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 - Class of 1957

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Utica High School - Builder Yearbook (Utica, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 64 of the 1957 volume:

U Nh! T f rs I i 4 1.-' x L F Q E , E 1 F 6 ffm if ' x Qxiijyr, Q! E21 My 1,92 ,gif my wi 'f 'Rx W -'Jag-. 5m ,,.. ,, f1"iYgf' "U lf: AW-f? :'WJ' ,f 1, ffl fly 4:55 I. W 1:1 ia gffif gif? 'I .ff ,1 vw , X242 1 Pg, :Q 1,5 4,1451 :if al ' J. af, -We x ,dj ., 1 Xl! Y' 1 f A .R , 1 ,ig -. w 1. C 4 Q ,J 4 ff, 32 M WS 3 1 5 's i -8 11 . ., - "',' 3? ze S Q Z 'ami THE 1957 JOURNALISM CLASS PRESENTS We, the Journalism class of Utica High School are happy to pre- sent to you the 1956-57 "Builder, " We hope that it will always be a remembrance of friends and ac- tivities during this school year. As the years pass, we hope that you can turn through this "Builder" and recall many good times. JOURNALISM CLASS First row: Betty Rae Hunt, Shirlee Johns, Kaye Sutton, Judy Heald, Dick Atkinson, Sam Hunter. Second row: Marie Bacskay, Margaret Powers, Terry Wahl, Jon Young, Jon Bline, Larry Kennedy, George Bricker, Third row: Mrs. Ott, Lucille Carr, Janice Teagarden, Darwin Dunlap, Donald Earley, Steve Veatch. MARIE BACSKAY Typist LARRY ,KENNEDY Assistant Editor BETTY RAE HUNT Editor INKSPASH OFFICERS KAY SUTTON Assistant Editor IAN TEAGA RDEN TICZSUICI MARGARET POWERS Circulation Manager JON YOU.NG Editor WA H00 OFFIC ERS SHIRLEE JOHNS Assistant Editor DARWIN DUN LA P Photo Editor GEORGE BRICKER Editor TERRY WAHL Subscription Editor BUILDER OFFICERS UTICA SCHOOL BOARD First row: Karl W. Webster, President, Mrs. Virginia Robinson, Clerk, Carl C. Law, Vice President, Second row: Fritz F. Jacobs, Executive Head, Paul E, Larimore, George T, Torrens, Raymond M. Harstine, School Secretary School Nurse Mrs. Jeannette Neighbarger M1-5 Eugen Hilmer BUS DRIVEZS CUSTODIANS Sam Angeletti, Roy Clutter, Flo Booth, Homer Ewers, Mrs. Snair, Mr, Snair, Delpha Wince, Cora Chatterton, Denzil Frank Pierce, Paul Chatterton. Russell, Jack Milleman. is , , MRS. PATRICIA UI' T It has been said that if a person does not make new acquaintances, as he panes through life, he will soon find himself alone. To one of our newest acquaintances, a likable person, who has given guidance, intellectual growth, and advancement in personal qualities by the patience and leadenhip to many of our old acquaintances, we dedi- cate this book. BY Mr. Milleman ff P1 91-In 7 Trlr5,':..1 ' f Mf- C ,if- G,-I .1-i1-..-- gf X I X FRITZ F. JACOBS Superintendent A.B., Fairmont, W, Va, M,A,, W,Va, Un, JOHN BOICH Assistant Sophomore Advisor B. S. in Ed, , Ohio University Englidz, Govdmment THEOPHILUS BECK Freshman Advisor A, B, , Central Wesleyan, A, M. , University of Chicago English, American Literature, Spanish. MARTIN CASTLE Football Coach B, S, , Ed, , Ohio State. Industrial Arts DAVID COLVILLE Sophomore Advisor B, S, S, C, and M. S, Ohio State University Agriculture fgz- -- EDWIN DANIELS Eighth Grade Advisor B, S, in Ed, , Ohio State University Math, Geometry, Business Math MARTHA EVANS Assistant Junior Advisor B. S. in Ed, , Ohio University Typing, Bookkeeping, Shorthand, General Business, Office Practice ROBERT DONALDSON Assistant Junior Advisor B, S, in Ed, , Ohio State University Mathematics std HOWARD FOWLER Eighth Grade Advisor A,B, , Absury College American Literature, Health, English, Science df V, ns, I 'lf .wr C J f N F I QUE? QZZDJVZZJ ki ,gy C :MC LS R X t I L X. A, lf f-4 ,'N A g " V, V 1. -fl fl-'IPATRICIA OTT st, 2 Assistant Freshman Advisor A, B, in Sociology Denison University Journalism, History, English, Economics, and Sociology MARY TULLOSS Seventh Grade Advisor A, B, , Bethany College Junior High History, Geography and English. it MN 3 I RV x K EMILY SMITH Eighth Grade Advisor B, S, , Ohio University Elementary Phys, Ed, , High School Phys. Ed, qgirlsl. RU TH YOA KA M A ssistant Senior A dvisor B, S, in Ed, , Ohio State University Speech, American History. GPRA LD GRA HA M A ssistant Freshman A dvisor A ssistant Basketball Coach, Boys' Phys, Dr, Ed, ouvsi HELPHR1-:Y Senior Advisor GLORIA HAWKE Assistant Sophomore Advisor B, S, in Home Bc, , Ohio State Home Economics JACK MILLEMAN Junior Advisor A,B, , Bethany College A,B, , Ball State Library, Latin, English Biology, Physics, General Science DAVID OTT Eighth Grade Advisor B, S. in Ed. , Ohio State University Band, Chorus SENIOR CLASS WILL I, Janet Anderson, will my ability to stay out of detention to Pete Knoff. I, Jo Ann Angeletti, will my art ability to Miss Evans. I, Nancy Arck, will a bottle of bufferin to Mr. Donaldson for use after each class, no sufferin' with bufferin. I, Jack Armstrong, will my posidon in the junior and senior class plays to some lucky junior. I, Tom Armstrong, will my Elvis Presley physique to Charles Harris. I, Dixie Bell, will my position in band to Diana Leasure. I, Ralph Bevard, will my flashy clothes to Mr. Daniels. I, Donna Blackburn, will my temper to Mr. Ott, or do you need it? I, Ronald Boyer, will my nickname to Kelly Boyer, Hi Runtl I, Mary Sue Branstool, will my position as head clarinetist to Bren- da Martin. I, George Bricker, will my false teeth to Sam Hunter. Here's an extra pair, Sam, in case you misplace yours. I, Daniel Chadwick, will my nickname, Puff, to Jimmy Jewett. I, John Chadwick, will my little black Studebaker to Robert Scott. Drive with care, Robert. 1, Judy Dean, will my short- ness to Ned Grewell. I, Tom Dixon, will my hair style to Bubby Carr. 1, George Donnald, will my girls to Mike Young. Keep them up on the latest, Mike. I, Darwin Dtmlap, will my old beat-up motor scooter to Carol Ridenour. Now you won't have so far to walk to school, Carol. I, Gerry Dush, will my position at the Big Bear to Larry Porter. At least it's money. I, Don Early, will my quietness to Nelson Trickett. Sometimes it pays, Nelson. I, Pete Evans, will my fondness for sports to Fred Longstreth. I, Danny Farley, will my crutches to some unlucky football player. Take it easy, fellows. I, Jim Fouts, will my dimples to Mr. Jacobs. Glad to get rid of them, I, James Giffin, will my speediness to Sandy Fairall. l, Nancy Gray, will my long hair to Mr. Beck. I think you would look good in a pony tail, I, Don Gregg, will my black curly hair to Wendell Marston. Keep it well, Wendell. I, Arlene Hamilton, will my ability to play the wrong notes in band to Fred Miller. I, Doris Hess, gladly will my govern- ment back to Mr. Boich, It's getting old anyway. I, Gamer Hiles, -will my transportation to and from Pickle Hill to my sister, Barbara. I, Judy Householder, will my ability to stick to one boy to Carolyn Darling. 1, Larry Hughes, will my position as F. F. A. president to some lucky fellow. I, Bob Hull, will my ability to keep away from playing drums in band to Dale Van Winkle. I, David Jenkins, will myseat in govemment class to some unfortunate junior. I, Larry Kennedy, will my position in deten- tion to some other person. I'm tired of it. I, Sue Kidd, will my ability to sing and yodel to Bruce Hupp. Sing loud and clear, Bruce. I, Deanna Kidwell, will to Jeanette a better office practice girl during third period next year. I, Marcella Leasure, will my quiet personality to Carolyn Darling. l, Danny Magers, will my ability to get along with everyone except girls to Larry Logan. I, Gene Marston, will my troubles with girls to any unlucky boy. I, Pat Mathews, will my bright blue eyes to Mr. Graham. I, Sandy Mc- Artor, will my good fortune of gaduating to my brother Larry. I, Shirley McCament, will my blonde hair to Joe Dager. I, Benny McCutchen, will my job at the dairy to Louise Baughman. Handle with care, Louise. I, Margaret Powers, will my ability not to go steady to my sister, Ruth. I, Sheila Ramsey, will to Mr. Boich a chair to get behind when his class gets into a political argument. I, Don Ramsey, will my Economics notes to Mrs. Ott. I, Nancy Reese, will my giggles to Mr. Colville. 