age 43-2 ,..,, ,Q SANDRA PATTILLO I "'1" "gg Y Moultrie, Georgia if if ' ,V , 1 MARY ANNE PENNINGTON 1 ,fy lm, Q Valdosta, Georgia iii' I if -'fi 1279 V il? E I I .sw ..f-sm fl- nf, at. ,hr -K I EDWIN H. PIKE Valdosta, Georgia ' 'af , MARY Lott PITTMAN W . ' ' Valdosta, Georgia g ' H I 'H' ETHRIDCE PLAIR A ,,,, 1 :" 1 fi Ilahira. Georgia E 4 C, A JEIINNIE POSEY If C " G1 U' fr, ano. norgia MARTH.-X PRICE Moultrie, Georgia ROBERT PRINCE ,.,,. Perry, Florida LI 'CY PROCTOR Woodbine, Georgia BETTY RUTH PURVIS Alapaha, Georgia 41' IHS MARGARET QIJATTLEISAPNI Donalsonville, Georgia JO RITGH Valdosta, Georgia DEE ROBERTSON Bainbridge, Georgia JUDI ROBERTSON Tilton. Georgia JOE ROSSNIQXN Albany, Georgia lR:X JOHN SEASHOLTZ Valdosta, Georgia KAREN SHAPIRO Valdosta. Georgia JANICE C. SIMPSON Kingsland, Georgia MARILYN J. SIZENIORE Ocilla, Georgia MARY SL,-XDE Griffin. Georgia GARRY SMlTl'l Valdosta, Georgia RTTSSELL E. SMITH Douglas, Georgia . . . 1960 2. "W- si""" is E i In .aw 4 af W f,4, ., ,440 5 X lllil HELEN SNXRKS llaruicli. Ge-orgia NXNGY STEINUERG Yaldoata, Gvorgia .IANIES .l. STEX ENS Hoody Kldll, Goorgia IARICY K. SETTLES fliitlnliwt. G1-orgia ,IOIIN L. TXTI NI N aldmta. l-em-gia .I QXNICE T XYLOR ,Mir-1. Georgia TOXIXIY THOXI XS Xalilosta. invlfbligllil WXNIJAX ID. 'l'lllCIl"'l' f,,l'Pillll1jHIl. 4Y.r:nl'glL1 lil T TIIJNIHIIIC llLiXxN4rIl.fi1'HI'g1l1l ill! XXYFHIIID X, TRII l I Xflvl. f,ngol'gla lil!-in, 4,1-orgia ICNIIIN Sl lf YXIIN Xalilo-la In-o1'f'i'i WlI'I'I"Il I XXITZIIXY llwmuxxillf.l,vo1'Q1u Nl XRTIIX 11 XIUII, VICK NloL1iIl'i4'.lit'0rg:i3 IICIII YINSON Kll,11lll!'ie', CPOI'QILl IIONNIIC W.'X'l'EIIII0l'SE I'wiIzgffr11Ifl, Gvorgia WILLIIC IJ. WXTSGN Iaakelaml. Georgia JONNNIC WELLS Climax, GQ-orgia .IGHN H. WILKINSON Yaliloita, Georgia .I l 'LIAN WILLIAMS Jacksonville. Georgia .IODY WISENBAKER lake Park. Georgia DENNIS T. WOOD Valdosta. Gvorgia SIIE WRIGHT Atlanta. Georgia SHIRLEY A. ZEIGLER Valdosta. Georgia 5 M 3 Ir , as I 5 Xi x X f' SOPHO ORES OF 1960 ' I .- V - ' 1 'Ivf5i1?fa.fIi'g ,ai ' H - KQ , Man I I armi Some of +I-lege people would pass for fwinsl Are 'rhey really sludyingl No! Tl'iey're posing for lhe picfure . . . Sf .ff :gf v V W ,i i,a:.,f,T M ,in-'1"' K' - 5 .- 1 vi - 4 n Live Marian . .. Smoke L 31 M's. I Zh I ,. Al a i .W . fa: , 4 , 1 .. c X Va, Y X i ' iv Thorn+on's Garage . . . Do you +alre+l'1is man7? AE! Look Mom . . . No cavnhes. Kiss me :-....., Referees . . . HOW' ODD ARE SHOD . . . THE FEET THAT TROD! v. s M ff' 4 V M , fy . r , . I WS W Q A f If 9, fy " N 'D Af I don"f believe HI 'KS . Us f , fm., ,. , L 5 1 H V E EZ , 1 if 5 5 1 f W i I Ls 2 , . 