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 - Class of 1953

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R.: +,:-, 2 " , V" A-,f ,,. L - ' 1 -..: ,4 , 1H . - . N W- . iv " 1 'f uf' 'A ' -" T ,, -J . sx . - D ' -2-Y'-'A v-:w arg - 1 -f-J .1-:fQq, fL--:.' - A1 THE CLASS OF l953 ON PARADE K Q 5R X.- Czcauolmrrzcccan uTncA FREE AcAozm UTICA, NawYoR IX ED T R SANDR SCHECTER G BECR FT LITERARY EDIT R P1 Y PAVESE Q . H-X Ax ' 5 fu I- HL - 3 Q , N I AM N Il 0 A DEDICATIO We, 'rhe class of l953, sincerely and proudly dedicafe fhis, our class valedicfory, fo John Carrol Brown. For fhirfy-one years "Pop" Brown has bofh generously and wisely conferred upon all sfudenfs whom he mef fhe sincerify of his warm personalify. All of us are richer, because he was our feacher s , A A., A O . 1 ' and our friend. We shall remember him noi' only as a wise insfrucfor buf also as a fhoughfful man who will always remind us fhaf wisdom, a fhing of fhe spirif, musf be implemenfed in life. To him we say, "Farewell, Mr. Brown, rich cargoes and favora- able winds." Vx "AU TABLE OF CONTENTS li if K 2232229 2.222 222222 rx 9am ly ,Q 1 232425 ID Sen I 0I'J 00, lfq ' ! gf WA 'lf' porld la if 4 9999 99 999999 99. K !fZuauZQp 999-999 99999 X I A X Mr Perl: ns In a parade bofh dnscnplme and good darechon are essenhal Our durecror Mr Roy Perlcms assusl' an'r principal has accomplnshed much by has persua srve manner I-Ins wnse decnsuons have broughr many a laggard back lnlo lane To hrm we exfend our appreclaruon and grahfude for a 'ob well done IIIGE PRINCIPAL PRINCIPAL To rhe Class of l953 Srep by sfep you have marched along fhe hrgh way of eclucahon The parade has now paused for your hrgh school graduahon Aller lhls pause many of you wnll Ioan anofner lxne of march To higher educahon Ofhers wall fall our +o begm a new lnfe IN business or rnduslry T II Congrafulahons and a command +o march on To be++er lhnngs ahead A Ray Calhoon Principal M Ca hoo . .. . . o az ' r, l n . x I ' I ' I - I O I As I revnew your four year parade I am happy To have shared some of urs experiences wnfh you and I am proud of your developnng mafursfy and many accomplushmenfs The years will make me even prouder as you fund your places In Ihe world To each and every one of you I ex+end my besf wishes Muss Mulne if EA 1...-f 9' M' ROQEV MUVPIW Miss Dorothy Fox Mr Arthur Wnldeg Class of 55 Class of 54 Class of 56 . t I . I 'WL . ' ' . Eva C 0 N S E l 0 R S .ga X if UTICA FREE ACADEMY HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY nio I 12 Duncan Cutter President Jane Elzabeth Conboy Secretary Duncan Cutter Mr President not only pres :dent ot our class but also ot Natnonal Honor So clety and the Social Studies Club has been a long drstance man on our track team tor tour years Dunc has also represented the Academy at the Student Council and ESSPA Conventions ln hs Jumor year both students and taculty chose hrm to attend Boys State Duncan s present plans are to study dentnstry at Hamnlton College John Zmdars Vrce President John Zlmdars our popular vice presndent ns a tavorate wnth both taculty and students Johnnre has been a leader on the grldlron as well as Top man nn Sports tor the Academuc Observer Johnme IS uncertain about hrs tuture but he ns quite sure that he wnll be a member ot one ot the armed servzces soon atter graduation A gracious but returnng personalnty belres the purposeful drnve ot Jane Conboy Whale her dra matlc ablluty has enhanced many a U FA play her wrnsome Interpretation ot Kay Banlcs rn The Father ot the Brrde was most delnghttul Jane has also been actuve as a cheerleader a member ot the swimming team A Cappella Cholr and a repre sentatuve ot Press Club Her charm and varued Interests wall malce Jane an rnsprrnng teacher Clayton Boucher Treasurer Well lulced rs Clay Boucher Treasurer ot our class Has enthusiasm trnendluness and actrvuty rn Student Councrl Scnence Technical and Socnal Studres clubs have earned tor hum the affection and respect ot has associates A Technrcal Mechamcal malor at UFA we wash tor hum the greatest ot success atter completnon ot a Utrca Tech course or the trannlng program ot General Electrrc SS 0 FIC .yrfif .,.A, frfil ,J "' iff Y A . iff A 55 1' 5 ,Ai C T L 'lgE l it . ' , . . I I . I i . - . . ,,,.--H' .,.. ,s .. . N . W-ss- N V 'kan-is i X. Bev and Larry In exfra-curricular acfivifies, "Bev" is a leader. She is presidenf of Science Club, edifor of Press Club, and secrefary of Dunham Debafe. This year Beverly won honorable menfion in The Nafional Wesfinghouse Science Talenf Search for her worlc wifh unfriecl chemicals. Oufsicle of school, "Bev" nof only has a sfeacly iob buf 'reaches Sunday school and is correspond- ing secrefary of fhe Upper New Yorlc Sfafe Senior Judaea. She is also a sporfs enfhusiasf and recenfly has won several frophies in iunior fennis fourna- menfs. Following gracluafion she plans fo enfer Syracuse Universify where she won a four year fuifion-free scholarship, valued af 52.600, Her sense of humor, abilify and perseverance will pave fhe road fo her success. VALEDICTORIAN AND SALUTATORIAN Laurence Savelf, a man of parfs, is our valedicforian wifh an average of 96.5. l-lis versafile humor and infelligence has led fo his acfivify in many fields. A+ fhe l952 Commencemenf exercises Larry received fhe Junior Scholarship Prize. An original sfyle of wrifing, seasoned wifh imaginafion and wif, has earned for him fhe posifion of Deparf- menf Edifor of fhe Academic Gbserver. He exercises his forensic slcill as a member of Dunham Debafe of which he was af one fime vice-presidenf. Despife his infellecfual achievemenfs he is a "regular guy." Larry is nof only acfive in academic affairs buf also in religious and social ones as well. Alfhough his choice of school is nof yer definife, Sepfember will find him a freshman on some college or universify campus. Larry's personalify has many facefs and fhe fofal of fhem produces a diamond of excellence. l-le is indeed an assef fo fhe class of '53. Beverly Rosenberg, salufaforian of fhe class of '53, is a delighfful combinafion of abilify and beaufy. She has a scholasfic average of 96.l and in her iunior year was fapped for membership in fhe Nafional l-lonor Sociefy. s . K Q 1 x Up the steps fo knowledge. U31 Ne- 1 NICOLETTA E. ANGRISANO I-Nickyn Roosevelt Stenography Bowling, Soccer, Basketball, Tumbling Teams, Thrift Club. . , 3 I 2' RICHARD ABEND "Dick" Hughes Scientific Social Studies, Science, Pan American Clubs, JANE MARILYN ADSIT "Janie" Kernan Bookkeeping Social Studies, Monitor Clubs, Academic Observer, Academi- cian, Tri-I-li-Y Teen Club. f SHIRLEY J. ARCURI "ShirI" Proctor Scientific Science, Social Studies, Music, French, Italian Clubs, Student Council, Junior Choir, Jr. Red Cross, Book Exchange, Volley- ball, Tennis Teams. JOHN CHARLES BAGG "Johnny" Hughes Scientific Science, Social Studies Clubs. wi KATHERINE ABRAHAM ..Kay.. Whitesboro Stenography Freshman Girls, Junior, A Cap- pella Choirs, Radio, Language, Music, Social Studies, Thrift, Press Clubs, National Honor Society, Softball, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer. CAROLYN AMRHEIN "Carol" St, Francis de Sales lr. Red Cross. VU DOLORES ELIZABETH BACH ..Dot.. Kemble Student Council, Thrift, Music, Science, Social Studies, Moni- Scientific tor, Tri-Hi-Y Clubs, Jr. Red Cross, Junior, Senior Girls' Choirs. JACQUELINE BAIRD "Jackie" Roosevelt Stenography Monitor, Freshman Glee Clubs, Academic Observer, Academi- cian, Jr. Red Cross. SUSAN ANTHONY "Sue" Hughes Scientific Social Studies, Science, Music, Future Homemakers of Amer- ica, Language, Latin, German Glee Clubs. ,,,,.! ,l xx Y LEONARD BARTNICK "Lenny" Hughes General High French, Social Studies Clubs. ,Qin 'KN W sv'i I A 0, D GENE HENRY BAISTER "Gene" Kemble Auto Mechanics Technical Industrial Club, Track Team. GEORGIANNE BARNES "Georgie" Proctor Ottice Practice Sophomore, Junior, Senior Girls' Choirs ies , mv- , , 5 'S if J LAWRENCE BASS ..I-any.. St. Agnes Scientific Social Studies, Science, Chess Clubs. MARY ANN BELMONT "Madge" Kernan Stenography Music, Cilee, Monitor, Social Studies, Science Clubs, Future Homernakers of America, Bowling, Basketball, Baseball Teams. cg- BETTY JANE BAKER -.Bati- Sauquoit Stenography Sophomore, Junior, Senior Girls' Choirs, Tri-Hi-Y Club, Jr. Red Cross. WILLIAM JOHN BARRY "Bill" Blessed Sacrament Engineering German Club. CLIFFORD GARY BECRAFT "Cliff" Kemble Art Art, German, Science, Social Studies Clubs, Jr, Red Cross. LOIS MAY BENNETT "Lois" Asbury Park High School New Jersey Scientific Secretary, Student Council: Parliamentarian, Future Teach- ersg Vice-president, Creative Writing: Literary Editor, "Aca- demic Observerf' Student Council, Language, Social Studies, Future Teachers, Crea- tive Writing Clubsf Junior, A Cappella Choirs: Academic ObServer: Academicianp Na- tional Honor Society. CLARENCE WALTER BASS "Satch" Brandegee Classical U.F.A, Hi-Y, Social Studies Clubs, Basketball, Football, Track Teams. .5 Q t C ,X tits A ' f rf", I , .ii S' . ii i. in -' . - 4 i Y 7 .f 'Rt ti .1 . .. . 5- wr, CHARLES E. BLACKSTONE "Chuck" Roosevelt Engineering Social Studies, Science, Carn- era, Music, Pan American, Language Clubs: Dunham De- bate, Punchinello Players, Freshman Boys', Junior, A Cap- pella Choirs, ALLEN BERGER "Alley" Kemble Scientitic Latin, Science, Glee Clubs, Track, Cross-country Teams. HENRIETTA R. BILLICK "Hank" Hughes Otiice Practice Future Hcrnernalrers ot Amer- ica, Sccial Studies, Music Clubs: Freshman, Sophomore, A Cappei'a Choirs' Jr. Red Cross. 'fn 4 ,gf- TNS wr X ssh R L '- ALBERT G. BOEHLERT IIAIII Mt. St. John Dayton, Ohio General High Science Club, Jr, Red Cross. VICTOR BOKHAN "Vic" Ukrainian Gymnasium Germany Engineering German, Social Studies, Science, Camera, Language, Hi-Y Clubs. NORMA NAOMI BERKELEY "Norma" Hughes Classical National Honor Societyg Cheer- leaders, Jr, Red Cross, Aca- demic Observer, Academician, Music, Glee, Art, Science, French, Spanish, Social Studies Clubs, Secretary, Spanish Club, Treasurer, French Club. BARBARA MERLE BISSELL "Bobby" Hughes Cassica Science, Social Studies, French Spanish, Monitor Clubs. RICHARD M. BOGAN "Dick" Seymour Scientific Latin, Science, Social Studies Clubs. CLAYTON A. BOUCHER "Clay" Kernan Mechanical Technical, Science, Social Stu- dies, UFA Hi-Y, Clubs: Parli- rnentarian, Student Council? Secretary, Hi-Yg Vicevpresident, Mohawk Valley Council ot Hi-Ys, Treasurer, Senior Class, I sa '23 ANITA LOUISE BLANDO "Nita" Kemble Classical Vice-President, Junior Red Crossg President, Tri-Hi-Y, Stu- dent Council: Jr. Red Cross: Academic Cbserverp Social Studies, Latin, Language, Fu' ture Teachers Clubs. sv-we T161 as J if. PETER D. BUDDLE "Pete" Hughes General High Camera, Science, Technical, Social Studies Clubs, Academi- cian, Academic Observer Treasurer, Camera Club. Q 'T in . V Q, , - ' Y? ' ', H - r M' ' '5ft53?31svii55?Q553 -.15 '., .f3r,.V,.Qg,i.v gc' ,PS ,-an MARY ANN BOYLE "Mary" Hughes Classical Monitor, Social Studies, Tri-Hie Y, Science, Latin, Press, Language, Music Clubsg Acae demic Observer, Academiciang Swimming, Traclc, Volleybaii, Basketball Tearnsg Junior Choir, Freshman, Senior Girls Glee Clubs. TOBY L. BROOKS "Tulebz" Roosevelt Stenography Monitor, Music, Glee, Thrift Clubs: Student Council, Aca- demic Observer. DOUGLAS BERNARD BURKE "Lard" Our Lady of Lourdes General High School Science, Social Studies Clubs. WILLIAM J. BUSH Hake.. Kernan Auto Mechanics Technical Club. U71 DAVID BRADY "Dave" Blessed Sacrament General High "Whats the hustle, bustle, hurry, Be lilre me, I never worry." NAOMI BROWN "Omi" Hughes Scientific Social Studies, Science, Press, Future Registered Nurse, Span- ish, Language Clubs: Fresh- man, Sophomore, Junior Girls Glee Clubs, Academic Obsere ver, Jr, Red Cross. PATRICIA BURKERT "Pai" Kernan Engineering Social Studies, Language, Fu- ture Teachers Clubs: Softball, Basketball, Volleyball, Golf Teams. FRANCES M. BUTTENSCHON "Frannie" Kernan Stenography Freshman Glee Club: A Cap- pella Choirg Softball Team: Jr. Red Cross, fi, 45 JOHN J. BURGER "John" Kemble Scientific Social Studies Clubg UPA Orchestra. nm 'WIN . K, Q i ii L 'lf is WM, " IA. is . lv . I ORLANDO J. CARCHEDI "Orly" Kemble Classical Social Studies, Music, Pan American, Glee Clubs, Senior Choir: Junior Band. 15 TED CALOCERINOS "Ted" Roosevelt General High "Whether in a Cadaliic or a La Salle, Youll find Ted will get his qalf AGNES CATHERINE CANTER "Katie" St. Francis de Sales General Hiqr- Secretary, Book Exchange- Fresrman Gir's Glee, Specia' Girs, A Cappei a, Choirs: Music, Morifor, Scalar Studies, Tri-l-l-Y C-abs: Jr, Red Cross, Student Cccngg voeybal Soccer, Bcwknq Teamgr .15 A Xi 3 is . 5 y ik ...A Q 'rs ts ' Xt NORMA JEAN CARROLL "Norm" Our Lady ot Lourdes Stenoqraphy Freshman, Sophomore, Glee Clubs: Junior Girls Choir, Senior Girls Choir, Music, Social Studies Clubs: Jr. Red Cross. JOSEPH W. CASSIDY "Bill" St. Francis de Sales Electrical Punchinello Players, Secretary, Technical Industrial Club, Bas- ketball Team. 18 CELIA CANNAIN "C. C." Kernble Stenography Glee Club. VIVIAN CAPORUSCIO "V. V." Town cl Webb l-l gh Schoo Od FCVQE, N. Y, Commercial Music, Social Stud es Cubs Junior Girls Cher, nv rv- JAMES E. CARTER "Big Moose" Brandeqee Print-ng Basketball, Ecotball, Traclr Teams: Glee Club. SHIRLEY P. CHAZIK "Sl1irl" Kernan Stenoqraphy Thrift, Social Studies, Monitor, Press Clubs: National Honor Society, Bowling Team. PAUL CAREY "Red" Our Lady of Lourdes Scientific Science, Spanish, German, Social Studies Clubs: Varsity Football, Freshman Glee Club, Junior Choir, hw 0'- 158 ELIZABETH CISZEK "Liz" St. Patriclcs Stenography Punchinello Players, Student Council: Boolc Exchange, Mu- sic, Social Studies Clubs: Junior, A Cappella Choirsg Glee Club, National Honor Society. , ' v af' psf.. 3, ., .. lb 9. , y X MARILYN CHOWANIEC "Mare" Kernan Stenograpny National Honor Societyg Pun' chineilo Players, Glee Club, Junior, A Cappella Choirs, Academic Observer, Academi- cian, Thrift, Music, Social Stu- dies Clubs. LORETTA J. CIELOSZEK "Lorry" Holy Trinity Bookkeeping Cheerleaders, Social Studies, Monitor Clubs: Freshman Girls Choir: Basketball, Swimming, Apparatus, Volleyball Teams. Y , DONALD CLOUGH HDODH Roosevelt Engineering Latin, Sc-ence C'ubs. DANIEL COHEN "Danny" Kemlole Scientific Science Club. ANDY CHRUSCICKI "Whitey" Kemble Engineering Football, Baseball, J, V. Bas- ketball Teams, DOLORES THERESA CISZEK HD... Holy Trinity Classical Freshman C1irls', Junior, Senior Girls' Choirs, Le Circle Prana caisp Social Studies, Classical, Monitor, Music, Science Clubs, fs' , gi s. K ARLENE COHEN Hughes Class cal National Honor Society, Gr- chestra, Bancl, Freshman, Sopho- rnore Girls' Choirs, Der Deut- sche Verein, Thrift, Classical, Music, Socia' Studies, Science, Press Clubs. DAVID COLE "Dave" Roosevelt General High "A regular Romeo with the gals, A regular Atlas with the guys, A regular sport with his pals, A magnificent feast on the eyes." Fil 5 is . E t YU! W., My JOAN CLANCEY "Joany" Kernan Stenoqraph, President, Punchinello Players, Freshmen, Junior Girls' Cilee Clubs, A Caopella Choir, Stu- dent Council, Academic Ob- server, Academzian, Sociai Studies, Music Cubs, ,pv- ist s , lik , ,if Q I ' 4 it -e in - DAVID M. COOKE "Cookie" Kernble Scientific Vice-President, U.F.A. Hi-Y Science, German, Social Studies Clubs. ,y ,,, , 1 1 I i sri, ri MARILYN COLE "Mickey" Sacred Heart Genera? High Social Studies, Science, Music Clubs, Freshman, Sophomore, Junior Glee Clubs, Senior Girls Choir, Jr. Red Cross. CHARLES J. CONKLIN "Chuck" Kernan Engineering Vice-President, Student Coun- cil, President, Junior Class: German and Language Clubs. ELEANOR COUSIN "Ellie" Roosevelt General High Librarian, Orchestra, Academic Observer, Band, Music, Science Clubs. WILLIAM RONALD CROSS "Ronnie" Hughes Electrical President and Treasurer, Techni- cal-lndustrial Club, Treasurer, Sophomore Class: Punchinello Players, Student Council, Sci' ence, Monitor, Thrift Clubs: Freshman,Football:J.V.Baseballg J. V. Basketball, Varsity Basket! ball, JANE ELIZABETH CONBOY "Janey" l'lUQl'I9S Classical Secretary, Senior Class: Secre, tary, Punchinello Players, Le Circle Francais, Student Coun- cilp Freshman, Sophomore Girls Glee Clubs: Junior, A Cappella Choirs: Jayvee, Var- sity Cheerleaders, Swimming, Basketball, Volleyball Teams, Classical, Language, Science, Social Studies, Monitor, Music, Press Clubs. RONALD CONLEY npappy.. Holy Trinity Printing .German, Social Studies Clubs, Punchinello Players. BARBARA CROAK "Barb" Roosevelt Commercial "A lot ot fun, a real good sport, A gal the fellows love to court." Social Studies Club, Junior Red Cross. ANN CURTIN nh... Hughes Stenography Freshman, Junior, Senior Girls Choirs: Music, Science, Social Studies Clubs: Golf, Volleyball Teams. T201 .J ' A , ,, . s I .. y ,, X i ,Qi N - gr' .eff ' rr .',,...:'f?!f'-.4 - . r ',-3-gfrqfi-C-15 15:-' - 3 -yt,-.'.-aj.:.'.-,: V 1.1:fr?E1'13z:T"i1' 'fil- . .