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THE1952 RO EMARY VOLUME I'1'lm1lz1 High Svhmrl lfIC'l'SY l51c1.1.. Hrlflur-151-l'lziff Ivlqliillil. Illinois SVZANX1-1 l,1coNAx1m, 1,!'fC1'0l'.Il Erlflm' St111lQ-nntxrfdiili lin-:'1"1'Y Go1,1w1:xs'1'1clx. l31f.xz'm.w ,llfrnugrr 1',i1l'llHj'f37 Mnss R1"1'11 IC. KO.Xll'I'Il,, . 1cluz'.wr FOREWORD S the school year ends once more, and you students part to go your separate ways, may the 1952 Rosemary bring to you many pleasant memories. Our theme, which is one the staff choose as a tribute to her, centers about our first lady of the year, Miss Metilurg. VVQ hope that the illustrations throughout the book will recall many pleasant happenings in lab class. And may the pictures and stories, as you glance over them again and again, bring back many happy thoughts of 1951 and 1952 at Urbana High. In .llfm .1l1'f'l111'1f T11111gg's z11'11111111 118. 12l1'j.l'l1 111' 51112111 . . . 1111' 1ltl' 1'1l1ll'l'l'1l 1111' 11111 Wl'112l1'l' 111 2111 1l1'l' 11'1-s1111T 211111 f111'111111' 511111111118 . . . 1l111' 111 1' s1111'1T 111 111111111-1'z1l11111 211111 1z111'111-ss 111 f111 . . . 11l1'1ll'l'1ll111l'l'N1 111111 s11111'1'1111' 1111' 11111' s1111111. 111111111 is s11 1'llll1ilgl'1Kl115 111 1111'S111l11'1115 . , , 1111' 11'1111111111111ss 11'1111'11 Dedication F111' 11-z11'11111gr IIS 1111- 1111z1111y 111' 1111 1111'11111gg'1A 111 11111 1111111 111. 1111111131 , . . 12 ls ll1'Yt'l' 11111111111 . XY11 1111111-111111111111-1' 11111111-21111 1111' IMA' I1'11.w1111111'gf. Miss Lula D. Mvlilurg A murv informal pose- of Miss Nlclilurg at he-r favorite ll1l5lillli Miss Mclilurg. helping her students. 1' IMG! 1311.11 IIHII'-If 3 I OUR SCHOOL tho flllllililll' North door . . . the front view . . . Tha 7,fJ5,3 If0Sf'l7Hl?'jl The 1195? 12056: Table of Cont ents Page FAi'lfIll'Y . 9 VIAASSES . . 15 .Xl 'Tl V ITHCS . 40 .X'l'lIl,ETll'S . . NT FIC.X'1'l'RES . . . 11323 wm S fs, ,v, K, JRE, W? as Wy 5 Administration Mr. L0ew's capable secretary, Mrs. Jo Ann Criesc Mr. C. C. Loew ln his fourth year Superintendent of Schools in Urbana, Mr. C. C. Ilocw worked successfully, together with members of the Urbana Board of Ed- ucation, to improve our schools. During the present school year, the schools have been using the new additions at llays, 1Vashington, and Webber Schools. These added classrooms, kindergarten rooms and auditorium-gymnasiums to existing' buildings. The new Flossie Vlliley Elementary School is nearing completion, and will be ready tor occu- pancy tor neXt school year. This building contains eight classrooms, kindergarten room, and audito- riuin-gyinnasium. ln October, 1951, the voters of the district ap- proved the issuance ot s575,000 in building bonds additional to the it-S840,000 voted earlier for the new junior high school. This made construction pos- sible. NVork was started in December, 1951, on the southeast corner of the high school site. This 251,415,000 building will contain facilities to be shared by Urbana. High School, the principal ones being thc gymnasium and bandrooms, Completion is expected by September, 1953. During the school year, the Board continued its practice of holding' a special meeting each month in order to hear reports on the curriculum and educa- tional program. NVitli the meetings of last year, all phases ot our instructional and extra-curricular prograin were studied. Board of Education Iefl to 11117115 Nlis Estliei Bl iqkburn, Mrs. limnia Ekblaw, Mr. llarlin Rielcers, Mr. Lowell Fisher, Mr. F. R. Steggerda, N11 Hulew H Haimon Mi Nath ln V. Fillrey, Mrs. li. M. Lyman, and Mr. ll. C. Loew tSuperintendentj. l The 1952 Rosemary Principal and Deans Seniors of 15332. this splen- did Hoscn1fu'y is largely your history. Four years ago you entered the lite ot' the lir- ba11a High School and each year you have played an in- creasingly larger role in its activities. You are the only l'rhana High School class l have known for four years and perhaps that accounts for the special regard which l have for you. You have been cour- teous, considerate, coopera- tive, intelligent, and capable. Your ZliflfillllllllSlllll9lllS and successes have been many-in . ,,f Mr. Ralph llavis has always welcomed the stu- dents who seek his guidance. His office was rarely unoccupied, for there were usually boys waiting outside his office door for various reasons, such as getting absentee excuses, or making schedule changes. llesides his duties as dean, Mr. Davis taught classes in general science. Along with the position ot' sponsoring the FHS Student Council, he was adviser to the State Student Vouncil. Mr, Davisl friendliness and his sincere willingness to help will not be forgotten by the students ot VHS. The 1952 IKo.sf'111r1r.11 - Mr. R. H. Braun Principal Mr. Ralph Davis Dean of Boys Assistant Principal Miss Sarah Fisher -f' ' Dean of Girls Assistant Principal 1 the classroom, in the line arts, and on the athletic fields. Your departure will p1'esent a definite challenge to those who would assume your role of leadership. I hope that you are sorry to leave the Vrbana High School, for that would indi- cate inany pleasurable and worthwhile experiences here. Even youth, however, can only lleetingly enjoy youth and soon you should be look- ing forward to the adult role you must play in life. I am confident of your success. Mu. R. ll. BRAIN. Miss Sarah Fisher always inanaged in her busy schedule to give lllllvll individual attention to each student needing her help and advice. At any time of the day you could tind her working at her nlany duties, such as arranging activity dates on the school calendar, checking absent or tardy excuses, or advising VHS girls in various personal matters. Besides teaching secretarial training and short- hand, Miss Fisher sponsored the Social Klub. All VHS girls are grateful to Miss Fisher for her un- tiring helpfulness to theni all. 7 MR. EUGENE B. ARMER R.Erl., MS. MR. L. 1.. ASTROTH Ms. Pliysicnl Eduvution. Miss MARIIG L, 'ILALTER AB., MA MR. ADAM Q. BENNETT KlV2ltllGlI12'ltlCS, Germain. GCPIIIQIH Club. Director of Athletics, P. E. .lFHSf1'llCt01', "UH Club. Buskc-tlmll :md Football Head Coach. liiclustrizxl Arts, Moclizxuicul llrzxwiiig, General Shop. MISS CLARA BULLOCTK A.B., M.A. English. Junior Rod Cross. MR. CIIAIILICS M. f.'ARl'lCN'l'lCll B.A. U. S. History. MR. HARLAN K. CORRIE B.F.A. Art. Gr1'21IJl1lS. MRS. JANE ll. COX A.B. Girls' Pliysicnl Eflucutiou. Cl1oe1'lez1dc1's, Pep Assembly f'ouuuittC0. An orderly C?D group of students climb the steps Mr. Corrie talks over this business of art with some between classes. of his students. 8 The 1952 Rosemary MR. liAl.l'll H. DAVIS 15.l'.4l., Alb. Assistant l'ri11vi1r:1l :mil llvull of liuys. Nviviiw. Sfllclm-lit ll1ll1lll'll, Stun- Ntmlm-nf l'0llIll'll limiwl. MISS WILMA .l, IHKYIDICN ILA., M.A. lung'l1sll, ll1':xlil:1t1vs. llvlfri Ngnizu, llll'SIIlIlll?4. I MINS SARAH JANE l"lSlll'Ill ' A.l3., BLA. . Assistant l'l'llIt'llHll :incl llvzm nf fill'lS.lNlltvflllilllll. Ncwizil Klulr. lllll. -lANll'lS GROSS x li.Al. Ibirw-Tm' of BlllSll'. llzipd. Xl l-IS, ll.-XZEL IIASTY lib., Alb. llmm- l'lL'U11Ul11lL'H. l"lllllll'K' llmiionmlu-1's uf .'AlIl1'l'lCll. MRS. DORA S. llAYlDl-IX ll..-X., M.,-X. Girls' Pliysim-:il lflillwzlfiull, l'l0:1l1ll :xml filllll2'illC6. Girls' Atlilotir' ASSUi'lIlfl011. IN. ROSE L. lll'IWl'l"l' l3.A.. Bl..-X. linglisli, lllll1lil1lCl'. llllIlll'lIl2lll of Junior Vlaiss SIJUIISOFS. MR. STANLIGY ll. IIYXES ILS., BLS., BLA. liiiglisll, lfvlm. l'll'k'Slllll:lIl Vlziss NIIOIISUIZ Miss NClS0ll,5 solid g4'0lll0ll'y class prepares the next tlzlyis lesson. aw Thr' ZKI5! 1f11.vfllI!ll'1l 9 NRS. 'IWIITSNNEIIDA GROSS MARTIN AB., Am. ciUOQ,'l'il1Jil-Y, f'lUI1Cl'2lI Sciulicv. MISS LORRICIC M. MARANVIIILE A.B., M.A. l+'1'cuc-11. Phi Kappa Kappa. MISS LOIAA 11. BI0l1'l,URG A.l-E., A.M. Biology. Uliuiriuani of Suplimuurv Advisors. MR. HUGH ID. MCGHE B.M.I'Z. 01101111 Music, fJ1'fil6:'SIl'll, Music App1'of'iutimi, Vivuco, llzwuiuiu-ttcs. Mrs. Hasty shows her home economics class the fine MR. NATHAN JOHNSON B.S., M.S. ' Football Line Conch, NY1'ostiiug' Couch, Assistuiit Track Coach, IJl'iVQ1',S Trainiiig. "U" Club. MISS ETIIELYN L. KIRK AB., A.M. Lzitiu, Algebrsi, i4iiJl'2l1'y. 'l'11terimt.io11:,1I Language Ululi. MISS MILIJR ICD fIQA WSON IBS., BLA. Social Studies, CO11tO111pOI'!l1'y History. MR. J. OWEN MADDEN A.B., M.S. Diversified Occupations. art of sewing. 10 The 1,952 Rosemary M R. .I A I ' K ML-XEVIX B.S., M,S. Bouklu-vpiiig, Business I'rnlvI4-iiis. Senior f'I:1ss Adviser. MR. BERNARD M ICIIII I3.S., M.S. Algvlvm. MRS. IGICRXI-II.I.I'I I,.xFOI.I,IC'I"l'I'I MOOT A.R., A.M. Spullisll. V0-SIIUIISOI' of IliT1'1'n:lfimi:iI LIllIQ.1'll2lI.fl' Vinh. MISS AGNES li. NICIISON A.R., A.M. GWIIIIOITY, TI'IQKlll0llI0tl'j', VOIIGEG AIgZOIv1':l. S:ig:1111o1'e. MRS. MARIEX SEXYA RID B.S., M.A. Ellglisli. l'l1zii1'111:111 Assvniirly l'cm1111iTf00. MR. WILLIAM F. SICNN KS., M.S. Social Studies. I4'm'um .Iu11io1'. MR. I'. IC. SMITH B.S. Pllysics, f1Ilt'lllISt1'5', fY'2lIIlI'l'Il Vlulr, Sciouvu Vlulr. Mic. woomeow visizrie iw., M.A. Vivics, Economics. FVUSIIIIIIIlI'SOIIIl0Ill0l'l' I"u0flniII Illlll Balsketbanll I'o:lvIl. The 195: Rosemary MISS RUTH H. ROMPEI. J A.I,., M.A. ICIIQIISII. 1?o.s0n1r1f'y. MRS. MA R1iI'lCRl'I' I-I RUBENIJALI. I3.S., ME. Typing: MR. HARRY D. RYAN IIS., M.A. Imiilstrizil Arts, Mutlwiiizitics. Swinuiiing Vo MRS. LICNNA SVIIWABE A.I-3., M.S., Ii.S. I,iIm1'111'i:1n. Alldiu-Visual Aids, .EXAIJIDIIS 3111 Hllvmnriam MR. STANLEY B. HADDEN 1892-1951 P1'1llk'1Dil1 of 1v1'bE11lEl 1Iigrl1 Huhool from 15330 To 1946. 1'1llS1ll0SS IIHQGI' Zlllll 'fUE1C11Q1' of z11g'olJ1'z1. H0110 IIOVOI' left him 101111112 hc had lwvn pusllml zxsidvf' The 19.52 Rosemary E The 1953 Rosemary Ein illiemnriam MR. THOMAS H. COBB 1888-1952 SllDOI'illfPl1lll'llf of l71'b21112rl Publix- Sulmols from 15129 To 1948 'l'vz1vl11-1' of Vlxitvcl Sfzxtvs History. 'l'l11'oug'h Mr. l'obb's p1'og'1'essive fo1'vsig'Ilt, thu lzunl for tllv new illllhil' lliffh sm-lmol was m1'c11as0d Hl2lllV Y02l1'S zlffo. P' . . Z. "II1- jusf had il way of creepillg' into our heartsfa Junior-senior P. E. class proves they are right in rhythm. Passing lll the halls between classes. 14 Q r A group of happy students are snapped at the drinking fountain. An ambitious CU group of contemporary 1 W history students study I W their current events. Y The 1952 Rosemary lfvfqjf SE With lllllL'l1 regret, we tind too soon that it is time to say farewell to l'rbana High Sehool. and to take onr plaees in society, or in higrher halls of learning. All too vivid is the nieinory of that first day we en- tered l'rhana lligh: and of how we admired the sophistieated seniors. Now it is time for ns to pass on the distinguished title to the elass of 753, and to depart. l-int we are leaving' a grand reeord hehind ns. and taking' with ns niany nieinories that we will eherish for years to eonie. XVe will 1'P1lll'Il1btA1' with pride our tine athletes. who improved the football reeord so last season: and our swift eagers who eanle so elose to defeating' Danville. To put us in a dreainy niood. there was the beautifully deeorated i'l11'lSilllElS Danee, and the erowning' of onr attraetive queen. Then there was the fnn we had at the exelnsiye skip-day for seniorsg Ulass night. where we heard our fatesg impressive liaecalanreateg and the al- ways-sad strains of 'tl'on1p and l'ireinnstanee" as we niarehed up to reeeive our diplomas, NVith gratitude we will reeall onr teaehers, eoaehes, and deans: their eoneern for onr welfare: and others who helped ns with our ever-present lll'Obl0lllS. Sadly. but with pride that we had been guided hy their influenee. we will reeall two of our favorite teachers. who passed away during the year. Always to he l'l'lI1t'lllllt'I'l-'tl are the noisy halls during' lnneh honr: the friendly janitors. always ready to help those in need: the well-planned as- sembliesg the lnseions aromas arising' front the eafeteria around noon: the smiling ottiee seereta- ries: and the happy-g'o-lnvky 'l'ig1er's Den. liastly, we part with our elassinatesg solne of whom we will never see agraing others who will he IORS 6 A 4 'AX ,, I- .L ,E K .K . Q H 1 V I yn ,. .,, 1 K .. Q 1332, Q ' M. r 'fu egg j CLASS OFFICERS . ,if non inyixic ' f Y'1'r11s1n'wr' ' L ' nnnwIN KIRHY 1 lil1'l"I,l'I'Nl-Ill llf XX non Loxo " DIVK nunien. Sl'l'l'I'ffll'.ll E lhvszrlfflll t'I.Yl1EN3ll'I'H 1f!lNI'7lllII'AIj h'wp1'r,wf11t11li1'f the newsniakers of toinorrow. Eaeh of theni has given ns soniethingr whieh has enriehed our lives. Yes, reg'rett'nlly we leaye high sehool: but as wi take our plaees in the busy world. l'.ll.S. will be eherished hy ns all. To the fntnre seniors of l'r- hana we say. "Make the 1nost of yonr fonr years of high sehool. 'l'here's nothing' like it.'7 Our lll0UI'llflll Trojan WVOIIICII! Beaird, Bureh, Leonard. . . Quite a llillllislllith, Dllllllfllllufg. . . It's good for the hips-Morfey, Long, Waxler. ,nw The 195.3 Rosemary 17 4 MERW1N KIRBY DICK RUIJICIL "L", Klub Pl'1j.Sft1f'Ilf Svnior C'Ir1.w.w PI'K'SfIIFlll BEVERLY PHILLIPS KRWEX l'AN'l'RELL Travel Ulzzb Presidvnl Phi Kappa Kappa. PI'6SfIi!'llf MARY CAROL WAXLIGR . Echo Editor SE I JEANXIAI BRVNKUXY bfzzdwfi I'mmcz'Z IJI'I'.NiIlf' nt 7'ip1w',s llefn Senior l'l1ufrmun 18 Tl w 131.7 f 1?OSf'IHt OR l4'I.fJRlCNl'lC BIvl+'ARI1IN W 11.4-IMI. Prr'.wirle'11l .TOAX BUNCH BETTY ANN Ilrlla Sifzma Prrwiflwzzf G0 LDENSTEIN BILL YAl.HN'I'lNI'I TIlf'S1?fII?I.Y PI'P.YilIl'Ilf BE'I'SY HELL IfI7Rf?Hl1I'.lI Erii fn 1' 7'ff'rupiH I'rfsir7fnf Snvial Klub PI'6SffIPI?f JOAN JAR DIN!-I Vfzvzrr P?'F,QffZF17f T11 f' 10.52 Rn.sr'mr1ry 19 Richard Allen Barbara Agnes Adair Jackson High School 1, 2, 31, S.K. 1, 2, Il, Girl Scouts 1, Junior Rod C oss 1, 2, Il, Ex Libris 2, 3, 4, F.H.A, 4, Ollice Help 1, 2, 3, Golf 1, Dramatics Club 1, Y-Teens 1, Safety Club 51, Biology Club 2, Safety Assembly 3, Student Assem- bly Council 2, 3, Baton Txvirlers 1, 2, Viking Assemblies 2, 3. Dorothy Jane Beaird "Jnniev Echo 4: Rmremzlry 2, 25: S.C. Ser. 4, Alpha l, Lambda Pres. 2, Psi Sl, Alpha Psi Omega 4, Phi Kappa l, 2, Pres. ll, 4: G,A.A. 1, 2, Cl, 4, SK. 1, 2, ll, 4, Yivacc Il, Delta Slflflllil 4, Travel Club 15, 4: Ollice ttrlp 4: Class Soc. 2, Chr. of Propliecy Comm. 4, Fall Revue 4, UThe Trojan VVomen" 4, Reserve Cheerleader 2, Varsity 15, 4, Court of Honor 1: Relay Court- 15, Tigcrs Dcn Council 1, 2, 15, 4, Campaign Assemblies 2, SS, 4, 1fUNlfll'lll7'!! As- sembly 2, Valentine Assembly 2, Class Night 2, Sagamore 4. Elizabeth Bell GCBetsy,9 University High School 1, 2, Echo Ii, 4, Rosemary 25, ltlditor-in4Chief 4, Psi V.-Pres. 3, Student Council 2, 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Terrapin 2, 3, Pres. 4, S.K. 3, 4, Vivace 3, International Language 3, 4, Prophecy Comm, 4, Christmas Dance Comm. 4, "Oh Suzannal' Il: "Life YVith Fatheru 2, Chorus 1, 2, Just- Us Staff 1, 2, County Mu- sic Festival 1, Campaign Assembly 3, Champaign-Urbana Pep Asscm' lily 4, Sagamore 4. Keith Blowers University High 1. 2: Audio-Visual 2, Track 1 , YVrcstlinj 2, 4, Chorus li 3, 4, Boy Srouts 1, 2, IS, 4, A Cap! pella Choir 33, Class Paper l. Virginia Ann Althaus l5Gin59 Cr.A.A. 1, 2, S.K. 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Red Cross 1, Vivace 3, 4, Office Help 4, A Cappella Chorus 4, Vi- vace Concert 4, Christmas Assem- bly 4, Enster Assembly El. William Carl Becker "Willie,,' "Becky lntei-national Language Club 1, 2, Football 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, Track 1, 2, Kathryn Hodges Barkson ccKathy,a9 caBarkyss Thespians 4, Junior Red Cross 1, Camera Club 2, Delta Sigma 1, 2, JS, Ser. 4, Ex liibris 4, Speech Contest 2, Fall Revue, Chorus of 'tMet-t M0 in St. Louis", Costume Chr. "Best Foot Forward", "Men Are Like Streetrars" Programs, 'tSta,f5e Dom" Props Comm., "Jun- ior Missu Property Chit, Usher 'tMurder In a Nunncry", Play Fes- tival 1950, Blue Moon Dance lie' frcshmcnts 13. Robert James Berzinski iSBer99 Basketball 1, 2, Golf 3. Erritt Booe GGBOOS, Philo lligh School 1, Unity High School 2, Student Council 4, Jun- ior Red Cross 2, Travel Club 4, Football 4, Basketball 1, Track 3, Basketball Mgr. 2, Class Announee- ment Comm. 4, Chorus 1, 4, F.F.A. 1. The 1952 Rosemary Ineda Montgomery Boon Philo lligh Svllool I, Unity High 1 1 1 l Srhool I. 1.1 The-spian 1.1 tI.A.A. Z.: I S.K. ZS, ll'l'lx1lS, 4, Junior Raul Cross I II, 4: Yivare IS. Yivm--P1'Qs. 4, lntvr- national lranguagrv 15, 43 Class 'PIT-'flS1lI'0I' 2, Prom Foznm. III "BIayb4- lt's A Murder" I: "Rio Rico" 2, Chorus I, 2. JI, 4, Soloist I 4, Girls' Trio 4, l'l11st1111l1l4-s 2, 35, 4, Chvvrlc-ader I, li, llarnionvttm-s 4: Sagamore 4. , Raymond Leo Burton l ffrhe Lion" Junior RI-sl Cross Il, 4, Boys' Ulm- t'lub 2, flakwnod lligh St-html 1, 2. Joan Elea nor Burch , "Burchie,' llliopolis lligh Svhool I: lfrlfo 13, 4: R1Ih'FIltIll',tl Ad Staff il, Asst. Lit. l'Id. 4: Thespian Ci, 43 Pl1i Kappa , . . I I ., .. 2, J, Svry 4, KLA..-X. I, -, .1, 4, S,K. 2, Zi, 4, J.li.fl. ZH, Vivave CI, 4, Delta Sigma 2, Yic-sf-l'1'z-s. JS, Pres. 4: l",l1.A. I: Cillllllillgll As- , svmbly CI, 4, l,I'tIIIllEt'Y t'o1n1n. 4, liand 1, Vhorus I, 2, SI, 4, l'l!lM1l1I' hh-s I, 2, Uourt of Honor Ci, 'l'i- at-r's Ilvn t'ounc'il 43 l1'ow1nrrry Queen 4, Vitizenship Asst-1nhly SI, l'IxI-liailgv Assembly 4: M1-niorial Assembly 4, "l'ulip Time-" I, "Bt-st Foot l'll0l'1VilI'!lll 2, "Happy Jour- ney" fi, Make-up, "Passing: of tht- 'Fhircl Floor Bark" 2: Make-up. "Une A4-t l"vstival": "Oh Susanna" SI, R1-'adingr State Uonft-1'tf114-e 13, "Junior Miss", "Murder ln a Nun- ne-ry" JS, t'ostu111v, HAIPII Art- Likv Streetra1's" SI: l"all Revun-: Asst. llll'El'10l', "Men Are Likt- Strwt- vars", "Trojan XYome11" 4, lflx- tvmp. x'9l'St'-IlQ2ltllIlg' Distrirt, Sw- tional, State CB: Contest Play, Dis- trirt and Svrtional 4, Sag:a111orv 4, I Sandra M. Clark 1 "Sanlly,, , 100110 1, 2, Cl!'l'lIl2lll011 Mgr. JS, 4, Psi Ii, G.A.A. 1, 2, ll, 41 S,K. 1. 2. Zi, 4, TI-rrapin 2: International lrilllgllilgt' 2, uBest Foot l"orn'ard," Publicity, Costume- 2, 'LSt:1g.rL- Door" Usher I, "Meet Mt- l11 St, Louis." Usher I, Home liv. Styli- Show Inarratorj, Sagamore 4. Frank J. Carter Flora High School I, 2, Ci: Football I' F I+' X I 2 Thu 1952 Rosemary v-gp-v"' in 'im' Jeanne Marion Brunkow Erlfn 2, JI. 4: l1'nsP1rm1'y l, 2, CS, Student llt!lll'lt'll I, 2, Sec. 25, Pres. 43 Alpha Ser. I, Lambda 2, Psi il, Alpha Psi tlmt-ga 4: Phi Kappa I. 1 2, Vive-l rvs. ZS, 41 G,A,A. 1, 2, 3, II, S.K. I, 2, ZI, 4, Graphis 4, S04-. of Class 1, lf0lll'9S9!lf1lllV6 Ull SI-hool Survey I, Prom Comm. 251 Student li0Yt-'l'IIIllt'lll Day 3, 4: Girls' State IM-flvgrate Zi, l.A.S,t'. flUlIVf'Illltlll 1, 2, 4, l7is'frirt Pon- vention I, 2, fl0llV0!lfl0ll Set-. 22, 4, 7 Court of Honor L.: Tim-1"s III-n funn:-il I, 2. Jr. Chr. ii, Sr, Uhr. 4, S.ip N' Trip I, 2, Vlass Night Vomm, 4, Yah-ntine Assembly 2: l1'n.wn'm1'1f Assembly Ii, Sagamore 4. Charlotte Bunn Ifrllo 1, 2, EI, I!u.wnm'ry 3, Ad Mgr. 4 X 1 Xiulnms 1 lnnld 3 . lphz ",-- ' , .: J a 2, Psi 25, Alpha Psi Omega 4, G.A.A. I, 2, 25, 4, S,K. l, 2, 4, J,R.f', I, 2, International liangtlagt- I, 2, Zi, 4, Oftiw Help 4, .AIlllUll!li'9Illl'lll l'omm. 4: Band I. Ser. 2, Libra' rian 13. 4, Pep Band 33, 4, l'll'tS0lYl' lvlt-s 2, CI, 4: Orc-liostra SI, 4, Span' ish Clnh I, Vit-I--l'res, 2, Pres. Zi, ft, AI'l'0ll1l121lllSl 2, JS, Sazra-mocw 4. Sam Bussey tlakdalv lligrh Srliool, Uakclalv, Val- it'o1'nia 2, JR, XV11-stling 2, 33, 4, "ll" t'lul1 4 Gwendolyn E. Cantrell 66GM7l'll,, lfvllo 25, 4, R0s1'nm1'y 3, Alpha 1, Psi 3, 'l'I1vspia11s 4, Phi Kappa I, 2, Ci, P1-vs. 4: S.K. Zi, 43 Vivave 4: In-lta Sigma 4, Travel Vlub 4, I1'r1,wr1'1111'g1 liepwsvlitativf- 2, YVilI Fomm. 4, "Meet Mc In St. Louis" I: "Oh Suzanna" 75, Hllll'Il Ars- l,ik0 gll't'l'lt'ilI'S" 4, Fall Revue 4, "Trojan XYomen" 4, Props Vomm., "'1'rojan VVom0n", Chorus I, Zi, lll100!'l92ltl4'I' Rest-rvt-2 2, Varsity II, 4: Court of Honor 2, Tigt-r's Den t'ounriI Sig lvrhana Relay Queen IS, Vatnpaign Assernhlivs 2, CI, Alpha Psi Omega 4: Safraniorc 4, Eln ora Carter lflora High Svhool I, 2, 24, G..-LA, I. 2, 33, Girl Srouts I, Junior Rod t'.'uss 4, l".H.A. I, Band 1, 2: 4 , V- -, 1, llilflll fluh I, Xiu--l1'Qs. ... Shirley Ann Clinard Eelzo' 3, 4, Rosemary 3, 4, Alpha 1, Lambda Vice-Pres. 2, Psi 3, G,A.A. 1, 2, 3, S.K. 1, 2, 3, 4, In- ternational Language 1, 2, Office Help 3, Rosemary Representative Zi, Class History 4, Prom Comm. 55, "Stage Door," Usher, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 3, 4, Ensembles 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 4, Latin Club Vice-Pres. 2, Alpha Psi Omega 4, Sagamore 4, Norma Creekmur CGRed9, Student Council 2, 3, Alpha 1, Psi Zi, Alpha, Psi Omega 4, SK. 1, 2, Ei, 4, Girl Seouts 1, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. Ii, 4, J.R.C. 1, Vice-Pres. 2, Der XVissenschaft Yerein 3, Sec. 4, In- ternational Language l. 2, 3, Oftiee Help 4, Jr. Class Set-,, Junior Ring Comm. 3, Prom Comm. 3, Clhr. Program Comm. for Prom, Spanish Club 1, 2, ZS, Yalentine Assembly 2, Sagamore 4. Norma Jean Cross G6Norm99 Hello 3, Assistant Ad Mgr. 4, Quill and Scroll 4, G.A,A. 1, 2, 3, 4: SK. 1, 2, 8, 4, Junior Red Cross l, 2, VlW'2lC0 3, Ex Libris 1, 2, Travel Club 4, Office Help 4, Prom Comm. 3, Usher for t'Men Are Like Streetcars": Slip N' Trip 1. 2, fi. 4, Christmas Program: Campaign Assembly 31 Pep Assembly 4. Bob Divine 66Andy95 UU" Club Vice-Pres. 3, 4, Ex Li- bris 4, Junior Red Cross li, Travel Club 4, Football 1, 3, 4, XV1'estling ZS, 4, Sr. Class Treasurer 4, Cam- paign Assembly 4. Catherine Louise Delaney "Katie" Junior Red Cross 1. 22 Q K Rhoda Collins G.A.A. 1, 3, 4, S.K, 1, 2, 8, 4, Junior Red Cross 1, 2, 3, Vivace Sl, 4, Yivac-e Assembly 3, Christ- mas Assembly 4. Roger Corray Lyle Dahlenburg Il 6cPr0,99 scDnbus9 Echo 1, 2, Rosemary 3, Sports Ed. 4, "UU Club 3, 4, Student, Council 2: Alpha 1, Lambda 2, Psi 3, A1- pha Psi Omega 4, International Language 1, Pres. 2, Travel Club 4: Basketball 1, 2, 13, 4, Track 1, Golf 2, Ll, 4, Cross-Country 2, Il, 4, Yiee-Pres. of Class 2, Class Treas- urer 3, Band 1, 2, Il, Soloist- 1, 75, Ensembles fi, Tiger's Den Couneil 2, TS, Treasurer 4: Campaign As- semblies 2, Zi, Sagamore 4, Boys' Slate 3, Exchange Assembly 4, Gretchen Ellen Fisch Eeho 1, Copy Ed. 2, Assistant Ed. 4: Student Council 1, 2, Honorary Member 4, Alpha 1, Lambda 21 Psi 3, Alpha Psi Omega 4, Quill and Scroll 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 4, S.K, 4, Junior Red Cross 1, Delta Sigma 4, International Language 1, 2, Prophecy Comm, 4, Usher, Publicity Mgr., "Men Are Like St-reetcars", Fall Revue 4, "The Trojan NVomen" 4, Prop Mgr., "The Hasty Heart" 4, Court of Honor 4, Latin Club 1, Sec, 2, Institute of Art, Naples, Italy, Ci, Institute of Art, Florence, Italy, 55, Sagamore 4. Raymond Eugene Dunn uG90l'g8,, UU" Club 4, Camera Club 4, Travel Club 3, 4, Office Help 1, Football 'l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, Track 4, Swimming 2, VVrestling 3, 4. The 195.2 Rosemary Richard Freeman GGDick,, "ll" Club 4: Travel Uluh fl, Vim-- Prvs. 4: Football 2: Basketball 1, 2, 25: Foothall-Basketball Mgr. 4. Frances Irene Frank "FrankiP', Evho 25, 4: NV. 1. 