Valdosta State University - Pinecone Yearbook (Valdosta, GA)

 - Class of 1942

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Valdosta State University - Pinecone Yearbook (Valdosta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 112 of the 1942 volume:

OFFICE or THE VICE PRESIDENT W wwywf' f E Y +.v E- 'WN . L -S El' 'fu s f U 0 Q -1 i C . 5 O , W ' S5 . n, LXH' 8 w ' 3 . a - u n 5 :L I' l Qi f , ' , l 5 xl' u vii Y 5-. X " " I ' b o lt' I' fi ', 5' 'Ax v' f u J, X h .A I ', ,Q QM ' , i 4 'A ' . , Uv- Na. I1 , . !' 1 fmfw X THT T342 PRESENTED BY THE STUDENT BODY OF THE GEORGIA STATE WOMANS COLLEGE T VALDOSTA, GEORGIA MARY ALICE WISENBAKER Editor EVALYN O'NEAL Business Mana er KT Q1 M M sd I X., U! J ,mf J' L Ll Kbx C O P1 O L ,W L., sf x. 'M 3 tj! W J- Q1 LT Fw L- D9 N G U3 D if ,ff West Hall's Entrance is a mecca for students between classes G' x o 2, ff. ry,l.g1'i'A - V. .gi f1k g','y1 'J 4 I T ' EKG: 'JSE i A 2 ' L, J' .2961-' ,- f xl l'-,-E42-' , - P4 ,Q r it ef., - Tw 4 X 14,1 ' l 1 1 ol if., if ,rf 415. -.. , 6 1 1, WS-1 'E 3 LES?-'lg. fi il MQW . ,Aa- 7, avi:-jxlf Q if r :P r M g 7 Isl -y A hilly V N g P , if ,riff , Yr f . .Arla riff' l I ,Q ,I rr. T . .A . - .qv Iv' ' if , L -,wif .' 41 , ffl' ' , F- - 1' 2 gif 2' 14-' ffgf . rv r r r' 14,5 711 A .fig-Q. A . I iffy: ..-,qw ,H 1' . ,-Hi" 'J " ' 'A - l . lm' wifi: . , li 'fr , T' 5 rig ' ' Jr ' , PX! vm Ig- .il a A - J. 7, Q, , lf. ,- .1-' 5 '-s,- Y .. .y,,yf5,. 531, phgggw, , rip .JP ,' f-- ,1y'r'3ff!f' ,.r"l' ,Yr 'H . !1lfTAl'BJYrl -, 1: GEF .lin-,'.?f fl- f'.i.,- - - 5 -wif r A ffl-I' f .rj M,f:??fg ,ggligrnig i w. " ' 'W r my I5 113 f ,, , , Ur ifQ.f-tiny' . .545 wrgwvf Ls 11M""Twn 11-"'7 "il, ,J fn- I94I -42 has been a year of sensation: of unprece- dented state political strife overshadowed by the nation's entry into the Second World War. The excite- ment of meeting attractive young men in neat uniforms has been cooled by apprehension for the sake of other young men, dearer perhaps, and nearer to the scene of conflict. There were compelling desires to give up education for something more colorful, more pertinent to the defense of our country, but above all, came the mature realization that this thing called college edu- cation is to be most vital in the end. Calmly the year has slipped by. Calmly the usual campus activities, supplemented by what help ia woman's college can offer a nation at war, have been pursued. The PINE CONE presents a picture of G.'S. W. C. life as it has been in this, the first year of the first war of our generation, a picture not appreciably different from any record of G. S. W. C. activity of this decade. . Xt, gf, f N f , -K-y ' - ' T- "T .1 Y' ' l 'l 2513 . ' ' ri Wa . ,va.. xp, ' I, . . :gn gt -4 , f , 1 , 2 Q T ' X - 4 'J xo, y A Quhligfx . ffl- A.,-r 344 ' s . South Entrance to West Hall-going and coming Students trek to classes from Ashley I 1 i .ii -wfmfk " 'NEATH THE STATELY PINES OF GEORGIA- stand the gleaming Spanish-type buildings in which G. S. W. C. girls become women. lntriguing, exciting facts absorbed in Ad building classes form the foundation on which this womanhood is built. Humor and pleasant compatibility achieved from light hilarious "gab sessions," and deep analytical parleys in the dormi- tories, create the ability to make and keep friends. Steak suppers, club meetings, teas and dates held in the cozy "House-in-the- Woods" give poise and social ease to G. S. W. C.'s woman of tomorrow. Whanging balls across a tennis net, riding sleek horses among sighing pine trees, diving into a sun-dappled pool, mount- ing a fist-ball score for the glory of her sports team,-these things mould good sportsmanship and a realization of God in nature into the hearts of our girls. Poring over war-bulletins, edi- torials, biographies and novels in the spacious library produces minds that are quick and active in circles of well-read persons. Over our stately pines of Georgia warplanes throb every day. Brutal realization ofa changing world does not fill the G. S. W. C. girl with fright and uneasiness, she, through her well-integrated college life has the qualities to meet an uncertain future. W Ifmrrgi, ,iLfvi,iSrLVjJzf Mgt 3, ,M f- N,-4.1 c,ty?g:f52gygff,3cQi3.21,.g 5' i'L-IWW? "'?7lvfW fff i FWHM'"t"1'r'1ff+w'fr2W'ffXr.w21ffiimr.1'aww?ffLif"'3l.W'f't'4lfifyllfiliffiikfwfwiiwh-tlY-l3rsf?YB"4'3--l2tS'Si4S?fQ?1?rYiif'P stills- 't7tf5Wl'ffWl3lf9f45tf'l-iii'f'5fllWfll2" ll v '1 p :i"f,- W' '11, tj-14' i ."t' if yn .iv Di" vw 'rv '-fri 'ff-Q' '1.j.y,x,,.,r ,fr 4 - .Y '- Jw- - "f ' -, lg" .rr V -" y a ry? 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'lHlll1lnlll1 1 1 s ss aww ' l The Swimming Pool-for the di that refreshes Y v N-52, 1 "ss-wx 1 ,. xx ax X x i X VIiWS AI fresco learning-near side entrance to Library Hr VIEWS Ashley Hall-Abode of Sophomores fr',. .. 1 A ' ' ' 4 dfflm.. , . , ' ' 5 'Q' qff'-g,g,, : 1- fo' , eff. ,. 1, fig hw,-gm. ff, "'j., 2 ,4 53:-e 1, ' S, 4 , g kg:-'f.y dw' 5-ir M... fr . , " ' x f 1,3 M , W. Senior Hall-Where the Seniors hold forth 'Ml mi- ' "The Little-House on the Corner" A O n Newest Addition-Heating Unii warm' Girls enjoy a "snack" at the Country Store-South end of Converse Hall , W, ,1 ,..i.,,'-X -r-v.ixx','-'x.:.x'.''NN 5 .1 Z: :L 'bgufz , g CQ -1.7!-:uf-gig. -E-I O Mgili? Whig rdgikovalip .JTSIISED ' X Q '-:Q-,Lf fy ,L-5 n.3lf"L,f',Qg- -o rflfyk,QTo,Q51,ekQp11'f,. Q51--,czJJCx-p-,Qfdyfg ' ,- 'J Qi VYA, -wb -j',.'gr'i, 5-3: ' ng 'I' iff. ,j"1.2,f- ig! 3935.9 wig , 'I 'N Al aa, Approaching West Hail from South Drive Y Q i.,, g J to 'waht' ui ,A 'fit' ' 'asus-up 'Q-WE 'x 1-Q 'll J. . - 'o 1- 1.3: 1? ..z H9021 1 Freshman Home Sweet Home- Converse Hall The Music Studio-Adjoining Campus I . fO.'.AfJ.6,:-I.-'b.q,.J.,h."r,iv,,.p,. ..,r,.x ,vxU,,... ,..,x,,ih,.',,,? ,l.,,,,,A.,,,' ,X, ,XX-t gftbgiisgvhy, :,v,,'V.vp rat-saws.. b,.,,,',7r5-mhilvq.: G?-,lC,,,: .,l,.ui,'t ,-L55.-' its .W D ,vrq rg' ,Tx rf "..!T.-..t""'.U'.YN--Y,-7i'V':-vbi.J1C"Qi' 'p,-'r""',',:'LfD- V1 -"-fx L. ' F-"iv frz'i"',5-4"'-.vrsrsff 1'-s' 9Q5Q. '- - -.'-1 V ' P s .gr , vm' -1 ., My .,'..' 1' ry- ,Jie ,,f!.rv. ..'.- w.. ,-r,, f-. ,..,--.,... vi-' fx- ,4 x ,Cx dyv 'P-all -. ,Y-t,.,vf,-gqxhgm ,r,,,7..w.,.N,,v, -gg-':.,,x ,Q ,.,,, ,M ,,,, -,F X., .X-V.. C..t,- w, ,sw-x-5 , ,Q 5,,5,.3,.v.,X:,L,, Q fgfga' -5 J,v,"s'-"wU,f.".i'f.,- ' QNQF "J ,U ,xv N-,qw Q51 fl-'Pvt LD r Q' A' 1"-. w 'PD T "1s,.-.'fx'ls.ri1-"HM A-F "wa 1' fr AH w "- A+ K fi iv- Q- 453-s X 'P .6 "V ' ' 5 AA .119-5' . .- f. .f- ' .N qg v my-, " QUE., f - f'-.':,.h7',f . TJ rg 'if-1-N. ,, ' - L ,- -P111 I'ff1Tw's-my Iv :qs -emi x N, 1 .'::ft .f ' ' f x Ib. :f...N fiber? C21?:7'S,tlQ-fe'f,:i,1QfEy,3f 'RQ glows:2kqQ1,.YE,x.'Q,S.g,jl.-xbfgf2f.p'l1 Zhu- 1,55-53? lgxffzienl F-if. 'ET-xff.5,Ns3:.,:': ,.74..:',fqJ::Qhl'fjkXbs 54 ,Dx , N ,W - nr, N. 9+-wig 1.34 l., ,sp-xw ,swiss fr -. Ussv.-,rffvs-A'1"s-f sf-,gIfH4.'T' 5 is if-ww .im - X 574-1 mfs :am4.fe't,s -fi-rr 'wb w, K--:gr-N 2 -rf ' ' - bn s-1 :xl 1 s-.fYm,n X. QD sf rr.-.mvn.m1-fs.ifw 1. -N 'fwa-1 W-sf ,si -Tw 1, X-ff 5 L94 ,g.,r.,-,gay-N, gig wg, 'Q 4:3-r.,1f , 1 ,- .ni ' - , fx A - , .5 .:,. , .Z BS., Geoigunwzisiyyzi women and PHiSIHiNiHiHI1i, 'lf FRANK R. READE President B.A., M.A., Pl-i.D., University of Virginia 5 I ie Powi MOWER ANNDean oi Women heist A'M" to' Teac A ma as CQUZQZ Q DHPXO e i"ZabodYTeach2'5 Co Zgiris . be y COW' ' Advise' O LENA JAMES HAWKS Dean of Instruction A.B., Goucher Collegeg A.M., Vanderbilt University Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins University IHI IHIIIIII MISS LAURA REED, Assistant Librarian . . . A.B., Womans College of the Greater University of North Carolina: B.A.L.S., University of North Carolina. 0 MISS LILLIAN PATTERSON, Librarian . . . A.B., Georgia State Womans College: B.L.S., University of North Carolina. 0 MISS RUTH CARPENTER, Professor of Art . . . BacheIor's Diploma, B.S., A.M., Teachers College, Columbia University. O DR. SAPELO TREANOR, Professor of Foreign Lan- guages . . . A.B., A.M., University of Georgia, Student at the Sorbonne, Paris, France: Ph.D., University of North Carolina. 0 MISS SARA JANIE BUSH, Professor of Latin . . . A.B., University of Georgia, A.M., University of North Carolinag Diploma, College of Classical Studies, Rome, Italy. 0 DR. BEATRICE I. NEVINS, Professor of Biology . . . Ph.B., Ph.M., Ph.D., University of Wisconsin. O DR. EARL W. PHELAN, Professor of Chemistry . . . B.Chem., Ph.D., Cornell University. 0 MISS MARJORIE ESTELLE CARTER, Assistant Dean of Women and Assistant Professor in Biology and Physical Education . . . B.S., William and Mary College. 0 DR. EMIL JOHN HELLUND, Professor of Physics . . . B.S., University of Washingtong Ph.D., University of Washington. 0 MRS. FRANCES PARDEE, Instructor in Violin . . . Graduate, Cincinnati Conservatory of Music1 pupil of Sevcilr in Vienna, and of Julian Polilrawslri, Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. 0 MR. CLIFTON WHITE, Assistant Professor of Art and Instructor of Music . . . A.B., Emory University of Georgia: M.A., Emory University of Georgia. 0 MISS MARIE MOTTER, Professor of Voice . . . A.B., Music, The Carnegie Institute of Technology. Further study: Ithaca Conservatory, University of Pittsburgh. Graduate study in voice choral conducting at The Carnegie Institute of Technology. Pupil of .Iean Dagg Seaman, Dr. Bert Rogers Lyon. 0 MISS GLADYS WARREN, Professor of Music . . . B.M., Lalme Erie College: M.A., Iowa State Universityg Pupil of Ernest Hutcheson, New Yorlrg Lee Pattison, Chicago: Tobias Matthay School of Pianoforte, London. 'fr f . v gk.. A9 1 . Reed and Patterson , 1 W , -"'e"'1r'---1-1 ..-4' ,P From top, left to right Carpenter, Treanor, BUSIW 0 Nevins, Phelan, Cdl ter, Hellund, Hawlrs. 0 Pardee, White, Motter Warren ...J Lett to right: Thomas, Teasley, Dusenbury, Richter, Puclrett MISS MAXINE RUSTAD, Professor of Home Economics . . B.S., North Dalrota Agricultural Collcgeg M.A., Teachers College of Columbia University. 0 MRS. DALE N. STEELE, Director of Tearoom and in charge of Country Store, Assistant to Dean of Women. 0 MRS. OLA BEECHWOOD, House Mother of Senior Hall. 0 MISS LOUISE ANNE SAWYER, Professor of Speech . . . Graduate of Columbia College of Expressiong Student, University of North Carolina: B.S., School of Speech, Northwestern Universityg Student, Columbia College of Expres- sion. 0 MRS. GERTRUDE GILMER ODUM, Professor of English . . B.S., A.M., George Peabody College tor Teachers. 0 DR. HAROLD STRONG GULLIVER, Professor ot English . . . B.A., Yale University: A.M., Columbia unavmiiy. Pii.D., Yale univwaiy. -...F ' ' ' ?'T'g 2iW"4Jv.vvv'x: .Q wry, r. gsivii 5, ,rf , 'avifpi 5, 'i:'fi,l ,,-i,.-"- fx . rf5'xH,w-iwf-.3i,?i'k 14 'i '.?Jiifzig21, ' is I' - -1 nerr a1dl.?-.3-LM i?iL"?i'!'1,fi"'r7'-F'-iff' i 4. i eww, V-,"tV?fiy.r1.. ,gy cu'-X, yxv .l iftifffwagiv 'f""'1'i'LFQ55ii,ft1Jfi'itfQ.'- -I-i4rf1r'vfJ4.1fgf-,.'-1,", "i"'Mi,M,gjiq. , f. i.:.,1yi.'i'. i ..i, as . 'jg'-,-.9?,'5',i,, .' div, ,J 'i 'I 'u.'j.i.."-.ji .',."ii':,,' " Tirfyfiifiti-"ii J ijffkil C i qJNfd1ig3gQy,,'I'.y,v i. ,'...v',,.,y"L,l N I , .. ., i irff,1'1',t" if? r'f?,f'13ff"'9Tr-71? l'fff3"f5eiVT M' 4P't"'i ' 'i i .i u..-p, W: -3. V - far-2 asf.. 'DS'If1"ily' - qer'iue.fu,f--"Lv F-,mul jf rf' A-wg-i FSM' '.f-t""'i7L'.s 1. ,ifiiiitfxviiaifhfitfax i I H MRS. CAROLINE PARRISH THOMAS, Registrar... A.B Georgia State Womans College. 0 MISS MILDREAI TEASLEY, Director of Placement and Publicity . . . A.B A.M., University of Georgia. 0 MR. JAMES ROBER DUSENBURY, Treasurer and Purchasing Agent. 0 MIS' ANNA RICHTER, Secretary to President and Assistant ii Speech Department . . . A.B., Georgia State Woman'-, College. O MRS. ELIZABETH J. PUCKETT, Assistant Treas- urer . . . A.B., Shorter College. i wi V- W7 5... at H53 lg 44 Top row, left to right: Rustad, Steele, Beechwood. 0 Bottom row, left to right: Sawyer, Odum, Gulliver. MRS. EVA ALFORD SHRIVALLE, Dietitian . . . Palmer College. O MRS. C. C. WHITTLE, Assistant Dietitian. O MISS MILDRED MCCLELLAN PRICE, Professor ot History . . . A.B., Georgia State Womans College: A.M., Columbia University. 0 DR. JOSEPH A. DURRENBERGER, Professor of History and Social Science . . . A.B., Southwestern University: A.M., Ph.D., Columbia University. 0 MISS LOLA McCOLLOUGH, Professor ot Education and Psychology . . . A.B., Alabama State Teachers College: Ph.B., University of Chicago: A.M., Columbia University. O MISS MARY E. LONGLEY, Protessor of Social Science . . . A.B., Brown University: M.A., Bryn Mawr College. 0 DR. MARIAN E. FARBAR, Resident Physician . . . M.D., University of Illinois Medical College: Practiced Medicine in India and at Earlhan College. 0 MISS LEONORA IVEY, Professor of Physical Education . . . Graduate, Sargent School for Physical Education ot Boston University: B.S., Georgia State College for Women, 0 MISS EDITH LOWRY, Riding Instructor. 0 MISS ELIZABETH McREE, Assistant Professor ot Physical Education . . . A.B., Georgia State Womans College: M.A., Columbia University. 0 DR. HAROLD H. PUNKE, Professor of Education . . . B.S., M.S., University of Illinois: Ph.D., University of Chicago. Top row, left to right: Shrivalle, Whittle . . . Price, Durrenbcrgcr, McCoIIough, Longley. 0 Bottom row, left to right: Farbar . . . Ivey, Lowry, McRce . . . Punlre. IHEIIIIY . ,. 51.54, I A,,ir,,.f..i: -wits.. 3 :ff .4y,f,.f , rw' 'f'IIxs7I1'4' A fm' , ri 241151 'v . ' . f 'I , fa Jliiifffffftiifn1-f"?7'1'7f'77I'rA y lrigklff . iiag?,Q.i lQ,.'.'i1rAyYI,f1J,- I 1, i V ,'l'u.A'v3. M' wr: Wi., . ..?isoU,1,.xw: ,' . AIX- .jwen L35 . Mg, ei ,yr f . ...WAI Ljryjtfmip .n'fi,2.wW'i5fl, :fl-iiii' D .v7f"U.U.' 'I' , Ae' ..gA,L,v:.i,j- :.f'y'i,'9gt': QA-J. 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Just Nancy's reaction to food. . . . Being Seniors in a year so different from the last as l942, had to be different also. We gave up, for the first time in years, the senior trip. With Gwendolyn Hendrick president for the second time, the class sponsored the annual Hal- lowe'en Carnival in October. Offering to the students address books, stationery, and a chance to play bridge at its benefit party, the group showed co- ' operation and a surprising capacity for work. l s v 1 Minnie Roberts served as vice-president, and Edith Allen as secretary-treasurer. V . U . -,.- -, - ' - 1 . I r .- . . , , ... , v ,. r ,L 0 -ggi -o.,go,4.',- -Q55 Y,-SX ''o',X'n"-'fsis 'N Wi-...wg.s -.xii .i"' "'ue.q X, , "'n.yuqi".. 1'l','.p,Y ff: "fs rD,!,l rl' , .V .y v" .V 9 ngysx y-x' I-.-it----.-.l-j ..fy,',,-...u ,,' 'pq ,g,- v1.'1w."J,-U v sv ,,v-,-,U Iv' v iw, Ssu' ..