-:5:5:3f:5fa:ffzs5" MARILYN LOUISE CORTS "Mar" Kernan Stenography Social Studies, Monitor Clubs, Jr. Red Cross, Bowling Team. f 1 y, is ,A 3 4 - F Q 3 . .X , 941 fu, 1 ' X fl : 1 1 . ANTHONY J. DeNlGRO Tony Kernan Classical Rado Italian Clubs Football L DUNCAN CUTTER "Dune" Kemble Scientific President, Senior Classy Presi- dent, National Honor Society, President, Social Studies Club: Co-editor, Academic Observer, German, Hi-Y, Clubs: Student Council. CHESTER DANIELS "chef" Holy Trinity Printing Punchinello Players. fe LORETTA M. DAMANDA "Loretto" Roosevelt Bookkeeping Science, French, Music, Social Studies Clubs, Freshman Girls Glee Club, Junior Girls Choir, Jr. Red Cross, Intermediate Swimming, Advanced Swim- ming, Apparatus. SHIRLEY DAY Kernan Scientific Parliamentarian, U.F.A. Tri- Hi-Y. RONALD F DEUEL JOHN DEVEANS Roosevelt General Hi h Q ac SCI'-VICE Club GYm Demw Kerman Building Construction iq, stration Team NORMAN DONNELLY Norm Kernan Building Construction 4, , Technical Industrial ub -Ed 'Q Bowling Baseball Freshmen Basketball Teams 21 Technical Industrial Club GERALDINE DORSENSKI en Kernan Bookkeeping French Thritt Social Studies Music Science Freshmen Sophomore Junior and Senior Gr s Glee CI b Basketball Hockey Volleyball f PATSY DE SANTIS OToole Conklrng Auto Mechanics Always laughing full ot fun Hes a friend to everyone .Q'm.. 'IDB if . I A 83 7 1 . I V ,E we w ix, HJ kv! V 5 ' ' ' it? K. r f ..J ,W C, W . ' ci 1 , ' ' i . 'CIT ' ' ,tfril fl IF :I wge t' 1 I 173 ' 'lit 1 S .E sogfrfai aux .:l,,,g ir .3 e .il I1 X 'WY MARTHA JANE DUVALL "Janie" Hughes Classical Spanish, Language, Social Studies, Music, Science, Latin Clubs, National Honor Society, Student Council, Glee Club, - i Junior Choir, A Cappella Choir, Academician, ' ',:, T -1 5' it gi ai' + it . I fs 3 L .. V JOHN M. DOWD "Jack" Kemble Scientific Social Studies, Monitor Clubs, J, V, Baseba . ANN B. DUFFIN "Duffy" Terra Ata High Scnecl Terra Alta, West Virginia General High Student Ccuncif, Language, Music Clubs, Junior Choir, Senior Girls' Choir. fxx K I ,., I T .We Hs? ROBERT DYBAS "Bob" Our Lady of Lourdes Engineering "He loves to paint, a real fine artist. Here's credit to Bob, he tries his hardest." RICHARD DZI EDZIC "Dick" Hughes Scientific Science Club. 221 SHIRLEY DOWD Roosevelt Scientific Future Registered Nurses. BARBARA DURR "Barbs" Kernan Music Eresnrnan Girls' Glee Club, A Cappella Choir, Social Studies, German, Thrift, Language Clubs, Tennis Volleyball. A DONALD D. DYLIS "Don" Kernan Scientific Science, Latin, Monitor, Social Studies Clubs, Jr, Red Cross, Band, Varsity Track, J,V. Foot' ball, Varsity Football. CHARLOTTE EARL "Cherie" Town ot Webb Old Forge, N. Y, General High Assistant Treasurer, Science Club: Student Council: Social Studies, Science Clubs, Fresh- man, Sophomore Glee Clubs, Junior Choir. fx -W f f suis .. ,,ss1'fQ,Qffg-f X, fi ROBERT M. DWYER "Bob" St. Joseph Scientific Science, Language, Social Studies Clubs. L ,, Q A W i il? -,M,l JS' fg, ,. .fr X CTF' THOMAS FERNON "Birdie" Kernan Engineering Le Circle Francais, Science, Social Studies Clubs. .1 . , . it 52555-f .- .' ,v fi ,,.p.g:+3:3p:f::,:.::-534.1 , -'f. z.. , ,..:-,1-:':ff:-::f:-1:-:LQ-af swf r ' A ' i' "'f'1f-IPI 75252: L ' " BARBARA MAE EDWARDS "Barb" Kernan Stenograpny Punchinelio Players, GiI'l5 G99 Club, Junior Choir, A Cappefla Choir, Music, Monitor, Tnritt, Socia' Studies Clubs, Student Council, Basketball, Volleyball, Bowling, Soccer. PAUL BRENDAN EVANS "Paul" Sacred Heart Engineering Science, German, Social Studies Clubs, Jr. Red Cross, Bowling lSchool Leaguel. RICHARD FISCHER "Dick" St. Joseph Building Construction Freshman Football, Freshman Basketball Teams. HELEN MARIE FRANCE "Helen" Kemble Stenography Social Studies Club, Bowling Team. E231 ROBERTA M. EHLINGER "Bobbie" St, Francis de Sales Stenography Freshmen, Sophomore Glee Clubs, Future Homemalcers ot America, Social Studies, Music Clubs, Academic Observer, Academician, Bowling, RICHARD EVANS "Dick" Hughes General High "Lad like Dick, in the S3 class, Brighten the lite oi many a lass," 'S+ 3 72 4 ELLENOR ELIZABETH FLORY "Eli" Kerman Stenography Student Council, Punchinello Players, Social Studies, Jr, Red Cross, Sophomore, Junior Girls' Glee Clubs. JOHN FUCHS npunyi. Kernan Engineering Science, Social Studies, Ger- man Clubs, J, V, Football. F . 3 V ie... 9 ,i Q, 1, -,Qfii',f3 iiiiftifi Y 211, Qi: A ,gf ifiiegiaparisfi si t Mk? ig? MILTON W. FINNEY "Mickey" West Junior High Binghamton Art "A handsome artist is he." be ,ff 'F 1-,J X I . I FRED FRANCIS GETEK "Freddy" Our Lady ot Lourdes Building Construction J. V. Basketball, J. V. Baseball, Varsity Baseball Teams, Sec.- Treas. ot Industrial-Tech. Club. ALFREDA THERESA GALKA "Freda" Holy Trinity Ottice Practice Social Studies, Music, Monitor Clubs, Academic Observer Representative, Senior Gir-s' Choir, Basketball, Soccer, Ap- paratus, Volley Ball Teams. DORIS JANET GAUTHIER "Doris" Kernan Bookkeeping Social Studies, Science Clubs. DIANE ROSE GILBRIDE "Cookie" St. Joseph Art Art Service, Art, Science, Social Studies Clubs, Jr. Red Cross. RONALD GLEBA "Ron" Hughes Scientific Treasurer, U.F.A Band? Jr. Red Cross, Student Council, Science, Music, Social Studies Clubs, Band, Orchestra, Wrestling, Track, Cross-Country Teams. T243 JOHN GARVEY "Stretch" Kemble Classical Classical, French, Music, Hi-Y Clubs, Student Council Repre- sentative, Band, Orchestra. MARY ANN GERRISH "Me-Ann" Hughes Scientific President, Future Teacher, Academician, Academic Ob- server, Jr. Red Cross, Lan- guage, Social Studies Clubs, National Honor Society. JOAN GLEBA "Jeanie" Holy Trinity Art Art, Monitor, Science, Social Studies, Music Clubs, Junior Red Cross, Basketball, Appara- tus Teams. CH RISTI NA GOLASHEVSKI "Chris" Kernan Classical French, Social Studies, Latin, C-:lee Clubs. gn, CHARLES B. GIBBONS "Barney" Ridgewood High School Ridgewood. New Jersey Scientific Press Club. A L ar JAMES C. GRAZIANO "Jim" Brandegee Mugrq Music Club, Band, Orchestra. RICHARD GOLDSTONE "Dickie" Hughes Scientific Press Club, Student Council, Pan American, Science, Moni- tor, Social Studies Clubs, Freshmen Glee Club, National Honor Society. JOYCE ELAINE GORDON "Shrimp" Bellows Free Academy Fairfax, Vermont Scientific Tri-Hi-Y, Secretary, Tri-Hi-Y Teen, Sophomore Girls' Glee, Senior Girls' Glee, Social Studies C'ubs. WILLIAM Z. GROSZEK "Bill" Holy Trinity Boolrlreeping Vice-President, Art Service Club: Science, Social Studies, Camera Clubs. ARTHUR S. GURDO RAYMOND JOHN GORACY "Gorcie" Holy Trinity General High Bowling Team. JANET ANN GORMLEY "Jan" St, Francis High School Stenography Modern Dance, Social Studies. Science Clubs, Majorettes. WALTER E. GUMINIAK "Walt" Hughes Engineering Science, Social Studies Clubs: Wrestling Team. 57' if NORMAN GREENE iiNormii Wnitesboro Central High Scientific Treasurer, Band, Science, Mu- sic, Social Studies Clubsy Or- chestra, Band, Cross Country, Junior Varsity Basketball Teams, "Art" MARION HAGEL Roosevelt General High "Bunny" "lf you want laughs and lots Kernan Classical 5 Q' K 1 of fun, 1 Latin, French, Social Studies, Jin. Just qo to Art, - hes the Language Clubs: Academic "3 I . one." Observer, Academician , . , , l25l If GZ? HARRY K. HAWLEY "Butch" Kemble Electrical Science, Technical F Industrial, Thrift Clubs. WILLIAM HAIGIS "Willie" Kernan Scientific Science Club, CECELIA M. HANDZEL "Celia" I-loly Trinity Stenography Social Studies Club, Jr. Red Cross. ELSIE LOUISE HEILMANN "Els" Kernan Scientific Monitor, German, Music, Fresh- man, Sophomore Glee Clubs. Senior Girls Choir, Junior Choir. BETTY C HEIMENZ a e Kernan Otlice Practice Big Sisters Club ,K . ,,': ' ' . I I 261 DONALD B. HAMAN "Farmer" District 7, Schuyler Building Construction Technical - Industrial, Thrift Clubs. WALTER F. HANSMANN JR. "Walt" Roosevelt Building Construction Technicaielndustrial Club. I RICHARD A. HENSEL "Dick" Roosevelt Boolclceeping "Fun to be with, lun to know," HARVEY I. HERSHKOWITZ "HersI'iie" Ke-mble Scientific Jr. Red Cross, Social Studies, Science, German, Language. Thrift, Academician Clubs. sf ' 5 3. Oi fr r is s Af- Q V' .4 1 sg 1 sl-. . W. , 9 1 if 5 ig 3 X - ..si g. H e ' PATRICIA HEBERT "Pat" Roosevelt Commercial Student Council, Jr. Red Cross, Freshman, Sophomore. Junior Girls Glee Clubs, Junior Choir, Social Studies, Monitor, Tri' I-lieY Clubs, ' ,ir gi v X A ...I ,i .TP RAYMOND C. HUTHER "Huther" Roosevelt Aeronautics Science, Thrift, Technical-In dustrial Clubs, Basketball. MM' . gi ROSALYN P. HERSHKOWITZ "Rozy" Kemble General High German Club, Bowling, Jr. Red Cross. DONALD HORVATH "Ears" Kemble General High Science Club, Junior Choir J. V. Basketball. RICHARD G. INMAN DOLORES MAE HORTON "Doll" Seymour Bookkeeping Social Studies, Science Clubs, WAVEL E. HUGHES "Wave" Kemble General High Music, Social Studies, F.H.A., Monitor, Science Clubs, Jr,, Choir, Special Girls Choir, THEODORE IRLA H-4""' nb Y' QV' EARL INGERSOL ..Earl.. Roosevelt General High "Wit and friendliness com- bineclf' 4? "Red" "Ted" I Roosevelt Auto Mechanics Kerman Meghanigal it y Thrift Club. Technical A industrial, Science i Clubs. BARBARA JABLONSKI Q "Bobbie" Kernan General High El Club Panamerico, Der Deut- sche Verein, Music Club, Modern Dance, Science Club, Academic Observer Repree sentative, Freshman, Sopho- more Girls Choir, Junior Choir, Freshman Track, Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis, im SANFORD H. JACOBSON "Sandy" Kemble Commercial Pan Americano, Social Studies, Science Clubs. ELEANORA JANICKI "Ellie" Kemble Scientitic Thrift Club, Girls Freshman Glee Club, Bowling. IRVING V. JENKINS I K MIN.. i' Roosevelt . ,W Printing, General High I X3 We think our lives how tine J ' .. ,Q would be, iv li we were always as ict I ff as he, ' 4 if , ' ,iii 35' :EU I.: 5, , V,1k If KEITH JOHNSON "Johnny" Seymour Scientific "Tall, dark and handsome," 3-6.-1 - fm . 5 09 ill lt S, J. S X13- Y it WEN! 'S-mf ,J N .,, Qs A Wi., FREDERICK G. JONES JR. "Fritz" Hughes Scientific Treasurer, Science Club, Vice- President, Camera Club, Hu- mor Editor, Academic Obser- ver, National Honor Society, Student Council, Academician, Social Studies, Pan American Clubs, J. V. Football, SABRA EVELYN JONES "Jonsey" Hughes General High Social Studies, Science, Carn- era, Dunham Debate, Radio, Art, Le Cercle Francais Clubs, Vice-President, Future Home- malrers of America: Repre- sentative at Large, Student Council, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, National Honor So- ciety, Tri-Hi-Y. MURIEL JANN "Pixie" Kemble Classical Student Council, Thrilt, Music, Social Studies, Camera Clubs, NAUDEEN K. JENKINS Kernan Classical Student Council, Academic Observer, Cheerleader, French, Classical Clubs, Junior Choir, A Capella Choir, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis. X, et' ?f MARILYN ANN JONES Kernan General Higt Social Studies, Music, Monitor Clubs: Jr, Red Cross, Fu ture Registered Nurses, Band, Junior and Senior Girls Choirs, Girls Bowling. ANN CHRISTINE JULIAN "Anne" Kernan Otlice Practice Thrift, Social Studies, Music Science Clubs, Jr, Red Cross Student Council, Bowling, ,Q i f . f - f it .. aft . Y' -i 3 ,mv . 43 1 .- DIANE LLOYD JONES ..D. L... Science, Social Studies, Tri- Hi-Y, Classical, Language Cubs, Jr. Red Cross. , av' 9 ff' 4' .4 9 low r ff"- i 1 JEAN C. JWEID "Weed" St. Francis de Sales Scientific French, Science, Thrift, Social Studies Clubs, Jr. Red Cross, Academic Observer Repre- sentative, Student Council, Sophomore Girls Choir, Bowl- ing. MARY EUGENIA KEENAN "Mary-Gene" Briggs Junior High School Cranston, Rhode Island Classica French, Music, Social Studies Clubs. JOAN KANE "Jeanie" Kernan Scientiiic "Always ready to help when she can.' MARY ROSE KELLY "Kelly" Hughes General High Thrift, Music, Glee Cltibgj Junior ChOif: Baslcetbalx Soc CSV, Apparatus, Track, Soitbal Teams. GLENN HARRY KEMPF 'Nj "Glennie" E 7' Keumble 4 General l-ligh .gi-H ix C Science, Social Studies Clubs, it E In 'Vw , Golt Team, Baseball. i ty f i 'N A F F7 tg?3s3trr L 1 ,2 cf, A - E ix 5 LILA ANN KHOURY RICHARD L. KIMBALL 9' "Ll" "Butch" ', Conlcling General High Roogevelf S 'V' Secretary, Scplwmore Classz Industrial Arts - Retailing Chairman of Decorations, Jun- Sooiol Studios, Mongioh T- Q 'OV P'0mI lf- Red CFOSSM Science Clubs, Apparatus. Science, Social Studies, Art, ' it iiii I Music Clubs WILLIE OLA KING "Billie" Kernan Scientific Language, Thrift, Future Regis- tered Nurses, Social Studies Clubs, Jr, Red Cross. T291 BARBARA KLEIN "Bobby" Hughes Classical Secretary, Dunham Debate: Academic Observer Repre- sentative, Press Club Repre- sentative, Student Council, Punchinello Players, Social Studies, Spanish, French, Radio, Music, Science, Moni- tor, Thritt Clubs, K JEROME KLION "Jerry" West Junior High School Binghamton, New Yorlr Scientific Science, French Clubs, Student Council, 4UfiI I Q A i'in 'J ,,. ii JANET HELMA KLEIN "Jan" Hughes Art Treasurer, Art Club, National Honor Society, Student Coun- cil, Social Studies, Music, Der Deutsche Vereiri, Language Clubs, Junior Choir, A Cap, pella Choir, Orchestra. RITA KLEIN Roosevelt Boolclceeping Advertising Manager, Aca- demic Observer, Academician, Jr. Red Cross, Music, Social Studies, Science Clubs, Fresh- man, Sophomore, Junior Choirs, Volleyball, RICHARD KNOPKA "Dick" Kernble Printing "A smile tor all, a trown tor nonef' JOYCE E. KRANZE Kemble Scientific Social Studies Club U01 Ike JULES KLEIN "Julie" Brandegee Scientific Latin, Science, Socia Studies, Clubs, Swimming. JAMES KLINE "Jim" Hughes Scientific President, Camera Cub: Aca- demic Observer, Academician, Science, Social Studies Cubs, ,r as --u Q, ,W U-' , I s Ar ix, Eerybodys buddy xi s A I RICHARD KONDZIOLKA "Dick" Holy Trinity Classica' Treasurer, Latn Club, French, Music, Language, Press Clubs, Academic Observer Repro sentative, Glee Club, Sopho- more, Junior Choirs, Boys Bowling, IRMA CLAIRE KRAVETZ "Irm" Hughes Classical Executive Board, Language Club, Der Deutsche Verein, La- tin, Spanish, Science, Thrift, Jr, Red Cross, Social Studies, Music Clubs, National Honor Society, Student Council, Fresh- man Girls Clnoir, Junior Choir, A Cappella Choir, Bowling, , y 1 KATHLEEN P. LAFFEY "Kathy" St, Francis de Sa'es Ottice Practice Jr. Red Cross, Seciai Studies, Monitor Ciubs, ,fm PATRICIA R. KUNKEL "Pat" Kernan Scientific Art Editor, Academician, Jr. Prom Committee, Der Deutscn Verein, Academic Observer PuncIiineIIo Players, Future I-Iome-makers ot America, Stu- dent CounciI, Jr, Red Cross, Future Registered Nurses, Art Service League, Science, So- cial Studies, Camera, Thrift Oubs, Sophomore Giris Ctioir Apparatus. RONALD KURDZIOLEK "Cooper" t-IoIy Trrnity Genera' t-Iiqn Treasurer, Epsiion Epsvon Fra- ternity, Student Counci, Sci- ence, SociaI Studies Oubs, Wrestiinq, RITA P. KUPIEC "Rae" I-Ioty Trinity Scientific CneerIeader, Jr, Red Cross, Monitor, CIassicaI, SociaI Stud- ies, Science, Tnritt Ciubs, Swimming Team. PATRICIA JOAN LACHACZ "Cie" I-Ioiy Trinity BooIckeep.nq Sociai Studies, Music, Monitor, Future I-Iomematers ot America Oubs, Bowiinq, Basketbali, Ap- paratus, VoIIeyI'JaII. BARBARA LAMONT "Barb" Kernan Genera? I-Iiqti BowIinq. DEAN A. LANE I-Iugties Scientific Vice-Pres-dent, Sociai Studies Outh, Permanent Program Ctiair- man, Science Outh? Associate Editor, Academic Observer, Natrona' Honor Society, Aca- demic an, Camera, Lat n C cbs. 31 RICHARD LaMONTE "Dick" KernbIe Auto Mechanics VIRGINIA LANE "Ginny" I'IUQt'SS GeneraI Hgh Student Comcii, Jr, Red Cross, Camera, Lanquafge, Ttrntt, M, si Cubs, Jun -r Giria Ctjr, I-i"C' Cnc", SpecraI Gr: Cttor - ' in 5 re ROBERT H. LAMB ..Bob.. Kembie Scientitic Ouartermaster, Band, Orcnes tra, Student Councii, Music Science, Sociai Studies, Cas sicai Cubs. HG' Q if' I ' kit V2 IQ 1 -':'IIf::fX - SL r 1' ,Q .. - , A gh E 3 i 5 ii . i. . - J , . iss iighls , ANN MARIE LEONE ..I-ee.. Roosevelt Bookkeeping Dance, Music, Italian Clubs, Senior Girls Choir. UN L... JOYCE E. LaPOlNTE St, Francis de Sales Stenography Monitor, Freshman Glee Clubs, Junior Choir, Bow'ing. BARBARA JEAN LAW "Babs" Hughes General High Sociai Studies, Music, Moni- tors, Science Ciubs. ,f-fi, I MARGARET LIEBING "Wing-Bing" Kernan Commercial Treasurer, Parliamentarian, U. F. A. Tri-Hi-Y, Attendance Secretary, Student Council, Der Deutsche Verein, Track. JOAN LILLY 'lLilll Kemble General High Jr. Red Cross, Future Reg- istered Nurses, Student Coun- cil, Science, Social Studies, Modern Dance Clubs, Fresh- man Glee Club, Sophomore Girls Choir, Junior Choir, Bowl- ing, Apparatus. i321 WILLIAM NELSON LARGE Roosevelt General High Music, Social Studies Clubs, Junior Choir, ROBERT F. LEAHY "Bob" Seymour Engineering Camera, Science, Monitor Clubs, Football. -JMR ns JOHN C. LIGHT "Jack" Kemble Scientific Science Club, J. V, Baseball. RONALD JOHN LING "Ronnie" Franklin Academy Malone, New York General High Tall, dark and full of spark. JASON L. LEVINE "Jason" Hughes Scientific Lite's no longer if you hurry and no better it you worry. GEORGE MAIER St. Joseph Building Construction Co-Captain, Varsity Footballp Wrestling Team. WALTER LITYNSKY Ulm. Secondary School Germany Scientific German, Social Studies, Science Clubs, A Cappella Choir. CAROLYN DALE LUX Hughes Classical Treasurer, C l a s s i c al Club, Punchinello Players, Language, Music, Monitor, Thritt, Social Studies Clubs, Freshman, Soph- omore, Jcnior Choirs, Hoclrey, Basketball. ,lu-, DONALD L MARK Alcapone Kerman Engineering Science Social Studies Clubs Jr Red ross DOROTHY MARKSON Dodo Hughes Classical Social Studies, Science, Lan- guage, Monitor Clubs: Aca- demic Observer, Academi- cian National Honor Society. ANNA MAY LOMBARD "Maisl1" Hughes Stenography Jr. Red Cross, Social Studies, Glee Clubs. WILLIAM LYNCH "Bill" Seymour Electrical Science, Technical - Industrial Clubs. JEAN MARKS Jeanie Kernan General High Red Cross Future istered Nurses Science Social Studies Thrift Clubs Baslret ball Volleyball Teams SUZANNE L MAURIZIO ue Kemble ocial u ies, Music, , Commercial Re Cross, Science Cu sg Cheerleaders' Volleyball Soc- K ad! all DONALD J. MANNING "Jelly-Belly" Our Lady of Lourdes General High Freshman Football, Basketball Teams. fx 'U' 35 cer Baslretball Teams: Choir. JESSICA MAZUR "Jessie" Kernan Stenography Monitor, Music, Tlnritt, Press Clubs, Junior, A Cappella JEAN M. MCCABE "Jeannie" Sf. Joseph Stenography Jr. Red Cross, Music, Scrence, Social Studies Clubs, Punch. Choirs, Badminton Team. inello Players: Sophomore, Junior Girls' Clnoirs, BARBARA MCCOY "Barb" Kernan Classical JOHN MCDAVITT Social Studies, Latin, Pan "Jack" American, Future Teactrers, Kemble Classical Language Clubs, Swimming, Press, Language Clubs, Gyrnn Bowling Teams. Team: Puncninello Players, lt' N 'UN rQ.'l:w- Qt 'Ei i 12 A SQ . 