4: liistrivt t'on- Ve-ntion 1: Alpha 1: Lanibda 2: Psi :ig Alpha Psi Ontegza 4: Sagamore 4: t1.A.A. l. 2, IS, Yivr'-Pres. 4: NK. 1, 2, 25. 4: Yivavo 25, 4: Delta Sigma Si. 4: International Lan- guage 1, 2. SS. 4: Tram-l Club 4: t'hr, Prom IM-coratinn l'omm. ii: l'hr. Senior Fund Comni. 41 Uhr. Will Comm. 4: Chr. Class Elevtions 4: Sr, Invitation Comm, 4: Chr. of Music Blue- Moon Duma- :SI Chr. of Imarn to Dance Projt-vt 4: Mgr. liolf 4: Fall Revue 4: "Thr Tr0.lan NVoxneu" 4: "Uh Suxanna" Si: Make-up, "Stage Doon' 1: Usln-r. l "Fall F0stix'al" 1: l'rops Chr., "Mt-n Art-1 liikt- Str00tc'ars" 4: Cos' Iumos. "Tho 'Frnjan NYoin'en" 4: Vhorus 1, 2. 4: linsemblvs 4: Girls' Trio 4: lin-sm-i've i'ln-1-rloade-r 2. Varsity 3, 4: Court of Honor 1: Gorman Club 1, 2, Pros. ll. Ser. 4: A Vappella Uhoir 1. Sl. 4: Hnmv l'Ir', 1: Valentino Assembly 2: l'lxr'hang:v Asst-nibly 2: Vampaigu Assemlfy 1. 4: Citizvnsliip Assembly ii: Vlass Night 2, 4: Vhristmas Assembly 2, IS, 4: Thanksgiving Asst-mhly l, 2. 4 Belly Ann Goldenstein "Bets,' lf:-lm 2, li. 4: lt'0s'Pmury 2, 3, Busi' ness Mgr. 4: Student Vouncil 13: Alpha 1: Psi 33: Alpha l'si Omega 4: Phi Kappa 1. 2, Sl, St-rgeant-at Arms 4: ti.A.A. 1, 2, Cl. 43 Volley- ball Mgr, Si: NK. 1, 2. il. Pres. 1: Vivar-P :lg 'Fravol Vlub 43 Otlit-o lle-lp 55: .lr. Ning f'onnn, Il: Prom Vfnnni, Ii: Vlass History l'omin. 4: Junior Vainpaign Assl-nihly: Safa- more 4. Shirley Rose Gray NK. 3. 4: Junior Re-rl Fross 1 Yi- rare Ii: Librarian 4: lnternatimial l42Il1f.I'1121gI9 2. 33: Fall Rt-vue 4: It'n.vr- mnrjl f'ampaigrn Assembly: Chorus 2. 4: Harniont-ttes 4. Carolyn Hammond Votomar' lligfh School 1. 2, .Q l".ll.A, 15: Hand CF: Vhotus : "Nr-rvuus 1V1'vt'k." Tl: 0 1953 Ifoxfmflty Andrea Sue Freeman 8.12 1: Alpha 1: Psi Il: G,A.A. l. 2. IS, r1'l'ElSlli'P1' 4: S.K. 1. 2, Jr. Rep. ii: Sr, Rep. 4: International Language 1, 2: '1'ra.vl-l Club 4: ltTo.s'en1ru'y livpresentativz- 1: Prom Vomm. Ii: Usher. "Oh Suzannanl Baton Twirle-rs 2, SS, Drum Major- ette 4: Suloist 4: Ensembles ZZ, ii. 4: Reserve Cherrlvadi-ir 2, Varsity Si, 4: Tigt-r's Den Uounvil 1. 15: Latin Club l, Treasurer 2: Ifrmv- mnry Que-on Attendant 4: Valentin:- Assemhly 2: Assembly 2: Al- pha Psi tlnn-ga 4: Sagamore 4. Laverne Gammon Mt. Vernon High St-hool 1, 2, :li Vivave 4: Graphis 4: Chorus 4: Harmonettn-s 4: Tri'1'ity Fhorus l. 2, Ci: Chorus 1. 2. Vita--Pres. Statv: Music Contest 2, Zi: Ycwal Ensem- hlos 2, :li Marionette' Show 2, SS: Assistant Art Ed. of "Veritas-s": Library Assistant 1. 2, 353 Open-tt-rl. "Naughty Marietta" Il: Sagammw- 4. Palrivia Ann Cordon scpatss l Ifrho 1. 2, Ci, 4: SK. 1. 2. Il, 42 Junior Rs-d Cross 2, Sl: Ex Lihris l: Oftirv lla-lp 4: Junior Vampaisrn Assenihly. Luella Joyce Hall Alpha 1: CLA..-X. 1. 2, ll. 4: NK. Zi, 4: Yivaw- Svrgealit-at-1 rms X 4: liHiCI'Y1ilii0!121lLZIIILIIIRILP 1, 2, Cl. -1. Howard Halberstadt Football I. 2, 3. 23 Gene Henning ECBINI9, HU" Club 3, 4, International Lan- guage 2, 3, 4, Travel Club 4, Foot- ball 1, 2, is, 4: Trark 1. 2, Ii: XVrestling 2, 3, Pep Assembly 3, 4, Boys' State 3. Dennis Lee Hogan ccHogies9 "U" Club 3, 4, Junior Red Cross 1, International Language 3, '4, Football 3, 4, Track 2, YVrestlmg 3, 4, Chorus 3, 4, Treasurer of Spanish 4. Ralph Heath W1'estling 1. Richard Eugene Hicks 'tDick,, "U" Club 4, Travel Club 4, Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 3, 4. Donna Jeanne Hostetler G.A.A, 1, S.K, 1, Junior Red Cxoss 1, International Language 1: Spring Style Show 2. 24 Nadine Floy Hegwald "0zzie', G.,-LA. l. 2, 3, 4, Sports Manager G.A,A. 3, Y-Teen, Band, Pep Club, Latin Club, Emporia High School 1, 2, 3, Emporia, Kansas. John Hedgcock "U" Club 2, 3, 4, International Language 1, 2, Football 1, Basket- ball l, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, Sl, 4, Cioss-Country 2, 3, 4, Vic'e-Presi- dent Class 1, President Class 3, "Oh Suzannan 3, Band l, 2, 3, Chorus l, 2, Pep Band 1, 2, 3, Ensembles l, 2, Rosemary 2, Cam- paign Assemblies 1, 2, 3. Donald Himes SGAce,, "U" Club 2, 3, 4, Student Council l, 2, Junior Red Cross 1, Audio- Visual 3, International Iltanguage 1, 2, Travel Club 4, Football l, 4, Track l, 4, Swimming l, 2, 3, 4, Golf 2. 25, Cross-Country 2, Ji, Ti- gerls Ilvn Council 3, Sagamore 4, Peggy Ann Hoover iGPeg,, Unity High Srhonl 1, 2, il, Co-l'ldi- tor of "Roeketeer" 3, Unity Honor Society 1, 2, 3, Thespian 2, 3, 4, Gr.A.A, 1, 2, 21, SK. 4, J.1z,o. 1, 2, Ei, Vivace 4, Delta Sigma 4, Office Help 1, 2, 3, Sec'y Class 3, Prom Comm. 3, Prophecy Comm. 3, NViil Comm. 3, Ring Comm. ZS, Serfy Thespians 3, Fall Revue 4, Make- up, "Men Are Like Streetc-ars", "Rio Rico" 2, "Ask The Professor" 3, Band 1, 3, Chorus 1, 2. Ii, 4, Soloists 1, 2, Il, 4, Ensembles 1, 2, 3, 4, Harmonettes 4, Speech Con- test 3, Music Contest 1, 2, 3, 4, Curtain Call 2, 3, Librarian 2, 15, Dramatics 2, 3, All State Chorus 3, 4, Christmas Assembly 3, Roc-ket Assembly 2, Openhouse Comm, 3, County Music Festival 1, 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, Folk Lore Christmas Cantata 3, Vivace Trio 4, Rocketet 2, 3, Double Sextet 3, Sagamore 4. Richard Earl Jarrett Junior Red Cross 1, 2. 3, 4, Ball! more High School, Indiana, Class President 2, Basketball, Baseball, Track. The 195.2 Rosemary Don F. Kesler Ilelta Sigma 4: Band 1, 2, Il: Pep Band 2, il: Central High Sehnol, Nashville, Tennessee, 1. 2: Saga- inore 4. Donald Kenny "Red Dog" "U" Club 4: Phi Kappa 2, ZZ: Font- ball 1, 2, 25, 4: Basketball I, 2, Il, 4: Track 2, Zi, 4. Merwin Kirby "Mervis" "U" Club 2, il, Pres. 4: Football 1, 2, Ji, 4: Basketball 1, 2, ll, 4: Trark 1, 2, Il, 4: Ulass Pres. 2: Class Vice-Pres. 4: "Oh Suzannau Il: Tigei"s llen Council l, 2: Mat- toon Pep Assembly 2: flampaign Assembly 2, 4. Carol Anice Kuhns "Toot" G.A.A. 1. 2: SK. 2, Sl: Future Ilomemakers nf America l, 2: Class See'y 1: Chorus 1: Bellflower High Sehool 1, 2. Suzanne Leonard "Suzie', Rosemary Ii, Literary Ed. 4: Stu- dent, Council Alternate 4: Psi Sec'y Il: Phi Kappa Zi, 4: G.A,A. 1, 2, 3, Sec"y 4: S,K. Ji, 4: Girl Seouts 2, 4, Pres. 3: J.R.f'. 3: Delta Sigma 4: Senior l'listnry Comm. 4: Pram Voronation Vunnn. 33 "Men Are l,ike Streetearsu 4: "The 'lll'lljHll NVnmcn" 4: Fall Revue 4: l'lmi'us l. 2: Court nf llnnor 4: Uri-hestra il: University High 1: Fhampaign High 2: Clfrunif-Ie Staff 2: "Just l's" 1: State Student Council Cun- vention 1: County Musir Festival 1: Campaign Assembly 35: Thes- pians 4: Sagamore 4. The 1952 Rosemary ,Ioan Marie Jardine 6iJIll'lliYl9,, Helm 1, Il: S.t'. l, 2, li: Psi 25: Phi Kappa 1, 2, Zi, 4: G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, -1: SK. 1. 2. Sl, 4: J.li.l'. l, 2. 3: Yivaee Sec"y Ii, Pres. 4: Otliee llelp 4: Prom Graduation Utimni. 233 Cit- izenship l,l'llQ.f1'tll'll Assembly: Pep Assembly Unnnn, 2. 3: Class Seen' 2: "Oh Suzannan 15: Band 1: Sezfy 2, 15. 4: t'lim'us 1, 2, il, -11 Pep Band 1, 2, Zi, 4: Suloists l, 2, ZZ, 4: Ensembles l, 2, Cl, 4: Orches- tra Sl, 4: Tig:ei"s Den Cuunril Il: Y- Teens Pres. 2. Il: Valentine Assem- bly 2: Rosemary Assembly 1. ill Fampaign Assembly 1, 2. Il, 4: Sagxamore 4, Cordell Hopper G6Hop99 "ll" Pluh il, 4: Student t'uuneil 42 Travel Club il, 4: Basketball 1, 2: Trark 2, Cl, 4: XVi'estling Il. 41 t'r0ss-Country IS, 4: Delegate tu lbistriet Student Pnuneil Conven- turn 4. Dick Kirkpatrick Jacqueline Lee Lain "Jacquie" Er-Im 2, Il, 4: lfrmenzzzry 4: Thes- pian 2. ZS, See'y-Treas. 4: tl.A.A. 1, 2, cs, 4: sk. 1, 2, :s, 4: llelta Sigma 1. 2, Travel Club Il S: 1 vl- tations Comm., 1 et Me ln St. Louis" 1: "B1st Foot l'0l'XV2l.l'd : 20h Suzanna" Il: "Murder ln A Nunnei y" Cl: "Men Are Like Sti'eetcars" 4: "The Hasty Heart" 4: Band 2. ZS. 4: Baton Twirlers 23, 4: Twirling Ensembles ii, 4: Junior lied Cross Si: Sagamore 4. il, 4: Ex Libris 1: Intern ation al Language l, 22 , 4: Chr. Jr. 1 Ii ' - " Ie L V .. 2 Helen ,leanenne Loar HNeanie', Eelm Ad. Stall' Zi, 4: S.t'. 4: S.K. I, 2. 23. 4: J.ll,t'. li: International Language I, 2, Sl, Pres. Spanish IM-pa.tment 4: Travel Vlub fi: l'.H,A, 1, 2, Sl, 4, Reporter and liewwder: lDeeu.ati0n Forum. for Jr. Sr. Prom 35: Band l, 2, il. 4: Pep Band 4: Stiloists 1, 2, Il, 4: Ensembles l, 2. il, 4: Oreliestra 3: .l,K,i', Talent Assembly 25: Home lietiiiomies .Xssemblyf Pia n ist 12 Saeainore -1. 25 Bob Long g'Tack,, "U" Club 2, SS, 4: Football 1, 2, 33. 4: Basketball l, 2, 3, -1: 'l'l'2ll'ii l. 2, ll, 4g NV1'1'stling 4, S9l'l'PlZll'y of Class 4, l'1'1111hv1'y Comm. 43 Svuim' l'am11aign Assembly 4, Senior Motto and Camlors Fommittee- 4. Art Lonherger Phyllis Jean Long npllillj, "Stinky,' Lvlln l, 13. Assistant Ad Mgr. 25, .Kd I Mgr, -li SV. l. L.. 32 Aillllil lg LZIVOIIIIC Rlllh LaR0e Lambda 2: l'si Jig Alpha l'si0n11-5:11 ffgonnievf Z, 1 Phi Kappa Girls' Athletic Asso1'iati1111 1. 2, 5-KA lv J, 3. 43 J.R.C. 2, 731 'l1'11v1'l f'iuh 35. f'u1'1'vs11f111ding Si-Hy -'13 Clais Ring Fumm, Zig S1'.Allll0llII4'1-'- ments i'on1u1. -1: "Holm limp" 4: f'0lll'T of lluuor 4: f'a111paign Aa, svmblies JL. 11: Sagramorc 4. Carol Ann Mayfield 2hI?I':f1'H,9ggfi'44Ixfiffvli-311431 figs? Merna Carol Marelt 1.. ,-,-,g '14-1-.,'g a Sigma Ii, 4g Ex llibria 23 I11lL-1'r1a- Ffho Il, 43 lLA.A. l, 2, 33 SK. I, tional Il1a11g11age 1, 2: "Mi-411 Me ln ' 'i, 41 l11t1-1'11:1ii4mal Lllllpfllllgft' lg Si, Imu1s" lg "Oh Slllilllllilm 35 "'ax'0l Club 355 Publi:-ity I'1'og1'a1n "Murdf'1' I11 A Nllllll0l'j'i' 255 Make- for "Best Font, l"m'ward" 12. "Slam- 1111 Vcunnri. in "Mei-1 M11 l11 St. i7110r" l: liand 1, 2, 53. 11: P1111 Louis" l: l'sl1e1' fm' short plays 2: Band Zi, 1. i'hr11'11s 12, ll. 43 S0l0isls 12. -1, Paul Meginnis 64Mac,,, 4,Mickey,, Wanfla Lou lyleyer 1 Y Donnee hobo: "L" Club 45 Travel Club 4, V ' J, S, Morton High S1-bool uf i'ir'Q1'o 191710 43 fi-AVN. ll JHUIUV R93 1, 2, Sl, lfoothall 1. ZZ. Ii, 4, 'lll'1lL'lC Cross 11 l11t01'11a11onal llilllgllillt' li 1: lV!'l'NlliTlg' 1. 24 Zi, 43 Ways and Travel Vlub Si: Vampalgix Managrvx' Meaus Comm. Sovial fiibilllll. 23: 1: 'PPP Assfxnlhil' COIYIIII. 2: 151111111 Board of Directors Jig Arlulvtil- and T1v11'l01's l. 2, fi: f'heP1'le11fl1-N I: Brmsh-1' Ummm. Chr, ii: S:1g::11uf11'0 llr11's0l1a1'k liifllll! filllll 731 AFT iiilllf 4g I'1x1'l1a11g0 Assembly 4, "st Plavv in Art Coulvst -4. Jeanette Shirlene Miller Rosm111l1'1l Typist 4g Alpha l: Mary Elle" Mello" A llimbda 2: mi :xg Alpha mi GAA. l. 2: Social Klub 1, 23 Omega -1: f'l1c11'11s 1: Third Plavv Junior Rod Cross 1, in Stat? Shauish Vontest H: fhrislf mas Axxcxnbly lg ThHI1kSglX'iIlg' As- s1-n1bly 1, Spring: Convert lg Saga- more 4. 26 T110 1952 Rosemary Colleen J. Moore ssnirtyss Echo l, 2: Phi Kappa I. 2, il, 43 S.K. l, 2, 3, Sec-'y -4: Junior Rvd Vross 1: 2, 4: Yivace Cmnni. Chr. 4: Class 'I'r1-us. 11 Cilllllltligfll Assemblies 1, 2, Ii, 4: Senior Au- l10lllll'tlIll91ltS Vonnn, 45 Chorus in Ulilvvtv M0 In St, Louis" 1: Ulmrus 43 'Flizinksgiviug Assembly 4: l'hristmzis Assembly -1, Pep Assvnif bly 43 Saganiore 4. Mary McLaughlin Shirley Jean Peacock ffzvloileyt' S.K. LS, 4: i Vivuw Pres, 35, 4 3 lix l.ibris 4: Chorus l. 21, IS: Soloists l, 2, Sl, 43 linst-inbln-s 2: Sextvttv: lizxrnimiettes 4: Full Revur-soloist 4: Madrigal Group Il, Ifoxvmfzrgf Assolnbly 2: Tliunksgiviiig Assvm- bly 1, 2, 3, 4, t'hristnius Assembly I, 11, Il. 4, Hennie Foline Noorman G.A.A. 13 Terrzipin 2, 43 internet! tional Language 3, Cl, 4: Soloists 23 XYilhelrn Sluitvr High School in the Nt-therlands lg Euonomit- School, two yvars. John Porter CGPOHSS E1-lm 4: S.C'. 1. 2: J.ll.C', 1, Trcais. 2: Iler xVlSSk'llSt'll1lfT Yerein Zi, 'l'rv:1s, 4: lntornzxtional liilllgfllllfll' I, 2: Travel Ulub Si, 43 lVrQstlingg l, 12, 55, 41 Golf l, 2, 35, 4: 1,'1'oss- t'uuntry 2, il. 4: liund 1, 2: Saga' niure 4. The N51 Rosemary -A vw 'CT' 'ln-qv W1-df Florence lVlcFarlin "1Uick', 4i,.X..l. l. 13. Cl, l'rt-sid:-nt 41 Sli. l, 2, Sl, 4: lnternattiollul lfflflgllilfljl' l, L23 Von rt of Honor Jig Delogzntr' tn li..fl.A. Camp Sl, C'urI1paig'n As- smnbly 35: Szlgziixiunt- 4, Elizabeth Alla Newkirk csBPuyea 151-Im 11, Ii, Typist 41 1fu.vM1taV,t1Typ' ist 4: Studslnt Vmim-il 1: Alpha lg l'si 25: Alpha Psi Hixizlga 4: G.A.A. 1. 2, JS, 4: SK. 2, Ii, Vivo-Pres. 43 Girl S:-outs 1, Zig J.Ii.f'. 2, Il: Vi- vzim- Il, 4: lleltat Sigwnai Il, 4: ln- twilzitimnlizll llilllglltlgll 1, 2: "Oh Slllilllllililf 3: "Junior Miss" Sl "Mm-t Me ln St. Louis" 1: Fsher for 'tllvst Foot l'l1ll'll'tll4LlH LZ: "St:tp.:e Ilo-tn" li Uiwln-stl':i 2. 151 Slip X' lilp I, J, Latin llub l, 21 J.lx.l, Asst-mbly ll, Homo l'il'UllUll1ll'S Styli- Slmw lg l'hristnms Assembly il, 4: Stl2'2llllUl'l-' 4, Fred S. Pfeifer tknlliile-rriztl Vtulri l.llJl'2ll'Y Clllllf Vlizxmpuign High Srlxoul. Beverly Jean Phillips 5SBPv79 lfvlm l, 2, Li, Foalttlrv lid. 43 Ilnw- muff! ZS, l-'eature lid. 4: S12 2, Ii. l'lll'lltlll19lllill'lZlll 4: Alpha l: Ilzunbtln ZZ: l'si 753 .lllllltl Psi Unit-gn 43 Quill und Srroll Il, 45 G.A.A. l, 12, il, Publicity Uhr. 4: SK. 1, 2, 21, 4: lflx Libris l. Social Chr. 12: 'l'r:ix'1-l Ulub Zi, Pri-s. 4: F,ll.A. l,tll'llilllll'lll2ll'l2lll lg Utiiue Help 4: llntrliot Olator IS, 43 Court ut' llonor ZS: Ros'1'm1l:'jf Attendant 43 Girls' State Altt-rnzltv Zi: Slip N' Trip l. 12, 8: Pop Assembly Vmnm. Uhr. Sl: Proplievy Uonnn. 4: Dolo- gutt- to Ilist. Assn. of Sf. 3: Guislf zulu- flLlllf0l'9llCt' Il: Uslu-r in "Best Font l"nrw:1rd" 2: "Stage Door" lg "Mt-vt Mr In St, Louis" 13 Tiger 'l't-1-ntimu Radio Prugratm: G,A.A. Squurm- Ilzinve Mgr, 34, 4: Saigztniore -1. Raymond Pittman GGRny9, 27 William Byron Presnell 66Biu59 HU" Oulu Il, 43 Phi Kappa El, 43 Swimming.: 55, Captain 43 Pana High Srhool 1, 23 Basketball I il 1 2 lnt amur: , -. Joanne Rae Evho Typist 43 Psi 33 Phi Kappa 1"'1lXA 1 2 'l 4'9K l 'P ,..., J. v ' i ii fs, 42 7331QQ1'mf.3 il, 43 Trznel ilu In St. Louis" 13 'tBest Foot For- ward" 2: Sagamore Publicity 43 Costumes 23 4. Farrel Rasner "U" Club Sl, 43 uage 1, 2: sslluigias International Lan- Travel Club 43 Football g ll, 43 Basketball 1, 23 Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Wrestling El, 43 Band 1, 2, Sl, 4 43 lep Band 2, Il, 43 Ensembles 1 2, ll, 43 Sagamore 4. John Redding accurlyv Alpha 13 Psi 353 Alpha Psi Umega Pres. 4. Gene Rhodes "Hairless,' Football 1 , 4. 28 Robert Potts 6GB0b99 -KU" Club 43 xv,-esaing 4. Nadine L. Randall "Neff, Evlzo 3, 43 Phi Kappa l3 S,K. 1, 2, El, 4: Gr.A,A. 43 J.li.C, Ii, 43 Vivace Il, Recorder 43 Ex Libris 13 Travel Club 43 Oitive Help 43 Chorus 3, 4: Harmonettes 43 Big Twelve Con- vert 33 State Contest 43 Vivace Concert 43 J.R.f'. 33 Uhristmas As- sembly 3, 43 Thanksgiving Assem- bly 3, 4. Patricia Reeder Cfpati! Jacqueline Mae Rollins "1acquie" Junior Red Cross 1, 2, Vice-Pros. Il, Pres. 43 International Language Vlub 1, 2, 533 Otlic-e Help 23 S.K, 1, 23 Student Uounvil Alternate 2. Barbara Eleanor Rohdy "Bobbie,, lfYos1'mm'y il, 43 Alpha 13 G.A.A. 1, 2, 33 S.K. 1, 2, 33 Gill Scouts Sec'y 23 Delta Sigma 43 Der NVis- senschaft Verein ii, 43 Interna- tional Language 1, 2, Il, 43 Chr. Junior-Senior Prom3 "Men Are Like Streett-ars" Props Con1m,3 Chr. for Fall IQPVIIOQ Valentines Assembly 23 The-'spians 43 Saga- more 4. The 1952 Rosemary Rirhard K. Rudieil "Diek,,' "Ruby,' f'l11l1 35. 4: l"ootl1z1ll l, 2, li, 4: lS:1sk0tl1z1ll 1. 3, Si, 4: llvl'ill'li l. 12. 25. 4: Sellllll' Vluss Pres. 4. 1 Katharine Carroll Schrader l'l1i Kuplm l, 2, 25, 4: 1l,.X..X. l, 12. Zi, 43 SK. 2, Cl, 4, YlY2H'L' 23, -11 Yivzuwe ASS4'IlllIly 35, lllll'lNlIY'lZlS As- st-111l1ly 4. Charlene lone Scott 1i,A..X. l. 2: ,l.li.f', l, 23 lix l.il1rix 1. 13, 11111-1'1111tiu11:1l Illlllgfllillfi' 2, Sig 'l'l'ZlVl'l Club 25, 4: l,l'UIll :xml G1'z11l11- Illlilll Des-m'z1li1111 fltlllllll. Sl: "lin-sl F1101 l"01'wz11'4l" 2: lvSlll'l' ful' "No 4'm111t Boy" 12: S:1gz1111111'v 4. Clyde llorhin Smith "Schnozz,,, 'gsnlittyv l1'nx4'mf11'g1 -12 "Im f'l11l1 42 J,li.l'. I, 11: l11te1'11:11i11n:1l lAlllg'll2l,Z'l' 1, 2. Zi. 4: Tl'klX'l'l fllllll Il. 45 llllive Help 25: lsllltfllilll l, ll, JS, 43 linskethzxll l, 23 T1'11vk I, 2, 3. 43 Swim1ni11,q Si, 43 TT21lll4'l' in T1'z14'kg l1'IPNPIl1IlI'.ll lil-p1'esP11ta1tivv 4: Senior l,l'1lIPl1l'l'y :1111l XVill fltlllllll. 4: I1'n,w-11111171 Af- m1'llllrlj' 355 5.12 .Nfl-111l1lyg 1':1n11:11is111 Assn-rnbly Ci, 4, Harman Floyd Smith i'l11lJ 2, Il, 42 NV. 2: l'l1i liiljillil 2. Su1':c:111t-at-A1-ms 15, Sun- Iim-l 4, J.R,I'. l, 23 f'2lllll'l'il fllllll Zi, 'l'1'e:1s. 4: l'lx Ilihris lg Basket- lmll l, 2, Cl, 4, 'Fravk I, 2, 3, 4: i'mss-i'o1111t1'y l, 2. Sl: .l1'. Claw Yin--I'1'eS, fi: linfl M1111 in "Uh Slllilllllil-' Il: Band 1, 2, Zi, Pres. 4, thou' 1, J, ,ig l'e11l3z1111l 1, 2, JS, l'lIlSl'IIllJlt'S l, 25 fl!'Cllt'Nll'il JS, 43 Tigl-1"s l,Cll 01111111-il 2. The 7.052 1?r1.w'n1a1'y 'Q 'lv svn l:L'2'?' ,, ., MM Dudley Ryan Pullv wg., "1r11l1z1ll l: Bnskvtlmll lg Swim N-mg' 'ng I 1 'rvstling 2: Gulf 3. , . 4 5, 'V 1 T 13. 1 1111 3 XX w 'Wm v 4 FV ' 7 more 4. Elsie Marie Scott 'l':':1v0l 1'l11l1 15, 43 S.K. 43 l"11t111w llo111e1n:1kv.s of ,XIll4'l'l4'Zl lg Silgil' Charlotte Irene Scott ' x l, 2, 43 J.li,4'. 1 11lPr11z1ti1111:1l Fw' n Y' A 1 Z., I 3 'zlvv Club Zi, 43 15-1' "Nu ctllllll Huy" L. 4, ..lx. I, -, 11, 43 1 Pres, 4: J.li.L', I, 4, "Best lwmt l'l0l'lVill'1lH 25 Senior AllllUlllll'l'lIll'lllS Comm. I'1'11g'1'z1rn5 IS: S:1gz1111o1'v 1-1 1 1 "zulu lun II1-1-0.':11i4111 .Y lllltlllll. IS: "Best Frm! I"11rwz1' " 21 Orlaine Slade Spnnisll 2 ' lllll' R1-ml Cross 2. Priscilla Shively 66Prie99 191-110 l, 25 Student U1111111-il l, 2, 233 lil 1' l.:1111lJdz1 2' 4'.A.A. l, 2, Girl Sunnis 22: l11TQ1'11:1- Uftice llm-lp 4 g lll'0l1l 4. 29 mn, Ronald J. Smith ccRon99 Student Council 1, Thespian 4, Junior Red Cross 2, Pres, ii, 4, Delta Sigma 4, International Lan- guage 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 25, Track 1, 2, 3, "Summer Comes to the Diamond O", "The Hasty Heart" 4, Lighting 1, 2, .L 4, Band 1, 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 4, Pep Band 1, 2, Il, 4, Soloists 2, Or- vhestra 3, Champaign County .l.R,C. Count-il l, 2, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres, 4. Marjorie Anne Staleler "Co-Pilotv G..-LA. 1, 2, 3, SK, 1, 2, Zi: Jun- ior Red Cross 2, International Itan- guage 2, Tumbling 1, Band 2, Si, Chorus 4: Baton Twirlers 2, 15, Valentine Assembly 2, Class Night o Opal Marie Summers Echo 4, Alpha 1, G,A.A. 1, 2, Zi, 4: S,K, 1, 2, 35, 4, International Language Club 1, 2, Travel Club 4: Future Homemakers of Aineriva lg Oiiice Help 2, Ci, Sagamore 4. Norman David Teater "Nagle, Football 1, 2, VVrestling 1, 2, Bas- ketball 2, Tram-k 1, 2, VVrestling Zi, Christmas Vespers 3, Spanish Club 'T Carol Anne Thode f5Cat99 Echo Typist 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, Si, 4, SK. 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Red Cross 4, International Language 1, 2, Sec'y 3, 4, Travel Club 3, Trees. 4, F.H,A. 1, Parliamentarian 2, Degree Chr. 3, Decoration Comm. for Jr.-Sr, Prom 3, Devoration Comm. for Graduation 3, Slip N' Trip 1, 2, 3, 4, Home Ee. Style Show 1, Sagamore 4. 30 Sara Mae Stanley "Saham,,' "Buggie,' Evlzo 2, 3, 4, SC. 2, Alplizi 1, Lambda 2, Psi Il, Alpha Psi Omega 4, Thespian 2, 3, 4: G,A.A. l, 2, 4, S.K. 1, 2, Ii, 4, J.R.C. 1, Vi- vaoe 3, Delta Sigma 1, 2, 35, Vivo- lfrvs. 4, International Language 1, 2, Zi, Travel Club 3, 4, Bacca- laureate Dec-orations 2, "Stage Door" 1, "Best Foot Forward" 2, 20h Suzannau Si: "Junior Miss" ii, "Murder In A Nunneryu 3, Student, Direvtor, Fall Revue 4, Band 1, 2, Ii, 4: Chorus Il, Pep Band 2, 3, 4, Soloists 1, 2, 3, 4, lflnsc-mbles 1, 2, Ji, 4, Orchestra 25, 4, Speech Contest ii, 4, JRC. As- sembly 1, Sagamore 4. Barbara Stevens "Pilot,, G.A.A. 1, 2, S.K. 1, Travel Club Il, Valentine Assvinbly 2, LaVerne Swearingen Ifrho 23, 4, SC, il, Phi Kappa 2, 3, 4 G -X 1 ' l ll ' , '.1 ,A. , T., li, 4, Basket 1:1 Mgr. 3, Badminton Mgr, 4, S.K. 2, IE, 4, Girl Svouts 8, 'Vivace 15, 4, Ex Iiibris 1, 2, 15, International Language 1, ii, Full Revue 4, Band 1, 2, El. 4, Baton Tvvirlers 2, 3, 4: Pep Band 2, IS, 4: Soloists 1, 2, lflnsenibles 4, Ul'L'll8Sl1'il 4, G.A.A. Camp Delegate IS, Echoes of Ur- Imna High Ri-gul-ai' 4, Campaign Assembly 3, Sagamore 4. Edna Mae Tenbrook "Blomlie,, Evho Typist 4: G.A,A. 1, 2, Si, 4, S.K. 1, 2, 3, 4, International Lan- guage 1, 2, Cl, 4, Travel Club 15, lierordiug' Setfy 4, Devoration Comm. for Jr.-Sr. Prom 3, Decora- tion Comm. for Graduation 3, "Best Foot- Forward" 2, Usher's Comm., Mixed Chorus 4, Slip N' Trip 1, 2, 3, 4, Home Economics Style Show 1, Thanksgiving Assem- bly 4, Christmus Assembly 4, Sag- amore 4. Dale T huney Student Council l, Alpha 1, Alpha Psi Omega 4, Thespian 4, Delta Sigma 2, 3, 4, International Lan- guage 1. 2, Si, Travel Club 4, "Stage Door" 1, "The Happy Jour- ney" 2, "Summer Comes to the Diamond O", "The Trojan Womezi" 4, Sagamore 4. The 1952 Rosemary Phyllis ,lean Unzicker uJPfllIlIiH,, Stndrnt Vonncil l: Bellflower High Srhool 1: F.ll.A. l: Vice-Pres. Frvslnnan Class l: Band 1. 2, Zi, 4: Vhozus 1. 2, ii, 4: Pep Band 4: Hnscnibles 3, 4: t'larinet Quartet 4. William Ronald Valentine 6GBiu,5 5.0. Il: Thespian Ji, 4: llelta Sigma 2, JS, 4: International Language l, 2: 'l'rax'el Club 4: l'l!'i'Sllll'l2lll Class Pres, lg Reserve t'ln-erleader 2: Varsity i'heerleailer JS, 4: "Stage Door" 1: "Best Foot Forward" 2: "Uh Suzanna' 3: "Men Are Like Streett'ars" 3: "Hasty Heart" 4: "Junior Miss" 3: Sagainore 4. Margery D. Warfield csnlargyxa sssnltysa Erlm JS, 4: Psi Zi: Alpha Psi Omega 4: S.li. 4: Delta Sigma 4: EX Li- bris Ii, Sec'y 4: Fall Revue 4: "Trojan Women" 4: lianloul Town' ship lligh School 1: 2, Zi: Chorus ll: Future Tearhers of Anierit-a JK: Book All-ek Assembly l: National Education XVeek Assenibly 25: Sput- Iipllt, st-hool paper for li.'1'.H,S. lt: Eagle? Assistant Editor 15: Saga- more 4. Arnold K. Wilson "Three-gun" S12 IS: liarby Jr. lligli St-hool in Pa, 1. 2: Basketball l: Tram-k 1. 2. Zi, 43 Football 4: Band l, 2, 155 Pep Band 2. 3: linsenibles 2: Ur' chostra 3: National Junior Honor Society 1: Lambda 2: Psi Pres. 253 Alpha Psi Omega 4, Mary Wiley U.A.A, 1: Chorus l, 2: t'hee'leader l, 2, Zi: XV,T.H.S. l, 2, Zi, in Mount Vernon: F.H..-X. l, 2, Ii: Tumbling 2, il: Literary Uluh l. The 195: Rosemary SW 'B' Dorothy Arlene Trotter 66DlDIfiP,,, "Trail, SV. Alternato 4: Alpha I: Lambda 2: Psi Zi: Alpha Psi Omega 4: Phi Kappa l. 2, Ii, Vitae-Pres, 4: ti.A.A. l, 2, 33, 4: SJC, l, 3, 4: Girl Srouts -1: J.R.l'. 35: Vivare 3, Am-ronipanist 4: Delta Sigma 1, 2, 15, 4: 'Phos- pian 1. 2, 35, Yin-e-Pres, 4: Uhorus Aruoinpanist l, 2, Cl: Pep Hand 4: Soloists 1, 2, Ii: Ensemblos l, IS, 4: llarmoncttes -tg Orchestra Il, 4: Prom Invitation Comm. 33: Prop l'hr. in "Passing of the Third Floor l5ar'k": "Slam: Door" 1: 'ilileett Me In St. Louis" l: "Ladies In Retire- ment" 1: "lit-st Foot Forward" 2: Assistant Mgr. in "Passing of the Third Floor Bat-k": "Oh Suzan- na" ii: "'I'ro,ian YVornen" 4: "Mu"- tler In A Xnnneryn 3: Saganiore 4, James H. Vliet "Henry" Mary Carol Waxler livhn 1, Ass't litlitor 2. News lid- itor 3. Erlitoi'fiiiff'hi0f 4: Elf l, 2, 3, Yice'Pres, 4: Quill and Sc-roll 3, 4: G.,-XA. 1, 2, :i, 4: S.K. 1, 2, cs, 4: J.R.l', 1: lnternational Lan- guage 1, 2, Il: Prom Comm. Zi: Uhr. Exchange Assembly Comm. 4: Chr. Mardi Gras llanre 1: P.oin lnvitaf tion Coinni. Il: Delegate to State S.L'. Meeting l, 25: D.A.K. Fitizen- ship YVinner 4: .l.R.C. Asst-inhly 1: Alpha 1: Lanilida 2: Psi ZS: Alpha Psi Omega 4: Sagamore 4. Beverly Wilson 66881799 Iiwhn 4: G.A.A. l, 2, El, 4: Terrapin Ii, Vice-Pres. 4: S.K. 1, 2, Il, 4: .l,R,C', 2: Vivave Zi, Treas. 