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6' 6' ack Uf llrsuhne Sounds llfl the Hearts af ,411 of flcr Kclavcd llrsulim' Academy, San ,4l1fl7I'If0, ZKKILS' cif ,,ff 43 , gf fi J Ciff ,ff ff - qu , f . U1 Zfoufcr QQNX J, ' X 2 " 1 L - L X N I! Xxx xx X kts' X W W X, X :.. SE 1 if ml L Q +5 6 Q , 93 3: vw' amiga! .,..,.,n,.. , ,, , -Q U Sr., A 3.44 r, xc Mzwffmf J 'Ill . I " -1 14 . ml f 71 Ill - um 55 fe Dcwcafivn As you, the Class of 1958, have offered your High School years to The Sacred Heart of Jesus Through The Immaculate Heart of Mary, we, the staff of THE URSULINE, offer to you this memory booklet in remembrance of the years you have spent at Ursuline. W0 hx 17 gd ulfy REVEREND MOTHER ANITA Pnores MOTHER ELIZABETH THERESE Sub PIIOICS MOTHER ISABELLE Headmxstress MOTHER IMMACULATA MOTHER GENEVIEVE MOTHER MIRIAM MOTHER ANDRE MOTHER MARIE MISS MAMIE SMITH MRS EWING IDVE MISS CAROLYN GENTILE JUDY DOYLE For outstandmg SERVICE shown no the faculty and to fellow classmates these SEVEN SENIORS have been se lected to represent the SEVEN STARS ln URSULINE S SERVIAM BANNER SOC131 Sc1ence Languages Mathemaucs and Sclence Relxglon and Engllsh Rellgxon and Latln Engllsh and Speech Physxcal Educauon Mus1c and Choral sci LAURA ESTRADA G NELL HERRERA JEAN SADA fr ROSEMARY OLIVARRI 4:- VIRGINIA SAENL ' A A l -1 ,, A ELVA CARDENAS 3 'K A 'XP was v 4 . x fl . V A Af! M X 1 is r 'Z L, 51 ' f 'ss ,B is E 'N 33 Xu Curi, H3 right: Dia O A-4 a-I 50-1 0 -4 tanding, S Ursula. SI. of Cl' Angela, foundress of the Ord I S of the Feast Ceremony on Ring 1 traditiona Ursuline ive rings in Ce IS IC nio Se 8 SSCIIZ, igner, Virgini Jo 3. ym Rodriguez, M HC geli all ia, Tersa Pena, G'Nel1 Herrera, President, Ev IC Ga l'1'l3l'y Q vs O I N U -4 N N 5 H U Margar Mary el, Lau! elia Marshal, C and Guada- trada, Es Ia Ll er, La OV Herrera, Diane Cortez, Ann St Corinne Rih CS Franc an, III Fuss el da, Rosemary Guardia, Leis Sa becca Resendez, Jean Re dy Doyle, :I 1- Seated: Josephine Sandavol, Yolanda Tobias, Margaret Garza, Elva Cardenas, Yvonne Patino, Magdalena Camero, Lois Marie Eisttetter, Sanchez, Ring Bearer. U Q- 5 v-A and Mary Ann Martinez. Lillie Rodriguez, Anna Marie Estrello, Teresa Perez, Irma Mendoza, Rosemary Olivarri, 611155 of '58 Seniors ELVA EVANGELINE CARDENAS Academic - Student Body President "The brightest blaze of intelligence is of lncalculably less value than the smallest spark of charity. " QQ ii 1-'Q 4' G'NELL HERRERA Honor Academic - President of Class of '58 'The happy gift of being agreeable seems to consist of easy manners and sweetness. " A 1.1- VIRGINIA DIANNA SAENZ Academic - Sodality Prefect 'QA "He who loves goodness harbors angels, reveres 'mf' reverence and lives with God " 'Q LAURA ESTRA DA Honor Academic - Vice President 'Common sense is the knack of seeing things as they are, and doing things as they ought to be done. " MARGARET CLEMENCIA GARZA General - Treasurer "Good nature, like a bee, collects honey from every herb, " F9 JUDY DOYLE Honor Academic - Secretary "Human learning, with the blessing of God upon it, introduces us to divine wisdom. " MARY THERESA PEREZ ' Honor Academic "Loving kindness is greater than lawsg and the charities of life are more than all ceremonies. " 4 L IRMA MENDOZA Honor Academic "A pure mlnd in a chaste body is the mother of wis- dom and deliberation MAGDA LENA CAMERO Honor Academic "A good heart, benevolent feelings, and a balanced mind, " --Q.. 'Qi'-' LEISEL FUSSMAN Honor Academic Frrendship must be accompamed with vtrtue and always lodged tn great and generous mmds YVONNE PA TINO Academtc Wu may be a thtng of pure rmagmatron MARY ANN MARTINEZ Academlc Love be lovable and you wtll be loved fs -e-'K emu--f-f Y., ANA MARIE ESTRELLO Academic 'What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity, " K ,y Ns, JOSEPHINE SA NDOVA L Academic 'Let us be silent that we may hear the whispers of the gods. " DIANE CORTEZ Academic "How easy to be amiable in the midst of happiness and success. " Academic ffl? ANN STOVER Academic "Life is to be fortified by many friendships as life is full when they are required. " ...qw -six. ,, LILLIE RODRIGUEZ "A good heart ls worth gold. " ROSEMARY OLIVARRI General "Politeness is as natural to delicate nature as perfume ls to flowers. " ' l AURORA JEAN SADA General "To love and to be loved is the greatest happiness of existence, " A EVA NGELINE RODRIGUEZ General fx H of heaven. " l L4 ROSEMARY GUARDIA General "Good nature is one of the richest fruits of true Christianity. " "Humble love and not proud science keeps the dom wr' FRANCES RIHN General "Friendship improves happiness, and abates misery, by doubling our joy, and dividing our grief. " REBECCA RESENDEZ. General 'Life has no blessing like a prudent friend. " ROSE MARY GARCIA General 'Amlable people radiate so much of sunshine that they are reflected ln all appreciative hearts. " MARY MARGARET GONZALEZ General 'There is a majesty in simplicity which is far above the quaintness of wit. ' THERESA PENA General 'She that can have patience can have what she will CORRINE HERRERA ? General 'Good nature is the beauty of the mind, and