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Text from Pages 1 - 120 of the 1958 volume:

JW QAM! JMWAZ M Falhrmj jjj if-ZW Mzffzw W sf T 1958 PINE CON E Published At VALDOSTA STATE COLLEGE VALDOSTA, GEORGIA EDITOR: Ema Dell Hendley 1 F MILIAR SCENES ON CAMPUS.. The Administration Building as seen from Patterson Street. The 1958 Pine Cone presents a story-life on V.S.C. campus. Wonit you join us in this story? . 5 t'-v Z7 THE LIBRARY POUND HALL ON NORTH CAMPUS 2 . FRANK ROBERTSON READE IN MEMORIAM President, Valdosta State College, 1934-1948 President Emeritus, 1948-1957 -QF? 'Ziff L Philosopher, gentleman and scholar, with a senlitive consciousness of hon- esty and honor, he touched the lives of many through his insistence upon high ideals, principles and scholarship. Brilliant and witty, he achieved a rare state of balance that endeared him to all who were privileged to know him. With a keen and sincere interest in life and people, he brought forth a fuller under- standing of the meaning of life and the purpose of mankind. His contributions in education and in other fields established a legacy that will shine through and illumine with rare luster the paths of posterity. READE HALL 3 PI E CONE CO TENTS... STAFF Editor EMA DELL HENDLEY Business Manager RUDY BAXTER Associate Editors RAYMOND WILSON JEROME CLEGG Photography Editor MURRAY STEWARD Layout Editor BETTY LOU BROWN Copy Editor ALAN PENDLETON Seniors Editor FAYE LANIER Organizations Editor CHARLOTTE COPPAGE Sports Editor MARJORIE BROOKS Class Editor MARCIA WHALEY Featu res Editor ANN HAMILTON Greeks Editor JEAN MORRIS Layout Staf TOMMIE LASTINGER DOROTHY HARRELL THERESIA ARNOLD WAYNE WELCH Administration and Faculty . S Organizations and Activities . 63 T1 W CLASS-ES Features . Seniors . X . 17 Juniors . . . 43 Sophomores . . 49 Freshmen . . 55 ,LL , ,151 " ,sk V ,E - W -- - - - we -A N, 'QTY ae. ,Y ' L 1 :A -Y Q if 1 1 Sports . 91 ADMINISTRATION FACULTY and DEPARTMENTS at V. S. C. Certainly the administrative staff and faculty of any institution are an integral part of student life-the same is true at V.S.C. The people on the following pages are responsible for leading, guiding, and directing us in the proper channels of educational and social activities. 5 ADMINISTRATI E 1 , 34 wx- Rv ,Q ,tlfi gg ' x X A 1 ,J , if-QM !n9""'lk All 115 Mrs. joe Wisenbaker Dr, J, Graham Wall A-B-, M-5-, Ed. A.B., M.A., Ed.D. Dean of Women Dean gf Men JIS Mr. Wallace L. Wnites A.B.J., M.A. Director of Public Relations Dr. J. Ralph Thaxton A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Mr. Shealy E. McCoy B.B.A., LL.B. Comptroller ' Miss Lillian Patterson A.B., B.s. in L.s. Librarian 1--ig' Dr. J. A. Durrenberger A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Arademic Dean ff I -.JY Mrs. William M. Thomas A.B. Registrar 50433 Mrs. Grady Bennett A.R., R.N. College Nurse 2 'if Mrs. Marjorie Bland Assistant Comptroller Mrs. Eva A. Shrivalle Dietitian xr!" ' ,..,f'1 if Mrs. Murray Jolley Mrs. Millie B. Knowles Assistant Manager: House Director, Bookstore isbley Hall in X'-we-9" , 'ip ,P XX Mrs. Grace B. Jones Mrs, Mary H, Croom ASSiSfd1lf to U12 Secretary to Academic Deang R2giSl'1'df' Secretary to Registrar JI 4' we .2 .1-all ' aff' r, "FY 4, . I I... 'sf' V iif TQ 'gif lfififf f Mrs. Joseph S. Maddox Secretary to the President Mr. Murray Jolley Manager: Student Center if H f x ' 'TT -'Sf Mrs. J. A. Sconyers Assistant Dietitian House Director, Reade Hall Mrs. Janet S. Maynard House Director, Converse Hall ff F : if ,- ff? ' , " ,E ev- 1 21 5 0 ' X- X ' 'xxx ' 4 f,,.,.f7 .el s X x tx Mrs. Rosario Nicotra Mrs. Lois Hancock Secretary to Secretary and Cashier Comptroller if f x NATURAL SCIENCES and ,R Q1 -Q-If 'ttf .5 4- f r DY- Marivrie E- Cartel' Dr. Beatrice Nevins Mr. Leonard J. Wagner B.s., sm.. and Php. Ph.B., Ph.M., Ph.D. A.B., M.A. A5S0fidfP Prof- of Biology Professor of Biology Assistant Professor of Biology This department prepares students to help meet the current demand for graduates with technical training in the sciences. This program provides for majors in Chem- istry, Biology, and Mathematics. 1 7' 1 ,,.,-"M"-l ,.-- ,,,-' Working an Analytical Balance. MATHEMATICS ig - ..' ao' ' . . ,P . 4 N X0 , , N i Yfs -.A A? 1" 1 if , 1 7 r , -'Z fl? f 1 Dr. Bernard Bettman B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry 'n - x 4 'f'7'v .cn f""' 11" Nh ,f-'? Y P Q . NX Q, ,fbi Mr. Maurice W. Lindauer Mr. Leroy Babcock Dr. J- Graham Wall A.B., M.A. mad., M.s. A.B., M.A., Ed D Assistant Professor of Associate Professor of Asmciafe professor 0 Chemistry Mathematics and Physics Matbemafit-5 Nucl 1 if f 54 ssl Analyzing Copper Ore. Isolating Bacteria. 6 0 J My I 7 5? 9 1, Mach Class. 5 X EDUCATIO i Mr. Spencer Jarnigan Mrs. Corinne S. Knight Mr. Donald E. Gerlock A.B., M.A. 'B.S., M.A. BS., M.Ed. Assistant Professor of Associate Professor of A555-'tant P7'0fe5-VW' of Education and Psychology Education Education For students desiring teaching careers the Educa- tion Department has an approved program for teacher preparation. This program adequately meets require- X ments for professional certification as a teacher for the public schools. Mrs. Mildred Evans Secretary to Department of Education ,..,...---1 Educational Phychology Class Learns from Visual Aids. Student Teachers Meet Supervising Teachers, 10 BUSINESS AD . and SEC. SCIENCE Mr. James B. Dales Mr. Douglas B. Robinson Mr, Shealy E, McCoy Miss Saralyn Sammons Mrs. Elmina McKneely B.B.A., M.A. A.B., M.A. B.B.A., LL.B. A.B., M.A. A.B., M.A., M.S. Assistant Professor of Associate Professor of Associate Professor of A-vwfiafe PT0fe5-'Of of Assistant Professor of Accounting Business Administration Businegs Administration Secretarial Science Secretarial Science and Economics The career-seeking young businessmen and secretaries of tomorrow pursue their course of study in this Division, by securing majors in Business Administration, Account- ing, or Secretarial Science. xdlwfmm K T If A Studying Labor Relations. Working on Saturday. 11 UMANITIES ,-in If ,egg lf? 'i 4' 9 MY- .l05ePh W- Pembel' Mrs. Lee M. Bennett Miss Louise A. Sawyer A.B. Instructor in Art B.S., M.A. Associate Professor of Speech A.B., M.F.A. Associate Professor of Art The Humanities Department embodies some of the more fascinating fields of study-Art, Speech, Foreign Lan- guages, English and Music. This program is designed for those students whose interests turn to the more artistic side of life. 15 I if Student Receives Instructions in Piano. 12 sk: Dr. Harold S. Gulliver B.A., A.M., Pl1.D. Professor of English English Class Reports on Plays. i -Q AZN aj W , ga W ,s f 5, . 2 X X 5 F5 'IO' B, 5 K ' wil. owl W s A f X 'gailjvif xx ""' ff 'A . f xg - H 'V xii.: ,T f . Mrs. Gertrude G. Odum Mr. Marvin R. Evans A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of English B.s., A.M. Associate Professor of English all E M Nkziglw ki w s , in r G ' N Miki? 1 ,Q Learning German. Miss Sawyer Instructs in Make-up. .' , U2 , -"'f'. 'mg 'LIS- ,fv- . , , X-4.1: 'rf .77 H 'ij' - .S-" aff,-5 ' 1 'gf'-J' , vga 5. f 1 r Dr. Sapelo Treanor Mr, J. Clayton Logan Mr. Webster W. Teague A.B., A.M., Ph.D. B.F.A., M.F.A. B.M., M.M.E. Professor of Modern Agggfiafe professor of Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages Mugif Music 33. ' ei 'mi 'ff Speech Class Studying Stage Make-up. XX lx Working With Clay. 13 SOC Mr. William M. Gaba A.B., M.A. Associate Professor of History IAL SCIE CE ,.:f f . '44 5 , A M 5 rd Miss Mildred M. Price Dr. J. Ralph Thaxton Mrs. Joe Wisenbaker Dr. J. A, Dun-enbefger A.B., A.M. A.B., M.A., Ph.D. A.B., M.s.Ea. A.B., A,M,, php, Associate Professor of Professor of History Associate Professor of professor of Sociology History Sociology Students Wishing to concentrate in the social sciences find satisfaction in exploring societies of the past, or in dealing with problems in present-day societies. This is accomplished by acquiring a major in History, Sociology, or Social Work. Sociology Class. Group Reports in Social Science Class. 14- 1 YJ: faq , , f sae- .- ,F A f E . ,- . X . K' 0 ' ' 1 'si as if 3 -. .f - ,. x , , X av . wr 4 f V ' '-.':'l,f j 'V-.N-Xl Q if 'll' gf PHYSICAL EDUCATIO 'R :CV Mr. Walter Cottingham Mrs. Matilda Mathis A.B., M.Ed. B.S. Assistant Professor of Instructor in Physical Physical Education Education -Q5 ng' x fl? Mrs. Charles L. Floyd B.S. Instructor in Physical Education A unique phase of instruction that enters into the life of all students includes such activities as dancing, swim- ming, golf, archery, tennis, and many others, amz: X-1' -L ' ,,, A. .7 r,Q.,,, -. -, - , --.1 , ' '.'?.frL.1 ' s --- Tennis Class in Session. 15 Student Golfers Tee OE. CAMPUS SCE ES 'Z 1 FRESHMEN ARE GREETED. RECEIVING LINE AT FACULTY RECEPTION - FRESHMAN DANCE. ASHLEY HALL. wg--K W, U FRESHMEN EXPLORE NEW HOME. and SE IOR CLASS i . . 12' f -t, ss , visual!-iii A i H li si. SENIOR OFFICERS NANCY SOUTHWELL, Treasurerg ELAINE BARBER, Vice-Presidentg SUE BRIDGES, Secretaryg NORMA LIGHTSEY, President. The beginning or the end? For the Seniors it is bothg the end of college life as a student and the beginning of a new role elsewhere. 17 SENIORS KHALDON ABDULLAH Baghdad, Iraq Major: ENGLISH I.R.C. 3, 4g English Club 3, 4. DOTTIE ALFORD Columbus, Georgia Major: BIOLOGY Minor: ART I , Cf? 3 ,gf Sports Club 1, Historian Z5 Fins and Flippers 1, 2, 3' Presidentg Math- Science Club Z, 3, Secretary-Treasurer 44 W.R.H.C. 4, Presidentg Who's Who Among Students 4. QF. ' Q., fo 3, , A Q A. 135 KJV i ' I 2' ' ABDULLAH ALLEN BAILEY ALFORD ,Q 'S RONALD ALLEN Stockton, Georgia Major: CHEMISTRY Minor: BIOLOGY Baseball 3, 4. JAMES BAILEY Valdosta, Georgia Major: ENGLISH Minor: ART 18 OF 1958 BENNIE BAKER Tifton, Georgia Transfer from Atlanta Division and Abraham Baldwin. Major: BIOLOGY Minor: HISTORY Glee Club 3, I.R.C. 3, Vice-President 4, Sigma Alpha Chi 3, 4, Math Science 3, 4g Homecoming Court 3. ELAINE BARBER Columbus, Georgia Major: SEGRIITARIAII SCIFNCIT Minor: ENGLISII Education Club 13 Sports Club 1, 2, 3, English Club 3, Reporter 4, Vice-President: Business Club 2, 3. 