Utica Junior College - Uticanite Yearbook (Utica, MS)

 - Class of 1969

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Text from Pages 1 - 128 of the 1969 volume:

A—l ' " ™ ' H-i Ft I % ' v» i_ vJ ' ( 1 r . y p l ' p im mS -M v ' p y i tti M t III III fcair ■ !■ teaM «iiii M • ' " C M- 7 " STAIRWAY TO SUCCESS " znir ' 4: ' - -a . 3 " di. • ' _ 9. J .. % iy r ' ' 2 ' ' - % ' ' -ir o. n y o) 1969 UTICANITE UTICA JUNIOR COLLEGE UTICA, MISSISSIPPI 39175 VOLUME XIV - - :i t INDENT COUNCIL INSTALLATION 69 STAIRWAY rf-i TO DEVOTION STAIRWAY TO HONOR lt «o.t■5.■i ■ vJ! yv ■ .■ ■»;-.•■.■ ? r ' 3i »lWHWg STAIRWAY i feBI ' y Mg |iflpWf ' k 2jg|{ TO LOYALTY STAIRWAY TO VERSATILITY STAIRWAY 10 TO ELEGANCE ■H- J- J Jb r Hi l STAIRWAY 12 TO EXCELLENCE 13 DEDICATION As we toil once more on the publication of the UTICANITE, we are reminded of one who was a sincere worker, untiring at every task, brimming with confidence and capability, enthusi- astic and sincere in the preparation of the subjects she taught and in her assignment as Spon- sor of the 1968 UTICANITE. She used her full potential to be creative and to stimulate the students with whom she came in contact. She played well the part she was to play in whatever role she assumed. Although she is no longer on the scene of action, her qualities of Seriousness, Usefulness, Capability, Courteousness, Elegance, Skillfulness, and Studiousncs;; will make her forever live in the hearts and minds of those who knew her. We commemoratively dedicate the 1969 UTICANITE to the memory of Mrs. Grace J. Hackett whose remembrance will help us continue to climb the STAIRWAY TO SUCCESS. 14 IN MEMORY OF DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING " WE SHALL OVERCOME " 15 CONTENTS Classes Features EXCELLENCE ROBERT ALLEN VANESTHER ARNOLD NATHANIEL BAILEY HOMER BANKSTON CLOYDELL BARNES tfll rk tH. GLORIA BEECHAM BOBBIE J. BLAND ZINNA BLAND VERTIE BRACEY W. D. BRADLEY, JR MARY A. CARROLL LalOYCE CHASE ELNORA CHATMON WALTER CHATMON ELLA CHEATHAM STELLA CHEATHAM WILLIE CHEATHAM LUSTER CLARK HENRY COLE CHARLES COLEMAN TENTH GRADE GLORIA COLEMAN JOHN COLEMAN MARTHA COLEMAN DOROTHY CONNER BETTY J. COOPER CAROLYN COOPER ESTHER R. COOPER OLIVER COVERSON ROBERT CURRIE EARNEST CUTLEY GLOVER DIXON JOHN DOZIER LENA DRAPER MARY EATMON GWENDOLYN ELMORE DENEASE FIELDS lAMES FLAGG DOROTHY M. FLOWERS VERNON FLOWERS CONVORY L. FLOYD JOHN FOSTER LELIA FRAZIER BESSIE FREEMAN EARNEST FREEMAN ARTHUR L GADDIS 21 WALTER GASKIN JOHN GILMORE LOIS GOODSON ROBERT GORDON EDDIE GREEN ETHEL R. GREEN JEAN H. GREEN KATIE R. GREEN MAMMIE D. GREEN WILLIE B. HAMILTON ROBERT JOHNSON GENNA JOINER HATTIE P. JONES JOHANNA JONES WILLIAM JONES JAMES KINNARD BOBBIE LEACH MERTIS LEE ARCHIE LEWIS JAMEr. LEWIS W P i « 1 1 M 1 GEORGIA HARRIS SHIRLEY HARRIS LAWRENCE HICKS CAROLYN HIGGINS WILLIE HORTON ROBERT E. HOWARD VELMA HUNTER VICTORIA IVORY EARL L. JACKSON JIMMY L. JACOBS DEBBIE JAMES CAROLYN JOHNSON DOROTHY JOHNSON LOUIS JOHNSON MATTIE JOHNSON fe 22 GLORIA LIDDELL ZELL LIDDELL LAURA LIGHTER LORRAINE LODGE EDNA LOMACK HERMAN R. MACK ANNIE P. MAUETT EUGENE MALLETT PRINCESS MARTIN MARY McCLURE CHARLES McDUFFY CLEMETINE McFARLAND EUGENE McFARLAND BOBBIE McGEE ROBERT McGEE ARTHUR MONTGOMERY BERNICE MOORE DIAN MOORE HENRY MOORE MARTHA MOORE DOROTHY L. MORGAN JERRY MORGAN IDA MORRIS WANDA MORRIS ALVIN MOSS DEBORAH MURRAY MARY MYLES PERCY MYLES SOPHIA MYLES MARIAN NIXON 23 VELMA OWENS DONEa PAIGE