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 - Class of 1949

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S ' '- ' ' YQ K' QA ' Q I ., B qi, JN C- Q cr- Q . n I I I , -rw--fe 1 5- -qj -ul I v . ' ' fi vt A . H f , V ff, 'ffdy .31 x ' jj, Q Q lj, Xi ,, , mjfm f 549 .' Y Y . gr ,Y L SV A "' +L.. 4... 51 S 1 , - f-1, I .Q .rf F. , V , ' l " ' V HI jg Q fi 'a f" ' A ' JJ- . ' Q ' - u IS e y ,. ' f D 1, f-. ef 5 --v A. 19 - Q s---Q fi---14:2 . E J, J , Q' N-4 of the 5 H , 5 , kr . . A, is ' 1 5 f , K ' ? I 0 . t as Santa Rosa, cz idornicx ' I H . H k - , . I 9 1- , p ' K I I . , , X K K . . -F , . 1 A - -' , , K I' . ,' ., Y X ' ,. 4' I - , -V-,A 52,9 if ijvx U V' . 1 !"'l . H ' 1 , I , 1 ,U dm ff .fri W 4, a Bu' 'Is , ...ia A 5. 'Q -ff Dv 'll' ,qt 'APEX 'V My .wal dotln fiiagni 0, the IOF4 in god my Saving " Following two paths which converge into one at many places during the school day and the school year, Ursuline girls have set before them the ideal of daily attendance at Mass. Day students make their way to St. Rose's Church while resident students assist at the Eucharistic Sacrifice offered in the Chapel of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. During the school day all are encouraged to make visits to the Convent Chapel. When the girls look at the beautiful statue of the Immaculate Conception there, they rejoice in the thought that through Mary they have a wonderful way to hymn their own Magnificats for the blessings they have received. This yearbook, published by the Senior Class of 1949, is dedicated in grateful appreciation to all the Daughters of St. Ursula who labor under the patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary. May she continue to guide and bless them in their education of girls from now until eternity! ' A Of ,sr J ' . :V 7 ' U 1 ,ln 9 1 wfvl 1 C Jr 9' 1 E 'x,U"A3v I J ' ,-VgQ,fY7i' ' , - .-fig,-W' y ' " , M 0 ' -0 'v if f, f 'A if " vL. 0 .. 1' Q 14nd my Apil-it lcatlc rejoiced ,Mi I SITTING, left to right: Dolores Burt, Loretta McElroy, Rosemary Sanford. Ann Farrell, Patsy Couto, Viviun Ferrill. Ieanne Cote. Rhedu Brcrsucchio, lean Donovan. STANDING: Ieanne Marie Phelan, Cynihia Day Luvonne Dempsey, Elaine Bianchini, Virginia King. 71.6 maxim Q45 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF ....,,.. .......r.. P ATSY COUTO ASSISTANT EDITOR .,,,..... ,....,,. A NN FARRELL BUSINESS MANAGER .,..,,......,.....,,r..,... ........... V IVIAN FERRILL ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER .............. RHEDA BRASACCHIO . GENERAL ASSISTANTS Dolores Burt Loreita McElroy Regina Feliz Cynthia Day Elaine Bianchini Virginia Kina Jeanne Cote Lavonne Dempsey lean Donovan Rosemary Sanford Ieanne Marie Phelan REVEREND MOTHER MERCEDES Vice Provincial , Western Vice Province REVEREND MOTHER MIRIAM Prioress Sonia Rosa Community ? cultq REVEREND JAMES KEANE MOTHER COLUMBA MOTHER BENIGNA MOTHER GABRIEL MOTHER ALOYSIUS MOTHER IMMACULATA 7aculty MOTHER IOAN OF ARC MOTHER MARGUERITE MOTHER ST. CHARLES MRS. OLGA BALK MRS. CLARICE SON DERGABD ,Piano MRS. ERLENE THOMBLEY Orcheslrcx MISS SARA IENKS Piano Not Pictured MISS LUCILLE KELLEY MRS. CORA O'DEl-L OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT Blume Bxcxnch ni treasurer Vxvxan Pernll vxce presx dent Catherine Ann Lcxncxna sac x-etcn-y Rosemane Santa: rn presi dent Semor C7444 gl tory A memorable past presupposes an eventful future for the members of the qraduatmg class of 49 Walkrnq through the gate of Ursulme rn 45 they held hlqh the torch of sportsmansh1p