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L 2 ? E . 1 . I I 5, IS IS I Q Q 2 - Pj " QEWNQ9' '.' wf by JM Q 33 OD 1 10 iv' K N JMJLQ 596595 kg FZZLWW' QW ,ig P ,J 5 g 2229 Q- ow ,Nfl Q f AMA 4 5 S ab PM EMM 1 gym Jw WW www -,L , X U 204353, JW, ,3W3D" , 4 qw-li f :L WW gi lvMo4C1mwffQJW 24? XMHQU iizbx A A 1 A Q M My f' , S f ,f W , ,ffm A fi 59 Q 55124 7Q0fW yy Cmwv :WJ iffy QQ, MQWLQQQ , , X ijL,f'Jx'X QCmN'Cf W QAM! 1 Tim , ,.MXQoNbOLx QM Q i QW 1 my LC45. X 1 l f Q 9 QQ QM? me Q 3 - E 5 HWS - PJQWQWQWQ Fwy S CIO 7' Slifer. . . Paula H1465 Co-Sflitor.. . 3122 Engel ' Photograph . . Jill Wharlegg Business. . . Teresa willigozu Q8-'tfig07'. .. J'Q,Yg,xn,0w2,gs 6 'The Vitorian XXXXXXX X XXX X XXXXX X X X XX XXXX X X XXXXXXXXXX XXX X XXX XXXXXX XX XXXX X XXX XXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXX XX X X XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX X X XXXX XX XXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX'XX"""XX "' XXXXXX 'XXXX'XXX'XXX" " 'X' ' X" ' 'X X X XXX X XXX X X X XXX X X X V X X, XX XXXXXXXX X ' XXXX X X XX XXXX H' X' XX ' X XXXXXX' X XX XXX XX XX X XXX X XX X XXX XXX XXXXX X X XXX 'XXX "XX X XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX XX XX' XMXXXXXX X XXX XX XXXXX X XX XX XX XXX ,XXXXX XXXX XXX XX X XXX' X XX XXXX X X XXXXXXXXXX X X X X X' X XXXXXXXXXXX X' X X XXX X X X X X XXXXXXX X X X X 'X X X X XX X X X X X X XXXXXX XX X XX X X X X XXX X X X X XXXXXXXXXX XX X XX XX XXXXXXXXXXX XX XXX XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXX XXX XXX XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX XXXX XXXXX X X XXXXXXXXXXX ' X XXX X X XXX I X X X X X ' XX X X' X ,XX X X XXXX X X'XX' X XXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX XX XXXXXX XXXX XXXX XX XXXXXX X X XX XXXXXX X XXX X XXXXXX XXX X XX XXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX X X X X XXXXXX X XX XX X X XX XXXX XXX X XXXX X X X XXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX X X X X X X X W W lllxlllxltllil MMM f wx Nu X M Wm Mm W W wx N N Nw wkxx v MW WW 3 f Xi W XWNNWRRWXKNXNMNXNKNNNWKWSN NW WW NM A In Memory Phillip Dean Batterton 1953-1969 In one sense there is no death. The life of a soul on earth lasts beyond his departure . . . He lives on in your life and in the lives of all others that knew him. Angelo Patri A "The Direction in Which Education Starts a Man Will Determine His Future Life. " Plato It seems improbable that our school could run effectively thout our counselor, Mr, Lyle Schoenwetter, Mr, Schoenwet- r, along with his assistant Mrs. Bonnie Sanders, works out ass schedules, guides students in their choice of college, Jnsors National Honor Society, the Senior Class, and smiles a 2. New this year is the opportunity for students to go out and ark on "On the job Training", This has been a Valuable ex- rience for those taking part. We are glad to have Mr, hoenwetter not only because he helps us, but because his iiling face has lifted our spirits out of many depressions. Mr, Scnoenwetter Mrs, Sanders "All the World 's a Stage, and All the Men and Women Merely Players. They Have Their Exits and Their Entrancesg and One Man in His Time Plays Many Parts. " Shakespeare 0 'ig ..o..Q: lv., 1 l 1 nn' ' ' ' 0' Q ' .' a 1 0 . A 1. 0 N 0 'Q . 0 li Qy, gtg L 'ri i 'firif L' X K il-5 '1Q23'7Qf'9llvffii f ' , V A J . 47' - v'-- A asf ,aw M, 4' s, sf S A Whether on the Stage at the Macomb Community Theater or in X v ' .' . Q? her classroom, Mrs. Sylvia Dailey is sure to get the attention of her ' . Y , ' . . audience. She teaches English I 8 II, and Speech, as well as being Q K 32- .' My head sponsor for the junior Class, and director of both class plays, " ' ' ' W."-I v ,K .:-,,' She is an actress and a teacher, and certainly does both jobs Well, I ' ' T E5:':.wIf? ' if - 7 - rsss 2' 1 'iri - 2 al l 'i g lf i Mrs, Sylvia Dailey M-'fzqxw K i 7 "Nothing Great Was Ever When you hear a clomp-clomp coming down the hall and see a can of Shasta Cola followed by a stern face, which hides a most lovely soul, consider yourself honored, for you have just met Mrs. Shirley Knowles. Besides being the school den mother, she teaches English IlI,IV, and journalism, and serves as sponsor for annual staff and the Freshman class. She holds a B.A. degree from West- ern. She is a fine teacher and if you do not believe us, just ask her! ! Achieved Without Enthusiasm. " Emers on ,, ..,,..,.:, . , ,.,, .. nf ,gm - M ,f 2 Y' li A r ' 1: ss, I Q yy., K sfgil K ' V if , gf?" f as S may is 2. X S E W "Wisdom Is Knowing When You Can't Be Wise. " Paul Engle Anyone who attends V.l.T. but does not know Mrs. Katherine Adair is indeed missing something, for she is proof that one is only as old as he feels. She has both a bachelors degree and a masters degree from Western Illinois University. Here at V.I.T. she teaches special English and serves as a junior Class sponsor. In her spare time she teaches Latin and has intro- duced puppeteering to her classes. She is indeed a center of "life" and "learning" here at V.I.T. 5, O I -1 yzghl. i ui X ,ci 3 , ,J ff if ffl' rfwgf M l, e i lgisgxfg 4 i ' V i , l h,V , , ,ci A , ?""'f'rrf fs-1 " we ' ' . . ' xg ,,,,. .' I ,E 5 is A i, V q,,,,.... . 'Tn All Things of Nature There Is Something of the H IO M aruelous Science Heading the Natural Life Science Department at V.I,'l', is Miss Connie Brown, who is a real "liver" herself, She teaches General Science, Biology I, and Biology ll, is one of the sponsors of the Freshman Class, and an tended Western Illinois University and received her Bachelor's Degree, Good luck and best wishes to a future housewife, Aristotle honorary G,A,A, member, Miss Brown is a good Sport in all her classes, es- pecially in Sth hour Biology ll, as the Seniors will tell you. Miss Brown at- I C I Department "I-low ya doin there--?" is the trademark of one of V.I.T.'s most illustrious teachers, Mr, Larry Inman, As well as being "Super Brain," Mr, Inman teaches Physics, Physical Science, Chemistry, Geometry, and Electronics, and sponsors the Senior Class. When you are a Freshmen Mr, Inman is the teacher you fear most, and ' when you are a Senior he's, well, he's still the teacher you fear most, but along with the fear is a genuine respect, Mr, Inman treasures knowledge, and this, added to his genuine interest in his students makes him a tremendous asset to V.I.T. and to any stu- dent who seeks knowledge, The Whole of Science Is Nothing More Than a Rehnement of Everyday Thinking. " Albert Einstein Q Q I e wg . e'-' , H mr . -, 'f , I uf H, v.. is s '- S I 55? 1 f riffs I ll "Education Has for Its Object the Formation of Character" Herbert Spencer iv -sk After 28 years of teaching, Mrs. Helen Hughes is our most experienced and one of our most popular teachers. Be- sides being the head of the mathematics department, she serves as junior Class sponsor, She has a busy schedule teaching Practical Math, Algebra I, Algebra II, and Trigonometry. Mrs. Hughes has her Bachelors Degree from Illi- nois Weslyan University. Her experience has established a strong mathematics program for V.I.T. students. ,nr ,.Qi. W, .tit gg ,"1,', mam... ,I "Genius Is Nothing but a Greater Aptitude p for Patience. If you are to marry a V.I.T. girl, and she is not fortu- nate enough to have a perfect little homemaker mother, then your happiness probably depends on what this girl learned in Home Ec. class. Don't despair for she has had Mrs. Ruth Ann Brumett for Home Economics teacher. This year the Senior Home EC. girls are doing the interior dec- orating for the Vocational Building trades house. Mrs. Brumett is the Fl-IA sponsor, and is a graduate of Illinois State University. it Mr, M K 'if ti.ti i Y- i s " f i , 'z 1 f ,.,,. , iw, I ag, .Zip Ab j f J Q 'iqijf -- 1,1 'Ie y Y F , I A A iii" f gig ,L , K X., ' I 'Q Georges Buffon ,ex fi if in 1 V i -fit ,,, C an 1 1 Q. , . 1-1 ,lm '24 Wise Man Does Not Try To Hurry History. " Adlai Stevenson Among the faculty of V I T one of the wittiest and most understanding is Mrs Olive Pavelka Mrs Pavelk . . . . . . 3 tended W,I.U. where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in foreign languages, She teaches World History, French I, II, and Ill. Mrs. Pavelka sponsors French Club, Sophomores, and the Speech contestants, ' i' ,n,t v at "The Final End of Government Is Not to Exert Restraint But To Do Good. " U.S. Senate Speech july 2, 1841 .A Mr, Nelson Snowden attended W,l,U. where he received his Bachelor of Science in education. Among the subjects he teaches are American History, World Geography, economics, and government, Mr. Snowden is a1SO the Coach Of the football team and track team, He sponsors the Varsity Club and the junior Class. A teacher with a friendly at- titude and a concern for all is Mr, Snowden, , f I 13? Nlr. Bradford "And They Shall Build Houses and Inhabit Them . . ." Jeremiah 65:21 . - W 3' " Jac' ' 1' r - ' s,.M--V--Q-""""""'l -T ---f'S'wm' " It is unusual for a school to have one person 6 ft, 8 in, tall, but this year we had two. One was a basketball player and the other was our industrial arts instructor, Mr. Gary Bradford. Not only can he swing a paddle and build a house, but he also mal-ces a fine "Baby Spirit". L f 5 1 , it 5 '1 ,- 3 5 llsf. i it 2 5 ii ig ,rg wt if W t 2 - v is , 4 Teiee' Viikgzffzy Ei, gn , ul x - i " " - is S s li . 