Utica Junior College - Uticanite Yearbook (Utica, MS)

 - Class of 1964

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Utica Junior College - Uticanite Yearbook (Utica, MS) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Cover

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Ighqiftiranitr CJU G GSO K. C. MORRISON-Editor LOVI E VINSON-Associate Editor HINDS JUNIOR COLLEGE DISTRIC-rf, an 5,1 11. in A K i' :IQ 1' ' .A 1 -4 t 1 ' J"+'hi,u. IL V 4 6 EX .xx W I J ' 4 4 -id-bien! fm." ,... . t L W JZ 15 flaw WW E 52.11 thc mnrlhka an ntagv .... Wm., D ffm5.-,f,, Wei? m.,eS2Si?9 wf?f:m l '-V, ' eff A And all the men and women merely players. Qui! all I hr mm X 13454 A 'ff - 'F 2 ' x' Q. .W.Q 5i, , is fue' W - f ff? ,RTW A". 4?-Qs V ' 1 V' gs gal. W ,X - f-ax e 3 V .. LINK' Wu ee-S . N X f , if I X sf' V ' , A - .,.. ,,, ea, - e, , Q X wiv. z de J f X f 'f X ,4.f,.. vii Q , ,US ,, H4 A swf fa X f in Q Q, F 2 49 M , S2 ivy X f X ,Z we x X X if Q X " v X 1 I S X J Ll' J EWS X 4 ? xx X sn '!'l'-Q5 1 4 sinh mnmrn mvrvlg plagvrn.. l i l U if 2 1 l xi L .Sw X A i . 5 5 1 , V , 1 4 3 1 ff-lww f 2 'A M - -- -v . N ,lf 3 f ef' s fc if. -w eff my ffalff -,, x w e W V df 1 1 , X, . we may f H wy, ,,, 1, . 4 ,, ,S gg ,W 3 34 " Am: ' ' ,Q .2 5 7 , a l Sf Q ,M QW, . M n Q 3, " g N, ' Nix ff? A 3 Q N 2, l L Q 48 Z .R X .f , ww 4 W . lx , 4 NX ...,. 4 , . fv . "1" W T- - . 5 z4w.::w . . 'iff 'fm q ,., ,. , U X, ff qw N M 7 s X L Y , sd 1' Q , . ' 35 'mf' 'if ' J f X , ' X524 f X W df H Q iw 4 f 1 0 Va x 5 ,Y V ' A f ,c A Jig M a 3 l J? Jw S .. , V 115- , 1 ,W ,,,. ,.,.v.W...w, ...NA f x E 1 E ' ' f S Q Y E E f I . y 5 5 Q 1 I 5 2 , Y ' , S Q I 2 2 S l x 'S E S ' 9 . f X 5, . x' ' l x 2 1 4 . :NI .,1. S . ag 1 , , 4 ai , Y i , l 2 l 3 he Q 1 4. M, ' " 'iz X 2-X ,Mun IQ? 1 ,........--'-H.-L M. e 'QWMMWIL .ls FQ CX K f Mr ' 'Xf in 5: 5 Q ' Q 2 dk f v E 1 1 X S ? f Q e E i ! ff my L . , 755 V5 I ,. Ao I 1 W 1 4 I, ' X ' x -Shiga M ,, W..w...N. Fi i iff! ,2..9 - ,Q Y J' t .il . , I Q! .G 1 ' , 2' D , A, 'jf . . Lx ' 4 1 ' 'el 8 ' Y " : 5 X, 4 QQ . ' 1' l 1, 9 V f s, 1 1 ' 1 'Q -R 4 I Q5 t R M A I X it fs 3 5 . li 1? M -if ,' gb X I .N .M Y ,ly X I sg x N . ,n X w MS' W xx Q, ,ff J N ,A r -ix ', -NK 511.-:if x X f ,qxw X J, wtf. 5. 3 . i 'NN' , ig-1 2 an ' fa - ,, . ,-kwa N -,,, M 1 ',g:J .7 1, -T , A ,wwe we 45 Q 'fi M - V , . W ., V 1 fy H" 51 '-.,, V 1,3 l:.,. . m.wwffv ,1 ' Aw i ' A ,J "' Aw may f, I xx " hvg huns thrir rxitn zmh thvir mtranrrn .... ,wgx nh nur man in his-' timr plagz many parm.. ful, I LEE " 1 , ? fx. . X Qi fy! f M + 4 If L-:-"".T- l"" ll yu n 6 3 Q G uf Q v i 7 ,431 10- 5 n. 'b -S' M X f f i ? Jr.. . -114113 vi Y s , , "':559'Z:2" ,Q:- -. V W, v , A , 7' ' f ,,.,.. ,. ..... . , A S V A I A fl 1 M t X an 1 ww.. if I 1 -.-N, KCI M hremr new mnrlh, that han auth prnplr in'1 , my , XX5 x ' , -'I A K. Av 5. .-NK? HFS .F ... . ' H f . b W ,r - ' ' , , 1' 1 ' A 1 f I .L--1' J X 'A f' 5 ' 4 ' :...,.f -..x I ' fy . Nj. S 9 ' A - - ,x . 1 , f ,. f , f n . . P .z f A, A 1, Q 'Y ,L T t ' I N 9, M ' 1 f 'N - -f Q J ,f19'5l - J, ,X -Q-,W I . ,g Ov- ,. -- .N , K sl ,wxx , ,xg :db s f . , r 'NR '- X . ' Y fx . KIA!!! , , H' ' 5 Q4 W, hay"-.ff .x ? ' 43' in I' l y-1' flux- It .f V , ' Q ',a-.3 ' If N 1 A . l ,Q t , -'vy f . .,4.' s.. , ' E ' 'Y --13 . f Q' 4 . wt! Hy,-'E 's 2. 1 , -- ,- , mtg -...hx E 'A L 5 Q 1.9 L ' 1 Q X A- N - ' , , ,. ul -M 'lm 'ai' 1 Q I . x ,K J ,. :Ai Q m A . J A 0 X1 ,l V , 3 Q , ' A 4 ' ' ,:M"i ' aw 0 4' "-Ry, A-, A .1 ,-A 'fx 1 l' - . .M AN? , I MS., ,L .. if , RCN! 71 ""' ,gl x i x L ff 4 Q, 'wx A1 I Q X . . V VF, , vlhf fv A 'Wits' 'im fn in A A w ,l 'Rd-' 1 Eg, X .. 'tix' . -f-1' 'iw ff Q" 'W irish 1 A ', 'na-1'-bla. v in-k,sJ,.Ql. -.3,,- A and n-My .W-,WJ 1' ffm 6 92:5 - J Q 4 .V x- M aw MSX. it, my , Yaft- x sifting in muh mnrrt nnrrnw.. l l l a , s , 7 DEDICATION "She is forever blessed who has lived Well, laughed often, and loved much.. ." The 1964 UTICANITE is being dedi- cated to a person who has devoted her life to the task of shaping the minds of the youth who have had the privilege of learning through her instructions. She was a teacher for forty-one years. She exemplifies christian character, leader- ship ability, and ideal Womanhood. Utica Junior College will always re- member Mrs. Maggie B. Dunson as a teacher who inspires. STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT It has been my privilege to serve you as president of your student government during the 1963-64 school year. Thank you for your enthusiastic and zealous support in helping to make this another successful year, and may you continue to build on the foundation laid by the faculty and administration of our beloved school. I am sure this yearbook will provide many happy memories of the activities and intellectual events that have become a part of our lives at Utica Junior College. NOAH JOHNSON, President Student Council 15 "I am a true labourer: I earn that I eat, get that I Wear, oWe no man hate, envy no man's happiness, glad of other men's good." 16 In hh i ea. ...inf-1 -uw PRESIDENT WALTER WASHINGTON A.B., M.S., Ed.S. I2 'W"""" " Ng.:-hiv! r X ,..,,.,....,...m,..w- V - - ' ,, It if, i an ff xii 07 '1 M 1-1F.2N.:u,,' "Sew er..- . , , A .., W Ms.m.'