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V 1 i J v Q O 53:4-.All 5 .-, ..f,f W ,,5,..f'1' H n 'H THE 1962 UTICA JUNIOR COLLEGE UTICA, MISSISSIPPI 'I-WIDSIJUNIOR COLLEGE me T I United and Growing United and Growing Trained and Cultured XX 1' X R 5 ALT- ...- if " q"" x "' xx Trained and 1 s W E ultured xx Ur?-f 'gxa .,, XXX .1,,, , "1" 2' , - 3. 1- x,. -m::,,ml 1 g a 1 g rvahnr. -lib ' 'Y . -..-.gssN'1Anf4-vena.-n l , -+3-"2-T.2l':2'22:'2 -,sN,.s,---.,- -. ,sua-ag, '- r-. -Q.--b,- ,,sNs5---- gA14,4 A ul I 1' l 'F K' Hi? 11 Ahltzggg, Ulm pw 4' ...,, lf: 5 I qjn,'uN'.5- ', - x 'v X 1 Interes in tudies A" ,W , I 1, , 1 TS. A 114 'r - .li . F , z Q K x,. ,f-45 4-4. gan. ,'--k. 4' . ,xi r.,' -in ma A fr If 3:43 'ix' K A . ' ff , A 'uf' . , .., J-,,-ilk'---,guys g,,.,4-ukbkgl 7,4 , , . . . ,1.. ,,- 1 - 'f':',ffi5', "t'f'?1-- 1 f- ' -'H-ww-1. -.yn . -1 D fan:-ef'f:.'?'QJ,, 14131-gf sg f ffvw n.1,IQ.g' -2 J5'..."'?':,"'r sgf' , 'f".,. .ff'1,-., 312 , 313,-'.2,ff,,L4, "ff-11-14 J rv. '-.r:'. -C'Tf5v 'im'-'Rf !-,: -'-fran-' 'x..'.,..'- '-- .r Courteous to Every0l'16 -- - ll mm 1,1 'I S ' Q I 8 If ur lillllllll llf lllfllv W1 I Z i 1 4 Efnvf Courteous to Everyone N' l 9 ,rw Always a Credit to Utica ii li Q Q55 la Always a Credit to Utica 4 I K. . +A' jmf " f' file: N LJ MW- ",xf'J-'W ' J ppp, R K , Q, f - ,,,:w-Hi ' . j ,-1.- . ,vg1'-ph-3, -'- 5 , ,V Hr 1 THE SCHOOL --9 --:+ --5 ADMINISTRATION TRUSTEES Mr. F. M. Greaves President Mr. J. E. Aldridge Secretary Mr. G. M. lVIcLe11clon Consultant Mr W. D. Lowe Mr. Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr. Mr Mr M 1' M r M 1' H. H. Davis J. W. McKewen George Morgan E. R. Izard Robert Mayo Clyde Graves SUPERVISORS Dan Ferguson, Jr Tom Virden L. J. Beasley M. Hubbard E. F. Reagan l,. x x 'S Q N 4 The President X x X I f - :.'.... .PS WALTER WASHINGTON, AB., M.S., Ed.S. The President's Message I should like to congratulate the Annual Staff and its advisors for the 1961-62 UTICANITE, the school annual. This is a pictorial review of the opportunities that are provided for the con- tinuous growth and development of the young men and women who are enrolled here. It expresses the rapid gowth of the Junior College and the new oppor- tunities that this rapid growth has brought to both the faculty and students. Utica Junior College is a subject-matter-centered college. The major em- phasis is on classroom teaching. Students who come from this academic program are equipped to transfer after the two-year program to the senior colleges of the State without difficulty. The Terminal Program has attracted great interest since it was started in 1960. This program will enable young men and women who are not interested in transferring to senior college to take a variety of terminal trades, the com- pletion of which will enable them to go directly into gainful employment. We consider this a very important extension in our school offerings. With these expanding opportunities, plus a group of dedicated and well-trained faculty members, Utica Junior College is rapidly moving to a position where it can be a most positive influence in the lives of both the students and the community. We hope that everyone who will read this annual will get an insight into the college that has meant so much, to so many, so long, in the Utica Junior College district. Very truly yours, WALTER WASHINGTON 15 The Dearfs Message My dear Friends, We are sure that in years to come, when the facts are reviewed for the compi- lation of the history of our beloved Utica Junior College, the 1962 UTICANITE will play an important role. May the memories of your long hours of work, play and study here at Utica Junior College lead you to lofty heights and guide you to successful lives. To the hard-working staff of the 1962 UTICANITE, we say thanks for a job performed so well. May the joy and admiration that you deserve come to you through the appreciation and satisfaction of all who read this book. Very truly yours, GEORGE A. JOHNSON i X GEORGE A. JOHNSON, DEAN, B.A., M.s. 1 6 MR. ROBERT J. ANTHONY B.S., M.S., M.S. Ed. College Biology MISS MELVERLINE ARCHIE B.S. High School Biology MR. BERNIS BARNES B.S. College Mathematics MR. PRINCE B. BOSTON B.S. Auto Mechanics MISS JO LOUISE BROWN B.S. Secretary to Business Manager MISS EDDIE BELLE BULLY A.B. High School English MR. JAMES BYRDSONG A.B. College English MRS. ALLENE CAIN B.S. Home Economics MR. WILFORD DELAPER A.B., M.A. College Social Studies MRS. MAGGIE B. DUNSON A.B., M.A. College English MR. CLARENCE EWELL A.B. High School History MR. JOHN FLEMINGS B.S. Brickmasonry MR. JOHNNY HALSELL B.S., M.S. College Mathematics MR. BENJAMIN HARPER B.S., M.S. College Science MRS. ERMA J. HAWKINS A.B. Secretary to President 9' f if I. '.j wr ' i V I ' QP 2 I 4 " is Q' J! ,I .fn I -X 905' MR. BOBBY HENDERSON B.S. Trades Coordinator MR. CHARLES G. HILL B.S. High School Mathematics MRS. ALICE HOWARD Cosmetology MR. WALTER HUTCHINS B.S., M.S. Agriculture MRS. ANNIE A. JACKSON B.S. Home Economics MISS JESSIE M. JAMES Secretary to Dean MR. BENJAMIN JOHNSON B.S. Physical Education MRS. RUTH B. JOHNSON A.B. College English MR. ARTHUR KINNARD A.B. College Social Studies MRS. OUIDA KINNARD A.B. Music MR. LOUIS L. LEE B.S. Band Director MRS. EMMA J. MCAFEE B.S. Physical Education MR. LINBERG MOORE B.S. Industrial Arts MR. JOHN W. OWENS B.S., M.S. Agriculture MR. CLEVELAND PAGE A.B. Choir Director MR. MARK C. NICHOLS B.S. Bookkeeper MRS. GLORIA PAIGE A.B. Registrar MR. RODERICK PAIGE B.S. Physical Education MR. CHARLES PICKETT B.S. High School Mathematics MR. SAMUEL RICHARDSON Barbering MR. ARTHUR RIDDLE B. S. High School Chemistry MR. OTHO ROBERTS B.S. College Social Studies MISS FORRESTINE SEIFERTH A.B. High School English MRS. BOBBIE SMITH A.B. Librarian MR. HUGH STEVENS B.S. Art MR. J. LOUIS STOKES B.S. Business Manager MRS. ELLESTENE TURNER A.B., M.S. Counselor MRS. CAROLYN WASHINGTON B.S., M.S. Home Economics MISS ELNORA WIGGINS B.S. Secretarial Training MISS KATHERINE WILLIAMS A.B. High School History ,oe 4+ 19 Sag.,-. J 5 " U " YS J . . 