1, Margie Rine, will my position of playing cymbals, triangle, and chimes to lo Ann Pierpont. I, Joe Row, will my ability to get along with girls to Gary Rife. I, Beth Ann Sawyer, will all chewing gum papers found in my desk back to their rightful owner, Mary Boyer. l, Bernard Shirley, will my shyness toward girls to Steve Veatch. You sure need it, Steve. I, Pat Smith, will my married life to some other person. Kenny is not included. I, Bob Swick, will my hunting ability to Don Sherman. Take aim, Don. I, Mary Jo Torrens, will my cheerleading position to Ronnie Branstool. Yea! Ronnie. I, Anita Traicoff, will my shyness toward boys to Kay Sutton and Shirley Johns. Don't be afraid to use it, girls. I, Lennie Trickett, will my chewing gum to Mr. Castle. I, Carl Tschappat, will my authority on wine, women, and song to Bruce Hupp. I, Mary Van Atta, will my knowledge of horses to Larry Porter. I, Terry Wahl, will the honor of Homecoming Queen to some lucky girl in the Class of '58, I, Charles Walton, will my ability to keep my temper to August Angeletti. I, Bob Webster, will my old Ford to Bob Walter. Be careful, it's falling apart. I, Jon Young, will my position on the Wahoo staff to some lucky junior. I, Pat Parker, will my method of always being late to the slowest girl in the junior class, 'if www sim X. 174 f 4 1 fx X . .cf ' , "Wg, 71 H 1 5 J 'K Q ' -1 '? Jwxm m ' ' ' gt Q' ,J . 1 A Nun. . wif V , nl, . ff! fa 'W A 1 V . -xxx U, X 1 'HN QW N N .X J gy ! I w X 'I . '. I xy r' 2 5 K X ki. Q X li, x m , l i ' Q 4 1, 1 " F gg 1 , I f W" ' ,, , Z- ' ' I f X f ff ff' YQ ' ' 1. L .,.'1.g.'w,f ,V . ,Q V . . R K -..i+,H,4i If ,QL-111 NIP I fi ff 'X EA ' x 1 l V, Y, 515' .A V 1 X , 1115 4, .f , l JW! F M I W f' I X H if , if f W 55 I" ' - " X' fx , , f " 4 f w ' f f . f 4' :Qi 4 i v '4', V ' X f ' f , K lg X 'f' W ,A ' QW., :B y ' ,N failwlff lgh 'mt ' 4 f iw f A k!!1wepg!.w , , I uz"xtEyf'fx X , ff ff if I -f ' jx fl f 9 J ' , ' N Y px in X mx' ir be X' ss W v Y R air C X XY S Q 'RN fi Kris :Sfs xxxg a Q GENE MARSTON, President Student Council 4g Football 1, 2, 4, Varsity Award 3, 4, Co- captain 4, Reserve Basketball 1, Award 1, Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4, Award 2, 3,4g Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Award 4, Mixed Cho- rus 1,2, Boys' Glee Club 1,2, County Chorus 1, 25 Builder Staff 3g Wahoo staff 3, lnk Splash staff 3. ,, , , ,Ml fflifjajtfwb J CL ' , ,A 1 lf' 7!4,w JW DON RAMSEY, Vice President Student Council 35 FFA 1, 2, 3, Reporter 3, Secretary, State Farmer 3, Judging Team 2, 3, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Nurnerals 1, Varsity Award 2, 3, 4g Basket- ball 3, Reserve Award 35 Track 3, Award 3g Senior Band lg Cla President 2, 3, Class Vice President 4, Builder Staff 35 Ink Splash Staff 3: Boys' Intra- murals 2, 3. BETH ANN SAWYER Enter Junior Year, Student Council 4, Senior Play 4g Senior Student Colmcll Representative 4. Xl 3 if X. A M VIRGINIA ARLENE HAMILTON GERRY DUSH FHA 1,2, s,4, vice President 3, Football 1.3: C188 Treasurer 4: Huwrian 4g senior Band 1,2,3,45 Builder Staff 3: Ink Splash Ss cms' one crub 1, 2, Mixed cnc- Wahoo Sf-aff 3- rus 3,4g Senior Play 4, Class Offi- cer 2, 4, MRS. OLIVE HELPHREY MISS RUTH YOAKAM Advigof Assistant Advisor JANET MARIE ANDERSON FHA 2, Intramurals Girls' 1,2,a Ralf If , , 'VW' IV NANCY ELAINE ARCKX Student Council 1, FHA 1, 2, Secretary 2, Mixed Cho- rus 1, 2, 3,4, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3,4, Class Play 3, Office Practice 4. THOMAS S, ARMSTRONG Y 1,2, 3, , Football 1, 2, 1, Rese - ball - enior'BiHd"'2-, Mixe , , oys' Glee Clu oun Chorus 3, C P 3,4, Boys' lntram - un- tyBand1,2. fn, N 1' -, . , 3 -a 1, -I ,,.:: 'x F4-1 .fi RALPH ALLEN BEVARDK Builder Staff 3, Wahoo Staff 3. - Qi we 1 eg., 5 i' gf' 7:3 is DONNA MAY BLACKBURN FHA 1, 2, Treasurer 2, Tri Hi-Y 3, 4, Service Chair- man 4, Senior Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, Girls' Glee Club 1, County Band 2, 3, County Chorus 1, Usherette Senior Play, Office Practice 4. K a .75 W JO ANN ANGELETTI SESSER Tri Hi-Y 1, Senior Band 1, 2, 3, 4, County Band 1. 4 'J 4" I L 111.14 ',, , ,f-nf., 1,1 an -af JOHN JACK ARMSTRONG Hi-Y 2, 3,4, Basketball Manager 3, Award 3, Track Manager 2, 3, Award 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Boys' Glee Club 2, 3, County Chorus 3, Class Play 3,4, Boys 1, 2. 1, A N u ,. . x . ,r-"X K ., wx DIXIE LEE BELL FHA 1,2, Senior Band 1,2, 3, 4, County Honor Society 3,4, Mixed Choms 1, 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 1,2, 3, County Band 2, 3, Wahoo Staff 3, Ofgce Practice 4. 1,11 I , ,Zi I a A- ! ffl , cf' "" BERNARD LEON SHIRLEY Hi-Y 1, Football 1,2, Mixed Chorus 1,2, 3, Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, County Chorus 2, Wahoo Staff 3. RONALD BOYER Builder Staff 3, Wahoo sraff 3, Boys' Inuamurals 1, 2. X WW ,ff f ff .- f MARY SUE BRANSTOOL FTA 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Treasurer 4, Tri Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Chap, 2, Historian 4, Honor Society 3, 4, Library 4, Senior Band 1, 2, 3,4, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3,4, Cotmty Band 2, 3,4, Class Play 3, 4, Class Treasurer 1, Build- er smff 3, .Wahoo 3, Lickin- ganna Staff 4, Girls' Intra- murals 1, 2, 3, 4, Usherette to Baccalaureate and Com- mencement 3, DANIEL CHA DWICK FFA 4, Ink Splash Staff 3, Wahoo 3. JULIA ANN DEAN Girls' Glee Club 1. N7 7 ' fi i - fg, - GEOEE HARPER DONNALD 439-KW U 54.0151 f I-4'-Lf! 07-'L f 445,44 aff- D J 0'fv1fu1.QZ'ff7 DONALD EUGENE EARLEY Football 1, 2, 3,4, Boys' Glee Club 1. 5 mv' '7 f M' 1,4 I. ,jf r GEORGE WESLEY BRICKER Student Coxmcil 3, FTA 1, 2, Track 2, 3,4, Senior Band 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, Boys' Glee Club 1, 2,3, Coun- ty Band 1, 2, 3, Class Play 4, Builder Staff 3, 4, Editor 4, Wahoo 4, Inksplash 4. JOHN CHADWICK FFA 1,2, 3, 4, Secretary 1, Ink Splash 3. 4 ,fy 4 A ifrff QJ'fZ8'?1fuMQ L' BVLVM THOMAS NELSON DDCON Student Council 1, Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, Numerals 1, County Honor Society 3, 4, Class Officer 1, President, Boys' Intramurals 1, 2. V! DARWIN GENE DUNLAP Track 2, Senior Band 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 1,2, County Band 1, 2, Senior Play, Stage Crew, Ink Splash 4, Wahoo Staff 3,4, Builder Staff 4, CHARLES LOWELL EVANS Student Council 1, FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, Sentinel 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Nurnerals 1, Var- sity 3, 4, Co-captain 4, Basketball Reserve 3, Award 3, All County Football 4, Builder 3, Ink Splash Staff 3, Wahoo 3. 