4, Reporterg W.R.H.C. 4, Sec. and Treas., Senior Class Ofhcer, Vice-President. BAKER BARBER '53 .3 ' I-'W' A BASS BATES L FA YE BASS Doerun, Georgia Major: SECONDARY EDUCATION Minor: ENGLISH Education Club 45 Fins and Flippers 45 Sports Club 45 Glee Club 1, 25 Dance Club 1, 2. JACK HILL BATES Valdosta, Georgia Major: BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Wesley Foundation 1, 25 V-Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball Team 1. I! 19 5 E- A X SENIORS DAVID BAYLESS Valdosta, Georgia Major: BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ZEPHOE BELCHER Funston, Georgia X Major: SOCIAL WORK Minor: ENGL1s1-I . - Transfer from Young Harris. sf' Education Club Zg English Club 2, 3, 4. BAYLESS BELCHER -.Qi BENNETT BLACKLEDGE . -iv ' -, if f??'f1j 5 f 3 GRADY BENNETT Winter Garden, Florida Major: BUSINESS ADMINISTRAHON Dance Club lg Business Club 15 Sigma Alpha Chi 1, 2, 3, 45 Circle K Club 2, 3, Board of Directors 43 Sigma Epsilon Fraternity 1, Pledge President, 2, 3, Corresponding Sec. 4. CAROLYN BLACKLEDGE Homerville, Georgia Major: ELEMENTARY EDUcAnoN Education Club 3, 4: Zeta Chi Sorority 3, 45 Pine Cone Staff, Layout Editor 43 Glee Club 4. 20 x .XY W 1958 3 6 ALLEN BOOKER Sylvester, Georgia Major: HISTORY Minor: ENGLISH JOHNNIE MAE BRANNEN I.R.C. 2, 3, 4. , 'BC q Y 1 Madison, Florida Major: ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Education Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 2 , BOORER fi- J BRANNEN i ff ' ' 56 6 . as.-adv' . ,,,. f BRIDGES s XR" BRIDGES, if . , ix, sIssY BRIDGES Q ' ,H Valdosta, Georgia ' s. A ff Major: BIOLOGY Minor: SOCIAL. WORK Fins and Flippers 1, 2, 3, 4, President 2, 4g Campus Canopy 2g Glee M Club 2g S.G.A. 45 Sports Club 1. l i A JEAN BRIDGES ,sp - X Donalsonville, Georgia -ix Qc-17 Major: SECRETARIAL SCIENCE Minor: ENGLISH Aix . y X Business Club 1, 2, 3, Secretary, English Club 35 Sports Club lg Delta 'X Xi Sorority 3, 4. ' 2 1 SENIORS SUE BRIDGES Donalsonville, Georgia Major: SECRETARIAL SCIENCE Minor: ENGLISH gf? Education Club 1, Sports Club 1, 2, 33 Sigma Alpha Chi 1, 2, 3, 4g English Club 3, 4, Business Club 2, 3, 4, Delta Xi Sorority 3, 4, Senior Class Officer, Secretary, Senior Class Sweetheart, Who's Who qv-Hd Among Students 4. BETTY LOU BROWN Rochelle, Georgia Major: ART Minor: ENGLISH Pine Cone Staff 3, 4. BRIDGES BROWN :Ql- 4 iv? iliff' BRUCE K l CHAMBLESS THELMA BRUCE Homerville, Georgia Major: EI EMENTARY EDUCATION Education Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Sports Club 1, 2, 3, 4, NVomen's Recreation Councilg Student Government Association 3. BETTY JANE CHAMBLESS Richland, Georgia Major: ELEMENTARY EDUCATION ,AQ- , 4 ii Education Club 3g Assistant Editor of News Paper 4, Zeta Chi Sorority Q 3, Historian 45 "Y" Cabinet 3, Devotional Leader 4g Dance Club, Treasurer 35 B.S.U.-B.T.U. Representative 3, 4, Y.W.C.A. 3, 4. 22 ,ffi aw fx. C OF 1958 JEANNE CONNELL Perry, Georgia Major: BIOLOGY Minor: HISTORY AND Music Serenaders 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 3, Business Manager 35 Math Science Club 2, 3, 4, Sigma Alpha Chi 1, 2, 3, 4, Historian and Reporter 43 International Relations Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Miss V.S.C. Talent of 1957, Hostess for Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity 2, 3, 4, Senior Representative to SG.A.g B.S.U. Cabinet 2, 3, 4, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 2, 3, 4, Who's Who Among American Colleges and Universities. LAVON COOK Colquitt, Georgia Major: BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Mium: HISTORX' Trans. Ga. S. W., Dormitory Council 4, President 4. r , I a-jg'-Z 3.1"- fi' DAvIs, M. AFD? 5.91 s.,dS"'f I DAVIS L jf 'NK3'+f4g, CONNELL COOK .2 ,I SV xl in In LEWIS M. DAVIS .tj P 2 'R Folkston, Georgia 4 - bm Major: BIOLOGY Minor: ENGLISH Q fl A, I- A' MOLLY DAVIS b -fr" - . Blackshear, Georgia 'W' I, Zeta Chi 1, Vice President 2, 4s S.G.A. 25 Sophomore Representative, ' A Fins and Flippers 1, 2, Secretary-Treasurer 4,1 Sports Club 1. 2, 43 'A I I Education Club 1, 2, 4, W.R.H.C. 2g English Club 4, Y.W.C-A. 1, 2, 4, "Y" Cabinet 2. V .A A 23 1. .'.::.ffJ., --'. 'ffnsliqn-. A7: fa Nb-A VIRGINIA DONALDSON Blackshear, Georgia Major: ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Education Club. ELTON DUPREE Unadilla, Georgia Major: BIOLOGY Minor: CHEMISTRY SENIORS ELIZABETH DEAN Valdosta, Georgia Major: BIOLOGY Minor: ENGLISH Y.W.C.A. 1, 25 Glee Club lg Canopy lg Pine Cone 1, 2, 3, Math Science Club 2, 3, 45 English Club 3, 4, Sec. and Treas. 4, Delta Xi orority 3, 4, Corresponding Sec. MARGIE DECHAU Valdosta, Georgia Major: ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Education Club 2, 3. DEAN DECHAU Q DONALDSON DUPREE W wi OF 1958 BENJAMIN DUQUE Valdosta, Georgia Major: HISTORY Minor: ENGLISH I.R.C. 3, 4g Camera Club 3. CARL DUREN 1, .,,, Valdosta, Georgia Major: BIOLOGY sq:- 'Q'-f,".T'-If F J ..-- LZ' ff ,Q :7Qf4"'Qil , , . , if 'la-A u If -'Nfl sf . 'I s ' 'x' G f'iff,fQ1af2'1fb :If12,71l1!,i wff' 13' 'iff f'!,fi?ffK.:E5fg fi? ir f.",?f'5 If? 43 Iiffffnrsafilfi , 4-iw ,X l il , ,lf -ff , , , f' w i : Q E e ' fix , I ' f-we-A If I EDWARDS . Uri ., - K QM m axi ELLIS J wal' DUQUE DUREN JEAN EDWARDS Valdosta, Georgia Major: SOCIAL WORK Minor: SEGRETARIAL WORK Tran. Stetson U.g Glee Club 2, 33 Serenaders 3, 45 B.S.U. 2, 3, 4 Pres. 43 Bus. Club 2g Honor Society 2. EDWARD ELLIS Cordele, Georgia Major: BIOLOGY Minor: SOCIOLOGY 25 SENIORS KARL FREE Albany, Georgia if Mayor: BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Minor: ENGLISH Sigma Epsilon Fraternity, Secretary 3. ED GAMBLE Valdosta, Georgia 'fluff Major: CHEMISTRY Minor: BIOLOGY Math-Science Club 4. . V -345' A2413 49.74 'N Viv?" '. Q, .w - ' N. 1 www, ..,, ,AT 75 N A if '11, Af GEORGE GIBBS , -fm FREE GAMBLE NOEL GEORGE Valdosta, Georgia Major: ACCOUNTING Filli Fortunae Fraternity. GENE GIBBS Moultrie, Georgia Major: CHEMISTRY Minor: BIOLOGY-ENGLISH B.S.U. 1, 2, 3, 4, Math-Science 2, 3, President 4, Circle K Club 3, 4 26 A , GRAHAM GREEN HARDEN, B. I-IARDEN, c. BOBBY HARDEN Fitzgerald, Georgia Major: BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION CAROL KEENE HARDEN Abbeville, Georgia Major: MUSIC Minor: ENGLISH Serenaders 1, 2, 3, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3g Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Y. Cabinet 2, 3, 45 B.S.U. 1, 2, 3, 4g Council 1, 2, 3, 4, English Club 45 Sig Ep Sponsor 2, Mu Alpha Sponsor 35 Zeta Chi 2, 3, 4, Historian 2, Chaplain 35 Sports Club 1, 2, 3, Council 2, 3, Soph. Counselor. 27 OF 1958 SEABORN GRAHAM Pavo, Georgia Major: ENGLISH Minor: SOCIOLOGY LAWTON GREEN Valdosta, Georgia Major: BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION . "7 -X 4 ,EW S E N I O R S K ' Q 'T' Al l Z 1 ' LESTER HAYMONS 'S Moultrie, Georgia A Q Major: CHEMISITRY Minor: BIOLOGY K ,.d'l!h,N Transfer from Norman College, Y.M.C.A. 3, 4, Treasurer 35 Circle K A gg- W4 . . f Q g 1 Club 3, Board of Directors 4, Dance Club 3, Math-Science Club 3, 45 , ' 1 . Q B.S.U. 3g The Campus Canopy, Editor 45 Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity , 'N mls I 4, Vice-President, Photography Club 45 Who's Who Among Students. 4v"7-I I A EMA DELL HENDLEY S Nashville, Georgia ' V Major: JUNIOR HIGH EDUCATION Education Club 1, 2, Historian 3, 45 Pine Cone Staff, Layout Editor 2, Assistant Editor 3, Editor 4, Junior Class President, W.R.H.C., 2nd If I Vice-President 3, 4g Glee Club 25 Sports Club lg Treasurer of S.G.A. 5' 45 Who's Who Among Students. 1 HAYMONS HENDLEY fa...-...nun-S I-IERRINGTON L HILL ROBERT I-IERRINGTON Lake Park, Georgia Major: SOCIAL WORK Minor: ENGLISH I.R.C. 1, 2, Sigma Alpha Chi 1, 2. ASHLEY HILL Valdosta, Georgia Major: BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Sigma Epsilon Fraternityg Letterman's Club 2, 3, 4. j If OF 1958 CAROL YN HOLTON Thomasville, Georgia Major: SPEECH Minor: ENGLISH r""'5"!I Transfer-Huntington College, Montgomery, Alabama. Sock and Bus- kin 3, 45 Delta Xi 3, 4, President 3, 4, English Club 4, Education Club 3, 4g Panhellenic Council 3, Sec. 4. BUTLER HORTON Valdosta, Georgia Major: ENGLISH Minor: HISTORY Glee 2, 3g English Club 45 International Relations 4. ICR' 4 V rswsif . ' I Qty. A-'-""'. HOUSTON JOINER it ji HOLTON HORTON 'P' B STANLEY HOUSTON MQW 1 Blakely, Georgia Major: BUSINESS ADMINISHATION Minor: ENGLISH Junior Class Treasurer 35 Filli Fortunae Fraternity 4. GORMAN JOINER Valdosta, Georgia Major: ACCOUNTING 29 SENIORS BETTY JONES Sylvester, Georgia Major: BIOLOGY Minor: SECRETARIAL SCIENCE Glee Club 1. ROY JUMP Valdosta, Georgia Major: SOCIAL WORK Minor: HISTORY , ' 3 14 1,4 .els KEY KING Ir, JONES , f , JUMP JOANN KEY Columbus, Georgia Major: ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Education Club 1, 2, 35 Cheerleader 1, 2, 35 Zeta Chi 1, 2, 3, Vice Pres. 3g Panhellenic Council 1, 3, Treas DALE KING Valdosta, Georgia Major: MATH Minofr: HISTORY Math-Science Club. 30 OF 1958 MARY ALICE LEWIS Dixie, Georgia Major: ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Transfer Student: Andrew junior College, Cuthbert, Georgia, Educa- tion Club 4. NQRMA LIGHTSEY Valdosta, Georgia Mayor: ENGLISH Minor: HISTORX' Sigma Alpha Chi Honor Society 1, 2, 3, 43 International Relations Club 3, 4: English Club, Sec- and Trcas. 3, President 4, Senior Class President 4: Who's Who Among Students 4. LEWIS LIGHTSEY A 633' H-:.'f4 MCLEAN , s MASON FRED MCLEAN Folkston, Georgia Major: BIOLOGY Minor: CHEMISTRY Math-Science Club, Historian and Reporter 35 Sigma Alpha Chi 1, 2, 3, 4, Who's Who Among Students. Ol-at Y? LINDSEY MASON I Valdosta, Georgia . . I f Mayor: BIOLOGY Mznor: CHEMISTRY ' 31 IGH I-fi.: ASQ i .. fi l WILLIAM MONCRIEFF Columbus, Georgia Major: BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Minor: HIsTo-RY Sigma Phi Epsilon 3, 4, Math-Science Club 3, 4, Business Club 3, 4. Transferred from North Georgia. WILLIAM MORGAN Jasper, Florida Major: SOCIAL SCIENCE Minor: SECRETARIAL SCIENCE Ed. Club. 3, 4. SENIORS LARRY MASSEY Valdosta, Georgia Major: BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Baseball 25 Circle "K" 2, 35 Sigma Phi Epsilon 2, 33 Baptist Student Union 2, Trans. U. Ala. MARILYN E. MILLER Tifton, Georgia Major: ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Education Club 2, 3, Pres. 2, 3g Y.W.C.A. 1, 2, 35 Y. Cabinet 2, 3, lst Vice Pres. 2, 3, W.R.I-LC., Ist Vice Pres., 3, Zeta Chi 1, 2, 3, Chaplain 2, Pledge Trainer 3, Panhellenic Council 2, 35 Sigma Alpha Chi 1, 2, 3, 57 V. Book Editor 35 Glee Club lg Math-Science lg Sig Ep Hostess 2, Campus Canopy 1, Wesley Foundation 1, 2, 35 Who's XVho Among Students 4. MASSEY MILLER MONCRIEFF MORGAN f , I CF 1958 JOAN NASTAS1 Mullica I-Iill, New Jersey Major: ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Transferred from Rutgers University, Education Club 3, 4, Treasurer V-Book Staff 3, Y.W.C.A. 3, 4, "Y" Cabinet 4, Delta Xi Sorority 4 Assistant Editor of Education Newspaper 4. LDNEDRA NeSMITH Dixie, Georgia Major: SECONDARY EDUCATION fGENERAL SCIENCFl Minor: ENGLISH AND SOCIAL STUDIES Education Club 3, 4, Sigma Alpha Chi 3, 4g Math-Science Club 4. -.1 Q A N! , ,, 1 ' ,,,,,g: if-"QQ gai- zfx it NASTASI NeSMITH 'mapli- NORTON O'BRIEN CHARLES NORTON Lakeland, Georgia - Major: SOCIAL WORK Minor: ENGLISH tunae Fraternity. .l Transfer from Young Harris College and Abriham Baldwin, Filli For PAT O'BRIEN Naylor, Georgia Major: BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Minor: HISTORY Dance Club 2, 3. SENIORS GRACE OTT Hahira, Georgia Major: ELEMENTARY EDUCATION BUCK PAFFORD Valdosta, Georgia Major: BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Minor: ENGLISH Glee Club 1, 25 Quartet 1, 25 Basketball 15 Baseball lg Circle K 2, Treasurerg Senior Representative to S.G.A. 4. 