1 P l E 1 E ,Q In ,' ,- g A , 5 .X 2 .A -fm W.. lg i , gsm qi l X . . ., -' ,ff ,Q ' 1 5 If gf, S A, A Q . V :,,,,: : i Q. n Q XM-:EQ . f ' Q - a if . KM!" . 2 , ' ff ...fsf"K 1 ' 'A .A I 3 4' 4 ' sg I a fy" R ' G 9' ,f A 3' X . . of la, X' - l NP A N., ' J --. s .. A , ' . .Q 'f . . V: fvf : ' V . ' , ,ffl ,A fi" r , 0 ' V I v o, . Q al fe X no W All , Q , me ff 5539? i f Left to right, Standing: Mr. Thomas E. Crisler, helper in the dining hall, Mrs. Juanita Brown, B.S. degree, dietitian, Mrs. Mary Rogers, cookg Mrs. Beulah Taylor, maintenance, Mrs. Mattie Fultz, cookg Mrs. Ruby Moody, cook. Sitting: Mr. Lovest McGrigg, head mechanic, Mrs. Carrie Williams, clerk in the grillg Mrs. Eula Newton, postal clerk, Mr. Dallas Paige, maintenance, and Mr. George Ellis, mechanics. Not Pictured: Mr. Levi Rogers, buildings and groundg Mr. Roy Snow, buildings and ground, and Mr. Ionae Ross, assistant mechanic. 'LO ---:+ ---9 --5 CLASSES En lish 7.2 """"'-vu-'llf" Figures And More Mathematics M! ' . 17' Q i I 4 X X 7-3 Figvres Figures Science F 1 :qt ---r Experimentations . . . 'QA And Demonstrations . . . Science Students Learn Through: Qnz,sw5k..:rf:n Observations ii' in I tif Sf one Qcfii .2gg,' 225555, -Luv, 0 e I In Q' ...K Social Science . Allgf Y XX - v . v 971. 25 UP Physical Education AtEa seuoo 7.6 Welding Trades lllllll Laying Bricks 'il 1' w-',,.,. 7-7 Measuring L Sawing.. ' -s Q iz 1 7,51 if Pgfflz 1 ig ww! 'G' 65 Home Economlcs 951 , it ' J M f i ,T-' 1 gy. , 3, 7.8 Cutting . . . Barbering and Cosmetology ul Styling Manicuring . . . sl, .sig 29 J.. 0 . X 5 , M H , , I A 9 'Z' gf' QS3 ' ,QI Q ,plz sa V N ---a+ --:+ --9 ACTIVITIES GIRLS: Players: ELSIE KIRKLAND STELLA EDWARDS ANNIE L. BOLDEN ERNESTINE SMITH CARRIE COOPER VICTORIA MORELAND CHRISTINE WOODS JOHNNY TERRELL JULIA JOINER ELOISE MOORE BETTYE YATES DOROTHY PAIGE BOYS: Players: CURTIS BREAUX JAMES JEFFERSON ROY ANDERSON J. W. RICHARDSON CLEVELAND PIPPINS FRED BROWN ROY HILTON HOMER BROWN Utica Utica Utica Utica Utica Utica Utica Utica Utica Utica Utica Utica Utica Basketball tatistics 92 66 85 94 70 64 63 78 68 77 73 78 70 Points: 18.6 15.0 14.6 12.1 10.4 4.0 6.6 2.5 -one-nu..-fu .--a FOR THE FIRST 13 GAMES Total points: Average per game: WON LOST 7 4 Total points: Rebounds: 242 196 161 145 73 28 86 33 Campbell Campbell . .Shorter .Okolona .Prentiss . . .Harris . .Shorter . . .Harris Coahoma .Prentiss .Natchez . . . .Mary Holmes . Natchez 99 76 73 89 54 73 57 62 83 75 83 59 75 Total 77 144 83 42 26 106 41 6 a :UPL , Q' V mv- "4" MEMBERS OF THE TEAM Left to right, standing: Margaret Broome ftrainerj, Earnestine Smith, Julia Joiner, Dorothy Paige, Eloise Moore, Victoria Moreland, Stella Edwards, Johnnie Terrell, Carrie Cooper, Dorothy Harris, Christine Woods, and Betty Yates. Left to right, Kneeling: Annie Laura Bolden, and Elsie Kirkland. Coach: Mrs. Emma McAfee, ELSIE KIRKLAND ANNIE LAURA BOLDEN C0-Captain Captain L ,4- 1 7 gm -A v K S, -,4n,,,...-m----" """"w....---f" .w BOLDEN CHECKS KIRKLAND . . . JUMP BALL . . . THE MASKED BANDIT CBREAUXJ DRIVE FOR TWO . . . PIPPINS SHOOTS A FREE THROW UP GOES KIRKLAND . . . LOOK OUT, KILLER, , , , ZW' 35 P 'rw V , -nw""""' Standing, left to right: J. W. Richardson, James Jefferson, Rob- ert Powell, Roy Hilton, Roy Anderson, John Whitler, Robert Mack, Edward Johnson Ctrainerj. Kneeling, left to right: Cleveland Pippins, Charlie Bracy, Curtis Breaux, Douglas Posey, Homer Brown, Fred Brown, V 'annum RODERICK PAIGE Coach .AX TIP-OFF TIME 'kyl S BREAUX SHOOTS FOR TWO Yu' N ' f A A , - I F 01' . t - ' ,f N I Y . ' W1 CKFZCYIA D l " Www ff "Ml 'e A - S 6' llmfrfoo 'Ill I l s o ' -7 'W'-3' iw, U' ws, U ' " ' TWT' 7' s 'll ' , IVE J ra are M IW flgffzf. 'L 'ff f X IV .IW ' Wie " ' N I " , o ' nie ff , il .rl I I . in wiki . -Tw A ,A .' 4 . LE, fy U v I f A ,M L' U 5 I Y ifsff E f , pf x sg, , X , 1 2 ' as ia? , x -N. ff w it Ta 'W EX Fl-Q .-'w,.', 'N ,, 4. . A WJ? . Z, l.r..' .I . ,- , 4 sg' ,, J ...if qu: A,.'44,.R,q. . Af .aa or Auf?--1.-'H '5If..aia'f H Nw, ,rx z 4--gg. 'N ' EffifM':'b Sitting CLeft to rightjz Edward Johnson, Leroy Henderson, Oscar Perry, Eddie Jackson, John Weston, Johnny Course, Herbert Duncan. Standing: Leonard Moore, Alfonzo Moore, James Thompas, Roy Hilton, Selmon Whitaker, John Morgan, Campbell David, Willie Paige, Eugene Bell, James Todd. Football Squad Line: fLeft to right, RE -Alfonzo Moore RT -Roy Hilton RG-Leonard Moore E-David Campbell LG-Eddie Jackson' LT -Selmon Whitaker LE -Herbert Duncan Backs: fLeft to rightj RH-Eugene Bell FB -Oscar Perry LH -Edward Johnson QB-Leroy Henderson ' .. z vn f K ... .Y-"H 'N FPO svn A 1 R 3. ,- M ' J F R 44 . .. X ' . ,Q .Mau 4. . ',.f ,abr , : ' , . Q 1 ' Esta- '." 