CHARLES R. PETERSON LORETTA POLLARD STELLA PRICE ADA M. PRITCHARD ELIZABETH REDFIELD FRANCES REESE SHIRLEY RICHARDSON KAY FRANQS RILES LEVI STOKES GREGORY TATUM LENORA TERRY ANDREW THOMAS OZIE THOMAS SANDRA THOMAS CIRKILAN THOMPSON CORTEZ THOMPSON VERNON THOMPSON ZOLDA TILLMAN 24 MARY TRIMBLE ROBERT TRIMBLE ARTHUR TURNER DORIS TURNER itMtl EDDIE TURNER ELLIS TURNER ROBERT TURNER WILMA J. VANCE VALAIN WALKER COLLIE WALLACE lERRY L. WASHINGTON LOUIS WASHINGTON WILLIE WATKINS JACOUELYN WATSON JERELENE WELCH PATRICIA WHITE GENNETT WILEY EDWARD J. WILLIAMS PATRICIA WILLIAMS PENNY A. WILLIAMS AUTHUR WILLIS ARCHIE WILSON PRENTISS WOLFE ORANGE WOODLEY ' Mdfh 25 BETTYE I. CARMACK EVERETT CALLAHAN JAMES CARSON ROBIE L. CARTER FELIX CASTON LAURA CHRISTIAN CHRISTINE COLEMAN SELINA COLEMAN SHIRLEY CONNOR ALMA J. COOPER lURDEAN COOPER SHIRLEY CRAWFOhD DORIS CURRIE ORA L. DAVIS CAROLYN DIXON MiM DREWZIE BARNES BONNIE BLAND lOANN BLAND MATTIE BOYD GARY BREAKFIELD MALINDA BREAKFIELD REGINALD BROV N EARL BROWN BENETTA BURKS PEGGY BURNS . Jm WILLIE EVANS ELLA FERGUSON KENNETH FIELDS ESTHER A. FISHER LEROY FISHER 26 ELEVENTH GRADE MAMIE FLOWERS HERSTICENE FOSTER ANNIE FRANKLIN HELEN FRANKLIN ANNIE FRAZIER BERTHA FREEMAN ALLEANE GREEN ROBERT GREEN LYNN E. KINNARD OUEEN KINNARD PATRICIA KNOX LARRY LAWSON JESSIE LEE LINDA LEWIS MINNIE LEWIS EMMA LIDDELL SUSIE LIDDELL LEOLA LODGE 27 )to li RITA MITCHELL MARY MOFFETT lUANITA MONTGOMERY JOYCE MURRAY ROSA NELSON RETHA M, PERKINS STANLEY POLLARD CAROL RILES DORIS ROBINSON GEORGE ROBINSON DAVID ROSS ELIZA ROSS JOSEPH SCOTT DOTTY S. SMITH FLETCHER SMITH DONALD MACE BOBBIE MACK LEVORN McGEE WILLIE McGOWN EMMA McKINLEY LEE I. MALLETT HERMAN MARTIN EVELYN MIMS MARIE MIMS SHIRLEY MIMS a JAMES C. SMITH LUCY A. SMITH MARTHA A. SMITH ADDIE M. STAMPS DORIS STAMPS EZZARD C. STAMPS JERDEAN STIMAGE JUANITA STIMAGE A, J. STINSON MILTON STOKES 28 MARY STURGIS ROBERT TAYLOR KATHER LEAN TERRY JOHN A. THOMPSON ANNIE B. TURNER DORIS TURNER V-. r " F ROSETTA TURNER CHARLES WADLEY LUTHER WADLEY MINNIE P. WALKER ANNIE WALTERS CATHERINE WASHINGTON HENRY WHITEHEAD ADLINE WHITLEY ROBERT WHITLEY ONETTA WILLIAMS GAYNELL WOMACK ROY L. YOUNG 29 MARGARET ANDERSON AUBIN ARNOLD KATHERINE BAILEY MAGAZINE BANKSTON EMMA BARNES POLLY BEECHEM BARBARA BLAND LARRY BLAND ALBERTA BROOME McKINLEY BROWN LOTTIE COLEMAN OLANDER COLEMAN RAPHELLIA CURRIE WILLIE M. CURRIE EDDIE P. CURTIS BARBARETTE DAVIS ESTELLA DAVIS HAROLD DAVIS ROOSEVELT DAVIS FRANQS DIXON 30 TWELFTH GRADE IRENE DIXON OSCAR DIXON IIMMIE DATSON CLIFTON DOWNING HENRY T. DOZIER JOYCE DURR MAE F. EATMON BENNIE FERRELL BETTYE FISHER HUGH FUNCHES GIDEON FUNCHES DOUGLAS M. GRAY BELINDA GETTIS JOHN GILMORE MINNIE B. GILMORE BRENDA GOODSON SANDRA GRAY OCTAVIA GREEN BETTY GRIFHN RUBYE GRIFHN OPHELIA HARDY CELESTINE HARRIS HMMY HARRIS CAROLYN HICKS 31 JOHNNIE HUNTEK WILLIAM J. IVORY CORA JACKSON ANNIE JOHNSON CALVIN JOHNSON MATTIE A. JOHNSON ANNIE JONES COLUMBUS JONES JEARDEAN JONES BRENDA JORDAN V ILLIAM McKINLEY ALTORIA McPHEARSON FLOYD MOORE DELORIS MORRIS GLENN R. MURRAY MICHAEL MYERS DIANNA NEAL OTTO NEAL JOHN H. NICHOLS BARBARA NICHOLS DAISY KELKER WILLIE KELLY LINDA KILLINGSWORTH WILLIE M. KINSEY JOHN KIRKLAND 32 JOHN NOLEN DAISY PAIGE SQUARE PALMER JOHN PERRY THELMA POWELL LOUISE PRICE SANDRA PRICHARD WILLENA RICHARDS CHARLEY RICHARDSON lEARLINE RICHARDSON JOHN SMITH ANNIE M. STINSON WILLIE E. TAYLOR DORIS TERRY JOSEPH TERRY ROY TERRY NANCY TRIMBLE