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VALDRIS VALDERS HIGH SCHOCL V 1 I 3-1-l---s PUBLISHED BY THE ANNUAL STAFF QF VALDEHS, WISCONSIN TABLE OF CONTENTS I O2 CLIC OF ALDDIS TAEL. OP CO 1 S 91210 .J LASo HID O'7V P O TI G A. "W" 1 r' wwf A. r v S O AMOLLAU FA UL " JL IO SCP 'X 'J .n P17-Ll I 1' QTAFI' A4 'TAL o AFT' T OTC S 'JT Tub? QTAFV LIEA TA 1 Al Q VTYTIJ JI' U FON7' SI S PLE DRALATI S JAHHT 5 O L AWN A 0 'OTTIO AULD 'WL Q J TL , FLO'I -1A.fP "U'I'UP 1iO"II.AI Q OF fL""If'A :NTFP FAMMDJ OF A, I A BOY'S GLI LUE GIRIJS GL.. LVD 'II E CHOWUQ S O BA D JU' IOW BAJD VALDTDS GIRLS ATWETIC ASSO IATIO 1T"' I AIJND HO"fC,O TI. G VARSITY FOOTEAIL FRESHMA. -SOPHOI ORE FOOTBALL VAPBITV BAS? TBALL B TJL FRCSH BAS!-"'TBALT.. JLSTLI G LRAPK X L'P BASUBALL 2 '7 29,29 O U4 L6 L7 L3 149 50 51 IIT? .U "' fl V .... ,,,,. 1 'E A' ff"'HfT ...... -. ......2 "I Pfl... ..-.......... ...3-12 C " "T:.-......... ....l3 II I '1 "ff QL:,r..f ...... Hulk PE.O!f ,,C,:, 'fi 2'fC2.,ffF5... N-.15 R21 Ft ""' 'T .HS ....... M016 S T". .......... .. ..... 17 ff RS ..... .... 1 3-20 U ".F.F"...... ....21-23 FFHSEKI' .. ....... .... 21+ ,25 S'I'2.f:LIf COTCIL .... ..... 2 6 UT' ". N.. .... ...2, ffffff T1"ooc .....30 Q 'T :IT " . ....... .... 3 1 7 "- 'ff' ............ ...32 'J 7'FT7"' ..4."f' FATF... ....33 :AJ C O ' ...... ...JL -' C . ..... . ..... ........ ............. . ....35 PHOTO CLUB ........ . ..... ....... ............. .... 3 6 ? 'VL F '.L.-C 'T ,772 -L ff T' 1 .... .... 3 '7 'Q 71 "CIR, H YG Cf' ' ................ ..... 3 7 1' A Af. f: ' ff?" O ... .... 39,39 ", mlm" 'Tn C ..... .... A ,l+1 . F: C ...... . ...... ..... A 2 T73 C O .... .... L 2 . IM .. " ....... ....... 1+ 3 mtl ff ......... . ..... . ...... .... , L5 .7 4. ' .... .................... ...HL5 L.. . . C "' fl.. .... , C.E4.:,F 5' 'LHS ..................... .. ....... L7 ...J I- 'I .... ................... .... , N ooooouoooaonoo aoua , 'C -I .... .... .51 A .E .. .......... ...- 5 2 T 'I .......... . ........... .... 5 7 . T43 N.. .... S3 1,7 ff . ......... .... 5 L "'. O .... . ....... .... 5 5 ' C L ..... ...- 5 5 .. .... .... 5 6 VICE-FREIDBTI' SENIORS David Holland 'Dave' I'm the master of ly mind. Trunpet L: Class Vice-Pres 1,l+gV-Club Lg Intramurals: Annual I+: Forensics lg M Chorm lg Dramatice 3,l+. Football 1,2,3,L: Basket- ball l,2,3,l,g St. Council l,2,3,l.g Vice-Pres. L3 Ra- dio Staf! 2,Lg Track 1,2, 3,143 Publicity Sta!! 3,L. Earl Skettebo "I-Ienry' Ehjoy life before it'e fled, for when you die you are a long time dead. Intramurals: Band lg Claes Sec-Trees. Lg Vice-Pres. 23 V-Club l+gPres. L: Foot- ball 1,2,3,L: Capt- I+: Basketball 1,2,3,l+: Hane- coming Court I+. CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT -I '57 Ronald Kleiet 'Romue' Women just don't appre- ciate me. Track Lg Intramnralsg Band l,2,3,l,g mm A: Basket- ball lgllaeebell 3,16 Clan Pres. I+: Drmatics I+: Prom Court 3. 3 Q w. SECRETARY-TREASURER Jane Vetter "Janie" We'll bet on her in this lifes' race, this gal can hold a steady pace St Council L F H A l,3, A, Treas L Llbrarian 3 Tmmxpet 3,l, V G A A 1,2 3 L Trombone L,5 Editor Georgians 'hzschel George Her tongue trips lightly along Dramatics 3,14 F H A 1, H Chorus 2,3,l, Glee Club 2, ,L V G A A 1,2, ,l,, St Commcil L it Xl' Gerald Borgwardt "Porky" Nhy aren't they all con- tented like me tramurals, Track 2, F F A l,2,3,l+, rlrestling 2 M Chorus 3,l+, Glee Club 3 I+, Photo Club 2,3,L Virginia Evenson Ginny' It's nice to be nice when you are naturally nice Trombone I+, Trumpet Staff I., F H A 1, H Chorus 2,3, L Glee Club 2,3,L, Annugl Staff L Carol Bergene Wake me up when the sun rises, but don't let the sun rise too early Forensics l,2,3, Glee Club 2,3,l+, Trumpet Staff 3 A n 1 Marvin Hartlsub My car I adore thee,"Girls what are they?" Intramurals, Trombone 2,3, 1. T1-mpez smart l,2,3,l,, Photo Club 3,14 Annual L Joseph Rauch 'Joe' The finest are the quiet ones Band l,2,3,l+, Gym I-fanager l,2,3,L. My-shi Richard Lieman Look what A years have done, one more would have Intramurals, Basketball 23 Baseball 2,3,l+, F F A 2, 3,Lg Forensics 2,Drsnstics . Q . .I . E , 'O I I : , . , F , o use o , ,. x V' 3. A 3 bf- 2 . JA In ' ' . . . ' F' ' , . .Q g 0 Q V. A , . ' G.A. . 2,3 L. A Aft.e 2 2- A "2 I1 I! L it V. . ruined me. 3:---2 3' 'A .-... 2 if, . 2- ll 3 . ' I - V Liz lo Ann Heber Annie Herhairistoodarktobe anafl FHA l,2,3,L Ba.ndl,2, V G A A 1,2 , Mary Jo Mowrer If there is trouble I'm not around, but I've been there Forensics l,Drsmatics 2,3, F H A l,2,3,l+, Vice-Pres L, H Chorus l, Band l,2,3, I., Sec-Trees 3 VGAA Sec 3 grf I" Jon Rex Early to bed, early to rise, but, heck, who wants to be healthy, wealthy,and wise? Intramurals, Dramatics lo, V-Club A Football l,2,3 L, Basketball l,2,3,l+, An nuel L Baseball ",2,3,L,, Class Pres 2, H Court I+ James Schmitz "Jimmy" He'll stop St. Peter's Roll to ask s question. Intremuralsg Annual I+: V- Club L: Wrestling l.3,Ag Glee Club 3,103 Prom Court 33 H Chorus 2,3,Lg Drs- ntice 3g Forensics 23 Photo Club 2,3,Lg Pres. 33 A Q mio Staff 3 z.. 'Eff ,x Yi ' Lorraine 0'!Meil She's small but not too small to be recognized F H A 1,14 M chem 2,4 Glee Club 2,3,l,,Trumpet 33 v G A A 2,3,a, Photo Club 3,l,, St Council L li EE' Janice Menza At nv books I sometimes glance. But, Oh, I'd rath- er glide and dence. r.H.A. 3,14 Bend 1,2,3,1,, v.o.A.A. 2,3,1.. noland Olm "Rol.lie" He "Fords" hls way through the stream of life In ramurals, Trombone I+, An. ual l,, Trumpet Staff L Glee Club l,,Cheerleader l, Dramat1cs 3 Erwin I-Iuellenbach There are three great men in the world, HE, I have forgotten the other two Intramurals F F A 3,L V-Club I., Wrestling L Football lnTrack 3,L, Dra- mstics la Jeanette Rusch I say no more than neces- sary VGAA 1. FHA 1,, 'ltaav YI Marvin Brandl "Harrie" wr? Helen Fritsch His average income 1 Oh Well, Napoleon was three a m small, too Class Vice-Pres 3, Intra F H A l,2,3,l+, Glee Club murals, V Club A Sec 1, 2,3,L, Photo Club Wrestling 1,2,3,L,Capt A Tl'llllP0t I+ Trombone 'hack 3 H Chorus l,2, 3,l4, Baseball 2, Glee Club 3,14 F F A l,2,3,l+,Pres3, I Prom Court 3 Wrestling Leona Reimer "Rein" Cue on scissors lets cut 'rx-ombone staff 1., 'I-napa starr L., F H A 1,2,3,l,, Band 1,2,3,L, v G A A 1, 2,3,1+. Annual 1+ com-L 3,L. Willlld Bamin I may do scmething start ling yet Intramzrals, Basketball l, Glee Club L, Baseball 1,2 U YIJ I e n s e I o e a 3 lbs X ' ' 2. V v , i A Z - Nd . . : ' - s - : ' 2: 1, A X - . : : I.. , 3 , - ' ' ir. It X I sffcouneii 3,14 Trmpemg of E3 x , 'J ups "" ', 3"-,3,l+. fe .3 , . 121 3:15 '. o. A. . 1 2 3,1.. if ,J bij 5 A V. z -'ms-w.av.i. . ' 6 'HQ Charlotte Sic klnger 'Charlie' Lead me not into tempts tion, just show me where it is P H A l,2,3,lo, Band 1,2, . V A , . lawrence Lehman Show me the way to Manit- owoc Class President 1, Foot- ball l,2, Trumpet. Staff l, Frank Zipperer "Pancho" I'm so busy doing nothing that I haven't time for anything else GleeC1ubl+ FFA 2 Ruth Schnell Neither an angel nor a saint, but you can't make a girl what she a:Ln't P H A l,l,, 14 chorus 3.1.1 Glee Club 2,3,l+, Trumpet staff 3,z., v c A A 2,3,l4,, Photo Club 2,3,l+ J 'Ette Lemberger The Juniors are swell, the Seniors are terrific, but Oh! That alumnus Trunpet. 2,L, Annual L, F H A 1, Band l,2,3,h, Dra matics l,2,3,h Forensics 1,2,3,l,, V G A A 2, Pub- licity I+ Edward Pritzl 'Eddie I argue though the po1nt is small, you can't let the teachers say it all Intramurals, V Club L, F Basketball l,2,3,ls, Base- ball l,2,3,l,,Prom court 3 Marilynn Schley She was out out to be an angel but aansone lost the pattem Class Sec Trees 1, !' H A 1, H Chorus 3,l., Glee Club 3,L, Band 1,2,3,L3 Brant ics ,Lg V.G.A.A. 2, ,bg Vice-Pres. 33 Librarian ln Nancy Pritzl She is a good little girl but she would make a bet ter bad one P H A 1, M chorus 2,3,l4, 3,L Trumpet Staff 2,L, V G A A 2,3,l+, Annual A K.,,,p XXI Gerald Brennan "Gerry" I'm just naturally quiet Track 3,L Hixed Chorus 3 Glee Club 3, Wrestlmg L Annual L Sherman Goehring Buzz I have a mind of my own and it takes more than a teacher to change 1 Intramurals, Football 3 F F A l,2,3,l+,M Chorus 3 Glee Club 3, Baseball 3,14 Jerome Schaefer "J erry' "I've been dying for the last 12 years, now I'l-1 go- ing to live A1,2 v-ui 9-,525-f U If 0 I to e o o ' ' ' Q ' . g 0 e e ' F o ,T 'N'-. . ., V I an ,Qi Q A . .. ' - , L 'Gr' kc . - in tz , "v ' ' ' for f F.A. 1,2,3,l+: Treas. L: alub 2,3,l,g Librarian X 5, ,. 1, ' s ' - All 1 .F ra .A , , ' ' - F. F. - , 3, 14. ' o ego o ' X . No' 4 ' o ' o e 0 Q i g Q . I . : 3 3 7 Anna Schutte l'lAnnll Hen are like street cars if you miss one, another will soon be along FHA 1, Ba.ndl,2, ,1., v G A A 2,3,h,Trumpet Staff 3 , Dramatic: 1+ Sandra Berge "Sandy" She aims high and hits the mar D A R Candidate I+, Annual I, Co-editor I+, M Chorus A, Publicity Sta!! 3,l+, F H A 1, Glee Club 3 I+, Photo Club A, Vice-Pres I. V G A A 2,3,Treas 3,For- ensics 2, Trumpet 3, L Trombone 3,14 905. 'lx 6 5-..