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Contents ' v A Table of C onrenrs 1 fm-1-J ' ' rw 'Qt rwflrlx If-en -lpn-rw '-1, GLW of wfZ.fv.n'W 2 Ar :I L- Nurlfjmm Hmm-,1 Sw ,my lrxgufgmru 59FuOf5 Drsrlerwe Cmbuurw oem Dum p',i"'l" wgwy rm- reneprlon 3 Vue- pum pcm Su'-vu Fey Y- ' .' Y." y'.f1,,!v1'v 'wilm- Own-r 4 I'IL,w"u1:. P?'y' .f-'f ?-'rqy -f'sf'.1-'1 wr Mv M" " Myws Yrwpw jmvrw Cpu'-fq PL-'m-' ff' 'r 4,1 Uv. fr D. IT-,v VVFH' :n.,.1.'7 me--,-,. .fu 11- Ax-A GAMEBOARD Opening .......... . . . Student Life . . . People Freshmen . . Sophomores . Juniors .... Seniors . . . Academics . . . Orgonizotions . . Sports ,,.....4 Ads ....... Index ................ b The single lorgest gothering in the history of lowo come to Ubondolet lt storted July 19, 1979. Former Joe Hoys wrote to Pope John Poul ll inviting him to lowo during his plonned visit to the U.S. On August 29, Bishop Dingmon confirmed the visit for October 4. Preporotions were frontic. Urbondoles Living History Forms wos chosen for the outdoor site of the historic Moss. All decototions were cteoted by locol ortists emphosizing the noturol beouty of the lond, Schools were dismissed for the doy. Troffic stopped in restricted oreos. Three types of cot sticlsers ollowed residents ond employees to poss through. lnterstotes 80 G 85 were bloclsed off ond used for bus porleing, Shuttles ron from porlsing lots to the Forms, Portoble toilets were set up olong well- morlsed pilgrimoge routes. People were encoutoged to wolls the lost three miles. Venders mode plons to sell Pope buttons, pennonts, pictures, mogozines, ond Tshirts. Jolses circuloted obout 'pope' corn ond 'pope' cicles. Wednesdoy Notionol Guordsmen orrived, Before sunrise Thursdoy, pilgrims ttooped west ogoinst o cold north windg ond the woiting begon. At 1147 pm. Pope John Poul Il londed. This wos the first time o Pope hod visited lowo ond only the second time for o visit to the U.S. For the vigorous 59-yeor-old, it wos the fourth doy of his US. pilgrimcige. After o greeting or the dirport, vio helicopter he spent port of on hour or the smoll rurol porish of Sr. Potricl4s in Cummings, Then on to Urbondole. With the sound of Shepherd l overheod, the crowd, some who hod woited i0 hours, livened ond united. Cheering siorted, flogs ond bonners woved. "Welcomel" shouted the crowd which hod donned plostic gorboge Dogs ond blonlsets for protection ogoinst the midf50 temperotures ond o short shower, ff Before this remotlsohly reverent throng of 300,000 dropped ocross the rolling green posture ond o television dudience, the Pope celebroted Moss, l-le spolse of lowo's greot gift of soil, the need to preserve the lond ond to shore the Midwest's bountiful hotvests with the world Shown Mtiiigon eff ' I i-:mi-.A 1 il x 'A 2,3 A 3 2 ,,, YP ""d"ii'l go: , 1 an Qffvanfs -'fe 4 NWN A4 FYKA '-s, .. a Vi Q, Aff' .4 x f Y r 9- 84,52 .L 1 :M "-sis' a vm, ' Q.. YN, J In ', -if. 'v iq Q " A - l ,ii , . ' 5 . o lf r- M. ' " , rg :Q-.0 4 74 ' J 5.-fi' fir ' 1 v 1 I I 9 Wh na, N A, I F I 3 '7 l P Pi. I bldg 71' I j 73+ sf 4 Historic E venr .in 1 Abour 300,000 people owolr rhe Pope or Urbohdoles Lnvlng Hisrory Forms 2 People while owoy 0 10 hour woir in cool remperorures 3 Agolhsr rhe boclsdrop of on ourdoor olror, rhe Pope celebrores Moss 4 Pope John Pool II 5 Bishop Dlhgmon, Bishop of rhe Diocese of Des Molnes, occompohies rhe Pope ro rhe olrer - Phoro by Lynne Wesrlund 6 The Pope blesses rhe crowd Pope's Visit ' 5 World events serious game Nostalgia games marlsed the closing of the '7O's. We played guessing games about what the new decade of the 80's would hold. These games were alses weren't very high fun and the st . but on the national and international level games held very high stalaes. On November 4, 1979, lranian militant students seized the American Embassy in Teheran and tools hostage 52- Americans, The new revolutionary lranian government provoked at American medical treatment offered the depossed Shah of lran seemed to ' " Red Rover be shouting, Red Rover i...ti..t L etour P20912 - send the Shah right overl""' The reply from the US. was an even louder, "Go fishl""' Religious leader Ayatollah Khomeini become a familar face on the evening news as negotarions for the hostages' release drug on. When U,S.S.R. invaded Afghanistan, the US. retaliated by cutting imports to Russia and pulling the American team out of the summer Moscow Olympics. As the games became more serious, President Cotter requested draft registration for AO and '20-year olds. Congress passed the request in an effort to revitalize our voluntary armed forces. Debate about including women in the registration emphasized 6 Yeot's Events the ERA crusade for equality. Women were excluded from the present signs up. With the US. and Russia ot odds, worls an the Salt ll treaty slowed The Follow-the-leader Hostage Game continued popularity. A group in Columbia, Nl-19, captured the Embassy in Bogota holding several international ambassadors hostage. ln England British SWAT forces brolse up a group holding hostages in the lranian Embassy. The Winter Olympic games held in Lolke Placid, New York was a happy event, The UQS. hockey team won the gold from the Russians and become national heroes Eric l-leiden won five gold medals in speed slfiattng setting n new record in gold High Stakes In April nine Americans died in a secrer arrempr ro rescue rhe American hosrages in Teheran. Larer Washington srare was in rhe news sporlighr as Mr. Sr. Hellen became rhe firsr active volcano on rhe U.S. mainland since rhe 185O's. lnflarion and recession were rwo words ofren heard. Gasoline prices soared ro all-time highs and Des Moines saw irs firsr S1 per gallon gasoline prices. The dollar canrinued ro shrink and jobs became righrer. Excirmenr was added as U.S. polirical leaders played a game similar ro rhe "Gang Show" ro chose rhe nexr presideni. Republican candidares included Congressman John Anderson of lllinoisg Senator Howard Balser of Tennessee, former Congressman George Bush of Texasg former Governor John Cannally of Texas: Congressman Phil Crane of Illinois? and Senaror Raberr Dale of Kansas. On rhe Democraric side Senarar Ted Kennedy of Massachusefrs and Governor Jerry Drown of California vied wirh rhe incumbenr President Jimmy Carrer for rheir parry's nominarion, Des Moines was ci focal poinr narionally because of rhe appearances of the many presidenrial candidates, in rheir arrempr TO gain supporr from rhe Iowa caucuses - rhe firsr in rhe narian. ' childhood games r Shawn Milligan 1 Chip Carrer, son of Presidenr Carrer, rallss ro Ui-IS governmenr classes as rhe presidenrial campaign hears up 2 Governor Jerry Drown of California visirs UHS as he makes' a bid for rhe Democraric presidential nominarion 8 Soaring oil cosis force rhe price of gasoline ro record highs 4 Local residenrs show rheir supporr and concern for rhe American hosrages held in iran 5 An asser ro rhe Des Moines area is rhe new Civic Cenrer which offers o mulrirude of enreriainmenr The accompanying sculprure sparked canrroversy From 'srorr" fo Walsh" The games we played were important to us. They started the first day of school as the seniors began counting days left before graduation. We also noticed that once again we had to play musical chairs with classrooms as departments had been moved around. lt was that time again to put off Friday's homework until Sunday night at 10100 p.m. It was time to listen to those hard-to-hear but amusing 9100 a.m. announcements. And it was time again for school food and standing in line. Homecoming was rescheduled due to the Pope's visit. Changes were made with homecoming tradition as hall decorations were substituted for the float decorations. Only two months after school started it was time again to either start rejoicing or to pull our the old report card excuses: "But, mom, that's a tough course!" or "But, mom, lools at this A in gym!" Staring with presidential hopeful Governor Jerry Brown in late fall, UHS got a taste of politics, Campaigning visitors included Senator Howard Balser's daughter Sissy, Senator Ted Kennedy's nephew Joe, and President Jimmy Carter's son Chip. Around the middle of the year, the library and Commons filled with psychology students loolsing for guinea pigs to trap into one of their experiments. Mass Media students hit the halls filming us with their cameras. The year of '79-80 was a success. The vocal music department grew. Drama students and music students received high marlss in competitions. ln sports there was lots of state competition. summer softball, football, hockey, girls baslsetball, boys baslsetball, four individual wrestlers, two members of the boys tracls team, one event in girls tracls, and boys and girls swimming events. We, 'the Echo staff of '79-80 feel that this was a very special and unique year. We invite you to brouse through and relive this special time. Shawn Milligan 8 I Year s Events 1 Singing up o storm, junior Scott Johnson, o foreign visitor, and senior Tami Hillary enjoy the local AFS weekend with several exchange students from other lands. 2 At the UNI Dome at UNI, varsity football cheerleaders pep up spirit for UHS's bid for the state 3-A football championship. SEATED-Tracy Howard, Michele DePhillips, Rhonda Hutchison. STANDING-Pam Ryplsemo, Kelli McGowan, Laura Tremmel, Kim Newcomb, Shelli Barnes. 3 The Marching Band leds the homecoming parade, 4 Waiting for jazz lob competition, seniors Al Carver and Lynnette Andersen goof off. 5 Sweet Sixteen or lost! The girls basketball team play in the stare tournament for the first time. 6 Boys Basketball Coach Mr. Denny Brand receives congratulations from Principal Ernest Doeringsfeld after being award Outstanding Central iowa Coach of the Year. 1. Student Life 1 Sophomore Krissy ond senior Kris Hokonson enjoy prom. 2 Hoi Doy' Kelii Miller, Dorren Brown, Govil Vorion, ond Dove Hui-xiii ceiebrore homecoming week 3 Push pull Foculry members choilenge rhe foorboli reom ro o rugvof-wor in o homecoming ossembiy 4 Flag girl Declsy Fortune morches in rhe homecoming porode 9 ? il' . 23 ' ' n - ' X , :is ' 4 , ,ls 'Ei I .X . 'XM .xx r X A 1 ...L RX h ,. Ill' , K x ,M f' f il W , V 46 ..-. Siudenl Life ' 11 12 0 Homecomlng Week Q e ge I O , I I Like Dreaming f .x b4 -f"' r f'1."' f ,!, Nw. X? l'.1f! 'IUUXM '- ' n New rracfrians new decade Postponed because of the Pope's visit on October 2, homecoming weels lsiclsedoff Monday, October 15, with various banners in the hallways and decorated loclsers stuffed to the top with munchies. Tuesday night, the juniors and seniors tied in their powderpuff game, 7-7, while the sophomores whipped passed the freshman in their game, 7- 0. Later that night, a bonfire was held behind the high school. At this special event, the students did a snal-te dance across Aurora Ave. Wednesday was hat day. Students and faculty wore many zany hats. Thursday, the homecoming royalty were crowned during the morning assembly. That night, the senior girls decorated the football players' houses in the traditional manner and also decorated the street in front of the high school. Friday's afternoon pep assembly mustered up spirit for the night's game. Urbandale rolled over Saydel, 33-7. The weel-r's fun was wrapped up Saturday at the homecoming dance while the students danced to the music of Spencer. This year's homecoming brought new traditions. No floats were allowed this year because of last year's egg fights between the float builders. The senior's underground float didn't quite make it into the parade because it fell apart on the way to the parade. Despite the changes in the homecoming festivities, it still was one of the craziest weeks of the year, Kristen Young 1 Senior powderpuff players say it all during a homecoming assembly. Seniors tied the juniors in their game Tuesday night 7-7. 2 Homecoming king and queen start their reign Friday afternoon by touring Urbandale in the traditional homecoming parade. 3 A new tradition, UHS students, faculty and visitors crowd around the bonfire behind the high school after the powderpuff game October 16. 4 For the J-Hawks, football season was a "piece of coke." Their CIC season was o-1, over all record 10-2. 5 Brad Sabin slips by o Saydel opponent after intercepting a pass during the homecoming 88-7 victory. Homecoming Week ' 18 Royalty Crowned Rondo Paul reign On October 18, 1979, students and faculty gathered In the gym to hear Robert Hansen, junior class president, announce the traditional homecoming lsing and queen. The jazz band assisted Hansen by playing up the exciting moment. Juniors Missy Carver and Brian Finls escorted the royalty to their ceremonial chairs in the middle of the floor. Elected by the student body to reign as the royal court were Jim Goodman, Christy Thomas, Dennis Baldwin, Shelly DuBois, Tim Steinmeyer, Kellie McGowan, Craig Zimmerman, and Pam Piyplsemo. Paul Mindermonn and Ronda Hutchinson were crowned Homecoming King and Queen to rule over the 1979-80 homecoming activities. Vid-Si Elifftiz 1 Paul Mindermonn and Rondo Hutchison are crowned 1979-1980 Homecoming King and Queen. 2 Craig Zimmerman and Pam Ryplsema, 3 'lim Steinmeyer and Kellie McGowan. 4 Shelly DuBois and Dennis Baldwin. 5 Jim Goodman and Christy Thomas, 14 0 Homecoming Royalty Main E vent ? Passing Go For Store C ollecfing 2nd Place ln 1 At rhe UNI-Dome Brad Darghols stops an Urbandale punt ar the two yard line putting Emmetsburg in the hole. 2 Seniors Mark Kinser and John Williams hold St. Alberts at the line of scrimmage during first round action. 3 Full back Paul Mindermann runs around the end or Pella for a gain. 4 Senior Jon White pushes for two more yards against Sr. Alberts. 5 Moving against Pella, half backs Jon White and Lee Noel rack up yardage. J-Hawks bear Jinx- runners-up ar Stare After a state championship in 1975, the J-Hawks were knocked out of first round play-off action in '77 and '78. Urbandale finally broke the jinx by beating St. Alberts. St. Alberts scored in the first quarter but that was the last time they would find the way to the goal line. The Jays scored in the second quarter with a touchdown and field goal. ln the third quarter Urbandale scored two more times. After beating St. Albens, Urbandale marched into Pella for their second round game, Pella also scored first. Plagued with fumbles, Urbandale could not score in the first half. The J-Hawks had the ball 8 times in the first half, but lost the ball to fumbles 7 times and once to an intercepted pass. ln the third quarter changes began. They started to hold onto the ball and finally score in the final minutes in the third quarter. Urbandale took control of the game in the fourth quarter and scored two more times. Once again Urbandale was on its way to the state finals in football. For the second time Urbandale met Emmetsburg at the State Finals. The two teams had clashed in '75-76 when Urbandale took her SAA rifle, as-11. The E-Howie scored first with a field goal, and Urbandale was quick to come back with a field goal of its own. Late in the second quarter the E-Hawks threw a 73-yard touchdown pass putting Urbandale in the hole 8-10 at the end of the half. ln the third quarter the game was on-off pushing and shoving. lt wasn'r until late in the last quarter that one of the teams had a chance to score. Urbandale was knocking at the door to a victory and it opened as the J-Hawks marched across the goal line. The score was 9-10. Urbandale went for a two point conversion to win. As the door slammed, the .I-Hawks fell short of the goal line. The Jays accepted second place in the 3-A state football championship. Al Carver Football Playoffs 0 17 Fun, Work 1771 spore time or UH5 1' Movies are a big source of entertainment for darerime. Craig Zimmerman and date Kelli McGowan have four choices of scare movies at Forum IV in the Mall. 2 Dancing in the Commons is where Shelley Du- Bois along with many others finds a fun time after Friday night ball games. 3 Seniors Kim Carlisle and Michelle Dykema dis- cover that the annual pawderpuff game isn't just for promoting class spirit. lr's also a time to have fun with your friend. 4 Cars are an important part of entertainment whether they be a new 2802 or an old clunlser that gets you from here to there. 5 Spare time isn't all spent having fun. With in- flation raising the cost of living, many students find a need for a part time job. Denise Drake earns spending money or a popular pizza and ice cream restaurant Happy .loe's. 6 Music is a big part of the average day. The WHO concert was an outstanding event of the year. 18 ' Spare Time 6 finnx Lookin ' Around Movin' Along .r mr- . ' 4- - -ur-- f 1, +L .J".,,, -I "W -..fx gi X . k J V711 'QV JK XJ S 'll r P i ' A ' 1. xx A J I , If. -1' -- h' "niq5BYm f x. " fl-1-1 fe- ' " , -- , 4 :. ,,..w"- ' ,Ln . -l im iff' .-331, ., - ui ww Spore Time 19 F4255 'Don 'f Drink The Wafer! ' Laughter marks fall production On November 15, lo, 19 the Ul-IS Commons was filled with the sounds of laughter as the audience watched the fall production of Woody Allen's "Don't Drinls the Water." Store football playoffs on Saturday required the play be rescheduled for a final performance Monday night. Along with the comedy came suspense and o little romance. Director Rondo Harwood found herself with a big challenge to shape sixteen students into sixteen extraordinary actors. "We had quite a struggle in the beginning, but things seemed to fall into place," Horwood said. As the play unravelled, the Hallanders found themselves trapped in an American Embassy in a Communist country. While Marion CDenise Dralseb was busy waxing the carpet and Susan CLisa Swaneyl was falling in love with Axel McGee CTony Vietlingb, Wolter CScott Nelsonb was busy contemplating escope and death, if DOT by guns then by the chef's Cl ony Adelmanb cool-ting. Despite the difficulties they faced, the HoIlondet's managed to entertain the audience for the full two hours. Tracy Thompson 1 "Don't Drink the Water" Cast: FRONT ROW- Sue Shepler, Tracy Thompson, Doug Grant, Dean Tanner, SECOND PiOWCandi Fix, Lisa Swaney, Tony Vierling, Kris Young, Kelly Mayo, Scott Nelson, Denise Drake. BACK ROW-Brad Smith, Kirk Bardale, Tony Adelman, Tom Schnurr. 2 Mrs. Kilroy CKelly Moyol discusses Axels' Cl' ony Vierlingl "future" as an ambassador. 3 "Whete's my rabbit" hollers angry Ft. Dtobney Cl3rad Smith? as Marion CDenlse Drake? and Walter CScott Nelson? anxiously awaits for the trick to continue. 4 Llghing is an important port of drama, as Chris Coin demonstrates. 5 Walter CScott Nelsonb Hollander tells his son of the "slight" difliculty they are facing. Fall Play 0 21 22 0 Speech Howard receives honors at All-Stare Continuing speech and drama competition for the second year, the UHS drama department traveled about the state to contests. Tracy Howard, Denise Dralse, Tony Adelman, Scott Nelson, Tony Vierling, Lisa Swoney, Brett Wortman, Dale Sharrill, Kelly Severin, Sora Rowland, and Kelly Mayo in "The Guns of Carrot" placed high ot district. Also, the reader's theater cast of "Little Women," consisting of Jana Fietler, Tracy Thompson, Jenny Spiller, Teri Johnson, Brett Wortmon, Martha Strunce, and Sara Rowland qualified for state competition. Mimes entitled 'iThe Playground," by Teri Johnson, and "Sisters" by Jenny Spiller and Kelly Severin were performed. All entries of the Iowa Individual Competition received l's. State speech competitors included Scott Nelson, humorous and radio acting, Denise Drolse, interpretive prose, Tracy Howard, dramatic acting, and Kelly Severin, story telling. Howard, the only UHS student to participate, went on to All-State competition. She received outstanding honors. Tracy Thompson 1 Senior drama standout Scott Nelson participates in humorous and radio acting. 2 Receiving outstanding honors at All-State, Senior Tracy Howard competed in dramatic acting. 3 Cast af "The Guns of Carrot" 4 Teri Johnson and Kelly Severin look forward to speech competition. The girls presented mimes or district. 5 At State Denise Drake competed ln interpretive prose and Kelly Severin in story telling. Spotlight On Speeci 'it il Q s Q ie r,"t 41' 1 ,l -1- Qfrsixitii '! I ' NA, L ., 9? ji? ki W . ujfx. 3 ' "ripe ub- 'W - -r 'J 32 ' 1 'gg 1 .i:a.,.: f":-,jlffgxiadhxylw U fmvzdlfhi-A . ":'1' 1- 14 5 1 ':.1,g, --W . .., fx .. M y wf Af,g. A u, .: . 2-N31-.f lf, W 'nm - Y, H ..' ' ,J 11, ' ' 7-Nfjv "4 , , 41, .LQ i. , .-., f -v' dh ' Al 'Lx' qnmfn W. i. P V , I 4 . .r I I gf ffl- ry 4-r. 1- -1 N ,, . , ,J 15 ,, ' H 1- X ',"Q, -l 5.40 '-"-..g',, 1.,+mg1112,J ff1i,ji': ziiimu, w 671 1: In tif' - U f' , 1 v 1 ,V ' - H Q' J W ' w rv , 4-1 w um 4 ..,.f vu y - ww, , 1' uw.. 