ALBERTA ANDERSON HAZEL TURNER BETTY WASHINGTON BERTHA SHEARS CAROLYN SHEARS ALVIN SMITH LARRY STAMPS MYRIATRICE STEWART 33 LINDA WEEDEN ROBERT L. WHITE NORA WILLIAMS SHIRLEY F. WOMACK BETTY WILLIAMS MARY WELCH WYONETTA WILLIAMS HAYWOOD YOUNG 34 LARNELL ABBY BESSIE ALLEN MARY ANDERSON BILLY R. ANTHONY EMMA ASHMORE • v-» VERNON BAILEY ARON BAKER GERI DEAN BANISTER WILLIE BANKER JIMMY BANKS ARTHUR BENNETT MARY LOUISE BENNET WILLIAM BERRY BILLY BLACK GROVER BLAND ALMA BLUNT EDWARD BOGAN GENERAL BOLLS TYRONE BOLLS DELORIS BOWERS DANIEL BARBER JOSEPH BARBER JOHN BARNES BERTHA J. BARNES JONAS BARNES LINDA BARNES MYRTIS BARNES THOMAS BARNES WILLIE BARNES MARY BASS ALICE BEARD MARY BEECHAM CARDELL BELL WILLIE BELL JOHNNIE MAE BENJAMIN 35 FRESHMEN STELLA BOWIE LARRY BRANCH JOSEPH BRIGGS MARY BRIGGS PATRICIA BROADWATER JOANN BROADWAY SHERRY BROOKS GLORIA BROWN HAZEL BROWN LINDA BROWN WALTER CARSON LIZZIE CASTON VERSIE CHRISTMAS ESTELLA CLEMMINS FANNIE COLEMAN BETTY COLLINS OBADIAH COLLINS BERTHA CORNELIUS CAROLYN COX MEARLEEN CRISLER MARIEAN BROWN MICHAEL BROWN ROBERT LEE BROWN RUDOLPH BROWN WILLIE HENRY BROWN WILLIE RAY BROWN CHARLES BUTLER JOHN BUTLER LARRY BUTLER MELVIN BUTLER NARCISSUS BUTLER WILLIAM BYRD TOMMIE STEEN CALHOUN CURTIS CAMPBELL ANITA CAMPER 36 LAWRENCE CROSBY C. EVANS KARL CURRY PATRICIA DANIELS AGNES DAVIS JOHNNY DAVIS CLOELLA DIVINE DORETHA DAVIS GEORGETTE DAVIS SAM H. DAVIS DORETHA EASON LOVIE EDWARDS ARViaE ELLIS RUBYSTEEN EPHFROM DAVID EWELL EDNA nELDS ABE FIOYD EaiS FOSTER ANDRE GARRETT BRENDA GARRETT 37 CLEOTHA GARRETT MAGGIE GARRETT WILLIAM GARY MARY GERMAN MARY GIBBS GEORGIA GIBBS MOSES GILMORE DIANE GIPSON JAMES GRANT ROCHELLA GREEN DEBRA HOLMES PATRIQA HOOD LILLIE HOLLEY ODELL HOPKINS AARON HUBBARD JOHNNY HUBBARD FLORADINE HUMPHRIES NAMOND HUMPHREYS BETTYE ANN HUNTER ROBERT HUNTS 38 WILLIE MAE HUDSON EARLENE IRVING EMMA JACKSON JOHNNY JACKSON MARVIN JACKSON ROBERT JACOBS CORNDLUS JAMES TOMMIE L. JAMES JOHN JANUARY CLYDE JENKINS HAZEL L. JOHNSON JOAN JOHNSON J. W. JOHNSON LEE FLOYD JOHNSON LONNIE G. JOHNSON NAPOLEON JOHNSON OLUE JOHNSON STELLA JOHNSON WILLIE JOHNSON WINTHROP JOHNSON MARGUERITE JENKINS 39 J. B. KENT CALVIN KEY BETTY KILUNGWORTH BOBBIE KILUNGWORTH EDDIE KINNARD, JR. WILLIE KINNARD RAY LACEY AARON LEE GLADYS LEWIS JAMES LEWIS FRED MANNINGS RICHARD MANNINGS MILDRED MARTIN JOHN MASON LORAINE MASON EMIL MATTHEWS HELEN MATTHEWS NATHANIEL MAYBERRY GLORIA MACE ELLEN McGREW tt liii 40 BARBARA McGRIGGS DELORIS McGRIGGS BONNIE McKENZIE KENNETH McMILLAN CHARLES McMORRIS HUBERT McNEIL LEND McOUARTERS ARTHUR MILLER DAVID MILLER FRANK MILLER PEARLIE NELSON CHARLES NICHOLS CHARLES NICHOLSON ELAINE OSBORN MACK CHARLES PAMPLEY ALBERT PENDLETON AUCE FA YE PERKINS JUUUS PERKINS R. L PERKINS JOSEPH PCTERSON EDDIE MILTON LUTHER MONTCRIEF DELORIS MONTGOMERY GEORGE MONTGOMERY THEODORE MONTGOMER 41 J. C. PIERCE LEON PLUMP ARTHUR POWELL I. C. PRICE JAMES RANDOLPH PATSY RANKINS ODEAN REED FRANCES REESE ERVIN REGAN JOHNNY RICHARDSON l i LOTOSCA RICKS MATTIE ROACH ARLEAN ROBINSON I. C. ROBINSON PAUL ROBINSON BETTY ROSS DOROTHY ROSS DOROTHY ROSS LAURINE ROSS JAMES ROUSER ROBERT RYANS ANNIE AUDREY SANDERS GENEVA SANDERS JAMES SAYLES WINFIELD SCOTT LENA SEATON MARGARET SHARTER JOHNNY SIMMONS EARNESTINE SIMPSONS WILLIE SIMPSONS ALBERT SIMS LEON SIMS ANDREW SMITH BOBBIE SMITH BOBBY SMITH rs 41 DAISY SMITH EDWIN SMITH FLORIDA SMITH GEORGE C. SMITH IDA SMITH lOANN SMITH LEE ANDREW SMITH LONDON