Ursuline School - Eidolon Yearbook (New Rochelle, NY)

 - Class of 1979

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Ursuline School - Eidolon Yearbook (New Rochelle, NY) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Cover

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H, by jx! -1 ga 4, 'Q A 'EI Z' 1 'f A ' J. ,, ' h A h 121 , if W Q V ,. , ,, , 71 1 3 A ew .. . , 4 W L il - . - wne5v'f'fz!"V v ' wwf! " KH!! 2 Q M -4 r k K 7. 7. -y - - , wk V .,-. , ,... ' VLQV V MW, - --f-'f gg:sfMgg1gq3g,,4 ,M-M Ml-g-li A,Q.Kg54g1Wf,mq w1wf,f5:11fvnrr,zw'wQi!!s:+::fff'w1f1 , VVKV Wig? " ' ' "1 1 jr' . V - . K H K , ,M 1 M ,. A .g'h' f df '-.. L 7i,,l.f'ffF'ffff"' 4 . A ' , , , - V 0 1 . , - fl' A 1 A iq M fm ,,', L W, ,, A Vw . , 1 ,Y .. Q W , , L j ,K A ., .MQ Jr K ly ,VJ , mg L A .W W ii gy' 'I' faiaf M 1?,?'.5:'3"?-W'1s35'.. ' N, -' L V 5 . M L Q12 n.,g-vM,?ff"4 J' W kg W Y f - - W ' I . , ,V ' ' 136 ,, .-H1 if f,,,L V - . ,, -K 4 A . , , "'WM'1w1g:lS5.z31x , . A Lx.. ,V , ,. Q "' -, " 'f-'5xs!2'ff'f?F?LI 'W ' 5 31 A' - I -A , M Q - w' Z 'f':'1l"fi-.,j"i A- , A 7 'f , 5 ',,,- "K' 'fx' ' ' WSW H., K .1 -n g, ., X' W C J-Q, 5 I 1 'XM 0 Q-Q' ,....X 'F '-:- x. X - ay . Lx.,x V A xii QW s N l M "'-qJg:3J,w,,.M. ..,, , A " U 6' K K M -Z ' X, kkvr X , if - A i c 'On . ,if Q ,WN A "K fl A 5. ii, , .31 1T5,h V M 'ifififi f ff , f,-QW, Sf- J, -av , h L Q, AM -- 5 . , ,X., ' A 5 5 4' L xfffilff Ifhxvdm' .i:..,n4""'Kx Q! M f F ' fT'f w--N1 .- 'Xw 8 " I I .ff ,QUT -. 4 Q -khrh . .,.. :WT 1 0 'af F f E ' 'S , 1 K. i 3 -- . 4 J . . - . ,M F ,- S i A X., A-N.. S k ,4- -Q-.....,,k C1 u"""' 5l'L'tar Uma 3 fcf.n,y,,f 5 ill-'S!2i2'S1.j9' 1 mi-he i W If 3 fillw? L .2353-:v'4 f,x,wH"'Q'wQ, . N. , .P V f i1 gXu 'XM 4'i?3,'g i 1- 3 S ww f RA . X . Af, w, Y -jfug' ,pk . igfQQ5e.z!if , A . A 1 251. 4 , , Q fs x A fy Q X tin I ' N 1 4. Lg 8.4 5 I .pil- fmmn-rv-.r-AN., Qlfdidil imliilv lulhohpllu ,, ,nn inhuman . smell an - J-'-"".2 an .A u..'.'i-"",,.-'1'.-1' ""h an fw.. .V .WV Q Q Y ins.-1 .-ki., - ' Q X 1 I - I E, .-ci But words are so confining, and sometimes the mind can't comprehend What a shattered heart is feeling from the parting of a friend. And there's no sound more disturbing than the silence when your goneg And there's nothing left to do, but ask for strength to carry on. v 3 Y' X9 0 G Vg Q , . x Qc iw is :K , k Wx N. Z Q ,ff f "?3'Qi3 i -.1 L-1 ,f X r -4 Q' 2 S? fix . X My i x 'Vick N.I"' X. vs , gk. swmoue wnsvcamessmuwuv IURWNW-inffwwnvius .uma ,W.. H. -mm-.mnwanf lmdQh1lQQvww:Ywmp w D'Nk5vw v - v-u-'li'iu "semiannua- "gunman U'-lv wwwagnn alma-wwmsunq K ualrnltombxa-Segsfl. - is 4 ..." 4-is vw usmr I Owl ff Qs xr esuvumsgmmfxvumuuavnw 6.,,9,M,,,.,,.,,- ,,,355w.1,-Qaqnwz, an-ww ,,.u,wmQN'u. wwnauonauswvwx- S,-..",,Lo-m .iiirwyfww '-f- anna: .lsuwmti . A ,A we -Q elif-udxvrf.. A l awww 5 wr an ' ' A ., ,N , I . . . .M'g,,,...M,....w M,:s:f"..':.- A35-.Q ,.,,,fR s -- is ,S Q A, W. sr Mun . ,im ,K au. A. 'Q' 'U 'ff' W an has vm F :Sim 5 4 " an-ww. D1 as qw :W "'9' ' ' Q w. wr lima wfgnve f-.hz mga. n a a mv if -fn umm gg xy v iw- Q-K u an sz l '-W' " mu S av. -ff uw 1 xv . is-uw A man Q. as M 1,1 v gig. Aww q M.. ww ' 1 'Quusw an 'Si' M. .4 -mx an 12 A on 13 Q sy! 3 .S W. 5 Fw ii., - 4, lu an 9 iam L' Kxswsllwsrv 1 D S'Kl5'iiA H-- rmmwnmv lx !i8!v.4:!2 lsxrsavl-s sa-as nahlnauemf Sklilhnw flushes. iagamzmlxw., klR3'lH N-auduuwaua klll? .-.......-..- fu X -., K Vyy, v 433, 'H if f ,ff j.v..,nww J . QM" ' Lf . .K J 'n 'a ' "Iv . T N v V 'iz , '. .A 'x , , ,X I I 3- P Y an 1 K . 5 4 'f 6525 WJ QI , ii A. g, hs? . D yu' 5 ' 1 . F A .599 f' .5 -A I R , 4 J 'li 1 k - Km... f . kk K 3 2' 5 1 , I . f I Eg..-,,f ll! nm lil II!! ,.v-W 1 W ' IE3'?Piu7fi1 . Q . ' V sz-2: .filgsiif'g:zg,,,fi6ZyIir f ' ' f K ,... , Q I- v -ft. IW f f ra iw: 'E if SES a ,Q gl 4' 4 st? X 352 .33 f Elf 5 Lib e i Y'--1, sf' vfxl Tw :Msn E8- an hw. I 91.4.9 Q "" s "4 s ss xxx k . 0 i Q 'qvsfewxn Q dwswwnr Q '4 Agmfxf. . 'imwfw uf, . if, Q "'ffms4'sex6fs . '4ssSrQ1aa Q 'draewxesun Q '4-figlsxkiff Q Q 'q Revs Q :X-www Q N-Q5 Q ,aff-"fu x ,,,,, 'iam mmfi Q K k '4amQ.gvaQ Q il V,..,g,,un Q .C .-agpfxwsi . ,f 'N-.....,.,..w....wU"" Q '-UQ, w,,xl-,xL Sr. Jean Baptiste Nicholson O.S.U. Principal 'Ca J MISS RAPHAELLA ALBANO MRS EILEEN BULGER Math Gmdance MRS VERA BOUTENEFF MISS LINDA CALABRO Language SCIENCE 'S- "Vx MRS JOAN BRESCIA SR HELEN CONNER Language Re11g1on MRS. KENLEY BRENNER MRS. SUANNE CULLIGAN Gym Science MISS CAMILLE DECANIO Librarian MRS. JUDITH DUFFY Art SR. IRENE ENGLISH Math fir fi SR MARY ELLEN FOSTER English SR MAURA ANN FREDRICK Math FATHER DENIS KEANE Religion MISS LINDA FIORILLO SR. STASIA I-IOLOHAN English Guidance 2' fa ii X ,f ' -rv ,L I A 9-. K, 'jp M xi' 1. S' 22' 1' .Nw ,T r 5'5" I? G I f ,Q 'if' fx ? 6 .FW ' x, "' 'if' 12" I I gy Q J X 1'- X MRS VIRGINIA HOPKINS MRS RUTH KGN Hxstory Language SR EILEEN KELLEHER MISS LUCY LETTERA Enghsh Math 43" 'N-.-.-ff JUG.. MRS JANET KELLEHER MRS MARY LOVELESS Busmess Englxsh MS ELIZABETH KINIZING Gym SR MARY JO LYONS Engllsh fy h x., Q. I, T MRS. MARGARET MACNEIL MRS. MARY JANE MCCANN Religion Parenting SR. ELEANOR MALONEY SR, JANET MCDONALD Math Religion X ex L. SR. MARIETTA MARINAN MRS. PATRICIA MEYERS Guidance Department Math SR. ANN MAYNARD MRS. AIDA MIELE English Nurse I 'NA "ll"""?k N--L MISS IEANNE MORCONE MRS MAUREEN O'BRIAN Hlstory Relxgxon ag.. SR AGNES NEVILLE SR KATHLEEN O'CONNELL Enghsh Lac Guldance 3,1 A SR THERESA NOEL MRS LINDAO CONNER Sclence EI'lgllSh and Hi51ZOI'y SR. ST. MATTHEW NORTHROP MISS MILAGROS PENA Science ' Language I I '- i X .- s X ,f SR LAURA ANNE PRIMEAU Language SR MICHAEL RYAN Guldance Department SR CAROL RANGES MRS MARY SCARELLA Commumty Servlce I-hstory 'lqxsn MRS MARY RIVIELLO SR GRACE SHOI-IPI Language Language Lac X2 X SAAS wee Y MRS. BEATRICE ROBERTACCIO English MISS SUSAN STANLEY Gym I MRS EILEEN SUPPES MRS JEAN TROTTA Library Social Studles Lac M MRS MARCELLA SYRACUSE . RUTH ANN TULLY Religion Guidance 11" 'Nat' QLD MRS. ALICE TAYLOR MRS. DENISE WADE Ass. Vice Principal Science MISS BETH THOMPSON SR. DORIS T. WALBRIDGE Art History 'X x 'VN SR. MAUREEN WELCH SR. JOAN WOODCOME Religion Vice Principal IX,- MRS. SHARMAN WHEATLEY MISS TERESA WRIGHT Art Science Office Staff: MRS . HELEN TONEATTO MRS. . BETTY FITZHARRIS MRS. MRS CHRISTINE MCCANN MARY LOU MCCARTHY .WK - "EDDIE" MR. JOESPI-I VELLERIO Custodian Custodian - - 493 my Nf- 6: 2' E Cafeteria Staff: MARIA DEPIANO LENA VICCARO SANTA FUMO EDITH CHIRICELLA ANNE CLAIRMONT V+- f ...., 'Yu' sew Q 5 WX It N X . , .. ,sk -1 'E If 9 Z My 1 S . -if 4 ...yy fi . ' H 1 gi A lv kk an e 3 1, 4' Q? ,- 4 .Ss .J f . 1 3 Jw- 1. V, CYNTHIA ARRED You, you have your own special way of turning the world So, it's facing the way that I'm going Don't ever, don't ever leave rne. Genesis fm ri g gg Qi x N S . s ' ii it .1 e t ff ELIZABETH AUGUSTIN The "silly question" is the first intimation of some totally new development. A.N. Whitehead SUZANNE BENZA I've been afraid of change cause I've built rny life around you - but time made you grow bolder even children get older and I'm getting older too - Fleetwood Mac 5,2 -' 5" 1 s- ig . . aii'3'F'f .