'pil ROBERT MCGAUGH CAROL LYN McILWAIN ..Bob.. V uMacH Kemble Englneellnq ,,.,. x Kernan Otlice Practice German, Monitor Clubs. fv- ' Q, Qaptaml Cl,ee,leade,55 Cap. hi , 1 f , X K tain, Baseball Team, Science, Q I Social Studies, Girls Athletic, X A Monitor Clubs: Jr. Red Crossz Basketball, Apparatus, Volleyball, Soccer, Track Vg I , 2 Teams. ' ' f CAROL ANN MCKENNAN MARCIA MCQUADE "Mack" "Marsh" Kemble Ottlce Practice Kemble Screntgfgf Social Studies, Jr. Red Crcss, Agademlc Qbservefl Academy, vf' SCl9f1C6r MUSE, lVlOCl6ff1 DBUCG clan, Representative, Student ' - tx - E, 'J Clubs? l:'e5l'm5'l Glee Clllbf Council: Modern Dance, Crea' I ll' . Soccer Team- tive Writing, Language, Social E Studies, Music Ciubsg Jr. Red - Cross, Freslwman Glee Club. - ROSEMARY M ETZG ER NRO.. EDMUND MIDURA ..MaC.. St. Francis de Sales Scientific Kemble SYSHOQVBPW German, Science, Language German, Social Studies Clubs. Clubs, Student Council. E343 5 X 'Z-'ff w -I1 r D fb- r 3'5" Q!! " X 1 . HELEN MISIASZEK "Honey" Frankfort Center Commercial Social Studies, Science Clubs: Choir. I L l FRED M. MIECZKOWSKI Kernan Building Construction Technical-Industrial Club. IRENE MILLER "MiIIer" Kerman Bookkeeping Jr. Red Cross, Science, Social Studies, Glee Clubs. EDWARD JOSEPH MOORE "Ned" Hughes Scientific Science, Social Studies, Classi- cal, Monitor Clubs, Punchie nello Players: Band. JOAN MOORE "Jeanie" Kernan Office Practice Tri-Hi-Y Club: Bowling Team. 55 CAROL A. MILLER "Shorty" Hughes General High Social Studies, Modern Dance, Science, Art Clubs, Student Council: Junior Girls' Choir, RICHARD WM. MILLER "Dick" Seymour General High Thritt, Social Studies, Science. Glee Clubsg Basketball, Base- ball, Football, Track, Cross' Country Teams. ., 9 . C ' ff -i K . tm ' n. ir 'M tr - , JAMES MOORE "MoIdy" Brandegee Auto Mechanics Science, Technical - Industrial Clubs: Manager, Track Team, Freshman Basketball. JOSEPH MOOREHEAD "Joe" St. Patrick's Auto Mechanics President, Hi-Y Club: Swim- ming Team. YEL'- ib y YT' KATHERINE Momsees "Kathie" Hughes Classical Historian - Librarian, Future Teachers, Co-Literary Editor, Academic Observer, Classical, Language, Creative Writing, Social Studies, Press Clubs, National Honor Society, Acada emician, Student Council. i.. MELVIN MORRIS Roosevelt Classical Social Studies, Science, Latin, Pan American Clubs, Dunham Debate: Academic Observer Representative. AGNES MORGAN "Pal" St. Francis de Sales General High Social Studies, Future Home- malrers, Jr. Red Cross, Music Clubs: Glee Club: Bowl- ing Team. JEAN MORGAN "Jeanie" St. Patricks Stenography Cute and sincere, generous in every line, A nicer girl you cannot tind. JOSEPH MOSKAL "Joe" Holy Trinity General High Social Studies, Music, Glee Clubs. JOAN MUNDINGER ..Jo.. Kemble Scientific Captain Volleyball, Soccer Teams. Social Studies Club, Basketball, Track, Apparatus, Softball Teams. U61 JAMES MORGAN "Jim" Kernan General High "Quiet and shy A real nice guy." MARILYN MORRIS "Maryl" Roosevelt General High Social Studies, Thrift, Music, Press, Monitor Clubs: Senior Girls Choir. RAYMOND MOTYKA HRGY.. Kemble Scientific Social Studies, Science, Latin, Jr. Red Cross, Music, Camera, Glee Clubs. RONALD J. MURAWSKI "Mouse" Seymour Scientific Student Council, Science, So- cial Studies, Latin, Thrift Clubs: Band: J. V. Baslcetballi Football, Volleyball Teams, .as ... - X DONALD MOSKAL "Don" Holy Trinity General High Social Studies, Music, Glee Clubs. Sad 'S LORRAINE w. NALWAK "Lerle" Kemble Otiice Practice Jr, Red Cross, Social Studies Club: Freshman Girls Choirg Apparatus Team. A j r JAMES MURPHY "Jim" Kernan Technical "The care Tree life's for me." STUART PERRY MURPHY "Murph" Kemble Scientific President, Sophomore Class: President, Music Club, Rep-at Large, Student Council, Sci- ence Club, Punchinello Players, A Cappella Choir: Football, Traci: Teams. I . S JAMES NEWELL "Red" Roosevelt General High "Four years is all too short a while in which to see Red's flashing smile." MARIE ANN NOWAK "Ria" Holy Trinity General High Science, Social Studies Clubs: Senior Girls Glee Club. 371 RICHARD MURPHY "Dick" St. Francis de Sales General High Hi-Y Club. ROBERT L. MURRAY "Bob" Roosevelt Scientific Science, German, Social Stud- ies, Monitor Clubs: Swimming Team. GEORGE NILES "Egger" Hughes Scientific President, Science Club, Treas- urer, National Honor Society: Academic Observer, Academi- cian: Social Studies, Language, Clubs: Student Council. NANCY NUGENT "Nan" Kemble General High Captain, Basketball, Volleyball Teams: Student Councilg So- cial Studies, Science, Jr. Red Cross Clubs, Traclr, Soccer, Apparatus, Softball Teams. JOSEPH R. NATIELLA IlJaY'l Hughes Scientific Academician, Academic Ob- server, Social Studies, Science, Latin Clubs, Basketball, Base- ball Teams. sf wr, s s Q if f r at f fit wnlktf" QR' . T - . ,'1: Mi - If F 1' BARBARA ORLOWSKI "Barb" Holy Trinity Office Practice Academic Observer Repre- sentative: Music, Social Stud- ies, Monitor, Thrift Clubsg Sec retary, Vice-President Future Registered Nurses, Freshman Girls, Sophomore Girls, Junior Choirs: Apparatus Team. 5 'As 'ES ew. .,,,,,.c8 at GEORGE G. O'CONNELL JR. "Gabe" Seymgcr Scientific Science, Socia' Studies, Latin, Language, Freshman Boys Glee Clubs: Junior Choir? Band- HENRY R. OKRASKI "Hank" St. Patriclcs Electrical Student Council: Social Stud' ies, Science, Thrift Clubs, Gymn, Bowling Teams, 4- is CATHERINE PASSALIA HKAY.. Saco Public School Saco, Olclahoma General High Music, ltalian Clubs, Sopho- more, Junior Choirsf Athletic Associations. NORMAN PENSERO "Nonnie" Kernan General High Student Council: Social Stud- ies, Science, Vice-President, Jr. Red Cross, Varsity Bas- lcetball, Baseball, Football Teams. MARY T. O'CONNELL "Terry" Seymour Scientific Punchinefo Players: Social Studies, Science, Pan Ameri- can, Jrt Red Cross, Monitor Clubsy Bcwlirg Team. MARY OLNEY Hughes Generai Hiqn Spanish, Social Studies, Art Freshman Gee Clubs. igqxqk .3 MAY ANTOINETTE PAVESE "Pee-Wee" Conlrlinq Scientific Literary Editor, Academician, Academic Observer, Student Council: C'assical, ll Dolce Far Niente, Music, Jr, Red Cross, Thrift, Radio, Science, Social Studies, Vice-President, Future Registered Nursesg President, Tri-Hi-Y, Vice-Presif dent, Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y Clubs. CAROL M. PERRY "Carol" Kemble Classical Classical, Social Studies, Thrift, Monitor Clubs, Academic Ob- server, Jr. Red Cross, Soccer, Basketball Teams. 'Q AUDRIE GLORIA OWEN Kernble General High Pan American, Language Clubs, -eg- QI? cf' i K U 'Q'- Pete Science Social Studies Ge EDWARD L PETERSON Champ Scientific n er Academic ' 1' , 'i is ' W EILEEN JUNE PETERS . t -i -. ii nu , Kernan General High St, Francis de Sales ern ' t E , J -, , J, T J 2 ' ' . ' , ri' if RUSSELL PIZER "Russ" Kernan Mugiq President, Band, President, Music Club: Treasurer, Future Teachers Club, Secretary, Or- chestra: Social Studies Club: A Cappella Choir, i ' mv awe, rp.. r .L il ' is ' man Clubs Swimming Team ELEANOR PIETRAS "Ellie" Holy Trinity Otlice Practice Music, Dance, Social Studies Clubs: Sophomore, Junior Girls Choirs. JOHN A. POTASIEWICZ "Jack" Holy Trinity General High Science, Social Studies, Cam- era Clubs. Business Ma ag Observer, Academician: So- cial Studies, German, Lan- guage Clubs. LYDIA V. PILAWA ..LYd.. Holy Trinitv General High Jr. Red Cross, Music Clubs Senior Girls Choir, 5?IiRs 457 xii, fl' 'A 'cv' ' K D SHIRLEY RUTH POTTER "Sl1irl" Kemble Scientific Futured Registered Nurses, Latin, Science, Social Studies, Tri-Hi-Y, Music, Press Clubs. J tif! ROSEMARY H. POWERS ROBERT PATRICK POWERS "Rose" , "Humpy" St. Francis de Sales St, Francis de Sales Scientific Q' General l"llql1 Social Studies, French, Science, Science, Social Studies Clubs, Thrift Clubs: Jr, Red Cross. W., . A . iv -1: 1 a'iJ' ' 5593 is F5 JOAN PONTORIERO "Squeelrs" Conlcling General High Student Council, Science, Mun sic, Thrift Clubs, Senior Girls' Choir, Secretary, Tri-Hi-Y, , ms ' .. is fr W' w I ff' f',x ' 551: if ' I 'T ,Q ,Q F I Pw r 6 ' f x BEVERLY ANNE RACE UBBV.. Roosevelt Classical Vicefpresident, French Club: Social Studies, Science, Music, Future Teachers, Latin Clubs, ,av if f its i GLENN PRENTICE "Glenn" Kemble Scientific Science, Social Studies Clubs: A Cappella Choirs. JOHN A. PRICE "Red Beard" St. Francis de Sales General High Science, Social Studies Clubs: Junior Varsity Baseball, Foot- ball Teams, MAUREEN ELAINE RAYMER Seymour Scientific Representative at Large, Senior Class, Historian, Student Council, Girls Sports Editor, Acadernician, Future Regis' tered Nurses, Dance, Music, Swimming, Social Studies, Latin, Sophomore, Junior Senior Glee Clubs, Junior Choir, Academic Observer. SHIRLEY MAY REECE "Shirl" Kemble Stenography Freshman Glee Club. 5401 SHIRLEY JEAN PRESTON "SI1irI" Johnstown High School Johnstown, N, Y, Commercial Music, Social Studies Clubs: Senior Girls Choir, VIRGINIA C. FTAK "Peanuts" Holy Trinity Art Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Traclc, Baseball Teams, Music Club. is ts - i TERENCE REDMOND "Terry" Hughes Scientific Social Studies, Language, Science Clubs. DONALD REESE "Don" Kemble Engineering Science, Music, Social Studies, Boys Glee Clubs, Junior and A Cappella Choirs. X , is LORRAINE M. RACZYNSKI "Larry" Seymour Stenography Dance, Swimming, Social Stud- ies, Monitors Clubsg Bowling Team: Representative Aca- demic Observer. .- Q. v' , '- X x- PHYLLIS N. RIBYAT "Phyl" Roosevelt Art Social Studies, Art Service, Girls' Glee Clubs, Jr, Red Cross. DAVID REICHERT "Dave" Hughes Scientific Secretary - Treasurer, Camera Club: Social Studies, Science, Press, Camera Clubs, Jr. Red Cross, Punchinello Players, Academic Observer, Academi- cian. ROBERT REILLY "Bob" Kemble Classical Vice-President, Junior Class: President, Hi-Y, Representa- tive at Large '53, Student Council, Jr. Red Cross, Moni- tor, Social Studies, Hi-Y Clubs: Freshman Football Team. JOHN RIGHTMIER "Jack" Roosevelt General High "A big, tall guy with lots ot wit, With everyone he is a hit." JOAN M. ROBBINS "Joanie" Conlcling General High "And though you may climb the highest peak, You'll never find one quite so sweet." T41 GEORGE REILLY "Red" Our Lady ot Lourdes Scientific Music, Latin, Science, Social Studies Clubs, Jr. Red Cross, Student Council, Junior Choir. JUDITH CAROL REUSSWIG "Judy" Hughes Classical Academic Observer, Academi- cian, National Honor Society, Classical, Le Circle Francaise, Social Studies, Monitor, Thritt, Science, Music Clubs, Junior Choir, Girls' Swimming Team. ' , '?ffjQ5Q 57 F .w s ' 1 ii .rf'JG.,stq. f s, ANNE DELORES RIMILLER "Angel" Seymour Classical Representative at Large, '51, Student Council, Social Stude ies, Music, Classical, Spanish, Dance, Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior Glee Clubs, Junior Choir. DAVID ROBERTS "Slrinney" Hughes Scientific Editor, Academic Observer: Academician, Science, German Clubs, Band. GERALD RIECKER "Jerry" Blessed Sacrament General High "He malres business a pleasure, And pleasure his business." lm 9 A , ,f it A' Ri k 4 i NORMAN A. ROSWICK "Flash" Hughes Scientific Science, Camera, Pan-Ameri- can, Social Studies, Language Clubs, Press Club Representar tive, A Cappella Choir, Traclr, Cross Country Teams, U,F.A. Bowling League. ,4f,A,,,g Q HARVEY ROSENBAUM Hughes Scientitic Science, Latin, Social Studies Clubs. DONALD ROSENTHAL "Don" Kemble Scientific Science, German, Social Stud- ies Clubs. HELEN MARY ROTUNDO "Helen" Conlcling Scientific Vicevpres., Sophomore Class, Sec., National Honor Society: Treas., Music Clubg Sec., Clas- sical Clubp Pres., German Clubp Social Studies, Student Council, Freshman, A Cappella Choirs. ROBERT RUSKOSKI "Russ" Kernan Engineering Science, Social Studies, Cam- era Clubs, Jr, Red Cross. T421 BEVERLY ROSENBERG "Bev" Roosevelt Classical, Scientific Vice-President, Science Cub: Executive Council, Language Club: National Honor Society, French, Classical, Radio, Social Studies, Press Clubs, Dunham Debate, Orchestra, Tennis Team. MARY CATHERINE ROSS "Mickey" Kemble Stenography Social Studies, Music Clubs, Freshmen, Junior, Senior Choirs, Captain Volleyball, Baslretbal Teams. ANA MARIA RUEDA "Annie" Kemble Stenography Pres., Spanish Club, Sec.-Treas., Social Studies Club: Press, Spanish, Language Clubs, Na- tional Honor Society, MATTHEW RUTKOWSKI "MBU" Holy Trinity General High Art Clubs, Jr, Red Cross, Traclr, Football Teams. X I -, ROBERT ROTH DIENER usobn Sacred Heart General High Social Studies, Glee Clubs. QF? r .5 -N. - ri 'iw' ,sir x LAURENCE SAVETT ..Lany.. Kemble C assica Vice-Pres, Dunham Debate Department Editor, Academic Observer: Natrona' Honor So ciety, Academ-cian: Sccia Studies, Classical, Science Came'a, Jr. Red Cross, Radio, Pan Amencan, Freshman Boy Glee Clubs, T' 4 'ND 1 Q T l MILDRED RYAN "Milly" Conlcling Stenegrapry Student Counci, Puncnlne c Playergf A Cappella, Freshman Girls, Junior Girls Choirs, Soc' cer, Basketball, ADPGVGWS Teams. ALFRED T. RYCRAFT HAI.. Huqheg Mecnanicai He's not too baanlci, not to-C bold. He's just exact y riqnt, were told. Technical-lndustrial Club. ' Y ' Q C l ' A , JACKIE SCHAFER "Shorty" Roosevelt General High German, Ji. Red Cross, So- cial Studies Clubs' Tumbling QA . Apparatus Teams. ROBERT SCHMELCH ER ..Bob.. Kernan General High Social Studies, Music, Science, HLY Clubs. T433 RONALD WILLIAM RYAN ,.Roni. Our Lady ot Lourdes Scentifc Camera, Science, Sccia Stud' ies Ciubs, STANLEY SAJDZIKOWSKI asian.. Holy Trinity General High 0 EA x SANDRA RUTH SCHECTER "Sandy" Hughes Classical Editor-in-Chiet, "Academician," Sec.