135 , .4-'IQ' .4393 OTT PAFFORD . '?f","3'a. 1' 1 kj Bangs' ,-I sy: ,JL , PERKINS PERRY PEGGY PERKINS Jennings, Florida Major: ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Education Club 2, 3, 45 Fins and Flippers 3, 4. ALICE PERRY Columbus, Georgia Major: ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Education Club 1, 2, 33 Zeta Chi Sorority 1, 2, 3, Secretary 34 C diff PURVIS PUTNAL r, I I 'H-un, ! I A RAULERSON , REGISTER DELLA RAULERSON Patterson, Georgia Major: BIOLOGY Minor: ENGLISH Math-Science Club 3, Treasurer 4g English Club 4, Delta Xi Sorority 3, 4, Photography Club 3, 4. LEONA REGISTER Adel, Georgia Major: SECONDARY EDUCATION QGENERAL SCIENCE, Minor: SOCIAL SCIENCE Transfer from A.B.A.C., Tifton, Georgia, Education Club 2, 3, 4g Delta Xi Sorority 3, 4, Treasurer. 35 OF 1958 JOHNNY PURVIS Norman Park, Georgia Major: BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Minor: ECONOMICS T? Transfer from Norman College, Norman Park, Georgia, Basketball Team 3, 45 Baseball Team 3, 45 V-Club 4. GLEN PUTNAL Ray City, Georgia Major: BIOLOGY Minor: CHEMISTRY f j, X I I 1 'Z-'R A if 00? 5- ,Y fi :x,,.. K' f vu fix I RUTH RIGSBY Valdosta, Georgia Major: ELEMENTARY EDUCATION JACK ROWE Columbus, Georgia Major: BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Minor: Trans. from Ga. SRV. College, Filli Fortunae Fraternity 3, Sec. 4, Treas.g M.C.A. 3, 4: Vice Pres., Photographefs Club 3, Vice Pres., Letterman's Club 3, 4g Business Club 3, 4, Circle "K" 3, 45 Baseball 3, 45 Basketball 3: Dance Club 3. SENIORS CYNTHIA RICE Lakeland, Georgia Major: ELEMENTARY EDUCATION MARYAN RICHARDSON Valdosta, Georgia Major: SOCIAL WORK Minor: SPANISH Campus Canopy 1, 25 Pine Cone, Business Staff 1, Glee Club 1 Fins and Flippers 3, 4, Sports Club 1. RICE RICHARDSON RIGSBY TE - L ROWE ' 3 ' ECONOMICS 36 CDP 1958 - . I 'tr'-xr" :fuzz ." -"uv " WU . ,., JANE ROWE Valdosta, Georgia Major: SECONDARY EDUCATION Minor: ENGLISH "Wu I 'fill Education Club, Social Chairman. ' '49 I V MYRTICE SLOAN - Pavo, Georgia Major: HISTORY Minor: ENGLISH Transfer from Berry Collegeg I.R.C. 3 ilk- W Q . :zli 4. I SMITH P. SMITH- T. fl iv.,-x ROWE iv SLOAN L PATSY SMITH Valdosta, Georgia Major: ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Transferred from University of Georgiag Education Club TOM BUSH SMITH Valdosta, Georgia Major: BUSINESS ADMINISTRATTON Transferred from University of Georgia. 37 SENIORS NANCY CAROL SOUTHWELL Arabi, Georgia Major: MATHEMATICS AND SECONDARY EDUCATION B.S.U. 1, 2, 3, 45 Math-Science Club 4, Senior Class Treasurer, Sigma Alpha Chi 1, 2, 3, 4, WhO's Who Among Students HUGH STEPHENSON Valdosta, Georgia Major: BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION P4603 X I 1132 .Am ,nvQ'qi' vt f -cg p Minor: SPANISH 4. 1-cj' ,H STEWARD STOVALL . 5, SOUTHWELL STEPHENSON ,J Tia MURRAY STEXVARD Valdosta, Georgia Major: CHEMISTRY Minor: HISTORY Pine Cone 3, Photography Editor 4, Photography Club, Sec. 3, Pres. 4g International Relations Club 3, Treas. 4. JIMMY STOVALL Hapeville, Georgia Major: CHEMISTRY Minor: BIOLOGY S.G.A., Vice Pres. 4g Dormitory Council, Vice Pres. 3, 4, Photography Club, Vic. Pres. 3, Sec. 4, V-Club 2, 3, Vice Pres. 4, Dance Club 35 Math-Science Club 3, Reporter 43 Circle K 3., Vice Pres' 45 Sigma Phi Epsilon 2, 3, Vice Pres. 4, Basketball Team 1, 2, 3, 4. Who's Who Among Students 4. 38 ii , Aw Mins: R- 1? .an--5, Im ,ffl .K ka, A Q ,AH ,. -1 STROM l SVERRE SWEET VAUG HN VIRGINIA SWEET Thomasville, Georgia Major: ENGLISH Transferred from University of New Mexico: English Club 3, 45 Sigma Alpha Chi 3, 4. JANET VAUGHN Americus, Georgia Major: ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Education Club 3, 45 Y Cabinet 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Delta Xi Sorority 3, 4, Vice-President 3, 4, Panhellenic Council 4, Pledge Trainer 45 1957 V-Book Editor 4, B.S.U. 3, 4, Publicity Chairman, Eighth Dis- trict Director of G.E.T.A. 39 WANELL STROM Valdosta, Georgia OF 1958 Major: SECONDARY EDUCATION Education Club 3, 45 Sigma Alpha Chi 3, 4. ERIK SVERRE Oslo, Norway Major: BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Transferred from University of Oslo. 49' L 'T-'-Z? vU'V 1 'Q' L A .i I, 49" L .1 1 ' -V' 5' 3' , . x 3, 5 R ' f '-.-S,"e h - S..- EMI'-'1'f3f1. Tm 9. f- ,N-Q' -- '.' ' .Y as I, I, , g I- . Jig' lr ff' ' -,fi ,"4-' u '-Q '. ' 1 ' ' , 7' Q ' I I - in j,' "J 1,0 .-' f. ,j ' .!',.', 1 . If N fy . '17, 1 ,f ' I ' I ' ' ' I .. . woody' 41,1 f 'aff .I ,Q .Ie-1-"Z1fu','.-.' SENIORS GEORGE WALLACE Valdosta, Georgia Major: BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Wesley Foundation 2, 3, 4, Pres. 45 I.R.C. 2, 3, 4, Treas. 3, Pres. 4 Sigma Alpha Chi 3, 4, Pres. 44 S.G.A., Junior Representative 3. Who's Who Among Students 4. WILLIAM WATSON Valdosta, Georgia Major: ACCOUNTING Honor Society 3. Sql? Y -A-Qi RETHA WILLIS Albany, Georgia Major: EDUCATION Education Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Program Chairman 33 Club, Pres. 4g Y. Cabinet 3. JOE WILSON Valdosta, Georgia Major: BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION WALLACE WATSON ,, lf' H WILLIS . if 5,0 f sf N. WILSON L Sock and Buskin l filly, bbs- 5'-'L' OF 1958 RAYMOND B. WILSON Decatur, Georgia Major: CHEMISTRY Minor: BIOLOGY Transfer from North Georgia College, Student Government Associ- tue? ation 3, President 4g Pine Com' Staff 2, Business Manager 3, Assistant Qi Editor 44 Y.M.C.A. 2, Vice Pres. 3, 45 Math-Science Club 2, 3, 4, Sigma Alpha Chi Honor Society 2, Historian-Reporter 3, 4, Circle K Club 2, Board of Directors, Vice Pres. 3, 45 Sigma Epsilon Fraternity, Pledge Treasurer 2, Treasurer 3, Homecoming Parade Marshal 3, "Mac" CBest All-Roundj 35 Who's Who 4. I 1 FAIN YATES Quitman, Georgia Major: ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Education Club 3, 4 ,Winn axe, 3 WILSON , YATES X YEOMANS EARL QBABEJ YEOMANS Valdosta, Georgia Q 5.42 ,4-..-asain.. ' Major: ACCOUNTING Mznor: I'IISTORY 41 Another of those busy mornings at the student center. -BULL A I all 1 tls al il sw Locked out by any chance??? iff Spring already? Oh those bus rides!! AROUND CAMPUS... Running wild-collecting pictures for the annual. IU 1oR CLASS JUNIOR OF FICFRS MARCIA WALTERS, Treasurerg CHARLES DASHER, Secretaryg LUCILLE HELMS, Presidentg GAYE GRIFFIS, Vice-President. Anticipation is an outstanding characteristic of the Juniors. These students are looking forward to the coming year and the long-awaited event in college life. 43 . 1 Q .Wi J cv! K ,VV rf I, W , M M 'WK f ng ' 3, N M- n H . Q 'nf' -i'i.Sfjf or-1 -fqkffcx . EL- 3395" 'P f u ,w- m,w W xl., 4? f Q? 'W ' ' f o 'Wea .in -H1 .545 .t ms fi xx!! I, X .VA I Mogens Andersen Ronne, Denmark A. J. Bentley Quitman, Ga. Mary Ann Carter Lake Park, Ga. Charles Dasher Valdosta, Ga. 9 M Julian Baker Albany, Ga. Scnia Bergvall Stockholm, Sweden William Carter Lake Park, Ga. Willena Daugharty Fargo, Ga. 'UNIORS w . , fl? : rl Q,-f""Z7 -Ji J .-url' ff just V IU ,.-wmv IT up--J QL' M 'ZR' ,' -1-3311 Miriam Barnes Rudy Baxter Americus, Ga. Celia, Ala, Raymond BK'2ddY Sheldon Broomberg Manchester, Ga. Vgldgsta, Ga, Corine Castleberry Horace Chitty RRY CRY, Ga- Moultrie, Ga. james David Ira Deng Jacksonville, Fla. Douglas, Ga. 44 23759 :Ld David Bennett Waycross, Ga. Marion Carrington Tifton, Ga. Ray Cox Waycross, Ga. Wayne Dickson Adel, Ga. 4-ii" f K-45- '--Q, gp., -1--'TZV' Nelson Dupree Unadilla, Ga. Ed Gandy Valdosta, Ga. Michael Hampton Quitman, Ga. Lucille Helms Valdosta, Ga. was 'Kr 99 ---ual' l y'1' J ,J X X 1 nl la Y77' iw S. Fil tif Donald Duren Cooledge, Ga. Barbara Gregory Moultrie, Ga. Charles Hancock Valdosta, Ga. Jimmy Hicks Cooledge, Ga. Glenda Ellis Cordele, Ga. Gaye Griflis Homerville, Ga. Jim Hathaway Douglas, Ga. Glenn Hobby Ashburn, Ga. 45 '32 k M .,,,. qv ' F r 1 1 .K J, wi: ,. 1 .. ffmawM,gQs HQ' :'FJ"'.5 :" 3 "':I'-,Q-"-f'l':Z1- 54 5931 A 'A ', " 'f.'5C Q Y TL" 3955 J r x A R, L, ,',g,9.e .- Barbara Evans Hazelhurst, Ga. Charlene Griflith McRae, Ga. jack Hawthorne Valdosta, Ga. O. W. Hodge Pitts, Ga. as w - an sq? ' -16' . . X fl. ff-4 , , ,1- ' 1"-9 X ati! ,,- A .Yo ., .a . 3 we A, : F Q , 7 ,pi T a. I fl J AV f eaaey 1 f Nllyi 53, gK'iW? ,,.. f f n fwifi ,x N-in " ' .1 --.. ff: f ff. Wayne Fowler Live Oak, Fla. Wayne Haire Colquict, Ga. Bill Hay Manchester, Ga. Jim Holt Valdosta, Ga. .1958 eff. , ,,. 5 fl .- , ., 41 Ta' Q 4 3' v .- P na ,SVW ff , A ' 145. ':s'-ff' ,xl '67 , ci ms' ' 4 X x' ' l' 1' Q I os' 1 A' - fi Nqr :al IIN ..,- f Q- I xg ,, -,Q .1 X .5 Q9 ' 4' I X S- l . as as 'WW ,bww 'QAA B+ V William Holt Waycross, Ga. Don Lyons Valdosta, Ga. Mary Lou Martin Richmond Hill, Ga. Mary Jo Norman Norman Park, Ga. John Hulett McRae, Ga. Fred McDonald Valdosta, Ga. james May Ray City, Ga. Sally O'Neal Valdosta, Ga. IUNIORS ,mt D4 W. , ,ve 'W' ,var I 5 gl 'fit i"x.,f', H my 82 , '.y ' 1 "fs fe-iw Fx Q I fo XA, ,X jvqfl' , V A ,K N X " vii,-7 ,f "' V 1 xx N i 'fffsgg as-1 f or fwfr . if fs. ffm' is ,QWM1 ' are , U,arf'E . V gay J f 551: --9.0 , will f 2 lg' in .' c"' X. 1 ,z1l.!ll?l Lli ,Qkfiflirll f ,A . gktjsa ., wal, 3 Rm' 'K' A vs Q I N -3 L . It T4 . "VM '1' , -H-fi' 2 , 1 Q' 'W 1 - ,f f v I , f y 4,1 . li 1' Bill Kitchens Quitman, Ga. Louise McDonald Quitman, Ga. Benny Mitcham Montezuma, Ga. Tiller Phillips Panama City, Fla. 4-6 Laura Leonard Valdosta, Ga. Betty McLaurin Statenville, Ga. Billy Moncrief Manchester, Ga. Charles Pittman Boston, Ga. A In in J K., 4' ' 1 si 'Er' I ,.u-. Betty Jo Little Moultrie, Ga. Brinkley McNeal Valdosta, Ga. Felton Morris Pearson, Ga. Silas Pittman Stillmore, Ga. ,Pom L 13 Xqpf 79:8 it iq. V I Ps 'x ,.... Xujggf ,-Q X. If ,Q 7 Q ,N :ff-5" I , Q' Cff ,www I - f X S. if in , 7 X 4' 72 f if rl AOS ff ., 4-va, fb!! Sl I- N , '-.,1,,'J, 4, 1-'ig' Q .ur--Q 901 44? ,R .f--,Q Christine Pitts Valdosta, Ga. Kay Shaw Lennox, Ga. Ann Strickland Quitman, Ga. Marian Thomas Jennings, Fla. Ev Doyle Price Valdosta, Ga. Dwaine Skiles Valdosta, Ga. Harriet Stubbs Hahira, Ga. Darlene Wallace Cartersville, Ga. 3' WCM V Robert Sabo Lennox, Ga. Clyde Smith Brunswick, Ga. Joe Tarpley Manchester, Ga. Marcia Walters Albany, Ga. 47 fp' ,gay 5.1 AP"-'X Bill Sears Valdosta, Ga. Joe Smith Hahira, Ga. Charles Templeton Valdosta, Ga. Dixie Lee Weger Quitman, Ga. Carl Shapiro Valdosta, Ga. Sandra Stanfield Barwick, Ga. Fred Thomas Patterson, Ga. Ellis Wiley Bainbridge, Ga. .1958 u I ,X i I if. , Dorothy Williford Ben Wood Tifton, Ga. Sparks, Ga. UNIORS OF 1958 Working late in the Biology Lab. pi" ' A3 K , ,v " . ,i 1, ,1 . ' I- J 1. . Y, ,U I, Janet Zipperer Lake Park, Ga. Q5 For U ,,,,4Q D54 11.9 QW! i ', If :J ,' f a Participating in extra-curricular activities Taking a break. ll-4 i 5 ' i 42 z I SOPHOMORE CLASS Hi S-X SOPHOMORE OFFICERS GLENNIE COOPER, Treasurerg JEROME CLEGG, Presidentg MILLIETTE REESE, Secretary PALSY LANGFORD, Vice-President. These students have reached the halfway mark--this is the ideal year in their college life. They have disassociated themselves with high school days, and are not yet fully aware of what lies beyond graduation. 