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-'vm s N . sw x sl ' 235955 X - :-ai:5:2:5:5:5:5:5:5:5:5:5:5:5:2:5:5:5:5:5:5:5:5:5:5:5: Szszizigf:2:5:I52:131:112:2:Z:2:Z:I:1:I:Z:Z:Z7 URBAN ECHO - 1957 IgIgIgZgZgIgIQIglgZ:Z:2:Z:Z URBANDA LE me 2525252525 Des Moines , Iowa DEDICATIO The Senior class of Urbandale High dedicates the fourth edition of the Urban Echo to two outstanding teachers, Mrs. Mary Sherer and Mr. Jack Marriott. Mrs. Sherer has been our sponsor throughout our high school years, while Mr. Marriott has been our sponsor for the past three years. We have appreciated their advice and guidance during the last four years. We feel they have not only been our teachers but also our friends. They have contributed much to our ed- ucation which will help us to become good citizens. Mel Roetrnan, N. Landess, Jim Ahern, Harold Reynolds, Mrs. Ellen Valerins, Carrol Cline. Mrs. Wanda Tinnnons. 20'-"-IIPP-'J--lin'-2""3UP BOA RD OF EDUCATION Vs Elm V? Jerome Donovan, PRINCIPAL Norman S. Landess, SUPERINTENDENT LUNCHROOM CUSTODIANS L- REYIIOIGS. D- 30815. Mrs. Foote, Mrs. Clrapmnn, lx "Hap" Hifrqens UL Johnson, F. Crippen. 'UHF 'Xl MRS . CAROL LUCCHINI Journalism Speech, Drama American Literature English Literature .TACK MARRIOTT Algebra I, II Physics Trigonometry Geometry NORMAN S . LA NDESS Superintendent MRS. DIXIE FULLER Office Practice Typing Shorthand A MRS. MAIY IO EVELETH Library English 10 Advanced Grammer X JJ! ,.f Abu. nr- .F . vit. I JEROME DONOVA N Principal Track Coach Sociology CARLTON A NDERSEN Industrial Arts Driver's Training MRS. ORPHA PHILLIPS Vocal Music Director NORVA L DE WITT Girls' Basketball Coach World History General Business General Math IA MES FORSYT H Boys' Coach Physical Education American History American Government fl MARVIN BELFORD Band Director MRS. MA RY SHERER English Bookkeeping MRS. MARLEEN MOORE Home Economics JIM TONE General Science Chemistry Biology Vv.,! E'qv'4fs'afwg A fxfff-Lfzzww Max gl X N ff . gif J I5 N-'W"M QM -s. Q' i - ,Hs mxtmfwg Sk K - Nw- CLASS UFFICERS H Rx ff! X 1 I X EA RLA FERGUSON President "Ferdinand" "Simplicity of character is no hindrance to subtlety of intel- lect. " Music 9, 10, 12 Cheerleading 10, 11, 12 Class Play 11, 12 Newspaper Editor 11 Annual Co-Editor 12 Homecoming Attendant 12 Student Council 12 Vice-President 11 DENNIS DUNN "The Menace" Treasurer "A good listener is not only pop- ular everywhere but a fte r a while he knows something." Band 9, 10 Class Treasurer 11, 12 Track 9, 10, 11 Student Council Representative 12 Class Play 11 Annual Assistant Editor 12 DA LE CRUIKSHA NK Secretary "Elad" "Why do today, what should have been done yesterday when it can be put off until tomor- row." Music 9, 10 Band 9, 10 Secretary 11 Treasurer 11 Class Play 12 Student Council Representative 9 Annual Photographer 12 BRENT MEC KLEY Vice-President "Reggie" "It is better of course to know useless things than to know nothing." Football 10, 11, 12 Baseball 10, 11, 12 Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12 Track 9, 10, 11, 12 Drama 12 Music 9, 12 Band 9, 10, 11 Newspaper 11 Annual Assistant Editor 12 Class Play 11, 12 IA NIS BA GLEY "Bugs" "A woman's heart like the moon is always changing, but there is always a man in it." Drama 11, 12 Basketball 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 Class Play 11, 12 Student Council Representative 10, 12 Student Council Treasurer 10 Homecoming Attendant 12 Newspaper Advertising Manager 11 Annual Assistant Editor 12 THOMAS ALEXANDER "Big Ai" "I can resist everything but temptation . " Class Play 11, 12 Football 10, 11, 12 Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12 Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12 Track 9, 10, 11, 12 Class Treasurer 10 JAMES CRISMAN uhm.. "Limited in his nature infinite in his desires." Music 12 Class Play 12 WALTER CHA PMA N II ll "God we trust, all others must pay cash." Football 12 Newspaper 11 Class Play 11. 12 A - ggfsaff, ...... A - " ,ls :infix xi 1 C' '5 Q. tr am? ' - ij, gi-'tx-, A a -f-P --ab ' -1 P 0.6 D, x ""f' ' sig, . 21... fax. me HOLDEN "Dirty Leg" "Every man is a volume if you know how to read him." Drama 11, 12 Class Play 11, 12 Newspaper 11 BOB EVANS "Gomer" "B1essedis the man who having nothing to say abstains from giving wordy evidence of the fact." Student Council Representative HA RRIET GA BRIEL ..Gabbyu "Nothing is rarer than re al goodness." Music 9 Drama 10 Class Play 11 9 JAMES DOHERTY "Shotgun" "Men, like bullets, go farthest when they are smoothest." Band 10, 11 Track 9, 10, 11 Basketball 9. 10 Newspaper Business Manager 11 Drama 12 Music 10, 11, 12 Class Play 11, 12 Student Council Representative 11 Student Council Treasurer 12 DONALD VISSER "Slick" "Love must have wings to fly away from love, and to ily back again." Football 9, 10, 11, 12 Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12 Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12 Track 9, 10, 11, 12 Music ll Newspaper CirculationManager ll Student Council 10, ll, 12 Class Play 11, 12 President 11 ELLEN HUNT "El El" "Sensibility is the power of woman." Class Play 11 DONNA JONES "Jonsie" "lt is a woman at the begin- ing of all great things. " Music 9, 10, 11, 12 Class Play 11, 12 Basketball 9, 10 Tennis 11 Newspaper Co-Editor 11 Annual Co-Editor 12 RUSSELL MILLIGAN "Booze" "One hour's sleep before mid- night is worth three after. " Student Council Representative 9, 10 Football 10, 11, 12 Track 9, 10 Class Play ll, 12 Q55 Kf'!'k'!' xgs., 0' "ff L I ,, .. if -pffgif' L ' L I - : b f Nairn f'q.' 'TW 1 f 1' Xa M RICHARD Rusu "sway" "An idle brain is the devi1's workshop." Baseball 9. 