-H. .,, Q - v v vin ',s g a,Q-g v Jill' ,0s:9i5"qriv::'sl '-:'.', ity' bv': 'v'.b:.v' ',.,,.'l' Vs' '..' "., "'.i'z '.'v" .v.:.."Ulv? !U'g:.'.:.-"5 l".', Us T'3:"',' 'J '.'QuUS ls" .':'! . f - 9 U R 1' -' ,.'1,-'1 I: M". ' u' if V ,' '5' . 't ' v"'9 'v'. 'bbq K 3' Q' g xv ' ." 'Q - G1'.iifK!3l3.5f:':1vEai-Qf,fi-MESS-.ss3'1+.i:SQ.'sYm'c2e.?35f5:IE1:S5f.:Y1',:'Lh:gsffLB1:.7S1'i".!Yr'dht1 ' "r Nl ,. .',.d Henddck yg-lx-1v..13., ,,,',. I..-,,,..A..,l 7HQ,1,mzH., 41 KH.. HHH HHHIHHHH Robeds U 39 I we 1 "' w. . yi 95 5. , 90 I . ,,.v0' .A . y.,. -- H: K ,H vI',,,L..,. H '.-'...,'1 ,, x . . ,. Er v.-:.,'H-,.,,","-gxww.,:,jf,".,-,-.. -i.L,,g-T, v :'b.'-'g,.nuT1..,,x .,-K- 1- - ' f ' ' f -.1' X' sr " 71 ., , . riff EZ XL' .Vu V Y' 5 - A . 7x"H-'f1'fT"t1"? .- V77 '-f17f. ,H . - "- ' ' HA -Nw ,. --,- , ,-,.. 5 k'RL,., ,ww-vvxw' ,:,vw'-xr'-1 -- 5 .g. f- - --fm AHen LHman Parker Robeds FranHHn ,pr . Allen Ambos Slllllll EDITH ALLEN . . , Lonox, Gcorgra . . . Englrsh Mayo r... Studrgnt Government Assocratron ll, 2, 3, 4l: Y. W. C. A. ll, 2, 3, 4l: Phi Kappa Sports Club lllq Soclc and Buslrrn Club l3, 4l: MathAScicnce Club l3, 4l: Secretary and Treasurer ot Scnior Class. . MARIE AMBOS . . . Thunderbolt, Gcorgra . . . Brology Mayor . . . student oomnmunr Amqrsrran lr, 2, 3, 43. 5. G. A. Hall Monitor li, 3, 41: Y. W, C. A. ll, 2, 3, 4l: Freshman Council: Sophomore Council! Frfshman Council Advrsrgr l4l7 Phu Lambda Sports Club ll, 2, 3, 4l: Cir- culation Managcr ot Campus Canopy lllg Frtshrnan Honor Soar-:ty l2l: Scnror Honor Socuzty Prcsidrgnt l4l3 Stud-:nt Advisor ot Fr-:shman l-lonor Socrcty l4l: Math-Science Club l2, 3, 4l: Pr-:sidr:nt's Council HAZEL BROWN . . . Dublln, Grforgra . . . Chemistry Major . . . Trans- fer from Georgia Stat-: Collcgc tor Women l2l: Stud-int Governmunt Association l2, 3l: Y. W. C. A. l2, 3l3 Prcsbytcrran Studunt Association l2, 3l, Pr-gsrdont l3l: Sophomorrg Councrl l2lg Matlw'Scr-gncrg Club l2, 3l. MARY BUNDRICK . . . Cordrgl-g, Grgorgra . . . Englrsh Major . . . Swarm Govcrnmignt Arsaoatrarr ll, 2, 3, 41, S-gcrctary and 'lrrzasu rr,r l4l: Y, W. C. A. ll, 2, 3, 4l: Freshman Councrly Phi.Lambda Sports Club ll, 2, 3, 4l, Sports Councrl: Awards ll, 2, 3, 4l: Archery Manager l2, 3, 4l3 French Club l2, 3, 41, Prcsrdcnt Vrcc-President l4l: English Club l3, 4lg Freshman Council Lcadcr l4J: G. S. W. C. Emblum l4l: Who's Who rn Arnrgrrcan Univcrsrtirgs and Coll-:gas -xt. r Brown Bundriclr 20 f?"""'-v. 'Un Cole Eleanor Coolr NANCY COLE . . . Sav anna h, Georgia . . . Sociology Major . . . Transtigr from Armstrong Junior Collrggq 131: Student Gov-'rnmrnt Association 13, 41: Y. W. C. A, Cabinet 13, 41: Phi Lambda Sports Club 13, 41: Sociology Club 13, 41. ELEANOR COOK . . . Savannah, Georgia . . . Music Major . . . Student Government Association 1I, 2, 3, 41: Y, W. C. A. 1I, 2, 3, 41, Assistant Pianist 111: Glaa Club 1l, 2, 3, 41, Librarian 131, Assistant Pianist 13, 41: Vcsper Choir 1l1: Philharmonic Club 1I, 2, 3, 41, President 1411 Freshman l-lonor Society 121: French Club 13, 413 Senior Honor Society Secretary 141: Artist Series Com- mittee EVELYN cooic . . . valaaata, Georgia . . . Chemistry Ma1or . . . Student Government 11, 2, 3, 417 Phi Kappa Sports Club 11, 2, 31: Math Science clara 13, 41, Camera crab 13, 41, Valdasta Club 11, 2, 3, 41. RACHEL CRITTENDEN . . . Shellman, Georgia . . . English Major . . . Student Government Association 1I, 2, 3, 417 Y, W, C. A. 1I, 2, 3, 41: Glee Club 1I, 21: Soclr and Buslrin Club 1I, 2, 3, 41, v.aa.Praaraani 131, President 141: Annual Play 1I, 2, 3, 41, Presi- dr'rrt's Council 141: Vesper Choir 1l1g Plymouth Theatre 1313 Artisl Series Committee 21 '41 Evelyn Coolr Crittenden KN 'EN-C L Edwards LOUISE EDWARDS . . . Eastman, Gcorgia . . . Agmrarm 11, 2, 3, 41: Y. xxx. C. A. 1I, 3, 41, Awarda 1I, 2, 3, 41: Sports Councrl 12, 3, 413 Pr-'prdrgnt 141q Frrrslrrman Councrlp Freshman Honor Club 12, 3, 41: Ctrarrman Math Drvrsron 131: S-tnror Franlrlin Marh Maja f... Student 2, 3, 41: Sports Club 1I, 2, Lambda loam Captarn 131: Socmty 121: MathfScicncc Honor Soc:-ity 1413 Who's Who ln Am-nrican Collcq-is and Unrvcrsrti-:S BETTY FRANKLIN . . . Valdosta, Gcorgra . . . l-listory Major . . . Student Govrgrnmcnt Assocratron 1l, 2, 3, 417 Valdosta Club 1l, 2, 3, 41, Vice-President 1417 Sports Club 1111 lntfrnatronal Rblatrons Club 12, 3, 41, Trrzasurqr 13, 413 Pine Cone Actrvrtr-4 Edrtor 141: Campus Canopy Rriportrr ELISE GANNON . . . Cordrtlt, Cucorgra . . . Englrsh Major . . . Student Qovrrnrnhnt Assornatron 1I, 2, 3, 41, Y, W, C. A. 11, 2, 3, 417 Frcnclw Club 12, 3, 41, Vrcrj-Prcsrdcrrt Pr-gsidcnt 141g Vtsprir Clrorr 1213 Glric Club 12, 313 S-r--nadrfrs 131g Englrzln Club 13, 41, Pr-isrdvntlaCoL1rrcrl 1413 Studfnt Caovfrnmwnt Monitor 12, 3, 41. IRMA GARRISON . . . Mrlam, Curgorgra . . . l-lrztory Major . . . Transfer trfrrn Prwdmfrnt Collwqw 131: Studcnt Govwrnrrrvnt Associatron 13, 413 Y. W. C. A. 13, 413 lntwrnatronal Rr-latrnng Club 13, 41. :fr-filffrlg'rfX"v?r,r!cr4lisr5i1E9t2Wir. lr41,15g'1,l'- -ryrrfwfl.-.1-ryrl-'yr-,rl '1 11 5 .fgy-,,r,1-f'4', j ,, X1-:ff-nQr3tf4j'f:'5"15'T1"1,i:l7nb 5" '?f.Si'751!.f.fLQf4'3'rk1f 1f 4 .r ...rr I '. : f', - nr-,r+,'r ff,1,,,,-1 S-Elgar wr ' ,mg rr: f, Q . 7,1-11. 1111124 ?s'U'5?'4'if5l't'J"j'1 0,1 H6336 1 .' .A lr lr'3r3ZO?3J'S'KT3l rf. rt t imrjsi Lfrve,-2211. .. r.: Gannon Garrison Nw ff.---V llll MILDRED HARRIS . . . Moullrnc, Gvorgla . . . Muslc M0101 . . . Sludfnl Ciovvrn- ment Assocuation 1l, 2, 3, 413 Y. W. C. A. 1I, 2, 3, 413 Gl-3-g Club 1l, 2, 3, 41, Pr-gsmdwnt 13, 413 Plnllbarmonlc Club 1l, 2, 3, 413 Vcspcr Clwour 1l, 21, Lcadlyr 1213 Prlzld-tnll I Councll 13, 413 Y. W. C. A. Cablnct 1213 Funv Arts Club 12, 313 S-'rwnadl rs 1l, 2, 3, 41. ANNIE HEALD , . . Tbomasvlllu, G-:orgla . . . Sotlology Mayor . . . Sludl nt Cmv- Qrnmfnt Associatlon 1l, 2, 3, 413 Y. W, C. A. 1l, 2, 3, 413 Somology Club 12, 3, 413 Math-Scncnc-3 Club 1313 Phu Lambda 1I, 2, 3, 413 Awards 12, 3, 41. GWENDOLYN HENDRlCK . . . Moultrl-3, G-iorgna . . . Engluh Major . . Sludlnt Government Assoclatlon 1l, 2, 3, 41: Y, W. C. A. 1I, 2, 3, 413 Fr-gsllrnan Councll: V. gpg Chou 121: Canopy Stall 1I, 21: S. G. A. Monltor 121: English Club 13, 41: Soclology Club 13, 413 Junlor Class Presldcntq Pine Cone Stall 1313 Sock and Buslfun Club 1413 Sunm Class Prcsxdcnt 1413 Prcsudanfs Councll 13, 413 Ste-flung Cornmittcq 1313 G. S. W. C. Emblem 1313 Wlwok Who ln Anmgncan Collvg-is and Unlvursutnu 141. ORA JOHNSON . . 3 Valdosta, Gcovgua . . . Frcnclw Ma1or . . . Fr-5-nclw Club 12, 31, Prcsldlgnl 1313 Valdosta Club 12, 313 Plullwarmonuc Club 1313 PVCSldCFll'S Cfuuncul 131: Awwa Arlust Svrlcs Committcw Harris Qi, ,, A X Heald Hendriclc Johnson 23 nilff "f.rf.-31,41 'z,,njv,.34,1,.5n ,y 5.,,4" . '. .lj'S33'Z?1Z9Y1f W 'ff l, 1"r'g3,l.v,,-wv 'I . ,. ' 3 , 3 V 9. 3,13 ,, "N, .J-W f.n,J- 1 .. W W1-xmwfm-,ffl 5-VW: 'v,"'F'h4 MLM- In 3 .. , A 1c'l:.l,VT'l'3k'l 4? 31 ' .x 'EQ-U 2 49,1111,','fAl.'-fvfvsl fm' '- , fl..1f1,'1f'-11:11 H ,ztllv-1,1 31,' I ' T .Ml-r. , ,,, " , . 1-1 . 1 I'fl'f."'.lg f"l"1. 'Fl ffl ",' A v '4 1 Ulfyh' ','.'.',''f-'-ln"l'l'll-ll V ,Am .,,,,.+.. ,, .1 'uv-r,. 1 411, Lf, 1, cw ,Lrg Y .:11f1,,Z1,. V JJ ,T l 253 ' ,,' , 'fvfvfi 4.533 ,.,1 1 L-'.'v,V'l'. 1 lv", 1, L,I'fl' 'FJ- , 1, .554 1- 9413,-wftzfw 'M 1-JW H WM W- ffl IL -'X' I' 'L I 1f3'f'V'3Z"Vi1lL5 "UZ ' ' l""5'll3'l"' 4"'f'1 1:57111-f.'w:vf1QN.f 'su'-fygli141f32l3lf1TiZ'!"f3. .-'lff ff.-mfwwznixv-wvzff'ff.' 1 if l l l.OUlE MAE KRIEGER . , , Valcl-rata, G-,orgra . . . Englralw Mawr . , . Student Gov-Qrnrnrunt , , 5 rr Lambda Sportp Club ll, 2, 3, 4l3 Valdosta Club ll, 2, 3, 4l3 fxsnnrratron ll 2 3 4l Pl , 2 " e Cone Statl l3, 4l, 'lyprat Malrc-Up Statt l4lq Enqlrslr Club Sfl'lfllr'1Qy Club I3 4l Fun ELIZABETH LYON . . Vqrldozta, Curgorgra . . , Math Mayor . . . Student Govrgrnnncnt Assocra trfrn ll 2 3, 4l: Sporty Club, Plrr Lambda ll, 2, 31: Matln-Scivncv Club l3, 4lq Valdonta Club ll,2, 3, 4l. mx Krieger EMILY MCCALL , . A Wrlr'rwrngtrirn, Nrirrtlr Carrglrna . , . Art Major lranstrr trorn Sarnt Marys Junior Coll-ggt, Palrirgln, N. C., Frnv Arta Club lf 3, 4l, Sfcrrgtary l4lg C-irnrgra Club l4lg St ud-nt GQrv.rnrr'rr,nt Aguocratron l2, 3, 4lj Pine Cone Art Stat? MILDRED MALLORY . . . Savannah, Grorgra . . . Englrsln Mayor , . , lranstvr tram Armstrong lunr0rCollr'qr1' l3l: Studsnt Gcrvrrnrnrint Auufrtratrcrn l3, 4l7 Y, W. C, A. ll, 4lg lfnglrslv Club l3, 4lZ Sr'-il and Buplrn Club l3, 4l: S-cr.,-tary and lrtag- ur-r linqlr-,lw CI ub l3lg Hrztrirrran nt Snnl and Buslrrn Club Artlit MVS Cft"rrn'nltt-N Lyon QE - it nn-f' JI' M9 '--- , fl! xgbslxxxxf l M EQ 1U U X -? 3 W A N r' L, ul N l U Q! lf 11 rn fi. 2? " ' i f 7' J- 0 T' McCall Mallory Parker Reed MARNELL PARKER .4,llr1llrri fJrrrrrJrf1 ErrrKl'lr M15 r ftufl rt' rrr YA I, ,I ,rr ,,AJ J'fl- rr.rr r. tr-rrr ll, 27, 3, 4lj Errvlrglu Clulif I3 4l, Vlrr PM unrlr rrt l-'llj S'rf'f'rlfrQ'f Cluty l3 4,l,S-Ur'-1 1Y'l lr-rrxurrr lfllj Srruror H rvrwr Srrflrly lun-,rlr.r llllj Spfrta Club ly, 3l4 'Qlfamu tlrrrrfr til VIRGINIA POWER . . , Vr-nna, tjrorqru . , . Englrslr Murrwr . , . Studr nt Gow rrrrrrrnt matron fl, 2, 3, 4l3 S. Q. A, Monrtor ll, Zlg Y. W. C, A, ll,2 3, 413 Cabinrt l3lq Frtylrrrrar Crrunhrlg l'lr:torr5Vl Fnslwrnan Honor Som- ty l2lg Sorirology Club l3, 4l, Vrcr -Pr. sud' nt l4l StudrntfFaculty l-lonor Council l4lq Vftwrfs Wtrtr rn Arrrrrrrgan Coll-'Qrg and Unrvrr-.utr-N. l4l Power , mv 45 Roberts LOTTIE REED . . . Atlanta, Cntorgra . . . Sorgroluqy Major , . Transtu trorn Ciforgra Evtning Colltgrr: Studtnt Govr,rr1rn.,nt Aszocratron l3, 4lq Socrology Club l4Jg Sports Clutn CAROLYN ROBERTS . . . Crwscr nt Cnty, Florr-in . . . Mntl Magor . . . Stud-'nt Govrgrnm-'nt Aszocrctron ll, 2, 3, 4l3 Y. W C. A. ll, 2, 3, 4l, Assrstant Room Ctlarrrnan r2J, Room Ctwarr rnan l3lg Frtstmrrran Councrlq Soplnnmorrf Counmlg Group L-'acltr ot Frrgstwrnan Councrl l3lg Sports Club ll, 2, 3, 415 Sports Counrirl l2, 3, 4lg Sports Club Awards ll, 2, 3, 4l3 Srlwr Arflv- rr, lvtrdal lllq Math-Scrwnc-, Club l2, 3, 4l. 49 Sllllllll MINNIE ROBERTS . . . Valdosta, Georgia . . . Sociology Major . . . Student ,V Government Association ll, 2, 3, 4l: Phi Lambda Sports Club lllg Fine Arts Club ll, 2, 3, 4lg Glee Club l2, 3l: Sociology Club l3, 4lg Vice-President Sopho- more Class: Assistant Editor Pine Cone l3, 4lg Vice-President Senior Class. MARY JEAN ROCKWELL . . . Valdosta, Georgia . . . English Major . . . Student Government Association ll, 2, 3, 4l: Y. W. C. A. ll, 2, 3, 4l: Valdosta Club ll, 2, 3, 4lg Y. W. C. A. Cabinet l2, 3, 4l, Secretary l3, 4l: Vesper Choir l2, 3l: English Club l3, 4l, President l4l: Secretary and Treasurer ot Junior Class? Presidents Council l4l: Sports Club lll: Freshman Honor Society, Secretary and Treasurer l2l: Senior Honor Society l4l: French Club l2, 3, 4l, Vice-President l2l: Artist Series Committee l4l: Student Attendance Committee Chairman l4l2 Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities l4l. MARY E. ROGERS . . . Cairo, Georgia . . . Biology Major . . . Student Government Association ll, 2, 3, 4lj Y. W. C, A. ll, 2, 3, 4l7 Sports Club, Phi Kappa li, 2, 3, -il. Marosoaeooo ciao l2, 3, 49, Head of Biology Division l3l, Vice-President l4l: Senior Honor Society l4l: Adviser to Freshman Council l4lZ Freshman Council: Sophomore Council. KATHRYN SCOTT . . . Pelham, Georgia . . .-History Major . . . Student Government Association ll, 2, 3, 4l: Y. W. C. A. ll, 2, 3, 4l, Cabinet Vice-President l3l, President l4l: Freshman Honor Society l2l: Senior Honor Society l4lg Sports Club lllg Philharmonic Club lll: International Relations Club l2, 3 4l: Ashley House President l2lg Presidents Council l4l3 Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities Roberts Roclrwell S I I ll S Rogers Scott . . - - - . ii . -.. . . V. - ..'.'.v.'x'-'.-X' ' Y .oi !':"1x 'o of'vF ','l" vi Y' v y """- V""o'.i" Y'P'-'A-'v""s'-'V,"i"'n.V:""1l' Lx-.,"-xx w'P3sU ' v "s'.K' KV' 'i O -'-f.--Q-j -fl -.'v-.V V-'y'!'Ug.'i' """v' Ji' "v'- -v"v'-' ".,' "vw h'vv'v 451' 'vt Q91 J"' ' "H 'Q' Us '-'W' ' ,.. g,:!1':'3. '...:.-D..,.'?,+' : ,.a'.:"'v ...swf lv on Q .P V Q: ,.p'v, PODQ' ,Q !,v ,g Qflv., bofny 'x 359: 'v 'J ,Q!'. Q 8:89 .5 D ."f.lo, " 7 5 QP'-V u' -'rag' Sv' aug! ," iv' ':"'5':n 3 . b ,Z bxfs' " 'X 'O 'D".? "H - a s ,Y .- - Q . v n v v , ' , ' ' - ' ' 'ii'-:fg:Qem:am!.:a!-.-o +:ea!.Q.ii:sa :..1'e.?-1 aiilwszs J sri.-Xiai-. o:.ra.v..feokxk?S'5'e :SYM .i.Sz?l-,-ss5':':!.:.1ksg1sz:'.'A.,.- Street Tarte Sessoms Smith RUTH SESSOMS . . . Cogd ull, Georgia . . . History Major . . . Studcnl Government Association ll, 2, 3, 4lg Y. W. C. A, ll, 2, 3, 4lg Sports Club ll, 2, 313 Frcslirnan Council: Soplioniorif Councilg Sociology Club l2, 31: lntcrnational R-zlations Club l3, 4l, Prcsicl-:nt l4lg Campus Canopy Stall ll, 2, 3, 4l, Busincsz Managrr l3, 4lg l3ri:5rdCnl's Council l4lq Ciijorgra Prcss lnatltulig l3, 4l: GSWC Emblcm JULIA BESS SMITH . . . Valdoata, Gaaigia . . . Art Maia r.,. Student Gavaiamaai Association li, 2, 3, 4l3 Valdosta Club li, 2, 3, 4lg Piii Lambda Sports Club lil: Pina Arts Club iz, 3, 4l, s.aai.aiaiy.riaaauiai 131, President l4l: Artist Sariirs Cammiitaf l4lg Pirfaidauis Council l4lq Pina Cone Stall l4l, Aff Editor FR'ANCES STREET . . . Sav anna ln, Gcorgia . . . Sociology Major . . . Translcr from Armstrong Junior Collage: Studcnl Gov-1-rnmcnt Association l3, 4l: Y. W. C. A. l3, 4l, D-:putation Chairman l4l: Vqapcr Choir l3l: Phi Lambda Sports Club l3, 4l: Sports Council l3, 4l: Sociology Club l3, 4l, Piigaidant l4l: Presi- dcnfs Council l4lg Campus Canopy Aclvirrtising Stall l3lg Prcsiclwnt ol Methodist Sltldxffil Organization JUSTINE TARTE . . . Vald sl G o a, i'-orgia . . . l-listory Major . . . Translcr lrorn Monlr-Tal Coll-Zgii, Montreal, N. C. l3lg lntigrnalional Rulalions Club l3, 4l1 Stuflwnl Gov-irnmi nl Aeeocialion l3, 4l. tw., P'.:"-'zxla lf?" ' vv','.',"'!"L ' ' lr'-,i. yvn'.'.'." 3.Li.fl','y,9,'.'Q",'i',..5'.",1'0-.1,'r.1N ',:XsS.'.-WN '-ivfio :,NH'fQ-:.'a'-"-,'. 1 A ',',"l--.l'.'-. 'YW fly' V'vU'v "iii ns', ou"v'i' 9-, ' V'v'Lv,og', '.-,..' '- ' ' 3'-'v . pb' . ,' - pq. ,'.r-'Q ,i .Q-,QW ,,..,.,s po, v. , iq, -,ref i .J P, a. .n. npr., 5, .,. vsp... -fa 'uns ... ,Q 'pig' 'k.v,Q,- iq ,,-g- li P-,U - -s'.,x."" "QV ff '.,!' ' ' u'q':"".'yl'w1',. V.. ' I' Q rf ,'- v' 5,Jx'. 5 5 'V 'hx 5 5 ,' ,Q f"! I, ' .1 l,lr' Q 1 's"'-- Q '--' ? 'fl".. F' .' . " " f", N"s'- . SQ? 4" '-'H+ "4 .' 1-arms-.i:f,a!, -.5fmRa.a!C2.x:u:.-rss.-aww!-if au- 'aheaiw-s.'a.v.:.ei:xh.