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, w , ,,w.,.,n.A ,. V, , ,,M,g,,., ,,, ,., W 'EFT V' 'W"'H!v'3"'w9EWw2i5fmwrgq? T , f ' wg ,,, , I ' -i.f,':23fiiivf.z,i qu 0 f - J, if 3"'3'T'v" fy X .- Q.,-1 ' 1- 0-455: 5-,, YQ' , ., ' Q 1 . fl ff In Honor DONA LD MONC E EDWARD CARR We, the Seniors of '51, wish to dedicate the "Urbanette of '51" to all our boys in service. Edward, Alan and Don have been serving their country in Korea, We are proud to be able to pay tribute to them for the great sacrifices they are making. Z ALAN URSCHEL CLARENCE L. VANDEGRIFT Supe :inte nde nt RAYMOND WILCOX Trustee -Lagro RALPH HEGEL Trustee-Lagro School Board of '51 Mr. Vuxdegrift Mr. Wilcox Mr. Fisher WILBUR DAWES Principll GARLAND FISHER Trustee -Paw Paw TOM EARL Trustee-Paw Paw School Board of '50 Mr. Vandegrift Mr. Eu-1 Mr, Hegel 4 GALEN EILER Vocational Agriculture RAY HARDMAN Comme ree MAUDE GRIFFITI-IS Room 3 ANN J IN KS English Home Ee onomlc n 0 Q00-49, WALTER WECK Music, English HELEN HARDMAN Room 2 5 0 MAXINE MILLER Room I FLOY KOEHLER Social Science Physical Education JOHN KRIEG Room 4 FRED OLINGER Gooch, Mathematica Health f fy! 1 Class Motto YESTERDA Y IS GONE , TOMORROW MAY NEVER COME: TODAY IS YOURS. . .SEIZE IT. LEONEL DUHAMELL ClassPlays......... Paper Staff .............. Annual Staff. . . Chorus ....... Basketball ,..,., Student Manager .... LAVON MICHEL ClauPlays............ Papez-Staif.......... . AnnualStaff... ..... Yell Leader. . . . . . . . Chorua..... Office. can -0-s.-.ss-. Secretary and Treasurer. . . . MARJORIE CAPES ClanPhys Paper Staff ............. Annual Staff. . . Chorus ..... , , 1-3-4 Office. . . . , Library ..., C1aaa.P1aya. . Papez'Staff......... ROGER DEAL Annual Staff .... Chorus ....... Pre sident ...... Vice -President .... ..,, Basketball. . . . . . . 1-2- Track..... ...... sammu. . . . . . 1-2- 7 SHIRLEY LAUTZENHISER Class Plays . P.PerSuH.............. .sa-.usa Annual Staff. . . . . . , Chorus ...., Office ..... Libra ry .... . President .... Vice-President.. .. , . ..l-2 Class Colors BLUE and simian MAX GASTON Class Plays ........ Annual Staff . . . Paper Staff ..... Chorus .......... Student Manager. . . LENORA STEVENS Cl.aasPhys............ AnnualSta.ff... ... Chorus..... .. Secretary .. . . . . . . . Library. . . Office. . . . KAYFREED C1asaP1ays......... Pape:-Stsff......... Annualstsff... ...... Chorus.... ... Office. . . . . BILL LESTER C1aasP1ays......... pgpu-smff.......... .. Annual Staff. . . . Chorus ..... . . . Band ...... . . 1- Library .... .... Blsktlball. . . . . . Softbalh... .... Track. . . . 8 Paper-Staff... ..... 1-2- DORIS BOWER C1assP1ays............ PlperStaii.......... . Annual Staff. . . . President. . . . . . . Cho:-us.... .. Band..... .. 1-2 1-2 Library. . . . . Q o Class Flower YELLOW ROSE JIM NICCUM ClassPlays............ Paper Staff ......... Annual Staff. . . Chorus ..... Track ..... Treasurer. . . . . . , , Movies. . . . . LOIS JANE BIEHL ClassPlays............ Pape:-Staff.......... AnnullStaff.... ...... Chorus...... .. Band...... .... Librarian. . . Yell Leader. . . . . . Office. , . . . PAT CARR Class Plays. . . . . . . . 'Pspex-Stsff........ AnnualStsff... .... Chorus .... . . .l-Z-3 Bsnd....... .... Yell Leader. . . . Office. . . . . Librarian. . . IMLE HAUPERT ClsssPlays............ AanualStaff.......... O!!lce..... .... Chorus ..... . Basketball .... Track .... Softball. . . 9 DEAN WILHELM ClAssP1sys.......... AmmalStaff.... .... Bllkotball..... ...IZ Vice-President... ... Ssltbsll............. Trsck.............. Secretary and Treasurer. . Chorus.............. PORTEREADS Clan Plays . . . . . An.nualSta!f..............4 Chorus. . . . . . . Basketball. . . . Judging Contests . . . LORENA PRATHER ClusP1ays.............3 Paper-Staff.............. 4 Annual Staff. . . Chorus . . . . . ........4 ... . 2-4 .. l-2-3 ....3-4 ........4 ....1-2-3-4 office .... ........ 