10, 11, 12 Football 11, 12 Music 9, 10 JERRY SMITH "Slim" "It is easier not to speak a word at all than to speak more words than you should. " PA UL STEINGRA BE "Superman" "A learned man is an idler who kills time by study." JERRY STITES "Ioan's Boy" "Every day should be passed as if it were your last." Stage Manager Class Plays Wiiisliii A DELLE WILSON "Satchaline" "lf honesty did not exist, we ought to invent it as the best means of getting rich." Newspaper Advertising Manager 11 Student Council Representative 9, 10 Student Council Vice-President 12 Class Secretary 10 Basketball 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 Music 10 Class Play 11, 12 Drama 12 Annual Assistant Editor 12 Homecoming Queen 12 RONALD VAN PELT "Fat Sam" "Wise men argue causes, fools decide them." Music 9 Class President 10 Student Council Representative 9, 10 Newspaper 11 Class Play 12 PAT NEWBROUGH "Patrish" "He did nothing in particular and he did it very well. " NORMA ZIMMERMAN "Frogie" "I remember your name per- fectly, but I just can't think of your face." Music 9 Class Play 11, 12 masons I mil Ei-E' 5 ., 7' , X X is 1 wi :Se ii we-,J 1.- ...au 'Q-.u ' 'e .ii lx., 5-. .5.:., 112 -, , '-m -. PE- 5' ' .'j:f?4g1gS:yQ,5.ja 2,-- -. 5., I , 4' 4.-.-.--.-.-qu' 1-I p'- :gf . . u'-'.'-'nil . is ZA I 11 .-. ,n,-A-,...e, . .-.sl -.u L1 3' . - y:,:g:::-55.323443 -,-I - a Fit.. I ., eg-:-:-:-sr'-:ga K-: an :- -... - g Kg7ggg::.:,, 5-, 5 su. . u krhsyy-':, I. rg: 1- z in , - f.-fc,-,-.4.g.,: 5... -N1 1 : r "' : 2 . K. Holden J. Bagley A . Wilson E. Hunt I. Doherty D- Jones R. Rush R. Milligan D. Dunn B. Meckley HOW WE LO0KED THE V' l " l i f fag: yr .. g ff- W ' :af ., U - E. Ferguson N. Zlmmerman XX. ,A J. Smith P. Newbrough 1:5 S' 5 I 'w ,w , ,. ,L Evans F i 3 f J ,V Zt. Q H. Gabriel R. V311 Pelt D. Visser T. A , I. Crisman lexander W. Chapman will J. Stites gr m,..,w - W E l0R CLASS WILL WE OF THE SUPREME SENIOR CLASS OF 1957, OF URBANDALE HIGH SCHOOL, OF THE CITY OF DES MOINES, COUNTY OF POLK, STATE OF IOWA, BEING OF TEEN-AGE, BLANK MIND, AND FOR- GETFUL MEMORY DO MAKE, PUBLISH, AND DECLARE THIS, OUR LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT, HEREBY REVOKING AND ANNULLING ANY AND ALL WILLS BY US MADE HERETOFORE. ARTICLE I--Norma Jean "Frogie" Zimmerman bequeaths to Delores Yvonne "Tillie" Boggs and Karen Lee "Blondie" Hanes, her ability to make out in the library. We hope they become as skilled in dodging Mrs. Eveleth as Norma was. ARTICLE II--Paul David "Superman" Steingrabe leaves to Janice Kay "Blimp" Foote his flying ability and his fiendish plan to roll down Grand Avenue in his Piper Cub. ARTICLE III--To Norman Lee Ritchhart, Donna Mae "Jonsey" J ones leaves her singing and horse riding ability. With this great gift Norman can become Elvis the II and star in his own Western. ARTICLE IV--James Dee "Sleepy" Robinson and Elden Glen "Fergy" Ferguson will inherit from Ronald Lee "Fat Sam" Van Pelt his rolly polly, bouncy, wouncy muscular physic. ARTICLE V--Thomas Lynn "Big Al" Alexander leaves to Bettylean "Bet" Sapp and Robert Micheal "Roberta" Curnutt his ability to jump hurdles. He knows Betty will need this art of jumping and hopes she uses it to her advantage. "Big Al" also told us he knew how much Bob wanted to learn the hurdling technique. ARTICLE VI--J' anis Carol "Pogo" "Bugs" Bagley wills her beloved pogo stick to Lynda Mary "Chootch" Leavengood. Bugs has been wanting to get rid of it for some time and Chootch is just the victim, ARTICLE VII--Max Carter "Himer" Bible and Jerold Edward "Jake" Little share Brent Williams "Reggie" Meckley's great gift. He leaves to these lucky boys his great sense of responsibility, maturity, intelligence, physique and Casanova powers, ARTICLE VIII--Harriet Sugar Rose "Gabby" Gabriel bequeaths her loud boisterous voice to quiet and serene Sharon Sue "Smokey" Brown, I-Iarriet's loss is Sharon's gain. ARTICLE IX--After much contemplating Karen Adelle "Satchaline" Wilson decided it was best she leave her banana peels and swinging ropes to her ape buddy Joyce Elaine "Gerdy" Rash and her feathered friend Barbara Lynn "Duck" Barton. Satch finally decided it was time to give them up. You girls should feel honored indeed. ARTICLE X--Dave Wilmot "Rock" Sornson receives Walter Charles "Ock" Chapman's cherished Brownie Points, Walter hated to part with them as they have brought him many hours of contentment, but Ock being a generous soul realized the deep need Dave has for them. ARTICLE XI--Dale Paul "Elad" Cruikshank bequeaths to Marcene Elaine "Hotrod" Fickel and Marilyn Joan "Proxy" Essex his candid camera. Dale also leaves these girls the dark room and hopes they use it to their advantage. ARTICLE XII--To Gaye Ann "Long Sam" Parrish Kathleen Ann "Dirty Leg" Holden leaves her size four and a half shoes. Kae sincerely hopes that Gaye has no trouble with the Spatsies. ARTICLE XIII--Russell Lee "Booze" Milligan sadly bequeaths to Jerry Lee "Peady" Towers his ability to attract the female gender. "Booze" is sure that this will not hurt his position in this field as he told us he has enough for everyone. Good luck Jerry. ARTICLE XIV--Lucky Lloyd Dow "Make-out" Barger and David Lee"Parvie" Rusk, will inherit Donald Gene "Slick" Visser's ability to make friends and influence people. Don always passed up every chance to argue and hopes "Make-out" and "Parvie" have more fights than he did. ARTICLE XV--Richard Lee "Beady" Rush realizes his worthy qualities and bequeaths them all to Charles Maxwell "Bumsted" Olmsted, and Dennis James "Blue-cat" Sornson. These distinguished attributes include "Beady's" intellectual ability, winning smile, sweet gentlemanly manners, and his unusual yearning for knowledge, ARTICLE X VI--Jerry Lee "Slim" Smith wills his theme song---"Brusha-brusha-brusha, new Ipana Toothpaste"--to Bucky Beaver, alias J anis Kay Willett. We all hope Janis has many happy hours of brushing. ARTICLE XVII--We all know that Dennis "The Menace" Wayne Dtmn is quite a ladies man. He is perfectly willing to give to Larry Trine "Marlie" Wilson his downtown Des Moines area, which extends from Second and Keosauqua to Keo and Center. Just tell them you know Dennis Dunn and they will flock around you. ARTICLE XVIII--To Mary Kaye "Mariposa" Thielike goes all of James Edward "Chris-Babe" Chrisman's love. He has long admired her and Wanda Faye "Stubb" Cooper from afar. We are sure that these girls will consider themselves lucky to be considered by such an admirer. ARTICLE XIX--Jerry Dean "Joans Boy" Stites, who is exceptionally good in