Ursuline High School - Ursulinian Yearbook (Youngstown, OH)

 - Class of 1951

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,fi-at-eff 15-1 12. 5, 5... -.-V.. .+ 'asf' ,A ELK ,gr- W. V 'Y' A QQ, zz'- ""'r :S .2- V- 54? V. . -'Til-il V '- -,fw 'v . ...gif - -- - - - dave. QV?-SLB ..r ...V - V r 3 , 31: ..,.: VV4 Aa. ,FQ if -. A n Hhg A444 al' 1 -iv.. st V 'if' 4-gig P.. -.Q ,gf ,A ,:- LA 1 3.44, . E, .. Q .. L 'S gim- gm. ,-yr. -, , -2.1, JE!" 1.1 ' -A 1? " T'-9 .. nz., ia. ,L 3 2 ' Zi:-1 Q. -,V V 1 3 'An , '. V fWWf'f'z"M? mf M Q - W wif? fI3f V ,, .JM jx W fig . ' ' I 5. VU - fy gi, 2-S.. J. .U 4. , -.,- V L ...' -fi-:L - S: ziv- - 1- 14, .9 r- V .m-X, E55 I' 'Sv ' Vg' . K. vii Vwffi ,1.,, SN -, . . ' f f 1 K- . - . V ' 1 f,a:,:' Q-.1 , , . V , f -s . V1-:1.. 'f V 'X 1 'V ' ' , ' ' ,ff , V ,. . . ,G ' -1,52 - V Vf- V -V ...A Q--f ,., " -. " ' XY LQV- . 1 "-' ., x ' . V..-.rf ' 1 ' ' ' 1 ' ' 5 ' "' ' ' xf.. , 'f-ww '1"f41?,V LJ.: F f . - , -- f V., -V -. . -, V ., ' V -. , ' . -.V 1 V,, K U' 65' my CMD rg J 119 y Wg ' sw- V4 .H y if,aa'.f2"w:Lg..1-i - fp.-.fA,Vffh-'.f4-'gf -914 4Vf.":,.g.- ' 1- , - ,. 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"NJ f0,,,..,.,,!t fPyw.,v-rx, ,f " , 1 'V 1 WEA MMM? 010 My WW? A MW? wxmwfgffim T9 W T, www Ov 'J . '- . -' 1 ci, - .. , .ag V21 0 W W' URSULINE S fy m .X ,HIGH SCHOUL gg Q IYOUNGSTOWN, 0H10 , . k Ma pg MW? M MMM Wk hw i'fMQJ5!a1 'J KMQUM EZWMWM 'W Wy Class 1951 presents . . . Qqfkiggggiy K C to catholic dv l X , f I ' 5 ' , , 1 dam . .i 1 L, it 92 f ' T 'ffaif toilet it ,fi J ig ' A441 J? af' 5 A Jill.-i...,:. , I A 'A ' I. A . 4 K u ,' , -I , , 1 , 5. , g . , . :arg 1 .- ., y 1 .Q ty fy., L4 NMt': ' 'g I 1 I fl' I ' S a ' "fi,-W1 f A .Q jiri If 514 y '. If "L f, , '3 Tiff." - , K L. fx sf , ff ff. - , , f ,, 1 ,. .11 f -, .c 1 i . A . 4f,'-be ,. 1 ' , faig- 1 , " ' Q ' 93 1 -5-i 'L Q 1:21. X, 15,5 1 " " ' f .-4. the wud. Qu.: ix 4 A I .4 "'.:. 2 -4 '-"rv, ' - .-I-", -"",fg'fq. ' 1 741- " f F .. fl- ,Qg1i"f'ixl ' 'gv . Y. J, " ' " . " .1 - ,Q H, -z . 4 . f 1 j ,051 ,. Tm ..f'I0 I: .27 , ,A C F ...QL gnfkflff' 'Z , 'v fC'?.. ' .2 "-' 1 .- ' - - - I .7 'A " - .' 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Religion has molded our thoughts in the classroom, guided our activities on the campus, and adequately prepared us for the vocation we have chosen in life. Through it, we have learned to appreciate this factor which contributes to a fullness of life, and to understand the principles that underlie our fundamental way of thinking. As the door to our future dreams unlocks before us, we would like to leave behind a heritage to future seniors: The Key to Catholic Leadership-A Catholic Education. W Mi' 0 ,f if vb. f, .ar lCader hip Ursuline High bureau Administration . . Seniors . . Class Prophecy . . Classes . . . Activities Sports . . . Senior Directory . Advertisements . . 6-15 16-35 36-37 38-53 54-69 70-'79 80-81 83 School VI ' 'Je - 1 bg 1 1 4 ,2E'l " I 174 X 3 1 I I Il k Nil by f ll? 1 I 111 ..f-- ' 3 ,lg 4 4V lf 'T' ,fd 'fab' 11 tgp f X... -xr-W "' 1 ,ik A xx-A R ml ' . a X-A-- QF'-3' -,my Q - fi' uf! Q Zegmeam i Z7 I I' X 1 1 9 ' 1 Q .J ' I J' 7 u. 1 lr . w. -N, . Q .HEW2 . 'lb F e ---. f .A His Holiness, Pope Pius XII fa 4fKeeper of the Keys ! " TO PIUS XII belongs the apt title '5Keeper of the Keys," and to him also belongs our love and devotion as seekers of the key. In these troubled times we need a firm and steady hand to hold the key which will open the door of peace and happiness. Pope Pius XII holds that key. He guides the souls of all men by infallibly defining the 'teachings of Christ and His Church. Against him the enemies of our democratic form of government are power- less. No force on earth is able to silence one who is the voice of truth and right. Pope Pius XII will always be to us the symbol of peace and happiness and the sym- bol of a goal attained and a door unlocked. l His Excellency The Most Reverend James A. N'ICF2lddCll. S.T.D.. L.L.D. 111". KIQY l"llQl1Rl", 111 1-very 1111111111 111111 s1'111111l l11111'1i1111. ll 1111111 c11c1'g1r111'11lly 111'x'1111f11 111 flllllllllll' 1'11111111111111-111 lll'Sll' 11111' 1111's1r 11111115115 111111- 1JL'l'U11ll' Syl11JIlllll1Dl1S 111111 1115111117 Al1l1llL'S X. Nl1'l'1111111r11. l'1'Slll1llC.S 1'111111cp1i1111 111 l5isl111l1 Nll'l'l2l1l11Cll 1111s 1111111- 111 111' 11ss111'11111f11 1vi111 1111r111111'11's 111' Ll 1111111 lllXX'1lyS 1'1'111ly 111 lllllllllllll Zlllll 11lw11ys slow 111 1'c11s111'1'. 1X'111v1l1c1' 11c was 1'11'11'1'1l 1111111 1111' s1'c111- 11l2,1'lY 1111'1'111'11i11q 111-ig111s 111 21 s111q11, 111' 1111111 11111 lJlL'2l1'1lL'l'S ill Ll 111111111111 game 1116 new wus 11lw11ys s111111'1l1111g 111 11'1'11s111'c. 111 l'C111L'1l11JCl'. 1111111150 111 1115 1ll11css 11e 11115 11111 1101111 1v11l1 IIS 11s 111.1011 11s we 111111111 1x'1s11. NVQ miss 111s 1'111'1'1'y s1111l1' L11111 llL'2ll'lY g1'1'c1i11g. NOT TU URSULINE alone, but to the whole country has Bishop Emmett M. Wfalsh been recognized as a key figure. Early in 1951 he was named to the Presidents Commission in Internal Security and Individual Rights. This honor carries with it a grave responsibility of which Bishop Walsh is well aware. On his return from Washington, he wrote, "In view of such great responsibility, I confidently ask a daily remembrance in the prayers of our devoted priests, religious and faithful in the Diocese of Youngstown." To Bishop Walsh, great churchman and great American, Ursuline pledges her allegiance and her prayers. A His Excellency The Most Reverend Emmett Michael Walsh, D.D. The Reverend Glenn XV. Holdbrook. MA. Principal of Uwxmline High School llli SllCClf,SS ol' a school is largely clue to tlie one wlio lioltls tlte key position. lfatlier Glenn NV. lloltllmrook. lioltls the key at lirsuline. Seniors antl lireslnnen alike lintl in lfatlier Holtllmrook a real lrientl-a lriencl capable ol giving tlieni expert gttitlanee antl eotnpetent instruction in any stil:-ject wlietlier it be in religion. tlrantatirs. or just plain living. His original itleas. liis untiring ellorts have been instru- tnental in making scliool actirities-religious. aratlentie. social. a success. Xt basketball anal football games the cliiel' rooter is tlie sante person who is so energetically interestetl in evervllling l'rsttline sttulents tlo. lo lfatlier Holtlbrook, sincere thanks anal appreciation. N THE short yezn' l'l2lll1CI' Reagan has been with ns. he has provecl :in lllX'2llll2llJlC keynian in opening the cloor lo Christian living through Catholic' eclncation. .Ks zulvisor ol' the Stuclent Council. he has shown hiinsell firm in cliscipline. yet cleniocratic' Zllltl lziir in all clecisions. No school zlctivity or problem is too SlIl2lll to receive his personal attention. He has shown this llllliillllllg interest i11 xztrions other ways--:is ll Religion teacher. as the reorganizer ol the school hzincl. z1ncl as 21 regular z1ttenclz1nt at all social lunc- tions. lYith gratelttl hearts we respect hiin as 21 teaclier . hint as 21 lrientl . . . zincl zuhnire l1in1 :ts 11 priest. regard I 1 The Reverend Donald Reagan Assistant Principal of Ursuline High, School ls, Row: 2nd Row: The Rev. Robert Brengartnex The Rev. Thomas Kelly St. lfolumha The Rev. Edward Valhle M. Palrirk The Rev. joseph Koch Clmnrery Olfire The Rev. Arthur Deflrane Spiritual llirertor Youngstown College The Rev. Henry Fabrizio St. Nil'lmla.s The St The Sl The St The St The St Rev. Peter Faini Anthony Rev. William Lawler Columlm Rev. Joseph Feicht Ann 3rd Row: Rev. Robert Fannon Nicholax Rev. George Franko johns, Campbell Sacred Heart 4th Row: The Rev. Gerald Curran St. Rose, Girard The Rev. Thomas Beldue Immaculate Conreptinn The Rev. William Hughes St. Charles The Rev. john Lyons St. Ann .H v? ff gn'-.. ., , ,, , A J fr If .- - f ,S A . ,AS NM 4.5-- , 4 . Gu-'N ,gf ' W ' 'L za I , f.fgf5:.g' b QI, 1.3, .-f"5"1L','F-LL.. 'V Q5- 42- ' pi?" "fn,-rc. '0- r.' ' 41 , 'T - if Inf, . V1 5" " "5 X Ls. :gf nf!" I 4:4 2'- J..-. . .A ' ff -v,:sv 7 ' 74' I N 1' ZS 1-:f 12 1 . , -Z '- . 4 "RL:-AV gn-f'T.PfE2'uf"-ew Q -A , . f. I -1 ' f Juhua .N 'X 'nv 1ls."1Zfg:4L S?"'JiV2Z'RgufLrL:Qn,q1, W , h IN., , lb ge- Q vw Ir rw " A Q", 4"-:,'...L4L,.R JC ,. -' T'.f "E's " T?Qa6:'rwepp-,-...... 112 -N SQ ff'-gg-1 ffwwff. E.. ,,A.,, Q, ' .. 0495" 45-if: '51 ' xv-. , '?.-f'-6:,1 :.1.-Ast. , .- " 1- W '- 5 A :W 1 .rf ' K3 ' :z :eff -f.?'.-,','- f, :'-'.'.-i-- ,E-ff' .A-ff --.K Y -. .y , 1. .. " - .-:.-'.':i'f .AA g-.M ' .' 5-.si g g -I 1 , 5 , .,',f- Shi- -1. '-.ft -A .Li 1.12 1 f'- -' T,-',Ig'1.'b,'fIi-, 52:3 .1 :l -JNCI",-gg.-11,5-5 K. A: -075,1 Nl.. ,. ' 1 - fqI7f"'f'7'f'.g. fp 'V . . .. A . .,1. I, I -. - Q. .L.,.,FZ:-:I tv-1. 3. -..'. vm- ., A :J:.:r3KS,,:437','f:,ig g.,Ll.k25Q:hiL A . ,i I 4 I Q , I, 1 . Ag, .gig ,.. ..,...., . -.,.,, A .,.,b,.., E, , 6 , , , , , I f Fri 1 "'W4- .-f .i+:f"fe-if-Alf.-:Sw--fi' -vw F11 11141:-gg:f.1+.'-,qv--1-,I.:.-.f--7'-.-A.-r.-fi-IAm:m,lfxdu-in41-wvrfgyxgf f'.'f.::' A' ' 'T ' .ri A ,A -, :.,-..- I.--L.--Hp.-.f,-ns mai- f1"'ff71-,-?"'1'Q'f f"fA . .S I-1 1 ws'-. ,, . " ., 59 ' ' 1-A" 2-at I' 1... IV IQ W N' -'H -!'.'a'-.I "".'.':S-u152'-.1',E:l'3:,"3'A..B1L4'zE-A..i:.z'1-.:Le5L:u:1kL:SfLr44T'..:AJ-GS4J..a..I:1.L1.w-.I-'-L,fw.:.. wi 11. .-.wtf -:'z- 14-' Ti ' fy aI' 5 gi '- 5 qi -P . ..,.x A -5. .I - V.-Q. :Ig '. f V " ' I I ' . . ' -ff, 1 '.. V w 6.25 f., SISTER M. ALBERTA SISTER ALBERT MARIE SISTER ALICE MARIE SISTER M. ANNE . SISTER M. BARBARA SISTER M. BERNADETTE SISTER M. BERNARD . SISTER MARIE CELINE MOTHER M. CHARLES SISTER MARIE DENISE SISTER M. GERMAINE . SISTER M. JEANNETTE . SISTER M. JULIANA . SISTER M. KATHLEEN SISTER MARGARET REGINA . SISTER MARY ANGELA SISTER M. PERPETUA SISTER M. RAYMOND SISTER M. REGINA . SISTER ROSEMARY SISTER M. ROSANNE . SISTER M. VERONICA . SISTER M. VIRGINIA SISTER M. WINIFRED . MISS MARY DINGER . MR. THOMAS CAREY . MR. JOHN GENNOCK . . Mathematics . Commercial . . Geography, Art . Mathematics, English . . . . Science . . Alathematics . Typing, Religion . . . English . History, English . Home Economics . . Band, Glee Club . Social Science, English . . English, French . . Commercial . American History . . . . Spanish, Latin Latin, Mechanical Drawing . . . . Commercial . . . Science . Speech, French . English, Librarian . Band, Glee Club . . . . English . journalism, English . . Spanish, Latin . Athletics, Mathematics . Athletics, Social Science c ' 5, . " fm? 4 - J ui' Aff' Nm K F fff ,W 1 I W ' swf J' X rx fi K D21-A pf QQQ4 1 r X ' ASM: six 'w '4:g45 lj! fLl.Z4Bf7H DE RUSE F Q W Q f ,sz Q N 1 4 'S' H I f' C 4 ll! AX f ff "1 X I g rf" ,415 ,ffzfq 7 ff N' ' Q Xxx. XX Q ' XX 4 is C , J Xxx X I f f -f Q ig fv Q U ., ' , 4 ' ,Q . . fl" ' If," KX! A ? 4 J xi! ' if fi' 4 4353A f X .1 7 M5 ' . ,-'.i All lxxx ix f 1 ' b .Y AQ T , s fr x ' .1 A X vs- Q KI F" Lx-01 ,, I Mein ,baaaeaadaa 'x the class of 1951 SENIOR OFFIC ERS Dennis Barrett, Katherine Quinn, Ronald Galip, Clan mm Lyden, Lucille Sequella. l-IE FRESHMAN YEAR began with a feeling of uncer- tainty and awe. To be finally in high school was a wonder- ful thing and just a bit frightening. Surprising to most of us, we survived that first year of awkwardness, and looked for- ward to stepping up into the sophomore shoes. As sophomores we were a little more sure of ourselves- after all, we were beginning our second year of high school and had gained a little experience. It was our turn to look down on the incoming freshmen-calling them "green fresh- ies", perhaps not remembering that just a short year ago we had been struggling in the same way. Juniors at last-could it be possible that our first two years had flown by so swiftly? Apparently they had, for as Juniors our responsibilities increased. We realized that in our hands was the leadership of the school. The biggest job of the year came with preparation and planning for the Prom. XVe carried the responsibility well, for it was a wonderful success. 1951. This is the year for which we had waited and planned. There were so many bright spots- Prom, senior play. Not until graduation time, did we reminisce about our underclass years and wish that we were once again green freshmen. P assessing JO ANNE ADAMS St. Dominic National Honor Society National Mathematics Honor Society Annual Stall' Theresiau Club Altar Committee Albertus Magnus Club Props and Paints Club Library Club CA..-X. M ONA JANE ASHTON Sl. Palrirle National Honor Society Annual Stall Albertus Magnus Club 'lheresian Club Altar Committee Library Club Props and Paints Club French Club Clec Club Variety Show CA..