4 Band ....... .... l -Z-3-4 Library ..... ...... 1 Calendar August 15. Lost to Linlawn. That hurt 31. Enrollment day ZZ. Christmas vacation starts September January 5. School actually begins Z. School takes up again 8. First softball game 9-10. Semester tests Central won 18 to 7. 10-13. County Tourney IZ. Roann won 13 to 6 19. Won our game with Lafontaine 13. Dental inspection 20. Won over Sidney. Rough! 15. First issue of school paper Z6. Lost to Chester' 16. Chester wins 14 to 0. 31. Lost to Lagro. 18. Picked our play, "The Bashful Bachelor". February 22. Chippewa won 16 to 10 7. Won over Somerset F. Elmer Marshall Qimpersonatorj 10. Lost to Bippus entertained assembly 13. P. T. A. meeting 15. Finals of Grade and Junior High October Tourney Z. Basketball practice began 16. Played Roann? ? 5. Senior pictures taken 17. Regional Music Contest 6. End of first grading period Z0-Z4. Sectional Tourney 10. First P.T.A. meeting 2.0. Senior Play March Z6-27. Teachers' Institute 6. Juniors sponsor skating party at Rock Lake. November 11. Band and Chorus Festival 1. First basketball game at 13. P.T.A. meeting Larwill. Their game 55 to 46. 3. Won our game with Lagro April 10. Won our game with Laketon 6. Junior Play 14. P.T.A. meeting Z7. Achievement Banquet 17. Won our game with White's Institute ZZ. Chippewa lost May Z3-24. Thanksgiving vacation 4. Junior and Senior Banquet 27. T. B. Patch test 6. Baccalaureate 28. Senior skating party at Rock Lake 10-11. Final tests 11 , Commencement. December 15. Senior trip starts 1. Won our game with Gilead 8. Lost to Washington Center 19 The Class History '51 , Twelve years ago September Z, 1939, to be exact, twenty-three shipmates went aboard the schooner, Urbana and entered into the cabin and set forth for the island of "Graduation" to be reached in '51, The second year at sea we were divided because we were a big crew. Ten pupils re- mained in Miss Smith's cabin while fourteen went into Miss Oliver's cabin. Dean Wilhelm and Bill Lester decided to join our happy crew, dropping back from the third grade. We entered Miss Beck's room in one large group. Several sailors left us to land in different ports. We entered Mary Bammerlin's cabin with twenty-three sailors. Some new faces in- cluded Richard Carver, Raymond Flook, Mary Ellen Smyers, Betty Jo Dowling and Robert Michel, Lost overboard were Melbo Jo Dyson, Jackie Ambers, Carole Lilves and Joe Woodward. We sailed through the fifth grade with the same crew except for picking up Randall Weller. We sailed under the Captain Mrs. Griffiths. We entered the sixth year with the same captain and some new crew members, Kathleen Armstrong and Lorene Prather. We lost Donald Pries who sailed for Wabash and Randall Weller set sail for Noblesville. Mary Ellen Smyers left for Manchester. We then left the bottom deck and went top side to look for shore. While there two sailors landed: Patricia Carr and Andrew Roush. We lost Kathleen Armstrong who left us to go to Kentucky. This left us with twenty-one members but Andrew Roush decided sailing was too rough and he left us during the 7th year out of port, which left us twenty members. Our crew was getting low so we picked up four new members: Delbert Martin, Faith Reynolds, Johnny Stouffer and Lenora Stevens. We lost Robert Michel who decided to sail for his future alone. The sea got so smooth we had to dismiss some of our crew. They were Johnny Stouffer, Delbert Martin, Faith Reynolds and Richard Carver who sailed for different ports and Billy Gahl who decided to take the next ship to "Graduation". In our tenth year we started with eighteen members but Paul Kelly and Harold Ware came aboard. This brought our crew up to twenty members. Harold decided to leave us to go to Lancaster Township. Only two years out of port we sighted a large package floating around and decided to haul it overboard to see what it was. Much to our surprise it was our class rings so