.M-- A Greetings: The Uticanite is a reflection of the daily living of students and faculty here at Utica Junior College. More than that, it is a reflection of the rapid growth and development which the college has experienced. We hope that each student who attends the college will be challenged by this development to do his best each day. One of the major purposes of the institution is to build into the students a sense of responsibility, efficiency, and service. We are happy to see these character traits develop- ing day by day in our student body. It is a source of pleasure to see many graduates who have gone on into employment, senior college, graduate school and, in many instances, are back giving service to their communities. As we grow, may we be motivated by a sense of service. Sincerely yours, Walter Washington President WWfejh I7 BOARD OF SUPERVISORS 'Ns Q MMM jj, From left to right: Mr. L. J. Beasley, District 5g Mr. S. M. Hubbard, District 3g Mr. Malcolm Warren, District 23 Mr. Tom Virden, District lg Not Pictured: Mr. Johnny Taylor, District 4. 18 BOARD OF TRUSTEES 1 . Standing Cleft to rightb: Mr. G. M. McLendon, Con- Mr. W. D. Lowe, Mr. F. M. Greaves, Presidentg Mr. E. sultantg Mr. J. E. Aldridge, Secretaryg Mr. George Ray Izard, Mr. Clyde C. Graves, Mr. J. W. MeKewen. Morgan, Mr. H. H. Davis, Dr. Robert M. Mayo. Sitting: COPIAH COUNTY OFFICIALS ,--...Yjy vgfis A 15? From left to right: Mr. Herbert Deaton, Sheriffg Mr. A. dentg Mr. Carl Donahue. Tax Assessorg Mr. Boyd B. Weeks, Circuit Clerkg Mr. E. Ray Izard, Superinten- Mullen, Chancery Clerk. 19' DEANS Dear Friends: The office of the Dean wishes to congratulate the members of the Annual Staff of 1964. You, the faculty members and students, are to be commended for such an outstanding publication. You have spent long hours of your time and energy to make this annual possible. The fruits of your labor will be realized in the hearts and minds of those persons who will have the opportunity to see your great work. Each student enrolled at Utica will receive an annual this year. This, We are sure, will make it possible for more people to have the opportunity through vicarious experiences to be a part of the Utica Junior College family. We know that in years to come all of you will reflect back and feel proud of having contributed overtly or in spirit to the great ideals portrayed in the 1964 annual. Very truly yours, ARTHUR H. KINNARD, JR. Dean of Women if Q ANNIE A. .lACKSON, B.S. Further Study .. . . an I , , p ' .ty .1 Y S5 W' ix W, T K . 54 V X V I' A f . :"Z Q A al l V L. ' Q. Eg S -2-' i' if 'W X A f,g:',.,w"'f ARTHUR H. KINNARD, B.A. Further Study Dean of Instruction Dean of Men 5 K JOHNNY J. HALSELL B.S., M.S. JESSIE M. JAMES B.S. Further Study Registrar J. LOUIS STOKES B.S. Further Study Business Manager ERMA J. HAWRINS B.S., Further Study Secretarv to President. wi L WILLIE MARY TAYLOR B.S. X Secretary to Dean I I 1 s I if BARBARA E. McCOY B.S. Secretary to Business Manager ELLESTENE H. TURNER A.B., M.A. Counselor 4'5" ipdwqe- W' CHRISTINE STEVENS MARK C. NICHOLS A.B. B.S. Further Study Bookkeeper Librarian Mathematics and Science English S0531 Science Trades , if 5:5 awk Hb lxql "-.. , f I Q, , is V A , ,rr 1 it X kv W is 'X Qu f:'. ,. S Sf 'X Sci .N fg T7 ' A 1 R at f A- ROBERT J. ANTHONY JAMES BYRDSONG WILFORD DELAPER BOBBY HENDERSON B.S., M.S.Ed., M.S. A.B. B.A., M.A. B.S., M.S. Further Study Further Study DEPARTME TAL HEADS Fine Arts Physical Education Agriculture Home Economics ,09- Qwrq LOUIS LEE EMMA McAFEE J. W. OWENS CAROLYN WASHINGTON B.S. B.S. B.S., M.S. B.S., M.S. Further Study Further Study Further Study 22 MELVERLINE ARCHIE B.S. Further Study Biology JUANITA BROWN B.S. Further Study Home Economics J. B. CARTER, JR. B.A. English ALONZO CLARK, JR. B.S. Physical Education KTM rv V' V f 1, 1 1 il ig nw lt. ',li DORIS BARNES GEORGE BARNES B.A. B.S. Social Science Further Study Mathematics dir Kg., ,xv W. ,fb l Mm CALMETER CLARK JANET DOZIER B.S. B.S. Mathematics Music "Aff gg' 23 P. B. BOSTON B.S. Further Study Auto Mechanics B. DILLA BUCKNER B.A. English MARY D. CARTER B.A. English CLARENCE EWELL B.A. Further Study Economics an-"" JOHN A. FLEMINGS B.S. Further Study Brickmasonry CHARLES HOLMES B.S., M.A. Social Science WALTER HUTCHINS B.S., M.S. Agriculture JAMES F. JORDAN B.S. English and Speech mis ff N..-ff MARVIE FRAZIER B.A. English A 4-wr' OUIDA C. KINNARD B.S. Further Study Music VF' .. I 'K-w , B. F. HARPER, JR. B.S., M.S. Further Study Science rpg., LINDBURG MOORE B.S. Further Study Industrial Arts I EDDIE D. HAWKINS, J A.B. Further Study Science IDA M. HUBBARD Cosmetology BARBARA JONES B.S. English ROBERT MORELAND B.S. Biology OJ ?,,,,,v-bb I AV JULIUS MYERS B.S. Further Study Mathematics RALPH SARTIN B.S. Further Study Chemistry HUGH STEVENS B.S., M.S. Art ELNORA WIGGINS B.S. Further Study Business Education LENA W. MYERS B.A. Further Study Social Science fa C'-3 ' if . I' qi I xy , T 3 I Ki 2.4, I 1 1 . CONWAY NORWOOD SAMUEL J. RICHARDSON B.S. Barbering Auto Mechanics fc 5 2 JOSEPH SMITH S ,.. B.S. We We 4, EQ Mathematics fm.-nf VU? ELQRRY E. STUDDARD Aichitecture KATHERINE WILLIAMS B.A. Sociology L.. fisse Af' X X' v ,N A 0' as w . ,. M' " all 1 - . ., , we Ky 2. 1 4 , g Q ,ia , Y ,K gs f gag 1 ZZ? , f ? v 2:15 4 ,YZQ Q 4 ,agar l ,3 X ff! w jig , el, 1 , , Q , , ff , f J! 1 W Q j 'ON I QQ X 4 A 4 3 y I 1 w 49 ' 127 1 1 1 , ,f Q, w33,,,w-gf fr ' of ,, ZZ' ,ff as f I X I - is A 1 In if 'Us I 6 X ' lf - z ALMA HAMILTON Cook AI TENANCE STAFF WILLIE ANDERSON Maintenance JOE BROWN Maintenance M 35-" Q-its! Nix I Qfm. Q Wt av . A Ai 2 Q6 ' if Q2 vi - pls , 3 .A fax Z' Y Q 'X EARNEST HAMILTON GARRETT STEWART Buildings and Grounds BEULAH TAYLOR Maintenance MAUDE KENDRICKS Maintenance Cashier THOMAS CRISLER .IENNIE MAE TUCKER Maintenance Maintenance , MAINTENANCE STAFF Not Pictured: Willie Bingham, George Ellis, Frank Green, Robert Johnson, Ruby Moody, Lovest McGriggs, Levi Rogers, Ionas Ross, Ira Stamps and Nathan Wilson. Q EULA NEWTON Postal Clerk MARY ROGERS Cafeteria Manager ' ZXXFSQI1 wily? Afgk I is A 2 X- rv R an Wxrulvso 1' nw f - pew .rigs ' ,-Q - , .-:x,,. ,. , ails?