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ma 'Wafer "A loyol band is at thy door, U.F.A., Oh U.F.A. We come two thousand strong and more, U F A , Oh U F A From wood and mountain, fleld and glen, We re all together here agam, To honortlroaas best we can, UFA,OhUFA The rtch September days of yore, U F A , Oh U F A. Have filled thy portals o'er and o er U F.A , Oh U F A - But none more loyal e'er than we, And none more loyal shalt thou see For golden memones clung to thoe, U F A , Oh U F A Thy watchword Truth shall be our gurde U F A Oh U F A And rn that watchword we ll abide U F A Oh U F A No thought or word of ours shall mar Thy glorrous record near or far And truth shall be our gurdlng star U F A Oh U F A When Trme wrth has relentless sway U F A Oh U F A Shall take us from these scenes away All then wherever we may be Our prayers shall nse both full and free That God s nth blessrngs rest on thee U F A Oh U F A . . . ' U.F.A., Oh U.F.A. I I I THE CLASS UF 1957 prefenfffhe ACADEMICIAN UTICA FREE ACADEMY UTICA, NEW YQRK s 0l"Ql,U0l' .' "When memory's fires burn and smoulder slow, And old friends are forgotten in life's storm, Then add more fuel-bring back that grateful glow By me-by memory in a concrete form." -1907 Academician This brief poetic reface takes one back to the days when the Academy was young, when the "Old Build- ing" was the only lguilding, and the first UFA Academician went to press. Now, after a half century, char- acterized by two great wars, by amazing scientific advances and startling changes, the UFA yearbook celebrates its fiftieth anniversary. The 1957 Academician, in a small way, is a picture of the changes of these last fifty years. The Academician of 1907, literary and historical in approach, opened with a detailed history of the Academ . Following the history came poems and stories, including one by Harold Frederic, '09, who later Y . became one of UIlC8'S best known authors. Sections for school songs and yells, senior statistics, athletics, ' ' ' l 'll d b d in nd osed the Academic Observer, musical or anlzations, and fratermties, sparse y 1 ustrate y raw gs a p group photographs, completed the iook. In contrast with the slim 1907 Academician we present a pictorial story of life here at UFA in 1957. It is a story of hours spent in the classroom and study hall, in the library and gym, it is a record of games, meets, la s and club ro rams. It is a story of a school that has expanded in enrollment and scope beyond the Y a P greams of those earfy editors of 1907. Ours is a larger school, a larger graduating class, a larger book, re- flecting the more complex life of today. b ' ' ' ' b k 'll e Yet we, the class of 1957, 1o1n our predecessors of long ago 1n the hope that this, our year oo , W1 "memory in a concrete form", that when "memory's fires burn slow" the 1957 Academician will for us all "bring back that grateful glow." gchfora Ca-Editor-Mary Jane Laun Ca-Editor-Jon Magendanz Literary Editor-Marlene Benesch Layout Editor-Ernie Berkowitz Copy Editor-Judy Bates Photography-Linda Detwiler J-7 Burinur Managers-Jack Jones, Arnold Myers U " Arrociate Editorr-Elaine Bazan, Phyllis Clark, ' Valerie England, Gregory Colocotronis, Ted S Martin, Carole Oglesby, Tony Redmond, James Y?Q'f illT' 5 Sapanara, Joyce Waite, Arlene Weaver. .gl'fi:i3ilQl3 af- fp -v vs?-I 1' I' Z I fax judge 0 Confenfd fl ,X FACULTY . .1 ... 5 X I ,A X STUDENTS . . 17 , g l ACTIVITIES . . 71 ' QS ' SPORTS . , 95 Fin! Raw, left In rzglvt: Harry' Parry, Harry' L. Muller, Clarence E. Dawes. Teraml Row' Harry' Walker Bosticlchlohn Constable,Ashley' Locke, Harold Frederxc. Thls IS the first annual ever publlshed at the Academy and our alm has been to make rt representat1ve and ty plcal of the whole school rather than any one class Thus brxefly rn 1907 the hrst Academ1c1an was rntroduced to the students of Utxca Free Academy by a group of seven upperclass cdxtors The book whlch culminated the efforts of these first ed1tors was a sllm red bound volume yylth less than twenty plctures ln 1ts 112 pages Largely a llterary publlcatxon UFA s hrst yearbook contalncd a hlstory ofthe school, short stories and poems, as well as senlor statlsttcs school cheers and club and sports news Touches of personal humor drawlngs of a Crlbson glrl graduate, group pnctures of d1gn1hed young men ln the1r hugh stlff collars references to Tuesday mornmg assembl1es these and other detanls caught the flavor of l1fe at the Academy fifty years ago Unpretentrous as It was th1s hrst Academ1c1an yy as sxgnlhcant chlefly because If preserved and strengthened the tradmons of the past and created a neyy trad1t1on for the future FOllOWll'1glI'l the pattern of the class of O7 succeedrng classes have gathered thelr records and publlshecl thelr memory books to form as each year added a volume a continuous record of Academy hlstory And so because of the lnnoyatlon of 1907 yye of the class of 1937 publlsh our yearbook to keep fresh the memorles of our school our classmates and the eytperlences whlch have made our four hlgh school years the most yy onderful rn our llves The edltors of this hrst -Xcademlcran yy ere pxoneers sy mbollc of y outh s1n1t1at1ve and courage Chertshxng their herltage from the past yet keep1ng thelr ey es upon the future they were vyllllng to undertake a neyy venture ln the sery1ce of thelr school Because they represented the best ln UPA sp1r1t and trad1t1on vye the class of 1957, respectfully dedlcate th1s our anmyersary yearbook to the edltors of the 1907 AC ADEMICIAN l Y Q Q .- f , . . . ' . , . . , - y - . V' .-- , s y '- ' ' 1 ' r ' ' '- . 1 , , . , , , . , .. . . , .c . , I , v Q 1 , , . , . . 5 Y , ' 1 , . . , A y ' . 1 . Y - s V, , ' . A v a , 1 s - 1 Y . ' ' . . ' , . , . . . 1 . . Y V 4 , , Y . , , 1 1 A . UTICA FREE ACADEMY 1907 In 1907, a faculty of less than twenty-five mem- bers was chiefly concerned with preparing students for college. Today, a high school diploma is the key, not only to higher education, but to business and industrial opportunity as well. The UPA faculty, numbering well over one hundred, has grown to represent the wide range of skills needed to meet the horizons of youth's interests and oppor- tunities. The present faculty includes instructors who are experts in mechanics as well as mathe- matics, in the homemaking arts as well as language. Despite the changes years have brought, Acad- emy teachers, constant in their purpose, continue to lead students through knowledge to wisdom, to train hand as well as mind, and to encourage youth to accept those principles of right living which underlie the development of sound character. Because of the high standard of professional training they render Utica's young people, the UPA faculty, as did its predecessor fifty years ago, commands the respect and gratitude of the student body and the community. ,-.-. fr" UTICA FREE ACADEMY 1957 CQ .. f . 19 Q 1 4 5: - QC! af-5 'Li .x4flmini5frafi0n I Q ix x- 'L wwf'-KX ' : k.R.tn-S-HOC" "Congratulations to the Academician and its staff for its 50th anniversary number. Anniversaries are the milestones on the highway of life. They are the special points in time which we can revisit only through our imagination or memories. "I trust that for the class of '57 the anniversary of your graduation will bring back pleasant memories of your years in the Academy, May it also renew your courage to meet the problems you will face on the unknown road ahead." A. RAY CALHOON Principal sw' H1957 can be proud of their 50th Anniversary Yearbook and ofthe recortl they have made in their four years here. May you always continue to be loyal to the ideals of UPA." R. ROY PERKINS 3.313 ,- pu- iii' ,- Left to right: Mr. R. Murphy, Miss R. Milne, Mr. A, Wildes. J 0llI'l5e 0I'5 '-Q. "lt has been a pleasure to work with you and to observe your growth and development. Your years at CFA have, l am certain, been happy and fruitful ones. "I sincerely hope that you will continue to grow in wisdom and knowledge, and that you will prosper always, "To each and everyone of you l extend my per- sonal best wishes." Nl. Donori-ix' Fox V Counfelor -Q' 2 if f ei' Nfl ff Q tb fj N125 1 412 'QF- rf 4 M, , mm W' Rf 5 1? :ff .1 v fu 7 K ,lf 1 , v . 9, 5 ,W Q 9 'gy' in 5 JK Q V, fx f . . A N N 5 ' ' E nik I L , 'A-4' 4 2,2 if , I-117 Jw., A M 4, 53g,?,4: fu S Q A M... fm A, IL, iii it ' I ff 'Q' " 4 3 Q ,XM , -4 ei fix, X' ' if . '5 vw 4 'if .J Firrt Roux, lejf to rzghrx Mr. F. Mason, Mr. K. Edkins, Mr. L. Wynne, Miss M. McClellan, Miss E. Nelson, Mrs. Hall. .Yecond Raw: Miss H. Burk, Miss M. Medbery, Miss O. Smith, Miss B. Pritchard, Mrs. R. Quinn, Abram: Mrs. H. Cutter, Mrs. S. Hymcs. fraud, left to right: Miss H. Burk, Mrs. A. Hartncss. Standing Mr. A, Schcpsis, Miss R. O'Bricn, Mr. F. DeVito.Ab1mz Miss F. Maggiolino. .S?lfl6!g of ,MJOIV dn! ollallglldgefi JQUQAIQJ LUOPKCI ullJ2l'5t6ll'lAllg M56 Carol breaks the pinata for a Christmas treat with fellow Spanish stutlcnrs. Miss McClellan discusses a current foreign relations problem in American History IV class. 1,9 Q Seated, frft ro rxgjltx Miss A. Wright, Miss E. Ausman, Miss M. P. Madcrcr. .Ytundingx Mr. D. jory, Miss G. Dybas, Miss B. Weeks, Miss M. E. Maderer, Mrs. I, Clark. Wad anal Science prepare Ku' e in afomic age '. 'gr 1 . fy Future physicists experiment in the art of electrical voltage regulation. Seniors study thc principles of solid geometry under the supervision of Miss M. E. Madercr. Fmt Rau lefra nght Mr A Sacco Mr L Cizza Mr A Fuson Miss E Rood Mr P Davmont .Ymnd Row Miss L Fmegan Miss G Gorham Mrs V Baldwin Mr L Daressa Mr Grzwwacz Abunt Mrs W Thomas .fraud letra rxghl M1SsD Handlon Mr Campbell Miss E. M. Dinnccn, MissO Scarlc Standing Mrs M Llddln Miss M Turk Mrs A Nelson Miss A Smith. Abrmls Mr, S. Chvwalnk MISSA R Dmnun ofzer l9I'l1CfiCl1 lfalfllllg OI' Milli? Arlcnc, Gcorgianna UFA g 1 Mr. F. Rabicc. Mickey, Ernic, and Elaine get thc "inside story" in the driver education program. lOAg:5icaf jifnedd ClIlJ..!4AI"fl1055 are cleuezzlaecl in pdgdica gcbccafion anal tizbriuem gilcafion Seated, lcfz to righzs Miss B. Johnston, Mrs, S. Jacobson, Mrs. P. Christino. Standing: Mr. F. Collins, Mr. F. Woods, Mr, E. Swiccki. UFA girls pause to check their standings in badminton con- ICSI. 'lv i Gym enthusiasts strive for in gym Ein, bu ...-v' Srudcnr arrisrs adjourn to :hc "wide open spaces" for class. Left to right: Miss C. Bcrgh, Miss L. Karcher. Thc tromboncs and tubas rchcarsc a song. Left to right: Mr, E. Hacker, Mrs. C. XVIHIHFIIS, Mrs. E. Holroyd, Mr. tj. Madden. .gnzifrucfion in me .fdrfd encouraged Algeria! fadnfd C9 if i' Q W E if I N 3 ' i 4 2 A M Y , K v 2' 2 fi 'xl , 5, 5 1 Ask Q-aww 5' .55 5, M ds ' Y X if ... M, -fx! ? Q- f J WV ytiff ,ly , 5' .frm lk 'Z Jn 4 A ffl -,ma 1 T1 . Q15 43 Ik'-A M xx X 547 Left to ntghrx Miss F. Rusinck, Miss M. Jonas, Mrs. M. Lynch, Mrs. G. Wcavcr, Miss S. LaFlcur U! if? IQQPJOHHB , WMU? alll! QOJOI' Ae I9 fllll JCAOOZ GHC! A2011 Jtllflglltff LEGAL? Miss H, Rodcn Dr. Harry Levy. l I 11 1 SENIOR CLASS 1907 W e come SIX hundred strong or more UPA Oh UPA' So sang the students of the Academy ln 1907 as they met 1n the audltorlum for Tuesday mornmg assemblles Today the Alma Mater rmgs out 2000 strong or more as the student body mect 1n the gy mnaslum for an all school assembly How eyer the change 1n student body wrought by thc years IS not merely one of rncreased enrollment Present UPA students dlffer greatlv from those of 1907 1n background trarnlng and goals Whrle past UPA ers vyere a scholasucallv selectlve group tralned solely for the r1gors of colleglate courses Academy portals novy open to young people of dlyerse natlonal economlc and soclal background schooled IH the yocat1onal as well as llberal arts The opportunltxes for today s youth have measurably lncreased 'X broadened currlculum and enlarged program of act1y1t1es and sports prepare students not only for the yarled lobs of an atomlc age but also for the 1ncreased lersure technology has brou ht Stlll eneath the apparent dxfferences 1957 Academy students are closely akrn to those of hfty years ago Grumbhng about creakmg floors and crusadln for clean vyalls ln thelr hearts they are proud o LPA s d1st1ngu1shed hlstory and trad1 tlons As ln by gone days they yyork and play wlth enthuslasm and dream ofthe future Wlfll the hop and conhdence yy h1ch are the hentage of all Am r lcan youth 5 . 1 s ,sw ' .. V - 3 a ' 1 .f . 4, .. VV - 1 ' - 1 v - V A V V , 3 J V - , . 9 r ' , . . V 4 1 , a V V V .Y . . . h 1 s 1 4 v . . . . , . .1 , . 1 a i a . V . . Y 7 4 1 , . . . . Y .- 1 ' ' V v V , V 'A . . 1 . . ' V' 1 V. , y. V 7- - Y. .mfg ,mv "GN i fmt? R . if 'W , ,'3 9 'T in w F' .tg sir' 5 E. 1 F41 .f'JZ ,W 'Air' . A' L. U , , 7. 4 . 'SG' -iv' :Ii '-:M '. ,ae . 1, 'PV-: , ' 'X K--. 7. . - wil. -3. K '. - ,Q Ke .5 - .1--5 ia f F-,. ff?-r---'glihj 2 X1-m'u.n-z .1 155 X ., 59:11 5' . 'Li "" ' il .., 4403 . A , I 1,1 .. 9. .- ' J ' 1.?'fe'5F'mga " 5 , -, -,ef VC' J " Fi? 3. Q-V 3 K Y ,W b Y f " Wi fi " f ,:. 