we would know that in two years we would land on Graduation Island. Getting bored we decided to furnish some entertainment for ourselves. We gave a Minstrel and also a Cantata under the direction of Mr. Weck. At the end of the year Beverly Olmstead and Paul Kelly decided to leave us and so our crew was now down to seventeen. The eleventh year was a very exciting one. We were busy selling concessions at the ball games. Lavon, Lois and Pat were very busy with their job of yell leading. At our achievement banquet, Roger and Bill were given their basketball sweaters with their stripes. On March 31, 1950, we gave a play called "The Angell Brats". Our final year abroad we were kept quite busy, putting out the school paper, giving our Senior Play, "The Bashful Bachelor", selling magazines, completing the annual, and getting our pictures taken. In about three months we shall enter the port at Graduation Island. On May llth we shall leave on our nine day trip to 'spend a few days in Washington, D.C., New York and then we shall cross the border into Canada before we finally head for home. We should like to thank all of our captains who watched over us during our twelve rough years on the sea and also thank Mr. Dawes and Mrs, Koehler who were our sponsors. 'li Last Will and Testament We, the Seniors of Urbana High School, county of Wabash, state of Indiana, being of sound mind and body, do hereby make, publish and declare this to be our last will and testa- ment. l, SHIRLEY LAUTZENHISER, do hereby will my ability to concentrate in the assembly to Duane Wagner, and my temper to anyone who can suffer the consequences. My position on the school paper to anyone who has five or six extra periods in which to do his regular typing I, DEAN WILHELM, will my ability to get to class on time to Sue Thomas, and my ability to be good in Agriculture Class to Bill Gahl, and my red shirt to Betty Colclesser. I, LORENA PRATHER, will my ability to be able to add while someone's talking to anyone sitting by Dan Speicher, and on behalf of all the Seniors, will our ability to be able to eat all we want and yet have a profit to the future Junior store operators. l, DALE HAUPERT, will my ability to study in Agriculture to Dan Speicher, and my ability to get down to dinner first to the Karns twins, and my period in the office to Jim Hudson. I, MARJORIE CAPES, do hereby will my long hair to Mr. Olinger so he can keep his head warm, and to anyone my ability to be in two places at once for the school paper, I, ROGER DEAL, will my speed in basketball to Bill Gahl, to Don Eiler, my ability to stay awake in Physics classg my ability to win an argument back at the ping- pong table to Jim Matterng and my ability to go fishing and get something besides fish to anyone who wants to try his luck. I, KAY FREED, do bequeath my seat in the assembly to any angel who wants it, and my job on the school paper to some brilliant Junior. I, PATRICIA CARR, do hereby will my seat in the assembly in front of Bill Gahl to anyone desiring it, and my ability to rush down to dinner to Carol Russell. I, MAX GASTON, will my long hair to Mr. Hardman: my typewriter to anyone who can put up with it, and my job on the paper to anyone needing exercise. I, BILL LESTER, will my ability to get my bookkeeping to anyone who is naive enough to take it, and my ability to get off my feet to Duane Wagner. l, LENORA STEVENS, will my front seat to Diane Beghtel so she will be closer to Rita Driscoll and won't have to yell across the assembly, and my ability to gain weight to Dan Speicher. I, DORIS BOWER, will my small feet to Dan Speicherg my ability to run to school to Diane Beghtel, and my place on the paper staff to any unsuspecting Junior. I, LAVON MICHEL, do hereby will one of my dresses to Sue Thomas so she won't have to wear blue jeans every day of the weekg a man that looks and acts like Gene to Alice Henderson so she won't be