-5 1- ' - all x 'E 1 ' . ia rmaaiii CARRIE WILLIAMS Clerk K V u . ff 1111 . 0- W r4 1 , ,fi 'Q-sd - u I S6711 VJ ff' I. om0rr0w,z1nd J r JV petty I X Y K ,.... A ,,--,.,..W..,..........1...,N- I -41-" ' ,Jw I I X .Lik- 1 1 was . '.,.- 5" ' w,s4 . M . ,vm gi 'ji I it ' Y E 'Y' 4 g '35 ffqgif 54 Q, fam fn. gzuwffm Q jg ,fc '34, 4 X34 Ln' w, .gl Mg, ff- , , "uf waeffwffw M Q 'iv me 4 f I 4- . PHOMORE 4'-""'1-I 1 , Bl- 4m 1 l . LASS asf- ' T'-'f fi' I -E'vN:x! ' QD ,f! I! iii EARLEAN BROWN Pre-Business SOPHOMORE Lgal-ned ' General Education ' JIMMIE ATKINSON Bolton Brickmasonry Q L. C, BARBER Bolton ax Pre-Business ARDELIA BOLDEN J kg K Pre-Science ac on JOHN Jackson "' General Education BILLY JOE BRANTLEY Georgetown Crystal Springs General Education CELESTER BROWNLOW Jackson General Education CAROLYN BURNS Utica General Education WILLIE DORIS BURNS Raymond General Education HAZEL CAVETT Clinton Pre-Business 4 I 5 ALBERT COOPER Hattiesburg IV. A, General Education K P r 3 I L 1 L, 53? , X ff-Fi? if BEATRICE CROWDER Edwards A General Education I " MQKENZIE CRUMP Tel-1-y A Pre-Mathematics I JOHN DAVIS Utica General Education LULAR DAVIS Crystal Springs General Education TOMMIE DAVIS Hattiesburg General Education LOUISE DERRICK Jackson X., ' General Education 18 CLASS ELLA L. DIXON General Education ROOSEVELT DIXON Pre-Mathematics CAROLYN DORSEY Pre-Business CHARLESETTA EATMON General Education DOROTHY EDWARDS Pre-Science CHARLES FORD Pre-Business S'-w 2.4 KATIE M. HARVEY General Education T. L. HARVEY l General Education ALBERTA HENDERSON Secretarial Training DORIS HENDERSON General Education ELDRIGE HENDERSON General Education BETTIE CAROL HILL Pre-Business Terry Utica Hazelhurst Jackson Bolton Crystal Springs ,W 'sf Bolton Jackson Raymond Raymond Bolton Wesson PNK fvi ...Z "4 Q l I 1. x,f" RITA GETTIS BETTYE GARRAWAY Crystal Springs General Education General Education GLADYS L. GIBBS MARGARET GREY Pre-Business Pre-Business CHARLES HAMPTON MARY HARDY Pre-Business General Education I ,--1 5 Q Y,--, Utica Bolton Clinton Hazelhurst Utica ?W IC, '7' ll fi x ff' 'U' "5 ,J- ., -. X X sl? JUANITA JOHNSON JULIUS JOHNSON 3 X I rg P zisliwflfiff Pre-Science Pre-Industrial Arts NOAH JOHNSON Pre-Industrial Arts JAMES E. JONES Pre-Industrial Arts MARY ALICE JONES General Education BERNICE KINNARD General Education A"""- - 'US- a U 4 4 . Terry Vicksburg Vicksburg Terry Jackson Utica .ff 'LJ SOPHOMORE ANNIE HUBBARD R3,yn10f1d General Education ARTHUR IVORY Holt, Alabama Bricklnasonry AUTHERENE JACKSON Secretarial Training ROBERT JACKSON General Education JOHN JAMES General Education HENRY JOHNSON Brickmasonry at I 'M,-..v ...aff Jackson Jackson Hattiesburg Clinton ,,...f5 sf M l k fr fm BOBBY LANGDON General Education BESSIE LAWSON General Education GENNETTE LEE Pre-Business WILLIE DAVID LEE SHIRLEY J. LOMAX Pre-Business Pre-Mathematics IRENE LOUIE Secretarial Training Carthage Raymond Hazelhurst Hazelhurst Edwards Hazelhurst CLASS MARION Mc-INNIS Utica Secretarial Training BELVON MACK Bolton General Education ROBERT L. MACK Bolton General Education VIRGINIA MANNING Summit Pre-Business TOM MARSHALL Edwards Brickmasonry RUBY MASON Raymond General Education ,qw l . Q..f" ' i ,wg 'E I , L.-I ,' 1 . - 'L H r , A " ROBERT MURRAY Hazelhurst General Education AUDREY MYERS Jackson General Education MARY NICHOLSON Jackson General Education GEORGIA OSBORNE Crystal Springs Pre-Business EDD OWENS Jackson General Education DORISTINE PATTERSON Madison Pre-Business 'Ter 'vi T! gad an-5. if HL az' ' Hff-fm 1 - " J 1 I a W I h I ffl F .gfwfffxffaif .,f J-ty f EARNESTINE MIMS General Education BEATRICE MINNIEFIELD General Education ALONZO MOODY General MARY MOORE General CARTEENA MORRIS General DAISY MORRIS General Education Education Education Education ir Utica Clinton Edwards Utica Jackson Jackson if A-"J fl fU7 if-A 3- 113'- SOPHOMORE LARRY PENDARVIS WILLIE MAE POPE BARBARA POWELL General X 'N ii- FLOSSIE ROBINSON Jackson General Education JOE N. ROBINSON Crystal Springs General Education LEVIE ROBINSON Sandy Hook Pre-Science WILLIE ROBINSON Crystal Springs Pre-Business ELSIE L. ROSS Utica General Education ARNA JEAN SANDERS Raymond "W:- General Education IN vw-A JESSIE RATLIFF General OTIS ROACH General FANNIE ROBINSON General N F - Aw Brickmasonry Pre-Business Education Education Education Education Georgetown Utica Crystal Springs Isola Jackson Edwards mg a MELVIN SANDERS General Education Hattiesburg O. C. SANDERS fvd FV' v W fm " f sa! I Pre-Science RICHARD SAVAGE General Education LAURA SINGLETON General Education A. D. SMITH General Education LEE DESTRA SMITH General Education 32 ' Utica Vicksburg Hazelhurst Mendenhall Utica CLASS JANIE STOVALL H11Z0lhU1'Sl- Pre-Business EARNESTINE TATE Jackson General Education ANNIE R. TAYLOR J21CkS0n General Education GLORIASTINE TAYLOR Vicksburg Pre-Business EMANUEL TERRY J21CkS011 General Education ANNA THIGPEN C1'YS'0al SDUUSS General Education 'U' Xe A FLORIDA WARREN Secretarial Training DELOIS WHITE General .Education GLORIA WHITE General Education ROBERT WHITE General Education CLEO WILLIAMS General Education INELL WILLIAMS Pre-Business sf' Jackson Jackson Jackson Raymond Edwards Utica X sv 4 ' 1 I fa-5 -rc s ,fr ..., --' ' f n Tw, Q L ' 'I nr' -, 5 'X ' xi f i f ffl :iff- CLAUDETTE THOMAS General Education EDDIE THOMPSON General Education LOUISE THOMPSON Pre-Business CATHERINE TURNER HOWARD VEAL General Education General Education CHARLES VINCENT General Education fir 'Wx 4-J' Edwards Bolton Clinton Hazelhurst Jackson Hazelhurst If 'Ili - :N E I 16" 79' .9-P -pdf' YV V' ' ,l I CHARLIE HUBBARD Vice President HERBERT WILSON SOPHOMORE CLASS General Education JAMES WILSON General Education BOOKER T. WOODARD General Education EDDIE WREN General Education ROSIE STAMPLEY Pre-Business ff M V VVETQWI , lv ' , . s sh K Q, In RICHARD SAVAGE 1 President ri. M DORISTINE PATTERSON ' Secretary ROOSEVELT DIXON i ' ' ' ALONZO MOODY Treasurer Vg I : Q :Q f Business Manager -' t ' 55332 ' ,, A . .fr U ' I CLASS OFFICERS 34 Philadelphia Hattiesburg Hazelhurst Chicago Vicksburg Lia 'X ax LACY' U"'V " 'P wfsqf .T 'V A f 'nf M' - ,, 1 . f I "- 9 f "A F! Nw - 'aw 1 In 4 ' fs - x 'S I 1 v iff! ' ' ,sn BJVQV, ' A Q 4 ' -,..,,,-3-U., Y W Q. nm 5011-41103: lv-so-4-1-..,,,,,, -JQ.. . . 