4 Q 'Q 2,34 M LP!! tn right Lharlxc Norwood Diane Mullin Joe Noae Tom Steele CHARLIE NORWOOD Preszdent DIANE NIULLIN Vzce President TONI STEELE Secretary JOE MOSES LON DEE ADANIS Hoody AFB. Georgia JAMES LAMAR ALLEN Jesup. Georgia WALTER H. ALLEN, III Quitman. Georgia JAMES E. ANDERSON, JR Gainesville. Florida WENDELL .ANDERSON Albany. Georgia MARY E. ANDERSON Pearson. Georgia DARRELL WADE BALL Pavo. Georgia HENRIETTA BARBER Golumbus,Ge-orgia TED SAULS BARFIELD Albany, Georgia BEVERLY BARKSDALE Blakely. Georgia JOHN PIIILLIP BARR Valelosta. Georgia JAMES BASKIN Naylor. Georgia 16 6 -W5 fem? ...J ua? X 1 Ltiltl.. A . 4.1 W., Q 1960 F RESHME NIARI-XNNE BXXTER Moultrie, Georgia CARLEEN BELL Blakely, Georgia XIYRA BELL Moultrie. Georgia DAVID R. BENNETT Jesup, Georgia .IOHN R. BENNETT Valdosta, Georgia .IOE BLAND Valdosta. Georgia MELBA L. BLANTON Valdosta. Georgia ENIILIO BORR -X Milan, Italy RODNEY E. BOTTIGLIER Valdosta. Georgia BONNIE BOWLES Moultrie, Georgia TERRY BOYETT Attapulgus. Georgia FRANCES BOZENIAN Valdosta, Georgia BEVERLY BRIDGES Donalsonville, Georgia REBECCA BRINSON Moultrie, Georgia LAURA ANN BROWN Thomasville, Georgia LARRY BRYANT Thomasville, Georgia ROBERT BYRD Valdosta, Georgia THOMAS CALHOUN Valdosta. Georgia LIDA KITTRELL CARROLL Valdosta, Georgia JAMES LEE CARSWELL Wayeross, Georgia N EIL CA RTER Stockton, Georgia WILLIAM HARLEY CARTER Valdosta, Georgia LYNETTE CASON Brunswick, Georgia .IOHN HARBOR CHANCE Donalsonville, Georgia CHARLES CLARK Valdosta. Georgia LONNA MARIE CLARK Valdosta, Georgia LARRY NEIL CLOWER Valdosta. Georgia MAX GENE CLOWER Valdosta, Georgia 1960 FRESHMEN DAYID DEAN CLYATT llaliira. Georgia NIOI,l.Y COLENI KN Valtloata. Georgia DAN YY CONNELL Naylor. Georgia C.Yl'HERINE COPPAGE Yaldoeta. Georgia MARGARET CORN Valdoua. Georgia ROR CORNELIIIS Nashville, Georgia LARAE COVRSON Pearson. Georgia DIANE COWART Bainbridge, Georgia SEARRON CRAVEN Valdosta, Georgia CHARLES CROSBY Valdosta. Georgia GAII. CRUMP Hahira. Georgia JACK DAVID DARBY Adel. Georgia LIND A DARRYSIIIRE Moultrie. Georgia JOSEPH WILLIANI DASHER Valdosta, Georgia DOI 'GLAS DAVIS Valdosta, Georgia MARGARET DAVIS Jasper. Florida WAYNE DEAN lesup, Georgia GLENDA DENIOTT Moultrie, Georgia MARY DICKEY Valdosta. Georgia HORACE DINKINS Valdosta, Georgia BA R RA RA DOOLEY