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A 4 1' f 9' .iy 4-EXW' 12,411 ' una, ,n -A 3 .. 1 v K , 54. Y: Q . . 44' W my 0 -N 5 1,21 -WW-' '1, f f 'M .V-h . wg K Av Q f M' bv" f M we Y' 1 -J, H . ., ,.,, . Y, 1 4 1-A ,JA 4, .M5'55ae M Q Q. P, 1 ,Q vu .Af ,A Q valzfi T. fx fs " 'Y -' xg, ' my H" f f Q ,W f 'sl' iw V?!WulYES:'1L.r "W, 'L ...K ' R.. ..1..Lm- i I Jiri' uno , PUBLISHING COMPANY DALLAS, TEXAS yaudywamff 7441141-mad MEANZPE an vsnsooxs IVALYIIILYIW-1 Q 5 - 5 1 ! ' "f' ,xi sf.. 'gfir v ' 5 EQ:'?w'i'!4 '.A Q32 "VJ P" ' lf 'ns 1 if 1 : 'nr 1' I 1 : s:94 2' X l Af XX I 1 f . , A , ' fy Ig 'j If I 1 Afff .2 . f , A, 6...-L 1- A , , ff A X i F ! , X , 4 SOL' DEQ G'-CRIB DALLAS, TEXAS THE SENIOR CLASS OF URSULINE ACADEMY PRESENTS NTHHHHIHE MLlHRlIEH,9 -1952- N 1 ' ' I A ' X L 'ME-iii 11'-,za-S-4-v'w"tfs+f-wwf-pa-x if-'I' fl lazy K 3, 1335145-wu'1135594Qaa?9b.iew.q,:.1ay5,54 y 4. I K " N I 'K -1 .- N , 1 1. , A, Q 5.3 ffagf -. ,. , ,fy " , " , M f Q , A , -. - gm , Q " M- --- .. , ,r ,' 5,-:f:a-aww-1--' ,, . -ff wif-1, .. - 1 V, M-fr. ,u,v,v-' L . ,, I ,V M, .- f ' A ' -4 1 ll".+""" ' - "H ' " , ' . 1-fl 4 ' f xfl . 5 -f!.f,, ,r ., 'Q-M-1:95 , ' ' ' ' """ " 5"-75 -1.7 53", ' I " ':w,5-iw-Ah.: , 'P Q- v-f:'53535cY:??!:I'04'3'.1' Q , S V , V' ,- gif.. . . M I '6mf:"a:w:.,E' all I , t i-.r.,..v - 1 .x.tN,v..,.5,pK-,, . N32 ,'-4. A. - 1 V -. .1 --.V 'f-f' - " ' frm-.,r54 -,qgfcgm ,, - . . . , . . . 4. ,. . f:-fm ,xg ...,,:- v . -V ' ., - .. . .',4-.1.,,4L . ., V ,, .n . - - 1 , . V .1,,5,-HL Me, V ,bt in .... ... .,... .....- ., .,.. N,.--..., 15, wi , U K km eqfv- ' - V '- 'N , " '..14- 31. ' ' '55 I" ' .:-'HL '. :,. ' E " '- 1""f ' " " 'lm 544- gp.. A . , ..,'-1...-pm-41,2 :WV . " NW , . Q54..!gg,3.,,.,1 1- .. V, ' Q N5 We Declicate these pages from our school life in which we have attempted to stay the hands of time by capturing permanently the spirit that is Ursu- line-the spirit which links each individual girl, each bead, as it were, into a LIVING ROSARY, our loving prayer, D ' Q 1 o ll Q, 1 I I 1.1. ' fi Q s-'lil 'W' i iliiiiix W WWW Nik 42 H5 H UWM hwy? agfaz UMEEEMWES in fzelazzvmdgv A EWHEHS W Hwy! WWE v-W--N .Y f' In Wim. W. . ,M A .N ' Q ww ' m A m L M, K '-f atm, ' H RN ,gm f - Q""?i ,f . M Y wimwf - - XNWT X ."' ' N ,ir xii? 2 f M W f. , , v Qui' .J xv +V N2 EVIERIEND FATHITR GRCFNIEGIZR, OUR CHAPLAIN, SAYS: There is a body, beautiful and charming ancl strong, and that is temperance and modesty and purity. There is a will, free and untrammeled, and bent in voluntary submission to divine, unchangeable laws, and that is obedience, and prudence and fortitude. There is an intellect, catching through the veil of sense, a transitory glimpse of eternal verities, and that is wisdom. and knowl- edge and justice. There is a soul, made ready for heaven, and that is faith and hope. There is a heart, and that is love. There is the all-over radiance of a complete human being, made and perfected to the image and likeness of God, and that is Catholic Education. Kljf' N ft fix ui' v ,, in fl u Q fi N TRIBUTE: TO OUR REVEREND MOTHER-Our modern Saint Angela who strives so earnestly to educate her spiritual children to obtain their eternal goal. 5 E E E i I ing MOTHER MELANIE Religion . . . English Latin MOTHER DOLORES MARIE Principal Religion F A C OUR L T Y MOTHER ADELAIDE Religion . . . Psychology History . . . Sociology . . . Logic I MOTHER TERESA JOSEPH MOTHER ISABELLE Economics . . . American History Religion . . . Library Latin mfl MRS. CHARLES CAVIN Chemistry . . . Math English MISS PATRICIA McANDREW English , . . Speech . . . Arts MISS GLORIA PATRON Spanish S Niffiygsgfgggifg 'YI' 51551. 4 OU ,Gi , L ,Li It 5 , lififbff , A MISS LYRLENE GAUDET French . . . Algebra ..., 2 i 5 MISS MERLE KUGLER Physical Education MISS HELEN HINES . . . is our Choral teacher at Ursuline. We Humbly Offer Ellhglllflg Our bodies, created in the likeness of God, and trained in the virtues of chastity, modesty and temperanceg our souls, partakers in the supernatural life, and made strong by His grace, our hearts in the love we extend and the joys we receive, our minds in the knowledge gained in the search for truth, indeed, through our thoughts, words, actions, pleasures and sorrows, we humbly and lovingly offer OURSELVES back from whence we came- to God. ' 0 A - Q . ' . ik? ' ag. V1-wr, awksigw KM ff? . , 1' f -mfg "ka, :liz iigwzfauay se we ,Mff1l??l?2z as bi 1 'Q- 5. f xr if K Q 1--Y-JL---. M G -.4 1 1 ? A, wx I Q Q 4. 9 D 109 000' ugx , . NA .2 5 0 :Sr V' XJHQ' 4, Q ,,l 7 4 'QQ Q Q' '. J'- xgfl ,, '.?',4?'Q' fo Sw faux, Q 6 Q7 Q Q, Q: I 'w I s gl gag. 0' 6 at Y.. ll W 39901 A ' 2 , ' WHMfKWEY Fmllgmffwwli 0 " "J x V. v ! 5.5.x if 4 , ri.: s Q 0 0-vi I 'Z 0 1 I P I xx 1 T 01" l Prexident PATRICIA BROWN Vice Prefident DUANE WHITE Secretary ELIZABETH PRUNER Treafurer GAIL MARTIN SENIOR CLASS 1952 ,mamewt- If-uw-wwmf': fig-rf-f f.-, .Ju T',' 2 ' 'f1,, s ,iff l l'A'I'RlCjIA l5ROXX'N Class Offitcr 49, 50, 51, 52 Treasurer of Children of Mary 52 Linz Pin 49, 51 Class Basketball Team 49, 50, 51 Debating Team 51 l.e.ldw'vl1ij1 . . . llRJVIII-b6'zl1'l6'dIIe?,Vf jug . . , Pb-lead . . , duly-mlzrriolu smile -Pal. . . . open Tu.1.1 BARBOSA Choral Club 51, 52 Co-Captain, Volleyball Team 52 "The Acres" Stuff-Art 52 Athletic Letter Award 50 Frenfh Club 51 Fealher rut . . . ready laughter ability . . . mt . . . lovely mire Tilli. freati re tiny- . lkat- THERESA CANALES Honor Graduate Linz Award 49, 50, 51 Basketball Team 51, 52 Vice-Prefect of Children of Mary 52 9 Pres Winner of Book Week Contest 5- ident of West Dallas Spanish Club 51, 52 uiez earnerlnerr . . . gift Perfeciionirz . . . q , for languager . . . "Tererita Cornwallis" . .mrial work-Theresa. ALESSANDRA COMINI Honor Graduate Editor-in-Chief, "The Acres" 52 Feature Editor, School Paper 51 President, Mission Club 52 Speech Night Contest 50, 51 Basketball Team 49, 50, 51, 52 Srinzillazing , . . "pizza" . artiflir and dmmalir abifily . . . . fluff . . . Inlerloclzen-S . . pun! . . . . . unprediclable andm. '1- Ji' is deli Cmzor. DEAL Transfer 4 Senior Class Cheerleader 52 Choral Club 52 Christopher Club 52 Exquirite dren derigner . . . flafbing dark eyer . . . original perronalily . . . rbeefleader . . . elarlirily-Carol, CHALLIE DAIITERIVE West Dallas Spanish Club 50, 51 Mission Club 49 Class Cheerleader 51, 52 Poetry Anthology Award 50 Choral Club 50 Guileierr rbutler . . . Frenrb rbi: . . . per- mnalily write-upr . . . animaled .. . raft eye!-Clnallie. ,4 RUTH ELLEN DEAN Linz Award 49 West Dallas Spanish Club 50, 51, 52 Perfect Attendance 49 Lead in Senior Class Play 52 Prefect, Children of Mary 52 Reliable . . . Jparkling .rmile . . . delermined . . . rpirilual quality . . . "Song of the Scaf- old"-Ratlaie. BEATRIZ DE LA FUENTE Transfer 4 Dramatic Club 52 Christopher Club 52 Monterrey . . . mzfaplaiflicaled beauty naizfe . . . caflanelr . . . "Ramona" Beatriz Pdf. jirsriivn GAI.I.IZRANO Transfer 3 Red Cross Club 51 Senior Class Play 52 Volleyball Team 51. 52 West Dallas Spanish Club 52 Class Basketball Team 51 Warm .rmile . . . mlm manner . . . genuine f7'fEIIdlfI1i'.ff . . . f0mf7?l6lIf ndrifer . . . rinrerily . . . baby-fitting-jurtine. ll"i.rlful . . . J-v-W PATRICIA DONOVAN Honor Graduate Linz Award 49, 50 Latin Club 51 French Club 51 W'inner of Book Week Contest 51 Red Cross Club 49 mf!