- n...Xaak...:a Gene Sonnabend Marlene Selle Deep dark secrets he must There 18 a little bit bad have many, but he never in every good girl seeam to tell any Annual A Co-editor A, F rnramurals, Hrestling 2, H A l,2,l+, Glee Club 1, Band l,2,3,L Band l,2,3,l,, Forensics l, Ng v G A A l,2,3,I+, Dramnt 1CS L i' Dennis Jr eahan A 11ve w1re never gets stepped on Intramurals, Track 2,L, H chem 3,L, Wrestling 2 3, L, Band 1, Dramatics 1, 2, 3,l,, Trumpet l,2,Forensics l,2,3,l4, Glee Club 3 A Melvin Tompkins I'm not sleeping I'n just .,, giving my eyes A rest Intramurals, Football 2,3 Wrestling 2,3 ,L Dorothy Korstad Leon Skattebo Full offunand mischief Heknovwkvhehaanohat oo It'e to show of! his curly r u A l,2, amd l,2,3,L, hair V G A A 1-21314 Inu-warm, :mum 1,3, L, Wrestling 2 Janice Rusch Here a giggle---There a giggle H Chorus 2 3 1+ Glee Club 23,14 Ba.nd'l: Forensics 2, ,L VGAA l,2, ,1, la. ,Cs Judy Lutze Her mind is here but her heart is elsewhere D A R Representative F H A 1, H Chorus 2,3,L, Glee Club 2,3,L, Trumpet 3,l,, Editor 3, Annual 1,3, V G A A 2,3, St Council 2,3, I+, Sec A, Trombone I+,Prom Court 33 Dramatics L. Aft-'Sl Jerome Vogel 'Boomy' All he needs is a hook, he's got a line Intramurals, M Chorus I+, Glee Club 14, Football l,2, 3,10 Basketball l,2,3,l,, Baseball l,2,3,l,,V Club L Laura Kiel She did her best in high school life and should succeed :Ln any strife. Forensics Ag F.H.A. l,2,3, Lg Vice-Pres. 23 Pres.3,l,, Band l,2,3,l,g Dramatics 3, A: Trumpet 3,l,3 V.G.A.A. l,2,3,Ag Annual3: Prom Queen 30 9 Agatha Tisler Aegis' Jolly, friendly, and short we like girls of that sort Trombone Staffh F H A 3,A, Trumpet Staff 3,l, V G A A 2,3,l,, Librarian I, Earl Glasser I was a boy scout until I became old enough to be a girl scout. Intramurals: Track 23 K Chorus 2,3,Lg Glee Club 3, Ag F.F.A. l,2,3,l,g Sec. Ag Drsmatics 3g Forensics l, 2,3,L,g Photo Club 2,3,l.. Donald Kleist "Donnie" Full of nsdom up to the top, in this progress he V111 never stop Intramurals, Annual A, St Council 2,3,L, Pres A Trees 3, Dramatics 2,3,L,, Radio Staff 2,3,l,, Basket- ball l,2,3, Baseball 1, 2,3,L,, Forensics 1,2,3,l,, Class Pres 3,1-'rom King 3 Leo Sksttebo I don't go to school, I just visit Intramurals, Football l,2, 3,L, Wrestling l,V Club la Q . f J ' e 9 3 O I ' ' 1 3 : 0 e s e 3 e f f , ' , 3 , I H Q , . . ' ' 3' 1 I ' e e 0 ' , X a., A I,,, E Margaret 1.1 me... 'Nessie Her manner is quiet but don't judge her by it Trumpet L Trcmbone 3 14 FHA 1,2,, VGAA 3,l+, Photo Club 3,11 'Pi 'Vi' Barbara Opper "Barb" What could I tell my grand. children if I spent all nv time studying Class Sec Treas 2, F H A 1,2, M Chorus 1,Ba.nd 1, 2,3,1., Sec Treas 11 V G A A 1,2,3,l+, Cheerleading 1,2,3,L, Dramatics 11, For- ensics L: Annual L: Home- coning Queen 33 Court L. '57-' 'K-I nennetn dallander Farming isn't all he'S good at Intramurals, Football 1,2, 3.1. Basketball 1, F A A 1,2,L, Basebm 2, V-Club Betty Polanelq I! height means success, I'1l do all right. F.H.A. Ig St. Council 1,2, 3,152 H Chorus 2,113 Glee Club 2,3,1.g Drsmatics 2,3, 1,3 Forensics 2,113 V.G.A.A. 1,2,3,L: Cheerleading 1,2, 3,15 Annual L3 Homecoming Court he 10 Q' Judy Meyer Her tongue needeth no lub- ricatlon Band 1,2,3,1, V G A A 1, 2,3,11, Cheerleading 1 M Chorus 14 Glee Club L, Fran Court 3,Homecoming Courtl., Karl Stoeckigt Wheaties did a lot for me. V-Club F.F.A. ag Pmbm 1,2,11g Wrestling 1,2,3,L: 14 chorus 3: G1-ee Club 3: cms seo-rm-eu. 3: wrest- ling Court I+. Marvin Haas Just head me for home, I'1l get there sanetime Intramurals, Football 3,1,, Band 1,2,3,14 James Vogel 1' I had the wings of an .ngel they would look silly on me 1tramurzL1s, V-Club I+, F A 1,2,3,L,Photo Club 2 .. . .115 'X' , Q I ll , I 1' 5 , 0 , Q" 1 Q : .: 1 ' ' ' 0 e e ' I 0 e e 1,2, W A f e 0 X 'Q , ' . he ' I e e e e 5 ' e e e . 3 Q n 3 0 V ln ' ' A e X ' ' e ' e e 0 . ' , ' ' e e ' l ' - . 3 . . f e e ' Karen Schneider I 11 live without poetry, music or walking-but who in the world can live with out talking H Chorus 2,3,L, Glee Club 2,3,L, Dranatics 1,2, For- ensics 1,2,3,l,,V G A A 2, Wm, 'T' 4459 Judy Riedersr High school days may have their delight but they can't cmpsre with high school nights Trumpet surf 2,l+, Annun 1. VGAA 2, Pnntocmb 1., Trombone surf z., anna 1,2,3, mum-un z., P H A 'C' William Teesch Igrgtta Ahrgng 'Bill' I came, I saw, and Iam Brown eyes were made for still looking flirting Intramurals, Basketball 1, F H A 2,3,l+ Band 1,2,3, 2, ansebnn 2,3,l+, v cm, 1. 1, v G A A 2,3,h, Annual Wrestling 3,ls,I" F A l,2,l+ Walter Bentley 'Terry' Staff la lun Mics Christel "Allie" Work eight hours, play A lively person with s sight hours, and leave friendly way A sense of sight hours for love humor, chefs always guy Intramurals, Photo Club 3, D A R C8!1did8t0 ln V G A L, Annual A Glee Club L, A l,2,3,h,, Pres 3, Prom Band l,2,3,l+, Trumpet 2,3, Court 3 L, Trombone 2,3,l, James Ebert Jimmy" A fellow among the best of fellows Intramurals, Tnmpet In H Chorus 1,2,3,l4, Gles Club 3,b,, F F A l 2,3,h, Vice-Pres 3, Pres I+, For- ensics 2,3, Annual L, Photo Club 2 muh K Merle Sc huler "l41l!'PhY" An athletic star of great renown, he is also one darn swell clown Im-nnm-nas, v-clnb L, 1-'FA l,2,3,l+, nuker,- ball l,2,3,l4, Capt 1. Baseball 1,2,3,1. Shlrley Strauss Every girl has her devil ish moments Trombone Staff I+, F H A 3,l+, Glee Club 2,3,l+, V G A A 1,2, 1. Margaret Thone l 'Teal Don Schambureck Rhoda Luelotf Don't. look at me you make me blush I'm here even if I don't say so Tromboneh, vGAA 1., P ,2,3,l4, Annual 1. Photo Club A Intramurals, F Chorus lo rrunpee 1,2, v Club I+. Football I+, Glee Club I+ Wrestling 2,3,l4, Track 2 Rodney Behnke A man need not be a 1ady's man to be a man Intramurals, Baseball 1,2, I+, Glee Club L Kenneth Thone A good friend, what more School, I suppose ith e need we sq. necessary evil. F.H.A. 3,LgPhotog1-aphy 3,l,, Intramurl.hgV-Club LgFoot- ban 1,2,3g 'rnck 2, 3,103 1,2,3,l6e 12 , ' Aus" 1. Mary Ann Brunner Sweet as the dey ie long. TW PeHeAe vo G.A.A. 2,3,Lg Bend 1,2,3,lo Dreintica 3,153 Forensics 1,2,3,Lg Radio Staff 3,143 St.. Council L:Prol Court 3. CLASS HISTORY September 2 1952 IS a very V1V1d day tn the mlnds of many of the members ot the class of 56 for tt was the day that we entered the halls of Valders Hxgh School ttlled wlth both optlmrsm and pesslmlsm expectmg to spend the followlng four years studymg having a lot of fun and achxevmg a great many thmgs Wtth M1ss Redman and Mr Berge as our advtsers we elected Lawrence Lehman as our presldent Dave Holland as our vrce presldent and Marxl nn Schley as our secretary treasurer to gutde us through our trst year of hlgh school Davld Holland and Betty Polansky were elected our representahves to the Student Councll Gerald Borgwardt Marvm Brandl lames Ebert Earl Glaeser and Rlchard Ltermann earned thexr F F A letters ludy Meyer Roland Olm Barbara Opper and Betty Polansky led the cheers for the Freshman and Iumor Varstty teams Marvm Brandl earned hrs wrestlmg letter whxle Barbara Opper earned her muslc letter Karen Schnelder was a member of the cast of Strange Road whtch went on to the sechonal play contest Our float earned thlrd place tn the Homecommg parade ln the sprmg of the freshman year the general sclenoe classes traveled to Brtlllon to the Brllllon Foundry We ate lunch and had an outxng at Horn Park On September 2 1953 we returned to V H S wlth two less students than the prev1ous vear M1ss Redman and Mr Berge contmued as our advisers Our new class offlcers were lon Rex presndent Earl Slcattebo vxce prestdent and Barbara Opper secretary treasurer Donald Kletst and Iudy Lutze were our new Student Counctl representa txves Our flod earned thlrd place m the Homecommg parade lon Rex and Karl Stoeckxgt earned the1r football letters Ed Prltzl and lon Rex thexr basketball letters and lerome Vogel h1s baseball letter Marvln Brandl earned h1s wrestlmg letter and also went to the state wrestlmg meet Laura K1el was F H A v1ce presldent and Charlotte Slckmger one of the club s parhamentarlans F H A Chapter degrees were earned by Laura Kxel and Mary lo Mowrer Karen Schnelder muslc letters were earned by Marlene Selle and Mary Io Mowrer Marlene Selle went to the state muslc festtval Betty Polansky and Barbara Opper became varslty cheer leaders As lumors we returned to Valders Hlgh School on September 3 1954 wrth the same enrollment as the prevlous year M1ss Ltttle and Mr Hem were our new advlsers Donald Klelst became our new presldent and consequently our Prom Klng Marvm Brandl our vlce presrdent and Karl Stoeckxgt our secretary treasurer Marvm Haas Davxd Holland Earl Skattebo and Ken Wallander were new letter wlnners ln football Dave Holland Merle Schuler and Earl Skattebo ln basketball Karl Stoecklgt Ken Thone and Melvm Tompkms 1n wrestlmg Erwm Muellenbach Dave Holland and Ken Thone ln track and lon Rex and Rlchard Llermann ln baseball Marvxn Brandl and Karl Stoecklgt went to the state wrestlmg meet Karl placed fourth We were proud when we were awarded fxrst place for our Homecommg float We re Laymg for Klel Barbara Opper and Betty Polansky contmued as cheerleaders hm SCh1Tl1tZ was elected president of the Photo Club whxle Don Klexst served as treasurer of the Student Councll Four gxrls from our class served as offxcers of VGAA Ahce Chrlstel was elected presldent Manlynn Shley vlce presldent Mary lo Mowrer secretary and Sandra Berge treasurer Marvm Brandl was elected presldent of F F A and lames Ebert v1ce prestdent Marvtn earned hrs FFA state degree Laura Kxel was elected presldent of the F H A and Loretta Ahrens a parhamentanan ludy Lutze served as Trumpet edxtor whlle lane Vetter was elected Trombone edxtor Iudy Meyer and Manlynn Schley earned thexr muslc letters Iudy Meyer and Marlene Selle went to the state muslc meet Davrd Holland andl Ette Lemberger were members of the cast of Mmd Set whxch went to the league play contest Karen Schnex der Mary Ann Brunner Don Klelst and I Ette Lemberger went to the dtstrmct forenstc contest Barbara Opper was Homecommg Queen Sandra Berge Ronald Klelst and ludy Meyer represented our class on the Student Councll Dance Court Don Klexst and Laura Krel relgned over our prom Wh1Ch has Deep In My Heart as 1ts theme The class elected Marvxn Brandl Ronald Klelst Edward Prxtzl and lames Schmxtz to be on the court They selected Mary Ann Brunner Alxce Chrlstel ludy Lutze and ludy Meyer to be on the court wlth them One of the most remembered events of our Junxor year was our class trxp to M1lwaukee on May 19 1955 In the mornmg we toured the Allrs Chalmers plant ln the afternoon we saw a base 15311 game between the Mxlwaukee Braves and New York rants On September l 1955 we enrolled as a class of 75 members M1ss Prallat and Mr Hem were our advlsers Ronald Klelst was elected our new class presrdent he was alded rn hrs task of admlmstratton by Dave Holland v1ce prestdent and Earl Skat tebo secretary treasurer