like personal beauty, wins almost without anything else. " X LOIS MARIE EIST General CELIA LAUREL q General is "A cheerful temp MYRNA CORNELIA JOINER General "To please only requires desire. " Wh., 3' . Q "Friendship improves happiness, and abates misery, by doubling our joy, and dividing our grief. " beauty attractive. " ETTER er joined with innocence will make l YOLA ND TOBIA S General 'The only way to have a friend is to GS XJ! be one ,Jn Oefolren Sperts p Q 17 Q 'f' ,flrezzleel the eheel lferzr September, 6'lr1!1s ln September the students selected clubs to which they wishes to belong. Liesel Fussman from Ger many, lrma Mendoza, and Josephine Sandoval chose the Library Club, Here they are at work, The Volleyball Tourna- ment held much interest for students of all four 45 classes. The Seniors, who won the trophy for the second coming year, were cheered on to victory by their cheerleaders: Elva Cardenas, G'Nell Herrera, and Rosemary Olivarri. ,Nerfemiren One-,Aer Play Everest GRAY BREAD, directed by Miss Mamie Smith, re- ceived excellent rating in the Play Contest held at lncarnate Word College. Elva Cardenas as the young girl, Aurora Sada as the mother, Rosemary Olivarri as a neighbor, and Yvonne Patino as the old grand- mother formed the cast. ...W ,1 m5,,,-.mm of rp,,.,. Deeemlfen 6't1ristmas Sfestival " , Senior Class President, G'Nell Herrera, presents a Mass stipend to Reverend Mother Anita. Each year at a Mass Christmas Tree every member of The Ursuline community is given a stipend for a Mass by the High School students. Margaret Garza, senior class treasurer, Teresa Perez, and Evangeline Rodriguez assist G'Nell. This ceremony was in- spired and furthered by Mrs. Brandt, former Physi- cal Education instructor at Ursuline. t I Y . ef Q 'Y january: Sewer Retreat as ,, . s Q Rose Mary Olivarri, Laura Estrada, I Rose Mary Garcia, Ann Stover, and -s bois Marie Eistetter are welcomed I . by Mother Isabelle, Senior Class ' Mother and Headmistress, as they Kg arrive for their closed retreat. X' s These three days are "never-to-be- f"'uF---4 forgotten" days for Ursuline Seniors, ,gjfti ig I f W X QQ g Ft gl' 'S A ly 6' ?ebru1zry1s Sweetheart .Queen and Princess Neche Wagner, Freshman, reigns as Sweetheart Queen. Senior, Aurora Jean Sada, as princess, bows before her Carol Sue Gary Junior and Maria . Charo, Sophomore, were maids to her majesty. jlflareli, lfoealieii jlfleizili Although all vocations are emphasized during this month, the missionary vocation heads the list. Vir- ginia Saenz, Mission Club President, solicits stamps for the missions. Rebecca Resendez, Virginia, Myna Joiner, and Diane Cortez contribute their share to the project. at 6 t, 'XT' Uv 'r 'F R hh p A . , ,April Seniors ' Plan Trilogy fd .1 fr Of llfaytg Ana Maria Estrello, Lillie Rodriguez, Josephine San- doval, Rose Mary Guardia .x - ilk -Ln-J' is f sT"f':"','1- I' 4 t KU ni? 4 at 'rf Mary Margaret Gonzalez, Yolanda Tobais, and Rose Mary Garcia work on Tri- logy of One-Act Plays: SUMMONS OF SARIEL, fantasy, SORRY WRONG NUMBER, mystery, and comedy. May: Daily ,Meriziug Meditation aiidflgmiz le Our Blessed ,Mellier Throughout the month of May the entire high school meets for morning meditation, the presentation of flowers to Our Lady, and a hymn in her honor. Vir- ginia Saenz, Prefect of the Sodality, presents flowers as sodalists sing. Left to right: Irene DeCleene, Judy Doyle, Rose Mary Olivarri, Mary Carmen Gonzalez, Evangeline Rodriguez, Carolyn Martinez, Guadalupe Ramirez, Laura Estrada, Secretary, Maria Castillo, Treasurerg G'Nell Herrera, Vice Prefectg and Vir- ginia Saenz, Prefect. HOLLYWOOD CAN WAIT. Christmas Play, Talent Show, Seniors receive rings, Sophomores at Turkey Hop, Juniors at Midwinter Dance, Seniors at Turkey Hop, Parents and students at Midwinter Dance, Miss Carolyn Gentile and Sopho more Choral Club, Seniors at Midwinter Dance. E 'Q' Q -A 1 47 C' ' N f x' 'X ,pi C- . MARY ELIZABETH CABRERA MARIA CASTILLO JOSEPHINE NORMA CORTEZ ARMIDA ESCALONA CARMEN ESCOBAR AMELIA GARCIA CAROL SUE GARY MAGDALENA GILLAND THERESA GUERRERO ni "Q li gflI55 af '59 IRENE DECLEENE - President MARGARET GONZALEZ - Vice President VIRGINIA ROSALES - Secretary MARY CARMEN GONZALES - Treasurer KOLANDA ALVARADO 'LEANOR BUTLER X , X x f ff 5 Af XJ 'Q 4 .1 ve' yr Z... ITS -'ar X X A fx Ivy? f"ix GUA DA LUPE RAMIREZ ROSARIO RUCOBA RITA SCHOCH CHRISTINE sANcHEz R 5 MARTHA SAUCEDO qffxi IOSEPHINE TIJERINA X fi X MARIA ELENA VALDEZ ELAINE ELIZABETH ZEPEDA STELLA MAE MARTINEZ CAROLYN ANN MARTINEZ. MARY MARGARET MORALES A ' fy 22540 'QL ff? , T TQTWL A , L, f X ROSARIO NAVARRO NORMA JEAN PANIAGUA MARY ANN PEREZ Q fvx 'WJ 10 'L M Carmen Maldonado - Secretary Emelia Cabrera - Treasurer Marina Astudillo Teresa Alvarez Olga Cabrera Lourdes Cantu Mary Grace Castanares Magdalena Charro Melba Espinosa Yolanda Mae Flores Yolanda Gentile Mary Alice Garza Elida Hernandez Ernestina Juarez Marika Kretekos Kathy Lange Norma Martinez Teresa Mallado Teresa Mendoza Molly Ann Moynaham Carrie Ortega Graciela Olivo Margaret Pena Teresa Peralta Delia Ramirez Laura Rodriguez Lillian Ruffo Irma Salas Barbara Salettes