5 Mix W"'lwa-0-qpM,. X . Q-rm Wwwnmwnm ' M1 , , sm 'Mwy-ww A, ,, M ip...- Fnaubw A J 1 WNW- ff "fix jf,-' ' E'Qt7'f,J 1 MQW FRESHMAN NITIATIO ' E hifi. Gus, ' , 7'2" K, ,4 , wi. . I 5. il '-: 1.2 'Uh , -- ' :ILA V' V1.5 .Ac A ,.-f- Q, ' 1 V .V f n r . , 4, . 1 W ! fix, ' , fsinklx y QS' MARY BEECHAM J. V. BELL DOROTHY BOYD DAISY BREAKFIELD EDWARD BRIDGES HOWARD BRIDGES ALLEN BROADWATER ORA LEE BROWN yy? ..: 13' If Snitz? Utica Crystal Springs Utica Crystal Springs Harrisville Harrisville Jackson Utica 4 4 L4 51: v. 4 f 4'4'r FRESHMAN JESSIE LEE ALLEN MAE DORA BAILEY WILLIAM BAILEY HATTIE BAKER DELORIS BANKS HENRY C. BANKS ELIZABETH BARBER PHILIP BATTLE Edwards Wesson Wesson Vicksburg Hermanville Hazelhurst Bolton Edwards 17? ,, 44 Y 3 W-. 6 S Q "' ' ' W . .K x - .V j 'S if . fa 5 ff, , , J , K. ff1, VJ . 95 X I if Sf , J S . X17 X .4 L :4 Q, his .K 5 j f f ' f. KX. .,.., - 4 'W wi 117' fvi 36 AGNES MARIE BRYANT JOE LAMAR BURNETT DAN ETHEL CALDWELL HELEN CALDWELL HENRY CANNON ALTON CARSON GEORGE CASEY MATTHEW CASTON Jackson Hazelhurst Vicksburg Vicksburg Braxton Vicksburg Utica Utica CLASS JIMMIE CHISM IRMA CHRISTIAN NORMA CHRISTMAS MILDRED COLEMAN ROBERTA COOPER ROBERT COSEY M. C. COURSE JURIST LEE CRAFT Wesson Vicksburg Crystal Springs Jackson Terry Vicksburg Raymond Utica 'U' , i IW CARL DAVIS LOISTEEN DAVIS IDA JEAN DIXON MIMS DIXON SARAH DIXON BETTYE DRAKE FLORINE DRAKE WELTON DUNSON Harrisville Utica Georgetown Crystal Springs Raymond Vicksburg Vicksburg Jackson Q ,ai 52 Q A Q, I if X SARAH CRAFT MARY CRISLER LOIS CROSS BETTYE CRUMB DAISY CRUMP KENNETH CRUMP JIMMIE CURRY BOBBY DAVIS Q an 3 I -r ff ,Jo . 1 l 7 E z 5 'Nm Carpenter Crystal Springs Edwards Utica Utica Utica Hermanville Jackson FI' pi l .n x 1 ss' IW' v. f fl A ' LFP .4 I g?'.f.LQ'-, f ,iff 1 ' WILLIE FERGUSON Utica EMMA L. FLAGG Edwards VERNIA FORTNER Edwards EARLEAN FOSTER Edwards MAMIE L. FOXWORTH Crystal Springs DELORES FRAZIER Utica JERRY FRAZIER Utica EARTHLEEN GARNER Jackson V 11 .. if rf'-"' N, 1' Gy f Zlzl q Ig fri: A Tl ft ff 'r i ggi? f ' -,Clif 5935! M ,'f?f'f3fZffff. 38 FRESHMAN IDA M. DURHAM CHARLIE EDWARDS ANNIE ELLIS DELOIS ELLIS THOMAS ELLIS JOHN ENGLISH VIRGINIA ERVES MARY A. EVANS EVA GARNER FREDDIE GARY ANNIE GIBBS LILLIE GRAVES FRANCES HARRIS ASALEE HARRIS ODDIE HARVEY ROSIE HARVEY Carpenter Raymond Utica Hazelhurst Hermanville Prichard, Ala. Vicksburg Crystal Springs Jackson Hazelhurst Bolton Bolton Vicksburg Edwards Bolton Edwards CLASS VERDIA HAZELWOOD EDNA M. HICKS SUSIE M. HILL LILLIE B. HOUSTON CONNIE HOWARD MARY D. HOBSON PEARL B. HUDSON CHARLES IVORY f '19 RJ PAUL JOHNSON MARY JOHNSON SUSIE M. JOHNSON BETSY JONES JOSEPH JONES MAGGIE JONES MARGARET JONES MARY A. JONES Belzonia Crystal Springs Edwards Philadelphia Vicksburg Jackson Terry Edwards .Z 'If at if " Us s f A 'gf 5" 3 3, x I it ff 3 Utica Hazelhurst Bolton Jackson Crystal Springs Hazelhurst Utica Jackson 7' 1 I JOHN IVORY GLORIA B. JAMISON LAMAR JAMISON JONNIE JEFFERSON MARY JENKINS EARNEST JOHNSON JIMMIE DELL JOHNSON JAMES JOHNSON Edwards Jackson Pinola Vicksburg Jackson Hazelhurst Edwards Edwards ' df! ,- HERBERT LYNCH WILLIAM LYNCH JOHNNY MCGEE WALTER McNEIL JOHNNIE M. MCNEIL MILDRED MCNEIL ALMA IZEAN MCPHERSON MARTHA MABRY Hazelhurst Hazelhurst Raymond Jackson Jackson Jackson Jackson Belzonia FRESHMAN CLARENCE KELLY SARAH KENDRICKS WILLIE KINNARD EDWARD LAWSON LOUISE LAWSON MARJORIE LEWIS CARRIE LIDDELL DELORES LOCKETT LORETTA MACK CLARENCE MALLETT WILLIE K. MANGUM OLLIE R. MASSEY JOHNNIE MAY MARY H. MILTON ETHER REAN MIMS GEORGIA MITCHELL Jackson Terry Utica Utica Raymond Utica Utica Jackson . 2 Edwards Utica Jackson Wesson Pinola Edwards Utica Vicksburg CLASS JIMMIE MITCHELL MANDY MITCHELL DEWITT MONTGOMERY EARLENE MONTGOMERY INELL MOORE JANIE MOORE TERESIA MOORE HILARY MYLES WILLIE PAIGE AMELIA PENDLETON EARLENE POWELL GLORIA J. PRENTISS BETTYE J. PRICE RITA QUEEN DOROTHY RANKINS VERA L. RATLIFF Yazoo City Jackson Jackson Carpcntcr Edwards Jackson Utica Jackson Utica Terry Crystal Springs Vicksburg Vicksburg Vicksburg Jackson Isola il JOE C. MYLES OBAIJIAH MYLES NANCY JANE NEAL JOSEPHINE NEWELL MARY H. NEWELL WILLIAM O'BANNON LOIS OSBORNE BOBBIE OWENS Einar' x sr," Utica Utica Carpenter Hazelhurst Jackson Jackson Crystal Springs Jackson fix f r' n X az, my-Q.. in L BARBARA SMITH BONNIE SMITH GERALDINE SMITH LEE SMITH MARY L. SPINKS EULYSSES STAMPS JEAN STRAUGHTER MARY STRAUGHTER f V" vs Y' 'X 2 f ' ' 3, ' . ' I 'T , I 'M gy ,X X g 'F' .iff A .54 V Z ,' U7 I 'r V- ff ' 5 is ?f 3' .4 is f 3 5 J.: , W-7 "'!?Y,fffif"'2'5f5f Vicksburg Vicksburg Jackson Hazelhurst Crystal Springs Edwards Vicksburg Vicksburg ' , FRESHMAN MARY N. ROBINSON JERLINE SAMUEL BERNICE SCOTT JOSEPHINE SCOTT GENE SHANNON WILLIE SIMMONS LILLIE SIMS DORETHA SINGLETON Bolton Jackson Jackson Crystal Springs Hazelhurst Utica Vicksburg Bolton GEORGE TATE HERBERT TERRY JAMES TERRY JOE TERRY WILLIE R. TERRY ALBERTA THOMAS GENEVA THOMAS LAVERN THOMAS Jackson Utica Utica Jackson Philadelphia Bolton Bolton Jackson CLASS l .L SHERMAN THOMAS Clinton ANNIE THOMPSON Etlwzirds CORA THOMPSON Jackson BERNICE THOMPSON Eclwurcls LUTHER TURNER Clinton BENJAMIN TORREY Jackson FH 7' 1 TOMMIE TRAXLER Crystal Springs " , C i f MARY TUCKER Edwards Q' 8' MAGGIE WASHINGTON PARK A. WASHINGTON JIMMIE VVATSON EDDIE WATSON BESSIE WELLS J. C. WELLS ROBERT WELLS WALTER WELLS Crystal Springs BETTY VIRGIL fu- TERRY VIRGIL ROSIA WADE ANNIE WALKER GEORGE WARREN CINDERELLA WASH BETTY WASHINGTON KATIE WASHINGTON Utica an QE- 4 I XY! ' Jackson 1 - - - ., - x,. I Bolton Jackson Edwards pf.. 73 Jackson 'ff ,' 'I Clinton 43 1 I l 13 rv V' - ,- X L .. .L it ' ri' ' -. -SQ j ,"F:ffi'.g5 . 