1 Q A ' -X, IJ, Qji' U "' W A K 'f DANIEL FARLEY Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Chaplin 3, Secretary 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Numerals 1, Varsity A- ward 2, 3, 4, Reserve Basket- ball 1,2, Award 2, Varsity Basketball 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Award 2, 3, 4, Wahoo Staff 3. , , - r f 0 JAMES ALBERT GIFFIN DONALD EUGENE GREGG FFA 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Re- serve Football 2, 3, 4, A- ward 2, 3,4, Wahoo Staff 073,-Reserve Basketball 2, 3, Award 2, 3, Varsity Basket- ball 4, Award 4, Builder Staff 3, Ink Splash Staff 3. k? GARENT FAYE HILES FTA 1, 2, 3, Tri Hi-Y 1, , 3,4, Reserve Cheerleader 1, Award 1, Varsity Cheer- leader 2, 3, Award 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 3, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Coun- ty Chorus 3, Queen's At- tendant 4, Usherette to Jun- ior Play, Girls' Intramurals 1. LARRY CLAYTON HUGHES Student Council 4, FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Vice Pres- ident 4, Track 3, 4, Award 4, Track 3, 4, Award 4, Builder Staff 3, Ink Splash Staff 3, Wahoo Staff 3, Boys' Intramurals 2. WWW' A I 'I A -ff K f 4, XLAWK' fjfo' W A-fha' ' 1' Q JAMES FOUTS FTA 4, Football lg Mixed Chorus 1, Boys' Glee Club 1, Builder Staff 3, Ink Splash Staff 33 Wahoo staff 33 Lick- inganna Staff 3. '71 cl-Mi I K NANCY ARLENE GRAY FHA 1, 2, 3,4, Office Prac- tice 4, Girls' Intramurals 3. DORIS LEE HESS FHA 1, Senior Play, Office Practice 4, Zidf ff? F M .A-7'YA.v fdcifif ,ff fi IUDITH BLANCHE ,,' ff' L1 HOUSEHOLDER Student Council 4, FHA 1, 5 2, 3, 4, President 4, counryi Honor Society 3, 4, Junior Band 1, Senior Band 2, 3, Mixed Chorus, Class Play 3,4, Girls' Intramurals 1, 2. ROBEZT EDWARD HULL Reserve Basketball 1, Sen- ior Band 1, 2, Class Play 3, 4, Stage Crew 3, Class Secretary 3, Builder Staff 3, Ink Splash Staff 3, wa- h00 Staff 3. , 1 f ,M X brig?-5,,f!, Q1f'?' D DAVID ARD JENKINS FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, Reporter 4g Track 2, 3, Award 2. SUE ANN KIDD Girls' Intramurals 1, 2, 3, ,MMM Student Council 2g FHA 1, 2. 'TY 2.41. ,X , U A, 167 A14 PATRICIA IDUENE MATHEWS Cheerleader 3, Award 35 Librarian 3,43 Mixed Cho- rus 2, 4, Girls' Glee Club 13 Sellia Play 43 Junior Play Usheretneg Prince of Peace 4g Winner of Voice of Democracy 4, Honor Society 4, SHIRLEY ANN McCAMENT FHA 1, 23 Librarian 3,43 Jlmior Band lg Usherette to Clas Play 3,4g Girls' In- tramurals 1, 2. , 2 Ffa J .gli Z, ,fi I . i W kg L' L f 2 X 4.1 f yyc ,Zo ,ff L' y '24 V-f'lf7f f B ARD 2 RENCE fi' KENEDY " Class Play 3g Builder Staff 45 Ink Splash Staff 4, As- sistant Editorg Wahoo Staff 4. F1317 41626 :f?tff6fk,1 al IU! Mtn' 1-L14 J jikbflcc-12122 DEANNA MEBTIE KIDWELL FHA 1,2,3,4g Girls' Glee Club lg Office Practice 4. M A P, rw' ,Q MJI' Jmilvffg DANIEL L. MAGERS FTA 4, Vice Presidentg Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Numer- als 1, Varsity Award 2, 3, 4g Reserve Basketball 13 Track 2, 3g Class Play 3. 4 ' 5 H7 V sAND'1iA, HIEERY MCARTOR FHA 13 Tri Hi-Y 2,35 Re- serve Cheerleader 2, 3, A- ward 2, 3: Usherette to Cl.:-is Play 3,4g, Librarian 3. BENJAMIN MCCUTCHEN FFA 1, 2. F 22, ONNIE SUL'McDANlEL Mixed Chorus 1, 3, Girls' Glee Club 1, 3, Office Practice 4. MARGARET ELLEN POWERS Tri Hi-Y 25 Mixed Chorus 1g Builder staff 45 Ink Splash Staff 4g wahoo Staff 3,4, Girls' Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Office Practice 4, I, , I' xl n' ffl' ,tb V' 'K' if Q14 A A. f , ,,,, if ,- if! , V ' I X' fl 1 NANCY LEE REESE FHA 4, Tri Hi-Y, Historian 2, Program Chairman 3g Builder Staff 3: Ink Splash Staff 3, wahoo staff 3g Girls' Intramurals 3g Office Practice 4. A .CMA ' C, JOE ROW Entered 3, FFA 3, 4, X 4 - V jjifdff if 1 ,fKL'A,Mr!i K 'ws-LQ-fe f 'S ' ROBERT COOP A SWICK JR, FFA 1,2, 3, 4. ' ffjf' II 'vw fly! Zn 1 1, LIN! V "ii f ' - l VI 'Arena U fi 1 A W 1 ,I -P 1 m , Q, K- X L W Frm, ru FN L L I lffg k xjqjltl A 9 W xx,-U , 0 I M V P v f PATRICIA ANN PARKER FTA 4, Tri H1-Y 2, 3,43 Cheerleader, Varsity 4, Treasurer 4, Library 3,4, Mixed Chorus 2,33 Queen's Attendant 4, Senior Play Usherette 4g Wahoo Staff 3, Builder Staff 3, Office Prac- tice 4, Girls' Intramurals 2, 3, 4. SHEILA GUILLIAMS RAMSEY Tri Hi-Y 1, 2g Library 4, Junior Prom Queen 3, Of- fice Practice 4g Mixed Cho- rus 3, Girls' Glee Club 1,35 Queen's Attendant 4. V ba, ft, lu 'A' , I' ' jlf , L. fffv' fx .V VL' MARGIE ANN RINE FHA 1,2, 3, 4, Senior Band 1, 2, 3, 4. PATRICIA FULLER SMITH FHA 1gTri H1-Y 2,35 Class Play 3, Builder Staff 3,4, Wahoo Staff 3,4, Ink Splash staff 3, 4. MARYJOT s"""' Student Council 3, Vice President 3, President 4, President County Student Council 4, FTA 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Tri Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, News Reporter: Varsity Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Varsi- ty Award 2, 3,4g County Honor Society 3,45 Librar- ian 3,4, Senior Band 1, 2, 3,4, Mixed Chorus 3,4, Girls' Glee Club 1, 3, 4: Queen's Attendant 4, Class Play 3,4, Builder Staff 3, Wahoo Staff 3, Girls' In- tramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, ANITA IM FHA 1, 2, 3,43 Mixed Cho- rus 2, Girls' Glee Club 23 Office Practice 43 Girls' Intramurals 2, 3. CARL JOE TSCHAPPAT Wahoo 3. 544201-X,-fJ Qian 3 TEZESA ANN WAHL sfyjv 444' UTUHWFTA 2,33 Fl-IA 1,3:T1'i1lli MJ M 23 Librarran 3,43 Grrls Glee Club 1,22 Class Play 3, 43 Builder Staff 43 Ink M Splash staff 4, wahoo Staff 43 Homecoming Queen 43 Girls' Intramurals 2, 33 County Honor Society 43 Usherette to Baccalaureate and Cornmencement3 Sub- scription Manager of Build- er 4. ROBIRT KARL WEBSTER FFA 1, 2, 3, 4. 7 4 LENNIE ARLAN TRICKETT Entered Junior Year3 Foot- ball 4, Varsity Award3 Bas- ketball 3, 4, Varsity Award 3, 4, 1 1'1" , f ' ,Ulf jayilflfvf if 1 Mi! ., V Nkfj I MARY ALICE VANATTA FHA 1, 2, 3,43 Junior Band 13 Usherette to Junior Play. CHARLES RAYMOND WALTON FFA 1. 2. 8. 4. Vice Presi- dent 43 Builder staff 3g Wahoo Staff 33 Ink Splash Staff 3. ION PHILIP YOUNG Football 1, 2, Numerals 1, Varsity Award 23 Track 2, Award 23 Senior Band 1,23 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3,4, Boys' Glee Club 1, 3, Coun- ty Chorus 1, 2, 33 Stage Crew to Play 3,43 Builder Staff 3,43 Ink Splash staff 3, 43 Wahoo Staff 3,4, Assistant Editor 3, Editor 43 Boys' Intramurals 1, 2. it 674 My My 1, I 057, L-If SENIOR PROPHECY Today, May 20, 1967, I find myself looking through the "Builder" of 57. It takes me back to a day ten years ago when I received a very welcomed diploma from the Board of Education of Utica High School, Starting in the front of the "Builder" I see those very understanding friends of ours, the teachers. Continuing through the pages, my eyes gaze upon that never-to-be -forgotten, brilliant class of 57. I am going to relate to the whereabouts and accomplishments of these students, While glancing through the World-Famous newspaper, The Utica Screw Driver, I see the staff has rearranged with Editor-and-Chief, Janet Anderson, and her clever-minded crew, consisting of George Donnald, Bob Webster, George Bricker, and Larry Hughes as chief printers. Staring on the front page the headlines read "Trickett for President of School Board." During a cam- paign speech, Mr. Trickett promises a beauty salon and a pool room for every school if he is elected. Lennie 's campaign managers are Joe Row and Benny McCuthen who are passing out free bubble gum to each and every voter. Of course this is a great pull toward his election. Leafing through the pages I stop at the sports page where I see the one and only Dan