Sandra Berge and Marlene Selle were elected Annual edxtors It was felt that the 1ob was b1g enough to warrant two edxtors Sandra Berge Allce Chr1stel and ludy Lutze were elected by our class as our D A R candldates The faculty chose Iudy Lutze Earl Skattebo was elected captam of the football squad New letters ln football were earned by Leo Skattebo and Don Scham bureck lon Rex Dave Holland and Marvm Haas were selected as members of the all conference team Merle Schuler was elected captam of the basketball team Merle also ranked e1ghth ln conference scoring Marvm Brandl was elected captam of the wrestlmg squad New letters were earned by lames Schmxtz Denn1s Sheahan Blll Teesch and Don Schambureck Marvln Brandl lames Schmltz Karl Stoeckxgt and Ken Thone went to the state wrest lmg meet Karl earned fourth place at the state meet Dave Holland was elected captam of the track squad Don Klexst served as Student Councll presldent Dave Holland as v1ce presldent and ludy Lutze as treasurer Earl Skattebo were on the Homecommg Court Our float Let s Sprmg Vxctory rece1ved thxrd place Musrc letters were earned by Mary Ann Brunner Ronald Klelst Laura Klel I Ette Lemberger Leona Relmer Charlotte Slckmger and Gene Sonnabend Sandra Berge served as vlce presldent of the Photo Club Earl Skattebo was elected presxdent of the newly formed V Club Marvln Brandl was elected secretary Laura Kxel was re elected prestdent of F H..A Mary lo Mowrer was elected vlce presldent and lane Vetter treasurer Laura and Mary Io earned therr state F H A degrees lames Ebert was the new president of the F F A He was as slsted by Earl Glaeser secretary Ed Prltzl treasurer Merle Schuler sentlnel and Rlchard Llermann reporter Marvin Brandl Iames Ebert Sherman Goehrlnq Erv Muellenbach Edward Pr tzl and Merle Schuler represented thexr club at the state F F A Judgmg contest One of the most outstandmg events of our four years was Merle Schulers wmmng of the State Plowmg Contest Thls was the ftrst t1me 1n the htstory of our school that any student has won a state contest Merle will compete 1n the Nahon Plowmg Contest 1n September of 1956 Alxce Chrzstel Laura K1el Mary Io Mowrer Barbara Opper Betty Polansky and Marlene Selle earned thelr letters tn V G A A On Aprll 20 1956 the physlcs and advanced algebra classes went to Madlson to attend the Engmeermg EXPOSIDOII sponsored by the Umverslty of Wlsconsm and mdustry They vmewed every thxng from let engmes to laboratory techmques On Sunday Iune 3 Baccalaureate servtces were held m the gym on Iune 6 we were graduated Flower Whlte Rose Colors Whtte and Green Motto The ocean of llfe IS deep but we are prepared to swlm xt J I I I ' ' ' ' ' ' I I . . I I I . . ' 4 , 1 . - . I 4 I ' - I I 1 'u 1 '- I ' I ' ' I A , ' . . ' . f B b B tt Pl k and I Ette Lemberger went to the d1str1ct forenslc meet whtle Iudy Meyer' ar am Opper' e .Y O ans Y' lon Rexf. arld I . . - II . . I ' - . . I . ' 1 ' ' - t t . I . . I ' - ' . . . : ' : - , - , , - - I I ' ' . ' , I I 5' I I . . - ' , i , 4 . ll I . - II ' A h l 4 I l I I I . . l . ' ' " .I ' : A I I I . . 7 ' . I ' I v ' I ' O 0. 4" c'. ,b Q VU, 6 J. gc -Q! Yp Q1 Q' A. JA his 'I'-. 7415 ALT. uf. .Mix Qi 'AYP y4SY: 5 ' :ls F ,Q ,o' 1,0 AIA QUEEN LAURA KIEL KING DONALD KLEIST JUNIOR PROM esp in IU Heart" are the memories of the 1955 Junior Pran held Mg 6 with the movie title as the thqne The couples entered the gmnasium through two lm-ge hearts to see decorations portraying songs fra the movie Musical notes and symbols floated above the dancers' heads as they danced to the music of Ron Harvey and his orchestra At ten o'c1ock, King Donald Kleist led his queen, Llura Kiel, to the throne to be crowned by Mary Berge 1951+ prm queen The royal couple was attended by a Court of Honor canprised of Mary Ann Brunner and Ronald Kleist, Alice Christel and Edward Pritzl, Judy Lutze snd James Schmitz and Judy Meyer and Marvin Brandl Hr and!-lrs BdwinBrs.nd1 Hr sndltrs ArthurKiel, Hr sndHrs Hsrveyllleist, and Hr sndlrs Norbert Schmitz were chsperones for the evening. 114 Q . .D-f.,.. ...ii . 6- ,V-. A I. .J 1 V ff 7' 1 ff'- I 1 ' K fl .A , -Q7 3551. fue, 0- .' I, 'l 5 0 D 4".ie ,v.' 1 er A - -0,0 I , Q, ,1.-,-1 A -. f ','- .J '.v. 1 i ' ' ls.:- I. ,,x K 4 vie' .QI f I ' .' Obwogqyfl Q . . l . b u 4 . , 5.4.5 "f. ".'. N '-v-'. 5 "A", 3 + .L U. cv."-f Dj . ' ',:..,.p.u:a + ' 0 - .ul I ii Q'b.6- - D ,.l ' 0 . , ' s 0 P, I gi, .v. . I ' Z' '11 '.. 6 I 4 t ui.. : ' . A . ' 'Z Dirt. Q' ' 9 - .s'l. Q . V ' 5 5 '- 5 1 .I 2 . .D .AQ . P-. ,A WA. 'w 'J ' - . - 9?-mg-?L',5'r - '1-'Q unit, ee'-? ,f.?f4:- - . '..-I - C4 . A V ...str ..-HL A ' A V .H . 'D 0 O x Q n I 0 . ' o o ' n QQ K 005 'Q bront Pow Iary Adn Brunner, Judy Lutze, Laura rlel lu V ardl 11ard DIltZ1 In ff Ulllilillu Prom Norkers CLeft Picturel Row 1 H Sheahan S Jonnabend, K Prltzl, J Helgeson, A Tienor, P Penl ker Row 2 K Sheahan I Janiger, R Schambureck Queen's Throne Cnenter PlCtUT8 Pro Pqmnlttee Chalrmen Cqlght P1CtUF6 Seated J Lemberger, T Schley, E Polansky, D Shearan Standlng L tze, V Pritzl, P Erunner, J etter, M Hartlanb F1PSt Picture: G. Brennang Second Plcture: n. Lembergerg J. Dugang E. Glaeserg Thmrd Plcturez n. StO8CPlgt: J. Uugan. 15 4 ""J e- jg fi., ' J ' ' 1 Q v S V -4 , jf, I . 4 I h 'X Q UI V, 4' 1 . 1 4. - . , F We . " U -43 C - , l , ' ' J' ' ,?' . ' . : 4 ' ' ' Y' g J1'y f:yerg All 2 . ,... '4uLel. Back Row: Ronald Kleistg Jim Scnmitzg Donald Kleistg 'nyviJ 1 1 5 v ." . W I J X L .ya 'Ax In n V! A 41 'X l' 'I QP' 'll' 's .1 I R 1 ff we' - J e ri- ,- 1' 1 I ' '- 1 I 1 'f 1 4 T,A 1 v J 1 Q , K X YAG ,Q F 'unix A r "':s J V N - . ' ' . 4 . I, ..-J - ' : . 3 . C' - . ' - . - . - . . .'- : .' . ' S: I' E I ' ' t. ' - -. : .U A . J D ' ma. Ju Al- -. ' Z. ' . V ' '. ' . I . k Z X z ef - SENIOR AUTOGRAPHS 3:3 8 7 X ,ff f lay! 1 f I JX, .r Thomas Bez-ge Physical I-liucation iss Elizabeth n-allat Pon-nerclal, I ss ulona Olgt nr Gerald owley Biology and Phexnistry, iss agdelene ednan Glrls Pore conomics Physlcal .ducation .Q rv- '--' her rs Anne Chrlstlanson :Lss Fax-ol D1ttenhouse Jocal usic, 1' Alvin Glaeser Tnstm ental 'ii kr Lenard 1.u'ne1.l Agx-:Lculture r- Yen Schermacher soclal Sclence Jilliam Dayton Hlstory , .1ss argaret 'erg athematics English lc, harles He1n Industrial Arts :Lss ons e t sr 1 s P1 'El 3 QI? Q..-L A 1K wr: FACULTY 11 'Vs Yr C E Bray Principal Mr Rayfie1dSkatrude OFFICE MAINTENANCE Science Sl xi' 'J' ff el Mrs. Laverne Christiansen Office Scretaryg Mr. Joel Johnston Custodian: 'ku Alex Sherwin Custodian. 17 ' ' A z'1f. ,1 . " ,, V ' . ,fa -7 5 1 L ' n sf , 1 A A 5 " - ' r 1 yg N 1 ,X 4 ' A P ,' f T' . - 3 I' . 'R - 1 ' ' -fi " ' 7 ' vv fn , u u D W - v '. I sl 1 J . r A v n - .Y .. A- A . T I :vt71':Q,. ' lk H I v, . ' -2 I s . . .. I Y e .U , - , j 5 ' . A sr- . Q Y 5' .1 ml -- x , I -- , ,M , I l" ' 8-'S ' ' 1 L - V . . . :yn J U. - y u . :I . - A L.,w T315 ' ' ' fir. C ' - g IT' I ' rbs - i -L-:Z V A Q ' . 5 .gd S 'Vs' ' ,SL W' 1 . . K , , ...N x , f L -A ' ' A ,l . M1 - ' g If . . - A ' ' 3 I-Ir. Y - ' ' ff' f' c - ff . I f, 4 'A 4 ' , . ' ' .1 ,gf '3 : . . , D O E' iii? A Q -1 -, Q'- L AIIREIS M NSI D DAUI C GOEHRING J IIELGESOI D AIIHALT 5 R BRATZ L ERT C IXJEHRIIG 'V "Nr ll JOHISTOI 'W-5? Q'- i,+J H BAROUI 757' E BRAU II T: Xx 1 R EVHSOII J FISCHEH J GIIITNER -r ...., MALL L HALVERSOI E HAUCII 1 L D KOHLBEK P KOPIDLMISKY P KORIELY I UN IOR CLASS 18 f-3? TQ , BASEL A BDI!!! BHIIIGTOI Ol ts' BRICK T CHRISTEL R CHRISTIAIISOI R GLAESBI Y 3 J HELGESOI 1 JKRALL i .L,, I: V, A ,, . i 1 Vrsiisitlvj :I it 5 V ,1,. .2 , E R ii : ' 'O an f an k, ,N, I Q :W , 4 lv, s ' ' 0 Du Q co Q Q i 1 . -il I .. K - S' Q 1" " ' Ia '. - 1, f rub L - . . A. . . fees . Nw if ' .- . wg 9 'Ml 9 .- 5. H:-' - 4, - FS- " 2" 1:21 1- ' ' ""'. A -'1 K -Q. , . K K x f 1 ' L bps' Q 7 , ' - .yi -gzfvf. ..,,",'.H' .' 'K ,5"' R n - . '. - -4,..'..' , , f ..4Z'.'-ki-15.32 1- - 4-' i i ,- :-T '-ut!--zz: xzzzzzu L , . ,. L, ' sv' .hu sn- - . . . . , , . 1 f-1 T -- ' S- R R, .- sf :: K. . o R. , . . 4? L, 5' 'E' Q . ' . O 0 0 0 ' 0 ,,.... . J LAURES EW" IS P HCHULTY M PANKRAT2 W Aol '1--nv ROGNE sq? Www' SCHIELL QL tx J LEIST LEH ERGER 0-f if ZKQM J MUENCH J NATE iv' S PANKRATZ down lk' -du- ROLLAID 5 S SCHUH S-.-I W PETERSEN 'VXI K RYAN 1"l'xl R SEVERSON J LEM ERGER P 0'CONNOR -1 i JK! O PETERSON 5:i 'ir T RYAN SHEAHAN .hr 'Yi' .4 B MLDSOI -I' J 0'GRADY 1. QUAIIDT Q59 R SCHAHBURECK M SEIBOLD G MAHLOCH S OLSOI i '-1 D REIIKE A D SCHARENBRACH T 7? C SITTMAN Q . I: . Q B0 ' ' ' . no A fl . Y W. X '11 T' I .3 ji 4 ai 9? J ' ' 3 lgiig' .? S Q: ' Y ...nn un. - A -. G' - v . , . , . 1 ' X 'r-1 Y Ki 1 5 " , 'J'J J ' N I I F ,iii iw . ' U LN X -5 . f E513 1 , 3 -L- n. s. - - - - .QQSQQQEEEZ J ,, ,, ft ' 'u, -, ' " if Q, Ir- .4 I, 1-s .Tr - if K A -V 1 . x - ' ' 1 ' a I 4. V -5 I P. . - R- - ' 19 age-spew Q... 'Ns ! dai' I S SONNABEDID G SONNENBERG J STRAUSS L SVACIIIA A TIEIOR R 'IORRISOI ,:"?x 9:5 :Y C, J VETTEH VOIGT A WALLANDER J WALLANDER B ULMPLER D YIEGERT G WIEGERT R VILDGRUBE M ZIETLOVI J ZIPPERER C ZUTZ with eyes open for success, seventy seven juniors filled out the1r new schedules 'Last fall e McNulty was elected class leader and Prom King, Eugene Brarm vice-pres1dent, and SSJIGPB Rolland secretary treasurer "we'1l Upeet Falls," the class float for the Homecoming parade recelved a second rating Two of our class members, Owen Peterson and Susle Schuh, reigned as King and Queen of Homecoming Ronald Glasser was on the court of honor Jack1e Krall reigned as Wrestling Tournament Queen, Susie Schuh, Carl Goehring, and Jerry Wallander were on the court of honor Friday, Hay L, was the date set for the Prom, the thane of which was "Pink Magic " The thane song, "It's Magic," was played by Tony Winter'e orchestra Elected to the court of honor were Eugene Braun, Carl Goehz-ing, John O'Grady and Ronald Torrison 20 YK. - fe ' . - Q ' , Q in - , ' 6- Y " : N X. 