SMITH MARY SMITH RALPH SMITH ZILLA TERRY CELESTINE THOMAS JOE NELL THOMAS MARTHA THOMAS JOHN L. THOMAS WILUE PEARL THOMAS DEBRA THOMPSON DIANNA TH OMPSON PHILUP THOMPSON ROBERT THOMPSON PATRICIA SPANN CHRISTINE SPOTWOOD VICTOR STERLING SYLVESTER STERGIS DELORIS STRAHAN WILHELMENIA TAYLOR 43 VERLEAN THOMPSON JAMES TOBIAS JOSEPH TODD LEE TOLIVER CHARLES TOWNER GAIL TRIPPS TOMMIE TUGGLE BETTY TURNER ELEA TURNER ERNESTINE TURNER ORA WEATHERSBY STANLEY WEATON NORMAN WEEDEN MARY WEEKLY BETTY WELCH RONALD WELLS QUEEN ESTER WEST SHIRLEY WILEY KATHLEEN WILLIAMS MARY WILLIAMS MARY WALLACE MARY WALLS LULA WARREN LINDA WARREN CHRISTINE WASHINGTON ROBERT WASHINGTON WILLIE MAE WATKINS 44 .-i TERRY WILLIAMS WILLIAM WILLIS MYRA WILSON KERRY YOUNG ROBERT YOUNG ' 45 ?=r ' kd%dkdA WENDELL ADAMS CURTIS AMOS JIMMY BANKS SHERRIE BARNES MAGGIE BASS CATHERINE BENNETT DOROTHY BENNETT MARIE BENNETT J. C. BENNETT ETHEL BERRY EUGENE BLACK CAROLYN BLACKWELl ANNIE BLAND GERALD BLAND ODELL BRACEY rM iM£ THURMAN BRADLEY BERNICE BROACH VELMA BROOKS GEORGIA BROWN CATHERINE BROWN iMA liM SHIRLEY BROWN CAROLYN BUNTON SARAH BURSE LOUIS BYRD ALFRED CARPENTER GEORGIA CARSON JOAN CARTER ERNEST CARTER STELLA CLEMONS RUBY COLEMAN 46 SOPHOMORES Mtk VERTIS COLEMAN CURLEE CONNORS BERTHA COOPER SAMUEL COOPER SUTTER COOPER THOMAS COX GLORIA COUSIN ALICE L. CRAFT LORENE CROSS ROBERT CURTIS LENNETTE DAVIS LEONARD DAVIS NAPOLEON DAVIS WILLIE DAVIS LEE T. DEAR CORNELIUS DENSON BESSIE DILLARD ROOSEVELT DIXON WiaETTE EALY CLIFTON EDWARDS NORA FLOWERS VERTIS FLOWERS PAUL FORD WkkM d:id MAURICE FORTNER BOBBIE FRAZIER DARLENE FUNCHES HAROLD GRANT ROBERT GREEN 47 WILLIE GREEN WILLIE MAE GREEN DELORIS HAMILTON LAVERNE HARDY BETTY HARPER JESSIE HARPER CHARLES HARRIS MARVIN HARRIS SPENCER HARVEY ELDRIDGE HAWKINS JOSEPH HOLLOWAY FRED HOLMES ANNIE HOOD CHARLES HUELL CLIFTON HULITT HERBERT HUMPHRIES SALLY HUNTER FRANCES JACKSON MORRIS JOHNSON SHIRLEY JOHNSON WARREN JOHNSON LUBERTHA JOINER ELIZABETH JONES STELLA JONES SARA JORDAN i ' iki £hd ' aa NELSON KELKER MELVIN KENT MAGGIE KIMBLE PHILLIP KIMBLE BOBBIE KIRKSEY 48 THOMAS LACEY HAZEL LEE LARRY LEE SUSIE LIGHTER JAMES E. LEVY ALBERT LEWIS EUNICE LEWIS LINDA LEWIS JOHNNIE MARSHALL MADELYN MARSHALL CHARLIE MARTIN VERTIS McKENZIE ROBERT McMULLEN DORIS MILLER VERLEAN MOORE ili r I Hi EVELYN MONTGOMERY NELSON MONTGOMERY LYNN MORRIS JOSEPHINE NELSON EDITH PAIGE k. ik l(tj r .n r% ri iiJi ANTHONY PALMER KATHERINE PARKER BOBBY PERRY JOE PERRY LAVERN PICKENS LILLIE PERNELL ROSIE RANDALL REGINA RICHARDSON JOYCE ROBINSON ROBERT ROBINSON 49 c Ji iiri BERNARD ROSS SHELBY ROSS PERCY ROSS ETHEL RUDD ANNIE RUSHING kiMiM LEONARD SCHAEFFER MARY SCOTT DELTHA SCUDDARD ANNIE PEARL SHAW- GEORGIA SIMPSON VIOLA SIMS ANNA REE SMITH BARBARA SMITH DONNA SMITH lUANITA SMITH 1 iM iM LEWIS SMITH MASIE B. SPANN CLARENCE SPROULLS ROBERT STAMPS BLANCHE STEWART lt M SHERLINE STEWART JAMES STOKES ROBERT STOKES JEROME STRIBLING EMMA S. TAYLOR WILLIAM TAYLOR ADLINE THOMAS COOLIDGE THOMAS ESTELLA THOMAS ESTELL THOMAS 50 iik ah MARY THOMAS CLASSIE THOMPSON LEON THURMOND DOROTHY TRIMBLE FREDDIE TURNER ROBERT TURNER MELVIN C. VAUGHN lOE WILLIE WALKER MARGARET WALKER LARRY WALTON WELTON WARDELL BEN WASHINGTON BENNY WASHINGTON BETTY WASHINGTON MAGGIE WASHINGTON WILLIE E. WASHINGTON BARBARA WATSON FANNIE WATSON »» " -»- CM m iM LAWRENCE WATSON LINDA WALTON WYSIA M. WELLS BESSIE WILLIAMS ROBERT WILLIAMS dkd SHIRLEY WILLIAMS MARGARCT WINTERS ROBERT