1' K L" Li li 'ig wf ll' K-Q 42" . , vi ' s L vf ir Y ff p en Phylli ,95. , W' 'iff' 0 gp1'lfC'i' Marlene Benesch, 94.878 iffy? W ,,,, W Steven Gersten, valedictorian with an average of 97.4, is recognized as a true scholar by all his class- mates. Winner of the UFA Junior Scholarship Award, and first prize in the Manlius Mathematics Tournaments in 1955 and 1956, he has qualified for the National Merit and General Motors scholar- ships during the past term. Interested in photog- raphy and cosmology, he served as president of the Science Club during his senior year. It is largely due to his efforts that a Math Club has been formed and chartered. Steve plans to study mathematics or nu- clear physics in college. Marilyn Birnbaum, 93.437 18 Barry Berkeley, 93.235 Robert Segaul, 94.285 Capfure Scdofaafic eyonorfi A Linda Rizika, 94.000 jon Magendanz, 95.382 Talented, versatile and energetic, characterize our salutatorian Jon Karl Magendanz. Maintaining a scholastic average of 95.3, Jon won the Harvard Book Award in his junior year for best all-around pro ress. An accomplished musician, Jon has been stufent conductor of the UFA Band for the past year and guest soloist with the Utica Civic Or- chestra. A four year member ofthe UFA swimming team, he twice broke the backstroke record in his senior year. Known for his courteous and friendly manner, Jon served as president of the Central New York Association of National Honor Societies and was honored as Optimist Boy of the Month. Robert Chruscicki, 93.125 iii' Margaret Zimmerman, 93 090 STUART WITT Prerzdent In studles 1n sports and ID extracurricular actxv 1t1es sen1or presndent Stuart Wltt has ach1eved an all around good record at UFA Known for h1s ready Wlf Stuart w1ll be remembered by hls class mates for h1s fun lovlng personallty In hls sen1or year he served as president of Der Deutsche X ereln played football and represented the school as lunlor Rotarlan Stuart IS an avld sk1er and wmter sports enthuslast Malntalnlng an average ln the top thlrd of hls class he w1ll begin a pre medlcal course next fall OSEPH SHAW Vzcc Prcfzdent The vlce presxdent of the sen1or class Joseph Shaw IS a typlcal hlgh school boy w1th a ready smlle that has won him many frlends Havlng a wrde range of lnterests oe has b en a member of the Le Cercle Francals Sclence Club and Soclal Studles Club Durmg the past year he served as boys sports editor of the Academlc Observer and as yunlor Rotarxan Followmg ln hls father s foot steps he has become a staunch fan of curlm and IS the v1ce presxdent of the umor Curllng Clu He plans to enter college next fall 0lll0l':f O!lCeI'5 fo Ol, J Cfafkf .74 fllllfleif Umrn LAGASE Trmrurer Wlth a wmmng smlle and pleaslng personalltx Judlth LaGase was elected class treasurer on the slogan of a woman s rlght to hold the purse strlngs Judy has been actlve ln Student COUHC1l, Natlonal Honor SOCICIN , and Soclal Studies Club Ever popu lar and charmmg, Judy relgned as queen of the Sophomore Hop, lMOOUllghI and Roses ' An out stand1ng commerclal student, Judy plans to enter the buslness world MARY ANN DECRESCENZO Secretary As a sp1r1ted and energetlc cheerleader our class secretary Mary Ann DeCrescenzo has cheered UFA teams to vlctory durmg the past two years Not only at the games but also IH everyday school lxfe, Mary Ann s smcere enthuslasm has contrlbuted to the growing school spmt at UFA She has been a member of the Glrls Ensemble,-Ir G1rls', Semor G1rls', Junxor and A'Cappella choxrs Pleasant and capable, Mary Ann should succeed well as a secre tarv , ,I , Y 1 I . - , D 7 7 S . . - - . . A 1 h 1 J H ' ' 7 . , . . . I Y ' D Y . . . 1 r 5 - - . - , E . , , - J I 7 0 o Q Q Q it . f ' ' . V. L, A W fy b S , I ' .5 f i 4, A - ' f W - I - ,M I l . 'Z , .. 4 ! sf ,, 1 ' J my X 1 " s ' s x 3 . A, 'F ' 1 , V 3 K K AQ1 5 li- " 4333. 1, J 1 1 lv, Y V , y n , , . . . BEVERLY ABRAHAM Conkling General High Social Studies Club, Jr. Red Cross,Swimming,Bowling. JOAN MARIE ALBERICO FRANCIS ALEERTINE "Jani" "Frank" Kernan General High Roosevelt General High Social Studies, Monitor, Thrift Social Studies, Pawn Clubs. Clubs, Domino, Student Coun- cil, jr. Choir, Tri-Hi-Y. K Aga! Lane! id af fhy JOOP, OL v X O4 0 'I S? 4 5,9 JULIANNA C. BABOWICZ "julie" Holy Trinity General High Social Studies, Monitor, Press, Language Clubs, National Hon- or Society, Cheerleading. HARRIET AMAROSA 'AHari" West Frankfort General High Social Studies, Thrift Clubs, Student Council, A'Cappella Choir, Girls' Ensemble. 7 i, X NANCY Lou BAILEY "Nan" Hughes General High MARTIN ARLEN 'AMargy" Roosevelt College Prep Social Studies, Science, Thrift, Language Clubs, Dunham De- bate, Punchinello, Freshman Boys' Choir. .IOELENE BAKER "Daly" Roosevelt General High Social Studies, Science Clubs, F.R.N,, -Ir. Red Cross, Acade- mician Rep., Academic Observer Rep,, Junior Girls', Sr. Girls', A'Ca pella Choirs, Girls' En- semble. JOHN W. ALLEN ..-lark., Hughes College Prep Co-editor, Academic Observer, Vice-Pres., Social Studies Club, Vice-Pres., A'Cappella Choir, Pres, Punchinello, Co-captain, Cross Country, Language, Mu- sic Clubs, Student Council, Academician, Freshman Boys', Jr. Choirs. MARY IRENE ARLIN Kemble College Prep Vice-Pres., jr. Red Cross, Sec, G.A.A., German, Science, Mon- itor Clubs, Band, Orchestra, Badminton, Ping-Pong, Hockey, Tennis, Volleyball, Apparatus' Softball. 1 I ALBERT WILLIAM BARTKOWIAK "Bart" Holy Trinity Industrial CAROL SANDRA BARTLE "Slim" Kemble Commercial Social Studies, Monitor, Thrift, Language Clubs, Academic Ob- Academician, Domino, Girls', Sr. Girls', -Ir. server, Junior Choirs, Apparatus, Tennis, Bas- ketball, Bowling, Volleyball. l Si-nu.DoN BARTNICK 'lfbeldizn Hughes Industrial 9 AW JUDITH MAY BATES ..-Indy.. Kernan Commercial Cory-editor, Acaclemician, So- cia Studies, Language Clubs, Academic Observer, Student Council, Jr. Girls', Freshman Girls' Choirs, Academic Ob- server Rep., Academician Rep., Golf, Bowling. Lgielafemger, 1953: a Aewifolefefl Lana! 0 400 egroalt inuacle MARLENE M. Bamzscn "Bm" Kernan College Prep Pres., Accompanist, A'Cappella Choir, Sec,, Soph. Class, Domi- no, Lit, Editor, Academician, Exchange Editor, Academic Ob- server, Rep. at Large, Student Council, National Honor So- ciety, Punchinello, Bowling. BARRY Benxsuzi Hughes College Prep Social Studies, Latin, Science, Pawn Clubs,AcademicObserver, Dunham Debate, National Hon- or Society. 6 s . ENNETT DAVID BERGRR "foe "Daw" Kcrnan ' Co eg r ur Lady of Lourdes fm It , A V Server, College Prep cial ies, anguage ASocial Studies, Science, Monitor e 0, rgpdi-an. lubs, Academic Observer, ' Academician,jV Football. 'UW . nm A ERNEST Bsnicowlrz "Emir" Roosevelt College Prep Social Studies, Language, Sti- ence, Monitor, Pawn Clubs, Academic Observer, Layout Ed- itor, Academician. JOYCE ANDREA BIRD Citrus Grove School, Miami, Florida. College Prep Leader, Drum Majorettes, Social Studi.-:s,Scie-nce Clubs,Tri-Hi-Y, Bowling, Softball. - 'U-X' ELAINE BAZAN "Link Om" Holy Trinity Commercial Social Studies Club, Academic Observer, Academician, Swim- ming,Cheerleading. Me Afma Water J ., .jf , f .plc M, 5 I , X ' v l 1 . 1, . MARILYNJOAN BIRNBAUM AiMurif" Hughes College Prep Treas., Soph. Class, Sec., Na- tional Honor Society, Lit. Edi- tor, Academic Observer, Social Studies, Language Clubs, Acade- mician, Domino, Punchinello, .Sfddent Council, junior Girls', 16 -'fxf if .1 Sr. Girls',Jr., A'Cappclla Choirs, in tx MAUREEN ANN BLACK DIANE BOEHLERT Kemble General High St. Francis de Sales Monitor Club, Volleyball, General High Hockey. Monitor Clubgjunior Girls', Sr. gag Zzof fLe af our hmf jwirp 0' , filllr A-- Wir' H. LAWRENCE BRAVERMAN ..LarU.. Hughes College Prep Social Studies, Science, Lan- guage, Thrift Clubs, National Honor Society, Dunham Debate, Band, Tennis, Basketball. XX 'Q LEA R. BOPPEL "Boon" Brandegee College Prep Monitor Clubg Freshman Girls', Junior Girls', Jr. Choirs. alllfe RITA JANET BOURDAGB Kemble General High Social Studies, Science, Press, Monitor Clubs, Punchinellog Drum Majoretres. MJ -'Mas A ANN BROWER ' 'iBarb" Sey General High So tudies, Science Clubs. DEAN B. BQEDEN "Butch" West Frankfort Technical BARBARA JEAN BRAMER "Bright Eyf' Roosevelt General High Monitor Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Mod- ern Dance. AUDREY ELIZABETH Bnoww "Brownie" Seymour College Prep Social Studies, Language Clubs, Domino, Punchinello, Junior Girls', Sr. Girls',jr. A'Cappella Choirs, Swimming. EDWARD BROWN "Big Ed" Seymour General High Social Studies, Monitor Clubs, Freshman Football,JV, Varsity Baseball. NANCY BUDZYNSKI "Twin" Kernan Commercial Sec., Tri-Hi-Y, Social Studies, Monitor Clubsgjunior Girls', St. Gitls',jr. Choirs. ALBERT CARDAMONB MAI.. Kemble General High Pres., Vice-Pres., Hi-Y, Pres., Band, Parlimentarian, Student Council, Librarian, Orchestra, Social Studies, Language Clubs, Dunham Debate, Aca emician, Academic Observer. LEQRA BROWN ROBERT BRYci-i Dum: Bunzimsiti "LM the Lion" "Birch" "Twin" Kernan Industrial Kemble Technical Kernan Commercial Freshman, JV, Varsity Basket- Social Studies, Science Clubs, Social Studies, Music Clubs, ball. Football. Tri-Hi-Y, Junior Girls', Sr. Girls',Jr. Choirs. cdoira, Lanai anal orcLe.4fra Jcore af gitifeclcfznl Riznacczt R. CADY "Becky" Milwaukee, Wis. College Prep Social Studies, Science, Lan- gua e, Monitor, Thrift Clubs, Stucfent Council, Jr. Red Cross, Band, Bowling, Cheerleading. DIANA C.xRDxN.u.E ..D!.. St. Francis de Sales General High Social Studies Club, Tumbling, Apparatus. my tice - J? MARGUERITB CAPUANA ' ' Margie" Kemble Commercial Social Studies Club, Student Council, Volleyball, Basketball, Apjaaratusg Tumbling, Softball, Ba minton,TableTennis. 1 CARMELITA ANN CERRO "Curvy " Roosevelt Commercial Social Studies, Press Clubs, Jr. Red Cross, St, Girls', Jr., sembe Basketball N lxb ll, pparatus. y A'CaFpella Choirs, Qirls' En- LAKCA 5 , o. ej , .sinh-I - ' Q tar S - f . ff ,' ELIZA Clgllllhlv ' 1 mit!" ,ffm Pref Jfiikiia Sadiesf C, 'J Mo mt 1 b 2 a - l cilgggyiigiufi ls, cnt crmogfs, ncafemiciajiw , cl IC qJserf.r.Rep., I A I s ' f " ': - "1'l!' alia.. ROBERT KARL Ci-musclcrci I JEROME A. CIANCIOLO Pi-iYi.i.1s JANE CLARK " 0 " I " errf' "Play" Kemble of ,'- rf ' ughes General High Hughe ' College Prep Pres. ' -. res If r as. Domino' ocial Stu ics Sec.- eaq., ocial Studies Club, i al fin ' i vice . . cie Clu ,Elditor Senior ' cti ' c Aician, National an u e Pre Cl bl, ' H0 So ty,l1rZ Red Cross, A'Ca - f "Q rs'D ' . - i ' emi bse rg Orchestra, V. .' 1 A ming, Tennis, ' if ., l Eno IRENE Coox YAP-'v MW 0 ex Commercial ocial Studies Language Thrift Clubs r Red Cross Student Council Junior Girls A Cappella Choirs Badminton Kernan College Prep Social Re Bb V 1 1- Pr. .'-'l W " f , . d, fx. .5 51 A C H ,ff fs .f l l fy jf - Uv b ,A K nldl cs fp I ixull , l i r 'l y li er O JJ il JLIAH c. I n i ., 4 6,1 fi , 7, A lf fl ' M 1 if 0 rl 'V Ojgllfr - i ' lf . - , . i if 'F , 1 L fl i M NL. K 1 j . ' n ,I ' 0 , l ,J 4 1 . Ct., y . I I ' gil. , d , , 9 I '5 'I ' Jr-, 1' i 4 ' . Nha . SUANN B, Corrs "Sue" Kernan General High Social Studies, Press, Thrift, Monitor Clubs, Pres., Chaplain, Tri-Hi-Y, Junior Girls', Sr, Girls', jr. Choirs, Bowling, Apparatus. ELIZABETH COVEYDUCK ..Liz., Hughes General High Vice-Pres., Punchinello, Social Studies, Music, Monitor Clubs, Student Council, Jr. Red Cross, junior Girls', Sr. Girls', jr. Choirs, Basketball, Volleyball, Apparatus, Tumbling, Swim- ming, Modern Dance. CAROLYN JEAN COWBURN "sam mp" Kernan Commercial Monitor Club, Sr. Girls' Choir, Bowlin ' Basketball' Swim- gi 1 ming, Volleyball, Badminton. F N GREGORY L. CoLoco'rRoNis "Greg" Kemble College Prep Social Studies, Science, Lan- guage Clubs, Academic Ob- server, Academician, Hi-Y, DAVID M. COOLEY "Mr. Preridenf' Hughes General High Pres., Student Council, Pres., joint Hi-Y, Pres., Soph. Class, Social Studies, Science Clubs,Jr. Freshman Boys', A'Cappella Academic Observer, Punchinello. NANCY Louisa CROUSE ANM.. Roosevelt Commercial Thrift Club, Jr., A'Cappella Choirs, Apparatus, Basketball, Volleyball,T ack. NWV5 MJ fi liiilq i VA sl 'rf ' ' Pl x f 5 ! HELENE ANN CUSHMAN "Curb" Hughes General High Treas., F,T.A., Social Studies, Science, Music Clubs, Student Council, Freshman Girls', Sr. Girls' Choirs, Tri-Hi-Y, Mod- ern Dance. BARRY DAMSKY Kemble College Prep Social Studies, Science, Spanish Clubs. CAROL ANN D.-XRLING Roosevelt Commercial Social Studies Club, Orchestra, A'Cappella Choir. NANCY Cziziuctas "Dimpl:.r" Kernan Commercial Social Studies, Science Clubs, junior Girls' Choir, Student Council, Academic Observer Rep., Academician Rep. LINDA EILEEN DANELLA ALM., Kemble Commercial Social Studies, Press, Thrift Clubs, G.A,A., Cheerleading, Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball, Apparatus, Tumbling, Ping Pong. GALE DAY AGHJ .. Roosevelt General High Modern Dance, Apparatus. RICHARD D'ALESSANDRO JOHN DAMANDA "Del" Wetmore Industrial Roosevelt Industrial .S7opAomore5 af fdzftf RICHARD DANIELS "Dick" X 2 Kernan Industrial 'L' ff, ,, ,Q Jr 3111+ .fy 1: ? 1 LI" 'wi' MARY ANN DECRESCENZO PHILIP Dairz "Phil" St. Francis de Sales Commercial Roosevelt Industrial Sec., Senior Class, Lan uage Club, junior Girls', Sr. girls, jr., A'Cappella Choirs, Basket- ball, Cheerleading, Badminton. Monitor Club, Punchinello, JV Football, Varsity' Baseball. WAYNB Dsnwo "Del" Queen Elizabeth, Winnipeg, Canada College Prep JV, Varsity Football, Swim- ming. Ronnxr DnMo1.A "Bob" Kemble Commercial Social Studies Club, Jr. Red Cross, Freshman Boys', Jr. Choirs,JV Football, Track. Roman A. DESLAUIIIBR ..Rag.. Hughes General High Pres., Vice-Pres., Sec., Chap- lain, Hi-Y, Student Council Rep. at Large, Social Studies, Science Clubs. Coach Sweicki faLe5 over Uardify foofgaf RICHARD DREIMILLER ADW.. Kernan General High Baseball. LINDA C, Dirrwiuzn "Lin" Hughes College Prep Photography Editor, Academic Observer, Academician, Social Studies, Science Clubs, National Honor Society, Punchinello. DONALD DUBIEL "Dub" AN'moNY DIANA "Hank" Kernan College Prep Science Club. DAVlD Dwvsn "Dave" Kernan General High Kernan General High Social Studies, Science Clubs, Punchinello. Band. MICHAEL DBTRAGLIA "Mike" Kernan College Prep Social Studies, Science, Lan- guage Clubs, JV, Varsity Foot- ball, JV Track, Swimming. LINDA L. Down ALM.. Roosevelt Commercial Social Studies, Science, Music Clubs, Sr. Girls', A'Cappella Choirs, Band, Jr. Red Cross, Basketball, Volleyball, Badmin- ton, Softball. SusAN C. DZIEDZIC "Sur" Hughes Commercial Social Studies Club, Punchinello, Bowling, Softball. ROGER DZIEGIEL ..Rag., Holy Trinity Technical juorrii ELAINE EVANS "fad-y" Conkling Commercial Social Studies, Thrift Clubs, Freshman Girls' Choir, Cheer- leading, Basketball, Apparatus, Volleyball, Swimming. ROBERT FIESTHUMEL St. Francis de Sales Technical CAROL M. EDWARDS Our Lady of Lourdes General High Pres., F.T.A., Social Studies, Science, Thrift, Press Clubs, Punehinello, Student Council, Sr. Girls' Choir, Apparatus, Swimming. TERRY K. Ewiz-to Roosevelt General High QIOHN S. FITZGERALD, -IR. "Fitz" Kemble College Prep Social Studies, Science Clubs,jr. Red Cross, Student Council, Academic Observer, Academi- cian,Swimming. es! PETER EHLINGER "Pete" Roosevelt College Prep Science Club. JEROME ALLEN FERNON ..