'M-1404 ' w 1, H L - M . , ,1 Y NJ Ql.,"4-frwiqsql R, Drama U 28 Premiere Comedy W' 'fh- 'U 12171. ,. '-ui lr 1 fit ' ax' - 3-Vt. " , .Q E l I it Us i 4 i T-f ,-gt. PHAT ti' MU A D Hors y-rors y Hoppers shlmmy th spring pffvy 'iYou Gotta Charleston" was presented by UHS theater for its spring production April 28, 24, and 25, The play was set in a university sorority house in the 1'-72O's. The sorority girls were at least as interested in the Charleston, the Shimmy, and Rudolph Valentino as in good grades. The fun began when dashing Tony Barrington lll arrived on campus for o date with Veronica, the sorority vamp. His plans changed when he bet with a fraternity brother on his ability to charm Samantha, the intellectual and aloof sorority president. Things get more complicated when a Hollywood film company arrived on campus to shoot o super epic. Immediately the students began to vie for the extra parts. Further complicotions developed when "da mob" arrived on the scene with a contract out on somebody, but the question was who. Problems were solved in a mixture of chases and mistaken identities. The play was written by Cynthia Mercate Prigge, wife of UHS Theater director, Robert Prigge, who directed the ploy. 1 Director Robert Pirgge observes rehearsal af "You Gotta Charleston" while the author Cynthia Mercate Prigge makes notes, Judy Hayes and Valerie Dales get ready for their scene. 2 Hollywood director CTony Adelmonb and his assistant Harriet CLynne Wesrlundb convince Freddy CDeon Janes? ro become the new Valentino, 3 LaVerne CValerie Dales? a clumsy freshman at Wakeepsie College imagines herself os the next leading lady for Valentino. 4 Samantha Campbell CT racy Howard? tutors Tony Barrington Ill in history. Tony's not interested in history, but he is in Samantha. 5 "You Gotta Charleston" Cast and Crew: FRONT ROW-M. Strunce, T. Howard, K. Thompson, L. Gibb, C. Van Enter, S. Nelson, D. Wortman, L. Wesrlund, SECOND ROW-T, Vierling, J. Spiller, L. Swaney, D. Vierling, J. Hayes, J. Feitler, T. Johnson, K. Dardole, L. Kritchman, D. Sherrill, C. Cain, T. Adelman, S. Rowland, D. Jones. BACK ROW-K. Mayo, T. Schnurr, V, Dales. 6 Sound and light men Dale Sherrill and Chris Cain prepare the light board. Spring Play 0 25 Sophisicored look onngs new sryles Fashions ar UHS rook on a sophisricared look during rhe '79-80 year. Designer jeons, pleared panrs, suir jackers, collarless shirrs, volour rops and slir skirrs were all considered "chic". Spike heels were a new trend in shoes for the girls and rhe guys ofren wore hiking boors or rennis shoes. Hairsryles varied for rhe girls from shorr and curly ro long and srroighr. One popular sryle was curly and layered. The main sryle for the guys was shorr and fearhered. Gold chains, charm neckloces and moon boots were several fads rhar became popular rhroughour rhe year. Considering all rhe new foshions, rhere were srill rhose who liked ro wear blue jeans and a reshirr. Vicki Elifrirz 1 Arrired in her moon boots and bag, senior Koren Kurr wears a popular fad during the year. 2 The rypical mole fashion of Levi's, a shirr and rennis shoes is worn by junior Dean Janes. 3 Many rypes and sryles of rennis shoes including Adidas, Nike, Puma, and Tigers are seen here or school. 4 Senior Berh Wilson models her Gloria Vanderbilr cords, jusr one nome of designer jeans worn rhis year. . 5 In her slir dress, suir jacker, gold jewelry and spike heels, senior Nancy Gore wears o popular fashion of 1080. 26 ' Feds And Foshlons Create ions 14, .. W a ffsa' 4 57:1 A - -" ' ' ' '14 - ' pl ' -,a V ' " 5 Z . . q- -1 Yi .5 .4'- 'f' N . 'Q v-" ,Six Fods And Fashions ' 27 28' Prom far A f N . R lf A XJXH x Z 4, n .-'f X ff '-V5 ' 'This B lr' For the first time ever, prom took place at Olmsted Center on the Dralse University Campus on Saturday, April 26. For many years prom was held in the Riviera Ballroom at the Riverview Amusement Parls, but since the parle was sold last year, a newsite had to be found. "This ls lt", a popular song by Kenny Loggins, was the themethis year for prom. The lyrics of the song were written on banners along the walls of the dance room. The stairway was decorated with rainbow colored streamers, and figures of a couple holding balloons were on one wall with the names of the couples on them ro take home. Couples danced to the music of the racls group Snazz and refreshments were provided by Drake which included punch and snack foods. Vlclsl Elifrirz 1 On to prom, John Williams escorts his date Cheryl Keller. 2 Cooling down, Marlo Casabor and Karen Kurt get a drink from the punch bowl. 8 Kris Hokanson and Kristy Wertz rest from the dancing. 4 The bond Snozz plays for the UHS students. 5 Multicolored' streamers Iinethe srairway and entrance ar Olmsted Centerj A Freshmen Advisement group meets. Move oheod 2 !'L. W N 45' n U- 3 Moped breaks down. Move bock 1 See "Romeo fr Juliet". Move oheod 1 if a x r ' M A- ffl M ii. . i Structured study hall. Mlss turn 5 W Ei .xi .I I W-IW I 5 Wjgz-mga-vvwwmawm-YWM xmga.-mnmjmzw wmisnumMgxf mm-gram mgamafamgsggm.-..m..1v nga-+zswmagWgwK.ms-mg--wn'm-mx , gfg gxa- pn3gnwW5gmmxuwM-- W QMI sm wg: IW ff-Iiff --12.1-f..-Ea .-,W ...WW ...WW ...WW W-. .WW ...-...WW W.W.W..WW5W.. WW- -I W... WWW-W MQW gigygfguw BWI..-...WWW -.WE mgf X W s H..-W WW., -.WW W-1 ... W... -WW gm WWW. W ,, gm -..--an W 1 ,Wm ...WWW W I W .. " MX WW W.-. W.....,...--.... .W-.. .....W.-.W-...WWW-.WW...W M...-,.W.2w..W.1. - 1 ff W .mm W Hfinmmiifx W -W an HH Km M R.. ,F , 'A M 'MMM MM MMM .MM . MMM MMM ,MM . MW A .,.MM '.- H1-K2 -. xg, -fzaiww'-2'XSPHQ-w?'2-wwwi-if' .535 S2a'mw'iwsaH Xe- . M. ..-,x ---,wI.sWI- -U-Z .-3-I.--ag.-., .-.,-m-W 1-. -gms-M.Ig...,x.w-nfgqfgmku-,-K..-.QW- ..Wg,f,g-W.. W, .M WWHW II .gk-,I Gm,-Q-MW--WW WW W- . . 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Gemma K WT HN fwt . .Am ZZ lla 2 ,1 fs v V V KWQQQ il xxx 1' 40" " ' I v L- ' ,, . 'A , i"l ,. a ' Q , Fw , .ff -is , 1 l 'wav , 'C' l r f we I X A x 1 A. -' , '- .1 .X . h Va X ia x 3 , ., I - .Y V .v I i L' hr f W A. L. .1-P 5 ,qu 4- ! i ,i . 1, i i I ee e if V ..q N -5 .L .L 1, -'Vg k .5 QF 'I V ' . ' .4 ' 4- 1 A Q12 I ,rf 0 " --- W s ,E Y - 1-if r f ' fg ' gt ll Y ' K V for ,Hr F, , ef- ie ii - f 1 X ', -- all is ll ,, , , Y fl Yi, -V Y Qs ll' l 1-Q : Yi ,Tl Y 2- 7 -1' if " .rw f ' . ' A io x 1. M W , ' ' " ' ' U . --if . iff? u. l ,,s, A , " P' . rf , . .Ms fm fr- i ffijl' M. X I I . "Y I I leg t -.- jf. , mQ."j .i- i 1 ' if Vi ' W' ie in X Mark Varian Lisa Vehr 5 Mike Vermilya Don Vieding Karl Van Mayr Michelle Walsh Rad Warren Sreve Wcirhen Marr Wehde Kris White Scorr Whire Karen' Wilbe-rg Leigh Williams BeckysWilliams Diane Willis Scorr Wilson Paul Wilson Tim Wohlford John Wood Dianne Woods Marnyn Warkma Bayer Worrmon Doug Wren Meri Yaslie Sue Young Rob Zavirl-ia Terri Zignmerman D x Freshmen 4 41 42 Academics 1 Acodef r i S ., ,. , t l -T, ' ' ll-"' . , ,1 , ix - 4 . 1' if am 5' " Id :iff e l 9 -' 1 Poperboclf books ore srudenrs' fovorire reoding poinrs our librorion Morge Wegner. 2 Enjoying senior bond members losr ossembly ore sophomore Cormo Longenberg ond senior Corlo VonEnrer. 3 Three members of the communiry enroll in firsr yeor Sponsh closs, 4 Presidenriol hopeful Governor Jerry Drown of Colifornio speolss ro UHS governmenr classes. Arnda New odmlnisr joins Dr. Bennet Litherlond, Ur superintendent for six -yeors, r his post June 80, 1980. Mr. Coldorelli wos selected os t superintendent. Mr. Coldor director of stoff ond develop Des Ploines Declining enrollment ond i continued to plogue the system. School boord membe Kite, Betty Boker, Morion Chos Corlstrom, Everett Applego Jomes Tomo defeoted o m close Bloclshurst Element decided to equolize enr omong oll schools. High enrollment wos 1028, down from lo At the high school p three-yeor long-term building olr plon wos completed. remodeling the science depg wos moved upstoirs ond r 528,000 in new equipmei porlsing lot wos repoired moped-bicycle porlsing lot wos i "I thinls it wos on outstonding The students showed resposibili moturity," Principol Ernest Doeri comnn No more green slips os vice pl Steve Fey helped initic obolishment of tordy slipsy secretories Shirley Chopmon, Ridgevvoy, Delores Wolbei Denise Hoifeldr onswer telphone, lsept records, occoun oil money, typed ons i odministrotors ond te Senior counselor Dennis Brod counselor Mory Sherer, sopl' counselor Dock Cory, fre counselor Horold Nicolci, ond se .lonice Winey monned the gL center. Scheduling, counselir preporing students for the future the jobs of the guidonce The Helm I , S. i--v 1 ig-.., M 1 CC5iJfiS9lor Mary Snerer guides rhe juniors as rlqey Sign up for classes. 12 Superintendent Dr. Bennerr Lirherland resigns after six years in Urbandale, 'O Principal Ernesr Doeringsfeld and vice Principal Steve Fey head rhe adminisrrarion ar rhe high school. 4 Office Secretaries: Shirley Chapman, Bonnie Ridgeway, Delores Wolbersg Denise Holfeldr. 5 Guidance sraff: Senior Coanselor Dennis Brand Freshman Counselor lHorqd,lNir:oIa, Sophomore Counselor lXlclnordllCory, Junior 'Counselor Mary Sherer, and Secrerary- Jqpice Winey, 6 Principal Ernest Doerimasfdd. and secrerary Donnie Ridgeway'-heglp"senior'5ue Shepler order her cop and gown. ' 7 Recording daily arfendance secrerory Shirley Chapman finds rhe new lrardy policy helpful. 6 Counselors 0 45 say F J' ,7w, , l 46 0 Special Staff Meeting special na Offering a variety of edu programs, the special educati included Tom Beton, Carol H Kathy Mason, Cathy Stol Woodard. Average class si about 15 students. The am time spent in special ed depended upon the progr Woodard and Handley's r rooms, the average ti between two to ten ho resource room teachers dealt w kind of disability or learning p students worked on reading handwriting, organizational sk Remedical Reading, a class by Stole, allowed students to - regular classrooms with het any subject area. Reading skill emp Special Class with lntegrati taught by Beton and Mason. S who took this class gener difficulty learning in the some students in the regular cl situation. These students at academic classes with Beran or They joined students in the classrooms for non-academic Marion Koll, school nurse, t about 100 people a day, referl average of one a day to a ' She offered lots of TLC, a go and thoughtful advice to tho the little aches or major breaks 1 Two of the daytime custodial staff and Becky Wilso 2 Al Hoyt, head of the night custo and Dave Lafferty help prepare for gr 3 Tom Beton, Multi-Categorical D 4 Carol Handley, Handley, Multi' R 5 Kathy Mason, Special Ec 6 Patty Carry joins the custo 7 Cathy Stole, Readi 8 Betty Woodard, Learning D 9 With the new Immunization low nurse Marion Koll has many health r l 10 UHS Cooki 1q Speclol Staff 47 Gettin ' Down To Busin ory typewriter Business Dept. November the Business ment received a new machine, an mary typewriter. lt was leased to r one month from Area 11 ian Agency. The machine was y the Advanced Typing, nd, and Office Education classes. emory typewriter gave the ts the opportunity to see ated equipment used in business " said business teacher Kay Griffin. l could be stored and then d in the machine. Staci McNabb was selected fall Standout from the Business ment. "Staci was an asset to the ment and we feel sure she will Preat success in the business ' predicted Mrs. Griffin. Staci had Typing I, ll, and Ill, Shorthand l, ll, Office Practice, Accounting, and Jction to Business. Next year she 'o attend American lnstitute of ss to learn skills to become a legal dicol secretary. TT Hermsen joined the Business 'ment "As a business teacher, I hope my students have the ability iills to make it in the business l' he commented. ar Staci McNabb is selected Senior Standout a Business Department. Kay Griffin Tim Hermsen 'tg teacher Mrs. Una Knauer talks with junior tersen. wg students are hard at work. Una Knauer Susan Harvey Wayne Larson e Education student Jeri Robbins works at wg Features. Business Law class takes notes. 'F X x LK' - X .,,s-CN' I' A s1tfi'tT:f',' M 't. .fx- if Business ' 49 3,1522 ii , "sin 5, K .4-nah' in i Qvisiting Jopooese 'Engltshlgtgoclner Tsuneo Suzumoni illustrates Jiwszimweswiih tlsiirlliowbsllfi-isoiwripmofe Engifshsfuqeniswshgl it l QHEFQ 'ln the"foceLlriSfTL1CTQl'5Ue Horvey helps- "SYD- dents Elm on .for 'theifllm lfesrivol. - 92 elzloifiigoh - X '-Tf'T'15:17itilki"Honfvood ' '5 Delores Lein 6 Deono Lerner , N7 Carolyn O"HoroN eitsqoeff Pnggslllll l , 59 new A 10 :Lgn6?S6i'erTS5Eil ,, p 11 ffOfSfOhlI"fLQQ.lIlli,J ,,ggi-l,Mrsi5mtfiiifslrhdrlidpens, o smoll-gtoughdiscusslbti 'in dass. of poperboclss. , .45 ond"'Donny Lgderrneier discuss o ' me time A ii.'f"iT "" A r "li " ll H ' ' H " 'i '1f'+ if U "li r 50 0 Language Arts Joponese v shores experie Mr, Tsuneo Suzumori, on teocher from Jopon, spent two shoring his experiences os o Jo teocher with UHS closses ond obs Americon educotion und sponsorship of Deono Lern Koren Hortigon. Joponese st ottend school 280 doys o yeor, much more homework thon Am students, ond poss stiff en exominotions in order to get int school ond college. As o cooch high school lsendo teom, Suz presentotion included on explo of the mortiol orts. While in Urbo sophomore Scott Smith ond his hosted Mr. Suz The Moss Medio closses heord Anderson, o Des Moines T photogropher tolls obout di types of comeros, ond diff reporters encounter when pictures, The closses olso visited s rodio ond tv stotions. First ond s semester Moss Medio closses co to produce the Fourth Annuol I ond Film Festivol Moy 6 ot 8p' the After 14 yeors ot UHS Mrs Simon resigned to get srortl "things thot l hove been wont do." She hos rought soph English, film molsing, jour individuolized reoding, speech, group discussion, ond mytr legends. Sometime in the li Simon hopes to complete o bot humon-relotions troining fror results of her experiences in group discussion c: M- ISS- Electronic Srro I - ,gy 4 Z H X.-.x F..- "'H --u- - If f' SU' Y , If , ' .4 mg. ree new computers :cue expanolng class lectronic "thinking" machines tinue to inspire UHS math students see new microcomputers were 'chased by federal funds. Two io Shack TRS-80's and an Apple ll puter aided students and faculty. e TRS80's have 16K of memory ile the Apple ll contains 48K of mory capability," stated Principal st Doeringsfeld. One "K" was ivalent to 1,000 computer words. 'The two TRS-80's helped ease rcrowding problems caused by h year's expanding computer es," math teacher .lacls Marriott . The new additions joined an r TRS60 the math department been using for a number of rs. he Apple ll computer was placed e library where it was used by ous groups. Computer students ld use the screen to make graphs computer games. The guidance e stored information about - ges. In the future, the library staff s to store information about les and records of overdue erials. arcia Daumhoyer reg Cameron ich Dixon r. Palmer's algebra class concentrates on g the answer, ck Marriott ayle Palmer ill Shutters le Welch nior Dean Stewart punches in a program e new TRS80. lgebra instructor Lyle Welch answers 'ons from his class. using a moment, geometry teacher Gayle rjokes with the class. lculators ready, an algebra-trig class settles to business. Math ' 53 54 0 Science " q, 1 5 an 5 fir' .hs-A Q H-fs... I ii VN 'x IJ B J '-fi Science deporrn moves ups The science deporrmenr reg ond formed 0 solid unir os Mr. ond Mr. Winrers' clossesjolr orher science insrrucrors in r wing. ln rhe remodeli deporrmenr received S428,000 equipment, Thor included mon lob robles, creoring more s experiments. Eleven rhouson were spenr ro insroll rhe lnsrrucror Mirch Myers comrr "lr's fonrosric, we got new lob We hove more room ona sroroge Gomez, the science depori- moscor - o huge boo disoppeored in lore Seprem underermlned gender ond rh dubbed o "shim" - holf m femole, Gomez hod been don UHS five yeors ago, "Shim" feer long ond obour eighr ye Myers cloimed, "Gomez voluoble snolse. You could onorher one holf shim's size ln eorly Moy rhe ' decomposed body of Gom recovered from behind o lockers neor rhe Americon rooms. The long losr friend science deporrmenr wos foun srudenrs begon ro notice o odor oround the 600 holl. Th wos recovered by biology r Myers who crowled rhro ceiling ro recover rhe corpse broom. Gomez will be greorly Formation Physiology teacher Mitch Myers ond iscuss their elation about the new science s Judy Hayes, Jill McToggarr, and Darleen ncocr a chemistry experiment. Brian Dvorak and Greg Petersen practice pressures. more Todd Morris begin dissection in zoo- Jon White and Jim Goodman complete a periment. Day Gesiriech Long vers 3 German And Spar cent on culture actical application and practice d Spanish and German nr learn foreign language. nts began first year study by visual aids to learn new bulary rather than translating. By nd of the year, students were cred ro speals as much of the uage as possible, and they ived extra credit for doing so. dents learned practical application eir new vocabulary by writing gues on everyday activities. dying the culture of foreign tries was a large part of class ity. Spanish students studied a ry of topics including bull fighting, ish and Mexican hisrory, art, uture, ethnic groups, religion, food social customs. German operas, tales, the old language, and old New Berlin were among topics ed by German students. 1 Milligan terry Dogruyusever 'ances Roller phomores Kelly Severin and Kim Lundberg ver their semester rest in second year sh. :irir Cllrian Willem! haunts Scrooge CScorr wb in the annual German Christmas Play. inny Strong terry Winters inior Holly Simon makes an appointment job interview in Spanish Ill, vanish Ill student Dana Milligan poses in her .h T-shirt, l am how I om, Dana's shirt Jnces. ast of "A Christmas CaroI" r Christmas Carol" a play with many ions is produced by the German IV class erformed for the student body just before nas. Danny Lodermeier played the ghost cring Scrooge through a time warp. f,pr,l'l1vQ-1 ,945 .'f r' 0 Foreign Language 0 57 T Y. Q Gosses overHo Closses were everflowing i home economics deportment Mrs. Von Ryswyls who tought Survivol ond Textiles ond Clothing number of boys tolsing Food Nutrition increosed dromoticolly mojority of boys indicoted thot o their fovorite ports of the course eoting, while the Ie-ost fovorit cleo As port of o child development Jonet Peppmeier's Fomily Living cl held o pre-school for 8 ond 4 olds for opproximotely six weel Tuesdoy ond Thursdoy eoch An overoge of 10-12 presch ottended eoch Vicki Everyone should olwoys ho gool in mind, soid lndustriol teocher Jim Kelsey. He receive doctorote in lndustriol educ New to the deportment wos Poor who joined the stoff during winter term ofter student teoc here. Mr. Poor tought Auto Mechc o position thot hod gone un during the first nine we Archirecturol Drowing feoti students designing their own hon Commerciol projects including desig multi-fomily housing, office build schools, smoll motels, oportn buildings were done in smoll gro Al Cc i l paring For The Game Of Life evin Pggr junior Dove Horr files bl cl . reo o 4 Cher Jim Kelsey helps ou rebuild. insrrucror 11 1 W. V -. ' 'i' To VGfT1OV9 .- Industrial Arts ' 59 Game R - I-ef R5 " " 1 ' ' 60 ' Physical Educotlon Pndance changes ' rules for PE classes missed were hed by the school board. .en and sophomores who met imes each week were allowed six -d absences while juniors and who met twice weekly were two absences. This was double woble absences from previous An early bird class was held at 7 he week out of each month for s needing to make up classes. ies, a new mini nine-week class was o course in which students children's games to other ers of the class. After selecting a the "teacher" evaluated the physical, and social benefits the ffered. use of little snow, the skiing and groups were able to get outside ice cross-country skiing only twice. g from the balcony and bleachers ym was substituted. Roller skating Country completed the course. ove Bug, a brown Datsun, d drivers ed. students with her habit of turning her lights on. r Larry Bess found this annoying e would try to start the car only the batteries dead. of the three drivers ed. cors did e until Gctober creating a in student driving. Each student uired to drive 12 V2-hour sessions tal of six hours behind the wheel. ctor Lynn Greiner conducted class es each week for the semester. ters and Mr. Bess helped with nd after school driving. the six week summer session, ny Frerichs and Miss Sherrie n joined the staff. Two Fiats ded. Smaller cars, part of the rend toward fuel efficiency and spending, marked the driving w texts dealing with cycles, , and insurance problems were the summer program. lgjl, .5 .,-:- xt' 1 Sophomore Kim Lundberg pracricesxher floor routine during the gymnasticslfunit in PE. Lundberg competediin the district gymnastics "meet-1 ' ' 2 Gory Doubtavo 3 Dennyiireiflchs X X ' X . - 4,cnerif'Juelsgoord L . P. in I 5 Urbandole'si threeonfthree recreation league chomptipns are - the Qrlhches: ftop row? Joy.Pattee, captain, Terry Woody: Chris- lineegyond Brion Freese. V , ' 6iDurlng the fall Held hockey unit, Karla Johnson and Karen Kurt practice. moving dowrfvfield. V 7 Lynn Greiner 6 Checking out 'the new text in drivers ed., summer student Kris Grimm settles down in the shade to wait for her turn to drive. - Drivers Education 0 61 62 ' Music Expondng mr in org Mr, Som Chiodo joined deportment, teoching Introduction Sketching ond Drowing, Ce Sculpture, ond Pointing. Mrs. Mor wos odded to the sroff second se os o three-fifths teocher. She tough closses in Introduction to Sketching ond Dr This spring, ort students took trip to the junior high to view feoturing works from the Mo Bodmer collection. Students h chonce to disploy their own work onnuol Brondeis Art Show. Proiecr olso set up in ort disploys ond the throughout th Two students ploced in the first show held in Boone. Brod Sobin r first ploce for his deoth mosk, o Skinner ploced second in thej cotegory for o pin he designed. Brod Smith wos selected outstonding student in the ort depo ot commenc J New Concert Choir teoche Moson hod fought in South To three yeors, then left teoching for in solory, but he decided thot he working with kids ond music. chorus of opproximotely 40 stude Vocol Music Deportment odded o new students. The size of the tripled. Besides the Concert Cho new groups were formed, Men' ond Women's Choir. Swing Choir f selected vocalists who perform numbers to choreogrophy. For t time in severol yeors, the Concer performed ot store contest ond re o superior prive Urge 1 Miss Julie Hinrz direcrs rhe Concerr Band. 2 Ar a school assembly, rne Men's Chorus, under the direcrion of Mr. Doug Mason, enjoys performing. The Men's chorus was o new vocal group. 