whlch has fllckered occasronally slnce but has never been extrnqmshed Strlvmq always to make thelr school days memorable and enjoyable for themselves not forqettlnq thelr fnends rn other classes they have W1ll1I'lQIlY sacrrfrced tlme and energy for the sake of any Worthy cause Backed by a suc cessful past, they are turnmq hearts and mlncls conhdently toward the future Certarn that thelr zealous classmates w1ll carry on m a truly Ursulrne man ner, the members of the Class of '49 wave farewell, thankrnq all those who have helped make then years at Ursulme most happy ones ' l E V 24,1 , .lf v , - 1 R 1 it 'i.ifwr+,X, QMK-1' ,, ' 'L 5 : ' ' i , : I , - : , - : 1 , . 0 0 . I . . . I - I I I Senio HELENIANE BEGGEHOW Sodczlity, 2-3-47 Dru mcxiics, 1-2-3-4: Or chestrcx, 2-3-4. PATRICIA AUGUSTIN Y Cluss Treasurer, 3, Sodolity Treasurer, ll: President Citizen ship Club, 4. ELAXNE BIANCHINI Class Treasurer, 4 Cheerleader, 3 "The Ursuline", 4. FRANCES BOLLIG Glee Club, 1-21 So- dalily, Z-3-4. RHEDA BRASACCHIO Sodcxlity, 3-4: Glee Club, 3: "The Ursu- line", 4. DAN-ANN BRADY Vcxrsity, 3-45 G.A.A President, 4. 1949 DOLORES BUHT Cheerleader, 1-3-45 Clcrss Officer, lg "The Ursuline", 4. Seniv A IEANETTE CAPELL dummy, 1-2-3-4. Varsity, 2-3-47 So- ROSE COTE Library Sicxff, Soduliiy, 3-4. 3-47 MARIAN CASTER Varsity, 2-3-4. I9 4 73: Sodcxlity Prefeci, 45 Class Officer, 2: IEANNE COTE Library Staff, 3-4 "The Ursuline", 4 Sodcxliiy, 3-4. PATRICIA COUTO Editor of "The Ursu- line", 4: Education Week Committee, 4. HOSE LEE FARMER Transfer from Napa High, 4. Senio A CYNTHIA DAY Student Body Secre- tary, 47 Editor of Sodality Paper, 45 Dramatics, 1-2-3-4. LAVONNE DEMPSEY Vice President oi Class, 25 Varsity, 1-2-3- Kcapiainl 47 "The Ursuline", 4. RUTH DUGGAN Sodality, 2-3-45 Glee glqub, I-25 Block U,l VIVIAN FBHRILL Assistant Librarian, 3: Class Vice Presi- cient, 4, "The Ursu- line" Business Man- aqer, 4. I9 49 ANN I-'ARRELL Siudeni Body Presi- dent, 4: Varsity, 2- 3-4, "The Ursuline", 2-3-4. Semo RUTH GONZALEZ SYVILLA JACKSON Transfer from Nica- ragua, 4, Library Staff, 4. Glee Club, 1-4, Edu- cation Week Com- mittee, 4: Swim- ming, 4. IOYCE GRAHAM Sodality, 3-4, Or- chestra, 3-4, Swim- ming, 3-4. IANICE HANRATTY Glee Clu h, 2-3-45 Education Week Committee, 4, So- dality. 2-3-4. SUE HAHTWELI. Vice President of Student Body, 4, Education Week Committee, 4: Edi- iior oi "Little Bear". C ew 949 , i 5 Q :-: i ROSE HAYES Sodality, 1-2-3-4 Glee Club, 1-2-3-4 Dramatics, 2-3. PATRICIA HUSSEY Class Treasurer, 2, Class Cheerleader, 4: Dramatics, I-2-3-4 Senio PATRICIA KEARNEY Class President, 37 Mission Day Queen, 47 Dramatics, 1-2-3-4 LORETTA McELHOY Sodality, 3-47 "The Ursuline", 41 Class Basketball, 4. 3 IOSEPHINE KRUYMEL Vice Prefect Sodal- ity, 41 Glee Club, 1-2-3-45 Block U, 3-4. CATHERINE ANN LANCINA Class Secretary, 4: Varsity, 2-3-4: Citi- zenship Club Secre- tary, 4. PATRICIA MACK Sodality, 1-2-3-47 Education Week Committee, 47 Poet- ry Anthology, 4. Ei if NATALIE MURPHY Dramcztics, 1-2-3-45 Varsity, 4. .si ELEANOR MCGANNON Sodality, 2-3-41 Var- sity, 2-3-45 Class Captain, 2-4. 