49 N , ., -1.1 N., z i .if-A :V , 4:-if 1 ,X 1 --eq' Wayne Adkins Valdosta, Ga. Rene Barnett Albany, Ga. Lawrence Bishop Greenville, Fla. Joe F. Browning Lakeland, Ga. Robert Carroll Valdosta, Ga. 'CST' 3, Z fr x Q. ' A L..4' iwfwgaiigs i f A Z' 1: f A 5? .J K , Tv? 3, J ' Z ,fs , ' ZA, 'T V1 1:1 F f , Q, J, J' ff f '51 '- T L., gf' Norma Akins Nashville, Ga. John Baskin Naylor, Ga. Lillie Mae Black Valdosta, Ga. Jimmy Broxson Colquitt, Ga. Susan Chance Quitman, Ga. 5? 6 Wayne Allen Valdosta, Ga. Elton Belch Pearson, Ga. Betty Bland Valdosta, Ga. Deany Buford Hazlehurst, Ga. Jerome Clegg Waynesboro, Ga. 50 - rl? 'B e ' LQ 5 ls- B by J . Q , C A . Q f if . y 9 1.-,, , Leon Aronson Adel, Ga. Karen Belcher Valdosta, Ga. Laura Nell Bowen Unadilla, Ga. Grady Bullington Cairo, Ga. Karen Clements Moultrie, Ga. af 4 f 'iw W 1 Y K 1 s sf f Q 63" 1 r-SF' K ' 1,2 T Q Y N2 V 'x K. , V Xi? A 'usp gf 015 f"l'x '-'fm "'1' .I Curtis Bailey Hahira, Ga. Kathryn Bell Doerun, Ga. Richard Bragg Folkston, Ga. Mary Helen Butler Moultrie, Ga. Mary Alice Clyatt Nashville, Ga. ,- 51 .,.f . . A I ll 1? it -9' 1 Wg : gi -J , lf 'If Huey Barker Ray City, Ga. Folks Bennett Millwood, Ga. Marjorie Brooks Climax, Ga. Gene Cargile Valdosta, Ga. Glennie Cooper Atlanta, Ga. SOPHOMORES ,Q ri We from, s .,.,, . , .v,,. Y t . 3 ' a Q 4 1 K' N I Sip? ,f A f X' I . X a i L , 3 '53 W f ,nav W. Charles Corbett Lakeland, Ga. John Davis Valdosta, Ga. Marcia Duren Valdosta, Ga. Edward Fountain Nashville, Ga. Benny Hassell Quitman, Ga. 'WWF' 'Rf 1- 'Q' ., his -'ffl' ,, , Edward Coyle Valdosta, Ga. Gene Deal Hinesville, Ga. Pat Edwards Valdosta, Ga. Jacqueline Gaskins Lakeland, Ga. William Hay East Point, Ga. . OP 1958 -1-'7 XZ'-6' X -3:1 Larry Crawford Lenox, Ga. Kemp Dorsett Bryon, Ga. Ben Force Valdosta, Ga. Willard Grihis Quitman, Ga. Billy Hayes Valdosta, Ga. Nm-I ,...-... ge.,-W :I w Jerome Crawley Waycross, Ga. William Drury Valdosta, Ga. Ken Ferrell Cairo, Ga. Rena Hanahan Valdosta, Ga. Lucy Henderson Ocilla, Ga. y. Q , H " K 43:0 M V 1A ' -:ik J: , " X ,iii -'17 4, 3 ' t, 'si . r 'Q 'J , 1 :i ? 5 ' -fun . Q vb. L-'9' Q! staff' ,.. a A f' 'F' ' JZ Q ' 1-'91 1 . I V ' if ' 3 , , 1 Q-us 9? I Gif 1 X , '1 lik" , 1 f 2 15323 Q h e .,. gy ,V ,a f , as 4, . Q -xx - - if Ps A ,f , V ' 1 ,..-of ,Q ii yf frffw- 411 r", s 94" XT'-I Jean Culpepper Lake Park, Ga. Elaine Duckett Vinings, Ga. David Forehand Vienna, Ga. Dorothy Harrell Donalsonville, Ga. Russell Horner Valdosta, Ga. o4, Eugene Davis Pea rson, Ga. Lester Duncan Quitman, Ga. juanice Forte Adel, Ga. Jeanne Harrell Waycross, Ga. Pat Hortman Doerun, Ga. STS-7'y nw! I r I ra, I. 5 x st., .4 ' lasik.: 'ti I of g " in x gg 'I 7 W. 'M . , a, lf ,rw ,f 4, . '-if . .9 , Q . 5 Wy an ' I i l .J l if - fqfl X X A L' 1 1' VN? , X Y K LIL ,. ls Ji, A ..L'!,g. xx, fgleifeiq Y e ' Y spines' 53 his 1,7 'gg A ff 1 f if 'filfgijklil f ifdf 1. is Billy John Hughes Nashville, Ga. Houston Kemper Riverdale, Ga. Frances Little Waycross, Ga. Johnny Maloney Adel, Ga. Leland Moore Valdosta, Ga. Dewey Hulsey Cordele, Ga. William Kent Adel, Ga. Janice McCranie St. Simons Is., Ga. L. C. Martin Adel, Ga. Mary Ann Morgan Atlanta, Ga. is Qi!- ! 4 VN .I H 'I l if A N 3 qu .1 if T' N, 5 'Tlx al . f ','1 4 'ff 1 4 vgg N rl. if -'K' i Ji e. f 'Wi 1 5 'ut ,-an asf, f-JI, .4 -ef iz s-1' Francine Jones Valdosta, Ga. Mary King Valdosta, Ga. Shirley McGowan Valdosta, Ga. Mary Mashburn Abbeville, Ga. Mavis Morris Coolidge, Ga. 52 Max Jones Douglas, Ga. Palsy Langford Waycross, Ga. Becca McGraw Moultrie, Ga. James Maxwell Valdosta, Ga. Nelle Morris Valdosta, Ga. Leila Jones Thomasville, Ga. Joyce Ledbetter Cordele, Ga. Mary Ann McLean Valdosta, Ga. Terry Meeks Alma, Ga. Rosario Nicotra Valdosta, Ga. Q f A fa x f ,L .gi Z QT? v,j,.k if I ' J 2 ,fa -f if ' f ,gigep f n C54 15" 1 -'N -fr-51? EM ' 'Ml g I Sara Joyce Valdosta, Ga. jimmy Lewis Nashville, Ga. Jerry Mackley Valdosta, Ga. Beverly Monroe Ashburn, Ga. Lamb Parramore Valdosta, Ga. SOPHOMORES 44-.,?j,N , Y, if K ,H ,fy W , 5 V ...... i .7 ! N'- 0-Q Y: M ,a my i - f ' s 4 ' 1 ,, ,t Y fy ' l ' lf' M5 .f','5'1i 1-:sv "WF" 594' IU' 522- '33 Fw? Gail Parrish Valdosta, Ga. Charlie Pittman Valdosta, Ga. Willie Roberts Thomasville, Ga Tommy Sessions Valdosta, Ga. Walter Stovall Douglas, Ga. .CDF ' Q Douglas Parrish Quitman, Ga. Charles Powell Valdosta, Ga. Pat Rowan Nashville, Ga. Errol Sewell Valdosta, Ga. Sarah Strickland Waycross, Ga. 1958 "5 ref, W fx 3 rl- tl Joe Patterson Columbus, Ga. Murdine Pridmore Quitman, Ga. jan Scruggs Nashville, Ga. Louie Shipes Lakeland, Ga. Stuart Summerford Donalsonville, Ga. HN.: f. 'Z'1"fH, :L X .Q of ki ai if 'uf Lou Jean Pearce Valdosta, Ga. Jane Purvis Pembroke, Ga. Jo Segraves Fitzgerald, Ga. Mel Smith Valdosta, Ga. Dorothy Thurman Taylorsville, Ga. Ben Perkins Thomasville, Ga. Jo Rabun Valdosta, Ga. Carol Sellers Valdosta, Ga. Al Stevens Bainbridge, Ga. Bob Trammell Sumner, Ga. James Pinson Valdosta, Ga. Milliette Reese Cordele, Ga. E. W. Sellers Pelham, Ga. Sylvia Stone Whigman, Ga. Sylvil Tucker Moultrie, Ga. ,f As: r an L '13 CQ Y 45? -447' '10 ...av- wi' if! , WN' f V ' V., 4 Hg! ' .r lx '- is 3 pu its 14 "-77 'R ry '.:' Q' . if? J .M " ,W m , , 'S s xv ,ig ,a -f ' h " 1 if: 1' . if X S11 X Q.. 1 x X x X 3 I ,vie- 14' ii, If Charles Tyson Sparks, Ga. D. Wetherington Lenox, Ga. Paul Williams Quitman, Ga. Gail Woodard Tifton, Ga. i I 1 4' 1' I jimmy Wainright Statenville, Ga. Roy Wetherington Valdosta, Ga. Sonja Williams Camilla, Ga. Gail Wynn Hazlehurst, Ga. 'A- Elaine Walker Blackshear, Ga. Carolyn Whitfield Nashville, Ga. Bill Williams Valdosta, Ga. Bill Yarian Valdosta, Ga. 29' Jimmy Walke, Valdosta, Ga. Jimmie Wiggins Valdosta, Ga. Dorcas Wisenbaker Valdosta, Ga. Helen Zeigler Valdosta, Ga. ,tj Sandra Warren Sycamore, Ga. Joe Wiggs Tifton, Ga. Peggy Wolfe Albany, Ga. SOPHOMORES OP 1958 54 Virginia Webb Valdosta, Ga. Lester Wilburn Valdosta, Ga. Wylaine Woodall Omega, Ga. FRESH N CLASS FRESHMAN OFFICERS KAYE BROWN, Vice-Presidentg FAYE LANIER, Secretaryg PENNY WILLIAMS, Treasurerg TOMMY NEWSOM, President. This group has had their Hrst taste of college life and are left somewhat bewildered by their new experiences. However, they have overcome many obstacles in adjusting to their new environment and are ready to continue life on the college campus. 55 S, 5 'Dix N., -vii r 3" fx, 2 hi, -l ,-'sg w-'I' ,,,, ...R 41? C? 1- 'rf' .. ,zy A 'try , J Nw ' 1,- KJ f' 1 ffif f'iff'l f , iff! fx , 13 5 N K , 1 -- .,c::- uf ' y ' gig 4 4 V 5, , 1, f X ' ' ' ' A fi H-:Q ,, - "" gfkgg ix, 6 i s. ,f favi ,3- Vvmw 'Ev' ,Q 1 C."':p ge 05 .XI L a r i 5 W K' 1-51.- 5 I My i I .-F I f S at K I X , 4 ' E "3" Dayle Alderman Theresia Arnold Griffin, Ga. Connie Baugh Moultrie, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Judy Bennett Sylvester, Ga. George D. Boyd Dale Briggs Aiken, S. C. Chris Bruu Oslo, Norway Larry Chelena Clarkston, Ga. Albany, Ga. Gene Burnette Quitman, Ga. Chandler Christian Valdosta, Ga. 'ID an A "'-375 3 In if If ,, sf- Ann Arrington Cordele, Ga. Billy Bob Berry Fitzgerald, Ga. Lysbeth Brooks Valdosta, Ga. Lawanna Carter Coiee, Ga. Sandra Clements Valdosta, Ga. FRESHMEN P ,-,f'zjg::1:z.,., ., ' 'pied fq-N, Evfcy E fa , fi Frances Austin Rose Ann Baldwin Valdosta, Ga. Smyrna, Ga. Arden Nan Bishop Danny Blanton Waycross, Ga. David Brooks Valdosta, Ga. Terry Carter Lake Park, Ga. James Cody Valdosta, Ga. 56 Valdosta, Ga. Kaye Brown Sylvester, Ga. Charlotte Chapman Valdosta, Ga. Marie Converse Valdosta, Ga. Peggy Barry Cordele, Ga. Donna Boone Valdosta, Ga. Leslie Brown Valdosta, Ga. Carolyn Chapman Moultrie, Ga. Camille Cook Reynolds, Ga. 1 ,ca A . 1, lr V 3, A ff ' ,C ,f. Barbara Bates Bainbridge, Ga. Rosalie Boone Cairo, Ga. Harriett Browne Valdosta, Ga. Nell Chason Lakeland, Ga. Larry Cooper Valdosta, Ga. fix, -as rg QQ 6 , fl f 1. if h-e , s , if ff T1 1 'fi' I ,ff I 'Sl' 4? qw. ! M, 'r ,ra Charlotte Coppage Valdosta, Ga. Gloria Davis Douglas, Ga. Jimmy Dooley Quitman, Ga. Betty Lou Eldridge Thomasville, Ga. Gwen Gay Pavo, Ga. -an. 3 5' . if rg "9 l , me Qczyf ..., , !5,! ve -" isa ,w,.' mls fill Tony Corso New Brunswick, N. J. Phyllis Davis Valdosta, Ga. Ralph Dorsett Byron, Ga. Joan Ellington Albany, Ga. Roberta George Valdosta, Ga. Lloyd Courson Valdosta, Ga. Gayle Dean Pearson, Ga. Martha Doster Donalsonville, Ga. Dillard Ensley Sparks, Ga. Clement Green Valdosta, Ga. A9 Y Dan Cowart Adel, Ga. Drucilla Dell Waycross, Ga. Raymond Drown Tampa, Fla. Ruby Farmer Valdosta, Ga. Janice Guernsey Jasper, Fla. 57 'fix v ,, E V . 6 ' 6 -.,f . , ggi?" ,W if ,I .5 V My-Z 'A' M V wig! 1 ' ,ly f. A re .M ,,'Sa,,f !.'y4','7ff'f , 4 'pg - -L 55 ' I .Z ill filifkaq 07 1 .X pf V .. - ,s ,gg : , , 2 We V5-v , we M 15 , we y ' X 2 f -f fi fc, ii' --R-ZZ? 5 Q? 5 kg - ,ea ,. 4 XWQ4, I Z we , 4- at f . .3 . ,, e .S .W-:wr P of Ax N24,xf .25 IVA K 'S ivV Martha Croll Moultrie, Ga. Riley Deloach Valdosta, Ga. Sandra Dubose Waycross, Ga. Julian Fields Ray City, Ga. Herman Hall Ocilla, Ga. .,.,-av ,.--Q 1 Gerald Culpepper Valdosta, Ga. W. L. Dent Fort Valley, Ga. Myron Duchon Adel, Ga. Jimmy Fountain Ray City, Ga. Ann Hamilton Arabi, Ga. ,av ff' . g x ,S W I I 31, If ... 4 t 3 1 p J f 1 K i ur! 96 rig l - X Y--1 72 3 'A iy ,,:aL7x.,. kilns J V , 4 5 1 4 kit ff if . J G W--I na -- J -,Hz-if-ef., f L S Jn, f an V i Y .. ,fe- A 1' 51 A f - L -Y is Bobby Davis Jacksonville, Fla. Phillip Dillard Thomasville, Ga. Gloria Duque Valdosta, Ga. Sidney Futch Hahira, Ga. Gaynelle Haralson Rebecca, Ga. .1958 . N' 5 4'-N , vw-vi - ' Q vi ' N Q We -. Wi' s ,Q E? ff 1 'Q P - - 1 Q 'I eq J-if 5 I. 