3 Julie Hinrz - Dond 4 Larry Hinrz - Band 5 Mary Evans - Arr 6 Paula Leverenrz - Arr NOT PICTURED -Doug Mason - Vocal Sam Chlodo - Arr 7 Christmas arf from the arr deparrmenr is displayed outside the library. 8. Sophomore Jon Janssen stands in fronr of rhe wall - mural he designed and palnred for language arrs reacher ff' Rhonda Harwood. sf--fa v Art ' 63 Q 1 Cissy Baker, daughter ofa Republican candidate for President, tallfs with Carole Bowlin, reporter for the JayHawker, 2 Rock 'n Rall and the '50s. During American History sopho v mores model styles of the Presley decade. 3 Charlotte Aylward 4 Lindo Calvin 5 John Edner 6 Harvey Kimble 7 Jay Mennenga 8 Gary'Page 9 Lynn Sheldahl Psychology classes test classmates, 10 11 Chip Carter, son of President Carter, campaigns before govern- ment classes. 64 0 Social Studies Polricians stump hi TV cameras rolled. With la presidential caucases first in the ni political excitement ran high ir Moines and at UHS. Candidate their representatives flocked to th during the fall to air their ideas. I Republican marathon, campai- included Congressman John And of Illinois, Senator Howard Bal Tennessee, former Congressma CIA director George Bush of T former Governor John Conn Texas, Congressman Phil Cra Illinois, Senator Robert Dole of K and former Governor of Cali Ronald Reagan. On the dem side, Senator Edward Kenned Califarnia's Governor Jerry B were challenging incumbent Pre Jimmy C Government instructors Gary and Jay Mennonga were I responsible for the multitu speakers at Governor Brown was the speaker on November 21. "He seemed to care about what's on," one student commented. E representatives of Bush and Co had spoken to government cl On December 14, Cissy B daughter of Senator Baker, vi Joseph Kennedy, a nep brought Senator Kennedy's cam to UHS Decembe Answering questions about Ira the Soviet Union's involvem Pakistan and Afghanistan, Chip C youngest son of the Presi campaigned before govern classes Januar History teachers Charlotte Ayl and Linda Calvin received a na grant to publish the UHS h' curriculum based on peace, free and humanism also co-authore history teacher Harvey Ki 'X ping On The Bandwagon , I A vi 1---Ai? ' i.i.-an i- ..- 66 0 Community Involvement ,air lb q O Alternatives of Peer Helpers, a student c group dealing wit relationships, involved sap juniors, and seniors during th year of its developme semester an overnight retr held to get to know each oth and to learn listening and shar Mrs. Rae Gene Robbins was by counselors Mrs. Mary Sh Mr. Di Community Involvement students a chance to use rhei skills and unique talents. various career interests, srude our in the community 4-6 week and in class 2 days a share their experiences and with cla First semester 88 srude divided into rwo different class The variety of fields and investigated included phor freshman advisement, teachin grade school, junior high, school, working with the handi the aged, emotionally di assisting at day care cent runaway service, the crisis line, the Young Women's Resource Seniors Pam Mulder a Mindermann taught deaf l initiated a class of the n language for the co Work Experience wa semester class in which studen given credit for working 15 week in a job of their choic had to get his own jab. Amq many involved, Scott Uren ' with the Saylorville Maintenance and Kirk Bardole served an ini with Younke-r's advertising depa Q 'ring In vol ved , I: . ,I .. 1 lr' il I is 'iii l l ' l till . -ii i'C.lZ-- ' ,W lik . 1 - -W il , 1-.Peerhelper Dove Soth 'exploimsi the progromnro p9rQf1fS during 'the jrsr semesrer.'l2tirents'fNlght1 2iPeer Hqperi ondiommunlfy' Involvement closses ipresenp o Chrlstrqggsx!5Sloguig.iito,.Ul35lSllprjd igtneirt sChd0lsitDoi2yiirigiQfaa1g Volley. 'Ptiiigigadl itrriesr lager Ingsfeld tocgeprs, ,tl'ie,ploQQ1e otttolfzgbtistmds, ossemg! buy. i 3 Work Experieneekilosses listenuroo locol reolotor discuss todoy's housing morlset ond interest rotes, 4 I'loeGene Robbins 5 Morsho Sponswicls 6 Tolking obour "Whor's on Top" ore Steve Fey, Roefiene Robbins, Ted Lockwood, ond Dorry Smith. 7 Juniors Robin Hoy ond Kerry Allen demonstrote three different types of listening for Porents' Night. 8 for Community involvement credit, senior Drion Willem helps focilltore o Peer Helpers closs. 7 8 Peer Helpers ' 67 1 1 ,A , -f ,. N I ,Q .. If, . Sophbmores .-fe. -F" -'5 ' 1 Before Iorge group Americon Hrsrory, sophomore Brendo Block corches rhe lens of rhe Echo sroff comero 2 Crossrcounrry runner Susie Bornhizer finishes second or rhe Urbondole Invirorionol 3 Tolsrng second ploce in homecomrng holl decororfons, rhe sophs do themselves proud 4 Sophomore Liso Willem odds o rooch of fun ro sign poinring U Soohomores ' 69 , We , f? B557 :l , , .,.gye, Q -llv' 1 K V l K X W , . A G Y, eg'll.l'f:Q43 llpi l' ig ...F 13" l 3 el lil ll .Q M ll f Q K Q H V Ron Adomczewslsl l i 4 -'l?n,'5fldX. l A ' Alvsrodw L Betliyr Amsberryl Q lChoroleiae? Aniijerson' Z l mlbhonwores l or l l or me 1 Ove updie-iloOfdGf 1i llll l or e ' fm ' J A 7 A Q lA lirdegmorefekberiencel helped rhel 264 TOWUQQAREZFOPW L sophomores moke ir ,through their second fee? l, , , .M ,Ne .. wi-yv K ,F wee ,xv ' 'lWhor'sfirflil4e roloee 6 Sophomore? "Unusuol, El:rhoughr it was ,going ro beqeosier fl l 'GSE QSZTQQV 2590 WW 'gil elioidermeieriloddedg f"?l?'S been ii fvery i inreregrlng yeorlff Some of rhe girls found l' a fiigrhor fligfir sopligmoree prouglir. more l 2 1ig5rhonlluErg'worI1 lflhls yeor15.been2greorr for ff3obeBogle1gQ 1 1 Kfeg"BortHQleQ V i -Jeff Bornef ,, a Suzi Bornhizer Q 'Foul 'Dorrerrilso Debbie Boumonf I 5 Bob Beck 1 i Brodberlslond A ' Soncly Bllyeu L, Brenda Blocls r lyme, I met' 1lQfS of qeqllye nice ge,-ople I didflkillxnovli beforegond Iwdld different ocrivrgre-5 this yeor, such os cheerleading," solid. for Ktloss efforrjrhe sophomores decororecl rhe higrory holl for homecoming ll if 52Q?fldle CQE'3?e0Uf :Qfi??'9SS on Aiilmpresiifie secondfgiloce. Closs officers this yeor Included presldenr e, l Sweefieynieeifeiory'fsrjsm ll-lonsenarorrd rreosurer Joonno Brown. Senorors Brenda nllllogk, JodlLg6llson,gQnQ Kelli Plush reprggenled if he - cldsar6mf5mdenrESe2fare2 1'fSophomgreLPowdgrQuff Team, The reorn glefeored , rf we 1-0. S ,Og Sophqmqres 'ri Vuii .2 eg? 3 fel I we-we 'Q gm 'f iii, Www. -3E1i'EfWELg5eE"m'SiNmH H ,545 EE F . . -. . 'I""'::Gif5V:fL-.-W? .d. mggmomgm-mLmmm:5mmm5fymlm-mmm gggiglmgmgmkmimllliwf-mm?-2Imgmfm-:lxl Emimmgsmmmmimm-gtfmimgimmgg'H'W' E,1.IgIE2m-QE:-lfsfei-Agia?'EIIIIQESEQE-mmmm-E:EImmmmmmNm-m-i-mm-mwmmfl,-ijjfgjmmm mmmmfgigi'E3gQ1EfEjjmTfv-..--,. 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M s ' - nn of rhe club, explained, "Fourrh .s " l' my Z.g as nor so bad ar all, considering ir ' - " ' WF, r firsr stare rournamenrf' ' 'y '- ' ' A chess men who played ar rhe 'Jr l H, enr were Schnurr, junior Shawn A, 1 ' C sophomores Brad Sams, Roberr . 4 ' 4' fill! icle Romer, and Tam Kelsey: and y 1' 'J 43 n Greg Shaw and Vyay lsrani. Special 3 I .sv ' I were given ro Tom Kelsey for "rhe ,T X-9 ii J f., gh grader" and Shaw for "rhe besr J xy ' Y . 2 ' der." r-M-s -, sored by Mrs. ,Marge Wegneij, rhe r ll l V er afrerschool in rhelibrary ro -V I ' n plays and ra compere among li ,A Vi ri lves. H5gsroaseryed,as,clubssecreraryw ,1 -l A ,Z x ii' Elfisaifiibbi andfaculiy members Mrs? Ay 4 i "' , ' ne Robbins and Mrs. Mary Sherer 4 l , N 'igflfx' agpep jclubfg varlery of ocfiyiries llylis A JT " E11 lannedlfro encourage new members- 1 ibb was elecred presidenr, Judy J? ,l l ' ice-presidenr,'Susie Readinger, if, , and Lori Van Saelen, rreasurer. f uyfil 'X curive board was also chosen , i -' lr ,gQf,'.- g "' senior Kristen Young, junior Julie !l'5f'N 1 1 sophomore Regina Sweeney, and eff RJ n Caryn Twining. ez S, iviryfcard was given ro all -' ml -5 rs paying rwenry dollars for rhe J C lear. Ilge fee included a special 1 J locked off for foorball games isa A 1 ld seat together ro cheer rhe team, -' 'Q " K g proigialedgpainr and paper ,ro Afnalsec Y 1 ,- Tall iofhleiic,' drama, and musical ch nfernber worked wirh rwo fpals-'flcluringfrhe year, . re Rlclskllumer challenges oxlfellow Chess ber rcraschess dual. Junior Tam Schnurr C, ..- i L .1 J 5-, -lfl 1 lL J l l 'kv JK' I 533' ' Kim Lundberg Sherri Lyness g 'MlKefMadison ,Kelly Malone -f1fs1i9g,QMsifiiii s Dbfinss llflqrshi Anna Marrin Jason Morhers Karen Maupin M995 5Z5fFf59l?jM9C9"'?l9' J Jane McCoy 1Susan ,McDonough 2 Leanne McGee liliraci McNabb ,Debbie Meldrern f ereg Mendenhall ' Kelli Miller as . JQVVY Mme' Marr Moore r' g Sophomores 0 75 xH xx- W x Q x x xx xx xx-1 xx xxx xgwgx-x xx - fx?xMfxW- .xEi.E QE TBM H WE: N xxm asm Han E xx- xx,xmxd5,x ME' w. F, xx. x x.. .MW L 5-Jaxx xx xxWxx x W- ww xx: . .WETQM Q., Mx. x.. W , Mxmwq ,xx I.. WX- Q .ShQ:,4vr3xM0Qrex' - lx X Mx H3 xx WW xxfxiife pgxtx, iD?dL:MQf"isx fflgigiig' Myers? 5 . Nelson Ws1yQ?,N9'S9n W x - -seisixgiyxewysvxxszii ' -.xxx -xx .x x ax Q' Wife . MQ4' . xx wxxx T xx W.. -- e f?1?Y'iQ0mQi x.'rxxxixi-xxgxxoxx W Nici? 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S F.s,s,,,s qt .5 itll I 3 r "., 19544 G' . K, bg -i 11- . - V . , i ll llr. i I itll V s. ,.,,. 5-x 1' Draft registration concerns UH5 students Editorial reprinredifrom the JAYHAWKER T January 81, 1980. The President has taken steps to bring about the reinstatmenr of draft-registration. In his State of the Union address to the Congress, the President said that he would introduce legislation to Congress that would require persons between the ages of 18 and 26 to register for selective service. Many people believe this to be a political move to counteract the wide-spread criticism of the President for- being too lenient and too soft in his foreign policy. Others see it as a move to make the Russians take him seriously when he says that we will, "protect our vital interests in the Persian Gulf." The President's speech has received widespread support from most public officials. The only people who are not happy that we are finally standing up to the Russians are the young people, who will be most affected. Registering for the draft is a long way from freezing in the cold of Afghanistan, or marching across an Iranian desert, but it is still somewhat closer than most of us would care to be. The fact still remains that six months from now, many of us may be carrying our draft cards. If we examine it carefully, we will see that registering for the draft is not such a bod idea and is probably necessary. America needs to have on effective armed service that will be-ready to answer to 'foreign agression in lar reasonable amount of' time. At the present, it would take well over six months for the U.S. to be prepared for a conventional war with rhe ,Soviet Union. In 1979, everygbranch ofthefarmed iforcesffeil far belowgits recruitment? quota for the yeor. ' The invasion of Afghanistan has shown us that the Russians are not to be trusted. America must be prepared to build, its military forces to prevent a war. . , y Showing the Russians that we mean business will more likely keep the U.S. 'out of a war and keep us at home where we belong. Should the United States be forced into a war with the Soviets it would be necessary for all of us to make sacrifices, and for many of us to go to warqlt is better to be prepared than un-prepared. Registration is a small price to pay to protect the rights and privileges we Americans enjoy every day. 1 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: president Scott Schneider treasurer Joanna Drown, vicepresidenr Regina Sweeney, and secretary Susan Hansen. Steve Richmond Mott Roberts Um Roberts Courtney Ross Scott Royal Gabriel Ruggieri Rick Rumer Fred Rummans Kelly Rush Tom Russell Kris Rypkema Crystal Sallonder Brad 'Sams Mike Sangster Debbie Savel Jeanne Schmidt - -Scarf Schneider, Pere Schroeder Carolyn Seiler Kelly Severin Lauren Shapiro Sophomores 0 77 Jacie Shields Lexi Shine ,, Traci Siek c , Misfv SWS . c Deriiseflager Michele Srnarr Allison Smirh T igiie-yiew9i5piinfeEi fffbmffke JAYiii?iXyi4EP4 T February 21, 1980 T my The-,Nl3rirish racist bandj-?inls Floyd has 'V 5, ' f 'IJ 5 ,, J' A ..,' U -, A ii l .,r Till fir vu In I , v. r ' S e A. -cr' '4 ix? 4-. 2, rw UI, A, wi. ,N it H is y , ,f ,Ulf if iii My , l 5, 1 MT ,ii ,.,- M l i M., l -1- tizgffni ' -2 i, fy., -D ,A N-N X Marsha smifh W T fi received tremendous responsegcfofrhezgw ' ,l ,X 3.5 ' . newesr prcgecr, rhe four-sided album enrirled or y W we M A .A1, M A , y y i,"The,Wall5'!, A ii if l T l fiplsiiFloydQcnqdelewcieeszioilvids f" lal N Micls Mason, Ricis Wrighrb our their ideas T T i T T. 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"l -, ,, 1 H x Brion Wheeler, ell M e izlslsefwheelef " fLiso Willem 2 f' M K Zi lf, 1 , V. H H l 1 llll -V "f"l,7"Za'V .5 WEEEQ i-255555355 222555 , ' "'lg',, We . A fig:-Z 'igiggggg Z 1 7 r r sr - s e 1' r ,M - Q j My ' Tw fozahe Wmerg i U 2 2 - Y A , N 3f"f3V' 15" Rhonda Williams J W W 5 fr A- ' ,wr -, f , r ff ll' f " ,,,, l ,,,,. 1 - - 'X N , .- N l 4 H T 5 A 3 R ' A t " fl . " W ' W . ' 2 .K r 4 T' R ! Q Tim Mlnger 3 1 5 H L, e .I . M, , ...inns 5 ' ,j, . l wKelly Wlngfleld . 1: - e l M me A 5 - Doug Winters A Y Y M X R' ' W ...l.... I . J A . -,jgqln 55,5 v ,.,,1:-.gre "W ,, , , gl f , ,, f , ., .. l Z 1 I W N 3 W' ll '- 1 z A a w Q 1 m Q V Borb'Wirr gif? gm Q . '4 -.Q S ' 1, .u l an-37 'V Derh Wobken A f 213, 4 , ft vlb , ' ,E ""' " Down Wolf ' -1 , ' .1 X ' , , - j x Y ' 5' , . A Don Wren W ,X - , X . , Jeff Young 5 bl f 1- rr W rl """' WaM'Wy.gw ri T' 2 rg W QA 1 ,.,,, zz.-: -.me-, x f X l- F '- fx X A sm ac A .. K R milk: 'W K V , ,, l I5 liz, .1 ff X 1 lf l gy. Min. W N YW ,,,, L Q1-N-,Q l l 5. 2 gl, sg ' K TELL-,,i,l, lf i4i,v'35flUw1,F'r X H S ML'y2:r5:m5Z?5, N 1 - H E fl Y " Organizations 1 Happy Valenrine's Day' Yearbook sraffer Vicki Elifrirz helps dlsrribure cornarians 2 Jaywallsers Lisa Willem, Connie Willis, and Susie Readlnger perform ar an assembly 3 Srudenr Senare adviser Mr Rich Dixon "collapses" afrer Senare officers Brian Willem, Connie Willis, l4irls Dardole, and Barb Scarf lead rhe school ro ine rop in conrrlburions ro ine Variery Club and win rhe spirir car 4 Pom Fsyplsema presents Principal Ernesr Daeringsfeld wirh a plaque ' . 5 ACT IV members Valerie Dole-5, Teri Johnson, Tony Vierling, ond Lisa Swaney are parr of me spring production "You Gorra Charlesron " Organizations ' E UfUl'9 In vesrigoring C oreers QMM Hrsr srep business urive Educarion srudenrs gained ge of salesmanship, business, dverrising, and human relations in sreps rowards rhe business world. e supervision of reacher- ror Susan Harvey, rhe class about rhe markering of goods ices and rhe many skills involved sales. rudenrs sold homecoming mums ir burrons. Again rhey reamed up yearbook class ro sell Valenrine ns. ruary rhe area DECA Leadership ce was held or Sourhridge Mall he class wan a majoriry of The Srare Leadership Conference d in April ar Merle Hay Moll. olron placed firsr in Food Service orher parricipanrs. Kellie Boals honorable menrion in ng. Boiron wenr on ro rhe Conference held in Miami in employer-employee banquer on ar rhe Hawaiian Inn, DECA expressed appreciorion and o rheir employers. ls r reachers ar reaching r Teaching, o class open ro who are inreresred in reaching, Ivised by Mrs. Kay Griffin. Srudenrs achers and rurored orher srudenrs igh school, junior high, and elemenrary schools. Up ro rwo ould be earned for rwo .rs of coder reaching. soring rhree dances during rhe fall irer, rhe class raised money for of rhe year appreciorion banquer cholarship awarded ro a ,ing senior going inro education. Danguer was held April 22 ar rhe Jreau Building. Co-chairmen senior 'orrune and junior Karhy Hillyard as masrers of ceremonies. Ar ncemenr Pam Poreere received er reachers' scholarship. 1 Ar rhe Coder Teachers Banquer, arr insrrucror Sam Chiodo chars wirh his coder reacher Laura Tremmel. 2 Coder Teachers Co-chairmen Becky Forrune and Karhy Hillyard prepare ro recognize rheir sponsor Mrs. Kay Griffin. 8 Senior Barb Scarf works with second graders ar Olmsred Elemenrary from reacher Par Dauman's class. The children wrore a play and porrrayed various foods rhar were bad for rheir reerh during Narional Denial Healrh Week. 4 During rhe DECA carnarion sales marking Valenrine's Doy ar UHS, DECA adviser Susan Harvey gives senior John Williams a hand. 5 Employed or Maurice's as a sales person, DECA srudenr Diane King is selected Senior Srandour for rhe business deparrmenr. 6 Distrlbutive Education Class .ur-5. L51 fl " 1. K X . Wm. -:P',f.r..'L ' L.-,7f:.r'U:'F4 4 v A 15 Distributive Education ' 63 Exchanges fea Producing a newspaper every no game, but the Jayhawker sta the learning experience or together two full pages in the "Urbandale News" into a fun ex A new dimension was added, reporter exchanges between Ur and two other schools, Hoo Dowling. Students from each newspaper staff attended anoth for a day. Each then wrote about the high school visit schools' articles were printed sid in both schools' new Senior Darlene Gubuan s editor for both first and second s Mary Mellerup was assistant e semester and Carole Bowlin s assistant editor second semeste Baldwin was sports editor w Alley, Gail Varian, Teri Boyer, an Kilmore served as exchange English teacher Mrs. Pat St advised t Mar 4th AFS Wee Warrawon Sritalarools from was sponsored by the Americ Service CAFS7, an organizat promotes the awareness countries. Warrawon was impr the freedom at UHS. "My sch home is very strict." About school students held fund raising to help bring foreign exchange here and met socially to lear other cultures. At homecoming raffled off three dinners restaurants. Warrawon drew the n The Fourth Annual AFS weels held January 25-27. UHS has students from abroad currently school in various Iowa towns, included president Tami Hillar president Randy Bauer, and se treasurer Lisa Swaney. Bauer ha an American AFS student dun si Maria Posada, a Yc Understanding Exchange stude Columbia, joined UHS second se She too was impressed by fre 1 Jayhawlser editor Darlene Gubuan lo 2 lt's a busy Wednesday as the staff puts tl 3 Joyhcwker staff: FRONT BOW-C. Bl Alley, B. Smith, G. Varian, D. Baldwin ROW-Adviser P. Stohlmann, E. Erickson, M. S. Richards, R. Burke, T. Adelman, M. MCN4 Cain. BACK ROW- M. Proctor, C. Beeler, I4 V. Miller, D, Gubuon. NOT PICTURED-T. E rg There J.. ' " x 'x J s- -1 'J' 4 I Q - ,-. 'W 33215, ' '- gm' I Y V X A 1 wQ '- gr . EP, Ffghw--J S," -Q M - V 1 5 EQ. 5. 55 5 71,9 , 4..- M3 i??Y'i H?TQ-1"-asf 'fp , . r -. ' A -n 'Q ,., ...I lr. 1. ' Q ' ..,.. I 1 ., , .Q .L 1 3 J, ,rl " ,S h so Q 1 'W' I ,-J - .5 J- 1 f ,la Q, - ,NC 1 K. , f ' ff? . ,- v ' ,.- ,. F ,- . A . ,- " ,1 -f' 1, - a ve' gr , A Q1 one -A A . 1 f r- f f' "-q., .f Z 'fr' all I ' ' va 4 Y Y 7.2 :p ' AL. 7 l ,Z i me 1 r 1 If -,, ,, ,N ll S- , A G , rj! --,,- 'YAVA' I gas-If F Q .a..,..Q Ain 4 Thoi srudenr Worrowon Sriroiorools Ie-orns on Americon version of football during powderpuff procrice. 