-.rfmken . "Book u . . form nzufir lover . . . Hpeffeft allendanren BLANCHE GRISSAFFI Red Cross Club 51 Choral Club 50 Mission Club 51 Class Baseball Team 49 West Dallas Spanish Club 51, 52 Big happy family . . . infeclioui laugh , . . guilelexf . . . dimrming fmnkneff . . . gener- ofily . . . -Blanche. CAROLE I-IUFFHINES Leixurely . . . demure . . . bedlime exerrife . . . "Pan me Ibe ball and I will make a ba:- kef' . . . blank coffee-Carole. its Gl2RAl.l7lNlE Kl2I,Ll3R Class Officer 50, 51 Child of Mary 51, 52 Jesuit Football Maid of Honor 52 French Club 51, 52 Varsity Basketball 51, 52 Rerolule . . . million: of :utr . . . all" fflampl . , . Jfmrtrmanibip . fealurei.--Gerry, PHYLLIS ANN JOSEPH French Club 51 Red Cross Club 51 Class Cheerleader 51, 52 Perfect Attendance 50, 51 Senior Class Play 52 Bulzbling guiety . . . loquariaur our . . . murital impfovifing fo peppery-Playllir. . . . minhieu- 1 the flair . , "Oh you . rlaffir I Smiling eye: unaffected frzendlinerr . . Menu and Eugema Yea Oklahoma" . . EUGENIA MCGIVNEY Transfer 4 Red Cross Club 52 Volleyball Team 52 Christopher Club 52 Lillae . . . defizzitenefr . . . paired . . . Carlrbad Cmzerm Eugema fr!! 1" Perrmemnfe buoyancy poixe . . unuxual plmuey Lzbmry Srzenfe major . . . far' v 4 1 ff . 1 .241 I TAMYSIA MARIETTA President of Class 49, 50 President of Student Body 52 St. Angela Contest Award 51 Maid of Honor, May Day 51 May Queen 52 Cafual felf-ponenion . . . unique volleyball Jewe . . . compelence . . maturzty planner-Tammy. TERIQSA MESSINA Senior Play 52 Mission Club 49 West Dallas Spanish Club 51, 52 Choral Club 50 Class Basketball Team 49, 50 Eager zo help . . . Jpaglaeffi at Sammy! . . laady of friendf . . . gmriozu-Dippy. JOANNE MIRANDA Honor Graduate Linz Pin 49, 50 Class Officer 49 Class Basketball Captain 51, 52 Officer Athletic Council Lenglby argumenzr . . . food committee: . matbemrzlifal mind . . . olive! and pruneJ jafinne. ISARUARA MllRRAN' 'Transfer 4 Co-Editor of "The Acres" 52 Class Volleyball Team 52 Seninr Play 52 Drnmatins Club 52 Gmfd N1fXL'f , . . friend: in 210 time dUL'ilj1'L' . . A7L.1II,FpI.f , . . feafifl -- Babr. JACQUIQLINE MONIER Varsity Volley Team 52 Treasurer, Library Club 51 Class Volleyball Team 51, 52 Dramatics Club 52 Class Basketball Team 51 Velffely lone of mire . . . danfing u'lJim.riml . . . lurid gaze . . . bounfey lazlgla jlzrkie. T. C-K. .-s my .Q fav ANN PARKER Honor Graduate Linz Award 49, 50, 51 Debating Team 51 Senior Play 52 Latin Club 51 French Club 50, 51, 52 Mum' . . . dramatic gerlurer . . . exfilable . . . Sbirfey . . Pizrfmllleflmfmll-A2111. SHIRLEY PETERSCHMIDT Honor Graduate Transfer 3 President, French Club 52 Chairman, Athletic Council 52 Basketball Varsity Co-Captain 52 Sports Editor, School Paper 51 Latin Club 51 Uzzarrnmizzg . . . gezzerour . . . independent . . . thorough . . . Jporzfmumbip-Sbirley. ELIZABETH PRUNIER Class Secretary 52 Child of Mary Sl, 52 Varsity Volleyball Team 52 Speech Night 50 President, Red Cross Club 51 Ez1rbu.riu.rm . . . Jfmfkling rmile . . . good muremzliormlfrl . . . forreful leaderxhip . . . Lux lmzzdr-Elizabeth, li, FRANKIIQ Lou STARZ Child of Mary 51, sz Class Treasurer 51 Jesuit Football Queen 52 Class Basketball Team 49, 50 Treasurer, West Dallas Spanish Club 52 Pelife . . . zerl for living . . . photography and LauglJead'J . . . Loyola . . . logir "wizard" . . . good-hearted-Frankie Lou. NES MARY AGNES VALANDINGHAM Library Club 51 Mission Club 51 Winner Poetry Anthology Contest 50, 51 Senior Play 52 West Dallas Spanish Club 52 Aertlsetic appreriution . . . fererved . limle poetry . . . rertful . . . quiet manner . . . pfinterr rontartf--Mary. DUANE WHITE Honor Graduate Vice President Senior Class 52 Editor, School Paper 51 Linz Pin 49, 50, 51 National French Contest Award 51 Class Basketball Team 51, 52 Dry humor . , . effirienry pluf . . . the out door type . . . noble . . . intellectual ability- Duane. MARY SUE WORKS Honor Graduate Linz Award 49 French Club 52 Speech Night Contest 50 Volley Ball Cl ass Team 52 Vice President, Red Cross Club 51 Droll repartee . . . art . . . politirx . . Owen Frarzrix Dudley . . . Colorado . . . my brother . . . "Bingo" - Mary Sue. ,wh I .-,r -"lf,-. : by .H .nr , rf: jffwj. ' ,1""f', my-. , 7 . ,::'i',. A 24,5-u, ',,4f'r.'., rv ., -. ,-: U1 A6 gf:A4?f:gf 'Jyw fig , v HW' t-V ,, .C r ggtfgwii 'i Wifi? R 11919-ffl Nl yr .' Q., 'wg .Q ff' "if x.g4v,w."f'- ' . '."1'-.Q J- 1+ '1-fm KI?x?w'.vf -- 'f-319-x?f.I' e I When we look back upon our high school days, filled with the joyousness of youth, we find that the brightest pages of our memory book record our Senior year. September's page includes the opening of the school year with the Mass of the Holy Ghost, the good time of preparing for and carrying out the initiation of the Freshmen, and the surprise program we gave for Mother Dolores Marie on her Feast Day by pull- ing objects connected with her life story out of our kettle of witches' brew 2 la "Macbeth" A flip to October's page reveals such high lights as the Living Rosary, Reverend Mother's Feast, the State Fair Day and the Feast of St. Ursula. Slipped in between October and November were the peaceful days of retreat. One of the dearest occasions to a Senior's heart is recorded on our December page- the reception of our rings at Ursuline's beautiful Ring Ceremony. Came the Christmas season with a cantata artistically tableau-ed and sung, our party for the poor children 7 and our Snow Ball, an exclusive Senior affair which measured up to all our expectations of loveliness. Our january page shows a very successful presentation of "The Song At The Scaffold" while with eight Seniors on the Basketball Team, February proved a very important sports month. Time whizzed by bringing us to April with its unforgettable Junior-Senior Prom. Tammy was crowned May Queen in a beautiful evening performance, and Class Day brought white gowns and red roses to the page of our May activities. Our last age shows a Senior in white cap and gown and holding a diploma. The page signifies both an end and a beginning-the end of our girlhood and the beginning of our womanhood. 'ft va A M J ggi HSN -Ps .A U ,J -.' , '- ' 4 j:-- 1 V . Av xx? I. 5 n gwefm if 7 'iw . ? W ' Q 52854 ff BQ ,' . I JL-L' if-Y' vc f' A! 2 f ' IL: m. 'fliwggfyrg 1' ' Wiiivfmg . f ' -i.1-azjpn .3 , If ' Cfihx M Nvv,bR'xL31.4 ,' ' F 'I h'0,,5,, 'P' 1 "f'YS29-- "v1f.-.,"wL- Q1- Q MH, "fi,-,. 13- 1 V. , . . .CI-V, A 69. -Wg , My -. ,MV A , J' 9 Pe A 51 ' ' H3 'ggi 75'1'z -' f L' F"--fm - , tr - - .ofgfff g, ,. ,.,., .L ,'9'f,gq,Z':1v5 ,ck ,,m,-,. x' , - is 'M ,fi vA, , -' + - , 4 1-Sw 55 5 'mr' if , wx hwfsk' - -1 a 11,3 , , ,, " " ' ' 49' M ,,,. , ,. fi' H ' .,-qr'f"9?'J'J'u W.o'1f:2i?'?7J u. gif! Q . V,ff'7'iii,fa4Pf' "Vg Y. ' " , 3355? gvzgqw . ,lv ,juifi " I ',..,.:' ll, :fr "" -"" ,fm " I-45", :find . ,Ing herffr ag1n5,ag-H,M'l?3fzN .ig wwf ,iff ' gg:--mv," 5 be-mn is if nfl? S, Q 3 . F . ir . Q ,M 1 ,F -F K - W4 if 1 Yi W- .3 5, , f' A 1.3-aa. U17 90 ffl m 9 I5 QGQqt r f VJ X1 W QQQQQ9 is yi Kx I' W! Q Q, '. 1' 0 Q: ' ia' 9 " 'Q' "vu , Q ,,,,-- an .v K0 -f-, 0 A 39 f- f- 'if H -l 4 ji, S, 5 f G 'K'-wa: G 9? 