4: Sen- ior YVitl Vonnn, 4: Fall lic-vue 4: "Meet Me ln Sl. Louis" 1: "The 'l' ojan NVonn-n" 4: Band 2, ii, 4: Vhorus 1, 2: liaton Twirleis 2, Il. 4: Soloist 4 in Twirling: linsenililes in Twirling: 2, Zi. 4: Reserve Cheer- leader 2: Varsity Cheerleader 55, 4: Court of llonor 1: Tiger's Don Vouncil 1, 2, Cl, Sec'y 4: Iflixpwzary Attendant 4: Relay Court Zi: Ruse' nlrlry Assenihly 2, 3. Edmund White Alpha 1: lianihda 2: Psi 3: Alpha Psi Omega 4: Phi Kappa l, fi: Football 4: Basketball 4: '1"ra4'k 4: "Uh Suzannaw Il: Fall Revue 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Pop Band 2, Il, 4: Soloists 1, 2, 24: Ensembles 1, 2, 3, -1: Orchestra Sl, 4: Sagamore 4. 31 Eugene Zech "Gene,' Graphis 4, Track 4, XVrestling 2. Betty June Wilson "Shorty', G.A.A. 1, 2, Sl, 43 S.K. 3, 4: Tx'z1vel Club 43 Chorus 4. Stewart A. Young University High 1, 23 XVestern Academy Zig Der VVlSS9IlSC'l'ltlfi Ver- ein 1, 2, 4: Chorus 13 Latin Club 1, 2: Band l, 2. Howard Wozencraft l SENIORS WHOSE PICTURES D0 NOT APPEAR IN THE ROSEMARY Dorothy Frances Arledge Phi Kappa Kappa 3, 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Paul J. Britz 6CJerry93 Football 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 23 Track 2, 3: Historian 2, 253 "Men Are, Like Sll'E9lL'El1'SH 43 'The Trojan XVomen" 4, In Stage Crew of Fall Revue 4, Program Comm., Jr, Prom. i , ,ub 2, 13, 4, Football 1g Basketball 1, 2, Ji, 45 Cross-Country Jerry hugene Phelps Captain 2, Is. 6, Q: lllllll 32 J G. Jimmie Roberts Vincent Warren Ray E. Wilson "Thumper" The 1952 Rosemary nf' Thr' 1.0.5 I l.'f,,vnn1lr. X1 1. Vg is iff- ' 'W . ' R W Lz., SMX W. We i 5, Vw 'I 33 ml The mournful Trojan WOIIICH, in u happier mood! Frank, livzlirfl, Barkson, Wfilson, Fisvh. Another one of those card gangs. . . . llrunkow, Fisch, Wiisqrll, and com puny discuss the fiay's affairs. A group of intelligent CU seniors and juniors play a fair and square CU game of poker -Long, Rudicil, Bendxwr, Himas, Flores, Slnith .... T110 1.055 lfosmnary UNIORS lVe. the Junior l'lass of WSIS, have just eom- pleted another happy year at l'rbana High Sehool. NVQ- have had many unforgettable experiences as we prepared for our senior year. We entered l'. II. S. last tall as upperelassmen. To start the year ot? we eleeted our Class officers. They were Tom linker. presidentg Phil Flores. viee- presidentg Barbara Vandervort, seeretaryg Stuart Dawson. treasurerg and Shirley Rasmussen, Hose- nmryf representative. Hur elass was well represented in atlileties. Slll'll football leaders as Jim -lollnsou. Diek Ilegen- bart. Earl Hadfield, and Ralph Uampbell helped to make the season very sueeesstul. The wrestlers did a marvelous job under the leadership of Vap- tain Nav Stout. We also supplied athletes for swiinniing, basketball, and track. Through our junior cheering' section we supported the various sports. The juniors were members of most of the organ- izations. XVe were represented in G.A.A., F.lI.A.. band. t'l"' elub. dramatics, and on both the l'll'll0 and l1'n.venzrlry statis. Twenty-seven members of our eiass were eleeted to the Junior Heholastie Ilonor- ary, llsi. We will never forgret how we met Maebeth tlirougli Miss liompells Zlllll Mr. llvnes' Englisli elasses and the fun we had in "Woody's" eivies and eeonomies elasses. Typing' proved to he a new and interesting' elass for some ol' us. fm CLASS OFFICERS SIIIRLICY RASBIVSSICN l.'n.w'n111r.11 Ifepzwswzllulirw l'll I I. FLOR ES I lee-P'i'esirlr'11l STUART DA WSUN TI'l'll.SIll'l'l' TOM LYK HR BARBARA vANnn1svo1e'r ""ftNf'l'l'1' StT'l'l'ftIl'.lf Members of the -lunior Class worked hard sell- ing' eandv, initials. and pennants and having: serap drives and paper drives to make money for the Junior-Senior Prom. The arrival of our class rings eaused mueh exeitement, and 'rave us a true Hu J- . P' perelassl, feeling. All of us are anticipating: our responsibilities as seniors. Does Shirley really deserve horns? Ogdon, Matllin, Muesing, Rasmussen, lTI00l"3h03fl. . . . YVl1at's thc matter boys, too nlllch to drink? Douglas, Prehn, Wlhalin. . . . Two cute juniors, Muesing and Matilill. lf Th e 7115! Roseau: ry 1 35 Junior Mrs. Hewitt lfnu' ff'-Ki1111UfV, Il iggius, lluttrm, MOYISIII1, Iqilllll'2!l'. lfmr ,K-Hull, llznlvorsoxl, II-1Il, .l:11111ks, Whitt, Ilzlrt. lfou' J'--Mrs. Hvwitt, Ln- Y:1lI11, VVillii11S011, Ilzxrlow, l lSl'll. lfnu' I- -Johnson, 11115.54-l1h:11't, I I :1 rtsi it-ld, H111'mou. if 3: Mrs. Cox Hou' 7fXYilli:1111s, Stcggerdu, . XYhitQ, .Ad2lHlS. I1'n11,' ,I--Mrs. Vox, NYil1i11111s, 1 1 VVils0n, Ilm-11d111'sm1, Vander- . it 1 vort. ,, f Q. Huw :?4'l'1nv11s1f11d, Vlict VVill:11'd, Bj'2ll'Il, Y2l1Qllt'i1ll' NN'h:11i11. .,, Ifozr J 1-R. Stout. Wyli 11 Ward, S:1rllv1', F1':111k1iu, D 'Q ti' Stout. Mrs. Martin Hou' Iii? ll 111 111 0 ll, A sh by, Morphy, fzslllpluvll, VOSTII. Ks Hou' 24-Mrs. M111't111, Car- 1 l'0t1191'S, Xvl'ilH'l', t'0l11'1ld, Cm'- 111icn, Brunk. Row 3--liroon, Cook, Barr, Breen, Allen. 36 The 1951 Rosemary Home Rooms Mr. Madden lfmr If-Foltz, Hudson, ICV uns, H1'ogv1'sol1, Fitxsillllmmmls. lfllll' J- Hsk 1-xv, Flwvlllxx ll I"isvus, Douglas, Whitcsimlm- RZISUII. Ifrru' J--llznllwy, Il:nfHu-l1l GI'l'j.f0l'y, DZIXVSOII, Iilu-lillgg. lfnuf 4-Mr. Afllilflljll, llnug' Ins, Iiliot, Tilflllilll, Gz11'l'n'f1. ...Q 1 2 , T110 1951 Rosenmry - WS? Miss Maranville lfou' I-Fowl-rs R0 fcrs, Y Rm-uss, SZIVZIQO, I,flllglll1lCllCl'. Hour ,!fRolw1'ts, Rush, Vu- zivlwr, Suilor, RJISIIIUSSOII, Stun- m-r. lfnu' J-R4-nr, Ruud, Shou- ring, Shaw, Smith. Hun' Ai-M iss N111 rzxnvillv, l'mvr-rs, Nllipnmn, Rzisuer. Ifnlr 5fI.i11fn1'd, Ogduu 'A R0lI1'l'fSUI1. fgiii lklsfg Mr. Viseur lion' 1-3Ill0Sillg, Muvk BlHHI'Ulll'2l4l, Malyfiolrl, Malfflin. lfrnu' ,!AM:u'Vvl. Nlziyn-1', Mil lor, Nlllrplly. lfnu' lf'7BIZ!tSllll, Mm-yer, Og don, Norton, Fitz-tJc'1':1ld. lflffl' i4Flm'1-s, I.11kQ1', xXvil'k man, Blilum, Vzllllplmll, M1 YiSA'lll'. ,4 37 i i s E The 1955 Ifvsmmrry l H010 2311 o y 0 1' , Rotlioforfl, SOPHOMORES The class ol' '54 was a typical o110l Like oth0r S0l1ll0l110l'PS who had pro0o01l01l 11s, wo 1-an10 bavk to llrbaiia lligrh School t'01-liligz PXf1'0lllPlj' co11ficl011t of o11rs0lv0s and acting' ospclcially suporior to the ,Q'1'1-011 fr0sl1111011. Our poppy class, who y0llo1l whol0h0ar101lly at all the gauies, l'0l'f2lllllY acl1l01l 1lllll'lI to lllfl gfrowiiig' spirit and 1-11tl111sias111. NVO wi-ro all prouml of our husky atl1l0t0s, fancy twirl- ors, and Olll' poppy Ql1001'l0a1l0r. Uther vlassos soon l79k'EllllP acqilaiiiteil with the torrifyiiig Sl'l'0?lll1S that 9211110 from th0 biology I'O0IIl. HlJXN'l'N'lll', this was llillhlllgl to be seriously z1la1'1110rl about-since tho sophomoros w01'0 011ly dis- SPC'flllgl' i1111ov011t littl0 frogs! Gl60lll0f1'j' b9C2lIllP a bit roinplicfatocl at ti1110s. llllf we siirvivvcl. Althoilgxli wo clitl 11ot loarn PVQ-ll'.Y word i11 th0 lilllflllilgffx, wo also hail i'1111 i11 o111' lilllgllliiflil classos. Al0l'4? 11101IllJGl'S of our vlass wero afl1l0cl to lla-lta Sigriua, and a f0w GV011 lllifltlf' Thespiansl In fart. our 1-lass was v0ry wi-ll roprosolitocl i11 tho svhool plays, "Mon Are Liko SfI'CPl'I'2lI'S,H and '4Foot- loosofl All of th0 011joyabl0 ilamfcs at tho 'l'ig'01'ls D011 w01'0 oxteiisiyoly pla11110cl arlcl SllPIJ0l'f9Cl by o11r Oll- 0rg'otic class I'l'llI'0SPYll2ll'lVOS. VV0 1-11t01'0d 011tl1l1- siastically into lllSlfl,1SSl0llS at club lll0Q'flllgl'S, 1'11sh0fl 2il'UllllLl doing' Evlm 2lSSlQl'llllll'l1l'S. aml workc-il harcl Oll tho Sflllll'llT Voimcil. Some ot tho brig'l1tcr stlicleuts inaclr- Lamlicla, in ww? 0-6.4, CLASS OFFICERS JOAN RIIOIJES l'iz'v-P1'f'.wi1lw11f l'AT BICAIRIJ Sr'c'1'f'f111',11 SlllRLEY S'llllOlll4l l1'o.wfn1r1ry Hwp1'c.w111lf1li1'z' JU ANX lVll1l1lAMSUN 1'l'r'xfrf1'7lf Sophomoro horiorary. whilo still othors he-ld high positions i11 Vivacv. l3a11ml. aml 01'1'l10st1'a. Y0s, our SUllll0H101'0 year has llflllll bl'l1lll'11l ol' 1 l'1111 as well as harfl workg IIOXV wo art' looking' for- warcl to two 1llUl'0 int0r0sti11gr years at lirbaua High. Miss McClurg 11'o11' 70-BoUl1lWRll'C, Nowoll, 11 Opollia, Nouport, Allen, llur- my ton. Manliing, lXllll0L'l', Miss Mv- llliirg. Hou' .Y--Orr. Muiihall, Mans- fiolfl, Hook, l'3:11'tl10l0111y. 1f0Il74-lNl00l'l', Xlilltlll, Ovvr- 11f1:111, Mathis, l'l:1n-0. T110 1952 Rr1.wn1ary s...a:sH"' '-. annul: 39 Miss Dryden Rau' ,7vBu1'w0ll, Ellison Cnmplwoll, :Dl1FI'il110, ,EIIIIYSOIL Row 2-Cond, Dzlvis, Fitz- simmous, Emly, Ewing, Chap mam. Row 3-Eskew, f'li11:11'cl, Clif ton, Davis, Costlvy. Ron' 4--Miss Dryden, lfllnuu Crusc, Cook, Dillcy, Gulliford. Mrs. Rubendall Row Z-Strode, Sz111de1's0n, T 0 111 l in s 0 11 , SVVCill'lllQf01'1, YVil lizunsou. Roll' 2-VVhitQ, Hurstad Wziltors, Thuney, Mrs. Ruben dull. Row 3 - T eater, Slliltllfjff, Ward, Webber, VVilson. Row 4-Trimble, Sililt1l1Of:f, Toth, mms. 40 E . gg? M ,.:.v,A N Sopllzomore Mr. Ryan Hour 7-Slade, Stzlyton, Sams, Rlmflcs, Ruglo, l'o1't01'. R016 Qjfsflllk, Poorc, Hau- sl1e11l1e1'gu1', llicllzirds, Slmffcr. Row 3-lim-fl, Rutledge, 11011- dorson, H0111-y, Smith, flupper- Hell. Row 4--N il l l y , M 1' . R y fl Il , Rhodes. The 1952 Rosemary Home Rooms Mr. Bennett Hou' I-fWillis,Boli11gv1', l502llI'Il, Hills, All'Kll1llt'j'. Row' J!--Bolnnlt, BQ-ll0l'l', Af fm-lm01'1'y, Nt'lllll'l1lU1', Allvn Mnflfly. Hour R -A111 lrl'lll1l' , 3-1 lilawk, lim-lieft, Hun xi. Hou' I 'l'g1'llllliUXV,:Xllk'lN'l'l'j', MLM W lgllSllll0Ulll, Dronnun, Dilrlllc. 1'h0 195,! Rosemary 'fs-vwwiivir-Vinh VT'WL:,u4'3 I Q Miss Nelson Roar I--Durst, Whittaker, llickerson, Hilrlrvtll, Harlow. Hour ,f4-1lI0I'0lilIld, Ghcr, llodgos, llvnning, llezlth. Hou' JgGillvspi0, Z1-iglvr, Mnyfivlfl, Hunks, Gregorson. lfnu' iglliss Nelson, Grei- SllQl1l1QI', l"ll'2lHClSl'U, Goodwin. H0105 -- OlNl'll,ll1IV011S, lalillllflfilll, llnlln, Sll0l1Il2l4llll0. Mr. Senn Hou' I'-A-Hilo, Mackey, llollof wny, Long, Lifln'rl:1nd, Mnukey. Hou' J M- King, Long, Hub- lvnrd, Mathews, Ilnltzon, Lov- vff. Hou' .ff-Lewis, Lowry, Lain Mendel, fl0l'l36tf. J Ron' ,I --- Knykondall, LQOW, Mr. Sonn, l.nin, 41 in , .Tim 1952 1Eo.w1um'y FRES llow long' it 8901118 sinee that inernorable day last fall when seventy-two girls and eighty-11i11e ho-vs elinihetl the stairs of V. Il. S. witl1 mixed emotions. llntldled togrether ill hands, we talked to Ulll' i.I'lt'lltlS ill suppressed l'Xt'li91l1Cl1ivfilllllllgf some tf0llll:0l'i there. All ot' ns wondered what tl1e next tonr years would hriiigl Speaking' to illl np- lltAI'l'l2lSS1112ill here and there, we tried to look i111- portant, brave, and at ease, whieh was 111ore lllkill we felt. Ilnringl' tl1e next few het-tie days tl1at followed. tl1e elass of '55 was seen desperately trying' to get to class Oll llllltx and to "get i11 good" with the teachers. 'l'hat, however, was before they reck- onetl witl1 tl1e lockers. After tl1e first week of wearing' tlllf the janitors, teachers, and lllJDt'l' class- lllE'll, a few litlllllllilltt t'resl1n1e11 finally learned that lllt' little knob XVHSll,l there just for deeoration4 yon tnr11ed it and tl1e lockers eanxe open! Gradually tl1e days passed. 'llll611 came class eleetions, tirst grade cards, as well as llllIIl6I'0llS elnhs Zlllil sports. The boys made names for fllQl11- selves ill basketball. football, wrestling. eross-eon11- try, illld SXVilllllllllQ.l', while tl1e grirls did their part ill G.A.A., SK., and l4'.ll.A. We were also well representetl i11 Student kitllllllfll, International l12lllg1'llZlQl'P kllllll, Delta Slgflllil, Phi Kappa Kappa, Library kllllb. and Jnnior Red t'ross. Many of 11s made Alpha, while some oi" tl1e talented o11es eontribntetl to the band Zllltl ehorns. Still others of 11s got jobs on the Helm Zllld I1'nse11m1'y. Yes, we. tl1e lul'PSlllll2lll class of Vrbana Iligh Mr. Hynes Holt' Z7 Melehi, R. Mellndt ihl4'llltil'l'-, lNlontg'o111e1'y, Me- flZlI'illt'y, Mendel. lion' Jfldlltlvlllilll, D. Matt lin, llaylles, lqlI'li1lIltl'll'li, Lov- ett, Lee. lfou' 3-Meilrow, Lewis, Me- 1 Swain, Xlillilll, Lowry. ,H 'Zips Q 11'o1t' 4'l.0l1ill:lll, Lewis, Lee ' X lA2iYt'l1ll3g'l'Il, Marlow, Ml. llynes. nav! 5 , O The 1952 11'o.sen1ary I-IME 'N f?,,"1.'1 CLASS OFFICERS L bij, 9' 11 YHA 1s11A1rN M y gf 1 5 I1'ose'n1ary Hwp1'ese11tufi1'e 1 P soo Y 1 1 A R 111:11 E Sf'l'I'1'flLl'.lj ,.1. In 'iiil .1 .,: . MITCHELL IIUMPIIR EY View-Presiflezzf JIM BLVH PI'l'.YlflI'1lf RETHA PR KSN ELL T1'ef1.w1o'f'1' have mastered new skills so that we are no longer ealled the "green t'resl1111e11." VVe have become Eil'CllSi0Il10tl to the trials and tribulatio11s of Ur- hana High, i-llltl are IIONV looking' forward to the fall of '52 NVllPll we. too, will be well-poised Ellltl self- assured. 43 Mrs. Hayden Hou' 74llvuslQy, Hinton, Hull, H. fIUllllS01l, Jenkins. Row Jgllrs. Haydon, lluh- bzml, lI:n1'pl-r, V. Holloway, ln- gold, llzxyvs. Row fZ4lI:1ll, Hart. H0111 -l4I'l:mnuond, Huttu 1', .T:'u'1'otT, Ilildroth, E. Johnson, Hllxllplm-y. Miss Bauer Row I4Hl0dS:1w, Collins Bon-kett, Amlrieth, Barnes. Hou' J-Bolcy, Braun, Brown, Brownfic-l4l, IJ. Bell, Borg Bolrlrs. 15111413-llliss Bauer, Gzun mon, B1-mlur, Burgin, Carlson J. Uallllplmll. Row f1'fIiC1lll9l', Biclu-rs Bluu, Builvy, G. Briggs, O Briggs. 44 Freshmen Mrs. Moot 1fIP7l7 1+ST2ll'li, St'l'Yl'llS, Hob- inson, Sc-l1:1ff01', Stout. Hflll' ,3fRei1l, Y, Smith, St1'i1lIll'l', Sblllllllll, J, Smith. Slwplwrd. lfrm' 3fM1's. Blunt, Slxvlmn- clino, Slll'OxYOI', SlH'lll'l'l', Hilvvr, Nzullor. Row 4-Sums, Szxclh-r, Scott, Sazrver, Shaft. Tlw 1,0555 Ifnsvmary Home Rooms Mr. McGee Ifnzv ffR2lSllCl', lizxmlanll I'1'os11c-ll, Phillips, Mm'vl:1ml. lfoil' J -Mr. lNIcGv0, Mumim-lv Miinh-r, Roid, Morton. lfnu' JV- NUl'XVUU1i, Nia-lsmi, 0'l3m1m-II, 1,4-high, R1'iQ.flll'I'. lfuu' 4 - l,01'I'i11Q, On-nikv, IH-l num-, Mllrrziy, Sljilllglll. III in The 1.95: In'0.W'll1fI7'll Ni Mrs. Seward Hou' 7-Y-Ylbllllg, Triuiblo Walters, Wcvks, Vuzicker Williams. Run' 2-'l':xylm', Snider, Sul livnu, NYc:xthm-rly, Weaver White, xVill'kL'l'. Hou' J-Wa-irllwr, XYtI0dXV0l'ti1 XVl1it1:lt4-11, Wullzu-0, XVyliu Triiiklo, Fwmlvy, XVidd0WS. Hou' -1-Mrs. Seward, Tat main, XY2lillSt'0ff, Sumniers, Vi sour, Van IM-xx-intl-1', W:u'1'e11. Mr. Cobb Rauf I-Ilyvr, F0l'Illll11, Cup Ill'I'110il, C'lnild1'vss, Ilouuy, COX. Ron' J-A-Griffith, Gullaghel' lhiiivmi, f'ilI'l'llHl4'I'S, Gund, Chil 1 mlm-S. Ron' .3-li. 1'l:1rk, Doi-roilgh 1'411'1':1y, 17. l'l:11'k, Flxllik, Frii zen. lnjllll' Jn Mr. Vohh, Goin, F05 ter, Gudgvl, iiil'llll, J. Uliildress Ibyvr. 45 4. Q 3 V 1' Vg A. Alpha f 2 ' 1 ., I X . 1 Ii' Nw Psi f Q in Y Omega lfuu' 1 Bunn, Fisvh, liultlvllstoill, Beuird, f'Il1lfl'l'H, Froonlml, f'li11:11'd, I"1':111k, f'l'0Ulillllll'. lima' ffpl Row, IAPIIQ1, Milly-1', Xewkirk, I'l1illips, Stanley, 'l'l'otfv1', XV2ll'fiQ1d, Wrlxlm-V, 1IooVP1'. Yiwu' J--Whitv, Dahhn burg, Wilsnn, Redding, Thunoy. lfwzz' I 'Ki1111ey. Remgws, l'mve1's, llmlsun, Uznllpbell, NYhitu, 1iiI1llL'Ll1', Muck, RL-uss, Seiler. I-fun' .J- Wilsou, SIl'g'g61'dil, Murphy, Mayer, Conrad, Gregory, Miller, Cox, Marvel, Halvorsou. Huw 3+FitZ-Uuruld Fisch, Linford, Milum, Luker, Campbell, NVha1iu. ffm' Iff.5.' lffhyl mtlry si 47 Lambda 130117 I--llivlwrsoll, Bl-zxirrl, lilloflvs, Slzulo, Willizllnsou, Bills, llitllcrlzlucl, Burwcll, XVillis, Bllilillllltxy. Hou' 2-312ltlflll'WS, ll:11'St:1tl, llloyvr, llultzuu, RnLlsllvlllmm-1'gz,'01', Mzlyfioltl, Nvupvrt, -HlllJlb2ll'l-l, llunks, AttL1lll'l'l'.S'. lfnu' 1 Roll, VBI'2lllll, Sullivan, Galll:lg'll0r. HIHU 3-O lJ0lllll'll, HClg'llG1', ,lAllllll'lll2lll, Nicllson. Alpha 48 Bell, Bl' Rau' 7fxVL'2IV0l', Trimlrlo, Fax, NYillimus, Auclriuth, Smith. Iiuu' ,J-Taylor, Hulnlmrfl, Ingold, 3lOl'Ct0ll, zum, Sullivan, G2ill1lQ,'ll0l'. Ifow 3-Ollbonncll, Reiguer, Li1lLlC111Lll1, Nielson. xl, -I 5 Fa ? xv' 5 in his 'if , W The 1 95,2 Ifnsf nm ry AC 'u'I VI 'n'l I is PH1 KAPPA KAPPA Tho lSl51-52 svason ol' l'hi Kappa Kappa was startvd otf with a latm- autunin hanihur- gm' fry at llvssvl Park. l'hi Kappa, ont- ol' tln- olmlvst and lnost avtiw vlubs at llrbana lligh, also kept busy sc-lling football print-ils and 'l'igg'm-1' "p9p'l badg'vs. ln tlutolwr, tho club 4-ollaboratvd with Dolta Sigrnia. Stu- dont l'ounm-il, and lntornational Laiigriiagrv Ulub to sponsor tho annual lllll'lSllll2lS Danvv. Quito liiivxpvcteclly, this ycai' thv Fl'0lli'll Club got direct reports of France from sonu' Iflroiicli soldic-rs who were stationvd at Vhanutv Field. T114-so nu-n wore invitvd to that annual Christmas party griveii by l'hi Kappa Kappa, and SU01llltLl to enjoy it 218 S1yiliiff'gf1lPo,mlnQ rv i0FF1CERS much as the menibors enjoyed hvlpingr ,s'f,l,ZdZ.:'1f11it.1. A, b0l'2'0IlIll'-Ill'-AHug. V, the-in to have a nicfv flll1'lSf111i1S, 'l'1'otn-r, Sem'ofn1-v- . K, tlmtfell, l'n-sifli-nt i In Fob1'ua1'5' the initiation banquet was Mflwir, l'f'lfli'1lSt0i1l, Screw i ii Qivoii, and scvontven worm- initiated into tho lmiHt'A""'S5 i 1-lub. All in all, Phi Kappa Kappa, has had anothoi' happy and busy year. MEMBERS Y Hou' I-Williams, Bnrwvll, l'o1'te1', Svih-r, liarncs, D. Gannnon, l,. Gannnon, M4-nflvl, Slado. Hou' f-llotlgos, Moym SXV01ll'lll,l.f0I1, xVllll2llllSUll, lic-lluff, Rouss, SClll'2lflL'l', l', Boaird, Smith. lion' if-J. Bcaird, Bl1l'l'll. Hultzou, Fox, Vlll'Uttl'1', Hubbard Jardinu, Moors, Strode, fl2llltl'l'll. ROZL' 4-Loonard, Miss Maranvillo, Mt-ndol, Lulwr, Lowry, Goldenstoin, Long, Lithorland, Arlcdgo. Hou' 5-Durrougli, Bll'G1'6g'01', Franvisco, Uook, Douglas, Stout, Smith, Dawson, Lvwis, Presnell. 1711, 112:73 1f1PNf'lll!lI'.ll 51 "THERE'S ROSE ARY. in-1 .....THAT'S Milf: l lic-tsy Boll, Erlifol'-ill-f'I11e'j' Bliss liolupvl, zllll,'lNl'l' If X011 llill1ll0ll0il to stroll by HVUOIII 218 cluriugr SQV9I1lll ll0lll' or after school X011 woulcl have fouuml J Editor-i11-4'l1i1-l' lwtsy Boll deep i11 1'o11s11l1z1tio11 with lfnszfnaary 1XllVlSl'l' Miss Rillllljlll, o1' loullly 211'- ROSEMARY AD STAFF Hou' 7---Willi:1111s, All4lI'lt'lll, 'l'ri111l1lL-, ll11llz1g'l11-1', Vross, Bohlvs, Hou' J--Bl:1vk1-y. lil-ll, Bl:11'yvl, Wvznxw, Sull bell, Lain. Hou' J--f-Stvi1l11u1', XVea1tl1orly, Burch, W11l1l1111', Blurphy, Rohdy, Scluuidt. -lllllll l3lll'4'll, ,l.v.wi.s111111 Llfl'I'1ll'4lf lfflilor Hlllillllll' l,1-o11z11'd, 1,lfl'I'tl!'xll lfflllm gr11i11g with SIIZZIIIIIU ll11o11a11'ml. lltll' llll'l'2ll'.V 1-mlitor. H os, lllilllj' llUlll'S z1111l llllllfll llilllllllvll XYt'l'0 l'l'llllll'l'll To likllllllllll tlu- 15152 1f0.Yt?I'lICI1I'.lj, wlmf with w1'ili11g storios, Zlllll lig111'i11g' out COlllPlll'illt'll layouts. Oi iy:111, l':11 52 Tlll' 1315.3 1iu.w'n1ary 1111- CE--H SHAKESPEARE Lyle Dalilenlnnrg, Sports Eflilor Ralph Vmnpbull, ,l.wislr1nf Sporls Editor l'fllll'SP, aftvr Tho worst was ovor, many laughs woro had ovor flu' l'0llllCHl class snapshots. Uno of flu' larg'0st ad budgots yvt volloctod was 1-Hivivlitly handlvd by this yQar's poppy ad staff nn-nibvrs, ably voavliecl by Ad Managrcfr Cliarlotfm- linnn. Tho blgr job of handling lnonvy and of writ- ing pnblivity was vapably handlvd by Betty Ann flolllvnsfe-in. business inanagrvr. Hn lnany owasions yon saw 'tho lifTle' man with flu' l'?l1llC'l'2lH in tho halls. and you wi-ro plc-asanfly Ifnsf'1nr1r'y llm-pm-s011tafix'm-s Sfrodv, Smith, Rzxsmussen, lirnun Betty Ann Goldcnsteiu, Husirzess jlfllllflflfl' Charlotte Bunn, All ,lfanagffr Bevvrly Phillips, Ff'af11rf' Editor .Kay Evans, Junior Editor surprised to find yourself bc-ing loudly called from vlass to have your picture taken. liosidos thesv jobs, the Oditors also had the task of choosing a flu-nie, an appropriate 1-over for the book. and loarning terms suvh as blfffl. HI0l'f?'SP, as wvll as many others. A fvw panivky days worm- had as lln- dc-adliuo for tho book To go to press approari-lifvl. linf. in Stllllf' mannvr, it got to prvss on limo, and is now in your hands. W0 lf-aw tho oiijoynn-nt of if np to you! Thosv attelitive RllSI'llIlll'11 Callers! Goldenstoin, Cross, Leonard, Marvel Thr 1.053 Rosfnzrzry 53 The Echo . . . Our Newspaper Mary 11111111 YVz1xI111' lf1l1'lo1'-111-f'!111ff B111 Hj'11L'S K1Il'L'fSCl' 1iv111'y 0111111' w1111k 1111111111-11111 s1'11001' y11z11', 11111 s1-1111111 11111wsp21p111', T7111 E11l11f,1111'011Q'111 11111 1111ws of 11111 s1-1111111 10 11117211111 High s1111111111s. T111 E1'!1o, s111111s111'1111 by S121111115' 11j'l1PS. 111111 1111111111 by Mary 1'z11'111 VV21x1e1', 1111011111111 11111 s1111111111s of 1-11111 21111112 11111s, s1101'1s, 3.1111 g1'11ss111 of 17115. '1'111111gI11 111111111 work 211111 1111111 was c011s111111111 111 11111111s11111g T110 E1'l1o, 1116 w111'k was 111s11'1111111111 1111- 1w111111 11111 1511111111's, S11111'1'111 111111s1111 211111 111-1111-111111 1'11Hl'11. 21ss1s1z1111 111111111'sg 3121111121 S111g'g'111'1111, 1111ws 1111111111 B11ve1'1y 1'111111ps, 1021111111 1111110115 and 112111111 1'z111111111111, s11111'1s 1111111112 1111 NVCf1ll9SK12lj' 1111111111 T110 Evil 11 was p1'11111111, 11111 s1211'1' 111211161 1111 11 11111111115' 1ss1111 of 1119 pap111' 211111 l'llS1ll1l1 11 10 11111 1111111 P1'1111i11g' l'0111pa115' 011 11111 1-211111111s. T110 f11l111w111g day 21, 11213511 proof was 1'0- 1111'111111 10 11111111, 211111 1116 10111111-1"11211111rs 111211111 121s1- 11111111111 111111-111-111111s 111 1110 pa11111'. O11 11111 f01111w111g l41l'1112lj', 11V111'y 1111s11 111 VHS was 1111V111'ed by 21 copy 01 TI111 E01111. AD STAFF 1111 ll-Cross 11111 ' A 1- 111111,1-wC'1l11'lQbQ11. Iljflfll' 2-511103 1 ng, 111111g11S, 54 CIRCULATION STAFF 11ll'Il' 1--ifo1'd011, C1111 111, Whitt, Bl:11'1111. H1111' J- GQU111111111, Rcuss, ITllZ1l'1il'l', i'1i11:11'11, F1111111. The 1952 Rosemary 1 BEPORTERS Hou: 7-Slade, l'oo1'e, Gl'l'gIl'l'S0ll, Reuss, Smith, Mock, Kinney, GilllIlg'lll'l'. Hou' 2-llile, IIll'liQ1'S0ll, l1llllt'1'l2lllfl, Bills, Bell, Allen, Willi:1111so11, Warfield, Rcig11e1'. Ron' .Z-lil-:1i1'd, Bell, Swe:11'i11ge11, Gl'l'Q.l'0l'y, St:111h-y, l'Ivz111s, Willis, Fitz-Gerzild. How -7--Porter, IlllltZl'll, Burch, Trotter, Su111111e1's, Goldensteiii, Milum, Fiseh, l.:1i11. Equally l11l1701'l'?ll1t i11 the iiewspapei' world are the staffs who flllk1lIC9 Zlllll 1'i1'c'11late the papers. The acl stalf was ably headed by Phyllis I1o11g', ad 1112111- ilQl'PI'Q and NtJ1'II1t1 Cross. assistant ad 1ll?l,l13QfC1'. Phyllis and N01'lllil were respoiisible for z1ssig'11i11g mls and c-z111vz1ssi11g' business o1'g'z111ixz1tio11s for z11lve1'tise111e11ts. Siilldra Flark, C'l1"KflllElfl0l1 111iilltlQf0l', was in 1:l1z11',g'0 of putting' the p:1pe1's 111 lockers, selling' EFIIUUS at l100ll. and seiuliiig' Eelzoes to Ullf-Of-TONY!! siibscribers and other high schools i11 the state. This year there were fifteen 1'eg11h11' issues of T110 Helm, and one eig'l1t-page issue at the 1-11d of the sehool year l10ll01'l1lg the gIl'ililll3l'l11f2f Sl'lllOl'S. The eiglit-page papel' was E1 review of the year's zletivities, and listed the 11311108 of all the Illl'1l1b91'S of the se11io1' class. T11 Uvtober, The Helm staff Elfflxlllllltl the llliiiois State Iligrh School Press Assoeiutioii t'o11Ve11tio11 at the l'lllVt'l'SltY of Illinois. At the 111eeti11g's they hea11'1l talks on how to i11'1p1'ove their paper, t'0I'I'i'UlT iiewslmpei' tecl111iq11es, p1'oble111s of a high school iiewspapei' and how to solve the-111, z111d other spe- eialixed topic-s. :xws 2123? 