-. .au :af Sir,-ba--axs':-4- A-.k1.1w!.'iiz?.X.3 'Vina-N-4 Tillman Turnbull JANET TILLMAN . . . Valdosta, Gcorgra . . . Sociology Maror . , . Student Goywrnrnrint Assocration ll, 2, 3, 4lg Valdosta Club ll, 2, 3, 413 Sociology Club ffl, 4lj Sports Club, Plwr Kappa ll, Zlp Prcsbytcrran Student Asuocratron l3, 4l. ELEANOR TURNBULL . . . Moultrrc, Gcorgra . . . eulogy M4104 . . . Sludwl Goyrfrnmcnt Amaalron lr, 2, 3, 4lg Y. W, C. A, rr, 29, cabrnfr l2Jr Phfslrman cowl, ora? Club rr, 23, V-:spcr Cborr lrr, Frfshman Honor soafly 1214 Camera Club lx, 41, Malh.sQ.mQ Club 13, 49, Prcsrdcnt r4l, Pine cm Prwlograph adm 443: sporls Club lrlq Award lrlq P f.fS idg-nt's Colman r4l. VlRGlNlA UPSON . . . Quitman, G-:orgra . . . Sociology Major . . . Transtlir from Slrortcr Collcg-3: Student Government Association l3, 4lg Socrology Club l3, 41. - DOROTHY DODD WILKES . . . Adul, Gr-orgra . . Englrslr Major . . Tramlrorr from 8.14410 Trlt Callug-Q1 Studcnt GQy.grmrr.1frl Assocratron 12, 3, 4l: Y, W. C. A. l2, 3, 4lg Soclf and Buslrn Club l2, 3, 4l, Prcsrdcnt l3lg Annual Play l2, 3, 4l: Prcsrdcnts Councrl l3l: Stclgrrrrg Commrttcc l3l: Artrst Scrics Commrttau l3, 4l: Plymouth Tlwriatra l3l. . Zu? .3 45' i Upson Wilkes 28 M.Williams R.Williams MAXWELL WILLIAMS . . . Cordtlr., C51 orgla . . . Art Ma1or . . . Stur,lr,nl Cuovcrnmcnt Assoclatron 1I, 2, 3, 41, Vrnu-Prrisrdrgnt Prrgsrdrgnt 1413 Y. W. C. A. 11, 2, 3, 41: Sophomon: Council 1211 Sports Club 11, 2, 3, 411 Avvarda 1l, 2, 3, 413 Sports Councrl 1215 Er-Qshman l-lonor Socuuty 1217 Scnror Honor Socmty 1417 Pine Cone Statt 1313 Sophomorn Class Prvsrdgntg Prrisrdgntk Council 141, Chairman 141: CS. S. W. C. Embl-gm 1315 Whols Who rn Arntgrirtan Collrggvs and Unwursrtrrfs l41. RACHEL WILLIAMS . . . Manch-gstrgr, Griorgia . . . English Ma1or . . . lrans- tcr trom Bcsslc Trtt Collcgcq Student Government Assocratron 13, 413 Y, W, C. A. 13, 415 Soclr and Buslrun Club 13, 41. MARY ALICE WISENBAKER . . . Valdosta, Cauorgra . . . l-llstory Major - - . Stuclcnt Government Assocratron 1l, 2, 3, 411 Sports Club, Phi Lambda 1l, 213 International Rulatuons Club 12, 3, 41, Mtmbrgr-at-Larq-3 Vrc-g-Pr-.sud-gnt Sociology Club 131: Campus Canopy 11, 2, 31, Rrzportrgr 1I1, Nlws Editor 121 Editorial Assrstant 131g Junior Class Vucrgfpr-gsudfrntq Pine Cone 13, 41, Malo:-Up Statt Edrtorfin-Chr-gl 1413 Prtfsldcntk Council 1417 Valdosta Club 1I, 2, 3, 41g GSWC Emblem 141g Whos Who rn Amcrucan Colltgr.-5 and Unrv-:rsrtlrga 141. 29 rx wfbm Wisenbaker tp: Nt, -1,1 fix,'gpkj,ldlLl7,,."IQ!'Jiiiirxtxfxij-? N! ?ffi'f?i'9EifQ'lF'4,51flK71fj'!szffggg 1 I .N ,,,,f , sy -,,ws',,,rv.rm-Zwf-M, nwwr 'l A' 'A - ' ' f ' 4 . ' 14 ttf' 'Ji'7"'f? Sf'Qi'l?37 -rim . li'.,1'i,.M.1v:.'! :IMig,rxwa,Tl,C,.,,,l'JW ww- f'ff:,'2':9.'fv 'wiv ,, J 'f- It 'fS'f'5T1',fEf?'i7'1flY7L'f'7-l?7 liifwfb k,j,,a,Fr,,4.:,W'f42f.,F,Ql':r,,i:N:x. , , sm V'm'ig:jg.-,s',ffair7gz 111 ,fn-'il-Q L-j,?yt?3f.:,f? 1, ' A-'. A '13,f2'::""1 1' "Lf'c. v . fgftfiffssgeefw HEY lil - 4r.1.1,Ai"! 'MH' W', rf,l'F.4:lffA"m Vx"-Hi fi WW lZf,1lli'i'.lJ5:fl A, Ye Ole Bull Session-Mobley, Hiers, Jacquie Smith, Mather, Kennedy, Jane Smith QAL' C,-!zi,SA of 7-LB ffjliflhll lL2il,7ciAXL' JUNIHH llllllllll Junior Class money-making efforts, which were combined with fun at clever parties, were for the benefit of American war needs. Candy-making parties and a "Keep 'em Flying" dance were out- standing. "Shorty" Sirmans, brilliant, 59-inch class president, arranged a Saturday morning breakfast at the House in the Woods for a get-reacquainted party in the fall. The class was hostess to the seniors at the year's social highlight, the Junior-Senior Formal. ,R ' Top left: President Sirmans. 0 Below: Vice- President Fender. 0 Left: Secretary-Treasurer Mather. . Top left, left to ri ht: Th g e long and short of it-Taylor and King . . . Smith, Newberry-law breakers at heart . . . Hin- shaw arrives in the niclr of time . . . Keep 'em flying, girls. 0 Top, right: O. K., watch the birdie, Senator-says Peeples. 0 Bottom, lett to right: Beth puts on a double tcaturc . . . Hicrs and Jo ner b ' y a out to do a but of apple polishing . . . What'rc they plottin' now? JHNIHHS Barnes Blackburn Booth Callaliam Coleman Collins Cooper Davis BETTY BARNES . . ANNETTE BLACKBURN . ANN BOOTH . . DORRIS CALLAHAM TENZIE COLEMAN . AVA COLLINS . . ANNELLE COOPER . URSULA DAVIS . iv' 5 7 ar: 5:-'A 5 Qi 1' Valdosta Valdosta Ouitman . Rupert, Valdosta . Cairo Eastman Valdosta 1 1 Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia , fs if I uw, I, . vw. ill 'f XM! NN... I ' X . if V BETTY JANE DOROUGH JOYCE DUFEEY . . . EUNICE EAIRCHILD . ELIZABETH FENDER . MARTHA EINCHER . HARRIET ELOURNOY . ELIZABETH GILLIS . DORIS HIERS . . 'if fi If I Q 33 Quitmem LaGrange Waycross, Valdosta . Doerun Fort Valley, Quilman, Moultrie, Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgie Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia I oofough Duffey Fairchild Fender Fincher Flournoy Gillis Hiers vifasiaffwiswgswfwdfamzzsffsii M.-xml+W.,r54'fifv:IfwM+cf . .ei?y,ig3I1'i-,siw.1',5+w 'GPI' ': I-fi:"ri YW QW " ' ,,'+D.1,4 .4 .ul I Meinl'-I .4 n Av IMS, wiiifgiiasiiif ,sv-13ir:,gi:gg2w,:.a:efEf,, f'I"?'E5", .MI i..i1w-5wf,g ,',eQb',3?I3?'T'ff?99 . V! ' ",.4'gv'Q.f ' TINQ1 Ji iMJfk131Iy"a'2QIzEfiJx?i:5I' ii Iliiiii fiisiiiwii'j"f'I'7FffITii2QQlT,'fwfII "NC .', '?Qr'1"'+I3'ff ' fic ' 54 ' lf' ' " - IN. f., f, . ' 'ii w K ,- -.5721 ,Milli zmsmfmi U s ' ," " og ..'-,v' v.'a ' ' ' ' ' 1 o 4 1 Fx Q xxx.. k'. X ' I U' . ' ' I 5--'.--.'-F A. - .-.', . ."'- IIHNIHHS ERNESTINE HOPSQN . . ROCIIQIIQGQOIQIA RUTH IINKS . . COIqUIII,c3EOI9Ia JANET JOYNER .... . sCIeven,c5wgIa GWENDOLYN JOHNSON . . Leesbugcseofgaa FRANCES KENNEDY . TIIOmaSIOn,Ge0f9Ia HELEN KIRK .... . Valdosta, Georgia MARGUERITE LAHQOD . . Valdosta,Georgia SARA CATHERINE MARTIN . WAYQRMGEOISIE Hopson Mnks 'Z' Joyner Johnson I If E Kennedy Lahood Marhn ."' ,ani ,D ,, fp 5-qu. 5 '. 1.V.el. ' 'B . 'mv"g,v"x ,s .funk O I:5':4':1x.'.".f'v' ' 'vw'-'v'4' X 'J ' ' ""n.'l""' '-" PWM.: V"'n'-'V"w"'n's's"nl'."'."-I' tn2Q'slf"'x .'."""S"". ri ,t ' ,quhj y-, ww :", ", ',,v.QJ'. ' ', Vg.. .9 ."l., v., gg , . 1 ., y x , , '.v s g.,s 's' a ,Ex E-'-fi-""'CzL': we v-w.-"N-. '-'-..-Im--:rfs-1-.-w-v.g"'-:'.w2"iS'T'.'' 'I-ww".-1.-'-ff" "f. I 'Q ' ' ' U v , . , v .3 t v Q g k 0 . 5 - 9, 4 U 5 4 8 I . U vf I -I .5 I I' f . I NP x if 5 ' 4'- 4 '- . f 5 , rt J ' -.Q A X vb! sys.. an Wy 5, q Q h a WN A ' xr fx-r"': ibn S5 Y MAY MATI-IER . ALICE MEADORS JEAN MOBLEY . JUNE MOSELY . LENORA PEEPLES MARY NEWTON . ESTELLE NORMAN WILLARD PARRISH . JHNIUHS l-lollyvvood, Elorida . Albany, Sylvania . Jalqin, Valdosta Valdosta . Tilton, Valdosta Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia iff vnu-D.. A XXX. 15 Mather Meadors Mobley Mosely Peeples Newton Norman Parrish ..., , 'O v 0 U O D 'vw '35 V I, .:..,u U qv , 5 9' D da Q l :o'..V!?D.G Q ' ' ',i'v?v.' ',!':"l' V uv "N '.'n?a',Q':' '- R' 'Ov :.v f",g! z' 'tt' ' .' 5 . ' Q - 5 :Q ', s. :"'l, 8 .""'.? .Ky -- . . , . , , , . - .- t- .,',' si,-v-.aj .Q 'NSN T-"N ":"',':"1.','I-.6 ,' N ..: rvlwgvfg, tux.. XJ' D '."'on W. ln .n.a.." 1.3 I, :Asp fd Ly"vL.:, ng: ox, !,' ,""v' :x',? " 0.0. '.','s"1.,1g's QQ' .i '!c. . U ,. Q 4' T . s J S hh. , -5- -.. V V15 s' "' K. ' ' ',-P ' ' w' 'W .. . 6" ass-D" 'ia' ' " lf .vu R gin Q' I ti' e. "" w ' ... . - A.w IIINIIIIS Posey Saunders, E. Saunders, J. Shannon Sirmaris Smith, A. Smith, C. SmitI1,J. MARION POSEY . EVELYN SAUNDERS JEAN SAUNDERS VIVIAN SHANNON THELMA SIRMANS ANNIE SMITH . . CORINNE SMITH . JACQUELINE SMITH . Valdosta, Georgia . Valdosta, Georgia St. Petersburg, Florida . Valdosta, Georgia . . La Belle, Florida . . Toccoa, Georgia . Valdosta, Georgia . Waycross, Georgia REP! UU 9' ,N Q' JANE ELLEN SMITH JANE WILLIAMS . RUTH TAYLOR . SUNSHINE TAYLOR BETH THARPE . JEAN THOMPSON HELEN WALDRON BETTY WILLIAMS 1 Fitzgerald, Georgia Moultrie, Georgia Valdosta Georgia Cordele, Georgia Arlington Georgia Lumplcin, Georgia Valdosta Georgia Valdosta, Georgia Smith, J. E. Williams, J. Taylor, R. Taylor s Tharpe Thompson Waldron Willie haf .Arif Nga vii..-...Q , DJ WMM .,,r.y',h,y5iFxU,'ihgj17ynyrwgggiiiffpl., ggy3yQYgrf,'uL. gre, ,,Jgg4ys9s-fue. ,lu i i 5 . - . iff 'ii GV9'I,"7 Ilfi' VWU' l'AlfY4-ltlfnt4:'l2il1"9lW7' Wfv :T f WA- 'qwmkqk' 75,639-' , .y ,ziggy 1,g,y,gCf74QgW ,X ,Ji,fN,,:,,Q img, YA- 5. b "l,ri79,fEN'4ff'f,l:fki psf" 5 'il' ' "1 1 ' A rr :tl'4i5. g L, Wil 6. .' Q l"il l"l4lifl1" , f , .1 r, ' Ff557f?4'lFfw'fflh13Elif?iy.r1gf.Lf :fx fi i- 29,4 My r ff iffvlitrx-heffxsiviiwfizy fr -i if-ff h,-,i,, My-A ,rv ,lp K1 -f-. W ifsrgwgf.fvz3p'fpf+5iP MM ,f - alaELHusr1aac5E1Zf9Ei:Z,'2iQ?raflwiifa'vyw- fi. Lett to right: Bowen, Petty, Mclntosh, Crummey I Sllllllllllllll A brilliant formal at the Valdosta Country Club on February 7, given in honor of the Senior Class, was the most memorable event of the year for most sophomores. At Christmas the class had an informal party in the Rotunda. The sophomores, guided by good-looking Anna Key Waters, spent the year trying to live down the universal reputation of college sophomores who thinlc they know so much and in reality know so little. For their other officers the class members chose Tillie Dasher, vice-president, and Jean Williams, secretary. 38 .CACA V 01,18 :QT ,--rl-rl ILT V Above: Waters. 0 Below: Dasher and Williams. ' x I i I l If 'L Tow row, left to right: Martha Raye? . . . Just a little cog in a big machine . . . Strawberries? . . . Could it be "The Veronica?" 0 Second row: V for Victory . . . Harpo, the Marx . . . "Pardon, ls That the Chattanooga Choo Choo?" . . . "For Whom the Bells Toll"-Delrle . . . Truckin'. 0 Bottom row: Sitting on the threshold of knowledge . . . "Stage Door." ' il Ifvw'y,'JJgu,-r7f12-.4q11- rgrvfp-w'if'F'! -' il-5 'XC",'..Q,4 KH, . '!,. ,Vi-"iff, - . V 1 ,r ff, V, ., ,, , N X X 7 ' lf"r'lE r15Q'ffif9W rwfh'ffd11kfA S i - -X pf " - ' . , , I Ulf 1.1 at Q6 V lll'l'i"' if 5.1-gg g0'Z?Wr?,'fvffQ'f0F A v 4 - , in' i ,H .ffl 11" , H a 4 W 1' 6,Q :fLvf.3igfL1 Q34-Qld, in A , "if '4, ',ajf','j,g,,.,f,'.", 1 '-43,-iff: Jfrgmr frrik. 1, 4, y,, f,,.'f,','L,l':Gpn-fyxy,5i.1-g '41'i7.' 4 ,fr.,,!wM' A. f- rr L,"' ,", 7Hr-g'Fww1i:fwf1':Vq'.f+Pf'f6"l'f7'w - -' ' i f - r . -, rr ,wivuii L, 4 fr' Aw-,,y,,1,QL-bk, ,Nr .jf l Q"ffiV-'I lJr."l:'f1i iq .viifu-1 an ffl A , My.0gf,+3,Qwz,'i1w?r?Sf f- 5'hmW"3'Zi"SgL3g,f444'5'7 Cl """"5J' r .whey-. an i H f' W' v""'a i 3 +82 ,ya A-rv ',l,,...r 2 U3 OUT: LADIES ff, 255 kim , , IN I iff TIFCEMENTH Adcoclr Allen, M. Allen, S. Ashley Bowen, M. T. Bowen, M. Boyette Branch Brice Bnm berry Burlre Calhoun C anna dy Carter, E. Carter, L. , ' JS- Q : .- g"1 I V J, X., I Q VIN . sg so rf . ' nv .' " 'A' 1' 4.0s 'I' ,, 'Q i . 4 - Q S1 usb 'fx V . X if. u 1 N. 5- - EAYE ADCOCK . . MARY CAROL ALLEN . SARA ALLEN . . . MARTHA ASHLEY . . MARY THAXTON BOWEN MIRIAM BOWEN . . DORIS BOYETTE . . VIRGINIA BRANCH . MARIE BRICE . . BETTY BRIMBERRY . BETTYE BURKE . JANE CALHOUN . EDYTHE CANNADY . EMMIE CARTER . LUGENIA CARTER . ---, 'Q 40 9 A 5-1. 1- , -ti ft.: 5 ' -7 4 T . NN5 MV 1 va , -: U X X I I 'B' J - J fi M-. J . . X r ' -0,-...ix-f ' . Eender, Georgia . Shellman, Georgia Fort Mitchell, Alabama . Valdosta . . Titton . Statesboro . Lalceland . Sale City, . Quitman . Camilla . Valdosta Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Millersburg, Kentucky Thomasville, Georgia . Waycross, Georgia . Valdosta, Georgia PAULINE CARTER . . Meigs, Georgia TWILA CHAMBERS . Valdosta Georgia PAYE COOK . . . Valdosta Georgia MAYE COPELAND . Valdosta Georgia JANANNE COWART Bronwood Georgia GLORIA CRUMMEY . Roelwelle Georgia MARGARET CULPEPPER . Titton Georgia EVELYN DALE . . Valdosta Georgia TILLIE DAS!-IER . . Valdosta Georgia LOUGENIA DAVIS . . Meigs Georgia BARBARA DEKLE . . Cordele Georgia CAROLYN DIXON . Richland, Georgia MARY FRANCES DONALSON . . Attapulgus, Georgia MAJORIE GIBSON . . . . Eollcston,Georgia ALICE GORDON . . . . Jacksonville, Florida Carter Chambers Cool: Copeland Cowart Crummey Culpepper Dale Dasher Davis Delrle Dixon Donalson Gibson Gordo 4I SHPHHIIUHIS Haire Hambriclr Hood Howell Hunt Hunter lsom Jones Kent King Kirkland Lawson Loosier Mason McAndre W-'Q 4"'v Lv..-.v.u,- Q u -I. 5. .. . ' " ' n-ln.-v.i.!..':'.- . - , fra if MARTHA HAIRE , . MARION HAMBRICK EDWINA HOOD . . JULIA MAE HOWELL ANITA HUNT . . . MARY KATE HUNTER MARY ANN ISOM . JACOUELYN JONES . HELEN KENT . . ODELIA KING . . LUCILLE KIRKLAND . . GRACE LAWSON FRANCES LOOSIER . MARY MASON . . . Bainbridge . . Halmira . Valdosta . Valdosta . Valdosta . Crescent . Moultrie Bainbridge . . Titton . . Blakely, Willacoochee, Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia . Jaclcsonville, Florida , Tlwornaston, Georgia . Valdosta, Georgia ROSALYNE MQANDREWS , . , JaClcsonville,Elorida U . 'sn' . x X' Q. -.,g.,-ss.i- . ..,. .. !.'? H 3 '.. Y, r.'-.".-fm' r' -'I f-: 3-v- if.-J"- -In I U v- .-uO.'. lvl 2- x'.xXxa" s . s 'Q ull' 5 x AW if UN Gi PEGGY MQBANE . JULIA ERANCES MQCORKLE . JEANNE MQGILL . MERRICK MCINTOSI-I ROSE MCLEOD . NANCY MESCI-IKE MARILYN MILLER SADIE MILLER . LOUISE MOORE . JESSIE MORGAN . RUTI-I MORRIS . RUTI-I MURPI-I . MARJORIE MURRAY PATRICIA NELSON ALLENE NEWBERRY v v H, I Q' --..-., g I ' x 'E-'-"1 :UR 'EV' vx"v"'J,v! vs sU',y,a'p"'v'v f J . Valdosta, Georgia Montezuma, Georgia . Sylvester, Georgia Eulonia, Georgia . Pineview, Georgia . Brunswiclc, Georgia Albany, Georgia . lron City, Georgia . Alapalia, Georgia . litton, Georgia . Valdosta, Georgia Marslwallyille, Georgia . Asliburn, Georgia . Valdosta, Georgia Arlington, Georgia McBane McCorkIe McGill Mclntosl-i McLeod Meschke Miller, M. Miller, S. Moore Morgan Morris Murph Murray Nelson ' z N 2 U' 0 2 '4 0' ' ' "' ' V 9 pix 'y-,oi 'si-li, i,s'! .-s s -Q K xx ',s 'x ' - yik ' ' ' L 'vlikvbll ' I 'E'.':-' ' K Vu 'w U' ' X 'N 'ls' v xx U U. yf',"'v . ' 'VN 'Q 'V ' I r.y v - vu ,:'E 'bvvjll 'Q v' g'Q'!-.,5. 5' Ur in ,Q 'D 1' V ,',Q U . .Usf ' "' ' 'f 1-3 'fall'-'.1"8'r"'s'!'a:52's1"Z'1-f'2:"v"-'-3' ' tw: 152'-ti-rf.-H' -' 'i L ' U- Sf .14 f" , .M .' 2" 'O ' ' 'E 9 N" Yfnvz' 'k'7'xv"3O'..f 5 E 'K Q Qi' Sie' 9 'fb 1 ' V ' ' x' hi! "li w ' 'E' - 1 N, v :DN 's' N Q v ' ' ' I ' I. , f A Q 'l Ju " "H ' ,L I ' 1 - X 5, . .1 I " . 1 1 , 1- W -. . 