-X. ROBERT BARRETT Sl, Ell1l'lll'lI Ursuline News Staff Albertus Magnus Club Campus Club Art Club Props and Paints Club Intramural Basketball Exponent Leader Magazine Leader Track NATALIE ANTONUCCI Inmmrulate Conception Theresian Club Altar Committee Props and Paints ANTHONY BARBER St. Bremlan National Mathematics Honor Society Clee Club Basketball Football DENNIS BARRETT SI. Dominic Student Council Class Officer 4 Annual Staff Ursuline News Stall Xaverian Club Kev Club, President Props and Paints Club, Pres. Clee Club Football 1 Intramural Basketball Exponent Leader Catholic Diocesan Press Contest flst prizej Debate Team Quill and Scroll Society St. Patrick Props and Paints Club Glee Club Football 3, 4 Basketball 2, 4 Intramural Basketball Track All Star Team SS. Cyrilallflellzodius Art Club Campus Club Spanish Club Intramural Basketball Track JOHN BERNARD SS. Cyril-.llelhodius Art Club Spanish Club Ring Committee THOMAS BEARDMAN ROBERT BERNARD FRANK BECK Sl. Ann Student Council Key Club Props and Paints Club Spanish Club Clee Club Football l, 2. 3, 4 All Star Team Basketball 1, 2. 3, 4 Intramural Basketball Track GEORGE BERNARD SS. Cyril-Melhodius Albertus Magnus Club Art Club Spanish Club Intratnural Basketball Track DANIEL BEROW St. Stanislaus Art Club Spanish Club Magazine Leader the key JOHN CARNEY Sl. !ffl1l'llT1l Student Council l'rops and Paints Club Football 2, fl Basketball 2 'l'l'at'k ROSE CASSESE St. Columlza Annual Stall Ursuline News Stall Quill and Scroll Society Ring Committee. Chairman Exponent Leader Magazine Leader ti.A.A. MILDRED CHARNOKI Iloly Nnnm 'lheresian Club Altar Connniltee Band C.A.A. National Honor Society a catholic SI. Edwarrl Theresian Club Altar Committee Glee Club C.A.A. Senior Play Sl. Dominic Annual Staff Ursuline News Stall' Theresian Club Magazine Leader Library Club G.A.A. ALICE CANNON SI. Edward Annual Stall Ursuline News Staff Theresian Club Altar Committee Spanish Club Glee Club G.A.A. JOSEPH CASEY Sacred Heart Xaverian Club Art Club Spanish Club MARGARET CHARLES Sl. Roxr, Girard Student Council Theresian Club Altar Committee Clee Club Library Club Props and Paints Club Variety Show C.A.A. Exponent Leader National Honor Society Senior Play ROSE MARIE CLARK Sl. Eflzwirtl Albcrtus Magnus Club Altar Committee Spanish Club Clee Club G.A.A. MARJORIE BERTRAND Albertus Magnus Club Props and Paints Club Youth Day Representative ROSEMARY BRINE National Honor Society Altar Committee, Chairman Student-of-the-Month 14" v possessing . . JOHN BLASKI St. Slllllfillllti National Mathenlatics llonor Society Latin Club Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Golf Track JERE BURKE Sl. lfl11l'!l7'Il Key Cltlb Props and Paints Club Latin Club JOHN CARLON Sacred Heart St. john Berchmans Society Football l, 2. 3, 4 Track fs sw ' Q' the key JOANNE CLEARY St. Dominic National Honor Society Annual Stall Ursuline News Staff Thcresian Club Altar Committee Library Club Exponent Leader Magazine Leader G.A.A. JOHN CONNOLLY St. Nirltolax National Mathematics Honor Society Albertus Magnus Club Props and Paints Club Art Club Key Club Latin Club Camera Club ALICE COOKSON St. Ann Glee Club G.A.A. MARY VIRGINIA CLEARY St. Dominic Albertus Magnus Club Theresian Club Altar Committee Library Club Glee Club Band Sharps and Flats Club, Secretary Camera Club ' G.A.A. THERESA CONRECODE St. Patrick Annual Staff Thercsian Club Altar Committee Props and Paints Club Glee Club Variety Show Exponent Leader Majorette G.A.A, National Honor Society Senior Play ' WILLIAM COREY St. Patrick Bowling Team RITA CORRIGAN Sacred Heart Annual Staff Ursuline News Staff Theresian Club Altar Committee Props and Paints Club French Club Glee Club G.A.A. DIANE DALEY St. Edward Variety Show Theresian Club Altar Committee Props and Paints Club Glee Club G.A.A. NILDE D'AMATO St. Patrick Art Club Glee Club Majorette G.A.A. MARY LOU CRISH Holy Name Theresian Club Altar Committee French Club IACQU ELINE DALEY St. Patrick National Honor Society National Mathematics Honor Society, Secretary Student Council Class Officer El Annual Staff Theresian Club Altar Committee Props and Paints Club Clee Club G.A.A. Magazine Leader JOHN DE MAIN Immaculate Conception Xaverian Club Props and Paints Club Spanish Club Intramural Basketball Track Magazine Leader education 21 possessin . . MARGUERITE DEMPSEY St. Edward National Honor Society Annual Stall Albcrtus Magnus Club 'l'heresian Club Altar Committee Props and Paints Club French Club Clee Club Library Club Youth Day Representative C.A.A. j0I-IN DI PAOLA SI. Columbo Props and Paints Club Spanish Club Glee Club Intramural Basketball 'l'rack MARIAN DOHERTY Sl. Edward Ursuline News Club 'l'hercsian Club Altar Committee Art Club Clee Club Variety Show CAA. ELIZABETH DE ROSE St. Dominic National Honor Society Student Council Annual Staff Theresian Club Props and Paints Club Art Club Art Editor G.A.A. CARROL DIXON Sl, Edward Theresian Club Altar Committee Art Club Latin Club Variety Show Clee Club G.A.A. ANITA DONNELLY Sl. Edward Annual Staff Ursuline News Staff Thcrcsian Club Altar Committee Latin Club Clee Club Quill and Scroll Society Variety Show C.A.A. National Honor Society St. joseph Xaverian Club Props and Paints Clee Club Football l, 3, 4 Track JANE DOYLE Sl. Colum ba Theresian Club Altar Committee French Club Clee Club G.A.A. Props and Paints 22 MARY EDDY Theresian Club Glee Club Variety Show THOMAS DONNELLY St. john Berchmans Society Club Intramural Basketball National Honor Society Club Immaculate Conception National Honor Society EDWARD DONOGHUE Sl. Nicholas Props and Paints Club Spanish Club Intramural Basketball Magazine Leader SALLY DURKIN Sl. Edward Theresian Club Glee Club C.A.A. French Club PATRICIA EDDY SI. Edward - Animal Staff Albertus Magnus Club Props and Paints Club Altar Committee Clee Club i Variety Show G.A.A. a catholic N--f RONALD GALIP St. Marion National Honor Society National Mathematics Honor Society Senior Class President Annual Stall St. john Berchmans Society Props and Paints Club French Club Debate Team Football l, 2, 3, 4 Intramural Basketball Key Club Bowling Team Exponent Leader Magazine Leader JANET FRANTZ SI. Palrifk Theresian Club Altar Committee French Club Clee Club Ring Cotnmittee C.A.A. National Honor Society THOMAS FLYNN Sl. Palrifk Student Council Annual Staff Youth Day Representative Xaverian Club Art Club Ring Committee ' National Honor Society education JOANNE ENGEL Sacred Heart Theresian Club Altar Committee G.A.A. Sl. Edward Props and Paints Club Theresian Club Sharps and Flats Club, Vice President G.A.A. Ba nd Sl. Erlwarrl Xaverian Club French Club Glee Club Props and Paints Club Camera Club Exponent Leader IVINIFRED FRENCH Sl. Patrick Props and Paints Club Theresian Club Triple Trio Glee Club Spanish Club Magazine Leader Variety Show G.A.A. Exponent Leader MARY ELLEN FOLEY St. joseph Props and Paints Club Art Club Spanish Club Glee Club Triple Trio Variety Show Majorette G.A.A. JOHN FLECKENSTEIN Sl. Dominic National Mathematics Honor Society Albertus Magnus Club Annual Staff Religion Award 3 Ursuline News Staff junior Academy of Science Kent Science Award 2, 3, 4 Campus Club Quill and Scroll Society JOANN FITZ-PATRICK FRANCIS GALLAGHER the MARGARET FAIR St. Patrick Props and Paints Club Glee Club Triple Trio Variety Show Magazine Leader G,A.A. CHARLES GARLAND St. Dominic Annual Stall Props and Paints Club Glee Club Xaverian Club French Club Intramural Basketball MARILYN GALLADAY SS. Peter-Paul Props and Paints Club Clee Club Triple Trio Latin Club Exponent Leader Magazine Leader Variety Show 93' MICHAEL HARTY Sl. Columbo National Mathematics Ilouor Society. Presitleut Albertus Magnus Club St, john Ilerclunans Society Xaxerian Club Campus Club, President I-'oolball 2 Intramural Basketball 'l't'at'k ALLEN HICKEY Sl. Iirlu'm'fl National Mathematics Honor Society Albertus Magnus Club Xarerian Club Props anxl Paints Club Clee Club Art Club Football 2 'Iirack Exponent Leader DOLORES HOBIIS Sl. Dominic Theresian Club Props and Paints Club Clee Club Latin Club Variety Show a catholic JEANNE HERNAN Sl. Dominic Student Council Theresian Club Clee Club Variety Show Senior Play ROSELLA HIGGINS St. lirlzvrlrtl Ursuline Theresian Club Altar Committee Glee Club French Club Latin Club j0HN HOLLAND St. Dominic National Society Campus Club Art Club AN N GARTLAND SI. lirrmlan Theresian Club Albertus Magnus Club Altar Committee Art Club C..-XA. MARIANNE GLOZER SS. Cyril ,lletllorlitzs National Ilonor Society Albertus Magnus Club 'lheresian Club, Vice-President Props and Paints Club Annual Stall' lfrench Club Altar Committee Clee Club Variety Show li..-LA. HARRY GUY Sl. Dominic Albertus Magnus Club St. john Berchmans Society Xax erian Club Props and Paints Club Latin Club Clee Club Football l, 2. 3, 4 Track Intramural Basketball Magazine Leatlcr Senior Play News Staff Mathematics Honor Intramural Basketball 5 possessing . . JOHN GENGENBACHER Sl. BITIIIIIIII Albertus Magnus Club MARY CATHERINE GRIBBON Sl . Nirlmlnx 'Iiheresian Club Altar Committee French Club Clee Club C.A.A. NORA MAE HARTILL Sl. Colmulla Allbertus Magnus Club Props and Palms Club 'lheresian Club Clee Club Spanish Club Majorette Prom Queen C.A.A. --QQ ix the key JOAN HOOVER ., Sflcrezl Hffnrf 'liheresian Cltlb Altar Committee French Club Props and Paints Club Clee Club G.A.A. MARGARET JONES Sl. Palrick Annual Staff Ursuline News Stalf Thercsian Cltlb Altar Committee Props and Paints Club Library Club Clee Club Art Club Latin Club Quill and Scroll Society Variety Show Magazine Leader CA..-'L SUZANNE KALAVSKY SS. Cyril-Metlmdius National Honor Society National Mathematics Honor Society Religion Award l, 2 Student Council. Secretary Theresian Club, Secretary Altar Committee 4 French Club Annual Stall Props and Paints Club Exponent Leader FRANK JACOBS St. Edward National Mathematics Honor Society, Treasurer Albcrtus Magnus Cluh Props and Paints Club Clee Club French Club Art Club Latin Club Intramural Basketball Track Football 2, 3, 4 NROTC Scholarship RAYMOND JOYCE S 1. Patrick Xayerian Club Props and Paints Club Art Club Bowling Team Intramural Basketball JOHN KANE St. Dominic Annual Staff Ursuline News Stall Intramural Basketball Band Clee Club 'S' St. Dominic Spanish Club C.A.A. JOHN KEASEY St. Dominic Class Oflicer 3 Key Club Ursuline News Staff Clee Club Track SARAH KENNEY Sl. Patrick Theresian Club Altar Committee Magazine Leader Band JACQUELYN KANE Props and Paints Club Intramural Basketball WILLIAM KANE Sl. Edward Student Council Art Club Props and Paints Club, Vice4President Key Club Track Football 2, 3 Senior Play Campus Club MARGARET KENNEDY Sacred Heart Glee Club C,A.A. THOMAS KLEMPAY St. Matthias National Mathematics Honor Society Campus Club Props and Paints Cltlb education possessing JEAN KLING St. Dmninir National Honor Society 'lheresian Club Altar Committee Latin Club l'renc'li Club, Vice-Presitlent Props and Palms Club Annual Stall Ring Committee Exponent Leader Magazine Leader ISETTY KROH M ER Sm rerl llffarl Altar Committee I-.A.A. ROBERT KUBALA Sl. l'utrir'k Props anal Paints Club blilgilllllll Leader Plllllllilll I, 2, Il JEROME KOLESAR St. Dorninir Xaverian Club Props antl Paints Club Art Club Intramural Basketball HARRY KRUGER Sl. lfoxr, filfllfll National Mathematics Honor Society Props and Paints Club lfootball 2,14 RICHARD KUKURA Sl. Cyril-.lI1'lho1liu.r National Mathematics Honor Society Student Council Xaxerian Club Albertus Magnus Club Art Club French Club. Treasurer Exponent Leatler FLORENCE LOFTUS Sl. Ann Thercsiau Club Props antl Paints Club Spanish Club Exponent Leader CAA. THOMAS LOYVRY SI. lfrltvnrll Props and Paints Club Campus Club French Club Intratnural Basketball Track RICHARD LUCARELL SI. Dominir' Annual Staff Art Club French Club EDWARD LOMBARD St. Duminir National Nlathematies Honor Society Ursuline News Staff Campus Club Latin Club Band Intramural Basketball N ROTC Scholarship ANTONIA LOZIER St. lime, cilfllfll 'lheresiau Club Altar Committee Props and Paints Club Albertus Magnus Club French Club Library Club Exponent Leader Magazine Leader CA. A. MARY JANE LUDERTOVIC Sl. Prtlrirk Clee Club 'Lheresian Club Altar Committee CAA. a catholic TERRENCE MARTZIAL Sl. Palrirk Props and Paints Club Glee Club Football l. 2. 