1949 VERDA NAPIER Transfer from Santa Rosa High, 41 Or- chestra, 4. Seni I- Glee Club, 142-3-4. STELLA PONCIA PATRICIA NELLIGAN Sodality, 1-2-3-4: Dramatics, 1-2-3-47 Transfer from Sl. Vincent's, 47 Or- 4. ELAINE BOSS! Transfer from Santa Rosa High, 3: Or- chestra, 3-4. chesira, 45 Sodcxlity, I9 4 ROSEMARIE SANTABINI Class President, 4: Varsiiy, 2-3-4: "The Ursuline", 2-4. ROSBMARY SANFORD Sodality, 1-2-3-4, "The Ursuline", 4, Assistant Librarian 2. unior CIMA ELVERA SERVE BARBARA CRONIN NANCY TREACY DIANE BUTLER President Vice President Secretary Treasurer ACTIVITIES The opening of the school year found the Iunior Class taking over its duties and exercising its privileges as an upper class group. Beginning by taking a part in the functions of the Sodality, the luniors sold candied apples and pop- corn at their Mission Day booth. Their first big social activity was the Christmas dance, "Winter Wonderland," a huge success not only for the luniors but for the entire Student Body as well. I With a reputation for decoration established by their efforts for the dance, the Iuniors decorated for the Ursuline Guild Card Party. To maintain a proper balance, the Class displayed a different talent by giving an Amateur Hour and a production of "A Date with Washington." Next on the list was the Pre-Prom with its theme "April Showers." Finally came one of the most memorable projects of the year, the "Prom." These activities helped to make the lunior year a successful one filled with many happy memories and bringing new friendships. a W Sepia emo e C7444 WINIFHED KEARNEY NOELLE OLIVER KATHLEEN AUGUSTINY President Secretary Treasurer Not Pictured: MARY ANN BOLLIG, Vice President ACTIVITIES The first activity assigned the Sophomore Class was the task ot instructing the Freshmen in the traditions ot Ursuline High. ln a manner in accord with time-honored custom, this feat was accomplished. Second only to the plans made for what We would achieve as future upper- classmen was the year-long task of acquiring a stable class treasury. Toward this end, as Well as for the pleasure of the Student Body, the Sophomores spon- sored a banquet and play in which great talent Was observed. The class wishes to express its gratitude to everyone for making this such an enjoyable year. Dolores Aceves Iocm Akaka Shirle Bcrsso Mary Beull Cordell Bertolone Camilla Burke Anri Cassani Madeline Cavness Jean Donovan Marian Gatto - Ioan DeMeo Rita Lu Mayer Paulette Shoulders " is Dorice Bonaquiso Patricia Brown Mary Ellen Buchanan Mary lane Buchanan Regina Feltz Ioan Freeman Sue Lagan Frances Loskot Carol McClure Virginia McPhee Patricia Murphy Anna Oittinen Rosemarie Storman Mary lane Tierney Lucille Torrence Gertrude Wagner NOT PICTURED: Elizabeth De Iohn, Georgina Starr, Colleen Sullivan. X I 1 , sb :mf ""-5 2 -- :LM mi Q' tX1 -5 N K , Ioanne Caster Rosemary Maya Isabel Poshepny Bernita White DIANE IMWALLE President ACTIVITIES The year is over and we can look back on all our small failures and on our successes. One of our "big" suc- cesses Was the raffle oi a doll dressed in twenty-tive one-dollar bills. Before that big success we had been hum- bled at the Freshman Reception and made to realize that importance would not be ours until we are Sen- iors four years from now. Our big sisters have been very good to us and have done much to aid us in becoming acquainted with Ursuline regulations. We owe our thanks and apprecia- tion to Mother Colurnba, our class moderator, and to all our teachers for the help they have given us this year. Yredaxman IOAN CORNETT VIRGINIA CUNEO Vice President Secretary Caroline Andrews Camille Bacon Dolores Bourdens Lenore Burke Rosemary Burkhart Renee Felciano Patricia Gatto Ioan Huff Mary Imwalle Darlene Iackson Louise Iamxson Ianet Liebrenz Patricia Lohrmcm Mary Anne Lombardi C1446 Kcxlherxne Glannmi is W rl KSN Loxs Groskoli Iocm Lyma Helen Nevxlle Anne Reed lean Ann Trxbhle Mcmlyn Jorgensen Shirley Marom Denny Lor Noble Elva Rossa Pcxtncxa