Chadwick is playing first baseman for the Chicago Nylons this year. The manager of the Nylons is the small but mighty Jim Fouts, Glancing down the page I see there is going to be a wrestling match at the town hall at 9:00 A. M. Reading further, I find to my surprise that the woman wrestler is "Punching Judy," for- merly known as Julia Dean and her helpless opponent, Gene Marston, who is a grave man to take on such a fight, On down the page I see Beth Ann Sawyer has won the motorcycle speed contest. They said her motorcycle goes over 200 miles an hour. Turning to the society page, I see Connie McDaniel and Nancy Arck have finally landed those two motorcycle speed kings for a quiet home life in the country. Here I also read that Deanna Kidwell is the wife of the mayor of Martinsburg, which is now a thriving metropolis of 50 people. Among the citi- zens of the metropolis is an old friend, Judy Householder, now a prominent lady in society. In the out- of-town news, I read that Sandy McArtor is the most famous hairdresser in St. Louisville. It also says that she is giving the latest in hair styles free to anyone who will appear in that mode, Proceeding to the comic strip, I see an old friend, Bob Hull, has after years of study, accepted the position of characterizing "Humphrey" in the Joe Palooka comic, Now students, that's what comes of hard earnest work in high school. Reading on, I see Darwin Dunlap is now pinch-hitting for Superman. Darwin is the idol of millions of girls, Looking through the classified ads in the wanted column I read as follows: "I must get a magician, my whole future depends on this man." Signed Mary Van Atta. Leaving the Utica Screw-Driver, I hail a taxi, The driver of this taxi is Bernard Shirley. Driving down the street I notice a gigantic crowd of people standing in front of the Mystic Theatre. I learn from Bernard Shirley that a world famous orator is going to speak. Leaving the taxi, I am ushered to my seat in this huge auditorium by Gerry Dush. Sitting down in my seat I catch a glance of the town's most talked about couple, Sheila and Don Ramsey. Don is a famous distributor of Ramsey's fruit, known all over the country. Three of their helpers on the farm are Pat Smith, Dan Magers, and Sue Kidd. In a special box with their mink coats and opera glasses on are the town's millionaires, Arlene Ham- ilton, Terry Wahl, and Sue Branstool, The house lights are lowered and the announcer, Larry Kenedy, presents the famous orator, Don Gregg. The crowd is tense as this man speaks the words that make him famous and I quote, "Daaa! what did I do kidsr' After all the excitement, I cross the main drive to Cooper's Place for a coke. "Cooper's Place" is operated by Bob Swick and his wife, Doris Hess. Bob says business is so good that he had to hire two famous bookkeepers, Nancy Gray and Jo Ann Sesser. Nancy and Jo Ann are having a terrible time find- ing net profit. I can understand it and Bob says business is booming, Oh, Well! Leaving "Cooper's Place," I notice four distinguished figures dressed in white. Approaching these four people, I notice they are the United States' famous women surgeons, Nancy Reese, Margie Rine, Pat Mathews, and Pat Parker, These four surgeons are working day and night to solve the problem of the floating rib. I approached the huge building with the name, Tschappat's Dairy Products. Stepping inside, I leamed that his dairy is operated by the world-famous breeder of Jersey cattle, Carl Tschappat. Carl's success is due to the help of his assistants, Don Earley, Tom Dixon, Charles Walton, and Ronald Boyer, but one who helped him a lot is his ever-loving wife, Anita Traicoff, If Carl's assistants can discover a cow that gives chocolate milk, they will become multi-millionaires, so good luck boys, keep trying! Leaving Tschappat's Dairy, I stopped off at the laboratory to see the renowned scientist, Jon Young and his pretty assistant, Peg Powers. Jon is trying to invent a disease for a cure he has already invented, Also, in the laboratory I see three more of my old classmates, who are none other than Pete Evans, Jim Giffen, and Dan Farley. They tell me that Dixie Bell, Mary Jo Torrens, and Garnet Hiles are now mis- sionaries, and have gone on a mission to China, I hear that Ralph Bevard is another Bach, Berlin, and Glenn Miller combinedg his success is due, of course, to his instructor, Miss Donna Blackburn. I am told by a well-inforrned source that Shirley McCament and Marcella Leasure are now operating a beauty salon in London, England, They are known for their facials, but why did they have to go such a long way from here to take up their practice? Dave Jenkins, one of the best tailors in the country, has been invited to Australia to sew the native Chief a suit for his wedding, Last, but not least, I see where Tom Armstrong and John Chadwick are still single but have their eyes on the richest women in tovm, the only trouble is, she's the same woman! May the best man win, FLASH! An important announcement has just come over the radio. Jack Armstrong and his famous horse, Bettle Bum, won the Santa Anita opening, SENIOR WILL TO THE FACULTY Mrs. Helphrey - A pet to remind her of the class of '57, Mrs. Tulloss - The quiet disposition of the seniors. Mrs. Smith - We will a bat to control her Physical Ed classes. Miss Evans - A life-long vacation from the senior shorthand and typing classes. Miss Hawke - A clean-up committee for the Home Ec, Room. Miss Yoaka'm - We leave a new tape recorder. Now maybe you won't have any trouble uying to record speeches, Mrs, Ott - We will a rolling pin for her future use. Mr, Boich - We will a new box of chalk. Better improve your aim, but I guess practice makes perfect. Mr. Beck - We will a bottle of Wild Root Creme Oil. Mr. Donaldson - We the Seniors, at the suggestion of the Home Ec. class, will to Mr, Donaldson a whole carload of vinegar pie. Mr, Colville - A private secretary to do his odd jobs. Mr. Fowler - We will some orange sherbet. Mr. Daniels - We will a pair of stilts so he can communicate with Mr. Colville. Mr. Ott - A new piano since the old one is out of time, Mr, Castle - We will him a hurdle. This will keep you jumping. Mr. Milleman - We leave him a pad of detention slips. He seems to have used all his old ones. Mr. Graham - We will him a healthier senior class. I-lere's hoping. Chat - We will a remote control mop so that he won't have to stay so long after school to work. Homer - We will a wagon so he won't have to walk from the grade school to the high school. Jeannette - A new typewriter complete with oil to prevent squeaking, Mr. Jacobs - We will a new set of rulesg maybe others can follow them better than we followed the previous year, Mrs. Hiltner - We will a black kit for her medical equipment. K5 FOP" H - fu, V ,V.1s,,, gmi A A""li g' ' lX ' I M I W Y I x 'ix 4 s MQ f W x x Q ' ' I 111 J? ',."k x 2, ,ar l .mx , J X Af' fi -1 I , X 62 f . 1 ,n 1 ,. f 0, M ,Ljrg 0 ,I 6 f "4 ff , MLK A xl . Q F mt. Q rtu y f I: x'i'nkIT"XX N Q Xl 5 V" 1' ' 'VNV " 1 , int- " 4, 'ZKZ5 7 . ,f . , 3 'I' ,'-- ' 'fl 'vlx 9:1 . Y," :uv H7 W - "m',. ,el , mW?1 if- X -f b , .4 1 3.5: -. W. xy J , 3 ' 4 4 -9 1 ,1 'V 3"-bf' , ' 7. H -rv' f'x,LgffFMS2f. 4 flu if 1 3 y 1 I l'.',f fi?" f N Q5 Qfwlxgiyf V4 fp A 4? . ,795 f 'W-A 1 yr flbffs If 2 'Mil W0 Yjff 1 , : f ' 4 1 ,tl ' " C- f A Ev M" f fr .lf If!" 1.5 .