- ... s gi x' 5 s X , is I 'Y .t Q li WS. MARY ANNE BLACKWOOD Though each man is unique he is less than himself if his uniqueness is not fullfilled through his part in the common goal. MARGARET BUDERWITZ All these places had their moments with lovers and friends I still can recall. Some are dead and some are living in my life I've loved them all. Neil Young...Freebird...P...arose...akiss... K.T .... l d0n't exist PLMFLKPELDSMMSKDD MCGJGAMJMJA4 SANDY BRUCATO One of the most wasted days is one in have not laughed. which you . .,- VK? Ng K I -,.i ,ss.4,qai3ll'iP CI-IRIS CAMPANARO STASIA CAMPBELL And I would turn the pages back but There's nothing noble in being superior to some time will not allow. body else - the only real nobility IS being superior The way these days just rip along to your former self. too fast to last Whitney M Young Sr tOO vast, too StI'OI1g. Jackson Browne ,::. is -..k K S s, . IOANNE CAMPISI Friends, yes we rnust ever be friends, and of all who offer you friendship Let me be ever the first, the truest, the nearest and dearest. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow N GINA CAPPELLI "I know tomorrow will still be the same, ' 'cause we've got a life of love that won't ever change . . HEATWAVE ELVIRA CASSONE I'm Sorry . . . I Forgot . . . the yellow ones. -.. , 'N X. LISA CARDILE Memories from the corners of my mind, misty watery colors, memories from the way we were. Scattered pictures of the smiles we left behind, smiles we gave to one another of the way we were. Can it be it was all so simple then or has time re- written every line. If we had the chance to do it all again, could we, would we memories . . . -gi I W ..,, 15 fl fav , ..,, ' SQ . .R .,. 0 2-'Si KATHLEEN CI-IARLA PILAR CINTRON Don't walk in front of me Live Everyday as if it were your last because one I may not follow day it will be. Don't walk behind me I may not lead just walk beside me And be my friend. CAROLYN CLEMENZA You give but little when you give of your pos- sessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truely give. Kahlil Gibran .. Vrkr ' ffi ii f - so g ,. . "N, af 2 .s 'G- rp' 1. MARY ELLEN CO1-IAN "poems, prayers and promises all the things that we believe in how right it is to love someone how sweet it is to care how long it's been since yesterday and what about our dreams and all the memories we've shared." John Denver -ui 'Wf- K' e - t 5. .,. . . :J KATHLEEN COLLINS To see a world in a grain of sand, to hold infinity in the palm of your hand. And a heaven in a Wildflower, and eternity in just one hour. R.U.Hi KIMBERLY CONWAY Smooth runs the water where the brook is deep- Shakespeare BARBARA COUSIN But I would Search everywhere just to hear your call And walk upon stranger roads than this one In a world I used to know before I miss you more. Afterglow KATHLEEN DARCY Thanks for the times that you've given me, the memories are all in my mind. "MAME", HBIRDIEH, "EDDIE", AMITY, IONA, LATE STARTS, YEAH HELLO, PARP, BEANIE, MISSY, BILLY B., CATS, UNCLE FREDDIE, L.D., PJ., I.D., KC., S.N., V.B., SL., N.Y.C. MARY DELASI-IO "Why must you waste your life away? You've got to live for today." I ,I LESLIE DEICH All the yesterdays were an experience which should be remembered . . . All the tomorrows are a mystery which should be fully enjoyed . . . TOCA! I in 2 ' f ,J iii SQ L 5' tx fl. 37 LINDA DELLICARRI KATHLEEN D'ONOPRIO Bless you wherever you are "Don't look behind you, Windswept child on a shooting star for it is only the past. Restless spirits depart Carry on ahead of you and Still we're deep in each other's hearts "we" will be the future." PATRICIA EIGO We all admire maturity, selflessness and com- passion but no one is born with these qualities. Circumstances give us the opportunity to acquire them. It's not what happens to us, but how we take it that counts. x I JENNIFER PACA Thanks for the times that you've given mei The memories are all in my mind . . . Commodores PHYLLIS PARANQ Keep you feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars. ROSEANN PANTINO There can be no rainbow without a cloud and a storm. in Q v 2 1 KATHLEEN PARRELL We can never replace the hour of splendor in the grass, or glory in the flower. But grieve not, and yet find strength in what remains ahead. KIM FERRIS The present will soon be the past, for the past will hold all of my dreams and thoughts, which I will cherish forever. MARGARET PINK Wait a little while to welcome What you're after Give it the time to find its way to you And soon as you no longer try You'll turn and find it Standing by your side f MARGARET PINNERAN "I love to laugh!" Mary Poppins MARGARET FISHER A friend is one who knows you as you are- Understands where you've been- Accepts who you've become- And still gently invites you to grow . . . Thanks for the time and words. But most of all-thanks for the friendship.-CI-l8:MS X iria ..- PRANCES PIORE "Nothing great was ever achieved without en- thusiasrnf' Ralph Waldo Emerson GAIL FLANAGAN Make a wish and dream a dream . No matter how unreal they seem, tomorrow's beautiful and new and filled with dreams that will co me TTLIE. ska' Pl! X ,f K aes' COLLEEN POGARTY Friends I will remember you, Think of you, pray for you. And when another day is through I'll still be friends with you. LORRAINE PORENZA May God's blessings keep you always May your wishes all come true May you always do for others and others do for you May you build a ladder to the stars and climb on every rung And may you stay forever youngi NANCY FRAI-IER MARIORIE PROMAN The future always arrives a little before you're We got time to think of the ones we love ready to give up the present. As the miles roll away But the only time that seems too short Is the time that we get to play MARIE GOLD True friends are like diamonds, precious, but rareg False friends are like autumn leaves found everywhere. k,,, x 44 , 'fl 'Vwb JUAN GONZALEZ KATHRYN HEADEN Well, I've been afraid of changing 'cause I've built Friendship is Friendship my life around you. But time makes you bolder, Love i5 Love even children get older and I'm getting older too. It's great to have Friendship But even better to have Love. Thanx for all of it A., D., P., and "The Gang" dk-If .,,. DEBRA HOOGESTRAAT I Those who have the courage to act, find their horizons unlimited. X .W . V x 'A 3 I Ln..-.nm ...QQ- MAUREEN HUIVIPI-IREYS . . And if you have loved well then it will have been worth it and the joy of it will last you through the end . . Richard Allen RITA LANG It's a new horizon and I'm awakin' now Oh I see myself in a brand new way The sun is shinin' the clouds are breakin' The road is calling - Today is the day. Boston DENISE KEARNEY "What a long, strange trip it's been." 13" DEBORAH LARUSSO And since we're only here for a while Might as well show some style Give us a smile. J.T. PS. Always think of others first and you will come out ahead, Sunshine on the waters looks so lovely. "Bunny" at wt- X,J MARGARET LEAHY All these places had their moments, With lovers 8: friends I've loved them all. Pegleg, casts, SF, rain- bow, activities, Mitten, weather, JSTHD, altar, ZUF, Feelin groovy, IONA, affairs, Woo, How em- barrassing, popcorn, Mont, Proms, DD, Rings, Freebird, Beachy, Stifle! Dad, PBMFMSMMLDLK, Plays, parties, whiterock, pretty LAURA LEANZA I remember every little thing as if it happened only yesterday. "Meatloaf" gA' 'R ..Q4 -- ' ' mm.A g ZJA . A " DEIRDRE LITTAUER "Some day, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire." Pierre Teilhard deChardin ANGELA MAGISTRO "Yesterday is already a dream, and tomorrow is only a vision, But today, well lived, makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomor- row a vision of hope." YZ73 KATHERINE MACNIVEN You ain't seen nothing yet. Rf 47 MARYANNE MANIATIS "I slept and