5 AFS sponsor Chor Aylword introduces Worrowon ro the srudenr body. 6 During rhe AFS weekend, Corole Bowlin ond exchange guests eryoy o song. 7 "My porenrs encouraged me ro come ro the Unired Srores ro Ieorn ro speols Engiish berrer," YUF Columbian exchange srudenr Morio Posodo soys. AFS ' 85 86 0 Echo E ,gil -tazine journalsm ed by staff es dominated the thinking of Echo as they worked to apply the Ft the book in every way. First .r 17 students learned about layout photography, writing copy, and 1 Over 53,500 of advettizing was Bctober to help finance the on of the annual. Bake sales ld each Thursday in the ns. d semester work on the final gan. A one-week book sales ld 675 books for 510.00 each. e's Day Carnation sales combined A netted S325 for each class. of the class's efforts, the book supporting. Money raised by the bought a much needed new amera. e cover problems, the staff hung complete their theme working s, weekends, and over a month summer. ECHO STAFF ShawnMilligan Editor ..... .... A I Carver and Design . . . . Kellie Boals ditors s . ..... Joni Beck . . . . . . . . . Mary Meilerup . . Edith Christopher . . Tracy Thompson . . . . . Holly Simon les ............. Bob Johnson i Beck, Kellie Boals, Al Carver, rouse, Edith Christopher, Vicki rian Freese, Liz Jarvis, Bob Mary Meilerup, Shawn Milligan, l, Doug Olivet, Holly Simon, Tracy n, Matt Thotson, Teri Wren, oung. S ..... TTTOTGS . . SFT . . . r assists Mr. Ed Mulvin of Edward's Picture o spent several days photographing a with the copy! Senior Vicki Elifritz checks f her story with staff member Becky for ideas, senior Brian Freese and junior mpson scan the yearbook collection. rirthday, All Staff members take time our re. FRONT ROW-Lee Noel. SEATED-Doug Carver, Brian Freese. BACK ROW-Kellie I Beck, Marr Thotson, Holly Simon, Tracy . NOT PICTURED-Becky Crouse, Liz Jarvis, on, Mary Meilerup, Shawn Milligan, Teri T60 Young. Lark is o large part of staff responsibilities. lligan, Joni Beck, and Liz Jarvis draw up 1, a page-by-page plan for the book. loug Olivet comes up with another ve" plan for making thousands of dollars. work, senior Liz Jarvis addresses . to adverrizers. Game Plans .eri i 5 1 .dy i,.., Echo 0 67 Stage Croft Cv ,,,.-.as-Q-,rl 68 ' Act IV Sporlghr ro Ne Acr IV wos o dromo club rh rhree or four rimes o yeor, usuolly o mojor dromo evenr such os rhe spring ploy. Twenrypne srudeni prised rhe orgon To become o member, srudenr required ro porricipore in rwo ploi mojor role ond o minor role, or pore in four ploys wirh rwo min plus helping our wirh rwo orhe Srors were given for oddirionol help. The rop oword, rhe s oword, wos eorned by Scorr Presidenr Scorr Nelson, vice pr Teri Johnson, secrerory Liso Swone rreosurer Kelly Severin leod rhe or rion. Woody Allen's "Don'r Drink rr TGI", ond rhe originol comedy "Yo Chorlesron" were rhe rwo produc rhe rheorer deporrmenr rhi Trocy T Meolo OSSIS Medio Aids were srudenrs who rhe librorions. Sponsored by rhe V Acrion Progrom, srudenrs could credit per semester by working fiv o week wirh vorious librory pr Kevin Smirh, Kevin Pircher, Chod ond Lindo Deorch ossisred firsr ond semesrers. These medic olds sponsible for rhe videoroping of events ond speokers, checking ou riols, ond seeing ro rhe needs srudenrs in rhe "Wirhour rhe services of rhe o librory wouldn'r run os smoor does," commenred librorion Wegner. "Srudenrs con explore o inreresr ro see if rhey mighr be ini in exponding ir inro o coreer choic rhese srudenrs ore providing o se their school, reochers, ond peers," Mrs. Mor 1 Sporlighr rhespion Scorr Nelson prepores f in "Don'r Drink rhe Worerf' Nelson wos pr 2 Officers of Act IV: rreosurer Kelly Seve tory Liso Swoney, ond vice presidenr Teri 3 Sophomore Kevin Smirh checks in rn 4 Videoroper Chod Thorp prepores rhe cc 5 Llbrary Staff: Eleonor Knee, medic clerk, Wegner, heod librorion, ond lngo Hoifelo 6 Medio ossisronr Lindo Deorsch uses rhe ne our mochine ro prepore senior Jeff Glohi ,- B1 Medio Compon y - --if - 4---Ai: , -:gi LJEHZZ 1 .,. .- . E., ur- ' V Library Alds 0 89 Checking Our The World Cf Work I catlon N nts prepare uture careers Education COED was a program to prepare students for office lls. Besides the OE job, Office n Related and Office Education ere two other classes taken by ents. OE Related was offered 'rst hour and was required of all E program. Clerical was offered he second hour of the day and skills related to typing, the use O-key adding machine, spelling, roofreading, the transcribing , and how to get a job. OE went to work about noon and re off work by 5:80. Many of 'obs were in banks, insurance ies, state offices, retail businesses, ces in the Urbandale and Plaza ccounting and computing, el training, stenography, ial, typing, and related jobs were s of OE jobs. rades and lndustry program CTGD of the Trades and Industrial class and the Trades and lndustry Related was required of all in the ram and was offered during the od. Typical jobs included building tion, plumbing and heating, auto ics, printing, electrical work, sheetmetal work, work in gas warehouses and restaurants. rading period, an evaluation sheet en to the employers in order to the student's progress. arch 11 the annual efemployer banquet was held. nk you for the students' jobs, the ook their employers out to lunch t Anderson's Cattle Company an . Wayne Larson, adviser, d that, "The banquet provided rtunity for the students to get to vhere everybody worked, and it :mated unity between students ir employers," OE and TGI classes candy and crystal jars to pay for ial, im White checks a tire while working at Education: FRONT ROW-Cindy Worrell, wson, .layce Gilman, Malinda Christner. 'W-Brenda Waters, Karla White, Jeri ,Vlary Stomper, Nancy Cierzan. hwest Hospital student Joyce Gilman files sports. and lndustry student Ed Shoemaker works nanlc at Charles Gabus Ford. i Christner talks with her boss at Northwest mline prices escalate, TGI student Brent Pack 'ester Derby. +. Allawi' lf? 5 : 52 Trades fr lndustry ' 91 Xrx I X. QW " "F-'H-1-. 0 E Y s 92 ' Special Bands Jazz lab at After participating in eight cont UHS jazz band topped off their going to the state jazz contest i for the first time, competing ago best Class A bands in the state. R citations for outstanding solos were Jeff Kane, alto saxophone, Gr trombone, Randy Bauer, guit junior Kim Thompson, piano. member band, directed by M Hintz, qualified for state at three c They placed second in Class AA College, first in Class A at Central and first out of 13 Class A bonds UNI Tall Corn ln February, the jazz band trav a contest at Northeast Missouri Kirlfsville. For the first time, the Di band with members Jeff Kan Kramer, Greg Hall, Greg Byrne Young, and Kim Thompson particip a jazz combo com The jazz band performed stage band and Swing Choir annual Jazz Sounds concert and student body i The stage band, directed by M Hintz, performed in the Mi instrumental Music Concert in Janua participated in the Hoover Jazz Co March. Freshman Bret Wortman r an outstanding performer award sax at the com Three new vocal music group formed this year under the direc Mr. Doug Mason. The Men's Women's Chorus, and Swing Choi select groups chosen by audition rehearsed outside of the regular Practice was every Monday no at 7 a.m. for the 41-member Chorus. The formation of this grol. the Women's Chorus second ser enabled many students witr schedule and other activiti opportunity to participate in then music program, The 40-me Women's Chorus practiced at 7 a.i Tuesday mornings. These 4 performed a wide variety of music winter and spring concerts. Their goal was to compete in the stat group contest where both g received superior I r Psehearsing and choreographing numbers filled the two-hour Mt night practices for the Swing Choir 22 members and four accompanists performed at the vocal music cc and for many community organiz Their style of jazz, popular and choir music provided varity to the pta Jc All Thar Jazz! 1 Jeff Kane solos as rhe Jazz Band rocks ar an assembly. 2 The Dixieland Band wirh Greg Byrnes, Greg Hall, Kent Kramer, Jeff Kane, Scorr Young, and Kim Thompson compere ar Norrheasr Missouri Srare. 8 Stage Band: Direcror J. Hinrz, L. DeBols, K, Huff, C. Goseh, T, Courrrighr, J. James, S. Johnson, L. Swanson, B. Worrman, D. Willis, L. Mommer, B. Clevenger, J. Loeffelholz, D, Wipperman, D. DaBrieo, J. Kaupal, T. Kelsey, C, Whire, J. Lodermeier, C. VanLangen. NOT PICTURED-R. Hahm. 5 lg- 4 Swing Choir: FRONT ROW-D. Schoop, P. Barrels, D. Gubuan, J. Hayes, K. Severin, L. Tama, SECOND ROWVD. Vierling, M. Kelly, B. Worrman, S. Smirh, J. James. THIRD ROW-K. Thompson, K. Hall, J. Becls, K Lirrle, M. Brown, D. Milligan. BACK ROW-E. Lane, S. Nelson, G. Hall, G. Webb, B. Wheeler, B. Brunia. NOT PICTURED-S. Dahlsrrom, M. Casabar, R. Bauer. 5 Mr. Hinrz and Kim Thompson false a breals ar conresr. 6 Jazz Band: Direcror L. Hinrz, K. Thompson, M. Schmidr, K. Hall, M. Kelly, R. Bauer, G, Hall, S. Young, B. Forrune, J. Kane, L. Andersen, G. Petersen, A. Kaus, B. Smirh, 6. Byrnes, S. Nelson, A. Carver, D. Wipperman, D. Schoop, K. Kramer, J. Shaw, S. Richards, P. Mirchell, J, Murphy, J. Lodermeier, 7 Men's Chorus: FRONT ROW-D. Lodermeier, B. Worrman, J. James, B. Willem, M. Kelly, S. Smirh, J. Palmer, S., Richards, B. Freese, D. Vierling, Direcror D. Mason. SECOND ROW-B. Hansen, K. VanNore, B. Wheeler, B. Brunia, J, Murphy, S. Young, J. Parree, J. Beyer, S. Shaw, J. Shaw. THIRD ROW-P. Mindermann, S. Smirh, 6. Byrnes, D. Sarh, B. Fink, K. Hol-ransen, R, Klein, T. Sreinmeyer, J. Kane, S. Nelson. BACK ROW-K. Kramer, G. Hall, B. Pacl-r, A Carver, D. Allen, B. Barghols, C. Miller, B. Sabin, D. Schoop, G. Webb, B. DuBois. NOT PICTURED-D. Harr. 8 Women's Chorus: FRONT ROW-J. Hayes, P. Longdo, W. Sriralanools, C. VanEnrer, A. Readinger, P. Gubaun, L. Kirlsendahl, J. Feirler, D. Gubaun, S. Moore. SECOND ROW-L. Andersen, C. Willis, K. Thompson, S. Higgins, K. Mayo, P, Babcock, L. Krirchman, P. Barrels, T. Howard, S. Rowland. THIRD ROW-L. Allie, L. Gee, K. Hall, B. Scorr, M. Brown, R. Rummons, L. Gibb, L. Tremmel, J. Kripal, S. Barnes. BACK ROW-M. Mellerup, L. Tama, K. McGowan, L. Mulder, J. Becls, M. Schmidr, G. Pelley, M. Carver, J. Brown, P. Ryplsema, NOT PICTUREDAC. Slump, L. Smalley. 9 Swing Choir members sing and swing during an assembly. 5 l i N, Special Chorus ' 93 1 Having fun is as much a parr of Swing Choir as singing for Judy Hayes, Meg Procror and Millie Kelley. 2 Mr. Mason direcrs rhe Concerr Choir with Scorr Nelson and Greg Byrnes accompanying on rrombones. 3 Concert Choir: FRONT ROW-S. Drummond, J. Hayes, D. Milligan, W. Sriralonools, L. Tomo, T. Pirzer, K. Hall, K. Mayo, L. Wesrlund, J. Feirler, D. Gubuan, 5. Moore, K. Werrz, K. Severin, K. Grimm, D. Krafr, C. Neal. SECOND ROW-L. Allle, P, Longdo, S. Young, K. Zaegel, B. Rasmussen, L. Anderson, P. Barrels, M. Srrunce, K. Kurr, L. Tremmel, J. Beck, G. Pelley, P. Babcock, S. Rowland, A. Marrin. THIRD ROW-L. Gee, M. Mellerup, K. Thompson, K. VanNare, E. Lane, J. James, B. Willem, S. Richards, D. Vierling, M. Kelley, M, Brown, J. Kripol, K. Larson, J. Brown, K, Lirrle, L. Krirchman, BACK ROW-S. Shaw, B. Worrmon, G. Hall, D. Sorh, B. Wheeler, G. Webb, B. Brunia. 4 Kim Thompsanfs fingers fly as she accompanies rhe choir. 5 Newly formed Men's Chorus organizes for irs Hrsr performance. 6 Weeks of procrice pay off for rhe choir in rheir performance or vocal music concerrs. 2, .-A -..,.--'J .....,.4 4 Q 4 A 94 0 Chorus lvl program grows- 'aring or srare g steadily since the year's , the vocal music program oubled in size under the new of Mr. Doug Mason. The 58- Concert Choir was the core of I program and performed oncerts throughour the year fall, Christmas, winter, and spring They also participated in All- itians, solo and ensemble contest group contest. quarters were chosen to audition ll-State Choir, and the quartet of Gubuan, Mike Kelley, Kim n, and Greg Webb was selected pare. In March several members s and small groups to contest at with several receiving superior d ratings. Much of second rehearsals were used for state up contest preparation. In May went to contest for the firsr everal years where they a superior rating. t leaders, president Mary Brown ess manager Janie Kripal tools f the candy sales. Two affer- ances were held. During the sr weels, the chorus and band gether for a picnic at Big Creek. Chorus Line Chorus ' 95 i. ,J- J NAWMS 'S T if ' 96 ' Marching Band Marching Jays ar game time sf You've got to ploy the gc rhe Urbandale Marching JAHai tasls was not ro play the g to play "at" rhe game. The Jays marched full force: Oo n 16 flag girls, 16 pompon girls, twirler, a drum mqor, and majorette or six home foorba plus a special trip to Mo Highlights of the year incl Salute to the Seniors Show unexpected visit from Miss Pi of the Muppet characters, Homecoming Show which the theme Super Heroes and to ' On November 8 the Marc journeyed to Morningside C the Morningside vs. South Dals game. The band performed Tell Overture" and "Rocky" a the halftime show. Then the Jays joined the Morningside Central bands to perform "Toccara". The band wosj several Urbandale fans in supper on the way home During the playoff game band of about 20 players p for the cheering fans. Marchi was directed by instructor La and assistant Ju Mar 1 Ar 7 a.m. Robert Hansen practices ii 2 Pom Pon Glrls: FRONT ROW- Keller, K. Johnson, K. Fee, S. Moore, T. Boyer. BACK ROW-A. Kaus, P. Young, M. Schmidt, L. Mulder, Nelson, P 3 Drum mcjorerre Sandy Thompson major Jeff Kane are leaders of 4 Flag Glrls: B. Blacls, K. Hall, D. Scl McCoy, P. Babcock, C. Langenberg, D M. Carver, M. Brown, R. Bauer, if Andersen, W. Bradley, C. Va Thompson, 5 Marching Bond: FRONT ROW-S. T T. Courrwrighr, L. Wilson, S. Darrah, S. Swanson, S. Tey, C. Beeler, L. Halx.. Alspach, S. Christensen, assisr. direcra SECOND ROW-Director L. I-linrz, B. P Kripal, C. Gosch, B. Fortune, P. Sh Wesrlund, M. Gillman, T. Andersen, S. Hansen, S. Green, T. Greenhorn, S. l- Bauer, T. Golay, S. Gesiriech, J. Ka ROW-J. Carey, B. Richman, D. Cie-J Clement, A. Smith, C. Canine, L. M Kilmore, R. Morris, N. McGuire, L. Gillman, D. Willis, L. Gee. FOURTl Pitcher, J. Lodermeier, R. Hahm, T. Zirr M. Christensen, K. Rypkema, H. l Kassar, B. Dutemple, K. Wilberg, T. Gowon, S. Smith, B. Worrman, M Palmer, J. Woods. BACK ROW-C. Fl Wobken, G. Petersen, 6. Hart, C. Fd Koupal, J. James, D. Wipperman, K. K5 Byrnes, J. Mohr, G. Hall, J. Shaw, Dj Nelson, J. Loeffelhalz, A. Lewis, C. Vlgr 1 x. "Y A . il , 4 -ii-I -1 11: -,-111' D iz A- JL f 4- :gd Z9 - . bt 4 Y a,- b W If-xl 4. -R Q QC? P 3 .. if 'Qzgiprib . 'spf:1'P S . ' B f:-3:49 ' 3 Q 4 wiv X ,W-ni ,X Q ' . Y X ik 47 I If X - Qwgiln E! av -I ,,' -TJ' ffl , f ag-ff K H 4 ' .av 92. j .I-'fl Iwi-H' Making Music Full Force '12 ill ll' i + I M '- . .vk Marching Bond 97 Sweet Horni 'M W 1 1 1 1 o mb 50Vrhstlcrs - 4 98C tBd phony performs Ensemble consisted of 70 ores, juniors, and seniors meeting days, Wednesdays, and Fridays. nd was directed by Larry Hintz. Band, directed by Julie Hintz, members and they met on s and Thursdays. On January 29, ds got a chance to show off their orl-z with the first concert of the e Winter Band Concert. cial event was the February 28 nity Concert where the bands ruses combined. This was the first recent years that the bands and s united. e invitation of band director Larry e Des Moines Symphony ed for the student body in a assembly. This was another first in ent entertainment for UHS. Senior embers were featured May 13 ot ior Concert which was followed nquet honoring seniors and their . Both Wind Ensemble and Band played at Baccalaureate, , and Commencement, May 20. e second year senior Jeff Kane, was selected for All-State Bond. as selected first chair in the Dralse ouble Wind Ensemble Band. 0 Marion Holl presents an operatic aria Barber of Seville". t Band: FRONT ROW-L. Halverson, S. C. Gosch, B. Duremple, J. Kassar, L. . Fee, K. Frerichs. SECOND ROW-H. Hansen, orn, T. Galay, K. Wilburg, S. Tey, L. Gee, on, L. Ray, M. Howell, N. Kripal, K. Huff, S. . Blartner. THIRD ROW-G. Hart, M. Gillman, , P. Sherman, B. Bauer, R. Klein, T. S. Christensen, C. VanLangen, K. White, T. an, J. Koupol, K. Pitcher, S. James, B. . Rowland, A. Lewis, S. Green, B. , S. Darrah. BACK ROW-S. Harban, L. R. Hahm, J. Wood, T. Courrright, director . VanNore, B. Clevenger, D. Dabrieo, B. . Ferguson, D. Wipperman, B. Kline, J. , S. Johnson, D. Willis, L. Mommer. ary Schmidt enjoys her lost school during the Senior Concert. e air with music, sophomore Carmo rg, oboe, performs for a school assembly. Moines Symphony Orchestra plays for udenr body March 8. nsemble: FRONT ROW-S. Thompson, D. l. Keller, B. Woblsen, C. Longenberg, C. SECOND ROW-J. Kane, K. Johnson, A. Andersen, S. Moore, J. McCoy, V. Nelson, :l4, W. Bradley, M. Bauer, THIRD ROW-S. Gubuan, J. James, R. Kilmore, N. R. Hansen, B. Smith, C. Smith, S. Young, B. . Fortune, L. Mulder, L. Swanson, R. Morris, nsen, G. Petersen, K. Thompson. FOURTH Vahl, H. Simon, P. Longdo, R. Bauer, K. , T. Kelsey, A. Smith, M. Carver, P. l. Kramer, S. Richards, J. Shaw, J. Murphy, ieier, B. Holsten, B. Blacls, J. Carey. BACK Brown, K. Hall, S. Young, D. Schoop, M. aynes, J. Breiren, M. Schmidt, C. Beeler, J. 7. Wipperman, A. Carver, G. Hall, G. Nelson, L. Wilson, T. Boyer, K. Larson, D. urt. L-A f C IJ 5 I " ' l HCTORY io Wind Ensemble ' 99 100 0 Student Senate Leading The School 1, il -4... UH5 wins tiny in .spirit cor Sponsoring the second annual the Student Senate helped raise for the Variety Club. Junior class p Lisa Gibb was in charge of the il with the assistance of senator- Drake and Robert l "More people came this year they regreted not going last ye explained. The student body raiser Also, this year marlsed the fi for the school spirit contest prom the Variety Club. Kirl-1 Bardole, p of Student Senate and Barb Sco president, represented the sa receive a miniature Model "T" UH Student Senate sponsored home and co-sponsored the Sadie dance with the Mass Media classes Student Senate officers were Conni treasurer, and Brian Willem, se Tracy T National Honor So expands acri Field tripping to Salisbary Ho the Science Center, the Nationa Society expanded their activities the traditional induction cer On April 20 forty new mem seniors and 27 juniors, were rec for their scholarship, leadership, and character. President Maris Klin o welcome. Vice-president Gubuan, secretary Lynette Anders members Brian Willem an Zimmerman recounted the pur the Society. State legislator Dr. Byerly was the s At the end of the year, a get-t picnic was held at Jester Paris f and continuing me vi. 1 Student Senate Officers: Adviser Ri STANDlN6Connie Willis, treasurer, Barb S president, Brian Willem, secretary, Kirls 2 Folding NHS announcements, Mrs. Lana helps Barb Scott and Pam Poreete put rag Hnal touches for the NHS Induction c 3 National Honor Society: FRONT ROW- L. Wallser, D. Gubuan, P. Poreete, L, SECOND ROW-C. VanEnrer, C. Willis, B. F Howard, B. Wilson, THIRD ROW-M. McGuire, B. Scott, C. Thomas, J. Becls. BAC C. Coin, B. Willem, J. Kane, C. Zimmerman, Bowlin. NOT PICTURED-R. Douer, S. Berrier, K. Kramer, K. McGowan, J. Mohr, B. Smith, D. Stout. 4 Student Senate 5 Natlonol Honor Society lnductees: FRONT ROW- A. Kaus, S. Feitler, M. Kuble, P. Gubuan, G. Meinert, G. Pelley. SECOND ROW-I. Keller, M. Soden, 5. Drummond, L. Tremrnel, P. Babcock, A. Carlson, E. Wahrer, L. Smalley, K. Johnson. THIRD ROW-P. Mitchell, J. Dutton, M. Leavell, T. Gronevvold, K. Thompson, J. Kripol, D. Gillman, M. Schroeder, D. Howe, adviser L. Sorensen. BACK ROW-T. Vierling, S. Johnson, T. Schnurr, R. Toye, S. Young, G. Webb, J. Honey, D. Finl-1, M. Carver, S. Smith, J. Greene. NOT PICTURED-V. Doles, L. Carter, R. Kilmore, J. McToggorr, R. Thomas, 6 Senior Scott Young receives his membership from Carla VonEnrer, Judy Hayes, and Mr. Doeringsfeld or the National Honor Society Induction ceremony. 7 President of the NHS Marla Kline addresses the new members or the induction ceremony. .T .S . .,,, , , v, , , .l -ZZ National Honor Society 0 101 4 I ' Pl -w ,H a W V .MU m-ELI-x.nE":-' 'ww' 102 ' Joywolkers Kicking .b ,vw ,,-. f, V I I comperirion Jpporr reom ojority vote the .Ioywollsers not to porricipore in the Srore competition in order to support oll teom in their bid for the store oll chompionship. The 18-member 'os coproined by senior Shelly with co-coptoin Lourie Wollser. Goil McArthur wos joined by sponsor Morcio Sponswicls. iol once-o-weels proctices begon we summer. Three weeks ofrer wing of school, formol proctices p, The girls met for two hours through Fridoy. ' the Storm Out" wos the routine or homecoming. The girls ed ot holftimes of girls ond boys ull gomes. At Vers Auditorium, 'formed before the lowo i' fons. 