'V "' r f ,. . f' V, A i ,,+ A V., , : 3 ' I I 1 A f ff : 1 g, e . , Y v,.E,,,s ,3,,.,,,....2,iiv,A, P., ,y. I ., K , . ' 4 . l 1 , ' i i g' , N626 . 1 I K 'I x... .,-yP '9,1 A . t , -Tlx' ' n 1 ,gill A N A- 43.11 Jw: , 5 t "J" f n-:r'i'f, fi' - B. . . . . R , 39 s. 'S , 1 . ' - ' Q. ' . P ter U s , ' . I Q O Q . . it D AHHENS f-Q sq, dai R BENTLEY R BRATZ Vv- C ANHALT F AUBOL G BHG A BHGE 215 J BUBOLZ D CHRISTEL YS' 5 sfxr, D BEHNKE D BFRGE 7'-Q D CHRI STIANSO M 5v J EIIBERGH s nvoux B summon mm? 11 Z gs gf DGHALL n rnrsn B rnnsn cosz SOPHOMORE CLASS 21 'Y"'!'! BENN IH BEBGEIE 'L V- i J DUGAN Ti .9 EVEISOII Nr +5 GROTBGU1' C BENKIIGTON Q' LBRATZ D DURBEN T Q FISHER D HABERMAN D 'Q V V' Y-7 I 5 D .I XX . M - , i V fi I 1 I ' '.' - '- 3 O , . . L. . "' S i . ' T? 1 " . - A .Y A I D D' L m Q ' , . . . K. - 'i,Q.hLf :jj -2. , , , " -, V-iv V: Q :-1. ' - U g ' V' I K- 5 ' f W ' " A' Y . xx, X, 3 1 v V I 'A 1 . 4 'N , , . ff L , fs. L ll I ,IIA J- 7.-'ff f-1' .172 ffm 1 . L.: iv QQ ' , ti? ,195 1 . 1, an .Q ,Q av. V "5 W, ' , 4 V1 f' t", , 'D . A N N . I-. '.' as A I- ' s' 'L M - f?1'.g4,, V : :,U,v .f ?fg7,, ,. k 1 . , .gr :-"1 ,-J, 1 'va if.. 4 ' .. . 1 ,bv '5 ,.5 '15-5 ' 5"-'J 5' ' ' h 'f..J'2- 'Q A 1 1.2 ' 42: '5 5. Ir I , . L. . C. F. I ,Q R J N , V' L in ' JL X v V f' D x I , dk " x' ' ix ' 'v l f . - A .. 1 ' .1 ' ' . Ao 0 Iv ' 5? El! S BALDESCII L BLUES B HHJIRSOH R XA'l"l'BEH D KIKL is-75 J KORSTAD E KUKHNL i QTY' R KIESELHORST R LANG 0 in B MATHES N MATTES G MEYER Tl y-v I. 0'N'EIL K. OPP!! K. PRITZL AHERBHAIII -Q..-0 J KLEIN ,v-A it' LHBEGER L S HOURS! fa i . RYAN HOLLAID I J OHISTOI T 71- -.I KOHLBECK J KOOPMAII Q K I LIIISMBIKR M MAKE! nb- g"' 13'-P H ILGEL R NAGEL 's- M. ROBLEY P. RDKIKER .J Y D SCHAMBURE K SIHARENBRAC G SCHISEL D SCHROEDER 1 YW g P-.IW 'Q TW h SCHULTZ P SEIBOLD B SICKINGER STAHL qw., 9-Q 5-v M Xf- 1 1.2 L TEESCH K THOMPSON THOMPSON R VETTER -22" 1 .1 "CT K WAMPLER N WANIGER R WEHAUbEN I SCHUH R SCHULEH 1 A STEEBER G STOECKIGT if M WAGNER WALLANDER l RZUTZ Eighty three students enrolled as sophomores to begin a second year at Valders High School Elected to take over the duties of class pres1dent was Dean Christiansen, vice-president was James Einberger, and Kathy Pritzl was elected secretary treasurer For class representation in the Student Coxmcil, James Einberger, Kathy Pritzl, and Nancy Waniger were elected Class co-operation and pride earning a first place in the float, "We're gonna whale the dickens out 1' Falls," at the Homecoming Parade, also produced a large turnout of students in every actlvity through the year N1ne students participated Ln the success of he Freshman-Sophomore class play,"Date with Judy " held December 12 Diane Grall and Mary Wagner were on the Wrestling Tournament court of honor Our advisers were Miss Magdalen Redman and Kenneth Schermacher 23 0 V 0. , s- Ov . - ' sz Q7 'C' s. s - A W Y ., . - A 1. - QV ' 5-I ' . - X., ' kr 4 .Af : . l 12, iv A 4 - C G- . . . . . Y :Qs fs 1 , '1 5 s f" -Z ' O r V Q A .. J Ax , 1 X. 1 " ' W 0 . . V ' 1 'r .. ' '77 h ' rd V 4' an ' 1 I M D. . . L. . . . Q. A v' ' .5 x 755 EN Z ' S- 5' , , '7 E- t K ' N- 9 x Z X 5, fy C ' fn V f gr. I . , g 1' ' l .Q-li. J 'e 1' wx'- . . J. . . A. . , aff 2- 97,54 : V: .A X M M - wcacg M X .- -rife? ., ' -5- -Y 5 ' 5 ' ? Q .fu Qs? ' E "' e " e l o n ' 13 , I I Q T BERGB P BRU NMEIER L ERICKSON gnHGw' 'wus 'Nu 'I' BOKPT ""D C LIPPEHT BHGEII 'Yr Q5 P BRUNIER WD Sd D EVENSON in X34 P ISSEIMAI 1Qil J MADSON f""'l R BLECK R vuvmsqrr D CHRISTIAINI ff FISCHER 3' K JURGENS R MEIDL M BRANDL 4 R BRAUN T'-9 DAITG P DENK 6' Q9 H FRITSCH GLAESER i G KOHSTAD D LEICK S MILLER J LM FRESHMAN CLASS 21+ 3' .1 BRENNAN in EBERT R HALVERSOII A sy R LEMBERGEH S LH H A ' F"2'L3f H 5131532 - ' lffif ' .i' x' la to Ks' :I ' S., U V .sf .Wg 1 ' h t I ' , JJ' L. A 4 . J. . . , H. A A . V, -.-f . V lm- Y ,V is Y V- . , ,i. 4: 9 igwi 1,11 ' 'J x ,. . 2 tl x. N., ' ' I ' ' ' S- vp. ' W., . . . D. . I. ,, ji. Nw, dl A. I - -L 5 J 5, A G 11 x ,' I 4 -:' " . -4 wt.. 2 2 ,Q ' . v v lm ,1 . ,. .22 f 4: .1 , . . C. . J . . A A A if ,A , 1.1-Q :, VE: V- . . .f ., ,,,ggf-Grpigigix -14 1 , - , 5: 3, is I. .- -v .. . C L, f R ' ' ..- ls-I K' I-.Q'3'u, .sad V ,x,..,:73 J , ,A gm T , xp W -'fi ' 1 5' rf , x , 1 A . ,Z 1 . . . . . O . 0 'ir A 'AN' if f 47 cf' 5.1 ll.l I OISOII G PETERSON L PIVONKA D PRITZL D ROGIE ROLLAND Nr " ur t I tb 'P' 5 3 i iv ak 'M ilu T HOLLAND D UH J RUSCH U SCHUBBIHG K SCHULBR L SKATTBBO it ... v s..1 ,Y Suy Afx vi H I J SPRINGER J STADLBR K STUIBEH T TIENOR P VOSS WAGNEH W' Sr 'S I 1 J VALLANDEH P UALLANDER UEGIIH J HIEGERT B WROLSON ZIPPERER Fifty four new freshman entered the halls of Valders 1-ugh School Tuesday, September 1, to spend four years of the1r life span. Juiy Holland was elected president by the class. To assist her in her duties, Jerry Olm and Donald Pritzl were elected vice-president and secretary treasurer. Elected to represent the class lm the Student council were Sally Olm and Dale Christiansen. The mam event of the year was the preparation of the float, "Wash 'em out, wring 'em out, hang 'em out to dry. We'1l beat Falls any old time," Wh1Ch rated fourth place in the Homecoming Parade. Ten students pa.:-ticlpated in the Freslunan-Sophomore class play "Date With Judy" held December 12. Theresa Tienor re- presented Valders freshman at the league forensic contest. Our class was well represented in V.G.A.A.,F. H.A., F.F.A., music, intramural sports and conference sports. M1ss Margaret Berg and William Dayton were our class advisers. 25 J fs-. f I S Y , ' ' ,h ' , J J D ln- v YQ 1 D 2-gf '5' . -' . I - , -1 'ri "fe . . ' 5' ' -If " . h -1 " -, ' -A it ,il I1 ll X fl ' 1 x .4-,X 1 Al I V .1 ,gl . . . . . J . ,- 1 . V. " D , ' 1 x - ?'- " -'Ev , , x- A - mx :ol ' ' ff... ' w 5" ' " 'X b H- , ' ' A' ' lv s zzf.. Z.: U 1 V r . ' . 1 . . H . . . . - , 5 ' 5, I Q V M I if . N4 - I x 1 , K 1 K I u . . . . . P. T: F ga -sf 5 ...- k N 3- - - ' mx ' ' A -XX W I xx .-4.1.2 4 L' rf A . . B. . . A. STUDENT COUN CI Front Row J Lutze, D Holland, D Kleist, R Glasser Row 2 J Vetter, L O'Neil, M Br-'unner,G Tuschel Row 3 M Brandl, J Ebert, B Polanaky Mr Dayton Front Row E Hauch, J Krall, K Ryang P McNulty N Wanigsr, K Prltzl, J Holland, S Olm J Dugan J Einberger, R Lsnberger, D Christiansen th Friday, Septmber 9, 1955, the gavel came down to open the 1955-56 session of the Student Council President Don Klsist, Vice-president Dave Holland, Treasurer Ronnie Glasser, and Secretary Juiy Lutae cm- posed the council officers After the fall elections, the number of mubers stood at twenty-three students representing the four classes and most of the extra-curricular activities By the Septqber 23 nesting all mdaers were present and the Student Council yearly policy was fomed The Wiscomin Association of Students Councils' Convention was held October 21 at Green Bay Dave Hol land, Don Kleist, Jackie Krall and Jvaiy Lutse were the four council lmbers representing Valders there 'No yearly projects under the supervision of the Student Council inclmed the Judicial program of the school Safety Patrol and financial aid to the Annual buiget Besides these projects, the council directed the Homecoming pa.rade, intramural sport competition, the school Christus Prog:-aa, lycem program, the sale of pmnants, a donkey basketball gms, and brotherhood and safety caapaigns One of the most outstanding accmplishnsnts as far as school policy is concerned, was the revision of the rules for intralural cmpetition which was attqpted after a student vote requested a change Under the splendid guidance of Kr Willis: Dayton, adviser, and the fine cooperation of all its ncbers the 1955-1956 Vslders High School Student Council counted this a h.i.gh1y successful year 26 .I . ' ' ' Q QS sl 4 'J I 1 4 1 , -A 1 I ' ' 5 1 Q I . O . I ' . I . . U . O . . 0 e ' s ' s Q e e 1 V - , , 4 6 9 4.3 4 ,, 7 ' '17 r' Q- . ,S 115 lol U .' i 'I .a . o :T 1 Q 9 1 I, I . V , I 0' '- on ' f - g. B ' e ' s ' e e e RU' 2 e ' s ' s ' e e M 3 e I e ' e ' e e s e . e , - e s e . s Howl J Ldaerger, S Berge, K Ryan, Hrs Christianson,ll Zietlow, 3 Rolland Row2 R Severson, D Holland, B. Wildgrube, J Holland, D Christiansen In October, 1951. the Publicity Staff was created in order to supply through local newspapers, the surrounding community with information concerning the activities of Valders High School The five original mmbers were David Holland, Sandra Holland, Roger Severson, Sandra Berge, and Karen Ryan, who were selected by Mrs Anne Christiansen on the basis of writing ability shmm in English class John Ho1Jand became the staff photographer This year four additional students volunteered to join the staff They were Robert Wilgrube and Dean Christianson, photograpzers, and Marlene Zietlov and J'Ette Lenberger, reporters The staff has made great progress under the guidance of Mrs Christianson and now supplies t e Velders Journal, Manitowoc Herald Times and Two Rivers Reporter, Sheboygan Press, and Milwaukee Journal with an average of seven articles weekly PUB LICITY STAFF 27 f - 1 D 4: C , 9 e Q. - .4 ' . , is ' ,,.'-.W H ' , ,hi ? 