dreamed that life was beautyg I woke and found life was a duty." Ellen Sturgis Hooper Axis - SUSAN MANLEY I looked for my soul but my soul I could not see. I looked for my God but my God eluded me. I looked for a friend and then I found all three. Thomas Blake KATHLEEN MARTIN "Be humble and you will remain entire. The sage does not display himself, therefore he shines. He does not glory in himself therefore he excels." -N-of gm Qi ' s 1 me ANDREA MAURIELLO "Though I know I'Il never lose affection, For people and things that went before, I know I'Il often stop and think about them, In my life I Iove you more." SI-IEILA MCDERMOTT Some men see things as they are and ask why? I dream things that never were and ask why not? Robert F. Kennedy IANICE MAZZELLA "Life is what you make it." Xu A ,Qs AGNES MCERLEAN I have no preconcieved ideas of how life ought to be. I just take each day as it comes and hope that it takes me. Dave Mason p I LINDA MCEVOY It's a town full of losers, I'rn pullin' out of here to win. Bruce Springsteen DEANN MCGRATH You've got to get up every Morning with a smile on Your face and show the World all the love in your Heart and people gonna Treat you better. Your gonna find, yes you will, That you're as beautiful as you feel. Carol King lf' E W' EVE MCGRATI-I If I could save time in a bottle I'd save everyday like a treasure And then again I would spend them with YOU! I'll miss youg I love you! Good luck! MARNELL MCNAMARA Each happiness of yesterday is a memory for tomorrow. MAURA MCINERNEY We are capable of greater love than we know when we seek the gift of charity . . . and our compassion can conquer mountains. 3 15 ANNE MERCURIO They deem me mad because I will not sell my days for goldg And I deem them mad because they think my days have a price. Kahlil Gibran MAUREEN MICEK "Hey, hey, my my, There's more to the picture than meets the eye Neil Jung SIOBI-IAN MOLLOY Everyone I've ever known has wished me well Anyway thats how it seems, it's hard to tell. Maybe people only ask you how your doing 'Cause that's easier then letting on how little they could care. But when you know that you've got a real friend somewhere Suddenly all the others are so much easier to bear. jackson Browne gf if X ANNE MONS CELIA MONTELEONE Do not ever live for someone else. This does not say do not love themi, But you must live for yourself- Always proud, always beautiful . . . A.M.M. MARILYN MURRAY All my life's a circle And I can't tell you why. Seasons spinning round again The years keep rolling by, I look to the see Reflections in the waves spark my memory Some happy, some sad I think of childhood friends And the dreams we had Styx l'N.,,ri MARY NUCITO "Sudden call shouldn't take away the startled memory. All in all the journey takes you all the way As apart from any reality that you've ever seen and known." Yes PATRICIA O'BRIEN If I leave here tomorrowg would you still remember me. I must be traveling on nowg cause there's too many places, I've got to see. If I stay here with you now: things just couldn't be the same. I'm as free as a bird nowg and this bird you'll never change. Lynyrd Skynyrd GAIL O'NEILL Silence is the understanding of fools, and one of the virtues of the wise. Boileau KELLY QUIGLEY "Of poems, prayers, and promises And things that we believe in I-low sweet it is to love someone How right it is to care How long its been since yesterday And what about tomorrow And what about our dreams And all the memories we shared" john Denver CHRISTINE PEDI Remember the precious moments the laughter . . . the love . . . the tears . . the special people, Then move on and follow your dreams but never forget . . . those precious times LJ? W f T3 Z JULIA REISS LYNN RICCI Like the morning sun you come D0n't think it won't happen And like the wind you go. just because it hasn't happened yet Ain't no time to hate, LB Barely time to wait. All I want to know is Where does the time go? Grateful Dead TI-IERESA RODRIGUEZ I'd love to stick around but I'm running behind. You know I don't even know what I'm hoping to find Running into the sun. EW' 5 TERRY ROI-IAN "Never worry about where your going . . . As long as your on your way" x PANA SAID The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are going. Holmes MARGARET ROONEY A New Beginning Moe . . . Steelers . . . JB. Mass . . . Ir. the strip . . , 200sx . . . shedding tears wfLR . . . after the thrill is gone . . . Catarnont . . . Vin- cents CHCSLCO . . . jr. Ret . . . 2 A's . . . PfSzME . .. Ir. Prom . . . closet WXAS . . . Ryan . . . Sr. Ring Day . . .Vincents wfRain?? Datona please!! DSLB, Grad, Kr Prom I LUV U ALL, Thank you for being a friend but be on your way. is iuf! fl ZW' ff Q iffy ,Q . ,L ' ii gf ,., 9 ,,,,,,f'Y-., at pw? A LISA ,fn Sify Q My 1 iv 4 my Goodl morning yesterday, you wake up and times have slipped away, and suddenly its hard to find the memories you left behind. Remember? Do you remember the times of your life? , V s g-,JC M45 in ,q rfQt,:Qtg, I f- his ? A'-wg f ? ' ' is r f4'if-at t Q-Af 3 ' 1 ae .K . u , ANDREA SCELZA A "We must live in the present. If we dwell in the past, we will lose the present." 6 , Qs. 1 f A y BARBARA SCI-IRAPT I believe the future is only the past again, entered through another gate. ss A I e 'i y 3- Q CATHERINE SEARS MARY SI-IELLEY "Though nothing can bring back the Take your time-think alot Hour of Splendor in the grass or Think of all the tl1iI1gS Y0l1'V6 glory in the flower, we will grieve not, got, for you will still be rather find strength in what remains behind." here tomorrow but your dreams Wordsworth may not. i , fi 1 ' . gf l fi . Y 'i VT K iv it 1 BETTE ANN sPEL1oT1s T. Friendship is the comfort, the inexpressible com- fort of feeling safe with a person having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words. 'CV' 'QN- DGREEN SQUILLA Old friends cannot be created out of hand. Nothing can match the treasure of common memories, of trials endured together, of quarrels and recon- ciliations and generous emotions. ANNE MARIE STAUDT "I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints. The sinners have much more fun. You know that only the good die young." Billy Joel ALICE STEPHENS Love when you can, Cry when you have to, Be who you must, It's part of the plan. Await your arrival With simple survival, One day we'll all understand. I , gk 0 ,A . Pk: MARIA SUAREZ MAUREEN SULLIVAN Sharing our time Sharing our thoughts Sharing our laughter Sharing our fears May God share His heaven you and with me. xii, A 5,3-Xkwi 2 PATRICIA TEDALDI Remernbef that what you posess In life will be found at the Day of your death to belong to Someone elseg but what you Are will be yours forever. Van Dyke DIANE TITCH And as I watch the drops of rain, weave their weary paths and die, I know that I am like the rain, before the grace of you go I. Paul Simon CHRISTINE TOBIA I you love something set it free. If it returns to you It is yours to keep If it doesn't it never was. .k.f 1 .X We I xt JUDY TOTERHI I want to live I want to grow I want to see I want to know Iohn Denver IVIAUREEN TULLY There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. -:ra A9 A ANTIGONE TSAMPARLIS "God gave us our memories so that we might have roses in December. james M. Barrie 'TTS- SANDY TULLY STEPHANIE TURCO "We may never pass this way againg so I wanna Even if being together is only a memory, it shall laugh while the laughing is easy." be agmemory we will always have. , ' , , , ."A 5fl'5lj!'7 E L2 Z p7T2z,f,fLs ' ZQ1., 7514.65 ,MA ffiful cf7'1f4'cf if ECL 1 21,447 y,vl ma,fifLtQ. f Vbtgi , L5 f'?C,L U tail X0 fi rrssy fllfififf Mafia 741155 at yt,tfzz,Lvf1,c M ?wpu,f,r1s, ' Lia tw Q ol dm f L MU ve4,,f,, Little OL fs ff1lfC ,fmt essiftitqt - W1 E7UL1Mfff,Uf, f5Q,Z.a5s'tffl,L 'lwvcw fflM,wwirs1Lv1A UEEDA tfastiif 'f 'gbsicreffccgfflizfejclg thi 'lgaggzfge of timing 4 f-'1 , 1 ' ' N, f ,, q,wJeao,0f'o,f', gmc fi E, 11, L K VC LVL l f for rtftt L Cflfiftjf'-1-ff f UM it Erflflfjiil-9 X :ki xl flkffif' :luis , LL IL K flhA VL 4 it Ci ELLYJ ff6s21'L1UULf"r ffWf1MlM , x"'VE'bl L ,film 'Q Levi is lfL'L ACK 1 ,fl tcf JZ ryfl f 5 gseolf-ffl-E6 ci " EU, 111 V611 -' v , 1 1 g ,,...,y . ,r gnjlf fr! Lff-o3v.kj u, L L they-ga,rL51ysP ,346 DEQ of X 793 xiisvt.. 