9 Qs s' A, ' . .' gg It . sl Y N111 Q 1 i' Q! T 5 er at' Q QJQ ,gif 'mf f' val. 9 ,s r. Gvk ' K- FA .kv 4"'i H X 4. - ,fb ..,4rl v' g Y QQ i 7- un 4 XXXL 5 N M U WM "I A3 ,Q ---Y! W H 1, T m if U LJ JJ U H H ij W X . Q A S ' U A ' ' x 0 Q 4 s k. 1 N , . . .. .J Pfefident PEGGY HILL Vice Preyidenl NATALIE WOHLFELD Secretary PATRICIA MALLIA Treamref BECKY LOU SIMMONS JUNIOR CLASS 1952 'Q-.p 4, x BARBARA ABRIGHT K X Us W ff 'rw' SHARLENE AHNERT BETTE BARLEBEN CLAUDETTE BARBAZON ' 4-N.. :JCM Cu -. Q... - , Q If NINA BARRACO PATRICIA BURY CAROL CRUTCHER THERESA ELDREDGE 'K CECLIA GETZ hx MARY GRADY PEGGY HILL NORA ANN HAGAR WINNIE KANOUSE use JOAN KELLEY 'v TI-IERESA LAKE PATRICIA MALLIA PEGGY MCLEMORE 'if' ROSE MCNALLY FRANCES MCREDMOND TERESA MOSER SUZANNE NAES JAN ROBINSON PATRICIA TOWNS BARBARA BUCHHEIT BECKY SIMMONS ANGELA WASAFF NATALIE WOHLFELD O Our heads were a little higher in the air last September as we walked through the doors of Ursuline, for we were at last upper classmen. After the grueling days the Freshmen endured during initiation week, we gave them a cheer-up party, and in a hilarious ceremony formally adopted them as our little sisters. In October our fall dance with its catchy "School Daze" theme was a jam-packed affair. We made headlines in initiative and everyone sat up and took notice when our re-named, revised and reformed school paper, "U.All" came from the press, and we sold out in one day. The paper's unique Texas name as well as its general literary tone has won for us some very appreciative comments. As a class project in a phase of home-making, we went in for some gardening. Three- hundred tulip and jonquil bulbs were purchased by our class, and planted in the driveway circle at the school entrance. Spring brought the sight of many-colored flowers blowing in the wind, while Old Glory floated above. We worked hard during December to get Catholic Christmas cards in the mail, and by our sale of these cards we made 3550.00 for the Missions. Our Novelty Booth for Mission Day in january displayed surprisingly beautiful handwork, most of it made by members of our class. Many enthusiastic juniors also participated in the Mission Day Variety Show. The high light of February was the lovely Mardi Gras Ball at which our own digni- fied and poised Suzanne Naes was the Queen. March brought our debate with Jesuit on American Conscriptiong April, the "wonder night" of our junior-Senior Prom, and May, the beautiful crowning of Our Lady with one of our juniors acting as Maid-of-Honor. And here we are at the entrance of Seniordom, looking back on another happy year under Mother Melanie's guidance, and with our hearts filled with loving memories of '51-'52 l at 5 pi'-KFQZWIibbn,,il,1QVi'f-gay, K . 1 . . X fir' w :vi X354531, 6?-'Q?2r"Yg ,f-1 -,Q we fy, . x"4',in. A ft: A-U flxxflfy 'Q I4 ,. .J l".:'E,1 xxx xfwfv 'F 'I , " f.if':iiiza,Xg+5i, W fig., gii"Y, M-. , f if f "'f',pfv Qi! . s 6 Q , V in U Q ui 5 xx., 1 . ,K , Q: , N gg 1.4, A N .. iyin, hs nn z X x . , qt 1 . Q :Q X A .ff XLJXXNQ v - K 1 ,Mk X ?- BURN xii Ya. n. xx I 1 ,5 "- Vt 'R' in 4. A x f L31 A .' tg 35,,j.M. 5 S x .1 . K A 'Q-wfv I ggtxtslax .- 'Q- 215 B .221 Q Q rw .515 N - X , '-fig V , vaxkfp ' 'f f iv A wg: , gffififf' '1,,.,f x -.Y Q M-1, -f1.k Jw Q4 " A ii if .. "in .1' V 1 . , , ww. wg 1-,, , in' 95. ., . 1 'a LD. , in 1 + NK 5 ' t 4 wv i, s Q i' I Q ,I . tak lf. ' 4 X I 'FX f wa xi. 1 1- X n -' .isff fj,e a.g ik . , msw jtfk yi .W Ie 'gk ,-'fix Q V , A ' sM""'x P LL I ily .A Hu - f , ' fx, A 4. AULIgMNug- X l j Seas?-V' ,L U go lg.sT,W. eXempfTf'es Whewul mm sferies of qiirr X ml ff R1 Y , , I wh? rx gk wifi, Rosary. A g N. f , "., as a ' X 'Q ,.. , sq n -a dv 4 x .X K Q W 5 NY ffv 0' " r fu 3-vm ' .13 'A - an 1 '-v. ,ff-Wh-64, :xi ww-. i ,ix . N . sq- 2 3 X, -- V I. W .,, X ., :A Ae . 9 K. .. ' 'I A z- ,fri ' . 7:54.45 ink 3h"'m,:K 5. as 'Y ' W, Q ' 1- i 3 L . -:.xh 4 4 1, " fa 5 f 1 I2 Qs. lg -5' 9? "5 E KEN. '- -Q If Mx F un f..,' 5 .J : Q s F . .I ,il ,.. . - - ZW if . E ' ' .fly jpvgg' ...lt ..- f 2 -f' ,fr gg 'FL AQ f' Zi. EEL -- rr +' , Q if A . Pi, 13:11 3 , 5 - : H Q , .,- i x I : - A, - 7 - . f . - M., . 3 QS., 1 .- Mn.. - -fx: '. -ng . ""'w-1. J 1 '-ns,-T. -5 U. ,A . E ,x , T.. 1. g,u,,,.,.......n, , Wow...-m. . - f. 1-F ax. Wff 1 ', 'mg 2. at 'R 1+ tr Sex f a RL. VP. .5 -V "'7'fh!n-m,'f4wiox.gb, k L 'K 1.. Wm-14... . . .. . """"""""2Y-'Aa-Q-.v.a.-A a f Q g I U ? an .. P . anis: ' if u W.. . .1-me-n g-. HMxuk was X 1, S VI 6 Mi' , if H . 'tr 4'-M. ' 1 XFN . B in Q w ., fb- 13- 'Q ' E 5 V A. -E . 4-.MW-, ,,..--f U . P A 1' 1 o 534, A v Q, A n QQQ QQ' 'em Q P 'H ci"ov 9 Q 4 3 TY, fl 95 Q- P '- X 1 '- 1 . 'M XL' l I 1 Q, -iff ., Q .D x'l Gt an 5 A. C? CA 5. 55 a f, fa Q Q3 0 ,, N,..Q,n V", L.. 4 BLEEEEU HUM 1 ff, C! 6 1 -qi. - Q-03 1145.9 9 Q. K Us .uw Sip? !"SC ,ff f 1 HHH WMWEMWWMW N-.. 'Q Q . 1 'ix XO .J 5 I X D., ,. f 301 x 5 ' 6 4 G' P 1. Y ff, tl' X Prexid ent BARBARA BANNAN Vice Prwident SUZANNE HELTZEL Secretary NANCY OTTO Treaxurer KATHLEEN MCREDMOND SOPHOMORE CLASS 1952 ' 12 fi' Barbara Bannon Geraldine Cirone Josephine Gallerano Helen Barry Ellen Carpenter Mitzi Furtula Margaret Geisel Doris Ann Brett :PMN Penny de Boisblanc Joyee Grissaffi Suzanne Heltzel , ,., x 5: Barbara Keuchel an-A - r Joanne McCaffery Patricia jenkins Carolyn Keller Rose Lobello Martha McCullah Patty Keehan Myrna Lamping Judy McElreath f' 'K . .SX P at v . Marcia Malone Kathleen McRedmond janet Moser Q vb Sift jane Obst Patti Sue Murphy Patricia O'Heam Eleanor Packard Nancy Otto Ruth Peak Qt t V it .J-.si . ix Maria Regan Betty Pringle Lucia Ribelin .aa i W ,. . i at Q , K ' fi 'WN 9 1- 1 9 "' Norma Shosid Tommy jean Roach Patricia Swift Joan Works Janice Wells Nancy Wright df 0264 It was a crisp, cool morning as we turned our steps towards Ursuline and tripped gaily into our Sophomore year. We couldn't help feeling proud of the fact that we were no longer lowly Freshmen, but when the initiation of the latter came off, we vehemently insisted that it was nothing like ours. Our first project was a magazine subscription drive after which the winning team was treated to a picnic by the losing team. November with its bright colors inspired us to don Indian apparel, take up our tom-toms and migrate to the stage where we gave a very authentic Indian Pow-wow. For our part in the Christmas party for the poor we decorated the cafeteria and served the goodies for the children. Their radiant faces as they sang "Happy Birthday, dear Jesus," amply repaid us for our work. The outright frankness and sincerity of Father Dillon S. who gave ,our annual re- treat in january stirred us to the resolution of a militant Catholic life. On the night of the third production of the Senior play we surprised our big sisters with an after- performance party. Mission night found people ducking the darts energetically being hurled at the bull's-eye in our canned goods booth, the profits from which enabled us to contribute a fat sum to the Mission fund. Having a genuine love for the Greek theater, we decided to give the play "Antigone," under the direction of Miss McAndrew. With her help we transformed the front entrance into a Greek stage. The white columns of the entrance readily lent themselves to the Greek setting. A luncheon in the Century Room of the Adolphus Hotel was our last gesture to our big sisters, the Seniors, before the graduation good wishes. Thus ended our second year at Ursuline, again guided by Mother Adelaide. And now we are looking forward with impatience to being juniors, upper classmen, and big sisters all in one. in Whifeness and Crysfal--Picfures 'rhe Sorrowful Mysferies of Our Living Rosary 5 Ng, 4 -7-.P if 45 ,- '33 2, K ,W- . - X K .wb jc - 5, lying? ,ggi - L- iff all . ,N P' Pyfiim' ' gf? , ,, W , j X , , J! 5 , -1 . V15 .1 'lf gf T-. 1 X X 2 2 3 V if ff! 2 3? . P gs SK - gi E-X I If " , S ?fq""'-in A' fr, f ' 2 S R xxx 5-bf avi? "avi i 1 Ex '-.SRX S135 T21 "sad 2, L v.lg.g'Q"'--.-,, 'L ak W2 "Km Ni, , '--....,, Mmi, ""w-vuvv.-"f"x E ' 4 5 ,-,tak wbfmgqwx Q1 x ml., 5252- -,NN A -Um Q f., ,I QAM ... 'R 9 'W-nf, 4 'wav Q. B v wff'gAvfr,,.g f-Mm, ,, A -"'f:u,,- ' ab, x SX- ' D E :qi 1,8-X 1.7,-4 Q -'L :VN Www A ' H' R 'NWO Q K Q .1 R- Q F' 'I im'4.,,N " ' . 