nothing, will to Doris Ann "Dodo" Wolff and James Evans "Michae1oange1o" Michael, his way with all the teachers. This will prove very helpful to you in your senior year. ARTICLE- XX--Pat LeRoy "Parrish" Newbrough leaves behind for Eleanor Louise "Genie" McNabb and Carolyn Neva "Carrey" Parker, his faithful horse "Sticka," brother of "Flicka." As an added gift, Pat gives each of you a years supply of Air-wick. ARTICLE XXI--To Martha Marie Kersey, better known as "Marty," goes Earla Lee "Ferdinand" Ferguson's fiery temper. Since Marty is so easy-going Earla has decided to give her a little zip. ARTICLE XXII--James Craig "Shotgun" Doherty leaves to Terry Arlan "Hotchie" Young his be- loved leopard skin and cave-man tactics. We have seen Shotgim in action more than once. but come to think of it "Hotchie" doesn't need much help, Anyway Good Luck to Terry. ARTICLE X XIII--Robert Gomer "Gopher" Evans leaves to Dorothy Ann "Deep-freeze" DeVries and Patricia Lee "Pat" Hamilton his desire to go to Alaska and grow orange trees. We know Dorothy "Deep-freeze" will enjoy this hot climate and Pat will go along for the ride. ARTICLE XX IV--Last, but not least, Ellen Elaine "El El" Hunt knew she just couldn't say good-bye to good old U. H, S, without leaving behind something of great value. After much debating and exasperating arguments she decided to leave Mr. Jerome "Jake" "J, D," Donovan to the inferior boobs of the Junior class. Now on this important day of May 11, 1957 we have appointed these witnesses to sign, seal, and bury this important supreme document of the Mighty, Beloved Senior Class. Mary 'Wimple Shevelyn Scissors ' ,Tacksonian W. Bury-it Pixie-Wix Fuller-up CA Y0 IMAGIE Tom Alexander giving up his Ford to buy a Chevy. Walter Chapman saying, "Pd give him a punch in the nose if I had a monkey wrench." Janis Bagley being a safe, cautious driver. Kae Holden if she were 6 feet tall and weighed 350 pounds. Dale Cruikshank being a ditch digger, Bob Evans running for president on a platform of giving South Dakota back to the Indians Paul Steingrabe breaking the sound barrier in a piper cub. Harriet Gabriel as a woman wrestler, Russell Milligan leaving an all girl party early. Pat Newbrough grounded without a car. Dennis Dunn in detention hall. Jim Chrisman running the 100 yard dash in 10 minutes. Earla Ferguson coming to class without her assignment done. Donna .T ones joining Fats Domino's band. Norma Zimmerman telling Terry Young she was too tired to go out with him. J im Doherty staying awake all during Bookkeeping class. Richard Rush not teasing Mrs. Fuller. Jerry Smith coming to class without a good supply of candy. Jerry Stites not talking for 24 hours. Donald Visser going to college and majoring in home economics. Brent Meckley telling Mr. Tone that an assignment was ready a week early. Ellen Hunt as the star on a woman's professional basketball team Ronnie VanPelt coming to school two days in a row. Adelle Wilson as an old maid. The Senior boys agreeing with the Senior girls. What UHS will be like without the class of '5'7. ve...-,Wsmwww.v . . Y, E, ki as S W 5? 5? 95 3 my-QvM.w., UNDERCLA K . SSME wg f km W, EWR FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Jerry Towers, Denny Sornson, Pat Hamilton, Barbara Barton, Karen Hanes, Janice Foote, Marilyn Essex, Jerry Little, Norman Ritchhart, Robert Curnutt. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Eveleth, Dorothy DeVries, Lloyd Barger, Eleanor McNabb, Terry Young, Joyce Rash, Marcene Fickel, Delores Boggs, Doris Wolff, Carolyn Parker, Mary Kaye Thieleke, Betty Sapp, Mrs, Moore, Mr. DeWitt, THLRD ROW: Lynda Leavengood, Janis Willett, Gay Ann Parrish, Glenn Ferguson, Jim Robinson, Max Bible, Dave Rusk, Larry Wilson, Charles Olmsted, Charles Glasgow, Dave Sornson. NOT PICTURED: Martha Kersey, Wanda Cooper, Sharon Brown, Jim Michael. JUNl0R The officers of the Junior Class were: President, David Ruskg Vice-President, Terry Youngg Treasurer, Dennie Sornson, Secretary, Eleanor McNabb. Barbara Barton and Lloyd Barger were the Student Council representatives the first semester and Karen Hanes and Glenn Ferguson were representatives the second semester. A few activities of the Junior Class were as follows: There was the publication of the "Blue Jay Chatter," the high school paper, which kept the Juniors busy, There is agreat deal of hard work that goes into this paper. There is advertising to be sold, gathering news, writing copy, a.nd preparing a dummy copy. Mrs. Lucchini is the "Blue Jay Chatter" advisor. In October the Juniors presented their play "Home Sweet Homicide," Thirty of the class members were included in this play. They handled half the food concessions at the football and basketball games. The Christmas Formal, "Glistf-:ning Twilight," was also sponsored by the Juniors. It was the second year for Christmas dances. The last big event of the year was preparing for the J unior-Senior Banquet, with the help of the Junior sponsors, Mrs. Eveleth, Mrs. Moore, and Mr. DeWitt. The Banquet was held at the Wakonda Club: the theme was "Just For You." CLASS PLAY EQ1f f M Iwi S if f Q X52 ig' ' 'wkim' E' six, 5 .ak is if E , . Q K Vi'Mww A kglv K M Y! x 2 .. ' . S Q k Us! f , Q ::. H E Mwmwy-is Jigga: X x 5 5 it Q AROUN F QQ is Q' 5 Q. . Q if mx? K- hiss! ww,al 5 h Q , 1 ,- S' , E . Q 5 .3 A N . FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Judy Bice, Bonnie Stites, Jeri Fry, Faith Crippen, Eleanor Ditto, Janet Trip- lett, Carol Garwood, Karole Peterson, Linda Richeson, Linda Reynolds, Dixie Sorenson. SECOND ROW: Mr. Anderson, Kathy Thoreson, Sandra Thorpe, Susan Greene, Carolyn Hon, Mary McDonald, Ann Birney, Joyce Poole, Sharon Conrad, Sandra Jarvis, Patty Smith, Judy Ostling, Mr. Forsyth. THIRD ROW: Danny Boals, Carl Hall Jr., Carl Bishop, John Becker, Mike Weakley, Jerry Ireland, Ronnie Johnson, Roger Ryberg, Alan Hansen, Steve Chapman. FOURTH ROW: Gary Laverrenz, John Mott, Gary Mart, Phil Schroeder, Vernon DeHamer, Richard Boot, Charles Johnson, MonteBarbour, Dick Foote, Lonnie Milligan, Harlan Seagren, David Thielke. NOT PICTURED: Carol