WINTERS WILUE WOOTEN CHARLES WRIGHT 51 SECOND SEMESTER ENROLLEES EDWARD BOGAN ERMA CAMPBELL BETTYE DARDON LOVIE EDWARDS ALBERTA FLEMINGS DOROTHY JAMES GREGORY JOHNSON ROSIE JOHNSON VIVIAN JOHNSON w k NEVERLINE McDUFFEY DELORIS SHOTO JOSEPHINE SMILES BRENDA WILLIAMS 52 53 ELEGANCE MISS HINDS COUNTY AGRICULTURAL HIGH SCHOOL " HER MAJESTY " MISS BELINDA GETTIS 56 AND HER COURT Betty V iIhams, First Runner-up Barbara Nichols, Second Runner-up Doris Terry, Third Runner-up 57 MISS JUNIOR " HER ROYAL HIGHNESS " ■ m IPK--— ■ if i l !I t Mi» rt 58 UTICA COLLEGE MISS DOROTHY ELLIS _9l« 59 MISS HOMECOMING (HIGH SCHOOL) Onelta Williams MISS HOMECOMING (COLLEGE) Bertha Barnes 60 Sanrira Thomas Second Runne ' -up (H.S.) Belly Griffin First Runner-up (H.S.) Dorothy Ross First Runner-up (ColUqe) Katherine Bailey Third Runner-up (H.S.) 61 MARCH OF DIMES QUEENS COURT G ' wendolyn Elmore Htqh School Barbara Spencer College BASKETBALL SWEETHEART Carolyn Blackwell MR MISS AFRO-AMERICA Daisy Paige and Roy Terry HIGH SCHOOL WHO ' S WHO i4 ;s MOST STUDIOUS Doris Terry Felix Castor »•»■«■ MOST POPULAR luanita Montgomery Levi Stokes FRIENDLIEST Linda Weeden Roy Terry 63 f9 — — 1: ' i Prentiss Wo!il 64 MOST PHOTOGENIC BOY Lee Ivory Mallet MOST TALENTED Oretta Williams Roy TerT BEST DRESSED Charlie Richardson Catherine Baiiey 65 I MOST ATHLETIC GIRL Queen Kinnard MOST ATHLETIC BOY M. C. Stokes BEST DANCERS Lottie Coleman Roy Terry 66 COLLEGE WHO ' S WHO MOST POPULAR Evelyn Montgomery Roy Mason QUIETEST Joann Carter Melvin Kent MOST TALENTED Fannie Watson 6 Harold Grant 67 BEST DRESSED Juanita Smith Cornelius Denson MOST PHOTOGENIC GIRL Nettie Coleman BEST DANCERS JohnniQ M. Benjamin Lynn McOiJarler 68 FRIENDLIEST Dorothy Ellis Alfred Carpenter ■ I IB ■ ■ ■ 1 MOST TALKATIVE Emma Taylor -S Harvey Wardell WITTIEST GIRL Betty Kilhnqworth fcl r m Kmmulii-l I U MISS. 1 J ' j.iji7j I 5J 1 fm 1 fF MOST ATHLETIC GIRL Ellen McGrew MOST ATHLETIC BOY Clarence Sproulls MOST STUDIOUS GIRL lean D. Kelly MOST STUDIOUS BOY Ernest Carter 70 MUSIC CLUB Herlicine Foster, Christine Coleman, Dorothy Johnson. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Seated: Regina Richardson, Shirley Johnson, Betty Washington. Standing: Jerlean Cole, Moras Johnson, Charlene Stewart, O o ■. (ITs y FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA S«at d: Di Ann Robinson. Jackie Watson, Verlie Bracey. SUndinq: Stella Cheatham, Shirley Sampson, Lena Draper. Ella Cheatham. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA SeatAd: Felix Casion, James Carson. Clifton Dixon. SUndinq: Fletcher Smith, Roherl Whiiley. Jessie Lee. ORGANIZATIONS 71 r ' ' — M « STUDENT DISCIPLINARIANS Len McQuarter, Phillip Kimble. SAFETY PATROL Betty Griffin, Roy Richardson, Glcver Dixon. Edna Frazier. I USHER CLUB Ssated: Deborah Murray, Gwendolyn Elmore. Elizabeth Hunter. Standing: Ora Davis, Queen E, Kinnard, Emma Liddell, Joyce Middlelon, ART CLUB Seated: Velma Owens, Delores Henderson, Stand. ng: Shirley Sampson, 72 PUBLICATION CLUB Stated: Betty Williams, Daisy Kelker, Canary Floyd. S ' .anding: Gloria Liddell, Lottie Coleman, Mattie lohnson, Belinda Gettis. dance: troupe Sealed: Yvonne Caston, Princess Martm, Willie I. Howard. S ' and- ing: Cora lackson. READING CLUB Saalcd: James lohnson. Roy Terry, Katie Green. Sanding: Laura Lighter, Gloria Collins. PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB S«al d: Debra Murray. Yvonne Caston, Shirley Connors, Ora Davis. Standing: Annie Turner. Queen E. Kinnard, Selina Coleman, Princess Martin. Jean Green. 