1 5 Y -. U 'Mn W Riff ,,,,mwh-1 - I E , ,-Q. EY ' n . 1 ' E W, 1 , -. :V af ' B, A at NX Q ...DA 5 .1 N f . J. ,Z -f -.V if IN,-: J? C! .fu 0 , O -P - 1 - . 1 ey 'mf I 9 'Q -- en J she -1 ef T WN: ,, .J . u x Q . ggi? on vlfy-G99 N Q . U-J 1'-'Q E E Q9 Q QU '. EQ 1 " 8, 'N X ,K M g 5 03 0 x, fi 9 3 0 Q Q 5' 2 ne? 3 .49 .Q ,Q X Q G Q -3 4, l' 14, I, 1' A ' '- --.f55"" "W ' Q 5, L 9 5, I ft U -3 4 my I WY xg!! - LQ MEMS 4572. Prexident MARY LOU PETERSCHMIDT Vice Prefident SHEILA TURNER Secretary TERESITA De HARO Treafurer NANCY TOXWELL F RESHMAN CLASS 1952 Carolyn Ahnert Patricia Boyce Marilyn Brett Mary Theresa Callahan Carol Campbell Blanche Canales Rhea Crane Dorothy Damels Gall Dean Mary Martha Ehlinger 4 Katherine Eldredge Sybil Fain Edith Fox Kay Frossard Anne Glasco Ann Carol Goetzinger Sally Gibbons Peggy Grissaffi gi Q it V Marilyn Hastings Teresita De Haro V in E Q S . H A' . H A, A Caroline Kirkpatrick UISUIH Lobello L 17 Colleen Malone fx 6 ,ala A Joyce McNamara Catherine Neuhoff Jo Ann Marino Kathleen McDonald Frances Manson Mary Lynn McNamara Alicia Morris Newton Q5 Kathleen Moran Betty Nordenbrock Tucean Pennington Pauline Phelan Mary Lou Peterschmidt Susan Simons Marcia Stiles joellen Timm N anqf Towell Sheila Turner Janice Wear Ann Weaver 7 We Freshmen might well start out with a brag, for we were the largest class at Ursuline this year. Of course, AS FHESHMEN, we realized that as soon as we entered Ursuline we would become subject to the intricate and terrifying laws and regulations of . . . Initiation. But we survived that ordeal, oddly enough, and after a week, the Seniors ad- mitted that we were good sports. From that day on we were made to feel that we really belonged to the student body, first by the friendly, informal "adoption party" given us by our big sisters, the juniors, and later by the impressive "candle service" of the Seniors, which symbolized our formal reception into the student body. We soon began to show our good points and class talents in the different school activities which followed. One of our number, Anne Glasco, was lucky enough to have her name drawn to be Queen of the Library Ball. Turning to the field of sports, the student body soon found that we were formidable opponents. Besides having a good representation on both the Varsity volleyball and basketball teams, we were the first Freshman class in six years to win the coveted intramural volleyball trophy. Besides our participation in the annual Christmas party for the poor children, December saw us busily inishing up the last few touches of lue and white for the Senior Break- fast, which we gave for our big sisters on the morning of their Ring Ceremony. On Mission Day too, we did our bit at the refreshment stands. "He who laughs last, laughs longest" so they say, and so WE said after a friendly assault upon our former initiators, the Seniors, in the form of Mock Graduation. We want to thank Mother Isabelle, our sponsor, for a very happy Freshman year, as we look forward to the day when we shall be called by that grown-up name, Sopho- mores." lf' V. rd' I M' N"Twf' 1 A .A K. , .ASQ . N 1 A sv 5225 WT. Sa ,,. ,lr V' 'gfbe - .1 .Hip . -'ikii . gm, zum. . 0 W f. Q- K. fri? v 1' 1 ff :ix i,+ k 3.,sr. "il-te' , nw- x ,Tw ' I ' w f M Q . QE s if 'N' N-'Aff . I I ' 'wwf' ' -swf 1 'OL ws: ,v 4 . n " + - -. iwvl ,,,M ,JI Q-is fda ' i .Q 1 , ,, ,. 3 as ,,,, 1. . ,mf , 'rfai' ., Q, v ' . Il .,fd.fnv , -x W ' ? ,, 5 , g,. ag? I Ay .if MQW' -- ' lu., 1' 0 ri K ,. K. Q 7. , H. ,, B, 5 L Ak hx, . ' f, . f f A. .,, A ,U in , x , 3. x 1 ' . . l 6 nl .v -ff'-'K , A ,W , .aff J: . , , ., DG f-df-4' ff 34f..1s.,fw, .. a':.3-..,- 1- W-lvvrnf'-M K N-s Q w I n Relationship To llllfllllg All things outside ourselves-all our activities, our studies, our class and individual projects, our social events, our games and our sports, all people outside ourselves-our parents and relations, our school-friends and acquaint- ances, our teachers and associates, our next-door neighbors and next-continent neighbors: we offer. In all these things we see the hand of Christ, and in all these people we see His image. Realizing that God made all these OTHERS as links on our living Rosary, as stepping stones to Him, we offer our correct attitude towards them and usage of them to their first source-God. S-gk mf " f Re fi'EN5gj ITF' L gi 1 3 'lv X KYB- 'QR 5 1 6' 'Q gi- "" iggiggvwpf . .9 X' E Xxx gff !g,L3vf-f 2 fgifi Nix aifgixxz, ix fx . X SX xi? x 4 q,a"7' W-arf' ggi g.X,5:'fk N fi ,aw Q A K Eagerly these little youngsters jumped from the car which brought them to their Christ- mas party at Ursuline. C bristmas Party for the Poor Children UF F' W! YH The Christmas tree, center of attraction. Kathy helps her three charges don their wraps after an unforgettable party filled with happiness and joy. X There's a distinctive flavor to this shot of the WEST DALLAS SPANISH CLUB whose members work hard for the poor of the city. Teaching Catechism on Saturdays as well as supplying needed food and clothing for the children of West Dallas is an important activity of the West Dallas Club. THE FRENCH CLUB busily packs boxes for Europe and plans decorations for its high light of the year, the Mardi Gras Ball. La ra 0 THE DRAMA DEBS learn the interesting art of theatrical make-up in one of their club meetings. gig? ' 4 4 5 ffgx Each member of the very active LIBRARY CLUB The camera caught the RED CROSS CLUB busily has a duty in connection with the smooth running making scrap-books for distribution by the Red Cross of the library. organization. .4""'-r The smiles on the faces of these MISSION CLUB members show the fun experienced in doing the good that this club has accomplished. BOOK WEEK at Ursuline was one to delight the heart of any book lover. The Library Club arranged skillful exhibits and bulletin boards in the library and around the school. At the weekly assembly the Club also put on a clever skit concerning books. But the high .light of the week's festivities was the Library Ball at which dozens of book characters paraded and cavorted. Anne Glasco's name was drawn for Queen of the evening, and that of Mary Grady for Maid-of-Honor. Prizes for the most authentic impersonations were given to Betty Nordenbrock for her Tin Woodman costume and to Terry de Haro who came as Poe's Raven. First prize for the most beautiful went to "Ramona" portrayed by Beatriz de la Fuente. Browsing ! Gail and Suzanne, zealous members of the Library Club, arrange the display case with attractive Book Week material. The window between the stack room and the charging desk is just the place for an effective display according to Book Week lassies, Myrna, judy and Kay. -A Library Ball Anne Glasco is crowned Queen of the Ball by Maid-of-Honor Mary Gra- dy. Anne had Come to the ball impersonating the In- dian maid, Tekakwitha. Gail Martin, President of the Library Club, under whose leadership the Li- rary Ball was so success- fully presented. L Her Majesty presents Betty Nordenbrock, the Tin Wood- man from "The Wizard of Oz," with first prize for the most authentic costume at the ball. The immortal characters . . . Four oddly assorted char- acters, Barbara Abright, Jane Obst, Judy Newton and Phyllis Ann Joseph, entertain the Queen. . . . . Little Women . Q-JM Q Winning second place for authenticity of costume was The Raven, Terry de Haro, who obliged all by quoting "Nevermore." , The Headless Horseman, modern style, smiles for the camera. I I, 'S , 71 5 Q N v Earthly sorrow and heav- enly happiness in the char- acters of the Little Match Girl and Wopsy get to- gether at the ball. As "Snow White" Mary Grady receives the prize for the second most beau- tiful at the ball. Beatriz de la Fuente im- personating "Ramona" re- ceives the prize as the most beautiful at the ball. Book characters Osa john- son, The Tin Woodman, Pocahontas and Annie Oakley exchange adven- tures which are a mixture of the rugged and the fan- tastlc. Mother Goose with her book of rhymes came to the ball with Little Bo-peep, Mistress Mary and little Miss Muffet. 