Dunn. 0PHOMORE To start off the 1956-57 school year, the Sophomore Class had a money-raising project of selling pennants and pom poms for the homecoming festivities. Besides de- corating the Legion Hall for the dance, they entered a float, Igloo the Schmoo, in the home- coming parade which won second place. "All work and no play" was certainly not the motto for this class. On January 25, they had a sliding party at Waveland, and from there went on to J immie's Pizza House for refreshments. They ended up the year with a skating party in March. FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Sandra Morris, Mary Jane Chase, Donna Cooley, Susie Schmitt, Judy Johnson, LaRita Tyler, Jean Valerius, Andrea Yeater, Conny Swanson, Sharon Barlow, Carol Jamison, Jean Hagg, Evelyn Hon, SECOND ROW: Mr. Tone, Diane Miller, Joanna Chew, Joann Parsons, Claudia Hobbs, Claudia Schoonover, Rose MarieJohnson, Linda Kessler,Jeannette Zimmerman, Karen Kunzman, Linda Jones, Mary Jane Wilson, Mrs, Lucchini. THIRD ROW: Mr. Belford, Zelda Wood, Dixie Peterson, Janice Willard, Ronnie Brendle, Denny Boatright, Bob Dietz, Wayne Seiberling, Danny Doherty, Martin Bell, Gary Bishop, Phil Pasco, Bruce LePard, Don Parsons. FOURTH ROW: John Hunt, Larry Butler, Glenn Isserstedt, Dale McDivitt, Joe Steingrabe, Steve Ward, Jim Samuels, Gary Willett, Merle Alexander, Gerard Noble, Ronnie Swanson, Doug Theileke, Ronnie Phelps. FRE HMB The seniors helped start off the freshman year with an initiation. After the initiation the freshmen served the whole high school refreshments. The homecoming skit put on by the class was entitled "The Whole World's For U.H.S." The float which carried out this theme, won fourth place. After the home- coming game at the dance, the freshmen sold pop at the refreshment stand. In January they had a sliding party at the Hyperion Golf Club. Afterwards they went to J ennys for refreshments, For the Student Council Carnival they had two booths, the dart throw and the basket- ball throw. Some freshman boys and girls helpai put on the side show. JlINl0R HIGH GRADE FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Sharon Wilhelm, Dennis Newbrough, Larry Belden, Richard Keasey, Danny Lay, Mike Barger, Ray McG1othlen, Linda Bronnenberg. SECOND ROW: Miss Jensen, Jim Richardson, Barbara DeHamer, Joanne Schroeder, Donna Kessler, Karen Kellar, Sandria Scott, John Hodges, John Glasgow, THIRD ROW: Jack Gunion, Fred Robinson, Penny Keller, Terry Stewart, Frei Frey, Diana Sorenson, Dennis Newmann, Bob Garner. NOT PICTURED: Frances Scott, FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Joe Lamb, Ann Valerius, Susan Jenks, Sandra Shults, Phyllis Wood, Bronwen Llewellen, Linda Spease, Jim Mefford Jr., Clarke McLean, Mark Milligan. SECOND ROW: Howard E. Thompson, Margaret MacDonald, James Nelson, Kaylene Kenworrhy, Lois Ann Downs, Harold Garwood Jr., Janet Rush, Susanna Nelson, .T 6311 Sherwood, Donna Horak. THIRD ROW: Linda Winters, Nancy Myers, Charles Timberlake, Richard Leutzinger, Stanley Coulthard, Mary Jardine, Panchita Rainey, Larry Hart- sook, Tim Ryberg. This page is sponsored by D, E, ROBINSON, 6805 Maryland Drive JUNl0R HIGH GRADE FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Connie Runyan, Connie Persinger, Sandra Alexander, Torn Backus, Forrest Richardson, Susan Belden, Jolene May, SECOND ROW: Mrs, Pike, Joyce Albright, Michael Fisher, Jim May, Richard Chapman, Samuel Parsons, Ronald Briles, Freddie Little. THIRD ROW: Marcia Newbrough, Nancy Emmert, Charlotte Silvey, Pamela Seagren, John White, Ricky Boals, Frank Pasco, Dale Hcugi, FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Judy Phelps, Carlyn Gardiner, Janita Peterson, Patty Beggs, Dennis Henrik- son, Larry Leutzinger, Bill Van Pelt, Barclay McLean, Richard Waters. SECOND ROW: Mr. Knold, Linda Greene, Patty Mart, Teddy Minnick, Darlene Boltz, Christine Chapman, Lynda Gibson, Donna Cruik- shank, Linda Fickel, David Ferguson. THIRD ROW: Ruth Hamilton, Harold Lamberto, Jeannie Kehoe, Judy Garner, J'ohn Leavengood, Diane Wilson, Gayle Strickler, ,Terry Kallaus, This page is sponsored by DR. DON GREEN, 6762 Douglas Avenue Chemistry r WE 'I' DY '??? np.,- American History and Government General Science ,H wk ,,., . an ik -QM V x 1 gifgxkg Wiiffgifsi. if -. .. ' A ' 1 f --J .- - -- -ztzzw - y , S ' X , N Vx A ww X X x Q x A FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Doug Thieleke, Denny Boatright, Bob Dietz, Richard Rush, Walter Chapman, Carle Hall ,T r., Phil Pasco. SECOND ROW: Mr, Forsyth, Ronnie Johnson, Steve Chapman, Danny Boals, Lonnie Milligan, Tom Alexander, Ronnie Brendle, Steve Ward, Don Parsons, Bruce LePard, Mr. DeWitt. THIRD ROW: Dave Rusk, Roger Ryberg, Alan Hansen, Don Visser, Brent Meckley, Chuck Olmsted, Larry Wilson, Max Bible, Mr. Knold. F00'I'BALL The 1956 football squad ended the season with a 5-1-2 record. Next years team will see the absence of six seniors who are: Don Visser, Torn Alexander, Walt Chapman, Russell Milligan, Richard Rush and Brent Meckley, Head coach I im Forsyth was assisted again this year by Norval DeWitt. The other assistant coach, Don Knold, is new at Urbandale this year and is a recent graduate of Drake University. The scores for the 1956 games were: Woodside . . . . . 19 Urbandale Allerton . . . . 0 Urbandale Ankeny . . . . . 26 Urbandale Johnston . . . . . 19 Urbandale Maxwell ........ . . . . 40 Urbandale Altoona ....... ..... . . . 40 Urbandale Bondurant fl-Iomecomingj . . . 12 Urbandale Carlisle ..... ..... . . . 13 Urbandale FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Ronnie Johnson, Dave Rusk, Jim Robinson, Don Visser, Brent Mecldey Max Bible, Larry Wilson. SECOND ROW: Coach Jim Forsyth, Don Parsons, Alan Hanson, Mike Weekly Dick Foote, Danny Boals, Tom Alexander, Gary Mart, Doug Thieleke, Gary Willett, Bruce LePard BOY 'BA KETBALL This years's basketball season ended with a 5-13 record. Three Seniors ended their basket ball career for U. H. S. They were Don Visser, Tom Alexander, and Brent Meckley. Urbandale Urbandale Urbandale Urbandale Urbandale Urbandale . . Urbandale Urbandale Urbandale SEASON'S RECORD Mitchelville. . 