Nloultrie, Georgia GEARY THOMAS DOOLY Quitman, Georgia MICHELE DOZIER Commerce. Georgia JIMMY DYKES Valdosta. Georgia DOUGLAS HENRY EASON Valdosta, Georgia ELAINE FALLEN Lyons. Georgia DAVID MARK FELL Albany. Georgia LYIIA FERGUSON Austell, Georgia """W 5 'ws' H0 "R- "TP .ffm f"" 41 f'h 13 Fl ' ff .W fr fd' Ill FUN 'NX . . Q ,,- - "4 WJ I , x I '2 1 I 77N 2 r 'Q pi gm l!wi"r4 ,f S I it it .Ngo I- ,I 1 . W 1 .. i ,, Q .hr X 4, 'Q ' w-, T KX V ff Hi 'Q lf V 52 ,QQ f A59 Q A '5 , .'L,f -8 U...-r .N f 1 x 4" Blix 196 FRESHMEN LYNIJ X Ifl-lIIf2I'SUN Austell. Georgia DXVIIJ FIELDS Haliira. Georgia .IOIIN FOINTXIN Alllany. Georgia .AXLTON Nl. FRXISER Valdosta, Georgia BETTY FRNNCES FREENIXN Boston. Georgia JOLENE MARTIN FILP Valdosta, Georgia FAYE FISSELI. Axson. Georgia BARBXR X :NNN GEORGE Valdosta. Georgia HERNIXN II. GIDDENS Albany, Georgia WILLIANI L. GOOCH Valdosta, Georgia CHARLES P. GOODLOE Valdosta. Georgia DONNA GOR E Moultrie, Georgia GINGER GORNTO Waycross. Georgia .IIMNIY GORNTO Waycross. Georgia .IUANITA C. GREENE Quitman, Georgia THOMAS A. GREEN Ruskin, Florida JAMES NORMAN GREENE Valdosta, Georgia JERRY GREENWALD Loveland, Ohio GENE GRIFFIN Valdosta, Georgia LARRY L. GRIFFIS Jesup, Georgia GLORIA GRISSETT Ray City, Georgia FRANCES GIIESS Valdosta, Georgia DIANE HAMBY Valdosta. Georgia JUDY HAMMOND Lithonia. Georgia PEGGY IIARDEN Ashburn. Georgia .IOIIN WAYNE H.-XRDY Valdosta. Georgia .IANIES C. H,-XRRELL Valdosta. Georgia BIARTHX II.-XRRELI. Donalsonville. Georgia T960 FRESHMEN LOI 'ISE HENDRY Sparks, Georgia IIICIIXRD NI. HERNDON Valdosta, Georgia PATRICIA HERRINGTON Donalsonville, Georgia TONY JACK HIERS Hahira, Georgia DI ANE HIGGINBOTHAM Valdosta, Georgia THOMAS JOE HORNE Thomasville, Georgia JACK ODONI HOWELL Valdosta, Georgia GEORGE HUBERT Quitman, Georgia WILLIE HUNT Donalsonville, Georgia JOHN HOWARD HUNTER Thomasville, Georgia PATRICIA HUNTER Valdosta, Georgia ROBERT HURT Cordele, Georgia JAMES JENNINGS Valdosta, Georgia JANE JOHNSON Fortson. Georgia NIARY MARTHA JOHNSON Valdosta, Georgia ALICE KAY JOHNSTON Sylvester, Georgia JULIAN JACK JOINER Sparks, Georgia STEPHEN ENIIL KEBLER Valdosta, Georgia MARY ANN KELLY Hahira, Georgia SHIRLEY KENIP Valdosta, Georgia KATHLEEN K. KILLEEN Lake Park, Georgia BOBBY KIIVIBLE Nashville, Georgia BILLY KIMBRELL Valdosta, Georgia CAROLYN ELAINE KING Valdosta. Georgia LEWIS TRAVIS KING Nashville, Georgia ALVIN VASCO KINSEY Valdosta. Georgia JUDY KOEHLER Wayeross, Georgia JAMES B. LAWERENCE Adi-l. Georgia 1960 ESI ME ' CAROIIC LEE l' olliilon I..