0 ' , ' e ' e ' e ' e e . ' l . C . I . O O I C C I I O . h -,,.av'g,.1 Iarlene Selle and sandra Berge A 39' -i Ronald Klelst James Schmitz Donald Kleist ANNUAL STAFF As usual, putting out the annual proved to be a greater task than any of the staff had comprehended It all began with the selection of editor wie found that we had more than enough work for one editor, so we settled for co editors Sandra Berge and Marlene Selle were selected to serve in this capacity Donald Kleist and Ronald Kleist, together with James Schmitz were chosen as assistant editors Our staff was be- ginning to take shape paper they became our layout men found some good ones :Ln the persons Ruth SchnelJ. We rather imposed on girls found that they had more than writing ability by assigning him to valuable assistance and so made good use of him Photo Club members would have liked to have used Holland, Bob vlildgrube, and Charlie Lippert, who We had to have some people who could lend a they helped others who had special assignments Judy in that enough to do the position whose main efforts were spent on forensics and dramatics, was put veteran flutist, was assigned to cheerleader section and at times capably handled that section and adviser de realized the need for a business manager Jon Rex seemed a likely prospect and was promptly assigxed to the position Terry Bentley and Marvin Hartlaub had had considerable experience with the school news Who could produce an annual without typists? we didn't even try of Virginia Ekenson, lorraine O'Neil, Nancy Pritzl, Judy Riederer, we had her type out all the senior captions, but the other on the regular write-ups We capitalized on Dave Holl.and's of sports writer Dave found that Jon Rex could give '7 were and This were the fellows who kept the darkroom tied up when the You guessed it, none other than Dean Christiansen, John our photographers wherever needed Besides their individual write ups, group included Loretta Ahrens, whose special assign ments had to do with the senior say-ings, James Ebert, who took care of the F F A pages, and laura Kiel, the F H A and Prom pages J'Ette Lemberger, because of her interest in charge of the pages dealing with those activities, and Barbara Opper, our the pages dealing with instrumental music Betty Polansky took care of the served as a capable typist Leona Peimer and Ann Weber, active in V G A A , proved very cooperative workers Ken 'I'hompson's eagle eye and steady hands were great assets in spotting and making corrections Je appreciated the valuable assistance given by Miss Herbst, one of our English teachers, who willingly helped the staff manbers with their write-ups Your co-editors hope that you will enjoy going through the pages of your annual and re-living the activ ities of this past year They wish to express to the assistant editors their thanks for their marw faithful hours of work, to the rest of the staff for their fine cooperation, and to Hr Skatrude in his capacity 28 N- . by X .: ':. - ... ' .- " 1 x y I .N u W ' I , .' U .- " gg f' is V fr f n LQ. , . , . X g iiifsjie, ' is 7 - 46- ' I H mrs: I V X. J fha 1 . C Q and . O him . Who it. - h . . - o . ' o . ' as "I Left to right Yenny Thompson, Dean hris John Holla d Left erry entlev arvin Hart tlanson, Ann eber, and Leona laqb, ard oland Left to right J'EZtte emberger, Laura Loretta Ahrens Lorrame O'I eil and 'futh Qehnell Klel, Dave Holland, and Barbara Cpper 4 wg:- '1 -N mf ff? Seated Nancy Pritzl, Rhoda Luelloff, and Jar-es Ebert and Bob Iildgrube on ex Betty Polanslq' Stamling Futh .wchnell Lorraine O' Jeil, and Virgima 'venson sis Charles Llppert Judy Riedex-or 9 'i 3 , f J f V - l y , 4 . K . e , I., H, : . Z - .. n . to right: T E . ,H E' .. - ' '.'! ' FQ " . '1 . T. la. fly. 1 1 i 3 11 ' - x f , ,f K X l XX - ' fr 6 . l NN Q Q - fc Q A ' 5 f. X W 1 Q C " 'Su gg nz 14 I B 'YL Y M V K ,, v l . ir' 1 'V K x A ,Z W 'Aw ' 1 -1"x'w - l X A' l I .5 is J, K, K H' Ita I al K I A , J ' mf 2. Q: I ' - : , . J . . : . ' , I ' IL . Q - 4 ' V, , . . . 2 st. E9 ,..-u.,f 'VN s N..--' f ,. Inlet Upper left pictureg seated: V. Evensong A. Tislerg L. Reimer: standing: A. Weberg K. Wamplerg R. Luelloffg S. Straussg J. Riederer. Upper right picture: D. Daung M. Linsmeierg J. Lutzeg H. Fritsch. Center Picture? seated: G. Tuschelg B. Wamplerg standing: A. Brickg P. Kornelyg S. Berge. Lower left picture: E. Plamplerg J. Menzag J. Vetter. Lower right picture: R. Olmg M. Hartlaubg T. Bentley. TROMBONE Che of the highlights of the school year is the publication of the 1 , the school literary llg- asine, in which stuients are given a chance to display their literary talents. This year the I x-5 was published once a smsstsr under the guidance of Miss Herbst. Jane Vetter was elected by the staff as editor for the second smester of last year and first smestsr of this year. Beverly Wslpler was appointed her successor for the second smester and the first smester of next year. Students may enter essays, short stories, tall tales, book reviews, or editorials. The articles pub- lished are anonymously selected by a cosnittee of student judges. 30 be-fi eated V Zletlov, L Reimer, V Evenson, P wehauaen, lf Brunner, K1e1 O'Connor, R Johnson tending Rlederer, G Tuechel M Schley, P Severson, D Holland, V Wagner, L Halvoreen, P emiker, Pritzl, S Olson ,--4 F1!'8t picture T Bentley, H Olm, H Hartlaub Center picture, bottom row N P1"1tZl, L O'1'ei1, M Laney, A Go z D Ahrens, Second row J Felgeeon, E Hauch, M Lensrreler, S Eerge, A Perge hird row J Vetter, N Janif-ve ,V Pankratz kourth row E Iuellenbach, J Ebert, B Lemberger, M Erandl -ught Plcture Schnell andx Frltsch HP' '--lb for Left to right J Lemberger A Tisler Vadson P Brunmeier S lm Standing Mies Her-bet, J Lutze A wallhflier, B w8mp18l', and B G-T811 Seated 'Amon Jqhnston TRUMPET Every other Friday of the school yesr is briyxtmed by the distribution of the school nevspsper to sppro:x'in.te1,y 150 subscribers The 'Prunpet is written and produced by s group of stuimts under the guid ance of Miss Hex-bet Jmiy Lutze continued her tem se editor for the first emeeter, Marion Johnston took over the editor'e post the second smseter and will continue for the second emester nut yesr. 31 ' U Q, 1, J , 4 ' .U V - , X Y L A J 1 'Q 'Q 5 - fi , n . ' I . 0 . ' ,, ' In ' Lu I Q P. ' A s s ' ls l ' o Q e ' -a ' s ' -lo V ' e ' o ' Ks I -We '. 'A ' -J A l e, ' 3 ' J J A ff, ,J h 1, A 4 v 1 N ' f , I -X , 1 - I A , X , L s . 'i .2 fl . -' . '. . .' -. . - . V H. T.. .xg . ' -'ji' T, rn. I F . r' T e L L 2 F, A Lf W' , X' j Y I . A., V t,. .. 112 3 H. hr I lx 1 'nk X i 'I Q f r v. F gr Q T 5 .... il it W 'I J. . . . . . O ' 5 XX .X ' . , VJ . - . . LIBRARY CLUB IHS l SDCY Prlf-Z1 karen Aampler Sherry Olson and Donna Ahrens Harilynn Schley, Judy Rlederer, and Agatha isler Karen Ryan and Ann leber Nine girl, are responsible for the efficient operation of the high school library Their respon- sibilities vary fran checking out books to watering plants, but they do all with equal skill They have helped in the shelving of over Zw books, HW EnC!'C10P0d15 551014-Cl1'18, ind UWONUB vocational guidance pamphlets a new addition this year Also added to the 1ibrary's services this year was The Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature The girls work under the supervision of Miss Herbst. 32 J , li ,,,.rn,"'xu X V. if F' ' r v1 0 T Q35 .-,- Ar p 5 OF 5 OUT 'W , THIS 55 . L I s ll. -"-" ...-V N- I Q . - - . ' 'C 4b- A ' . ' T 1 'Q s X s y I O Raw 1 S Schuh, H Brunner, R Severson, D Holland Row 2 Miss Berg, J Schmitz, Kleist VALDERS VIEWS "Welcome listeners, here's the latest in news, interviews, and sports on Valders Views We hope you will find this program to be informative and entertaining I! you have listened to the Velders Views program, you will readily recognize those phrases beginning each program. The Valders Views staff was organised three years ago to inform the surrounding community of the activi ties of the school. The weekly program is recorded here et school under the guidance of Miss Berg, advisorg end presented over WOM! at 10:30 P. H. on Thursday. 33 - 0 . 5 A ' 1 , gf .1- 7 v' 4 'l'4',.r"Il' diff "' n," v. . ' - ,jg--,f4 W gr-,gf-z. x V ....'-',,-.- r 'f N .., l A me ' V' X 4:9 ' ' . V . 4 .. I -.-.J us V w .fx , -Q 9 . I . I . I I . I . De 0 C n CCI Top Picture Standing D Leick, C Anhalt, G Peterson, P 0'Con- nor, M Wagner, B Polansky, M Pankratz, B Opper B Wampler, S Dvorak, I Ebert Seated P Remiker, L Kiel, Piss Berg, Miss Voigt, B lsdson, J Lemberger H--IK if K I9 fl second Plum-e swung Rusch, K Schneider, D Sheahan D Kleist,L Erickson, T Tienor seated s Miller, M Laney, K Pritzl, Mrs Christiansen, A Ebert, B Wegner, J Wallander T E 1wd.K Opper. K Ryan. v Bm ner, P Brunner, P Kornely Seat ed M Johnson, C Flscher, Mis Herbst, Mr Cowley, R Lang , B Volgt FORENSICS 'I'h1s year brought several changes to Valders students interested in speaking A new category, interper- pretative reading, was added to the original seven groups and two new coaches, Hr Cowley and Miss Voigt were added to help the larger number of students participating Thirty seven students ccmpeted in the annual school elimination contest held February 29 Mr Norman Dorschner, judge, rated fu-st or second places to fifteen stuients who represented Valdez-s High School at the conference and league meets March 6, at Chilton, twelve students competed against other Eastern Wisconsin League speakers Sandra Rolland and J'Ette Lemberger received A's The Brillion-Kimberly Valders League meet was held at Kimberly on March 114 Marion Johnston, Donald Kleist, J'Ette Lmberger, and Karen Schneider received Ms, making them eligible to compete in district com- petition These four competed March 214 in the Oshkosh district meet at Oshkosh Marion and J'Ette re- ceived A's, pemitting than to speak in the state contest at Madison April 11+ Marion earned an A and J'Ette a B at this final event It was the first time since 1950 that a Vslders speaker had received s state A Coaches for this year were Miss Margaret Berg, Hrs Anne Christiansen, Hr Gerald Cowley, Miss Doris Herbst, and Miss Gloria Voigt. 