making love to Gene all the time, I, JIM NICCUM, will my used car business to Don Eiler: my parking place to Mr. Eiler so he won't have to walkg and my ability to sail paper airplanes to Karl Hardman. I, LOIS BIEHL, will my seat in the school bus to Tommy Pobst so he can keep Rita Driscoll company, my page in the paper to some enterprising Junior, and my job as yell leader to anyone who can't sit still at a ball game. I, PORTER EADS, will my five years of literature to any underclassman who likes literature and my curly hair to Mr. Hardrnan, and my seat in the assembly to anyone who likes girls. l, LEONEL DUHAMELL, will my seat in the assembly to Janet Rice so she can be close to Billg my ability to act my age to Dan Speicherg and my job on the school paper to anyone who has speed in cranking. WE, THE SENIOR CLASS OF '51, will to the Seniors of next year the long, hard work of making an annual and wish them the best of luck! 12 Juniors vmomm Puam DONALD RANCK President Vice-President JUDY STOUFFER BILL GAHL DUANE WAGNER LOYLE KARNS DIANE BEGHTEL DANIEL SPEICHER DON EILER RITA DRISCOLL JIM HUDSON GENEVA PARSONS IRENE HOOVER. LOWELL KARNS 1 4 CATHERINE CAMPBELL LOWELL HAUPERT Vice-President President Ten th Grade BETTY RUSSELL TOMMY POBST TOBY GREY JANET RICE MAX CHAMBERLAIN ALICE HENDERSON ETHEL HOOVER CAROL RUSSELL I 5 TODD EILER SUE THOMAS Vice-President President N in th Grade MU IREL BOWER DELORES CRIPE LARRY LAUER LaV'ICIE WEAVER LORETTA DUNHAM ROBERT LONG JIM MATTERN BARBARA PARSONS DONNA PRATHER WANDA EILER 16 Eighth Grade FIRST ROW: Janice Rife, Cynthia Hair:-ell, Katherine Ringle, Donald Hardman, Hllliu Pressler, Vincent Noonan. SECOND ROW: Janet Campbell, Philip Weck, Loren Rife, Louise Monce and Nancy Biehl. an Seventh Grade FIRST ROW: K David Nlonce, Jim Rosen, Jack Randall, Larry Eads, Harvey Hoover. SECOND ROW: Gary Grey, Sandra Haupert, Betty Colclesser, Patiy Rife, Marsha Haupert, Kay Eiler. THIRD ROW: Karl Hardman, James I-Iaupert, David Gaston, Jim Zimpleman, John Eads, Peggy Grandstafi, Barbara Parson. 17 FIRST ROW : SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: FOURTH ROW: Grades 5 89' 6 Richard Eckerley, Chris Brouhard, Myrval Miller, Jim Monce, Clyde Holmes, Jerry Hudson, Herbert Ringel, Karmen Karns, Mary Ann Weck, Julia Eckerly, Ruth King, Carolyn Stouffer, Gary Miller, Joe Noonan, Jim Holycross, Jim Krom. Patty Keaffaber, John Bower, John Grey, Lois Prather, Tommy Willcox, Dan Long, Judy Miller. Wendel Dawes, Nancy Hoover, Betty Bates, Janet Driscoll, Roberta Akers, Shirly Bitzel, Wayne Dawes. Teacher: Mr. Krieg. FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: FOURTH ROW: Grades 3 and 4 Pat McLaughlin, John Willcox, Lowell Ringel, Wayne Stouffer, Richard Price, Bi Mourer, Jack Krom, Larry Rice, Jirn Pobst. Esther Brovont, Larry Myers, Judy Roth, Marcella Cripe, Terry Lloyd, Davetia Holycross, Bonita Graft, Tommy Reisner, Kay Knee, Jerry Capes, Jim Lefforge Sandra Schnepp, Doretta Koch, Lora Blevins, Winston Stewart, Marlon Miller, Betty Blevins, Roscoe Bitzel, Charles Wertenberger. Judy Burton, Judy Hair:-el, Arlene Antrim, Betty Rosen, Joan Koch, Judy Hudson Karolee Ringel, Elain Monce, Nancy Shaffer. Teacher, Mrs. Griffith. 18 ll Grade 2 , FIRST ROW: Brenda Shaffer, Forrest Price, Marilyn Hardman, Eileen Weck, Danny Roth, Judy Kendall, Dottie Cripe. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Hardman, Ronnie Frieden, Marca Niccum, Margaret Lefforge, Gloria Jester, Jerry Long, Larry Koch, Larry Hoover. THIRD ROW: Betty Ann Veach, Marilyn Monce, Sally Jo Rife, Rebecca Amber, Donna Weaver, Darwin Pressler, Mike Meyer. Grade 1 , FIRST ROW: Kenneth Hardman, Jo Ann Driscoll, Rebecca Wolf, Stephen Noonan, Fred Willcox, William Plough and Leanne Michel. SECOND ROW: Mrs, Miller, Janice Burton, Linda Mattern, Lynn Swihart, Alice Russell, Harold Holmes, David B-urnworth, and Jack Price. THIRD ROW: Martha Wertenberger, Gene Eckerley, Dennis Lloyd, Robert I-laupert, Duane Keaffaber, Karen Frieden and Evelyn Miller. ABSENT: Dick Lauer, Ronnie Roth and Beatrice Bower. 