-iQ --V A . SEA 41 " 'Af ffl? "7" "A .W 4: ii ti, gf C ' :Y X vlkiffn if xg - i wb, Q 1 LW 46, mzfg :sm N . SS! K VX :Mis , 5 5 lui' , ' N , un' vf A wt' 'fl "' xy' '47 ' -P X I if WWW Q wr f M N f A , HM + M f 'J gf wwf: fffzh Ni W f f G W 4 if V f xx L SL, fo IX, qc ' . X Y! np .7 N P i ,xv ..- Q M +I A fp : lff J ff . Y W 5 pf fulfil' - ,jf 4 ff?" " J 'S uw ffg. gg lllk Q A J Iam S -ities 451 UNIOR CLASS First row: Barbara Schooler, Louise Barghman, Shirley Johns, Betty Rae Hunt, Diana Leasure, Beverly Robinson, Oneta Clippinger, Pat Staugh, Bonnie Treadway, Sandy Wharton, Janic Wil- kiu, Carolyn Darling, Miss Evans, Second row: Pat Walker, Connie Kermedy, Marlene Melic Pat Mawery, Foxlne Roby, Pat Holton, Jan Teagarden, Mr, Milleman. Third row: Jack Wil- son, Carl Thompson, Keith Glancy, Sam Hunter, Don Sherman, Steve Veatch, Don Good, Kenny Williams, Joe Dager, Ronnie Branstool, Charles Harris, Bill Brokaw, Mr. Donalson. Fourth row: Dan Ridenour, Harlen Startcher, Larry Herschline, Rodney Ellis, Nelson Trickett, R. Ray Holtz, Joe McCullum, James Landis, Jim Wilson, Tom Weatch, Larry Porter, Bob Walters. Fifth row: Joella Comelius, Rose Moore, Shirley Warner, John Bline, Dick Walters, Keith Johnson, Charles Stickle, Jack Raines, Don Hunt, Tom Drumm, Don Hess, Ronnie Hogle, Sixth row: Jim Dixon, Bruce Hupp, Jon Dobson, Tom Salyers, Kay Sutton, Lois Albaugh, Janice Taylor, Carol Seavolt, Ann Colville, Shirley Fowler, Margaret Donald. Seventh row: Vivan Swick, Mary Glecker, Carolyn Walton, Sandy Fairall. Judy Heald, JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS KENNY WILLIAMS, Vice President PAT HOLTON, President MR, MILLEMAN, Advisor CAROL SEAVOLT, Secretary CHARLES HARRIS, Treasurer HM ii 7 1191 W 1 4 ., f 1A A 2 I , Q -4 fjjkfhll., Q K , ' W V QR 'H V -a X luzliz-,X-L Q11 'Nad I Xe ' ,MXN HW yjjfx. xjkgfknjfifz -,3,,,,, " M I :M s SQPHOMQRE CLASS First row: Bill Clary, Louella Dunlap, Kathy Swank, Marjorie Tucker, Carolyn Hogle, Janice Wolf, Curtis Cree, Clinton Wright, Gary Rife, Second row: Marcella Brennan, Nancy Jenkins, Carolyn McCutchen, Eloise Bricker, Linda VanWinkle, Jane Smith, Louise Angeletti, Mary Ann Dillon, Virginia Holmes, Sherrill Lauderbaugh, Carolyn McMullen, Sue Hull, Pat Shaw, Maxine Anderson, Frieda Moody, Third row: Betty Sprunger, Charlene Bagent, Barbara Hiles, Phyllis Farmer, Brenda Martin, Marcella Smith, Barbara Cregar, Connie Warthen, Ruth Powers, Fourth row: Fred Laymon, Tom Debolt, Larry Laynon, Kenny Woodruff, Dick Gutliph, Fred Rice, Don Allen, Steve Torrens, Gorden Postle, David Rine, Larry Steinmetz, Stanley Walton, Jerry Edvore Bob Rostofer, Ralph Newcomb, Russell Davis, Fred Rummel, Fifth row: Calvin Reese, Don Dunlap, Rormie Dmmn, Don McKee, Fred Pelton, Ned Grewell, Kelly Boyer, Roger McKee, Wendell Marston, Doug Martin, Mike Young, Charles McDonald, Emerson Stout, Sixth row: Tom Householder, Bill Starcher, Larry Ridenour, Fred Groseclose. John Ellas, Bob Miller, Robert Scott, Everett Harris, Larry Rine, SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS LOUELLA DUNLAP, Secretary KATHY SWANK, Vice President CLINTON WRIGHT, Student Council CURTIS CREE, President BILL CLARY, Treasurer GARY RIFE, Reporter 'gf SHME TW V Ww,,,,,... A i mf 5 4fA"""W .WW . in-'WA' A M W-4 if ' 1 'N W, -N u f 'J . W fl- X84 I ' 4 f 'vim k " , A "4' 5 3 ff? I! Q 1 " V -' x,-. xv' 405+ 'IR-I-3' ,C 'xfff ' 1 x F 'lf .X D 174415x:1,fVf-Av,,'3!'l'f',v 1 M 1 i fb!!! x ,,, 5 VM"r ,WM W, K t ""f" "1-, eAz. ' zlgfff ,h 1 thx x ,fl If JH 'wg 1- A xxf, lh I " 47,1 'I 'xv-40 , AW Q Un 'Mo ' f yff j ' , Z . ll' V wg ff ,Nav -gb ,,P l IX xixx r X4 QV f ' N w ill mi ff Q51 ,wtf 'V 2 5,9 ' -' 'f - H 1 , .Q cf xi' -3-' L: A3 M I N9 f N im , 1 I ! . A I S my ,. 4, - A ,lc Mx iq A mfeffmzwgafrmfmt 4" ,iff Q 'LX Q f , , ,W W ,-A hwmaeffzafeuaq ' fi Q W Q M :J W W' 1 fa' f 2: ' if f ' 'K' ' 5-T ', f, M Aff: ...p Tfif' W ' J ' 2 W, eiffffsmff-war z ' Q4--1'yA,,r ' M fi? ,X 4 I ,iff-725' 'i'gf7'Zf f K f - if Q He 49' Af f . iw f f 1 Q IBM u - , rf il If B Mil . li!! J un -1, -fig 1+ 0 M A f l -Y g : .554 H 1 wffi, ff v- M, ' 1 f ' W 4 fr ff f ' f if-'ifvff ff U f . 4- 4 mi f y ,f ,uf Y, , , :qu U 5P1,c!.--.am XX'-f7,,,a - ' 'X 'ww T a ON - - 1,. vW J V I f 1 ' H. Q 427423 f ,f X2 V'1?wi. M 1 Q1 - W PM " .'fP'y JW 'f--X5, . '1M V Q WM M b V9 fx, X! l 1 'N N XMM s ' 'W Q - fix, III' x " VIH: iqy 1 . - MI FRESHMA CLASS First row: Carl Siders, Jim Smith, James Jewett, Larry Daniels, Baube Green, Larry Thompson, Ray Sigman, James Rine, David Hayden, Larry Logan, Frank Frye, Dick Gary, Don Dean, Larry McLaughlin. Second row: Paul Hunter, Mary Lou Ogle, Patty Pumphery, Dave Looker, Lyle Dudgen, McLane Carr, Liska Latham, Mary Ann Bolten, Sue Divan, Saundra Simpson, Diana Hissong, Mary Fouts, Patty Taylor, Charlene Wilson, Bonnie Kearns, Charlotte Finck, Mary Ann Hays, Maudine Gayheart, Ethel Bullock, Nancy Shaw, Linda Davis, Deloras Angelstt, Paul Rostofer, Ronnie wolf, Richard Baughman. Third row: Leona Wright, Sandra Bain, Beverly Davis JoAnn Kerr, Phyllis Prior, Virginia Schooler, Beverly Mathews, Beverly Donahey, Shirley Wilson, Bonnie Raines, Linda Myers, Shirley Proctor. Fourth row: Ronnie Walsh, Larry Hunter, Dale Tabler, Dale Van Winkle, Ann Finchner, Amelia Parker, Jo Ann Pierpont, Kay McCammon, Kathleen Robinson, Judy Hamkins, Cheryl Longstreth, Audery Jenkins, Susan Ewart, Thelma Mick, Charlotte Roby, Mike Dager, Bill Moore, Eric Robinson, Denver Short. Fifth row: Dean McCelland, Thurman Treadway, Jim Wilson, Larry Gregg, Eugene Robinson, Gorden Smith, Fred Longstreth, Vincent Becker, Randy Moxley. John DeLancey, FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS LARRY GREGG, President KAY McCA MMON, Secretary GORDON SMITH, Vice President LARRY DANIELS, Treasurer LARRY LOGAN, Student Council ff N K f 21 MW X AK y lvl A I ' ff! I K X7 ! ll ' il 3.9 Z ff 452' ' f MJSY VW' Z f' fox, f ff f ' - f , YZ xx U! ibm NXQQ ii V!! 21,761 1 li' ffmfi 1 V' ,J IEE: 'Y gif 7 S X 751 fl X if Qu xt N EIGHT H GRADE First row: Gerald Presley, Connie Veatch, Connie Kerr, Sharon Davis, Joan Kuffman, Dorothea Richards, Dorothy Hupp, Carolyn Williams, Danny Daniels, Second row: Naomi Powers, Dianna Ridenour, Linda Levingston, Ronda Lauderbaugh, Romona Robinette, Sharon Leasure, Yvonne Beatty, C3r0lCu1lum, Norma Richcreek, Mary Ellen Hiles, Carol O'Hara, Linda Arrington. Third row: Linda Teele, Pat Melick, Juanita Hellwig, Jo Ann Bullock, Sherry Clyde, Diana Schober, Arlene Garrid, Susan Gerhart, Bonnie Bell, Mariea Bovle, Sharon Vearch, Fourth row: David Allen, Gary Melick, Sammy Ritchey, Jeffery Gough, Russell Reiter, Richard Groseclose, Fred Dunn, Robert Abey, Donald Blackbum, Richard Whisner, Gary Carpenter, Ronald Atkinson, Billy Tyler. Fifth row: James Armstrong, Nelson Ferguson, Bill Kaylor, Joe Myers, Keith Hunt, Larry Taylor, Fred Miller, James Worley, Donald Woodruff, SEVENTH GRADE First row: Marvel Walton, Niona Crampton, Dan Green, Donald Parker, Vincent Perry, Bormie Guisinger, Sharon Burkholder, Lois Sherman, Janet Taylor, Jo Ann Rine, Ruth Ridenour, Gabrielle Martin, Betty Hubbard, Ellen Zink. Second row: Donald Bruce, Jack Daniels, Larry O'Hara, Bernard Presley, Paula Stout, Nancy Laymon, Dorothy Debolt, Sharon Smith, Virginia Spellman, Mary Kay Tyler, Gladys Rine, David Wood, Third row: Lester Brown, Cary Dudgeon, Benny McKenstry, Caro- lyn Donahey, Gloria Chatterton, Betty Grosclose, Rita Ogle, Nancy Van Winkle, Joan Pelton, Terry Hissong, Arlene Farley, Francis Hissong, Erlene Clinedinst, James Hess, Raymond Billman, Douglas Culver, Fourth row: Max Bricker, Gordon Hellwig, Dayle Debolt, Richard Harstine, Garry Smith, Glenn Griffith, Tom Woodruff, John Kauffman, Neil Thomas, Gary Rine, David Torrens, Joe Bricker, Donald McCutchen, Frank Farley, Gary Kole, Jack Dunn, Wesley Rine, Jimmy Buchanan, Jim Leasure, Ronnie Clippenger, Edward Eshelman, Russell Dowds. Ein' 'G-. ,W-nlw--,Mugs .V J -all M ,: : I --1: vv If fix . r , 1 HM ..i..