35 ' ' e : e ' X. , x . , TA - 4 ' . : J. . I . U 3 ' - -N - f 2 ' -Y --Q Bottom Picture. Standing: S. Rel ' I i'III37f'7'I-T Q T'-2 7:7 If 4,3 'sau I ou. an Wh-Q I' P'--l Pl Zo, rtcture standing ' :olla.nd,o howrer, J Ddgan, L Erickson, D Veg- ner, Wagner, Evenson, D hrist- ianson Seated B Schdr, K Opper,D Christiansen, L Pra z orall, E second Plcture etandzmg A srosz, J de gert, G Peterson, Y Pritz1,P Rem- lker, P Slebold, B nadson, P Brur ner Seated A Ja.'1.1,ander, P Dex 2 Zutz, olland, D hrlstel, Y Nampler, J slnberger Thlrd P1ct.1re Standlng L1ppert, D Folland, Glasser, ex, r Lemberger Seated D Dayton, E had son, I Ebert, Flscher, J fleigert, S Holland, J Dugan Fourth Picture Standing R Iild grube, P Severson,J Rex, D Holland, Seated S Schuh, P Kornely B Op- pe , B Polansky, L Klel, B Volgt J Lemberger Fiftn Plcture Standing, D Klelst, E Muellenbach, H Klelst, D S ca.a.. M Drunner, helgeson, A Brick, J Vetter, E Hauch, J Helgeson Seated D Daun, G Tuschel, If Selle, R Sheahan DRAMATICS The dramatics department started an active year with the presentation of the freshmen sophomore class play A Date With Judy" on December 12 Ter freshmen and eighteen sophomores partlcipated in the play either as characters or members of the stage crew The highllght of the year was the portrayal of the story of the rativ-ity by twelve students The mixed chorus and band proud ed an a.ccompa.niment of familiar Christmas carols 'I'he year was concluded with the junior senior nlag, ""very Family Has One" on May 13 'hlelve Junlors and f fteen seuors made up the company of actors and crew Coaches for the year were Miss Margaret Berg, Mrs Anne Christiansen, Yr Gerald Cowley and hiss Dorls Herbst + Q p1-L.-A ow Row Row ow cw How Row 2 3 6 '7 J Koopnan, M Zietlow, S Bez-ge, R Wildgrube, P O'Connor, L Skattebo, L Erickson O'Neil, C Bennington, Daun, Holland, I O'Neil, Korstad okatrude, G Mahlock, R Olm M Harrtlaub, J Rusch, L Halverson, Bratz Gosz, B Lemberger, 5 Dvorak, K Ryan, J Hiederer, R Schnell, D Grall, M Maney, C Anhalt Korsta,d,h Brennan, S O1son,K Schuler, M Linsmeier,J Vogel, C Bennington,A Ebert, S Movrrer Kolbeck, Iv Wa.n1ger,I Jagner, R,D Kohlbeck C Lippert, K Thompson, L Halverson Vetter, L tern, e Aer Hoeft J Holland T Bentley, D trr1st1anson, E Glaeser, G Borgwardt, G Sonnenberg, D Chrls tianson, D Chrlstel, R Klelst, G Schisel, J Schrritz PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB labors of last yes.r's club elected Robert vlilgrube for their president, Sandra Berge vice-president, Pat O'Connor secretary: and Marlene Zietlow treasurer. Lorraine 0'Neil was elected the c1ub's representative in the Student Counc1.1. Many members shoved great interest in the activities of the club. The darkrom was used almost every period of every dey as members developed films, copied prints, end made prints and enlergments. A film drier, made by several boys in the club, eliminated the inconvenience of having to wait several hours for e film to dry. A focusing cloth, ventilator, extension flssh, and enlsrger calculator were pur- chased with club funds. Hmbers of the club made prints end enlargements of school group photos to sell to students. Proceeds went to the annual fund. 36 E Q2 ' Ei 1 A f ' ' ': Q F - : t' . i - 1 .- . - J' o' 1. X- .L 5 - ' 1 5,7 I ' ' A . r J Q- 8 A Q: L- fb ,kv ' e 1 , -s . ,, ut' sl -v aff: J ' f ' .5 ei I , A , pf, Q ' x Ka Q Qu W L C 3 ' 6- 1 s osx , V Y .x ' x i . I A - i , 1 -P' ' V I ' Q 4' 4? R 1 e ' e ' e ' e ' e ' e ' e Le - ' e ' De ' Se ' e ' Je e 0 ' e ' ' 0 : 0 ' e ' e ' Re H L A. ' . ' 0 ' u ' 1 ' Q ' . ' Q ' Q R 5 D. "Q ' . ' . ' 0 . ' . ' . ' 0 ' n C. . ' '. ' ' -ff if . ' Q ' . I o ' . ' 0 J. ' . Et ' 2. P. Ili' . . J T. 3 . 3 . . ' . "k ' ' ' - ' - ' - ' - ' N-QM -i 5. erle ochuler won the You+"' state Level Land rlowzmg Contest on September 27, 1955 We will compete :Ln the national contest Septunber, 1956 RECOGNITION ax px The DAR representatives for the class of '56 were Alice Christel Cleftl, Judy Lutze Ccenterl, and Sandra Berge Qrightl. They were chosen by popuJA.r vote of their classmates on the basis of co-operation, leadership, and scho- lastic ability. The faculty then chose Judy Lutze to represent our school in the state contest. 37 I . I aa ,S c E , A Js. ly -e I 1 , " 1 - ' of ' ialf 'lei I . ' , 5 6 F 1 V I ,AV J e 1 Q Xt X , 2 N4 Row2 Row3 Rowl. Raw Row l J Hadson, B Wempler, L Ebert, A Brick, L Kiel, H Howrer, J Vetter, S Schuh, Iritscm L Skattebo, D Heinke, D Ahrens, A Gosz, J Bubolz, L O'Nei1, J Korstad, L Bennin, H Brandl S Pankratz, B Ebenhoe, G Peterson, C Bennington, J Holland, S Olm, H Haney, C Anhalt J al lander, I O'Ne11g H Fritsch O PU!! Pankretz, C Fisher, P Brunmeir, K Wampler, E Kuehnl, C Sickinger, R Lueloff, N W8!1i8Br. Behnke, R Schamburek Zipperer, S Dvorak, S Olson, D Schroeder, N Mattes, D Haber-mann, D L0iCk. T5-en01'n Miller, B Wagner, P Voss V' , ale e e e e e ,Y Q, fl 4 4 ' f ,,,........- o e e . v a Q n e , U o e . 0 V A 0 . e e e e ' . I.. Y, I - In ' LAP . e e V l . . . . ' fL4,,' A e e X Q . u e D l O . - K4 , . . . '4- A I I ,kw- . e e A Q . e e "X r. 'tv U U' I Ai -,,,,. ,, ' , ' e , 4 ' 1? ' .C e . e X Q C Q o 4 x r . A W ' A f U -2 0 e e ' -' X i l 9 . e E Q fl - e H u , e N ' ,1 i. Q ' 'V I e . I f r I' , ,.- . I I , ' ' ' Q - . J - 4 e Af ' , -s- ' . n 0 0 f - Q 4 ' , a e I ' 0 Q V. A ' ' e ,J I I ' ' f .-.. . e e ' f -f H ,ww , ,Q e ue 31 '. n e e I' V , . . H 2 , I I e I e 0 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS One hundred thirteen girls joined the Valders Chapter of the Future Homuakers of America this year. Their officers, elected last spring were: Laura Kiel, presidentg Mary Jo How:-er, vice-president: Audrey Brick, secretary: Jane Vetter, treasurer: Arlene Berge and Lenora Ebert , parlismentariensg Beverly Uanpler, historian. Program carried out throughout the year included: Modeling of garments made Ln exzer at the October meeting: refreshment sales at home basketball and football games. November 15 the Valdere F.H.A. was host ess to fifteen neighboring chapters for a district leadership training meeting. In Decmber, at the regular meeting, a talent show was presented jointly with the l'.F.A. A TWIHP dance featured the thas 'Punzq Valentine" on February ll. Mabevrs made night shirts fron nen's white shirts or the Shady Lane Hue as e cclmunity service project. To carry out one of its purposes, 'To promote interw national good will," the F.H.A. adopted a home econanics class in the British West Indies and sent sewing and cooking equipnent to the class. The g1rls again prepared and served the annual F.F.A. banquet March 20. A clothing drive held in April benefited the Save the Children Federation. Vanilla was sold by the members to ralse money for an electric roaster to be used for the banquets. A Mother-Daughter Banquet was served buffet style on April 18. A tour concluded the year's projects. Mary Jo Mowrer and Laura Kiel canpleted work toward their state F.H.A. degrees. Beverly Voigt and Arlene Berge represented the chapter at the district dsmnstration contest. 38 'Q' Rowl S Sonnabend, A Tislsr, J Wiegert, I Ebert, L Erickson, J Rusch P Brunner, G Scharenbrock Row 2 J Koopman, B Hattes, P Aubol, H Sheahan, J Krall, E Hauch, S Halderson, S Holland, D Durban Rov3 N Olson, A Herman, H Wshausen, C Bennington, L Reimer, J Helgeson, J Strauss, S Hovrer, J Zipperer Rovh Kiss Voigt B Hadson,D Base1,L Bratz, Stoeckigt C Sittman, H Bosi, R Johnston,C Kohlbeck, J Vetter, H Selle How 5 P Siebold, A Teinor, Voigt, R Schnell P Reniker, K Pritzl, S Strauss, P Denk, A Heber, J Monza, L Ahrens, J Lsures r' 'C 12. E. 1 Q2 r' ' f 'Cf Arlenefleftl was the Junior winner in the school dunonstration contest and received an "A" at the d1s trict contest. Leona Heimedcsnterl won the school cherry pie baking contest. Beverly Voigtlrightl was the senior winner Ln the school denonstration contest. 39 I I TY"'- 7' F1 - 1 , M Q: , . , A 1 . A 'f 1 , v - - J J 4- 1 ' f - J 7 1 'V " N B , - , I 'J f L' " ' A - al- '-V -5: gf 1 J A ' ' w ' , J ' L: c 1 .: . . V 7 'R v 5- ' ' f 4 ' ri' 1' 9- , ' 1.5! 9 . ,,- I. Y l ' xv B X - -1 . ,vi .X , X ' I f as X a t ',. - -- : g, ' -1 ' "' , 4 "I f - J . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . 3 . ' . . . . . . . . ' . 0 . . - 0 . . . . ' Q . ' . ' . ' G. 3 - ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' B. ' . 3 . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' C . 0 . U ' ' + A 4 C9 -K ' Q - -, R4 -fizi""5 .i -19 ow Ebert, McNulty, Schulerg E Glasser, Prital, R Lierlann ow Rogne, H Bratz, Barge: J Stadler, N Lensmier, L Swscina, R Nagel, R Braun ow Wagner, F Fisher, J Dugan G Schisel R Schuler, R Rogne, J Thcnpsong L Ah:-ens,R Evenson ow Vogel, H kagel, J Lang D Anhalt, E Mullenbach, J Schaefer, D Kiel N Teesch, H Vetter FUTURE FARMERS The Valders Chapter of the Future Famers of America elected the following officers for 1955 1956: James Ebert, president: Peter McNulty, vice-president: Earl Glasser, eecretaryg Edward Prital, treasurer: Richard Lie:-mann, reporterg and Merle Schuler, sentinel. Heetings were held on the third Monday evening of each month to carry out the purpose of our organis- ation: to prepare boys for better future fanning. The annual Father and Son Banquet, seed sales, and many educational tours were highlights of the year's activities. The Viking Chapter was represented at the annual officers meeting at Denmark, the Manitowoc County Fair: the State Judging Contest at Madison, the P.F.A. State Convention held at Green Lake, Wisconsin: the District Speaking and Singing Contest at Chilton, and the Northeastern Wisconsin Junior Livestock Show. Merle Schuler achieved first place at the County and State Plowing Contest. He will represent Valdere and Wisconsin in the National Plowing Contest this year. L0 - I I i. X . , x , D, . e. A A ' I Q ' . i . ' , f - - 1 v - ' 1 3 ,v I X - L' Q- it , 1. -v 1 A I 1 " i Q i U J " ' 2 '- rs - . , ' 4- V. , V ' Q .f I- : V L 'J ' " ' ir. ' : .--""'-.'! x ' wtf, 13, - w, 1 . 1 ., , Q. . J I... -' '- -.7 l J? . ,.,.- ,:' Q' , in' TA , '- ... ' ' .A ,J . 5 -N- -..A ' y ' I 1 A A - '. B - x 4 p 4s,,:3e" k kxygf "',. . WY 'dill' R 1 Je ' Pe ' He e ' Ee ' 5 , R 2 D. ' . ' T. . ' . ' . ' . ' . . R 3 Pe ' e ' e : e : e ' e ' e e ' Q e R 1. J. - .' - . 3 . - . .