'frgtlcw A1 55 - Llifsi UJJ ANDRA VANCOTT Well I walk the road of life among the strong, among the weak And I ask them to the shortcut to the answers that I seek But it seems nobody understands what is and what will be Oh, the question of my childhood weave a web of mystery ELIZABETH WALSH If you do not understand my silence, you will not understand my words. .ie f MICHELE VITALIANO Loves does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction. f . J SHARON WATSON ANN MARIE WOLPE When it is it is it is it is When it is someone easier to easier to easier to easier to someone easier to cares speak listen Play work cares laugh. A friend is a person with whom you dare to be yourself You need not guard your thoughts or words with him. Your soul can be free-he understands. IEANNE WOODLOCK i 'QQ SW' . ...uv DONNA ZUKOVICH KELLI RUDOLPH "If the stars are in my corner I'll have love and laughter . . . This day belonged to me." EARLY GRADUATE MARJORIE VARRICHIO God wills that I reach heaven and He grants me the means. All I have to do is give my consent: to decide to walk the path the Lord has marked out for me and walk it well. Fr. James Alberione, S.S.P. ai,, i J .. 1 Y ,Wg J 55. 'H' . ,S I J ,1 'nf 6 s Q. Q. Q in 'SI' - f 'wwf 'H MRS. CULLIGAN'S HOMEROOM: lst row- T. Andrade, M.A. Cuariglia, M. Wiedar, M. Nyland, S. Cleary, I.. Cuneo, M. Vier 2nd row- C. McLoughlin, A. De la Guardia, C. Stella, A. Peloso, E. Pateras, A. Carley, M. Pierleoni, N. McAuliffe, M.A. Reynolds, 3rd row- M. McDermott, D. Calcagni, -, -, L. Caron, L. Mitchell, C. Griffin, A. Samela, A. DeLuca, A. Risoli, L. Innamorato, Mrs. Culligan 1-42 MRS. MEYERS HOMEROOM: lst row- J. Puglia, T. Ward, K. Burns, D. Coupe, M. Quartam, 2nd row- A. Nakamura, C. De- Simone, M. Giannone, W. Bisordi, B. Lovell, C. Costa 3rd row- Mrs. Meyers, M. Merritt, S. Ryan, G. Vidal, R, Bye, V. Whitfield, S. Robine, A.M. Brauner, K. Licata, G. Pope MISS PENA'S HOMEROOM: lst row- L. Giovanelli, A. Doherty, K. Phelan, 5. Black, S. Priore, I. Capasso 2nd row- C. Mee- nan, A. Quinn, B. Schaefer, K. Maloney, L. Cuneo, R. Mungo, 3rd row- A. Kelly, L. Giovanelli, R. Talbert, K. Heede, C. Rornita, C. Longo, G. Alleva, L. Recine, Miss Pena SR, MAUREEN'S HOMEROOM: lst row- B, Rooney, L. Egan, M. Delaney, R. Coco, B. Cold 2nd row- M. O'Friel, T. Ryan B. Gould, T. Faustini, D. O'Neil, R. Salvatore, T. Pugliese 3rd row- M, Bogen, I.. Castano, M.A. Sore, M.A, Scorese, L. Eng- lish, K. McDonald, P. Lent, N. Burrell N is 1 1 , Tin S ' fm Q E .j, 5 4 N i Q I .QL s 2 W ff . Tk' 'ish g . E Ii. Mah I ,zf:f.w,'. fu.-e gsfiv x ii -am . Q ifi l. "IH f il? -' 4 kff. 'Eag1:E. an , 1 A K mimi vw Q . .5 ' '-an. V. , My 4 51 f' 1 W M, M Vw , 'Nw 'ff ffl? 1,499- A4 5 zzgiaf All I i'QQg1' C'.LCaxhusg L, Delltfifrto, B. LanLfrces'fe17,LK. Sive1exxy, Walgh Le9Q'fS,iIQ. W6Q3dfiffQz3:M. f,aCr8ca C. Santiizosg MJ. M851gh8Y,AM. Cleary, C. Papa Grd row- R. Rxjdriquez I.. Loveiessg Kp Toianj M.f1-Iertifigj MQ Min1ke4Abrev, 3 ShimiZu,VE. DE Ryierpm, Mf1!CGRE,LS.'LOffgQ K m ' , g " L, ' ' , m v 1 ' i L my l .lui X Ellll fa ,nw d,.?i.N. .-.fvsqqim ff in lst row- C. Mclean, J. Dowhanick, K. Garten, C. Mosquera, K. O'Brien, K. Mclnerney, D. Mair, L. DelPriore, P. Gonzalez, 2nd row- H. Baglantzis, I. McDermott, D. Curtin, 1. Furey, J. I.oPresti, M. Tobin, K., Zuannelli, K. Sullivan, Z. Alonzo 3rd row- S. Molloy, G. Camus, M. Levesque, C. McCabe, R. Flanagan, K. Shelley, M. Grant, D. Minchillo, L. Hew, 3. Szabo, E. Dihdarzo, S. Dilfrisco, L. Maguire, A. O'Neill, MB. McGrath, R. Voli 1 K . .L 121: -a . f 1,iL Lixz 3 Q x S -i N, X 1 . . 1 ff . 'k M fi ,Zi ,, , Sig S fm. E A A X .5 5 f . kh 3 V ' 1 f w g ' ff-U Q . . , ..- . -' .. . f if V , Y Ni I 1 M- NQWNJSP 'fs gt F1 -467 SR. ELEANORS HOMEROOM: lst row- C. Rooney, J. Lunclie, M. Mclver, S. Curtler, K. Bresnan, B. Follett 2nd row- K. Clune, A. Capasso, S. Kelly, j. Provetta, L. Ferone, K. Martin, K. Mouracade 3rd row- M. Sxcxlxano, A. C-oclsey, K. Ambrose, A. Quarles, M. Cox, J. jenkins, K. Bisconti, S. Santucci, D. Parker, Sr. Eleanor WV wmv V- K Willa? -VVL WM M471 . . ..,,, A.. . An, ,,,,, W. . . gr , .ww K r v .W A j K. ,,A, , I , if ,fn HM A ,, ... w... it - ."' . .. ".. A 1 , .,.. r... A T . MISS KINTZINGS HOMEROOM: lst row- C. Reilly, L. McCarthy, M. Boulstad, F. Lanoe, MJ. Devaney, L. Calderazzo, C. Sausto 2nd row- E. Miressi, S. Harriot, M. Parrelly, K. Gascione, R. Allessi, C. Fiorillo, D. Toneatto 3rd row- D. Greco, A. Costello, C. Kantar, C, Smith, A. Madden, j. Willis, A. Charles, T. Neil MISS LETTERAB HOMEROOM: 1st row- M. Biscoglio, J. DiPietro, M, Flanagan, 5. Fay. J. Stephens, P. Molloy, L. Orsi 2nd row- M. Polachi, C. Bayd, A. Coupe, K. Marrone, A. Gillen, S. Irwin, C. McMurray,.E. Samios 3rd row- E. Kehoe, K. Gue- rin, S. Tully, D. Campisi, A. Romano, J. Loveless, I.. Shanon, M. Clark, Miss Lettera ,........ . . . gt wir-A ..M. ...w+r SR. MARY ELLEN? HOMEROOM: lst row- C. Trihardjo, C. Mohr, C. Nyland, P. Alter, C. Faustini, P. Kearney 2nd row- A. Ivarcme, C. Greene, K. Campbell, L. Barzelatto, S. Devine, L. Sofia, D. Rogers, N. Cibulay, C, McGoldrick, Y. Platania 3rd row- T. Coughlin, E. Serrilli, D. Garvey, A. Fitzgerald, A. Lawrence, R. Marciano, P. Sabatino, F. Wood, Sr. Mary Ellen Foster wry- Q' SSiF9'5'.9' f "Wai -bf , L 3--:ef ,+f',s.f J "" u K- 'A .sv 1' as '+-' -r fx x-aiwa K Y. .- wif. AR -fd 5 .,,., SR. RUTH ANN'S HOMEROOM: lst row- C. Fiel, M. Josh, P. Wathins, P. Augustine, D. Simmonds, C. Rossi, E. Petrou 2nd row- P. Sauers, D. Nargi, M. Lynch, M. Shabayz, M. Shabayz, N. Farrah, S. Baccardi, T. Abene 3rd row- N. Gramaglia, A. McTigue, j. Daly, H. Lankester, K. Puris, M. Massa, A. Hautsis, P. Chaban, M, Caiola, A. Coppola, Sr. Ruth Ann .... Lb ,SYN sw .. . H ' 'A Sh ' Q W' . . jg' w 4 XID D s 43 Q5 K '. . .,. QL E b . A s , , C , ...M V all 3 Aww! K 5. 'W L 6 , . MRS. WADE'S HOMEROOM: lst row- K. Ansbro, I. Silva, K. Ross, K, Crosswhite, K. Martin, H. Thomas 2nd row- ,l. Lun- die, M. Blakley, C. Tralker, T. Sarris, D. Ferrucci, F. Jones, A. Bruno 3rd row- D, Pemberton, M. McLean, K. Mulshine, L. Han- son, A. Proman, L. Colosi, S. Cappelli, D. Emanuel, L. I.aMonte, Mrs. Wade SEVE if K t Y ...M WS' +A: fax X i tm Aw 'Y-fi 'ffl-.. 'W ik n 5 1 .xg Jfin. fgffbg, fy2wr-'.,.sg 1 Nv"",. a Q 4 1 Aifgi, , NQQ, Q,,. Q.. 'fwgff 4 at T 'QTTQ ww 4, 1 'L -Q-vii . ., ,J- cr Q in-'Q "f , fm , , .., ., W.. .M . -. V . . P ,I -, .ins A .41- ? ,v3w.,TQ fQ ?1 5Q4!f.5 Mrs. Albano's class: lst row-P. Froman, T. Bianchi, A. Marzziotti, A. McGrath, P. Garrison. 2nd row-L. Casabianca, S. Promuto, S. Robertson, F. Coutsodontis, R. Nurse. 3rd row-S. Jordan, C. Brusco, A. van den Bossche, j. Hopko, E. Taracido. if llil IMI llll ll!! ,iw f,. 