Vxoleih NOT PICTURED Charlo Vxrglma Kmq Bernadme Mattern Clare O Grady Lxqxa Salvatlerra Barbara Boencke he Cornish Illl Spear I une! Lovett 0 h 0 Grace Napoh Kathleen Reardon g F m Elmne Tonellx Mary Ann Atkmson is Q' an Lenclom cn-lens Meyer Candy Perexra Mary Storman Alxcxc: Isuzu Sri Cooperation, the keynote of the Ursuline student's life, is here recorded in the annual May Crowning. Louise Iarnison Cupper left? on behalf of the Freshmen, gives her wreath to Our Lady of Good Counsel. Mary lane Buchanan, Junior representative, goes to the Grotto to crown Our Lady of Grace. At the lett Cordell Bertolone, having presented the Sophomore crown to Our Lady of Lourdes, descends the stairs. At the upper right, the May Procession comes toward the auditorium Where Ieanette Capell paid the Senior tribute to Our Lady of Fatima. The ceremony ended at the chapel Where Prefect Marian Caster represented the entire school in the final crowning of the May Procession. Three busy people stop long enough to have their pictures taken: Mr. Oswald Preusger. who is completing twenty-tive years oi service at Ursuline, stands in the midst o! his care- fully kept flower beds. Editor Patsy Couto and Business Man- ager Vivian Fen-ill, looking for things and places to photo- graph. wonder ii the camera can catch the beauty of the daisy-studded lawn. Mary McDermott Patricia McGovern Cecilia Mcl-Iuqh Ioanne Paolini Irma Peterson Marianne Prader Anqelina Riccobuanc Ruth Richardson Patricia Rodgers Ianei Russell Sally Lou Smiih Bernadette Treskcn Ann Zimmerman Maryhelen Collinq Nancy Simoncini NOT PICTURED: Helen Bolliq Ieanne Marie Phelan Elsie Rose Laura Vermeil Shirley Molina Patricia Reardon Ioan Ross Alheriine Volper erflamen 1 l ANN FARRELL Student Body President ffhmkntCQwwaV One of the most prominent groups in the school has been the Student Coun- cil. Under its guiding hand the Student Body has sponsored dances and acted generally as a coordinating assembly. The active members, Ursuline students, participated in each activity planned by their elected representatives. The coun- cil appreciated the interest shown by the students during the past year, and the members sincerely hope that the new officers in the Student Council will meet with much success. xii? -Ayr iss J , gig Q 355 S Q lit? 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IIDWQJL 'ungxnzqg guapms 'Bum D!L!!5l!A 'AHDIUDI-I eogunf 'lrmxouoq une! 'Aauxnax P 9 -I I E U E M '51-'!l5Tl5nY 'Wal'-IIDX 'IIE-U93 WJEMA '9ICI0N 101 5'-UNC! :LI-IDIH OJ. I..'I3'I 'peqdnlfnoloqd eq O1 leu -100 lsnequou eng up Jequob S1115 equ, go Meg V 'Amlqq enfamd Auuns sgeuqnslg up :pcm Jgeql azxol S1UD1S!SSD AIDIQH UISQIHS M1135 fl-In-iq! 'uaxang :my 'lmnxung aogunf 'mg -sng ungmpq 'hugsnfmy uaalqynx 'nemung eng 'Jiauznax paxygugm 'Aesdmaq auuon 'D'I 1DNICINY.I'.S 'D'1E9'1D'I 'WY 9'-HISYIWD 'mxxe-.1 uugAgA 'aggqm ngguxeg 'uxmouoq unaf 'syqou zoq Auuaq 'gugmgung egxnux -9502 'PSBH au'-TY :VIBE-Y 03 U9I 'DNITHHNX H'A1o15 pfgn punom 1-aqlnb qnp sql go slequlem smog 'SSHIAQOD sldnolb SLU, swamp umungoqo SD Aupsubny DIDLIQDCI 'auqnmn yo s4uepnJ,s pun Aquos! arp lsgssn O1 SADM Aunul spug 'JDQA sgql pezgunfiuo dnolb any -Axes D 'qrqg dgqsuezmg sql' 9012 Wvfwlls Social The gayest events ot the year at Ursuline might Very Well be our successful dances. Does that not seem true from the ex- pressions on the faces of Miss Dolores Burt and Miss Loretta McElroy? Nor do their escorts look exactly disappointed, n'est- ce-pas? These were gazing camera-ways at the Christmas Dance, sponsored