'mf Uh, f ' -' -f-"L 1 ,'f 1. ' ' ' - ' ,. " ., . x k . , .. It f- . ' , '- X 5 4' W' ' ' .,'v7 -,.. g I 1 if-I .gi D . . ,, .A K . ' V 5 Y . 2 I .2 fl '4'f:"2U'1:': " 'wg il' 'A " "-:iii 'B 'Jn . Q A -AAL", 1 ' f . img' fe 'ww Q- 23.3 Q .5 tn. "' 2 v n- 5 5 fi 1 V' 1'5- A.: V! .- wg ' 2 - . 'T 4 f..- J 41. .ahalx JYW BULLDOGS IN ACFION AGAINST PINEY WOODS . iuknu mm:..a..a,4.,- THE BULLDOG S STARTING ELEVEN . fF"?f "1 yn .l , 5 .S-4. -'Q ' .-' - . 4.- 4 H A. 3 n n ' xx.. .sr-, .. - -- . .- -. , ,,, .. , 4 T. . A , , , ., - M - . h.. , ,. v v - M- , i , . I AL si! V --1- - g. . . I., V. x- . 1 . uf v '4 '- ,-. .v--.7 'f-'fry -" V .4 .f' ' - K. " 1 X.-A-,v 'EH ..,'ff .--. -- Q ff" f.. -", ,,"f. Q .- 1 ,- 5 . 3,-Fi. .. i rf U ,f-. " s., '.w'., . ,-gl" f" Q ft" . ', 4 - y , N, 94.4. 1- - -. -, ,- -'f-lf, , -' ' . 'ii -- 'J if K fN"""4- -' 2 - .. s . ' ,- .. ' 'L - - A V Af tr .' 'F' --'1 -, --'rip'--21-,',..'.-1 '. -"3 if .15 ', .. ff " '5 . U- 'mf "' in '-K "1 1' f . K. -' sd . L. ,ur 57 5 ,- , ' .gg - , , Q x .. A . . 4. ' . m ' .L-1 , v- 1. - . L. ' ,qu . 4- N - .U .. 1,L,.,-. . f- 1 - ,. .fn-.zrs , , . ,. . .- . A- -4 - Q , 1 . - - - - Q- n .,-- - - A 1 . -4: W A.'.-.-1, V -v-' '+- 2. . -' f 1,'.!'f,l ' , . i,,, ' ' - f ' ,.f3If'Sv,1' ' PIA " 01.-.1 " ' .. 'I SL fn 1 ' 1 ,'P".' -' ' 7 . I ' fl, .QV"'7,,f . .gr A ' - W1 ' ,, ' +A-w-v.. . . 1 1 Q. : ,r' - ,J , - LM, '14 .'-.wr A 5 'Ri' lvl ' - -"Q-32.-"I -.5 '- 'ul - ' T 'A '-I3 0 "4 "K" ' ,V 'wi fx V- - ' x P ' . I. 'V' ' - za.: f if! -'31 ,..f,:,-- ,C-'m'I4 uh!" " V+ -- ,.? ., --ww e if .s-v- N 39 OFFICERS Bettie G. Littles President Howard Burrell Vice-President Maggie R. Johnson Secretary Christine Woods Assistant Secretary Beatrice Paige Treasurer Robert Louis Brown Business Manager Advisors Mr. Arthur Kinnard Mr. Robert Anthony OFFICERS Velma Higgins President Rosie Knox Vice-President Narvell Burks Secretary Jessie Burks Assistant Secretary Earnestine Burks Reporter Advisor Mrs. Bobbie Smith OFFICERS Ernest Dorsey President Mary Terry Secretary Robert Brown Treasurer Ruth Moody Business Manager Mr. James Byrdsong Sponsor OFFICERS Robert Brown President Bobbie J. Luckett Secretary Christine Smith Assistant Secretary Rebecca Langdon Treasurer Bessie McDonald Chaplain Bertha D. Dixon Edna Davis Reporters Roosevelt Mitchner Business Manager Mrs. Maggie B. Dunson Advisor 66 ' 99 The Thesplans Speech Club 41 W -li 1,4245 -. .4 History Club . .1 French Club f' ' if IW! f El 47. Tom Marshall George Mason Essie B. Thomas Willie B. Ferguson Phalia Knox Booker T. Stamps Marcella Clark Willena Carson Ruth Young Myra Ferguson Dorothy Boyd Ora Brown Cassandra Newman Teresia Moore Leonard Mclnnis Eugene Frazier Ma.ry Walker Goldia Moffett Lottie Bowman Elsie Kirkland Advisor lVIr. Clarence Ewell 'OFFICERS Mary Beecham President Willie Kinnard V ice-President Dorothy Boyd Secretary Betty Winters Assistant Secretary Cassandra Newman Treasurer Clifton Marshall Sergeant-at-Arms Carrie Cooper Reporter Advisor Miss Eddie B. Bully Director Mr. Louis Edward Leon Lee '-' OFFICERS Archie Singleton President Walter Catchings Vice-President Johnnie Randall Secretary Audrey Powell Treasurer Mr. Cleveland Page Director Mrs. Ouida Kinnard Accompanist N. H.A ,V , , WG , .uri -K N. F. . OFFICERS Arna Sanders President Charlesetta Eatmon Vice-President J urist Lee Craft Secretary Percy Higgins Assistant Secretary Marie Wilcher Treasurer Sarah Craft Sergeant at Arms Annie Lou Crump Chaplain Advisors Mrs. Carolyn Washington Mrs. Allene Cain Mrs. Annie A. Jackson OFFICERS Mims Dixon President Carl L. Winters Vice-President James Redfield Secretary Leonard Mclnnis Assistant Secretary Dallas Wilson Treasurer Leroy Stokes Reporter Willie B. Ferguson Parliamentarian V Advisors J. W. Owens Walter Hutchins Advisor Mrs. A. D. Cain OFFICERS Steward Thomas President Anna R. Yates Vice-President Lottie Mary Williams Assistant Secretary Verna J. Byrd Treasurer Glenn Homes Chaplain Wilbert Moore Reporter Advisors Mrs. Alice Howard Mr. John Flernings Hi-Y Tri Hi-Y OFFICERS Howard Burrell President Allen Moncure Vice-President Roosevelt Dixon Secretary Merrell Davis Assistant Secretary John L. Davis Treasurer Willie Ferguson Reporter Thomas E. Allen Chaplain Robert Mack Sergeant-at-Arms Mr. A. Kinnard Advisor OFFICERS Rita Gettis President Vera Divinity Vice-President Virginia Harper Secretary Arna Sanders Assistant Secretary Mary Helen Milton Treasurer Mrs. Annie A. Jackson Advisor Advisor Miss Eddie Belle Bully OFFICERS Lawrence McPherson Editor-in-Chief Douglas Posey Co-Editor Rebecca Langdon Secretary and Artist Ben Hayes Marshall Business Manager Typists Rose Mary Green Roberta Prentiss Emma Lean Davis Advisor Mrs. Maggie Dunson gh. S xxx 15 in N if ' 5 L .4 1 2 ,nv Q 5 V. .A J .-,:. M yn - ,. -,Y . ' 44 5 . 5 ij. -' X ' X i . . . . I , X I I 1 , , SF Nm., f,,,......Lff , 4,1 . K Q i ,x I , . E . .NJ Q 9 , , , . v V.. 