4 ...fl Mrs. Brescia's class: lst row-C. Fay, C. Mcteigue, H. Huber, M, Calafato, E. Hemming, P, Thomas. 2nd row- N. Brindley, A. Ciara- mella, L. Capasso, M. C-alanakis, T. Queen. 3rd row' M. Rothmann, M, Alleva, P. Mastrangelo, K. Kremenezky, Y, Shimizu, A. O'Friel, T. Edmonds NG' WA . lla' I ar W . X S I l l me l .gf- 4.- TX? .!e.."f"5Q CJ W' Q Mrs. O'Conner's class: lst row- A. Silva, J. Larrabee, j. Hornabrook, T. Rodriquez, J. Egclorf. 2nd row- S. Said, S. Clemente, D. Ouchterloney, N. Bolan, T. Roccos, C. Mansfield. 3rd row- T. Clarkson, A. Annechiarico, M. Burke, C. Phipps, A. Liquorie, C. Mc- Erlean, A, DePiano. ,exfx , . 1 ,, el! x , ASQ. ,.,k.,W. , 9 5 , rf - ......, V ...ie . Mrs. Wheatley's class: lst row- L, Ressequie, A. Rizzo, B. MCC-rath, E, Murphy, D. Sofia, 2nd row- C. Trim, M. Cohan, M. Aquilino D. Stantangelo, K. Phelan, M. Hardart. 3rd row- S, Lupero, T. Mitchell, M. Meehan, C. Cicero, F. Callozzi, D. Biancardi, C. Elmo X 1 j 2 4 3 xmih' i ,,,x. " Nia-ff- ' - ff-- .. X , , , ,.,, E Q X Q Q . N , . N A' xxx X .. ,,.' Ein: iQ,4,: ::. -. ' g m LL.A , :ii -NJ ww-- L ' E- ww mn, - ,x.x,.,.,.k XX,, ,sur N-vw-wf APN JT" , ,I I 5119 'vs fa 453 f ix ts SPORTS COUNCIL Meg Fisher-President Kathleen Rooney-Vice President X avafw, K: . s i, 5 KO X .-Q. ' ovmfrvx' , ...- :fl 3 3 17 -wwf' JF . Q 5 N N 1 ' 2 ' 1 X 1 g v if , 7 i v l 04" TENNIS TEAM lst row- A. Staudt, M.A. LaCreca, L, Forenza, I.. Garron, K. Martin, F, jones Znd row- BA, Speliotis, S. Molloy, T. Rohan, 1. Rohan, S. Tully, E. Pateras, N. Cibulay, S. Molloy N 4 '0q.fw'4f1'f5?'vWm' """? BKYWH T.. V. gn- ,Q- Nsf '1 f IS 'fm .ff- - wwf BASKETBALL lst row- S. Molloy, K. McCabe, B. Schaefer, L. Caron, M. Delaney 2nd row- V. McCourt, M. Maniatis, L. Deich, D. Zukovich, C. Flanagan Q SWIMMING lst row- L, Carron, B. Rooney, L. McEvoy, D, McGrath, M. Nyland, D, Nargi, 2nd row- G. Camas, K. McCabe, MJ. Meagher 3rd row- L. Loveless, V. McCourt, T, Amend, R, Flanagan, M. Quinn, M. Delaney, M. Shabazz, D. Simmons af' N - 2 X WNW. 'P fm , as , - s 5 9 ,5 my k LE'-EJ' Vi .5 SF' affix rw 5 1 ia. .. 3 K t . Jwgjiex-'d.f+ -- PRISBEE TEAM lst row- L. Forenza, S. Brucato Zncl row- D. Squilla, P. Eigo, T. Rodriquez, S. Molloy 3rd row- P. O'Brien, R. Lang, S. McDermott D. McGrath ft Q 'VS ' S' 2-33219 A .sigh K 'V 9 'V 5 If N gg '?1 .4 'EP FIELD HOCKEY TEAM lst row- L. Maguire, T. Amend, V. McCourt, R. Flanagan, M. Quinn, 2nd row- M. Hertzog, L. English, M.A. Scorese 3rcl row- A. McTigue, T. Levesque, L. Carton, C. McCabe, B. Rooney, D. McGrath, S. Stanley 4: is , 3 V 1 .- 'v'i'i+o- Q Q-up PEP SQUAD Ist row- M. McDermott, E. Samios, A. Capasso, 2nd row- E. Pateras, M, Quartaro, A. Lawrence, W. Bisordi, 3rd row- A, Stephens j.A. Campisi, S. Turco, V. Cassone, C. Monteleone use L .I M3313- A x,. was A L6- ag'- '10 ya, Q 1? .Q , A '45 A . .r gf SOFTBALL TEAM lst row' D. Simmons, D. Nargi, A. Mons, M.A. Nyland, T. Ward 2nd row' V. McCourt, M.A. Scorese, K. Rooney, B. Rooney, L. Carton 3rd row- B. Cousin, C. Camas, K. McCabe, B. Schaefer, M.j, Meagher, C. Carpenter, N. McAuliffe, M. Pierleoni, T. Amend fa-NYY 5 7'7" 1 V m, ,nn it cm Owl WJ H VARSITY CHEERLEADERS lst row- L. Vear, j. Puglia, C. Rella, A. Sarnela, K. Fallon, L. Egan Znd row- L. Mitchell, D. Suarez, C. Campanero, A. Doherty, M. Finneran, M. Fink lCaptainj, M. Cold KCO-Captainj f Q 1- . , - any .Af A' .xx 4. it --..X 'Q A f X av . f K . A , .gk lylf .!xx 1- A.ll 'X zmvfk ' Q Q I a X .... ' IE .. K. 5 7' . ,. 'S '5 - gg L. Z . R f L Fi ' . ' ,Q 4 X W sf ff - if 1.1 L , Q . ff, 3 N i N .V 'A K x ,K -...f--"" I.V. CHEERLEADERS lst rowA H. Thornas, A. Rolla, K. Zuannelli, A. lavarone, L. DclPrior-e Znd row- D. Emanuel, A. Mmfnno, L. McCarthy, K. Douglasw D. Garvey, K. Shelley, C. Torres, M. Ciaula Fi A fl 3 ...sli E i . , S T 991 Iii? nu i at 'M up g .J ,-. ff is---A, 'T Q.: . 7TH AND STI-I CHEERLEADERS 1st row- A. Marzziotti, T. Bianchi, L. Casabianca, A. McGrath, N. Brindley 2nd row- C. Mansfield, A. Silva, L. Capasso, P. Garrison, K. Kremenezky, 3rd row- B. Gold, S. Promuto, A. DePiano, S. Promuto, C. Brusco, A. van den Bossche nga: . 1 - e Y ... V-kk-. .24-1, A, kk A ...Q ,V . Q . ,k-.3.n,- .,, . .H-lv, , ' .. - 1: .,- X. .. af- ' . . -A fefsv-,M E' -lg, . - - . 1 f -- 0 ' ' " .CSX 5-sk Q i-.fiefxa 1 Q P M' 5 553' f . T K ' B - 5- f' 'X' 0 f. aff- ,. TRACK TEAM 1st row- C. Flanagan, A. Quinn, N. Burroll, J. Reiss, T. Rohan, L. Porenza, S. McDermott, L. Eggactly, L. Eggstemperanious, C. Camus, N. Bolan Zncl row- M.B. McGrath, j. Mallay, P. Lent, J. Rohan, D. Squilla, P. Eigo, M.E. Cohan, R. Lang, A. Mons, A. Staudt, K. Zuannelli, L. Maguire, I. Cianini 3rd row- M. McNamara, P. Telaldi, E. Pateras, B. Lovell, K. Heede, M,E. Shelley, L. Delicarri, D. Coupe, C. DeSimone, L. Cwiovanelli, A. Lawrence, C-. McGrath, C. Sears, C. Eriscia, T. Rodriques, K. Shelley, N. Row, C, Greco, M. Fink, A. O'Neil, B. Corbo, L. Dellort, M. Lancaster, C. Lewis X 2 is 1? X Sis :ff 'Wi : t S. e 14' vw-f' VARSITY VULLEYBALL lst row- K. Hee-de, B. Schaefer, S. Benza 2nd row- J. Reiss, N. Fraher, L. Loveless gr 0 3,15 ,,'-' Q???' :Asif A ,. 4 , PG 'f .V. VOLLEYBALL lst row- M. McGrath, K. Rooney, MJ. Meagher 2nd row- K. O'Brien, E. Moscuera, T. Sarris, C. Moscuera 'Q xQxrggML.l :.iX. STUDENT COUNCIL Left- Sue Taylor lVice Presiclentj Right- Eve McGrath Ujresidentj ' -- Ja as 'haf ' X 4 X .' 1 Cf' ' f Q A 5. Niki :T N -' H f I . 5 M.,-ff .fi STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS lst row- N. Bolan, E. McGrath, B. MCC-rath, L. Dellicarri, 2nd row- E. Pateras, C. Mosco, M. Giannone, W. Bisordi, R. Talbert, L Nero 3rd row- P. O'Brien, j. Faga, T. Levsque, S. Taylor, P. O'Brien, S. Longo, M. Clemanza, M. LaGreca ITALIAN CLUB lst row- D. Maier, A. Iavarone, A. Capasso, A. Bruno 2nd row- C. Ciachetto, R, Voli, I. Dibisceglie, 3rd rowe P. Musilli, I. Cianini, M. Annechiarico, D. Cardile, A. Madden el fain af K 'N . - . were I . ,W 48 2 'E - w 1 I " ' ' ' ... . ..-fi . M , 1 sk A , vig -af 4. .i....,g,,.,. Lb-' .X ad" 5 Dj " Q, T ,ai f.. y. ' I .qi I X GAELIC SOCIETY lst row- C. McDermott, T. Amend, M. Ford, S. Molloy, M. Sullivan, K. Sullivan, L. Mitchell 2nd row- M. Wieclar, P. Molloy, J. Daly P. O'Brien, A, O'Neil, K. Caron, D. Curtain, I. Rippa 3rd row- C. Camas, L. Loveless, A. Doherty, R. Iflannagan, M. Quinn, K, Swee- ney, J. Furey, T. Levesque, N. Rowe 4th row! M. Bernard, P, Musilli, j. Payne, I. Duffy, A. Stevens, C, Meenan, M. McDermott, C Costa wa FRENCH CLUB lst row- M. Flanagan, A. Magistro, D. Emanuel 2nd row- L. Delicarri, M. Fink, M. Micek, A. Mercurio, G. O'Neil, M. McNamara D. Zukovich 3rd row- M.A. Clemenza, M. Bogen, P. Musilli, I. Dibisceglie, L. Cardile, J.M. Gonzalez, S. Clerkin, M.L. Cold, Dl Littauer L SPANISH CLUB lst row- T. Castilla, P. Thomas, L. Capasso, A. Mercurio, S. Lupero, A. Annechiarico, A. DePiano, j.M. Gonzalez, 2nd row- M.A. Calafato, T. Ryan, E. Georgiev, A, Tsamparlis, Mrs. Riviello, A. Blackwood, I. Payne, I. Duffy, j. jefferson 3rd row- R. Nurse, j. Lundie, P. Chaban, J. Monaco, A. Morcone, S. Longo, A. Rella, E. DiMarzo, M. Caragine, G. O'Neil, M. McNamara, D. Zukovich, B. Cousin, S, Turco, L. Cardile, D. Campisi 1 36 CYJ' NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY lst row - K. Martin, M. Pink, L. Dellicarri, D. Titch, M. Humphreys 2nd row - A. Magistro, M. Murray, P, O'Brien, I. Toterhi, M. Var- richio, 3rd row - A. Mercurio, A. Blackwood, M,I.. Cold, C. Clemenza JUNIOR NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY DANC -DA C The Dance Club has been moderated by Mrs. Brenner for the past several years. During this time, she has put on many productions all of which have been great successes. The size of the club is the largest it has ever been. It is hoped that the Dance Club will continue to grow in the fashion it has this year. lf' if ..,. ,N ' 5 I A . as . 