'Y"'T' 'Q 'I fa., ' ff C13 Rf Cynthia Harrell Eastman, Ga. Linda Hiers Thomasville, Ga. Phoebe Humphries Valdosta, Ga. Joe Johnston Montezuma, Ga. Bryan Killeen Twin Lakes, Ga. .2 'i ' f' mf I: 'o i 5- ,:., 5 Q . E ' , : ,N 1- , ,. X e x ni .cf 'rv I ,, I I f "s' ,. Y M 45 48, i f fi 4, '4 fi s .2 pit I , z gn I' ' ' N sl-fix. xl 'T' ,en 'Z Darla Harris Nashville, Ga. A. L. Hinson Millhauen, Ga. Jerry Hurst Cairo, Ga. Robert Joiner Moultrie, Ga. Jane Kinsey College Park, Ga. 5-'Se ur 'fi ,f Wayne Harris Nashville, Ga. Autry Hoffman Orlando, Fla. Pat Hydrick Bacon, Ga. Connie Jones Perry, Ga. William Kirby Valdosta, Ga. FRESHMEN 'iw S A Q Q. ' , 4 1 1 x f Cynthia Harrison Sylvester, Ga. Marion Horn Doerun, Ga. John Jackson Jasper, Fla. Judy Jones Thomasville, Ga. Roger Knoll Moody AFB, Ga. 58 -Ab' 9' I .J 'vii x 'BF' i VE" ..,. ,pm rg-11' IE? .Nl i 4' , 'A 1 1 I , f' x . V . Larry Hartzog Ricky Herndon Sylvester, Ga. Valdosta, Ga. Bill Hough Naylor, Ga. Helen Jenkins Albany, Ga. Sandra Jones Albany, Ga. Carroll Howard Albany, Ga. James Johnson Ray City, Ga. Sanford Jones Valdosta, Ga. 11' James Hewett Quitman, Ga. Marilyn Hughes Valdosta, Ga. Jimmy Johnson Adel, Ga. Linda Gail Key Nashville, Ga. Michael LaHood Faye Lanier Tommie Lastinger Valdosta, Ga. Valdosta, Ga. Pearson, Ga. Z' "" he .t VV. . -v x, e-fa 'x -fm 1 C-,..: 4. .Jail ia? .V WL, ' 1 llff 73 1 s, -A Pl Nt' 'Q X3 it .M 4 x I im 54 , "f' Q rf w HDHW ,1 f ,Q ,Z7 'rv rf -A ,JJ , ', b ..,, ,M r"' li 'A 13.3 I .Q-?,XgL , , 3 ih 1 is W if " ,3 Zh . v' .' ,ff sf' Im 4 Lf it nf A X C? f 2 .gif 'Yr 2 :a"'f X L1fN'f fx at ....- fs f 'Y iss.-' . swwga A . . 4 l li Eleanor Leonard Valdosta, Ga. Paul McCollum Thomasville, Ga. Katherine Marwede Columbus, Ga. Tillman Moore Valdosta, Ga. Linda NeSmith Statenville, Ga. Sissie Lester Quitman, Ga. Carolyn McGee Valdosta, Ga. John Massey Valdosta, Ga. Mary Moore Nashville, Ga. Marilu NeSmith Valdosta, Ga. Richard Leverette Donald Lineburger Mickell Lovett Griffin, Ga. Valdosta, Ga. Waycross, Ga. Patsy McLendon Cairo, Ga. John McGurk Orlando, Fla. Billie McNeely Lenox, Ga. Robert Mitchell Rosa Lee Mitchell Albany, Ga. Vance Mathis Adel, Ga. Thomasville, Ga. William Morgan Lyons, Ga. Jean Morris Gainesville, Fla. Ellen Moorman Waycross, Ga. Mike Newman Valdosta, Ga. Tommy Newsom Valdosta, Ga. Susan Newham Valdosta, Ga. 59 busy., .f C 5 2 ,. R410 - 1 67 lla. Wvrvb 5 . 8 T i ,,,e7'Gf i YV' I L ni st 11 A J iii' V' ' Q' 1 C., , ,ka .X 'os KX' .II I 9 ,,,,? l ' 'R C 1' :Hifi ,4 , CI' 2' l ,lug is , X ofa! Gayle Luke Valdosta, Ga. Wayne Martin Hahira, Ga. Leon Mixer Valdosta, Ga. Mary Mullin Albany, Ga. Tommy Nichols Valdosta, Ga. Fm' Q ,ip fs .3 wi ff V, 'visa Emily McBride Thomasville, Ga. Jeri Martin Decatur, Ga. Barbara Monk Smyrna, Ga. Eddie Nelms Sylvester, Ga. Betty Norman Norman Park, Ga. .1958 -5 ,, 'iv ,, ,- '- 'ji' 5 y. f- ,ass ,.,-1 s.-Q 11 x ' fa 9 , 'z me , Q25 1,7 ., is . 's 1 . .1 gd ' . 'Z ' YY 'sf' ef ii Y f '5' vi ff Ei A fl f 2 'I 9 6 ia ' X J I : x . . eq: "'x' 1 ki y ,, 55- f f P he 1 , J-' Lancewell O'Neal Nahunta, Ga. Pam Paulk Valdosta, Ga. Betty Jane Pope Barwick, Ga. Ann Scala Valdosta, Ga. Raymond Sirmans Nashville, Ga. Anna O'Neal Doerun, Ga. Lamar Pearson Sparks, Ga. Blanton Prince Cairo, Ga. Joan Schroer Ray City, Ga. Angela Smith Valdosta, Ga. Sylvia O'Steen Quitman, Ga. Alan Pendleton Valdosta, Ga. Jane Reese Jakin, Ga. Walter Schroer Valdosta, Ga. Frankie Smith Monticello, Fla. FRESHMEN Lynn Park Doerun, Ga. Jerwann Phillips Valdosta, Ga. Latrelle Reynolds Sylvester, Ga. Ferrell Scruggs Valdosta, Ga. Troy Spicer Alapaha, Ga. 60 Sally Parramore Quitman, Ga. Cleon Phillips Lake Park, Ga. Alice Richardson Evanston, Ga. Pat Shaw Lenox, Ga. Judy Starling Hahira Ga. rf! 'X":r JF' sl' Ginna Parramore Valdosta, Ga. Patricia Pinkston Waycross, Ga. Horace Rogers Valdosta, Ga. Carol Short Alma, Ga. Fonda Starnes Albany, Ga. -w 1" Gwyn Parrish Valdosta, Ga. Ronald Plair Hahira, Ga. Gabriel Saliba Valdosta, Ga. Latrelle Sirmons Valdosta, Ga. Elaine Studstill Valdosta, Ga. ,. ,V-if ig!! X Q V-'gi L '- 1124! Q "' If N' x 1, -Quang 'Q xi' If A:-'f L I Sf 'sl x 'J fi 2'-15 -s.,-r ' N3- 'fm' viii? Q x x'- rsf rw, Q lied ., A ,, Q., Jn" . tx-. . b ". ' xg , --11 '31 .dn -i , 1 ' 1 :L Q yn: K f- 1 x f -1' 'TJ' f N ,' X , I , fbi' f 'IIN 'zt if nl. ,"Y of ,as Vi fy 3:5 Sonia Sutton Albany, Ga, Mack Tharpe Moultrie, Ga. Georgia 'Lyn Touchton Ray City, Ga. Myrna Walters Albany, Ga. Sammy Weldon Moultrie, Ga. ff A I f Frederick Swift Hopewell Junctiox-, N. Y. Harriett Thigpen Bainbridge, Ga. Hal Trammell Sumner, Ga. Gay Warwick Valdosta, Ga. Bobby Wetherington Hahira, Ga. Ted Swindle Nashville, Ga. Shirley Thomas Lee, Fla. Juree Trawick Iron City, Ga. Larry Waters Blackshear, Ga. Marcia Whaley Nashville, Ga. Charles Tanner Alma, Ga. Carolyn Thrift Cobbtown, Ga. Stephen Vaughn Albany, Ga. Robert Waters Ludowici, Ga. Donald White Valdosta, Ga. 61 Ray Tatch Lake Park, Ga. Joe Tinsley Remerton, Ga. William Voight Valdosta, Ga. Greta Watson Blackshear, Ga. Calvin White Bainbridge, Ga. Mary Tatum Sylvester, Ga. Janice Tomberlin Valdosta, Ga. Beverly Walker Valdosta, Ga. joe Webb Bryn Mawr, Pa. Buddy Whitlock Perry, Fla. .1958 Jackson Taylor Adel, Ga. John Tomlinson Valdosta, Ga. James Walker Nahunta, Ga. Wayne Welch Valdosta, Ga. Deiva Whitston Moultrie, Ga. N ,lii i f 4 " A 5 62 4 I ' 'Qi' 4- K 9. a-' Y 2 A U f .af Q " i f ,Q 7' jugs , ft , A ji .' H . A ', ef" .Q v-fy' L11 w ' 'F-rf 'L-.Q -A f"fTjZT'.S j 3 Louise Wight Johnny Williams Cairo, Ga. Valdosta, Ga. Penny Williams Tommy Williamson Louie Wigenbakeg Dennis Wood Jerry Ziegler Valdosta, Ga. Valdosta, Ga. Lake Park, Ga, Valdosta, Ga. Moultrie, Ga FRESHMEN OF 1958 NqCf'K, , ,,-4- . 1' 5. J. p, ,J .,. i ' 'QQ .., , N I .. 'ft ruff--2 s .- gf ,f 1-:fi cj 1 "",!Z?1"fJ,f it ,4 .-n., 'fax"5'f- 1 HJ. 4 'f.?'o"Y"P":7'g 'vow' -W, '4 lf' '-"g2Qf'Qfe5 f s-. , "pn I .Y : if , , 'A if '- 41" f wt 2:.5.'?:f'75 1, 1331.3 "ff e Q 0,-s f .,...-4-- M--4 -. , -.-. These campus scenes represent three varied forms of study-In a group inside the Stu- dent Center, in couples around campus and a lone soul cramming before an exam. fwhich, incidentally, is the only one having anything to do with text books.j Y ,il an JK 1 , -,, f 4. . ,Q -..git-ov.. , -s -' -'. ' fsvg' fp", ..:.'-N. 1. i'.cQ'E',sC,Ff.: ,,6lf4L'-.'e W. Z. 2.3-."' in gr- 13' ORGANIZATIONS and ACTIVITIES at V. S. C. This phase of student life is referred to as extra-curricular activities and embraces some of the more pleasant campus experi ences. 6 STUDE T GOVER ME T ASSOCIATIO OFFICERS LUCILLE HELMS . . . Secretary JIM STOVALL . . . Vire-President RAYMOND WILSON . . . President EMA DELL HENDLEY . . Treasurer This is an organization designed to represent, lead, and unify the student body. The SGA acts as a coordinating body between the faculty and the stu- dent body. It plans and initiates many social events and strives to maintain the highest standards of conduct on campus. Standing: Houston Kemper, Ed Gandy, joe Patterson, Horace Chitty, Hal Trammell. Seated: Gaye Griffis, Sandra Stanfield, Mrs. Joe Wisenbaker, Sponsor, Jean Harrell, Jeanne Connell. S- Y- DORMITORY COUNCILS WOMEN'S RESIDENCE HALL COUNCIL GLENQA ELLIS Second Vice-President KATHERINE BELL Social Chairman DOTTIE ALEORD President ELAINE BARBER Secretary-Treasurer MARILYN MILLER First Vice-President 1 g- K 1 V . Ov f f I I - X :MT it f' 'f ii ii 4 -"f--li' 2 JILL ' C-ar' '4. . ' I I als I .if if ,.-X i l 'i kph-N335 .. fi L ,, Q -, E I l , , 'Q encourage and provide opportunities for the devel- The purpose of the Dormitory Councils is: ro opment of leadership among studentsg and to promote regulate the dormitory student's life for the good a practical government that will carry over into of the majority: to develop not only n sense of hon- democratic life. csty but a sense of responsibility in each student: to Q W rd .41 ' - -:. , .IV I ,J It WY: 2 . -,Q IQ' If ff wfzggff MEN'S DORMITORY COUNCIL LAvoN Coon Presidi-nf JIM STOVALL Vice-President JIMMY BROXSON Secretary The Pine Cone Staff is made up of a group of students who are interested in producing bet- ter yearbooks for V.S.C. Editor: 1958 PINE EMA DELL HENDLEY x 1 fag 41" STATE. ss..... 1lD..L..lTt:t JEAN MORRIS . . ALAN PENDLETON MARCIA WHALEY BETTY LOU BROWN MARJORIE BROOKS . Greeks . . Copy . . Class . Layout . . Sports Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor WAYNE WELCH . . . Sports Stajf TOMMIE LASTINGER . . Layout Stay? THERESIA ARNOLD . . Layout Stay? nu-ma 'uf 1, L 4 , ff ., , 1 A f ,x ' 31'-1. f 4 ,, S QNJ1? , . 'I IJ" C0 E STAFF 'NW 1 5 5f-.f. ,M T 5,-,,s 'L X A SX..Bl.S:..kf.f'.?..'f- H47 -t 1 t N - +"vi.a..Y.g A !s.X. ..,. - .. h L 'E hm.. YQAKKQ -.""1 DOROTHY HARRELL . . . Layout Staf CHARLOTTE COPPAGE, Organizations Editor FAYE LANIER ..... Seniors Editor MURRAY STEWART . Photography Editor .fi T 'Q 1 AY 'N I 11' 'u-.,.kA: 5 r 4 f Org C CAMPUS CANCPY J X L. 1 Bajk k ey' N Y ' K 1, Y,,s?,f' 3,-15366 ' ' 1 r s 'f l I ' 'Nfl' r, Q El sv X I L X X EDITORS SANDRA STANFIELD . . . . . . SIDNEY FUTCH . . LESTER HAYMONS . DILLARD ENSLEY . . The Campus Canopy is the voice of the students of Valdosta State College. A staff composed of stu- dents who have an interest in journalism as a career or hobby strives to present news as it happens to its readers and to promote college activities. Q ,- 5f.'L" :rx fi Y W '23 ' -lm... - w V . Society Editor Associate Editor . . . Editor Associate Editor BUSINESS STAFF JOE PATTERSON ....... Business Manager JACQULINE GASKINS ELEANOR LEONARD GXVYN 'PARRISH L. T v 1 Reporters: Lysbeth Brooks, Ann Scala, Marilyn Hughes, Miriam Barnes, John McGurk, Kathryn Bell, Stephan Vaughn, Milliette Reese. CAMERA C U The Photography Club is one of the newest and fastest grow- ing clubs on campus. The primary objectives of the club are to provide for 'its members opportunities to learn the basic elements of photography and to exchange ideas and criticism. The club was designed to appeal to all persons interested in photography, regardless of degree of proficiency. The club has planned pro- grams and lectures and plans to initiate annual exhibitions of its members' work. The club is a contribution to both the Pine Cone and the Campus Canopy. Front Row Murray Steward, Miss Hambrick, Dr. Wall, Kaldon Abdullah, Della Raulerson, Jim Stovall Back Row Lester Haymons, Wayne Haire, john McGurk, Wayne Adkins, Sheldon , ,.. 