Sylvia Ann Sanchez Barbara Satterwhite Virginia Torres Frances Urrutia Norma Louise Uvietta Rama Kay Urbanek S0 lfamares Guadalupe sanchej vice President p glass gf We hmm Nancy Pisano, President Mary Ann Klein, Vice President Frances Guerra, Secretary Carolyn Koenig, Treasurer Anita Arredondo Stephanie Baldesareli Patricia Ann Barkey Elfega Caballero Helen Campos Margaret Cantu Lorene Cortez Margaret De Leon Ana Rose Del.eija Sylvia Esparza Mary Margaret Ferro ,Q 1-,tgirl -.. , as 41' s AW Zlass nf '6 I ,ra -Q5 Y Q fi Lydia Figueroa Betty June Flores Martha Garza Catherine Gregory Henrietta Guardia Esther Garcia Diana Herrera Mary Ann Herrera Carol June Henry Margaret Jolly Mary Louise Lammie Thelma Machado Martha Morales Beatrice Morales Mary Louise Martinez Pamela Martin Graciela Martin Alice Mendoza Gloria Pena Sylvia Ann Peralta 4? Guadalupe Rangel Elsie Ramirez Susanna Ramirez Rosalinda Perez Yolanda Rios Carol Ann Rizzo Marguerite Segovia Judith Schuetze Jo Ann Tobares Alice Jones Trevino Delores Vaca Josephine Valdez Necki Wagner Betty Lou Wilhelm High School Student Body participates in Christmas Play up Yun 'QS HEALTHIER, HOLIER, HAPPIER THE THREE H PLAN Margaret Gonzalez Class of 60 Nancy Ann pl-Sane Class of 61 The Youth of today often puzzle the adults for the Youth are a group of enthusrasts full of energy and good wxll Although there are some of who have strayed from the rules of natural behavtor there are others who are stnvtng for a healthy holy and happy 1 e Then health rs m God s grace They regard themselves as the most prrvrleged of persons because they realrze that they are temples of the Holy Spnrt The practrce of the vntues IS common to them They ftght agaxnst the strong temptations of pride and pray for the vntue of humrlrty They sacrifrce then de sires and refuse to be covetous They obey the com mands of chasttty and struggle against the abommable vrce of lust Often they ftnd themselves on the verge of anger but check themselves Just rn ttme Envy also tempts them unbearably but rt is defeated by love They shun sloth and gluttony as a person would shun a deadly poison They have a fnm beltef that all the vtces are poisonous and to gtve ln to them would mean death of the soul Without overdonlg rt they care for the physrcal as well as spnitual body God has given them Truly these youths are healthy After they have overcome then strongest temp tattons they begin to understand a lrttle of God s unknown ways The reason for then exrstence has only now does tts rmprint become felt The mark of mfant prety slowly steeps into then mlnds Uncon sclously their thoughts words and deeds are per formed rn a htgher manner for Chrtst The desne of darly unton wtth God tn Holy Communron be comes stronger The smallest e1aculation means more to them now than it ever did before Slowly the ve1l begtns to be ltfted from then mrnds and they know God as fully and clearly as He permlts Htmself to be known Almost always these youths have both peace of mtnd and of body Hardly ever do they worry or become nervous They love God and rn re turn they are given holmess As a result of betng healthy l.l'l body and rn soul these youths are haPPY All men desne perfect hap pnless and only God can quench that desne He w1ll satisfy only these who have known loved and served Him to the hrghest degree they could Thus the youths who have fulfrlled these qualittes wtll be hap py and they wxll one day reach then goal of health holmess and happmess fTh1s essay won fnst place tn the Ursultne s Catholic Youth Week contest J The Three H Plan IS a method of havmg a better tomorrow through the youth of the world because the future hes rn then hands A youngster who IS brought up under the Three H Plan rs a chrld who rs ready to meet the trials of ltfe wrth courage The three H s stand for Happrness Healthmess and Holmess In the envnonment of a happy Clnxsttan home a young person can develop tnto a healthy Chrrst like adult The parents mfluence the chrldren nr every path of ltfe The relatronshrp of the parents to each other and then nerghbors effects the youth because tn the mother and father he sees someone on whom he can pattern hrs l1fe If the atmosphere of the home ts pessxmlsttc the youth wrll know nothtng else but to be the same Not only rn Reltgron does an un happy home err but also rn matters of matertal good Instead of havmg a love for God the youth ts taught by the parents the lust for the thtngs of thrs world As we know complete happrness hes in God and by havmg a pleasmg realrstrc and moral character we can obtarn a contented outlook on ltfe God mfused tn otn souls a natural means to happxness known as the Ten Commandments By these rules we acknowl edge God and live accordingly so we are asstned a place tn heaven It IS a pleasmg and gratrfymg thought to know that the Supreme Berng God cares t1ons By all these reasons the youth can apprectate ,od and be grateful to Him for Hrs goodness These xotnts help the youth of a natton to be happy wrth a ove for God and a Chrtstran home lrfe The younger generatron can become healthrer rn thought word and actton tf the parents and school