-Treas., Creative Writing Clubq Academic Observer, Na- tional Honor Society: Thritt, Monitor, Pan American, Jr, Red Cross, Music, Classical, Scence, Socia' Studies Chbs: Freshman and Sophomore GV3 Glee Cubsg Junior Choir, FRANCIS K. SCHMIDT "Frank" Hughes Building Construct'on Technical - Industrial Club: Freshman Football and Basket- ball Teams. QB Wi .L , , ,ir d"'ir 'S 9 Mi f,,i fi is I , i y ff' in f. , ,:,ff"f A L RITA E. SCATKO UGUS.. Kernan Scientitic Thritt, Language, Music, Latin, Science, Social Studies Clubs: Junior, A Cappella Choirs: Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball, Swimming Teams. ii-of KF 1 1 RQ. Xl. X k i gf X st, 17" it M. SUZANNE SCHWERTFEGER ..Sue.. Roosevelt General High Shell tind a way 9 RALPH N. SCHMIDT JR. Kemble ScientiBc President, Treasurer, Student Council, Vice-President, Hi-Y: Sports Editor, Academic Ob- server: Social Studies, Ger- man Clubs, Acadernician, Punclriirello Players: Dunham Debate, Freshman Football, Basketbali,J. V, Football Bas' ketball, Varsity, Football,Tf5Cl4 PATRICIA SCHRAM "Pat" Holy Trinity Ottice Practice Academic Observer Home room Representative, Social Stud7es, Jr, Red Cross, Mssfc Science, Freshman Girls Gee Clubs' Punchfnellop Cheer- leading- Basketball, Vo eyba' Teams. CONSTANCE SCHRAM "Connie" Seymour Commercial Social Studies, Music, Moni' tor Clubsg Voi eyball, Appara- tus, Basketba Teams. LeROY G. SCHULTZ HROY.. Roosevelt General Hgh Social Studies, Music Clubs: A Cappella Choir: Football Basketball, Baseball, Gym Teams. G DAVID SEARS Searsy Hughes Engineering Edior Press Club National Honor Society Science Social Studies French Dunham De ae R do J Red ross Clubs Orchestra ANTHONY SHAHEEN Tony Kemble Scientific Vice President Dunham D bate Student Council Science Social Studies Monitor Press J Red Cross French Cubs 44 3, GEORGE T SFEIR St Agnes Scientific H o nw e ro o m Representative Academician Science Social Studies Thr tt Monitor Clubs ARLENE SHANLEY Shan Kernan Stenography Music Thrift Freshman Glee Clubs Sophomore Junior en lor Girls Choirs Bowling Base ball Basketball Teams ,av is CAROL ELEANOR SEARS "Carol" Roosevelt Classical angiaoe M u s Fi. ure Homemakers Future Teachers J Red Cross Classical Social u es Clu s Senior irs Junior Choirs Volleybal Mo ern Dance 'HX-1, U I l. 1 A , i c, it X . , , V St di b Q ' G' l , 1 A ' 5 , ,l, d- , I I I l A b t , I a i , X r, C Y mf A X. I ': ' , 1 , ' ,S - . is ' F, , I I , ' 4 - V ,,'i J it vi' jx Qu JEAN SILVESTRI Andrew Jackson High School Long Island Ottice Practice Art Service Guild: Basketball, Bowling Teams. Q ,,,,, Q'--C TOM SHARPE HT.. Kemble Building Construction "A lcind of friend to have." LILLIAN SILVERBERG "Lil" Hughes Classical Vice-President, Spanish Club, Club Notes Editor, Press Clubp Classical, Social Studies, Sci- ence Clubs, Drum Majorette: Basketball, Tennis, Swimming Teams, Press, Radio Clubs. fbr Z' JANICE MARIE SLATTERY "Jan" Kemble Otfice Practice H o m e r o o rn Representative, Academician, Academic Ob- server: Student Council, Span- ish, Thrift, Social Studies, Science, Music, Press Clubs, FRANCES A. SMAKA "Daisy Mae" Kerman Stenography Language Club. 45 DAVE SIEGENTHALER ncigy.. Our Lady ot Lourdes General High Social Studies, Music Clubs, ESTHER D. SILVERMAN "Essie" Roosevelt Classical Social Studies, Art Service, Science, Language, Classical, Pan American Clubs. JR MICHAEL SLOTNICK Kernble Classical National Honor Society, Pun- chinello Players, Dunham Dee bate, Press, Language, Social Studies, Science Clubs. GEORGE A. SMITH "Prof" Conlrling Art "The only way to have e friend, is to be one" '--sc, '-s Hi 5 Q . Q , Ml' DAVID A. SIMMONDS "Dave" Kemble Electrical Vice-President, Technical Club, Camera, Science Clubs, if, ,i 173.4 4 'N inv- WESLEY SMITH UWB.. A at K Q: - - Kemble Classical s -,L fe,- 1 .Q,,,,,, Treasurer, Dunham Debate: National Honor Society: So- cial Studies, Thritt, Jr. Red Ag , Cross, Monitor, Camera, Radio, if Pan American, Science Clubs. le l i X 154. N DOROTHY SPAZIANI "Spazie" Kemble Classical W-e ti' Secretary, Ita ian Club: Music Club: Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball, Apparatus Teams. SYLVIA S. STAYMAN USVI.. Hughes Classical Department Editor, "Academic ik Observergl' Punchinello Plaversp "Academician," Language, So- cial Studies, Music, Science, Thritt, Radio, Pan American Jr, Red Cross, Modern Dance Clubs: Freshman Girlsl, Junior Choirs. 5 ,s JUDITH STERN 'i "Judi" Fe R Kemble Classical 3 Student Council, Dunham De- 3, 59" A bate: National Honor Societyg Social Studies, Classical, Pan K Nw American, Thritt, Jr. Red i ,X Cross, Music, Press, Science, Monitor, Future Homemakers Clubs: Ping Pong, Tennis Teams, TERESA A. STOPERA "Terry" St, Patrickls Ottice Practice Thrift, Monitor, Book Exchange Clubs. 4551 T463 FRED SNYDER Kemble Scientilig Social Studies, Science Clubs, Senior Choir, FREDERIC W. SPENCE "Fred" Belvidere High School s 4-'U' ,AX Q Scientific Language Club, WARREN W. STEPHENS E Hughes Music l ' g Orchestra, Junior Choir, , 'q, x i l , ga' i i i . - T-if F1 MARY CAROL STERN Kemble Classical Representative at Large, Stu- ., dent Council, Social Studies, xi QR Classical, Monitor Clubs: Or- -5- chestra. XV ,. CHARLES STRAIN "Chuck" Edmenston Central Bookkeeping "Our good humor manfl -1' I5 LES SUNDERHAFT "Chuck" St. Joseph Building Construction "Nice in every sense ot the word." qv' K 4 H- air' -f li .Al 4 f - 'f f ii JOHN F. STYSH "Johnny" Hughes Scientitic Treasurer, Punchinello Players: Academician, Academic Ob- Server: Student Council, So- cial Studies, Classical, Camera, Science, Monitor Clubs. RICHARD S. SULLIVAN "Rich" Seymour General High Science, Technical Clubs: Gym Team. 359 'UQ RICHARD SZCZESNIAK Hsu.. Holy Trinity Auto Mechanics "Our crew-clip kid." MARIAN J. TALLMAN ..Jan.. Kemble General High Social Studies, Science, Music, Art Service, Future Home- malrers ot America, Boolc Ex- change Clubs. 473 SANDRA SUGARMAN "Sandy" Kemble General High Student Council: Monitor, Pen American, French, Science: Social Studies, Thrift, Jr. Red Cross Clubs. SHIRLEY SULLIVAN "Bunny" Hughes Scientific Secretary, Science Club: Stu- dent Council: Social Studies, French, Press, Monitor Clubs: Tennis Team. 'N f ill' STEPHEN F. SZCZYGIEL Kernan Mechanical Science, Technical - Industrial Clubs: Traclc, Bowling Teams. FRANCES TECHMANSKI "Frannie" Holy Trinity General High Social Studies, Monitor Clubs: Basketball, Swimming Teams, A 5 I '53 I N ul" Y -.fi . f i,. I J C , O M , 1 VIRGINIA ANN SYPER "Ginny" Hughes Otfice Practice Science, Social Studies Clubs. :P ii.. , -ii Nfenrijgi f I If? : f' I 1-f I It I .fifty I Q WILLIAM R. TIDD, JR. "Bill" Hughes Scientific President, Jr. Red Cross: As- sociate Editor, "Academic Ob- serverf' "Acaderniciang" Stu- dent Council: Science, Social Studies, Classical, Punchinellc, Monitor Clubs. if 6 R 1 FRANK THOMES HSM.. Mohawk Central Commercial "He's all mischief." GEORGE E. THOMPSON Kernan Electrical Secretary, Technical-Industrial: Science Clubs, Junior Choir. BEVERLY ANNE TOURNAY "Bev" Kernan General High Science, Art, Music, Social Studies, Clubsp Tumbling, Mod- ern Dance, Golf, Volleyball Teams: Freshman, Sophomore, Senior Girls' Choirs. JOAN K. VANDERPOOL "Van" Conkling General High "Mild are her manners as is her heart, She always pleases by doing her part." wr CLARK A. THOMPSON l'lUQlW6S Scientific Associate Editor, "Academia Observerf' Student Council, National Honor Society, Social Studies, "Acaderniciang" Jr, Red Cross Clubs. CAROLYN TIDD "Squeak" Hughes Scientific "Academic Observer" Repre- sentative, Student Council, Junior Girls Choirg Social Stud- ies, Music, Future Nurses, Science, Jr. Red Cross, Radio, Dramatic Clubs. DOLORES JEAN TRZCINKA HD. T... Holy Trinity Stenography Jr. Red Cross, Monitor, Modern Dance, Social Studies, Future l-lomernakers ot America Clubs, Volleyball, Basketball Teams. BERNICE VAN NAMEE "Binnie" Hughes Stenography "A maiden appearing demure and shy, But there's a hidden twinkle in her eye." i JOSEPH TOCZYDLOWSKI aloe.. Kernan Social Studies, Thrift Clubs. ,V 'X . ,gi .fi I i 5 E. IRENE WEAVER "Renie" Roosevelt Office Practice Tri-Hi-Y, Science, Red Cross Clubs, Basketball, Volleyball Teams. -'x CAROL LUCILE VAUGHN "Caroline" Hughes General High Creative Writing, Music, Thrift, Jr, Red Cross Clubs. MARLENE WARD "Maile" Conllling Commercial "Happy-go-lucky and full of iest, But never ready to study with zest." f Os- GEORGE J. WEISS Kernan Mechanicai Technical Club. ROBERT C. WENNER ..Bob.. Hughes Technical, Glee Clubs, Junior Choir. E491 JOAN E. WALKER Hughes Scientific Science, French, Social Stud ies Clubs. LILLIAN J. WATERMAN "Lil" Seymour Stenography Social Studies, Modern Dance, Red Cross, Freshman, Sopho- more, Junior Girls' Glee Clubs: Orchestra: Badminton, Baslcet- ball, Volleyball, Softball, Bowl- ing, Apparatus Teams. K! WIT? Q 1 if GEORGE WELYCZKO "Gage" Germany High School Reguesburq Classical Table Tennis Champion, Ger- man, Social Studies, Hi-Y Speech Clubs, Jr. Red Cross. WILLIAM WHITE "Bill" Brandegee Scientific Glee, Science Clubs: Traclr, Basketball, Cross Country Teams. 2' 5 CATHERINE WEHBY "Lola" Our Lady ot Lourdes Office Practice Social Studies, Science, Glee Clubsp Senior Choir, Bowling Team. 'S-5 Ala- b CHARLES WILKINSON Governor Kemble Classical Treasurer Junior Class Pres: dent Treasurer Di trict Gover nor HIY Student Council Science Monitor Dunham De bate Social Studies French Clu s Freshman Football Swimming Teams CHARLES J. WH ITFORD "Chuck" Kernan Electrical 'Qfjv Science, Glee, Social Studies Clubs: Bowling, Golf Teams. BEVERLY KAY WILCOX Miss Prim Roosevelt Office Practice Music Social Stud es Clubs CATHERINE W. WHYTE "Shorty" Hughes Scientific Treasurer, Student Council: Representative, Academic Ob- server, Art, Social Studies, Music, Classical, Science, Pan American Clubs, Freshman, Junior, Senior Girls' Glee Clubs: Junior, A Cappella Choirs: Swimming, Basketball, Volleyball, Softball Teams. JAMES R WILCOX rm Kernan Classical Student Council Social Stud ie crence Red ross Language T ri t Monitor Classical French Clubs BRUCE K WILLIAMS JOHN G WILLIAMS Kemble Scientrfrc Johnnle Science Thritt I-Ii Y German Kemble Scientific Monitor Jr Red Cross Clubs lces the qir be s Junior Senior Bands triends BARBARA ANN WILLIAMS Shcrtstop Kernan Otlice Practice Science Club 50 nly that There it en s EVY LYNN WI NEBURGH Hughes CIGSSICGI S cial Studies P ss Jr cl Cross Language MOFUIEOY Modern Dance Science Clubs Prng Pong Swrmmrng Bowling Teams Qi ARLENE MAY WILLIAMS e Roosevelt Scientific Camera Thrift Future Reqis tered Nurses Italian Clubs Q 'L IFJ' ll Nb . Y 'q,-4, .. . I . - i f 1 0 .. - - .. - SV 5 ' I in C I r v " x. . ' ' , h 't , ' , . V , i - ' I ' yy 5 VV FJ, 1 m I I' 'I I IIR dll , ' : 3 if Tb' I - I - W r ' , 's ' ,- x Q I A A Q, - J H I J' bi: I , - A . A it f- ' , I E' , V. Q "He Ali ils to hi A ,I 'T I ' - i ir' . O - A fi ff I ii K J I , r "i To 2 A ,,i- lf rtsi ff , i u ,QV , 5 . M .kkty 5 , fi 1 'N 'Q i'ii . 1i"f?f7" ..Ev.. O ' ' , re , , Re A t I JQ 'll E PATRICIA YOUMANS npat.. Roosevelt General High Student Councilg Jr, Red Cross, Social Studies, Future Homemalcers, Thrift Clubs: Bowling Team. ir V , i. i '- fl . . .3 : kqwne il 7 , a E355?5w',f'r ' E in' ' - T Q, l 1 . 2 . Y f 1 19' JUDITH WINNE njudy.. Hughes Classical Student Council: Punchinello Players, Science, Social Stud' ies, Music, Pan American, French, Thrift, Monitor Clubs: A Cappella Choir. PHILIP F. WISNIEWSKI "Phil" Holy Trinity Engineering Science, Social Studies Clubs: Wrestling Team. r- '5 1-L35 3 4' "i' J i f JOSEPH YOURNO aloe.. Roosevelt Engineering Sports Editor, Academician: Co-Editor of Sports, Academic Observer, National Honor So- ciety, Science, Social Studies. Monitor, Thrift Clubs: Football, Baseball Teams. JACQUELINE Y. ZAJAC "Jackie" Holy Trinity Stenoqraphy Monitor, Future Homemalcers, Jr. Red Cross, Social Studies Clubs, Cheerleading, Baslret- ball, Volleyball Teams. T511 DON WISNIEWSKI Holy Trinity General High Jr, Red Cross. WILLIAM WRIGHT "Gary" Hughes Engineering Jr. Red Cross, Science, French. Monitor, Social Studies, Chess Clubsg Bowling Team, JANE ZAHARKO "Zippy" St. Francis de Sales Office Practice Treasurer, Tri-Hi-Y: Student Council, Music, Monitor, Thrift, Press, Jr, Red Cross Clubs: Bowling Team. ALBERTA F. ZALEWSKI "Bertie" Kernan General High Punchinello Playersy Monitor, Social Studies, Future Horne- malrers Clubs. mr ' i SHIRLEY YOUNG "Shirley" Kernan Stenography Vice-President, Tri-Hi-Y: Sci- ence, Social Studies, Modern Dance Clubs, Basketball, Swim- ming, Bowling, Badminton, Ping Pong, Volleyball Teams. r 1 N-mi' ROBERT FRANK ZOMBIK Gooch Kernan Scientific 3" Science Club Football Team 52 RICHARD ZEH oc N Y Mills High Sc oo New York Mills Scientific H s twinkling smile his ready wi H s in mutable personality make c MARY BROCOLJ Buttons Hughes Commercial Social Studies Science Music Clubs A Cappella Choir ROBERT BOEH LERT o is Whrtesboro Scientific A Capella Choir -...qty "Somewhat shy, but a nice lcd can't catch our e ef' JOHN ZIMDARS Johnny Kernan Building Construction Vice4President Senior Class: Co-Captain Varsity Footballp Varsity Baseball J. V. Bastc t- ball Teams. ROD ZETKO Kernan Classica ABN Press Club Wrestling Team JOHN R ZINCHAK Big John Harding Junior High Lakewood Ol'o Engineering Music Socia Stud es Science rench amera e Cross MonitorC bs Treasurer Music Club A Cappella Chcr ax RICHARD SCRANTON Av- CAROL BOEHLERT Caro Kernan General H gh cial Studies M sic Freshman Sophomore Junior S nior Grls C oirs Duc 'N St Francis de Sales Cm General High cience. Technica u s: unior, Senior Choirsp wim- minq Team. HARRY HUCAL Ukraine Harry attended the gymnasi- um in West Zone of Germany, Forest H'lls High School, and entered Utica Free Academy December. 1952. Harry hopes to enter the Academy of Aeronautics at New Yorlr City. WT, 54 NN-.. Whats the news for today? 'i HOMEROOM 123 l-lere are achve seniors' Elizabelh Ciszelc and Joan Clancey represenl us on Sludenl Council Shirley Chazik and Marilyn Chowaniec allend lo banking We are proud lo have Marilyn Chow aniec Shirley Chazilc and Elizabelh Ciszelc in Na 'rional Honor Sociely Chuclc Conlclin vice presldenl ol Sludenl Council was also presidenl ol our Junior Class Bill Bush adds humor by growl ing al all lhe girls as lhey enler 'rhe homeroom Wool wool In lwenly years all The world will revere lhe por- +rai+s and murals ol Ronald Ling and Ron Conley A+ rhe same lime a sales room and garage wirh landing space lor helicoplers conceived by John Deveans Pal DeSanlis and Ron Devel will be Uhca s linesl Our homeroom Teacher Po Brown has played an imporlanl parl in our lives H ceasing pahence and wise guidance have helped us solve our problems and have given us confidence in ourselves. We pledge Allegiance SON' We now proudly preseni a lrue- +o-lile drama of a UFA home- room. Any resemblance 'ro cerf- ain '53 graduales is aclual and inlended. This peaceful, whole- some advenlure lakes place in l39l . . .As Tony DeNigro scram- bles on 'rhe 'floor for recovery of Mike Barr's 'fumbled looiball, lillle Clarence Bass prac+ices bounce passes 'From aisle five 'lo aisle one. We hear, lhrough ihe enlhusiaslic cries of Norma Berlceley's "Come HOMERDOM 139 5 Disc Ussi , X "9 wo I gl-ABQ S up rd dgairg, n on, Team", lhe sweel voice of Anila Blando. announcing lhe evenls ol yes+erday's Sludenf Council session. Gordon Bubel greels Jrhis wiih one of his pearls ol wisdom, "l-luh?" and George Bonanza echoes him. A burs+ ol applause is heard as lhe speaker relires, and Leonard Barlnick re- wards her wilh hall of his spear- mini gum-The resl of 'rhe pack having been devoured by Mary Ann Belmonl, Nickie Angrisano, o doubt Mary Ann Boyle, and Dolores Bach. Then Bill Barry migrales To The back of lhe room 'ro avoid female challerq Dick Abend looks wilh murderous eyes al his Torf- ured "libro Espanolf Jane Adsil glares skeplically al' Dick Bogan. Barbara Bissell-where is Barbara Bissell? Silence ....... Tune in again lomorrow when Mr. George "Sherlock" Sledman solves The case ol our "missing Bissell." Four years of friendship Commander Abend and his fleet of indusirious women Wl1at's ihe attraciion, boys? U61 q,1 Our escapades began an January I949 when M Fran Klein s boomnng voice welcomed us fo II4 and lhls grea+ unshfuhon The nexf fall we 'rrelced fo 203 and Ionned Mr Ken Edlcms There several new members were Il'1Ill6'l'6d Info fhe fold Ted Calocerunos Rosalyn Hershlcownlz Joan Kane BIII I-largus James Klosler Elsae l-leslmann and Gary Becraff Whaf a lreasure chesl of memories' Perhaps In +wen'ry years 'rhe palfern may be repealed Ah we may see Andy Chruscrcks son feverrshly dngeshng enghf romanhc novels a lerm fo mee+ has Englush requlremenfs or Toby Brooks sprugh+ly daugh+er lendung everyone a quarfer 'ro buy an Ac or Clayfon Bouchers pride and loy always HOMEROOM 203 L s Pad! imma well first en A! ds wel sacrnfucnng hns horneworlc fo and duslressed gurls wulh lhevr Macbefh or Marlha Duvalls darlnng pnpnng up from ano+her corner Counl me here Mr Edlcuns Dunc Culfers hopeful as consvsl' enfly forn befween gefhng off an arhcle for fhe Ac or memoruzung anofher +en words from The u es s Ann Curhns besl dressed daughler grasps +he srdes of her chair In anfncupa hon of Mr Edlcnns nod of dusrmssal al' fhe end of a weary day Jrm Carlers son IS guvmg hns all +o a successful season for UFAS hoopslers To you Mr Edlcms our dlspafcher ever wrllnng fo gave us a boosf cheerfully 'rolerahng our complamls our odduhes we are mos+ grafeful for your gundance glut! Something's in the air bo0l"'l,l1 xnxefesmq U sud' 5 As we loolq back, we view our four years wi+h pride. Three ol our classmares, Mary Slern, John Slysh and Joan Ponloriero served as represenl- alives-af-large in our freshman, sophomore and senior years respecrively. Our cashiers. Janice Slarlery, Berry l-leimenz, Rifa Scallco and David Simmonds, and The will of all +o cooperale, made our IOOCQ Banlcing Record "second +o none". Our Red Cross record is also a good one, lor our rep' eff er fo 9, 1 Ve 3 U receive - . resenlalives, Eileen Perers, Phyllis Ribyar and Vir- ginia Syper lhrough our four years have kepf us on lop in all drives. Janer Klein and George Smi+h are our arlisls, while Mary Sfern, Roy Schulrz, Rila Scallco, Russell Pizer, Donald Rosenlhal, and Beverly Race represenf us in music. Our lhoughls always include Mr. Daymonl, our homeroom Teacher, re- membered lor his humor and undersranding. HOMEROOM But l didn't slrip slzudy .... S ure hue to se e Mai many go The daily bulletin! . S , y'Mm9 U ou le 5goPl il 58 Mnss Fmnegans falihful messenger The fheme song of our homeroom us Love Thy Nevghbor A day never passes wnfhouf someone IH our homeroom domg a good deed for anofher We are nof perfecf buf wufh fhe help of our help ful and frnendly feacher advusor Mnss Flnegan we fry our bes+ We have pride In having an our homeroom fwo wonderful phofographers James Kline and Fred Jones Fred as also an honor sfudenf as are Rufa Klein and Joyce Gordon lvlurnel Jann Eleanor Januclcu and Ann Julian are our compefenf