5315: ' EDITORIAL STAFF Row 1-Fisch. llodson, i'o-Assist- :111t Ellitors. Rauf ,Z-Phillips, Fc-:1t111't Hflitorg Czuliphell, Sports Eflitorg Steggt-1'1l:1, News Hdito 14. me T 1 The 7953 Roscniury 55 ST DE T COU CIL ........ me OFFICERS Sitting-Jamie Beuird, Secretaryg Jeanne Brunkow, President. Standing-Beverly Phillips, T1'O2lSlll'Q1'j M. C. Waxle1', Vice Prcsidentg Ig2l1'lJ2lI'2l. Vnndervort, I72ll'llflI1lC11iZ2l1'lEl1l. MEMBERS Row lfllclehi, VVil1is, Morfey, Frank, Kinneur, Mendel. Row Gallagher, Rasmussen. Row 3-Steggeiwla, Fisch, Beairfl, iFitZSi1T11llO Acting as the voice of the student body, the student council Carries out the ideas and sug- gestions of the school. The only representative body in school, this group is composed of repre- sentatives from eaeh ll0llli'l'OOll1 and honorary members. Just before school officially started, the conn- cil sponsored a freshinan orientation Il1'0gl'l'?llll. The purpose of this proglrani was to Eivqlltlllli the freshmen and new students with the school and faculty. The chief source of inoney for the council was earned by selling concessions at the football games. Throughout the football and basketbzlll season the council furnished ushers in the re- served sections. They also sponsored pep assem- blies before tho games. 2-Benird, lVillia1nso11, Phillips, Evolis, Douglas, Boll, ns, Stcidner, lVeaver, Vzxndcrvort, Hell. How -ZA-Math ews, Rhodes, llnltzen, Leonard, Trotter, Loar, vV3XlO1', Sullivan, Sadler, Harper. Ron' 5-Linclemzxn, Derrough, Hopper, Mur- ray, Clinnrcl, McGregor, Campbell, Norton, Mr. Davis. 56 A sr mmm. .ws..1f.m.,,, . MMM, .. The 1053 Rosemary . . . O R GOVERNING BODY '1'w11 s111'1211 211'111'i1i11s s111111s111'1111 115' 1116 1'1'111111'i1 w111'1- 11111 11111111211 111l1'1STlll2lS 172111111, 211111 11111 5211111- 1121w11111s D21ll1'11. As El 1'11s1111 111. 21 s11,Q'g2'11s1i1111 111'1111g111 f1'11111 21 1'1'1'N111I12l11 11111111-1'1111111. 21 11J211'11-111-112111111 111'11g'1'21111 NYHS sp1111s111'1-11 115' 1111' 1'1111111'i1. 211111 was XY?l1'll11j' l'1'1'1'11'1111. 111 11111 1lEll'1.V s111'i11gr11111 s111111'111s 11111k 111'111' 11111 S1'1l1l1l1 1111 11111 11'2111i111111211 S11l11f'11T G11v121'1111111111 11211. A s1111'5' 211111111 1111s 111'11g'1'21111 was 11s1-11 21s 1112111-1'i211 1111' 11111 Y11i1'11 111' .X111111'11'z1 b1'1121111'21s1s 211'1-11ss 1'I111'111111. 1'1X1'1l2l1lgl'11 21ss1-111111i11s w111'11 1'1l,11lf'0C1 f1'11111 1511- 1-2111111 f11l?1l11l12l1gl'11. 211111 1v1l1Y1'l'H11j' 111311 S11111111. 11111211121 111'11s111111111 111 11111111 2111 21ss11111b1y NV1l11'1l was il 12110111 s1111w 111 11111 1111111 111- il 1'. S. 11is1111'y 1f121ss. A group nf l'. H. S. fans 11z11cl1 11111 Champaign captain gn up i11 sinokv 111-fore the 21111111211 Chanlpaigll-Urbana ,'Iilllll'. Y-,fl 1117: 1.'11.s1 111111111 Beverly W'ilsnn and John Johnson, chosen as Daisy Mae and Li'l Abner at the annual Saflic Haw- kins dance. ,Ioan Burch poses as Mary Martin while singing llflllffbllllqg for thi' PXCIIEIIIEQ' assmnbly. 57 International Language Club wNwKf W"f"1 ' l Row 1ffCilll1DlJ0ll, Hmllcr, Melchi, llzill, l'oo1'1-, Allen, Hiekursoii, Willis, Frzink, :Kllllll'!ll', fliIIIl11bCll, l,l'lllg1l1il,Cl1Cl' Cot. Row 2-Iliitton, Toinliiison, Rrisiivr, Audrietli liolov lllllJlV11'f-l W ' ' Q , . , , ,, , . , '02lV0l', lwll, l'1'i1l1lJlC, G2lll2Igll0l', liooe, Moore, Bolzlrs, Pres null, Wlinlin. Rout .f---Miss Kirk, Miss Rzliier, N15lll'lll2ll1, Hull, Adams, Str-irliier, Schmidt, Siillivnii, l'Iv:111s, Hoclson, llzilvorsoii Mvliiiiiioy, Bills, Ruiidzxll, White, Braun. Hou' ff--Mrs. Moot, ATU-lw1'1'y, Munter, Rhodes, W1-zztlierly, Neupert, Marvel, Doug , lus, Mayer, Hzirper, Walters, Tliode, "l'011l+1'ook, Sliepliuiwl, Brniiliow. Hou' .3-Cliiiiird, Zciglor, lilnu, llzivis, Miluni, Wolibvr, 3l2ltfllQXVS, Hogan, AlU0lll'f', 'l':15'lo1', Long, llzinlis, 3ll'SXV1ll11, Lzlin. Hou' If--II:ive1.' '- ' "' 1 ' ' ' 11o,,..1.' H 15, Maul, l.1T111.111, Smith, l'lL-flgvovk, Fiseh, 11115, 1.1111, lotll, lllll1llll', R1ll1Sl1ClllPCl'g'L'I', Mnrpliy, R l l', Ylivt 'ii' ' ' in! null Cx. U , rem OYYXCERS X. iyxl, NXS'lll'fi ', Roll A S1 mlwevii' 'X .Xii1Wf'5' . Chili X Hilti. lllngilll' lxvllllllu 1 X LMmClx1hfn Rllllti Gnu YQNVQW' 110111 eq .Hash 1 .12 5 ' L QA EMU 1 nf 11 oil, ' X Chill! 316 or-111:11 58 0165 , S llfll, Gillespie, Burton. The lnleriizxlionail Laiigiiago Club is Qolnposefl of 'rliree laiigriiago depart- inents. Spanish, Latin, and Clerilriaii, with sponsors Mrs. Moot, Miss Kirk, and Miss Bauer, ivspecctively. For a C,'l11'isT111z1s project, all The IIIPII1- bers of the eliib drew nanies of those persons at The Uliainpaigii Couiity Horne. Each gave 'rliaf person El small gift and The entire club visited the Home To pre- seni to Them ai Vliristinas D1'0gl'1'Zilll. The 1JI'0,'l'I'3111 eonsisfecl of Cliristnias carols sung in all Three laiigiiages, 00llC'lllill'Cl by The siiigring ol' many Englisli carols. Several short legreinls and slories were Told. Another Dl'0,l0l'f of the 1-lub was the Eillllllkll MoTl1e1"s Daly lea. Several stu- clents gave short speeches, while others entertaiiieil with musical nninbers. The 1.952 Rosemary i l Travel Club '1'1'21V1-I 1111111 1121s s111'1'ess1'1111y 12l1i91l its p1211-1- 21111111111 1111- 11-211111111 01'Ql'il1'11Z21f101lS of 11111' s1'11oo1. 1'11111-1' 1111- 1e21111-1's11ip ot' NVoo111'o11' Y1s1-111', 211111 1-o111pos1-11 ot' jllll- iors 211111 s1-11io1's, 1111- 1-11111 8170118011111 v211'- ious 11111111-y-1'21isi11g1' projects t11is y1-211: Alllflllgl' t111-111 w1-1'1- 1111- Ho111e1:o11'1i11g1 D21111fe, El 11op, p21p1-1' 111'iv1-s, 21 111-111-fit show, 211111 1-1111115' 211111 1121116 s2111-s. '1'111s profits 2111 NVOTI1' t11w21r11 o1112 goal-21 11-11 day trip 111 April to NV21s11i11g'to11, D. U. 211111 New York Vitv. The first point of i11t1-rest to be Visit1-11 by t11e 1l'?lYl'1lxl'S was New York. NV11i11- viewing 1111- IT1021S11I'PS of this t111'ix'i11g Il1t'fl'UlJ011S, 1111-y to111'1-11 1111- Empire State 1311i111i11gr. t11e Statue of Liberty. 812111-11 1s1211111, 1111- 13ow1-ry, CGIITIWI1 1,21l'1i. 11211110 Vity, 112ll'11'llI. 211111 lllklllj' 1211110115 '1'1-11sIii,l"-UNI,0ng. 0 OFFICERS 111-p211't111e11t stores. '1'111- group also 211- OUR- Sf'1'1'1-1211-1,fUFS1Jo111li11g- S1 te11111-11 sc-V1-r211 W1-11-kiiown radio bI'02ll1- ',' f'f'01'1f'11, 1-'i1'11.fiii1lf:'."-1'5 Philliw casts 211111 t1-11-vision shows. 11-S1111-1115 'l'I1111IT-1 ii'ii'L'Sid1-111: T111- next stop was VV21s1'1i11g'to11, D. U. , 10llSlll'C1'. 211111 s111f11 11111-1-1-sting places 1111- Capi- tol b11i111i11gr, t11e f10lIgII'GSS1Ol12i1 Library, NHf111Tl2l1 1121111-ry of Art, Sn1it11s011i2111 111stit11te, F1-111-1-211 1i11r1-2111 of lnvesti- t21ti1'1-s, 211111 t11e 11i111-11111, XV21s11i11g'to11. 211111 .11-111-1'so11 31l'l'llOI'1?11S. g121ti011, t11e S1-112111-, House of Represen- '1'111- 1111211 leg of t11e j11111'111-5' was buck 1111111e to 1,'1'ba11a. MEMBERS lfou' 7-191-1-1-111:111, R:1111'11111, Cross, 1'11i11ips, .1"l'2lll1i, f'ost:1, M11tt1i11, G1'Eg01'SUll, XYils1111. Ifuu' J--31111111-, Stauiley, 113111, M111-si11g, H1-uss, AQ12ll11S, f':111t1'1-11, Bl'1l1l'f1, H:1s111-1'. Hou' .7fII11pp1-1', Hue, 31001'01lUIlf1, K1111'l11lj', M1111-1, 1J0l1g121S, Tl1o11e, Tell- ' ' 1' 1: 11:1s111-1'. lion' .I?Y1ie1, Hicks, 111-11- b1'11ok. 11'1r11' 7'A-1'01'fl'l', Scott, Long, G111111-11st1-111, S1lllllllt'l'S, Ogrlon, Meguuus, '11-1-11 111, ning, Ullllll, 1J:1wso11, F1011-S, Xv2i16l1t1l16, 17:1111y. Hou' If--111-vi111-, Smith, '11111i0t, T1l11lll'j', 1i:11'1', 511. Vis1-111'. The 1,052 11'us1-111cL1'y Soczal Klub Social Klub, one ot' the most popular and active clubs at Urbana High School, is more familiarly known to some as SK. Miss Fisher. Dean of Girls, is sponsor of this all-girls organ- ization which had one of the largest memberships of all clubs at UHS. All UHS girls are eligible for membership and each year a large percen- OFFICERS Sittlng--Moore, Secretary, Goldenstein, President. Stami- ing--Booe, Treasurer, Wilson, Junior Representative, New- kirk, Vice-President, Freeman, Senior Representative. MEMBERS tagre joins. To start the school ,V SK sponsored the annual in the gyin after school. ear, in September the Big'-Little Sister Party Freshmen and new students were paired one with SK members as their big sisters for an dancing, entertainment, ments. By this method students became aequai elassmen. afternoon of record- games, and refresh- the freshmen and new nted with the upper- Rou' 1----Costa, Ashby, Collins, Gregerson, Bnrwcll, Allen, Freeman, Frank, Kinnear, Hall, Empson. Roll? J?fClll11211'Cl, Evans, Roley, Creekinur, Fiseus, D. Bell, Beaird, Eskew, Gallagher, Bills, Cross, Kinney. Row 3-Hubbard, Belleff, Hart, Doug- las, Hodges, Long, Fitzsimmons, Ilulton, Lain, Lear, Bone. Row 4-Bell, Holloway, Hall, Adams, Hultzen, Harstud, Jardine, Braun, liitl1erl:ind, Hoover, Campbell. Hour 54Bolwbs, Hudson, Beaird, Brownfield, Campbell, Gray, Atteberry, Hubbard, Allen, Hudson, Ulark, flP111ll'0ll. Hou' 6-Brown, Altlmus, Miss Fisher, Harper, Arie, Long, Burch, Fisch, Goldeiistein, Leonard. 60 T110 .1953 Roscnzary 'l'his Kwai' SK also spoilswecl two hulls z1t'te1 llmtlnill LIZIHIUS. 'l'hv tirst hop was on Svpti-in bvr H. thv hrst tkmtlmll L!'?llllt', nt Wllll'll I rhemat vn- lt'l'l2llllt'tl Nl'lll2ll'lll2lll. ziml tho svvoml hop was th-tulu-1' 26 whvii Vrliziiizi played Kmikzilccv tlilt-ul-town l5l2lyl'l'S :tml giwsts wvro iiivitml to thvst- tl2lllt't'S in orth-r tn lwvcnm- bettvr Zlljtlllillllttlll with l'llH ziml its Slllllt'lltS. , . .Xt t hrlstm iii tht- main lxIlTl'Elllt't'. lt was gfziily mlewiwi as Sli put up the t'hristmzis trev with 0l'll2l!lltJ1ltS wt' nmny groo111vt1'iv tlvsigr whit-h wvre l112illlt, ns in thv last fvw XOEIVS, ted Miss Nvlsolils plzmv Q.l't'tllllt'lI'Y rlzissvs. ,Xttvr st-luml was tlisuiissvtl t'ur tllll'lStH1E1S vein-ntimi, thv tru- wus given tu tht- -llit' to griw to ai llt' adv tzilliily. liutc iii May, SK spcmiisuwml their auimial Sen- l ior l:I't'2llil.ilSt. All Svnior girls were invitvml and i . . .. , l :tt this time the Ul1ll't1I'S lor next year were 111- Miss NCISOIIFS gc-onu-try class dm-curatos an tree bought Stitlllltl. by MEMBERS lfllll' I--Williams, lizxmlzill, Wilson, Muttlin, l'uore, Smith, Ulmlliai, Nowill, Bit-mlm-l, Stout, Sums, Alt'llSlIlg:', liuvss, J. iVil- Still. Ifnu' J--NY111'fit-lil, Sullivun, Stanley, Htlnllrlll, M. Mat-key, l.. SNVUlll'lIIg'Cl1. l'1izirlwi', Slut-k, Rztsiivr, l'hilli1us, llztgh-, li. SNVl'Ill'lll,2'l'll, Sclirzidtlr, S:iv:1g:,'4-. Holt' .I-l'1't-silt-ll, Blvlchi, B. XVt-vhs, StL',E','2j0l'tl2t, Hlimimlvs, Wzixh-r, N. Wm-las, 'l'm11li1isu1i, Tcu lmrtmlx, Al0Ul'Ull0Lld, St'llIllltlt, Sta-iiluer, XY2lIltlt'l'YlPl't. Hull' 4-XYillis, Yuiiiig, XV:1clw1', Nl4lUlll'y, l?2tllSllt'lllVt'l'ALLt'I', Williztiilsml, Xt-wliirli, 'l'rimhlv. Xvt'IlYt'l', 'l'l1udt-, M:1l'Vul, l'u:u'm'li, RI1S1Ill1SSL'll, Strmlv. Hou' .7-V-Ruhiiisml, 5llU1Pllt'I'tl, Nttlpliviis, Mullaulv, Xlyt-rs, lllllllllty, Nlzulv, Nviipvrt, t'. Mzlclwy, Matmldy, Mayor, Ogdoil, Nuiiiniers, Manoir, Nvutt. Hull' ti -t'. Blztytit-lil, Hzitlwws, hlt'KlI1llt'.Y, Weaitlierly, 'l':iylur, Rzw, 3lt'FIlI'l1lIlfl, lllI'Utt0l', Murpliy, Blvrritt, Millvr, Whitt-, YI'lllt31', St2lTlt'l'. flu' lffxij lfnsr , Hx. t gg, . . ix . W 'X mftrif 61 Ex-Libris Ex-liibris was originated in order to provide library service to the school, and to increase students' interest in reading. This year Ex-liibris members Worked hard to uphold this purpose. The duties of tl1e members included checking books in and out, mending and dusting the equipment, and helping people find the material they desired. As a reward for their services, they re- eeived one credit and the chance to earn the library ull." llnder the leadership and help of Mrs Sehwabe, the club raised money by sell- OFFICERS bww Wa,-field ing refreshments at the football games, field Douglas, Alle ii -1nd b ' s ion 'orine' a m vi ft th P " NIMH, Mans , 1 . y .1 s ,, o e at e rm- eess Theater. Other good times and ac- tivities ineluded the formal initiation banquet in February, and a gift eX- change party at Christmas. MEMBERS Ron' 7--Stout, Mendel, Newell, Emly, Rutledge, Empson, Durst, Trimble, Yaeker. Row 2FMrs. Sehwabe, Holloway, At- teberry, Thuney, Douglas, Reed, Young, Adair. Row 3-Carlson, Barthelmy, l'eac'oek, Lewis, Taylor, Mooney, Richey. Row 4-Kirlqiatriek, Drennan, Divine, Glenn, Atteberry, Zeigler, Mansfield. 62 The 1!?5:? Rosemary Audio-Visual KN ,an- S w ,ttf sr My -1 Fl ..,.-.-.,.., N 1 KV -ff W MEMBERS Row 1-Hrs. SCllWtllJQ, HIll'il1Qllllj', ,lill'li1l2lil'il'li, l'lll11lS0l1, Szullvr, ll:ll'lSUll. Hull' f NlIlllSllllll lierry, Zoiglor, Glllllll, Xvilcy. Hou' J--ll1'o1111:1l1, Vlivt, Took, Ilzlrtsfivlll, lilliot, Norton, AilUlll'l'l'V Tho Audio-Visual Aids Club gives spvcizll servim-Q to tho 111m1111bc1's of lvfllilllii High School. The 1111-'11llJOl'S of this or- Q,'a11iZilil011 show uiovivs, tihu strips. zlml sliflvs for various cleissvs fluriiigr the clay, zmcl occasioimlly for 1-lub iiieotiligrs mul baiiquvts. This war. as ill D1'0Vl0llS ycz11's. thx- vlub solid 1'6'f1'0Sllll1G11fS at the football graixws to earn nioiioy for Club iI11IH'UVl?- rrionts. They also sponsored two movivs at thi' local theater. With the moiwy ' 4 -xi 2a1'uefl,tl1e club bought a l10XVXXElll sciu ll and obtaiilvrl il new opaque projet-tor for use i11 various vlasses. Thm- club also sponsored a lllll11b0I' of sovial activities, one of the highligrlits l being' the fall pivnim' and Wl'lll0!' roast for new 11iv111bP1's. At the iiwetiilgrs, lwhich were held the first Tiiesrlay of each Hlflllill, tho fflllbyS business was traiisactod, and movies wore shown. Ending this ye21r'S activities, the vlulo took a trip to Turkvy Hun, lmlizma. The 1 95 Rosmizary l kflll' 1,1 , . 0 - w , Llliot, Attolmllmv PPILLRS . 1 ll"llH'l:1s I, 3lt'llfll'l, l'll'l'WL'il2l, Atti- x R . . , mi 3XAxm.tmL 63 Future Homemakers of America MEMBERS Row 7fBurwell, Newell, Unxieker, Rutledge, Costa. Row?--Eason, Opolkn, Long, Miller, Mineer, Mrs. Hasty. Row fl'f'A4i2ll1', Fiseus, Hart. Future llomemakers of America is an organ- ization for girls who are interested in Home Economics. This year the Urbana Chapter had about twenty members. The Chapter Mothers were Mrs. John Miller and Mrs. Guy Hartg the sponsor, Mrs. Hazel Hasty. Before a girl can be formally initiated she must take one semester of Home Economies and pass a test which proves that she knows the main purposes and ideals ot F. H. A. After she has passed the test she may work for degrees ot achievement. The theme for this year was Hlllor a Brighter Tomorrow," and was carried out in design on progrrain books, place cards, name tags, and in the Publicity Book. The Publicity Book is a yearly record of chapter activities compiled by the members. One outstanding' good deed for the year was sending' money for a complete outfit of clothing for a Korean girl. OFFICERS ' The main social activities consisted of a SiHingAOpolka, Fiseus, Miller, Unzieker. Standing-Costa, Hart, Newell, Burwell. for DEW H19D1bQI'S. Christmas party, a Mother's Tea, and a party 64' The 1.05.3 Rosemary Graphis, formerly known as the Art club, had as its purpose the study of advanced art and study for those students who were interested in express- ing themselves through various media such as oil, watercolor, chalk, ink, and metals. Mr. llarlan Vorrie, art instructor, was the club sponsor. Each member completed an individual project. Some made tea-pots while others made bracelets, rings, or other pieces of jewelry. All have fash- ioned an official Graphis pin, in the shape of a tri- angle, which was of black enameled copper with an inlaid copper HG ". Several members spent a week-end in December Graphis OFFICERS Bills, Presidentg Mathews, SOL'l'CtIl1'f"T1'62lSll1'C1'Q Morfey, Vice-President. in Chicago where they toured the window display workshop at Marshall Field and Uonipany, studied the settings of a stage play, and visited the Art Institute. During the Contemporary Arts Festival at the University of Illinois, members attended lectures on pottery-making and silver-smithing. Many vis- ited the exhibit of paintings in the Architecture Building. Officers were President, Sally Billsg Yice-Presi- dent, Carol Morfeyg and Secretary-Treasurer, Terry Mathews. MEMBERS Row Z-Morfey, Harlow, Porter, Moyer, GHIIIHIOI1, Gammon. Row Z2-Barthelniy, Bills, Matthews, McGregor, Rhodes. l 2 The 1515? Rosemary l 65 M Seated-Waxler, Long, Fiseli, Phillips. Sliflllfllllfj-S-H0dSOll, Steggercla, Cross. Saskatchewan Under the able leader- ship of Mrs. Joseph Sehel- ter, Saskatchewan eoni- pletecl numerous activities which inelutleel a series ol' courses on charm, a talk on the religion and customs of lndia, anrl a week-end trip to Camp Kiwanis. The 1951-52 officers were z President, Priscilla Shivelyg Yiee - President, Norma Creekniur 5 Secre- tary, Joan Rteeclg and Treasurer, Betty Atteber- ry. 66 Quill and Scroll Quill antl Seroll is an honorary society for high school journalists. To be- eoine nieinbers, students inust meet the following' Y'0QlllI'Q111611lSZ they must be upperelassineng they must be in the upper third of their elassg they inust have clone superior work in journalistic or ereative entleavorg they must be reeoninientletl by their atl- viserg and they must be approved by the Exeeutive Secretary. Row 1-Stt'IJl18l1S, Creekniur, Willis. Row 2--Tomlinson, Reed, Attelmerry, Hile, Smith. Row 3-Long, Leonard, Trotter, Shively. The 19.53 Rosemary Der Wissenschaft Verein lvIltlt'l' tht- Sl3llllSHl'- ship ol' M11 l':111l IC. Smith, lll'lHlllZliN St'lt'lll'l' l'llllJ voillpltitvml its most o11tst:111mli11g- 'vt-zir ol' zu-- tivity. l5111'i11gr tho 'Vl'2ll'. tho 1111-111ho1's tooli llliillj' tieltl trips to thv lv. of I. 'l'hv l'lllillll'l2tlSlilll1S of tho vliih was l'l'1l1VlllCll at thv llvgfilllllllgl' of tht- yczil' with tht- 2111110111-- zllluv of tht- 'HlllQ.ft'l'lAl'l- UI'j'.ii lion' If-fll'L'l'lillllll', ll11I1I1:11'tl, llohily, J.I'IUlPl!2l1'4l, llotlgus, lit-lloll. Hou' Jfllaillstield, Fitz tlcrziltl, Vliut, lfisvh, hvllllllll, l'o1't1-1'. Roll' Jfklr. Smith, 'l'oth, Ylbllllgf, ll!lWStHl, Milum. Hou' I hvt'lIlPL'l', ll2lYt'l1S, llihbhf. l'll'llI1litlW. 1111114 J 'Ylh-t. Elliot. Smith 5lil11111. lion' J--Mr. Smith, Norton, Vlliltllwss, l.o1'w. Camera Club ' 1 v l.1-z1tl111g1 lhv lilII1t'1'2l llllll lllI'HllQ'll tht- j'l'il1' were Hill l'31A1111lcow. l'1'osi1lv11tg Vrzxig' Xvt'lJlll'l'. Yin--l'1'esitle11t: l,111'f ry l.o1-xv, Nt-1-1'vtz11'yg II111'111:111 Smith, 'l'1't-11s111'v1': and Hus- st-ll lilliot. l'1'ojvct l'hz1i1'111z111. 'l'h1- lllillll olmjvvt of tho Vllllb is to It-z11'11 z1ho11t l'2llllPl'2lS z1114l Ulllt'I' 11l1otogg1'11pl1iv tlvvit-vs. T166 1515! 1fu.sr'mu1y Office Secretaries Mrs. llulvtt K X Mrs. Stern Cafeteria Helpers Row 7 f Smith, Atto- berry, Eiuly, lklchmigli- lin, Belmut, Stark. R010 2-W Zeigler, Holm- ertsou, Eluui, H zu rm 0 11, R e i 11 h 0 l cl, B1l.1'l'l10lO1T1y. Row: 3-A'rtebe1'1'y, Glenn, Julllisoil, Hurf, lVz1ll:1CC. Office Helpers Row I-Ilenth, Beaiird, Phillips, Morfey, Hou' 7 ll1'00lillllll', Murpliy, Uoiiiucl, Hutton, W'l1itt, Wlilliziiils. R010 3fJ2ll'dlI1C, Rush, Mayfield. 68 The 19.52 Rosemary .,..: .. Our Custodians Mr. N1il'1l12l1l, Mr. llJll'l'illgIT0l1, Mr. JIIIIIOS, :xml Mr. Frye-l'. The Cafeteria XXIOIIIEII Hrs. R011114-1'. Mrs, liul1lv11Sf0in. Hrs, I'ulsmu, :xml Klux. l,vm1.zn1l MLW 'Q7"l"' 1 ,.-f-""' wf J"x , M mmm if nf' ,www .M-M X"""'W' ,,,,, W..---s"""' ,,..,..a-49'-""""""' e,,.,,.L.-w-f-k:"""'W WW MN., ,. A The 1953 lfmf HlIIl'Alf "Act Well Your Part" DELTA SIGMA Delta Sigma is the soeial dramaties elub of Urbana High School. This year, several interesting guests were invited to speak at the meetings. ln September, Miss Gene- veive Richardson, UOSfllll1lPI'Q from the University of Illinois. showed eolored slides of the costumes from the different productions at the University. Another guest speaker was Mr. Kenneth Burns, who grave a comedy prose reading. At the last meeting of the year, Dr. Mellrath from the University gave an in- teresting- reading. Delta Sigma was in charge ot' the entertainment at the Christmas Dance this year. Also in December the club took their annual trip to Chicago, this year to attend the production, "Gentlemen Prefer Blondesf, The twenty-fifth year of Delta Sigma was elimaxed OFFICERS B,u.,.h, Presidents Powers, T,,mSm,Q,., Barkson, Seem with the initiation ot thirty new members, which was tary, Stanley, Vice-President. lleltl at tht? lHSt of lxlay. DELTA SIGMA MEMBERS Row I---Gregerson, Reuss, Mock, Kinney, Poore, Porter, Smith, Frank, VVillianis, Slade. Row 2-Belleff, Bills, Hiekerson, VVllllilII1S0l1, Newell, P. Beaird, VVeaver, Hoover, Gallagher, Lain. Row 3-Barkson, Hodges, Steggerda, Raushenberger, J. Beaird, Steidner, Sullivan, Schmidt, Eskew, Whartield. Row 44Mendel, Matthews, Weatherly, Moyer, Hultzen, G. Fiseh, Rohdy, Newkirk, Cantrell, Stanley, Miss Dryden. Row 5-Clinard, Cox, Mayfield, Leonard, Burch, Trotter, Rasncr, Ward, Fitzg'e1'ald, Valentine, Orr. Row 6-Britz, B. Fiseh, Linford, Kesler, Powers, Douglas, Miluin, Thuney, McGregor, Johnson, Derrough. 1 70 The 1952 Rosemary Drama Department THESPIANS N:11io11111 'l'11os11iz111 'l1l'0ll11Q 161. 15151-52 llilll El 111081 Sl1l'l'0SS1'll1 yr-11 1: '1'11o 1114-11111f11's11ip g'1'011' To ovoi' 111i1'ty as lllll ,vm-111' lll0Vl'll 011. 'l'11c1 spo11so1' ol' Ulll' vlub, Miss VVi1111a1 ll1'y1l011, 0211110 To 11111111111 i11 1111- 12111 of 11150. S110 1'oc'11ivc'fl ll1'l' li. A. 211111 M. A. lll'j.l'1'1ll'S 1'1'o111 The l'11iv01'sify ol' 111i11ois 111 lG11g:1is11 211111 is lloingg' fllI'lllPl' ,Q'1'Hl1ll2ll0 work l1ll'1'0 i11 'l'11P11f1'9. S110 1-1e1i111s 1611 yvalrs' vx11e1'ic111-1- i11 11ig'11 sl-l1oo1 1ll1'lll'll1lQI. 21 S1l1I1ll19l'lS work at 'l'11c- 1H1sz141e-1111 Pla livvstovk S2110-lJ2lI'Il i11 11111' 11011111 town, l'iss11a 1'111'1i. y 11011507 111111 two Sll1l111lG1'S of l1I'0Cl1lCl10ll i11 El T11is yllill' 11111 11l'0Cllll'll0ll NYll11fll most sTz11'1'v1l 'l'110s- '22 'G Q 'Q S, , plans was not 111111111 solely as 1110 'l'11vsp1a11 p1a1y,si111-11 l11C'11l1N'l'S ol' 1111- 111'z1111z1ti1:s vlass pz11'lic'i11z111-cl i11 H7710 A Trojruz 11'nn11'11,' 211111 "The Hasfy H!l!II'f,i, Too. llow- OFFICERS HV111: 1111-i1' oxpl-1-i11111'11 was put to good uso i11 11111 fall H , Y , , , . I v Trotter, X109-1'1'1-S1411-1113 X :111-1111111-, P1'9S1Cl6!llQ Lum, 1'l'Vl11' 211111 111 11111 s111'111g1 pI'0flllC'l1011. H1'lflll1llllO.W'.H S0U.m,1.,-U MEMBER Hou' I-V 'Wi11iz1111so11, Eskow, Stanley, 1lm1v01', f':11111'c111, F1':111k. S Ron' 2-Fisvh. B:11'kso11, R:111s11c1111e1'ge1', Hultzen. Moyer. 11:1i11, Bliss l1l'j'I1l'll. Roll' .971"owe1's, l,vo11:11'f1, 'lll'0lll'l', llouglzis, Rll1'f'll, Mzlyfivlfl, Rflllfly. Illflll' -I-V-f'1i11:11'1l, F112-f161'l11Fl, Rus- lll'l', '1'111111l-y, 1,i11fo1'11, Smith, lV111'f1, Xvillllllllllll. 