7 va The Seniors light the candles of the Freshmen and officially receive them in- to the student body. This meaningful ceremony, initiated for the first time by the Senior class of '52, will hereafter be a tradition at Ursuline. F y y A H' doa Freshman President, Mary Lou Peter- schmidt, in the name of her classmates promises to live up to the standards set for an Ursuline girl. Then together the class makes its pledge to the school. 'H Happy and joyful faces are seen gathered round the refreshment table as the Seniors fete the Freshmen and their mothers after the reception. Mrs. Cavin, Ursuline's Chemistry teacher, carries on an animated conversation with a Freshman and her mother at the pleasant social gathering in the rotunda. l . V. I 1 1 .EQ 'l' y 1 I I are isss .:.,q,q T. . gf ff ' as 59 ,-,' .' if 1 eufde zfcwleata If you're looking for family atmosphere, a wonderful home and loving companionship, y0u'll find all these and more at Merici, Ursuline's beautiful home' for resident students. It is located on the Acres across the creek from the new school building. The love of a mother surrounds our boarders, for Mother Isabelle cares for the high school students, the little girls are in the charge of Mother Helen Marie. The girls enjoy Wiener roasts in the fall, movies on special days and well-planned parties. The rooms at Merici are gay and at the same time furnished with refined taste. Up in their pleasant play-room the girls enjoy their dolls and games, music and books. The older girls take sewing and some can both design and make their own formals. Dinner each evening in the lovely glass-chandeliered dining room, supervised TV programs, prayer and peace as night falls-these are just some of the things that make Ursuline's boarders such a happy- hearted group. X as I l 3 is fl . if 5 I st l, ti-I' i X t The bigger the bear-the better. x . ii N M "Lovely Lady dressed in blue . . . life H """"-'--. Is Ann Carol writing home or going to study awhile? Teach me how to pray." Wondering when to play that ace. ,,r.s it K 4 lf' L mme-VVS 'L K i E wi' l . It's fun to make our beds. Theres a good time a'eomin'." Snow KT i Q9 . 555 is ,B-if ff Ya May I Cut in 7 Silver glistening through a soft blue glow set the mood for the gay young Couples at the Senior Snow Ball presided over by our huge and handsome Mr. Snowman. Intermission revealed that the queen of the ball was lovely Tammy Marietta, while her attendants were Elizabeth Pruner and Shirley Peterschmidt. At intervals in the soft music we gathered round the punch bowl for refreshments and chatter. The night on which we waltzed in our wintry wonderland will be kept as a favorite memory of our Senior year. v ia: ' ii A S A 3 if 1 XJ K 14 'Q QV Liaawgww e One grand get-together at the ball! 06 The Queen of the evening, Tammy Marietta, pauses in the rotunda to pose with some of her gay Companions. A handsome threesome Y K F x vs! 3- i 4' Chaperone Mrs. Messina is seeing to it that Theresa and Rodg, Bar- bara and Tommy get some of that Cool, frosty punch that everyone craves during an evening of dancing. I With a gleam of hopeful victory in their eyes, Ann, Shirley and Joanne pose with their coach, Miss Kugler. Trip To Mr. Parker sees to it that all are comfortable during the train trip to New Orleans. 'Ns 5 An enthusiastic crowd of Ur- suline-ers and parents board the train for New Orleans. The gym at Ursuline where the tournament games were played. New Orleans A pause and a pose for Jacques, a wayside artist, whom we met on jackson Square. The St. Louis Cathedral was our first stop in the Crescent City. the game. G The month of january brought many a thrill to seventy-six Ursuline girls, for it was then that the long planned-for trip to New Orleans was success- fully realized. We competed in the basketball tourna- ment, and even though we didn't win, the trip was wonderful. Besides the fun of the tournament, the excitement of visiting many historical plac- es, quaint antique shops, and French tourist spots which all enjoyed, the French Club attended a Twelfth Night Mardi Gras Ball. "Trip to New Or- leans" is a magic caption in our book of this year's memories. We pause at the interesting wishing-well to make a wish concerning the outcome of .1 'li ff 9 1,1 Senior Play al ie scaffold 4 Madame de Chalis CTeresa Messinaj M comforts Blanche de la Force when she 1 is possessed by her strange fears. 1 Q, 5 ? A trouhled lllanthe fRuth lillen Deunj seeks guidance lrom Reverend Mother Clliir- hziru Murrayj, the kind Su- perior of the Cgirmelites of Cl1lIl1l3ClgllL'. ... 7 ln the hands of the inoh Blanche is taunted by the Young Dancer fSiuulru Cominij while the Old Crone fphyllis Ann losephj looks on with liendish glee. s 'fc The true joy of Cliristnms is shown on BlLlI1Cl1C'S face ns she rent-ives from Rev- erend Mother "l.e Petit Roi." X V s ' i I g 4, I 'F' . Taking the players from the sound of chapel bells to the roar of a surging mob, the French Revolution forms the setting of this year's Senior play, "The Song at the Scaffold." With hours of intense practice behind them, members of the cast stepped before the footlights in january to present Emmett Lavery's drama based on the book by Gertrude von Le Fort. The scenes of the play changed rapidly from the peace of a Carmelite convent to the streets of Paris, from the soothing melody of a harp to the fast beat of the Marseilleise. The play was unquestionably an'un- usual success. Compliments go to the directing of Miss McAn- drew and the acting of the cast, both of which combined to put this performance in competition with that done by professionals. A prayer for strength is offered to God by Rever- end Mother in her hour of greatest need. Q 5 i Novice Mistress Sr. Marie CGerry Kellerj has in her charge two sim- ple little novices, Sr. Constance fAnn Parkerj and Sr. Blanche. An intense point of excitement is reached in the play when the Young Dancer, symbol of the worst fury of the Revolu- tion, forces Blanche to drink of the blood of her guillotined father. M mfdi Gras Ball x. to 5 to g GE! Her Majesty, Suzanne Naes, vested in her regal robes poses in the rotunda before she makes her grand entrance as Queen of Ur- suline's first Mardi Gras Ball. Geraldine Keller here manifests the same calm dignity and grace which character- ized her performance of the duties of Mlle. La Capitaine of the Ball. The ladies of the court gather for a last moment round their Queen before donning their masks to de- scend to the Ball. QUAINT COSTUMES, striking decorations, colorful for- mals, mysterious masks and strict secrecy-all contributed to make Ursuline's Bal Masque a magnificent event. "Au- thentic in every detail" best describes the colorful pageant presented in strict New Orleans tradition by the Krewe of lfleur de Lis, better known as the French Club, under the untiring and capable direction of Miss Gaudet, our French teacher. The identities of Her Majesty the Queen and the Royal Court of six countesses, each representing an old French Province, were completely unknown until they reigned on the night of Ursuline's never-to-be-forgotten Mardi Gras Ball. Excitement mounts as the first member of the Queen's court, Shirley Peter- schmidt, enters escorted by her father. Q A high point of the ball comes as the queen and king rise to lead the Grand March, In traditional ceremony the Queen Mother is presented a bouquet of red roses. T ' ' 5 ' ' ' i lil An amusing interval is provided by the lively antics of the court jester. Three little maids from Brittany gaily enter to complete the Krewe. Quiiint provincial folk dances to the accom- paniment of traiclitionul French music ure per- formed lvy members of the Krewe :is entertain- ment for the royal court. Iii true New Orleans liiisliion the Court and Krcwe tlzinn e the ciillfouts to luring the pagezlntry of the evening to ci close. .. Q,-E i M3 YJ Q Q Q Yi Wyi A 5' ,552 I Woops' The ball is in action and so are the girls in the Sophomore- S i 7. 