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DEDICATION The class of 1947 dedicates this issue ot the Ulatis,,to Mr. Boblet, our class advisor. We are deeply grateful to him for the help and the encouragement that he has given to us during our iour years in high school. The ULATIS Published bythe SENIOR CLASS - Vacaville Union High School VACAVILLE, CALIF. 1947 ULATIS STAFF TOP ROW, left to right: A. T. Boblet, M. Rogers, D. Young, M. Moore, E. Burton, I. McNiall. SECOND ROW: R. Patterson, W. Emminglon, A. Fong, E. Workman, I. Rico. BOTTOM HOW: F M. Wagner, . Paolini, C. Day, M. Borges, I. Ramos, M. Morrill. Q i ..., fN VACAVILLE UNION HIGH SCHOOL VACAVILLE, CALIFORNIA 1947 ULATIS ADMINISTRATION 9' Tb We re proud to have such an able group of men and Women drrectrnq our school lrves -'Q' The Board of Trustees has helped us rn many ways thrs year such as rnstallrnq fluorescent lrqhts rn the old burldrna and rnovrna the football held from rts old locatron one rnrle frorn the school and havrnq rt reburlt rn back of the hrqh school The faculty has been exceptronally aood Ihre year malcrnq the school very rnterestrnq be as enroyable to all students as ours has been to us L E WILLIAMS Prmclpal BOARD OF TRUSTEES TOP HOW lei! to rzght Mr O Gurlxch Mrs A M Ieppesen BOTTOM ROW Mr M Dally Mr R Schaefer Mr H Rogers WM I viii? sm- H ' ' ' , . . T . and enjoyable. We hope that high school will A V A-Q 4 Ns K I A ,Q fwg AL! ld K g b t AM Jammu L Vf'?fU'j SCHOOL wr N W - Q7 ' Ab ,mcbgx .A , f 1 H Q '1 QM 05" My , x9 51,141 X406 904600 A' . M A ' . , .yy AUSTIN T. BOBLEI' Mechanical Drawing, Shop, Crafts ' WINIFRED M. BELL Home Science, Home Economics MAURINE HURLBUT Shorthand, Typing, Bookkeeping FAYE KILPATRICK English IV, Latin, U.S. History PAUL I. LATHROP Algebra, Boys' P.E., Coach EVELYN G. LINDENMAYER Social Living, English, Dramatics CARROLL S. MUNDY Agriculture ELEANOH D. N1-:1.soN Spanish, Iournalism, English HI LAWRENCE RECORD Band, Music, General Business, General Math CHARLES A. SESMA General Science, Physics, Biology, Plane Geometry, Chemistry GLADYS E. TURNER Girls' PE., English I :S II VIRGINIA ARVIN Nurse CAROLYN T. CROCKER Secretary 5? CLIFFORD DAY Ulatis Staff . Class President '46 'ie Track Block V, Vice-President Football Baseball L 4 I I Qi - - MARGARET ROGERS VICTOR HOLSHEVNIKOFF nf, Q Ulatis Staff lunior Red Cross ' - Class Secretary '45 Block V .. X 3 Editor Hilltop Rumble Baseball ' ,. Student Body Treasurer Football SENICDRS. .CLASS CF '47 When the Seniors of l947 graduated from the elementary grades to enter Vaca High as Freshmen, they had a graduating class of 64 students. Throughout the four years of high school many of the students have moved away, a few have quit school to join the armed forces, some have quit school altogether, still a few new students have enrolled. At the end of the Senior year the class has dwindled down to 55. The school was very much surprised when the Seniors held the annual Sneak Day on February 26. The class, accompanied by their advisor, went to the snow line. All the Seniors had a wonderful time. It proved to be one of the most suc- cessful Sneak Days of Vaca High. April 22 was the date set for the Senior Supper. lt was held in Berkeley, Cali- fornia, at the Hotel Claremont. The class was accompanied by a few from the faculty. Dinner was served first and afterwards many of the students danced. An enjoyable time was had by everyone. On Iune l the annual Baccalureate Service was held at the Episcopal Church. A very lovely service was delivered by the Reverend Peter Boes. After the serv- ice the class had lunch at the Nut Tree. The main social event of the year for the class of '47 was the Senior Ball, held in the High School gymnasium on Iune l2. Everyone pitching in and helping out on different committees made it a very successful dance. The theme cmd orches- tra made it truly the dance of the year. The formal Commencement Exercises were held on Iune IU, 1947, in the High School gymnasium, thus ending four swell years of high school for the class of '47. LXLLIAN ESTEPA DONALD YOUNG Iunior Red Cross Ulatis Editor V.l-l.E. Class Treasurer '45 Class Secretary '44 Football G.A.A. Basketball Assistant Yell Leader '45 Block V Secretary MARIE GNOS RAYMOND PERRY Glee Club Ulatis Staff G.A.A. Class President '44 Block V Football Girls' Sports Basketball Block V U. S. Army MURIEL RAGO IOHN GOIKOVICH Iunior Red Cross Ticket Manager G.A.A. Tennis ANNA MAY FONG Ulatis Staif President F.F.A. Class Vice-President '4 Block V Football U. S, Navy MANUEL MI-:IIA Iunior Red Cross 4 in nuff 'V Iunior Red Cross Block V "" V.H.E. Tennis Glee Club Basketball S G.A.A. ' Ticket Manager Q VIOLA BOUZIS IOHN C. LOPEZ Iunior Red Cross Block V Chorus Basketball V.l-LE, Swing Band High School Band CARMIEN PEREZ IULIAN RAMOS n G Iunior Red Cross Ulatis Staff M V.l-LE. Class Vice-President g Chorus Yell Leader ' N Basketball . ."'!' 