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 - Class of 1937

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- 1 " ..,xu1asL1txz74.m 1155111125131 .lsdwi ilanludwi nlfiamnlb ' , 1412114111-. W ' . V -ar-w 01-4 fe ' 'emrqms .NN LMI? ,. H' . ul -- , :Q H., 'Af' 5"'M'9'lruggmz,r,,,. A 7 7 f f 3 Z Womans College at Valdosta, Georgia 1. X Q 4 - 5 N 5 .Q -Q 'Q -Q ...Q 'N pl W 'I fl QE PINE CGNE 1937 Volume 13 Q Presented by THE SENIOR CLASS ol the Georgia State Womans College VALDOSTA, GECQGIA e i i jig PINE CCDNE .... In presenting this the thirteenth volume ot the PINE CONE the Senior Class has sought to make a perma- nent record ot the scenes and events ot this twenty-titth year since the actual building and organization of the Georgia State Womans College at Valdosta, Georgia. C r g r fc at Q ff 4. 4, s A 1 f ...ugly A-uv'--"""' . .. 'L . R" V C l ii hx f'7 A V . :rr - .' " . - - :C gi' f.3f" .mf.",i"-i..' ' X x g , C 0 w , Zia PINE CGINIE Sees the March ol Alma lVlater and Women These things I would like to say: For thirteen years I have watched the classes: I-Iave seen them cross my pages and go out into the world, I-Iave seen them take their places by men- Establish themselves in homes, in business, in professions. Too, I have seen the world changing-watching these comers ad- just themselves. I have seen it looking askance, wondering, then accepting, mak- ing place tor them. Women in a world ot men and women- - Women whose Alma Mater has prepared them if 11 " . For love, for success, for conflicts, and tor world troubles. ,,,. fb In this college they have learned patience and skill, M' " .f , Zn, ' Charm and culture: values ot beauty and work. -I " With these they follow the path ot womanhood- '- "- A path cleared by a growing Alma Mater. I n r - hrough me the students have praised the institution. .igff3f'3 I , have recorded its rowth and their lo alt x p .,,. gm 9 Y Y A these years. At last through this Senior Class i t "ii an express what I have felt tor both institution and students. 4- Q , y story is ot a hand-in-hand march ot this college and women. 4 17 . ' 4 hus I would have you know them as they work, If.. lay, grow-by class, by social groups, by interest groups: 1 . - Thus I would have you see them in picture and in story- . I '5 g . , Women with pleasant memories, enduring friendships, activities I , and achievements, gy Iiggfi , ,u f Challenged by the future. I see them marching on i' 2' I With their Alma Mater-in a world where women are active. ii W , 5. ,iii ' ""' 'I di C C rf, ii" . - ,, ,,,,, r h y 2 ?f553 ' xv , . sf W WRX New ' ' ' K I A " ' 7 Q 4, ' NX. 4 ,, ,it 5 , rf' 'I Q ,,,i i if 7,4 dv xxx 1 ., fit Q Mix. 1. H f-if qtcaffka.. MNC" W . ,,..g:u.,. I 'fa i I ii If 3 iiii D I ..,.f12,.,..,,5?'?K 74. CONTENTS BOOK I. COLLEGE AROUND THE CAMPUS ADMINISTRATION BOOK II. CLASSES SENIOR JUNIOR SOPHOMORE FRESH MAN BOOK III. ACTIVITIES I STUDEN' GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Y. W. C. A. PUBLICATIONS GLEE CLUB . VALDOSTA CLUB ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION ATHLETIC CLUBS DEPARTMENTAL CLUBS HONOR SOCIETIES CHRISTMAS FESTIVAL MAY DAY FESTIVAL CAMPUS ACTIVITIES . BOOK IV. FEATURE SECTION BOOK V. ADVERTISEMENTS X I! I ffm S X " E, ss' if: 4 'I . 2 I ' I J' 1 II 4, fi ar? . 5 I Y- P- ' T' ' D NM B ., L 'I . . S ix D 'Q 'N .I . " 1 'S . ' E, QPR 1 . I 1 . ' uf ' A it - -:fi f' fl ,avi DT 2.3 I M ffl I fi.. ',"J""7. rfb' ,,.A"'f ef TN. iw... .a..A.Ni'LPhv"nsEx2f2'f:s...'45'g?'..,vl:.4E'.'IIk"'. .u7.-f' ' -JT ....' Af-a.'ff fC ""'m.. QL: LIBERAL ARTS CCDLLEGE What is a Liberal Arts College? What does an A.B. degree mean? These two questions l hear so often from those whose lnterests have suddenly been focused on education. l find the definitions varying where the viewpoint varies. Each associate of a college feels that his is the perfect and complete one- Whether it be young, or old, or specialized: It is the Liberal Arts College that I lcnow best. Not only is intellectual study made comprehensive of learning- fields, But a power and quality of perceiving and transcribing the beau- tiful ls their endowment also. To see the magnificence of yellow lights In the dome on cool rainy nights: To lcnow the keen delight of the sight of Black pine shadows under star-light: to catch a glimpse Of a flaming sunset through the colonnades, And to be conscious of red tiled roofs Over green lawns- These are sensations as essential to the students of this college As is the knowledge they learn and the faculty That guides them. Open forums, student publications, vesper services, class enter- tainments, all, Enhance the A.B. degree given the graduates and addressed to: Keepers-of-the-Future Liberal Arts College. f L1-, 's r l ,Ll ' fi. f Epo , -.f - , Ph. A--X "-"" sk X T f 2:lu wg x v 'L I 'LI X v I 'Q 1 -v- ny si- J, ,F fj":w:'f +W- 1 lg .W . ' Iuul - ,,., f"'7""l ' l -'fs' R, sl X , 5 e e e z 4 0 f f lfL z e was A 1 .din , y, 1 .i A W. V i J , W fffv , ' ,in 2? . - . W . w' f -A ' '- ' i - ' X, ' A , 1 ' . . - . . ' - 4 M f . . ' . ' Wf. ' , --ww. , . XO my unfit c- ..' . WEST HALL Where gratifying architecture back- grounds curriculum activities. i i 'f X i V J S f r4fm:iFs"v:. 1 iii L 45 L 'f ' E 'I 'rf ' lr r U I if fr, V Y tj r vls jfg - 'Q . ,yt my 4' A .-.11-..,s,,,,WNmhmK 'Minn V 1 El, id TOWERS OF CONVERSE HALL Like the Spanish Missions with their red Q tiled roots and white stucco. i NEW DORMITORY-SENIOR HALL gl On North campus, recently yu completed. I ,-Q.. , N Q , .fi 1 , sr J, 9 Pl . V N 1 .1-,s V- U , 'r P rg ASHLEY AND CONVERSE HALLS Beauty and magnificence as glimpsed on dormitory row. ff, .P . tv i-4 gif if I , 1 1 n x ' 1 '- a V- It v '1 X at ,,, 1 R X. ' , A fi-wi Q '51 W Y' Fx x f i L. .4 1' , 'i ROTUNDA TEA-SENIORS Reflecting dignity and charm, these teas furnish the perfect quiet social hour. '-1 iff, fl, fyif,-, i i ' i iZf2'fQWf', if , ,iff 6-4, ,f 2 i , 4 i 1, - i l f7ii,fii'i'1g2EK flirt? fi X' i:1:l::72X :Q L ff Sqn' af Q4 ef i X' 1- 'limi ,',',2OxQ. ' -. ,, --. . ' 1-4 i L ..-. "Q if 'fff'!s'5" f ev it L 1 Ai 9 Q Y Y ' 3,17 '-V V "4 if ifi::::. tif e News v W!! Nhllllsi ,i x RQ i'Xl,, , V, X -9-tt: L1 Xxum fxsjlx i, ,ii Y ,X Q SQ Xicbxf " sip i ii ' X 3 ' -V 1 X fx ' f I-K Y bw' AT HOME-AFTER CLASS HOURS Knitting and memory books reach completion during leisure time. MORNING WATCH-SCRIPTURE READING Quiet moments, friendships, favorite Biblical passages start the day. fzgf L.....g.i A ,vi ffffvfi, - if .ff ffmggk ,A Y A t' 'wi---vf 515 3' 'i ii iv. wr m gi 'if-if YQ3 ,- . 4 Pwjgxl fbi, ,gm i"' f if-i2wE'L15Qf'ES-2-'ff' , ff, - q4'?'a5w:w ' ,.q.f.-:A t :wwf 4' ,, . """L YQ ,, N' "' '11.f3"'2n-.-.-figs.-1.5 "E: Tl-IE DOME OF WEST HALL The administration building is a monument to beauty--clouds, light, dome. , A ti?-F"'ii?iiS25ii1-ggY23?g Ei-Rig'-1, gjlg- : :V jig gjliifx fi?-'PYffzfikizsf-'iyilfzez f 1 - , J Q R lb, E S 1 4 , r ' 'Q I 4 i ' M l b ,Y 1 1 3, far 4 Nl ., Mya: l nfl- w A A ,fi ,ik xi My -Q 1, r S.- Q' , 14. 5 i, wx raw", M 1 li" ' ,fi ' 's ,V " , ., Sw 'ef' '-. i TOWARD THE DOME Each studenfs memory--by starlight and daylight. ALONG THE BRIDLE PATH An early morning Canter on a woodland trail. ..,, W gv , W5 . 14 Ji 1 4 0 'Wax Y , El. 'ie fl o r -f, 2 f , A 5 ,fr f x U. g 1, : ' Q, P' " 5 I 1-, .1 . ' 3 -V 4 i , . j ,L , ' , r N , A f 5 r , 1 z iffy. fgif ,R , E A , M S Q 5 a 3 31, 5 4 .25 51",f'?'Q3i . 'T L ' Q 4 'g 5. ., . A , A 55 Q W 13215 Q' Qs.. W- Mm 6,6- "' fir' Af' gfxigy. 4 "'1"x",. ' - 4-it .- J X.. -, 0 I-,, S ,bang Qu x To N gf "7 L?'lw. A 'y'-'14 V-J "3 lui' '- . fc x g 1:5 . X' I lr ' ' 1' ' '61 ' 2-ffixfiff in QTTT' ,-" 95' 1' , , ,ir 5- ' -Q. ' "1 .,.Q..l.l-Q.YL. gf 3 s ,kf 71 " 'if Ex " N' Hi ' ff ,' ' ,ig F., .Q , Y as ,Aix-aff-X Jgyls.-f V Y. .Q-,!., sv , W t. . - X Ag i-24,156 I K t , A ,, ,. . . V uf ' .g i ",,g- 4,3 , w. f., , , f , ' rf" ' 'X T, ""',s , z, ' ,',- T 94' ' '4Jz".: 1v. .. R fk- 34 -J' 9-TM. f 'T '11 'fr "T Ylif GROSS STRUCTURE AND MICROSCOPIC SECTIONS Provide an eyefull which changes the universe. f-vu fy, K W y',Z7WCZf ff , f ' , ,ff J, ff J" ' ' ,ii-1 C f fiffgaazz-7!,fAh M i:?EE:5' Hs, U vb' -A , ,ggi fOu,9s ix. ffl' 'RT' Qf0'0.o':v5i?iTJ R S ' ,::..f?l- QQW-ii 3 1" W 2::::i X 3E Q Millinl V' -Rx Q N -Q,YqXfgQxQQ'xX ,Mx vi i , X xsxfyxi ix' N xx wwf iii W X N, .QC gxxxfx-S . . ii f,fifffi ii T T X S 'ixwffj ig! ' iixxxf 5 T , .N ,V X 5 .P X. i i i T l 1 1 95-,gfgfsno - I I? IN THE LIBRARY Following the new trends ot education the students do much ot their study I through references. Y .ft Eagan .W MAKING ACETONE Care, accuracy, and J campus chatter. fight "Ls:-. W W ff jg i' va.,-fr ANNIE POWE I-IOPPER B.S., George Peabody College for Teachers: M.A., Columbia University. DEAN OF WOMEN FRANK R. READE B.A., M.A., Ph.D. University ot Virginia. PRESIDENT I I ADMINISTRATION The Georgia State Womans College has been designated by the Regents ot the University System ot Georgia as the tour-year Liberal Arts College for Women. The institution is supported by the State, and approximately one-halt ot the cost ot operation is derived from taxes. At moderate cost, there- tore, parents are enabled to give their daughters an excellent general education under the direction ot highly trained, able, and experienced teachers. Lite in the dormitories is looked upon as an opportunity tor the prac- tice ot the fine art ot living. It is a place where the value and impor- tance ot human relationships isllcnown. Students learn to live together, to work together, and to play together. Thus ar social consciousness is de- veloped that makes them on gradua- y tion worthier members of society. I B5 GILMER, GULLIVER, SAWYER CARPENTER, TREANOR, BUSH GLADYS WARREN B.M., Lalce Erie College: M.A., Iowa State University: Pupil of Ernest I-Iutcheson, New York City: ot Lee Pattison, Chicago: ot Tobias Matthay, Matthay School ot Pianotorte, London, England. PROFESSOR OF Music CLARA BANCROFT Diploma, Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. INSTRUCTOR IN VOICE FRANCES PARDEE Graduate, Cincinnati Conservatory ot Music: Pupil ot Sevcilc in Vienna, and ot Robert Perutz and Julian Polilcawslci, Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. INSTRUCTOR IN VIOLIN GERTRUDE GILMER B.S., M.A., George Peabody College tor Teachers. PROFESSOR OF ENGLISH WARREN, BANCROFT, PARDEE is-E HAROLD GULLIVER B.A., Yale University: M.A., Columbia University: Ph.D., Yale University. PROFESSOR OP ENGLISH LOUISE SAWYER Graduate, Columbia College ot Expression: B.S., School of Speech, Northwestern University. PROFESSOR OF VOCAL EXPRESSION RUTH CARPENTER Bachelor's Diploma and B.S., Teacher's College, Columbia University: A.M., lbid. PROFESSOR OF ART SAPELO TREANOR A.B., M.A., University ot Georgia. PROFESSOR OF FRENCH JANIE BUSH A.B., University ot Georgia: M.A., University ot North Caro- lina: Diploma, College ot Classical Studies, Rome, Italy. PROFESSGR OF LATIN 'fl' pn. er' ' : LE -1-'e-3-.z:-12, .1 gf::ErL1 EEi BRINK, DURRENBERGER, PUNKE, PRICE ' PERRY, DUSENBURY, THOMAS, LARSEN MARIAN E. FARBAR HAROLD PUNKE R.N., Chicago Baptist Hospital: MD., Uiiivaisity of Iliinois B.S., M.S., University of Illinois: Ph.D., University of Chicago Medical School, PROFESSOR OF EDUCATION DIRECTOR OF HEALTH SERVICE ELEANOR NIMS BRINK LEONORA IVEY A.B., Vassar College: Ph.D., University ot Chicago. B.S., Georgia State College tor Women: M.A., George PROFESSOR OF SOCIAL SCIENCES Peabody College for Teachers. ' PROFESSOR OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION J. R. DUSENBURY TREASURER, AND SUPERINTENDENT OF GROUNDS AND BUILDINGS ELIZABETH MCREE A.B., Georgia State Womans College. MILDRED LARSEN T . 