99 K5 i uk ll K Jgtii mit 5 x 5 lx? 5 x , ee? af A Lg fill-gf Q1 1- Q 'i i. - g Y" ff? 55 5 'ff 'ff " 4 - ' . 2--Y' ' f t--. W .7 1 .wif . S mm V . N L, W K , W, I 3 -e M, A f f-W P -.. M fy " al!! ' .Mi A 2 '1' V ' I6 Mr. Hunter "Life Has No Meaning Except in Terms of Responsibility. " Reinhold Niebuhr ,,,a-"4" A course in agriculture takes a lot of know-how and common sense, as is illustrated by our Ag teacher, Mr. Ralph Hunter. I-Ie is a graduate of Western Illinois University, and here at V.I.T. he teaches Agriculture and Weld ing. As FFA sponsor his duties are many, but he also finds time to sponsor the Junior Class. Its hard to imagine V.I.T. without Mr. Hunter, because without him who would play Santa Claus in our Christmas programs ? ,N I7 Q "Health and Intellect Are the Two Blessings of Life" Menander 342-292 B.C. One of our prettiest and most energetic teachers at V,I,T, is Mrs. Irene I-lerriford, the girls jr. and Sr. High physical educa- tion instructor. She serves as sponsor for G.A,A., Cheerleaders, Varsity Club and the junior Class. With all these activities she still finds time to teach the College English Class something about the Greek Language, Mrs, Herriford received her B.A. of Science Degree from Western Illinois University. One of Mrs, Herriford' finest qualities is friendliness, for she always has a smile and a "Hi" for everyone, -W--.. f---uni F "No Athlete Is Crowned But in the Sweat of His Brow. " If 'QI I. coNF. W ll VARSITY . 'ri Wiiffgis W - - . sgH,.f:2-.F-sfs:- ig LE? ' .' Q -- ,:4i:,... I V ,. , . ..., .,,., , ASTORlA I0 fsaKBH3Hlll 8 lllllllllll 7 4 INDUSTRY I llwifiilfil ll 5 Mr. Trevor Toland Mr. Paul Connour St. Jerome Athletics has long been a strong point at V.l.T. and this year has been no exception. Mr. Trevor Toland, our LV. football and j,V. basketball coach, had a highly success- ful year. Besides coach ing, he serves as jr, High Social Studies teacher, OUTSTAND- ING is the word to de- scribe Mr. Paul Con- nour and his coaching record. I-le is also P.E. instructor and Driver's Ed. teacher, A job well done to these two fine people! I HGH r Mrs. Lucie A bright new spot started appearing in the chorus every day at 12:25 when the school year started. From Greeley, Colorado was Mrs. Janice Lucie, the V.l.T. High School chorus instructor. She graduated from the university of Illinois with a B.S. degree. This being her first year at V.I.T., she didn't know us, and we didn't know her, but her warm attitude and friendliness even got the chorus over the hump of introductions. The chorus participated in school assemblies which entertained the student body, and gave winter and spring concerts. Here is a salute to a wonderful choral teacher and a true expert on joe Blow! ! "Hitch Your Wagon to a Star" Emerson N "We Are the Music-Makers, a nd We Are the Dreamers of Dreams. . . " A. W.E. O'Shaughnessy V.I.T.'s own "Music Man" is Mr. John Tavernier. Many musical activi- ties highlighted this year with the marching band brightening up half- time at all home football games and making V.I.T. known in area parades. The band also played at home bas- ketball games, and gave successful winter and spring concerts. Mr. Tav- ernier got his B.S. degree at Western Illinois University. Hard work and determination came from both stu- dents and Mr. Tavernier. Mr. Tavernier liooitltz-,cpllla Success Work Is the Sustenance of Noble M inds" Seneca -gk 'Gi' NNN The business education department is blessed with two outstanding teachers, Mrs, Milderd Kost, on the left, and Mrs, Mary Ann Cary. MrS. Cary follows a busy schedule as a Student Council sponsor and helping the students enter the world of business, Mrs, Kost, is a junior class sponsor and a part time teacher, Both of these instructors are prime examples of educators at V.I.T. Business Subjects: Office Practice General Business General Typing Advanced Typing Shorthand 'i V F r i Q 5 4 4 w 3 KK 3, Painting Is Silent Poetry . . . Simonides 346 B.C. This year we added a new class and a new teacher to our busy schedule. For the first time art was offered and to teach it came a former "Miss Missouri", Mrs. june Lawson. Her classes are mainly junior High but she also has a high school class. The work of her students always brighten the library and she brightens our halls. ...unawar--Q "Nature and Books Belong to the Eyes That See Them. " They work out front and . . . JA Miss Anita Hyland Most people think of a library as a place to read books, but our library is much more. Not only is the li- brary a reservoir of books and magazines, you can listen to records, get filrnstrips, and have materials laminated. Our hard workers are Miss Anita Hyland, a graduate of the University of Tennessee and Murray State, and Mrs. Helen McCurdy, a graduate of V.I.T. They keep the many facets of the library in order. 24 Emerson . . . behind the scenes. Mrs. Helen McCurdy Turmng Strategy Into Vzctor f Q Xa 'S fi., fs 1 L 'Sf s. f ew Wim w if H 2 ' e :ff 1 33 gs h e-L. QQ! E lm 11335, , ' 3224 iw ': 1: - W? fffaf Student Teachers Mrs, Covington--English Mrs, Schafer--P.E. Mr. Shoff--P.E. "All Men by Nature Desire Knowledge. " Aristotle Mr. Mummert Busi ness Education Mr. Linroth--American History Mrs, Minuth- -P,E, Mr, Baker--P.E. Mr, Hinrichs--Math This year we had many student teachers from Western Illinois University. Hope they enjoyed being at V,I.T, as much as we enjoyed having them, We wish them luck in their future teaching years, as See 1Them M mae' K A V, 1 51' 5, 1 4 f ' , W W ,ST nf . J This Page Dedicated by the Administration and The Board of Education in Memory of Clark Robertson L Clark Robertson 1 921 -1 971 School Board Mem ber 1965-1971 . Board Members Harold Horwedel--president Superintendent-- Wayne Azbell Eldon Wickline William Branson - Jim Hammond Principa1-- George Horwedel Donald Carry Bob Marshall ..- Administrative Personnel CU STODIANS Our Secretaries Virginia Cleer 8 Donna Farr john Walker Our Cooks Mrs. Tingley, Mrs. Bucy, 8 Mrs. McFadden Carl Walters Our Busdrivers Harold DeMotZt, Bruce Long, Sam Richardson, john Walker, Gilliert Bybee, Bob Marshall, Red Buswell. Not shown, It takes 3 lot more than teachers and Russell KOSU students to keep a school running. Our jan- itors keep the school spotless, our cooks serve the best gourmet foods, our secretaries keep the school records in tact, and our bus- WE ARE REALLY LUCKY TO HAVE THESE drivers insure our safety in getting to PEOPLE WORKING AT V.I.T. school. 29 This QS... VI. T. V,I,T. is many thingsg academics, sports, workffun, Astyfdying, and jdst generally goofing off. 1 A Q, . Vi i . LWeV're',a busy lot here at V,I,T, but we doeoceasion- gllynyjtake time out for a break- in! ! ! L W V V V if L' H si' Y? i 1 I I . I i J E F i 1 il k S if 2 Qs 5 4? ix I in 1 F Q F ! IQ Q QS w , . gs PE L if 1. 1 1 11 1: 'I X ly V i i 4 1 :V I i r I A f U i 1 l 1 A H' ii x Six years ago, as seventh graders we first approached V.l.T. with a mixture of fear and pride. In the past six years a won- drous change came over all of us as V.I.T. bestowed its gifts. Here we have received three gifts which no one can ever take from us: Knowledge, maturity, and many, many memories. A few of these memories which stand in mind are: the wonder- ment of changing classes in seventh grade, Mr. Cook's board of education, Miss Baumgardner's menagerie, Randy and Betsy as the perfect forever after couple, and Mike and Chris being called Tarzan and jane, M.r. Walters, the Science Club, and everyone who was anyone having a superball. As Freshmen, discovering the rest of the High School, Mr. Inman's 8th hour Study Hall, Biology I when Brice dipped his earth worm in sulfuric acid, everyone frogging everyone else, rolling marbles arotmd the gym with your elbows at initiation, and just generally being the lowest of the low. As Sophomores: Mark saying a bad word in Physical Science, and getting yelled at, 8th hour English, writing satires on the teachers' "lounge", Bob Parry and Kerry Nielsen getting kicked out of English every day, being able to laugh at initiation, Geometry class giving Mr. ln- man two pendants, Nehrus, and losing a dear friend and classmate. As Juniors: finally getting our class rings, the Christmas program that didn't come off, Debbie Reibling's New Year's Eve party, Mrs. Hensley, adding Susie Coons to the class, our basketball team being undefeated in the conference, A PENNANT FOR THE KREMLIN, fun at play practice, a smash-up prom--right Ted, and Jill Wherley's broken extremity. As Seniors: maxi and midi dresses, our first bonfire, Mrs. Covington, Speech class, THE TAMING OF THE SHREW, Carlyle ripping his pants during play practice, beating Canton in basketball, cutting up pigs in Biology II, the trial of MacBETH in College English, College Bowl, and the tearful happiness of gradua- tion. We'll soon be leaving V.l.T., and in going we end a chapter of our lives, a chapter we shall never forget, but we will go on striving for more glorious heights. As we go we say, "Goodbye V.I.T., Hello, WORLD!" 