-orvia ANN A L. LINDSEY Vlllfloalil. G4'ol'glLi LINDA l.I'l'Tl.E Cornlelv. Georgia .IERIIY RIIKIIIARD l.l KE Valrlofta, Georgia MARY ZANT Alf-AIIEE Lake Park. Georgia CIIARLOTTE E. M1-GI.EI.I.A N Lenox. Georgia GRACE G. MeCI,EI.I.AN Lenox, Georgia BOBBIE ANN Mr-IfJONAI,IJ Valdosta. Georgia GAII, PATRICIA MCMILLAN Valdosta. Georgia .IOHN ERROI. MCMILLAN Ocilla, Georgia HOWARD EARL MAINOR Nashville. Georgia RUBY ZELL MANN Pineview. Georgia MARY ELLEN MARTIN Hahira, Georgia MAXINE MASON Thomasville, Georgia NORA LOU MAXWELL Cairo. Georgia EARL T. MAYO. JR. Valmlosta. Georgia ELIZABETH M. MERRITT Camilla, Georgia TANYA MILEY Hahira. Georgia BETTY LORENE MOORE Naylor, fleorglil BRENDA GAILE MOORE Naylor, Georgia EMILY .IEAN MOORE Bronwooel. Georgia GRACE HELEN' MOORE Whigham, Georgia .IERRY CARLTON MOORE Valflogta. Georgia ROBERT V. MOORE Valdosta. Georgia TOMMY ALLEN MOORE Valtlocta. Georgia LARRY MOSELEY Valdosta. Georgia .IOE XII IRES Valdosta. Georgia DIANE Ml 'l,l.lN Albany, Georgia 1960 FRE HMEN ROBIN NEW Ilf-eattlr, Georgia DEREK NEWTON Panama City, Florida .IIAIAIY NICHOLS Valdosta. Georgia RECKY NORNIAN Norman Park. Georgia .IERRY FRANKLIN NORNIAN Valdosta. Georgia ROBERT RERRY NORRIS Quitman. Georgia BETTY SIE NORSWORTHY Valdosta. Georgia NIA RY GENE NORSWORTHY Valdosta, Georgia CHARLIE NORWOOD Valdosta. Georgia CEGILIA O'STEEN Valdosta. Georgia SAMUEL OASTEEN Douglas. Georgia BETTY SIE PADGETT Ilvalda. Georgia PATRICIA PA RK ER Valdosta. Georgia ELIZABETH PARRANIORE Valdosta, Georgia JOHN PARR UIORE Valdosta. Georgia NIAXIE PAYNE Alapalia. Georgia OLIVE CHRISTINE PAYNE Valdosta, Georgia RICARDO PEREZ El Salvador HELLEN PHILLIPS Jacksonville, Florida JEAN PHILLIPS Lyons. Georgia JANICE POSTELL Adel, Georgia JLVANITA ANN POWELL Valdosta. Georgia THOMAS EARL POWELL Nashville, Georgia NANCY RAINES Ashburn. Georgia ROBERT K. RAIILERSON Naylor. Georgia GLORIA REAGAN Ilonalsonville, Georgia ROGER AI.I,.AN REED Valdosta. Georgia GARI. XNIJ A. RILGI5II'.R Valtlofta, Georgia C91 2 '- fu' fl ff ' ttt I A 'ik .fav V G3 dl? ff 'L if 'ride 'Q ,gr --V-Ai ix:- 'N ,.