1 l qu' Miss Kugler is just get- ting ready to blow her famous whistle. We all know what the short toots mean. ,wuz The year '51-'52 at Ursuline held a full spbrts program. An athletic Council was organ- ized and a point system established whereby athletic letters may be won. In the volleyball intramurals the Freshmen were the victors. Next the basketball intramurals got under way and each class vied for the championship. Eventually the juniors came out as the winners. Both our volleyball and basketball varsity teams played some thrill-packed games. The two games with O.L.V. at Forth Worth were the outstanding ones of the basketball season. The ping-pong tournament was won by junior Suzanne Naes with Senior Bar- bara Murray as runner-up. Tennis and badminton were also on our schedules. On May 7 every tiniest tot in the school participated in an outdoor sports program. Colorful folk dancing and other allied skills showed our parents and friends just how full and interesting our sports program had been. A carefully placed serxe by a fifth grader and over the net the ball flies. i ...nnp..... . .4 ,.-.,..-' --v- ls. . -..Na --be ' 5Q,+,.4 . Q4..?.An .44 .ww Here's a tense moment in the basketball game with O.L.V. of Fort Worth It was Ursuline's victory, 24 18 Sally helps to run up . . . and Peggy returns the score . . . Steady . . . aim . .. shoot . . . and we hope Marcia made a basket. Students are enjoying a fast game during PE class under the coaching of Miss Kugler. l . Q l a fast, low ball. Excitement rises in the crowd as the Seniors and Sophomores play their tournament game. Bi A4--. 5' Pow , at "ri Wow L ' ,W A If "1 "U. All" Staff Becky Lou, Natalie, Carol, Theresa and Nora Anne have worked hard all year to give us a school paper which is the pride of Ursuline, as well as the pride of the junior class. 'PW The culture of the American Indian was presented to us in song, dance and panto- mime of tribal customs very authentically and effectively by the Sophomores in their pow-Wow. H e 1 e n Barry danced one of the most beau- tiful Indian dances, while Patricia O'Hearn in her full, lovely voice won much ap- plause with the Indian song, "Pale Moon." in After a walk through the Acres students agree that Ursuline's campus, with its trees and streams and rustic bridges, is one of the most beautiful in Dallas. 00: Zampaa It was "Tip-toe Through the Tulips" and jonquils in March for these enterprising juniors, who as a class project in the fall, bought and planted three . vs., Zag I x2i hundred bulbs. The school entrance circle was a riot of color in the spring, while Old Glory floated above. is 1 .f..'i1l Lusllb... Hard at work on their remedial reading pro- gram are the girls of the fifth and sixth grades under the helpful guidance of Mother Doris Marie. Our Grade Under the direction of their teacher, Mother Mary Joseph, the seventh and eighth grades gave a St. Angela symposium as an activity of the St. Angela Sodality. Mother Margaret's fourth grade class was prepared for the observ- ance of Advent by a project in which fourth grade "Sister Doro- thy" successfully taught her pupils. The happy little faces of Mother Helen Marie'5 third grade turn to greet "Mr. Camera." 1 School N532 5 . f A I-9 f"'::5 kfifffifiilfiffgl f-- I, lt- I -- iff---friv.-Yfffrrif .. 5 r-.- K It's plain to see that the Valentine Party brought joy to Mother Mar- garet Marie's little second grade 1 +I, girls. Busily cutting strips of paper and pasting them into a brightly-colored chain are Mother jean Marie's sweet, little first grade tots. 591 Wk M I George Washington's Birthday was the occasion of a grand get-together for Mother Emmanuel's Kindergar- ten youngsters and their friends. Of the party goodies only ta few Dixie cups remained when this picture was snapped. Through Mary, T0 To God! Our final and ultimate end, the Heart that contains all hearts, the Love that encompasses all our loves, the Spirit that envelopes all our spirits, the Voice enfolding all our voices, the -Silence deeper than all our silences! It is to this omnipotent God, our God, that we offer ourselves, body and soul, mind and heart, in our relationship to others, through His heavenly Medium, Mary. .x 2 1 2 f A A tk 'A A Lzvmg The procession starts llllllll Mary's October Altar Father Groeneger, our chaplain, is an unusual speaker at anytime, but he out-did himself in praise of Mary on the night of the Living Ros- Llfy. In the stillness of a lovely October night and the hush of an expectant crowd blue lights glimmered in the distance, came nearer, and finally wound themselves into a meaningful pattern on Ursuline's front lawn. And Mary, looking down from heaven, saw sparkling through the darkness the symbol she loves-her Rosary. She must have smiled at the reverent crowds gathered to do her honor, smiled especially at the 150 girls who were expressing their love for her in this, their LIVING ROSARY. Rosary And forms a Rosary Talented Sandra Comini plays a flute solo of "Bring a Torch, jean- ette Isabella" before the singers take it up in sprightly rhythm and a beautiful blend of voices. Christmas Cantata In beautiful solo and chorus singing and in lovely tableau the age-old story of Christmas was presented for our parents on the evening A before the Christmas holidays. Carol Huffines as The Angel brings tidings of joy to the shepherds in the fields. ' 0 The shepherds hasten to the scene to find the Child with His Mother Uoann Mirandaj and St. joseph QMary Sue Worksj. The Kings add their gifts and adoration to that of the shepherds and angels in 'a scene of gorgeous pageantry. The view from the right of the rotunda Nativity scene brings out the prayerful beauty on the face of the Virgin Mother. Christmas Cribs This was our first Christmas in the chapel of New Ursuline. A completely new but no less beautiful aspect of the Christmas story was presented in the chapel Crib. Visitors to Ursuline during the Christmas holidays could not fail to see the Nativity scene in the main entrance as soon as they stepped in- side the door and to be entranced with its sim- ple beauty. The reflec- tion of the figures in the glass beyond added to the striking effect. The tender care of St. joseph for the Christ Child is shown in this left view of the Nativi- ty scene. The Children of Mary spent hours, generously drawing, cutting, painting and shellack- ing in order to produce the life-size outdoor Crib on the front lawn of Ursuline. The brightly illuminated tableau caused passers-by to pause and think truly Christmas thoughts. The latter was the chief aim of the hardworking girls. A closing feature of the liv ing Christmas tableau present ed by the high school girls was thc offering of a gift by each girl for some poor child who would attend the party the following day. The "liv- ing" Christ Child was not a little interested in all the gifts laid before Him. After the Cantata the high school girls gathered to sing carols in English, Spanish, French and Latin before the lighted Crib. The electrically illuminated cross in the tree at the left could be seen far and wide. , X ff rfzfb ,a ,ff f 5'Yx ,:1 ff' Iff W 4 my A ix b ..