1-x WX' ws! E Y. W. C. A. The Young Women's Christian Association seeks to unite the students in the desire to realize a full and creative life through a growing knowledge of God. Q F F I C E R S Every girl is invited to join this organization. As the governing body of the organization, the "Y" Cabinet GLENDA ELLIS ' ' President furnishes leadership and guidance to help with the girls' MARILYN MILLER . . Vice-President daily problems. The traditional services sponsored by MARY Jo NORMAN D 0 l Secretafy the "Y" are: Big Sister-Little Sister Candle-Lighting Service, The Fire-Lighting Service, The Hanging of the BARBARA GREGORY i i i Treasurer Greens, and The Week of the Heart Sister. MRS- JANET MP-YNARD - - 517071507 "Y" CABINET Standing: Sylvil Tucker, Jeanne Harrell, Kathryn Bell, Joan Nastasi, Mavis Morris, jo Seagraves, Miriam Barnes, Mary Lou Martin. Sitting: Betty J. Chambless, Glenda Ellis, Marilyn Miller, Mrs. Janet Maynard, Barbara Gregory, Mary Jo Norman, Pat Hortman. 1 ,s g' if if M. C. A. OFFICERS STEPHEN VAUGHN . . . . President JACK ROWE - - - ViCe'P'f'5idf"1f The Men's Christian Alliance is an organization STUART SUMMERFORD . . Secy.-Trees. formed for the purpose of furthering and developing IRA DEN-f , , P,-Ogmm C,5aj,f,,m,1 Christian fellowship and deepening spiritual life on the Campus. This year the group has enjoyed many interest- ing speakers as well as highly inspirational devotionals. The MCA co-sponsors vespers and Religious Emphasis Week. Front row: Dr. Durrenberger fSponsorl, Stephen Vaughn, Kemper, Lamar Pearson, Ben Perkins, Larry Chelena, Stuart Summerford. Second row: Robert Waters, joe Larry Waters. Fourth row: Raymond Wilson, Ira Dent, Webb, Buzz Baker, Arthur Forehand. Third row: Houston Ben Wood, Wayne Haire. B3 5 5 fill s l l 2 ' BAPTIST STUDE UNIO The Baptist Student Umon seeks to provide a program whereby the student may experience Christian growth during his college years Its activities are des1gned to lead the student to a deeper sense of dedication to Chr st and to a constant awareness of God in our daily lives It also seeks to permeate the campus with Christrian principles and ideals A home away from home for the BSU members is the OFFICERS JEAN EDWARDS GLENDA ELLIS MARCIA WALTERS JEANNE HARRELL Preszdent Vzce Preszdent Vzce Preszdent Secretary . 2 d ' - ' - - - - JOYCE LEDBETTER . . Treasurer Q1 !l ' Baptist Student Center at 111 West Brookwood Drive. Front row: Mary jo Norman, Pattie Edwards, Betty jane Chambless, Myrna Walters, Ann Hamilton. Second row: Jean Edwards, Marian Thomas, Jo Seagraves, Jeanne Harrell, Barbara Gregory, Glenda Ellis, Kathryn Bell, 5 i K l 1 C7 1' 3. Jr? x, Phoebe Humphries, Dixie Lee Weger, Marcia Walters, Joyce Ledbetter. Back row: John Baskin, Ben Perkins, Mr. and Mrs. Willis Harper, Directors. Xi OCK and BUSKIN CLUB O F F I C E R S JEROME CLEGG ........ President DIXIE LEE WEGER . . Vice-President MARILU NESMITH . .... Historian FRANCINE JONES . . Secretary-Treasiirer ALAN PENDLETON . . Publicity Cloairman MISS LOUISE SAWYER . .... Director The Sock and Buskin Club attempts to create for that great illusion-the theatre .... It is composed of men and women who have an interest in the theatre whether before the footlights or behind the scenes. The club endeavors to produce at least three major productions and several minor ones a year. Fyonf -fa-ug: Sissig Lester, Barry, Ann Afrington, Coppage, Dixie Lee Weger, Davis. Bllfk TOIUI Marilu Theresia Arnold. Second row: Marcia Whaley, Tommie Nesmiths Alan Pendleton, Jerome Clegg, I-GSIBI' Haymons, Lastinger, jo Rabun, Gene Cargile, Francine jones, Charlotte Stephen Vaughn, Kaldon Abdullah, Miss Sawyer. G37 C? BUSIN SS CLUB Standing: Carl Shapiro, Business Administration Representa- tiveg Elaine Barber, Reporterg Charlene Griffith, Presidentg Silas Pittman, Business Representative. Seated: Francine Jones, Vice-Presidentg Jean Bridges, Secretaryg Helen Zeigler, Treas- urerg Mary King, Business Representativeg Sue Bridges, Busi- ness Representative. X The club gives experience to its members for serving the iaculty and student body and for work in the future. The purposes of this club are to promote interest in business education and training among its members and to provide social, cultural, and business ex- periences through club activities. T 5, Bark ron: Carl Shapiro, Charles Tyron, Larry Crawford, Helen Zeigler, Dorcas Wisenbaker, Mr. Robinson. Front jack Rowe, Silas Pittman, Bill Moncrief, Kemp Dorsett. row: Francine Jones, Jean Bridges, Mary King, Sue Second mu: Mr. Dales, Charlene GriHith, Sandra Stan- Bridges, Jean Morris, Jane Purvis, Shirley Daughtery. field, Elaine Barber, Miss Sammons, Dorothy Harrell, NGLISH CL OFFICERS NOKMA LIGHTSEY . . . President ELAINE BARBER . . . Vice-President ELIZABETH DEAN . Secretary-Treasurer GAYE GRIFFIS . . . . Reporter MOU-Y DAVIS . n Social Chairman The English Club is an organization composed of Juniors and Seniors who major or minor in English. MRS. JOHN ODUM . . . Advisor The club strives to stimulate interest in all phases of literature and to promote creativeness in the students. H-l'rikg.,illea-an-I-1-H 11- -'true---vi' 1'---J ' 'A'-'A' -E' 1-5-5 Standing: Kaldon Abdullah, Glenn Hobby, Dixie Lee Bridges, Elizabeth Dean, Mrs. Odum, Norma Lightsey, Weger, Virginia Sweet, Brinkley McNeal, Laura Leonard, Elaine Barber, Gaye Grii-Iis, Sue Bridges, Della Raulerson. Carolyn Holton, Don Lyons, Joe Smith. Seated: Jean '75 'dl 11 K 27 i -3-.- A SECONDARY AND JUNIOR HIGH MAJORS: Back row: james Cody, Tiller Phillips, Errol Sewell, joe Patterson, Ben Perkins, Lamar Pearson, Bill Holt, Phillip Dillard. Second row: Mrs. Knight, Carolyn Holton, Patsy Shaw, Darlene OFFICERS MARILH'N MILLER . . . President SALLY O,NEAL . . Vice-President jon PATTERSON . . Secretary JOAN NASTASI . . Treasurer Wallace, Leslie Brown, Ema Dell Hendley, Molly Davis Nancy Southwell. First row: Leona Register, Laura Nell! Bowen, Deiva Whitston, jan Scruggs, Dorothy Willaford Terry Meeks, Lewana Carter. The V.S.C. chapter is a part of the Student N.E.A. organiza- tion on the state and national level. All members of the club are potential teachers on the elementary, junior high or high school level. The club works toward the advancement of education and a more thorough knowledge of its profession through its projects, programs, district and state meetings, films, speakers, and fellow- ship together. EDUCATION CLU ELEMENTARY MAJORS: Back row: Mavis Morris, Janice McCranie, Janet Zipperer, Mrs. Pitts, Faye Bass, Willena Daugharty, Frankie Smith, janet Vaughn, Alice Perry, Betty Norman. Second row: Mr. Gerlock, Pat Hortman, Sybil Tucker, Connie jones, Cynthia Rice, Pat Rowan, Carolyn 76 Whitneld, Carol Short, Mrs. Bozeman, Marilyn Miller, Joan Nastasi. First row: Sally O'Neal, Gail Woodard, Mary Jo Norman, Palsy Langford, Gail Alderman, Betty Jane Chamb- less, Jo Seagraves. uef" "" X.. if f x BIOLOGY MAJORS: Standing: A. J. Bently, Wayne Dickson, James Maxwell, Leon Aronson, James May, Horace Chitty, Charles Hancock, Hansen Carter, Johnny Malony, Clyde Smith, Bill Moncriei, Alan Pendleton, Sonny Duncan. Seated: MATH-SCIENCE CLUB An organization composed of majors or minors in Biol- ogy, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics. The Math- Science Club is dedicated to the promotion of Sciences in the space age through experimenting, studying and intel- ligent reasoning. OFFICERS AND ADVISORS: Standing: Dr. Nevins, Dr. Wall, Mr. Lindauer, Dr. Bettman, Dr. Carter, Mr. Babcock, Mr. Wagner. Seated: Della Raulerson, Treasurer, Gaye Griflis, Vice- Presidentg Gene Gibbs, President, Darlene Wallace, Secretary, Jim Stovall, Historian and Reporter. Julian Baker, William Kent, Jeanne Connell, Dottie Alford, Lucille Helms, Elizabeth Dean, Faye Lanier, Bennie Baker, Larry Waters, Robert Waters. W g. 0 --X CHEMISTRY AND MATH MAJORS: Standing: Raymond Wilson, Ted Swindle, Lester Haymons, Robert Carroll, Gene Cargile, Ed Gamble, Wayne Haire, Ronald Allen. Seated: 77 , ' ,gg 1, 1, Q 4. Q f-4753"-A ' f f:- , W' weve 3 W ' xx X ' w P ,fr Charles Tanner, Ralph Dorsett, Betty McLaurin, Nancy Southwell, Connie Baugh, Miriam Barnes, Murray Steward, Bobby Joiner. , fkl l I TERNATIONAL RELATICNS CLUB oFF ICE R S GEORGE WALLACE . . . President BENNIE RUTH BAKER I . Vice-President The International Relations Club was organized in 1928, and is sponsored by the Foreign Policy Association. The club en- MIRIAM BARNES . . Secretary ,.,, , ' deavors to deal with all topics of national and international MURRAY STEWARD - ' T"f'f'5Wf'V significance in an impartial manner, always endeavoring to search out and appreciate the truth of each situation under observation. An effort is made to develop a practical under- standing of current happenings through various projects, con- ferences, and programs. The motto of the club is: "To ignore World problems is to ignore your own future." inc! I: ,MMhm-n.-..-- I .-' In ' ' , ,., ..........-,,----.-- 'WM . '5 E J Front row: Deany Buford, Norma Lightsey, Miriam Barnes, Bfuuv S0152 Befgvall- Bafk 701415 Robert Herrington, Ge0f8e Bennie Baker, Jeanne Connell, Myrtice Sloan, Ben Duque. Wallace, D0Yle Weth9fin8f0n1 Khalf-l0l'l Abdullah, Allen Members not in picture: Murray Steward, Erik Sverre, Chris Booker, M555 Price- Standing in front is Daniel Dvque, a future member. 