unrte nr a common frght for decency As we know the Catholrc Church has done much to prevent tn decent literature movres and books from spreadrng The Legron of Decency had done much m thrs cause The Church realtzes the strong need of healthrer mrnds rn the youth The youth who has a spnrtually healthy mind has a love for God because no one can thrnk bad thoughts and be a frtend of God To be a happy healthy youngster LS puttmg your self on the path to holmess for you are tn God s graces rf you obey Hrs laws St Teresa of Ltseux lrved her entne l1fe performtng lrttle thmgs for God we can follow her lrttle way of holmess To reach heaven we must be a satnt so there s no trme lrke the present for the youth of the entne world to begm then ltfe of happiness healthlness and holiness the Three H s QSecond place wmner j I , . ' . . , . . . . . I . ' I . ' 1-f . . ' . . c ' ' ' ' 0 . ' . . I : I I I . . . ' ' . ' - 1 ' . - . I ' ' , 4 1 . - 0 1 ' , - ' ' I . - . . t Y o ' I . I I I been known to them srnce they fnst began school but for us and we can realize His greatness in His Crea- v 1 r - . , I . ' 1 , ' 4 . . ' . . . i I . I , ' . , . . . ' . . . . . i ' u 1 . 1 I . . ' ' . . . ' . . . K v . , . . '. . . . , . . N 1 O I A CHRISTMAS PRESENT I LL ALWAYS REMEMBER Rama Kay Urbanek Class of 60 My father has been statroned overseas for three years We knew he wouldn t be back for Chrrstmas this year but we strll hoped and prayed It was the nrght before Chrrstmas and there were tears rn everyone s eyes We had prayed and prayed that our father would be here for Chrrstmas because rt Just drdn t seem lrke Chrrstmas wrthout hrm I re member the phone rrngmg At frrst no one seemed to hear rt then my mother got up and answered rt It was a call from my father' l-low long we had sat there wartrng to hear hrs vorce' We all got to talk to hrm and he sard he wrshed he were here He was glad to be able to talk to us but he wanted to see us and be near us Oh how that hurt because we wanted to see and be near hrm too Then he explarned rn hrs lovrng way that wherever we are he rs strll near us Hrs thoughts always have us m them Then he told us about a man who had a wrfe and srx chrldren krlled Thrs poor man drdn t have anyone to cele brate Chrrstmas wrth hrm he had no famrly no rela trves no one How lonely thrs man must have felt we told our father Father then sard that thrs man wasn t lonely for he knew that hrs chrldren and wrfe were always near hrm and that someday he would Jorn them Thrs story made us feel much better even rf fath er wasn t wrth us in person he would be there rn sprrrt We all went to bed feelrng that a huge brrck had been lrfted off us That mornrng when we awakened we all ran to the Lhrrstmas tree There standrng by the Chrrstmas tree was our father' He sard that the Arr Force had grven hrm a special leave When we asked about the phone call he sard that he thought rt would be a nrcer present to surprrse us today rnstead of yesterday How rrght he was' Thrs rs one Chrrstmas present l ll always remember AN OUTDOOR CONCERT Rosarro E Navarro Class of 59 It was a lovely mrdsummer nrght Elrzabeth felt wonderful and full of vrbrant nature She drd look beautrful rn her whrte organdy dress 'I'he rmmacu late materral was flowmg and full length Yes Elrzabeth was beautrful as was the srlvery twrlrght around her serene celestral and fresh Berng rn the mood to be wrth the beautrful nature about her she walked toward a bench not far away She purposely dragged her feet for a whrle then lrfted them lettrng the trp of her feet touch the ground first Her skirt whrch was flowrng about her could be heard swrshrng now and then among the trps of the grass Once rn a whrle the heel of her shoes would srnk deep rnto the soft soft grass grvrng her an un frxed balance When she reached the bench she drd not srt on She sat on the cool grass She then warted for the concert It began one two the crrckets were masters of ceremonres The grasshoppers fol as sopranos The gentle cypresses were the seconds The robrn the barnswallow and the lrttle chrck a dee were the accompanrsts The scratching and chrrprng of the squrrrel and the flappmg of the bats flyrng past the trees were cymbals Louder and louder the chestra played faster and faster rn a crescendo of sound Then all was srlenced quret quret Cro ak' Who' Who' Cro ak' Who! Who' The artists the masters were now to solo The ro rn the pond sang frrst rn a hoarse and deep vorce Then followed the owl yes even the owl wrth hrs deep hootrng vorce Who' Whoooo' Then the two barrtones combrned tnto duet and sang wrth the maddenrng srlence They gave Elrza beth an outdoor concert They sang to her The sweetest song of summer . 