32 "Learn Not, 62 Know Not. " B J. Howell y Mary Lou Abernathy Carolyn Bair- Y B111 Baker Marty Lou Bartlett Bob Bowen Norman Brown Joe Bruketta Diane Buoy ' Charlene C21hOH11 "So Little Done . . Tana Carithers Q f Dan Chenoweth Randy Connour Susan Coons ' Cheryl Creasy Bill Curths Dixie Danner, Ted Dennis Joann Derry So Much To Do. " ' I Cecil Rhodes eff Mark Dohner Jill Engel ,A Debbie Freels john Hammond Rodger Heaton Becky He itz Mike Hickle Jane Hollenback Mindy Benn Hopping Lila Kessler Marsha McCormick Wanda Moses "What Wisdom Can You Find J Mike Mart in Kevin Mayall Beth McMullen Chris McMullen Kerry Nielson Paula Parks That Is Greater Than Kindness? U Rousseau Scott Parr Bob Parry Linda Plank john Reedy Patty Reedy Peggy Reedy Debbie Riebling Joan Ritter Anna Mae Rutledge "Out of the Strain of Doing . . . Diana Saville Barbara Schisler Betsy Shaw l xx , - Mike Shawgo Terry Smith Lynn Shields ggwkkfl If f f" Becky Snowden Herb Sriowden CindY Th0mS0I1 Into the Peace of Done. " julia Woodruff Nancy Van Fossen Joyce Weaver Ronnie Webb Carlyle Weber ' Jill wherley Wendell vvuuson Not shown: Pat Campbell Jim Waters Bill Wright Linda Wright Class motto: "Not finished, just beginning ! " Class Colors: Midnight Blue and silver. Class Flower: Blue Gladioli Rita Woods Nancy Yazvec and a Beginmngf :DEA The Graduating Class of 1971 Ei., s A W'!'8"i . v. WM.,-f l 5 Ir . '. V, U I , v . Z 1 3 Q a s r 2 S i e e r Q f 1 g E , 2 , Q , 3 l f L Q I x , 2 , S f . g , 'l 1 , 1 i -- i Y F ' ,. BACK ROW: Mindy Hopping, joe Bruketta, Mary Lou Bartlett, Bob Parry, Becky Hein, Ted Dennis, Anna Mae Rutledge, Mark Dohner, jill Wherley, Bill Wright Diana Bucy, Jim Waters, Charlene Calhoun, Terry Smith. FOURTH ROW: Beth McMullen, Kerry Nielsen, Peggy Reedy, Wendell Willison, Cindy Thomsbn, Dan Chenoweth, Dixie Danner, Carlyle Weber, Mary Lou Abernathy, Mike Shawgo, Carolyn Bair, Bob Bowen, Christine McMullen. THIRD ROW Lila Kessler, Bill Baker, Barb Schisler, Roger Heaton, Paula Parks, john Reedy, Nancy VanFossen, Norman Brown, Becky Snowden, Mike Martin, Rita Woo Randy Connour, Ioan Ritter, Herb Snowden. SECOND ROW: Lynn Shields, Mike Hickle, Debbie Riebling, Bill Curths, jane Hollenback, Scott Parr, Joyce Weaver, Kevin Mayall, Tana Carithers, Nancy Yazvec, Ronnie Webb, Patty Reedy, john Hammond. FRONT ROW: Cheryl Creasy, Marsha McCormick, Susan Coons, Pat Campbell, Joann Derry, Linda Wright, Linda Plank, Betsy Shaw, jill Engel, Debbie Freels, Wanda Moses, Diane Saville. ds Senior Activities Mary Lou Abernathy: Class Play 35 On the job training 4, Carolyn Bair: Chorus 15253545 Librarian 4. Bill Baker: Football 15253545 Most Valuable Player 45 Basketball 152,3,45 Track 45 Mgr, 45 Baseball 15253545 Class Play 35 Varsity Club 2,3545 Ind. Arts Club 1,253545 Prom Comm. 3. Mary Lou Bartlett: Chorus 1,2535 Pom-pom girls 152,35 F.H,A, 152,3,45 Lib. 3,4, Bob Bowen: Varsity Club 35 Mgr, 25354, Norman Brown: Football 45 Basketball 152,3,45 Baseball 1,2,3545 F,F,A, 25 Varsity Club 3,45 Basketball Mgr, 2. joe Bruketta: Football 45 Track 35 Class Play 35 Prom Comm. 35 F,F,A, 1,2,3545 Treas, 45 Varsity Club 3,45 Vice-pres. 45 On the job training 45 Prom, attendant. Diana Bucy: Band 1,2535 Class Play 3,45 Prom Comm, 35 F,H A, 152,3,45 G,A,A. 1,2,3545 Pts, Chairman 25 French Club 35 Lib, 4, Charlene Calhoun: Band 15253545 Pep band 35 Chorus 1,253,45 Class Play 3545 National Honor Society 3545 Prom Comm, 35 F,H,A, 3,45 French Club 35 Lib, 1,45 Speech con- test 253545 Honor roll 153545 Senior Bowl 4. Pat Campbell: Chorus 45 G,A,A. 4. Tana Carithers: Class Play 3,45 F,H,A, 1,253545 G,A,A, 1,253,45 Sec. 35 Pres. 45 Student Sec, 45 On the job training 45 Christmas Princess 4, Dan Chenoweth: Class Play 3,45 National Honor Society 45 Prom Comm, 35 Boys State 35 Honor roll 152,3,45 Ind. Arts Club 35 Senior Bowl 4. Randy Connour: Football 15253545 Basketball 1,253545 Baseball 152,3,45 Track 15253545 Band 152,3,45 Stage band 1,2535 Chorus 1, 253545 Class Play 3545 Varsity Club 1,2,3545 Phil Batterton Award 45 Class Pres, 25 Stu- dent Council 1,2535 Sweetheart King 45 Class trip Comm. 45 lnd, Arts Club 1,25 Senior Bowl 4, Susie Coons: Chorus 3,45 Class Play 35 Pom- pom girls 45 F,H,A, 3545 1st Vice-pres, 45 G.A.A. 3545 Lib. 35 Sweetheart Queen 45 Student Sec, 45 Christmas Dance Att. 45 Teachers aid 4, Cheryl Creasy: Class Play 35 F,H,A, 15 G,A,A, 1. Bill Curths: Football 45 Band 152,35 Pep band 35 Class Play 3,4, Dixie Danner: Chorus 1525 F,H.A, 15 G,A,A, 154, Ted Dennis: Football 35 Class Play 3,45 Annual Staff 45 National Honor Society 3,45 Prom comm, 35 Speech Contest 3,45 National Merit letter of Commendation 45 Outstand- ing Teen. 45 Student Council 3,45 Vice- pres. 35 Pres. 45 Honor roll 15253545 Senior Bowl 45 Teacher aid 4, Joann Derry: Band 152,3,45 Pep band 3,45 Chorus 152,3,45 Class Play 3545 Prom Comm. 35 F,H,A, 3,45 Treas, 45 o,A,A, 1,25 span- ish Club 1,25 Sec, 25 Honor roll 45 Teacher aid 4. Mark Dohner: Football 1525 Basketball 152,3,45 Track 15 Annual Staff 45 F,F,A, 152,3,45 Pres. 45 Varsity Club 253545 Pres. 45 Phil Batterton Award 45 Track mgr, 2,3545 Class officer 1,2545 Homecoming Att, 45 Prom King. jill Engel: Band 15253545 Chorus 152,3,45 Pep band 3,45 Stage band 3,45 Class Play 3,45 Annual Staff 253545 Prom comm. 35 F,H,A. 253,45 G.A.A. 15 Spanish Club 1525 Class Sec, 35 Class Trip Comm, 4, Debbie Freels: paper staff 4, john Hammond: Band 152535 pep band 35 Stage band 35 F,F.A. 152,3,45 On the job training 4. Roger Heaton: Football 1545 Class Play 3,45 Varsity Club 45 Paper staff 45 Building Trades 4. Becky Heitzz Band 152535 Class Play 35 Prom Comm, 35 F,H,A, 1,253,45 G,A,A. 152,3,45 Spanish Club 1525 Class Trip Comm. 45 Senior Bowl 4. Mike Hickel: Paper Staff 45 Ind, Arts Club 4, Mindy Hopping: Pom-pom girls 1,25 Prom comm. 35 French Club 35 F.H.A. 3,45 Span- ish Club 1,25 Paper Staff 45 Honor roll 25354, Lila Kessler: Band 152535 Chorus 3545 Class Play 3,45 National Honor society 45 G.A,A, 152,3,45 French Club 45 Spanish Club 1,25 Lib. 35 Paper Staff 45 Honor Roll 15253545 On the job training 4. Mike Martin: Basketball 45 Band 1,2,3,45 Pep band 253545 Stage band 152,3,45 Class Play 3,45 Prom comm, 35 Class Pr, 35 Sweet- heart Att, 45 Class trip comm, 45 Ind. Arts Club 1,2,3, Kevin Mayall: Basketball 1,25 Track 1,2,3545 Football 253545 Baseball 45 Class Play 35 Homecoming King 45 On the job training 35 Boys State 35 Prom. attendant. Marsha McCormick: Chorus 152,3,45 Class Play 3545 Prom comm, 35 F,H,A, 15253,4, Beth McMullen: Band 152,3,45 Chorus 1,253,45 Pep band 3,45 Stage band 3545 Class Play 3545 National Honor Society 253,45 Prom comm, 35 G,A,A, 1,253545 Spanish Club 1525 Outstanding Teen 35 Student Sec. 45 Honor roll 152,3,45 Senior Bowl 45 Teacher Aid 4. Chris McMullen: Band 152,3,45 Chorus 152,3,45 F,H,A, 2,3545 Vice-pres. 35 Pres, 45 G,A,A, 15253545 Cheerleading 35 Varsity Club 3545 Girls State 35 Outstanding Teen 45 National Honor Society 45 Class Play 45 Prom Comm, 35 Student Council 3,45 Student Sec, 45 Honor roll 152,3,45 On the job train- ing 45 Class treas, 25 Sweetheart Att, 4, Wanda Moses: Band 1,253,45 Pep Band 3,45 Stage Band 3545 National Honor Society 3545 Prom comm, 35 G,A,A, 1,253545 Girls State 35 Honor roll 1,253545 Senior Bowl 45 Teacher Aid 4. Kerry Neilson: Football 35 Track 25 Class Play 3545 Prom comm. 35 Spanish Club 1525 Paper Staff 45 Ind. Arts Club 3. Paula Parks: Band 1,2,3,45 Pep band 3,45 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Class Play 3,45 Annual Staff 2,3,45 Editor 45 National Honor So- ciety 2,3,45 Prom Comm, 35 F.H.A. 45 G.A.A. l,2,3,45 Sports Head 35 Spanish Club 1,25 Outstanding Teen 35 D.A,R. 45 Class Pres. 15 Class reporter 25 Student Council 1,25 Homecoming Att. 35 Sweet- heart Att. 45 Honor roll 1,2,3,45 Teachers aid 45 Senior Bowl 45 Prom, attendant, Scott Parr: Football 2,3,45 Track 25 Varsity Club 3,45 Building Trades 45 Ind. Arts Club 2,3,4, Bob Parry: Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball 2,45 Baseball 3,45 Class Play 35 Varsity club 3,45 Special Football Award 15 Paper Staff 45 Building Trades 45 Ind. Arts Club 1,2,3,4, Linda Plank: Chorus 2,3,45 Class Play 35 F.H.A. 2,45 Paper Staff 45 On the job training 4. john Reedy: Chorus 1,25 Class Play 3,45 F.F.A. 1,2,3,45 Paper Staff 45 Honor roll 45 On the job training 45 F.F.A. vice pres, 45 Illinois F.F.A. convention 2. Patty Reedy: Chorus 15 F.H.A. 1,2, Peggy Reedy: Chorus 15 F.H.A. 15 G.A,A. 1,2, Debbie Riebling: Cheerleading 1,2,3,45 Chorus l,2,3,45 Class Play 35 Pom-pom girls 1,2,35 Prom comm. 35 F.H.A. 35 G.A,A, 1,25 Varsity Club 3,45 Homecoming Att, 45 Student Sec, 45 Prom Attendant. joan Ritter: Band 1,2,35 Chorus 3,45 Class Play 3,45 Prom comm. 35 G.A,A, 1,2,3,45 French Club 35 Lib, 35 Paper Staff 45 G.A,A, Officer 1,2,3. Anna Mae Rutledge: Chorus 1,2, Diana Saville: Chorus 1,2,35 Pom-pom girls 25 F.H.A. 1,2,3,45 G,A,A, 1,25 French club 45 Lib. 1,2,35 On the job training 4. Barb Schisler: Cheerleading 3,45 Chorus 1,2,35 Class Play 35 Varsity Club 3,45 Pom-pom girls 