4 - A, r . ----- I .fs .V -I ' - A ' 'WT' 1' 1F95-'N' N1 Nicholson Ogburn Parks Paschal Patten Petty Proctor Reddiclr Rice Riclrs Rose Rowland Sawyer Slade E.: 'Ga lsr . , 4 s 2' . , 1 Kirk' LOREAN NICHOLSON LOUISE OCEBURN . RACHEL PARKS . . ELIZABETH PASCHAL NELL PATTEN . . . SARA PETTY . . . CAROLYN PROCTOR JOSEPHINE REDDICK ANNIE LOU RICE . BARBARA RICKS . JACKIE ROSE . . . MAROLYN ROWLAND DOROTHY SAWYER SLADE . . . Amsterdam Reynolds, Valdosta Albany Lalceland Dawson Broolclet Valdosta Valdosta Eastman White Oalc, Moultrie Arlington . Vienna I 1 1 Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia N.: f"'x JANE SPIVEY . . MILDRED TAYLOR . . CONSTANCE THREATTE . DOROTHY TISON , CHRISTINE TRLJLOCK . SARA VINSON . . HELEN WALDRON . ANNA KEY WATERS , JESSICA WHEELER . BETH WHITAKER . PHYLLIS WHITAKER JEAN WILLIAMS . . EDITH WOODARD . CHRISTINE YOUNG . . . LAURA MAE YOLJNGBLOOD 'PU' 19' . Talbotton, Georgia . Cuthbert, Georgia . Jesup, Georgia . Moultrie, Georgia . Climax, Georgia . Valdosta, Georgia . Valdosta, Georgia . . . Vienna, Georgia Longmeadow, Massachusetts . . . Valdosta Georgia . Valdosta Georgia . Cordele Georgia . Rentz, Georgia . Rebecca Georgia . Jesup Georgia W Spivey Taylor Threatte Tison Trulock Vinson Waters Wheeler Whitaker, Wlnitalr Williams oodward Young Youn ii SHIIHUIIUIIIS gblood QUIK.: 4' sy' "Typical Sunday Afternoon" f- o .fw-Nw CI7. . A L lclZ'ifL'.5f C: AIAA ,ASAE y-ACAL' : OT HA idly. I! Il, iyrxitply Tlfif. ff V !i!nii'rI'1.i:vXq' a'?.'g2:', 'WH iL'rk11?f31,x'msjf6':f-mf,-,wg-fir, H J ' i ,pf " 5ip,gw,1pIx?1faQ14Jx7,E+,livxfifam J: HiMQi"f',+':T1T'N'f' if7Qi'ft27f'7f7k'iV - f.,p4,,gf.w. -it .:,.p'.31-aww..-i i Jr.: 1 .. H- v ,'J'wT'- iqhwfaff .-P ,V-X it . i-,um 'f vi wdffstir '5' fa gfyaitjysuffgrffrfyzgffji: ,. y :2fi:'rir22.eewe4M:l.,..,,g,,a,,gi,:gf 4114 Iy.','--un, -V 'QM yy g -'.',, ", I ,-' " if?f'i3i"f?':fia'if-f71i'iif:"fw'Y3'i'iyiiif 7' Ha." lf rr xglgqyi LAM" 11 A Q. +'?f5i?t,iLWi'g.5E12iQ3v 5f7i.2v4ffir'.ofg?2ii .ffl tifgfrrffiw WS' ff MW-'iilfiifiii W lfvt-iff.: 1.513 .'..ff,rl','UA.1's.YvQ -f ' JH Qyrfwsg 1 , lHlSHl4lN HNIEEHS For the first time in G. S. W. C. history the college's largest class had two representatives to the court of the Student Government Association. They were glamour gal Mary Wilkie, president ot the class, and attractive Maria Davis, court representative. Other class officers were Elsie Goodson, vice-president, and Betty Peters, secretary-treasurer. Freshmen amazed upperclassmen by providing more than the usual share of good-looking girls. With a Christmas party, a class picnic, and a St. Valentine's Day tormal, they proved to be charming hostesses, too. i Top to bottom: Wilkie, Goodson, Peters. I xj, at rm , x V 2 A 2 -A 2' A 4 21 fl., AA4 '. 'M 191. ' mr' wwf nu .Q 41 J, Mft?-. ., N- 4115.2 ,. 4 . .Ia 32. mg, , Af . .3 ,fwcfs , .,, . ff "1 . 4. ' '.-Q,-.vzg 4' f ' fx sit -1 v 4 4. E x .,A v f X m f 1 D :fav if . if .Yr C. rf, v 1, ,441 ar, Q5 ' Q, H 16' K 1" X r s 0 4 Y AW' Ar 'Q' , in 'L T A 3 X. I xx . r Top row, left to right: Allen, A., Allen, C., Allen, H., Bacon, Bader, Barbre, Barfield. 0 Second row: Barrett. Becton, Bell, B., . 5 aw? fyyumx uwqwi MQW V MW ww Blaclr, Blalrely, Bowen. 0 Bottom row: Boyette, Brantley, Braziel, Brown, Bruce, Bruns, Burtord. ANITA ALLEN . . CHARLOTTE ALLEN . HELEN ALLEN . , ANNE BACON . DORIT BADER . PEGGY BARBRE . . KATIE BESS BAREIELD HONORA BARRETT . WILLIE PEARL BECTON BARBARA BELL . , FRANCES BELL . RUTH BLACK . . BEATRICE BLAKELY . SARAH BOWEN . KATIE BOYETTE . . MARGARET BRANTLEY MILDRED BRAZIEL . SARAH BROWN . DOROTHY BRUCE . PEGGY BRUNS . WILMA BUREORD . Bell, F., . Waycross, Georgia . Valdosta Georgia . Lenox, Georgia . . Doerun, Georgia New Yorlc City, New Yorlc . Albany, Georgia . Hahira Georgia . Albany Georgia . Valdosta Georgia . Colquitt, Georgia . Nortollc, Nebraska . . VaIdosta,Georgia Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania . . Titton . Nashville, Wrightsville . Rochelle . . Athens, Greensboro, . Clearwate . McRae Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia r, Florida Georgia CAROLYN BURKHALTER . DOROTHY CARTER . . MARY ESTHER CARTER . . ALPHIA MAE CASTLEBERRY DOROTHY CLEMENTS . . FRANCES COFER . BETTY COLLINS . . MARGARET COOK . BETTI CORN . . FRANCES CRANE . MARY CREECH . . . ELIZABETH CULBRETH . HELEN DAMPIER . MARIA DAVIS . . JESSIE ANNE DRAKE . BETTY DUKES . . . REAUNETTE EVERETTE . MARY LILLIAN FARMER . JUDY FLYNT .... PATSY FORRESTER , CATHERINE GARBUTT . IHISHIIIN Claxlon, Georgia . Jasper, Florida . Valdosta, . Rieliland, . . Plains, . . SI. Simons, . Cairo, Dawson, . Valdosta, . Dixie, . Moultrie, . Valdosta, . . . . Adel, Wilmington, Nortlr . . . Colquitl, . Pembroke, . Wayeross, . . I-Iazleliursl, . College Parlr, . Donalsonville, . . Jesup, Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Carolina Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia I 'Bi' '- Y N N.. Top row, left to right: Burlrhalter, Carter, D., Carter, M., Castleberry, Clements, Cofer, Collins. 0 Second Co Co C Ib th, Dampier, Davis. 0 Bottom row: Drake, Dulres, Everette, Farmer, Flynf, Forrest Ga U YC Top row, left to right: Gatewood, Gillis, Glenn, Godwin, Goodson, Goodwin, Googe. 0 Second row: Gray, Griffin, M., Griffin, W., Hall, Hamilton, Harris, Hiclrson. 0 Bottom row: Hinton, Howard, Hunter, Jones Jordan, A., Jordan, M., Kay. JANE GATEWOOD . EVELYN GILLIS . . DOROTHY GLENN . HELEN GODWIN . ELSIE GOODSON . MARTHA GOODWIN FRANCES GOOGE . ANNE GRAY . . . MARY SUE GRIFFIN . WYNELLE GRIFFIN . KATHLEEN HALL . ERNESTINE HAMILTON NINA HARRIS . . CATHERINE HICKSON DOROTHY HINTON . DEAN HOWARD CHLOE HUNTER . SALLY JONES . ANNE JORDAN . . MARY JEAN JORDAN BETTY KAY . . . Richland Waycross . Pelham . Lenox Valdosta . McRae Savannah . Butler, Valdosta Attapulgus Swainsboro Wrightsville Waycross . Perry, Reynolds, Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Middleburg, Florida Lalce Butler, Florida Waycross, Georgia Monticello, Georgia Waycross, Georgia Albany, Georgia ...-,x.:g,!:-- fax. .Q .lt sv' - ,sisxivv .tp '. . , ,, . N- Q. dx, '.-.- :W '.,,..N'z,,.,-. ',...i,u nn: Ag il !.'..1,Ao',.1!, .wa 5 5.5, as l.:,a1qfl::,K xt:-.x I '-3-'-.-.Q:J'J7' ."7-Yr-'wif' v- Qu' 'U' '."'.v' 'Ji' '12 'rr 3 ' " ":' sf'-4 'gb' ' 'rs' " ' 'vt-Zf!1'.f..' vo C015 nt' 'Q 'Q' uve ' ,Uv 'si' 0' 'y 5 '-v33"31'Q?:?!C:f-55:"'gf:.',3S'j '.'Q'3'iZ?3:b3?9p:2Q.'vv"fig!-i' P' ir3,?Qf3i:i.:s'Q!:Jz' u' if . yttxfv 1-1,.!'g: of? 'fgxrf' 'x 5' s '-w , , 'nw ' . ' ' , ' W . ' ' .ip W X i. -! wt 1... Qs..-.Jvwv -- EK. gg 'M 'P Y' ' N .- Y., . ,r ' r .1 ' Q. N- ":-..N. -x A 'P .v 1- " +.r. "' Q" X A-'xx' 1 .X 'xh -DNA. K Q,xy.'N'. iv! APKK tf-uT'wx F-V. G al: x K "lull I , ,'G.rl'.f ',kL" -'S 111-Ara v '.I '1.S'rfaiL .CATYN 5 'A ANNE KIMBROUGI-I . DORIS KING .... CONSTANCE KINSLER . MARTI-IA LINDSEY . ELSIE LONG . . BETTY MAJETTE . CAROLYN MANN . . AVICE RI-IEA MARTIN . JOAN MARTIN . . ANNETTE MASSEY . JEAN MATI-IER . . . SARA ALLEN MATHEWS BETTY MATI-IIS . . . DOROTHY MCCOY . MARIE MCDONALD , . SYBIL MCDOUGALD . . JOSEPI-IINE MCNEILL . BETSY MCPI-IAUL ELIA MEADORS . MARY MELVIN . . . NORMA LEE MOORE . Kimbrougli, . Cairo, Arlington, Tlwornaston, St, Marys, . Jesup, . Milner, Valdosta, Wayeross, Bronwood, I II Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia I-lollywood, Florida Buena Vista, Valdosta, Quitman, Valdosta, Claxton, . Aretie Doerun, Albany, . Leary, Valdosta, Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia r, Florida Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia VM. M -V ...- '5' rv it-,-f 't f V X 1 .4 .5 Q. 1? we L Zisii sf' Top row, left to right: Kimbrough, King, Kinsler, Lindsey, Long, Maiette, Mann. 0 Second row: Martin, A R Y M Mathews, Mathis, McCoy. 0 Bottom row: McDonald, McDougaId, McNeill, McF'IiauI, Mead M I Moo e ,:, ' " n v 1.1 .u . . ,. 1 . .,y.'--- , ,..' .- is nun, 'A 'I "'L I' .lx ',2x ":x...?..R?.?g.n!w ::.gQ'U:Qq' "'.y'l'v'J'.. 'v': U' ',v'.u'u" tl? Q E 'sw :':,s'v.O' v. "B: Lk. S' ' ?'.Y" ...S V ' U t 'Q' ' Q U . - U v - ' V "v " " " dEv.,:, -5. ,biyyv 5' v's ,i'2'n. Sa., :gov ,v. ,- U. .f':"'.vg'Y.r" P' gl' 'Q O!v . go .IO P .. 5 5 . Q Q 5 . Je. 'C 1' Q . ef, O Q .,Q..,iS,,gQ3,, :axe i.a!Ev::.,Q'ovin. ,ying , ..v-,iztgtgzgihi Q Q . 1 , L s G hugh' .,g :gf so Top row, left to right: Moraitalris, Oesterreicher, Pattillo, Patterson, Peterg, Plowclen, Powell, I.. 0 Second row: Powell, M., Power, Reed, Rehberg, Reid, Rogers, Stacey. 0 Bottom row: Stemson, Stone, Swain, Tarver, Taylor, Thomason, Torbert. CALIOPE MORAITAKIS JEAN OESTERREICI-IER VIRGINIA PATTILLO . MARY PATTERSON . BETTY PETERS . . ELOISE PLOWDEN , LAIJRENE POWELL . MARJORIE POWELL JUDY POWER . . EIJGENIA REED . MACY REI-IBERG . BETTY REID . JANE ROGERS . BETTY STACEY . . MARGLJERITE STEMSON MARGARET STONE . MARY LAURA SWAIN I-IENRIETTA TARVER . VIRGINIA TAYLOR . SARA TI-IOMASON . VIRGINIA TORBERT . . Cordele Georgia . Ouitrnan Georgia . Darien Georgia . Lumplcin Georgia . Moultrie Georgia . Valdosta Georgia Bainbridge, Georgia . Valdosta 'Georgia . . Vienna Georgia Cedar Springs, Georgia . . Cairo, Georgia Greensboro, Georgia . Ouitman Georgia Flemington Georgia St. George, Georgia . . Doerun Georgia . Pinehurst, Georgia . Albany, Georgia Greensboro Georgia . Canton Georgia Greensboro Georgia BOBBIE TURNER . NELLE WADE , . EVELYN WEINERT , DOROTHY WHITE . VIRGINIA WHITAKER . JEAN WHITTENDALE . DOROTHY WIGHTMAN . MARY WILKIE . . . ANABEL WILKINSON . BEATRICE WILLIAMS . . MARY FRANCES WILLIAMS . SELINA WILLIAMS . . . MARY ELLEN WILSON . MARY SUE WILSON . . MARY BETH WOODWARD . GRACE YOUNCE . . . DOROTHY ZIPPERER , . Millen, Georg . . Ocala, Elorida . Savannalw . Valdosta . Valdosta Norman Park . Albany, . Grittin, . Valdosta . Jesup, . Valdosta Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia . Hollywood, Florida . Halrira . Valdosta . Valdosta . Jesup, . Lalfe Park, Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia Top row, left to right: Turner, Wade, Weinert, White, Whitaker, Whittendale. 0 Second row: Wightman W In 'Ili' s W'II' 'IIA M F 'II' S B tt W'I M E W'Iso M S W d ad Wi in on, I rams, B., Wi rams, . ., Wi rams, . 0 o om row: iso Younce, Zipperer. 53 .., in, . ., "PRAlSES NEVER FAIL-" when a girl is awarded a G. S. W. C. emblem, which is recognition of her outstanding extra-curricular achieve- ments on campus. Clubs and publications are the stimuli from which these attainments grow. Each girl can work in pursuit of her own interest, whether it be making chemicals bubble in a test tube, exploring old annals in history and analysis of modern events, splash- ing brilliant colors from palette to canvas, bringing higher mathematics down to earth, emoting in the Cornell manner, or writing furiously with Kilgallen as- pirations. However, the girls do not spend all their time in such erudite activities. They can date, dance, and formalize with all the sophistication and savoir faire of a New York debutante! O Q I ,,,,'f,,,, I , r . . , ., . ... .A -If . , ,- 1 1 5,924 - 1,1 Y- 53,-5 4-,A-lfg..,.3,.,l af M... ,-,f,-' s-ogfmzwym-1,4,w-QM. iggar,g0',igj-qw-na-q9::agsXf.v,'r Q: 'y,wY,1i1wuzmi5mf-wagwwwgr-'.'wfrw17-vrMjr14S'f"f' !f""5f 'f 5FE.i..,.,f"f'ff?r'f5?1rf f?.f'rss45wi2?ffM2l3ii5'arif?.fs,J3siQ:.?faff?Arif?:ski:BEiiZfmfmzafeszartwwfftiirfafzrfwrfrifiif'kltwnwlfffffffffffffl-fL1f1fKr'f?ffWifl i Q.-Lag! 3.1-,+-+f.g..rvJ,gemair,B'c1 ,ftfigdzmgx 31,-,-fig. .V . 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Q -ffaf: f .. im..ffv..w:iA-fu'Pwrmifawfbf iw'W4+'1+'f""'"1"'ff H-fixiw' al.Zf41L..+L'L.',4.3"4f .1'.we.f+wff r .' -' 'Qui' ilt'i""1'i"'l'lifi "'S'xQl H ,xi 'e'.'iJfwri'1f""?:"f'4:f?'Q"'45iil'5"'f'r"5li6 ' I .?W.T".ll'liflwgl'-il iv.f'5f'5+WS-w?ff1a'- L H 'l'f'f+wfx'll'il ff 'ifff'lflw"s'i"i"",if'iAr2'ff21"'-iwvlf 'Ji " 'f'H"if'5WL'l.5'l1'Ll!"'31' ff?" 51. 5' Hfflfi 1 y ivimxii , .,,x ..Ll:, SU" fu ggliyg A .-94 5-. it : If .rg 4 '- Lw - 1 9. ,gif app, fu h, by ',:bQuu y fuqg yy-gd 1 mat, " Xe. 1" 11,451 Q' ,111 ny J'. -'Qi 'fvx v Vx f ,A ul fy. .lp 95 A ":-,ui Ji uw dl , 'adv' X flfwrylx-N in.J'11r.,1,g',1'b..'y Fr,-95,1 man: ,M y My g 1.:.,tm,U, ,nwwvy f .,,i'x'1' '15 Nmfyfy gk- f, ,pjxglu -. 1- fjiv-.,. Y 'limi 1' . .Q .IO . 'pil' N lg:-,ll H--L ,H.iy,L.l,:. K ,rfb .af , ,K-xlrvsl N V 'N 5, ,El J 9 y V -f if "g:rl+l4grf?i5u. 'Y y f f.fJe4-ai, .i r.m.r2eff.:,..+. .M.unm.... iwoawcrmf fi-af -. f . rtlwrzifdfvw. ,w56LwflQ.fQsr.fl.kL,yirf .zL+2Pi:'r'mi'SMx .K-kmlfi.-Gs1.ia:iQ.i:r.r?f1.L-z'' 1 .MQ I E .M K ww W af V 1 il fa.-5 li Q i 4' u 1 w rw 'A ,A 'W' 2' 'U 354 . if .B ' , 'V Y P?" ,- 9' I B E A, ,A ff- ' X av '- w'4 gtk TK.. Q15 iq in 1 35? I Q ' jd y gt, , F . .S ,Kaya , ilk5tI:i ,V I I" fm, fl W A gf, if ' k ,E .4 ' i W' 1. " 4 w-wr . I tx 'Y' K kin I in 'F p Aa ' ,I , 'U va J' '- , qfgJ4r2',"5,34' 1 N A -' -"ff if . -Q ,. ll, K. "' 'XB Miki '71 ' . . Aw . V -1 nw-fb up Mm cw firm 11551054 R ' 3 W f14514':".?1+SQff aim? Q 3 K 5 ' .J ,Q V' WV fx, ' ' 15- ,Q "QW-XLQ fiix' Qawfffigwiw A 5.5, A. ,pk ge, ,kg , A 5, L A f ,R -rv ' 7 bffW"'H?'fi .f Vg, Holding Court Wilkie, Davis, Martin, Williams, Bunclriclr, Sirmans, Hendriclr, and Waters A privilege as well as a responsibility ot each student is the Student Government Association ot which every girl on campus is a member. Student Government is an- other way ot saying that the administration ot G. S. W. C. wants its students to govern themselves ttwith taculty aid and not with taculty interterencef' Many years ot successtul worlr have helped malre that trust a reality. Realizing that some students tall down trom time to time in their responsibility to their classmates and themselves, a student court tunctions to handle disciplinary prob- lems and to guide the organization throughout the year. Student Government is as democratic as the students who compose it: besides the student court, there is the Student-Faculty l-lonor Council which determines cases concerning a students honor: the Executive Council, the highest body to which any student may appeal, is the tinal iudge in ertreme cases. Through capable speakers at the monthly meetings, this year's theme has been presented in many ditterent ways. The thought is this, student government is not rules, robed otticials, and court, but rather, it is ot the student, by the student, and tor the student, and is ettective in so much as each student spealrs and lives her best. S. G. A. continued to sponsor a tlcountry storel' in Converse l'lall and a Coca-Cola machine in the Senior l-tall this year. The campus Christmas tree enjoyed during the pre-holiday season was lighted by the S. G. A. Student elections were held by otticials ot the organization, and a Standards Committee which was created during the winter quarter reminded students, through attractive posters, ot the dignity ot neatness. Delegates were sent to the S. G. A. convention at Randoltffvlacon in Lynchburg, Va, From this experience came inspiration and suggestions tor improvements on our own campus. Qur student government is not a government ot torce but a way ot lite and to that end will it continue to grow. 'Ili seniative. 