3, 4 MARY McGAl-IAGAN SI. llrz'n11'm1 Theresian Club Altar Committee Props and Paints Club Clee Club Triple Trio Art Club C.A,A. MARY LOU MCGOVERN Sl. Columbo Student Council Class Officer 3 Theresian Club Altar Committee Albertus Magnus Club Props and Paints Club Animal Staff Clee Club Exponent Leader Magazine Leader National Honor Society Senior Play education CLARANNE LYDEN St. joseph National Honor Society Class Officer 4 Student Council Theresian Club Altar Committee Props and Paints Club French Club Glee Club Triple Trio Annual Starl' Magazine Leader ALEXANDER LYSTER S I. Edward National Mathematics Honor Society Xaverian Club Albertus Magnus Club Props and Paints Club Camera Club Ring Committee Exponent Leader MARGARET MAGUIRE Immaculate Conreption Glee Club G.A.A. the MARY KAY LYDEN St. Columba Theresian Club Library Club Exponent Leader MARY MAHON St. Columba Props and Paints Club Exponent Leader Magazine Leader Glee Club G.A.A. RAYMOND MANLEY Sl. Dominic National Honor Society National Mathematics Hot Society Youth Day Representative Albertus Magnus Club Spanish Club k lOl' ey MARIAN McCARTHY SI. Columba Theresian Club A Props and Paints Club Youth Day Representative Spanish Club Glee Club G..-LA. JOYCE MeGINTY Sacred Heart Theresian Club Albertus Magnus Club Glee Club Magaline Leader C..-LA. THOMAS McKINNEY St. Columba Albertus Magnus Club Ursuline News Stall 27 FRANCIS MURPHY Sl. Dominic Xaverian Club, President Key Clttb Props and Paints Club Football 2 EDIVARD NADER Sl. Edward lfrencb Club Spanish Club Xaverian Club Camera Club Football l, 2 Intramural Basketball 'lrark MAR-IORIE NELIS Sl. Nirholas Altar Committee Props and Paints Club Glee Club Variety Show C.A.A. catholic MARY TH ERESA METZINGER Sl. Palrirk Clee Club Band C.A.A. St. Nifholas Theresian Club Majorette G.A.A. Sl. Dominic Glee Club Exponent Leader Magazine Leader THERESA MURPHY St, Dominic Student Council Theresian Club Altar Committee Props and Paints Club Albertus Magnus Club G.A.A. THOMAS NAKLEY St. Marion Campus Club Art Club Intramural Basketball GILBERT NICHOLS Immaculate Conception St. Iohn Berchmans Society Art Club Props and Paints Club Spanish Club Clee Club SeniorPlay RITA MAE MOLTCHAN National Honor Society WARD MORRISROE Props and Paints Club at possessing . BARBARA ANN MILLER St. Arm Theresian Club Altar Committee Ursuline News Staff Clee Club G.A.A. JAMES MORLEY St. Brendan Student Council St. john Berclnnans Society Xaverian Clttb Props and Paints Clttb Spanish Club Glee Clttb Campus Clttb Exponent Leader Magazine Leader SALLY MULLEN St. joseph Props and Paints Clttb Glee Club Triple Trio G.A.A. Variety Show the key jot-IN N1cHoLs Illllllllflllllfe Conreplion Student Council St. john Berchmaus Society Xax erian Club Campus Club Props and Paints Club Spanish Club Clee Club THOMAS 0'CONNER Sl. joseph Xaverian Club Props and Paints Club Glee Club Intramural Basketball MARGARET 0'NEIL St, Palrirk Altar Committee Theresian Club Majorette G.A.A. 'ly' FRANK NOVOTONY Sl. Alatthias Intramural Basketball Football 2 ANN OEXLE St. Columba Altar Committee Theresian Club Art Club Exponent Leader CATHERINE ORJAVSKY St. Elizahelh Thcresian Club Props andPaints Club Glee Club Exponent Leader Magazine Leader G.A.A. Senior Play MARY ANN PAPAGNA St. Ann Spanish Club Glee Club Exponent Leader G.A.A. Annual Staff FRANCIS PETRONY St. Stanislaus National Mathematics Honor Society St. john Berchmans Society Albertus Magnus Club Campus Club Exponent Leader Band Intramural Basketball BARBARA JEAN POGACNIK St. joseph Annual Staff Theresian Club Props and Paints Club Glee Club Majorette G.A.A. IL NIARY PATTON Sl. Patrick Band G.A.A. JOHN PIERSON Sl. Dominic Student Council, Chairman Class Officer 3 Key Club. Vice-President St. john Berclunans Society Props and Paints Club Clee Cluh Library Club Exponent Leader Football l. 2, 3, 4 North All Star Team Basketball 2. 3, 4 Track Senior Play LEONARD POGACNIK Sl. joseph Xaveriau Club Props and Paints Club Intramural Basketball edueatwn, Q possessing . . . THOMAS POPOVICH Sl..lIIIlll1f!IX St. john llerrbntans Society Props and Paints Club I-'rench Club Clee Club lntrannural llzlsketball Football 2, fi 'I'r:u'k DOROTHY POTOCNAK Holy tvlllill' 'I'bert'si:ui Club Art Club Clem' Club CA..-K. JOSEPH RAINER St. CI'V'lI'tHlfl'llIflill.V lfrencb Club Officer It Clee Club Ursuline News Stall l-'ootball fi. 4 'l'l'ack Intramural Basketball VICTOR POPOVITCH SI. fiIllll'Il'.Y St. John Bercluuans Society Props anal Paints Club Latin Club Exponent Leatler Magazine Leader Clee Club Bzunl National llonor Society KATHERINE QUINN Sl, Duminiz' Class Otlicer -I Student Council 'I beresizln Club Altar Committee I-..K.A. DOLORES RASZEWSKI Our Lady olPerpel1mIl1e'1p ftlIt'DlI7lll1f1Q Clee Club X le 30 if . JOHN REAGAN St. Columha St. john Berchmans Society Albertus Magnus Club French Club Prom King Band Magazine Leader Sharps and Flats Club, President Intramural Basketball KATHLEEN RI-ZEDY St. Dominic Annual Staff Theresian Club Props and Paints Club Altar Committee Variety Show Glee Club G.A.A. Senior Play RICHARD REILLY St. Edward Campus Club Art Club Albertus Magnus Club Glee Club Exponent Leader Intramural Basketball DOROTHY REDARSKY St. Charles Theresian Club Glee Club CAA. RALPH REEL St. Patrick National Mathematics Honor Society St. john Berchmans Society, 'I reasurer Props and Paints Club Debate Team Campus Club Latin Club Basketball 3 Intramural Basketball Senior Play PATRICIA RESCH Sl. Patrick Spanish Club Glee Club Exponent Leader Magazine Lezuler Band G.A.A. a catholic GREGORY ROM M ACK Sl, Nirlmlrm, Greek Catholir Albertus Magnus Club junior Academy of Science Props and Paints Club Debate Team French Club Glee Club Art Club Camera Club .IOHN RYAN St. Ann St. john Berchmans Society Albertus Magnus Club Props and Paints Club Spanish Club Glee Club Football l, 2. 3, 4 Basketball l. 2, 3. 4 Intramural Basketball Track Exponent Leader Magazine Leader Speech Awartl 4 LEONA JEANNE SCARDINA Sl. Ilominie Props and Paints Club Glee Club Spanish Club ll..-LA. education BERN XDETTE RIELLY SI. ElI1l'IITIl Thcrcsian Club Altar Committee Albertus Magnus Club Props and Paints Club Triple 'l'rio Glec Club Ring Coinmittee Majorctte CAA. JOHN RING SI. Erlrurzrd Albertus Magnus Club Intramural Basketball MARY LOUISE RITCHIE St. Cflilllllilll Altar Committee Art Club Glee Club CA..-X. PATRICIA RUANE St. Brendan Art Club Clee Club GAA. SHEILA SAMPSELL St. Dominic Theresian Club Altar Committee Albertus Magnus Club Props and Paints Club Spanish Club Glee Club Variety Show Triple Trio NINA SCARDINA Sl. Dominic There-sian Club Props and Paints Club tllee Club Magazine Leader C.A.A. the JOHN RILEY Sl. E!IZl'f17'li St. john BCTCIIIIIZIIIS Society Art Club Campus Club Props and Paints Club Spanish Club YOLANDA RIPOLI Sl. .lun Props antl Paints Club Clee Club C..-LA. Senior Play Theresian Club Variety Show MARCELLA ROHMAN Sl. Ni1'l10la.v Art Club Clee Club Majorettc G.A.A. ey 31 LEE SCHARRER Sarrerl Heart Society Xaverian Club Sl. Nirlmlus Theresian Club Altar Committee Clcc Club Ring Committee Sl. Coltunhu Student Council Class Officer 4 Theresian Club Altar Committee Treasurer Glee Club Spanish Club Magazine Leader PATRICIA SHON THOMAS SIKORA Sl. .-lun Sl. Columha Props and Paints Club Intramural Basketball Clem- Club Maiorette CA..-K. ANN SIMON Sl. l'atr'i1'k Clem' Club C.A..'I. ALBERT SM ESKO SS. fly:il-.llrlhmlius Props and Paints Club Clem' Club I-oolball 2. Il. fl Basketball 2.341 'I rark llowling a catholic 32 ROBERT SMALTZ bt. Ann St. -lohn llertilunans Society Ursuline News Stall Props and Paints Club I-'oolball l. 3. 4 All Star Football Team All City Football 'l'eam DOLORES SMITH SI. joseph 'lheresian Club Clee Club Spanish Club Exponent Leader C..-LA. National Mathematics Intramural Basketball Props and Paints Club Honor FRANCIS SCI-IULICK LUCILLE SEQU ELLA Props and Paints Club, Attendant to Prom Queen National Honor Society sf? Q4 possessing . GUY SCHIAVONE St. .-hm Clem' Club Football 2, fl, Al Basketball il, 4 'I rack PATRICIA SIZNNETT Sl. Dontinir Albertus Magnus Club Props and Paints Club. Secretary Spanish Club Clee Club Attendant to Prom Queen Magazine Leader .IAMES SFERRA Sl. Ann Albertus Nlagnus Club St. john Berclunans Society Xaverian Club Campus Club Props and Paints Club Latin Club Intramural Basketball 'Track Clee Club B- ,V 'ES' 'K' the ke. DOROTHY SMITH SI. .-inn Glec Club G.A.A. RONALD STADLER Sl. Bffllllllll All7Cl'lllS Magnus Club Art Club Spanish Club Camera Club ROSE CECELIA VIRGINIA MARIE SMITH St. Prllrifk Theresiau Club Clee Club Magazine Leader G.A.A. BLANCHE STRATFORD Our Lady of Lourdes, East Palestine K-.A.A. Glee Club STRECHANSKY Sl. Patrick, Hubbard Albertui Ma nus Club - E Theresian Club Spanish Club English Club Band C.A.A. MARGARET TARNEY St. Slanixlaux Thercsian Club Altar Committee G.A.A. Props and Paints Club Albertus Magnus Club HELEN TESNER SS. Cyril-.Vf'll101ii1t.v 'lheresian Club Altar Committee G.A.A. National Honor Society EDWVARD TRAGESSER St. Columba Props and Paints Club Spanish Club Football 1 Intramural Basketball Xaverian Club COLLEEN TAYLOR SI. jaxeph Ursuline News Staff Props and Paints Cluh Glee Club MARY LOU THEAKSTON SI. Palrirk Thcrcsian Club Clee Club Majorettes Magzwinc Leader C.A,A. ROBERT TRAM PUSH Sl. Patrirk Ursuline News Staff Art Club Football I, 2. IS Clec Club Intramural Basketball Track education EVELYN VALENTINO lnmmfulnlr f.'IlIlt'1'llll0Il Ntttionztl Honor Society Nattionatl Mzttltentatties Honor Society .Xnnuatl Stull. Business Manager lfrsulint' News Stull Albertus Nlztgnus Club 'Iilteresiaut Club librztry Club Props :tml Paints Club CAA. l'ixponent l.l'lllll'l' l,fl. l Quill :intl Scroll Society DOROTHY W EA V ER Sl. lirlivrorl Annual Stull 'lberesiatn Club lil'SlllllIL' News Stull Props :intl Pztints Club Clem-Club Matjorette Art Club bl2lg1lllIlCliL'Lllll'l' Nztlionttl Honor Society Quill :incl Scroll Society Senior Plan Speech .Kwztrcl sl BERNARD WILKENS Sl.IJonliui1' Nattionztl Nlattltentzttifs Honor Society Albertus Magnus Club Pro as and Pztints Club I Czunpus Club Exponent l.L-inlet' 41 iiii i iiil .yu-mtcmymst-iutw catholic JACQUELINE TRAMPUSH St.P1ilrirk 'llieresiun Club Clee Club 'I'riple Trio C..-LA. .IOHN TUCCI Sl. Dominir' Props :ind Paints Club Spanish Club Intrznnurztl Basketball DOROTH EA ULRICH Sl. ,-lun Clee Club CAA. JOHN WANCHOW Sl. Pa!ri1'lc, Hulzllurrl Nzttionztl Honor Society Nzttiouztl Mattltetnztties Honor Society St. john Berclununs Society .-Klbertus Magnus Club Xatyeriatn Club Props ztntl Paints Club Czuneru Club Spanish Club l.znin Club Magazine Lezuler junior Aczulctny of Science NANCY W ELDON Iutumrulalf' COIll'f'I7llIJll 'llteresiztn Club Lilmtry Club Clee Club Sp1llllSllfilllll C..X.A. CHARLES YVOLLITZ Sl.DoIl1fIliI Annual Stull, Business Manager llrsuline News Stull' Props :intl llZlllllS Club Clee Club Latin Club l-'ootbztll l llztsketbztll IR Student-of-the-Month Quill and Scroll Society Senior Plan Xztyeriztn Club possessing . . LOUIS TSOUKAS Sl. john Albertus Magnus Club Nzttionztl Honor Society Cznnerat Club ELIZABETH TUCHEK Iutntriftllulr' Cmireplion 'lberesizttt Club I,ibr:trt Club Clue Club C,.-X.A. ALFRED VAHEY Sl, lirltrrlrrl St. loltn Berelnnztus Society' Allicrtus Magnus Club i Latin Club Clee Club Mission Club Props znul Paints Club the key MARY JO IVRENN Illllllfllillfllfl' Con1'e'lvlion Ursuline News Staff Tlieresian Club Props and Paints Club Clee Club PATRICIA WRYNN Sl. Palrirl: Class Officer 3 Annual Staff Thcrcsian Club Altar Committee Latin Club Youth Day Representative I-,.-LA. National Honor Society TH ERESA YABLONSKY S. john, Campbell 'l'heresian Club Library Club Props and Paints Club Clee Club CAA. JOH N ZAMARY Surfer! Henri JOHN ZIEMIANSKI Sl. Cyril-Melhorliuv Youth Day Representatiie Student Council Ursuline News Stall Props and Paints Club Ring Committee Props and Paints Club Glee Club Football 4 JOSEPH ZIEMIANSKI MARY -'EAN ZILL Sl. Cyril-.llflllorliilx Albertus Magnus Club Props and Paints Club Clee Club Art Club lfootbull 4 Intramural Basketball IOH N KAHL SI. Palrirl: Sl. Erlzzvlrrl Clce Club Annual Stall Spanish Club CHX..-X. Not Picfured DAVID PORTER Sl. Slmlixlaux THERESA FITZGERALD Sl. lllllllillfl' 'liheresian Club Ursuline News. Editor Props and Paints Club Quill and Scroll Society Religion Award fl Exponent Leaclcr C..-X..