-IH.. Hughes General High Social Studies Club, Freshman Boys', A'Cappella Choirs. DONA PATRICIA FLANDERS 'iffanderxn Kemble College Prep Social Studies Club, Student Council, Academician Rep., G. A.A., Tennis, Cheerleading, Basketball, Volleyball, Badmin- ton, Apparatus, Tumbling. VALER1E JEAN ENGLAND "Chief" Albany, N. Y. Commercial Social Studies, Language, Mon- itor Clubs, Press Club Re ., Academic Observer, Editor, Llan- derclassmen, Academician, Pun- chinello, Cheerleading, Basket- ball. Z?ooL renfa .4 Aegin J 'jf .. . 3' , W l,.1"E . fi - x MARY PATRICIA FLETCHER "Pal" Hughes General High Treas., Jr. Red Cross, Band, G.A.A., Art Service ClubQ Fifld Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis. g, MELVIN R. Foshan "Mel" Roosevelt Industrial podfer laarfiea an 2 WE B4 xt I Q 'I :'. 4' ' v JOYCE E. GATES Seymour College Prep Vice-Pres., Jr. Red Cross, Social Studies, Science Clubs, F.R.N. JAMESJ. FULLEM Lady of Lourdes General High nitor Club, Varsity Track, asketball. cl a Lang-up campaign JIOGPL eicfionzi FRED Gacx-xowsxx "Garth" Kemble Technical Science Club, JV, Varsity Base- ball,JV, Varsity Basketball. CAROLE LORENE GE1EnsEAcH WILLIAM GALLE "Bill" Seymour Industrial Punchinellog JV, Varsity Foot- ball, Social Studies Club. STEPHEN GERSTEN N 'iS'twe" CARMA M. GABEL ' 'Marte" Hughes College Prep A'Cappella Choir, Band, Or- chestra, Punchinello. Eiuumn Luowic- GANTNER "Eric" Berufschule, Germany Technical Language Club. GERSTNER Kemble General High Hughes College Social Studies Club, Jr. Red Pres., Science Clubg Social Bowl- Cross. QLQMCJDZIMUJ Studies, Language Clubsg A'Cap- rf' . . L. 'X , Q ,fx pella Choir, Academic Observer, I . Q! viii' Lu "3 ' A " ' Dunham Debate, National Hon- vplx Y 7.' ' ' L L or Society. Fannin INzz Ginzuzx ..Fig., Kcmble College Prep Social Studies, Science, Lan- guage, Press, Thrift Clubs, Domino, Bowling, Golf, Ten! ms. MARY Louxmzs GORGON "Mare" Kcmble Commercial Social Studies, Science, Monitor Clubs, Freshman Girls', junior Girls', Sr. Girls', jr. Choirs, Basketball, Golf, Apparatus. GBRTRUDE L. GRANT "Trudy" Hughes College Prep Social Studies Club, jr. Choir, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Swimming, Hockey. CAROL ANN Cvi1.uERTx CARGLYN Goouzwsxi "Gilbert" Kernan College Prep Kernan Commercial Social Studies, French, Press, Social Studies, Science Clubs, Monitor, Science Clubs, Press Student Council, Sr. Girls',Jr., Club Rep., Volleyball, Badmin- A'Cappella Choirs, Majorettes, ton, Bowling, Tennis, Swim- Volleyball,Apparatus. ming, Softball, Field Hockey, Basketball. ave, J4, marine, ana! 744416611 . . . BETTY GORMAN ..B.j- .. Our Lady of Lourdes Commercial Treas., Tri-Hi-Y, Social Studies, Thrift Clubs, Student Council, Modern Dance. ,W A A -IUDITH ANN GRIFFITHS "Gnjj" Hughes College Prep Thrift Club,Jr. Red Cross. MARILYN M. GORMLEY Our Lady of Lourdes Commercial Treas., junior Class, Student Council, Social Studies, Science, Thrift Clubs, Sr. Girls', Jr. Choirs, Modern Dance, Cheer- leading, Majorettes. CARMBN GRIM.KLDl A et , chnical Y 2 JW NANCY M. GOODMAN 'iNan" Whitesboro Central General High Sec., jr. Class, Pres., Vice-Prcs., Tri-Hi-Y, Social Studies, Science, Press Clubs, Jr. Red Cross, Stu- dent Council. our hraf of icerei .SGA ga . - .. . . . i ,N 0iP1.o MA MARY Lou GUILLAUME Kernan College Prep Chaplain, Tri-Hi-Y, Social Stud- ies, Science, Language, Music Clubs, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Softball. 7575 Cv EARL H. HAMAN "Abner" Dist. No. 7 Schuyler Industrial GoRnoN L. HAMM "Gardi:" Kernan Technical Science, Camera Clubs, Student Council, jr. Red Crossg Fresh- man Boys', Jr. Choirsg Track, Swimming, Cross Country. ALAN HART ..Al,. Kemble General High Science Cl-lb, JV Football. amif oofgaff 620 faf Cgam fond i 5 I9 fl I9 fo . 7-X A 1 I I U UJLJV ,za Qkffiir-'J A CAROL HEMMEL Our Lady of Lourdes Commercial Social Studies, Monitor Clubs, Volleyball. Junrri-1 ANN HENRIKSEN "fad-y" Hughes General High Social Studies, Science, Press, Thrift, Monitor Clubs, Student Council, Tri-Hi-Ygjunior Girls' Choir, Modern Dance, Basket- ball. sul IL HE SEL Vw ILLIAM Hsasi-ncowxrz SHARON NNE H stan 1 ffwf' awe N as ft 'K 1 ,V , Sbmrj Kernan Commercial Kemble Commercial rv Hughes Cominerclal Social Studies Thrift Clubs Social Studies Science La -N Social Studies Momtolr Clpbs Tri Hi Y Sr Girls Choir Stu guage PressClubs unior Girls 'Sr Girls Choirs, dent Council 'I' Student Coun Jovcn MARILYN Henan NJN.. Our Lady of Lourdes College Prep Social Studies, Science, Lan' guage, Thrift Clubs, jr. Red Cross, F,R.N.,junior Girls', Sr. Girls', Jr. Choirs, Academician Rep., Swimming, Apparatus, Golf. JEAN HENSEL 'Jeanie' ' Roosevelt General High Social Studies, Science, Monitor Clubs, Sr. Girls' Choir. X - x ' SANDRA MARIE Hicicox Sandy Sew mour College Prep Pres N ice Pres Orchestra Sc Band Social Studies Science Clubs Punchinello Sr Girls .Ir ACappellaCho1rs Fx s Him. i ALTER G. Hoarzizn "Walt" ELAINE JOAN HOFFMAN CYNTHIA JAYNE HOLLISTBR "Cjndy" Hughes College Prep Pres., Sec., jr. Red Cross, Social Studies, Camera Clubs, Junior Girls', Sr. Girls', jr., A'Cap- E653 Choirs, Tennis, Basket- a . Cl! tell 2aI'5 Olin My 'fave if L ff, Q f.. N College Pre Colle e Pre Kemble ommercial 8 P g Social Studi , Science, Lan- Social Studies, Science, Lan- Science Club, Fres n Girls', guage Clubs, unchinello, Bas- guage Clubs, Academic Ob- Sr, Girls' Choirs, nd, Basket- ketball, Volleyball, Modern server,AcademiciantNA'Cappella ball, Dance, Swimming. Choir. ' Q, , f D f I. Jr, I v, 'M el I , ' le 1 + X 'V . L .' ,I'- T' JE: P ' ,J J I, ,J A X4 ,Q . A ,L .Q 2' 'V MJ kvlzg nf Cou l' 4 ' Q 1- ,--2 X I 1 YU 1' J gf i Q 2 vi .' i . 1 . S 3 fi 2 if .T iwt - ROBERTA L. Homin il if x?mEFsA n il-lo o ll ' ' 5 Ronan HUGHES "Babbi" ' Lime, " ' , "Bob" Kernan Commercial P mG,dlierali i S' Roosevelt Technical Treas., Jr. Red Cross, Social Studies Club, Sr. Girls', Jr. Choirs, Student Council. L DONNA IAMELE "Dimplu" HL-1gllCS College Prep Acxtra editor, Academic Ob- server, Social Studies, Language, Music Clubs, Domino, junior Girls', Sr. Girls' Choirs, Acade- mician,Academic Observer Rep., Academician Rep., Cheerlead- ing, Basketball, Volleyball, Ap- paratus. Simi stuafgdafgsydlib, of- chestra. ' If 'Q EVELYN INMAN "Erik" Roosevelt College Prep Pres., G.A.A,, Social Studies, Science Clubs, jr. Red Cross, Track, Field Hockey, Ping Pong, Badminton, Basketball, Volley- ball, Tennis, Golf, Softball, Ap- paratus,Tumbling, MICHABLINB JACKBWICZ "Mickey" Holy Trinity General High Social Studies, Science, Press Clubs, Tri-Hi-Y, Cheerleading, Swimming, Apparatus, Modern Dance. Jr '2E:3'9 Fe' ' .ffl fi' 3' 1 1-r" 14 1 CARLA T. JANUS St. joseph's General High Art Service Club, Academic Ob- server. ELDRED L. JoHNsoN "Cornc0b" Kernan General High Vice-Pres., Spanish Club, Social Studies, Science Clubs, Fresh- man Boys', Jr. Choirs, Varsity Track, Varsity Baseball, JV, Varsity Basketball, JV, Varsity Football. JACK Piuca Jomzs Hughes Commercial Vice-Pres., Student Council, So- cial Studies, Science Clubs, Aca- demic Observer, Business Man- ager, Academician, JOAN Jomzs "Blearbi:" Kcmble General High Social Studies, Science, Monitor Clubs, Student Council. J ,U ann! Uaraifg Lafiefgaff win rilaza rownml RICHARD ALLYNJOSLIN JACQUELINE ELIZABETH Joswicic "Al" "jaclzi:" Kernble Commercial Kemble College Prep Pres., Sec., Treas., Hi-Y, Quar- termaster, Band, Orchestra, Aca- demic ObSCfVCf,AC3dCmlC13U. ROBERT KAMlNsKl ABM.. Kernan Technical Social Studies Club' Freshman Boys A Ca pella Choirs Bows Ensemble Y NORMAN KAPLAN ..NWm., Kcmble Commercial Social Studies, Science, Music Clubs, Jr. Red Cross, Student Council, F.R.N., Freshman Girls', Sr. Girls', A'Cappella Choirs, Girls' Ensemble, Basket- ball, Track, Tennis, Hockey, Softball, Apparatus, Badminton, Golf, Volleyball. Rossi-4AnY Karon ARD.. Seymour College Prep Social Studies Language Music Clubs National Honor Society unior Girls Sr Girls Choirs Cheerleading Bovsling Basket ball Volleyball Apparatus Ping Pong Badminton Modern Dance if 2W'fy5,,,pL Ronan' KAIDO "Bob" Kernan General High JV Football, Freshman,JV, Var- sity Basketball. JOHN C. KELLY "jack" Blessed Sacrament Technical Social Studies Club. WARREN KOWALSKY JEAN PATRICIA Kixowicx CHESTER CHARLES Kurcowsrcx CAROL ANN LABELLA "Killer" "fauna" A'Chet" Hughes College Prep Kcrnan College Prep Holy Trinity Technical Seymour Commercial Social Studies, Science, Lan' Social Studies, Language, Sci- Social Studies Club, Student guage, Thrift Clubs, Student ence, Thrift Clubs, Student Council,Basketball. Council, Band. Council, Punchinello, Bowling, Tennis, Drum Maiorettes. ' 1 ' kf 0, XJJLAJSX ,JU ' fl -7 fs lleell M y L5 CI'0LUlle Int 00ll ann! o5e5 . DPW 'fl T . J J J "W f I? ' ff iff WL W J I f lrv V . SALLY M. LACHUT junrm ANN LAGASE Ltfiusn L QUE UNM.. Ajudy.. Holy Trinity General High Kernan Commercial 'Kerna Social Studies, Science Clubs,jr, Treas., Senior Class, Social Red Cross,Punchinello. Studies Club, Student Council, cia Academic Observer. Clubs x Q 5' S. .5 X ' SALLY Lou LAMB "Sal" Kemble General High Social Studies, Thrift Clubs, Student Council, Band, Or- chestra. RAYMOND LASEK ARM.. Kemble College Prep Social Studies, Science, Latin Clubs. MARY JANE LAuN Kemble College Prep Co-editor, Academician, Vice- Pres., Treas., Jr. Red Cross, So- cial Studies, Language Clubs, Press Club Rep., National Hon- or Society, Academic O?server, junior Girls', Sr. Gig' s', jr. Choirs.-.L 1 - r, ' X i eneral High Clubs, fx F f . -. 1 f , . ' AJ :Vi 1' fu 1 . , ' W ' v JSM I X ' Robert Lomwz "Otto" Hughes College Prep Social Studies Club, Band. Ronsm' Lowsmmno "Smiley" Kernan Industrial Social Studies Club, Manager, Football, JV Football, Fresh- man Football. Am! Mm Mm were flzoae haf IQ, RONA LD MA NOLESCU ' iReggit' ' Kernan Industrial ToDD A. MANDansoN Bel Air Jr. High General High Social Studies, Monitor Clubs, Tmzonorua EDWARD MARTIN ..Lu1u.. Kernan College Prep Science Club, Student Council, Baseball, Football, Track, Bas- lcetball. FRANCIS A. MACNER "Frank" Kernan College Prep Social Studies, Science, Lan- guage, Monitor Clubs, Hi-Y, Swimming. en la FRANCIS MANDIA Kemble General High Social Studies, Art Service Clubs, Jr. Red Cross. SANDRA JEAN MAss1.t.A ".S'andy" Kemble General High Social Studies, Science, Lan- guage Clubs, F.R.N., Sr. Girls' Choir, Apparatus, Tennis, Bas- ketball, Volleyball. JON KARL MAGENDANZ "Maldj" Kemble College Prep Co-editor, Academician, Treas., Punchinello, Social Studies, Sci- ence Clubs, National Honor So- ciety, Academic Observer, Dun- ham Debate, Domino, Band, Swimming. Azeniuzw MANOLESCU "Andy" Kernan Industrial RICHARD MATUSIAK "Dick" Holy Trinity Technical Camera Club, Band. Arfrrnomr MODY "Tony" Roosevelt General High Social Studies, Science, Lan- guage, Art Clubs. CA eefkadefii JO!! 4 59 ' 57 N - r 4 , O iffww Mffffff IWW.. S JOAN M. MONAGHAN ..-Ia., Roosevelt Commercial Social Studies, Language Clubs, National Honor Society, Fresh- man Girls',junior Girls' Choirs, Swimming. new uni orma GAIL D. MORTON Kernan Commercial Social Studies Club, F.R.N. OLD BIIIA ERS BBVERLYJANE MYERS fw MA. A W Amy" "Barbie" Commercial Editor, Senior Section, Acade- Clubsg mician, Music, Social Studies, S ienckganguage, Thrift Clubs, Observer J ' irls', Sr. Girls', jr. Rep., oirs, :mic Observer. Student ALBERT PAUL MoNEscAI,cI-II AAI.. Wetmore Industrial Social Studies, Science Clubs. DIANE JOAN MuI.I.EIz "Dinh" Seymour General High Social Studies, Science, Lan- guage Clubsg jr. Red Cross, junior Girls', Sr. Girls', jr., A'Cappella Choirs, Track, Swimming. DONALD NAI-IUMYK ADW., Roosevelt General High Social Studies Club. MARILYN ELAINE Moluus "Puru"' Kumble College Prep Corr. Sec., Science Club, Social Studies, Language Clubs, Stu- dent Council, Academic Ob- server, Domino, junior Girls', Sr. Girls' Choirs. DONALD F. MusA "Muff" Kernan General High Social Studies, Science Clubsgjr. Red Cross. MARY ANNE NELSON Bin hamton West jr g . General High Social Studies Club. Wvzjjf RUTH ELOXSE PATTERSON Kemble General High Social Studies, S anish, Science, Monitor Clubs, Red Cross. Wlllj 2616" QS E all e craig-E Josapu A. P1EnoG Holy Trinity College Prep Science Language Clubs Foot ball Track Y BARBARA 'IEANETTE PBNC ' "Barb" Roosevelt Commercial Social Studies Club, Editor, Press Clubgjr. Red Crossgjunior Girls', Sr. Girls', Jr. Choirs, Badminton, Basketball, Volley- ball, Softball, Apparatus, Tum- bling. tl'0l0Ay THEODORE R. PENZIMER A'Ted" Kernan General High Social Studies, Science Clubs. MARYROSE A. PILAWA Kernan Commercial Social Studies Science Monitor Press Thrift Clubs r R d Cross Student Council Junior Girls Sr Girls Choirs Q I +3 - DIANE F. PENCA ..Di.. Seymour Commercial Social Studies, Science, Lan- uageClubsgJuniorGirls'Choir, Student Council. BARBARA SHARI PERLMAN "Barb" Roosevelt College Prep Social Studies, French, Press, Art Service Clubs, Domino, Pun- chinellog Academician, Bowl- ing, Golf. 721, 6 'ifa RICHARD G. PENCEK "Dick" Kemble Industrial Social Studies Club, Student Council,Track. PHYLIS JEAN P1-m.1PsoN "Pbyl" Kemble College Prep Social Studies, Science, Thrift, Language Clubs, Dept.