1 Y x i , ' L'lllL'L-Iliff! :VII Q lllllitlfltfll 1-A Ci X',7'ft.,,9 l '71 Lflajl Ottieers ot S. G. A.: Maxwell Williams, president: Sara Catli- erine Martin, vice-president: Mary Bundrielc, secretary-treasurer: Gwendolyn Jotinson, recorder ot points. Dormitory Monitors: Converse-Constance Kinsler, Jean Mattier, Alpliia Mae Castleberry, Betty Peters: Ashley-House president Sara Petty, Barbara Delcle, Mary Carol Allen, Mary Grant: Senior Hall-Jean Thompson, Marie Ambos. -var Martin, Williams, and Bundricir Left Freshman studies S. G. A. handbook. 0 Right: Virginia Power, Student-Faculty Honor Council Repre- 57 Q '-i-- ,. -Qu ' ----vm Jn. -'.vl. i'.'."JJr ss .'v X ,4 ."-f President Scott ln meeting the spiritual needs on the campus the Young Women's Christian Association tinds plenty ot worl to do. Si-.teen girls comprise the Cabinet, directing the many attairs ot this organization ot which every person on campus is a member, They meet each weela to plan and polish their various programs. Morning Watch, an inspirational devotion, is given each morning tor those who care to attend. Vespers on Sunday and Thursday nights are religia ous programs. These programs are given by th? students with guest speakers on occasions, Special programs at Easter, Thanlcsgiving, and Christmas shed a new meaning on old themes. The Recognition Service tor the new members ot the the Installation Service tor NYM ottis cers, and the Firetighting Service in which the club presidents participate, are all sponsored by the Y." The Hanging ot the Greens by the Seniors at Christmas, Big-Little Sister lhroiighout :UI-.R-' ty'g."1'i,rli gr Rogkwel L Aflxillitill Cf7t'!!0l1'.SAl.l,7 the year, Heart Sister Week at Valentine Day are all a part ot the "Y" program. The Vesper Choir is also a part ot the Y. W, C. A., and it tunctions at all meetings planned by the This organization also publishes a weekly l, MoselY, and Thompson "Y" Cabinet . 1'..s-'x'- .-s.'x ,vi ,,,,,i,.pi"-.i1's.sllo,1v'v,-x Alsx.. ti ix. -Q-,i , .I -'.'vi---.P -o- 'v ':.- .'- L.v.'.'r I gf- ..-.F".'..-'-.'-l'v-I-- .-.vit--.'. -. :rv-...o -'I. i7'KKZ hilhliili li!! 1 ffgzprrygll 70 c,A4lllly7ll,4 i7A1'c1r.yZ Q, 4 1 r l. ll. It H. news sheet, the Y-Angle. The Deputation team care ries the spirit ot the "Y" into nearby towns and turnishes a training ground tor the potential speakers ot tomorrow. As a part ot the training program, Freshman and Sophomore Councils are organized and in these groups emphasis is placed on some phase ot character building. For one week each year, the "Y" sponsors a detinite program ot religious emphasis called "Re, ligion ln Lite Week." The pre-school retreat to plan tor the incoming treshmen gives opportunity tor the shaping ot the tinal plans ot the year. Sharing its time, talents, and cabinet with the Student Government Association, the Y. W. C. A. plans entertainment tor Freshman Week and aids in various other ways during that time. Through its many activities, the Y. W. C. A. deti- nitely carries its theme-"An Invitation To Live"- to every student on the campus. .ML alt., 1 Vesper Choir S'.:'.,'- 'g'4 I,'n'nv- .i ..,, , Annual Fireli9httn9 Service Members ot the Cabinet are: Kathryn Scott, president: June Moseley, vicevpresi- dent: Mary Jean Rockwell, secretary: Jean Thompson, treasurer: Julia Frances Mc- Corkle, assistant vicespresidentp Nancy Cole and Marolyn Rowland, morning watch come mittee: Frances Street, deputationq Gwen Johnson, Mary Carol Allen, publicity: Alice Meadors, entertainment? Ava Collins, Odelia King and Nell Patten, music: Laura Mae Youngblood, Alphia Mae Castleberry, room chairman. ' va v -in'--ii-"kv-,vi.-v".u'..v.".1"-.1-.- ---usp'-'N's'.--emu" K ni v V U . f'.'.ls'.l.'h,'nf llf 'l.'V.u -' ax' .XVI .xiv.' I .Q L. ."v' - .-.TGI ' '- ' ' . 0 .'-' ' 'I- 'v X-'.'- L.'..', .Q .s...'-'..-'-'-!'v.Iv, .,ub.',l.' 3. -- gnc. - . L1l1llY.'1ril!1i1 .llli K17 2.31: nl- Arllthii 11711541 Sl i.11'l1l1I In a corner of the work room-Hiers, Smith, Barnes, Roberts With a deadline ot less than one halt ot the usual time the l942 Pine Cone has had a trenzied winter. Because ot the increasing ditticulty ot obtaining metals needed in the pub' lication ot the book, the publishers warned that delay was not only dangerous but also expensive. If Wisenbaker plans lay-out is Turnbull snaps Franklin and Peeples Actual work was begun a week atter the tall quarter began, when appointments tor pictures were made. By mid Decem- ber much ol the copy had been mailed to the publisher. ln early January the book was completed and the tinal copy was mailed. Following the example set by the V940 and l94l Pine Cones, the book is again a nine by twelve engraved one. As this type book is still more or less a novelty, mistakes are natural. Attempts have been made to discard unimportant, uninteresting teatures ot the preceding books and to in- corporate their more successtul ones. Many ot the newer ideas tor the book were garnered at the National Scholastic Press Association which met in St. Louis, Missouri. The editor, Alice Wisenbaker, accompanied by business manager Evelyn O'Neal, Jacqueline Smith and Betty Barnes, spent three days absorbing yearbook ideas and intormation at the teet ot the learned. Since the book had not gotten well underway much ot the protits ot their asso- ciation with yearbook intelligentsia was incorporated in the I942 Pine Cone. i7ry1i11't'rr!L l + 1 1 W ti. A ,Lit in Roberts, Williams, Fairchild, Brown, Rogers, Forrester ln seelcing to picture the college lite in the troubled times ot I942, both betore and atter the United States entered the World War II, the Pine Cone tinds G. S. W. C. student lite remains the same. This boolr has attempted to review that campus lite, the usual hum drum and ordinary events ot a girl's lite as well as the special events ot campus wide in- terest. Throughout the entire planning and building ot the boolc, the editors have relied on Messrs. .Johnny Long and Walter Dargan, publisher's representatives, tor expert technical ad- vice. Literary Statt: Editor, Alice Wisenbalcerp assistant editors, Minnie Roberts, Betty Barnes: literary editor, Jacqueline Smith: assistant literary editor, Jane Ellen Smith: photograph editor, Eleanor Turnbull: assistant photograph editor, Leonora Peeples, the Camera Club: activities editor, Betty Franlcliny art editors, Emily McCall, Julia Bess Smith. Make-Up Statt: May Mather, Frances Kennedy, Jean Saunders. Typists: Louie Mae Krieger, Doris l'liers. 2 . r fe lfxcvrcwcit :lin Ulll Elll l Business Statt: Business manager, Evalyn Qixlealg advere tising manager, Carolyn Robertsg advertising statt, Sara Allen, Ruth Black, Sara Brown, Edyth Cannady, Elizabeth Dunlap, Eunice Fairchild, Patsy Forrester, Dorothy Glenn, Elsie Goode son, Frances Googe, Alice Gordon, Jean Qsterrercher, Jane Rogers, Evelyn Saunders, Ruth Taylor, Selina Williams. Y uw-v""'i if O'Neal debates the Budget 6 I 45' taxis. .S N A 'i 1 i ,-. Y' '., ,i K ',, P42 iiiwii. K" r-, j , Hg, H I- .H ' i 'r ' 1e+iw:ciwwv.frw.--fMif-if. i i rn M-J-y g.!g,i.'m'.,,trxr:5qf4.lw,.v.S,www. LL! Q Kay. ,Q.yf ,Q3i::q'n'Nrf'5Mitt31'-:fiif.i i V pi" '-Hi' i L.. Q-1 nf- 'Hu.fv'.n."i,LA-,y',,l. , gi-'ff 'wi ii -51 V. 'f.6jgi.y:,4' M22- -. 'ni fiiwfs6+'35i1i'2i-. :,,nu.57y45rx 1:4 if . ,Ili ,,,,n,yrR.,3,f vvf' QW M.',r.L 1 1,4 I if 3 pf: Jet sfiW.'tff. .am'mv,rZtyggqg,gagf,i'f' sl'-i.,i.,, gr, L, J, ,ffJm.flrif',::3.fcLf.i-mi'-5:.'fw:rcf'f-fm no ii . . .. .wif Q 51'.j"4.' 1, 'ily-fgyi .Ni ..A,,f,2lY.f1X ig, +f'?fs'4?f5?fL5fqjF,i1iM3i7?:r1fA3s'icirg?45. , M '1Jg.'Q'y',1sf'+5' .fly-r i-r---,U W ri" rl' - -. -2- 'i1".'fJ, l"'."," ,Z-"Vik jc i fm-ff'1',ft elf wr. ' 1" f ..f9'f.':Mi11v'Sf'eZtfi4 576' 1 1. """vAr ' rm, wa Big Chief Kennedy it i. X . We "-X 'Z ,, .. .r ,M ,,..,,Q.. 'Mi A: -+4 X . AL' -group C 0? 1 CWA :7'1f1 ' i Edited by a junior, Frances Kennedy, lor the second time in the history ot the school, the Campus Canopy, weekly student publication, gave G. S. W. C. girls news and tood tor thought on pertinent problems. The editorial statt was composed ot tive members ot Sessoms vs. Budget Flournoy, Mather, .lane Smith lr .ladle Sm ith Sauf' JQTS and and Gordon study 't Hllllll llllilll the Junior Class, two sophomores, and a treshman, the seniors being conspicuous oy their absence. Ruth Sessoms, a senior with an eagle eye on the purse strings shc con- trolled, was business manager ot the Canopy. Flaving rated second-class in I94O-4I, the Canopy set its cap tor a higher honor by modernizing the malce-up with an occasional picture page, dropped banner, and magazine-like appearance. Among the college retorms campaigned tor through edi- torial columns was the abolition ot the stagger system, which was granted in the early tall. ln November, Editor Kennedy and Associate Editor Jacqueline Smith attended the national convention ot Associated Collegiate Press in St. Louis, Missouri. Members ot the Campus Canopy statt are: Frances Kennedy, editor: Ruth Sessoms, business manager: Jacqueline Smith, associate editor: Jean Saunders, managing editor' Harriet Flournoy, news editor: Jane Ellen Smith, teature editor: Mary Frances Donal- son, sports editor: Pat Forrester, headline editor: May Mather, circulation manager: Sara Catherine Martin, Marie Brice, columnists: Alice Gordon, advertising manager. On the feature statt are: Ruth Black, Betty Jane Dorough, Catherine Garbutt, Doris Hiers, Ernestine Flopson, Doris King, Thelma Sirmans, and Betty Wallace. Reporters are: Barbara Ricks, Martha Lindsey, Mary Patterson, Virginia Whitaker, and Emmie Carter. Members ot the business statt are: Dorothy Carter, Edythe Cannady, and Frances Googe. l pg. .rn ,A , fr. he Canopy Dorough worlrs while Hopson "gabs"- Newberry and Mather read the - r "-i""W-g5t'i7"iF' 7f-Vi-'titty-'f?t541N' WHS' y n ,, is i 'G-x i r- i , - . , . , , . - r J :fri F15 xv ,. V , ,ii r , 'ft ii".C.'4ffJf".:x07v f'f"',.r, ' , Ai ,fj.,',',M9m7r,5yY+2IVP'f16P A' ,- i uw rf. , ' A W ,ww bl,-nh r ,'R7'ft'r'1Zlmi "'-X:'-"tr 'Fi '94 'T' W "i L:'ifr:','.',',f,i -1. fri. iv"ifQLi yuh' at i i,.b, If .' iy'4,i'rL'rrrQ3,vg.r,L1-rrf 'fi:,m1lQ2,5'-tfrlfftkfxr , ,y 'JW' i f I L-'M' Y' 'lt' I' in 'ii'-J ,ry r'?rf1-ratzwrrof-.-r3f.r 1- MM tr- +745 1 i fs- L- ' N 1 Ji ww-,r4.,34.5 i-'wig' 4,11 fir .11 JMX ,y,.,.ufj,.'',,,,,,ilfU!,A,l 5 JJ" - i, iT' ' r +M.fsff:J,1rI, , Atty, ffl fritsx-11375-rigs 'x,f,,.,.,m.,,-,s1ifis,r,.r Qruyr 'ML' Nw -iw ,Ir i1, 'L'rw' fuffnxf MK. ith.: I' Sgr' l W A . AI-gig'-lyyiffzj VY ,C' lv49T-ifgifr' li' Mssfrfi- rr - 'ttfirz ff F ' 3 ii? Crittenden Peeples, Smith, and Mallory Annual Play-Ladies in yl' ??g?f-Retirement ff' ' A iii' li iff fggw FW, . ryg-Qjfgwft 5 ii it ,F gl, 355122 c wists rf-A yi ffltsfff. -.7 stir? Qfuffiil 'ilr"Ef,r ,J .7 ,',i'!-if .N -Silt.-yr .fr 1 ff' -. if 4'-fi af 4-if ,V g ir- I-,, rr.i31l451'f 334' i wt ' if is i-frzffrfflffifi v ,Q - if rr . 1 .iw fwfr yi Rf' . 4 'n . ,qffyi F.W,'.rNIr Bi-i,g,Lh,'JQ'Q' '-.',ix,fQgiq ,IF- N U ,fir .rzzGaffV-?- ,JJ Q., ,f " ,'1.1f,-gfgif, ir ' ,j. taxi .fell , , A ,,1,,,w,Wfx p r. 1, " ri5f,,f1rJi'1fL,rifit-'titti' -itfft f,g4rfl'arrgf55Gf'f . , fixiim- 1-rifrhrfw W, ,gyfyh i Ml- it irwff i wif . n in ,P,,,,m?,!.,. '1nfjsDvrJViLL4,.,,w-'l ,vn,un'91 .bryifffs .1 fri' 9 ll, l, I 1 5 -fi. ill -'V 'fs .LIQ77 UK, A ith i .Qi ii W., y In .iz ,W rt' Ple'-3925 don traditional bla Ck Sfbocksln B5 rr: If lflliilillff ,Zfa'llll:! 5lL'lTLI.5.9C.4 CQAIIACT :VII lltlllll Hllllll The Sock and Buskin Club, campus dramatic organization, has been unusually tortunate in having two such actresses as President Rachel Crittenden and ex-president Dorothy Wilkes tor leading ladies in its major productions ot the last three years. These two spent the summer vacation playing summer stock in New York state and came back to the campus to be good examples ot tireless martyrs to their art. The Sock and Buskin, under the direction ot Miss Louise Sawyer, began with an early start by presenting the eerie, three-act "Ladies in Retirement" in November. Besides working up tull length productions with tiner technique than anything the group has ever undertaken, members tound time to otter "Why the Chimes Rang," traditional Christmas play, betore Yuletide holidays, to stage the Senior play on the night ot the Alumnae Asso- ciation banquet, and to present a Vesper program. Officers ot the Sock and Buskin Club are: Rachel Crit- fg,.x...x :,,RJ"s. WL-qv Vi,-L4-Q.jvgAL..'NiE-LJWQI 1 if it 5' 1 by tenden, president: Jane Ellen Smith, vice-president: Leo- nora Peeples, secretary-treas- urerq Mildred Mallory, his- torian: Miss Louise Sawyer, 1 'AE 'ir Miss Anna Richter, taculty advisers. Members ot the club are: E. Allen, M. C. Allen, Bader, Barnes, Black, Blackburn, Crit- tenden, Davis, Futch, l-len- drick, l-lopson, Kay, Mc- Carkle, Majette, Mallory, Martin, Mather, Meschke, Miller, Nelson, Newton, Parks, Peeples, Sirmans, J. E. Smith, Threatte, Walker, Wilkes, Williams, B. Whitaker, V. Whitaker, Woodward, and Young. .5-f!rfz'.4l.4 CTyCTL1nLyrr4.1 Q7a1Aer :gn lINl HHTS llllli Seelcing to create an interest in art and to enrich the lite of every G. S. W. C. girl by giving art its place in college attairs, this club brings ex- cellent modern art exhibits to our campus. The club also presents to G. S. W. C. and to all ot Valdosta their own masterpieces. I i 1 Christmas Bazaar offers gifts for sale xwfrwfwwa K ' -4 is . TTB" ,mag-gy, quail!! l i l l l ,cv r i I i l yi i i McCall, Johnson devise new decorations ll T Qi li . l i ll X ' i B V I 4' Th' f ,fmt a- isis, L S mith adds a few finishing fouch es Surrealistic brainstorms, in the torm ot posters, products ot the Fine Arts girls, coloriully and originally tell ot parties, meets ings, boolcs, clubs and what have you, trom September to June. The friendly cooperation ot all the members malces tor the success ot the club. The girls help each other even to the extent ot showing those members who cannot draw a straight line some ot the high points in art, tor it is not necessary to be an artist to be a member ot this cultural organization. The girls challx up points tor themselves by doing more than their daily good deed, tor they bring to the campus each year a rental art collection, on a non-protit basis, through which beautitully tramed reproductions ot masterpieces and modern paintings may be secured tor room or otiice use. The highlight ot the year's activities is the annual Christmas Bazaar in which the girls sell various gitts and to which they give their artistic best. Ctticers: Julia Bess Smith, president: Gwendolyn Johnson, vice-president: Emily McCall, secretary: Mr. Clitton White, taculty adviser l94lg Miss Ruth Carpenter, faculty I942. Members ot the club are: Barnes, Carter, Davis, H., Davis, M., l-lunt, Johnson, McCall, McCorlcle, McNeill, Nelson, Roberts, Saunders, E., Saunders, J., Smith, J. E., Smith, J. B., Taylor, Whitalcer, B. 65 E ,KWQN fri., 54,11 ,11,,..,',. i-7!M6'Ze'l'CT cryv 9' Varsity Glee Club and Q 1 Serenaclers 'HRW' r ..4v'vm1an l l 7 s l , Freshman ' Glee Club In an Ctfort to build a b-,tt-gr-trainigd Glaig Club and to participate ara: Jinls, l-larris, Futch, Jones, Smith, Taylor, Loosier and Ashley. in mort, uampus aifairs, Mario Motti r, dynamic dir-,ctor ot thu club, Varsity Gltjij Club Otticurs: Mildred l-larris, president: Juni: Moscly, organrzid in thig tall G. S. W. Cfs tirst Varsity Clif Club. Und-r s-gcrigtary-trt,asurigr7 Ava Collins, Lougenia Davis, librariang Jacqueline th., l.,adi,rshio ot Clitton l-l. Whitt,-, newcom-'r to tho faculty, a Jonts, business managtfrg Lois Christian, accompanist. ri-rfimisng group ct xoio-,s was moldvd into tho Fr-:shman Glia Club. Club Mtmbors arc: Ashl-ly, P., Carter, Cooli, Davis, Dclclc, Futch, Vfith tho aid ot the two tacult, adv-acre a Christ ""i as prografn was Harris, Jinlrs, J. Jonirs, Lahood, Loosier, Mcschlcc, Morris, Mosely, pr.5:r.nti.d at a Valdosta church, an ass-imbly program was arrangigd, Murray, Newton, Norman, Rowland, Sirmans, C. Smith, J. Smith, and music turnizhigd tor May Day, Christmas Festival, and Cfzradua- Taylor, Thrcatte. tion, traditionally th.: thr-3.3 most important programs -iach year. Frcshman Gloc Club Mcmbarsz Allan, Bacon, Becton, Ball, Blalrely, ln thi: spring a concert was prcsignt-id. Brantley, Brown, Burtord, Carter, Castleberry, Davis, Dulccs, Forrester, Thi: S-gre-nadcrs, composed ot a small group trom the Varsity Glqg Ciarbutt, Godwin, Pattillo, Gray, I-lall, Hamilton, Hunter, Kimbrough, Club, appcarrgd on programs with tho club and trcquently performed King, Lindsay, McNeill, Mann, Mather, Melvin, Mescure, Peters, on civic club programs in Valdosta and ncarby towns. S-ircnadizrs Plowdcn, Powell, Reid, Swain, 'lOltJ6fli, W6dC, WOOdW6fd, Zippefef- -a.