2,35 F.H.A. 1,2,35 Varsity Club Sec, 45 French Club 45 Class Sec. 45 Homecom- ing Queen 45 Student Sec. 45 Prom Queen. Betsy Shaw: Cheerleading 1,2,3,45 Chorus 1,2, 3,45 Class Play 35 Pom-pom girls 1,2,35 Prom comm, 35 F.H.A. 35 Varsity Club 3,45 Homecoming Att. 1,2. Mike Shawgo: Chorus 1,2,3,45 French Club 3,45 Spanish Club 1,25 Class reporter 4. Lynn Shields: Band 1,2,3,45 Pep band 3,45 Stage band 3,45 Chorus 1,2,3,45 National Honor Society 45 Prom comm. 35 G.A.A, 1,2,3,45 Girls State 35 Class trip comm, 45 Honor roll 1,2,3,45 Senior Bowl 4. Terry Smith: Basketball 2,3,45 Baseball 45 Varsity Club 45 Best defense, most improved, and -best hustler in basketball 45 Building Trades 45 Prom attendant. Becky Snowden: Chorus 1,2,3,45 Class Play 3,45 National Honor Society 2,3,45 Prom Comm, 35 F,H,A, 45 G,A,A, 1,2,3,45 Spanish Club 1,25 Betty Crocker Award 45 Outstanding Teen 45 Class officer 1,25 Stu- dent Council 1,2,3,45 Student Sec. 45 Honor roll 1,2,3,45 Senior Bowl 45 Teacher Aid 4, Herb Snowden: Basketball 25 Class Play 3,45 National Honor Society 45 Prom comm. 35 Paper staff 45 Honor roll 1,2,3,45 Building Trades 45 Ind. Arts Club 1. Cindy Thomsen: Pom-pom girls 1,25 Prom comm, 35 F,H,A, 3,45 G,A,A, 1,2,35 Span- ish Club 1,25 Paper Staff 45 Honor roll 4, Nancy Van Fossen: Band 15 Chorus 2,35 Class Play 35 F.H.A. 1,2,45 Pom-pom girls 3. Joyce Weaver: Band 1,25 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Class Play 35 Pom-pom girls 3,45 Captain 45 Prom comm, 35 G,A,A, 1,2,3,45 Statis. 45 Class trip comm. 45 Honor roll 1,2,45 Teachers Aid 45 Senior Bowl 4, Bonnie Webb: Chorus 1,25 Class Play 3,45 F.F.A. 1,2,3,45 Paper staff 45 On the job training 4, jill Wherley: Band 1,2,3,45 Pep band 45 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Class Play 3,45 Annual Staff 2,3,45 Prom comm. 35 F.H.A. 1,2,3,45 Historian 25 French club 45 Class treas, 35 Track Queen 45 Prom Attendant. Wendell Willison: Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 Stage band 1,2,3,45 Prom comm. 35 F.F.A. 1,2,35 Varsity Club 3,45 Class Vice-pres, 35 Pres, 45 Homecom- ing Att. 1,2,3. Rita Woods: Chorus 2,35 Class Play 35 F.H.A. 1,2,3,45 Paper Staff 4, Nancy Yazvec: Band 1,2,35 Class Play 35 F.H,A, 25 French Club 45 Honor roll 45 On the job training 4, Carlyle Weber: Band l,2,3,45 Pep band 1,2, 3,45 Stage band 45 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Class Play 3,45 Annual Staff 45 National Honor Society 3,45 Prom comm. 35 Varsity club 2,3,45 Spanish Club 1,25 Pres, 25 Speech contest 2,3,45 R.E.A, winner 35 S.A.R. 45 Basketball mgr. 1,2,3,45 statis. 35 Baseball statis. 3,45 Class vice-pres, 15 Treas. 45 Student Council 1,2,45 Treas, 15 Sec, 25 Honor roll 1,2,3,45 Outstanding Teen 45 Senior Bowl 45 Teacher aid 4. Bill Wright: Transferred from Germany Linda Wright: Transferred from Germany Senior Awards Carlyle Weber Outstanding Teen, 1971 SAR, john Phillip Sousa Award Salutatorian gg - fre ia Mft? 1 lgr- . .gg i . .. W? 55 fe rf ',lw,,.:' - Wilfvry . gi 3?-lr Wk fin "",:i5'fs2L ' '..,xH,:,v-53, ., A- K ' EE 1 :--xfazf3f1s ?'5rIg5f S. 7.-pzslgrs Nj? ,' X-f L' gb :'f::, L, M .L.,.A. .X ,V .. , fu : , , if :eu . Y. r::-.-:':,"-mag. Me kv- , mv. . wr agus! ms,r?fe1e1,55,fiff4i-1..1w.5 My L x Sf tl,,,,4,aH an e fefaef . , - - H ' 1 V af ip -: ' ' -If "W-fa' ,, fr, - gy r frf-NK K J , , M 1 :"ffff5?:'H'g,f ,, as-ggff. ' S S ....,: 3 ly an , S - -. A ...we J? lx K? 2 ,, 'Sf r in 4 Jw , Ted Dennis Outstanding Teen 1971 .L Paula Parks Chris McMullen DAR Oumtanding Teen 1971 Valedictorian '-num, :Ww- Becky Snowden Lynn Shields Betty Crocker Award Senior G.A.A. Award Outstanding Teen 1971 Randy Connour Phil Batterton Award Mark Dohner Herb Snowden Phil Batterton Award Silver Hammer Award STATE'S Leading Scorer The Knights Of H7237 The Kingdom of "72" became one of renown and fame with a start in the good old castle at V.I.T. King Arthur was in reign along with his faith ful advisor Lady Teresa, his scribe Lady Sandy, his chief treasurer Lady janet, and his chief of public relations Lady Paula. We had many royal advisors led by Dame Dailey. Football and Homecoming came and also rings of the finest gold. Included among the responsibilities of our reign were prom and our first class play. Our prom, April Love, was tackled with great enthusiasm, and then we were appalled at how complicated it could be- come. The class play, State Fair, seemed to be an excellent choice. juniors had basketball concessions. We soon learned that this was quite a hurdle to overcome, but Jim stepped in and showed us how. , There was a lot of wig flipping throughout the year, right girls? The junior boys seemed to be a gre at asset to the building of the "house" with Bob displaying step ladder walking abil- ities and his knack for coming through the ceiling. Looking back on our first year as upperclassmen, we found education to be more than eight classes a day. We also real ized that in our remaining year, we must get as much as possible from those eight classes. Diane Baker ..3S Beth Banfield Rhonda Barry Nancy Baumgartner n Darrel Buswell .X f . 443 .qw-S I. Corbitt H. DeMOtt V. DeMott J. Easley M. Bubb M. Churchill T. Coleman S. Copes R. Gooddell K. Groff R. Heller M. Hickle D. Lamm B. Lundeen C. Madtson S. Mahan B. Fawcett J. Forgy D. Galliher L. Glover 'E' hag , ' - -isis., 1:22 ff- llll. Q ii?iifi', .Q , ' 2 "':k I 1 I. Hollenback E. Huett K. Johnson R. Ladd M. Myers I. Pittman I. Ragan J. Reid P Sherwood I. Shults M. Snedeker C. Starbuck S-iv' L. Weld T. Willison S. Woodell S . Young A. Marshall M. McMi11en M. McMullen S. Morrison pw D. Riebling P. Ritter S. Robertson R. Savage . Switzer B. Vaughn B. Vaughn I. Weld I I I 5 5 i , Q , I l 1 53,3 X- ,ww -14 Ay: ' Ulzwg Class Being a little more confident and thinking the worse was over, we entered our Sophomore year at V,I,T, We en- countered many new, exciting and interesting tasks such as driving, first aid, ordering class rings, selling magazines cooking in Home EC., advancing further in agriculture and tackling Geometry. Leading our class was President Alfred Seward, Vice-President Randy Farr, Secretary Connie Hughes, Treasurer jill Speer, and Reporter Linda Perkins, Class sponsors were Mrs, Pavelka and Mrs. Cary. Representing our class at Homecoming were Sue Wickert and Randy Farr. As our sophomore year draws nearer and nearer to a close, the mighty class of "73" begins to look forward to our junior year as upperclassmen, ,.. x X i 50 Class of '73 A. Burgess K. Cable D. Chenoweth E. Colston M. Fawcett K, Frederick B. Gilmore R. Groff G. Johnson M. Kinne P. Mayall M. McCormick G. Abernathy R. Baker I. Barrett M. Beans Q ' . G. Demott D. Farr R. Farr D. Fawcett -s..,....,,f' S. Heitz N . Herink B. Hollenback C . Hughes D. McCu1-dy S. McMullen M. Miller M. Nelson R. Parks G. Parry B. Parsano L. Perkins M. Shinberger I. Speer D. Spencer N. Taylor C. Wright Not Shown: R. Ruark S. Pilger R. Reather A. Seward K. Shawgo K. VanFossen I. Waters I. Wherley S. Wickert 1 4 I i 7 W 1 r 1 1 i Q i 4 p 2 , L . i I 1 E I i I l I 5 s Q e ! I W ! I I . X I , Q I V as Freshmen . . Class of CC74!! Last to come through the door are the Seniors of "74". First to confront us were subjects five, and even after initiation we were all still alive. For President we elected Mike Blemler and Linda Horwedel as Vice President with Gerry Cassidy as Sec- retary. Jamell Harris was to keep books as she oughter and Mark Hezlep served as reporter. A class fund was needed so twas found--hence started selling candy by the pound, Vow our goal for the next three years will be to carry the torch for V.I.T. Memories of Last Year. . . QQ . f,.,. ,fx 3. XJ ' Q Q' .2 A .1 Wa Wwe ssiswszivpz f3iz2f.21H3?mraesisfss,Q gfsiiflirw 0-351 15735, ,,91gS,g,,WQgg g i :5,1,,-,.JgQ:wL mga ss sz 5En,f A13Tw3f?x5?15sf ifrnlfhx' ' 'hw-?'UQ-Lg?jQ31fRecr.,4fi" v7"t1!P f,,1ewg,mf--V, ff.14f?iZfbm.Qg1,g,,s,s,wgi sw s 5 ig M. Bassett I. Blemler R. Brown E. Bubb D. Douglas L. Easley M. Engel T. Farr K. Gray R. Groff B. Hamm D. Hamm 1 , W ,Q 1' was 9924 1 if is 6 s S we iz ,E Q sf S., S 5 SS S. Hickle S. Hickle 1. Hollenback L. Horwedel VP' "MY B McCorm1ck D Nelmelman T Nelson J. Peak E. Reedy M. Richey K. Savage B. selph B. Hammond I. Haney I. Harris M. Hezlep B. Kluthe V. Mahan L. Marshall J. Mayall ,sw-5 A. Perkins J. Pittman S. Reather S. Rector -fdwauhr Q x I. Weaver G. Webb D. Windsor J. Wood Shaw Speer Starbuck Waller P. Wooddell Not Shown: K. Bader G. Cassidy V. Saurbaugh and This Y ear! X , , ,, 1,-5 ws ' ' 5 i is Student G lzmpses I-T 355555 Q21 51 f: '5' Q :+P J " " x 5 33? is Q 2 3 6 5352 'ie Xu 1 fi X , ' M 3 5 r,,,,,, fgfgaw, ,, .,,,,, - - W,..MwumW W , K 1" ' ' ' gms .H M N .f Q., f .Sf vu f 5 x.V, 7.1. ,:. ,.,: 'sz UNL -2,1 ffka SQA., f - wiwtzwmv -f Amlssvsxyx Wm 'sw XLQSQIQV1 - We mi? ,J .J Q ' - ., , ,:.-ifaiffgr 5 ' , 2221 X, - fi" ?1Sii55S 2 if is 4 fl W '- , muageztttlvszlssxxz' N -'L-'-af K K . 