-Editor, Academic Observer, Academi- cian,Punchinello,Student Coun- eil, Domino, Junior Girls', Sr. Girls' Choirs, Academic Ob- server Rep., Academician Rep., Tennis. MATTHEW D. PILAWA "Matt" Kernan General High Social Studies, Science Clubs. DONALD E. PINTO "Pin" Kernan General High Social Studies, Art Clubs. LORRAINE A. RAISBR Kernan Commercial Social Studies, Monitor, Music Clubs, Student Council, Jr. Red Cross, Junior Girls', Jr., A'Cap- pella Choirs, Girls' Ensemble, Majorettes. JOHN F. REDMOND "Terry" Hughes College Prep Social Studies, Science, Spanish, Press Clubs, Academic Observer, Academician, Jr. Red Cross, Freshman, JV, Varsity Basket- ball, JV Baseball. JAN BARBARA CHRISTINE RENNIE X "Mar c' "Barb" Brandegee Commercial Kemble College Prep Social Studies, Language Clubs, Jr. Red Cross, Junior Girls', Sr, Girls', Jr., A'Cap lla Choirs, Volleyball, Baskctbill. Social Studies, Science, Spanish Clubs, F.R.N., Student Council, Cheerleading, Volleyball , Ap- paratus, Swimming, Golf. uniord five af fke hrdf Cfud lzacorcl Jamboree in Aidforg JUDITH RISHEL "Rub" Kernan Commercial Social Studies, Science, Thrift, Monitor, Language Clubs, Jr. Red Cross, Tri-Hi-Y, Softball. NANCY RICHARDS Lincoln Grade School, Red Oak, Iowa General High Student Council, F.T.A. JOSEPH LEWIS RIVERS NJN., Kernan College Prep Monitor Club, Varsity Basket- ball, Varsity Football, Varsity Track. RONALD CARL RIBCKBR "Ronnie" Blessed Sacrament Industrial Social Studies Club. LINDA R. R1zIIcA ALM.. Hughes College Prep Lit. Editor, Academic Observer, Social Studies, Science, Lan- guage Clubs, Academician, Stu- ent Council, Press Club Rep,, Punchinello, National Honor Society. GEORGE H. RIMILLBR Seymour Technical Social Studies, Science Clubs, Hi-Y, Student Council, Fresh- man Boys' Choir, Track. BEVERLY ROBERTS ..Bw.. Yorkville General High Social Studies Club, Jr. Red Cross, G.A.A., Baseball, Basket- ball, Volleyball, Badminton, Ping Pong, Apparatus. W JAMES A. SAPANARA JOHN WILLIAM SCHBIDEMAN HERBERT Sci-:Mun ROSEMARY S: Hou. "jimmy" Hfobnnif' "Ro" Hughes College Prep New Hartford College Prep Hughes General High Blessed Sacrament General High Faculty, Class Section Editor, Science, Social Studies, Lan- Social Studies, Science, Monitor, Academician, Social Studies, guage Clubs. Language Clubs, Tri-Hi-Y, F.R. Science, Language Clubs, Na- N.,Jr. Red Cross. tional Honor Society, Academic Observer, Academician Rep., Freshman Boys' Choir. Z? 713,41 U 'QS' " I'0a way COIIIQJ fo G5 11,9192 a l9I'e5ellt5 0lliA lgacihc' ELAINE SCHRAM JOHN H. SCHRECK ELLEN ScHRo1zmzR ".5'chrami:" "fuck" "Min Ellen" I S Holy Trinity Commercial St. Joseph's General High Hughes College Prep A E ." N Q 'C r 4 , 0 YA RICHARD SeARs "Dick" Hughes General High Social Studies, Science Clubs, Freshman Boys', Jr., A'Ca.p- Eclla Choirs, Basketball, Foot- a . Social Studies Club, Junior Girls', Sr. Girls', Jr. Choirs. Ronan MARTIN SEGAUL "Bob" Hughes College Prep Pres., Social Studies Club, Pres., Dunham Debate, Student Coun- cil, Rep. at Large, National Honor Society, Student Coun- cil, Language Club. WARREN SnimzMAN "Red" Kemble General High Social Studies, Science, Lan- guageClubs. Social Studies, Science, Lan- guage Clubs, F.T.A. MARY L. SENIOR Kemble College Prep Social Studies, Science, Lan- guage Clubs, Academic Ob- server. f f . NOBLLE SMITI-I Kemble Commercial Social Studies Club. ROBERT SMITH A'Rabbit" Roosevelt General High Social Studies, Science Clubs, Student Council, Jr. Red Cross, Freshmen Basketball,jV Basket- ball. 6ix4CHceALrafe.4 ila 7014 year wifd .ailifss 9 , Silllie X 8 1' 6- 1' EILEEN STAwARz "Lani" Kernan General High Social Studies, Music, Science, Language, Thrift Clubs, jr. Red Cross, F.R.N., Sr. Girls' Choir. ANNE C. STACK Hughes College Prep Science, Music Clubs, Jr. Red Cross, Student Council, Fresh- man Girls', Sr. Girls',Jr. Choirs. THOMAS H. ST. DENNIS "Tom" Hughes College Prep Social Studies, Science Clubsgjr. Red Cross. BERNARD M. SCILAN "Berni:" Blessed Sacrament Technical Science Club. a Lirflnlag Aanciuef JOAN MARIE STADT "Jeanie" Our Lady of Lourdes Commercial Social Studies, Science Clubs, Maiorettes, Modern Dance, Ap- P3.I'3.IUS. ,E gy., DOROTHY R. STEFANSKI A'Dottie" St. Stanislaus General High Thrift Club. DONALD J. SPIzNcIz "Don" Roosevelt College Prep Social Studies, Science, Lan- guage ClubsgtlV Basketball. JANET STANNARD Alan.. Roosevelt College Prep Social Studies, Science, Lan- guage Clubs, junior Girls', Sr. Girls' Choirs, Academic Ob- server, Academiciang F.R.N. EDNA STERN ..Ed.. Roosevelt College Prep Social Studies, Science, Lan- guage Clubs, Punchinellog Dun- ham Debate, Student Council. RICHARD THOMANN "Rich" Kcrnan Industrial .SQLQ Joe, arg TIMOTHY L. TRENT "Kid" Kern an Technical HARVEY R. THOMAS "Two-Gun" Kemble College Prep Treas., Chaplain, Hi-Y, Social Studies, Science, Language, Mu- sic, Camera Clubs, National Honor Society, Academic Ob- server, Academician, Freshman BOys', Jr. Choirs. nn, annljucly ezabdx DAVID L. THURSTON I ADGTIYI I Kernan Industrial JAMES ANTI-IoNY TUTINO Ajim.. Roosevelt Commercial JV Football. PAUL TI-Iomas SUZANNB THOMPSON "Suzie" Kernan Industrial Kemble General High Vice Pres., Tri-Hi-Y' Social Studies Club, Dom' ijr. Red VU fy Cross, A'CEipe oir, I sv- " . I 2 il' J illl jf! .XXI X ggi ' F , . 5 MARILYN TOPA Holy Trinity Commercial man Tri-Hi-Y. 'If fi? SUSAN L. UBLTSCHI ASW.. Hughes College Prep Acxtra Editor, Academic Ob- server, Social Studies, Science, Thrift, Language Clubs, Domi- no, Band, National Honor So- ciety, Academician, Basketball, Swimming,PingPong,Bowling, Volleyball, Badminton, Appa- ratus. Head Cashier, Thrift Club, S0- udies Club. RICHARD A, UI.RIcI-I "Dirk" Sacred Heart Industrial Social Studies Club, Punchinello, Track. PATRICIA WELPE HAROLD WI-IEATLEY ORRIN WHITE "Dairy Mae" "Wf1iffJ"' Seymour General High Roosevelt Industrial Kernan College Prep Social Studies Club. Social Studies, Science Clubsg Academic Observerg Academi- cian. amy? ag . . . KJGFJJ . . all-fillet xi a nl x ' S7 1 O 'q p E YA DONNA I.. WILLIAMS Chubby Roosexelt Commercial Social Studies Club Tri H1 Y pTALD wjfwfuy fd W' cien nit EDWARD TUDOR WILLIAMS, III Hughes Co e e Prep Pres Spanish Club Social Stud ies Science Language Clubs Business Manager Academic Observer Academician JOAN WILKINSON ' Hfaanii' St. Francis de Sales College Prep Sec., Student Councilg Sec., Cha lain Tri-Hi-Yg Social Stud- ies, Science Clubsg Cheerleadingg Bowling. GILBERT XVILLIAMS "Gibb " Kernan Industrial FREDERICK WARE W1cIcMAN "Marlon" Kernan Industrial ARTHUR I.. WILLIAMS, JR. UAH., Blessed Sacrament General High Manager, Tracltg Science, Social Studies Clubsg Jr. Red Crossg Student Council. We if MARJORIE A. YOHEY "Margie" North Ward, Ohio College Prep Social Studies Clubg Student Councilg A'Cappella Choirg Pun- chinello. - 4 .X I FREDDIE L. YOUNG "Fritz" Kernan General High jr, Red Cross. WALTER ZAINCHOYVSKI "Walt" Kernan General High ?!MllJ2I'!lf gellfcf ellfletl . . . ll0UOI"f0'Al?"AJl'g0f!ell . EMILY ANN ZELLER MEM.. Kernan General High Social Studies, Language Clubsg Tri-Hi-Ygjr. Red Cross. Rici-IARD ZANIEWSKX "Dirk" Whitesboro Central General High Press Club. MARGARET L. ZIMMERMAN "Zimmy" Kernan College Prep Vice-Pres., National Honor So- cietyg Sec.-Treas., A'Cappella Choirg Social Studies, Music, Language Clubsg Junior Girls', Sr. Girls', Jr. Choirsg Girls' En- sembleg Maiorettesg Tennisg Bowlingg Badmintong Basket- ball. DOROTHY ZARSKI "Deniz" Kernan Commercial Social Studies Club. RONALD Zrro "Rennie" St. Mary's General High Band. exif I JEROME ZAMORSKI "Butch" Holy Trinity College Prep Social Studies, Science Clubs. SHARON ANN ZECH "Sherry" Kemble Commercial Social Studies Clubg Tri-Hi-Yg jr. Girls' Choirg Apparatus. ARLENE C. Zysx "Red" I' Holy Trinity General High Monitor Clubg Tri-Hi-Y. iigor g0fJell Donna Bach Charles M. Burger Helen E. Clyne Thomas Daprix Virginia Dehnert John Franklin Michael Anthony Greco Richard Charles Hodges 2 LYLB A. Zvslc CONSTANCE A. ZYSK "Elvi.r" "Connie" Kemble General High Holy Trinity Commercial Social Studies, Science Clubs. Social Studies Clubg Tri-Hi-Yg Student Councilg Apparatusg Swimming. memorie5 cgng fo fdee, 04 v ALSO GRADUATING Frank Jakubowski joseph julian Beverly A. Krupa Daniel L. Maciol Michael A. Mahar Judy M. Marocra Theresa Migliaccio Robert H. Nelson Joseph Nicotera O. William Olsen David Owens John A. Semeraro Gordon Van Etten Edward William Vogel Robcrtta Zyla WKWWZZ' Jf n yjwwr, wliiffeiff' ,L lin WT Q lf' Q Seniors "Boost" Booster Campaign over the I0 53 'xx.xj Liv ,nflf 'V L Marlcnc Bcnesch Jon Magcndanz MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Judy LaGasc Wayne Dclwo MOST BEAUTIFUL MOST HANDSOME 'wink Donna Iamalc Fred Gachowsk1 Lmdg Dgwd Jog Bennett BEST FIGURE BEST PHYSIQUE WITHE-ST Mary Ann DcCrcsccnzo Dave Cooley Nancy Goodman B111 Galle MOST POPULAR BEST MANNERED I h J St dt jack Jones can 3 CUTEST 4 X 'Ioan Wilkinson Tony Redmond MOST TYPICAL HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT mn 57 gf6.f5.g,.f.,f,41,0,,,.,.,a Donna Wxllxams Eldred Johnson Evelyn Inman oe Rnvcrs BEST DRESSED MOST ATHLETIC Margucrntc Capuzna .loc Shaw Bcckv Czdv Herbert Schmldt MOST PLEASIING PERSONALITY NICEST SMILE I ? Quccn Gail rsigris with cecort Ira and court Judy, Mary, and Carolyn hclp with decorations v. L 1 Crazy Otto Mel odics. Axbi' 'Li 6615! of IAP ,galil AQ? Oh, my aching fart' rf 4 K f Ry'-'T ci' C4 A x x x 1, 6 KWX. 17. EIU alle Mil . db' m Eat, dunk, an L Aldora's Hideaway. CKY?" , -Y.. 4. 5' ' , Lou and Larry try some fancy skating. fi" 3-rf A g. "' me .5 V D ' ' k'M-'-- 5 rs. ., Barb and Bill enjoy a private joke. A human crcctor sct. X015 A if Junior Class Officers .Ymred'N Hensel Sec .Ytandm lrfr In ri br: . . . , . 5, 5 W. Dziwis, Vice Pres., J. Spry, Treas., M. Trzepacz, Pres. uniom Sparg e af During the past three years the iunior class has established a record of which its members may well be proud. Individually, members of the class of1958 have distinguished themselves in scholarship, athletics and leadership. Class activities have included sponsoring a record dance, waging an active election campaign, and carrying out carefully laid plans for a memorable junior Prom. Members of the class of 1958 look for- ward with confidence to their senior year with its re- sponsibilities and honors. HOME ROOM 106fFirJt Row, left in right: K. Ryanhl. ulurkowski, P. Kane, R. Klein, D. Koscinskihl. Kent, M. Kover, R. Kendrick. .Yerond Row: B. Kirstein, B. Klimek, C. Kulas,J. Krupski, B. Lee, C. Kaelin. Third Row: G. Keene, B. Landset, M. Kane, S. Kuklinski, D. Kratzenberg. R. Palaski, Klein, J. Hofmaster, T. Kukowski, W. Lewis, Mrs. Friesen. s ' ix 1 . f , . ' . Al Qi . i HOME ROOM 110-Firft Row, left to right: M. Tinelli, C. Trask, C. Ucher, N. Xvtlltif, Ucher, Theobald, N. Urbas, C. Bard, C Teti. Srcond Roux' Mr. Ward, Aulenbach, Vogel, D. Thomasch, M. Tillson, C. Heck, E. Moran, M. Trzepacz, R. .-Xrnrheini, F. Vail N Paltzxnslci Third Rau R Tudor R Ho an, W. Ulinski, M. Sutkuwski, W. Vivian, K. Trout,j. Waterson, D. Wakeman, D. Wayne i . ' I' . . , . g T. Warzala. 58 HOME ROOM Zli Fmt Row, lefr Io rzghf. C. Ftolt, S. Ellis, M. Buccina, R. Hughcs, C. Dodge, L. Cortcsc, W. Blakely, B. Foot. Secand Roux' F. Baird, B. Aycrshj. Alam, S. Smith, C. Davis, L. Endcan, L. Abclovr, C. Adams, S. Buttcnschon, R. Aclsit. Third Raw: R. Evans, Burgess, G Furro, R. Drake, F. Brooks, R. Blachowiak, R. Bournot, B. Smith, R. Bcnnctt. HOME ROOM 228 Frrrr Row, lcft lo night: M. Burck, C. Azzarito, B. Barth,-I. Miller, C. Boucher, E. Amico, A, Arlcn. .Yrrond Rau" S. Brown, ll. Glatt, E. Bowen, Caramadrc, V. Cappozzcla, Bochlcrt, G. Bcllamcy, M. Bananza. Third Roux' H, Arlcn, S. Bartlett, K. Allan, G. Abbott, R. Wamcling, R. Bousc, K. Carpcntcr, R. Barlctt, T. Brady. HOME ROOM 119 Fzrn' Rau, fffr to rig!-:. Si. Clcary, C. Carvillc, A. Casalard, T. Chwalcl-c, C. Colburn, C. Casale, G. Farley, M. Cauhct. Xefond Rau: Mr. tlory, S. Daskin, P. Dacdclow, B. Harpy, L. Jacobs, N. Crawford, S. Crouse, Cox, S. Dumain. Tb1rdRau.' G Coxcvduck, R, Dccp, Evan, Henry, W. Cowl, R. Roswick, T. Clark 59 HOME ROOM 231 'Fifll Row, fzft to right: H. Eddy, A. Frcdcricks, K. Fish, R. Dimco, E. Kohler, M. Dingle, P. Gacck, D. Dubicl, N. Dunston, C. Fail, Miss Smith. .Yrmnd Raw: G. Frccman, J. Gianotti, C. Hcstcr, A. Fellows, F. Hcrbowy, D. Dmochowski, W. Dziwis, L. Cookinham, G. Cahill, Y. Golaski, H. Hagel, L. Edick. Third Raw: G. Henderson, S. Hagucs, D. Gschwind, F. Gallc, S. Foryt, ll. Collis, S. Failing, W, Hagucs, D. Gontarz, N. Guy. HOME ROOM 238-Fin! Row, left to right: N. Lcwck, G. Loyd, Lcwis, K. Millcr, M. Stanford, Marotta, K. Massoud, Lux F. Mack. Second Raw: P. Radzicwicz, E, Lynch, E. Moskal, R. Monaski, A. Mandia,j. McFadden, L. Mathers, A. Maciol, B. Lcfkowitz S. McCul1cy. Third Rawxj. Millcr, E. Lefkowitz, C. Monaski, F. Malara, F. Stock, H. McLeod, D. Manolcscu, B. Battle, L. Luric, R Hutchins. HOME ROOM 245-Firft Row, lefr ro rightxj. Mazzotti, D. Luczko, G. Kratzcnberg, C. McCoy, H. Julian. Xerand Row: L. Klein, R. Griffiths, McCoy, C. Flihan, D. LaVinc, L. Kinnc, K. Mathers. Third Rouvll. Mehaffy, R. Matter, R. Avery, L. Lcogrande, R. Marks, N. Giglio. HOME ROOM 247 Fxnf Row, Zfffto nyghr. Cv. Ncmcrh, E. Palaxmo, C. Nxziol, D. Musa, F. Morrcalc, A Nowak, P Owen, S Tanrlllo P Paul. jlccand Raw: W. Jones, R Novak, Mursph, Owcnx, P. Moran, A. Gorca, Musa, W Pcrun, S.Or1thrh,P.O'Brxcn,D Pawloski, B. Norman. Thml Raw, S. Jacobson, D. Pcnrcc, G Murawblci, M, Pikul,T.Oczkowsk1,C. Parralris, A. Panzonc, A. Movsh R Moskal, P Payne, S. Paproclc, W. Nxcol HOME ROOM 302 Fzrft Raw, lcfr to r1,gl1t.'G..loncs, Blloncs, E. Hughce, D. Wojnae, M. Inman, L. Scott, R. Kamh, L. Wilson. Second Rau G. Gray, M Wmlliarm, C. Ilaukculcz, D Housr, Packard, D Kcllv, A. llahour, C. Jonci, S. Carlwlr, N llohnxonul. Bell. Tlurd Roux' N1lS5CfdDLlAll,ll. Burney, K. Boyucul. Christiansen, R. Zdyb, R. Wiclgoxzhl. I.cc,j, Hughes, R. Wxluszul. Wxlcczka, A. xxB.fllClll"lg. HOME ROOM 3-HA Fxnf Row, Jeff fd nxglu' D Roberta, A Royko, M Su-gcr, A. Shafer, S Moorz .Yrcoml Rau F Maxzczak, R Hughcx, C. Puryfl' M1gl1auc1o,R S1Llcr,N Sl1clLlcl'1,A.POucll,Nl Oxhcr Tim! Rau R. Mudge, E. Mamulxkx, R. Morgan. D Skhltl llsr, D Pldilkd,-I Coon, M Crousu HOME ROOM 341B-Firm Raw, left to right: S. Philipson, B. Ruth,lI. Rufhni, M. Roberts, M. Saccohl. Riscnbcrgcr, C. Brigham E. Potocki, K. Short, S. Dcmbski, B. Randoll. Second Rawxj. Swanson, B. Prcsnal, J. Hamlin, J. Hannahhl. Pricc, M. Rockford, R. Schmidt, F. Schwartz, C. Proctor, G. Roberts, M. Redmond. Third Row: L, Roach, K. Pliska, V. Postoy, R. Pughhl, Saunders, H. Trudcll, J. Rothstein, E. Schram, II. Ptyputnicwicz, D. Scholl, F. Rozowski, Miss Dinnccn. i '11 ,J HOME ROOM 343fFir1t Row, lefr to rightxj. Scarlino, D. Sondci, G. Spcrbcck, N. Szwarckop, D. Sas, J. Spty, D. Szczcpanski K. Mcycrs, L. Schram. Second Raw: W. Spc-ar,J. Smith, D. Seeley, D. Stoqucrt, C. Smith, E, Sirikcr,J, Swirat, C. Slagcl, D. Scars D. Solrn. Third Row: L. Karcsky, R. Solomon, R. Scnus, R. O'Toolc, R. Littlc, M. Simmons, M. Millbowcr, R. Stefano, M. Slivc HOME ROOM 344YF1rJt Row, feff to right: C. Gichl, B, Cvrccn, M. Stubcr, S. Szczygicl, C. Gilbcrti, M. YX'armaClc. Xrrand Row: D. Haas, T. Mirzabckian, G. Frankland, Ycrtucci, T. Snydcr, M. Garratt, B. Whitc, Miss Hancllon. Third Raux' R. Williams, L, Tcllcr, R, Bcrtlcsman, E. Taylor, R. Szczcrba, M. Evans, R. Tanncr, R. Spatuzzi. The Clmpaig Oh, that was so funny! n's OW" Idlr cycs idolizc Rosemary Kcigh Eating garage style, ZH '-11' ,u x .44 A f an b'-' .X . 