1 .The 11152 l1'o,w,'111r11'-11 71 MISS WILMA J. DRYDEN Dramatics Director The first dramatic production of the year, "Men Are Like Streetcarsn, was presented on the even- ings ot October 8 and ll in the UHS auditorium. Heading the list of characters was Maudie, a de- lightful teenager, who coined such phrases through- out the play as, HMen are like strcetcarsg if you miss one there'll be another along soon!" Among the things Maudie considered her re- M en Are Like Streetcars sponsibility were marrying off her attractive, older sister, Sylvia, promoting her father's bank loan, and teaching her cousin Joy her Hentire line" with boys. Both Sylvia and Jerry, the boy next door, became quite irritated at Maudie's intervention in their affairs. Jerry demonstrated his anger in a hilarious scene in which he turned Maudie across his knee and gave her a spanking, which he de- clared she had 'thad coming for sixteen years!" Then, in teaching her cousin Joy her "technique" Maudie really brought down the house, Joy suc- ceeded in snaring every available male in the neighborhood. To make matters worse, Davy, Maudie's Hsteadyw, also seemed to succumb' to Joy's charm. Eventually, the misunderstandings worked out, the confusion subsided, and Maudie was accepted back into the good graces of all, vowing that in the future she would resign to telling the plain ordin- ary truth. A HAPPY SCENE FROM USTREETCARSU Suzanne Leonard, as Sylvia, the older sister, George Douglas, Jerryg Gwen Cantrell, Maudieg Dan Clinard, Davyg Paul Britz, Mr. Mason, and Barbara Rohdy, Mrs. Mason. 72 The 195.3 Rosemary X 1 Q A Q 2 Tlw lmrty can start-tlw two 'fluvv1's" have H1'1'IVPfI! Lwfi in right--Jzicquie Lain, .Ioyg S110 Rn11sl1e11lne1'gQr, Alixg lbuu Clinzlrrl, llnvyg Kutho I'O1'T01', lqslwtlnp Bill Valentine, C'l1ig IM-lures Hodges, Juliog und ilwvn i':mt1'ell, Nlillldlll. ACT II - BILL AND DANNY IMPRESS THE GIRLS ACT III - THREE MOTHERS REGISTER DISAPPROVAL 'l'lu1'm-v imliggmmt n1otl1c1's vmm' to pmtc-st BIZlllfIlU'S Hlllvfll4NISn7'GW01l Cnntrm-ll, Iwggy Glwr. IIUIWIIIIX lluthm, Blnry R0tIl0l:Ul'll, llm-lows Allen, :xml llivk Blilum. l,A', wr! .',' 'M ,,- V., T ,g fa, f ff Www Ivfll' 195 f l.'n.wn1ury The Trojan VVomen For The T'ii'sT hall' of The Wllllill' il1'tllll21llT'S double Tea- Ture. The gfiwiiip l7l'0SPlll'0Ll "Trojan XVmiien," ai classical Greek ll'2lLIT"Tlj'. As Told in The Greek legreiid, Ileleii of Troy had rim away wifh Paris. The 'l'i'ujaii1 l,l'll1T'T'. he- T1'Hf'lllgl' Meiielmis, her hus- band. lii orclei' To grain re- venge, Bleiielzxiis and The Greeks eoine alter her. The Ten years' wan' hegfiiis iii which The Greeks i'esm'T To Triekery To deT'eziT 'l'1'riy. A wooden horse Tilled with soldiers is Taken iiiTo 'l'1'oy under The guise TTT' ai g1iT'T T'i'om The prod- dess. Alllflllil. As El i'es1llT of This Triek, The Greeks are able To desTi'u.v The eiT,v. The play Takes plzxee ziiiioiig' The veiiiziiiiiiigg' ruins ol' hurli- iiig' Troy wiTh The Queen, He- Her-uhzi CJOHII Run-lil greeTs her fl'I'Tll1flSO1l, Astyzuiux Tlieri l'ulsliyil :xml his T 1 4 4 . A u A . yi lllUlll0l', A11Ll1'O1ll2lL'llC Chvlllllll Hskewl. Lubd' lwnmdlllllil lllil lmtmll 5 AlCl1t'lTll1S Cllsile 'l'lllllll'4Yl Tell The 'l'1'rij:l11 YV0111ei1 Their f:1Te. Lwfl ln rilrfhl Julie Henirfl, Hiizzzniie lTT'1!llTll'4l, lilllllf' Burk- smi, Mzirgery Xvairfield, l"dl'3llIi'T'S l"l'2lllli, flflflll Burch, :ind lil'Ol'l'lll'll Fixx-li. Sm!rrl--l3eYel'ly NYilsmi. liNVl'll llTlllll'l'll. '14, The 1,052 Hnsmiiary tate. VVitli her are a number of other Trojan women, who have nothing to look forward to except euslavement. 'llhey await the coming' of Mene- laus, who will take them to Greece. As the story un- folds, Cassandra. the Queen's daugrhter, appears, to predict Tlllll for Greece. Love and grief are brougrht to a high pitch as AstvanaX, the young sou of Hector and Adromache, is taken from his mother and thrown from the walls of Troy. Conflict and hate appear in the scene be- tween the Queen, Helen of Troy. and Menelaus, her be- trayed husband. ln this scene Helen makes her last appeal of innocence blaming' everything: on the gods, But Meuelaus remains unmoved and promises her that she will die. Finally the trumpet sounds and the women are led oft to live as slaves of their enemies. lIele11 of Troy CD01'l1tllj' Trotterj tells her story to Menelaus Cllaul Britz lleeului tJoan Iinrehj looks on disapprovingly. .Tim 1953 Rosemary The mad fl2lSS2ll1d1'H Cliaren llultzenl in her liridal dance. 75 George Douglas as Laelilen Melaehlen, and Juequie liain as Sister rgaret, portray a Touching scene from "The Hasty lleart. J! Laehie CGeorge Douglasj stays on his own side of the sa-reen while talking to Blossom CL. 'l'. Rohertsonb, Yank tllon Sniithb, Toinniy Clloger Fitz-Geraldl, and Digger CR. A. Rasnerj. The Hasty H eart The second portion of the niidwinter bill eonsisted of a eut Version of "The Ilasty Heart" which also represented llr- loana lligh School at the State Uontestl This XVorld Vllar ll drama takes plaee in a 121'-itisli hospital hut in South East Asia wliere five soldiers from the various Allied arniies are eonyaleseing. 'lllie play opens with the admission of a patient to the ward, liaehie Meliaelieii, eoniplete with Scottish brogue and bag- pipes, who is suffering from an uneurable kidney injury and has only a short tiine to live. He is unaware of this. but the other patients, and especially bonnie Sister Margaret, the nurse in charge of the ward, nlake every effort to brighten his last days. Laehie, however, is uncooperative and re- sists tlie friendly overtures of the Austral- ian, the New Zealander, the Englislnnan, the llasuto and the Yank. As their supreme act of kindness, they order a kilt for Iiaehie for his birthday. Finally, friendliness wins out and the unsoeial Liaehio basks in the warinth of a 76 The 1952 Rosemary C0lllPil1ll011Sl1lP which he has never before experi- enced. ln faet he goes so tar as to ask Nl2ll'Ql'tlI'l1i to be his wife. Mni'g:a1'et, overwhelnied by the cir- euinstances, zleeepts from zi sineere love tor the unfor- tunate soldier. Voniplieations o 0 e u r when the Colonel finds it neeessary to tell Laehie his t 1' u e Condition. W l1 en liachie realizes that the friendship of the patients was prompted by a con- sideration of his condition, he bl-'UOIIIQS bitter and to return to Scotland. How- ever, when he discovers that they will not beg hiin to stay, he swallows his pride. and asks to be re- accepted. The fellows look their prettiest :is they pose for ll picture. Left to 7'lgflffRilSl1Q1', Vaileutine, Robertson, Smith, Douglas, Fitz-Gerzild. 'l'he lloetor comes to tell of Luc-hie's illness. Left to VlflllffXv2lll'lltillL', Robertson, Clinzlrd, Lain, Raisner, l"itZ-Gerald, Smith. The 1952 Rosemary E 77 The lfrbana High Sehool band completed an- other outstanding' year ol' service, under the di- reetion ol' Mr. Jaines Gross. TllOllQ.l'll considerably smaller beeause of eonfliets in the hour period, the band niade lf. H. S. proud of its musicians. ln their snappy unifornis, their year began by marc-liingg' at football QIHIIIPS. lied by drum major- ette Andrea, Freeman and six perky twirlers, the band was also preeeded by the xvliite-cflad Vourt ol' llonor on the nights of Big' Twelve gaines. The band and eourt also appeared at several out-of- town games. 78 VVith the coming' of basketball season, the pep hand enthusiastically inade its appearance, playing for pep assemblies and hoine games. The Vourt of llonor had the privilege of presenting: the colors at various hoine graines. The band practiced loud and long for its annual winter concert, which proved to be a great success. ln April Caine the long' awaited slate eontest. Ad- ditional aetivities ol' the band included playing' for the National Guard when it left for t"alifornia, and playing' for Baccalaureate and graduation exercises. RBA MR. JAMES GROSS Band llirertor I G H ,S The 1515! Rose mary Oboes Joan Jardine Delores Hodgvs Flutes Gayle llalvorson Ull2ll'l0tlQ Bunn Mama Marvtt Judy Smith Verlon Sln-uring Carol Brunk Clarins-is Vlaude Linforfl Shirley i'linar1l Marina Stn-g'g:gv1'll:z .loan Viiziclu-r Dick Bllilllll B2ll'lHll'il llanks Barlmara Long Nivllolas IJ4'l'l'0l1g'll lrenv Nl-wa-ll Javk illlll'l'IlV Alto Clarinet Marion Smith Bass Clarinets 1lL'2llll'lIlIU Loar Boverly XVilson Bassoon 1llJI'Ufllj' Trottol' The 195.2 Rosfmary BAND PERSONNEL Saxophones Basses Percussion AI ' 1 S -,Z -' -, Rolwrt Xvlliilill , , g1gl2f,Ulwi.0Qt Uulgin Ed Xvyhe Hollalll Slllltll Bill Zigglel- John Norton Charles Drennan Tympani Sully gills Corn els Sara Stanley l"arrcl Raisin-r Toni linker Stuart Dawson Kenneth Byard Myra Braun Frank llvdgvol-k Larry XY2llIlSK'Ul'f Robert Townsm-nd Tom lloag' Baritones Roger Fitz-Gerald V1-rnon Gillvspiv llarry Barr French Horns Etilllulld Whits- .laines Vliof Anllrea l"1'l-4-111:il1 'l'rumb0nes llarlnan Slllllll R. A. Rasnel' Richard Cook lllon Black David Fritzcn Dan l'linard Sitring-Halvorson inyA--Sinitln, Sheuring. Blair llannnond OFFICERS Ymitli, l'ri-sidentg Unzic-ker. Sfanz 79 Bb CLARINET QUARTET Shirley C'1inf11'd 3I:'11'i11:1 Steggerdzi .Tezlu Unzivkvr Claude Linford 80 Band BRASS QUARTET J im Vliet Kenneth Il-Eyelid Vernon Gillespie R. A. Rasner BRASS QUARTET Stuart Dawson Edllllllld 'Wh itO ,Roger Fitz-G01'z1l:l F:11'1'Ql RZISHEI' The 1953 Rosemaly Ensembles VVOODWIN D Q UARTET IJUl'l11Il-Y 'l'1'111T1'l' f'l1:11'l111T1- 15111111 l'l:11uh- l.i11fo1'1l Ecl11111111l Whits' MIXED CLARINET QLARTET Sllirlvy i'li11:11'1l M:11'i11:1 H11'g'g'111'1l:1, .l11:1111 lllll' l.11z11' M:11'i1111 Nmiih ,The 1952 Rosemary CORNET TRIO Stuart Dawson F:11'1'1-l Rasner 8:1111 Stanley The pop lmnd is Sllil-DDCC1 playing for the C'l1:1111p:xig11- Urlmnzl bzxskotbznll game. 82 SOLOISTS Srzzlml f VVi1Son, Hzxlvor- soil, l.o:11'. Slfnlrllnff 1 Stanley, Fitz! ilu-111111, NVh:xlin, IJTOGIIIZIII. LIBRARIANS AND RECORDERS Swafrfrl - Fitz-Gerald, Slllifll, Ilzllvorson. Smmlmgz 4 Gillespie, Smith, Norton, NVhali11. The 1952 Rosemary ln its sevm URCHE 111 'war' of 0P9l'21llOll, lliv llllS orclws STRA unmlor the vapablv lvzlflwsllip of Mr. llugrli McGee, full if was qilzilifivml to inzilw its mlvbuf. Aftc-1' Ill'2ll'l'll'lllgl' lmrcl :mil lmnlg, llwy were zlskeml to play for tl1v Two IlllllXVllllQI' plays. 1 Sim-v Tlw Two fll'2ll1l2lTl1' Ill'lNlllLfTlOllS C0lllI'iiSfl'Ll so 1111 Olll' lllllllgl' El C01ll9Llj' :incl llll' ofller ai t1'z1g'vmly, it olfereml tln opporliniify for flu- 0I'l'lll'Sll'El to "show their stuiffl wllivli they clifl very well. l'llH is looking' f0I'XV2il'il To 3ll0fll0l' r11'c'l1vst1'z1 IN'l'f0l'lll2illl'0 in the near futiiiw-. Violins Stewart ll2IVt'1lS Julia lliilvlmiwl Viola li1ll'l'll lllIlfZL'll Cello l':1t Vostxl f':11'11l 'l'o111li11so11 0RCHESTRA.P .lo A1111 VVllllillllSllll Mzirgo SlllllYIlll String Bass Alice H1'0g.fu1'y Flutes Gayle ll2llY0l'S0ll vllltlj' Sllllfll MH. HUGH ll. Mc'iil'IIC Urulzwstra llirvwlm' ERSONNEL Clarincts Trumpets Sam Sfnnlm-y limi moth liyn rd i'l:111flv l,i11f0r1l NlllI'll'Y f"li11z11'4l Trombone Bassoon ll:11'111:111 Slllifll lim-utliy Trotter Tympuni llilll 1'li11:11'1l Saxophone piano l.:1V1-H10 SWe:11'i11gv11 Bula Wlmlin Thr' 79.53 ll'n.w'Illr II Il 83 V 1 V A CE 1 1 X 1Vi1l'l1, 21 1111111 101' gurls wl111 1111,111y smg- 11151. wus sTz11'1e1l lznsf .Vt1i1l'. 11111 this 1'z1ll it 11111111 111111'111's 211111 111A1'z111111 21 11111-1'l1111g111l . . , , 1 11 h 11111'11111zz1111111, 1 111111111s1111 111 Sl'Y1'111f' sisl 011 111' il 1111111 13111 1111 11111x111 l1l11l11J111'S, 11111 g'1'111111 I11'2l1'11l'1'11 11a11'l1 W111l1111s1lz1y ziftm' s1'111J11l. 1,1115 w111'1- 111'11111'1111 lux 1111 11l11ll1J9I'S. with 11111 sp111'i11l Yiv111'1J 1-1111111-111 1111 llllllll. T11 l'1111l?IX 1111- j'U2l1'. 11111 R1 51101111 111 112152 wl111f11 111111- 11111811161 p1'1,1g1'z1111, l'11l111w1111 by VIVACE OFFICERS 112l1ll'111Q1' 211111 1'11f1'es1111'11A11ts 111 11111 g'y111- liuu' I A1l'1i11l1ll'AY, 5l'l'I'l'1'111'j'Q H111111, Yi1'11-1'1'11si1l111111 J111'1li111J, PWS- lmgium 1C1L'111Q Wi1s1111, '11l't'IlS11l'l'I'. 1 R1111' !fR:1111l:11l, 31Ufl1't', H:11'stz1c1, 11l'Z1lV, 111111, VIVACE MEMBERS jffill' lf-V Xv11Sll1l, A11:1111s, 11. 11111111111111, H111i1l1, Nl1'111111, .1'. N1z1y1i11l11, Suilvr, l1u11s1111, 11, 11:11111111111, 111111, '11v:1111l:111, 1'1l'2l1l1i,XY1111'1 Slade. H1111' J 1'11:11'111-li, 1'11stz1, Foltz, B11111111, 1'1I'1'L'lllIlIl.111009. 'l'1n111i11:,1111, 111l111l,L:'1lL'l', Sanus, 1'11lli11s, 1'11111'1-, Nt'WL'll. 131lI'Wt1l1, 11o11s1111. H1111' .1-V--111111v1-1', 1':111t1'el1, Bell11f1', H11111':11l1f1', 11111lg'11s, B12ll'1iUj', 111g1111l. 1'lS1il'W, li:1usl11-11111-1'g1-1', W1Ili:1111s1111. 1'11'i111'l1. Hile, Bl1'1ii11111-,xg 11I'il.V, SW1-:11'i11g'e11, N1k1ggt'l'41Jl. IK1111' I -Kluyiiolcl,1J1111gl:1s, 51Ull11l'j',112111111112 A1'1111lg2,'11, X1-w1i11'k, 111111, 1l:11x'111'- 51111, K11111I111', A1I1.Y1'I', Nc11111i11t, Bell, S111l1YIl1l, Alt11:111s, 'l'1'1Jttu1', 1l111'st1111, 1l111tx1111, Wl11t1-. 84 17111 1.05.3 11081111111-y rl lligglllx Nllitnxxllll Nt mm lm X1 ll lmlu tlu ulpfnlmll lln ltllllill of Nl! llllf-lm llrllu IIIJIIX pl0,,lfIlllN mre llllll To 1 llll- Q'I'l'2lT 1-lljuylmll-:lf of ymrc-nts nml sfllwln-nts. .Xu 4-Xu-lln-nt l lll lsllllils Dl'flQ'l'2llll wzlsprw-sm-1114-ll. wrlllllllllllgl'lll1'l2llPIlTSHl ull Tlu- vm-ul fmmzlllizeltifnlls. Nlfllvll up lm' llllXl'll 1-lmrus mul za vzlppl-lla vllmr, Wlllvll 4-uulll lu- In-zml l1I'2ll'll1'IllQ' lllll'll lIUlIl'. 'l'l1m- Yuvzal llt'lHlI'llll0llT nl' lll'llilIl2I lligll Svluml l'Hlllllll'lllll Ill-spirvtlul-vmnllim-tmllwnmlu- lmlll' pn-riml. nlzm.x'sT1l4lf-11TN VOCAL DEPARTME T i , .Y L. ,,kL.l,' l.,2Ll Zi- .vii .. .- , .. . 1 , . . . ll . - .1,... . .,. , .X ne-W Q'I'lbllI7. llz11'111m11-Ill-N, was ltlll'llll'Il lust full, 4'Ulll- posm-ml ul' Yiwxw- me-mln-rs witll supl-riul' Slllgjlllg' znlmilify. This X uI'rrllI1s4rUllt-sl2lllllNllK'll im-ll'i11 tln- 1-vl-1'-g'1'mx'ir1g wwzil lll-pull J llll'llT, mul elppl-211-1-ll at sm-vm-ml ll111c-lu-um mul 2lSSl'llllDllUS. D D llmw- uf Tllc- ll2ll'lllHllt1lT1-N. le-g'g'.v lloon-l', lm-flu lmm-, :xml l"1'z1m-4-s Frzmlc, l'm'm1-fl il vm-ry lim- girls' lrin. wllivll mmlm- lIlIllH'l'lJllN INll'lAHl'lIl2llll'9S in Tln- 1-mlllllllllify. lf ll. N, l'1'Q'l'lxlS Tllut ll xxlll lrm tlm Tun llllHll,lI ,1f11l1l.ll1rm, 'l'l11- lmlxs' glw- vlulm mzull- its only 2lllIltl2ll'2llIl'l' 211 Tlu- l lll'lNTlIl2lN IJl'U"'l'2Illl NYlllll'l' IT Null--' Iwo IlllllllJl'l'N lln- lfwllm- Tum ul xlll'll an 2'l'Hllll plwmws Ilml u'11'lsa1l'l-I1 I lll1'1llllY um- wlm lllu- tu NIIIQ. mul l Vlmmx lllgll is llmlmlg lm'wnr1l In zxlmtln-1' lN'l'l1Jl'lIl?llll't' ln' Tlu-111 111 ilu- m--ul' llllllI'1' 1 . Nlxz Nlvlim- llzls ln-4-11 llmllml-x' lJllS.X' tlliw -xw-211: an llc- TElllQ'lll l lwf-'llllllllg' mul zulvzmvn-ll strings in mlslltirm In Tlle- lllllSl1' --1'wI11wN. XN1-uw-all Ll'l'2lT1'llll In lllm lm' lux llllt' wwrli. null lm' illlilllllil' XYlTlllll lln- STllKlt'lllS an L1'l'4'2ll4'l' lun- zlml zxpplw-4-lzltlma lm llllISll'. HAR 3IONF'I"I'l'IS lfmr 1 - Vusln. Il. llllllllllflll, l-lllrwl-ll, Nlmlv. l,. liaummun, Rzlxlflnll, lQ:lll:lg1lu-Y. lllflll' 3 Sll'fll'll'. llumf-1', Hrny. Nlvliinnu l u 4- . - y v- 1 ' ll'Jlll'll. l-f-H4-. XX llllznmsfm, 3l'lll'l'. lmu' ,f ll-:11-fu-lx. .X4l:nms, Xlumn-Iv, llllllM'Il. llzxrslml. lruttl-1'. .Xltlu:a1w.N-lun . llff l"3 ,' l.'1f,v !lIIll'If I f 8' ull l 1f01,U1fG:l1llU1011 Eskow Calla her Randall Frank Sluflv. Hour 2AMoo1'0 Hoover, Admins Bonird lXI0KiuncV Boll , y , , y l y y , y , Gnunnon. Hou: 3-Booz-, .larflin0, Svlnnidt, llzzrstufl, Altlmus, Gray. lfou: ifVVluxlin, Loow, Mlliite, Elliot, Cook, Hogan. A Cappella Choir and Mixed Chorus Hou' 1---Iiovw, Bit-lcers, U11zic'lw1', Mooro, Arlanns, lJ. Gzu11n1on,Sl:uclc,Ii.Gzxnnnon,Wilson, Monk, Hcuss,Muusing, Mnttlin, li0lllXVill'0. lfou: Z-Blowvrs, Wlinlin, Frooinanu, Eskow, lloovvr, Waxllzwe, Ll11Zlf'lCQl', Randall, Allan, Gullzxglim, BlOClS2lSY, Hilo, 'I'u1ilv1'ook, Rolyinson. 130163-Wllito, l'ij'2ll'd, .l:l1'flin0, Booe, lngold, Jolmnsou, Uook, Ncwliiiiiioy, Frzlilk, Eason, Rell, lgl'2lll'fl, Ntutolcr, Nm-upn-rt, NYz1lt01's, Moreton. Row 4-Hugoiilizxrt, Elliot, Svliniiflt, Mayor, Mnntor, Mayfield, Hogan, Booc, Mayfield, Ugclou, Hnrstzlfl, Altlmus, White, Gray, Muddy. 86 The 1952 Rosemary Ax'm'fmlL.lE'vruG is OUR COACHES The coaching staff at l'rbana High School is the best to be found. clflllllllllilllgl' his seventh year at lvrbana. Gene Arnier, Athletic Director, coached his cross-country teain to a state championship and led the track team to a successful season, besides scheduling all of the 'l'ig'ers' graines and ineets to the best of our advantage. ln his second year at VIIS. Liz Astroth served as head football and basketball eoaeh. Liz has beconie liked by the en- tire student body. and has always set high standards of sportsmanship and inoral qualities for his boys to follow. Mr. Vlloodrow Viseur finished another successful season as reserve football and basketball eoaeh. HWoody" was also head golf coach. ln his first year of eoachingr, Nate Johnson headed the wrestling team and assisted in football and track. Ilis easy- groing way and his ability to get work done have K'0llllJlll0ll to inake Nate respected at Vrbana High, Rounding' out the coaching: statf was Mr. Ilarry Ryan, who was head swinuning' eoaeh and assisted in football and track. Ilis hard work and friendly sinile served to inake hini a well-liked coach in lf. ll. S. I I MR. GENE ARMER l1ire0i'o1' of Athletics Head Track Coach Lwfl lo 'lllflf-BIT. Liz Astroth Mr. Gene Arnier Mr. Nate Johnson, Mr. Woodrow Viseur, and Mr. llarry Ny I , Y I U? .ma A Ulmavli The .1951 Roaenzary - i A ,R .,,i f if gif fi 5 n x 1 VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD 1f0'LU,7f-:Fl'CC!ll21!1, Booc, Czunpboll, Hicks, Stanner, M. Smith, D. Stout, Konny, Muginnis, Ilimos, Long, l'l'og':m, Cook 1 Row Zwioach Astroth, Kirby, Flores, F. Rasner, Henning, Hadfiolrl, lIogo11bart, Dunn, C. Smith, lll1ll'lTl1l Whito 12ohortson Rudicil, Devine, Coach Johnson. Row 3-'wVH1'd, R. A. Rasner, llinford, VVilson, Dawson, llarlow, Johnson, Allen, Elillll, J Johnson. SEASON'S RECORD 1 September 14 Schlarniann ....... ..... 6 lfrbana ....... ..... 7 21 Georgetown ....... ..... T Vrbana ....... ....... 2 6 28 Danville ........ ....... l lrbana ......., ....... 1 4 October 5 Mattoon ...... I lrbana ..... ...,... 2 4 12 Normal ..... Urbana ..... ....... I 37 1 9 Ka nkakoe ...... ...... 2 5 Urbana ...... ...... l .8 26 Champaign.. 90 'l T1-b ana The 1952 Rosfmary , 4? t L E in DICK RUDICIL Senior Right End 'Q Dick Pittm'm AW'll'fi for olltatwxndinf lim lllllll, outstanding pass l'0Q'CiVCl'. All State End. Outstanding Letterman t MERWUN KIRBY Senior Quarterback Football Captain Voted must valuable, outstzmding passer and signal l'2lIil'I'. rf 1,051 lfn.wn1cn'y 91 4.441 K 11 V . 'Mi' ,iv 1 g,..gIn ma" Returning lettermcn becouic 2Il'KlllQli1'ltCd with their new cmivli. Imff to righfw Mr. Armor, Mr. Johnson, Holi Divinc, Merwin Kirby, Mr. As- troth, Dick Rudicil, Bob Long, Jim JOIIHSOII. 92 Senior BOB LONG End Good blocker DON KENNEY Center A ggressivc player The 1953 Rosemary Lettermen GENE HENNING Guard lllSlll'0ll llzllxvillv vim-fury BOB DIVINE Right Tackle 'l'il'1'lc'ss wm'k0I' The 1953 Roszrmary A Normal man is stopped by several Urbana fellows, while Wlllfhlllg the scene are Johnson, Henning, Hegenbart, Haclfielrl, and Kirby Kon grountlj. 93 GENE DUNN Left Tackle Leading seorer among linenien PAUL MEGINNIS Right Halfback Outstanding tackle DICK HICKS Center Loyal and willing worker 94 - i Senior The 'tnever say die" spirit carried the football team through the eight-game schedule to a season's record of six wins and 'two losses. Althougrli the first six were vietories, these wins tlitl not all Come from ability. At the first of the season, the Tigers were not figured to win over three gramesg but they startecl practicing by themselves during' the summer, and developed the team spirit that was to carry them to the second straight winning' season. The tirst show of this newly-found spirit was in the opening game against Danville Sehlarmann. The Bengals thoroughly outfought and outscrapped the Hilltoppers for the vietory, 7 to 6. The Tigers, who were behinfl, were going' into the last three minutes ancl three seeonfls when llrbana got the ball on their own 41-yard line. Just eight plays later hlerwin Kirby passecl to Diek llegenbart in the end zone just as tho game was ending. After the game was over, Kirby again dropped back to pass, this time to Dick Ruclieil in the corner of the encl zone for the point antl the vietory. Dick llegenbart earriefl the ball sixteen times for 120 yards ancl a 7,5 average. On September twenty-first the Beng'a,ls jonrneyecl to George- town for their seeoncl game. The Georg'etown team eoulcl not match the Tigers, on the grrouinl or in the air. The Tigers rollecl to an easy 26 to 7 victory, and what might have been a shut-out The 1952 Rosemary Letterman it it had not been for a pass play that elieked for the Iiuttaloes late in the third quarter. Next on the Tigers list of wins was Danville, at the l'rbana Ilonieeoining. lt was the first Big Twelve Victory to open a sea- son sinee 1915, when they defeated Danville. llrbana had an easier night of it than the 1-l to 12 seore indieates, sinee Danville seored in the last lninute. The following week Mattoon did not know what had happened until after the snioke had cleared, for the Tigers had seored twiee before the Green Wave even touched the ball. Tl1e final seore read 24 to 14, uiakingr another win for the Unew" Tigers. The running' of Jini Johnson and Dick llegenbart, as well as the pass- ing' eonibination of Kirby to Rudieil, had been felt and were be- ginning' to be treated with the respeet they deserved. They would be watched the rest of the season. The l'ni High Pioneers of Nornial offered little resistance to the now-potent Tigers as they took their place i11 the ever- Q.Z'1'UNX'lllQl' ranks that have to say. "VN'e were beaten by l'rbaua." Everyone who dressed for the ganie had the opportunity to play, and the score was raised to 31 to O before the Pioneers could seore. The ruiniiug' of Jini Johnson, ,junior fullback, could not Ct'ont'cl p. HSD The 1515! Rosemary CLYDE SMITH Center Outstanding' hustler FARREL RASNER Left Half Seat hnek DENNIS HOGAN Left Guard Good lnloeker 95 Football JIM JOHNSON junior Fullback Captain-elect for '52 Hlnifty Vlllllllll' :ind kivlwr DICK HEGENBART Junior Halfback 0ufst:1111ling' pussi-r XVitl1 loyal lwurfs wc 4'llll0l' KYUII, 'l'lm11g'l1 our fm-S muv SCQIII U,l'l'VVlll'lllllll 1' . . 5-yy Our heroes of ilu' lic-ld: 'llll0ll,Q,'ll Ulll' lmsfilv voices ringg WP Will Cl1W'l' X011 "ll ff' ViCT01'.V With Hunt nhl lvl'l1!lllSl pep wi' Triumph, :ns W0 sing' . . With tho fxiitll Tllilf IIUYCI' yiclfls. There goes Ruflicil for a sensationzll That mun's stopped! run during the Danville game. This was an event of the Danville ganle. 