cashrers Carolyn Tldd as doung a splendid 'ob In Junior Red Cross ln our popularafy confesf Mary Kelly was nomnnafed for having fhe besf figure and Ken Kluslca for beung fhe besf dressed Richard Kond zuollca handles bofh fhe Academuc Observer and Academncuan well We also falce prnde In George Maler co capfaun of our varsufy foofball feam and Nelson Large and Davld Bonney bowling sfars Sanford Jacobson has brnghfened our school days by brungnng has dog fo school fo help lceep us on our foes every Monday mormng We belueve Barbara Klean wall one day be a successful acfress and Duane Jones wnll serve as a mussnonary whsle Roberf Lamb will replace Ralph Flanagan Ours as a group of scmflllafmg senuors Good banhng ha buts HOMEROOM 311 Whats Qhe news today Only 8 36 Sania s llftle helpers .aim mud!! A ElhSf0II'lSl What are you domg gurls? HOMEROOM 313 Alfhough our hugh school days began wnfh Mass Gorham In 3l5 we were apprehensuve when she was lransferred 'ro 320 Mr Clzza became noi' only our durecfor buf also our lruend ln l95I The hugh commander declded To spln' our homeroom Mr Crzza nnferceded and look us all lo 303 wufh um We re a socnal aggregahon Our Bon Voyage par+y for Shurley Arcurn s European Iaunl' oulshone even our famed Chrnslmas and vacaflon parfues To fufure members of 3I3 we leave a sei' of plashc: forlcs and lnslrucllons on parfy gnvrng Marlon Tallman Mr Crzza s rlghf hand woman has been our chief orgamzer supporfed by governors George and Clarlc Thompson Our cluque of lalecomers Judy Wnnne Naomu Brown and Glenn Kempl have lcepl' Mr Cnzza busy even rhough he has been supporled by George Thompson and has followers Jacquellne Baird Jules Klein and Clark Thompson Our gossup cenler Beverly Wnlcox Arlene Wll hams and Barbara Wulluamson compeled wmlh our sporls and hc 'lack foe experls Joe Yourno Bob Murray and Joe Toczydlowslcu The experfs have ganned suppor+ from our 'rop alhleles Al Berger and Donald Wusmewslcn All our achuevemenfs have been overshadowed by Mr Cszzas announcemenl of a baby boy enlerung his household H as wu+h a lr++le sadness buf a grea+ many loyous memorues 'rhaf we leave room 3I3 and Mr Cuzza Picfure please! Ya dont say! 59 60 frm The nfamous Home Room Busuness HOMEROOM 315 lrudubufably +hus us lhe mosl achve and oufsrand ung homeroom un 'rhe Parade In Se-p+ember I949 some +hur+y assorled boys and gurls whose lasf names begun wufh R or S mer our homeroom leacher bless you Mrs Baldwun for your unumulable sfamuna We have made an undeluble mark un bofh aca demuc and exfra currucular acruvuhes Here are numerous organuzafuon offucers and edufors Ralph Schmudf Duck Fuscher Anrhony Shaheen John Zun chak Helen Rorundo Ana Marua Rueda Lulluan Sulverberg Larry Saveff Sandra Schec+er Muchael Slofnuck and Davud Sears 'rhe laHer seven also be longung 'ro +he Nafuonal Honor Socuefy Hugh lughrers un fhe sporfs parade are Norm Roswuck Mal Rufkowsku Bob Ruskosku Ralph Schmud+ and Duck Scranlon members of varsuly feams along wulh Carol Sears and Mary Ross Experfs ar puHung 'rhungs on paper are Esfher Sulverman a member of 'rhe Arf Servuce Club and Muchael San Gregor: who prun+ed i953 calendars Muldred Ryan Arlene Shanley Pal Schram Jackue Schafer and many ofhers handled 'rhe affaurs and funances f 3I5 Sludenf Courucul Junuor Red Cross and Thrulf Club Some homeroom huh7 Ana Rembrandt The Acs comung ui S w i ul ' ' u. y ' ' u - . . .. i , - , ' ' . ' ' . . '- ' ' o in .nfs hiv" Lf 91:1 Q , 'l , S' ,. ,: , ,, a V 5, M gp, I S f P1 i 5 6 , fi A lesson in writing s.,igS',5,Qfs.gEf'S' watch fha l-Wd" w," 5 f V , T f Eiff- ' -.. "But l got SM for the answer" The caplain ol lhe varsily cheerleaders, Carol Mcllwain, leads our Parade. We also have a guard on lhe varsily baslcelloall leam, Ronnie Mu- rawslci, 'rhe allendance secrelary for Sludeni Coun- cil, Peg Liebing, and a lilerary edilor for lhe "Academic Observer", Kalherine Monsees. Olher high schools have given 3l6 several new members: Belly Baker from Saquoil, Charles Gibe bons from New Jersey, Jean Silveslri from Long Island, and Franlc Thomes from Mohawlc. 3l6 has always believed lhal everyone should lake parl' in lhe aclivilies ol lhe homeroom. Thus, many have held various iobs. Joan Lilly, Kalherine Monsees, Ronnie Murawslci and Nancy Nugenl have all served as Sluclenl Council represenlalives. Carol Mcllwain, Ray Molylca and Lorraine Nalwalc have been Junior Red Cross represenlalives. As cash- iers, Dick Miller, Marilyn Morris, Ronnie Murawslci, Henry Olcraslci and Barbara Orlowslci have prompled lhe sludenls ol 3l6 lo banlc. Melvin Morris has been our "Ac" represenlalive. During our sophomore year we losl our home- room leacher. Miss Beardsly, bul in name only, lor she became Mrs. Thomas. . l ,lgxx E Are fhoy giving money away? Horneroom doldrums T61 Marcra you ve opened Larrys eyes in The passlng of fha green What s the matter Dean was your prece sour? HOMEROOM 317 i623 e changed' When we enlered lhe Academy 302 was our meroom Srnce lhen we have plclced up a few people here and losr a few 'rhere and even moved lo 3 I 7 a room wrlh wnndows' Memorues Afrer rhe bell rnngs each morn mg lrene Muller 'raking 'lhe allendance has lo cross our 'rhe names of Marcra McQuacle Mary Olney and Jessica Mazur for as usual 'rhey are lusl 'rardy Malcrng a grand enfrance our baslcelball ho srar Nonnre Pensero greels us Also figures rn fhe sporfs world are Jay Nahella Norm Donnelly Don Dylrs and Sluarf Murphy Jessie Mazur and Barbara Durr our lovely singer are good sporfs loo fhey re our cashiers We remember Our quref numbers are Jean Marks Bob Leahy Bull Lynch Bob McGaugh Carol Muller and Bull Raymer Off un a corner Nahonal Honor Socrefy mem George Nrles are usually sludyrng Ned Moore won a speclal award In music Then lhere rs Larry Kessler calchung hrs lorry wlnlcs Lasl bu+ nol leasl are lhe luclcy newcomers 'ro 3I7 Jerry Snyder Evy Wrneburgh Duck Dzled zlc Pal Burlcerr Wall Hansmann Harry Hawley and Ted lrla lozned us lasl Seplember And mosl of all we remember Mr Daressa M D our frrend leacher advisor and even more lo each of us who has had rhe pleasure of bemg un has homeroom v' if ' l ' l bers Don Dylis, Dean Lane, Dorolhy Marlcson and C j . . ,fi A . , my V- H Hr . . I l I 3 I L' . I . . i r .. Ho humm' Our fheme song rs There Were Some Changes Made Our freshman homeroom feacher Mass Charlo'r+e Smulh rehred In June and was replaced by Mr Sacco In The fall ol l95O The followmg year we moved from 308 'ro 3 I 8 Thus year Harvey Hershlcownfz and Richard Inman managed our banlcung Alfreda Gallca sold us fhe Academvc Observer The Red Cross was served by Mary Ann Gerrush and Carol Vaughn ahve Waller Gumlnualc and Fred Gelelc have been good worlzers an school A+ The Jean Dance we wall remember Pal Heloerl IH her capaculy as checlcgnrl On lhe Honor Roll we are proud 'ro have Ruchard Goldslone Mary Ann Gerrlsh Marlon Hagel Loss Bennell and Wnllram Groszelc Duane Gulbrxde won 'rwo gold key arf awards Sec relary of Sludenl Councnl Loss Bennell' has also broughl' glory +o our homeroom Mr Sacco our versahle homeroom Teacher has our respecl for he has been bolh friend and advusor The bug five That bool: must be How to Aitract Gurls xxfl x' r' , while John Garvey was Sfudem' Council represenl- MI- 5lCC0'S "PrObl0m Cl1ildf0f"' wel now the Tac one of Us Bones IS HOMERDOM 320 This year one oT our members wnll noT be grad uaTang Bones a slceleTon belongung To The science deparTmenT For Tour years he has been a real IT sllenT member oT 320 Bones Tells us he has hearTaly applauded May Paveses represenTaTuon oT The homeroom In STU denT Council and also her becomung lrTerary ed :Tor of The Academlcnan He us proud Too oT Dave RoberTs being co ed1Tor oT The Academlc Observer and hrs acTuve parT In Punchnnello Beverly Rosenberg s wnnmng a scholarshup To Syra cuse gave hum pleasure as dvd also The good work done nn Nahonal Honor SocneTy by Judy Reusswug and Carol Perry FrequenTly weve seen him grnn over John PoTasvewnczs success an The baslceTball courT He worrned abouT Carol Luxs Traveling To Eur ope In The summer oT 52 and was noT aT all un happy over Davud RelcherT s :nabahTy To malce The same Trnp Dave longed To Talce candnd camera shoTs on The conTnnenT OTTen Bones has leered aT Lydra Prlawas beauTuTul red hair aT Ann Rumullers charmlng smile George Resllys Twnnlclung eyes and he was nm pressed by Jaclc RlghTmuers heaghT Each mormng he has reglsTered amusemenT aT The cheerTul grg gles and suppressed squeals oT delughT oT KaThleen LaTTey Mary Keenan and Eleanor PleTras Miss Gorham has encouraged us l1sTened To our Troubles helped us along The rough march and rs now paradung wlTh us To success To you Mnss Gorham who has glven us noT only a deeper knowledge and undersTandnng of ourselves and oThers buT also friendship we oT 320 say Good luck always and Thanlcs N 1 o 1-N5 I5 an ea myst9'Y fo us A 2 T l si T -Q ks H H ' V Ll- Q Q T 3 X , A , 4 1 N . halk the No smoochlng ln A parade of slars all +he members of our homeroom are presenl or pofenhal sfars A qunrlc ol: 'fare has made our room unrque among all ofhers The beaury lnlellngence unrhahve and lalenl of nfs members makes 1+ a shzmng example an 'rhrs sensor parade Our founlamhead and arbller IS none olher +han Mr DeVu+o our dream man yel one of The Nahonal Honor Soc1e+y as well represenfed by rhe nlluslrnous Judy Slern Wes Smu+h and Irma Kraverz Publucahons are handled by Par Kunkel Arl' Edlfor of lhe Academlcuan and Sylvna Slay man deparlmenr eduror of fhe Academlc Ob server Fred Snyder IS our choir sfar and Jason Levine our radio performer Our fhespran as Sylvra Sfayman and our cosfumer ns Ellenor Flory borh members of Punchunello Players We also possess such offucers as Shrrley Sullrvan recordnng secrefary of Scnence Club and Mull' Fmney manager of Jrhe varslly foofball ream tune Once I-'Pon a HOMEROOM 329 There we are' We know where It as res HOMERODM 330 00 You X1 sie V' afl mea H af? ws 'S kk Sybil ala lk n exammaxlo C1055 Headnng our lns+ of VIP s are Cafherlne Why+e lreasurer of Sludenl Council and John Zamdars vuce presudenf of l'he Senior Class as well as slar member of The varslly foolball Team Wullnarn Whn+e a +raclc and baskelloall player has also made sporls headlunes Rnfa Kupuec Sue Maurazuo Jackie Zalec our cheerleaders and Janel' Gormley our drum maloreffe have backed our afhlehc heroes Kalherane Abraham Roberr Renlly and Charles Wnlkunson were elecfed secrefary vnce presudem' and freasurer respechvely of our tumor class Jane Zarharlco and Palrlcna Youmans have represenled our homeroom al S+uden'r Councul meehngs Honor s+uden+s are George Sfeur James Walcox and Donald Haman Represenhng Press Club and Academic Observer are Rodney Zellco homeroom +eacher Muss Foley who has always urged us +o parhcupale IH school achvuhes I wel s ml-emit mf! 3 cldenfally Mass Foley ouldud us all as she grad ualed In January 1 t QVC' vw-6 ' ff' - ' V 4 1-sa? f 1 . . . ll ' I r . I . . Nfl I . - . ' and Roberfa Ehlinger. Much credif is due our . n p u n n Q . n- c X . Q72 wa., x 52 I n . V I tiff - A x 'Y f C af 3 .W ln W, V 5 ,A -+3 J 41 ' ff .pal H 46 l - M- W X gn- 35.1 ,-X 681 MOST BEAUTIFUL MOST HANDSOME J' Norma Berkeley Andrew Chruscrclcr MOST ATH LETIC nvx Aire Dorothy Spaz am Norman Pensero WITTIEST 'T Lula Khoury Joseph Natrella BULQLUUIQ MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED 1 fi Martha Duvall BEST Lors Bennett E35 J? if Duncan Cutter MANNERED Ralph Schmidt . As' Ak I 1 ' f ,,r - Q K -.rx , 2 T f W ny,..,V V l 'Q' T Q it ",' S A . N I W ,, f! L L Sian MOST POPU LAR Jane Conboy Clarence Bass BEST DRESSED Jean Jewld Kenneth KIusIca NICEST SMILE Joan Clancev in .1 Ronald Gleba Nncssr FIGURE BEST PHYSIQUE Jacqueline Zajac Francis Schmidt TYPICAL HIGH SCHOOL lb. -HPR STUDENTS Catherine Whyte Sfuert Murphy T69 xx ,4 44 1,-M XX 3' X 'l.V 1' ' ff I 'iv ouefzedl of bhe nzglzl year 7? if V ,'?' B Wm, ' if 'L ' fxqhu N' S356 5' -SY' -- WHO as B- 'Y ' I Coufi Z B Edww ,TWH X G een and Hex QCHYJCY V ' ' 'U-ye U S Xe' I S. QW C5f:CN' de .-DveS5 Paw W3 w "Look af the Birdie" "May I Have This Dance?"-Bib Krawczyk, SL 'ey un. -Q x ' J Q 4- M F? L x Q fn .. X 9 "Welcome io the Prom"-Left to right: FX. Ra, Ca 'Cc' :Visa 55.915 Femme Pfad '5 599 Scufr' Bird SFC", P Sgaff Mdrphy, Chazk THE STAFF EDITORS-Da ve Roberts Duncan Cutter ASSOCIATE EDITORS Lrterary Katherine Monsens loxs Bennett Sports-J oe X ourno Ralph Sch mxdt Departments-Larry Savett S5 lx ra Stayman Articles-Martha Duvall Busmess Manager Edward Peterson Advertmmg Manager Ruta Klein Art Bxll Txdd Clark Tliomp son Photography Jxm Klme Layout Dean Lane STAFF Literary Stuart Davs Jr Pat Kunkel Sandra Schecter George Nrles ,To Anne Adslt Sherman Brody Arnold Daven port Carolyn Hawks Barbara Garcra MBTIOH Hagel Howard Lefkow tz Barbara McNaney Raymer Vxrgmra Sal kuckr Herman Schnurr Jrll Senior Ioan Stysh Evelyn Webster Chet Wxlczek Anthony Iaro SZCWICZ Spuru-Raoul Bates Mary Ann Boyle Barbara Ew mg Connie Grxfllth Judy Reusswxg Alumni Anne GatTney Ells abeth Keller May P vese Exchanges-Sue Dans Don na Magendanz Photography Peter Buddle Fred ,Tones Business-Jane Adsxt Joan Chncey Marilyn Chaw anrec Roberta Ehhnrer Dorothy Markson R berta Morse Patrlcxa Topa John Farrchxld joan Gohrrnger Ann Rr miller Wxlham Roberts Mary Ann Gerrxsh FACULTY ADVISERS Art Teslle Karcher Business-Frank Bugental Literary Ellen Hanford ACADEMIC OBSERVER Front Row Lett to Right James Kline Clark Thompson Larry Savett Sylvia Stayman Lois Bennett Edward Peterson Rita Klein Duncan Cutter Dave Roberts Martha Duvall Katherine Monsees Ralph Schmidt Dean Lane Bill Tidd Second Row May Pavese Marilyn Chowaniec Mary Ann Gerrish Norma Berlcely D Carncross Pat Topa Virginia Sallcuclci Mary Ann Boyle Miss Hanford Mr Bugental Maureen Raymer Judith Reusswig Sandra Schecter Dorothy Marlcson Joan Clancey Pat Kunlcel MBFIOH Hagel Third Row Joanne Adst Roberta Morse Evelyn Webster Barbara Ewing Connie Grittith Donna Magendanz Anne Gaffney Joan Stysh Jill Senror Carolyn Hawks Elizabeth Keller Barbara Garcia Ann Rimiler Sue Davis Joan Gohrrnqer Barbara McNaney Fourth Row Buddle Dave Reichert Arnold Davenport Raoul Bates The day the AC comes out is a memor able one indeed U FA s quarterly packed with an assortment ot articles home rumors fiction humor sports and pictures is the product of the pooled literary and business talents ot about titty rumors and seniors The tever, involving the shaping ot raw material and ideas unto a professional toned magazine linea- is a saga leaving many memories rn the minds ot the AC statf Doubtless we shall always remember the hurried days ot proot reading the making up of the dummy and the last minute rush to the printers with photos Then sf'-N there comes that briet interlude ot peace an the AC rs out' r , ': r 7 . . . - f ' 1 V y X - -u . . , . 1 I 5 i 1 r 1 I I 4 r I I I I I I I ' I t -L Z, U . I I , . ' : I . . I I , . I 1 I I 4 I ' I I I ' ' I ' I . . . ,,,, , , , - ' ' . : ' 7 , , ' . . . . . 4 I ' , I I l I I I I ' Joseph Natxella: Maureen George Niles, Ted Davis, Sherman Brodey, Jaclc Fairchild, Joe Natiella, Howard Letlrowitz, Peter I ' . - , Q , , . , . . . , . ' ' ri -. . , , , . -1 . ' . . . . , , , . . r . - ' D r i i r l , . V H, . . ' 0 1 N K - 1 1 , - . . . . 11. , ' . ' i A- 1 ' r rr ii W,,, ' . 9' ' ' ' , . . ' 1 T ., - I , . - rr ii , U 4. I l V it N ' . . d rr nr - T A ' 1 o o o Front Row Lett to Rught M Pave e J Clancey M Chowanuec S Stayman E Peterson R Klern J Ruesswug S Schecter P Kunkel Second Row M A Gernsh M Duvall N Berkely M A Boyle L Bennett Mrs LaLonde Mr Buqental M Raymer K Monsees D Markson A Rvmrller M Hagel Third Row J Stysh G Nrles J Natlella C Thompson D Cutter D Lane P Buddle D Rerchert B Trdd R Schmldt J Klrne D Roberts L Savett Typewrnters clrckung tongues clackung drawers squeakmg and cabmet doors clangung sounds k gr everywhere' Academuclan deadlines must be 'D met' Wrnte ups appeared dnsappeared and re appeared agavn Glossues sport pnctures mtormals club puctures pictures all over the place' To add to the general contusnon during regents week nn Jan uary we moved trom 227 to 203 Nevertheless in wnth admirable zeal the statt but Into the multltud :nous tasks revused maternal counted words and worked on lay out As long as memory remains the pleasures and sorrows ot Academrcran Statt membershnp wall endure lt was wondertul to be a part ot such a team' Edrtor rn chuef Sandra Schecter Literary editor May Pavese Co Busuness managers Jane Adsnt Edward Peterson Clrculatlon manager Edward Peterson Art Edutor Patricia Kunkel Photography edntor Fredrick Jones Co Boys Sports edrtor Joseph Yourno Edward Peterson Glrls Sports editor Maureen Raymer Staff Loss Bennett Mary Ann Boyle Cathernne Canter Marilyn Chowanlec Joan Clancey Jane Conboy Dun can Cutter Roberta Eh linger Mary Ann Gerrlsh Marlon Hagel Harvey Hersh kowutz Ruta Klein James Kllne Dean Lane Dorothy Markson Katherme Monsees Davld Roberts Lawrence Savett Ralph Schmrdt Syl vra Stayman ART STAFF Foreword Norma Berkeley Faculty Janet Klein Sensors Duane Gulbrade Homerooms Sabra Jones Actlvntnes La Verne Humel Sports Mnlton Finney Wrllnam Grozek Natalre Huyck Elaune Samuels Lula Khoury Vargnnla Ptak Joan Gleba Phylrss Rubyat ACADEMICIAN , Z . S. . . -. . . 