--,T f ,.v""'p , , ,, " wx -.-,,, i Q4 4 .5571 1, G T7 pg 1' 'X N.- 5, :C ,E 176227 ' - ' .,Q 5 ,I if ,,,f:f1 'ls.,,-Mak 'iii 4jjE??., W, ' X ,,,feffQf'Q3"1ffi ,Q 72 f :- ff ,--.X ag '-tifzfg' H407 . ' 1 ' "0 ' ,ff f 29 fl f f 2g?',g1?'1f-,Gin ' I I mmf? 1 Qu, Q , rff52f'1l I-V31 -.L Q, 1 - rw' Q ,Z -f,'. ' f . ff. -. M 'Qu'6f'2! ,mm D X - 4 A W V3 X ic' Z 'af 1 ug. QL U as My 7 x5'iff4F5'!-LY. '-..::5ii5i 'L-rf ' 1,7 ,1 I M N 'A f - ' if ' f ff R Y V :'..1-' :i5'TT,i3:Zg-lig Qq x ' mv,,M - I, X 'g X iii Qi 'Q ' gh ' f If f fl ' Z f K , X X W N X X XXX XXX? I 1.1 XX I l i X K FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA First row: Mary Boyer, Reporter, Mary Fouts, Secretary, Judy Householder, President, Betty Sprunger, Treasurer, Arlene Hamilton, Oneta Clippinger, Second row: Miss Hawke, Advisor, Terry Wahl, Margie Rine, Judy Heald, Nancy Jenkins, Ethel Bullock, Shirley Wilson, Sue Dixon, Jane Smith, Louella Dunlap, Shirley Wamer, Rose Moore. Third row: Virginia Holmes, Shirley Proctor, Colleen Billman, Barbara Kreager, Marcella Leasure, Nancy Gray, Shirley Pat- ton, Vivian Swick, Carolyn McMullen, FUTURE TEACHERS of AMERICA First row: Miss Yoakam, Advisor, Carolyn Darling, Chaplain, Ann Coville, Treasurer, Mary Jo Torrens, President, Sue Branstool, Secretary, Garnet Hiles, Historian, Second row: Carol Ridenour Janice Taylor, Anne Fishner, Joella Cornelius, Patty Pumphrey, Patti Parker, Mary Lou Ogle, Shirlee Johns, Third row: Amelia Parker, Judy Hankins, Dan Magers, Jim Dixon, Larry Gregg, Marcella Smith, TRI-HI-Y Kathy Swank, Treasurerg Mary Sue Branstool, Historian, Carol Seavolt, Vice Presidentg Betty Rae Hunt, President, Shirlee Johns, Secretary, Eloise Bricker, Chaplaing Nancy Reese. Second row: Leona Wright, Beverly Davis, Linda Van Winkle, Charlene Bagent, Jo Ann Kerr, Beverly Dona- hey, Linda Myres, Virginia Schooler, Ann Fichner, Mary Jo Torren, Brenda Martin, Phyllis Farmer, Barbara Schooler, Third row: Kay Sutton, Susan Ewart, Christa Elias, Lois Albaugh, Janice Wolf, Patty Pumphrey, Kathleen Robinson, Judy Hankins, Janice Taylor, Gamet Hiles, Barbara Hiles. Fourth row: Miss Evans, Diana Hissong, Jo Ann Pierpont, Donna Blackbum, Kay McCammon, Pat Parker, Audery Jenkins, Amelia Parker, Mrs, Ott, HI-Y Back: Bruce Hupp, Fred Groseclose, Mike Dager, James Rine, James Dixon, Jack Armstrong, Tom Armstrong, Jack Milleman, Curtis Cree, James Jewett, Front: Bill Brokaw, Kenny Williams, Vice President, Ronnie Branstool, Presidentg Joe Dager, Treasurer, John Ellas, Don Good, Keith Johnson, FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA First row: Paul Hunter, Ronnie Walsh, David Jenkins, Reporter, Charles Evans, Sentinel, Larry Hughes, Presidentg John Chadwick, Secretaryg Don Gregg, Treasurerg Advisor, Mr. Coville, Sec ond row: Fred Pelton, Larry Hunter, Bob Swick, Dan Chadwick, Dick Atkinson, Rodney Ellas, Steve Veatch, Sam Hunter, Tom Veatch, Stanley Walton, Third row: Everett Harris, Richard Baughman, Don Dunlap, Roger McKee, Gordon Postle, Bob Miller, Don McKee, Dave Looker, McLane Carr, Ray Holtz, Bob Rostofer, John Bline, Larry Rine, Bill Starcher, Fourth row: Larry Stiememtz, Charles McDonald, Jack Raines, Steve Torrens, Harlem Starcher, Paul Rostofer, Jack Wilson. SAFETY PATROL First row: Fred Dunn, Noami Powers, Sharon Veatch, Carolyn O'Hara, Bobby Green, Russell Reiter, Second row: Daune Shaw, Gary Smith, Neil Campbell, Jim Myers, Tony Wahl, David Alexander, Paul Parks, Lester Brown, Ray Billman, Third row: Dayle Debolt, Bobby Hamilton, Erlene Clindent, Bonnie Guisinger, Mr. Fowler, Nancy Van Winkle, Niona Crampton, Paula Stout, Joe Bricker, Fourth row: Bernard Presley, Richard Harstine, Danny Green, Larry O'Hara, Jack Daniels, Bill Tyber, Edward Eshelmam, David Torrens, Ronald Warren, Vencet Perry, Gerald Presley, Gary Carpenter. HONOR SOCIETY First row: Tom Dixon, Dan Magers, Dixie Bell, Judy Householder, Sue Branstool, Terry Wahl, Pat Mathews, Arlene Hamilton, Second row: Shirlee Johns, Betty Rae Hunt, Ronald Boyer, Lennie Trickett, Larry Hughes, Don Gregg. Third row: Kenny Williams, Bill Brokaw, Carol Seavolt, Mary Boyer, Pat Holton, Vivian Swick, Ann Colville. LIBRARY STAFF First row: Mrs. Helphrey, Shirlee Johns, Gamer Hiles, Shirley McCarnent, Terry Wahl, Marcella Smith, Second row: Shelia Ramsey, Pat Mathews, Pat Parker, Sue Branstool, Joella Cornelius, Mary Jo Torrens, Bonnie Treadway, Sandy Wharton, Janice Wilkin, STUDENT COUNCIL First row: Kenny Williams, Vice President, Mary Io Torrens, President, Mary Boyer, Secretary and Treasurer. Second row: Gene Marston, Ronnie Branstool, Sharon Veatch, Dorthy Debolt, David Torrens, Sammy Richey, Larry Logan, Judy Householder, Beth Ann Sawyer, Third row: Larry Hughes, Mr. Jacobs, Betty Rae Hunt, Patty Pumphrey, Cilnton Wright, Curtis Cree, Larry Gregg, OFFICE PRACTICE First row: Nancy Arck, Connie McDaniel, Patti Parker, Nancy Reese, Donna Blackbum, Sheila Ransey, Second row: Mrs. Neighbarber, Nancy Gray, Coleen Billman, Anita Traicoff, Deanna Kidwell, Dixie Bell, Margaret Powers, Doris Hess, Miss Evans. SENIOR CLASS PLAY CAST 'C First row: Pat Mathews, Jack Armstrong, Mrs. Helphrey, Tom Armstrong, Judy Householder, Second row: Bob Hull, Terry Wahl, Mary Sue Branstool, Beth Ann Sawyer, Mary Io Torrens, Doris Hess, George Bricker, JUNIQR CLASS PLAY First row: Louise Baughman, shirlee Johns, Diana Leasure, Carol Seavolt, Carolyn Darling, Second row: Pat Holton, Ann Colville, Joella Comelius, Lois Allbaugh, Mrs. Helphrey. Third row: Keith Glancy, Bmce Hupp, Steve Veatch, Tom Salyers, Bill Brokaw, Charles Harris, Jon Dobson. BAND First row: Sue Branstool, Brenda Martin, Mary Lou Ogle, Norma Richcreek, Jim Weaver, Phyllis Farmer, Susan Gayheart, Louella Dunlap, Second row: Kay Sutton, Larry Layman, Tom House- holder, Bruce Hupp, Ann Colville, Keith Johnson, Jim Jewett, Linda Van Winkle, Sam Ritchey, Kelly Boyer, Dixie Bell, Eloise Bricker, Fred Grosclose, Third row: Donna Blackburn, Leona Wright, Bonnie Kems, Liska Latham, Linda Myers, Jim Armstrong, Carol Seavolt, Kay McCam- mon, Fred Layman, Lois Allbaugh, Dick Grosclose, Bill Brokaw, Ronda Lauderbaugh, Io Ann Sesser, Jim Dixon, Barbara Schooler, Diana Leasure, Sherrill Lauderbaugh, Betty Rae Hunt, Susan Ewart, Fourth row: Dale Van Winkle, Harriet Dixon, Judy Hankins, Margie Rine, Jo Ann Peir- pont, Carolyn Darling, Kathleen Robinson, Darwin Dunlap, Arlene Hamilton, Sherll Longstregth, Ned Grewell, Jim Jobes, Mr, Ott, This year the band, under direction of Mr, David Ott, participated in many school and community activities, During football season the band presented a half time show at each game, Outstanding among these were the themes, "Utica Hit Parade, " and 'A Trip Around the World. " After marching season the band was reorganized into Concert Band. This group presented a winter and spring concerts, The band members who were