'NSTRUCTOR 'N PHYSKAL EDUCA ION A.B., GCOVQIG State Womans College. ASSISTANT TREASURER JOSEPH DURRENBERGER A.B., Southwestern University: A.M., Ph.D., Columbia University. PROFESSOR OF HISTORY AND SOCIAL SCIENCES MILDRED PRICE A.B., Georgia State Womans College: A.M., Columbia A FARBAR' WEY' MCREE University. 1' T f I F PROFESSOR OF HISTORY E - - .A . , i. S. r e f . . . 1 .JI -ow-4 .. -f, xx S.-f .gif aww .ff ' -, i N. k . N-69 HAWKS, PHELAN, CARTER, NEVINS DEARISO, PATTERSON MATILDA CALLAWAY CAROLINE TI-IOMAS B.S.l-I.E., University ot Georgia: M.A., Columbia University. A.B., Georgia State Womans College. PROFESSOR OF HOME ECONOMICS REGISTRAR MRS. EVA SHRIVALLE TI-IRYZA PERRY Palmer College. A.B., Oglethorpe University. DIETITIAN DIRECTOR OF PLACEMENT AND PUBLICITY EVELYN DEARISO LENA JAMES I-IAWKS A.B., Georgia State Womans College: B.L.S., Emory A.B., Goucher College: A.M., Vanderbilt University: Ph.D., University. The Johns Hopkins University. LIBRARIAN PROFESSOR OF MATHEMATICS AND DEAN OF INSTRUCTION LILLIAN PATTERSON EARL PI-IELAN A.B., Georgia State Womans College. B.Chem., Ph.D., Cornell University. ASSISTANT LIBRARIAN PROFESSOR OF CHEMISTRY MARJORIE CARTER B.S., William and Mary. CALLAWAY SHRIVALLE ASSISTANT DEAN OF WOMEN AND INSTRUCTOR IN BIOLOGY BEATRICE NEVINS Ph.B., Ph.M., Ph.D., University ot Wisconsin PROFESSOR OF BIOLOGY is Zire CLASS CYCLE As I see the classes-four daughters of the college- The significance of these organizations is Brought more vividly to my mind. Classes-usually meaning merely a college group in the same Year of study or in the same rank because of common character- istics: Yet here are the groups that foster the keynote Of cooperation-college spirit. From these come the development of the college. Beginning in their first year and taking their incentive from Classes that have gone before, They contribute their part toward college camaraderie By living together, by experiencing adaptations By adventuring with learning, by appreciating the creative heritage Are the members of the classes perpetuating their kind. Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors: With each class the end of one cycle, A The beginning of another. W 5,11 ..... S 2... -X f jane? -ai M aP5555' K :Ii 0 . "'foQ"' 'w u 5 W x .fir . I I, f Id! 4 Y X xI I rl f ' .5 . ,N - I, I4 'z-,Lf 7 ' Kit ', , W:-I' ' x W 1 . ' A , 1 ' I . xt' , , , A .. . II.. .1 I , If , "S , - ." J iii! .' ' '. .if .J . . A 'i ' I -,113 x -' V I A xfgf .A :Ii II ', J '- 'If QI-"V,ljvZfp4I L5 I . v rf.-E A . gif- A,'f-3' '21 2, 2 ,Q 1- . . . ' fg,g"fi41,,f- 51, ' .4 .ff ' ,lf 5 I ,ku A, 7113 ""3fi'N 'fi I A QA. - " ' I - f..4?"b'? l A ,:I,y,'-'52 if-X 1 . ' ' jing.. Y ' 4 - .fi'2f'5"4Q-.'f" 2aff:Ab7L '31 1 ' -, ' ,5 I ,,,.I,,. 241,535-I Ig 'I I 44-1-15 A .. ' ' '11 'G' ' if wscf-fA..A-'I' 1 1 . Jskg? ... I ' I rig -.Zu-I '1 II Q' gig, 1' '4 I ,5k??I I r , . 5 5:74 . I 0 dx I -13, .f - 2' ,'I A- V, g3QvIIIIk,IIx3 I3 A I: I A W. " A ff? ""'f -"1 ' .. . T -' 2 ' 'f is if . f.1?l '- 6.3.-i " '41 - - , A .1-ups A A A A ' X. A '55-?f' ???f5'i1' ' ,-I-:JA - ' ' 32' Q Q . , 3 ' "I -22552 , 'f !.'.. fig I?'3'.' ' C-i5 A - . ,. 1 r ' ,I 4 H ' ' 2 ' . -I, - fl 4 ' ' p ' -1.5 - A - A ' . . ff? .- ' 5 A ??Ai?-W-fc " 7'-i"A' A sr HA' - , :gg-l'3'.'f,5 ff. . f A: A fi A ZEYZ-A. ,A .A I I II If, -I f- 3. '- -532 .1 Af 74 A ? 5. 4 " ' JA 1 .-ff"-7, --'ai 1-5 .A Q. - ' . 2 A1 .Ii . .4 vrff f. . A v 'zfifztf' wif- -'nf' .gf Lil. ZA '.:75 .Lx -' .3 K' N x "- 5 I .4 fs- ' if-f' -' . Z' ' 1- -- ' -,ff II I I . Av: is A 3 if Q.-M.-',f . .Q ' 4112- 'A. QAII M"'.I,?- -' '-I ' I I' Q. , I .S '- ' ' IW 52.3.17 ' A' . I ,px 'f,'..I . 'ffxz 1,' YI If :I f5f?1g.1-I','.g.j if 5. fagifv ,gf A. if .?,, -Aff Q , , 1 - N-1, .-, 'Q'-1 ,'mJ'c"g. I A7 5 g i iyff -?sIj.Ag'1 f- -iQ.'fI 21' A-5. ' A' g5IQf:3.j.zIfIQ3, ,IA':I-If fII.IIj.gI.IA , .I Q45 I-r QI I' A-,I LIS, IXIQI-'-LI IIg-QQ"-df-5 5 fIj . IQ 25,5 :IMI ',3I.5A,.I1Ifg5? .535jI,'I 4 , ',f'f',.'::'Q'-',f':-:Y"1vi'Y':A ,xo f A gf- 'Q g,A 5 J , Q -, My -A .1 Ii, -A-WA - 12: Mg.: 'Ain-1 I.-yI.-gf. I 'A 11- 56 -I 'f5kuII L fi 1-I I I I 'I-L-I It 3 I M . . ,QI I Ffa gI I ':C'1,xgikg1rIJ. 1 H, I I I Iii.. YM..f.I-,- ABI I. QQAIQIQA Q2 I A I IA 'A I 5 1: N I,,f" 5- ,L g-fy A, 2. 'gi ff?AA:-.AA Ig' J, . -4 -.ifff '5-.Q Y 'f5'f"1" :ff f if- A ' ' 'sn-51 .A-3 -' . 'A -ffxi'-:WA ' ' -- -'-2' ' -4, AE- .- ' 1.-If-l-'Y rf," ,-'f?1.'u." - A- - y 3 A , ' A gs,--'gf - I ' ,. 37:3-.E 'my A-i m a "1 Q .ls - 1' fA'--rs----'.s.--ifflag- :AJ-. 1.-r.. . ,Af I ,M ,. . I .- IA I IJ, 71--psf, ,I'g,xg1. A .5-A A' ff:-If A - -QA.-As A , . :. - A . A . X- - .m'x-f- .- A. ' ' A .-. 'A A22-13 ... .S-A .. AA -t-?i'I! I, '-, - . Q I-' 'fa K5 5, f' 1- 7If15:gi, "3 . 1' ff ig "Q , ' if-,HAY --A-:'ia,,+ .sY.,g: :J IQ, I3 IQ 1 I I , .5 ' .,, 2. f A, 1 'L Bl' - 'iq A 'f -QL--. I ",A,x ,- -n '- 7-fx, ,pf -my-A . ,- f A. A ' 1 A . 1 - ,- Al., va - Q :H wg' 1" .- f. -.L -A fi - ' 5k'5,,"i'f Fggyqglyfa. '2:,i4i1 Q -, I I 1 I - fig ff 1. I '- ,IL I,?gf,e2'i9, - , 4' I . .XII IL., I. A. I' - ,uw ,- f 3 - 5 I I - I I 1 -, II I , -rj, . aj.. ,AI 5,3-wfI-QI, II L-.A . E':::-15-fig iriifg . -, 5- , A'-1 - .. is 3 - 5, .. A 2 . Ai ff'-n5'AIgw.-Pf51'fgj' 'A Lv A A '-I ' - -'. ' :M 1" gui . Q. ' z A- Q ' - 'A .-'A ff 'A 'cn J' - S' 1 .MS . If -if2:,'i?ff-iff-f-15-32,3 fs: .I -4 . 14. n- - 2II.Iw-I'.A -2 A f - ' M, -.fl A 9' -.' J "'.1'f-:YL 5!fI..viQ'-i, 25- 523 I 7I KI 3 I Q, 5" 5 1- ' If -- . 4 . . 3 -I I I' i 'N "' ,,- ' . 55.51,-v.31" - pf Y A il.--.2-Z 'QM-.'v-'-0-fs .5 - 'T-A -.FN A ... A - AA fy 'fi-A1 f . 1. Ya SA 2 vf-. ?fAfQ23?-'lie-,-AAA .xf . 424.-."'5' :Ja IMA! A' Qsgkf? 1 P lv'Zf'?w ' ' X " -- . 345: 3" ' 4 ff: A- , EA 5- -2' . 2':?iiA".2'6f.-'-1 .1 .f 'Aer 'A' A92 A' 1, if. 775-12. 2 M, A- ' e. '. f- -'z - A ir? V ' , F2 T '. A ' -ff4i5'Ai"'A.-. ?7" 'QC" ' . ' 'M 'Leif-g 0 ' M. "fri ggi SIIILU. Pg. 1 .II - "u-. , 54:1 5 B? L A i 'A J'5lQ'A'lJ.,w4Zj . ' A ' , if-1:1 A. A zz- "1j1.gffn-,5-. A 1 A A f' - A. HA Af-'fA',,gf f 1-. A , A-in Lffvz' ' I1 IMI- iam,-1, 'I if , . '-..- '-, Q-ir" A ' 'E' . Y I 1' G ff - I' p T df I I'1I .-1 , III ' 'G I -15, I . If' f I AUII I ,I f f-f2V: .IIII I: II f::!Iv II I 1: A f- ,H - .1 '- . A H. A - - P". -J' fi -K ' -A 1. ,' - za'-,-1 - . Qxqs-px-j N' IPXI ,fx , I - 2 ff ,I J- , -as .Peg I III .I-X.. 1 GFI - I Ie, gII:aI-gg, .Iv , V ,.I 3155 A, '51, .I ,II 'Q " 2' 4' .3 X 'xg' 1' f" ' I 2,541 A1-1 T ,QA - :'5:,53Q.f-.tqII,4gA1 AQ ? vis ? A -Q '- J A' ' Er 1 E II,4:A' S f .,f-3 ff?'5i??-AA' ' ' iw Vyusif- f "F Z V57 Q T" H '1 . " ' 2' 3 5 A- " "T " .' fi.-'S' 'GA Q" , iffqaf ,Lffiff- ' If 4, A - . efpfwf f. . jj- M II.I6LI',:I- I' ..kIIzv,I5tjngIh-. , I I III, '. I II IIiIAfI III 1,6355 I IT- - , . .:- xl.FNf A . abil 5.'9i"- '55 AQJ?-Y"'bA J' . V f a A ' iff' 1 A591-Af " ' -fir! 1. IMI' W' Vff-I'Iq,f3A3f.,g6g5, 1 , '1 5 .haw 72 A: II 1 .. II,,IIv IIIRQSTI-I,,Z11a 1 I: 1 5-A . , Av A,.A1, . I 5- Iv r II- , . . - -,w .1 , -Q - I , . '. ff-: A if A f ff-f-2.,2fA?A3QA-:-A- f A A . 135- .A -lv-"Q - A 1V'3IIi.:i'-f-'H.ih-5:1eA'-v 'fri-A S 3 . . 'Isa-wwf" r 4 A' '?'f':'AA'.f1' A -ff .- - Af I , xy,H,A3-,Iif3-.Aff3ggIgg,e15gg-Igiii - ,-,-3' ,Iv Pa II,2'f A I -"' -A 1-35" Z'fy1?i-",'AL51.:':?'FffS5a5"-ll'G'a5' A Af .A 'A?x1 ., .-- " A-rf. li-f' .-.Nz 4 ' "' I. II IQIQIIIIVI FII .?II,IFIII3b1k X 5 5 IILII-fg,x'l:I5b-2 ,IIIIIII f. , 1, I U III I .f-ani" ' I A. J- 'I I-I 62-ji" 'W' -z'j'?f3 I I ,. V T. ,IJ I:I'I I I' I. III,f" Id I A ,- I , I IIY'f,I.5IIII mass-3II?I3,II?IXIg?'i Q I - . , fg,Ir'qt:I.I,? 1 I I II,,- ,I,,,,I,, A A ' AA Av -S 'M-'AA I , . 1' 5 . A -A' '51 ., I .. .jg31,..,-3, 2. 1 I I , If 1 I IIII,.,...... , QC' "5 'T' . -E ' A - 1-.rv 11. A . . . , Q .. .- ' l. ' A SA 'A -- AA lk "' ' I A ? I ,IIK I,,rA ,y..L.,,,.I- L im 1 ,I 1, - '- 7 L? I fb I -f' I,,f, II. f ,Ti an N ' W ' a ' x YIIII, ,I F it 'A I fx I , ' - 2 nn.-""' f ' X I , I Ish I.-III I Ik, III I I II,...fg- yn , . II , I III II II, It I - I.z.:...---- ,,,.... I If IAIII, rp'-Q., -' f . I . I,: . ,-- " . Q",- , ,fr E ' 1-'55 ' 1 - ---A--f-'M' 4 A ' A' 1 - . I I I I I . II II . y- L 1 I I I I II, ,' -,I 1 ' I DLI, , if M I .I ,I 1 I ,... II? 7 Z' I - is qt X . -. J 5, , . '5 . ' ' . ' 4' J' .- 'M ' " X., , . . V , , .K . I .. - I gI Q I - I . L x A ' Q : I I qs ' , ' ' - I I " x I x ' -A b !. 5 MQ' fn 4 iv, ' 5 S Fx 4 1 ,. II I I .II f I I I Q 2, .. I2sx gg I .I I II.,,- - NI... I . a 'I ,-aff' I ' A 'N' . A' M- I " III I ,Af I II I I ,412--N II ' , ' ', I -A, ' N- ..-' , ' I ,M .. IJI IJ II 1 IIIIJ. DI ,,..,'1-F X I I ,'- - x r , I ' -ff? Q . Af- if N'-ik SEX I I , M, - ,-' - I- - I X 5 g g , A : I IIIIIII x i i -I I . I , .f ....I II --- I I II 1. -.,. Ig www I I V ' IIQ-I XX III,.f I . me X . "x1g X . XIX ' A 3 . 'X I n PRISCILLA KELLEY MARY l-IARGRAVE President Senior Class Tfeasufef Savannah, Georgia Thomasville, Georgia A.B. ENGUSH 'MB' HBTORY Student Government Association: Y. W. C. A. Vice-Presi- Transfer from Ripon College' Ripon' Wlsconsln' l3l1 Student dent, l3l, Freshman Commission lil, Cabinet l2, 3f: Phi Kappa Athletic Association, lil: Glee Club, lll: Soclc and Buslcin Club, ll, 2, 3, 4l: Delegate to Y. W. C. A. Conter- ence at Blue Ridge, l2l: Delegate to Y. W. C. A. Conven- tion at Wesleyan in Macon, l3l: President Senior Class, l4l: Freshman Who's Who, lil: "Miss Charming," l3l: Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges, l4l: G. S. W. C. Emblem, tions Club, l4l: Senior Class Treasurer. ZZ.. SENIOR CLASS On to New Orleans! This has been the cry ot the seniors throughout the year as they rallied to calce rattles, tea-dances, and an honest-to-goodness carnival, all sponsored to raise tunds tor the class trip to New Orleans during the Winter quarter. Not all play though-trom the Senior class, with its boundless energies, have come many ot the leaders ot the school, presidents ot clubs and organizations:yet they have tound time to sponsor tea-dances, a President's Ball, and in the tall their biggest entertainment, a carnival with games, side-shows, dancing, and lunch stands. Lastly, the class has published the year- book and presented it to the student body as a scrap boolc ot memories. P Government Association: Y. W. C. A.: International Rela- ENICDR CLASS EMMA AMBOS Savannah, Georgia A.B. BIOLOGY Student Government Association Council Representative, lll: President Sophomore Class, l2l: Vice-President Student Government Association, l3l, President, l4l: Y. W. C. A.: Phi Kappa Athletic Association, lil: Argonian Literary Society, lil: Math-Science Club, ll, 2, 3, 4l: PINE CONE Statt, l4l: Delegate to Southern Y. W. C. A. Conterence at Blue Ridge, l3l: Delegate to Southern Student Government Association, l3, 4l: Student Activities Committee, l4l: Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges, l4l: G. S. W. C. Emblem, l3l: l-lonors, ll, 2, 3l: Senior l-lonor Society: Senior Adviser to Freshman l-lonor Society. MARY ASKEW Arlington, Georgia A.B. ENGLISH Student Government Association Council Member from Dormitory Students: Y. W. C. A. Publicity Chairman, l3l: Sororian Literary Society: Phi Lambda Athletic Associa- tion, ll, 2, 3l: Eine Arts Club, ll, 2, 3, 4l, President, l2l: English Club, Q 1 . 