96 .Tim J,0:7,2 lfn.w'n1r1ry Lettermen Hi-gcnbart govs down after il nice A sm-lm of mixed emotions but Urblnl hl the ball' Another run during the Schlarmann game. Schlarmunn eva-nl. . To you W1'yl't' JIIWIIXS faithful, lf1'lr:111:1 Ilighq Ulf., out M 111 With ull our l1m-arts wo che-01' for you :xml Suu' 1 'l'h:1T goml old fmrtlmll line we'll bzufk, so I RPAX X ' RALPH CAMPBELL junior Quarterback Yvl'-v YL'1's:1fila' PHIL FLORES Junior Right Guard xV4ll'k-hUl'S4' Tim 10.52 Hu.w'1nr1r-u -..M Football be stopped as he averaged 11.2 yards per try. The last touchdown was made by reserve player, Claude Linford, which made the score read 37 to 7 at the gun. D For their third straight win without a defeat in the Big Twelve, and their sixth win of the season, the Tigers traveled to Decatur to ruin the Home- coming of the Reds by the score of 21 to 19. Dick Rudicil led the Tigers to a last-minute victory as he caught a pass, after being injured, to set up the last score for Urbana. Merwin Kirby, in addition to the pass to Rudicil, also completed four other passes to complete five out of eight for the 11igl1t. The game saw Gene Dunn score two points by way of a safety when he tackled Rob Abbott, the Red quarterback, in the end zone. A Kankakee team, led by Elmer Griffin, finally turned the tide against the Tigers. They did this by completely outrunning the U.H.S. team. An in- jury to Dick Rudicil, star e11d for the Tigers, helped to encourage them. Jim Johnson led the Bengals as the passing combination of Kirby to Rudieil was now nullified. He gained consistently around the ends of the Kays. Kankakee scored in every period, while Urbana scored only in the last three, and the game ended 25 to 18. On a cold, damp night that almost matched the spirits of all U.ll.S. followers after the game was over, Champaign defeated Urbana once more on the football field. The final score was 30 to 0, with four of the five touchdowns set up by fumbles and intercepted passes. lt was the last game for the seniors on the squad. 98 L. T. ROBERTSON Sophomore Right Guard Fastest lineman in state R. A. RASNER Junior Fullback Powerful runner l l l The 1952 Rosemary EDDIE ALLEN Left End Good tackler EARL HADFIELD Junior Left End llopvudable, willing and anggressivg The 151.53 Ru.sf'nu1ry Letterman C'l1ee1', boys, clwerg ll1'b2lll2i,S got the ball, Cheer, boys, clloerg Lll'bHll2l7S got the ball, And when thvy hit that line, tl1v1'v'll be no liuv at all Tl1vre'll be il llot time in The old Town llllllglllfl Football Managers 0 f' ra DICK FREEMAN, RUSSELL ELLIOT Head Managers What would The coaches and team do willxoul the willing' assistance of the l112lllZlQ'l'I'Sll Clieeli- ing: in equipiuent, providing' wafer. Towels, and Managers Campbell, Norton, and Elliot check on first aid when they are needed, and executing: equipment before the next game. various other duties, these fellows were hard workers, and deserve lo proudly wear the "ll" 'S they earned. A typical dressing rooln scene after a football game. The 1953 Ifo.wr'm11ry Coach Johnson explains a new play to the ful- lows during practice. Left to right-Halflficltl, Flores, Smith, Hogan, Allen, Divine, Dunn, Henning, Kl'llll1'j', Robertson. There goes a Danville nlan, assisted by Haine-s, and Ray Stout. Checking vqnipmcnt heforv football season are, left to right-John Johnson, Kirby, Mr. Astroth, Mr. Viscur, Mr. Johnson. TX. ,M Why ne Award Winners Wlerwin Kirby receives the Ellis' Wlost Valuable Player Award fronl Mr. L. E. Sllllllll0l'l-Pll. Looking on are Chuck Slurllcy, Illini football captain, and Coach Aslrolll. Vcrlon Slleuring pri-sm-nts Ilia- vross-country state Mr. llarlin liivke-rs and Coach Astrotll presvnl the Dick trophy to Mr. Braun and Mr. Loow on behalf of the Pillman Award to Dick Rurlicil for bl-ing the outstanding ieanl, as Coach Arlncr looks on. football linmnan ol' the year. TS Reserve Football Squad RESERVE FOOTBALL SCHEDULE September 29 ....... ..... l ll'02:1lll1'i1l4'l'l Ovtober 6 ......... ....... B I2lfl0O1l+.llPl'l Oc-tober 9 ...... ....... 1 fha111paig1'11e'l'l1ere Oetober 135 ,...... ...... Q 'lPOl'f2,'4'l0XV11TTlll'l'0 October 16 ....... .......... l itllll01ll+II0l'0 October 22 ....... ...... C lll2ill1lJ?llfl'11+lION Oc-tober 27 ....... ...... C ll'0l'QIC'l0VVl1-1IPPC This year the Vlv1'b2rlll2l reserve football squad. k'0HClli'll by VVo0dy Visenr, showed promise of some rising' varsity players for next season. Several players, including' Claude Linford and R. A. Rasner, had the K'l1311l'P to play zlgzlillst the varsity , 1 X I E MR. WOODROW VISEUR Reserve Football Coach in one genre, when llfbilllii had El fair lead, and made a fine showing. Hou' J, iff! fo riglzf---Kiooflwin, Briggs, Henderson, Shroyer, Mock, ll. Sadler, llnffer, Carlson, Black, NVylis-, Bartllelemy Czllllplvell. Hou' J--Assistant 1'o:lm'h Ryan, R. Lewis, Moore, Orr, Y. liicliers, Bohlen, VVtl1'1'0ll, NVolwlmer, Smith, l,0I'l'l11G, VV:1in svott Govne .l. Hickers C02ll'll Viseur. Hou' 3-Lain l'l:1c'e Foster J. Sadler Rienhold Lowerv, Busboom Szxttoff Svott , . , , y , Y y r . , , Martin, Lee, Watts. The 1952 Ro.semary 103 . MR. LIZ ASTROTH Basketball With six returning lettermen, including tour regu- lars on the '50-'51 squad, Urbanafs hopes were high at the beginning ot' the season. Coach Liz Astroth gave the team hard work and a fighting spirit which was hard to beat. The Tigers played championship ball at times but also had a few Hott", nights. Winiiing' their first three contests, the team appeared to be off on a winning season. lint Urbana dropped four straight before aveng- ing their first defeat against Charleston in the Paris Holiday 'l'onrnament, Urbana won games from such good teams as Mattoon, Streator, Cathedral of Spring- field, and the Okaw Valley Champions and Runners-up, Monticello and Tusoola, while dropping close ones from tough Danville, Peoria Manual, Champaign and Ke- wanee. Urbana, was rated a darkhorse in its own Regional Toilrney. However, after completely outplaying Uni- versity Iligh to win the first game. they lost the semi- final game to Champaign, who later won the tournament and went all the way to the State. Seniors playing their last game for Vrbana were Merwin Kirby, Lyle llahlen- bnrg. Ilarman Smith, John Hedgeoek, Dick liudicil, and Don Kenney. Returning lettermen and Coach Astroth pose before starting the 1952 cage sea- son. Left to Right--Rudb cil, Kirby, Dahlenburg, Smith, Hedgcock, Johnson. 104 The 1525.3 Rosemary U 58 70 52 34 ....... ...... 40 48 ....... ....,. 61 65 .19 ....... . ....... . 59. ...... ...... 47 ....... ......... llvg Watseka ...... Rz111to11l ....... lllklffililll ........,..., 48 SEASON'S RECORD O ......41 Z37....... ..,...52 36....... .......Ll11C0lll ...... Paris Holiday Tournament lllli'l1'l0SlOll .....,... ...... 3 1 42 ....... lil'VV?lllP9 ......... ...... 5 0 45 ....... Ul1a111pe1ig11 ........ ...... 5 7 57 ....... C'li11fo11 ............ ............................. 4 4 68 ....... l'z1tl101l1'z1l CSp1'i11gfi0lclj ..,....... 46 334 ....... HT1'va1To1 '......................................... 48 53 ....... Sp1'i11g:f'ield ........ ......... 6 9 50 ....... ......... ....... D ecatul '......... Regional Tournament , . l'lllYl'l'Sllj'lllQ,l1 ......... ......... 3 4 Z6 ....... VARSITY SQUAD ......Clltl1'l9SlO1l......... ......l,Hl1VlllE'...... lJPCi'1tIl1' ....... .....61 Mattoon ....... Monticello ...... Tuscola ........ Gvorget0w11 ....... l'ha111paig11 .......... Manual CPeoriaj Danville ............... l'l1z1111pa1ig11 ........ Silliffgf-Ilomlgcm-li, R11di4'il, f'2IIll1llYL'll, Movk, ll1llllt'1llJlll'g, Kirby. SfllllfllIIfIfCUZll'll Astroth, Wi1ki11sf111 ll1df1dd gllll 1 c11lrz11't, Konnoy, Jol111so11, F1'0c111:1l1. The 1515! I1'r1.s0111a1'y 0 HARMAN SMITH Center LYLE DAHLENBURG Guard All totalled, the Tigers ended the season with from the Held and a mediocre .539 at the free throw eleven wins and thirteen losses, including il 2-10 line. Il2ll'lll2lll Smith was the T02ll11ySlGElCllllg.l' scorer record in the toughest league in the state, the Big and also won the George Vllidingr Trophy for lmving Twelve. The team shot a very respectable .322 the best free throw percentage. DICK RUDICIL Guard MERWIN KIRBY Guard 106 The 1953 Rosvnzflry JOHN HEDGCOCK Forward DON KENNEY Guard Af the end of the svason the team was houorvd Johnson was elected captain by his teammates for at an alimwr' grivvn by flu- IIIOHIQFS and i'z1tl1e1's. and next f'C'?lI',S Season. el banquet spmlswvd by 'flw Al116'1'iL'?l1l Lcgiou. Jim JIM JOHNSON Forward DICK HEGENBART Forward Thr' 1055 Ho.wc'mury 107 QBBW I Rutlicil is caught in one of his beautiful jump shots. Manager Bob Cook trades football uni- forms for basketball with Merwin Kirby and Jilll Johnson. Wrllo has the ball? 'F-I-il--HR-S, Yiiigl'l'S is our 11:111103 , . . 1 l' 111' 11 wc Wm, 111' If wo lnsu Y. fu NX11 rv Iig.f1-rs just till! SJIIIIUY Sonlcone is certainly fouling Kirby, as he grabs il high ball. Dahlenburg attempts a basket, during the Champaign game. Everyone wants into the uct! Jim ,lohnsun and Dick Ruflicil protect UFll3ll2l,S intcrost on the ball during the Rilllllllll ganic. . . . Dick Hegenbarl goes up for a beautiful jump shot. . . . Jim Johnson makes il speclacular basket against Normal Uni. . . . It's I1 battle of hands between Jim Johnson and a Danville player. 110 Tin' 11153 Iioscmary RESERVES SEASON'S RECORD XYatscka ...... Rantoul ...... Mattoon ...... i'l1m'lvstol1.. Danville ...... IJi"L'?:ll'lll'. .... . Lim-oln ....... Chalupaigu. Clinton ........ Catl10cl1'al... Strvator ...... Springfield. Mattoou ...... Montic-0110... Tusc-Ula ....... G6liJl'g'lJt0XX'll Cllalllpaigll. Manual ........ Danville ...... Decatur ..... RESERVE SQUAD Ram' I---Viseur, Briggs, Hanlon, Ilumplurvy, Hvnlgcock, Hzunmollcl 011 loo XX ltts Elml BIOCR Toux Scott Hour 3-Mr. Viseur, llurt, Sanus, Wilson, Pluc-e, f'UI'1'Zly, Munlmll. The 195: Rosemary Track The Urbana High School track team was strong' l as usual this year, due to the large number of re- l turning lettermen. Heading this list were Jim Johnson, Ulaude Linford, and Dick Hegenbart, juniorsg and Harman Smith, Merwin Kirby, John lledgcock, and Ray Wilson. The season got oft to a good start as they won the Urbana Open, and captured third place in the Paris relays. Urbana ended the season with ten wins including K the Urbana relays. They also placed first in the dis- . trict and made four and one-half points at the state MR. GENE ARMER meet. The school is very proud of our splendid Track Coach track team and coach. A group of tired Urbana runners take it easy after beating Rantoul in a relay. 2 The 7952 Rosevnary - TRACK TEAM Ron' I-Linford, F. Rnsnor, lfllnni, Luker, Hopper, Sheuring, Hudfim-ld, Kirby, Long, Overninn, Munlnill. P N11 1 White, Smith, Wilson, R. A. Rzisner, lledgeock, Hegenlnirt, Dunn, Julinson, Bielcvrs, lliines. Row: 3-Lewin Zu 11 ll Gerald, Childress, liurgin, Whitlaiteh, Viseur, linrr, llieks, Rolwrtsoii. Hun' 4--Moore, Blank, Mock, Llllf-llllllilll I lunhlg Foster, Lnin, NVidclows, i'orrny, Scott, Mr. Ariner, Mr. Jolinsun, Mr. Ryllll. April 8 ..... ixprn 10 .... April 12 ..... April 16 .... April 19 .... ixpfn 22 .... April 25..., ixprn 26 .... April 29 .... M ay May May M ay M ay Th e 7952 1fo.Qe'rnary f 0 9 ...... 16,17 20 ..... 2-I ..... TRACK SCHEDULE ............Rantoul .......Urbana Open- ......Paris Relays ......lJanville ......Pnnn Open ........Gl'0I'QfQi0XVl1 ......MatToon Relays -There Here -There -There -There -There -There .......NfJf11ldl Relays-There ........Clm111paigrn .......lYI'billl2l Relays- .....Dislrie'f Meef ......Stz1Te Meet ........ Mattoon- il0llfQI'l'lli'l' Meet -There Here Here -Pekin Letterman MERWIN KIRBY Seniorg Urbmm's outstumling polo Vzlulter. JOHN HEDGCOCK Sl'l1l01'Q mu the 880 and won llllllly points for U1'lJ2'l1lH. 114 HARMAN SMITH Sl-uiorg TIl'lJ2lIl2l,S top clis0us l'lll'0W0l'. ll:11'm:1u also run on the 880-yard rulzny tozuu. JIM JOHNSON Ju11io1'g Ul'lJ2ll12l,S I1ll'2l1'0l111Cl pQrfm'111c1'. Tops in high jump, shot put, and dashes. Jim also pole vaulted aml high jumped. Tim 1.0.53 1?oscmm'y Letterman CLAUDE LINFURD VERLON SHEURING JUlli01'S V311 the 100, 220, 111111 Willy- JllI1lO1'j Il1'b2Ll1211 'S top mile 1'11l11101'. Xv6l'lU11 was also one of the sta1Te's top milers. TOM LUKER DICK HEGENBART -ll1l1l01'j llllllll l'2l1l both the mile 111111 the 880, Where he J1111i01'g 2111 :1ll-:11'u1111d lJL'l'l:0l'lllGl'. Dick 1'lll1 lllll lllll'Lllt'S, picked up Vzilimble team points. 880-yard relay, :uid high jumped. fm The 1115! .lfu.s1'n1ury 115 Wrestling The U. ll, S. wrestling team did very well for them- selves this year. They were the seetional champions. and runners up in the Big 12. Their dnal meet reeord was four wins and five losses. Six members of the team travelled to Proviso to the State Finals, but failed to place against strong competition. They made a running start by trouncing Paxton 3-1-10, and then met a. strong Pekin team, onlv to be de- , . ' teated, 20-12. Mattoon also proved to be powerful enough to defeat the Tigers, 20-19. However, they MR. NATE JOHNSON bounced back to beat Danville 22-16 before falling to Wrestling COHCII Champaign. The Paxton team once more proved no match for the improving team as they were strangled 33-3. Danville throttled the U. II. S. team back by the score of 19-17. Then at Danville eame a preview ot what CCont'd cill p. 1185 Bobby Divine gets a good hold on a Who's on top between ,lim Valentine and a Champaign grappler. Champaign wrestler? 116 The 1952 Ifosemary WRESTLING SCHEDULE lim-vvllllwl' T ..... UUt'l'lllbl'I' 14 ..,.. Dl't'P1l1bP1' 21 ...,. vI2lllll2lI'Y15 ..... -l2lllll2ll'j'18 ..... Jilllllillj' 22 ..... -lilllllillj' 251 ..... I"m-bl'11z11'y S ..... l"l'bI'll2ll'j' 16. ..... . l"cbr11zu'y 21 ..... 5 L l+'cln'1m ry 22 ..... ..... l+'vbr1lary 29 ..... W'RESTI,ING TEAM ......PZlXfOll ......I,Ukill ......BIZlff00ll -There -There -There .....DElllViHt'fIICl'C .....f1hklllIlJ2liQ.Z'lI -Ilvre .,....Ma1fToo11-119111 ......I'z1xTm1 --There .....llzlnvillv-Ilerv Big' 'l'wvlw Mm-ct at llzlrlvillv .. .. ..... vllillllllkligjll YTIICYG Sectional Mom-t at Ullalnpaigll ......Stz1t0 Mvvt at Proviso Ntuuf, R. A, Rzxslwlg R. Stout, F. Ralslwr, Whitlzltvll. ROM' J-Yallvlltilu-, I.1-wis, llivilw, Busscw Blmuls arcs. lfwfl' JfN:ullv1'. Sums, 1IL1f?01',f'llillll'l'SS, Buslmonl, NIL'fIilllliS. I'ol'te1', Iloppcr, HUIllh'l', VIIIIIIIIJUII, Vllilth Tuhui Hou' I--lb. f' 1115! l.'n.wn1f1r-11 I 117 J CAPTAIN RAY STOUT 120-pound junior was to happen at the sectional as they were barely nosed out of first and had to settle for a second. This setback must have had something' to do with the licking' handed them by Cliallipaign for the second time this year. The highest point of the season came at the sectional where Urbana collected a total of tour iirsts, two seconds, two thirds, and a fourth. Although the team will be losing' six lettermen this year, there are some up-and-coming' nnderclassnien who will make ns proud of our wrestling team again next year. Placed second in sectional and second in Big 12. BOB DIVINE SAM BUSSEY PAUL MEGINNIS 145-pound senior 154-pound senior 138-pound senior Voted most valuable Placed third i11 Big 12. One of the Wrestled three years at Morton lligh. Placed first in sectional and hardest Workers on thc team. Ilard worker. second i11 Big 12. 118 The 195.3 Rosemary KEITH BLOWERS JOHN PORTER 165-pound senior 112-pound senior VVon Sfjffflllllillj placed third Placed third in Big 12. in Big 12. JIM VALENTINE 133-pound junior Won Big 12. FARREL RASNER I 112-pound senior Placed second in Big 12 RUSSEL LEWIS 138-pound sophomore Captain-elect for 19527.73 REX WHITLATCH R. A. RASNER 103-pound f1'9Slll1121I1 l337'1'0U11d .llllliflf Only froslminn to earn :1 letter. WON S0l'fi0112i1 Hlld Big 17 YVUI1 first round in state meet. Plfiwfl S0l'0Hfl ill STRITO. Swimming my L Q. LLM S Q, ,L L L LL I . L I ..1L, L, If ,.,,,h L L L H 0 X ' L -i f W 1 R RL L - z Z: - L, -I, I L - A K , if I if 5 '5- L VV I v-,L 7, L, L , . : g y a khhk VL JVSJQ 1 - L L L h LL A L L 4 5 LLVV L K L A -- I -I 'R if L MR- HARRY RYAN ' R R, I J V fe ff' . L K LL , " Lx gb 5 L g , ' SW'lITlllllI'lg Coach R L .A if sf' , L I i f .L F - I NIP ji Ex, 'g A 5 QQ! Q L E 'Lx 1 Q ' l 2 ' i S ! I. .41 L: .,LL. A ,:. 9 f :ve-'J - L ,LLL , L LLL L Z :lf W, LM k ,W L 5 L L . RRRR Y f 5 - ' i f LL' ' LL-- U - L - L.. V . -"fL 'fn gf' R Pi-'f TEAM lfuu' 74T0w1lsL-lld,Rviguer, IIl'lltIL'l'SUll, Xvebbcr, Xin-lsull, Hzltfor, llmlg. Rolf' ,J--3lm11'Q, Fitz-Gvrzlld, IJCl'l'0llgIl, Gillvspiu, Bickm-rs, Iilzlvk. RUM' .7-Lain, Yliet, IIZIWSUH, Smith, 'l'ntl1, 'l'rimlJle, Cozwlu Hyun. CAPTAIN BILL PRESNELL 40 :md 200-yard frm' stvlv. Relav. CLYDE SMITH 100-3.1111 flee stylv. Rohn' 120 The 1953 Huscnzary ---..,,,.M-QMNNN yi-x.. JIM LAIN 41' :md IlH,'.VIlI'll H00 sflvlc. Hvlwvi -nw-llllwl' 't't'l!ll11'I' -7 llUIll"V I2 llll1Ill'j' 18 -lm1'11:11',v I -lvrllzlry 8 'Ibl'll!ll',Y 1, 'IPl'll:Il"V 2 SCHEDU LE 2 f,ll2ll'g'2l Bllllfillj' I lizllwlllv - -1 :alumvt fltv -- I3Ir101111l1,QTu11 - I3lmn11i1lg.1't'ol1 --IP:l11V1llv T - Big 'l'w1-ln' Nluvf 2-V 1Jll1ll'jJ,'1I AIIIIIQIVQ' STEWVART TRIMBLE llrvnst strolw. 11-lxxvs. JIM VLIET Huck sfmku, IllK'dll'.Y BILL MOORE lhvllmgg, breast U I111l1x1du:1l IIIWIILW' STUART DAWSON l'zl1vt:1i11-L-I1-vt fm' 1952-315. Iirvzlst stmlw, imlividllsnl 1111-dlvy Rvlzly. JIM TOTH QUU-.Yll1'd frm- stylm' hawk sfl'okO, Mvdlcy rvluy. ,nn v llnder the capable guidance of Uoaeh Gene Armer, the Tiger harriers, with Verlon Shenring, Tom Lnker, John lledgeoek, Lyle llahlenbnrg, and Cordell Hopper returning as lettermen, worked hard and went on to an undefeated season in dual and triangular meets. XVith John Mock, Leonard lVilson, and C. L. Mnnhall add- ing much strength to the team, Vrbana was the favorite to win the 'Big l2 title. Although Ver- lon Shenring won first place in near-record time and Tom Luker was third, the Tigers were edged by Danville for the conference championship. ln the district meet, run over the Urbana llountry Club, Ur- bana. regained lost prestige by Cross Country VERLON SHEURING Big 12 Champion Second in state meet CROSS COUNTRY TEAM beating Danville, Paris and other entries. This qualified the team to enter the state meet the following weekend. Running into the face of an icy wind, the Tigers all came through with their best perfor- mances of the year to win the state championship with a total of 21 points, the lowest total in the history of the meet. Verlon Sheuring took second place, John Mock fourth, Tom Tinker sixth, Leonard lllilson twelfth, and John Hedgeoek sixteenth, to complete the scoring. The success and record of this year's team are the highest at- tainable, and pay a great tribute to their coach, and to their school. Rau' Z7XViddows, Lindeinan, O'lJonnell, Zeigler, Corray, Hart, Valentine, Hoag, Porter, Benner, Trinklc. Ron' ,2fToth, llrennan, linker, Sheuring, Hedgcock, Trimble, Dahlenburg, Vililson, Mock, Visenr, lllnnhall, Hopper, Mr. Armor. 122 The 1052 Rosemary ll: April April April May Slay May May May May Golf SCHEDULE Ihmvillv Vlmlllpaigll I At l'lmmpaig'11 1-iii-Q 50, .Xl lizmvillv Smfl1la1'1nzmn -'Xi w' 'S W, .XT llzlnvillc V - "fm" ,, 1 -'if' llistrivt 1l1PQt at Maftoon ,f"" XX Y f , X ' . Stahl nwvt at U. of I. j U it FP 7 -llemvlllv SClll2i1'I11kl1llI Y Y X W l . Mb Mb -lilg' 12 meet at Pfjklll G ll4iHQll Vlvomly YlSUl11'7S aspiring! golfvrs began pl'?l1'flL'lllg' in Tlw ivy winds of Marvlm at H10 lvY'bHlll l0llllll'Y l'lulm. llezulvcl by 1'GT1lI'lllllg1' ll'ff6I'lll2lIl Lyla llill1lPl1bll1'QI. and 1'vgr11lzn's Jolm l'm'Tm-1' and Sturm l7z1wsm1 lc1'U1H last ym-z11"s TUHIH. lv1'bElllii lookvcl fO!'NV2ll'll to ai successful 80218011 in dual, Big' Twvlve, mul strivl 1111-v GOLF TEAM Ifrnr I--l'u:1c'l1Yism-lll', ll0l'fl'l',llQl'l'0HQl1, llc-flgvock. Run' ,E Vlmwsmm, llHlllOl1lHll'f,?,', flllllllvlbiill, Elliot, Ylivl, Watts, Hong, ll L'lvln'l'. b f' 1515 .' 1?o.wfmf1ry 123 11' 0 M' m Z F. Hus11c1', lloppl-r, Moon-, M1-ginnns, Kirhv ' "U" Club li1'e1'y boy who grow out lllll' afhlv V looks f01'NY2l1'1l to Thx- day XYllf'll hc- rv vrliws il V211'Sllj' lvlfm-1', wl1ivl1 1-11Titl11. him to bcllong' to Tho "lm Vinh. 'llhc Zflllll of 'rhv cl Sl'J01'fS111El,l1Sl1lD, To Jl'0ll1Ul hood, and to aid Tho l'02ll'lllllQl,' staff. Led by AI01'XYlll Ki1'h.v, p1'osid1111Tg liob Divine, vice-p1'vsi1lv11Tq -Inn -lol1n- son, S0l'1'Pl'?llf'-T1'0?lS1ll'0l'L and SIJ0llSUl'l'll by flixllix :X1'11101'. tho "l"7 lllllll SUl'Ylxfl as OFFHAERS llSllPl'S for baskvtbzlll 22111108 and spon- .,.,-'1'1-1-11s1wm'z Huw, vwsxdcml sorvd the klllllllill "IT" ltlllll llzlnc-0 on JQMHSOW SWISXLJ1-, V311--P1-Qskdout. May 10 in The UHS gyrn. AT This dance, onv of The main sovizll zwlivifivs of The your, new llffllxl' wi1111c'1'sof tho past yvar wv1'v lc01'11lHllf' illitizllvd by tho officers and old 1nen1lw1's. MEMBERS Il U11 ' - N 1111 1- ' HX l llllt, Al l.1ll, Orr, .h1'l'K'l112l11, R. Stout, Wluitl:1t1'l1. lion' If K lllljllbtll, Hicks, llnncs, IQUIIIIX, llilllllllllblllgf l'1'C'S11Gll, R Rfwm 1 ' ' , . . .1.1o ', lorh-1', Wilson. lfou' Jfllr. Johnson, lllllill Il lv 0g':111, H611lli11g', Linforrl, Norton P WUI" ' " ' Y ", 1-1,51-ook, , ,lo 5, l'll11l1l1lQ H1 Al'llll'l' Ho i IJ' ' , - . . 11' bf W1110, J0l111Sso11, Sllfjllldllgf, Voolc, Ylivf, flllllillll, lloros, Lain, Mor-k. HUIIA 5 --llzuwson, V. Smith, IIz1dH0ld ll0g1111lr11't llnnn Flliot l' Sui ' , . , , . , . 1th, l'otl1,L0wis, Mr. Astrolh. ,ww ,,.. ,i , . 124 The 15153 lfoswmzry tus S nb IS lo IHTJIIIOTK' bl'ttl'l' I 1- idvzll 1112111- if " " 'V 1 lf... TYYIRLERS Xhlsmm, Xlzwlu-y, I.:l111. lbrum Nf:l,lm'vfiu l'l'Pl'lIIIlll. 5XYl'IIl'lllg.fL'lI, Nxvzmggm-. IxllI'WUll. X Court of H onor and Tfwirlers COURT OF HONOR Hou' I- lmug, I.urn1:x1'4l, llmlson. lion' ,J-Foltz, Willizmmson, Fisvh. BI4'l1'lli, NXYk'21l'ill,fK'll, Hou' J- W4-oks, Nlzxltlwws, Ogg W dun. Hzlllzlghw. '5 x J , qbvv. , E, ! K 1 ' . W x -11 3 A' go, w 1115 .' Hn.wH1tlI'.I1 Bouird, Strode, Flwrclllull. Y YARSI'l'YfC':111t1'e-ll, 1"1'QQ111:111, XVHSOH, Xv1l1C1ltillC, Lxl'2ll1k, SIVOGO, Bczlird. Our Cheerleaders . I3illY:1lv11ti11v. In their basketball 1111i.fU1'Hl S: f"Yo1'A'1lfiSf'- Flilllk, i':1l1t1'0H, XYils011, 126 The ,Z.'J5,f Roswnzary Q., W WM 'iilmz 9 41 sm if 'ei E 3, ,gg ' 'M pf 'N f V Q ' E me . e -Q2 K Vzllllplwll, BIIIUSUIQ I'1'vs1u-ll, BVIIUII, liruwll, Reserve Iivzlirrl. I1:'11'sfz11l, Ihlllsllm-111v01'gv1' Leaders l'lfZS1llllllKrllS, Rxlglo, l,OUl'l', A111111 Ililv, D4x1lg'l:1S, NYilliS ,K it A? . , ' 1 - , Q x ' QA-"JA ' VIN A ' 'Hi' 'Ev' E3 iffy. ffm 1313 3 1.m,wf-mzzry Girls' Athletic Association CER5 , 1111111 QFFI , . 1 11 1 GAA W.. 111111111151 n Xwmngq S111-1et.11,T.YQnSu,.,.r, X ViW4VyQs1111'111, idvum 113.1-1111111111 191111111 . Yun. VY95 , 11' :1 Chainxizxll 1 Nt G. A. A., Girls' Athletic Ass1111iatio11, 111lC1P1' t1111 sp1111sors11i11 of Mrs. 110171 1121y11e11 211111 Mrs. Jane Cox, 1121s pro- vi11e11 111a11y at111eti1: 211111 so1'i211 activities 11111'i11g t11e 15151-52 s1'110o1 year. Soft1o21.11 started oft the ye211'. Basket- ball 1-2111111 next, 211111 as usual was a big: s111'1'ess. Volleyball. t11111b1i11g', SXV1111- 111i11g', a1111 bow1i11g1 f0l10WGt1 111 1i11e, 211111 wit11 the 1'o111i11gr of s111'i11g', softball 211111 21111 were t11e 111111111211' sports. '1'11e Girls' At111et11- Assoeiatioii 111t1C1C a 1111g'e s111-cess ot their so1'i211 activities. '1'1'1e b111111y pi1:11i1f was 1112111 with t11e 0111 1111-11111e1's 111'i11gri11g' 21 11111011 for the new 111ltll1bG1'S. 011 FlAb1'l1211'j' 4, the 11ew 111011113018 were i11itiate11 111f01'111?111y by 11oi1'1g1' skits. p11e111s, 211111 soiigsg 111011 tor- 11121115' by a 1'a11111e1igi'11t 1:1-1'e111o11y i11 w11ie1'1 they he211'11 t11e 1:1'ee11 of G. A. A. 1'ea11 by the officers. 