'N I W wx ' if X J 5 n . I Q 4 0 -I 1 ,e It I f as M, 'al 49 The Features Utica Junior College features some of the loveliest girls in our state. Not only are we featuring girls who have won rec- ognition on our campus but they have also won local acclaim. We feature Miss Utica Junior College, our ideal gracious belle, full of love for her schoolg Miss Homecoming, the in- carnation of an industrious young ladyg President of the Stu- dent Council: Miss May Queeng Miss March of Dimesg the ive girls chosen as favorites on campusg and Miss May Queen of 1960. f glllefgfl Llllld MISS UTICA JUNIOR COLLEGE 50 'Elf f-. I 4 . K- -6 , 3:55, YQ jv- Q Q 've-Y' Af' Q iM nnie womlaaon HOMECOMING QUEEN 51 'J vi ada Effie cliff!! PRESIDENT OF THE STUDENT COUNCIL ix , , 5 1' mar: Sadie poginfion MISS MAY QUEEN 'N ifizi .Silva Ga f MISS MARCH OF DIMES F. -nie M dw fwimb X 41005 ' "' at 1 Miss Freshman Lovely and vivacious Miss Velma Guynes hails from Clinton, Mis- sissippi. She is a graduate of Sumner Hill High School. While at Sumner Hill, she was a mem- ber of these organizations: Stu- dent Council, Dramatic Club, New Homemakers of America, Dance Troupe, Honor's Club, Fashion Model for the March of Dimes, and first runner-up for MISS HOMECOMING. One can easily see that VIVACIOUS is the word for Miss Freshman, Velma Guynes. 1 L 1'-" ,pn-"' ..v---- Miss Sophomore ,x.. L In gh S iv?-J Miss Ionae Divinity, a graduate of Hinds County Agriculture High School, is a member of the sophomore college class. During Miss Divinity's high school ca- reer, she was a member of the Tri-Hi-Y, New Homemakers of America, and the Usher Club. Now she works diligently in her class. For this and many other reasons, she captured the title, "Miss Sophomore." CM? Miss Junior The charming Miss Beverly Da- vis ably represented her city, Utica, as MISS JABBERWOCK of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority in 1960. In 1961 she was chosen as SWEETHEART OF THE YACHT CLUB and first run- ner-up for MISS HOMECOM- ING. She was also a contestant in MISS MISSISSIPPI BEAUTY PAGEANT. Miss Davis is an honor student. She is a member of the junior class, the French Club, and the Uticanite Staff. Miss Senior Miss Betty Winters of Utica, Mississippi, represents her class as MISS SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL. Since her matricula- tion at Utica, she has maintained a "B" average. Miss Winters has held various positions in different clubs. Presently she is a member of the Uticanite Staff, French Club, New Homemakers of America, and the Usher Club. ,- l KX Miss Sophomore High School Miss Mary Ella Myricks comes from Carver Junior High School, Raymond, Mississippi. As a tenth grade student, she has shown promising ability. She is an Honor Roll student. Among her other titles are class chaplain, a member of the Tri-Hi-Y, Uti- canite Staff, and the New Home- makers of America Club. Miss May ueen 1960 Miss Ruby Mason, a high school' senior from Raymond, Missis- sippi, won the title MISS MAY QUEEN in 1960. Since that time her stay here at Utica has been an exciting one. Miss Mason plans to enter Utica Junior Col- lege next fall. Her ambition is to become a history teacher. She is a member of the Science Club and the French Club. W ...pzlfg H' - 5 . XA .1 . 'Z N ,K 5 I N 'gn 1 -...n........ ....,... , Av!! c ,ff7 ui FN , IF" ,M X 'x XXV 5 I' E X' , fig 'C 6 , iimxi V Q..-.--.f-f Q -qu-" 2 'X - Wag' 4 1. M-fk M...L..11 ' mi K W.-ff 4-alex S +5 'uni 1 , 5- 5gf.v4'z.5g1. fill, ,X L ww- ff ,, 4 --9 --5 --P PEOPLE OFFICERS BURNETT J OINER President J OHNNIE PHILLIPS Vice-President BERTHA DIXON Secretary EDNA HOLLIS Assistant Secretary CLEVELAND PIPPENS Treasurer OCEAL ALLEN Edwards, Miss. Speech Club ROY ANDERSON Stateline, Miss. Speech Club, Basketball CHARLES BAILEY Rollingfork, Miss. Speech Club, Football ALBERT BANKS Hazlehurst, Miss. Speech Club, Science Club, Football ARTIMEASE BANKSTON Terry, Miss. ALICE BARBER Jackson, Miss. Choir College Sophomores fi 'Vs 1' i 60 HERBERT BARDEN Hazlehurst, Miss. Science Club MANDY RUTH BATTS Jackson, Niiss. Speech Club ALLEN BERRY Crystal Springs, Miss. Voc-Tech Club HELEN BLUE Jackson, Miss, Dramatic Club ANNIE BOLDEN Jackson, Miss. Speech Club, Basketball CURTIS BREAUX Kankakee, Ill. Dramatic Club, Basketball JOYCE BRENT Crystal Springs, Miss. RUBY BRENT Crystal Springs, Miss. MELVIN BRITTON Jackson, Miss. Band HOMER BROWN Jackson, Miss. Football, Basketball FRED BROWN Madison, Miss. SAM BROWN Hazlehurst, Miss. MARY BURKS Edwards, Miss. Library Club, Speech Club NARBELL BURKS Edwards, Miss. LILLIAN BURNS Raymond, Miss. Dance Troupe EARNESTINE BURRELL Herrnanville, Miss. JESSIE BURRELL Hermanville, Miss. JOHN CALHOUN Jackson, Miss. Speech Club, Basketball BILLY CAMPBELL Jackson, Miss. Speech Club, Annual Staff IONIA CARTER Bolton, Miss. ALBERTA CATCHING Hazlehurst, Miss. Drarnatics MINNIE CHAMBERS Edwards, Miss. MAUDE CHEATI-IAM Jackson, Miss. Science Club, Choir JOSIE CHISM Hazlehurst, Miss. Speech Club MARGARET CLARK Jackson. Miss. Voc-Tech Club ANDREW COLE Jackson, Miss. GENEVIA COLE Raymond, Miss. MILDRED COOPER Utica, Miss. VINNIE COOPER Jackson, Miss. ODELL CORLEY Hazlehurst, Miss. IDA CRAFT Jackson, Miss. Speech Club SHIRLEY DANIELS Hazlehurst, Miss. Speech Club C rrmcz QSM DAVIS Utica, Miss. Majorette SUZETTE DENTON Bolton, Miss. IONAE DIVINITY Utica, Miss. BERTHA DIXON Jackson, Miss. Speech Club, Annual Staff, Cheerleader ETHERINE DIXON Utica, Miss. Paper Staff, Speech Club BOBBIE DOBSON Jackson, Miss. Speech,Club ERNEST DORSEY Hazlehurst, Miss. Dramatics, Student Council HERBERT DUNCAN Tuscaloosa, Alabama fl! ,fa 75- 'C' 61 V Vila sm.. A9 'R Q s I J 0 M Kin ' 'C' Nl fv- ,Vx 'Vx Q1 F-Q-Ai .lf I i'r' 1'-bn, it ID F... X S I Aa, fag . rf 'Wx SI BOBBIE FIELDS Terry, Miss. Speech Club FLORINE FIELDS Terry, Miss. Speech Club BERTI-IA FLOYD Crystal Springs, Miss. Speech Club CHARLES FOSTER Jackson, Miss. ARNETT GARRETT Jackson, Miss. SHIRLEY GOOD Jackson, Miss. ROSEMARY GREEN