2746 SENIGR LILLIAN Cl-lAPLlN BRAGG Savannah, Georgia A.B. FRENCH Student Government Association: Y. W. C. A.: Phi Kappa Athletic Association, ll, 2, 3, 41, Vice-President, l41, Coun- cil, Awards, l2, 31: Argonian Literary Society: Sock and Buslrin Club, ll, 2, 3, 41, President, Plays, l2, 31: Fine Arts Club, ll, 21, Secretary-Treasurer, l21: Campus Canopy Staff, 131: Pine Branch Statt, l21: PINE CONE Stati, l41: Artist Series Committee, l41: Senior l-lonor Society Secretary. LEILA CALLENDER Valdosta, Georgia A.B. FRENCH Student Government Association: Phi Kappa Athletic Asso- ciation, ll, 2, 3, 41, Awards, ll, 2, 31: Argonian Literary Society, lI1: International Relations Club, l2, 31: French Club, l41: Valdosta Club, ll, 2, 3, 41: l-lonors, ll, 2, 3, 41. CLASS FRANCES CARSON Talbotton, Georgia A.B. ENGLISH Student Government Association: Y. W. C. A.: Phi Lambda Athletic Association, ll, 21: Argonian Literary Society, lll: Glee Club, ll, 2, 3l: English Club, l4l, Vice-President, l4l: Treasurer Sophomore Class, l2l: Campus Canopy Staff, l3l: PINE CONE Statf, l4l: I937 May Queen. ALEXA DALEY Dublin, Georgia AB. ENGLISH Student Government Association: Y. W. C. A.: Phi Lambda Athletic Association: Argonian Literary Society: English Club, l3, 4l: French Club, l2, 3, 4l: Glee Club, ll, 2, 3, 4l, Secretary-Treasurer, l3l, President, l4l: Campus Canopy Staff, l3, 4l: PINE CONE Statt, l4l: Senior Honor Society Program Chairman. 'xxmxx Q46 SEIXIIGR MARGARET DALTON Valdosta, Georgia A.B. ENGLISH Student Government Association: Phi Lambda Athletic As- sociation, ll, 2, 3l: Argonian Literary Society: Secretary of Junior Class, l3l: Valdosta Club, ll, 2, 3, 4l. FRANCES FLUKER Quitman, Georgia A.B. ENGLISH Student Government Association: Y. W. C. A.: Phi Lambda Athletic Association Award, l3l: Argonian Literary Society, lll: English Club, l3, 4l, President Extempore, l3l, President, l4l: Sock and Buslqin Club, l3, 4l: Play, l3l: Artist Series Com- mittee, CLASS DOROTHY FULLER Quitman, Georgia A.B. ENGLISH Student Government Association: Lambda Athletic Asso- ciation, lll: Argonian Literary Society, ill: Orchestra Treas- urer, MARTHA GAY Quitman, Georgia A.B. HISTORY Student Government Association: Y. W. C. A. Freshman Commission, lil, Cabinet, l4l: Phi Kappa Athletic Associa- tion, Council, l3, 4l, Awards, ll, 2, 3l: Argonian Literary Society, lll: International Relations Club, l2, 3, 41, Delegate to l. R. C. Conference in Auburn, Alabama, l4l, Treasurer, l4l: Fine Arts Club, l2, 3, 4l, Secretary-Treasurer, l3l, Vice- President, l4l: Math-Science Club, l4l: Campus Canopy Statt, l3, 4-l, Exchange Editor, l4l: PINE CONE Statt, l4l: Pine Branch Statt, lll: Honors, ll, 3l: G. S. W. C. Emblem, Alpha Delta, National Honorary Journal- istic Fraternity. ' .4-M' :1 ...f"' ' " My H .rr T4 2746 SENIGR ELIZABETH GREEN Jaclcsonville, Florida rcs. BIOLOGY Student Government Association: Y. W. C. A.: Phi Kappa Athletic Association: Argonian Literary Society, lll: Math- Science Club, President, l4l: Fine Arts Club, l3, 4l: Reporter, News Editor, and Associate Editor Campus Canopy, l3, 4-l: Journalism Award, l3l: Delegate Georgia Press Association, l3l: Delegate Georgia Collegiate Press Association, l3l: Delegate National Associated Collegiate Press in Louisville, Kentucky, l4l: Editor-in-Chief ot PINE CONE, l4l: l-lonors, X. ll, Zl: Editor Senior Honor Society, l4l: G. S. W. C. Emblem, Alpha Delta, National l-lonorary Journal- istic Fraternity. LOTA GRIFFITI-I Kinderlou, Georgia A.B. ENGLISH Student Government Association: Phi Lambda Athletic Association, ll, Zl: English Club, l3, 4l: French Club, l3, 4l: Glee Club, ,- 7 CLASS MARY KATHRYN HARRELL Valdosta, Georgia A.B. ENGLISH Student Government Association: Phi Kappa Athletic As- sociation, ll, 2, 3, 4l, Awards, ll, 2, 31: English Club, l4l: French Club, l3, 4-l: Valdosta Club, ll, 2, 3, 4l: PINE CONE Staff, l4l: I-lonors, FRANCES I-IINES Americus, Georgia AB. i-i1sToRv Transfer from Georgia Southwestern, l3l: Student Govern- ment Association: Y. W. C. A.: Phi Lambda Athletic As- sociation, l4l: Eine Arts Club, l3, 4l: Campus Canopy Statf, l3, 4l: PINE CONE Stati, 47 Q46 SENIGR MARTHA JENNINGS Valdosta, Georgia A.B. FRENCH Student Government Association: Student Council, l4l: Phi Kappa Athletic Association, ll, Zl: Argonian Literary So- ciety, lllg French Club, l3, 4-l, President, l3l: Soclc and Buslcin Club, l4l: Valdosta Club, ll, 2, 3, 4l, President, M. LORENE JOHNSON Thomasville, Georgia AB. ENGLISH Student Government Association: Y. W. C. A.: Phi Kappa Athletic Association Council, l3, 4l, Awards, l2, 3lg Argo- nian Literary Society, lll: English Club, l3, 4-lg Soclc and Buslcin Club, l2, 3, 4l, Secretary-Treasurer, l3l, Play, l4l, As- sistant Director Play, l3lg Pine Branch Associate Editor, l2, 3l: Campus Canopy Advertising Manager and Managing Editor, l3l, Editor, l4l, Awards, l3, 4-ly Student Activities Committee, l4lg National Archery Medal, lllg PINE CONE Literary Editor, l4l3 Delegate to Georgia Collegiate Press Association Conventions in Athens and Atlanta, l3lq Dele- gate to National Convention of Associated Collegiate Press in Louisville, Kentucky, l4l: G. S. W. C. Emblem, Alpha Delta, National I-lonorary Journal- istic Fraternity. 'rw .gi Q xl fi CLASS. MARY MCLESTER JOHNSON Macon, Georgia A.B. ENGLISH Transfer from Mercer University, l3l3 Student Government Association: Y. W. C. A.p English Club, l3, 4lg Glee Club, l3, 4l7 Soclc and Buslcin Club, JOSEPI-llNE L. JOUBERT Savannah, Georgia AB. FRENCH Student Government Association: President Freshman Class, lll: Y. W. C. A.: Phi Kappa Athletic Association President, if4l, Council, l4l, Awards, l2, 3lg Argonian Literary Societyflllg Presidents' Club, lllg Soclc and Buslcin Club, ll, 2, 3, 4l, Plays, l2, 3l3 Fine Arts Club, ll, Zli French Club, l3, 4l: Campus Canopy Statt, l4lg PINE CONE Statt, l4l: Freshman's Who's Who, lllg l-lonors, l , 2, 3, 4l: Senior l-lonor Society Treasurer, 2746 SENIOR ELIZABETH KELLEY Savannah, Georgia A.B. FRENCH Student Government Association: Y. W. C. A. Freshman Commission, Cabinet, 13, 41, Deputation Chairman, 131, Sun- day School Chairman, 141: Phi Kappa Athletic Association, 1I, 21, Awards, 1l, 21: Entre Nous Club, 12, 3, 41: Sock and Buskin Club, 1I, 2, 3, 41, Secretary-Treasurer, 121, Plays, 1l, 31: Glee Club, 1l, 2, 41: Sororian Literary Society: Modern Poetry Forum, 1I, 21: Winner Poetry Contest, 1I, 21: Campus Canopy Staff, 131: G. S. W. C. Emblem, 131: Maid of I-Ionor, May, I937. LINELLE LANG Omega, Georgia A.B. ART Student Government Association: Phi Kappa Athletic As- sociation: Argonian Literary Society: Fine Arts Club, 1I, 2, 3, 41: PINE CONE Staff Art Committee, 1I, 41: Orchestra, .gs -Q' A, CLASS . LAURA McLEOD Pine View, Georgia A.B. HISTORY Student Government Association: Y. W. C. A.: Phi Lambda Athletic Association, II, 2, 3, 4I, Council, I4I, Awards, I3, 4I7 Argonian Literary Society, III: International Relations Club, IZ, 3, 4I, Secretary, I3I, President, I4I3 PINE CONE Staff, I4Ig I-Ionors, I3, 4I: Senior I-Ionor Society. CATHERINE MORGAN Pembroke, Georgia A.B. ENGLISH Student Government Association: Y. W. C. A.: Phi Kappa Athletic Association, II, 3Ig Argonian Literary Society, III: Soclc and Buskin Club, I2, 3, 4I1 Annual Play, I3Ig PINE CONE Statt. f"'7 'QQ ilvllff- , 1 ,d,:!'n,?,c:, , JE" L is 2746 SENIQR SARAH ELLEN MORGAN Mystic, Georgia A.B. HISTORY Student Government Association: Y. W. C. A.: Phi Lambda Athletic Association, 1I, 2, 3, 41, Council, 12, 3, 41, Awards, 1I, 2, 31, Vice-President, 141: Argonian Literary Society, 1l1: lnternational Relations Club, 13, 41. ELOISE OGLETREE Savannah, Georgia A.B. ENGLISH Student Government Association: Y. W. C. A. Freshman Commission, 1l1, World Fellowship Chairman, 121, President, 141, Council Member, 141: Phi Kappa Athletic Association, 1I, 21: Argonian Literary Society, 1l1: English Club, 13, 41: French Club, 12, 3, 41: Who's Who, 141: Glee Club, 1I1: Campus Canopy Statli, 141: PINE CONE Statt, 141: Deputa- tion Team, 141: Delegate to Blue Ridge, 131: Delegate to Wesleyan Conference, 1I, 2, 3, 41: Delegate to Presidents' Conference at Atlanta, 141: Delegate to National Conven- tion at Colorado Springs, Q? N F .11 1 1 V. i 1 S 3 K . 5 r ,fi 5 ,W AS? 1 ' 2 3? A' ,L 1 ! At 1 , l , 1 i CLASS PERMELIA OLLIFF Quitman, Georgia A.B. FRENCH Student Government Association: Y. W. C. A., lllg Phi Kappa Athletic Club, ll, 2, 3, 4l, Council, l2, 3, 4l, Awards, ll, 2, 3l, Secretary-Treasurer, l3l7 Argonian Literary Society, lil: French Club, l3, 4l, President, l4lg l-lonors, ll, 2, 3, 41: Senior l-lonor Society, President, EMILY PARRISI-l , Valdosta, Georgia A.B. ENGLISH Student Government Association: Phi Kappa Athletic As- sociation, lllg French Club, l3, 4l, Secretary, l4l3 English Club, l3, 4lg Fine Arts Club, l3, 4lg Valdosta Club, l3, 4lg PINE CONE Statt. 1 is cfs Q - 274. SEIXIIGR ANNETTE PHILLlPS Eastman, Georgia A.B. MUSIC Student Government Association: Y. W. C. A.: Phi Lambda Athletic Association, lll: Argonian Literary Society, lil: Philharmonic Club, ll, 2, 3, 4l, Vice-President, l3l: Glee Club, ill: PINE come staff, l4l. ESTELLE Ricics Reynolds, Georgia A.B. ENGLISH Student Government Association, Secretary-Treasurer, l4l: Y. W. C. A.: Argonian Literary Society, lil: Phi Lambda Athletic Association, lll: Math-Science Club, l3, 4l, Vice- President, l4l: English Club, l3, 41: Junior Class Treasurer, l3l: PINE CONE Business Manager, CLASS . ESTHER SMITH Mystic, Georgia A.B. ENGLISH Transfer Middle Georgia College at Cochran, l2l: Student Government Association: Y. W. C. A.: Phi Kappa Athletic Association, l2l: English Club, l2, 31: Valdosta Club, ANNE TURNER Valdosta, Georgia A.B. ART Student Government Association: Phi Kappa Athletic As- sociation, ll, 2, 3l: Argonian Literary Society, lil: Fine Arts Club, l2, 3, 4l, President, I3, 4l: Valdosta Club, ll, 2, 3, 41, Secretary, l2l: Art Editor PINE CONE, ll, 4l: Artist Series A Committee, F 3 Q46 SEIXIICDR VIVIAN VINCENT Lakeland, Georgia A.s. FRENCH Student Government Association: Y. W. C. A.: Phi Lambda Athletic Association: Argonian Literary Society, lil: French Club, l3, 4l, Vice-President, l4l: Honors, l4l: Chairman, Library Vocational Group, MARGARET WADE Valdosta, Georgia A.B. SOCIOLOGY Transfer from Georgia State College for Men, Tifton, lil: Student Government Association: Phi Lambda Athletic Association, l2, 3, 41, Awards, l2, 3l: Math-Science Club, l2, 3, 4l: Glee Club, l3, 41. .4 I if CLASS . RUTH WILLIAMS Waycross, Georgia A.B. ENGLISH Student Government Association: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 1I, 21, Choir, 1I, 21: Phi Lambda Athletic Association, 1I, 2, 31: English Club, 131, Secretary-Treasurer, 131: Glee Club, 1I, 2, 31: Dramatic Club, 1I, 2, 31, Vice-President, 131: Campus Canopy, 1I, 21: PINE CONE Staff, 131: G. S. W. C. Emblem. fha. f i G," .,f!'7"'!S 1. 1' 11" 'ff' f!,f'f, ', K!! ,f!,f'f,, 2'i 411' an I I .i fig x 212:37 .,.5 iliac' 6 a,o',v'f3?i 1 fi '-2 ii-' ng g . ,, a '.f:i'3' X ,N Yr '--.zur Q Q f A VIRGINIA ZIPPLIES CAROLYN WHIPPLE LYLBURN WARREN CLASS PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER S h Georgia Quitman, Georgia Waycross, Georg 2746 JUNICDR CLASS To the Junior Class go the honors tor that clever bit of clowning, the taculty-take-ott, which they gave in the tall. This class has been responsible for some ot those memorable dances held in the gymnasium and also tor an l89O party-a gay one too. During the Winter quarter they sponsored the Presbyterian Gol- Iege Glee Club. The Junior Class has had an appointed com- mittee doing research on finding a new name tor the college, as their aim has been to be instrumental in having the name changed. JUNIGR CLASS 0 Q 0 BERNICE ANDREWS EDITH BENNETT Thomasville, Georgia Savannah, Georgia FRANCES BINGHAM ANN BROOKS Valdosta, Georgia Valdosta, Georgia ' ,CN fy ma T-T ig.. 4'6- H?