by the luniors. But let us not forget our Mardi Gras, a student body dance un- der the chairmanship of Miss Elaine Bianchini. It would seem that Diane Imwalle and her es- cort Were just looking for some nice photographer to snap their picture. Ah, yes, look at the beaming faces of our Prom Committee members, Lucille Torrence, Pat Brown, Regina Feltz, Suzanne Lagan, Bernita White and El- Vera Serva all gathered around Chairman Barbara Cronin. The smiles presuppose an eventful Prom. Knowing the Iunior Class, it is sate to predict that it will be one of the most beautiful Ursuline has ever seen. fducatwn Week Reverend Mother Mane de Sami lean Martrn Mother General of the Ursulmes, has wntten on the value of every 111 tellectual endeavor 1n the forrnahon of character Durmq the Week of March 20 to 25 Ursuhne H1qh School scheduled a Week Whlch called for qreat effort and cooperatlon on the part of all In the upper plcture are the qlrls who dld the preparatory Work for the Week SITTING left to rxqht Cynthxa Day Rosemarxe San tarxnx Janice Hanratty Lavonne Dempse Patncxa Nellxgan Patsy Couto STANDING Ann F rrell P trxcla Hussey Vxvlan Ferrall Loretta McElroy Cath erxne Ann Lancma Sue Hartwell Members of a round table dxscussxon on community and youth are caught rn a thoughtful moment Vxvlan Fer ull Patrxcxa Becker Santa Rosa: l-hgh School Mr Melvm I-'lohr Chxei ol Polxce Mr Ernest Nevars Chazrman Mr Clarence S her un: r Col e Santa Rosa High School Ianxce Han ratty The Ursulxne Glee Club made three appearances durxnq' the week A panel dxscusszon on lnternahonal Attaxrs brought the week lonq program to a close LEFT TO RIGHT Pairxcxa Mack Ioan Freeman Ann Farrell Mr Sidney Patzer faculty member of Santa Rosa Iumor College Mr Toland McGett1gan Chaxrrnan Suzanne Dean Santa Rosa I-hgh School and Iohanna Barnett Santa Rosa I-hgh School photographer changes places to catch the remamxng members of the panel Suzanne Dean and Johanna Barnett ot Santa Rosa Hlqh School Rosemary Sanford Iodxe Herbst and Robert Erwin of Santa Rosa Iumor College and SYvxlla Iuekson ' , Q .I 3 X -- , i 6 f , . V . . I . . . . : ' U- . . . . , - . I . . .I 1 . l : . . . : - .I : p - I YP .I o leg W m Athlehc Coach: Rae lean Kelly, V - , - , l asm: E ' Meir omg-f V mit X X E 5 , rn I I I . 7 . . I A 5 ' ' 7 H - r : ' , 01-clneA tm The orchestra is seen above as it appeared at the Ursuline Guild May Bridge Party and Ursuline I-l i g h School Fashion Show. In the third picture at the right, some of the or- chestra members pose with their di- rectress, Mrs. George Tromloley. Recitalsi Miss Patricia Augustiny, advanced student of music, runs through her recital piece while Eleanor Bertain and Rosemary Maya lend sympa- thetic encouragement. Sclwla "Well done for a girls' choir," is frequently heard after the Ursuline Schola's rendition of the Gregorian Chant at a High Mass. This is one of the outstanding ac- tivities ot the Children of Mary Sodality. glee C706 Girls interested in G l e e Club find many opportunities throughout the year to dis- play the results of their day- by-day study of harmony. 