- . - , ,-, . . , I Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 nn We-A 'V J- ow ' ,Q Q' uf Q: "' lvl lg, 1 "inn 'I IIIJF Turnell, M Hobley, R Kieseinorst, D Pritzl, E Braun, L Halvorson, H Kattreh, J Nallander Sicklnger Grotegut K Schuler, J Fuench, V Brandl, J Glaeser, D Pverson, J Uuach D Schultz Zlpperer, L Stahl, L Teesch, K Stoecklgt P Schnell, G Borgwardt, F Nallander Goehring, Bdmkm G ammmmmg Q" 1 an :mum V-,sw J Ebert, E Pritzl, M Schulor, S Goehring, E Muellenbach, M Brandl bl K. I ,X his 'Ab I K 0.7 VY I , A- . ' ' 1 V -' ig V Q 1 1 ' l xv- s ,015 1 J x v,: ,. .xr K X X 1 -L Q' I1 IQ V fl s ' ,L ' ' '1 'L J H , 2 J ,. W. J J ,J L J '1 wg: . L. n . . . . . . . . . f . . . ' . R. ' . A. ' . F . I 54- :, '-J: g-T - -- ks 1 1' ,, .K '. -4 L L 3 rn' .. .1 ', ,.'.', J 1. ..J.,u "I '- L ' "' A I A I I 1 .' . LJ llll'l 'J L' 1 Xl - 'en no-1 Qi- ' .x x J J I . ' Y x' 1 I A B' H L m 5 Row GI UW GH UH Row 1 J How 2 Row 3 R Rowl., R Front Row Second Row Fourth Row Fifth Row Evenson, N Pritzl, P Seibold, C Zuta, J Jogel, J Lutze, J Busch, Miss Rittenhouse Koopnan, M Zietlow, L 0'Nei1, H Schley, J Leist, S Schuh, K Ryan G Tuschel Voigt Meyer, R Schambureck J Laures, B Polanslqr T Ryan, R Rogne, R Wi1dgrube,L Ebert, Sittman, B Nadson Schmitz J Holland, R Torrison, E Glasser, P Schnell, GBorgws.rdt, R Zutz, D Christel, Ebert,D Schambux-eck,P Kopidlansky CHORUS One of the newer organizations in school is the Boy's Chorus which this year has shown exceptional ability. hrery Monday and Wednesday the lower halls rang with music as the boys practiced for the Christmas and Spring Concerts, the festival and an exchange concert with Brillion '1'he Boy's Chorus was under the dir- ection of Hr. Glasser Sweet notes along with a few sour ones cane from the voices of the G1r1's Chorus as it began its prac tice routine with wam-ups every session Under the direction of Miss Rittenhouse, the Gir1's Chorus put in much work on the HIIDGTS prepared for their concerts. the of the host interesting perfomsnces of the many given by the Hixed Charm was its portrayal of the Christmas story at the Christmas concert. Along with the band and the Dramstics Department, the Mixed Chorus under Hiss Rittenhouse's direction, presented a musical account of the nativity. Members of the Mixed Chorus selected fran the Boy's and Gi:-l's Choruses, also participated in the many concerts. B3 : vs ' s . e ' 0 ' s V . 0 ' 0 ' c : J. ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . 3 . . Third Row: P. Kornelyg K. Schneider: S. Bergeg M. Johnstong J. Fischerg J. Krall: H. Brandlg R. Schnell Be U 2 Je ' e s e ' u 2 e ' e ' n ' e ' C. ' . . 2 Je I s ' e ' e ' o ' e ' e ' e ' Je ' a ' e e I OU GY OV Selle, K Opper Sickinger, G Sonnsbend, D Korstad, S Howrer, Anhalt Reimer, B Voigt, R Kleist, L Ahrens, J Menza, D Grall, R Wehausen, G Peterson, R Torrison Schultz, H Helgeson Durban, P Ryan, G Meyer, S Halderson, G Mahloch BAND 'Match those sharps and flats" is a famlliar slogan to Valders band members Stuients had a voice in governing the band for the first time this year The band elected six comittee members who, with the officers, met with D1rector Hr Glasser to discuss problems of the group The com- mittee set up a danent systqn by which a student loses points for breaking a rule Students having lost more ths.n three points at the end of the six weeks suffered a complete letter drop in his grade In the beginning of the school year 59 band members elected Ron Torrison president, Marilyn Schley vice-president, and Barbara Opper secretary treasurer During the Christmas season the band and chorus put on a Christmas Concert msde more colorful because the girls were all in fomals and the boy-s were in business suits During the halves of the Homecoming game, the band paraded and marched through various formations also played for all home basketball games Che of the big music events of the year was the music festival held at Brillion April 27 and 28 Also in April the band had an exchange concert with the Kiel High Banu Us 1 K R 1: M. ' . 3 C. ' . ' . ' . ' C. . R2gL. '. -. '. '. '. '. '. '. . Row 3: D. Christiansong R. Johnstong R. Sheahang R. Schambureckg A. Weberg K. Thompson, J. Meyer: R. Bentley D. ' . . H L2 D' ' . ' . ' . ' . . . It Raul H0012 ROI P 0'Connor, D Schroeder, G Wiogort Lmbergor, Brunner, H. Johmtong R Son:-lon, R Rome, A Schustte, L Kiel, R Bleek, H. Schloy, A Henlnn,H Marx-ar G Sonnmbu:-g, 'I' Bentley, J Holland, J Rauch, D Kie1,J Lmborgar, J Thompson D Barge, L Svacim, S Dvorak, R Wildgrubo Mr Glasser, H Wagner, B Wamplor, A Brick I UN IOR BAND Rows Read Fx-om Front, to Back Howl Row2 Mr Glaeser D Rogne Lut zke Brandl Madsen OW Voigt. Behnke Ulness 'Purnell Holland ls5 o ' o ' 0 Z Bo ' Ho B OWN' 3 o ' o ' o ' o ' . ' c ' o R1 li o ' 0 ' Q ' 4 o R 3 . J. A. K. S. . H. D. J. J. S. Ulm H. B. n B. J. A. D. P. J 01m T. L D. Huh Howl. Ulneas Wallander J Dayton Christ ianson Pivonka R015 Lut zke Wiegerb wrolson Brunmeier now M Haney, R Schnell, L Ebert, E Hauch, J Krall, G Stoeckigt L 0'Nei1 , G bcharenbroch ow F Aubol, B Ebenhoe, B Wampler, D Scharenbroch, S Olson, J Madsen, L Erickson, T Tienor, Wallander, J Hiegert Row M Brandl, A Gosz, M Zietlow, I 0'heil, J Korstad, h Frltsch, J Zipperer, I Ebert, P Brunner H Schley Rolland, S Olm, D Reinke ow P Kornely, J Riederer, M Brunner, P Rennker, A Brick, P O'Conner, S Strauss, A Tienor, C Bennington, A Ebert ow B Msdson, M Panlcratz, C F1scher, P Brunmeier, K Wa.mp1er,E Kuehnl, B Polansky, C Sickinger, R Luelloff, R Schambureck, h Waniger, J 'fewer GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Valders Girls Athletic Association, under the direction of Miss Redman, began this year with the following officers Alice Christel, president, Marilyn Schley, vice-president, Hu-y Jo Howrer, secretary, and Sandra Berge, treasurer This year the club, consisting of 1.16 girls, sponsored the annual Hmecoming Dance in the high school gym, carrying out the thus of 'Hr Touchdown, U S A ' The intragurgl program were very successful with the seniors merging as champions of the volleyball and basketball tour-nalents The baseball tournalent was plsyed later this spring After Homecoming, the following officers were elected Elaine Rauch, president, Jackie Krall, vice- president, Geraldine Stoeckigt, secretary, and Lenora Ebert, treasurer L6 I 1 e ' e ' e ' e ' Q ' 5 S Q ' e I e R 2 . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' T. . . ' I 3 . . . . . . . 1 . . . v, ' . . . . . . 3 Row 1+ C. Bennington, S. Miller, G. Peterson, J. Helgesong M. Linsmeier: D. LeickgE. Lemberger K. Opperg J. R 5 . e . e . e . ' u ' e . e . e . e . R 6 e ' e ' e . ' e ' e ' e ' e ' e ' N-1 B T ow Row ow ow ow D Ahrens, S Holland, A Z1pperer, P Voss, C Zutz, T Olson, S Schuh, J Vetter, K Pyan, Tisler B Mathes, D Durban, A Herfmann, S Mowrer, J Koopman, R Nehausen, G Neigert, L Peimer, Sheahan, D Daun M133 Redman, J Fusch, S Dvorak, D Grall, P Seibold, K Pritzl, B degner, S Sonnabend, J Rusch , K Schnelder, C Anhalt M dagner, R Johnson, D Basel, J Laures, A bhF1St81, M BO81, P Denk, C olttman, L HalversongA Heber, J Henza G Tuschel, M Mcwrer, L K el, C Bergene Strauss, L Arrens, Johnston, J Vetter,C Kohlbeck, D Korstad, B Opper V Selle A Schuette CHEERLEADERS B. Polanskyg B. Opperg J. Krall, S. Schuh. L7 K- Cpperg S. Olmg J. Holland, D. Grall 'if""'Fq3"" 3 G3 9: THE ouar On parade Seated B Opper, S Schuh, B Po- lansky, J Meyer Standing J Rex, O Peterson, E Skattebo, R Glaeser King Owen Peterso and Queen Susan Schuh The Sophomore Claes Float First Place Winner HOMECGMING Hr. Touchdovm, U.S.A. was the head mn et the '55 Homecoming which eew Valdere pitted ageinet Sheboygan Pelle on e lest eecond football gene in which Pelle eked out e 6-O victory last October ll.. Festivities began in the efternoon with e parade of floats. Prizes were awarded to: Sophomore clue, firetg Junior clue, eecondg Senior clue, third: Freshmen cleee, fourth. King Owen Petereon end QUGGH Susan Schuh led e snake dence over the football field before the bonfire-vu-ned students, faculty, end townspeople gathered on the parking lot. In the gym, decorated with larger than life size figures of lr. Touchdown, Queen Sueen wee crowned ee her court looked on. Court laebere were: Judy Heyerg Ronald Glneeerg Berbare Opperg Jon Rexg Betty Polanekyg end Earl Sknttebo. A8 'ff 71- , ,I on .qc F . c H 4 , 1 ve V A A 1' ,+ , - - , 1 F1 fo' ,' . U" 3 . ' 1' 7 ' 'Q Q Q V V 1 "Y 1 Y - 9 v . e e ' e ' e 0 n W e Ir I K 1t O Z' Our Vike Decorations Coundttee Completes eachlng high! Mr Touchman, U S A U U E CD 'V 0 ,Ju E' 15 La 5 'C 0 '1 D IZ 5 Ill IJJJJ Junior Float last m nute victory! KFor Fallsl 'l.. f Qi! 1,2 ' Senior Float ,Z fl"V'i.. B. A71 'F' .mm 4 F Freshman Float Boom! F F A Float Front How Leon Skattebo, Jerome Vogel, Dave Holland, Don Schambureck, Leo Skattebo Back Row Ken wlallander, Erv Ifuellenbach, Karl Stoeckigt, Marvin Haas, Jon Hex, Earl Skattebo QCapt I FOOTBALL Steady improvement as the season progressed characterized the Valders Viking football squad of 1955 In conference plgv they finished the season with two wins, two games lost and two games tied, good for third place in Eastern Wisconsin League Two victories over non-conference foes gave than a season record of A 2 2 Twenty three lettemen helped the Norsmen to a 101 point output and held the opposition to 77 Conference coaches honored five Vikes with All Conference laurels They were Marvin Haas, tackle David Holland, backg Jon Rex, guard, all seniors, Ronald Glasser, end, Paul Schnell, tackle, both juniors At season's end the team elected Earl Skattebo honorary captain The Vikes opened the season with a thumping 19-0 victory over Kohler which turned out to be the only loss the Blue Bombers absorbed for the year In the following game, the big Huskies from New Holstein gave the Vikes their first loss, 32 12, this same team went on to finish first in the Eastern Wisconsin League The home boys bounced back with a 19-13 victory over a tough Freedom Eleven The following game was the Homecoming tilt, and a tough one it was The high U11-H3 Falcons of Sheboygan Falls came to town and handed out a 6-O defeat which wasn't cinched until the last 20 seconds of the game A dassling 65 yard dash by Earl Skattebo in the dying minutes of play wrecked Kiel's Homecming and gave the Horsqen a 13-6 win over the Purple Raiders The services of end Ronald Glasser were lost for the riinder of the season as the re- sult of a broken wrist suffered in the Kiel game A sloppy field and steady downpour set the stage for the final home appearance of eleven seniors The Brillion Lions invaded town for this and left 18-0 underdogs- In the last game of the season Valdecrs traveled to Chilton where, on a bitter cold night, the Norse finished the season with a 13 13 tie Twelve letternen will be returning for next year Prospects such as this should msure another winning season 5 points . - . : 3 0 Front Row Ehrenson CLBD Ryan, Braun , Berg Center now Schuler, F Fisher, L. Goehrlng, Peter-so , J Blnberger, Chrlstel Back ow Glaeser J O'Grady, P Severson, A Behnke, 1 o91bO o Schnell 6 BBQ Dean Christmanson Manager rw Top Row D Bex-ge, H Brennan, J HoJ.1.andgJ Olm, D Ruh, D Schultz Mr Schermcher beach D Christel, A Wallander Row 2 B Wrolson, G Korstad, R Bentley, R Schuler, D Christian son, J Finberger, P Isselmann, C Lippert Row 3 L Pivonka, K Thompson, D Dayton, G Berg, T Hoeft, Black, R Halverson, L Teesch FRESHMEN SOPHOMORE TEAM 51 : R. g T. - E. - G. . N 2 H. ' . ' A. ' ' O. V' . .f ' T. ' . Pt : R. 3 . - .. - . - 1. f ' 1 g P. . . Qi- f evxg X X 7 ' - I X Q .1 1- - -i- A "qs I S-" , K4 5 g 0 ' 0 ' 0 o ' o ' 9 Q , -A 3 s 0 J ' o . ' U .' 