- jr i AJ-, . A .Q f nu , , , , , f' , , l:- ,Q 'Q gl fl W 1' X, ?iQ +41 A V. n 2' 1"jf' " A ' 4, 1 xZt? 8, Q..nf 3 B E :Bas ui! 'X 9 5.-2 , 1 my fwrfg -ff 1. Q 5-A . if +,,f':1+ l gf ws'x ,:1 K3 A 535' pgs-'iii 1+ 5,233 'RFB' W' - M551 .,. Q- C eremwzy The ring received by an Ursuline girl is more than just a piece of jewelry to her. In the ring is embodied her entire Ursuline heritage in a few tiny symbols. The cross and torch symbolize faithg the book, knowledgeg the lily, purityg the palm, leadershipg the shield and sword, strength of soul. In the words of Reverend Mother, "Ring Ceremony is one of those days in a Senior's life which she can never forget." The photographer caught the entire class taking its Ursuline pledge, Justine and Mary Agnes receiving their rings, and a group of Seniors enjoying the Ring Ceremony break- fast which the Freshmen had prepared for them. 'L-if M ga, K M 'fo x i ll' . :KRW- -Q.. fy. Jw . , J ' m 4 Q.. . 'vi ' , 5 V. Q ff- wre- - pq. 4 . 0, -.Q . wk fig' '1' gn 'rw 95 Sys N Q ,E 'Q Q A .Qs ww' , - n f .f QQ' Ps- I is 46' Ns -.nffitllf ,QQ ,VSx.,.f, . -ww Q 9' GP? nv gig my X 1 5533 ,N 3'3- Nf W W 'xigwk fg ir qt Q Wrth graduatron comes the physrcal partrng of the LIVING ROSARY as each grrl contrnues her way along the path of lrfe EQ' ill But the sprrrtual bond whrch was formed durmg the days at Ursulrne IS not severed for rt lrnks each grrl each bead together over the face of the earth to form eternally our LIVING ROSARY to MARY rw 1 Ma cc . ,, +ccY I f . Q I vt' I X' N K Q ww Xi T Y i 'X Q , an A 8 XZ M111 1 ,f HQ 3 L 1' vs lx? SPECIAL PATRONS and FRIENDS Mr. and Mrs. Henry Neuhoff, Jr. Titche-Goettinger Compliments of a Friend Dr. and Mrs. M. T. Marietta F. A. Uhler The Sam A. Wing Company PATRONS and FRI ENDS MR. WEBSTER ATWELL BANKSTON-HALL MOTORS MR. JACK P. BURRUS CLASS OF '53 COMPLIMENTS of a FRIEND MR. FRANK CULLINAN KATHRYN CURRIN MR. TED DEALY DORAN CHEVROLET CO. MR. L.M. GLASCO HAGGAR PANTS CO. HOWARD CLEANERS and LAUNDERERS JUSTIN McCARTY, INC. LONE STAR OLDS-CADILLAC CO. S. H. LYNCH and CO. ED McLEMORE HAROLD H. NAES SAMMY'S JAMES W. SIMMONS GEORGE SMITH, JR. MR. and MRS. JAMES P. SWIFT MRS. M.B. SWEENEY MR. and MRS. T. W. TOWELL MR. and MRS. ROY J. WEAVER FIRMS Adams Food Slores Adelayde Wrigh'I"s Girl Shop of Dallas Ashburn's Ice Cream Aubrey's Beau'I'y Salon Aulry's Beauly Salon Barney McDonald Florisl' H. H. Barlon of Henderson Ave. Texaco Service T. C. Baleson Conslrucfion Co. B. B. Brown's Wesl' Park Pharmacy Belvick Elecfric Co. Berkshire Beauly Salon Bernard Beauly Salon Belly McLean Gallery Brewer's Pharmacy Bridge's Shoe Sfore Briggs and Co. Wholesale Furnilure Brough Adverfising "Carl of Dallas" Beauly Salon CarIer's Jewelry Casa Linda Fashions C. and H. Fashions Clara C. Wheeler-Allerafions Clingingsmilh Jewelers ClumbIey's Flower Shop Cohen Candy Co. Comini Sludios Connolly's Camera Slores Covinglon-Minges Co. Sleno Dislribulors Delmann's Doak Walker Sporls Cenler Dudy's Delicalessen Empire Slale Bank of Dallas Erns+rom's Evan's Food Maris Fay Crawford Salon Floyd L. Fowler-Jeweler J. J. Frilch, General Confraclor Gump and Gaynier Insurance HaroId's Pharmacy Highland Park Pharmacy Highland Park Shoe Service Hillcresl Cleaners Inwood Shoe Service C. A. Jacobs Molor Co. Jas. K. Wilson Co. Joe Ho pe and Co. Joe Parks of Lakewood Joyce Blair Flowers Kenneih Polson Ins. Agency Kiddie Korner ChiIdren's Wear Lakewood Jewelers LalIa's Louis' Seafood Oysler Bar Lovvorn Really Co. McGee's Qualily Fabrics Maculay Millinery Sludio Mary's Beauly Shop Ma+her's Ladies' Apparel Messina Bros. Shoe Repair Mongara's Grocery and Marker Moser Co. Reallors Myers and Co. Oplicians Neale's Children Apparel Mrs. Nor'I'hcuH"s Shops Oak Lawn Glass and Mirror Co. J. C. Oliver Variely S'I'ore Oran Fuller Pianos Park Cilies Frozen Foods PauI's Humble Service Pemer's Plaza Fabric Cenler Purily lmporls Qualify Food Slore and Markel' RosaIie's Beauly Salon ScoHie's Inn Sea Coasl' Fish Co. Sereafha's Beaufy Salon Sherwin Williams Painl Co. Simon David Smilh and Mills Archilecfs Slewarl Cleaners Sunshine Laundry and Dry Cleaners Texas Painl and Wallpaper Co. The Texas Tribune R. L. Thompson of Oak Lawn and Newlon Texaco Service Trice Floor Covering Trippe Home and Aulo Slore S. H. Trolh and Co. Fire Insurance Tyson Piano Co. Village Camera Shop Wilshire Drug Slore George W. Works Reallor YoungbIood's FRIENDS and FAMILY Hugh Jean Blakene Abbey Colonel Fonlaine Alexander Tony Ball Barbara Bannon Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Barbosa Mrs. William D. Barry C. Bilano, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Brell J. L. Brell Mrs. Gwyn Brewer Anne Bryanl Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Buckheil Dr. O. Rene Caillel Mary Theresa Callahan Chrisl lhe King Virginia Cirone Frank B. Cole B. J. Colgin Complimenls ol a Friend Complimenls ol a Friend Complimenls ol a Friend Complimenls of a Friend Complimenls ol a Friend Complimenls ol Jane Roger E. Conanl Jerry Crane Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Daniel John Daniel Jerry Daulerive Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Davies Mr. H. A. Dixon Jack Donovan Hugo Fieldsmilh, D.D.S. Dr. A. Alberl Fox and Family Mr. and Mrs Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Milzi Furlula Mr. and Mrs . Leo J. Freilas C. T. French Milam Furlula . S. Gallerano Mr. and Mrs. George Giard Dr. and Mrs. O. W. Gibbons Mr. and Mrs. Giesel Mrs. L. M. Glasco W. A. Grady Mr. and Mrs. Leo S. Hagar Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Harwell Mr. and Mrs. Park Helhel Tim Heraly Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Hullhines A. C. Hughes C. A. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Keller Mrs. E. J. Lamberly Mrs. R. H. Lamping Mrs. T. L. Lampo Sam Lobello, Jr. Mr. A. L. Loll and Family Mr. F. A. McAllisler Mr. and Mrs. Jack McBryde Mrs. W. McClusky Marlha McCullah Judy McElrealh Dr. G. .A. McJimsey Mrs. E. W. McKaughn Mrs. Pal McNamara Mr. Marlin McRedmond Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Magnolia Mrs. J. A. Marino Joanne Marino Rosalie Marino Mr. and Mrs. John Malhias Mrs. Adolph Mayer S eedy Melelio The Millon Family Mr. and Mrs. P. T. Miranda Joanne Miranda Jackie Monier Mrs. Marge Morsback Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Murphy R. T. Newlon Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Nicosia Mrs. G. J. Nordenbrock Gerlrude O'Connell Mr. and Mrs. Ernesl O'Hearn Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Ollo Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Packard Mr. and Mrs. Joe Pangle Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Parker Dr. Chas. J. Palernoslro Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Pelerschmidl Belly Pringle Mrs. G. H. Pruner Mr. and Mrs. Roberl C. Quinlan Mrs. Mary D. Reagan R. A. Ribelin MfSgl. and Mrs. Oran C. Riley Mr. and Mrs. Nalhan Rosen Mrs. Salerino Mrs. Morris Schepps Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Slewarl E. J. Solon Dr. O. L. Swepslon Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tobin Dorolhy Brown Turner Thomas C. Unis C. O. Wallon Harold B. Wells Mary Sue Works' Kalhleen C. Worlham :Xxx -fx H! 4 W A .........M.. M . M 'z x , ' ' --" D. H - , , :e x .g' X, .1 f' 5:awN--A:-X ' 1 "H - , , K- W ,. : .W 5 'iffy X. -, L . - Q M f ' " Aw ., ,,--- N 5'-H -V VV nga., mfr: '- ' -, , , K Sodality ' Reception ' ' A is Th f ii M ' h'1 , . 