-ff' A' 1 M! M, ,- Q Q 1 fl-R9 -, gi inf fd 2- X1 1 5 ,ff Ai -. ll V iv 157 I .. Y A 1 .JI 1960 FRESHMEN MAXINE REGISTER Lake Park. Georgia ADA LEIGN REYNOLDS Camilla. Georgia LEWIS C. RICKERSMN Wayeross, Georgia LARK ROAN lllllOIlliiSYlllf', Georgi 1 LINDA JOYCE ROBINSON Nashville, Georgia IIARVEY R. RODDENIIERRY Valdosta. Georgia RAY ROZIER Wayeross. Georgia NELI. SANGSTER Ray City, Georgia WALTER SCHROER Valdosta. Georgia RICHARD SHAW Covington, Georgia BETTY JO SHEHAN Statenville. Georgia CAROLE SMITH Columbus. Georgia HAROLD LEE SMITH Boston, Georgia JOY SMITH Valdosta, Georgia RAMONA SMITH Sycamore. Georgia SANDRA SMITH Thomasville, Georgia TERRELL LEE SMITH Waycross, Georgia TONI STEELE Moultrie, Georgia LUTHER MAX STEPHENS Morven, Georgia BETTY JOYCE STEPHENSON Valdosta, Georgia BARBARA JEAN STEVENSON Albany, Georgia KICE STONE Ocilla. Georgia JIMMY STRANGE Quitman, Georgia JERRY STRAIIGHAN Decatur, Georgia BRENDA TAYLOR Moultrie, Georgia LESTER TAYLOR Haliira, Georgia ALICE ANGELA TERRY Valdosta, Georgia JOYCE ANN THOMAS Valdosta, Georgia 1960 FRESHME AIY HA TIIONIPSON Tll4lllILlSW'lll4'. Georgia GERALD VINCENT THRIFT Naliunta. Georgia .IANIES C. TICHELAAR Valdosta, Georgia ADOLFO TIIIADO Polo-i. Bolivia NANCY KAY TOMLINSON Valdosta. Georgia SALLIE V. TOUCHTON Valdosta, Georgia IIAZEI. VANVLAKE Valdosta. Georgia LEWIS GORDON Valdosta, Georgia VIVI A N VEA TCH Valdosta, Georgia DALE VICKERS Valdosta, Georgia TINI VINSON Valdosta. Georgia JERRY WAITES Milner, Georgia BARB ARA JEAN Valdosta, Georgia BETTE WARD Cairo, Georgia ROSA WARING Nladiaon, Florida .IACK WEBB Ilaltira. Georgia PAIIL WEBB VASEY WALKER Bryn Mawr. Pennsylvania JUDY WIIORTON Brunswiek, Georgia YVONNE WILLIAMS Boston, Georgia TONINIY WILLIAMSON Valdosta, Georgia LI'CII'S CARLTON WINGATE Quitman, Georgia LUIE WISENBAKER Lake Park, Georgia TERRY WOOD Valdosta, Georgia HAZEL YOUNG Rebecca, Georgia HELEN YOLNG Rt-beeea, Georgia fate: I ff, W, Bair . l af 2, , F , 'Hwy 4, f ff as . , 2-nw ..,. .. a ft? allgwtira aa 172' " I JW? 1 A. A A u n .as-I 4 t ' , 5 'L-'ml Y I Q: ,ii ff ,,,. t ,.. , 1 I' ic?-Qi? ' 12 fb A as , f ,W K it W' ' g K' r 7 .3 I nj K, r""' , e' 'TI' ,,7,g I , ,,,, X L' I ,Y A , I 1 --Q9 A 4 ff. 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GEORGIA COMPLIMENTS OF OWENS-ILLINOIS GLASS COMPANY MILL DIVISION MULTIWALL BAG DIVISION VALDOSTA SOUTHERN RAILROAD VALDOSTA, GEORGIA W RICHARD JOSEPH vAInosTA MACHINERY WHOLESALE 81 SUPPLY CO., INC. FRUIT-PRODUCE, INC Dial CH 4-2485 5' Located 1313 S. Patterson St. Georgia State Farmers Market VALDOSTA, GEORGIA Phone CI-Ierry 2-0867 545731 Xfvv VALDOSTA, GEORGIA COMPLIMENTS I OF I What 61 X YOU want DAVIS I IS u -X, coke REFRIGERATION ,VTR Y Us Col-2" x 0 'fsfvffed ff d -mark' CARRIER AIR-CONDITIONER DEALER VALDOSTA