'e money for new uniforms, the ld bolse soles plus constructing g progroms for the Stote Softboll ,ienr. Unexpected deloys ed the reom from weoring the . Next yeor's squod will weor anior members were feotured in routine of the yeor "Lost Troin to l ple of the South Wind," the Joywollsers Jring o sdwool assembly. eAnn Dellifrodo woits for the music to ig the homecoming routine "Ridin' the if wollsers brighten the porode route for the ng porode. g for the high kick line ore Kelly rn, Kristi Evons, Christie Thomas, Susie ond Connie Willis. ser Squad: LEFI' ROW-Rurh Schultz, Kothy Ann DelProdo, Noncy Freese, Kelly 'n, Korie Irwin, Sherri Lyness, Christie IGHT ROW-Trocy Steinmeyer, Lourie lsri Evons, Kim Philport, Tommy Hort, Iis, Susie Reodinger, Borb Scott, 104 Ch i 1. ff'-Ili I Spirit Rou. -wil F3 ' ' :heer at stare,- Prleoders busy J State - in football, boys and lsetball, and wrestling made this a Lciting year for the cheerleaders. s sold buttons, rooters, Keychains, 'it towels as fund raisers. Other 1 Keeping the cheerleaders busy l decorating lockers, buses, ,painting posters: practices, and ughs at various times through the g the summer, the varsity Jders went to the United States ading Association Camp where Jrned new cheers, chants, and ig techniques. The squad placed overall and qualified for national ition. ln individual competition, :nura Ttemmel placed second and ielli McGowan placed third. cheerleaders graduated and tools em many memories, good times, 'ing friendships. ion Football Cheerleaders: FRONT ROW- Jmb, J. Hoobin, V. Thomas. BACK ROW-M. Curtis, S. Maxwell. lotball Cheerleaders: BOTTOM TO TOP-L. J, Drake, T. Gronewald, S. Wolfe, S. Rammie Evans imitates a football player skit at a pep assembly. ' Football Cheerleaders: FRONT ROW-M. K. Newcomb, R. Hutchinson, T. Howard. 'W-K. McGowan, 5. Barnes, P. Rypltema, L. K. Evans. ron Basketball Cheerleaders: FRONT Newcomb. SECOND ROW-5. Maxwell, L. 1. THIRD ROW- C. Fix, L. Vehr. DACK ROW- Js, S. Poppe, C. Twining, D. Curtis. i Wrestling Cheerleaders: SITTING-E. RNEELING-K. Kurt, K. Newcomb. STANDING- lips, D. Drake, 5. Duncan. is Basketball Cheerleaders: M. Jones, L. iteclser, A. Thompson, D. Savel. ' Boys Basketball Cheerleaders: TO TOP-S. Barnes, 5. Wolfe, P. Ryplsema, wsen, T. Howard, K. McGowan, R. n. r Girls Basketball Cheerleaders: FRONT Tremmel, K. Hawkins, C. Monusos. BACK hompson, K. Pringnitz, L. Koontz, T. ld. if 1 f.-5 X Q1 1 Vx -Q' -..'!'l'A"1 ' A 4- ' i'-L? I . ' rin- -.l ' ..w, -e . . ll? slrr ' T . - ,I ' fi' ll - 1' - . .fi it V K jb NK., '- M ' ggi LQ I 1 l l ' 'i 'g' l 'if -1 TTIN. 1 i -'us A 1 XF Ei X L Q -E Big-X' T .. tb Q i .. .x :- fi -. " i ' , i ,4- . C J , X I Sp' I , X t - if ill -' 'fu Cus- . ' g i -.l . L is Cheerleader 0 105 .,. 1,-in if-flgfgig Q 1 Soccer Team Fall League: FRONT ROW-Mike Van Treek, Brian Holsren, Fred Sullivan, Todd Warers. BACK ROW-Coach Larry Kane, Kent Kramer, Glen Majerich, Jeff Kane, Kris Holsanson, Chad Miller. 2 Junior Fred Sullivan worlas ro conrrol the ball. 3 Urbandole arraclfs during Spring League play. 4 Face off! Goalie Larry Young defends .l-Hawk rerrirory in rhe srare playoff in Warerloo, 5 Taking second in stare, the Jays proudly display their rrophy. 6 J-Hawk Sieve Hammer sends in rhe puck for anorher Urbandale goal. 7 Hockey Team: FRONT ROW-Al Turnquisr, Jon Dunron, David Griffin, Joe Warwick, Larry Young, Jeff Cross, David Nichols, .lon White. BACK ROW-Coach Arr Chipahka, Mori Sorenson, Craig Mann, Sieve Richman, Kenny Miller, Scorr Cross, Steve Hammer. NOT PICTURED- Assisr. Coach Randy Higgins, .lohn Williams, Scorr Lyness, Danny Cline, Scorr Wohlford, Manager Karen Hall, Bob Hanson, Brian Turnquisr, Tim Wohlford. 'qi' 5 -. 1 1 ..i A 'N -A"-O - , f. in -' ,, ,,, . ,J - , - if--, 7-k!w""3Q'1.f-..i',.q. -, . . '- Q ' 'J rl - . L. " 'ilf " ' "1 , ' ' 2' - -. .A J- v T',uL"4 'fr-'Q'--.5 , , 'WW'-'D-' Yi"-I 'i""-332 4-AT' I "Sl9'27'fl5!all-.,'l1' 235'-1' " ijm. 1 - .Qs 106 I Soccer g If Olympic Gold 'o 1513 Store 2nd didn'r win a gold medal, they or the Russians, but they did El. The J-Hawk Hockey Team heir season by defeating Hoover- lt 5-1. An unexperienced team, quickly racked up a 10-8 record. ore Steve Hammer pulled the hat ee goolsb in the December 20 exhibition match, the Joys d the Iowa State Cyclones JV, 11- dale coach Art Chipohka and coach Randy Higgins participated ame. Winning the Metro-Prep championship, the hockey team keny, 5-O. e state tournament, the Jays second. They received a bye in round, beat Mason City o-4 and 7-4, then lost the finals to o-Public, O-8. -Hawks were led by Jeff Cross k second team All Store defense. to the third team All State were ness, defense, Steve Hammer, , and Scott Cross, forward. Ie mentions included Bob Hanson ig Monnf big success 2nd in store r came on strong in Urbandale. first rime, the UJ's, an Urbandale am, competed in the fall and ogue of the Greater Des Moines eague competition, During fall team finished with o 4-8-2 ' scoring 80 goals and dropping 15. aters lead the team with 5 goals ssists followed by Chad Miller, 4-8, anson, 8-2, and Jeff Kane, 2-1. one said, "We were able to turn on around, change our offensive ensive play, and complete a the spring season, the team ck tough with a 5-2-7 record. ok second in the Metro League and in state. ln the McGuire Cup the UJ's fell to Valley 4-5 in o fertime with a shoot out as a he teams showed some of the h school soccer played. not a school-sponsored sport, nterest is mushrooming in lowa. It , inexpensive, highly skilled and itive," comment Mr. Kane. season." Champs l I xg ,f X J Hockey ' 107 108 ' Juniors P14 ,. .. .-- Mi., l , iors 1 N Q. 1 Q .. Q. ff I' g w 1 "This Is lr," rhe '80 prom is enjoyed by junior Troy Persons ond his dere 2 Groduorion orrendonrs Sharon Knurh, Brod Borghols, ond Louro Tremmei hond our programs, 3 Junior Jeff Dreiren peps up the be-or or on ossembly. 4 During pregorne wormvups, junior Jujion Surron dunks rhe boslserboll Juniors U 109 E E 5 Gs ,, zo on ei K , QTL! Y E 'TES' 'f'2ff!?i, Q mifjggw nigga 1 new H if E will 13- :N in EEE ss: H E qj' - :Zag ri gm, Q 'gziggw EML'5?uE'1 H ug YQQ- , w lfvff' l f Tzigi Q Wlwg m5E'i'i N' K-iiig-FW "Egg, ,. ,A -e zlfslem orges iieipopeil m 5 Y -gi. -, Y,-l gf W MA M , 4, W l lu- gs ,Z .. I W. jim Kmcle repqgred in porn fr 5 , M , 43' TX: if M :WY T355 3, wwiiil YHAXVlfEl3wOCl'C'bQf M-e.. To .1 . sp ,e.,i, ,M...- i , ,W 3, 5. .E ,,5.-Zi. WMA, Mo ,, , QM me M, " ffl' til aa.. ifiorwvffggelmciw li L. ' 6, ' llfggwos oqgxperienceiiou hopegrg De'HQeiQ::eV K "J i "' ro once Wnore in your life, IT vigol V l EE G ' 2 ,mi ,, E Q ly b l" Hi J' , ll hisiqgx. 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HQ ,i Mkt A e Q fee i,-.mis 1141 9 Juniors tins: wi V 3 l,,is ,is ii' Jeff '4 Karla - Johnsgp he Scott Johnsgigi, , q'z,ii,. l 1, ' l' Deon Jones Q, , was Jones ' f fi sy ii' x, A ,A .i .. :- " r. .f M wsew ,, fr. f ,,, fr H25 -sw ,M , , ,MQ X !,w',.,, A ,,,,,, -,M . :J 'vp , -, X f lx iii il, 4. 5 'Q'-'Ki , - 'P 1 i H! ,, :ig-'W -i . X. sfir, eg..- .vt E. 3 i Rock n' Roll fo In survey ar neprinred from me JAYHAWKER F 1 A gtppic which seemed to interes dll people Et UHS was music. survey was taken at school to gtypes, pfigmusic various people enjoye ' i"'n Rollgwosltheifnost popular rypeff at 64 per cent. Country and Wester W ,cent was second and tied at scents were both Jazz on Sometimes students based their c radio stations on what kind of dis r the station hadg, Fifty-seven per cen people questioned prefered m jockeys ,over female. Fifteen per ce don'r core, or donteven listen to th Thggrstorion KMGK, receiving 35, ' of the!yotes, was the most popular students.: KGGO and Q102 both recei cent, tied for the second most liste .sw cuizse t Do you read a review, and ther like what you read, do you go out ,ci ' itljetifecordl Ninety-threeiper cen A people answer ,Forty permcenr of the siuden 1 , :siege fromghe junior class, Thir AW seniors, twelve sophomores, and cent were fri H., I L ' i Mllxerl , .ill 4 1 Junior Powderpi 2 Junior Ruth Rurrimans tries to escape' A L defenive line during the Powderpi 'Mfr ' 1- 4. use Z .1 H' . L 1. 1 ,fffllff ff . ill 4 i ii fi fi-3, , J Life, fi am ml-'illfm if fa'-.i +C f ii we l RA' ' 3 BA v 1 M x Y uv' Q ,, V 19 f' f - in' lp-B. We L i, M Q M l A-X 14' M . 'K , LL ,I .L lf . ..1,A , A fx, .. B .Q-'A' 1 'nl' Q l 'i BX ,Y-, g, fill! i i " :ll I ' 'YJ .1 'i' X A if . 4 L fr ' l ' If if ee-r if r 151-V ... -. S. hi .i. . 7-rf" ' '!".:4 , 'P , 'Law Tig X . x xx 'n.3 S J' r I ' V QQ? "lf 'C' -JJ X 3:17-'f i 4- ,x V l ,. I, ,ii Krfw 'R -Lf 3' th. , -Q .C g. l B - ' 11:7 1. ii Q. g, f l ,l . x J ... 1 li XX f 4 . 'X 1 Nu A i .f ,. I 1 ,xx .1- -39' I . l I . lva Keller Brian Kemp Robin Kinser Lynn Kirkendall Bod Klein Boland Knause Sharon Knurh Brent Korver Margarer Kuble Linda Lapcheske Kelli Large Chuck Larsen David Lekawsky Mike Lillard Srephanie Lindner Colleen Lindsrrom Jeff Lirrle Karhi Llrrle Becky Lockner Dan Lollrnan Phyllis Longdo Laura Mackinnon Glenn Majerich Patti Mann Cindy Manusos John Manworren Marrha Marrinez Jani -,Marvin Sreye Marhers Jeff Maxwell Mark McNamee Gail Meinerr Barb Miller Vicki Miller Dana Milligan Julie Milliken Juniors ' 115 u 1M0E3mfXfi r1R9hd?KFMf z A r Y . fPQ!f51M1fQ'Helf:1.r r M3hdh35TT Showno Moore jljgndo Morris f QSQ MJCQEE WY Mufti? ,J if .1-M, if 7 ,Ffipddy Nerhii Mahi Nelson Qdfziifblewbezgr K 1 +4 fi. 'Z M W Qi 12 ., , 325 'I .M.2m,r,' , wx? 'Hr Kim .Nobbmotwi EKQTLFXO Oddff , I - .. Korie O'l-ieergw 9999- Oliver , 5 0 f,: ,. i f 3109 Palmer f rrrvrr I F9YfP0F590E:2Q1r i23Qg5PcrreF5Qp'Q5 xjwan Pelueyjr ,Bob Peppersf .2 31515-15,31 U Q F1 ang: L H ,.-Q N 'VLCIO Phdrri? Kgrhy POISON? CffZigY'HPl'E5SEHE15: 2aAQs Pumevi My ,mi W X' W M Wvqrrl mr . .rf ,Wy 'EBSQ ,Life :wg-ru M -rf Bcjiign ffurneyffi M Sora Rowland Slesfgiiigcdlogfaryg, ?1f2:mlRic6fA Julie Richard , fl pm 1 rw 9 Qgzfg W 2 f ma , ' ti? f JN' , J s r Q 1 Q 4 N ,ig f xv- g ww N . ,N . 1 . ffl 7 -'S 1 Q -' B M, "' 'A 1 - ig K ' 1 y 34 ,fa ' , 7 QW? A x , V . -rr u 7 isvtl K' r . . 5 . h L We 5 ,R 1,711 f , fer, ifbf Alf A 1 ' .:. f r 1 5 N 1 s I U 2 V' ' i ur 4 .- Y r ., 3, u- ' 5- 1 , ,Q r , 'lf r f A-'X Q' r Q .17 , X --'7 n 1? K. l . I ' X 1 -4 . ' 1. N V . fv- '1 X i 4 1 . . ,A L ' I W. ,, Q H' ig ix nf' I X H 1 LAX, N if "3Q,!'1E -2 1 2 X' N1 f fwgi 'M . Y t vu. If 15 n .,- ' KL I fr l "jf X: 5 WG 1' I' 4' f .QAM Q- S -11 r 1 srudenf warrh g 70 fri rox money rial reprinred frbm the JAYHAWKER iber 27, 1979 aren'r gping ra schoolfor norhingln , rudenr in UHS is worth about 51,600 according ro rhe adminisrrarion. What up rhisi surprising amounr we'-ve been ig all rhis time? According ro principal Doeringsfeld, well over holf of This cosi i salaries of our reachers and urs. in line are rhe expenses we bear for onal supplies, which include if- is il-ss, paper, audio-visual supplies, films, 'ecords, rapes, and library baols. costs add upas well as T mance and repair, which included :n's fees. Insurance is another factor. r's lefr rhar's nor figured into our appraisal? Riding the bus irrarionb and subsidizing our hor Btudeni Senators: FRONT ROW-Srevejmirh, ver, Denise Dralsef Roberr Hansen. BACK ' n l-ink, Elaine Wahrer. DelPrado is one of the juniors selecred by rhe 5 ro usher or graduorion. A - H l JET ,,, J'-' L + l l i i As' -.ibvl - Q l i . sy, if fy? K 4 ,Q A ,X-1 Q' A 14- ff ' ,L is , an ' fy' it :4 Q, he if L-fs ,pi ?A4+ -l i - 7 .vi t V 'u if , ,s- .,. ,,,, 7 A "HT 1-7 ii Troy Richards Brad Richman Rurh Rummans i., Debbie Schneider Tom Schnurr Mike Schroeder John Scorr Jeff Shaw Scorr Shaw John Sheppard Sue Sherer Kevin Sheridan Dale Sherri! Lisa Shine Greg Shives Holly Simon Cindy Slump Juniors ' 117 ii 118 0 .Juniors ,i-..,MV,,. MQW-. 2 k Lisa Smalley vi g i carrie smiiii ' i Linda Smirh W i, .Sieve Srriirh K V Debbie Snider Maargarer Snyder K X ,. Lonnie Spoelsrro' Joe fSrongi 'Ciadvs'5iOri1ev, r ' Laurie Srdpierori Lynne Sreclser 'iRicifSreveniS Tahijirny gfeveris' Parker, Srone Greg sionedpiwef i' A i-i sw- ii i i W Debbie ,Sturges Fred Sullivan A- lllulian- Sbrran Lisa Swaney , Deanflanner. Charles' Taylor M .W. if i -i i Q - i ., ,wif .-1 - i .3 i N 5 ' -f 4. I W , sm' V ill ga t 5' HNF, L W, 'N ' ' W ,K v 'i' :ii 'M-I X i ' A, f ll i l i l .L-ji. VK, . . -6 Af . X-i' gf .-9--' :Z ,, 6114 i ,, io , uri t'4.,"f ,V If W WI - my i ,- l 3, l ,,, l L' i i 1 ,,,. ' New ? , . , hx , NV!! I 'Gul iii, AY- ...f Lv' 7 in i - K i Q BQ ' l' 1 xv L., l 3?i"Pe2WfiCfOf guefi 'idilhng h Junior Miss Carver was selected ro Q "" f' ar ihelDernocrariC Presidential Jscheduledjog Januaryj ar the Des Y' 'Ciyic Cenrer. She was selecred rhi 'E siTQopresE.fsponsore'd byihe Des .Regisrer and Tribune. Enrranrs were 'Iiup Ei quesrionfbiaid give reasons fo Mig54Caryers1 auesrion which was subrr rhekidebare panel 'board as a zfigsquesrion ro be a5ised,gorMrhe.debar fQ7Mr. Kennedyg during rljese rimes wi yeareifryingjiralfeduae rhe arrns rate, Mi s inrend go supporr ihe spendin 'lxiesrifriared S28 -bilibn on rhe consrri. ssss ' .. ' file MX ' ' i'Caryer's reason for asking rhe a Sfyaszf fifwhile Governor Jerry Bro visiting iowa, he game ro our s is address our srudenlibody. Ai r sygl3rown expressed .iibharllje didnt Supp M3X rnissilef This is one of iheimosr irT auesrionsi facing oiur' defense progr now andiir will probably be an issu f1Q8OfpresidenWrial elecrion. I Feel ir n rhar Mr. Kennedy siare exactly 'K stands on rhis issuer People will be N iejxff, fslar of differenrygcrireria ro e Qernacraric candidare. ln feel, that rhis beanlissuezrhdr rhe people use W' 3 L WfJWrhmemMpicl-Q rhe .besr Cana 'jfwhien dsisedshow sherhough' iauesriongsheegfeplied, 'jsheard -Jerry ,discuss ir or schooljand President Ca , 1 -'l'FiQdG53hlSfS1'Ofld+lKDOXVfi, bur Kennedy has beenquier, ljusr x 'lrnowfhis yrhoughrs aw rhe suqee . ,govegnrnenr classes ivored on rwo QL Q authors unknown, and Carver's cl W. . I . 1 -I i - Q if was Because of rhe Iranian Cr l ' Dehwoicrari Debarekwasxcancell wPsepublicanWDebare w A U 1-.'3Do you see-hin'i?" Srudenrssawair rhe Dernocroria'presidential hopeful Governor Jeri Brown spoke ra rhe srudergr body during Z' recdgnirion in ilowaspresidehrial caucus in 'rm' WZ' m'-,.a.,., H, ' I We i- 5 E 1 m E Pl ?fQf3fE13fr?Zfiiffl5fE'f X E gg 55-mywsmsw -H-geo E B H4 - - -n iii my if-grssygg-39575 H 1 slmlssaf nw Q fiygmfv r?..'ia?1,HA,ssQe?f?Lf?-'4:fEQ5M5f7?' fl-'S-H vit, i 4 T':':Sffm:swswsiiWiWg: ED s-ri-r .:-K-: Y f? Q uTQ',ghzg"'5Jt1l5,gDE:XW'3'mmTiTQ:3.2f.fAXs' M ,.N4"N3E, gE1WQ.s.fT5.m. 'iisiw WEsHg.Y.'TWTg.w Q. . .m. .Q M Miiiffrii FWTW ' Wigs n . . Us .WMWH - 1 n fsgwswfwswsw 5 Mi h'l x ,.. K HD - 5 " ' 1 - L wwf ,T ss.. X fl Qygf' ,. . NF, Q fx su' E' ' ' l l F . l 'E Q . 3 'Q -J f' 6 'io hi ff ' Q Ji, f - X f '. J- "Lf, . , , A L A' F' f' 'r X Y ,.- bb, pf? '54, l J' IR? :JI f 'r2'. A li 5' ,I ' V , , V Q ffl ' 5-if-i Y." 57' , f ill 1' If ' W ' 196' " if , T fc" " " l 1-Pj l N. Q "Tl " s ' i' A if- , ' ' , 4' ' ' ,f' tw, , Q ' ls ..,,, T ' ' 1 i?' 5 ' , , I . I " 'i' -'lf ,T M lglf.. -fig: ' T ' T' 1 - 4 1 ' ' 1-v lsvllfm ,.-.i:+,'! 'HI J E K . '9"Es."T'- ' .Al 'C '1 ra 4. l XX - 4 .Q 1 ' '- -U Y f , 1 l 9' ' " T if E -. F. ,Y .. .. " H .Lf is or W W- T ? Z: ' ' V 'w+.f ,fir -'I ,F Q ,Wfqix X , fr' if f H N A " gsslfgg ii l, I F T LW ft I W I WY J-Y T .v f ' ' ' F H , ' 5 xi l 5 jf' l 1 23 22, .- s:::-ef QS? - u Dx-ziifi-. ,,,.. l E. ,, mb, M-. KLNQFL sirrggggii- wsxmzvmfrs - Bob Thacker Marli Thiialaef Jerry Thompson Kim Thompson Sandy Thompson Tracy Thompson Phil Tosren Lauro Tremrnel Jeon Vonnousdle Lori Von Soeien Mike Von Treeck Krisri Van Vleer Tony Vierling Todd Woddelli Debbie Wohl' A . .Elaine Wahrer. ' .Joes Warwick - ,Todd Waters, Sue Wegner Renee Wehde Pere Weiss Denny Winger Julie Wissink Shari Wolfe Jock Woodard Carlo' Woodruff Porri Woods Shello Woods Terry Woody Joe Workman Jeff Wynn Mon Yoske Koren Zaegel Juniors 0 119 C ' s we 1 , : AJ inf. f ' WTR' ZF QTL-lg? ,Q w3,..Q Ll. , . ic, 1. A V 'vi i' , PJ f z 1 Sc-nror John Whue packs up frvo yards rn me lays' only lass of rhe regular season ro Anlreny, 2014 2 Talsung rho hurdles, Chris Frernchs heads for me frnrsn Irne 3 Senior Doug Lallman warches hrs ross har rne buclser as rne- Jays rrp by Hoover, 0150 an ine drsrrrcr cnampronshups 4 Pracrrcung hrs QLIOMYGIWQ dwe. sensor Brad Snwh ranks 12rh rn me more meer 5 The Grrls Track Team Soorfs ' 12 122 ' Baseball 56 'ily -x ..,.,... ,:f-:v- N '53 ro Disrricrs, horr rerires J-Howls ooseboll ployers were ro rhe 1979 All-Conference reoms Cenrrol lovvo Conference losr Urbondole corcher Mike Low ond r Scorr Lyness were norned ro fe-om. Low, o senior, hir .250 hr runs ond on RBI while Lyness, , hod o .282 overoge wirh five d rhree Rl3ls. r outfielder John Willioms wos ro rhe second reom olong wirh Kris Holxonson, olso o senior. hir .276 wirh 7 RBIS ond o dozen the J-Howlss while Holsonson wos o 3.11 eorned run overoge, O borrers in 45 innings. Jfl-lovvlss' Ricls Srevens, o junior, honoroble menrion or shorrsrop. er John Willioms is in roure ro scoring rhe o 3-2 vicrory over Morshollrown. oiring for o flor fire ro be fixed on the -Howlss find rirne ro relox before rhe ills gome. sr seoson os J-Howli cooch, Jerry Kindhorr s his J-Howlss ogoinsr Eosr. rhe field, J-Howlss prepore for rhe disrricr insr Hoover. The Joys fell 4-2. Il Teom-FRONT ROW: R. Srevens, T. EELING: D, Moore, J. Williams, THIRD ROW: . Sreinrneyer, J. Porree, K. Johnson. BACK Lollmon, P. Mindermonn, M. Wondergem, ch Jerry Kindhorr, S. Lyness, ond K. . NOT PICTURED: R. Dorhwell, B, Dvorolx, S. 124 0 Summer Softball Joyerres rolfe In srore four Slamming to a powerful fin Jayettes captured fifth plac Summer State Softball Tour Winning 24 out of their last 25 the girls collected second place' Adel, Urbandole, and Saydel lnvr Tournc The greatest win of the ream's was in the ClC, winning the con title by defeating state ch Anlxeny, two of the three rim Later in the season, the J traveled to Ortumwa for a Roun Tournament where they defeate highly rated teams to sw tourn Ending the season with sectio district titles, they placed fifth in th Leading pitcher of the season w Ryan with 24 wins-4 loses. Jody was leading hitter with a .418 a Jenison was named to the Tournament is 1 Karen Anderson slides into the Bertendo ro capture fifth place in the State Tou 2 Jody Jenison slides safely into secoi 3 State Tournament starting line up is an 4 Pirdwer Becky Fortune w 5 Shelli Fulton srretdwes for the our ar fi 6 An expression of determination is s pitcher Suz 7 Summer Softball Team: FRONT ROW-T. K. Boals, C. Langenberg, S. Fulton, J. Je, Wobken, SECOND ROWAJ. Marvin, K. Von McNabb, S. Slump, L. Page, B. Fortune, G. Thompson. BACK ROW-Coach Page, S. H Ryan, L. Johnson, K. Anderson, Coach 8 Team members fire up for rh SUMMER SOFTBALL SCOREBOARD UHS 11 Eosr UHS A Lincoln UHS B Council Bluffs UHS 12 Volley UHS 10 lnclionolo UHS O Norwolls UHS 10 I-35 UHS 10 Woulsee UHS 1 Clear Creek UHS 2 Ankeny UHS 4 Ames UHS 1 ,Boland UHS lui 2 UM-H-l 2 1?-5395309 1 L uns -' '-Q1 e '- UHS 3" 71 ' ', UHS 2 Ankeny' UHS 0 Soydell . , L , UHS. ' 11 ' LU r1E?ilQ1r- A 'IUIEIS1 UHS UHS , UHS .1 gf" 11UHSi' - 1' was lures fUHS UHS UHS UHS UHS 'UHS UH? uns ,I ' , ll, . -,-.,... Woulsee Volley Dowling SE Polls Cresron Senior Dubuque Qnumwo -liiomo 'mall Prfmvgf sa Addfi '- .1 Von Wggr WOUIRQQYHVQ YJD A sl Scronronl ,' -, H Pe-no 1- 1 Horlon if Orrumwo 1" Norwalk : ,' Berrendorf V ,, 1, We Are Family! 3 2 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 O O O 0 0 O O 1 4 1 1 1 6 Summer Softball 0 125 "U-wg-, 'rm FALL1.S9FTB?iLl:.-SUMMARY UHS 7 UHS 6 UHS 4! UHS -5 UHS' 18 UHS 2 'ul-45, 14 UHS 3. UHS 6 UHS 6 UHS 13 UHS 4 UHS 1 UHS 10 UHS 8 Sectionols 3 Uvigi 12 'Ul-ISM 6 Districts h i UHS , 11' uHs '1,' v A b 'Wuuhee , BOOM Perry Norwalk Soydei Ankeny f YJD Nogwcill? . Arilaemy' , ' u NQWTQOM' Wbvkegff 'lf' fAQIlond"5fory ,Adel Boone- n Pello Chrisriom Adel Woukee Bonduronr ,I-851 Norwquxf onal champs our or Dlsrncrs lls again spoiled Urbondole's ro advance ro the Fall Srore ournomenr by spilling rhe in rhe disrricr finals, 4-8. Of rhe s of rhe seoson, rwo came from g stare chompion Anlxeny. The mplered the seoson wirh o 15-5 inishing second ro Ankeny in rhe Jayerres were rhe Perry al champs and rhe winners of ecrionol rournamenr, Suzie Ryan C1333 did rhe of the pirching and compiled on un overage of 0.74 while srrilsing nd wall-:ing only 23. Kellie Bools lead rhe Jayerres in irh an average of 365. Boals l3l's and hirs with 16 ond 23. ri Johnson hir .3o2, junior Gwen 55, ond junior Joni Marvin hir Junior Vorsiry ended its season 183 marls. rsiry ream congrarulores eadw orher afrer C rivalry Anlseny. rh Rummans powers rhe boil. re Deb Douman lays down a bunr ro line. ng the our, sophomore Beth Woblsen nsr opponenr Anlseny. o, junior hurler Kim Thompson pirches or me. isry VanVleer is ready ro wind up ro righr field. zie Ryan goes for anorher srrllse. - 1' "wr, "1 .K 7. -1 ' Y- - P" 4 -t .. ., '-Q., ., ,- 1 ,lf , . .2 'wr' '-i?1'fn. 34.13Hs .... , ., ,-,P vs.: lm Teri-n,,i, 'N 1 U Q - .., ' ' N N ,-my gn 3... mf, -31 1-HQ! 1, 1 L i 1, , V, ,,. .i, , ,, it KY Q " , . ,5 ng.--1 .. - ' 4 . r 3 if XS. ll' v "QQ if xix ' N i I - ,xr " - ' fd' 2 Y I 'U . 4? viflx: V -' - s :-- -. . 5,f, ,'.,. -1Me4'T?" . . i. -z ' ' ' ' A . " .. " " i 1- --. +,A- -w.,r ' ri, --w A .'1 ', .',--,sl-'r-,-.'i's'1 ., ,-f-- v-"S" ' --., A'--F X 'La-fi: -- ' '11-..15i-iii?