'ft fin' Vi -vi 'mg it Isl? "-T: 'mv' x. '27 XXX-Ji 1 11, "5 Q5 KX LEONARD ALTIERI F.F.A. Iuriior Red Cross CHARLES NULK Student Body President Football Basketball Track Iunior Red Cross JOHN SALSMAN lunior Red Cross PPA. WILLIAM EMMINGTON Ulatis Staff luriior Red Cross Block V Baseball f f 1 Jfrnck -,M ', j ,ff rw fly! f f' I CARL OLANDER Iunior Red Cross Secretar PF. EARL WORKMAN Ulatis Staff Iuriior Red Cross F.F.A. Band Block V Baseball WJ! FLORENCE PAOLINI Ulatis Staff, Assista Iunior Red Cross nt Editor Vice-President V.H.E. President G.A.A. IRENE OPENSHAW lunior Red Cross Chorus V.l-l.E. DORIS GIDDENS lunior Red Cross Chorus ANTOINETTE RAMOS Vice-Pres. luriior Red Cross Chorus Dramatics Club WINNIE TRAYLOR Iunior Red Cross Chorus Softball ROSELLA PATTERSON Ulatis Staff V.H.E. G.A.A, Girls' Sports C FRANCIS KENNELLY F'.F.A. Block V. Football Track Iunior Red Cross WILLIAM MAUPIN Ulatis Staff Band Baseball Block V DIEGO MOLINA Iurtior Red Cross Chorus WAYNE WALTERS Iunior Red Cross Football Baseball Basketball IOHN LORENZO Football Basketball Block V lunior Red Cross L lf! ERNARD aslcetball ase a Iurlior Red Cross KENNETH RIEHL Iunior Red Cross FPA. ELEANOR CASTRO Band Glee Club Secretary G.A.A. Block V Glrls Sports MARILYN HAWK C1.A.A. Olympia Vrce-President V,l-l.lf Girls' Sports CARMEN ELLASCES Iunior Red Cross V,H.E. Chorus MARGARET BORGES Ulatls Staff President V.H.E. Treasurer GAA. Block V Girls' Sports MARY CONTRERAS lurtior Red Cross Chorus Hilltop Rumble Staff Dramatics Club Girls' Sports MONA WAMBERG lunior Red Cross Chorus IRENE RICO Ulatis Staff lunior Red Cross Treasurer V.l-IE. G,A.A. Vi? .4-.5 ,szsffiwf ERNEST BURTON Ulatis Staff Vice-President Student Body Class Treasurer President Block V MARION MOORE Ulatis Staff Glee Club Trio Tennis Volleyball EDN A FRANKLIN Glee Club Badminton Softball VELMA WTLDER Iunior Red Cross Chorus G.A.A. MEREDITH MORRILL Secretary Iunior Ping Pong Tennis MERVYN WAGNER Ulatis Staff President lunior Band Basketball Block V TOYUSHI TSUIITA Iunior Red Cross V.l-LE. Chorus YAKIAKI TAKEDA lunior Red Cross Baseball Basketball Track Red Cross Red Crcs W 9 DOLORES MORENO lunior Red Cross V.I-LE. Hilltop Rumble Staff I ACKIE MCNEILI. Ulatis Staff lunior Red Cross G.A.A. Tennis IUNE GALBRAITH V.H.E. G.A.A. IOSEPHINE ALBACETE Iunior Red Cross V.l-LE. Chorus G.A.A. BENNIE SELLS junior Red Cross Chorus V.H.E. MICHEAL PAPIN Ulatis Staff F.F.A. Football Basketball CLASS PROPHECY The drscovery ot the Lost Weekend by the noted explorers F Paolrnr and K Brehl touched ott a rrotous celebratron rn the metropolrs ot Allen dale The weekend was tound on S Bsprnoza s snake tarm Hrs skrns are famous for th rr dura brlrty berng worn by such notables as M Morrrll dancer de luxe T Tsurrta deep sea drver I Albacete Towers model A Fong shoe sales woman and D Grddens woman ot the world Thrs drscovery also ended the lO year search ot S Groulx and I Gorkovrch Columbra Steel magnates Therr wrves ne M Borges and M Hawk stood lay durrng therr long ordeal The celebratron was held at the home ot E Burton owner ot the We Strckem Ply Paper Co Hrs wrte Ctormer M Moerel played hostess to over 50 guests L Estepa trurt grow r pro vrded most ot the food The arrrval ot I Salsman author at There Are Smrles and M Gnos Swrss cheese manu tacturer was greeted by a chord from The Lean bamo and W Mauprn harmonrca Durrng a brret rnt rmrssron I Lorenzo pre sented hrs rntamous toe dance He was ac om panred by B Sells on the prccolo Atter the dance a short talk on the evrls ot lrauor was grven DY D Molrna He was then toasted by every one present As the band began to olav walked Senator C Olander and hrs bodyguard I Bamos The Senator has nothrng to tear wrth Buckskrn Brll around M Paprn and hrs wrte CI Calbrarthl owners ot the Sweet Poppy Oprum Farm handed out crgarettes rn celebratron ot the lnrrth ot therr twelfth chrld A Ramos who drscovered the explosrve PDQ was srttrng wrth her flame Dr V Hol shevnrkott M D Ph D AB and D D T who rs head surgeon at the Vacavrlle Hosprtal Everyone present was thrrlled by the Gu7zlers Quartets rendrtron ot To Drrnk ls Woe The quartet L Altrerr boy soprano E Workman tenor W Walters bass Y Takeda barrtone appear nrghtly on therr own radro show I McNerll tamous torch srnger arrrved on the ar'n ot W Bmmrngton accentrrc bachelor who nrade hrs money lay puttrng the color on the heads et thumb tacks F Kenn lly noted speed manrac was tellrng C Ellasces lrbrarran ot New York about the way he won th lndranapolrs SOO mrle race An ether attentrve lrstener was V Wrlder owner ot a charn ot lrauor stores trom oast to coast At th s pornt rn walked M Contreras and E Castro expert undertakers Therr motto Mud packs our specralty wrll long be remembered lay therr clrents B Keller owner ot Keller s Kolossal Klrp Iornt and E Franklrn the rornt s marn attractron enter tamed the guest wrth a short Juggl rs act Sud denly D Moreno one trme Chet at the Waldort Astorra and now employed at W Traylor s Greasy Spoon announced that drnner was ready D Young archrtectural genrus and hrs wrte to the tood laden talele As the guests began to eat rn rolled M Mena hrgh drver and hrs nurse M Bago Manuel has been contrned to a wheel charr