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Secy. ogg, TERESIA MOORE Treasurer reshman ffigefg 44 Bolton Jackson Jackson Vicksburg Jackson Crystal Springs Vicksburg Carpenter ' z "Good night, good night! parting is such sweet sorrow, That I shall say good night till it be fs Q morrow." 1 I ' I Z f -s x , if A f 'J xi P4 4, ,.,, ' ' vw- o -i Q 91" fi? JIMMIE BANGER AMOS BANKSTON ROBERT BELL LOTTIE M. BOWMAN JAMES BRIDE LUCY BROOME ARETHA BROWN MARY H. BROWN TERESEA BUTLER BETTYE CARSON WILLENA CARSON JEAN CHAMBERS 'UN f' K ,vi X 4,1 I -fi X , A AABE ' 1 II! Raymond Terry Raymond Edwards Utica Utica Raymond Utica Edwards Edwards Edwards Edwards 'US- 46 rf 15, 3,1 3' ,,.. so if M I Ti f N ws' W ,- 2 fuk is' f? SHELLEY CHATMON MARGARET A. CLARK JOHN CORLEY JAMES O. DAVIS LESLIE DAVIS LILLIAN DAVIS RUTH DAVIS MYRA FERGUSON Edwards Edwards Utica Utica Carpenter Carpenter Utica Utica ' . kr" 'Q- A PHILLIP JOHNSON W. C. JOHNSON THOMAS D. JOINER CATHERINE JONES ESTELLA JONES VERLINE KIDD NARVEL KIMBLE PHALIA KNOX fi? 47 af, f .l X it Edwards Edwards Raymond Raymond Raymond Edwards Utica Edwards CLEMATEEN FLAGG LITTLETON FORTNER PRECIOUS E. GADDIS JANIS GETTIS ODESSA GILMORE LUCILLE GREEN LAWRENCE HAMILTON MADGELENE HARVEY ROBBIE HENRY CURTIS HERRING RAYMOND HODGE JAMES JOHNSON Edwards Iudwa rds Bolton Utica Edwards Utica Danville, Ky. Edwards Edwards Edwards Edwards Utica 4? 3 W, 47 PATRICIA ROBINSON ROSIE ROBINSON LEE ARTHUR ROSS WILLIE Z. SCOTT ALTHAN SMITH GENNIA P. SMITH JESSE SMITH BOOKER STAMPS P F' N he gig? 3 Jig 3? I x E X 3 X? S ww 'KV w N. Q Bolton Edwards Utica Utica Utica Raymond Utica Utica ...jj WILSON LOMAX, JR. DOROTHY M. MCDUFFIE LEE MITCHELL GOLDIA M. MOFFETT ROSIE L. MOORE K. C. MORRISON LAWRENCE MOSLEY MARY MYRICKS WALLACE NEWTON LFZZIE PAIGE P. C. PRICE VICTORIA B. ROACH Edwards Utica Utica Edwards Utica Edwards Edwards Raymond Utica Utica Edwards Utica ffl!-2 Q Lf' i 1' ,,.,-A 'R "WN MELVIN STAMPS LEROY STOKES MARY A. TAYLOR ERNESTINE THOMAS JEANNIE THOMAS SAM THOMPSON WALTER THOMPSON GEORGE UPSON LOVIE VINSON EFFIE WADE MARY WALKER L. J. WARD Crystal r -w Utica Utica Raymond Edwards Terry Edwards Edwards Edwards Bolton Springs Utica Utica A 9- sy vvw Qw v , r- ' tin: 'gr X G, , E A if 49 ,lf ' ,5- vw YV? WWW FRED WASHINGTON Utica JOSEPH E. WILLIAMS Edwards CARL WINTERS Utica DELORIS WOLFE Crystal Spriiigs RUTHIE YOUNG Crystal Sniiiigs N "The web of our life is of a mingled, yarn, good and ill together." , , ,,, XXXQ WW .. .,WMMXXj7WXXlXXX ' V X 'inf X91 5 ff 4 X 4 LVM' V7 ' 7-f V. -, . f ' A , , , fb . ,V ,, VV Q ., JVVVWV . wif' 'r , VV'Q.ffN 'VW V asf 4. xf x ' V MM V V, 4. If V VV Vi ,, ,jVVfiWf,,V,Vy,g42 f 7 VX f ' gg? y y -fw ' W' ff V- ' ' 4 X? X ,W , 2 - V f ' " WV'-M ' , Q. ffm ' ' f ,lf nt' wwf' mam N V 'VV'-Vp, .. 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DULANEY DOROTHY DURHAM DORIS MARIE FISHER LEON GOLDSBERRY CATHERINE GRAHAM RUBY LEE GREEN LOTTIE HARRIS ROBERT HARRIS ANNIE HENDERSON W K if ..,,.f,yi': X N' g I . a Q df , -.35 X VDO ROSIE MARY JOHNSON MARY ANN JONES MARY LOUISE JONES SADIE JONES CAROLYN JORDAN ANNIE KELKER ALTHANETTE KELLY TOMMY KINNARD JAMES KING PAULETTE KING CHINELLA KYLES LORENEA LEE fi!- gf A N 'W' - QI 335' 1 , 1' I W 'd au '. . A, af Q., W. f I v I ,f f t ,7 fi 53 . ' GRADDIE LIDDELL THELMA LIDDELL LULA MCGOWAN VERGIE MCPHERSON ALMETHIR MALLETT DORIS MIMS MERLE LEE MIMS JAMES MOORE ROBERT MOORE JESSIE EARL MOSLEY JAMES MYERS EDDIE NELSON X I Us .x ff' W? 'X 1 Q. gm K x if Q 'f-if A 0 4 l J . : '-5.-me f - QI 1 " . ., -'vw Z' ya, If W Q W , ' " , Q ., .... : 55' I ' H f'- ' 3 .0 J' 1'-, SHIRLEY ROSS ARTHUR SANDERS RUBY SCHULER ANNIE SEATON AMMIE SIMPSON RUBY NELL SISNEY WILLIE JAMES SMITH GLORIA SNOW VERDISEL STAMPS RUBY JEAN TERRY CHARLIE THOMAS ANGELINE THOMPSON fr 54- LINDA RATLIFF E. L. PRICE ROBERT NOYE ALBERT NOLAN JAMES ROBINSON ETHEL ROBINSON DOROTHY ROBINSON ANNIE ROBERTS ROSIE LEE ROSS ROBERTA ROPER WALTER ROBINSON MARY LOUISE ROBINSON I-ml 4 BENNIE BERTHA DOROTHY JAMES THOMPSON THOMPSON THOMPSON THOMPSON LOUIS TURNER BENNIE WALLACE CLARA WASHINGTON FREDDIE LOUISE WATTS ERNESTINE WEBB HOWARD WILLIAMS JAMES WILLIAMS JOHNNY WILLIAMS ril' f' ' 1 . .QR V Qi' 1 -. ' 'rw , 1 , if f, I. 31,3 , .ff f 'YJ . 'J I I SAMUEL WILLIAMS ROY WILSON Wi' 90' Q Q 1 If if 'K' h gg ., Q I dei ,L , 6 - S , ., ,A- X, 5 S -A S of hopes' r XCIAQC 9 01220 AGC I' fo 9 W .IQOC Ye 510 TENTH GRADE BETTY JOHNSON Ss omg!! President, Student Council Representative DOROTHY JOHNSON Vice-President STELLA JONES Secretary al , l , T iz' p GLORIA HORTON Assn. Secretary -A ,I ' HUBERT SMITH Treasurer .S-, 1 LAURA STOKES Chaplain TYRONE GETTIS Student Council Representative for-1 W 7 ' JOHN KELLY Student Council Q Representative JOHN WALLACE Student Council Representative n Ag! x. VV EDDIE THOMPSON Sergeant-At-Arms A - E. af S ELLIS WASHINGTON Sergeant-At-A1-ms . A Ng, A ,.,. ,1i,' 56 Q I ,., , s'-! t r if ,1 f' R WILLIE BYRD SCOTT CALLAHAN SHIRLEY CARTER RUBY J. CASTON ELDNOR CLARK CHARLES COLEMAN ELAZER COLEMAN EDDIE COOPER LYNN COOPER CHARLOTTE DAVIS ESSIE DAVIS GEORGE DANIELS WILLIE DAVIS BARBARA DIVINITY BETTY DRONE JIMMIE DUNBAR CARLES FISHER SHARKEY FISHER ANNIE FLOWERS HATTIE FRAZIER CARMELITA GALLOWAY EDDIE GERMAN HUBERT GIBSON BETTY GRAHAM fd' ,,-., 5 .