1 1 Q it. ' ' . During the War the m3D'S wife and children were lowed with the soft run of the wind among the willows , . . . - , or- , . . . . . . ' U . f g INSIDE OF A CHURCH Mary Ann Perez Class of 59 As one steps tnto a qutet solemn church 1m medrately there ts a feeling of both Joy and sorrow You are probably say1ng how can one feel Joy and sorrow at the same time One feels Joy when he enters the church and be holds all the beauty of heaven expressed on the faces of the satnts For example St Joseph although he rs dressed in peasant clothes on hrs face he wears a welcoming expression of Joy One can almost hear him sayrng Come all who labor for one s daily bread and offer all of today s sacrtfrces for the greatest Laborer of all Chrrst As one s eyes are distracted they gaze upon the most beautiful flower of all the Blessed Vugm Here rndeed ts a face no arttst can ever pamt so that we can ever truthfully say Here 15 the Blessed Vlrgm Her eyes are ltke crystal blue water her face lxke a pmk glowing wax rose and her smtle one of a moth er s fnlled wrth Joy Her sad and ioyful eyes pene trate one to the very depth because tmmedlately one feels the gulf of all sin and the death of her beloved As one walks farther on one comes to the ltghted candles 'l'he1r glowxng yellow and orange flames re mtnds one of the Holy Spxrit that dwells tn the soul How often one forgets that God is withm us we forget this and act as we please we live accordrng to our feelings or we do things Just to go along with the crowd After one has visited the whole church and rs about to leave one sees the very expressive Gothlc architecture Wxth its peaks pomttng upward tt re mtnds one of where he is going to the place where the Kmg of the Jews dwells to Heaven POVERTY VERSUS CONTRIBUTION Elva E Cardenas Class of 58 Often one hears the defense that contributrng to mankmd rs dtfftcult Lt' not lmpossrble for one ham pered by the lack of fmanctal resources We must first of all realtze that God has gtven every one of us certam gifts or talents some have more some have less In His Dtvlne Providence an arrangement has already been made as to the how of therr use and ll s up to us to ftnd rt Money tttle nches and the like aren t really necessary For rn reality the most tmportant necessmes are a desrre to contrrbute a love of mankmd and a wtllmgness for self sacrtftce These alone are the requirements and Ln thts theme l shall glve an example of a person who was born rn poverty and yet contrxbuted very much to mankmd For example tn a small town named Ltchtenthal near Vtenna on January 31 1797 a boy was born tn to the famrly of a school teacher named Schubert and a cook Eltzabeth Vrtz Never dxd they realtze that one of then chtldren Franz Peter would become one of the greatest composers that the world would ever know Many would be surpnsed to learn that at the age of slxteen Schubert had completed hrs frrst symphony but even more surprlsmg IS the fact that at seventeen hts frrst Mass reached comp1et1on In hts poverty Schubert was a Mtdas A Mrdas of mustc Everythrng he heard everythtng he saw everything he read every emotton he ever felt was turned into the golden stratns of musrc whrch ts our herrtage Yes Schubert was a man of the greatest poverty and yet hrs works have been many and great Hrs works complete over forty volumes mcluding ten symphomes twenty stnng quartets one octet twen ty ptanoforte sonatas and short pieces stx Masses and over stx hundred compositions As a song composer of hrs day he never reached fame and fortune No Schubert was born in poverty the world wrll never forget the man who contributed so much havmg had so very l1ttle AUTUMN Laura Rodrlguez Class of 60 I met a lady named Autumn one day She stopped and she whispered I ve come to stay In one hand a palette III the other a brush She had plenty of time there was no rush She parnted the leaves all brown gold and red To match the glrtterrng crown on her head A necklace of dewdrops she wore wrth a flarr Her presence made musxc I knew she was there She colored the mountams a vrolet pale The mottonless wmds she turned to a gale She had much to say to the folk of the wood And I d pass rt on to you rf only I could But I am not one of them I cannot say Whatever she sard to them on that day And now she rs fmtshed her masterptece stands From seacoast to seacoast throughout all the land Farewell Lady Autumn so lovely do dear Please do not forget us and come back next year ' N . . r ' ' ' I ' g ' Son, Jesus Christ. he lived in poverty, and he died in poverty. Truly, A HOBBY THE GIRL IN THE LOOKING GLASS Marrka Kretekes Class of 60 Rosemary Olrvarrr Class of 58 To the young gtrls rn the vrllage of Greece then hobby rs mostly embrordermg 'I'h1s mtght not sound so rnterestrng to the Amerrcan gtrls because they have so many other actrvtttes such as gotng to a dance at least once a week And besrdes why should they em brolder thtngs when they can buy them and save much t1me'7 The grrls rn Greece also have festivals dances and ever so many other thmgs but durmg the week days after therr housework they gather to talk thxngs over and embrorder Many trmes they have races among themselves to see who wrll embrorder a cer tarn destgn faster I remember when I was tn Greece my frrend and I gathered rn a gxrl s house to embrorder Durxng glorious sprmgttme xt was heavenly srtttng under the snow whrte and newly blossomed almond and plum trees Perhaps we seemed a lrttle rdle Just srttmg there and emoymg the cool breeze whrch scented from the evergreen trees near by and lxstenrng to the