'WY 1 air. i STANDING, left to right: Marianne Prader, Ioan Hutt, Katherine Giannini, Diane Imwalle, Rosemarie Storman, Mary Anne Lombardi, Camilla Burke, Mary Beall, Cordell Bertolone, Donna Riebli, Connie Laudari, Pat Huntington, Shirley Molina. KNEI-JLINGz Rosemary Maya, Iocmne Caster, Lavonne Dempsey, Pat Mack, Pat Kearney, Rosemarie Santorini, Ann Farrell, Cynthia Day, Pat Augustiny, Pat Nelligan, Pat Hussey, Ioan Freeman, Dorice Bonaguiso. Prop and F ow Props and Plots, the Ursuline Dramatic Club, took many honors this year for its various productions. "His Star", by Mother Immaculata, C.S.U., was the script chosen for presentation during the Christmas season. The members of Props and Plots were occupied the remainder of the year preparing programs for the pleasure of the students. Ursuline High School was very proud of its outstanding Dramatic Club, and all the students Wish them success in the future. SCENES FROM "HIS STAR" SPORTS 4, if W ll Accepting both defeat and victory with humility, the Ursuline varsity bas- ketball team will always be remembered for its spirit of tair play. ln each encounter, the team main- tained Ursuline standards of loyalty, courtesy, and courage. FIRST ROW, left to right: R. San- torini, D. Brady. L. Dempsey. cap- tain. E. McGcxnnon, M. Custer. SEC- OND ROW: M. Gallo, C. Lancina. N. Murphy. I. Ccxpell, A. Farrell, v. c-me... u u nam A love of the group and of the game are character- istic notes ot the "B's". SEATED: I. Corneti. A. Heed, cap- tain, and P. Huntington. KNEELING: P. Gcmo. B. Boericke, I. Donovan, D. lmwcxlle. C'lueerleade1-A A good cheering section an d enthusiastic cheer- leaders are a great part of the game. Cheerleaders D o l o r e s Burt and Denny Lor Noble know how to get the very best ou! of the rooting section. CIMA W7 Mickey Burt wills her blue singing voice to Gina McPhee. Rheda Brasacchio Wills her big blue eyes to Rosemary Maya. Frances Bollig, her beauty marks, better known as freckles, to Cici McHugh. ' Helenjane Beggerow, her wedding plans to Elizabeth De Iohn. Ruth Duggan, her early morning arrivals to Renee Felciano. Ann Farrell wills, or should we say leaves, her lost pounds to Caroline Andrews. Vivian Ferrill Wills her office as President ot the "Dare Club" to Pat Murphy. Ioyce Graham, her swimming ability to Bernadine Mattern. Lavonne Dempsey wills her hilarious jokes, or so she thinks, to Helen Neville. Pat Hussey wills her ringing laughter, red hair, and big feet to Shirle Basso. Ieanne Cote Wills her eastern accent to Candelaria. Ruth Gonzalez, her height to Barbara Boericke. Ianice Hanratty, her calm and patient attitude to Win Kearney. Cynthia Day, her gift of gab to Rita Lu Mayer. leanette Capell, her nickname "Spider" to lill Spear. Catherine Ann Lancina Wills her curly hair to Ioan Lyma. Rosemary Sanford, her quiet temperament to Sally "Casey" Smith. Stella Poncia Wills her love of salads to Albertine Volper. Iosephine Kruymel, her typing ability to Suzanne Lagan. I 4+ Xifwtiwf zln i dd W7 Pat Mack, her glasses to anyone who doesn't want to wear them. Sue Hartwell wills her distinctive nose, George, to Mary lane Buchanan. Elaine Bianchini wills hercar and its troubles to Regina Feltz. Loretta McElroy Wills her appetite to Kathleen Reardon. Pat Kearney, her love ot Dennis Day to Bing Crosby. ' Pat Nelligan, her parking space to Mrs. O'Dea. Natalie Murphy, her towering height to loan De Meo. Verda Napier, her beautiful black hair to Pat Huntington. Elaine Rossi, her outstanding attendance record to Donna Riebli. Syvilla lackson Wills her aggressive ability for business and financial affairs to Nancy Simoncini. Eleanor McGannon wills her inquisitive nature to Anne Reed. Patsy Couto, her dancing ability to Darlene lackson. Marian Caster wills her official position as chauffeur to the nuns to Charlotte Cornish. Rose Hayes Wills her apple polishing in history to Mary lane Tierney. Pat Augustiny her shyness to Ioan Huff. Q Rose Lee Farmer Wills her most-coveted