-X. BEN WELSH SI. Pnlrirk education 35 Q 111 ' Lf X11 2 fy 434045K r ', 41 Joan Hoover and Janet Frantz, head a missionary group, As reporter Eddie Lombard gets his first big scoop. Jo Adams, Barbara Miller and Pat Ruane, Are sewing their way to fashion fame. If you want to advertise meat or pickles, Go to the agency of Jack and Gil Nichols. Kay Gribbon and Rita Corrigan heeded God's call, But they want you to know they haven't forgotten you all. Dolly Hobbs and Jim Sferra are teaching Latin, To up and coming scholar, Mary Patton. john Wanchow, Gregory Rommack and Eddie Nadar, Have just reached Mars with a new type of radar. The basketball hardwoods will appear quite classy, With the teams of Schiavone, Beardman and Blaski. Railroad inspector Pierson-a real swell fellow, Will have as his typists Misses McCarthy and Sequella. Peg jones will be dancing on some Broadway stage, While Kitty Orjavsky and Yolie Ripoli become the comedian rage. Then on to Berow's bank, at the corner of West Haley, We seen accountants Peggy Charles and Jackie Daley. Singers Sally Mullen and Mary Ellen Foley will appear, In Dot Weaver's production of "Hello My Dearf' 36 lf!! Majorette Peg O'Neil leads Reagan's band, As they march past General Keasey's grandstand. Sports caster Barrett will announce and check, Three football stars, Ryan, Smesko and Beck. Do you like jokes and wisecracks corney? Tune into Savko, Kubala and Morley. Did you ever see a big ball rolling? Then go to Champion and Kahl and Joyce Bowling. So you're in trouble, out of work? Join the ranks of Flynn and Burke. A wonderful boon to the helpless sick, Are Drs. Lyster and Len Pogacnik. lf you want your nurses able and ready, See "Lou', McGovern, Nora Mae Hartill and Pat Eddy. Dr. Garland of the F leckinstein Foundation, Has just cured Jakels ill of alliteration. For spaghetti, meat balls and baloney, Be sure and see DeMain, DePaulo and Petrony. Mayor Galip appoints Tucci Ere chief, Giving the city another thief. Reporters, Colleen Taylor and Alice Cannon of the Herald, Can be found in the office of editor Terry Fitzgerald. In Liz DeRose's Art Studio we shall see, joe Ziemianski and Nilde D'Amato painting art fantasy. I K L Y Q' . rupbrrn In Clarannels library on Wollitz Hill, We'll find authors John Ziemianski and 'Mary Jean Zill. For secretarial positions are Jo Cleary and Rosemary Brine, Thcy'll transcribe your letters, but hand you a line. Model Pat Wrynn smiles with delight, To know she's impressed Miss Pogacnik, the socialite. If you soon are to be married and need a dowery, Ask our tycoons Lucarell and Lowery. If you're interested in a shady deal, Stop at the office of Reilly and Reel. "That's my beatf' said officer Connelly, Talking to vagabond, Tommy Donnelly. Mike Harty and Ray Manley have not met their peers, In their chosen vocation as technical engineers. Their training in nursing now being through, Joyce McGinty and Mona Ashton become air hostesses in blue. Teachers in grade school, really hard workin', Are Sisters Jane Doyle and Sally Durkin. Sue Kalavsky, Ann Oexle and Mary Virginia Cleary, Are lab technicians in the hospital at Erie. Carroll Dixon, lN1arian Doherty and Rose Marie Clark. Will teach roller skating at Idora Park. X fu ,X p fi aeqa, I KJ Q 6 t 6 -.J ,f 6355 Natalie Antonucci, Marjorie Bertrand and Mary Eddy, Head the secretarial list as "Always Ready." Mary McGahagan, Terry Conrecode and Flo Loftus look like dollies, As they appear in Metrois "Ziegfield Follies." Joanne Fitz-Patrick, a talented musician, Plays for ladies Kenny and Kromer and gains wide recognition. Miss Ludertovic's speech school will be strict on learning, And so will its teachers, Misses Gartland, Lyden and Hernan. The Smith trio, Dot, Virginia and Dolores, Can currently be seen in Tragesser's chorus. Down at McKelvey,s, managers keen, Pat Sennett and Kay Quinn are the ones we mean. Jackie Trampush, Lou Theakston and Marcella Rohman, Have won high acclaim as sensational showmen. Nurses E. Valentino and Theresa Murphy are members of St. E's Association, While Bob Trampush owns Republicf Corporation. Tom N akley, Rose Strechansky and Louis Tsoukes, Meet movie stars Dee Rasezewski and Lou Ritchie at the circus. Teachers Mary Jo Wrenn and Shelia Sampsell, Call nurse Stratford their appointments to cancel. Princesses Dot Radarsky, Betty Tuchek and Ann Simon. Show Queen Papagna their fabulous diamond. QContinued on Page 82j 37 -5 iv PN N 0 .-ff, N2 Q H 2' ,'u,,',f Lzdiqffqf V j gr K Q XQX-xx flf K L , , - - A il A xl 5 1 X X" K' Ali .Q X A ' ' .5 .. f VJ' ' ' x . XXJQJ, QX VA V K .. I ,. I A V Q. - X XX 2 I K Q Rf ' MHJQJ -. 5 C , C' ' ' 5, . K, X 5 J f , J xx , , I AF ' ,G r Q -M N f g Q. g .,,??'P Y L ,L kk A . 1 A x 5' 'Sl ' Q I Q I' , ' , "- ' Qs ' 'N 5 fx X .a 1 ' X is -- K-R EX. - . ,j l N 'Y Z, xx I k L , 2 -f , 4 1 kd ,fi fL IZHJITII DE Rvsf Za an, 55 1 History . . . English . . . Art. . .the Key to Success "Exam Week Draws Near" Test week nears and last minute dates are studied by Peggy Fair, Joanne Cleary, Marilyn Gallziduy und Ann Oexle. "Paint, Chalk, Check" Dorothy YVeziver paints, Dirk Lui-urell und Dan lit-row dmw and Susie Lutle fhecks material for the aumuul Art exhibit. 41 N"--,., 3 "D0n't be Afraid Marian1ze" Marianne Glozer and Ed Lombard stare wide- eyed as Lady Nlzicbetll tjezm Klingj sleep walks. Speech . . . Biology. . . Histo ry. . .the Key to Success "Vic Checks Wfhile Carol Investigates" H'hiIc Vic' Polrovilcll studies il SIDL'K'll1ll'Il under th 0 nnicrnsropc. Carroll Dixon prepares the next one lor zlnulvsis. 3 1: Broadcast Ready? Y! "You're On! Chuck lVollilz and -lark clilfllfy "slz1ml by" as Den- ny BZIITCII, Shells: Sannp- sell, and Kitty Orjuvsky zlwuit their flies. A "Students I1'1,te1'111'et F nature by the Past" Dick Kukuru and Slu- :nnne Kuluvsky cxrlmngc balllccl g l an n 4' c s . while an c k R i c l l y pznicmly awaits lm' Nora: xlill' Ilan'- till to find out "wut Imp- pcncrlu in H92. 43 Study. . . Shorthand. . . Physics . . .Latin . . . "As a Matter a Fact - What is lt??" R i I an Nl an c Nlolchan lrunsfrihcs 'ICI' "hicru- QlWllil'Su for thc rcsl ol' thc shorthand class. 'T' .....W... " .Al .rVl.-I' .M. - ff0Ilflll'f.'H AI Lynlm-r and Crm-gory liilllllllilik llllli' up Ihr shml warn' svl als .lllllll Ulnu how Il0illlS Io thc' "N0zu. Now. Buddy, Stur1y."' A Ire-rplcxcfl -lim Sfl'l'l'Zl md zunuscd Hurry Guy warlclr as .Xl Vsrhcy trams. l2lll'S "Virgil" Ihr Dulurcs Hobbs amd Vic l'1rpovilc'lr. Study. . . Study Hall. . . French . . . Qfficv Pravticv "The Res! Hom'- Sludx' Hall" llauc nl Study "l'14.sl1, l'ull.' lllirlc. fllirlcf .Hakes Copies f!'IlfI'li'n l.1'H lu riglll. llulurvs Smith. Hvllf 'l.ll1ll1'k, Maury .Ivan lull, kan Q ll I Il n. lim-l'llauh-llv Rc-illy. 'Hr "Paper Dnllx? Uh. Frenrlz Clippirzgsn Nlnrglu-rite' Dclnpsl' Tum Lmvry. Nlmm ,Ks lull. and I"r:1nk llullngllu ful, flip mul 'msn' l"l'cml1 :ills in lDl'ClNIl'illi0lI lulbl class. Juniors HE KIUNIORS stand on the threshold ol' their senior year. They have shown by their willingness to work and their desire to be on top that their last year should go by as successful as the first three. Led by well-chosen officers, this energetic class has been active in every school Iunction. 'llheir rallies have been top rate because ol' their talent and ability. The junior-senior prom in May was one ol' the highlights ol' the year, and clitnaxed the year's activities. But a junior's life wasn't all lun and lrolic-there was work to be done. Every time the honor roll canie out, you could be sure their natnes were aniong the first lor scholastic achieve- nient. 'l'he departing seniors are sure that the class ol' '52 has realived the value of its heritage . . . Catholic Education. ROOM 30-l Run' 5: Thomas Cigolle. Ronald An- derson, Roherl Coe, Edward Barlvo, Hugh Barnwell, john Barrow, Roger Dempsey, Frederick Bord, Thomas Bo- hovniclt. Rout -I: Thomas Carney. James Bell, William Cookson. Seely Beggiani, Don- ald Casey, Michael Carney. Ron' 7: james Billoclt, William Cleary, Edward Brennan, Raymond Costello, Mary Pat Clark, Mary Grace Dignau, Patricia Doran. Rout 2: E u ge n e Carlon, Robert Casey, Marie Donatella, Barbara Don- avon, Lois Buchanan, Kathleen Burke. Nicholas Billett, Frank Danks. Run' 1: Anne Charnolti, Nancy Darin, Alice Benedict. Dolores Barrett Ann Marie Colla, jeanne Beardman, Margaret Docherty. Em 1 -Q 5 ilk xg f 3 'fix Ja O IONC ILR need tl1e sophomores pretend to be grown ul: oi Slldli. in tl1e telletted gloly ol tl1e upperelasst11et12 they haye eonie 1lll0 tl1e1r own In ll2lfl1l10llZll S0pll0IllOlL tn tnnet they tested lllCll' influence hy nnniediately llltllltllllldllllg tl1e lreshtnen. A year's time had lacing the test ol the school 1ll tl1e yy ty they stayed on top to win tl1e Lathoht Exponent lllllh at1d acted as stimulating competition during tl1e lllZlg2lZlIlL drive. Selmlastieally, they placed IIIOTL 'llltl 111ore names on tl1e honor roll each six weeks. They were represented o11 tl1e gridiron by some ol' the 111ost protnisin ' material tl1at l1as been seen in '1 long titne. Those HIL 1ay'e an ear for lllllSlC and dranrtties can hnd the band! room filled with l'llC.lllLtl sophoniores. looking forward to '1 sneeesslinl junior year tl1ey l1old tl1e lt I' witl1 '1 limi Zlllli steatllast gras 1. 1 V Y 1 l L I ' ' 1 ' ' 1 l 4 l I 1 . t1ot di111n1ed tl1e nletnory ol' their own orientation. L -' . , .,. ' , , . . , ., V A 1 K l y j .' , I ' , , .' , .Q . I ' B 1 X I X l x i I g , .. .. A tl l - 1 . ey . '. I 5 ARTS 5 Run' I: Marlene Hooyer, Mnuretn Crawford. Pat Moran, Suzanne Guy. .Hire xVK'l'Ill'l', Carol xslQ'Llll'l', Flnrellu jones, Edith jones. Rvu' 2: Mary Tlll'l'l'S1l Carlon. Mary Kay Flexning, Donna jean Riley, CilIhl'l'illC Fleming, xIAll'l1'lll' Ronan, Dorothy nl'lll0Il, Lihcrta Viltleri. Rau' 7: Mary Higgins. Mary jam' lleil, Peggy Lydt-n. joan Saffron, Marv gill'l'l Ann filllllll. jane vklllfy, Mau- reen Witt. Rou' -I: Anthony Yillano. john Yn- has, Torn Helfron. Toni Friedrirlts. Richard Rt-paslty. Paul Nasllettc, Ed 0'Neil. Ron' 5: Al xl1'.hlliSlQ'l', Louis Alex- ander, Ivan Wolf, Ray Thonlas, Bob Herlxerger, Rirliard Hulnn-5. john Weaver. Rau' 6: jim Savko, Ronald Zidian. jerry Walsh, Bill xlfflllii, Tom Sim- IINHIS, Michael Marinelli. N '19 44, an if V . xx F A K u gi . A ,N 'sri Q . MQW , .k s x A X .ws f EB. Ya? V I' X pf-I F A 5 Miz 'rf V ,., ff 2 A an 9-4 'fmt H X Q. H 5 gg Q 4 f . Freshmen 'l' YVAS a bewilclerecl and lrightenecl group that first matle its way into Ursuline last September. lt was their hrst glimpse of' Ursuline and Ursuline's first glimpse of' the class of '54, After the first hectic' weeks of going up the clown steps and clown the up steps, buying non-existent lunch and elevator passes. and tliseovering that when you were askecl to sign a earcl it wasn't for a birthday, they settlecl into a steatly and note- worthy pararle of' progress. 'l'he sensational Freshmen football team went unclefieatetl and unscorecl on to post the finest reeortl in Freshman football annals. 'lihe first six months provecl the hartlest, but as time went on they showed they were capable in the fields of scholarship, athletics, music and all-rouncl school spirit. lVhen calls went out for talent they were the first to volunteer :intl some of the best to star. All in all cleparting seniors can be sure that the "pucltlle- jumpers" of' the school have learnetl well their lessons and have eompletecl the first cycle ol' their journey in quest of' the key. ROOM l0l Run' 6: Roosevelt Anderson, An- thony Buttar. james Beil. Robert Brown, Barry Connors, james Baiss. Rau' 5: Philip .-Klxraham, Philip Brown, Leslie Ashoff. jane Burk- on, judilh Barrett, Paul Ansteatl. Ron' -I: Andrew Bernard, Bar- bara Burton, Ellen lirahney, Bar- bara Day,. Mary Ellen Dean, Patricia Bowman, Robert Heil. Hou' 7: Edward Beil, Patricia Canavan, Donna jean Cassese, Mary jane Corbell, Margaret lick. Rene Davis, Thomas Carney. Rau' 2: Thomas kulie. Margaret Anderson, Marilyn Carney. Donna Jean Close. Care-l Carney, Loretta Carney, Maryann Barrett. jutlilh Allison, Labeeb lleggiani. Ron' I: Fred llobovnylt, Carol Cooney, Helen Amon, Mary Ber- trando, Sally llanks. Mary Louise BIITIIS, Calllerille Hillel. . F reshmvn .KRTS 2 Run' 5: llnrnwn I,OlllllllIllO. L gn 1' 1' i SllN'l'lI, john Nrixlimh, jury Schcvll. Ilnnuhl Schulimk, Nlichnrl Rrpuslq. -Izllm-s Ihniwls. Loo pllllilgllil. Ron' I: Nliilmvl l'l'IiI1'. Rohn-ll Pina, lfillllllll Nlmphx, Rohn! Hlllllflllllll. Ruh- 4'll Sm in. lx.u I Nlngg. john Oln-lulorl1'l . l"l.nmis Xlmgun. lizlimnl Slvnu. Run- 7: liivlyn Rmhlmml. 