19 1 .TIM HUDSON LOWELL HAUPERT , DON EILER LOYLE KARNS MR. OLLNGER Z1 BILL LESTER DUANE WAGNER DANIEL SPEICHER ROGER DEAL DON RANCK ZZ all ' ., - f' W .L f 5 Z f so-1+ O ,Q za' M-If go! -..,,,, , Second Team Basketball FIRST ROW: Jim Hudson, Robert Long, Billie Gahl, Lowell Klrnl, Tommy Poblt. SECOND ROW: Loyle Karns, Todd Eiler, Max Chamberlin, Larry Lauer, Don Eller, Coach Olinger. 1. 4'- s A 5 x 5 'F 3 'Cl First Team Basketball - FIRST ROW: Don Eiler, Donald Ranck, Jim Hudson, Lowell Haupert, Loyle Karns. SECOND ROW: Dan Speicher, Duane Wagner, Coach Olinger, Bill Lester, Roger Deal. 23 Junior High Team First Row: Karl Hardman, Jack Randall, Harvey Hoover, Jim Rosen, Dave Monce. Don Hardman, Larry Eads. Second Row: Jim Haupert, Dave Gaston, John Eads, Vincent Noonan, Philip Weck, Gary Grey, Jim Zimpelman. Back Row: Coach Olinger. Yell Leaders Pat Carr, Lavon Michel, Lois Jane Biehl. Sth 89' 6th Grade Team First Row: Tom Wilcox, Jerry Hudson, Jim Krom, Cris Brouhard, Jim Holycross, Jim Monce. Second Row: Coach John Kreig, Jon Grey, Danny Long, Wendell Dawes, Herbert Ringel, Wayne Dawes, John Bowers. Z4 URBANA SPEEDKINGS RECORD Teams Played We They Larwill ....... . . .W -5 Lagro ....... . . 34 30 Laketon. . . . . 41 39 Whites .... . . 54 31 Chippewa ..... . . . 54 39 Gilead .......... . . 40 31 Washington Center .... 48 68 Linlawn ......... . . 44 51 Akron ...... . . .43 39 Deedsville. . . , , ,58 49 La Fontaine. . . . . .48 47 Sidney ...... . . .46 44 Chester. . . , , ,34 51 Lagro ...... . . .48 51 Somerset .... . . .44 42 Bippus .... . . .45 64 Roann. . .......... 35 52 County Tourney R0ann............. 27 Scoring Varsity Player F. G. F. T. Deal ........ 130 91' Lester , , , . . 45 40 Wagner. . , , . 38 28 Ranck ..,, . , 33 35 I-Iaupert .... . . zz 10 Speicher. . . . . 6 6 Karns .... .... 0 1 TOTAL E4 'ET1 48 Total 351 130 104 101 54 18 1 759 Playe r Shot Made Av. Deal .... TQ' 91 .591 Lester .... . . .72 40 .555 Hudson .... . . 26 14 .539 Karns. Ly. . . . . . 98 51 .520 Wagner .... . . . 55 Z8 .509 Eiler T. . . . . . 55 28 .509 Speicher. . , . , , 13 6 .462 Karns, Lw. . . . . , 26 13 .462 Ranck ..... . . . 78 35 .448 Haupert. . . . . .29 10 .345 Eiler. D .... . . .33 ll .333 Lauer ...... . . 6 Z .333 Chamberlin ...... Z8 9 .322 Pobst ..... . . 8 Z .250 Gahl. . . . . . 16 4 .250 Scoring - "B" Team Player F. G. F. T. Total Karns, Ly. . . . . 55 Tr 161 Eiler. T .... . . . ZZ Z8 72 Eiler, D. . . . . 18 11 47 Hudson. . . . 6 14 26 Karns, Lw. . . . . 7 12 Z6 Chamberlin .... , 6 9 Z1 Pobst ....... . 4 Z I0 Long ...... . . 4 0 8 Lauer. . . . . 0 Z Z Gahl .... . . Z 4 8 TOTAL EC 'E Ei This year the foul shooting award went to Roger Deal, a Senior, who made .591 of his attempts. It was given on the basis of foul shots made during our eighteen games. The trophy is provided by the athletic department and is awarded each year to the player with the best average. 25 F. F. A. Club FIRST ROW: Todd Eiler, Jim Mattern, SECOND ROW: Don Eiler, Lowell Haupett, Max Chamberlain, Tommy Pobst, Larry Lauer. THIRD ROW: Loyle Karns, Porter Eads, Robert Long, Billy Gahl, Dean Wilhelm, Lowell Karns, Galen Eile r. 'X Junior Play FIRST ROW: Bill Lester, Lenora Stevens, Lorena Prather, Lavon Michel, Lois Biehl, Pat Carr, Dean Wilhelm. SECOND ROW: Shirley Lautzenhiser, Roger Deal, Dale Haupert, Doris Bower, Jim Niccum, Porter Eads, Max Gaston, Leonel Duhamell, Marjorie Capes, Kay Freed, Flay Koehler. Z7 Band FIRST ROW: Nancy Biehl, Janet Rice, Max Chamberlain, Todd Eiler, Dan Speicher, Doris Bower, Donald Ranc k, Lorena Prather, SECOND ROW: Loyle Karns, Duane Wagner, Jim Hudson, Muriel Bower, Louise Monce, Mary Weck. Julia Eckerly, Sally Jacobs. THIRD ROW: Lowell Karns, Don Eiler, Karl Hardman, Jim Rosen, Philip Week, Lois