111 01'L101' to raise 111o11ey. G. A. A. so1c1 boxes of salt XV?1'EO'12f3f ' ' 1 football gaines. 1 1 5, 21111 s11o11so1'e11 hops after 21 few At the 21111111211 1'J2l1lf11101, 11e111 011 May 8. 2lXV31'C1S were p1'ese11te11 211111 11ew offi1'e1's i11sta11e11. MEMBERS Hou' lffl2l1l11'11J01l, F111tx, t'o11i11s, f11'Qgl'l'SOl1, 15111'XVO11, 1.:1i11, 1i1l111OY, A11111'iet11, iiilllilglltxl'-, 1'l1'2l111i, 112111, FI't'L'1l1t1l1, 11:11'10w. How ,2fi'1'oss, 11111111-t11, Bell, 1i011C11', Hile, 131115, 151-11, Fis1'11, Beai1'11, 11o1lso11, 1"1V1111S, liolmbs. lfou' .1-H1111so11, Ilollowav, 11o11ges,A1'ie,111111g', 1"itzsi1111111111s, 11i1'11e1's1111 11it11e1'l'11111 11'111 111ug11s Hou I H1011 4 . , . . , . , 1 1 2 - ' 111111-ld, fl2lI11T.11Jl'11, 111111, l1L11tZt'll, 11211- st2111, G11111e11s11-i11, f11'l',L1'll1'X, 111'1111k, l11'1111, Ifozl' 5'11t'I111'Il, 1g1'I1XVl1, 1'1K11'11l2l1l, Hollowaly, 11:11'1101', 1,o11g', A11K'110l'1'.V, 1glll'l'1l, .1211- 11i11e, 131'Zl1111. 12 3 The 795.2 I?IJSl'71I!17'k1j -4 f 1 1 wwf ww Wm , 5551, EM!! ......u...3 IM-11111-s Bvll 111111 Iiilf111l't'l1 841111111411 svt 11vw 1w11'f1s to the 111110 of 148011001 Days" as thc-ir part of G.A.A. i11iti:1t1o11 IAlU1i1llg' 011 am' officws F1'z111k, B1i'F2ll'111l, :111d 1"11'9l'lllE1ll. G. A. A. INITIATION MEMBERS Rolf' I-gS1:1tlc, Mclvlli, NYvvlcs, Smith, HRIVZIQG, 1,01'1l'l', NVil1is, Mm-Ii, 1,1'USll011, Sums, 1Y11SUll, VVi11i:l111s. Huw Z---Mrs II2lj'f1l'1l, S12l.Vf011, 1'11111i11s, Slzxdv, Bluyw, X1H1'f0.V, K111OS1llgf, Rlmdvs, 31lPlll'L'1!0iif1, XCWU11, Y01111g', S1-111':1c11-1'. Hou' .3--13. 111118011 If2I1ldZl11, R:111f1:1II, Mzu-kx-lv, XVm'ks, Hz1s1101', '111'1lllIl19, W:1x1u1', S12lll1l'j', R:1s111ussv11, Klzxttlill, Hvuss. Hou' If-Mrs. Cux. Mvliin 110.13 Nowkirk, Bluynflg XYiI11:1111s1111, W1-:1V01', 'l'm11li11so11, lizlglv, XY2ll'kt'l', 'l'11of10, '11L'll1l1'0Uk, Y:111f11-1'Vo1't, Stl'g'gl'l'l-121. Hou' .5- 1io1vi11so11, F111-11111-111, NIVIIUIICY, 1X12Ij'l'l', S1U1f1llU1', St'1lIIl1l11', S1111iv:n11, 111v11:11'f1s, Nv11pv1'T, N111-z11'111g011, S11'1l11l', Opulkii. Ruiz' 6- '1':n.v1o1', B1:1yf10lf1, Mxufflwws, 11:10, '11l'Uffl'l', NllINllll'l'S, 11I1'1'1I11'11ll, N. M:1,vH0l11, Millvr, l.0u11:l1'f1, M:11'VQ1, Mzuldy. 1 H Y ... ..1. ...., .... ,..V,1.... Thr 1,055 lFn.w'11:1lr'.11 129 K 1':u'ul Mayfield Bonnie llickorson, Shi1'loy Muttlin A l'I'h0I'y 1511501111 I1 T,2lYt'I'llL' SXVL'2ll'illQl'll, Virginia Holloway f':u'ul Tlludv, Edna 'l'Q11b1'o0k Bzul111il1to11 Bowling I, .-4.2 30 The 1952 Rosemary Klurinzx NTL'Q'Ll't'1'1lII, S110 RlI1!4llt'l1!ll'l'f.fL'I' Bvffy ,Nun 1901111-llstuin, Nvmu X luxlllg, V111-nl 111 SWill1llliIlg n-ll, l5zx1'lr:l1'.x N4 Hazskcflmll ii Vnllvylwzl ll l1dt'I'Yl1I'1 1" 1111141-s lnllllllx Golf 1' l,'f.5..' lion lflfl 'M 111 131 Terrapin OFFICERS Wilson, Vice-l'residentg Bell, Presidentg Steggerdu, See1'et:1ry-T1'e:1su1'e1'. Terrapin is tl1e honorary swimming organization for girls. The requirements for membership are to demonstrate the following: skills in good form: the breast stroke, side stroke, crawl, various dives and floats, and any other skills. Plans for the year included a spring: water show, which was not held due to other school conflicts. How- ever, members still met each Thursday in the pool to improve their swimming and diving' techniques. TERRAPIN MEMBERS Bills, Porter, Moyer, Williamson, Raushenberger, Noorinnn, Steggerdn, Sullivan, Boley, Bell, Wilson, Bobbs, Audrieth. 132 The 1.952 Rosemary I-'C -'XWURI if SAGAMORE, ACTIVITIES HO ORARY Jam- Bll2lll'fl Bofsy Roll Iiledzl B000 .Tommie Bl'llllli0W f'll1ll'lUl'tl' Bunn .loan Burn-li Silllflfil l'l:1l'k Gwvn Vziiltlvll Sliirloy Cllllilfll NUVIIIII flllllllillllll' Lyle l,2illl0I1lJI1l'g' Groti-lion Fiscli A1ldl'k'2l Fl'0t'1ll1ll1 l"1':em'QS Fluilik LHYL-riie Guiunnoii Hefty Anil Goldonstviu Dun lliuivs l'a-gggy llofwul' lion Kcslvl' .loan .I:i1'dim- vlilffllllll Lulu Nlllilllllt' IA'Ull3l'll -lU2l1llll'Il0 l.0:l1' Phyllis Long l':1ul Al0gllllllS .lozniiotfv Millar Vollec-11 Moore Flul'el11'v Bll'l'vZll'llll Betty Ncwkirk lil-vei'ly Phillips John l'o1'toi' -l0Zlllllt' Rau- Fxirrol If1lSlll'l' liill'l1ilI'Il Rllllflj' Elsie Sf-Qtf i'l1:z1'lv1w Scott Prisvillzn Shivoly Sum Sfznilcy Opal Suninivrs l,:uVei'm- SWk'Ill'il1gIUll Kilim 'l'i-iilmmlc Fzurol 'Flnodv Ilnlc Tllllll0y llurotliy Trottvl' Bill Villkllltlllll Mzlrgory xVIll'H0lll Mary Carol NV:1xlvr Etllllllllll VVlii1c HATCHET ORATORS TOP SENIORS BQV1-rly Phillips, Senior Omtor Mary Uziml Wuxlor, Sum Htzinloy, C0'V2ll04lll'l'OI'l2lliE, la nu George Douglas, Junior Orzntoi' Miller, l'egg'y lluuvor, co-snliitutmiuiis. 1' 1125! l.'n.wf'1nr1r'y The Rosemary Proudly Presents J OA N B U R C H Miss Rosemary of 1952 Joan was chosen on the basis of poise, personality, and popularity. She was crowned at the annual Christnlas Dance on Deeeinber 22, 1951. Attending' her were Andrea Freeinzln, Beverly Phillips, and Beverly Wilson. Hail the queen! Left fo I'l.IjllffAlt611d1l11t Beverly Phillips, Queen Joan, Attend- ants Beverly VVilson and Andrea Frecnmn, and Crown Bearer f':11'olyn Burch. x y 36 The 1952 Rosemary The Tigefs Den COUNCIL OFFICERS lfnzw 11IZ1l'11111iOWY, Mr. Os1':11' A1111111s. Hou' Z'-V. XY11S1l1l, Cillllllf bell, 13. 1V11s1111. T1111 '1'10'1-1"s 131111 has 11111-11 011-11 011 F1'11111v 111111 C 1 . SE111ll'L111Q' 1-v1111111g's 101' 1111- 13911111111 of 11-1-1111g'111's 111 '1'I11- y1111111 1111111111' spo11s111'e1l lllilllj' 111'1f1113s11'11 111111111-s 1111s f'1'2l1', Illl,'111i11I1Q' 1110 F1'11sl1111a11 11110011111 - 1 A X V' I Y 1 1. Y. I n ' 1 ' thv wmmlmlfyu D111111, 1h11 111111111sgg1x.111g 1J1111c11, H11111 11111111115 ,, . , IJ1111111, 111111 11111 x?l11'll1I11O 112111012 111113' 111s11 111111 1111'11ug'1111111 11111 ye-1113 2111 1181 11111111111 1'1'11w11 111 ' 20,000 111 25,000 1111j11ye11 p111y111g' ping 111111g', l'2l1'11S, 111111 1'11111fk1-rs, 11s11111111g 111 11111 1'1111111 Ill 11111 101111151-, 111111 1111111-111111 S1111 111'111ks w111'11 s111'v1111 111 1110 S11111-k Z' b111'. llliflllf' 11111'11 11111115 p111'1111s 111 1-111111g'11 1119 11111111 of 111f- 11V11111s. T1111 year' was 1'1111111X1111 W1111 11111 G111111111111111 '1'1g'111-'s D911 officers. YOUTH CENTER COUNCIL 111111: 1f1111odQS, 1311:111'11, B1:111110ws, S11111111, V:'11111111'1'111'1, H11'gg111'11:1. 11,010 ,!f151'1111'11, S1111111, Ki1111e:11', 13111'Q11, 111110, B1-11, G111l:1g11e1', CIIIIIIJIDQI1. 1 38 Tflrf' 195.3 lfos0111111'y 1711111-1' 111 111111111' of 11111 1'111ss 111 15152 111111 11111 1'11111'111g DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIONS CLASS 11,0717 7ffl1o11be1'gvr, Valontino, Redding, XVOZ0lll'!'2lfl', Stahl, Potts, Wiley, Bcckor, Wz11'1's-11, Phelps. lfouf J Arlo, H2111- fiolcl, Kirby, Ruclicil, Molton, H:1ll1Q1'staflt, Fryer, Hilk'lCO1', Hausons, VVylllllgQ1', Bloomkor, Morey, Mr. lxlilflflilll. THE JOB zlEl'llfl0S of -Ll1'lI8lHi High"-the two regulars, NVKID ll'0ll1lg9 Pl'HQ'l'IllllfflJlIllPl3Cll. SXV02ll'lllg91l :md Hoflson. Phillips, Rhodes. j 115' 140 The 1053 Hosmmry ev' '.y,.g,W, .Tess Wylie skillfully does ll ll1llll'C1'S Karen llultzen :md LVYZIIIUCS Frzmk llUl'l'l'2lf' soft sluw Illl1lll1t'l'. 4'l'lw Owl mul the l'ussycz1T." FALL REVUE SCE ES lln- lllIl1'lUSt4lll tvnm 3- in au-tion -Ilultzen, A l'lll11ll'll, xlIltHll'XVS, lV:11'fl, xVllll2llllS011, Orr. ,,, A Sl't'lll' from HS11111 , 1 mm' l'm110S to fllll lli ,f l I :nmonfl U" 1 lfff In 5 . . L fliflllf lj0lVk'l'S, .Flll Ul'I':1l1l. Tlmmly, Rus nor, Jollnsoll, Smith I.mTm'rl. Xlvmlvl. Thr' l!I5,! L'o,v'mr11'y 14,1 :Zan mafia Photographs for All Uccasions We wish to congratulate you, the Senior Class of 1952, upon your completing a course. We wish you success in other undertakings. Ufzlmna- incoln Hotel Look closely-maybe y0u'll See yourself! This was taken at the Homecoming Hop. The 195: Imsvmary 14. Itis a basket for Urbana! UHS'ers show their peppy spirit during the Champaign game. Q In Ti SINCE 1865 BEST WISHES T0 THE SENIORS CLOTHING Charles M. Stanley B. NIENAESIEIEQQIEN W: , :A E I WEBBER BALBACH I:5msisE,is Philip C. A COMPARE - anywhere and youill be aware L '13 lil JEL- ' of the rlesire to share. ATTORNEYS-AT'-LAW 3-Tif ' . . Unlnalchefl ln 118M4 ll1IlBS Champaign County Bank Building Urbana . A 33-35-37 Main Street Champaign, Ill. BOGGS 81 COGDAL INSURANCE . . . REAL ESTATE uk 122 South Race Street Urbana, Illinois J. M. BEAN ELECTRIC AND HARDWARE, INC. GE APPLIANCES ELECTRICAL CONSTRUCTION AND REPAIRS 24-Hour Service 103 VV. Main Street Urbana, Illinois 44 The .7952 Rosemary Compliments of G. A. BAKER COMPANY 111 W'est Church, Champaign URBANA DRUG STORE V. H. Burgess "lf It's Advertised We Have It" 105 West Main Congratulations to the Class of ,52 BIGLER COAL CO. Phone 7-2525 212 North Broadway Urbana, Illinois Elgin, Cruen, Hamilton Watches Silverware WHITTAKER JEWELRY STORE Watch Repairing : Engraving 133 West Main Street Urbana, Illinois Congratulations to the Class of ,52 from THE BRUNKOW ELECTRIC CO. Phone 7-5454 HARSHBARGER IMPLEMENT COMPANY ALLIS-CHALMERS SALES AND SERVICE NORGE HOME APPLIANCES HAMILTON DRYERS IRONRITE IRONERS LEWYT VACUUM CLEANERS 219 N. Broadway Urbana, Illinois Phone 7-4-335 RALPH HALBERSTADT, Florist FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Corsages, Cut Flowers, Plants V 109 West Elm Urbana, Illinois FALLON'S MASTER CLEANERS DRESSES, SUITS, TIES, FURS, BUGS Quality Cleaning at a Fair Price Dial 4019 Veteran Cleaners Operating Our Own Modern Plant 305 South Broadway Urbana, III. Off. 4414- Res. 7-3495 ARTHUR D. BRUNK Associate Representative Equitable Life Insurance of Iowa Compliments of BURR, PATTERSON AND AULD CO. 704 South Sixth, Chanlpaign 112 North Neil Champaign - 1 . A Compliments of CEBHART STORES INC. 9 BLUM'S Tires . . . Batteries . . . Seat Covers "Because you love nice clothes" TI. I 3074 47M ' ,Ch ' eep lone am ampalgn 124-126 N. Neil Street Champaign, Illinois 16' 1115.2 Ruse m ary 145 A group of watchful chaperones pose with Oscar Adams at the Tiger's Den. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 352 Conrpliments of ANDYTS lj RESTAURANT A. J. Vliet, Proprietor WHERE YOU GET A GOOD III MEAL We Serve the Best AMERICAN LEGION POST 71 Urbana, Illinois Pearl E. Grindley, Commamler CARMON'S DRIVE-IN Tops in Food Meals : Lunches : Fountain Phone 6-1603 Postal Sub-Station 1120 W. Oregon St. Meal Tickets Urbana' Hhnols 415 North Neil Street, Champaign Our Flowers are grown by -Experts and Compliments arranged by Artists Of ART FLORAL CO. JONES, OPTICAL Dana I-hfcklfon Inc ' O Authorized FORD Service - Champalgn Champaign, Illinois 146 The 195.-9 Rosemary Busey First National Bank URBANA, ILLINOIS A Loyal Supporter of Urbana Since 1868 Y DEPOSITS GUARANTEED BY FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Member of Federal Reserve System V Good Luck, Seniors! FIELD'S Your Favorite Store for Americrfs Finest Apparel Clothing . . . Furnishings . . . Shoes Visit Our Record and Radio Shop BEST WISHES T0 THE CLASS OF '52 All Gas Appliance Company V 74 East University Avenue Champaign, Illinois COCHRUN Studebaker in the Downstairs Store Champaign 7 Main St. 315 Fremont St. Champaign Asp Opposite City Hall Phone 9013 HUGHES-KRABBE COMPANY SUPER MARKET 11 East University Avenue Champaign, Ill. THE BEACON DRIVE-IN Di lferent Restaurant Good Food BROADWAY MARKET T. H. Doty, Owner Fruits and Vegetables in Season Open Evenings and Sundays 301 East University Avenue Urbana, Illinois P. H. Swearingen W. V. Smith Compliments S I N C L A I R of SMITTY'S SUPER SERVICE TILDEN-HALL 211 East Green Street Champaign, Illinois Th e 1952 Hosp mary 14-7 WHEN YOU,RE HUNGRY O V E R G A R D o S MEL RQQT AMER1cA's MosT FAMOUS CAMPUS SHOP FOR MEN AND WOMEN Good Food Home of AIR-CUNDITIONED Hart Schuffner 8 Marx Urbana, Illinois 621-623 E. Green Street Champaign BEST WISHES CONGRATULATIONS, GANG! COMMONWEALTH FURNACE CO. LENNOX Warm Air HEATING SYSTEM v For Neat Appearance DRIVE-IN CLEANERS 717 S. Neil Street Champaign, Ill. AM-ARrr 13110118 Music for Any Occasion BAKER'S DRUGS Harry J. Baker, Jr., R.Ph. Phone 44-64 602W East Green, Champaign 114 E. University Champaign, Illinois Prepare Yourself for ll Position This Fall GIFT LANE , , , , HA . E 0 , LHAMPAION COMMERCIAL COLLEGE Gift for very ccusmn Inquire About Our Special Summer Rates 321 North Neil Champaign, Illinois Cl!!-SSI'-9 Stuffing JUH9 9 120 North Neil Street Phone 8045 RENNERFUNERALHOME MYER,S FASHIONS P. T. WIKOFF AND SONS SPORTSWEAR . . . BLOUSES . . . DRESSES COATS . . . SUITS V V 208 South Race Phone 7-1122 113 West Church Champaign 143 The 1952 Rosemary CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '52 And Best Wishes for Your Successful Future 'A' MOONEY COAL Co. PHONE 2176 PRICE PAINT STORE DU Pom' PRODUCTS 108 S. Neil Street Champaign, Illinois Compliments of URBANA PRINTING COMPANY "Good Printing at Reasonable Pricesn Business -- Social -- Fraternal 302 North Race 7-2389 Phone 5175 ALEXANDER LUMBER COMPANY 368 North Walnut Street Champaign, Illinois Compliments of ILLINOIS GLOVE COMPANY GARBER'S MODERN CLEANERS Telephone 6-1355 615 South Wright DIXIE DRIVE INN New Management CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1952 Featuring CROSSROADS GIFT SHOP SHORT ORDERS, LUNCHES, DINNERS and V FOUNTAIN SERVICE Five POTHIS, Urbana Urbana Lincoln Hotel For Comfort and Economy Johns-Manville Insulation Cinco Aluminum Storm Wilidows Monarch Metal Weathxvrstrippinlg Johns-Manville Roofing and Siding HOME INSULATION COMPANY Certified Johns-Manville Home Improvement Come to . . . HTHE PINES" Contractors Curl: Service P H O N E 6 - 1 3 3 3 , I ' t ' 24- East Green Street Champaign nsule qervlce Th IH5! H0.W'lIIIlI'y 14.9 Children's Needs f ' ' " 9 JACK ,Ng J... RUSSELIJS PENNEYS The Golden Rule Is Our Rule H. E. HARKINS USED CARS Phone 6-6474- 6lI S. Neil Street Champaign, Illinois GUY W. STANNER Field Seeds Wzlshillgtolm and Hickory Street Phone 214-2 Champaign, Illinois H. S. GRINDLEY COMPANY Appliance Sales and Service H 81 H CASH AND CARRY Only' Downtown I. G. A. Store Phone 7-2350 4-02 Griggs, Urbana 108 West Main MAGINN OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. Ph0"0 8554 Sales . . . Service M A N N , S 4-04 East Green Street Champaign, Illinois Jewelry " Ollfiflfll Telephmle 5524 HOU the CamPU5,, 109 South Neil Champaign, Ill. CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORSI MARTY K DRIVE-IN V 612 E. University BEST WISHES P C H A M P A I G N JUNK COMPANY L. T. Robertson uticklcs the ivoriesi' during play practice. 150 The 1525.2 Rosemary W To the Class of l952 . . . Congratulations Upon Your Graduation To the Undergraduates CARRY ON! Your grandparents and parents have traded at Knowlton 81 Bennetfs for over sixty-five years. We have enjoyed serving you, too, during your school years. Whatever your walk in life, we will appreciate your continued patronage, and we pledge you efficient service. WE LEAD IN THE FOLLOWING LINES: Drugs, Books, Gifts, Stationery, Paint, Wall Paper, Picture Framing KNUWLTUN 81 BENNETT YOUR REXALL STORE Phone 7-2100 135-137 Main Street, Urbana 9.5! R0.v1'mary l ELGON LUNCHEONETTE 607 South Neil, Champaign Where Friends Meet Reachfor SUNBEAM V WORDEN-MARTIN, INC. Your Hudson Dealer THE BREAD YOU NEED Champaign, Illinoi. FOR ENERGY Office Phone 7-4945 Home Phone 6-4-771 WATCHES DIAMONDS GIFTS HARSHBARGER BUILDING Sr SUPPLY CO. Authorized "Quonset,, Dealer Harry E. Harshbarger, Owner . 206 E. University Avenue Urbana, Illinois Y' GEORGE RONEY'S WHITE SPOT STERLING SILVERWARE Lunch PLATED SILVERWARE 120 East Main, Urbana 110 North Neil Street Champaign Where Friends Meet STRAUCH PHOTO CENTER At Campus 709 South Wright, Champaign Services for Students Photo Finishing, Framing, Pen Repair School Supplies, Pens Jewelry, Gifts, Greeting Cards Scientific Watcll Repair Complete Photo and Camera Stocks BEST WISHES, CLASS OF ,52 SOUTH SIDE SERVICE GROCERY AND MARKET Y Corner Race and Washington CONGRATULATIONS, GRADUATES! Y Good Citizens Make Good Cities V Association of Commerce 120 West Elm Street Urbana, Illinois 152 T11 0 19552 ROSUIIIGTQ Phone 3940 Compliments of M. J. REED, Jeweler DEFIBAUGH'S MEN'S WEAR Est. 1897 130 W'est Main Urbana, Illinois REGISTERED .IEWELER ACOUSTICAL 81 FLOOR TILE CO. AMERICAN CEM SOCIETY Division of Harlan E. Moore 8: Co. Contractors : Engineers 14- Main Street Champaign, IlliIl0iS 15 East ,Iohn Street, Champaign, Illinois Telephone 6-1333 Tires Batteries CUNCRATULATIUNS BILYEU'S SHELL SERVICE Broadway and Green fl'0m Urbana, Ill. Charlie Bilyeu, Mgr. Phone 7-6238 FRED A. SMITH LUMBER COMPANY Phone 7-1000 J. CYS DRIVE-IN 395 NORTH RACE STREET Fo' Goo" FOO" Corner Springfield and First URBANA Champaign Compliments Of THE COMMERCIAL BANK OF CHAMPAIGN Member FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION The 1952 Rosemary 153 66Quality Furniture for Less Moneyi' Urbana Furniture 'Company 208-210 W. Main Street, Urbana, Illinois Phones: 7-5414 and 7-5415 Games . . . Party Decorations Congratulations to the Class of '52 Cflmefffs and S"P1'li"s McCLAIN SEWING MACHINE COMPANY Phone 7-5355 105-107 N. Neil Street Champaign 207 W. Main Street Urbana, Illinois Compliment. Compliments of vf NASH'S URBANA SHOE REPAIR NORTHERN ILLINOIS Opposite the Eisner Food Store COMPANY 126 West Elm Street Urbana, Illinois CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '52 . . from . . WlLSON"S ICE CREAM CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES C""'i"li"'e"'s of T0 THE CLASS or 1952 THE THE CHAMPAIGN COUNTY HARRY GILL Co. REPUBLICAN CENTRAL COMMITTEE 154, The 1952 Rosemary Phone 7-2 1 12 HINDlVIAN'S UNIVERSITY PHARMACY, INC. 505 S. Goodwin Avenue Urbana, Illinois VOGUE-IN-URBANA Telephone 7-1933 125 W'est Main Street Urbana, Illinois BEST WISHES of S. S. KRESGE CO. Compliments from HELPIE-SELFIE SELF SERVICE LAUNDRY 4-03 East Green Phone 7-7733 Mr. Morris Hirsh SHOE THERAPIST 206 N. Harvey Street Urbana Compliments of APPERSON PLUMBING AND HEATING COMPANY 217lQ West Main Street NEW CONSTRUCTION REPAIR WORK S. C. Abbott Robert L. Abbott DOWNTOWN NIARATHON Ray Carlson Orrie Fairehilrl S' C' 8 Florists "The Station with the Vacuum Cleaner PHONE 6-1634- TELEGRAPH DELIVERY SERVICE Phones: 9616 and 9761 "Say It with Flowers, but Say It with Ours" Main and Spmngfleld Urbana 1501 N. Prospect Avenue Champaign, Ill. Book Shop Rental Library Steak Chicken T H E 9 0 ' 0 P WHEAT'S STEAK HOUSE Complete School Supplies 1904 East Main Street Urbana, Illinois Athletic Equipment Telephone 7-4834 Phone 6-1369 Green and Wright Shfiml' Ham TWIN CITY PONTIAC CO. 214 South Walrnut, Champaign Compliments CHAMPAICN'S New mul Usell Car Sales and Service NEWEST STORE The 1953 lfosanzary 155 Satisfaction Guaranteed M 1 L L E R I S ORCUTT FLORISTS SMART APPAREL 219 North Neil Street Chanlpaign, Illinois "Orchids Distinctive Portraiture The Nationis Studio 99 ffm Umm DLAN MILLS STUDIOS 509 East Green Street Champaign, Illinois Phone 7-1008 W- LEWIS 81 CO- SWIRL BEAUTY SHDP 702W South Goodwill Urbana, Illinois v CHAMPAlGN'S LEADING C0"'l'li"'tf"'lS DEPARTMENT of STORE R. A. STIPES, JR. CONGRATULATIONS T0 THE SENIORS DISTRIBUTORS OF SHELL PRODUCTS Remember, you are the leaders of tomorrow HAYES SI PATTERSON V Realtors Telephone 7-2211 REAL ESTATE : REAL ESTATE LOANS 630 Gravel Road Urbana, Illinois INSURANCE Phone Steer for Good Foods 7-1800 SALES AND SERVICE V REEDER AUTO SALES 9 Telephone 6-1804 STEER S GROCERY 121 SOUTH RACE STREET WE DELIVER 122 West White ChamPaigH, Illilwis 156 The 7952 Rosemary CLASS OF '52 - CONGRATULATIONS! JACK BELL' Gas Service Company ROUTE 10 EAST OF URBANA THE BEST IN EATS THE GREEN ELM FOUNTAIN flf""1f'i"w"'S "The Fountain for Youthsn of FEATURING WILSON'S ICE CREAM Ralph-Dorothy Drinning, Props. Phone 6-7857 206 South Broadway Urbana Urbanav Uli110iS V Compliments Of URBANA LAUNDROMAT 108 South Bennett, Urhana An Phone 7-6279 Tl 1952 Rn.wCn1r1ry 15 H I FOR GOOD, FRIENDLY TEXACO SERVICE Go to SHIRLEY KELLERS 910 W. Green, Urbana Phone 7-3571 PAN-0-CAKE TALLER-TENDERER-SWEETER Baked by Laker- "Am,erica,s Angel Food King" 8 O'C LOCK CLU B Art Magrini "Link" Hance O CHICKEN . . . STEAKS SEA FOOD SPAGHETTI O Route 10-52: Mile East of Urbana, Illinois Phone 6-4956 Compliments of RACE INN KEMPER-FABERT MOTOR CO Lincoln fi vs? R Q, 1 ' Mercury "Economy and Style Championsi' CHAMPAIGN, ILL. THE HUDDLE FoRGooDFooD West of Five Points Urbana 158 The 1952 Rosemary In the past one hundred seventy- six years, as our country has grown and developed, business, agricul- ture and labor have each become "big.,' Probably of necessity, gov- ernment likewise has become B6llig.99 Our government today, includ- ing federal, state, and local, is larger than any industry. The pub- lic schools alone are Hbiggern than any single private enterprise. lt is more important than ever before that we have men and women of high integrity in govern- mental positions of compensation or honor. We salute you, the senior class, for applying yourselves to the task you have just finished. We would like to invite you to apply yourself in the same nlanner to the respon- sibilities of citizenship in our dem- ocracy. LEO PFEFFER, Chairman ALFRED REICHMAN, Secretary Champaign County Democratic Central Committee - Q-mt 5:11, L 1. Nate Johnson and his little Drivers' Training car. T11 I0o 1 Row mary McBRIDE'S DRUGS, INC. 801 South Lincoln . . Urbana 101 South Neil . . Champaign IVIEENACIPS 1204K West California Urbana, Illinois Telephone 4236 H. R' TEXACO SUPER SERVICE GEORGE BARSCH V FINE FLOWERS 117 West University Champaign University Avenue at Broadway Urbana, Illinois CHARTER BUSES REGULAR SERVICE Champaign - Indianapolis - Terre Haute Lafayette Champaign - Bloomington - Peoria Y ILLI N I SWALLOW LIN ES 118-120 S. Walnut Street Phone 4234 Phone 7-2992 BARCUS LUMBER COMPANY C. W. Barcus, Manager Retail and Wholesale BUILDING MATERIALS LUMBER-MILLWORK 211 N. Broadway Urbana, Illinois CONGRATULATIONS! FORD-HOPKINS DRUG STORES ll MAIN STREET 601 EAST GREEN STREET Champaign, Illinois 160 The 1953 Rosemary A. A. STUUT gl SUN Motor Carriers R 104 SOUTH GROVE STREET URBANA, ILLINOIS uM0LL0Y'MADE', COVERS BRITZ CARD 81 GIFT SHOP for the 1952 Rosemary IMPRINTING . . by . . PARTY ACCESSORIES STATIONERY The S. K. Smith Company Chicago Imnjiw 702 S. Goodwin Urbana Complimpnth Established A. D. 1861 Incorporated A. D. 1903 of TREVETT-MATTIS BANKING COMPANY SMITH DRUG CO. Member V FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 108 East Main Street Urbana, Illinois Champaign, Illinois CONGRATULATIONS Compliments of from T H O M P S O N 9 S SEARS, ROEBUCK SI CO. LUMBER COMPANY , , Champaign, Illlnols Complinle n ls IF YOU WANT TO PROSPER SEE BILL, BOB, AND OSCAR of ' ' 3' ' ' TAYNORHARRIS AVIATION SERVICE RELIABLE FURNITURE CO. CHAMPAICN AIRPORT Champaign, Illinois Cessna Dealers 162 The 1953 Rosemary The' bonfirv blazvs brightly the night lwforv tho Chanmpign-lfrllunzl foollmll gamv. CHAIWPAIGN PLUDIBING AND HEATING COIVIPANY Plllllll' 4982 317 North Yvalnul Street Cllanlpuign, Illinois FORESTRY BEAUTY SALON HUDSON DAIRY DISTINCTIVE HAIR STYLING Milk : Ive Cream Gifts and Am-ccssnrim-s V V TELEPIIONE 7-4094 l29 N. RACE, URISANA Phone 7-1417 803 S. Lim-oln W' B' JAMES RADIO DOCTORS Clothier wffverything for the Radio" URBANAS STORE FOR MEN Y AND YOUNG MEN Urhqnq Illinois I'lIONE 2641 3-110 NORTH HICKORY I I: I I.'n.vf1n1f11'Il1 163 PHONE 6-4995 CLYDE 81 CHUCK'S MARATHON SERVICE Tires : Batteries : Washing Lubrication : Wheel Balancing : Nlutor Tune-up Race and Green Urlnana, Illinois MARKVVELUS RADIO SALES AND SERVICE Records : Phonographs 219 WEST MAIN, URBANA Phone 7-4342 Compliments from Lallies, Wellrillg Apparel MURPHY'S MEN'S CLOTHES M 0 N A ' S l I DRESS SHOP 27 Main Street, Champaign Phone 3838 Phone 7-3701 132 West Main Urbana Ill SIDNEY B. TRELEASE Real Estate : Insurance : Travel Service Wright Street Just South of Green Champaign, Illinois NOGLE FOOD MART, INC. Groceries, Choice Meats, Vegetables-Line of Drugs Open 8 a. m. to 10 p. m., 7 day week Delivery 6-6421 605 S. Neil, Chanlpalgn Sally Bills, Kathe Porter, and Terry Matthews paint a Three high school stuflents receive a cheek for win downtown winflow for Hallowc'en. ning first prize in the I'Iallowe'en window Pdlllllllg contest. 