Vicksburg, Miss. PEARLEAN GRIFFIN Raymond, Miss. ARCHIE HARRIS Jackson, Miss. ARTELL HARVEY Bolton, Miss. VELMA HIGGINS Utica, Miss. GWENDOLYN HILL Hazlehurst, Miss. ROY HILTON Hazlehurst, Miss. EDNA HOLLIS Terry, Miss. TOMMIE HUGGINS Jackson, Miss. EDNA HUGHES Jackson, Miss. MARVIN HUGHES Jackson, Miss. PAULINE HULITT St. Thomas, Miss. DELORIS HURD Jackson, Miss. Speech Club Annual Staff Cheerleader LLOYD IVY Jackson, Miss. Band ANNIE JACOB Jackson, Miss. Speech Club, Library Club JAMES JEFFERSON Pasenda, Calif. Speech Club, Basketball EMANUEL JOHNSON Edwards, Miss. Speech Club, Science Club FRANCIS JOHNSON Wesson, Miss. Speech Club MAGGIE JOHNSON Utica, Miss. Student Council, Speech Club, Choir ROBERT JOHNSON Wesson, Miss. BURNETT JOINER Raymond, Miss. Class President, Bus Driver BILLY JONES Hazlehurst, Miss. Football, Speech Club GEORGE JONES Terry, Miss. STERLING JONES Hazlehurst, Miss. Speech Club, Football RICHARD JURDEN Jackson, Miss. Speech Club, Football DONALD KILLINGWORTH Hazlehurst, Miss. Speech Club, Football ROBERT KILLINGSWORTH Hazlehurst, Miss. Speech Club, Football ROSIE KNOXS Edwards, Miss. Library Club, Speech CLYDE LAWS Edwards, Miss. Speech Club, Miss UJC, Paper Staff REBBECCA LANGDON Utica, Miss. JAMES LEE Jackson, Miss. Speech Club, Band WILLIE LEE Centerville, Miss. BOBBIE LEWIS Jackson, Miss. Choir BETTIE LI'I'I'LES Hazlehurst, Miss. President of Student Council, Speech Club JUN Q i. 4'-' Aw Dx -P59 S.. 'ES' L ww' if xl i. -45. 955 f'S .3-M -i"" -og-b IU? ffi 65 IU' ROBERT LITTLES Hazlchurst, Miss. Football, Speech Club JIMMYE LONIE Jackson, Miss. Speech Club BOBBIE LUCKETT Jackson, Choir, Secretary Speech Club CONNIE LYNCH Hazlchurst, Miss. EMMA MALLETT Eclwarcls, Miss. Speech Club DORA MANUAL Jackson, Miss. Cheerleader, Annual Staff VERONICA MCCELLIS Jackson, Miss, Speech Club MAGGIE MCCLENTY Jackson. Miss. Speech Club BESSIE MCDONALD Jackson, Miss. Speech Club Officer, Class Officer, Choir LAWERNCE MCPHERSON Utica. Miss. Paper Staff, Speech Club GEORGIE MIMS Hazlehurst, Miss. Speech Club BOBBIE MINER Jackson, Miss. Speech Club ROOSEVELT MITCHNER Jackson, Miss. Speech Club, Football RUTH MOODY Edwards, Miss. Speech Club, Dramatic Club L. C. MORRIS Jackson, Miss. Bus Driver AGNES NEAL Carlisle, Miss. Speech Club OSCAR NEWTON Crystal Springs, Miss. DOROTHY PAIGE Utica, Miss. Basketball ROBERT PATTERSON Centerville, Miss. Football OSCAR PAULING Utica, Miss. CHARLES RAY PHILLIPS Madison, Miss. Voc.-Tech Club ERMIA PHILLIPS Edwards, Miss. Majorette, Dance Troupe JOHNNIE M. PHILLIPS Jackson, Miss. Class Officer, Speech Club CLEVELAND PIPPINS Jackson, Miss. Class Officer, Speech Club DOUGLAS POSEY Centerville, Miss. ROBERTA PRENTIS Vicksburg, Miss. Bulldog Growl Staff BENNIE ROACH Jackson. Miss. ANNIE ROBINSON Utica, Miss. PERCY MAE ROBINSON Raymond, Miss. Speech Club, Library Club DAN ROSS, JR. Jackson, Miss. Speech Club JOHNNY LEE ROSS Jackson, Miss. Speech Club HAZEL SANDERS Hazlehurst, Miss. Dramatic Club ALBERTEEN SHERIFF Jackson, Miss. Majorette, Speech VERMA SILAS Jackson, Miss. ARCHIE SINGLETON Raymond, Miss. Choir ANNIE BELL SMITH Utica, Miss. Speech Club CHRISTINE SMITH Utica. Miss. Speech Club EARNESTINE SMITH Utica Miss. Basketball, Speech NETTIE SMITH Edwards, Miss. Speech Club MERDIS STAMPS Edwards, Miss. Speech Club cw 2 'Nm V' ...Q s--.vi if fir jx -'fl K' 'tv -'F' 'V' ia... 4-4 L-' 67 1 f'ta1,,, is QQ GERALDINE STOKES Utica. Miss. MARIE TANNER Hazlehurst, Miss. SYLVESTER TERRELL Raymond, Miss. MARY TERRY Crystal Springs, Miss. COPELAND THOMAS Jackson, Miss. EMMA THOMAS Utica, Miss. ANN THOMPSON Bolton, Miss. Speech Club, Miss Homecoming MIRIAN TORRY Utica, Miss. WALTER TRAVIS Jackson, Miss. BETTY ANN TURNER Clinton, Miss. CHARLES WASHINGTON Jackson, Miss. EARNESTINE WATSON Crystal Springs, Miss. VELMA WATSON Bolton, Miss. VILLIAN VVEBSTER Jackson, Miss. Speech Club, Annual Staff ELLOWYNE WELCH Hazlehurst, Miss. SHARON WILLIAMS Jackson, Miss. HAZEL WILLIAMS Utica, Miss. LAVERNE WILLIAMS Utica, Miss. RUBY WILSON Jackson, Miss. MATHREAL WINTERS Jackson, Miss. Speech Club, Band OFFICERS JAMES CRESTWELL President J. P. ALLEN Vice-President JOHNNY ROSS Business Manager OTHA CONWAY Sergeant-At-Arms N K L' ' f 'Q A is Pav'- l 7 jk 'its College Freshmen . ,VN . V yy x gs V, f 'x J. P. ALLEN Edwards, Student Council JOSEPH AMKIN Jackson, ELAINE ANDING Jackson, NELSON ATKINSON Jackson, MAXINE BARNER Hazlehurst, ROBERT BARNER Wesson, Voc. Tech. Club BARBARA BARNES Hazlehurst, Band Q HELEN BEACHAM Edwards, SARAH BELL Jackson, Choir I. V. BERRY Crystal Springs, JULIUS BOARDEN Wesson, J UANITA BRADLEY Utica, Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. , L l L L 1 .0 .:, 'fi FLENOICE BROWN Jackson, Band LEOTHIS BROWN Crystal Springs, Choir NETTIE BROWN Jackson, JAMES BROWN Raymond, Bus Driver JACKIE BUCKHALTER Jackson, LAWRENCE BURKS Jackson, MARY BURNS Raymond, VELMA BRYANT Jackson VELMA BYRD Brookhaven, Beauty Beavers BERNICE CARTER 1 Bolton, WALTER CATCHINGS Jackson, Choir MARY CHISA Hazlehurst, JIMMIE COATES Jackson, JIMIVIIE COLEMAN Jackson, JOHNNY COLEMAN Jackson, ANNIE M. COLLINS Terry, Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss. Miss Miss. Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss MARY BRADY Jackson, J. C. BRAKEFIELD Jackson. ROY L. BRANT Crystal Springs, JOHN BRANSON Jackson, ARLETHA BRANT Jackson. ANDREW BRAXTON Jackson, B. C. BRIDGES Jackson, MARGARET BROOME Utica, Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss 99 isis' 'U' f QV' 69 '76 ,gp m X U 'x.,, lv' I 9' I FREDDIE COLLINS Terry Band OTHO CONWAY History Club Jackson 1 WILLIE COOPER Crystal Springs, VVILBERT CARGIN Jackson, JOHNNY COURSE Jackson, JAMES CRESWELL Jackson, JOYCE DANIELS Jackson, CHRISTINE DAVIS Clinton, ,gms Miss Miss Miss. Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss. ' l ,i I Q - 1 K 'Q i, X S rr 5 Ei ' ' clit ' f""K WV- DOROTHY DAVIS Jackson, TOMMIE DAVIS Hattiesburg, Choir BETTY DENSON Jackson, Library Club EARNEST DEVINE Bolton, MOSBY DIXON Georgetown, WILLIE DONAHUE Jackson 0 EDITH DOTSON BENNIE DURHAM Jackson Bolton STELLA EDWARDS Jackson JURLEAN EVANS Jackson LELA M. FERGUSON Utica ODELL FLAGG Utica JERRY FOSTER Edwards EDWARDS FUNCHESS Jackson, ALVIN GREEN Edwards CAROLYN GREEN Jackson V 1 3 Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss 'VO l. -YU' 4' A. CHRISTINE HARDY Utica SIDNEY HARRIS Carpenter GEORGIA HARRIS ANNIE HARRIS DOROTHY HARRIS Basketball ROSIE HARRIS MAXDELL HARVEY T. L. HARVEY RUBY HENDERSON MARGARET HERRON Choir MARY HIGGINS TRAVIS HILL GLEN HOLMES Bolton Bolton Jackson Bolton Jackson Jackson Jackson, Jackson Jackson Wesson Jackson CAROLYN HORNE Hattiesburg AMANDA HUMPHREY C noir FRENCH JACKSON Jackson J ackson. 7 1 9 Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. CORA GREEN Science Club Jackson, MARY GREEN Jackson, MELVIN GREEN Crystal Springs. Trade Miss. Miss. Miss, MILLER GREEN Jackson, Miss. VELMA GREEN Crystal Springs, Miss SANDRA GRIFFIN Jackson, Miss FLOREE GUSTAVIS Jackson, Miss Science VELMA GUYNES X of 78 'YY Terry, Miss Al fi. sq.. 1 QV' 7 ROBERT JACKSON Jackson, MARY JACOBS Utica SHIRLEY JASPER Jackson SARAH JESSIE Crystal Springs, JOHNNY JOHNSON Clinton, YVONNE JOHNSON Jackson, JULIA JOINER Jackson, CATHERINE JONES Terry, Miss, A Miss Miss. Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss ' 'X n .K , 119 Y A 6 I 4 J' 2 l Q K i lf' , aw ff , ' ,wi . ' 6' ' W Qs , ,V V' in N " , il 6, , I ir 'F ax f 3'?Q uw : .. . . -, A 1 ,K V ix, " rf -' f1y,,a,'i- VT jfffef? Lf. A K. 8 Hg, 15, !, I X A I if -H fly- 1 r M, 'mfg 5 f., H, , vt , 12 4' f g, ,Wm , ,is KK ,g, wi at 4 ,ff ii i fil o 'Ui 47" . 1 I. Wait if 4.- ,ii f 5,1 Q- 42. QQ . J-T-' , . R 5, 3" 1 4' . .. as l' X F I if be 23. "iti'v, fir' ' I ' 'A I QE ., wx is N xx xt? Nl X4 ,,.1r4,. 'QT 1 . Q 2 ., Z I EDWARD JONES Jackson FOREST ANN JONES Jackson MINNIE JORDAN Edwards VIVIAN KELLY Utica JAMES KING WILLIE KNOX HUSTON LOVE HATTIE MAXIE O Wesson Utica Bolton, Bolton ELIZABETH MALLET Edwards PAUL MARBRA Utica CHRISTINE MARSHALL Jackson, WALTER MASON Bolton, BARBARA MASON Carpenter GEORGIA B. MCCLERY Jackson TYRONNE MCCELLIS Jackson BESSIE MCGEE Sontag 9 Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss. Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss. Miss Miss Miss M WILBERT MOORE Trade Jackson, VICTORIA MORELAND Utica, Basketball MARY NAVE Carpenter, ALFRED NELSON Crystal Springs, ANNIE NORMAN Science Club JOMMIE O,QUINN BEATRICE PAIGE Choir MADIE PAIGE Band, Annual Staff MARY PICKETT Crystal Jackson, Jackson, Jackson, Utica, Springs, JESSIE PHILLIPS Jackson, LENA MAE PHILLIPS Utica, WILLIE MAE POPE Utica, AUDREY POWELL Utica, Choir JOHNNIE RANDALL Terry, Choir HELEN REESE Hazlehurst, JULIA RIALS Utica, Beauty Beavers Miss. Miss Miss. Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss '33 vs' RUBY MCKINLEY Edwards, RUCHELL MCNAIR Hazlchurst, ROBERT MILLER Hazlehurst, Band, Science ALMA JEAN MITCHELL Hazlehurst, BARBARA MITCHELL Hazlehurst, CHARLES MITCHELL Jackson ELOIS MOORE Jackson Basketball WALKER MOORE Jackson 7 Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss. Miss , . JUN -'x 'X ., 24 . a Q gg' gn, ' -. 5255113 ' - X 1, , tp 5, iii,- ,..,f:555E1-Qii , ' ff. ' t is M Us I -I J. W. RICHARDSON Edwards Basketball GENEVIA ROBERTS Utica, Bulldog Growl EARNESTINE ROBINSON Crystal Springs Beauty Beavers FRANK ROBINSON Edwards SHIRLEY ROBINSON Terry ROSIE ROBINSON Jackson JOHNNY ROSS Utica Band J OSEPHIN E RUNNELS Jackson, 1 9 Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss Miss Miss Miss. Miss fn, ? I .3 Q. S i ai - il,- . , Lu., fix lx ,DQ MARY J . SAMPSON Raymond JOHN SANDERS Trade LEVON SANDERS ELZA SCOTT HOWARD SCOTT Trade RUF US SEATON fl EVELYN SILAS Band DELOIS SIMS Jackson Jackson Utica, Hazlehurst Jackson Bolton Jackson, Utica, CHARLES SIMMONS Jackson 1 1 1 V Trade DORIS SINGLETON Jackson, A. D. SMITH Mendenhall, ELINDER SMITH Edwards, FLORA SMITH Wesson, RICHARD SMITH Jackson, SHIRLEY SMITH Hazlehurst Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss. Miss Miss Miss Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. , Miss. roi 01' .alla 5.1 DELORIS STINGLEY Jackson EARNESTINE TATE Jackson, ELEASE TAYLOR Hazlehurst MARY TAYLOR Crystal Springs MELVIN TAYLOR Jackson Voc-Tech Club WILLIE TAYLOR Jackson JAMES TENNY Hazlehurst ANNIE THIGPEN Crystal Springs JOHNNY THOMPSON Edwards, JOSEPHINE TILLMAN Bolton JAMES TODD Raymond ROBERT TURNER Jackson EARNEST VINCENT Hazlehurst, DAVID WALKER Jackson, JOHNNY WALKER Jackson 1 1 v Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss .pg Zxfvs A' Q-- S1 .ni SAMUEL SMITH Trade WILLIE SMITH EUGENE SNOW HARRY STAPLETON ELZIE TAYLOR MELVIN STEVENS JESSIE STEWART ARTHUR STIFF CHARLES SIMMONS Hazlcliu1'st, Wcsscqri, Edwards, Wesson, Wesson, Jackson Jackson Jackson Crystal Springs, Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss Miss Miss Miss Qi IT' 5 75 ,ge f"4 1 'Dx .Q 15 VELMA WALTON Jackson JESSIE J. WARD Columbia JAMES R. WEBB Wesson Trade ARTHUR WEBSTER Jackson, MANUEL WELCH Crystal Springs, Trade AUDREY WELLS Jackson, SIDNEY WELLS Clinton, SIDNEY WEST Bolton, Miss. Miss. Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss. Q 'mf' 'lfs ff' 'US 4' 1 'V' -.ga 019' 'UN GLORIA WHITE Jackson, VVILLIE A. WHITE Jackson, Choir ELLA M. WILLIAMS Crystal Springs, ETTA V. WILLIAMS Clinton, Trade LOTTIE WILLIAMS Clinton, Beauty Beavers ROSIE WILLIAMS Jackson, SARAH WILLIAMS Jackson, THEOLA WILLIS Jackson, YVONNE WILSON Jackson, Band WILHEMINIA WILSON Hazlehurst, JOHN WOLFE Jackson, CHRISTINE WOODS Bolton, ANNIE RAY YATES Crystal Springs, BETTY YATES Utica, NATHANIEL YOUNGER Jackson, Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss lass fficers The foundation of our classes has been built on solid ground. Utica Junior College is able to point with pride its offerings .... THESE CAPABLE LEADERS x xx 1 14th GRADE: Burnett Joiner, Johnnie Phillips, Edna M. Hol- Carrie Cooper. 11th GRADE: Willie Kinnard, Mary Beecham lis, and Nettie Smith, 13th GRADE: James Crestwell, J. P. Herbert Terry. Paul Johnson, and Merrell Davis. 10th GRADE: Allen, Johnny Ross, and Otho Conway. 12th GRADE: Bessie Leroy Stokes, Dorothy McDuHie, Katherine Jones, Betty Davis, Lawson, Virginia Harper, Allen Moncure, Willie Moore, and and Mary Myricks. 77 OFFICERS BESSIE LAWSON President ARNA SANDERS Assistant Secretary ALLEN MON CURE Treasurer WILLIE MOORE Chaplain CARRIE COOPER Reporter EARLINE ALLEN THOMAS ALLEN BETTY ANDREWS SHIRLEY ANDREWS PHILLIP BATTLE LINNIE BOLTON DOROTHY BROOME MOZELLA BROWN CAROLYN BURNS WILLIE D. BURNS HOWARD BURRELL LESLIE COLEMAN CARRIE COOPER BEATRICE CROWDER ANNIE CRUMP JAMES CROSS Seniors If 'gifs-. , yi. pe ' Zi 19" I I H ,fu ' Q' . nz..-X -Wi nv'- FV- 'U' MCKENZIE CRUMP LULA CURTIS DAISY DAVIS JANIE DAVIS JOHN DAVIS JOHNNY DAVIS JOSEPH DAVIS NORWOOD DAVIS CORA DIXON ELLA DIXON ROSIE DIXON ROOSEVELT DIXON EVA N. DURHAM CHARLESETTA EATMON MERDIS EDWARDS ROY FERRELL RUBIN FINLEY CLARA GERMAN RITA GETTIS NANCY GORDON JOHN GORDON FREDDIE GRAISE VIRGINIA HARPER PAULINE HART PERCY J. HIGGINS IVORY GEORGE BETTY JACKSON JUANITA JOHNSON IRA JEAN JONES POSEY JONES BERNICE KINNARD BESSIE LAWSON MINNIE LEWIS JAMES LEE LAMAR LEE LUDIE LIDDELL ESTHUS LOFTIN SHIRLEY LOMAX BELVON MACK MARY LEE MACK ROBERT LEE MACK MATTIE MCGEE ADDIE MALLET CHARLES MALLETT CLARENCE MALLETT BERNICE MARSHALL THOMAS MARSHALL GEORGE MASON NADINE MASON ELLA M. MILLER CLARA MILTON EARNESTINE MIMS JESSIE MIMS ALLEN MONCURE ALONZO MOODY WILLIE MOORE ,, ' . , ,A ..- - Lfi..-Q 'l!" -1 'J 7 I Q15 A-,W , . 4,--,.,, ,.. . 1 A N., 1 Ai' Q -J 'U' fvii 'X fi ,- WM 110 ,,,,,. 4-w bf 3 x XX tv' D L 114 0 li. 1 80 QM... 71 . ' l A , .. Q9 rv S' -. --1 -4:25, ,.: ' 1 '. :"7Af' ' 1, " N 4 ,g 2.M,A 4...',' ,? -5 gr- L21 I-5. 1 N' f 1135 I. .f.' . g ' -- ,554-Z2 . 'V' ILJSIT iv-v fv- Q9-O 01' I-. FREDDIE NEWMAN FANNIE ROBINSON ELSIE ROSS ARNA J. SANDERS O. C. SANDERS ROSIE SCHULLER ROSA SCOTT JOHN SMITH LEE DESTER SMITH ULYSSES STAMPS CARRIE TAYLOR CLARA TERRELL J. B. THORNTON CLAUDETTE THOMAS CARRIE THOMPSON ESSIE B. THOMPSON CHARLES WALKER AUTHUR WATSON LOTTIE M. WATKINS BETTY W'EEDEN ALMA WHITE JOHN WHITTLER PEARLIE WHITTLER MARIE WILCHER CLEO WILLIAMS INELL WILLIAMS BETTY WINTERS OFFICERS VVILLIE KINNARD President TERESIA MOORE Vice President MARY BEECHAMP Secretary DOROTHY BOYD Assistant Secretary HERBERT TERRY Treasurer JESSE ALLEN FURLIA ANDERSON SEMORE BELL DAISY BREAKFIELD J. P. BRIDE BARBARA BROOME AMIE BROWN ORA BROWN JOHN CARTER MARY CALLAHAN GEORGE CASEY MATTHEW CASTON CLARA CLARK BETTY COLEMAN EUGENE COLEMAN JURIST LEE CRAFT LEONARD L. CRAFT SARAH CRAFT LOIS RAY CROSS ROSETTA CROSS BETTY CRUMP DAISY CRUIVIP KENNETII CRUMP DIANE DANIELS BEVERLY DAVIS DOROTHY DAVIS LESSIE DAVIS LOISTEAN DAVIS MERRELL DAVIS MIMS DIXON SARAH DIXON IDA DURHAM MARY LEE EASLEY WILLIE FERGUSON EMMA FLAGG ADEAL FLOYD BERDISTEAN FLOYD VERMA FORTNER EARLEAN FOSTER MINNIE FOSTER ALICE FRANKLIN DELOIS FRAZIER J. D. FRAZIER LABERTHA FRAZIER ELNORA GILMORE HERTESENE HAMILTON WILMA HICK SUSSIE HILL PEARL HUDSON CHARLES IVORY JOHN IVORY JAMES JOHNSON PAUL JOHNSON JIMMIE JOHNSON RUBY JOHNSON MARGARET JONES GLORIA JORDAN EDWARD LAWSON MARY LEE CARRIE LIDDELL LORETTA MACK CLIFTON MARSHALL JACKIE MCCADNEY MARY MCGOWAN DELOIS MCKENZIE BETTY MCGRIGGS ALMA MCPHERSON MARY MILTON ETHERINE MIMS LAWRENCE MINGO RUTH MORGAN CASSANDRA NEWMAN WILLIE PAIGE JAMES PICKETI' JUDGE PRICE P. C. PRICE JAMES REDFIELD VERNELL RICHARDSON LOREAN ROBINSON PATRICIA ROBINSON iQ QN- 'Lg Am 'vi- 'ia "'--4 ui R "k'v..lI,' ft 'ix ax 1 ff? f' 'If IC' S- 75 11- '65, 'ff 'Ui 'Yi 1, Ki QQ' iss' I lf? 41" fv: 'V' ag-I ALMA ROSS FREDDIE SANDERS JOYCE SANDERS GEORGIA SIMS WILLIE SIMMONS ARTIS SMITH CARDELL SNOW MARGARET SNOW FRANK STURGIS ORA TERRY CORNELIUS THOMAS MATTHEW THOMAS WILLIE B. THOMAS BERNICE THOMPSON ANNIE THOMPSON MARY THOMPSON YVONNE THORNTON DEBORAH TODD LILLIAN TURNER LILLIAN TURNER GEORGE WALLACE GIDEON WALLACE MAGGIE WASHINGTON BESSIE WELLS BEATRICE WEST JOHN WESTON DALLAS WILSON JOHN WILLIAMS GLORIA YOUNG OFFICERS LEROY STOKES President DOROTHY MCDUFFIE Vice-President KATHERINE JONES Secretary K. C. MORRISON Business Manager BETTY LOU DAVIS Treasurer MARY MYRICKS Chaplain Sophomores fi 1 i 47' C' 'Ui AMOS BANKSTON