0 . ' o ' Ro Front Row E Pritzl, E Skattebo, H Schuler, J Rex D Holland J O'Grady O Peterson, Coach Berge BASKETBALL A team with good fighting spirit and a desire to win describes the Viking basketball team of 1955 56 perfectly Under the third year of Hr Berge's leadership the team closed the season with an overall record of nine wins and seven losses In conference play they had a six won-six lost record good for a third place tie with Brilllon New Holstein, champion for the third year in a row, went undefeated in conference play with twelve wins The Vikes were led by seniors Ed Pritzl, Merle Schuler, and Earl Skattebo Juniors Ron Glasser and Owen Peterson filled out the body of the team Seniors Dave Holland and Jon Rex and juniors John ovcruiy, Tom Ryan and Milt Seibold were on hand to lend their assistance Sophomore Joe Dugan was also on reserve call This year five lettemen will be graduated They are Ed Prital, Dave Holland, Merle Schu1er,Earl Skattebo and Jon Rex Returning lettemen will be Ron Glaeser, John O'Grady, Chen Peterson, Ton Ryan and Milt Seibold At the end of the season the team elected Merle Schuler as honorary captain for the year 5 J : e ' e ' e ' e S e e Back Row: J. Holland Cllanagerlg T. Ryang H. Seiboldg H. Glaeser . 3 . ' . 2 continued from page S2 ? 4+ E 5 2 E 2 3- E H 5 3 5 N P 5 F' 5 if E 5 E A E Z 3 N E 0 8 5 4 F! S E 53333855 Valdera Hishicot Valders 59 Valders Elkhart Lake Valders 59 A Chilton 58 62 Valdera Kohler A New Holstein Valdera 'I Valders A Ooetburg 65 Valdere Plymouth +P Valders L5 A Valdere A Kiel Valdez-a 61 A 65 Valders Valders Preble Plymouth L9 75 140 71+ 67 79 55 52 Kiel A Brillion Valdora 4: Non-Conference Games A Genes Away Tournament Games Valdera Chilton Valders 'No Rivers Vald ers Manitowoc B TEAM o M5 fa , RHF Left to right A Steeber, P IaeeJ.m.n, J Dugan, D Dayton, R Schuler, A Wallander, D Ruh, D Christianam, D Chriatel Sheboygan Falls 'I' Valdez-e Cedar Grove Valdere A Elkhart Lake New Holstein 69 L9 '70 52 75 35 61+ 60 2' Mr Hem coached the M xx Ikjlx rt' 7 Upper Row P Ieselman, H Brennan, D Ruh, D Dayton, L Pivonka Bottom Raw D Pritzl, J Olm, C Lippert, T Rolland, Glasser 53 B-team and the Fresh 61 58 59 72 61 65 ' m :MO 0 X 6 A F 'N V 8. 5 5 H A 2 2 if! 21 6 ,Q . ,I A 'Nc X '35 WAI ,Q . A1' . . I man team. 1 -1 -1-ay I Xiyfm I , ,fe gy A 6 ' A . A ,l 1 I . . . : e ' o ' e ' n ' Jo 0 Pront Row M Tompkins K Thone, M Robley, R Sicldnger, J vlallander, P McNulty, J Schultz 'enter Row E Muellenbach, M Brandl, A Wallander, D Schanbureck, J Einberger, K Schuler, L Teesch Back Row R Bratz, D Sheehan, H Nagel K Stoeckigt, J Brennan, D Wiegert, G Schisel Vikes were undefeated in twelve dual meets plus the Valdere Invitational Tournammt and the State Sectional meet The last two meets netted the mtmen trophies Of the ten different scholastic weight classes, Valdere qualified nine men at the Sectional leet Th nine traveled to Madison where they captured fifteenth place among thirty-seven schools represented A1 though only two men, Lawrance Teesch and Karl Stoeckigt placed at lhdison, both of whom received fourth place awards, the rest deserve very :mach praise, as does their coach Mr Schenmcher The Vikes boast four undefeated grapplers, two of whom were untied Karl Stoecklgt, heavyweight, and Lawrence Teesch, 180 lbs finished undefeated and xmtied Ken Thone had one tie in the 120 lb class and Pete McNulty was twice tied, also in the 120 lb class, neither suffered a lose Honorary captain of the squad, Marvie Brandl, was elected by the wrestlers Harrie, who has been wrest ling for four years had a nine von, one lost record for this past year Over his four years of wrestling Marv has compiled a record of twenty five wins, six losses and no ties Other seniors on the squad were Bw Muellenbach, Don Schsmbureck, Jim Schmitz, Dennis Sheehan, Karl Stoeckigt, Bill Teesch, Ken Thone, Melvin Tompkins D111 Match Score! GSI!-'iii-'8 QQVJSSG vqden Lunenburg Valdez-s Brillion Valders Manitowoc Valdere Shlllrw Valders Stevms Point Valdez-a Brillion Vgmq-e Sevastapol Valdere Hlniffvvoc Valders Sevastapol Valders Luxemburg Valdsrl Boniual Vllddi daupaun E aldg Invitatgonal State Sect l Vlldari vlldlfl Sevastapol 32 Lunenburg 36 gig,-'gg 26 WRESTLING 29 Pipon Sb ' 1: E .. 3 .. " " E success 5 ' . E ,, 5 . . 'G , ' , 2 5 - ' 2 . . S Q . 9. . . If - ' e :I ' . ' a 5 ' - 23:22:22 . - ' 5 ' ' A , 5 U Q . . g , , e E ' 5 f . I sc: as vi 5... . .. 3 , , , can Howl Row2 Row3 Mn Eff Y-VD F x nl' y.MUZ',p Front Row Center Row Y Robley, D Chrlstel, D Christiansen , Meyer Gene Rogne, K Thompson, E Knutson, D Holland, R Sever son, J Holland K Thone, J Brennan, J Einberger, E Muellenbach D Wiegert, Coach, Schermacher TRACK TEAM Back Row The Vikes started out the season in fine form by winrung their first triangular meet From then on it became evident that power is in numbers, as the Valders thin clade went :mto their large meets of 1955 The trackmen played second fiddle the rest of the season to the larger teams, but began to score con- sistently in some events In the conference track meet VHS cindennen placed fifth, an improvement over the past year Earl Knutson, the versatile Vike captain tallied points in both the high and low hurdles The relay team also helped the cause with a third 2 Goehring, D Sheahan, P McNulty, J Wallander, Rowl Sch..1tz, R Llermann, L Skattebo, J Voge Sickinger Schuh Robley, J Holland, K Nallander, O Peterson, How 2 Brandl, K Thone, D Holland, E Huellenbach, Severeon eesch, Berg, M Tompkins Sohambureck, D Christiansen, P Schnell, Row3 Pritzl, M Haas, J O'Grady, M Scruler, R Sebo, J Hex, A Behnke Glaeser, L Teesch, E Skattebo, K Stoeckigt CLUB ss ,leg ,Gps v -I '5' . A .Q Y3' Q., . D P s ,A ' 0 . , Q2 K ,S V .. X 0 v 2 A, ' . ' ' g ' Ge e 2 o ' o ' e ' 0 :O ' .-xt I 1 r V 5 V' in ' 1 1'-V C 2 . I :z s x 1- Q x . s 7 7 a' D 5 L Y' Y, i if ,L J e + ., X 5 am Q J xx J f -' Y i f, , 1 J L - ' I g ,V 7' E J -. l . f Y X1 - cl . I ' 0 ' D ' Je 'T' ' e . ' U ' e H. . B. . My ' o ' ov ' e ' Ms ' e ' o ' o ' Ro e Bar: ' Go ' e Q De ' o ' 9 ' Ee ' 0 ' 0 ' e A ' 9 Me ' e ' e o ' 1 ' s ' o e .3 ,4- we 's....., Ui' Row l R Llfson, J 0'Neil, K Evenson, E Siegel, A Elliot, P Pritalg R Grall, D Berge Row 2 S Goehring, H Siebold, E Prital,0 Peterson, J Rex, R Glasser, P McNulty, R L10IKh!l,R Kleist Row 3 Miss Redman, T Ryan, J 0'Grady M Schuler, R Wildgrubeg J Vogel, Berge BASEBALL The 1955 Valdez-s baseball team had what could be termed, a 'hard luck" season last year The team's overall record was seven wins against ten losses, but this does not show their true caliber of play Out of their ten losses, five were by one run margins and three by two run margins In the fifth game of the season the Vikes went on a scoring spree They tallied a total of twenty seven runs, to break the old V H S record of runs scored in one game Last yea:-'s team was captained by Allen "Al" Elliott and Ed 'Chubby' Siegel The teamfs leading hitter was Paul Pritzl who maintained a 375 average Seniors who were lost through graduation are Ray Alfson, Dick Berge, Allen Elliott, Ken Evenson, Roger Grell, Jerry O'Ne:l.l, Paul Pritzl and Ed Siegel Although this means eight men were lost for this year, it doesn't exactly dim this years prospects, for there will be 12 lettermen returning Coaches Hr Berge and Kiss Redman, can look for an improved record this season Name c John 0'Grady Paul Pritzl Richard Liermann Merle Schuler Ron Glasser Jerome Vogel Allen Ellio Chron Peterson Earl Skattebo Ed Siegel Tom Ryan Jerry 0'Nei.1 Velders Valders Valders Valders Valdere Valders Valdsrs Valdere 3l 21+ 23 Hishicot New Holstein Manitowoc Brillion Elkhart Lake 6 3 3 Sheboygan North Kiel Chilton 2 .2 193 130 130 l 2 3 2 l lo 9 9 NSEC Ray Alison Ken Evenson Roger Grall Jon Rex Dick Berge Pete McNulty Milt Slebold She:-nn Goehring Ed Prital Don Klelst Bob Hildgrube Bill Teeech Vald ers Vald ere VaJ.ders Valders Valders Valders Valdere Valdez-e E D-'kd 5, E 5 : 0 0 0 Sheboygan North New Holstein Plymouth Kohler New Holst ein Chilton Kohler 0 QESSESEQEEEE OSDKAFKBOHNH 'f va ' vu! ,, r. ,'e R' ' , OO ,I 5 .u' qt fix' ' , v v C' Q .U ll 5 5 I E- .no u ' e e . . ' ', 3 ' e ro 4-gxogswszr-'N :: ' I nl 0 , sgeswmmzb I . H'- O sro-o-wwuwg 0 .. U O 3 I . ' Nd 0 I l .. .f , M : A O e ' I ' -- . , L ' . ,, A 1' I O O ' . . 1. : 1, - L- . . e ,Q X A ooh-lv-In-lwroww :z: Q ' .3 . O X ' I ,I It Q , - -u - FU Q -fm, A . 5+ . 'ic " fxlf W -e - .. . I '

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