4 ' it eeyeso a arysci- - 6' il dren are turned towards her in love. For Mary, March 25 was a h double feast day, as the Sod- ality reception took place on that day. Each sodalist gave Our Lady her token of love-a white flower. S. D. S. . . . "Supply the demand for the supply." This, in a nutshell, is the whole aim of the movement which has been sweeping the country, and which Ursuline has inaugu- rated and spread to the other high schools in Dallas. Ursuline was introduced to the movement by two enthusiastic fellow students who had just returned from an S.D.S. convention in St. Louis, Missouri. The student body quickly caught on, and one of the first fruits of the immediate action which took place, was a style show, "Miss Fix-it." The models were girls who had best made over their strapless formals into clever and attractive, and above all, modest formals which be- come daughters of Mary. We soon began to spread and de' mand our S.D.S. standards at the larger department stores. The crowning point of our efforts, heralded by a front page news ar- ticle, was a style show presented by A. Harris, which showed over 20 different, modest formals. This has been a big year for S.D.S., and the future looks promising as we continue to "supply the demand for the supply." " B ' l fi ,l ,, L I U fi et 1 jzzzzioi'-Sezzim' Prom All week the Seniors hall lween lwarretl trout the hall room and whisked away from the junior tlass room lw setretixe .lunior girls. But it was well worth the stispeiise nt kxait- ing when the honored Seniors wallcetl into .i tlreainy "April Showers" setting with its umlwrellartriniinetl lights and trellisetl lalossonis. Silxery rain drops splaslietl the mirror against whith was silhouettetl .1 lwlooiuintg Iieatli tree, while below a lwirtl hath flung up its waters .ill tw- ning. The pastelwcoloretl liornials ot the tlantt-rs wow in and out in an ever-changing seene ol' color. All too soon the 12-piece orchestra was playing the .uootlniglit nietlley, and the Seniors tucked away their prograins ol' their last Prom at Ursuline. Lovely Beatriz anal her date pause tor .i ino- ff ment to olvlige an ealuei H pliotoiuraplier. ,Ax The Granml Marth is untlerway, antl long rows of couples liorni to the tlignitied strains of Hlloinp anil Cfirtumstantd' Us Dyk Y? I i Cool punch .intl mints a r e r C- reshing on an April evening. lqxx M w 'B s l Two junior hostesses and their tlates pose against a background of silver mir, rors reflecting the delicate pink of peach blossoms. . April Showers The happy atmosphere of a Prom in the -tr li i spring is reflected by the smiles of this Senior and her escort. Standing beneath the peach tree, Frankie Lou and Carol admire the delicate way in which the April Showers theme has been carried out. .ft C X. L. 'let 5 When the music stops for a moment, Shirley and Blanche consult their pro- grams for the next dance. The Senior officers and their dates lead the Grand March which winds round and round the ball room. 3 M aricm Day s ,-1 .VI V . ' I , - fffagr Q, , . I+? ' T" . . a ' w Y- 1 , x Q 'H . I 'ff-f 9 -' i .., -'1 ' Wi' T I f vffuwnnlnr 'il -.aa ,,, Wi-.. 8 ,J at IJ R' 4. i., X . .tar I Y :Q 'P f .S,"5'!5, I PM V'f"'f:'fxQ ?f x Nic "L'l'?t?E'f1'1' a V ,, f ' s I f h- a ,. s t .i . . . Q .tg y F up vp ,, ., , A r r"'ufif1F"'-A t XM t li ' an r -5, .. " 11: r-'--- - Marian Day on May 18 was a day of songs and flowers and crowns for a Lady we love. Each class had its own altar to which the entire student body walked in procession and where a crowning took place. Ruth Ellen Dean, outgoing Prefect of the Sodality, had the hon- or of crowning Our Lady at her altar in chapel. At this ceremony outgoing Vice Pre- fect, Teresa Canales, assisted, and the new Prefect, Natalie Wohlfeld, and Vice Prefect, Claudette Barbazon. were installed. ' May Day The early evening shadows linger over a scene of soft, pastel colors and of graceful groups of girls, swaying and singing and dancing to pay homage to one central figure, the Queen of the Flowers. The eventAMAY DAY, 1952. The giant orchid box is opened, and Against a background of Wisteria trellises and white gar- out steps Miss Tammy Marietta, Ur- landed columns, the Queen and her court present a pic- suline May Queen of 1952. ture of beauty and color. y ni , W'+ . In the traditional May Pole dance the Freshmen "w i n d up" the entertain- ment for t h e i r queen. ng.. . 1- 7. es' . y , ., 1- dlih -L unnpggmt A From the school entrance the juniors swing merrily down the Walk to pay their respects to the queen. 3 S Kfi' 1 Lovely Blanche Grissaffi curtsies before X taking her place in the queen's court. f f 5 e " gf: 6 if ueen Tammy reigns. a t Q, c 'V ,,, ' 3' Q ff v 5 v ' 13 " 'gs i gi L -4. A I 1 f. . ., 5 Q5 .A .. ' wwf Wa a A gay pantomime of skip rope is enacted l ,Quai by the Sophomores to the lilting strains of "While We're Young." The Senior daisy chain winds down to form the guard of honor for the queen and her court. S y 25 gf, KAW- ' C lass Day Beauty ancl color, song and tender emotion were clelicately and artistically interwoven in Senior Class Day, held on the lawn of Ursuline on the Sunday prec eecling Ciracluation Day. F' F' rfb . sh gh' SHI!! f I Lovely, clark-haired Theresa Canales is framed momentarily in the white cloor- way, as she curtsies to the audience. f- .LQ The solo voices of Gerry and Tilli and the full-swelling chorus thrill the audi- ence with Schuhert's "Ave 'Mariaf' i i . -,- ,ss Surrounded by her classmates, Gail Mar- Qcc I' tin, salutatorian, voices her hearthfelt sentiments towards Ursuline, 8 l ew Softly and meaning- f u 1 ly these Seniors sing as part of .their Class Day program "For All We Know." l gym If ',"" 'fl 5 if 'ii Q ' fi is White hats and formals, dozens of red roses and twenty-seven beautiful, happy girlsithe Senior class of 1952. I ' wr EN. " ' l ""v-V X vt F ,als The red roses in Mary Agnes' bouquet are no match for the Ones in her cheeks. With rose bouquets glowing against fluffy formals, these smiling Seniors line the graceful white stairway. - C3 S195 is M a ' as 'sl Shirley Peterschmidt beams over the shoulder of her best friend and our valedictorian, Ann Parker. r-7 ,. U QQQHQ. 9 1 , ' fl 1 ,K A HJ J 4 gf? 1 I 3, 3 g"'E, My ,Y ! , 35 , Qi ,-- ts w e yy , , ' 5. ',X,,. gl Q W 1 ,gif I-1 f-s19'9""' ...MO W 0 1 . 2 . 'fW,f..y.m-.1 M. PUBX WWE n Ummm DAAAAS 1 o 5. .A 0 1 .. ... 3' G7 .,. C U Tl FD 3 CD I -+ 5. N4 o C - 3' 3 3 C CL V,- .. :. U -f 3' KD 'o D U CD - 8 -I Da :K :DI no CL 3-T O52 ag g-KD o W: 0+ o.i'T TU! ww fla- 42. 51117 'u'7" gn 02 mw- -,ua Tn. of W-. 53'- -Us '59 mil 30 -v-F7 M: 34 im 'lu Wa, +11 TID m-. -+ cru- wb Om ,-. F5 o 1 O -. o -+. '4 o C -. J' D 3 C QU Q1 3 Q. 'U Q 0 U- .H + 3' KD OI Q. 3'- FD 'f. 1 CU Q. o 5 3 rv - 2 14 .wwf , , 1 aim. . I sa, , Q! SW QE? 4 ,Iv ky. FE' w 'mx .S il, f A xv x Q X 1. x .,,,....qQ'Q 25-5 .X . - A Q 3 3, - my :W ' nf' X mf' .W J he X 5' ' 'f . X vu 1 fmf N , X, , .ws K - .K 5 5 y k 'KX ,"::'sf"' ffl: , QM Q 1

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