2 , K L s 1 V l r I 1 1 ' I K X 3 1 T 1 E 1 N I . s 2 "This Is Football 1970" FIRST ROW left to right--M. Engel, M. Blemler, G. Abernathy, D. Danner, S. Robertson, R. Parks, D. Buswell, D McCurdy. SECOND ROW--K. Mayall, R. Heaton, N. Brown, R. Connour, I. Bruketta, W. Willison, B. Parry, S. Parr, B. Curths, B. Baker. THIRD ROW--Mr. Snowden lCoachj, Mr. Cary lPrincipa1j, L. Switzer, B. Vaughn, R. Brown, B. Gilmore, D. Buswell, C. Barkley, A. Fisher, T. Farr lManagerj, Mr. Toland lCoachj. FOURTH ROW-- R. Goodell, I. Waters, R. Heller, S. Young, J. Pittman, M. Snedeker, G. Goodin, J. Hollenback, H. Demott, R. Farr. Recipe for a Good Football Team: Start with Practices u . . s Ig, V, , Af ,:,,.. V .. K 3, r .,,. . And More Practices And More no a li A And More 'CE fy Add: Good Coaches Team enthusiasm A Dash of Agility Blend in: A Spurt of Determination School Cooperation Loyal Fans Spice It with: Un Spite of the Rainy Warre n We ste rn Avon Indu stry N orthwe ste rn Cuba Valley Astoria Burning Spirits 1970 Record We O 0 O 6 36 20 O 20 They 13 14 23 O O 6 18 O And flavor it with Patience 1970 Footballis Senior Salute I lfsil ' ,. amwnnifwa . wr. .l..,..i M, . , 'N 'fn , B , -aa , f- as 'Wif' V: .,4..,,. -,I--:gh f"1-'f't,3I"w..sMQ4+' B 'VN L K if 1435 , .H f '."EE5:sE:.SI'3f+:i xp-'IE' 3, ' f 24,3 ixf vfwfafxilig saggy -355g Qin: V t:2,..,f Lmfiy ge-if 5-. - -i'f'.iv': nj' if" iewsqf - f wwqgdzk - - -3- -- - . . when if - - ,a tm-f 1, , , A Wi 5 W 1, ' A . f:.f-j--,msg vixfilz ,' vii ' V 1' 7 fp . - " - 'iv - .f x. . A- A E, . 3 i Aer a, ,1- ? + H , , . A :.'Sx.+f:3vi- f,Q..'- Q W 5 y gajvz' - 5. ,U-fQg,,i,-,,..f. - 1, N, ,-.2 4 f , 1: -1' .J 1, sip 1 igfygggy A 1 4 Y .v 'S 3 rf? fe ,qi-al. irq, bs i na. 161 Us ' fav? 'XY' M' Q . ..,., j1,ijv!5z3gfg?14gSi."gjig2s?f:'i5,5if:jf1g531E?,g.f521e'W' S . -- , zf,f4v?5Qe1:f:zfg?-my-iz.-' A' if I n n l 1 Willison and Baker Bill Curths Roger Heaton Co- Captains S .. ln.. ii' . WW- --.5561-.M.w ,-,. V. joe Bruketta Randy Connour Wendell Willison Kevin Mayall .Wf,f,,.wr,,W.ifissrfv.-..w..,i.ff5-iMf-- -A W --WMM - r ,, --iv--2-W ,grim--f,--if-.-Cgff ,Q A V- ?w?:arm:,fss?-?kmf-5fi- -K ' - - -N we away-1 Q Aid' A -Q, ggi? - H :L . 5 'S' ' 'A GH "-PY .v'-1 rr - Iv.:-'f J-5-Y' M. -, 1:,,, - ...Q , Amir, 91,4 ,A .1-WJ-.,,.,, .,-Av, 'fi Q93-'faivrz' effing ': -'1fi,:x- 'Wal' 7'-f15"",, mf Bob Parry "Best Blocker" a sfs,f,fHEl??7:2ff,i6?fw . , "-f ,ini-f,.33:'i',,..: - f r' X -7 -Q M ,44,i,,,iQ, -. -1 ,. 12 sin' .,, A 3 - -ff: was , in-,ifiluwiifil , v ,K t . 1 lx ',: 'W 'E Z 'NH if Q ff va .- , fir ri ,. Q Q f it Q '1 il Q5 Ex g Y X , E ' ' 'fi lf ff 'W JR? gf.. ,ir ff if so 'sit B' K' C35-'fm Sli? A- " fx 7 - aaee g f lfzg iik ? - , ,lv . i ,N ,.A,,q. 1 J -- :g sm , , , ,y .. ' if Q , --..-. B Q , --iff we X.. wg,-23,r,.: 1. 'A,?-3?-LZ-,Q 53.153 . ,far vm-if-'QA-, ,A Scott Parr Bill Baker "Bes t Defense" "Most Valuable" -alanaaina., i.......a..wawm..a,iKsaf..l,M.-,- .-W- W l M ly if it K iie2f:'i:1i5.',1ff-,1.1 1' , '- "1-i -A . .f-' . 1- v : 3 QA :S K. ww w- 1,,:i'e I , ' ,, .,,,,i . -- L ,... , '- I .-i a maint' i 1 ,. -.,2f:'-Lui?-,cfY.w'7'W-' . f ' "VZ , ,:- -32.-ff53V"'13.-53.,.' ei ' 35,5 -,iff-H "1 . . - 7'f4':.'2..-,?5'- 2 ti. wa . ' - , .WS 4 ,A v r . - 41, ix," -, ,gnfmwg -33 I F ' Jhhx Q45 Q A 3,5 W 'WJ 4 fi if , Tw-fig if ,Q ik 'f , -3, fi 5? i "af Q X525 .rr , 1 f f Y' s fa' y,.5'n.x Blix W J' ki wf ll E K LAL 4 ' W an tw 4 V 4, r -if 1 Lf? Q Mg .i j Q is 'an M in ,Qi ww, if. iff - by -Q 5wti.:,'g J, Q' Y R 4' wi 2 Q' 'lf f ff Yr I , 5 Norman Brown Varszty Cheerleaders Barb Sch1s1er fA1ternatej Deb Reibling Betsy Shaw Rhonda Barry Deanna Riebling Sheila Wooddell J. V Cheerleaders STANDING L to R: Sue Wickert, jamell Harris, jill Speer. BOTTQM: Liz Marshall. Cheerleading Snaps 64 Varsity 'ff' 0 STANDING L. to R.: Mr. Connour, Steve Robertson, Leslie Switzer, Randy Connour, Bob Parry, john Pittman, Mark Dohner, Wendell Willison, Terry Smith, Alfred Seward, Mike Martin, Norman Brown, Randy Farr, Mr. Toland. KNEELIN G: Carlyle Weber, Bill Baker, Bob Bowen. Jr. Varsity STANDING I.. to R.: Dale McCurdy, Greg Abernathy, Randy Parks, Dan Farr, Gordon Goodin, Aaron Perkins, Mr. Toland, Rich Campbell, Kim Gable, Kent Gray, Brian McCormick, Alan Fisher, Marty Beans, KNEELING: jim Pagan, Mark Starbuck, managers. 65 Starting "Six " Randy Connour Terry Smith Leslie Switzer Senior Senior junior Guard Guard Guard Season Record . WU-CO Record 22--6 Wzlco Champs 11"1 Wendell Willison Mark Dohner Bill Baker Senior Senior Senior Forward Center Forward Track-1971 H 2 Under the coaching of Mr. Nelson Snowden, the track t boys enjoyed a hard working season. They participated in four major track meets, doing well in all of them. Many individuals stood out in the different events with a couple of school records being broken. V.I.T. was also well rep- resented in the WILCO, County, and District track meets, facing rough competition. A fine job of cooperation along with coordination helped the track season of '71 to be one in which pride can be taken. 4 gil Northwestern ..... . . 69--63 .... . . 2nd Industry, Astoria .... . . 59--52--48 . . . . . lst Colchester, Lewiston . . . . . 44--76--36 . . . . . . . . . . 2nd Athens, Havana ........,...... 60--41--63 .......,.... 2nd A big congratulations goes to Les Switzer who broke the school high jump record by jumping 6' 1"! 68 .,.,,.....u.-.-4 and Baseball 1971 '. 9' The baseball team under the coaching of Mr. Norm Miller and Mr. Gary Bradford enjoyed a fine season of ten wins and nine losses. Included in this season's accomplishments were a WILCO Conference Champion- ship, a Macomb District championship, and a trip to the Limestone Re- gional at Peoria. Between conflicts with track meets, rainy weather, and odd jobs, enough players made it to the games, and gave V.I.T. a very successful season. S Y as Q Lewistown . . Havana .... Canton .... Lewistown . . Cuba ..... Bardolph . . . Rushville . . . Macomb High Northwestern Canton .... .. ..Lost .. ..Lost .. ..Lost .. ...Won .. ..Lost .. ..Won ..Won .. ..Won ..Lost .. ..Lost Havana ....... . . . 7-- Won Macomb High Lost Lewistown .... . . . 11-- Lost Industry . . . Won Cuba ..... Lost Bardolph . . . Won Industry. . . Won Cuba .... Won Track 9 P FIRST ROW1 to r--A. Fisher, D. McCurdy, K. Mayall, L. Switzer, D. Buswell, 1. Ragan, SECOND ROW--J. Hol- lenback, G. Parry, B. Baker, J. Waters, R. Farr, R. Goodell, D. Farr, THIRD ROW--Coach Snowden, J. Pittman, A. Perkins, R. Heller, S. Young, R. Connour, Manager--Mark Dohner. Baseball J .s E 2' xi Vg ,Q if if NT 3 Q ,qt al x U 43. are 1 ww. NE!! ,f X15 I X iz s. UL ri sxgfgr J fsvf? . -. ix ..:, g ' uw iia a"3".,. 1 '-,F Q , F' if leee a "" -P' X -"rf 'N F Jlxl "'i "'i 1 FIRST ROW--D. McCurdy, C. Barclay, S. Robertson, T. Barrett, D. Danner, K. Gray, M. Blemler, SECOND ROW--D. Lamn, A. Fisher, R. Ladd, R. Connour, B. Baker, K. Mayall, L. Switzer, D. Buswell, Manager--M. fl ,Q Ki 4' . Starbuck, THIRD ROW--Coach Miller, R. Farr, T. Smith, A. Seward, B. Parry, D. Farr, FOURTH ROW--Assis- tant Coach Bradford. Student Council , 'iililf'-Nl: "' ' 5 if ,, SITTING L. to R.--Mr. Cary, John Pittman, Jill Speer, Ted Dennis, Joyce Pittman, Mrs. Cary. STANDING Marilyn Churchill, Carlyle Weber, Becky Snowden, Margo Bubb, Chris McMullen, Kenton Shawgo, Judson Waters, Mike Blemler, Connie Hughes, Gordon Gooden, Ray Goodell, Janice Weaver. The Student Council has tried very hard this year to communicate with the Student Body. Helping with this project were our officers: Pres. Ted Dennis Vice-Pres. John Pittman Sec. Jill Speer Treas. Joyce Pittman in I I yryy I J p 2, ,,,, . f e."' Student Workers 'Sv FRONT ROW fLeft to Rightj: C. Madston, M. Hickle, S. Morrison, M. Nelson, J. Weaver, T. Willison, D. Reib- ling, T. Dennis. SECOND ROW: S. Coons, T. Carithers, B. Schisler, B. Snowden, C. McMullen, B. McMullen, C. Weber. BACK ROW: B. Vaughn, M. Kinne, C. Bair, M. Myers, S. Mahan, L. Glover, L. Weld, B. Banfield, C. Calhoun, B. Fawcett. The student workers perform a great service to our school. The student librarians help out in the library by checking out books and magazines, putting books back in their proper order on the shelves, and doing odd jobs around the library. The student secretaries pick up the absentee slips and help out in the main office by keeping records. The statisticians helped the coaches by keeping statistics and by calling in the games to the newspapers Ted, our announcer, gave the line-ups at the ball games. The "Hornet Herald" STANDING L to R: K. Nielson, Knowles, J. Reedy, B. Parry, L. Kessler, J. Ritter, R. Webb, H. Snowden, L. Plank, M. Bartlett, D. Freels, SEATED: M. Hickle, R. Heaton, C. Thompson, M. Hopping, P. Campbell. Various things break up the monotony of the year. One of these is the Hornet Herald, our school newspaper. Published each month, plus special editions, by the Journalism class, the Herald is a conglumeration of school, local, and national news --plus cartoons. Even if you have to borrow a dime, the Hor- net Herald is a worthwhile purchase. MP' . ..,, ,,..,,g.,. R 74 F.H.A. gamma? an W M fra, J Q aariiaaan SEATED l to r: Mrs. Brumett, Barbara Fawcett, Sandy Morrison, Chris McMullen, Susie Coons, Ioan Derry, Paula Sherwood. SECOND ROW: Diane Saville, Laurie Weld, Julie Peak, Connie Hughes, Susie Heitz, jane Wherley, Sandy McMullen, Georgia johnson, Susan Adcock, Brenda Kluthe. THIRD ROW: Marsha McCormick, Kathy Savage, Teresa Waller, JoAnn I-Iollenback, Linda Easley, Nancy Herink, Rebecca Selph, Sharlyn Reather, Sharon Rector, Karen johnson. FOURTH ROW: Connie Wright, Linda Plank, Kathy Frederick, Maryann Nelson, Debbie Chenoweth, Emily Bubb, Nancy VanFossen, jill Engel, Maureen Miller, Rita Reather, Vonetta Demott. FIFTH ROW: Kathy Carithers, Becky Snowden, janet Easley, Tana Carithers, Cindy Thomson, Mindy Hopping, Mary Lou Bartlett, Sandy Copes, Myra McMillen, Paula Parks. SIXTH ROW: Karen VanFossen, Charlene Calhoun, jill Wherley, Diane Bucy, Linda Perkins, Marilyn Churchill, Margo Bubb, Diane Baker, Vicky Saurbaugh, Becky Heitz. ri! F.F.A. FIRST ROW 1 to r: R. Webb, S. Pilger, D. Farr, R. Barry. SECOND ROW: I. Reedy, D. Spencer, B. McMormick M. McCormick, J. Hammond, R. Ladd, R. Farr, R. Parks. THIRD ROW: G. Goodin, M. Dohner, R. Ruark, G. Webb, Mr. Hunter, I. Barrett, D. Buswell VI. T. Chapter Officers President Mark Dohner Vice President joe Bruketta Secretary Randy Farr Treasurer john Reedy Reporter Randy Parks Sentinel Steve Pilger Land J udgers Livestock Judgers i r. 