2 ta . K K X.. S A' V V. "' at ggi., .. ' it N . ...sbf b gwiaglk V Y .W af W, X , X 4" .a - 'N ' s 'M 1 A M ,. , ,V v X321 ' 2 . ,. . . 3 f . . ' ' 4' 5' 1.- K . r Q A Mfg, I A 4 A L' f S. ' l4'i' 4 Q A . 'Ani j . 25.15-fefifa Q L if L . z.I!'f X , Sw' ' .. .LG ,...- f ' 4 lst row - L. Woodriffe, D. O'Neill, J. jenkins, C. Crosswhite, M. Mclver, M. Shabazz, I. Cianino, I. Duffy, L. Richardson, C. Lewis, L. Shanon 2nd row - M. Massa, M. Shabazz, D. Pamberton, A. Froman, D. Moran, Mrs. Brenner, T. Faustini, M. Carragine, L. Recine, P. Chaben, Cv. O'Neill E 'DANCE- NASTlCS"GY The beam, the mats, and the uneven barsp the Gymnastics Club has got it all! With the help this year of Miss Kintzing, the club has really out done itself. Everyone who joins becomes at least better coordinated, if not a gymnastics pro. Y . .- f , . K V . Y y . K 4 sg, . . Y sf' x .. 'fri K K . 4' 4 X , 1 2 N E , ' Y C. . I NX . , K , 3 A t K ii , X 4 C We ' .. ' lst row - C. Smith, D. Sofia, D. Santangelo, L. Resigue, T. Roccos, MJ. Devaney, C. Sullivan 2nd row - Mrs. Brenner, C. Fay, P. Alter A. McGrath, B. Gold, J. Stephens, S. Ryan, A. Peloso, L. Cappasso MNASTICS-GYM GLEE -GLEE- The Glee Club was formed four years ago and since then it has grown in popularity and size. This year it per- formed two major concerts: one at Christmas time and the other during the Spring. Under the direction of Barbara Wack these concerts were both very successful. During the course of the year it also sang at various local nursing homes and brought music to the older people in the area. It also performed several informal concerts for example, at Christmas time for the student body, at "The Fair" in the Spring, and at various meetings at school. Glee Club consists of approximately forty members and all those participating in the club are dedicated to making it a great success. Well, C1lee Club has been a great success and will surely continue to improve in the future. wsdf w -f get 5 , g . gf, , . ,ff - A . be - L bags. Y rv ,. . ,W x L V , L A A A gd , s 'E I v f' Q.. . 1 ff!-'ff' 7, Q f Q , 4 5 hgh, - , . H 2' if . , ES' X . f Y N , K E . .f A, A V L, JF . C W Q W .5 . k if A - v Rf 3 'H 1 . X 54 V i C 'ff QQ EE -GLEE-GLEE F ORENSICS-FOR Forensics may be defined as the art of public speaking. However, this definition does not fully explain the many qualities that forensics requires and develops. Forensics is not only a lesson in articulation. It enables the speaker to enhance personal qualities such as those of self-confidence and discipline. Such personal assets are invaluable in life. However, this explanation should not present the false concept that forensics is all work and no play. Foren- sic contests enable one to meet interesting and varied people. This not only adds to one's social life, but it also aides in developing a well-rounded personality. Forensics, when taken in the right spirit, is a lot of fun! Q-.gp gi? ..f ,,,,.f Ist row - P. Musilli, 5. Taylor, l. Duffy, A. Carley 2nd row - A. Quinn, M, Bogen, M. Merritt, A. Peloso, 3rd row - l.. McCarthey, C. Mendez, K. Lewis E SICS- FORENS SEWING"SEWlN The sewing club might be small but it is certainly successful. The new moderators this year are Mrs. Culli- gan and Mrs. Meyers. They are responsible for having taught the girls skills they will be able to use for the rest of their lives. gaps e . . P 'ft. W T T iiitl' Le K is kr .F . Sp, ew? K gi ,. Q , 4-,' .. at , , X Ssg , Q h e W , f I 1st row - K. Mourcacle, L. Hew, T. Ryan Zncl row - Mrs. Meyers, Mrs. Culligan SOCIAL AWA The Social Awareness Club has been extremely active this year under the leadership of Maura Mclnerney. Raising money and collecting clothing and other necessities for the flood victims of Appalachia has been their biggest project this year. However, they have also been busy in the local areas by visiting such places as nursing homes and jails. Their efforts have not gone unnoticed to the many people to whom they have brought relief. A..-, Q .- -fs. . Wy, W , Q V ,-A. . - l.,.M.,,5 . 1 ' -- A -5. ' 4, A . ., 'i ' 1. ' F ' .. . 'f . s ' 1 'P' 3' , -f ' 4' .' .-if ' W A ' fl f t ' . .W - J. xi 1., 4 1. x if , J :V , f . 4 J C . -My-1 , ' ' S f ,sg .gy . -1 o ,v .5- ' 1' K K, 7. lst row - P. Augustine, L. LaMonte, C. Walker, L. Delorto, L. Salvatorelli 2nd row - K. Guerin, P. Muzilli, A. Charles, M. Lankaster, R Flanagan 3rd row - J. Szabo, Sr. janet, M. Mclnerney, D. Litteaur, C. McCabe, Mrs. Bolger, C. Mendez, H. Baglantsis, L. Loveless, I. Fury, Sr. Carol EN SS'-SOC A The Riding Club really had a great year. With Mrs. Wheatley as coordinator, the group has had a lot of fun. Being all regular riders, the members have done a good job of showing off their style at Boulder Brook, where they usually ride. Good going girls! are f f I K 5 -ip Ag 1 . i l ir Q M . . . ggiii L V was aaa l s -. ' 1. , ' . 'Q Qffkgfiggfb-xi. in , r W I '.,+fk Q - ' Nl :Q 1' . Q R+ sf W., T , Q xzy 3 ,rt - K' ,, 'QM A .f 4' W . is 5 ii' 'f gkj A..t, , ly ii A 54 " .. f ' ,aj We T.- fn " V 34,-K --.k N- ,xg L-i - ss'-- -- sw- as .. ' ,i , , Y 'I ,aw t t .51-:Q-I" lA,,,.,, , M, ,,-fy Q' X A .R is 3-' 1 .--1151. "Q: 'N L , D g,,. - L, .gs from Q N gy. vu L , , In , X -. -4""" ' W R N 7 7 H it-' ,"'f'iSi " fi ' '-- rr - 5 f Y L. :msg s Q' . i' A . . V- ln Ist row - T. Rodrequez, C. Faustini, S. Brocardi 2nd row - C. Reilly, M, Lynch, K. Headen, R. Rodrequez, Mrs. Wheatley DRA A-DRAMA The Drama Club has had a smashing year. With the success of their production "Twelve Angry Men," the girls hard work and effort came shining through. They are hoping that next year they will grow to be an even bigger group, and will be able to put on many rnore productions. .NNW V. xi -Y' effigy: 33- 5 sei: 'R eeetee A A S TQ 9 7V 5 f lst row - C. Reilly, A. Brunno, 1. Marrone, P. Sabatino, F. Gallozzi, M. Flanagan 2nd row - L. Steward, K. Fallon, N. Bolan, j, DePien-0 F. jones 3rd row Y S. Santiucci, A. Colisi, E. Hartnett, R. Gomez, S, Curtler, M, Wieder, M, Bogen I DRAMA-DRA SCIENCE-SCIE Herb garden anyone? Well the Science Club has grown one, and from the looks of it, it simply will not stop. The club has mostly young members, but they are hoping this will change next year. Who knows, you could be looking at the next Madame Curry. Left to Right: E. Georgieo, K. Phelan, N. Bolen, T. Ryan Ncz-sclz cr:- ART tCRAFT This club has always been Ursuline's favorite. With the help of the entire Art Department, the club was full of action. From making paper mache' mid evil unicorns to modern day Matisse cut outs, the club brought out the artistic ability in everyone who joined. New 'Qi' lst row - A. Carley, S. Irwin, I.. Pile, C. Alleva, K. Stella, R. Salvettorie, A. DePiano, C. McErlean, 1. Rippa 2nd row - L. Innamorta, M. Cataro, N. Cramalia, L. Castano, 5. jones, C. Muller, I. Cianino, M. Alleva 3rd row - Mrs. Wheatley, M. McNamara, I.. Magire, C. McGloclin, E. Petrou, J. Stephens, D. Zuchovich, G. Pope, Mrs. Duffy, Ms. Thompson ART CRAFT UNI UN-UNI 0 Unison is the school newspaper, which comes out once every two months. Its staff is made up of students