Prather, Wanda Eiler, Cynthia Hairrel, Mr. Weck. Z8 We wish to recognize Porter, a member of our Senior Class, who sold more magazine subscriptions than any other Senior. The Curtiss Company promised a trophy to any student who sold S100 worth of subscriptions, Porter made Sl07.Z5. This picture shows Porter with the trophy. ' 'C ongratulations! gmt, .:.lf'X ,-01 4 4' :Z 1 v-. I wl- FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: Boys' Agriculture 9 89' I0 Larry Lauer, Todd Eiler, Jimniy Mattern, Robert Long, Max Chamberlain, Lowell Haupert, Tommy Pobst, Mr. Eiler, M ixed Chorus Judy Stoufier, Sue Thomas, DeLores Cripe, Marjorie Capes, Lenora Stevens, Lavon Michel, Pat Carr, Lorena Prather, Shirley Lautzenhiser. Donna Prather, Rita Driscoll, Diane Beghtel, Doris Bower, Alice Henderson, Catherine Campbell, Lois Biehl, Kay Freed, Irene Hoover, Janet Rice, Virginia Purdy. Tommy Pobst, Loyle Karns, Lowell Karns, Max Chamberlain, Lowell Haupert, Donald Ranck, Dale Haupert, Porter Eads, Max Gaston, Duane Wagner, Bill Lester. Z9 Shorthand Standing: Kay Freed, Lorena Prather. Seated: Shirley Lautzenhise r , Irene Hoover, Marjorie Capes, Doris Bower, Lenora Stevens, Pat Carr, Lavon Michel, Lois Biehl. Office Seated: Lenora Stevens, Lois Biehl, Znd Row: Dale Haupert, Marjorie Capes, Lorena Prather, Lavon Michel, Pat Carr, Shirley Lautzenhiser. Librarians Betty Russell, Janet Rice, Toby Grey Catherine Campbell, -Ethel Hoover, Alice Henderson. Physics lst Row: Lenora Stevens, Bill Lester, Duane Wagner, Znd Row: Loyle Karns, Dean Wilhelm, Max Gaston, Dale I-laupert, Billie Gahl, Jimmy Niccum, Leonel Duhamell, Roger Deal, Jim Hudson, Don Eiler, Lowell Karns, Don Ranck, Porter Eads, Kay Freed, Marjorie Capes, Shirley Lautzenhiser, Lois Biehl, Doris Bower. i Typing II ' Kay Freed, Pat Carr, Doris Bower Lois Biehl, Shirley Lautzenhiser, Lorena Prather, Jimmy Niccum, Lavon Michel, Roger Deal, Lenora Stevens, Bill Lester, Leonel Duhamell, Max Gaston. Science 8 Loren Rife, Philip Weck, Hallis Pressler, Janet Campbell, Nancy.Biehl, Louise Monce, Katherine Ringel, Janice Rife, Cynthia Hair:-ell, Donald Hardman, Vincent Noonan. Pt 5 A Ir, I Boys' 4-H FIRST ROW: Karl Hardman, Jerry Hudson, Herberi. Ringel, Jimmy Holycross, Jimmy Pobst, Jack Krom, Wendell Dawes, Wayne Dawes, Jim Krom, Tommy Willcox. SECOND ROW: Loyle Karns, Lowell Karns, Lowell Haupett, Robert Long, Porter Eads, Duane Wagner, Donald Ranck, Dale Haupert, Billie Gahl, Mr. Eller. THIRD ROW: Jack Randall, Tommy Pobst, Larry Lauer, Max Chamberlain, James Haupert, Danny Long, Donald Hardman, Philip Week. Girls' 4-H FIRST ROW: Betty Bates, Janet Driscoll, Mary Weck, Karman Karns, Karalee Ringel, Doretta Koch. SECOND ROW: Lois Biehl, Rita Driscoll, Wanda Eiler, Muriel Bower, Louise Morice, Katherine Ringel, THIRD ROW: Julia Eckerly, Judy Miller, Nancy Bates, Kay Eiler, Elaine Monce, Judy Roth. 32 9th 63' 10th PPhysical Ed. E lst Row: Muriel Bower, Wanda Eiler, Sue Thomas, Janet Rice, De Lores Cripe, La Vicie Weaver. Znd Row: Betty Russell, Toby Grey, Carol Russell, Alice Henderson, Ethel Hoover, Loretta Dunham, Donna Prather, Mrs. Koehler. 7th Es' 8th P5 Physical Ed. lst Row: Janice Rife, Kay Eiler, Patty Rife, Janet Campbell, Nancy Biehl. Znd Row: Peggy Grandstaff Barbara Parson, Betty Colcle sse r, Louise Monce Cynthia I-lairrel, Mrs. Koehler, Baton T-wirlers Nancy Bates, Julia Eckerly, Betty Bates, Ruth King, Janet Driscoll, Mary Ann Weck. i Az Boys' Agr. 11 E3 12 FIRST ROW: Donnld Rlnck, Don Eller, Lowell Karnu, Loyle Knrns, Leonel Duhamell. SECOND ROW: Dale Hnupert, Jim Hudson, Duane Wagner, Billie Gahl, Max Gaston, Porter Eads, Dean Wilhelm, Mr. Eller. .D Q v HQ ag! ' Girls' Chorus FIRST ROW: Sue Thomas, Judy Stouffer, DeLores Crlpe, Marjorie Capes, Lenora Stevens, Lavon Michel, Pat Carr, Lorena Prather, Shirley Lautzenhiser. SECOND ROW: Ethel Hoover, Carol Russell, Betty Russell, Alice Henderson, Catherine Campbell Lois Biehl, Kay Freed, Irene Hoover. THIRD ROW: Toby Grey, Donna Prather, Rita Driscoll, Diane Beghtel, Doris Bower, Janet Rice, Virginia Purdy, Muriel Bower. 