ever srnce he dove 35 feet rnto an empty poo Srttrng at the tar end ot the table hrdden be hrrrd a brg bowl of potatoes were I C Lopez and hrs wrte V Bouzrs I C rs currently one of Amer rca s best song wrrters l Brco renowned sports woman who holds the women s hrgh rump record C3 7 I was srttrng next to Mr A T Boblet class advrsor He wa srttrng on several prllows as he had Just returned tr m tobogganrng rn the Hrgh Srerras C Perez once famous rnarble player Cshe won the champronshrp four trmest and now retrred was makrng eyes at C Day head ot the sewer drsposal unrt l Openshaw wrth whom Clrtt at tended the celebratron suddenly whrpped out her bazooka pulled the trrgger and BOOM" As the smoke cleared the room was vacant Everyone had taken the opportunrty and passed away 1 - I I - W 1 A ' I F f I . . . , A .M J . ' I I QI 1 ' . r 9 r , V, I , L, I C , I . . . I , V. I 4 X ' I : . " , A I : . Q ' ' . ' , - ' 4 M A is ' ' l . , . D ' ' I 9 D W . n ll . 1 1 A - 1 . I . . V ' , . J , . C ' A ' , ' 51 , - . J I I k ff V Three Trio," teaturrng M. Wagner, tubaq C. Nulk, CM. Rogersl, a one-time actress, led the mad dash ' ' ' 9 ' ' I , f , I A H , V I , I . ' ' ' ' l. ' - r ' f - - A 1 nl - - . . 7 , , . A l ' V : . , 7 . , ' , ' 5? nv' Ck ii? M 'iz W, 5732- g Q A N 2 3 N 3 'IQ t um .far ' x :fn .qv 1- .JK Y 'W' ,-al ,F 2 hh . -. 1, K '. eg 1' in gy N4 .JY 4, Q, 5 if 1. X- --i"s1i Af A mi' I2 1. Our Hero!! 2. Some of the Kids. 3. All Set! 4 . Looking Good. 5. Oh Gosh! 6. Ugh-h-h! 7. Alaska Bound. 8. Hang on! 9. Drop it, Kid! 10. On the Way. Whoops!! Shoe Size 12. End o' the line. My Achin' il Proiessional. Amateur. Before. After. Talking it over. Slippery. isn't il? A TOP ROW, Lei! to right F. Caluya, G. Hopper. B. Moore, P. Markie- witz, A. Wiebe, R. Bruegmann, I.Ross.A. Carrington, F. Open- shaw. H. Messimer. SECOND ROW: T. Doogracia. I. Perez, B. Ball, B. Olander, F. Lewis, M. George, E. Raper. I. Ramos. BOT- TOM ROW: I. Wurz hacher, P. Fox. F. Es pinosa, V. Corzine, R. Aquero, M. Lopez. TOP ROW. Lei! to right: M. Lopez, W. Steele, R. Nample, K. Whaley, S. Contreras, R. Klotz. M. Ruth, D. Moscinski. SECOND ROW: R. Klutsenbaker, P. Gil- patrick, B. Martell, F. Traylor, A. Stewart. W. Plummer, A. Rod- riguez. BOTTOM ROW: H. Lum, R. Bernardo, C. Mclntosh. A. Moriel, M. Castro. JUNICR CLASS FALL OFFICERS SPRING ROBERT BRUEGMANN .......... ....... ,..... Pr e sident ,.,,......... ,.,..... R OBERT BRUEGMANN ANNE MORIEL ...........,.,...... .,.,, .... V i ce-President ,.,...... .,.....,.,..,....., A LTON WIEBE ROSE AGUERO ....,..,..,,.... ,.,,....... S ecretary ,,,,,,.., .,,.......,,...,.. V IC HANSEN PAUL MARKIEWITZ ,....,.. ....,..... T reasurer ...........,,,,, ..,............... MA RY LOPEZ BARBARA OLANDER ..,..,,,,.,,.,.,........, ...,...... S ergeant-at-Arms ,...,.,.,,,,,,, ...,,.,,.........,,,,.. . .BERNARD MOORE The Iunior year has been very successful, in both sports and social activities. ln sports, Robert Bruegmann, Vic Hansen, Bernard Moore, lim Ross, Paul Markiewitz, Melvin Ruth, Hal Messimer, and Richard Nample participated in football. Those who played basketball were Salvador Contreras, Robert Brueg- mann, Bernard Moore, Paul Markiewitz, loe Perez, Randolph Klotz, Alton Wiebe and Tony DeoGracia. A very successful barn dance was held on October 18, l946 in the local gym. Mrs. Chester Carrington was the winner ot a raffle ot six dinners at Sam Lum's, drawn on December 19, 1946. The lunior Prom was held on May IO, 1946 in the colortully decorated gym. Bernie Bentz and his orchestra provided music for the dancing from 9 to l. The Iunior Class had concessions for the Rio Vista basketball game which netted a big profit. TOP ROW, Lei! to right: R. Boyle, C. Hash, B. Stein, C. Armstrong, L. Williams, A. Berk- stresser, H. Hubbard, A. Albacete, I. Perez, K. Dommer, SECOND HOW: R. Pitchford, H. Gloria, R. Pyshora, B. Byrnes, C. Silva, B. Sherman, A. Wiebe, I. Ball, H. Pulido. BOT- TOM ROW: C. Espinar, N. Pasley, G. Munoz, I. Lightfoot, M. Perez, V. Valadez, M. Gloria. TOP ROW, Lett to right: P. Constantine, I. Pena, F. Ortega, M. Selph, W. Smith, F Gonzales, I. Brown wood, E. Moore, L. Openshaw, R. Nam- ple, R. Graham, Y. Nakatani, R. Knutte. SECOND HOW:I. Pine, P. Oliver, I.. Fadley, C. Emmington, I. Rich- etta, B. Hawk, M. Wagqoner, M. Toler, I. Lambkin, H. Sam- uels, I. Ramos, Y. Nakatani, P. Castro. BOTTOM ROW: A. Walters, M. Burton, C. Frisbie, P. Berkstres- ser, C. Groit, W. Greqq, C t tT A uero I. ons an, . q S. Salsman. 1 SOPHOMCDBE CLASS FALL OFFICERS SPRING JOAN BALL ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .,.,,,, P resident ......... ,.......... R ICHARD BOY!-E mc:-man Bonn ..,,..... ...,... V ice-President ........ ....... M ARGARET BURTON SYBIL SALSMAN -.-.l,-wv ,,,,,,,, Se creiqry ,,,,,,,,, ..,..... C ARMEN ESPINAR TRINI AGUERO ........,.,,,,...,......,,,,. ..,,,, ,..,,, ,........ T r e asurer ........................-.-....-..------....-..