ranging from grade seven to grade twelve, with Maura Mclnerney as editor and Liz Augustine as feature editor. Most of the articles deal with events and people related to the school, however, it also reports on broader topics such as the music and fashion scene. As a result of the sfaffs' hard work, Unison kept the school informed on what had happened and what was going to happen throughout the year. lst row - P. Augustin, E. Samios, M. Mclnerney, A. Carley, A. Capasso, j. Purey 2nd row - A. Quinn, M. Quinn, L. Castano, M. Bogan, A. Peloso, A. Cillin 3rd row - L. Giovanelli, L. McCarthy, MJ. Devaney, C. McCabe, L. Dellicarri, M.A, Scorese, P. O'Brien, D. Kearney, M. Finneran, D. Titch, L. Augustin, Mrs. Taylor, Miss DeCanio LITERARY The Literary Magazine, better known as "The Works," is a collection of creative writings, such as short- stories and poems, which can be submitted by teachers as well as students. Editor Margi Fink and Assistant Editor Doreen Squilla screen each manuscript received with the help of their staff, and the entire club votes as to whether the piece will be entered in the magazine. Moderator Sr. Mary Io overlooks the whole process and gives her advice when it is needed. "The Works" has been responsible for discovering many gifted wri- ters and for allowing the school to recognize their talents. .X ,V ,- hc-N -9 Q ... -.f "' X . 11 ki if 1.55 iff , f sitts. - ei Left to Right: D. Titch, M. Bogen, L. Castano, M. Mclnerny, L, Giovennelli, M.P. Cox LACK ESSE With leaders Sue Taylor and Gail O'Neil, the Black Essence Society has had a tremendous year. With many new young members, Sue and Gail have put the club on firm ground for the next several years. Hopefully, it will continue to grow even more. 1 qrtQfi'ri'stN 1 . ' . +A l - N V it -aiweele .L ' f . 1 ' , A W V rf 'S' A Q sf' X-K 2. . w 5' F4 T M- A . Q - X , .. lf' " A 1. A" F , I, 4 I " Q 4- ' ' v' I .. lst row - J. Lundi, M. Blakely, A. Lawrence, M. Shabazz, L. Shannon, G. O'Neill, S. Taylor, A. Godsey, V. Whitefield, M. McLean, C. Walker, G. jones, H. Douglas 2nd row - J. Lundi, D. Pamberton, D. Simmons, -, K. Trim, L. Hew, L. Woodriffe, T. Withrow, L. Richardson, M, Shabazz, P. Watkins, 3rd row - D. O'Neill, A. Blackwood, F. Said, D. Rogers, S. Said, N. Farrah, T. Mitchell, H. Thomas, A. Quarrels, -, K. Crosswhite, l. jenkins, C. Lewis, I. jefferson, R. Bye CE-BLACK ES MUS C -MUSIC- This is not only the youngest club at Ursuline, it is also the louclest. Mrs. Rivello, with her talented voice and spontaneous guitar playing, has set the stage for many new aspiring musicians. , it 80 Ui lst row - T. Ryan, Mrs. Riviello, C. Reilly 2nd row - F. Collazzi, N. Bolan, T. Mitchell, L. Cappasso USIC-MUS C Efmsoox-Y: , sf, Deanne McGrath fEd1t0I'J Marilyn Murray fliditorj Linda McEvoyfAss1stantEd1torj PHOTOGRAPHERS Lynne Ricci, Antigone Tasmparlis, Anne Mons ARBO0K'YEABO The Yearbook Club is made up of three sections: the editorial staff, the photography staff, and the sales staff. Editors Deanne McGrath and Marilyn Murray, Assistant Editor Linda McEvoy, and the entire staff have worked hard to make the 1979 yearbook the best ever. Mrs. O'Conner, moderator of the club, helped the girls in their battle against blank roles of film and missing materials in order to meet their deadlines. Well, all the deadlines were met and thanks to all of those people who worked so hard on it, it has become the success the staff had hoped it would be STAFF ri I 5 . N we fi H .3 acccc Q E ' ix f l , Q , . ,P i l k--e . K A 1 wt, N XL' K , e i v . , ' l - M i YEARBOOK -YE UTORlAL'TU The Tutorial Club was established to provide assistance to those seeking tutoring in specific subjects. Mo derator Mrs. Robertaccio matches students who are having trouble in a certain course with someone who has already taken the course and done well in it. These two students are then left on their own to meet with each other as often as the tutoring is needed. Not only has this club enabled students to do better in their studies but it has also allowed the tutors to refresh their memories in courses they may have taken three years ago. Thus, both the tutor and the one being tutored profit. lst row - P. O'Brien, D. O'Neill, Mrs, Robertaccio, A. Dogherty, 2nd row - E. Georgeive, A, Magistro, C. Clemenza TORIAL-TUTO ai 5 V SQQV Q 1 Q , ....,,-.Q 'N' L, W1 ' 7 , we N . x x f MW N2 gf" Chrissy, where are your flippers? Wl1ere's Rouse and Dirt? Brown bagging it Patty? was kgs-f wi 'E - iw . ilrflm . 44 , its 1 1,4 f.. 5. ,X I x f,,,w-W ...f 5, - K We 3 ,Q 5' 'N af 3 Bird-Dew Yes, blondes are air-headed 49 l 4.4 'Q A .1 ' 4:0 Teen-age waste land pav- CTL? Camera shy, aren't you girls? my isa f f r I , M, 1' .unw- T 3 'Ms I 5 A -A 'Hu 551 ' .5 N X ,ff ' ,K ,yyr in ., .., gk gzflif ' dl? AW? XT! 1 Oil ywf ' Q -,mai V. VL L ' Min , .L fi i f in Where's your little green sprout? vw ,ow Get away from mel Take a walk on the wild side ug iq , f, R qv al GEF 1 Pl ,Q ,L ' O sf' ' fa W' - 1 l ' A l ah :ami fi xx 1 be ,iffl People say I'm out of proportion Yes we do want to be slobs PS. What's in the pockets? ,1 'fi ei 'Wg'-5 M F . Hello Mom? I think I'm Why bother? ove over onzl expelled , . . ii I.f?'1. ' E 3 -'Al s gg Is everybody happy? 121 H """'7' ' 'I - T? Jail Break! Nice mouths Uncle Fester's relative 5 A E! if .3 Don't be too enthusiastic about it now What's up Caroline, up on the ceiling that is? K gl -s..s-.N-S'--...Q "'-v.. ""w .Ni """"""-N. Nice shades Stasia! Shelter Island rejects Hey, Rockets, what's that your smoking? E 3: 5 ,J f M: mari' vn,..,,. Qllhgj'l'1lII"" 1 ngnllnww-9-mmm-an gsmawluuwpaumwu gpggwnanum-nww uunwwfzuum, nov' lgnnnnwumgysfwg Mzaannpnnvwyuvtwfvvw anuiumww-you 'fmnnummwuvmwf-W4 Qsn9fMn01w.,-vn- nnnulsuaulwwvn nsunww ,uv-W 'ffliwillvl-vff4ffl'2114" nlnnnnuwuv wmwsrst iinutlnlpfbl 'OKSQSXVAVM1 wth- mla 1, U11 Ml! MH-V 'ZF i 109 So thns IS h w at they make you do m detention? fue Get that streamer out of my face, ,nr Hey Fehx Get that bag! vlisfif. awk ff Q HINGDAYCOUNTDAWN if 4 YN . ftA O' QQ? 2 106 PM ' f W IK ' Q .,l, ni' "l 2lil " L. QQ? fav. .Mm Q, 5 S N-if vw' wk?- m X3-sk -' of .3 Sf? K A vusfwi. wi 'N 2 2 S 1 E5 X isis Sa xx X- X Y 3 1. k X 's QQ E' 55 . - ,Y Q-N , , I ---' :M 0 -az x-: in X X . XX X ii X? X mg 1 Q E R X r X Y N Y 2 3 ' ' K s xi W ' fs e b ' X I V WMM 33. A 0...-WMM Af u.v,.nuv..L . -.. 'w -. 2 I - t f I xl A 3' v ,4 y N if f .inf HA ,vm ki., , W a n --' I A l" :' 9 ' Q , f .fx - 1-V345 gym , -.' ' IQ" H17 , I-ff? ' it 'WE1 www N- an QQ 3 I MwmmQ lmuwf' f I X I , I HN I f ff-X, NUI: I. A'hh '5 mf f WV if Q. . x E li IJ" I- .-1'! . ' k nl 4 T! , 1 ,' L. X ' n X , All H k U awww? W9 -'Tix 'X WMU f-if 5 , "., 'li' H x '. 1, s N Q XX 1 Q. .M . , B f E' -5 'ax ' -'Y 22: 'Y' v Q ,. G is--Q 3.'L.'?""m,.: " BQ N g...sn"Qm - Q L -fy , 4 N -2 -, Q .... , ...a--.1 .9 di 1 l ill'- Fl! hai 2 Q '1 , 7 f if ' 3 40 it 1 " 1 5 W: , f K f 5 , ' A9 Y M . 8 Q .E X 3 3 ,K , lf K- 'NWI' ,ff .Ek us 5, . , . ""if""' A A Q, :Q J f qu gil, in AQ .1 'Q fx ,fn Q1 l' as ' S - , 3 5 r 3 X X fl ,x.... N i ' is A. -sim.. Q, x X NA ww Yu! 'Nam .an -.. W . .fy .-R332 6- 1' vxrg KZ' 1 1 5 5 I ii hw. 