seat in the senior classroom to Marian Gatto. Rose Cote Wills her admiration of army life to Anna Oittinen. Dan-ann Brady wills her love of speech class to any young aspirant. Rosemarie Santarini Wills her driving ability to anyone who can talk a cop out of a ticket. A Senior C1444 Iii tory Big Wide eyes adventure packed- Initiation! Better the rack. The sophomore year brought memories true And, just to mention, nylons, too. Came time to trip the Hliqht fantastic," To ask a boy, "O, how drastic!" , Seniors, at last, how the time did fly! And now We Wish to say, "Goom-by." SENIOR RING CEREMONY Reverend Mother Miriam places the ring on the linger ol Class President Rosemarie Sanlarini. SENIOR BANQUET The Class of '49 observes tradi- tion by having a banquet of its own on Alumnae Day. 5'kmVW'PRx.f.'...If..Z?TffTw r . ,F it School Calendar SEPTEMBER -School opens. -Admission Day. -Ursuline High participates in Hanna Center ground-breaking. -Freshmen Initiation. -Reverend Mother Provincial's Feast. OCTOBER -First meeting of Ursuline Guild. Trip to see Fatima Statue. -Columbus Day holiday. -Classes nominate candidates tor Mission Day Queen. -Ring Ceremony. Solemn ceremonial with middies stifily starched. Ring ceremonial 'neath pliant board wellnrched. Seniors knew excite- ment, trepidation! Yet rings are such little things. There followed silence, consecration, understanding, which the symbolism brings. -Mission Day. -Alumnae Day-Senior Banquet. 'Pickles, olives, salads, cheese, Everything the heart to please. Ah, smorgasbord was first consumed, And then the main course before us loomed, Turkey, chicken, and tempting rib. The cry went up, "We've begun to live." -Mrs. O. Balk, "the new teacher" arrives. Miss Marian Caster and Virginia King win Religion Contest. -Stockton Federation Meeting. -Halloween Party. School Calendar NOVEMBER l--Holiday for Feast of All Saints. 10-Dance. ll-Armistice Day. 24-Thanksgiving Recess. 29-Classes Resume. DECEMBER 2-Santa Rosa Federation Meeting. 8-Sodality Reception. 10-Miss Rosemarie Santorini wins Religion Oratorical Contest. l 1-Christmas Dance. 14-15-PlaY, HIS STAR. Red Cross gift boxes packed. l6-Glee Club sings at Christmas tree lighting. Christmas Party. Singing at hospital. 17-Christmas Recess. 18-24-Students work overtime to till Christmas boxes. 19-Guild Dinner and Doll Raffle. School Calendar lAN UARY 3-Classes Resume. 6-Reverend Mother's F east Day. 9-Federation Convention at San Francisco. 13-Basketball practice begins. 16-Cheerleaders elected. 19-21-Semester exams. 22-Basketball qame with St. Vincent's, Vallejo 24-26-Retreat: Rev. Robert Kirkpatrick, C.Ss.R. 27-St. Anqela's Feast-Midterm Recess. 31-Classes Resume. FEBRUARY 5---Trip to Vallejo for return game with St. Vin- cent's. 12-Students decorate for and serve at Ursuline Guild Valentine Party. 19-Mardi Gras Dance. 20-Tea for Seniors at Lone Mountain. 22-Wasl'1inqton's Birthday holiday. Charles Rarnsden demonstrates the novatar. 28--High Mass ior Mother Gahriel's Feast. MARCH 12-Basketball game with St. Rose Academy. 17W-St. Patrick's Day holiday. ' 20-25-Education Week. School Calendar APRIL -San Anselmo Federation Meeting. -Miss Ann Farrell aualiiies in Native Sons' District Oratorical Contest. -Senior Class holds a picnic for Ursuline High School's Education Week participants. -Yearbook Pictures. -Easter Vacation. -Classes Resume. -Baseball tryouts. Pool opens. -Pre Prom, "April Showers." St. Mary's Speech Tournament: Miss Ann Farrell and Miss Rosemarie Santarini win honors. MAY -May Crowning. -Fashion Show. Ursuline Guild May Bridge Party. -St. Iohn's, San Francisco, arrive for annual basketball trophy game. -Vallejo Federation Meeting. Prom. Ascension Thursday Memorial Day. Semester exams begin. IUNE Graduation. School closes. y 1 38 ig nn .il ' in :U-vm 1:03 Z1 on cn :Umm 'Ur-'hcl m -'m-"w:lrnt1J:U":n L-' 'U':rJ"' '-'U""JU5UlT,EI"U'Z 055592a5593fS9SOc2O?539aO358QaQvQma9 U' rv "Q5f0S.'