-7n"i 'ff'-f -' - F:-'-L I .ifff-1 Fall Softball 0 127 Back Again OZ--IIQ-11 xi:-:r-ol. 126 ' Football GUEST- HOME- Jays return ro s ln their third straight appearo the state 8-A playoffs, the J- finished second to the team the defeated in 1975, Emmetsburg. Tr Urbandale's fifth performance years in the pl The Jays finished an 8-1 Cinclu seven-game winning strealsb r season and shared the cl championship with Anlseny. Duril last three regular games, the J- outscored their opponents, ending with a 45-7 embarraf handed to H- Fieldlng the top defense in rr the J-Hawks held their foes ro O per game, 121 yds. rushing, and 1 total offense - all tops in the l They finished near the top in a categories too. Paul Minderman pts. led the conference while tear John White led with 6.2 yds. per rc The Jays average of 220 yd' far and away the ClC's best. Junizl Klein finished with a whopping 11y rush average, one of which wa yd. touchdown gallop against Fumbles plagued the team ear they found the handle and fi second low in t Six J-Hawl-ss were named to Conference. Center Al Carver only unanimous selection. Doug Mindermann, and Mike Orr com the offensive unit. Named to t team defense were Maris Kins Jay Pattee. White, Chris Knee Sabin, and Brad Barghols were on the second Orr was selected for 1st an team All State. Marla Kinser was to 2nd team while Allen, Carve Mindermann received special m All Matt Thorson G Dou "We don't practice together, play the game," says junior Pringle about the JV football tea really on-thejob training and good experi The JV team was made different varsity team members few sophomores. Coach Tom thought the team prog throughout the season with a rec 1-2. Because of weather con Teach, Valley, and North were no r 1 Varsity Team: FRONT ROW-J. Whire, J. Goodman, A. Carver, P, Mindermann, D. Allen, M. Orr, B. Freese, B. Sabin, J. Williams. QND ROW-M. Holloway, M. Kinser, D. Sorh, D. Lodermeier, S. Williams, S. Smirh, T. Kimm, B. Johnson, L. Noel, ORD ROW-J. Dunron, S. Havens, S. Lyness, D. Schoop, S. Richards, J, Cox, J. Beyer, C. Knee. 4TH ROW-J. Glohn, J. Campbell, G. Freeman, S. Young, J. Orr, J, Parree, D. Srewarr, T. Lane. 5TH ROW-R. Borhwell, R. Stevens, T. Richards, J. Scorr, W. Chapman, M. Pringle, M. Yaske, B. Fink. 6TH ROW-E. Erickson, D. Duede, B. Korver, S. Smirh, C. Taylor, J. Holiday, S. Ferguson. 7TH ROWB. Dvorak, R. Jones, J. Newberg, B. Thacker, R. Klein, B. Nellis, F. Sullivan, P. Srone. STH ROW-A, Hoogenakker, T. Waddell, L. Huff, B. Floyd, B. Borghols, T. Woody, T. Parsons, M. Hoy. BACK ROW-coaches G. Cameron, T, Wilkie, D. Frerichs, H, Kimble, J. Edner. 2 John Whire runs for more J-Hawk yardage, while Lee Noel arremprs ro block a Hoover defender. 0 Brad Sabin heads up field afrer a J-Hawk inrerceprion during rhe homecoming game againsr Saydel. The J-Hawks won 337. 4 Senior Lee Noel Scrambles for yardage during rhe S.E. Polk game. 5 An enrhusiosric Dan Lodermeier celebrares one more ro go offer defearing Pello before rhe srare playoffs. 6 Dean Sreworr scrambles after Hoover's quorrerbads in rhe J-Howl-:'s 4547 vicrory. CANDlD PHOTOS BY DAVE CLASEN Football 0 129 GUEST- HOME- 13O 0 Football Building Up Hyvibpsxfyfwnf -P 5 tie Grinnell nd in CIC g against tough teams lilse and Grinnell but losing to the ce champs, S.E. Polls, the re football team had its shore of downs. Coaches Roger Scorr and phens led the sophomores to a n. total of 699 yards, Kreg as leading rusher, and Randy was the team's leading roclsler raclsles. In the finol CIC standing, omores tied with Grinnell for lace. itz learneal runnlngbacls ugh we didn't have o winning feel we learned a lor and we'lI r next year," commented ack Tom Hillary. The A squad inst Dallas Center and own. The B Squad won all rhree omes. The A Squad finished 45 record, the B squad with a -0 season. The two teams had a record of 5-6. de was the leading rusher and ith 527 yards and 54 points. was lead by Kenny Miller wirh s and 4 fumble recoveries. The ended the season scoring 154 eraglng 14 points a game, :gon ore Football Team: FRONT ROW-B. llian, S. Hammer, C. Monn, J. Gillseson. W- M. Caskey, E. Johnson, B. Gardner, n, R. Barhwell, R. Myers, D, Kollmorgen, ns, R. Hanson. THIRD ROW-J. Young, T. . Barnes, A. Carrer, B. Honn, K. Warden, . Swenson. FOURTH ROW-M. Madison, J. K. Veler, J, Halsren, D, Vawter, G. FIFTH ROW-T. Winger, T. Parson, P. S. Brush, B. Turnquisr. BACK ROW-Coach Coach R. Scorr. ders Denise Drake and Shari Bergamo phomore ream on ro an 18-14 victory ny. ling down ren interceptions, freshman ec evades would be Boone rackelers. quickly learn how ro tackle after 'Cumberland gap" or practice. re Kerg Bardole punrs the ball against enrs Ankeny. Bardole was leading he season. n Football Team: FRONT ROW-J. . Brush, S. Shepler, D, Haney, B. Hoverry, 1, G. Hohnel-se, B. Bloem, T. Wolford. DW-M. Dunlserson, S. Hotopp, D. S. Warhen, M. Alvsrad, T. Hillary, T. Keith. THIRD ROW-M. McCannan, T. C, Scorr, J. Mozena, B. Campbell, S. Ailler, D. Duede. FOURTH ROW-D, Roberts, R. Warren, A. Lewis, S. Whire, S. T. Lyness, R. Zavirka. FlFl' H ROW-R. Pack, er, K. Bauman, B, Markowski, J. Barber, z, J. Del3ord, M. Jenkins. SIXTH ROW-G. hristopher, T. Nelson, S. Ericson. BACK D. Keller, Coach S. Long. H I 2 GUEST- HOME! Hwfgtfyffwlff Crossing The C ounrry if- . ,,. Hamill . M? . - - - .1 4 ggiitr-'A i ,.,, , - it -i - , -l . 'W issng: 1fi,,, ,v , A Ei! Hin, ii ' ' i ,. ,-. ,J l,-.i.i'5',.. , , , 1 ,..,. 1l4 i?f?1OFeiDi06Gl4liee?i ee fieiiwiiliilireri- . .gr ..,.. - ir, ,, ., ., sl.: - i is 'A 1 ' A E il .. . 4, KDE., r 'Eli ' U lf' ,dstfi the Urbqndoleiiyir , Qmsal croascowirrv fn s ii it i i g r 3 j'migA.ihordLDeb1ste Kalrtes :end of -I ,A U f inest Leaf bvhqnd . 'ngrir ' is liiblLi555gliJj.,fTFUgQlffii Fiifieilsmwrii . Sr -." it +- iw- rf - .ff i-, He, gg' A plaCeff'flftlshiiir'ii ' ale 'lnvitcr f X ,, 3i sk, e,Q,"5 6 l' i 4"i f'Of1 ls,:7,.g i j ,i ,if f , - . 5 M515'visit,Iogrenygsrendsrias., ,e new ihelen ithe hill 'Urbandale tg"i1liil" 'course Q' - '11 it tgp: is-iMii4aqveri5iIreeElf Qfidif, Peterson l "i l i ,iiwipiii M W. ilnvitaT1amal.' V - s '15v,, 4 A .... , 'N ',, ...-F4 ,, ' mpjiii not the,Cl .meeti-th-U . it ' 1 'Y . 1 1 semriwisfviiff' t wig vi ew, OlSohQgEQ'iZ9n+ Lf ig Siirif. LMi"if1w+ tilsiftei T iimeiieiiciissiisiiiicsgtesil i l i i , GIRLS X-COUNTRY Adel, Waukee, Urbandale, Osceola Sheraton, Osceola, lndianola Uroandale Classic Oskaloosa Invitational Marshalltown Invitational Tech invitational Cardinal invitational ' if i dianala invitational . 'T rrbandale lnvitarioiial Ankehy invitational 6 i ,-uf, Jai eAEikeny, I I I GC it iliiis District ' ' ' it , .--4, Li.: 'sa 4 132 0 Cross-Country diSfUSsfrwnfilfiQjQS"QrC9ieS Pfesiedinsfif irbenselef I lr5,-fix! ' l ar .s iii, 1st 1st lst 1sr 5th 1st 2nd 2nd lst Grd 2nd 2nd 7th Girls score tive Once again a top-scorer, the li cross-country team compiled a five first place finishes. TIP members, mainly sophomores an were, on the average, SO se one minute faster than la Coach Gary DauDrava sai Hawlsette Invitational and the Url invitational were two very good The team was well balanced cl good Action at the Urbandale lnv was led by sophomore Diane Killer placed fourth for the Varsity Ter junior Missy Carver who did well Junior Varsity. The Jayettes w class, bearing eight other teams. Hawlsetre Invitational, the girls rhird out of ten teams. Sopham Darnhizer tools second place in The girls' action at the Urbandal was led by a team of sophomor placed fifth out of 19 At the Oslsaloosa lnvirario sophomores were led by B Brenda Blacls, and Laura Tremm placed fourth, fifth, and sixth resp ln the CIC the girls finished sec seventh in Strive For C onsist lnconsistency described the 107 cross-country season. Though member team was unable together a strong team perfor there were several outstanding in perfor The highlight of the season was Oslsaloosa Invitational, the JV plac with rhe Varsity placing second Noteable team finishes i triangular victories over Adel-W Johnston, Osceola, lndianola, and At the Urbandale Invitational, th placed third out of nine teams ai the running of Kris l-lolsans Danlsert, Tim Thimesch, and Mil Treels. Four of five Varsity runners OSX Kris "Q x-5' ' if' BOYS X-COUNTRY ' 'Q-615, Adel, Woulsee, Johnsrori- , V 'lsr ' lndlonolo, Soydel ., , A - 'lsr - Oslsoloosoilgmvirdriornlil F, xxxu 2nd Marshalltown lnvirorionol ' , 7rh Anlseqy-,-Iflvllorionol A Slfh , ,b --:TECH l0VllOTlOQQl'L'-j'-55? M Igr, lard J Cordiqol , A Arhl 0 " Smfdell 525- P6U?i1'l'i?i1FQEEIfl5i3 255 V .X Urbondole cj , Qld, cnc " sm V' 'Disrricr -V " 12m , I Q 1 I ,Q 4 5 ' QL l JW? , ' 'Al, T . ' 'W ' X 'yr ga 3,9044 L "7 W' l Q ' ' 1131 Boys Cross-Country ' 133 ui--A 'li - 'K l ' g V l fi' 1. ,. .1 ' F A J .J l . J . l .lpn - 4 Y' I I A I Y in l P i ' T 1' J ul yi' 1 Girls Swim Team: FRONT ROW-S. Darrah, A. Gray, P. Parren, L. Pack, A. Weaver, M. Gray. SECOND ROW-M. Procror, J. Gray, M. Walsh, G. Meinerr, S. Drummond, C. Canine, F. Mulder. BACK ROW-Assisr. coaches D. Gorch and G. McArrhur, C. Lindsrrom, T, Christensen, L. Mulder, S. Lane, M. Leavell, coach D. Paulson, and manager J. Janssen. 2 Coach Paulson looks on while swimmers worm up. 8 Boys Swlm Team: FRONT ROW-T. Fausrer, M. Kline, J, Hurlserr, S. Parren, E. Lone. SECOND ROW-Coach D, Paulson, F. Rowland, M. Kelley, J. Mohr, D. Kline, J. Koupal, assi. coach G. McArthur. BACK ROW-D. McMahon, R. Srour, J. Janssen, B. Smirh, L. Greene, 5. Fausrer. 4 Srore diving qualifier Brad Smirhis flying high. 5 Gail Meineri concentrates before her evenr 6 Coach Paulson calls out insrrucrions as rhe boys pracrice. 7 Scorr Fausrer clowns around during worm-ups. 6 New elecrronlc scoreboard, riming sysrem, and record boards broughr pool facilities upto-dare. 9 A girl swimmer makes a splash in a meer ogoinsr Norrh. 134 0 Swlmmlng 'NL win- L go ro Srafe -g 10 new school records our of 11 the girls swim ream was coached Paulson and Gail McArrhur, and d by sophomore Jon Janssen and n Eric Lane. In the rhird season of rion, the ream fools second in rhe morning pracrices paid off when placed fourrh in disrricr and five girls ro the stare meer. Teri en, Colleen Lindsrrom, Gail Susan Lane, and Ami Gray 7rh of Go in ream scoring. en finished fourrh in srare in the breasrsrrolse and received an All norable Menrion. The medley m of Chrisrensen, Lindsrrom, d Gray placed eighrh. end of rhe season, co-caprain rensen was named the mosr swimmer, and Sara Drummond n the leadership award. The roved swimmers chosen from de were Michelle Walsh, 9, over, 10, Jill Gray, 11, and co- Welanie Gray, 12. s very happy. They did a great new coach Dan Paulson. vemenr made d improvemenr advanced the im ream. Managed by ore Susan Lane, senior caprains usrer, Maris Kline, and Brad Smirh ream. Afrer a long season of mperirion, fhe ream finished 11 our of 12 school records. They home a second place rrophy Tech Engineer lnvirarional, and r rhird place in rhe ClC. Ar rhe eer, diver Brad Smirh, rhe only m member ever ro qualify, d ro stare where he placed 12rh. season's end, senior Jeff Mohr 1 ed rhe mosr valuable swimmer, leadership and spirir award wenr Kline. The mosr improved gs from each grade were Scorr , Bill Kline, 10, Larry Greene, 11, rr Fausrer and Jeff Mohr, 12. 6 Mary Mellerup Records Broken 'Q i? Sweet Sixteen Ar Last! UHS 60 UHS -,.' ' Q82 UHS' 67 AUHSS " 78 Ul-15 C0 UH5.. ' 99 UHS' 79 was ' 78 WHS 56 iiils 82 UHS 88 UHS 90 UljlS 62 UHS 68 UHS 65 UHS 61 UHS 66 UHS 73 UHS T7 Sectlonals Ul-LS 71 UHS 75 Distrlct UHS- X T -75 Regional UHS '79 State Ul-iS 74 uASK?rBALi.i.lxECAl? V S. Iomqgv S .. 1 , 2' SiE.-. RQLH Dowling' ,4 Volley. Ankeny 'Doane ' ' 'Waukee 4 ' - E. Grinnell 7 ' . East, .' Saydel lndlonolo Grinnell S.E. Polls S. Tomo Anlteny Boone Saydel Newton lndianolo Valley Dowling' . f -1 ' r Ciry Srorrh Lake Ankeny E,-.f fi: .. 136 0 Girls Basketball Toro! reom leods ro For the first time in UHS history, boslserboll teom quolified for t rournomenr. lt also wos the first tir rhe lowo Girls High School Arhleri clossed the store tournament, the regulor seoson, 10-4, ond se Anlseny in the ClC, 14-5, the try Sweet Sixteen was o torol teom Cooch Gary Page said, "We ho pretty deep sometimes becouse ot ond the people we were depen reolly come through." The Joy their first round store tournoment g Ankeny who went on to not o the Four A Chornpionship but the State Chompionshlp as well. The J victory over Ani-:eny eorlier during seoson ploy stood os the only ole the chornplon's otherwise perfect The season started slowly with two gomes postponed bec football ployoffs ond on opening loss ro South Tomo. Injuries tools l during the lost port of the seo- rhe Joyettes dropped three gon row. The girls went into rournom exhibiting their finest bo Senior Koren Word ser o school record ond tied o conference m 59 points during the gome Boone. Selected by rhe reo mosr voluoble ployer, Word named ro rhe Des Moines Regis Tribune's All-Areo Teom, ond v teom All-Cenrrol lowo Conference second yeor. Junior Missy Cor horned to the second reom Cl Joni Morvin and senior Becky were named to the third te 1 Junior Shari Bergamo ond senior Beck fighr for the ball in o 79-57 vicrory over Junior Missy Corver worches in an 2 Junior Kristi Van Vleet soars high ro blo os sophomore Beth Wobken loolss on for 3 Scoring two more points agoinsr Grinr Joni Morvin jumps obove two d 4 During her career as o forword, sen Word hos accomplished mony fears: First ond Second All Areo Teom her junior Team ClC, Fourth Des.Moines Register, Daily Press, and First Team All Area. Wor second in coreer leading scoring her se 5 Girls Basketball Teom: TOP ROW-B, Baumon, B. Witt, L. Page, L. Shine, Trainer N. Harrison, K. Anderson, S. Hanson. MIDDL Newberg, S. McNabb, B. Forrune, L. Whit Vleet, K. Word, K. Low, T. McNabb, S. BOTTOM ROW-K. Rypl-iemo, K, Frerlchs, B, M. Corver, C. Bolin, T. Srevens, J, Gilson, lf A 4- ii Glrls Basketball 0 187 138 0 Girls Basketball Specroculor Record soPHoMom: a Jv BASKETBALL na 48 S, Tomo 65 Volley UHS 72 S.E. Polls UHS 80 Dowling UHS . 57 Norwolls UHS 52 Volley UHS 74 Ankeny UHS 94 Dollos Community UHS 60 Boone UHS 57 X Marshalltown UHS , 57 Valley UHS 75 Grinnell UHS 54 Ankeny UHS 74 Soydel UHS 63 Ankeny UHS 64 lndionolo UHS 59 Grlnnell UHS 71 lndionolo UHS 52 S,E. Polk UHS 62 S. Tomo UHS 55 Anlseny UHS '58 'Boone UHS 61 soydel UHS B2 Newron UHS 72 lndionolo pci seasons -V, Sophs ophomore and junior varsiry d schedules resulred in 54 srraighr ey won rhe Iasr rwo games of -78 season, were 27-O during lasr and vvenr 25-O rhis year. The have had perfecr regular for rhe lasr fwo years. The girls en playing rogerher since junior Larson led in scoring wirh a rorol points followed by Cris Frerichs roral poinrs. Carolyn Seller was under. Basketball Team FRONT ROXVVS. , K. Frerichs, K. Ryplxema, D. Woblsen, K. , McNabb, J. Gilson. BACK ROW-L. Shine, L. Wlrr, B. Black, D. Bauman, S. Hansen, N. hard for a rebound, sophomore Brenda ns for rhe ball, ore Teri Horr fighrs for a rebound against Sourh Tama. rowards rhe basket, sophomore forward uman reaches under rhe hand of a Sourh nenr ro control rhe ball. ore Kris Rypkema pulls down another owards as B9-65 .layerre vicrory. Brand bids farex Urbandale Boys Baslserball reann rhe role of a Cinderella ream. ' Hawks finished second in rl' conference wirh a 10-4 record. A disappoinring loss ro Grinnell, rhe J-H seemed ro come alive. They deff Sourh Tama and headed inro disrricr The J-Hawks bear Dowling in an ove upser, 63-81. Their nexr opponen previously fop rared Hoover. The J-i- were bearen badly early in rhe SI by Hoover, 81-65, bur upser Hoo' disrricrs, 61-59. Nexr for rhe J-Hawls. Abraham Lincoln CCounciI Bluffsi, i For only rhe second rime 1 school's hisrory, rhe J-Hawks wenr r Srare Tournament and were defeal rhe firsr round by evenfual champion Dubuque Wahlen Conference honors wenr ro seniors Lollman and Craig Zimmerman. S Todd Kim and Tim Sreinmeyer re honorable menrion. Doug Lollman I J-Hawl-as in scoring and rebou Deparring Coach Dennis commenred, "I wanr ro rhanls rhe for making a coach's dream come Brand who had coached rhe boys for rhree years was named Cenrral Coach of rhe Brian 1 Varsity Basketball Team: FRONT Sreinmeyer, T. Richards, J. Surron, mgr. A. T. Kimm, B. Williem, and J. Palmer. SECON C. Zimmerman, R. Klein, assist. coach F. Holz D, Brand, assisr, coach G. Allmer, D. Fink, Hokanson. BACK ROW-Dan Lollman, D, Alle Lollman, B. Bargohls and D 2 Going up for a shor, senior Kris Holcanso rwo points versus 8 During rhe J-Hawks Srare Tournament firs game againsr Dubuque Wahlerr, Craig Zimrr drives for a basker. The Jays f 4 Senior Doug Allen converts an offensive r inro a J-Hawk baslxer against Ankeny during seas iygjnh-.,, 3 . . ...H V W-5,4 "7 WAY' Boys Basketball ' 141 Action On C 1 ' . 'Ha "5 ' ------.Jig-k , ,W ,P , , Q ve 45 , L FN 1 Xl" ner -o-champianshp lg rheir opponenrs ro a defensive 35 points, an average of 46.4 wile scoring ar a 65 poinr clip, rhe re ream was able ro compile a n record. They shared rhe CIC ionship with S.E. Polls. d scoring wirh four players e season averaging in double lped rhe sophomores emerge s. Dan Kollmorgen led rhe team irh a 14.6 poinr average, Kyle 12, and Randy Richards a 10.5 ding, a major facror in rhe rhe team, was well manned n. Nicola led rhe ream in ishing our 65 assists ro his ream. rdole and Tim Winger were guards and shared rhe play osirion. Scorr Schneider and Jerry ded rebounding and defensive homore reserves racked up a ecard. ed rhe fabulous fifteen, rhe A and B baslserball squads season records of 11-6 and O-7 ly. Complering rhe Pollls Counry nr, rhe A ream fools firsr round ainsr lohnsron, 71-34. As semi- y rolled over Roosevelr, 50-45. I round, rhey losr ro Hoover by , 53-54. Sreve Lang said, "The final rhis rournamenf was rhe finesr I game I have ever seen ar rhis grade level. In my six years of I have never had a feam do as I asked This group ro do for rhis ill always remember this efforr. OW, is ro never be a loser. We ners rhar nighr." show good ream defense againsr . , sophomore Marls Nicola ralses a shor leny. The Jays won rhe game 62-48. Le Kyle Warden purs in rwo poinrs. Boys Basketball Team: FRONT ROW- , S. Augspurger, S, Shepler, D. Springer, T. Applegare, S. Rorh. BACK ROW-B. lohnelae, D. Keirh, K. Keller, D. . Hanson, P. I-Iaarsma, R. Zavirlsa. re Boys Basketball Team: FRONT I-ze, E. Lucs, J. Halsren, Coach F. Holz, B. ardole, T. Winger. BACK ROW- C. Schneider, R. Richards, T. Loclswood, K. Kollmorgen, M. Nicola, D. Wipperman, I Todd Thimesch goes up for rwo. Days Basketball 0 143 Grapplers T Shaffer Marks 144 ' Wrestling Four our for Sf "lr was a disappointing season as win-loss records go," saia wrestling coach Dan Keller. "Hox because of having a young reom, freshmen and sophomores got n experience for the future." Ti six wrestling meets made up the r season. Four freshmen lettered. T seniors on the reom included Al Jim Goodman, Bob Johnson, Todd and Jerry T The J-Hawks placed third at action with 108 points and qualifi for stare: Jim Goodman, Jerry T Russ Bothwell, and Todd Parson advancing two of the four to round competition, Goodman and lost and were unable ro wrestl ln rhe record bools, Goodman rwo records by making rh reversals and the mosr 2-point n Towers had rhe mosr decisio Borhwell had the quicl-:est pi seconds, and Al Carver brolse th pins in a season with . Team captains were Goodm Towers. Goodman was name valuable Bob 1 Sophomore Russ Dothwell strains t Grinnell opponent for 2 Varsity Wrestling Team: FRONT Roberts, R, Bothwell, E. Johnson, J. Olson, J. D. Kraft, J. Carey, D. Haverty, SECOND Dartemes, F. Sullivan, T. Patterson, L. Huff, tr Orr, M. Casabar, T. Parsons, B. Korver. DA M. Howell, assist. coach XV. Winters, D. Jo Goodman, A. Carver, T. Smith, J. Tow coach D. Keller, T. 3 Senior Jerry Towers exhibits control, opponent as he advances to second roun ca 4 Senior Al Carver warms up before falling Coffin in a Dowlin 5 Wrestler Jim Goodman puts rhe hurt waits for the fall ro help the J-Hawks beat N -.F-' Jw, .yu ww' u,,jw.L-' ' J.