34 Senior Class Trip 1950 , AA I - k ' ' '.fg,:w,,lf4l QI K, ,J " q' .Nikki-M-.f-.rm M 1. Washington's Tomb Z. Mount Vernon 3. Washington Cathedral 4. Garden at Mount Vernon 5. Mr. Dawes on porch at Mount Vernon 6. The faithful bus driver 7. Ebbets Field 8. Jefferson Memorial 9. Torch of Freedom 10. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier 11 Statute of Liberty 12. Capitol Building 13. Seniors on the Capitol steps 14. Lincoln Memorial, Kijljr i , 55,11 V, Liam-gnprna 1 umm by IAIBUORTH IIOTHIII Human., ll., u. s. A. 35 .l C ompl irnents Of THE CYCLO E MFG. C0. Manufac ture r s Of POULTRY SUPPLIES ,. f +-' Y I , kv. U, . .,.,Qc' I--' , .1 " T 1 , C Q X . x , X 6 . A . f Q 'ta t ' " fu we .".'T"1"1 .11 .,,. 1 , If I .Z 1 P .yxu lH'1-' ht ' " va..-Au 4'pnn""' 1' , I'ff'-'52iff-:ff-'.f.'-1if-'.'I'I24x-'T' e V:-'-f:1"Q'11'f4'.'g-f1""' D" fn 1 .1 ,,l.:131,,.-.'4.,.' Q 1L:?',31',2f ' g'. fn '55 -r ' Xx lr ., f ,,f,- my ' .- 'vb a mv' ,s I I, THE CYCLO E EEDER C0. Manufacture r s Of SEE D SO WE RS ,.,..r '.,-.,i.n.qlvpvg'H'ysqvw1'.,. ' V ' WL-gg .4 xx xx J, CYcLoNE SEED SowER N 0 3 vlnuuanltt " " ' uw MH! S f- m -PM - , f"' ' F " msuwcnmn '16 scmcnszvuu Urbana Indiana SN 502 QW NX A IINE IIE HEATING ANU WINTER AIII BIINIIITIIINING. EINIIPNENI BY... Majestic we HAVE AMUIBSIIU WARM AIR Funmxcs ro rn Youn HEATING NEEDS ' Gravity or Forced Air ' Mdf0SIiL' UNITS ARE DESIGNED T0 GIVE- O Summer Comfort All Wmter O Filtered-I-Iumidified Air 0 L 9 lf CALL US TODAY Phone 10 on 57 Route 1 CLIFFORD BARTOCD Majestic Air Conditioning Heating Syst U rbana , Ind ana C1715 KNEE 'S DRUG STORE AN D.CAFE For Prompt and Dependable Service Meals and Short Orders Gifts and Drugs Phone 84 Urbana, lndi alla WABASH DONORS Myers 8: Son Jewelers John Richards Tire Co. Talbe rt Brothers C. N. Hetzner, Jeweler Hutchens Laundry 8: Dry Cleaning Mahaney Motors Criston Gift Shop Sears Roebuck and Company Gus Dorais Chevrolet Geyer Motor Sales Sears Farm Store Epp's Drive-ln Yarnell Lumber Co. Schlemmer Brothers King Hipskind Shaw Tractor Sales Cavin's Drive-In Cross Sales 81 Service Boston Store Denny Motor Sales Halderman's Service Station H. 8: M. Auto Sales South Side Garage Jones Garage Jefferson's News Stand J. C. Penney Company Mohr's Furniture Store Wabash Sweet Shop Fashnacht's Jewelry Dick's Men's Shop Kaiser-Frazer Motor Sales Allisbaugh Motor Sales North Manchester Donors Carter's Auto Service We, The Annual Staff, Wish To Thank A11 Donors and Advertisers For Their Help. Roger Deal Leonel Duhamell Dean Wilhelm Pat Carr Lorena Prather Shirley Lautzenhise Jim Niccum Porter Eads Bill Lester Lavon Michel Kay Freed Marjorie Capes Max Gaston Dale I-laupert Lenora Stevens Lois Biehl Doris Bowers I' House of Harter Indiana's Largest Wholesale Sporting Goods Distributor GOSHEN, INDIANA DAVE HOLYCROSS Limestone, Crushed Stone and Dump Truck Work Phone 4 - 65 U r bana , Indiana Gravel DEVE RS ' GROC ERY "Don't Go By - Come Buy" Phone 41 Urbana, Indiana ' 1 ln orfll Manchester since l 8 75 . . . . U . l . rl I ",N.v5.f0.H'f5eF'-.1.fWt,1A3if.G.QfX '-'14 3-??fI!'G.-21113215593 m51f"5'Z'-521131 . Qs me-' I1 Compliments Of INDIANA LAWRENCE BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Deposits 55,000,000 North Manchester, Indiana. YODER INSURANCE AGENCY W C omplete Insurance Se rvice Phone 673 , 114 Walnut Street North Manchester, Indiana C ompliments Of WIBLE 'S SHOE STORE North Manchester, Indiana 1, WILCOX Home and Auto Supply 256 South Miami Street li Wabash, Indiana i PRISER AUTO SALES Plymouth and DeSoto, GMC Trucks Repair Parts For All Makes of Cars Z4 Hour Wrecker Service Phone 361 901 West Main Street North Manchester, Indiana Students, Patrons and Teachers We Appreciate Your Friendship URSC HEL 'S