- Y RUTH BU NN Folkston, Georgia MARGARET CANNON Cairo, Georgia BILLIE COLLINS Cairo, Georgia SUE COPPAGE Valdosta, Georgia JUNICDR CLASS . .. ELIZABETH DASHER RUTH GARBUTT Valdosta, Georgia Valdosta, Georgia THERESA GRAHAM CAROLYN GREENE Jesup, Georgia Columbus, Georgia 'CIT an 3 z f "Y" A 4 ma -fwi -, , ' iff .5 5' gf' ,-fit, ' :1 --,i ,Inf 4 Y 'gi-,J 1 4- " iw". f 'C' fdyi fr '5- X wtf? LOIS HAFFORD Waycross, Georgia JOAN HORTON McRae, Georgia XERNESTINE ISBELL Valdosta, Georgia FLOYE IVEY Bridgeboro, Georgia JLJNIGI? CLASS . .. MARTHA JOHNSTON JOHNNIE MAE KELLEY Valdosta, Georgia Cordeie, Georgia LENGRA LANIER LAVENIA LASSITER G Morgantown, Georgia Valdosta, Georgia fl' asm-1 'D- X S 79. 7 ,IDN -as Q46 BESSIE LEWIS Willacoochee, Georgia ELOISE LI NEBERGER Valdosta, Georgia RUTH LOUGHRIDGE X Blackshear, Georgia FRANCES MCLAIN Dawson, Georgia Q f I 3. ,. ,fre - L ei Q 1 1 ...Q R 3 ji. l I ff JUNIOR CLASS . .. I.. 5 ,Q 1 l ' i l 1 ,Q Qi ANNA MATH ENWS Valdosta, Georgia KATHERINE MOORE Moultrie, Georgia 1 SUSIE MATHEWS Valdosta, Georgia DOROTHY MORGAN Valdosta, Georgia ff, . , A . W' A Q 'is M , n ilrigfijg ,7 ?vlM' , . .gf A WW ,V , ,L L 15"-'E 4,1 'YK ' -rf Z7 KITTY O'NEAL Tifton, Georgia MYRTLE PARKER Ludowici, Georgia MARTHA POWELL Valdosta, Georgia SARAH ANN PRYOR Fitzgerald, Georgia JLINIGR CLASS . .. SARAH MARTHA PYLE CAMILLE RYCROFT Valdosta, Georgia Quitman, Georgia ROSE RYCROFT CATHERINE RYCROFT Warwick, Georgia Warwick, Georgia QQ - 1:"r'A Q74 MARGARET SIMS Ousley, Georgia JUANITA SIRMANS Homerville, Georgia ETH EL STALLINGS Newnan, Georgia KATHRYN THOMASON Canton, Georgia JUNICDR CLASS .. MARY EDWIN Tl-IORPE KATHRYN TOOLE Townsend, Georgia Valdosta, Georgia ELIZABETH WADE HAZEL WARRICK Valdosta, Georgia Blakely, Georgia Kiki C5 'ls ga, ZR r 'fr N I 'xl -Afifi ' -an Rv VF- :HF VY QQ F Essgge xxoxxxe NQSEEESEE 522958: CATH ERIN E WILSON Waycross, Georgia EMILY WOOTTEN Americus, Georgia End ofthe Jumlom CLASS -'Q we 3. . - .- C r ,mv , 1 I ,' 4 'V ir , I , 5- 1 2- ' UA . V4 Msgs .-I, f. I C. L JH., X x E' CATHERINE J. MORRIS FREDRICA LAMBERT MARIAN JOHNSON CLASS PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER Ne Rochelle, N. Y. Fort Valley, Ga. Southern Pines, N. C. Q46 SOIDI-IOIVIQRE CLASS In the tall ot I936, tor the tirst time the members ot the Sopho- more Class were leaders ot the Freshman Orientation Group- introducing the new class to the triclcs as well as the tacts ot the campus. Later they conducted the traditional I-lat-hunt tor tresh- men lthough they rather wish they had notl, and at intervals be- tween their worlc and studies they have given dances in the gym- nasium with the masculine and musical elements well represented. Then, climaxing the dances ot the year, they sponsored a tormal at the Country Club with Curtis Davidson's Orchestra in honor ot the seniors. 'gui' T-tr N, 4 gr Q C X figs 95'-rv ".f vw N Q ,li if Nez- 3 Wil' H"1'l5, '2- 'Ulf 274, MARGARET ABERNATHY Moultrie, Ga. ANNIE ADAMS Geneva, Ala. MARGUERITE ARNOLD Richland, Ga. CAROLYN ASKEW Arlington, Ga. ANNIE LAURIE BELL Titton, Ga. HELEN BOWEN Register, Ga. CLAUDIA BUSSEY Valdosta, Ga. HILDA CARROLL Valdosta, Ga. MARGARET CARTER Adel, Ga. R x'x.'f'iE5'2 .' in 4 I I SOPHOMORE CLASS JULIA CASEY Kingsland, Ga. CAMILLE CLEMENTS Adel, Ga. DORIS COOK Colquitt, Ga. f?n , r 'il' .lhdlw O O JEANNETTE CHASON DOROTHY CLARK Cairo, Ga. Valdosta, Ga. JANET CLEMENTS JENNIE CONINE Rochelle, Ga. Lakeland, Ga. MARY JO COOK EILEEN COX Broxton, Ga. Valdosta, Ga. ,HWY we-. rm vliqvv.. -rf 5' Qu.. 2'3" .hh :S 1 :A ,. id 24 .ff x ,f V? 1 'V' 3, Q, Xl 's.,,,f QA, JEANN ETTE COX Valdosta, Ga. BEVERLY CRAIGMILES Thomasville, Ga. LILLA CROSBY Pavo, Ga. PATSY DODGE Valdosta, Ga. BEVERLY DOUGH ERTY Valdosta, Ga. MADELINE DOUGLAS Homerville, Ga. MARY DuBOlS Savannah, Ga. ANN DU NBAR Valdosta, Ga. CAROLYN FOLSOM I-lahira, Ga. ,Stax V .A 3 Q35 I gl 3 SQPI-ICDIVICDRE CLASS. ELIZABETH GARBUTT VIRGINIA GIDDENS MARY WINN GREER Albany, GG- Albany, Ga. Valdosta, Ga. PARDEE GREER BARBARA HARRIS CHRISTINE HIERS Valdosta, GG- Valdosta, Ga. Moultrie, Ga. GER-IRUDE HODGES MARY HUDSON EILEEN HYLAND Waycfossl Ga. Whgghaml Ga. New Rochelle, N. Y. A-5 .fr 'V' ik ,J ff' WI 'af 'infix file MARTHA ADA JOHNSON Gordon, Ga. HELEN JOINER Savannah, Ga. LAMAR KENDALL Valdosta, Ga. H ELEN E LANDEY Valdosta, Ga. MITTIE LOU LANE Valdosta, Ga. ROSALIND LAN E Valdosta, Ga. JUNE LAWSON Savannah, Ga. TR ECY LONG Ouitman, Ga. MILDRED LOTI' l-lahira, Ga. SCDPHCDMCDRE CLASS EVELYN MCINTYRE Valdosta, Ga. MARGUERITE MILLS Folkston, Ga. OUIDA MU RDOCK Meigs, Ga. 4 l fl '13 fi URW eral MILDRED MCKIBBEN Pavo, Ga. MARY HELEN MOORE Thomasville, Ga. LILLIAN NEWHAM Valdosta, Ga. VISTA MALONEY Quitman, Ga. HAZEL MUGGRIDGE Cairo, Ga. EVELYN OGLETREE Savannah, Ga. 'Ex QT' . Ns f-'vi Wt- O 0 O v 7' dh 101 4-r PQ' '51, -Q' uhm Rx L. 5 .flfwmv 'E ' Q ge T. ik f I. .Q 'Q-... fiw A- ts.- 'it' Ab 'fix ls 'T' QA, CATHERINE O'NEAL Blaclcshear, Ga. DORA IDA PERKINS Alma, Ga. MARY EDNA RATLIFF Valdosta, Ga. RUTH Rl-IYMES Valdosta, Ga. ANNA RICHTER Savannah, Ga. NTHERON ROBERTS Valdosta, Ga. LOUISE ROGERS Lyons, Ga. RUBY JEAN ROGERS Valdosta, Ga. CLARA MAE SASSER Valdosta, Ga. SGPI-ICDIVIGIQE CLASS . .. ELOISE SHEFFIELD Donalsonville, Ga. VIRGINIA SMITH Dawson, Ga. CARLIE MAE STOKES Folkston, Ga. X , ,.. 4'54iL. I' "' "is W LAURA MAE SI-IINKLE MELBA SLADE Albany, Ga. Vienna, Ga. WYLENE SMITH EDNA SNEAD Patterson, Ga. Valdosta, Ga. CELESTE STUMP LOUISE STUMP VaIcIosta, Ga. Valdosta, Ga. 'UPN'-A-' 'N -Pin. ar'-' I? ,Q Aff, fi .li hw "' N To 1 Fw -1 :'.. :vw , ,I M. K gint ,W if 1 QVVQ 'WW -f1, 1, if' .X rqvis if 3 QA, AMANDA SULLIVAN Valdosta, Ga. VIRGINIA SUMMERFORD Reidsville, Ga. M ERLE SU MNER Valdosta, Ga. LERAI-I SUTTON -o 'fills 71 - A . u' 'ta "'!"s Axson, Ga. LOUISE SUTTON Titton, Ga. FRANCES THOMAS Valdosta, Ga. V EVELYN TOMLINSON Valdosta, Ga. PEN ELOPE TU LLIS Valdosta, Ga. SARA ELIZABETH UPCI-IURQH CIyattviIIe, Ga. GRACE VAN LANDINGI-IAM Valdosta, Ga. VN SOPHOMORE CLASS RUTH WHITTLE Brunswick, Ga. DOROTHY MAE WILSON Valdosta, Ga. HAZEL WOODARD Waycross, Ga. 3 ,M '48 , i-.HM Q1-.- 'ff' ff-N iv I Q0-. Q o o 'Y PD: fl: :wwf CN ,Qs LAURA DUNCAN ORA KATE WISENBAKER SARA GARBUTT CLASS PRESIDENT SECRETARy TREASURER Ouitman, Ga. Valdosta, Ga. Valdggt QA. FRESHMAN CLASS Endowed with an overwhelming enthusiasm, the Freshman Class made its first big splash by deteating the sophomores in the Hat- hunt, for they made the earliest l-lat-day tind in the history ot the school. This spirit ot interest and cooperation has carried over into their activities. They have worlced with the Y. W. C. A., been spirited supporters of the Athletic Clubs, sponsored a radio program in connection with their dance, and honored their sister class, the juniors, with a formal dance. FRESHMAN CLASS JACOUELINE ABRAHAMS ' N uihgi . XJ Valdosta, Ga. KATHRYN BARBER Commerce, Ga. MILDRED BOYETT Morris Station, Ga. GERALDINE BUTLER Donalsonville, Ga. RUTH ASHLEY Rochelle, Ga. LOUISE BELL Arlington, Ga. PAULINE BREWSTER Valdosta, Ga. KATHLEEN CAMPBELL Valdosta, Ga. A ' al 'R S. 'E ,1- 55,1 'S- ri 1 DOROTHY AUSTIN Savannal'1,Ga. CATHERlNE MAE BLACK Valdosta, Ga. CAROLYN BRlDGES Sumner, Ga. MARGARET HAYS CARTER Colquitt, C-ra. O O 0 ROSEMARY BAKER Valdosta, Ga. GERALDINE BOWEN Valdosta, Ga. OPAL BROWN Dorchester, Ga. FLORA CASEY Kingsland, Ga. JUQU' 4,:,. 5 K-9- I 5-ef 1' . JVC' .6 Q , '4.,5Il'riilJSYJ' 4,,,.. p'l"X 'C I--1. s Nr: , :X , , -, Mfr 9 ' Q KQV r rl , 4 pail 4-Q T" ,VT ft? bu- N Q1 -Ov' I rf Q 9 g " .iw 4-lr . 3' - ' R r 'N All A' .l r Ji N K 4 4 .KQ 'Q' x.. 5 'X QA, LOUISE CONNER Douglas, Ga. MILDRED CORBETT Lake Park, Ga. DOROTHY COWART Donalsonville, Ga. MONTINE COWART Waycross, Ga. MILDRED CUMBAA Columbus, Ga. DOROTHY DALTON Valdosta, Ga. GLADYS RUTH DANIEL Pinehurst, Ga. MARY FRANCES DANIEL Pinehurst, Ga. ROSAMOND DOWLING Jesup, Ga. MARY DUGGER Ouitman,Ga. EDITH DUKES Surrency, Ga. HELEN DUNCAN Valdosta, Ga. MYRTLE EDMONDSON Morven, Ga. RUTH ELLIOTT Commerce, Ga. BRANCH ELLIS Macon, Ga. SARA PEN DER Jesup, Ga. ri' ' FRESHMAN CLASS SUENITA FENDER Valclosta, Ga. RUTH GAY Fort Gaines, Ga. DORIS HARPER Valdosta, Ga. BETSY HOWELL Jennings, Fla. ,AL HELEN FLETCHER Hazlelwurst, Ga. SUE NELLE GREENLEE Valdosta, Ga. MARIBEL HARRELL Valdosta, Ga. DORIS JACKSON Williston, Fla. ELEANOR GAMBLE Valdosta, Ga. MARGARET l-IAGAN Iron City, Ga. MILDRED HENDERSON Manor, Ga. CAROLYN KAY Moultrie, Ga. 17 I sf' ii-Q 11' , B N A - xl. K. Q: 9 .QA J D 'Q' , FIX 4-4 I If msn. , if -H - nfl at '2 'X fi- fb' DOLLIE GANNON Valdosta,Ga. EUGENIA HARDY Ouitrnan,Ga. BELLE HINSON Alamo, Ga. JESSlE MAE LAMBERT Bainbridge, Ga. 'x r A lv., O O O ATX Q -- x N A. fag , Q 'C L TM it :. 3 J ix V ily 1, . Y' - Q :QA fox wg-V Q.. 1 4. S , 1 FL, x Sv' fix n -..q- I-. , 95,5 ,J A A J: i -:hh -1 - L, IA 5 Q '- ,J K' 'va - . 'x - L .by av 'vm 1- Ve N it X ' : f S55 fi?-EE 5 if, , fi-,-:Eg 'Fri ?f?:1r:-' f- ,Q-1? :T V75- .syn 'Qt- 'WV :ff 'U' VV ,ew at 'v N . an a, WY-- .I 5,52 Q' nuff'-W -94- i , Tr 4 a rw I 1 sus, 1 X Q, lf' 'W' ,, . 1' E . QA, IDELLE LEE Ray City, Ga. LUCY MCCAY Cordele, Ga. EDNA RUTH MCKAIN Whitmore, S. C. DAISY McN EAL Waycross, Ga. I UNA MCRAE Midway, Ga. ALICE MANN Valdosta, Ga. JANET MANN Blakely, Ga. JONELLE MARCHANT Omega, Ga. RUTH MARTIN Ludowici, Ga. SARA MATH IS Valdosta, Ga. WYLENE MATHIS Nashville, Ga. LOTTA MAYBERRY Brunswick, Ga. CHRISTIE MOORE Valdosta, Ga. ELIZABETH MOORE Valdosta, Ga. I . 5 DORA ELEANOR MORGAN Valdosta, Ga. MAEDELLE MORGAN Vienna, Ga. -nw is ffir f' 5 ,.,. VJ FRESHIVIAN CLASS MARGUERITE NORTON Naylor, Ga. Bl LLI E PATTEN Tifton, Ga. MARY HELEN PULLEN Soperton, Ga. VIVIAN ROBINSON Denton, Ga. fr? 1' WILLIE B. OLLIFE Quitman,Ga. N ELLE POPE Fitzgerald, Ga. ELIZABETH RENFROE Ouitman, Ga. DOROTHY ROSSEAU Valdosta, Ga. ELISE O'NEAL UvaIda, Ga. VERNA POPPELL Homcrville, Ga. ELIZABETH RHYMES Valdosta, Ga. ROYCE SCOTT Ashburn, Ga. 0 0 Q VIRGINIA PARRISH Adel, Ga. MARIE PORTER Pinehursi, Ga. MARGUERITE ROBERTS OcuIIa, Ga. JANE SIMS Ousley, Ga. 15" 22 N A A-if-X , 'wr-H-Q 1 F S. IV' 1-35- 14 5 W wp-fn 'Hmm A!l"idI'N 41 ""'s1.... V YT - laik A9175 Q '. wg-W wif' Ur Gafv- an 'C' IVQFS' r lY:g-- "Tx .II 'Kula fm QA, BLANCHE SMITH Homerville, Ga. IRWIN SMITH Waycross, Ga. HELYN SPEER Ochloclmnee, Ga. MARY LILLIAN SPELLS Homerville, Ga. ' ELIZABETH SPIVEY Talbotton, Ga. FRANCES SPU RLIN Atlanta, Ga. f"Y5 Xfffw . "LJ as-wif' K . 