-f -if 1, 4 ag , 'swf if Y I b 4 T .. 'I I f V 1 s Lf ,, .1 Q. D www 5 i f I i R ., 9 L ,. .4-N T ...s E 'S it If T. vm cu.- -vw? , 1 f I ' 1 1 I MARIE ARNOLD ROBERT ALLEN JOSEPHINE ANDERSON RUBY ADAMS ANNIE BAILEY JEWEL BAILY ALICE BANKSTON MABEL BEECHAM PERCY BLAND CAROLYN BRACEY ALEXANDER BUTLER GEORGE BOWMAN AUGUSTA BROWN MARY L. BROWN MARY H. BROWN ROBERT BROWN ROGER BROWN SALLY BROWN WILLIE E. BROWN ANNIE L. BURKS EARL J. BURNS FLORENCE BURKS ALCORN BUTLER ANNIE BYRD 'if 'ff' E .. f ' f I Q .52 L XL',,..f! f 57 f, ff' " 1 4 A .1 1 J .M ANNIE KIDD ROSIE KIDD CARL KING CALVIN KNOX WILLIE KYLES BENNIE LAWSON DAISY LEE SUSIE LIGHTER JOHNNIE MACK MADELYN MARCHALL LLOYD MASON PAULINE MASON DESSIE MIMS GEANETTE MINNIEFIELD FANNIE MITCHELL ROBERT MOORE VERONE MCKINLEY LAMAR NELSON RUFUS NICHOLS ETHEL NOEL LUCILE PAIGE ORA L. PAIGE LINDA PAIGE LOISTEAN PAYMON BOBBIE GRANT BONNIE GRAY JULIA GUICE TOMMIE HANKINS PAULINE HARRIS WILLIE HARRIS LEON HOWARD ANNIE R. HUDSON EARNESTINE HUNTER JOHNNIE HUNTER ALBERTINE IVORY ANNETTE JACOBS EARNESTINE JONES EARNESTINE JONES MARY JONES SHIRLEY JONES ANNIE JORDAN VIOLET JORDAN BETTY JOHNSON CATHERINE JOHNSON H. C. JOHNSON JULIA JOHNSON ROSIE JOHNSON ULYSSES JOHNSON VK.-J I-f fi v of -Z I , A 1 ,wg ...X Nix f , 2, I 'J A X! o ., , ' a ,sf . WWW 99 A ww 1. I G5 'Q bfi- I 4 M ,: , A x 7 ., A xi: A H i F I , x ,Q 4 4, if . 41 A , .v ELNORA STAMPS RUSSELL STAMPS VERTEAL STAMPS SHIRLEY TERRY ROOSEVELT TERRY MARCHAND THEUS CHRISTINE THOMPSON EDDIE THOMAS IRENE THOMPSON LINDBERG THOMAS JEAN THOMPSON DAVID TIGLER EDD TILLMAN WILLIE B. TILLMAN CLARA TRIMBLE ROBERT TURNER W. D. WADE CLARENCE WEBB LEWIS WELCH MARY WILCHER JOHNNY WOLFE ROSIE WILDER FLOYDIE WILLIAMS JAMES WILLIAMS 'U' I Yi? ff' CORA RANCIEER IDA RICAIIRDSON RUBY RICHARDSON WILLIE ROACH EUGENE ROBINSON KENNETH ROBINSON JESSIE ROBINSON VERTIS ROBINSON FRANK ROSS LOUISE SALONE ROBERT SANDERS THADDEUS SANDERS EDWARD SCOTT JAMES SCOTT KATHERINE SCOTT SEMOUR SCOTT NELA SHEARS ROBERT SHEARS ROBERT SHERIFF DAISY SMITH FLORETHA SMITH ANNIE SNOW EXSELL SNOW CLIFTON STAMPS 'I a 3 if fr! '. -m .. 5 ,, 2 'H V1 1 4' 2 uf I f - I 'f M l A M: , ' W I AII f 3 A in 54. Z . Q 54: Ns M2 41 4 3' fw M hz 01? .K 'Q' an ik ,,,. A: mx my e'4j , Wwg in VGW I is? , gxf xx? fy f 9 fa a I 1, 5- A , WK Qi? - Q ,s V X Y. Z 5 S K M 4 ' ' 5 , M M JM f X1 '45 . Q ' if I ,W X14 : , x gi L N5 -Wx V 7123 Q ' Q 1 Lvf- : 'ff J: .5 H ,. ' 1 if NOAH JOHNSON President Sponsors M R. ROBERT ANTHON Y MRS. LENA MYERS STUDENT COUNCIL ALONZO MOODY Vice-President SHELLY CHATMON Secretary GLORIASTINE TAYLOR Assistant Secretary BESSIE LAWSON Chaplain RICHARD SAVAGE Sergeant-at-Arrns JOHN CORLEY Treasurer WILLIE KINNARD Business Manager X 61 Y .A 4 Lg! 2 wg s ,,.,,,,, 4, X f f ' 635' Q Q, , f M, X SX.. X 7 Q-ex 1 ,kfx xx! .S,!,,1. .. . . , .4 A , MR. LOUIS EDWARD LEON LEE iff Q ' I MRS. f f' ,f g, -,,.,.f,-,ff X5 Q-:"'Z'a veg, ,,,. AMW 3-.,, A ay 2, 'Wi ' . . ANNUAL STAFF Editor SUSIE BURNS Associate Editor DORIS FISHER Secretary LORETTA SMITH Sports Editors Editor K. C. MORRISON Associate Editor LOVIE VINSON Secretary GLORIASTINE TAYLOR Business Manager JOHN DAVIS Sponsors MISS BARBARA JONES MRS. M. DINAH CARTER PAPER STAFF ff, I A. D. SMITH WAYNE DANIELS Sponsor M. DINAH CARTER 4. , A x S f sm xxx IX, XXX ,,.......: ""'.l,,. if We , A ww, ,- Fa -..,-... -rr-l TRI-HI-Y HI-Y President SHELLY A. CHATMON Secretary CATHERINE JONES Chaplain CLARA JACOBS Treasurer MARY WALKER Sponsor MISS MELVERLINE ARCHIE President JOHN CORLEY Secretary THOMAS JOINER Chaplain E. L. PRICE Treasurer LEONARD MCINNIS Sponsor MR. CLARENCE EWELL 64 ,.......--Q 9325? 5255? 552258245 sz.-:z:z':.4.i E53-'zzzdx 5232: 65 with .mi GSI-seg A I , im: swfaar r-fmt an ' ,I www Y, 'funn ,iff ?fzq1s:"X hmm ou 5 ' -ewia W, WNW , f. ww as W Wy?-52 wr -ww "' ..-,wes. ff-si . 5 Q ,Y . " - 1 mf.. X www- ax -- - --H :Msn swf are was M' -:sw X warn mf , agff pox ga sm, ,.,........,.........-,. ..XX ..,,-.-.,- ...LF ,, ,M , Mm, N, 'fu WS: I VOCATIONAL TECHNICAL CLUB Maw ,WN M .. ..wW.. I President , :Tm 5: CHARLES IVORY 55,195 M21 Secretary MATTHEW THOMAS Chaplain JIMMIE JOHNSON Treasurer WILSON LOMAX Sponsor MR. LINDBERG MOORE -- A Q W4 -1 Imam A President JULIUS JOHNSON Secretary FLORIDA WARREN Treasurer GLORIASTINE TAYLOR Chaplain JIMMY ATKINSON Sponsor MRS. IDA P. HUBBARD INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB W wang Mme Mr H36 W HI' 66 THE SPEECH CLUB L...- Sponsor MR. JAMES FRANK JORDAN THE LIBRARY CLUB MRS. CHRISTINE STEVENS B 'Ar' tg' Q. N 'Wm . 67 .f"' f K!! I K w..,.."' Nt 2 N I , Director MRS. LENA MYERS DANCE TROUPE HTHESPIANSH Director M R. JAMES BYRDSONG -'N Sponsor , MRS. ELLISTENE TURNER In I ig: f , 1 1 f 2 'X I ff? , oq I A' Wink , USHER CLUB Sponsor MRS. B. DILLA BUCKNER CHEERLEADERS Ta 'X f . ex EHS w 'ef V"- ' 05.9 T Z s S E ? S Q l A E E n 'Sew -B! N.- .. .433- ..,?k . , 'Ss gx I s K s' E 5 i 5' ini . 1 4 X L N E e e - 1 ? 4 4 'T Q Nl This news is old enough yet it is every day's news." 71 "Every why has a wherefore H f 0 W1 , if f Z ? WM' ' 'W , ,, Er , Y F X sw? L I -5 ., A A +V A K, ,I , A lei ff T 1 3 iw X un If fa' M N , z if ,1- ef ew W ,gg if 25, , . . ' --,l"? wi ,As-iq ix ,Jn Nq"': 4 'Qi What's in an name? That which we call 11 rose by any other name would smell as Sweet." 'N fi Wo QKX, g And make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt? 5 V' Q s "Ti 74 ,io 1 gxggg 3 . swf 2'f+4 -'E 1 5 , 4 . , V5 11 i ww, ,Q , . 115 A QQ? M512 2 ,-gf,1 There is ll time for all things." 