73 OBSERVANCE OF NEGRO HISTORY WEEK CHANGING ! ■ 4FR0- lMfr lN IMflGF THROUGH HISTORY A presentation to the First Lady. m THROUGH HISTORY 74 75 VERSATILITY HINDS COUNTY A.H.S. BULLPUPS illpups Opponents 42 Lanier 85 92 New Hymn 64 84 Piney Woods 72 75 McLaurin 61 61 Sumner Hill 72 78 Addison 52 110 Crystal Springs 77 74 Rosa Scott 54 95 Yazoo City 66 65 Temple 82 78 Prentiss J. V. 58 81 Harris High 70 116 Eva Harris 59 105 McLaurin 59 TOP. SCORERS 114 Eva Harris 53 High School 77 Piney Woods 58 Av. Pt. Game 66 Addison 57 John Perry 20.1 67 Sumner Hill 58 Freddi e Thompson 20.0 68 Prentiss ]. V. 62 Levi Stokes 9.7 68 Carter High 72 Lewis Brown 9.0 74 Carter High 61 Charlie Richardson 4.8 63 Sumner Hill 64 M. C. Stokes 1.9 95 Harris High 58 Roscoe Lee 1.8 92 Brinkley 99 Earl Joe Nelson, Bullpup Coach 75 Temple 73 Robert Moreland Bulldog Coach UTICA JUNIOR COLLEGE BULLDOGS Bulldogs Opponents 96 Prentiss 77 93 Coahoma 103 81 Tougaloo J. V. 79 88 Tougaloo J. V. 93 92 Natchez 68 99 City College Rams 86 100 Selma 86 95 Shorter 77 88 Prentiss 93 65 Harris 68 108 City College Rams 96 108 Prentiss 90 78 Coahoma 79 Booker Young 101 Coahoma 84 Clarence SprouUs 121 Selma 81 Bobby Perry 99 Harris 65 Ben Washington 72 Mary Holmes 58 Robert Stamps 97 Natchez 76 Jim Lyons 81 Mary Holmes 55 James Boston College Av. Ft Game 16.9 14.8 10.5 8.5 7.6 6.4 6.4 78 THE FORMIDABLE BULLDOG CAPTAIN CLARENCE SPROULLS 79 The Mighty BuUpups 80 1 Warm up Tip in Tip ofl 81 Block that shot! I! Lay up good. The seniors — on to another level. 82 Double lefimed!— yet- Jump shot — is it good? i? Two to make. 83 Look at thai hooki Gel that ball Will it be good? 84 Get the rebound. A good two. Eyes on the ball. 85 THE MIGHTY BULLDOGS 86 The name of the game is defenaa. We pause to salute our queen. SprouHs scores against Chattanooga before a packed house 87 89 Jerome shoots to make two. A perfect lay-up. Connors drives for two points. 90 Wonder will it be good. That ' s hustling. Ball up — good or not. Rebound by Curry. 91 THE UPWARD CLIMB % ® 9 . » , 4 Are you sure you don ' t need to pay us a visit? f I wm Exact measurements, huh? Let us style your wig. You bend them up, we ' ll iix them up. We ' re the secretaries of tomorrow. Be truthful, did you really see a molecule? 92 TO SCHOLARSHIP Art and the artists. We keep physically fit. Our teacher helps us in the library, too. 93 Oops, you ' re gonna fall. The world of science. 94 0? : 9fp 1 This definitely won ' t be a mini! Theory before practice, men. i 1 — - r r jB[k Can you measure up, qirls? S?? t How about this for depth concentration. 95 HOME AWAY Here comes Santa Mary had a baby. We ' ve come to see the King. i I its, ' , m ' 1 f- 4t- t. And his helpers. Merry Xmas. Mr. Mrs. Washmgton. 96 FROM HOME ifatB- r:— — Claas waits for no one- Eight ball in the side pocket. What ' B trumps? 