------ ISABEL FAM05 The Sophomore class began the year by Winning third place in the sale of Student Body cards to its members. For this, they were awarded the food and soft drink concession at the Benicia basketball game. ln March the class gave the traditional Sophomore Hop. The gym was deco- rated in a St. Patricks theme. Sophomores have been active in school affairs. This year twelve sophomore girls won the school kick-pin championship and their class numeralsg Byrnece Byrnes was appointed a school maioretteg and Arnola Wiebe was secretary of the Girls League. Among the boys, Iohn Pine played guard on the first string "C" basketball team and Mathew Moreno played "B" basketball. Iohn Brownwood made the first string in football for the second year. For the spring semester, the class chose Howard Hubbard as social chairman to plan all spring parties and affairs for class recreation. For the closing event of the year, the class held a swimming party and picnic at the local pool. TOP ROW, left to right: M. L. Reese, R. Ortiz, H. King, I. Eddy, L. V. Owens, D. New- comb. N. Ramirez, G. Romine, I. Fadely, K. Fittro, M. Takahashi. SECOND ROW: R. Day. I. Romel, I. Hop- per, I. Dietz, D. Allen, G. Burton, I. Varela, R.Sequra, C. Rosiiano, B. Lombardi, P. Mos- cinski, R. Kimsey. P. Lellman, R. Plummer. BOTTOM ROW: I. Barty, E. Lopez, S. Freeman, G. Gregg. I. Russell, P. Souza, N. Fernandez, L. Gari- baldi, A. Schroeder, R. Ramsey, M. Lopez. . . l l l z , TOP ROW, lei! to right: ' T. Moreno, H. Olander, T. Garcia, I. Lopez, F. Garcia, F. Molina. I-'. Avila. R. Ball, I. Wal- ters, M. Meiia, V. Varela, E. Borchers, C. Workman, E. Gnos, R. Tidwell, A. Green, M. Gloria, H. Gloria, F. Hill. A. Quercia. P. Hight.BOTTOM ROW: W. Willingham, l- Whitehouse, M. Gam- ero, N. Phibbs, P. Rip' lay, D. Bean, T. Ta- keda, S. Nakaiani, Y. Hatanaka, D. Fuii- moto. FRESHMAN CLASS FALL OFFICERS SPRING GRACE BURTON ,,,,,,,, ., ,...,.,... President .............. ..,....., I IMMIE MORIEL FRANK GARCIA ...,..., ,.....,.. V ice-President ......,,. ........ F RANK GARCIA IRIS BARTY ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ......,,., S ecretary ......,,., ........,,.,, P AT SOUZA FRANK MOLINA ,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,.,.....,.,.......,...,, Treasurer ,....,. ......, D ONNA ALLEN The Freshman class gave their annual "Freshman Return" on Friday, October 25, using a Halloween theme throughout the decorations and refreshments. The class chose the Benicia football game here for their first concession and made a large profit by selling hotdogs and cokes. ft was not possible to give a dance for the whole Student Body on Valentines Day, as hoped, but instead, the Freshman had a party for the members of the class during advisory period that day. During the Student Body Spring Carnival the class aided the success of the gala affair by contributing to the entertainment and providing concessions for those who attended. Before the end of the year, although no definite dates have been set, the Fresh- men are in hopes of sponsoring a few of the spring dances and taking part in spring activities. Advisors for the year were Miss Gladys Turner and Miss Evelyn Lindenmayer. L f fL ,EQ Al" MMM 4154-'I-M4 Quik 594414 LIQLL Iv Q-100 UW Jvqfk 561-Jil-lcY'k " 'K mx QWNQ Nhswx LU -4 ai' 'QI--A-4514.8 4:-M twwuf fn 'fm SPORTS TOP ROW left to nght R Bxshop I Alderson H Messrmer I Ross H Cripps M Papxn D Young P Markewrtz C Nulk Coach Lathrop SECOND ROW M Ruth E Gnos I Brownwood F Kennelly I Pena M Mena BOTTOM ROW V Hansen V Holshevnikofi B Moore R Bruegmcxnn I Lorenzo M Wagner M Walters FCCTBALL This season found over fifty out for the football team Coach Lathrop sent his teams through three weeks of conditioning exercises before teaching the funda mentals of practical football A promising season was seen at the beginning of the year because of the available material The team started out strong by winning its first practice game from Clarksburg 25 to 7 The following week the Bulldogs traveled to Winters to challenge the Warriors this proving to be stiff competition for the Bulldogs who won only after a fourth period drive which saw them shift from a double wing to a powerful single wing to score their only touchdown of the game Their next game was very disappointing as they were trounced by the Dixon Rams l2 to O This was the first victory over Vacaville for the Rams in 12 years This loss did not dampen their spirit as the boys won their next game from Benicia by a score of l9 to 7 The last two games were very drastic for the Bulldogs Vacaville led at half time over the highly favored Bio Vista Rams by a score of 6 to O ln the second half however the Rams overcame the 6 point deficit and went on to defeat the Bulldogs 26 to 6 ln the last game of the season the Bulldogs bowed to the Armiio Indians by a score of 20 to O. Next season the Bulldogs will have a very green team as most of this year s backfield and linemen are graduating. The boys who played their last season this year are Iohn Lorenzo halfback and guard- Mike Papin quarterback' Bay Perry fullback' Clifford Day halfback' Bud Kennelly halfback' Robert Cripps end- Don Young