75 As the old hermit of Prague, that never saw pen or ink, very wittily said to a niece of 'King Gorboduc, 'That that IS, IS., " ike stgmes of worth they thinly placed ure, or captain jewels in the carconet e E 1531 77 lumen, is Q 1 if ,,.f SPRING TRAI NG 1V f ' E X1 E if Y? 4 . get, A , ai Q. W 2 ,Q Hi 5 A " 5 ' 'T , . 1, ," , f fr N Y A' ' 5 -xy' 4 I 'Q aff w 1 if ff. wxgslwf 3 ,ff if Z 4 x N., 5 , , xx S 78 ' sf 3 U . "No sooner met but they lookedg no sooner looked but they lovedg no sooner loved but they sighedg no sooner sighed but they asked one another the reasong no sooner knew the reason but they sought the remedy." nik 'fizsgp Head Football Coach-Alonzo Clark, Jr. Y? 1 '45 M -43' P? MQ - g U50 f-fe Assistant Coach-Julius Myers Assistant Coach--Clarence Ewell 79 K f "The monuments of wit survive the monuments of power." vw fl , uv . 4,1 ' Mr 'ls 7 3 E H WM-- a n , T 2, , A - ' H . 5 v, 'f W V ,, ,W ,X ,W , , , Q . , 'V . X eee. y 4,0 V , A X 5 1 W, ,. M J, M . j. i Q ,L I , , h ,ll Q I .1 W 7 ,x SW ,Y 4m3?.4,,,Ll,4fX 1... I 1 - e , , s .. . A 4 A e , t xi R my, a2,,,m,,:,.. First Row, Cleft to rightbz William O'Bannon, F.B.g Robert Smith, H.B.g Walter Woods, H.B.g Charles Sertin, G.g Walter McNeil, F.B.g Albert Cooper, F.B.g Ernest Revies, G., George Warren, H.B.g Johnny Pope, T., Johnny Dubose, T., Melvin Sanders, E., Clarence Washington, Woodruff, F.B.g Melvin Lloyd, C., E. Second Row: James Ray God, C., George f " - C. ..1'..n 1 rv- ,. . , ' ' xg, ' 113' ' ' ,, nvaqqjv :ji , , ' ' -A -'Y-'J -if 'i ' 1" e- JJ 4 X J L, , ' . 11" If -'L ' f,.v , faq -' : 5 fyzq .A 1 -W '. , If ami 1. K , f kwffwmqg 45? jf., 4 , , My .0 5 , wr 592, We , 3 -Qfgfmm 1 ai Q3 ,f 'i ' "4 W if , ' - -- , ' ti'i3?'il'Y2."w,',5'y ' X X x M , 'V 1 4 W V ,xv . 7,-If ,.,,, - .2 , . R . , v .an -Q., 3 3, Q, - Xf 'M --Q W. Q V , ' 'is X -. fx-M '. Ex.. . X , , fri- -' . ,l tl , f V " I. , gc ' ..- uf lv:m.,wT T' 5 ' . La,,'f,Q:, ' ' :fq Y Q - , W ff ' 1' ff.. i'3fr3:'32'f5fK:1x W ' Q. William Revies, Co-Captaing John James, Captain, James Blake, Co-Captain. Davis, Q.B.g Selmon Whitaker, T., William Revies, G., John James, C., John Morgan, H.B.g Donald Cook, E., Eddie Wren, T., James Blake, Q.B. Third Row: Ralph Hunt, F.B.g Willie Myers, E., Harvey Holly, E., Arthur Ivory, F.B.g Sylvester Primos, T., Sidney Davis, G. Center: Jessie Hill, Trainer. George Davis, All-Conference Quarterback se N , .Q X N 74 t W e 55' U Q V I' OW ' 1.6 - .N -M. ' X 'frwxsw 1 Y R bk My , , 5 1 S , 7 AN i AWA Si ,R is T?" Sf? 6 X Q r ' af H, V3 4 lx, A 1? 2 f -f , 3 4 L 4 aw. ig, Amari ,yy 4 ' ,, J .Q x t , 's X' fa. 'S ' t . . ' ' A S f'-' ,rg Jig? I-is Q Q SEASONS RECORD Utica Utica Ut1Ca Utlca Utlca Utlca Coahoma 19 M. Holmes 6 H3.111S Plentlss P Woods A1 Bapt Makes a swan-like end, Fading in music." I, 'kc X -, ., ', 5 Q Affess 4 K, ,,, X . , . , 8, , , to X i F The villany you teach me I will execute, and it shall go hard, but 4 1 Nix J .1 . H X, ' 'I must have liberty Withal, as large a charter as the wind, To blow on whom I please." 87. ,V M N my , was f e ' 4 sg s , r K ,, 1 K , is X I X X : , G" M , A f N5 x X e - ss - , ,F Z ,ax , ' V 9 VX rs , ' V f , V 1 . N W ws I X ., M N " X4 I will better the instruction." Mr , "Every one fault seeming monstrous till his fellow fault came to match it." Vi ,A- 1 . 4 new '- wmv, yi K 'lf 4 , Qi . L Q i f 1 - .4 .1 'Q I .fi if N S -..-.. ,Q X 'W vc - V 5? 91, 4- f . , ,Meg f' 3 N Q a Q, . is i,f?,'i,: nfs Q., A X, . J ue 33, V K , fe ' f, 7 I- O 1, Q p 1 qw ,Q we 4' fx x K . wx I K Q A .xdylfq AMF ,izgcfv 1 ' , Q. r,,Kyg ,i x Fur " I , ., 0, 1,1 ' W A ski 4 V 1 ,M '64 Siu 1 f' ',f:3l T " ' 'f V he ' ,1 ff ' .. .. x Q Whom should I Knock?" 'I have heard of some kind of men that put quarrels pur- posely on others to taste their val0ur." 83 Head Basketball Coach - Robert First Row Cleft to rightlz J. V. Bell, Bobby Langdon, James German, Freddie B. Moreland. Watson, Jimmie Mitchell, Billy Joe Brantley. Second Row: Willie Myers, Phillip Johnson, Eddie Lee Thompson, Carlie Davis, Jessie Ratliii, John Morris, Walter McNeil, Robert Mack, Jimmie Walker, Melvin Lloyd, Trainer. M HF' x ANR ,,...s- -" Nv-- X "Like as the waves make towards the pebbled shore, so do "You tread UPON my Patience-H our minutes hasten to their end." 34 Let every eye negotiate for itself, And trust no agent." P11 if! They say best men are moulded out of faults. And, for the most, become much more the better for being a little bad.' "I am not in the roll of common men.' 9 Sport royal." In 1 52 wwfrw ....-,tru These most brisk and giddy-paced times." "He does it with a much better grace but I do it more natural." "What you do still betters what is done." bu-V Mary Nell Robinson, F.: Betty Woods, G., Joan Campbell, G., Mildred McNeil, G.g Vera Rat- liff, F., Aretha Brown, F.g Virginia Erves, G., Bessie Lawson, G.g Verdia Hazlewood, G., Ollie Ruth Massey, G., Sally Ann Brown, F.g Doristine Patterson, F., and captain, Lilly Houston, F., Martha Mabry, F., and Mrs. Emma J. McAfee, Coach. 87 I had a thing to say, But I will fit it with some better time 88 "Tis Beauty truly blent . . . ke- l .5 7 A I 1 l' fx, " ... J 1 "fi H N str if . THE FEATURES Utica Junior College features some of the loveliest girls in our state. Not only are we featuring girls who have Won recognition on our campus, but they have won local acclaim. We feature Miss Utica Junior College, our ideal gracious belle, full of love for her schoolg Miss Home- coming, the incarnation of an industrious young ladyg and the Eve class queens. We also feature some of the outstanding person- alities on our campus. N er saw h match e first the d bega MISS UTICA IUNIOR COLLEGE 90 qefa C7Qenae ge 'Wt adds a prechnusseeing to the eye. 2 ' t V GLADYb C IBBS fi -x X, gx. 