7 T Stu and hii harrm 30,94 om orw rgan ize Members of the class of 1959, sparked with enthusiasm, stepped into organized activity with a spirited and efficient campaign during sophomore elections. Under the leadership of capable ofhcers, the fifty-niners again won the spotlight when they sponsored the traditional Sophomore Hop. Gaining confidence and experience, the sophomores anticipate the new responsibilities and honors which await them as UFA upperclassmen next year. Q--4' "kg Lf!! to nglvf M A. Nlarr, Trcae., M. E Waskicwicz, Scc.g B. Bigelow, Prcyg M. Wincburgh, Vice Pr 4' ef, T7 f? s. C6155 0 1960 gxcegi in .SJcA0!i1r5Lila In September of 1956 the portals of UPA once again opened to a class of eager freshmen. Coming from local grade schools and out-of-town preparatory schools, 490 entering students enrolled as the largest freshman class of recent years. Characterized by sound ability and an enthusiastic spirit, members of the class of 1960 have taken full advantage of the many opportunities offered at UPA. The freshmen have posted honor rolls of better than ten per total class enrollment to lay a firm scholastic foundation. Brushing aside their "greenhorn" handicap, members of the class of '60 have found their places in UFA club and sports activities. -L I v Q9 av U xR"x'4ef ku' '?w 1 s . luv 4 Q21-, fi 8 "ing sinking . .1 v - Qu". Y V 0 ,V 352' - T gf + gf 9' 'si N . I X .Q ' . N319 vpk ' ' -v 9 ' . . 9 s . 1 5 - 1 r G I ' ,1 is-: 1 I 8' J ' ' 4 54? 3.1.2-K' ch, .' :.?.:j.A ' f :Q ,tqfvp . -4 if ,gx ' " -,',i2 fx. ,A .. 43", l Fx Y . T 'uf 4 ' 41 I ln' 11 "High Society." ll-.J What a ride!! Beep Bop a loola. 1 i Too many cooks?? M Cut rhcm big? All set and rarin' to go. Going some place, twins? an' - gb? N 151 H M Family porrrait. 1-v PHHIJM, ff A 31 yi If A x fx-. Mary Lourdes takes a xicsra. Lddlcx .md gcnrlcmun " ,r,. Brcczing along with the brcczc "-sc' . . 'din J Nkofmng Us O00 px ' Y Ruadx tor .1 Sau1rd.u'n1ghrd.1rc ACADEMIC OBSERVER STAFF 1907 Ever since the clays of the Mantlolin ancl Switzer Clubs, the Acaclemy's activity program has servecl to clevelop the inclivitlual interests of the student hotly. Although the Acatlemic Observer and the Acaclemician are the only organizations to weather the test of fifty years continuous existence, the Science Club, Punchinello Players, antl Dunham Debate have alreatly passecl their twenty-nfth anni- versary. Furthermore, the growing interest in such variecl subjects as nursing, teaching, government, and homemaking has led to an increase in the num- ber of extracurricular activities in these helcls. Over the years, a maior trencl has been towarcl the forma- tion of schoolwitle organizations such as the Stu- clent Council, 'lunior Retl Cross, antl Thrift Club, The Council, core ofall club life at UFA, has grown through the thirteen years of its life to a vital place in governing the present ancl in shaping the future of Acaclemy extracurricular activity. Qs ACADEMIC OBSERYER STAFF 1957 ,Ei . K H mg aM' A: 3 5 . r A y rf? . 35' Q 234' rg' P.--thi 3. .1 f,. 7. Ti V- . uns, . .. ' ' Ni E' ,f , 1 J. J, 'Q' S1 du fix! 4345. , fi' 'I we .55 Jag' :- .. :ft .4-' , :- 4--D. 2 F - -..,-" U 1 , ' YIYIN-I l 7'IlJ12v,j, - 0. 'all-Qyjby 77, S' AYADEMIY Need we say more? Miss De Legge briefs Arnie Myers, bllslticss nianager, on sales strategy. .!gCacJemician SM!! Warld .ihiefd .fdnniuerfiary Senior section, write-ups, popularity poll, informals, boosters . . . all year long, 205 was a hive of buzzing activity as staff members worked to meet dead lines for the 1957 Academician. Filled with enthusiasm and determined to make the fiftieth Academician the best ever, the yearbook staH scheduled pictures, chose the fiftieth anniversary as their theme, and planned sales strategy. Noted for undertaking the unprecedented, the '57 staff received the "go-ahead" to hold the first independent Academician dance. Proceeds from the dance and the booster campaign, together with a record sale of yearbooks, enabled the '57 staff to reach the goal of previous staffsfa lower price for the yearbook. Firrt Raw, l:ft1orighr:J. Niles, V. England, E. Bazan, M. Birnbaum, W. I-loetzer, J. Fitzgerald, J. Shaw, Miss Hanford, Miss Dclegge J, Stannard, M. Zimmerman, Bates, M, Benesch, S. Ueltschi. Sapanara, B. Berkeley, A. Myers, Magendanz, 0. White Second Raw: P. Philipson, L. Rizika, B. Myers, L, Detwiler, C. Faurrh Row: D. Co0ley,J. Williams, R. DesLaurier, R. Chruscicki Bartle, L. Komnick, A. Weaver, P. Clark, M. J. Laun, J. Waite, D. Berger, B. Mazza,J. Allen, W. Wright,J. Redmond, T. Martin C. Oglesby, Third Row: E. Berkowitz, Bennett, G, Colocotronis, A. Joslin, E, Williams, Jones. I 4: 'S T Look whos beating the drums for the Ac. Editors joe and john display Ac trophies. .J46 Ogzieruer in5 Wea! ?!orL The Academic Observer began its seventy-first year of publication with an election issue which "scooped" the Eisenhower victory in a straw vote and prompted a personal response from Republican Chairman Leonard Hall. Through the tireless efforts of literary minded writers, the ingenious planning of the business staff, the artistic fingers of staff artists, and the keen eyes ofstaff photographers, the traditional Christmas, spring, and commencement issues were produced. The AC was acclaimed, not only by the UFA student body, but by judges of the Empire State School Press Association. At the ESSPA conference the Academic Observer won trophies for editorial and feature writing, for covers and Cartooning. Top honor bestowed upon the AC was the All-New York rating. Fmt Row, left to rigl1t.'L. Karcher, E. Handfordhl. Bennetthl. Allen A. DeLegge. Strand Rouvll. Niles, P. Phili son, L. Rizika, E. Bazan Y. England, C. Robcrrshl. Marotta, N. grbas, C. McCoy,j. Stan nard, M. Birnbaum, N. Dunston, F. Morreaie, S. Ueltschi, D. Iamelc, . Lewis, M. Kover. Third Roux' B. Balch, .Spry, A. Arlin C Oglcshx B 'Mets G Frankland M Benesch Waite A Myers E Btrkovsitz G Colocotronis Y Golaski B Myers M Zimmerman Bates M Laun S Carlisle G Nemeth , D. Sondei. Fourth Rawxll. Saguanara, A. Weaver, P. Clark, L. Endean, , jones, E. Williams, wirat, P. Payne, Shaw, P. Covcnv, R . DcsLaurier, Wileczka, W. Hoetzcr, Fitzgerald, C. Bartle, . Detwiler, . Sisti. F1 th Roux' O, White, . Williams, L. Luric, . Mazza R. Senus D. Berger A. Redmond A. oslin T. Martin Wright R Chruscicki D Cooley L Komnick L Ltograndf. Hughes "H Flour, left to right: Slawson, D. Burleigh, M. Waszkiewicz, C. Hart, R. Klein, S. Daskin, J. Howland. Fmt Row: P. Jetter, C. Godlewski, L. Miner, P. Covenv, Treas., C. Azzarito, Sec., G. Nemeth, M. Gormley, L. Marrone. Xfcand Raw: J. Harding, A Perry, D. Bender,J. Jones, Vice-Pres., D. Cooley, Pres.,C. Talento W. Evans, N. Baker, D. Whitford. Th1rdRow.' P. Star H. Cushman C. Edwards, Niles, Mr. A. Wildes, P. Philipson, Scarlinoz M. Peretz, A. Abelove, B. Files, S. Roberts, D. Laurev. Faurth Row: T. Zillioux, S. Swietoniewslci, L. Rizika, C. Casale, Newell P. Lyons, S. Hester, N. Goodman, E. Williams, L. Wilson,J Mazzatti, M. Lengyel, G. Ferris, Spry, W. Evans. Fifzln Raw K. Christiansen, A. Gorea, M. Benesch, Smelsct, M. Hurd, B. Doyle, A. Powell, S. Carlisle, K. Mathers, J. Pierce, N. Clarke, M. Garratt, E. Stern, C. Webster, D. Everett. Xzxrb Raw: R. Segaul, R. Woodard, P. Sisti, E. Coveyduclc, Joswick, P. Payne, M. Pontero, R. Cecere, K. Allan, S. Bartlett, G. Krumm, C. Proctor, K. Boyce, J. Ferro, J. Pratt. .S'e1.'mrlv Roux' J. McFadden, L. Cole S. Witt, C. Patraitis, Lee, K. Traut, R. Little, L. Leogrande R. Chrusciclci, G. Freer. 1 i ouncif gooafd Wnoragz .91 Council "execs" discuss future plans with adviser, Mr. Wildes. A new microphone for the gym and a Blue and Gold weekend for UPA students were two achieve- ments for which the 1957 Student Council will "go down in history." Eager to lift school spirit, the council increased the number of pep rallies, boosted the sale of Titan buttons, and fostered support of athletic events. A major project ofthe council was the Blue and Gold weekend highlighted by the Proctor game, assembly, pep rally, and the Titan Bounce. Chartering clubs, conducting three class elections, planning all school assemblies, and spon- soring the traditional six dances were other well met obligations ofthe '57 council. Prer1dmtfDAV1D Coouex' Vice Prefzderztf JACK Joxies .Vecretarj CECELIA Azzaiuro Treafurer PATRICIA COVENY fx. Science Club officers examine a. Van de Graaff machine. cience jeafured jifmd, egiefcl jripa, ann! ibemonbfrafiolw Fulfilling its objectives with films, demonstrations, and field trips, the Science Club has acquainted its members with all branches of science and has sparked their interests in this field. Movies on such topics as television and weather, and demonstrations showing static electricity and the ammonia fountain have given the "budding" scientists greater knowledge. Under the guidance of Mr. Peter Daymont, club adviser, several members completed research projects which they exhibited at the Annual Science Congress at Syracuse. Prefidezzz- STisviiN GLRSTLN Vicr Prefzdent- GKJRDCJN ABBOTT Recording .Yecretmj PiiYLLis CLARK Correfpondmre Secretary M.ARILYN MKJRRIS Tremurfr KURT CARPENTER Floor, lfft fa VlgI7l.' G. Abbott, Vice-Pres., M. Morris, Corr. Sec. P. Clark, Rec. Sec., R. Kendrick, Ass't. Treas., S. Gersten, Pres. K. Carpenter, Treas. Fzrrt Roux' M. Kover, S. Lukehart, S. Powell C. Casale, L. Rizika, P. Philipson, M. A. Matt, W. Kowalskv G. Tobin, M. Feeney, T. Coakley, R. Klein, M. Williams, C Azzarito, ll. Burke, S. Schughl. Roy, Mr. P. Daymont. Sefond Raw R. Ryan, P. Rizzo, T. Gibbons, C. Huested, N. Bernstein, W. Sharo M. Carlisle, M. Wineburgh, C. Wynn, Sitrin, M. Nicholson R. Patterson, -1. Stannard, A. Kempf, M. Stawarz, R. Woodard W. Cosgrove, M. Lawrence. Third Raw: -I. Olander, E. Goodridge G. Colocotronis, Spry, S. Carlisle, B. Ruth, B. Presnal, W Seideman, H. Arlen, S. Engel, Fitzgerald, A. Potenza, Bird N. Kielhasinski, D. Warmuth, M. Pennisten, G. Baechlt, M Brown, R. Maugeri. Faurflv Roux' G. Wengert, A. Strosberg, W Spear, V. Capozzella, G. Wilsey, H. Hagel, P. Ehlinger, T. St. Dennis, R. Lambert, Efjones, R. Woodard, R. Szczerba, A. Wamel- ing, Gaffney, G. Stern, E. Berkowitz, A. Gaetano, B. Hershlto- witz. Fifth Rauwll. Ruggiero, D. McAndrew, M. Roberts, E. Savett C. Niemeyer, Pugh, L. Detwiler, L. Endean, -Ioswick, S Failing, S. Penberthy, P. Goss, S. Gersten, B. Lefkowitz, A. Arlin J. McFadden, D. Barkett, Cv. Coveyduck, D. Whitford. Xzxth Rau' P. Wereszynski, M. Gibbons, R. Kaplan, W. Evans, D Sumberg R. Herzog, B. Demsey, R. Des Laurier, W. Dziwis, F. Macner O. White, M. Osber, M. Arlen, Miller, R. Hatfield, L. Lewis B. Garver, F. Wilczek, W. Walawender. Szrenflv Rau ' E. Ward, S Witt, L. Braverman, Williams, B. Steinberg, L. Pollicove, P Speillerhl. Henrigll. Zamorski, R. Walser, W, Wright, H. Thomas l. Perlman, T. Carman, F Klein, G. Waterson, R. Parish, W Roberts, B. Mazza, R. Chruscicki. v v v 7 fs A Firft Row, fcft ta right: Mr, A. Schepsis, R. Maugeri, Rec. Sec., A. Arlin, Treas., R. Mittleman. .Ymmd Row: A. Giglio, M. lzikoff G. Nemeth, Corr, Sec., R. Segaul, Pres., B. Lefkowitz, Vice-Pres., J. Grausz, B. Demsey, B. Chruscicki, S. Engel, P, Engel,j. Burke. 1 i2Laf2l'5 I'glllliZe 652619140 Leadership in the formation of a Mohawk Valley Debating League was the focal point of Dunham Debates 1956-57 activities. Club members participated in out of town debates, including the state tournament at Albany State Teachers' College and the bi-annual Student Congresses held in Saugerties and Hudson, New York. Dunham presented an exhibition debate at a joint meeting with the Social Studies Club. gufure pegififererl nlrdea orgefi .xgAeacJ In a year marked by increased membership, Future Registered Nurses carried out a program of informative meetings, community trips, and service projects. Guest speakers discussed opportunities in nursing and scholastic requirements. Members of F.R.N. visited the School of Practical Nursing and attended the dedi- cation of the new wing of St. Elizabeth's Hospital. At Christmas, the girls made cookies for nursing homes. Firft Row, left to right: A. Fredc-ricks,Treas., B. Presnal, Vice-Pres., A. Walters, M, Gape, Mrs. V. Baldwin. Tlurd Roux- D. Smiley, D. Dmochowski, Sec., D. Gontarz, Publicity, S. Failing, Pres, D. Hinds, Stannard, M. Cain, M. Sacco, B. Ruth, R. Dziura, Second Roux- W. Evans, M. Ruggiero, P. Hickey, L. Getzlek, S. P. Silber, N. Kielbasinski,j. Mierlinski, S. Dzitxynskihl. Vix-yan, Simard, F. Hoetzer, D. Gabrukiewicz, S. Payne, G. Humphrey, P. Szot, L. Endean, S. Penberthy, II. joswick, Miss E. Rood. '67 ,is qi I 5 f .X ' v K Fin! Raw, left zo right-j. Carson,j. Bucholtzhl. Mills, G. Nemcth, owski, D. Swiech, P. Austin, B. Penc, N. Goodman, R. Alba-rico, S. Dembski, P. Dacdclow,S. Dumain. .YcrondRou'.'D. Dmochowski, G. Asselta, A. Brooks, N. Hcnsel, M. Alackiewicz, F. Gerzlek, C. Edwards, E, Stern, D. Pawloski, Mursch, H. Cushman, Fourth Rowsj, Ektermanis, Hannah, P. Becker, R. Briggs, W. Babowicz, P. Paul, N. Johnson, Miss Hand. Tbird Rauvj. Roman- Cieslak, D. Gontarz, P. Clark,J. Cvemelli,G. Robertshl. Henriksen, 713,41 fa... sam eo... ff.. We... Thanks to the Press Club and Press Club Representatives, UPA has been a prominent school on the high school page of the Sunday0bfer1fer Dispatch. Under the able leadership of its editors, Barbara Penc andjanice Hannah, the two Press Club staffs have gathered Academy news and Written interesting features about UPA activities and personalities. The editors represented Press Club at ESSPA at Syracuse University. Social events ofthe year were the traditional fall picnic and June banquet. Flrrl Row, frf! ra rig!