North Manche ste r, Indiana THE HARTING FURNITURE CO. JACK PINNEY CHEVROLET INC. The Friendly Furniture Company phone 43 Phone 593 205 East Second Street North Manchester, Indiana North Manchester, Indiana FAUROT'S Congratulations To Complete Food Market Class of '51 Also Dietetic Foods THE NEWS-JOURNAL North Manchester, Indiana North Manchester, Indiana Moving ? Call BROWN TRUC KING CO. Phone 805 Wabash, Indiana Brewer's Grade A Milk A Wabash County Product BREWER'S DAIRY BAR One Block North Wabash High School Sodas - Sandwiches Phone Wabash 808 1 017 North Miami Wabash, Indiana I CITY MEAT MARKET Phone 2.9 272 South Wabash Wabash, Indiana D-X SCI-INEPP'S STATION Complete Tire Service Greasing Automobile Accessories Candy., Pop and Ice Cream Phone 51 Urbana, Indiana We Specialize In Starting - Lighting Ignition - Carburetion Brake Service FISHBACK AUTO ELECTRIC SERVICE George-Art-Bill-Vernie Manchester Ave. at Noble St Phone 30 I I NOONAN 'S Blacksmith and Welding Shop . Urbana, Indiana LAUDEMAN Grain - Coal - Feed "Results Assured By Applied Research" Phone 81 Glidden A Urbana, Indiana HERFF-JONES COMPANY Manufacturing Jewelers and Stationers 1407-1419 North Capital Avenue Indianapolis 7 , Indiana WEST AND WEBB LOCKER PLANT Corner of 16 and 105 Custom Butche ring Huntington, Indiana Compliments Of URBANA INDEPENDENT TELEPHONE COMPANY Compliments Of BEITMAN AND WOLF Cleaning - Pressing Suits Made To Measure g HILL THE TAILOR 8: CLEANER Dyeing and Repairing North Manchester, Indiana I Compliments Of FRANK DANNER KRATZERS' BARBER SHOP Your Friendly Urbana, Indiana Farm Bureau Oil Man. Buy Rosehill Grade A Milk We Feature Nationally uBest Tests! Famous Brands Home Appliances Cottage Cheese, Cream and ' Buttermilk Sold At 5 FEDEWA APPLIANCES STORES HKNEEB STORESH North Manchester, Indiana Phone 84 Phone 988W . Wabash, Indiana Urbana, Indiana Phone 806 WABASH COUNTY FARM BUREAU CO-OPERATIVE ASS'N., INC. Elevator and Lumber Yards Branches at Speicher, Treaty, North Manchester 414 South Miami Street Phone 143 5 Wabash, Indiana HENDERSON 'S Your Friendly International Harvester Dealer Tractors, Trucks, Machinery and Parts Refrigerators and Freezers South Wabash Street Wabash, Indiana ROANN ZERO LOCKER PLANT Custom Butchering, Curing And Processing Philco Refrigerators and Freezers Youngstown Kitchens Your Dollars Will Buy More At Millers L. R. Miller Roann Indiana Sales and Service Genuine Ford Parts CLIFF SNYDER MOTORS Phone 34 North Manchester, Indiana PYRAMID OIL COMPANY Z0 Years of Faithful Service Service, Quality, Economy Phone 245 North Manchester, Indiana New Spring Styles In Men's Wear Are Here We Invite You To Come In and See The New Suits, Sport Coats, Shoes, Slacks, Etc. BRADY'S "The Store For Men" North Manchester, Indiana Best Wishes From STATE EXCHANGE BANK 69 Years of Service Member Of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Roann, Indiana RALPH JACOBS EXCAVAT ING CONT RAC TOR Basement Excavating - Dozer Work Gravel and Marl De.livered Phone Urbana: Office 2-14, Residence 5-14 North Manche ste r, Indiana DONNA MAE BEAUTY SHOP Complete Beauty Service Featuring Better Permanent Waves Hair Styling Manicures and Gifts Phone 46 Urbana, Indiana HANSING SINCLAIR SERVICES Car Wash Greasing Gene ral Ove rhaul Tune -Up Phone Urbana 54 STANDARD OIL COMPANY Assured of Safety and Quality Gasoline and Fuel Oil Delivered Through Separate LUTZ FURNITURE CO. Kroehler-Simmons Meters Convenient Terms Robert Frieden Phone 573 Phone 44 56 West Market Street BREMBECK AND SON Hardware Appliances And Gene ral Supplies For Farm and Home Phone 60 Urbana, Indiana Compliments Of COLONIAL BREAD Colonial Bread Is Good ROBINETT BUICK, INC. "Always A Good Deal All Ways' "Dynaf1ow" 641 South Miami Street Phone 719 Wabash, Indiana

Suggestions in the Urbana High School - Urbanette Yearbook (Urbana, IN) collection:

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