'll .':. 'A , ..-- I K' 'i..,i.... L Q. .Ys F T , ,' L gi '1" '.1ViS L to R: Randy Parks, Gordon Goodin, Rob- 76 L to R: Robert Ladd, Randy Farr, Dan Farr, ert Ladd Randy Parks Les Amis F rancais FRONT ROW 1 to r: Marie, Mimi, Barbara, Nancy. SECOND ROW: Michel, Nicole, Lisa, Suzanne, Martin. THIRD ROW: Gigi, Paulette, Michel, Josie, Diane, Marcel. FOURTH ROW: Diane, Nicole, Claudine, Nicole, Antoine, Lisa, Cherie, Julie, Aimee, Elizabeth, Desiree, Monique. FIFTH ROW: Mrs. Pavelka, Anne, Jeanne, Georgette, Suzanne, Brigitte, Josie, Marie, Denise, Paulette, Barbara. Not Shown: Rita L F C :H-""""FMT 'asf Scholarship Character Leadership Service ational Honor Society FIRST ROW: Mr. Schoenwetter, Marilyn McMullen, Margo Bubb, Marilyn Churchill jobxe Corbitt Barb Vaughn. SECOND ROW: Wanda Moses, Chris McMullen, Becky Snowden, Lila Kessler Paula Parks, Lynn Shields. THIRD ROW: Charlene Calhoun, Carlyle Weber, Ted Dennis, Dan Chenoweth Herb Snowden, Beth McMullen. ii Work... ,,,, W . J 4 ,gmt -si, G f- ' ,finer V -qv-f and Fun' v . k,..f"1 if ,il "" 4 g A .wail-M A kd li A '- ' . ' A , 1,,,, fl., -ff I .nf . VJ , if M B 55 xg ,,Lr,,V' W X x nf-wir? R V, .xe!mua..i,fi?iai3L, ,. f , if Q Drum Ma 'or and Pom Pom Girls FRONT ROW L to R: Deanna Riebling, Phyllis Wooddell, Georgia johnson, Susie Coons, Nancy Taylor, Debbie Douglas, Karen johnson, Melinda Bassett. BACK ROW: janet Easley, Paula Sherwood, Linda Easley, Myra Mc- Millen, Karen Van Fossen, Mike Martin, Barb Fawcett, Joyce Weaver, Beth Banfield, jan Hollenback, Sandy Copes. Leading the marching band down the street is an elite group of girls who call themselves the V.I.T. Drill Team. Their bright green and white uniforms brought more attention to our band. Besides a few special numbers in football halftime shows, these girls gave the flag raising ceremony for all home basketball games. Under the direction of Mr. Tavernier and Capt. Joyce Weaver, this organization has been a fine addition to the V.I.T. arts. For 2 years, Mike Martin has directed the band through both parade and field maneuvers. Under Mike's conducting talents the band had a very successful marching season. 79 Chorus FRONT ROW, L. to R.--Brenda Kluthe, Deanna Riebling, Marsha McCormick, Kathy Savage, Lynn Shaw, Debbie Riebling, Linda Horwedal, Mrs. Lucie, Joyce Weaver, Jobie Corbitt, Lila Kessler, Sandy Morrison, Betsy Shaw, Wanda Moses. SECOND ROW--Laurie Weld, Liz Marshall, Debbie Douglas, Tina Nelson, Jill Mayall, Nancy Herink, Linda Easely, Jo Ann Hollenback, Sharon Rector, Paula Parks, Jill Engle, Phyllis Woodell, Sheila Woodell, Julie Peak. THIRD ROW--Joan Derry, Joyce Pittman, Caroline Bair, Barb Fawcett, Beth McMullen, Jane Wherley, Margo Bubb, Janis Weaver, Linda Perkins, Diana Baker, Sue Wickert, Becky Snowden, Teresa Willison, Jill Speer, Connie Wright. FOURTH ROW--Amy Speer, Jamell Harris, Paula Sherwood, Lynn Shields, Ruth Ann Groff, Teresa Waller, Vonneta Demott, Betsy Hammond, Charlene Calhoun, Gerry Cassidy, Jill Wherley, Pam Mayall, Connie Hughes, Joanne Ritter, Chris McMullen, Emily Bubb, Linda Plank, Susan Coones. FIFTH ROW--Vickie Sourbaugh, Marilyn Churchill, Randy Parks, Randy Farr, Dan Farr, Judson Waters, Kenton Shawgo, Rick Brown, Randy Connour, John Pittman, Carlyle Weber, Mike Shawgo, Tony Farr, Marlin McCormick, Janet Forgy, Becky Hamm , Ellen Reedy. Band FRONT ROW, L. to R.--Joann Derry, Deanna Riebling, Marilyn McMullen, Greg Webb, Sharon Rector, Jane Wherley. SECOND ROW--Connie Hughes, Teresa Waller, Ellen Reedy, Shelley Hickle, Maryann Nelson, Janis Weaver, Betsy Hammond, Rhonda Barry, Linda Perkins, Jill Speer, Jill Engle, Wanda Moses, Wendell Willison. THIRD ROW--Beth McMullen, Chris McMullen, Paula Parks, Charlene Calhoun, Judson Waters, Mark Hezlep, Connie Wright, Nancy Herink, Jobie Cor- bitt, Jill Wherley, Randy Connour, Margo Bubb, Carlyle Weber, Sandy McMullen, Gerry Cassidy, Jamell Harris, Robert Ladd, Mike Engle. FOURTH ROW--Brian McCormick, Teresa Willison, Lynn Shields, Shiela Woodell, Sue Wickert, Marilyn Churchill, Becky Hamm, Linda Horwedel, Diana Baker, Kent Bader, Susan Hietz, Rick Brown, Gordon Goodin, Steve Young, Mike Martin. FIFTH ROW--Amy Speer, Julie Peak, Mourine Miller, Kathy Carithers, Susan Adcock. STANDING --Mr. Tavernier, Joyce Pittman, Nancy Baugartner, Leslie Switzer, John Pittman, Pam Mayall, Tony Farr, Kenton Shawgo. 1 H-1 f -ff f This Is .VG Varsity Club sbfics Align FIRST ROW flseft to Righty: Deanna Riebling, Shiela Wooddell, Rhonda Barry, Betsy Shaw, Debbie Riebling, Chris McMullen. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Herriford, Mr. Toland, Barbara Schisler, Mark Dohner, Scott Parr, Mr. Snowden, Mr. Connour. THIRD ROW: Kevin Mayall, Bobbie Vaughn, Leslie Switzer, Randy Connour, Bob Bowen, Terry Smith, Bill Baker, Steve Robertson, Darrell Buswell. FOURTH ROW: Judson Waters, Norman Brown, Randy Farr, Wendell Willi- son, John Pittman, jerry Hollenback, Bob Parry, Dan Farr, Carlyle Weber. 1970-71 Officers: President--Mark Dohner Vice-President--joe Bruketta Secretary--Barb Schisler Treasurer--Scott Parr Sergeant-at-Arms--Leslie Switzer One of the newer organizations around our school is the Varsity Club, created to honor those students who have earned a Varsity letter in sports. This year the Varsity Club initiated a practice which we hope will be continued throughout future years. A bonfire was held during homecoming week of the football season and spirits grew high. Members experienced many fun times going out and eating at a certain coach's house. I 4 G.A.A. FRONT ROW fLeft to Righty: B. Snowden, S. Wickert, J. Speer, L. Shields, T. Carithers, S. Copes, P. Sherwood, T. Willison, M. McMullen, D. Baker. SECOND ROW: L. Weld, K. johnson, S. Adcock, Mrs. Herriford, K. Savage, S. Coons, B. Lundeen. THIRD ROW: P. Wooddell, G. Johnson, S. McMullen, T. Nelson, A. Marshall, C. McMullen, P Ritter, B. Vaughn, W. Moses, L. Marshall, S. Woodell, P. Campbell. FOURTH ROW: I. Peak, S. Hickle, E. Reedy, M. Hickle, I. Hollenback, I. Corbitt, J. Easley, M. Nelson, M. McMillen, L. Easley, D. Chenoweth, R. Selph, M. Shaw. FIFTH ROW: M. Miller, B. Hamm, L. Horwedel, A. Burgess, J. Ritter, R. Groff, B. Fawcett, L. Kessler, I. Weaver, B. McMullen, P. Parks, R. Reather. f The G.A.A. is a very active club around our school. During the football and basketball seasons we sponsored soc-hops after the home games. We also sponsored the Christmas Dance and crowned Tana Carithers as our Winter Princess. At our weekly meetings we kept active by tumbling and gymnastics, bowling, roller skating, and playing softball. This year we had one of the biggest G.A.A. clubs and we hope it continues to remain an active part of our school. ' , SNAPS 86 we - A fz.-Enema Q . 's'fuE5' 1552, ' .n ma mm ,,f, -,ts S OPH OM ORE I 4 , 1 ffm-...,. . ,, Homecoming 1970 'Ylutumn To Remember" The Royal Court Mike Blemler, Randy Farr, jerry I-Iollenback, Mark Dohner, Chuck Mytich, King Kevin Ma- yall, Queen Barb Schisler, Brenda Porter, Phyllis France, Debbie Riebling, Teresa Willison, Sue Wickert, Iamell Harris. i Homecoming '70 was . . . our first bonfire . . . many rousing speeches and pep talks . . . a super 20-6 Victory over Cuba . . . ing cheerleaders . . . faithful fans . . . dirty uniforms . . . HCRNET POWER . . . a great band half-time show . . . the royal court with King Kevin and Queen Barb . . . and an "Au- tumn to Remember"! ff: if a muddy football field . . . a big "Baby Spirit" . . . Ian and Angela as our pilots for our "Hi-jacking to Cuba" . . . a slow band?! ? . . . lots of SPIRIT . . . a huge Spirit stick . . . scream- S. .ws.C'i, fs, . .mm ,ig .F 1- V. x,5:.3,,v:55u I 'ff 414' L ' , ,A W - aff , ,. 