cocA-COLA BOWLING WORKS, INC. 402 E. Mary CI-I 4-0192 LEE TYPEWRITER CO. ROYAL TYPEWRITERS VICTOR ADDING MACHINES AUTOMATIC PRINTING CALCULATORS COMPLIMENTS OF SKY-WAY DRIVE-IN THEATER 'I' MOQDY 11113113 ROAD Sales - Rczzfals - Repairs CH 4-2610 + 212 S. Patterson CH 4-0177 VALDOSTA' GEORGIA VALDOSTA, GEORGIA BEST WISHES FROM THE PLACE WHERE THE STUDENTS GATHER THE STUDENT CENTER Books - Monogrammed Goods - Sodas Sundries - Cosmetics COMPLIMENTS OF THE CITIZENS 81 SOUTHERN NATIONAL BANK Member F. D. I. C. 106 S. Patterson CH 2-6120 VALDOSTA, GEORGIA YOUR FAMILY GETS THE MOST ERGM F 0 R E M O S T 1001 Williams St. CH 2-0456 VALDOSTA, GEORGIA OLIVER MOTORS, INC. DODGE DODGE DART RENAULT DODGE TRUCKS SALES 81 SERVICE 1103 N. Ashley VALDOSTA, GEORGIA CH 4-1653 86 CH 4-1654 WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Home Owned by Harry B. Anderson YOUR HEADQUARTERS FOR RADIOS - PHONOS - HI-EI ALL K INDS SPORTING GOODS - QUICK SERVICE Tennis 86 Badminton Rackets Restrung 301 N. Patterson St. VALDOSTA, GEORGIA Phone CH 2-5945 COMPLIMENTS OF f -.f - Af I if-741i 32, -?-, 'MQ u 1 5' --ff X- gh -4 a R N Ae' cy O "CLEAN CLOTHES, LIKE CLEAN LIVING, 1802 N. Ashley Sr. CH. 2-3725 BUILD A BETTER C OMMUNITY W0rld's Largcsf Pfsf Control Srrrvivc' PATTERSON-JONES, SHOES FIRST STATE BAN K The Home of Good Shoes Since 1903 The Bank Thar Wants You for L1 Depositox DOWNTOWN AND CASTLE PARK VALDOSTA, GEORGIA Member of FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION COMPLIMENTS OF M A R T H A ' S FEMININE FASHIONS 208 N. Patterson VALDOSTA, GEORGIA I5 ffwnedae 's .. ,Am IN VAIDETB BECAUSE YOU LOVE NICE THINGS AND THEY COME FROM- C.C.iVzirnedoe 81 C0 R 'HE5'Y'fICfN'5"0f.'1AED9S'A Q Smart college girls Step to D A R B Y ' S LADIES SHOES 206 N. Patterson St. CAcrOss from COurthOuseD VALDOSTA, GEORGIA "Shoes for HJC lovely" GIRARDIN .IEWELERS Member of NATIONAL BRIDAL SERVICE AII Leading Lines Of SILVER CHINA CRYSTAL 303 N. PATTERSON ST. NICHOLS BUILDERS SUPPLY El'C'l'j'f!JiIItQ' For AIIVY Blzilcfillg 417 S, Patterson CH 4-1475 VALDOSTA, GEORGIA Compliments of Compliments of BROOKWOOD PHARMACY THE S 81 K DRIVE IN Prescriptions filled with care Registered Pharmacists PHONE CHERRY 2-3852 1312 N. Patterson Street W. Charles Adams, Owner RESTAURANT Phone CH 2-7840 At the Forks of North 41 and 12S and THE S 86 K CAR WASH Phone CH 2-2200 North Ashley Street Compliments of Meet Your Friends At The 1 ...4 ,J . .