1-vrlrlulv Silllllfl. Szlllx Sulllrl, litbllfllil Ruhrn- Nllllll. liilm-rn O'Nvill. l,0llllllN Rilry. Klan Kun xllIlllllX. Run' 2: I-.nil O'Nlnllry. hum Nlnrim' I'cllrlimIl, lS.ulmm Nix-srn. lI.uLuIc' O'N4'ilI. Xl.nx Rohm-als. -ln.m Pinks. illlilllll Xnklm. Run' If lX.lllll'llIlA' Nulli, l'1ll.l l'nd1'll. Virginia Nilupski. Rim liidlnlsln. livin Olsi'n, Rrginn Ruslmk. l-Islhrl X1llN'l'l'lllNi, llm rlhx Nlnul U, XRTS Ii Run' 9: 'lillmlms lxukcl. Tlmllms xl1llt'- link. john Nlnlmn. Kllnnlrs Lung. john Rollin. lhnid lximnul, fiC'0Igl' lxvmlx. l'.nul Nl.ml1-x. Run' I: jim Nl.n'lin. Rohn-rl Nlgnlin. C.nl lxish. Rnhcll kcllllccly., llrms Lx- ilrn. john k.mnu. Run' ?: lXK'lllll'lll xlllXL'lllll', Fmnk Mani. xldlllfll lu-nsingrr. i'Iun'loIIc kfillllkl- llllllld' Nlclxcllllu, .xllll'll.l Nluliscik, Ruh- Ull l.l'l'll'll. llrmy Lklidlllf. jim xlilllxll. Run' 2: Llnulrs Xl1l,l'llll4lll. Ill-la-n Lxmh. junnm- Nlzuk. Nlurgir Nll'lIlllgt'I', Nl.ux Nldlornlimk. lSan'luu'n Nlilsnp. livi- n.n'1linc Nl.n'im-Ili. lirlly xlllhllllillgll, 'IillOlllZlN Nlchunignl. lion' I: Alzuk NImNiiImlus. Xl.uy Kun km in-.km -lmmn Nlnlmn. Nlnrgcri lxling. Klan l"l1lllli'N xlllllll. lsnlwllv Yl.u'lc'. -loan ldillglu. llkllliklhl Ylwlllqy. lhllllfl klllrxn. ROOM 501 Rim' 5: Nirlwlgls Yiggnillo, lfclugncl Xmlkn. Nillizun YOg1'lN.lllg. l'.llIl 5t'lllllkllx. Donnhl Nmlrllin. Run' I.' Rohm-ll 5ll1'l.ll, linrzlnn Nrlsh, -lim-pl: 5lllll'lIlQ'l. Run' 7: 'Iit'lll'Illl' 'l'nnm'hilI. lfrnllmis Lnl.u. Nilliunl N1-lall, -lnhn hiikrn. lillzuhw slll'llll'l'. Rimlmnl vl'llllIl'l'l. john jliuwy. 'f1lII'Z.' 1-vurgv Ligvr. I'nlri4'iu YU-lull, Ihlllisin N 1-lah, liullmrn Simon. -lgmis XM-Ish, l'.ilm-fn 'liI.llll'N. Daniel Slillll'l'N. Run' I.' Nl.ux llt'lll NIlNll4'l, Julian Null, Nlqelolsn sNl'l'lll'l. -Illkllllll' Slznik, fi1'lll'gl.l lmlwl. YK'l1'Illl.l xxdlllllllll. xl.ll'gLll'l'l Sullignn, ROOM 307 Run' lr: Lylil lQli.ls, -luwpll lloilv. Vil- li.nn lluml.lL. j.um's l.icsIm'l'. Run' 5: 'l'llmll.ls llulllill. lilllkillll ll.lu- kills, lluminim I.mdilll.u'ino. T h 0 in Ll s ll.ig.m. lflmml Higgs. john Aluhnk. -lgum-s I'i.mLhn. Run' I: liclisurrl lf'-s.uI, Nlimhucl Dig- n.m. Sl:-plu-n f:OlN.llH'4, lxulluwim' Junia, llmulhx jumw, NOI'lll.lll .l0llllNOIl. john lx.lm'. Rlillfll l.ilm.ulin. Hun' i: f:ll.lllC'S llwikn, lillllfll Fill- nnlx. llznul lllllllfl, llul'll.lrn llmxuul, Rim llcnlr. hllulilh knhl. Rilllllllllll l-lolcl. Ram' 2: T h 0 nl Al N Dunn-u , xlllllAll4'lhl llulgl, Nl.u'gcm' l"l1lllllt'lN. l'nIl'i4iaI llonrn, Dixir Lu' lhllllllllg, ilsillillilfkl lllIlll1'l'. lI.uul lfiilu-ls. Paul Filisky. Ron' 1: joy lliLms'lo, judilh Fcllllcs- wx, l.0l'4'llal bnlip. ,hm llllllklllilll, Phyllis llollnml. Carol llrkuw. Huh' Gross. lfulh hm llun.ncll.l. Me ,X f . l ,I ff 2, , Z , If ,I ', ,f B 1 V V1 ,K ,, 1 I, ,J Nu' KK X K ff f W X f ff f I ,ffl f ff fl ff Wj fl ,f..f. iff ff X fi in f ABETH 05 K0-If We Student Council Trains or Democratic Living limk mzv: .lack Nichols. Dirk Kukura, Tom Flynn. Ron Galip. Denny Barrett. ja: k Pivrson. Scalcrl: Peggy Cliarlcs. -lean Hernan. Mary Lou McGovern. Theresa Nlurpliv. Suzannv Kalavasky, Claranne Lydcn. Kay Quinn, Lucille Sequella. 'l'his year, l'rsuline's Stuclent Clounril under the vonipetent clirevtion of Father Reagan, has taken a leacling role in the plans of the svhool. 'l'he senior rlass ollieers, hw' INFIN- hers elertecl hy the stuclents, and six appoint- ecl hy the larulty, cumprise the rounril. While acting as the l11CIlll1IN hctween the faculty and the stutlenl hotly, it develops in the student a growing appreciation of mem- hership in a cleinot'rac'y, hy providing an op- portunity for experience in both the responsi- hilities and privileges of tleinovratitr living. lts purpose is to promote leadership, rc- sponsihility ancl initiative. 'l'o fulfill this pur- 56 pose, the student council carries on a number of activities. All llll'2lSlll'l'S proposed are first cliseussecl, then voted upon. They are then submitted to Father Holdhrook for final sanction. Among its many acerJmplishmrnts this year were the relief of trallic congestion in the halls, pre-game rallies, lunch hour activities, and student-of-the-month awards. The Continued interest the student.: are showing in their own govertunentrtl proceed- ings, bodes well for an ellectixe student government in thc future. Outstanding Students. . . The National Honor Society Leadership, scholarship, service, and char- acter: these are the requisites for membership in the National Honor Society. Requirements for admission into this society are broad enough, however. to include a great variety of students. The athlete who rates high in integrity, the useful type of person, not brilliant, but willing and capable: the boy or girl with organizing abilityg and the person whose friendliness is turned into wholesome school service are eligible for membership. In the difficult world of today, young men and women will be called upon to sacrihce much in defense of the American way of life. Their intelligent cooperation will mean much in the pursuit of a just and lasting peace. It is from the ranks of the members of the National Honor Society in her schools, that America will find able leaders. Top row. left to right: Tom Flynn, Raymond Manley, John xV2illCll0W', Patricia WVrynn, Ronald Galip, Victor Popovich, Louis Tsoukas, Joanne Cleary, Helen Tesner, joann Adams, Claranne Lyden, Lucille Sequella, Mildred Charnoki, Mari' anne Glozer, Mary Eddy, Rita Mae Moltchan, Evelyn Valentino, Elizabeth De Rose, Jacqueline Daley, Rosemary Brine, Mary Lou McGovern, Suzanne Kalavsky, Theresa Conrecode, -lean Kling. Dorothy YVeaver, Marguerite Dempsey, Mona Ashton. 57 nl 1 lmrlm N'ullil s I B,,,-ffiv 5435 Pe!-111 fkfo47'fZ ' YI va, Crista 17 L Vw .ffl U rsulinian Staffk. . . Pen, Publish, Pedrllv Yearbook ,W Tcrry l:illgQ'lg2lId and Dorothy YVcuv0r. lh IIC N Nlannugl-rs. Eu-lyn Valentino I, tutul AIHUIIIIIS. ,ff Editorial Sunil' adds Iinishing luuflu MX W XXX, ? 10" 10" 4 7 ,, yr Soft Lights, Soft Music...Highlight 1950 Junior Prom vi? Kfme' K 'wuewa-ff The Court "'l'he prom at U rs ul i n e Y" "Never!" "This I have to see!" Sound familiar? But beyond the locked doors of the auditorium lliix is what was heard: "Hand me that extra brush." "Give me a thumb tack." Hxvillfll out for the ladder." Yes, the prom eommittee was busily working to transform the gym into a ballroom, At the final rehearsal the two attendants. l.ueille Sequella and Pat Sennett, took their plaees in front of the queen. Up on the stage. Diek Savko, the Master of CIeremonies, was giving his unre- hearsed speeeh. The eventful night arrived at last. the multieolored ehandelier hung at just the right angle, the eoke bar was well stoeked. the freshmen waiters looked profes- sional in their white aprons and the cheek girls were anxiously awaiting the first arrivals. ..-"E King and Queen Suspense had been glowing for weeks and weeks. Finally the seeret ballot was revealed. Nora Nlae Hartill and .Iaek Reagan were ehosen to reign as King and Queen at our memorable junior Prom. Nora Mae eame to Ursuline from St. Clolumba. She has spark- ling blue eyes and blonde, natural- eurly hair. Her magnetic' person- ality and her sweet disposition won her the honor of becoming Queen. Musieally' minded, -Iaek has dis- played his versatile talent as a member of our band for four years. His blond, wavy hair and dimpled smile eoupled with his sharp per- sonality and keen sense of humor make him a favorite among his classmates. When the night finally arrived Nora Mae looked like a dream in her white laee illusion, and llaek like a dignitary in his summer tux. sw 59 "Our Lady ol' Fatima, pray for us." Many times was this prayer on the lips ol' members ol' the Mission Club. lloth boys and girls have shown a spirited interest in the plans lor building a shrine on the Ursuline campus dedicated to Our Lady, Queen ol' the Missions. Active Club 0 'cers "Books and liookwornis". an apt title lor a library club whose prime purpose is to bring the students to a better appretiation ol' good books. Catholic Book WVeelt marked their lllusl successlul and lar-reaching project. Club members are always ready to aid in selecting and keeping up the repair and reconditioning ol' books. "Curtain going up: places, please!" was an oft heard cry to members ol' the Props and Paints Club. The club has provided many happy hours of line school entertain- ment: the Christmas play, the St. Patrick's Day program: the all important senior play. These productions en- abled students to display dramatic ability: and has stimulated poise and self-confidence. ...Plan Busy Schedule "Put down ti and carry 2. gee, but this is hard to do," is a common complaint ol the members ol' the Math Club. Theorems, propositions, axioms . . . all tend to mix up their belutldled brains. Actually they have to keep their wits about them in order to measure up to the standards ol' this highly competitive organilation. 60 Choral Sirzging, Public Appearances, Feature Glee Club Groups GLEI2 CLUB "Do, re. me . . musical rapsodies lillecl the air where ever lllCf'ltl go . . . to l','l'..-X. meetings, assernlmlies, or variety shows. 7, -. . , -4 t 5- Melotlie interpretation has been the - " keynote of their appearances. i f 04- i 5 I Run' I: Nl a lla n . Nl a r r e, Howard. Simon. Nlalistik. li u rl o n . Kavinsky. Nlazur. Run' 2: Nally, Burns. Trahey. N'elsl1. llarnex. NleIIla3. Langley. Rau' ?: Murphy. Nlilsop. Swecny. An, clerson. llonen. Bralmey. TRIPLE TRIO 'l'here's music' in the air . . . rever- ent Cfliristinas hymns, holiday Songs anal the latest julie box favorites 1 swing aS well as sweet. 'lliese Same Eve girls were thc originators of the triple trio in their sophomore year. All their appearances liave pointed to a very SllC'6'CSSflll sehool year in the realm of harmony. Ron' I: Marilyn Galladay. Fra nrcs Srhulirk. Shelia Sainsell. lima' 2: Bernadette Rielly. Mary Ellen Foley, Peggy Fair. limi' 3: Mary Nlciiahagan. a ck i e Trampush. Vlnilrecl French. GLEE LLUB Kun' I: Scliulitk. Lehnerd. Zamary. Deinlmey. Foley. tlatkanirk. Fair. Sle- Uaghan. Ram' 2: Shon. Rielly. llessler. Flem- ming. NVQ-rner. Gillespie. Lannon. Ran' ?: Rklllilll. Knoll. McGovern. Iiclmly. Trampush. Poloenak. French. Gal- lidax. Run' I: Ilignan. Xleliinly. Holland. Lalirosso. Raslewski. Cal i Ha-Une, a-Two, u-Threclx-1-Strike up the Band. '99 Run' I: D. Kulesu, F. Moran. P. Nzlshette, H. Tolbert, R. Cessna, D. Mdloy. D. lirohst. Director, 0. Vitello. Ron' 2: S. IMIIIRS, knhl, Fillllillflfk, N. V. Cleary, R. Coe, B. ihl0lll'llilll, S. Mulholland. R. A. Donalelln, B. Burkon. Ron' 3: R. Thomas, K. Clrann, P. Lung. B. Day, Nl. L. Nlelnnson. A. Mailrlmny. Nlulqueen, Reagan. .llixxing 1l'lll'l1 Inken: Kish. As ll result of the combined efforts of Father Reagan and Orlando Vitello, Ursuline now has an hand of which they run he justly proud. Although they began with only fifteen members they eun well houst zu finely organized group of thirty-six. 'l'hrough daily eonseientious przretiee they have presented snappy and xestful music at pep rallies und they also entertained the Fehruziry l'.'l'.A. meeting with ll delightful concert. Ld! In Tigllf - Tlreresu llonrerode. Marcella Rlllllllllll, Peggy Jones, Put Shun, Nlnry Ellen Foley, llm'lml'u Pogucnik, Peggy 0'Neil, Mary Lou Theukston, Nildzn Dfhnulo, Nora .Kline llurtill, Dorothy YVeau'er, Bernadette Rielly. 62 Football seasons would not he Complete without the snappy drills and l-0!'l1l2lllUIlS of Ursu- line's mzljorettes. Memories of long hours of drill, ziehing muscles, und never- ending prztctiee linger in their hearts. Memories of the szitislzur- tion thzlt run rome only to those who know the thrill of the cheer- ing crowds, the applause of an audience, and the eurt. hut sin- eere, "well-done"of the direetor. Cheer, Cheer, or Dear Old Ursuline High Bill Smith, Fred Bord, Joe DeAngelis. "Clap your hands and stamp your feet, Ursuline High School can't be beat." Sound familiar? You bet it does! livery game, in rain or shine, Bill Smith, Fred Bord and Joe DeAngelis rallied the students into one of the best cheering sections Ursuline ever had. Sometimes there was only one, sometimes they were late, but the fact remains they were always represented. Senior Play-'51 iifillC1llJCl' by the Dozen." flux!-In fur: Dot XVCZIYCF, Gil Nichols, jean Hernan, Bill Kane, Hob Reimer. Harry Guy. On rrmning-bfmrd: Dave Slattery, Kay Reedy, Ralph Reel, jack Pierson. In right flIff,'gl'0lll1!1! Lou MrGovern. Yolie Ripoli, Theresa Conreeode. fillllfk lVollit1, Denny Barrett. Margie Bertrand. ....ru'm Ann Il fl first in K I . In 7:1 u IIN' f ' YXII I -IH' '1. Ir? 