chosen to represent Utica at the All County Concert in April were Ann Colville, Alto clarinet, Bruce Hupp, Bass Clarinet, Sue Branstool Bflat Clarinet, Bill Brokaw, Baritone, Jim lobes, Bass, Louella Dunlap, Flute, Kay McCammon, Saxophone, and Jim Weaver, Oboe. MIXED CHORUS FT C First row: Arlene Hamilton, Nancy Arch, Joella Comelius, Ann Colville, Patty Pumphrey, Emily Brennan, Mary Jo Torrens, Second row: Betty Rae Hunt, Gamer Hiles, Shirley Johns, Leona Wright, Bonnie Raines, Rose Moore, Barbara Schooler, Beverly Donahey, Liska Latham, Pat Mathews, Carolyn Ridenour, David Ott, Director. Third row: Norma Richcreek, Kay Sutton, Carolyn Darling, Carol Seavolt, Bonnie Kearnes, Sandra Simpson, Thelma Mick, Virginia Schooler, Charlene Wilson, Pat Shaw, Sue Branstool, Dianna Leasure, Fourth row: Christa Ellas, Shirley Wamer, Carolyn Walton, Mary Gleckler, Dianna Hissong, Shirley Fowler, Bonnie Tread- way, Sandy Wharton, Janice Wilkins, Shirley Patton, Janice Taylor. Fifth row: Tom Debolt, Everett Harris, Bill Brokaw, Eugene Robinson, Bob Miller, Fred Longstreath, Jim Smith, Lyle Dudgeon. This year the chorus was divided into two parts, the mixed chorus and the girls glee club, They participated in several school activities including the winter and spring concerts. Those members who took part in the all county chorus are Shirlee Johns, Kay Sutton, Betty Rae Hunt, Carolyn Darling, Arlene Hamilton, Janice Taylor, Torn Debolt, Lyle Dudgeon, Charles Harris. Evert Harris, Shirley Patton, Dianna Leasure, Carol Seavolt, and Sandra Simpson. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Left to right: Mary Jo Torrens, Christa Ellas, Shirlee Johns, Betty Rae Hunt, Patty Parker. RESERVE CHEERLEADERS left to right: Betty Sprunger, Bonnie Raines, Barbara Hiles, Kathleen Robinson, Audrey Jenkins. UTICA I-IOMECOMING HOMECOMING COURT Gamet Hiles. Mary Jo Torrens, Patti Parker, Sheila Ramsey, Teresa Wahl The Utica Homecoming is an annual town event which takes place the first three days in October. During this time there are parades, dances, prizes, entertainment, and gaiety for people of all ages. Utica High School's football squad nominates five girls as candidates for a queen to reign over the Homecoming festivities. Then the decision is made by vote of the high school and the junior high students. The 1956 queen was Teresa Wahl and her attendants were Mary Jo Torrens, Patti Parker, Sheila Ramsey, and Garnet Hiles. The celebration began on Thursday evening with a parade sponsored by the local businessmen, On Friday afternoon there was a school parade in which each of the twelve classes and the high school clubs made an entry. The theme of this year's parade was 'Health and Safety, " The senior class float was awarded first prize, the Hi-Y second, the seven- th grade third, and the sophomore class fourth. ln the elementary division the fourth grade won first, the fifth and sixth second, and the third grade came in next. Saturday afternoon a parade was held with all children under twelve participating. The entries were to be made in any of three divisions: pets, doll carriages, and vehicles. Each child was given two free tickets for rides and a dime for being in the parade. September October November December January February March A prll May UTICA HIGH SCHOOL 1956-57 ACTIVITIES CALENDAR 28 Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y sponsored "Sock Hop" after the game, 15 Larry Hughes, Everett Harris, Charles Walton, and Mr. Colville of the FFA started their trip to the National FFA Convention at Kansas City, 25 FTA sponsored a 'Sock Hop' after the game. 1 School Open House was held, FTA students served as guides and hostesses. 2 Safety Patrol Party. Diane Ridenour was elected Queen of the Dance, 3 Seniors sponsored a Chicken Dinner, 4 Prince of Peace Contest was sponsored by the Ohio Council of Churches, Shirlee Johns received first place with Pat Mathews as alternate, 16 Senior Playg 'The Inner Willey. " 17 FFA vs. Homer in a Donkey Basketball Game. 21 Student Council Party. 1 Voice of Democracy Contest was sponsored by Newark IayCee Pat Mathews placed first, 3 Organizational Meeting of the PTA. 12 High School Speech Class Radio Program. 15 FHA sponsored the Chriamas Formal. 17 County Student Council Party held at the County Office. 21 Hi-Y presented the Christmas Assembly. 29 Holiday Tournaments at Homer. Utica won the Championship 1'7 Senior Scholarship tests. 23 Band and Chorus Winter Concert. 8 Hi-Y sponsaed a 'Record Hop, " 15 Twirp Week, 16 Sweetheart Formal sponsored by the Tri-Hi-Y, Lennie Trickett was King of Hearts, 1 Band Boosters held a dance for the members of the band and their guests. 8 Junior Class Chili Supper, 16 Senior Class supper and dance. 22 Eighth grade Square Dance. 29 Seventh grade party. 12 Junior Play: 'No More Homework. " 24 High School Spring Music Festival. 26 All County Music Festival at Watkins Memorial School. 27 Sophomore Dance 3 All Sports Banquet. 6 Honor Society Initiation at Alexandria, 10 Juniors sponsored the Junior- Senior Prom prec 17 Senior Trip to Washington D, C, and New York 19 Baccalaureate 20 Commencement E xp XX W N 53-4,g,',f X QLSQQQ A Q X 1 ' fl v,," X 72,3 r - X Q7 s ,vga A A A X- Z, I will Q X j X 1 lf? I gf 0 H fcmw --1 V mf F? fi N C K NN , :if X f X ff k iw, f f ' wir, 1 X J' Y , wifffg H51 M5 Q3 X Q, Qlliil jj F 41- XM K X f f 1 f .7 x Zfff X FOOTBALL TEAM First row: Managers, Don Blackburn, Dan Daniels, David Allen, Nelson Fergerson, Ronnie Dixon. Second row: Ronnie Wolf, Larry Gregg, Event Harris, John Ellas, Steve Veatch, Dan Magers, Kenny Williams, Bill Brokaw, Carl Thompson, Tom Veatch, Gordon Smith, Dan Farley, Coach Mr, Graham, Third row: Dale Tabler, Wendell Marston, Mike Dager, Eric Robinson, Thurmon Treaway, Larry Daniels, Keith Glaucy, Larry Thompson, Joe Dager, Don Sherman, Curtis Cree, Don Good, Mr. Donalson. Fourth row: Larry Hershline, Mike Young, Ronnie Drumm, Jim Jewett, Don Gregg, August Angeletti, Pete Evans, Lennie Trickett, Don Allen, Denver Short, Dan Barley, Gene Marston, Coach Mr, Castle. 1956 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE WE THEY Centerburg 7 5 Fredricktown 6 6 Danville 0 26 Hebron 25 0 Summit 26 6 Johnstown 12 19 Watkins Memorial 0 26 Granville 14 34 ENIOR FOOTBALL PLAYERS PETE EVANS LENNIE TRICKEFT DON BKRLEY DAN FARLEY DAN MAGERS GHJE MARSTON DON GREGG VARSITY BASKETBALL First row: Kenny Williams, Don Gregg, Tom Salyers, Rodney Ellis, Wendell Marston. Second row: Gene Marston, Kelly Boyer, Larry Hershline, Nelson Trickett, Don Good, Lennie Tricket Third row: Dan Magers, Ronnie Branstool, Mr, Donaldson, RESERVE BASKETBALL First row: Gerald Graham, Curtis Cree, Stephen Torrens, Mike Young, Doug Martin, Everett Harris. Second row: Jack Raines, Larry Gregg, Dave Looker, Dale Tabler, Dale Van Winkle, Larry Daniels, Third row: Larry Laymon, Randy Moxley, McLane Carr, Jim Jewett, John Elias, Ned Grewell, GENE MARSTON, Senior DON GOOD, Junior KELLY BOYER, Sophomore DON GREGG, Senior LENNIE TRICKETT, Senior WENDELL MARSTON Sophomore JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL First row: Mr, Castle, Nelson Ferguson, Keith Hunt, Bob Abbey, Jim Buchanan, Jim Leasure, Dave Allen, Second row: Gary Smith, Dave Wood, Donald Bruce, Joe Bricker, Richard Harstine Ronald Clippinger, Third row: Fred Dunn, Jack Dunn, Jim Armstrong, Dick Grosclose, Donald Parker, James Ashelman, David Torrens, Don Keener, Susan Ga heart R U R , . JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS Y ' , usse emu' Jimmy Arm' First row: Yvonne Beatty, Pat Melick, Arlene strong, Sammy Ritchey, EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS Farley, Diana Ridenour, Rita Kay Ogle. Sec- ond row: Carolyn Williams, Sharon Veatch, Mary Ellen Hiles, Ruth Ridnour, Virginia Spillman, SEVENTH GRADE OFFICERS Dayle Debolt, Lois Sherman, David Torrens, Paula Stout, Dorothy Debolt. 