-tx T. Carlone, P. 'loin-s, E Coveny, A Kcinpt, F. Getzlelc, Nl. Pt-rerz, S Solomon, S. Nichols. .Skroml Rau. C. Ciilberti E. Trisalino, A. Schafer, P. Paul, S. Rokeath ll. Mazza, L. Miner, H. Julian, -I Phillips Tfimi Rau. N. johnson, E Arnito, R. Dziura B. Klinitk, H. Cushrnan, S. Deinbski, S. Du main, N. Hemel, L. Giacovelli, Nl. Hurd, Caclcctt, B. Smith, R. Little, R. Slalecki, F Baran, Trorato, D. Dmochouski. Qtr! ,Jul crof7.9l11Llcf.6 girlifom Lefz Ia rzkglizx tj. Bennett, M. J. Laun, Allen, M. Benesch, Magendanz. Members of Quill and Scroll, an international journalism honor society, were chosen on the basis of leadership and service, scholarship and journalistic achievements. The UFA Chapter limits its membership to editors of school publications. Wafionafcilonor pfayj o5f fo Cyonuenfion Last spring, the UFA Chapter of NHS played host to area schools at the annual New York State National Honor Society Convention. Twenty-two seniors and twenty-live juniors received membership at the assembly lastjanuary. All members were chosen for their outstanding scholarship, leadership, character, and service at UFA. OFFICERS ROBERT CHRUSCICKI Prefzdmt MARGARET ZIMMERMAN Vzce President MARILYN BIRNBAUM Sccrefarj JOYCE VJAITE Trmfurer Fznt Row, lcft Ia ri,gf1t.'M. Birnbaum, Sec.,j. Waite, Treas., M. Zimmerman, Vice-Pres., R. Chruscicki, Pres.,j. Magendanz, Mr. Cizza, .Yrrond Roux' M. Koyer, E. Schroeder, L. Rizika, Lux, N. Dunston, B. Ayers, S. Dumain, S. Szczygiel, C. Cyodlewski, L. Wilson, S. Ueltschi, Lewis. Tlvxrd Roux' F. Vail, I. Cook, W. Sharo,'I. Alherico, A. Arlin, C. Oglesby, MAI. Laun, G. Nemeth, Y. Podolanka, R. Kendrick, N. lfrbas, Stannard. Faurfli Roux' R. Keigh, Y. Dehnert, D. Flanders, A. Kentml. Monaghan, C. Gable, D. House, Bahowicz, M. Lengyel, Krowick, S. Hickox, L. Detwiler. Flfflj Roux' S. Dembski, M. Young, C. Schmidt, A. Myers, Sapanara, R. Segaul, E. Moskal, B. Berkeley, P. Clark, M. Morris, M. Benesch, Mursch. .Yzxtli Roux' E. Williams, L. Brayerman, Zamorski, H. Thomas, E. johnson, A. Movish, Allen, LaGase, L. Komnick, S. Gersten, Williams, C. Abelove. 4 t' A 4 A M. Q l 1 OFFICERS ROGER Digs LAURILR Prerzdmf RoBiiRT FILSTHUMM. lflft' Prefzderzf Goimox Rosmz .Siecremm AL'losL1x Treafurer XXALTIQR WXALAVVLNDLR Cluupfunz f 1' Fun Rau. fefz fa rzyglirx A. Joslin, R. Des Laurier, R. Fiesthumel, G. Roser. Xefond Rau H. Thomas, D. Cooley, W. Wala- YVCl'ldCl', i- M ri-.M yjcfiue ,gn Scdoofjnd ln line with the purpose of Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y to learn about government through participation, members once again took over the city government for a day during the past spring. Another joint proiect of the two clubs was sponsoring several hills at the State Conference in Albany. Members ofthe two clubs entertained at a Christmas party for local children alllicted with cerebral palsy. Individually, the clubs sponsored fund- raising drives ancl took part in various proiects. 1:17.17 Row, ffft fa right: M. llackiewicz, Wilkinson, N. Weiler, N. Goodman, B. Cvorman. .Yerond Rau C- l30l1ChCV. E. liowens, H Cushman, S. Corrs, R. Hensel, Romanouski. Third Rouxul. Henriksen, E. Leller, N. Kielbasinski, C. Watson, A. Weaver, Rishel, M. L. Guillaume, E. Knitter. OFFICERS Stir: Cloars Prefzdmf Aaugxt WLQAVER l 'IEE Prefzderzf ELAINE Kxirrigiz jirrrefagy BETTY GORMAN "" Trumrer Nl.-KRY LOL' CQUILLAIJNIE Clvapfaln L 99 1 Firxt Row, left ra right: Mr. F. DeVito, B. Files, Vice-Pres.,A. Gorea, Kirstcin, A. Novak. Fourth Raw: D. Bingham, G. Frankland, M. Sec.-Treasgj. Swirat, Pres. Serond Row: N. O'Donnell,J.jones, C. Garratt, S. Engel, M. Tillson, J. Vogel, B. Kaplan, S. Kenyon, Casale, A. Brooks, C. McCoy, P. Hartman, L. Dudley, M. Lewis, R. jones, M. Pennisten, R. Mikus, B. Presnal, B. Ruth, P. O'Toolc. D. Cramer, C. Gilberti, Mazzatti, M. Peretz, M. Kover. Third Fifth Raw: M. Tiss, S. Gersten, B. Maloney, R. Crossman,j. Sabisk, Raw: R. Klein, J. Lux, L. Miner, B. Perlman, P. Newman, M. Sutkowski, B. Tanner, L. Taylor, D. Sardella, O. Roberts, Trovato, C. Derajtys, S. McGauley, P. Austin, Carson, B. McFadden. Sher Qbeufacde urein an og? and jrancab gnguen anguage .S?uclg A tour of the Remsen estate of General Von Steuben climaxed an active and profitable year for members of Der Deutsche Verein. Sponsoring a noted etymologist, Dr. Rowland Myers, for a school assembly, sending care packages to the Hungarians, writing students in Germany, and enjoying a German Christmas dinner at Hart's Hill Inn were other activities ofthe club. Members of Le Cercle Francais enjoyed listening to tapes and records and watching movies and slides at their meetings this year. A puppet show "Le Petit Guignolf' was also presented. Fleur: M. Kover, Treas., J. Scholl, Corr. Sec., A. Schepsis, N. son. Iecorid Roux' R. Keigh, H. Arlen, D. Dmochowskihl. Patraitis Dunstori, Rec. Sec., G. Nemeth, Vice-Pres. Firit Raw: L. Edick, R. Warmuth, G. Stern, W. McGuire, S. Solomon, A. Strosberg G. jones, L. Metzger, E. Goodridge, Owens, N. Weiler, S. G. Smith, B. Lefkowitzhl. Aulenbachhl. Hannah,j. Enczur. Szczygicl, M. Arliri, W. Trczcpka, P. Rizzo, l. Bernstein, S. Philip- v i 655 19" P x"'4 it FUJI Roux, left ta nghl: Burke, H. Savlov, S. Murphy, M Kover. Sfcand Roux H. Poplock, L. Kaplan, G. Lewis, A. Greco, P. Young. Third Kew: L. Kaido E. Sayett, F. Morchower, J Cianciolo, R. Briggs, G. Krumb, L. Fellman. omino 55i5f5 in ouie lgroclucfion Carrying out their club's purpose of learning stagecraft, Domino members shared with Punchinello the new project of producing a movie. The scenes, photographed by Mr. Seldon Gerrish, showed the steps in the production of a play. Through the bi-monthly meeting, under the supervision of Miss Martha Gates and Ronald Briggs, student director, members of Domino gained dramatic experience as preparation for Punchinello membership. jufure jacderei .95 give Mmm Highlighting the meetings ofthe fifth year of the John A. DeCamp Club, Future Teachers of America, were guest speakers, skits, readings and impersonations presented by members. The club's projects included visiting the campus of Cortland State Teachers College and assisting children of a needy Utica family. I'-lfff Rau, fffr Io rzgfuh C ljdyuirtls, Pres, H. Cllsh man, 'lirei1s.,Nl1ss H Swctiiev, S. Gouse, Vice- Pres., C. Colacicto, Rec. Sec., NI. Tillson, Corr. Sec .feramf Rau: .-X. Keinpf, E Schroeder, A. Abt-lore, Nl Alle-n,T. Carlone, N.O'Don- nell, T. Copporelli, L. Wil son. Tl-mi Roux B. Boyce, G. Frankland, S. Ellis, Ayers, F Grarnlith, P Nloorz, Nl. Yohey, C. Og- lcsby, Spears, A. Novak. UE Fmt! Row, ffff to nglit: Magendanz, LI. Allen. Suomi Rau: L. Miner, G. Nemeth. Tfzrd Rau. Ni. Birnbaum, I. Niles, L. Riailta, P. Philipson, C. Edwards, A, Broun, Fanrrli Roux' T. Daprix, P. Dtitz, Hannah. F1jfltRou:l3. Perlman,Qilloiies,D, Dxxytr,D.Cooley, Miss Gates, E. Coxeyduck, P. Hill, Mrs. l..iLonde, Miss A. Smith, Mr. Ddiito, Mr. Bocko. .SLIXIXW Rau. T. Lee, Y. England, Bennett, A. Myers, N, Weller, S. Wittul. Waitehl. Romanowski, S. Hitltox, E. Stern. H Qflng JG5506! We v plll'lCAiI1e!0 .fgllfbellfe What every modern rectory needs: Ronnie lawnmower! Thomas and his L-L "Lights! Curtain! Action!" Once again those three magic Words signalled the opening of another successful Punchinello production, "Jenny Kissed Me," directed by Miss Martha Gates and starring Miss Edith Ausman, Mr. Anthony Schepsis, Gisella Nemeth, John Allen, and Ronnie Thomas. Featured at regular meetings throughout the year were student produced plays and movies on play production, including a film of Punch play re- hearsals taken by Mr. Seldon Gerrish. Punchinello members were chosen on the basis of interest and ability as shown in competitive try- outs. Associate members included talented students interested in staging, make-up and design. OFFICERS: Pffifdfllff JOHN ALLEN Vice Pretidenff ELIZABETH CUVLYDUCK Serrerary JEAN NILES Treasurer-JON MAGENDANZ Curtain Time for "jenny 2 Fmt Row, left rn right: W. Cosgrove, P. Fitzgerald, S. Solomon E. Pittman, M, Ruggiero, L. DeCarlo, S, Thompson, M. Topa: II. Douglas, G. Hunt, A. Stamboly, T. Kistner, Lopata, Ken nish. .Ymmd Row: C. Casale, Mazzatti, S. Payne, N. Shoecraft G. Williams, C. wmhaiowski, s. Mom, M. Smith, J. Grauszl A. Kempf, R. Amarosa, P. Wolkonhl, Panasiewicz, P. Raica, G. Asselta, L, Wilson, S. Simard. Third Row: K. Wenner, M. Allen II. Newell, A. Giglio, F. Getzlek, I. Urbas, Hill, D, Canfield B. Gorman, Niles, N. Crouse, J. Woodard, D. Benesch, R Mau eri F. Eisenstadt. Fourth Row: P. Grabowski L, Barstow B i , , B. Boyce, C. Feole, C. Davis, H. Amarosahl. Krowick,j. Czupryna, "Is anyone going to bank today? . . , Come on, kids, if two more bank we'll have at least SOQ. Somebody should be able to dig up some change . . This might have been a pep talk given by a cashier of the Thrift Club in a CFA homeroom one Tuesday morning. Through such encouragement homerooms like 247, 226 and 105 have maintained IOOQ banking averages. Students were encouraged to save money for Christmas, clothes, books, gradu- ation and college. Comprising 130 cashiers and assistants, the Thrift Club was directed by Nlr. Stanley Chxvaleli and bankers, Marilyn Topa and Suzanne Thompson. H. Kaplan, Krupski, B. Nowak, M. Gormley, Mursch, N. Lewek, D. Swiech, G. Brighamhl. Sitrin, C. Azzarito, D. Luczko. Fifth Row: F. Morreale, L. Danella, L. Fellman, L. Columbro, E. Stawarz, M. Pilawa, E. Woidyla, L. Gwilt, C. Niemeyer, A. Rosenblum, J. Watson, P. Tencza, I. Felton, M. Redmond, E, Risley, A. Kent, N. Szwarthop. M. Hurd, A. Levinson, E. Dud- geon, C. Deschano. Sixth Row: M. Lutz, C. Pratt, F. Cousin, B. Jones, M, Tillson, N. Shclden, A. Weaver, R. Willard, P. Becker, B. Demsey, L, Braverman, R. Szezerba, P. jones, D, Lcvenson, B, Berkeley, W. Evans,j. Rishel, C. Battle, C. Proctor, S. Dziezynski, S. Kenyon, M. Wyborski. jdrih gincouragcu .szwlenb jo ave Tuesday morning banking with head cashiers Marilvn Topa and Suzanne Thompson. 83 binior Girls sing under the direction of Mrs enior KLM! lllzicefi .xdf .fddriemgfg The performance of the Senior Girls' Choir at the Christmas Assembly brought enthusiastic response from the UFA audience and showed the results of long hours of faithful practice. Willingness to work and the ability to master the basic vocal technique enable the girls to prepare for membership in the Junior Mixed Choir. Fm! Rau, Jffz zo nglir: P. C. jones, P. Collins, -I. jones, N. Misch G. Kratzcnbcrg, G1lhert,ll.Miller,S. King, M. lloynt, C. Star- czcrski, L. Barstow, S. Rosenhlum, Dencker, M. Rucker, R Alherico I Treta S Phili son S Simard L Metz er S Serahn, . , . p , . , .. g , . Burke, A. Walters, P. Rajcaul. Roy, M. Sarnackl, T. Zegarelli D. Hinds Sfrond Roux' C. Lapp, B. Roberts, Cannarelli, Mi Kicrnanhl. Lloydul. White, M. Ruggiero, D. Benesch, S. Braver- man, M. Willianis, B. llodlowski, L. Horton, S. Schug, Newell S Bowman, P. Palaimo, R. Zammiello, C. Stark, B George, B. Pflanz, S. Baileyhl. Schmidt, M. Hooper, S. Kratzenherg, P. Slater, A. Slminski, B. Mc0wen. Tlurd Raw. Koss alski, L Moolheatcr, R. Mikus,-1. Guzzardohj. Aulenbach, R. Amarosa, E. Postoy, A. Greco M. Smith N. Kielbasinski D. Bin ham j. Pierce A i i i g i i r Levinson, M. Brunner, Howland, N. Baker, French, G. Pil- n1ck1,D. Bielickihl. Watson, M. Nellis, S. D'Aprix, M. Wheeler, G. Krumm, S. Engel, Y. Chrystie, P. Barnes, A Rosenblum, S. Nostrand Mrs Williams accompanies a Jr. Choir ensemble. unior C600 altferfainfi af Union .Qafion Caroling for travelers during the Christmas season was one of the main projects of theJunior Mixed Choir Members of this choir also sang at the Christmas Assembly. Perfecting their techniques by steady practice members of the Junior Mixed Choir work vigorously toward their goal which is A'Cappella Choir. 1'-ifJfR0w, fefttorxtghtx N. Crouse, M. Tinelli, S. Powell, R. Hamlett P. Austin, R. Fuoco, H. Wergin, M. A. Seeger, B. Cauiola, M DiNigro, G. Jones, Mrs. Williams. Semnd Raw: L. Baird, A Longley, B. Green, C. Stasiw, C. Darling, D. Jones, M. Nicholson E. Lvnch, E. Rice, D. Wambsgan, B. Gentile, A. Colacino,J Bostwivick, D. Haas, M. A. Matt, A. Pratt. Third Raw: S. Knapp, F. Vail, N. Clarke, S. Kenvon, M. Redmond, M. Esford, C. Nic meyer, P. Popielski, M. J. Millbower, L. Mathers, M. Tillson, G. Roberts, A. Jabour, H. Stock, J. Cronk, F. Young, M. Hurd. Fourth Raw: P. Young, F. Burger, F. Ayers, K. Bohling,J. Porter, A. Potenza, D. Parker, G. Wengert, K. Yerman, K. Watts, G. Rotach, V. Vendetta, H. Perham, B. Williams, R. Laduc. Fifzh Raw: P. Wojcik, F. Gramlich, W. Bee, R. Hatfield, C. Kocha- nowski, L. Thomson, S. Nicotera, G. Richardson, H. Thomas, L. Schloop, D. Kendrick, M. Allen, J. Wright, D. Gray, P. Mootz, A. Strosberg. s- QQQQ 251 MM. a Fun Row, lefz ra right: Mrs. P. A. Williams, C. Darling, M. Zim merman, C. Walkuski, E. Hughes, C. Cerro, J. Carson, S. Mootz J. Mason, C. Godlewski, B. Jones, C. Perry, P. Paul, Maurizio G. Gray. Semnd Row: S. Thom son, G. Skiba, E. Bowens, M Birnbaum, G. Smith, K. Fish, Casale, R. Perham, M. Reeves J. Lux,J. Mazza, M.J. Williams, I.. Wilson, P. Powers, N. Crouse M. Peretz, R. Maugeri, D. Kratzenberg. Third Row: C. Hollister B. Long, M. Yohcy, J. Laver,J. Joswick,J. Owens, N. Crawford P. Goss, G. E. Smith, A. Brown, S. Kcrvin, C. Webster, A. Gorea, L. Columbro, B. Files, C. Davis, M. Benesch,J. Krupski, L. Raiser M. De-Crescenzo, H. Amarosa, P. Burton. Fourth Row: R. Des Laurier, C. Nesbitt, E. Ward, V. Postoy, J. McFadden, A. Jones, T. Molling,J, Wileczka, D. Everett, D. Gray, T. Clark, T. Hamlin, A. Fcllows,J. Zeszutko, F. Brehme, R. Novak,J. Vogel, R. Evans, A. Strosberg, D. Parker, R. Kamb, S.Dumain.F1ftb Row.'J. Henry, , Mauthe, D. Joswiek, I. Perlman, Allen, R. Chruscicki, C. Patraitis, D. Cooley, W. Tharp, D. Sears, H. Schmidt, E. Topa, J. Christiansen, O. Smith, D. Gschwind, G. Richardson, W. Hagues, R. Tanner, P. Mootz, G. Coveyduek, H. MacPherson, D. McNaney. .jJe415 Choir fo .gpareacl Cltrieifmad .siairif Assisted by eight members who trained for three weeks during the summer at Westminster Choir College, the UPA A'Cappella Choir completed a full schedule of school and community appearances. At Christmas time, voices of the Senior Choir members echoed through the corridors of UFA as the Choir sang 'Joy to the World" and "O Come All Ye Faithful." The choir also furnished selections for the annual all-school Christmas assembly. A television show in the early part of December and a film featured on WKTV com- pleted the choir's Yuletime singing. The Mixed Ensemble likewise made many public appearances including those at Utica College, St. Elizabeth's Women's Guild, and Union Station. The choir's social calendar included a Halloween party, and a Christmas and a June banquet. The hnal appearance of the choir will be at the June commencement exercises. OFFICERS Preffderzf M.