'N ' la.. 2. IWW 'bk tg - 'T X FB," lf ' -3- SJ . .I ALEN E STRICKLAND Blaclcslxear, Ga. GLADYS STUMP Valdosta, Ga. ROSALIND TAYLOR Valdosta, Ga. SARA TILLMAN Register, Ga. ' FRANCES VAN BRACKLE Adel, Ga. MADGE WATKINS Valdosta, Ga. MILLIE WEITMON Alamo, Ga. N ELI. WESTBROOK Moultrie, Ga. CURTIS WHATLEY McRae, Ga. RUTH WHISONANT Blaclxshear, Ga. BWV? in :agent FIQESI-IIVIAN CLASS CAROLINE WILLIAMS VaIdosta, Ga. EVELYN WILSON Denton, Ga. ROSALYN WOODALL Blackshear, Ga. ,lf x 4,2 5 4. NORMA WILLIFORD Eatonton, Ga. MILDRED WILSON Waycross, Ga. I'-IARRI ET WOOTTEN Savannah, Ga. ' ' I flfiiiffffs . .,,I .. X I A, , V I,, , ,.,, mr, -- . -- if .1 ftfwn ' is ANNA LOUISE WILLIS Moultrie, Ga. LINDA WINGATE lmmokalee, Fla. NELL ZIPPERER Valdosta, Ga. ' '.II - '5 9-si fr ,B WH . N5 S KY' X- ,ft fl' O 0 0 WCDMAINVS SUCCESSFUL LIVING Activities-the intangible definition of "coIIege": Fun and laughter: sportsmanship and cooperation. Clubs, sports, sociaIs- AII are moulders of character, and welders of friendship. When alliances of activities so extend Themselves that they require something of what each student can give Then are they true activities. I know how much they take: I know the quality of what they re- turn. Looking on college as an introduction to the school of life, W I would say it is learning to Iive-with books, with situations, with people. Years to come followers of the particular school may not know ' Datives of nouns, may not solve problems in calculus. But they will ever seem learned- Learned because their activities have given them Great informal knowledge-music, art, sports, dramaticsg Background with which to listen for, to see, to follow- True Liberal Arts education-the advance of Woman's successful living. V0.4 i v 1' Y Z-1-sd 5 ,Q miss! Li p, ar::::' Q' Thug, virr X , Q A :ig 1 :jf VN 'ft . A H, ff I, .i l - 4 , ' - ' , Q 4 4 'Q bf W '47 a 5 335 J-I 6 'x XI In 1 4 QL Q if if 4 if b' I X X 3, Q, xg, Z A E "' XR I I 5' 'A iifx Y I Qs ' ml 1 , it xv X X Q f Rf iff xx 1 iw, 241. f ' ww' g,-,f -. I: li.:-,I .5 QR A x '- wf,1Sa',, w ' ' - 1 I . 11."Wf?1 1 A. A A w '-3 U!" -fv1f"H?'.'x-i 'a A s 4 ' 5' fx' 'Y 'Q V -A V' .1 V 3 ' ' - 55"-?4lir3' '.""' 'JL' .SD ..'T'Tj31,. AQ,-f,x' ' .Zn qw ix an-vm-.Q ' -df D. f '.- 1 M A j.- ?'i,,l:,g .Q N, s ,iffy 1 A Q X .tdiffgxyl SI- sv.. 1- 139. V - A A V 1 iz f,1,:,3 bf Q4 X3-l,X23'.t:-:ix 'L V 44' 1 M, x Q f K K Y". "xiii '4f"K'n'-':'5lA W' ' 1 .' 4' - X DSW wx ""'1'.,5Qi fx -.5-' ' 1 at , - . MU? f5P5S.' '75 ,'Q'J9-,"i' 2. 7 tif., 5- . 'Q fW"" - T '55, Wu.-e L. Aff"-:.':x1k f 1 A w--E ' f '- J-'W gl, I J-X . . , , 5 ,xgffi xx -'xl -, f kr my I , w "b1'+S.?Ff 332- 1 4 ffl A J en . . 3 rw, . M N-'ik fi, t X ,fish 5 iv , ' fa 4.4 f g X. ., x,,, w -1 1-i s - cgi? I if 25 -w . Q -, xv Inv' A ,.:H' 'QW I f , -5 , X Q Q. ,-xg --M -. 2' ui, 2 , P , ,gt V ,V , HW, x , 1 , , f Q., E-,wifx .gp ' . eg: 5 - , ,V '- , -, f. . ' Q' - 2 -' ,V l N.,hi,.'hQf?,p'l! k.Q,i4x,xf1A-A1 , -1 ba 2' v 2' -. sflff , 1, lqiQ,'Q:f,g Niqifif? f. f-,ky jf-pf 5 if Q Jig ,xl 1 ' fu' ,vm Q 'HC 'Fil . if.'?ff' ? I 12 3 ffgal 23125 mf, fwgzffaiaiif. M 4l.1se.?kQf-fi wif! f wrwei -'ffl Q 'f,Jiff'1,?'1'QXv,:?' 5. f :' -' "" ' f , '-:'i.-W5 -'Mu 'Y .'7'F-fx ' ' QW '1 '33 f , f av- H 5m.v-- , , ' ' e.-1 lu, , 1 -, - ll I . , 'jigcjyixk' 55Ji.y2' . ffg., .5 .. 5 j ' ffifiifi A - Sw E ' Mf1fQ.w 6 V I - Z 510445. 541' 'aria , I f . 1 - 1 yin ,Vx 5 , V, . -wi ' 2+'5:T" I 4 ' nfl' 3 . 'S' . X W L f , 5, if ' Sf' ' . 1'-, 4 E' -f VW 5 4 ' . L5 , 4 , f 4. Q ' 1 i 'L - V VW' is-...I- Q 5 ' f J . ' s W ' . -Ax Y ' I . A X xl U v wr",-M f A . X V -. nun? ,hvqihfxixgw . 'w nfs" ' 'Q-Mm , i eff X X la, ' 7 X. - - f v w . 1 x, A fi 4' ff X L . if 4 sl 3 ll -G 1 V . I' If . ggi' f P ar I 2:1 ,, ,'. fy' e if Egg 327' T if Q,'g'v-'- 'ff ,imxj . . A .13 ' AMBOS BUNN RlCK5 GREENE QA. STUDENT GGVERNMENT ASSGCIATION Around the Student Government Association is centered the organization and interest of the stu- dent body. It has as its main purpose the promotion ot the highest standards ot honor and in- tegrity in all manners ot personal conduct. The association has been adjusting itself to the many new privileges that have been granted in former years. Ott campus speakers as well as one ot the new faculty members have spolcen at the regular monthly meetings ot the association. Among them Dr. Eleanor Brink, protessor ot Soci- ology on this campus: Dean Olivia Dorman ot the Florida State College for Women: and Mr. Ernest Lowe, President ot the Armstrong Junior College in Savannah. The association is a member ot the Southern Intercollegiate Association ot Student Gov- ernments and Misses Emma Ambos and Virginia Zipplies, President-elect, attended the annual meeting in Spartanburg, S. C. S. G. A. Court sits in judgment. T fi i OGLETREE ASKEW JENNINGS EMMA AMBOS . . Presrdent RUTH BUNN . . Vrce Presrdent ESTELLE RICKS . . . Secretary Treasurer CAROLYN GREENE . . Recorder of Pomts EMMA AMBOS RUTH BUNN PRISCILLA KELLEY EM MA AMBOS ELOISE OGLETREE wfir K-xx 15 .WVQL 651 75"- 'E' OGLETREE STALLINGS WILSON MCI-AIN ELOISE CDGLETREE. ETHEL STALLINGS . CATHERINE WILSON. FRANCES McLAIN . ELIZABETH KELLEY . MARY HUDSON . . ' ANNA RICHTER . . CAMILLE CLEMENTS HAZEL MUGCSRIDGE MARTHA GAY . . HELEN JOINER . . MARY VIRGINIA WILLIAMS. .' .' CAMILLE RYCRGET . EDITH BENNETT . . 2746 Y CABINET 0 Q 0 O KELLEY BENNETT WILLIAMS IQINER . . . President . . Vice-President . . . . . . . . Secretary . . . . . . . .Treasurer . Sunday School Chairman . . Morning Watch Chairman . .Deputation Chairman . .Club House Chairmen . . . . . . . . Publicity . . . . . Room Chairman Assistant to Vice-President . . . . World Fellowship . . . . . Music Chairman .',,.'.v, 'JESS we 29 I ifIKMi'f: f-N 9, pnvivw-s f-. at HUDSON MUGGRIDGE V. c. Every student on the campus is a member ot the Y. W. C. A. and is included in all ot its activities. This year a deputation team was sent to neighboring Junior Colleges and churches in order to establish contacts. Two teams were sent out each quarter and the theme was built around "Youth and Its Present Day Problems." The Y. W. C. A. helped to sponsor Freshman Week, and has aided in the social lite ot the school year. The annual retreat was held at Twin Lakes in the spring to discuss the work ot the past year and plan the program tor the coming year. At one ot the pre-Christmas Vesper services the traditional Hanging of the Greens by the senior class members was held. The Y. W. C. A. also sponsored "Big-Sister, Little-Sister" party and I-leart Sister Week. During the Winter Quarter the "Y" presented the college with an after-dinner cotfee service. RICHTER GAY CLEMENTS RYCROFT is fb- ur . , x. an. lm K IQH., " "n -Q' 51- af Q as --J Tea :'Q',C " Editor-in4Chief Business Manager Literary Editor Aff Edit QA.. PINE CONE The PINE CONE is presented to the students by the Senior Class as the final expression ot appreciation tor the intangible sense ot fitness that tour years ot learning and experiences at this college have given them. Though holding essentially to the standard set-up, the statt ot I937 has attempted several in- novations in make-up and organization in an ettort to keep abreast ot the trends and tendencies ot modern annual production. An attempt has been made to make the whole student body more interested in its production and prouder ot the final result. A junior statt was organized this year as under-studies to the senior statt, so that next year the new statt will have some foundation upon which to build. In October the Editor-in-Chief, Elizabeth Green, was sent as a delegate to Louisville, Kentucky, where the National Collegiate Press Association was convened. It is the hope ot the statt that this yearbook is in truth an enduring and complete record ot the year's activities and experiences,-recorded in picture g and in story. For the theme the PINE CONE has been allowed to speak ot its experiences and ideas and hopes concerning the classes and personalities that have passed in review across its pages and those that are yet to come. For six years the PINE CONE has received tirst honor ratings in the National Scholastic Association, with All-American I-Ionor rating in I929 and I932. 'T' ELIZABETH GREEN ESTELLE RICKS LORENE JOHNSON ANNE TURNER o MARTHA GAY RUTH WI FRANCES HINES ANNETTE QN- 'RQ If 'sm v- ea, x.t..e LAURA MCLEOD JOSEPI-IINE JouBERT CATHERINE MORGAN LII-I-IAN BRAGG Features ACUVIIICS Snapshots Advertising Manager THE STAFF ELIZABETH GREEN . . . . . Editor-in-Chiet LAURA MCLEOD .... . . . . Feature Editor ESTELLE RICKS .... .... B usiness Manager CATHERINE MORGAN . . ....... Snapshot Editor LORENE JOHNSON . ...... Literary Editor EMMA AMBOS ..... .... A ssistant Snapshot Editor MARY JOHNSON . . . Assistant Literary Editor LILLIAN BRAGG . . . ...... Advertising Manager ANNE TURNER . . ...... Art Editor FRANCES CARSON . . . . Assistant Advertising Manager MARTHA GAY . . . . Assistant Art Editor MARY ASKEW . . . ......... Advertising JOSEPHINE JOUBERT . . ..... Activities Editor ANNETTE PHILLIPS . . ......... Advertising RUTH WILLIAMS . Assistant Activities Editor ELOISE OGLETREE . . . . Advertising EMILY PARRISH . Assistant Activities Editor PRISCILLA KELLEY . . . . Advertising FRANCES I-IINES . Assistant Activities Editor ALEXA DALEY . . . . . Advertising EMMA AMBOS MARY JOHNSON MARY ASKEW EMILY PARRISH FRANCES CARSON ELOISE OGLETREE PRISCILLA KELLEY ALEXA DALEY f4 kv , ,Q-, has Rss LORENE JOHNSON KATHERINE MOORE ROSEMARY BAKER PAULINE BREWSTER TI-IERESA GRAHAM ELIZABETH GREEN EILEEN HYLAND E Editor Business Manager For the first time since a student paper has been estab- lished on the campus THE CAMPUS CANOPY has tol- Iowed a regular schedule of publication, being distributed -with COLLEGIATE DIGEST-each Friday. The paper is a tour-column, tour-page weekly publication, and is printed on magazine paper. THE CAMPUS CANOPY is a member ot the Associated Collegiate Press and ot the National Scholastic Press Asso- ciation, and sent delegates to press conventions in Louis- ville, Kentucky: Athens: Atlanta: and Savannah. Staff meetings were held this year to discuss the prob- lems ot journalism on the campus. These meetings tur- thered the aims ot the publication-to make the paper an essential feature ot campus lite, to bring an appreciation ot journalism to the students, and to raise the standard of the paper itself. Several changes have been effected this year which in- clude the size ot the paper, the kind of paper, and the shitting of the editorial page to the back page. THE CAMPUS CANOPY is supported through advertis- ing and through Student Activity Fees. Q46 CAMPUS CANOPV STAFF LORENE JOHNSON . . .... .... . . . .Editor KATHERINE MOORE . . . . Business Manager ROSALIND LANE . . .... Assistant Editor CAROLYN GREENE . . . Advertising Manager C. J. MORRIS ..... ....-.-- N CWS BERNICE ANDREWS . . ....-- Feature LOUISE BELL .... . . . SPOTTSX MARTHA GAY . . . . . EXCl'l6f1Se FRANCES HINES I I . . Circulation' LOIS HAFFORD REPORTERS ADVERTISING SUSIE MATHEWS ROSALIND TAYLOR PAULINE BREWSTER MARY HUDSON HAZEL MUGGRIDG LQTTA MAYBERRY RUTH WILUAMS CAMILLE CLEMENTS MARTHA ioHNsoN VIRGINIA SMITH ORA KATE WISENBAKER SUE COPPAGE JOSEPHINE JOUBERT DODY WILSON IRWIN SMITH ROSALYN WOODALL ETHEL STALLINGS MARION JOHNSON The CANOPY Staff gets out the paper ii Ii Greene and Moore leave for Athens II I These have the nose for news wi I ,I I I - ' 'lfvzlfwfijliw Presenting an entirely ditlierent plan this year, I-I the Glee Club not only appeared in their annual concert before the people ot Valdosta in the Winter Ouarter, but also made a tour of neigh- boring towns during the Spring Ouarter. The entire club ot thirty members entertained at various school functions. A special Christ- mas program was teatured this year. The triple quartet was heard on Sundays in the churches of Valdosta and in radio programs from Thomas- ville, Georgia, and Gainesville, Florida. B A ' x . 4'- ,, ALEXA DALEY LAURA MAE SHINKLE President Secretary-Treasurer Q16 GLEE CLUB OFFICERS ALEXA DALEY . . . . . . . . LAURA MAE SHINKLE . . MISS CLARA BANCROFT . ..... . CAROLYN ASKEW GERALDINE BUTLER MARGARET CARTER MONTINE COWART MADELINE DOUGLAS BRANCH ELLIS HELEN FLETCHER VIRGINIA GIDDENS SUE NELLE GREENLEE MEMBERS PARDEE GREER LOTA GRIFFITH MARY JOHNSON IDELLE LEE DAISY McNEAL JONELLE MARCHANT ELEANOR MORGAN MARIE PORTER SARA MARTHA PYLE VIVIAN ROBINSON I Ready for e performance I -J". . President . . Secretary-Treasurer . Faculty Adviser JUANITA SIRMANS LOUISE STUMP LERAH SUTTON ROSALIND TAYLOR EVELYN TOMLINSON KATHERINE TOOLE MARGARET WADE RUTH WILLIAMS EMILY WOOTIEN Members of Triple Quartet leaving to sing over WRUF is "-Q r1'f M.