'if ' GLORIASTINE TAYLOR ,wfwtwwwfwye 9 f , zz , x M, x gym ATTENDANTS QI P H f E 1 X x 'Xi x2 kN NO' that I were 21 glove upon that hand, that I might touch that cheekf' MISS HOMECOMING ylossie Jeogineon "I thank you for your voices. Thank you for your sweet voices sh r-,e' Q? rl? ,I I , RITA QUEEN TERESIA BUTLER Q If I , A 4- LINDA RATLIFF SALLY BROWN I I .w"'5J I 1 I ix, rf., . I P II! IIIIIIIIII I I rift ATTENDANTS 93 "There's language in her eye, her cheek, her lip. E , i , Q - ef , 4 L 'N ' .ag ' 5-Q' x tv 4 1 MISS SOPHO ORE 94 arty icAols "The hand that hath made you fair hath made you good." A fi f S 2 o 2 S+ f X X ' llfiwwf 'N -I wx' Qi W SN V Y I 1 , A: ji , Q gf- S XX jx, S 1 -wg ha, f, f M ,, 0 1 '-Nh MISS FRESHMAN 95 VQVICJCZ K-z!t!OOlecy "For where is any author in the world teaches such beauty as a w0man's eve? MISS SENIOR ww- -H mu. CafAerine ones su From her shall read the perfect ways of honor. sf-he Yr MISS IUNIGR 97 Linda qeatwylf "Was this the face that launched a thousand ships?" 2? rf 2 Z MISS SOPHOMQRE QHigh Schoolj 93 I be Snow "Exceeding wise, fair-spoken, and persuading." -,wx 1 K i . r i . .gf 1 2135 e ' r Most studious boy and girl ROBERT MACK and TERESIA MOORE NJ' Best Dressed boy and girl ALONZO MOODY and DORIS FISHER WHO,S WHO 99 3 f f If '61 "Then comes in the sweet O' the year." Most handsome boy and most beautiful girl RICHARD SAVAGE and LINDA RATLIFF Best Dancing boy and girl JOHN DAVIS and BOBBY OWENS N mf WHO'S WHO 1OO W 2 ' A C THE 1964 UTICANITE Our revels are now ended," EDITORS NOTE We, the members of the 1964 UTICANITE Staff, have at- tempted to depict the great boom in growth that Utica Junior College has been experiencing during this school session. The staff has chosen as its theme, "A Year With Shakespeare." Therefore, all of the quotations used are taken from the works of Shakespeare. Preparing the UTICANITE for publication was a task which required the aid of many people. The staff would like to give special thanks to the faculty advisors, the photographer, and Associate Editor Secretary Business Manager Sports Editor Organization Editor Lay-out Editor Feature Editor Class Editor Class Editor Class Editor Class Editor Class Editor Class Editor Class Editor the student body for their cooperation at all times. K. C. MORRISON Editor ANNUAL STAFF LOVIE VINSON , . . GLORIA TAYLOR . JOHN DAVIS DONALD COOK SHELLEY CHATMON .. GENNIA SMITH ,, MARY MYRICKS ADA BAILEY DOROTHY THOMPSON . ROSIE ROBINSON MADGELENE HARVEY BENNIE THOMPSON ANNIE SEATON CINDERELLA WASH IOI Class Editor Class Editor Class Editor Class Editor Faculty Editor Faculty Editor Faculty Editor Faculty Editor Faculty Editor Faculty Editor Photographer Advisor Advisor MARY WALKER GLORIASTINE TAYLOR . , GLADYS GIBBS r VICKI ROACH MISS MELVERLINE ARCHIE MISS KATHERINE WILLIAMS MRS. MARVIE FRAZIER MISS ELNORA WIGGINS MR. JAMES F. JORDAN MR. HUGH STEVENS MR. BENJAMIN F. HARPER, JR. MISS BARBARA JONES MRS. M. DINAH CARTER 4-Q-N-A r Ya sag MRRPN M NMR: ,A va jf, z A ,,,. -y 4 S. -F xx A ' X X X '. 1. xi . ' , :sn N- 1, . ' N 2 ., --V"v I fi L A ix as v V xl , ,wi if X 3 gm -X . X y X , A: K , , , K, , X , . X It X Q ii U I ' A It ,mngggig . if 3 4 0 J . MM Q ' ff., 'fx ,, LN, ,L Q X , -wx 2 Xf ' ' I , f ,,,, Q ' f WWw,w,.4Z4, 5 2 . ? . - g X nw . fx 14, : , '. 7' .MN Q. Q 1 aww- .X-5 1 , . . .4 ":., Li", f. wf,,'f, A , v-,,,-, wg VF: . M 'f"90 t., ... ..,, ,R vw K 1-Q4 1 1 5 2 -A ,Ls sw' -. X .rv 4 uf 5 10-4, I?: K? 41' A fi lf X f. My "mam, 4 - 5 Q x PATRONS SQXXXXXXXXNMNN E noun "nh, W if x "-.60 7 N : 3 4 4 5 Q: - 4 as aw 53. ,FQ 2 Ziff 6.85 0"...'? t .."'00nooO0'... .5 5 o r W 5 "n, Wluaso N' ss NN NXXXkXxxxxxXN"+ . OF 103 UTIJCA I UNIOR COLLEGE For +I'Ie Smarfesi' Equipmenf for . Beauiy and Barber Supply e?7'lf0 :fay fnc. See f CCNIC S BEAUTY 8 A I BARBER SUPPLY JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI 6I5 N. FGAFISII SI. Jackson, Miss Phone: FI. 3-3266 CQIVIPLIIVIENTS I i - .i O Mfff0F CRYSTAL SPRINGS, MISSISSIPPI PHOT0 COMPANY Box asa 5I3 EGSI CGDIIOI S+- JGCISOV1. MISS- Priniing-PI'Io+ography-Office Supplies CAMERAS PHGTO SUPPLIES FINISHING N ewsoaner Mail Orders inviied gfu6LarJ Gfzevrofef Gompany, fa! fanp -nlfnnnp flqa lon i "You'II be AH EAD with . CHEVROLET!" Il,- M2,':7Y',,.....f V 1 UTICA, MISSISSIPPI Sales 8: Service Phone 376' COHRON'S I ED'S Auro FURNITURE 81 APPLIANCES Telephone 885-5555! Urica, Mississippi See us for all your furni'rure and appli- ances. From living room I'I1rougI1 your kiI'cI1en we can supply your needs. INSTALLATION AND SERVICE EASY PAYMENT PLANS RERAIR SHOP General Repairs-Cars 81 Trucks Welding-Wheel Balancing-Fron+ End AIignmen+-Dyna-Vision Mo+or Analysis M.V.l. Slalion No. 7I Teleplwone 885-4642 P.O. Box 282 Ulrica, Mississippi ED MQGRIGGS, Owner COMPLIMENTS OF Gordon and Mary Simmons SIMMONS REXALL DRUG STORE WHERE IT IS ALWAYS A PLEASURE TO SERVE YOU Telephone 885-538I Ulica, Mississippi SEALE-LILY ICE CREAM COMPANY ,cf :nun ssafesar P. o. sox 552 JACKSON 5 MISSISSIPP CARRAWAY AUTO PARTS AUTOMOTIVE AND TRACTOR PARTS HOME LITE CHAIN SAWS Telephone 885-4451 UTICA MISSISSIPPI CARRAWAY AUTO PARTS AUTOMOTIVE AND TRACTOR PARTS HOME LITE CHAIN SAWS Phone FL 3-2835 SOI3 I-I ghway 80 W. JACKSON IVIISS. ELECTRIC POWER IS ONE OF THE RURAL AREA'S GREATEST ASSETS SouruwEg'?IIsslsbTPP1 Pnor-as 2521 PORT GIBSON LORMAN, MISSISSIPPI Serving Rural Members in HINDS ' COPIAH ' CLAIBORNE ' LINCOLN ' JEFFERSON ' AMITE ' ADAMS ' WILKINSON AND FRANKLIN COUNTIES HINDS COUNTY PATRQNIZE COOPERATIVE IAALI seed reed Ferfilizer SUR Raymond-Phone 857f266' ADVERTISERS Ufica-Phone 885-5602 Jackson-FL 4-537 I Large enough lo serueg BENSON PRINTING CO N h ll . . . Not too large to know y i W N 1 ll

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