78 , .7?,. Q I TERNATIONAL CIRCLE K Circle K Club, sponsored by Kiwanis International, is the only club on campus with international affili- ation. A service organization, Circle K holds Weekly luncheon meetings during which business is trans- acted and outstanding guest speakers are heard. Campus projects of the club include collection of funds for the United Fund Campaign, the erection of entrance signs to the campus, better student back- ing of V.S.C. athletic teams, and an Employment Agency for students. Q ,hi-g..f,-, A- aa... , 'Wi' ,fx , vim 1 5, C SEATED: JIM STOVALL . DEWAINE SKILES STANDING! WAYNE ADKINS HoRAcE CHITTY .phi Magi OFFICERS ,qc 1--ww .rar W ' Vice-Presid ent . . President . Treasurer . Secretary ka-'I Standing: Raymond Wilson, Billy Moncrief, Gene Gibbs, Murray Steward, Wayne Adkins, Dewaine Skiles, Jim Stovall, Jerome Clegg, Lester Haymons, Grady Bennett. Szttzng: Horace Chitty, Mr. Clayton Logan, Advisor- THE SERENADERS "The Serenadersf' popular VSC vocal ensemble. is composed of four men and four women stu- dents selected for their outstanding musical abil- ity. This versatile group appears before many civic, school, radio, and television audiences each year. Prior to 1955, "The Serenadersn consisted of nine talented young ladies, contralto Jeanne Connell, a fourth year member from Perry, Geor- gia, is the only present member to have sung in the all-girl group. Other members returning from last year are: jean Edwards, Silver Spring, Mary- land, John Baskin, Naylor, Georgia, and Dwaine Skiles, Valdosta, Georgia. First year members are Marcia Walters, Albany, Georgia, Myrna Walters, Albany, Georgia, John Hulett, McRae, Georgia, and Stephen Vaughn, Albany, Georgia. Mr. Clayton Logan, head of the music de- partment, serves as accompanist and director of The Serenaders. Back row: Stephan Vaughn, John Hulett, John Baskin, Dewaine Skiles and Mr. Logan, Front row: Jeanne Edwards, Jeanne Connell, Marcia Walters, Myrna Walters, V7 Back row: Ray Tatch, Fred McDonald, Stephen Vaughn, Dwaine Skiles, John Baskin, Stuart Summerford, Reni Barnett. Second row: joan Ellington, Fonda Starnes, Charlotte Chap- man, Carolyn McGee, Marjorie Brooks, Lou Jean Peace, Gail Parrish, Marcia Walters, Dale Briggs, Carl Harden, jo Rabun. First row: Mary Moore faccompanistl, Glenda Ellis, Darla Harris, Jane Reese, Sonia Sutton, Camille Cook, Carol Short, Linda Gail Key, Marian Thomas, Kathryn Bell, Myrna Walters, Gail Wynn, Mary Lou Martin, Mr. Teague, director. GLEE CLUB Thirty-two voices become one when the Glee Club members harmonize in song. Ranging from the plaintive ballads of Stephen Foster to Bach's chorales, the Glee Club programs have been unique and rewarding through- out the year. Those long hours at rehearsal on Tuesdays and Thursdays were not in vain. "I breathed a song into the air, it fell to earth, I knew not where . . . and the song, from beginning to end, I found again in the heart of a friend." OFFICERS STUART SUMMERFORD . Business Mgr. MARJORIE BROOKS . Publicity Chvnn. JOAN ELLINGTON . . Secretaq MARION THOMAS . . Vice-President GAIL PARRISH . . Librarian FRED MCDONALD . . President STEPHEN VAUGHN . . Treasurer PANHELLE IC COUNCIL The Panhellenic Association was organized in 1957 for the purpose of promoting cooperation among the sororities on the campus of V.S.C. This organization strives to maintain high social standards and to further intellectual accomplishment and sound scholarship. All rules governing rushing, pledging, and initiation are compiled by this association. It is composed of three members from each sorority on campus. ,. 0" "1 K X fi xxx Seated: Jane Purvis, Presidentg Marcia Walters, Vice-Presi- Charlene Griffith, Reporter. Standing: Della Raulerson, dentg Carolyn Holton, Secretaryg JoAnn Key, Treasurerg Lucille Helms, Marilyn Miller, Janet Vaughn. 82 I TERFRATER ITY COUNCIL The Interfraternity Council was organized to promote a better relationship among fraternities at V.S.C. Although not too active in past years, it will try, this year, to act as a medium for closer harmony among brothers of all fraternities. This organization will act to coordinate the three existing fraternities on V.S.C. campus in the future-in such a fashion as to preserve better understanding among all students at V.S.C. KI Back: Jim Hathaway, Wayne Adkins. Front: Jimmy Stovall, Houston Kemper, "Babe" Yeomans and Ellis Wiley. 83 SIGMA ALPHA CHI -...qv The Sigma Alpha Chi requlres a scholastic average of B or better for el1g1b1l1ty Freshmen are xmtiated after completion of two quarters Upper classmen must maintain a B average and show outstandmg qualities of lead ershlp and character The purpose of the orgamzation IS to encourage schol arsh1p and stimulate lnterest in aca demic actwmes 'N ' .Y - zz as R f v A 31, . . . . . . . I ' . , I - - u as I . . . - :gy - l 4 nnnn lim-"-fi, jf, - ,N K OFFICERS Standing: Joe Wiggs, Secretary, George Wallace, Presi- dent, Bill Hayes, Treasurer. Seated: Darlene Wallace, Vice-President, Jeanne Connell, Historian and Reporter. Standing: Billy Watson, Bill Kent, Grady Bennett, Marilyn Cooper, Sue Bridges, Dr. Nevins, Jeanne Harrell, jane Purvis, Miller, James Maxwell, Leon Aronson, Raymond Wilson. Glenda Ellis, and Bennie Ruth Baker. Seated: Virginia Sweet, Nancy Carol Southwell, Glennie DELTA XI 22,77 .,, Y , . lf' W aa . ,gi A p i ' NJ ff? I r ' i 1 Q , 11 i 1 ,lg gi' 4" ' in i 1 as f , A i 'X 4 Kr' A 1 za, I, a fi Eg .1-Q ' i X- J 4 K ii , 1 ie. I 3 l I at 5 A Z if , R SISTERS: Standing: Leona Register, Treasurerg Ann Strickland, Secretary, Della Raulerson, Mrs. Floyd, Sponsor. Seated: Janet Vaughn, Vice-Presidentg Jean Bridges, Carolyn Holton, President, Sue Bridges, Elizabeth Delta Xi, colony to petition Alpha Xi Delta. Delta Xi was founded in the spring of 1957. Though it is the newest social sorority on campus, it has built a strong chapter that has been one of the most active organizations on campus. It features many projects that are of interest to the student body as Dean. yicmk, -Fil is Q. -X- -a n e1 '1i- well as to its members. It stands for sincere develop- ment of character, for high standards of scholarship, for Wholehearted interest in college affairs, and for wholesome social life above reproach or criticism. fMembers not pictured: Susan Chance, Sally O'Neal, Sarah Stricklandj I f pile: 'rails 4 ' avi? E , ' 'T :A . ' 4 3 ,1 . " f J 'H .rs I. .rl j Nag Jw-J.. F' v X gqlxst g. , 1: ' ' ! iijrligx 'iff ? . 5- Ui Q' a NT gli J i E W fr M 'Q 5 'ii -,i f xt V ., 5 I A 1 'c v l t 3 ,L 1 A Q ? 5 . ijt. x , is. .1 I . ., . S ' N 4' 5 i n -", i - ,ff R ' ' K .D fa' I 'X . Y , 1, si PLEDGES: Standing: jerwann Phillips, Joan Nastasi, Smith, Harriet Brown, Rena Hanahan, Lynn Park. First Dorothy Harrell, Rosalie Boone, Betty Lou Eldridge, row: Laura Nell Bowen, Arden Nan Bishop, joan Schroer, Eleanor Leonard. Second row: Angela Smith, Frankie Gloria Davis. SIGMA ALPHA OMEG A Sigma Alpha Omega, which was founded in 1953, was the first sorority on the V.S.C. campus. It aids its members in maintaining high scholastic and social stand- ards, and it strives to promote full- er and richer experiences during college days for its members. SISTERS: Standing: Palsy Langford, Shirley McGowan, Charlene Griilith, Lucillel Helms, Sonja Williams. Seated: Miss Louise Sawyer, Advisorg jane Purvis, Presi i dent, Jeanne Harrell, Vice-Presidentg Frances Little, Secretaryg Karen Clements,i Treasurer. PLEDGES: Standing: Penny Williams, Chris Bruu, Lamb Parramore, Susan Newham, Marie Converse, Gail Luke, Becca McGraw, Gaye Grifiis, Elaine Duckett, Milliette Reese, Barbara Jo Seagraves, Carolyn McGee, Marilyn Hughes. Seated: Jeanne Harrell, Pledge Trainerg Lysbeth Brooks, Ginna Parramore, Peggy Barry, Judy Starling, Sandra Clements, Ann Arrington, Faye Lanier, Chandler Christian, Pam Paulk. Not pictured: Louise Wight, Gail Woodard, Elaine Studstill. Zeta Chi Sorority was organized in the spring of 1955. Zeta Chi, under the leadership of Mrs. Odum, strives to promote college spirit and friendship, to provide greater social de- velopment and recognize scholarship among all stu- dents. The sorority takes as its symbols, the red car- nation and the colors, red and white. Zeta Chi is a colony to petition Kappa Delta. "Hand in hand, heart to heart, as one we stand." ZETA CHI fb SISTERS: Front: Betty Jane Chambless, His- torian, Joyce Ledbetterg Peggy Wolfe, Treas- urerg Alice Perry, Secretaryg Marcia Walters, President. Back: JoAnn Key, Vice-President, Marilyn Miller, Pledge Trainer. Not pictured: Molly Davis. Advisor: Mrs. John Odum PLEDGES: Back: Faye Bass, Katherine Bell, President, Sonia Charlotte Coppage, Historian, Barbara Bates, Carroll How Sutton, Vice Presidentg Myrna Walters, Secretary. Front: ard, Treasurer. Not Pzctured Marxlu Nesmith, Chaplain 87 OFFICERS: Standing: jimmy Johnson, Treasurer, Alan Pendleton, Chaplaing Ben Force, Historian, Jerome Clegg, Secretary, Joe Patterson, Pledge Trainer. Seated: Houston Kemper, President, Richard Bragg: Sergeant-at-Arms, Lester Haymons, Vice-President. MU ALPHA TAU KAPPA EPSILON- "Above all else TKE A member is not chosen for his wealth or social standing but his personal worth. Mu Alpha, the local afhliate, was founded November, 1952. The first Greek letter fraternity on campus, it afliliated with Tau Kappa SPONSORS: Elaine Studstill, Lamb Parramore, Penny Williams, Mary Lou Martin. the Fraternity for life. stands for the man." AI' 'rs Al' ' u , E1 A Epsilon National Fraternity in 1955. TKE strives to sponsor many functions not only beneficial to them selves but to the college also. ,QQV , ragga 74 Q' s 3 MEMBERS: Standing: Leon Mixer, Ted Swin- dle, Bill Hay, John McGurk, Shirley Mc- Gowan fSweetheartj, Larry Cooper, John Massey, Silas Pittman, Tommy Williamson. Seated: Larry Waters, Pat Tomlinson, Sonny Greene, George Boyd, Robert Waters, Joe Webb. Members not pictured: Charles Cor- bett, Robert Joiner, William Kirby, Ellis Wiley. ,ii A I ,Jeff ls? i ww- ..s.-J ' 'Hal' .1 OFFICERS: 'Standing: Wayne Adkins, President, Wayne HOSTESSES: Ann Arrington, Marian Horne, Helen jenkins, Allen, Secretary. Seated: Jim Stovall, Vice-Presidentg Gene Sandra Clements, Mary Mullins. SIGMA EPSILO The Sig Eps were established on the campus in the spring of 1955. It is the youngest fraternity on the campus and is affiliated nationally with Sigma Phi 4 J' : 5 ww , ,995 w-.. Epsilon. The fraternity stresses scholastic achievement and social development, among the students as well as the brothers. B R 0 T H E R S A N D PLEDGES: Standing: Wayne Harris, Russell Hornor, Larry Craw- ford, Brian Killeen, Au- U trey Hofman, Curtis Bailey, Ricky Herndon, K'-'www Bobby Davis, William Moncrieff, Murray Stew- ard. Seated: Tommy Ses- sions, Jimmy Broxson, Al Hinson, James David, Michael Lahood. FILII FORTUNAE 1. ' y -in 1 i Q BROTHERS: Back row: Bill Kitchens, jim Hathaway, jack Rowe, Bill Hayes, Bill Kent. Second row: Joe Smith, Ken Ferrell, Dale King, Charlie Powell, "Babe" Yeomans. Front The Filii Fortunae Fraternity, first social fraternity organized at V.S.C., is an active and integral part of college life on campus. Filii was organized to pro- mote fellowship and brotherhood among its brothers. Through the years, the fraternity has a record to well be proud of. To cite some of the fraternity's accomplishments: lt sponsors the annual Miss V.S.C. Beauty Contest, awarding the outstanding male of the . 