164. The 7,053 Imsemalj PROFESSHDNAL DR. RALPH BERKSON, D.D.S. Robeson Building lfhanlpaign, Illinois D FINFROCK FINFROCK AN Attorneys-at-Law Urbana, lllinois JOHN DI. MITCHED1 Attorney-at-Law Urbana, Illinois DR. DONALD D. MYERS, D.D.S. '07 South W'right Street A Champaign, Illinois DIRECTORY DR. L. E. RASMUSSON, D.D.S. 102 East Main Street Urbana, Illinois DR. L. W. REBMAN, D.D.S. 211 South Race Street Urbana, Illinois JOHN W. SCHRIBER Attorney-at-Law Urbana, Iliinois VVILLARD L. VEIRS, M.D. 129 West Elm Street Urbana, Illinois DR. K. M. WAXLER, D.D.S. D lnett Building Knowlton- Cl Urbana, Illinois THE LUIS TAYLOR MUSIC SHOP, INC. 4 F John At the Canlpus Chalnpaign 51 .. ries : Music Records : Acecsso WVhPll you think of fine music, think of Lois Taylor Established in 1926 RUSK FOOD MARKET Quality M1-als and Groceries Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Frozen Foods-Bird's Eye Brand Open Sunday A. Rl. 304 E. California 1:0zvf:RATULAT101vS, SENIORSI MCCLELLAN ELECTRIC STORE V 124 W. Main Street Urbana, Illinois Complinwnts vf McCORMICK ,IEWELERS FINEST WATCHES AND DIAMONDS "A Friendly Place to Trade" 322 North Neil, Champaign The 7945! Rum-n1a1'y TEPPER'S General Hardware and Paints Phone 7- 1602 Urbana, Illinois 119 West Main MATTHEWS STANDARD SERVICE For Better Service Service Calls at Any Time Phone 7-231 1 1 202 South Race, Urbana 65 Say It With Flowers BOYD'S GARDENS ONLY AS FAR AS THE NEAREST PHONE -YET OUT OF THE HIGH RENT DISTRICT Compliment of CHAMPAIGN-URBANA CANDY COMPANY Compliments Of JAMES D. MAUTZ TEPPER CHINA STORE Gifts for Remembrance 201 North Walllut Champaign, Illinois MEADOW GOLD V Milk . . . Butter Ice Cream Robe on' Champaign? Largest, Most Complete Department Store A GOOD STORE IN A GOOD COMMUNITY Featuring Nationally Advertised Lines if Lillard Furniture Company Champaign, Illinois 166 The 1952 Rosemary SCHOOL MUSIC SERVICE On the Campus Musical Instruction : Musical Instruments 625W South Wright, Champaign Phone 3793 SCHRADER MOTOR COMPANY Champaign-Urbana Authorized Kaiser-Frazer Dealer 207 South Neil 18 Logan Street Champaign, Illinois SMITH CORONA Portables - Standard SHAW' VVALKER EQUIPMENT R. D. CASTLE TYPEWRITER CO. 2 I Main, Champaign A PLACE TO REMEMBER WHEN MUSIC IS MENTIONED -Complete record stock in all makes, and all speeds, played in air-c0ndi- tioned comfort. --The nlagnificent Magnavox and RCA- Victor radio-phonographs. -The world's finest pianos. All here in abundance CABLE PIANO CO. 402 North Neil 331 North Hickory 'SWARMESTU CONGRATULATIONS! JOHNS 81 SON FURNACE CO. Urbana, Illinois HUNTER LUMBER CO. Urbana, Illinois Phone 7-4077 Compliments of THE P. H. HUGHES FURNITURE CO. 326 N. Hickory, Champaign BRASH FLOWER SHOP A' Flowers and Gifts 126 WEST MAIN STREET URBANA, ILLINOIS ADAIR'S MILK BAR 1305 South Neil Street Champaign, Illinois THICK MILK SHAKES WONDERFUL SUNDAES AND SODAS and DELICIOUS SANDWICHES The 7.0.52 Ruxcmary 167 Freshman Contest Winners l"1'ie111ll,1 '....... Sineei 's'...... Atl1leti1 '..,. Flu '...... Witti '... .....,,. lil'llttllllItltlt' ....,......... vl'l'SIll ile ...... Cioocl-l.o11ki11g' ..... , .... Uute, ............... N1-:lt ....... O1'igi11:1l ....... l'ep11y ......, Cuurteous .... C:1 refree ...... lntelligeiit ..... S11pl1istie:1ted...,....... Ro111:111tie ........ .... Girl xxlllt liilllitgfllttl' AIZIIQV IC. Vllflllllbll' D111'otl1y Melebi C'l11'isti1111 lllt'SlVJllll l1i111l11 Weuvei' lJel11r1-s Hell .l111ly Nllllill Allll iiilllilgllttl' li2lilliK't'll Sl'l1llllfll' l':1t VVllZlt'k0l' .Allll fl:1ll:1g'l1e1' iJl'lUl't'S Bell l1i111lz1 We:1ve1' Peggy ll2ll'lM'l' Judy H111itl1 Delores Bell Karin XVilli11111s ,B2l1'l52ll'2l l'itlS11Ul' Put lliizieker Boy .lim Blue lliek l.i11cl1-1111111 Rex XN'l1itl:1tel1 Joe xvilllillit 'llttllllllj' Sums liiek l1lllCll'lIl2lll lliek l.i11fl1-1111111 Mitchell lllllllllllfttj 'I'o111111y S:1111s Bob C0l'l'2lY Lynn Yiseur Mike Wimltlows 'l'11111111y Sanus .li111 Blue Tllllllllj' Sums lliek l1lllCll'1l12lll Bruee Fe1'we1l:1 Mita-llell 1lllllllll1l't'X Sophomore Contest Winners F rienclly ...... Sineere, ..... Athletic' ....... Shy ......... witty ........... l Hepa-111121 ble ....... .... Versaltile ........ Goo1l,I1o11ki11g' ,.....,... t'ute ................ Neat ..,.... Original ..,.... Peppi '......., Courteous .... Carefree ....... Intelligent ..... Sopl1istic'11te1l ........... iitllllillllfltt ........ 168 Girl .To A1111 Willi:1111so11 Jo A1111 VVilli:1111so11 Htlllllltt lliekersoii Nt1I'IllIl D111's't1 Kay Litl1e1'lz1111l .lo Allll Willi:1111so11 liobby lX'lt'KlllllEj' l':1t liBtlll'ti .lu A1111 VVilli:1111so11 Rolvertzi lliCIilllllt'j' Sue RRlllSll91llll1l'gK'l' l'z1t Beaird .lo ,Allll VX'illi:1111so11 Delores Allen .lrllllil H11bb:11'1l Judy Moyer Karen Hultzeu Kathy Porter Boy A lull Orr llilll Cli11:11'd L. T. Rebertsoii Charles l71'e1111:111 QI i111 Hiekers 111111 t'li11:11'd .li111 tl1'iesl1ie111e1' Stewart ll:11'e11s Stewart ll:11'e11S .lim I111i11 'l'11111 Ward Alain Orr H1111 t'li11:1rfl Max llilley llilll t'li11111'1l Tom Ward Htew:11't ll11ve11s CONTEST WIN N ERS Junior Contest Winners l'll'l9lll-ily ..... Siueere ........ Athletic ...... Shy .,...... NVitty ............. l 111111-111l:1l1le ,..... Versatile ....... flooml-I,ooki11g .......,.. Fute .....,............ Bent ......... 0l'lg'lllill ........ I'e1111y ..,... t'11u1't1-ous ,... .. fl2ll'0l:l'6f? ........ Intelligent ....... Sopllistieutecl.. liillllilllilt' ......... fil:111111re11s ....... Girl Alice lilIlllOlll' Shirley Seiler li2ll'l.t2ll'2.l Xv2ll1LlCl'VU1't J:111et Eason l':1t Arie Sl1e1'1'ill lluflsou XYll'g'llllil Wilson Yi1'g'i11i:1 Wilson Shirley R:1s11111sse11 Kay l+Ivz111s S:111flr:1 lvlllflt Shirley Aliltillll Gayle H2tlX'0l'Sttll l':1t Arie Mollie Marvel Virginiit VVilS01l Nancy Foltz NVil111:1 Eskew Boy lliek lI6g'ttl1lHll'l3 .lim Vliet .lim -l0llllSO1l limb 'llOXVllSClltl .I11l111 Block liillllll Cz1111pb1-ll 'll0lll Tiuker Stuart Dauvson 'lltllll Luker J i111 V:1le11ti11e lliek ll6g'C11lJill'l', .ltbllll Xortou -lttllll Ncrrtou George Douglas l'lJl1'l Hudfield 1l0ll11 Norton ltoge1'Fitz-Ge1'al1l ltoger FitzAGe1'uld Clauclc Liiiford George Douglas Stun rt IJZHVSOH Senior Contest Willll6PS F1'ie11clly.., .... . Sincere ..... .. Athletic ...... S hy ....... witty ..........,. l7e11e11d:1 ble ,......... .... Versatile, ....,... . iilltltl-Lflllkillgf .......... Cute ......,.........,, Neat ........ Origiuzil ......,. Peppg '....,.... Courteous ,....... Carefree ........ I iitelligeut ....... Sopl1isti1-altetl.. 'Ro111:111tie ......... Gli1ll101'0l1S ................ V W till-lllilll11Gl'Cd ........ Girl Gwen C2lllil'0ll Colleen Moore Floreuee 5ICl'l2ll'llll Elsie Seott Betsy Bell .Tez11111e lg1'l1llkOlV Bev Phillips 11112111 Burch Aiulrea Fl'90lIl2lll Peggy Hoover Bev Phillips l"1':111kie Fr:111k -lane Beuirrl .lean Uuzicker Mary Carol Waxler llO1'0tl1Y Trotter .laiequeline L11i11 -lV0Zlll Burch Peggy Hoover Boy lI211'lllf11l Smith Lyle 15EtlllE?lllJl1l'g Bob Divine Dick Ruclieil 'Ray 'Pitt111a11 'lion Himes Lyle i72llllC11lJll1'H Lyle lJ1llllC1llJ1l!'g' Merwin Kirby l+'ar1'el Rusner Paul Megiiinis D011 Himes .l'lZll'1'L'l Rzisner Ha1'111a11 Smith Bob Long Ed111u11cl lVl1ite Frefl Pfeifer Gene Rhodes Dennis Hogan H111-111a11 Smith The 1952 Rosemary Two Stores Now SKELTON'S DRUG STORE 617 East Green C011 the Campusj SKELTON'S WESTSIIIE PHARIVIACY 311 wfest Springfit-lil Avenue Compliments of SPALDING'S BOOTERY Two Complete Floors of Footwear 19 Main, Champaign TNVIN CITY CLEANERS AND LAUNDERERS Phone 3044 1607 West John O'WENS FUNERAL HOME Telephone 8672 COUNTY AND CITY OFFICIALS Lawrence F. Berhaum, County Collector James E. Denney, Sheriff Ernest M. Harshharger, County Superin tenflent of Schools Bess M. Holmes, City Clerk Charles E. Keller, Circuit judge Eugene P. Lierman, County Judge Harry A. Little, County Clerk Don Wfikoff, Coroner Compliments of FLOYD W. LOCKE, Realtor fllorlse and Soul Real Estate . . . Insurance l03lfQ North Nm-il qillillllllkligll, Illinois COMPLETE DEPARTMENT STORE 0 MONTGOMERY WARD 6' CO. Urbana, Illinois Phone 7-1 187 C H E V R O L E T nx1ll1f'l'iClI,S Finest lfarv . Phone 42 75 for Service Open Wbelrllays, 7 A. M. to Midnight Also Speriul Appointment Service SULLIVAN CHEVROLET CO. SALES . . . PARTS . . . SERVICE 347 and 500 North YValnut Street Champaign The 1052 Rosemary 169 . ggg,gL CO5 Ill! Cllll ll. ww . ,., . 3 - I ' " S A 5 f- fs r- o o u y s n n n un noml vmnur sr. cnmmcu, lu. downtown WL Remember . . . IN URBANA IT'S 1 RUSSELL'S DEPARTMENT STORE 129 West Main FIel'cher's Photog rophy HUMUQVENIZEIR MILK ltanllll Studios and Camera Shops ORANGEADE N o URBANA Urbana Pure Milk Co. 218 W M ' est am Pasteurized Grade A Dairy Products Phone 7-1124 C CHAMPAIGN 313 North Walllllt DRINK MILK FOR HEALTH 70 The 1952 Rosemary Compliments of SHOLEIVPS SHOE STORE 116 West Main Street Urbana, Illinois URBANA'S ONLY EXCLUSIVE SHOE STORE "Campus Styles" Compliments from F. JONES FURNITURE Phone 7-1302 201 North Broadway Urbana, Illinois KAUFFMAN'S TEXACO SERVICE 1209 S. Neil Street, Champaign Expert Lubrication Motor Tune-up Service BEST WISHES T0 THE CLASS OF 1952 JQWLWFFRWE The C. S. Johnson Co. Concrete Batching and Cement Handling Equipment Clamshell Buckets Concrete Buckets Bulk Phosphate Plants CHAMPAIGN, ILL. A. I. CRUMP 706 Lincoln, Urbana "The Food Cranki' says 'tSquare dealing is something you demonstrate rather than talk about" LONG'S GARAGE Telephone 7-394-2 310 West Main Street Urbana, Illinois W'ILCOX-DAVIS INSURANCE AGENCY All Known Forms of Insurance Phone 5956 Robeson Building Phone 2929 Ruth I Earl 29 Main Street I I N015 5 HW 703 South Race Urbana, Illinois The 1953 Rosemary 171 THOMAS M. KANE Real Estate Phone 5500 Compliments of KAUFMANNQS MUSIC STORE Champaign, Illinois coco, ww. Compliments KIRBY'S TEXACO SERVICE 4-07 S. Neil Street Champaign, Illinois J. F. LORCH GARAGE J. F. Lorch, Prop. 6 I, I will ffl! -, Le 3254 .Qin W- Wig . -Qn., 142. -uf' . S4624 -en! - BROWN-ROVELSTAD COM PANY REAL ESTATE . . . INSURANCE V 117 South Race Street Urbana, Illinois Phone 7-5576 Urbana, Illinois A L E X A N D E R 9 S FINE TAILORING Skirts and Trousers Green and Sixth Champaign FOR PEOPLE ON THE GO BROWNIE'S SHOE REPAIR fsf 309 North Neil Street Champaign, Ill. 172 T110 1052 Rosemary C lzm of CARLE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL ALLIED FINANCE COMPANY Loans S525 to S5500 . fVv1 PERSONAL . . AUTOMOBILE . . . HOUSEHOLD i 102 E M 244 HARVEY ERVICE TATIO VINE AND ELM STREETS URBANA, ILLINOIS Fourteen Years on the Same Corner Q Our Service Men have seventeen years experience 0 QUALITY PRODUCTS AND SERVICE O COMPLETELY REMODELED Telephone 7-7014 174, The 1952 Rosemary E315 'E MMD The glamour of huge indusirial planfs, iniricafe machinery, and mass producfion meihods is fhe usual menial picfure of American lndusiry. And a 'I'rue piclure of much manufac- iuring . . . bui' noi so wifh pho'I'o engraving. Machinery? Ceriainlyl Precision equipmeni, buf noi mass producfion. Glamourous? Yes! Skilled hands and chemical processes and always infriguing. Your year book is +he resulf of many procedures . . . phofography, copy wri+ing, arf, engraving, prinfing and binding, plus salesmanship, accoun'l'ing, efc. The graphic ar'I's indus'l'ry has many branches and many oppor+uni+ies. You mighl' consid- er 'lhe possibilifies of your fufure in ihis highly inferesfing business. TISTS'ENGRAVERS dag CHAMPAIGN-Ill. IIIIIIIIIIIINNIIIIIIIIItIIIIIIIININININIININTIIIININIIIItI IIIINItI tttt IIINIIIN II' If!" " UNIT! 'L'N I It ft "1i"' M'IImx'N'N""Ht' IH" ' ""! MI' It It "'1 'INIIN' :I IIN' " 'V I I' it H 'NIH "I If The printers of tI1e Qadevfzffiy extenct their C0ngratuIationS ancl best Wishes to the graduation CIELSS ot195Z. TWIN CITY PRINTING IIUMPI-INY Printers - Stationers - Uttice Uuttitters II9-I23 WEST PARK AVE ..... IIHAMPAIEN COMPLETE BANKING FACILITIES IN A CONVENIENT LOCATION CHAMPAIGN COUNTY BANK AND TRUST CO. Main at Broadway Across from the Courthouse Urbana G. A. WEBBER, President . FRED G. HARRISON, Vice-l'r1-sidmll GEORGE L. MAXWEI.I,, VICC-IIFCSTIIBIII E. E. LATOWSKY, Cashier ARLAN McPHERSON, Assistant Cashier DYVIGIIT L. NELSON, Assistant Trust Office-r Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation CENTRAL ILLINOIS' FINEST! Thatis what folks say after enjoying a dinner at the Wings! A good place to meet your friends, too! FOR PRIVATE PARTIES PHONE RANTOUL 528 OPEN DAILY EXCEPT MONDAY NO ESCORT NEEDED u T R T I VT W North on Route 45 Rantoul, Illinois mary ffalaezldamg D6'l6dZ'07q ASLP Super Market ................ Abbott Sa Son, S. C. ................... . Acoustical 65 Floor Tile Co. ..... . AdH1F,S Milk Bar ..................... Alexander Lumber Co. ....... . AleXander's, Tailors ......... All Gas Appliance Co. ...... . Allied Finance Co., Inc. ..... . Am-A rt Ageney ................ American Legion ........................ Andy's Restaurant ..........,............ Apperson Plumbing 62 Heating ....... Y A rt Floral A ssoeiation Q. o. . ............................... of Commeree ......... Baker Co.. G. A. .............. .. l3aker's Drugs ............ Bareus Lumber Co. ...... . Barseh. George C. ............................... . lieaeon Drive-ln ....................... Bean Electric and Hardware, Bell's Gas Serviee Co.. Jael: ............... . Berbaum, L. F. ..................... . Derkson, Dr. lialph ......... ' ' Coil Co Big-ler 2 Bilyeu's Shell Service ...,... Blum 's ..............,........... Boggs 8: Cogdal ......... l3oyd's Gardens ................. Brash Flower Shop .....,.......... liritz Card and Gift Shop ....... Broadway Market ..... , ......... . Brownieis Shoe Hepair ...... Brown-llovelstad Co. .... . Brunk, Arthur D. ...,.............. . Brunkow Eleetrie Co. ................... . Burr, Patterson and Auld Co. .... . Busey Bank .................................. Cable Piano Co. ................... . Carle Memorial Hospital ......... Carmon's Drive-ln ...................... Cars0n's Candies ............................ Castle Typewriter Co., li. D. ...... . Champaign Champaign Champaign Coca-Cola, Co... ............... . Commercial Colleg'e ................ ........ County Hank 62 Trust Co. .... ....... . '.if"i'ifQQQf ffflf Champaign Junk Co. ............................. ....... . Champaign Plumbing Sz Heating' Co. ...... ........ . Champaign-Urbana Candy Co. ......... . Cochrun Sa Son, C. L. ............,..... . Commercial Bank, The ................ Commonwealth Furnaee Co.. ...... ........ Co-op, The ................................. Crossroads G ift Shop ............ Crump 's DeLuxe Foods ........ Defibaugh 's Men ls 1Vear ......... Democratic Headquarters ....... Denney, James E. .......... .. Dixie Drive Inn ......... 147 155 153 167 149 172 147 173 148 146 146 155 146 152 145 148 160 160 147 144 157 169 165 145 1 . 53 145 1.44 166 164 162 147 172 172 145 145 145 147 167 173 146 171 167 172 148 177 150 163 166 147 153 148 149 171 153 159 169 149 Downtown Marathon ..... Drive-ln Cleaners ...... Eight O'Cloek Club ....... Elgon Luneheonette ..... Fairehild's Camera ....... Fallon 's Cleaners ........ Field's .......................... Finfrock Sa Finfroek ....... Fiscus Texaeo, H. R. ....... . Fleteher's Photography ..... Ford-Hopkins Co. ........... . Forestry Beauty Salon ...... Garber's Cleaners ...... Garland 's .................... Gebhart Stores, lne. Gift Lane, The ....... Gill Co., Harry ........... . Grant, NV. T. .................. . Green Elm Fountain ........ Grindley Co., H. S. ...... . Grubb Sa Son, G. R. ...... . H 8: .ll Cash Sz Ca1'ry ........ Halberstadt, .Florist .............................. ........ Harklns, Used Cars, H. E. ..................... ....... . Harshbarger Building SL Supply Co. ...... ....... . fl2lI'Sllb2lI'Q'PI'iS lmplement Co. ............... ....... . Harsllbarger, Ernest M. ...................... ....... . Hart Oil Co. ............................. ....... . Harvey Service Station ........ Hayes K Patterson ......... Helpie-Seliie Laundry ...... Hindman 's Pharmacy ...... Hirsh, Morris .............. Holmes, Bess M. ......... . Home lnsulation Co. .... . Huddle, The ................... Hudelson, lne., Dana ......,........... ....... . Hudson Dairy ................................. ........ Hughes Furniture Co., P. H. Hughes-Krabbe Co. .................... ....... . Hunter Lumber Co. ....... lllini Swallow Lines ....... Illinois Glove Co. ....... . Jack 'N' Jill ........ James, VV. B. ..................... . J. Cfs Drive-'ln ................... Johns 85 Son Furnace Co. ....... ....... . Johnson Co., C. S. .............. . Johnston's Sport Shop ......... Jones Furniture, F. ......... . Jones' Optical Co. ..... . Kane, Tom .......................... lf2il11T111if1I1iS Texaco ............. Kaufmann 's Musie Store ......... ........ Keller, Charles E. ............... . Kellers, Texaeo, Shirley ....... 155 148 158 152 170 145 147 165 160 170 160 163 149 154 145 148 154 155 157 150 175 150 145 150 152 145 169 156 174 156 155 155 155 169 149 158 146 163 167 147 167 160 149 150 163 153 167 171 171 171 146 172 171 172 169 158 178 The 1952 Rosemary Kemper-Fabert ........... Kirby 's Texaco ............... Knowlton 62 Bennett ......, Kresge 's ....................... Kuhn 85 Co., Jos. ...... . Laundromat ............ Leav1tt's ..................... Lewis it Co., XV. ....... .. Lierman, Eugene ........... Lillard Furniture Co. ..... . Little, llarry A. ....................... ....... . Locke, Realtor, Floyd W. ...... ....... . Long's Garage ...,... . ............. Loreh Garage, J. F. Luker's Bakery .... Maginn Office Equipment ....... ........ Mann's Jewelry .......................... ........ Marathon, Clyde 85 Chuck's ......... ........ Markwell's Radio ........................ ........ Marty K Drive-In .......................... ........ Matthews Standard Service ......... Mautz, James D. .......................... ....... , McBride, John T. ........................ ....... . McClain Sewing Machine Co. .... . McClellan Electric ................... ........ McCormick Jewelers ............... ........ Meadow Gold lee Cream ......... ........ Meenach 's .....,.......................... Miller 's ................................ . Mitchem, J. M. .............. . Mona 's Dress Shop ......... Montgomery VVard ............. Mooney Coal Co. ....................... ....... . Murphy 's, Menys Clothiers ........ ........ Myers,eDr. D. D. .................... . Myer's Fashions .......................... ........ Nashys Urbana Shoe Repair ................ ...... V .. Nogle Food Mart, lnc. ............................ . Northern lllinois Water Corporation ....... ........ Olan Mills Studios ...................... ........ Orcutt Florist ............. Overgard's, lnc. ............ . Owens Funeral Home ........ Penney Co., J. C. ..... .. Pilon Studio ............ Pines, The ................... . Price Paint Store ....... Purity Bakery ........ Race lnn ..................... Radio Doctors .................... Rasmussen. Dr. L. E, ...., , Rebman, Dr. L. NV. ........ . Reed, Jeweler, M. J. .... . Reeder Auto Sales ................. Reliable Furniture Co. ...... . The 1951? Rosemary ..?D. 158 172 151 155 144 157 157 156 169 166 169 169 171 172 158 1.50 150 16-1- 164 150 165 166 160 154 165 165 166 160 156 165 164 169 149 164 165 148 154 164 154 156 156 1-L8 169 150 142 149 149 152 158 163 165 165 153 156 162 Renner Funeral Home ........... ........... Republican Central Committee ........ Robeson 's ............................ .... Root, Mel ............................... Rusk Food Market ........ Russell 's ........................ School Music Service ....... Schrader Motor Co. ..... . Sehriber, John .............. Sears, Roebuck Sz Co. .... . Sl10l9I1'1,S Shoe Store ......... Skelton 's Drugs ............... Smith Co., The S. K. ...... . Smith Drug Co. .................. . Smith Lumber Co., Fred ..... S1l1111y,S Super Service ....... South Side Service Grocery ......... Spaldingds Bootery ............. Spritz Jewelry Co. .... . Stanner Seed Co. ...... . Steer's Grocery ......... Stipes, Jr., Rt. A. ..... .. Stout 8: Son, A. A. ....... . Strauch Photo Center ........... Sullivan Chevrolet Co. ...... . Swirl Beauty Shop ........... Taylor Music Shop, Lois ..... Taynor-Harris .................... Tepper's China Store ........ Tepper 's Hardware ......... Thompson Lumber Co. ...... . Tilden-Hall, Hotel ........... Trelease, Sidney B. ..... . Trevett-Mattis Bank .... Twin City Laundry ...... Twin City Pontiac ............ Twin City Printing Co. U. of 1. Supply Store ....... Urbana Drug Store ........ Urbana Furniture Co. .... . Urbana-Lincoln llotel ..... Urbana Printing Co. ...... . Urbana Pure Milk Co. .... . Veirs. M. D., 1Villard ...... . Vogue-in-llrbana ............. 150 and 1VaXler, Dr. K. M. ................................ ...... . Webber, Balbach, and Zimmerly ....... 1Vheat's .............................................. 1Vhite Spot, The ......... VVhittaker's, A. C. .... . Vtlikotf, Don .................. VVilcoX-Davis Agency ...... 1Vilson 's lee Cream ........ NVings ......... ...... ........... ...... VVorden-Martin, lnc. 179 148 154 166 148 165 170 167 167 165 162 171 169 162 162 153 147 152 169 152 150 156 156 161 152 169 156 165 162 166 165 162 147 164 162 169 155 176 155 145 154 143 149 170 165 155 165 144 155 152 145 169 171 154 177 152 I X f Kg O 7? Q Photography by Pil0n's Studio Wilnler Zellr Fletcher's Studio News-Gazette and Courier Engraving by G. R. Grubb Printing by Twin City Printing Company Art work by Mr. Corrie and the art club 80 The 7175? Rosemary

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