-xR1.i-:xii Biaxiiscii Vice Prefidmt Joms: ALLHN .Sierremri - Treaturfr M A RG AR ia'r Z 1 st st tin st AN The sweetest music this sid: ot heascn 29 QQ gall! mn! 30,9 .NOIIOPJ Highlights of the 1956-57 season for the UFA Band included appearances at football games, the Christmas Assembly, Punchinello play, and the Spring Concert. At the annual State Contest at West Winfield last fall, the band, under the direc- tion of Mr. E. Hacker, received its fifth consecu- tive A-6 rating, the highest possible award for the rendition of the most difficult band music. The climax of the season was the band's performance at the Spring Concert where Sandra Hickox and Jon Magendanz were soloists. Chosen in auditions, Westley Evans, Carma Gable, Sandra Hickox, Diane Kratzenberg, Jon Magendanz, and ,Ian XVil- liams played with the All-State School Band at Syracuse in December. Floor, left to right.--1. Killian, M. Trzcpacz, P. Walters J. Henry, G. Frccr. Fznf Row: D. Tarkowski, A. Sli winski, Bird, E. Cohen, M. L, Burton, R. Laduc N. Bernstein, S. Kuzniar, II. Raiano, P, Montana, M Stawarz, R. Cain, Freeman, B. England, B. Mac farlanc, M. E. Collins, M. Arlin, E. Hoffman, ,I Trovato. .Vemnd Raw: G. Gastin, Hannah, S. Lamb K. Landcrs, B. Gentile, L. Kushner, D. Wambsgan D. Kratzcnbcrg, L. Scott, S. Hickox, B. Schmidt, H Hagel, R. Willard, W, Walawcndcr, L. Cannain, D Virklcr, L. Pfluke, C. McRorie, G. Stern, G. E. Smith C. Yauch, M. Fletcher, A. Dardano, M. Hamlin Third Ruwxj. Kennish, Christiansen, R. Lasek, M Gluck, W. Evans, R. Lambert, J. Miller, N. Cerro R. julian, W. Rowlands, R. Zito, D. Dyman, Wil liams, G. Richardson, R. Supiro, W. Roberts, G Lysik, K. Traut, T. Panzone, A. Joslin, "Blow, Gabriel, Blow!" T T' Fmt Raw lefr to ri br- P. Mallov N Sonne S. Stuber C Webster i ,K f , , - i y - , R. Parish, B. Garver, M. Arlin, E. Sullivan, P. Clark, M. Lewis, Mr. Madden. .Yccond Row: K. Bohling Scholl, D. Pawloski S. Engel, T. Horton, D. Smiley, C. Wynii, S. I-lickox, R. Schmidt, A. Joslin. Third Row: L. Cannain, R. Lambert, H. Hagel, W Roberts, T. Panzone, P. Kline. Fourth Raw: J. Trovato, R. Cross man,j. Williams. 0l'CL05ll'a jedfllfetl .971 .sgdfing 0I1CeI'f Under the baton of Mr. John Madden, director, the UPA Orchestra shared the spotlight with the band in presenting the annual Spring Concert. The orchestras repertoire, as featured in the concert, included both symphonic and semi-classical num- bers. The orchestra also played for the Punchinello play, the Christmas Assembly, and the senior play. Mary Arlin, Peter Kline, and Roger Parish were selected by audition to play with the All-State High School Orchestra at Syracuse. Orchestra rehearses for Spring Concert. Fin! Row, left tn r1glit.'T. Lee, C. Cowburn, jones, A. Zysk, E. Novak, S. Hester, A. Nowak, P. Cavanaugh,j. Taylor. Xcfond Roux' AI. Babowicz, S. Buttenschon, Alam, -jurkowslci, A. Powcll, S. Smithhj. Hensel, R. Scholl, D. Roberts. Thzrd Row: E. Cherubin, J. Essel, D. Boehlert, D. Dubiel, M. Nelson, P. Wojak, B. Casey, R. Patterson, V. Podolanka, S. Mootz, D. Swiech. Faurth Row: X77 M. Arlin, C. Hester, N. Shelden, M. Bonanza, Lennox, E Milewski, E. Berkowitz, Hebert, L. Boppel, M. Pilaxsamj Fullem, Waite. Fzffh Roux' C. Battle, I.. Lurie, G. Amrhem, D Gschwind, A. Szczerba, D. Pianka, E. Brown, Rivers, C. Hem mel, D. Barkett, R. Pugh, M. O'Hara, B. Sacco. Cf eruice wifd a mid? rom f W7onifor Under the supervision of Mr. Kendell Edkins and Mr. Leonard Wynne, UFA's "police force" has func tioned with efficiency in the Academy corridors during the past year. "Lieutenants" Alberico, Babowicz, Battle, Boehlert, Hemmel, Hester, Pilawa, and Waite together with sixty of UFA's "finest" have guided visitors, checked passes and kept traffic moving. unior ,Qui grow cilegm cllega Ofker-.4 T Lnder the leadership of the junior Red Cross, UFA students had the opportunity to share with the less fortunate both at home and abroad. Major projects this year included the shipment of supplies to a school in a disaster area, and the preparation of photo albums depicting school life for foreign exchange schools UFA students aided in theJRC project in making over two thousand Christmas favors for hospitals. Social activities included a Christmas party and talent show. Firrf Row, left fn right: B. Roberts, Franklin, S. Bowman, F. Cousin, Sec., M. Tiss, Pres.,J. Gates, Vice-Pres., Mrs. M. Reyman, Moore, S. Buttenschon, Burke, M. Pontero, A. Markis, P. O'Toole, E. Lynch, M. Roberts, M. Williams, R. Fuoco, M. M. Laun, Treas.g T. Lee, C. Niziol. Second Row: M. Kennedv, Jones, D. Roberts. Faurrfi Roux' A. Williams, E. Inman, K. Mevers C. Geiersbach, S. Walsh, D. Gabrukiewicz, D. Toukatlv, D. Cramer, A. Goracy, P. Dmoehowski, C. Stark, C. Fail, D. Kratzcn berg, B. Molencupp. Third Roux' F. Bushley, C. Starczewski, N D. Patrick, Weiler, D. House, N. Crawford, C. l-lollister, Ni Sheldon, E. Savett, G. Roberts, N. johnson, Spears, L. Kaplan, R. Pernat. 01. Fzrrr Row, lefl to ritglnxx M. Kover, G. Pontonero, P. Hickey, S. E. Kakaty, P. Callahan, A. Borgon, Cronk, S. Knapp, K. Hen Sehug, G. Madia, Mazzatti, M. A. Matt, C. Moorhead, D. riksen, K. Law, G, Brigham, C. llackewicz, K. Knrn, C. Derajtys Shedd, G. Smith,j. Mazza. Second Row: S, Perretta,j. Rommel, C. Fourth Row: M. Redmond, C. Dodge, E. Merman, B. Gorman, M Cerro, M. McGaugh, P. Welpe, G. Stephens, D. Iamele, D. Roberts, Wheeler, Swirat, F. Wilezek, B. Steinberg, R. Hatheld, F H. Savlov, L. Baird, W. Sharo, J. Porter. Third Row: M. Carlisle, Gramlich, A. Gorea, A. Kenthj. Ueher. 0l'l'leI'00l'll H 2,95 ,,l9llf GIIJ .ACll6J0l'l'liCillll H Over tAfZ 30,0 H Under the leadership ofjackjones and Arnold Myers, business managers for the 1957 Academician, home room representatives for the yearbook achieved a record sale of 930 books. Top underclass salesmen included Dorothy Pawloski, 247, for juniors, Eileen Sullivan, 120 for sophomores, and Kermit Hendriksowl, 214, for fresh men. Sparked by super-salesmen Ed Kakaty, Aldora Gorea, and Joanne Swirat the AC representatives sold over 1,200 Copies of each issue. Thanks ro the work of these salesmen, Ed Williams, business manager, reported as unusually successful the seventy-first year of AC publication. i Fnrt Rau, lrff to rrglirll. Mazzatti, C. La Vine, G. Pontonero, B. Fitzgerald, S. McGauley, M. Weinhurgh, A. Greco, B. Cady, E Kluska, S. Schug, rl. Lewis, M. Rover, B. Newman, .Yzfond Rou' Kakatyul. l3ates,lI. Bennett. Fourth Roux' M. Carlisle, E. Moskal I. Poddi, D. lamele, D. Owens, P. H.irris,.l. Porter, P. Pacciarelli, G. Roberts, M. Wheeler, D. Pawloski, D. Gray, R. Hatfield, G W. Sharo, D. Roberts, P ulelpe, G. Stephenshl. Gates. Tl'1rifRf2u" Coveyduck, QI. Swirat, D. House, D. Flanders, Krowick, P. Callahan, C. Dcraltys, C. Adams, S. Masella, B. Gorman, G. Sapanara, M. Gctzlek, E. Sullivan. 1 . 'E FOOTBALL TEAM 1907 UFA's present sports program has come a long way since 1907. Back in grandpa's day when high school athletics were little more than tolerated, the playing field was usually the nearest vacant lot, and the coach, some enthusiastic but untrained local sports fan. Fifty years have wrought great changes. In- creased interest in sports prompted the opening of Murnane Field which provides facilities for foot- ball, baseball, and track, the ultramodern UFA Gymnasium, completed in 1948, offers the latest in equipment for such activities as basketball, appa- ratus, and volleyball. Another great change of the past fifty years is the shift from a casually arranged schedule of games with Clinton, Colgate Univer- sity, and local non-scholastic teams to the present Well regulated league programs in both major and minor sports. A further striking example ofthe ex- panded sports interest at UFA is the present intra- mural program available to all UFA girls. Greater than the record of expanding interest, facilities, and organization, more important than the list of victories recorded in the trophy cases, is the tradition of sportsmanship and fair play that has characterized UFA throughout the years. VW-'wry FOOTBALL TEAM 1957 Mft' ,M 59,59 .SZOPL5 i Firit Row, left to rzglwrx M. Slive, Lysik, R. Stefano, W. Rosendale, Salkucki, D. Scars, McFadden, B. Cowl, D. Barkctt, M. De- Traglia, G. Henderson, B. Spatuzzi, B. Deep. .Yemnd Row: Coach Swiecki, D. Fluty, W, Delwo, Picrog, Dixon, T. Martin, C. Pa- traitus, S. Witt, P.,Hartman,,l. Bell, S. Hazeltine, W, Nicol. Third Row: Ass't Manager G. Richardson, B. Gallehl. Rivers, D. Pryputnie- wicz, C. Warmuch, L, Scott, R. Hall, A. Putrello, D. McAndrews, R. Pontero, H, julian, Coach Pace. Fourth Row: B. Lowcnberg, B. Brych, D. Klosck, R. Marks, L. Tozzi, G. Kochanowski, D. Smith, T. McCarthy, E. johnson. 1 jfand lggfnhn Seadon Exif in eam Winning the CCICD Central Interscholastic Conference Coach Swiecki and Bob DCCP Show football 'mphlcs' title, tying with Proctor for the city title, and coming in second in the QCOLD Central Oneida League, the Utica Free Academy football squad enjoyed one of the most successful seasons in Titan history. Highlighting the season were thrilling Wins over 'a powerful Rome and Auburn squads. A week after defeat- 7' 'K ing Auburn in the prison city 13-7, in an afternoon con- test, the Titans went under the lights in Rome to crush the mighty Romans before 6,000 spectators. Under the reins of Coach Sweicki and Assistant Coach Peter Pace, the Titans rolled up 135 points to the oppo- f nents' 52. The Titans were led by the passing of Mike Slive and the running of Bill Cowl and Dick Barkett, who combined to score 9 touchdowns. The strong line play of center Dick Sears and end Joe Rivers earned Dick ,gt'luU'tf'z2F efisi ffm-'15 4, aw!! ,iv ni 3 Wigs? I and Joe the Academic Observer Award for the Top Men in Football. Touchdown against Romans. i Rwcrs sweeps right :nd for touchdown. WT'-4' N'?'9!K"'f"'V. . Ox " t -M., I 3 1 f 1 , , .4 x l . ' v wt' I x X ' Y X 1 Top N1Cf17DlCk Scars and joe: Rrvcrs UFA.. UFA UFA UFA UFA UFA UFA UPA Roms stops Deep but not for long. bv SCORES: . . .25 New Hartford. 6 ....32 Fulton.. 7 26 Watertown . O .13 Oswego 7 . 7 Whitcsboro. .. 18 ....13 Auburr1.......,7 . . 13 Rome. O . 6 Proctor. 6 Cowl carries ball in Proctor game. 'gr' . ,!-1 Ty, 1,g,wf7 A' ' ,,,,- 43 K Firrt Raw, left to right: D. Smith, H. Julian, R. Willard, A. Swartout, Pryputniewicz, R. Senus, S. Kuklinski. Strand Row: M. Miller, T. Molling, Pratt, T. Thompson, R. Joseph, R. Jasinslci. Third Raw: A. Szallcowski, H. McLeod, A. jones, L. Murphy, R. Evans Coach Woods. gm spa The Junior Varsity with Coach Woods at the helm won three, lost three and tied one. High point ofthe season was their 27-O win oyer Proctor, Despite fielding a "green" team, Coach Woods expects that at least half the boys will make the varsity squad next year. gfejhhiell 6XfenJ Mngeafen QQCOPJ For the second straight year, the UFA freshmen gridders compiled an unbeaten and untied record. The 31 players molded by Coach Collins into an unbeatable combination, started their season by mauling Fulton 27-O and whipping Rome Free Academy 19-12. From then on New Hartford, Proctor, Whitesboro, llion, and Rome fell before the freshmen machine. Providing the power for this machine were: Vincent Barnaba, Morris Allen, Ed Hill, and O'Dell Young. Fmt Row, left to fight: B. Jones, D. Deep, L. Schloop, D. Smith, T. Price, D. Bowen, V. Barnaba, D. Virkler, H. Hanson, E. Oglesby. Second Row: F. Mazza, E. Burke, N. Balzano, H. Howard, R. Babitz, S, Solomon, M. Allen. Third Row: Coach Collins, F. Kiehm, O. Young, E. Hill, Dingle, Klosek,J. Moore. Surf 'Y Fmt Row, left to ngbr: L. Kinnie, E. Moran, R. Kaplan, D. Lautcrbach, D. Hatfield, D. Smith, P. Bearse, P. Becker. Second Raw Coach jones, D. Levine,J. Burnie, P. Rahn, B. Smith, K. Boyce, D. Penree, W. Nicol, L. Pfluke,j. Magendanz. xlaeriencecl Swimming eam .Sloan gxcefdnf jorm VN 5 1 h4 On Your Mark! Outstanding achievements of the UFA swimming team were the conquering of highly regarded Proctor and the formidable St. Francis teams. The Central- Oneida League record books were rewritten by Jon Magendanz as he shot to a new record in the 100 yard backstroke. Other outstanding performers were Bernie Smith in the breaststroke and Don Penree in the Free- style events. Coach Sterling jones built the 1956-57 team around such veteran swimmers as Don Penree, Wayne Nicol, Ken Boyce, Larry Kinnie, Henry Stan- ton, Paul Becker, and -Ion Magendanz. row Counfry-.SZOWJ promiae The UFA harriers gained valuable experience as well as an encouraging record in their sophomore season. The Titan runners showed great promise as they were victorious over New Hartford and twice conquered Rome Free Academy. Mike Kilgore was picked as an alternate on the sectional team sent to the State Cham- pionships. Fmt Row, lefr m right: R. Woodward, D. Kelly, G. Woolheaternl. Allen, P. Wo1cik..S'efoml Raw: R. Pritchard, R. Woodward, R. Fragan, R. Ryan, Mr. Dennehy, Coach. Third Roux' D. Williams, M. Kilgore, D. Roberts, T. Migliaceio. pu crry Coon hits for two against Auburn. Varsity Mentor Collins. Jumpjoc, jumpljoc Rivers gets tap against Rome. Tony Redmond, Eldrcd Johnson and Joe Rivcrs await rebound. - , 4 v- I -J f 1 ' .J f .M I , ' lk ' 2i"1s3f . " .Q 7 4. 