1 1 ' il" Rip, E row: Sponsors: Mary Ann Morgan, Lucille Helms, Charlene Griffith, Miriam Barnes, Beverly Monroe. year and recognizing a member of the faculty who we consider has given unselfishly of his time to aid students in personal and non-academic activities. In the future, Filii Fortunae will strive to main- tain the prestige which it has at the present on V.S.C. campus. I WFUCE51 Bafk "UW: Walter Stovall, SYSUICY HOUSTON, Corso, Johnny Purvis. Front row: Blanton Prince, Betty ,Whiz jxcksnn, Charles Templeton, Ed Gandy. Second row: Lou Eldridge, Sweetheart, Bill Voight, Gloria Davis, 131:.'tl3- Whitlock, Walter Schroer, Louie Shipes, Tony Sweethearts Benny Migghum, SPCRTS at V. S. C. 1957-1958 Sports at V.S.C. are 11Ot limited to those who participate in actual sporting events, but offer excellent entertainment for student spectators as Well. 91 SPORTS CL ykybor 4 e 'L OFFICERS "To bring to campus pleasure and enjoy- ment through sports." On our campus, there is always compe- tition between two teams-the Kappas and the Lambdas. It is a friendly rivalry but never let it be said that one team is better than the otherg they are both tops. Each girl is invited to become either a Kappa or a Lambda. These two teams compete against each other in different games during the year. Our Physical Education Department advises us and supplies the equipment with which we try to bring to the campus pleas- ure and enjoyment through sports. All this leads to healthful living and helps to make a well rounded college student. BEVERLY MONROE ........ President MAVIS MORRIS . . . Vice-President DEANY BUFORD . . . . Treasurer CARROLL HOWARD . - Secretary . xuklfoo Cf' .f L -O .5 St.11m'i1rg: Marian Horne, Mavis Morris, Jane Reese, Gay XVarwick, Mrs. Mathis, Advisor-Directory Deany Buford, Juree Trawick. Kneeling: Beverly Monroe, Lysbeth Brooks, Marilyn Hughes, Carolyn McGee, Carroll Howard. 92 FI S and FLIPPERS The Fins and Flippers is a campus organization for students interested in synchronized swimming. Formerly for women students only, the club was opened to men students also in 1955. The Fins and Flippers present an aquacade each spring quarter with club members responsible for deciding on a theme and a way to present the theme. Club Advisor is Mrs. Harris Mathis. -s if 4 , , :- till! 3: am-' ssso,.sr f M '- get E. T- ,. , I "W, f 5?.'i'f.f?f:, T.:3t'f2 r , ,., 3 ff A ky lv' S Qxbuvxswr 1 ,writ W? :Q OFFICERS SISSY BRIDGES . . . . President BEVERLY MONROE . . Secretary and Treasurer CHARLENE GRIFFITH . . . Vice-President 'ill' 5 4.'ff'k',, uf' , ,,,wf,, ND . fwfr I Back row: Beverly Monroe, Sandra Clements, Sissy Bridges, Sonja Williams, Laura Leonard, Charlene Griffith. First row: Sylvia O'Steen, Jane Kinsey, Milliette Reese, Maryan Richardson. 93 LETTERMAN'S CLUB O F F I C E R S JOE TARPLEY . . ...... President JIM STOVALL . . . Vice-President ASHLEY HILL . . . Secretary-Treasurer Membership of the Letterman's Club, or better known as the "V" Club, is composed of those men students at V.S.C. who have earned a letter by play- ing on the varsity basketball or baseball team. Aims of the club are the promotion of sports to help create leadership, courtesy and understanding both on and off the playing field. X in-fl Back row: Coach Cottingham, Johnny Purvis, Dewaine Skiles, jack Rowe, Jack Bates. Second row: Ashley Hill, Jim Stovall, Joe Tarpley. Front row: jim Hathaway, Ben Wood. 5 AK CHEERLEADERS The Cheerleaders lead the student body in supporting our basketball team. They sponsor pep rallies and lend spice to all ball games. ....... ' - s 0 4 ss him-an-1 ' xx' 'Y a 1 W. :Qi ' yi., -Z. Frame f as ga A 6 4 'Q' . " lla' 515 cl CHEERLEADERS: Left to right: Sandra Clements, Penny Williams, Miriam Barnes, Jo Ann Key f'CaptainJ, Shirley McGowan, Susan Chance, Mary Ann Morgan, Gloria Davis. 95 THE REBELS wawyQMa,,- . 'mi n-v---f--- bl Qmfftd rg--3 s- 'r- , ,Y 9.47 ff """ V ls , H A b lr 1, -F r nw ' Q 4 1 , 31 xx mug nn sum Un 3K ' ,lugs nu H 4 U l Standing: Mike Newman, Jimmy Stovall, Al Stephens, Gene Kneeling: Johnny Pervis, Louie Shipes, Ed Gandy, O. W. Cargile, Douglas Parrish, Ben Wood, Coach Cottingham. Hodge and James David. .A J 1.- ., .-,, , A V' f. 2 I . A 1 l V 'f i V V VL ' 17, S' V H V l The Rebels, our varsity basketball team, is one of the most outstanding groups on campus and furnishes much enjoyment to team members and fans. of V. S. C REBELS AND CHEERLEADERS IN ACTION! ORE CAMPUS SCE ES f A-4 if ll 1 fi ,I 0: 1 2 at 5. 'M if gy my 1 Z ,Lk , 1 m w "' KV J ELVIS? ? 9 E3 -Nh' W gr If 1 L., I I "ATT" . M' ' MISS FIFI BARNETT " Qwinner of Male Beauty Contestl ,ll 1 I ART EXHIBIT OR FLOOR SHOW? ,Q .. I . ' ma' J ww! ' 1 I Emi-2 I- M-4 L f Il Y--f: Il' E51 E 1 ' ES' 1 . , as '- 1 , I I' ,fka X f- , : +4464 gf W. x.. - Y AT THE STUDENT CENTER SWEETHEART5 98 GUTSTANDING FEATURES at V. S. C. This section caters to the more sophisticated and glamorous side of college life. It includes special honors and events at V.S.C. WHO'S WHO IN AMERICAN ?fg23g,j.gsf,s 1 A at-513. V ,,' r. - A 3. N url-' - 1 ' i' - . I Q, 7" . 'Q' 62 1 I' ia' . '. 'rl vs :H aff, -0. , tj v a ffilkiil f "1 sf 5 'f' v " T " J' f ,if . 3 I f 9.1 1 , . A , y - ,, t - 1-Jie : f - 4 . ' . , , ,Yr-,gy iv 1. if . 5- , ci- ' V' i if X W .Ma Q1 wedge 'i'g2'E:g, P A V ' ffl ' 'G fc- .Q- X' , DOTTIE ALFORD SUE BRIDGES JEANNE CONNELL Columbus, Georgia Donalsonville, Georgia Perry, Georgia Candidates for Who's Who, on V.S.C. campus, are selected by a delegation of two representatives from the student body and four faculty representatives. These candidates must be from the Senior Class. -1 ET U7 - . KA F1 'J' fb ET UO 23" fb V1 F9 'J' O Z5 O "G P? 23" N F9 0 D IJ U' 0 F1 fb 0 Q. 4 fb Q- CT' K4 3 ff E. B Ig E" ... ne... 3.. , WWA . .-.N fb Q? I L , ...f ,V,,-,f-V -..- X 4- Av'- .qv f as gl' A LESTER HAYMoNs EMA DELL HENDLEY NORMA ILIGHTSEY Moultrie, Georgia Nashville, Georgia Valdosta, Georgia UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES FRED MCLEAN Folkston, Georgia X Q j ,X JIMMY STOVALL Hapeville, Georgia MARILYN MILLER NANCY SOUTHWELL Tifton, Georgia Arabi, Georgia ,YQ-if GEORGE WALLACE RAYMOND WILSON Valdosta, Georgia Decatur, Georgia I V...-ai -Q.. ,, ...rm ,- W., . ,-..,.,-f-.V-Mandy?" ' 1 N 1 4 L K v Q 3 -X I f? A V X X 5? ik 'ez rw-..---f"'1' V ,jf gf GEORGE WALLACE and DARLENE WALLACE MARGA and MAC Ll -Af HIM A SENIOR COLLEGE 102 'LHP' fi in 'C3' ,. fxmfkxx X, f,f"5 it ,' I 4 i 'f f' ,. , 'K ' 't X it ,zu i 4 O K 5 V 'Z '?,,"y23a'Hb ' fin- sing, TOMMY NEWSOM and GLENNIE COOPER MARGA and MAC EJ! IUNIOR COLLEGE .rw HS' Nl .X xg. GAYE GRIFFIS ,Mmecoming owen ,D H 'Fis- I v L .v 41 ,. "P ,M Q4 1 S Q if 'WZ JANET VAUGHN MIRIAM BARNES omecoming duff Q' 4 M "' 'W Af"'T7-7 5 , an 1 'Q 5 W f H ,f7. W 1-ss , Q ' " . . ' r , A dm nm, 2 . A fi , w3xiE'EE1iv :-sI.J"Z5' A I A J 2 Y 1 Q2 2 , -----.,...b-"" 'fab 7 M ,,,, ' A j X - ' + - 1 ' I S-X A , if 5 P V GLENNIE COOPER PENNY WILLIAMS ff' , 'lv s U 1-3 B RID G E 5 ,, enioff' xgiueeffzecwf 2441 I X swf 7-ffwl '1:",H I gf '..'y'Q1 ,:, . "Egfr 3 . ax Qlgf , .. :, if f w37Q.s-A ' 'ZW l 'f'5fLLw1. f ,W 'cv 210,13 1., .YQSTKWM ,,, ,, A -sf V , 1,141 f fig. . , ' 'Ef, f-Q ' vi'-YL' A A ' fgf'fw ,m , , ,f"':,,4: .,,g?,.q , "1-av N - 'xg QQ f F 41" 5. .. --4 x. A Q , ' ' s ' ' ,, .. . 3 A Q rf, - - v ' v . "kj, V Q- .V . 3 L U C 1 L L E H E L M S L L ' "'f?Y57f' new . ' J 'X-r 1 1 'K 1 ' -- 79 X ' - Q 555, , f LE! A j' 3 S , X g j -' .5 A V X 4- A 5 ' 5 . , AL -1 -1 - , 3. A 'wl 4' Z' V I L Q ug ,Li L H if, ' - ' --9--. ' ffl-ffg J.f , 3 1ff,4g,, f , ,22 0 t,- Q' " X ' 51 -.swf ...L .11 ' 2-- W uf .m-, sf'2f ' , Pi - H omior .S?weef!LearIf We 1 fv f Rx' V - wiv . , .,+ ff 6 " f 'AQ QQ' L s' GLENNIE COOPER 37p OWLOPQ NS7lfU88fA86Ll"f 5 L ,-.5 Y vii f ,M ' 0 wqwawwmw'-M U L BETTY LOU ELDRIDGE NjI"2:5Al'lfL6LIfL SWQZ fA86Ll"f f a 4 ,Z . 92 ', ' .1 N. ,gl , . , ,. F92 4 4, I 5 i xx ,Rx . W 1,4 645 M1958 BETTY LOU ELDRIDGE Susan Chance, second runner-upg Betty Lou Eldridge, Miss V.S C. 19583 Shirley McGowan, Miss V.S.C. 19575 Penny Wdliams, Ex-st runner-up. HOMECOMING 1958 I 4,i1:ruq.,n 5 U . l '4 Q I ' 1? 56 T of E2 ' Homecoming Queen, Gaye Griffis, being crowned by Student Body President Q Raymond Wilson. The queens' court and their escorts surround the throne. 117 I AA N Q 5 A . Presentation of Homecoming Queen and Court at Homecoming Float for the Queen and court assembly. Entered by S.G.A. I 111 HGMECOMING 1958 The best float of 1958 Snow White, entered by Education Club Alumni Association float for Homecoming Parade 'L M ,A , 2 'NQEY-4 4 .:ic,1l'1'., addresses Alumni Banquet. Prelude U0 Homecoming - - 2 inches of snow 'j' hx' A jx" 1 :Y ' 'In 'il 1 js' ' s A lltni " 'J ,'-,, . H1 ,I ,A I-fa. . , I I I . " U .:"4 A W an ' ' I 1.4- ' - f .II'x.. ' "t-uf . V . J ' '. 'I I? :I WI , G ' JI' I'A' fy: oI.I' , ' -, ' 1 5 , .1 . " A 1 H "I . 4 -J Q: K- 1: -I'- ' In lr I r I, I Q 'Lg ,J HI. Q 'JI N I 3-1-. 4 1 N v' ., .1 I Vi.. Jw ' If I . . . ' 'l 1, f' .ard . I f' . , 'I ' TI, f ' . 5 ' 1 Ai ' 1 I I ' 4 . , . 9 , . :YI ,'I I I- "Y'4. 5-0 ,IIIIIIXINU " , I y5 : C I a . I f '. Y. 1-T r. M .4 JH" 1 A a" . , ".'. . 1 fx'-1.1 . ' :.' ' ' 4 -nf ' . , I , .g hf'..I,.1'-I' '.,!Iuf-' .3 II., A I I I I 1-A . M. . ' ' Inf 1, a If, .III ans . 1 px .... - I Q. L In 2 I ' 'u x rl I. I . I ',, I . o ' -l'-' Q.. J g. .Y I1'i ' ., , I' ' f' ' ,I " 1 I ' ?,v , llx' 1 I - Iv. a ..y,.II .H In Ivo, ly! ,I VII' I , .. Y'-In 'tx' Y' :' rl 1 X I. I auf A ., I' In .I Q .f.I.f:: -, .. 1 . Q 4, r'f,x', ' , 'I 'I' ' I .I I II . I .. I :KI MI 'i'.'I"'IIy f I-1 5 av . v -' 'I' :. . rf ..-0-J ' . . -1 .'.l . ' 1 a'1- 1-' ' 4. .,. .I.. " II fIr'I fr' I It ' I I I 4 5 "1 x "- V .."'..'l . .'..uf-g,- H 'I nf. NI 111- .NIEKJ ml 1' :I L uf' :I . '.4'-f.s,.'! 'S'- . ' ". ",'.. -'. . ' 'I w ' .J , Gy., 4 'II ' A Af' '?i 4 'fxq' Q' ,Qty . ,If I. -f x ,.a I . ...I I,1. 'M .D ?...f.- ga- ' ,I ,.,-.II .f . f -'w II,..gI,I I II . H w.. 'An n . L v 1 , . Q. .!. I, . . . . v , . ' P Is. I I Y - M' 1. 5 ' , ' 4 In of 4 V' . 3' ,N 1'. ' ' "A . 1. .Q - .YQ-Q I 'I ,,.. . ,. I I A ' I I 4, . , .I.o. ..u . x 1 ' .4 I .y I 17 A Q . I I .Y I Q, I n fr' : A 4 1 .4 I: " ' .I F uv ' J lhswf II. ' 1 1 m in I I . I w K I I ' x v ' n v l I ' , 1 I J .f I 1 F I Q I' wr I Y . 1' .. I. I x 'it 4 L I 1 1 4 Is 1 . I 4 1 'N . 0' . . I l I .- , ' .4 s . 'Q 11" I' J I ' ,I lf' N I I ' v ' X . lull I , 1 ' f x 1. v ' l I4 . ', .lx P: 1 I " ' q 1 1 ' I N W K I u x I . 4 u.,Q, C ' Q. e"'.I.'n"v'." I I uw,-. ' ,- 'eff -wc'1', -agq.r.k5,., ,, W W I M , " ' Q 1- 'L' . -1.4 -5'w,"'1 Z' '. ' J' W . . 'L ,- 1 ' ' 'L' l H M- '7 "Ai -.:, 1 ' k ' '.-aw'-fff A I .0 - ' -.4-R, i V 1 ' ' 1 , , ,A x 4 ,V "1 . M ' W1 K N P 5. fx -J 4 V J ' Q X 1 1 1-SAAB! U4 .Mr . . 1 N I , I - 1 1 I " 4 I K1 'R , I I I - 1 fi w A 1 I v V s K X W f . I f I x V ' 43' X ' . , ' .Jr . 1 7 , ' L, '-A "' V '-1 ,' f 5' ' '!'J',r F' Q: w 1 1 1 7 . 11 ' G 1 1 I' I K 1 V1 V, J 1 l 9 1 1 1 yan I

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