end' Victor l-lolshevnikoff guard- and Captain Charles Nulk enter. lndividual scoring as follows. Name . P.A.T. Points Bay Perry ....,, ,..., ,,,, , , , ,,,,..,.,,. .,,i , Clifford Day o,i.,,o,o ,o,,,,,, , T, ..., .. .,o,. Iohn Lorenzo .,.o,,,,o,,o,.o,,o,,,,..,o.. ,.,.o...,..,.,, Mike Papin L, ..o, ,,o,,,,,. ,,s,,,,,r L Charles Nulk ,,o,,,,.,,,.io,.,., ..,,..,,.o.,,,,r,,,,,. Total .Y.,.oot tYt.,...., .o,...,o oo,t ,oo, t,ot.rt,,. BASKETBALL "A" TOP ROW, left to right: A. Albacete, C. Nulk, B. Moore, P. Markiewitz, S. Contreras, I. Alderson, Coach Lathrop. SECOND ROW: B. Steele, W. Emmington. BOTTOM ROW: W. Walters, R. Klotz, A. Wiebe, E. Burton, R. Bruegmann, D. Young, M. Papin fManagerJ, I. Moriel. BASKETBALL "B" TOP ROW, let! to right: I. C. Lopez, M. Wagner, I. Perez, M. Meiia, C. Hash, Coach Lathrop. BOTTOM ROW: I. Perez, H. King, B. Keller, I. Lopez, V. Takeda, A. Rodriguez. BASKETBALL "C" TOP ROW, left to right: L. E. Williams, I. Romel. R. Ortiz, B. Klutzenbaker, I. Moriel, I. Hopper, W. Smith, M. L. Reese, C. Sesma. BOTTOM ROW: F. Garcia, T. Moreno, F. Molina. I. Ramos, I. Pine, T. Garcia, T. Deogracia. BASKETBALL Vacaville's 1947 basketball season was better than average with the C team, coached by L. E. Williams, winning the Southern Section championship. The var- sity had a fairly good record, winning 67 per cent of their games, while the B's fin- ished with more lossesthanwins.TheAand B teams were coached by Paul Lathrop. The varsity started off the season with a bang, winning a pre-league invitational tournament held at the University of Cali- fornia at Davis. The rest of the year they played a hot and cold brand of basketball, winning four out of six league games. Mike Papin and Ernest Burton were the high scorers for the team with 224 and 219 points, respectively. After the high school league was over the varsity was reorganized and entered a tournament for high school teams in Vallejo. The B team, which lacked considerably in scoring ability, finished with a rather poor record. They were a fast squad and had a good defense but they played an in- consistent type of basketball. The high scorer for the. team was Bernard Keller with 178 points. The C team had a good record this sea- son, losing only two games out of 16. ln many of the games the score at the half time would be nearly even. But due to the fact that every member of the team was a potential scorer they would build up a good score in the second half to come through with a victory. They lost one game to Armijo but still won the Southern Sec- tion championship. The most disappoint- ing game of the year was when they met Davis for the County playoff and were de- feated by one point, an exact duplicate of last year. Molina was high scorer for the team with 132 points. TOP ROW, left to right I Perez, T. Deoqracia W Maupin, R. Brueg mann, E. Burton, C Nulk. B. Moore, V Hansen, P. Markie wxtz, I. Ross, C. Day SECOND ROW: A Rodriguez, I. Brown- wood, F. Kennelly, E Workman, I. Pena, I Lorenzo, M. Papin, D Young, H. Messimer M Wagner, I. Lopez BOTTOM ROW: W Emmington, I. Ramos S Contreras, M. Meiia V Holshevnikoif, A Wiebe, R. Klotz, TOP ROW. left to right: H Lum, E. Castro, M. Gnos, C. McIntosh, F. Espmosa. P. Fox, M. Morrill, B. Sherman, C Emmington, I. Con- stant, S. Salsman, E. Haper, I. Rico. MIDDLE Wxebe, A. Stewart, I. Galbraith, R. Pyshora, M Rogers, I. McNeil, L F dl M. C BLOCK V B. Keller. G.A.A. W: I. Ball, A. a ey, on- t , C. S'l , L. 55:52. V. ...,:.r.:.. P. 'Vi Olxver. BOTTOM ROW: G. Turner, R. Bernardo, M. Lopez,R. X 1 Aguero, M. Castro, M. ' J Q 1' Lv c, gawk, F.APoglini, M. g ' V ,W f-K eor e, . , R. my u' , - Pattegson, M. gnociges. 4. 'ax'a , r ' F V v ,N u ' Aly' i'-. -. 1 i f f T t -..J FLORENCE PAOLINI .,,,,,, ,,,,,,.,,,,,,, p RESIDENT MARIE CASTRO .....,,..... ,,..... V ICE-PRESIDENT ELEANOR CASTRO ......... ...,..... S ECRETBRY MARYBELLE GEORGE ....,,,, ,.,,, , ,TREASURER ln order for a girl to belong to G.A.A., she must make tour hundred points. These points are earned by making teams. A girl must have good sportsmanship and ability in athletics to be chosen for a team. This year the G.A.A. started its activities with the annual hike of five miles. One hundred points were given to each girl who participated. On November 22 a Sadie Hawkins Dance was given in the gym. Each girl brought her favorite beau. Vegetable corsages were sold at the door and a good time was had by all. BLOCK V ERNEST BURTON . .,... ,. . .... PRESIDENT CLIFFORD DAY . ..... .VICE-PRESIDENT DONALD YOUNG ,..... .......... S ECRETARY CHARLES NULK ...... .. ...,.. . ........ ........ T REASURER The above officers of the Block V Society will hold their office for the entire school year, due to a late start in organizing. The society is composed of the male athletes of the school and it is an honorary organization. The qualification for membership is one block letter earned in any sport, regardless if the letter was earned in the "B" or "C" team. The outstanding event of the year was the annual F.F.A.'Block V potluck supper, held in Ianuary. Other events of the year were dinners held at the close of each sport season. These were sponsored by the Block V in honor of the athletes who participated in the sports. TRACK TOP HOW. left to right: P. Lellman. I. Eddy, R. Nample, A. Wiebe, D. Molina, B. Emminqton, B. Kennelly, P. Markiewitz. SECOND ROW: P. Lathrop, M. Meiia. M. Meiia. R. Nample, I. Moriel, M. I.. Reese, T. Moreno, W. Smith, C. Nulk. C. Day. B. Moore. BOTTOM ROW: H. King. E. Gnos. M. Ruth, H. Olander. H. Day. I-'. Avila, S. Contreras, C. Hash, I. Hopper, B. Bishop. TRACK The track season started off with about 25 boys turning out for the "flying sport." The practice sessions started off with a few of the boys run- ning the three and one-half-mile cross-country run. March 3, regular training started with a bang, and the boys were doing 15 minutes of exercises, running around the field and prac- ticing starts for the coming meets. This was the first year there was a track team of any reasonable size. We were fortunate to have a few boys who were experienced in the sport. C. Day ran the lOU-yard and 220-yard dashes, with B. Kennelly and C. Nulk holding up the distance end of the sport. There were many freshmen and sophomores out for track, and it looked like there would be a promising future. There were seven important meets this year which included the Winters Youth Day meet at Winters, three invitational meets, at St. Helena, Orland and Davis. Then the Southern Section BASEBALL TOP ROW, left to right: A. Wiebe. B. Moore, D. Young. E. Burton, R. Bruegmann, P. Markiewitz, R. Pitch- iord. SECOND ROW: P. Lathrop, H. Hubbard, V. Hansen, M. Wagner, M. Papin, R. Nample, C. Day, H. Mel- -D1 simer, A. Pike, I. Romel, W. Walters. BOTTOM HOW: M. Takahashi, K. Dommer, R. Boyle, W. Maupin, I. Lopez, V. Holshevnikoii, H. Klutz, R. Nample, W. Van Antwerp. BASEBALL and County meets were next with the San loaguin Championship meet at Lodi. This year's baseball season got off to a good start with about 25 boys turning out for the prac- tice sessions. The majority of last year's letter- men also showed up for the after-school practice. This is only the second year, in about lO years, that there has been a regular baseball league. The new league included Armijo, Benicia, Bio Vista, Clarksburg and Vacaville. Plus the league games we had several prac- tice games with Vallejo, Esparto, Winters and Dixon. We were very lucky, this year, to have an experienced pitcher, E. Burton, and an ex- perienced catcher, R. Bruegmann, who were both lettermen last year. Among the other let- termen returning were V. Holshevnikoff, M. Wagner, C. Day, and B. Maupin. The league started on April 18 with eight games being played: four of them were at home, and it ended on May 20. ri s Sf 1 o i X it-u-,1 ' l.QQ'!. l 411 ff -110-W'-4114 .H-vm !f,4II.01f-dfg' of ftflf wrlfwpz Zlfz ,QQ J' LIN' J FJ 1, M144 4 I if VSA 1 Nfnidgfii ff,,A4hn QV? fin., lyk' if 'ivnafffx Af fd nyfho inn' Jia, 132,44 1' 0 .L JI MA, ,wxiff JL., ,af HCA 0-LHW 7 fan? L-Ji ALJC I Ifchyf ACTIVITIES X Q ' Q .p V N x . A x ,N X ' . X51 ' a i 'x Q- - I X x . x I 4, ,I - 1 f , 1 ,'1 F!- r y' I , , I , 1 I . . me ,. ,HI . 2 1 JI ' rj , I , ,f ,nf Iliff gift, Q7 jf' E, I ,fig ' Y," V' jf,-, I-iji 14.-iffsfiff if VL- ! 1 J .VI 1 ' . ' T? 6' fe ' J: --' Y , .QS 71.511 gel ff.. Y, Y 3 Q, ,W I " 2,1 , 'ij Y A , , P3 IJ ,, if ,1-1 ir v ,,g,,r1L, A, V .., Vlijffu ,Q I 'KJV vc- ag 5 , -'I..v.,I 'Il ff --f gg 'af 'I Y Ji LJ.-' I , - ,f ,- IF ' ,Q 5 . - Y A , ff J' in ,ff ' I df,lm.,,f I , ' fd 'L fi I ' ,fifgifiiif ,ggilf , ,I SENIGR PLAY The Senror play Dear Papa was presented at the Vacavrlle Theater on Apr118 1947 The wacky Carr tamrly always 1n one Jam after another are ovenoyed when deaf Aunt Lucmda rnherrts a fortune The tarmly goes on a spenchng spree and manages to drsslpate ,the entlre surn rn 24 hours Aunt Lucrnda IS then rntormed she has rnherlted the money by mrstake The clever actrng ot the enttre cast under the capable drrectlon of M1ss Everlyn Lrndenmeyer made thrs play a rnost unusual success The cast1nc1udedM MOIIITT I McNe1H V Holshevnlkoft M Rogers D Young A Ramos M Wagner R Blshop E Castro W Emrnrngton W Mauprn A Fong M Borges and C Ellasces . 11 11 1 1 1 , . 1 1 1 , . . , . , . , . , . , - 1 - 1 - 1 1 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 3 i BAND The Band started this year with approximately the same number of members as in l945-46. After school started, one trumpet, one clarinet, and two tenor saxophones withdrew. There re- mained twenty-four in the Band. The Band played at a horse show, Armistice Day parade, and civic functions. They also played at some football and basketball games, but because many of the band members were football and basketball players, the size of the Band was limited at the games. They played for the Christ- mas pageant on December 19, l946. This year the Band started on a campaign to raise funds for new uniforms. BAN D TOP ROW, leit to right: W. Smith, T Moreno, V. Holshevnikoil, B. Maupin K. Fittro. P. Markiewitz. I. Perez SECOND ROW: T. Deogracia. C. Null: man, W. Gregg, C. Emmington, P Oliver. BOTTOM ROW: B. Brynes, I Russell. G. Gregg, C. Silva. C. Groh GLEE CLUB Ramos, I. Ball. BOTTOM ROW: H. Lum, M. Gnos, E. Castro, P. Souza, A. Ramos, I.. Record. CLEE CLUB Under the direction of Mr. L. Record, the Glee Club was organized in 1944. It has been carried on since that time and is expected to continue its activities in the future. Organizing was a difficult task in 1946 because all rehearsals had to be held out of class time. The first engagement that the girls were able to accept was the annual installation of the Eastern Star. This made the third time in succession the girls sang for them. The remaining original members, Eleanor Castro, Marie Gnos and Antoinette Ramos, will graduate with the class of '47. I. Mariel, I. Pine. B. Moore, E. Work- M. Wagner, A. Wiebe, L. Record. TOP ROW, left to right I. Dietz, D. Allen, F. Moscinski, I. Barty, I. TOP ROW left to right H Hubbard I Perez M Mena I Perez B Stem D Mol1na C Hash K Whaley Kennelly V Holshevmkoit L Wxllxams R Nample H Messrmer I C Lopez E Workman S Contreras Hanson B Moore A Albacete R Boyle R Bruegmann F Openshaw SECOND ROW I Ball A Wrebe Lum M Rxchardson P Oliver E Castro C Ellasces B Byrnes I-I Samuels I Ramos R Pyshora Aguero I Rico T Garcxa I Lopez F Garcxa F Molina T Deogracla F Pxne I Morxel R Day Rodriguez R Narnple W Smith R Klotz THIRD ROW Mrs Nelson M George I Galbralth B Martell Burton C Emmmgton W Gregg I Constant N Pasley C Sxlva I Rzchetta P Fox M Castro A 03142541 C McIntosh I Llqhtioot P Berkstresser D Campbell F Espmar G Munoz M Perez P Souza A Ramos A Walters M Wagner A Wxebe L Estepa V Valedez R Patterson M Borqes M Rogers M Wagner B Hawk A Fong JUNIOR RED CRCDSS Iunror Red Cross found that the type of work rt was called upon to do thrs year had changed conslderably srnce last year Less ernphasls has been put on mrlltary needs and more upon hospltal and relret actrvrtres The only act1v1ty connected wlth the armed servrces was the rnakrng and purchastng of Chrrstmas tree ornaments for the decoratlon ot Chrrstrnas trees at Fa1rf1eld Su1sun Army Arr Base For the hospltal at the Base the students made nut cups tor tavors to put on the Thanksgrvmg drnner trays ot the patlents Chrlstmas gltts tor seventy needy local chrldren were purchased wrapped and dellvered by Iunror Red Cross Generous boxes ot food as Well as grtts from the churches were also dellvered to local tamllres at Chrrstmas by the Iunlors In Ianuary over trtty grit boxes for chrldren rn torergn countrles were packed and shrpped to area headquarters tor d1str1but1on Books not 1n current use rn the local elementary and secondary schools were collected and approxrmately seven hundred coples Were shlpped rn February for use 1n the schools ot the Phrltpprne lslands where there rs a ser1ous shortage of books for classes when school opens IH luly The ottxcers ot the Iunlor Red Cross thrs Wear were Mervyn Wagner presl dent Antomette Ramos v1ce presrdent Anna Lou Walters secretary Alton Wlebe treasurer Mbriel, Rfnel-nugdo, v. Wilder. M. Lopez, R. Aguero: M. Morrilll P. Gilpduick, M. 'B-Aron. iaorrom now! , , , , , 2 ' , ' - ' 2 , : , . STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council's chief objective this year was to increase school spirit. To do this it tried to get more students interested and participating in school activities. The first task of the Council was that of bring- ing the Student Body constitution up to date. lt did its best in trying to make our school awards have a full meaning and distinction. To help the Student Body take care of its athletic games, Student Council created a new office of Athletic Supervisor whose duty was to display our school awards and handle all athletic equipment. ln the Spring the Student Body successfully put on a carnival. The proceeds were used to re- plenish our athletic equipment without lowering our treasury. The Council revived the traditional Black and Orange Day. STUDENT COUNCIL mann, I. Goikovich, E. Burton, C Nulk, D. Young. C. Day, R. Boyle SECOND ROW: Mr. Williams, I Moriel, M. Wagner, G. Burton, M HOME ECONOMICS TOP ROW, left to right: C. Ellasces. I.. Estepa. N. Pusley, P. Berkstresser, I. Rcxmierez, C. Groft, I. Whitehouse. W. Willingham, I. Ramos, C. Rerez. SECOND ROW: M. Morrill, P. Mos- cinski. I. Bull. G. Muniz. I. Rico. E. Lopez, M. Lopez, A. Ccxluya, Miss Bell. BOTTOM ROW: F. Espinosu, I. Galbraith, V. Valadez, C. Espinar. M. Perez, H. Patterson, M. Borges, F. Pcolini. I-ICME ECCNCMICS The Vacaville Home Economics Club is made up of girls that are taking or have taken home economics. 