'R+- WHAT E ER H PPE ED TO THE CINDY ARRED Professor at Brown Umversrty LIZ AUGUSTIN Strll frllrng out college applrcatlons SUE BENZA After 10 years of courtlng Lawrence they tre the knot ANN BLACKWOOD U S Drplomat SANDY BRUCATO Trymg to frnd more Actronff PEGGY BUDERWITZ Has her own column All you ever wanted to know that dldnt happen CHRIS CAMPANARO Owner of the Drrftwood Motel Daytona Florrda STASIA CAMPBELL Photographer for Play Grrl JOANNE CAMPISI Whrte House Operator GINA CAPPELLI Now Mrs Rrnaldr Colavrto Gregorro Nazarow etc LISA CARDILE Member of the Han Krlshner movement VERA CASSONE Parkrng attendant at the Waldorf KATHY CHARLA Head of Ursulrne s Mother s Auxrlary PILAR CINTRON Tour Gurde at the Spanlsh Embassy CAROLYN CLEMENZA Fourth rn a Barber Shop Quartet SUE CLERKIN After graduatmg Magna Cum Laude from Harvard she now heads the Dept of Samtatlon MARY ELLEN COHAN Author of the book I-Iow to have 111 krds and stxll look great ELIZA COLEMAN Supreme Court justnce and one proud Amencan' KATHY COLLINS Stlll makrng up gym classes KIM CONWAY Frnally buys a real mrnk coat BARBARA COUSIN Chref manager of Mobrl gas statron KATIE DARCY Dellvers smgmg telegrams LESLIE DEICH Stull trymg to sneak frog parts from the Bro Lab MARY DELASHO After fallmg rn love wrth bearded men she grows her own KATHY D ONOFRIO Tryrng to sell her 65 Chevy to buy a 66 Chevy PA'I'I'Y EIGO Made headlrnes of Natronal Inqulrer Patty Prep wed Vrto Vrncenzo JEN FAGA Frnally runs away from home at age 27 ROSEANN FANTINO After years of practrce at the school bookstore she opens her own PHYLLIS FARANO Involved rn the Whnte Aslan Trrangle KATHY FARRELL Models for Perfect Sleeper KIM FERRIS Mlss Vogue for 1989 MARGI FINK Braun Surgeon at Ernstem Hosprtal MARGARET FINNERAN Strll wrshmg she d asked I D to at least one formal FRAN FIORE Linebacker for the New York jets MEG FISHER Frrst woman to jorn the Yankees GAIL FLANAGAN Now does Colgate Commerclals COLLEEN FOGARTY Mrs Steve Martm LORRAINE FORENZA Strll searchrng on Mountarn Avenue NANCY FRAHER Strll lookrng for the Shertan rn the crty MAIORIE FROMAN Alto ln the church chror MARIE GOLD Becomes Professronal Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader JOAN GONZALEZ Lrvrng rn Marserlles wrth an artrst named Yves KATHY HEADEN Cornered the market 1n blue eye shadow DEBRA HOOGESTRAAT Owner of a Recesse s Peanut Butter Factory MAUREEN HUMPHREYS Actlng rn Shakespeare plays on Broadway frequently fallmg on the daggar DENISE KEARNEY The next Erma Bombeck of the Whxte House RITA LANG Funeral drrector at an old age home DEBBIE LARUSSO Mascot for Iona Prep PEGGY LEAHY Head of Orthopedrcs at Lawrence Hospxtal LAURA LEANZA Cuts her llst from 45 to 12 DEIRDRE LITTAUER Strll usmg the toothpaste she collected for Appalachra KATE MACNIVEN Takes over the charn of Smoke 8: Tokes ANGELA MAGISTRO Became a French Professor MARYANNE MANIATIS Strll on vacatron SUE MANLEY A Short and Sassy Grrl KATHY MARTIN Head of the organlzatron Speak Out ANDREA MAURIELLO Gets hormone shots and grows 3 feet LINDA DELLICARRI-Head janitor at Ursuline I CLASS OP "7 " JANICE MAZZELLA-Her body finally catches up to her legs SHEILA MCDERMOTT-Owner of the Beechmont AGGIE MCERLEAN-Laughed to death . . . LINDA MCEVOY-Sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of "Inge" DEANN MCGRATH-President of A.A. EVE MCGRATH-Torn between 10 lovers MAURA MCINERNEY-Lives in a 100 room mansion in the heart of Applachia MARNELL MCNAMARA-Missing Person ANNE MERCURIO-At 27, she is still trying to make her debut MAUREEN MICEK-Becomes Principal of the Ursuline Academy SIOBHAN MOLLOYfTeacher's Aid for Sr. Irene ANNE MONS-Author of the novel "How I Overcame Clumsiness" CELIA MONTELEONE-First Female Dancing President MARILYN MURRAY-Marries President of jostens American Yearbook Company-alias Marty LINDA NAPPI-A manican at Henry Bendel's MARY NUCITO-Her husband commits suicide after 1 day marriage-he couldnft take hearing one more story PA'I'I'Y O'BRIEN-Takes up residence on 18 Roosevelt Avenue GAIL O'NEILL-Becomes the next Beverly johnson CHRIS PEDI-An off-off-off Broadway Star KELLY QUIGLEY-Designs Pro-Keds IULIA REISS-Skating partner with ELIZA COLEMAN LYNN RICCI-Truant Officer TESSA RODRIGUEZ-The new Mario Andretti TERRY ROHAN-Still trying to cover up the roots PEGGY ROONEY-Head cheerleader for the Giants KELLI RUDOLPH-Still trying to figure out if R really comes after Z FANA SAID-Still wondering if ther's double or single mod physics LISA SALZANO-A tallwoman in the Barnum Bailey Circus ANDREA SCELZA-Finds a curling iron that STRAIGHTENS her hair BARBARA SCHRAFT-Ballet Dancer at the New York Met CATHY SEARS-Inventor of the 100th flavor at Baskin Robbins MARY SHELLEY-Still spending her summers hanging out at Ursuline's tennis courts BETTE ANN SPELIOTIS-Still trying to beat Billy ,lean King DOREEN SQUILLA-Freaks out on heroin and drops out of Amherst Law School ANNIE STAUDT-The new Cousin It ALICE STEPHENS-Still trying out for school plays MARIA SUAREZ-Author of the best seller "Secrets From My Mother" MAUREEN SULLIVAN-A stunt car driver SUE TAYLOR-Still entertaining the minister PAT TEDALDI-Wears natural fibers DIANE TITCH-Owner of a health spa CHRIS TOBIA-Social driector at a ski fesort jUDY TOTERHI-Working at the Social Action Office in Ursuline ANTIGONE TSAMPARLIS-Joined the "Village People" MAUREEN TULLY-Fashion Coordinator and Top Model for Zacarros Tuxedoes SANDY TULLY-Hanging out at the Mardi-Gras STEPHANIE TURCO-Finally smiles NORMA UBALDI-Now Sr. St, Norma, better known as the flying nun SILVIA USEDA-Whitewashes graffiti off the undersides of tunnels ANDRA VAN COTT-Gray haired with 17 kids and doing toothpaste commercials MONIQUE VAN DER PLAS-English speech therapist MICHELE VITALIANO-A missionary in Africa LIZ WALSH-Living in Southern Comfort SHARON WATSON-Quickly turns gray while waiting for peewee's and Kevin's phone call ANN WOLFE-Replaced Barbara Walters IEANNE WOODLOCK-Murdered by her husband Arthur because she wouldn't drink the draino DONNA ZUKOVICH-Lifeguard at Saxon Woods Pool MARJORIE VARRICHIO-Has gone through 4 years of Princeton and 12 years of marriage in only 10 years PATRCDNS Mr Sz Mrs J Ambrose Dr Orfeo Brucato Mr Sz Mrs V C1rarne1la The Cohan Famrly Sz Mrs W DAmbros1o Sz Mrs O Delch 8: Mrs J Devaney Sz Mrs P Doherty Sz Mrs T Parrelly 8: Mrs Ferone 8: Mrs R Frnk 8: Mrs R C1ll1r 8: Mrs T LaMonte 8: Mrs T Lupero 8: Mrs W McCarthy 8: Mrs McEvoy 8: Mrs Sz Mrs Sc Mrs 8: Mrs Sz Mrs 8: Mrs Sz Mrs 8: Mrs Sz Mrs Sz Mrs Sz Mrs Sz Mrs 8: Mrs 8: Mrs 8: Mrs Wed L ke To Th k The Poll e pl P he b t sPhllps F H tstcPct eTa sTylo F I-Ie Contbto OfP u O C Stff F PttngUpWthO Cost tNgg g ee Mu y F eA o sOCone F Alll-I Ad . . . Mr. . . . Mr. . ' Mr. . Mr. . . ' ' Mr. . . Mr. . . ' Mr. . . ' Mr. . . Mr. . . ' Mr. . . Mr. . . ' Mr. . . Mr. . ' Mr. . Dr. . . Mr. . . ' Mr. . . ' ' Mr. . . ' ' Mr. . Mr. . . Mr. . . ' Mr. . . Dr. . . ' Mr. . . Mr. . ' Mr. . ' i an owing P o e or T ir Contri u ions o 9 arbo k Mr . i i - or er Fan a i i ur king l Mr. a r - or r ri ui n ict res ffi e a - or u i i ur n an a in Eil n rra - or Her Creativ rtw rk Mr . ' n r - or er vice P McGrath Meagher Mrtchell Molloy R Murray M Purrs P Rerss M Romrta Santrrgos W Schraft E Serr1ll1 Shelley R Srmmon cl V Squrlla Ta1rant T The 197 Ye S l , X1 5y3w9RNy5jJWR?Jyw fl! OM Q f Nm wJWW0iQ!Q6 Q Q Of G' UMM fWmKOgjlwjUpj MUyN M QW VGA W xpdvfjy MD L 0602 WMO W ffwwm M WW Q?'U5aWa4W'ffM OyMfO1m,W'sQ OP O19 X iif!fifif'fffU Qf5QW wffjd Q50 QQ Q 5vf X. My Yffgqcfc J ggj,F3:Fw5 Q1QOgQZwgwil'f Www' 3 AW Q5 QV

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Ursuline School - Eidolon Yearbook (New Rochelle, NY) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 132

1979, pg 132

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