1 . 1 . 1 - I , . 1 . . I . . , . , . 1 . . 1 - - r ' , . . . . . 1 . 1 . 1 . 1 . . A I . , . 1 . 1 . 1 . 1 - 1 - 1 1 1 1 . , . 1 . 1 - 1 . 1 . - 1 1 ' l 1 . ' . - 1 1 . . . . rg i I , , , br H . . . . . . TD ' ' . - Q ggi 1 . . . A ' ' ' r 1 ' 1 1 ' - I I I . . . xx , . , -A-A ., n - u ...... n u u n 1. . . 11 . . -X ,' 1 U43 G srunmr COUNCll Anniversary Banquet Speech by Mr- Wildes N. xx C.'0"' y3nQ oo' B xs 'X A woes 'au '4- S P E R C E S The purpose of 'rhe Sludenf Council, as sialed in lhe conslilulion. is "lo develop underslanding and co-operalion befween sludenls and lacully, lo promole and en- courage aclivilies for lhe besl inleresls ol lhe school." To commemorale 'ren years ol successfully carrying our 'rhis purpose. +he Council celebraled wilh a banquel. ai- lended by represenlalives, officers and commiflee heads in December al Twin Ponds. The Council confrols fhe income of all sludenl-managed ac+ivi+ies, and by means of a budger, allocafes money +o various clubs and organizafions. The source of greafesl income is Hs dances. Each year six are held wifh 'rhe Jean, 'rhe Twirp, and Pat Cardamone discussing his views First Row: D. Bach, D. Rogers, R. Sturr, M. Hall S. Sullivan, P. Cardamone, J. Ponforiero, Mr Wildes, C. Whyte, R. Schmidt, C. Conlclin, L. Ben nett. M. Raymer, R. Sirnmerer, A. Rimiller, M Thompson. Second Row: W. Matt, D. Risney, P Heller, P.l'larvey, E. Ciszelr, E. Keller, V, Sollcuclri J. Zaharlco. S. Jones. J. Stysh. C. Klein. K. Monsees. M. Krupa. E. Webster, B, Ewing, A. Mancuso, TENTH ANNIVERSARY f ' 3' ra is lil 'rhe Sophomore Hop being the mosl' color- ful. ln exercising control over school aicfairs the Council operates through commi++ees. The Election Committee, headed by Dun- can Cutier, has had charge of class elect- ions. The Booster Committee under Mar- jorie Hall improved school spirir. An- other, on the chartering of clubs, with Shirley Sullivan as chairman. has reviewed the organizations of U.F.A. and authorized charters 'ro each considered worthwhile. The Assembly Committee, with May Pa- vese chairman, planned and arranged as- semlolies. l ,J l"lere's wishing Student Council contin- ued success and prosperity. Budget meeting bl Council sponsored class elections A, Rimiller, S. Wellar, M, Jasinslci. Third Row: B. Dinitto. J. Lloyd. B. Capozzella, H. Rotundo. J, Klein, M. Philipson. M. McQuade, P. Liebing I. Kravetz, J. Surridge, J. Gutowski, H, Huther, P. Kunkel, F. Bury, B. Rosen. Fourth Row: R. Bates, D, Snow, B. Edwards, R. Long, B. French, F. War muth, J. Cutter. A. Shaheen. R. Staubes, G. Stefano D. McNaney, G. Bienlrowslcl. Secretary's report T751 Front Row, Left to Right: S. Davis, C, Whyfe, M. Daly, L. Damanda, J. Hunt, J. Columbe, B, Rosen- berg, G. N es, C. Hawks, S. Sullivan, C Earl. D. Lane, Second Row: W. Matt. B. McNaney, J. Diel, M, Szarff. zz M. Stawarz M. Morris, J. Stysn D, Bach. J, Brown, R. Scatko, E. Brown, C. Griffith. E. Green. N. Brown. Third Row: J. Stysh, D. Re ,, T. Barrowman, B, Fwirg, J. Potasiewrcz, R. Ruskowski, R. G: gstfne J. Derwoyed. L, S yerberg, F. Bxtrrer, R. Starr, P. Fanzone, N, Slobodan, Fourth Row: J. Ae 3 R. A er R. Sacco J. Kicn M. Morrs R. Burke. R, Leahy. R. Bostick. T. Benz. R. Durgee. R. Bqse ., Hess H. Fcnennefer. Fifth Row: F. Cary' le. C. Hartmann. W. Davis. B. Ho mes, R. Long G, Hodges R, Huther. W. Groszer A. Dems R. Cross. G. OC:"1e'l. H. Wofe H, Bowen, M. Ha De-'r L. Savers. 'NiiN 96 Emil ' X1 Q ? r QQ' M The main obiecrive of fhe Science Club is fo make fhe field of science inferesfing, pracfical and informariye by means of experimenfs, lecrures and frips fo places of inferesf in and around Ufica. Membership is open 'ro any sfudenr who is faking or has faken a science. The high lighfs of fhe year are a picnic in June and a Chrisfmas parfy. The club also sends represenfafives 'ro fhe Science Congress in Syracuse. Presidenr-George Niles. Vice-presidenf-Beverly Rosenberg, Recording sec- refary-Shirley Sullivan, Corresponding secrefary -Carolyn Hawks, Treasurer-Fred Jones, Assisf- anf freasurer-Charloffe Earl, Hisforian-Russell Rizer, Program chairman-Dean Lane. Pres. Niles cuis 30th Anniversary Cake Front Row: D. Rifera. F, Whitfcrd. F. Erie L. Stappenbeck, D. Schug J. Gustafson, M Th mas E, Smith. N. Bagkstore, M. Ainswortn, R. Susher, J, Russell, E. Doyle, S. Ponficello. Second ow N Q W, Gum mal A, Wehnan L. Sone G. Bienkowski. D. G: denson. J, Sherline. N, Roswick, A Sha 9 n ' M. Slotnick, H, Rosenbaum, L. Mitfeman, Mr. Dudlestsn, Third Row: A, Berger, L, Bass R Dywer if G, Sfeir, R. Zirclnik. S. Murphy. C. Backstone. B. French, M. Rosenthal. l llffkk rf f A 32 U63 The rnonfhly rneerings oi +he Sociai Sfudies Ciub are de- signed io inform siudenfs oi currenr affairs. Such speakers as Miss Jeanejrre Maund, Uficas iirsr good-wiii ernbassador, and Oleg Jershowsicy, speaking on "Russia and Her Subieci Peoples" have addressed The ciub. S+uden+ forums, heid aifer each meeiinq, have proven very popuiar. Annuaiiv +he ciub awards prizes For ouisfandinq proiecis submirfed during The year and sponsors a Unifed Naiions confesr. The 'rwo winners receive an expense paid irip +o observe Jrhe Uniied Nafions in acfion. OFFICERS Presiden+ , Duncan CuHer Vice-Presicleni' Dean Lane Secrefary-Treasurer Anna Rueda 'rf fuhi L 1 781 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Front Row: N. Berifeie, K. Abrenarn H. Rctfdo, G. Nifes, D, Cetter. M. Duvaii, I. Kravetz, J. Renss- vfq A. I2 ess, Second Row: S. Cfazk. M. Cncweniec, J. Stern, C. Pew' J' Kieinf K- Monseesf L' Bennctt S. S '-5 tw A. Cfrwn. Third Row: L. Savett, W. Smith. C, Tiicrnpscn. D, Lane, M. Sioinicir, D Sea' . CITGVGCISV, SCIWOIGVSITID, IGGCISFSIWIQ, amd SGFVICS- ag guideg -fOr fgurg and guppiying Ireghmgn :naraderize Iinose U.F.A.ier5 in Naiionel Honor Wifh hamdboglqgl In addifign +0 gervige wifhin SOCISIY. OVQBHIZGHOU, IDGSS-d OH SGVVICG, has gginggix Nafigmgi I-Igngr Sggieiy H55 Qggperafed sparked ine ire-siwrnan orieniaiion program. served wiin Hue Overseas Friendship Cenfer. OFFICERS PresicIen+ . . , - Duncan Curfer Vice-Presiden+ . . Mar+I1a Duvall Secrefary -. I-Ielen Roiundo Treasurer . .. George Niles F, Warn'-oth, S. Lanqtitt, F. Witt, A, Buchoitz, B, Saclc, R Section 1-Front Row: H. Hartz, D. Pender, J. Ginnity, B Mrnkin, C, Sherman, D. Reese, M. Poploclr, J, Moran, G. Vanhatten, W. Matt, Ci. Julian, R, Kirkland, A. Bauer, B. Drobner, J. Kalraty, E. Obernesser. Second Row: G. O'Con- Hell, E Smith, P. Santa-Croce, V, Aylward, M. Palmierr, M. l'lGQ6', l'l. Brill, H, Schutt, S, Woolheater, J, lngahs, B, Andrews, S, We'lar, E. Wa rath, C. Meister, N. Greenwood, B. Hlnsrnann, P, Smith, L, Yezzo, P. Harvey, B. Crouse. Third Row: S. McDermott, K, Abraham, J. Clancey, M. Gnsby, R, Wallcer, M. Grisby, M. L, W ard, P. Maxon, M. Szarewiez, J. L'cyd, J. Herrman, R, Sirnrnerer, S. Nathan, M. Savlov, M. Rourlce, J. Mowers, A. Allbright, D. Szdllcowslci, D, Ziailca, P. Slirzewslci, M, Kaido, M. Myrda, l. Potaczala, Fourth Row: G. Wison, J. Senior, S. Sauerhater, E. Jones, A. Rueda, J. iliiyh Schafer, K. Schroeder, B. Bush, A, Blando, S. Stayman, M McCQuade, M. Schmidt, S, Rosen, D. Schug, M. Ainsworth E. Lasher, A. Pal icove, M. Cahn, J, Marcoux, CS. Snelce, C Krohn, V. Sallcuclci, E. Keller, R. Landers, K. Mcnsees, E Doy'e. Fifth Row: D, Rogers, P. Cardarnone, P, Grossman, J Flite y, F, Drurney, N, Diykty, S. Anthony, F. Nencetty, A. Repneflf, J, Garvey, T, Ad er, O, lmhotl, J, Hunt, B. Davw, R. Snow' E Gerrish, K. Reel, D. Rayne, A. Gaxney, D Magendanz, S. Moore, R. Hayes, Sixth Row: Nl, Roilfc, J Cutter J. Rpas, M, Morris, B. Si' er, D. Dresser, J, Dybas, D Sm'tn, N, Ha"7s, H, Stavmar, C. Conklin, R, Staubes, M Mcrtchcwer, H. Leflccw-tz, F. Jarema, F. Sch'emp, W. Bonds Flaclc, J, Kunz, E. Digle, The Language Club. a composite of French, German, Classical, and Spanish Clubs, was formed this year upon the recommendation of the Student Council. lt presented interesting programs, including an address by Superintendent Lopardo, Cultural quizzes and a Christmas program 'featuring Christmas in many lands. The Language teachers take turns advising the program committee and the permanent faculty advisor is Miss Bertha Sturdevant. A committee consisting of one represent- ative from each language group serves as executives. This year's representatives are: French ,,.,,.,,,. Beverly Rosenberg l-a+ln ffff------Afvf VJVQJVJJG Sallfuclfi German H- --- Elizabeth Keller Spanish -- J Irma KFGVSTZ LANGUAGE L. 'JW Section ll--First Row: B. Rosen, S. Griffith, M, Day, B Rosenberg, J, Philipsan, P, Hovish, C. Slade, C. Gabel, l Kravetz, E. Webster, S. Keigh, C. Sears, V. Lane. S. JONES L. Bernstein, N. Brown, E. Wineburgh, C. Golashevslci. Sec- ond Raw: S, Starrnan, S. O'Hara, F, Rizzo, P. Heller, J Kozlowski. B. Schecter, J. Wallcer. D, Warmuth, C, Edick, P. Topa, J. Brown, R. Scatko, B. Durr. J. Masters. B. Monaco, B. Goldstone, J. Berns, M, Dernsey, E. Friedlander, J. Wollcon, G. Bienlcowslci, R, Bates, D. Oberriter. Third Row: J. Con- boy, M, Duvall, E, Greene, H. Teller, F, Roclcovitz, B. Cap' A r -l 'ff H fi 31 'Q i , 1 ' pozella, C. Stein, C. Grvttn, K, Harrer, A, Duuin, D, Di' E. Silverman N, Leary, B, W zo' L. Bennett, S. Davis M Bcuziden F. Biclctord. L. Cerradi. Fourth Row: O. Carzhedi J. Wilcox G. Niles, F. Stag one J. K'ion B. Cclela R Sturr. C. Owen, F. Kenny, J. Carson. B. Broolcs, N. Roswiclc B. Owens, C. Lux, M. Boy'e, J. Bean, l-l, Favor, D. Carncross, D. Marlcson M. Cierrish. F. Smalca, Fifth Row: M. Slotniclc. A Damslcy, H, Wolfe, T. Barrowman, R. Seager, F. Bednarzulr, B. Doescher, D. Everett, F. Chanatry, J, Klein, S, Browrell B. Berkley, A. Sitrin. C G 8 v "' 'I' 'V Front Row: H. Schufl, M, Marks, J. Geary, G. Corrabi, C. Vanbtten, P. Gonyea. C. O'Donnell, N. Helfert, K. Minuti, M, Murray, B. Barry, M. Woodward, Mrs. Williams. Second Row: D, Zeszutko, M. Evans, E, Walsh, M, Szczvgiel, B. Potocki, J. Brown, S. Casab, N. Miller, J. Becraft, G. Edick, E. Lipinski, B. Neary, J. Giordano. P. Marks, B. Lawton. Third Row: L. Smith, J. lannone. l. Cherubin, M. Hamm. B. French, B, Rosen, C. Meister, D, Jones, J. Waite, D. Koehler, D. Schug, J. Surridge, S. Zurawski, M. Lean, C. Miller, C. O'Donneii. Fourth Row: K. Warrnack, C. Lambert, R. Roberts, P. Rokowski, T. Cook, P, Galrnn, S. Crawford, G, Topa, A. Cannizzaro, J. Gustafson, D. Molencupp, P, Fuoco, C. Dudley, S, Burke, S. Hamrnill, G, Burton, Freshman Girls' Glee Club is 'rhe firsr slep in our singing career. The group emphasizes rhe lraining of voices, Theory, and conducling. Through lhe year, we make various assemblies more cheerful. Freshman and Sophomore Boys' Choir prepares ils members for lhe Junior Choir. We learn 'rhe fundamenlals ol vocalizarion, sighl' reading, and COr1Clucring. We parricipare in cily Chrisrmas leslivals held ar Proclor High School. BOYS' CHOIR Front Row: J. Yarbrough, D. Risney, B. VanBrocklrn, D. Buralr, R. Stoddard, Mrs, Williams. Second Row: L. Mittleman, W. Furbeck, J. Payne, T. Silverman, W. Quinn, R. Jones. Third Row: D. Rosen- Zweiq. D. Bach, A. Davis, l-l. Roswick, B. Fuchs, J. Aiello, T. Dodds. Fourth Row: D. Goldenson, R. Edwards, J. Derwoyed, T, Dapriz, W. Berry, E. Evans, W. Warmuth. R. Bearse. ff" H"NY"4 tn van he Front Row: T. Arnarosa. E. Saba. M. Coprnbro. B. Dinitto. B. Stayman. D. Davies. E. Story, G. Helfert. I. McC:,, J. Mrwors, G. lions, C. Prythercl-, E. Tuttle, J. Chowaniec, M. Jones, Mrs. Williams. Second Row: A. Rr-mariclr. M. Wrfpp e. D. Yaletchlco H, Fory. B, Lamont. B. Pernat. C. Mould. I. Potaczala. F. Trzonslri. L. M. Simmons. A. Cantor. S. Newman. J. Dourney. C. Jones. M, Myrda, L. Gemelli, Third Row: J. Harder, P, Proctor. S. Maclcos, M. Slaclc, K, Schroeder, S. Kall, M. Getelr, G, Lombard, A. Se'sor'. J. Sonrr W. Sewef S. Nathan. A. Ga'Ica. D. Galer J. Hughes. C. Wood. A. Raga, D. Kondztlra E. Brady. Fourth Row: M. McLaLigh'ir'. M, Ryan. M. Kaido. A. Shanley. G. Barnes. M. Ainsworth, L. Dcdge. J. Tencza. J. Price, S. Brownell, M. Stuber, D. Di'l, C, Taylor, M. Grisby. Junior Girls' Choir is next in our program of vocal education. Through more hard work on theory. tone, nd choral technique, our group strives to make each appearance better than its previous one. We join the Senior Girls' Choir in partici- pating in the Eisreddfod. Senior Girls' Choir. entered in Class I in the Eisteddfod, won second prize in that event. Se- I R lected from all groups, the members begin the study of solo parts and conducting. Our hope is to malce the Junior Mixed Choir. Front Row: Miss Christiansen, P, Maxsan, S, Moore, J. Shie'ds, M, Bouziden, J. Wagner, S. Weller, A. Leone, I. McCarthy, N, Greenwood, H. Peters, F, Rizzo, B. Crouse, J. Adsit, B. Bush, P. Slirzerslri, Mrs. Williams. Second Row: B. Tourney, C. Craslc, G, Newton, H. Huther, C. Coolr, B. Carpenter, R. Sim' mener, D. DeCarlo, S. Pietras, P. Stone, P. Smith, N. Slabadian, D, Koutousclc, B. Moslrel, E. Diqele, H. Favor. Third Row: J. Garvey, A. lmbott, D, Bausman, M. Yourno, N. Blackstone, J. Sight, P. Thomann. D. Warmuth. E. Mix. D. Szallcowslri. E. Klein. J. Ingalls. B. Schecter, N. Leary, M. Morris. J. Hunt, C. Stein, F. Rockowitz. ' ' ' 1' 'MY u'1!"gv'7fW' .1 '4 The prope Junior F balance CO n H16 blenzcienhafes Img of on ' Qirls' a earngn nd b Q Cys' Voices - A f Chrfsfma S . we Qave Public Per- form bl. ances . leS. In A'Eri:Jrilon Sfafio ' e n Parfgcipafarljd 6+ S h e . C O In fhe ol ass - Eigfed em- d X gg, Q' x Jig and W On .Fir-S f . pflz - em Class II 165+ Year I 1 , 1 4 Q 1 ov" uhm. V. Uoqd, NX. Boqxe. E. YXe'xNmarm. E. Y.oxX, NN. E321 hook Y-ovlz Fx. Uv 'n, V-. NNoXkex, 3. lebxowskx, 3. NxuNYxqan, Yxovksh, Fx. Guweq, . Lane, . NX. IK, Sadxnsxix. B. Yaokex, V. Hebewk, H. Ykxqxnes, C.. Seaxs, C.. C. Had. 0. 'LEM-a, NX. YXamYm. PX. Nwsexxa. 'Dk-mer. FN. 5uYxan. NX.?xax4me1. C.9assoYxo. 5. Sackex. NX, Ross, Y'r'xeoNandew, L, Nomms, 'Vind Row: B. Swsh, S. XX, C, Cuobek D, NXc0ov4eXN. Nws. NN'xXYxnms. Second Stephens, B. Sdnmexdwew, 9, NNeXss, N. Lomb, Vx. Ooeshex, Vx. ' V, Coda, 9, Sfvfxih, O,NNnXkusYx, S. Rosen, 9. Leahy, P. Pksk, Vx. Cuvdamone, 3. Hxqdow, G, Ynr.obeXXX, R, Ez-Kes, D. Loonfxs, T. Yafxdqei, S. Uqbos, 5. Uqns, FN. Vfxrvfxxxev. 0. Back. Your!!! Rovlx G. Thompson, S, Lu-Lane. R. NNokYms VN. Long, Vx. Xiono-LxoXka, Y. NNKKX, R. NNaXke1s, NN, Large, B Dawes, Vx. NNen, O, Everekk, S. Loncfxkk, NN, Bonds, 3 Cukkew, G. Bxhkon, S. Xiunxv-ex. N, Cano Row: C.. YNNem. A Q Our hi appelga eh Ch - me Sch Olr ' vdmberghip OO' musgcls me Su F zcesl and - amcug el Caree Preme ob. O' comp! Self-disc-a+'O'M ++, rs' 'We Iecme of memb e+e U , lpline e fra, - V achie , VV ers . mfy b are e Imng Vlng Che are lrllriTpreS5iVlge+Ween lpgasized 1-of SOIO ' n - . rlsfmag aged +0 minced is Ou Umor ang Sfr'Ve sembly ani Par, in'gf1aa,, Obi Choir man road SCHVG. Y Ou+S, Casfs lde ' Our enqa Qe. mens Pvonk Row: . enqext, 5. Bxown, YL. Scakko, B. Edvlatds, Nwvpw, . odqes, . NXontanareNYx,T,1acaroYx, L. Lod- C. Canter, B, Wknne, X.XCxavek1., 3, Oancey, C..1es-Lutko, B. wood, 3, Zncnxk, D. Mustard, S. Vkerce, N. Vxosvfxck, B. Hambexqex, N. Senxdxns, N4, Pxbwaxnam, NN, Uxwkadkan, E. Kid- 51ocYs,U.XnqexsoXX, ?x,FXacY,D.RaCe. Nev, Nm, NN'MXafns. Second Row: 3, XCNe'xn, L, C'xs-Lek, F. Bury, NX. Cnowanxec, B, Bean, S. Conboq, O, Payne, C.. Whqke, 5. Dun, B, XNRXXkafns, P, KBYWBCYX, H. Vxoiundo, NX. Keenan, NX Ryan, E, Doxhe, Ufxrd Row: L. Caw'Me, P, Snxfdet, C. ' Uark D, Vauy, B, Yvench, E. XCeXN, B. Vxoberks, , 5. Basxnank, B. Gxendn. Pour?-M low: S. 2 ,-ix Y . 'fa' I o,'bQif?,s fb : 1 N 1 Ownes, YN, Vx. Pham, O. Reese, PELLA CHUIR IS3 'FX if vV'lY can ll up X' 91 MUSIC CLUB l'3wPfT.P fix X 2 Ml ' so i-Regpfwx-lb Qur club wilh Sluarl Murphy as President Barbara Durr, Vice-preside-nl, Shirley Sauerhaler, Secrelary and John Garvey as Treasurer loslers belle-r underslanding of music and endeavors lo give srudenls a place To develop +heir lalenrs bee lore sympalhelic audiences. Soloisls from all choirs, inslrumenlalisls, and oulside groups such as lhe Eigh+ Grade Boys' Quarlel from Welmore School have appeared. Those choirs, unable lo perlorrn in lhe Music Assembly, presenled in lhe audilorium a Chrisrrnas program lo which lhe whole school was inviled. Aflerwards all choir members were guesls ol 'rhe Music Club where all had a wonderful lime. . aug First Row: C. Gabe A. Ccren, R. Pizer lSec,-Treas,l, M. Dirtadian lLibrarianl, J. Garvey lPresidentl E. Ccas n, B. Raze, B. Jcsfir, M. Middleton. Second Row: P. Weiss, J. Milligan, P, Maxson, D. Magen danz, Mr, S. Ragse. lCondactc'l, D. Payne, E. Deller, H. Wheeier. Third Row: M, Cahn, D. Prytherch F, W5rm,fa, R, Gfgbg, H, Cafk, R, Ellins, R. Tanoury, J. Simonelli, Fourth Row: D. Fallon, E. Plotka C. Ar' r. B. Lamb. A, Dcrris D, Szwarckop. J. Graziano. N. Greene. ORCHESTRA Ufica Free fXcademy's Hi-Y Club, acfive in school and communify affairs, aims fo "creafe, mainfain and exfend high sfandards of Chrisfian characferf' The officers fhis year are Roberf Reilly: Pres- idenfy May Pavese, Vice-presidenfq Pafricia Heberf, Secrefary: and Thomas Wesf, Treasurer. The faculfy advisors are Mrs. Maria Reyman and Mr. Frank De Vifo. This year fhe orchesfra displayed Mr. Ragueis abilify as an orchesfra leader fo us af an all-school assembly. Here fhey played many fine orchesfral pieces skillfully blending fheir pieces info one harmonious whole. Topping fhe assembly was a beauriful rendifion of "Sfardusf." ln 'rhe early fall we showed our colors af Rome during fhe All Sfafe Music Fesrival. Also, our orchesfra fook fop hon- ors af fhe Esfeddfod lasf spring. We are all very proud of our orchesfra, and wish if lofs of luck in fhe fufure. HI-Y CLUB Front Row: Mr. De Vito, Torn West, Ciayton Boucher, David Cook, Anita Blando, Joyce Gordon, Peg Liebrrq. Mrs. Rayman. Second Row: Diane Jones Kay Canter. Betfy Baker, Patricia Hebert. Betty l-lassel, Joao Mc-:re Djcres Bach, Sh 'ey Da,, Jane Adsit, Mary Ann Boyle, May Pavese. Third Row: lrefre Weaver Marre Phlipzon, Ja'e Zaha'ko, Rcger Starr, Chuck Conklin, Bob Shmelcher, Pat Cardamcne. Robert Refy. Fourth Row: Jer'y Bashant, Richard Murphy, John Engle, Bob Bosfick, Joe Bick, dares Wilkinson, Ralph Schmdt. 