44 Urbandale. . .37 Ankeny. . . . . 61 Urbandale. . .45 Prairie City. . .54 Urbandale . . .70 Bondurant . . . 64 Urbandale. . .39 Saydel. . . . 46 Urbandale. . . 60 Johnston. . . . 37 Urbandale. . .36 Grimes. . . . . 54 Urbandale . . 66 COUNTY TOURNAMENT Balley "B's" . . .44 Urbandale . . 29 SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT Winterset . . . .39 Urbandale . . 47 Bondurant Carlisle . Norwalk . Altoona . Johnston. Norwalk. Grimes . Saydel . . Adel. . . This page is sponsored by SARWINS STUDIO, 816 Walnut JUNIUR HIGH POR'I' FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Dennis Newbrough, Jur1ior Garwood, John Leavengood, Terry Stewart, Jack Gunion, Larry Hartsook, Richard Waters, SECOND ROW: Mr. Don Knold, Teddy Minick, Bill VanPe1t, Richard Leutzinger, Gayle Strickler, Tim Ryberg, Mark Milligan, Clarke McLean, Ronnie Johnson. THIRD ROW: Joe Lamb, Barclay McLean, Danny Lay, Frank Pasco, Harold Lamberto, Bob Garner, Jerry Kallaus, Fred Little. FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Kaylene Kenworthy, J annes Nelson, Sharon Wilhelm, Donna Horak, Anr1 Valerius, J anita Peterson, Karen Kellar, SECOND ROW: Mr. Don Knold, Judy Garner, Lynda Gibson, Judy Phelps, Lois Ann Downs, Janet Rush, Linda Fickle, Linda Spease, Ronnie Johnson. THIRD ROW: Nancy Meyers, Linda Greene, Panchita Rainey, Linda Winters, Charalotte Silvey, Phyllis Wood, Bronwen Llewellyn. FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Karen Haines, Susan Greene, Marilyn Essex, Delores Boggs Janis Bagley Janis Willett, Adelle Wilson, Mary Jane Wilson, Marcene Fickel, Barbara Barton, Janice Foote BACK ROW: Mary Kaye Thieleke, Coach Norval DeWitt. The Girls' basketball team ended their '56-'57 season with a 9-8 record. Two seniors will leave the team this year: Adelle Wilson at forward, and Janis Bagley playing guard. Prospects for next year are good because the squad has had ex perience and has shown a strong desire to win. Urbandale. . Urbandlae Urbandale Urbandale Urbandale Urbandale Urbandale Urbandale Urbandale SEA SON'S REC ORD Mitchelville. .45 Ankeny .... 56 Prairie City . . 63 Bondurant . . .49 Saydel .... 30 Johnston . . . 45 Grimes .... 45 COUNTY Valley. . . . .43 SECTIONAL Johnston . . . 53 Urbandale North Polk Urbandale . . Bondurant . Urbandale Carlisle . Urbandale Norwalk . Urbandale Altoona . Urbandale Johnston . Urbandale Grimes . . TOURNAMENT TOURNAMENT Urbandale . .50 Saydel . . This page is sponsored by ADVANCE HARD LINES COMPANY. '7019 Douglas Ave FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Don Parsons, Gary Mart, Harlen Seagren, Richard Rush, Denny Sorenson Dick Foote, Merle Alexander, David Thieleke. SECOND ROW: Coach James Forsyth, Danny Boals Jim Robinson, Larry Wilson, Brent Meckley, Don Visser, Tom Alexander, Alan Hansen, Roger Ryberg Coach Norval DeWitt. BA EBALL Grimes , , , 6 Urbandale , , , Johnston , , , , 0 Urbandale . . Ankeny, , , 1 Urbandale . . Bondurant , , . , 2 Urbandale . , Saydel , , , , , O Urbandale , , Altoona, . . . . . . . 8 Urbandale . . SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT Johnston , . 0 Urbandale . . Valley . , , 3 Urbandale , , The team ended a very successful season this year with a fine 6 - 2 record. Four seniors will be leaving the team this year: Tom Alexander, Richard Rush, Don Visser and Brent Meckley, This page is sponsored by RICHARDS DECORATING, 6833 Douglas FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Monte Barbour, Tom Alexanderf, Don Visser "', Brent Meckley "', Max Bible, Steve Chapman. SECOND ROW: Denny Sornson, Danny Boals, Dave Thieleke, Jim Samuels, Lonny Milli- gan, Jim Crismani, Mr. Marriott, THIRD ROW: Mr. Donovan, Mike Weakly, Roger Ryberg, Ronnie John- SOIL TRACK 'I' Indicates Seniors The 1957 track team showed improvement over previous years as many new records were set. The Urbandale team entered the Valley and the Oskaloosa Relaysg Conference, District, and State track meets, ln the district meet Mile Relay, which placed State Meet the boys set This was the first Tom Alexander took second in High Jump, Low Hurdles and was on the second, along with Steve Chapman, Danny Boals, and Max Bible. In the a new school record in the Mile Relay but failed to place in any event, year of track for Denny Sornson who did very well, setting three new records. The track team will be looking forward to his return next year. 100 yard dash 10,9 120 low hurdles 14.7 220 yard dash 24.9 440 yard dash 57.7 Discus 108' NEW RECORDS Sornson Mile Relay 3:42.53 Sornson Chapman High Jump 5' 8" Chapman Broad Jump 19' 91" Wilson Chapman, Bible Boals, Alexander Alexander So rnson 'st Mile Relay D. Sornson Tom Alexander LEFT TO RIGHT: L, Reynolds, D. Sorenson, B. Stites, E. Ferguson, J. Bice, C, Garwood, E. Ditto CHEERLEADER The cheerleaders who represented Urbandale High School this year were Earla Ferguson, seniorg Bonnie Srites, Carol Garwood, Eleanor Ditto, Linda Reynolds, Dixie Sorenson, and Judy Bice, sophomores, These cheerleaders were seen at all of the football and basketball games arousing school spirit. Earla, who was captain of the cheerleaders this year, has been in cheerleading for three years, one as a substitute and two as a regular. The other six girls were substitutes last year and this is their first year as regulars, These seven girls worked with, and organized, the junior high cheerleaders. X 1 This page is sponsored by POILLON ENGINEERING CO., 6960 Douglas 2' a ORGA IZATIU if 5' YN --nik SITTING: Donna Jones, Earla Ferguson, Mrs. Fuller, Adelle Wilson, Janis Bagley. STANDING: Dennis Dunn, Brent Meckley, Co-Editors . . . Assistant Editors Advertising . . Subscription Salesman . Photographer . . . Dedication .... Administration . Seniors .... . Sports , , ANNUAL TAFF . . . Donna J' ones Earla Ferguson . . Adelle Wilson Janis Bagley Brent Meckley Dennis Dunn . . . , Jim Doherty Adelle Wilson Janis Bagley Earla Ferguson Donna J ones Norma Zimmerman Ronnie VanPe1t Earla Ferguson . , Dale Cruikshank . .... Janis Bagley , , , Harriet Gabriel . . . Harriet