whrspers of the bees and butterfltes danctng around the whrte blossoms rn search for food but our mrnds betng busy wrth these thrngs our hands never stopped from thetr task Durrng the wmter however many trmes we gathered at nrght and worked by the lrght of a lamp whrch was fueled by gas because wrres and other equtpment that are necessary to make electrrctty QI-lowever now every vrllage has elec trrclty agarn Q Nevertheless whrle we were embrordertng durtng the wtnter we drdn t mrss any of the fun we had rn sprmg and summertrme Now we made popcorn and many delrcrous pastrres We drd th1s sxttrng by the frresrde and taktng turns watchrng the thtngs we baked whrle the others were embroxderrng Frnally when we got ttred gossxptng and at the same txme workrng all of us spent the nrght at whatever house we were because usually outsrde there was snow many feet deep and durrng the mght rt was very dangerous to walk through ll You mrght wonder what we drd wrth the thrngs we embrotdered In Greece there rs a custom that when a grrl marrtes she must have a dowry so she may equrp the home a lrttle So for thetr dowry grrls make beauttful desrgns on therr ptllow cases sheets and many other thrngs Who ts th1s grrl wrth eyes that shme'7 Who rs thls grrl wrth features fme'7 Thrs rsn t ME tt COULDN T be For I VE NEVER looked so lovely But look agatn My Chtld a Vorce sard unto me Look once agarn and tell me dear now what do you see? I see a lady clothed U1 blue wrth eyes so sweet and ktnd And Just ltke her I m gorng to be sweet and pure of mrnd So I guess tt s really ME wrth Mary shmmg through Oh' Mary dear KEEP on shrnmg and KEEP ME JUST LIKE YOU THE EXISTENCE OF GOD Elste Ramxrez Class of 61 In our modern day we ftnd many athelsts walking the streets How would you argue wtth them the ex rstence of God? Well you have several drfferent vrewpolnts on whtch to base your arguments You can prove that there ts a God from the de srre for happrness Every created flnrte berng has a longrng for happrness There must be an tnfrnrte uncreated berng who can frll thts longmg of human betngs Thrs someone ts God You can prove that there IS a God from our sur roundtngs Look at a flower for rnstance tt IS a beautiful thrng Yet who caused tts CXISICIICCV You can say Well I can plant some seeds and flowers wrll grow That 1S true but where drd the seeds come from? Someone had to make the seeds Thrs one rs God who rs all wrse I-low does a lrght bulb work'7 By means of electrlcrty you have lrght Electrrcrty rs produced by water power from our falls Who put water here on earth? There ts no doubt about rt It has to be someone who ts greater than us God Everythrng rs subJect to change You get older day by day Plants grow and dte Anrmals lrve and dre Our way of ltvrng today IS not as rt was flfty years ago Srnce everythtng changes there must be someone who rs the cause of these changes but that one doesn t change The changer IS God during the World War II the enemy had destroyed the ' . , ' fCont'dj THE EXISTENCE OF GOD So Lf the athersts won t belreve that there rs a God tt ts solely because thetr foolish prtde prevents them from acknowledgrng the truth whrch reason can prove MUSIC MARCHES ON Pamela Martrn Class of 61 Every generatron for about as far back as you can remember has had tts own specral type of musrc This type of mustc expresses tn some way the spectal problem or problems facrng the people of that trme as poltttcal tensron or Just somethtng to be new and dtfferent somethrng to break away from the regular monotonous pattern of gorng along wrth the crowd The Charleston for rnstance became popular about the begrnnrng of the depressxon Durmg those prtrable txmes of hunger and sufferrng they needed to have some way to let go to take theu' mrnds off the desparrrng condttrons of the country So they found a means an orrgmal krnd of musrc and danc mg Not Just a worthless krnd of musrc but a mean mgful absorbtng krnd that told everybody tn the world Just how they felt and what they were gotng to do about rt bea rt And of course we know they drd beat rt for the depressron passed Just as everythrng else rn thts world does Wrth the passrng of the depressxon and the Charles ton there came a perrod of dreamy waltzes and tangos No partrcularly specral krnd of musrc Just very very pretty Thrs perrod resembles the one before the storm Then wrth the unexpectedness of a ragrng hurrr cane rnterrupttng a stlent nrght there came the Sec ond World War And close upon rts heels was the Irtterbug The Irtterbug came rnto berng to match and relax rn a way the stram of polttrcal tensron so hrgh dunng the early 40 s The Irtterbug the same as the Charleston came along as a sort of spontaneous reactron to dtstress to grve people a way to let off steam Just as any krnd of mustc ever to be started wrll one way or another Wrrh the endrng of the Second World War the Korean War and the Irtterbug there came a rest from startltng musrc for three or four years And then wxth the suddenness of and probably the same terrlfy mg effect to some people as a clap of thunder Rock 'n Roll and the mixed up age of rockets and moons is upon