---"Q , 5. ., Q o-- s . 'v is 0' "i.'i'0'- . -, .O iv! D D U 9 i 'i' ' A 0 by - ' l ' 'Q' U95 it ' , YR ' 'T' v w . v - , f , ' - . v " f 'B .' v :X A 'A ': lab U' . 'V' 'wfelav' v ". " wbkp Why. , . . x. ' 5"f!' 9. l is '00 A .xfg ' In ' ' - v - -'i'- v - . - . . r o - . . - .sx'.'.c ' "' 'K'-'N " .2 'is' ' 2s,'n'n: .Q', ',' Y -,uv B u ga .t "' v' - l"",g, ' "Q n" v , 'sh 9 nn" 0,520 -,ty 1? ,"-Q' 53 si ' .v s'y .10 'Q Q -' ' '59 D-'Rv' xg..':: ' ','v'fv 5' 'v' 'gxpgfimvlval' X . c S, 'O'!: I" Q .' .:..:p,' 'xii' ' :QD ."'u :.yL' O .3 x"iU",,'r." 'kt' 'isqafssk .a'g. .DVI iz. . , s- - , I ' , Q . ' , '4 Q s 'Y ' ' 5,3 , 5 'X ' Q . . 1 Q Q ' ' 1 -Ky. 4 X 0 ,gl N- M 1... Q Qyakvwgv 'Q 5 'K, . - va' ' 1 D A Q x 4. X 3 1 Xu Q 1 Q-.1 'Xxx-yhywxlxl NU K it 1 A ,, ki. I- A Az., tl' ..! tx '1 xr ,s,. X '. , F hx , 'Aft va B5 1 , !lu,41'f :VA .yflmtl ypfary fl.-1: 7Ac IlHIlHHHllllNIl Elllll lnttrtsttd rn Cr-gatrng eampus-wldt' appnrgratlrirn ot good musrc, th.: Phrlharmonic Club, undur tht- hadwrshrp ot pctrtc, talrintcd Eleanor Coolr, has cmphasrzrid thrs pha:-, ot lrbcral arts by brrngrng eoncurts to campus and by partrcrpatlng rn student programs. In April, Mrss Margaret Pardec, a studrfnt at thu ,lulliard School ot Musrc, was prcsentrgd rn a vrolrn rrcrtal. Spon- sorrd by the Phrlharmonrc, th-3 Unrv-:rsrty ot Florrda Glu, Club appcarcd rn the sprrng. Seniors who arrg mvmbr,-rs ot tht: Club wrgrr: prrsr-nt-,cl rn graduatron rrgcrtals. Early in th-Q yraar tht' group arrang-'il an assembly program, Mrgmbrjrs arr- ilfQtPVr,' rn Chrrstmfrp Festrval, May Day Festival, and Natrona! Musm Wrxrl programs. Hrghlrglwt ot tht- yrjar tor club mrgmbrrs was a trrp to Jaclcsonyrll-3 to h-far a symphony orch-Qstra. Srncr, such or' chcstras app-:ar only rn th-4 larger Crtrcs, these trrps providrg unusual opportunrtrrrs tor most ot tho mrgmbrzrs. Mcctings ot thc club ar-3 musrcal programs prrgscntrgd each month by m-zmbgrs ot th.: group, Ona-3 a year thu meetrng rs oprfn to all studcnts. Mcmb-grshrp rs lrmrtcd to twenty musrc majors and mrnors. Officers ot th-2 club arc: EleanorCoolc,prr1srdunt:Corrnne Smith, secretary-trrasurcrq Mrss Gladys Warrr'-n, taculty aclvrscr. Members ar-3: Bctty Barn-is, Francis Brill, Ava Collrns, Eleanor Coolc, Loursc Futch, Mrldred l-larrrs, Ruth Jrnlrs, Jac ucl n Jones, Margurfrrtc Lahood, Franriryi. l.oo-,wr Cl Y f l.orr:an Nicholson, Estrillr: Norman, Nrll Pattvn, Vrrgrnra C- Smith Pattlllo,Annrr3 Lou Rice, Ann Smrth, Corrnnr, Smrth, Jacquu- and Cook lrnrl Smrth, Ruth Taylor, and Mary Surf Wrlson. Entire Club Enjoys Carnegie Music Set 'fha w. - .Q A 'F wr Y w..v-Q -.- sv. . ... . , . , ,, -9...---'bw -fr" 1r,","'yl- Q-,.-fv's'4r. Ar. .,r -,rig Q s---wa--Q v,, ',,N n,.r-.f:.",f- ,,, ,f,', .f,,W- ot-g A-fx s.'-'4-"1v""'f-?vf'- :MWF Q--,H '1s'hf'Q't 'si "w -. - '-P V' -.-f, .S Gym" Q9 '-.',,,?s'v-Lgrg N-X-'v'n's,..f'A7, T'-1'r3SJ' 'v' . - -.F -. - N J..g. ,S ,!,,'D.,rrx .lr-D sw,-5 .-J, Lu, rrxfwp rp ,N ohh., Q , -."t ..'ZPc-'wfx mugs r:hv'T,:'m'5.wTy,,an,r , 5.5, N, lsr: . At N A-A 'Q 9'--WP 'X' ' ?xJ VtxsX",i"'v'P,C Xqmr Y 2 If Yi' ,M uh wu :MJ ' A -H w f I 'xiii' . ,er vt r G+:rm-7-4N,fvEu.'f1,w1a,gaV d's33f?aJ5f.'i59rfZlZ22s'Pwfs.r-sgf Rwifkr 1. 'N' lfviiger , w ...Nu - of Members add the finishing touches to the afghan g7!ixl'!1ii C 'fl-L'llnii.iAl.'7 I .5 glflllllfzlldali TVN AL' INHHNHHHNHI HHHHHNS HHH iii. I--nl fi Aww vii 61i'- iraivy :Hifi iiw- Srflfifvi Wiiriii Wi'1Y qiwi Iwi v1ii'ri,v', fji vim Irwtrrnfiti nfii Priaiui rw, Ciub fi nt-U51 f-ppfirriurwty ii-r giudwng Th. Kia iiu1:.fvi war and pigafiw, P-igp-iimibir im thi fnatifi-rw oi intrri gt in mt, !V'Mf1f riiiirmi iiiiiaifa fin fifmipus, uiub nw rvibrr, ifiunci it an wr-my bmi in I94I,42. I, PA Q, whifh wax, fi'Yg51i'ii."Ci im V929 imfirr iii., ',i'i"iP-,Cir-i'iip Di thi Cair- mqi. Erm-'ww-,rr ici IVTfrYOFifNV'V'l51i Flfiii-, ziari- d out in th, iafi by rrmiinq ,im .ifqhfiri iff Brita rw and upiiirvgfiirirwg fl dang, inf Th- bi mr fit fri thi Brifi-,h Wrir Prix-ir IT did My Qiiiili iijir Hn, Pxr'ri.,riCfm war rm i Ci: aitir'na',, 1,13 2-if ri wing ri qiiiiirly ifir fini ViiiCiOe,i-fa Bmrwiw oi UM B, W, R. Sriviiiniy. Am I, F, C shi Ii in Thr iiiwmry prfirfifiig bfi ip and pimrv'ipi'iii,t1 fin ilurnrnf rwilifiiifii and ini-rimiwrmi iuauw, for -Jiufiim min Tiw iiuii i-,fi iii! Cfipiijii, iwvif1ii'L',f piiiiiw S4,".CifwL., fini, iiiriiqrw ir' ihfmq. afirfiii mtg, i 1", r m-rriiin whip. Thu, yifar Dfivit Bndi r, F6 Xxfavini, Edviu lrfiuirf, SW 5, Lfrndcrw, Emqifmd, ha. vvfiiviwi v. iii i, P, C. in iii, quizi ifir ii Mrfhir LiHC1iVUiFiDdNVT'Q fri woild iviir1d:i'iig,f. fini? Ciiiwg-15 riri 1 Firth Sr rv, pd, ritg XX!-iiarfi pigirrigii,'ffl-,-pri5idiV1i1 ii-:ab ii, Fund- r, 'wiv' tary: B, Hi, Fianiim, tr- fi-,iirr rg H1 ii rr ifiewii, 'ni mb' r- '1if'i'1V'-Wi MH, Miidrid Priiii, iauiity fidvar. AA-"f'iU"YSf Bair, Effirfi, Car?-r, Flfauiin. Carirr Owiiiinr, Dawg, F-,nd.r, Firth. r, Premiiim Qgjrriy-n, Mfrgfm, Prgirrigh, Sfjijft S,,i,frw15, 'I',5yt., and Wifi' ii nbfii ,i 63 MN, ,.n-nw ,,,,.,n.snv 'ff' ,svn i -IVIA4 Sessoms knits for Britain Officers-Davis, Parrish, Franklin and Fender V 32- .Z i' 7' I 6 6 L H756 or llci cf la HTL' C' ll - lc iiiiii siiiiini iiiii X The tather ot "Little Willie," campus lucky charm, and thw creator of the I942 Pine Cone's pictures is the Math'Scienc-' Club. To give its members a chance to tollow the scientific projects in which they are most interested the club is divided into math, biology, and chemistry divisions. The chemistry division, now better known perhaps as thi: Camera Club, worked with the Pine Cone statt in making photographs tor the yearbook. The club members do their own developing and enlarging. Two years ago, to show the lighter side ot mathematics, "Little Willie" was invented by members ot the math division as a medium through which math's application to living could be explained. The lucky "Willies" are still sold by the club at exam time. Stressing individual projects this year, the biology division has tried to create a lasting interest in science tor each biology major and minor in the club. The group also cares tor a botanical garden on the campus. Programs teature a sharing ot the work ot the three divi sions. Eleanor Turnbull, president ot the club was doing work at the University during winter quarter, and vice-president, Mary E. Rogers, led the club during her absence. Doris l-liers is secretary-treasurer: division chairmen are: l-lallie l-linshaw, math: Leonora Peeples, chemistry: Marian Posey, biology. Club members are: E. Allen, M. C. Allen, S. Allen, Ambos, Ashley, Brown, Burke, Carter, Coleman, E. Cook, F. Cook Dorough, Duttey, Edwards, Fairchild, Flournoy, Gay, l-liars Jinlcs, Lyon, Mather, Miller, Ogburn, O'Neal, Peeples, Posey Roberts, Rogers, Saunders. Sirmans, Taylor, Tharpe, Turnbull Vinson, Woodard. Peeples Hinshaw Posey ROSCVS and VS .4f' Turnbull's rendezvous with bugs if 5 V. Mg, Z A .mfr 4 ' 'rl 'A ' ' ' Gillis and Parlrer English Club enieriains Author Morgan " 7 ' -I 7! k,,Llfc"C4l,1t'CU LT .4 C U1lfll'C64l , I L ld lNHlISH Elllll 'llrrriruglr yarr-d 3CllVlllvS, wlrrclr lrayw prrjryrdrd -rrtwrtarnr'rrrgrrf and rnlrgllcctual rn- I zpiratron for flwc -gnlrrc Campus, ll'1-3 English Club has drlrrrll-ily suit-:rdrgd rn Crcatrng a lryrgly :nf-gr-ral In rndlyrdual tlwlnlrrng, wrrtrrrg, and sprgalfrrrg, Tlrourz rlrgrblr' for rrrr,rnb',r:lrrp ar-J ',-,nicrr Collr gf stud- rrli, who arf rrrajfrrrng rn Englrzlr and wlru Q rrrarntarn a lrrglr zrilwolaglrc Ltarrdrrrg. To etrrruulat an uni-rrp? rn lrtrrnturr' me nn asprgcf of tlr. lrb- ral nrt, ru tlrr purrirfrsr nl tlrre mrgnnrzatlrirn. LQ-irpr,ratrrrg wrtlr tlr- faculty-atudr rrt ricrrrrrrrrttrr on filrapul pr-vgrarrrs, tl:-'E English Club prcsnntyd Vr,r-,Ln Brgll, nmlrd G-,or-qra author mf Swamp Wafer, Whrah rs on- Crl in-' outgtandrnq noyrlz ol th- ynar. A lrcturr, by llm: contrgrrrporary Englrslr rruv-,lrzt and lrrrrfurvr, Clmrlm Morgan, was zpirmfrrrd by llrrs Club. Stud. nt rnttrcil rn Bfrfrl Vfrulf and Good ruadrnq wap ellrrrulatnd by an Crrrgrnal wrndrww drsplay rrrangr d by tlrr rrrr rrrbr r-3 frl llrh grfrup. l yrs' - My Cllzlrrirrf. ol tlrr, club mfr: Mary Jran F?m:lw.fll, rar-,srdunfj Marn-ll Parlrgr, vm-,f '44 pr--,rdr nt: Elrzalmllr Gillru, 1.-'rfrr tary'-tr.m.L1r.'rg Mr-,, JC-lm B. Odurrr and Dr- l-lmqrld R. 1 Gullryr r, laiulty' adnuwr' gy . mi ls! 'rr - V TX il Ui Mnrrrbrru frl flr. rlub mr: fxrrrrrtb Blrirflrllurrr, Mary Bundrrrjl, Ellis Garrrmrr, Gwfndrirlyrr H-ndrrcl, lJ7L1V1 Mfr- lfrrrq-r, Mrllr-fl Mall-Hry, May Mallrrr, ,l-fm president Rockwell greets Author Bell ' Mrrlwl. y, livrxlyrl flllxlr r .fem1-v"l."1l'w' 'W' fMl'f'lL'-:"7fff,??QRfCv3'iif-fglr f-' iff'-fkrhl "i1I'lrW5Lj':5'rQ7''lf' ' 1-cf..rff''fr ""'fl4a 75. f"J'l- 3 r,f-'Q'-far:Nfrf.,mln--'-..Fv+.i' fr5,Q,- - f'?lrY"f'ff,',3f5i7l7"'Kllfu' Qlmll 15. arwfrcrffqzfiifrrirfiggf,MW, f fr r W' e1ygMMw,r" '0 21142 ' M . M , 4, r 4,4 w1rIx,mrm,f1rfA rffffwr + ff ?- ' ' 4 V-f-,naw '5 'f . '0?Aelg?iLViY0fr'i?l3c5lflflflv?1'zi9l3ll71lgma 70 WT' P ik' fllw 472 'Y'.E?f,EE, "1 ' ,Mfr,rr4'i1rLrr,i,?f':2lr,fQ., ,rar r r I ' 1 f.TU'friI.,X4y,irr"'c111L1, 1.131 ,'-'ry' 4 Ay-gy. c'1.i,wj'M ,,, V. v'J,I'vhf -ffsfxyf . r ,"'.,s'11f ,'j, "'. ,V-get 5' ry,-ff"'Z.'rgF,,4y'r,fk'1Wfnf'!w1.'xQfr P I M- Q ' I I V 7 V :,n'xf7"'yi1IIf'. ,Ii Lf,AZls't-'hwwjfxm . - .X ', , of :"i'w",irffftf C zenLA C, uffurc e, .4 , fmturt ll A. , V-,gc-9.-t1T.1r55.yf-j,'z1,,.1,,ijgrr. L ' ' 'r'QlqT":'i,i,.b. fit-rii'cfii't"'f'1jJql-r l r,:ra .,r iii .V --W?t,1?ie'gZrt,a'f,rfrwf:i1qt9?SfF lj gif f 'FWS 5-5 W' 776 Ut? 'l Li gift .f,: yn Lgfifrg . 5. g:.f4fg3'f"!25,5tQ5: swr',f.rtofrYf'1rtrTJ??Qfr?1f3rSvf1g,?ff5 -f...-f...+.,J,.44-gM,v.C,f,g,gx,'4 3 vtfvwk. if The cream ot tori:-ign-languagrj' intclligwntuia on tho Carnpui. compose the roster ot the French Club. The priyilrigc ot membership is grant-gd to those students who hayr chostn French as their major or minor and who maintain a s-:ho lastic average ot "B" or above. Club programs rctlect the organizations nam-5 by cunt-gr' ing around thc customs, menus, traditions, music, lit-yratur., art, and Conditions ot the country ot Franc-,. Exchang- programs with th.: Emory ,lunior Collcgrr French Club and guest spcalrers add variety to thi: programs ot thi: year. Through slrits, which are spolwn rintirwly in Frwnch, pr - sented on chapel programs, thv club members share with the student body their lnowltdgf ot th-3 Fr-inch languag- arid traditions. The easy tlow ot Uouitsi' and itmadrfmoisr-llr1s" from th, lips ot the French Club mcmbvrs is thw vnyy ot tyvry stu- dent who has cvcr puzzled over thc rirronunrgratirirns tit phonetics, and the arm ot cytry French class which won- ders tor at lcast one hour each day how thi: club mwmbr r, "do it." 'With Franc-3 and her pr-'oplq now crush, Cl br n-iath the toot ot invading tore-is, this French Club -'ontrnur s tri bring to our campus this b-"aut:-rs ot tht' .wrt-, .Anil Inrigucirir and traditions ot Fr-inch culturv. Otticers ot the Fr-'nch Club ar-: Elrsr, Gfrnnnn, pr- sid' ntg Mary Bundrielr, vicrf-pri-sidrgntq Od-,lin King, fr-rrr tfiry l"751SUfCfI Dr. Sapr,-lo lrrranor, tfrriulty adyrf.. r. Members: Mary Carol Allr'-n, Annrittw Blaclburn, Mary Bundriclc, El-'anor Coolc, Elise Gannon, Eliznbvth Gillis, Odrlia King, Mary J-'nn Roftwvll. 3 Treanor confers with Allen and Blaclrburn r -.4 , .4 "N ox 'Q -...I L President Gannon King and Bundriclc T iiiiii Hi H H H H H H H H H H H ll wifi iff?" Ambos prepares for a spot of "boning" "To serve" is the motto ot the Senior Honor Society ot CS. S. W. C. lt is composed ot a small group ot girls whose aca- demic standing during three years at G. S. W. C. is worthy ot recognition. The Cooperative Book Store was a project undertaken by the society in i939 in an ettort to provide text books tor G. S. W. C. students at the lowest possible cost. It was con- tinued bythe group this year and extended to accommodate those studying in the music department by the sale ot sheet music. Finding that the turntable, a part ot the Carnegie Music Set in the House in the Woods, was in need ot repair, the club had it adjusted. Always on the alert tor some service the organization might render to the campus, the girls were ushers at Artist Series Programs and were hostesses at a tormal dance to which the entire student body was invited. Above all, these girls are leaders in the ettort to encourage high standards ot scholar- ship on the campus. Qtlicers ot the Senior l-lonor Society are: Marie Ambos, president: Eleanor Cook, secretary: Marnell Parker, treasurerg Dr. J. A. Durrenberger, taculty adviser. Members ot the club are: Marie Ambos, Eleanor Cook, Louise Edwards, Marnelle Parker, Mary Jean Rockwell, Mary E. Rogers, Kathryn Scott, and Maxwell Williams. Ptxriwfsf H " 3 I L N yipfiwlitfarlfr.. EQ" "1 'rr-I7 1 . -' if 'fi s ' gzgftff'-Fif H,1H5S3?,2fr7f.QaH?t1f521-fwibftt ff j H "gH+H,HHsf+1Hf'fwswffiffi'fWMESA " ' .V K ,Tr . '- .L , If - My Yf4'jl'fjm.r4U3,':?f9A.r 57-Hn slr-1-1'l19,uHfHf,i,. ,..