- is ,QP 5- 'cr' JENNINGS BROOKS SASSER GARBUTT 274. VALDOSTA CLUB An outstanding accomplishment of the Valdosta Club is their entertainment ot the senior class ot the Valdosta High School. As membership in the club is limited to students ot the college who are graduates of the Valdosta High School, the entertainment is given tor prospective members. The Valdosta Club has worked with this definite purpose in mind, and in connection with this purpose has had call business meetings and social Iuncheons monthly at the-House-in-the-Woods. The aim has been to establish a better understanding between day and boarding students, to interpret the ac tivities ot the college to the town, and to unite the day students into an effective group. JACOUELINE ABRAHAMS ROSEMARY BAKER FRANCES BINGHAM GERALDINE BOWEN PAULINE BREWSTER CLAUDIA BUSSEY LEILA CALLENDER KATHLEEN CAMPBELL HILDA CARROLL DOROTHY CLARK SUE COPPAGE EILEEN COX JEANNETTE COX DOROTHY DALTON MARGARET DALTON ELIZABETH DASHER PATSY DODGE BEVERLY DAUGHERTY ANNE DUNBAR HELEN DUNCAN SUE FENDER DOLLY GANNON SARA GARBUTT MARY WINN GREER OFFICERS MARTHA JENNINGS . .... President ANN BROOKS .... . . Vice-President RUTH GARBUTI' . . . . . Secretary CLARA MAE SASSER . . . Treasurer MISS ANNIE P. I-IOPPER . . . Adviser PARDEE GREER DORIS HARPER MARY KATHRYN HARRELL BARBARA HARRIS LUCILE HITCHCOCK FRANCES HOWELL ERNESTINE ISBELL MARTHA JOHNSTON MAYBELL JONES LAMAR KENDALL HELEN LANDEY ELOISE LINEBERGER ALICE MANN ROBERTA MARTIN ANNA MATHEWS SUSIE MATHEWS SARA MATHIS DOROTHY MORGAN ELEANOR MORGAN LILLIAN NEWHAM EMILY PARRISH MARY FRANCES PATTERSON MARTHA POWELL MEMBERS SARA MARTHA PYLE MARY EDNA RATLIFF THERON ROBERTS RUBY JEAN ROGERS MARGARET SIMS MARION SMITH CELESTE STUMP GLADYS STUMP LOUISE STUMP ROSALIND TAYLOR FRANCES THOMAS EVELYN TOMLINSON I 'fs -4 . - t KATHRYN TOOLE PENELOPE TULLIS ANNE TURNER GRACE VAN LANDINGHAM CAROLINE WILLIAMS MARTHA GORDON WILLIFORD ADELAIDE WILLIS DOROTHY MAE WILSON ORA KATE WISENBAKER WILLELLA YOUMANS NELL ZIPPERER X. 'mx . -- J 1 rr. 4 s 4 .?,'1. :fav O4 2 1144 psy b . 1' ? i 1, '1 ' 4 c 1 -i If I I. .I . C F' Q gi 'Tx f"' , I 4' Dr ip? DURRENBERGER HOWELL BRAY JOHNSON QA.. ALLJMNAE ASSOCIATION In order that graduates ot this college might not be denied the privilege ot continuing their active interest and par- ticipation in the progress of their Alma Mater, it has been the purpose ot the Alumnae Association to keep the previous graduates in close contact with the college as it is today. To encourage this continued interest the Association has furnished two lovely rooms in the new dormitory tor the use ot any member ot the Association when she returns to the campus, and the dormitory statt maintains a teel- ing ot "open-house" tor any returning student. Another attractive project is the tennis court that has been set up and equipped tor the exclusive convenience ot members of the association. Since the privilege ot active membership is granted to anyone having received a diploma or degree from G. S. W. C., an impressive ceremony was held at commencement to welcome the new members into the association. In addition to the mentioned projects, the association sponsored a luncheon at the meeting ot the Georgia Educational Association held in Savannah, a Valentine Party, and an Alumnae luncheon at Commencement. OFFICERS HAZEL JOYNER DURRENBERGER ...... .... P resident LOUISE ODOM HOWELL .... . .Vice-President CLAIRE BRAY ......... . . . Secretary GLENN BLACKWELL JOHNSON . . . . Treasurer CHILDREN OF ALUMNAE I. PEGGY, JOHN, AND JOE WARREN Children ot Dr. and Mrs. J. A. Durrenberger Alumna-Hazel Joyner Durrenberger II. HAROLD GULLIVER, JR. Son of Dr. and Mrs. Harold S. Gulliver Alumna-Augusta Rentz Gulliver III. ANN SMITH Daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Smith Alumna-Lena May Converse Smith 1 ir IV. NANCY AND CHARLES SANDERS R Children of Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Sanders ' Alumna-Virginia Hightower Sanders , 'X by :J is I ugh T W gh 'C' Zig IVIATI-I-SCIENCE CLUB Opportunity to work out phases of those scientific projects in which the members are most interested is the aim of the Math-Science Club. In order that this may be done to advantage, the club is divided into three groups: mathematics, chemistry, and biology. Each group has its leader, although all are under the supervision of the president. The mathematicians made geometrical constructions as aids to teaching geometry, and presented a play en- titled ALICE IN DOZENLAND. The chemistry group made field trips to Iocal industrial plants where chemical proc- esses were observed. The biology division had as its project the building of a rock garden and fern bed. The entire club meets regularly every month at which time programs and socials are heId.i Several off-campus speakers appeared before the club: movies on scientific subjects and reports from current scientific magazines and books formed the programs at various meetings. ' A I-IaIIowe'en Masquerade Ball was given by the club for the purpose of adding to the gate-fund initiated by this organization. The year's activities were brought to a close by the annual picnic in May at Twin Lakes. OFFICERS T ELIZABETH GREEN . ...... .... P resident ESTELLE RICKS . . . .... Vice-President MARY HUDSON .... . . Secretary-Treasurer The president is a naturalist at heart CI'9m'5t5 fe9dY for 0 f-Qld If"P MEMBERS ' ' Th b' I 't th f f Id t' ANNIE ADAMS MARTHA JOHNSTON Mathemmcel """ds C 'O 05's S so er O' a 'C "P EMMA AMsos SUSIE MATHEWS ,W BERNICE ANDREWS RUTH RHYMES CARoLyN ASKEW ANNA RICHTER RUTH BUNN MELBA SLADE BILLIE COLLINS GRACE VAN LANDINGHAM PATSY DODGE CATHERINE WILSON ELIZABETH GARBUTT DODY WILSON MARTHA GAY MARGARET WADE Lois HAFFORD MAYME WITHOLDER CHRISTINE HIERs VIRGINIA zIRRLIEs MARTHA JOHNSON HONORARY MEMBERS DR. LENA HAWKS DR. BEATRICE NEVINS Miss MARJoRIE CARTER ARL PHELAN DR. E MISS JANIE BUSH DR. MARIAN FARBAR ., r Q I , Z U 3 1 L, L X , It A I 4. Quii-iss4.'fl Y I T I fa ,,. Ira, I if T' I Z 1 4 A -N 1.1 ,QE ff S is - .f IL ' 'iv 1' TURNER GAY ANDREWS QA.. FINE ARTS CLLII3 I-Iaving as its purpose the development ot aesthetic appreciation, the Fine Arts Club has arranged this year's program to include not only the club members, but also the student body and the community in a series ot exhibits. These exhibits were paintings by Southern artists, water colors loaned by the Treasury Department Art Project, soap sculp- ture, and a collection of costume designs. In the interests ot its members, girls who have artistic ability and sincere interest in art, the club studied modern illustrators, worked in soap sculpture, and gave the annual Christmas Bazaar. The club also went on a trip which in- cluded Silver Springs, Florida, Lake Wales, Florida, and the Ringling Art Museum at Sarasota, Florida. OFFICERS MEMBERS MARY ASKEW FRANCES BINGHAM EDITH BRAWNER SUE COPPAGE ELIZABETH DASHER CAROLYN FOLSOM RUTH GARBUTT ELIZABETH GREEN PARDEE GREER DORIS HARPER ERNESTINE HENDRY ERNESTINE ISBELL ROSALIND LANE LANELLE LANG ELOISE LINEBERGER LILLIAN NEWHAM EMILY PARRISH MARGARET SIMS ELIZABETH WADE CAROLINE WILLIAMS GORDON WILLIFORD DOROTHY MAE WILSON Bargain at the Fne Arts Bazaar FRANCES HINES EMILY WOOTTEN LID . LW 16.3 . JOUBERT BRAGG WILSON QA. ATHLETIC CLUB The Athletic Club is divided into two athletic organizations, Phi Kappa and Phi Lambda, tor the purpose ot triendly competition. The purpose is to promote an ettort tor physical etiiciency to stimulate an interest in athletics and games, to foster high ideals and a spirit ot good sportsmanship. The club cooperates with other campus organiza- tions in promoting and maintaining the highest standards of college lite. New members are taken into the club after they have demonstrated an active interest in the club and obtained a satisfactory scholastic record tor one quarter. The initiation week in January is characterized by the spirit of fun, and is a test ot sportsmanship of both old and new members. During the year the club carries on organized sports, including tistball, basketball, American ball, and baseball, as well as archery, tennis, croquet, deck tennis, and horseshoe. Goat contests and tournaments serve to make lively competition between the teams. This year the club sent eight delegates to the Sports Day held at the University ot Georgia and to the Georgia Athletic Association tor College Women. The year's activities were concluded with a party at which the honor guests were those members ot the club who have been outstanding during the year. Four awards are given: first year, athletic numerals: second year, club letter: third year, bracelet with association sealy fourth year, name goes on Association Plaque which hangs in the Rotunda. In order to be eligible tor these awards one must not only fulfill the year's requirements, but it is also necessary that one have the preceding awards. A goal for the Kappas ff' COPPAGE MORGAN PERKINS Ae ATI-ILETIC OFFICERS PM Kappas JOSEPI-IINE JOUBERT . . . . . . . LILLIAN BRAGG . . . MAUDELLE WILSON . . ..... . . Phi Lambdas SUE COPPAGE ..... ....... SARA ELLEN MORGAN DORA IDA PERKINS . Lambdas ring a basket CLUB . . .President . . . Vice-President . . Secretary-Treasurer . . . .President . .Vice-President . . Secretary-Treasurer WP A, . ., Sue goes t Spm for srdes In the ring . . 5? Huddy tees of? 1. 1 K I Q1 Anna follows through , ! 4 I ATHLE Homerunl 'AJ , .1 f""91.v 1 r Q. I Vincent watches as Math-s scores Smules after a tumble ' I. U B ACTION JSM ,.-I-1'5" ,-. Q. 4, fi ig s f- qcff ,. Mr "g""' FLUKER CARSON WILLIAMS YA., ENGLISH CLUB Some years ago when the need was felt for a club that would center the literary interests of the students in one organization, the English Club was formed with membership open to those taking their major and minor hours in English. Since then it has incorporated the values of a broader literary field. Beginning the worlc of this year with the incentive of last year's successful program, which culminated with a luncheon at which Mildred Sydell was the guest speaker, the members of the club have made active contributions to campus life. A Reader's Forum was organized. The purpose of this group, meeting on alternate Sundays, has been to provide an opportunity for free discussions of current books, plays, movies, directors, and authors, under the super- vision of an appointed chairman who selects the topics and posts available material. ' FRANCES FLUKER . . FRANCES CARSON . RUTH WILLIAMS . MEMBERS LORENE JOHNSON MARY JOHNSON PRISCILLA KELLEY LAVENIA LASSITER KATHERINE MOORE ELOISE OGLETREE MYRTLE PARKER EMILY PARRISH HONORARY MEMBERS Miss Geimzuos GILMER Miss Louise SAWYER MARY ASKEW ANNE BROOKS ELIZABETH DASHER ALEXA DALEY THERESA GRAHAM LOTA GRIFFITH MARY KATHRYN HARRELL OFFICERS ....President . . . .Vice-President . .Secretary-Treasurer MARTHA POWELL ESTELLE RICKS ESTHER SMITH ETHEL STALLINGS KATHRYN TOOLE ELISABETH WADE Scenes from an Open Forum CAROLYN WHIPPLE ' "4 N DR. HAROLD GULLIVER .f x 'Q - 3, Wi I ft ,rf -S -1. Nfw. Q ' 4 - if E iga , I it 'AQ7'-f" i 2 A nn-- rt '81 'PN-as ala. .1 BENNETT PYLE KELLEY :Zh PI-IILI-IARMONIC CLUB Membership in the Philharmonic Club this year has been limited to students in the music department only. Try-outs were held in the fall for those eligible. The principle project ot the year has been a detailed study ot the lite and activities ot Paderewslci and reports on the current outstanding musical events. The club is interested in sponsoring programs ot classical music, for it encourages only the best types ofimusic. OFFICERS EDITH BENNETT . . . .... President SARA MARTHA PYLE . . . . . Vice-President JOHNNIE MAE KELLEY . . . . Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS MARGARET CARTER HELEN DUNCAN ELEANOR MORGAN ANNETTE PHILLIPS BILLIE COLLINS SUE NELLE GREENLEE ELISE O'NEAL LAURA MAE SHINKLE BEVERLY DAUGHERTY MARY WINN GREER BILLIE PATTEN LERAH SUTTON MADELINE DOUGLAS BARBARA HARRIS ROSALIND TAYLOR 9'6- -,, 7 fx I BRAGG WILLIAMS RICHTER Q46 SOCK AND BUSKIN CLUB Building the worlc ot this year around one major production, the Sock and Buslcin Club concerns itself with monthly meetings where the art ot dramatics is discussed and experimented with, from the first layer of make-up, through the devices ot proper lighting, and on to the ultimate end,-the true interpretation ot drama. The members work by example and by practice. Four ot the meetings were devoted to the production ot one-act plays, directed by members of the Club, and the other meetings were given to lectures and demonstrations on the technicalities of dra- matic art. The spirit ot the Dramatic Club is much like that ot the now prevalent Little Theatres,-a desire to help create and maintain a national drama. x Work ot the Club this year was climaxed by the production of Sierra's "The Cradle Song." Then, to give the Iiglhter side ot drama tree-play, they sponsored the hilarious trolic, given annually, in which all members are required to ta e part. ' Five members ot the Club were cast in the Emory production, "A Scrap ot Paper," by Sardou, and other members have given their worlc to programs both on and ott campus. LILLIAN BRACEC1 . . RUTH WILLIAMS . . ANNA RICHTER . . MISS LOUISE SAWYER HONORARY MEMBERS MISS SAWYER MISS IVEY MISS GILMER DR. CEULLIVER DR. PHELAN LOUISE BELL BEVERLY DAUGHERTY ROSAMOND DOWLING RUTH ELLIOTT FRANCES FLUKER THERESA GRAHAM DORIS HARPER EILEEN I-IYLAND ERNESTINE ISBELL OFFICERS MEMBERS MARTHA JENNINGS LORENE JOHNSON MARIAN JOHNSON MARY JOHNSON JOSEPHINE JOUBERT CAROLYN KAY PRISCILLA KELLEY ELIZABETH KELLEY CATHERINE MORGAN Lines from Sock and Buskin production, NINE TILL SIX by Aimee and Philip Stuart Bridget: "But you must come. lt's arranged. You'lI let the Judy: "ls it something darling Dickie told you to read or are you whole pdfty down ll YOU dOl'1'f.'l iugf improving your mind?" M'seIle: "But that is the way I mak' my hat. l cannot alter the Lady Avonlayez "Young people are so dreadtully impatient now- Crown." adays. But l shall mind less, knowing she's with you." Gracie: "lt's either that or being a typist. I don't want to sit Freda: "l stole them because I wanted to have pretty things to typewriting all the rest of my lite." wear-so I could look dccent on a holiday." f is iii i . f'i Ili' ill in r r 'S 6. 'f"Ti , Rycrzorr GAY MCLAIN 274. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB To foster a spirit of impartiality in reference to national and international affairs of the present time and to give an opportunity for study and discussion of these issues are the aims of the International Relations Club. In order to benefit history majors this club offers a scholarship fund to its senior members. In the last year the Club has brought to the campus a series of moving pictures which have stimulated interest in international affairs. The meetings have been made more at- tractive by round-table discussions, and the innovation of panel discussions. This method was used when two members of the I. R. C. worked with two members of the Emory Junior College I. R. C. to present the latest information on Fascism and on Communism to a meet- ing of the local division of the American Association of University Women held during the Winter Ouarter. This year records and information regarding the Club have been filed for future reference. Five delegates were sent to the Sixth Southwestern International Relations Club Confer- ence at Alabama Polytechnic Institute in Auburn, Alabama. OFFICERS LAURA MCLEOD . . ...... . . . President CAMILLE RYCROFT . . . . Vice-President FRANCES McLAlN . .... Secretary MARTHA GAY , , , .I .... Treasurer ANNA MATHEWS . . . . . . Member-at-Large MISS MILDRED PRICE. . . . . . Club Adviser MEMBERS CLAUDIA BUSSEY BESSIE LEWIS JULIA CASEY SARA ELLEN MORGAN DOROTHY CLARK CATHERINE WILSON MARY HARGRAVE MARION JOHNSON TRECY LONG OLLIFF VINCENT PARRISI-I QM FRENCI-I CLUB The French Club endeavors to inspire its members, as well as the students ot the college, with a love ot the French language and literature, and to bring to the campus a cultural atmosphere. This year the CIub's outstanding production was the modern comedy, "L'AngIais tel que qu'on Ie parlef' by Tristan Bernard, which was presented in the Spring. Activities for the year also included an extensive study ot the Seven- teenth Century and the Age ot Romanticism in French literature, as well as plans tor making the French room more attractive through additional pictures and maps. OFFICERS PERMELIA OLLIFF . . ........ . . . President VIVIAN VINCENT . . . . .Vice-President EMILY PARRISH . . . . Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS EDITH BENNETT LOTA GRIFFITH LAVENIA LASSITER LILLIAN BRAGG MARY KATHRYN HARRELL JUNE LAWSON ANN BROOKS MARTHA JENNINGS ELOISE OGLETREE LEILA CALLENDER JOSEPHINE JOUBERT ANNA RICHTER ALEXA DALEY ELIZABETH KELLEY CAROLYN WHIPPLE CAROLYN GREENE Vincent and Ollilif n u'r"", , 5 Entre Nous B. A ii' , pw-wh., V-- Fi PERM ELIA OLLI FF ELIZABETH GREEN MISS GERTRUDE GILMER PERMELIA OLLIFF . ALEXA DALEY . . LILLIAN BRAGG . JOSEPI-IINE .IOU BERT ELIZABETH GREEN FACULTY ADVISERS Miss FRANCES RUTH CARPENTER DR. J. A. DURRENBERGER OFFICERS y i ii ALEXA DALEY LILLIAN BRAGG JOSEPI-IINE JouBERT 1 QA. SErsiioR I-IGNOR SOCIETY I An organization new to the campus, but one which hopes to become, after a period ot pro4,: bation, a national organization, is the senior honor society. It is with this in view thatlf the program of service on the campus is being carried on. This program is designed ton reward scholarship on the campus. At the end ot each year a medal is to be awarded the" senior who has completed her tour years' work at this college with the highest scholastic: standing. It is hoped that this award will encourage outstanding students to continue their studies here. Students are eligible tor membership after two and one-halt years ot work in the col- lege, and are elected to the group on a basis ot scholarship, leadership, and personality. MARTHA JENNI EMMA AMBOS LAURA McLEOD ...sci-Q5 . . . President . . Vice-gresident gk . . . ecretary . . Treasurer . . Editor iii? 'v- ' rt'H . I his fs mr R I-il N lg - ... I N- X.,,.,.r any RICHTER WILSON BUSSEY Q46 PRES:-IMAN HoNoR sociErv Paralleling the organization started by the Seniors, the Freshman Honor Society has been organized so that Sophomores who have made an average ot B or above in their academic worlc during their entire Freshman year become members. The purpose ot the society is to create a tavorable attitude toward high scholastic standing and to enter into some detinite service program on the campus. If the members maintain their standards, it will serve as an eligibility requirement tor the Senior Honor Society. :J 3 f 6, OFFICERS ANNA RICI-ITER . . . .President CATHERINE WILSON . Vice-President CLAUDIA BUSSEY . . . . . . Secretary CLARA MAE SASSER . . . Treasurer MARIAN JOHNSON EMMA AMBOS . . MARJORIE CARTER , , .... Historian Senior Adviser Faculty Adviser Miss MILDRED TURNBULL Miss LOUISE SAWYER DR. HARoLo H. ouLuvER KROLYN ASKEW JULIA CASEY MARY i-iuosou TRECY Louo SASSER xZEL MUGGRIDGE CATHERINE O'NEAL GRACE VAN LANDINGHAM i-iAzEi. WOODARD x M ir- - we- . 1 I 'N MABEI. JONES GRACE VAN LANDINGI-IAM 4 CHRISTMAS FESTIVAL This feast, dating from the first Christmastide of the College, was instituted in the desire to enrich the life of the students by leading their emotions to flow in the deep channels of social custom which flow down from the joyful infancy of our people. The spirit of the festival is Old English and the dances, costumed guests, decorated Feast I-Iall, as well as the social set-up of Lord, Lord of Misrule, and Court Fool, with her- alds, yule log, and Boar's l-lead, all conform to the Old English Christmas celebration. The evening proceeds from the comic and ludicrous to the quaint and humorous, and then on to the grace and beauty of the stately minuet as danced by the lords and ladies. The music passes from folk songs to religious carols, and as the student body leaves the baronial hall they march out to the strain of "Silent Night, l-loly Night." The festival is the official closing of college for the Christmas holidays. Playing At Hobby l-lorse X,-J t gi V' Ye Mmuet . . . Lords and Ladies Impnsh Pranksters . . .Ye Fooi s Underlmgs 'Them Come Thfee Knishfs A'fidiV'E3H Lord of Misrule, Ye Fool and Pages K , 1, , , L X S S e MAY DAY From time immemorial peoples have expressed their emotions and feelings in the dance and festivals, and to reawaken these feelings of the race, the Christmas and May Day festivals of the College are among its most cherished traditions. The May Day Festival is a particularly happy occasion since it celebrates the coming of spring with its promise of new life. The May Court, ruled over by the queen elected from the senior class, is held on the green in front of Converse Hall. After the queen is crowned there follows a colorful program of dances for the pleasure of Her Highness, the court, and the guests. All of the classes are represented in these dances and activities. The dances for this May Day were sugges- tive contributions of various times and peoples as expressed in the dance. The festivities reached a climax with the winding of the May Poles. After this the Queen left her throne and was paid homage by her legal subjects as she passed them. LOWER PICTURES: THE QUEEN AND HER COURT Amanda Barlcsdale, Frances Carson, Frances Fluker, Martha Franklin, Frances Garbutt, Ernestine lsbell, Catherine Morgan, Carol Peeples, Lylburn Warren, Martha Sue Williams. Clouds delicately tinted, playing, and weaving figures across the sky on a spring day. I fi? i E . - ' ' . A ? i i Ladies in Waiting to the Queen MISS MYRA I-IACKETT Queen MISS BILLY I-IAM Maid of Honor LOWER PICTURES: Sea SI1eIIs Ifhalifj Dancing Maidens of Greece Floating mist-bubbles-a rainbow-the blue of the sea-the sea sI'ieII's song--springtime and joy. 1 ,.-.' QQ I I ,S V Y-wiv Nh ffl?-s T X ff V , ga 5' T 5 I ,MN .ab MAY Exit the Queen Taking the Oath Throwing the Discus LOWER PICTURES: As the Gallant Englishman chooses his Shepherdess Over 'che Oregon Trail D A Y ,,.-as 1. l .. dv, Winding 'clue May Poles 4- 'ff if Ir r M. .b,?' nv'-"" vs f:iL.i:?l' " 35' " Said 'che Young Swiss Mountain Climber: "Come climb upon my knee." , . Q 1 l I ' 'A' 4 LOWER PICTURES: Y X i T' i ' f -' r l i Ai , l Scene from the Gay Nineties A lx M ,V l H t L Q: Won't you buy a spray of flowers gay? I Aix f .51i3f..:fi is s' g v f' a X . ei, ,in ' -L A if rgiii J 211,341 if xl ' H5 'Wu Qtr! 52? ff-"f' M'22'f 'S f-fg'-3'-is Y if 1,5 If of .o MA. 4' 1 Qs -f- y pu M' 5,20-V sf X Us 1' .. 4 br ' 4' I: 'W' I Q' ,Z :AI v Q K ev I W fs' ' ' ' " D A V an xi - ' H " 15 urn ' 4-,I e 4 lull? ':. ' l ' 'X 5 . lrfy - 3 . r Q 'Q 1 II I I ,kt-:sqm Q A., Ready 'co Serve the Players I ' X 1 E 1 XX Archers at Full Draw-Look Out BuIl's Eye! LOWER PICTURES: Next in Line for Lunch h,,y'f3ws..f-Srievs-L, :fa va ' . 