861 Thritt Club aims to develop the habit ot per- sonal thritt. Under the capable direction ot Miss Alice Dinneen this service organization compris- ing a cashier and assistant in each homeroom, en- rolls new bankers and keeps old ones as regular Tuesday depositors. The success ot each week's banking depends on the cashiers' ability and ac- curacy. Cashiers and assistants deserve consider- able credit tor their tine service to the school. THRIFT CLUB Front Row: D. Miller, S. Bartlett, J. Douglas, D. Baum. D. Bates. Second Row: P, Panzone. J. Zaharko, C. Gabel, M. Chowaniec, S. Chazik, M, Kelly, B. Orlowski, N. Burgmaier, C. Perry, J. Stern, S. Schecter, l. Kravetz, E. Webster, B. Edwards, J. Shanley, P. Slusher, C. Gott, B. Jaworska, P. Gonyea. Third Row: C, Lux, B. Pernat, M. Palmieri, R. Walker, G. Williams, G. Newton, M. Nowak, J. Phillipson, P. Grossman, N. Dykty, B, Bissell, J. Brown, R. Scatko, B. Durr, M. L. Willard, F. Bicktord, S. Newman, H. Peters, S. Pratt, J. Adsit, M. Bouziden, L. Abrams, P, Ayers, S. Sauerhater. Fourth Row: D. Dill, D. Koehler, T. Amarosa, H. Zygas, M. Szarowicz, M. Startz, D, Magendanz, R. Ko' l-lomerooms compete every week tor IOOW ban- ners and vie with each other tor the highest banking averages. Room 309, under the etticient manage- ment ot cashier Janice Slattery has had a IOOQ banking average tor its entire tour years. The school on a whole saved a total ot about Sl6,73l.OO this year with 42W ot the enrollment contributing. wolsky, D. Carncross, F. Chanatry, M. Resnikotl, M. Rosenthal, E. Merklinger, J. Kakaty, P. Deep, B. Schafer, E. Friedlander, N. Leary, M. Lux, J. Chowaniec. Fifth Row: P. Stone, N. l-larrer, B. Kress, G. Markowski, M. Mark, P. Alekonis, B. Amrhein, E, Boris, B. Wuest, J. Senior, J. Pontoriero, N. Angrisano, C. Zeszutko, J. Lloyd, J. Winnie, B, Williams, S. Grossmeyer, R. Gouse, G. l-leltert, J. Herrmann, S. Nathan Sixth Row: D. Bach, M. Farro, B. Whirley. M. Cahn, B. Bigelow, D. McNaney, B. Langtitt, B. Watkins, N. Rojko, H. l-tershlrowitz, W. Smith, S. Millstein, J. Dybas, F. Jarima E. Schram, A. McManamon, C, Grittith, R. Long, J. Tencza, J. Karus, W. Guminiak, M. Sulkowski, J. Ventura. S. Brownell. Q be JUNIOR RED CROSS The Junior Red Cross, one of The mosf aclive This year, 'rwo girls were senl lo summer camp. clubs in +he school, is composed of represenfalives and gill boxes were mailed +o Europe. from each homeroom. They decide on lhe proiecls Junior Red Cross' annual Chrislmas parly is and combine services lo malce fhem successful. alwaysadelighlfulaflair. T871 Seated. left to right: A. Blando. J. Efhey. Miss Helen Sweeney. M. A. Gerrish. H. Teller. Sfanding: P. Burlrert. N. Dylcti, C. Hawlrs. A. Gaffney, F. Jones. G. Edick, M. Hagel. W. Hill, E, Getzlelc. M. Cittadino, P. Hovish, A. LaFache. D. DeCario. H. Spear. E. Wilson. The purpose of The Fufure Teacher's Club is fo culfivafe in fhe members fhe qualifies necessary for a good Teacher fo develop leadership, sfudy lives of greaf feachers and provide informafion abouf feaching. FUTURE TEACHERS' CLUB Programs are arranged fo bring professional experiences fo fhe members. Moving picfures concerning 'reaching and fallcs by persons in The field have feafured some meefings. The opporfunify fo earn credif hours for services of a professional nafure is offered 'ro The members. Presideni' ..,,,, ., Mary Ann Gerrish Vice-Presidenf u-- ,...,.. Joan Effey Secrefary -Hu -- Helene Teller Treasurer -U ,v Anifa Blando The Fufure Regisfered Nurses Club, organized in The spring of I95l, now has abouf fwenfy-five members. Our programs consisf chiefly of presenfafions by The members who discuss opporfunifies in fhe nursing field. Visifs are made fo fhe Sfafe Hospifal where lab- orafory fechniques are observed, and fo Broadacres where we see fhe X-rays being falcen. Chrisfmas and holiday boxes are prepared for The youngsfers in Broadacres and Children's Hospifal. FUTURE REGISTERED NURSES First Row: P. Shusher, B. Moskal, B. Orlowslri, M Sfawarz, B. Carpenter, M. Myrda, P. Schmidt, M. L. Palmieri. Second Row: S. Ponticello, M. McNaney M. H. Rourlce, A. Rimiller, E. Whitford, N. Slo bodian, l. Potoczala, B. Jaworslra. Third Row: Mrs. Baldwin, P. Pliska, J. Lloyd, M. Jones, J. Dourney M. Hedland, Miss Rood. T89 The Book Exchange, organized in I944 wirh The aid oT The STudenT Council, perTorms a valuable service. lTs purpose is To malce available To The sTudenTs used copies oT The required TexT boolcs Through a sysTem oT buying, selling and exchanging. AT Tirsf iT handled only English and social sTudies TexTs, buT iT has now expanded To include mosT FUTURE HOMEMAK The E. l-l. A., which is a service club Tor girls who have Talaen or are Taking any oT The Home- malcing Courses, has as iTs moTTo, "Toward New Horizons." The clubls emblem is a house, supporTed by Two hands, symbolizing ThaT The TuTure homes Front Row, Left To Right: S. Mcc'e, K. Ca .e. L. D...a. .. Harfer, E, Cszeln, B. Owens. Second Row: E. Mo'ga', M. Ta - ,, x,. . ma , lv--T Weexs, J. Cutter D Bacn, M, Sacx, BO0K EXCHANGE oT Those used in UTica Eree Academy. Capable sTudenTs wiTh The Time and desire To worlc in This service organizaTion malce up The membership oT The Boolc Exchange. Manager, Kay l-larrer: Asf sisTanT Manager, ElizabeTh Ciszelc' SecreTary, CaThf erine CanTer' Treasurer, Lorraine Dziura. ERS OF AMERICA OT America are in The hands oT iTs youTh. lTs colors are red and whiTe, and iTs Tlower is The red rose because iT grows in every STaTe and TerriTory oT America. The highlighT oT This year was a Fashion Show TeaTuring winrer dress and sporT cloThes. 903 Presiclenf Phillis Sczcerba Vice-Presidenf .H Sabra Jones Secre+ary RoberTa Ehlinger Treasurer . Elaine Soblcowicz Front Row: A. Rimiller, R. Ehlinger, P. S:zerba,E. Sablcowicz, J. Tencza, M, A. Ja- sinslri. Second Row: P, Youmans, A. Van- Etten, J, Bean, A. BlaTT, T. Szatlco, M. Kam nslc, Third Row: M, Hall, M, Hamlin, A. Megan, C K ne, l.. Stappenbeck. Front Row: C. Lux, B. Edwards, J. Stysh, J. Clancey, Miss Gales, D. Roberts, J, Conboy, E. Ciszek, E. Flory. Second Row: M. Chowaniec, S. Stayman. A. Zalewski, Mrs. Lal.onde, Mr, Samson, Mr. Bocko, Miss Smith, J. Winne, B. Klein, P. Schram. Third Row: R, Artz, J. McDevitt, R. Conley, P. Guidry, C Blackstone, S, Murphy, R. Cross, D. Reichert, M. Slotnick E, Moore, B. Prindle, -x PUNCHINELLO PLAYERS Curlain calls, grease painl, rehearsals, loof- lighls, applause,-'rhis "Punch", Since member- ship in "Punch" is limiled, candidales are chosen on lhe basis ol abilily, as well as inleresl. lmporl- anl laclors in selecling lhe members are qualify and lone ol voice, diclion. and slage presence. Throughoul lhe year Punchinello has had regular meelings every olher week wilh guesr speakers and one-acl comedies as enlerlainmenl. We have had a speclacular season sparked by our execulive commilleez Joan Clancey, Presidenly Dave Roberls, Vice-Presidenlz Janey Conboy, Secrelaryg and John Slysh, Treasurer: The year was highlighled by a sparkling performance of "I Remember Mama" under lhe capable direclion ol Miss lvlarlha R. Gales and sludenl direclor Barbara Klein. One of ils greal allraclions was lacully parlicipalion wirh srarring parls porlrayed by Miss Anila DeLegge and Mr. Anrhony Schepsis. Leading sludenl parls were played by Dave Roberls, .Joan Clancey, and Janey Conboy. Now radio and Television shows have been added 'ro 'lhe dramalic program and have lurlher proved all lhe versilalily of l'he mem- bers. Our year's aclivilies were climaxed by our annual Punchinello Banquel, May "Punch's" Spec- lacular success conlinue. f91 Front Row, Left to Right: Miss Hfggins, M. l-lali, L. Carville, P. l-larvey, Miss Gates. Second Row: S. Davis, J, Phiipscrn, J, Begraffy M. Metca F, C. Dadiey, J. Gastar- son, M. Savicv, C. Ztzner, L. Abrams. Third Row: J. Stysn, C. Hawks, J, Harter, S. Earl, L, Stappenbeclc, J. Ligrt, J. Sur- ridge, C. Prytherch. Fourth Row: P. Weiss, A, Wehnan, J. Dybas, D, Cole-'la, J. Cutter, B. Bates. DOMINO To our newest club, Domino, everyone extends be-st wishes for success in all its ventures. ltls main purpose is to provide for underclassmen a place for participation in dramatic activity. A+ each meeting, a one-acl play is presented, and the club plans to give two one-act plays for the public soon. This year the President is Leo Carvillet the Vice Presiclen'r,.Marge l-lall, Secretary, Pearl Har- vey: and Treasurer, Gloria l-lelieri. 55 0:4552 . For ihose who lilce to debate, this is the club. Al' each meeting, the members gel' plenty of prac- rice. Une oi the most important events this year was participation in the debate tournament al' l-lamilron College. Their luiure plans are to false part in a fri-school debate and to ioin the Nalional Forensic League. Serving as officers are: Presiden+ . .... ,.,.. R obert Bosticlc Vice-Presidenl' -.-fxnthony Shaheen Secretary .... -W Barbara Klein Treasurer U. -- Michael Sloiniclc DIINHAM DEBATE Front Row: Miss M. Maderer, J. Philipson, L. Ccnadi M. Slatnick, A. Shaheen, R. Bosticlr, B Keir. C. Hawks, Miss M, Gates, Second Row: Mi. A. Schepsis, M. Morris, D. Dresher, C, Backstone, C. Wilkinson, D. Sears, A, Daven- port, W. Smith, L. Savett. 7 Front Row: J. Stysh, S. Maurizio, J. Zayac. N. Berkeley, R. Kupiec, P. Malcushowslci, C, Mgllwaifi, VARSITY Vim, Vigor and Vilalify characlerize +he Ufica Free Academy cheerleaders. Under 'rhe capable direclion of Miss Johnson, lhe girls direcl school spiril and spur leams lo vic+ory. By sponsoring lag day The cheerleaders secure funds for uniforms and fraveling 'ro ouf of +own games. IIINIDR VARSITY Front Row: P. Heller, J. McCabe, B. Jones, S. O'l-lava. Second Row: G. Williams, M. Roth, F. Rizzo, M. Primarolo. 941 Front Row, Left to Right: W, Gum nialc, R. Morse, M. A, Krupa, W, Haines, C, Doty, J. Rizzo, Second Row: A. Ccher, R. Sclwm dt, H. Fafcn L, Conadi, M. Jcres, B. Race, D, Carncrcss, E, Cousin. M. Mid, defer, K. Gabe, J. Emersor. C. Clwaoman, J. E. Haclcer, Third Row: H, Carlce, D, Bausman, F. 's Ga lfv. R. Bates, J G ard, F. Warmuth, D, McD:we , S, Beffhcld, N. Schmidt, E. Schioop, W. Do, e, W. Gnar, R. Uefscni. Fourth Row: C, Freeman, D, Mclvaney, R, Watkns, W, Hal, A. Jaicse icz. G. Jones, T. Dowd. D, Baum, E. Obernesser, T. Greece. F. Dasiali, N. Ferro, R. Gleba, B. W, iams. J. Sirnonefli. Fifth Row: R, Conlcfin C, Lynch. D. Race B, Lamb, D, Falion J. G'az anc. N. O Greene. J. Garvey, A, Manlredo, D. Szwarclcip, D, Albright J. Reed R. Pizer. E. Moore. I J, U llifllif' Y R '91 Q1 Under rhe mosr able direclion ol Mr. Hacker February six members, coached by Mr. Hacker, our band has performed among various audiences. wenr +o Buffalo +o play in The all Srafe High School Hiqhlighlinq our loolball games was 'rhe band Band, composed of fhe besl' high school musicians which presenled various picluresque forrnarions. ln in lhe 5+a+e, Nz 5 iq X BAND 951 961 Front Row Lett to Rlght B Tournay J Russell J Klein B Groszelc R Smoczynskr J Ashcrott D Grlbrde P Proctor N Berkeley J Gleba N Chromczalr Second Row M Gallagher C Zftzner L Khoury P Kunlcel A Kemp L Stappenbaclc B Couse J Putney L Hume E Slverman P Ru yt e r ow ss L Karcher M Cltrc C Whyte M Phllpson M Hamln C Schm J. Sllv stri. Thidk :M' J. . , .,,, f, , 'l , , I, . idt, SJ , 4 l , , uyck, , rl ,, ton. ones M Ste ton N H R Wllams J Star- How bout thus Mass Karcher OK7 Huh One ot the members ot the new Art Servrce Club has gust hopetully trmshed a poster tor Student Councnl electrons or a sports actrvrty By orovrdrng trme and a place tor those IU art Presudent Vuce Presudent Treasurer Secretary classes to assemble we endeavor to present to the students the taculty and the public clever unex pensive posters and art worlr whuch develop the rndnvndual creatrve ability and style that charac ternze good artusts Jam Ashcrott Brll Groszelc Janet Klein Ruth Smoczynslcr ART SERVICE GUILD X Y Spar fd rent Row, left to righi: S. Murphy. C. COUJKJWN C. MUJJGV fMqr.J, Third Row: P, Carey, N, MontamareNJi, R, Gete W, Spatuzzw, G. Mawer J, Zwmdafi R. Conklm, H- AJVWGSV A. Chmscickl M. Barf D. InqersoH, R, Schdtz. A. Dx Nlqro R, Mustard, M2 Jwsal IJ-V COGCJWJ. Second ROW! MV- C. Scaramdzz vc. Fourth Row: Mr. Co'Jms ILwne Coachl, J owdski Hires' Ccachl. R. Wkfman, A. Dorrws, R. WGJYGVS. Lwqas L. Cawfe R, Bmgess, N, Pensero M. Rutkowskw, A C Bwton, C. Bass, J. Long, D. DyJis, J, Perretta M, Finney Cufps, R, Mwgwgki, Mv. Guest! H-Jead Coachl, .-Get khat bam' .-wha A new ,ff QQ Bk X' v MSW' J This years feam showed a grear im- provemen+ over rhe +wo previous ones. Using lhe deceprive "T" formarion, fhe boys worlced hard and showed good sporls- manship, lhe spirir and slamina needed ro win ball games. S+ar'ring +hree years ago wi+h a green ream, a new head coach and a relalively new formalion, each 'ream has been a lillle befler lhan The one before if. ln l952 we won almosl hall of our games while only one learn was able lo deleal us by 'rwo louchdowns. ln lhe first game of lhe season a spiriled UFA 'ream lriumphed over a wealcer Fullon eleven I9-6 al McConnell Field. Again on our own ground we played Walerlown buf were defealed II-6. The nexl weelc al Oswego The speedy UPA leam romped +o an I8-O viciory. On Oclober l8, Whiles- boro pulled a mild upsel by downing us 9-O. Nexr Auburn scored 'rwice in +he lour+h period +o win I3-O. Then rhe Rome- UFA game was a loss-up buf lhe Ufes managed To edge our 'rhe Romans 6-O. ln +he lasl game of lhe season a favored Procfor l-ligh had a rough lime in bearing UFA 6-O. UFA was aided lhis year by a fasl mov- ing baclclield and a sfrong line. Players such as Pensero, Curlis, Barr, Chrusciclci, and Burgess were oulsfanding fhere while Johnny Zimdars lurned in many fine per- formances ar lefr end. UFA Fulton . . UFA Watertown UFA Oswego . UFA Whitesboro UFA Auburn . UFA Rome . "A mad scramble." "Out of bounds." "Where did he go?" "Out of my way!" Where is the ball?" Cr' 510 ,K V'- J-Ill v... i ' -. 5 V ' 0' ' 4 . A .Y n. f. l . ... I in ,. ,. VAA -,KTA A .4 A gow 'Y it ' .2953 ATT 'gsgvqtgrq . K ' i J if Q . .n -P Air: A, 3 - . A is Q il-' Stal' g .- W'lrfr',.'df'v4 'ii' ,E ,H ,1: ,, qv . J, . we his ffv fl Q? WW l l T Kneeling, left to right: R. Marcwski, R. Polera, J. Shaw, W. Collins, M. Bam JA Mills! J' Cadet G- Evans' W, Wime! R. Declcer, C, Bass, L. Brown J. Nat'el'a. Standing: Coach Gefek, Mgr, R, Gleba, iN, Pensero not presentl. The i952-53 baslcefball season was a good one for lhe Ulica Free Academy varsi+y ream, winning Jrhirleen oul of sixieen games. Under lhe coaching of Mr. Fred Collins, we capfured 'rhe Cily Championship, Cenlral Oneida League Championship and were lied wi'rh Oswego, and Waferlown for lhe C.I.C. lt's anybody's ball now! Beautiful shot! 1001 A+ mid+erm, U.F.A. losf 'rhree players, Norman Pensero, Joseph Naliella, guards and James Carler, cenler by gradualion. In +his heavily scoring 're-am Clarence Bass led wilh 3II poin+s while Norman Pensero followed wilh IS8 poinls. Allhough U.F.A. had previously beafen R.l:.A. lwice in season play, ihey pulled a maior upsel by delealing us 5I-4I in Jrhe lirsl round of lhe Class A B, Seciion lll, I953 Open Baslcelball Tournament Get rid of the ball. F an . ,.,.,.,,,,,,,,, -nuts, L Wl-,efe is the ball? Dcn't just stand there, Bean! Was it a good shot? TEAM RECORD U.F.A. OPP- U.F.A. Opp- 69 Fulton ,. .... 24 48 Wnitesboro ,. 47 64 St. Francis ., ..,, 39 64 Sf. Franck .. 56 61 Watertown .. .... 55 55 Proctor ,, . .,, 51 72 Auburn .. . 47 62 U. C. A, 70 69 Proctor , . . 54 53 Rome ..., . . . ., 45 48 Oswego . , 4, , 63 51 New Hartford . ... 65 64 U. C. A, ..... ..,. 5 8 54 White-sboro , .. 33 61 Rome ., .... ..., 4 1 4T Rome , . 