RUTH BEECHAM DELORIS BELL ROBERT BELL VIVIAN BRADLEY BILL BRAXTON ROGER BROADWAY LUCY BROOME LOTTIE BOWMAN ARETHA BROWN CHARLES BROWN MARY BROWN DENOIS BUTLER TERESSEA BUTLER SHELLEY CHATMON 5- -4 VY' 'P' 1 'IV' '21 4-4- First Row: WILLENA CARSON, JEAN CHAMBERS, LAWYER CHAMBERS, MARCELLA CLARK, JOHN CORLEY, BETTY DAVIS, JAMES DAVIS. Second Row: RUTH DAVIS, THELMA DAVIS, VIOLA DAVIS, JOE DIVINITY, LUE DELLA EVANS, CHARLES FIELD, DELORIS FIELD. Third Row: RUBY FERRELL, MYRA FERGUSON, MAULENE 87 ,ii J 4 11' MIL x FRANKLIN, LITTLETON FORTNER, PRECIOUS GAD- DIS, JANICE GETTIS, LUCILLE GREENE. Fourth Row: EMMA HARDING, DOROTHY HARDY, JAMES HAR- RIS, ROBBIE HENRY, CURTIS HERRING, SUSAN- ZETTE HILL. LAVERNE HOBSON. Fifth Row: DOROTHY JACKSON, CLARA JACOBS, CATHERINE JONES, PHILLIP JOHNSON, THOMAS JOINTER, MAR- VEL KIMBLE, PHALIA KNOX. 'FV' rpg ,4-vm fi 'rj gl Pl' ws-,X First Row: VERLEAN KIDD, ELSIE KIRKLAND JAMES LAWSON, WILSON LOMAX, JULIA MALLETT, SHIRLEY MASON, DOROTHY MCDUFFIE. Second Row: LEONARD MCINNIS, ETHEL MCKINLEY, GOLDIA MOFFETT, ROBERT MOORE, ANNIE MORGAN, GLADYS MORGAN, ELIZABETH MORRISON. Third Row: K. C. MORRISON, MARGARET MORROW, MARY MY- 'YQ 'Vik 88 'U' fv- fin. di P99 RICKS, EARL NELSON, ESTELLA NELSON, JOE NEW- TON, WALLACE NEWTON. Fourth Row: ROBERT NOYE, LIZZIE PAIGE. DORA PALMER, SAM- UEL PETTIS, VICTORIA ROACH, NELLA ROBERTS, ANNIE B. ROBINSON. Fifth Row: CRESSIE ROBINSON, GENEVA ROBINSON, PATRICIA ROBINSON, ROBERTA ROBINSON, ROSIE ROBINSON, LEE A. ROSS, JOHNNIE SALONE. lf-, 'Vs 'lim 'Ci v- , fv-0-Y 1 ,fy f --u First Row: WILLIE SCOTT, SUSIE SHIPPINGS, ALTHAN SMITH, GENNIA SMITH, JESSIE SMITH, LORETTA SMITH, ROSETTA SMITH. Second Row: WILLETTE SMITH, WILLIE SMITH, MELVIN STAMPS LEROY STOKES, BOOKER STAMPS, EARNESTINE TAYLOR, MARY A. TAYLOR. Third Row: EDDIE L. TERRY, CASSANDRA TI-IEUS, EARNESTINE 89 , ' If , 5' ,- 'f., x QQ? for x 'T s.,.x, ' , -- .,.,--- ,- :jr THOMAS, JOSEPH THOMAS, LOISTEAN THOMAS, THELMA TODD, BETTY THOMPSON. Fourth Row: WALTER THOMPSON. LOVIE VINCENT, MARY WALKER, L. J. WARD, CARL WINTERS, FRED WASHINGTON. Fifth Row: HUGH WHITE, ADA WILLIAMS, ELLY WILLIAMS, CORINE WILLIAMS, ROBERT WRIGHT, RUTHIE YOUNG. J , CROWNING OF MISS UTICA JUNIOR COLLEGE I f i99 9 I - 3 1 ,, L I i A Q --'ffm ' Q M S 2 W -une 5 A 1 ,Q.,., 'H' V ' ,. ,Lx A, w K R R, 4 A A fur i A , u 1 ."' S A of A A .sf X' A I V x b x L i iw 1 A W,-IAQ -. . Aj . ' 'Q A 1? S Ax 1 FARMERS' CONFERENCE COBONATION BALL i I M , CHRISTMAS DRAMA Hi 1,2 ,X 5..,,. 44. , '5 A aJv1:""' y 5 I six N: .x f .fl Y , W V H AM, 90 .V-w.., . ,, U..-....,. AMU --5 ---e ---5 ADVERTISEMENTS CARRAWAY AUTO PARTS TELEPHONE 4451 For Efflcleni' Services GULF SERVICE STATION UTICA, MISSISSIPPI Phone 47I I KELLY REED, Manager UTICA MISSISSIPPI CARRAWAY AUTO PARTS 3029 Terry Road JACKSON. MISSISSIPPI Phone EL 3-2835 ELECTRIC POWER IS ONE OF THE RURAL AREAS GRE SomwE 1Z91Pl - - ' ,owez ATEST ASSETS PHONE 252: PORT elasom LORMAN.MISSISSIPPI Serving 8845 Rural Members in co c son COLN'JEFFERSON Mu E'AD I uso N FR NK NC SERVICE CLEANERS I I I 1 ALL womc GUARANTEED D Phone 2 I 7I MR. 8: MRS. R. T. BARLOW, Owners UTICA, MISSISSIPPI U TICA, MISSISSIPPI ' - ' Groceries-Fruits UTICA PULPWOOD YARD V Phone 403I MR. R. T. BARLOW A GO UTICA. MISSISSIPPI 93 egetables-Frozen Foods on PLACE TO SHOP BROOKS-NOBLE AuIomoIoiIe, Trucks anoI Tradror ParIs I405 SOUTH GALLATIN STREET P.O. BOX 8307 JACKSON 4, MISSISSIPPI ,,,,,,,, ......., ...4. . .,,. Z- I I I 'IIISS S 'SISS SSSIQSI Good for you! A II I S o I 1., IIIII , ' Q T, . I1 P , ' . ,II.,,S I"' ' I ""' S.,I,.. I ' BIGGS R. Hardware Co., Inc. A GOOD PLACE TO SHOP GRADUATE SUPPLY HOUSE Phone 225I UTICA, MISSISSIPPI I-IerIII-Jones Company ' ' -' ' ' '-' PHOTOGRAPHY - OFFICE SUPPLIES Class Rings, InvH'aI'ions, Diplomas, Caps and Gowns CRYSTAL SPRINGS, MISSISSIPPI JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Newspaper Commercial Prinfing I RYAN R' SUPPLY CUMPANY Per Dairy "AUTOMOTlVE" Products Company "DlVISION" lO29 Bailey Avenue IACKSUN and HATTIESBURG PO B 924 Ph FL43735 J k M TRI-STATE 81 TITLE C0., INC. EAT Comgjnnulgiiegicj Brick ' N N B I I SALTED PEANUTS PO B 9787 Ph EM 66485 J k M' . . O BC SOI"l, ISSISSIPPI JACKSON MISSISSIPPI 5m,e-LQ JITNEY-JUNGLE The Complete Food Center ICE CREAM PHONE 4951 JAQKSQN. MISSISSIPP' UTICA, MISSISSIPPI 95 COHRON'S UTICA, MISSISSIPPI Phone 355i FURNITURE APPLIANCES Dependable Service il 1:11 gl 1 . 1 PUBLICATION COMMITTEE hdrs Eva R. PraTer hAiss ForresThwe SeiTerTh Miss Elnora Wiggins Miss Jessie M. James Miss Melyerline Archie Mr. Beniamin I-Iarper, PhoTographer Miss Eddie B. Bully, Chairman 1 - lr, 1 UTICANITE STAFF Dora Manuel Villian W.ebsTer RuTh Moody RoberT Brown BerTha Dixon Doris l'Iurd Annie Bolden EThel Collins Percy J. Higgins BeTTy WinTers Lula CurTis BeTTy Crumb LoisTean Davis Teresea Moore Beverly Davis Diane Daniels Jaclcie McCadney Mary E. Myriclcs Goldia M. MoTTeTT K. C. Morrison Billy Campbell Alcorn Brown Ben I-I. Marshall Elinder SmiTh ACKNOWLEDGMENTS IT is wiTh greaT pleasure ThaT we presenT This boolc, Tl-IE UTICANITE, To you. We express our sincere graTiTude To The paTrons, The prinTer, The Tinishing company, The phoTographer, The ad- minisTraTion, The TaculTy, The sTaTT, and The sTudenT body oT UJC Tor supporTing and cooperaTing wiTh us Through- ouT The year. THE STAFF l ' ' I 1' I! n I l ' ' I 1' I! n I

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