97 Last class for today. ' ' Sln9 a simple song " 98 Here we come. I need help. W« hav« nothing to do. Going home is exciting. Hev, In the only one left. 99 DEVOTION 100 BOARD OF SUPERVISORS Standing: Mr. L. I. Beasley of the Fifth District; Hinds County Chancery Clerk Tom Virden, who performed the swearing in ceremony for the Board; Mr. Malcom Warren of the Second District; Attorney John Putnum, Scnool Board Attorney; Mr. Pete McGee of the First District. Seated: Dr. Noel McKey, Third District and President of the Board; and Mr. Johnnie Taylor of the Fourth District. BOARD OF TRUSTEES Sitttng: Mr. Walter R, Bivini; Mr. Sharp W. Banka, Jr.; [)r. Robert Mayo. President ol Hinds Junior College and Consultant to Utica Junior College, Mr. R E. Woolley, President,- Mr. J. E. Aldridge, Secretary; Mr. George Myers. Standing: Mr. H. H. Davis; Mr. Clyde R. Donnell; Dr. Jack B. Fowler; Mr. Max Alman; Mr. C. C. Graves; Mr. C. W. Jones; Mr John Puinam, School Attorney. Not Shown: Mr. T. H. Kendall, III. 101 OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT PRESIDENT WALTER WASHINGTON UTICA JUNIOR COLLEGE UTICA MISSISSIPPI 3BI7S March 3, 1969 Students and Friends. The Annual Staff has selected the theme, " Stairway to Success " , for this year ' s annual. During the past twelve years the institution has attempted to climb these stairs step by step. This climb has entailed designing new pro- grams geared to the particular backgrounds of the students the institution serves, enriching the curricula so that students may identify with the subject matter, and employing teacher personnel who are committed to the philosophy of the Junior College and Agricultural High School, which is teaching and learning. This stair climbing has entailed the planning and building of a new campus. Four new buildings: academic -administration; student union; cafeteria; and vocational-technical center, have just been completed, with the complete plan to include a new library, fine arts building, and perhaps a limited number of dormitories. The vocational-technical center will enable students to go directly into employment, thereby contributing to the skilled manpower pool for the State and Nation. Utica Junior College is rapidly developing into a strong institution with a special sensitivity and a concern for the culturally different back- grounds of the students it serves. The mennbers of the Annual Staff have done an excellent job in reflecting the " success climb " at Utica Junior College and I congratulate them for Sincerely yours. Waller W.ibhington W W cjh 102 lOB COLLEGE IS TAX SUPPORTED ARTHUR A. KINNARD. JR. Dean of Instruction J. LOUIS STOKES Business Manager I. J. LUCAS Coordinator, Voc-Tech EDDIE DAWSON Coordinator, CEAP ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS Jessie M. James Registrar Christine Stevens Librarian Louis Burke ESE A Director Mark C. Nichols Asst. Business Manager Adam Jenkins Cashier Laura Brown Accountant Ellestine Turner Counselor Obra V. Hackett Counselor 104 Faye Stokes Counselor Mae Frances Spencer Counselor Erma Hawkins President ' s Secretary Vj r V ' : K ' j V Sherrie Moran Dean of Instruction ' s Secretary Eamestine Black Vocational-Technical Secretary Minnie Battle CEAP ' s Secretary 105 Leona Stringer Switchboard Operator ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Eddie M. Jackson Chairman, English Jacqueline Dedeaux English Arcie Ewell Reading Edna D. Nichols English Evelyn Leggetle English Rosemary Payton tjiignsh 106 Bobbie Jackson English SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Benjamin F. Harper, Jr. Chairman, Science and Math Mary Denson Science Mike Berry Science Johnny J. Halsell Mathematics Earl C. Leqgelte Mathematics Elhol Coleman Science Charles Bell Chairman, H.S. Science and Math 107 SOCIAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Emanuel Abston Chairman, Social Science Louise Jones Social Science Clarence Ewell