'mp- .rT 1-Y ,.. ,.... Y...-5 ,-7,7 - .. ,h ,, , -fl 3-.-..--1-f' Mo 0 f - - O O in X --:ff -:QM fi., q... '-A -v-5, X, ln.-'- ,,? 327 O -if-,E 0 O H, 7- 'E ,.j g O G , 5 O G "il ,I O Q ,A-L L, LJ.,- and in 112 1 4 E 2 The Man Who Can Fix It SARA ANGELE T' T' 24 Hours Wrecker and Auto Service Utica, Ohio Compliments of TEOYEES GARAGE Utica, Ohio C omplime nt s of LEROY MULLER 8: TOASTMASTER HIGH RESTAURANT "On the Square" No Liquor or Beer Mt. Vernon, Ohio PERAL GUMMS I? I V E12 S I DE AUTO SERVICE Sunoco Products Utica, Ohio Compliments of E23 BETTYS RESTAURANT Utica, Ohio Dodge -Plymouth Dodge Uob Rated, Trucks Complete Service and Parts Department IVICKIBBEN MOTOR SALES Utica, Ohi0 THE JOHN J. CARROLL STORE Newark, Ohio 12EYNoL.D's ORCHARDS Fruit of Quality Utica, Ohio H. Lg ART "Your Jeweler" 18W. Park Place Newark, Ohio I2 ITC HEY S For Refreshments and ' Chatting With Friends RITCHEY BROS. CONFECTIONERY Main Street Utica, Ohio UTICA HARDWARE COMPANY J. T. WADDELL Hardware, Plumbing and Electric Supplies G. E. Appliances UTICA CUT RATE Magazines - Fairmont Dairy Prod. Main Street I Utica, Ohio Phone TW 2-4921 l TRICKETTS MARKET Fresh Home Dressed Meats Phone TW Z-3767 Utica, Ohio BETTY'S BEAUTY SHOP Phone TW 2-3981 Main Street I Utica, Ohio SPI L.L..lVI,AN HARDWARE Utica, Ohio General Hardware Paints Housewares EAPDLEY LUMBER, INC. When You're in a Hurry Phone 2 -2.991 Utica, Ohio Shoes for the Entire Family FINC H SHO ES "We Fit the Hard to Fit Feet" Newark, Ohio Compliments of the WOODS GROCERY Vanatta, Ohio I l I2 l L..EV SERVICE STATION Pure Oil Products Seiberling Tires Phone TW-2-4971 Utica, Ohio VVAJ-IL.. MOTOR SALES 24 Hour Sales Wrecker Service Ford Sales and Service Passenger Cars - Trucks Main Street Utica, Ohio Phone TW-Z-3811 TSC I-I APPAT 'S GROCERY Groceries and Meats Utica, Ohio Compliments of El..l. ICDT AND VANCE Best Wishes to the Class of 1957 Utica, Ohio ENJOY VELVET ICE CIQEAIVI Makers of Fine Ice Cream Main Street Phone TW-2-2081 Utica, Ohio RICE EXCAVATING Bulldozing and Crane Work THE QCDE EMEIZSON Pond Building - Basements STORE Open Ditches - Waterlines Clothes - Shoes - Hats Furnishings Phone TW2-2411 The Lad's Store as Well as Dad's TOM RICE Utica' Ohio ll S. West Side Square ilie-walrfrc, Ohio Furniture - Rug - Stoves The Store That Is Different Only 250 Steps From the Square Save on Each Step Tl-IE SAM ALEAN CO. Newark, Ohio LONSING-E12 REXALL DRUGS The Prescription Store Utica, Ohio SM ITI-IS DRY CLEANERS Quality Cleaning and Pressing Utica, Ohio Read the UTI CA HERALD For All the News of Your Home Town A. EARL DOVE ARTHUR E. DOVE Publishers Compliments LLJSK JEWELRY Established 1876 BEN WIGGENS, Mgr, Utica, Ohio WALTEQS NORTH END MARKET Washington St. Utica, Ohio Phone TW-24991 Congratulations to the CAMPBELL mm of '57 I MILLING CO. S Manufacturers and Jobbers RESTAURANT Flour, Feed, Grain, and Seed Custom Processing Fountain Service Utica, Ohio South Main Street Utica, Ohio Feed Specialists to the ABBOTT'S Future Farmers of America Shoes 4-H Club Memberig gg gm 95 Park Place Newark, Ohio ELEM: NGS LEWIS rr. DAIRY BQANSTOOL lMilk - Ice Cream - Cottage Cheese Feed and Grain Grade A Milk Merchant Phone TW-2-3751 Utica, Ohio Phone TW-2-3831 Utica, Ohio Compliments of Tl-IE IVI I l..L.El2 CQMPANY Lighting Equipment Since 1844 Utica, Ohio CRANE -KRIEG -FLORY Newark, Ohio . Hardware and Housewares Guns and Ammunition Compliments of GREEN BAY FUR CO. Newark, Ohio THE FASHION Newark, Ohio Compliments of AIRESMAN ELECTRIC 56 West Main St. Newark, Ohio WILMA'S M 4 Neoumode Hosiery ASSOCIATE STORE Znd Street Newark, Ohio u Toys, Tires, Batteries Compliments of BEVERLY SHOP 19 S. Park Place Newark, Ohio- Appliances - Auto Accessories Phone 5 Utica, Ohio RALPH EOE! NSON AND SCN Plumbing and Heating Phone 24 R 2. Utica, Ohio Reliable Insurance For All Your Needs Cons cientious C laim Service UTICA INSURANCE AGENCY GEORGE EVANS, Manager Phone 5 Utica, Ohio UTICA FLORAL CO. Flowers for All Occasions Phone 55 F, P. "BUCK" BUCHANAN Operator of 'I"l'I'LJS TRACTOR SALES The Ferguson Way Makes the Farm Pay Utica, Ohio Ferguson Tractors - Implements Congratulations to the Class of 1957 Tl-4E UTICA SAV! NGS BANK Utica, Ohio Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Member of the Federal Reserve System Congratulations to the Class of 1957 I-:I IQST NATICDNAL BANK of Utica, Ohio - - Founded 1871 - - Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Member of Federal Reserve System I'- RATTENBERGS DEPARTMENT STORE Clothing for the Entire Family Main Street Utica, Ohio FLORANCE FARLEY MYLADIES BEAUTY SHOP Phone TW - 23891 Utica, Ohio KONT Z FRUIT FARM Apples - Peaches and Other Fine Fruits St. Louisville, Ohio Congratulations, Class of '57 Compliments of THE VILLAGE INN Utica, Ohio 'P.8f'l2. SHOE REPAIR Socks - Shoes - Boots ROBERT RICE, Owner Utica, Ohio Rt. SHARPENING SERVICE 13 St. Louisville, Ohio "Machine Sharpening" ALL Cutting Tools Open Till 7 P.M. Mon.-sat. VE RNON'S MARATHON SERVICE B. F. Goodrich Tires, Tubes and Accessories Utica, Ohio G'l2AVElbf TRACTOR AGENCY Rear 150 North Main Street ROBERT LATHORN, Dealer Phone TW - 2-4931 Utica, ohio Licking Rural Electrification, Inc. FAQM POWEQ CC- CDF: 112 S. Main St. Utica, Ohio LRE MEMBER NRECA SINAITY-I SERVICE STATION Sohio Products - Atlas Tires Utica, ohio RONALD SMITH, Prop. BILL AND JAMES Groceries - Meats - Vegetables Free Delivery Phone - TW 24941 Utica, Ohio MCCANNS FOOD MARKET Frozen Food Lockers A Red and White Member Phone - TW 23901 Utica, Ohio Quality Food - Economy Prices lVlE12L.E 129 SS YOUR SINCLAIR DEALER Goodyear Tires and Tubes Phone - TW 24951 Utica, Ohio Compliments of VVATERS B! IVICNEALEY Furnaces and Roofing Service Utica, ohio 1 4 J V V ,u,fi, ,B ,, ax -NM, V 5. H .'-wgqw fi "' H1 151 f - V . 7 . + Xix W - J A , f 3, A " ' W M 1 ' f . W ' i f pyllfws EM x -,5 ... A -3 MII ii 53 qffiiif 1 N W iffy! K X, f WJ ,. me QQ RQ BMW QW 6239 W QR 6 " 6wt f . Qqtgw wk 1, , .L flu 'P gf fr A , My N E xN X xi 132 :A4 j ,, vo ff? W XXX wwqfxtbk Wig W "4 Q WOGWHM - -1 '1p.5'if 'd . ,.f,,'w w .y V , wi. .-i-1 2 A :" -.-4 -.f :1.1ff3 A- - -V . H 1- -vw, 1 vi ..y .wc , 'mv-u ,' - --,ww , . " 1 f M., ,. f 7 , gif -514' gaI,..f,A f ' 1 'rw -.-2.gL., f,1...,,.famdf F' iiEQQZ4"m'Lf..N-.aQ4:L:i.m,f.Qg,,.h , .. ,,.,:N.-A -- ,,- ,M .. , , . in ,s wif V mf wsflsffgpyfg w'N.QKQf5Wff2U W ' "WM DVD! JJ' L' 3, ,EMM ZQMMW Mkxf X . ff' iffy 715 W H5 N' pMf."ff""a' - K QW ' M1 1 pf JM 1 Q E A i 4 95 Qyffwff' wwf Z, ,P Whjfgrl 3 sLL't,Awf'3',6Cg.,.f+C,4,w-1Lv.0A Q ,fwuv ,f-A,z,A,, ,aff fJW94,,,g'ZjQ, V . T""'?QQrlU2,1-Aww 0-wi, x w W ,. , ,,.,,.K ' , xg . -.wg . , W ., -M1415 1 . 'yxg .1 I S 4' xi. Aff " ',,fg5.! . ,.,,.M.. -,Q 1 ci' wx, ,J M., if -,Q-UQ" P, 25532 , ma 11'-W -rm' 5,-rfsafi . vig ' .i I 1 F .- ,. Z3 me t. 4- T," " ,2 wg P: fx 'vrngff 1'?:5f1'ih'1 ,-. if Wx Kl'5,HiHL E

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