-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-:-:- L-:-:-:-cysg:5:5:g13.3::.g.g.g.g.g.g.5.g.-:-:-:-: z .1 ,:ig:i551:1:ia1:2:-:- 3 ,' "" 'Nix HITCHING POST DRIVE IN ---'-1-- -.-- .,.,.. -.---A Q --" '-1' ' .:.:.:., Featuring - .' 4 -1- .,..,.,:, ---- 5.---,:g:::g::.g5g 551,475 -g::::g:::,:-:-:-.-:-3-''-" " CURB SERVICE BISCAYNE 2-DOOR SEDAN H2111 ROGER BUDD CHEVROLET COMPANY 505 N. Ashley Street Phone CH 2-3311 TAKE-OUT ORDERS DINING SERVICE 2 Miles North On Highway 41 BEST WISHES From Your School Photographer BOOKMAN'S STUDIO "Everything Photographic" Portraiture Commercial Weddings Photo Finishing CAMERAS - FILMS - SUPPLIES PICTURE FRAMING 110 W. Central Avenue Phone CI-I 2-4503 VISIT WITH Us DURING YOUR SPARE TIME FIRST NATICNAL BANK Member of THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION VALDOSTA, GEORGIA "We hope this yearbook will hold many fond memories for you." THE 1960 PINE CONE STAFF EMMETT TAYLOR JACQUELINE GASKINS Editor Business Manager ' p INE PRINTING SINCE 1887- 0 I , p p That's the story ot Foote 84 Davies. Inc. ' Today we have one of the most modern and best O , equipped plants in the country. And fine ' Yearbooks have always been an important part O , of our business. Our craftsmen believe in ' quality and strive to produce the C , "best in the Industry." Our excellent ' printing doesn,t just happen- O , it's a combination of production ' research, craftsmanship, and I . painstaking supervision. O O I C O O O e . fi , f F 0 O T E 85 I E S, I N C . wflfllfezci 0 JfA0g1ffwA1fr1fJ 0 fhjnnf -e 'fnllllyflfnlllflfl f l ' 764 MIAMI CIRCLE, N. E. ATLANTA 24, GEORGIA O O I O - ?S V? . ? ' e i . if 1 Li+1- i ,iff ix xg Kiki- --- - .-Q fx,-I X g ' f ' l Y if-:Zi ' QQ,,, Ti: V,f"'XEV ij Eats E Ig? Ei- fo l EEEEEEEEESESQ- : 5 C : - W f 22:2EtE:2ES5EEES::- S F 2 Qi z e lv 'Q . 'lr 1 in 'm s 5' Q ass' W Q 4 4 .fel +5 -Pa + 'K' + if g f auf ' WU? 'H V' iv fr if Q 456 g Aj .- f E K., 1- ? 4 ' " Q Q + 553 'I'+M I . if 1 H A 'EL Q gH.? " 2-ff A , + ... f an 1 4.4. 4 1 W 2 J' +4 Hi 1 1 ,Q www I " " J,-HW ,UM 4 wa 4 +R 4' ' 1 'W' WY' QW am' an M' W4 ,Q ' W ag JW Q ,.....a Jr WW sa Q, ' Lr'.-v' M ab f f'f2"'1' M alibi' .Jft 0 0 g6Q'g ww oi 'Y' if 'ml 3 an 'if ww ini 'M vi fm wt t QE iff 1+ QV 1 4gn++-an-an 4-If Qtr Q4-P+ 4. nw 4' 8 VF? 'K' is ggi!! 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Suggestions in the Valdosta State University - Pinecone Yearbook (Valdosta, GA) collection:

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