'Hill' mfg .Iv 'UVM Iv ,5. . I, , .II VL, 1: v ffl, . ' Sli. ' :.u'lx - hall 'lf- rllly ul' ' mnlu- ' llinn, z I mx of " .fr 'rs oft -ll' he urclm' IH Smit mn "A r. An ' I I,1wf . IIHH' " N IW III: 11 .HIV 'I' . :ASE 71 :mul " I A dur' lam 1555? 5i?!?P'3M'? .s A4' , f1!'I - Council Iv!" ,-' -' ,.-, "f, 55 f iff- ' fhlwr of l CXXKXQI ., ,g Pl. I .-nr fill Trafflc P ' If x g Q k?IH.m I ,l' I . 'YOV' ' II: w--' 3 Inn" Im1'svsI' , State New Iflflflllllllll, I J, QS V , U v Y Q. , , , Wi--q!Im,,,1 , ' ' "5f"' UW? ffUY'.W I"" N0 ,IOIV IF ll I 1' ' ff" if v1's'l'yn110 WMV?-I ggyf-'S Sfudpm "'IH"' "X" SHUI 'vlllpfzwl In 00 w.':Y a'c'I9IPI'zlf01I -' ,Mix Their ,Ian 7 XX I 1' 'X-1 itnriunz ' - 1-,H w , Evub. ,K ,I umm, 1 1 Zvylbl' ."::fl'if- rnoves 1 A "' 'iw halls. Thl .U:n'y'. , HH, , 'ynunll ,Ik mfwI:l1 ' ll :W ' dm" in Iwf' 7 ..r'm'1' T '1 If .mg V011- fe-nl "M -s II 'I Nucl .flu ily, xm- ' 'IUIIIIZ' EIGHT HE GIVE Sf-vv n .kl'l'I5"ll' gfrmlunl' ,wg . :wk H Ivnvm ' rw It would I new Inu n r'1un'v:1l ll Q I I ,":l'. ' plvfw nf' lm 1'lIHlll."IllI.'1lil rm their Ing' rln' IIJI-RN lr'-f'1'1Ii11,g lfhrl. 8 thu! Tu l 1' H I.'f1:r fUf1'::'X 'Jw' lk, .Irwin Ilfmv--f, .lrww I Sally llurkin, Mhr 'lriblm ll ll ll fl .Sp H .X I Jiri: 1 '1 .Izumi l"l :fuses ul' ffl fum- ""V"', its in tho Ursulim' Urfl. I lem go the pmv. ishvs H' LIV AS URSULIN down is sun S v .111 ' , ,... ll? ol Im 5f1'1'1'l cvnling' pvrif UNL' fl 'fum in 4 . Tlww' ,Lg W ,. F rium, 19 U11 -furing Ihv. A -'iff'-Y IIN' lm! F7 K 1 -L Ifritvl' III the I . 45 :lm r:1:Ii:1tu1's during m my ,V , A ' .lI1f'I'i1llIS, H .1 WW' M igkertv jui I4Ul'IxfIl'.S are- n iifzi'I' svhf " :Pwf,,?w1s uf the pt. -' Nw! lwfoze a ful and du1'in,f: luvl nods, lu-zu'eer1 tho ' ' vias.-1 and 'I' lwsf U uzlh zz to ,"ffg1'f'v mg the flags . ,m v 1 5 x n f mtl: , h :shy A g ZFPGI ,IV nnlv f' zght f 'If dllnril 1 my traffic .. uswi I IIN' Arts Co-workers with Christ. . .for His Honor and Glory Co-workcrs with Christ is an apt titlc for thc Altar Coinniittsfx' :incl Altar Buys. lhcy liztvc' workcicl side hy sich' in bringing Christ vlnscr to our hcztrts. I'irIm'e1I ul ilu' top ure: .vtmulirzgg Mary June Ludcrtovir. Ann Oexle, llluranmc Lyclcn, QIOZIIHIC Clcury, Dianne Daley, jackie Dailey. Kay Quinn. Seated: Put WVrynn, Kay Rccdy. Rosemary Brine. Alice Cannon. liollom pi1't1lre.' Mikc Hurty, Ron Galip, Tom Donnelly, Jack Reagan, .lack Nichols, Gil Nichols. The Snow Outside was F riglqful.. A iw xt jg, 4 4 Af' , . K 'M' U x""""'-v.....w iff' I MU V QQ! A 4 ,. l frkw I 3 fl f 3 EE, -fa Ex 2- sg, ' A 1 -. W' 5 A W' pf , 9, Q W k Y ' :S ,L . X in J jf , lin.. 'W if 2 f n if-f is 4 5 vb I K K 5 .F ww' 3' ' X 5 ij 5 x i is "" A 3 af 2- in 6 rw n nn Snowlmlling, toboggznling and skiing wvrv dcfnnitcfly Inorc fun than rlzlssrumn lcv- turcs, but thvsc boys knvw thcrc was work to hc dom-. So out cznnc thc show-ls, out unc thc buys, wif wvnt thc snow, off went thc' boys! Y 'X 1 S T K i 9 Q. s but Inside it Was Delighqful As the winter Clouds rolled over Ursuline and covered the campus with a fleeey white blanket, students found new entertainment. Coke parties, jazz sessions, club meet- ings and locker gab refused to be silenced by the biting winds and blistering snow I 6'l'lwrv's N0 Businvss Like Show Businvss..." Top: Kitty f,l'jiIVSlif. lk-nny liurrcll. Shcliu Silmpscll, vlilfli fillfllfy and filllllli xvlllllll. l,mv1'r lrjl: Maury Lou NI4'G1n't-ril. Shclial Szunpscll. llurothy WR-nvci' and llcrn Reilly. I.mvr'r riglll: P1-ggi -'mu-s. Maury .lane Luclcrluvic and Pill Shun. lhw l'mf1.s 111111 PlIl'Ilf.V fflllll has hccn huzzin' with activity since thc clay of its 0l'g2lIlll1lllUIl. lllussvs Illt IJQIH' radio skits, pzmtomiincs, :md ala-hates and prcsvnt them at thc hi-monthly mcctings. 'lhvy stugcd zulu llnlluwccn clzuicv, furnisliccl il Christmas progrzmi for thc Catholic follvgizltc group, c'clvlJ1'utvcl St. rinlfs clay with 2111 Irish IllllSll'2ll and K'llIIl2lXl'tl thvir yl'21I' with 21 scnsationzll scnior play. 0 6cLights, Camera, Action .' ". . .Ifs Show Time. . . 1950 SMNY' Hllerzni' Kissed llc" was 21 delifhtful, amusinff and tender storf' of 21 teena fe firl who falls in . A s l A A love. The twists and turns, the trials and troubles of Jenny made the show 21 success. Becky Gunther and Bob O'Neil portrayed the leads and the wonderful supporting cast included Joyce Macy, Neil Lowery, Dick Seheetz, Jody Ryan, Donna Byers, Jane Donovan, Dan Fagan. lidith Henchur, Dot Lynch, Peg lxlffgilhllgilfl, Joanne YYiegel and Charles Lewis. 69 z4e'66wfWw1f0'7 Rugged Schedule Fails lo Halt Irish c , c ss... ,x,. sc x4.Xb.. . . esteem, E E Row l.' Rumm, M. Carney, P. Bonomase, E. Barko, Nl. Meflarten, T. Donnelly, Carlon, Joe Zieniianski, Ziemianslci, B. Smaltl. I Row 2: Coach Carey, D. Porter, G. Schiavone, T. Bezlrdnian. R. Galip, F. Beck, D. 0'Horo, Pierson, Mc- Phillips, Rainer, Smallz. Mgr. Joe Matteo. lfmu 2, T, Aluruigql, A, Smesko, Ryan, R. Dempsey, H. Kruger, N. Ochmznn, 0. Drieling. Stendinan. lf. -Iucolxs, E. Olsovsky, H. Guy. john Gennock, Tom Carey, Tony Zill 72 Headed by Tom Carey, the coaching staff again turned in an outstanding jot during the ,50 football season. Faced with the arduous task of replac- ing eight varsity performers lost by graduation, Carey and his capable assist- ants .Iohn Gennock, Nick johnson, and trainer Tony Zill, molded together 2 high powered grid unit which though lacking experience packed an explosive scoring punch. Not only have these men produced winning football teams but they have in- stilled in the boys and student body 2 like spirit of sportsmanship and a fierce desire to win. Under Fall Floodlights, Gridders Display Skill Rear, left to right: Schiavone, Smesko, Rainer, Ramm, Beck. Front, left to right: Popovich, Ochman, Kruger, Galip, Pierson, R. Smaltz, J. Ziemianski, Ryan. The 1950 edition of the Fighting Irish, though starting slowly, gained momentum as the season progressed to finish with a three- six won-lost mark. ln city series warfare the Careymen an- nexed two victories while suffering three defeats. Honor was brought to the Ursuline High team with the naming of Al Smesko to the All County first team, while Frank Beck was selected as the second team quarterback. Smesko, Beck, end Ned Ochman, guard Bob Smaltz gained second team berths on the All City squad. The season,s finale with Canton Central saw 18 seniors wearing the green and gold for the last time. Their exploits on the grid- iron, their aggressive style of play, and their good sportsmanship during the past three years will long be remembered. URSULINE 13 0 EAST 32 A powerful East High eleven handed Ursuline a 32-13 setback in the season's inaugural. After Guy Schiavone sprinted 22 yards for the first tally of the season, East roared back with three touchdowns to take a commanding l9-7 lead at halltinie. Al Sniesko ronlped seven yards off right tackle to reduce the dehcit to I9-IS, but a blocked punt and intercepted pass produced two more Blue and Gold markers in the final quarter. Sl1lCSk0,S all-around play featured for Ursuline. 73 Battle to a Three Win, Six Lose Record URSULINE 0 o CAMPBELL 12 The Redevils pushed over two first half markers on sustained drives of 95 and 45 yards and then were forced to hang on grimly as the Irish surged back with a smashing ground game that threatened repeatedly but failed to muster a scoring punch. Smesko and Galip's defensive play glittered throughout. URSULINE 19 o SOUTH 20 In a seesaw struggle that kept the fans in a constant uproar, the undefeated Warriors eked out a thrilling one point victory. Frank Beck turned in the out- standing play of the evening when he returned a kickoff S5 yards through the entire Warrior team for Ursuline's first tally. Ned Ochman snagged a 52 yard pass from Jim Ramm, and Schiavone bolted two yards to complete the scoring. URSULINE 6 o ERIE PREP I3 In a bitterly contested fray the Cathedral Prep lads managed a one touch- down margin. Al Smesko raced I5 yards for Ursuline's lone score to continue his outstanding play. URSULINE 27 o CHANEY I3 Uncorking four explosive touchdown bursts, the Irish garnered their initial victory the following week. Guy Schiavone's 75 yard canter highlighted the fray. Al Smesko contributed scoring jaunts of four and 36 yards and Frank Beck heaved a 24 yard scoring pass to Ned Ochman to complete the route. I URSULINE 32 o NILES 6 Finding the taste of victory sweet, the Irish continued their heavy scoring output against the Dragons. Terry Martzial recovered a punt blocked by Jack Pierson in the endzone for the first score. Guy Schiavone galloped 18 yards for the second, and Tom Beardman picked off a Niles aerial and s ed 30 yards to give the Irish a I9-0 margin at intermission. joe Rainer plunged, a yard for the next tally and Smesko closed the scoring fireworks with a 21 yard sprint. URSULINE 21 Q WILSON 13 The revived Irish ran their victory streak to three in a row when they upset Wilson's Presidents the following week. Long dashes accounted for all the Irish scoring. Tom Beardman turned in a 43 yard sparkler, followed by Smesko's 39 yard job. After Wilson rallied for two fourth quarter touchdowns, Schiavone put the game on ice when he broke through the middle of the line and dashed 38 yards to pay dirt. URSULINE 0 o RAYEN 19 An inspired Orange and Black eleven put the skids under Ursuline's come- back attempt. Fullback jake Ewasko, a one man cleated tornado, tore the Irish line assunder gaining 184 yards in 26 plays to lead the Northsiders. Center Jack Pierson suffered a dislocated shoulder near the end of the first half to hamper Ursuline's chances. URSULINE 7 o CANTON CENTRAL 46 Unleashing a powerful offense, the Crusaders snared the Catholic Diocesan Crown with their overwhelming victory. Trailing 26-0 at halftime the Irish de- fense stiffened somewhat after the rest period and in the closing seconds, Ron Saddler sparked a 49 yard drive to the one from where he bucked over. Eighteen Letter-men End Football Career Frank Beck Tom Beardman John Carlon Tom Donnelly Ron Galip Quarterback Ha lfback End H al fback Guard Harry Guy Frank Jacobs Harry Kruger Terry Martzial Jack Peirson Guard Tackle Tackle Tackle Center V Dave Porter Joe Rainer Jack Ryan Guy Schiavone Tackle Halfback End Halfback Bob Smaltz Al Smesko jack Ziemianski Joe Ziemianski Guard F ullback End Tackle 75 Careymen Capture Double Crown--Chalk-up Successfizl Season Sr'11lf'fl-Lrjl to Right: G. Sehiavone, D. 0'Hora, Coach Carey, D. Savko, Pierson, Blaski. Nlnmling: Ziemianski, Mgr., T. Beardman, Steadman. 0. Drieling, A. Smesko, Ryan, F. Beck. Champ Maker, Tom Carey 76 Having Completed his fourth and most sueeessful year as Irish basketball eoaeh, Tom Carey firmly established himself as one of the top cage mentors in the valley. In his four year tenure, Carey coached teams have scored 63 victories while suffering only 23 defeats. His '51 aggregation topped all predecessors winning eighteen of the twenty clashes, they garnered the sehools first eity championship and were voted the number one team in the N. li. O. tournament. A preeisionist, Cary's squads are noted for their brilliant ball- handling, team play and all around finesse. Undoubtedly one of the finest tributes paid Ursuline teams was the remark attributed to a rival eoaeh after an early season game, "They are class itself". Carey's straightforward manner, his ability to get the most out of his players, always the sign of Coaching greatness, and his willing eo-operation in sehool funetions have endeared him to the entire student body. A salute to a great coach, an outstanding personality, and truly a builder of Champions. f ri 1-N. V iz I X :if ,w- ' I Y at 1 fy Y .gy ' .f. "Wm s, ' A . A , N -. ! Course Experts, Alley Champs-Have H igh Scholastic Ratings Left to right: Jack Blaski, Ned Oehman and Don Casey. 1'repzn'ing to tee oll' on the 1951 goll' season are these three stalwarts ol' the llrsnline link teznns. 4 1 Spearheaded hy lllaski a two year letternlan who shoots eonsistently in the low seventies, the trio are ex-perted to hulwark roach xlohn Gennoelis aggregation. Uelnnan and Casey hoth .juniors are new- eoiners to the squad. Blaski, a course expert, hrst gained city-wide recognition when he qualihed for the annual eaddy's tournament. He went through two rounds at the Columbus meet but bowed out in the semihnals. Irish keglers, loreed to give tremendous spots due to their high averages, were unable to gain higher than fourth place in the High Sehool Bowling League. Although they were never really close to hrst place, the team was the most feared in the league. '1'heir team howling average is one of the highest in the city. The squad consists of seniorsff john Kahl, A1 Smesko, Ray Joyce, Ron Galip, Bill Corey, Guy Sehiavone and junior, Joe Kenny. Despite the tean1's inability to cop lirst in the standings, Ray kloyee topped all bowlers in the Annual High School tourna- ment. He had a 623 set. The individual averages are: Kenny ,.,,, . . , l75 Kahl , 170 Smesko . . l65 1 Galip ,,.. l55 3 joyre , . 