1 The club has annual traditions such as a candle light initiation, banquet for the Future Farmers, and a Christmas party. This year the girls in the senior home ec. gave several formal dinners. They entertained several members of the faculty and the school board. The officers for the first semester were: presi- dent Margaret Borges, vice-president Frances Espinosa, treasurer lrene Rico, secretary Mary Prez, reporter Ioan Lightfoot. The officers for the second semester were: president Carmen Prez, vice-president Carmen Ellaces, treasurer lrene Bico, secretary Gloria Munoz. x TOP ROW, left to right: H. Brueg- Rogers, M. Borqes, M. Contreras. C: Perez. BOTTOM ROW: C. Mclntosh. F. Pcxolini, M. Lopez, I. Bull, A. Fong. TOP ROW, loft to right: G. Romins, I. Eddy, V. Varela, F. Avila, F. Orloqa, R. Graham, F. Knnnolly, I. Brown- wood, M. Solph. SEC- OND ROW: S. Espin- oza, H. Pulido, F. Open- shaw, I. Salsman, G. Hopper, F. Caluya, C. Workman, H. Ball, K. Riohl, H. Knuite. THIRD ROW: M. Tala- hashi, D. Moscinski, C. Armstrong, M. Lopez, I. Hopper, R. Ortiz, P. Constantine, I Hou, F. Gonzales, P. Castro. BOTTOM ROW: E. Gnos, H. Bruoqmann, S. Groulx, I Goikovich, A. Car- F.F.A. rinqion, I.. Altiori, Mr. Mundy. FUTURE FARMERS CDF AMERICA The Future Farmers of Vacaville Hi have had quite a busy year. They started by electing their officers who are lohn Gojlcovich, president: Leonard Altieri, vice presidentg Ierry Gregg, treasurer: Albert Carrington, reporterg Robert Cripps, secretary, and Iames Alderson, sentinel. Later in the year lerry Gregg and Robert Cripps joined the Army, which made it neces- sary for a new election for treasurer and secre- tary. The new officers elected were Robert Bruegmann and Silas Groulx. At the beginning of the year the officers made out a "program of work." Some of the things s they lined up for the year were to help the mem- bers to buy good livestock and help them to build their buildings and equipment. They helped on the new athletic field and have done other community services. During the year the Future Farmers have had several pot luck dinners. The boys bring a hot dish from home and there is always plenty to eat. To pay for other expenses at these meetings, the Future Farmers sell cokes to other organi- zations in school. J 'M W5-WN' AJ ff? Nam if 54..v4"" fran, W i3iifJjbZERIENDS ,6L44,A4tA-4.4 WW f M !:i21 MPSF? 'Hiygff Fil' .Y 7 f ' -- WX S i' . H I M- .1 Lf W L XA v ak if f V fi s f.. , if f Anal' 9 I ,f 1 ":: iff h f 175 ' ' f ' I ar A df-ff Q -if . V . ii 5 ' V nf ' yfff- bd!" . , I ef Q - ' . V ' Z V ' -'fini' K :H 1 ' A 0 '75 .,.,-X , CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OE 47 GEORGE GILPATRICK STANDARD OIL WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR H C BOLTER REAL ESTATE INSURANCE NOTARY PUBLIC IIMMY GOODMAN Genercd Bkxcksmlthmq Arc CS ACeTyIer1e WeId1nq E DEAKIN IEWELRY WATCH REPAIRING CQNGRATULATIONS Class OI 47 VACA VALLEY SWIMMING POOL I A TINO EROS Phone SI6 SOLANO ICE 6, SODA ICE 0 FUEL 0 OIL Pho e 73 D W MCCUNE FUNERAL HOME VACAVILLE REPORTER Recd by o er ISOU Vc1CGv1IIe FCIITIIIIGS OMPLIMENTS OF IOE S BARBER SHOP MJ . . . I F. . -A .R . WORKS QZCMPLIMENTS OF II V 27 VACAVILLE DRUG COMPANY A. I. IOHNSON PHONE 88 COUNTY GROCERY PHONE 53 COMPLIMENTS BASIC VEGETABLE PRODUCTS NC PHONE if OF if 1 . SOLANO if i' soo 28 X Sprouse-Reitz Co.. Inc. Candy Iewelry Cosmetics Stationery Toys Dry Goods School Supplies Moriel's Service Station Iohn Mariel, proprietor I-Ioftrnan's Radios Electric Appliances Auto ci Bicycle Supplies Chevron Gasoline VACA VALLEY CREAMERY MILK BUTTER FOUNTAIN SERVICE Phone 50 W COMPLIMENTS OF THE STAR BAKERY Phone 23 VACAVILLE NEWS COMPANY I W DOI-IERTY FOUNTAIN SERVICE Phone lOl COMPLIMENTS OF CALIFORNIA MARKET Phone 95 SOLANO ELECTRIC COMPANY c s soLENBERGER PHONE 613 Vacaville Cleaning PRESSING REPAIRING Phone 225 ROULUND Welding ci Machine Work Ford Parts Phone 315 COMPLI MENTS OF CMPks RCA Victor 6: Columbia Records Phone 378 O MOTOR COMPANY Park's Appliance Store 29 THE DIAMOND MATCH COMPANY LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIALS FOR BETTER HOMES Phone 130 ICE CREAM PARLOR FOUNTAIN SERVICE A11 kmnds of Sondwlches The NUT TREE Phone 210 F2 LLOYD CHANDLER FURNITURE APPLIANCES 511 Mom St I Phone Glllesple Cleaners Pressmq G O1eon ng THE WALTERS PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHERS 207 W st ST 0 Phone CASEY S COFFEE SHOP SANDWICHES ci MEALS George C L1nn Insuronc AU2 Mom St 0 Phone 248 ' ' ' . 185 ' 1 Phone 148 L 9 . 352 30 N A A COLLIER HARDWARE PHONE I42 BEELARD BURTON Autornotrve Pcxrts Stcrndcrrd O1I Products Burck AutomoI:1Ies Westrnqhouse Apphonces Phone 2 Vacav1l1e Feed Store Eqqs 0 I-Iczy 0 Feeds Supphes Phone 323 HUNT S AUTO SUPPLY for dII cors 218 Dobbrns St o Phone 633 Vaca Valley Servlce ERIGIDAIRE INTERNATIONAL PONTIAC Prank S DouqIczss Phone 233 AL KLOTZ GARAGE AUTOMOBILE REPAIR ReI1dbIe Servrce Phone 7I ' 1 Auto Ports CS Accessories , , Ir. 3I Mowers AND Danielson DEHYDR1-moN Ph ne 22 MARSHALL S SHELL SERVICE Tues Bottenes Shellubrlcohon Accessones Phone 245 VACAVILLE THEATER Where e eryhody qoes to see the best shows PHONE 8 COLE 6 CHANDLER WOMEN S ci CHILDREN S APPAREL DRY GOODS 530 Mom St Phone 220 C'OMPL1MENTS OF REID DRUG COMPANY E W MANUEL Phone 43 W EAT AT MILLY S CAFE Phone 375 STRAUMAN S FEDERATED STORE Dry Goods I Nonons Furn1sh1nqs Shoes 0 Hats Phone 126 V O I Iomes Marshall . ' . I I Open from 6 am. to 1 Cx. .. A 32

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