Social Science Carolyn Washington Social Science Eugene Fisher Chairman, H.S. Social Science Juanita Robinson Social Science Flora Green Social Science HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Robert Moreland Chairman, Health and P. E. Fannie Gordon Health P. E. Victoria Moreland Health i P. E. Earl Joe Nelson Health P. E. 109 FINE ARTS DEPARTMENT Hugh Stevens Art Ouida Kinnard Music Benny Richmond Music COLLEGE EDUCATION ACHIEVEMENT PROJECT Marie Dillon Redding Joseph Smith Mathematics Mary A. Bartee Teacher Aide 110 VOCATIONAL EDUCATION Roy Thigpen Agriculture J. W. Owens AgncuHure in VOCATIONAL TECHNICAL _...LJ Joseph Bartee Welding Sonny Bolls Drafting Design Ronald Colman Electronics Marva B. Elijah Clothing TextiU Otis L Elijah Building Construction Ida M. Hubbard Cosmetology 112 Inell Malone Secretarial Training DEPARTMENT C. W. Nichols Mdchine Shop Lester Owens Drattinq Desiqn Shirley Richardson Teacher Aid Georgia M. Stepne Child Development Willie Mary Taylor Secretarial Training Richard Terrell Electronics 113 MAINTENANCE Maude Kendrick Bookstore Clerk i Came Williams Ghll Clerk . Nathan Wilson Security Officer Eula Newton Postmistress Adhne Pearson Dining Hall Manager 114 u toarapki 2JlJ 115 YEARBOOK STAFF Editor-in-Chief Melvin Kent Associate Editor Juanita Smith Sports Editors Clarence Sproulls, Willie Washington Class Editors Emma Taylor, Diane Thompson, Canary Floyd, Raphaelia Curry Faculty Editors Carolyn Blackwell, Betty Williams Typing Editor Maggie Bass Faculty Advisors Madelyn Bell, Carrie Brown, Eddie M. Jackson, Ernestine Black Art Work Hugh Stevens Photographer B. F. Harper, Jr. Sponsor Willie Mary Taylor EDITOR ' S MESSAGE We, the Annual Staff, acknowledge the suc- cess of another ensemble of numerous events, varied accomplishments, and treasured memo- ries compiled in this, THE 1969 UTICANITE. It is not success that we selfishly claim; for, the student body, administration, faculty, and staff co-operated fully. To them our most hearty thanks. We hope that THE 1959 UTICANITE will serve as a memoir as you climb your " Stairway to Success. " Melvin Kent Editor-in-Chief 116 Compliments of PET INCORPORATED DAIRY DIVISIOM P.O. Box 2840 Jackson, Mississippi 39207 Sjeale£ily " You Eat 1+ With A Smile " CRYSTAL SPRING ). MISSISSIPPI BOX 353 Printing — Photography — Office Supplies Newsoaoer ED ' S AUTO REPAIR SHOP General Repairs — Cars Trucks Welding — Wheel Balancing — Front End Alignment — Dyna-Vision Motor Analysis M.V.I. Station No. 71 Telephone 885-4642 P.O. Box 282 UTICA, MISSISSIPPI 39175 CARRAWAY HARDWARE AUTO PARTS P. O. Box 266 Utica, Mississippi 39175 CARRAWAY AUTO PARTS 5013 Highway SOW. Jackson, Mississippi AUTOMOTIVE TRACTOR PARTS HOME LITE CHAIN SAWS CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT BEST WISHES AND REGARDS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1969 A. B. DICK COMPANY 1804 North State Street JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI 39202 Compliments of Southwest Mississippi Electric Power Association Lorman, Mississippi CONIC ' S BEAUTY BARBER SUPPLY Supplies and Equipment Free Parking for Customers PRANK N. CONIC, 6 I 5 N. Parish S ' t. Proprietor j CKSON 2, MISS. Phone FI-3-3266 COMPLIMENTS THE FACULTY AND STAFF Utica Junior College Utica, Miss. Act Ui JC ..t,-! ct v y X3 C-Ti- X %4 J ' y ULJ ! i a . C r uJ A. y f Lm-fcll ' jiL li I . 4 t .Ji

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