- H1 HJ- rj 47514. .AH '. H 9,43 1' Q-QH',,v. ,,., HHLMHVJU' 'W ' ' .. 4 Mrk., ,2.'.,J.r, r, Azz Alu. 7v4H.1,-W1-g.,i4g'r. 1 f as N, H ,H?,'g,r,rrL,,H-.-,frrgl.,x.,f,,4J,,w,.', ' A DAM? Hl!'ll'JNri.5l1'7 .ia,H:,i"'.'1l I xi H 'H .f ',,,Hx 1 ,ran -J wr, K, Scart liL1ii.f.yN 5fg'f'i':rfJi ix'fi4f 2Ll'i3Qtr1?'rt-4g'1+'??fH-rHAliH,fHf ivg.Qi5.r 'W W-H ii-Lylfissrry. mfg.g3i:.iH.y1.?fa'a,i- semi., N tic-Wj'3?' 7534: 'Q my YA',63.5l,2?fvfLivl HTH?-ff H' J frrHfifmiffif'5r13Ytt7rfrHIsYt?'Q,,,i' fi'-Hr, ,vL':y?rqvEL riff H-lm-,1P5xfafW" ' ' gl., ., . . -fr, . H.. r,,, M2J!+1?.HLuA?r,rkiiabillzde90441 vifdiitfv. H is Cook takes time out War ds and Ro SWS keg P Book Store jr, jZ.,,,, Gil, L ..1f.,,s-Cs.,i..r..,i,',, lHlSHllHN Hlllllll llllllll Sister organization ot the senior honor group is the Freshman l-lonor Society. Like the Senior t-lonor Society their aim is service and their membership restricted to superior students. Eligibility tor mem- bership implies an average ot B tor the tirst two quarters ot work during the treshman year. Program Chairman Jackie Rose, who is vice-president ot the club, arranged the meetings around the theme, "Personality and Charm." Top: Miller and Allen Bottom: McLeod, Williams, and Rose V .,,, Youngblood The club brought added charm to the log cabin, student activities house, by subscribing to magazines tor the l-louse in the Woods and by increasing the Carnegie music set library ot recordings. Each month, under the auspices ot the club, the student body chose records which the l-lonor Society purchased tor the collection. Brilliant, attractive Laura Mae Youngblood is president ot the club. Other otticers are: Jackie Rose, vice-president: Sadie Miller, secretarys treasurer: Mary Carol Allen, historian. Marie Ambos is student adviser and Mrs. Cuertrude Gilmer Odum is taculty adviser. Members are: Mary Carol Allen, Emmie Carter, Maye Copeland, Rose McLeod, Mary Mason, Sadie Miller, Jackie Rose, Jean Williams, Laura Mae Youngblood. 73 y!j'C0A,7i.'L'IIl.l'6 QDCILI 7 I"i'Z'ACZ'.4 l ,-Q Csfrzfdaz' :Vu Slllilllll sill Eywn though thi- youngigst in point ot ycars, the Soci- ology Club is on-Q ot thi: larg-ost clubs on campus, having a m-,mbcrshrp ot 43. Thig club rostwr includes all studvnts who ar- malormg or minoring in sociology or public wi ltarv. Qingham dogs and calico wliphants wigri' mad-? by rlub mi,mbi,rs tor thig W. P. A. Nurscry School in Val- dosta at Christmas tim-. Gth-gr programs dcalt with th-. various Cultural and vcicational aspicts wt th- ticld it ',OfflOlOQy. During thi- tall quartyr ti,n 5-gnior m-mb-rs ot th.: flub borrowfd thin station wagon ot WGQV, local radio station, tor a tiigld trip to Atlanta. At th-4 sfati, capitol, th. girls discov-'rtd numb-gm ot pcissibilitns tor souicilcigy graduatigs, ld-as gath-r-,d on th- trip wi,-rc gharrd with tht studvnt body at an assimbly hour in El rwanil discussion. ,Q iff .....l' l .' Street finds Sociology a problem ln January mcmbcrs ot the club wrotc, cnactcd, and dircctcd two original sluts, These wcri: prcscntcd at assembly to show phases ot the club's worlc. A coursc in supcrviscd rccrcation was ottcrcd to members interested in thi: study ot child development and wcltar-3. Gamcs and suggestions trom this course, pr-is-rntcd by mcmbcrs cnrollcd, mad-3 up one ot the club programs, Otticcrs ot th.: Sociology Club arc: Franccs Strcct, prcsidcntg Virginia Powcr, vice-prcsidcntg Marn-ill Parlccr, sccrctary-trcasurcr. Mcmbcrs arc: Blackburn, Booth, Bowen, Callaham, Cole, Coleman, Dashcr, Davis, l-tcald, l-tcndricic, t-liurs, Hinshaw, Hood, l-towcll, Hunt, Joyncr, Kcnncdy, Kirk, Kricgcr, Martin, Mason, Mcfxndrcws, Meadows, Morgan, Moscly, Ncwton, Ogburn, Parlccr, Poscy, Powcr, Raed, Roberts, Rowland, Sawy-'-r, Smith, J., Spivey, Strcct, Taylor, Thompson, Tillman, Upson, Williams, B., Williams, J. Top: Power and Parker Bottom: Sociologists off to Atlanta , , , X , t t , . . i ,i i i .'.'.r"w'..s -"nf r'r'- 3f'xa "D '."X'.0 - J. 'v'2' .',i'.',' 3,-,-,,,". ', j ",j'r.t7,. . 3.0 us. Y - for I ' ' ily ' L. 'p"..','.'C,'fvfy.-,.-'h-..".. .'Q-S.N7rt1.kar.iJ,q. Qlvfk Q V,"flr.'4VA':":b1',Q70x! gr ' , i v' , . . r. . .ve . J, . . ,- - . I J , , -J J ,W ., ,. ,J . ,J,, uf r- , Q V , .4 ,X ,.1....5La .,D.y,,,,,,, ,,.,1N j J ,. up' ,nicole Q . ,i f i . : , . , --. .i . -i ,. ., H- , ., ,, . v -' ,.:n X --. fx. -ff VI. r, -'H ,J ,. gn r -'U - W li ,. - ,,- K- - t. ,W i-.i -,,-.t-v,- t,-J I, -1 kv wa--J 1--.J Lv-.-v 'tr f' -.' - 1 tri 0. :JGa,j'5'1f 1 . , if ' .- 1 P. 2- ., 'q 1 " ,-5.-.h -- -. .r frm'-r-',Pb'J'L,a sv L1-.',:,--els-.,-tic-"'o'QcH.,-Pod-151-Qif-'fi wo as ut"A""W .'i ' ' " I 7'f71"Q5 ' V-'27,-. of 'f-,fi-"' .f -i "iU9f"f1i'T T Ruff' 195-'f'ff3i1'qN7.1iL.I' C.'f'1'i"f"'Z".'1lffbF'LQ 1-'52 '41 f'3'iQ: 3005331115 Qt1l6LiahL5l.iN5T " " ii i i".' I ' if "ri 'ii J I iv 'i1iYlfil,itllElffi.l '-l:T'l,.f 9 Qkifi,-'tk L afrit. ''fi,::ff:'5'S:'715,i,,E'tf'-fQ55jf"f X"i"itrt3t,lL',ff"fsL'f'gj,5. I Y ' -Q-V-T X. Q' -1-"i '-'- '-ifqlfti Qrfvg R" 'JN 'JTMFY'-y"r'fv,f! f-'Nff,f' 'jx iff F iNT.'1.t.-L-'Q M fl" xr' fr" JM 24- IH Curt iii' U Li '- 1 ' ., .,. A ,, , fx- ,. ,f .r .. ,, r ,, .M 3 .,,,, P, V., U, -s.,- . . .t. - . ,N. , -W e X l-i "' L 5: " l ':- r- 1 L 0. -L L 4 -Q i J N fx -4 ! s 3 X Sessoms, Sirmans and Harris Wilkie and Waters if i ' f flllll,7ll.5 t'l1tlL'f.S Ulll,7C.5tf ,I IL' r L 1 ' llllllllllll' Ellllllll This ycar marlrs tim: 'first birtlvday ot thc youngrgst organization on cambusfttiv Pr-siclcnts' Couric Organized to liclp maintain and strcngttmin an unclrirstandrng b- twr vn clubs, stud, nts, ancl taculty, tlii-3 organization has set about to rrializr: that purpose. A Committcc from tlnc Council tiancllris tlwri' Student Attcnfiancr. Syitcm, yylmlw was drawn up by tli Council and approved by students and laculty. Ttwri Stud-.ritAritiy1tirs Comrnittr, lunctifins to int- -gmt tlie financial activities ot th-'V campus clubs. llnr si Committ- v s aft uri-on f+CO7'il!'Ilillr'lv'1lI'f'l'i'Q ol tliw intir, Council whiclfi serves as a cluaring house tor clubr. and studr nt probl- ms. 'llic prcsid-Qnts and li-iads ot cy-"ry organization on campus ar- rrrr rnbtrs ot this firganizaticin, Wllfi' aim is scrvicig to -gvcry on.: on campus. ltic organization is guicl-od by a chairman svlfctigd -jaclw quartrr, and tarulty aclw,-r jiri Misu Annie P. l-lopprgr, Miss Lnonora ly-"y, Dr. J. A. Durrranbcrg-ir, and Mr. J. P. Dua- nbury. Mcmb-grs ar-3 Mari.: Ambos,El-'anor Cciolf,l2af.l1-l Crittenden, Louisa Edwards, Elisa Gannon, Mildrid l-larris, Gwendolyn l-lcndriclc, L-iccy Goodlo-i l-lr nry, Frances Kennedy, Mary J-:an Roclfwwll, Katliryn Scott, Franccs Struct, Rutlw Si-ssoms, Tlmglma Sir- mans, Julia Briss Smitlw, Eleanor Turnbull, Anna lf y Waters, Mary Wiltirg, Maxwwll Williams, Alun Wisrinbalr-ir, and Laura Maw Youngblood. rl. ! Ura Kem dy, Sf 'eet . dnd , LV Tur,,buH'Senbdke, 'Us 1 Fd!! Q Us ffer Chai., 'Ivan dw drdsl rnfpr Q Ud rfg, Ch . dffm 'YH fr.-.-L gba-Q' -. U. 1 .- if N -. - 1 -. A -as-t-D s' ."u.- .,' '-,Lrg gffvv .,:"r,jv,-gfrfh'-':r.,r'I . ,V it 'jN',vf:'7":-V " "-0.5113 ll' 4 wx: ' -.Hai-'-,-V '.lj Elf T ilk, . f . L - c -' '-ff' :ky-.. f i ' 1Ev::'2-hi.h'R'Y-I-5-QF' . I J nE,,J' "'f"" FN Fr-t7s.Qr'rF T-a 1:-, f .. f . . '1 'L aff" 'gs -5 : " g',.v-2'.s.n.l5l, fa K U, ,J ,if 4, ',a9,2,,l I g if , .ic 5,5 5. 1-A-V f- sy- gy 1, ' A - W:ff?Qv732fNJVs,?ila.u'gki29.Ta12Ss:,1fwfr-if :.- Mg iffvwra l N ' f LU.-L-i .1 P' A+. sifmgsxfigpfgf,ep.-vc-1:3asain ow-r.,f-gusfzfg-, fr 1 - s -' 4p.,g,1.j s N ff- .frwfbi.sfa'irviz?w1 :ffl iw.,-f W ' ' ' ' " ' 7' 3 u.:"""'--.. 'Vaurdrd by tb. mfttri- 'A sport tor ,wry grrl and .wry grrl rn a -sport tb-' Q, S. W, C. Sbrirrts Club vncouragrfg -'vt ryonv rn ttrw studr nt brirdy to marntarn aritwr' frmmbryrglwrp rn tlmg organizatron. Tlw. ilu re tr ttrv lvad.-rphro nl vvryatrl-5 Lours-3 Edwards and gov-irnud by a larg Qrrunrgl wlwrtgtw trnds rta actrvltrris dw-Trsrtrfgd ttwat rt rl, nrimsary t rr' 1+',- t ont., a w v-.' l. Wbrzn bid: to tbl, rf155Ofl5!tlC1FllS two t-Jams wrgrfg anntruncwd to nw nwmbers at tb-g annual Sports Club party rn October, a wwddrng it Plwr Lambda and Ptwr lfappa waz staged to symbolrzc tlw unrty of th r1lub.'lrbrCruQt'rOut tba year rntwnn: rrvalry was fivrdvgnt bvtw-ian tlw-' tfamn. bath ot ttwm :wflrng tht' l-lnncrr Plaque awarded nablw ytar to the tfarrr wrnnrng ttmg greatest numbu Qt porntb rn match gamca. Matctr game: rn baslugtball tratball, American ball rolltryrball, and zottball are playvd by lfappa and Lambda trams, llw-' Sparta Club al,.f -,panama trirurnamznts rn artlmry, gulf, trgnnrt and prng pong, F'r0c3r.,-1.-,ryug trrirntari ary awardfd rw'rr:mbcr5 trjrr frututandrnq rnt.rr.,t abrlrty, and Sportsmanahrp during tlrf' y-far, llm awards range 'lrrirm a lcttcr to the rgngravrng mt ttrff guts namf: on the Sport: Club Hong' Plaque. Ottrrivrs ot tb, Sp-arts Club arf: Lrzrururt- Ed' wards, prfrsrdenti Evalyn O Neal, wr,-3-pr-'ssdrfnt' Alrcf: Mradcrs, treasurvrg Jfan Mobluv, 5-:cry taryfg Annwtt.: Blaclrburn, Kappa tvam captarn- f Marron Pcrsfy, Lambda team captain: Janann., Gffwrjtt, Kappa campuu garrrm managygrg Od.,-lra I lfrnq, Lambda campus gamvz managfrp Franc-N at Strfft, cdarcfgrfatrrgrn manag-'rg Mar, Franir, Ugnalson, sports, edrtorg Gram' Lawton, nutdocrr aritrfrtl-2 n'raraqc". Managfgrs tor farriruz matil. 3arnt: trams st an fnunrprl, but an ritrangfd .atb quartur. Faculty adws-'rs arf Mrs-. L,c,nr3ra I4.',, Mr-. Elrrabvtlm Mcpfxw, and Mm Edrtlw Lrrwryf. Right: Sports Council Monthly Supper f . . !Xt'L'll LL'Hlj7C!lil4.'ll :VJ Zyvllfflll VII 7A6 SPHIUS Elllll PHI KAPPA PHI LAMBDA Lett: Edwards Below: Meadors, O'Neal, Mobley Lf.y-r.m- 1 K K ,- Q Q WIY MCRZZI New and Lo CAMPUS ATHLETES IN VLQ Top row, left to right: Golfing Champ -Daslner . . . Match-game in Ameri- can Ball . . . Max serves a wiclred ball. 0 Second row: One, two, three shoot! . . . "That refreshing cold dip." 0 Bottom row: Riding practice in the ring . . . Corn guards that ball! Tense moment in Frstball l l l l Pram to I94l th, VG 5 Q u W all Va! osta I School graduafw, .5 J W n w m 1005-:fy orqanizd Compu r y y 5 flu a Op 'a frn'?ufuM'm fmi r Y j i ww m m r if It r ,az,, k'y,,nf fmd HW- f,+vfls,g1 Hum Thw dw f purpfvp fih rJ1rw un-i-'rgfarwdumg btw rw d y L r fm cfampuz WH rl at I m t unu uwl 1 hw drum guN', frm F'rw5m'! ni Lfum iflvvn qirfx. fem bl fufsffarw mg 1 1 F lf ww: wk II az IU :'1l'1f1flarsf'1:y VaYd0s.ta Uub rm tm 1 Hffusf mm tbf Wmi Th Lt famjw a 5 p mem by th, Club wi. HM, 5 1 J m m fwf th S' mir Unis ffV1ld fa IPIWQW Buffy Fr.anW1m, wx LI ri nf mf th I Orgamzatwon, WMI-g th ff wd mt 1. fy .vow nr WML PM UM: Umw V ca 5. Dawn, L.- -in favy, BNA EI1 nb th MA mb rf, mf HW- Y Bhd-, Blaflbuqvn, BML I. 4 uk r M E Cui r Cfiwlmwwan, E Lfwvl, F f- L L rm Lulbr H lla UaAfw',, U, Dfw uK,, F nd Hnlfl Ur 4 Gm uit Cum m Hinshaw, HO 1',' d, H w mf avr, rm MCBfmA, MCDf.naH Mir m fa w Mmm UNM-il, Pfarli., Parr: Fw P I Ffrw n dicl-,, Pm, Pwglw fun -mmm C Smy .l. B, Smuilw, Tnylm Tflm 0 1 Wbrtfahr, V. WH: w u F W4 I Whom, A. Wimgnba J W n a Wfm ward 105011 7' '."" 'f'J,AmW"g':":g'-141' "IA-:iq HWW?"f1?"??ffWfff-"r '1 FJ-i Jn ' . W ., -, 1.5 ff-,,'7ffWf,'QWIAQ'-aJ'n'72f?'f.5TW?Y'33"f1Wvf' 'Q -+114u,3ug,'2jfg':1f'W'N1'f"Nff'f5'?7"?6my . ,.'-1. ,-rw., ',1..1' Vr1,- .-,,,,ff'1,,,1 , ,w M,.,?"'.U,.-wi, 'Y VM, Kjjm' ', .,"gu'l4lQ: ' ' J , :jx rf Qffy.,1,,, n.,J awww rg1HgH?"iii-fJf7ff??'?',55mff'iE,ff 1, ,fr .!.1,,,u.5fif".,v, 3,'j?M-Q ' '?"'Cif2fiTff.PgQ4"N,Q.xa'6:,5"- ,X , r.f,rg7f8'53i,z?,.' , .5 f-Z' V' - v w H'11ffYfiI1J?,W2v' ' ,, 'u ' 1 ' 4 ,, . A ,- P ,:.... yum, V wfh-'km gffaw-r:ga'45fJ'sTwi+a4?'ff5W? W? '-V4 C 'f f 'J' ff" 'Si'1U.ff4jff1KUv Q. wvw.:w-MW -'13 ,. ww -A 1' fb M k, M., ,iim if ,1,,,+y'mM+, iw 1.-Q' 5 13, 5 - 1 ..f 1-r V- fy pf' I ., my, 41,41 1f1f'j4Igf,,fI .--mvtxfq ,e ,A "-"'24f,ug,, df, fn' ,',.',fffL".C'9 L v. lil' W .iii y,, 4. V- 4 x 1,Q2q'.x,,.J,,,1I- X 1 X 2 X f I '7 . V '7 ry , .-.-,.r.Ly,vi,, C, CZ'IllC1' Z lllzlfllfi IXCIIUII' X' 4' 100 15,5 5 II 11' N ,y,,.-If y, S - rr' ' 1 , r iii 'r' 1 fi " f,, , - . ,r ,!',r',,15nr,r,wf f, uri.-f'1UI'l9ffrf,l igirioiigy . .5-y,,4.,?g9,,g M rf yr, gf 23 fa w.f1p',4, ' 'f"" --w '-L'f'.fiu - -fl-"ij-' Q ?'1-Jli2L,,f,..,-,.. .f . . 1491: ff'-731JETfr'ivvS-atrinimrg ff -V 1 1 Wi"-nf-' JW" ""' "" "' i. With thi. purpm- ol promoting th-' wtltarr fit thrg crirllrqi and ity alumnac by incrrfasrng th., intl-rut ot its rnvnibr ru in th- coll.-9. finial ont' anothrr, tht- Alurnnarg Association ra actiy., througlif-ul th., ychool ytar. ln thi Fall Quarlir thry play thrir part in wr,lCr'ir'riir'IQ thi n-w utudvnts, and at th., sam-' timv thty may bi tound in all siftiong. ot thu southrjrn part ol th-3 stat-Q rniicting with thi, Giorgio Educaf tion Association, lofcprng ally-, with th-g alumnar: th-:ir rni'rnorir.s ot thu Collcg-3. Again in th-g Spring, thfy art, ri pr-'srgntud at tht' ntatu conventions ot t-'nach-grs, ar-1 pr-.sunt in largrg nurnbrgrs at Play Day- lvlay Day, and goin with us in our Cornrn-Qncvrnignt Wricl in Jun-, by gath-:ring on thv campus for thrgir annual busrntss nw-.ating and banquct, on th.: uvcning ot thrg Srjniors' Play. Ot th-3 approximately six thousand former studtnts ot tht' G-:orgies State Womans Collage, anyon-3 who has complctud one yigar ot rcsidcncc is -glrgrblc tor associate rnaimbcrghrp in thi: Assoiiation, and crthr-r diploma or d-:gr -ftt graduat-.2 aw: pr-rmitt-id to b-'comig rn-Qmbcrs. Mcrnb-irship during l94l-42 l1'CLlV1,d a nrgw spurt with th. prrhlicaf tion ot a quart-frly magazinv, carrying piryonal :turns aa w-,ll as artrcl-is ot gcncral rntcrcst, ln good tirnvs or rn bad, thu Association, sp-gating tor thouuanda ot G. S. W. C, girls, givcs its complet.: support to the Colliggig, and welcomes every opportunity to be ot help with campus. actiyitrw and with individual students. The otliccrs and Qxccutiv-3 board tor tho yrgar l94l-42 ar-,: Mildr-,d Turnbull Worlcrnan llvlrs. W. Cul, pr-gsid-gntp Pinlcy Gdum l-low-gll llvlrs. Jaclcl, vrcr:-prcsidcntg Caroline Parrish Thomas llvlrs. Willianwl, sccrctaryg Marie Strong, trcasurcrg Ora Kdllf Wisrinbal-:r, rgdrtorg Broun Hutchison Parmcntcr llvlrs. Wrllraml and Anna Turnfr Sinrath llvlrs. Johnl, mcmbcrs ot th.: board. The otticcrs ot the Valdosta Chapt-ir arc: Prwzidrnt, Nutt:-5 John- son: vice-prusid-int, Virginia luclf Parrish lMr'3, J. Qlg Suhr-ftary, Hazel Durrunbtjrgtir llvlrs. J. A.lQ triiazur-ir, l.i:na Smith lMrg, Franll. 