Gabriel J' anis Bagley Adelle Wilson . . . Brent Meckley Richard Rush Tom Alexander This page is sponsored by URBANDALE MOTORS, 6800 Douglas FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Kae Holden, Claudia Hobbs, Pat Hamilton, Carol Jamison, Judy Johnson, Ann Birney, Susan Green, Adelle Wilson, Mary Jane Chase, SECOND ROW: Dixie Peterson, Janis Willard, Janis Bagley, Karen Kunzman, Doris Wolff, Lynda Leavengood, Gay Ann Parish, Roger Ryberg, Dave Rusk, Brent Meckley, Jim Doherty, Mrs. Lucchini. DRAMA Many contestants from Urbandale entered the Iowa State Speech Association pre- district contest this year held at Dowling, The winners who then proceeded to the district contest at Mt, Pleasantwere: Dave Rusk, Jim Doherty, Doris Wolff, Pat Hamilton, Gaye Ann Parrish, and the one-act play, "Dark Wind." Gaye Ann Parrish was the only one to emerge a winner, thus enabling her to enter the state contest which was held at Grinnell, where she received two two's and a one. A Christmas program was written and presented by the Drama and Music Depart- ments, Mrs. Carol Lucchini and Mrs, Marion Chase directed the speech events. FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Mrs, Sherer, Marcene Fickle, Adelle Wilson, Don Visser, I im Doherty, Mr. Donovan. SECOND ROW: Dick Foote, Susan Jenks, Barb Barton, Susan Greene, Janis Bagley, Carol Gar- wood, Earla Ferguson, Janice Willard. THIRD ROW: Lonny Milligan, Bob Garner, Steve Ward, Danny Boals, Roger Ryberg, Dave Rusk, Danny Doherty, Lloyd Barger, Dennis Dunn. STUDENT COU CIL The Student Council of 1956-57 was very active in promoting special projects and other school functions, Among the activities sponsored by the council were: several sock-hops, home- coming, a hobo party, a carnival and an award assembly. A variety of talent was brought to Urbandale from Kansas University including an artist, aspeaker, and a demonstration of chemical marvels. Special assemblies were presented at Thanksgiving, Christmas, Veterans' Day and Easter. A new special project this year was the Mobilgas Economy Run which was a huge success. .T anis Bagley won first in actual miles per gallon. ,Terry Smith won first in ton miles per gallon, with Dale Cruikshank placing second, and Tom Alexander placing third in ton miles. PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER This page is sponsored by HARRlE'S WATCH SHOPE, 1161 - 24th an 02'.S.i? as SS FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Judy Ostling, Lynda Leavengood, Dixie Peterson. SECOND ROW: Charles Timberlake, Roger Ryberg, Mary Jane Chase, Karen Kunzman, Joe Lamb, Jean Valerius, Judy Johnson, THIRD ROW: Andy Yeater, Charolette Silvey, Marcene Fickel, Fred Robinson, Sharon Barlow, Phyliss Wood, Dona Cooley, Judy Phelps, Lynda Gibson, Zelda Wood, Tim Ryberg, Dick Foote, Lynda Jones. FOURTH ROW: Teddy Minnick, Kaylene Kenworthy, Clark McLean, Richard Leutzinger, Dennis Neumann. Junior Garwood, John Hurt, Dennis Hendrickson, Carle Hall, John Mott, Glen Gerguson. FIFTH ROW: James Nelson, Carol Jamison, Susan Greene, Lynda Fickel, Mr. Belford. NOVT PICTURED: Kathy Thorson, BAD The instrumental music department consists of the concert band, the marching band, the pep band and the clarinet quartet. The marching band played during the half times of football games and marched in the homecoming parade. The concert band performed at the winter and spring concerts and participated in the band festival held at Saydel High School. The pep band performed during the basketball season, The clarinet quartet participated in the State Solo and Ensemble Contest held at Woodward, Iowa and won a DIVISION I rating, At the State Large Group Contest held at Monroe, Iowa, the concert band won a DIVISION II rating. This page is sponsored by NEIGHBORHOOD BEAUTY SHOP, 2926 Hickman GIRL 'CHURU S3 ...4aa... .EIA FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Eleanor Ditto, Karen Hanes, Barbara Barton, Carolyn Hon, Marilyn Essex, Carol Garwood, Janice Foote, Janet Triplett. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Phillips, Connie Swanson, Andrea Yeater, Donna Jones, Lynda Leavengood, Sandra Jarvis, Judy Ostling, Sandra Thorpe, Mary MacDonald, Mary Jane Chase, Sharon Conrad, THIRD ROW: Sandra Morris, Joanna Chew, Rose Marie Johnson, Susie Schmitt, Joyce Poole, Betty Sapp, Dorothy DeVries, Marcene Fickel, Delores Boggs, Janis Willett, Kathy Thoreson. FOURTH ROW: Linda Kessler, LaRita Tyler, Jean Hagg, Evelyn Hon, Joann Parsons, Earla Ferguson, Bormie Stites, Mary Jane Wilson, Jeannette Zimmerman, Karen Kunzman, Diane Miller. BOY 'CHORU S FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Mrs. Phillips, Gerard Noble, Gary Laverrenz, Glen Lsserstedt, Wayne Seiberling, Ronnie Swanson, Gary Mart, John Mott, Danny Doherty, Denny Boarrigtht, SECOND ROW: Glen Ferguson, Martin Bell, Mike Weakley, Dave Rusk, Brent Meckley, Jim Chrisman, Roger Ryberg, Ronnie Brendle. FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Mrs, Phillips, Karen Hanes, Donna Jones, Barbara Barton, Carolyn Hon, Marilyn Essex, Carol Garwood, Janice Foote, Sharon Conrad, Gary Mott, Danny Doherty, John Mott, SECOND ROW: Ronald Swanson, Andrea Yeater, Lynda Leavengood, Judy Ostling, Rose Marie J ohnsen, Betty Sapp, Dorothy DeVries, Marcene Fickle, Delores Boggs, .T anis Willett, Kathy Thoroson, Linda Jones, Karen Kunzman, Brent Meckley, Dave Rusk, Dennis Boatright. THIRD ROW: Martin Bell, Gary Laverrenz, Mike Weakley, LaRita Tyler, Connie Swanson, Susan Schmitt, Evelyn Hon, Linda Kessler, Joyce Poole, Sandra Jarvis, Sandra Thorpe, Mary McDonald, Jim Crisman, J im Doherty, Ronnie Brindle, Roger Ryberg. FOURTH ROW: Wayne Siberling, Glenn Isserstedt, Gerard Noble, Jean Hagg, Eleanor Ditto, Janet T ripplet, Joann Parsons, Earla Ferguson, Bonnie Stites, Mary Jane Wilson, Joanna Chew, Sandra Morris, Mary Jane Chase, Diane Miller, Jeannette Zimmerman. VOCAL M SIC The vocal music department has been very busy this year. The large groups have appeared at P. T. A. meetings, the winter and spring concerts, the vocal music festival, and school assem- blies. The three groups are: the mixed chorus, the girls' glee club and the boys' glee club. In the State Large Group Contest held at Monroe, Iowa the choruses won the following ratings: Mixed Chorus, DIVISION Ig Girls' Glee Club, DIVISION Ilg The Boys' Glee Club, DIVI- SION II. The vocal department also played host this year to the annual five-school music festival and accommodated over 250 high school musicians and their directors. Mr, John Dexter of Plymouth Congregational Church directed the massed chorus. FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Donna Jones, Karen Hanes, Barbara Barton, Carolyn Hon, Marilyn Essex, Carol Garwood, Janice Foote, Mary Jane Chase. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Phillips, Joann Parsons, Sandra Jarvis, Judy Ostling, Sandra Thorpe, Sharon Conrad, Mary MacDonald, Delores Boggs, Kathy Thoreson, Janis Willet. THIRD ROW: Gerard Noble, Glen Ferguson, Gary Laverenze, Mike Weakley, Dave Rusk, Brent Meckley, Roger Ryberg, Jim Crisman, Danny Doherty. MALL GROUPS The various small groups have appeared before the P.T. A., church groups, and in school assemblies such as the Thanksgiving assembly. The small groups are the "A" and "B" sextettes, the girls trio, the boys quartet, the mixed quartet, the boys double quartet, the mixed double quartet and the madrigal group. In the State Solo and Ensemble Music Contest held at Woodward, Iowa, Urbandale's entries won the following ratings: DIVISION I -- the boys double quartet, the "B" sextette, the mixed quartet, the mixed double quartet, and vocal soloists Glen Ferguson, Janis Willett and Donna Jones. DIVISION II -- the madrigal group, the girls trio, the boys quartet, and vocal soloists Jim Crisman, Mary Jane Chase, Karen Kunzman, Sandra Jarvis, and Sandra Thorpe. DIVISION III -- The "A" sextet and vocal soloist Dave Rusk. This page is sponsored by the LAIRD L. JONES INSURANCE AGENCY, 7013 Douglas SITTING: Janis Willett, Larry Wilson, Doris Wolff, Dave Sornson, Marcene Fickel. STANDING: Mrs Lucchini. Joyce Rash, Pat Hamilton. EWSPAPER TAFF EDITORS SPORTS Joyce Rash Dave Rusk Pat Hamilton Max Bible Doris Wolff EXCHANGE BUSINESS MANAGER Denny Sornson Norman Ritchart ELEMENTARY DEPARTMENT CIRCULATION MANAGERS Pat Hamilton Larry Wilson Dorothy DeVries Dave Sornson DRAMA, SPEECH AND MUSIC ADVERTISING MANAGERS Marilyn Essex Janis Willett JUNIOR HIGH Marcene Fickel Lynda Leavengood HUMAN INTEREST CIRCULATION DEPARTMENT Jerry Little Jim Robinson Chuck Glasgow Chuck Olmsted Terry Young FEATURES Lloyd Barger Jim Michael This page is sponsored by URBANEWS, 6813 Roseland ACTIVITIES -I'- HOMECOMl G ' Ain ,asf vt" S was 'V' W 5.....a I JMX R it., 31 .-.mu-.af The Homecoming of 1957 was a big affair as it has been in previous years. The events started Thursday night with a bonfire, PSD rally, and a snake dance. The festivities continued Friday afternoon with another big pep assembly and a skit presented by the Freshman. Following the assembly was the parade in which each class had a float, The Juniors won first place and the Sophomores won second. There was also a pancake supper sponsored by the Lions Club, In the evening Urbandale tied Bondurant 12-12, Between halves there was the crowning of the queen, Adelle Wilson. The queen's attendants were Earla Ferguson and Janis Bagley. A dance held in the Legion Hall concluded the Homecoming celebration. .-.. -mrs 5 i a KIP DAY The Urbandale Senior Class traveled to the 4-H camp at Madrid, Iowa. They left Tuesday afternoon, May 21 and returned Wednesday afternoon, May 22. After a sleepless night with lots of laughter, music, games and plenty of good food, everyone declared it was the best time they ever had. IUNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET AND PROM Valedictorian . COMME CEME T Salutatorian............... American Legion Citizenship Award . . . Iowa Bar Association Award . . . . . Boys' Athletics Girls' Athletics . . . Speech Award . Boy and Girl Musicians ........ American Legion Auxiliary Scholarship ..... American Legion AuxiliaryScho1arshipMeda1s. . . . Dennis Dunn , Kay Holden James Doherty Adelle Wilson . Don Visser Tom Alexander . Adelle Wilson Janis Bagley . I anis Bagley , , , ,Donnalones Brent Meckley . Dennis Dunn . Donna Jones Dale C ruikshank CLASS COLORS CLASS FLOWER Lilac and White Lilac CLASS MUTTO "Success Awaits at Labor's Gates" FAVORITE SNAPS U ,.., Q, "TQ ff 'fl iw 5 J li? . ,M N-eff" li 'Y i f lux! f A ,Q .11 x . ,. -. M 2-9 - ' - as va. , - - 'w. g..2- -Q 4'-T' -F W ' gu. 1 Q fr ,1 ,., 1 I Aknr, . if ,. 3 I i. s, K X vw' 5 ,C in Q I A ' .,. " "i'i, Y Q f Q? E xx .-:.,:, .5 Q fm "" f fx W vip S-GK. 'PDP .dl will my-' Y aff' Q fr . Qi 2 gg Xa-Lf H2-'-5 165 1-...M '-- ....,. Q ,00- 5 '-f-E' .qvfii 'WV -'SQ Gi. 4,2 'li' ,hr 'ff"':w CA DID SHOT xgxfmi y ,ax r 5 , N L. Q 1 imww' fz 11 twpwdv S. sl sv af SN 'F S 5 S3 I an ffaj NL : ,. N 0FF GUARD 'wifi P HOW WE RELAX !! . Q fi is, -S mm' EM s MEMORIES "f2.i7"' Congratulations to the Class of '57 from SANDERS MOTOR Your Exclusive BUICK DEALER For Des Moines and Polk County 1440 Locust SAVE FOR YOUR FUTURE CO . AT DES MOINES SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 210 - 6th Avenue Phone cn 3-0136 AT H303 0 4 S U P E R i 3 EX. VALLI .