- Y w7,x'+f',. :urntv ni K 5 W!E5i.:fIm 31'-:E -HI ' 'L rl if I uf. 5,112 , , Hghring Hard 'ell sets ecord se there were not enough to have a team, the Urbandale tling team did not have a dual his year. JV coach Wade Winters e just wrestled exhibition whenever we had someone at ght." ew record was set by Marty ho had 18 2-point near falls in on, tiers mano' e JV, rhe freshmen ream was in more wrestlers. Coach Doullrova a small group but determined." summed up the season, "It ng hard season. the team was spite of all the losses, they stucls n Wrestling Squad: FRONT ROW-Mike yan Haverry, Don Roberrs. SECOND Lewis, James Mozena, Rod Warren, owslxi, Mike Alvsrad, Greg Christopher, an. BACK ROW-Coach Mitch Myers, Jay ve Brush, Todd Lyness, Scorr White, Marr Dremhorsr, Coach Gary DouDrava. rrong first period, freshman Jim Mozeno for another workout. Greg Christopher works for the lead ke down his Dowling opponent. rlo Casabar, after giving it his oil, wallss t. or the near fall, freshman Rod Warren 1 opponent. S Wrestling ' 147 Running Strong H" nu U" ull 59" Q! 148 I Boys Track Noel Klein fourth or J "Our strongest areas were the events, especially the interr distances. We had fine mile-rel and medly-relay teams," com track coach Gary DouBrava. Th finished with a 3-2 dual meet fourth in the CIC and fourth Early in the season at th Relays, senior Doug Allen wan th and the mile relay team of Ro Kris Hakanson, Brian Fink, ar Newberg took top honors. At meet senior Lee Noel won the 11 dash. Klein won the 200 meter meter runs. Sophomore Eric Lucs third in the high hurdles and fift hig Qualifying for state at the distric Noel took top honors in the high and Klein, a junior, won the 20 dash and placed second in the 40 place finishers were Lucs in the hi and junior pole vaulter Marvin With a fine showing at state, N Klein each took fourth place h the high hurdles and the op resp Each week coaches Doul3rava Hermsen chose an outstandin member. Noel, Klein, Newberi Hokanson, and Dave Soth were s Freshman coach Frank Holtz l membe 1 High hurdler Lee Noel soars in the 110 rn hurdle at the Drake Relays. Noel placed th 2 Senior Jay Pattee waits to run the 1 relay during the preliminaries at the Drak 3 At the Valley Relay, Junior Rod Kle ahead to finish first in the 400 m 4 Boys Track Team: FRONT ROW-C. T Hayes, D. Haney, K. Tremmel, D. Sp Rowland, T. Nelson, M. Pankratz, D. Langdo. SECOND ROW-Mgr. T. Pitzer, J. Ne Glahn, T. Steinmeyer, L. Noel, K. Hok Allen, M. Orr, D. Soth, J. Pattee, C. Tayl Coach G. DouBtava. THIRD ROW-Asst. Hermsen, S. Brush, D. Winters, R. Klein, G. B. Fink, R. Richards, A. Davis, E. Luc, J. Griffin, M. Madison, D. DuBois, Mgr. K. Pitch ROW'R. Janes, S. Huston, J. Carey, D. H Doals, S. Clarke, S. Olson, K, Da VanTreeck, J. Walden, J. Lodermeier, K. Sullivan, D. Kroner, M. Pringle. Nat Pictured- J. Murphy, P. Mindermann, T. 4" 9 1 " - 1' - 1- 2. . - A -4 ., gvjla 'Zu ef- 1' fl-,'Tf?D ' 4 -" ,Ht-.'1f' ,Z f f' f " M7 .1 .5 'Z""? 1' . 1vf.:,a,A H Y . . , - . jx f f,f.'fA"!:lL:112':'- - Movin' Ah Lf: , Vu 4 , -I ' If Y C . '3' 1 df -'Ji:1-'nj V , H.,-am. . V-,-..' ' Girls Track B Tiff .iff !!w N 1 'i af-. 54 'M 'YQ' 'jnik' , ,gl ' 73357. ' f ' 3'-g2:':f::5 ' "' 5.1 ,SIB . ,... ,. ih GC grh gro wing use of rhe girls boslserboll reoms' rhe .loyerre rrocls reom gor off ro srorr, bur with eoch meer rhey improvemenr. Showing lors of menr or rhe Urbondole nol, rhe losr meer of rhe seoson, come in second ro Corrol r by 1 118 poinrs. Eorlier in rhe rhey hod losr ro Kemper by 80 Joyerres come in rhird in rhe CIC lndionolo ond Anlseny. With o owing or disrricrs, one evenr for srore. 4 x 800 merer reloy, Deb Kolnes, remmel, Dione Killeen, ond Eileen ho subsrirured for Beclsy Forrune rhe srore meer. members elecred owords ro be r rhe rrocls bonquer. Winners osr voluoble member, Deb Kolnes, proved member, Eileen Clorls, sr inspiring member, Louro el. illigon oren Anderson prepores ro onchor rhe reloy. ore Deb Koines sets o school record in mile reloy. hrower Suzie Wegner finishes rhird or rhe invirorionol. on Morieiro Gubuon helps o reommore ondoffs before rhe meer. ge ond Morgorer Kuble finish firsr ond rhird 0 merer hurdle. g ro lseep oheod, Missy Corver lunges he finish. v pug I' s , me A . Y 'II K K "l 'Y '71 . . ln-4 IVMV .i BILL R 1 i-, WN, ,. H' i ,Ib ff JW' ' ' . , Ar 1 ' 5 5.5, I 1. V, f Y ' I I, 'AUP Girls Track 0 151 Lfnlfsrers I bonner Finishing wirh o duol record of girls golf reom won or finished si oll mojor rournomenrs. They ploce rhe Urbondle, Anlxeny, ond I Invirorionols. Junior Porri Mirc medolisr in rhe Urbondole Ini while freshmon Noncy Frei medolisr in borh rhe Anke Knoxville Invii The Joyerres finished second in ond or secrionols held or Webs They olso finished second or E Forr Dodge, jusr missing o fifrh con rrip ro rhe srore meer. The re- coproined by seniors Teri Chri Mory Schmidr, ond Connie Willis. hod rhe be-sr seoson o Br Fifrh in rhe srore rournomenr Ciry, rhe boys golf reom finis seoson, 12-3. The Joys won rournomenr, rhe Urbondole Inv ond rhe J-I-lowls Clossic. Th second in rhe Newron lnvirorion disrricr. Junior Jim Drown finishe Eleven golfers were oble below 40 during rhe seoson. Br rhe reom in below 40 rounds, Medolisr in rhe CIC wirh o one u 71, junior Joe Polmer olso wos m Newron. He wos medoli Urbondole lnvirorionol ond wos FL medolisr in rhe J-Howl Kenr Kromer wos runner-up m rhe Urbondole lnvirorionol. Seni Freese ond Kromer were olso or runner-up medolisrs in o mojo The boys only bowed o greorer Des Moines reom, Anlsen disrri 1 Senior Teri Chrisrensen reodys for o Vol 2 On number one, senior Connie Willi 3 Girls Golf Teom: FRONT ROW-K. Freese, C, Willis, 5. Dorroh, C. Coonce. DA T. Chrisrensen, P. Mirchell, M. Schmidr, L. S 4 Swinging down on number one ree is 5 Boys Golf Teom: FRONT ROW- Hommer, B. Bogley, M. Nicolo, J. Srenserh, S. Augspurger. SECOND ROW-D. Schroeder, R. Andrews, M. Schroeder, Honson. BACK ROW-P.. Kirlxendoll, J. Kromer, B. Freese, J. Brown, J 6 Dlosring our of number four sond rrop, Polm I 7 Senior Brion Freese srudies his shor os he for o shor our of ri . 1-,V -- ,U 'g..g,.,,.l J'. -5. ' 'IA 'rf' rxq ' r . .e .. ..1. JH., n ' .,.L .,l, ,,. L".L w f L ..L -1 . .T 'r-rv ,. .Q 1 ,f ui, .. ..,., Q,-1' 1 1 N? x cw we rw M1 A if 'F ,J s f ' 1, 1. 'SLI 14, V' gl U ". Z ff-, 1-- " . V A. A -:Y ag..,Qfif75,... ,ni-,fr".i.:' fa.: Q' ' . 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Awards went toSallie Berrier, Home Economicsg Russ l-laynes, Physical and Teri Hillary, Social Scienceg flames, lndustrial Artg Je A Staci McNabb, Business Ruth by Robert Bodino from the iowa County Bar associations, Russ Haynes was presented with the'American Auxiliary Scholarship by Ruth Whitney. Kay Griffin awarded the Cadet Teachers S 5 S Scholarship to Pam Poreete, and Dolly' S Lein awarded the new Writers' ' C. Workshop scholarship to- Cindy Salyers., if :Becky Fortune received the Memorial Scholarship presented 1 Lined up and waiting, the graduating class has some last n 2 Senior Greg Hall plays a trombone solo at Comm: 3 After promising to keep his speech short, student speaker Craig Zimmerman reminds tl POST 9 4 Cherie Beeler tallss about the closs's personality and achi 5 The graduating class begins the Pr 6 Principle Ernest Doetingsfeid congratulates Maris Kline for being selected as a Presidential 'a vq 'J-GV-nw ...L-Y L!-J -sn,-QPFVFMP 4-fx.-4 F K sect 4-.5 PR OFESSIONAL LISTING roahdale MeaIcaI Uhic Super Valu Warehouse r Copeland Omega Pharmacy r Charles Foulke Dr David Klhser .M IIHS Lumber Norrh wesr Vererlhary I-lospiral John B. Mlsoh, DDS Q i O O Hkie determined to do the best for you.. ii !! Central National Bank 81 Trust Company DES MOINES I515J 245-7111 MEMBER FDIC LOCUST AT 6TH 5TH 8 GRANDBSTH 81 INGERSOLLWDMI 3400 WESTOWN PKWY..'501 E. ARMY POST RD. 1: AFFILIATED WITH CENTRAL NATIONAL BANCSI-IARES, INC, The Brand ames ou know and tru t are always in at Ardan. ff' 'n'l O xi f Q ,,:0:4 ffg, Q'o'o' 5 'o'o'o'o'o'o'o'fo'o5s 43' 35? EE? 0 0' H IHS A . 2 5' Q' oo45M:5oooooooooo5o 4500005 -oOOOOCs Q fe' s 32 I J ooooooooooosoooo 5 Q, .'2.9.'fff,0.0.0f.0f.0.0.9Q-.. -.0 ..... .... dvvvv- . ..... ....O soooooosoooooooot V-. ???!??o'a'oSS5i8o5?fff.f . '9fff6fof0fofo'f5'o'!!fofi. mununnw I EBGNEIDA umsomc 1 KROMEX ,951 LL LL E Ill n fa I nfl n - N Fisher-Price I '- F EX ,ofooifffifffifififfffQ'fifo'oo'fo'fofF66'66g, ,44444444444!'!'!-3444'I'!'!mf!'!-'M523343341. F ! ' " !i i! P l ' O u.mTox I n - a L 5 ESE Wg W 2 2 - -fm V231 2-2 2-Emi M A- I I' - 'IE 1? Q- - 3: - E S ig is ' Mlllllla 5 H . H Qlielmelt 5 M "v"0"o'.o'o"9 0 0"0'.o"v"o'Y "''"""Y""A"""'Q"""'-""l l I , -V ARDAN FAMILY PLAZA 4080 Merle Hay Road ' Des Moines, IA YHE NTERBAN CARD 15155 278-5555 master charge i U ANDALE HA M GY ew-Ia N? NI -as S V 'V , I ,J W, 5 121+ ,,- ' II. . - - 4. tif' I 5 I-ff' . , L ,,,. 7 tm E auui i s - I I"e FREE I DELIVERY Karhy Sreeiy whips up a malr for senior Ai Carver in rhe soda founrain or Urbandale Pharmacy. PRESCRIPTION LA. Fulfon S Sons, Ina. I I sw- - ri: THE OGNIELIQN iPEcgIbI.IsTs" ' 441.-1 -Q-:WI-gif? Q53 COMMERCIAL PLUMBING Plaque . ripe. HEATING si Dim - If-w.w ,..:,fw E FI AIR CCNDITIONING 276 4265 D659 Mori IIMPIQQIIII r .I I 3 EQ ig R53 L we - 'ig .2 I ii' I 3401 - 104th Streep Ht Wabkeiff y Sg irm is 4 I Q 0 d QIW IIIIII 6928 Douglas 276-9989 Owner: Mike Lucas 572 gi ff I I fe-- 1b-1. Y" wig ? 2, 5 25539 5 -'-.ff fix . M ,Q U. Q,erI:,,4w' . III:-If , Mis." 'fi ' F ' lmceml ery -if ' ' 1 MARY POPPINS NURSERY MM 6701 Madison 276-8931 H 231233155 WHULESAI-E NUTS 3601 Nw. we The Cu! and Grade To Fi! Your TRADE USPECIALIIING IN HOTEL In RESTAURANT MEATSH Rodgers 6920 Douglas Ave. Urbcndole, Io. Go, J-Hawks' A Your ke to the bank... The Working Money Card lets you deposit or withdraw money day and night from Convenient Banking locations all over Iowa. BANK -6-WR BR TDNQ, 'lheworkinghanlu Brenton Bonk ond Trust 7081 Douglos Avenue Urbondole, lowo 50822 RQQEEE EEQQ me '7m,ao'c!4 FIAT - SAAB - SUBARU TELE. 5151278-1661 Good Luck, I-Hawks KAREN ACRES MONEY MARINO IDEAS FOR YOUR BOOSTER CLUB Call Wayne Robbms Offnce and Display Room 8450 Hickman RD 276 9224 I-lull? Sports Locker "Serving Your Athletic Needs" Hwy NK N OO Unlverslr XX 277 4474 My I Q EJ EQEISER SEED S ,I Q Wx W, . . ' X - , NURSING HOME 3805 Elm Dr. 276-4969 A CL-2 r I4' L IM A 75 V y ' IVENXK Des Mounes, IOWO , 'f .VM ,, ,IF x MWHLJJ ' , 4, V ' - :W - Y. q' Y? , 4-gig. LYTHGOE X PHOTOGRAPHY O Porfroits, weddings. groduotions The Echo Sroff would like ro express speciol rhonks ro Mr. Warren Lyrhgoe for his time ond efforr in rol-:ing O pic- rure for rhe yeorbook cover. a6bon's TRAVEL GOODS GIFTS 4640 Merle Hay Rd. Des Moines, Iowa 50323 You'II Get A Lot For Your Money And That's A Promise! Des Moines Lock Service 3713 Beaver 277-8226 GRACO ' DEVILBISS ' BINKS --DESIGN SPECIALISTS OF aNDusrmAL EOuiPMENr'- INDUSTRIAL FINISHING SYSTEMS OMAHA-DES MOINES-WATERLOO IOWA WATS PHONE: 800-362-2783 P,O. sox avao TED BREITBACH 1904 N.W, 92ND counr PHONE 1515i 2236169 DES MOINES, IOWA som BREITBACH ASSOCIATES MANUFACTURERS REPRESENTATIVES PO, BOX 3 7eO TED BREITBACH 1904 Nw. 92ND COURT PHONE c5151 223-6155 DES MOINES. 1OvvA 5O322 STEVENS DELI J I Inf,-,"7""'-'Q ., f l "Wow Qld' Merle I-IOy MOII Voriery Of eOr-in Or corry-Our fOOOs, BISHOP Eimuscogg QWJJW gwzwzzy 5550! MW MW 276- 0467 CLYPSO 1608 22 West Des Moines 225-3915 m I AI Carey's Urbandale Nursery "Go J-hawks" 0 6900 TowNsEND Q URBANDALE, lowA Bo 276-3131 7500 University, Clive Carry Outs ' 255-9152 s Office-4133-71st St t U b d I I wa 50322 IOWA- Melee ':.::'-:E 3-,--55 ez-.. Memb FDIC An Affiliate of Northwest Bancorporation 4gg,4-WAEMA 3- ,E 'Af lf 'fit'-,141 ' ' . 1, ' , if ' 'Sell "R f, , V 1' - . ' 'ff - 4 . - . , Yes, you can get a lot of help for your money. Seventh A Walnut Beaver 5 Douglas 8301 Douglas E. 25111 G Euclid 600 Army Pos1Rd. 245-3131 45 3365 245-3386 245-3134 245-3450 aim fl? 61355 of So 1 D A !o F4?flTl BUFEEU I service insurance employment Ll!! 69 mm! Wyman on 6244 y X950 WHEELABRA TOR-FR YE INC. CHEMICALS 6 COA TING5 GR OUP Divisional Office 7600 University, Suite A Des Moines, Iowa 5031 1 C5152 274-4901 I f.1' ,ff "x 1 :, f' .1 4'- ..-r.. 1 , Ixxr - V , .', f ar I IQ, Best to You 9 1980 Graduates Family Cv Speciality Dental Health Care Center 8515 Douglas Omega Place Suite 21 Dr. Burns 6 Associates Comprehensive Dental Care at Reasonable Fees ' fi? 7020 DOUGLAS AVENUE DES MOINES, IOWA 50322 l515l 276-4959 Guitars. drums, amps an accessories at discount prices 1 .. .t,,,1. V ... . . , X V fkfh, 1 . 1. - rat. -3 , Q , 3 - ' ' - - - .-45 "H, ,, if tv "1 Q :g ,jf " sg" Wfgp A'5!5m.l,2lll,l.E.:l5.-l'1!L..Q ,, if ' 4' A Q , WESTOVERTFLJNERAL HOME M37 HICKMAN ROAD ' DES MOINES, IOWA 50322 BOOM ADIJITIUNS BEMUUELIIIU FIREPLAGES BAHABES DON ELIFRITZ DES MOINES, IA PH 216 9'l50f8808 BEEUHWOUD O YE ULDE GUITAR SHOPPE 2588 E 3 lock To UI for more PLAZA CLEANERS A 3816 70th FEDERAL SAVINGS ca on m pro uots Iowa limestone company 500 New York Iderl "PIeosing You Pleoses Us!! Two Convienient Locotions To Serve You: 6501 Douglas Urbondole 288-8407 8601 Douglos Urbondole 283-8445 IJ KI Wluen you need a Bllllf- try us! Eff Q Q0 4 STATE ANK '4'4 sf' MEM KAY MALI. - HIRDIIIG A1 EUDLIII - HICKIMH AI 64 TM ' MEMBER EIMS. ' PH,27I'167I 550903006509 LSLBLSGVLUUG woo wwuwewouvv Inv- cv-' alfy e 0!6aD'55Q'i2?5?3'52 0 o ZJrbaf1da'e' "Tho Home of Guaranteed Drapery Cleaning" Eu ein t 7038 Douglas 278-1945 IIQIIGIKVS 'ITCMNIIINIG TEXACC3 DeQNloines ' Savings RPORATED 0 CALL . F 6 Q Q55 'T 276-8900 it 1 9 -A For ' Appointment 9 f L 278-1162 7020 Douglos Suite K M 1979-80 .laywalkers B ,NIII F-Y K 1, ' ' YV , 0 -L i l l nz Merle Hay Lanes Merle Hoy Lones 276-1588 LEQ-llFil'W lF Q23 6777 Hickmon 276-4526 s. A , B. Gene L. Walker INSURANCE AGENCY A. CYour Independent Agentj coll 276-1559 7012 Madison Urbondole, lowo Your Complete Building Materials for Building repairs 6 remodeling 10320 Hickman Road Des Moines Iowa 50322 Everyrhing for rhe do ir yourselfer ar low cash G carry prices f'2Qf-'f a color portrait is YOU 6733 University Des Moines 274-2464 Liddell Plaza Furniture 6600 Douglas Urbandale, Iowa Congratulations, Urbondale Graduates of 1980 X .,c .X BOB CHEVROLET SALES - SERVICE - PARTS 4224 Merle Hay Rd. Des Moines, Iowa Q Q 6604 Dou los Dos moinos JOEIENS AM:I!IdN Yszluaooc comealw Your school days are a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You make them memorable. We make them unforgettable. I 'PARKER fufw - BRQTHERS ACTION GAMES FAMILY GAMES PARKER PUZZLES CHILDREN'S GAMES NERFGDTOYS CARD GAMES WORD GAMES 10215 Douglas Ave. Phone 276-3468 WT . "mt rr wr t' rr., EM f QQ J ' t 'W ,f Q7 xy Xxx' "Yours For A ,ff XQNWJ "XX ff X-r.f4N"'f"xxf' 'N Bette5.'Urb2!ndaIe" H ,A X-,X I A H 276'mQ265N,, ,ff it ww ,ff elwr Pubucirio V Rapid Priunting lf' ,l Clbmmercial Prjfrters Wegdintfgferythirrg rf 2 xce t Money MX' ,LV-,M,,J"-"X QM. ..r, I .t.tN 5 A Academic:-42 Act IV-86 Adamczewski, Ron-70 Basketball. Boys-140-148 Basketball. Glrls-186-139 Bauer, Boyd-96, 96, 110 Bauer, Michelle70, 96, 99 Bauer, Randy-157 Bauer, Robin-98, 96, 99, 110 Brush, Steve-71, 148 Bucklew, Robert-71 Burch, Julie82 Burch, Vicky82 Burke, Robln84, 111 Business-48-49 Addy, Jim-70 Adelman, Tony-21, 25, 84, 110 Admlnlstratlon-44 Advertising-182 AFS-85 Allen, Doug-98, 128, 140, 148, 156, 162 Allen, Kerry-67, 70 Alley, Deanne-110 Alley, Mlke84, 110 Allie, LaVonne-82, 98, 94 Allison, Kenr-156 Alspach, Mike82, 96, 147 Alremeler, Kent-82 Alvsrad, Mike-82, 181, 147 Alvsrad, Penny-70 Amsberryf Becky-70 Amsberry, Sreve-156 Andersen, Kristy-156 Andersen, Lynnetre-9, 98, 96, 99, 101, 156, 161 Anderson, Chorolene70 Anderson, Karen-124, 186, 151, 156 Anderson, Laura-110 Anderson, Lynerree156 Anderson, Tammy-70, 96, Andrew, Rick-70 Appell, Thomas Applegate, Timorhy82, 148 Art-68 Aranson, Scott-156 Aronson, SharlIyn82 Asbille, Jim-110. 148 Augspurger, Scott-82, 148, 152 Aylward, Charlotte-64, 85 B lll 1 mbcoaf, Beth-110 , Babcock, Pamela-98, 94, 96, 101, 110 Babcock, Paul-70 Bagley, Bob-70, 148, 152 Baldwin, Denise-156 Baldwin, Dennis-14, 84 Band Concert Band-98 Jazz Lab-92 Marching Band-96 Bauman, Kenneth-82 Baumhover, Marcia-58 Bauman, Debraf7O, 127, 186, 188 Deck, Joni-87, 98, 94, 101, 157 Beck, Botr70 Bechrel, Tom8O, 82, 181 Beeler, Cherie84, 96, 99, 157, 180 Beeler, Jim-157 Bennerr, Richard Bevan, Tom-46 Bergamo, Shari-105, 110, 186 Bed-sland, Brad-70 Berkland, Susan82 Bennett, Peggy-157 Berrier, Sallie-8, 157 Beyer, Jim-98, 128, 157, 170 Bilyeu, Sandi-70, 96 Bishop, Michelle-82 Bishop, Sharon-110 Black, Brendo68, 70, 78, 96 182, 99, 186, 188 Blades, Alben Bland, Wendy-70 Blatrner, Gayle-98 Blend, Steven-110 Blessing, Julie-82 Blessing, Kelly-110 Blessing, Shelley-110 Bloem, Brian82, 181, 148 Boals, Kellie87, 124, 158, 162 Bools, Steve-71, 148 Boles, Valerie-25, 81, 158 Bolton, becki-158, 162 Borhwell, Rod-128, 158 Borhwell, Rick-110, 128 Borhwell, Russ-70, 181, 144 Bowen, Julie Bowers, Fred82 Bowlln, ,Carole-64, 84, 85, 101, 186, 158 Boyer, Teri-97, 99, 158 Bradley, Anna-82 Bradley, Mark-71 Bradley, Wanda-96, 99, 110 Brand, Dennis-9, 45, 140 Breiren, Jeff-99, 108, 110, 144 Bremhorsr, James-82, 147' Bremhorst, Sreve-71 Briggs, Ranee-110 1 Burton, Judith-101, 111 Byrnes, Gregory-98, 94, 96, 99, 158, 170 Byrnes, Marry-71 C Cadet Teachers-82 Cain, Brent-71 Cain, Chris-20, 21, 25, 84, 101 158 Colvin, Llnda-64 Cameron. Greg-58. 128 Campbell, John-128, 158 Campbell, Mary-111 Campbell, William82, 181 Canfield, Greg-111 canine, awrasrifieeszn, oo, oe, 185 Carbornes, Amy-111 Carey, Jay-96, 99, 111, 188, 144, 148 Carey, Robert-111 Carico, Carherlne82 Carlisle, Kim-19, 158 Carlson, Anne-101, 111, 140 Carlson, Ava-71 Carter, Allan-71, 181 Carter, Lisa Carter, Mark82 Carrer, Mark82 Carver, Al-9, 87, 98, 128, 141, 159, 185 Carver, Missy-98, 96, 99, 101, 111, 116, 188, 186, 151 Casabar, Marlo-28, 111, 144 Caskey, Mark-71, 181 Caskey, Melani-159 Cassady, Marie-111 Celsey, David-159 Chambers, David-111, 125 Chao, liaberr-71 Chapman, Scott-82, 181, 147 - Chapman, ',Shlrley-45 Chapman, Walt-111, 128 Cheerleaders-104-105 Chlodo. Sam-63 Chipahko, Arr-106 Chorus-98-95 Concert Cholr-95 Men's Cholt-98 Stage Band-92 Wild Ensemble-99 Barber, Jay82, 147 Bardole, Kirk-21, 25, 81, 100, 156 Bardole, Kreg-70, 148 Barghals, Bradley-16, 17, 98, 108, 110, 140 Barnes, Jeff-70, 181, 152 Barnes, Jullann-110 Brooks, Sheryl-71, 99 Brown Chrls-111 Brown Darren-10, 71 Brown James-111, 152 Brown JoAna-71, 76, 98, 94 Brown Kathy-71 Brown Kerry-111 Brown Mary-98, 94, 96, 99, 158 Brown, Mlke71 Swlng Cholr-98 Women's Cholt-98 Christensen, David-82 Christensen, Mi5ry.71, Qc, 99 Christensen, Shane96, 98 Chrlsrensen, Terl-105, 185, 152, 159 Chrisrian, Berry Christian, Laura Chrisrner, Christina-71 Barnes, SheIli8, 98, 105, Barnhlzer, Michael-110 Barnhlzer, Suzi-69, 70 Barfels, Parri-98, 94, 156 il mes, John-144 niihe-mes, Kevin-157 . slflartemls, Paul-70 Baseball-122-128 Bruienkool, Christopher-111 Brundage, Jeff-71 Brundage, Kim-71, 181 Brundige, Lewis-111 Brunla, XVllliam80, 82, 98, 94 Brunson, Hallie-91, 158 ' Brush, Davld82, 89, 181, 147, 148 1 Chrlsrner, Mallnda-91, 159 Christopher, Edirh-111 Christopher, Gregory-82, 147 Cierzan, Nancy-91, 159 Clark, .loyce82 Clark, Scott Clarke, iElleen82 Clarke, Scott-71, 148 Clasen, David-159 Clement, Jeanene-71, 96 Clevenger, Barbara82, 98, 96, 98 Cline, Donny Clover, James-82 Collison, Marie111 Community involvement-66 Concert Band-98 Concert Cholr-94 Connolly, Beth-71 Connolly, Kevin-159 Cook, Joe-71 Coonce, Christine82, 152 Cooper, Lisa82 Corsbie, Theresa-111 Cory, Dick-45, 124 Carrington, Trudy82 Couey, Srephen-111 Courrright, Thomas-82, 98, 96, 98, 181 Covey, Chris-160, 165 Cowling, Jenny-71 Cox, .lohn-128, 160 Craig, Skip16O Crosby, Kathy Cross-Country-182-188 Cross, Jeff-106, 160 Cross, Scorr-71, 106 Crouse, Becky-87, 160 Cunningham, Kelly-87, 160 Curtin, Brenda-71 Curris, Deanna82, 84, 105 D Dabrieo, Daniel88, 98, 98 Dahlrymple, David-111 Dahlsrrom, Sara-71 Damschroder, Scorr-111 Dankerr, Kris-111, 148 Dare, Paige160 Dare, Stacey-71 Darr, Mark-111 Darrah, Sara88, 96, 98, 185, 152 Davidson, Cullen-160 Davidson, Linda-71 Davis, Andy-71, 148 Davls, Cathy-111 Davis, Todd-160 Day. Charles-54 Deatsch, Linda-88, 111 Deutsch, Tom-111 DeBok, Lisa-82, 88, 98, 96, 98 DeBord, Jeff88 DECA-82-83 Deems, Harley88 DeHeer, Paul0O, 88 DelPrada, LeAnn-108, 111, 117 DePhilIips, Michele-8, 105, 160 DePhiIlips, Mindy-160 Devries, Steve Dierch, David-160 Disney, David-112 Dlxon. Richard-53, 81, 100 Doerlngsfeld. Ernest-9. 45. 67. 81, 101, 180 Dogruyusever. Sherry-57 Doorink, Randy-160 Dossey, John-71 Dossey, Mark DouBtava. Gary-61, 188. 147. 