us Of course ALMOST everybody ltkes Rock n Roll because tt fulfrlls the wants of the modern mrnd as far as enJoyment and newness are concerned But Just as naturally as the changrng of seasons occurs and trme passes Rock n Roll wrll also pass It has to because musrc rnevrtably changes accordrng to the wants and needs of the subconscrous mrnd whether real or rmagrnary Who knows the next trme a new style of musrc rs introduced there may be nothrng but cosmrc space rays hopptng along to the beep beeps of future Sput ntks Tl-IE ENCHANTMENT OF MOONLIGHT Lupe Ramtrez Class of 58 The sun has settled and the creatures of the nrght have taken over the small crtcket rubbrng hrs legs the bullfrog croakrng and the frrebugs showmg off therr trny lamps All rs srlent and many of the houses are dark Only here and there can you hear a baby s cry a car screechrng and the closrng of a door Stealthlly a radrance comes mto the scene It rs the moon rnrtratrng a show of enchantment that starts at dusk and ends at dawn The t1ny droplets of dew on the leaves sparkle when the moonbeams dance on them Everythmg seems to come to lrfe the huge oak trees become sentrnels of the forest the daffodrls are the marden beautres and the nocturnal anrmals the spectators A hush comes over everythrng when Allessandro Srmplecrrc ket the conductor taps hrs wand on the old oak trunk He taps rt agam and starts the sym phony Ten crxckets clothed rn tuxedos play the vrolrns a small June Bug plays the make belreve prano and the sophrstrcated Lady Bug starts her song She starts srngrng gorng hrgher and htgher and grves out wrth a screechmg notse' The next act rs Just about to start when everyone notlces the moon gotng down and the enchantment recedtng The rnsects and anrmals go back to thetr natural mode of lrfe and the forest seems ttself agarn The moon wrthdraws for another nrght but wrll re turn for many wondrous nrghts to come ' 1 . , . , . . ' . , , , 1 . . . . , . I f , , , n I '- ' 1 9 I . . 9 1 I 1 . g o 1 ' 1 ' 1 . . .. . . - D . . , ' ' 1 ' 1 .- '. .. , ' , . . 1 1 ' . ' 9 n . . 9 1 , - : ' I V 1 o 1 . , , . , - 1 - , , . . ,, - .. l . , g - 1 P . ' u 3 . , Q o 1 - ' ' I - ' . . - , - 1 . TO HEAVEN had one The drrector who had not believed rn God Elfega Caballero C1355 of 61 fell on hrs knees to adore God He was converted Once upon a trme a long trme ago a boy named Pancho was born Pancho was a very happy lrttle boy and he loved hrs parents very much This happrness drd not last very long When he was four years old a tragedy struck hrs home Hrs parents dred of pneumonra He was no longer happy He was sent to a home for Homeless Boys Pancho drd not know very much about God but he knew that anythrng that happened was because God wrlled rt to happen DID GOD WANT hrs parents to d1e'? He could not understand thrs He also knew that God lrved rn the sky rn a place called Heaven and that rf you asked God for somethrng He would grve rt to you rf rt was good for you Hrs parents were good to hrm but how could he get to Heaven to ask God for hrs parents? He thought of a letter that he had seen rn the office of the drrector of the Home It sard Arr Mall on the envelope Who else but God could lrve rn the au? He decrded to send a letter to God He told thrs to the drrector only the drrector only laughed and told Pancho that he was foolrsh The man drd not belreve rn God In sprte of berng laughed at Pancho wrote the letter rt was poorly wrrtten I-le was only frve How could he do any better? He addressed rt TO HEAV school paper He wrshed he could send a letter on paper made of gold He sneaked out at nrght and marled the letter On hrs way back to the Home he began to feel bad Who was he to ask God for any thrng'7 The next mornrng when the marlman came to prck the mall up he notrced a letter that drd not have a stamp on rt He took rt to the postmaster The postmaster opened the letter and read rt This rs what rt sard Dear God I am berry lonly and I want my mommy and dad dy It let you haf em for lrttle wrle and now I wan em bak Tanks Pancho God was very pleased wrth Panchos lrttle letter Pancho had proven to God that he had farth rn Hrm The postmaster was full of tears when he frmshed readrng the letter He sent for the marlman that brought hrm the letter and asked hrm where he had wrrtten the letter Pancho fmally admrtted that he had wrrtten it and warted for a punrshment Instead the man and woman hugged hrm and asked hrm to be therr lrttle boy He was very happy and so were they They had always wanted a lrttle boy and now they and they all lived happily ever after Thrs story proves that God wrll answer your pray ers rn one way or the other He may or may not grve you what you ask for We have to trust rn Hrm and leave everythrng up to Hrm for whatever He does rs certarnly the best SKETCH OF EVENING Laura Rodrrguez Class of 60 As Iwalked down the avenue the drm street lrght cast my own shadow rn steel grey before me The last of the sun s rays beamed soft and golden meltrng rnto the pale blue sky A farnt mrst lrke a frlmy verl enshrouded the scene as far as I could see The crrckets flddled a chrrprng accompanrment to