150 Corey . .. . 150 Sfhiavone M0 ' Standing: Schiavone, Smesko. Galip, Joyce. Seated: Kahl. 79 Senior Directory Adams, JoAnne .........,.,..,.. 2707 Idlewood Ave. Antonucci, Natalie ,.......,..., ........ 6 1 Early Rd. Ashton, Mona Jane .,.......... 135 East Chalmers Barber, Anthony ,..... ...,...,168 Bon Air Ave. Barrett, Dennis 4,,...... ,....... 2 52 Maywood Dr. Barrett, Robert .........,.,.,,.,.. 25 New York Ave. Beardman, Thomas .......... 42 W. Marion Ave. Beck, Frank ....,..,...o.,..,..,...,...,. 361 Custer Ave. Bernard, George .....,, Bernard, John ......,. Bernard, Robert .,..... Bcrow, Daniel ........... 366 Meadow St. ........354 Meadow St. 354 Meadow St. ....o.... 632 Lee Ave. Bertrand, Marjorie ,...................,. 260 Lora Ave. Blaski, John ,.,.,.,.,........,.,...... 110 Kenmore Ave. Brine, Rosemary .,,..... 188 E. Auburndale Ave. Burke, Jere .,...,.,.,.,...,...,..,.........,. 731 Bryson St. Cannon, Alice ........ .....,...,..,,....... 1 456 Elm St. Carlon, John ,..... ......,.. 1 578 Council Rock Carney, John ........, .,........ 2 26 Upland Ave. Casey, Joseph ,....... .........., 1 579 Norman Casscse, Rose .,..........,.......,,.,..... 410 N. Walnut Charles, Margaret .....,..... 22 Hazel St., Girard Charnoki, Mildred ...... 312 N. Maryland Ave. Clark, Rose Marie .,.....,.........,.... 1903 Elm St. Cleary, Joanne ......... 198 E. Ravenwood Ave. Cleary, Mary Virginia ....... 70 E. Lucius Ave. Connolly, John ..........,...,...... 3338 Belden Ave. Conrecode, Theresa .... 186 147. Princeton Ave. Cookson, Alice .....,...,.......,.... ..... 3 9 VVirt St. Corey, William ..................... 19 St. Louis Ave. Corrigan, Rita ..,.... Crish, Mary Lou ...... Daley, Diane ....,....,....... Daley, Jacqueline ...,. D'Amato, Nilde ,.,..., DeMain olm . 1354 Wilson Ave. 1629 Manhattan Ave. 1825 Ohio Ave. 317 YV. Chalmers Ave. .633 W. VVarren Ave. ..237 N. Pros ect St , J .,,.,...,........, p . Dempsey, Marguerite ........, 405 Norwood Ave. DeRose, Elizabeth DiPaola, John .......... Dixon, Carroll ....... Doherty, Marian ...,. 349 E. Hilton Ave. . .......,........ 112 1Vade St. 58 Tacoma Ave. Saranac Ave. Donnelly, Anita .,.,........ 1225 Kensington Ave. Donnelly, Thomas ,.............. 230 Chapel Place Donoghue, Edward ,. ,........... 3337 Leah St. Doyle, Jane ,,.......,,..... .,............ 8 32 Ford Ave. Durkin, Sally ...,..... Eddy, Mary . ........ Eddy, Patricia ,...,... Engel, Joanne ....... Fair, Margaret ...,.,... Fitzgerald, Theresa . 80 478 Crandall Ave. ....137l McGulfey Rd. 1929 Ohio Ave. 174 Ayers St. 419 Falls Ave. ..3006 Southern Blvd. Fitz-Patrick, Joann Sexton Ave., Struthers, Ohio Fleckenstein, John ....,.,....... 516 Ferndale Ave. Flynn, Thomas ..................... 578 Cohassett Dr. Foley, Mary Ellen ............ 50 W. Madison Ave. Frantz, Janet , ............ ..,. ......... 1 6 1 Superior St. French, Winifred ....,.... .3421 Glenwood Ave. Galip, Ronald ....,............,......... 4 Illinois Ave. Galladay, Marilyn ............. 24 Thornton Ave. Gallagher, Frank ....... Garland, Charles ........ .........l532 Bryson St. ..........274 Laura Ave. Gartland, Ann ............................. 915 Tod Ave. Gengenbacher, John ........ 4127 Southern Blvd. Glozer, Marianne ............, 361 E. Florida Ave. Gribbon, Mary Catherine ..... 3428 Powersway Guy, Harry .,........................... 215 Lucius Ave. Hartill, Nora Mae ., .....,..,.,.,...,.. 807 Ford Ave. Harty, Michael ............. .119 W. Madison Ave. Hernan, Jeanne ......................., 179 Clifton Dr. Hickey, Allen ....... Higgins, Rosella ...., Hobbs, Dolores ........ Holland, John ...... Hoover, Joan ....... Jacobs, Frank .,..... Norwood .........611 Norwood .195 Hilton Ave. VV. Madison ........20 North Pearl St. .......59 McGulfey Rd. Jones, Margaret ......................... 321 Chalmers Joyce, Raymond .,........... .433 W. LaClede Ave. Kahl, John ........................ 461 Glenwood Ave. Kalavsky, Suzanne .,........,. 371 E. Florida Ave. Kane, Jack ................ Kane, Jacquelyn ...... Kane, William ......... Keasey, John ............,... .......179 E. Judson Ave. .......179 E. Judson Ave. 2025 Ohio Ave. 3315 Erie St. Kennedy, Margaret ............. 224 Keystone St. Kenney, Sarah ...................... 135 Hazelwood Klempay, Thomas ............ 1311 E. Boston Ave. Kling, Jean ....,....,...,...... 275 E. Avondale Ave. Kolesar, Jerome ........ Kruger, Harry ........... Kubala, Robert ......... Kukura, Richard ...... 3511 Glenwood Ave. 518 W. Delason Ave. Krohmer, Betty Annemu ........,3718 Belmont Ave. .. ........... 251 Fulton St. .......876 Lansdowne Loftus, Florence ......................... 53 Fleming St. Lombard, Edward ...... 68 E. Midlothian Blvd. Lowry, Thomas ....,................... 46 Hanley Ave. Lozier, Antonia .,....,..,...., 402 N . State, Girard Lucarell, Richard .........,......... 84 LaBelle Ave. Ludertovic, Mary Jane ..........,. 39 Breaden St. Lyden, Claranne ....... 354 W. Indianola Ave. Lyden, Mary Catherine ....,...,. 29 Illinois Ave. Lyster, Alexander .,....,............,.... 1712 Elm St. Maguire, Margaret ....,,..r..... 34 S. Forest Ave. Mahon, Mary ,...,. .4.... Manley, Raymond ..... 215 W. Scott St. 4022 Rush Blvd. Martzial, Terrence , .......... 28 W. Marion Ave. McCarthy, Marian ...,...,.... 1060 Hawthorne St. McGahagan, Mary ..,,.... McGinty, Joyce ......,..,.. 3642 Mahonin Ave .. g . 180 Lincoln Park Dr. McGovern, Mary Lou ....,.. 626 Belmont Ave. McKinney, Thomas ..,........,..,.... 211 Arlington Metzinger, Mary .........,........ 145 Cleveland Sf. Miller, Barbara Ann .....,...,.. 528 Oxford Ave. Moltchan, Rita Mae ..., 2574 Mt. Vernon Ave. Morley, James .,...,,.............,...,. 132 Matta Ave Morrisroe, VVard ,....,,. 19 E. Midlothian Blvd. Mullen, Sally ................,.....,........ 708 Lake Dr. Mur h Francis 53 E. Ravenwood Ave. Nader, Edward ....... Nakley, Thomas ....... Nelis, Marjorie .,.... Nichols, Gilbert .,... Nichols, John ...,..... Novotny, Francis .....,. O'Connor, Thomas .. p y, ,.,...... Murphy, Mary Teresa 53 E. Ravenwood Ave. 247 Park Ave. 29 S. Fruit St. Renwick Dr. ,......1303 Charlotte Ave. .......1303 Charlotte Ave. ,.,......2539 Taylor St. Yale Ave. Oexle, Ann ..........,,.............. 1516 Florencedale O'Neil, Margaret .... ,. Orjavsky, Catherine .. Papagna, Mary Anne 147 VV. Marion Ave. .,....247 N. Center St. 2938 Dearborn St. Patton, Mary ..................................... 6 Pyatt St. Petrony, Francis ........ Pierson, John ..,....,.... Pogacnik, Barbara .... E. Marion Ave. ....4221 Euclid Blvd. 245 Carlton Ave. Pogacnik, Leonard ....,.,..,..... 245 Carlton Ave. Popovich, Thomas ......,. 1348 Powersdale Ave. Popovitch, Victor .....,....,.....,. 111 Griswold Dr. Porter, David ..., Messerly Rd., No. 2, Canfield Potocnak, Dorothy ,.,...........,...,, 143 Sillman St. Quinn, Katherine , .......,...,. 551 E. Boston Ave. Rainer, Joseph .,...........,.,...,...,.,., 222 Adams St. Raszewski, Dolores 453 Pennsylvania Ave., Macdonald, Ohio Reagan, John ,..,,,..,............... 118 XV. Madison Reclarsky, Dorothy Boardman-Poland Rd. Reedy, Kathleen ..,..... 231 E. Auburndale Ave. Reel, Ralph .,......,.,...,,,....,....., 148 E. Chalmers Reilly, Richard ....., ........... 4 71 Catalina Ave. Resch, Patricia ............. ..,....642 W. Delason Rielly, Bernadette .,,...,.,...,..,..,,. 1918 Elm St. Riley, John .....,........... ....,..,,. 4 66 XV. Madison Ring, John ...,........, ..,.,.....,.. 2 021 Ohio Ave. Ripoli, Yolanda .,.....,..,... 344 N. VVorthington Ritchie, Mary Lou ,..,,....,.,, .434 N. Xvalnut St. Rohman, Marcella ..,. 575 Spring St., Struthers Rommack, Gregory .....,.,..,... 1898 Wilson Ave. Ruane, Patricia ,.,.....,..., ...1682 Oakwood Ave. Ryan, John ....,................... 1120 Covington St. Sampsell, Sheila ,,... 548 W. Ravenwood Ave. Savko, Richard .,,............,....... 1090 Griffith St. Scardina, Leona .....,............. Scardina, Nina ...... Scharrer, Lee 94 La Belle Ave. 4008 Howard St. 173 Lauderdale Schiavone, Guy .......,......... 1719 Oakland Ave. Schulick, Frances ....,. .......... 5 7 Lyons Blvd. Sennett, Patricia ....,... 18 E. Lucuis Ave. Sequella, Lucille ........ ...... . . ., 902 Elm St. Sferra, James ,........, ....,.. 6 12 Oxford Ave. Shon, Patricia ......... ........ 6 33 Oxford Ave. Sikora, Thomas ...,,....,.....,.. Simon, Anne ...,.,. Smaltz, Robert ....... ...,..,..... Smesko, Albert ....,.. 361 Meadow St. 424 Glacier View Dr. 850 Griflith St. ,.......344 Summit Ave. Smith, Dolores ,....,. ,....... 3 132 Hubbard Rd. Smith, Dorothy .....,,..,......,....,,....,,. Smith, Virginia ...........,,. 372 Wirt St. .630 W. Delason Ave. Stadler, Ronald .......,.,,...,. 160 S. Portland Ave. Stratford, Blanche ..., R. D. No. 2, E. Palestine Strechansky, Rose .,.. 224 Liberty St., Hubbard Tarney, Margaret .....,...... 448 VVilliamson Ave. Taylor, Colleen ...,.....,,.,.... 313 Stratmore Rd. 1 esner, Helen ....................,...... .225 Early Rd. Theakston, Mary Lou .... 602 W. Delason Ave. Tragesser, Edward ,.,.,..,...,.. 434 Madison Ave. Trampush, Jacqueline ,,..........,..,.... 662 Erie St. Trampush, Robert .,.....,.. 4203 Southern Blvd. Tsoukas, Louis ...,., Tucci, John .,.....,.,.. Tuchek, Elizabeth ..,..,... W. Judson Ave. Ulrich, Dorothea ...,,.,,,...,, 541 Lexington Valley, Alfred ......,.. Valentino, Evelyn . Wanchow, John ........ ......,.. 54 E. Auburndale Ave. .427 N. Garland Ave. Ave. 1542 Ohio Ave. 1346 Quinn St. 94. Oriole Dr. 1fVeldon, Nancy .......,.....,...... 231 N. Lane 147 eaver, Dorothy Welsh, Ben .......,..... Wilkens, Bernard .. Wfollitz, Charles .... 1Vrenn, Mary Jo Wfrynn, Patricia .... Yablonsky, Theresa Zamary, John ..,...... 120 Jackson St. Ave. .6220 E. Auburndale Ave. 55 E. Judson Ave. Idora Ave. 20 Corning Ave. ............609 Parkwood Ave. ..,.....,..,160 Mfarhurst Rd. 46 Jacobs Rd. Ziemianski, John ...... .......,... 2 09 Afton Ziemianski, Joseph 209 Afton Zill, Mary Jean ................ 2260 Coronado Ave. Ave. Ave. 81 IUBB PUDbPfQ QContinued from Page 37j Shorthand expert Helen Tesner visits her friend, Pat Resch the seamstress at Cedar Bend. Toni Lozier, Winnie French, and Peggy Fair, Are experts on fashions and ready-to-wear. Artists Kukura, Kolesar, and Novotny will paint, At Butlar Art Gallery, pictures so quaint. Congressman Carlon and Senator Holland took a vacation, To visit Vice President Martizal their political relation. Dare-devils Gallagher and Gengenbacher will try, To fiy through fire from way up high. Peg Maquire, Mary Mahon and Mary Metzinger will be, Foreign correspondents across the sea. Discussing their problems at afternoon tea, Are housewives Diane Daley, Anita Donnelly and Mildred Charnoki. At Barrett's bowling alley on Washington Square, We find pinboys Donahue, Sikora and Scharrer. Peg Kennedy's museum displays "The Thing," To celebrities Dot Potocnak, Joanne Engle, and Jean Kling. Singer Nancy Weldon appears with the band of Vic Popovich, At the Palace theater owned by Tee Yablonsky and Dorothy Ulrich. Margie Nelis and Frannie Schulick are riding the range, While Rosella Higgins and Margie Dempsey walk for a change. Sailing ships out in the harbor, Are sailors Hickey and Tony Barber. If Parisian fashions are your wish, See Nina Scardina and Mary Lou Crish. 