353' vi ., wif' - ,N , JM? 11 1 , .J N s W E CITL Dancing Happiness 1'-if ,Ja L Km S hr L 92 l 4 Seniors Initiate Freshmen mei A 3 "The Taming of the Shrew " by William Shakespeare Senior Class Play m E -"R , , . The Cast and Crew: FRONT ROW: M. Shawgo, N. Yazvec, C. McMullen, J. Ritter, J. Engel, L. Shields. SEC- OND ROW: W. Moses, J. Derry, B. Snowden, P. Parks, B. McMullen, T. Dennis, C. Weber, T. Carithers, J. Reedy, R. Heaton. THIRD ROW: Mrs. S. Daily lDirectorj I. Wherley, D. Bucy, K. Neilson, M. Martin, R. Con- nour, D. Chenoweth, R. Webb, B. Curths. This year the Seniors decided to try a different type of class play, so Shakespeare and "The Taming of the Shrew" came into the picture. At first, the cast seemed skeptical about wearing the long, flowing dresses for the girls and the trunks and tights for the boys, but since maxis and men's pantyhose have become the "in" thing there was little problem Play rehearsals were a lot of fun and the actors and actresses soon found Shakespeare 's wit and humor in their lines. The 13th Century jargon was overcome and gave the play its special personality. The mysterious school raids, a light bulb breaker, and a few misfitting costumes caused a few problems, but all in all, this new experiment by the Senior Class proved to be a success. ff:,.ff'..ff.'f ' lf'E1iffl2?i1s fi? ., . . .. is rm ,Z .. ., ,ri,gg.,-..- V ff aafipx 3 -' M 'L -a L - rjfffgaszrgias sesame 5 f f-, . , ,.s,rs, :,s+gsffQg.rfss, , ., ' g gi - - 5wf'ff:rf.- Sfsefsgsiafiifszlmgrfe- 2. if ' 3455 Siiiiiaiiyv eifrilrigss r r rw, . .if U, X 1. S . ,f Q 1, ' W dw J ri aim, rsrrssrrs .,.. il W- .Mft H ,,.,. lk iii..5f,1y., ,asus f -f 4- z ffazrfwwsif- sk i ,gg , If 3r'fif . Pia 1.,' T e f ,t l 5: if ":2- 1 fiek ww R T' ' i x eager, , , mf ,Eng . 3 H . , . Twill L we , w..fs:,,-,.:.i-gf-ff519-frarsffufilw Qmwewrfmya mf rwwwwwwi f'aff!"::?ff.-2-..x... -fi.. . r. f. . ,. iiifliifffigifiiiikagiiflii ii i' si? A ' 2:1 9 1 Hi f'+.:'.... - 4 - . wa ,, -w-+195 I E E if 3. if Q J. fu f fy . NN 5 Q fgf' wh.. ,J SAP State Fair Junior Class Play div A YF? KG? Storekeeper . Melissa Frake Abel Frake . Margy Frake Wayne Frake ...- f. CAST ..f.. .. .... Ray Gooddell Barbara V au ghn Mike Snedeker janet Easley John Pittman Eleanor . . . Emily ..... Pat Gilbert . Mrs. Rallins The Baker . . Harry Ware . Director Paula Sherwood Sandy Copes Harold Demott Mary I-Iickle jim Ragan jerry I-Iollenback Mrs Sylvia Daile Assistant Director . . . . . Myra McMillan Crew Margo Bubb Steve Young Bob Vaughn Vonetta Demott Karen johnson Marjorie Myers Sandy Morrison Rhonda Barry Marilyn McMullen On April 24, 1971, the Holiday Inn provided the setting for the V.I.T. jr.-Sr. Prom . . . CC JJ April Love X .f x .' aw - vs i ,, , ,. I " K ,. f vw mr ssl' W' x , QQJMQRZ S We , ff A ... M X, " f, '-'wx f .-ai" Q . xiii? X' K t 3 K -Z. V f cp- Lp ' , X f K l fx, 5 N t, Q The evening began with a delicious meal, followed by speeches by the jr. and Sr. Class Presidents. The jr. girls sang their memories of the Seniors, and the Seniors realized that this was their last prom. Queen Barbara QQ King Mark if in if After dining, dancing fol- lowed with music by Bob Boyd and his band. The climax of a beautiful evening of "April Love" was the Coronation. The juniors can be con- gratulated for a wonderful prom FRONT ROW: Teri Wi1lison,.Barb Schisler, Mark Dohner, Tony Roberts. BACK ROW: Paula Parks, Jill Wherley, Debbie Reibling, Terry Smith, joe Bruketta, Kevin Mayall. , i f Assemblies X, xg X 7 k i ' 0 Jr. High Mrs. Lawson Art Mr. Toland Social Studies Mrs . Kelly Language Arts Mr. Sams Principal Mr. Cook Language Arts i Faculty Mr. Philips Science Mr. Barrett Mathematics I 1 g Class Ufcers 7th Grade: D. Aten G. Lafary C. Stambaugh J. Derry Sth Grade: G. Fredricks D. Blansfield B. McCurdy V. Martin Q..-f . E358 O X Q, Student Council FRONT ROW 1 to G . Buswell V. Saufley L. Horwedel K. Creasy V. Derry BACK ROW M. Bader M. Marshall S. Selph M. Malott T. Willison Jr. P1 High 47" Q as PFS. LeMasters C. Robertson D. Hampton R. Churchill I. Savage E. Stambaugh K. Marshall D. Seward DFP. Bubb D. Corbitt K. Kendrick S. Beever M. Seward K. Miller R. Heaton K. Azbell P. Groff G. Lundeen V. Martin B. Fawcett M. Danner M. Marshall D. Aten D. Blansfield XM. Hamm G. Frederick R. Fawcett R. Hayes M. Malott L. Horwedel V. Freels S. Adcock Pk K. Cluts K. Knowles D. Cassidy I. Baker I. Schults K. Chenoweth C. Haney E. Hillyer DFG. Smith K. Sherwood D. McCormick B. McCurdy M. Bader C. Reedy E. Gilmore K. Bricker PF K. Cre asy M. Posey C. Groff M. Darmer A. Demoss B. Chenoweth T. Sliger D. Hamm YR. Poen B. Kluthe G. Rumbler M. Connour it as 5' Q1 ....a. 1..Q r in , C -4""J 'ef .4 is . ' Lv. 2- f.. g A .. A Q .. A:,LE V A ik V . S., K V, is .,.. M. Le. .1 ...St L ,ki. I ' ii - ,v-. . C . -we - ' reria 1. Q ttl. riarsf iisi i A rtetts l ii B K ef g . M M ' M , ...fp-1w'f ,sg,.,..,,, , ., QQ? f '.'- .1 , K ., K ' lui EFS? ..,, Q. .V wig W . ',, 3-fx: ff.-.: -. ..,,. ,. ... Vkk, ,M-E.. .7 ., , ,,- .. J gi K :K .wwf -- at . A Q Q If ...-1. ..:-.. . M H 2255 '.: .- . ...A -,P -s. . 'LQYFSLS' 3573 sag 33 Q' is Z is fa .V gg . ' rw? f, W, 'H we 33 Y 3, 35: X , .4 is gi M, dd Qi if X. if A ,A .M . fafvf 1' :pf , N? K .,,. .,.. 1 'T ' ' ... A . . V? W , Q' f 'S1 v , .5 'Q im W V"" A ' .7 'gif In N 'V ' I Vi KV?" 'Hi A' l i,. , V ' 3 Acid .4 Thi.. e.b's.':x'f'1?Q..4A4 Q 3. .4 H. J K V L V Z V , . V 3 '55 ' 'A' ' ,J V Q . P H t K .f I e 7' V 1 V - VV My ,I M VK ., Wg ILWL ': A .5 I .V " fi' M dtdw 'D Q' A I . A .v " M Ai ' X k. ,, .fili ' SLI 4 3 ,1 K--- Q. . . S l,,,, W :Q W I : . . D A , , ,'. . ' ititii, Q W' fd" . 1' . 14' SV' ' Ti . W - K, . v B ' . M is as f S Q if Ii'-Hgiigip t K . V My f I w-sr '.: f f? ik.. B A .ltit f A 1 , , kk If 1, V 53 ,N C... , A L .: -Q . i . a . 8 h, G d L Iii r. 5 A X 1 I. e wfi . in 1 106 'L XK. McMullen V C. Stambaugh VM 4 S ' S 1 VM V V C. Kirkbride w ,A , T T ' A Tiii W T - .af J- Walker . S T . . . v. Sauflev ' e i- ha .,A: :i "V,- :-' 'A'Ai' , f ' A J- Heawn xx PKG. Buswell ,fn - S- Waller 5 q - ' +- , ' R. Parks ' . e on ,A ' A. Posey T. Willison of V ll l . K. Miner " S. Bean I PFI. Derry ' S ' .Q J- Pittman . l ,, :iv + S - ' ' in G- Lafafv - m'AL " TZ :-'--2 1. ':'2 :-:1 S ':fL1' . A wif ' S. H d 1 . XV V. ,kkh . gk z .v,A V, VVVV Q V Webb . f ,.- fi I ' V 'vi' ,., ,, S 74. X My V D. Hi ckle PFW. Nielson i . 2 L. Brown ' V M :V ...Q ' ,H 1 S Y ... 1. Fawcett T . ' V 4' " S ,ai .,. L, g 7"Z ' G. Coons " V V. ,, , . , . ' . ' -- I. Vaughn S S ,g . V ,VV .,.. . - ...Q K' Pm DPR. Sowers V V V V, Derry ,, V V V .. - V ,.V V VV D- Haney , --',. T QT. . A i J' Abernathy i . T :e" 2 f Q.. ' R- C2812 -- .ye ig .ee f e e g ... T R. Martin f .,' A ' V':' . ' S ' V X U D. Kelly W, ' S S W '23 :" ' - -A .:.. A ,,'I Q V YC. Spencer 'A ff ... , . T K. Frye ' i M. if ":q ln S 51 . 'S "' 5- Wood " Le.-' va ' . V ' ' f mi M. jones '- qgvgf E' ' ."S' ,. ,. ' ' T. Switzer . Z S ' ewee T i f .4 1 R. Maw -f X 'az' " "W ' V hh D. Stracker V ' YM. Creasy , T R. Hefun n.'w.e T Q S . - . , L- Holcomb x.: Vo V. V..-e V VV. .,,l V 1 VVVV V . . VV VV V VV-,V R. Vaughn WS nS T -'.V 1 S T- V. Chambers V i V . V 12 . V ,H 5 Qee. ' Elf c.H011enbaek i ' A 1 .. .,.- i -f .. T ff S- Self F 1'-T-5' 5,54 ""' e S. S . M V SS S H Syyx S 1 A ..,..... .. . S 7th Grade DFT. Knowles N. Hampton M . Rumbler K. White L. Thomas S. Huett Jr. High Band Sz Chorus FRONT ROW: C. Kirkbride, D. Aten, V. Martin, M. Hamm, S. Waller. SECOND ROW: T. Willison, J. Walker, G. LaFary, K. McMullen, G. Lundeen, L. Brown, S. LeMasters, K. Marshall. THIRD ROW: K. Miller, S. Bean, K. Azbell, J. Derry, R. Heaton, K. Kendricks, J. Webb, K. Miller, M. Danner, E. Stambaugh, V. Saufley, S. Horwedel, D. Blansfield. FOURTH ROW: D. Aten, R. Parks, C. Robertson, D. Hickle, J. Pittman, G. Buswell, P. Bubb, K. Stambaugh, D. Corbitt, M. Seward, D. Seward, M. Bucy, Mr. Tavernier. .M l ll an.. ' An. FRONT ROW: K. McMullen, J. Pittman, J. Heaton, S. Waller, S. Horwedel, R. Sowers. SECOND ROW: A. Posey, J. Walker, L. Brown, G. LaFary, G. Buswell, R. Parks, S. Wood, K. Sherwood, F. Bart- lett. THIRD ROW: V. Chambers, K. Parr, K. Frye, B. Chenoweth, K. Chenoweth, 1. Saurbaugh, K. Marshall, R. Churchill, C. Hollenback, M. jones, Mrs. Lucie. FOURTH ROW: V. Derry, K. Stam- baugh, K. Azbell, D. Blansfield, S. Selph, D. Aten, D. Aten, C. Spencer, P. Groff. 108 Jr. High Baseball .XV 7 Eg SITTING L. to R.--Ricky Hayes, jerry Shultz, Gene Hillyer, KNEELING--Glenn Coons, james Derry, Lance Hor- wedel, Steven Adcock, Kevin Cluts, Randy Vaughn, Kenny Miller, Kim Miller, Mike Rumler, Kevin White, STANDING--Mr. Miller, Eldon Stambaugh, Dave Corbitt, Dan Cassidy, John Baker, Dale Haney, Larry Thomas, Greg Rumler, Marty Connour, Paul Bubb. 9 Record Opponent Score Date They We Colchester 6 16 Fri. September Rushville 8 Fri. September Bardolph 1 Mon. September Lewistown 7 Thur. September Forman 15 Fri . September Farmington S 12 Tues September Lewistown 7 Wed. September Bardolph 8 18 Thur. October Sports on the junior High level don't receive as much publicity as do High School sports, but that doesn't mean they aren't important. Not only do jr. High sports prepare the boys and girls for High School, but they add excitement and variety to Junior High life. There were fine sports teams in the Junior High this year, and for this we can be grateful. These boys and girls are the sports heroes of tomorrow. Jr. High Basketball Heavyweights mir 2 S EQ L FRONT ROW, L. to R.