148 Dougheny, John-72 Douglas, Mike72 Downard, Lori4112 Drake, Dan-72, 148, 152 Drake, Denise-19, 20, 21, 105, 112, 116 Drlvers Education-61 Drummond, Sara-94, 101, 161 DuBois, Bryan-98, 112, 141 DuBois, Mldwele-14, 18, 16 Duede, Bill88, 187 Duncan, Susan-105, 161 Dunkerson, Jeff Dunkerson, Michael88, 1 Dunron, Jon-106, 128, 161 Duremple, Berh88, 96, Dvorak, Bruce-8, 54, 112, 128 Dykema, Jill88 Dykema, MicheIle19, 161 E Echo-66-67 Edner, John'64, 128 Elck, Edward-72 Eitk, Jim Elck, Rich Eirhorr, Roger-112 Elifrirz, Vickl80, 87, 161 Eller, Tammy-72 Englund, Susan-72 Ennis, Brian-72 Ennis, Laura-88 Erickson, Don-72, 148 Erickson, Ed-111, 112, 128 Erickson, Emily-84, 161 Erldnson, Lynda161 Erickson, Scorr84 Evans, Kamala105, 112 Evans, Krlsri-108, 162 Evans. Mary-62 Ewald, Barb-112 F Fads 6 Fashions-26-27 Fall Play-20-21 Fausrer, Scorr-185, 162 Fausrer, Todd-72, 185 Faymore, Cathy-162, 164 Fedosa, Darren84 Fee, Kelliann84, 97, 98 Feitler, Janna-25, 84, 98, Feitler, Susan-101, 112 Feldhadser, Michael-112 Ferguson, Craig-72, 96, 98 148 Ferguson, Scorr-112, 128 Fey. Steve-3, 45, 67 Fife, Amy-84 Filling, Mark W Fink, Brian-98, 101, 112, 116 128, 140, 145 Fish, Bob-72 Fisher, Cary Fisher, Greg'112 Hrzgerrell, Susan-112 Fix, Condance-21, 81, 105 Flag Girls-96 Floyd, Bert-112, 128 Football-128-181 Football Play-offs-16-17 Foreign Language-56-57 Fortune, Barbara-84, 96, 91 Keller, I , Becky-11, 83, 96, 99, 24, 136, 162 Roger-112 key-72 ill, Ray-72 n, Greg-128, 162 l3rian61, 87, 93, 128, 162 Nancy34, 103, 152 , Crlsran-33, 34, 96, 20, 136, 138 . Denny-61, 128 en-30-41 inger34 , Dill-72 rephen34 Caryn-72 David-112 Shelli-124 rr, Mary rr, Robert-72 ndra34 e, John-72 , Joner-112 r, Chrisrina-162 r, Rob-72, 131 Kirk-112 arraine34, 93, 94, 96, , John34 , Karhy-162 ch, Charles-54 h, Sarah34, 96, 98 lsa-25, 93, 105, 112, n, Jeff-72, 131 , Gregory-112 , David-96, 101, 112 , Mary34, 96, 98 , Joyce-91, 163 Jadl472, 73, 136, 7138 Jeff-88, 128, 148, 163 , Trisha34, 96, 98 52-153 g, Mlke163 ln, Girls-72 an, Jim-14, 54, 128, , 163 Nancy-27, 163, 170 , Carl-34, 93, 96, 98 rr, Lisa-73 y, l'Xoberi34 y, Roger4163 k, Sue34 ' n, Jack-96, 99, 112 atlon-180-181 , Rhonda-163 , Doug-20, 21 Ami-04, 135 Jill-111, 112, 135 Melani-135, 163 1, David-112 1, Kevin-113 1, 5heIIy34, 98, oe we, Larry-101, 113, 135 we, Sfephanie73 nhorn, Toni-34, 96, 98 ', Nancy-73 ner, Lynn-61 1, Ann34 1, Dave-106, 163 n. Kay-48, 83 Griffin, Kirby Grimn, Scorr-113, 148 Grimm, Kris-61, 73, 94 Grimm, Robert-113 Gripenberg, Dave-163 Granewold, Tomela-105, 113 Groom, Rick-73 Grorhe, Angie-73 Grove, Stacy-73 Grunder, Bob Gruncler, Mindy Grylls, Parri-163 Gubuan, Darlene-2, 54, 84, 93, 94, 101, 163, 165, 175 Gubuan, Marierra-32, 35, 151 Gubuan, Pamela-93, 97, 99, 101, 113 Guidance Staff-45 Gupra, Deepak35 H Harsmo, Paul35, 143 Haarsrick, Todd-113 Hagener, Tim-73 Hahm, Ron-73, 96, 98 Hahrn, Sam35 Haines, Rachel-164 Haines Schuyler Hall, Dawn-163 Hall, Greg-93, 94, 96, 99, 163, 170, 180 Hall, Karen-93, 94, 162, 163 Hall, Kerry'73, 93, 96, 99 Hall, Mike-164 Hall, Shawn35 Hall, Tony-73 Holsren, Jerry-73, 131, 143 Halverson, Lari35, 96, 98 Hammer, Sreve-73, 106, 131, 152 Hancock, Ray-164 Hancock, Ron-73 Hancock, Ploxann-113 Handley, Carol-46 Haney, David35, 38, 131, 148 Haney, JeffA1O1, 164 Hanian, Elizabeth-113 Hahn, Drer-73, 131 Hanrahan, Karhy-35 Hansen, Heidi35, 96, 98 Hansen, Krisra35 Hansen, Kim-164 Hansen, Laura-73 Hansen, Raberr G.-97, 99, 113 Hansen, Roberr L.A93, 113, 116 Hansen, Susonf73, 76, 1124,- 136, 138 , f Hanson, Jahn35, 143, 152 Hanson, Ray-73, 131 Harban, Shannon-35, 96, 98 Harlan, Laura-113 Harris, Michael Harrison, Julie-35 Harrison, Nancy-73, 136, 138 Han, David-59, 99, 113 Hart, Gary-73, 96, 98 Harr, Tammy-103, 164 Hon, Teri-73,138 Hanlgon, Karen-50 , Harvey, Daug'73 1 Havens, Sreve128, 164 Harvey, Sue-49. 50, '53 Harwood, Ronda-50 Hoverry, 0ryan35, 131, 144, 147 Haverry, Missy-73 Hawkins, Kandi-113 Hayek, Scarf-73 Hayes, Jeff-148 Hayes, Judy-25, 54, 93, 94, 101, 165, 168, 179 Haynes, Russ-99, 165 Hendricks, Robyn35 Hermonar, Sreve35 Hermsen, Tlm-48, 148 Higgins, 5usan'93, 165 Hillary, Tami-8 Hillary, Teri Hillary, Thomas-35, 131 Hillyard, Karhy-83, 103, 113 Hilr, Cyra-113 Hlmz, Julie-62. 93, 96, 98 Hlntz. Larry-62, 93, 96 Hinrzen, James-165 Hockey-107 Hohneke, Gary-35, 131, 143 Hohneke, Parricia'111, 113 Holfeldf, Denlse-44 Holfeldt, Inga-88 Hokanson, Kris-10, 28, 93, 106, 123, 133, 140, 148, 165 Holliday, Jeff-113, 128 Holloway, Mark-128, 165 Holsren, Brianf96, 99, 106, 113, 133, 148 Holtz. Frank-140, 143 Homecoming Royalty-14-15 Homecoming Week-12-13 Home Economics-58 Hamsey, Ann-113 Hoobin, Jennifer-35, 105 Hoogenakker, Alan-114, 128 Horopp, Stephen-35, 38, 131 Hooker, Michael35 Horovec, Paul36, 131, 143 Horovec, Pere73 Houston. Paul Howard, Tracy8, 22, 25, 93, 101, 105, 165 Howe, David-101, 114 Howe, Kent-165 Howe, Melinda34, 36, 105 Howell, Dororhy Howell, Marry-73, 98, 144 Hay, Michael-114, 128 Hoy, Robin67, 73 Hrbek, Sonya-36 Huff, Keily36, 93, 97, 98 Huff, Lee114, 128, 144 Hukill, Dave-11, '73 Hurkerr, John-135, 165 Husron, Teresa-73 Husron, Shawn-114, 148 Hutchison, Randa8, 14, 105, 161, 165 Hunan, Craig-114 Steve-73 Industrial Arts-59 Irwin, Katie-103, 166 Irwin, Lisa-73 lsrani, Vyay31, 36, 148 ivers, Janer-114 I ' Jacobs, Ron-50, 73 Jacobson, James-114 Jacobson, Valeri-73 Jaeger, Tim-73 James, Jerome-93, 94, 96, 99, 166 James, Susan-74, 96, 98 Jamison, Richard-114 Janssen, Gale-74 Janssen, Jan62, 74, 135 Jarvis, Liz87, 159 Jayhawker-84 Jaywalkers-102-103 Jazz Lab-92 Jemes, Jemes, Jenison Jenkins Jenkins, Jenkins, Ken Roberr-74 , Jodi-124 , Chris Jeff-114 Mark-36 Johnson, Geri-74 Johnson, 0oo128, 144, 166 Johnson, Eric-36, 131 Johnson, Eric-74, 144 Johnson, Karla61, 97, 99, 101, 114 Johnson, Kimrn-123 Johnson, Lori-124, 166 Johnson, 5corr8, 101, 112, 114 Johnson, Shelly36, 98 Johnson, Teri-22, 25, 74, 81, 88 Johnsron, Jan36 Jones, Dean-25, 26, 114, 133 Jones, Margarar-74, 105 Janes, Rick-114, 128, 148 Juelsgaard. Cherie-61 Juniors-108-119 K Kahre, Kelly-74 Kane, Jeff-93, 96, 99, 101, 106, 156, V166 Kane, Lan'y-106 Kassar, Julle36, 96, 98 Kaus, Amy-93, 97, 99, 101, Kinser, Rabin-115 Kirkendall, Lynn-93, 115 Kirkendall, Roben30, 36, 152 Klein, Rodney-93, 98, 115. 128, 140, 148 Kline, Mark-101, 135, 167, 168, 177, 180 Kline, William-74, 98, 135 Knauer. Una-48 Knee, Chris61, 128, 167 Knee, Eleanor-88 Knouse, Roland-115 Knurh, Connie36 Knurh, Sharon-108, 115 Koll, Marlon-46 Kollmorgen, Don-74, 131, 143 Kollmorgen, Julie-58, 167, 170 Kolnes, Debbie74, 133, 151 Koontz, Laura-74, 105 Karver, Brent-99, 115, 128, 144 Koupal, John-74, 93, 96, 98. 135 Krafr, Brad-74, 131, 144 Kramer, Kenr-93, 96, 99, 106 152, 159, 167, 170 Kramer, Leanne36 Kripal, Jane93, 94, 101, 167 Kripal, Nanci36, 96, 98, 177 Krirchman, Laura-25, 36, 93, 94 Krirenbrink, Scorr36 Kroner, Dave74, 133, 148 Kuble, Margaret-101, 115, 151 Kurt, Karen-26, 28, 61, 94, 99, 105, 167 . L LaFonraine, Mary36 Lane Lane Lane Lane Eric36, 93, 94, 135 Julia36 Paul36 Lane, Lane, , Robert-168 , Susan-74, 135 , Tony-128, 168 114 Kelrh, 0rien36, 131, 143 Keller, Cossl-166 Keller, Cheryl-28, 36 Keller, Dan-58, 59, 131, 144 Keller, Eric36, 143 va-97, 99, 101, 115, 133 Keller, Mark-166 Kelley, Mike-93, 94, 96, 99, 135, 167 Kelly, Mlke74, 93 Kelsey, Jim-58, 59 Kelsey, Tom-74, 93, 96, 99 Kemp, Brian-115 Kemp, James-36 Killeen, Diane-74, 132, 133 Killian, Jill-161, 167, 170 Killian, Kent-74, 131, 146 Killian, Scart-36, 131 Kilmore, Alan-74 Kllmoreg Renee499, 167, 173 Kimble. Harveya64, 128 Klmm, Todd-123, -128, 140, 164, 167 Klndhan. Jerry-122, 123 King, Diane-83, 167 Kingsley, Jayne36 Kinser, Mark-16, 115, 128, 167 Langenberg, Carma42, 74, 96, 99, 124 Langlois, Ellyn-74, 105 Language Arts-50-51 Lapcheske, Linda-115 Large, Kelli-115 Large, Kim Larsen, Charles-115 Larson, Kaia-74, 94, 99, 136, 138 Larson. Wayne-49 Law, Kathy-136, 168 Law, Mike-123 Lawson, Mark36 Leahy, Kelli Leavell, Mary-101, 135, 168 Leiferman, Mike168 Leln. Delores-50 Lekowsky, Annerre74 Lekowsky, David-115 Lerner. Deana-50 Leverenz. Paula-62 Lewis, Arlan36, 96, 98, 131, 147' Library Aids-89 Liesener, TamL74 Light, Robe-rro7 Lillard, Michael-115 Lin HOYPG7 If'ldeX ' 201 202 Lindner, Stephanie-115 Lindsrrom, Colleen-115, 185 Lisowski, James87 Lltherland, Dr. Dennett-45 Little, Jeff-115 Lirrle, Kathi-98, 94, 115 Livingston, Jody-74 Uoyd, Jeannie-74 Lockner, Becky-115 Lockwood, Serena-87 Lockwood, Ted67, 74, 148 Lodermeier, Danny'50, 57, 98, 128, 168 Loermeier, .llm-74, 98, 96, 99, 188, 148 Loeffelholz, Chuck-74 Loeffelholz, Joe87, 98, 96, 98 Lollman, Daniel-115, 140 Lollman, Doug-109, 128, 140, 168 Long, Lisa-87 Long, Steve-54, 181 Longdo, Phillip87, 188, 148 Longdo, Phyllis-98, 94, 97, 99, 115 Lucs, Erik-74, 188, 148, 148 Lidwig, Dona87 Lundberg, Kim-57, 61, 74 Lynch, Matr87 Lynes, Todd87, 181, 147 Lyness, Scott-128, 128, 168 Lyness, Sherri-74, 108 M Maas, Scott Madison, Mike-75, 181, 148 Maggard, Jim-58 Majetich, Glenn-106, 115 Mall, Steven-87 Malone, Kelly-75 Mann, l3rendaA169 Mann, Craig-75, 106, 181 Mann, Lisa82, 87 Mann, Patti-115, 186 Manna, Michelle87 Manusos, Cynthia-115 Manworren, John-115 Marching Band-96-97 Markowski, l3rian87, 147 Marriott, Jack-58 Marsh, Don-74 Martin, Anna-75, 94 Martinez, Marrho-115 Martinez, Mary87r Marvin, Joni-115, 124 Mason, Doug-62, 98, 94 Mason, Kathy-46 Math-52-58 Mathers, Jason-74 Mathers, Steven-115 Maupin, Karen-74 Maus, Jon-74 Maxwell, Jeff-115 Maxwell, Mark-169 Maxwell, Stephahie84, 87, 105 Mayo, Kelly-20, 21, 25, 37, 98, 94 McArthur, Gall-185 McCabe, Leo87 McCallisrer, Susan-75 McCannon, Michael87, 181 McCarthy, Erin-75 McCoy, Jane'75, 96, 99 McCIintoda, Dill McDonough, Susan-75 McDowell, Danlel87, 181, 148 McGee, Leanne-75 McGee, Tracy-162, 169 McGillis, Kimberly87 McGowan, I-1elll8, 14, 18, 98, 105, 155, 157, 169, 175 McGrorh, Colleen88 1+f McGuire, Nanette-99, 101, 169 Mclnrire, Carla169 ,,, McMahon, Barry88, 185 McNally, John-88, 181 McNabb, Staci-48, 124, 186, 169 McNabb, Traci-75, 186, 188 McNamee, Mark-84, 115 McNomee, Mike-169 Md9herson, Mark McPherson, Michele88 McQuire, Nonerre-96 McTaggarr, Jill-54, 165, 169 Medenhall, Greg-75 Melnert, Gail-101, 115, 185 Meldrem, Debbie-75 Mellerup, Mary84, 98, 94, 169 Mennenga, Jay-64 Men's Chorus-93 Middleton, James88 Miles, Beth-169 Miller, Darb115 Miller, Carol88 Miller, Chad-98, 106, 169 Miller, Jean Miller, Kelli-10, 75 Miller, Ken-88, 106, 181 Miller, Vicki-84, 115 Milligan, Dana-57, 98, 94, 115 Milligan, Shawn-87, 170 Milliken, Julie115 Mindermann, Paul-14, 16, 98, 128, 128, 148, 161, 170 Mlshler, Beckey Mishler, Jerry -75 Mitchell, Patricia-98, 97, 99, 101, 116, 152 Mohr, Jeff-96, 185, 170 Mommer, LaRae-88, 98, 96, 98 Monahan, Kim-116 ' Moore, Dave-128 Moore, Matt-75 Moore, Shawn-76 Moore, Shawna-98, 94, 97, 99, 116 Moore, Teri Moms, Rondo-Qc, oo, 116 Moms, rodcL54, 76, Mozena, James88, 181, 147, 152 Mulder, use-Qs, 97, oo, 116. i185 Mulder, Pom-185, 170 Murphy, Jay-98, 99, 116, 188, 148 Muslc-62 Myers, Rudy-76, 181 Myers, Mitch-8, 54, 147 Myers, Sandee-170 National Honor Society-101 Neal, Cherie-88 N Neal, Carol-170 Nellis, Buddy-116, 128 Nellis, Nanerte-170 Nelson, Bert-P76 Nelson, Lynn-1701 Nelson, Scart-21, 22, 25, 57, 88, 98, 94, 96, 99, 121, 168 rNelson,l'IThomas-88, 148 Nelson, VldsL97, 99, 116 Nelson, Wayne-76 ' Newberg, John-116, 128, 148 Newberg, Suzi'76, 186, 188 Newcomb, Amy84, 88, 105 Newcomb, George'76, 181 Newcomb, Kim-8, 105, 116 Newman, 'Craig Nichols, Dove106, 171 Nlcola, Harold-45 Nicola, Mark-76, 148, 152 Nobbman, Kim-116 Noel, Lee-17, 87, 128, 14-B, 171 Noyes, Nicci-76 O Oddy, Gina-76 Oddy, Karina-116 Office Education-90 O'Hara, Carolyn-50 O'Keefe, Daniel88 O'Keefe, Kathleen-116 Olewlnski, Jeff-88 Oliver, Amy88 Oliver, Doug87, 116 Oliver, Steve Olson, Jeff-116, 188, 144 Olson, Steve-76, 148 Omsread, Daila-76 Organizations-80 Orr, Jeff-128, 171 Orr, Mark-76, 144 Orr, Mike-128, 148, 171 Osborn, Connie-76 Osburne, Par-76 P , Paar, Kevin-59 Pack, Brent-91, 98, 171 Pack, Lisa-76, 185 Pack, Rodv39, 181 Podovich, carlo-116 Page. Gary-64. 124 Page, Lorl-76, 124, 186, 188, 151. Palmer, Brian-89, 96, 98, 181 Palmer, Gayle-58, 140 Palmer, .loe98, 116, 140, 152 Panl-cratz, Michael-89, 148 Parrish, .lim Parrlsh, Kelly-76 Parrish, Lizbeth171 Parson, Dana-171 Parsom, Todd-76, 181, 144 Parsons, Troy-108, 116, 128 Patrids, Mike-76 Parrlck, Roger-76 Patrick, Shawn Pattee, Jay61, 98, 128, 128, 148, 171 Patten, Scott-89, 185 Patten, Pam-185, 171 Patterson, Todd-116, 144 Paulson, Dan-185 Pawlak, Paul89 Peer Helpers-67 Pelley, Gwen-98, 94, 101, 116, Peppmeler, Janet 58 Petersen, Greg-8, 48, 96, 99, 116, 188, 148 Pertyqohn, Greg-76 Pham, Lan-116 Pham, Loan-76 Philporr, Kim-108, 171 Philport, Mike76 Phipps, Larry Physical Education-60 Pitcher, Kevin89, 96, 98, 148 Pitzer, LaTisha76, 94, 148 Poison, Debra89 Polson, Kathy-116 PomPon Glrls-96 Pope-4-5 Poppe, Suzan89, 105 Posada, Marla85, 171 Poreere, Parn2, 100, 101, 172, 179 Presseller, Cindy-116 Presseller, Paul-76, 172 Presseller, Tim Prignitz, Karen-76, 152 Prlgge, Robert-25, 50 Pringle, Marvin-116, 128, 148 Probst, Shelley-76 Proctor, Meg84, 94, 185, 172 Prom-28-29 Putney, John-116 Putney, Joseph-116 R Rahm, l3ridger89 Ramseyer, Britten Rasmussen, Bill-94 Rowland, Frank89, 98, 185, 148 Rowland, Sara-25, 98, 94, 116 Ray, Lynn-89, 98 Ray, Tom-172, 177 Readinger, Ann-98, 161, 165, 172 Readinger, Denise172 Readinger, Susan-80, 108, 116 Render, Marilyn-116 Rhlner, Kim-76 Rlce, Tami-116 Rice, Vicki-172 Richard, Julia-116 Richards, Randy-76, 148, 148 Richards, Scott-84, 98, 94, 99, 128, 172 Richards, Troy-117, 128, 140, 148 ' Richman, Brad-96, 117 Rlchman, Brent Richman, Steve-77, 106 Ridgeway, Bonnie45 Robblns, Jerl-49, 58, 91, 172 Robbins, Lindo89 Robbins, RaeGene-67 Roberts, DonaId89, 181, 141, 147 Roberts, Mart-77 Roberts, Tim-76, 144 Roeder, Ann-89 Rohden, Debby89 124 Peppers, Robert-116 54, 98, Roller, Frances-57 Ross, Courtney-77 Roth, Stanley89, 148, 1 Rouse, Karen Royal, Jeff-89 Royal, Scotre77 Ruggieri, Gabriel-76 Ruggieri, Richard89 Rullestad, Lynette-172 Rumer, Rick-74, 77 Rummans, Fred-77, 181 Rummans, Ruth-98, 115, 127 Runyan, l3ryan89 Rush, Kelly-78, 77 Ruskin, Anglea89 Russel, Tom'77, 181 Russell, Ruth-172 Ryan, Susie-124, 172 Rypkema, Kris-77, 96, 186, 188 Rypkema, Pam8, 14, 81 105, 165, 172 5 Sabin, Drad-18, 58, 98, 1 154, 178 Sadiz, Aslm89 Sallander, Crystal-77 Solyers, Cindy-178 Sams, Brad-77 Sanders, Michael89 Sangsrer, Mike77 Sargent, Eric-89 Savel, Debbie77, 105 Schelin, Kim89 Schirm, Michael89 Schmidt, Jeanne-77 Schmidt, Mary-98, 97, 98 152, 178 Schneider, Debra-96, 99, Schneider, Scott-77, 148 Schnurr, Julie178 sdwnurr, Thomas-21, 25, 7 101, 117 Schoop, Dove-98, 99, 128 159, 178 Schroeder, Michael-101, 1 152 Schroeder, Pere-77, 152 Schroeder, Steven89, 181 Schulze, Rurh82, 89, 108 Science-54-55 Sciariotta, Sherry89 Scott, Barb81, 88, 98, 100 108, 178 Scott, Clifford89, 181 Shoemaker, Edward-91, 17 Shoemaker, Larry-89 Shutters, Blll-58 Siek, Julie-174 Siek, Traci-78 Siems, Richard40 Simon, Hollyf57, 87, 97, 99 117 Simon, Ruth-50 Sims, Misry-78 Skinner, Jim-174 Slager, Denise78 Slager, Don Slump, Cynrhia'117, 124 Small, Daniel Small, Sue-174 Smalley, Lisa-101, 118, 152 Melody-174 Michelle-78 Allison-78, 96, 99 Barry67, 84, 155, 170. Brad-20, 21, 90, 96, 120, 105, 140, 174 Corrine-99, 118 Kevin-78, 88 Linda-118 Marsha-78 Scott-128, 174 ScotrA78 Sheila-78 Steve-78, 101, 116 Steve96, 118, 128 Todd-114, 174 , Scott-78 , Deborah-118 , Julie-40 r, Drenda40 r, Margaret-118 t-106 Studies-64-65 , Michelle-101, 174 ll .126-127 mer-124-125 mates-68-79 sen, Lana-50. 101 n, Mori-78, 106, 101 avid-67, 90, 94, 128, , 165, 174 wick. Marsha-67 Tlme-18-19 I Staff-46-47 h 6 Drama-22-20 , Kristin k, Mike-175 Jenny-25, 175 tra, Connie-118 , Julie40 .120 Play-24-25 er, David-40, 100, 140, Look, Warrawon'85, 94, 162, 175 - Band-92 Rodney-40, 152 r, Jeanne-40 r, Mory-91, 175 r, Robert , Joseph-118 ty, Cynthia-118 ton, Laurie-118 E, Lynne'105, 118 rg, Arthur If-rg, Connie-40 eyer, Tlm4, 90, 120, 1, 148, 155, 175 weyer, Tracy-78, 100 Eh, Tim-78, 101, 152 s, Jacolyn -ns, Jetty-101 ts, Laurie-78 15, Rick-118, 120, 128 ts, Tammy-118, 124, 106 trt, Deon-50, 59, 128, irr, Maw-78 I Seidenkranz, Debro09 Seller, Carolyn'77, 100 Seniors-154-179 Severin, Kelly-22, 57, 77, 88, 90, 94 Shaplro, Lauren'77 Thomas, Viclsl04, 40, 105 Thompson, Amy-79, 105 Thompson, Brenda-79 Thompson, Jerry-119 Thompson, Kimberly-25, 90, 94, 96, 99, 101, 110, 124, Shaw , Gregory01, 09 Shaw, Jeff-90, 96, 99, 117 Shaw, Mary Shaw, Scott-90, 94, 117 Sheehy, Jim-170 Sheldahl, Lynn-64 Shell, Ptian-00, 04, 09 Shepler, Scott09, 101, 140 Shepler, Sue-20, 21, 45, 174, 175 Sheppard, Lisa-09, 105 Sheppard, Jon-117 Shetet, Mary-45 Sherer, Susan-117 Sheridan, Kevin-117 Sherman, Patricio09, 96, 98 Sherrill, Dole-25, 117 Shileds, Jacle-78 Shine, Karen-77, 106 Shine, Lisa-117, 108, 152 Shives, Greg-117 Stole, Cathy-46 Stolt, Paul-59, 175 Stone, Parker-118, 128 Stoneclpher, Cindy-175 Stanecipher, Greg-118 Stout, Debbie176 Stout, Rick-105 Staurenberg, Michelle-40 Straup, Kathleen4l0 Strong. Glnny-57 Strunce, Martha425, 94 Student Life-10 Student Senate-100 Sturges, Debra-78, 118 Sturges, Party Sullivan, Fred-106, 118, 128, 144, 148 Sullivan, Stephanie-176 Sutton, Julian-109, 118, 140 Swaney, Lisa-21, 25, 81, 88, 118 Swanson, Liz-78, 90, 96, 99, 112 Sweeney, John Sweeney, Regina-76, 78 Swenson, Jon'79, 101 Swift, Daniel-78 Swlmmlng-104-105 Swlng. Cholt-90 Table of Contents-2-0 Tanner, Dean-20, 21, 118 Torr, Jill-79 Torr, Laurie-175, 176 Taylor, Charles-118, 128, 148 Tell, Kenneth-79 Tey, Sharon-40, 98 Thacker, Carla-79 Thacker, Mark-119 Thacker, Robert-119, 128 Thimesch, Tlm-100 Thlmesch, Todd-00, 40, 140, 127 Thompson Phyllis-79 Thompson, Sondra-96, 99, 119 Thompson, Sandra-40 Thompson, Steve-176 Thompson, Theresa-20, 21, 87, 119 Thorpe, Chad'88, 148 Thorsan, Matt87 Toler, Karen40 Tomo, Laura-79, 90, 94 Tasten, Phillip-100, 119 Towers, Jerry-144, 176 Taye, 0ao101, 176 Track. Boys-144-145 Track, Glrls-150-151 Trades 6 lndustry-91 Tteasnor, Tere Tremmel, Karl-40, 148 Tremmel, Laura-8, 80, 90, 94, 101, 105, 108, 119, 100 Turnquist, Alan-106, 176 Turnquist, Brian-79 Twlning, Caryn-40, 105 U Uren, Scott Uren, Jane-79 V VanDrew, Kathy'176 VanEnter, Carla-25, 42, 90, 96, 99, 101, 176, 179 Vannausdle, Jean-119 VanLangen, Craig'40, 90, 96, 98 VanNote, Kelly40, 90, 94, 96, 98 Vankyswyk. Norma-58 VanSoeIen, Lori-119 VanTreeck, Michael-106, 119, 100, 148 VanTreeck, Patrick-40, 100 Vanvleet, Kristi-119, 124, 127, 106 Varian, Gall'10, 84, 165, 177 Varian, Marls41 Vawter, David-79, 101 Vehr, Lisa41, 105 veler, Keith-79, 101 Vermilya, Michael-41 Vierllng, Anrhony-20, 21, 25, 81, 101, 112, 119 Vierling, Daniel-25, 41, 90, 94 Vogen, Heather-79 VonMayr, Karl-41 W Waddell, Todd-119, 128 Wahl, Debra-96, 99, 119 Wahrer, Elaine101, 116, 119 Walden, John-79, 100, 148 Warden, Kyle-79, 101, 140 Warren, Rodney-41, 147 Warwick, Joe-106, 119 Waters, Brenda-91, 177 Waters, Michael Waters, Todd-106, 119 Wathen, Stevef41, 101 Weaver, Amy-79, 105 Webb, Greg-90, 94, 101, 177 Wegner, Sue-119, 151 Wegner, Marge-42, 88 Wehde, Matt-41, 147 Wehde, Renee119 Weiss, Peter-119 Weiss, Susan-177 Welch. Lyle-50 Wertz, Kristine28, 79, 94 West, Steve-120 Wesrlund, Lynne-25, 94, 96, Q8 in Weswold, Deanna-177 Wheeler, Brian-79, 90, 94 Wheeler, Julie79 White, Jim-26, 91, 177 White, John-17, 54, 106, 120, 128, 177 White, Karla-177 White, Kim White, Kris41, 98 White, Lisa-106, 178 White, Scott41, 101,, 14K ttt Wondergem, Mark-178 Wood, John-41, 96, 98 Wood, Ray-178 Woodard. Betty-46 Woodard, .lack-119 Woodruff, Carla-119 Woods, Dlanne41 Woods, Patti-119 Woods, Shella'119 Woody, Terry-61, 119, 128 Woolf, Ran-179 Workman, Joe119 Workman, Marilyn-41 Worrell, Clndy-91, 179 Worrman, Bret-25, 41, 90, 94, 96, 98 Wren, Dan-79 Wren, Doug41 Wren, Teresa'179 wtesmfig.144.147 Wynn, Jeff-119 Y Yaslse, Mart-119, 128 Yaslse, Meri-41 Year's Events-6-9 Yelenick, Ted-98 Ylngling, Shelley-179 Young, Eric-179 Young, Jeff-79, 101 Wllberg, Karen41, 96, 98 Wilbanle, Lori-178 Wilkie, Torn54, 128 Wilkinson, Jeff-178 Willem, l3rian57, 67, 81, 90, 94, 100, 101, 140, 178 Willem, Lisa-69, 79, 801 Willett, Diancr79 Williams, Leigh-41 Williams, John-16, 28, 80, 122, 120, 128, ,157, 1712 12- Williams, Rebeccaf41 Williams, Rhonda-79 Williams, Scott-128, 178 Williamson, Angle79 Wlllls, Connie-80, 90, 100, 101, Young, Kristin-21, 84, 179 Young, Larry-79, 106 Young, Scott-90, 99, 101, 159, 179 Young, Steve-99, 128 lYoung,su5on41, 97, oe Z Zaegel, Karen-94, 119 Zaegel, Steve Zavitka, Doug-179 Zavitka, Robert41, 101, 140 Zimmerman, Craig-14, 18, 101, 140, 178, 180 Zimmerman, Terrl41, 96, 98 100, 152, 178 Wills, Diane-41, 90, 96, 98 Wilson, Beth-27, 101, 178 Wilson, David-41 Wilson, Leeso-96, 99, 178 Wilson, Paul Wlnd Ensemble-99 Wlney. Janice-45 Winger, Denny-119 Winger, Tim-79, 107, 140 Wingfield, Kelly479 Winters, Doug-79, 148 Winters, Sherry-57 Winters. Wade-54, 144 Wlpperman, Dona-90, 96, 99, 140 Wisslnk, .lulle119 Witt, Dartr79, 106, 108 Wobken, Beth-79, 96, 99, 124, 127, 106, 105 Wohlford, Scart 98, Wohlford, Tim41, 101 Wolbers, Dolores-45 Wolf, Dawn-79 DGVU40 176 Wallsden, Crystal Wolfe, Robert nonn, Pat-50. 84 Thomas, Christy-14, 100, 100. Walker, Laurie4101, 100, 177 Wolfe, Shan-105, 119 lohnh117, 128 176 Walsh, MichelIe41, 105 Women's Chorus-93 'R9d9ef-131 THOWHQS. Rondo-176 Ward, Karen-106, 155, 177 Wondergem, Mike-120 Index . 203 QU UQQM1 XL, WQY J' UQ Aj' Mgmt QQ OBQNL Xb SSW wkmb XQ 'QJCQ X ' 11556 SQQEK Q QSLQ EQ UQ-' '-- N 'Q Jwcx I RQ ' KMXS Kifff Uxfkix Uk UQ LJQ3 LU Wkgiflg 1. wth QJUX3 WXQL X9 Eng, K1 JL, ' C JJUUJ K GTX XQLJQA 3 MCL - JMX 3 LIXCUQ GM 5 QAQQCC Of JMR Am Ymfg Mft .XJUQNLQJX QNX mx A C kjbxginkp '-. ' FST: 1-Yu N NC ' v xf .. 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Suggestions in the Urbandale High School - Echo Yearbook (Urbanville, IA) collection:

Urbandale High School - Echo Yearbook (Urbanville, IA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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Urbandale High School - Echo Yearbook (Urbanville, IA) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 1


Urbandale High School - Echo Yearbook (Urbanville, IA) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 30

1980, pg 30

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