9' 71 . -t , Q ai-- Qf .if 7 f-.Q ina ' x i -JL 1 V Q-it '9::,!! f ug ff'iEf 1 .. rg ' -3.3 fv 5f! Trai Martin takes a iump shot. "' 52555635 it , i 9 l.l 2 V I 'YN ef 1 7"-scykj H., , vi. N53 -2 QQM B -if f , ,,,,,f,,, , f I-wmgfg L gy: n -.1 5 A ,. Q , 7 ,W ,V JW VL V , ','Qa 'ffm 'A A filff 8 3 I s frm- gm ,,-, .f.4 K ,gf Qsvaamz Q mxxianasuysa ,.ani4allzs gazmwglxial nvlsllnlllaa 4 freuxiilxnlawz lxqualfvnaa. ezannallallr. nnunnanllce :twine v n 9ma44rww allinflnars. llllliw A Qllllllbi llllllll llllllll Hmnamuzux 1 a I X I ff' ,f , . si 3, , my JIZQWWZ, x I ,M Kneeling, left to nghr: S. Mitchell, S, Brown, A Putrello, L. Taylor, M. Evans, C. Harrison, M Mitchell. .ltandfngx F. Woods, Coach, Saunders H. McLeod, G. Siedsma, T. Fanzone, R. Bcrtlcs man, S. Jacobson, M. Slive. ,Have Oubfanvkng .gzadon The Utica Free Academy junior varsity enjoyed a successful 1956-1957 season. Led by Larry Taylor and Tony Panzone the junior Titans dropped only two league games the first semester. Because of their fine performance, Taylor and Panzone were moved up to the varsity. Ed Hill, former freshman star, was added to the team at the start of the second semester. The combination of Hill and Chris Harrison plus the re- bounding of Steve Jacobson and Gary Siedsma helped the Titans best their opponents. The potential ability of many members of the junior varsity should provide for a strong varsity team next year. TEAM RECORD Lonnie Billings sinks another for UFA. DFA OPPOHIVU-F 70 Little Falls 56 58 Whitesboro 61 60 Watertown 37 53 Rome 34 44 Oswego 64 57 UCA 61 67 Proctor 61 49 Auburn . 25 67 New Hartford 44 65 St. Francis . . 29 K 46 Whitesboro 49 59 Rome 43 18 60 UGA 52 71 Proctor. '59 47 New Hartford . 40 46 St. Francis. 55 . 1 ' Z. V Q sb ki 5. -7' 'Ei UFA VARSITY SQUAD--Left to righlx Sisti, D. Flanders, B. Cady, L. Danella, B. Rennie, Wilkinson, M. Jackewicz. Cdeerdaalem ,gpaarl J4 Ming Sedan! .Siairif .xgf The 1956-57 Varsity and 'IV cheerleaders have added much to the spirit and enthusiasm of UFA assemblies, pep rallies, football and basketball games. Colorful in their blue and white and blue and gold uniforms, both Varsity and 'IV cheerleaders have per- formed with precision under the direction of Mrs, Phyllis Christino. Faithful to all games on the UFA schedule, the cheerleaders have sparked a high in school spirit which has spurred the varsity teams to victory. Beckv vells a cheer for Ted's sharp shot .IV SQUAD Pint Row, frft to rig!-tx Evans, Maurizzio, D. Iamele 1 ' .ferand Rau" C. -Iackewicz, D. Sondei, D. Wojnas, M. Gormley. Tlvml Row: M. Collins, P. Covenygj. Swirar, C. Azzariro, R. Keigh Joyce, Judy, Rosemary, and Mary Ellen practice X cheers D -:Al , Fmt Row, lcft to rzghr: B. Roberts, B. Pflanz, S. Philipson, S. Szczygicl, M. Inman, M. MeGaugh, L. Danclla, R. Healy, D. Szczy- giel, S. Griffith. .Yrcond Row: N. Weiler, E. Inman, D. Flanders, A. Musa, M. Fletcher, L. Komnick, P. Clark, P. O'Toole, M. Arlin, N. Lcwek, P. Daedelow, F.. Hughes. mcognized aaa em in ,.xdfALfic5 Promoting better school spirit through athletics and giving recognition to outstanding participants in sports, the Girls' Athletic Associationhas carried out a successful program of club activities. As an opening project in September, the GAA, composed exclusively of girls who have won their 100 point awards in the Girls' Sports Program, sponsored a Sports Day Demonstration. This program introduced freshman girls to the many sport activities in which they may take part throughout the year. Other projects included a Halloween Party at the Children's Hospital Home, a Christmas Party, and a faculty vs. student basketball game. Several members assisted the teachers in the gym classes. G.A.A. OFFICERS Firrt Raw, left ta nght: E. Inman, Pres., B. Pflanz, Sec.-Treas.g Second Row: R.'Healy, Press Club Rep., S. Szczygiel, Vice Pres., E. Hughes, Official, L. Danella, Social Chairman. As an outstanding member of GAA, Evie assists a gym class. l Kidz. Lorramc rcrurns a good ball ro excn the scorc TENNIS TEAM Prnt Rau letra rx hi B Pflanz M. Arlln S Griffith .fecond Rau an -s ?-0' aivloolajfem .5206 gun, xerciie, ancl gomyoefifion Twelve basketball teams, representing all four classes, have participated throughout the season in both intramural and interscholastic competition. The "Bulldogs," senior girls' basketball team, made a good showing against the Clinton Stars at the Basketball Play Day held at New Hartford dur- ing February. At the UFA Basketball Rating Clinic, held in January, Evelyn Inman and Mary Arlin passed their tests for intramural officiating. Although winning a basketball game is in itself a fine achievement, UFA girls, this year, have agreed that making friends and extending UFA's good will to girls from other high schools is much N more rewarding. Mary referees the girls' first jump ball in an exciting game. gown., ,4,.,.....a f., M594 This year, the Sunset Bowling Alleys saw the largest turnout yet as more than 125 UFA girls appeared for instructions and practice in the popular sport of bowling. Nancy Lewek and Margaret Redman, manager and assistant manager, with the assistance of Mrs. Shirleyjacobson, led the twenty eager teams in an active season. The teams competed in the American Junior Bowling Congress 12th Annual Mailographic Team Handicap Tournament, and also represented UFA in interscholastic contests with such area schools as New Hartford, Proctor, and Clinton. Carol Gilberti, UFA's star bowler, aims for a strike 3. SOME TOP BOWLERS OF UFA Pint Row, lcfr to rigbf: I. Cook, C. Cowburn, N, Lewek, C. Starczewski, C. Gilberti. .Ycrond Rowxj. Batcs,J. Kehl, A. Weaver, M. Redman, M. Zimmerman. SWIMMING TEA M Front Raw, frf! fo right: A. Kempf, Dcnckcr, S. Lukehart, N. Nichols, C. Herbowy, S. King, S. Grifhth, L. Metzger. Setond Roux' L. Kaplan, L. Lasher, A. Washburn, C. Starczewski, X J. Treta, P. Temple, L. Bogdonoff, K. Williams, E. Hughes. Third Roux' C. Foley, N. Shoecraft, S Engel, A. Rosenblum, S. Gcrsten, M. Lengyel, M. Smith. .Siuim WaLe5 LSZAML af Synchronized swimming, racing, and individual swimming were featured during the spring by the UFA Swimming Club, composed of UFA's top girl swimmers. Individual progress was stressed in this group in contrast to group training in the fall classes for intermediate and advanced swimmers. Tests in sidestroke, backstrolce, Australian crawl, front dives and surface dives were used to determine the group to which girls were assigned. Miss Barbara Johnston and Mrs. Phyllis Christino were in charge of the swimming program held at the Y.W.C.A. pool. 42425 jo mall? Music and poetry inspire the girls in Mrs. Phyllis Christino's modern dance class to interpret various arts and to create new forms. In presenting the mood and the idea of religious spirituals, serene ballads, and lively dances, the girls learn the value of co-operation in producing creative work. While the technique of the modern dance requires special aptitudes and long and rigorous training, the simple patterns and lively calls of square dancing appeal to all students at UFA. h h d ' l f . . Pat, Marsha, and Ruth demonstrate good form in creative dancing First touple lead to t e rig t an circ c our S ""-. Dr and Mrs ohn Fltzgcrald Charles Frltch Home Room 324 Beverly Abraham A Cappella Cho1r Mr and Mrs A Edward Allen Alpha Chapter of K E SOC1Cfy Mr and Mrs Arlen Charles N Arl1n Rev and Mrs W Aubrey Arlm Mr and Mrs Joseph BHDOWICZ Mr and Mrs CharlesC Baker Bartnlck s Garage Mr and Mrs Emory Bates Mr and Mrs Joseph Bazan M1ss Helena M Bell ood fefff Mr and Mrs Frank DeTragl1a Mr and Mrs A W Detwrler Mr Rlchard M Dresser Rudolph S DZ1Cg1Cl Mrs Ralph K England Home Room Hom Room Home Room Home Room Home Room Iota Chapter 318 Kappa Sxgma Kappa Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mxss Beverly and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Gachowskn Mr Wxlllam H D Flanders Harry Franz French F Donald Fullem Albert H Gabel Benyamln Galle SOFOFIIY Mr and Mrs Mlchael ackewxcz K S Grocery Eldred Johnson Mr and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs ohn Benesch Davld Berger H Blrnbaum Louis Bourdage Floyd Brlgham Dav1dA Brown Stanley Budzynskl Leonard Capuana Rob rt Caswell and Allan Coe Mr and Mrs Ray Cardlnale Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Edward Cho Mr and Mrs 'vlr and Vvlrs and 'Vlrs and lvlrs Nflrs Mxnme and Nfirs Nlcholas Cerro Eugene C herubln lnackl lns Agcnu oseph Chrusc1ck1 Leslle C Clark Claude La'VIanquc. C L Colocotroms Cook Francxs O Coolcs Harry Corts and Nlrs Charles Cowburn and Mrs Adolph Danella Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Gelersbach Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs ClarenceE Gates .I Hobart Davld Gersten Dommlck G1lbert1 Mr W F Goldbach LI ack D Goldstone and Mrs M B Goldstone and Mrs Ioseph Goodman and Mrs George Gorgon Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs 'Vlrs Martha B Gorman Edward Gormley Fred L Grant Henry Hebert Francls R Hemmel Henrlksen Edvun Hensel Vlr and Mrs E L Hester Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Home Room Home Room Home Room Kenneth Holl1ster Ben Homer l and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Robert E ones Johnj Joswlck C Kluska C KHlfl:lH Henry Knxtter Anthony Komnlck Walter Krow1ck Francls E LaGase H C Lamb Edward Laun ohn C Law Edward Lee and Mrs Ph1l1p H Leech Dr and Mrs Erwln Lengyel Llnda Lanny Gary Levlne Vlr and Mrs S1monT Levme Nllr and Mrs ack Loughlln Donna Magendanz 'Vlahanna s Pharmacy Mr and Mrs A Mangano Mr and Mrs Genaro Mas lla Helen Matuslalt 'Nflr and Mrs HowardG Vlauthe Nflr and Mrs Frank Mazza Vlr and Mrs Wllllam VlcCab Denn1s McCarthy Z? . . J. ' 312 J' . . . . ' e 315 . . . . ' ' 320 . , ' ' . . 330 . . . -f '..' - - ' ' .l' ' ' , , , Mr. . ' , Jr. ' ' Mr. . . Mr. , , , Mr. . . Mr. . . ' , . Mr. . A ' Mr. . ' . ' Mr. 1 . ' . ' ' l l Mr. . ' Mr' . - . . . Mr- ' . Mr. . . A ' . ' ' Mr. t ' MT' - I , Mr. . ' . Mr- ' . I I . . . . Mr. . . . Dr' ' t ' I U Q r Mr. . Mf- - ' ' J E 4 l l Mr. .J . Mr' and Mrs' G' Beecher Cady Mr' . . ' Mr. and Mrs. Ford C. Laver 1 Mr' ' Mr. . . E I -. , Mr. . J. 1 ' l , A ' . .. , . I ' Mr' - H - . f L . . ' . ' Mr. . ...'e 'X l . . . . . . B 'S Mr. r . ' " . , ' A r . . . . Mr. I' 23 l . r . Mr. r , 240 4 . . ' ' 1 S Mr. . 311 ' and Mrs Mrs Frances and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs John D McGaugh Muller James Musa Raymond Myers Joseph O Nelson C A N1les Stanley Nowak Thomas Oatman and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs G Carl Oglesby Rocco PHDICCIQ. Stanley Penc Harry Perlman Louxs Ph1l1pson Jacob Pxlawa Walter Plnto Samuel Pollrcove H J Pratt Sr W Earl Purcell Albert Radell Lou1s Ra1ser ohn F Redmond and Mrs FloydJ Rennle ood ferr! Mr and Vlrs H H Slawson Smlth s Grocery Mr and Mrs Mrs Prnscllla Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Stannard Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Ons Sm1th A Smlth Seymour Srmth Bernard M Solan C A Stadt Preston W Chester Stawarz Matthew Stefanskl Alumnl Mark and Judy Stern Mr and Mrs John Swlech Mr and Mrs Howard Teller and Famnly Theta Ph1 Omega Mr and Mrs Charles L Thomas Mr and Mrs JohnU Ueltschl A Vltullo Inc and Mrs Wllllam H Rlmxller and Mrs Lester R1shel and Mrs Idwal L Roberts Mrs Rev and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Oaknon Seto Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs W P Rodgers and Mrs Paul A Roy Dean Russell E Salkuckl James Sapanara Joseph Schram HermanJ Segaul EarlJ Semff Latlmer B Semor Stanley Slerak Wlllxam S1tr1n and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Davld Watson Raymond Weaver Orlo S Webster Monroe Whrte A L W1ll1ams Sr Albert O W1ll12mS Mrs Florence W1ll1ams Mr and Mrs Hlbbard G W1ll1ams Mr Russell W1ll1ams Dr and Mrs JosephJ W1tt Mr and Mrs StanleyJ Wojdyla Mr and Mrs AlbertR Woodard Worden s Muslc Store Mr and Mrs Frank A Zamorslcl Mr and Mrs ErnestC Zech Mr and Mrs Emnl Z1mmerman 'Vlr and Mrs Anthony Zysk SUPER X arden Studlo Inc Phi Delta Sigma Fraternity Upsxlon Lambda Ph1 Fratern1ty COMMERCIAL No 82 The Great A Sc P Tea Co Brandau Flowers Burrstone SCFVICC Statlon Columbro s Market Famlly Drug Store Fermer Tool 8: D1e Co Genesee Club Dmer Complnments of The Gnft Shop ewelers HRPZHOWICZ Bros Market Hxghland Roller Skatlng Academy Kmg s Body Works Lasek s Llquors North Utlca Dalry StephenJ Pawllnga Prescrlptron Optlcal Co Reld Sheldon and Co C Sautter s Sons Inc Sklba s Sonne Brothers Inc uare Vue Dmette Teen Age Shop Hotel Utica Utxca Sportlng Goods C Utxca Typewrlter Co Vogel s Bakery Vyner s Drug Store Wetzel s Card Shop Z? Mr. . l . . ' ' 7 U Mr. . , ' ' , ' I A , I ' Mr. ...' . . . Mr. . , , A , Mr. , , , , 3 Mr. . . Mr. . J. - - V - J- - - Mr. . ' A ' Mr. . I' ' Mr. . ' t ' ' , Mr. . ' .l Mr. . . . , . ' ' ' ' - . . Mr. and Mrs. Frank Walczak B. J.Johnson 84 Son Mr. J . Mr' ' ' U ' Mr. . . ' Mr' ' l l Mr. . ' ' . ' ' Mr' ' ' S I Mr' I ' Mr. . K - D Mr. . . Mr. ...' ' , . - Mr. . . ' A A a ' Mr. . - - ' l ' , , b ' . . . o. Alfma Wafer A loyol bond is at thy door U F A Oh U F A We come two thousand strong and more U F A Oh U F A From wood and mountain fleld and glen We re all together here again To honor than as best we can U FA Oh U FA The ruch September days of yore U F A Oh U F A Have filled thy portals o er and o er U F A Oh U F A But none more loyal e er than we And none more loyal shalt thou see For golden memories clung to thee U F A Oh U F A U F A Oh U F A And nn that watchword we ll abide U F A Oh U F A No thought or word of ours shall mar Thy glorious record near or far And truth shall be our guldmg star U F A Oh U F A When Tame wuth has relentless sway U F A Oh U F A Shall take us from these scenes away U F A Oh U F A Ah then wherever we may be Our prayers shall nse both full and free That God s nch blessmgs rest on thee U.F A Oh U F A TI I ..., I ..., .I I , . I I ..., 0 I ..., Y I I ..., V I . . I ..., Thy watchword,Truth, shall be our guide, ..., . , . I ..., I I ..., . .. ' ..., I ..., I I ,. . I .., ,,q

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