--E. Hillyer, S. Beever. SECOND ROW--K. Cluts, S. LeMaSters, R. Cagle, L. Thomas, D. Cassidy, M. Connour, R. Vaughn. THIRD ROW--E. Stambaugh, B. Fawcett, I. Baker, G. Bohm, G. Frederick, D. Haney, P. Bubb, D. Corbitt, G. Rumler, Coach Miller. He avyweights Lightweights Wins Losses Wins Losses 16 4 9 11 Lightweights FRONT ROW, L. to R.--E. Gilmore, C. Robertson, M. Rumler, 1. Derry, D. Stracker, V. Saufley, I. Aber nathy. SECOND ROW--E. Hillyer, S. Beever. THIRD ROW--E. Stambaugh, K. Miller, L. Horwedal, M. Danner, M. Bucy, D. Snowden, I. Pittman, J. Heaton, K. W'hite, R. Parks, S. I-Iorwedal, K. Miller, S. Ad- cock, Coach Miller. H0 Jr. High Track There is an important difference between High School track and jr. High track, for in the Ir. High the girls get into the act. There is a girl's track team and a boy's track team, but that's not unusual, because any boy in sports will tell you that girls make sports what they are. 4.41. f fe- 1 M5322 is WM. i map-j iigflg' :Gaia .,,. 'W i4fQf:1 K gig, ,fii V,,. ,,,. L I f,,,-- . A U12 , 1 GPN fun. 15 Ill ff Hg if kr .re K' ef' mf N ty 'Mi 'W H s ,, A ii' T? ww ,K s si. MQW Q a ggiggwwgtesil 2 ' S M 4 as -A Cheerleaders: QTOP, left to rightj Tracey Willis on Debra Aten Diane Aten Marla Jones Barbara McCu1-dy Maggie Marshall Sarah Woods Melanie Malott in .. if Entering Jr. High, one is always greeted by friendly faces. Interesting classes such as art, where you can "do your own thing" or the enthusiasm shown by fans and players for sports is typical of a jr. High student. The bas- ketball teams did quite well this year. The light- weighis received 3rd in county tournament. The heavyweights received 2nd in county tournament, lst in district play, and 4th at sectional. W, ,. . 'fu.....-wumlilfgs mx, MZ Z . :,. . :lg " ffm, ifEsZ'1,i ' any V , g K 'L., X if . ' ' , -,.- l 'LY" if ,sqm Sm If A , A , Ai VAAVV lv , A,., B, .,.1,,1 ., fp, Lv-- M- Q,-fgfwgzi w 1' f 1 ...M . .. ., LL,L ,M ' V7 f mv L'-" ' .. ' ,, ,,. Tw' . g ' 'gp kk ' 17535533 ,, W.: 4: , ,hgyw . ,,i - Aim f ::Z' :::55'gii?E'S54'-1 ' VI. T. Builds a ,, K N ,i3f33ifAcflt1Z n,f 2 f Tu u 1 XX 5 I 1 ffsgi? 1- A -44 'lyk l 4 K.. W - QV 1- + ,,. jf K, , A ix K xi . House it lf , S' k K N- , f. , ,,,f.,.v L , 7 ,. 1s,.f.,w ,, 5 Maw- , b F Nawmm M: - is . , - as u l K - K IL s 'fiiifilfiif 4 A iff? This is the house the boys built, A fine job they have done. They've earned our admiration, And had a lot of fun. apparent What the life to the We gave life to memories of V I as Who Is To Blame for This Yearbook? an CD , ,Q cpe A E 47 , yf., LEFT to RIGHT: Mark Dohner, Carlyle Weber, Jill Engel, jill Wherley, Paula Parks, jobie Corbitt, Susan Heitz, jane Wherley, Margo Bubb, Mrs. Knowles--Advisor, Pam Mayall, Teresa Willison, Ted Dennis. if iffftelg fr, effwit earrf. 1 ,orMaq.,Joar. o if! The members of the VITORIAN staff wish to thank everyone who helped make possible this record of the 1970-71 term of the V.I.T. jr.-Sr. High School. Spec- ial thanks to Blankenbui-gs', the administration, faculty, staff, and students for their cooperation, and to the businesses and friends for their financial support. "Business Backers " IPAVA Azbell's Hardware Burgard Chevrolet 753-8263 Dan's T.V. and Appliance Edsall Agency Insurance and Real Estate Best Wishes from Tingley's Products, Inc. Ipava Farmers Processing Company Phone 753-8292 Ipava, Illinois Top Notch--Bigro Fulton Service Company Easley Brothers Skelly Service Ipava Lumber Company Velma's Market Blair's Food Center Phone 753-8243 Bubb's Men's Wear Herman's Barber Shop Sower's Auto and Appliance VERMONT NeIda's Dress Shop Ready to Wear Bybee's Variety and Grocery Bader and Company Elevator Bader Implement Company Compliments of Clayton Mark S Company Chemalloy Division Vermont, Illinois Markley Superway See you at Casey's! Frye Auto Sales Kost Implement S Oil Company Nielsen's Grocery Merle Tingley and Sons Heating G Air Conditioning V.I. Trib-Union Whitey's "66" Service Compliments of Vermont Hardware Stan's S George's Barber Shop Vermont T.V. Best Wishes Merle's Rexall Store McKee Mobil Service Ingle's Standard Service TABLE GROVE Gene's Barber Shop D. D. Smith Standard Station Chenowet.h T.V. Sales 6 Service Use Zip Code! Best Wishes to the "Class of 71" Elbert McMullen Land Improvement Contractor Marshall Brothers Oil Company Farmer's Elevator Bottenberg's Slaughterhouse Speer's Superette Iulia's Beauty Shop I. S N. Repair Shop Table Grove Herald Farr Farm Service Table Grove Savings S Loan Savings headquarters for V.I.T. area ASTORIA The Subway Cafe France Insurance Agency Shawgo Memorial Home Gordon Cleaners Ike's Standard Service Farmer's State Bank of Astoria Schisler Repair Service Zelda's Beauty Shop 329-2936 Best Wishes from Broadway Super Service Alexander Lumber Company Astoria Oil Company W. S W. Shell Service Gain's Greenhouse Flowers for all Occasions Astoria and Bushnell Ray's New Furniture 6 Upholstery Astoria Sunshine Store john's Shoes 8 Clothing Vaughn's Barber Shop Petrolane Gas Service Curly's Auto Service Hamblins' "66" Chuck 8 Bill's Bi-Rite Cooper Motor Company Tregellas- Koth Insurance Agency Skiles Fertilizer Service LEWISTOWN Day 8 Palin's Food Center Main Street Pharmacy Darrell R. Huffaker, Reg. Ph. Phone 547-2243 J. W. DeFord Garage Williard's True Value Hardware Harold's Custom Welding Service McGrew and Elliot Ben Franklin Store Corner Drug Hummel Implement jerry's Western Auto Walker's Sinclair Service D 8 D Red Fox Fooditorium, Inc. Barclay's Friendship House The Gent Men's Wear Bob Irwin's Service Station Welch T.V. Sales S Service Crissey, Kost, and Downs Miller's Shoe Store Hackett's Phillips 66 Cesco Soft Water Service Phone 547-2230 Michaeline's Childrens 8 Fabrics Lewistown National Bank johnson S johnson Farm Service Inc. Webb Fertilizer Service Phone 309-547-2694 Quality 8 Service is Our Motto Pratt Furniture Tom May Building Contractor Bullseye Drive-In Gene Zook Insurance Agency The Wig Boutique Smartwear Shop Compliments of Farmer's State Bank of Lewistown Lewistown, Illinois Weirauch Florists Phone 547-2243 MACOMB Macomb Auto Dealers Association Morrell Farm Service Macomb Auto Body Modern Coiffures Necchi-Elna 8 Singer Sewing Circle Kimler Service 6 garage Nickson Oil Company Western T.V. E3 Appliance Triffet's Barber Shop Bell Life 8 Health Insurance Agency First National Bank of Macomb Brown Motor Service The Country School Larry's Derby McDonald's Krogers One Hour "Martinizing" Lindy's Drive-In Davis Motorcycle Sales Skateland The Spa of Beauty Gene's jewelry and Iean's Hobbies Bottorf-Allen Agency Union National Bank Ring's Scott's Pharmacy Newberry's Randolph's Shoe Store Lebold 8 Voegele jewelers Baymiller's Citizen's National Bank Stocker's jewelry Modern Home jack Stite's Pharmacy jim S Ron's Barber Shop Hillyer Cleaner 8 Laundry Crown Transit of Macomb Macomb Travel Center Lefler Cleaners Ashcraft Fab-n-Trim Best Wishes Dunsworth's Book 8 Stationery Herbert's Men's Wear Best Wishes from Chenoweth Implement, Inc. Cross American Motors Lamoine L.P. Gas Company Compliments of Kelly's Cafe Harley Graves Garage Towing S Wrecking Service "Shop with ease for foods to please!" Spiller's Super Market Kelly's Texaco Compliments of Hammond Organ Studios Student Prince East Brenner Furniture FRIENDS OF V.I.T. Dr. and Mrs. Vernon S. Smith Lewistown Mr. and Nirs. R. J. Horwedel Table Grove Carrie Margaret and jay Steele Table Grove Fulton County Farm Bureau Thomas Dorethy Colchester Mr. and Mrs. Rankin Beans 8 Family Vermont Mr. and Mrs. Harris Keating Table Grove Compliments to the 1971 Senior Class Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dohner Vermont The Robert Wises Table Grove Congratulations to the Class of "71" Mayor and Mrs. Clifford Weaver Table Grove Compliments of Dr. O. M. Wood Ipava Dr. Bernard Campbell, Vet. Astoria Best Wishes Howard Marx, D.D.S. Astoria Drs. Ashenhurst and Henderson Macomb Best Wishes from Mr. S Mrs. Glenn Weber Ipava Congratulations "Class of 71" Mid Century Telephone Co-Op Canton, Illinois . s c. arf 5 Friends at Vfl T. YW? pun """"v-Mr, The annual staff has worked many long hours, rushing to meet deadlines, and we hope that as Seniors you can look upon the successful completion of the 1971 VITORIAN as a highlight of your six years at V.I.T. "The End " IS IS... , U Wy - A ,MU ., M QQ UWSKRY MXN CY MW M UJJZM qw bg Awww 193, K F C if SYGAMQQQQE XM FMZL'UfLi in My JM is 2943 QQ fd Q S a ge? , 5 , Q K K 6 1 5 E AM YMUL igggwgm YR WY . 3f99'?'fff Q5 ww age,-QQ if iw? 6 Jw A QX QQ WMM X641 fig kiQ?fffAmW sf QNX? MQWQ Q K I fkg, Y Mba W JM 45429 1252 X N f 523 WW CMAQ ASM gg M M aw QM JAX my W' if I Nga ZJWWG MMM ' ff Myy mpg M457 7 ii : V E 1 L, 1 S , 0 4. 4 - xr . - 7 X I 2 ' - I! Q 4 E '- A I l ' r 0 1 , SX K in W Z WW i MVJ7 MCL I I .fb fail f I B35 .. 5. 71 4 ' ,M J qw sz SQ in ,U A A ' ' ,f pf! 4 U1 AIEAJW xx PK ff C! !' ! jw I ,Lv I 4 L' N awp ND , 5 L W 0 ' JU QJJN 4 , 1 , X zufjb N TQQL ,QLD lnlgxoi sk ' q X X xl Q BMJ F

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