-'- 'Dwi-'OSS--15 U 3::S'-f,Do:15m"5 S2 aZ9am9:8?IE9w9aWSEQQQHQQQQSRDFE QQ O z3mH552ma3QgQ395gQsQOg6gwSQQgg 'QES2880F53-"D'bgQ-QDSELQQJ-n9,fDUg9fD0QQ::gUUQgfDU' Q.....-- m5 OF' YD Q DDF: EE" :trim can 59a92?5gQQQ??Q wPSsFs3fss?535a825g3 -5-E'.125f-4374gQ.'4F'h4 25gI355'352'E5rEQFQ-E,-QQ '-19,E:1:E: 555 '5:EEfD5r'ErE:g5'592: 9-5-1 '5fg,.51 5255453 idragi 29? QZOZEZEQQQ E?Q?5ZOQQQgQ9SHHQ9Q?E mg HQ.. 425 N Qm45I3 "'0 ww-090905 O 5-10DJQ5.':'Q?.,:fD ....1 3201.5-1LQgf3,Q,.:5Q.mg-WISD-wgglg. 'Q oe 9? o651i35i299fv25gf4FTE Ft: 9: 1: :nwh-951150 rom 994110: O.- Qw 5 or' ET? :SE FDS 999 "1 25952 :SD .LQLQ ..1m 10 1Dd1ou11 31391 Drum UND 'S'SSOH 'IS UQEN :im-2 5-'Cf o E95 0.50. gm CD 1-4 S E:u,19A 211 19 m"C5 S2 cn 1 QOHSMQQQ O -ET: 'U 2 511 E57 "1 gmahigg og 9 A51 ' ""A L1o99d ""11D1.1 p9 Hinugz 111 "S FP 1- ?4 E Hi5QH5EbHQfP WZ 5 m 300: ,..... QKDE: 'f 551155 :EQEZ 9959 566995 2 S OgUCDOQ-'CD,':1'- 14 Qhmg-"U-HQ,-Q. 5 409' 2 UQIS ,gzrnvo Om EEC Q95 WE E' 918411 ,,,,: U3 1-.7...T'9 901m Bw ':!' Wm 975 rw-153 E mag ' 329. 9212 mf 'U-: gr: fD: 5: F05 -9 CIN- Q QCD 59.215 Q0 D23 Q '-so '40 O45 D' OO-n DJCD :J '- om mglg Om m WC: 9.55 :S H am Ori: 65 gg -19. 5-D U1 SKI 5 EE"i2rr:Er1EE1fD5f5Q?iP- " " 153 1 I1l'1'.I Qpabagghwabaggf H :sQ'-- 914 "'s111nQ uuy puooeg ""' """' s 51:nD109S """""'s99:1uDA 'A """"""A'S110 pm 9L11 uo Hmndu 9g ""' ' ""' DAOUDQ Apn """"9OI,ISIOS """"A'51OOCl.ID6 "'A"""""'1LIf1I9AA, UID5J""" ""A""'f-PUD DSL IIDOWISDH '1's'f1 ""' """""" H A "'A"'Luo1d 911 """"'IDI'llI 'V A"""""""UOIlD9D """p1DoqdnQ Apu """"O1SSpOW U1 SA1'1"""" """""""""""'DDI1UO SDC1 9111 1113 95113111 ol' "" ""' """"""" S 1 991.1 L15 1osndu11:n3U 111 1o1rJ1A1' 4""5" """"' b u1pD91199L1 """"""'uo1b11e1:1 up """"'sm9L1d91X1 u1M """"""'1911:JD9.L 'H """S,A1111I1,L 1D Apu .Ii HDS U1 SOLISp1fS9H """"' """""""""""" D PLUS """191p9q 1103 p9s1'1"""" """"""'L1mOuI """"'"""'A'911m9sr1o1.1"'""' 91 IOOLIOS PFDUPPIO """" """""" 5 UFl55?9" NOILIHVNIV NOISSEISHO I 951 o p 11913 i2 IQ 511 Ty? QQL Q1 DU SI 9Mhab95H2baQbbb:Qg Q24 19qu1o:JI1:Jn s19L1sruo9u J 1115 1d11:Js S, uoul A1015 pu 3 u1p1p 9L11 umop 9 Aoq 191101111 '53 pums 19Eamqu1DL1 D um 1S!d 9Ap 1095 9119113011 M uo1dU1pL13 195109 1915111 3 1r,1b1D 111913 Apu pmouog ug 9 .11 19poyx1 D 10 19 upmomq s .TJTSU -211 ga 1 paw' ' 1 3 7 -'M ' 2- .1l .,,..1 39 if ifjmijqg iigkgaif E CQ,,,QwD9ffZ1V,o,?fcDff. ' E m RER? MW QW yy Cf' 977 S QM fi?7g4Q6j, M Wfmamwg may W , ,S . b J fix XXX gil 'TW , XX ,Q if Ng ' f 5 NN: P iffy- w,,,M W5 W aim A Q W WM if wx . ' Wwfwe- Adb v ' S UI' QL fjfffff ggi? Ne, WZ? wwf-.QF j?lll40,0y,Qea4f 72mm XXI mfwwwizff gg, ..0 6 ,LA 0 Clif' M -1- 154 73 S549 M"'6 Q Li 'Mf"""Z Dee is XQLQNQL 5 , ? f . ' 'N' fi - . ' Rf , , ,- R M4 4 .A?,n, 4 . 1 web' JMWQ ' 9 o.wX'e' 8-94.421 . 1 556.109 efzijb xg' 4 . u, A g , Q , A 379 fm-1 U mjufxgfx J X' -glgx .7 if 6 90 4' YBJUNNQ ff?-ffiilfify -fy . E-,fy 9511 X age, ig? L X20 Mn 53321 I ga fe 'W 72 ' Q1 , P ,pp . 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Ursuline High School - Yearbook (Santa Rosa, CA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 42

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