57 60 New Hartford . ,, 39 BASKETBALL 101 Front Row, left to righf: Mgr. J. Cutler, F. LaGose, W. Farnholtz, W. Warrnuth. W. Matt, R. Greene, R. Durgee. A. Dorris. Second Row: Coach Grestl, Loomis. L. l-leitz. T. Nicol. J. Bfclc, D. Swarclcop, W. Smith, J. Klein. A. Damslcy Not Present M. Halpern, T. Redmond. Playing Proclor, Whilesboro, Rome each lwice, Ulica Free Academy bowlers placed lhird in The Cenlral Oneida Bowling League. The boys who made up This year's learn included Nelson Large, Douglas Weaver, David Jasinslci, Ronald Glall, William Wrighl, Allon France, Roberr Dziedzic, and James Klinge who was high scorer for lhe season. Left to right: Dave Jasrnslci, Douglas Weaver, Nelson Larqer Robert Dziedzic, James Klinqe. 1021 P. BDYS' SWIMMING Top: Nice dive. Boitom: Last one in is a . . . BDYS' BOWLING SCORES U.F.A. Opp 48 New l-lartlord . 27 27 Rome . .. . . . . 48 32 St. Francis . . .. 42 43 New Hartford . 32 38 Rome ,,..., ,. , 37 32 St. Francis . , 43 Marcia McQuade as she appeared in "I Wonder as I Wander." MODERN DANCE Abou+ lilly girls under lhe supervision ol Mrs. Mary Desiderio learn dancing slcills which laler may be used in lhe choreography of original dances. Members assisled rhe UPA A Capella Choir on rheir lelevision program December I4, I952. Marcia McQuade was lealured in a solo, "l Wonder As I Wander" and Jill Senior, Sue Moore, Edilh Fried- lander, Ann Leone and Donna Magendanz accom- panied 'rhe "Cherubim Song" wilh an original dance. On March ll, l953 a square dance +earn from UPA demonslraled lheir slcills al fhe recrealion counsel al 'rhe Slafe Universi+y lns+i'ru+e. The leam included Sue Moore, Donna Magendanz, Marcia McQuade, Jill Senior, Richard Parry, William Amrhein, Sluarf Murphy, and Ralph Schmidt In April members of lhe group parlicipaled in lhe annual Spanish assembly. The flash of 'rhe colorful coslumes and lhe rhylhm of lhe Spanish music crealed an a+mosphere of gaie+y. Looic Ma' l'm dancin' W ,ff--' ++ ' K Racing with ihe moon. Reaching for the stars. X . 103 51043 Some lorry girls were chosen ro malce up +he of Mrs. Mary Desiderio, concenrrared on diving, inlermediare and advanced swimming reams ar speed, and rhyrhmic swimming. The inrermediare Ihe Urica Free Academy for rhe I952-I953 season. group, under rhe direcrion of Miss Barbara Each weelc we meer ar The Y.W.C.A. The advanced Johnsron, learned rhe essenrials of swimming. group, meering on Wednesdays under The direcrion Look out below. GIRLS' SWIMMING Front Row, left io righi: Virginia Price, Pat Fahy, Odelia lmhori, Second Row: Sandra Megualey, Rosemary Nath, Mer- rrum Thomas, Carol Berger, Nan Leary. Third Row: Betty Daniels, Carol Doty, Phyllis Szczerba, Janice Sacher, Sue Moore, Jill Senior. Fourth Row: Phyllis Slirzewslci, Beverly Abraham, Gladys Grunert, Donna Magendanz, Judy Philip- son. Dorothy Dill. Fifih Row: Mary I-Iamm, Terry Adler, Mary Daly, Shorty Whyte. Foreground: Eleanor Pietras, Geraldine Dorsenslci. Background, left to riglri: Jackie Schafer, Laura Gimelli, Peg Liebing, Christina Golaslienski, Maureen Raymer, Ann Julian, Pauline Carboni, Anne Rimiller, Carol Doty, Rosemary Metzger. This year, rlrie primary goal of girls parlicipafing ! in fumbling was lhe formafion of original pyramids using slunfs learned in class. Various combinarions crealed many unique pyramids, bu+ finally, +l1e group above was judged flre besf. MENS' PHYS. ED. DEPT. WDMENS' PHYS. ED. DEPT. B. Grestl. F. Collins. J. Jursalr. M. Desiclerio. A. Wright, B. Johnston. K 5105 GIRLS' BASKETBALL If I had the wings of an angel! 1063 Foul Shot. Competition for the "Harlem Globetrottersn. This year sixleen leams came our for baskelball. The lop Team played Clinlon. Whiresboro, New l-larlford and Procior. The girls Junior 3 learn which won lhe inlramural lournamenl' were Winnie Haines, Caplainp Belly Galfney, Jo Anne Aclsii, Connie Griflifh, Janel Brown, Georgelie Johnson, Maureen Bouziden, and Dol Darrigan. The only senior 'ream in compelilion consisfecl of Barbara Jablonslci, caplainp Dorolhy Spaziani, Joan Mundinger, Mary Ross, Mary Ann Boyle, Carolyn Lux, Shorly Whyle, Pal Burlcerl, and Nancy Nugenl. Sporls days were held af New l-larlford for Junior and Senior leams and af Whilesboro for +he Freshmen and Sophomores. The season was successful in 'rhe salislaclion and enioyrnenr The girls had in developing learn worlc and skill. li few 9 ily l ill f . 1 L F A XJ all - What form' Acfuve un bowlung lhus year were eughfy gurls all under lhe Amerucan Junuor Bowlung Congress wulh Mass Anne Wrughf as unslruclor From +he gurls bowlung al Sunsef Alleys on Thursday aluler moons Pal Thoman was chosen manager of fhe group and Paulune Pole assusfanf manager Suxleen capfams were chosen Fourleen 'reams began a fournamenu' on Oc+ober 9 I952 and conhnued un'rul Easier The gurls on 'rhe lop leam whuch won fursf place un fhe Bowlung Congress were Jean Tencza Janeu' Kanas Gladys lvlaczed Barbara Krulcas and Paulune Pole The gurls on fhe ucursf 'rhree +eams were presenfed wufh sulver puns from +l'ue Bowlung Congress The +op ren bowlers who played ofher schools were Pa+ Thoman Paulune Pole Janel Karas Pal' Youmans Wunnue Haunes Barbara Krulcas Janel Owens Jean Tencza Marulyn Jones and Rosemarue Ruenharcl+ On Salurday March 28 l953 'rhe fwo lop 'reams compeled un fhe Arnerucan Junuor Bowlung Congress Nahonal Tournamenl GIRLS BOWLING Tuma out for ras! Pin boys! on Guard! 107 w Jfgvgh , K Mr K , ifg.?,i5:. M rx, X. - b Rf" ' X. H, . Q A- fi yi -'Elin ' I ,Z T- 11,5 M . ' i,4, 'ff' 4 ' S , , I I . 5 ,rj A iviyige A- 1. g g - Q 4 4, '75, Q- - 'N--. QQ, N. .1-.3 -5 K 5 15555 sl , K ' ,Vu 'ff?"'i" uf' . rw' f ' k' - 5 wgff .. - T .., , , 3, Q. Q AQ K K 3 ra, .. ' vsp Aw - 25- 19 . . Ax 2 - A , 'f 8. 43 W 'fqfgl w+':ff15 1 LM ' If ' ' Subs f . ,t :X ,A . tilt ,. W . asm K A . r i?ri2f2',if mf 'QM N F' 3 itzggfm 'WK QM 'Bws 1 Row Ift to rlghf J Lght M Barr C Burton Bur on J Dowd R Getek F Getek Second Row Rondunelh R Weust T Dobrensk1 F Gumm ak R Murdock J Z1mdars D Ingersoll J Heck Thlrd Row Coach Gresfl R Polera T Zacarolu A Bucholtz W Wehrle J Franz P I 2 ,Lt V A K, , gl' 5 EW. L F ' A 1 1 , A I f' 84 'T , 'Z ' A rl :A r 5 5 ff K , A l X' NB 1 , ' A F'rst . e ' : . i . . , . , R. if V' 1' 3g T A 6 - - - - 3 ,,.,.........,.. . 0 . . - D 3 .,A..,A......,.,........ 2 ' , 1 ..,.....,..,.,.........,, o Q - ' 6 ,,,..,.,....... A .. 4 - 3 ' ......,,...,..,..... o ' " " - 2 . ' .,,...,,,...,........ o - - - - - IO ..,....,...........,... 6 . . 4 ..A...4........,.,..,.., I2 , , ' I2 ...........J.4,.,........ 5 h 1 ,,.2.,.....,...... 5 - - - 3 .........,,2.1..,.,,...... 1 , ' , ' ' , 3 ' ,,..,2, 3,...,13..... 5 - I 7 ' .......1.3.3.,..,... 6 - ' ' - B A ,,..1.6,1.,..6.,.,,. ., 9 , ' ' 8 . ' .,,. ..... 3 ....,, . 0 1' 1 ' ' ' 2 ,,.. 5 ' . 76 60 Burke D Roemer Mgr Not present R Levy The Uhca Free Academy baseball Jream fnmshed 'rhe l953 season w1l'h eleven wnns and fnve losses The Gresllmen won The Cenfral Onenda League Champnonshup and hed Proclor for fhe C1+y League Champ1onsh1p In fhe play off game Procfor de feafed UFA 52 and permanenfly clanmed +he Duck MIX Memorual Trophy Mnke Barr was chosen The 'rop man and re ce1ved also a frophy from fhe D1ck M1x Assocuahon as fhe mosf valuable player m 'rhe Cary League Olher ou+s+and1ng vererans of las? years ream were Rncharcl Burfon Raymond Levy Fred Gefek Charles Burfon Bull Wehrle Frank Gummuak Tom Zacaroln and Ralph Polera New 'ro fhe Academy none were Joe Heck Roberf Wuesf Roberf Mur dock R1chard C-Befek John Dowd Theodore Dobren Skl Jack Lughf Pa+ Vurke and John Franz who also confmbufed fo fhe successful season Wi UFA UFA UFA UFA UFA UFA UFA UFA UFA UFA UFA UFA UFA UFA UFA UFA Total BASEBALL VARSITY BASEBALL SCORES Holland Patent Proctor Rome New Hartford Wh1tesboro St Franc1s UCA Proctor Rome New Hartford UCA Herk1mer Whutesboro Herlumer St FFGDCIS Proctor Another trophy, Al! f T Utica Free Academy opened its i953 'rrack season by winning the Class A, Section lll Relay Carnival for the fiffh consecutive year. ln the first dual meet of the season the Utica cindermen romped over Gloversville 62V2-4IV2 for the second s+raigh+ year. The Uticans won the second dual meer with Nottingham, 6226-32Va. The Academy 'rrackmen captured eight of eleven events, six running events and two field scores. Next in the Utica Invitational Track and Field Meet UFA placed second to Watertown with 3426 points to their 43. Watertown also won the Section Ill Track and Field Meet by nosing out UFA 43-39. In the Central-Oneida Track and Field Meer at Rome UFA walked off with the honors by defeating Rome 4-4-36. In the next dual meet, Rome upset UFA 53-SI, as the UFA relay team lost for the first time this season. In the Central lnterscholasfic Conference Meet at lvlurnane Field UFA again placed second to Watertown 60-37Vz. ln the City Champion- ol-Qi Nice win, Norm. VARSITY TRACK ship Meer UFA defeated Proctor for the fourth consecutive year 6BV2-35Vz. ln the State Meet at West Point UFA's Allen Berger captured a second in The IOO yard dash and third in the 220 yard dash. All in all +he Academy's cindermen took their share of honors. ,J First Row, left to right: R Deuel, R. Kelly, Le R. Marsden, M. Rutkowski, W, White. A. Berger, A. Dorris, J. Dybas, J, Pritchard, W. Farnholtz, A, Joslin. Second Row: G. Hamm, H. Silverberq, R. White, R. Roth, R. Brown, F. Bashart, T- D'Aprix, A. Holt. R. Jones. J. Killingsworth, D. Szwarckap, Third Row: R. Murowski, R. Sobel, A. MGSSOUJ. P. Loomis, T. Dzik, S, Colle'a, J. Green, S. Brown. Fourth Row: J. Cutter, Mgr., S. Parker, T. Brown, J, Voss, C. Bass A. Clark, R, Stuttard, C. Brown, F. McBride, L. Fulton. Mr. Jursak. Coach. GIRLS' SPORTS 1' Fore! Where are the top-hah? Tough game. This is how ii is done fi 7 Q Girls' Sports Association k Copy-Cats ff Sh o 'fi L. Savetf. Principal 555, 'X . . L ' mi' A. Rueda. Sr. Counselor M. A. Gerrish. Math. Instructor 2- ie? 1?-22 fy E41 J. Conboy, Jr. Counselor SENIDR DAY Eighl' fhirfy-five, April 22, found Larry Savell' occupying 'rhe principal's office ready fo carry out Mr. Calhoun's dufies, while Beverley Rosenberg in I2l served as Assislanl Principal, Mr. Perkins' usual role. Across fhe hall in ll4 Anna Rueda held forlh as Senior Counselor and Jane Conboy as Junior Counselor. S+uden+s became feachers on "Turnabou1' Day" filling rhe various facully posfs-from lhe Science Deparlmenf fo 'rhe Physical Educafion Deparlmenf. Under The ioinl direclion of Miss Ligas, adviser, fy X . S W . 'VII' A " ,f,u!. 11524 A 1 Q? . and Kay Abraham, chairman, "Senior Day-l953" was an unqualified success. , . .VJ psig! W. Smith. Chem. Instructor K. Abraham, Ec. Wld. Instructor S. Braverman receives Junior Award. S.C. 1954 Omcers - G. Bienkowski - Trees.. M. Philipson - Sec'y. R. Sturr - Vice-Pres., P. Cardamone - Pres. Outstanding athletes. N. Tallman winner of Girl's B. Rosenberg and V. Bolrhan Athletic Award. if 0 Science SCIENCE .ge S.C. outstanding Senior Award - V 'anvil M. Pavesef R. Schmidt. K Stu e 0ouncH S.C.'s outstanding member for 1953 - C. Gibbons a'brewing. D. Cutter. N ' H ' S ' N.H.S.'s new members. Mayor Golder - guest speaker. Surprise for Miss Maggiolino. WOO WJ o- o-- S-1-1. 0...- O'-' a- A WKHBYRV Botng. B ' gy, ' ds- 3' Ha N-New "Marilyn Monroe and Betty Gm ble!" I1-if Toni Trio - F. Jones, E. Peterson. S. Brody. 5 .1 i B 4 r "HaloIoke" Lane. f E? A 3 n 'Q L af V' f J ? N ' ' H r r The Mariners - J. Clancey, K. Monsees, J. Stysh. L. Bennett. BANQ s L. Fbwms' 0. W' ' ,gh Journalists' Jubilee. Hr 3 F3 gnc' ol vom fwa Press Gluh An G. 0.lL S. P u n c h I n e I I 0 Upson Contestants J Conboy T Raynor M Gates Mr and Mrs R Gunther UETS A Gapella Wunnars S Chant R Goldstone is A Cappella on stage if Tunung forks 3 ri 3 'Q xg M Jay. M Lally S Murphy A 1 -o m 'O i t l . fs ' t if 3 2 f In ' T r I 5 s A H at t -H 3' I I M J ' HQ . Qt fi 'v V is K' xi FRI DAY Margaret Collins .. Nancy Willard Parker Burnett .... Augusta Ames .... NIGHT ... . .. .,,. Sabre Jones ... ...Jane Conboy .. .Norman Roswiclc .. .,.. Joan Clancey Charley Stewart 4... ......,... V ictor Bokhari Nathaniel Coombes Officer Morrison . Irv ,,.,..... Rocky ..,..,,.. Ambulance Driver Assistant Driver Gi Phoebe ... rl ........ .George O'Connell, Jr. .. . . . .Michael Slotniclr . . . .Richard Kondziolka . . . . . .Jay Nafiella ...Margaret Liebing , ..., Maureen Raymer . . . .Beverley Rosenberg M. Leibing. M, Slotnich, M. Raymer. C. Canter 7 Catherine Canter . . s. 1 . Backstage Crew, Front Row. left to right: D. Cooke. R. KondzioIIra,' J. Cluncoy, R. Reilly. Second Row: D. Reichert, M. Pavese, J. Natiolla, B.Rosonborg M. Raymer. Third Row: D. Bach, A. Julian. L. Raczynslci, I. Miller 25.3.5 .p l 3. i . ,S 4+ ues s.r ,.., .. ..,,..,.. . . . Mm.,..,: . .... . . f F - e "?k?!"f 1 -Wm fe rf, .sz f-f .qt u .V 4. fi 5 s 551 A . :..:. s x ' gg . .f ' K 4 EL 1 li , -H1 A xE.::s... GRRMEZRQIJP The spirif of '76 slallced our audiforium in 'rhe person of Nafhaniel Coombes af an all-school seance June 5 and 6. The Senior Class presenfed HGRAMERCY GHOST", a lhree-acl' fanlasy de- picling Ihe lives and loves of a Revolulionary specrer. S. Jones. V. Bokhan, J. Conboy, G. O'ConneII, N. Roswick SATURDAY NIGHT Margaret Collins .. . ,v., , . ,..Carol Vaughn Nancy Willard , Parlrer Burnett . Augusta Ames ,., Charley Stewart ,, Nathaniel Coombes Officer Morrison . lrv ..,,,,. ., Rocky . ,. , ,. Ambulance Driver Assistant Driver Girl ,... . Phoebe C- Vaughn- E- wln9bUf9l'- F- R. Murowsli. C. Lux, R. Schmidt Spence. J- Reusswiq c. nad. J. zanchsk, c. whyf. C5656 Confinuing a fradifion, The double casf, under rhe direcfion of Miss Marfha Gales, localized 'rhe Broadway To fir The scene-Ulica--an aufhenfic Revolurionary sife. Assisring Miss Gales were Barbara Klein, srudenr direcror, Dave Roberfs, producfion manager, and Judy Reusswig, promprer. A. Shaheen, C. Wehby. G. Wriqhf. C. Lux, R. Murowski , , .. , .Carolyn Lux , ,.Ralph Schmidt ,...Evy Wineburqh .. .Ronald Murowski , .Fredric Spence ....John Zinchalc .,...Gary Wrighl' , . . .Anthony Shaheen , ..,. Carolyn Tidd ,. . .Catherine Whyte ,ncatherine Wehby , Judith Reusswiq J. Garvey. C. Whitford, C. Blackstone fx ,I K' X U Y ,, U01 gm BSO Q0 X. Q Q Us 4 y x f 'N Q far Yfjklfiij by L w N, QM enlor Banquet- Coronotlon A Sf ff? JF t el lturbi 'Helen F1 H fL d Duet! 5 XX , ,i i ll ,Xl Th Th' P"'S end th 0 P nfessos, P . r' Cofdnation. is The Queen, hor spokesman, her consort e Queen's choir. Toasfmasfer .......... .... D ean Lane Sfar-Spangled Banner ................. Assembly Greefings ...................... Duncan Culfer Presidenl. Class of l953 Greeiings From The Board of Educafion ................ Dr. G. A. Nafiella Vocal Due? ......... Barbara Durr, Sluarl' Murphy Message To Class of l953 .... Mr. A. Ray Calhoon. Principal Reminiscences . . . .... Miss Rulh Milne, Counselor Piano Solo ....... ............. A rlene Cohen Remarks By The Superinfendenl ........ Mr. Rocco A. Lopardo Small Ensemble, Senior A Capella Choir ..... Mrs. Charlolle B. Williams Guesi Speaker .... ........ D r. Norman Nafhan Ulica College Alma Maier ........................ Assembly Accompanisf, Helen Rolundo Dancing unlil I2 ....... Don Fallon and Orchesfra 11 Y u-,nl I ' '- 85' A '11-A xg r fro: . f QV 'fir 3:7 , , . in 'Q R f -9 K8 Watch it. ihoy siain 9 .JJ Pomp and Circumsiance - bowed heads and irembling knees Marcia incognito 6 x, , 1 'bs w 4 " ,r I .7 A, x. ,B .f-1 V W 'I i Q. , 3 2 J 121 Come on! :. A daisy for a dandy 'L Last minute memories , Q-M , . -:Z 1 , ,Q , I , ,,. W,,. r 1 ,T , A x Y Time: 9:30 A. M., June 24, I'-753 Place: Corner of Hopper and Genesee Sfreefs Wealher: Blue slcy, snappy breeze, brighl sun While dresses, dark suils, noslalgic 'rhoughfs dominaled 'rhis lasl linlc belween sludenl and alumnus. To +he sfrains of George Wald's "Pomp and Circums'rance" we advanced in+o +he Slanley and solemnly look our seals. Mr. Philip Loveioy's humorous anecdoles in "Make Way for Tomorrow" reviewed lhe dufies we would have as members of sociefy, while Mr. Calhoun's charge was inspiring. To 'rhe or- gan's majeslic 'rones we filed across 'lhe slage 'ro receive our diplomas from Dr. Gerald Nafiella, Presidenf ol fhe Board ol Educafion. Only lhen came lhe lull realizalion fha? our four years had been wonderful. ll:'s all over U31 6 Supervision from the heights 141 D-0 Anticipeiion Jack "Lights" the way A shared happiness HI. 4 , One Enchanted Evening Before enche ntment One Enchanied Evening presenied by THE CLASS OF l953 of UTICA FREE ACADEMY in fhe U. F. A. Ballroom Wednesday Eve., June 24, I953 Dancing 9 io 1 lsn't it lovely? DQ 1 N if N iw 'X U Y -J W X X K N ThQ 9 X Y PfY f ,rv h ted D G X 1 I: N 7. PT I5 June graduate soon bride? Barbershop quartet MASTER S men U61 Mutt and Jeff Mon and Thurs 2nd perlod as assembly Planmng tomorrows luncheon Snow While Wanting for May? Looks like fun' Yr H . .. ' L f N J ' Er ' ' 1 f 5 Q . . "QL YW 4 f if - ilk' em ' 'vfdwfzkxzf i-3'-"V 'ere '-Irv:-1-i-:":f"-f. nf ':ws3.-- Azasfff "W :L "- ' . ',"" 4:Gif2'sa5.-nf' u,y:.:--f uf" '-fafifa ' -'-,-af-. .Z--..uf -uf-f -14.1 ..---:fn K- - - 1. . -1 Q. N- A - ' L:1,:b.-'.-s.44--"- 4'i1:1'Q'Q2- ' - '1-S3v""' 't-affix-Lz'Q5,1:f:53-Q4A ' -H '- w+ 'i V 'ii ' P , L+ ' f' Ei:-:ff

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