82 Movie stunt man jackie Carney, Works along with Peggy Tamey. If you like your bullfights gory, See our matadors Kruger and Corey. Leona Scardina will be sorting mail, While Kay Reedy,s clerking at Strass's big sale. Alice Cookson gives a free cooking lesson, 4 At Rita Mae Moltchan's delicatessen. Duke of Windsor, Sir'Thomas O'Connor, Meets Ambassador Casey with respect and honor. We see pilot Zamary, the flying ace, Competing against Ben Welsh in the annual air race. President Ring of the A. F. of L., Leaves Bob Smaltz many brushes to sell. Showing at Porter's theater today, Is the famous star, Marilyn Galladay. At St. E's dance check your coats and purses, With Misses Glozer, Rielly and Shon, lovely student nurses. Rose Cassese, private secretary of Governor Guy, Is leaving for France and bids us good-by. Bernard of Bernard and Bernard advises, Bring us your doubtful enterprises. A chapel donated by Klempay Costruction, Received by Father Vahey with great exaltation. If you should be seeking jack of Bill Kane, Don't neglect to look down bachelor's lane. Bernie Wilkins, a high class politician, Has just given Tom Popovich his first commission. Chief of Police, Ronald Staler orders, Rainer and Rielly to be paying boarders. District Attorney Murphy helps overthrow, A big racketeer caught by Officer Morrisroe. Uur Advertisers Uur Patrons 5eePaqelU9 RECIPROCITY IS PROFITABLE IN TWO WAYS Please Patronize Our Advertisers Stop and Shop Food Market STORE OF BETTER EATS McCOLLUM BROS. i' 1216-1218 Market Street Youngstown, Ohio Congratulations Graduates ik Medbury -Wilson Insurance C 0. GOOD LUCK 'A' Crogan Plumbing and Heating 1514 Oak Hill Phone 7-2833 Shy-Lockson Tailors Tailor-Made Suits 104 PERFECT FITTING is guaranteed when you order a tailor-made suit from Shy-Lockson, regardless of your build. Our artists with needle give you a truly distinguished suit that's a pleasure to wear. fO4 Second Floor Wick Building West Federal at Phelps Youngstown, Ohio WE KNOW... that to maintain our leadership we must give quality. X DEPENDABLE DRY CLEANSE S drlfgrafulafialfs . . . in the 611155 af 57 May your future be filled with the Blessings of God! Che Annual Staff Best Wishes to the class of '51 DENNISON COAL and SUPPLY CU- ALVY T. WITT QUALITE COAL Attorney at Law ASPHALT PAVING 210 North Avenue JOSEPH V. DENNISON Enjoy Sealife-ff KLING'S BAKERY ICE CREAM 1401 Market Street and DAIRY PRODUCTS U40 years in Youngstown" THE YOUNGSTOWN KV Kl- SANITARY MILK Co. "'g't"' 'nf' 715 Erie Street for Youngstown, Ohio Phone 3-0216 Zaugrufulzzfizws C L A S S O F I 9 5 I LYDEN OIL COMPANY I I STAMBAUGH- THOMPSON'S 4 STORES Offer a most complete selection of hardware, sports and home needs at reasonable prices. HARDWARE LEADER Since 1846 It's smart to shop at 'iurh Qlhestzrfielh Zailow 335 W. Federal Street Near Spring Common oCustom-made and hand-tailored clothes with class and stand-out personality for men and women. oSuits, Top Coats, Slacks, Sport Shirts, Sportswear, Ladies' Skirts. " The Home of Tailored Artistry . V. McNICHOLAS Congratulations Graduates J -if Ufzanslefz Co. 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STOWE and Family Sixth Ward Councilman THE YCUNGSTOWN MUNICIPAL RAILWAY CO. MAHONING COUNTY REPUBLICAN Keufral and Szccutizfe Hnmmilfec Chester Bailey Robert K. Delisio Chairman Secretary L. NEW FURNACES and FURNACE REPAIRS Air Conditioning Cooling J. SCHULER 81 SIINS 1723 Market Street Youngstown, Ohio Phone 3-0206 glue ,butch Jvloude for SHAKES and SANDWICHES 28 South Hazel Across the street from Felix Buttar's Jewelry Paint and Wallpaper 1' SIMONS, Inc. ir 2220 Market Street Youngstown 7, Ohio L A Z A R' S Foon sToREs 'A' No. l- 3220 Southern Boulevard No. 2 - 1588 Mahoning Avenue No. 3 - 85 East Midlothian Boulevard Your Bus Operators Congratulate You CLASS OF '5I DIVISION 272 A. F. L. glib' Drivers llrrirw INTER-OCEAN INSURANCE CO IO08 Realty Building Youngstown 3, Ohio PARKER B. ARNETT AND ASSOCIATES flaspitalrkatialr ' Surgical Medica! 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Quality LAUNDRY 0 DRY CLEANING and FUR STORAGE 234 Belmont Phone 4-0155 Congratulations from the BEL-FAIR BAKERY 'A' 1832 Belmont Avenue Phone 3-2714 JandA faint and Supply, jnc. DEALERS in PAINT and PAINTING SUPPLIES 'A' 1504 Market Street BUCHMAN3 Foot Health Headquarters if SHOES FITTED CORRECTLY i' 9-11 Bus Arcade o Phone 3-3810 Youngstown 3, Ohio Hes! Wishes to THE CLASS or 1951 KANE ' O'HORO ' HAENNY CONGRATULATIONS from The fuuivr 614155 thas. Shutrump 81 Sons Co. Incorporated GENERAL CONTRACTORS P. O. Box 366 Phone 2-8137 Youngstown 1, Ohio Best Wishes To The Graduating Class of '51 MALKIN FURNITURE 00. Your Tappan Gas Range Dealer Campbell, Ohio Phone 5-4323 Jimmy Zill Attractions 0hio's Leading Agents Affiliated New York Chicago 0 Detroit and Hollywood C ongratulate the Graduating Class of '51 0 25 South Hazel Street Youngstown, Ohio KLEMPAY BROS. 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McGovern and Family FLOWERS "Let us say it for you" Murherger and Lambert PERSONALIZED SERVICE Foster Theater Building Youngstown 2, Ohio Phone 2-8149 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of 1951 KUBINA .gulielal .Home 2403 South Avenue Phone 4-4431 THE CUMMUNITY INSURANCE AGENCY INCORPORATED 124 W. Federal Street D. H. GWILLIAM President TH O M AS BARRETT Associate Phone 7-8530 ZOCCO'S PLUMBING 3656 Crum Road Phone 9-6979 Congratulations from McINTEE CARPET COMPANY 2621 Market Street Youngstown 5, Ohio glue SPORTING GOODS Company CARL . PETE . BEN Congratulations to the Class of 1951 GLASGIIW TAILURS 312 W. Federal Street Phone 3-1429 Congratulations To the Class of 1951 CITY PRINTING COMPANY Commercial Printers ik Phone 3-9368 114 South Champion Street Youngstown, Ohio The Palkovic Agency F01-d - Mercwy General Insurance ,K L. F. DONNELL 3315 South Avenue At Lucius -Q7 Youngstown, Ohio 1181 Market Street Phones: 8-9211 2-3679 Pzzfmus MR. AND MRS. MIKE BEEMAN MR. CARL BUCHMAN MR. AND MRS. O. G. DREILING MR. JOHN F. DRUMMOND FRED HANDEL MR. THOMAS HEWITT ATTORNEY AND MRS. ANTHONY J. KRYZAN MR. AND MRS. U. T. KREPS ANTHONY LOzIER MRS. MARIE Ocl-IMAN STEVE J. O,MASTER MR. AND MRS. EDWIN A. WINTHERS BROADWAY MARKET CAMPBELL TYPEWRITER AND ADDING MACHINE CO. DEVIOO PAINT AND WALLPAPER STORE DIORIO AND SONS CONTRACTORS EDDIE,S GROCERY GEORDAN,S CANDY AND PASTRY CO. LEO GEMMA AND SONS FOOD MARKET HABUDA COAL AND SUPPLY CO. JULIAN BAKERY MARKET STREET HARDWARE MR MR. MR MR MR MR . AND MRS. JAMES H. MOGINTY AND MRS. GEORGE C. REEDY AND MRS. JOHN A. RYAN . AND MRS. JOSEPH VASCHAK JR. . AND MRS. HOWARD WEIGEL .AND MRS. FRED W. WELLER AD JUSTA-POST COMPANY BENGIVENO CLOVER FARM STORE ANN MOHUOH FASHIONS JOHN P. ZIEMIANS KI MORREY,S DEPARTMENT STORE PETER,S DAIRY PRINTZ,S RAYEN FLOWER SHOP RIMEDIO SUPER MARKET SWEENEYJS GULF SERVICE STATION WEBER QUALITY FOOD MARKET YOUNGSTOWN BURIAL VAULT CO. YOUNGSTOWN MIRROR AND ART CO Advertisers' Index Page Page Annual Staff , .,........ .,.... 8 5 Mahoning County Democratic Committee 97 Becker, John T' CO. 4..V. H '..A. 98 Mappninlg County Cl?epublicanCommittee1g3 Bei-Fair Bakery ..............i...i,i....u.......... 100 Ma ln :Z'?"u'CI 0- -"-A-' 6 '-'-Q1'--n"'An" 84 Buchman's .i.......,......,........,,.,,,.,..,...i.,..,,.. 100 Medbury' llson nsurance 0' """4"'A""A 84 Bus Drivers: Union, NO. A.F.L' -4'v-, BFOSZ ,..,........,......,...... ....., . B , McGovern Family, John F. ..., .. 105 uttars Jewelry ,...,. ..... A....i,......,i.....,....i. 1 0 4 M I t C t C 107 c n ee arpe o. .......i ....... . Canton Engraving CO" The in " 91 M K 1 i ......,.......i ....,.......,........ ..,... . 9 9 Central.Fl.ower Shop ..........V., ., . oii..... .. 98 MENQEXSS, V., Transfer CO. ynybvunbu 88 City Printing Co. ......,i.i,..., .,.. ,..,,..,,....... 1 0 8 Murbcrger and Lambert ,.A.4..l.4.. 4'.AA.. 1 05 Community Insurance Agency, The ........ 106 . , B 1 Fl 96 Grogan Plumbing ....,.,..... ........,i . . ...i,.i.... 84 Navm S C mont Owers "'i"" "'i' ' ' Democratic Councilmen .i...,.....,..,.,1,... 99 Palkofuf Agency, The ""t"' 'A"" ' 108 paul E. Dolak, Anthony B. Flask Papalia s.Food Market .. .,.. ...105 Steve Olenick, John Pale!-I-no Penn'Oh1O ......,.. .....,.... ....... 9 8 Dempsey, Mr. 8r Mrs. Michael ,,,,,,,, , 88 Quinlan Service Station ..... ..4..,. 9 6 Dennison Coal and Supply Co. 1.... ' ......1,.,. 86 Schuler gl Sons, L. nbnnnhpynnppy, 94 Donnell, L. F. ,.r,. .. ,,,......,.,..,...... r.,...,... 1 08 Shutrump, Chas. gl Sons Co. ..,,,. ,-,,..- 1 02 Doubet, Gilbert ..,.............,.,..., ........., 1 04 Shy-Lockson Tailors pululphbunpl, ,',,.,, 3 4. Dutch House, The ,.......,... .. .... ...... 9 4 Sibilay Florence pnnpblnnlv, V HAAA H Q0 Federal Iron Works Co., The ..... .. .. 89 SUYIOUS, IHC- 4-------- --'-' -e"- - - 94 Fox 8: Sons, Edward ..,... .. .... ...,.. 9 7 Small, Catherine --'--- '-e--"4 ----- - 9 0 Glasgow Tailors ............. ..,.. . . .........,. ,, H107 gmalsf Flfgcnge """" "i" ' or in oo s o., e ,,..,... ....,. Howard, G. F. Construction Co. ...,..,...... 103 Sglmbaighffhompson H UHPA, H gg Inter-Ocean Insurance Co. ..,.. .. ,. 95 Stowe, G- L- -A-a'-e---4"--QA- 92 Isaly's .....,,. .,....r...,...... ............... ...,.. 9 6 S tf0uS5'HiIShbCfg e"--Q-'-' ---'-- - 103 J and A Paint and Supply, Inc' llllglhuvhggl 100 Tarnapowicz, Dr. J. W. ....... ....... 1 05 Junior Class The 101 Thomson's ............... .. , ....... 100 , hllilli"iAiii'4"'4""A "4"""' T horntonis ,................. ........ ....,,. 1 0 0 Kane, O'Horo, Haenny Klempay Bros. .....,....,. ,. . Kling's Bakery ............ Koh1er's .....................,...,. Kubina Funeral Home ..... Landscape Gardening Co. Langley, Paul J. ............,... . Lazar's Food Stores ,.,......,.... Logan Square Electric Co. .,.., . Lord Chesterfield Tailors ....., Lyden Oil Company .,.,,...... 110 ......,...104 .. 87 101 104 102 Tragesser's Pharmacy ,.....,.....,. .,.,... Union Wholesale Lumber Co. ,....., . .,.... 92 86 85 Victoria Restaurant 90 106 Welsh, Tom .,..,.. ,..,. ., 90 Winklc, J. B. ........ ....,,........ . 92 98 Witt, Alvy T. ...................,...,............,....... 86 94 Youngstown Municipal Railway Co., The 93 96 Youngstown Sanitary Milk Co., The 86 88 Zill, Attractions, Jimmy .....,.102 Zocco's Plumbing ,. ...,. .. . ..... H106 Autographs fm Jovff Kjgijd ff ff 4ifw1,W '6ujf,U"'yV0?,g"lv? uf' X7 Qf Autographs ,V CHQ? 3 943 aging - -'Athi' -4 A q ,, ,ff ,YP 7 , 'n Q ' . F ,. MQ 5 Y -fg 9.046 -, ,: - Ffa xv l w0'fL ' js Mega- N 5 " W, 7- 1,215 V'- , VA 'Z ' ' S , 5 ,,.. Q Q f -A :ff I y,J,2l5 n 4 Q ', .A K w- ,. 4, ,xx ,V 1 . f R , fa,- ' -1 ,,', fri, , Q 1.2.1 2 1 ' ' Q . Y ' 1 ' LW . T-"fi" - TH, , ' 1 , I ' ' . ' ' t , ' V. 'X 'WQ5 ' - N, f ' Q f 1: ' ' ' . ' . 4 V V am, YM 'fs-'.""L1v' X , 9 i ' 1 f N13 gf ,EA , A ' 1 , ' V4 . V-Q, ., . -Q , 1 5 '?3f",, U- ,pk I , M , 5' H , ff ,A q,Ax'.4, wi. . + . A A , Q V ,A A . AA- A AA . ,V .A 5 ,VA ,A Al ,A A .A - V -r .5 , , ' ' .W V Vf my--, , V A -' , ' '. . 1 'M 4, 5 V- . - -fV'Vf?iff-V'f5frfcw- ' N. L' X V' 1' ' , .V '14 ' "X ' Q..-'-.h'V'-riff-' Vu Tw' . , , ,V . ,, ,V . Mx. ,ng ,,, ,..,, ,A V . 1 ' ' - I -i xA ,V- ' ,qu 1 gfAV1fr.iA Af A '. 'V A .' A ,V . Ki' A' 'Q fiL'x- 'V V ' , J", ' Vt' X T 41xf"4,f4lv' ' . V V , . , j '. . ' nz? . U . Q..j,f , V V O , ' 7 A V VV. 1 ., VM, V 1 ' ' ' V'1 . A ,g.-.,- . V ' K - V:'V I V ' 'QL . ts ,V A A A A A ,. I.. :,. '-AA, AQ, HA AAAjl,AA:.:T,:A , V ' . .' 2 - AgA A' .V 'jk' A ., VA. A xA' A 2 s 1 ,,-Ain 1331 , ,fd A ' - . , .fz'kS-322 'E ' 4'7"-.I ' ,A ' , -. er:,,., , gg 1 , V A MHA. A z A A. f "..:.-3 J ,,,,,,, 1, ,,,. ,,A, ' . V J . T gf,-f-JV A S- ' V V-A-.AMA-, 1 Q V --'N--zu, .- ,A .A.V,, A, :A , , , 4 , .pf . 1,-A, , Ax V .1 ly V.. ,, 17 D. 1: A 5 A , 1 .Q , I ' "- '11 ' ' gufvl , f V x . V ' Ag, ' , -AV 'rf . . 'Z ' ' U L Q.. ' I '- If ' " V ' 1, JV. V X' 4. , x ' x , ' F ' .1U"'m ,,' A x' 'A V' - ' F v ,V .V , . X s 1 - .. V , - ' "' A AAL.. A A .A A A.TPAkAA AA A QT X1 - ' . ' -, . . ', , ,g. , V ' 3: ' ' 1. V , ., -,QQ U-' -.- Qnjgq . ' J V Q, V 4 , :' wifi 4 . 1 5' .1 , ,, ..A. A - 1. , x , A. , A , .A ,A ,, .AAQA ,. A. ' A K '.Y ' H "V 5-V fa 1 1 ' ' A , .5 . V ,Y . - QV. V ' , 4- " T51 .. ,. I- ' L ' ' ' 17" 'Lf,.fS.v', ' " A VV x A - Q-V.-AA,AAA1.AA .- - 4 , ' " V VA 4,,5 . H A A f N ,,,AA',Afj1:4,AA-A . A I' " ' QQ. Vfff.-Z' "N- V WV v, .4 , h K 1 -V 1 " , .D 2 -. -, , , ., A, , , Z,AAAA,.A3,,AA '. V ' 'U'w:',V'i ,, A . - '. A A , . jg1A,VQ Vg - QA, 1 ., . V x . V 'flf - , " " ' 'Vs,.p '-.iz 1 A . A V ,X A IV ' 5 ' 1 ' V ' ' . ' " ' A f Fifi i4 -A , ' , .4 . ' A' ArA1 AQ, V - f X , V A y 1 ffl? ' 'Vo X-. V " "1f'g. A A N . , Af '-'AAA 1,A .A A ' A A A ' A,Vifa,A:AVjAA,jL I ' f A , 'A nfs! iv' . A x , A ,FAA-,lg ,A A A V ' -' , V , ' V rf'ifV?gw ' ' , 'V , .1 ,V .V w ' ' X,-I - k "'- - ' F ' L V ' ' . V"'.wW'f'?'V'gf1'fM . ' V J ' -' 'Tiff x'1iViy:g3g'-V'ff+f ' 1' '.A 'JM i. ,gf . 1 1 .M Q :Ag ,A . A A ,A ' AAA 'pA1A'x , , V:!f2x'Zf354"?:.1iya"f A 1 Q V A , , .A - . ,AA AA ,?.jA.Av.A A 4- . X . ' V - V' J'af3fggis1-ff V - ' A 1 'fx' , x ASQ 'QQZAJVZQQAJQ' . . Ao , A .V - , ,X A A pm-'j VVwwg,q - ' f ' , -Q. f' A - . . ,- ' X QQ '4',,2JQ A , T, A , A . 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