1-- e-ui,-XY -Sim, -f1f,.,g,Q ??i3i1.,zAQ1 ,'- ' 1179- '35 fr ' V- .. 'fi 21 77 ri? wr:-3 3 Q Sli :gg " -Y-1.1 gp x , ffrf,si'2?g5bg'2?gg4!.:sa,'Qb','j, rg.wa,s" 1' fl W.. , ,':'f'-A If' ,:..,g ,fr,-f l .4"2,h'fn'9.-4' M '. ' f..,,,f-fd:-2 f" f- sh f'f gg,' fs'1,gta41- I V - P 534'.,SLAl n gk"L4 Q- 'Many Y 4- .Sire -'Q' I "' 2lsjg"Qf f'3,"?g.," ..'TvTQ, Ag. f , " pw? - ?"'t.g:v-Qgs.-'f ' W frm Sy'-'isffgfirssgm ff! f", - -g ,, ,'ff.wf3y1-. ?'f,jf -.Q ' .. - - , T-fa--' L Y '- ' ' '- .ay - L- .-- . . --rv . L , ,. Drinkin a Toast of Health t the S rin " ' f Vw S S O P 8 "iq-'-1 --', -7"fff ' W - Q AY-cr l UI lm.. I ',u..r 'T-fl! ft. .iwr - have f' his ,--1 :--' 4 . j2L?""T 3,7-EP'--1: -, -- 1 -, -Q15 ' if--I I ., Q I 5 " '-1 "NA glaf r Lv ,. ".-gf' .LQ .. N - ,.,,u,g.f X- wg.-r't rf, we 4. ,... . 1 Q, X, g,.,. ff! ARTIST ,l f r 43, L1 1 14 Y I I I I . I I I I -,......I CORNELIA OTII SKINNER IN HER ORIGINAL MODERN MONOLOGLIES "WIcIcedIy, devasiaiingly, True io life." Uffsw Dv-:nbc Q '::'- E-L"-Jae . F. RE LLY, 1433 BROADWAY 'J Y C. f W I IVGIQIII P ,WMM KNEISEL ALDEN TURNE R ,fin W. ,xg 'J - -5' ,i .welift ' 3, 51-1 I - a E 'L f ' 1 "' 'f " . , '. 3' rf' I Q V ' mg .rug Ni 'II II' 'S'U'd""3 IQUS QIUOUI Ffank Kf'f"5f" OHN ALDEN as 5 boy In II14- nahorfs caplhl siudivd OBERT TURNER has bvnn .acbaimcd In H10 Urfifoc Is 'Iv-II H515 mddf- .I dIsIIrwquIsI1ed name Io' svvrrraljnshumenfs, indudinq vioIun,pIanoa1'dII,x'r0, Sfaivs as .m ouIsIan:,Iinq Ammlcan planly. Hs' 1 1 I V . u ,A 1 v Wgf'.'frf4- A ' I' .. -,gs -. , . .X ,Van EXCLUSIVE MANAGEMENT V. Colsion Leigh, Inc. I 21 FIFTH AVENUE ' , N E W Y o R K ELIZABETH ' AM E RICA N Md CONTFRALTO i I ' JJZZZ W M L 1 E 4 Famous Olvera Street CM Mlmlonzrrss r 3 KDIRECT FROM LOS ANGELES! Mark Twain's lmmorfal Q- HUCK F INN and TOM SAWYER -- HILARIOUS COMEDY DRAMA 'iff '51 'emu is If - ! nf- ..,...,,.. ,..H.-,... lm.. ..-..,-.... ! AROUND THE CAMPUS You loolc at these today and laugh-twenty years from now that laugh will be mellowed with a trace of a tear tor the lost youth cap- tured tor the instant in these lively snapshots. Freshmen Decorate for May-Day Knitting Away Their Free Time Afternoon Shadows In Front of Converse Hall Leroy and the Boar's Head Typical Saturday Morning At South Converse LOWER SNAPS: Making Friends With Annie Freshmen 'Going Home for Week-End Attention Fists! The Ball ls Coming A A ,W it L ,wg I is le l,g 1 l ! ' 5 5,65 5 i Q 5 45 E I " it , - 'xg N it sry' H '96 W ' AW' .1-15... .. unwav- lx-. gl: X 4,1 'S WITH A KODAK Where and Oh Where ls That Hat? Waiting tor the Afternoon Mail I Between Classes Two Figure 8's on Skates Chappie Wants To Be "Next" Chief Characters ot the I89O Party How Brookwood Joe Saves the Day Saturday Morning Chat-Ashley Hall Ruth and Mary Start for a Stroll LOWER SNAPS: Strike Three and Out! Admiring January Azalea Blossoms The Four Blonde Blues Babies fi ., ff ,gg -K If .MJ 2 'ijlwo W abr, ,wwf --'.' T T fry is EfI be ix y T : y T l l r l I I l FEATURE PERSONALITIES Often when students have been chosen From their classes they have been chosen as Superlatrves But thus class IS burldrng my pages concerning women In the word They have consIdered the sennors from all lrfe phases And hereIn are Included those whom they judged On the rntangrble ments of qualrty Those who will Incorporate their gifts Wrth appreciation and drscrrmrnatlon Who wall have loyalty and tact and reverence Abrlrty to lead and to follow Combining these wrth broad Interests and An eagerness for lrfe that wall embrace Intellect tolerance self control cooperatron As well as social mlndedness and sympathy Erght gurls have been chosen by their class To have above all else responsrbulxty These l look on wlth love Zi' ii S r l l l - -' l I . I . I T I I W . . . I l 1 . - I I I ' I g - . y . . . 5 . . . 1 I I ' L . S . l 0 ' 1 , s l l f 1 ff naw: -- :?:gg:' la .Q in . l n:lL' q,:Q3 n l . T'9"'gO . ' ?5:h. "" 'W l f wgllih l "12'::1 X N ' X -Gum I X X1 1 f f f I f 1 rl- I X T - , T V ' l L . . Q . l . l 1 , l ,ll l tl , ly sl xr .glalp 'N rf ' x v s 1 . a':fA'.V , ' ' K 1 v 'nv-f. . ,, , f lwf, . wr , xtgi 42 r 4 ' af' f 1 r. X I., 5 1 X , A- '.' i 9 2' ' . 4' :Q A .JI f. I if ag c Yz a,L .XML44 imma yfzmgoa SX S 1 H .XZHJA QTEK!!! ' . 2 A .1 ffm. Cjlozene 0 ILAOIL 31 K 5 f qu., 2 5 Q 'ff X 4. M ' 6 3 up 'N 5 Q ' Q -an " , 5 'YA 1 M Q Q Q 8 1 ,W . 9' 'Y ' , at r Q ' 'K .Q gr in ' lx , , Q v jg lf : xx - Q , 1 R ' v V , , ef . . JZXZLQA Wziaclffa ? X if ZZIQA gesfeffe !ZljCA.4 'l Sz- r-551: -g Eb 5 iTiff'f f Q? V Y. Lessig 1-'f-sglfsil-'ffA s s:aif:s1i:s:se 1 g I 1 L1 W Zpnefi it O ffiblbl X X fs Ei. 1 mg, Ozfm mfg? W 1 V l "9 3' . 4 1 JZZLM JZLJA Wiliam, . is I IN RETIQCDSPE Remembering the graduates who have gone, I have a teeling that belonged to the ancient prophets When I hear ot those students, what they are doing, how they are Iiving I turn to the new classes, Wondering where they will go 'From here. . Then it is that a secure teeling built by successtul alumnae Replaces my doubts, and I Icnow in my heart What happens to all our students- Though they take their degrees into the world Something ot them will remain with the college And something ot the college will tlavor their lives and thoughts always: So when time counts this generation ot women as gone A delicate memory will prevail Ot the worlc they did and the personalities they made. - A delicate memory-as essential and sure to this campus As new buildings and growing enrollment: As sott breezes and warm sunshine. Z x X .2::ug E :saggy lx aa555: Ll f5D:o:,v'a-S, mf? xiii! +' Q X4 QQ?" ' X, x 5 vs X It v rli I C T ... , ,Q4,.Q,,,, s x , ,. " x I 'Nw-. A. n Y, ' f ' Q R1 si. I .1 -41,5 'ak M. J. ' 1 - . f nf . A . Q ,-:" rj X .' -iff- .' r is .gp . ., . ,' , . ,f . "'- " . ' '..f s-.-,.gX' '-'.'-'fa' 1 . "iv-" x' 53.3, V " .1 Ju" .0 .5 If ' " , -2 J' '- ',.,--, , ,xx "iff" , ,177 ' 1. N51 A W ip -,i-'::' xg , lx. V 3 Q ,et .-. 4 " H, ,fu ff - g. ' ' ', J' I ,LK " . 1 . nf- ' f L .Q - . 1, N.: if ' x 1 tif.. ' bits' . ugly!-1 'L-, lk' ll. .jf -I Q., :sf , Z X. gf 31 1- If N1 1' ' 1. - . ' - ' 'Q s . wk!! 5- 1: 'Rf aw, A V, A , v X Kfxirxx mf- ',' ' ' ' ' r I - ff'- 44" sg '-...-.. Nr f , ,--xy I L.:- . T 4.5 Q ' . ff-,K .ini J r 5 M Ng, ,M -f ' 'Lf Y .I f1,n" ' iii , 1 .'!':v,+3ol-an: , 1, wovlw ,, , . , , 'vig , ,5 - 1 ,. Lu. N . , Y, 'yi' I .pg . r I ' - 2 ' -181321 1 m Q. 1 il 1' I F f 'F pan-fr j 4 5-X ,H,.'nf'.,,oA .a.,-'I ! g - ,ffl . 4' ff 2 f 1 o"i 1 , 1 4v,..' v- ' 4 1 Y 'w 1,- 5 I, Aifvy 1 'HCA' " fl . ' ' -"'r,. ,-7L4r1 7 2 I r -,,:,, ,I arf. f P15 :fl VH, I '4- .--4, .ff-1"-4 H! N Q ,ja ff ,Hz v ff ,Q . 1 """' :':'s-:mu---"""" xx' ' ' . .-V-.nv uh-asvnu-an 4 V 4 ' .4 ' ff- 7 ' .-,.,,,...Sf . til - A ,,,u,- .. - - :A ' V6 zfL.4e e fi rf' r Q v go. W. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Q Q 0. .sqm .o. Q 0 of so. .Q 0 .Q ot ...rg 0 if mfrons t age if " Z if Bennett's Drug Store O Brookwood Pharmacy Z Carl's Soda Shoppe 0 C. C. Varnedoe and Company 0 Churchwell's Department Store Z Z City ot Valdosta 0 0 Coca-Cola Bottling Company ' Z Foote and Davies Company Z Q Foremost Dairies 0 0 Georgia Power and Light Company O Z Henry Messer, lnc. Z O l-lotel O John Oliver Service Station Daniel Ashley 0 0 Z Mathis and Youmans Company 0 McCrory's 0 McElvey-Futch Company Z Oliver and Twitty 0 Ritz Theater O S. l-l. Kress and Company 0 Southern Stationery and Printing Company 0 Star Laundry 0 Thompson and Girardin Z W. T. Grant Company " Veran Blackburn S... . ......... . . ........... . ...D Qc 1 101 rot'-501 so. 10. ,QQ ,oe ,ogg-pf ,of ,gf sg. ,Qc ,Qc s BENNETT'S DRUG STORE The Rexall Store TOASTED TASTY SANDWICHES 1 ICE CREAM and CANDY VALDOSTA, Gnokulfx CHURCHWELL'S DEPARTMENT STORE College Girls' Headquarters RITZ THEATER Quality Entertainment ONE OF FIFTY MARTIN THEATERS SOUTHERN STATIONERY and PRINTING COMPANY ll'lzoIesale Paper Dealers 090 Commerfial Stationers 1 Printers f Ojice Outfitters QQ. VALDOSTA 1 GEORGIA Compliments of FOREMOST DAIRIES VALDOSTA, GEORGIA Compliments of GEORGIA POWER and LIGHT COMPANY JOHN OLIVER SERVICE STATION Firestone Tires Amoco Products Phone 231 og ,ot ,oczvof ,of :of cg Q 9' 'O O O O 0 O O 0 Ol-'WO' 'Of 10101 2OL..POK 20' O O O O O tO! ,och Q2 0 We are proud of the Z Georgia State Womans Q ollege 3 We are glad to talce this occasion to say O that the O O O O I Czty o Valdosta., ., O O is proud to list among its greatest assets the 0 O GEORGIA STATE WOMANS COLLEGE. and we hope that Valdosta as a city malces a 0 favorable and lasting impression on the O minds ot the young ladies who malce up the 0 O student body ot this great institution. 0 O JO U 9 6 . o o o o o o o o J o A U o . . o -. o o o o o o o o o . .. 0 Q20- Q G01 tO: on soc no ,Qc ,of 1030. 101 ,Q. ,Q. SODAS 1 SANDWICHES 1 MEALS CARL'S SODA SHOPPE 110 West Hill Ave. Compliments ot HOTEL DANIEL ASHLEY THOMPSON and GIRARDIN Jewelers l2O North Patterson Street VALDOSTA 1 GEORGIA Serving Valdosta for more llzan a third of a eenlury 1 1 1 1 1 Here's to our good friends-The G. S. W. C. Girls OQO S T A R L A U N D R Y Dry Cleaners f Rug Cleaners Phone 54 og. lVe serve to please and 'we are pleased to serve MATHIS and YOUMANS COMPANY P1ANos 1 V1CTRoLAs 1 RADIOS Efueryrlzing in Music C. C. VARNEDOE and COMPANY "Vald0sta'5 Store Dependable" Ladies' Apparel and Accessories BROOKWOOD PHARMACY Where College Girls Meet ' ' ' f 1 f Where College Girls Eat 6904 xo- :on ,ox xo- ,QQ .04 ,of ,Q. ,gf ,og ,QQ ,qcpoa vo. ,of yo. ,gf ,q. ,QQ yg, ,o, ,o, ,OCD 9 9 6 6 . . .. . O O . Q 6 6 f. . 6 if . 9 9 .. . 9 9 9 9 ' a 9 . . 9 9 9 9 a if Q 9 a 9 . 6 .S '.-J'-'.-Ji-i. 0 A 1. u!s2'JP ' . . .-, ... Q 9 V . 9 9 5 NN cf? 5 6 Q PHQTQGRAPHER F012 9 Q PINE CONE .1937 2 6 9 ' 6 n O - 6 9 . 6 9 -. v 6 O Q . - 6 O Q -. 6 9 . ' 6 9 T J o 9 . 6 9 A J 6 0 9 N 5 9 Q 9 .4 6 9 .11 " O 0 n S01 ,QQ ,QQ-,-,Qc -,of 201 ,gf aol ,oc ,of rQQQc vor :Qu ,Qc 101 :Oc vOc 10: 'Of 'OK ,Of 101 IOC! f Q. ,QQ ,of ,Qu ,0C70. ,ge ,QQ Cb Compliments of W. T. GRANT COMPANY lc to 5l.OO Junior Department Store HENRY MESSER, INC. Sales ' Forol f Service Telephones I44-l45 VALDOSTA :: 1: GEORGIA Compliments of COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS WALDOSTA, GEORGIA 1 H. F. HOLMES, President Compliments of S. H. KRESS and COMPANY ui' 5c, IOC and 25C Store Shop at OLIVER and TWITTY Ladies' Wearing Apparel Compliments ot M c C R O R Y ' S Five and Ten Cent Store Compliments ot McELVEY-FUTCH COMPANY QD ,gf 194 :QQ ,010 ,Qc ,of ,Qi ,QQ ,Qc J 0 if lCOC0i1DI4DK4DI1lI1D11P1lD14DKOiDIlD14l1DI1bi0C1PC1 lilbiilibii I I i I I i 71010101011 it iiliflitlilbli FOOTE ATLANTA GEORGIA C7QOQOQOQOQOQI VL A L n If L VL 5 THERE ARE MANY REASONS WHY SUCCESSFUL ANNUALS REQUIRE' THE SERVICES OF EXPERIENCED AND EXPERT CRAFTSMEN Sz DAVIES CO. HAVE THESE SERVICES . . . ann! lA6 Ill-0.4! It6C6.5.4tlZ? COHtl90l't6l'tt.4 of af! zeally fine 4004.4 incfuafliny A SPECIAL ANNUAL SALES AND SERVICE ORGANIZATION CREATIVE DESIGNERS AND LAYOUT ARTISTS ' ABUNDANT EQUIPMENT . . . MODERN AND COMPLETE - PRICES REPRE- SENTING MAXIMUM IN VALUE ll litlilriiinrilblpliilllil i P1 I1 I1 510101 D101 110160 4 I1 ll 7111011 UIC DIOI1l??0IOI0l0l DIOI1lQDOCOQOIl7I010Q1lCIlQ1DCllI1l-0I1 ICOi010QOI4lIOI1DI1DIKDI4lI1lIOI1llIlQ1 - 02014 bv wumqw .uw-u ' , 1.-. uu-fm-v-- - fn, mx -Aww 1-gnu-lv -up ,n ta... w, V 1- wffvii if W?-Niduswgsn ?5KPf "PY" jgygm W if V N wx -,Am Y

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