-i- - g . , sb I gi A SHCI3 EE S :--::.::s E III 5 "3- I '5I:1 J IIIII :.E gl ,1,,:IA I nk I IIIIZI Q Q 53 O ' I E" , five I 1500 Delaware Iiiii lsens s ng on at 'I' . o Itn I Fwlwn, I: A Des Memes n I """f5 mu WEMEQEXQWENW Enix I oven GLE GCJRDO SERVICE QW , 6804 Douglas Phone CR 9-7330 Residential and Commercial Wiring nLook for the rack with the snack in the Scotch-plaid sacku --That's HIGHLAND POTATO CHIPS 204 Grand Avenue Des Moines, Iowa L... Congratulations to the Senior Class of 1957 from URBANDALE ROUSH CLEANERS Douglas at 69th Phone BL 5-5819 HAS near as your phonen KCDCH BRCTHERS Printers Stationers - Office Outfitters Business Machines Third to Fourth on Grand Avenue Established in 1889 Pepsi Cola General Bottlers Compliments EP fe EELEIEYH 5707 Hickman 4040 University 2718 Beaver Avenue and 12 other convenient locations 95 University we give Ph CH 3 6281 King Korn Stamps one - Congratulations and Good Luck Seniors of Urbandale High nWe wish for each of you a bright future with happiness and success in whatever you undertake EQUIT BLE LIFE I SURANCE COMPANY OF IOWA NA Friendly Place to Workn SECRETARIES TYPISTS We have excellent job opportunities for graduates with typing and shorthand skills Five day week Company cafeteria Complete insurance program Good starting salaries Opportunity for advancement For further information see Mrs. Graham MEREDITH PUBLISHING CGMPANY 1716 Locust - Des Moines, Iowa HARVEY'S DR IVE-IN AND RESTAURANT Drive In Hours 4-lO Come in and Try HARVEY'S SANDWICH GIANT HAMBURGER SPECIAL MAXINE'S BEAUTY SHOPPE 6800 Douglas Dial CR 7-6738 Cold Waves Hair cutting Manicuring Princess Nyla Cosmetics Closed Monday Thursday Evening by Appointment lo.K. Auto ,J , Smith General Repair o.K.'s MOTOR TUNE-UP SHOP 6800 Douglas Avenue Phone BL 5-6057 S 6: M BARBER SHOP "Children's Hair Cutting Welcomeu 5709 Urbandale Phone BL 5-3055 O ' SHOP SCHROEDER ROBINS N S FABRIC 3015 Merle Hay Road FOR McNeal Shopping Center INSURANCE Remember Robinson's Fabric Shop for all your newest dress fabrics Also sewing notions Fire Life Hospital MmmkHyPMwmS S . 6: A . Phone CR 9-8965 Hours 9 to 9 Open Every Evening Phone CR 9-9560 ,guna vnu, swuamw hillips S ELLER'S SERVICE 70th G Douglas Phone BL 5-9765 Batteries - Tires - Accessories L...... Q TOR CLUB A A A 'OW P Ny ,X Q . A -1 11 HARTSOOK'S HARDWARE and VARIETY 6931 Douglas Ave. Hours 8-6:30 Specialize in Satisfied Customers Congratulations to the Class of '57 I STITUTIONAL WHOLESALE GROCERS HTHE HOUSE OF QUALITYH Phone CR 2-8167 Des Moines, Iowa Wholesale Food Distributors for Everything in the Larger Sizes Compliments of M. H. Doherty Call for FLYNN Grade A D A I R Y P R 0 D U C T S from Iowa's Most Modern Dairy Phone CH 3-6211 CLASS of l957 CONGRATULATIONS AND SAFE DRIVING from SQCGNY MGBILE SERVICE f,i ,ifu , King of the Bread box srrlx'.l,lxllI, N,.. , ,,.4,,, ,AM ,.., if M siQiQ2giiiiED 2iegD?55fwiE1g Qg?gfff Zlwz: --2 ": :f':-' 1W', lffi .':::EEE ZI- I , U R BA N D A L E STANDARD SERVICE A Tires Batteries and Accessories Washing Greasing 1225 ' 2nd Avenue Howard Smith Des Meinesa Iowa 6901 Douglas Des Moines, Iowa Phone BL 5-9855 SCHMITT'S BARBER SHOP 6925 Douglas Avenue Hours 8 - 6 Closed Mondays 3,927 L. L. CUNNINGHAM Florist and Greenhouse 6920 Douglas Avenue Des Moines 10, Iowa Phone BL 5-8669 f W ff vs ? 99 Congratulations to The Class of '57 RICHARD'S PHARMACY McNeal Shopping Center WINDSOR HEIGHTS PLUMBING - HEATING 2805 Rocklyn Phone BL 5-0873 Free Estimates F.H.A. TERMS Sales Open Over the Week End EMMERT'S Congratulations Seniors Hardware from Variety Groceries MECKLEY'S and BARBER SHOP Snack Bar 219 - 5th Avenue Phone BL 5-1427 3507 - 3509 70th ? I i MEYER PAINT ,l and I WALLPAPER 3009 Merle Hay Road Room 1 A Phone BL 5-0218 Window Glass - Hobby Craft Kemtone Rentals - Keys Duplicated Artistic Picture Framing Best Wishes to the Senior Class ZOLA'S BEAUTY SHOP 3502 70th CR 7-9285 l 1 U RBAN DALE PHARMACY 70th G Douglas CR 9-3645 Toiletries and Cosmetics King' s Candy Camera Department Prescriptions Free Delivery on Essential Medications Pioneer Signs in Summer . . . . . Mean Full Cribs in the Fall Motorists everywhere are guided to their destination by the signs along the roads. Farmer motorists across the corn- belt pay particular attention to special signs that point the way to bigger corn crops. These signs mark fields of specific Pioneer hybrids--hybrids that mean fuller cribs in the fall. Yes, the big white Pioneer signs guide thousands of farmers to more profitable corn yields. PIC EER HI-BRED CCDRN CC. Des Moines, Iowa , .- NOEL'S FOOD MARKET "Urbanda1e' s Royal Blue Storen 6935 Douglas I l l l ongratulations Seniors from STRAUSS LOCK CO. 7ll Grand Complete Automotive and I Safe Service . I I MacRae Highlands 7 E L and RUTH YOUNG REALTORS I 7013 Douglas I Phone BL 5-6895 Res. BL 5-7072 Buy A Home In 51. H M I LT IS Lurgan PRESS Lu M R CO . uglas Avenue 0 Des Moines 10, Iowa OCATIONS TO SERVE Y DES MOINES 2629 Beaver Ave. Ph. BL 5-1155 WEST DES MOINES 200 - 4th St. Ph. CR 7-4445 JOHNSTON Ph. CR 9-9704 Phone BLackburn 5-9441 Publishers of THE SUBURBAN ' THE SUBURBANITE Printers of URBANEWS Complete LETTERPRESS AND OFFSET Printing Service -I ng-A I gf .. J 2715-A Qj,,i,j.1'1".3z1,1' X , -- , , r- , ,- ' ' f ,..,g-,.k-V. L, A X' .Q , K .,,., .A , . V, , . av , -f. R1-,g..: - ., W, wi 'wfsk ,mf-.. , 1. . - , 4 . Q, M 6. 4' .,. ., f., 1 -1.1, ., -x .f .w.:, 12. . , X-. . 1- , LA- av -',x,L.,,.-.. . fn. Ms. w - A N- -M M 2KMJ:'2'.-V' 1 wi ' . f ,J ' A' 21: Q f JD, -'ELL 1,3973 R ,, ,. - , . s ,I , 3 M. ,-W!wm. , - .- R A HX - - , W., ,F 4 .u,.A. , M ly, Q N- .p 4, -- .. ,,v ,,. ,-,,. ,, , ,J an ..-f .2. v . . ,- .'1..,f,u,'-"Eh ,. mf, -M--E. 1-,gru-wi wwf. .m.b.f,f. -.eM--f.n..1eY',rnqu.Q1,- ff, .m+,f.w: ..1. -. Q .- mn ... . H431 va . 'lf .- .Af-4 ha --M K .3 Rr, , -,,-, X, , I X t A L " .. , X A . Sm M 1-2 iff- M33 N faqs! ' .rf X11 .4553 - 'npr ..,.si. ,:,-1. ' A , X LV -1.3 w'-' .2 mfg., , ' .3 - .f ,f'5-in Y V is 'T , . ' ' ,Ji , , , fn , ' .1 .. x - v . f H ' ' 3 .5435 W-H, U1 if nu , if ,. 1 1 - ei E ,JS in ,lp Q 3-, KSU: 1' 1- J' V , ,L -R " 'f fg 5: 5 ,,, ,, '31 jf ., fk .H 1 .,, 5' ag' va ff:-L 'ml wg-, fx lrf , ., 3 Q ,A 'P' ' 1 - . , rg -. J- A 'A V QXi'3"'f W 13?.f? g:,. 'a wa' fx , 1 -' gn ,- w 1 ,J . , .IQ V 1' f V' -q r ii w ' ' T5 1 4, If -ft 4. 4 ,S ,QL . , .AjQi, f J sam x-, ,J Ss Q INTER- COLLEGIATE PRESS Publishers - Cover Manufacturers - Baal: Brnders FACTORY - HOME OFFICE Kansas City N , my 1 3 ' wine -Min ,mfg Q elk is xx A 1 sw 4' gil PW ,iw -7 X Q 'vip ' 155' f al: ,ww 'QA 5 pe? 1 :V , . Q ,wF2PfET.iAAZsiififf'QifrS55-35: Nat . fb S. . s E S 'vgyipzv sf .f- ,R rg. A 1 nun f 1 f7 "r 1 f'?'2f. ' -f .vQ::':3, Q.-'pzcgg.',::,,,. W A . 6 , , "iff-hx' . ,eg,,i- ,www f N' f ' If - 5 ' Q , WWA Ygi' www is K if fi .Mag A ,.. . V H -I .Y ...,,.f..u.r-xu.,h- - H. u..,.... ..,....-. H .-.f.f. rn :Hi ' X A ,.,t,,,, r

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