'lil' xt , 4 fo . X JU5TlA+ f-tt iv 79 i Top: Workman. 0 Above: Johnson. 0 Lett: Howell, Workman, and Thomas. ' '7 A 57N t' 77' Top, left: Chelrlwov Theatre Players in Sl1alrespeare's "Twelfth Night" Malvolio. 0 Above: Duo Pianists, Jacques Fray and Mario Braggiotti. 0 Below, left: The Graff Players in "Singing Earth." 0 Below, right: Charles Morgan. BO L L!L'A'Cl.ll.L',5 L Olllcf V. 0 C. . . :'lll 7A ci7llflLlll1ll Cl-UlllU.5 fi? Gil? C,-1llIll,7ll.ii7!ii.lA ,lHHISlllHS llSlIlHl .i lflimax ot the tirst quarter at G. S. W. C. is the Christmas Festival, when iflxshley Hall becomes a medieval manor and students are transtormed into llords and ladies and peasants and Robin Hoods ot Qld England. The tes- ltival is held on the evening loetore going home tor the holidays, and has lbecome one ot the loveliest traditions ot the college. Top, left: Ye Olde English Fool. 0 Top, right: St. George and the Dragon. 0 Above: The Knights of the Hobby Horse. 0 Left: The Soldier and the Shepherdess. l I A f Krieg. , I rx 4, W' -1 Af 1, :lip a t, gf x ,1ff4.:x,U 'iii .?s..?:.""' 4' ,, 'JJ r 1 - ' 2 2 . I 1 X May Queen Martha Wilkes 'fi I 2 3 7 6' l ' .' L ul? ' ' f X l . Q j 5 53? + if i 5 , 3 i l'i i lt i if as-"ln Aln,,.l--1 1 , la' v ,, -2' 4?6Lf-f.:gf??'!E' Lfwllffilllllzlilllafi .TQA hillf, Wilkes, Koblenzer, stars of May the Maiden The Three Seasons-Waters, Cunningham and Adams M-,-..... rf . . r i li' c is rf V ,, f '5 K . Y A ' ir . M 5, Q Queen ot the May, selected from the Senior Class by popular vote, presides over the May Festival. Finding a new and ditlerent theme each year is the brain-spraining problem ol Miss Lenora Ivey and Miss Marie Motter, but the pageant is always a beautifully-staged triumph tor those responsible. A gala occasion in which every student takes part, it is held each year in the amphitheatre and attracts scores ot visitors to the campus. Lett, Top: May Queen and her court preside over festivities. 0 Bottom: Glee Club furnishes choral background. , Q 5 v . . ., X ,s M V , h ,,,,,-,. .,..,p,x!s-,xxK,.1..'q-H-Q -,-vw, fi N x " " , '.-' l-'t . vwXj '-',,, ' fi-v"'.i-V1"El-"iV,,"'i"'f".'5l Pt'l'1Y.v' 1" rv'-2 psf."Ui, L' DQ," ig. ' 9'-.D-' 'QR Q 09 s' .,, ,Q 'gm' ..: ' -'fr 'un"-rfi ,, --'. '.,,f - X -'rf ' J Qrqzf. 9 'U . ",. Q Y'-X. ,t-'J' R.J-Lair-i?s'v'-l "QEl,uu,f':ff'a"F l7 ..MY'uli.:!!7,V' Q'-i'?OCf'i 7-."0b',7v Z'li-sO'0VUT'ii?' 'tlibs?Z'Q9,?4z-?GJ UPVMVUPPQV i,.?vk'vvhgV'Y bo 'f',9: !..,' I X'-if '- WW--rr:.1, ww.-. Cv 'iw of ixliftu- Mr. ' W,-iv W DW- -,D new Q rw R' oi t"3Uff..S:3??w 'Wx Po vor ZHQUPD Quovytli. Qt! ' T54 1 Y, flqhi 'ff,l'l.JJ.. '. X it' 'nk .JLAQHT 54? 1,"'xf0" vinvfvx f.,,i3i'fl',X.Cl"'K1TQ'w"ND-Spivovorvbvbb as ,i-f' '5r,?l'X-,:l5Cxj:?7L:E,5l-k nXl gg uv wh. C3 L v r'-, Q 1 ' --' if-'E i'C 3.42 vp, Qfj"-,Eg-'g,N -".,- f Lf- -', .zu 'I ,Gai -is-Q""D17'1s V" C-?'1lf". "il p7'L'wg-QV: 4:3-v""'. J-Pi'Ylb."w BE-is 'Ji -mV. QT"fQ.lQlNl F "ix-3'-N rw 'ULD' 1 'ova i 5 V5 Ii" ' A- --, - ,.- cv H .fc-Hrwii-1.9 1' - H. ra -my Qfs- .TH .fr ww? F ,' i-Ji-. K 1 J 'i-. iw .s -,'-. :xvf -N--xg-n, vi -,JM ,ti vgg . S' , 11 x -d.,.,.. .,4,,,U:-,m3k.l.g3 vw so ,gf-pg, .P of---1 jx - gif, K Y, -.VN .ln uggb, U . 3. A. r-...4-.Qi N., 4 xJj,,,.x .N .5-5 f -, 7-..-XRM1 V1 V -V v.A .. , 45571 3 I fx,-xgsiffrrix ,im .if ,Q -2'f.:Nggx?iL,'l: ,,JQ TE' 11, ,A N A 'RR Z7 i' tx' anim? -'N F -fi fl P5 A 'V -f'l'3-s5't'i??"i1J-e 'ftnfivo A 0 gli" 'nd ' ll Elf. 'g-ilLfM.g.i ' Cliylllll :QUT Dil l'lHl HHY Hundreds ot girls from Senior Classes ot South Georgia high schools are the guests ot G. S. XX'. C. on the tirst Saturday in May each year. The girls divide into teams and compete in games and stunts throughout the morning. Feature ot the morning activities is the exciting sottball game, in which President Franlc R. Reade is invariably cynosure ot all eyes. A horse show and exhibitions in swimming, archery, and golt always command a crowd ot interested spectators. A picnic lunch is spread in the grove on baclc campus. Early in the atternoon, betore the May Festival, a dramatic program is presented by the speech department in the college audi- torium. Other departments prepare colortul exhibits which are on display in West Hall. An Aquatic Merry-go-round Top: Meadors records points Below: Walking the straight and narrow 'vs' -0-s'v's--gms M-ss'-K--'.'s'-f.-'C."v.-.xH ,s ,nga 1' v, -, ,. .v .5 s,,,- x' " Dvd Q." v 'st Cl, fd 'fy 'Q' 'fs QQ fi ,G ,Q.'f,' ', 0, 'L"3i"v'b V :.q.,..-.b 5 A 1 ' 3' .' JD. :','t' 8. v... K' ! slug is 90,0319 sidgg' 'islh :. "THEE WE HONOR" superlative seniors, by having your pictures on the following pages tor you are the eight girls which the student body thinks most nearly combine the quali- ties of leadership, personality, ability and scholarship that make an ideal senior. You were chosen by ballot of the student body from a hand-picked list ot sixteen ot the most representative seniors. To you, the student body has accorded one ot the highest honors on the campus. You may gaze and be proud tor it represents your standing among students after tour years ot col- lege lite. Undergraduates may gaze and aspire, for this is one ot the most coveted honors on campus. - ., ,, .4 -,H X ,- , , -s .i f -i ,g -- if N 1 i 1 gf Ti E5 " V f AW' Wt' N 3 ' i i sw if ,l'f,if,f- ir,fri.-Wav-fflfifwstf-'-if44Tf?.4:2wit'5l2Q- Foxx Yfsl fn J l J -35 th tiff? v f x 1 Q M A- W- r -mi ami fawmiiri ,WN 1. W. oi .f5,9""5,,gf4,l.f,f1-gl7,'yl M . gm5Maxfvwi--gfavgggnxg'g,.:f.g5m:yy yt:1g'grgf'rqe5RgSw15gQvygr gszfgfjf? y3g,.qs5ygg,3Qlfff,2kw:vggex314Q:.jey22Qgi5i,fxfiyfg2w,S.EY will rw- 28 M25 tg: 'Li JA tt' 1"'t"f"t'fti"'frtlP'5t1+t'l59lwyl'3231f I-fa+iwf4,ifi+'f1 fgfyegufsgf fiytmtlfglly 2zbrmff.Maw+v+e.fvtw.c 3,2 frills anew in T J Smumfff wfwklf yy, 44 W ,W M, tt A 1 YM r M H J J, 1 ,y P ' ' l 1 A" 2' fl I 'I i M A I "p"'1"".f "rty1.1lQ5Sl' f"f,1"J'+i"1.f 1' ,rv y2PfFalrP'tSNfrl'tE' liiitixfgmg drill.fvffi-if:,iffuf'-'ixfQ','iQ.1'"l"ff ifpf L" .iir 1.21'f'ii?l,'fj'iy"x' 'f ' ' ' ' ifyyfj ' ', fu' " ljffQ,- grab fflgdn ig! 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A U N D I2 V IHIORACE CALDWELL Phone S4 MlllItI,I!l'I' ' U Only Rug CWIl'lIIIilIg Plrmf in City VALDOSTA GEORGIA SOUTHERN STATIONERY AND PRINTING COMPANY BELK-HUDSON CO. Tfn' l"riI'llIff I' Slum' wIIoI,IasAI,L PAPER DEALERS NIQWESAI' CAMPUS S'I'Y I ,IiS COMMERCIAL STATIONERS - PRINTERS OI'Il"ICE OU'I'1I'I'I"l'ERS GIFTS FOR HIM AI' ' BRIGGS' CLOTHING VALDOSTA GEORGIA ,THINGS MI1N WI-.AR 0 0 llpshck News! SMlTH'S ,Ig-ig WALGREEN P J -7 1 DRUG I' ' Q .NA H' 5 Y i I 'ILNX l YI , I I v 1 , I I I s , II ' Ostrong, deep red-thrilling s bag- I pipe music! Wear Tussy Kiltie Rm' I with plaids, bold colors, evening pastels. Like all Tussy lipsticks, Kilfre ' Red is smooth-textured, indelible as I you could wish. One of 11 Tussy Phone fx J f- high-style shades. Lipstick, Cream 'J N' Rouge to match, each Sl. Compact Rouge, 554. Nail Polish, soy. I 23 I 9 I Drinln Delicious Creamy Jersey Millc from llrgfr S U I T U S Ilrglr nr rn frmif D A I R I E S Bllfffl' Vrrlni' I N C . Iiirl Plroric ll3l-W or ll3I-J SERVICE CAB COMPANY 216 If. Hill Ave. 873 - PHONE - 310 All Nvu' Crrrxf All E.x'fJc'r'ir'r1r'r'rf Dr'ir'c'r's.' KI. A. NIMSMITH, Ozvrzvr' Your PtIfl'Ulltl.Ql' AfJ1vr'vr'izr1'r'rl BROGKWOOD PHARMACY Ojrr'm'rf Urnlur' Nl'Il' A'ftIlltl'Ql'IIH'lIf of CHARLIE ADAMS I'iloNr- 356 Sjrvrifrl Sl'l'l'il't' for G. S. W. C. W. T. GRANT CO. 0 SNAPS Bingo Banker, Allen , A see Soci0loglStA'Llanka Krmufrz for Vrrlurs in HOUSCS? Water's Wahoo's!! Sirollers-Parker and Powell 92 RE OF Madame" in dX ' Is for the Lambdas-ag I O I with it Shui vine Gwen ff guard "Your Crc'n'if lx Good-Use' If." LESLIE R. DAVIS .IEXWELER Valdostcfs Newest and Finest Iewelry Store 132 N. ASHLIEY ST. PHON1-3 1826 JOHN OLIVER Sw-1 'iw Sfafion FIRESTONE TIRES AMOCO PRODUCTS PHONIQ 231 QCTOMDSI! TOASTED PRA N UTS Fine Candies and Peanut Butter Sandwiches Disfril211fr'rf by MELVILLE HARRIS PHON11 430-R VALDOSTA, GA. G rwfni 1' S f':- z'in'1zf BOB BELCHER'S DRUG STORE Patterson and Central PHONES 812-813 9 3 I Congraizzlfzfious and Best' WislJc'x VALDOSTA GREENHOUSES FLORISTS RITZ PALACE DOS-IA . MARTIN THEATRES VA1-UOSTA GEURGIA Member F. T. D. Phone 1415 XVEDDING STATIONERY Besf 0 f Luck Always O I J. P. STEVENS ENGRAVING CO. 110 Peachtree St., N. W. VALDOSTA BOWLING A'II.AN'I'A CITQORGIA CENTER Best Wislmes to C1. S. W. C. from the Printers of your "Campus Canopy" THE LOWNDES COUNTY NEWS PUIII ISI II RS I'RIN'l'IiRS SIAIIONI RS UIIICI SUIIIIIS VAI.IxOsIA GEORGIA Comfnlimwzfs of BENNETTS DRUG STORE VALDOSTA, GEORGIA KELLER CLOTHING CO. lZl't'l"j'ffIllI.Q for Men nuff liolyx PHONE 307 106 N. PA'I"I'IaIasON SHOP AT SEARS AND SAVE Cozlzplilllvzlfs of SEARS, ROEBUCK AND COMPANY ORDER OFFICE 100 S. Patterson St. Phone 1572 TAKE uPAINE,Sn IN BUYING Ingigt gn , , YOUR HARDWARE L A N C E ' S PAINE HARDWARE CO. Phone soo Iss N. Ashley sf. Crackers THOMPSON AND GIRARDIN CONTACT Us EOR HIGH QUALITY .IEWELERS KILN DRIED LUMBIZR Expwf Rdmimlg All Grades and Sizes HANCOCK LUMBER 120 N. Patterson St. CQMPANY VALDOSTA GEORGIA QUITMAN GEORGIA Tbc' Girls Like' fo Gvi Losf CllllII7liII1l'I1f.Y of in ibn' YOUR FRIEND JITNEY - JUNGLES VALLOTTON'S DAIRY QUALITY GROCERIES AND MEATS Phone 1065-j PINEVIEW GARDENS MATHIS 81 YOUMANS CO. MRS, Cl.AUlDlI CHRISTIAN, Mgr, A L L M U S I C A I M E R C H A N D I s E rf' ,,,' ,U A' Hou! H For All Oc Umom You Arc Always Wfelcome to VISII Our Store and See What We Have 101 McKcy St. VALDOSTA, GA. 112 N. Patterson St. I 95 Everything you need . . . At a price that will Hr your Collegiate purse 13113' uf-- CHURCHWELUS DEPARTMENT STORE OQO College Girls' Hegulquarters PIIONII' 608 ,gfj Q' Ridm the Lune!! "Monkey" Clams on a Coil f?UllllJlillIl'llf.Y of THE CITIZENS AND SOUTHERN NATIONAL BANK VALDOSTA, GA. I Q6 Valdosta's Leading Restaurant THE ROOSEVELT Fanmzls for u7l'Sfl'l"Il Sfwzks VAI,DOSTA, GIEOIKGIA For fbv llf'lL'l'Sf sfylvs in fo0fu'c'ar, jqrsf . . . GRIFFIN'S 127 N. Patterson Street Telephone 67-I "S.1tisf:nCtion Assured" G. S. W. C. GIRLS Pause to Refresh Drink, . . . COCA-COLA in Bottles Valdosta Coca-Cola Bottling Works, Inc. COWART'S DRESS SHOP Ritz Building VAI,lDOS'l'A, GliOIiGlA CARL'S GRILL Qflffk-' 00. Dc'fN'llzlrIfP1f'.' S1'l'l'i4 I I Where the Girls Get Together C110 1000 090 200 N. PATTERSON ST. YELLOW CAB CO. 301 N. ASHLEY ST. TRAVEL-TRAILXVAYS Sllfl' . . . CIlllIfllI'ftlf7lt' . . . Erulzolzzimlf GEORGIA STAGES INCORPORATED NATIONAL TRAILWAYS BUS SYSTEM See or phone your Local Agent for Information Under our democracy woman first formed an active partnership with man in their joint task of improving the lot of humanity. And in the American woman's singular triumph, labor- saving conveniences played a part. Household electric appliances released her from many washtub drudgeries, that her energy and talent might be directed to the building of .1 better citizenship. S Surely, whether our democratic way of living is preserved for our children, de- pends as much upon womanls active patriotism as upon any other arm of our national defense. Q Woiiian's superior moral and spiritual strength can save us. More than ever before she gives serious thought to our economic, social and political problems. Through study circles, gar- den groups, business and professional clubs, church societies and parent-teacher associations, she already changes the complexion of commu- nities. S The employees of this company know that electricity steadily advances the American way of life-that it is a good influence in the ever-expanding sphere of w0man's greater use- fulness. Mmlrrn 4'lr'r'fric' xc'r1'ir'I'x gin' you flu' limi' fu livlp keep Ilr'u1or'I'z1r"y al 1l'0l'k. GEORGIA POWER AND LIGHT COMPANY Your Family amz' Friends will l'l1j0-Y zz new PORTRAIT OF YOU CQ. Have it made now VIHHN IIHHIIIHN Tlu' P!J0Il0KLfI'lIIIl7l'l' lzzsf Two Wforrls To Rl'lJll'IIll7t'If T h 3 "GEORGIA ACF" GEORGIA FERTILIZER CG. VALDOSTA, GEOIQCIA BENSON COMPANY Dry Cll'!1Ill'f.Y ll7 XV. CFNTRAI. AVl'NlJF PHONE 486 C. C. VARNEDOE 81 COMPANY VAI.DOSTA,S S'roR1i IDEPENDABLE Tln' Sfylr' Cl'IIf!'I' of lIlIltl0SflI We are proud ot the Georgia State Woman's College We are glad to take this occasion to say that the CITY OF VALDOSTA is proud to list among its greatest assets the Georgia State Woman's College and- XVe hope that Valdosta as Q1 city makes Ll favorable and lasting impression on the minds of the young ladies who make up the student body of the gre t t L tion 99 NW- QIII IESSFIIL ANNUAL? 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', ,, Fl ' SUUYHETW 'N , 1 I 5 H , A BBUUH DHOTO-PR CESS 62A IN6 C ll5-II9 LUCKIE STREET ATLANTA GEORGIA .1 AINDEX ACIIVIIVIES . . . 54-83 Alumnae Association . 79 Artist Series . . . 80 Campus Canopy . . 62, 63 Christmas Festival . . 8I Dramatic Club . . 64 English Club . . 70 Fine Arts Club . . 65 French Club .... . 7I Freshman I-Ionor Society , . 73 Cilee Club . . . . , 66 International Relations Club . . 68 Math-Science Club , . . . 69 May Day . . 82 Newspaper . . 62, 63 Phi Lambda . . . 76, 77 Philharmonic Club . . 67 Phi Kappa . . 76, 77 Pine Cone . 6O,6I Play Day. . . 83 Presidents' Council . . 75 Senior Honor Society . . 72 Sociology Club . . . 74 Sock and Buslcin Club . . 64 Sports Club .... 76, 77 Student Government Association 56, 57 Valdosta Club . . 78 Yearbook . 60, 6I Y. W. C. A. . 58, 59 CLASSES . I6-53 Freshman Class 46-53 Junior Class . 30-37 Senior Class . I8-29 Sophomore Class 38-45 COLLEGE . . . 6-I5 Administrative Otticers . . I2 Faculty . . I3-I5 Views .... . 4, 5, 8-I I DIVISIONAL SECTIONS . , . 3, 7, I7, 55, 85 FEATURES .... . . 84-89 I J. J L I . f X' 'E 1' xx X, i , .spa x1n4 ' L A ' 4 XXL, ,. .M .1 - QL -Q Zigi -Z- 5 Qi' 24' , -.lf ..JL . -1. r 'A av-11. A. 'va -4' . .4 J v U V ' D Q Q I . Q A , , Q , 0 0 if 'Q 2 x 0 , 5 ' 1 4 . !l'Ax'iv.K, -ad , 9 0'- - 51' Q0 4 - ' A, lo L ' I A . Y I v on og n --' foii' ,J 0 be I ' A I - ' ' 5, 1. . ,031 im -kat ' n . - 'tim 'Q 4 P n 454 U ' al: FQ.. - I? 1s'.',.'. -qv QI ,l. QB . 6.0 V02 mf l-if" O . ll .? - 'v , -9 'C gr f . -af, 'I A -u, Q.. Y' ."' - N 4 :L .Q 52:21 rl' 4' "9 1 s Q r Lt u., " 'v '-Un-1' ',. I nal: 4. nl. MS 3 a 0 ? sf' Pu. K 'o I - Q li' 5 ' K ci' K . A 2 Q ' ' 'I 5 4 I . 42.1 . lin-'li-n :ww 1,7 ff- .Avi r ii? AH . N 534-6- .nuf- Y' ' . v .169 . I , ' . Q, . . 1 U I 4. G. f . u Q 0 Y 0 . 4 Q Ne 1 3 IC -3. .Its AVTK it NV? UTI 5-L . .,Qv J, g- 0 Q A 0 Y lg . 1g . l J 1 . , n . . 1' I , 0, U w rim ' 5 ., ' an 5 gl.. . QQ-,Vin-..' - el -,s' K I J 'tr q J . 4 v

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