the coorng of a few sleepy prgeons Here and there a baby erred a sparrow twrttered a puppy yelped Approachrng my yard I became aware of the vague smell of fresh cut grass mingled wrth the refreshrng perfume of dew sprrnkled roses These are the characterrstrcs of my nerghborhood on a peaceful huge somethrng nerther vrsrble nor tangrble but ex rstrng all the same I stood srlent for a moment not wantrng to break thrs lovlrness I dared not move for fear of drsturbrng the blrssful calm Thrs I knew was lrfe at IIS peak beautrful breath takmg and perfect GOD S LOVE Suzanna Ramrrez Class of 61 Last nrght after supper I went rnto my room and looked out the wrndow at a beautrful sunset It was so awe rnsprrrng that I wrshed Iwould never forget rt My thoughts went out to God who rn Hrs rnfrnrte love created all those thrngs to make us happy and to make us realrze the wonderful thrngs that He has done for us and the love wrth whrch He has done them The colors were red whrch make me thrnk of God s love and of the blood Chrrst shed for us next orange blended the red and the yellow whrch re mrnded me of the ma1esty of God Lrttle by lrttle the blue became black and those beautrful colors whrch I had seen a moment before drsappeared now to lrve only rn my memory EN. He was ashamed to send God a letter on plain fall evening- I C0U1d feel P6306 about me like 3 efrvspevf We the Senror Class of 1958 berng of sound mrnds do bequeath the followrng To the Freshmen three more wonderful years at Ursulme the mvolvmenrs of Geometry and Brology To our Lrttle Ststers the fun of plannmg next year s Junror Semor Prom the Joy and responsrbilrty of berng upperclassmen To the Junrors eatrng rn the Seafoam room the l'8SP0l'1S1bl11Il8S of Semor dom the varrous cures for Sentoritrs and the Joy of lCC6lVll'1g the Semor rmgs and drplomas To the Faculty peace and quret rn the halls and classrooms our deepest gratrtude to all for therr patience and devotedness SENIOR DESTINY Magdalena Camero Comrc Strrp Wrrter Elva Cardenas Parrsh Chou Drrector Dranne Cortez Anesthetrst Judy Doyle Ambassador Extraordinary Lots Erstetter Bookkeeper Laura Estrada Dean of Women Ana Marte Estrello Lrbrarran Lresel Fussman Lawyer Rose Mary Garcra Pharmacrst Margaret Garza French Teacher Mary Margaret Gonzalez Saleslady Rose Mary Guardra Dancmg Teacher Corrine Herrera Au Hostess G Nell Herrera Parish Organrst Myrna Joiner Fashron Designer Celra Laurel Mother Prvspecf SENIOR DESTINY Mary Ann Martinez Nurse Irma Mendoza Mrssronary Rose Mary Olxvarrl Model Yvonne Patrno Actress Theresa Pena Buyer Mary Theresa Perez Medrcal Technologist Rebecca Resendez Secretary Francrs Rrhn Housewlfe Evangelrne Rodrrguez Socral Worker Lxll1eRodr1guez Novelxst Jean Sada Commercral Arttsr Vrrgtnra Saenz QUEEN S WORK Co Edrtor Josephme Sandoval Red Cross Worker Ann Stover Catechrst Yolanda Tobras Beautrcran ?areuf.:'ll Memorres memorres some sad some gay Yet throughout our school days one gleammg ray From frrst grade to erghth grade made brrght our way And now leads us onward to the Eternal Day The famous poet Shakespeare once wrote Partrng rs such sweet sorrow And so tt rs that the class of 58 are now begrnnmg to realize the full meanmg of these ever famous words The sorrow of leavrng our Ursulme Mothers and this dear old burldrng whrch has seen more than a century of trme pass rs mrngled wrth the happmess of the expectant future whrch ts soon to unfold before us Although the future has many troubles and Joys and hopes and fears m store for us we shall be able to endure ALL because we have been prrvrleged to recerve a Catholrc educatron which wrll most assuredly be the source of our strength rn years to come Throughout our years at Ursulrne we have learned to do all that we do for Jesus through Mary We ve found that our Lord and Mary have studred and played wrth us Jesus and Mary walked on the stage with us the nrght we received our long awarted class rrngs they wrll walk wrth us on Class Nrght and They wrll recerve wrth us our graduatron drplomas But Jesus and Mary won t leave us on graduatron nrght oh no' We shall trod the path of lrfe tn Then footprints and why? Because some of us wrll be motherrng our famrlres others wrll be nuns teachers and socral work ers but ALL wrll be helpmg the FUTURE Amerrca to become a GREATER Amerrca because of our Ursulme trammg and because of havrng learned to do all for Jesus through Mary And so it IS that wrth tears rn our eyes we depart from our dear Mothers and Ursulme Ursulrne Ursulme we know where to frnd The path that wrll lead us to heaven rn ttme For our Mothers have taught us and taught us qurte well That happmess lies tn each heart where God dwells And that rf we lrve ALL THROUGH MARY FOR HER SON Our ETERNAL COMMENCEMEN T wrll surely be WON. I I . 2 . . . . , ' I I u ' ' vu- - , - - . ' . . . ' I I . . . . . . - . . 4 , , I I . . . . , l ' I I I - - - . . . - ' . 1 - . I I I I I N . . ,, , . I . I I n , . . . u I , I I r I ' 1 - , - . . . . 0 ' I I , . . . . . I I ' I . . . . . . . - - I I I I ' ' ' n n - - 0 , I ,, . . . I 1 1 I I I - - u lv

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